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Air Date: April 26, 2006
2475 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yesterday we detailed a Texas Department of Public Safety, a state police pamphlet for the public saying that people wearing blue jeans, that have cell phones, that have children with them or don't have children with them, that are friendly to police, that go to rallies or demonstrations, are probably terrorists.
Go ahead and call the state police on them.
And we have similar federally written pamphlets at the state level in Virginia.
In Arizona, all over the country.
Well, Pastor Butch Paw joins us coming up in the third hour today.
He's a pastor.
Detailing how they're recruiting the churches into the whole tattletale control freak grid.
Very similar to what Adolf Alois Hitler did back in the 1930s into the mid-1940s.
So, that is coming up.
Later in the broadcast, we're going to have open phones and cover just a huge mountain of vital news in the first two hours of the broadcast.
And we will open the phones up, and we will move quickly to your calls and take quite a few of them.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
And I'm going to news blitz when we get back.
Majority in Army Times poll think Rumsfeld should resign, as do most of the generals, but again, who cares what they have to say.
Also, Vermont lawmakers to call for Bush impeachment.
We'll get into that report.
Missing bioterror substances have officials guessing.
Oh, anthrax missing from government laboratories.
Florida Attorney General wants probe of the coroner.
There's video of the guards stomping the young boy to death.
And then another coroner looked at the body and said clearly he'd been killed.
But the official coroner says no, the minions that did this didn't do anything wrong.
Also, Bush tells Congress' report that there's progress on immigration bill.
He loves the new amnesty plan.
He's very excited about it.
Meanwhile, Cargill, the big meatpacker corporation that's leveraged out all the small-time operations, is telling the illegal aliens that are the majority in their plants to take off the next few days to go protest and demonstrate to make sure that America is broken down and the borders are destroyed.
So, as usual, big corporations behind the whole thing.
And over in England, hunt for 900 dangerous criminals freed in terror.
In error.
And this is the same thing we see here in the United States.
The illegal aliens are released routinely for rape, murder, arson, armed robbery, burglary, hit and run, drunk driving.
They're above the law.
In fact, they even statistically are more above the law than the police.
They're just godlike because they're special agents.
Protected group by the big corporations that want to pat American Union and are going to use predominantly Latin American hordes to do this, to destroy this country.
So we'll get into that.
Also, I want to read an email when we get back.
It says, you are such an embarrassment to this country.
We'll get into that little article first.
And then a story here.
Out of France, headline, French to test cashless city.
Everything's going to be cashless.
And notice it's the exact same system going in all over the Western world because we're under global government.
A great article written by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the father of Reaganomics, a real conservative.
The world is uniting against the Bush Imperium.
Also another story here on illegal aliens.
It says data on illegal immigrants has been kept secret.
More on the CIA agent fired over supposed secret prisons leak.
Denies culpability.
And we'll get into some of the new bills they're trying to pass through Congress to destroy the internet, the free internet.
China, Russia, Central Asian states to stage joint anti-terror exercises.
Virginia Brzezinski says airstrikes on Iran could merit the impeachment of the Presidente.
And Iran's rattling their little saber.
It's all coming up.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Before we plunge deeply into the news that I mentioned in the last segment on this live April 26th Wednesday edition, let me read an email.
We're good to go.
This is about par for the course, the nasty emails I get.
They are the minority, but when I do get them, they almost always say I need to be put in a prison or put in a camp.
Oh, great, I'm glad there's camps.
Hope you go to one soon.
But this was sent to us yesterday.
You are such an embarrassment to this country.
And with this war being a propaganda war, you are helping the enemies.
In fact, it was a Muslim extremist who pointed me to your website.
I just hope and pray they arrest you people for treason when this war is over just as they arrested the two ladies with a radio station who were traitors of this country during the Vietnam War.
Usually, the majority of Americans ignore crackpots like you people.
However, since the winning of this war rests almost solely on who are the best propagandists, due to the Muslim extremist terrorist blueprint being taken straight from Hitler...
Okay, very nice email.
Now notice how they start out with, and with this war being a propaganda war, you're helping the enemies.
A propaganda war.
I've even heard neocons on the radio say, oh sure we lie, sure we have fake newspapers and fake reports in America and overseas.
That's good.
That's how we win the war.
The war against a country that didn't attack us called Iraq.
When the Vice President wrote in a September 2000 document that Iraq was not a threat, but that they would claim that they had WMDs as a pretext.
Now, Dick Cheney wrote this and published it.
It isn't Richard Clarke saying it.
It isn't the Treasury Secretary O'Neill saying it.
You can claim they're sour grapes.
It's their own admission.
Bush told his biographer in 1999.
His biographer.
Who he hired.
That he's going to be a war president and attack Iraq because he can't be questioned domestically if we're in a war.
So that's point number one.
Point number one is you think lying and propaganda is good and okay.
Well, really, point number two.
It's not.
Point number two, you claim that we're fighting enemies that attacked us when that's not the case.
And then you say that you hope I get arrested.
It's called the First Amendment, my friend.
America is America.
The United States is different, supposedly, because we had freedom of speech and we still have it to some extent.
And I don't know why you can't understand that.
And then you talk about how I'm a traitor against this country, how I don't like this country.
I love America.
And the fabric of this country, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, everything enshrined in the Declaration of Independence is being shredded, torched.
Pot marked.
It's being excised and crushed right in front of us.
You know, you talk about a war on terror.
If the war on terror was real, they wouldn't have totally open borders and 20 plus million illegal aliens running around.
I don't want to hear it anymore.
George Bush is anti-gun.
Larry Pratt said he's worse than Bill Clinton yesterday.
So has Congressman Bob Barr, former Congressman NRA board member.
George Bush has spent more money than all presidents before him combined.
He has, on average, doubled every federal agency, and now he's outstripping that.
That's BATF.
Department of Education, Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Transportation.
He is not a conservative.
He's not pro-America.
And he's a puppet to begin with.
You guys are so emotional.
You're so mindless.
And I get your comments on the streets occasionally.
Somebody will pull up on a motorcycle or pull up in their car and go, You're a traitor!
Get out of here!
Leave the country!
Now, how about you leave the country and go to China or Russia, where they do arrest people for their speech?
Why don't you get out of here?
You know, I heard you on talk radio, you neocon callers and hosts.
It was worse, it was callers.
Last week, when that Chinese-American doctor, Mrs. Wong Wee Wong...
Simply stood up and said the Communist Party's days are numbered if they continue to abuse people.
And you're like, good, arrest her, charge her, keep her in prison.
She's bad.
See, there you are, attacking the First Amendment and defending the most murderous regime in basic numbers, in cold hard numbers, the world has ever seen.
See how far away from the roots and the spirit of the United States you've gotten?
It's unspeakable what's happened to you.
You know what?
I'm not going to yell at you.
I'm not going to scream at you.
If you have these views, if you think I'm a traitor and should be arrested, I'm begging you to call in.
We put you right to the head of the line, 1-800-259-9231.
I've gotten good about letting people call in and disagree, even if it's pure baloney.
I want to hear from you, 1-800-259-9231.
You've got the cell phone in your hand, you're driving down the road in Austin, Texas, or Kansas City, or upstate New York, or southern California, or Needles, California, or Pensacola, Florida, or wherever you're listening, on the MRFM dial, or the internet at office, whatever.
And you're thinking, ah, that guy's a traitor, he needs to be arrested right now.
Well, go ahead and call me.
Here's the number.
Are you afraid to call me?
1-800-259-9231 Let's see if they pick up the challenge.
They really never do.
If people pick up the challenge, take up the challenge, disagree with me, it'll be, You don't believe it's all Jews and that they need to be put in camps.
You're not radical enough.
Or it'll be, You're a Christian and I don't like Christians.
Or it'll be something stupid like that.
And sure, you can come on.
You can disagree with me on that basis.
But I'm talking about the people that email me every day.
Because I get thousands of emails every day.
Seriously, thousands.
And every day we get one or two of these.
And it's always, I want to put you on a camp.
You need to be arrested.
I can't wait until you're arrested.
You're a traitor.
Tell me how I'm a traitor.
You're aiding the Muslim extremists.
They want to kill us any minute.
They're going to get us.
They're sworn to kill everybody.
Okay, let's just take at face value the false premise that you brought forward.
They've done polls over in Central Asia and the Middle East, and about 6% do want to kill Christians and Jews, and do want to blow up everything, and it's serious.
But when you look at that 6%, they're almost always openly financed by Mossad, Shin Bet, MI6, CIA, Defense Intelligence.
That's mainstream news.
Hundreds of thousands every year, millions and millions over the last three decades of radical hadiths to go to the madrasas saying kill Americans, you know, three hand grenades plus three machine guns equals six.
Our government after World War II went in, took over the Muslim Brotherhood.
I've had former Justice Department and FBI experts on about this.
Our government went and set them up and tried to use them to overthrow elected governments all over the Middle East just so BP and others could get all the oil.
The Arabs were not this radical 50 years ago.
That is a historical, sociological fact.
And the neocons will admit it.
Alright, it's kind of blowback, Alex, but we've got a problem now.
Okay, we've got a problem with this 6% now.
It's not a religion of peace for that 6%, definitely.
They take the context in the Koran that does say kill the infidels.
There's the other context in there.
It's like the Bible.
I'm not defending the Koran.
I don't believe in it.
I'm just saying there's multiple views in there.
I've actually read much of it.
Again, you're not being intellectually honest.
You're being primitive.
Well, they're over there and we need to kill them.
But then they ask those very people on questionnaires facts about the Middle East, facts about the Near East, Central Asia, and you can't answer any facts.
You don't know the history.
You just emotionally are, the Arabs hit us on 9-11-er and we gots to get them.
Or, hey man, Alex, I'm in New York.
They attacked us.
They need to come out and play.
We need to bomb them and turn them all into a glass parking lot.
That's the kind of stuff we deal with here.
And then you bring up the fact, okay, our government flew out the Bin Ladens for safety.
No, they didn't.
Well, yes, they did.
It's admitted.
Okay, well, our government props up Saudi Arabia, and the CIA's been involved funding Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda,
Republican Report 99, Senate Report.
They used Al-Qaeda against the Serbs.
They've used them over and over again to destabilize and take over areas.
They work for our government.
And you're just like, no, it isn't true.
No, it is true.
See, just because you say it isn't true and have no facts, doesn't make it not be a total, admitted, historical fact, not debatable.
And then you look at how our whole way of life is being changed.
Our liberties are being taken.
They've got anti-terror manuals saying gun owners are terrorists.
People that believe in the Constitution are terrorists.
Property rights activists are terrorists.
People that wear Levi's and use cell phones and have children are friendly to police are terrorists.
These are exact quotes.
I have FEMA on video saying that the Founding Fathers are terrorists and Constitutionalists and Christians are terrorists.
I have video.
I have their own public training manuals and drills they carried out from the Associated Press saying that all homeschoolers are terrorists and need to be put in camps.
Now listen, I got video of them taking guns in New Orleans.
I got video I shot myself of Marines training to take your guns and put you in camps.
And it has nothing to do with people wearing turbans on their heads.
The people that send me these threatening emails saying I need to be put in a prison are the ones that go into 7-Elevens.
They're of the same mindset.
And shoot the Sikhs, who have nothing to do with Muslims.
A whole bunch of them have been blown away.
He's wearing a turban!
He's part of the Army Law!
Watch this.
I'm going to go in there.
I'm going to shoot him with my shotgun.
That Muslim piece of trash.
I love George Bush.
I love him.
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Alright, I'm going to get into just masses of news coming up here in just 15-20 minutes.
Right now, let's go ahead and go to your calls.
I'm going to move quickly through your calls, so make your points, ask your questions, and we're going to move on.
No one called in disagreeing.
Just, you won't defend yourselves.
Jason in New York.
Jason, go ahead.
Speaking on the thing of propaganda, Alex, Dan Avery and I went down to the Tribeca premiere of United 93 yesterday, and we met up with some New York 9-11 truthers, you know, trying to get the word out.
Of course, they put us in a free speech zone.
