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Air Date: April 7, 2006
2499 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, it is customary that I don't take many calls in the first hour.
I normally cover news and have a guest on.
But today we're going to go to your calls early in this first hour.
And I've been doing an excellent job of taking your calls in rapid succession.
The toll-free number to join us on air today.
Any news item, any issue, any question, any comment.
You disagree with me, you agree with me.
You've got predictions you'd like to make.
You'd like to talk about some newscast you saw or some under-reported story you think is important.
Whatever you want to talk about, you're welcome to call in.
Now, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to agree with you, but I normally do if it's a great audience, so well-informed, so educated on what's happening in our country and geopolitically across the globe.
And there's a massive important news to cover as well.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Bird flu outbreak coincided with drill.
Foot and mouth example should set alarm bells ringing if pandemic occurs in England.
This by Paul Joseph Watson.
Foot and mouth example.
Now, remember back in the late 1990s, weaponized foot and mouth was released, and then it was confirmed and reported, but back of the paper, that the British government had released it.
They claim that some extremist
Unnamed, never captured, foggy patsies.
They don't even bring patsies forward now.
They just say, we think there's someone out there that did this that wasn't with the government.
Snuck into the level 4 bioweapons laboratory there in Wilshire and released it.
And then they killed, what, 4 million cows, 8 million sheep.
It was hell on earth and a nice little drill for future control.
So we'll get into that.
Also, as I'm sure most of you already know, papers reveal Cheney Aid says Bush okayed leak.
Cheney Aid says Bush okayed leak.
And the Bush administration is now saying, this came out yesterday, they're saying, yeah, okay, we're allowed to leak the names of people.
First they lied and said that they hadn't done that, and now they're just saying that, okay, we did it, and we're allowed to.
Just like we're allowed to torture, even children.
Just like we're allowed to violate federal law.
Just like we're allowed to do whatever we want.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So we'll go over these two articles when we get back and then plunge into your calls.
There's a lot of other news here, too.
Gonzalez calls for unlimited wiretapping and spying on American people.
He says it's good.
See, first Bush said, oh, it's just foreign calls to the U.S.
or U.S.
calls to overseas.
And then Gonzalez went, well, actually, we're doing it a lot more than that and started giggling in front of the Senate.
And they giggled back.
It's so much fun.
Oh, and there's been a couple hoaxes lately.
I discovered that one was a hoax.
I never reported it.
That was that Bush was seeking a third term via the Justice Department, looking at strategies put out by the Register, which clearly said it was a hoax at the top.
Said April Fool's.
Been out now for seven days.
We never fell for it.
A lot of people did.
But for about five minutes yesterday, five minutes only...
Thanks to a call to the office, and I was already looking at it and feeling suspicious seconds after we posted it.
A fake Fox News website, foxnews.us.
But we'll get into that, too.
Talking about Senate Leader Frist saying, Yeah, so what if the White House has memos to the media telling them what to do?
We torture people's loved ones, we want to put chips in you, which they've all said they're doing, so most of it is true, it's just the context is the hoax, so we'll talk about that to you.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Friday, the seventh day of April 2006.
I want to thank you for joining us.
We will have wide open phones today.
1-800-259-9231 is the toll-free number to join us.
Look at this headline, and I'm just going to mention some of the headlines, then I'm going to get into two stories in particular, then we'll start taking your calls, and then kind of dole out the articles as we go in between the calls throughout the next two hours and 51 minutes.
Woman dies after son calls 911.
Dispatchers think it's a prank.
Now, every month or so, I see an article...
Periodically, where the man is busting down the door with a giant double-edged dagger, going, I'm going to cut your head off, and the woman calls, and then the police, or the dispatchers, I should say, laugh at her, think it's a prank, and hang up.
And then the person brutally rapes the woman and chops her head off, or almost severs it.
And, I mean, every month I see these articles.
Now, number one, the average 911 time...
Response time in the United States, last time I checked, is 11 minutes.
And I'm not saying police don't want to protect you.
I'm not saying they don't have a tough job.
I'm not saying that cops don't do a great job a lot of the time.
I mean, I've had burglaries before.
I've had problems before.
My wife's thought somebody's in the backyard before, and the Austin cops were there in like 45 seconds.
I mean, she called 911 a few months ago, and I'm not kidding.
They were there in like 45 seconds, she told me.
But the average response time is 11 minutes.
And especially if you're in a rural area or in an area that isn't near a substation.
I guess I live pretty close to a substation.
I live off a major thoroughfare, so there's just cops all over the place.
But the point is, is that federal and state courts have ruled for hundreds of years, because I actually agree with their rulings, that police have no duty...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
...incorporated cities, which really become a problem over time, to go out and then capture the people who the grand jury has indicted or who they are in hot pursuit of with clear evidence, probable cause that a crime has been committed.
They are to chase the bank robbers, corner them.
If they fight, they are to kill them, or they are to capture them, take them into custody, so we the people can sit in judgment of them and put them in prison or execute them, whatever the case may be.
It is not the government's job to protect you.
It never has been.
It never will be.
And they can't protect you.
And in many cases they won't protect you.
Many examples of this that have been reported in the mainstream news are the La Reconquista radical racist Hispanic groups are beating up groups of whites and blacks.
I mean, beating old women, old men down.
It seems to be the favorite target.
There's photos and video of it.
I have it going back to the 90s, mid-90s.
I have it just happening a few weeks ago.
There's mainstream AP photos of it, Reuters stories about it.
And the police will stand there and watch it happen.
Listen, when they had the Rodney King riots, which predominantly was illegal aliens just looting, and then there were blacks engaging in racial attacks against whites and Asians, and we all saw it on video, Reginald Indy and others, the cops just stood down.
Daryl Gates, by the way, should have been...
Indicted for that as a conspirator after the fact for allowing that to happen because that was rampant crime going on and lawlessness in front of everyone.
It is their job when the crime is being committed to engage it if they see it.
But again, they are not liable if they unknowingly don't or if they don't do a perfect job.
It is their job.
You have to look at the court cases and it's all legalese.
But he should have gotten in trouble because they're afraid.
I mean, they're so worried, they're not really warriors anymore.
They're just worried about, they're not really peacekeepers anymore.
They're just worried about protecting themselves.
The whole nomenclature, the whole ideology is about protecting themselves.
Okay, you see, I said I'd mention this article, and I said I'd get into the bird flu, and then Libby blowing the whistle and saying Bush told him to go ahead and leak, which is just huge.
I want to cover those in detail and take your calls, and here I am just mentioning one article and getting off into it.
But every time I hear about people being brutally raped and murdered, listen, single women out there, single parents out there, or women, when your husband's out of town, I know you were brainwashed and told guns were evil and they're like hundred foot cobras that'll come out of their safe and bite you at night and drink your blood.
No, they're inanimate objects.
Your car is much more dangerous.
A swimming pool is much more dangerous to your children.
Get an instant access pistol safe.
Go take gun courses.
Because I know your husband's probably a chicken necked,
We're good to go.
And they start firing a handgun, a rifle.
You try to start them with something small because they're afraid.
The movies make you think you pull the trigger on a .357 Magnum and it makes you fly back through the door.
That's part of Hollywood's propaganda against guns, folks.
I mean, I've sat there and gone to the shooting range and been shooting real-life elephant guns and they don't even hardly kick.
If you pull it into your shoulder, again, that's all wives' tales.
I heard about, oh, .50 calibers, they have such a kick.
No, they don't.
No, they don't.
I can sit there with one free hand.
I've done it many times.
And firing it with a pretty good aim.
Again, I'm digressing.
The point is, is that you need to get yourself women out there.
You need to get yourself a little snake charmer, a little .410 shotgun, semi-automatic, three rounds.
I have that because it's very reliable.
And it's got those sheer safety slugs in it, so if anybody ever comes in here and I shoot and I miss, the bullet won't go through the wall and kill my employees on the other side.
It's what the air marshals use.
I recommend that in your house if you've got...
You've got loved ones in there.
If you live alone, just have whatever you want.
But seriously, I mean, somebody starts busting down your door, you just reach over to the safe and go, door pops open, and just unload into their center of mass.
I mean, it's real simple.
Don't count on the cops to do it.
By the way, the police will tell you.
Somebody starts busting in your house, kill them.
Don't sit there waiting for them to try to come save you.
They're going to try, but they can't in every case.
What are you going to do?
You're going to rely on yourself, and you're going to blow them away.
Now I want you to go out, and I want you to buy a gun, and I want you to go take safety courses, and I want you to learn how to kill criminals.
Oh, boy.
So we'll get into that.
Just look at this police state news.
Australian man jailed on evidence derived from torture.
Mainstream news.
Army hired criminals, a security guard's report says.
I first learned of this six years ago and couldn't believe it when it was in UPI and AP.
You didn't know that they're actually recruiting violent felons, aggravated felons?
Yes, and not just to be jail guards.
When the government starts hiring crooks, you're looking at Nazi Germany, you're looking at the Soviet Union.
You know, Stalin opened up all the jails and made his head henchman.
His commissariat were crooks, rapists, murderers, and same thing now.
But our government, in the first wave, five and a half, six years ago, didn't start hiring American criminals.
For some reason, they went one even worse and were hiring thousands of Latin American illegal aliens, letting them out of U.S.
jails if they would sign up to join the U.S.
Army, mainly.
And guess what?
They were aggravated felons.
It actually listed rape, arson, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon.
Ha ha!
This is out of the Virginia Post pilot in mainstream news.
Iran will defend nuclear program to last drop of blood.
Here's the big news, of course.
Cheney, papers show, aid says Bush, okayed leak, Associated Press.
Iran has no intercontinental...
Or intercontinental missiles, Russia says.
Of course they don't.
They've got some medium-range missiles, supposedly, pieces of junk.
Camera scan license plates for stolen cars, Baltimore Sun.
Again, every state's now announcing they have these.
They had these five years ago.
Four or five years ago.
Started like, first place I saw it was six years ago in Indiana, then Texas five years ago, and now it's everything.
It's all being scanned.
They don't even need transponders in your car to track you.
These cameras can scan hundreds of plates a second.
That is, they're so sophisticated, the open lens is videotaping a bunch of cars, and the computer in it, it's NSA technology developed a decade ago, I've even seen it in one of the developmental offices at UT, which is declassified now, where they show all this, and the computer recognizes numbers, but a whole field of them, it doesn't have to zoom in on one plate, it just is such a high quality lens, it just sees hundreds of plates a second, and just scanning all of them, running your plates.
Total police state!
I mean, the Pentagon spying on you is bad.
We'll get into that.
Program will register all livestock.
More on that.
And, well, look, it's all coming up.
I'm going to come back, and what I'll do is I promise to take a lot of calls.
We'll take some calls, and then I'll come back and get into bird flu and Cheney and all the rest of it.
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All right, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go to your calls.
Craig in Texas, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Four quick points.
I just came back from Europe.
Everything you said about the toll roads is exactly true.
What surprised me is churches now, if you have faith and allegiance in a church, you're automatically taxed 10% of your income.
It's no longer voluntary.
Also, we see the borders disappear in the European Union.
We believe that that's going to happen with the United States and Canada.
And last but not least, I'm married to a Texas gal who's a psychiatrist.
She told me the first Christmas, but she knew it was true love because I bought her a riot shotgun for her.
She can defend the home.
And I'll get off.
Well, let me ask you one more question because I wasn't aware of the second thing you said.
There is a tax if you're an affiliated member of a major church of 10%?
Oh, he'd already hung up.
Will somebody call in and... That is wild.
Yes, sir.
It's more than just believing we're going to have a Pan-American Union.
The expansion of it, it's already been set up.
It's just in trade deals.
Just like they started the European Union as the European Economic Community 45 years ago, and then now it's a full-fledged union.
Thanks to Hugo Chavez, it's in trouble right now, but they're trying to have a Pan-American Union.
That's what these open borders are about.
But as for your other point, I wasn't aware of that.
And yeah, the transponders and the toll roads, it's here.
Let's talk to Rodney in Texas.
