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Air Date: May 4, 2006
2307 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It was announced a week or so ago in Australia that they'll force the children to drink aspartame-laced drinks.
Now I have it here today out of the San Jose Mercury News here in the United States.
Schools will no longer sell non-diet sodas, so all they will have available is the aspartame.
Absolutely amazing.
We'll be getting into that.
Gas prices have stifled April U.S.
auto sales.
That's some of the economic news we'll be getting into.
Mind-control tortured slave, Patsy, tells Kangaroo Court what he was told to read, U.S.
will never catch Bin Laden.
So we'll be getting into that report also.
There's a big national move, of course staged by the Clintons.
Draft Hillary.
Push will launch in Nashville.
Yes, draft Hillary Clinton to run for president so it has some type of grassroots look when we already knew a year ago that she was preparing to fund this and stage this.
What did Roosevelt say?
If something happens in politics, it was planned that way.
Nothing happens by accident.
That's a paraphrase.
Supreme Court justice tells legal group that plan to oversee judges like the Soviet Union.
It's actually a Soviet model system.
White House denies reports that U.S.
employs terror groups for special ops in Iran.
Iranian army retracts Israeli strike threat.
That's certainly good news.
Don't want to escalate things into World War III, do we?
Universal admits defeat, removes Flight 93 forum completely.
Crescendo of dissent on official fairytale leads to wiping of website.
A couple days after they launched the Flight 93 government propaganda film, they had to erase the entire message board because truth-tellers had taken it over.
They then reinstated it, and it was 90-plus percent truth-tellers exposing the official story as a fairytale.
Now they've removed it completely.
Just the forum is no longer available.
Because even with all their moderators trying to kick the post off of Patriots, they just couldn't do it.
So that's good news there.
They just can't have their propaganda forum because too much truth was being posted there.
Interesting article by Kurt Nemo.
And that's Dumb Down Americans Chattel for Global Tyranny, Yale Lilly Experiment Adolescence Rx Toxic Drug Study for Presumed Mental Illnesses They Do Not Have, and that's from AHRP and the New York Times that first broke a few months ago in the Times of London.
And we'll get into some of the news on the illegal aliens, what's happening there.
There have been some developments.
Also a new development in the Homeland Security.
Press Secretary appears in Polk County on sex charges associated press.
It's quite a few people in Homeland Security being indicted for stealing, indicted for fraud, indicted for attempted pedophilia, things like that.
I mean, they've got to have crooks to run this criminal system.
And what happens is low-level police are actually doing their job and just continue to bust them.
Study rethinks uranium danger.
This out of Minnesota Daily.
A major study on how deadly depleted uranium is.
Interesting little factoid here.
World's oldest person celebrates 128th birthday.
We have time.
We'll get to that.
It's just interesting.
Navy chaplain may face court-martial for praying.
That's the headline of NBC News 4 out of Los Angeles.
And much, much more coming up in the next three hours.
We've got Paul Watson joining us in 25 minutes.
And a few weeks ago we had him on.
We promised to have him back.
Walter Burian on the biggest game in town.
Stay with us.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
We're good to go.
The program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards and, yes, even implantable microchips.
Proops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies, psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I have a nice little tidbit here for you.
Every two days, on average, for the last week and a half,
Horrible regulations and laws are being passed.
A whole raft of them, a flotilla.
FCC, that's the Federal Communications Commission, approves net wiretapping taxes.
We'll give you details on that.
Before I get into Iran, the economy, and a lot of other important news, let me just get into this first.
Remember, about a week and a half ago, it was in...
The Australian papers, that they're not going to allow sugar fruit juices, they're not going to allow Coca-Colas that have normal sugar in them.
They are only going to allow aspartame, which its molecule, when it hits 87 degrees, breaks down into wood alcohol.
And is extremely toxic.
Is a neurotoxin.
It's also very addictive.
Many poisons also have the dual effect of being addictive.
What a great product idea.
Who needs methamphetamine when you have aspartame?
And this is out of the San Jose Mercury News.
It's also in the Chicago Tribune, and it got picked up by UPI as well.
But let's just go to the Chicago Tribune first.
Schools will no longer sell non-diet sodas.
Most sodas will be banished from almost every U.S.
primary and secondary school.
By 2009-2010 school year under a beverage industry agreement brokered by former President Bill Clinton.
So they made this deal six years ago and then it goes into effect in the next three years.
A deal that even the industry's harshest critics say is a progressive step in the battle for healthier kids.
As part of the campaign to stamp out childhood obesity...
I think we're good to go.
We're turning a huge ship around the middle of the ocean before it hits an iceberg.
The 42nd president, a self-described recovered junk food addict who underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery in 2004, said in New York.
I know it's confusing, but this article came out Wednesday, May 3, 2006.
Clinton first signed these agreements his last year in office and is now part of the Bush administration's plan to implement this.
Barbara calls him the surrogate son and he vacations with him.
Yes, he's working in the Bush administration on this with the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Education and others.
In addition, any beverages that are sold must have no more than 100 calories except for water, milk, and nutrient-containing juices.
So at least the plan is better than what they have in Australia.
Soda sales will be confined to high schools and will only be diet sodas.
Milk must be skim milk or contain no more than 1% fat.
And it goes on.
Okay, let's just stop right there.
Coca-Cola is filled with what?
12 teaspoons of sugar.
An average 12 ounce Coca-Cola or Pepsi.
Or Dr. Pepper.
Yes, it's horrible.
Yes, it makes our children obese.
Yes, it screws up their pancreas.
Yes, it causes juvenile onset of diabetes, which is epidemic, pandemic, in the population up over 2,000% in the last 20 years.
I mean, it's just, you've all heard those numbers.
It's public.
It's not a secret.
So they replace being in the frying pan with being thrown into hell itself a ninth circle.
Aspartame, in fact they push on diabetics that they should eat aspartame laden foods when all the major studies show it accelerates diabetes and is very destructive.
And it's just outrageous.
And then of course there's a lot of studies showing that growing children need fats, need fatty acids for brain development.
That's why there's been so many cases of brain damage and even death with children that are drinking formulas that are plant-based because it does not deliver the fatty acids that children's brain developments need.
It's simple.
Mammals need, especially in their first three years of life, heavy infusions of certain types of fats.
The brain is made up almost entirely of cholesterol.
It is an oil-based computer.
The brain is an oily mass of gray matter.
And there have been a whole bunch of international and federal and private studies showing that people that have seizures...
Can radically reduce them by high-fat diets.
What's killing us is the saturated and the polysaturated fats.
There are major reports out showing that margarine and different types of artificial butters literally are just a few molecules away from plastic.
Your body isn't meant to eat it.
You eat these artificial chemicals.
They go into your arteries.
They create thick plaques that then cause infections in the arteries and in the vascular structures.
And then basically they become brittle and you blow a gasket and your aorta explodes.
Or you have a massive stroke.
And again, I'm not a doctor, I'm not a scientist.
I have just read literally thousands of reports over the last decade plus on this.
There are reports every few days on this subject.
And look, I'm one of the worst offenders.
I'm not here preaching at you, I'm preaching to myself.
I try to not eat the...
We're good to go.
And then they put it in the foods and the drinks that we consume, and that's what's causing most of these incredible health problems.
Then you throw all these genetically engineered organisms into the mix, and plants and animals, and that's causing all sorts of serious problems.
I mean, almost every major genetically modified food, I don't mean naturally occurring mutations that are created through bacteria
Through some of the more primitive techniques.
I'm not talking about that.
I'm not talking about splicing two different varieties of peanut.
Or I'm not talking about crossing a cauliflower with some other plant creating a new creation if you do that naturally.
What I'm talking about is putting insect genes in tomatoes, goat genes in pigs, human genes in pigs, cockroach genes in salmon, corn genes in salmon.
When you do that, in every case, it creates new enzymes, it creates new amino acids that have never existed in the food chain that your body cannot absorb and are treated as toxins in the body.
And again, we've had Nobel Prize winners and others on covering this who worked for the big drug companies and discovered this and went public.
One of them, a top British scientist, who went public in 1996.
So I'm done talking about that.
I didn't mean to get off into that subject and spend too long on it, but it's very important.
A few weeks ago, the Congress passed a law
We're good to go.
I think?
To not work with the other group and not have net neutrality and just exchange information, then the Internet comes to a screeching halt.
Well, now they're saying they're going to selectively block any websites they don't like.
They're going to selectively block any websites they claim they're in competition with.
And this is Internet 2, where they start shutting down the old free Internet and forcing you on to the new Internet, where you sign an agreement that you have no free speech rights and that you don't even own your own website, and it can be canceled any time they wish.
We're good to go.
This is out of CNET News, Declan McCullough.
Broadband providers and internet phone companies will have to pick up the tab for the cost of building a mandatory wiretap access for police surveillance, federal regulators ruled Wednesday.
The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously to levy what likely will amount to a wiretapping taxes on companies that will be passed on to net consumers.
This is Internet, too.
Now, remember back in 1996, they passed a federal law but paid $9 billion.
The feds did, and they're going to pay on this one, too.
You watch.
To put NSA control switchers in every phone company grid in the U.S., England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada.
They all followed suit, what I call the echelon group of countries.
And then now, just now, what, 10 years later, they announce, oh, yeah!
We don't send your data to the NSA.
The NSA has offices in every major phone company.
The case of an employee blowing the whistle in San Francisco at the AT&T main office.
Now, it's not a secret that everything's wired through it.
Now, they're just putting in the next level of sophistication over every internet company.
Now, it already would route itself through
A phone company.
It was already routed.
Now, this is for data storage.
They are being forced to data store everything that ever is done on the Internet.
Everything you do.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Basically, the National Security Agency and its allied private companies are taking over the entire Internet, the entire telecommunications system,
And they're just streamlining their surveillance.
And, of course, most of the surveillance is going to be used for economic espionage and any new developments or ideas or trends they see.
That data will be handed off to allied crime syndicate companies that are part of the New World Order.
We'll talk more about this with Paul Watson that joins us in about eight minutes.
We had Walter Burien on talking about how every local, state, and federal government, and now every western government, has a second set of books that is publicly available, but that is never talked about in the newspaper or on television, really only on broadcasts such as this.
We're going to spend more time on that in the second half of the broadcast today, and of course, take phone calls.
We'll be getting into the Massawi trial when Paul Watson joins us, and we'll get into how they went ahead and just took down the Flight 93 Forum for the second time, the Universal Forum, because it had been
Well, a few days ago I was running 90% of the posts that I looked at were saying it was an inside job and posting documents and links to facts.
About 7,000 posts a day.
And then they went ahead and just took it down completely because the last time I checked last night, I couldn't find posts, or actually yesterday afternoon, I couldn't find posts that were pro-government fairy tale.
So we'll get into that.
I'll tell you what's scary.
New York papers have been reporting for about a year and a half that every week, every single week that she's in New York and that Rupert Murdoch is in New York, they have upwards of four hour long dinner meetings at his 50 plus million dollar penthouse.
I know that number because a few years ago I saw when he bought it.
It said the most expensive penthouse ever in New York history.
Highest amount paid.
