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Air Date: April 28, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
This just in, coming up in the third hour...
We'll be talking to Wang Wen-Yai, a reporter for the Epoch Times, who admonished President Bush to stop Hu from persecuting the Falun Gong.
She's on with us in the third hour.
She speaks broken English, but it'll be a newsmaker.
So we'll be doing that.
Right now, Glenn Spencer in southern Arizona, right on the border, flying at around 1,000 feet so his cell phone can stay connected.
If he goes any higher, it'll cut out.
And if it does cut out, we'll reconnect with him.
Glenn Spencer, one of the preeminent researchers documenting the reconquista.
He says California has fallen.
He's moved to Arizona several years ago and is really one of the forerunners of the Minutemen.
He's kind of the grandfather of some of the tactics the Minutemen use successfully today, and he's there, of course, working with them as well.
He's in his aircraft right now.
They also fly unmanned aerial vehicles or drones.
But Glenn Spencer joins us from his aircraft, sending live images back to AmericanPatrol.com and AmericanBorderPatrol.com.
We have links to that up on InfoWars.com.
Right now, as you can watch these live video images.
Glenn Spencer, I salute you, my Paul Revere.
Well, Alex, we had a little change of plans because of the winds, severe winds.
We flew an early morning mission.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I asked the board operator.
What we're doing now is we're really playing back on AmericanBorderPatrol.com.
On the camera page, the images we took earlier.
So you can go up there and look at them.
I'm sorry for misreporting.
I was told right before you came on that you were in the air right now.
No, I told your people about a half an hour ago that I had to stay in the air.
No, the network didn't tell me that, but that's okay.
Go ahead.
We have done it, but we've had severe winds down here.
No, fantastic.
You're doing a great job.
I don't even care about that.
So you did do a mission this morning.
What did you see?
Well, if you go on American Border Patrol.com,
You will see just an apprehension of 15 illegal aliens right down by the river that's very close to our headquarters right here that we tracked and reported.
You'll see two vehicles.
We're flying and orbiting around them right now.
You'll see 15 illegal aliens sitting on the ground right there.
Later on in this tape, you'll see that we tracked them over to the NACO station where they unloaded them.
We then tracked them...
We tracked them into Naco.
Then we spotted a van, what we call the San Pedro shuttle.
It's a smuggler's van leaving Naco, no doubt loaded with more people to try it again.
It's a revolving door.
They arrest these people.
You can see them on the videotape.
They apprehend them, take them to the Border Patrol headquarters, unload them, process them, take them into Mexico, and they come right back.
And they keep trying until they do it, and they always do it.
Now, this morning we also got an alert.
We tracked a load vehicle where they had made it way past the Border Patrol, jumped into a load vehicle.
The Border Patrol never stopped it.
Nobody was close enough, and it's now on the way to your town.
They got through, as they usually do.
We tracked that, okay?
We've tracked them running up through the San Pedro River.
The Border Patrol is spread so thin,
Now, there's no hope that we'll ever be able to stop this continuing to do what we are doing now, and we will continue.
The President of the United States has sold us down the river.
Meanwhile, they have some paltry 1,000 arrested.
That's .00004.
If they arrested 1,000 a day for a year, that would be less than 1% of the illegal aliens in this country.
It's nothing but theatrics.
That is correct.
That's all it was.
The president just appeared in Irvine, California, and reiterated his intent.
The American people, most of them,
I really have no idea that he is advocating the utter destruction of the United States of America.
There is no other way to put it.
It is the utter destruction of our nation.
And I just cannot believe...
Here's Representative King from New York.
Stay there, Glenn Spencer.
Give us a report on it.
On the other side, what you think of the last four weeks of demonstrating where it's all going.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
You asked us to make the water level visible to eliminate the guesswork when refilling the water.
We listened.
You asked for an elevated base so the system could be used in places beside on the edge of a counter.
We listened.
You asked us to develop a filter that was made in the USA.
We listened.
We're good to go.
I think?
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That number again, 860-567-7744.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
There's been a change of plans.
Wayne Winyai, a reporter for the Epoch Times who last week confronted Lord Bush and Lord Who, will be joining us in about 25 minutes when Mr. Spencer leaves us.
So that's coming up.
You'll want to stay with us for that.
We're good to go.
When the communist Chinese government, we have video of it, marches up with machine guns, they fight back with hoes, and are mowed down, and in many cases are defeating the Chinese police and military.
In America, when they take our private property, we just lay down and let them do it.
But we have 20 plus million illegal aliens from Latin America, mainly Mexico, another 5 million from other countries, so 25 million to 30 million, that's conservative.
Not the $14 million, now they're going, well, maybe it's $20 million.
No, it's about that that are here.
They run around with Mexican, Nicaraguan, El Salvadoran, Guatemalan, Chilean, Brazilian flags, Haitian flags, whatever, saying this is Mexico, predominantly, and saying we need to implement the Plan of San Diego.
The UT Chicano Studies professor, again, two weeks ago, said in a speech,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
For a year, it would be less than 1% of illegal aliens.
That's how many we're talking about.
And Chertop, on the heels of that, said, Mexican troop incursions are exaggerated and aren't a problem.
Dead Forest Service, dead FBI, dead police, dead sheriff's deputies.
I've interviewed the sheriffs in Texas.
When the Mexican troops come onto our country's property and aim machine guns at them, when our police are taking marijuana and cocaine out of a dump truck.
Okay, we have troops putting police at gunpoint.
Now, if Al-Qaeda did that, you'd never hear the end of it.
But we hear, oh, the war on terror.
Give up all your rights.
We've got to have military checkpoints in New York and Miami and search everybody and national ID cards.
And Hillary wants open borders, calling it a border solution.
They're getting very deceptive.
Glenn Spencer, I want to go through the marches, the demonstrations, the rallies, the riots.
I've seen video of racial attacks.
The media covers that up.
Of course, we broke the news.
It was in the Dallas Morning News, but nobody picked up on it back in December 25th.
That Fox and Bush hired a big PR firm they've used in the past to stage all of this, and this is all staged.
Give me your take on my comments and then add your comments.
Well, in 1994, when we were pressing for Proposition 187 in California that cut off services to illegal aliens, 150,000 people marched through Los Angeles to protest this before the election.
And they were carrying Mexican flags.
Now we have the Sensenbrenner Bill, H.R.
4437, passed by the House of Representatives, and now over in the Senate.
And this time, upward to 700,000 people marched through downtown Los Angeles and many other towns, carrying Mexican flags.
Now, if you go fast forward this, if they give these... The guest worker program is an amnesty.
There's no question about that.
If they give these people amnesty, I will tell you, that's over.
Kiss your butt goodbye.
That's all there is to it.
Representative King from New York said, I've been in politics for over 30 years, and there can be a place for politics.
But this is an issue of life and death, and the American way of life.
This is a highly respected member of Congress.
That's what it is.
This is life and death of this nation that is going to be debated in the next two weeks in the Senate of the United States.
And right now they're trying to kill us.
And I will tell you, and you saw it, you saw the flags, you saw them out at the high school where they raised the Mexican flag and underneath that, at Montebello High School, the American flag upside down.
That's exactly where we're headed.
And when they say get out of this continent, they mean it.
One continent, one culture.
And we're going to be overwhelmed and driven out of North America and probably end up on reservations for Anglos.
Anglo reservations.
They're going to call them, you know, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
We'll give you some place where you can stay.
But you're going to have to stay there and get permission to leave.
If you don't think that's happening, you've got another thing coming.
Well, I've already talked to a lot of my friends that live in L.A.
who are chefs, agreed chefs, and they say they're told, and these are white owners, look, our cooking crew doesn't want gringos.
You can't communicate with them.
You're fired.
That's correct.
And that's going to happen over and over and over again in this country.
Well, that's what the don't buy from the gringo.
It's not just a boycott or a don't go to work that they've been calling for on May Day last week.
I mean, and again, Hispanic Americans are very patriotic, aren't like this, but this is the illegal aliens with the Spanish media predominantly owned by big U.S.
Bottom line, they want the Pan-American Union.
They want to break America up, merge us with Latin America, and they have brought in a foreign political force
That is protected and shielded by our media and babied by our media.
They brought them here with welfare and everything else.
Of course, the guest worker program is unlimited.
Whoever's here for six years is legalized.
It lets them bring in unlimited legal, unskilled and skilled.
Makes it all legal.
And I want to go back to Gutierrez and others.
I mean, am I exaggerating that these professors routinely say that we all must die?
No, they believe that.
And they do say it.
But let's, you know, these people are marginal folks.
We're racist because we don't want to die.
But let's listen.
Here is this guy, David Tivitt, and this was written in the Deseret Morning News.
Here he was, a Harvard graduate, a member of the State Department, right?
Working in Mexico 20 years ago.
And he was writing the State Department as a diplomat, warning them
That he said that the Mexican government was advancing illegal immigration as part of it to retake the American Southwest.
And this is written up and this guy is saying this is what is going on.
He warned them 20 years ago.
20 years ago and he's now come public.
He said you have to understand that's what's happening.
So this is not a drill.
This is not something that's theoretical.
This is right now.
The Senate of the United States is going to debate whether or not we're going to sacrifice the Southwest to Mexico.
Well, I'll tell you, Glenn Spencer, what's really chilling is that my wife speaks Spanish and reads Spanish.
She lived in Spain for many years.
And we can hear on talk radio these amnesty groups.
They also call them asylum groups.
Sanctuary groups.
You'll hear them on national shows, local shows.
And callers will go, Hey, you say for the race everything, those outside the race nothing.
And they'll go, No, that's not true.
None of us think that.
It's all a lie.
We love America.
It's the slick propaganda.
Then you go to their very website, and in Spanish it says, We're taking over Plan of San Diego.
Ha, ha, ha.
We're going to get the gringos.
So they know that the gringo can't read or understand Spanish, and so it's a perfect takeover because it's in another language.
That's correct.
Now, remember they had these big demonstrations of carrying the Mexican flags, and then there was an outrage.
The next week, what happened?
Huge trucks with the big PR firms paid for by Fox and Bush, confirmed, serving out thousands of American flags.
But you have to look at what happened.
You had a couple hundred thousand people all wearing white shirts, right?
They were wearing white shirts and carrying American flags.
Now, that is called a uniform and carrying a flag that they're told to carry.
They follow orders just like an army.
They were told to wear a white shirt and carry the American flag, and they did it.
That was an army you were looking at there.
Now, again, Glenn, I agree.
Washington, great point you make.
Washington knows this and wants to break up the U.S.
The corporations want to.
This is their own rent-a-mob, their $25 to $30 million rent-a-mob that will do whatever they're told whenever they're told.
That's correct.
And in Spanish.
You had all of the Spanish-language radio stations and TV stations in Los Angeles.
You had the mayor of Los Angeles, the city council, all of the organizations out there beating the drum, getting people out to demonstrate.
