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Air Date: April 25, 2006
2133 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're up in the second hour of this Tuesday edition, the 25th day of April 2006.
Alfred W. McCoy.
He's the author of The Politics of Heroin, a classic book.
He's got a new book out on terrorism.
He's another historian and current professor of history in the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
And he'll be joining us.
He's a Ph.D.
in Southeastern Asian History from Yale University as well.
His research includes the Philippines history and the Golden Triangle, drug trade of opium and heroin, and how our government brings it in.
And he'll be joining us coming up again in the second hour.
There have been some really scary new developments with the gun grabber-in-chief.
We're good to go.
But seriously, I've gotten better at this.
I'm moving to you quick.
I'm moving on to the next caller quick.
That way all of you get to get on, or at least more of you, and we don't get bogged down with a caller for five or ten minutes.
So just be ready for that.
Be ready for me to move to your calls quickly and to move through them quickly.
The toll-free number, any news item, any story, any issue, any question, any comment, you disagree with me, you agree with me, whatever, 1-800-259-9231.
By the way,
If you disagree with me, you go to the head of the line.
That's always been the rule.
And so many times I'm taking calls, and we get to a caller who's been holding for 30 minutes, and it turns out that they disagree.
You need to tell the folks that answer the phones, we don't screen calls, we ask what your first name is and where you're calling from occasionally, how you're listening, but you do need to tell the person answering the phone that you disagree if you do.
And of course, most of the people that disagree really don't disagree, they just say that to go to the head of the line, and that's a little bit irritating, but c'est la vie, so is life, 1-800-259-9231.
Bush is ordering a probe of gas prices exploding.
This is the equivalent of the head weasel, the top weasel, conferring with the foxes to find out who's killing hens every night in the chicken coop.
This is so ridiculous.
So we'll go into some of the politics of oil later.
And go through what's really happening.
Also, it's in the Jerusalem Post today.
Top White House post, go to Jews.
And anytime you have individuals who have dual citizenship or dual loyalties, I don't care if they were German or Chinese or Russian, we need to look at this and see,
We're good to go.
I don't really understand why Bush, well I really do understand.
This is the foreign intelligence agency known as Mossad that basically is I guess blackmailing the White House is what the evidence shows.
They run security there, a foreign company does.
So, I will get into this today.
It has to be discussed, and we will talk about it.
Very, very serious.
So, boy, I'm touching the zeitgeist on that one, but we'll get into it.
And we'll let you talk about it, too.
Whatever you have to say about the issue, 1-800-259-9231.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, President Bush is ordering a probe into gas prices.
Oh, I'm sure he'll get to the bottom of it and find himself and his daddy and... Dick Cheney
I think we're good to go.
But when the communist Chinese in the late 90s took over the Panama Canal, took over Long Beach Naval Base, they've now taken over security in the Bahamas with the nuclear scanners.
The U.S.
port authorities and customs aren't even allowed to intervene.
I criticize it.
China has over 5,000 front companies in the U.S.
They've got spies in so many of our national security infrastructure companies.
We're totally sold out.
And so I cover that.
I've also documented how MI5 and MI6 have thoroughly infiltrated our government, even founded our own CIA, and how we're being sold out and controlled.
We cover how the Little Reconquistas are being funded by our own government, and how Bush and Fox hired a fancy PR firm just four months ago to stage the four weeks of demonstrations by illegal aliens you've seen in their uniforms of white shirts and Mexican flags.
And so the continual subdividing and sellout and looting of America as the happy hunting ground for organized crime is ongoing.
And now I'm going to address Israel.
And then I'm going to go to your calls.
You know, I get criticized by the Israeli lobby.
I've been attacked by the ADL for absolutely no reason.
They even misquote me.
They had a couple years ago a big border report about border vigilantes.
And they've actually changed some of the articles since I threatened to sue them and sent a registered letter from my lawyer to them, who just so happens to be Jewish, where they misquoted me saying, all Mexicans are evil, they come from an evil culture.
No, I went back to the actual recording and sent them a link to that as well, where I said the Aztec culture is evil just as the Nazi culture is evil, and all cultures are not equal, and there are evil cultures and evil leadership that do evil things.
We're good to go.
And all of that ilk and the government COINTELPRO people going, Alex won't talk about Israel.
Alex is afraid to talk about Israel.
Alex doesn't hate Jews, so he's bad.
Well, I'm sorry, but almost every Jew I know hates what Israel's doing, hates the New World Order, knows that it's a very small criminal group in control of Israel.
This is the best way to explain it.
In America, the Italian mafia in the United States in the last hundred years was never the biggest mafia.
But the WASP mob, the German, the English, the Irish mafia, who were teamed up together when the Italian mob started getting really powerful in the 40s and 50s,
They got together and began a national demonization campaign against La Cosa Nostra to try to knock them back down to size, put them back in their, quote, place.
And so you never really hear about the Wasp Mob.
And that's the biggest mafia.
And I've studied this.
We're good to go.
And then after that, you've got some of the Asian mafias.
So, I'm against organized crime.
And so, do we have Israeli double agents penetrating and controlling the Pentagon, the White House?
Are they now the most powerful foreign intelligence agency blackmailing and manipulating our internal politics?
They weren't ten years ago.
They are now.
It's always been the British.
But basically the British and the U.S.
have merged completely, and so now using blackmail, using murder, using payoffs, Israel, to a certain extent, is in a symbiotic relationship and controlling many aspects of our foreign policy and our domestic policy.
And it's very, very scary.
And so I will criticize Israel for that, and Israel is run by organized crime syndicates.
Israel, admittedly,
...is the biggest importer into Europe, the Israeli government of heroin.
They are admittedly the biggest importer into the Western world of ecstasy.
They are admittedly the biggest importer now of many other synthetic drugs.
They are admittedly number two in white slavery, Saudi Arabia being number one.
And again, I'm not criticizing the people of Saudi Arabia.
I'm criticizing their degenerate government and what the 5,000 princes plus and all the things they're doing.
They admittedly traffic in mainly white Europeans.
They go for a premium.
Kidnap Serbs, Croats, Russians.
It's a million to a year being kidnapped, and that's the UN's own numbers.
And Halliburton and Dyncor have been in the Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Associated Press involved in it as well.
So yes, Israel is as dirty as it gets.
And it is just manifestly wicked.
And we hear from the bought-off Christian so-called conservative lobby in America that if you say Israel does anything wrong, you're going to hell.
That you're of the devil.
That if sacrament isn't being born again and believing in Jesus Christ, to be a Christian you must worship Israel and support whatever they do.
That is not in my Bible.
All the prophets came to criticize, and then they were Jewish, to criticize what Israel was doing and to tell them to get back on the straight and narrow.
And then Israel was put into bondage, the Babylonians and many others, whenever they didn't follow God's design.
So that's really what the Bible says.
I know you don't read it.
You just believe your preacher who's being flown on his own private jet, paid for by the Israeli military, and is totally on the payroll.
And our government and crime syndicates in this country use Israel as they use Switzerland, as they use the Bahamas, as they use other places as these offshore money laundering centers.
And so basically that's what's happening.
But, again, most Israelis, most Jews, even most so-called Zionists are just led along by the no's by these crime syndicates.
And why do I bring this up today?
Here it is in the Jerusalem Post.
Top White House post goes to Jews.
After appointing Joshua Bolton to be the White House Chief of Staff, U.S.
George W. Bush nominated another Jewish staffer, Joel Kaplan, to serve as Bolton's deputy, putting him in charge of the daily policy planning.
The fact that the White House policy is now in the hands of two Jews is not seen as significant by activists in the American Jewish community.
He is simply appointing the best people for the job, said Nathan Dement, who heads the Washington office of the Orthodox Union.
Another Jewish activist added that he wouldn't read too much into it.
Bolton, who first served as the head of the Office of Management and Budget, was the first Jewish member of Bush's cabinet ever since Bush took office.
There has been a custom of opening cabinet meetings with a brief prayer, and so before his first cabinet meeting, Bolton's assistant contacted DeMint and asked him for help in finding a Jewish prayer for the secretary as well as being for the cabinet members.
The Orthodox Union provided him with a text in English and in Hebrew, and Bolton read it aloud in the next cabinet meeting.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
In the past year, several Jews were holding senior posts in the administration of left, among them Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, who went to be World Bank head, Undersecretary of Defense Doug Fieth, Vice President Dick Cheney, Chief of Staff Scooter Libby, and Political Advisor Ken Melman, who now has the Republican National Committee.
And it goes on and on.
Folks, when you have 25 neocons and 19 of them are dual-citizen, hardcore right-wing Zionists, you've got a problem.
And when you have the so-called neocons being former Jewish Trotskyites, and they call themselves neocons, and then when General Zini criticizes their war plans, they go, oh, you're anti-Semitic.
This has to be addressed.
All this is is a mafia.
A mafia that is in the White House.
America is open for business.
We're like a vending machine.
You come put your quarters in or your dollars in, and you pull the lever and whatever you paid for comes out.
And we have Chinese operatives all throughout the government in the technology sector.
In the war-making sector is its dual loyalty.
I wouldn't even say dual.
It's Israeli agents.
In other sectors, it just goes on and on and on.
The Federal Reserve, a lot of them are dual loyalty Israelis.
It's got to be addressed.
I mean, and it's scary.
But if we play into the hate mongers out there and start attacking Jews, this is exactly what the globalists want.
And I've done some more research on this.
They had the quote American Hitler and it turned out it was all staged for eight years and he was really a Jewish individual posing to try to get a bunch of hate laws passed.
We've caught rabbis during hate legislation in Idaho, staging with Jews dressed up in Nazi outfits, hailing Hitler.
They've caught a lot of black folks sending themselves hate letters and vandalizing their own buildings and churches.
They just caught a bunch of Jewish youth burning a bunch of black churches.
This is a program of control.
A program of control.
We cannot be sucked into it.
They all want us at each other's throats, and we've got to resist it.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Your calls are coming up.
Did you know that right up at 90% of the caller ID technology is run by one company that's openly Israeli-owned and run out of Israel?
Incredible control over all the phone call records and billing.
Did you know that a private company installed a security system in the White House and runs the phone system and it's Israeli?
I mean, look at it.
Our port security, run by the communist Chinese in many areas.
Our major highways from Indiana to Texas being taken over by the Spanish company Centra.
We have now the majority of our water districts paid for by the American people locally, owned by a German and a Dutch company, respectively.
This is globalism.
Globalism is where the corporations get bigger than governments, come in and pay off governments, and then the corporations literally put their officers into government positions and begin funneling the public chest, the public tax money, the largesse, into their own coffers.
And then they also give their officers political power.
And they then sign over political power to private mercenary firms and private armies.
It's happening systematically.
In fact, the numbers I'm using are a year old.
The new numbers are due out very soon.
Forbes every year does a report on it, so do several other publications.
Of the 100 biggest economies, you know I've talked about this a lot in the past, 44 of them aren't even governments, they're corporations.
