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Air Date: May 3, 2006
693 lines.
T-Rex of Political Talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, now 8 minutes, 30 seconds into this third and final hour.
Libby Moreno has a website latinoamericans.org and their organization is Pro-America.
Why would you not want to be pro-US?
I mean, more freedoms, more liberties than Mexico.
And she has been demonstrating and protesting and speaking out for a long time about the invasion of this country.
And people that are wrapping themselves in foreign flags.
Lupe, thank you so much for coming on with us today.
Well, thank you for having me on.
You bet.
Tell us about your organization and what you're up to right now.
Well, our organization started about 14 years ago.
My sister's child was murdered by an illegal alien and they were inviting her to Washington to
Give testimony before Congress and she was doing a lot of speaking engagements and I started helping her and we just didn't have a name for our group and since there was so many Latinos involved with the organization, we decided to call it that.
And we've been doing, what is it, lobbying Congress and Sacramento ever since.
And it's Latino Americans.
Latino Americans for Immigration Reform.
Now, I don't like hyphenated words, except it seemed to get the interest of the population and the media at a time when nobody was paying attention to this issue.
Lupe, you're in a good position to explain something to me because I don't like talking about this.
I like to bring people together.
I'm somebody who's gone out over ten times and protested the Ku Klux Klan going back twelve years.
We put video of it on the site.
I don't like racist groups.
I wouldn't call myself a liberal.
I mean, I'm a constitutionalist.
And over the last six, seven, eight years, I've had to talk about Mecha, La Raza, all the racism.
They don't even like Hispanics that love America.
They come up to my Hispanic friends and tell them, hey, you should only speak Spanish when they hear Hispanics speaking English.
Why is there this dichotomy between Hispanic Americans and then a large group of these illegal aliens?
Why are they just so rabidly anti-America from your experience?
Well, let me tell you, the groups that you're mentioning started in the late 60s, early 70s, and when they brought it to the population here in California, they actually came as saying that they wanted to, what is it, empower the Chicanos.
We were called Chicanos.
And the reason we were called Chicanos was to say we were not Mexicans.
Because the Mexicans actually did not like us.
The Mexicans called us half-breeds or bochos.
And so, the kids that walked out of the school and actually formed these groups actually thought they were fighting for their rights as Americans.
That's what they walked out for.
That's what they thought they were doing.
Never realizing that these groups were actually formed by people that were either hardcore socialists or communists.
Now, a lot of the kids went on to finish high school and went on to college and forgot all about the Mecha Movement and everything like that.
But a hardcore group of them stayed together and they became what I call our politicians today.
And it's very scary because there are so many politicians here in California.
that belong to these groups that it's just mind-boggling.
The Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, the Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio LaRosa.
The Lieutenant Governor of California.
We have congressmen from the state of California that belong to this group.
We have... I haven't seen a senator yet.
But I did go to Barbara Boxer's office one time, and the first thing... You see, they have code words for us, and the code words either have to do with gente, raza, the people.
When they throw those code words at you, they're seeing where you stand on the issue as a Latino.
And I was... I mean, it totally terrorized me when I went to Washington, D.C.
And this young man that was a top aide of Barbara Boxer, who is one of our senators, starts throwing words like that at me.
Yeah, saying, are you with the Raza?
Yes, yes, exactly.
I mean, it's just totally chilling how far this thing has gone.
And most people don't, most Americans don't even realize
Well, see, it's perfect for a takeover.
That's why enemy armies use codes so the other army can't hear when you're using a foreign language.
I mean, the local radio stations in Austin are called the Invader, the Bandit.
It's all over the cars, the Mexican flags everywhere.
I mean, and then my wife, you know, lived almost, I don't know, five, six years in Spain, so she speaks fluent Spanish.
Oh yeah!
Yeah, it's totally true.
And so I don't understand, but that's a key point you brought up, is that Mexico is such a classist society that the government itself doesn't like Hispanics who are mainly Indian or Aboriginal descent.
And then here in America, there's racism towards blacks.
All of this, I mean, why are these people like this?
To tell you the truth, I don't know.
They, uh, because my father was a Mexican, I was surrounded by cousins and uncles that would actually make fun of us because we were American born and they didn't consider us real Mexicans, which, thank God, my father is the one that, who was an immigrant, said, you know what?