I'd love to be able to understand you.
You're talking so loud into your cordless phone or your cell phone, it's not really coming across.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I was just talking about the Tribeca Premier of the 993rd.
Yeah, I understood some of that.
And so they had somebody there already just a few hours after you posted you were going down there.
They're attacking you.
Yeah, I couldn't believe it.
Like, he acted like he was there to help.
And then every time we were running out of DVDs, he started giving out this disc.
And as soon as, you know, we started questioning, he wouldn't give us his name.
He didn't want to be on camera.
You know, I brought up World Trade Center Building 7 to him.
He just walked away.
Well, they got a lot of spooks out there trying to counter us, but it's not working.
No, it's definitely not working.
I thought it was a testament to how much work we're being able to do.
What did you think?
Did you see the film?
No, we weren't allowed in, of course.
We were definitely planning on checking it out, but it's just there to reinforce the propaganda.
Well, it certainly is that propaganda, but I saw it in a movie.
It must be true.
I'm sorry, Alex.
Have you seen some of the new evidence that they actually presented in the Massali trial?
Yeah, I mean, it's clearly manufactured.
Oh, it's unbelievably manufactured.
They have an unscathed red bandana, and then they have a CC Labs identification card, totally unburned.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
I know, my friend.
I appreciate your call.
At three separate sites, they found the intact passports.
Everything else is destroyed.
The black boxes are destroyed.
Of course, that's not really true.
They got them and hauled them off international security.
Firefighters and others are now on record.
And, yeah, they just find everything now.
I mean, you've got an eight-mile debris field in Flight 93, but don't worry.
They've got all the evidence now that it was Allah Akbar.
Let's talk to Kenneth in Louisiana.
Kenneth, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I heard about the huge military base they're building, I think, 64 miles northeast of Baghdad.
Yeah, they're building 14 megabases and over 100 other permanent bases.
Right, and I heard on Tex Marshall that they had a chief rabbi anointing himself in the presidential chair of, I think, Saddam Hussein.
And my question is to you, do you see...
The evolution of Iraq becoming a second Israeli state in the Middle East.
Yes, I do.
And also, the new individual, this Bolton person that they just put in ahead of policy at the White House, now starts every day's prayer with a rabbinical prayer.
So, it's pretty weird.
Also, one more thing.
George W. Bush said he's going after legal gas gougers, but the thing is, he's not going to find anything because they're legally screwing the American people.
Well, they are.
They are, and I appreciate your call.
Fine point, sir.
George Bush did this a year ago when they jacked up gas prices over $3 a gallon on average.
I mean, it's $5 in some areas of California.
What is it, like $3.20 now on average for 87 octane?
And then they'll go bust a few stores, because the states will say, well, average gas price is $3.20 here in the state, so you're only allowed to charge $3.25.
So they call that little 5% gouging by the gas station itself, when the gouging is being done by the oil companies and others.
So it's just more bait and switch.
It's like Bush, who openly wants total amnesty for the 25 million plus illegals,
And then he says, oh, I'm launching a big investigation, and I've got a bill to fix the problem, and the plan is total amnesty.
But he calls it a reform.
But a reform just means, again, if an 18-wheeler runs you over and breaks every bone in your body, and you're dead like a pancake on the ground with every ounce of blood squeezed out of you on the highway, you are reformed.
Reforming something we've been taught with the language means it's automatically good.
So we hear Bush saying, I'm reforming immigration.
Oh, he's fixing it.
It's like if a dam sprung a leak, Bush says, hey, I'm going to blow the whole dam up.
That'll fix the leak because there won't be a dam to begin with.
Yeah, it'll end the illegal alien problem because they won't be illegal anymore.
So it's the same thing with gas.
Ooh, I'm going to investigate.
Ooh, I'm going to fix it for you.
It's just so ridiculous.
All right, Brian in New York, Rodney in Texas, Ryan in Ohio.
Toll-free number to join us.
If you disagree with me, go to the head of the line, 1-800-259-9231.
The websites are jonesreport.com and prisonplanet.tv.
Be sure and check them out daily.
A lot of new articles every day.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm going to go back to your calls in just a moment, but I didn't get to this headline story yesterday that we had up on InfoWars.com.
Australian government forces aspartame on school kids.
This is out of The Australian.
Sugar-filled soft drinks will be banned from school cafeterias in Victoria next year.
But Australia's first state-imposed veto on sales of fizzy drinks to children has drawn fire from doctors who want water to be the only drink sold in school cantinas across the nation.
And it goes on to say that, don't worry, no more high-sugar foods, no more junk foods, in fact, no more fruit juices.
No, you must have aspartame-laced food, which is wood alcohol.
When the molecule hits 87 degrees for more than just a few minutes, we've had top scientists, Nobel Prize winners on this subject, it instantly breaks up into wood alcohol, and you know what wood alcohol does.
It attacks the brain, the central nervous system, but like many other poisons and toxins, it is addictive.
And what, it's 60 times on average cheaper than sugar, so it's now in over 9,000 foods here in the Western world.
Here in the U.S.
it's in over 9,000 foods.
And so, oh, we want you to be healthy.
And if you go to Babies R Us, one of the big mega baby stores to buy stuff if you've got young children, you'll notice it's all water fortified with fluoride and other minerals your child needs.
And, oh, Pedialyte fortified with aspartame.
It's diabolical.
It's like a science fiction horror movie.
And diabetes has exploded in the United States.
I mean, it's up thousands and thousands and thousands of percent.
Juvenile diabetes is even up at higher levels than other forms of adult onset diabetes.
These are all the numbers that we have.
And it's what alcohol has been directly linked towards triggering it.
It fries your bloodstream.
Your body doesn't know what to do.
Literally, folks, it's like your cat or dog, if you have an antifreeze leak and it tastes delicious.
I had a cat that drank just a little bit of antifreeze off the neighbor's
We're good to go.
I see so many people who are even, quote, patriots or truth seekers.
I see them drinking Diet Coke.
I see them, you know, you can't get Juicy Fruit or Big Red chewing gum now.
Because it's got aspartame in it.
It's all got aspartame.
It's getting worse and worse and worse.
But imagine, we're going to make the school children drink it.
Now, they have done national studies.
They've done it in public schools and private schools.
Test scores explode upwards.
Disciplinary problems implode.
It is magic.
It is a miracle when the children are fed healthy, balanced diets.
And that includes fruit juices, by the way.
Natural fruit juices.
You can have good sugars.
You're meant to have that part of a balanced diet.
And they've done a lot of new studies showing that the official food pyramid is not the proper food pyramid for a balanced diet daily.
I remember when I was in school...
When I was about 17, I had a little roll of fat on me, kind of like I do today.
And my mother said, why don't you just stop drinking?
How many Cokes a day do you drink?
And I said, oh, I drink two.
I drink one at lunch and I drink one normally in the morning.
I quit drinking that and was still working out and suddenly was totally ripped in just a few months.
Lost tons of weight.
But imagine the young people, they are drinking multiple sugar-laced soft drinks, they're eating multiple candy bars, there's vending machines everywhere.
I saw students when I was in high school and then in college, in between every class eating candy bars or junky potato chips.
And I learned early in life, every time I eat a piece of pie,
Especially if I don't eat it after a meal.
If I eat it by itself, an hour later I have a horrible headache.
It causes a sugar crash.
It goes into your bloodstream.
Your body pumps out a bunch of insulin out of the pancreas.
And it goes out into your bloodstream.
It neutralizes the sugar and over-neutralizes it.
And then you have nothing for your brain to feed on.
And that's what the brain feeds on is sugar.
All right, now I've already been ranting about this.
It's so amazing that they're going to make the kids, if they want a soft drink or sugared foods or sweetened foods, drink this or eat this.
Let's talk to Brian in New York.
Brian, you're on the air.
I've got this William E. Ora, B-O-R-A-H.
He was an American senator.
Died in 1940.
They sent a speech against proposed espionage law.
April 19th, 1917.
I'm missing... Again, maybe I just don't understand you, sir.
Can you... There was a senator in 1940... No, he died in 1940.
Okay, and so... Is it loud enough?
Just better?
And then something happened in 1917?
He made a speech.
Yeah, against a proposed espionage law.
And it says, no silly shimmerer ever infested the brain of man...
That you can't control opinions by law or direct belief by statute.
No more pernicious sentiment ever tormented the human heart than the barbarous desire to do so.
So, yeah, was he speaking out against World War I?
No, he's speaking out against the proposed espionage law.
Oh, you're talking about the Sedition Act.
Yeah, 1917.
Yes, sir.
You know, they tried to reenact that law in Rhode Island two years ago.
It was in the front page of the local paper.
It was on the NBC TV station.
Openly said, any criticism of government, you would be arrested.
And it goes on, the field inquiry should remain open.
The right of debate must be regarded as a sacred right.
I look upon those who have denied others the right to urge and argue their position, however irksome or pernicious they may seem, as intellectual and moral cowards.
Without an unfettered press, without liberty of speech, without what forms and structures of free institutions are a sham, a pretense, the sheerest mockery.
If the press is not free, if speech is not independent and untrammeled, if the mind is shackled in pulp and true fear, it makes no difference on what form of government you live.
You are a subject and not a citizen.
It is, yes.
And of course, they may have the War Powers Act in 1933 to confiscate the gold, give us paper notes back.
Let's talk to Rodney in Texas.
Rodney, go ahead.
Well, Alex, how are you?
Good, sir.
Yeah, I've been trying to find something to disagree with you on for the past ten years, but I haven't been able to do it.
Ha ha ha!
And I've been listening, you know, when I first started out listening to you back in around 1995, 1996, I was a little skeptical, but so much of what you said fell in line with many of the prophecies from the Bible that, you know, you kept my interest over these years.
And then what I started to do is each time you would read one of these headlines from a newspaper article like Pipeline to Peril,
That the Chicago Tribune did on the white slavery?
I'd go and I'd do my research and I'd read the article, and it would scare me so bad my hair would turn white.
But you can't deny the facts.
In fact, the journalist that did the research on the white slavery, you know, employed by the Halliburtons, Blackwater, KBR,
Well, to be specific, it was Halliburton and Dyncor listed in that article.
Actually, just two days ago, I read that issue just reared its head again.
Oh, I missed it.
Please send it to me.
Yeah, KBR was listed in there also, and Blackwater.
Was there another Chicago Tribune article?
Yeah, yeah, the reason why... Oh, I missed it.
Oh, please send it to me.
Yeah, because this general...
Alex said that this is still going on, and he had to send a memo to the contractors, the subcontractors.
See, folks, there's so much evil, I'm missing it.
What was the headline so I can find that article?
All I know is that they referenced the pipeline to peril that was done in 2005, October 9th and 10th issue, and
And the reason why they referenced that is because, like I said, this became an issue again over there in Iraq.
Once again, it was just so shocking.
It's even more evil than what you first described.
Oh, it's always more evil than I can even articulate, sir.
People think I exaggerate, and it's always far worse than I'm even saying because we always learn more, and it's always worse.
But for those that don't know, AP's reported on it, Chicago Tribune,
It's been all over the BBC, and it is admitted that child kidnapping rings.
And they're involved in snuff films, they're involved in sex slavery, they're involved in just grabbing kids and selling them for adoption to families that don't know.
It runs the gamut.
Openly have at least two full-time lobbyists for Halliburton and DynCorp on Capitol Hill
And that they are openly lobbying because the Army, generals and others have been complaining about the white slavery in Serbia and Iraq and Afghanistan.
And they were begging the Pentagon to start prosecuting because, of course, it's illegal.
Child kidnapping and sex slavery is illegal.
And nothing's going to be stopped, and Rumsfeld is blocking it.
Now, we even have the audio clip of Rumsfeld a year ago being confronted by this, and he didn't even deny it.
So, again, this is the type of stuff we're dealing with.
And the monstrousness of the wickedness, you're right, it still blows me away.
I mean, it's just pure, total evil out in the open, and they're going to do it in the open, and nothing's going to happen to them.