And that number is set to grow this year.
Soon, the majority of the biggest economies in the world won't be the United States, won't be California, won't be China.
It'll be global corporations with their own intelligence agencies, their own security, their own mercenaries, running anything and everything with absolutely no oversight.
You look at the revolving door of Big Pharma and the Food and Drug Administration.
And you look at the big chemical plants and industry and the revolving door into the Environmental Protection Agency.
You look at the revolving door, how Monsanto openly pays for the careers of almost all the federal judges that sit over the courts deciding on their products and genetically engineered modified foods and organisms.
At every level, the checks and balances are being blocked.
And Israel's manipulation and control over large sectors of our government and economy
...is really only a small part of the equation, and that's why I tend to try to focus on the big picture and cover every facet of it, not just obsessing on Israel.
But I can certainly see how people do obsess on Israel.
Some people obsess on China.
They obsess on how much control the Arabs have over our economy, but never focusing on the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, that is the British-German family that's also the same royal family.
They're all interbred with the Dutch.
And the Dutch are, what, the third biggest owners in this country.
You never even hear about them.
And so we're being taken over.
And they come right in, these foreign companies, these foreign families, these foreign intelligence agencies.
They come right in and they pay off our agents, our spies.
They infiltrate to the highest levels.
They use blackmail.
And their number one job is to get control of the public coffers and direct those wealth into their hands and the right regulations that then go after any of their competition.
That's one of the few things that's been holding back the Global Crime Syndicate is that there is some infighting at the lower and mid-levels of it.
But at the top, they meet with the Bilderberg Group every year, 120 globalists, and only about 25 guests, and they set the course.
Remember almost about a year ago after Bilderberg?
What, 10 months ago?
We had Jim Tucker on right when he got back.
And he said, well, Henry Kissinger says oil is going to go to $100 a barrel by end of the next year.
And he said he basically broke everything down that was going to happen, as he does every year.
Daniel Estelon, been covering Bilderberg for nine years, not for 27 like Tucker has, got the same intel from his sources inside the meeting.
And then there were several other predictions that were made, and they're all on track towards happening.
How do these guys...
They're in the Bilderberg meeting, set the agenda.
Because they all represent different facets of the worldwide crime syndicate.
They come together and they combine their forces through agreements to create this world government that the private corporations are going to control.
So instead of having to pay off each government in hand, they will simply have to pay off each central government and they will have total control.
And that's what the illegal immigration is about.
It's not so much about driving down wages, that's part of it.
It's not even so much about getting us all fighting with each other, and that's part of it.
The main stated goal of the Council on Foreign Relations that put out, what, a year ago, its border plan, is merging the U.S.
and Canada to form the Pan-American Union, and then to begin to merge that block with Central and South America and the Caribbean nations.
And it's happening.
It's all happening right now.
And the 25 million illegal aliens in this country are the political weapon the globalists can use to bully the American people into accepting this.
We'll come back.
Go to your calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex, George, Mark, Leslie, any others?
Toll free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Bush is going to get to the bottom of these gas prices.
He's launching a major investigation.
Meanwhile, consumer confidence highest in four years.
If that's true, people really aren't informed.
I'm not trying to be negative here.
All the major economic indicators are not looking too bright.
But people at first, when they start an inflationary spike printing a bunch of money, don't realize it historically until it's too late.
I wish we could reverse this, but I really get tired of saying, see, I told you so, but we'll get into that after some calls.
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Now, the news and your calls are coming up.
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A little bit of arsenic, a little bit of fluoride.
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You know, why does that happen?
You know, there's so many contaminants put into our water systems.
Even people who are on rainwater are getting it from the air, you know, the contaminants from the contrails and all the different things that are in the air.
Well, the factories, you name it.
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Debbie, we'll talk to you soon, and thanks for coming on with us.
Thank you.
Take care.
And again, folks, they're the big national manufacturer of it.
You bet.
And then Jim just has Debbie.
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That's why the phone's busy.
Leave her name and number, or she'll call you back.
Sometimes they get overwhelmed because they get so many calls.
But Debbie just handles their radio interviews, and they've told me that we're about 80% of their radio interview orders.
So I'm glad our listeners have taken action and are doing this.
Tell them Alex Jones sent you.
Okay, let's go right to your calls.
Thank you for holding, listeners.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bart in Texas.
Bart, you're on the air.
I was calling because if you remember when that Bilderberg report came out last year, one of the statements that came out was going to be the coordinated attack
Hey, Alex.
Against alternative media here in the U.S.
That's right.
They said, and I got this from three separate, Tucker, Estelon, and one other person who got it directly from the staff and others.
Again, this is real intelligence.
It's proven to be very accurate that they're very upset at the alternative media, the, quote, patriots in America.
They want to shut down the web.
They want to tax and restrict it.
And now exactly what Tucker and Estelon said would happen is now happening.
Go ahead.
And I mean, you know, one of the best examples of that, I think, is right now the national bills that are in front of the Congress to deal with public access.
But those bills are actually mirrors of bills that have already been passed here in Texas.
And that was what I wanted to ask you, Alex.
Were you aware that under the new franchise agreements for public access in Texas, that whenever those franchise agreements come up, that public access has no more funding capability?
Yeah, 2011.
Well, I mean...
San Antonio woke up this last summer, and their public access is gone, and Houston's going to lose its public access in 2008.
It's already shut down.
Now, I hear you, and I appreciate the call.
Yes, sir, I'm fully aware of... I think the attacks on the web dwarf the attacks on access television.
If cities have the will to keep their access TV, then they'll still be there.
And again, that gets off into the mechanics of AXS TV when it was founded 34 years ago in Austin, Texas, and the laws that Congress passed.
So yes, I'm here in the birthplace of AXS Television, and I'm deeply involved in all of it.
I was at a seminar this weekend for two hours studying it, looking at the laws themselves, and how to fight it in the future.
So, yes, I'm involved.
And, yes, there is an attack on the alternative media across the board.
And they didn't mind AXS TV five, ten years ago when nobody was using it.
Now, coast to coast, people are airing Road to Tyranny and Masters of Terror and Martial Law and Loose Change 2nd Edition and In Plain Sight.
Waco the rules of engagement.
I mean, I've been in hotel rooms in other cities and seen my films on.
My father travels a lot.
He's seen him in multiple towns.
Turns on the television in his hotel room and there it is.
So yes, we've used the tool.
Now they're trying to shut it down.
But if you look at the viewers of AXS TV, it's millions and millions, but it's nothing compared to the power of the web.
How we now have web TV and people watching AXS television basically on the internet.
And the internet now has more viewers and listeners and people going to it than the mainstream news and TV.
So they're panicking, so they're coming in with regulations, taxes,
So you're absolutely right, caller.
Alex in Texas, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
First, I really want to thank you for having your guest on yesterday.
We really needed someone to represent exactly what Falun Gong, Falun Dafa is all about, and that it's not a religion, and that it's very beneficial to anyone, and you can get their lessons on FalunDafa.com.
But I had a quick question.
You're speaking of people saying that you're light on Zionism or whatever.
And there's someone named Daniel Bradford Smith, and he points to the fact that you're an honorary member of RSICC, which apparently says they're looking for a government of God on Earth, and so what I'm wondering is why would anyone point to that as
You being light on Zionism.
Well, number one, sir, I've never signed on for that.
I've had people ask me about that.
It's some conservative Christian group that made me an honorary member.
I can say Bill Clinton's an honorary member of PrisonPlanet.tv.
I'm giving Bill Clinton a membership, and then they can go to Bill Clinton, I guess at a CFR meeting, and go, why are you working with Alex Jones?
And Bill Clinton will say, I didn't know about that.
All right.
So really, sir, I don't want to give shadowy individuals that just make stuff up any attention.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but the way they presented it makes it look like you're actually on there, so could you legally get yourself off of there?
No, you know what, I don't care, sir, I appreciate the call.
Listen, oil prices are now over $3 a gallon.
There's depleted uranium in our atmosphere being picked up by British and U.S.
The dollar has been devalued by 40-plus percent.
The new Fed chief says he's going to print money at an unlimited amount, and that they're now making that amount secret for the first time since the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, 90-something years ago.
Look, there's a quick way for people to get attention.
Attack the big dog on the block, and that's Alex Jones.
I don't even really respond when Popular Mechanics attacks me, or Foreign Affairs attacks me, or American Legion attacks me, or the Washington Post attacks me.
There have been a bunch of hit pieces on me I haven't even responded to concerning Charlie Sheen on 9-11.
That would be a boring show if I sat up here and just responded all day.
Listen, I'll respond for you again.
I ought to just have a one-minute thing that plays at the start of each show.
I am not a Scientologist.
I don't know any Scientologists.
There's a 50-something year old man with dark hair who works for Scientology named Alex Jones.
I'm not him.
I'm 32 years old.
I'm not a billionaire industrialist from Canada.
I'm not the head of the Shorenstein Center.
I didn't win the Pulitzer Prize last week.
I'm not Alex S. Jones.
I've been accused of being him.
67 years old, I think.
Every week I get mean emails going, you piece of filth, you work for the New York Times, and you have an NPR show, and you are the head of this... No, that's not me.
If some website, and I have looked at it, it's like a Christian conservative group, saying they want God to come to... Jesus to come, and they gave me an honorary membership, I don't even... It's ridiculous.
I don't even know who they are, they just gave me a membership.
It doesn't matter...
Look, folks, this is how COINTELPRO works.
And I don't know, most people are just attacking me because they're egomaniacs.
Can you imagine people listening on AM and FM stations right now that have no idea what we're even talking about?
They tune in here for news.
They tune in here for information.
And they don't get that sometimes.
They just get to hear about egomaniacs that are trying to throw stones at the big boy on the block.
You know, I'm here to bring other hosts on.
I'm here to bring other people on.
I'm here to bring on other perspectives.
I'm here to uplift people in the Patriot or Truth Movement.
And I watch people.
If they're not weirdo egomaniacs that attack everyone, I have them on this show and try to build them up.
If they're snake-like vermin, I don't give them any attention.
I mean, my job is not to send you to bad people, send you to bad places.
This movement, about half of it, is just ninnying and backstabbing and freaking out and saying who your favorite is, like we're baseball teams or something.
We're fighting the New World Order.
We're fighting global government.
George, where are you calling us from?
Canada, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
Thank you.
What a coincidence you started talking about the Bilderberg Group this morning.
I'm reading a...
By the way, I've been told by my sources that that's probably where it's going to be is outside Vienna.
That's what I'm thinking.
And what a coincidence that good old G-Dub is going to be in town or, you know, a helicopter ride away.
What do you have to say about that?
Well, if a sitting president goes to Bilderberg, that'll be unprecedented.
They normally go before their president and after their president.
His father, of course, has been many times.
And it sounds like a crime syndicate meeting to me.