You were born in the United States.
You are Americans.
Men and women have died to give you the right to say you're an American.
I better not hear you say anything else.
Thank God for my father.
That's the way my uncles and my cousins acted, and there's this whole mentality that for some reason they think they're better than everybody else.
And yes, they use very nasty names on white people and on black people and people that they don't like.
Well, even on people like me, I'm called a coconut, an Aryan collaborator, a traitor to my race, a traitor to them.
And you know in the beginning it was very scary because I actually dropped out of school very early and when those groups were starting I never got involved with them.
I was actually called a geek.
My sister called me a geek, a reader.
So I didn't pay attention.
So when I grew up and I started going out into the world and finding these people and right away they start using the code words on you.
Now it gets scary I'll tell you because I've been doing this for so long a lot of people do recognize me.
I come on Spanish TV a lot.
I've actually been the voice of the American people.
American TV doesn't pay attention to me and American media doesn't pay attention to me, but the Spanish media knows who I am.
So I went into my doctor's office one day and there was this woman.
Right away she came out.
Right away I knew that she knew who I was and she was livid.
And this woman was going to put eye drops in my eye.
And I sat there for an hour in that seat terrified because I knew that she was a La Raza person.
And I just kept thinking, Lord, please let her do her job.
Let her do her job.
And thank goodness she did.
I never went back there.
I'm very careful where I go to the doctor now.
I had the same problem with the dentist.
I walked into the dentist's office and the girl recognized me.
Now she wasn't one of them, but I thought, you know what?
Who knows who in this office is?
So I've actually, I started going to Vietnamese doctors, because at least Vietnamese doctors don't know who I am.
And I won't be hurt, but it's a movement that is in everything.
It's in the schools.
It's like I said, it's in
The medical profession, it is everywhere and you just have to listen for the key words.
Well, this stuff is dangerous.
I mean, look what Hitler did with this type of tribalist, primitive, racial stuff.
And that's who they remind me of, but they're the first ones that will call Americans racist.
I mean, and when you think about it, they're the racists.
They're the ones that bring up all this stuff.
And I seen what it meant and I thought, well, no, this can't be me.
Well, now the illegal aliens have a disproportionate for their population amount of crimes they commit.
You talked about your sister's, one of her children, being killed by an illegal alien.
I mean, I'm sure you brought this up to the Lorican Keysters.
Hey, I'm involved.
You know, you guys are doing whatever you want.
You've killed members of my family.
I mean, do they just make jokes about that too?
Well, they don't care.
It just seems like they don't care.
Now, one thing is that what the... I can't say that word... The Mecha people!
Yes, the Mecha people!
What the Mecha people started realizing, I think in the late 70s and 80s, is that most American Latinos are American.
And they didn't, you know, listen to what they were saying.
So basically, they went after the immigrant population because the immigrant population is so easy to manipulate.
I've had Hispanic friends tell me, Alex, you're right.
I've been having illegals walk up to me again and say, you don't use English.
Do you hear us?
You join the RAZA.
You're in the RAZA.
They say they're aggressive about it.
They're very aggressive.
And you know, we have let them do that to us.
We, because Americans were so afraid of being called racist.
They kept quiet, especially here in California.
I mean, you know, here in California we have all that hippie generation, and so all they want to do is kumbaya, and so when people tell them stuff, they kept quiet.
Everybody's kept quiet, kept quiet, and these people have gotten to be... Lupe, we gotta break.
We're going to break here in just a second.
Stay with us.
And we'll come back and tell folks about your organization, the website, and a lot more.
We're so honored to be joined by you, and we'll take calls.
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Remember, it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.
In a bloody war for liberty for their descendants
Imagine the Founding Fathers witnessing tens of millions of foreigners running around saying this is Mexico and that's really, I mean I've studied the sociology, I've studied the history of it, that's what's happening.
The Mexican government's been very, very oppressive and any time they do something bad to the Mexican people they say it's America's fault, it's the U.S.
fault, they stole the Southwest from us, when in truth they're only in the entire Southwest under 10,000 Mexicans.
Most of them wanted to be part of Texas because they had more freedom.
