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Air Date: April 20, 2006
2280 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
We're 30 seconds into this first hour of this live three-hour broadcast.
20th day of April, 2006.
Coming up, a psychologist, good friend of mine, Bill Vieth, who's an expert on the New World Order.
Another great Austinite will be joining us in studio to talk about the world banking system and leaving the Bretton Woods Agreement, why the dollar's plunging, why we see gold exploding in crude oil prices, having a skyrocket rise in prices.
It's all coming up in the next hour, and we'll have open phones as well.
Then we've got the author of Adventures in Legal Land, Scott Stevens, joining us coming up in the third hour, just to get into the corruption of the court systems here in the United States and how there really is no rule of law, and his view that no state is legitimate.
In the meantime, we'll be taking your calls and covering the news.
Gold hit $640.
We're good to go.
It's trading above that.
Last time I checked about 10 minutes ago.
Meanwhile, Bush on the heels of the Chinese president visiting Boeing and Microsoft.
And by the way, there were some cryptic statements made.
That's the Associated Press' words.
Cryptic statements made about free speech on the Internet by Bill Gates.
Then the murderer-in-chief, the criminal-in-chief, the Chinese president, hopped on his airplane and flew out to D.C.
to meet with Lord Bush this morning.
There was a heckler bringing up the fact that China steals the organs of murdered Falun Gong members.
There were Taiwanese protesters as well, but the protester that heckled
Them during their press conference was drug out.
So we'll get into that for you as well.
At the same time, Chinese man admits to plot to import 200 missiles.
Each missile could shoot down a large passenger airliner.
And, of course, it leads back to the Communist Chinese military.
This is right out of Reuters, The Washington Times, Associated Press, you name it.
And by the way, the Communist Chinese were caught shipping in shoulder-fired missiles and what, 3,000 plus AK-47s and a bunch of heroin back in 1997.
That's in my film, America Destroyed by Design.
And so they were rewarded the next year with a Long Beach Naval Base, Panama Canal, many other places, and now they're running security.
In the Bahamas, in the nuclear scanning equipment.
But when a cop pulls you over in the middle of this country, say in Indiana, and wants to search your car, without a warrant, he'll say, it's a post-9-11 atmosphere.
We're doing this to keep you safe.
There's been a ridiculous raid.
They're calling it the biggest ever.
1,000 illegal aliens and their bosses arrested from Texas to California.
There are conservatively 25 million illegal aliens, 20 million that are Mexican, 5 million others, Russians, Chinese, Indians, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Salvadorans.
And the real numbers that I think are the most accurate show over 30 million now.
So when you think 1,000 sounds big, last year at the same time they rated, remember, Walmart distribution centers and then a couple lumber yards and arrested, what was it, over 500?
That's like taking a thimble out of a swimming pool.
I mean, what is 1,000 arrests?
Oh, they're getting tough.
We can...
We can all go back to sleep now.
So I'm going to get into this and some of the new Lurican Keystone Open Border news.
And the latest Iran news.
It's all coming up in a big news blitz after this quick break as we enter the second segment.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I figured I'd start the second segment here in this first hour before I get into the communist Chinese murdering despot, as bad as Hitler, visiting Boeing, Microsoft, and now President Bush, and they drug a, I wouldn't call it a heckler, they drug out a daring Falun Gong demonstrator who just simply brought up that they run death camps and murder people for their organs.
I mean, it doesn't get any more Nazi-like and macabre, and it's admitted they do this.
And our media acts like it's debatable.
Well, the Falun Gong claims this, and China says that they're a deadly, dangerous cult.
They're a totally peaceful group.
No history of anything bad.
No history of even stepping on a cockroach.
But no, China says they're bad.
It's our media.
China says they're bad.
They're bad.
We'll get into all that.
Gold hitting $640 an ounce yesterday.
Oil going above 74.
It's set to even go higher.
They're speculating.
The analysts are today.
We're going to cover it all.
And we've got a big guest coming up in the second hour and another wonderful guest in the third hour.
I'll tell you about them later.
But I figured we'd start with something a little bit fun first.
This is a little piece that got put together.
But some folks, they threw out on the Internet.
We have a link to where you can download it at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
It's a takeoff on the Beatles song, you know, where I am the Eggman, I am the Walrus, cuckoo, choo-choo.
And it's, I'd say, dead on the mark.
Except for a little slight anti-Christian comment, because people think Bush is supposedly a Christian, and they really believe the propaganda that he's being led by God.
Yeah, he's being led by God, but he's being led by the God of this world that tempted Christ on the mountain.
Or attempted to tempt Christ on the mountain.
God of this world.
But let's go ahead and roll this little piece.
And on Friday I stood up and said, I don't appreciate the speculation about Don Rumsfeld.
He's doing a fine job.
I strongly support him.
Well, what do you say to critics who believe that you're ignoring the advice of retired generals, military commanders, who say that there needs to be a change?
I am me and Remy's here and he's free and we are all together See the world run when Dick shoots his gun, see how I lie I'm lying Sitting on my own brain Waiting for the end of days
Corporation profits, bloody oil money, I'm above the law and I'll decide it's right or wrong.
I am the egghead.
I'm the commander.
I'm the decider.
Cuckoo, ca-choo, Baghdad city, policemen sitting, pretty little targets in a row.
See how they die when strapped, no pride, these mothers cry.
I'm a liar.
I'm a liar.
I'm a liar.
I'm a liar.
Yeah, they take the Tony up.
Imaginary WMDs.
I'm the decider, and I decide what is best, and what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the Secretary of Defense.
Sitting in a White House garden, talking to the Lord.
But my thoughts would be busy, busy hatching if I only had a brain.
I am Big Head.
I'm the commander.
I'm the Decider!
I'm the Decider!
I'm the Decider!
I'm the decider.
In fact, let's play that clip from a press conference Bush had a couple days ago where he says, I'm the decider.
Not, I'm the decision maker.
I'm the decider.
And then they bring up all these generals, in fact, who've been in theater in Iraq saying the whole thing's a horrible disaster.
Fire Rumsfeld now.
And he just snickers and giggles at first.
Totally out of place.
It's just amazing.
Go ahead and roll it.
Mr. President, you made it a practice of not commenting on potential personnel moves.
Of course I did.
You can understand why.
Because we've got people's reputations at stake.
And on Friday I stood up and said, I don't appreciate the speculation about Don Rumsfeld.
He's doing a fine job.
I strongly support him.
But what do you say to critics who believe that you're ignoring the advice of retired generals, military commanders, who say that there needs to be a change?
I say I listen to all voices.
But mine's the final decision.
And Don Rumsfeld is doing a fine job.
He's not only transforming the military, he's fighting a war on terror.
He's helping us fight a war on terror.
I have strong confidence in Don Rumsfeld.
I hear the voices, and I read the front page, and I know the speculation, but I'm the decider, and I decide what is best, and what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the Secretary of Defense.
Okay, so you're the decider.
And I've heard the neocons spin on talk radio.
It's very bad to have the military involved in politics.
That's police state, and Bush is trying to stop that.
We have a law against that, posse commentatus.
No, the law isn't that once generals are out of the military that they're not allowed to have their own political view, especially on something that they're experts on.
No, Bush is doing the opposite, putting troops on the streets, brainwashing children at public schools across the country, having urban warfare drills, saying he wants to get rid of Posse Comitatus and that martial law might be needed if bird flu breaks out or one more terror attack and they'll set aside the Constitution in favor of a military form of government.
And who said that?
Outgoing head of CENTCOM said that two years ago, Tommy Frankson, it turned out he was on secret White House $455,000 a year payola.
And the Governmental Accounting Office said that was illegal, along with the thousands of other people they've got on secret payroll.
And when Bush got caught, he said, I don't care if the law says I can't do it.
I'm the decider.
I'm above the law.
Get a view from my Attorney General.
His Attorney General, of course he's allowed to do this.
We're in a war on terror.
And that war on terror means brainwashing you.
Now, TooStupidToBePresident.com had this out about a year ago.
And I never played it, and I meant to.
Then Paul reposted it on PrisonPlanet.com, so it reminded me to.
And it starts out with Rumsfeld, it's a cartoon, up there literally with real quotes he gave in the past, because at the end they show those quotes.
That's what TooStupidToBePresident.com does.
There's an incredibly talented animator there.
One guy does it all.
The music, the voices, everything.
I'm just a big fan.
And at the end of it, they again show the quotes, but it starts out with Rumsfeld as a cartoon character, like the beginning of every Seinfeld episode, doing some stand-up comedy.
Then it cuts to Rumsfeld in the Oval Office with the cartoon Bush.
So go ahead and roll that.
Was I really expected to adhere to them?
You tell me.
Are they called the Geneva Laws?
The Geneva Rules?
Or merely the Geneva Conventions?
To me, that sounds more like a set of polite suggestions.
Now that I've briefed you on the unforgivable conditions at Adelgrave...
I offer my resignation.
This really takes me back.
To the rape rooms of the Texas penal system when you were governor?
Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
Do you know how as a child you used to put M-80s in the mouths of frogs?
Then throw the creatures in the air to watch them explode, you little Jeffrey Dahmer.
Good times, but that wasn't it either.
To the stress position, sleep deprivation, and branding you enacted as part of your fraternity initiation, butthole.
That's it.
We made 40 pledges sit with their heads between their legs all night.
If they so much as coughed, we'd kick them or tan them with paddles.
Finally, in the morning, we bring out this big old glowing branding iron.
Of course, when the story hit the Yale Daily News, we got fined and had to stop.
Oh, does this have to get out?
We could sit on the story for a few months and see if it blows over.
Sort of the Republican version of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
I'd hate to ruin all the fun.
You said you had something for me?
Oh, as a matter of fact, I do.
This snuff video from one of our other interrogation centers.
Oh man!
You are the best secretary of defense ever!
You're doing a superb job.
You are a strong secretary of defense.
Then they have the quotes.
So many of the things you heard there were actual quotes.
And the snuff film stuff goes on too.
I mean, the fellow's not joking around dealing with that.
These are sickos.
As many different former government high-level experts and the CIA generals have said here as the former founding commander of Delta Force...
Who is the advisor on the big CBS show, The Unit, has gone public in LA Weekly and on national television saying that torture is directly ordered by Cheney and that he actually enjoys it.
And then it was admitted that hundreds of videos and thousands of photos were, quote, delivered to the White House of the torture and killing to be reviewed.
It was also showed to select members of Congress.
And it is literally hundreds of times worse than what you've seen.
And, I mean, I get sick of even listing what is admitted in there.
Remember John Yoo, just a few months ago, the CFR meeting?
It got recorded.
We had a professor on that debated it.
CFR meeting in Chicago.
He said, yeah, we can torture small children in front of their parents sexually.
Just out in the open.
Yep, yep, we torture children sexually.
We're your government.
Now, shut up and let us run everything.
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... ...
I will be going to your phone calls coming up in the next segment.
But I never get over the fact that our media has gone from criticizing China over half of the reports they put out in decades past that I witnessed on television were negative.
Now maybe 5% of the reporting is negative and China is worse than ever.
In their abuse, all the human rights groups that analyze the cases admit, but suddenly our media many times is positive concerning some of the Tiananmen Square type activities that are going on on a monthly basis there that we know about.
Not to mention the mobile execution vans and the organ harvesting and the land grabbing, all of it.
And then we have an attorney general that says they can torture people to death and that it's not torture because they say it isn't.
They've changed the name, so that supposedly changed the action.
And we have his deputy coming out and saying they can torture children in front of their parents and then adding deviant sickness on top of it as if torturing children isn't bad enough and isn't deviant and sick enough.
I mean, we're all having our psyches driven through the pit of hell for some future horror that's going to dwarf all of those.
And it really is a deal with the devil the American people are being given.
And of course, even when you make a deal with the devil, he always brings you down in the end.
Look at Faust and his Faustian bargain.
I mean, look at our dollar.
Look at our oil prices.
Look at our educational levels.
Look at the family statistics.
Marriage, broken marriages, drug use.
Every indicator, IQs.
Cancer, diabetes, sperm counts.
I mean, we're being cursed.
We are a cursed people.
We've gone from the most blessed, the most opulently successful.
I mean, I heard some spin today out of investors, business.
