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Air Date: April 5, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, for many of you who've been tuning in over the last two days, you've heard us talk about this Dr. Eric R.
We've been contacted by Dr. Bianca's daughter.
We have been contacted by some of his former students and some of it is quite abusive, to say the least, their tone and the things they're saying and quite threatening sometimes.
So we'll be getting into that a little bit today.
And then there was a local newscast.
Yesterday in Austin, whitewashing all of this, telling us how wonderful he is and what good ideas he has and how dare all these backwards people be against 90% of us dying.
So we have posted one of the comments.
We were sent and authorized to post.
She says, yeah, go ahead and post this.
Then afterwards, don't post my name.
Well, you said post the whole thing, so we're leaving it up there.
I was saying that, oh, of course Dr. Bianca says get rid of 90%.
And that he's ready to be the first to go.
How dare you say that he should go ahead and volunteer himself.
He says he's ready.
And that he and his family may have to go, according to her.
And she's the individual that is in that famous photograph now, published in some newspapers, up on the web.
She even sent us an email saying, take my picture down.
And we were...
Before my staff had called me, I was nice.
They were nice.
They said, okay, we'll take your picture up.
It's a news event.
There's no expectation of privacy.
It's like going to a football game and saying, don't show me on the Jumbotron.
Don't show me on national television.
We're news gatherers, and this is what we do.
But, frankly, I don't care.
But she, proportionately, the young lady sitting there smiling up at Professor Pianca,
And she said, listen, I don't want 90%.
I believe it would be better off if we were all, all humans were dead.
In fact, we have her email posted up there.
And that how dare I compare Dr. Bianca to Hitler?
And I guess it's true.
He only wanted to kill tens of millions.
How dare I compare him?
Why, Dr. Bianca loves life.
He just knows that the salamanders, the lizards, the amphibians are worth more or as much as us.
And this is the really religious belief that's been pushed and fostered, and it is the majority view, and that's what we'll discuss today.
This is bigger than 9-11.
This is bigger than the depleted uranium.
This is the biggest issue.
And I've said time and time again I'm going to make a film about it as soon as my new film...
That's almost complete.
It's done in the next few months.
I will start immediately on this new film on the subject of mass extermination.
As I've said for years, as I said at the end of Road to Tyranny back in 2002, at the end of that film, as I said I would do, I have not done it.
We have so much evidence on the subject and we will break it down for you.
We will even break down exactly what is going to happen.
So that there will be millions of copies of it out there on the web and in people's private hands by the time you're done duplicating it.
And so when they attack us, we'll all know exactly who did it.
At least we'll have that.
And when people finally know there's nothing left but to fight, at that point we may be able to deal with the New World Order.
Because they can't help themselves.
They're going to do it.
It's an absolute guarantee.
In fact, I want to go over not just Pianca and the attacks we're getting and all the rest of it, but I want to specifically go over the master plan.
I've said many times I'll do this, but today I'm going to in more detail.
So that's coming up after this quick break.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and this is the GCN.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, very important broadcast today.
We're going to have wide open phones for the entire three hours.
We're going to cover news from all over the globe.
The latest developments in Iran.
The latest developments with the economy.
What's happening with the police state here domestically.
Here's some of the news in front of me.
Giuliani predicts another terror attack.
Give up all your rights, the terrorists are about to get you.
Patriot Act catches a baby food thief.
Also, the Clash sparked terror alert, as well as Led Zeppelin music on an airplane.
People think that's terrorism.
If you're even reading a neocon book against the jihad, and you're a well-known rock star, you get grabbed off the plane.
So, these are coming in every day.
But let me just stop right now.
I'm going to try to be as cogent and as focused and to boil this down as simply as possible.
Many of you are now aware that there is a professor, Eric Pianca, Dr. Pianca, from the University of Texas at Austin, right here where I'm ensconced.
And Professor Pianca...
Gave a speech, confirmed.
There are now transcripts and even the audio of it is out, even though they told the publicly assembled crowd not to record it.
And then he gave another speech.
Thank God they did.
This was a month ago at Lamar University.
And then he gave a speech at St.
Edward's right here in Austin last weekend.
It was in the Statesman, what he had to say.
And he clearly stated that...
He wishes that 90% of the world population would die, and the dying needs to start now, and that Ebola, he hopes, and he says will suddenly appear, or some other great pandemic, and kill 90% of us, and that this is needed, and wonderful, and good, and he used the words that China has a wonderful police state, a great police state, that, he said police state, that it's a good police state, a great police state,
These quotes are all up there on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And that we need to have a one-child policy immediately.
And that those of us that are allowed to live need to start working for the privilege of living the 10%.