Could it be that his Bilderberg masters are summoning him in to report on what he plans to do in Iran and
You could easily slip away for a couple hours, you know, quick helicopter ride.
Well, we know he was in Northern California the last two years during the Bohemian Grove, and there were weird groups of Secret Service there.
By weird, I mean increased levels.
So, yeah, I mean, certainly.
These guys are criminals, Alex.
I wish they were all in jail.
Well, they may go to jail someday.
They're not invincible.
I sure hope so.
That's my comment.
That's what I wanted to add.
Like I said, it really is a coincidence that Bush is going to be in continental Europe when the Bilderbergers are supposed to be meeting.
Well, it's funny you said Vienna because that's of the three places that's where we believe they're going to be meeting is Austria.
But they may change that last minute now.
I mean, we learned a few days before now.
In the past, we learned weeks before.
They're very secretive.
They try all sorts of tricks.
They're also trying to find out who the moles are by leaking three different locations of three different people and then seeing if we find out.
Thanks, Alex.
That's all I wanted to say.
Just bring it up to you.
Bring it to your attention.
Yeah, thank you.
And so sometimes, folks, you'll learn why I don't come out with something I know, but now it's leaked and is out there.
It already has, so I can mention it.
You know, I knew this a month ago where they're supposedly going to have their meeting.
Not 100%.
They have two other places booked.
But they got a place booked in Canada and a place booked in Scotland.
But it looks like it's going to be a town outside Vienna.
And so sometimes, you know, this is a war, folks.
This is a war.
All right, we'll come back and take some more calls from Mark and Leslie and others.
Stay with us.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
I think?
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We have Professor Alfred W. McCoy, author of The Politics of Heroin, now wrote a new book on torture, joining us in the next hour, but we'll continue with your calls in this segment and the next.
Speaking of Bilderberg...
He's been covering it for 27 years.
It's Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Group Diary.
You need to have it put out by American Free Press, and we carry it on Infowars.com.
Photos of the meetings, the people he's confronted, 27 years of infiltration.
You need to have this book.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark in Texas.
Mark, you're on the air.
Hello again.
After your guest yesterday, I went into, I typed China International Transplantation Center into the Google, and up popped this multicolored advertisement.
The home page to this group starts, quote, organ providers can be found immediately.
And if you click on the selection of volunteers, you'll see, quote, as for the kidney transplantation, it may take
One week to find a suitable donor, the maximum time being one month.
Now, of course, in this country, it takes a year or two for these things to become available.
Well, sir, the Chinese government has advertised they take them from executed people, and then now they're trying to spin it and deny it.
And notice it says China International Organ Transplant Center has the building on the front, Introduction to China's International Transplantation Center.
And it has the nice little smiling nurses.
Yes, I was going to mention that.
Oh, they're so friendly.
And again, it's admitted they're murdering political dissidents and taking their organs.
And our president stands there on the stage with just an open devil like he's a good guy.
Yeah, and what it looks like they've done is once they arrest these people, they blood type them immediately and put it in a database so they have it all ready to go.
When somebody comes along wanting their organs.
Have you seen the science fiction movie, The Island?
I believe so, years ago.
It's where they have people warehoused, and then the minute some rich person has a car wreck or gets sick, they just take them in, put them under, and take their organs.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
It even has a price list.
Kidney transplant, $62,000.
Liver transplant.
$98,000 to $130,000.
Kidney, liver, pancreas, heart, cornea transplants.
It goes on and on.
It would be just like going to the grocery store and having humans hanging up on hooks.
It's incredible.
Also, I live in Travis County, so I got my 2000 census test here, if you want to talk about that a second.
Yeah, how many questions does it have on it?
I got the short one.
It only really wants you to know how many people live here, what their name and birth dates are, and then extensive questions on the race of the people.
Now, by the way, folks, notice now you don't get a census every 10 years.
You get one every couple years.
This is the 2006 census test.
And we told people back in 2000 that it's now going to be a yearly census, and then they try to tell you by law you have to sign it.
No, you do not have to fill that out.
Well, I'm not sure about that.
The Houston judge that you mentioned, she reversed her decision.
Well, it doesn't matter, sir.
They had one conviction, I think back in 68, for someone giving false answers on one.
It's called the Fifth Amendment.
They can't make someone who's been caught with dead bodies in their basement answer questions under the Fifth Amendment, and they can't make you answer more than how many people live there.
That's it.
It's in the Constitution.
And I'm not going to, so... I haven't, so do what you want.
But, by the way, it's going to become a monthly census in 2010.
Okay, well, thanks a lot.
And, sir, you're the majority of people, but one in six households gets a 49-question census.
I think it's one in 15 or so gets a multi-hundred question.
What kind of guns do you have?
What bank accounts?
Exact stocks and bonds?
When do you go to work in the morning?
Oh, we're just supposed to answer the government's questions.
This is interrogation.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The author of The Politics of Heroin, CIA complicity in global drug trade, Alfred W. McCoy, professor...
We'll be joining us coming up in the next segment for the balance of the hour.
Then we have a Second Amendment legislative update.
Very important.
A lot of new developments.
With the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, Larry Pratt, coming up in the third hour.
We'll have open phones throughout the broadcast.
Right now, let's go back to your calls.
Leslie in Virginia.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
This morning when I woke up, I listened to ABC, the affiliate WMAL radio station.
And I heard the details.
This is main news about Charlie Chain's court filings from his wife.
He's suffering from paranoia and delusional remarks because of his statements about vaccines and the 9-1-1 event.
That's right.
His children must be taken because he's delusional.
He believes that...
Formula is bad for children's brains.
That's mainstream news that it doesn't give them the fatty acids they need.
He's very evil.
He thinks mercury in vaccines is bad.
And he believes that 9-11 is very suspicious.
Now, as a Virginian, Alex...
ABC, I suggest that they cover Warner, Senator Warner's palimony settlement from his first wife, and that involved, she also had to give the Atoka Farm in Middleburg, Virginia to him.
And in 1997, he married actress Liz Taylor.
But he lost his initial bid in the primary here in Roanoke to a southern politician named Mr. Obershain who suffered a fatal small little plane crash shortly after, through the default.
So, Senator Warner ended up as a GEO nomination for the
For the senatorial race that he won in 78.
Yeah, he's on the Senate Armed Services Committee.
Very powerful.
My suggestion to ABC is this.
Did Liz Taylor have to pay off Warner like his first wife?
You know, I don't know, but I really appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ed in Pennsylvania.
Ed, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I don't know if you remember the 70s where you had to stand in line for gas.
Yes, I remember the oil crisis.
Well, about two months ago you mentioned about getting a backup car.
And I would like to suggest to you to get a diesel maybe.
And diesel fuel is very easy to store.
You know, just in case you've got to get to work and stuff.
Yeah, but there's fewer places to get diesel.
But you're right, I think it does store longer.
Yeah, you could put it like my heating tanks.
I could run my heating fuel as diesel fuel.
Well, you know, diesel has historically been less than regular gasoline, but now it's more.
Yeah, I know you don't have the time like I do, but I get Chinese used cooking oil, and I've been running it in an old Mercedes station wagon right now.
It's working well for you?
It's running great.
I just started it about a month ago.
Well, gas prices are going to be going down because George Bush is on the job.
He's investigating.
He's investigating, so everything's going to be okay now.
Yeah, the weasel in the hen house, yes.
Yes, the chief weasel is investigating the foxes.
Yeah, I just figured that might be a good alternative for you to get a diesel car or truck.
They're very clean.
They're burning very cleaner now, the newer ones and stuff.
Oh, I've seen a lot of diesel cars and trucks driving around, and they're not belching that black smoke like they were a few years ago.
No, they go to zero to 60 in, you know, like seven seconds.
Mercedes really has their act together on diesel.
Well, I don't think I'll be buying a Mercedes anytime soon.
Jeep Liberty, four-wheel drive?
Yeah, I spend, I don't drive cars quite that fancy.
I just want good transportation.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
Interesting discussion.
We'll come back and go to our guest, the politics of heroin, CIA complicity in the global drug trade, Alfred W. McCoy, historian.
We're honored to have him with us.
And we'll get into some more of the crimes of this government and the private corporations that service it and control it on the other side.
Websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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Come on, Bill.
Two weeks ago, you were riding the bicycle.
And today, you're showing up in your new car and telling me you're buying a house.
Rob Bill Gates?
What did you do?
No, John, I didn't rob Bill Gates.
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What was that website again?
It's www.didyourobbillgates.com.
Now write this down, John.
You should go there and learn how this program can help you become financially independent, too.
Thanks, Bill.
I'm going there right now.
Check, please.
Uh, you got this one, right, Bill?
Sure, John.
Don't forget, it's www.DidYouRobBillGates.com.
Next time, you'll be buying me lunch.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, now well into the second hour.
It's the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
In just a minute or two, we'll be talking to author, professor, historian, Alfred W. McCoy.
The founding dynasties that run our country today, the Skull and Bones outfit in 1832, was openly and publicly set up with opium money.
And they controlled this trade, the laudanum trade, the snake oil trade, for really the next hundred years.
And then they lost their monopoly as more companies began shipping it in.
And so these very dynasties that had made their fortunes and become very politically powerful from drug money then began to try to criminalize drugs, not to stop drugs from flowing in, but to be able to control the police forces that they'd bought and paid for to go after their competition.
By making drugs illegal, the prices then, of course, of black market rates skyrocketed.
And then we fast forward to Vietnam.
Imagine secrecy, the CIA, all the aircraft they controlled, right in the middle of the greatest saturation of poppy-producing, opium-producing growth centers.
We're good to go.
Oh, but the government, they wear nice fancy military uniforms.
They wear $3,000 suits.
They go to church every Sunday.
They wouldn't do that.
And then if your children are dumb enough to use their drugs, the very industries that control the private prisons are funded with laundered drug money.
They then arrest your children.
They then arrest your family members and put them in these prisons where they then work for 20 cents an hour displacing American workers.
So the drug dealers, the military industrial complex and its private controllers are making money and getting control at every level.
But that's my view historically on it.
Many years ago I read, or I should be more honest, I scanned through its, I don't know how many pages, almost 600 plus, The Politics of Heroin, CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade.
Alfred W. McCoy is a noted historian and current professor of history in the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
He received an undergraduate degree from Columbia University and his Ph.D.
in Southeastern Asian History from Yale University.
And of course he primarily researches and writes about the Philippines history and the Golden Triangle drug trades of opium and heroin.
And his Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia was a landmark work documenting how the CIA aided, abetted, and controlled the drug trade for its own enrichment and geopolitical purposes.
And he's now come out with a brand new book, which I can't wait to read, A Question of Torture, CIA Interrogation from the Cold War to the War on Terror, 2006.
And we have links to how to get the book up on Infowars.com.
Professor McCoy, it's a great honor to have you with us, sir.
Mr. Jones, it's a pleasure to be with you.