I heard a neocon on the radio going, look, we've gone from 800 people in America worth more than $5 million to 900 and something in the last year.
Oh, look, we've gone from this many billionaires to that many billionaires.
It's grown by 8%.
Well, that's no benchmark of a successful society.
I mean, Mexico produces more billionaires and millionaires than any other country, even countries that are much larger, even more than China, just because the communist Chinese leaders are good at hiding it.
But the dollar has been devalued by 44%.
And so, of course, with the printing presses of the Federal Reserve on overdrive, admittedly, you're going to see increases in certain sectors of wealth.
But if you look at overall indices, we are at a higher level of debt per capita.
We are a debtor nation per capita.
That's private.
I'm not talking about state, federal, or local.
I'm not trying to be negative here.
These are just the real numbers.
We have a lower debt ratio...
Versus savings ratio, a negative ratio than we had at the depth of the Depression in late 1933.
We broke that record a few months ago, plunging steadily downward.
And people were paying off credit cards with other credit cards.
And then we hear all these financial shows.
Oh, are the credit card companies going to get scammed?
They're using fractional reserve banking.
They're loaning out zeros and ones.
It's just all in computer systems.
It's all a Ponzi scheme.
The globalists want everyone in debt.
So overall, standard of living is going down versus inflation.
Overall, debts are going up.
Overall, every indicator of a society, educational level, test scores, factories, jobs, it's all going in the wrong direction.
But it doesn't matter.
You've got these delusional yuppies driving around, most of them living in debt, posing, trying to keep up appearances, the British term, trying to pose as if they're affluent, nouveau riche, and they're not.
We're good to go.
I think?
And over the years, buying at $200 an ounce, $230 an ounce, $250, $300, $350.
And yes, we just tell Midas, I've been so busy the last three days, you're holding that gold for me.
I'm going to buy a few more coins.
Yeah, I'm going to buy them.
I held them last week back at $595 an ounce, and I'm buying some bullion.
Got it held.
It's already, what, at $640?
And am I selling my gold now that the gold I've got has gone up more than doubled in value?
You don't see the stock market doing that.
No, I'm not dumping it, because it's an insurance policy.
Okay, I'll come back, take your calls, into a whole bunch of news.
Got some more clips for you, too, and two powerful guests coming up as well.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Iran says they're not scared of the U.S., as their defense minister stated.
A communist Chinese agent caught trying to ship in 200 shoulder-fired rockets that can easily shoot down aircraft at thousands of feet.
And, of course, it's connected to...
The Communist Chinese military, our friends, have been caught trying to ship in these weapons before.
But that's okay.
I'm sure it's some deal with our government to pull something later.
Then they'll just take all our freedoms and grab all our pension funds and rob everyone like they're already doing, but just accelerate it.
Order out of chaos.
The worse the chaos gets, the more bedlam there is, the more control these people get over our lives.
And then they finance the takeover of our lives with their own money and pay it themselves.
I'm going to go through your calls fast, because I've got a bunch of news I want to cover, but I do want to take your calls.
John, Jeff, Jim, Ron, Mike, get ready, because I'm going to do it quick.
John and Max, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you today?
Good, sir.
I just wanted to give you a little update out here in Massachusetts.
Today I found out, as I went in for my office meeting, because I am a realtor, that we were talking about one of Romney's plans to fingerprint realtors.
Which means, because I don't want to be registered with the government as having my fingerprints, I'm going to need to find a new job now.
That's Homeland Security.
Yes, sir.
Again, I'm sure you've heard me many times talk about a two-hour meeting I saw almost four years ago with the former Homeland Security head, Governor Ridge, on C-SPAN.
And they said, our national ID card to the driver's license, we'll have to have it to get into any job.
We'll scan in to go to work.
We'll have a national sales tax known as the fair tax.
They're going to keep the income tax on top of it.
That's what the neocons aren't.
And everyone's going to have to thumb scan biometrically every day to get into work.
The cars will have this on them.
Toyota's now announcing it and others.
It is a nightmare system.
It absolutely is, and it looks like they're really starting to implement it because, as I recall, when I took my real estate license a few years ago, the test for it, they did take certain people's fingerprints.
They thumb scanned them to get your results.
That's how they did it.
Yeah, nobody asks you.
And there's no law at that point.
Here, just come over here and do this.
And now it's going in the schools.
It's going in the colleges.
It's going in the businesses, the HEB grocery stores, the Safeways for the employees, and at some test facilities.
When you do the self-checkout, it's an added security feature for you.
And, of course, it's the very thing that most states already implemented.
Now, by federal law, all are implementing biometrics.
Yeah, they have that here, too, at a lot of the supermarkets and even at the Home Depot, Lowe's Home Improvement Stores.
And what I don't get is they can tell, the computers can scan to see whether or not you've checked something out before you actually check it out.
So that was a little frightening to me.
Yeah, it knows your algorithm, your history.
And if I could just speak to what you were saying a little earlier about the system and how it's going to be run
Absolutely, Alex.
Like a, almost like a mafia system.
Well, everything's going to be a prison.
America itself is going to be a prison.
It's almost there.
It is, and I just, maybe your listeners have never, maybe you haven't heard of the Winter Hill section of Boston, where the Winter Hill Gang ran, that Whitey Bulger ran, did hits with the FBI.
Sure, yeah.
I grew up there, and I remember what it was like when the cops were paid off
Yeah, you're sick of it.
We're not going to be ruled by a bunch of crooks.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, it's despicable.
And there's certain regions of the country that have been known throughout our entire 230-something year history where government corruption was never put up with.
And there's other areas like Boston, New York, Chicago, L.A., where for some reason, I'm not saying the whole population, but generally the population is known for laying down.
In areas of the South and the West, where just a few times citizens revolted, and they called them, you know, sagebrush rebellions,
Wildfire rebellions, people backed off and learned who the boss was.
Look, if you act like slaves, you're going to be a slave.
If you're not a man, look, I'm not a tough guy, folks, but I've found in life it's just better to just go ahead and bring it on.
If somebody's going to try to push you around, if somebody's going to try to enslave you, if somebody's going to try to boss you around, I don't care how fancy their PR is, it's slavery, it's a fraud.
Jeff in Colorado, you're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, I just wanted to make a couple of comments about some of the things you were saying, and one of the things was about Dum Dum Rumsfeld and how President Bush said he was doing such a fine job.
Well, you know, he said the same thing about the FEMA director, former FEMA director.
Yeah, Brownie's doing a great job.
Yeah, he said Michael Brown was doing a great job, and
And, of course, he got ousted a short time later.
By the way, this isn't a joke.
Everyone has a poo-poo name.
Bill Vease is a good psychologist.
We're asking what that means in Bush's psychology.
But everybody has a poo-poo name.
And, you know, Turd Blossom, Brownie, Pooper, Turdy.
I mean, Bush is a mentally ill sicko.
Oh, yeah.
He even said, and you can even play the tape back, and he said, I hear the voices.
And whatever he meant by that, but in any event,
A lot of stuff is going on, Alex.
This is a good example of how President Bush lies to the American people.
One of the other things I wanted to point out is something related to global warming.
There's these NASA scientists who help write a report to Congress called Our Changing Planet.
Then they send a draft to the White House.
What the Bush administration does, his chief of staff, Phil Cooney, they edit the report and actually delete a bunch of stuff out of it.
And then Bush goes into the Rose Garden and he, of course, after they boge up this report to Congress, which they're not supposed to do, and of course he goes on national TV in the Rose Garden and basically false statements to the American people.
And he, you know, pretty much out and out lying to the American people.
That's what he does routinely.
Thanks for the call.
I don't believe in global warming because of the science.
I believe in global climate change.
Some areas are getting colder, some are getting hotter.
The sun went through its heaviest 11-year cycle, if you want to get precise about it, over the last decade.
They thought it would go into a light cycle for the next 11 years.
Preliminary data from NASA and other observatories, private and public, around the world show that it's heating up to be 50% brighter.
With a 50% or higher, they're saying, radiated increase of the radiation, the heat radiation, the gamma rays, all the different types of radiation that actually fuel the Earth and heat the Earth and run the Earth.
We already went over this last week.
You look at volcanoes.
One major gas volcano explosion, not a lava flow volcano, but a major gas explosion volcano like Mount St.
Helens, which they have on average every two years, puts out more fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions than all human activity in the last thousand years.
That's all the campfires, all the coal burning stoves, all the industries, all the cars for a thousand years.
You did in 100, like you've heard.
You go look at the actual numbers, it's really over 1,000.
They've done the ice core test in Antarctica and in the North Pole, and the Earth goes through these cycles.
We're on a 12,000-year cycle.
The sun's on an 11.5-year cycle.
And so what they do is they globally stampede and say, we need a global tax on oil and on the industrialized nations, and 167 third-world countries are exempt.
That'll just ensure that any jobs that hadn't shifted overseas will finally leave, the 20-something percent that haven't left that are industrial.
And it's just all a scam.
It's stampeding us with, if you don't do what the government witch doctors say, the sun won't come up in the morning.
Let's talk to Jim in Texas.
Jim, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Alex, I believe ICE conducted that sweep through Dallas last night, not because they wanted to enforce the law, but they didn't want real Americans to follow the example of the criminal illegals from Mexico and riot in the streets or march to the Capitol.
They want to curb this insurrection before real Americans begin to realize that we can do it too.
You know,
And not only that, but this Reconquista thing that they're pushing, that's a property rights issue every bit as much as that Kelo v. Connecticut where they distorted the eminent domain from private to public into private to private, whereby they're taking their land, our government,
And given to the favored groups because they can.
And we're not going into the streets protesting that when we should have.
The morning after that Kelo v. Connecticut decision, when they declared that we don't have the right to life, liberty, or property, that we should have been in the streets in numbers a thousand times greater than the Mexicans have mustered.
And because they're beginning to fear that we'll do that, they crack down on
The Mexican invaders last night were still a little fierce.
Jim, I totally agree with you.
In fact, I have a whole stack of news on that.
I want to comment on that in this hour.
So let me comment on that, and we'll go back to the calls.
Well, thanks for having Bill Beath on also.
He's another Austinite with a brain.
And as you know, Austin's overflowing with talent.
I believe it's probably the epicenter of the revolt that's coming.
I agree with you.
Thanks for the call.
And everyone else agrees with that, and that's why there's so many people moving here.
Who are in the movement, which at certain points is okay, at other levels it gets a little bit annoying.
But let me just try to comment on what you just brought up.
There are 20 million illegal Mexicans.
There are 5 million other illegals, conservatively.
That's the real numbers, not 14, not 20.
It's 25 million illegal aliens, Russians, Chinese, Latin Americans, Central Asians, Arabs, make up the 5 million Africans.
They make up 5 million.
And growing, by the way.
It's now starting to outstrip in the growth, the La Rican Quista.
Again, we're not talking about American Hispanics.
We love them.
The major polls, again, 67 to 70 plus percent of Hispanics are against it.
80 to 87 percent of Americans, when you average in Asians, Anglos, Hispanics, Blacks, it doesn't matter.
Those are the big numbers.
There's a whole bunch of polls, and they're all in those ranges.
I don't just give you one poll.
I give you the range.
You can figure it out for yourself.
It's somewhere in there.
But you can just talk to your neighbors.
This is the zeitgeist issue.
This is what everybody wants to talk about.
This is what almost every caller wants to talk about.
It's what people are upset about.
You hear our Hispanic callers agreeing with us from California and Texas and all over the world.
They know what's going on.
They understand it's a drive down wages and break up the U.S.
for the Pan American Union.
Now, you've got $25 million, and that's conservative.
It's really over $30 million.
My numbers are, from government and private numbers a couple years ago, it was 30 million.
It's now above that.
But let's just say 25 million.
And so ICE goes out and makes about 1,000 arrests.
And they say for a year, they had told these companies 13 times,
That these are fake Social Security numbers.
These aren't real Social Security numbers.
These are Social Security numbers of dead people.
You're not paying your taxes.
A bunch of scams are going on.
That's one reason.
They're now saying that they weren't paying all their taxes.
So, of course, they're mad.
And that's what this guest worker program is.
They're going to bring in unlimited.
It's amnesty, but start taxing them.
As if they'll ever even get any of that Social Security.
They are abusing these immigrants.