Again, the third of the people that fought in it, the founders, the guy that wrote the Constitution, Navarro, were Hispanic.
Santa Ana was a dictator.
But they've been taught from birth, especially in the last 30-40 years, that the Southwest of Mexico reconquered it.
And Mexican presidents, the last three, have all said that.
And then why is our government playing along?
They want to break down the U.S.
for the Pan-American Union.
I know we've got a bunch of callers, Jeff and Jason and Skunk and Chris, and we'll get to you.
We're talking to Libby Moreno, and she heads up Latino Americans for Immigration Reform.
The website's latinoamericans.org.
We have a link to it on infowars.com.
But when we start the next segment, we'll go right to your calls.
But in this short segment,
Lupi, do you agree with the statement I just made about what's taught in Mexican schools?
Not only in Mexican schools, the Mexican government has come into California with their Mexican consulates and they have infiltrated our community-based organizations and they have even gone into our schools giving, they give thousands and thousands of free books
But what it does, it teaches the Mexican Constitution.
And it teaches that our flag is a foreign enemy flag and that we're an imperialist country.
And they even go into the libraries and give books to the libraries.
And they do it smiling.
This is what I don't understand about Americans.
Why are we letting this happen?
It's like a frozen horse!
They come bearing gifts to kill us!
And we sit here like nobody's doing anything.
I listen to the news once in a while, and they're talking about baseball games when our country is in serious, serious danger.
We all need to get up and fight this.
By the way, Vicente Fox, almost three years ago, came to Austin.
I bullhorned him and shut it down.
I put it on TV, but never on the web.
I've got to dig that out.
In fact, Mike Hanson, you're listening, find that show.
I want to re-air it.
And I shut down his speech with a bullhorn.
He was giving an award to the Austin police and to the mayor.
I think so.
It gets even worse.
Governor Rick Perry's head of Texas-Mexico relations is a Mexican citizen who is at the same time a lobbyist, the head lobbyist for Mexico to Texas.
I mean, their officials, Mexican government officials, are now becoming our rulers!
Well, you know what?
There is a man here in Orange County called Carlos Olamende.
Very good friend of Fox, but also a very good friend of Bush.
And he is Bush's advisor!
And I'm thinking, and this man has dual citizenship, and his number one aim is to have amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens!
We just cannot have that!
We are just... You know what?
For being Americans and probably the smartest people in the world, our leadership is just plain dumb and stupid, and there are a bunch of globalists and elitists that we need to just get rid of.
Wake up, America.
We're in trouble.
Well, you're right.
It's stupid for America, but it's good for the elite to break down this country.
Well, we can't have that.
I mean, our founding fathers, the framers of this country, that's their number one thing that they were worried about.
That's why they worked so hard on, you know, the Constitution.
These men have just
are betraying everything that the framers stood for and they're betraying the men and women that have died to give us the freedoms that we have.
I agree.
How long until you think we're going to see bloody riots and burning cities?
Nobody has said anything.
In Santa Ana, we had on March 23, they actually invaded government buildings
Chase down government workers and stab them with Mexican flags and I went to talk to the Board of Supervisors yesterday because I know the film is there.
I've seen the film and they sit there
So calmly, like they're going to a church picnic!
Well, the cops stood there and let them attack them.
Now, for those that don't know, it was in the AP that they threw things at police, but it's now been in some of the independent news services, and Lupe, you said you've seen the tape, that they were physically attacking.
Stay there!
We're going to write an article about this.
You tell us exactly what happened, and we'll get an article out by tomorrow.
Stay there, Lupe Moreno, and we'll take your calls on the other side.
This is very important.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The sleeping giant that is America is awakening.
And everybody can be part of this.
I don't care if you're Hispanic, black, white.
It doesn't matter.
We've got to defend this country.
Listen, the CFR last year, Lou Dobbs even covered it, came out with their border plan, wide open borders, total legalization, merger with Canada and Mexico.
It's happening, just like the EU.
The same elites over there, you know, bring in, nothing against Muslims folks, but they'll bring in, you know, five, ten million depending on the country, three million in smaller countries, and then they start rioting and going nuts, and the government uses them as like a client to threaten the population into submission.