Just a little factoid.
It doesn't really matter.
It was 50-something million.
Just a side issue.
I don't even know why I brought that up.
But they have these incredible dinners.
He and she, Hillary and Rupert Murdoch, and then there were photographs taken at a little party they were having with Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, the man who brought Rush Limbaugh to the airwaves, of course, 15-plus years ago.
They're having lavish meals and meetings together.
And there's now been talk in the mainstream New York papers of Rupert Murdoch backing Hillary in 08, and suddenly Fox News viewers will support her.
You think I'm joking?
I will be called, and this isn't a joke.
I'm not joking.
We're going to be called liberals for being against Hillary.
I remember when Clinton got in office, and then in his last year, Tony Blair was in office, in the last two years, and the neocons were attacking Blair.
He's pro-open border, anti-gun, pro-attack Iraq.
He's total globalist.
Four million plus cameras in London he's helped put in.
But they didn't like him because he was a labor individual, and they're supposedly liberal, and then the Tories are the conservatives.
But as soon as 9-11 happened and he was pro-Bush, oh, now we love Tony Blair, the admitted socialist, and now it's come out, MI6 agent.
The whole thing's staged.
Well, Hillary has actually got a lot of conservative support now because she wants to attack Iran.
She wants national ID cards.
She wants the guest worker program.
She likes Bush that he signed on to UNESCO.
Bill Clinton vacations with the Bushes on a monthly basis.
I saw George Bush in a press conference worship him for about 15 minutes down there during Katrina.
They call him a member of the family.
He's constantly hanging out with them.
And I remember being told by CIA agents, I remember reading documents, I remember seeing little blurbs in the papers, and of course this was after I'd gotten involved politically, I was reading articles from years before, from 1991 and others, when Bill Clinton went to Bilderberg Group, Bill Clinton met in a one year period in 1991, and in early 92, 11 times with the former CIA director, former ambassador to China,
And, of course, current President George H. Walker, Herbert Walker Bush.
And we knew that Bill Clinton, right out of high school, was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency.
We know he's been a deep cover asset all along, just like Blair's MI6.
That's now admitted in mainstream news.
And I remember the last few years of Clinton's administration, I started discussing this, and people couldn't believe it.
He is an asset.
It is all totally staged.
And now Hillary hangs out for the last year and a half every week with Murdoch, with Ailes, with all of them.
It's all staged.
I'm a liberal because I'm against Hillary.
Fine, fine, fine.
I was confronted by a conservative, so-called conservative, old friend of mine again last night at the TV station about how I'm a liberal, and I almost threw up on him.
I just said, leave me alone.
I haven't changed.
You have.
Leave me alone.
I don't want to hear about how good George Bush is.
Shut up!
I haven't changed.
I defend the Republic.
I defend the Second Amendment.
We defend it.
You love it.
They're a bunch of scum.
They don't.
And they're never going to wake up.
They love killing America.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Once again, that's 866-885-6625.
I launched into a tirade about Hillary Clinton without getting into the reason I brought her up.
This is out of the Tennessean.
Draft Hillary push will launch in Nashville.
A movement to draft Hillary Rodham Clinton to run for president...
Aims to prove Democrats can win in southern states, and that's why they're launching their national campaign in Nashville later this month.
The group, called Hillary Now, thinks she can appeal to the country music and NASCAR-loving crowd associated with southern towns such as Nashville, said Bob Kunst, the Miami Beach-based organizer.
It says, come on!
I saw in strategy papers, it was public about a year ago, that they were going to have some draft Hillary move, and this is totally staged, like everything else.
Hillary Clinton.
And then conservatives will say, we've got to support the Republicans no matter what, or Hillary will get in.
Meanwhile, Hillary's hanging out every week with Rupert Murdoch and dining with Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News.
It's all staged.
Before we go to Paul Watson, who's going to be joining us for this part of this hour and into next hour.
He joins us bi-weekly every few weeks for an incredible raft of news.
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Get it out to everyone.
And if you're impressed with that film, instead of having just an Internet copy of it, go get the high-quality DVD and make copies of that yourself and give them to people.
Because watching it on the web in the Google format is a shadow of what it is at prisonplanet.tv in the high-streaming quality or the high-stream download quality, or that's a shadow of getting a high-quality DVD.
So we're having an effect.
They're moving to shut down the web.
They're doing it right now.
Serious problems are already starting to happen.
So get in there while you can.
Give this viral spread.
Give it a good send-off.
Help it get out there to people.
All right, that's enough of a five-minute rant on that subject.
Paul Joseph Watson, always good to have you join us from the birthplace of soccer and the birthplace of Def Leppard.
That's a joke, folks.
That is where they come from.
Sheffield, England.
Good to have you on with us.
Good to be back, Alex.
You bet.
Paul, there is so much going on.
I want to get into the Masali stage trial, his stage statement.
I want to get into a host of other issues.
Flight 93 totally pulling their forum for the second time.
All the things that are happening.
What's most important on your mind right now?
I think the most important thing to cover, as I just wrote the article about it a few hours ago, would be the Flight 93 Universal Test.
Well, get into it, Commander.
Well, we put out an article last week saying basically they've been hijacked by truth activists who were posting information about what really happened on 9-11, as opposed to the script.
Which is the appropriate word that backs up both the movie and the official version of events.
Today, or last night, they entirely closed the forum.
It's gone.
It's been shut down.
There's no threads on there.
There's no postings whatsoever.
Obviously, they already had to remove some trailers in some theatres about the film, but that was a separate issue.
The way I see it is they're obviously concerned if they're going to close down an entire forum about
The fact that it's going to have a negative impact on the film.
We know for a fact that whether there's been pressure to bear, we don't know, but we do know that movies like this don't get made with these kind of budgets unless the government has a script advisor on set giving permission on what can and can't be written into the script, which I wrote two articles about last year, Hollywood, Iraq and 9-11 reinforcing the party line.
Yeah, Jerry Bruckheimer admittedly has been hired by the Pentagon multiple times.
Yeah, and the very first made-for-TV movie about 9-11 was produced by Lionel Chetwynd, this big neocon, the most politically connected producer in America, who was given an audience personally with Bush and Cheney before he made the film.
Well, it's more than that.
He was the head of Bush's film commission, and he threatened me in an L.A.
bathroom, and that's admitted, and he admitted it to witnesses.
Yeah, and then he makes this film, D.C.
9-11, where Bush is portrayed as this outraged action man who, you know, wants a personal fistfight with Osama bin Laden, not the Joe-eyed, indecisive puppet who's sat in a school classroom reading a book about a pet goat for the next 20 minutes, which is
What really happened.
So all these films, from my perspective, and you can throw in the Moose Are We trial as well, it has the same effect, it's about reinforcing the official version of events, which is, if you look at psychological history, it's called operant conditioning.
It's a well-known brainwashing tool called negative reinforcement, where you continually reinforce the horror of that day.
They released new sets of tapes, you know, from the victims inside the towers, the flight control tapes.
Right when this film comes out, on cue, all these so-called Al-Qaeda operatives go public and start threatening us again, and then it's in mainstream news, back of the paper, that our government's actually protecting them?
Yeah, which leads us to Al Zarqawi.
It was back in the news today.
The Pentagon have released the DVD extras of the Al-Zaqawi tape, which came out, obviously, last week.
But it was preceded by the announcement by the Pentagon itself, which was leaked to the Washington Post, that the Pentagon was engaging in a propaganda campaign aimed at, quote, U.S.
home audiences to artificially increase the influence of Mossad-Al-Zaqawi in Iraq.
The Pentagon admit
That they're engaged in a propaganda campaign to boost his profile and then, lo and behold, this video comes out.
You know, how much more obvious does it need to get?
Do we need people... Now, by the way, it's illegal for the military to engage in domestic propaganda.
They've always put it out overseas, and then it comes back into the U.S.
and gets picked up by their operatives in the media.
But now it's out in the open.
Hey, we're going to stage, you know, stuff.
They list the exact names, and then it gets staged.
We have the old fat bin Laden tape admitted to be fake.
We have all these, every few months they release new tapes, and they admit they're just re-edited old videotapes that are five to four years old.
I mean, it never ends, Paul.
Well, no, and the Fatty Bin Laden tape was mysteriously discovered in a house raid in Jalalabad, which is a city of, like, 150,000 people.
Again, this al-Zaqawi tape is discovered...
Al Zarqawi didn't forward it to anyone.
He didn't send it to Al Jazeera.
It was discovered in some random raid.
And then the Pentagon, and this was in the Washington Post, faked Al Zarqawi letters, which he'd supposedly written boasting about suicide bombings, gave them to the New York Times, and the New York Times, knowing they were fake, put them on the front page anyway.
So, again, an admitted leak...
That they put out fake propaganda, associated it with al-Zaqawi, and the media printed it.
And these are the boogeymen who are brought out of the closet or brought out of the basement to menace us on a routine basis.
Yes, the power of nightmares.
And then Donald Rumsfeld had the temerity to say that bin Laden and al-Zaqawi were using the U.S.
media for propaganda.
But he's right, in a way, because the Pentagon were creating the myth, handing out the script to the papers.
Well, that's what makes it believable, is they then even attack their own propagandists back and criticize the media for airing the tapes and creating fear on top of it.
And for those who don't know, the Pentagon admits they staged all this, okay?
Letters, videos, all of it, it's all completely staged.
Okay, okay.
This is admittedly staged, just like they can show you Forrest Gump shaking hands with JFK.
It's all staged.
They admit it's staged.
And so, you know, these Flight 93 tapes, all these tapes, they're totally staged.
Yeah, I mean, Forrest Gump came out in 94.
Just imagine what today's computers can do compared to that, and that looked real.
They're admittedly staging it!
They've been caught!
They admit it!
They admit it.
To believe that it's a coincidence that the Pentagon says, we're going to make Al-Zaqawi into this big ringleader in Iraq, to...
Blink Iraq to 9-11 and then two weeks later he's out on a videotape.
They believe that's a coincidence.
He must be living in La La Land.
Well, then we have the letters they admitted they faked.
I mean, we've got them red-handed.
It was preceded three days before by this new Bin Laden audio tape.
And you can go down a list of the points he made in it and compare them to Bush's speeches before and after the tape got released.
And basically it's tantamount to a GOP talking point list.
Bush wants NATO peacekeepers in Sudan.
Bin Laden criticises it.
Bush tying al-Qaeda to Hamas to try and create the myth that al-Qaeda actually exists by tying it to a real organisation.
And on every GOP talking point, Bin Laden provides...
The fake bad guy opposition rhetoric to give them the justification they need to enact the policies they've already decided on.
We ought to do an article where we take each Bush quote from the speech and then show how it merges with what bin Laden says.
Now, remember how just on the eve of the Iraq war, Saddam's saying, I hate al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda's U.S., I'm not with them.
And, of course, all the real CIA analysts were agreeing with that.
And then suddenly...
Powell goes up before the Congress, the Senate, and says, there's that new bin Laden tape where he says he's with Saddam.
The reporters all run out, run back in an hour later and go, there's no such tape.
He says, oh, it'll be out in the next few hours.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
And it's interesting that the only tapes or...