Please break down how you first discovered the narcotics trades, connections to the elite in this country, the Anglo-American establishment, and maybe go back even before the 60s if you'd like to to some of its roots, and then I'd like to talk about the politics of heroin, and then I want to spend the second half of the interview talking about your new book.
First of all, my...
Perspective on it and my historiography, my analytical explanation for why this happens is more impersonal and less personalized than your own.
What I try and do is track the impersonal historical forces, bureaucratic, geopolitical, sometimes even ecological, that constantly make opium and heroin and even cocaine parts of CIA-covered operations since the start of the Cold War.
And if I could explain what happened historically.
In 1948, in one of history's supreme ironies, the Iron Curtain came crashing down along the Asian Opium Zone, which at that point stretched for 5,000 miles from Turkey across to Thailand.
And throughout the next 40 years of the Cold War, the CIA probed the soft underbelly of communism and
And they mounted periodic covert operations.
And in each one of these operations, they were mobilizing tribal mercenaries or militia in remote highland regions where they were under the control of ethnic warlords.
And so in Burma in the 1950s, Laos in the 1960s, and Afghanistan from 1979 to 1992, and then most recently since 2001,
The CIA mounted these periodic covert operations.
In each case, the local warlord used the CIA's arms, logistics, and above all, political protection to be transformed into a powerful drug lord.
And in each case, the CIA's priority, above all, was the covert operation.
They suffered, in each case, from what I call mission myopia.
They were focused on getting the job done, and they ignored the downstream consequences of their alliance with now-powerful drug lords, and they're covering up for that drug lord.
And the net result was that today, the three major sources of illicit opium and heroin in the world today, Afghanistan, Burma, and Laos, in that order, are
The three former CIA covert warfare battlegrounds.
And that's causal.
That's just a coincidence.
Now, the politics of that persist right to the present.
In October 2001, when the CIA decided to mount an operation to overthrow the Taliban government in Afghanistan, instead of sending in conventional U.S.
military forces for formal conquest and occupation, what we did was we sent in $70 million...
In smaller bills.
We helicoptered that in.
And the Afghan tribal warlords whom we fought with in the war against the Soviet Union, they broke open their arsenals, they armed their fighters, and they overthrew the Taliban, backed by U.S.
air power, in a matter of weeks.
That created, of course, a political vacuum across the whole of Afghanistan.
And these former provincial warlords had been driven out of power by the Taliban, swept across the country, and picked up where they left off,
They reimposed the drug trade, and in 2000, 2001, Afghanistan had produced about 180 tons of opium.
Within a year, it was up over 2,000 tons, and today, it's around the 4,000 ton mark.
So it's gone from 180 tons under the Taliban
To about 4,000 tons under the current Karzai government.
Now, sir, I'd like to go back, Professor, for just a moment, because in every operation, take Gladio, and I'm digressing for the listeners, oh, the Soviets are going to take over, and they're staging terror attacks in Europe.
We're good to go.
All of this happens, and oh, we've got to put in our drug dealers or support our local tribes so that they can be a bulwark against communism, and I'm a top general or I'm a CIA operative, I might as well make a few hundred million dollars for myself, but it's for America.
And then they've got the nerve back here at home to kick down our doors looking for drugs that they helped bring into this country to begin with.
The contradictions in that area became...
Most apparent.
They became most apparent during the Contra operation.
Look, let's take the Afghan operation.
The dots get pretty distant, so that connecting them sometimes becomes a bit of a stretch.
Now, during the Afghan operation from 1979 to 1992, here's how the traffic operated.
Mujahideen fighters and their families in the liberated zones inside the Soviet-occupied Afghanistan
We're ordered to plant a revolutionary tax in the form of opium.
They delivered that to the Mujahideen commanders who shipped it across the border into the northwest frontier province of Pakistan.
They are operating under the protection of ISI, Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence, the CIA's ally.
The traffickers transformed the opium into heroin.
Now, the next problem was that these were not well-connected criminal organizations.
These were fanatical Muslim fighters.
This was Pakistan military intelligence.
So who could broker the drugs for them?
Well, they turned to the Sicilian Mafia.
Not the American Mafia, but the Sicilian Mafia.
And that was in the 1980s.
We've got the so-called Pizza Connection cases of nice middle-aged Sicilian immigrant couples running pizza parlors from Boston, Massachusetts to Milton, Wisconsin.
Being arrested, charged, and convicted for using those pizza parlors as funds to distribute this Pakistan-Afghani heroin that was coming into the country.
So, you know, the connections are pretty indirect, okay, from the pizza parlors right to the poppy fields.
But in Central America during the same period, the connections were far more direct, okay?
Just geography changed the situation and made the contradictions in this covert warfare policy for the first time really clear.
It was very simple.
What happened was this.
The CIA needed a forward logistics base for the shipment of arms into the frontline areas of Honduras, and they formed a working alliance with the top drug trafficker in the Caribbean, a man named Alan Hyde.
At the time that the CIA formed its alliance with him in the mid-1980s, he was known as a Class A violator.
There were intelligence files on him in the possession of Customs, the U.S.
Defense Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the CIA.
In short, the entire U.S.
intelligence community knew that this guy was the biggest cocaine smuggler in the Caribbean.
He even had, among his 35 ships on the high seas, moving cocaine from Columbia to
I'll tell you what, Professor, we've got a break.
Stay right there and we'll come right back to you after this quick break.
We're talking to Alfred W. McCoy, one of the preeminent experts on our government shipping and narcotics.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And believe strongly that the American people need alternative sources of information in order to understand the society they live in today.
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Professor Alfred W. McCoy is our guest.
He's got a new book out on torture.
The Question of Torture, CIA Interrogation from the Cold War to the War on Terror.
We could have him on for three hours.
But he's flying out to Germany here in just a few hours.
Just about the drug trade.
But I want to get into torture some, too.
Boiling it down, sir, I mean, I've got photos here in your book when you're in Southeast Asia, you know, with some of the tribes, some of the biggest drug dealers.
They're on record.
I've seen them in video interviews admitting that they're biggest buyers of the U.S.
How did you get into Southeast Asia?
I mean, you've got a lot of bravery.
Well, during the Vietnam War, Musa Laos was a free-fire zone.
So what I did was I just flew into Vientiane on a standard commercial flight.
I was going around the world.
I made one and a half laps around the globe, tracking the heroin trail from Europe and Southeast Asia into the United States.
First, the French Connection.
Second of all, the Golden Triangle drug trade.
And first of all, the way that that was decimating the U.S.
Army in Vietnam.
So, in order to track the heroin trail, I first of all went to Vietnam and I studied the distribution of drugs and I found that there were three dominant syndicates in control of drug traffic in South Vietnam.
They were controlled by the three top people in the South Vietnamese government and their military acolytes.
And at every fire base and club and barracks across the whole of South Vietnam,
Yes and no.
The visible conflict, of course, was for control of the political destiny in the government of Vietnam.
And oil.
At that point, there wasn't much.
But drugs were an important part of the covert warfare, of the maneuvering by intelligence agencies in order to get the money in order to mobilize an anti-communist coalition.
By 1971, about 34% of all American servicemen serving in Vietnam were heroin addicts.
That's one-third of the U.S.
Army fighting in Vietnam.
By my calculations, there were at that point probably more American heroin addicts in the U.S.
Army in South Vietnam than there were in the entire United States.
All of them were supplied by our Southeast Asian allies.
So having studied the distribution in South Vietnam, I went north into Laos and I simply hitchhiked up the
The highway into the hills, and then I got off with an interpreter and photographer.
We hiked through the hills, and we went into opium-producing villages, and we went farm to farm, house to house, and we asked the farmers how much they grew and how they marketed.
And it was a very consistent reply that each farm was producing about 5 to 10 kilograms of raw opium every year.
At the end of harvest, they took it down to the helipad,
Where Air America Helicopters, the CIA's company, came in and landed, and then militia officers, tribal militia officers in the CIA's secret army, got off, paid cash for the opium, loaded the opium on the helicopters, and flew off to the main CIA base at Long Chang.
And there were several heroin labs in the country.
The largest heroin lab, with the most famous logo of all time,
Now, we've got to kind of condense this, Professor, because we don't have a lot of time with you.
One more segment coming up.
Fast forwarding to cocaine in the 80s.
I mean, I've interviewed so many DEA agents, so many CIA agents who were there unloading the cocaine or witnessing it, MENA, you name it.
It just makes the whole drug war a complete fraud that our government is fostering it and controlling it.
Well, what happens is there is consistently a contradiction between fighting the Cold War, now the war on terror, and fighting the drug war.
And every single time that the question has been called...
Basically, what's happened is we've sacrificed the drug war in order to fight the Cold War, and now the war on terror.
In Afghanistan, the contradiction is just the latest instance.
Basically, look, at the peak of the cocaine epidemic, when Colombia was awash in the cartels, there were attacks on the Ministry of Justice, Pablo Escobar's secretarios, his assassins, were cutting a swath of the society.
At peak...
Cocaine only represented 3%, that's 1, 2, 3% of the gross national product of Colombia.
Today, according to UN estimates, opium and heroin account for 60%, 60% of gross national product in Afghanistan.
So the provincial powers, the warlords that are supplying troops that are fighting alongside U.S.
soldiers, everybody in power, excluding President Karzai,
Just a few of us.
Everybody's implicated in the traffic in Afghanistan.
Stay right there, sir.
I want to continue along this line, and then it ties into your new book concerning torture.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We've got about 18 minutes before our guest has got to leave us.
And I will take a call from Bill in Baltimore, maybe a few others of the specifically for Professor Alfred W. McCoy.
Professor, I've studied the elements of the government shipping and the drugs.
It's a $250 billion plus industry a year in this country.
Meanwhile, they're pushing legal drugs on the children in the schools and adults.
It's a nightmare.
Just use your personal view on the drug war and where you see all this going in the future from your 30, 40 years of studying this.
Illicit drugs have become a vast global commodity.
According to a UN study, the global illicit drug trade is now bigger than the trade in textiles, steel, or automobiles, okay?
It's about 8% of world trade.
It's become a powerful commodity that can corrupt police forces, transform weak governments into veritable narco states.
And it's only going to get worse.
And the reason is very simple.
There is an inbuilt contradiction in the drug war.
We move about the globe fighting the global drug trade in sectors.
We crack down on, let's say, opium production in Colombia.
We attack it in country by country, piece by piece.
What happens is very simple.
We move in and we defoliate, let's say, an opium crop in Mexico or Colombia or Burma, and we wipe out a portion of the production.
The demand, in fact, remains constant, or it's actually going up.
That's like McDonald's knocking out Burger King.
They're just going up against their competition.
It's a deeper, partly, but it goes like this.
Demand is constant and going up.
There's a shortfall in supply.
That raises the global illicit price to farmers and traffickers around the globe.
So what happens in the next crop year is that
Connected by the invisible tendrils of the illicit drug market, and the UN has actually found this to operate, okay, that peasants in Laos will respond to a shortfall in supply in Colombia.
