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Air Date: April 18, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Big news on the war front with Iran.
Gold exploding to over $614 an ounce from its 25-year high the day before at $606 plus an ounce.
Crude oil, $72 plus a barrel.
Silver, having even bigger gains than crude oil and gold bullion.
We're going to get into that and a lot more today, my friends.
Iran is ready for a showdown with U.S.
former president, says, and he's been one of the moderates.
The big head of, quote, all intelligence, John Negroponte, the father of the Latin American death squads, says, we'll arrest whoever we want.
And hold them indefinitely as long as the war on terror continues.
That should make us all feel very, very safe.
We've also got some of the polls coming out.
Bush now with a 27 point approval rating.
Congress with a 22 to 24 percent approval rating, depending on what poll you look at.
Their entire agenda is outraging the American people.
The population is seeing through the propaganda like never before.
I also have a little Sky News piece I want to play and analyze coming up in the next segment concerning China and how they're oppressing and suppressing their population, how they're taking people's property that they own to give it to developers and to foreign and Chinese corporations.
And there's video up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com that obviously you can't see here on the radio.
I would hope to talk with you, the listeners, today about what's happening with the economy.
What's happening with the war, the attack on Iran looming, the approval ratings, all of this is tied together.
All these different top generals and other military officers going public and speaking out against the war and speaking out against the willful attempt to expand the war.
I was listening to USA Radio Network propaganda news that's even carried some on this network because some stations request news, so we give it to you.
And they had some analysts on going, this is a very dangerous trend, very anti-American to have generals criticizing the president.
We have a long history of civilians controlling the military, and this is a very dangerous direction the military is going in.
There's nothing more patriotic than former military officers going out and speaking up and giving their views politically.
I mean, look at MacArthur.
Look at what former General George Washington did in becoming president for two terms.
What Bush is doing, getting rid of Posse Comentatus, trying to use the military on the streets of America...
That's what's dangerous.
But see, that's how they spin it.
Oh, having the military speak out on politics.
Why, that's un-American.
No, once you're out of the military, or even while you're there, if you believe something is treasonous or unconstitutional, your oath is to speak up.
Your oath is to say no.
That's in the Uniform Rules booklet that they give officers.
So it just shows how they'll spin anything.
These generals do something incredibly patriotic.
And in editorials on the radio, I've read it and heard it.
I guarantee you that means it's on TV, too.
Part of the White House talking points.
Hey, we don't want the military involved in America.
Hey, that's a police state.
Spinning that out of generals speaking up.
All right, it's all coming up.
You don't want to miss it.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up later in this hour, I'm going to air a five-minute clip from 60 Minutes so we can critique it and comment on it.
When they interviewed General Zini, one of many, many generals that have gone public, saying that Rumsfeld should resign at the war is a total fiasco, a disaster, a debacle, a shame.
And then we're also going to be playing a clip here in a few minutes from Sky News over in England, which just so happens to be owned by Rupert Murdoch, that traffics in its own brand of propaganda inside of China.
But still, it's an excellent report, so we'll be playing that.
There have been some new big developments on the Iran conflict, that whole crisis.
Ongoing war and preemptive strikes looming.
We'll also get into what's happening with the economy with gold.
Bullion prices over $614 an ounce going up, I guess now an average of $10 a day.
Silver exploding crude oil surging over $70 a barrel on Monday and now tracking today at over $72 a barrel crude oil per barrel.
And we'll take your phone calls on any issue, any item, any topic, any question, any comment you have.
1-800-259-9231 There have been some new developments concerning Charlie Sheen.
And we've written an article at Infowars.com concerning this and another at PrisonPlanet.com and we'll get into more of that later as well.
Now, right now I want to go ahead and play the audio from just a five minute segment from Sky Television.
This is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
There is even a prominent New York Times writer and researcher who has been in jail for over a year in China just for research, and they're saying they're not going to release him.
You don't hear a word from the Bush administration.
Can you imagine if Gaddafi grabbed an American?
Or can you imagine what would happen if Saddam had grabbed an American?
Or if anybody else had?
But when China does it, hey, no problem.
And China, the government of China, advertises in prestigious medical journals.
They advertise on TV.
Even major New York papers report that every day, this is how big the business is, dozens and dozens and dozens of people land in New York because they have some of the best organ transplantation doctors there.
So people can go directly into the hospital after their 20-something hour flight from Beijing, China to be cared for to make sure they don't have organ rejection there in New York.
And there's been articles, Associated Press reports,
A major Japanese reports as well about how the majority of our wealthy Japanese get their organs from China.
And the majority of the political dissidents that are killed, or the people that are executed, are political dissidents.
So China openly advertises they sell organs, and the State Department comes out a year ago and attacks myself, attacks Jeff French, attacks a bunch of other people, and says, oh, the evil conspiracies on the web, they claim China sells organs.
They claim China sells organs.
But we have the Times of London.
We have the official Chinese government People's Daily.
I mean, it's like claiming Alex Jones claims that the sun comes up in the morning.
Ha ha ha!
How ridiculous!
And then, of course, the State Department had to retract that because it was found that they had an entire section on the State Department from years ago about how bad China is selling political dissonance organs.
So our media, our government, is very complicit with China.
And in the last year, every couple of weeks, we see new reports, but they're presented as if they're reporting on the price of timber or something.
It's just calmly reported that, oh, in this southern province or in that province, Chinese troops or Chinese police moved in and opened fire with riot shotguns on 20,000 farmers, killing 50,000.
I mean, you can go read the headlines.
Now, back in the late 80s with Tiananmen Square, it was, oh, how horrible, oh, this is terrible.
Now it's, hmm, China brought order to things.
I remember reading articles where they actually are being positive about China.
And then I remember that I have footage of Marines training to kill political dissidents.
We have Virginia Anti-Terror Training Manual that says that property rights activists are terrorists.
We have that from other federal manuals.
We have it posted on the site.
It's in the mainstream news.
We have the New London, Connecticut ruling where they say if a private group wants your land and can lobby the city to take your land, just compensation is not even needed.
In New London, then the local papers, never the national papers.
We tried to expose that.
In New London, in one case the house was valued at over $300,000, a three-story Victorian home built over 100 years ago with two generations of a family living in it.
Excuse me, three.
The man's children, himself the software engineer, and then his folks living on the upper floors.
Beautiful home.
We had them on.
We showed photographs.
And they told them five years ago when they ruled they were going to take the property, listen, we'll give you tax roll value of $316,000.
Not best price or not market because you could obviously get more for it.
Especially because they wanted to build a pharmacological plant there.
Big Pharma.
I mean, that's how free market works.
No, I'm not going to sell until you offer enough.
And they said, okay, if you don't sell, we're going to charge you back taxes and lawyer's fees.
Now, this is the government who's the aggressor.
I mean, even in England, it's the aggressor who, if they lose the case, has to pay.
This is the opposite.
The aggressor says, we're going to make you pay.
And when they, five years ago, when they refused to sell the house, this is one example.
I've gone into hundreds there.
Over 300 families, 300 homes, just in this one area.
They told them, we're going to go ahead and condemn your house outright then.
Now we'll only give you $60,000.
But then after they lost the case at the Supreme Court, they said, now you owe us like $200,000 plus.
I forget the exact number.
And so you owe us money even after we take it and bulldoze it.
So there's the penalty for standing up for your land.
This is exactly what's happening in China.
And this is coming to America.
Go ahead and roll the Sky News piece.
If you're Chinese and want to complain about your government, this is where you come.
If you're brave enough.
The National Petitions Office is ringed by plainclothes police and coming here isn't encouraged.
Foreign journalists aren't welcome either.
It's all part of China's media control machine that would have you believe all is calm and stable here.
What's going on?
Don't be fooled.
Below the surface, China is seething with discontent.
This is a slum of the downtrodden, where victims of injustice come to live while petitioning the government.
We arrived unannounced but within seconds were being mobbed by people desperate for our attention.
They showed us photographs and held up banners with stories of corruption, police brutality and sons killed in detention.
Counting in determined their voices were heard.
One of the women pleaded with us to film her, saying she'd been beaten by police.
These are very rare pictures in China.
This kind of discontent is seldom filmed.
We couldn't say long.
They said the police were coming.
But in just four minutes, we'd attracted a growing crowd.
Before leaving, our camera was drawn to a man bearing the burn scars of a past protest.
His banner read, Human rights are more important than living.
But this is what's causing the greatest anger.
Homes and land being seized by the government and sold to developers to build on.
These are some of the victims.
They've spent all winter living in tents in temperatures well below freezing after their own governments demolished their homes to develop the land.
We wanted to record their story.
The police had been ticked off we were coming.
And were determined to stop us filming.
So we went back at night.
This small tent is all Wan Baolong and his wife have left to live in.
He told me how the government evicted him by force, so he set up camp where his house once stood.
All he wants is enough compensation to buy a new home.
It takes courage in China to talk to foreign journalists and criticize your own government like this.
No way.
No way.
There's nothing we can do.
We went to the Chinese media, but they're too scared to report it.
The government won't listen.
They just bully the ordinary people.
They're eating our flesh and drinking our blood.
They're picking our bones clean.
Wang Shui Yi is another demolition victim.
This is all that's left of the home she'd lived in since childhood.
She's put up her tent where her living room was.
In it she's made a shrine to her late husband.
He died after they were given their eviction notice.
She claims officials hounded him to his death.
They're stealing our homes.
It's theft.
Just theft.
The poor have no human rights, no way of surviving.
We've been everywhere for help.
This is the flip side to China's economic miracle.
In the country's massive property boom, government officials and developers are making untold billions, seizing people's land to build on.
Back it up 20 seconds, 30 seconds.
When we come back, we'll play the rest.
There's video of them shooting the farmers.
Blasting them, beating their heads in with shovels.
And I've got video of the Marines trying to do it right here.
America, you're going to get a taste of it real soon.
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This is what government does.
With the private interests that control it.
Let's go ahead and play the rest of this piece.
This is the flip side to China's economic miracle.
In the country's massive property boom, government officials and developers are making untold billions, seizing people's land to build on.
It's a land grab on an unprecedented scale, and the full force of the state is being used to crush any protest.
It looks like a medieval battle, but this is protest control in 21st century China.
An army of hired thugs move in on villagers to seize their land.
They're armed with guns and stun grenades that meet fierce resistance, as villagers fight back with farm tools in a pitch battle last year that claimed six lives.
These kinds of crashes are hardly ever filmed, but they're happening more and more often.
Apart from the violence, the pictures are striking because they're taken by the protesters themselves.
More and more people are filming what's happening to them.
Here, neighbours secretly record the moment police drag an old man from his home.
Then his ill wife is hauled away, still in her sick bed.
Minutes later, demolition teams move in to tear down their house for development.
These poignant pictures are of a man wracked with grief in the minutes after his house is demolished.
He argues with police in impotent fury, before claiming what's left of his home, sitting on its rubble, consoling his grandson.
We can only catch glimpses, but in booming China, there's an unequal struggle raging between the poor and the powerful that the government would prefer the world didn't see.
Dominic Waghorn, Sky News, Beijing.
Well, Dominic Waghorn has amazing courage.
I'm going to attempt to get him on as a guest in the next few weeks, though I'm told he's out of country right now.
But think about the courage of those Chinese villagers.