...personal accounts that are associated with Osama bin Laden that are verified by the CIA literally like an hour after it hits the media.
CIA says it's genuine.
Well, then, you know, it's not immediately.
Are the ones in which bin Laden is right on line with the party script.
When he gave an interview to Bumat newspaper in late September 2001...
And said that I have nothing to do with 9-11.
The Americans themselves are behind it.
That got no attention whatsoever in official circles and so it was deemed to be not of importance because he wasn't towing the party line when he said he wasn't involved in 9-11.
But then the October surprise bin Laden tape that Kerry...
Who obviously took a fall anyway, but Kerry blamed the tape for his defeat in the election.
Well then, remember in late 2000, it was in the Times of London and several others, that in Pakistan on the border, British troops were guarding bin Laden in a compound?
I mean, we forget about all this.
That's before 9-11.
Yeah, and it's just come out again that they let Al-Zawfi go another time.
And I forget, what publication was that in?
It was in the London Telegraph.
London Telegraph.
And then now it's in the news today that the U.S.
is carrying out terror attacks in Iran.
This is in Western news.
And of course the Pentagon denies it.
We don't have special forces there.
We're good.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
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Continuing with our discussion with Paul Joseph Watson from England, a great political mind.
Paul, I want to get into the Internet.
We warn people because of federal documents and Internet 2 meetings and headlines in British and U.S.
papers where they said,
That they're going to shut down the old web and put us on a new web where we sign agreements where we have no freedom of speech.
That's how they're going to do it.
And now they are signing the regulations.
They're passing the legislation.
It's all happening right now.
Give us your view on that.
Well, yeah, they're going to do it, I guess, via two ways.
One is to try and price people out of it.
And the other is to force people to bypass security checks to be even able to use the Internet.
You've got these keyboards and mouses coming out which require fingerprint scanning to access them to make them work.
You've got Microsoft in negotiations with Google and others to put a tax on sending an email.
So you can imagine the amount of emails that get sent out when people do mass emailings for political organizations.
And by the way, the headline in an article should be
Corporate and government interest hijack Internet or attempt to hijack Internet.
They're coming into the Internet that's organic, that's interconnected, that we pay for, that is very profitable for these companies, and they're literally hijacking it just like they did the AM and FM dial 80-something years ago, and they're getting ready to carve it up, and they're bragging and saying they're going to do that.
Exactly, and it's because when it's...
Like people researching 9-11 who don't know anything about it.
You know, they type into Google and 10 of the first 15 links are about how it was an inside job.
We've totally taken it over because the newspaper format is old and archaic.
You have these writers releasing hit pieces who write one column a week.
We respond to it
With multiple articles after them, they can't even respond because they're still stuck to the old format of writing one article a week.
Internet readership is exploding, doubling every couple of years.
The newspaper readership, even online, is imploding at around 10% a year.
TV viewership is way down.
The old guard is losing control.
They have to shut down the web.
Yeah, which, I mean, they're already doing to some extent with registration-restricted articles, so they're lessening their own impact.
So, I mean, they're doing it to themselves.
And they're getting caught over and over again.
I mean, the impact that the Alternative Truth community is having can be measured on the benchmark of Universal Studios having to close entire forums.
Cinnamon Stilwell, this San Francisco Chronicle writer,
I think?
Those days are gone because the very day after we counted that, the San Francisco Chronicle were forced to issue a retraction and the writer of the article has completely backed away from it since that time.
So they're making bigger and bigger mistakes.
Well, when Scripps Howard News Service attacked us with one of their writers, a former Bushy, there were over, by the end of it, a thousand posts on her blog.
Only a few dozen were for her.
And they were forced to print a retraction.
She lied about myself.
Yeah, she ascribed quotes to you, which were nothing to do with you, totally unrelated.
Yeah, I mean, they're not getting away with their straw man anymore, because we're here to expose them, and we've got bigger readerships than they do.
Yeah, and that one was scripted out with Betsy Hart, who tried to explain away, for example, why a building that wasn't hit by a plane, why it collapsed.
Well, we've got to break.
We'll be right back and start the second hour.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, now into the second hour.
Walter Berrien joins us in 30 minutes.
We had him on a few weeks ago, but an hour wasn't enough.
Forever isn't enough to cover all this stuff.
We'll get into the double set of books and what's really behind the entire global crime syndicate.
Vital info.
So get ready with your pen and paper to write down notes or get ready to record this interview that's coming up.
Right now we're joined by Paul Joseph Watson, webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv, turning out multiple articles a day.
And doing a fabulous job.
Paul, I want to shift gears for a few minutes and get into the illegal aliens, and then we'll get into Iran and that looming war and a lot more.
We interviewed a lady yesterday who's got one of the oldest pro-America Hispanic groups, Luby Moreno, on with us yesterday.
She's a state worker herself, and she's seen the state security camera video just where she works.
With the illegal aliens storming the building, stabbing people with objects.
In the local school, it was confirmed that police with teachers had to guard the flag from a horde of illegal alien students who tried to pull the flag down and put a Mexican flag up.
They attacked police that same day.
That was in the Orange County Register, but didn't make national news.
They attacked police with bottles and rocks and marbles, and the police said it was a riot.
This is happening everywhere, but the national media has got a blackout on it, Paul.
Yeah, they're toeing the line of government.
I mean, Chertoff said that the issue on the border was being overhyped.
It's basically a war zone.
We wrote an article called The Secret Border Wars, and it mentioned, you know, 600 incidents where police had been shot at, American citizens abducted.
And then in the next three months after we wrote that article last year, by the end of the year it was 800 plus.
Yeah, and you make the comparison over and over.
Try walking over the border into Mexico.
Try making it past the feverish Mexican military, as I wrote, you know, the armed, lost debtors, paramilitary, drug-running gangs.
And then try getting a job, try getting a bank account.
Try staging a protest, and you'll see what kind of reaction the Mexican government merits out to people who try to do that, especially illegals.
So, the supposition that illegal aliens who have entered your country illegally should be subject to a mass amnesty is completely insane.
Well, this is a big secret.
Two articles, two separate issues we've covered, how a Bush PR firm with Fox is staging all this out of Dallas, Rob Allen and co.,
And then the other big article is how there were violent attacks and takeovers, attempted takeovers of government facilities, and that the city, county, city, and federal buildings are on lockdown in Santa Ana right now and other areas.
We've put that report out, and you don't see the national media picking it up, Paul.
Well, no, I don't see Drudge picking it up.
I mean, I personally sent it to him, but he's not interested in it.
We've got similar problems in Britain and the government just got caught releasing 1,000 illegals who were criminals and some were terrorists.
They just released 1,000 of them and now it's a big scam but Blair and Clark being made of Teflon they won't resign over anything so nothing's going to happen about it.
And by Teflon they've got the media and the government behind them so they can do whatever they want.
Yeah, exactly.
I tell you, Paul, there are so many things that are happening right now.
I want to get into Iran when we get back.
What are some of the other issues you want to cover in the 25 minutes we've got left?
I'd like to cover the media reaction to this Colbert address at this presidential media.
Yeah, just to show their fear.
What are some of the other issues we'll be covering?
The staged Moussaoui trial has come to a close.
We can tell people what happened.
Yeah, let's do that.
Let's cover Colbert, then Moussaoui trial, Zacharias Moussaoui, then let's get into Iran and several other key issues on the other side of this quick break.
And yeah, we'll jam a few calls in for Paul as well.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
And Paul will also give you some hints on some of the upcoming articles we'll have.
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We're here live.
Thank you for joining us.
Riding shotgun.
We're here live Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central on the Genesis Network, back from 9 to midnight.
Paul Watson with us.
Coming up, we'll get into the biggest game in town, the secret slush funds.
You can verify, exist very quickly, that state, county, city, federal governments don't want you to know about.
Let's get into media cowardice and reaction, and Bush's reaction to Stephen Colbert, the comedian, with his deadpan humor over the weekend at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.
The aftermath of that has been huge.
We're not just focusing on some comedian and his speech.
It's the reaction.
That's the news to understand the fear in this propaganda state.
Then we'll get into the Zacharias Moussaoui stage trial, the Iran situation, and take a few calls from Debbie in Maryland and others.
Paul Watson, you've done some great analysis of the Colbert situation.
We played that clip on Monday.
Why don't you recap what happened and then talk about the aftermath as the media has attacked him for simply being sarcastic and supporting Bush and just restating Bush's propaganda.
That's right.
For those who haven't seen it, it's a
That's right.
That's what they do first.
That's what they do first is they try to ignore it, but the alternative media is here now, so they couldn't.
And now C-SPAN have slapped a copyright infringement on the video.
They've removed it from YouTube.
They've removed it from Google Video.
They're going to have a hard time removing it from the web because it's absolutely everywhere.
But the Washington Post said that Colbert was, quote, more than rude.
He was a bully.
And the guy that wrote this, Cohen...
Is the same guy that said, without a doubt, Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and that, quote, only a fool or possibly a Frenchman could believe otherwise.
That's exactly what O'Reilly has said about Colbert.
Of course, he's actually Irish.
It's Colbert, but the T is silent.
So these idiots can't even get it straight.
Yeah, and then you couple that with the reaction of the media elite to Colbert's jokes in comparison with this milquetoast bush look-alike routine.
Which was totally unfunny.
Anyone can see that by comparison.
And, of course, at other correspondent dinners in roast in the past, they joke about Cheney shooting people in the face, all this.
I mean, they themselves do.
They joke about, you know, no WMDs here.
No, no WMDs there.
Remember Bush doing that?
In fact, that was a year ago at the last correspondent's dinner.
Try to find that.
I know it's in my files.
It's in Jack's files, too.
Scott, try to find the, hey, no WMDs here, no WMDs there.
But yeah, it shows you everything you need to know about this yellow streak running right through the establishment press in America.
Well, not just a yellow streak, lapdog worshipping.
And you know, I thought Colbert's, what he did was good, but it wasn't that hardcore.
You could tell he was nervous.
Yeah, but...
I wrote the article saying that the reaction shows the media are frightened, frightened to laugh because of their overwhelming desire to show fealty.
That's right.
No one was laughing.
You don't laugh at the emperor inside his palace.
No, exactly.
And Colbert joked about the media regurgitating Bush rhetoric as if it was news, which is proven.
We just talked about it with Al Zarqawi.
And then, you know, writing the fictional novel about an intrepid reporter who stands up to government in the name of truth.
He was having a pop at them directly as well.
I predict we're going to see some big scandal with Colbert.
The Dirty Tricksters are trying to stage something right now.
I predict within the next two weeks, a 90% chance, very probable that some woman will challenge him.
A bunch of horrible stuff will come out about him.
Well, yeah, not to...
You know, overhype it, but satire has always been important in speaking truth to power.
Because I'm sure that in 1940, when Charlie Chaplin released The Great Dictator, which was his bumbling impersonation of Adolf Hitler...
The state-controlled media in Germany were not big fans.
Actually, the new head of the FBI actually drove Chaplin out of America.
Actually, J. Edgar Hoover didn't like him and revoked his visa.
He had to leave.
He lived here for decades, but he had to actually leave the country.