We're talking to Lupi Moreno.
We're going to go to your calls here in just a minute or two, but
Lupe, we confirmed, the Orange County Register confirmed, AP confirmed that they were throwing bottles, rocks, big marbles at cops.
We got photos of the cops taking it.
I know that they were charging around in some government buildings.
Give us the names, the full details, because we're going to do a story off of, and you say you've seen some of the footage.
Tell us about it.
Well, people are terrified to come forward, and it seems like I've become
The person they come to, when nobody can't say it, they're too terrified to say it, they give me the information and somebody, I heard the rumors and somebody actually showed me the tape of county workers looking out because they heard noise and then they seen a bunch of people beating up on cars.
So they went out with their cell phones and started taking pictures.
When the crowd realized they were taking pictures, they ran, chased the county workers.
And one actually got stabbed with a Mexican flag.
Then, uh, my, my daughter, I live in Santa Ana and the footage you've seen about the police getting beat up, it happened here on Monday night, May 1st.
The thing is, is that the street they closed down is one of our major streets.
And when they closed down that major street, it actually, they actually pushed the crowd into my block.
So I had my children calling me terrified.
That, um, that there was people just all over the place.
And you see on my bumper sticker, I have actually Secure the Borders, Close the Borders, and Minuteman Project, because I am a Minuteman.
And so my kids said, you know, Mom, we need to turn your car around.
People are starting to look at your car.
And I was on my way to church, but what happened is they literally called out the SWAT team.
The SWAT team went out and they started throwing rocks and bottles at the SWAT team here in Santa Ana.
Now, back to March 27th, it was nowhere.
Nobody heard anything, but they actually ran into a local school, high school here.
They send in the SWAT teams because the kids wanted to take down the American flag.
And I guess the principal thought that they were going to shoot the kids.
They were so out of control that we have something called a school police, Santa Ana.
Uh, school police.
They went in and basically they held their ground, saved the flag from being torn down, but the kids went crazy and messed up the school and nobody... I went to the school board to talk about this and they just, they sat there and acted like, I don't know.
I mean, so passive, like lambs.
I'm thinking, my God, our city is being destroyed by these
Foreign invaders and you're sitting there and not saying one single word.
So we are literally, we could be days, weeks, months away.
Our buildings are, if they have the nerve, I found out by different people throughout the city that just come and whisper in my ear, five government, county government buildings
We're good to go.
Because they're afraid that they're going to come in.
What in the world do they want to do to government workers?
I mean, what is that reasoning?
And if the government isn't saying anything, and all these people don't realize that they're in danger, my daughter does because she lives with me.
Well, the government's trying to legalize them.
Absolutely, the government's trying to legalize them.
The worst thing that could happen to this nation again
Is another amnesty or guest worker program and I'll tell you exactly why.
Well before we do that I want to go back specifically tell us the names of the schools tell us the name of the government building.
Century High School.
Hold on Lupe and then describe to us please ma'am what you saw on the tape you were allowed to see.
What I was, the tape that I seen and I'm gonna I'm gonna write my own report I just haven't had a chance.
What I seen was kids, county workers first looking out the window
County workers going to take pictures with their cell phones.
Then, all of a sudden, they start running back toward the building.
I see all these kids with Mexican flags, and there's this woman in there, and she turns around and starts running, and then the men start running.
And then you could see all these people, and they weren't just kids.
Some were like adults, and then the kids were behind them.
But you could see this guy chasing this man down,
And he plunges the stick of his flagpole into this man's chest and then it stops.
But it was a Mexican flag.
Now is this a Mexican flag?
Is this a surveillance camera or someone with a video camera?
It was a surveillance camera.
I did go to the Board of Supervisors yesterday.
Oh, we've got to have that tape.
And I demanded that tape.
I tell you, I had county workers come up to me afterwards and whisper and thank me.
You know, this report can't wait.
I'm telling my staff in the room right now.
Very intimidated.
County workers are very intimidated in Santa Ana.
This is the city of Santa Ana.
We are in the United States, even though they spray-painted down my street.
That major street is called Bristol.
Even though they spray-painted, this is Mexico.
This is the United States of America.
And as Americans of all colors, it doesn't matter what party you belong to anymore.