This is a revolution.
This is pre-Civil War II.
By the way, they have here in Austin big banners that said, Violent Revolution Must Be Enacted.
Oh, it's going to happen.
You said that five years ago when you still lived in L.A.
because you were listening to these people.
You said they'd start killing Border Patrol and military.
They've done that.
No, no, I said we were going to have a war over this thing.
You said that.
Now, I want to hear your prediction.
When is it going to happen?
Well, I don't know exactly when it could happen, but it could happen at any moment.
All you have, everything is set up.
Now, if the House of Representatives doesn't go along with an amnesty program, you're going to have a collision course.
If they do go along with an amnesty program, you're on a collision course because the American people are going to rise up and put a stop to it.
It's just the Auslanders, the invaders, they are, who are saying we're Auslanders, they are going to have just a bigger force.
So we need to go ahead and have the collision now.
Well, I think we're almost asymptotic to 2008, where the probability is going to approach 100% by 2008.
In the next two years.
We could have it happen at any time.
We have been set up for this.
This was done deliberately.
The Ford Foundations of the world that took over the Border Patrol under Bill Clinton and stopped Interior Enforcement and decimated the Border Patrol.
This is what's going on.
Well, Bock was one of the head guys at the Border Patrol, and he was a former Ford Foundation guy.
Robert Bock set us up.
He and Doris Meisner.
Doris Meisner ran the immigration service that included the Border Patrol.
What did she just do?
Well, look, it's simple.
We've got to break.
We've got to break, Glenn.
I want to hear about it on the other side.
It's simple.
They knew the American people wouldn't put up with the New World Order.
They brought in a foreign group, geared them up with an ideology...
And have got them like a knife to the throat of this country.
And they're going to use it.
They're going to slit this country's throat.
Right in front of all of you.
And you're going to love it when George Bush does it.
The ideology powering the Democrats and Republicans is not liberalism or conservatism, but globalism.
I think.
We're good to go.
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Thank you.
We've got to get Glenn Spencer up in the near future for a longer segment so we can take some calls.
But Glenn, here in the last five minutes we've got left with you today.
How do the La Reconquistas, they run around saying all gringos are racist and whine and cry.
Meanwhile, they adore publications and leaders.
I mean, big leaders saying not just force gringo out, but kill gringo.
And then Gringo and many others just sit here with our mouths hanging open.
Meanwhile, our government supports all of this, Glenn.
I wrote about this 20 years ago.
I was in the Pentagon studying the Vietnam War for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
I was on a special task force.
And 20 years ago, I wrote a letter in the LA Times that I said, it's a question of whether the Mexicans want this land more than we want to keep it.
And it's really up to the American people.
And right now, they're winning.
Why do they want this to be Mexico?
Mexico's a hellhole.
That's correct, but the Americans are not fighting back.
For the most part, they're passive.
They're sitting back and allowing it to happen.
When we have rallies, we get 300.
When they have rallies, they have 300,000.
Yeah, but if the national media promoted for three months and told Americans it was okay to demonstrate... I'm just telling you, right now, it looks very, very bad.
And the reason is...
We have no resistance.
There's no real resistance to this takeover.
Well, that's my point, is Americans are these sweet little sappy creatures.
Why do the Lorican Kistas hate Americans so much?
Well, there's a lot of reasons for that.
They've been taught that since childhood in Mexico.
That we stole their land.
And that's why they're coming up to take it back.
We've been taught mush.
Our heads have been filled with mush since childhood.
And we're set up to be taken over.
That's all.
But there's the final equation in this.
Our government, both Democratic and Republican, loves it.
They love it.
But right now, I don't think the future looks very good.
I'm not discouraged.
I'm very concerned.
It doesn't look good for us.
But there is good news in that people are waking up like never before.
Well, they're going to have to go a lot farther than they are right now.
They're going to have to go a lot farther.
Because we have a long road to hoe in order to put a stop to this.
And right now they have a freight train going for them.
What about getting sheriffs in a ring all across the border, getting our sheriffs elected?
And I don't care what color they are, as long as they're pro-America, right along the border, and having them deputize the citizenry, having tax increases for emergency funding.
If you can get them to do it, that's a great idea.
I hope that they can take the initiative.
There are a lot of sheriffs along the border that have joined in the coalition, and they're speaking out.
But we're doing everything we can, but the American people at the grassroots level
Better wake up, because unless they get off their butts,
They're about to get their butt kicked.
Well, I mean, let's say we've got, you know, and most of the sheriffs I've talked to on the border, doesn't matter if their name is Gonzalez or Jones, they know what's going on.
It doesn't matter.
They all know what's going on, and they've joined together.
But that's what I'm saying.
What we need to do is go in, fund them, support them.
We're getting a good sheriff, get them removed in an election, and have them go from 30 deputies to 500.
That's very inexpensive, folks, tax-wise.
Militarize them.
That's constitutional.
That's what we need to do.
Well, this border is a very complicated thing.
I fly it almost every day.
There are millions of places to hide and to cross.
And the amount of manpower that it would take to seal this border is just incredible.
You need a physical barrier like they have in San Diego.
They put that up.
They cut illegal immigration in that area by 95%.
So we need double row of fences.
That's correct.
And then have machine gun nests every mile.
Well, you don't even need that.
They cut it by 95% by putting in this period.
We don't need that?
They're going to come cut through it.
They're going to bulldoze through it.
No, they're not.
They haven't been able to do it.
Go down to San Diego and look.
The experience is that they haven't done it.
They cut it by 95%.
What do you think of Hillary with her ridiculous thing about a virtual fence?
That's the same thing Bush wants.
It is insane.
I just issued a report to Congress on a DVD called The Border Patrol, how it works and why it doesn't.
It's a detailed, molecular look on exactly how the Border Patrol does its job.
Can our listeners get a copy of that from you?
It's only for official use, only for elected officials at the federal level, because to release it to the public would jeopardize our national security.
I can't.
Oh, really?
But you do have other films people can get from you?
Yes, yes.
But this one, it really goes and shows exactly.
If a terrorist got a hold of this, he'd know exactly.
They already know, but I mean...
More of them would know how to defeat our border security.
All right.
Give out your website, Glenn.
Americanpatrol.com and Americanborderpatrol.com.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thank you.
Thanks for your valiant efforts.
We'll be right back.
We're scheduled.
We have the just amazing lady who stood up to the butcher of Asia.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We don't need no education.
We have a modern Paul Revere on the line with us, an amazing lady.
She's a doctor, worked at Mount Sinai Medical Center.
A mother of two, lives in Flushing, Queens, used to be a researcher at Mount Sinai Medical Center, but now works full-time as a Falun Gong activist friend said.
There is no higher calling, I would add, to what she's doing.
She was born in China, a naturalized U.S.
citizen, got to the White House grounds of the past from the Epoch Times, Falun Gong newspaper.
We have links to all that up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
I'd love to have 20 million Chinese in America like her.
I mean, she is so American.
She's so much more American than anybody else I see out there.
Pathetic Americans.
I've heard neocons on talk radio saying she deserved to go to prison, that she disrupted it, that she threatened him when her full quote, and we have it here, was simply that the Communist Chinese Party's days are numbered, involved in their abuse against Falun Gong and others.
They have mobile execution vans.
They advertise in major publications that they take organs, that they have good, quote, fresh organs.
The British Medical Society, the Society of Transplantee Doctors, all of them have gone public.
It's admitted.
It's been in major publications.
We have video of public executions in China.
We have video of Tiananmen Squares that happen on average every month as they machine gun and attack and murder peaceful farmers.
We're going to play a clip of that in a few minutes.
It is unbelievable.
And now they're talking about charging her with intimidating a public, a foreign official.
Six months in federal prison.
Bush had me arrested back in 1998.
In fact, dig up that clip when I simply asked him a question at a press conference.
So we're becoming like the murdering communist Chinese government who has killed more people than Hitler and Stalin.
Almost combined.
There is no greater evil.
And Wang joins us.
And we really appreciate her.
The press just has her as Wang Wen-Yai, but she says her full name is Wang Wen-Yai Wong.
And thank you so much for coming on with us, Doctor.
Oh, thank you.
I'm glad to be your program.
And just because I'm one of these dumb Texans, I'm joking, folks.
Pronounce your full name properly for us.
Last name Wong and first name Wen-Yi.
Wang Wee?
Wang Wee?
Wang Wee Wong.
Okay, Wang Wee Wong.
Now I got it right.
Well, Dr. Wang Wee Wong, we really appreciate you coming on with us.
First off, I want to talk about what happened when you were in jail after we saw you carted away, what they're charging you with, what you're facing, and then tell us about the murder of a communist Chinese.
They charged me in the stretch to the foreign state police
I think there's a hearing next Wednesday to decide how they are going to proceed legally.
But one thing I just want to make clear, and this is not a threat, because I just want to
Urgently called upon the people's help because there is an atrocity going on, especially the thousand to thousand life practitioner Falun Gong they held in labor camp and their organs being harvested and there's some doctors and
Let me stop you there for just a second.
Specifically right now, what are you being charged with?
Because they're saying they're going to charge you.
Have they charged you yet with the intimidating a foreign official?
Yes, that's the charge when they arrested me.
Okay, now let me add to that that I have your full quote here, but can you re-quote it for us?
Because basically you said their days of doing this are numbered.
I would certainly hope their days of grabbing peaceful people and murdering them ghoulishly for their organs would be numbered, but our media is trying to spin that.
Can you please give us exactly what you said?
Because I said in Chinese, I don't know the media how they got the translation.
It's a really distorted message.
Because I said if you continue to persecute Falun Gong and your day to be numbered, that means that your time is running out.
That would be your office.
The time in your office.
How could I myself can really stretch such a
The head of state has millions of these soldiers.
I'll tell you, there's four million soldiers in his command.
And how could I have stretched out his life?
Basically, I just say that there's a saying, Chinese saying, if you do something really bad, and something bad will come to you.
We have a lot of Chinese listeners over the Internet.
Why don't you say hi to them and repeat what you said to the dictator of China in Chinese for us?
I just recalled his name, Hu Jintao.
That's it.
Would you say that China is now more oppressive than it was a decade ago?
Because it looks to me like it is more oppressive.
Every few weeks there are riots of farmers and others against men with machine guns.
I mean, why are the Chinese people revolting like never before since the revolution in 1949?
I think the people now have more connection with the outside world.
And before it was closed up.
And now they have, even though they...
Try the censored information and sever the connection of the Chinese with outside world.
But people can get around and using the internet and watch the program and in different ways.
So now they realize what kind of a situation they live and they want more freedom of speech and the freedom of the assembly and the freedom of belief, which ironically,
They also persecute Buddhists, Christians, basically anybody.
And I'm going to let you get into the persecution of the Falun Gong.
We've covered it quite a bit here and I've interviewed
I think so.
I think my intention there, and this is coming from a long way, actually.