Rodney, go ahead.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
I want to comment on your statements about guns.
I agree with you 100%.
You know, people need to be more proactive rather than reactive.
And I'm like you.
I see all these articles every day on Associated Press where people get murdered and killed.
And all the police do is show up to pick up the pieces, more or less.
Well, my point is that every month or so I see it where they call 911 and 911 hangs up on them.
I had that happen, as a matter of fact, when I lived in Chicago.
I called 911 and all I got was a busy signal.
But nevertheless, you know, I'm like you.
If I need to call somebody for help,
In a crisis situation where I feel my life is threatened, doors being kicked down, I have these two soul brothers called Smith and Wesson that back me up.
And so I encourage people to be proactive and go out and buy yourself a gun.
Get very well acquainted with it, trained, and so therefore you don't have to wait until
The police come to pick up the pieces.
What I want to comment on was, I was at the Jones, not the Jones Report, it's just jonesreport.com.
I see how they're trying to railroad Cynthia McKinney.
Well, now, have you heard the latest?
They claim that one of her aides pushed a reporter, so now she needs to be arrested.
Basically, they're harassing him, cornering him.
And, by the way, this is admitted.
First, the police said it was on tape that she shoved him.
Turns out there is no tape of that.
Turns out she just turned around and bumped into him.
But she'll probably end up getting indicted and arrested.
And now they're going after one of her aides.
So they are really coming after her.
Yeah, and who of all people, the scumbag Tom Lillet, he gets on TV talking about how she's a racist, this, that, and the other.
Like, he's got all the credibility in the world.
I mean, these people, they're just... It's appalling, you know, that they're doing this to Cynthia McKinney.
And it's obvious she's a maverick, well, a pioneer.
Well, she's not a racist either.
Yeah, yeah, I agree with you.
And, you know, she's...
Spoke out against 9-1-1, and I feel that these people feel that she's threatening.
Neil Bortz had the gall to claim that she looked like a ghetto slut, I guess, with her new hairdo.
Yeah, he does that for publicity.
And then he comes back and he says, I'm going to apologize, but my apology is not to my detractors.
It's to my listeners.
He really didn't apologize.
This has gotten out of hand, but one final point here.
I don't know if you've seen the little stage press conference George Bush held in Philadelphia where you had one canned, I guess, protester stand up and say that he didn't agree with George Bush and the rest of the people in the audience booed this guy.
Now, Alex, I got a question for you.
Do you think that there's only one person out there with George Bush's poll numbers sinking like a rock that disagree with him?
Well, sir, I don't think I know that they make you sign a pledge that you are a Bush supporter, and then they make a photocopy of your driver's license when you go into these, quote, town halls.
That's been for three years.
They knew that guy.
He was...
Well, he may have snuck in.
I mean, he may have really been a protester.
It may have been staged.
You don't know these people.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Hello, folks.
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We'll get you up and on the air.
More of your calls coming up.
And then we will get into bird flu outbreak coincided with government drill, as usual.
Foot and mouth example set stage for what we're now witnessing.
So we'll get into this also.
Cheney Aid says Bush okayed leak.
And so we'll cover those two articles and many others coming up here after we continue with your phone calls.
Right now, let's go to George in Canada.
George, you're on the air.
Good morning, Alex.
How are you?
Alex, I'm really confused and saddened by all the misinformation I keep seeing in the mainstream press.
A couple nights ago, CNN really did a pretty brutal hatchet job on Cynthia McKinney.
They spent, at the 4 o'clock Mountain Time news hour when Lou Dobbs came on, they spent half an hour
I'm defaming her and just saying how much of a wacko, crazy nutjob she is.
Well, yeah, sir, they had Democrats and Republicans cross the lines during the primaries, what, three and a half years ago when she came out in Atlanta and said that 9-11 is a cover-up, that there needs to be a real investigation, that Bush could be involved.
We're good to go.
From behind, she simply turned and bumped into him with her cell phone in her hand.
Then they lied and said they had video for two days.
They knew they didn't have video of that.
Oh, we have the proof.
And believe me, where she was at, it's on surveillance camera, so they'd be showing it if it looked bad.
So she obviously bumped into him, and then now one of her aides supposedly shoved a reporter.
So basically, look, they don't like her getting up in front of Rumsfeld and saying, where's the $3 trillion that's missing?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And just who cares?
And you know, so what?
I mean, back in the day when this country was free, the congressmen got in fights beating each other over the head with canes, and then they would just get censured.
I mean, she's not beating people over the head with canes.
I mean, President Jackson was going around shooting people.
So I just don't want to hear it anymore.
I mean, Cheney's off shooting people in cold blood, and he's not getting in trouble.
But then McKinney shoves somebody, reportedly.
They have no proof.
And oh my gosh, she's as bad as Beelzebub.
It's a sad commentary, Alex.
It really is.
And I don't know if you saw it.
You don't probably watch very much mainstream shows on TV.
But last Friday, on Bill Maher on HBO...
Well, I appreciate your call.
I have tuned in several times, probably five times, to watch Bill Maher.
In one episode, he's saying...
That the bird flu is a fraud, an excuse for the government to have martial law.
He was actually saying this in his little stand-up.
He does like a five-minute talk at the first.
And he said that also Rumsfeld's making money, hundreds of millions, his company billions, off of the Tamiflu drug.
This is last year.
And I'm like, wow!
Then I tuned in another time, and he's like, we're at a police state.
They're trying to take our abortion away from us.
As if abortion is some wonderful right.
And then all these evil right-wingers bringing down America.
George Bush is not a right-winger.
It's like Erica John.
She gets up on CNN after I'm on there live and says, and she's on there separately about her new book, and A.J.
Hammer brings up the point about 9-11.
She goes, well, they do this throughout history.
Governments do this.
Many others have done it as a pretext to attack foreign enemies.
Hitler did it.
And then she goes into how Bush is a dictator but says because he wants to take our abortion away from us.
No, he's actually been trying to block laws that would restrict abortion.
So, you know, they know we're in a police state, but their priorities are all screwed up.
They're still mindless liberals.
So that's my comment about Bill Maher.
And, you know, he'll get people on there like Kurt Vonnegut, who I think is just amazing.
We have some chance of getting Kurt Vonnegut on, I would mention, by the way, in the near future.
We're working on that.
But to make a long story short, the left is corrupted, the right is corrupted.
It's all part of a false system.
Let's talk to Russell in Florida.
You're on the air.
Alex, thank you.
Great call today.
Great show as usual.
I'll make a comment that Bill Maher is just part of the false left-right, like you said.
I've listened to him before, and he has put people down regarding 9-11, saying it's a scurrilous charge that this government would do something like that.
So he's a gatekeeper.
Well, I hope somebody tapes that for me and puts it on YouTube or something, on the web, so we can link to it.
Yeah, he made the claim that it was a scurrilous charge on Friday.
And he's done that before.
So you saw it?
Yeah, I saw it.
I've seen him before slam a girl in a... There was some type of demonstration and he was a speaker.
And some girl brought up the fact that she thought 9-11 was carried out by certain rogue elements of our government.
And he says, oh, you're a conspiracy nut, wacko.
And he basically slammed her in front of about a thousand people.
And I knew at that point that he was basically part of the whole false left system.
Well, obviously.
I mean, they let him have a political show on HBO.
I really enjoyed you playing that JFK clip yesterday.
And I think, like...
Myself, you're a big movie buff.
Have you seen V for Vendetta yet?
Yeah, overall I think it's got a good message.
But again, it's that fake leftist stuff where rebelling isn't getting your corrupt government out.
Rebelling isn't having a second amendment.
Rebelling isn't getting rid of the Federal Reserve.
Rebelling is women having sex together.
And ooh, that's what the government wants to stop.
The government could care less about that.
Or rebellings having a bunch of tattoos.
It gives you a false rebellion.
I thought overall the movie was good.
That was enjoyable.
I'm really looking forward to Scanner Darkly, though.
A couple other movies is... I don't know if you've seen Equilibrium.
Everybody keeps telling me about it.
I haven't seen it.
And The Majestic.
I mentioned before with Jim Carrey.
And also...
The latest movie he just came out with, Having Fun with Dick and Jane, it's going to be out on DVD I think this week, is a really good movie.
It's got a great message.
But the real reason why I called Alex is I wanted to mention something that maybe you can comment on more, is this deal with Scooter Libby.
Now that the White House is claiming that the President has the legal right to release that kind of classified information, but isn't Bush the one that said,
He would fire anyone whom he found leaking classified information when
Question on this subject.
All along, he's mouthing off about that, but he and Cheney were the ones that released the info.
Well, we always knew that, and it's the same guy that says we know he has WMDs, and then after there's no WMDs, he says, we never said there were WMDs.
He and Rumsfeld have both said that, and in other speeches, he said, okay, we were wrong, there weren't WMDs.
So people, these neocon followers are not insulted by constantly being lied to, because they associate their personal identity and their personal power with Bush,
They would believe him if he said, Satan is Jesus.
They'd say, yes, Satan is Jesus.
I mean, that's how upside down these people are.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, take something like Free Republic, that chat room message board.
I remember 10 years ago, it was a great site.
It had a lot of news and information on it.
You look at it now, it's all literally like people with IQs of about 75 or lower just gibbering and babbling.
They'll defend anything.
They'll get on there and go, Bush isn't for amnesty.
It's all lies.
Bush isn't anti-gun.
It's all lies.
Bush is a fiscal conservative.
I've gone and looked at it.
They think big government, gun control, and open borders is conservative.
They believe anything and everything Bush says.
And it's scary.
Let's go ahead and talk to LG in California.
LG, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
Nice to talk to you.
I've talked to you once before.
Great show today.
Everybody is very clear, and you're clear, and I'm really liking all the information.
The one thing I wanted to go back to a little bit, the subject you were talking about most of the week,
Dr. Jeff.
And, you know, about the culling of the population in general.
And you had gone, you had been talking about it a lot, I think, mostly about, you know, the method of how they would kind of drop something in the air or whatever and take out, you know, a bunch of people, and mostly in the cities, and then the people on the outside would, you know, they would have to kind of...
My question is, you've had Scott Stevens on before about the weather modification and all that stuff?
There is an operation going on and the sky is over us.
It's an aerosol program of some kind.
Most people don't really know what it is.
There's a lot of speculation.
I think it's a package of different programs.
I think so too.
And then there is a debate within the truth movement about every proponent basically says, oh no, it's just this, it's just that, and then they all argue with each other.
No, it's a bunch of different programs from the documents and evidence we have.
Yes, and that's just the way they work, most of these kind of programs anyway.
I mean, most of them are multi-pronged.
But you were talking about, if you think about a method,
That they could do this kind of attack.
It's there.
It's right there above everybody every day.
But understand, they're not going to spray you at 30,000 feet.
If they come in to knock your shitty out, they're going to come in spraying at 1,000, 2,000, depending on the wind patterns.
Yeah, but all they have to do is, like you say, change the formula, you know, and fly lower.
Yeah, that's it.
All this spraying is training and drilling.
But I mean, see, so many people will talk about chemtrails focused just on the esoteric, hard to prove, oh, look at this aerial photo.
I talk about the thousands of admitted drills we've had in the last five years where they spray admittedly dangerous bacteria and it's in the front page of papers.
And the other thing too is that people should go back to percentages of
Original bill introduction, HR 2977.
Yeah, restricting these weapons.
And now they're admitting, now they're trying to pass a law for a weather control board openly now admitting they have this power.
And a bunch of top government officials in Bush's, including Chertoff, are shooting their mouths off now about how they can control the weather.
Yeah, and there's actually, Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas has introduced legislation
For experimentation with weather modification.
Yes, you're right.
And in the H.R.
2977 bill that Kucinich introduced, he, along with Kim Trails, mentions all these other kinds of weapons.
Psychotronic and... Psychotronic, information weapons, high altitude, low frequency, plasma, electromagnetic...
Listen, I hear you.
I'm going to let you go because I've got to cover some news, but you're absolutely right, sir.