Now, the bigger story is that in front of professors and the chairman of one of the divisions of the Texas Academy of Scientists and others, in front of these individuals...
They witnessed 95% of the audience stand up and give him a rousing, sustained, long ovation, and that he was then given the Distinguished Texas Scientist of the Year Award at a banquet directly preceding that.
Now, many of you have been listening for over a decade, and you know that I talk about this every week.
In fact, most days.
That the plan is, I say, is to kill 85 to 95% of us.
Because the numbers range from 85 to 95.
The average is about 90%.
Many of you wouldn't check out my claims.
Many of you wouldn't research my emergency transmissions to you.
You just couldn't believe it.
Believe it.
Whatever I talk about here is in triplicate.
All I do is research.
All I do is work.
I was again here until 1.15 a.m.
last night researching this.
And I don't just go off of my faculties, my information, my research.
I make 90% of my decisions on that, and the last 10% is gut instinct and discernment.
And let me tell you something.
I know this is the number one issue.
I know this is the most important thing we face.
Now, the points we first raised Monday...
Has now been picked up by CNET News and by other mainstream publications where they compare this doctor to Charlie Manson.
In fact, the CNET News headline is Charlie Manson 9 to the 10th power.
And that is exactly the type of mindset we're dealing with.
That is the exact type of thing that's being pushed here.
Let me give you a news flash.
The majority of biologists...
The majority of environmental scientists and environmental impact study degreed biologists and engineers, the majority of the psychology professors and psychiatry professors, I know, I sat through it, the majority of anthropology instructors and professors and doctors, the majority of the social workers...
The majority of those that are professors teaching the modern art of social workers, this is their religion.
This is all they talk about.
Literally, I quit college, and I publish this.
This has been a news article.
People ask, how did you wake up?
And I would say, well, I'd be in college, and they'd talk about how one world government was good, and how 85 to 95 percent of us had to die, and it didn't matter what class it was.
I remember sitting there in calculus, and I'm not good at math, and just being befuddled that the instructors, those were lower-level courses, it wasn't professors, you wouldn't shut up about how we all had to die.
And I just said, you know what?
I'm not going to college.
I'm not going to pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to hear about how I've got to die.
I'm just not going to do it.
And I talked to Paul Watson.
And Paul Watson in England was taught the same thing.
His brother, Steve Watson, has a master's degree.
I believe, what is it, in political science.
And I talked to him yesterday.
I talked to his brother.
That's all he ever heard.
My father is a degreed oral surgeon and dentist.
Doctor of dental surgery.
And he's saying that I've asked him to write a paper.
Yes, I've asked my father at dinner last night, please.
You understand everyone.
I was talking to Coast to Coast AM's producer last night.
And she's like, oh yeah, that's what I learned at Berkeley.
Listen, if you hadn't been to college, you don't know about this.
Let me tell you something.
These are the people running the Level 3 and Level 4 bioweapons labs right now.
These are the people running the nuclear reactors right here at UT, right now, miles from where I sit.
These are the people, and let me tell you something, 95% of them, I concur exactly.
And what happens is, you get this peer pressure going, and all these young people, and they tell them, you're elitist, you know best, you'll be the 10% that lives.
The government has to have the power to make everyone basically work in work camps and kill 90% of the rest.
And then that's the emails and the calls we get.
Now, I don't care how nuts this sounds.
This is the reality.
Paul Watson goes to college in Sheffield.
He's taught this.
Steve Watson goes to school at a prestigious school in London.
Steve has taught this.
He's 26.
Graduated last year with a master's degree.
Do you understand?
My father went to UT and then went to Baylor Dental School.
This is what he was taught.
David R. Jones.
This is what's going on.
Anyone you talk to, and I'm glad to see all these news articles about it, where all these writers are saying this is what they were told in college.
They spend, I would have to say, this is no exaggeration, 30% of their time
In classes that have nothing to do even with biology or with environmental protection and all the rest of this garbage on this.
And when you're actually in one of the classes that covers the environment, no exaggeration, half of it, conservatively, 50% of the curriculum is how we've got to start killing and we've got to start killing now.
Now, thank God there were other professors and men of letters who had their sanity who witnessed this display.
He's given this speech all over the planet.
By the way, UT Sunday night started jerking and pulling.
You'll go to the servers, and all the root directories are there.
The servers are up, but they are pulling, but not before they were mirrored or saved.
Too late for you.
Besides, you forget about Google Cash.
Google saves all this.
So do others.
Not before we were able to capture it.
And so now, Bianca's running around on the news and national TV and radio saying, he never said this, he's just trying to warn us that this is going to happen.
No, he says he wants this to happen, and that AIDS isn't good enough because it doesn't kill people quick enough.