I try to use the normal channel to deliver the message.
In fact, in the last few weeks, I talked to quite a number of officials in Congress level, Senate level, and to raise the alarm of the message, because I think that right now, still quite a number of the people are telling the
Labor camp, their organs have been harvested.
And once we report this news in March 8th, that's the first time we report, and there are several thousand people held in one of the facilities in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, and their organs have been harvested and sold for quite a number of money.
And let me tell you what they're advertising in that website.
The website in that city called China International Transplantation Center in Shenyang, and they're advertising worldwide, say, if you want to have an organ transplant, come to our center.
We can give you an organ within two weeks.
As a physician, I know it's not simple to do the transplantation.
Not only do you need a blood type match,
Most importantly, you have to match your tissue, HLA antigens.
So in the United States, if someone wants the kidney or liver, they have to wait for years or two years minimum, and sometimes the people will wait for longer because not so many people donate their organs.
But in China, because they persecuted Falun Gong, they have a policy saying, we kill you because you didn't listen to the Communist Party.
So you're a criminal.
So your body, once you're being killed, they don't need a consent from the family member.
They just took it out and sell it in the international market to make money.
Well, Dr. Wang, you've hit the nail on the head here.
Let me break this down for listeners.
The Chinese government and the private hospitals that they control openly, and this has been in the mainstream news, advertise that they have the best organs available.
There's not a two, three year wait like when my step-grandfather had hepatitis from blood transfusion years before.
It took him about two years of waiting to get a proper liver.
We're good to go.
Murder them, and they keep them alive while they take their organs, and they kill them, and then transplant it.
This is openly admitted.
Now our media in CNN headlines says, quote, that Falun Gong claims they take organs when the government advertises they do.
So imagine how evil this is.
Our government brings the murdering king rat that runs all this here to the U.S.
Bill Gates tells Steve they act like he's a good guy when he's literally Adolf Hitler.
They then, this doctor, this incredibly wonderful woman, full of courage and honor, stands up to this brutal sack of demons.
She stands up to him, and then they don't just drag her out and arrest her and charge her with disorderly conduct.
They're charging her with something out of a terrorism subdivision under new laws of intimidating foreign officials, Section 802 of the USA Patriot Act.
I want Americans to realize the type of evil we're wallowing in.
Now, from the inside reports you've gotten, can you describe, Doctor, how they murder these people, exactly what goes on for us?
In fact, the March 8th, our newspaper report, because two witnesses came to us from China.
They risked their life and told us the story.
Before that, I have collected six cases of this, but an individual one.
That time, and I saw, for example, Mr. Wang Bin is 47 years old, is from an oil factory in Daqing, an oil factory.
And his family sent me a photo and showed the autopsy card from the throat to the
To the lower abdomen, and that's an autopsy cut.
Then family member said, he's a peaceful practitioner.
Just because he continued the practice, they tortured him to death.
Then they, without our consent, they had an autopsy, took his organ out from throat, the underneath.
That means abdomen...
Now, ma'am, doctor, the Falun Gong is known for being totally peaceful.
But now our media would just run the headline, Chinese government says they're a dangerous cult, and then wouldn't even say who you are or what you are.
Our media is now demonizing the Falun Gong.
And I think a lot of the media, because they couldn't get the information, they just copied the communism media.
But in China, you have to realize that the state-run media is the mouthpiece of the Communist Party.
They know that.
They know that.
Why are the... I mean, CNN cut the feed of you for the Chinese without the Chinese even asking.
What does that mean to you that CNN cut your international feed?
I don't know.
Actually, I was interviewed later and live on the program.
They gave me four minutes to talk about this organ harvesting
But I didn't have time to expand, to explain what's going on.
I told them this is unspeakable.
Just from the camps you know of, how many people are they brutally murdering for their organs?
And the witness came to us.
They talk about thousands of them.
And then it's interesting that once we exposed this case, China is kind of chaotic over there.
And three weeks after we exposed this case, they had a foreign ministry spokesperson had a conference in Beijing, said this is a liar.
After three weeks.
Then they said, now we will welcome all the investigation team coming to the facility to have an investigation.
And of course, after three weeks, you can imagine what they can do.
They can clear up everything.
They had a stage-managed Warren Commission.
Well, it makes it even more ridiculous that your group is known to be totally peaceful.
That's part of your religious beliefs.
For those that don't know, describe what the Falun Gong are.
Describe your basic tenets.
Yes, and the Falun Gong is a very ancient type of practice, and we call it the mind-body exercise.
The theory is really rooted from the Buddha school and Tao school.
You know the Tai Chi, right?
The Tai Chi is very similar to Tai Chi, very slow motion exercise.
There's a five-set exercise you can do, and it gives you energy to purify.
The Tibetan monks do this.
They call it the fountain of youth.
As a physician, I know this is...
If you want to be healthy and well-being, you need to practice something both mentally and physically.
Why are the communist Chinese butchers so afraid of Falun Gong?
I think because they feel... First of all, because such practices talk about the balance of both mind and body, they didn't want people to know or to be conscious about themselves and to...
Starting something, it's outside of the Chinese Communist ideology.
They don't want people to have an identity.
Then, another thing is, they're really, really scared of the rapid, the popularity of Falun Gong.
You're right.
Because in seven years, they go up like double the Communist Party number.
A hundred million people practice in seven years.
Is their persecution of Falun Gong working?
And the...
Not working at all.
And because since they start the persecution, and in fact, outside China, there's 75 countries of people start practicing Falun Gong.
And the more people coming to find out what's going on, then a lot of people, including the Westerners, start practicing Falun Gong.
Well, I know before the mid-70s, these murdering Chinese communist leaders didn't come here, and I don't think our president should meet with them.
They are disgusting criminals, and to meet with them only gives them aid and comfort.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
Dr. Wing-Wei Wong is our guest.
Doctor, give out any Falun Gong websites or news websites where our listeners can learn more.
I know we have links on Infowars.com over to your organization's sites, but give those out for our listeners, please.
If you're interested, you can log in to www.falundafa.org.
The Falundafa spelling is F-A-L-U-N-D-A-F-A.
Or they go to the Epoch Times.
And the Epoch Times, yes, that's the newspaper we exposed what happened in China, the cases I mentioned, and we have a serious report.
And the website www.epochtimes.com, that's in Chinese, E-P-O-C-H, Times,
And for the English, we have eight languages.
This is an international newspaper, eight languages distributed in about 40 countries.
So the English one is theepochtime.com.
Now, we've also confirmed that they also murder Christians and take their organs.
Can you tell us about it?
In fact, in the last 30 years, they have a document that mentions the white surprise of the year.
Thank you.
April 19th, the day before Hu Jintao came to Capitol Hill, then they actually had a hearing.
Yes, there are congressional ongoing hearings.
It's admitted it's going on.
And the national media says that Falun Gong claims, specifically Christians and other groups.
Can you tell us about how they're murdered?
They actually...
The questions and other, anyone, you have your own belief and underground church and people been suffering the culture and quite number of the people been beaten to death.
They all been thinking out.
Last year, the minister, the vice minister of the health department of China come to the one of the meeting in
I think we're good to go.
Most of the time, they really threaten the people to have this donor or organ donation.
We've also caught them selling the dead bodies of babies that they murder in front of the parents if they have more than two children.
I also wanted to bring up the riots every month where the farmers are fighting back against machine guns.
Were you aware of that?
Do you have comments on the growing resistance in China?
Oh, that one, I'm probably not in a good position to make comments.
The only thing I can add to that for the news I reported regarding the military part is there's a famous argument that last year in June, the former general of the Chinese Army,
Zhu Chenghu, who is now the dean of the Defense University of Beijing.
Yes, he said he'd nuke the U.S.
And he actually said that if anyone in the United States is coming in between Taiwan and China, they are going to use the nuclear weapon to wipe out 200 cities.
Doctor, one more little five-minute segment with you, then you've got to go on the BBC.
Yeah, they're our friends.
They're targeting us to kill us, and they're our friends.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
She's leaving us in a few minutes, and I'll get into some other news issues and items internationally, nationally.
But she's Dr. Wing-Wing Wong, and you saw her get arrested for simply asking a mass murdering killer...
We're good to go.
I believe in what you're doing.
Your courage is amazing.
You totally did what Americans wouldn't do.
You shifted it away from this love fest with this murderer and made everybody face the evil of our country being in bed with these people.
And then you bring up how the top communist general says they're targeting 200 U.S.
cities, called a press conference, said they'll preemptively kill us.
They're threatening to kill all our families, but our government loves them and Walmart loves them.
This is serious business.
Closing comments here in the last few minutes, Doctor.
And there was one thing I want to say, and for Falun Gong practitioners, they are very peaceful.
For me, there's one thing you talk about me, I just want to make one correction, because I came to this country 20 years ago as a student, and then I got a PhD in the University of Chicago, then I
I passed the board exam, so I trained as a pathologist in UC San Diego, University of California, San Diego, and the Mount Sinai Hospital.
Now I'm currently the chief editor for the medicine and the life magazine, and I volunteer to do this for the Epoch Times, especially the health-related news.
The really reason I'm doing this this time is because I feel the urgency to stop the life-harvesting organs from practitioners.
They are peaceful.
They just simply have this belief and practice something good for their body and mind, and they should have a right and a privilege for that.
Yes, doctor.
And I would add to that, the addendum, that you've already made them shut down one of the execution harvesting centers, at least for a few weeks, when they had a staged inspection.
So you have already saved some lives.
And so I want this Chinese leader to know what's going on, and if they really...
Really want to work for the people.
They should investigate fully.
And I opened up this for independent international team to fully investigate throughout all the labor camps in China.
Let me ask you a question.
So you're calling for international investigation.
Let me ask you a question.
How do the communist police and military feed on their own people?
How do they bash babies' brains out?
How do they steal organs?
How do they engage in this evil and feel good about themselves?
And these two witnesses told us, because her husband is responsible for removing the cornea from practitioner Falun Gong, and he told us that Falun Gong, they gave some kind of an anesthetic, then they actually took the organ, because the blood, for example, the heart, when you take it out, within four or six hours, you should transplant.
Otherwise, they die, no use.
They just do it in life person, then they give it to, then they basically kill the person, life the person, then give it to another.
The heart they sell in international community is 200,000 U.S.
That's 2 million Chinese dollars.
For the kidney, they sell $62,000.
I'm not saying for life and anything.
Anyone can log in their website to take a look at.
Yeah, tell us that website because they're doing this for money is what you're saying.
Give us the website.
They will just go to the website and type in the China International Transplantation Center, Assistance Center.
So yesterday, the
Doctor, again, I only want to commend you for your amazing courage.
We salute you, Dr. Wong.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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Central Standard Time.
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Going light years beyond the false left-right paradigm.
I am your host.
And we are joined by an amazing individual.