Charging men with machine guns and being gunned down and they continue to battle them.
What they didn't tell you in that piece is, over and over again, almost every case we've seen, the villagers are winning.
Thousands of police, thousands of hired thugs going up against tens of thousands of people with farm tools, literally with pitchforks and hoes and shovels, hand-to-hand combat against machine guns.
They're more American than every American alive today, I'm here to tell you.
They are more like our founding fathers than we are today.
We are fat, we are decadent, we are spoiled, and we're going to get raped.
The whole setup for this police state has nothing to do with fighting LCIADA.
It's about taking pension funds, taking private property, and destroying the middle class, and that's the stated goal of the New World Order.
The New World Order loves China because they literally feed on their own population, as that man said who had his little house bulldozed, sitting there with his grandson.
They eat our flesh, they drink our blood.
Literally, they are predators.
The elite are predators.
Literally feeding on us.
So those cheap goods we all buy from China, don't really have a choice now, are cheap because they have over 700 plus slave camps alone that supply Walmart.
You know what public school is in China?
For a large part of the children, it is half a day in a factory, half a day at school.
From the age of six years of age.
They take them from the home.
The children live in government communes, government high-rises.
Right next to the factories.
This is slavery.
This is slavery that dwarfs black slavery in this country.
There are a billion and a half people now in China.
And I'm so sick of all the Forbes magazine articles praising China, CNN, all of it, covering this up.
I salute the Chinese peasants.
They've got more courage than I've got for not talking, for not putting up with it.
And they're winning.
They'll win and drive off the thousands and tens of thousands come and then the troops start doing door-to-door arrests.
They make the families go inside.
They come out, they machine gun them, they make them starve to death.
You can find the photos online.
I'd hold dead families, little rotten, dead toddlers on the streets.
That's who the New World Order loves.
That's their model country.
That government may be their model, but their people are my model.
More American than any American today.
Universally, their farmers revolt.
They're going to take that government down.
You watch.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Welcome back.
Your calls are coming up in a lot of other news.
But just finishing up my statements on China.
We haven't given enough attention at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and on this radio broadcast to the valiant stand of the Chinese people against their parasitic, larcenous, predatory, shark-like, degenerate government that our government and the global government is in an absolute lip-lock love-fest with.
But I have witnessed and I have seen video, and we've aired video, of our own military training the Army, the Marines, to go after, quote, land rights activists.
They hire role players to play the part of Americans who won't give up their land, who the troops then mow down.
This has been going on for eight years that I know.
Quiet training.
And they say it's for America.
And now, from Arizona to Virginia, we have the federally written state-issued to all state employees training manuals and terrorism advisories where it says protesters, land rights activists, are terrorists.
Arrest them immediately.
I have, what, that law enforcement publication out of Dallas a few years ago, and it said, Police, if you see a car with a Get Us Out of the U.N.
sticker, I've seen hundreds of those in Austin, go ahead and arrest them.
And police chiefs, don't be mad at your officers for going ahead and bringing them in, because they may be a terrorist.
Your government's gone totally rogue.
It's gone totally criminal, as the Founding Fathers warned us it would if we weren't eternally vigilant.
In California, they make the children in the public schools during lockdowns for no reason use the restroom in buckets in the class.
They try to take the gold out of prisoners' teeth before they're even charged with acid, fibrous, or seizure.
The government engages in chemical and biological and radiological testing on the American people and pays other governments to do it.
Trillions are missing from the Pentagon.
There's war profiteering going on everywhere.
Criminality by government is rampant.
And then every once in a while they'll burn some congressman who gets caught red-handed stealing $800 million.
And then that leaves the headlines.
Or a governor who does some little petty thing, supposedly, but does other good work is burned, in the case of Illinois.
Oh, the corrupt will go after a few of their own people for petty issues they haven't even committed, in many cases.
But the real corruption rolls forward.
No, we're not going to talk about Aruba and the new arrest.
We're not going to talk about the two Duke players being charged with a rape and the grand jury handing down an indictment.
All of that is diversions and distractions.
One Chinese city has 24 mobile execution vans that drive around 24 hours a day.
I guess they've got a van for every hour of the day, according to the People's Daily.
The Chinese government brags about this.
No judge, no jury.
They just take you out, and there's all this video and photos of them.
They're choking young women and men as they take them out of the van.
They gut them right there in the van, put the organs on dry ice and fly it out, or put them in Americans and Japanese and rich Chinese and rich Europeans, filling the hospitals, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per procedure.
The money goes to Chinese generals and Communist Party members.
It makes 1984 look tame.
This is the new America.
This is the new world order.
This is what they want to bring here.
I've heard neocons on the radio for a decade going, we need prisoners' organs.
Why aren't we keeping them?
And if they're already trying to take prisoners' gold teeth before they're even indicted, before they're even charged, I mean, what's next?
As one defense lawyer said, at least in Nazi Germany, they waited until you were dead.
The government has gone rogue, it's gone predator.
There's no debating it.
And I commend, my heart goes out to, I feel like I am a brother.
I feel a kindred bond, a kindred spirit with the revolting, rioting, unarmed Chinese people who will go head up against tanks
I don't think it's good that some of them, and it shows one of the survivors, will douse themselves in gasoline and burn themselves.
Every week I see a report of it in front of different government buildings.
That's desperation.
That's pain.
Does it have to get that bad here before we're willing to stand up
I mean, I think about the Austin politicians themselves, openly being paid off by the toll road company that's foreign-owned, openly engaging in every form of scam you can imagine.
I mean, I just think locally about how sick it is to be ruled over by crooks, by giggling, smirking criminals in $3,000 suits.
Oh, they have short hair.
They have gold cufflinks.
They drive a Mercedes.
They must be nice.
I think about the smirking police whose children and grandchildren's futures are gone, who don't even love their own families, who don't even have enough common sense to speak out and stand up against the wholesale butchering of this country.
I'm angry.
I'm angry.
Because the level of corruption and criminality gone to seed is so wild right now.
There is a wild-eyed looting going on.
Just insane stealing, criminal activity everywhere by a pack of crooks that have seized our media, the propaganda arms, the PR firms.
I mean, take San Antonio, Texas.
We have confirmed that five elementary and middle schools have full-time U.S.
Army, U.S.
Air Force MPs at them.
In the classes, in the schools, when a child's called to the office, U.S.
military takes them.
We did a report on this.
We have video of it.
Takes them, what, last year?
Now I just got a confirmed report from one of our sources.
It's even worse.
He's getting more video.
Has more video is sending it to me.
And the troops are out on the street.
They walk the kids across the crosswalk, train the kids.
The military keeps them safe.
And we call the local news and they go, we're not going to report on that.
No, no, that's not newsworthy.
See, that's how they get rid of posse comitatus, some nice little cute stuff.
Oh, the military guards the public schools.
They take the kids to the office.
I call the principal up and she goes, well, they're here to discipline the youth.
I remember in 1998, in the Pensacola News Journal, we have it posted on Infowars.com in the archives.
Marines take over school, and it says they pointed guns at them and told them, quote, Bill Clinton wants you to know what martial law is like.
And I've seen hundreds and hundreds of separate cases that's just the same or worse.
It's all a giant brainwashing camp.
It's like the body snatchers where it's going on all around you and people don't notice it or don't know what's happening.
It's so evil.
It's so systematic.
It's so crafted.
It's so classic.
It's high-tech classic tyranny with a high-tech overlay.
And it's going on everywhere.
I'm going to take some calls, but I want to tell the young people something.
Don't you dare ever smoke marijuana.
Don't you dare ever take ecstasy.
Don't you dare ever take LSD.
Don't you dare ever inject heroin.
And in the classical sense, that'll cause young people to go out and do it.
Because the media's posted as it's cool, it's neat, only cool folks do it.
Oh, it's cutting edge, it's radical, it's forbidden.
No, it's not.
The very same big pharma companies that are tied in with the prison, military, industrial complex are the very ones documented to be shipping in the majority of the narcotics.
And then when you use it, it's designed to get you into the system.
And those very same companies push Prozac and Ritalin and all the other serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
They're pushing legal drugs with one hand and pushing them with the other.
The illegal ones.
There's nothing cool about it.
You let these devils into your life when you use it.
Don't ever use their dirty drugs.
Don't ever touch their dirty drugs.
Have nothing to do with their dirty drugs and their dirty cigarettes and the rest of it.
There's nothing cool about it.
Get the adrenaline rush you'll get from climbing a mountain.
Get the adrenaline rush you'll get from making a touchdown.
Get the adrenaline rush you'll get from opening your own business when you're 15 and when you graduate when you're 17 and you don't have $50,000 in the bank.
Get the adrenaline rush from getting married and having a strong family and being successful.
I'm high as a kite and I'm on absolutely nothing but a cup of coffee every morning and I'm phasing that out.
Don't let these crooks sell you their drugs and then have their other crooks put you in jail.
Don't use their filth!
Now, you talk to young people and you tell them what the drug war really is, and you explain to them that it's a spider's web wanting to capture you, and you describe to them what prison's going to be like, and you explain to them they're probably going to end up in prison if they were as straight-laced as John the Baptist.
This whole system is designed to put everybody in prison.
You explain to them they're going to be very blessed and they better work very hard just to end up being somewhat successful in the new third world climate.
And they won't use those filthy drugs.
If you're at some party when you're 15 and the cool kids are out back smoking marijuana which then leads to other drugs alcohol is even worse by the way
Don't do it.
Because they're going to get you into their system.
It's a spider's web.
Truly be rebellious and rebel against their culture of death.
Truly be rebellious.
Tune into real, honest-to-goodness, healthy resistance.
And be straight-laced and be strong.
And you will be admired for not using the drugs.
Hollywood tells our young men, act like fools.
Don't be serious.
Act like a monkey.
Have your pants hanging down around your ankles.
You'll get the girls, and you don't get the girls.
We are mammals.
We are pack creatures, pack animals, and we follow what we think the leaders are, and they hold up false idols, false leaders, false precepts, and they rape your mind.
Don't make the mistake that I and others made, and I never got too deep into anything, thank God.
But don't let these criminals that have set up this web, this trap, for you win.
Beat them.
As the French say, the best revenge is living well.
You want to be rebellious, you fight the New World Order.
You want to be rebellious, you don't use their filthy drugs, any of them.
It makes them so angry when you don't use their drugs so their dumb goons can't pull you over and take you to jail.
Take that away from them!
Take everything away from them!
That's why they hate the homeschoolers that have drills all over the country saying they're terrorists and terrorizing public school children, brainwashing them that homeschoolers are bad because the corporations are fighting for the homeschoolers.
They get the full tuition paid, the full scholarships, paid scholarships with money on top of their scholarship for their business.
They end up having higher IQs.
They end up making more money in the private sector.
They don't end up on drugs.
They don't end up mutilating their bodies.
That's why they hate it.
But they'll still take the brains that are developed by it to serve in their system, those that survive and make it through it.
Don't be part of their system.
Don't hurt yourself.
They're afraid of your intellect.
They're afraid of the potential you've got.
They're threatened by the middle class.
They're threatened by ingenuity.
They're threatened by your free market dynamism.
They're threatened by you.
Unleash your power.
Unleash your focus.
Get informed.
Be a leader.
The knowledge of the New World Order just in business with your investments
And your savings will make you wealthy.