Well, AIDS is genetically engineered by the U.S.
government, and that is public as well, and we've got whole shows on that.
We have the declassified documents on that.
Did you know that?
You'll never hear it on the nightly news.
You can learn it.
And so, but the scary thing is, NBC local affiliate.
And we'll play that clip later.
Scott, you weren't here yesterday, but it's in the computer there.
NBC clip.
So find that one and play it later in the shower, please.
And you can watch the clip up on InfoWars.com.
They just lied, covered up, said he didn't say this.
Basically, we're bad.
We're just jealous of Dr. Bianca.
But it's too late.
We've got his graduate students' papers.
We've got his papers.
We've got his people praising him, saying, Oh, I disagree with Bianca.
He only wants to get rid of 90%.
I want 100%.
And we just don't have their papers and their graduate papers and their own blogs.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting emails from these people.
We are receiving emails from his daughter.
Going, I know it's harsh what he says, but you just don't understand it, and you need to learn to understand it.
You need to learn to understand what we must do for the Earth.
So let me state it as clearly as possible to all of you listening who didn't go to college or who weren't in the classes at college where you hear about this.
This is synonymous with biology, with sociology, with psychology, and with environmental protection sciences.
Imagine, if you're a global crime syndicate that wants to train the people to have no human rights, no God-given rights, you just tell them, number one, the animals are above the humans, or at the same level, and since the animals can't vote, governments and corporations, they have to represent them.
And they're going to outvote you.
The fish in the sea, the bugs in the trees.
And then it creates this devaluation where it's liberal and loving to have to get rid of people.
It's a perfect army.
The Nazis said it was social Darwinism that the IQs were dropping and they had to get rid of all these people because the human species was overpopulated.
Well, that Pianca actually says in his speech at St.
Edwards and at Lamar University of the last month, last weekend and then a month ago, that the IQ is dropping because of this.
Because of overpopulation.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, but listen, I'm going to
Get out of Bianca for now when we get back, and I'm going to get into the globalists and what they're going to do, how this is going to unfold.
If you want to know their master plan, you're going to get it on the other side.
If you want to know their deepest, darkest desires, you're going to learn them on the other side.
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We're good to go.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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All right.
I got a star.
Alex Jones here back live.
By the way, you can call in to the network toll-free number, and we're going to also keep my new number here, so we'll take calls from...
Austin, Texas and Minnesota, from all over the country and the world, but we're not taking calls right now, and I really want to get past the point where we just let people hold for an hour when I'm not taking calls.
We're not taking calls right now.
Later in the hour, I'll give the number out.
We'll try to go to calls this hour, but guaranteed in the second and third hour, wide open phones today.
All right, let me just get back into what we're facing.
Elites throughout history, in every case, become abusive individuals
...of their populations and begin exterminating masses of their own serfs and slaves.
Feudalism is the ancient science of herding populations into tiny reservations or plantations and literally dumbing them down, not letting them have access to education, keeping them at a subsistence-level diet to control them, to manage them.
And, of course, you can always tell someone from a surf background they are generally about a foot shorter, Europe, Asia, it doesn't matter, than the noble class.
So you even get really a different breed or different sub-derivation of human, of Homo sapiens sapiens.
Much like the breeding of dogs.
It's why royalty always loves the breeding of horses and cattle and dogs and cats.
They're always into, quote, breeding.
Because they're the elite.
It's the science of control of population.
They're control freaks.
Control freaks inherit the earth, I guess, until their day comes.
And then I'm told the meat get it.
But I can't wait for that day.
So we're here facing this.
And going back over 100 years, Malthus, in England, wrote papers on talking about how they had to kill most of the population.
And that got picked up, and then social Darwinism came along and took the theory of Darwinism further and said, well, it's the ruling class's right.
To kill and enslave and destroy and so what if people die in factories or it's good if they die of disease or wars are good to get rid of people because this rabble is basically trash.
You dehumanize your slaves as a pretext, as an emotional salve, as an excuse to abuse them and control them and kill them at your leisure.
We are human resources.
There are six and a half billion of us.
Life is incredibly cheap.
And Hitler was an adherent of social Darwinism, saying we're killing people, but it's our right because we are in the power position.
It is then our right to kill the masses or control or use the masses because by rights we are in power, so that means we were the fittest, so we're doing the earth and biology a favor.
Now, that became unpopular, so Julian Huxley, first Director General of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization, in 1946, stated, and I have his quotes in my book, Descent into Tyranny, these are published on the UN website, that we need eugenics, and that the public is now against eugenics because of what Hitler did, so we have to legitimize their use under new terms and phrases at the university level.
So it's now known as bioethics.
