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Air Date: May 8, 2006
2236 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It's Monday, already the eighth day of May 2006.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We have a great guest lined up for you that I'll tell you about later in this hour concerning September 11th and some new developments in the fight to expose what really happened almost five years ago.
That's right, the
Fifth anniversary is just about four months away.
Four months and three days away.
Iran's leader writes to President Bush.
We'll tell you what he had to say.
And we'll get into the whole General Michael V. Hayden controversy.
Most Americans have never heard of the head of the National Security Agency, who stepped down late last year and became number two over the 16 intelligence agencies run by John Negroponte, the great Death Squad Faja, the great Death Squad Vader, the father of the Death Squads.
And why has Porter Goss stood down?
Well, it's connected to the Watergate Hotel, and some individuals under investigation and under indictment, and some who pled guilty, like Duke Cunningham, the congressman, who admittedly stole $800 million for only a payment of $2.4 million, at these parties of the poker, the fine cigars, and the fine hookers.
And so that has now come out in the mainstream news concerning the involvement of Porter Goss.
Now we don't know if he was involved with the hookers, but we know he was at the parties where the payoffs were flowing.
And so in comes Michael V. Hayden.
What a piece of work this gentleman is.
And remember a few months ago we played the clip where he confronts the reporter and says, No, there's nothing about this.
Probable cause in the Fourth Amendment.
No, no, no, believe me.
If there's one thing I know, it's the Fourth Amendment, and you don't know what you're talking about.
So we'll play that clip again and get back into this multi-layered controversy.
I don't normally just get into mainstream media controversies.
They're normally distractions or diversions.
But this is a very serious issue and multi-tiered, multi-layered.
And I figured when I heard Friday that Bush was probably going to nominate him, and he has officially nominated him this morning.
That he would just sail through, but even Republican leaders are saying he lied to Congress.
He told us Bush wasn't engaging in warrantless wiretapping with the NSA echelon system.
Hayden doesn't know what the Fourth Amendment is.
Hayden's not good.
Now, is this another bait-and-switch where Roe puts somebody out there who will fall on their face, and then someone even worse is put in the position?
It doesn't matter.
Whoever goes in those positions is going to be evil.
At that level, you know they're New World Order.
You know they're bad for this country.
You know they're destroying the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
This entire agenda is anti-American, anti-freedom.
So we'll get into that as well.
Also, Iran wants oil markets in the Euros.
We've talked a lot about this in the past, but here it is finally in the Associated Press with some new developments.
We'll get into that.
Also, currency reserves jump in Russia.
Interesting towards the value of the dollar.
Interesting, another very interesting report here.
This out of London Independent today.
Electronic smog.
The cause of the mobile phone age.
The curse of the mobile phone age.
Around your home, there are countless gadgets whose electronic fields, scientists now warn, are linked to depression, miscarriage, and cancer.
So we'll get into this article by Jeffrey Lean, environment editor.
And I don't normally get into government waste, fraud, and abuse.
The little stuff.
Oh, this politician...
Paid for his phone calls with government money, or this politician did this or that.
I try to focus in on the big issues.
Well, this one is a big issue.
Guess how much Bush's new Marine One helicopter cost?
We'll tell you about that when we get back.
It's an example of the crazy spending.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A report out of Popular Science today tells us that the scientific research to produce...
The new Marine One presidential helicopter
Is $6.1 billion, or $6,100,000,000.
The President's New Helicopter by Jonathan Keats.
After decades of upgrades to a fleet of notoriously cramped Sikorsky VH-3 Sea Kings, the White House has tasked Lockheed Martin with a dramatic $6.1 billion makeover of Marine One, the presidential helicopter starting this summer.
The goal to fit a mobile oval office into the tight quarters of a chopper.
The new fleet will consist of 23 VH-71 aircraft.
Each will have 200 square feet of cabin, nearly double the Sea King's 116.
And the birds will cost $110 million apiece when they're delivered, but most of the $6.1 billion goes into research and development just to produce, just to have the design for the helicopter.
I mean how many giant buildings could they construct?
How many schools?
How many dams?
In fact, this is the equivalent of a moon mission.
6.1 billion.
I mean, you talk about a scam.
You talk about $500 hammers and $800 toilet seats.
Remember that back during the 80s?
Thousands and thousands of orders for $400, $500 hammers, $750-something, if you want to be precise, toilet seats.
This is how payoffs are made.
We're good to go.
And this is just a 21st century version of 700 plus dollar toilet seats.
That's all this is.
And this is really nothing compared to the other corruption.
I mean, we know that Halliburton will get 15 million dollars in one case to put up a blue tarp and call it a building.
We know that at every level they're war profiteering.
We know that over $3 trillion is missing from the Pentagon.
They've sucked many of the pension funds and many of the investment funds that the Pentagon had made over 50 years.
They've sucked many of those dry.
So just rampant, wild corruption going on.
And obviously, again, I'm nonpartisan.
The Democrats did this as well.
It's just getting worse.
And worse, and more and more arrogant, and more and more just pell-mell, helter-skelter, and it's indicative of a government completely over the edge, a freight train out of control, just wildly doing whatever they want.
Marie Antoinette, let them eat cake.
So there you have it, $6.1 billion to design the new helicopter that is for use just by the executive branch, and then to pay on top of that $110 million per bird, and they're buying a fleet of these.
Absolutely amazing to see this happening.
Alright, now let's get into General Hayden.
Michael V. Hayden.
Then we'll get into what's happening with the oil bores, the Iranian oil bores.
Now, finally in the Associated Press, years after we've been talking about it.
We have General Hayden.
Now remember, this is the guy, and actually in my new film, I have clips of this, the new film I'm working on, we spend a few minutes on Hayden himself, so we're somewhat informed on him, but now the world is becoming aware of the former head of the NSA who stepped down late last year.
He then went to the National Press Club, part of a speaking tour he did, telling everyone that we don't need judges anymore.
I actually have him on tape saying this.
We don't need judges anymore.
No, no, no.
The Pentagon decides, and the Justice Department decides, and he said, don't worry, we have a group of colonels.
We have a group of colonels who are at the NSA, and they decide who gets to be spied on and who doesn't.
Don't worry, they're very well trained, and we don't need those pesky judges, or even the FISA court, which itself is a horrible rubber stamp.
And then people say, well, this is to keep us safe from terrorists.
There is no real terrorist threat.
The former Delta Force commander has gone public.
Members of Congress have gone public.
Members of the CIA have gone public.
And remember, our borders are wide open.
Terrorism predominantly, that is any sophisticated attacks that we've seen in modern history in the last hundred years, have been governmental in nature.
Are there real suicide bombings?
Are there real suicide stabbings?
Are there real suicide shootings?
Yes, that stuff goes on in Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, and sometimes even the Western world.
But any of these massive coordinated attacks, these are staged events to scare the population into submission.
But right now, let's just go ahead and play a clip.
Of Hayden from a few months ago when the reporter confronts him and then Hayden comes back and says that the Fourth Amendment never talks about probable cause.
Go ahead and roll that.
...is that the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution... Isn't that an exciting clip, folks?
...specifies that you must have probable cause to be able to do a search that does not violate an American's right against unlawful searches and seizures.
Actually, the Fourth Amendment actually...
It protects all of us against unreasonable search and seizure.
That's what it says.
But the measure is probable cause, I believe.
The amendment says unreasonable search and seizure.
But does it not say probable... No.
The court says unreasonable search and seizure.
The legal standard is probable cause.
Just to be very clear, okay, and believe me, if there's any amendment to the Constitution that employees of the National Security Agency are familiar with, it's the Fourth, right?
And it is a reasonable standard in the Fourth Amendment.
To quote the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States in its entirety, the one the General and the NSA folks are so familiar with and know is about reasonableness and not about probable cause, quote,
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated, no warrant shall issue, but upon probable cause supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.
Well, maybe they have a different constitution over there at the NSA.
Yes, maybe they have a different constitution over there at the NSA.
And this is the type of lawyer word games they play.
It's like state police across the nation have been given federal guidelines, have been given federal seminars.
We're good to go.
But if you read the Fourth Amendment, it defines what reasonable is, and that's probable cause, and it defines probable cause as a witness sworn in on the record testifying specifically to the things that are going to be searched, the people that are going to be searched, the places, the papers, what they're going after, the effects.
That's the bottom line.
But now, from Miami to New York City, we see cases every week in the news on the different law sites where they're having secret dockets.
They arrest people and say, well, we can't let any press or any witnesses in.
This is a secret drug case.
We can't let the drug dealers know who our informants are.
And so you're not even going to get your day in court.
Or, I'm sure you heard of the case a few weeks ago when they said, oh, we've arrested some people, we haven't even charged them or indicted them for having drugs yet, but part of asset forfeiture seizure, we're going to take their cars, their houses, and we're going to pull their gold fillings out, their gold crowns out of their mouth.
The first stop before they even went to jail was to the dentist's office, but by then the lawyer had been alerted and the dentist was questioning this, so it didn't happen.
But it shows the craziness
The craziness of this system.
Now, let's get into Hayden.
Hayden would be wrong person for CIA Post and New York Daily News.
I was pleased when I started hearing this yesterday.
I heard on Friday afternoon that he would be the nominee.
Bush has now nominated him to be the head of the Central Intelligence Agency.
And right away, Republican and Democrat members of Congress said, Hey, wait a minute.
Members of Congress have charged him, I don't mean criminally, that they have made the charge that Mr. Hayden lied to Congress because before he went around giving those speeches and before Bush went public saying, okay, I authorize warrantless searches, that's now admitted.
Hayden went before Congress and said, that's ridiculous, we always use warrants.
Bush had gone on TV, we played those clips, saying we always use warrants.
And then once they get caught, they say, we don't need no stinking warrants.
We don't need no stinking badges.
Hayden would be wrong person for the CIA post lawmakers say.
The general presumed to be President Bush's choice to head the CIA, and again, now he has done that.
This came out earlier this morning before Bush had the speech.
The general presumed to be President Bush's choice to head the CIA could be in for a tough confirmation process, leading Republicans and Democrats said Sunday.
At issue for Republicans is whether a career military man like Air Force General Michael Hayden should head the agency at this time.
Bottom line, I do believe he's the wrong person, the wrong place, at the wrong time.
Peter Hoekstra, Republican Michigan, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said on Fox News Sunday, We should not have a military person leading a civilian agency at this time.
Again, that gets into posse commentatus, and Bush is the only president since... the only president since...
Our founding father, George Washington, to march around in a military uniform, and Washington didn't even do that after he was elected president.
You could argue that the rough rider did, but he liked to wear his old military uniforms when he was out hunting Teddy Roosevelt.
So that doesn't really count.
Regardless of how good Mike is, putting a general in charge is going to send the wrong signal, said the Republican congressman, who added that relations between the CIA and the Department of Defense have been strained.
We'll come back and get into the dirt on Hayden and the dirt on Porter Goss.