And many Americans didn't like it either, because at that time, American relations with Germany were neutral.
So that shows you the historical impact that satire and comedy can have.
Bush's reaction, as you mentioned after the speech, according to his aides, was more temper tantrums and fits of swearing, which is the exact response you'd expect from somebody who lives in this kind of Truman Show world where his reality is defined by whatever his advisors and aides tell him.
What reality is, and that was the butt of one of Colbert's jokes in the speech.
Well, Paul, this ties into Flight 93's forum on Universal's website being pulled twice now.
Now it's gone because we took it over.
We, quote, hijacked it with the Infowar.
And at the same time, it just shows how Google and now YouTube have pulled it because C-SPAN's running around trying to shut it down.
This is totally political.
Yeah, but the video is everywhere.
There's no way they're going to pull it from every website.
But yeah, there's always a reaction.
You mentioned before the break the Betsy Hart piece.
She tried to explain away why Building 7 collapsed by saying that people who question 9-11 are all afraid of Muslims.
Well, you know, what's the biggest fear?
Possibility that your own government is carrying out terrorism against you or some Muslims in a far-off country in little unorganized groups.
Yes, he said we can't face the fear of how deadly they are.
We're afraid of them subconsciously.
So we decide to say it's our government because that'll make us more comfortable.
No, it doesn't make us more comfortable knowing that the biggest military and most powerful government in the world is run by murdering psychopaths.
No, Betsy.
Doesn't make me comfortable either.
And then there's media reaction to Colbert saying, how dare he criticize the president, he made it out as if we live in a dictatorship, all this.
Bush has been announcing he's above the law.
Well, yeah.
Dictatorship is not always going to look like, you know, funny hand salutes and concentration camps, although I'm sure they're preparing those, they are.
But, I mean, it was in Boston Globe the other day that Bush...
Has declared, what was it, 750 laws to be obsolete because he doesn't agree with them, even though they've been passed by Congress.
And he's not allowed to do that constitutionally.
Let's shift gears now into the Zacharias Michali trial.
For four years he's saying he's innocent, he's a patsy, it's staged.
Suddenly he's got an electrocution belt on him.
He looks totally disheveled and drugged out.
According to witnesses and the sketches.
And he comes out and says, okay, I did it.
Yes, I'm Al-Qaeda, bin Laden.
And then he issues some defiant statement of you'll never get bin Laden in his speech yesterday.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Meanwhile, FBI agents said he wants to know how to take off, not land.
Over ten times tried to get wiretaps and were told to back off of him.
And the FBI agents that blocked the investigation got the biggest cash bonuses in FBI history and other prominent FBI agents.
Yeah, and you'll notice that MSNBC reported that he was fitted with this stun belt, whereby if he said anything that they, whoever they are, didn't like, he was electric shock.
And that was at the time when he was saying that he wasn't involved in 9-11.
This story comes out about him being electric shocked and suddenly he claims involvement and wants to die as a martyr.
So he fits the classic M.O.
as a patsy.
Well, it's like our pilots when they get grabbed by the North Vietnamese.
These are true stories.
Or by the North Koreans decades before.
They would actually blink with Morse code.
Torture, torture, torture.
And then that was confirmed.
They'd been tortured so bad, but they were still defiant.
They were there blinking.
I've been tortured.
I've been tortured.
This is a false statement.
I mean, it's incredible.
We have a government that admittedly tortures.
You can't believe anything you hear after that.
Last hour, you documented it in mainstream news.
The Pentagon said they were going to claim that Zarqawi was re-emerging as the leader in Iraq.
And then they staged fake letters.
With the Musawi trial, it came to a crescendo just after Charlie Sheen had come out on 9-11, where they started playing these supposed cockpit recordings from Flight 93 of these Arabs shouting Al-Araqbar as they take the plane down.
Funny then that the New York Times report regarding the air traffic control tapes out of Long Island, which were shredded, cut up, and put in different waste paper baskets all around the building.
Under orders.
Under orders, yeah.
That was never an issue.
There was no investigation into those tapes, but whenever the tapes come out that back up the government version of events,
They're released to the public.
Now, why would those tapes have been shredded?
Well, it's like firefighters and police on record that found three of the black boxes, really orange boxes with yellow stripes, at Ground Zero, and the FBI said, you shut up, National Security.
They loaded them on four-wheelers and drove them out, and the feds then said we didn't find any of them.
Right, and then you've got
Rudolph Giuliani gets up there and goes into the horror about seeing people fall from the buildings and stuff.
But again, he doesn't mention the fact that he got a warning as he told Peter Jennings to vacate his command bunker in Building 7 before either of the towers collapsed, which, of course, was an unprecedented event.
That wasn't mentioned.
Then they denied they were running Tripod 2 drill, where they'd already moved out the night before, and then Giuliani in testimony admitted that was indeed true.
We'll be right back with Paul Watson, take a call or two, get a little bit into Iran as well, and Walter Beery, and we'll be joining us.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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We're going to talk to Debbie in Maryland in a second.
Paul, one of Iran's admirals a few days ago, as you know, said that if they're attacked by the U.S.
or Israel, they're going to attack Israel back, and that was global shock.
We're good to go.
I mean, compare the rhetoric to North Korea.
Basically, on a bi-weekly basis, North Korea not only threatens to destroy the Earth, in Kim Jong-il's own words, but nuke US cities.
And they have nukes.
It's why they accepted that they've already developed them.
And yet no reaction whatsoever, because they're not next on the list.
Iran are.
They deny that they're funding this MEK terrorist organisation to destabilise the country.
When they've admitted in Iraq that Negroponte is back in control over the death squads in Iraq.
But they claim... And it's Negroponte's group connected to Savak.
He was in Savak, the secret police.
He's a really evil person running the attacks inside Iran.
There are actual bombings every week in Iran connected right to our government.
Can you imagine if Iran was bombing us right now?
Yeah, and you read the Tehran Times online, and it talks about those bombings and who's behind them.
But it's in mainstream British news today that the US is denying they're behind the bombings.
I mean, it's in the news.
Right, and then in Iraq you had these SAS personnel who went and shot at police and tried to attack a jail.
So they admit they're doing it, and we've got examples where they've
Because they have a plan to elicit order out of chaos.
When do you think they're going to attack Iran or do you think they'll attack Iran, Paul?
I have no idea.
If they do attack Iran, then the escalation of it all depends on Iran's response.
I think if they're going to do it, they've got to do it before the 2008 election, obviously.
Well, I think it may happen before the midterm election this year.
Let's talk to Debbie in Maryland.
Debbie, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, hi.
It's my first time listening to your show.
I find your views very interesting.
And a friend of mine, Jack, has been educating me on your views.
And something I was wondering what you would think about, since Charlie Sheen has been on your show and shown your support, and so now Denise Richards has come out with all this ugly stuff about him, do you think it's possible that somebody got to her and they're trying to discredit him because he was on your show?
I've been asked not to talk about it.
I know, I know.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, I mean, I've been asked by Charlie.
I know everything, and if I could only tell you.
I guess it's on record in the filing, though.
He was told, shut up, about 9-11, through her lawyer, two weeks before all this happened.
And that's in the, yeah.
And so I can say that much, and other things happened, and if you could even imagine, I don't even want to get off into it.
It's so horrible.
It's all made up.
He has said he's being extorted.
And, you know, ten years he's been clean, no problems, nothing going on.
He does this, boom, all this comes out instantly.
That's what I'm saying, and that's sort of what's been a hook for me to start being interested in your views and everything.
Well, you know, now it's coming out, and of course I knew about her and the Bon Jovi guitars.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, I knew about that months ago, and I just was told not to talk about it.
And she's been dating him a lot longer than you've been told, while he was married, while she was married to Charlie.
And it's just, she's a... Look, I'm not going to say any more.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Paul, you want to comment on that as we close out this interview?
Well, yeah.
Even aside from all that, the media's response to Charlie Sheen's stance on 9-11 was to attack him on what may or may not have happened in Sheen's past, uniformly failing to address any of the points of evidence Sheen raised.
Even when he repeatedly challenged the media to address those points, they failed to do so, so they haven't changed tack whatsoever.
No, they haven't.
But you'll be hearing from Charlie Sheen.
Don't worry, ladies and gentlemen.
Ha, ha, ha.
Believe me, what you hear about him is just total bull.
All right, Paul Watson, great job.
We'll be looking at your work at presentplanet.com.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
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Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Now I know we've got loaded phones.
We'll get to your calls.
I promise.
But I had him on a few weeks ago.
I don't normally have a guest on.
The only person we have on every two weeks is Paul Joseph Watson, because he's one of our in-house contributors.
But I had Walter Berrien on in a few years, and I had him on for an hour.
So that's 46 minutes of broadcast time in an hour.
So I wanted to have him on for a little bit more to get into the biggest game in town and then spend some time on the personal things he's been through.
We've seen what's happened to Charlie Sheen.
We'll talk about what Walter Berrien's gone through.
And so, Walter, it's a great honor to have you on.
I think you're an American hero.
Good afternoon, Alex, and I thank you for that comment.
The people that are listening to your show today, I highly recommend that they call all their friends, all their associates, their business contacts, a few of their politicians, and have them immediately tune into the show.
What I'm going to cover here today is...
You know how you always wish you could jump back in time and change what happened?
We're actually going to do that today, Alex.
We're going to jump back about 30 years.
Change things for the better.
We're going to talk about what if.
We're going to talk about what if.
And before we do that, tell us how you found out about this.
Tell us in a five-minute nugget what we're dealing with.
For those that have missed it and don't know what a comprehensive annual financial report is, give us the history of how you woke up, the history of what it is.
Give us a few basic numbered examples at the state and federal level.
And then let's launch into what if.
Then we'll spend the last 30 minutes of the show talking about what you've been through.
Go ahead.
Well, in plain language, the United States is the wealthiest country in the world.
Trillions of dollars of annual production.
Government gross income brought in approximately, local and federal, approximately $8.5 trillion in 1999.
Now, their tax income for government was $3.4 trillion.
Everyone will say, oh, you just said $8.5 trillion.
Their tax income was $3.4 trillion.
Their non-tax income was $5.1 trillion.
The government has developed into a for-profit corporation, and they started so in 1946.
You're putting the cart before the horse, my friend.
Let's go back over that in a second.
Tell us who Walter Burian is, what you've done in the financial circles, and then how you woke up.
Then let's get into the scam.
All right. 19...
In 1990, a governor got elected in New Jersey by the name of Jim Florio on a known tax platform.
As soon as he gets in, $2.8 billion tax increase, largest in the state's history.
Now, it was from the prior administration, but he could have vetoed it.
He didn't.
The proverbial hit the fan.
Two DJs, Johnny and Ken from 101.5 FM, started doing some rabble-rousing on examples of waste and misspending in government.
I was listening, and on the first couple of days, I heard examples of 5,000, 15,000.
The highest figure I heard was 85,000.
And I said to myself, come on, guys, you've got to be real.
The state's dealing with billions of dollars.
I pulled out a copy of the budget report, which was the only thing I was aware of at that time, read out the bottom line figures.