Our country is in serious, serious trouble.
My children do not want to live in the city they were born in anymore because we have been taken over so badly.
78% of my neighbors are illegal aliens.
And you know what they tell me?
They tell me California is lost.
Well, no, California is not lost.
As long as one of us is here fighting,
California is not lost.
We will continue to fight and we will save it, even with these passive lambs that don't believe that this is going on.
I'm sorry I get so emotional.
No, that's okay.
We should get emotional.
America's dying on the altar of globalism right now, believe me.
Ma'am, I guess it was eight years ago, I told the story last hour.
I was asked down to speak at Texas Independence Day by the young conservatives and the UT Longhorn Libertarians, and people in Aztec outfits ran up screaming racist stuff, grabbed the birthday cake, gobbled it, spit it all over the cake.
We're screaming racist stuff.
A guy physically grabbed me and grabbed the microphone away.
I was smart enough not to get in a fight with him.
And I don't understand all this.
I never did anything to these people.
I don't understand.
It's just a hatred of us.
There's a total hatred.
I think it's because this nation is a blessed nation.
We have people that sacrifice for this nation, so this nation continues to be blessed.
And they come from a nation that isn't blessed because of their corruption, the way they've treated their people and their nation, so it's not a blessed nation, so they come over here and they envy us, they covet what we have.
And, you know, that's against God's plan.
I mean, just totally against God's plan.
These people are just so full of hate.
Well, I think you hit on something key here.
They're not allowed to protest or demonstrate or stand up against the PRI or FOX or any of the groups around Mexico.
So Mexico is exporting its angry populations and scapegoating America.
Lupe, you're going to try to tell a story about, I mean, the real numbers are over 25 million.
I mean, we can use our number of 12, 14 million, whatever.
And the anchor babies, the jackpot babies, whatever you want to call it.
I mean, Mexico's population doubling every 35 years.
They're all being taught they're going to, quote, racially take over.
I mean, yes, we've got to defeat Bush's amnesty.
And the reason why is because we do not have the money to
We don't actually do anything.
We don't have money for enforcement.
That's what happened in 1986.
There was no money for anything.
We've got hundreds of billions in the last 10 years to pay for all the welfare for the illegals and their tuition, but we don't have a few billion to secure our borders and deport these people.
There is no money.
There is no money to enforce anything.
So what they did, they actually got the community-based organizations
The same La Raza group, the same Hermanda Mexicana group, the same...anything!
The Catholic...what is it?
The Catholic Charities.
They used all these minority groups to actually do all the work, and what did they do?
Most...I would say two-thirds of the people that actually
Uh, what is it?
Received amnesty.
Didn't even qualify.
They weren't even here.
It corrupted the system because all they needed was one paper with a certain date.
Well, you're right.
They've got the foxes guarding the hen house where the illegal alien advocacy groups were the ones that set up the amnesty citizen program and implemented it.
That's what happened in California.
That's what happened.
And they were giving the people the answers.
Lupe, what do you... and we're going to take some calls.
People have been very patient and you've been great to join us.
I want you to stay with us for the calls.
What do you think is going to happen?
When do you think it'll happen?
And what's going to happen when they start burning down the cities?
It's scary.
It's totally scary at this point because I know for sure that our law enforcement knows and they're keeping quiet.
When I went to talk to the school board, thanking them for saving our flag, I tell you, they were just sitting there.
But when I went out, one of the people that actually saved the flag came up to me and shook my hand.
And so we all know we're in trouble, but what can happen?
I mean, what can we do?
It seems like because of political correctness,
I hate to say it.
I'm not going to say it.
Let me describe this for people.
Let me see if I can get this straight.
There was teachers and school police, campus police could barely hold off illegal alien students from getting the flag.
When the SWAT team got there, you have the police and administration around the flagpole literally guarding it with the hordes like hyenas trying to get at a baby hippo and the SWAT team had to stop it.
Is that what happened?
Well, the principal was scared that the SWAT team was going to shoot the kids.
So they actually only let the school staff and school police stand by the flag.
And so then the students, through a fit, rioted and tore up the school.
How bad did they tear it up?
Now, when I went to the school board, they said that it was minor, if nothing, damage.