So elsewhere around the world, production goes up.
So every battle in the drug war produces increased production.
When we started the first of our drug wars back in 1971 under President Nixon, global illicit drug production was about 1,000 tons.
Today it's between 5,000 or 6,000 tons.
And that five- to six-fold increase in the last 36 years has been due in large part to the drug war itself.
It's not only not working, in fact, it's counterproductive.
It stimulates.
Each intervention, each prohibition stimulates production.
And then more and more drugs flow into this country, and we have a doomsday machine with mandatory minimums.
More police sweep the streets, they put more people in prison, and so it goes.
While the crisis is being created predominantly by our own government.
In part, yes, because of the, and not just our own government, by the UN as well.
This is supremely irrational policy.
I was last October, I was at a conference in Paris sponsored by the French Ministry of Defense.
And I got into a real no-holds-barred battle against the number two man in the U.N.
Office of Drugs and Crime.
And he just simply refused to admit that the U.S.
policy at its base is fundamentally irrational.
and the U.N.
That it's compounding the problem every day they do their job.
Now, what's the solution?
Well, you can't undo the entire prohibition regime of narcotics because it's inbuilt into literally hundreds of
Of international treaties involving the world community and the United States is a part of those treaties.
It's got federal laws, state laws.
But what we can do in every state, state by state, is what the people of California have done.
They did Proposition 36.
All you do is you say something very simple.
You don't have to worry about it.
You say drugs are a crime.
Now what's the penalty?
You simply say mandatory treatment.
And that proposition has put tens of thousands of people, kept them out of the prisons, put them into...
Well, we've got to do it.
Your new book, I mean, the horrors that we're now witnessing, John Yoo, one of the
One of the lawyers in the White House came out at a CFR meeting.
We've had the recording.
We've interviewed the professor that debated him and said, yeah, we're allowed to torture children sexually in front of their parents.
That's a good thing.
We have Alberto Gonzalez, now the Attorney General, when he was Chief White House Counsel, writing memos saying we can torture people to death if we just don't call it torture.
We have these black ops sites in Eastern Europe.
A CIA agent allegedly leaks that because you have to leak something that's criminal.
You have an obligation to do that.
They're now fired her, talking about arresting her.
Bush says he's above the law.
And then we have the former chief commander of Delta Force going public saying that they're torturing because Cheney likes it and is to get false confessions.
Your new book...
A question of torture, CIA interrogations from the Cold War to the War on Terror.
Get into that for us, Professor.
First of all, the CIA has, since the start of the Cold War, been engaged in the research and propagation of torture.
Right at the start of the Cold War, when the CIA was established in 1947,
There was a belief in Washington, and a solid belief, that the CIA had somehow cracked the code of human consciousness.
They had probed the mysteries of the human mind, and they had superior techniques for both mass propaganda, individual interrogation, and even programming assassins.
Our ignorance of the dynamics of human consciousness back then were profound.
And out of fear, the CIA, right from the start, was authorized to conduct research and to engage in torture.
And the CIA conducted two kinds of research.
Everybody's heard about the CIA drug experiments, the LSD, party houses, and all the rest, okay?
That was part of a program to correct the code of human consciousness, which at peak in the 1950s reached a billion dollars a year and involved literally hundreds of secret research projects.
Now, what happened was the CIA did most of the drug research in-house.
And within a decade, the CIA established that all of the exotic techniques, hypnosis, electroshock, and drugs, both sodium pentothal and LSD and THC, marijuana, none of it worked.
That didn't work.
But they outsourced the boring behavioral research to the country's top universities, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and others.
And the nation's most brilliant behavioral scientists
...came up with a new form of torture, the first real breakthrough in the cruel science of pain in centuries.
And they discovered psychological torture founded on two basic techniques, sensory disorientation and self-inflicted pain.
When you look at those Abu Ghraib photos, all you see time and again is a repetition of these two foundational CIA torture techniques.
It's like that most famous...
Most iconic of all the Abu Ghraib photos.
The man standing on the box, hooded, arms extended, fake electrical wires hanging from his arms, okay?
He's hooded for sensory disorientation.
He's standing for self-inflicted pain.
Those are the two basic CIA psychological techniques.
To that, we've added attack on agricultural sensitivity on the war on terror.
All right, now, the CIA propagated that within the US intelligence community.
They had it codified by 1963.
And then for the next 30 years, right to the end of the Cold War, they propagated within the U.S.
intelligence community and they trained allied agencies around the globe in these techniques.
At the same time... Well, look at the School of Americas.
That was one of actually the... That's a part of a thing called Project X. From 1966 to 1991, the U.S.
Army Intelligence Command ran a thing called Project X, which is a top-secret project to transmit the lessons learned in counterinsurgency and interrogation
From South Vietnam to Latin America.
And there were three ways of doing this.
First of all, they had the School of America.
Second, they had mobile U.S.
Army training teams.
And third, they had a mail-order course that literally sent out thousands of manuals instructing all written in Spanish with complete curriculum in interrogation.
With techniques that, upon review in 1991 by the Defense Department, found that many of the techniques were outrageously illegal, violations of both international and U.S.
All of those manuals, recall the thousands of them, all were destroyed except a single file copy.
But nonetheless, for 25 years, we disseminated those techniques.
Now, under the Bush administration, what's changed?
Something has happened since Abu Ghraib, something that's very different.
We had this, what I call, cultural contradiction throughout the Cold War.
On the one hand, we...
We were one of the authors of the Geneva Conventions.
We were one of the authors of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Both of these banned torture very explicitly, okay?
So we were leaders in the global campaign to abolish torture.
At the same time, we were secretly, covertly practicing it, okay?
Now, under the Bush administration, once the Abu Ghraib photos came out, the Bush administration decided that they would, in fact, conduct an historic change, that they would embrace torture.
They would make it a formal weapon in the arsenal of American power.
And this is a fundamental change.
And this has sparked a profound political battle in this country.
Well, the incredible thing is, while at first saying, hey, we're allowed to do this to keep you safe, trying to sell it to us...
They would then instruct the military to hold court-martials with tribunals and send people to prison, who, and I've interviewed Janice Karpinski and others, who were barred from going into those CIA-controlled wings, and then they'd even try to burn her when she wasn't involved, knowing that if they prosecuted someone who was innocent, she'd be found innocent, and that'd be a good whitewash.
But, I mean, certainly, sir, you've written a book about it.
I haven't read your new book yet, but I hope to.
I mean, can you comment on John Yoo's psychopathic statements?
Alberto Gonzales?
I mean, once you accept torture, I guess we can expect that it will go to Joseph Mingola style, we're going to torture kids if we want to.
It actually revolves around one technique, okay?
In 1994, when the United States ratified the UN Convention Against Torture, the basic document,
What we did was, President Clinton sent that treaty to Congress, and he included in that four paragraphs of diplomatic so-called reservations, which is to say, we ratify the treaty except this.
When you read those exceptions carefully and you compare them to the CIA's psychological torture techniques, which they had developed and propagated for the previous 30 years at such great expense, what you realize is what we did is we split the treaty down the middle.
We said physical torture with all its brutality is illegal.
But we reserve the right to engage in psychological torture.
We do not consider psychological torture to be torture.
And so when you look at all the techniques that are used at Guantanamo, all the enhanced techniques that have been authorized by the Bush administration for the CIA, they're all psychological torture.
Psychological torture is very elusive, very deceptive, very difficult to discern.
Because when it's physical torture, there are clear marks.
There is a vast biomedical literature
Doctors can stand up in courts and say, that bruise means the falling was done.
That is a level of pain that's not just inhumane, that's torture.
But when it's in the mind, it's invisible.
See, there's no standard.
Lieutenant General Randall Schmidt of the U.S.
Army investigated Guantanamo for the Pentagon.
He reported to Congress last summer.
And what he said, look, he said, when it's physical, it's very clear.
When it's psychological, it's unclear.
And he reviewed...
The torture that was inflicted upon the so-called 20th hijacker who was held at Guantanamo, a man named Mohammed Al-Qahtani.
He found that he was subjected to 160 days of total isolation.
He was subjected to colds so extreme he had to be hospitalized.
He was subjected to psychological abuse, guards screaming at him that his mother and sister were whores, dogs that growled at him, water thrown on him, ladies undergarments on his head.
He was totally attacked.
The General Schmidt said that the sum of this was not torture.
He said it was, however, inhumane, which is a lower standard of abuse.
Now, Professor, at the same time, that's the stuff they're admitting to.
Now, we know they've beaten people to death.
We know they use dogs.
We know they table them, putting their head underwater.
We know they're killing people at these secret sites.
I mean, if this is the stuff that we know about, how much worse does it get?
Oh, I think we know how bad it is.
I mean, that's about it.
I mean... Well, why would you... I mean, are you aware of what John Yoo, White House Counsel, said?
Yeah, I know.
He's made extreme statements throughout.
Torturing children sexually, I mean, publicly.
Because that's in the realm of psychological torture.
We haven't prohibited that.
But I mean, what's wrong with these people?
That's so alien to me.
Or are you?
Anybody investigates this, okay?
For example, Guantanamo, which is done by CIA and military at Guantanamo formally, all right?
And it's all very elaborate psychological torture.
The International Cross...
They made repeated visits to Guantanamo from 2002 to 2004, and they said that this system is torture.
The UN Human Rights Commission, in February of this year, delivered a report in which they interviewed people who had been released from Guantanamo
And talk to them in detail about their treatment.
What about menstruating prostitutes raping these men?
Well, yes, that's part of the psychological technique.
What they worked out was that they believed that Arab males are particularly vulnerable to sexual identity and to gender identity, so they attacked them.
And they've also gone further.
They now have military psychologists that actually review the medical files
So this is open mind control?
It's absolutely explicit.
Now, Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations, has in a historic statement called on the United States to close Guantanamo.
The European Parliament has closed Guantanamo.
But meanwhile, a bunch of European countries are accepting the intelligence and helping with the rendition flights.
Of course, and that's why there's this investigation by Dick Markey by the Council of Europe that
...produces these wimpy reports because they're caught in the contradiction as well.
Because the rendition flights and the black sites that were definitely in Poland may have been in Romania, that those are total violations of the European Charter of Human Rights.
If they actually found that Poland had a black site, Poland would have to be suspended from the EU.
So what you've got is the EU as a body
...has a very strict prohibition of human rights abuse, but the individual sovereign states have been working with the United States in these techniques and tactics, and there is the contradiction.
All right.
Professor, I wanted to take a call or two, but... One last point, okay?
Well, I was about to say, we're out of time.
We're breaking in one minute.
You can have the last... Here's the last point.
It doesn't work.
It doesn't work.
There's another form of torture practiced by the FBI called empathetic interrogation, developed by the Marine Corps in World War II...
Practicing it by the FBI since it is effective.
Torture doesn't work.
You get information, but it's polluted information.
Most of it's bad information.