They had $11 billion on budget, $6 billion off budget, total service budget $17 billion, and showed net available $25.6 billion.
And I said, come on, guys, if there's fraud, waste, and mispending taking place, it's taking place on teams of tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions.
The DJs challenged us to start an organization to repeal the tax increase.
Ten of us got together and incorporated a group called Hands Across New Jersey, and we had about 63,000 volunteers in three months.
Walter, you already worked in the financial sector.
Tell us what you were doing.
I was a commodity trading advisor for about ten years.
I used to do a national news line coast-to-coast, basically focusing on silver, treasury bonds, and worked for Merrill Lynch for about a year, and primarily I've been running my own company as a CTA for about 14, between 1978 and 1992.
And also I was the National Sales Manager for a group called the U.S.
Trading Championship, U.S.
Investing Championship, and the Money Manager's Verified Ratings, which was the first open competition for stock, option, and commodity trading.
So you were very successful in the commodities markets and in the investing markets.
I was doing it for about 14, 15 years.
I wasn't a big guy, but I saw all the players.
I knew the attitudes and...
I saw what was going on.
And the bottom line was, when I learned about the Comprehensive Annual Finance Report, I said, why have I never heard of this before?
Most of the people in the brokerage industry, you know, the lower level, were not aware of the Comprehensive Annual Finance Report.
The upper echelon, you better believe it.
There's more money behind the comprehensive annual financial reports than you can possibly imagine.
Government was promoting to the public selectively created budget reports.
Now, budget is strictly how much you're going to spend for the year and how much you're going to allocate.
It has nothing to do with the decades and decades of wealth that we're building up or the decades and decades of venture and enterprise projects they separated from the budgetary basis.
Let me bring an example in right now of this.
It came out in Congress three years ago, it came out two years ago, it came out this year again, and we have the testimony, we played it, that over $3.5 trillion has been stolen in the last six years out of the Pentagon.
And this was in the Associated Press.
It was in the Oregonian.
It was in a few papers, but it didn't make big national news.
They have no accounting for it whatsoever.
Yeah, exactly.
But this is a real story, folks.
And I get emails going, well, the military's budget is only $680 billion, and that's what it's increased.
So you're a liar.
How can they be stealing a trillion a year?
Folks, they were stealing the investments.
Sorry, Walter, go ahead.
Most people would look at a budget report,
And they're looking at what government's spending and what they're allocating.
It's like if you or I had a budget for our house of $30,000 a year, we're auditing $30,000 spent, $30,000 applied.
If we spent $31,000, we'd have a $1,000 shortfall on our budget.
Well, say, for example, under the same example, we had a gross income of $500,000
We have $1.5 billion in investment assets.
Our $30,000 budget is insignificant compared to our gross income and net worth and investments.
Government was holding back their gross income and investment revenue from disclosure to the public on a cooperative venture for 65 years, starting in 1946.
Now, to do that, to hold back an annual finance report from the entire population of the entire country, it required the full cooperative effort of the syndicated media,
And controlled education.
Both were included in on the comprehensive annual financial report.
It was a symbiotic relationship of sharing the money.
The only one who was excluded was the entire population of the United States.
Both political parties, Democratic and Republican, all had copies.
Senators, Congressmen, all had copies, and they all knew not to mention it, not to discuss it.
The aspect of that expression, silence is golden, was truly golden.
By the way, I don't want to get into names, but we lost an affiliate last time I had you on.
And you told me years ago that happens every time you go on.
And then last time you were on three years ago before that, I talked to the station manager who openly talked about the mayor calling up threatening him.
I'm going to mention one name.
You're familiar with Jeff France, correct?
Jeff was very instrumental in doing many shows in the comprehensive annual financial report.
We did a three-hour marathon one day, and I hit really hard.
Two days later, his entire CBS affiliate radio stations, 87 stations, canceled him in his own backyard.
The money involved is obscene here.
People that cooperate with the game have been greasing their pockets.
Well, I just want the listeners to know the risk we're taking doing this, okay?
This is serious stuff.
You better pay attention.
It's war, Alex.
It's war.
This is war.
And I'm going to make a special announcement today, Alex, regarding that war.
And I've chosen your station due to the fact that you are Infowars.com, and Texas is a great state.
I'm going to put out a challenge to you, and I'm going to put out a challenge to the state of Texas.
Let's do that challenge later.
Let's continue with what these comprehensive financial reports are and what we're dealing with.
Basically, you're dealing with an annual financial report, the same as AT&T, IBM, Xerox, or any other company would have.
It shows your total cash gross receipts, total investments, total assets, total liabilities, and it gives consolidated balance sheets showing the whole picture.
Now, the budget report, which was, as I mentioned, to the public, were selectively created budget reports.
They had basically the cost side of government, which they showed to the public, and the service side.
Mostly tax revenue was shown in the budget report.
If you look at a budget report, it's primarily 95% tax income.
The annual financial report, though, would show the billions and billions and billions of dollars of investment income.
It would show the enterprise and venture projects that were separated from the budgetary basis without $1 directly going back to support the budgetary basis.
Now, Jim Florio, back in 1990, he decided to go out on a campaign for two weeks, stopping all across the state, three, four, five stops a day to promote his $2.8 billion tax increase.
I caught him on the first stop, Pete and Sally's Diner in Hamilton Township.
All the press was there, syndicated media, ABC, CBS, CNN.
They asked me to sit down with him and his wife for lunch as the incorporated friends across New Jersey at the time.
It was about a 45-minute conversation.
We had about 150 reporters rammed in around the table with their handheld pocket recorders, and the cameras were all gone.
At one point, I looked at Governor Florio and I said, Governor Florio, myself as a financial advisor, if I had a stock issue and sold 100% of the stock in my company, and I made a $10 million profit this year and I disclosed to my shareholders I made a $1 million profit and paid dividends on $1 million, number one, that's misrepresentation, number two, it's fraud, number three, I'd be in jail.
I said, the state of New Jersey is conducting business as usual, doing the exact same thing, and they've enacted statutes for them to do what would be totally illegal for any public corporation to do.
Now, I thought he'd try to skate around a response to that or go someplace else.
The reporters were jumping up and down on their toes.
I mean, big smiles on their faces, stretching their arms in as far as they could with their handheld recorders, waiting for a response.
He looked back and he goes, Yeah, I know.
I've been trying to do something about that.
They never let him out in public again.
They canceled his entire tour.
From the first day, for first stop, they canceled the next two weeks.
Never let him out in public again.
The bottom line is, you have so many people cutting deals from the investment accounts, from the non-budgetary cash flows coming in.
Two-thirds, two-thirds of the gross income is non-tax income.
Only one-third of the gross income is tax income.
And then there's only a discussion in the media of the budget, so they can always claim there's not enough money.
Just on that example I mentioned with the $30,000 on our budget.
We spent $31,000.
We have a $1,000 shortfall on our budgetary basis.
It doesn't make a difference if we're making a half million dollars a year or we have investment funds of a billion and a half dollars.
We're looking at our $30,000 budget, which we spent $31,000.
So we have a $1,000 budget shortfall.
That game has been played across the country.
The bigger the city, the bigger the organization, the more they play the game because there's more money involved.
And I've noticed at every turn of the page...
Guess who you'd find behind each page?
Did you ever wonder why half the governors and congressmen and senators now in the country are attorneys?
They're continuing to create their own statutes to make more money.
Consolidating and covering up for any errors they made in the past.
It's no accident.
It's intentional.
But the bottom line here is the public needs to take corrective action.
Very quickly.
Because there's a free-for-all going on, and they're consolidating this free-for-all.
When you talk about the one world order, we've implemented the structure, the corporate for-profit government structure, now in two-thirds of the world.
And the incentive is to use government to come steal our wealth and then pipeline it directly to the private interest that own and control our government.
The public just becomes a productivity resource to be tapped and drained.
It's like
The difference between Russia and the United States is what I've seen when you look at it in real terms.
Russia said, we're the states.
We control everything and we will take care of you.
In the United States, they put up an illusion that you're going to become wealthy or own your own property and own, you know, your own life.
As they keep you running like a chipmunk running on a treadmill chasing a carrot as they're tapping off 85% of the energy produced.
They constantly keep tapping off more money, more money, more money.
That's right.
Just a few years ago, it was in the high 70s.
Now it's in the low 80s.
It's growing.
I mean, and they're just wildly grabbing everything now.
Now, New Zealand, on my website, you'll see an article that says New Zealand.
New Zealand had the right idea.
They had the same type of expansion where government became about 60, 63% of the GMP, Gross National Product.
Which it is today.
Government is the largest form of revenue and equity and business in the country today.
I mean, they control 60-70% of the stock market.
They've taken over the insurance industry by investment.
Government owns and controls everything.
New Zealand cut back government by 75%.
And after they cut back government by 75%, everyone started thriving.
I want to go a step further than that.
As I mentioned, we're going to make a special announcement.
This is real important, Alex.
And people need to have everyone tuned in.
Stay there.
We've got a break.
Do you want to make that announcement, which I have no idea what it is, after the break?
I'd like to make it straight where we have at least five minutes to clean.
Okay, let's do it early in the next hour then.
Let's come back, though, for laymen who don't understand what you're talking about.
I like the examples you use of, say, in 2001, what Manhattan had in assets and in...
Non-taxable funding, their revenues, or any other example.
Use a school district you've looked at.
Explain this to people.
You need to explain this to people when we get back with Walter Buriam.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Walter, we've got five minutes right now.
If you want to issue your challenge, you can do it in the next hour.
What do you want to do?
I'd like to put out the basis of the challenge.
I'll give a little lead into this.
As I mentioned, government has turned into this financial conglomerate for profit.
In the last 65 years, government has taken over.
Say, for example, any corporation you want to start off, you'd lobby government to invest their investment funds in your corporation, get all the money you need.
If you wanted to have your competition, have a little interference run, you could do that also.
The money was obscene.
If you and I were congressmen, and we knew one of the pool managers or fund managers,
And we wanted to build a condominium complex in Sydney, Australia, on the beach.
And we needed $45 million.
We could call our buddy up and say, we need $45 million.
We just incorporated a company called New Zealand Coastal Properties, Inc.
And, in fact, we listed our two accountants as the CEO and president.
You know, our names are really not even tied into it.
And we say, you need $45 million.
And he goes, well, you'll have to prepare a prospectus.
Cover point A to Z. Everything's going to have to be letter perfect.
And you're going to have to offer the rate of return we're accepting, which right now, by the way, is 3.1%.
And he goes, in fact, here's three prospectuses we approved last year along the same lines of what you're doing.
He gives us the blueprint to draft for our project.
We submit it to him.
We get our approval for $45 million.
We build our complex.
It generates us $8 million a year, and we return $4 million back as a return to the fund.
Deals like that are cut 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.
And they have been for the last 45, 50 years.
And that's government doing that.
Now, to understand, big global corporations back in the 40s, after World War II, started in the Chicago 1313 model, Metro, key global corporations made the deals with government to give them the investment.
So it's really corporations controlling and growing government to then feed the wealth back to them.
It's not free market.
And you will not see government pension funds consolidated as to the totals, but I've looked at the totals, and local and federal government pension funds equal about $28 trillion in this country.