And again, the average listener to mainstream talk radio, which we are becoming mainstream, you know, so many people go, well, Alex is reaching millions of people.
He's breaking through.
He's able to convert people.
He must be bad.
Folks, we're not supposed to stay cloistered as losers in tiny little groups and ragtag bands.
We're supposed to win.
We're supposed to convert.
We're supposed to wake people up, turn them on, get them involved, get them to where they see the big picture.
And we're doing that.
And so a lot of this is starting to come out.
But certainly there is a lot of crazy stuff going on.
A lot of really dangerous things happening right now.
So the average mainstream talk radio listener, they hear us right now going, weather modification, weather control.
Sir, they think you just lied when you said Kay Bailey Hutchinson's got a bill introduced very close to passing with massive funding.
They don't believe that because they heard people in the past laugh and say it doesn't exist.
When I have people on, like the father of weather weapons, and do video interviews with him, and it's in mainstream newspapers after we interview him,
People, I get emails not believing that's even real.
They just, again, they can't believe Bush tried to sign the assault weapons ban.
They're in denial about that.
They're in denial that his amnesty program is amnesty.
His guest worker program.
You just cannot reach them.
They will, it could be in front of them, the elephant in the living room sitting on them, and they don't even know what it is.
And that's frustrating, that's scary, that's sad.
But there's all sorts of stuff going on.
There was a Baltimore Sun article about four years ago.
It's somewhere in the archives at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, where DARPA, the big military research organization that funds most of the scientific research at the colleges through its directorates and subgroups,
Because I say that because you'll go look at the funding and go, well, this is Department of Defense, or this is through this research branch.
It's not DARPA.
Alex, you said most of it's DARPA.
Well, DARPA funds them.
That's what Eisenhower's speech was about.
He just said in the Baltimore Sun, oh, DARPA says they're studying putting up certain type of frequency towers that will calm the population in times of emergency because they don't want panicking during a bio-attacker.
And it went on to say that they're testing towers to control our brains.
And there really are frequencies, there really are microwave-type emissions that'll make you get nauseated, that'll make you go to sleep, that'll make you pass out, that will kill you.
And, of course, then there's a bunch of schizophrenics and nuts running around who hear this, and it makes them even go crazier.
It's not saying in every case it's real.
In fact, in most cases, these people are completely off the reservation.
They're completely nuts.
But it is really going on.
It is admitted.
It does exist.
I mean, I remember five years ago, almost six years ago, getting a copy of Schumer Tech, the biggest law enforcement weapons accessory catalog in the country.
It's about an inch thick.
And it had the sonic nausea and the supersonic nausea machine.
And it said, you know, we use these in jails to make the prisoners get nauseated.
And officers have told us they've used these to great effect in demonstrations.
You know, they're very easy to hide in a backpack.
And it makes everybody sick within so many yards.
And we went and bought one and tested it on TV.
And people started getting nauseated.
I mean, they sell torture devices.
And by the way, I think the big one's about $150.
The little one's like $75.
The big one, I forget how many yards it goes.
I think it's like 20 yards.
The little one only like 10 yards.
But I mean, it'll make you sick.
Real sick.
Ain't ya?
A hundred and something bucks.
You can go buy it.
But you tell the general public about it.
That don't exist.
And computers don't neither.
I got me a Model T. Hey, we're in 2006, boys and girls.
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Bird flu and showing up in England, supposedly, and...
Looks like it's an inside job as usual, so we'll get into that a lot more.
Plus, Bush, yeah, I can leak CIA people just to be mean.
Of course, I lied about it before and said I didn't, but now I didn't.
So what?
Shut up!
Well, I wonder if Scooter Libby's going to fall down a flight of stairs or something.
I wouldn't count on that guy being around too much longer.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, now into the second hour, and I'm rip-roaring ready to go.
Wide open phones today.
Toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
It's the GCN Radio Network.
I'm here Monday through Friday, 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
We're going to get into bird flu.
Outbreak coincided with drill.
Foot and mouth example.
Should set alarm bells ringing if pandemic occurs.
We'll get into that.
Also more on Cheney and Bush.
Openly saying, yeah, go ahead and burn CIA agents, master agents, control agents.
Spy Chiefs.
It's okay.
We'll get into that.
But right now, let's go back to your calls.
Let's talk to Eric.
Or is it Aaron in Tennessee?
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
This is Eric.
Hey, good to talk to you again.
It's been a while since I was able to talk to you.
I had a couple of things to bring up.
But first of all, as far as that Cynthia McKinney's going on...
We're going to have to stand up and not allow her to get the diesel treatment like that Congressman Traskant got a couple years back.
Well, it was another congressman, and it's really frustrating me his name, Hanson, who they drove around for over a month until his feet exploded.
And what deceling is, folks, they drive you around about 23 hours out of the day.
They make you defecate on yourself.
It's one of the worst forms of torture, and they like to do it to congressmen.
That's exactly right.
Congressmen that stand up and actually try to bring the truth out.
And I just hope these charges get dropped.
But if they keep pursuing her and trying to trump up these charges, we're going to need to raise our voices about it.
Well, first they said, I mean, they knew for two days that they didn't have footage of her hitting him.
And they said they did.
The police said that.
They are a pack of liars.
And the two other things, Alex, I want to bring up is...
On the MySpace, you know, there's discussion groups that are moderated by you, and I don't know if you've seen it lately, but there's two things on there that I wanted to bring up.
First of all, have you heard anything about this Easter surprise down in Texas City?
Yeah, that's just total baloney.
Yeah, the same people that said we were going to have a terror attack a few months ago, nuke was going to go off, of course it didn't happen.
And I really think that's, well...
It's very suspect, and I'm... Again, I mean, the same people put out baloney over and over again, and people just keep believing it over and over again.
Okay, because I read where one person said that they actually, customs agents had actually...
Well, what you do is when you hear something like that, you go check the person's name and see what they've done in the past, and you'll hear the crying wolf over and over again.
What it does is it helps keep the fear going, and it also then neutralizes everybody because half the patriot movement is never moving because the end is next week.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Florida.
Chris, you're on the air.
Alex, I have a problem as someone who doesn't call himself a Christian, but I have a problem with some Christians.
They don't believe that the rapture will come before... They believe that the rapture will happen... I'm having trouble understanding you.
Can you stay up by your telephone for me?
I'm sorry.
Is that a little better?
I guess.
Go ahead.
They don't believe that the tribulation will happen after the rapture, or before the rapture.
They think that they'll be raptured up.
And I just was curious how to persuade these people, because they, you know, I think that maybe they think us non-Christians, patriots are...
Are not saved or worthy enough.
Maybe they feel they're not worthy enough to save themselves or save the future.
I'm curious.
Let me comment on the other side.
I keep you on, but your phone's just too bad.
Thank you.
Sounds like you're inside a barrel or something.
I'll comment on that later.
I mean, I already talked about it yesterday.
I mean, it's just a perfect cop-out.
Hey, I don't have to do anything.
I'm on the next flight out of here.
Well, you have a moral responsibility to fight evil.
We'll be right back.
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The New World Order is a global crime syndicate.
They have commission meetings just like your classical organized crime does.
And they are setting up international regulations and treaties and taxation and armies and laws to destroy all middle class populations.
To shift us into a system where you have 95% of people being serfs, 4% being servants of the elite who are middle class, and less than 1% that are literal trillionaires.
And they are destroying our economy at every level.
There's a couple articles today about, ooh, consumer confidence is up, and the joblessness rate is way down.
And then if you talk to any economist, and I mean real conservative economists, not just liberals trying to criticize Bush, like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Morgan Reynolds, many others, they'll tell you that the opposite is happening.
We have all-time debt in this country.
We have a debt ratio greater, we passed this point, what, a month ago, than at the depth of the Depression.
The worst numbers in U.S.
history until a month ago were late 1933.
Late 1933, and of course that's when Roosevelt signed the War Powers Act, ordered all gold to be confiscated and turned into the government.
And it was just horrible and they sold it to the Europeans and then jacked up the prices and doubled the price just a year later after they had control of it and then allowed America to start buying it again.
This is what they do.
And they do it over and over and over and over again.
Here's just one example of many of how they manipulate the jobless rate, the unemployment rate.
After you go off the unemployment rolls and then I guess just decide to live off whatever savings you have or move in with mom and dad or
Go homeless, whatever you do out there, or start mowing yards and getting paid cash and being part of the underground economy, which is a lot of these people are actually employed.
They're just in the underground economy.
I mean, there are hundreds every day that show up at different work sites to be picked up by trucks that pull up to go be paid, in many cases, below minimum wage.
So all of that is happening.
So the actual unemployment rate is around 10%.
But here's the really important number.
The new Fed chief, since 1913, in the 80 plus years that we've had this system, it's always been public how much
We're good to go.
And we know that in the last six years, President Bush has doubled the money supply.
Doubled the money supply, and we've seen, correspondingly, a little bit lower, but almost as high, a 44% reduction in the value of the dollar.
Now, Bush gives you a tax cut, on average in this country, of $300.
The average American per year is keeping about $300.
Now, there certainly were massive tax cuts for the nouveau riche, the upper middle class, that the general public calls rich.
That's not really rich.
And then there were even bigger tax cuts for the Fortune 500 and the truly rich.
And normally, I wouldn't be against a tax cut for anybody.
I believe low taxes are good across the board, unless you have massive record deficit spending.
Bush has spent more money than all presidents before him combined.
The official number is what we're 8.7 trillion in debt, but that's what's owed month to month.
That's how much is owed right now.
The guarantees they've signed on to, the commitments they've made, is over.
Over $80 trillion.
And that was a few months ago.
I mean, we're talking about trillions every six months or so.
It is so explosive.
It is a black hole of debt that we can never emerge from.
Go look at these numbers.
See, that's what a loan shark does.
He gets you addicted to the loans, jacks them up to 100% interest to the point of you can never get out of it.
And I know a lot of people who've got a couple of degrees.
Five years ago, we're laughing.
We're delionaires.
We're saying, oh, Alex, it's great that we're shipping everything to India.
Oh, the globalism is great.
They're freaking out.
A couple years ago, they sold their $300,000 houses.
They sold their boats.
They went and got two or three jobs.
Now they've lost those jobs.
They get a six-month job openly training their replacements from India, who then go back to India.
And now they're working at HEB.
One of these guys, I was going through the checkout lane at Central Market a few weeks ago, and he said, Alex, remember me?
I called in and made fun of you, talked to you on the street one time.
You were right.
You were right about everything.
It's just everybody I know.
People I talk to.
Friends I have.
It's just not funny anymore.
And this is only the beginning.
So I'm not trying to be negative.
The new Fed chief, though, you thought the doubling of the money supply in the last six years, I say the last six, the last five and a half, and those are official numbers, is bad.
The new Fed chief is known as Mr. Helicopter because a couple years ago he advocated literally dropping money, was his quote.
Of course, he didn't mean it literally, but he said, I literally want to drop money on the population out of helicopters.
And the general public says, oh, drop money.
Yeah, print more of it.
Don't you understand it's called inflation?
That's robbing you.
Because people like myself who aren't actually in debt, because I live frugally and have done that my entire life,
I'm not in debt.
I don't have huge savings, but I have rainy day funds and a little bit of money in my children's bank accounts for them in the future.
And I'm having to look at those sums that I've saved.
We've even had people die in the family and gotten small inheritances, or grandparents or great-grandparents have given cash gifts to my children, which is customary.
That's the old American way of accruing some wealth for your children and teaching them how to save from the time they can talk.
That money has been devalued by 45%.
Now, would you rather have the little 5% tax cut for the middle class and the $300 for the working class, or would you rather have your money not be devalued by 44%?
I'm asking you a question.
Is your money being devalued by 40 plus percent worse than getting 5%?
And of course, you can do the math.
You're not stupid.
And then the neocons set it up as a debate.
Well, liberals say the economy's bad, so it's conservative to say it's good.
Well, this isn't a religious thing.
You don't just, in a religious way, say, I have faith the economy's good.
And that certainly does help.