Now, bioethics itself is just the current name of the eugenics movement and is pre-positioned and is dominated by people like Dr. Peter Singer, who calls babies worthless mackerel and says, kill the old people.
These are quotes.
And that you should be able to kill your child until age two, beat their brains out and throw them in the trash can.
He says cockroaches are worth as much as us, perhaps more.
And so, this is all the same line.
When Dr. Pianca gets up and says, we're bacteria, we're a bacterial bloom, my father in 1968, 1969, was taught that at the University of Texas at Austin.
Remember, my dad, years ago, when I talk about this, going, oh yes, son, they called it viral or bacterial bloom, and we've all got to be exterminated.
He heard the exact same thing.
I heard the exact same thing.
Steve Watson, Paul Watson in England, it's all the same thing.
Anybody who's been there has heard the same thing.
This is nothing new.
The point is, 95% stand up and clamp.
The point is local media defends them.
The point is that the Associated Press finally wrote a whitewash attacking us and saying Pionk is a wonderful individual.
See, this is the majority view of the so-called intelligentsia who couldn't fight their way out of the intellectual paper bag.
These people have no facts.
They have no science.
They have no data.
They don't crunch seven days a week, 14 to 18 hours a day with bloodshot red eyes constantly engaging the enemy in research.
They know nothing!
All the reports we've put out of the equivalent of thesis papers by PhDs, the stuff we're writing and putting out, full of links and documents and research and years of work, and then these nothings sit up there with no facts or no science.
They don't even know where their ideas spring from.
This is an excuse of the elite to create a massive multi-million per nation cadre of people to man the new surf system.
They're the individuals that come as the forest workers, the forest service, or the environmental protection teams, and steal your ranch or farm, and then a year later there's a hotel on it, or a toxic waste dump, and that's how they save the environment.
These are the people that are going to be taking your property.
These are going to be the new police officers.
These are the individuals.
When we get back, I'll break it down more and get into their master plan in detail.
Stay with us.
And then later we will take calls.
This is so important.
I hope you're taking notes.
I hope you're recording this.
And we'll talk about it coming up in the next hour.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The fateful day is coming when the aircraft will fly over major cities, over most of the continents of the world, releasing, I believe, deadly nerve gas.
They'll claim it's biological.
And we will watch billions die.
And then the government will come in during the crisis and save the remnants from the horrible scourge
I know, a lot of you can't deal with it.
That is the operational plan.
All of this police state is being erected to orderly exterminate us.
And it will be done as soon as they calculate that they can get away with it.
The owners of our planet are obsessed and published books saying it.
Dick Cheney has said it.
Prince Philip has said it.
Ted Turner has said it.
Jacques Cousteau has said it.
The United Nations has said it at every level.
Henry Kissinger has said it and published it and implemented it.
Central Intelligence Agency Memorandum, 1973.
Global 2000 is what it's called.
And how do they implement it?
They implement it through the United Nations programs of the same name.
We're going to get into it here in just a few minutes.
And this thing could be on national television.
This thing could be on ABC.
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In the 16th century, Sir Francis Bacon was at the helm of such societies as the leader of the Rosicrucians and the first Grand Master of modern Freemasonry.
As such, he is considered by some to be the true founder of America.
For centuries, controversy has surrounded this man, who is said to be the intelligent, illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I, and the real author behind Shakespeare's plays.
When Bacon penned his classic work, The New Atlantis, he outlined his vision for the perfect society, a democratic commonwealth governed by scientific achievement
How were the founding fathers impacted by Bacon's plan, and is America being driven by this vision today?
We are the goddess Columbia.
She sits on top of all of our major capitals.
They, in Europe, follow the
We're good to go.
I think so.
You can learn about that.
And he was part of the Hellfire Club where they had orgies and sacrificed children.
Oh, by the way, that's mainstream news.
They just calmly report it like it's no big deal.
It's the cult of death.
The order of death.
The order of the death's head.
The Nazis were just the progeny, the followers of this.
They were not the progenitors.
They were not the founders.
You need to learn about this.
You need to have this new DVD.
We carry it in DVD only.
America's Beginning, Volume 1, The New Atlantis.
And it's already getting awards and incredible reviews from film festivals.
It just came out a month ago.
He wanted me to carry it a month ago.
I never got around to watching it.
I watch something before I carry it.
And they've just hit one out of the park on this one.
America's Beginnings.
It's up on InfoWars.com via the safe, secure online shopping cart.
It is not yet via the toll-free number.
We'll get that up by tonight.
You'll be able to order it by the toll-free number.
I've got to give them all the information on it so they can take your order on that.
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And tell them you want America's Destiny, Secret Mysteries of America's Destinies, Volume 1, The New Atlantis.
Good job, David Bay, and good job to his director.