Being informed is power.
Information is power.
They don't want you to have that power.
Who's up first here?
Laura in Missouri.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'm in the mom's club, and...
I sent an email out to all the moms and everybody in my church of your website.
And the mom that's the head of the Moms Club has said that we don't talk about political issues.
Well, that's right.
Americans aren't supposed to do that.
You're meant to shut up.
This is the new Soviet America.
But I'm going to keep on.
I'm not going to.
Yeah, well, you need to respond to her and say, hey, this is America.
The problem in America is we aren't involved in politics.
We don't get involved.
Mothers are supposed to be involved politically to keep their children safe.
That's a parent's job!
I know, Alex.
It's really sad and upset with me.
You know, because what happens to all the other kids that are, you know, are in other countries and nobody really, really looks at the facts.
They just...
Watch the media and they believe what they see on TV and it really saddens me.
Well, why don't you tell those mamas their dollar's been devalued by 45%?
Why don't you tell those mamas their babies are taking deadly vaccines?
Why don't you tell those mamas that if they love their children they'll stop being a bunch of scum?
I also have something else to tell you, Alex.
Over in Ohio there was a sheriff that was
Picking up these Mexicans just to give them a ride.
And they shot him because they didn't understand what he was saying.
Yeah, I saw that.
Twenty-plus percent of our prison population is illegal alien, even though they're only about 8% of the population.
And most of the drunk driving, most of the crashes, all of it, it's just despicable.
But the cops love it.
The cops love getting killed at the border and love loving the government.
They just love it.
Good to hear from you.
Believe me, I know the deep ignorance.
In America today, it's honored to be dumb.
It's honored to be stupid.
It's honored to not be involved.
It's honored to be run over and not know anything political or economic.
It's good to be a complete idiot.
That's why we're becoming slaves.
They dumbed us down.
Now the chains are going on.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks,
With the roots and history of its orchestrators, Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Welcome back.
Tim, Cliff, Israel, David, others, your calls are coming up.
We've got Walter Burian talking about the giant double set of books that every government has.
Water districts, school districts, county government, city government, state government, federal government.
Tens of thousands of these books.
And the giant slush funds, the biggest secret, you're going to learn about it in the third hour with Walter Burien who first broke this over a decade ago.
Now it's become bigger news.
That's coming up.
We're going to play a clip of General Zini in the middle of the next hour where I get into all these generals that are going public.
And we will continue with your phone calls, a lot of news on the economy, Iran, Bush corruption, you name it, it's all coming up.
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It's time to give people videos.
Let's talk to Tim in Texas.
Tim, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, it's Jim.
Okay, Jim, go ahead.
Hey, uh... What was that?
The illegal Mexican riot at the state capitol here in Austin a week or two ago.
And the newspapers reported 10,000 to 12,000, but they declared that there was 500,000 in Dallas.
Half a million in L.A., half a million in Chicago, etc.
And, of course, I took the liberty of wading into that mob and borrowing their microphone for a few minutes, which didn't last long.
But I noticed the race had a 20-foot banner in their trademark red and black, which declared that violent revolution is inevitable.
Now, I took that...
I took exception to that banner.
I have seen those banners and photographs.
I should have been there, but I was out of town.
And, you know, that's the thing.
Most Americans who happen to be Hispanic are against this, but you've got these 20-plus million illegal aliens here.
It's really 30 million, but let's be conservative.
Mostly peaceful, yet still illegal.
Yes, but at the same time, the leaders of this are, we are the race, we are the master race, and you're going to die, boy.
They are the race.
That's right.
I thought that God made us all equal.
I mean, we held those truths to be self-evident.
Other than the blacks and the American Indians, even our founding fathers believed in that.
Stay there.
Stay there, sir.
I'll let you finish up.
No, I fully understand.
But listen, plant a San Diego to kill all white males 16 and older.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up in the next hour, we'll be talking about how every government agency, state, local, federal, runs giant secret slush funds called Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, or those are the reports on the funds.
Can verify this instantly.
We'll be covering it in the third hour.
Very important.
Stay with us.
We're going to have open phones this hour.
We're going to do new Iran developments.
The ongoing explosion in gold and crude oil prices.
Some interesting police state news.
More on these generals going public.
And we've got a clip of General Zini we'll be playing.
It's all coming up.
But Jim in Texas went to one of the many illegal alien rallies.
And I'm a little frustrated because I can write a little article about something that isn't even that important and it gets picked up everywhere.
But then I put together an article talking about, off their own admissions, that Bush's main PR firm, Vicente Fox's main PR firm, based out of Dallas, was hired by Fox in December to stage these demonstrations, to stage the media events, to literally mobilize 20 plus million illegal aliens, it isn't 14 folks, it's way over 25 million, it's really around 30 million, but we'll just say 20 plus.
To mobilize them to wave Mexican flags and say, this is our country, we're taking over.
Now, they tried to mobilize them to wave American flags and act all friendly.
It didn't work.
It backfired.
You can't unring that bell.
Now the Zogby polls show even more people are upset.
It isn't going to work.
Your propaganda isn't working anymore.
And again, I'm not against somebody of their white, black, German, Jewish, polka-dotted, I don't care.
But the La Raza, La Reconquista, the big UT professor, head of Chicano Studies, has said we must kill all whites.
He just said that a few weeks ago again.
We played tapes of him saying we need to implement the plan of San Diego, a plan to kill all white males 16 and older.
And we're talking to the listener who was down at the Capitol in Austin, and I did see photos and things of it in L.A.
I didn't see it in Austin because I wasn't there, with the big signs saying a violent revolution is inevitable.
And the government's going to love it when all this happens.
It'll just be a police state excuse to clamp down on the American people.
But go ahead, Jim, finish up.
Well, Alex, if I could use the canine metaphor, that fox guy, that rabid dog from Mexico, he is actually a coyote in the sense that he is smuggling criminals across our border and has literally declared war on our country.
The Mexican government openly announces that five southwestern states are Mexico, and they are engaging in La Reconquista.
Now, when I took my exception to the La Raza banner, which was promoting and advocating violent revolution, the very words, violent revolution, on their large banner,
I went up to the chain of command at the Capitol with the state troopers there, got up as high as the Captain Vargas, who was on duty at the time, and I told him I wanted that banner removed immediately.
Which he refused to do, because even though they're criminals, they also have free speech.
And they're permitted for a rally of some sort, where they can display those types of provocative and riot inciting signs
Right on the very steps of the building where our laws are actually made.
And I asked him to remove that banner immediately.
He refused.
I offered to do it myself.
And he warned me, of course, that it was private property.
Now, of course, did you ask the press to cover it?
Oh, yes, sir.
Alex, I was on Channel 8 News in the middle of that mob with their microphone.
Oh, I saw you.
I know you.
Yeah, Jim, you jumped up and I saw that.
Yeah, I got in their face again.
And I had my sign that said, Defend Our Border, right in the middle of that mob.
And I don't know, if they're going to kill everybody 16 and over...
They better start with me because I was right there in the middle of them and they didn't try a thing.
I was hoping somebody would.
Well, again, most of those people are peaceful and think this is Mexico and have just been brainwashed.
It's the leaders that are dangerous and my Hispanic friends are really freaked out about it.
Anything else you want to add about what happened?
Well, yesterday I was down at the Capitol.
Well, stay there.
I want to keep hearing more about this and we'll get everybody else to.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
Central Standard Time.
until 2 p.m.
We're here live and, of course, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
I want to thank all of you that have promoted the broadcast, your email list, your friends, your family, your neighbors.
Please continue to tell anyone, no matter where they live in the world, they can listen via the Internet.
Or on Global Shortwave, six hours a day on WWCR, and on a growing list of wonderful, courageous AM and FM affiliates, conservative affiliates, Christian affiliates, even some of the private stations that carry Air America around the country, dumped some of their programming and put me on.
Because we're not about left and right, folks.
We're about right and wrong.
We're against the war.
We're pro-Second Amendment.
We're against using DU.
We're for supporting the troops.
We're against having totally open borders with a bunch of illegal aliens running around, driving down the wages, being controlled by Bush PR firms publicly.
A foreign group mobilized by our government and Vicente Fox, Dallas Morning News.
That was back in December, saying they were going to stage all this.
Bush and Fox.
Bush working with a foreign government, with a foreign mass of people, telling them, don't assimilate.
No, this is your land.
Take it over.
And now there's this big announcement all over the websites and the news about don't buy from the gringos.
Whites, Hispanics in Texas have always gotten along.
And now in the name of multiculturalism, hey, we're not going to get along with you.
And I've told the story about what's happened to me and others in businesses now.
If you go to the wrong business, you won't be served.
I mean, I'm getting, I guess, to experience what blacks experienced 50 years ago.
And I've done nothing to anybody.
I know most Hispanics don't support this.
Per capita, there's no more patriotic group than Hispanic Americans who'd rather be called Americans.
They always say, don't call me an Hispanic American.
You don't call yourself an English American, Alex.
Don't call me that.
Statistically, they get more decorations in war than anybody else.
Per capita, that goes back to World War II.
More Congressional Medal of Honor winners.
They love America.
They are Americans as much as myself or anybody else.
They're as much Texans.
A third of the people in the Revolutionary War in Texas were Hispanic.
The fellow that wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was Hispanic.
And the media and the government hates America and hates Texas.
Our own government wants to have a Pan-American Union, and they're using these people to do it.
Let's not put up with it.
The New World Order wants us fighting with each other while they take over.
Jim, who I've met before, seen a different demonstration.
I did see him on the news up there.
Somehow they gave him the microphone, and he really, in front of tens of thousands of people, got in the La Reconquista plan of Aslan, the race group.
Again, our Mayor Gus Garcia, the new ones, will win.
But four years ago, I had it on video.
I put it in a weekly TV report.
Last year, I played the audio here.
He had a 45-minute long, Aztec, La Reconquista announcement.
They had people up there in Aztec outfits, and they read a proclamation that the race is the ultimate race, that the Chicano nation is the master race, that space aliens landed with crystal pyramids.
Folks, I'm not joking, okay?
This is serious.
That the winged serpent loves them, and that they are the supreme race of the earth to conquer the entire Americas and the world.
Out of all the Mesoamerican cultures, of all the American cultures that were here before Columbus and before Leif Erikson, they could pick all these noble cultures to model themselves after.
No, it's got to be the Nazis of southern North America and central America, the Aztecs, who I have studied in anthropology and read books on it and been to their temples.
And they wrap themselves in the Mexican flag, a flag of oppression and corruption and evil.
They can't protest like that down there.
So Mexico's using us as a steam valve for their poor and disenfranchised with their population doubling every 35 years.
Our government's using it as a rent-a-mob that they can control to break down the borders for the Pan-American Union.
The corporations want the cheap labor.
You know, a liberal website that puts out these Bush cartoons with photos of Bush, and they put a comment, very popular.
We have it on prisonplanet.com right now.
I knew when the liberals started waking up, the globalists were in trouble.
And they have this little cartoon, I'm paraphrasing it from memory yesterday, with Bush saying out of the side, Hey, I understand we can't outsource all of America's jobs, so we've got to import cheap labor to...
Get rid of the rest.
And that's beautifully said.
So see, when the liberal websites are getting mad, and liberal writers in the San Francisco Chronicle and LA Times have had enough, you know it's hurting this country.