But when you're facing crushing numbers and record more people in debt, the national ratio is we are a debtor nation.
Corporate, private, federal, state, local.
Non-governmental, it's all in mass of debt.
Americans are net debtors, and in 1984, we were the richest country in the world, public, private, corporate, individual.
We had the highest ratio of savings, and now we have the lowest ratio of savings in the industrialized world.
We have the lowest education standards in numbers, and just 50 years ago, we had the highest numbers.
We, what, 50, 60 years ago, had the lowest levels of illegitimacy.
We now have the highest levels of illegitimacy.
Go look these numbers up.
These are official.
Every indice is a society in decline.
And then physically we're in decline.
We are the most obese in the world.
We are the most unhealthy in the world.
We have the highest levels of diabetes in the world.
We have the highest levels of cancer in the world.
We are a cursed country by every yardstick.
And you know, there's still a lot of good about the nation.
It hasn't been completely looted.
We've still got some infrastructure.
But it's all being sold off and handed off to international corporations.
So, I'm not trying to be negative here.
I love this country.
But we need to think about this.
I mean, I'm so busy fighting the New World Order that I haven't even had time to make moves with my moderate portfolio to protect my family.
I should be out buying a piece of land.
I should be out buying real things because the little bit of money I've got has been devalued by 44% in the last five and a half years and is going to be devalued even faster because I now come to my summation.
I'll get into the other news.
Because the new Fed chief says they are going to print unlimited amounts of money and accelerate what Alan Greenspan did in the last five and a half years, and that they are keeping the numbers secret on the M1, M2 money supply.
That is devastating.
And so, I'm not going to sit here and give you investment advice.
And I'm so focused on the fight against the New World Order that I'm not even protecting myself.
I'm not even doing it.
I'm so busy making films, so busy on the telephone, so busy writing articles, so busy fighting for you, that I am not even, because it takes time to manipulate savings and buy things and look at things and study pieces of property, because I can take the limited money I have and go get, there's still some cheap land out here, I can go out and buy myself 50 acres, something I really want.
I mean, I've got another little five-acre piece out in the hill country, and I've got a stake in family land out in East Texas where I can go move if I have to, but I want something closer to Central Texas, which is my mother's home place, my mother's side of the family.
Most of my family is here, and I wish to stay here, but I don't really have any real assets.
And I'm sitting here watching the little bit of money I've got, watching the money my children have got,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
These horrible crooks have stolen it from me.
45% and now they're saying it may be another 30% in the next year alone.
Oh, thanks a lot.
So now you're talking about taking 70, 80% of what I've got.
And again, you still tell the average yuppie this and they can't even compute it.
Now you talk to one of these Mexican immigrants.
They go, oh yes, I understand this.
The dollar isn't what it used to be.
It's getting closer and closer to what the peso is.
We're so worried.
They understand.
Little informed peasant people.
But not these arrogant, stupid yuppies.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
So that's another reason I'm angry.
I mean, we've been robbed of 40 plus percent of our wealth.
All of us.
Those that aren't in debt.
And the average person is in debt.
More than they have any savings.
And that's the bottom line.
Let me get into Bird, Flu, and then Chaney.
And then we'll go to Roger and Kevin and Brock and Tom and Reggie and others.
We're going to continue with open phones.
I'm sure you've heard that...
Swan test confirmed deadly virus.
BBC Today.
Deadly delay in confirming bird flu virus may help it spread in England.
Let me just cut right to the chase and read an article that Paul Watson wrote yesterday, last night.
Bird flu outbreak coincided with drill.
When is there not a drill?
Foot and mouth examples should set alarm bells ringing if pandemic occurs.
Britain's bird flu scare that officials are now warning could spread to other areas of Scotland coincided with an exercise that drilled a response to an avian flu outbreak.
The drill included the involvement of Downing Street and the Ministry of Defense, who are known to carry out terror attacks and have been caught red-handed many times, I would add.
The BBC reports that the exercise was cancelled as soon as the discovery of the H5 virus in the dead swan in Fife was made.
The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in London was running.
With control centers in Bury, St.
Edmunds, Leeds, Cardiff, and Gloucester, states the article.
It also involved the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Environment Agency, Downing Street, the Ministry of Defense, and other government departments.
The drill revolved around a scenario where bird flu was discovered in two places in England and one in Wales.
Why is this important to note?
Stage-managed manufactured crises are always paralleled by drills of the same nature.
This provides culpable deniability if any government agency is caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
They can also say it was just part of the drills of another compartment cactism.
Obviously, other organizations like RSPCA and farming groups have no knowledge of what the drills in reality intend to achieve, and it is a stage.
It is just a coincidence.
And it goes on.
However, if the crisis were to escalate, causing Blair's government to start restricting the movement of people, then more serious questions would need to be asked.
If in the next three cases a bird flu pop up in Norfolk, South Wales or North England, the same places as the drill, then this would turn into a smoking gun.
A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company, and it turned out to be London Underground, around the London Underground, being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th with the bombings.
The statistical probability of these two events coinciding was astronomical.
Yeah, you can't even pronounce the number.
At least I can't.
The exercises provided cover in case government involvement in the attacks was proven, although after this website first brought wide attention to the drills on July 13th, the culpable designability vanished.
War games running on the morning of 9-11 simulated planes crashing into high visibility buildings on the U.S.
East Coast in New York and D.C.
We're good to go.
I think?
Though a bird flu outbreak is in a different league to terrorist bombings, the outcome will eventually be very similar in terms of emergency police measures rushed through in response to the situation.
The government then stages as our savior and we learn how to love them.
For those who doubt the veracity of a British government plot,
To once again eviscerate the livelihoods of farmers, the biggest power block opposing Blair in an act of agroterrorism, just consider the fact that a vial of foot-and-mouth virus, weaponized, was supposedly stolen from Porton Down bioweapon facility before the 2001 outbreak took place.
The Sunday Express reported that it was released deliberately and could have possibly been the source of the outbreak two months later.
And we continue.
The foot and mouth disease spread like wildfire throughout the country, as many accused the government of not doing nearly enough to contain it, and the spring of 2001 in England was characterized as apocalyptic images of burning pyres, pictured above, dotted all over the countryside, as over 4 million animals were slaughtered.
That was 4 million cows, 8 million sheep, actually.
According to my brain, that may be an old number, I'm not sure.
A couple of reports of government making inquiries to timber merchants and sign makers before closing public footpaths.
It is inconceivable that an animal rights activist, as we are led to believe, could have penetrated a Level 4 bioweapons facility that also houses weaponized anthrax and Ebola and is protected by armed guards of the Ministry of Defense Police and Military Provost Guard Service.
The individual who stole the vial must have had full security clearance to enter the facility.
Why would an animal rights activist release a virus that would kill 4 million animals?
Patricia Doyle, Ph.D., also reported that foot-and-mouth exercises...
We're being run by the British government immediately before the outbreak was made public.
That was actually in Sky Television News.
All right.
Continuing with a little bit more on this swan, these two swans.
And we'll get into Chaney, Libby, turning, rolling over, spilling the beans, talking like a parrot, singing like a canary, and saying, yeah, they told me, go ahead and do it.
We already knew that, but now we've got the smoking gun.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that the mother of all secret societies, the Illuminati, worships Lucifer, better known as Satan the Devil?
Did you know that they are the individuals giving rise to the final world social system described in Revelation chapter 13?
Did you know they were the founders of international communism to be the seen enemy of Christianity, to be used to destroy America so that we could be merged into an all-powerful one-world government?
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The globalists have taken the island nation of Singapore, one of the most industrialized and wealthy now on the planet per capita, and made it their model system, their futuristic city, their futuristic country.
And there are cameras in all public bathrooms.
If you're seen accidentally even dropping a piece of garbage on the street, you can get up to five years in prison.
If you get in a fist fight, you can be given the death penalty.
It is totally and completely controlled.
It is a nightmare.
And now, they are not allowing a head of governmental activities in the country, people to post on the internet, or even criticize the government.
So, now it's going to have more of a police state edge than China, and our government just absolutely loves Singapore.
I mean, that's the type of articles I have.
I literally, it's got to be 75 articles here, and I've probably covered 15 or so already, but I mean, I could talk for hours just about Singapore.
This is the model.
Wherever they get control, look who they give awards to.
Singapore, China, all of these horrible places.
This is what we're facing.
As for the bird flu, we knew it would show up in Europe, and it did.
We knew it would show up in the UK, it did.
And I think in the next six months or so, maybe even sooner, we'll probably 80 plus percent chance see it here because the birds that migrate into this area are now arriving from Asia and from Europe.
A lot of them fly over the North Pole.
A lot of them...
Have other migratory routes.
I've heard experts interviewed on this very network and I've read a lot of the different, what is it, ornithologists who research their migratory bird patterns, break down where they're coming.
And they're coming to every major state in the Union.
They're coming to Illinois, they're coming to Texas, they're coming to Kansas, the middle of the countries where a lot of these birds roost and lay their eggs and go about that business and then take care of their young and then they grow up and fly back off to Asia with them.
Or in some cases, down in Latin America, depending on... I don't want to get off into the whole migratory patterns of birds.
I'm not really an expert on them.
I just know what the experts have said.
So we're in for a heavy dose of it.
And it has killed, what, 105 people?
And then every time you go back and check in Egypt or Afghanistan or wherever people died, or Asia, they say, oh, they didn't really die, but they died of the flu.
You know, 30-plus thousand Americans die every year, supposedly.
From the run-of-the-mill flu, the new flu virus of the year, whatever the most deadly is, or several variants of it.
But 105 in the last two years with this HN1-5 or whatever they want to call it, virus popping up.
Yes, it's H5N1, excuse me.
And remember SARS?
It's going to kill millions, and they had to quarantine people in Dallas and Toronto, and that was three years ago, and it's all over.
And that was all happening while they were trying to pass the state level.
The model states helped the Emergency Powers Act to federalize all the states to set up the sports stadiums for forced roundups and forced injections.
There were articles in the Detroit Free Press where Army captains were saying, quote, if a grandmother refuses quarantine, she will be shot.
Remember that?
I even put it in Road to Tyranny.
This is the type of stuff.
And then they ordered 14 million first responders, firefighters, police, nurses, doctors, state workers, federal workers to take it, postal workers.
And they said no.
In fact, they even added a few expletives to it in many cases.
We had fire chiefs on, police chiefs on from big towns saying, Alex, I totally agree, we're not doing it.
And then all these doctors and scientists and epidemiologists went public and said there is no reason
To take the smallpox shot.
They wanted the first responders to do it to then force us to do it.
Well, we had to do it.
You better.
But 99 plus percent, according to the LA Times, after two years, refused.
So they suspended the program.
Then they used SARS to hype it.
And then now it's the bird flu.
And then on and on and on.
And we look at who launched the anthrax attack.
Super weaponized anthrax from Fort Detrick, Maryland.
It takes 100 million plus dollars worth of equipment to miniaturize it and then to paint.
They have a machine, a system, that coats anthrax.
And puts little wings, like pollen.
They imitate pollen.
Most pollen grains have these little spines and sails on them.
That's why pollen is so bad and stays airborne.
It's designed to float.
Well, they basically... Anthrax is already a little spore.
It's already pollen, basically.
It's a plant-based bacteria, according to what I've read.
More, you know, there's the plant-style bacteria.
I'm not a biology expert, but then there's the animal style, but it's more plant-style.
But that doesn't matter.
They then basically have a system so amazingly high-tech that they are able... And only the U.S.
and Britain, by the way, have this technology.
This is admitted.
And they now know it's the strain from Fort Detrick.
They know it came from there.
The Premier Bioweapons Laboratory.
Even more evil ones are actually in Area 51 and other areas, but we won't get into that.
We know about Fort Detrick, and...
So they put these little wings, basically, these little spines on it.
And then they claimed, oh, somebody could have made this with a few thousand dollars and a bathtub or a bucket, and what do you think, these people did it, and some kook group did it.
And then it came out that Bush and his cabinet, this was mainstream news, all went on Cipro September 10th.
By all, most of his cabinet, most of his top staff.