I'm not against these hard-working Mexican immigrants.
I've become against them once the Lovery, Conquista, La Raza, Mexico, Aslan movements get them, and they start running around with signs with white people's heads cut off, openly saying, we're going to kill you.
I mean, I've got it on tape.
Then I go, hey, man, come on.
Listen, you're getting brainwashed.
This is a Bush PR firm.
Here's the Dallas Morning News.
Because they know good PR is racial.
Racial is very primitive, very tribal, very powerful.
It's in all of us, and it's really got to stop.
So multiculturalism is really a governmental tool to get us all fighting with each other.
It's to make us all see our differences and fight with each other.
It's not for us all to get along.
Understand that.
Believe me now, believe me later, it's a fact.
So 1,000... I don't have a calculator in front of me.
Maybe I can do the math here just with a pen and paper.
In fact, you've got a calculator there at your desk, don't you, Scott?
What is 1,000 divided into 25 million?
Do you have a calculator there?
Okay, thank you, because it would be hard for me to talk and do that.
So what is a thousand?
I mean, every month or so, they'll have some bust where 15, 20, 30 people at some golf course or some hotel get grabbed, or they'll go charge people every few months, say in Baltimore, for the whole restaurant staff being illegal aliens from Mexico.
And by the way, I was talking to a chef when I was out in California recently,
And he was talking about how, well, how it is is there'll be Russian chefs at one place, and they'll only hire Russians, or it's mainly Mexicans, and they only hire Mexicans, and then basically you get told by the white owners, or black owners, or Hispanic owners, sorry, they can't talk to you anymore, you don't have your job.
And these are degreed chefs that basically, it's just like outsourcing computer jobs to India.
You train someone to replace you.
And then, sorry, this, this...
Kitchen is a Russian kitchen.
This kitchen is a Middle Eastern kitchen.
This kitchen is a Mexican kitchen.
And I've talked to a lot of people, people in factories, people in businesses.
I mean, it's getting so bad that the English speakers are literally being kicked out.
I mean, it's really going on.
In fact, they've called for, don't buy from the gringo, don't support the gringo day.
That's what it's called on their websites.
You hear on Time Magazine, you know, the boycott day or the protest day.
No, man, it's hurt the gringo, don't let the gringo know.
This is unacceptable.
You know, I go out and protest the Klan over ten times, and I'll protest Mecha, La Raza, and the Reconquistas all day long, because I...
I'm the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
I mean, that's just how I am.
That's what I do.
I just tell it like it is.
And so I get threats from the Klan, and I get threats from the Reconquistas.
And I just don't care.
You're all a bunch of scum in my book.
And so, 1,000 into 25 million. .0004.
So, that's how many of the illegals they grabbed yesterday in this big, multi-state, five-state, 1,000 people arrested and their employers arrested.
Because they know it's... Listen, they did their PR thing, and it's a bell they can't unring.
Everybody for the first week saw the Mexican flags and the pictures of whites' heads chopped off and the, this is our continent, blah, blah, blah.
And then the big UT Chicano study professor at Dallas, or at Arlington, I always just say Dallas, Metroplex, came out and said, we've got to kill all the gringos, that's a quote.
Used to, he just said, implement Plan of San Diego, kill all white males 16 and older.
So when my son turns 16, he'll have to, I guess, go kneel and they'll get a big sword and, die, devil's wife!
I mean, I guess I need to go ahead and report to be killed.
I'm supposed to go, oh, you're so sweet.
Oh, don't be mean to me.
Oh, you're racist and not want the Plan of San Diego.
And I had the Texas Civil Rights Review go, well, the Plan of San Diego was real, but these are downtrodden groups, and Alex is bad.
Talk about it.
Meanwhile, here are the headlines.
Church top downplays Mexican military incursions.
Homeland Security chief insists reports of past 10 years overblown.
Yeah, cops being killed, informants being killed.
DEA, FBI, every few months, mass kidnappings, 800 deaths last year alone, plus 800 and something on the Texas border.
And here's another one, Minutemen to Bush, build a fence or we will.
So, I mean, we've got a group of people running around doing all this, declaring this is Mexico.
I want one every day.
That would be scratching.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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They railed against the crowd Another ragtag band
Bill Deeth, a local Austin psychologist, patriot, known him for about, as you see, Bill, ten years ago out of Second Amendment rallies because we're evil liberals.
You know, pro-guns liberal now, folks.
Bush, as Bob Barr on the NRA board told us a few months ago, a former congressman,
George Bush is more anti-gun than Bill Clinton.
But I know, I was at the gun shop a few weeks ago, and they told me that it was all made up, that I'm just lying, that George Bush is just absolutely wonderful.
But we're not going to be talking too much about the Second Amendment.
We're going to be talking about the financial standing of this country and the agreements that have been made and the inflation of the money supply and foreign countries dumping the dollar, starting the dumping of the dollar.
That is coming up in the next hour.
Right now, let's go to Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Alex, I'm calling up about two interviews that I heard on local New York radio this morning.
Two separate subjects, but they were both shocking.
One was with Chris Simcox of the Minutemen, and he said that he had inadvertently gotten swept up in traffic, and as a consequence of it, he had to enter Mexico, and he immediately turned around and did a U-turn to come back into the United States.
When he did, he encountered American customs and authorities, and they actually gave him a hard time and asked this guy, I mean, this man is clearly an American, a generational American, why he wanted to come into the United States.
And they gave him a tough time of it.
Sir, I mean, many times I've been down to Mexico, just in the last few years, and literally people, you know, obvious people from the colonies, southern Mexico with little cowboy hats, and their families pour right in front of you, and then customs shakes you down because they think you might be carrying Rohibonol or steroids or Valium across.
That's why they do it.
They don't care about the illegal aliens.
They're there to basically profiling what you called before, Ron, your retired New York police officer.
They're looking for drugs.
If that's their concern in search for drugs, why are you hassling an American citizen as to why he wants to come into the United States?
Very specifically, that question was put to him.
If you speak to him, I know that I believe you've spoken to members of that particular movement.
I think he could probably... Yeah, we've had him on.
We've had Mr. Simcox on many times.
We have Al Garza with the Texas Minutemen in studio tomorrow.
And in addition, on another issue, you remember the very famous incident of the American contract workers that were burnt and hung from a bridge in Fallujah?
Yeah, Blackwater.
Yes, Blackwater.
What a rogue company.
Do you know the families of those men that were burnt and hung?
I heard another interview are suing Blackwater.
Blackwater has reacted to those families.
I'm telling you, Alex, it's criminal.
It's criminal.
They won't even tell those families.
They won't even provide them with the report that was drawn up as to the events that led to the death of their loved ones.
When their family members got to Iraq...
We're good to go.
They won't even touch the issue.
In the last 30 seconds of this hour, I want to encourage everybody out there listening to go to InfoWars.com and the Safe Secure Online shopping cart at our video and bookstore and get my new 9-11 film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into the second hour on this live Thursday, the 20th day of April, 2006 edition.
What would happen if Iran was caught through one of its surrogates, one of its minions, trying to sneak in 2,000 shoulder-launched missiles that can bring down commercial aircraft?
Well, here's the headline.
China's doing it.
This is the second time I know of they've been caught.
Back in 1997, it was red-handed connected to the Chinese military.
What are they rewarded with?
Running our port security.
Oh, you're trying to bring in missiles, heroin, and machine guns.
Chinese man admits plot to import missiles to U.S.
Reuters, a Chinese national living in Southern California, admitted on Wednesday to trying to arrange the sale from China to the United States of 200 shoulder-fired missiles that can be used to bring down aeroplanes.
Chow Tung-Wu, 51, pled guilty in Los Angeles federal court to conspire to import the missiles for a buyer who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent.
Glad the FBI is doing something out there other than running around harassing patriots.
This is out of the Washington Times.
Bill Gertz.
Chinese military linked to missile smuggling.
Court papers made public yesterday in the case of California man who pled guilty to trying to smuggle anti-aircraft missiles into the United States show that Chinese general and state-run manufacturer are linked to the crime.
Chow Tung Wu, 51, of California, pled guilty yesterday in U.S.
District Court in Los Angeles to conspiracy to smuggle Chinese QW-2 anti-aircraft missiles into the United States.
It was the first conviction under the 2004 anti-terrorism law in preventing the spread of shoulder-fired and portable anti-aircraft missiles.
And the article then goes into how they basically, how it's connected to the Chinese military.
And later after the break, later in the interview with Bill Veith coming up, we will get more into this.
And it mentions here that China's military has been linked in the past to illicit arms deals, including the attempted sale of AK-47 assault rifles to Los Angeles street gangs.
That was the LA Times.
And it doesn't mention the heroin of the other rockets.
That was in there back in 1997.
Wu informed the agent that there were 24 containers of weapons for sale, including the missiles, and that the minimum purchase would be 8 containers.
Documents provided that the agent included a proposal for the sale from the Chinese company, which makes the QW-2 and other missiles.
And the total price was going to be $18,380,000.
$308,100, the statement said.
So, our borders are wide open.
They're having staged events where they go and arrest 1,000 people, which, we did the math, is .0000... Was it another zero you did in the calculator?
How many zeros?
Okay, so it's four zeros and a four, so five.
I mean, just think about that.
If they arrested 1,000 people a day, what's 365 times 1,000?
That would be 365,000.
So they arrested 1,000 illegal aliens a day.
What is 365,000 divided in 25 million?
A little over 10%, right?
No, a little over 1%.
A little over 1%.
So if for an entire year they arrested 1,000 people a day instead of doing this once a year, it would only be 1% of the illegal aliens.
So we need to write an article about that and put that in perspective.
Now we're going to go break and come back with our guest, Bill Veith, and we're going to get into some really important information for your financial future.
We're good to go.
I think?
The toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
And the websites are Infowars.com, JonesReport.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
They're some of the best sites out there.
Be sure and check them out.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, implantable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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Come on, Bill.
Two weeks ago, you were riding the bicycle.
And today, you're showing up in your new car and telling me you're buying a house.
What did you do?
Rob Bill Gates?
No, John.
I didn't rob Bill Gates.
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What was that website again?
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Thanks, Bill.
I'm going there right now.
Check, please.
Uh, you got this one, right, Bill?
Don't forget, it's www.didyourobbillgates.com.
Sure, John.
Next time, you'll be buying me lunch.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in the next hour, Mark Stevens, author of Adventures in Legal Land, with a really interesting take on government, the state itself, is it legitimate in any form, and just the wild level of corruption that is now in state and federal courts around this country, and really the world.
He'll be joining us, and Bill Vieth will be riding shotgun with us for at least part of that as well.
Again, I've known Bill.
He's never been on the show before.
For about 10 years or longer, I've always seen with the Second Amendment demonstrations we have, we were barely beating Democrats and Republicans who were trying to restrict the Second Amendment down to almost New York-style laws.
Here in Texas, and of course he has two different degrees in the field of psychology, and he's done a lot of research on the New World Order.
He has a Bring Our Troops Home website with his wife with the yellow ribbon saying support the troops, bring them home.
And he also has done a lot of other radio interviews that I've heard here locally.
He's been doing a fabulous job.
So I figured let's have Bill Vieth in here with us today.
Bill, just tell people about yourself, how you woke up to the New World Order, your whole view on the left-right paradigm, and then let's get into the Bretton Woods Agreement.
Let's get into what fiat money systems are, the Federal Reserve, and what's happening today and what it means to our financial futures.
Well, I...
Probably up until about six years ago, I was stuck in a left-right paradigm, so I'm not predisposed to believing the way I've come to believe in the last six years.
But in listening to programs like yours and other alternative media, I began to do my own search for the truth and stopped being so dependent on the mainstream media news.
So what I've focused my research on was, you know, back when they used to say, if you really want to know what's going on, follow the money.
So I started following the money backwards, and I followed it all the way back to the people that print it out of thin air.
And it's really not money.
It's a system of worldwide credit.
And so that's what got me started.
And then I realized that probably my conclusion is that if we were to magically go back to an honest money system of gold and silver coin rather than this fiat currency credit system, 99% of the world's problems would magically disappear if we could do that.
The elite gets so much power out of the power to coin the money.
I mean, we always hear debates about who's wealthy, who's rich, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett.