Just absolutely.
It's an antiques research film production.
Executive producer, David E. Bay.
Written and directed by Christian J. Pinto.
We're going to get both of them on the broadcast next week.
Running time, 120 minutes.
Absolute bombshell.
You need to have America's Beginnings, Volume 1, The New Atlantis.
Get it today.
All right.
I said I'd go over their master plan in great detail.
The modern plan, let me break it down for you.
Number one, these death cults are made up of the banking establishment, inbred families of 300 years that have married into the Saxe-Coburg Gothas that you know of as the House of Windsor.
That's their brand name.
The average Brit doesn't even know the names of their royal family.
The Dutch royal families that are married
It's all one big happy family.
They're Saxe-Coburg-Gothas.
Your mortal enemy.
They're married into the Rothschilds.
They're now all lords.
And it's very, very serious.
Now, they've got this huge control system.
And they see people as absolute trash.
They would have hundred year wars between cousins just to control their populations.
Those letters are now public.
They see you as absolutely worthless.
They see you as absolute trash.
They say they want to cull the herd.
This is what royalty has done throughout history.
And they see you as trash.
So how are they going to sell an intelligentsia?
How are they going to sell multi-generations on eugenics and Nazi-style extermination programs?
As they carry out the AIDS epidemic, which Nobel Prize winners have documented as a globalist operation.
Again, we have all these declassified documents from England, Australia, the U.S., modern documents saying they're doing this.
We have mainstream articles we've put up where our entire articles are just hyperlinks.
Every claim we make is backed up.
And then this scientist, this top scientist, gets a standing ovation by 95% when he says all of this.
And then local media, national media, defends him.
Because this is what they talk about.
This is their religion.
And at a subconscious level, it's a control freak mentality of these minions.
And they'll openly say, hey, the pie isn't getting any bigger.
We're not going to live good standard of living because of the third world.
We've got to get rid of them.
That's at the conservative end.
We've got to get rid of 80%.
Then you get to the extreme end of we need to kill 100% sooner rather than later.
I'm going to read some emails and cover some things on that issue.
Then they have this weird duality of how it's loving.
It's a good thing for the earth.
We all need to die.
So imagine, the conservatives want 80%.
Georgia Guidestones, Prince Philip, you and others.
But the radicals want total extermination.
And then the moderates, in the middle, like this Professor Pianca, he only wants 90%.
And we've seen the debate go from 80% to 85% to 90%.
90% is now the most quoted number in research papers and in textbooks, and it's being pushed.
I mean, so now Pianca is trying to backpedal.
As he said, don't record his speech when you have this big speech in front of 300 people at the Texas Academy of Sciences, because he said the world isn't ready for this, but it needs to happen, and it needs to happen now.
When he gets caught, he comes out and says, oh no, I'm in a warning, this is going to happen.
Oh no, I have children and grandchildren, I don't want that to happen.
But we found research papers and got emails from his minions saying it's all great.
Saying, oh yes, he says 90% and that he knows he'll have to go first and his family as well.
It's sad but needs to happen.
And then I found research papers saying the same thing.
So we have him red-handed.
Absolutely red-handed in all of this.
And so he is not an aberration.
He is indicative.
He is the norm.
He is the status quo.
Of what's happening.
Now, how are they going to implement this?
So they go in the 20s and 30s, and they have eugenics out in the open, and they sterilize between 400 and 600,000.
We don't know the actual numbers from 1930 to 1985 when it was cut back.
It still goes on.
Some federal numbers are 400 and something thousand, some are over 600,000, some are several million.
I don't...
These are numbers, you know, we'll look at one hospital where over 20 years they sterilized 30,000 people.
I mean, these are the type of numbers.
All over the country, we've had them on, it's been in the mainstream news.
A single mother, 18 years old, gets pregnant.
She works in a local cafeteria.
This is one lady we had on.
She has a daughter.
She's now 23.
Her daughter is in first grade and only makes B-minuses.
They take her and her daughter to a facility, and medical students excise her womb, her uterus.
Many people died, by the way.
They were actually doing medical experiments on them.
Now that's just one personal example.
They took black men, and we first heard it was they let them die of syphilis over 47 years before it finally went public.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
They gave it to them, that's now declassified, and they spread it throughout the entire South and then into the North.
Hundreds of thousands conservatively contracted syphilis, which is basically a worm-shaped bacteria that eats organs in your brain.
Okay, the Jewish children, our government paid $3 billion from 1950 to 1961 to radiate, irradiate, 110,200 and something, you want the actual number, Jerusalem Post, Haratz, Barry Hamish, others, to radiate Sephardi Jewish children.
Documented, public, admitted.