They knew because they launched the attack.
Bush's enemies, people that wrote bad articles about his daughters, they get a mailing.
Daschle gets a mailing.
And they use it to help shut down the Capitol, most of the office buildings, and have an atmosphere of hysteria, and then get the Patriot Act passed.
So just remember who's been behind this in the past.
And remember that the globalists say they want to have biological releases to, quote, cull the population.
CIA documents, Australian government documents, British government documents, World Health Organization documents, university documents.
Bill Joy goes to an elite symposium and they talk about exterminating most of the population.
He writes a cover story for Wired Magazine warning us.
I mean, this is out there.
It isn't just Panika, or Pianca, excuse me, at UT.
I mean, this is the norm.
Okay, with these individuals.
And we know they killed Dr. David Kelly, who had been the head of Porton Down Bioweapons Lab in 2000-2001 when this weaponized vial of weaponized... My whole stack of stories just fell off the desk.
That's great.
I'll have to go get those.
Like a big house of cards falling off.
It's splattered everywhere.
Articles boinging in all directions.
But I'm sorry.
Back to what I was saying about foot and mouth.
You know, it's exhausting to do this show, to constantly call up all the data and cover it.
But that's why sometimes I just shrug from just even getting into the news and just take your calls.
I kind of like a boxer leaning on the ropes or leaning on the other fighter.
And I'll do that in just a minute and take your calls.
But continuing, this is important.
Dr. David Kelly was the head of it.
And understand, this weaponized foot and mouth gets released.
Whistleblowers go public from Porton Down and go, It came from here!
It came from here!
By the way, some then died in car wrecks.
One was beaten to death.
There were some deaths with some whistleblowers.
Just a little footnote.
Remember that?
Oh, some scientists are dying at Porton Down.
Later, Kelly was killed.
Witnesses said they saw special forces type in black uniforms.
Police did.
Run away from his body two years ago.
Remember that?
After he said, If I don't shut up, you're going to find me dead in the woods.
I've been told.
He told an American and British colleague that.
Mainstream news?
He says they're going to kill me, and then they're seen standing over his body, and the police get there, there's no blood, his wrists are slit, and the two pills in his stomach haven't even broken open, aren't even partially digested, but they claim he died from sleeping pills and from bleeding to death, but he'd been taken to the scene dead.
Oh, side issue, sorry.
But that's just one of the three dead that we know of there.
And of course, Porton Downs is the same place where they'd have young officers go into a chamber and nerve gas them and kill them.
But I digress.
Very nice, folks.
The government wouldn't hurt us.
We can trust them.
They care about our lives, yes.
They're not radiating us or poisoning us or killing us.
They're our own people.
And so they just said, okay, yes, it did get released from here.
We think it was an animal rights activist, but there was no investigation.
No one was ever caught.
Someone snuck into a facility.
You can just type in Porton Down and Google Images and click on it and you'll see it.
It's a big building.
Three levels of it underground.
Two levels above ground.
Bunch of buildings with two rows of fences around it with a minefield in between it.
It's similar to two facilities.
I remember when I was a kid going to the Air Force Base for an air show and my dad's like, look son, one of our family members works there.
That's how I knew about it.
Back in the day he goes, that's where they keep the hydrogen weapons.
And there are all the
B-1 bombers sitting out there and other bombers and fighter bombers.
And there it is with three rows of fences and gravel.
But it's really, that's a minefield.
And two rows of minefields and machine gun nests.
It's the same thing important down with the level 4 bioweapons lab.
And supposedly an animal rights activist.
Scaled the electric fences in the minefields.
And then he got past the machine gun nest.
And then he got through the biometric scanners.
And then he got through the next level of containment.
And then he got down into the bottom level where they have the weaponized zoological viruses.
And then he or she got back out.
And then they went back through there.
I mean, just come on!
And then the head of their...
It was a predecessor of Michael Meacher, the head of their environmental organization, the head of the Environmental Board of England.
I forgot the name of it here in the article.
Let me just find it.
Department of Foreign Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
There you go.
Said, oh, we're not going to let the farmers restock their cows and sheep and
We killed 8 million sheep and 4 million cows, and of course most of them weren't even in contaminated areas, and they were just big giant piles of everybody's dead animals, and that's basically what happened.
And it was a dress rehearsal for future bio-attacks to train everyone how to live under a police state, and they passed police state legislation correspondingly.
Okay, let me briefly get into Cheney, then we'll take your calls.
It's just that now what are we going to see in England?
Will this start rampaging across the country?
Will they use just the fact that they're having mass culled chickens and geese and ducks?
Will it be a big excuse now to just to have Blair Graham standing as a savior and oh we're so great we had him here to contain it and then that'll be a beta test to work out any bugs when they do it here in the United States.
Are we going to see it?
I don't know.
Your guess is as good as mine.
But we know who's behind it and we know this thing's been hyped up and we know it's a fraud and it's very very serious.
Cheney aide says Bush okayed leak.
Associated Press.
Vice President Dick Cheney, former top aide, told prosecutors that President Bush authorized a leak of secretive intelligence information about Iraq, according to court papers filed by prosecutors in the CIA leak case.
So, it's admitted that they were ordering leaks...
That caused all sorts of problems, and it's now coming out, of course, they authorized the leaks of CIA assets and other things, and we already knew this, and now Bush says he's allowed the leak.
Classified info.
And he's allowed to, he said, if you don't pass the Patriot Act, I'll still enforce it, though they did expand it and reauthorize it.
He says, I'm allowed to order the torture of people, but then I'm still against torture.
He says, I'll spy on you without warrants if I want to.
The filing by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald also described Cheney's involvement in the Louis Libby communications with the press and leaks.
And it goes on.
Before the indictment, Libby testified at the Grand Shire investigating the CIA leak that Cheney told him to pass on pre-war intelligence on Iraq, and that it was Bush who authorized the disclosure.
The court papers said, according to the documents, the authorization led to July 8, 2003 conversations between Libby and New York Times reporter Judith Miller.
In the meeting, Libby made reference to the fact that Williams' wife worked for the CIA.
So there you have it.
According to Fitzgerald's court filing, Cheney, in a conversation with Libby, raised the question of whether a CIA-sponsored trip by Wilson was legitimate or whether it was, in effect, a junket set up by Mr. Wilson's wife.
The disclosure in documents filed Wednesday means that the President and the Vice President put Libby in play as a secret provider of information to reporters about pre-war intelligence on Iraq.
Presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said Tuesday the White House would have no comment on the ongoing investigation at a congressional hearing.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez said that the President and his inherent authority to decide who should have classified information.
There you go.
He's God.
He's above the law.
Let's go ahead and talk to Roger in Colorado.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Three brief points.
The first one, I want to remind your callers to...
Unlike Michael Bagnarok, who I respect very much, and other candidates, I've actually been promoting the police state do world order thing for about... Yeah, you know, I criticized Bagnarok on air that he's all coiffed now, he's all sharp and all slick and has a staid look in his eyes and is really putting on kind of a suit.
Well, you know, absolutely, Alex.
You know, I will send you my background information in a press release, and I would be honored to be a guest.
I've been actually doing this stuff.
I've been obsessed like you for decades.
I think you'll be quite impressed.
I've been putting the word out about InfoWars.
I've just been obsessed like yourself.
However, I wanted to make one more point.
In the Rocky Mountain News out of Denver on Wednesday, April 5th, there was a story about a 16-year-old boy who was convicted of possession of a firearm by a minor.
And right there in the very story, it says that even though revised statutes, under the Colorado revised statutes, that this is legal, that the judge determined in a post-column atmosphere that he would convict him anyway.
That's ultra-massive, and I've seen similar things in Colorado with Rick Stanley's case.
Do me a favor.
Email that to Ryan at InfoWars.com and Kevin at InfoWars.com, and we'll be sure to post that.
Well, you know, I'm going to do that for you, Alex.
And like I say, I'm going to send you my background stuff.
Until I learned about you four years ago or so, I didn't know there was anyone as obsessed with fighting the New World Order as myself.
Let me ask you a question.
Because we're short on time.
When was that in the Rocky Mountain News?
On Wednesday, April 5th.
What was the headline?
You know, I don't have it in front of me, Alex.
I'm sorry.
Okay, thank you for the call.
Listen, I appreciate it.
I want to comment on what you said, though.
It's very important.
We have cases, they changed the law because the people demanded it and elected real Republicans, not these Bushonian Republicans.
And by the way, Bush has been targeting even Republicans at state level and Tom Concreto at the national level out of Colorado because they don't like a real conservative revolution.
His job is to neutralize Republicans.
They go in and they go, yes, no law has been violated.
You're actually allowed to have a gun on you.
Uh, driving around in your car or whatever, you're allowed to have a gun at your house, whatever, and they're actually convicting people, and I've seen mainstream news articles where they report it dryly, like they're talking about the price of tea in China or something, and they just say, yeah, there's no law, but the judge has convicted him.
And you go, what do you mean there's no law, but the judge has convicted him?
It's like Bush saying, you don't reauthorize the Patriot Act, I will enforce it when there's no law.
And I see this more and more now, where it isn't even just
Judicial judges engaging in legislation and rulemaking and lawmaking from the bench, which is illegal and unconstitutional and uncivil, a civil violation, it's just insane.
And it's the exercise of power.
It's just raw bullying.
It's called despotism.
And despots bring you tyranny.
They bring you enslavement.
And all the time I see reports where, well, here's an example.
Judge Walter E. Smith, in 1994 in San Antonio, federal judge, when the Branch Davidians were found not guilty by a jury of their peers, not guilty, all of them, the judge said, I sentence you to 47 years in prison apiece, some of them still in prison, because I say you use weapons in the commission of murder, in the commission of crime, but they were found not guilty of murder.
And in the Supreme Court, three years later, said release them,
And they've never been released.
I mean, do you understand that?
And boy, do they torture them every day.
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We're good to go.
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I don't want to glaze over what the last caller said.
I haven't found the article he mentions yet, but I believe him.
I see him every few days.
Remember about three years ago, the now late Chief Justice Rehnquist had a big dinner and meeting.
It was a two-day meeting, but he was the keynote speaker at a meeting that was thousands of judges and top prosecutors and lawyers.
It was in the Washington Post and many other publications.
And he just said, listen, we don't follow... I ought to find those quotes.
We don't follow the Constitution anymore.
We're in a post-9-11 environment.
We're in a post-Columbine environment.
We're in a post-Seattle environment.
We've got free speech zones.
We don't have any rights anymore.
We're going to put you... It's always a post, post, post to keep you safe.
Of course.
Of course.
A tyranny is upon us.
And so when the judges start going, well, he didn't violate a law...
But I'm going to put him in prison.
Because I say I'm going to keep you safe.
Dr. Charles T. Sell has been in prison over eight years now.
I've had his lawyers on.
It's been in the New York Times.
And they report him like it's good.
He was assigned in the U.S.
Army at Waco from Fort Hood.
He was an Army dentist.
He was there to identify remains.
And he was there on site three days before they tortured him.
He was there when they tortured him.
And he started going public a few years after.
Waco, another example of lawlessness.
And saying, you know, clearly they had been executed, they had been shot, they had been murdered.
And they put the FBI on him to, quote, be his friends.
And the FBI agent undercover invited him out to a shooting range and kept talking about how he needed to target Bill Clinton.
And the guy, he got him one time.
Got Dr. Charles T. Sell one time to shoot his mouth off at the shooting range and go, yeah, it would be nice if somebody did something to the president, which, again, we're totally against, folks.
They're just puppets, and we don't want anything bad to happen to them.
We're just reporting on this news story.
They even tried to twist that around.
And they grabbed him, and they never charged him.
The judge, the federal judge, said he was mentally ill because he was saying that he was set up, and that's mental illness.
Government doesn't do wrong.
And he has been forced drugged in solitary confinement, it was like Shawshank Redemption or something, for over eight years.
Let me see, they grabbed him in 1997.
Ooh, yeah, it's nine.
And he has been in there ever since.