Jim in Texas, go ahead and finish up.
Yeah, Alex.
Yesterday I went down to the Capitol again to welcome the legislature back to the scene of their crimes, where they're going to
Tax the middle class out of existence.
Yeah, all these new taxes, toll roads, foreign-owned, everything.
Well, sure.
Outstruts Ricky Perry.
So, following your lead, I went well-armed and equipped with my bullhorn, and I charged him with it, right there at the south steps, and I confronted him verbally from...
As he literally fled with his bodyguards to the chauffeured limousine, I was assaulting and peppering him with questions about why he won't protect our border.
Why it's whole roads as soon as you pull out of your driveway no matter where you live.
Why let South Dakota beat us to the punch on outlawing abortion.
And he fled like a scared rabbit.
I swear to God he did.
I couldn't believe it.
Well, I'll tell you what Perry did.
He has said over the next year, 100, and that's total, 100 officers will be on the border, 10 at a time.
And that it'll be, what, two members of the military, two members of state police, two local cops, and then two members of the state guard at any one time.
That's nothing.
And he had a big press conference with Bush down there, remember, about a month ago?
And then other states are doing it.
The governor of Mexico, the governor... Yeah, but the front lines is no longer down at the border.
I mean, Mexico starts essentially in San Antonio, and they've already penetrated...
Trojan horse style.
They've already infiltrated our country, and there's so many of them here now.
They've reached critical mass.
Actually, the Mexico movement and the La Raza movement and the Aslan movement all have official maps.
They change each month on their website.
And they are now claiming as far north as into southern Canada, now a few hundred miles past Washington State, they're now claiming Kansas and Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida,
And then they have a map.
It's all racial.
It shows where Hispanics are.
And again, most Hispanics aren't like this.
How dare the media cover up for these racist Hispanics and let them act like they're the majority because it shows what the media wants.
And they already show the front lines up into Oklahoma.
They don't even slow down in Texas anymore.
They go to Chicago, Detroit, Boston.
They've infiltrated the entire country.
And that could be the New World Order's mechanism for destroying America.
Sir, there's no could be, and I appreciate your call.
They openly work for the globalists, and most of them don't even know it.
Again, all these liberals hate George Bush, but George Bush wants amnesty.
See, see, put two and two together.
In polls, it's between 76% and 87%, depending on what poll you look at, of Americans against it, including Hispanics.
Who are Americans.
But the government doesn't care.
97% in a Houston Chronicle poll are against the toll roads.
Almost every bureaucrat and politician is for it.
It's the same thing in Washington.
Congress has between a 22% and a 24% approval rating depending on what poll.
Bush has between a 27% and a 32% depending on what poll you look at.
It's the most unpopular Washington has ever been!
The people know
But they're riding us like a wild bull, folks.
I think they can just hold on.
Cliff in Colorado.
Cliff, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
We're making tapes.
We're passing them out.
We're making 9-11 truth meetings every Saturday.
Doing what we can.
And for those out there that aren't, shame on you.
Shame on you.
I just watched the video of the Sky News clip that you played.
And send it out to all my disbelieving friends and family to show them what a police state is.
And notice, our media criticized China in the past.
Now you hardly ever see it.
This Sky News piece is a rarity.
I applaud you for getting that on.
A couple of things I want to say.
Right after Charlie Sheen came on and reinvigorated the 9-11 movement... Well, he turbocharged it.
He put nitrous on it.
I went to see what the Shields are saying of
Went to Sean Hannity's forum, joined that.
I only got one post on.
I posted the CNN link to Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, and I was immediately kicked off for life.
I got a message saying I was kicked off for life for inciting anger.
I couldn't believe it.
Yeah, notice how the neocons use all the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, hate speech, inciting hate.
See, they're picking up the nomenclature.
Yeah, all I did was just say, I went on there and said, I saw this report that you can't hardly find now.
CNN doesn't talk about it.
But I saw this link on CNN that said no plane hit the Pentagon and posted it real simple and easy.
I got an immediate email saying I was... By the way, we had that posted off somebody else's site.
Time Warner lawyer called and threatened to sue us.
We didn't take it down.
I'm not surprised.
And it's got one of the CNN anchors going, look, there's no plane.
There's a little 16-foot hole.
Where's the plane?
There's no wreckage.
He's right there, right after it happened, saying it.
I sent that information on my friends who did the same.
They went to Sean Havity's site and sent other articles from the Scholars from 9-11 group, and they, too, had gotten kicked off the site.
For just posting information.
This is our new freedom.
This is the new America.
Well, it's good to hit their sites, but it's good to hit the others where they don't stop you.
A lot of big newspaper sites won't stop you.
Look, Prison Planet is now bigger than RushLimbaugh.com.
Go look at the ratings.
Infowars, Dwarf, Sean Hannity.
So just let those arrogant nobodies keep doing what they're doing.
They're going to lose their audience.
I had a question.
I think a year ago you had a lady caller who was, I believe, a linguistic...
She identified one of the voices on your Bohemian Grove videos as she thought it was a Catholic priest or had the same voice as one of the priests.
I don't remember that call, but I wouldn't call that evidence.
Well, I was wondering if she was going to send you some information and I hadn't heard anything back.
Thanks for what you do.
I'm spreading the word.
Keep it up.
Make copies of Marshall Law.
Road to Tyranny.
Get them out to everyone.
We'll be right back.
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The U.S.
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In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
What I'm going to do is take some more calls.
Coming up in the next segment, I'm going to get into the news and back to your calls.
And Walter Berrien is joining us to talk about secret government slush funds.
Totally documented.
Let's move quickly through the calls here.
Israel in New Jersey, you're on the air.
Yes, how are you doing, Alex?
Alex, I am an ex-Scottish white mason.
And I'm calling to let you know I'm born again.
I have left the lodge.
And everything that you have said is absolutely true.
I just want to let you know that a lot of times when George Bush would not admit him and Kerry, I saw that scene where they would not admit that, you know, about the society, the secret society of skull and bones, is because when you take the oath, I just want to say this probably for all those masons out there that know I'm telling the truth, that they would kill you if you admit anything that is said in the lodge.
They would kill you.
That is an oath.
And also, Alex, I have a question for you as well.
My wife works at a casino down here called the Borgata.
And what's appalling is they are starting to tax them like crazy.
Every two weeks she would bring home, let's say, for instance, $1,000.
Now they're taking like $800 of that.
And this is on tips, not what she earned.
So I'd like to know what type of information
Could you lead me or give me any advice pertaining to how to fight this system because it is so wrong because it's causing us to digress.
Well, Bush made a small cut on federal income taxes and then devalued the currency by 44% to 45% depending on what point it's at each day.
It goes up and down.
And then there have been hundreds of new taxes nationwide added, dozens and dozens per state.
And it's just a wholesale looting, sir.
And the standard of living is imploding.
And it's just horrible.
I don't know what to say about it.
So all the information that Mr. Bannister gave out, could we take that road to try to fight this?
Well, we've had a lot of former IRS agents and criminal investigators and others go public saying that the income tax, the way it's designed, is unconstitutional and is a fraud.
The problem is the government's so criminal that even if you're in the right, they'll still prosecute you.
He, of course, was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.
Oh, I see.
And another question, Alex, is this.
Another comment.
I'm also a soldier.
I was at Fort Bliss in Texas.
And when I was there, we trained the United Emirates.
These are supposed to be the allies, the Kuwaitis.
You were at Joint Task Force 6?
Yes, exactly right.
That's exactly right.
And we trained them on the Patriot system.
I understand, but were you part of the Joint Task Force 6 or just at the base?
At the base.
But my comment is this.
A lot of people did not know this.
While they were paying us our E-1 ranks or E-2 ranks, whatever rank we were, they were paying their soldiers
And we were training them $5,000 a month.
And this was back in 1989 to 91.
And I could not believe it.
And they didn't have to be in top shape.
They could wear big bellies.
They could wear beards and everything.
And we had to be top guns.
And they got paid much more money than we did.
Sir, there are government documents and Rand Corporation statements from the late 60s where they admit that the government wants a huge, poor, underclass, it's called economic conscription, to basically force people into having to join the military.
And now they're trying to make sure that most of the new scholarships are, quote, in anti-terror jobs to literally create a new police state economy.
I did not know that.
Good to hear from you, sir.
God bless.
Let's talk to David.
David, where are you calling us from?
Howdy, y'all.
Alex, two quick things.
There's a great bumper sticker out there.
It's got a picture of Osama bin Laden on it, and on the side it says, I'm still free.
Are you?
I know.
I've seen that.
Where are you calling us from?
Whitefish, Montana, up by Canada.
The Ruraza dudes in the Aztecs, they're going to have to learn to ski to get us.
I'll tell you that.
And they don't like snow too much, so they ain't going to get everybody.
But this W-2, the World Trade Center demolition plan had to be thought all the way through.
I'm a janitor.
I clean up the mess.
This plan had to be conceived with the process of making the least mess possible.
We're good to go.
It's self-explanatory.
Well, controlled demolition incorporated that blew up the remnants of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City and covered that up ran the cleanup there in the hallway for WTC 7 and the other towers.
You'll find out all your corruption through the cleaning up of the mess because that's part of the whole deal, you know?
I agree with you.
And just be free.
Take this world head on.
That's all.
We make it what it is, so do it.
We're Americans, and we've got to bring that American spirit with us.
I agree with you.
So much of the fight is just showing up and standing up, knowing who the enemy is.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Back in early 2002, we got IMF and World Bank documents.
Joseph Stiklitz, their chief economist of the World Bank, went public and said, I can't be part of this.
It's very immoral.
We try to go into countries and bankrupt them and attempt to then jack up the prices after we've taken the country into repossession, after we've foreclosed.
We then overnight jack up oil prices, energy prices, water prices, power prices.
We like to triple the prices for a few weeks or months, and we found, there's even handbooks on this, they were again leaked, he said we found that people will then accept higher prices if we first say jack fuel up from $1 to $3.50, then when it drops back down to $2.75, people think that they're getting a great deal, people think that they're getting a good deal.
And, of course, I took excerpts of the interview I did with Greg Palast of the BBC Newsnight when he broke that story on my radio show, and we put that transcript at the end of my book, 9-11 Descent into Tyranny, if any of you are interested.
Or you can just type into Google, World Bank documents consume Argentina, and it will come up as the top story off of Greg Palast's website, gregpalast.com, or it will come up from infowars.com if you'd like to read it.
Why am I mentioning that coming into this segment?
Because we had rolling blackouts in Texas yesterday.
Twice the power went off at my office.
I have battery backup on my studio equipment, but it lasted for a while, but would have failed if we hadn't ended the show.
And then, of course, we had the power go off in the office and kept the computers on for ten minutes so we could back them up and then make sure we didn't lose anything.
I was working on a film as well.
But the point is, is that you watch.
They're going to start running the Enron-style scams all over the Southwest, all over the South, all over the Midwest.
We have plenty of power-generating capacity.
I've looked at the statistics, the numbers.
Texas supplies many nearby states.
Texas has an overabundance of coal and oil.
Many of the power-generating stations, power plants are right here in Texas.
And in the last decade, they've gone in and bought up city-owned utilities.
They've closed the Austin power plant, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio power plants, because the big monopolies don't want that.