White Gossy resigned Friday, which shocked many.
We'll be right back.
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This show is documented.
Don't worry.
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It always falls of its own weight and treachery.
We have the facts.
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You know, KLBJ 590 AM, just a marquee station, one of the most successful in the state of Texas, formerly owned by President Johnson, now owned by MS Communications.
They, of course, are trying to figure out a way to pick up my syndicated show.
The problem is I'm on up against Rush Limbaugh, who they carry, so they're trying to look at ways to carry it at night before George Norrie comes on.
So they said, hey, why don't you come by to a Sunday show just to get to know the folks?
I mean, I've co-hosted a Coast to Coast AM with George Norrie before out of the same studio when he was here in town, but they wanted me to come by and meet the folks again.
And there I was.
I took 30 calls in the second hour.
I took 15 calls in the first hour.
And no one called in disagreeing.
They said they'd never seen that.
And almost all the calls with comments to the board operator and the producer were positive.
There was one person that was being a little bit negative about me being on the air.
And there I was, again, mainstream radio.
This show's on mainstream AM and FM affiliates right now, but on a big establishment station, a blue-chip station, and no one calling in to disagree.
And I talked to Mark Caesar after the show, and he was just amazed by it.
I told him, I said, listen,
And he said, I bet you'll get people calling and disagreeing here.
And I said, I bet I don't.
Now, you're always welcome to call and disagree with me.
I mean, normally it's, you know, Alex, you don't hate Jews, so we don't like you.
Or Alex, you don't hate blacks, so we don't like you.
I mean, that's about as much disagreement as I get.
Just that I'm not radical enough, or I don't believe the Pope runs everything, and I won't have a certain author on and say that they're basically God.
That's the type of disagreement I get.
But I don't get disagreement about the fact that we're going into a world government, that they're getting rid of our borders, that the dollar's been devalued, that our government's tyrannical, that our government's staged terror attacks in the past.
We're good to go.
I really have.
We have the momentum.
We feel like we're the minority out here, but we're not the minority.
Now, General Hayden.
This guy is a real piece of work.
And here's an article that Steve Watson and I put together this weekend.
He did the lion's share of the work.
He did a great job.
Next, CIA head back spying on citizens.
Doesn't understand Fourth Amendment, the domination of Negroponte's right-hand man.
To have the CIA signifies a further crackdown on civil liberties and the forging ahead of the semi-secret total information awareness program.
General Michael V. Hayden is the favorite, and now has been nominated, to step up to take the head position at the CIA after the resignation of Porter J. Goss, who stepped down in advance of the revelations that he and a top aide may have attended Watergate poker parties where bribes and hookers were provided to corrupt congressmen.
Now, we know he went to the parties.
We don't know if he took bribes or took of the hookers.
Hayden is National Intelligence Director John Negroponte's Senior Deputy, number two over, quote, all intelligence.
What a spooky title.
Negroponte's job is to coordinate the work of 16 different intelligence agencies, including the CIA and the giant National Security Agency, which eavesdrops on international communications, as well as the Energy Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration.
That'll be good for them to be able to control all that.
They want to stop the drugs.
Sure they do.
The role was created immediately after 9-11 and ties in with the Defense Department's Total Information Awareness Program, which seeks to gather lifetime paper trail, every purchase, everything you do, on all citizens and centralizes the information on a giant grand database.
The coordination of all intelligence gathering services by Negroponte is the first step of the nightmarish Orwellian police state.
It's also meant so intelligence agencies can't stop terror at the globalist stage.
It's one of the big reasons.
They have a problem with agencies stopping terror over and over again, stopping other branches of the government's ops.
The excuse for all of this is, of course, the war on terror.
It has been claimed that Porter Goss was out of his depth as CIA head and was merely a puppet who failed to toe the line.
According to some intelligence officials, he had been standing up for the CIA as an autonomous agency and was holding firm against micromanagement.
Tensions came to a boil when Negroponte decided that many analysts from the CIA should be centralized and move to the new National Counterterrorism Center.
Negroponte is a neocon stalwart who has been lurking in the shadows as long as Cheney and Rumsfeld.
He was a key figure behind the invasion of Iraq, having served as ambassador there.
So you're welcome to talk about Hayden and the rest of it, and how Republicans are freaking out over Posse Comentatus, which I'm pleased to see, as well as Democrats.
Toll-free number 1-800-259-9231.
Iran's a leader, writes President Bush.
We'll tell you what he had to say later.
We'll get more into the Iranian oil board, shitting the Associated Press, and some interesting police state news here domestically and a lot more.
Michael Berger of 9-11 Truth will be joining us as well with some big announcements.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I just talked to Ray McGovern this morning.
There's a good chance he'll be there.
He's still conferring with his wife over some family things they're doing.
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So, just a lot of things happening.
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We could have food and drinks and all that provided and it would be $200 a piece.
It's so expensive in a big city to have a hotel cater.
So instead we're just not going to have food and drinks there.
But there are three restaurants in the hotel.
And it is built onto a modern major shopping mall with an entire food court and, I'm told, five separate restaurants.
So there's a whole food court of dozens of restaurants, the little food courts with pizza and hamburgers and salads and all that stuff.
And then there's, I'm told, five other major restaurants in the hotel, well, in the mall attached to the hotel itself.
So that's five, six, seven...
Eight major restaurants, and then the food court, and then there are a bunch of other restaurants all around it.
It's in downtown L.A.
There's only 400 and something rooms there in the hotel.
450, but there are hotel rooms, just hotels all around it of different price ranges.
There's a major highway that runs right by it that has scores of La Quinta's and Best Western's and whatever.
Extended stays.
Anything you can imagine.
It's all there for you, whether you want to spend $50 on a hotel room a night or $300 on a hotel room a night.
Whatever your fancy is, you can do that.
It's normally about $170-something a night in the Sheraton.
Members of this conference get it for $126 a night.
There's a special number you call to get that if you do want to stay in the hotel.
But enough...
About that, it's just very exciting, and it's coming up.
We've already sold one-tenth of the tickets.
Ten percent of the tickets are gone.
They're going to go quick, and you're going to be very upset that you didn't get your tickets.
I'm encouraged that 100 tickets are already gone in three days.
Well, it'll be three days at the end of the show, because I announced it at the end of the third hour Friday, so...
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark in Boston.
Mark, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
In light of the recent release of the Flight 93 movie, I have a 9-11 related question.
My question is, you know, we've all heard the recordings of people, well, we've all heard the recordings of the cockpit of gentlemen saying something to the effect of,
Is that it, shall we put it down, things in that light.
Do you take that as proof that Flight 93 was therefore hijacked?
Well, there's a whole area here that has to be discussed and investigated.
Number one, we have a government that admittedly manufactured false intelligence on Iraq, and we have the memos where they said they were premeditatedly manufacturing the evidence and that Saddam didn't have WMDs.
Now, we have Cheney in September of 2000 in the PNAC document saying, Saddam isn't a threat but is a convenient pretext to get the resources and use Iraq as a military launch base to project power into Iran and Syria.
Then we have the government almost four years ago releasing the Fat Bin Laden tape.
They did voice print according to Bin Laden's real voice, which is 100%.
They voice printed the Fat Bin Laden, and it was not Bin Laden.
Then linguists in France, the U.S., and Canada at major universities listened to the voice.
It was someone who was Arabic, but who had been raised in the U.S.,
So it had heavy U.S.
or Canadian, U.S., North American, English overtones.
And then they did face prints off of the video.
They tried to turn the lights down so you couldn't tell, but they still did it.
The nose was completely different.
The cheekbones were completely different.
It was a made-up tape.
Just like these Al-Zakari outtakes, I believe he's a government stooge.
Even people in our own government have gone public saying that.
Many others have said that.
I believe they did the little stupid outtakes of him not knowing how to shoot the machine gun by design.
We have a government who said they wanted to paint up an American plane like a UN plane and get it shot down to blame it on Iraq.
We have a government that has computer programs...
Where they could show Alex Jones robbing a bank.
They could put my head on somebody else.
They could engineer the whole thing in just a few hours now.
In the past it would take weeks or months with a special effects expert to do it where you couldn't tell it was manufactured.
But now it just takes a few hours, sir.
In fact, if we wanted to, we could fake stuff.
Those programs are now out on the open market.
Back every two years, technology systems and databases and their ability to compress is roughly doubling, and that's exponential.
So back when 9-11 took place, Mark, you could go buy a very expensive computer program, a proprietary program, but you could pay for it, and you could pay tens of thousands of dollars for it, and then you could talk into a speaker,
And that would, or into a microphone, and then it would go into the computer and real-time record it in someone else's voice.
As long as you had a sampling of the other individual's voice, real-time it can fake it.
So we know that their official story, and guys, put him on hold until I go back to him.
That way we don't have an open line with noises in the background.
Let me just go back to what I was saying.
Excuse me.
Let me explain this.
Their official story has been proven to be a fraud.
The government's official story has been proven to be a fraud at every level at every fashion.
From end to end, up one side and down the other, we know what they officially tell us about the two flights that hit the World Trade Centers, about the supposed flight that hit the Pentagon, and the Shanksville, Pennsylvania crash of Flight 93.
We know their official stories are lying.
We know they planted evidence before.
We know they planted passports at three locations, North and South Towers and Pennsylvania.
It gets more and more ridiculous.
We know that on top of it, they claim that cell phone calls were made, and I don't mean the in-flight phones, okay?
I'm not talking about those.
They, in their official story, whenever they had the Solicitor General go on TV within hours and say that he got calls from his wife and others, and that's where the stories of the calls first came from.
Then months and months later, they announced they had the calls, and then now they've released tiny clips of calls
And you cannot, after 1,500 feet, people have done this test, it's admitted, a normal cell phone does not work.
I've tested it, many of my friends have tested it, but the airlines admit it does not work.
Now, these are calls at 20,000 to 33,000 feet.
It's a joke.
Now we hear about federal regulators trying to, quote, change the law and allow companies to develop technology with cell phones that will work in flight.
And they're saying it just won't work, because the towers project out only to about 2,000 feet.
They're angulated.
They're basically microwave towers.
It does not work.
So how did those calls work?
Then you can say, well, what about the cockpit tapes?
The FAA was ordered to shred the tapes.
The FBI ordered firefighters to give them the black boxes at ground zero.
Three of them were found undamaged to ship them off, and then said they never had them.
It's just all lies, sir.
To try to chronicle the lies makes my head spin.
You go ahead now, Mark.
I guess, in other words, your answer is no.
It's not plausible.
My follow-up to that would be a simple question.
Is it plausible to believe that literally dozens of family members could be fooled by pre-recorded, I suppose, conversation and so forth, and to have that work in real time?
What is the possibility?
It seems to me...
That the possibility of that is extraordinary for that to happen.
Well, Mark, do you off the top of your head remember how many calls were made total?