Now, there was another article that you talked about the oil companies, how they boasted and bragged, and the L.A.
Times did a big write-up on the inside information that they had obtained.
They have the documents going back to 1995-1996 where they said, there's too much oil, we've got to buy up all the refineries and start shutting them down as the only way to stop oil flowing in, or we can invade countries to stop the oil from flowing.
There's too much oil.
Now, I referenced that article.
I was discussing this with a talk show host out of Chicago, and he had heard about it, but...
I had a hard time trying to find the article again.
Is that posted on InfoWars anywhere?
Yeah, we actually wrote articles about it filled with hyperlinks to mainstream news.
It wasn't just in the LA Times.
It broke there.
That was about ten months ago.
I forget the exact headline.
It's something like, Oil Company Documents Show Staging Oil Crisis or something like that.
And then it's just the documents from ExxonMobil, Texaco, Chevron, several others.
Now, one last thing.
What do we know about this creature named Tony Snow?
He's absolutely horrible.
I mean, he's always been a White House operative.
He's just now being official about it.
He has a talk show out of Southern California, fills in for the ultra-liberal big government pimp who meant to snow and scam, keep the conservatives basically under lock and key, neutralizing us.
And so Snow is running another Snow job on us.
I just want to encourage people out there.
Before you start to disagree with any talk show host, go and check out their information.
Check out their facts.
And if, in fact, you find something there that you can disagree on, then you call the person on the carpet.
Let's not get into the name calling and these sort of things where you just waste people's time.
Thank you, Elliot.
I appreciate your call.
By the way, people say, well, elements of the government wouldn't carry out a 9-11 attack and kill 2,800-plus people.
And then we have all these official government documents, like Northwoods and others, where they openly call for doing this.
These are operations they tried to implement.
And then we look at white slavery rings, the UN zone numbers, out of Eastern and Central Europe alone.
Every year, the number is around 1.2 million.
Now, think about that.
That is 12 sports stadiums
That hold 100,000 apiece.
12 sports stadiums that hold 100,000 apiece.
And it is admitted.
It is in the open.
And who buys them?
They've got big slave hotels all over Asia, all over Saudi Arabia, all over Israel.
It is hellish.
And when the media is forced to focus on it, they'll just show women kidnapped, taken over here, forced to work.
They prostitute at night, and they work in textile factories by day.
But then you read the big Italian reports, and it's blowing two-year-olds' heads off.
They rape a two-year-old, and they blow their head off.
And then they ship it out, and Americans get caught with it, and then the cases even get dropped because the FBI and others don't want to enforce it.
I mean, this is... Folks, I'm not even going to get into what's in the news.
It's so bad.
I don't even want to talk about it.
It's so horrible.
But you have to face it.
Imagine people that blow children's heads off.
That's who runs your government.
That's who runs your country.
And they can pull whatever dirty tricks they want on myself or others that valiantly stand up.
So be it.
The truth's coming out on you people, and you're going to be exposed.
I mean, if they can cover up 1.2 million kidnapped slaves, women and children a year, out of Europe alone, and then even when they get caught, because valiant DynCorp employees and UN employees go public, and then they get caught, and it's in the Chicago Tribune that they've got lobbyists.
Do you realize the magnitude of that?
People say, well, they couldn't carry out 9-11 and not get caught.
They did get caught.
And just like with the child kidnapping, they get caught and nothing happens because they run the enforcement.
I'm told Peggy in Pennsylvania disagrees.
Peggy, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
What I disagree with is your policy on not more overtly helping people who are really in dire need of help.
I'm one of those people who is in dire need of help, and it's just getting worse where I am.
Let's just say that I'm a lawyer from Ohio.
Yeah, you called and you said everywhere you go you're being stalked and harassed.
Yeah, that's correct.
When you have electronic devices and it's not illegal, and you've got a large group of people who are your enemy, they can do anything to you they want if the authorities won't do anything.
I called the FBI again the other day.
They refused to listen to me.
From the very first when this started happening in Cincinnati, they won't even talk to me.
There's been a global positioning device in the car and an audio transmitter.
Have you removed it?
I called every investigative agency in the world.
Oh, you know it's there, but you can't remove it?
I don't know where it is.
I have no technical savvy.
Well, how do you know you're being tracked?
Because sometimes... Ma'am, do you have a cell phone?
Because you're being tracked with that.
No, I don't carry it because I heard on your show about that.
I'm not imagining this.
I have been...
Physically battered, you know, assaulted in various places, Alex.
And I've also been allowed to get a job in Ohio as well as a lot of other things that are happening.
What I need is somebody who will help me.
I'm willing to pay either an ex-FBI or CIA agent who's a private investigator.
Will you take my number?
No, I won't.
Thank you for the call.
I can't do it.
I appreciate your call, Peggy.
And I'll explain this when I get back.
A government agency of half a million people couldn't help every person real or imagined that thinks something's going on.
And I get these emails and calls every day.
You must help me.
You will help me.
I don't have time to hardly brush my teeth.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks...
We're good to go.
That's Infowars.com or AAA 2533139.
Or watch the film right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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When we start the second segment in the next hour or eight after, I'm going to plunge into news for about 20 minutes.
In-depth, a host of issues.
I want to stay with us for that, and then we'll continue with your calls.
We've got Pastor Brooks Paul coming on to talk about how Homeland Security is trying to infiltrate the churches.
Very important news coming up.
Dovetails with all these anti-terror training manuals being given to the citizens and the police that list everything from wearing blue jeans, having cell phones, being nice to the police, being involved in political activities or sure to be a terrorist, almanacs, driving almanacs in your car, as wide as possible to demonize everyone.
You know, the lady earlier, I don't mean to sound cavalier or cold, but she's called before, and then I don't want to try to assess her situation
But I'm a pretty big fish in the fight against the New World Order, and I've dealt with real harassment, real problems in the past, and as soon as I just told them I didn't care, do whatever they got to do, they left me alone.
Stuff happens like you get audited, or people in a parking lot try to beat you down, four guys telling you to shut up.
You know why we're here, time for you to shut up, or next time you'll be six feet under.
But at the same time, I've been accosted at public events, at the TV station, all over.
I've got transmitters in my teeth.
The government's getting me.
They're after me.
Help me, help me.
I've got all that going on, which may be real, maybe not.
In some cases, we know it's not.
Meanwhile, my phone rings off the hook.
CPS is taking my children.
They're taking my farm.
They're taking my ranch.
They're taking my house and car without drugs being even found because they found potting soil in my rose garden, and they say that's drug paraphernalia.
And then a week later after they call me, it's in the Associated Press, saying Portland, Oregon, and the U.S.
Army with APCs raids the entire neighborhood, middle class, and arrests people for cooking scales in their kitchens and potting soil.
And that's real, and I, quote, can't help them.
I can have them on the show.
So we've got all this real stuff going on that I'm literally drowning in.
I mean, the phone.
So many times my employees are paid.
They have a list when somebody calls us.
Okay, you're having trouble with CPS.
Here's the names of four different groups.
We can't guarantee that they're perfect and we're not giving you legal advice, but here are the four groups.
Here are some land rights organizations.
I've already called them.
They're not helping.
You've got to help me!
You're bad!
You're not!
Or I get emails, you don't email me back.
Or I get an auto response from your email, but Jeb Bush emailed me back.
It's really from him.
No, it's from a legislative aide, but... You don't care about us.
You're not helping us.
Do you understand?
We've got three phone lines up here.
One of them is public.
It rings off the hook.
And I just don't have the money for the staff to do this.
I mean, maybe if I got some $100 million endowment, I could hire...
50, 60 employees and have a big building and just have them answering the phone and then sure enough people wouldn't like the advice they got and I'd get sued for it.
I'm not an aid agency.
I'm not the Red Cross.
I can't do it.
And so I'm being stalked everywhere I move.
They're getting me.
They're after me.
There's transponders in my car.
Yeah, your license plate is.
Everybody's being scammed by the cameras.
Yeah, every cell phone's a tracker.
That's federal law.
Every phone call goes to the NSA.
But that doesn't mean they can listen to it all or do anything with it all.
Most people in government are now on our side waking up.
So a lot of people are running scared, and you need to just stop having that attitude.
When you're all freaked out around people and act paranoid and try to get jobs and go in to get a job and tell them, the government's after me, oh, can I have a job?
You're not going to get the job.
Act like a winner, act like you're not afraid, and your whole paradigm will shift.
Okay, I can give you that advice.
Now, I don't know about your personal case, and I'm sure it may be real, whatever.
I just, you know...
All the time I get, you're not doing enough.
You need to stage a demonstration about 9-11.
You're not doing enough.
You need to sue the government.
You're not doing enough.
You need to... Hey man, I'm doing enough.
Okay, I'm doing as much as I can.
I was up here working at 11 o'clock last night.
And that's an early evening.
Now see, I just addressed that.
Total waste of time.
And I didn't even plug my videos.
Want to see the video in bookstore online?
Go to Infowars.com.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Major polls show 90% of Americans are against Bush's police state policies.
Majority in Army Times poll think Rumsfeld should resign.
There's a ton of news coming up in the next segment right now.
Let's go back to your calls.
Let's talk to Daniel in New York.
Welcome, Daniel.
How you doing?
Hey, Alex.
Good, sir.
I just did United premiere last night at the 68th Street Lowe's.
Yeah, the new Flight 93 property.
Right, right, right.
Yeah, exactly.
And then I did the after party.
And it was kind of a sickening display of people just partying after supposedly a sad movie that they put out.
You had Ron Perlman and Commissioner Kelly and everybody just having a good old party after something, which, you know, the movie, everybody was crying after the movie, and here they are showing up at a party afterwards just partying, dancing, drinking, and, you know, like nothing ever happened.
It was a sickening display.
Well, the government did throw parties after 9-11.
Bush went to the CIA headquarters about a week after 9-11, and they gave him a standing ovation in the foyer as he stood on the seal.
And I saw Chuckie Schumer on TV giggling and laughing because they know this is their pretext to enslave us.
It's sickening.
It makes me ashamed to be part of the human race when you see this sickening display of humanity.
Basically making money off a tragedy.
Well, give us your review of the film.
I didn't get to see the film, because I was part of the security detail, and I was outside most of the time.
I just came in and out, and basically my job was to... You know, they had us checking bags and all that nonsense, because they were afraid that the terrorists were going to get them, you know?
Oh, they're everywhere.
Oh, they're horrible.
They had us taking laptops and camera phones and recording devices.
It was...
A lot of nonsense.
And, you know, they had a bomb-sniffing dog come into the theater before, you know, the public came in.
It was just disgusting.
I mean, over here in New York, we had yesterday, the mayor had a conference with other mayors from other cities on gun control, which is another...
Piece of nonsense that they're trying.
Here in New York, it's complete.
You can't have a gun at all.
But he's a good conservative.
Republican Bloomberg is good.
Yeah, a billionaire who has nothing in common with the common man.
So people in your security detail, folks you know, do they know the truth about 9-11?
Some do, some don't.
After 9-11, most of the veterans of the NYPD retired.
They couldn't deal with it anymore.
They just retired.
Oh, really?
Because they knew what was going on?
A lot of them, yeah.
So it's just absolute nonsense.
I woke up a little after 9-11.
I was asleep.
I didn't, you know, I agreed with this whole nonsense.
And then I had a friend introduce me to some books, videos, and I started waking up.
And then I got introduced to your show because I wanted more information.
And lo and behold, I'm awake.
What is it like now for you to know the truth and then to see the very people involved in the attacks grandstanding as our saviors?
Oh, it's disgusting.
It just makes me sick to my stomach.
I mean, I've lost sleep.
I've introduced another friend to your video.
Subscribe to your website, Prison Planet TV.
And I showed him just two segments of 9-11, and he couldn't sleep for the whole night.
Yes, sir.
Well, that's a normal response.
I mean, it's normal when you realize that dangerous murdering criminals are running things and then posing as the saviors at the same time.
It's just too rich.
Oh, it's just disgusting what goes on.
And a lot of people that I'm introducing, slowly, I just can't take it.