And they have never missed a heartbeat.
Now, back in the 60s, they were restricted from only investing maybe 5%, 10%.
I think so.
The real motivating driver behind it is the government investment funds promoting that these companies move out of the country.
And that's why Americans are always... So they'll have higher profits from the use of cheap labor.
The cheap labor.
That's why the government has all these laws and incentives.
They'll pay you to move offshore.
And then they own your company.
They own the majority of the stock, so they make a phenomenal windfall of that tax-free tax.
Profit on the stocks without $1 going directly back to support any budgetary basis.
It's just a windfall for them.
No services.
And then on top of it, Walter, now they've passed a law two years ago.
To get rid of the cash balance accounts where they can actually say that you don't own your pension funds anymore, and now they're starting to move against the pension funds.
Why are they so greedy that even though it's a very small percentage of the investment funds would pay for the pensions, why are they moving to start defrauding the pensioners?
Well, the bottom line is, when you trade the markets, you're competing against governments.
After 9-11, when 9-11 happened...
Right before, three months prior, I noticed government was taking their largest short derivative position I had ever seen them take.
Short derivative.
They had like 60% covered on derivative.
Okay, but for those that don't know, that's rocket scientist talk to most.
Stay there.
Explain what that means.
They were selling short.
The government was selling short at record levels on the eve of 9-11.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Wow, time has really blasted past us.
We will take your calls.
I specifically want to talk about economics and what's happening.
Walter Berrien.
Worked in the commodities, worked at many different levels of the stock market and what we're looking at today in this country.
We're talking about how the government tells you it has a budget, which is only a fraction of the real set of books they have called Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.
School districts, water districts, county, city governments, state governments, the federal government, federal agencies, they all have massive investments.
And he got into the numbers how it's more than double the amount of money they bring in from investments
Two-thirds of the government's gross receipts are non-tax income.
One-third of the gross income is tax income now.
When you look at the annual financial report, that's where you see two-thirds non-tax income.
If you look at a budget report, it looks like 100% tax income.
That's why they promote these selectively created budget reports and don't show you the annual finance report.
They will not mention it.
Silence is golden.
Going into 9-11, government, I noticed, was taking large and massive short positions or derivative short positions.
Now, to give you an example of what a short derivative position is, I'll use silver as an example.
Now, silver has just run from $7, about $7.25, up to about $14.92 was the first high tick.
And then it just backed off again down to about $11.60, then back up to about $13.50, back to $11.60.
A lot of volatility in the last month.
On a derivative position, a futures position, the largest profit I've seen in five decades just occurred last week.
Silver had topped out at $14.92 on a straight run.
And the put options, a put option is if you buy a put,
I think.
Within 24 hours, silver collapsed from 1450 range down to 1160.
If you had bought 10 options at $45 or $450, that was $70,000 picked up in 24 hours.
That was a short derivative position.
On index futures, if you had Microsoft stock and it was at $150 a share and you thought it was going to go down to $100 a share,
You could buy a put on the Microsoft stock, and if it goes down to $100 a share, you just made $50 when you exercise your option, because you had an option to sell it at $150.
And so that's where you make the money on a short derivative.
And for those that have the inside track, it's like having the codes to the casino to hit a jackpot every time.
And, of course, German newspapers wrote about this.
Many others did.
But they only focused in on...
Do you remember the American Airlines put option they promoted?
They said, there was a $5 million profit from 9-11 on 200 American Airlines.
But when you really look at the numbers, it was over $4 billion on United and American and several other airlines, and that was record levels, about three times anything I've ever seen in the week before.
But you're saying you looked at it, and it was across-the-board record put options or betting against the market.
On short derivatives, short future positions, on the options, the whole nine yards.
Internationally, government had a massive position.
They easily pulled off about $2 trillion within 10 days of 9-11 occurring.
They were the number one profiteer in net equities on short derivative positions off of 9-11.
Give us more details of that.
We've got a break.
More details on that and then your challenge...
That we're going to be hearing about after this quick break with Walter Burian.
And Walter, be sure to give your website out when we get back.
People need to visit it.
We have a link to it up on Infowars.com.
And I made a documentary that we still offer that's excellent.
The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is exposed.
It's available at Infowars.com.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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We're good to go.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Aaron, Luis, James, Tim, others, your calls are coming up.
Toll-free number to join us in this hour is 1-800-259-9231.
We're talking about the monopoly men.
The big global private corporations came in.
They wanted to take over the wealth of America.
That's what elites always try to do.
They moved in strong in the 1940s, mid-1940s.
They set up double sets of books, like the mafia does, and began investing their revenue, large portions of their revenue, into investment funds.
Not even for the pensions.
But really for their own private interest.
And it's the biggest game in town, as Walter calls it.
We'll be going back to him here in just a few minutes.
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Going back to Walter Beery and Walter, continuing...
I want to hear your challenge to the government today.
I'm interested to hear what it is.
I haven't asked him off here, folks.
It's still a mystery to me.
And then I want to take some calls in the last part of the show, get into what you've been through since you've done this.
And we can't let your work fall in vain and your sacrifice be in vain.
Of course, the former head auditor of the Air Force has gone public and said you're right and put his own spin on it, and he calls himself the Capper Man.
But before we go any further, give us your website and tell us how we can visit it and how we can support you.
Well, my website is capper1.com, C-A-F, as in Frank, R, as in Robert, 1, the number 1.com.
And the aspect of supporting the work and what I'm doing, actually the challenge that comes forward, that will take care of itself based on the challenge being met.
You were talking about the government taking over on the investments and so forth starting in 1948.
It was actually 1946 they put the plan forward, and they've done it.
They now control the marketplace.
If you look at a company like Microsoft Corporation,
Composite government ownership of Microsoft is about 83% of the corporation.
You think Bill Gates is not going to put that back door in there for government to look?
I don't think so.
And just pull up one comprehensive annual finance report, the New York State Retirement CAFR.
Retirement comprehensive annual finance reports for the states are very important to look at because it shows an individual breakup of exactly what's invested in.
One, it was purchased.
Total amount purchased, you know, when it matures.
You'll see 21 million shares of Microsoft on.
That's just from one comprehensive annual financial report.
The takeover was absolute.
Insurance, the majority of the insurance premium you pay, whether it be for auto, home, the whole nine yards, goes back to government based on their investment with the insurance companies.
You follow what I'm saying, Alex?
Yes, I do, sir.
And, you know, they did such an excellent job taking over.
You know, the last 65 years they did it.
And as far as the comprehensive annual finance report, as I mentioned, silence was golden.
The people who did not mention it...
Yeah, they knew this was the biggest game in town.
They knew it was the biggest power structure.
By the way, list who gets a copy.
Every major editor, every major head of a TV station, even locally, and they all use it for their own personal investments.
And review of what's going on in the state.
It's a summary of all of the finances and investments and assets of the state.
Now, here's a big point.
When I was looking at Missouri's comprehensive annual finance report for the state government,
I noticed in the notes section, the different state agencies were showing a bond dividend yield, $15 million bond dividend yield, $118 million bond dividend yield.
And I said, why are they declaring income from bonds when you think they'd be paying out?
Because you're always hearing them promote, we have so many bonds, it'll take the next five generations to pay off for them.
Because they loan their own money to themselves.
They established the Missouri Finance Authority, which they invested all their money in when they had a bond issuance for that new roadway, new school, new jail.
They would use their own investment assets to fund their own bond issuances.
And in fact, Missouri, all of the bonds that were funded by the private sector, they went back and refinanced at a quarter point lower to be 100% self-financed using their own money.
When I confronted the investment manager there, he goes, well, look what a good job we're doing.
We gave them a quarter point lower than they would have gotten from the private sector.
Look at a great job we're doing investing the public's money.
You have to pay cash.
Don't walk in a debt to roll the money over.
But the bottom line is they did an excellent job.
And you have
All this grafting corruption that developed government in the United States turned into a venture that was based on deception, fraud, extortion, and lies.
And that's the payoff to the head of the water district, the head of the school district.
Make your money possible.
Look at those pension funds.
I mean, judges made it so they only had to work tenure and they got their full pension funds.
I mean, judges.
You know, it's big money.
And a lot of people were greasing their pockets.
And of course, they're not going to tell the public the reality of what was going on.
You know, if a street punk will cut your throat for a $500 gold necklace, think about what these politicians were doing to cut half million, half billion dollar deals.
The public never stood a nice huge chance.
Give us an example, and then I want to get into your challenge and take some calls.
In fact, this just came out with Karl Rove.
How is he getting paid off?
His buddies will buy a $200,000 piece of property for $700,000, a million two from him.
He'll go out and buy every month a new piece of property, and his buddies come and buy it.
That's an old-fashioned way for the corporations that are getting the government investments to pay back to the politicians that are doing it.
We also know that they hire people.
It's a revolving door.
You'll spend four years in government, two years in government.
Yeah, exactly.
You'll go back into the corporate structure and get paid million-dollar salaries.
Then you go back into government, and then you go back into media, or you go back into the corporate structure.
But what are some of the other ways they pay their people off?
Giving him tips as to stock moves, interest rate moves.
Oh, that's like Hillary when she got told by the big commodities board, buy these cattle, and every time she'd buy cattle, she'd make millions of dollars.
I'll put it this way.
Anyone who was tipped off regarding 9-11 could have easily taken $100,000 and ended up sitting with about $10 or $15 million within about a month and a half.
The best move I made one time, I saw it.
I just read the writing on the wall.
It was back when Russia destabilized.
There was a senator that offered a $30 billion support package to Russia, being that they were now going Democratic.
They put it before the Senate for approval.
I said, yeah, they're going to approve that one.
They definitely want to get Russia on the hook for $30 billion.
And Russia, their grain crop had failed that year.
The U.S.
had a bumper crop.
I said, what are they going to do with that $30 billion?
I bet they're going to buy about $8 or $10 billion in grain right off the bank.
And grains were at a contract close here in the United States.
I bought a bunch of call options way out of the money.
Well, three days later, they approved a $30 billion.
Russia bought $8 billion worth of wheat.
My wheat went right through the contract highs and $1.50 higher.
Now, on the options, which cost me $35 each, I made about $3,600, $3,800 each in about three weeks.
And you know, Walter, when you have knowledge of the New World Order, you can make a lot of money.
I mean, I bought gold when it was 200-something an ounce, and now it's 640-something an ounce.
I'm not selling it because it's an insurance investment.
It's literally buried in the ground as a backup.
But the point is, I'm busy fighting the New World Order so much, I don't have time to go take my knowledge and make money with it, but I could do it.
It's so easy.
Once you know what they're really doing...
Not the fake stuff in the newspaper.
It actually falls right in line with exactly what you're saying.
And I'm not talking about the fake stuff in the financial papers.
I'm talking about just tracking the real global operations.
Without even being in those smoky rooms, you can make big money.
Keep in mind the big monies are constantly trying to sucker the little minnows in to be eaten alive.
So you have to be careful.
But the...
Yeah, government has monopolized on the investment arena.
They've grown to a phenomenal gargantuan size.
They control all the investments now.