Off the top of my head, I do not.
I believe it's only five calls.
Now, that's from memory.
And I just told you that the official story is a fraud.
And you can't debate any of those points I made.
And you've called before and you just sit there and you disagree, which I think is great because I'd like to be able to argue this with you, but you never respond to any of the points I bring up.
Sir, are you denying that it is admitted fact, scientific, incontrovertible fact, that cell phones do not work over 1,500 feet in moving aircraft?
Well, I myself, two points.
A, I literally don't know the answer to that.
No, that's good.
I'm sure you don't.
Well, listen, I mean, we're not all as willing... Put him on hold for a second.
Sir, I know, we're not all as informed as me.
Let's be patronizing and act like I'm an elitist and try to get some weak minds on your side.
We're dealing with a really bad person right now, folks.
I want you to know I've assessed this individual.
Let me tell you something, Mac.
You called two or three times in the last few months, and you brought this up before, if memory serves, and I've argued the phone calls with you.
Now, I demand you go do a Google search and research this.
Cell phones do not work over 1,500 feet.
The maximum they've ever been found to work is 2,000.
So I don't want to hear it from you.
Now, I want you to respond specifically.
You say, what's my opinion?
I give you facts.
And then you don't respond to that.
Now, I'm asking you, are you, next time you call, you can call back tomorrow.
I'll have you on as a guest tomorrow.
Will you go, Mark, and will you go research if cell phones work and then find out that the majority, I think three of the five calls they say, came from regular cell phones at over 30,000 feet?
Now, will you or will you not face that and deal with that with me?
Go ahead.
Well, of course.
That's a fair challenge, and I look forward to doing that.
Yeah, I bet you will.
I'll tell you what.
Do you have a computer in front of you right now?
In front of me, I do not.
Okay, when are you going to call back in?
I want to hear when you are going to call back in and present to me, because don't you agree that if cell phones don't work at 30,000 feet, as some of the calls were made, 30,000 plus, that then the official story is impossible?
Well, of course, that's a fair conclusion.
If they can't, if they scientifically simply cannot be made at that altitude, then of course they have to have been manufactured.
Yes, that's a fair challenge, and I look forward to doing it.
My only other question is, how do we know what altitude 93 was flying at?
Well, it was tracked, and the other aircraft were tracked.
You didn't know that?
You know their altitudes are all registered?
I thought their transponders were off, and therefore the information giving their altitudes.
That's why they shredded the tapes.
And it's been admitted, sir, that those planes, they never lost track of those planes, sir.
The systems the FAA has, the systems NORAD have, will track a toy airplane.
You know, these gasoline-powered planes that people fly at events.
Those are picked up by the radar, sir.
Birds are picked up by the radar.
You say that it's admitted that 93 was never lost.
Admitted by whom, sir?
Admitted was never lost.
What does that mean?
Well, you had just said that they had never lost track of Flight 93.
Yeah, Dick Cheney was in MSNBC, Associated Press Reuters.
Dick Cheney was in the bunker tracking it, and Norman Mineta, one of the secretaries, gave this testimony, and it's admitted.
And the aide comes forward and says, does the order still stand with Flight 93?
And Cheney said, have you heard something to the contrary?
Well, that's right.
That's exactly right.
But that doesn't mean that they were tracking it the entire way.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
Try to put your doubts out there.
You're not going to stop the American people.
You're not going to stop the American people.
That's the type of individual we're talking about.
Well, I said I wanted somebody to call and disagree, and they did.
Pretty ham-fisted, though.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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All right, let's speak to your calls now.
That caller was disagreeing, so we got to stay on longer.
Sorry to the others.
Let's talk to John in Houston, Texas, down in H-Town.
Welcome, John.
Hi, Alex.
Alex, I wanted to play a clip from an old World War II movie called China with Alan Ladd.
At the end of the movie, he has a confrontation with a Japanese general, and it's almost like you're talking about today.
It's really interesting.
Well, how long is it?
Just about half a minute.
Go ahead and roll it.
Just make sure your phone's close to the speaker.
Here it is.
Dun, dun, dun.
They're opposed to the Imperial Japanese government because we and our allies, for the ultimate good of all nations concerned, have determined to establish a new world order.
You think so, huh?
In a year, there will be history.
It'll never work out.
You give me a couple of minutes, I'll tell you why.
To find out why is worth a couple of minutes.
In all the countries that you and your gang have put a finger on, there are millions and millions of little guys just like me.
Little guys who have never amounted to much, but all living our lives under pretty much the same pattern.
The pattern of our life is freedom.
And it's in our blood, giving us the kind of courage that you and your gang never dreamed of.
And in the end, it's that pattern of freedom that's going to make guys like you wish you had never been born.
That's all, brother.
I love it.
You know, it's funny.
Just this morning in here, one of my colleagues was showing me the DVD extras on THX 1138.
Did you get that, Alex?
Did it come in?
Yes, I did.
And it's George Lucas in the commentary talking about a New World Order doing this to people.
For those who don't know, a New World Order is nothing new.
Hitler called for one.
And I've even got a Disney cartoon where they're, you know, dancing around acting stupid.
Disney characters dressed up like Nazis calling for a new world order.
But, hey, do me a favor.
Will you dub me a copy of that, dupe me a copy of that?
Well, if you can go to a video store and get the movie China with Alan Ladd and William Bendix, you should be able to pick it up there.
But that speech Alan Ladd gives...
It means just as much today as it did back then.
What I'm telling you is, sir, we're really busy.
If you want to help us, you could make me a copy of that and mail it to me.
Get it to you, Alex.
That would be fabulous.
I mean, I hate to ask for stuff.
That's fine.
I'm a fan.
I'll do it.
There's a better chance of that ending up on the air as a bumper or something if you send it to me.
I'll send it to you.
What else is on your mind?
Well, one other quick thing.
I read in a paper that the Chinese, they wanted it to rain over Beijing, so they fired some rockets up in the air and they called it the rain.
Yeah, that was Associated Press, but it's a conspiracy theory that we can control the weather.
Thanks for the call.
I've just had the father of weather weapons on, the meteorologist, the physicist, Ben Livingston, and they, in the 1960s, destroyed hurricanes.
Beat them.
It's 100%.
Stanford Research Laboratories certified their research, the Navy and Air Force's research.
No debating it, they can stop hurricanes.
And they don't.
No debating it.
Let's talk to Leslie in Virginia.
Leslie, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I really enjoyed that clip.
I did, too.
I just want to say, on that Fourth Amendment, I want to thank you, and I have a question for you, for exposing the question and answer theory to General Hayden.
The American people need to know, and Congress...
Because President Bush said this was the best guy for the job.
My question is this to you, Alex, and you probably have the answer.
As you know, Tony Snow is a member of the Foreign Council, and he worked for Fox and was just given the job over the White House.
How long, if he's been a member of the Foreign Council, General Hayden,
You mean Council on Foreign Relations?
I'm sorry, Foreign Relations.
I'm sorry.
I mean, I don't have the list for the membership years in front of me, but anybody who's in a position of power at that level is Council on Foreign Relations.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now already into hour number two.
Wow, that first hour flew past us.
We'll talk more about the controversy with Hayden and, of course, why Goss stood down, resigned Friday, because he was at parties, trafficked by payoffs, high-priced hookers and gambling.
And that is mainstream news.
The question is, was he involved?
Look, frankly, that is nothing compared to just the trillions missing from the Pentagon and the run-of-the-mill corruption that no one ever seems to want to focus in on.
But it is serious.
And we've got Michael Berger, one of the 9-11 Truth organizers, coming on to talk about some really exciting 9-11 information with you.
And we'll continue with your calls this hour.
More info on Iran and their oil bores, saying they're going to dump the dollar.
Very, very serious.
Now that's finally in the Associated Press of all places.
But right now, let's go ahead and talk to Ken in Virginia.
Ken, go ahead.
Yes, over the weekend, Alex, Marcia Mercer, who is Washington Bureau Chief for Media General, had a partly good column
On this grandiose memorial that they are planning in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
She went out there and... By the way, it's a crescent moon.
It's Muslim.
Yeah, of course.
Now, her column, of course, didn't say that the whole thing was fraudulent.
But the thing is, this bill has been discussed by the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior Enforcement and Environment and Related Agencies.
I think so.
Well, of course, if they say $60 million, it'll be $100 million.
Well, you're going to spend over a billion on the New York Memorial.
And now this memorial is 1,900 acres, which is three times the size of Arlington Cemetery, and even Marsha Mercer...
To her credit, this is grandiose, and it's not appropriate.
The point is that... Well, for those that don't know, it's very fascistic to have these huge monuments, and at the same time, it's a monument to a fraud, because what we've been told about Flight 93 is a lie.
But, I mean, sir, if you're upset about...
$60 million?
I mean, that's nothing compared to the other corruption going on in government.
I mean, $6.1 billion for Bush's new Marine One shopper?
I think this is a terrific development that we can clue on because it brings...
It brings 9-1-1 into the present because this is a bill that we can argue against.
I understand.
Are they still... And it has not been taken up by the full House Appropriations Committee.
Is the memorial still a crescent moon?
She doesn't say what the shape of it is.
A few weeks ago I saw an article, a big controversy for a few months.
It's a huge crescent moon.
Thanks for the call.
And then there's other parts of the memorial that even look like the stars.
So it's actually like a sick joke on us or something.
The globalists just never end.
These people are just so wild.
Thank you for the call, sir.
I mean, I'm not saying it isn't important.
I'm just saying if you're upset about $60 million, but I get your point.
You're saying it's a way to call Congress and say, Flight 93, the official story is a lie.
We don't want this monument.
There's nothing wrong with a monument for those that died.
It's just tell the truth.
But see, they give us these Hollywood scripts we love.
Let's roll.
When the state police and others saw that plane get blown up in tens of thousands of feet in the air with an 8 plus mile, with an 8.4 mile refill, let me give you a clue for those that don't know.
If a plane crashes and is driven into the ground, you're not going to have a debris field over maybe 500 yards.
I went and researched this.
Record debris fields are not even near 500 yards.
But let's just be grandiose and say 500 yards.
8.4 miles?
We'll be right back with Michael Berger.
Stay with us.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We'll continue with open phones this hour.
We'll get into the upcoming Iran war.
They're moving out of the dollar to the oil borscht.
It's actually happening, trading for oil in euros.
That's the only thing holding the dollar up.
They've inflated it massively, but they've tied it to a real asset, a real commodity, being crude oil.
So we'll be talking about that very serious development more on this new CIA director Bush is nominating, Hayden, who of course is the master of the spying on the American people.
For the rest of the hour, we're joined by Michael Berger.
And, of course, you may have seen him on CNN, the first CNN piece they did about Charlie Sheen when that all first broke on Showbiz tonight.
And Michael is with 911truth.org putting on a big 9-11 symposium that's going to be great that I'm going to be attending up in Chicago.
And so that is coming up the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me.