It's just too much.
So they have to take your video in increments.
Because it's just shocking to them.
Well, Daniel, you're a great caller.
Thanks for the info.
Thanks for the inside scoop.
It's great to know there are millions of people like you.
You don't stand alone.
That'll give you some solace.
We'll come back and get into the news and take more calls.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
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What did you do?
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Thanks, Bill.
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Check, please.
Uh, you got this one, right, Bill?
Sure, John.
Don't forget, it's www.didyourobbillgates.com.
Next time, you'll be buying me lunch.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I told you in the last segment that I'm about to plunge into news for 20, 30 minutes, then we'll go back to your calls.
Mike and Jerry and Eddie and Kim and many others.
But right now, let's go to a caller who disagrees with me.
People that disagree, go to the head of the line here.
Let's talk to Mike in Colorado.
Mike, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm calling about... Last Friday you had the head of the Border Watch folks... Yeah, Al Garza, National Director of the Minutemen.
And their proposal to build a wall.
And I have a real problem with that.
You had a caller that called on Friday and disagreed.
You argued with him quite a bit.
Well, I just wonder, you know, how does a wall promote freedom?
It's completely contrary.
Well, let me make a comment.
I guessed this before you came on.
You're one of these radical, super extreme, no-state libertarians.
I am a libertarian.
I wouldn't call myself quite the no-state libertarian, but... Yeah.
I'm a constitutionalist, and I could sit here and explain this to you if you'd like me to, but I don't think that's going to change your view.
Well, I think it's... Go ahead and make your points.
I'll tell you what, you just go ahead and make your points.
I think it's forgetting who the enemy is.
The enemy is not with the poor Mexican people.
We should be in allegiance with them against the global elite.
But the enemy... And guys, I'm getting that echo.
Will you adjust the board so that doesn't happen?
That's happened ever since we moved the studio.
We're good to go.
So you talk about going after the enemy.
The enemy, the New World Order, wants open borders, sir.
Well, that they do.
So we shouldn't fight their policies and what they want.
You wrote a great article with Steve Watson a few weeks ago regarding the big immigration protests, that it was all promoted by the Spanish-speaking media and so forth.
It was promoted by Bush's main PR firm.
It was promoted and set up and run with the Sente Fox.
The whole thing is staged.
So they're looking to perhaps create a civil war in this country.
They're looking to bully...
The American people into shutting up and not demanding we control our borders, the PR firm admittedly was hired to stop the legislation, which they have stopped, from building a border fence and hiring more border patrol and arresting illegal aliens.
You see, they're hiring lobbyists and running PR, long-term, Edward Bernays-style propaganda operations.
We're countering them, saying no, no, no to all the things they want.
So does not this wall instigate the Mexicans to think that
They're already instigated.
Sure, our government for 30 years and their government for 100 years plus has taught them that America is Mexico and all their problems are because of America and their population doubles every 35 years and you're not going to put the genie back in the bottle.
You've got to face up to the crisis.
So putting up a wall, does that not ensure that
All the Mexicans, I understand they're not doing this at this point.
No, we're going to fly them out and ship them out.
And don't worry, we're not going to ship them all out of here.
We're going to stop the hemorrhaging of $3 million a year.
But by crossing the official border instead of doing it illegally, now do they not need national ID cards?
No, no, no.
That's Bush's plan.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
Let me try to explain this to you, sir, and this is not my opinion.
This is the facts.
You're totally confused.
You're going in circles here.
And we could do this all day long.
President Bush wants the blanket amnesty and giving him the national ID card.
And that's going on right now.
There are 800 plus amnesty cities where they do not enforce the law.
And where the cities accept any fake ID they bring forward.
Something they don't accept from citizens.
I mean, it's almost even pointless to even try to sit here and explain this to the radical libertarian lobby, who doesn't even know what public-private partnership is, that doesn't even know the corporations have become government.
They think just hand everything over to the corporations when they are operating as governmental, piratical institutions.
I mean, you gave me a headache, but that's okay.
I think you're a reasonable caller with reasonable questions and reasonable points you're making.
It's just that I could talk about nothing but immigration and never even explain it fully.
The New World Order wants to destroy national sovereignty and set up a world government with world laws, world regulation, world taxation, world police, and world military.
That's stated.
Their plan is not free market.
It is to leverage, using governmental power, all of their competition out of existence, whether it be governments or other companies, and divest all power and regulatory control and physical prowess and physical enforcement in their hands, in the hands of only about 20 corporations or less and a few families.
It's world empire.
It's neocolonialism.
And they have taken the Latin American populations
And our government that's done abusive things to Latin America in the past, so there is an innate anger towards America there, but not towards the elite, towards America itself.
Our elites with their PR firms and their 180 IQ eggheads came up with a false liberation theology of, okay, go into America.
Bring America down.
This is Mexico.
La Reconquista.
You have a right to be here.
You have a right to welfare.
Then these people come in, and they're not sophisticated enough, just like the American people, to understand that they're financed and controlled, and that Bush, known Bush PR firms, are running the entire operation, and that known Bush, globalist-controlled PR firms, the same PR firm, got Vicente Fox elected.
That's all admitted.
Dallas Morning News.
We wrote a big article about it.
That was all in the Dallas Morning News back in December.
They were bragging about it.
What, December 25th, Dallas Morning News?
And you go up and you tell these little reconquistas, hey, you're controlled by the globalists, this whole thing stays, they will laugh at you and go, no, we're taking over, you're just scared.
It's a primitive, tribal, like the Nazis, we're taking over.
And it feels so good because most of these people are economically in the lower strata, and so it's a pride thing.
It's a macho thing.
And the libertarians run around saying, hey, we've got to have open borders.
That's freedom.
Freedom of movement.
We don't need a Berlin Wall to keep the American people in.
Did you know that if you try... There already is a Berlin Wall.
Did you know that if you try to go across the Mexican border in almost every case, what is it, 90% of the time, you are apprehended, you are beat up, your car is stolen...
Your money is stolen, and they actually have officers in every jail.
They contact your family, they run a credit check, and they say, we will have $100,000, or your son or daughter or your husband will spend six months to five years in our prison.
So there's already a wall down there.
Our border patrol will catch you in most cases if you try to go across.
It is by design that they are to let the third world populations in.
And so people say, hey, they're trying to get us stirred up and fighting with each other.
The government's manipulating us.
We need to be friends with all the illegal aliens, and we need to join with them.
Yes, we do need to deprogram the illegal aliens that are here to wake up to what's happening.
We do need to deprogram the people that are now citizens, but support the invaders and the lowly conquistas, the reconquerors.
That's what a lowly conquista is.
But we have to realize that immediately in their daily lives, thinking about paycheck to paycheck, most illegal aliens are on welfare, on top of working multiple jobs, and they're making a lot more money than they would in Mexico, so they're not going to listen and they're not going to care.
There's really more than 30 million, but conservatively, 20 to 25 million is the official numbers.
And Bush and others and the Democrats want unlimited money.
And I've got to have arguments with neocon listeners who are so dumbed down, they believe Sean Hannity and Limbaugh when they tell them, we've got to get behind Bush's plan, it'll really deal with the illegal alien problem.
Yeah, it'll make them all legal.
For six years, anyone who's here or gets here is instantly given a work visa, instantly signed up for welfare, to have their children, food stamps, tuition, public schooling, everything.
And it allows corporations to bring in unlimited skilled visas and unskilled visas.
To have buses coming across the border every day, unlimited.
It will fix the problem of the coyotes and the people coming across and the smuggling.
So you're right.
That will drop off massively because you won't need to.
The official plan is highways from Alaska to Chile.
Already being constructed from Minneapolis-St.
Paul to Mexico City.
Already built.
Totally legal.
End of America.
Pan-American Union.
They had official summits four years ago, three years ago, two years ago, and then down in Cancun.
They openly announced the Pan-American Union.
That's what this is.
The same stuff's going on in Europe.
And then they bring in 10 million Turks into Germany, and then they say, okay, now they're going to run things, and you're not allowed to kick them out, and they're going to go protest, and they're going to vote, and then we're going to leverage you.
It's the same thing.
They're bringing in foreign hordes that their PR machine totally controls to bully us.
The government can snap its fingers and every U.S.
city will burn to the ground.
And they're going to do it.
That may be the next 9-11.
And they're going to take your rights, Americans.
Black, white, Hispanic, it doesn't matter.
The illegal aliens are going to get off scot-free.
So get ready.
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We're good to go.
It's simple with the border issue.
There is a carefully packaged and crafted plan to openly butcher our national sovereignty and to bring in unlimited hordes of third world nationals who hate America and openly are calling for this nation to be brought down.
I mean, I'm not kidding.
The majority of the radical Chicano leaders run the gamut from the less extreme saying pilgrims just need to all leave and we're going to have a racial Chicano state to all whites must be killed.
Now, and a large portion, I'd say, I don't know, 30-40% of the Chicano leaders say that all white males 16 and older must die to the extreme on that side to all whites must die.
And the media carefully covers that up.
You can go to UT and read their speeches or it'll be in periodicals.
I mean, this is all Twilight Zone.
DynCorp kidnapping children openly Chicago Tribune.
Illegal aliens running around saying kill Whitey.
And we're just supposed to sit here and take it?
I mean, come on!
And then spin it in our brain, oh, maybe they just want us fighting with each other.
Of course they do.
That's why they want to bring in unlimited numbers.
You've got to stop their programs.
You've got to fight them every step of the way.
This is how it works, too, and this is important.
Here's a headline just out.
Senate shifts Iraq funds to Border Patrol.
Bush then threatens to veto.
Bush has not vetoed a single bill.
Bush says he'll sign a $95 billion defense bill, supplemental bill.
But they want another $11.5 billion to $106.5 billion from $95 billion.
So that's an $11.5 billion increase.
And to put a few billion of that into Border Patrol funding.
But who's proposing it?
Hillary Clinton and Chuckie Schumer.
What's their plan?
It just funds the National ID card.
Then Bush will capitulate and agree.
It doesn't really do anything to stop illegals.
It fools everyone.
You see, they're masters at giving you false choices.
They'll give you a Democratic plan and a Bush plan.
We'll have a thick debate about those two plans.
And those two plans do the same thing.
Take the 1,200 people arrested.
We did the numbers of 1,000 arrested today because that's what they first announced last week.
That is .00004.
Do the math.
Those 1,000 people arrested, and they said 1,000 illegals and about 200 employers and other employees.
So 1,200, but about 1,000 of them were illegal.
So I guess the original number when they said 1,000 illegals arrested, then they just added on the 200 employers and managers.
365 days in a year.
That's how long it takes the planet to orbit the sun.
That's a standard year.
This is an important point.
I've got to write an article about this, because I just keep having to repeat it.
If they arrested 1,000 illegal aliens for an entire year, that is not even 1% of the illegal aliens.
If they had arrest every single day of 1,000, that is less than 1% out of 100.
Do you realize the magnitude?
And 3 million pouring in a year.
365 times 1,000 is 365,000 people.
And there's 3 million new illegal aliens pouring in each year.
That's the government's own numbers.
Now about a million of those they say go back each year.
So let's say it's 2 million.
So if we arrested 1,000 a day, that would be 365,000 out of 1,000,000.
With, what, 650,000 plus a million, so 1,650,000 new illegals every year on top of the conservative 25 million that are here.
So it'll be 26.5 million, 27.5 million.
No, no, 26.5 million, then 28 million, then...
31 million.
On and on and on and on.
And this amnesty plan that they call a reform.
And the liberals are all lying on the radio and TV.
The conservatives are all lying.
They're not really conservatives.
And people don't have time to analyze it.
That's what I do for a living.
I interview all the border experts.
I interview Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul.
I have the Liberty Conquistas on occasionally.
This is what we do.
And believe me, we're in deep trouble, but you can do the math.
You're not stupid.
That's why 80 plus percent of you in major polls want the borders controlled and those numbers are only growing.
So what does the government do?
They got 25 million illegal aliens?