They're small players compared to the old-moneyed families that have their funds in tax-free foundations that literally own entire industries, entire countries, entire armament factories.
I mean, these people are the true elite.
I've read estimates that the Rothschilds' net worth is between $100 and $400 trillion, which dwarfs anything Bill Gates said.
Yeah, top Russian economists pegs it in between there at $300 trillion.
Okay, that's within the range that I've read.
They've got about 55% of the world's wealth.
Yes, and probably if you add a few other dynasty families in there, it's probably closer to 75 or 80%.
Oh, exactly.
Just the Rothschilds alone.
The Rockefellers have got about 25% of it.
And by the way, major economic schools overseas know this.
It's taught.
In fact, people who are really in high-level finance, they all discuss this.
There's almost like a false...
It's all understood.
You know, fake facade that the general public's given.
Let's get into the Federal Reserve.
I mean, I know you've got your notes there.
I've heard you go over before.
The best way you've found to explain this to the layman out there and why this system you believe isn't good.
I would say the best way to explain it is by really going back to the basics, which almost seems so simplistic, it seems ridiculous, but nobody, I've asked over 250 people the question, what is the definition of a dollar?
No one's ever gotten it right, and until a year ago, I didn't even know what it was.
You know, here I've gone through the education system, a formal education.
I've got two doctorate degrees, and I never learned what a dollar was until I went and researched it on my own.
And the reason that's so important, what a dollar is, a constitutional dollar, is a United States manufactured coin of 371.25 grains of silver.
And that's its value.
Its value is not measured in economic terms.
It's measured in its weight in silver in a coin.
And that makes it very hard to manipulate.
You can't manipulate it because you cannot change the value of it if its weight is in silver.
For example, the value of an inch is not measured in economic terms.
It's measured in its length.
Congress has no authority to change the value of an inch or the value of a second or the value of an ounce.
Those are our standard weights and measures.
It's the same with a dollar.
And when you have honest weights and measures, it engineers the economy to be based in a free market system where actual labor and ideas are valued and those individuals rise.
But in a fiat system, it allows these wicked control freaks to get total control.
Well, absolutely.
And the main reason it does that in the free market system is the dollar, you have to have a constant.
That never changes value, and then you can measure the change in every other dependent variable if you have that constant independent variable.
But in the fiat dollar, it floats, so we never know what its value is, so we can never accurately measure the change in the value of anything else because we're never holding anything constant.
So it doesn't matter if it's a silver coin.
Our standard unit of measurement for money could be a bag of coins,
And as long as we hold that constant and never change it, we can still measure the value of everything else.
It could be salt.
It could be in the past slaves.
It could be armaments.
It could be seashells with two holes in them.
It can be anything as long as you hold one thing constant.
But if we allowed the value of our inch to float every day, it would mess up our whole world.
We couldn't measure anything.
We wouldn't know what we were getting.
And that's part of the deception.
Not only do these elites literally own the private printing presses known as the world's central banks, and then invade countries that don't have those and install those central banks as control systems to control the entire economic system, at the same time, the people aren't able to truly measure what's really happening to them, and it's simply they have their view economically based on the propaganda.
And like when you say propaganda, see, we've allowed them...
To control the language.
And I call it verbicide.
They have literally done homicide on the verbiage.
Well, that's what Eric Blair, known as George Arwell, wrote about, is how they were destroying words, shortening words, manipulating their meanings toward now.
It's not that I'm even that smart, but now it's hard for me to even communicate with even educated people because they've been given a false lexicon or a false encyclopedia and they can't even communicate now.
That's exactly right.
And one of the main things they've done it with is the dollar.
They haven't changed what a constitutional dollar is.
They've only changed the verbiage that describes it.
So now we have a fiat dollar that we call a dollar, and it's not a dollar.
It's a unit of debt.
It's a piece of paper that signifies there is a debt out there.
Here's an example.
If we would have stayed on the silver system or the gold system, which some of the Arabs, even the Chinese, are now trying to move to, which is really going to mess us up, if we would have done that, Bush in five years wouldn't have been able to devalue the dollar by design by 44%.
George Bush and his globalist controllers, make no mistake, he's a puppet, wouldn't have been able to play all these games.
I mean, that is a huge tax on your wealth.
And now the new Fed chief is saying it's unlimited.
They're going to go wild.
And then the banks, by the way, are able to loan out 9, 10, sometimes 20 times per dollar you put in the bank.
They then loan out fiat currency that's just on a sheet of paper or in a computer.
And then they want you to default.
They want you to not pay the credit cards.
They want you to not pay for the mortgage.
Then they get real tangible assets.
A Ponzi scheme isn't a strong enough word.
It is a carnival, barker, grifter, shell game.
Basically, we have global loan sharks.
And what they lend, they create out of thin air.
They create it out of nothing.
They lend credit.
And to them it's credit.
To us it's debt.
And they are putting the world in debt through this false monetary system.
And it's really, to use a physics term, it's a black hole where nothing can escape.
It is designed to build to a certain point and then blow the Ponzi scheme and then everyone basically becomes sharecroppers who owe their souls to the company store.
It's that same thing of where they would pay people, sharecroppers were basically slaves that didn't know it,
Not enough to ever get out of debt.
They'd buy everything at inflated prices from a company store.
You have people for generations that are literally slaves.
Well, it's the same principle as suppose four of us sat down to play the game Monopoly.
And we all get a certain amount of money to start the game to purchase properties so we can collect rent on those properties.
Well, suppose one of those four entities playing the game could reach under the table and had an unlimited supply of these Monopoly dollars.
Ooh, that's a better analogy.
I'm going to steal that.
Yeah, you can take it.
I mean, that guy will wind up with all of the property on the board, and everybody else will be a renter or a debtor to that person.
Yeah, you and I get $100 apiece, and then he's got an 18-wheeler full of $100.
Or he's got an endless supply.
He creates it out of thin air.
You can't beat him.
And then he even loans it to us for real assets we've got.
You cannot beat that game.
And that's the game that's going on.
Every single country in the world, their central banks have a fiat currency system.
There are no countries that trade in gold and silver coins.
Well, at least at a casino, it's 60-40, 70-30, 55-45.
And, of course, that's a total scam.
But, I mean, this is a casino where there's no way to win, unless you're an insider.
You cannot win.
And they have imposed this on the entire world, and that's the way they're going to move their one world government forward, is through the currency.
I had Walter Berry on a few days ago, and I've looked at all his documents, even the former comptroller of the Air Force says it's true.
And the government investments, and this is off budget, as you know, but for the listeners...
The government investments and just cream, you know, in the black, extra money that they don't even discuss, every year is almost triple the entire GDP of the American people now.
I mean, it's just, it's off the charts la-la land.
He said now, I had him on a few years ago, it was up at 75% that they owned, and this is corporations and government merging.
Now, he says it's 83%.
In just a few more years, they're going to own everything.
And every time they issue more credit into the worldwide system, it dilutes the purchasing power of the credit instruments that are already in circulation, and that's a tax on the people, and it's a way to enslave the people.
I mean, you're a middle class guy.
Would you rather have Bush's 6% on average tax cut?
I don't know what bracket you're in, but let's say 6% for somebody in the middle income.
Would you rather, and I want you to answer this after the break, would you rather have that 6% cut, or would you rather have your dollar not be devalued by 44%?
So I want to get your answer on that when we get back, and then let's get into the Bretton Woods Agreement and how this is all set up and what you think geopolitically is going on, because we have this global agreement to not dump the dollar, but now we see a rebellion, or is it staged?
Your opinion, why are people moving away from the dollar?
Why is it in free fall, and why does Bush say that's good?
We'll be right back with Bill V.
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Welcome back.
Bill Veith, psychologist, good friend of mine, local Austinite activist, joins us.
There's been a lot of studying on the agreements that were made about how to set up the world financial system right after World War II, and then again they had meetings in the 80s, and now it seems that that old order is breaking up.
Give us your take on it historically.
Walk us through it.
First, I'll answer that question.
Would you rather have a 6% tax cut or have your dollar not be
No question I'd rather not have the dollar devalued.
I mean, you know, the history of fiat currency shows that every single one in history eventually reaches its intrinsic value, which is zero.
And there's not one exception.
And there's no reason to think that the United States dollar would be an exception to that rule.
They're debasing it.
And once it starts its plunge, it never stops.
Gold hitting $640 an ounce yesterday.
Going back down to $638, oil going above $74 a barrel crude.
Comments on that?
Well, that's not gold going up or oil going up.
That's the purchasing power of the dollar going down.
As they dilute the credit into the system, it takes more of those pieces of paper to purchase the same items.
If you look at them against each other, they're not changing in value.
The only person I heard in mainstream media to tell the truth on this was John Stossel.
Locally, on Kelby J., they air his report sometimes, and there he was admitting it.
But he was acting like it was okay then.
No, it's not okay.
No, it's not okay, and I think, again, we should not adopt the language of the globalists.
See, I make a distinction between the word value and the word purchasing power.
Values don't change.
The value of an inch doesn't change.
The value of a dollar doesn't change.
It's 371.25 grains of silver.
But the purchasing power of the fiat dollar changes minute to minute.
Second to second on the mercantile exchange.
You're right.
I agree with you.
So get into the history of some of this for people...
Starting about what year would you like me to start?
Wherever you like.
Well, you know, right from the beginning, from the adoption of the Constitution, the central bankers from Europe had always been trying to impose a central banking system of paper credit into the society.
And the founding fathers knew what that would entail, so they...
gave certain powers to Congress and said that Congress had the power to coin money.
And money was defined basically as a gold and silver coin.
And Congress was prohibited from emitting bills of credit, which is what we have now.
And so there was always this pressure right from the beginning to establish a central bank where they could impose bills of credit on us and get away from an honest monetary system.
We're good to go.
In 1933, as we know, the Roosevelt came in and basically stole the money from the people by making them turn in their gold to the central banks.
And a lot of people, when they hear this, email me and say, that's not true.
I've talked to my grandmother.
It's part of the public record.
In 1933, he got into office.
He said, turn all your gold in.
And once he got the gold overnight, he said, we're allowed to sell it to Europe.
They basically gave it to Europe.
And then overnight, they doubled the price.
And, you know, actually, most of the gold had already been turned in because people would take their gold to the central banks and get these receipts for the gold, which we call dollars, believing that those receipts, those pieces of paper, would be redeemable on demand.
And they were for 20 years.
And so as people began to realize, hey, this is pretty good.
Every time I take my paper in, I'm given gold or silver.
They would take more gold down to store.
And so once the central banks had most of the gold, then they stole it.
The U.S.
government, folks, outlawed gold, openly shipped it to Europe.
They would arrest you if you didn't turn your gold in.
Now, understand that.
And they gave you paperback.
And, you know, the Constitution says only gold and silver coin is money.
So they literally stole the money from the people.
Okay, then, but they didn't do it with silver.
Silver was still... We've always had a silver standard.
The silver dollar is the unit of account.
We've never been on a gold standard.
For a while, we were on kind of a statutory gold standard for five years between 1873 and 1878, but we went off of that.
But our standard for the monetary system is silver.
It always was, and it still is constitutionally.
So up until 1968, people could still turn in their dollars theoretically and get silver coin.
That stopped in 1968.
And then in... Want me to finish when we come back?
Yeah, we'll talk about it.
And then we can also go back and talk about Kennedy in 63 tries to issue 40-something billion in greenbacks.
He gets $4 billion out before they blow his head off.
And you can still find those $5 bills that don't say Federal Reserve.
They have a red stamp.
And it says Lincoln Greenback, which I guess would be redeemable in silver.
But they weren't about to allow that to happen.
Stay with us.
Bill Veast, our guest.
This is so important to your financial future.
You're not going to hear this anywhere else in mainstream media.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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The Trilateral Commission, founded in 1973 by Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, and others.
...is a global consortium of top economics experts who try to work in concert to bring into fruition the global economy.
And they said that they're going to have an Asian Union, an American Union, a European Union.
They're going to play those currencies off against each other and then convince the people that they need a global currency.
And they're now openly discussing this.
This year at the Davos, Switzerland conference...
We're good to go.
I think?
I think so.
We're good to go.
Going back to Bill Vieth, who's done a lot of research on this subject, local Austin activist, and of course has two doctorates in psychology.