Got a chance to see him on Austin Television a few years ago and meant to get him on then and just somehow drop the ball, but he's with us today.
And we've got links to his bio and links to his website up on Infowars.com right now.
We're going to tell you about Dr. Bob Bowman, then we're going to go to him.
Dr. Robert M. Bowman is president of the Institute for Space and Security Studies, executive vice president of Millennium III Corporation, presiding archbishop of the United Catholic Church, the recipient of the Eisenhower Medal, the George F. Keene Peace Prize, the President's Medal of Veterans for Peace, the Republican...
Aviation Air Power Award, the Society of American Military Engineers Gold Medal twice, the Air Medal with five oak leaf clusters, 101 combat missions over Vietnam as a fighter bomber, and numerous other awards.
He is one of the country's foremost authorities on national security.
And U.S.
Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former director of the Star Wars Defense Program under Presidents Ford and Carter, when it was top secret, not known, of course, until 1980.
Until July 82, he was vice president of Space Communications Company.
And it just goes on for several pages, ladies and gentlemen.
He has a Ph.D.
in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltech.
Dr. Bowman has lectured the National War College, the United Nations, Congressional Caucuses, the Academics of Science of Six Nations, and the House of Lords.
He has appeared on McLaren Near, ABC News, Larry King Show, Donahue, Firing Line.
It goes on and on.
And he's lectured before the National Cathedral and the churches of many faiths, including Roman Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox Christians, churches, Jewish synagogues, Muslim mosques,
Bob Bowman was the first presidential candidate officially recognized by the Reform Party in 99, and it goes on and on.
Ladies and gentlemen, he's renounced NAFTA, GAP, WTO, globalism, the whole New World Order system.
But he's here today to talk about 9-11 and Star Wars.
So we are honored to have him.
Dr. Bowman, some stations just joined us a few minutes ago.
But let's plunge right into 9-11 and the official 9-11 fable.
Several years ago, you began to speak out about it.
How did bin Laden make NORAD stand down?
What made the buildings fall?
Building 7, bin Laden's unknown CIA asset.
The drills that day.
The public officials warned not to fly.
The hijackers trained at U.S.
military bases.
All of this is admitted.
Give us your take, sir, on September 11th.
Well, first of all, I'm not a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, and I think the most unbelievable conspiracy of all is the official one told by the U.S.
It's patently impossible from every angle.
So, you know, yes...
It was a conspiracy.
We know that.
One person can't dream this up in his room and go do it himself.
There were a lot of people involved.
So it was a conspiracy.
The only question is, who were the conspirators?
And that's where I think we disagree with the government and its official conspiracy theory.
Break it down, Forrest.
I'd like you to go further than you've ever gone with us today.
Millions of people tune in right now to hear you, sir.
I know you've written analysis.
You're part of the Scholars for Truth.
You've spoken on it.
But, I mean, break down, Forrest, from any angle you wish, who has the motive?
You know, PNAC called for stuff like this.
Brzezinski said it would be helpful.
I mean, go over from any position you wish to discuss it.
Okay, well, let's see.
I first got an inkling that something was wrong with the...
What we were being told on September 12, 2001, when all of a sudden this government that was so clueless that it had no idea that something like this could possibly happen, was giving us the names and pictures of all of these 19 Arab hijackers.
You know, I thought right then, something is fishy.
And just a quick caveat, Tenet, before the second tower was even hit, is on record telling ABC News it was Bin Laden.
So, in the middle of the attack, they're already saying.
That's right.
That's right.
They've got their Patsy pre-selected.
And, you know, maybe Bin Laden was involved, but...
Bin Laden and his 19 Arabs were far from the whole picture.
They could not have pulled off something like this.
And there's just too much evidence.
Another thing that convinced me that we're not being given the truth is the massive cover-up and destruction of evidence by our government.
If our government has nothing to hide...
Why are they hiding all the evidence?
Why are they destroying all of the physical evidence from the WTC?
Why are they confiscating surveillance videos from the Pentagon?
Why are they confiscating and destroying voice tapes from
The air traffic controllers, I mean, the list goes on and on.
Confiscating the three boxes they found undamaged, firefighters on record, and emergency workers saying the FBI took them out on ATVs.
And, you know, if they don't have anything to hide, show us the evidence.
That's my position.
Well, I mean, let me digress here.
I mean, you're at 101 combat missions, and you can tell us about the aircraft you flew in Vietnam.
And I've interviewed a lot of other airline pilots, current and former fighter pilots.
They say that, I mean, these guys couldn't get Cessnas off the ground.
Admittedly, when they were creating their history, their ledger there in Florida, they jumped out of a Cessna, unable to get it off the ground.
But now they're going to T-bone 75% of their targets in maneuvers that fighter pilots say they couldn't do, but one time out of ten.
Is that accurate?
That sounds accurate.
Now, I haven't actually, you know, I've heard about some of the maneuvers that have been pulled, but, you know, I didn't really see those things come in, whatever they were, and I don't know if the maneuvers that, you know, actually happened.
But if it's as it has been described, then yes, that's a heck of a feat for these Arabs that essentially flunked out of flight school.
But the big thing is they never would have gotten near those targets if ordinary, common sense, standard procedures had been followed.
You remember...
Several years ago, Payne Stewart and his little private plane lost radio contact, so by golly, 16 minutes later, there were fighter jets up escorting that thing, making sure that it didn't hit in a...
Populated area and do some damage.
That's right.
The accounts by the FAA are between 60 and 18 minutes later, five F-16s were shadowing the aircraft.
And, you know, this was standard, and such intercepts happened dozens of times in 1981.
Well, yeah, 67 times in the year before 2001.
That's correct.
And so a lot of...
People said, why didn't we intercept?
And there were a lot of people at the beginning of the 9-11 Truth Movement that blamed the interceptor pilots, saying, why were they going so slow?
It's now come out they were ordered to fly at 350-something miles an hour, F-16 stalling speed.
Well, I haven't seen that.
But I did some calculations with the timeline.
That shows that from the time they got the word to scramble, because of considerations like takeoff roll, acceleration time, climb time, turn time, effect of altitude on top speed, wind, I see no evidence that the interceptor pilots couldn't have gotten to their targets any faster.
You can't instantaneously from takeoff
Fly at your top advertised speed of an F-15.
It's just physically impossible.
But there's a second thing.
They were scrambled about a half an hour too late.
So they would have been scrambled on time.
If they had been scrambled on time, they could have flown at whatever speed they actually flew at, and they could have intercepted those aircraft before they got to the World Trade Center, and of course, 77, they could have intercepted.
Long before it ever got near the Pentagon or Washington, D.C.
at all.
You're talking about over an hour and a half time to do that.
But Flight 11, the first one to hit the World Trade Center, that's the critical thing.
And, you know, standard procedures.
I used to be an interceptor pilot.
I know the drill.
I know how long it takes.
I know what you do.
And the fact of the matter is that when...
An airliner or any other aircraft goes significantly off course, or it loses voice communications, or the transponder signal is lost.
There's a scramble.
There's a scramble.
Any one of those three.
Now, in this case, all three of those things happened.
And still there was no scramble.
And by the way, for those that don't know, that is the default setting.
They don't even need orders.
It just happens.
That's absolutely right.
They had to be... Countermanded.
Somehow prevented from doing the normal thing.
So if our government, somewhere in our government, if they had just stayed out of it and let normal things happen...
Those aircraft would have been intercepted.
The World Trade Centers would still be standing and thousands of dead Americans would be alive.
Somewhere, treason happened.
Dr. Bob Bowman, former head of the Star Wars program, combat pilot Vietnam, 100 plus missions.
He'll be joining us to talk more about 9-11 with his in-depth expertise and then we'll talk about Star Wars.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back, sir.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Welcome back.
Our little message in a bottle.
And the word is getting out.
Dr. Bowman, our guest, short segment, we'll come back in a long segment, we'll have more time.
Dr. Bowman, continuing with 9-11, I mean, I brought up a few of the facets that concern me.
You know, you talk about whatever really did hit the Pentagon, and that's a whole other area of debate.
But what about all the public officials being warned?
What about Bush, his different think tanks, saying we need terrorist attacks to mobilize the American people?
Dr. Bowman, former head of the Star Wars program, who has a motive in all of this?
Well, naturally, you follow the money.
But the biggest motive were the neoconservatives that run our government because they said in a paper beginning around 1991 and continuing, and the paper was revised and published again in 2000, before George W. Bush ever became president,
And, of course, long before 9-11, they published this paper, In Progress for a New American Century, and the authors of that were Libby, Pearl, Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, all the usual suspects.
Cheney, of course.
And they said in there that the United States must occupy Iraq.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
In that area, maybe $2 trillion worth of oil and gas.
And control of those resources and the pipelines through Afghanistan and through Iran and through Bosnia, by the way.
Even Clinton was in on this stuff.
This is an enormous financial incentive for people who are involved in the oil and gas business.
And, of course, that includes practically all the top people in our government.
And then, voila, the people who have the motive and have the capability to carry it out magically preside over the entire attack and then get what they want out of it.
Yeah, and, of course, in that same PNAC document, which was on their website, I don't know if it's still there.
I think they may have...
Taking it out or cleaned it up.
Rebuilding America's Offenses, September 2000.
No, it's still there.
But in the version that I saw on their website, they admitted in that document that the American people would never stand for this unless there was, to use their phrase, a new Pearl Harbor.
And, of course, that's what 9-11 was.
And then Brzezinski in 97 in the Grand Chessboard said, to mobilize our slaves for a war with the barbarians, we need a helpful Pearl Harbor event on the same scale or larger.
Interesting that 9-11 killed about the exact number that Pearl Harbor did, almost 3,000.
Yeah, yeah.
And, of course, it, you know...
Our government could say, well, this was a case of massive incompetence.
Well, if that is the case, then how come nobody in the chain of command from the top all the way down to the poor pilots flying those interceptors, how come none of them were fired, none of them were reprimanded, none of them were court-martialed,
As a matter of fact, the key players in this whole mess were promoted or given medals of freedom.
Yeah, General Myers gets promoted to the Chairman and Joint Chiefs of Staff.
The FBI agents that blocked other FBI agents from, quote, stopping the hijackers got record cash bonuses.
And at the same time, Bush went to the CIA a week after.
Remember the standing ovation?
They acted like they just won the Super Bowl.
Remember that?
I mean, what was that celebration?
Well, I thought they got what they wanted.
They sure did.
Stay there, sir.
I want to come back and talk more about 9-11 and get into Star Wars and talk about what you're doing right now.
You're trying to do something about all this.
Folks can help you.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The first head in two administrations of the secret Star Wars program during Ford and, of course, Jimmy Carter, combat fighter pilot, Vietnam, presidential candidate for the Reform Party.
It goes on and on.
Dr. Bob Bowman.
But that's coming up here in just a few minutes, and I'm going to try to twist his arm and stay in a few minutes in the next hour so we can get all the questions answered.