And the bottom line is, if it continues, we're down the road to a 100% fascist state because they've done this on deception.
Keep in mind on the annual finance report.
They held back their annual finance report from an entire nation.
It was done on all levels, city level, county level, school district level, state level, state university level, for 65 years.
That's a huge... That's an amazing feat to pull off.
That's a huge... I went to a Catholic church and asked the priest, can I see a copy of the Bible?
And he goes, Bible?
What's that?
Well, it shows a huge level of complicity, duplicity.
Stay there, Walter.
We've got to do your challenge when we get back.
We've got to give you some calls and talk about what you've been through since you've done this.
It's so important.
The time is just blasting past us.
And believe me, I've researched it.
It's all documented.
This is a crime syndicate from the local level to federal level, and now it's international.
They're laughing at you.
They're going to take everything you've got.
Hello, folks.
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I know there are millions of people that will hear this interview, listen to it now, listen to it on the archives, on the web for years to come.
And that's why the entire economy is being engineered into the homeland security model, the oppression police, the Supreme Court rulings that we don't own our private property, and private interests bigger than us want it.
And they actually take it without just compensation.
That's the big dirty secret of New London, Connecticut, and what's happening in South Texas and Freeport.
I mean, I had the head of Freeport Western Seafood on, the Gore family.
They make profit last year, $44 million.
I mean, they're wealthy, upper middle class.
That's really upper middle class, folks.
You think upper middle class is $200,000 a year.
No, it isn't.
And they're just going, we're not paying you for it.
We're taking it because the former head of ExxonMobil, speak of the devil, he wants it for his yacht club he wants to build.
And so we're taking it.
Ha ha!
Walter, issue your challenge for folks, because I want to hear what it is.
All right.
Being that government has done such an excellent job on the financial takeover, and being that two-thirds of government's income right now is non-tax income.
Now, if you ask your listeners, does anyone have any complaints about taxation, do you think you might get a few yeses?
I think so.
I think so.
Well, the taxation has turned into a manipulation for extortion from the population.
In fact, it's done primarily on fraud, being that the majority of the population doesn't even have a clue the government now has two-thirds non-tax income.
There should not have been increases in taxation.
There should have been reductions over the last 30 years across the board.
Well, I'm putting out a challenge to Texas and to you, Alex.
Let's pick one county in Texas.
I heard there's a county called Gonzales County, maybe a good candidate.
Yeah, we've got an FM affiliate there, and the people are really waking up.
Let's get a few of the top actuaries, maybe from... I've got a personal friend.
Chubb Insurance.
And we're going to draft a pension fund for that county.
But not a pension fund to meet a salary.
Or benefits at retirement.
We're going to draft what I call a QRF fund.
Tax Retirement Fund.
It'll show the crossover mark where the funds balance grows to a point where it meets all the budgetary obligations of that county, the cities in that county, the school districts in that county, all government operations in that county.
It shows the crossover mark where enough of a surplus occurs where they can phase out all taxation in that county.
And if the state wants to continue to tax in certain areas, how the county can become self-sufficient and provide their own services where they can
Let me stop you for a second, because I was commenting and I kind of ran over some of the things you said.
I want you to reissue that.
I have a friend who's one of the biggest landowners in Gonzalo City itself, and he's running for...
City Council, and I guarantee you, he would introduce this.
And for those that don't understand, you show all the pension funds, all the county's costs, with inflation added in.
You do this anywhere.
You will calculate out that there is an amount of money even greater than the entire budget that is all cream.
And so you could actually have, and you've issued this before, you could actually pay cash dividends back to the taxpayers, because we paid for this, folks.
It's our money, back to you each year.
Right now.
It's based on three principles.
If you have a society, it's a tax, cash, and investment society.
My challenge is, and what we're going to do, and why I want to come to Texas as soon as possible, Alex, is to put it on the drawing board to make that county strictly a cash and investment society.
We'll phase out all taxation.
Put the model on the drawing board, and when that's done, it'll be distributed all across Texas.
It'll be distributed all across the South.
Walter, I've got to stop you again.
I want to explain this to people because you're using all these technical terms that I've been studying for five and a half years and still don't completely understand, but this is the real numbers.
If the average county or water district, school district, has all these secret giant funds, which they do, they're not even really secret,
The amount is so great, you can fund the entire government off of the investment income and have so much left over that huge checks are paid each year to the citizens.
Instead, it goes to David Rockefeller and the House of Rothschild and others.
You're 100% correct, Alex, and that's what we're going to make happen.
I put the challenge out today at this time, and I thought some chills were going down people's minds that are listening to this, because we're going to jump back in time 30 years, make this happen now, and we'll correct it.
Thirty years of travesty that's happened in this country with one single act which is going to war at this point in time, getting the people to keep in mind, we are at war.
The power interests that have this tax rape structure in place to extort money from the population so easily and control the media to, you know, basically snow them constantly will fight this tooth and nail because they have an easy job of doing what they're doing.
Now, keep in mind, take this example.
People like examples that are very simple to see.
Alex, if we had a 12 and a 13-year-old boy and we gave him carte blanche to write their own allowance check and we made $1,200 a week,
We've got a break.
We'll be right back.
Your call's coming up right now.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to your calls in Walter Burien in just one moment.
Let me break this down.
There is more than double at county, federal, state level, every federal agency, every water district, on average, and in some cases it's even higher, more than double
The amount of funds each year in profits they make that is non-taxable, that didn't come in from taxes.
That's investment funds.
What to bring in with toll roads.
All of it.
And then they have this budget that's always either in the hole or right at it so they can claim they're in the red so they need tax increases.
And they have all this propaganda.
Constant newscasts, constant news articles locally, nationally, at the state level about how we're bankrupt, we need more taxes, the government doesn't have enough, schools don't have enough.
It's all a fraud.
We're at about 83%, and I've looked at Walter's numbers.
They're stunningly accurate.
We've had accountants and others look at this.
The former head auditor for the Air Force has looked at it.
He says it's absolutely true.
These predators now are grabbing up just the last 16-17%.
They don't need us anymore.
They call us human resources.
Everything's going into a police state.
Everything is becoming criminal.
They're building more and more prisons.
We have more prisons than any other country in the world.
It's about getting us into the system.
And it's literally going to be half the population on probation or in prison and the other half being SWAT team controllers for the bankers.
And the CFR and others have said this.
They had Bobby Edmund, the former head of the NSA, was on the news yesterday saying, there'll be another attack and we're going to have national ID cards and total control for your own interest.
They've already passed the national ID card, but they announced we're going to need one for the public that doesn't know yet to keep us safe from the terrorists.
So this is slavery.
This is feudalism.
This is despotism.
Human life is the cheapest commodity out there.
We passed that mark a month ago.
There's $6,500,000,000.
With the new preliminary census numbers coming out of China and other countries.
We are now 6 billion, 500 million.
They say we need to be cold.
They openly, Peter Singer, Dr. Pianka, all this scum.
This is what the elite is pushing.
They hate us.
We are cheaper to them than a bag of Cracker Jacks.
We are nothing to them.
We are a problem to them.
We are a liability to them.
I know Walter was talking to our office yesterday, and we were talking about cities that are pretty close to going our way.
They've thrown out the NAFTA highway.
They've thrown out a bunch of other corruption in Gonzales.
We've woken up a lot of people there.
The Texas Revolution started there.
We need to get you in touch with Mike Hanson down there who's running for city council so you guys can try to implement this.
And you've been trying this for years.
We can get one city, one county to implement this and show the people.
Understand that they've got double the money every year coming in than the people even know about.
You can pay all of the pensions with inflation, increase the roads, the spending, all the current government garbage we don't even need.
And then have enough to pay dividends back, massive dividends.
And you've done the math on that, Walter.
I want you to answer that before you leave us, but I want to spend at least 5-10 minutes on what you've been through.
But right now, let's go to the calls quickly.
Osa in Texas, then Aaron, Luis, James, and Tim.
That's all we have time for call-wise.
We'll go to those five.
Osa in Texas, go ahead.
Yes, my question was very specific because you outlined the fact of how our economy's money is being uprooted and being hoarded away.
But my question was this.
Who are the exact parties, and what's the purpose of these guys hoarding away our budget?
Well, I can tell you who they are.
The main owners of the world, and this has even come out in major European newspapers, the Rothschilds own over 50% of everything.
And the Rockefellers have got about 24%, 25%.
And they leverage with that ownership in every major Fortune 500 blue chip.
They're able to leverage control over the rest.
That's what the CFR and others are.
They meet together and collude to combine their power to keep us the people on the bottom.
Let me qualify something there also, Alex.
When he said hoarding away our budget, keep in mind the budget is one item.
And then the annual finance report, you know, the budget's shown in the annual finance report, but the annual finance report shows the whole picture.
What they've done is they feel that they're accountable to the public on tax income.
So on the budget report, you know, they account to the public and they discuss with the public where the use of the tax funds are.
But two-thirds of the gross income is non-tax income.
And the way they look at it is, well, we don't have to include the public in on that two-thirds of the gross income.
And let me add a caveat.
Let me add a caveat.
I guarantee you in every major city, every major water district, the LCRA here in Central Texas, if you go into their CEO or their city manager or their financial officers' top drawer, or on the bookshelf, there will be the last 20 years of comprehensive annual financial reports right there.
This is their Bible, Walter.
That is correct.
But it is so overwhelming as to the total number of people involved.
I mean, when you look at crime, breakup of the family, or drug addiction in this country, you have to look at how much money that generates for your city, your county, and your state.
They created a $1 trillion a year marketplace.
The court systems.
The jails.
It's a profit center for them.
That's the intent behind what they're doing.
It has nothing to do with benefiting the public.
Correct me.
It has to do with filling their pockets, their bank accounts, and their pensions.
It's got to stop.
It's going to drag the country.
The country's going to implode real soon.
Yeah, that's right.
You're slitting your own throats.
Hey, cops, go ahead and implement it.
Just remember what Alex Jones told you.
They're going to take your pension fund.
You're going to be destitute.
Your children have no future.
I just want you to remember who did it to you, because they'll blame it on terrorists.
You know, I notice the globalists carry out a terror attack right when they're going to drop the economy.
They'll start dropping it weeks before and then blame it on that.
It's just so sick.
Thank you, OSHA.
Erin in California.
Erin, go ahead.
And I think it's really great stuff and anybody out there who isn't a member really needs to be because... You said a prisonplanet.tv?
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
And I'm actually calling because I just got the email from your Yahoo groups about the cold air incident and I went to go watch the video and I can't because you guys have some new software.
And so I'm just calling to ask you to please make those available for download.
No, ma'am.
No, ma'am.
We're not charging for the Coe Barrett Report.
That was a link to Google Video.
It's been taken down.
That's in the mainstream news.
No, but it was on your site, and I couldn't watch the video on your site.
Yes, ma'am.
We linked to it.
We embedded it in our page.
I had Paul on last hour talking about it.
Oh, I see.
C-SPAN called YouTube and Google, it was in the mainstream news, and told them to take it down.
We didn't have that on our server.
A lot of the video you see that's free, we embed.
I see, I see.
Well, one more thing.