And they say he was a very intelligent, well-spoken person, had his family on too.
He is basically a drooling vegetable.
He doesn't even hardly talk.
He has trouble walking, and they, every few months, let his family see him and have a meeting with him, and they wheel him out, and he just is literally in a wheelchair, just drooling.
Man, I just hope when they grab me, if they do, they just kill me.
I mean, I really do.
I don't want to be in solitary confinement for decades, drugged.
I don't know how these guards follow orders.
It was like when helicopters landed and FBI agents got out in Dallas at the federal prison, walked in, and one hour later, McDougal was dead.
Remember McDougal started talking trash about Clinton, saying he was going to go public about corruption?
Told a reporter that.
They took him, put him in solitary confinement, and they murdered him.
There's no doubt about it.
They left the cell.
One hour later, they went in.
He was dead.
That's who we're fighting.
You know what?
My family's worth it.
Your family's worth it.
The little ones are worth it.
Warriors are supposed to do this.
That's why they torture and kill.
Because they know dying doesn't scare a lot of us.
But it does concern me.
I don't... But you know what?
If that's what's got to happen, it's got to happen.
Because they're going to do it to all of us regardless.
It's better to fight these people.
And to watch them murder and kill and torture with impunity is scary.
But you've got to get past your fear.
You've got to work with it.
You've got to go through it.
You've got to deal with it.
And I know God's on our side, and I just am in God's hands.
These are some real scum.
Real scum.
Poor Dr. Charles T. Sell.
He's basically a vegetable right now.
Great American.
They're torturing him bad right now.
Torturing him something fierce.
Soviet model.
All right, we'll be back.
We'll start the second hour.
Don't forget about the special deal we got running five months free at prisonplanet.tv.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we've got more on the bird clue.
Popping up in England on the police state on a host of really important issues.
We've got an article here with...
New York Post reporters, page 6, who I've had write hit pieces on me in the past, just wrote one a few weeks ago, demanding $220,000 from people or they were going to write bad stuff about them.
What idiots.
We'll get into that.
Also, Mick Jagger says he's unfazed by Chinese censorship.
Scientists blame the sun for global warming.
That's the real indicator of why there is climate change happening.
That's just some of the news.
There's stacks of it.
Alberto Gonzalez says they need to be able to spy on all Americans without warrants, and that they are doing it, so now they're just throwing it in our face.
That's all coming up.
Right now, though, let's go back to your calls.
Toll-free number to join us.
Open phones.
A lot of calls in this third hour.
And let's talk to Kevin in New York.
Thanks for holding, Kevin.
Hey, Alex.
I got one...
Talking about guns earlier in the show?
We were just talking about it, yeah.
I got a quote for you.
Ideas are more powerful than guns.
We would not let our enemies have guns.
Why should we let them have ideas?
That's Joseph Stalin.
Yeah, a real piece of work.
Thanks for that quote.
I've seen that before but forgotten about it.
And then here's another one.
You're talking about wanting to shut down the Internet.
Ideas are not...
The intellect has grown out of credit and has become a disease of life.
Adolf Hitler.
Any more, Jules?
Well, let's see.
I think that's... You talked about deindustrializing the country?
Yeah, that's the official plan.
It's up here.
They've got an Alcoa aluminum plant.
Oh, boy.
They want to... Back in 39, 7600 worked there.
Then over the years, after the seaway had started going down, 5,000 in the late 50s, and then they put in the Reynolds plant in the late 50s and General Motors, and both of them are just down to about nothing now compared to what they are.
They were about 1,200 apiece.
They're down to about 400 anyway.
Alcoa is down to about up Reynolds, and they're at 1,500, say, right now.
And they want to go down to 500.
But when Elko was big time here, it took about an hour to get out of town.
So much traffic.
But not anymore.
It's way down to nothing.
How are people making a living?
Well, it's the largest employer in the county up here.
This is right on the St.
Lawrence River where I'm at.
It's quite a devastation if they go down to 500.
The Power Authority wants them to keep it at 1500.
That sort of thing.
Well, I appreciate your call, sir.
All right.
I appreciate your input.
Brock in Canada, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I was wondering if you could explain the H51...
Well, some Russian scientists and the head of Spain's science division, the Minister of Science, says that the U.S.
government's doing it and says that they're injecting the birds.
And a bunch of other top scientists are saying it and have looked at it and they say it's man-made.
And so...
Do you anticipate that there's going to be a bird flu crisis because of that, or are there just sort of... Well, they're already hyping it and making money.
I mean, stay there.
Let's talk about it more, Brock.
Let's recap that.
I need to call Paul.
He wrote this great article about bird flu.
He needs to add all that.
We're the head of the Ministry of Science.
They did the studies.
A bunch of other people are saying that.
Top former Russian bioweapons experts saying that.
Indian scientists are saying that.
I mean, it's African scientists are saying, and Nobel Prize winners are saying, and I mean, you know, but who cares about top scientists?
What do they know?
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
That's InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139 or watch the film right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that one goal of international communism was to get our young people's mind off religion by getting on to sex?
By destroying the morals of the younger generation, America would eventually become ripe for revolution without understanding why communism wanted to make young people soft and easily controlled.
We're good to go.
I think?
516-8736 to request your subscription.
Call now.
Operators are standing by to receive your call.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The caller Brock in Canada brings up a really central point.
He said, Alex, is it really true they are injecting the birds with the bird flu virus, the current strain that hasn't mutated from human to human transmission yet?
And according to the Minister of Science, the top scientist, he's a Ph.D.
himself in virology of...
Over in Spain, they've looked at it and they've gone public saying it's an engineered bioweapon by the U.S.
government to create hysteria.
I don't know what you're supposed to say to that.
And Indian top scientists have said it.
Russian top bioweapons experts have said it.
A bunch of them.
I mean, just type it into Google.
You'll get a whole bunch of mainstream news articles about it.
I mean, we know the government of England released the weaponized foot and mouth.
We know that our government launched the anthrax attacks.
We know that they've done this to our own troops many times.
That's all declassified, it's all public, it's all available.
And so does that answer your question, Brock?
Yes, I think it does.
And also, I was going to say, do you see this bird flu mutating to go human to human?
Is that the grand design?
I don't know.
This may be a dress rehearsal for when they launch a really big attack and then an even larger.
They'll always get bigger.
We've covered that with Dr. Pianca and this whole mindset that is the majority view in the sequestered and cloistered halls of the universities.
And I was going to ask also, do you think in five or six years there are
Global enslavement will be pretty well monopoly, or do you have a time frame?
Yes, they're about five years behind, but they just expand their program.
We're having a lot of victories, they're having a lot of victories, but they're moving forward.
Will the people resist?
90 plus percent in major polls, 97 percent don't want the transponder toll road, so they just do it anyways.
90 plus percent, you know, don't like the police state.
They do it anyways.
70 plus percent don't like the war.
They do it anyways.
And they're about to, don't like one war?
Losing one war?
Let's start another.
I mean, it's just, they've got the bravado.
They're criminal.
They control the courts.
They're moving forward.
Thanks for the call.
And so, we're just going to sit here and watch them openly take our pension funds and destroy our dollar, which they've already done.
Now they're going to expand that.
And it's really scary.
I mean, this is the real world.
This is who runs things, and it's not debatable.
I mean, it's all out in plain view.
A caller last hour brought up judges saying, I don't care if you haven't broken the law, I'm going to put you in prison.
And I gave a bunch of real-world examples of that.
I told the caller, I said, well, I'm not saying you're lying, but I'll find the article.
And we did find the article.
Aaron did.
We're posting it on jonesreport.com, my webmaster website.
Who does Infowars.com.
I didn't make him do it.
Ryan Slickheisen has the flu today.
He's still in between vomiting at his home.
He didn't come into work.
Did a minor update of Infowars.
So it won't be up on Infowars.
It'll be up on JonesReport.com.
A boy who posed with guns convicted.
This is out of the Rocky Mountain News, as the caller said.
An Evergreen High School student who posted Internet photos of himself posing with guns was convicted.
Tuesday on charges of possessing a handgun by a juvenile.
Let me just stop.
I'd say about a third of the photos of me as a juvenile are at the deer camp or are skeet shooting or posing with a MAC-90.
I mean...
I mean, I was allowed to have guns.
I had guns.
They tried to pass a law a few years ago.
Five years ago in Texas, we barely beat it because we caught bribery going on in the meeting.
The legislature.
And then the committee chairman lost his chairmanship.
How do you like that?
We just have a knack for exposing corruption.
Well, I digress.
To make a long story short, they were going to ban anybody under 18 even touching a gun.
You couldn't give your grandson or granddaughter a .22 rifle when they're 12 or whatever or 10.
And it was going to basically ban the shooting clubs and ban the YMCA shooting and the other shooting clubs and Junior Olympics.
I mean, that's in Texas, folks, but that's not the issue.
Let me continue, then we'll take more calls.
Boy who posed with guns convicted.
An Evergreen High School student who posted internet photos of himself posing with guns was convicted Tuesday on a charge of possessing a handgun by a juvenile.
The conviction came despite his parents' testimony that they gave him permission to handle guns in their home without their supervision.
Colorado law prohibits possession of a handgun by a juvenile, but permits parents to give them permission to possess guns in their homes even without supervision.
Did you hear that?
This is a very difficult case.
Defense Attorney Barrett Weiss said it in closing arguments after a trial that began Friday.
We have pictures that raise issues of the Columbine Massacre.
Oh, because of the massacre, see, you have a gun.
But if we sent the specter of Columbine aside, he argued the boy should be acquitted and sent home.
The photos were posted on popular teen website MySpace.
The photos showed him posing with a number of rifles and three handguns, a .45 caliber pistol, a .22 and a .357 revolver.
The 60-year-old boy, who has been held in detention since his arrest in February, a couple months in jail.
Will be sentenced June 1st.
He was acquitted on two additional charges of handgun possession.
The judge set a $5,000 bond, but ordered that the boy must be evaluated and a safety plan drawn up before he can be released.
Thank you, Kevin, for bringing me that.
You just brought me some food.
Thank you.
I have to be fed.
I haven't eaten yet.
I'm whining, but then I get a little punch drunk with blood sugar, so you brought me some food.
You can always tell when I haven't eaten because I get real like this.
The father of a gun collector and an enthusiast who is an airline pilot, retired Air Force pilot, said he gave the boy and his brother extensive training in the safety of handguns and weapons.
Handling of weapons.
He said he gave his son permission to handle the guns in the home even when he wasn't there.
Well, yeah.
There was that case in California where the girl was a 13-year-old shooting champion.
Well, there was another eight-year-old and then a three-year-old in the house, and she was there babysitting, and the next-door neighbor had a chemical imbalance.
It is admitted he was on a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, a Prozac division drug.
They always are.
Had a psychotic break, and he had no criminal record.
Came over and was freaking out, running into walls, bashing things.
He had a pitchfork, and slowly and monotonously stabbed the other children to death.
She couldn't get into the safe because of the...
The safe law they have there that all weapons have to be locked, and she couldn't get into it.
She would have attacked him.
And it goes on, it was due to their experience and my trust in them to safely handle weapons, he said, that they often cleaned the guns after they had gone shooting, and he was out of town for his job, he said.
They also built guns from kits, he said.
But Jefferson County District Judge Brian Boswright said,
Or Boatwright, excuse me, said that the permission had limits.
That doesn't mean juveniles could run around the house and do whatever he wanted with the gun, Boatwright said, noting that the father testified the boys were not allowed to load or fire the weapons unless he was present.
So there's not a law against it.
They're proud of guns.
They're guns enthusiasts.
They show their guns on the website, and he's been in jail for two months and won't be released for a couple more months until June, and he's going to be under psychiatric evaluation, and we're living in the Soviet Union.
And, I mean, this is our country.
This is our country.
They can arrest me right now and say, well, you haven't violated any laws, Alex, but we're going to put you in solitary confinement and rub you for nine years.
And just do it.
As they did Dr. Charles T. Sell.
Now, we shouldn't be intimidated by this and shut up because, oh, man, this is tyranny.