A 25 million man army to bully us and shove us around and
All right, I'll come back and get into the other news, but the border situation is important, so I covered it, and I'm glad the caller called in disagreeing with me.
Disagreeing with what?
No one can deny that there's a takeover taking place, and it isn't the poor, pathetic, illegal aliens that are doing it.
They're just tools.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's the world's government.
They're taking over every institution.
They're removing even the government's power over our nation.
This is going to the globalists.
That's the number one thing people need to get to their heads and then look at the world through that lens.
Let's get into the news, the other news right now.
Majority in Army Times poll think Rumsfeld should resign.
According to a poll at Army Times, a majority of respondents believe that Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld should resign.
At the time of this writing, 2,985 readers have voted in the latest Army Times poll, with 63.28% agreeing that the U.S.
war effort is grounds for Secretary Rumsfeld to resign.
33.37% voted that they had no opinion.
And 9.04% said that they support Rumsfeld.
So most people say he should leave.
Then the large portion, 33 plus percent, said that they had no opinion.
Excuse me.
996 or 33.37% voted no.
100 people voted that they had no opinion.
But it's a baseless debate.
Rumsfeld's a puppet.
Bush is a puppet.
It doesn't even matter.
They're carrying out what the New World Order wants.
And then Bush will take all the blame.
Someday he'll leave office.
And then the ball just gets carried by Hillary or Governor Warner or Jeb or whoever it is.
Vermont lawmakers to call for Bush impeachment.
This is out of the Vermont Guardian.
A progressive lawmaker today will introduce a formal resolution of the state legislature calling on Congress to draft articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush.
So now the live free or die state.
New Hampshire's done this.
Hawaii has.
California is moving forward to do that.
Meanwhile they had a big poll.
Where they asked American people if they liked the spying and the different things Bush is doing, and 90% said no.
Scary article here out of the Associated Press.
Missing bioterror substances have officials guessing.
In the past year, two New Jersey laboratories have been unable to account for plague-infested mice and vials of deadly anthrax spores.
We know that the U.S.
government, elements of it, launched the original anthrax attack, and the evidence of that is voluminous.
Bush and his cabinet on Cipro, September 10th, three and a half weeks before it popped up, first in Boca Raton, Florida, at American Media.
They then said it was some bathtub anthrax anybody could make.
Turns out, of course, it was the most weaponized ever seen, patented U.S.
slash British version from Fort Detrick, Maryland, coated in bentonite, which is a $100 million plus project equipment to do that.
So just remember that.
Never forget that.
And remember that enemies of the New World Order all got mailed the anthrax and it was used to steamroll through what happened with the Patriot Act.
Here's another article out of the Associated Press.
Remember the graphic video of the little black boy being stomped to death by guards at one of these camps, boot camps?
They had other deaths at the same camp.
But this video got out, and the local coroner ruled that he had a blood disorder, and that's why he died.
They had another medical examiner look at it and said clearly he died from wounds sustained during the throttling, during the beating.
And if I could only tell you the wonderful Hollywood person that funded their lawyers and funded the research, but I can't tell you because that person doesn't want you to know how caring they were months and months ago to do this.
That person being savage right now and being libeled and being lied about.
Congress report progress on immigration reform bill.
And Bush, again, we mentioned this earlier, but this is another article.
President George W. Bush hailed progress made with members of the U.S.
Senate towards an overhaul of American immigration laws and said there were broad areas of agreement on the compromise bill, but he said he will veto it unless they cut out the money to deal with the border.
And then, again, even that bill is a whitewash itself.
Speaking of illegal immigration, continuing, Knight Ritter Newspapers...
Data on illegal immigrants kept secret.
Two agencies cite privacy in denying info to prosecutors.
We know that almost every industry is dominated by illegal aliens because it's admitted they will run you off of a meatpacking line.
If you're a Mexican-American who won't speak Spanish, that's open.
If you're Asian, if you're white, if you're black, the janitorial jobs, the meatpacking jobs, the grocery store jobs, the highway worker jobs, the construction jobs...
The farming jobs, now the car dealer jobs, everything.
Imagine that solidarity.
Imagine if the hundred and something million whites in this country just said, we're not going to deal with anybody but whites.
They'd call that segregation.
They'd call that discrimination.
It's wrong when whites do it, and it's wrong when the Lorican Kistas do it.
And the federal agencies are refusing to turn it over to ICE and others.
The new so-called...
A border control agency.
And nothing's going to happen.
And that dovetails with this story today, out of Reuters.
Seaboard pork plant to close for immigration rally.
This is written with classical psychological warfare, because you read later and it says a whole bunch of other plants are closing.
And the plants are closing even though their employees were still going to come into work.
They're saying, no, no, no, no, no.
You don't need to come into work.
We support your immigrant rights.
Of course, guaranteed, most of these people are illegal aliens using fake or duplicate Social Security numbers.
I mean, they'll let employees come in and say, 50 of them might have the same, you know, out of hundreds of employees.
This is in the news right here in front of me.
A huge majority may have the same Social Security number.
Fake names.
None of it even matters.
It doesn't matter.
It's not enforced.
And once a year, they'll go arrest 1,000 people, .00004, and oh my gosh, they're really cracking down.
And then that makes all the good old boys think everything's okay.
Listen to this.
Seaboard Corporation said it will close its Guymon, Oklahoma port plan on Monday to allow workers to attend rallies planned for that day in support of immigration reform, the company said.
A plant has a daily hog slaughter capacity of 16,000 hogs, the company said.
On Tuesday, Cargill Inc.
said its five beef plants and two hog plants will be closed on Monday for the rallies as well.
I bet if you research, they're getting paid leave.
Because Cargill and others are involved in the lobbying to have open borders.
And ICE could go there right now.
And demand to see Social Security numbers and arrest.
I'd imagine it's probably about 80% from other arrests we've seen will be totally illegal.
And then the others will have green cards that have expired.
You might have 5% of people in there that are legal.
It'll be a few white guys at the lowest level and a few black guys being ordered around.
And that's how it works now.
They'll be scrabbling around with their heads leaned over, taking orders, running around, being bossed around.
I mean, that's how it is.
And then pretty soon they're just told, hey, you don't speak Spanish, you're off the line.
Doesn't matter if you're a chef, doesn't matter if you work in a slaughterhouse.
It doesn't matter.
At every level this is going on.
And so we have a Bush PR firm that got him elected openly, got Fox elected out of Dallas.
Working with the Spanish and English-speaking media to stage these protests, put them in a good light, for months and months, telling the people to protest and mobilize.
You have the plants where these people work, telling them, go ahead and take the day off.
We support you.
Again, the establishment, the elite, Cargill, that in between Cargill and Tyson run almost all the meatpacking in this country.
They call them meatpacking.
They're called slaughterhouses, ladies and gentlemen.
And so that's what's going on.
And again, it's only going to get worse.
It's the corporations and the government and the big money teamed up with 25 million out-of-control illegal aliens saying this is their country.
And the globalists absolutely love it.
Here's another one out of England.
This dovetails with the United States, the exact same thing.
In fact, there was a Houston Chronicle article last year that said 350,000, that was the headline, violent offenders released out of Texas state and local facilities alone in 2004.
And that was reported in 2005.
Houston Chronicle.
So this is nothing under London Telegraph.
Hunt for 900 dangerous criminals freed in error.
They don't call it an error here.
More than 1,000 convicted foreign criminals.
Did you notice that first it's 900?
Now the next line is over 1,000.
More than 1,000 convicted foreign criminals, including killers, rapists, and child abusers, have been freed from prison without being considered for deportation, and hundreds are missing.
Charles Clark, the Home Secretary, admitted yesterday.
And of course, Blair signed a secret deal last year to bring in Unlimited.
All the prisoners had committed crimes that should have triggered automatic assessment for removal from the country and the majority should have expected to be expelled.
And it just goes on to say 1,023 prisoners released and it just goes through the crimes.
Hey, that's better than 300 and something thousand.
Was it 350?
Going from memory, my memories fluctuate between 350 and 450.
I remember I was shocked by the number.
I mean, these people are gods.
They are literal gods.
The police stop them, don't arrest them, no insurance, hit and runs, murders, rapes, crime.
They feed on their own people in their own neighborhoods.
They're unstoppable.
No one does anything to them if they're arrested, they're released.
Serial killers killing dozens of times don't get in trouble.
It's been in the news.
I live in a state that witnessed 800 plus deaths on our side of the border and their side, on the Texas border.
Car bombings in Dallas.
Rocket attacks on U.S.
State Department travel advisories more dangerous than the West Bank.
Murders in Austin.
Murders in San Antonio.
Los Zetas commandos murdering and slaughtering.
Arsons, where you'll have 13 attacks in a single night in Arizona.
Homes being burned.
Screaming, laughing people as they throw mall-offs on whites' homes.
Just hell on earth, total rampaging death, and the average person isn't even aware of it.
Because the media knows out of sight, out of mind, perceptions of reality, they just don't report on it, or it's in the back of the paper.
Oh yeah, car bomb went off, blew up the Suburban, killed the two people inside, it was a Los Angeles hit.
Oh, rockets and machine guns are being fired at Border Patrol.
It's okay.
Rocket propelled grenades are no big deal.
Border Patrol's been ordered not to fire back.
This is our country.
My wife went to college in France.
And she got a degree out of this town.
I guess you'd call it conch.
She'll get mad at me.
I can't hardly speak English, much less French.
But she said, it's such a beautiful city.
And the whole town is going to be turned into a test zone where you buy your groceries biometrically with RFID, integrated.
The cars will all be tracked.
Well, here it is out of Silicon.com, big computer publication.
French road test, cashless city.
The can't-do attitude towards mobile services.
We're good to go.
Customers and commuters every day is based on the contactless RFID system.
And this new one says there's going to be readers everywhere and everything will be cashless.
And even when you pay cash, you'll have to swipe a card.
So, there you go.
And notice what's happening in France.
It's happening in New York.
It's happening in London.
It's happening in Sweden.
It's happening in Deutschland.
It's happening in Moscow.
It's happening in Perth, Australia.
It's happening in New Zealand.
It's happening in Argentina.
A global world ID tax, a fuel tax, a sales tax being pushed by Bortz and other fake conservatives.
It's a nightmare.
This is the reality.
And I don't even know what to say anymore.
Let me flip to the stack here and get into Iran.
Iran leader issues warning to U.S.,
interest around the world will be harmed if America launches an attack against Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah al-Khamenei has said the Iranian nation will respond to any blow with double the intensity he said in comments reported on Tuesday.
Iran has referred to the U.N.
Security Council for possible sanctions of over its nuclear program the West fears Iran is seeking atomic weapons.
They ought to know, the Iranians ought to know, the globalists want them to attack the shipping.
They want them to attack the pipelines.
When they strike back, and I can't believe... The Iranians are the worst scum on earth.
Can you imagine that if they get nuked or attacked 214, 216 sites?
Can you imagine if America got attacked and already had special forces in it, admittedly, preparing to attack?
Can you imagine that if we got attacked, we would fight back?
We'd be scum, too.
And I can't believe how bad Iran is.
I mean, can you imagine them saying that if they're attacked, and Bush is saying with nuclear weapons, that they would fight back.
I've never heard of something so bad.
In fact, if your wife's in a parking garage and some guy tries to rape her, I would hope that if she fights back, the police would arrest her and charge her with attempted murder.
And, of course, in England, I shouldn't joke around.
In England, they actually do that now.
If you stab someone raping or attacking you, you go to prison.
So maybe I shouldn't joke around.
But seriously, Iran says they'll fight back, and boom boy, that is just very amazing.
Iran could respond to U.S.
offensive by attacking Baruch Sihon Pipeline, Iran official says.
Israel will launch eye in the sky over Iran, report they're going to launch a, in fact they have launched now, this is from yesterday, a satellite which will enhance its ability to spy on Iran.
S&P, Standard & Poor's report, new figures show oil reserves at record levels.
Don't tell the peak oil scammers on the big oil payroll that.
China, Russia, Central Asia, states to stage joint anti-terror exercise.