I really appreciate it.
Just for those that don't know who you are, tell us about yourself and tell us how you woke up to 9-11 and how you've been involved and what you've been doing.
You bet.
Well, I'm just an average guy.
I grew up in New York and moved to St.
Louis about 22 years ago.
And I still have family in New York.
In fact, my cousin was walking his dog in Lower Manhattan when the first plane went over his head.
And I think like a lot of people, at least for me, I didn't question 9-11 until about a year and a half later when I read about the put options that were purchased on United, American, and
We're good to go.
Where I did some more interviews with some of the recovery workers and firefighters and journalists in New York.
So I've been going back and forth to New York now over the last three years and meeting with people and digging for the truth.
Well, that's a good place to start is you've gone right to the sources, not just video clips off the news that day where firemen and police are saying, did you see the bombs go off?
You've actually gone
Well, 9-11 Truth and the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9-11 Truth is a co-sponsor of an upcoming conference entitled 9-11, Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future.
And it's an education and strategy conference, June 2nd through 4th, at the Embassy Suite, Chicago O'Hare in Rosemont, Illinois.
And you are going to be a keynote speaker, along with Stephen E. Jones, William Pepper, and in fact, later this afternoon, we will be putting up a new webpage for the conference, which is www.911revealingthetruth.org.
Well, you can also just go to 911truth.org, and there's links through to that longer domain, and people missed it.
And up on InfoWars.com right now under the guest section in related information, we have a link over there as well.
And if you missed, we'll plug it again before Mr. Berger leaves us.
And I know we've got loaded phones.
Your calls are coming up.
But I want to continue getting into 9-11 because it's this foundational event on which this entire new police state society and this new imperialism
We're good to go.
In getting some of those firefighters to go public and talk to the Philadelphia Daily News and others about a year ago, exposing the fact that they found three of the black boxes, really the orange boxes, and that the FBI was there and had them thrown on four-wheelers and driven out, and the FBI said they didn't find them.
So let's go through the physicists, the engineers, the underwriters, and then let's get into some of the eyewitnesses and some of the things you've gotten on videotape with this upcoming film.
Well, and you had mentioned the film website is improbablecollapse.com, which is about the puzzling collapse of the World Trade Centers and Tower 7.
And where would you like to begin, Alex?
Let's start with Stephen E. Jones and Kevin Ryan.
Last year I was able to interview Stephen Jones basically before he had stopped doing public interviews after the MSNBC Tucker Carlson interview.
And we did a one-on-one interview where we had discussed this is pretty close to the time where he first published his paper.
I think so.
We're good to go.
So one of the questions he raises is a possible alternative hypothesis to the official story, which says that the planes and the jet fuel fires weakened the steel and caused these collapses, and yet planes had not hit Building 7.
So how do you explain that collapse and the government's
Even in the official government report on Building 7, it mentions there was only really a low probability that fire brought down the building.
So even I believe that was in the FEMA report, their conclusion was it was a very low probability for that building to collapse from fires alone.
And Building 7 did have large fires.
I interviewed several firefighters.
I interviewed Mark Jacobson of New York Magazine on this most recent trip, who said they were all eyewitnesses to the collapse of 7.
I think we're good to go.
And he said, well, you know, I was down there after the collapse of the towers and looking at 7 and he said, you know, there were big fires in 7 and the building was damaged.
But the collapse of that building was pretty inexplicable.
Now this is from a 20 plus year veteran of the fire department.
I don't want to just glaze over that.
Rudolph Giuliani told ABC News' Peter Jennings, God rest his soul, he also told...
The commission, and they hide this stuff in plain view, in plain sight.
He came right out and admitted he was told that day before the fires even started, get out of Building 7.
And they had moved the main command center out the day before for Tripod 2.
They then tried to deny that, then had to admit they'd been lying and that they had truly already pulled out.
Yeah, I mean, you know, as you, obviously, you know, once you look at 9-11 and you begin to pull on a string, the string just keeps coming and the whole fabric of your reality just appears to dissipate.
So yeah, as you look and you question, you find there are so many different stories here that once you focus on one particular aspect of it, the story just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
At every point, the official story is a manufactured fraud.
Certainly would look, certainly looks like that, doesn't it?
Well, you know, I can't wait to see your Improbable Collapse video.
It does.
I'm probably going to end up carrying it.
And I know you've got several other films you're working on.
This is really exciting.
Are you going to be screening any of those in Chicago or showing any clips?
Yeah, we're going to be scrum.
I'm hoping that we're going to screen Improbable Collapse.
I don't think we're going to screen an awful lot of films.
We haven't decided yet how much time, because we really want people to participate in the conference.
Because the conference, you know, set...
It's going to set itself apart from some of the prior conferences on 9-11 in that I think at this point in time after four and a half years after 9-11, we really do have a great deal of research and evidence that really contradicts the official story.
No, you're right.
Now, I've seen outtakes in some of the clips of your film.
It looks pretty good to me.
It's going to be about an hour and 45.
We may have time to play that.
I'm not sure.
We're going to be screening several others, but we'll see what happens.
We've got a break here in just a moment.
When we come back, I want to get into Kevin Ryan.
I mean, this is the guy who worked for Underwriter Laboratories, and they did their own internal test and said, this is a joke.
This is ridiculous.
And then he got canned shortly after he went public.
So there's all these people out there going, engineers would be going public, or structural engineers would be...
Going public if this was the case.
This is the case.
And I also want to talk about those black boxes and a lot more with Michael Berger, our guest.
He's with 911truth.org.
You can link through at InfoWars.com and go to the Chicago event coming up the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
And I'll be there on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
And then, of course, I've got my big event coming up in June, the 24th and 25th.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
Michael Berger is our guest.
And I believe he's going to be at our event as well, so that'll be exciting coming up in June.
But he's got an event coming up sponsored by several great organizations in Chicago early next month and early June.
Continuing, let's get into the Underwriter Laboratories and Kevin Ryan.
You now have gotten him to talk.
You're going to have him at your event.
And you've also interviewed him on videotape, Michael.
Yeah, Kevin's a really great guy.
He was gracious enough at the last moment to grant an interview with me, as we've already been in post-production on the film and announced the release, and I took a shot, and since he was coming to the conference, asked him if I could possibly meet him because I was going to go to interview Gwen Corbett from John Jay College.
Because I want to present a balanced view of the demolition of the towers, or the hypothesis about the demolition, and present the information so that viewers can make up their own mind about what happened there.
And so Kevin was gracious enough to grant a last-minute interview three days before I was coming out there.
And he's just a great guy.
And here's a whistleblower who's a concerned citizen who worked for Underwriters Laboratories and had basically written to the CEO of the organization and was concerned that the reputation of Underwriters Laboratories was on the line because they had done testing on the steel.
And once that was made public, he got fired.
A lot of courage.
You met with him in person.
A pretty circumscript, pretty serious person, you said.
Yeah, yeah, I think so.
I think he is.
He is...
I think maybe even uncomfortable with how quickly this, you know, with the speed of communication nowadays with the Internet, how quickly that letter and the result of being fired for effectively whistleblowing, how quickly that put him in the spotlight.
Now, they did test.
They tested the steel in temperatures, and his letter, his research conclusively showed that
Well, you know, the testing on the steel was that the steel used in the towers were
Subjected to fires and furnaces in labs for two hours at temperatures that were higher than those that were reached in the towers.
And the steel withstood the test easily.
And that was what Ryan had learned about.
And so that raised serious questions about the collapse hypothesis that NIST had put out.
And when he raised this concern, he was fired.
And in fact, you can read about it with links to what he had written on the website for the film.
The background for the film is now up at improbablecollapse.com.
You can read background information about the film and the people who are in the film.
There are links to what they've written, what they've said.
Well, that's exciting.
Let's shift gears now into your instrumental in getting some of the volunteer firefighters and rescuers who recovered some of the boxes, getting them to go public.
And most Americans still aren't even aware of this, even though it's admitted in the mainstream news.
Yeah, in fact, how that came about was there was a self-published book.
It was just first-person stories that different rescue and recovery guys, firefighters, steelworkers, who did recoveries at the site,
And basically went down there, risked their lives to help in any way that they could.
One of the interesting common threads throughout meeting with these different men and women who volunteered down there, it's really interesting that for whatever reason, as everyone else in Manhattan Island was running to get away, these men and women for some reason were pulled to run there and help.
And really, really contribute in any way they could to trying to assist in finding people or in doing recoveries afterward.
And in this self-published book, there was a small paragraph in which one of the firefighters had stated that at one time he was assigned by a chief to take around some federal agents in an ATV with their recovery equipment to locate the beacon signals from the black boxes, which as you stated are actually orange.
And they located three out of the four.
And the curious thing about this, this book was published in 2003 before the final commission report, and yet in the final commission report it states in a footnote that the boxes were never located.
It doesn't even say that they weren't recovered.
It says they weren't even located.
And that is directly contradicted by this statement, which was in the public domain.
These men were never asked to come testify.
And then just, I believe it was last December, Dave Lindor wrote an article for Counterpunch in which he had interviewed an anonymous NTSB official.
So we have a second confirmation now that he examined the black boxes and that the FBI took them.
All right, we're going to be right back with Michael Berger.
I'm Alex Jones.
We'll take your calls.
I'm sure they'll be all over the map, but that's okay.
Specifically, if you want to talk about 9-11, toll-free number 1-800-259-9231.
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Going back to Michael Berger.
Michael, we're going to go to some calls here in just a moment.
But before we do that, one more time, plug for people the great event that you and others are organizing and tickets are selling briskly, folks, coming up June 2nd, 3rd and 4th in Chicago.
Yeah, again, it's an education and strategy conference.
9-11, revealing the truth, reclaiming our future.
And I do want to distinguish it from maybe previous events people may have attended in that at this point, as I was saying earlier, we have a great deal of research from 9-11 researchers, people who have done great work in bringing out the facts and the truth about what happened.
And we've got people from all over the political spectrum who support the 9-11 Truth Movement.
And we've got the Internet, so we can communicate with each other.
We can join together no matter where you are.
So what we hope to come out of this conference
Yes, my speech is going to be about the history of government-sponsored terror and kind of the back story on the Bush and the Bin Ladens.
And then I'm going to get into some of the key points of 9-11.
And then, I mean, it was so great when you told me that's the main thrust of this because I want to talk about solutions because I've had a lot of successes and others I know have.
And I know how to sell the truth to the people.
Well, I mean, you know, I want to say, you know, I was really, really happy to read the title and to talk with you about what you're going to speak to about how will we win.
Because really, at this point, we have the information.
We have, as you were saying, you know, there's a huge rising tide of people who are waking up to the truth about these type of events.
And 9-11, the way I look at it, is it is an enormous wake-up call, and it announces the potential for a transformation in this country, that if we can wake up to the truth about 9-11 and other events that maybe people have not acknowledged publicly to each other, once they realize that it's okay to come out and talk to their neighbors, talk to their friends, and share what they really believe,
I agree.