Bill or Doctor, please continue getting into this, because you had gotten up with the gold being confiscated in 1933, and the whole War Powers Act, then accelerating up into the late 60s and the dual system they had us on, and now where we are today, and let's talk about Bretton Woods.
Okay, yeah.
Bretton Woods was a major event in our monetary history.
Toward the conclusion of the World War II, the major countries of the world got together at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, at a hotel.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Believe them, just like the people of the United States did, that those dollars would always be redeemable.
Well, it's simple.
You have the Anglo-American establishment.
Even Forbes admits the biggest owner of American companies are the British oligarchy.
And the Saxe-Coburg-Doth is the Rothschild's others.
And so they openly said, we got the big military.
You're going to do this.
And countries that didn't got invaded.
And are still getting invaded to this day.
There's a few countries that are not under the umbrella anymore.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They set up an oil exchange in London and the United States, and basically the rule was that all oil purchases in the world would be settled in dollars at those two exchanges.
And so they pegged the basic energy measurement or value to their fiat system as well?
So if, let's say, Japan wanted to buy oil, they couldn't use yen to buy the oil.
They had to use yen to buy dollars and use dollars to buy the oil.
If Namibia or Cuba or any country wanted to buy oil, they had to get United States dollars because they had to buy it at either the London or the New York oil exchange, and they would only sell it in dollars.
So we imposed...
The fiat dollar on the rest of the world, and now the entire world had to start competing for the United States dollars, and then many countries, even if they traded with each other in other commodities or resources, they only settled their accounts in United States dollars.
So literally, the dollar became the world's reserve currency, and it was in demand all over the world, so the United States could import inflation worldwide.
And then the Euro came online four and a half years ago, and since then we've seen a massive slide in the value of the dollar from the Euro being valued at its opening at 87 cents to the dollar, now being valued, depending on what day you look at it, at $1.30 above the dollar, $1.35 above the dollar.
Or my mother was just over in Italy visiting friends, and she said, yeah, she was describing how basically six Euros is $10.
Okay, well, you know, the Euro is a fiat currency also.
It's no better than the dollar, it's just newer in its lifespan.
If you look at... They haven't inflated it yet.
Right, not as much.
They actually have inflated it, just less than what we've inflated the dollar.
So in relative terms, they haven't inflated it.
So basically the same globalists are starting a new Ponzi scheme.
Exactly, exactly, because they know that every fiat currency has a lifespan.
It has a beginning and a middle and an end.
And as you look at the decline curve, as it reaches its end, the decline curve starts to go parabolic, and that's when they know they have to implement another system.
It speeds up.
It speeds up.
Where are we right now on that graph?
You can show the cameras that are in here.
Well, if you're going down, the dollar starts to decline very gradually, and then the slope gets steeper and steeper and steeper, and all of a sudden it starts to just drop off a table, and we're right where it's starting to drop off that table.
I was about to say, every indicator is, and every indices is, that it's starting to plunge.
That's called the parabolic decline, where you start to get the curve.
Instead of the straight line decline, it curves down.
I mean, this is amazing.
And these same people, as they do this to us, I talk to successful people, and I talk to millionaires who don't even understand this.
And they go, I wasn't taught that in economics.
And they just roll their eyes at you.
But some poor immigrant from China or Mexico, they know all about having a weak currency.
Well, because they've been stuck enough times with their currencies losing their value.
See, it's never happened.
Generation after generation after generation, it hasn't happened in the United States.
We've been able to impose...
The currency system for a longer period of time because it is the world's reserve.
So why is the Bretton Woods Agreement post-World War II breaking up?
I mean, I talked about it earlier, and the Tribunal Commission said that they had to basically hide the parabolic plunge that you were just talking about, and so to do that they have to give other false alternatives.
It's kind of like with Bush.
He's seen as the evil neocon, so the global media acts like, oh, but the loving liberal UN will shave you.
They give us false choices.
Is that what you see happening?
Yes, I do.
And, you know, actually, I see it as in 1971, I think we actually entered into Bretton Woods 2.
What happened in 1971 was the United States defaulted worldwide on redemption of dollars for gold.
So starting in 1971 is really the year that we started being a full-blown fiat currency.
Before that, it was still redeemable in gold internationally.
People talk about what a conservative Nixon was.
Price fixing, dozens of new federal agencies, taking us off the silver and gold standard.
Well, he wasn't a conservative.
He was a straight globalist.
He was a puppet of the globalists, as all our presidents have been since Lincoln.
But in 1971, when we went off the gold standard internationally, the United States had made agreements with OPEC to only sell oil in dollars worldwide and only at certain prices.
And so we kind of went off the gold standard, but we went on an oil standard.
And oil has been the de facto backer of the dollar since 71, and that's breaking down now.
And so militarily, the Anglo-American establishment has to dominate those oil reserves and those oil pools.
People always think, well, Saddam, you know...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And now that's why they want to go into Iran and secure some of the major oil reserves right along the Iraqi border and claim that that's a bumper zone, again, to keep the price high.
Well, and not only that, but they have to keep it where oil is only settled in dollars.
Because if it starts to be settled in euros or seashells or gold or silver, anything else but dollars, then the dollar will continue its implosion.
The Arabs are always talking about going to a gold system where you have to buy their oil and gold.
The problem is there's not that much gold out there.
Now the Chinese are coming into the gold market.
The Chai Comm government is allowing their people to buy gold, and I think that's part of one of the things that's stimulating the surge in gold prices.
Well, I'm sure it is, but you know, I think it's kind of a fallacy to say there isn't enough gold out there.
There is enough.
All you have to do is revalue the gold price.
In other words, there's not enough... Make a smaller unit worth more, which is actually how supply and demand works.
What it would do is it would bring down the false prices that we have of everything based on this inflated currency, and everything would get back into line with the real value against gold or silver.
And so there is enough gold.
And then these Keynesian economists from the British School of Economics there in London, they try to say, well, the fiat system is good because it encourages people because their money is being devalued at a moderate pace.
Now it's at lightning speed.
It encourages people to spend and keep the quote economy growing.
But we look at previous economies, our own economy, the strongest, fastest growing real value economies are the economies that aren't fiat.
Well, that's a historical and statistical fact that if you look through civilizations, that during the periods they used gold and silver coin, they prospered.
And it was when they started to debase the coinage or implement other types of fiat currency systems is when they declined.
The Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the French.
I mean, it just goes on and on.
And those are historical facts.
Those are not opinions.
So from your studying, Dr. Bell-V, when you look at it, it's pretty clear then that there isn't some global war between elites going on over who will have the preeminent currency because we know that these institutions are owned by the same individuals.
This is just a grand manipulation.
They centralize by increments.
And so, you know, they're probably going to try to collapse the entire Western world, the South America, Central America, United States, and Canada, into one currency.
They're openly calling for that, by the way.
Right, and they've kind of done that with the Euro, and they're going to try to expand that, and then they'll try to have an Asian currency.
And now if they can get us into a three-currency system and make it look like they're competing, they can play one off the other, devalue all of them or two of them against one.
And then say just what they said with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, oh, we've been having global spikes in currency value.
That's because the currencies are fighting with each other, not because they're based on a fraud measurement or value.
And then, oh, if we have one currency, if we have one system, it'll be okay.
And this fighting between currencies is not really fighting.
It's intentional manipulation so that nobody ever knows the value of their currency so they can continue to steal the wealth.
Now, they have tried to suppress gold, which a lot of experts say is valued well over $1,000 with inflation or even higher.
Do you think they've genuinely lost control?
Because we know they've been trying to buy gold from each other at reduced prices and then posting daily that reduced price globally to drive it down.
But it seems like there's a gold rush on now and they can't put the genie back in the bottle.
I think it's the beginning of the loss of control.
I don't think they've lost the control yet because as long as they can, these different central banks can print currency and impose them on an unsuspecting public and get the public to use those and buy dollar-denominated assets and other paper promises, as long as they can do that, they can continue to manipulate.
But when that game is up, when everybody says, you know, this paper, these paper promises are worthless, we're not doing this anymore, then the game's over.
So you think they're in real danger of their system gyrating out of control?
I think it's starting to go that way.
Certainly more and more people are getting informed.
The Internet's been a big help.
Shows like yours, letting the public know is a big help.
But they haven't completely lost control yet because...
All of the central banks in the world, they don't want the dollar to just collapse because they've got dollar-denominated assets.
Oh, they want to slowly cash out of theirs.
They want to get out of theirs before everybody else catches on.
So they're out of theirs.
They've taken their worthless paper and bought tangible assets and resources while the public has no idea what's going on.
They're still buying T-bills and treasury bonds.
That's why there's wild buying by the Spanish rural family of our roads and water districts and Germans buying everything up and Japanese and UAE.
Well, they're privatizing what used to be public resources.
They're privatizing them now, and these rich families are getting control of them.
Now, let me get your view on investments.
Because, I mean, obviously real estate is overvalued in most areas of the country.
But at least there's something real, tangible, real land.
It may go down for a while, but it will go back up later.
So I see them demonize real estate.
Meanwhile, they're grabbing it with both hands.
I see them demonize gold.
It's stupid.
Oh, don't buy it.
Meanwhile, they're buying it up with both hands.
I mean, do you think real estate is a good investment?
Or buy real estate once it plunges?
Well, see, I think right now the real estate prices are at an inflated bubble, so I don't know if it's a good purchase.
I think if you've already got it... See, the people that are in trouble with real estate are the ones that are leveraged too highly, and now if the prices of real estate plunge 10 or 20 or 30 percent...
I think we're good to go.
So that's not a problem.
The problem is going to be for the people that bought at inflated prices, borrowed at 100% or 95% of the debt, and now they can't make their mortgage payment two months in a row.
And the bank comes in, they lent them credit out of thin air, but they're going to get a house now, a tangible asset.
What about people who are just sitting on a bunch of cash?
Well, I started, and I put my money where my mouth is, three and a half years ago, I started buying gold and silver coins and silver bullion.
I bought a lot of silver when it was $4.88 an ounce.
Now it's $13 plus.
Well, yesterday it reached $14.66, and I tripled my investment in three and a half years.
No, I bought silver at like $5, at $6, at $7, at $8, at $10.
What I recommend people do is, you know, as they get extra cash, just go down and buy some gold and silver coins.
And I don't really recommend, some people recommend the gold numismatic coins.
I don't like paying for rarity value.
No, I like, I mean, you've got to be diversified, but I buy mainly bullion.
Bullion, and it's a good idea to do it in coinage because that can become a good medium of exchange.
If you have a 100-ounce or a 1,000-ounce bullion bar, you can sell it, but you can't really use it to buy things.
Oh, no, it's great to have them in small.
In fact, smaller than ounce coins.
Right, right, small units.
So you can use it.
Tenth of an ounce, quarter ounce.
Right, because if the economy collapses, the day could come when people say, we don't want your paper.
And you're going to have to have something to exchange with them if you want to get food to eat.
That could possibly happen.
Guns are also a good investment.
Most of my guns have doubled in value.
And ammunition, because they're going to make that harder to get.
They already are.
I want to take a few calls in the next segment and the segment after that.
I want to keep you with us with Mark Stevens.
If that's okay, you got time to do that, Doc?
And it's just amazing information.
We'll take a few calls after this break.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Bill, I know these calls will be all over the map, but that's okay, because you can speak to all of it.
I've heard you on the radio do that.
Mike in Ohio, you're on the air, then Sean, Peggy, and others.
Mike, welcome.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
I'd just like to say thank you, first off, for doing what you're doing, because you are educating a lot of people.
And I can imagine how hard it is to try to get people to understand you.
How bad and how bad of shape we really are in this country because we really are in bad shape.
Well, if you think it's bad now, we're just cruising in towards the tarmac.
Just wait until we crash.
And I'd also like to thank Charlie Sheen because he really, really helped a lot.
I was hoping that more stars would come out and
Keep the, you know, keep the wave going.
Well, I mean... Even in the public eye.
Ed Asner did, and there's a bunch of others who are just afraid to.
They're going to see what happens to Charlie.
And I wanted to bring up one point that I haven't heard you mention today, and that was last night on MSNBC on the Rita Cosby Show, they interviewed Josh Nichols, the son of Terry Nichols.
Yes, saying that there's more people involved in Oklahoma City.