It's useless.
It doesn't.
Well, that's what the generals and interrogators have said.
Plus, you become evil when you start torturing.
Of course.
Let me say this, though, Professor.
Torture works if you're wanting false confessions to use for political aims.
Yeah, that you can get.
You will get...
Al Libby telling you that Saddam Hussein trained al-Qaeda in weapons of mass destruction so that Colin Powell can stand up in front of the UN and say, we have verified intelligence saying that.
But any fool knows you don't listen to evidence garnered from torture.
Everybody knows it's worthless.
Of course, every professional interrogator will tell you that torture is useless.
You have to establish empathy.
And then, if your troops get captured, they get tortured, and what can you say?
That's exactly it.
Furthermore... Well, Professor, if you want to finish in the last five minutes this hour, you can.
If you've got to go catch that plane, go ahead.
I've got to go, sir.
It's your call.
Okay, thank you for joining us.
Can we have you back on when you get back?
Indeed, yeah.
I'll be back next Monday, so you can certainly have me on.
Okay, Alfred W. McCoy, Professor, thank you.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Take care.
All right, we'll come back and talk to Bill, who had a comment about this.
Then we'll go to Ron, David, Shiloh, and others.
We've got another guest in ten minutes.
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Right now, let's go to Bill in Baltimore.
Sorry you couldn't talk to the professor, but we ran out of time, but you had a comment about government drug dealing.
Got a ton of comments, but like you probably do, Alex, you've got a ton of friends and listeners.
But I'm in Baltimore.
Go to Google your $109 billion friend.
Type in Baltimore heroin town.
You get an old heroin town.
One in ten residents of Baltimore is addicted to heroin.
They've been statistics on vacant housing in Baltimore.
46,000 houses are vacant.
And my other question would be on legitimacy in government.
You know, if we're talking about a big agency that's got a black budget and very little public review or very little oversight, how legitimate is that agency?
I mean, we know people that
Well, sir, here's another example.
They have a...
Receptor blocker that cures people of opiate use 100%, but no one tells anyone about it.
It's very safe.
Instead, they put them on methadone, which is just another form of addiction.
The government ships it in and uses it to turn America into a police state.
No debating it.
The government controls the majority of the narcotics, and the very same military-industrial complex then is pushing the Ritalin, the Prozac, all the rest of the legal drugs.
It's a sick joke.
We've got to decriminalize now.
That's very true and we're just 35 minutes from the nation's capital and about an hour from the CIA.
And we pay taxes and a lot of times, you know, you see a lot of monkey business going right on next to the police station.
Yeah, it's a big joke.
Listen, people have a chemical problem.
People get addicted.
And then what makes it so dirty and criminal is that when you make drugs illegal, it adds a bunch of money into it.
Thanks for the call.
And so then people who are criminals, who'd be robbing banks or...
We're good to go.
And the bigger the drug war gets, the more drugs, the more abuse, the more use, the more everything.
Ron and Bill, you're up next.
Ron and David, you're up next.
Get to both of you in the next segment.
And we've got Larry Pratt joining us for about 30 minutes, and then a bunch of other news I haven't even gotten to yet.
You'll want to stay with us as we start the third hour.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Larry Pratt, who checks in with us routinely.
Got some really important news on the Second Amendment front.
Horrible new raft of legislation and regulations coming up.
Right now, let's go to Ron in New York.
Ron, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, Ron.
There are a number of things I want to touch on today.
They're different things, but I think they're important.
First off, in Europe, I understand they have an EU Commissioner of Transportation who has mandated that by 2009, all cars in Europe are not just to have the tracking devices that we're familiar with, GPS, they're going to have that,
But these devices will be able to tell things like amount of pressure on a seat and so forth, and they're hiding it under the rubric of, oh, well, we're doing this because of safety in their accidents.
Now, if they were being in earnest, which they're not in any event, why would these devices be calibrated to register even so much as the pressure caused by a simple fender bender?
Where there would be, of course, no life imperiled.
So this is all smoke screen that they're kicking out.
Well, for those that don't know, it's going to be coming in here, it's going in there, transponders, license plate scanners.
It's just total and complete control, big brother on steroids, and it's a control grid.
They're out to turn us into human cattle.
It really is as simple as that.
Secondly, here in New York,
Now, they got a grant from the federal government, Homeland Security, and they're going to be sticking hundreds of cameras into lower Manhattan.
But now we find out that in addition to that terrible thing, they're also getting a grant for something that the local authorities are calling, very enthusiastically, the Ring of Steel.
They're going to use federal funds to set up checkpoints.
Oh, yeah, they're going to have checkpoints everywhere searching New Yorkers.
They're going to have billions in cameras.
No, no, the whole city will be a massive prison.
It'll be an East Berlin-type city, an old East Berlin-type city.
Checkpoints with guards, barbed wire, and cement barriers.
That's going to be every American city, every highway.
I remember 10 years ago reading federal plans, and Alex is a conspiracy theorist.
He says they're going to have machine gun nests and barbed wire, but... America, they'll look more like the Third Reich.
More than that, sir.
Men in black uniforms.
But the border will stay wide open.
Again, it's like a castle where they lower the drawbridge, but then have the castle guard go point their spears at women in bed.
That's right, who are within the castle.
Now, the third thing, too, there was an interview with Rumsfeld, I think it was in 2004, somewhere thereabouts, in which a journalist had asked him a question, what would we do with the mental status of people if the United States was to be, you know, the victim of a nuclear attack, all right?
And, you know, he actually said, well, we could handle that because we have atomized Prozac and atomized Valium,
He actually admitted, in other words, they'll dust you with diamond Prozac and God knows what else.
The guy said that straight out.
They must be dusting us as it is, because I have to assume that from the way so many people are apathetic to the type of infringement upon their human dignity.
Sir, the Sunshine Project that researched this a few years ago found the documents where they admit every major city has hangers with military helicopters with actual opiate knockout gas ready to knock out entire cities.
That came straight from the man's mouth.
When did you see that?
That was reported, believe it or not, on George Norrie's show.
I believe that he was discussing it with... What the heck is his name?
Why can't I recall the name at the moment?
But he used to have a show himself on Shortwave, in which they both conceded.
Yeah, that was said.
That was said.
Just amazing.
And lastly, you're going to have Larry Pratt on, good man that he is.
He may be aware of the fact that yesterday in this city...
What calls himself a mayor really is nothing more than a patrician in the old feudal style, a multi-billionaire, held a conference of some sort in which he had mayors from other run-down industrial cities here to his mayoral mansion.
They call it Gracie Mansion.
And members of things like the Brady Group and so forth talking about new gun control strategies that they want to impose on the rest of the nation and other jurisdictions.
Look, look, Ron, it's simple.
A criminal syndicate's taking control and they're putting into effect laws that make us slaves.
It's really simple.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
We're out of time.
We'll get to David and others later, but Larry Pratt's coming up.
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That toll-free number again?
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A lot of you will remember a few months ago, I had one of the board members of the National Rifle Association on with us.
Bob Barr, former congressman from Georgia.
And without even prompting, he said George Bush has been more anti-gun than Bill Clinton.
It was a very honest statement from the NRA, who I normally attack as being basically a bunch of soft-pedaling creatures.
Though I support the membership, of course, of the NRA, but we have the National Director of the no-compromise Second Amendment Lobby, and that is Larry Pratt.
Larry Pratt, we're always honored to have him with us.
Do you agree with what Bob Barr said here a few months ago?
Yes, I'm glad that someone who has had the opportunity to serve in Congress and to be with the NRA with those kind of credentials is saying what he's saying.
And the point that the damage is being done by
Regulation is absolutely correct.
There have been some what I would call avoidable, relatively minor losses coming out of the Congress with trigger locks and a ban on a plastic gun that doesn't even exist.
But the real hurt is being done through the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco and Firearms and
Also, the Department of Homeland Security.
Let me start with them, if I could, because it's really kind of breathtaking when you consider what they're doing.
After 9-11, they're set up this huge, new, obviously inefficient bureaucracy.
I guess we should be grateful for that.
And like Will Rogers used to say, thank God we don't get all the government we pay for.
Because it wouldn't be well intended if we did.
And the first notion here in Washington, just about with everybody, was, well, we need to have another bureaucracy.
We need more government in order to handle the threat from 9-11.
Nobody was talking about, well, you know, we've had a problem on our borders for some time, and if terrorism's a problem, that's probably a pretty obvious place that we ought to take care of.
And the militia is something that's provided for in the Constitution.
If you look at Article 1, Section 8, which lists the few things, maybe a dozen and a half things that the Congress is given to do, and pretty much that means the whole federal government, because if the Congress can't vote you some money or a law, then you're really not supposed to do anything.
I think we're good to go.
You don't need a bureaucracy to write a check to the state of Arizona to put boots on the ground down on the border if they really wanted to.
It would be the cheapest thing.
Look at what the Minutemen are doing now on their own nickel.
Nobody's paying them.
They take their own time off from work.
This is their vacation.
By the way, Larry, I just...
A few days ago, last Friday, had the National Coordinator of the Minutemen, Al Garza, on, and he said he's ready that most sheriffs on the border are already on their side, that the sheriffs could deputize them and put citizens on the border and even fight back against these Mexican troops that are routinely firing on them.
Well, I think that would be very much a step in the right direction, but I would certainly like to see the money be ideally taken out of Homeland Security's budget and just a big check written, no strings, just, you know, here it is, Arizona, here it is, New Mexico, here it is, Texas.
I don't know what you do with California, but maybe put a wall around not only its southern border, but its eastern border as well.
In any case, I think what the Minutemen are doing is showing that the politicians don't have a clue, and if they do have a clue, then they simply don't want to fix the problem.
Because for them it's not a problem, obviously.
That's the way things work here.
But what I'm after in particular is to get the idea that the Homeland Security notion here in Washington
I'm not including gun owners of America, but the city's mentality is more government, not the people, not mobilizing individuals and getting them together in a relatively volunteer or a low-paid militia capacity, that which we had when our country was born.
But no, let's have the professionals do it, the very people that we whooped when George, the King of England, sent over a bunch of professionals.
We're good to go.
In a state militia, they're going to do the job because their heart's in it.
We can see that their heart is in it.
I think that's why they're not being sent.
Anyway, they don't look at the Second Amendment, then, as something that provides for the people being involved in their own defense, even though that's the very plain notion of the Constitution, both the main body as well as the Second Amendment.
Well, then, just to quickly review, look at what they've done with air...
Well, that sends the wrong message.
Only the men in black uniforms with black masks that search you and shove you around can keep you safe.
You can't send the message...
That as individuals we're supposed to defend ourselves and our family and our community.
I mean, we're being held hostage.
And I was just at the airport out in L.A.
and they made me take my shoes off, walk across the floor where thousands of other people walked with all their athlete's foot and the rest of it.
I hadn't had athlete's foot since I was in high school.
I got it from walking across the floor there.