We're about to go to calls, but I want to bring up one point of controversy.
I believe it's a COINTELPRO disinformation program.
I'm not going to go off on any names because that just gives these people attention.
I talked about 9-11 two months before it happened.
I talked about it on the day it happened.
I took the heat for it.
I had people attack me verbally over it and in major publications like the Washington Post a week after 9-11.
So I really hit the barbed wire.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I'm sorry, folks.
Israel can't make NORAD stand down.
Israel can't make the F-16s be off doing drills that day.
Israel certainly is part of this whole global system, certainly involved in false flag ops in Israel and Europe.
They've been caught.
It's been in their major papers.
I've reported on that.
But from all the angles I've looked at this, it's this multinational crime syndicate manipulating our government.
You know, I have to acknowledge what you're saying.
I mean, you know, look, at this point for people to come out and say that X or Y, we know that they've definitively done this.
What it does, I think, as you were pointing out, is it keeps dividing us.
And one of the things the people in power want us to do is not speak to each other, not come together, not wake up and realize our power.
It's like 50 branches of Baptist, and then somebody breaks off because they want to have their own group, and they break off because they want their own, and just on and on and on.
Yeah, and by dividing us, basically we are disempowered, and if, you know, hopefully coming out of Chicago, we can come to common ground where all the different groups, as you were saying, who have their own different versions of the truth, can at least acknowledge that
The only way we can take the country back and reclaim our future is if we can overlook where we disagree and meet where we agree.
We all acknowledge that we do not like the direction that this country is going and that the only way we can change it is to come together.
I agree.
Let me try to sum it up this way.
We know the official story is a conspiracy theory.
We know the official story is a fraud.
All the evidence, all the motives, all the documents, all the history, and I try to disprove this premise.
I wish this wasn't true, folks.
When I research stuff, I try to disprove my own views.
I don't go into this emotionally, oh, this is my opinion, so I frame the debate.
Around that.
No, my friends, there's no doubting that 9-11 was an inside job.
You cannot get around that.
And then all the globalists can do is try to get us all fighting with each other, and I've been able to research it and find out that the feds really are behind trying to get us fighting with each other.
Well, I mean, the whole issue is, I mean, even people within the 9-11 Truth Movement who maybe have a particular point of view, if their point of view isn't quote-unquote the one that we all agree to, then they also begin to push back and split the groups and split our movement.
And the only way that we can ever...
Reclaim our constitutional civil liberties.
Bring the country back into alignment with the Constitution.
End illegal wars.
Fix the black box voting system so our votes actually count.
The only way we will ever do that is if we rise up together.
I agree, and that's the key to what they do.
And I just want to add this, and this is not my opinion.
You can go research this.
Thank you.
We're good to go.
And again, I'm just saying that on the record.
I'm trying to go after who's guilty.
I'll say who I believe did it, and all the evidence shows it.
And it's Dick Cheney, his people above him, and of course Bob Bowman has said that, former head of the Star Wars program.
Many others have fingered him as the main suspect.
And so it is a scapegoat to say, and again, Michael, you don't even get into this stuff.
I just brought it up because I'm sick of it.
Let's go ahead and take a call here.
I'm going to run through these quick.
Peter in New York, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Sorry, I was just talking to the meter reader here that was at the door.
I just turned him on to your show.
There are so many things that I just love to talk to you for literally probably thousands of hours.
If you're ever in Buffalo, stay at my house if you want.
Take my name number off the air if you want.
I've often thought that maybe if there were one... You know, people like me, I like to tell people things that I hear, like on your show and other places.
But is there one, say, paper or book that you could point to that would be like a main selling point, so to speak?
To turn people on to all these shenanigans that are played out?
Well, I mean, I get this question a lot.
What is one Bible or manifesto?
And I think that would be the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence.
Read that, then learn what the phrases mean, research it, and then compare that to the society we now live in today.
And it's becoming so alien to how this country was set up and what the framers did.
And obviously, I think my films are the best because we give you wide spectrum info.
We don't just focus on one issue, which I think is also good to do, but we focus on a wide spectrum to try to give you a view of that.
Michael Berger, you got any comments?
Yeah, I mean, I think what you're saying, Alex, is exactly right.
I mean, the...
The ideals put forth for the foundation of our form of government were ideals to be lived up to, and it's up to us to live up to those, and that means we have to engage in political action, we have to speak with our neighbors and friends, we have to create community, and part of this is, you know, if you do this work, you know, you value truth.
That is a guiding principle or value that you hold, you know,
In your heart.
Otherwise, why would you be doing this?
You're standing up as a patriot to save the country.
And it's time that we come together and just do the job that needs to be done.
I mean, so much of defeating tyranny is not even getting it all right.
It's just standing up and putting one foot in front of the other.
So many people never take action because they, well, I wouldn't do a perfect job or I wouldn't know what to do.
Hey, just getting in the game and knowing who your enemy is, you'll win the battle.
Got to move on here.
I really do appreciate your call, Peter.
Sorry you had to hold so long.
And I don't think I'll be up in Buffalo anytime soon, but thank you for the nice offer.
Why don't you come out to L.A.?
We'll meet you or come out to Chicago.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to John in Ohio.
You're on the air, John.
Go ahead.
Yes, I'm just an ordinary guy like your guest.
I don't belong to any organizations, but I have perused some groups like WSWS.org.
Yes, be sure and plug the communist websites every time you come on.
And workers' org.
Which you do every time you call, John.
Fine, go ahead.
I think it's necessary.
You're absolutely right.
My disagreement with you is totally opposite of that COINTELPRO original caller.
I agree with everything you're saying about 9-11, the police state, and the rest of it.
We should have a variety of opinions on those sort of things.
But I don't think we can have unity in supporting some of the neocons' plans, ultimate plans for war against China and Russia.
And I believe that the attacks against Iran, Iraq, and possibly now Iran are really merely a stepping stone to that.
If you read the PNAC documents,
No, I know.
They say they're encircling China.
I understand.
And what I'm trying to say is that I think much of this military industrial Nazi birchite propaganda that I hear on your program and others are actually falling into that trap of playing right into their hands.
See, John, this is what you can't get.
And I appreciate your call.
This is what you can't get, John.
I believe government, big government, is dangerous and almost always corrupt and evil throughout history.
And that's history, and it shows it.
You, because he's called many times, Michael.
I'm not putting words in his mouth.
You believe, sir, that communists are good and capitalists are bad.
No, sir.
Big centralized governments are corrupt and bad on average.
And the communists are bad and so are the globalists.
And the globalists work with the communists and you can't figure that out.
Michael, you got any comments on communists?
Yeah, actually I do, Alex.
The first thing I'd say is partly part of your response is
You know, you can't be an honest politician.
You know, power...
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
And yet, without changing that story, we can't reclaim our future.
We have got to insert into the body politic people who have values, who value what this country stands for, and want it to be all that it can.
Well, we need people who are going to fight.
We need people who are going to fight and aren't going to roll over.
Listen, if you want to be free, you're going to have to fight, folks.
It's that simple.
People who don't fight become slaves.
Michael Berger, stay there.
We'll come back.
Talk to Ron, Sean, and a lady from New York, and many, many others.
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I want to keep Michael Berger five minutes in the next hour so we can take the callers that are here for him and then I'm going to get into a bunch of the other news.
Iran, the dollar, so much more.
Right now, let's go ahead and talk to Ron in Oklahoma and Sean, Rita, David and others.
Go ahead, Ron.
Alex, several things quickly.
I was told by a friend whose brother-in-law is an air traffic controller on the east coast.
Brother-in-law told him that
Flight 93 was shot down, and the following day the feds came in and collected all the tapes and records.
Well, Rumsfeld has slipped up twice and said they shot it down.
Well, they did.
Also, Colonel Craig Roberts, Friday.
Alex, every time he's on with anything to say, your nighttime rerun, his zap is wiped out.
We couldn't even pick it up off the Internet.
Your first hour was obliterated.
Also, Alex, the lady and attorney in Ohio was called several times about being harassed by state-sponsored Affirmative Action Union criminal terrorists.
I've had the same thing happen to me here in Oklahoma City.
Let me back up for a second.
You're saying on the Internet and shortwave, what happened?
Both of them were wiped out.
What, I mean, you just couldn't hear them?
Well, the Internet started looping, and then it just went blank.
The second hour was fine.
Picked it up.
No problem.
I wanted to record it and pass it out.
But they were both wiped out.
Yeah, that's a wonderful network, probably.
Well, it happens every time Craig Roberts is on.
It is not your wonderful network.
Oklahoma is behind the black hole, behind the iron curtain, the information iron curtain.
We do not get information here.
All right.
Okay, Ron, I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Sean in New Hampshire.
Sean, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Great to be on your show again.
I'm also a scholar of 9-11 truth and an engineer.
I graduated from RPI in 1986.
And something I want to be able to tell people is the people in the truth movement, the facts that you're presenting...
Do not take engineers to figure out.
Any second-year engineering student would be able to figure out that this story is a lie and it's false.
So you don't have to have a doctorate degree to look at this to draw conclusions that we're being lied to.
And then the question is, why do they have so many engineers that will concoct wild stories to explain it?
That's because there are people that will do anything for government contracts.
Michael Berger?
Oh, I think it's far deeper.
I think it's a psychological thing.
I think if you confront the truth, I mean, look, what your caller is saying is exactly the case.
Anybody who is a witness to this live or looked at the footage afterward, it is really difficult to understand how you can see those buildings come down the way they did.
Or let's even forget about the towers.
Talk about seven.
You see seven, even Dan Rather live is saying, yeah, it looks just like one of those buildings with a controlled demolition.
So the issue is a deeper psychological one.
If you confront this, you really... I agree.
They just can't face it.
You've got to take responsibility to stand up.
And I think you just can't.
The denial is so great.
Because everything we've been taught, everything we've learned about who we are in the world, who we are as Americans, is contradicted by what your eyes are telling you.
I agree.
And then the science backs up what the eyes are telling you.
Go ahead and finish up, Sean.
Yes, and so what I do as a citizen and as an engineer is I pass out your tapes.
I also helped produce the JPFO film, Innocence Betrayed.
There's also another good one JPFO produced about a Bill of Rights culture, which I also helped produce, you know, donating money, and getting these out to people and talking with them and explaining it.
What are your fellow engineers saying?
We're going to start the third hour, but I want you to stay there for a minute, Sean.
Stay there.
I want to hear what your fellow engineers say when you talk to them about the collapse of the towers.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're talking to documentary filmmaker Michael Berger.
He's got the film Improbable Collapse coming out.
It looks powerful.
We're good to go.
I think?
When you talk to fellow engineering associates, what do they say about what happened on 9-11?
A good deal of them.
After I present them with the facts, and engineers just, you know, they don't take anything on face value, a lot of them.