No, we should be upset.
Engage, speaking out, police should, judges should, who are against this.
I mean, we've entered the twilight zone.
And none of this has anything to do with terrorism.
They'll take an event like a shooting, an event like riots, and then change all our laws, and have a total police state, or even enforce things that aren't laws.
And let me tell you something, when the government starts arresting people and saying, you didn't violate a law, but we're putting you in prison, folks, that's nuts.
Tom in Ohio, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, I have some late-breaking information for you.
Scott McClellan was on C-SPAN about noon, and he came on and said they changed the White House stance on the Valerie Plain incident.
They said that, yes, Bush did release the information, but because he has the authority, quote, authority, to...
He classified information that he did nothing illegal.
We'll grab that.
Well, I mean, they said that two days ago, and they said that yesterday.
I have that here in the AP.
But something else that he also said... Let me just stop you.
Let me just stop you.
It's the same theme.
You understand?
It is, I am above the law.
Go ahead.
He came out two years ago and said that Cheney didn't even know anything about the incident.
And he...
What's his name?
Scott McClellan also said that Cheney didn't even send Wilson down to Nigeria to check out the claims that Iraq was trying to buy and risk uranium.
And their representatives have lied to Congress about this.
But, oh, I guess you can lie to Congress, too, now.
It's all right.
We can vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008.
She'll save us.
Yeah, she'll save us.
Just as bad or worse.
And so look at this.
And I mentioned this in the first hour.
In the second.
Again, this is called dictatorship.
I'll violate federal law if I want to on every front.
We'll order the torture of children in front of their parents.
They're saying this.
John Yoo in a CFR meeting, they said, and this was mainstream news now in Chicago a few months ago, a professor debating him said, when we interviewed the professor, you wrote in this published memo that you can torture children in front of their parents.
He said, yes, we can do that.
I mean, this is, I'm living in the twilight zone.
Go ahead and finish up.
What else did McClellan say?
That was basically it.
They went on to another story after that.
But something that people need to be aware of is that I believe that they're setting Bush up to look bad, to bring in the Democrats in 2008, to bring in total martial law and tyranny.
So people need to be aware of that.
Oh, yeah.
It's tag-team wrestling.
They double-teamed us.
All right.
Thank you for the call.
Yeah, thank you.
Yeah, just... I'm speechless.
I'm actually...
Let's just have a moment of silence for our dead sovereignty.
I'm going to have a ten-second moment of silence for the end of America, the end of everything we are.
Even the Nazis didn't go on record and say they tortured children openly.
They just did it.
Let's have a moment of silence that we are now, we are the great Satan.
I mean, there's no debating it.
Let's just have a moment of silence for America.
You need to let it sink in real good.
You need to face this.
Every day I read articles where judges say they're above the law.
And that they are the law.
And I'm going to let the music play out.
I want you to think about it.
We'll be right back.
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That number again, 860-567-7744.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I'm going to continue with your calls for the next 35 minutes we've got left in the broadcast.
Paul Watson is going to join us for just about five minutes.
He's in the north of England, very close to the Scottish border.
There on the coast where these two swans supposedly got the bird flu.
So he'll be joining us for a quick update on that.
And we'll continue with your calls.
But, yeah, I pulled it up during the break.
Sure enough, Scott McClellan did get up and say what he said two days ago and what he said again yesterday.
That, okay, they did authorize the leak of Plame and they did authorize the leak on Iraq Intelligence.
And they lied all along about it.
There's no discussion.
The press didn't press them on that.
It's just we're now going to do that because Bush is the law.
I mean...
The president is held to a higher standard than even the general public.
They've sworn an oath.
This is treason at every level.
Bush is not a conservative.
Stop supporting him.
And these powers he's claiming for presidents will be used by Hillary, will be used by Governor Warner of Virginia.
He's probably the one.
And heaven help us, I can't believe it's this out in the open.
I mean, he is announcing that he is a dictator.
Things would be a heck of a lot easier if this was a dictatorship, just so long as I'm the dictator.
In fact, John, right on the show, find that clip.
I want to play that when we come back.
Thank you.
Let's go ahead and talk to Reggie in New Jersey.
Reggie, thanks for holding.
Alex, thanks for having me on the show.
Yes, sir.
You took my breath away with that moment of silence for America.
It's just...
So blatant.
I can't deny it anymore.
I know I have to fight.
Oh yeah, they're going to come arrest us and take us to camps and beat our guts out.
And I'm telling you, I'm non-violent until it comes to defense.
We have a right to defend ourselves.
I mean, if they've got army trucks driving around like they did in New Orleans with squads led by FBI to take our guns, I'm going to try to stay out of their way, but they better not try it.
I'm just enraged now.
I take it as a personal attack on me and my family.
That's how I feel about it.
It is an attack on you, sir.
Anyway, I heard you talking about the children with guns.
I live in South Jersey.
There was recently an incident around here with children, or teenagers rather, conspiring another Columbine-like incident.
Yeah, most of the time they just hype it at the school and get some kid to shoot his mouth off with no evidence of it and they spend a hard time in prison.
This one was about, according to the local news, it was about four kids and they caught them with guns and they were conspiring to shoot up.
They had a list of people they wanted to kill in the school.
If you want to find the story, it's on NBC10.com under the videos section.
Okay, tell us what happened.
Give us the summation.
Basically, the summation is that there's four kids.
They say they were Satan worshippers.
They're in some type of satanic group or cult.
I mean, in the few cases where this really goes on, they're always Satanists.
Well, that I believe.
They're normally Nazi Satanists, or they're Nazi Satanist Zionists.
I know that doesn't make sense, but a bunch of cases.
Or they're a weird mix of those.
That leads me to my question, which was, do you think that
These kids, like Columbine, and I think there was one in Denver, do you think that they're actually MK Ultra type of mind-controlled kids?
Well, sir, I mean, there are real mind-controlled individuals.
That's Senate hearings declassified in 1977.
But most of it is organic.
The entire country is turning into a prison.
Television and all of it is brainwashing itself.
The culture that MTV and the deaf culture sells our children is.
So the media itself is brainwashing.
You don't think that it necessarily has to be a direct, like what Fritz Springmeier described?
Well, it could be, sir.
It could be.
I just don't think things are as widespread as Fritz thinks.
If you want to give me more time, I have more questions.
I'm going to move on to other callers here in a moment.
Anything else?
Well, thanks for the time you gave me, and keep up the good work.
Good to have you on board with us.
Thank you, sir.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jim in Wisconsin.
Jim, go ahead.
Yeah, I just wanted to kind of extrapolate on something you mentioned just briefly earlier, which is the universities.
I think this Pianca situation really highlights the fact that these so-called hallowed institutions are really just Trojan horses for these Malthusian elitists.
Well, of course, elites always try to control the education.
Yeah, I mean, it's really obvious once you see it, but I mean, so many families are working their butts off, you know,
They're saving as much money as they can to send their kids to get brainwashed.
More than half of Americans never go to college, so they don't know about it.
And not only that, but the universities themselves are completely poisoning our minds and the environment.
Okay, they have coal plants.
They spread chemicals on every inch of green space they can possibly have.
Oh, exactly.
Universities are some of the richest institutions in the country, and they're held by a lot of private interest.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for the call.
I've got to jump because I've got a news report from Paul Watson.
I don't want to give others... You're able to get on because I go to people quick, but then you don't get a lot of time.
But we can do what I did in the past and let people talk for ten minutes.
We'll be right back.
A lot of other news.
Paul Watson joining us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
To say unchecked power basically is ascribing some kind of dictatorial position to the president, which I strongly reject.
If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier.
Just so long as I'm the dictator.
I'm not a lawyer.
And I'm not gonna play like one either.
Brought to you by George and Debbie Bush.
Welcome back.
Here's the Associated Press papers.
Cheney Aid says Bush okayed the leak.
It's not just on Infowars, it's on Drudge and everywhere else.
And yes, we've confirmed that McClellan's given another speech saying, hey, Bush has these powers, and here it is in the Associated Press from two days ago and then again yesterday.
We'll have an article out on that tonight at prisonplanet.com.
And we're posting all this right now at jonesreport.com, including the judge in Denver saying, hey, I don't care if these kids didn't break a law.
This one's been in jail for two months, and you're not allowed to have a gun in your house even when the law says you can't.
There you go!
It's just unbelievable.
Paul Watson, thank you for joining us.
Good to be here, Alex.
You bet.
Perfect timing.
Paul always says that because I always call when he's eating dinner or something.
Watson, you live pretty close, as the crow flies, you live up in northern England, pretty close to where the little swans have the evil bird flu.
Of course, there was a drill going on at the same time by the government, as it always is.
Run down the latest developments there from northern England.
Well, it was reported that a dead swan was found in Fife, Scotland on Wednesday.
It took over 24 hours for DEFRA, the environmental agency, to come and collect it.
That's how serious they were taking it.
Excuse me, it's called DEFRA?
Listen to that anacronym.
It sounds like the evil character in a science fiction cartoon.
This is Lord Dastra.
Destroy G-Force or you will be eliminated.
So then it came out Thursday, Thursday night, that it tested positive for bird flu.
And now they're testing 14 other bird swans in the area.
Nine have come back negative.
And also four in Northern Ireland have come back negative.
But in the meantime, the media and the morning television shows were telling people to cook their chickens thoroughly, mindlessly hyping it and spreading fear-mongering.
Basically, you can't catch bird flu if you walk past a dead bird that's infected with bird flu.
But people are asking stupid questions like, will I have to euthanize all my pets?
And basically that's about a third of the country has responded inanely in a rabid, fear-mongering fashion.
In a jellyfish slave mentality.
Asking the government for orders like little children.
Another third is ambivalent.
They're not really bothered.
And then the remaining third...
...states that it's all media hype and that it's the latest SARS that's going to kill us all.
And that's basically the state of play.
You mentioned the article earlier, they were running an exercise which included cases...
Hey, why don't you add to that article, top scientist in Spain, Department of Science has that position saying that the government created it or the U.S.
You ought to grab some of those as a nice little smattering as well.
Yeah, there was a Georgian scientist and a Russian scientist that came out and said that.
The Spanish Agricultural Ministry came out and said that bird flu was not a threat whatsoever, as did other agencies of other countries.
Yeah, that particular agency, and that was a separate Spanish one, said that it was just basically hype to sell the medication.
Right, of which top Bilderberg members and Donald themselves would make the vast profits from.
Well, last time I checked, it was $5 billion extra they've made.
Quite nice.
Yes, I mean, who benefits from it?
As I said, it's not a major crisis at the moment, but if it turned into one, then the smoking gun would be the fact that they were running exercises at the same time as they were with foot and mouth.
Well, Paul, we also have the fact that you point out in your article, that's up on personplanet.com, that it admittedly, from the Level 4 Bioweapons Lab at Wilshire at the Porton Down, released the weaponized foot and mouth back in 2001.
Right, exactly.
And the reason given was an animal rights activist.
For one, why would an animal rights activist unleash a plague that would kill over four million animals?
Number two, it's guarded by Ministry of Defence Police.
It's guarded by the military provost services.
Giant electrical fences all around it, and it's an underground bioweapons facility with weaponized anthrax and Ebola.
It's like trying to sneak into Fort Knox.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
And it's not as if some rabble conspiracy, you know, scouted it all out beforehand.
It was blamed on one individual.
Yeah, can you imagine?
They get past the two fences, the minefields, the next fence, get in, go underground, and then there's other containment.
In Level 4, only certain personnel go through airlocks, then a second airlock, then went in by robotic arms.
And it devastated the farming community.
Right, exactly.
You compare the protests from the farming community that happened last year with the anti-Iraq protests.
There were more people at the farming protests.
It's a bigger power block, and it's got real influence in opposing the government, unlike the anti-war protests, which were, in many cases, people were protesting for the first time.
So, if you want to eviscerate that kind of middle-class bulwark, then that's how you do it.
It's called agri-terrorism, and that's what they did with foot and mouth.