There are hundreds of examples, nerve-gassing troops, all of this, our own troops.
They have a hundred different pretexts.
A hundred times a hundred.
But it's all about getting every branch of government to engage in this.
To get doctors to cut organs out.
To get doctors and nerve gas troops in a gas chamber telling them it's just a test.
They'll get three days leave.
They die.
Doctors teaching their students that everyone needs to be exterminated.
How did the Nazis do this?
They were taught the same thing.
And Hitler learned what he learned from the US.
He cited eugenics heads in this country.
By the way, the father of eugenics in this country, he ended up in a mental institution.
He was totally insane.
Margaret Sanger called black people human weeds.
Oh, but she's loved by the liberals and they have their death camps, their Planned Parenthoods in every major city, mainly in minority areas as death mills.
And the sickening white supremacists just love it.
Absolute scum.
So you're beginning to realize the foundation of this, the backdrop of these people.
Now, all the bioweapons research, BioShield, $6,300,000,000 a year, funded for the last three years, to build three dozen, or 36, level four bioweapons labs, in the words of the headline in the Baltimore Sun a few years ago, to create thousands of gallons of liquid death, super weaponized smallpox, bird flu, Ebola,
Natural Ebola has a 90% killer in it, by the way.
In mammals.
In Homo sapiens sapiens.
Imagine what weaponize will do.
Remember two years ago, the major universities, government universities, was ordered by the government and the professors protested to list in full detail the recombinant DNA calculations and preparations to create a smallpox modeled after the mousepox with a 99 plus percent guaranteed absolute
Kill rate in any mammal species it's tailored to.
You can tailor it to any mammal species within a matter of months with a moderately expensive, multi-million dollar laboratory.
They issued the complete DNA sequence.
You can go read it right now.
That's for plausible deniability.
That makes Ebola look like lemonade.
Look like strawberries and cream.
I've got chills going back to my spine right now.
Over 200 top weapons biologists have been brutally murdered in the last four years.
Some of them have spoken out against the bioweapons labs.
A lot of them right here in Texas.
The University of Texas alone is running five...
Level 3 weapons labs and one level 4 at level 3 containment at their Galveston facility alone.
Do you understand?
And 95%
According to professors and scientists of my own experience, of the people graduating and now working in a level 4 bioweapons laboratory.
Do you understand?
This is the threat.
You're worried about Alcieta, boys and girls?
This is what I am scared to death.
I've been looking at my children and I've been crying the last few days because this just brought it home to me.
I've already known this.
I've already talked about it.
But I know we're getting close.
These people are in weapons labs in Montana, in New York, in Los Angeles.
They're everywhere.
Dick Cheney, in his Rebuilding America's Defenses...
September 2000, London Guardian wrote about this, said, we need to use our friends in the press to legitimize the use of race-specific bio-weapons.
James Quarterly, the premier encyclopedia of weapons systems, based in London, put out an emergency alert and said, this is insane!
We know England, the U.S., and Israel have developed race-specific, 100% kill-rate weapons!
They're the people that told you five years before they rolled the B-2 out about it.
Told you what it looked like.
They never are wrong.
And they put out an alert.
And half their advertisers are defense contractors.
It's not like they're Alex Jones.
They put out a worldwide alert.
They put one of those out on average every two years.
And they said, this is nuts.
Now, I don't believe they're going to use a biological.
I believe they're going to use a nerve gas on us.
And I know why they've trained thousands of pilots all over the Western world in these drills, where they spray, quote, harmless bacteria in our cities, and why they do the drills multi-state when they do it.
With hundreds of pilots.
Because when they, it could be very easy.
The trucks deliver it to the fields.
It's a pre-planned operation.
The military personnel flying the flights don't even know what they're doing.
And in a day, they've got chemicals that are slow release and kill you instantly after a day.
You can even name those chemicals.
They will spray us and we will flop around like fish, vomit our guts out and expire.
The trucks will deliver it to the landing fields.
The spray nozzles will be affixed and the mass murder will begin.
When will it begin?
When will it begin?
When we get back, I'll break it down for you.
Will we save humanity?
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, impenetrable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masses of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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We'll take your calls coming up in the next hour.
I'd like you to talk about this issue of social Darwin control freaks.
And their guild of control freaks they brainwashed to carry this out.
Most of them, it's just talk, but they're legitimizing it.
They're selling it.
And from all the drills I've seen, remember two years ago, a year and a half ago, they had a summer-long operation with, I think it was 5,000 tons.
It was Ailey, Oklahoma, where they sprayed Subtilis Globogy on every major town and city.
You can pull it up.
In a continuous three-month operation using hundreds of fixed-wing aircraft.
Small-type prop planes.