Some are stunned.
Some, you know, they just bury their head in the sand.
Oh, I want to be apolitical and I don't want to lose my job.
They acknowledge that you're right.
But they don't want to do anything about it.
Yeah, I know a lot of engineers.
In fact, I interviewed a family friend, Jimmy Wright, who's a structural engineer who worked in the World Financial Center across the street that day.
He was on the show at 11 a.m., just an hour and a half after the collapses, and he said it's total controlled demolition, total bombs, perfect precision.
It imploded, fell in on itself, used all the terms.
A week later, he just goes, no, no, I was wrong.
No, it's not true.
And I was out of his house.
He's like, no, I'm not going to talk about it.
So, I mean, is that the kind of response you get?
That's some of it.
Some of them know it's true, and they start passing out your books and videos and start telling other people, hey, look, guys, this is just a total free-for-all for the government.
And then there are some that will try and contradict you, will try and prove you're wrong, and after a period of time, they'll be like, oh, my God, you're right.
What percentage would you say are waking up?
I would say at least a good half of them know the actual truth.
Out of that, 20% of those are starting to take action.
I woke up and I'm the type of person that's like, okay, we've got to stop this, we've got to nip it in the bud.
The engineers know it, but everybody has to know it.
They're going to do more.
They're going to do more if we don't stop this.
I've got some more questions for Michael Berg.
Thanks for the call, Sean.
I'm going to try to hold him over a few more minutes if he can.
Let's jam one more in here.
Rita in Illinois.
Go ahead, Rita.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I have a few things.
I want something I would love to say to you and something I'd like to say to your guests, too.
Is your guest aware of Joan Vian and her work?
Because what's going to happen, say for instance, okay, everybody agrees that this is really bad, there's going to be this vacuum.
And then they're going to jump in, and then the fake, what do you call it?
Yeah, she's saying that the globalists will burn Bush and their minions, and the very people that orchestrated it all will then say, see, America's bad, we've got to have a one world government because they carried out terror attacks.
Joan Bion's work is so important, though.
Well, the fact is, regardless of what the outcome is of exposing this, we have to expose it, and they're going to keep using terror unless we expose it.
Yeah, I mean, that's one of the things that Chicago is about.
Again, I'd also like to plug the website, 911revealingthetruth.org.
The conference is about coming up with a strategy and a plan of action, and in fact, one of the things that I want to present on is whenever I speak or I do public appearances and meet people,
I'm always asked, you know, what do you want me to do?
I'm only one person.
I don't have any power.
So we're trying to formulate a strategy around telling people what we think the solutions are.
Yeah, I mean, what can people do to engage?
Because as the caller just pointed out, if people do wake up to this...
There's going to be a lot of anger.
There's going to be a lot of frustration.
And it's going to be really easy for the powers that be to just shift the players and make it appear as if everything has been taken care of and everybody can go back to sleep and it's okay.
But it isn't.
And I think, you know, my opinion, the only way we can change this is if we engage in the political process and take the country back ourselves and hold ourselves accountable to govern ourselves.
Okay, Rita, does that answer your question?
Or I'm trying to get the point you were making?
Absolutely not.
It totally, again, it sounds like he's absolutely lost.
Does he know about Charlotte Iserby?
Does he know about Joan Vian?
I'm really confused.
We're just trying to expose 9-11 and it sounds like you're mad at us.
Stay there and tell us why when we get back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, impalpable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I tell you, Michael Berger is our guest.
He's an amazing individual.
A new film coming out I've seen excerpts of.
It's amazing.
Improbable Collapse.
And we're taking your calls concerning 9-11, so I'm just going to shut up with this caller that we were just talking to and let her make her point because she sounds irritated.
Oh, is she still there?
She just dropped.
I told her to hold.
She called in from Illinois.
Rita, you sound like a nice lady.
I'm sure she's a great person.
And she was like, do you know about Charlotte Iserby?
Do you know about Joan Vion, who we carry some of their books, we have them on routinely?
You know, it sounds like you don't know anything, Mr. Berger.
And so I'm trying to... Perhaps she's saying you don't know the whole New World Order agenda, and you don't understand the whole globalist operation, and so somehow we're doing bad or something?
What did you get from that call?
Well, I think it was a certain frustration of if you wake people up, they have to have a way to plug in to connect with other people to take action.
And that really is the focus of this conference.
So it may have been just a miscommunication.
Well, I mean, so many times people call me, and I know the type of call it is.
I mean, I always recognize it right off the bat.
It's like, you're not doing enough, Alex, or you're not covering the key issues.
I cover everything.
And I don't know, it's just frustrating sometimes.
Let's go ahead and talk to David in Illinois.
David, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
You know, it wasn't hard for me to accept that, you know, 19 Al-Qaeda guys...
I'm not a structural engineer, so I'm open to learn more about that.
And Osama bin Laden said he did it.
He was motivated by what's happened in Palestine or Israel and that American troops are in Saudi Arabia.
And your guest there said something about power corrupts.
Power corrupts, absolutely.
There's another saying by Alexander B. Tocqueville,
Pundit from France a couple hundred years ago.
The democracy is bad because of the possibility of tyranny by the majority.
And in this country, you know, I am not anti-Semitic, but I don't think I would put America before Israel that was created in my lifetime.
You know, and Palestine was wiped out the face of the earth to create Israel.
And if that issue cannot be looked at and discussed honestly, and if we have to pussyfoot around it, then our democracy is in trouble.
Well, let me comment.
Let me comment.
Number one, we're a constitutional republic.
Number two, I've read the Tocqueville's book.
Number three, I've seen this view, we witnessed this view from a big professor out of Colorado, Ward Churchill, that the people that died in the towers were Nazis.
We're good to go.
At 30,000 feet.
Bin Laden can't make NORAD stand down.
Bin Laden can't run war games that day.
Bin Laden can't call public officials from the White House and tell them, don't fly, and call mayors, and call Joint Chiefs of Staff, and call Salman Rushdie.
Bin Laden can't engage in insider trading that leads back to CIA deputy directors' companies.
Put options.
Bin Laden can't mask U.S.
and British troops, 44,000 U.S., 18,000 British, into Tajikistan and Uzbekistan,
We're good to go.
That they're in our government, manipulating our government, and so are the Chinese, and so are the British, and our country's totally sold out.
So I'm... Again, I'm having trouble here navigating exactly what you're saying.
Boil it down for me.
I'm stupid.
Well, I think that they were looking for that there was knowledge in this government that these terrorists were going to do something.
So you think they let it happen?
I think they let it happen.
They have a Pearl Harbor event so they could start a war with Iraq, so that they could control...
Okay, you're an engineer, sir.
You say you're an engineer.
Well, I believe you said that.
I misunderstood you then.
What did you say?
Well, I said I'm not an engineer, but I understand the concept.
Okay, I thought you said I'm an engineer, I understand the concept.
You say you're not an engineer.
Sir, we've interviewed engineers.
We've talked to engineers.
We've talked to the people that underwrote the buildings.
Let me just finish.
Let me just finish here.
The 9-11 Whitewash Commission said there were no major steel columns in the middle of the building, and all those made-for-TV shows, why the towers collapsed and shows like that, tell you it didn't have any columns in the middle.
It was overbuilt, okay?
So, Michael Berger, you got any comments for this?
Well, you know, first, the admission of bin Laden that he was the responsible party.
There are some questions about the validity of that tape to begin with.
In another sit-down interview days after, he said, I didn't do it, the U.S.
and Israel did.
Yeah, I mean, look...
Once again, everywhere in the official story, it's rife with self-contradiction, with open testimony under oath that contradicted later testimony.
And they'll do it three, four, five times.
They keep contradicting with new outlandish stories each time.
Exactly, and they just keep digging themselves a bigger and bigger hole, kind of like with Able Danger.
Oh, no, first they didn't tell us.
Then, yeah, they did tell us, but it was too late.
Ah, we didn't think it was credible.
How many times are we going to... I mean, David Ray Griffin said it greatest.
The American people have been incredibly tolerant of all of the varying lies that have informed our foreign policy.
And if the American people were to wake up to the truth about 9-11...
There would be an uprising in this country, and so unless we all come together and overlook our differences and create a strategy and a plan to actually take back the country and to get people like you and I into office with a different script such that we get held accountable to the same standards we expect to hold other elected officials accountable...
That we can change the whole story of once you are in office, you do not become a corruptible influence.
David, I'm not trying to jump on you.
I'm just frustrated by the things you're saying.
I mean, boil it down for me.
In a nutshell, what are you saying?
I want to say I appreciated your show.
I learned some really interesting... I had to catch one kind of amazing show.
I think you called the police chief who was talking about... It was supposed to be for microchipping in New Jersey.
And he happened to be the one who...
Who came across five Mossad agents videotaping the towers and jumping up and down gleefully.
I don't know if that was just... Yeah, that was Bergen County, New Jersey.
The county police chief, they have county police chiefs there, going, he'll make us all take microchips if the government orders it, and he wants his employees to take them.
And then, by the way, he was also the guy that had some of the Israelis arrested, and then we got into that, yes.
So anyway, you know, I'm living in New Orleans.
So are you saying Bin Laden did it, or are you saying the Israelis did it?
I mean, what are you saying?
I'm saying that, you know, what I frankly thought was the 19 people were far more successful, that the government was looking for an event to go back into Iraq.
I mean, that's obvious.
That's been planned for some time.
And to have control of the Mideast oil, and also to build a pipeline to Israel.
Well, they admit all that, but listen... I talked about it in U.S.
Sure, I appreciate your call, sir.
Instead of what you think, instead of what sounds good, instead of what fits into your worldview, and I'm not trying to be mean here, how about you just look at the facts?
You see.
Let's go ahead and take a final call for our guest, Michael Berger, Reagan in California.
Go ahead, Reagan.
Hi, how are you?
I've got something.
A friend of mine sent this to me about the Pentagon, and she said, please pass it on because it has been yanked.
It's the Pentagon.
It's www.pentagonstrike.com.
But if it's been yanked, how are we going to go look at it there?
Well, she said, somebody put it back up.
And she said, please have people look at it before they pull it again.
Yeah, I think something like over 100 million people have watched that.
They've estimated it's all over the web.
Okay, I didn't know.
One thing before I go, and if we want to take back this country and do exactly what you said,
Michael Berger, in closing, I want to thank you for joining us.
Thank you for the call.
I'll see you coming up June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
And people can find out more details at several of the websites, 911truth.org.
Let me also plug out 911revealingthetruth.org.
That's the conference website.
Fantastic, and we'll be talking to you in the near future as soon as I get a review copy.
When are you going to send me a review copy of your new Improbable Cause Collapse?
A week from today.
Good, because I want to be able to review it to make sure I want to carry it, because if I do want to carry it, I want to be carrying it day one when it comes out, Michael.
That would be great.
Fantastic, Alex.
Thank you.