And they'll start cutting the power off a little bit to create the perception that there isn't enough energy to then jack up prices.
And we have their own handbook on how they do it.
In fact, it came out later that Enron had given federal congressmen and women and state legislators in California and Nevada tours of their California Energy Trading Office.
Their main office, of course, was in Houston.
And Secretary of the Army, he later became Secretary of the Army, was the guy giving them the tour.
Secretary White
And they were fake big board trading.
You know, big plasma screens with fake trading numbers.
It was all fake.
They just made the numbers up each day.
That's how criminal all of this is.
But then when Enron finally got in trouble, it was for stealing the pension funds and people getting so angry.
A few people go to jail.
Hundreds of billions are made.
In the year before Enron imploded, we were warning you about Enron while CNN and Fox were telling you it was a great investment because we saw them divesting and putting it into other dummy corporations in the Cayman Islands and Spain and in Switzerland.
And so when the thing finally imploded, the trillions of dollars, it was trillions over the last few years they'd stolen, it was just all gone.
It was a Ponzi scheme, a front.
And in California, to be able to jack up prices, in some cases they were making $9 billion profits a month.
Record profits.
They would have rolling blackouts and simply turn the power off, again, to create the perception, because if something all of a sudden becomes scarce, it's called artificial scarcity, then you will accept higher prices.
And I know, I'm going to have to sit here and watch it happen in Texas and watch...
Meet the new crooks, same as the old crooks, same people, run the same scam, and none of them will get in trouble if there's some huge expose that comes out.
Maybe an accountant or somebody will go to jail.
Or they'll be found with their wrists slit in their car.
And it'll be called a suicide.
Won't matter if a neighbor witnesses them being drug out of their house.
Still, the police will just say it's a suicide.
So I've said it about the rolling blackouts now that we'll get to enjoy all summer long, they're saying.
And they're talking about doubling or even tripling prices.
We've got lignite mines everywhere.
We mine a lot of the coal for the country here in Texas.
They ship it everywhere.
We've got oil coming out of our ears.
Natural gas.
We're bathing in energy down here.
Energy sources.
Doesn't matter.
Means nothing.
All that matters is the almighty fraud.
Speaking of energy, oil hit $72 on Iran fears, Reuters.
Oil surged to a record high above $72 and is tracking to go even higher by the end of the day.
I'm concerned that Iran's nuclear standoff with the West could cut oil exports from the world's fourth largest crude exporter.
And see, people keep thinking, hey, the neocons haven't gotten any oil out of Iraq, or oil production's dropped by, what, 60-something percent.
See, it wasn't about oil!
Artificial scarcity in 1990 over and over before they invaded.
They said, Saddam, you're overproducing.
And he said, I've got to pay my debts off.
And they said, OPEC's angry.
You're driving down prices.
Remember back in 1990 it went down to 95 cents a gallon?
It had been $1.50 a gallon.
They weren't about to put up with that.
In London, North Sea Brent Crude Oil jumped 74 cents to an all-time high of $72.20 a barrel as Iran and the West exchanged increasingly sharp words over the Islamic Republic's determination to push ahead with a nuclear program.
West Texas International Intermediate Crude Oil hit record $70.88, smashing through its end-August high of 70.85.
The Iranian situation is making us all very nervous.
We don't seem to be getting anywhere on diplomatic solutions, said Deborah White, an analyst at SGCIB in Paris.
Well, almost a quarter of Nigerian oil production is still shut after rebel attacks being financed by the globalists.
Two months ago, oil consumers fell almost as vulnerable as they did during the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s.
Oil prices soared from $20 at the start of 2002 per barrel and are now nearing the inflation-adjusting peaks of over $80 hit in 1980, the year after the Iranian Revolution.
Over half, that's not accurate, near half,
The discovered extractable oil reserves of Iran are in a small swath up against the border with Iraq, and that is the area that our government, our corrupt government, says they will seize as a, quote, security buffer zone to stop Iranian IED attacks into Basra and other areas.
And with that oil shut off and bombed, and they're now saying they're not just going to hit 16 nuclear sites, they're going to hit over 214 sites of interest that industrially can support ongoing atomic programs.
That oil will be massively cut back, if not completely shut down.
And oil prices, as Henry Kissinger said at Bilderberg last year, will go to over $120 per barrel.
And by the time there are problems with the refineries, different analyst organizations are projecting you can pay anywhere from, on the low side, four-plus dollars to the high side, eight-plus dollars per gallon of 87 octane.
The oil companies that made over $115 billion in profit, and they cooked their books, by the way.
It's a lot more than that for tax reasons.
$36 billion of that profit for Exxon Mobil Corp alone.
You heard about their outgoing chairman getting a $400 million golden parachute on top of his considerable stock holdings in Exxon Mobil.
And the neocons get on the radio and go, The liberals don't like free market!
It isn't free market when they collude to artificially inflate the prices.
Prudhoe Bay and Gull Island alone have discoverable, discovered, admitted, extractable resources with pipelines hooked into capped wells right now, where the oil comes out so explosively, mixed with natural gas, that there would be geysers 500 feet in the air.
We've interviewed these petroleum men who worked on it, the engineers, the pastors who were there, just everybody.
The head of Atlantic Richfield, their CEO later went public about it.
It literally geysers bigger than anything we've ever seen.
It is under such pressure.
It blasts out.
Premium crude.
Much of the reserves rate it as light crude approaching sweet.
For those that don't know, sweet oil hardly has to even be processed.
Or refined.
Basically, it's gasoline shooting out of the ground.
And do you know where over 80% of that oil that they allow out goes?
BP gets the majority of it, and it's shipped to China, it's shipped to India, it's shipped to Japan, who are de-industrializing us.
And the American people will never learn this, they will never know this, they will pay $8 a gallon.
I don't think it'll hit that, probably $4.50 or so.
If they go to war with Iran, it could go even higher.
Heaven help us.
And then there's all the inflationary problems associated with that.
But it won't matter.
We'll be talking about the Lacey Peterson case.
We'll be talking about the Aruba case.
We'll be talking about the Duke alleged rapes.
Oh, we won't be talking about the giant FEMA camps being built everywhere.
We won't be talking about the Loree Conquistas.
No, nothing serious will be discussed on all the national radio shows unless George Norrie gets into some of it.
God bless him.
He's the only exception with the big giant marquee shows.
Biggest overnight show in the country.
16 million listeners an hour.
No one else will discuss it.
No one else will talk about it.
It won't be in your newspaper.
And you'll be raped, just like I will.
I mean, I don't drive a Tahoe anymore, because I totaled it when I went through a tornado about a year and a half ago.
But, I mean, I've even got a little six-cylinder car, and the thing is 50 bucks to fill up.
My wife's car is a four-cylinder.
And to fill it up, what is it?
I filled it up the other day for her.
She's got a 12-gallon tank.
It was like $36.
And folks, I've got a little more money than most people.
I'm middle class.
And in between all the new taxes and all the new fees and all the stuff I pay, it's hard to put a little bit of money aside if my children choose to go to college someday for their college funds.
It's hard to have a little savings for my business in case we ever need it.
I have a litigation fund in case I need to sue somebody or I am sued.
And that money in those little accounts has been devalued by 44%.
I saw new numbers on what's happened with the dollar.
I believe it's even worse now.
I don't have them in front of me.
I'm not trying to be negative.
I mean, these are the real numbers.
This is the reality.
This is the fact of the raping of this country!
Gold at over $614 an ounce right now.
That is bullion.
That is melt.
That is bars.
Did you take my advice?
Did you buy gold when it was $200, $250, $300, $350?
By the way, I don't even have time to buy gold for myself.
I'm trying to divest some cash and buy gold.
I'm so busy.
I don't even have time to call and get it.
Yes, I'm going to buy gold at $614 an ounce.
And it's more than that, after you add in the fees and shipping and everything.
I buy bullion.
Or I buy semi-numismatic at bullion.
And if gold hits $1,000, I'm not going to dump my gold.
Because what, am I going to dump it for dollars?
The little bit of gold I've got?
But thank God I took good advice.
Thank God I knew my economics.
Thank God I didn't listen to Lou Dobbs' Money Report and Michael Cavuto and all their baloney years ago when they said, don't buy gold, it's stupid, it's dumb, don't, don't, don't.
I saw Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and Queen Elizabeth buying it and I took a little bit of money and I bought some.
Again, the advice they give you is a pack of lies.
Look at this report out of Iran, AFP.
French news agency.
Agency French Press.
Iran ready for showdown with U.S.
former president.
Iran ready for showdown with U.S., former president says.
Iran is ready to face a military showdown with the United States over its nuclear program.
Influential former president Akbar Rafanjani said Tuesday, warning of the grave consequences of any attack.
Raf Janjani also issued a stern warning to Israel, insisting the Jewish state would not dare to attack Iran, which has longer arms.
We are not seeking a confrontation, but if it is imposed on us, we are prepared for it, he told a press conference at the end of the three-day visit to Kuwait.
The consequences of such an attack on Iran will be very grave, and they, the Americans, will not benefit from it.
Raf Janjani, who earlier held talks with the emir Shaikh Sabah al-Habad al-Sabah,
Said Kuwait and other Gulf Arab states had told him they would not back a U.S.
attack on Iran.
Rasenjani, who lost out in elections, he was the moderate last year, the hardline president, remains powerful as the head of the expediency council, Iran's top political arbitrary body.
And it goes on.
Oh, man.
You see, people think the drug war is a failure.
No, it's a success.
More drugs, more people in prison.
Government ships most of it in.
Allied corporations.
They think the war on illiteracy is a failure.
No, they've dumbed kids down more than ever.
Of course they're going to increase education funding.
They think Iraq's a failure.
Their own Pentagon documents say they want it in civil war, broken in three or four parts.
It's a success.
People think, my gosh, America's already losing one war.
How are we going to go into Iran?
That's how they win.
The globalists make the money off the weapons contracts.
They make the money off the jacked up oil prices that cause from it.
They get more control domestically.
Iran will carry out attacks.
The globalists may not even have to carry out their own attacks.
Because Iran's playing checkers and the New World Order plays chess.
Doesn't matter if chess was invented in Iran.
They don't know how to play it.
And they're walking right into a trap as usual.
I just don't understand how the Western mind that's been hijacked just always beats everyone.
And these Easterners just cannot get it, and I'm here with the Western view warning them.
I'm not even that smart, folks, but you can just see the plan, you can see what the globalists do, right out in front of everyone.
And they just can't deal with the New World Order.
They just can't deal with the sophistication.
And we're here in America, a bunch of dumbbells too, just can't figure it out, can't get the geopolitical strategy, can't see what's happening with this global crisis.
So they're going to take your pension funds, they're going to devalue your dollar, they're going to inflate the currency even more, but it won't matter, you can at least hate the Iranians.
Come back, take some more calls, give us some more news.
We've got a guest coming up as well.
The websites are Infowars.com, JonesReport.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.net.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back as we crash through the lies and disinformation.
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The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks,
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Welcome back.
Alex Jones here.
I'm your host.
Fighting the criminal elite.
I'm going to go to Sean and Pastor Lewis and Paula and others here in a moment.
Got a guest coming up.
A lot of other news as well.
Before I do that, though, do not wait, do not procrastinate.
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Let's go ahead and go back to your calls.
Let's talk to Sean in Oklahoma.