Yeah, and I was just wondering what your opinion on that was.
We know their names.
They were Iraqi Republican Guard hired by the U.S.
government at least to play the part of decoys.
They were arrested and ordered released by Bill Clinton.
The federal government bombed OKC.
There's no debating it.
I spent 45 minutes on that in my film Road to Tyranny.
Bill, you want to comment on OKC?
I don't think I have any more to add.
You've done so much more research on that than I am.
I yield to you on that subject.
What about 9-11?
Do you want to comment on that?
Well, I think anybody that believes the official version has not spent one minute doing any independent research.
Yeah, so many people since Sheen went public thought he was crazy and went and looked it up.
And he's getting literally hundreds of letters and emails.
But people don't even know his address.
He's still getting it.
And his parents are getting letters.
Everybody he knows is getting letters.
And it's almost all positive.
And it's, I didn't believe you.
It's true.
I checked it out.
Oh, my God.
I'm glad to hear that.
And some of these are really prominent people.
I can't say any names, but it's waking up others.
Okay, thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Sean in New Hampshire.
Sean, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Great to be on your show again.
I wanted to let you and your listeners know that in New Hampshire, we aren't laying down to this police state.
On Saturday, 11 to 1 p.m., the Granite Staters are getting together to support our law that's coming up to not obey the Real ID Act.
You can get information on that at www.granitestateid.com.
To your author...
The Federal Reserve stopped reporting on the M3 money supply in January.
A few months ago.
Stay there, caller.
Let me finish up.
We're going to be back with the third hour in 70 seconds.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're now into the third hour.
I tell you, it just goes by quick with all the great folks we're interviewing today.
And Bill Vieth, Dr. Bill Vieth, is my guest.
Coming up in about five minutes, he'll continue to ride shotgun with us, but we'll have Mark Stevens of the No State Project joining us.
And we're also now carrying his book, Adventures in Legal Land.
It had been a few years since I had him on.
I called a caller and said, It's a conspiracy!
He won't have him on.
He'll never have.
I said, No, I like Mark.
We'll have him back on.
Thanks for reminding me, even though it was viciously.
So that's coming up.
But the caller just raised the point of...
Inflating the money supply.
The Federal Reserve since 1913 has always told us how much money they're printing in digits on a ballot sheet and also in fiat paper currency.
Now they're saying, hey, we're not going to have any reporting to you, and that's one reason that the gold's exploding.
Tell us about it.
Well, on March 20th, they stopped, as the caller said, publishing the M3 number.
And that's the number that lets us know how many fiat dollars in paper and electronic digits are in circulation in the world.
And, you know, there has been some information circulating on the Internet saying that Bernanke is...
That's the new Fed Chief.
And nothing in intelligence is really secret.
They can make the decision in a smoky back room or in some underground base or in some cabin when they're having a roundtable meeting, but we see the implementation of it.
We see the commodities across the board start exploding.
We know what that real number is because the insiders know that.
I've been saying conservatively gold will go to $1,000, but you've done the math, doctor.
You were saying $21 plus $100 per ounce?
Well, back in 1980, gold hit about $850 an ounce before they started really manipulating the gold price downward.
And $850 in 1980 dollars is equivalent to $2,150 today.
So gold would have to reach a price today of $2,150 just to be equivalent to what it reached 26 years ago.
And, again, these numbers have been looked at.
I mean, even mainstream financial publications are saying gold could hit $2,500.
I'm trying to be conservative.
You know, I told people five, six, seven, ten years ago when gold was $250 an ounce, you know, just four years ago, and I said, buy it because it's not fiat.
It may go up.
It may go down.
I think it will go up, but at least you've got something real.
Look at the stock market.
It's been down.
Now it's been back up.
People are making 4% or 5% on their money.
I mean, they made good investments, and with the Dow Jones 30 industrial average, they only keep the winners in there.
They take the losers out.
They take the losers out of the S&P.
They take the losers and winners.
I mean, it's total cookbooks.
Well, not only that, Alex, but let's say the stock market stays at 11,000 for the last four years.
It's been right around there.
If the purchasing power of the dollar has gone down over 40%, and the number 11,000 stays the same, well, the stock market value has dropped 40%.
It hasn't held its end.
It's really at the equivalent of about 6,500.
And that's what people don't understand.
Is it frustrating?
Is it frustrating?
Because, I mean, I don't feel like I'm some... I'm just a normal guy.
This isn't hard to understand.
I'm just researching, and I know so many prominent, even wealthy people who think they're a part of the elite.
They don't even understand this.
They don't understand it at all, and it is very frustrating, and...
Not at all.
You know, they don't want to put the time in it.
You know, it's kind of like, they call it cognitive dissonance.
In psychology, there's a paradigm that we call the assimilation accommodation model of information processing.
Is that rationalization?
Well, it's not exactly.
What the accommodation model is, is it says that with a lot of people, they have a mental paradigm in their mind of how something works.
The model won't accommodate the information.
Same principle.
So that's why you tell somebody facts, and they just will work any way around it.
And it's a personality problem.
Very low IQ people can do that, or people with high IQ can do it if they've got a personality problem of inflexible thinking.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Mark Stevens is going to be joining us in just one moment.
If I finish up something here with Bill Vieth, who's in the studio, and will be riding shotgun with us for the rest of the hour, we're honored to have him.
Mark Stevens' book, I read it a couple years ago, and he's got an updated version.
It's Adventures in Legal Land.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Because you're always going to have rogue criminal groups that try to set up a state, so we need to be able to set up some type of limited, even if it's a free market, voluntary state to control and restrict those folks.
And I know Mark has some views on that that I think are revolutionary and very informative.
But Bill, during the break we were talking about your family.
You told them three years ago, again, you just woke up, you've been a conservative for many years, we've helped fight gun laws and stuff here in Texas together, because we're liberal, we're pro-gun, so we're liberal under the Bush paradigm.
But, I mean, some of your family, I guess, wasn't fully believing you, but three plus years ago you convinced them to get gold and silver, and boy, I bet you've really got some converts now because their investments have more than doubled with silver.
Is it tripling or quadrupling?
Tripling since we purchased.
I did it three years ago.
Three and a half years ago, I took every piece of paper I had, whether it was a stock, a bond, or a Federal Reserve note, or a CD, and I cashed them all in, and I started purchasing gold and silver coins,
And I took physical possession and they are hidden.
They are buried under the ground somewhere.
Same here.
And I don't care what happens with the paper market.
That's right.
There's not one shekel in my house.
By the way, safety deposit boxes aren't safe.
It's hidden.
No, not at all.
What did Long John Silver know that the American people don't know?
They changed laws under the Patriot Act to immediately take what's in your box.
Sorry, go ahead.
They did that in 1933.
A member of the government would accompany people in their safe deposit box and they'd take out the gold and guns, basically.
And so, no, you've got to take physical possession.
I mean, you can't even buy a gold or a silver stock.
You've got to buy it physical and take physical possession because the way they have suppressed the prices of gold and silver and manipulated prices downward over the years is by selling paper contracts for gold and silver.
And they can sell the same contract over and over because if the silver sits in the same vault and nobody ever asks for physical possession, it's like the fractional reserve banking system.
Well, that's how the Rothschilds took control in Europe starting 300 years ago is they were just local goldsmiths.
That was the pawn dealer.
And this is a historical fact.
We're good to go.
Yeah, this has been going on for years and years, and that was the beginning of the fractional reserve banking system.
I mean, our Federal Reserve didn't invent this system.
They just looked back in history and saw what had been done in the past and repeated it.
Stay with us, Dr. Bill Veith.
Let's go to Mark Stevens, the No State Project, and we are carrying his book, Adventures in Legal Land, up on InfoWars.com right now.
It's a doozy.
Mark, thank you for spending time with us today.
Oh, thanks for having me on, Alex.
It's been about two or three years since I had you on last.
You bet.
I want to do it at least once a year, not every three years.
It's good to have you here with us.
You're hearing us have this discussion of banking systems, of fractional reserve banking, of why gold and oil and silver is exploding.
It's because they're not up.
It's just the dollar's down.
That value is still the same.
You want to comment on that?
Well, the whole problem extends from government.
If you didn't have government, then the Federal Reserve and systems and the manipulation of the monetary system, if you will, couldn't take place.
It's only because of government that you have such abuses.
You take government out of the picture, and in a voluntary society, you can have a bunch of idiots put worthless pieces of paper on the market, and people would have to be
Able to either accept it or not.
And obviously, you know, idiots like that will go out of business.
But it's because of government, and government is the base problem.
Well, I agree with you.
The problem is that they've confused all the terms.
Now of the 100 biggest economies, 40-plus of them, what, 44 of them, are corporations, and they're acting in a governmental way.
And then fake conservatives confuse people and go, oh, yeah, we agree with Mark Stevens.
We want privatization.
Hand everything over to them.
But then they just operate as governments.
Well, corporations have the same... The reason why corporations do what they're doing... They're chartered by the government.
They're chartered by government.
They have no personal accountability.
Usually, there's almost no personal liability whatsoever.
Occasionally, you'll get something where they so-called pierce the corporate veil, but they typically don't.
They work hand-in-hand with government to, of course, plunder and rape people.
I want to start... I mean, I've kind of brought us to the end here at the start.
Start with how you woke up, who you are, tell us about your book, and then I want to first get into just the insane criminality of the courts.
I mean, here's one example after you tell us about yourself for those who don't know who you are who've been hiding under a rock.
Two weeks ago, Rocky Mountain News state judge says, I don't care if this 16-year-old didn't break a law, photographing himself with a gun, because his dad's a gun collector, and then someone saw the picture.
It doesn't matter if he's allowed to have the gun in his house.
It doesn't matter if he didn't threaten anybody.
He's been in jail for two months.
I'm convicting him, keeping him in jail for years.
And the judge just says, I don't need a law anymore to put you in jail.
Or, people aren't even...
I think.
We're trying to steal people's teeth before even charges have been made.
Are those not two examples of government total criminality?
Bush saying he's above the law on torture.
Bush saying he's above the law on the NSA.
Bush saying he's above the law.
He signed a bill a month ago that hadn't even passed, a $2 billion spending bill.
I mean, we've entered twilight zone la-la land.
Go ahead.
It's the above the law mentality that led me to realize there was no state and that there is no such thing as a legitimate government ever.
Because I was researching into...
This absolute immunity that judges are supposed to have.
And what I found with cases like I quote in the book, Bowers v. Vito, and there's hundreds of these, that the government has no duty to protect anybody.
We're good to go.
I think?
And based on that information, not that I've gone into court with a lot, I know a lot of people that go in and they don't understand that the state doesn't exist, it's a fiction.
I don't take a position.
I would go in and ask a simple question such as, is there evidence of a complaining party?
Which is a standard legal question.
And not one prosecutor, judge, lawyer, cop, none of them could ever answer.
None of them would actually say yes or no to me.
Well, before we get into all these legal theories and ideas, which I agree with you on most of your stances on your research, go back to how Mark Stevens woke up.
Well, not to go into too big a case, I was in a traffic case for failure to produce identification, which that tells you right there you've got a serious problem, that you're not in a free society.
Hundreds of times, federal and state courts have ruled you don't have to ID, but still they arrest people every day for it.
Well, you have Brown v. Texas.
Brown v. Texas makes it clear, unanimous Supreme Court decision, you don't have to show police identification unless it's probable cause that you are engaged in a crime.
And that's an Austin, Texas case.
Yeah, and it's 9-0.
Go ask any legal scholar, any lead constitutional lawyer, someone who follows the Supreme Court.
How many 9-0 decisions are there from the U.S.
Supreme Court?
There's only a handful.
So they ignore it.
And so what happened was I read Brown v. I mean, I impeached all five police officers against me that testified.
The judge said you can impeach all your witnesses, they're a bunch of liars.
He still convicted me.
And I figured, well, the last thing I have is Brown vs. Texas.
And I read it, and the guy sneers down at me.
That's your interpretation.
And I was floored.
I didn't know where else to go.
So what happened was, because of that, I started looking at any situation where this guy with the robe on has discretion.
Now, discretion means, literally, he can do whatever he wants.
And it's the worst word you want to hear if you're in a court case, I think.
My opinion, anyway.
Yeah, the court's discretion.
And did you see the case two weeks ago?