Yeah, thank you for coming on with us.
And I'm also going to interview a few of the other speakers over the next month that are going to be at the event.
And, of course, you'll be hearing from one of the speakers every day here, folks.
What do you know?
That's me.
Yeah, what do you know?
And this was a great interview, my friend.
Take care.
Thank you, Alex, very much.
You bet.
Stay right there.
We'll see you.
I want to talk to you during the break, Michael, okay?
Folks, that was a great interview.
When we get back, we will get into more of the international and national news and move away from 9-11.
You're always welcome to call in on the 9-11 subject.
It's 1-800-259-9231 is the number to get involved here on the air.
And we'll get into the other news and then take some more calls.
And I sound irritated sometimes.
It's just all I've done is study 9-11.
I've made three films on it, written a book, published a book.
I've kept my brain in the game.
I have interviewed hundreds and hundreds of prominent people.
Engineers, politicians, defense ministers.
And we know it's an inside job.
And so just to hear people who constantly say, well, I've got my own personal view and it's not really backed up with any facts.
It's just, I just think this is what happened.
It's irritating.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I'm going to blitz through a bunch of calls right now, giving each caller about a minute.
And then I'm going to get into Iran and the other news after the break, and then take more calls after that.
Sean in New Hampshire, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Sean.
Hi, Alex.
I wanted to give you an update on Bill 1582 in the Senate in New Hampshire.
It looks like after we got the ought to pass that Senators Gregg and Representative Bradley... Now remember, a lot of people don't know what this bill is.
That's the bill to say no to the National ID Card.
Exactly, to have New Hampshire rejected outright.
And it got the ought to pass from Committee and Senate.
And when it came up for vote last Thursday, at the very end of the day...
All the Republicans changed their tune after going into the back room with Greg and Bradley.
And they said, well, we want to make an amendment that basically guts the bill and just simply has the committee look at it.
And instead, what we'll do is we'll do that and... By the way, 200 years ago, committees didn't run this country.
They've set it up now where the committees have the power and the elected representatives don't.
That needs to change.
Go ahead, sir.
Yeah, and so there's this agenda item to go and accept the money, which these Republican senators want to do, but they haven't exactly done it yet because we've been calling them non-state.
Good job.
I appreciate your call.
People in New Hampshire and nationwide, we need to have the first state kill the federal national ID card, and that's going on right now.
Thank you, Sean.
Good points.
Mike in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for your show.
Thank you.
You bet.
Usually we're going to comment about the dollar.
I don't know if you're planning to still do that.
Yes, I am after the break.
Okay, good.
June the 24th and 25th in L.A.
Is that going to be at the Downtown Sheraton?
What's that?
Yes, Downtown Sheraton holds over 1,000 people, and we're going to have video screens showing films, a whole bunch of guests.
It's going to be powerful, and it's $74 for one ticket.
It goes down to $34 a ticket when you get multiple tickets.
So the incentive is for more people to come.
Okay, good.
And is it going to be like from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon each day?
Yeah, it's going to be, people don't like to get up that early usually when they're on a vacation.
It's during vacation time in the summer.
It's going to be from about 11 until 9 at night the first day.
And then it's going to be from about 10 in the morning until 8, 9 at night the next day.
So it's going to be lengthy.
Okay, great.
Thank you, brother.
Thank you.
And when we get back, I will talk about the dollar.
Do you have any comments on that?
We'll talk about it after the break.
Let's go ahead and talk to James in Texas.
James, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I just want to let people know that I called.
This is relative to you being on KLBJ yesterday, and I really appreciate that.
I just called Mark Caesar with KLBJ AM.
That's a message letting him know that I thank him for doing that, and I put in a ridiculous request that he change Rush Limbaugh's show for your live GCN show, and I encourage more people in the KLBJ listening area to do the same thing, and maybe...
We can do this because I really... It's good to hear you.
Did you like the show yesterday, Ed?
It was fantastic.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, sir.
I'm going to let you go soon and get more calls.
I just want people in the office area and the KMJ listening area, hopefully they can do the same thing.
Get this thing rolling.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, I mean, it's the biggest station in Central Texas.
It goes all the way to Dallas and all the way to San Antonio.
And it's a marquee station.
And, of course, they carry George Norrie, Rush Limbaugh, all of that.
No, no, no.
They want the show.
They just want it live, and I'm not live when they want it.
They want me on 7 to 10, and they don't want to carry a refeed like some stations do.
And I was basically offered the job.
I just can't go over there and do another show every day.
I just can't do it.
I mean, I'd be working 20 hours a day if I did that.
I'd be a mess.
So we're trying to figure something out.
Emmis is a big media company, and they've got syndication.
And so we'll see what happens.
It's just that...
Who knows?
Just because I want to be on the air locally.
It's weird to be on KJFK and then to be on 1260.
I've been on different AM and FM's and they change formats or they're sold.
I'll be on the station two, three years and then it sells or changes formats.
And then Austin doesn't have a lot of stations because LBJ, when he was president, didn't allow a lot of licenses here locally because he owned the major TV and radio stations.
The president's family doesn't own LBJ anymore.
MS does.
And so it's frustrating not to be on here locally.
I mean, we're on 100.1 and some of the other great micros.
But it is a bone of contention I have that that hasn't happened in the last two years.
And people are demanding it.
And KLBJ is trying to respond.
And the brass of MS is trying to respond.
Way up above Mark Caesar, who's a great guy in his own right.
But that shows you how far this movement's come.
I've been on mom-and-pop AM and FM stations for eight, nine years.
And, of course, big stations here in Austin.
But to have super blue chip stations.
I mean, MS only owns top stations in Chicago, top stations in New York, top stations in major cities, L.A.
And they are looking at this show.
And so we're going to try to get it expanded with their syndication with Genesis as well.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 866-885-6625.
Once again, that's 866-885-6625.
But that is good news for all of our old line affiliates who've been carrying us, in some cases, eight years.
We've had affiliates that have stuck with us that long, commercial stations.
That now, big, blue-chip, mainline, juggernaut stations that are owned by moderate-sized conglomerates, it's nothing like Clear Channel or Westwind, CBS, but it's big, are looking at my broadcast.
It's because this has become so mainstream.
And it's not conspiracy theory.
We just cover the facts here.
That's all we do.
Let me get into the news, then we'll continue with your phone calls.
Will and Johnny and Richard and many others told Free Number to join us.
1-800-259-9231 on this live May 8th, 2006 Monday edition.
Iran wants oil markets in Euros.
Now this is old news for our audience and audience that listens to Truth Radio and that listens to the whole Truth Movement.
Iran took a step on Friday towards establishing an oil market dominated in euros, a plan analysts described as highly unlikely to materialize, but which in theory could have serious consequences for the U.S.
Iranian state-run television said the country's oil ministry granted a license for the euro-dominated market, an idea first floated back in 2004, though just who would trade on it remains unclear.
If the market were to succeed, or if Iran simply demanded payment for its oil and euros, commodities experts said it could lead central bankers around the world to convert some dollar revenues into euros, possibly causing a decline in the dollar's value.
So this just isn't in the financial pages now of newsletters.
Here it is.
Oil is currently denominated in dollars, and is dominated, I would add, around the globe...
Whether through direct sales between producers and consumers or in trades made on markets in New York and London.
But if one day the world's largest oil producers allow or, worse, demand euros for their barrels, it would be the financial equivalent of a nuclear strike, said A.G.
Edwards commodities analyst Bill O'Grady.
Thank you.
We're good to go.
The European Union is interested in vying to become the world's central bank, which requires a willingness to run large currency deficits, he said.
For one, the U.S., that has meant allowing cheap imports to undermine the strength of some major industries, including textiles, autos, and electronics manufacturing.
I've never read so much truth in the Associated Press or in the mainstream media in my life.
And it just goes on and on and on.
What they don't tell you is that Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Germany, France, all of them, Russia, Latin America, they have all moved out of keeping around 95% of their reserve currency.
We're good to go.
So all of this is happening, and listen, even with the dollar still being the world reserve currency, it's been devalued by over 44%.
And now the new Fed Chief Bernanke is saying that if you liked Rumsfeld, excuse me, you liked...
Freudian slip there.
If you liked the former Fed chief going out and doubling the money supply in the last six years that he's discussing doubling it in the next two.
And then after he made those announcements, he made the money supply, that is the amount of money the Federal Reserve is printing and creating in zeros and ones in computers, 97% of it's digital, that they're going to make that number secret and it has been secret for the last three months.
So if you thought Alan Greenspan was bad at devaluing the currency, look at what this new Fed chief is saying he's going to do.
So it's very, very scary.
And by the way, the Fed, the private run-for-profit federal reserve that has its chairman appointed by the president for 10 years since, only thing federal about it,
Those insiders now have the knowledge of the true money supply and no one else does.
They just said they're going to inflate it mightily.
We have no idea what's even going on.
This is such a big deal.
I mean, Americans are getting mad about $3 plus a gallon for gas right now steadily rising.
And a lot of that is because the dollar has been devalued and the world refineries, we have their own memos, purposely over the last 10 years bought up over 200 refineries and shut them down to create an artificial bottleneck.
But if you're upset about getting ripped off a few hundred dollars a month at the pump, depending on how much you drive, aren't you upset about having your dollar devalued?
This is so horrible.
I mean, I think about it all the time.
I've got two little bank accounts for my children that I try to put money in each month.
So if they want to go to college or they want to have a nest egg for themselves in the future or if I get whacked next week, they'll have a little bit of money.
And that little bit of cash I've got that I've been saving for five years has been devalued.
I mean, inflation is not at 3.4% like we've been told.
It is off the charts.
And what are these yuppies going to do when they learn that this is happening to their money?
What are they going to do?
I mean, everybody should be hopping mad over this.
Now, I wish
I would have taken the limited cash I had and put more of it in gold.
I did do it.
Four years ago, I only owned a couple gold coins.
And every month, I'd buy another gold coin.
And over time, that built up to not a lot, but substantive.
And it's literally, literally in an undisclosed location buried two feet under the ground.
And my wife, the only other person, knows where it is.
So if something ever happens to me or whatever happens, she's got something that
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I like to try to find it, and you can find it.
That way you get some collectability and added value, and then it's non-compensatable.
Yes, my grandmother remembers when she was a little girl in 1933.
She told me, what was the name of her grandfather?
Her father was named Forrest.
And she remembers that the locals were turning in their gold.
And that her daddy turned some of it in, because they had cops coming around, and if they knew you had gold, they'd went into the safety deposit box and took it.
But her granddaddy didn't give up all his gold.
He gave up a little bit.
Most people did.
And that's how they survived.
The feds would have totally broken this country.
And they shipped all that gold to Europe.
They gave all of it.
They gave... Well, that's an exaggeration.
Almost all of it.
To Europe, where gold trading was still legal.
And our government overnight after the confiscation doubled the price overnight and the bankers who'd taken our gold for paper they gave us back more than doubled it and got that huge profit for themselves.