Worldwide, governments are using the fake war on terror to crack down on their own people.
China, Russia, and four Central Asian countries agreed Wednesday to hold a joint military exercise against terrorism next year in Russia.
Russian Defense Minister Sergei
I know Bob said.
We'll come back.
I know you've been holding some of you.
We'll take your calls into the second segment of the next hour.
We've got Pastor Butch Paul joining us, eight after, to cover some really important stuff.
I've got a bunch of other news I haven't gotten to yet.
We'll bring it all up with Pastor Butch and get his take on it.
He's quite an individual.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Welcome back.
Jerry, Kim, Pat, Chris, we'll get to your calls in this segment and the next.
And Pastor Butch Paul joins us.
Some really scary revelations concerning what's happening in the churches.
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Jerry in Oklahoma.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, I've just been listening to you for the past year, so I support you.
And also I have a question.
I've been told that Bush owns a quarter interest in the oil companies, a lot of them in Texas and the oil company itself.
And also I was wondering, Boone Pickens said in the headline newspaper here a while back that gas would be $5 a gallon.
And he said, we didn't have the technology for alcohol.
Well, we've had the technology for a long time, and Brazil's running 97% on alcohol, so I was just wondering, what's your take on all this?
Well, we've got so much corn that how many billions of bushels rot?
I mean, it's unbelievable.
And corn in existing refineries, what, it'd be under a dollar a gallon and it burns clean?
Engines just love it?
Yes, sir.
Yeah, and you know, that's
That's the thing.
They said engines would last three times longer without alcohol.
No, I've seen the studies going back to the 40s and 50s and 60s.
Sir, there's an oligopoly of less than 12 oil companies, and they work in concert to jack up prices.
We learned this from Bilderberg meeting last year, that it would go over $100 a barrel, and they never lie.
They run things.
So they're going to rape the daylights out of us, but don't worry.
Bush says he's investigating.
So is it true he does own a big interest in the old companies?
Well, I don't know.
He was in Harkin.
He was in Arbusto.
The Bushes are old money, so they're like the Rockefellers.
Most of their money is hidden.
They own, in some cases, over 35% of two separate major prison industry companies.
They own banking stock.
I mean, I know a bunch of people that work in banking.
I know a person on the board of a big bank that the Bushes are on.
They own just, you name it, they own it, sir.
They're worth tens of billions of dollars.
But every year when you read about Parade Magazine, what Bush is worth, it'll say, oh, he's worth $5 million.
Yeah, and I'm an Easter Bunny.
You had something else?
Just more or less that I hope gasoline comes back down, but don't look like it's coming very soon at all.
Well, they've got to shock us.
Thank you for the call.
They've got to run it up to six bucks and then bring it back down to four.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into hour number three.
A bunch of other news coming up.
President Brzezinski says airstrike on Iran could merit the impeachment of President Bush.
Bill forbids mandatory microchip implants in animals.
AP, survey Americans uncomfortable with new surveillance technologies.
Big Brother checks on parked cars.
A bunch of news on that.
Still ridiculing people who talk about forced microchip implants.
An article by Steve Watson that's excellent.
Really scary report out of Texas.
Texas training pamphlet.
Nice guys who wear Levi's and travel with children are likely terrorists.
That's out of the actual manual.
Where is that manual?
He brought that in here earlier and put it on my desk.
There it is.
And I want to remember Ukraine, too, and the Chernobyl disaster of 20 years ago and liken it to the DU today.
But right now, let's go to Kim in Texas.
Go ahead, Kim.
Hey, Alex.
You said something earlier about aspartame that was really actually reassuring to me because I stopped consuming aspartame
Yeah, are you on cordless phone?
Yeah, I am actually.
Can you get closer to the base?
Yeah, I can.
Is that better?
Not really.
It sounds like you're talking to us through 10 feet of water, but that's okay.
Yes, yes, it's an addictive neurotoxin.
Many poisons are addictive, and that's scientifically proven by medical doctors and major studies.
That's why they push it.
And yes, my mother finally went off of it a few months ago, and she had extreme withdrawals.
Well, yeah, I had headaches, nausea.
I was just achy.
I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.
Fatigue, and that was the only thing I could...
Well, you've got to watch out because most processed foods have it now.
Yeah, I was going to say...
You can actually go and there are lists on websites that show what all has it in there.
Yeah, now they call it artificial flavor or natural flavor.
Right, exactly.
And then I also wanted to say something else about illegal immigration real quick.
My family came here, you know, about 100 years ago.
They immigrated here.
And when they came here, they wanted to assimilate.
They didn't walk around wearing shirts that said, we came, we saw, we conquered.
I see shirts like that, you know.
Oh, believe me, I know, ma'am.
They're going to be slaves like they are in Mexico.
Well, I mean, they conquered what?
They're trying to bring down a free country.
They work for the globalists openly.
Yes, I know.
So I just want people out there to know that, you know, I know that there are a lot of illegal immigrants all over the United States now.
What do you say to these people when they're wearing shirts that say, this is Mexico, or we came, we saw, we conquered?
Well, you know, I'm usually with my children.
We're at an amusement park or something, so I can't really get into a confrontation with anybody.
But, you know, I don't usually say anything to them.
You know, I say something to whoever I'm with.
Well, when I see it, I go, man, you're really fooled by the New World Order.
You know, they're staging all of this.
That's why people have been slaves in Mexico for thousands of years.
You've never gotten out of slavery, and you won't now because you won't figure it out.
You're right, Alex.
I'll have to remember that next time.
Well, maybe it's best when you're a nice little lady with your children not to do it.
Yeah, you know.
And the other reason is that they get very defensive about it, I've noticed.
Well, the media's trying to cover this up.
See, the media, again, the big corporate media, is desperately trying to hide the fact that it's just vicious anti-Americanism.
But you know what?
They can't unring that bell.
The truth is out.
And you know what else, Alex?
They teach our public school teachers that we're all going to be browns.
There will not be any more... No, no, I was taught in anthropology and psychology, they would just announce, here is a picture of a person in a hundred years, being white is bad, everyone will mix, you will look like this.
That's right, that's what they're teaching our kids.
No, no, they sit there and racially teach your children they're bad or they're white in public school.
And again, this is run by our government to just simply destroy any culture.
Thanks, Alex.
Thank you.
Yeah, I mean, we have people saying, you will assimilate, we will kill you, ha ha ha, and we're supposed to go, oh yes, kill me, I love you, kill me, kill me.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
There's an extremely important article posted on the main page of PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Concerning terrorism, what the public needs to know, Texas Department of Public Safety criminal law enforcement pamphlet.
Hundreds of thousands of these have been given out in Texas.
It says people using cell phones, people with children, people who are wearing Levi's, people who are nice to the police.
It says friendly to the police.
People at any demonstration or rally or who have websites or newspapers, public rallies, demonstrations, private meetings sponsored by support groups.
Open meetings, closed meetings.
It says, trained to avoid confrontations with law enforcement and therefore can be expected to project a nice guy image.
It says these are, quote, signs of terrorism if you have suspicions.
And it lists here, what do they call them, pre-incident indicators.
Now this is out of Texas.
Then we have the thing that's six years old.
Out of Phoenix, put out by the FBI Joint Task Force.
And it says, those that make frequent references to the U.S.
Exact quote, make numerous references to the U.S.
And it mentions gun owners, people that criticize the United Nations, people that criticize the Federal Reserve.
These are quotes.
Then we have the new Virginia Training Manual that goes further.
And says property rights activists.
We have other manuals that say all homeschoolers, all Christians.
You could not make this up in an Outer Limits Twilight Zone episode.
And Homeland Security admittedly has gone out to churches nationwide asking them to, quote, surveil their members, the flock.
To look for anyone criticizing the government in their ranks.
They want the preachers to enroll with them and get federal money, which is unconstitutional.
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
It's all going on.
Now they're going to charge this poor Chinese doctor, this American woman, who's Chinese, who's an organ transplanted physician, who confronted WHO last week.
They're charging her with intimidating a foreign official under a terrorism clause.
We're good to go.
That, by the way, we carry at Infowars.com.
We've got another big meeting and seminar conference coming up.
Pastor Butch, good to have you here with us.
Thank you, Alex.
It's always an honor and a privilege to be with you.
I really enjoy your program.
I'm amazed at the things you talk about that are being confirmed today that you talked about years ago.
And myself also on the radio.
It's being confirmed today, 10 and 12 years later.
And the last seminar we did that you carry, Exposing the Beast seminar on what's happening in society, the tracking, the marking, the...
The mind control is all on that tape.
I just sit back and listen to you talk, and I think, this is phenomenal.
I mean, it's almost prophetic what you're saying is coming to pass.
I'm astounded, astounded at the ignorance of the people in this country as a whole that can't see these things when there's obviously an elephant in your front room.
Well, Pastor Butch, for those that don't know who you are or haven't heard your show, it's on from 8 to 9 Central here on the GCN Radio Network and heard on 96.3 every night.
Here in Austin, but I wanted to just, of course, you were in covert operations in Vietnam, in Cambodia.
We can't say any more about that.
You're a family man, a grandparent, and of course, you're a pastor, but you also don't take a bunch of money from your members.
You go and work a full-time job every day, just like Paul did.
And Pastor Butch Paul, we are honored to have you with us today.
I wanted you, because I heard your show lately, you've been getting into how they're coming into the churches.
We've confirmed this.
And trying to take them over.
I mean, we are becoming China.
And by the way, the folks who are listening to Shortwave, I'm on 3.215 every night, 2 to 9 o'clock p.m.
And on several AMFM stations, on our website, PastorButch.com.
But you're right on.
I have a, we'll say the inside source from a pastor in Ohio who is, was, I believe, selected by our creator to be one of the pastors called up by FEMA to serve FEMA.
Now, folks, we're not making this up.
I can guarantee this is true.
This is a fact.
The pastors, this is all on our website, PastorBush.com.
The pastors in Ohio and other states, too, but Ohio has remained focused because we have someone there.
Working with them on the inside.
And by the way, the reason I know his particular claims are true is they don't give us all the details, but I know what FEMA does at other similar meetings, and they've said, quote, in the future for disaster and civil emergency that the churches are going to be and the schools the center of this, so we know there's a program.
Now we've learned what's happening behind closed doors.
Well, we do know that they're going out to the pastors.
Not only to the pastors, Alex, but also to the hairdressers, to the funeral parlors, anyone who's influenced in the community, to go to those people and ask them to influence the people to follow the rules of FEMA and government under disasters, whether it's, we'll say, a natural disaster or a plague or another terrorist attack, but to go on to the pastors and other people, leaders of the community, to ask them to be the frontrunners.
For example...
They say that they want to kill Farmer John's flock off because they say he has mad cow disease, his herd off, and they're going to send a passenger in first to tell Farmer John to put up his shotgun.
Don't fight this, because after all, it's for his own good.
Now, Alex, it goes beyond that.
Now, basically, this is a... Now, they've admitted that they've hired 100,000 spies.
I've had, from Tennessee, I've had people on, like, their local volunteer coordinator, who's a top professor, a few months ago, and they admitted that literally this is the spy propaganda corps, and much of it is PR and propaganda.
The same thing Hitler did, exactly.
Now, these pastors and other community leaders...
This is a reverse of COINTELPRO.
In the 60s and 70s, and these have now been declassified in the church hearings of 1977...
They go and have files on every preacher, who will work for them, who will work against them, anybody that can influence.
FEMA is excited, according to our sources, because of the response to the pastors as being overwhelmingly favorable for FEMA.
Now, on top of that, folks, this is on our site.
They take an oath.
The pastors must take an oath to serve FEMA.
I'm not just making this up.
Now, this is on there.
And also, they must have an ID card with their thumbprint and all the information on that that they have to show that they are with FEMA.
And that they're legitimately trying to, they're working with FEMA to go into the communities and... And the government's got to do this, the government's got to do this before they launch martial law.
And they're getting all their ducks in a row.
Now, I've had a pastor on that's involved in this twice, and I had him again on the 16th of May, the day after the next meeting they're going to have, for more information.