I know there's a lot of callers.
We haven't been taking calls lately, but I'll take a few before this segment right now ends.
Before we go back to our guest, I didn't plug it last hour, so I better do it right now.
I've made 14 films.
There's some of the best out there, bar none.
I was the first to expose 9-11 two months before it happened.
I've never done it before or since.
I said, call the White House, tell them, don't attack the World Trade Center.
That's the type of sources I got in the Pentagon, okay?
It's on record.
Videos in my film, Masters of Terror.
I've made Martial Law, my newest and most powerful film on 9-11.
And it covers wide spectrum data.
Prior knowledge, motive, how they did it, why they did it, what they did, their history, other government-sponsored terror events.
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We focus on hundreds.
Rapid fire.
Get Martial Law.
It's three hours long.
It's really three films in one.
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The film I made just two months after 9-11.
We had a second edition six months after.
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9-11, The Road to Tyranny, still one of the preeminent films.
A lot of you haven't seen it.
You need to have it.
Of course, then there's the film The Masters of Terror that I produced on the subject.
My book, 9-11, Descent to Tyranny.
Paul Watson's book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror in the New World Order.
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We carry a lot of other books and videos.
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Just spelling it out, Dr. Bowman...
Well, I would certainly think so.
The... You know...
Way back when, I used to be a conservative Republican, and there were conservative Republicans then like Bob Taft, and he was called Mr. Republican, and he stood for three main things.
Number one was fiscal responsibility.
We're good to go.
I think?
Fiscal responsibility is taking a surplus and turning it into the biggest deficit in our history, fiscally responsible.
And of course, foreign military entanglements.
Never has our military been stretched so thin and sacrificed so much to do so little, except for the big money interests.
And thirdly, of course, what you were alluding to is individual rights.
This administration with their Patriot Act, which they rammed through after 9-11 and most of the people in Congress didn't even get a chance to read it, this has done more to destroy the rights of Americans than all of our enemies combined.
I agree with you.
Getting back to 9-11, I mean, just stating it on the record, in your gut, from all the analysis you've done, you've already said their official story is impossible.
Clearly, sir, I mean, from all the evidence you've got, if you were a police officer, if you were a detective, who would you investigate?
Who do you believe carried 9-11 out?
Well, if I had to narrow it down to one person, of course, I think my prime suspect would be Dick Cheney.
But the fact of the matter is that there needs to be a true independent investigation, not the kind of sham investigations that we have...
By the way, we went to a press conference on Friday and confronted Chairman Keene, and we said, well, you were appointed by Bush.
He said, oh, no, I was appointed, and we went, yeah, but you appointed everybody else.
And then we brought up Building 7, and he said he didn't know anything about Building 7.
It's the same thing.
Yeah, well, that so-called 9-11 commission omitted anything that might be the least bit
Here's a better way for me to ask the question.
Who is the only group?
Who are the only groups?
What are the only organizations that can carry out something on the scale of 9-11?
You see, where I'm coming from is I don't believe that we have the evidence to know whether Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda was involved and the people in our government simply got wind of it and capitalized on it and made sure that nobody interfered with it.
Or if...
The thing was planned from beginning to end.
Well, what you just said, the first thing is bare minimum.
I mean, the first thing is bare minimum.
Bare minimum, that's right.
Bare minimum.
We don't know if it's even worse than that, that it was totally planned and carried out by people other than the...
The official suspects.
Well, sir, I mean, Dr. Bowman, you headed up the Star Wars program, highly decorated, worked at the highest levels of government.
When you talk to your former colleagues in and out of government, I mean, certainly they've got to know.
They're not stupid either.
Well, the thing is, I don't... The people who were in that military chain of command, from the evidence that I've seen...
I'm not sure that any of them below the people directly involved with the White House.
I don't believe that any of the people in the military chain of command necessarily knew what was going on.
They could have been all innocent tools of the people that were pulling the strings.
And is that why the drills were used to confuse everybody?
The drills, absolutely.
Those exercises that went on that morning simulating the exact kind of thing that was in fact happening so confused the people in the FAA and NORAD and whatnot that they didn't know what was real and what was part of the exercise.
And I think that the people that
Planned and directed and carried out those exercises.
They're the ones that should be the object of investigation.
I don't want to prejudge who was guilty.
After all, I'm running for Congress and I'm hoping when I get to Congress to get a real investigation going to raise questions and
I don't want to be presumptuous and get up there and say, I have the answers.
What I want to do is to get up there and prove that we don't know the answers and that the official answers we've been given are impossible.
We've got to dig deeper and we've got to look elsewhere.
And see if we can get a real investigation going and eventually prove who was responsible.
But as you say, all the evidence, the only people that could carry this out is the highest levels of the black world squads, the private corporations that basically run our government.
That sounds good to me.
Well, I mean, I appreciate your courage in even going this far and saying the whole thing's a fraud and that your main suspect is Dick Cheney.
That's extremely strong.
What about the police officer?
What about the FBI agent listening right now, who's a good person themselves, Dr. Bowman, so they can't believe that other people in government or in this system, in the black world, could be involved in something like this?
What would you say to those naive souls out there?
Well, there were a lot of FBI people that did their jobs and reported things that got absorbed into the system somehow and got never acted on.
Yeah, they specifically said, these guys are hijackers, they're going to attack the World Trade Center, and they were ordered, you'll be arrested if you don't drop this case.
Yeah, yeah.
And so, to those folks that were trying to do their job and protect this country, I say, you know...
Keep doing your job and protect this country by blowing the whistle and investigating the real perpetrators.
If they would have blown the whistle publicly and gone ahead and gone to jail, we might see 3,000 people still alive.
Well, that's possible, but, you know, I've been a whistleblower myself and I know it's very, very difficult.
And I've been the subject of attempted bribery, attempted blackmail, phone taps, CIA harassment, FBI, IRS, and death threats.
And so I know what can happen.
Oh, I know too, sir.
I've experienced, and I wasn't the head of the Star Wars program, the most classified government program we know of in existence for six years, as you were.
But let me bring this up.
A lot of experts believe, a lot of other prominent people are going public.
They believe that the globalists are going to carry out another terror attack in the Western world very soon because their entire agenda is stalling.
We also have gotten a Republican memo saying they, quote, need another 9-11 or they're cooked.
Yeah, I can see that.
And I hope they can't pull it off.
I hope that they are prevented from pulling it off.
But I know darn good and well they'd like to have another one.
Do you think they're scared, though, because so many people are pointing the finger at them?
I mean, I think that really has already held back an attack.
Quite possibly.
It, you know...
They fooled most of the American people once, but I don't know whether they could ever get away with it again.
What are your former fighter pilot buddies from NOM who know about aircraft and what they do and what happens?
What are they saying about 9-11?
Well, most of them not much, but privately I haven't gotten any disagreement from any of them on the things that I'm saying.
Same thing.
I mean, I personally know current airline pilots that are flying 777s and stuff, and they just go, of course it was an inside job, but they won't say it publicly.
Yeah, that's right.
They want to hang on to their jobs and protect their families and all the rest of it, and I understand that.
But I mean, what's going to happen when national polls show the majority of Americans are saying inside job now, Doctor?
Well, the problem is we don't have anybody...
In Congress that's capable of making and willing to make enough noise to get something to really happen.
Well, Ron Paul tries.
Oh, yeah.
Ron Paul tries.
And we've got a few courageous people on both sides of the aisle.
Cynthia McKinney.
Cynthia McKinney.
And now they're trying to arrest her.
And, you know, we have a handful of women Democrats up there.
To augment the courage of Ron Paul.
But to be honest, I don't see... Is it only the Democratic women that have the cojones to do something?
It's a strange situation.
But things may change.
There are now...
72 of us.
Well, as of two weeks ago when I was up in Washington, D.C., there were 72 of us who are the Fighting Dems, the Band of Brothers, all combat veterans, all running for Congress for the first time.
And all running against the Iraq War.
Let me ask you a question.
What do you think of this gaggle of chicken hawks?
I mean, you had SAM missiles shooting at you, and AAA, I mean, 101 missions, as highly decorated as it gets for the Air Force, I mean, as highly decorated until the Congressional Medal of Honor.
What is it like for you to then just see these little wimpy chicken hawks running around, talking tough, and saying, bring it on?
Well, that's why I'm doing what I'm doing.
I really didn't want to run for office again.
I tried to find somebody younger and healthier, but when it came right down to it, there wasn't anybody else.
Nobody else that was capable, willing, had the information I've got, and so I just had to
Put my money where my mouth was and say, okay, I will run.
And the Democrats pleaded with me to take their nomination because the incumbent Republican is one of those that just does whatever Bush and Karl Rove tells them to do.
Tell us where you're running and how folks can support you.
Well, I'm running in Florida District 15 against Dave Weldon.
The way people can support me is simply by going to my website, Bowman2006.com, and reading the issues and whatnot that I stand for, and sending me money.
We've got a PayPal link right on there, or they can just fire off a check and mail it to me.
Well, I can think of no better type of candidate than yourself.
We need more people in there that know what's happening.
Well, I appreciate that.
You know, we've
We've raised about $7,000 so far, and my incumbent opponent has a war chest between $4 and $5 million.
Now, we're not going to match that, and frankly, I'm not even going to try.
But we need enough money to get the message out to the people of this district, to make them aware of the issues, and to give them a choice, a chance to really vote.
If you're not the incumbent...
Nobody knows your name, and it's very, very difficult.
The last time around, this incumbent won by a 2-1 margin.
That's not going to happen again, I can guarantee you.
But I think we have a real chance of winning this thing if we get a little help.
Well, Ron Paul has said we need to remove the Republicans.
He says we've got to check this executive monopoly that's formed.
I mean, Bush is saying it's above the law.
And all of the lily-livered Democrats that supported the president in the war and all this other stuff as well...
Or two chickens to stand up about 9-11.
Stay there, sir.
We're going to take a call from Ron in New York when we get back, and I hope to twist your arm and stay a little bit more with us to talk about Star Wars.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
1-888-253-3139 Or visit InfoWars.com and the secure shopping cart.
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We moved the network last week up in Minnesota to do bigger, better offices.
And so I didn't do the first few days of the week.
And so I didn't skip Friday to go confront Chairman Keene up in...
Up in Georgetown, when he was talking to the Southwestern University there, I did send some of my crew.
And we've got an amazing video report that's going to be going up later this afternoon on Infowars.com and a text report that we're going to put together about what happened.
But Bob Dacey...
I know he's waiting in the wings, local TV host.
One of my progeny in the fight against the globalists.
I'm very proud of that because he's very astute and now writes articles for national publications about the globalists.
I've asked Bob to come on the last 30 minutes of the show, because I know he's called in, so I can play some of these clips.
We have five clips coming up near the end of the broadcast.
And so we can play those short clips and get Bob's take on that.