And that was just to train the military that, okay, we mount these on here and you go spray these on cities to test detectors.
They've done it all over the country.
They've done it in White Rock, New Mexico.
They do it all over.
And meanwhile, the elite just keeps talking about how they want to kill us and how they're going to do it, how we're going to be hit by bioweapons and how it's all over.
Now, I believe we will be hit by a soft-kill weapon.
That is something that debilitates most, kills some.
It could even be a million dying globally.
I believe it will be small, though.
That sounds big, but that's small compared to what they will do.
And then that will be used as the clamp down the police state to get more control.
And then in the future, they are fully capable and may...
It could be next week.
It could be tomorrow.
It could be in a year.
I tend to think it'll be within five to ten years, but things are accelerating.
Do this.
And when they do it, it'll be on multi-continents.
And it'll be simultaneous.
And just a few thousand aircraft in a matter of a day, 24-hour period, could kill over half the world's population.
Did you know that, what is it, 75% of the world's population lives in urban centers?
In the U.S., it's 89%.
In areas of Europe, it's 95%.
You'd think Spain was rural.
I think they're like 93%.
One of those European countries is 95% urbanization.
You can look the numbers up.
Going from memory here.
And they can hit our cities and knock us out.
I mean, just four or five aircraft per city will kill everyone with the type of nerve gases they have.
But again, they will use soft-kill bioweapons, and look up soft-kill if you don't know what that is, to kind of, as a dress rehearsal, all of these are foundational events getting bigger and bigger and bigger after each event.
We are wallowing in evidence of them preparing for this.
And you need only a very few people in government and in private corporations to be involved in this.
Again, trucks pre-positioned across the planet, with drivers not even knowing what they're delivering, with things falsely labeled,
Well, it takes a few hundred people to do this, because then the tens of thousands delivering, I won't even know.
That's delivered to aircraft with pilots for a, quote, mass drill or test, and it is done.
And this is the plan, this is the operation, this is what they're doing.
And whenever I'm on Coast to Coast AM and he says, well, Alex, where's this all going?
What's their master plan?
And when I go on national TV shows, I say the plan is to kill 85 to 95% of us.
That's the plan.
These people come to kill, steal, and destroy.
This is what they're into.
This is what they do.
This is what's being set up.
I mean, that's why they use thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of tons of DU everywhere.
Birth defects quadruple in the areas where it's used.
They're tripling everywhere else.
Sperm counts are down 80-something percent.
Cancers are up 500% every 10 years, so up 500% each time exponentially on a type of Richter scale.
Why are they doing all this?
Why do they genetically engineer?
And another thing is all these people that say we've got to save the Earth, we've got to kill everybody, humans aren't the problem.
Human population is nothing compared to the chimera cross-species engineering that can give rise to super viruses, super bacteria.
Nobel Prize winners have been on the show to tell you that.
We already have it jumping into every corn species on the planet that's been infected and isn't even original corn and has had insect genes added and is jumping into other plants that aren't even in the same plant species.
Just in the same, I guess, genus.
So, all of this is happening.
The plankton's doing weird things.
We're having record sea die-offs.
All the very people saying we've all got to die are the very ones killing the Earth, because they're a bunch of killers.
They're a bunch of nuts.
They're a bunch of sickos.
And then they email us, and they call us, and they're like, what's wrong with you?
Of course everyone has to die.
What's wrong with you?
Like, we're crazy.
We're crazy.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday...
From 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We're here live.
I'm Alex Jones, your host on the Genesis Network.
Well, we've got two toll-free numbers for you today.
We're going to have a wide open phone for the next few hours to cover a lot of other key news items.
Or you can call the Austin number, 888-234-4564.
And we'll take your calls on both of those systems.
Now, let me attempt to break down what we covered the last hour.
I know some stations joined us for the last two, which is unfortunate, but we thank you for carrying the show.
I detailed how this Dr. Eric Panica is the tip of the iceberg, this award-winning freak, this scientist who says he's not a freak.
A freak is something unusual.
The 95% stand up and praise him when he says 90% of us need to die now.
And that age is working too slowly.
I mean, obviously he knows what's going on.
He's not saying at all.
And we're going to some of the emails I've been sent by some of his disciples and his daughter emailed us and a bunch of other stuff.
So we're dealing with that right now.
By the way, I'm trying to get a hold of Paul Watson.
Paul, you've got her contact info.
I've got the email, but I want to invite his daughter on the show.
So can I please have that?
Panika's daughter.
I've been trying to get a hold of you since late last night.
Paul sometimes avoids me during the day because he knows I might try to drag him on air.
I'm just joking.
But then it ties into this article here.
Biological threat in Executive Order 13292.
Avian pollutability used as pretext for attacks.