I see one every day now, where they go, no one was found guilty, but you're going to jail.
How many people know the Davidians in 94 were found not guilty by the jury, but Walter E. Smith said, I'm putting you all in jail for 47 years.
He said, I find you guilty for using firearms in the commission of murder when they were found not guilty for murder.
Yeah, they were acquitted on all the charges of murder, that it was a self-defense, and yes, and it's happened here in Phoenix, and it's happened a lot of places, especially a tax case.
There's a famous case here out of Phoenix where a man sued Smitty's on his own, won a huge jury settlement, and the judge stood up and said, not in my court.
And I actually saw the order from the judge, and it said, whoa, what a tangled web we weave, when unto a letter we fail to cleave.
And even though the judge was censored by the Arizona Supreme Court, they never reversed or gave him back his jury decision.
So I want people to hear this loud and clear.
People are going to jail, and the judge says, no laws have been violated, but I'm sending you to prison.
That is dictatorship.
Well, it gets even worse than that, and I don't know how much time we have in this segment.
What I started looking at was the whole basis of government and the whole basis for the government to bring a case against you.
Even if they... Even if you...
Let's say you have drugs, and the law says you're not supposed to have drugs, or you're supposed to file a tax return, and the law says you're supposed to file a tax return.
Even if they can show that, they still don't have a case against you or have standing to complain against you in court.
And I tried to have on my show, on the No State Project, the lead attorney in the EEOC v. Lowry's The Prime Rib case, where they want to sue, or they are suing,
Lowry's, this company, who's been in business since 1938, because they won't hire male servers.
Stay there.
Mark Stevens will come back and get Bill V to ask you some questions and then just go over just how criminal it is.
Because, look, I know government always tends to go bad and is always pretty illegitimate unless it's very restrictive.
Now it's just pell-mell wildness.
And it's only going to get worse.
We've hit the point of no return.
The ideology powering the Democrats and Republicans is not liberalism or conservatism but globalism.
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Bill Deep, riding shotgun with us.
Mark Stevens, Adventures in Legal Land author.
We carry it at Infowars.com.
Just went up today.
Tell you more about the book later.
Mark, my question of this orgy of looting.
I mean, every indicator is that the government and its minions are going wild.
People don't know that in the New London case, Kelo versus New London up in Connecticut, that they're not even giving people tax value, much less best value or best price.
They're telling them, we're going to give you condemned value, a $300,000-plus house you've been paying taxes on,
Well, that's true, because people... I explain this in my seminars at length, because you're talking... If you look at the Stanford Prison Experiment, I agree with you about the prison planet.
And what I discuss is how the whole world is one big Stanford prison experiment where you've got billions of people pretending to be citizens and residents of non-existent states and countries, and you've got a few million people, a couple hundred million people, pretending to be senators and presidents and congressmen and whatnot.
And if you go to that experiment, it explains why people...
Let's say in the United States, so-called, can't get away from this theology called government... And we have a multiple doctorate psychologist here.
For those that don't know what the Stanford experiment was, tell them in a nutshell.
Let Mark tell them.
Well, I mean, obviously, I mean, in a nutshell... Yeah, Mark, you tell them.
Well, what happened was, in a nutshell, it was a psychological experiment conducted.
It was supposed to be two weeks long where they were doing a mock prison.
Half a group of young men were going to pretend to be prisoners.
The other half were going to pretend to be prison guards.
They had to stop the experiment within six days because the psychiatrist doing the experiment said that the guards were becoming sadistic.
He also had what was called de-individuation within 36 hours.
What that means, in a nutshell, is that the people pretending to be prisoners, who knew they were pretending, this is extremely critical, they knew they were pretending and lost their personal identity.
They could only identify themselves as part of the collective group of prisoners.
And that's what you have where people cannot identify themselves as other than citizens or residents of the United States or Texas or whatnot.
There was another famous case where they had them practice giving them electric shocks, but told them in a double-blind study you're actually going to kill somebody, and they would follow the orders to kill.
That was the Milgram experiment, and I have that link on my website, and I used those two experiments together to explain the nature and basis of government and the psychological basis why people cannot accept
The truth.
And what you were speaking with the doctor before the break, before I came on, about the cognitive dissonance, that it doesn't fit the paradigm.
People cannot identify.
They have a very difficult time accepting that there is no state, there is no United States, there is no such thing as a president, and there are no citizens.
And that's because of the de-individuation.
They've been pretending that they're citizens for so long, they can't
Grasp the truth that they are just Alex Jones, or they're just Mark Stevens, and the whole thing that they've been scammed their entire lives.
And these two experiments give you the psychological basis for that.
Why is it possible for George Bush and all these other people to murder 3,000 people?
Well, if you look at the Stanford Prison Experiment, within six days of controlling other men and women...
You become sadistic.
You don't see them as human beings anymore.
And that's why it's possible to do that.
That explains the whole psychological nature that it is very possible.
And by the way, it is almost unknown in history for governments not to mass murder and slaughter and go totally nuts.
It's the very nature of sickos that get into control.
Because a normal person doesn't have an appetite to continually try to exert power.
Well, I'm glad you said normal, because you're absolutely right, because government is just a gang of killers, thieves, and liars.
And another host in GCN had asked me, didn't the founding fathers at least have good intentions?
And I said, well, I don't care what their intentions are, but I would say no, because the one question you need to ask about their intentions is this.
Were the services of protection, which is the only legitimate basis of government, was to protect, which of course they don't,
Were their services provided on a voluntary basis?
Anybody who's willing to kill you in order to protect you is not normal.
And that's why government can never be legitimate, and that's why government cannot be restricted.
Well, here's an example.
In New York, guns are banned unless you pay the sheriff $30,000 on average.
You've got to pay them off.
That's public.
And then the courts have ruled the police have no duty to protect you, but we want your guns, and we're not going to protect you.
And you have to look.
And somebody needs to call someone like Schumer to the carpet and say, look, this is the law.
It's federal, state, and local.
There's no duty to protect anybody.
Now, if there's no duty to protect anybody, and we know statistically over 2 million crimes are prevented by private people every year, and not by the police, tell me why you want the guns.
It would be a very interesting response if you could get one, which you probably would not.
Because he would probably argue that they do have a duty to protect, which of course is an outright lie.
Because we have all the court cases in their own statements.
And I'm not saying there aren't some good cops who change your tire and help you and help you cross the street and that the firemen don't do a great job.
It's just that cynically at the top, it's something but a bunch of parasites and government is a mechanism, a proboscis to suck our innards.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Mark Stevens, we've got Dr. Bill V for Riding Shotgun with us.
By the way, there's links to Bill and his wife's website, BringOurTroopsHome, up on InfoWars.com.
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We're good to go.
And there's Mark battering his microphone.
Sorry, man.
Hey, that's all right.
Hey, Mark, I listen to you sometimes.
I go, man, he's mutilating his microphone again, batting it about.
I hear you doing that.
No, seriously, my friend, I hope people will get the book that's up on Infowars.com because it's excellent.
I've been promoting it for years, and people have procrastinated and not gotten it.
They really should.
Let me just... We've only got about 25 minutes left here, and later I do want to take some calls.
Folks, we'll jam a few in before this hour ends at 1-800-259-9231.
But Mark...
Dr. Veith wanted you to be able to comment on the Stanford and the other research tests they did, but then during the break he was giving me more detail on it.
Of course, I've read the studies, but it's been years, but he was describing them perfectly.
So, Dr. Veith, take a minute or two out for the listeners.
Describe what the Stanford study did and what one of the other studies did and then how that relates to this general laboratory that is our daily lives.
Okay, yeah.
It's actually been a number of years since I've read the study back when I was in graduate school, but my recollection of them is that
In one of them an authority figure would tell somebody on command to increase the stimulus of torture to a confederate of the experiment that was in the other room.
And that person actually believed he could push a button and incrementally increase the amount of
We're good to go.
And so that shows, you know, they can send our police out and our military and have them do stuff to us just based on the command when the authorities tell them to.
And they say just following orders as the Germans said.
Mark, do you want to comment on that?
Yeah, that was the Stanley Milgram experiment.
I know Stanley's better known for the six degrees of separation.
The subject was told that they are not responsible.
And that's why I always tie that together with the Stanford Prison Experiment, the obedience to authority, so-called, and the lack of personal responsibility.
Now, let's expand on that, though.
I mean, let's expand on that.
There's a reason Alberto Gonzalez and John Yoo from the White House are saying, we're going to torture children, we're going to sexually torture them.
It's the reason they say it in public, is they're trying to warp the general public to think, well, authority says they can torture kids, so if they can do that, they can do anything else they want.
Well, right.
And the reason why these people are doing that is because if you become sadistic within six days of controlling another man or woman, then what does that say for someone who's been doing it for six months, six years, or 16 years?
And yes, they are trying.
It's all mind control.
And I even say the Constitution is part of that mind control because it convinces you you're a citizen and resident of this non-existent country.
And they are able to then demonize people who are not from the United States, what they want to hurt.
Well, I've got something that dovetails with that.
If you clearly look at it,
Elite billionaires have the most rights because they're insiders.
They're a good old boy club.
Then the illegal aliens get more welfare, more tuition.
They don't have to follow the laws.
If you really study it, illegal aliens have more rights than citizens.
Being a citizen in America is really now a negative.
It means you're a fat chump to be pushed around.
I guess it means you're an easy mark.
Go ahead.
Well, the citizen, convincing someone he's a citizen, okay, and using that false theology, I call it, because, like, separation of church and church, which, you know, the state is a considered church, that enables them or conditions them to accept certain other premises, which is, I have to pay taxes, I have to do this, and I have to do that.
And by creating this, by creating citizens which don't exist, you can then create illegal aliens which don't exist.
And I have an article about that.
And I'm not saying that there are people who are not trespassers.
I don't want anyone to...
I'm in Arizona.
I understand the situation.
But by focusing the attention on a non-issue like illegal aliens gets people and their attention diverted from the fact that there's a group of men and women called government who are stealing and robbing them blind.
They're torturing them.
They're spying on them.
They're controlling them.
They're regulating them.
They're killing them.
They're lying to them.
And people are, instead of being focused on that, hey, you know, the Bush gang and, you know, gender politics, these people are stealing from me.
They're not protecting me.
Mark, are you there?
I think he was using a digital line to be connected to us.
I didn't recommend that, but people insisted.
He's on a Skype line, isn't he?
Yeah, get him back on.
Thank you.
Let me add this addendum to what we've been saying here.
The globalists are setting up a one-world government, where they set the rules, where they have the armies, where they have the courts.
And the way they've written the rules in the IMF, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization, the Ex-Im Bank, the International Bank of International Settlements, they've set it up where they follow no rules, they're above the law, and then we, the people, have absolutely no rights and are chattel slaves for our best interests.
Dr. V, do you want to comment on that?
Well, that's exactly what they've done.
I mean, we do not want to be a citizen of the international community.
We do not want to be a citizen of the United States, because a citizen has what are called civil rights, and that takes away our God-given rights.
The 14th Amendment replaced it.
See, you can argue with Mark Stevens about, was it ever legitimate?
We've got to have some type of system, I believe.
That can be debated.
But you certainly can't debate that now we have a totally illegitimate, out-of-control crime syndicate that is predatory and seizes his cattle.
And you know, the Constitution really did not put any restrictions on the people.
The Constitution spoke to the powers and the abilities and disabilities of the federal government.
It didn't make people do one thing.
It just talked to the government what they were allowed to do.
It's the same thing.
Let's say I have a get-together with my neighbors where we live, and we hire a company to come in and mow the lawn and clean the common area.
And we tell them, here's what you're allowed to do and here's what you're not allowed to do.
Yeah, I can hear Mark.
You're absolutely right.
I mean, everybody's experienced this that's had employees.
Most employees are pretty good, but always you get one who starts trying to slowly, oh, for your own good, hey, you need to do this.
And if you let them do that, especially doctors, you know, with office managers they have, the office manager ends up being over them, telling them what to do.
And that's what government, the people are supposed to be above the government.
You know, the liberals always say, we don't have God-given rights, they're civil rights.
Wait, civil's from government.
Even if you don't believe in God, which I do, you want something above man, because then that can't be changed, because you're going to have a God, whether it's government or whether it's Jesus Christ.