There is a film also about that, and I'm trying to get that film also.
Well, what did you hear from the witnesses really happened?
What I heard what really happened was exactly what I said, that the SWAT team was called in, the principal got scared, they thought they might shoot some of the kids, so they brought in the school police and the staff and they went around that flag and they held their ground and did not let the flag
Get taken down.
So specifically what I envision in my mind's eye, the school police and teachers and the principal literally in a ring around the American flag.
That's what it's come to in this country.
And we know in Arizona and other areas, they've jerked down the American flag, put the Mexican flag up there.
Have you seen the video of them burning American flags?
Not only that, in Montevideo where they have the flag, it's all over the internet.
They actually did put the Mexican flag first, and then they put the American flag upside down, not realizing that the American flag upside down means we're in distress!
I said, that's the perfect symbol!
They did it!
They actually did it!
And so, what is that telling us?
And these kids, I don't know if you've seen the videos, but they actually ran into our freeways.
Our freeways do not go slow.
Our freeways go very fast, and they're six-lane freeways.
And these kids actually stopped the freeways.
I know, it's insane.
Give us the website.
It's latinoamericans.org, but give us any other information.
I'm almost speechless here, folks.
I'm going to Texas this weekend.
We're going to have a Reckoning in Crawford, Texas.
I'm going to be there.
We do have that website.
It's areckoning.com if you guys want to join us in Texas.
Anybody in the immigration movement will be there.
Uh, visitors, we will be talking, we will be discussing, we will try to strategize, we might even ask for, you know what, we need to get rid of all these elitists in the Senate.
That's what we've come down to, a bunch of elitists in the Senate, and Congress, thank you Jesus, at least Congress is still standing to a point that we have a lot of congressmen that are La Raza.
A lot of congressmen.
Xavier Becerra out of Los Angeles, Luis Gutierrez out of Illinois, and then we have all the foolish, foolish, stupid congressmen that think they're going to sing kumbaya with these people.
These people do not want to sing kumbaya with these people.
No, they want to take over.
It's the same old corrupt system in Mexico, and they're conning their people.
They want to just rule over them like king rats.
Let's take a few calls here.
Jeff and Mass, thanks for holding your on the air with the great American hero, Lupin Moreno.
Totally agreed.
Now, the satanic trinity that's doing this to America is Washington, D.C., Moscow, and Beijing.
Now, Lupe, if you ever read the book called Two Eyes of the Enemy by Stanislav Lunev, which is a brilliant book, there is a three-stage plan to collapse this country.
The softening process, the breakdown, and reconstruction.
This is Red Dawn in slow motion.
Yes, indeed.
Now, on page 22 of the book, which I'm not going to read, I'm just going to highlight, one of the high points of the GRU is getting intelligence for the assassination of our political leaders.
That's the hard warfare.
The soft warfare is illegal immigration, drugs, corruption, and all this other stuff.
And I took up Spanish, and my teacher, who's in Mexico, told me that the illegal aliens are the bottom
Twenty-five percent of Mexico, that is soft warfare.
People in America have got to wake up and realize we are at war, and the soft warfare is about to end, and the hard warfare is about to begin.
It's very frightening.
Well, when they burn our cities, the media is going to tell us it's all our fault, and we'll have to give total amnesty and learn how to step and fetch it.
Thanks for the call, Jeff.
Well, let's talk to Skunk in Missouri.
Skunk, go ahead.
Hey, guys.
How are you doing today?
I just want to comment.
I actually have a two-part comment.
One is, I remember I was watching cable news last Friday when this, you know, butchered version of our national anthem was going to be aired.
And they actually had a translation broken down so you could read it.
I remember reading one of the passages, basically said that, you know, the America that you knew was over, you're waking up to a new day, and we are going to control this day from here on forward.
If people don't realize right there that that is a declaration of war.
They are trying to dismantle our sovereignty.
They are trying to invade every facet of our lives.
I'm not against immigration.
Both of my parents are from Germany.
I am an American citizen.
It doesn't matter where my parents are.
I'll keep you over, but I mean, Lopey, you've heard the text of that, and it starts out with papa of our race.
Starts out with talking about, you know, Raza.