You guys always talk about the cell phones and how bad the cell phones are for you.
And I just looked it up and I found out that portable house phones are just as bad, if not worse.
And also those flat screen TVs are really bad for you.
So you should warn people about those also.
Well, I don't know about house phones.
I haven't seen any evidence on that or flat screens.
We're going to run short on time, Alex.
Thank you for the call, ma'am.
I appreciate it.
Let's talk to Luis in California.
Luis, go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
Listen, about the marches that went on recently...
One thing I noticed about them, well I was going into it, I listen to your show frequently and so I've been kind of like skeptical and really critical of the whole thing but they were so obviously kind of corporately stage managed and it's funny because a lot of people who I told before the marches that you know this thing it's not what it seems, it's all being controlled and what not and you know a lot of the data that you gave about Fox and Bush secretly
We're good to go.
I think?
Kind of, you know, it looked and felt, and you had all the police surrounding and people getting arrested.
This one was like, you know, and everyone had these shirts, these white shirts with an American flag on it, and it said, AquĆ­ estamos, nos quedamos, which means we're here, we're staying.
And on the back it had the torch, which, you know, in the occult sort of like meaning of the liberty torch or whatever, right?
But it just looked, to me it looked so obvious.
Most people don't realize, but once I mentioned it to them, they're having an easier time realizing that maybe...
And just seeing all the coverage it got on TV to the point that it was extreme, like an extreme amount of... Yeah, and notice how the media has ignored the anti-war marches.
That's the thing.
In a way, maybe it's good that they did it.
It's like they're so bad at staging things.
Not bad, but it's hard for them to not.
The globalists want to get us all at each other's throats, and it's just not going to work.
Most people are well-intentioned.
They're going for good reasons, but they've been duped.
Exactly, and the Feds are trying to make sure that the radical minority, La Reconquistas, who are the minority, take control.
They get the big funding.
Thanks for the call.
Keep in mind that the government's only interest is maintaining control of the money they're spending, and they have to entertain the public.
For the last couple of decades, they've come up with one situation after another.
They create just to entertain the public, so the public is not going to look at the money.
Well, Walter, I think that's part of it, but more than that, they're merging the U.S.
with Canada and Mexico for a Pan-American Union.
This is part of the American Union.
But going back to the challenge, Alex, you mentioned I've been trying to get this done for years.
I've brought up information about it for years.
I haven't.
Today is the first time, the very first day, I am putting out a challenge.
I'm saying, I want to go to Texas.
I want a group of good, solid businessmen from that county in Texas to get together, to push this through, and make it happen now.
Not next week, not next month.
Right now.
Get together.
Let's get it together and make it happen right now.
It can happen.
Walter, what I was going to say is we're going to go back to the calls in a little while, but I want you to be able to talk about what you've gone through, or if you don't want to talk about that, that's okay.
My point is that, yes, we need to do this somewhere, but I think we need to research first.
I mean, Vermont, New Hampshire, they're very rebellious.
I'm a Texan, very proud of my Texas heritage, going back to before this was a state.
But at the same time, I don't frankly find Texans today, on average, to be the most up-to-speed people.
Put it this way.
If you accomplish putting a TRF one in motion in one of the counties in Texas where they can phase out all taxation over a prescribed period of time, the property values in that county are going to go right through the roof.
The real estate values are right through the roof.
Everyone's going to want to move into that county.
And by the way, they have a tax system in structure right now, so just like the pension funds don't move in because they're phasing out taxation, they have to invest.
Maybe they participate for 10 years before they have their taxes phased out.
What do you think they'd try to do, Walter, to stop us?
Well, here's the beautiful part.
There's three power structures in the world.
You have the population, which is the largest, but they're the least organized.
You have the financial cartels, which have control of all the money and the resources, and basically, they are the strongest group.
You then have government administration, which is the buffer between the financial cartels and the public.
Now, the government administration is the most corrupt.
The financial cartel guys, you know, they have families.
They usually try to support their community and their towns and so forth.
But the government administration, you have all these people biding to cut their deals.
You have to make easy money.
You now can team up with the public and the financial cartels to administratively remodify government.
When the financial cartels and government were teamed up together for the last 200 years, the public never stood an ice cube chance in health.
You team the public up with the financial cartels to make government self-sufficient, where the public is a direct beneficiary as if they were a shareholder.
Now you have a winning situation.
I know, but that doesn't give the elite a monopoly of control.
They're going to fight it.
I'm not saying we shouldn't try this.
I know it's real.
I know the facts.
I've ordered a comprehensive... They're also bringing it out into the open.
Before they were hiding, hiding, hiding, not disclosing.
Now they can bring it out into the forefront.
We just did a phenomenal job on our investments.
Look how good our economy is thriving.
We can pay ourselves more salaries now because we did such a great job on these investments.
Walter, I would add the addendum that they're using the wealth of America to colonize and dominate the world in a geopolitical stratagem.
And so that's why they're going to fight that.
I mean, I think your idea is great.
It's real.
I've got the comprehensive report from Texas.
You can pull them up online from counties and cities.
I've checked out your numbers.
In some cases, it's worse than even you say.
But it's got to be done.
You've got to mobilize right now.
You can't just keep talking about it.
And then disclosing is one thing.
Remedy is the key point.
And we need to target one county.
Make it happen now.
I'm not going to have a chance to have it happen.
If it doesn't happen now, I'm going to be eliminated.
Now, the attack they've done against me is against my children.
My son, first born, when he was five months old, I had him grabbed out of my arms by armed force to disappear into the night for two and a half months to be put into harm's way.
I struggled, got him back.
I'm out in New Jersey, November 23rd.
Again, they grabbed my son, six years old, armed force, disappeared.
Now he's back in Arizona.
I'm sitting out in New Jersey waiting for criminal charges that they're holding over my head.
Because when I went to take my son, I drove for ten minutes before I pulled over.
And they're threatening me now with five years in state prison because I drove for ten minutes.
Now, there was an injured party.
I kind of clicked the stop sign, but I did pay that $37.50.
So there's no injured party.
But they're still threatening me with five years in state prison.
And I want to get this done now.
No more delay.
No more stalling.
It needs to be done now.
My son is not with me.
I can move on this.
Get it done.
I need a good group.
Well, Walter, you know I've never delayed.
We have people wanting to talk about solutions.
My job is to bring forward the information.
I went home at 2 a.m.
I mean, you're not saying I haven't done my job.
last night.
I'm saying the challenge is out there.
Get the phone calls, Alex.
Find a couple of our ranchers, real estate developers, whatever thing.
Let's get this happening.
Alex, bring Walter in here.
We'll put the team together.
We'll push this through on our emergency election, and we will make our county the first county to be self-sufficient.
No, I understand.
What they need to do is contact you.
Give folks your website and your number.
Caffer1.com, C-A-F-F-R-1.com.
My telephone number is right up there on the front of the top of the page.
The information, by the way, you wanted me to talk about what was happening.
The first link is Walter Jell, which gives a full breakdown on exactly what happened out here in New Jersey and what the circumstances are.
And by the way, I put a little note up there.
I said, I now know what Alex Jones means by prison planet or so.
This can happen.
All we need to do is move forward to make it happen.
If we don't move forward and make it happen... No, I understand.
I understand.
It's just it's always Alex has to do it, and I'm literally killing myself working so hard.
I need listeners.
I will do it.
I will do it.
I'm just saying.
No, I know.
I need listeners.
We need to get the people together from your territory.
Walter, I need listeners to contact you.
I need people to take action and do it themselves.
I mean, hell, they'll expect me to mail them printouts of your website instead of just going there.
It's time for you listeners to, number one, find out what Walter is saying is true...
And then number two, it's time for you to contact him because he's got the information.
And this stuff is real.
And we do need to demonstrate this in a county or a city.
And Walter's putting out the challenge that he'll help organize it and engineer it.
So go to capper1.com.
We have links to it on infowars.com.
And I understand your pain.
I feel your pain, Walter.
I know how hellish this system is.
I know what they do to people that stand up to them.
That's why we all need to stand up.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
I spent months researching the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
I spent months back when I first learned of it, and it's real.
You guys are sending me reverb like I've never known.
Please cut it off.
And this is really going on.
This is really happening.
And Walter's gone from making $400,000, $500,000 a year...
We're good to go.
It's not my job to do this, folks.
I know I'm going to get calls today, I need to do this, I need to do that.
No, I don't.
You need to stop sucking your thumbs out there and do this.
Let's talk to James in Maryland.
Two quick calls for Walter Beering and we're out of here.
James just hung up.
Okay, Tim in Texas.
Tim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
Just one quick comment on the illegal immigration.
It sounds like a John Birch speech, but it's not.
I'm not a Bircher.
This all emanates from Agenda 21.
Chapter 26 of Agenda 21 from the United Nations is titled Recognizing and Strengthening the Role of Indigenous People and Their Communities.
And their right to migrate.
Yeah, we all know that they consider the entire southwestern United States their indigenous land.
One sentence in the first...
Chapter 26 tells the whole story.
It states, Indigenous people and their communities shall enjoy the full measure of human rights and fundamental freedoms without hindrance or discrimination.
Yes, sir.
I appreciate your call.
I have to qualify one point there, Alex.
The illegal immigrants generate billions of dollars for state budgets on social services and the money they get to expend
And transfer to their buddies, their psychologists, their doctors, their attorneys.
It's a big money business on illegal immigration.
That's why they promote it and they allow it.
Because private interests put out the services and the globalists are using third world populations to batter down national sovereignty from Europe to the United States.
And also to justify the expansion in their budgets on the state level.
But, you know, I noticed we went to all these calls and only one of them, and I have a full boat right now.
We don't have time to go to them.
And it's just all other issues, and that's fine and dandy, but this is... The directions are being put out to make the people look in all different directions and not to focus in on the real cause of the problem, which is the unrestrained cash flow going into these clowns' pockets.
You've got to change that.
You have to have the money benefit the public directly, openly...
And you can phase out all taxation.
We're doing this.
We're out of time.
We've got to have you back up in the next few months as this progresses and develops.
Give out your phone number.
If it doesn't develop in the next month to two months, I have a feeling I'm going to be eliminated out of here, Alex, and it won't be a second option.
We're almost out of time, Walter.
I'm going to need you to give out your phone number if you want contacts.
Well, my phone number is... I'll get out my Verizon cell.
Anyone who has a Verizon, Verizon to Verizon is nowhere in time going to choose.
It's 732-710-1848.
Okay, if people want to miss that, they can hear it again tonight.
Walter, I know this is very painful for everybody.
I wanted to correct you on one thing, Alex.
You mentioned that I was making $400,000 to $500,000 a year.
That was not true.
When I was working as a commodity trading advisor, I would make $65,000 to $85,000, $90,000, $125,000 a year was my best year.
But I was a little guy, one guy, trying to enjoy myself until I was confronted with corruption.
We've got to leave it there, Walter.
Thank you so much for coming on with us.
I'm trying to support you best I can.
I know I don't do the best job.
I try as hard as I can.
All right.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
Get our documentaries.
Make copies.
Spread the word.
And help Walter.
We'll be right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.