Well, we have Creator-given rights.
Even if you don't want to call it a God, I know that the government did not create me.
So I don't want to get my rights or my lack of rights from the government.
Well, here's another example, and we'll go back to Mark Stevens, who I'm honored to have with us.
A black man, the laws 200 years ago said he was not a human being, he had no rights, and he got out of line.
He could have his head beaten in.
Go ahead and put Mark on hold.
His line's got noise on it.
He could have his head beaten in if he tried to escape.
He could have one of his feet chopped off.
And the government said, hey, that's the law.
Well, wait a minute.
The organic, God-given right of a free human being that came out of his mother's womb from the Congress between his mother and his father, that didn't come from the state.
And that black man, I don't care what the law was, had a right to grab that axe handle out of Master's hands and beat Master's brains out all over the ground and do escape.
He is not a slave.
Mark Stevens, are you there?
I'm sorry about that.
Let's bring Mark back up.
Go ahead and comment on what we were just saying.
It's okay, Mark.
Well, this is why the nature of government is the problem, because it's not voluntary.
If normal people bring their services to the market on a voluntary basis...
And this way, if someone's paying for a service and the employee or the contractor gets abusive, you can just stop paying him and the abuse will probably stop.
When you have government where the government, by its very nature, is the slave master, there's not much you can do about it, especially when you have the fact that there's no personal accountability, there's no personal liability.
And then if the black slave or the Roman Germanic slave, whatever, tries to escape and kills a master, he's then called a terrorist.
Well, anybody who opposes the dictates of some lunatic doing business as a government or calling himself a state is always going to be viewed as an enemy.
The real enemy of the state, so-called, is the truth when you show that there is no state, there are no citizens.
And it's why I've been able to go into court and be so successful.
A lot of people who have bought my scripts have gone in and been so successful at exposing that there is never a case.
By the way, Mark, for those that don't understand what we're talking about here, can you specifically get into my analogy of the black slave?
I mean, according to this government, they would say he's a terrorist.
Then I would add, have you seen the new federally written Virginia anti-terrorism manual given to all the state employees that says land rights activists, property rights activists are terrorists?
Well, according to somebody who doesn't believe, like, if you look in my book, and you're probably familiar with Senate Resolution No.
62, that people who do business as a government or as the state believe that all property is theirs.
So when you've got somebody saying it's not, that is a threat to them, and I can see them considering them a terrorist.
Anything that threatens their so-called, well, their little system is going to be seen as a threat.
And I want people to understand this.
I mean, governments at every state level and federal level are issuing manuals, are saying protesting is terror.
Land rights protesting.
It says peaceful is terror.
Everything is terror.
Founding fathers are terrorists.
Freedom is terror.
Homeschoolers are terrorists.
I mean, they actually say it.
Dr. V, do you want to comment on that?
Well, most of what I've learned about that, actually, I've heard from listening to you.
But, yeah, I know of cases where people that try to assert their property rights or talk about the Constitution are labeled terrorists.
So you're not even supposed to bring up the Constitution anymore.
Well, we have the public manuals posted with the phone numbers on them.
I mean, they don't even hide it anymore.
I mean, Mark Stevens, that really shows how wild they've gotten, though.
I mean, they weren't doing that 50 years ago, openly saying that if you protest, you're a terrorist.
Well, no, they did that back in, you know, around World War I, where Woodrow Wilson really was the one that, was the guy who was rounding up anybody who was a so-called anarchist or protested or said anything negative about the war.
Yeah, trading with the Enemy Act, which, by the way, multiple governors, including Rhode Island and other areas, have tried to implement that very law again.
And you've mentioned on the show a number of times, if people just go to your website, you have the information, you could even do a Google search.
My gosh, what they wanted to do in Oregon, they want to set up prison camps.
I mean, concentration camps, for heaven's sake.
It's a life in prison in a forced labor camp for downloading music.
Any files violation, instant life in prison in a forced labor.
It says, forced labor forest camp.
Yeah, if that's not enough... I mean, I've spoken enough about what it is going to take for people to give up this theology called politics and the laws and orders.
The government's not there to protect you.
It never was.
And a good example of how corrupt the system was, you talk about how corrupted the courts are.
One of the questions I've used, and I've never got a responsive answer to the second question, I ask, am I presumed innocent of the alleged crime?
And they'll say, yes.
Well, am I presumed innocent...
...of every element of the alleged crime, and it won't go any further because jurisdiction's an element of the crime, and he is presumably innocent, so he's got to let me go.
And that's just as unfair today as it was in 1776.
The difference, though, which you point out all the time, is the degree of control that they were able to exercise today as opposed to 1776.
Well, yeah, that's the difference.
In the past, most men, we didn't care if 20 people came for them.
If they came for their family, they were going to fight to the death, and so government backed off.
We were men.
I mean, really, it's like Tony Montana says in Scarface, there's one thing in this world that gives orders, okay, and that's being a man and just being willing to get it on.
And it's simple, folks.
You're a lot safer when you're ready to get in a fight.
I mean, it's not even a courage thing.
It's just that's who you are, and you're willing to fight.
And I tell you, I was talking to Bill Veith.
Probably some of the things he's doing legally right now, he's putting his money where his mouth is, fighting these people.
And I can only commend him.
You know, I choose my battles.
We all have to do that.
But I wanted to bring up something else to both of you gentlemen here before we go to break and come back and take one or two final calls in the final segment if we have time.
The government had mentally radiated tens of thousands of American children, killing them.
Black men, Syphilis, Tuskegee, sterilizing 400 and something thousand women.
The ringworm children I used, you know, these popular examples, public, you know, radiating 110,000 Jewish children, the Israeli government for the U.S.
government did.
They do these as tests to test their own minions.
Well, yes.
Well, you know, they're experts at mind control.
They understand a lot of these experiments that these universities have done over the years have been funded by the globalists who want to figure out better ways to mind control the people because mind control has to precede behavioral control.
So they hire the best in the world to conduct these experiments and
You know, even TV puts you in a trance state.
When you go to the movies and they darken the theater and they take out all the external distractions and they focus on the big screen, you're in a trance state.
And when they get you in that kind of a trance state, you are susceptible to suggestions.
You've got a specific degree in that.
I've got a Ph.D.
in psychology and a doctoral degree in clinical hypnotherapy.
Even though I don't use clinical hypnotherapy in my practice right now, I've studied a lot about trance states.
I want to have you in for a full hour sometime on that.
I'd be glad to do that.
I think he's right.
Mark, comments?
I would also say that, and I've said this a number of times, you don't necessarily have to be in a trance state to have the images shown.
I always talk about your map of the world.
I know that's not original to me, and we all have our own individual maps of the world, but you could just have Fox News on in the house, and it's going to pass through your conscious mind.
It's going to go right past and become a part of your map of the world.
That's why it's called programming.
But I agree, yeah, it puts you in a more susceptible state, especially as far as... Well, there's a fact with the flicker rate.
I mean, the flicker rate, all of it.
I'm sorry?
The flicker rate of the television.
Well, yeah.
You don't even have to be watching it.
You can just be on in the background where the sound of it is going.
I'm just saying it's more effective with the flickering, though.
Well, they have multiple techniques, and I mean, we're under barrage from all of them all the time, and most of the time we're not even aware of it.
But if you're constantly conscious of that and have your own map that you've laid out, I mean, to me, now when I see propaganda, it just irritates me.
It's noise now.
It's dissonance, yeah.
Well, yeah, and you could get so and on at proclaiming to be, once you understand the truth of what's going on, there are no citizens, nations, and countries, and you see someone on TV saying, I'm the president, you know he's lying through his teeth.
It's just like the whole war on terror.
The only thing I need to show that the war on terror is a complete fraud is to show there's no duty to protect anybody.
So when this nutcase gets on the TV and says my most solemn obligation is to protect the American people, no, it's not.
And Jim Jones said he made everybody drill drinking the Kool-Aid for their safety.
Get a clue.
Final segment with Dr. Bill Beath and, of course, Mark Stevens.
Stay there.
And we'll see if we can hand a few quick calls in, quick questions.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
We're talking about propaganda, and you can't deny it.
When you watch TV, you watch the news, white males are always shown as bumbling idiots.
But they'll do more than that, because they know that's the middle class, that's where some of the money, some of the old power is.
Really powerful white males are attacking their rivals that run things.
And Dr. Peeples is saying that I concur with that, and I totally do.
And then also they'll show in the dramas and sitcoms the dumb male gets all the women, but then in reality the male who tries to emulate that doesn't get any women.
He thinks he's not acting dumb enough, and I see all this conditioning.
So I've got to have you back about mind control itself, doctor.
Okay, I'd be glad to do that.
Thank you.
Because it's everywhere.
I mean, we're social creatures, and so they manipulate us through basically dog training.
That's why we have dogs in our homes.
We're very similar psychologically to them at base level.
Mark Stevens, let's jam a few final calls in here.
Peggy in Pennsylvania, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Peggy.
Hi, Alex.
I'm an attorney originally from Ohio, and I can testify that what you say about mind control being everywhere is absolutely true.
I've been harassed in Cincinnati pretty bad.
We moved about four years ago and we've moved three times trying to get away from the harassment.
It consists of, when I was in law school, I didn't realize this until later because like the doctor said about cognitive dissonance, I came from a sort of conservative and extremely naive point of view and I didn't fit in with the people in the law school and the general
I'm the general tenor of the legal community in Cincinnati.
Sure, so what happened?
Well, they basically barred me from getting a job in real estate.
Oh yes, a good old boy network.
Not only that, but after I got a job for $20,000 a year as basically a paralegal, they started to ransom me in the recorder's office.
I was assaulted frequently.
They didn't like how I was responding to it because I was trying to do it the normal way and go to the prosecutor and so on.
They instituted a series of three legal prosecutions against me in which I was found not guilty.
Mark Stevens, we're almost out of time.
Comments to what she's talking about?
I'm not familiar with something like that.
Well, it got to the point where we left town in 2002 and we've been trying to get away from this.
I've been trying to get somebody to help me and they all...
They basically track me through the local police.
I can't do anything or try to reach anybody that can help me.
Well, a lot of it is.
A lot of this predatory system, if you act afraid or you act concerned, they dominantly come in.
If you act like you're in command, and a lot of us just do this organically, you are in command.
I appreciate your call.
Mark, isn't a lot of this that's gotten so criminal now that just stomping around like you're the ogre makes a lot of these people leave you alone?
It can help in some situations, and some it's going, depending on the individual, it might actually embolden them.
And, you know, I don't believe in being a martyr to, you know, it seems like I'm a traffic stop.
But, you know, depending on the individual, yeah, it could be very effective.
Well, I mean, by that, I've noticed as soon as someone is wrongly subservient, they psychologically see it as their role to dominate.
And then if you are confident, but really confident, that telegraphs, then it's their role to be subservient.
Dr. Aviv, you're a psychologist.
Do you agree with that statement?
I agree with it totally.
I sure do.
I mean, that's my experience.
It's a good observation.
In my experience, what happens when I go into court and I use an unsigned plea of guilty to disarm them psychologically, or I'll go into a tax meeting and say, we're prepared to pay, we'd just like to see the facts.
That puts them in a pretty dominant role, and they feel that they're going to get what they want.
I ask a couple of questions.
Absolutely cuts them off at the knee.
I'm not trying to force them to see things my way, but they now, once I ask the questions, the wheels start turning, and then they start to realize, I don't have a case here, and they typically back down.
Mark Stevens, it's clear I'm going to have to get you back up for longer in the near future, author of Adventures in Legal Land, and I hope folks will go to Infowars.com and get the book.
Thanks for joining us, Mark.
Well, thanks for having me on, Alex.
You bet.
We'll talk to you soon.
And Dr. Bill Veith, this has been great.
Thank you for having me on.
I've really enjoyed it.
Will you come back in with us?
You bet.
I'll be glad to, Alex.
It was great having you.
I loved it.
Thank you.
We ought to do a whole show on mind control.
I had a great DVD here that had a lot of facts, and it was expropriated by somebody that watched it at home, and it hasn't come back to the office yet.
But I want to play some clips of that, too, on air.
So we'll have you back real soon.
We've been honored to have you.
Thank you.
You bet.
Folks, we'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.