It was actually more than a doubling after when they first then reset the price of gold it doubled.
You can go research the history and then it went up.
There was a huge gold rush after that and the Firestone family people got arrested because they were caught setting up dummy corporations in Europe to buy gold and big scandal
And I don't mean to rant and rave about this subject.
It just makes me so angry that I thought I would just diversify.
I knew the dollar would be devalued four years ago.
The White House announced they were going to do it.
The globalists announced they'd do it at Davos and other places.
The Davos World Economic Forum.
But to see them do it, and do it this fast, and I thought it would be 20%.
I mean, to see 40 plus percent and growing.
In fact, it just...
It's horrible.
They've devalued the dollar.
Do you know what this means?
They've robbed you.
It's the equivalent of, you got $20,000 in the bank, and now it's worth $12,000.
And it's going to go down even more.
That is so frustrating.
And the globalists did it.
They admit in the Associated Press that our government made the decision to do it to support globalism.
To create, quote, interdependence, to build up these foreign markets, because the global corporations, they don't care if the dollar goes down, they're moving into the euro and moving into other currencies, and they've got the slave labor factories that they've used to leverage out all competition in the U.S.
to consolidate power here.
It's economic warfare.
They go to these slave nations, use their hundreds of millions of slaves to build products so cheap no one could ever compete with it,
Then they flood our markets with it, destroy our industry.
The globalists have special deals made with India and China and others.
And then they come in and buy up everything lock, stock and barrel.
This is risk.
This is monopoly.
This is predatory.
This is not free market.
Let's take a few calls.
I'll get into some more on Iran.
Let's go ahead and talk to Will in Texas.
Will, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, thanks for having me on your show, man.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, everything I've got to say will take about one minute.
First, I want to say to all the listeners out there, just listen to this show.
It's not so much that Alex is just force-feeding you information.
All this is available.
You can Google everything he talks about.
One of the things I want to say is you can actually Google the words precious metals and stocks.
Or precious metals and investments and look up things that you can do with your money to kind of hedge your protection or protect your money, hedge your bets and your money to keep it from devaluing.
Also, I urge people to Google the words peak and oil.
Read up on that and learn some interesting things about that that is actually taking place today.
One other thing I want to say is I appreciate what you're doing, Alex, guys like you and Michael Berger.
I believe that's how you say it, Michael Berger.
Just how you are just presenting facts
And putting information together, not just blasting your opinions over the airwaves and just force-feeding people with facts.
I appreciate that.
Well, I appreciate it.
I mean, that is the difference.
So many of these other truth shows or patriot shows just blabber their opinions.
Or just sit around talking about themselves.
It's boring.
I mean, I think it's great that you actually suggest to your listening audience to actually do their own research.
You know, read about our Constitution.
Read about our Bill of Rights.
And apply that to what's actually going on in our country.
I mean, that's great that you do that.
Also, I was on your website, InfoWars, and I saw this article about Oklahoma City Sergeant Terrence Yeekey.
Yes, he was murdered.
Yeah, that's terrible.
They actually tried to play that off as a suicide, which is crazy because they described the scene as they found him in his car as...
It looked like a slaughterhouse.
Yeah, when they first got there, the police said, there's been a murderer, we've got to find the body.
They started searching, and he'd been stabbed, I said 13, it was 15 times.
He'd been tortured, he'd had a rope around his neck, he'd been in handcuffs, and they'd shot him in the back of the head with a silencer.
Yeah, and how they can pass that off as a suicide is beyond me, but... And his last call to his partner was, I mean, followed by two feds.
Exactly, and I think, see, I didn't know about that until I saw it on your website.
A lot of people don't know that Sarayiki...
He actually should have been considered a national hero.
He was like one of the first officers on the scene at the Oklahoma City bombing.
He drug out, you know, I said dozens, Colonel Roberts said it was even more than that, for hours.
He was a big guy.
He just carried...
That is absolutely horrible.
And the bad thing, even worse about that, was he was, correct me if I'm wrong, he was set to get a Medal of Honor just the day before he got slaughtered.
Yes, he was Cop of the Year.
Thanks for the call.
No, yeah, cop of the year murdered himself.
Oh, yes.
And stabbed himself all over.
It's just horrible.
And, of course, there was, and I've talked to the police officers who worked the case, who witnessed it all, and Colonel Roberts has as well.
I mean, it was obvious struggle, even in handcuffs.
A bunch of big men had trouble killing this guy.
They were just stabbing him over and over again.
They finally just blew his head off.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Johnny in Vancouver.
Johnny, go ahead.
Hey there, Alex.
I'm wondering, did you see the interview with Stephen Colbert and William Crystal?
Yes, I did.
You saw about the PNAC discussion, where he was pretty much stunned, didn't know what to say?
Yes, Colbert brings up the fact that PNAC planned the war, planned to stage everything, and then Crystal doesn't know what to say.
Yeah, it was pretty good, actually.
And I also wanted to say your InfoWars address is pretty much a virus now here in Vancouver.
I can't go anywhere without seeing it.
It's from the bathroom stall to bumper stickers just everywhere.
I'll take my little Sharpie into the bathroom and it's already there.
I can't even... I'm beat to the job.
Well, more tagging is...
It's horrible.
Please don't do it.
We have a government that's carried out terror and is about to carry out more terror.
It's not right to put emergency transmissions on the walls.
No, we shouldn't break the rules.
I think I'll take my chances.
I know, I'm being sarcastic.
Yeah, exactly.
But yeah, keep up the good work.
All right, God bless you, my friend.
That's exciting.
Now, I think it's terrible when people climb up on big, vacant buildings from London to... I've been sent photos as far away as New Zealand.
They get up on big, vacant buildings and they spray paint prisonplanet.com or infowars.com on the side of the building.
It's like they say in Serenity, you can't stop the signal, Mel.
You can't stop it.
That's what Mr. Universe says.
Oh, it's so exciting what you guys are doing.
I am humbled by the fact that we have so many listeners and so many great people taking action, and I appreciate you putting up with me.
Because I know I'm a little bit obnoxious, folks.
I never even wanted to get into all of this, believe me.
I'm actually a leisurely type individual who would rather be out hunting and fishing and hiking and running a business and just enjoying myself.
Believe me, it's... Oh, I don't want to get off into it.
The point is, I don't like having to work until 2 a.m.
I've been doing that lately.
every night.
But we're not going to survive if we don't, and so I commend you.
Let's talk to Richard and Tejas.
Go ahead, Richard.
Oh, no, it's Austin.
Yes, I was just wondering... I was taking down some notes about a year ago, listening to Colonel Don the Grand Prix.
And he was telling the crowd that he went to Rick Gidney's, Major Rick Gidney's award ceremony and watched him receive the award for shooting down Flight 93.
And now he's been made a colonel, yeah.
So I was wondering, have you tried to contact him to see what he has to say?
Apparently he has the real story.
We have tried to call that airman over and over again, and I've been trying to contact.
I know that Donna Grand Prix has been having some heart problems.
I don't like to get off into his personal business, but we'll try to get the colonel back on.
Oh, okay.
And I have one more thing.
I called the weather modification headquarters, I guess, 901 Congress, K. David Hutchinson's office, and the guy tried to argue with me at first, but I threw out... Stay there.
I want to hear more about this.
China and the Associated Press cleared the skies.
For rallies and then made it rain to clean dust off the street.
Our own government can start hurricanes and stop hurricanes.
Totally proven.
Back in the 60s.
And Kay Bailey's got a big bill for a national weather control board to actually control our weather.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
I think?
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We'll finish up with Richard.
I'll hit a couple of final news articles here.
Richard from Austin, Texas.
Yeah, we talk about weather modification.
I interviewed the heads of the Navy...
Weapons laboratory that were running these operations back in the 60s and 70s, and you tell the general public, and they go, that's a conspiracy.
No, they could have stopped Katrina.
They could have created Katrina.
Any of that is possible.
And we know that weather modification groups have contacted them about knocking down the hurricanes.
Now the hurricanes are starting to form again here in the next few months.
The season is with us.
Tis is the season.
And nothing's going to be done again.
And the feds will swoop in and take all our guns as usual.
Go ahead and finish up.
You called Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the Senator's office here in Austin, who's pushing the National Weather Board bill.
Go ahead.
Right, and the gentleman tried to act like it was still in the developmental stage, so I asked him, you know, about the droughts in Texas and how much damage it was doing and why they wouldn't employ.
Ben Livingston, I think it was, he said he has a company that's up and running.
They've been waiting to, you know, assist in getting the cloud seeded so it can run.
And he said, well, other states do it, but the reason why they don't is because they don't think they can control it, you know, starting to stop it, and it might do more damage.
And I said, well, if other states are doing it, and Scott Stevens and James McKinney, all these...
We're good to go.
Well, what's wrong with trying to give your senator's aide information?
That's not arguing.
It's when he tells you you're wrong, he's the one that's arguing with you.
So I've been duplicating these documents, and I've been asking people to call the number and pressure these people to let them know we know what they're capable of, and they can start and stop these catastrophes that are destroying the entire city.
Yeah, people should call K. Bailey Hutchinson and do that.
Thanks for the call, Richard.
Good to hear from you.
That's exciting.
That's what citizens should be doing.
It's old technology, and they've done the scientific studies.
It will not cause a problem that when a big hurricane's coming in, and it could be a category 3, 4, or 5.
It's going to kill thousands of people.
It's going to destroy billions of dollars.
They can go in and just weaken it.
They can weaken it, what, between 30% and 40%.
That's what they did in the 60s with just, he said, what, 8 aircraft.
Imagine what hundreds of aircraft could do today.
They can totally knock these things out.
But the studies show that might not be completely safe because it could manipulate total global weather patterns.
But regardless, they're already doing that.
We know the government's manipulating the weather.
We know that's been going on, and it's real, and people need to become aware of it.
So I'm glad that you are aware of that.
I commend you for bringing that up.
Article I didn't get into with as much detail as I wanted to today.
It's out of the London Independent.
Electronic smog, the curse of mobile phone age.
Around your home there are countless gadgets whose electrical fields scientists now warn are linked to depression, miscarriage, and cancer.
Now we've already known this.
There are hundreds and hundreds of studies by major institutions, universities.
Every week I see a new one about how it causes brain tumors.
Stop putting the cell phone up against your head.
Use a wireless system.
That isn't good for you, but it's nothing compared to that microwave transmitter.
I mean, when a cell phone goes off in my office, all the equipment, the speakers on the computer start squealing and bleeping.
I mean, that's powerful, folks.
I can bring a big AM transmitter in here and it doesn't do that to the equipment like these microwave transmitters do.
It admittedly heats the brain.
So we've got some guests coming on about this this week, and we'll be covering this a lot more because it's starting to break in the mainstream news.
Please go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and get some of my documentary films and the other videos and books we carry.
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God bless you all.