Sean, thanks for holding.
Well, Alex, it's Shane.
Sean, Shane, whatever.
Yeah, well, I just passed through your lovely little town.
And I hate to say it, but I really wasn't very impressed, but I sure missed your... I tried to get your radio program, but I kept losing it this weekend because I went down there to the Minuteman deal in South Texas.
Okay, I'm really confused right now.
Something about a pastor, not impressed, Minuteman?
I didn't say anything about a pastor.
I said I went down through your town, and I wasn't very impressed with your town of Austin, and I went to the Minuteman deal...
It was very successful and I was looking forward to hearing you as I was passing through Austin but all I was getting could find was that Radio America or whatever that is and what I was wanting to ask you is that have you seen any new information on how well the Minuteman project has been doing?
Have you had any stats on that?
We've got Al Garza in studio Friday.
One of the leaders of the Texas Minutemen Project.
We've been covering it for years and it's going very well.
It was great down there.
I was very impressed with what we were doing and the people were great that I got to meet.
I just really wanted to hear you when I went through town, but I got some crazy lady on
Air America, whatever that was.
I understand that, sir.
You've told us that a few times.
You can listen to us on 100.1 here in Austin or 96.3, but a side issue.
Did you have any comments about the Minutemen?
Yeah, it was great.
I was hoping to hear more about them on your program because I know a lot of people listen to you.
Yeah, I appreciate your call, sir.
I mean, some of these calls come in, and I don't try to argue with them or get mad at them, but they just repeat the same thing over and over again.
And I guess I get from your call, I'm not doing enough for the Minutemen, or I'm not doing enough with it.
Al Garza's in studio Friday.
I've been talking about the immigration issue for 12 years.
And we support the Minutemen, and I've gone out and protested during Cinco de Mayo because it was turned basically into a big, this is Mexico, we're taking over America rally, and I'm just not going to put up with it.
So I'm sorry if I'm not doing enough.
I'll try.
I'll work even harder.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, already into hour number three.
Walter Burien joins us coming up in the next segment.
Let's talk about, well...
A giant government cover-up, huge slush funds.
It's so important.
You do not want to miss this interview.
About a three-and-a-half-minute clip we got right now before I run out of time.
General Zini, who was one of the top commanders in Iraq, has gone public exposing Rumsfeld and others, saying he should resign on 60 Minutes.
But it's still kind of a whitewash at the end of the day.
But let's go ahead and roll that, and we'll come back and briefly comment on it, and then go to our guest.
Go ahead and hit it.
And who do you blame?
I mean, who's responsible?
Well, I blame the Pentagon.
I blame the civilian leadership in the Pentagon directly.
Because if they were given the responsibility, and if this was their war, and by everything I understand, they promoted and pushed it, certain elements in there certainly, even to the point of creating their own intelligence to match their needs, then they should bear the responsibility.
But regardless of whose responsibility I think it is, somebody is screwed up.
And at this level and at this stage, it should be evident to everybody that they've screwed up.
And whose heads are rolling on this?
That's what bothers me most.
There are no heads rolling.
That's my problem.
If you charge me with the responsibility of taking this nation to war, if you charge me with implementing that policy, with creating the strategy which convinces me to go to war, and I fail you...
Then I ought to go.
Who specifically are you talking about?
Well, it starts at the top.
If you're the Secretary of Defense, and you're responsible for that, if you're responsible for that planning and that execution of the ground, if you've assumed responsibility for the other elements, non-military, non-security, political, economic, social, and everything else, then you bear responsibility.
Certainly those in your ranks
That foisted this strategy on us that is flawed, certainly they ought to be gone and replaced.
Zinni is talking about a group of policymakers within the administration known as the neoconservatives that saw the invasion of Iraq as a way to stabilize American interests in the region and strengthen the position of Israel.
You think they're the architects of this?
I think they are.
I think it's the worst kept secret in Washington.
Everybody I talked to in Washington has known and fully knows what their agenda was and what they were trying to do.
In one article, because I mentioned the neoconservatives who described themselves as neoconservatives, I was called anti-Semitic.
I mean, you know, unbelievable that that's the kind of personal attacks that are run when you criticize a strategy and those who propose it.
What was their strategy?
Well, I believe their strategy was to change the Middle East, that they saw the Middle East needed to come into the 21st century, that needed to reform, that needed to democratize.
All sounds very good, all very noble.
The trouble is, the way they saw to go about this is unilateral, aggressive intervention by the United States, the takedown of Iraq is a priority, and what we have become now in the United States, how we're viewed in this region, is not an entity that's promising positive change.
We are now being viewed as the modern crusaders, as the modern colonial power in this part of the world.
You think Secretary Rumsfeld, Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz, all those people should resign?
I believe that they should accept responsibility for that.
You're saying if you were them, you'd resign?
Yes, definitely.
If I were the commander of a military organization that delivered this kind of performance to the president, I certainly would tender my resignation.
I certainly would expect to be gone.
Now, General Zini noticed, though, that he says, oh, they meant to go do something good there, something nice there.
No, the Pentagon's own P2O2 battle plan, the original Israeli plan from 83, says break it up into three or four regions, have endless civil war, control the region, use Iraq as a military launch base.
PNAC, Rebuilding America's Defense Strategy, September 2000, spells that out.
Dick Cheney spells that out.
So we have our own foundational planning doctrines for the doctrine they used.
So we know.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back my friends.
In 1999, I made a documentary that we still offer, it's excellent, called Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Exposed.
And it deals with a gentleman named Walter Burian.
And what he discovered and what he has gone public with is totally documented.
There's now a lot of other people, prominent individuals.
The former comptroller for the Air Force now supports much of what Burien has trailblazed and what Burien has exposed.
And this is so important to everything we see happening economically today, to your pension funds, to the government pension funds, to our entire economy.
Walter Burien, thank you so much for spending time with us today.
Hello, Alex.
It's good to hear your voice again.
Walter, for those that don't know who you are, spend a few minutes describing what you were doing in New Jersey and New York at the time you discovered this, and what you tried to do with the public, educating the population.
Because I've had city managers in studio, and whenever you bring up the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, they turn red, they smile, or they get angry, and they say, I'm not going to talk about it.
Or even if they're a good patriot, they say, yes, it's true, there's giant slush funds, there's a second set of books.
This is the biggest economic secret.
It's even bigger than the Federal Reserve.
Tell us about yourself.
Tell us what the comprehensive annual financial reports are.
I'd like to start off with Luciano's Law.
Do you remember Lucky Luciano?
He was the banker for the syndicates.
And he had a law, which was, once you're suspected, you're out of business.
So no one spoke his name regarding the transactions, the monies that were being moved.
And Luciano never really had a problem.
He ended up getting expelled back to Italy, but never got indicted in the United States.
1946, a group called GFOA, Government Financial Officers Association.
Sounds like a nice little government agency, but a private group of bankers and politicians and industrialists.
And, of course, this was pioneered off the mafia model first used in Chicago, 1313, but go ahead.
Right, and GFOA was started out of Chicago.
The government up until that point, 1946, was a pay-as-you-go structure.
What they brought in, they expended for public services.
Well, the money, you know, Al Capone used to say, you know, what are we doing fighting government?
Let's become government.
We'll take whatever we want.
Well, to do that, they had to change government from a pay-as-you-go structure into an administrative clearinghouse for revenue collection.
We're good to go.
SEC law, Security and Exchange Commission, for every shareholder to be offered an annual financial report each and every year.
Now, governments started restructuring through GFOA to go on to the annual financial reporting accounting structure.
The press was included, the syndicated media, both political parties, Democratic and Republican.
Education was included.
There was only one group that was excluded, the entire population of this country and all taxpayers.
Thank you.
A small portion of the total picture by submitting a selectively created budget report to the public or the taxpayer.
Now, when you look at a budget report, you'll see that the majority of the tax revenue collected is included in the budget report.
So they're showing the public where their tax money is spent.
When you look at the annual financial report, you will see all the returns from the investment funds,
Profit centers, which they separated from government operations like tollways, bridges, Port Authority of New York, New Jersey, billion-dollar operations, multi-billion-dollar operations.
Not one dollar going back to support the budgetary basis.
When you look at the annual finance report and you start doing the basic math, only one-third of the gross income is tax income.
Did you hear me, Alex?
Everyone listening to your show right now thinks 100% of government's income is tax income.
Now, let me add an important caveat to this, because our government had always been funded off tolls and off of tariffs and off of things like this.
But for people who don't understand this, let's say I'm married.
Hypothetically, I am married, but this is a hypothetical case.
Or let's say Joe Blow is.
Joe Sixpack.
He comes home with his paycheck.
He tells his wife,
That this is the only job he has.
This is the $2,000 every pay period that they live off of.
But he's really got a whole other job.
Let's say he's dealing crack cocaine on the side, and he's making an average of $10,000 a month.
He doesn't ever tell her about that.
Then he has a budget.
Which factors in only the $2,000 he's making every pay period, not the $10,000 he's making a month.
So over the years, he's got another family, he's got other bank accounts, he's got a Mercedes Benz, a million dollar house, but his other wife and kids don't even know about it, and all they see is the pay stubs and his taxes.
Off of the one job that she knows about.
And that's what they've done.
Now, to break this down for people, I want to get into how you discovered this.
And folks, I checked this out.
This is mainstream.
I ordered the comprehensive report from Austin.
I ordered it from the state of Texas.
After Burien went public for a few years, they went from being the size of Dallas phone books down to the size of a Time magazine redacting info.
But you can still get the rest of it.
Well, when I go to New Jersey first, I learned in New Jersey, I looked at 1989's report.
Tell people what you were doing at that time.
Ah, there was a governor who got elected by the name of Jim Florio on a new tax platform.
As soon as he gets into office, a $2.8 billion tax increase, the largest in the state's history.
It was from the prior administration, but he could have vetoed it.
Well, the proverbial hit the fan.
Local radio station 101.5 started doing some rabble-rousing.
Two DJs, John and Ken.
And I started listening, and I heard examples of waste and misspending in government, $5,000, $15,000.
The highest figure I heard was $85,000.
I started chuckling to myself.
I was like, come on, guys, you've got to be real.
The state's dealing with billions of dollars.
I pulled out the budget report, which is all I knew at that time, called into the show right out the bottom.
Tell people what you were professionally doing at that time.
I was a commodity trading advisor, and also I was a national sales manager for the U.S.
Trading Championship, U.S.
Investing Championship, and Money Manager's Verified Ratings.
I dealt on the financial arenas.
I knew the attitudes.
I incorporated hands across New Jersey, so I took over looking at the budget, revenue, and finance.
Big numbers didn't bother me.
As other people back off from big numbers, to me, it's just an equation.
And I noticed right off the bang that on the budget report, they weren't showing a substantial income or revenue.
On the budget report.
The autonomous agencies, I didn't see any large return from investment funds.
I figured the state had to be having billions and billions of dollars in investment funds.
They said they had two sets of accounting.
And I found out who the director of the budget was.
He was on vacation until the following Tuesday of that week, and I had called his lower assistant saying I was working on a report for him, and I needed all the figures on the autonomous agency accounts, insurance accounts, and so forth.
He goes, oh, you want the comprehensive annual financial report.
First time I heard that before.
Got it that Friday.
Started crunching numbers.
I wanted to see the total liquid investment funds.