And, of course, it's Big Agra pushing for the ID Act, Premises Act, Animal Identification Act, admittedly in their own documents now, to knock out their competition.
They admit that the bird flu is coming from the mega farms where they have up to 3 million chickens in one facility and that it is only transferable to humans right after the feces is dropped by the birds and has to be within around 5 seconds because then it dies in open air, inhaled by the human, and it's not human-to-human.
So it's people in these facilities, or people right next door to it, instantly the air catches it, instantly aerosolized, going into the mucous membrane of the sinus or the lungs, and then getting into the bloodstream.
Very hard to get it.
About 100 and something deaths total in two years.
And then most of those have been proven to be fraud.
So just an excuse for them to run around and dress rehearsal for when they really hit us with a real bioweapon.
Yeah, they're going to use a Chinese model, which is curfews, quarantines, police state.
But in fact...
You had a mad cow case in Alabama about two years ago.
I mean, two weeks ago, sorry.
And Judge Roy Moore came out and said that he was suspicious that it was a staged event in order to pass legislation that would force people to register their cattle with RFID tags.
That's not some internet conspiracy theory saying that.
Yeah, that's the former Chief Justice.
He'd be a great governor.
We're so blessed to have good men like him.
Get that, Paul.
I know you're working hard, but add that.
Add the Spanish stuff, the British stuff.
Add all that in there because I think that will really sell the case of reality to folks.
They need to see all of that and then help us spread that article to everybody.
I want to commend you for the incredible work you've been doing.
Speaking of two years ago, it was first in the...
Pioneer Press, big paper, out of the Minneapolis-St.
Paul area.
The federal plan that if there is any foot-in-mouth outbreak, they will have the Army come out, not let you leave your home.
Even if your animals don't have it, they're going to kill your animals and kill you if you try to leave your farm or ranch.
And Texas signed on a bunch of others.
And then...
Right after the foot and mouth, they brought the very equipment used with British troops to Houston, and we're about to have 8,000 British troops debark and, quote, with their very equipment go test Texas cattle dripping with unsanitized, weaponized foot and mouth.
That was in the Dallas Morning News.
We live in insane land.
Right, but I mean, I still get emails saying that
I'm radical for saying that Eric Pionka is insane because he wants to wipe out 90% of humanity.
I'm the radical.
I'm still getting emails saying... And then, by the way, they don't disagree that he's really saying it.
They go, of course, I believe all should die.
What's wrong with you?
They actually talk to us like we have the five heads.
They talk to us like we're weird.
Yeah, what worries me even more is that I'm getting emails from people who normally support us saying, you've taken his quotes completely out of context.
Where are his quotes?
Well, we've put the entire transcript of what he said on prisonplanet.com today, in which he advocated bird flu and said it would be a good thing.
Well, go read his own quotes.
He said we need to have the attack begin now.
I paraphrase, you've got him there.
He says we need to have weaponized Ebola start now.
It may already be too late.
We need it now.
And then his students email us.
We see their thesis paper, something's posted, where they're going, oh, I really agree with him.
We all need to go.
I mean, it's all available.
Yeah, and that's in one of the articles today.
I forgot which newspaper it was, but I think it's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or something, a warped plan to save Earth.
Yeah, that's the good news.
There's a lot of mainstream papers now.
AP and NBC lied about it locally, but there are, I've got, what, three mainstream articles that I saw, there may be more, where it's as if Paul Watson or Alex Jones or Steve Watson or Ryan Slickheisen or Aaron Dykes wrote it.
Yeah, and they've got the quotes of one of his students, Brennan McConnell, who agrees with him and says the same thing, so...
And remember, this is the 95% view according to mainstream reports, standing ovations.
This is because the establishment has paid over the last 80 years to foster this view as the penultimate dominant view in orthodoxy.
Quote, he's a radical thinker.
I mean, he's basically advocating for the death of all but 10% of the current population.
And at the risk of sounding just as radical, I think he's right.
That's one of his own students.
In the newspaper, being quoted.
I know, I spent way too much time on this.
I probably spent another hour last night, six hours total the last week, studying this guy.
By the way, Paul, I know you're working, no exaggeration, what are you working, 14 hours a day right now more?
Well, I got you trumped.
But at the same time, I know you've got to have some time with your girlfriend this weekend and hang out and go to the pubby-wubby, but at the same time, this stuff may all be over real soon.
It may keep going, but we're down to the wire right now.
Later we'll wish we worked even harder.
But I went and looked at Google Cash, and you know I'm not a very good web guy.
I took screenshots, but it was on a computer that isn't normally used for web work, and so we're having trouble finding it.
You need to go to the Google Cash.
You go to the original article that was in that Gazette piece.
Last Sunday.
And in that Gazette piece, it links.
It goes, go to his position paper here and read it.
And then it gives you the URL.
And I went to Google Cache and found it.
Again, UT didn't take down the root server or the root directory.
They're just taking down his papers, his position papers, and his course studies.
So we haven't yet, unless you've already done it, cached that.
That's the smoking gun.
So you need to go get that out of Google Cash and cash it ourselves.
I've been saying this for three days.
They may have already jerked it there, but I have suspicion it's still there.
We already have him in other places saying it, but it's really good.
And maybe have a headline like, Dr. Doom, a liar.
You know, something like that.
But frankly, more important than that, we need to get that article out about Bush openly announcing that he's a dictator, and it's just insane.
And then it dovetails with this judge in Colorado saying he doesn't care of a kid anymore.
He didn't break a law.
He's going to prison.
Anything else you want to add, Paul?
No, that's it.
A couple of articles coming up later on as we go into the weekend.
I think Dr. Death and the people of his ilk will be at least put off from going so public with the fact that he got an FBI visit and so much opposing email.
At least it might prevent them from being so outward in their pronouncements.
But we know they're going to keep talking about it in-house.
Well, I got this really arrogant email that you posted by one of the students who works in the UT Biology Department now as a graduate student.
And, you know, first she sends us the email and says we can post it.
Then she says, oh no, now take my name off.
Well, we're not going to do that.
I mean, you authorize it.
It's like a letter to the editor.
What's done is done.
And then she tells us, you know, how we just don't get it and
We just don't understand that basically we're the weirdos, that she believes 100% need to go, and that humans are bad and all of this, but that she still loves life, and Bianca loves life, and he's ready for his family to go, and has said many times that he and his family will have to die, and all this chilling stuff, and then she emails me back, and I feel sorry for her.
And I don't want anybody to threaten her or do anything to her.
We need to turn these people around.
And she's just, oh my gosh, I'm getting threats.
My life's in danger.
They could come get me.
Well, what do you expect?
I mean, she's like, life is worth nothing.
Then she gets phone calls allegedly like this, and I believe it.
And then she's freaking out.
My life, my life, it's precious.
Hey, what about my children's life, you freak?
You freak!
You don't threaten men.
You don't threaten strong people.
You don't threaten people who still have the life force and haven't had it drummed out of them.
All of us aren't zombies.
We're old style.
Do you understand that?
People declare war on us.
We declare war on you!
I'm sorry, Paul.
Close up.
We're going to end this segment.
I'm going to come back and take a few calls.
It's just the invasion of the body snatchers mentality, the way they discuss it in such calm, rational, and sober context that really gets to me.
It's like in the film They Live, where they would set up the set in Los Angeles with big signs saying Obey, and people were walking past not even noticing it.
Now, by the way, that's not the movie.
John Carpenter talked about when they took over whole city blocks with giant billboards, people didn't notice it.
And that's where pointing out the billboards and people are saying, well, what's wrong with that?
Well, they're so afraid of the truth, deep down they know the truth, that they instantly manipulate their minds using double-think, as Orwell Eric Blair put it, to convince themselves everything's all right.
It's a fear mechanism.
You've got to face your fears.
You've got to go through it, folks.
I'm so alive, Paul.
My life is so filled.
It's so dynamic.
It's hard.
It's stressful.
But I am so fulfilled.
And I see these people that are after money and sex and everything else.
They're totally unhappy.
Folks, when you start doing good, and your soul and your brain knows when you're really doing good.
I don't mean some false good.
When you're really doing good work for humanity, you feel good.
Paul, don't you feel good?
Yeah, everyone says you're faced with all this evil and you're in on it on a day-to-day basis.
Doesn't it make you depressed?
Well, no.
I mean, it fulfills you with a purpose to fight it.
And if you've got a purpose, then you're purpose-driven.
And that's what life is all about.
It's about not sitting back and being a jellyfish.
That's what makes you unhappy.
Life is short.
It's about taking risks.
It's about getting on the field.
Not living your life in the bleachers where you get run over.
It's safer to be on the field.
I'm on the field.
Join us on the field.
Police, military, government.
You know we're right.
You know everything we predict has come true.
If you love your families, you will break your conditioning and you will join humanity.
You will join the life force.
You will join the real power on this planet.
Paul, thanks for joining us.
Thanks, Alex.
We'll be right back.
We will not be stopped.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Welcome back.
Take a few final calls here.
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Enslavement, that's the norm in history.
We're fighting it.
Will you join us?
Will you engage in the InfoWar?
Will you wake up others?
Very fertile ground out there right now.
Let's go ahead and take some calls.
Terry in Texas, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I must admit, I do like...
Paul Watson's sort of dry sense of humor for making points.
It is pretty good.
Yeah, he's good.
Now, I just tuned in.
Maybe you covered this already, but a friend of mine was telling me that somebody slipped through the cracks at Bush's speech in North Carolina, and this guy got up and hammered Bush for like about five minutes.
I guess they were going to cut him off, and Bush said, no, let him go ahead.
You know how they handpick everybody to come in.
And then everybody booted him.
Well, I tried to Google and I couldn't find it, but I guess that event really occurred, huh?
I've been hearing about it.
I would guess it's true.
We've gotten several calls on air about it.
I think you're the third today.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I just turned in.
It'll take a while to get it, but we'll try to find it and post it.
Thank you so much, Terry.
David in Minnesota, go ahead.
Enjoy your show.
Thank you.
I get, you know, all this talk lately about, you know, overpopulation and genocide and, you know, the need for these, seems to be, you know, a need for this big pandemic.
And then magically the government says it's about to happen.
But, you know, they're building up the public expectation for something.
And I just, I tuned into a PBS station last night and they had this show on there called Through Nye's Eyes.
I think it's Bill Nye the Science Guy, right?
And he was talking about overpopulation.
And of course he had a segment in there on the UN and so forth.
But, you know, he talked about
...consumption as it ties in with it.
Because you've got to admit, the planet, there's got to be some upper limit to the number of... Yeah, yeah.
Western Europe and the U.S.
are 10% of the population, and we use 80-something percent of the resources.
I've got to jump.
Thank you, sir.
It's the elite that set all this up.
They're the ones causing the problems and blaming it on us.
The answer is not killing people.
We have articles on that.
Go learn the facts.
Let's talk to... I believe it's Jerry.
Go ahead.
How you doing?
Long time listener, first time caller.
I was wondering if you've already covered this sometime in the past.
I apologize.
But I was wondering if you knew about Walter Berrien being arrested up in East Brunswick, New Jersey.
That happened again?
No, it happened back in November.
I just found out about it a couple weeks ago.
I had lost his number because he moved.
He called me one day.
I said I'd call him.
I lost the number.
I scribbled on paper.
I need his contact info.
I want to have him on.
Yeah, he's got a number posted on his website, Capper 1.
I don't know if it's still good.
Listen, I will go call it.
We will set him up.
In fact, Kevin's here scheduling guests.
Kevin, get me Walter Berry, and it's on his Caffer One website.
Out of time.
Thank you.
Quickly, final call.
Phil in Pennsylvania.
You've got 30 seconds.
About the Bill Frist quote.
I unwittingly gave you some information from a fake Fox News website.
Yeah, we've already corrected that first hour, sir.
In fact, by the time we posted it, we said that it was a hoax.
So we've got a report up about how that's a hoax at Infowars.com right now.
All right, we're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
I'll be back on Monday, 11 to 2, live and back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Be sure and join us.
God bless you all.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll free 877-376-45.