So we'll see if we can do that.
Right now, Ron in New York's been holding for eons.
I'm not going to take any other calls, folks.
And our guest, Dr. Bowman, is going to stay with us graciously 20 minutes into the next hour.
We don't have time.
But Ron in New York, I know you're chomping at the bit to talk.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I have several things that I want to touch on.
They may be different, but I want to ask the audience to use its comparative logic to come to an intelligent conclusion.
First off, the doctor had mentioned that they're waiting for another event to occur.
Well, we all know, if we've been watching TV this weekend, that the heat has been turned up on Iran.
I watch news reports in which all of a sudden Iran is supposed to have this missile torpedo.
The unembedded press reports that there are rumors coming out of 10 Downing Street of the United States.
Yeah, no, no.
I mean, they're saying that Iran is going to be attacked.
It may be this month or next year, but it's going to come.
200 sites are going to get slammed.
And they're claiming they have super EMP bombs like Saddam's rail gun, just more Buck Rogers bull.
Do you have a comment or question for Dr. Bowman?
Well, I would like to solicit the doctor's comment, but I also would like to get on to some other points that are very important.
Okay, well, that's one question on that.
What's the next point?
Okay, the next point is this.
As reported in the New York Times Magazine on March the 12th,
Six degrees of separation.
The government is coming up very soon with a new matrix database system in which basically the standard set for it is that everybody will appear culpable and be in there.
Now the amazing thing about it, and I ask your audience to consider on the face of it how preposterous
This is.
The NSA has a database in which they say 325,000 people in this country are potential terrorists.
Now, if you were to believe that 325,000 people in the United States are terrorists, then you would have to buy into a preposterous belief
That we have an army of terrorists on American soil that is almost three times or more than three times the size of the American army on the ground in Iraq.
And for four and a half years they haven't struck us.
And you look at the London bombing, and that was clearly MI5, MI6.
That's now been confirmed conclusively.
Dr. Bowman, thanks for the call.
Ron, can you comment on both those points?
Well, yeah, I believe that they want very much to attack Iran.
We've got to prevent that.
I would like, with some of the time that we have left, to comment on what is going on now in Iraq and what we should do about that and how that dovetails into preventing an attack against Iran.
What do you think about all these databases tracking Americans, the Real ID Act?
Well, that goes along with the whole Patriot Act and trying to...
Limit the freedoms of the American people, and it's the kind of thing that we should not allow.
I mean, as Ron Paul and many others have said, we're in danger of a dictatorship and a total takeover.
Do you agree?
I do indeed.
I think there's been nothing closer to fascism than what we've seen lately from this government.
Do you believe they're attempting to perfect a literal dictatorship?
It certainly appears that way.
All right, Dr. Stather, we'll get into Iraq, we'll get into Iran, we'll get in before you leave to Star Wars.
I've got a few questions for you on that.
We've got it for 20 more minutes.
Third hour starts in 70 seconds.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're now to the third and final hour of this live Monday, April 3rd, 2006 edition, first broadcast of the new month.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Right now, going back to Dr. Bowman, you've got the floor, sir.
Give us your view on Iraq, where it's going, where Iran's going.
I joined the Air Force to protect our borders and our people, not the financial interests of Folgers, Chiquita Banana, Exxon, and Halliburton.
Now, I think we've had enough corporate wars.
That's what Iraq is.
I say no more Iraqs, no more El Salvador's, no more Kosovo's, no more Colombia's, and no Iran's.
You know, these are not isolated incidents of stupidity.
They're part of a long, bloody history of foreign policy being conducted for the financial interests of the wealthy few.
And it's a new form of colonialism.
It violates our Constitution.
It endangers our people.
It mortgages our future.
It wastes our youth.
And it is treason.
And it must be stopped.
And it destroys the good name of America.
We're being isolated in the world.
We're an outcast among the nations.
We're the number one rogue nation on Earth.
Well, people ask me, you know, why on Earth I'm running for Congress, Democrat, down here in Florida, as a pilot who flew with those 101 combat missions in Vietnam.
I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that includes a renegade president.
I think it's time for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, and the whole oil mafia to be removed from office and indicted for treason.
And if I get elected to Congress, I'm going to go in that direction.
I think we owe it to the men and women serving in Iraq to end our occupation, restore our credibility and honor, and bring them home.
And the only way to do that is to give up control of the Iraqi oil, give up control of the rebuilding contracts.
And give up the 14 permanent military bases we're building in Iraq.
Those are the three reasons that we went into Iraq in the first place.
Why are they so arrogant?
I mean, they know that 70 plus percent are now against them, and they just seem to have more hubris than ever.
Well, you know, those things are what they really went to war for in the first place.
It was the reason for 9-11, is to give them an excuse to go into Iraq.
It was their, you know, new Pearl Harbor.
And they're not going to get out unless they're forced out.
If we had a Congress that served the needs of the American people and served the Constitution of the United States, instead of giving an appointed president a blank check to go in there, the members of Congress would say, hell no, and they would refuse any money
To continue that war.
What they can do now is say, we will provide money for armor for our troops, we'll provide money for safely extracting them from that quagmire while they're still alive, but we will not appropriate another dime
To go over there and get our troops killed for your oil.
We got a break.
We'll come back with our final segment with Dr. Bowman.
We'll get more into Iraq, more into Iran, and how to stop these neocons and their democratic accomplices on the other side.
The websites are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, and Infowars.net.
Check them out.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Engaging the global control freaks, the corporatists, the global fascists that fund both sides of the political paradigm, engaging them at point-blank range in the info war, smashing their capital ships that...
Pump out the lies, discrediting their frauds.
More and more people coming forward, speaking out, calling for treason charges, calling for the arrest of these criminals.
We're trying to derail an attempt at a Nazi Germany slash Sovietized style takeover of the planet.
And make no mistake, that's all those were in the past were other examples of empire.
And we are here with this neo-colonialism where we're being colonized as well.
So many Americans think, oh yeah, we are getting our oil.
I hear them on talk radio, but good, we're the empire.
As if you're part of that.
You're going to have your pension funds taken.
You're going to have your taxes taken to pay for multinational corporations to go around raping everyone.
It's our final segment with Dr. Bob Bowman, former head of Star Wars program.
And he's running for Congress right now.
He's exposed 9-11, talking about the inside job and all the evidence that points at that in the last hour.
Powerful revelations.
We've got links to his different websites at Infowars.com right now.
Well, I sure hope not, but at this point I'm not sure how we can stop them, except I have
Great hopes that the people in the military can put a stop to it.
Got a little story for you.
At least twice in our recent history, the military chain of command within the White House has essentially prevented World War III.
They took the button out of the hands of the President.
One time was under Richard Nixon when he was
Under threat of impeachment.
And he was very unstable at that point.
And the people within the White House, I know because they're friends of mine, the people who had the football and could initiate nuclear war, talked to each other and said, what are we going to do if he says nuke the Russians?
And this happened again under Reagan.
They made up the... They decided that, you know, first there would be the question, why, sir?
And unless there was a damn good answer, nothing was going to happen.
Because they took the same oath I did to defend the Constitution of the United States and protect it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
You follow that.
That's right.
You don't follow the Fuhrer.
That's right.
So I am hopeful that there will be enough people...
In the Pentagon and generals willing to be fired like General Shinseki was, who dared to tell the truth about what it would take to pacify Iraq, willing to be fired to say the truth and not do something which is illegal, immoral, unconstitutional,
Against the Nuremberg Principles and a war crime.
Well, let me raise that point that you just brought up.
Even Secretary White, who was a crook involved with Enron and the fake trading and the rest of it, they appointed their own crony as Secretary of the Army.
He said, look, all my generals say 400,000 troops and will still probably fail.
And they said, I want your resignation tomorrow.
It's the same thing with Shinseki and others canning him.
I mean, even people that are...
Well, I'm just hoping that there are enough people in the military, and I know a lot of them, and I have great respect for them, that are willing to get themselves fired before getting this country into another quagmire, another war of aggression.
And God help us.
God grant us regime change in Washington, D.C.
Did your sources back during Nixon and Reagan say that... I mean, certainly Nixon has come out with planning to bomb his own convention to blame it on his political enemies.
That's admitted.
And I know that he was in some danger of starting a war in the Middle East just to get himself extricated from all of this.
Are you saying that from your sources when you were later the head of...
I guess the Space Command and the whole Star Wars secret project at the time.
You're saying you've been told by high-level sources that, I mean, was there a concern he'd do it because he was on all those meds going crazy, talking to himself, or was there some type of inkling that he might attack somebody to get out of hot water?
A little of both.
Well, see, that's what I'm afraid of.
I think the neocons have decided they're going to do whatever it takes.
Cheney doesn't think he has long to live with the six heart attacks, basically like Darth Vader, with all the apparatus he has with him and four heart experts at all times.
It just seems like these guys want to go out with a bang like they're totally nuts.
Well, I'm pleading with our military chain of command to defend the Constitution of the United States and our people and their own troops by disobeying any
Order which is illegal, and God knows the order to do an aggressive war is an illegal order.
Well, Dr. Bowman, it's almost like we're in Nazi Germany, and we're having to hope the high command does something.
I mean, we've gotten into a situation... And 9-11 was our Reichstag fire.
So, I mean, we're here in this Twilight Zone type atmosphere where we're having to beg people to not do it.
Let me bring up Star Wars, because I was reading some accounts about when you were the head of the Star Wars program, you even had the top brass say, look, you know, when you leave here, go warn everybody and stop this.
Tell us that story.
Of course, nothing classified, but whatever you can tell us that you've already said before, and then anything new you can tell us.
Okay, well...
When I retired, I felt good about what we had done.
The Star Wars program was a quiet, super secret research program to understand the technology and develop countermeasures and know what the Russians might be able to do and to develop the bits and pieces just in case the answer changed.
But the answer we got from our strategic studies was forget the technology.
If you were successful technically in building this thing, it would be against our national security interests because it's useless in the hands of an innocent party sitting back trying to protect himself because it's so vulnerable.
It's only useful in the hands of an aggressor.
It's only good in sneak attacks.
And so I reported that to our government in 1977 and
What happened was that after I retired in 78, all of a sudden Reagan gets elected and with him, pulling his strings, are the people that we in the military used to call the lunatic fringe.
Crazy George Keegan, General Danny Graham, Edward Teller.
And these folks got him to do Star Wars and I think convinced him that he invented the idea, which he, of course, claimed in his March 23, 1983 speech.
Well, yeah, in 1979 at Bohemian Grove, Time Magazine reported they came to him and said, we've already got this program, call it Star Wars.
Well, I called it Star Wars in 1977 in my secret report to the government.
So you're the guy that coined it?
But it was independently coined, I'm sure, later by critics after Reagan's speech, because he didn't call it Star Wars.
But the fact of the matter is that after his Star Wars speech, I continued to speak out.