$188 billion.
Now I wanted to see the total cash gross receipts.
All agencies, all departments, all sources.
Found it on page 173.
Here's a state with a declared service budget of $17 billion who is bringing in total cash gross receipts, all agencies, all departments, all sources, investment funds, enterprise operations, federal grants, the whole nine yards, $83 billion.
I learned the definition of syndicated organized crime right there on the spot in the principal's operation.
Anything that was an expense left for the public to pay, anything that was a profit center, a large investment fund,
Totally separated from the budgetary basis.
So let's make that clear.
I mean, let's not just run over that.
They're spending less than $20 billion, and they're bringing in over $80 billion.
And, you know, they had left the cost, the strict cost side.
On the public's shoulders to pay through taxation.
Now, then I looked, you know, after I discovered this, I mean, after I discovered this through you, I looked up Texas.
On average, $500 billion extra a year just going into a black hole.
Sorry, please continue.
You learned the definition of organized crime.
Please continue.
Well, I spent some time on my website this morning to simplify and make it very simple on the front page.
And I qualify the aspect of the grossed receipts, the cash.
My website...
It's CAFR1.com.
If you read through the front page, it breaks it all down on the gross income, what they're showing in tax income, investment income, so forth.
They show the whole picture.
And by the way, most of these reports... Let me jump to the bottom line.
The bottom line.
I started with the national disclosure, and I thought I caught most of the points.
It had blown me away.
Then I was looking at the federal combined financial statement.
This was 1999's book.
And I'm looking at the notes section.
It showed the total personal income of the entire population of the country.
This is salaries, investment income, the whole nine yards.
It was $8.2 trillion for 1999.
It showed federal taxation at $1.8 trillion.
Okay, everybody hears federal taxation, and they complain about the federal government.
And 1.8 trillion now was the federal taxation.
Local government taxation.
Didn't show it in the book, but I had all the annual finance reports from the local governments, which I could factor in to figure out approximately what local government's taxation was.
Came up with about 1.6 trillion.
That gave gross income for state and federal at $3.4 trillion.
Now, if you took that away from the gross income of the population, 8.2 trillion, they gave the population net after taxation...
$4.8 trillion.
Are you with me, Alex?
Stay there.
Let's break it down on the other side.
We're good to go.
The Nationalist Times, PO Box 426, Allison Park, PA 15101.
That's The Nationalist Times, PO Box 426, Allison Park, PA 15101.
Or subscribe online at our website, www.anu.org.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Talking to Walter Burien, worked at the highest levels of the financial sector in New York and New Jersey.
Discovered all this because he got politically involved exposing government waste.
Understand, the editor of the Austin American Statesman every year gets a comprehensive annual financial report from the state of Texas.
Every school district has one, every water district, the power districts.
And they take the majority of the money, invest it, a lot of times in private companies that they then later go work for.
So this is the mafia-style takeover of America.
Walter, how many tens of thousands of these taxing districts have comprehensive annual financial reports and have slush funds?
Local governments are there in the country.
As I mentioned, every city has a corporation, county, school district.
There's approximately now about 85,000 separate corporations within local governments.
And let's bring this down to the microcosm level.
Take a school district that claims it's bankrupt.
You have specifically looked and has even gotten in local papers what in an Arizona case... I'll give you an example of Edgefield County, South Carolina.
It was a little school district in South Carolina.
One of the people that heard about the CAFR started looking, and the school district was crying poverty, poverty, poverty.
And they had four tax increases over about a two-year period.
And she looked at the annual finance report, and she saw that they had approximately $31 million invested in the local government investment pool.
Now, keep in mind, their school district had a very low operating budget.
What they were doing was funneling money out
Thank you.
Once they had funneled money into an investment fund that was generating non-tax income, they looked at their only responsibility regarding the taxpayer was on taxpayer funds that were being collected each year.
So if they could create 40% of their income coming in from non-tax sources, they thought they had now 40% discretionary funds totally unaccountable to the taxpayer.
So they would separate these investment funds outside of the budgetary basis.
So it would come back in each year and then have discretionary money to spend without public oversight or approval in direct form.
I want to go back to what you were saying before we hit the break.
You were breaking down...
The gross income of government.
Okay, so I'm looking at the Federal Consolidated Financial Statement.
They have $1.8 trillion in federal tax income, $1.6 trillion in all local government tax income.
So that gave $3.4 trillion for 1999 in government's tax income.
Total population of this country, gross income of $8.2 trillion.
So that gave the entire population net after taxation $4.8 trillion.
And then, it dawned on me.
I've been telling people for a year that only one-third of government's gross income was tax income.
So then I sat down and started figuring out the non-tax income, return from the investment funds, enterprise operations.
Government, local and federal, had $5.1 trillion in non-tax income.
So here...
4 trillion in tax income, 5.1 trillion in non-tax income.
That gave government gross income of $8.5 trillion for the year.
Almost twice that of the entire population of this country net after taxation.
You now know why Gorbachev went Democratic.
He looked at what the boys were doing here in the United States and said, hell, they have more control and they're making more money than we are.
So thus, we laid open the perfect blueprint for communism.
And by the way, now China, Russia, England, Canada... They're all doing the same, and the bottom line was, in communism, the state said, we are the state.
We own and control everything.
What they're doing here in this country is they're dangling the carrot, getting the chipmunk running on the treadmill, chasing that carrot, as they tap off 85% of the energy produced.
Everyone is being marketed to with an illusion, wanting on the treadmill to chase that carrot.
And then they use their massive wealth they've extracted from us to further consolidate control in smaller and smaller hands with global corporations that in turn control the government.
Now, keep in mind, the control factor has to do with they've taken over the insurance industry, they've taken over the stock market, they've taken over the equities and the debt market.
If you look at a company like Microsoft Corporation, how much of Microsoft do you think is owned by composite government?
Try about 83%.
If you look at the... Stop for a second, but the average last time we talked was what, 75%?
That was years ago, Alex.
Take a look at the New York State Retirement Fund, Caffer.
One Caffer, they have 24 million shares of Microsoft.
That's just one.
So I interviewed you last three years ago.
Stop right there.
Since then, it's gone from 75 to 83.
Well, I was taking a rounded off mark back then.
I've now actually sat down, did the figures on it, and it came out to 83%.
So they're taking over.
It's growing.
They have taken over.
Insurance industry, the number one investor with insurance industry is government investment funds.
Stay there.
Let's keep breaking it down.
This is so important, folks.
I've looked into it.
It's all true.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones Show!
We're good to go.
Right at two hours long.
Comprehensive annual financial reports exposed.
Available at InfoWars.com in the video and bookstore.
Get it.
This is so important.
Again, available at InfoWars.com.
Walter, it's clear I'm going to have to get you up in the near future for two hours.
I'm going to take some calls coming up here later.
Tell folks about Capper 1 and specifically spell it out for folks.
And then let's act like we've got five minutes on national TV to get the point across to the people, to explain the scam that's going on.
Other economists, I mean, what the former comptroller for the Air Force has followed up and agrees with what you've said and calls himself the capper man, but easily, with the assets they have,
We would never have to pay taxes again and just off the investment be paid thousands of dollars in dividends a year.
Folks, that's how massive the stealing has been.
They took the most prosperous, wealthy country in the world, they stole it, they invested it, and this isn't even the pension funds.
Understand, that's on the budget.
This is just cream that employees don't even know about.
You've got state employees, federal, school district getting paid a pittance, and the majority of the money just goes right into private corporate hands that in turn pay off higher level...
We're good to go.
Why do they do this?
Why do they go along with this?
How are some of the payoffs made to the people in government to keep quiet with this system?
From everything I've seen, Alex, at every turn of the page, now a lot of the city managers and state managers, they're appointed positions.
But I'm seeing the corruption, the cream of the corruption being the attorneys.
There's no accident now that half the governors and senators and congressmen in this country are attorneys.
They're getting in there to solidify their statutes for the continued rape of the public.
In fact, they're getting in there to clean up the statutes so they won't get indicted for their past crimes and what they did on stealing from the public.
Yeah, but it's the legal branch that is destroying the country at this point in time out of greed and profiteering.
If you look, you'll find out attorney after attorney after attorney has their hands into the till.
They're creating the structure, the statues, passing the statues right under the noses of the public.
The public doesn't have a clue what's being passed right under their noses.
So here's an example.
They always hold off and then won't fix the potholes or won't get new police cars.
It's a joke!
It's a joke!
They're playing the public as saps.
Okay, here's an example.
Remember that example you mentioned about, you know, where you're trying to give an example of the monies in the camera?
I saw this in Missouri first.
Missouri started an enterprise operation called the Missouri Finance Authority.
The city, the counties, and school districts now invested all of their money with the Missouri Finance Authority.
Well, they wanted to have a bond issuance, okay, for that new school, the new jail, the new roadway.
We're good to go.
I think?
I'm going to buy a house that's worth $400,000.
I want you to loan me my own money, okay?
And I want you to charge me 16% interest, the highest you can possibly charge me.
So now I start the mortgage company.
You give me $400,000.
I loan it back to you to buy a house.
I charge you 16% interest.
You now go to everybody.
Oh my God, I have this $400,000 mortgage.
The interest is killing me 16%.
The one thing you forget to tell everybody is that
You borrowed your own money.
The states all across the cities, the counties, the states are doing the exact same thing.
They're using their own investment assets to fund the majority of their own debt now.
Locking the public in and repaying it!
If you check the majority of the state's debt, who's actually funding it, you'll find in many of the cases, it's government itself funding its own debt to lock in the interest return for their investment funds.
Let's say you had five minutes to address the public to explain this to them on 2020.
You got five minutes, hit them.
It all boils down to the money.
The biggest, most substantial amount of money that exists on the face of this planet.
The gross income of the United States of America.
The productivity of an entire nation.
The boys, the boys, the syndicate said...
We have to tap into this.
They did.
Government was the aspect of tapping into it.
Government was a pay-as-you-go structure.
They had to turn it into an administrative clearinghouse for revenue collection than they have.
The public has been masterfully entertained.
Day by day, they become addicts to the TV, the radio picture 100 years ago.
People went out and talked to their neighbors.
They walked around their neighborhood.
They walked five miles to visit a neighbor.
Today, they're glued to the TV set listening to the propaganda and the conditioned responses and being numbed down based on what's the money that everyone's digging their pockets and filling their pockets with from politics and the attorneys.
Now, you always use the expression prison planet, Alex.
If you look at my website, you'll see, I spent 45 days in jail.
They grabbed my son, six-year-old son by armed force, sprayed mace in my face.
Took them from me.
Threw me in jail for 45 days.
You have legalized extortion taking place all across the country.
The principle of operation that the country was founded upon does not exist.
Does not exist.
You have an extortion racket in place.
You have these criminals laughing their butts off all the way down to the bank each and every day.
They terrorize the public.
With brute force and threats of death, if you want to oppose them, they've been taking out their opposition one after the other, including myself and quite a few other people that try to expose what the hell they're doing.
This is no games, folks.
This is organized crime and a serious level of money is involved.
They hire the best psychologist, the best marketing strategist, the best period to continue business as usual due to the money involved.
And if they can hold back their annual financial report for 65 years from an entire nation, think of what they are doing behind the scenes.
The murder.
The rape.
The extortion.
The theft.