I mean, what are you hearing and seeing in the different versions that are out there?
Well, you know what?
I've only listened to one version myself and when a reporter called to ask me about it, I said, you know what?
This is going to open a can of worms.
It's going to be, it's going to be a hornet's nest.
I said, because you know what?
Even though I am a Latina, I don't want to even hear that version.
I don't want to hear it.
I don't want to even, I don't want it near me.
I said, if you don't realize that American Latinos are American, we love nation.
We do not
I do not want to hear nothing in Spanish.
Well, they also changed the meaning.
The lyrics!
I could see if they translated, but they didn't translate it, they changed the lyrics!
Anything else, Skunk?
Yes, I'm just concerned about the acceleration of the protests and the beginning of the violence in the protests.
I think in the next few months we are actually going to see an explosion of illegals versus citizens.
We already have it.
They don't show the problems.
We've been protesting and protesting for at least the last year.
I tell you what, stay there.
Final segment.
Skunk, you stay there too.
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And then we're going to go back to Lupe Moreno and let two callers finish up.
Kelby J. A. M. has been trying to figure out a way to get this show on Monday through Friday.
They contacted us, they wanted on, but I told them I can't do two shows a day.
But I'm going to go the next few weekends and do a Sunday show there from noon to 2 p.m.
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That sound alright?
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You can edit that, can't you?
And there's one more for live on that day.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here inviting you to join me coming up today at noon
Hey folks, Alex Jones.
I can't do it live.
The network's so busy they won't let me do it after.
After the show.
Can you believe the position I'm in here?
It's insane.
Support the networks.
They've got more money so they can have two people there so I can do this.
Lupie Moreno, I've never done that before on air.
Actually, I've cut promos for affiliates live on air before, but that's how busy I am.
This is how insane my life is.
Lupie, the Reckoning is coming up this Sunday, isn't it?
Actually, it's this Saturday.
Saturday, 1 p.m., yeah.
My mother is from Texas, so we're going to go tomorrow and visit family that I've never seen, and then we're going to a Reckoning.
And, uh, hopefully we could, uh... Oh, I hate to say that word, but you know what?
I've gotten to the point where I almost think this president needs to be impeached.
Not for everything else, but for this issue alone.
Our borders are not secure.
We have been invaded.
And everybody is being passed about it.
We need moral men and women to stand up for this nation.
No, no, I absolutely agree with you.
Let's quickly... Skunk, you've got 30 seconds.
I've got to finish up here and go to Mike.
All right, I just want to say thank you again for bringing this up.
I remember you, as far as, as long as I've been listening to you, I've heard you speaking about the immigration problem developing all along the Texas border.
Now it seems that now it's getting national attention.
People countrywide are starting to get concerned and actually starting to motivate themselves to do something.
And that's what the mainstream media trying to spin it.
Thanks for the call.
Last caller, Chris in Florida.
You're on the air with Libby Moreno.
Go ahead.
Alex, I wanted to address the last caller in the supermarket incident.
I just wanted to encourage him to tell the truth about what happened, actually to address the manager and tell him that he will not tolerate that kind of treatment by the cashiers.
And I wanted to make the point that I'm not so afraid of an enemy that's not very well educated, non-welfare, and has a lot of welfare babies, because I see them on the bus.
I'm afraid of an enemy that controls the welfare, controls the buses, controls the camps.
And I was wondering, I've heard there's a Supreme Court case against internment camps.
Are you aware of that?
Yes, there's a lot of things that are happening.
Japanese-Americans are suing.
A lot more is happening.
Thanks for the call.
Libby Moreno, I want to thank you for joining us.
And if you're still going to be in town on Monday, maybe I could have you in studio here in Austin, because we can then videotape it and put it on the local TV show.
Actually, I am going to leave Sunday.
The 700 Club is doing a documentary on me.
They are going to a reckoning.
And so I need to be back home by Sunday because we're going to go visit our church.
Lupe, thank you for coming on with us.
Well, thank you for having me.
God bless.
All right, I'm out of time.
I shouldn't try cutting promos here live on the radio, but it's certainly real.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
Be sure and join me coming up at noon today right here on KLBJ 590 AM.
All right, God bless you all.