I was speaking out very cautiously in 81 and 82 about the dangers of weapons in space.
After Star Wars 3, I really got busy and Reagan's own Joint Chiefs of Staff called me in and said, we can't say anything.
There's a gag order on everybody on active duty and even anybody who retired after Reagan took office.
We can't say a thing.
We can't write anything.
That's right, and of course...
We always believed, we in the military believed, that we were the good guys, that we weren't going to start a nuclear war, that we wouldn't be the aggressors.
And so these weapons were useless to us.
They were only valuable to an aggressor.
And we know that the people that were pulling Reagan's strings, that's exactly what they wanted.
They wanted to be the aggressor.
They wanted to start a nuclear war.
Because they thought we could win it if we initiated it.
Just like General LeMay was a complete psychopath wanting to do it 30 years before.
So anyway, I did speak out.
I gave over 5,000 speeches around the country about Reagan's Star Wars scheme.
And that really got me... Of course, it got me out of industry.
It got me out of the mainstream.
And I became a...
Permanent whistleblower and troublemaker.
And that's what I still am.
How far can you go?
And if I can, I'll hold you for five more minutes.
We've got Bob Daisy coming up because I want to be able to answer this question.
But when we get back, I want to know just how much you can tell us about what we know is up there right now.
X-ray lasers?
Hydrogen bombs?
Or are they planning to put that in space?
Or is it just missile killers or particle beams?
What have they put up there?
We'll be right back.
Final segment with
Dr. Bob Bowman.
We can link through to his website at Infowars.com.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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They railed against the crowd.
Another ragtag band.
Declaring independence.
They laid their lives, their liberty, their treasure down.
In a bloody war.
For liberty.
For us.
What are we doing for our descendants?
Thanks to them we're free today.
You know, we play a clip of that almost every single broadcast because I want to thank our founding fathers and I want to thank the veterans and I want to thank the modern day heroes like Dr. Bob Bowman who are standing up and who are going to help us defeat these bastards.
Dr. Bowman, do you have any doubt?
I mean, I see so many prominent people, so many grassroots people, so many good people.
You know, we've got the good thinkers.
Normally, the smartest people are the good people.
They are the informed people.
And then you've got this dumbed-down mass and this gaggle of insane power-controlling freaks.
And I think we can beat them.
What do you think is going to happen?
I'm very hopeful.
There's so many of us now.
I tell people out there, if you've got a combat veteran running for office in your district and he's against this Iraq war and he's against NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, World Trade Organization, all the globalization, help him.
Get him elected.
My website is Bowman2006.com.
Help me.
I've linked to the others.
Help us all get in there and have a Citizens Congress that will serve the needs of the people for a change instead of the greeds of the corporations and the billionaires.
Well, sir, you're a warrior in your own right, and I mean, so many people say we can't win, we can't fight, but what fight in life...
Even if it's a bully picking on you when you're 10 years old, he's 15, he's trying to beat you up, it's always better just to fight back.
I mean, I know that half the battle is knowing we can win and simply putting one foot in front of the other.
I mean, is that the lesson you've learned from life?
What other lessons?
Oh, you betcha.
You know, people said I didn't have a chance of keeping weapons out of space in 1983.
But, you know, we did it.
I learned that one person can make a difference.
You're making a difference.
I'm making a difference.
We can all make a difference.
But we've also got the motivating factor of trying to keep this country free.
I mean, you know, they changed the rule two years ago where they can start taking private pension funds, and now GM's talking about gutting it.
I mean, we're in crisis mode here.
We are indeed.
Space-based weapons, you know, all those, what, 84% of the shuttle missions have been secret.
There's all these other secret rockets going off.
I mean, what do you think's up there?
I mean, you say you stopped it.
We know you stopped the public weaponization, and a lot of evidence shows that their programs were scaled way back.
But, I mean, what did they want to put in space versus what they have put in space?
Well, they wanted all sorts of stuff up there.
The laser battle stations, the kinetic energy kill vehicles, all sorts of things.
Now, we know that... That's the rail guns?
No, that's another one still.
But I've got a whole book on that stuff.
Oh, tell us about it.
Well, Star Wars Defense or Death Star.
It's out of print now, but I do have a few of them...
If people are really interested in that, they can contact me through my website.
If they're interested in the history of this, this is a 1984 book.
But it sells all the technology and the strategy and why these things were against our security interest and why if we had done what Reagan said he wanted to do, which is build Star Wars and give one to the Russians too so we'd both be protected, it would have meant instantaneous and automatic nuclear war.
And the last minute we've got left, why?
Break that equation down.
Well, these weapons, including the ones that Bush is working on now and wanting to put into space, are so vulnerable to even modest technology that any country that wanted to actually shoot an ICBM at us and had the technology to do that
would automatically have the technology to shoot down Bush's 747s with lasers orbiting off the coast of China, for example, or destroy one of our cruisers with interceptors on it sitting off the coast of North Korea.
The thing about all of these weapons, including the space weapons, is they have to get within 300 meters
We're on the march.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The empire's on the run.
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Welcome back, folks.
Before we go to Bob Dacey and play five clips from the InfoWars team, and of course he was involved in that as well, confronting Lord Keene Friday from the...
Lee Hamilton Keene Fraud Commission.
Before we do that, I just want to say something.
The news we're breaking every day, what my team is doing every day.
I mean, last night we put together this big article about this doctor death saying we need to kill 90% of the population and getting the big award and standing ovation of the Academy of Sciences, the scientists here in Texas.
That's a huge article.
You've got to get that out to everybody.
It's so important.
We covered it in the first hour.
We're good to go.
I think?
I want to thank you for all you've done out there, listeners.
Keep spreading the word about Genesis in the streams or the local AM or FM affiliates you listen on.
Keep it up.
Please continue to support us in what we're doing.
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Support us.
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Go to InfoWars.com.
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Air them on Axis Television.
Show them at your VFW Hall or at the nursing home or at the college campus.
I don't care.
At the library.
We're taking action.
We're not waiting for orders from headquarters.
We're going to the sound of the guns.
We're engaging in the InfoWar.
We're defending this republic.
So be sure and go to InfoWars.com to peruse the safe, secure online shopping cart there at the video and bookstore, the books on tape, the t-shirts, the bumper stickers, the films.
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Just go get a monthly subscription.
Download all my films, burn copies.
It's a great activist center.
My book, Paul Watson's book, weekly TV reports, our best audio interviews, prisonplanet.tv, prisonplanet.tv.
Take action.
And for just a few more days and we're going to cut it off.
A few more days and it's over.
The spring special...
We're talking about five plus months, almost half a year free.
You get 5.3 months free.
On a year membership.
And by the way, it's April 3rd now.
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It's working wonderfully.
And I want to thank you all for your support out there.
So PrisonPlanet.tv.
Go get that almost half a year free right now by signing up.
And then I want to just say this.
Why has Genesis been successful?
A small network.
Why have I been so successful in fighting the New World Order?
Because I have passion, I do my research, and because you've supported us, and because we don't infight.
I mean, there's a scumbag out there that pushes peak oil and tells us not to be involved in 9-11 and that the movement's dead.
And he's the same one telling us all our resources are gone.
And that all ties into this whole mindset of these professors and people that say we've got to get rid of the population.
These individuals have said this.
How on earth do people even support them?
And then people say, well, you need to respond to these attack pieces.
No, I have guests on.
I'm covering data.
I'm covering information.
I'm fighting the New World Order.
When other people attack me, that's not what this movement's about.
It's a bunch of egomaniacs or paid COINTELPRO bloggers, and it's admitted a lot of them are paid, trying to get us all fighting with each other, going, that person's an agent, this person's an agent, that person's bad, this one's bad.
No, it's about the info and getting in the fight.
Okay, we know the globalists are bad.
We know they're coming down on us.
We know what's happening.
Let's have a big tent.
Let's get everybody involved in this fight, and let's come in for the big win.
Okay, and I just thought I'd spend a minute or two on that.
And so many people are just egomaniacs.
A lot of others are paid on the payroll.
Admittedly, former CIA or police or others.
They're losing folks.
They're angry.
They're frustrated.
They're screaming even louder.
And I frankly shouldn't even respond to that and say that.
It's just that we're about issues.
That's why we grow.
That's why we expand.
We're here working desperately.
I was here until 2 a.m.
last night.
We're here busting our butts because we know our families are in danger, folks.
I mean, it is a razor-thin edge right now if we're going to be able to win this thing.
We have a chance, though, and I know even if the New World Order is going to come down on us, it's better to be fighting them.
It'll be much lower impact in that fight.
All right, Bob Dacey, been a listener, I guess, for about 10, 12 years.
And he woke up, I guess, eight, nine years ago.
He's had a TV show for six or seven, I forget.
Very popular, does great programs, even writes for the New American Magazine on globalization.
He's another example of somebody taking action.
My team went up there on Friday.
We're going to play some clips in a minute.
There will be a video up about confronting Chairman King on the site later for everybody for free.
We're good to go.
Well, I'm very glad to be here, Alex.
I heard you talking about Mr. Chairman Keene, and I thought, well, gee, since I was there, I might call in and, you know, tell people what happened, you know?
You bet, my friend.
Let me digress for a second, though.
What do you think about everybody starting to wake up?
I mean, are you getting the same thing I'm getting, that there is an explosive renaissance of understanding happening?
I have found that it's easier and easier and easier for more mainstream people all the time to get the big picture now because it's so in your face that it's so obvious what's going on.
It really is obvious.
I mean, I remember day one down at the TV station saying it's an inside job, and even having another producer down there who's supposedly a patriot screaming and cussing at me in the hallway saying, how dare I say that?
Of course, they're not saying that now.
No, they're not, because more and more evidence is coming out, despite everything they're trying to do to shut it up.
Well, that's certainly happening.
Bob, this was the Schilling Lecture.
They really were Schilling for the New World Order, but I'm not joking.
I love it.
It was called the Schilling Lecture there at the oldest university in Texas, north of Austin.
Just give us a ballpark of what happened, and then I'm going to play some clips.
Well, basically what happened is when we were trying to gather there as media, trying to figure out where to set up for the little press conference they had before the speech, the first thing that happened is we noticed that we were told we couldn't go up there yet because the students who were going to be asking the questions at the end of the conference, at the end of the speech, were being prepped by King's people.
And I looked at Kelly Taylor, my producer, and she looked at me and we thought, did we just hear that?
And we went up there.
Because later they declared it was independent new questions.
It really wasn't.
Well, they had three people come up.
They're like chosen students to come up and speak to the governor and ask him questions.
But they were prepping him up there in the room before the thing happened, and as they were leaving the room, I asked one of the students, are you the guys going to be asking the questions after the speech?
And she said, yeah.
So there was no spontaneity about the questions after the speech.
By the way, I digress.
We're trying to write a big piece on this today.
Bob, as soon as you get off, can you hammer out four or five paragraphs that I'll include in the article?