Well, Butch, can you give me his number?
I want to get him on.
I certainly can.
Off the air, you let me know and I'll give it to you.
But this is so important, folks.
I sure will.
This is so important.
They're setting us up now for the final takedown on every level.
Our meeting is coming up on June 3rd here in West Virginia.
I'm asking people and begging people to come, Alex.
I'm begging to come.
We're doing it as cheaply as possible.
We have an all-day meeting plus a meal for $35.
We're meeting for $20.
It's an all-day meeting with speakers that are unbelievable that are going to expose what's going on inside the powers that be.
We're begging to come and see this because we're running out of time here.
Either we get our eyes open now, or we're not going to get them open at all.
We're going into the system so fast and so quickly.
The 5th of last month, this month, I'm sorry, April, we are fighting the National ID card here in West Virginia.
And I said, we, I guess I'm the spirit head of that.
On the Real ID Act, we had a meeting with the head of the DMV here in the state.
That's right.
You've been in the front page of the paper, and they're going, why doesn't the pastor like this?
And you've had Christians call you up and go, it's of the Lord.
We must take it.
Well, why should we fight this Bible?
Oh, yeah.
Well, I won't get into that.
That could be a whole summary by itself.
But the head of the DMV is on our side, not necessarily for the same reasons, but he's on our side to stop this.
He don't recommend the government that we don't do this.
His head legislative aide was there.
Also, their head lawyer was there.
And the comments of the head of the DMV, who was interviewed by the way by a Washington paper, and I was also in the Washington mainstream paper this last week, said that these men, talking about myself and some other men with me, presented their case very precisely and to the point and well-spoken, well-versed in what they were saying as opposing the real ID on scriptural and constitutional grounds.
So they know we're not fools.
Pastor, they would never get this through if Pat Roberts wasn't supporting it.
And he now gets on TV and says, we need national ID cards.
He even says microchips are good.
Well, he is part of the establishment.
Obviously, he's a Mason.
We know that for a fact.
He's a part of the Sonic Lodge.
He is absolutely on the other side.
And I will say this on your program, my program, I don't care whose program.
When you go to the ones who are getting the most coverage by the press, believe me, they're on the other side.
They expose, they bring them out and put them in mainstream articles and papers saying, yeah, they're for this.
As a matter of fact, Pat Robertson said he's for abortion.
He believes Chinese have a right to kill their children because they're a popular baby.
This is his own way.
He's not just for a woman killing a baby.
He is for the government doing it.
And it's all Billy Graham coming out and saying that you don't have to know Christ to be a Christian.
I have all this on videotape.
I'm not making this up.
I have Benny Hinn passing the heroin pipe around.
His brother died the night he did that.
I have that also on videotape.
These are for real things, which is a little bit off topic, but nonetheless, the beast system, exposing the beast, you offer now through your program, and thank you so much.
Seven Hours of Absolute Powerful Teachings by Joan B. Young.
And the top preachers, when it all happens, are going to say it's Jesus.
They say we must follow...
By the way, the Antichrist in the Bible says he's Christ.
Well, see, they're going to say it's Christ.
They're ready to worship the Antichrist right now because Christians can't be here when the Antichrist is here, so it must be Jesus.
We're all going to be raptured.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The United States seems to be celebrating over its triumph of reducing government debt.
But the truth be told, public and private debt increased to a record high in 1999, reaching a peak of $14.8 trillion, marking 10.57% annual increase outpacing its previous 10 years.
The U.S.
economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
We're good to go.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
Those of you that are holding and anybody else who wants to call in, 1-800-259-9231
Pat, Chris, David and others will get to your calls.
Pastor Butch, last night I was up here at the office and I had your radio show on in the background.
I heard you interviewing the gentleman who sued the government over making him use his social security number.
He got a big settlement and now no bank will cash it without the social security number.
But I wanted to add something here.
The same welfare systems, the same tracking systems, the same biometrics, the same vaccine systems.
It's global now.
They write these laws up internationally, lobby the federal and state governments to pass them.
It's happening everywhere.
This control grid is going in.
Well, the national ID card, for example, becomes law in our nation, supposedly, in January 2008.
Also, it becomes law in China in 2008, January 2008.
And in Canada, 2007.
And that's what Tony Blair's targeting in 2008.
Yeah, exactly.
This is a worldwide phenomenon, folks.
This is not, please, you Christians out there listening to this, we're trying to tell you that this is a mark-to-be system at its fullest extent.
And they have to put the system in before they launch the really big attacks.
That's how it works every time.
Absolutely, and that's why I'm begging people to come to a seminar on June 3rd.
Alex, I'm really asking and pleading with them to come.
And we don't have time to get into detail on that right now because we're running out of time.
But if they want more information on seminars, Union 3rd here in West Virginia, they can call me toll free after we're off the air at 800-777-4403.
That's 800-777-4403.
Or they can go to the website, PastorButch.com and see what more about it on there.
And we'll talk to them about it.
I want them to come because I want them to see the truth.
This one is entitled The Reality Zone.
Alex, that's what people don't want to face today.
They don't want to face the reality of where we are.
We are living in perilous times beyond our understanding.
Even you and I, I'm convinced, as much as we maybe are more advanced than some, don't know all of it, probably because Satan's powers are not lacking in this world today.
They're gaining momentum.
Well, you're a pastor, and in the first hour, something I talked about a few months ago came back up.
The Chicago Tribune, the BBC openly reporting that child kidnapping rings, kidnapping hundreds and hundreds of thousands of children every few months.
...openly are operating and have registered lobbyists for Halliburton and DynCorp lobbying the government not to enforce law and stop them.
Can you imagine?
Child kidnappers openly have lobbyists.
It's in the Chicago Tribune, and no one gets in trouble.
And then White House counsel John Hughes says they can torture children sexually in front of their parents.
I mean, they're openly announcing evil that the Nazis didn't even openly announce.
Well, and then when you and I were there protesting in public, as you mentioned, the China...
The China lady that protested who when he was over here was taken and arrested and charged with a felony.
They can do that and be arrested, but the other side can openly and out in public molest children and get by with that.
Yes, Alex, this is calling good evil evil good.
We're living in the days that was prophesied 4,000 years ago, and people need to wake up to this.
We're seeing the end...
Well, the Bible tells us that Satan's the great deceiver.
He's a master at deception, and most of the Christians I know just say, Alex, I'm glad all this is happening.
It means I'm going to be teleported out of here soon.
Oh, yes.
And even if that was true, which obviously it isn't, don't they have a responsibility to defend the innocent, or is it better for them to tie a millstone around their neck?
I can tell you this according to the Scriptures, and again, it will be a teaching all unto itself.
By the way, I just finished another update.
Well, you judge a tree by its fruits.
If it is the church, it's going to fight evil.
If it isn't fighting evil, it's the devil's church.
Those who are sitting back waiting for the rapture, once saved, always saved, live like hell and go to heaven, the theology that's been taught and believed, are deceiving people into hell.
Satan is so grateful to hear that.
I've heard it said to me hundreds if not thousands of times, well, what can I do?
It's going to happen anyway.
This is Bible prophecy.
Well, it was in 1776 also.
Hitler, Stalin, Mao, every time the Christians thought they were about to get raptured.
And in China, a lot of the Christians over there who believe the rapture theory
Well, I mean, it runs through the entire Old Testament and knew that God's people will be persecuted.
You will be tested.
But, I mean, is it not true that we are expected to be persecuted?
That that's a mark of our Master?
It has been since the beginning.
All right, we'll be right back with Pastor Bush.
We'll cover some more news, and we'll take your calls.
But I watch these TV preachers, and it makes me sick.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
Pastor Butch, we're going to be taking some calls here in a few minutes.
Before we do, why do the elite try to bathe us in evil?
Why do they try to tell us that evil is good?
Why are they constantly trying to condition us to accept total wickedness as if it's good?
Well, that's, I think, a simple question.
I hope it's a simple answer.
Because most of the people, anyone who's never known Christ does not discern good from evil.
According to Hebrews chapter 5,
Last few verses and chapter 6 of Hebrews.
Even the Christians are deceived because they have not exercised their senses to be able to discern between good and evil.
So therefore, they fulfill the evil side and do not realize you're doing it, Alex.
And that's why Satan is called the great deceiver.
And the lust of the flesh, we do because we don't even understand which one is good and which one is evil.
When you have a Christian who questions whether abortion is good or evil, is that not a deceived person?
Well, the question was, would it mean a sodomite?
They don't like to use the word gay.
They don't use the word gay.
It means happy.
It doesn't mean sodomite.
Well, they question, well, is that good or evil according to the Scripture?
When Christians question that, and we see mainline churches, Methodist churches, the Church of Christ, other churches ordaining them to so-called preach the gospel, do you not think that obviously the place wants to go that way because we are ignorant of the truth?
Butch, what do you see happening?
I mean, you've lived a long life.
You've seen a lot of things.
What do you see happening in the next few years?
Because everything really is accelerating right now.
If there is not a repentance, and this is 2 Chronicles 7.14, another place in the Scripture, unless His people, and I'm talking about those who truly believe in the Creator, repent and get back on the battlefield.
America is short-lived.
What's left of our liberties are going to be taken shortly.
And we're going to fulfill what I believe to be the destiny of America in our lifetime, that of the end time Babylon.
And I can prove that also in a lot of different places.
But these are things, Alex, that I don't want to see happen.
For my sake, your sake, our children's sake.
Your children are lovely children.
I have three grown sons and five beautiful grandchildren.
I want to do good.
So that they may reap the fruit of my labor in their lifetime.
But if we do not do it, we cannot say that we love our children.
We cannot say that we love our Creator.
To battle evil is proof of our discipleship and the Lordship of Christ as our head.
To do anything otherwise is blasphemy and hypocrisy.
Well, there's also a spirit of fear.
And I'm not saying I'm a tough guy or I've got a lot of courage.
It isn't even courage.
When I see corruption, when I see evil, I hate it.
I want to fight it.
I want to resist it.
It's a survival mechanism.
And when I see bullies robbing somebody or picking on somebody, I become enraged.
And that's an instinct I have in me.
I guess you could call it a spirit.
What is a spirit?
And then I see the spirit of weakness and the spirit of giggling and snickering and thinking corruption is funny.
There's nothing funny about it.
Revelation 21, the first ones cast into hell are the fifth.
Are the fearful.
That doesn't mean that we enjoy being persecuted.
It does mean that we don't fear for the flesh and the pain and the hurt.
Even Christ himself in the garden prayed, Father, be thy will.
Let this cup pass from me.
Nevertheless, my will with thine be done.
We don't want to be whipped or stoned or put in prison.
But the fearful, those who lack faith to follow their creator, are cast into hell first.
That's in Revelation 21.
They can read it for themselves.
And faith is what keeps us going strong.
Let me ask you a question.
What is it when you get to a point where you're not even worried about it, you don't even care anymore, you can't even control yourself, you must fight the corruption, you must fight the enslavers?
Because that's the point I got to over a decade ago.
There was some fear before that.
What is that point when you're comforted and you don't care?
That's what Jeremiah 20, when Jeremiah spoke to himself, he said,
He said, I've made up my mind.
I'm not going to speak any more in your name.
Talk about the Lord, shall we, God.
I'm not going to preach any more in your name.
Because everyone mocks me.
He said, this word is a fire in my bones.
It will consume me if I don't let it out.
So that's when you reach a point that you know that you have to speak.
Or it will literally destroy you inside not to do it.
The fear is gone.
You come to the point where you no longer fear.
You no longer care what the enemy thinks.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And according to Romans 6.16, to whomever you obey, that is your God.
And I will not, I cannot obey man's dictates for the contrary to the laws of my Creator.
And this is Bible, and I must live by that if I expect to spend eternity with Him.
To do otherwise will send my soul to hell.
And Alex, I don't want to see that happen to myself, to my children, to your children, to anyone else out there.
I want the truth brought forth.
Well, there's certainly a real hell, but Earth itself, if we go along with evil, turns into a hell.
They should forget God has turned into hell.