There's no concern about that.
That's like making everybody basically lick a toilet seat.
I mean, it's so bad.
They're at the airport, and they just love being goons, searching everyone.
This is meant to just train us how to be slaves.
That's right.
And I was just talking about the plan New York has for, quote, Fortress New York, where they're going to have machine gun nests and barbed wire checkpoints searching everyone.
They know the TSA is now moving out with the Viper teams in Miami and Dallas and other areas, randomly searching people walking down the street, but the border stays wide open.
I mean, we're turning into some nightmare Russia.
Their idea is that the people are the enemy, and the Constitution says, no, the people are the solution.
And your point about the border remaining open while they look at us, the citizenry, as the enemy is absolutely correct.
It's as if there aren't a bunch of people out there who are dedicated to jihad.
And we'll do anything they can.
And when you make it easy for them, walk across the border.
You know, I would like for us to have a southern border that's half as well controlled as the Mexicans' southern border.
Oh, by the way, there was a big AP article finally reporting on what we already knew, that they take tens of thousands of dollars from you, they put you in a camp, they beat you up.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The very kind of thing you would expect them to be excited about.
But the Mexican government tells their people, you're Mesoamericans, you're allowed to have the whole continent.
And now, by the way, that sounds like a call to return to the religion of Montezuma and the Aztecs.
Oh, that's what I, listen, our mayor, the last mayor, Gus Garcia, had a proclamation, I have it on videotape, saying that they are the master race.
Well, we've heard that language before, not too many years ago.
Well, you know, they can't really demonstrate in Mexico.
They get arrested, they get beat up, that's well known, because they don't have a Second Amendment down there.
Why are they trying to come to America and then march by the millions with Mexican flags saying this is Mexico?
If Mexico is so great, why don't they go back?
Well, they say this is Mexico.
My point is, is that the system of Mexico, if you love that system so much, why don't you go back?
You know, the southwestern United States, if they do a little history lesson,
We're good to go.
And then a chap by the name of Santa Ana did something fairly common for a Latin American country.
There was a coup d'etat.
And the Texans said, well, you're a bum.
You're a dictator.
You don't have legitimate authority.
We're out of here.
No, my family got Spanish land grants.
The Spanish had a good government.
They had freedom.
And then when Santa Ana came up here saying, I'm taking your property, they said, well, come and take it.
We got guns.
That's right.
And by the way, a third of those fighting for Texas were Hispanic Texians, Tejanos.
Well, the Vice President of the Republic of Texas was a Mexican whose last name, I forget, now began with a Z. Well, the person that wrote the Constitution was Hispanic.
But public schools don't want to teach that because the globalists have said they want these illegal aliens here to break up our sovereignty.
It's about a Pan-American Union.
Well, it certainly seems to be an invitation for just that, and nobody seems to take umbrage at these incredible statements that this is our continent, we're not illegal in our own continent.
Well, here's the problem, Larry Pratt, as you know.
70 plus percent of Americans in major polls are now pro-Second Amendment.
It's the same thing with abortion.
Same thing with the borders.
But what we want and what's constitutional and what makes sense isn't happening.
Well, and that's partly because things go on in Washington and they are below the radar.
I mean, for all the...
Aggravation that you and I would go through as passengers.
Really, there hasn't been that much said about how stupid this whole passive defense notion is when the cheapest and easiest and, I think, most effective way to defend a plane is to make it so that the pilot and his co-pilot can take out any bad actor.
Oh, but they can control hundreds of switches and fly the most complex aircraft out there, but they can't have a firearm.
Exactly right.
And believe
We're going to trust them with the lives of all these people with the plane, but we don't trust them with a gun, but we'll trust some guy with a 75 IQ who's a cop.
That's the ticket.
We're not going to trust these pilots who most of them are veterans, but we're going to trust some federal marshal.
No, no, it's about a monopoly of force.
As the UN said back in 2000 at a UN summit to ban guns in New York, they said that civilian ownership of firearms threatens a legitimate power monopoly of the state.
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I'm going to keep Larry Pratt, Executive Director and owner of the Marathon Hill with us until near the end of the show.
We'll take calls coming up in the next segment, specifically on the Second Amendment or the police state or...
The open borders, the issues he's raised.
He's got some good news on the Second Amendment for you, not just some bad news.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
I knew that Homeland Security had been in Austin a couple years ago, and some locals shot some video of them saying that gun owners are terrorists, and anybody who's got a backpack is a terrorist, and any protester is a terrorist.
They let me watch the video, but wouldn't let me put it on TV or on the web.
I think we're good.
Well, they've been this frame of mind for some time.
I know I made the honor roll
I think?
We're good to go.
Then I think we know that this is something endemic to the big government here in Washington.
Well, this is what we would expect if we were in Russia and we had the KGB and Stalin.
They're saying we're the enemy.
Boy, if they haven't said it in so many words, that is exactly what their actions are telling us.
And what I wanted to point out, one more item about Homeland Security.
I am convinced that they are quite happy using the concept of gun control that has been propounded in the U.N.,
We're good to go.
I think?
And isn't it interesting?
That's what the UN said whenever they stated that civilian ownership of firearms threatens the legitimate power monopoly of the state.
Of course, they say it's legitimate.
A power monopoly is a dictatorship.
Well, the UN is primarily the spokesman for a cartel of thugs.
We're good to go.
I think?
Gun ownership among the civilians.
But I'll let you digress.
You were talking about Homeland Security.
Yeah, what Homeland Security has done is taken that concept of only state actors having guns and said, you know, we've got this Patriot Act and we've got these other acts following September 11th, and in them it says that if you have taken up arms against the government, you're a terrorist.
Now, forget the fact that the folks in southern Sudan took up arms and almost beat off...
Fairly successfully, the Islamic Jihad from the north, and right now, and for 40 years, the Karen minority in Burma, a substantially Christian group, has been resisting genocide, and the only way they've been able to do it is by force of arms, at least until they run out of bullets and then have to run into the jungles to hide.
These people are being dispersed to other countries and
And it was a group of 9,800 that was slated to come to the United States.
I would call these people freedom fighters, but the Homeland Security Department says, no, we're not going to give a waiver to the law which says anybody that's taken up arms is a terrorist even though they use them in self-defense.
So basically that would mean today that former French resistance fighters or former Jews or Poles who fought the Nazis couldn't come to America.
And we could probably go right back to George Washington.
You'd have quite a lineage there.
Have you seen in my film, The Road to Tyranny, where FEMA says George Washington is bad and is a terrorist?
Well, yeah, I've seen that, and in fact, I've seen that kind of canard face up.
When I was in South Africa earlier this year, an ex-terrorist, who's now a police chief, tried to pass that one over.
Well, George Washington was a terrorist, because he knew that I knew that he was a terrorist as well.
Three women in a bar that he had blown up in Durban in a tourist area.
He had killed...
Yeah, George Washington didn't blow up bars full of women.
Exactly right.
He shot at red coats.
And, in fact, the terrorism that was conducted during that war, which was conducted by the Brits, not by the American freedom fighters.
A big difference.
And they would like us to forget that as well as the rest of our history.
We'll be right back with Larry Pratt and get into some of the good news.
We'll take some of your calls.
And I'll read to you from the Homeland Security Texas packet that I now have in my little hands.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Generally to Congress, but I'll explain a little bit.
And we've beaten a lot of legislation together at the state and federal level that would have sailed through.
And particularly, I think, at the state level, we can see quite an impact.
So folks, go to gunowners.org.
That is the place to go for information as well as signing up for that.
We're good to go.
Louisiana, of course, was the site of Hurricane Katrina and we saw this incredible sight of cops taking people's guns long after the storm had
We're good to go.
Well, a cop is a civilian.
You know, this whole militarized nomenclature where mayors call us civilians, presidents do.
You're civilians too, Mac.
We're not a military dictatorship.
That's a very good point.
The better word would be citizens.
I know, but you're right to use the term that they call us by.
Well, as long as we make your caveat, I think that was well put.
And the attitude seemed to have been, well, we resent the fact that you made it through the flood.
You warded off the looters because you were prepared with both food and guns and whatever else you had.
And this is an offense to the police state.
And so we're going to grab your guns.
And they did.
Now we are seeing across the country legislation going through state legislatures, and sometimes we've already had it be signed into law.
It started in Louisiana.
Representative Steve Scalise has been in touch with us from the get-go on making sure that the
Wording of the bill didn't get snookered by clever types that were trying to gut the bill by making it look like they were just helping clarify.
Well, finally, yesterday, the vote in the House on Scalise's bill to prevent, make it illegal for a cop to do what they did in New Orleans,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
All of them voted in favor of the better language, the final bill, when it passed.
So you can see that when it comes down to it, they wanted to be known as sponsors of the bill, and they wanted to be known as voting for it.
But in reality, 30 of them did their level best to cut it to smithereens.
So where is that going now?
Well, the Senate passed an even stronger bill, so we think that we've now got this thing on the downhill track.
Will the executive sign it?
Doesn't matter.
We have enough votes to override.
Almost just assume that she vetoed it so that she put a big political target on her back.
Now, I want to play a clip.
I believe this is from NBC.
I want to play a clip of the gun confiscation going on in the multi-million dollar neighborhood, and they were going to law-abiding citizens' homes where they were high and dry, and not bring food, not bring aid, but go after their guns.
Go ahead and roll it.
That includes New Orleans, where today authorities stepped up their efforts to empty the city.
Bob Woodruff is there again tonight with an extraordinary human drama unfolding.
That's true, Elizabeth, and good evening from New Orleans.
Here the police and the National Guard find themselves in a very difficult position tonight to try to carry out an order to force people from the city without actually using force.
Today in New Orleans, they got a lot tougher on the holdouts.
Not only the flooded areas, but New Orleans' driest and wealthiest neighborhoods, too.
The police and National Guard going street by street, house to house.
We need to make sure, too, that whenever we knock on doors, people usually need to make note, call again.
They say there are no orders to use force, just strong persuasion, sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn and instructions to disarm anyone inside.
You said guns will be taken?
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
That happened today in this wealthy neighborhood where homeowners had armed themselves to protect their mansions.
Residents were handcuffed on the ground.
In the end, police took their weapons but let them stay in their homes.
They were a little bit threatened because our weapons were bigger than their weapons.
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
This guard unit occupied a church using it as a base camp.
Alex, that is one of the videos that people can see if they go to gunowners.org.
We've got it there, and that is exactly what happened.
And it's just outrageous.
Well, no wonder the military feels bad.
Yeah, you're engaging in a crime.
By the way, the voice that we heard saying no guns will be allowed was that of Eddie Kompas, the police superintendent.
We're good to go.
Yeah, exactly.
Crooks always want your guns.
And this guy was a crook.
They always want... It's simple.
I mean, when somebody comes to rob your house, do they want a house where there's guns or not?
You've got a criminal government.
It's like all the crooks up in Illinois that run things up there.