I'll give it a shot.
Yeah, and then you know my secret email, don't you?
But go ahead and also send it to ryan at infowars.com.
But I need that within an hour of you getting off.
Can you do that?
Yeah, give it a shot.
Just a basic four paragraphs.
It's going to be a composite.
The other three guys that were there, some of my comments.
So it'll be a composite with each person commenting.
Bob Dacey's analysis is, but please include that.
That's a key point I'd forgotten to mention from the witnesses.
So just like these town halls, that was stage two.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, you know, I didn't know what the situation was going to be.
I didn't know what kind of press was going to be there.
But as it turned out, there were only four reporters in the press availability, and two of them, myself included, and, of course, Kevin Smith from InfoWars, were hostile.
And that was quite impressive because he was there for 15 minutes deflecting the serious questions.
You know, I'm the guy that asked him the question about Building 7.
You know, I laid the whole thing out, and he just absolutely blew it off.
We're going to play some of those clips here in just a moment.
And then later, he was even having people screaming in the audience, what about Building 7 as well?
And then he basically said, biometrics will save us, A-bombs are going to go off, give up all your rights.
I mean, they're selling fear.
It was classic boilerplate fear-mongering.
It's the same old tired line, give up your rights in order to get security.
I mean, that was it.
His biggest fear was that the big nuke was going to get us.
I think so.
Meanwhile, the border is wide open, but we've all got to let the police pull us over and shake us down.
Tell you what, let's just go ahead and play the clips now, and after each clip we can comment.
A few of these are short.
After things happened, my guys were going to unfurl a banner that said 9-11 was an inside job, but for some reason they didn't inside the auditorium.
So they tried to do it outside with Stewart and others, and then the police come right over, and you're out front.
People are coming out outside by the street, and the police say, get that out of here, and it'll all be up there later.
Then the cops start laughing at us as they leave, and the free speech zone is by baseball fields, hundreds of yards away, behind the university, where no one can even see you.
So see, in the new Soviet America, your free speech is far away.
Then he gets into two clips on Building 7.
Let's go ahead and play the officer and the free speech zone as they're asking where it is, and they just say, hey, it's out in that field over there.
Go ahead and roll it.
Officer, where's our free speech dog?
Officer, you'll see a pink stereo over there.
A pink stereo?
Yeah, a white carrier fan that you can get out of there.
And of course, there's a lot more video.
I don't know why that clip is so short.
But the cops are laughing at them, prodding them.
They all get off on frustrating people at a university with a banner.
It's real fun to destroy America and destroy the First Amendment.
Comments, Bob?
Well, my comment on that is, yeah, that's what happened.
I was watching it when they escorted them away.
But the thing is, since when does America have free speech zones?
I thought all of America was a free speech zone.
Well, it's like in Nashville.
They called up all the businesses on the parade route a week before and said, no Bush signs, no anti-Bush signs in your windows.
And one coffee shop owner said, I'm a Republican, but I'm a Vietnam vet.
That's it.
I'm putting an anti-Bush sign up.
I mean, the Secret Service calling saying no anti-Bush signs in your business.
I mean, this is the new one.
And so the free speech zone, of course, is always where no one can see you, Bob.
Yeah, out there under the highway up in New York, right?
I mean, people have to realize, hey,
The people that run our government right now claim that there are free speech zones where you're allowed to have free speech.
Now, y'all need to wake up to that.
There's something seriously wrong there.
Well, if I'd have been there, I'd have had to make them arrest me, and I've been arrested before, and I'm going to sue them, and in some cases we win, in some cases we lose, but, I mean, folks, this is disgusting.
They even, on the side of the highway, they're now saying no free speech.
Let's go ahead and play the next one.
This is where he tells us we're all going to get nuked any minute.
Go ahead and roll it.
This is Keene.
The thing that keeps me awake is the danger of a terrorist with a nuclear device.
That is to me the nightmare scenario.
The nightmare scenario, but our government helps arm North Korea, Pakistan.
They're going to let India, who hasn't signed any agreements, accelerate their production of hydrogen weapons.
They gave the Communist Chinese the MIRV and re-entry technology for their Long March IIs.
Don't forget, Alex, that the Bush administration now wants Hutchison Wampoa, the Chinese Communist company that's run by the Chinese Army, to be in charge of detecting nuclear activity trying to come into our country through the ports.
They want the communists.
And folks, by the way, it is mainstream news that that is the PLA and that the Navy runs those ships.
It is the Chinese military to run our biggest deepwater port in the Bahamas.
They've already got Long Beach and the Panama Canal.
Yeah, so they think they're really scared of the big nuke getting smuggled into the country when here we have our great ideological enemy, the Communist Chinese,
And what we learn, what we learn from all that research and all that reading
Was that the United States government had failed us at the most fundamental level, and above all, a failure of imagination.
Because nobody at all these layers of government ever imagined that scenario.
And then, of course, it's admitted that they had total prior knowledge, even if you believe they weren't involved and blocked the FBI from stopping them, the so-called al-Qaeda, al-CIA.
So that's a manifest fraud right there.
And then their answer is a total centralization, a dictatorship run by a torture master, John Negroponte, to keep us safe.
Yeah, nobody imagined this scenario although the Pentagon was in the year before September 11th was having a drill about a plane smacking into the Pentagon, right?
And he didn't mention in his little horrible scenario about how we were failed that the two of the hijackers that were living in San Diego were living with an FBI informant.
He didn't mention that.
Or how they were trained at U.S.
military bases.
Let's play the first Building 7 one.
Go ahead and roll a Building 7 comment.
This is him responding to a question about why didn't you mention Building 7 in your report.
We didn't see any evidence of the kind of thing you're talking about.
We thought that was part of the tragedy of 9-11.
The building that I was at later on was not a loss of life in that building.
And it's not part of our report.
It's not part of our report.
Thank you.
Now that's Bob talking to him, so it's not part of the report because it's not important.
Yeah, it's just not important.
A 47-story building.
Here's a longer clip of him responding to Building 7.
Roll it.
At 5.20 p.m.
on September 11th, World Trade Center building number 7, 47-story, modern, frank steel skyscraper, that no plane did, collapsed into a needle tile onto itself, and exhibiting all the characteristics of controlled demolition.
The guy who owns the place, Larry Silverstein, belatedly admitted on a documentary on PBS that he got together with the New York Fire Department and pulled the building, which is the demolition target for taking it down.
FEMA, in their investigation, didn't say that.
They said the fire must have knocked it down, but they couldn't figure out how.
Video evidence shows...
What appears to be explosive squids going up the side of the building from south to north, or from bottom to top as the building collapsed.
There was molten metal found in the basement of that building, and the temperatures exceeded anything normal fire could cause.
There was all the confusion about what happened to the building, so why is there not a word about the collapse of that building in the 911 commission report?
So, see, that's the question that we played after his response.
When we come back, we'll play his response one more time.
I'm sorry, the room didn't have good audio quality.
But, I mean, imagine, he says all that, and then Keener says, I don't know anything about it.
We didn't really discuss that in the report, because no loss of life.
Actually, a Secret Service agent died in there.
A 47-story building, and nobody wants to talk about it.
The media doesn't want to discuss it.
Final segment with Bob Dacey.
On the other side, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
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Welcome back.
Final segment.
I can't blame my guys.
But I told them that when Keene poo-pooed and moved past Building 7 to yell at him, Hey, answer the question.
They did a great job.
Respond to Silverstein.
Respond to the bombs in the building.
I should have gone.
I just had already missed two days last week because of the network moving, so I did the show live for I had to be here with you with all those great guests and information we covered.
Now, again, you just heard Bob Dacey's question to him.
Here was Keene's answer.
He just mumbles it out.
Here it is.
We didn't see any evidence of the kind of thing you're talking about.
We thought that was one of the part of the tragedy of 9-11.
The building collapsed later on.
There was not a loss of life in that building.
And it was not part of our report.
Not part of the report.
Thank you.
Not part of our report.
I would have said, hey, don't you try to move around the question.
Thank you.
How do you sleep at night?
How do you sleep at night covering up this mass murder that's being used to destroy America's freedoms?
Bob, I'm going to give you a spanking right now on air.
Oh, that's just terrible.
You know, there's another thing he blew off.
I asked him a previous question.
I asked him about the financing of September 11th and why in his 9-1-1 report he said that, quote, ultimately the question is of little practical significance.
I think he works out to 3,000 dead people and $500,000...
Bob, you did a great job.
I commend you.
You asked the best questions, no doubt.
I'm just mad that I wasn't there.
I should have just run a rebroadcast and gone.
We've got about a minute and a half, two minutes left.
Anything else you want to cover?
Any other observations you made?
Well, you know, I also asked him about FBI agent Robert Wright and why there was nothing of his testimony that appeared in the 911 report.
And Mr. Keene there said, well, yes, I think he did.
And I said, well, no, he didn't.
And apparently now we found out there's two reports.
There's one that they published for us, Slobbering Masses, and apparently there's a secret one that we don't know about.
Well, we know from Wright's lawyer who we've interviewed, David Shepard, and Larry Klayman as well, that it was that he was ordered under threat of arrest not to stop al-Qaeda.
Yeah, he was on the money trail.
He was the guy that was investigating, documenting how the money got from Saudi Arabia, etc., through the Islamic charities in the United States.
And now it's come out in the Zacharias Mishawi trial that 75 times other agents told him specifically and were told to back off.
Yeah, you know, the bottom line is this guy Keene is just out there blowing smoke and trying to keep people away from the money trail.
Well, he admittedly is in business with the Bin Laden family.
That's mainstream news.
Yeah, but he didn't admit it at the press conference.
He denied it at the press conference.
Now, also, you guys brought it up, and I want to make sure my people put this in the tape, all the stuff you're mentioning, and we're going to post it on the site later today.
You guys said, hey, you were appointed by Bush, and he said, yeah, but I appointed the others.
So what?
He appoints you, you appoint them.
Yeah, and half the people on the 911 commission are CFR members.
They're all in the same happy little club while he pretends like they were fighting and bickering with each other.
Well, that's all important, Bob.
We really appreciate your contribution to this.
We're very thankful to you, Bob.
Well, thank you.
I enjoyed getting within his range.
It was a lot of fun.
Well, I love the British accent.
I mean, that Atlantic blue blood accent.
I mean, nothing against the Brits, but this whole class of bluebloods in America, who are so un-American, they've never even adopted our speech patterns.
Well, they sound so intelligent that way.
Oh, yes, of course.
Yeah, of course.
If there's anything they say, shut up, you knave!
Lord Bush needs your freedoms.
A-bombs are going to get us.
That's my number one fear.
They're going to bomb us.
You have all your rights to us.
Hey, thank you, my friend.
We'll talk to you soon.
Okay, thank you, Alex.
Take care.
Vaya con Dios.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
This was a bombshell broadcast.
God bless you all.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.