Turn into hell.
America is turning into hell.
As a matter of fact, the judgment for evil, according to Scripture, is more evil.
Evil multiplies as judgment upon evil.
Well, God gives you over to the evil.
He gives you over to the evil, and to reprobate mine, Romans chapter 1 and 2, you're given to reprobate mine to do those things which are not convenient.
In other words,
Nothing bothers your conscience anymore.
Your conscience becomes seared.
And that's how Christians in church today can step through service after service.
And while they're doing so, they're murdering 3,000 to 4,000 babies a day.
The sodomites are marching on the streets naked.
And the church is silent because they reprobate.
Their conscience has become seared.
Nothing makes them blush anymore.
The children of the so-called Christians dress in ways that 25, 30 years ago, the heathen didn't dress.
This is all because our conscience has become seared.
We are reprobate-minded in the so-called church today.
That's how Pat Robertson gets by the way he does and the rest of them.
We have lost our conscience.
And because of that, we've damned our nation.
A hundred years ago, you couldn't find a large group of Americans to torture people and deal drugs and all the corrupt police and the rest of it.
Well, yeah.
They're evil.
The globalists had to spread evil and make us evil so they would have servants.
And the only way they could do that was to get to the pastor's
Again, get them to surrender or compromise.
I heard an old preacher one time say, that which we tolerate today, we will embrace tomorrow.
So compromise and toleration are the words of the day.
We must tolerate evil to go along with it so we can do right.
That is never scriptural.
To love God is to hate evil.
That's what the Bible says.
You know, you fought for this country, or believed you did, and covered operations in Vietnam and Cambodia.
What is it like to see tens of millions of illegal aliens wrapped in foreign flags, screaming they're going to bring America down, and then to watch our media try to spin it and say, oh, let's tolerate?
Well, it breaks my heart beyond belief, but again, it's the scripture of America, the end time Babylon, a nation of mixed peoples.
A multi-cultural society which will never stand alone.
There's no such thing as a multi-cultural society.
Well, judge nations are always usurped.
And to have a multi-cultural society means that you have no culture at all.
We've lost our Christian European culture, so therefore we've lost our direction.
We've lost our heritage.
We've lost our roots.
We're like a tree without roots.
We're withering up and dying because we've lost our heritage.
Well, that's what globalism is.
It's knocking out every country's sovereignty.
It's destroying every culture.
Let's take some calls here.
Let's talk to Pat in Ohio.
Go ahead.
Pat, thanks for holding.
Yeah, Alex, my question was regarding the gentleman in his own trial.
I think his name was Masawi.
Yes, the staged trial.
Oh, you think it's a state... Yes, the whole thing's been staged from the start.
Yes, ma'am.
Okay, how come the defense lawyers won't go to the people you know, like the International Language Department guy who said that these people were not terrorists, but they were government agents?
How come you would think he would...
Well, you don't think court-appointed lawyers in these cases are real.
I mean, in Oklahoma City, Stephen Jones didn't ask for the 12 surveillance camera tapes showing McVeigh with other people and showing the BATF on the ground.
You don't think... I mean, number one, he said he's Apache.
He was set up.
Now he changed his tune and...
Now he's obviously been tortured and he's singing like a canary.
Yeah, I mean, he's giving America the impression that we're real terrorists.
And then when we believe that...
These people are government agents.
It's like a hard sell to America.
Well, you know what?
Thanks for the call.
If people think it's a hard sell, we're being lied to.
C'est la vie.
This is a government that admittedly claims there's WMDs.
It's Bush says, I'll arrest whoever leaked Valerie Plame's name.
Turns out it's him.
I mean, they lie.
That's another phenomenon, Bush.
These people lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and put out bin Laden tapes.
And then people still believe what they say.
Pat, I've got to let you go.
Thank you for the call.
That's the cue, folks.
Let the callers go.
I want to take a bunch of other calls here, but she brings up Miss Alley.
Here's the problem.
You bring up an issue like this.
I could talk about it for three hours and then convince people.
Number one, the FBI agents over 50 times asked for wiretaps to search his computer and were told no.
Their superiors, who then got the biggest cash bonuses in FBI history for covering it up, told them you'll be arrested because the FBI began to, the low-level people began to refuse to follow orders.
And some of them were even city chiefs, so they're not really low-level.
Bush signed W-1999, ordering the FBI and Defense Intelligence and CIA to back off of these people.
Okay, so they needed a few patsies, so Massawi was one of their little patsies they had, one of their little provocateurs, who they didn't have involved in the so-called hijacking.
Then they bring him in.
Even the federal judges said that it's been a kangaroo court.
Yes, he did.
I did it.
It's my fault.
I mean, a government that tortures and kills, you know they've tortured him.
Either that or offering a good payoff.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Canada.
Chris, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you so much for what you're doing.
I read the article a few weeks back of Steve Jones from BYU.
And I called a few structural engineers because I wanted to get another opinion, an expert opinion on that paper from some universities in Canada.
And what they did is they said,
That they wouldn't even look at it because they accepted the opinion of a fellow named Abel Hassan Hassane Als from Berkeley who spoke before Congress?
Yes, that's what happens.
They say, we will not even do the math.
We will not even look at how the buildings fell.
But we have Kevin Ryan, who was the underwriter for underwriter laboratories, saying that it's impossible.
We have all these other engineers and the heads of mining colleges saying it.
And Professor Stephen Jones' research is conclusive.
Well, you know, and I think they're just stuck in their little ivory towers, the problems.
But I picked up the phone.
I called this fellow, Abel Hassan Hassanel.
He's a very nice guy.
And I said, I want to send you the paper and I'd like you to look at it.
He said, well, I'm very busy, but I'll do my best.
So I gave him a few weeks to look at it.
And then when I called him, oh, and also at that time he said he thought the whole idea of it being an inside job was foolish, was ridiculous.
So up front he's telling you he's got this precept.
But you know what?
Interesting thing.
Now, after he said, you know what, I wish I had the time, and he's a sincere guy, I'll give him that.
He said, I wish I had the time to properly look at it, and I don't.
But from what I've seen, now I'm 50-50 on the issue.
This is the guy who spoke to Congress, and now he's 50-50 on the issue?
I'll tell you what, and I remember seeing him and hearing him, give us his full name, we'll put you on hold, give us his phone number.
And Alex, again, thank you so much for what you're doing.
It's a mess up here in Canada, too.
And nobody gives a crap, it seems, about what's happening to this world.
Well, Chris, I appreciate that, but will you... Do you have his number in front of you?
I will get it in two seconds.
Okay, we're going to put Chris on hold.
Scott, get that info, that name and info from him.
That's big.
Let's go ahead and talk to David in Georgia.
David, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing today?
I'm calling in regards to... I called in a couple months ago.
I'm one of the soldiers that have been called back after serving prior service.
That's right.
And I'm pretty happy to say that I'm not reporting and I've already missed my report date and I'm actually going through the process right now of administrative separation.
But I'm not calling about me.
I'm actually calling about a gentleman...
Let me back up for those that don't know.
Soldiers who served two, three, and even four tours overseas, we didn't even do this in World War II or Vietnam, are being forced to re-up.
It's a draft of those that have already served.
I want to get Butch's comment on that, then you can finish up.
All right, I will say this.
I don't know how old you are, sir, but I know for a fact that calling men back in in the 50s and 60s who are specialized in different, we'll say doctors, maybe physicians,
Right, okay.
Well, the real reason I called Alex is there's a family that I think we really need to get behind, and this is Sergeant Kevin Binderman, and I just want to give you a story real quick.
He served 10 years in the Army and just got back from Iraq in 2004.
He was supposed to get out in 2005, but because of stop-loss, they prevented him to leave.
At that point, he filed for conscientious objector and was denied that, and the commander of his base wouldn't even look at the information.
And at this point in time, he's actually serving 18 months in prison, and if I can, I just want to give out a website of...
BendermanDefense.org, and anybody who can get behind this family's cause, please do.
I know we've got Cynthia McKinney's support, and anybody who can help would be really great.
Well, I want people to, and I'm familiar with Mr. Bender's case, think about it.
You serve multiple years over there.
They engage in fraud with your contract, make you stay in there, and I hear neocons call into shows and go, yeah, put them in jail.
I thought we support the troops.
71% want to come home.
71% say the war is a fraud, butch.
Oh, absolutely.
As a matter of fact, desertions are a record level.
I get e-mails from people in Iraq, serving soldiers, that e-mail me and tell me that there's nothing fair about this, that we're murderers, and we know that.
In Vietnam, we knew this also, but I was naive enough back then because we...
So, Butch, even back then when you were covering operations in Cambodia, you knew about the drugs but made some excuse to yourself.
And that's why Butch isn't naive public like some of you out there, because he's lived.
And the more you see of the underbelly, you figure out the underbelly is in control.
Thanks for the call, David, Sean, and Frank, last callers.
All I have time for are you.
And don't forget, I'm carrying Butch's new, what, almost seven-hour video, The Beast Exposed, at Infowars.com.
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I want to jam in two final calls, Butch, but you intrigue me with the Vietnam stuff.
You hardly ever talk about that.
When you were in Nam, you knew about how they were shipping the heroin back in the dead bodies?
Yes, and by the way, I wasn't in Cambodia.
It was in Laos a lot.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I always get that mixed up.
But, yes, we knew they were putting drugs in body bags and stacking them up like wood bodies and shipping them out in CIA bodies.
I mean, Air America is for real, folks.
There's no joke.
It's for real.
So you witnessed that or you heard about it?
No, I was on the base in Udall, Thailand when they did it.
This is for real stuff.
This is no lie.
This actually happened.
I've got to get you back on sometime to talk about that.
I mean, the things that we knew, and I was almost there was high ranking at all.
I was a peon, I guess.
I was only a sergeant, but nonetheless...
I was in the area where it was done, and I was in the operations and communications where this type of thing happened a lot.
And we did this.
Actually, the war in Vietnam was about oil and drugs also.
It was not about... Did you ever actually witness the bodies as they were putting the drugs in?
No, no, no.
The bodies were not in there at all.
Just body-like stuff with drugs.
But you witnessed physically.
You saw the heroin.
I saw the bags being loaded, yes.
The bags and stuff with the drugs and loaded on planes.
Sean in New Hampshire, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Great to be on the show.
Hi, Alex.
It looks like New Hampshire is passing HB 1582 in the Senate, and we will be the first state to reject the Real ID Act.
For those that missed it, you guys are rejecting the national ID card.
West Virginia and many others are very close.
What was the hospital again, Sean?
HB 1582?
It is HB 1582.
Okay, got it.
Thank you.
And we're going to reject the national ID card.
Also, I wanted to mention, Alex, I was talking to a psychiatrist whose patients are coming in and their number one problem is that they're depressed over the country and the things that are going on.
And I've given her your information and stuff, and her number one prescription now is resistance.
It's a lot better than Prozac.
It feels good.
Sean, I couldn't think of a better caller.
Thanks for that good news.
Frank in Washington, last caller.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for the call.
I just wanted to point out a couple things to you that I come across here searching the Internet.
Sure, go ahead.
One thing was, okay, I was looking for Chavez.
And so in the Boston Globe, they have him having a kind of a reduction for heating oil for poor folks up there in the Northeast.
Yeah, he gave us at 40% its cost heating oil, so he's evil.
And then, yeah, and then the second thing that I saw after looking at that was, did you see the Stansberry & Associates article or whatever it is?
Oh, God, this is comedy.
It says the United States could become the new Middle East by the U.N.S.
Energy Department survey.
They said that they found oil underneath the Colorado Mountains.
I'm like, that's okay.
We've got all we need in Alaska right now.
Thanks for the call.
Pastor Butch, I hope folks go to your seminar.
They can learn more at PastorButch.com or CallDecision.com and fire out that toll-free number.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet.
God bless you.
You bet.
God bless you.
You take care, my friend.
A great guy.
He's up there in West Virginia with Hutton Gibson and the whole crew.
All right.
I want to say hi to Hutton and his wife, too.
We're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.