They want your guns.
That mafia bastion.
Of course you're going to have strong gun control.
Same thing with New York.
Same thing with L.A.
This is outrageous.
But the good news is that was a major wake-up call what happened in New Orleans.
Now all these people that, oh, the government doesn't want to confiscate our guns, even if I've been to urban warfare drills for a decade videotaping it, now the denial's over, Larry Pratt.
Have you found people now really know what's going on?
It has been extremely helpful.
Even yesterday in the floor of the legislature in the House in Louisiana,
We're good to go.
I think?
It was probably enjoying the anguish of the young troops that were doing something that they knew they shouldn't be doing.
But other legislators have also seen that.
In fact, we made a DVD of that, and we've sent it out to a number of state legislators who have played it in their chambers or in their committee meetings.
And it's had a tremendous impact, because when you see that, and you're going to vote against stopping that?
I don't think so.
It's a great litmus test to really see where they stand.
And so, as the globalists, Larry Pratt, try to move against us, they're going to generate more resistance.
I mean, certainly this was a test, what they did in New Orleans, and I think they failed miserably.
They did, and part of the good about this wake-up call, a lot of the laws that are on the books that are now being challenged by these efforts to, shall we say, in our shorthand, pass a Katrina bill and make it illegal to do what it was done.
People have found that a lot of those laws were passed right after September 11.
They were state of emergency type laws.
And we warned at the time that if you don't amend the way that model bill that came out of the National Conference of State Legislators or something like that,
This thing is going to permit gun confiscation.
Nah, what do you guys know?
Well, that's exactly what happened.
And so now they are going in and at least taking that part of their unconstitutional powers out of the law.
And I would say that is a very helpful thing.
Okay, I want to talk to Elias and Mike and Eddie and a few others, and I want to keep to the end of the broadcast, but just for a few minutes here, I want to read this new brochure put out by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the state police, of course, federally written.
Terrorism, what the public needs to know.
And it says, tattle on anyone, report anyone in your community is the exact wording that fits any of this.
Remember two years ago they said if somebody has a road atlas in their car,
Go ahead and bring them in, police, because that's what terrorists have.
I mean, everybody who's got a brain has a road atlas in their car.
I have a Texas atlas and a U.S.
atlas, so I guess the SWAT team's on its way right now.
I think I bought it at the grocery store.
You know, if all you have is a hammer, every problem is a nail.
And it just shows how stupid these people can be.
Well, it shows they know active, informed citizens are the enemy of the crime syndicate, period.
Larry, I want to get your take on this.
Terrorism, what the public needs to know, the Texas Department of Public Safety, Special Crime Service, Counterterrorism Intelligence Unit, I'm going to call them and ask them to come on and tell us who the terrorists are.
It says, who are the terrorists?
Often called extremists.
See, now it's protesters.
See, they like to use a lesser term, like extremists, to describe something like a terrorist, because then they can interchange the two and use the word extremist on us and not get sued.
But it says, pre-incident indicators.
Trained to avoid confrontations with law enforcement and therefore can be expected to project a nice guy image.
It says if they do that, call the police on them.
It says they will engage in propaganda at public rallies, demonstrations, and private meetings sponsored by support groups.
That's incredible.
So nice guys are the ones they want to take to jail.
And they also protest.
And of course the Virginia manual says property rights activists.
That's an exact quote.
It says that the terrorists will put out posters, leaflets, websites, and underground press publications, conduct and participate in military-type maneuvers, you know, that's shooting clubs, you name it.
I would imagine my last trip to the range would have been a military maneuver.
It says self-defense courses, flight training, any of that, scuba training.
Well, I've done scuba training, and I did self-defense when I was about 14.
I'm a terrorist.
How do terrorists move within our community?
It says carrying forged identity documents.
Wait a minute, what do the illegal aliens do?
And then it goes on.
It says walking, biking, or driving into or near potential targets.
And it says having a large amount of clothing, especially Levi's jeans, whatever that means.
No wonder they couldn't stop 9-11ers.
And then it says identity documents, passports, birth certificates, social security cards, driver's license.
So anybody that has a driver's license, it says there's a call.
It says on the back here, if you have a suspicion in your community about any of the pre-incident indicators referenced in this brochure, you should obtain as much information as possible, including, and then it says your name, where you're at, and then call them.
So I want to admit, I have a World Almanac at my home.
I have a Texas Almanac in my car.
Driver's license.
I have a driver's license.
I scuba dive a few times.
So here's the number, folks, if you want to call them and tell them I'm bad.
Oh, and I'll bet you you've got at least one pair of Levi's or something resembling them.
No, it's worse than that, sir.
I'm a Levi's man.
I'm wearing a pair of Levi's right now.
Blue ones.
You're just a bomb waiting to go off.
Larry, do you or your son or anybody you know, do they have Levi's?
I think I better go home and throw mine out, huh?
Do you have a road almanac in your glove compartment?
I have about five or six.
Because we have a lot of jurisdictions in our urban area.
But the border stays wide open.
We've got to leave the border wide open, but everybody's a terrorist.
Isn't that incredible?
It is.
That is so incredible.
But that's the way they want us to think.
Now, hopefully we're not quite that stupid yet, even though the government schools have been certainly trying to dumb us down.
Let's take a call real quick, Larry.
Elias in Michigan, you're on the air.
Mike just hung up.
Mike, you can call back if you want.
Go ahead, Elias.
Hi, Larry.
I haven't hung up.
Good afternoon.
All these draconian measures that Alex is talking about,
Are there because they're afraid there's going to be a revolution in this country.
That's what they're afraid of.
Because they know they're a bunch of crooks.
Yeah, crooks.
Go back to Saddam Hussein.
He said, a disarmed people...
He had a point.
Are ready for slavery.
Well, that's an interesting point.
I'm not supporting Saddam.
I'm not supporting Saddam, but he could have a rally with 10,000 people with machine guns and rifles.
You don't see our president doing that, do you, Larry?
No, you don't.
In fact, if you have a sign around the president of the United States, if it's a hostile sign like...
Bush is a bomb or something like that, you're probably going to get the hustle.
Oh, they're charging that poor Chinese doctor with a terrorism charge of intimidating a foreign official.
But it was such a sign of an open society when some selected hostile students in China asked pointed questions of President Bush.
That's right.
Go ahead, caller.
Please don't do that, you know?
Well, you know, that's what they're afraid of.
They're scared to death.
No, I think you're absolutely right.
They are scared, and they are...
As he said, we're down to run, really.
The gun grabber types talk the same way domestically as they do in terms of this collective assault that they've got on us.
The Sarah Brady types say, well, you can't be trusted with a gun.
You'll go nuts if you have a gun out on the street.
And so they have a fear of the average guy.
That truly is paranoid.
They talk about us in the old days looking for communists under every bed.
Well, they look for a gun-owning citizen under every bed.
Thanks, Elias.
Eddie in Texas.
You bet.
Eddie in Texas.
Go ahead.
Mr. Pratt, my question to you, Mr. Pratt, is do you think the American citizens have been conditioned enough to willingly give up their guns in the event of a national emergency like Katrina or 9-11?
Happily, I think the legislation that we're seeing go through with this huge support that it's been getting from people forcing these enormously lopsided majorities, definitely veto-proof majorities, coming out of not just the Louisiana legislature, I think that indicates that in spite of their considerable progress in dumbing us down, we haven't gotten to the point where people think that they don't need their guns or at least...
They wouldn't like to be able to get a gun somehow.
But the chairman of Violence Policy Center back in 2000 in a debate with myself was in the paper said, hey, we've already got your children, so we're going to ban the guns just as soon as your children have grown up.
So that's the problem.
And that's, by the way, exactly what Hitler said.
We have your children.
We don't care what you think.
We're in this for the long haul.
And that's part of the problem that I think we have faced is that we don't have that long haul vision that the other side does.
Yeah, so we've got to get Eddie Eagle and others there in the schools.
At least.
At least.
And get the clubs back.
Get the shooting clubs back.
Hey, look.
Take a liberal out.
Take them shooting.
Keep programming them.
All right.
Thank you, caller.
We'll take a few more on the other side.
Final segment.
Larry Pratt has been gracious to spend an entire hour with us.
Gunowners.org, check it out.
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Quickly, two final calls.
Pat and David, that's all I have time for.
Pat in Hawaii, you're on the air with Larry Pratt.
Go ahead.
Hi, I just want to applaud you folks for all the good that you're doing.
And I just happened to call this number this morning because I saw it on the Internet when I was searching out for some books that you have.
And I was listening in on the gun thing, and I remember back here in Hawaii, we used to have these meetings every week, you know,
And one of the things that was brought up for this Patriot meetings that we used to have was the gun survey that the Marines had to take.
Twenty-nine palms.
Twelve palms, I don't know.
And they were asked whether they would shoot their family if they wouldn't turn their guns in.
I couldn't believe it.
And 76% said no.
Said they would, and that's the good news, but they take the 24% and promote them.
And ma'am, if you think that's scary, I've got video of Marines training to take our guns all over America and admitting it's for America, and now we've seen it in New Orleans with Army and FBI and others.
Thanks for the call.
Larry Pratt?
Yes, that was a real wake-up call because the Marines are kind of the elite force.
And if you've got a lot of young guys, that's what we're talking about.
Somebody mentioned it, maybe you did, just before the break.
It's what's happening in the schools.
They've got that future in mind.
Yeah, it was your quote of Sugarman that was...
I'm convinced that in the long run they're going to get us because they're going to educate our children to vote away their freedom and to vote away, of course, our freedom.
And if we don't stop them, then I think they're absolutely right.
David in Texas.
Last caller.
Go ahead.
How are you doing, Alex?
I actually am off topic a little bit here, but I've been holding for about two hours.
Oh, really?
They said you just called in.
Okay, go ahead.
Okay, yeah.
My first one, I guess you weren't on the air yesterday, and whoever it was that was in your spot,
And Hitler's good and nice.
Well, we'll have to debate that later.
I appreciate your call, sir.
My broadcast really isn't about other people's shows, but thank you.
Larry Pratt, I want to thank you for coming on to the broadcast and all you do, gunowners.org.
Thank you, Alex.
Real fast, fire out that number for folks that want to join.
If they can't go to gunowners.org, they can call us, 888-886-GUNS.
That's toll-free, 888-886-GUNS.
All right.
Larry Pratt, we'll talk to you soon, and as long as there's any developments, and we know we can go get that with your legislative updates, thank you.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless.
God bless you.
Yeah, I wish I could get into the Reichstag debate, caller.
I'm just out of time here, but the Nazis admit that they attacked the town of Gleiwitz and staged all that, and they staged the Reichstag, and so I'm not going to sit there and debate it with people.
Okay, government's engaged in sponsored terror, and there's a lot of people out there prancing around defending Hitler, and I get really tired of it.
I don't know what show you're talking about.
That's confusing to me.
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Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
We've got some big guests coming up tomorrow.