It's right there, folks.
When they say this is a country of laws, wrong.
This is a country of manipulation of the laws to allow their theft and extortion and depravity to continue.
That would be my five-minute synopsis there.
Now, going back, Cynthia McKinney, who they're now targeting, a few months ago, and every year she does this, she goes, it's $2 trillion, it's $3 trillion, missing from the Pentagon.
Over the last five years, six years, Rumsfeld doesn't deny it.
He says, yes, it's missing.
And we played the clip.
We're not going to tell you where it is.
I mean, when trillions are coming out missing, when they're just taking the troops' pension funds, when they're... And no accountability.
None whatsoever.
Any accountability to anyone.
They have 100% control over their own prosecution of themselves.
So business as usual is expanding, consolidating, taking over.
Just wild criminality, brainwashing.
The U.S.
government has more control today than Russia ever dreamed in the wildest nightmare they could have had, or dreamed they could have had.
The control government has today over the public today in this country is massive.
The money that government is making is substantially more than the entire population combined.
And the public doesn't even know to look.
They're sitting there watching their TV, you know, being entertained, planning their next SUV trip.
Let me boil this down.
Global crime syndicates through the Federal Reserve System in the 1950s took over local, state, and county governments, water districts, school districts, set up a double set of accounting books, set up the laws where the investment was paid into select globalist corporations who then used our money that we generated, our wealth, to buy up basically the world.
Now they're in the final stages of consolidation to use the U.S.
as an engine of military control to dominate the 64 countries that are left that they haven't taken over.
They admit this.
We're good to go.
I think?
A show we did a couple years back, Alex, we were talking about a dog and government turning into a tick.
And you said, let's qualify that, Walter.
How big is the dog and how big is the tick?
And I said, oh, if you have a 100-pound dog, you have a 300-pound tick.
And I said, picture a 100-pound dog dragging around a 300-pound tick.
I'm going to throw in one other qualifier in there.
Remember that science thing they did all the time where they had this bowl of fruit and they showed a time lapse where the fungus devoured all of the fruit?
Okay, and you see it just go down to nothing?
On the time lapse?
What's happening here, you have a runaway government, runaway extortion, runaway graft, where it's like that bowl of fruit.
It's being devoured.
And it's going to be nothing left unless the public wakes up and gets a clue.
Real fast, because, as I mentioned, just on the annual financial report, government held it back for 65 years, and 95% of the public is sitting there scratching their heads saying, there might be a problem here, but I just can't figure it out.
Let me stop you.
This is so key, and we're going to take a call here in a minute from Joe in Kansas and a few others.
Walter, every time I do an interview with you, every few years, station owners and managers call up and go, Alex, it's absolutely true.
We just got a threatening call from the mayor.
Telling us, take that off or they're going to do something to the station.
Why does it scare mayors and other people listening right now?
If a street punk is going to cut your neck for a $500 gold necklace, what do you think these guys are doing to cut billion-dollar deals?
The public better wake up real fast!
This is big money!
But again, that's a revolving door, though, because the corporate chiefs control the people in government, and then the government chiefs have...
And the door opens both ways on that structure, though.
I'm controlled.
And now they're totally nuts.
They passed the New Freedom Initiative last year.
Their own documents say to force half the kids in America on psychotropics and amphetamine drugs, stimulants.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's pretty simple on why, Alex.
Keep in mind, these guys went after the money.
They've lost sight on the basic fundamental principles this country was founded on.
Do you think they're going to go too far, though?
The basic features that we all used to love.
Walter, it seems to me now, though 10 years ago they were a little bit slower, it's like they're all going wild right now, grabbing whatever they can as if they know it's going to implode.
It's like you've been cheating on your wife for 20 years with every girl on the block and she comes in and catches you.
And you say, hey, I don't care anymore.
Out there right in front of your face.
You want to stay in the house?
You want me to feed you?
You better like it or shut up.
The arrogance of these politicians, because they've gotten away with it for so long, right under everyone's nose.
Now, let me add this caveat.
The new London, Connecticut ruling.
Folks, there is Western Seafood, owned by the Gore family, not the President's family, or Vice President's, another Gore family, you've got them on.
I think we're good to go.
A year company supplying much of the seafood for the entire nation.
I mean, even people that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
These gangsters just say, hey, I'm going to take it.
And with the new London, they're just going to start taking private property, not even the government.
Some private groups want it.
They're not even going to pay you.
They're just going to take it.
The foreign Spanish company, Centra, is being given almost every road in Texas.
97% of Texans in polls don't want it.
And almost universally, the politicians say, we don't care.
I mean, they've just gone totally wild.
We're going to do it.
No, the money, Alex, the money.
They're going to get the money.
They're going to laugh all the way down to the bank.
They do it every single time.
They do it right in someone's face.
They get away with it.
There's no accountability, no consequence, no liability.
A hundred years ago, they had Tarring and Feather.
Have you seen Tarring and Feather recently?
Somebody being ridden out on a rail.
I mean, I know over time you've talked to a lot of these elite individuals.
You've toured the country.
You've been on a lot of radio talk shows.
When you talk to these elite minions or elite individuals, I mean, what do they say to you, Walter?
I got a call from Harry Kissinger about two years ago.
I mean, we talked for a little bit, and he didn't quite identify himself.
It was unmistakable in the voice.
He just wanted to know why I was doing what I was doing.
So I told him.
But the bottom line is, if things don't change, if things don't change,
You have this higher dominion in their fantasy worlds of an ideological control factor.
You have everyone in between.
So totally confused now.
They cannot even enjoy their own lives.
Their families are falling apart.
There's no cohesion in the reality of the fundamentals of life.
We're now a debtor nation.
Earlier this year, we passed the point in the depths of the Depression, late 1933.
We were a net debtor nation.
We have now gone back to that point and below it.
I would love to know how much standing assets government has right now, because that debt could probably be in the stroke of a pen.
Yeah, well, I'm talking about individual debt, yeah.
The control factor, Alex, we have to do something in unity.
I'm going to qualify something.
I used to work at the World Tracer.
I was one of the first tenants back there in 78.
And back then, the tenants, the only thing they had a concern about was
Number one, a truck being loaded with explosives being driven into the underground parking deck because it was wide open.
Their only other concern?
Plane being flown into the towers.
Passenger plane.
Port Authority put out a memorandum back then to all the tenants.
Don't worry about the planes.
We have about 40-some-odd tracking stations, private, commercial, monitoring the skies, and only commercial aircraft can fly into the no-fly zone, and they have to be on a pre-designated course.
Any non-commercial airplane that comes in there, we dispatch an interceptor.
Any commercial airplane that goes off course, we dispatch an intercept.
Now, keep in mind, this is back in 78, 79.
They ran thousands of sorties on practice runs, responses to genuine threats.
There's only one day I know they didn't launch, not from just one threat in the air, but from four.
That was on 9-11.
Obviously an inside job.
And also Larry Silverstein.
Polar Authority was trying to sell the World Trade Center back then in 78, 79.
They couldn't get it out of fire.
Here, Silverstein comes in on a 99-year lease for $3.5 billion.
Now, keep in mind it was on a 99-year lease for $3.5 billion.
He only made about $107 million in payments.
Okay, first thing he does, he takes out a $3.5 billion insurance policy for terrorism with a double indemnity clause covering himself for $7 billion.
The ink wasn't even dry on the contract.
Both powers go down.
I know.
I know.
Stay there, Walter.
Final segment with you.
We'll take one call from Joe.
We've got to get Walter back very soon for two full hours.
We've got a link to his website on infowars.com.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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I think so too.
Thank you.
Well, the government and its investments make almost three times every year what the American people do, total.
It's just going to get worse.
They're taking everything over.
They've got unlimited capital, and they've bought off almost everybody, and it's just getting worse and worse.
Walter, I want to take two calls from Joe and Elias, but give out your website for folks out there that have missed it.
That's capper1.com, C as in Charles, A as in Apple, F as in Frank, R as in Robert, the number one dot com.
My friend, we've got to get you up for two hours in the near future.
I hope people will go to Infowars.com and get comprehensive annual financial reports exposed.
Do you still sell that documentary that you made on your site?
Just a little qualifier, Alex.
Do you remember that movie with Dustin Hoffman, Little Big Man?
Some of your listeners, I'm sure, have watched it.
There was a guy in there, as the storyline progressed, where he kept getting whittled down.
He'd lose an arm, lose a leg, and he was hobbling along.
They said they kept whittling him down.
Well, the last couple of years, they've been whittling me down.
Right now, for the last six months, I've been stuck in New Jersey in my motorhome with threats of five years in state prison being hanging over my head from the New Jersey boys.
And I've had my children stolen from me.
I've watched the corruption in the courts and nonstop abuse of this obstruction of justice.
I've been worn down, Alex.
Right now, as I mentioned, I am sitting here stuck in New Jersey.
Can't go back to Arizona, which is my home state.
And I'm effectively maybe eliminated in a very short period of time.
So people need to support you, and they can go to the website and do that.
We'll have you up in the very near future.
On the videos, I only have a few with me.
I haven't been able to have any made, and I have to wait for the disposition of some charges they have.
The first link on my site, I give a full descriptive of pleadings I've filed if anyone wants to read them.
They can see what I'm going through.
Well, we're going to have you back on soon.
We'll spend more time on that.
Joe in Kansas.
Joe, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
Yes, go ahead.
One point before I get distracted is that I'm the chairman of the Reform Party of Kansas, and if you wouldn't mind, I would like to invite people in Kansas...
If they're willing to run for office this November on these issues.
We're almost out of time.
You said you had a question for Walter?
One point locally that seems to come up.
There were some people in the state government that were looking into the local school budgets, and they got blackballed pretty bad, but they were finding some serious inconsistencies.
And when they started questioning things, they got basically taken out.
Yeah, you're dealing with the holy grail of accounting when you talk about the annual finance report.
The budget's insignificant when you look at an annual finance report in its total scope.
And keep in mind, most elected officials will not even mention it.
If you ask them to put a link to the holy grail, the capper, on their website, they'll refuse to do it.
If you ask them to put it in their newsletter, they'll refuse to do it.
Every time they refuse, they're confirming their own participation in criminal conspiracy to defraud the American public.
Well, God bless you, Walter, for all you've done.
Joe, thank you for the call.
We've got to move on.
Elias in Michigan.
You've got about 45 seconds.
Go ahead, Elias.
I've had a personal experience with unofficial elected officials in the city of St.
Clair Shores, Michigan, who have stolen our house and are attempting to destroy it.
They have absolutely stolen it, and evidently they're immune from prosecution.
They have laws in the state that prevent you from suing them.
It's all money, and they just do it, and they do it thousands of times.
What is your website?
Oh, yeah, okay.
Thank you, sir.
Walter Rahman, and in the next few weeks, I'm going to get you on for two hours.
We can talk an hour about the reports and then an hour about your situation and get some folks to support you out there, but they should go to the site and support you.
Walter, God bless you for taking one for the team and all you've done.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Thanks for having me back in, Alex.
You bet.
God bless.
And you've got my office number.
Call me anytime.
I remember when I learned of this in 99.
I made a film about it actually in 2000.
I've been covering it.
I've had city managers in the studio admitting it.
Current city managers of cities.
I mean, it's just total criminality.
Let's expose these creatures.
God bless you all.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.