Not Iran's nuclear program.
And this is an executive order.
We're going to read it later.
So see, this is the foundational excuse to train minions of the government that human life is worthless and none of us have any rights, but it's for the earth's good.
The elite knows best.
And it's used as an excuse for a police state here domestically and to drive this thing.
That's what we're talking about.
We'll get more into it in the shower.
Right now, let's go to Bill in Arizona.
Bill, welcome, sir.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
First of all, I want to commend you for such a great job that you're doing and getting the word out to all the people around the country and around the world.
And let me say what I'm getting the word out on.
The majority of the biologists and scientists working in weapons laboratories, this is public, have the view that 90% of us need to be killed.
So that's why we're concerned.
It's CNET News and other big publications are saying exactly what I'm saying.
And it's not just me.
Can I change subjects for this?
Talk about whatever you want.
I don't know if you heard about this, but...
Up in Apache Junction High School around the Phoenix area.
Yes, I talked to people that actually know the young man.
The illegals took down the American flag.
He took down the Mexican flag and put the American flag back up, and then they arrested him because he burned the Mexican flag.
He burned the Mexican flag.
Now he's getting death threats, and now his girlfriend's getting death threats, and his father... I think I'm going to burn it.
Yeah, really.
I feel that same way.
And his father's got to put a security system up at his house now because he's afraid that they're going to do something to the family.
That is really sick, Alex.
I know.
We're trying to get him on the show.
I know.
That's about all I have to say.
Well, I really... Keep up the... Sir, go ahead.
Keep up the good work, Alex.
You're doing a good job.
Well, thank you, sir.
I do the best job I can.
Yeah, it's like when the majority of the Tejano or Chicano studies professors say, this is the Southwest, we're going to kick you out, this is Aslan, and then a large minority says that all whites must die above the age of 16 who are male, and then they say it in public speeches, we play clips and read the news articles.
And again, we don't care what color you are, we just don't like...
I mean, I'd imagine most Hispanics don't want to hear that all the whites seem to be killed.
A lot of Hispanics, I see, are married to white women, or the men are married to Hispanic ladies.
I guess your husbands and wives have to die, too.
But that's just the way it is now.
The universities don't care.
They're just training people to murder.
It's all about training to kill.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Can you handle the truth?
Well, you're going to have to.
The majority of biology and environmental science and environmental resource graduates have been taught that 85 to 95 percent of us must die, and they run the bioweapons laboratories.
Dick Cheney officially says he wants to legitimize the use of race-specific bioweapons.
There are official CIA documents.
Again, this is really going on, and they're drilling the military and, quote, spraying harmless bacteria all over the U.S.
Mainstream News.
Mainstream news, just type it in Google.
Army doing tests spraying bacteria over U.S.
You'll get all these mainstream articles.
And for the day when the globalists really decide to give them something else to spray, and the troops will just think it's another test.
That's what all of this is really about.
These drills are really about.
And it's total control.
That's what the elites have always been into.
And this professor coming out and saying this is just saying what the majority of them are already saying.
So a lot of key articles on this.
We've got a local newscast.
We didn't play all of it yesterday.
I want to play more of it today where he goes through all this propaganda.
We're going to do it.
And I know we have a lot of phone callers on 888-234-4564, our Austin toll-free number.
And I know the lines are loaded at 1-800-259-9231.
So let's just go to calls.
But listen, I really actually did a good job yesterday for once.
I moved through your calls quickly, so be ready.
I'm giving each one of you about a minute.
Raphael in Tennessee, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Raphael.
Okay, I want to make an announcement on these people with these scum of the earth, with their biological stuff.
Of course, they're probably in secret societies, so all those of the secret societies, there has been a judgment affliction put on them by God.
This isn't a worldwide announcement now, so you all better face the facts.
Those in the secret societies,
Now is the time to repent and do away with your evil.
Thank you, Raphael.
I appreciate the call.
Let me just say this.
Even if you don't believe in God, and I do, let me tell you something.
You do reap what you sow.
What comes around goes around.
And these people are all totally unhappy, and then all they love is death and evil.
You see, all decadent societies go through this cycle.
It's just governments never had the mechanisms to kill everybody.
Elites always.
It's the norm.
Learn your history.
Flip out and start mass killing.
Because it's their entertainment.
They've got everything, and so nothing makes them happy.
Again, Nero every morning would strangle a small child for his pleasure and then do some other things.
He would have big parties.
This is mainstream Roman historians.
This is admitted.
Nero was proud of it.
He would dress up like a werewolf in a wolf outfit.
They would bring in a young man or child, and then he would go bite chunks out of their neck in other places, covering himself in blood like Baron Harkonnen or something on a science fiction, and then as everyone ate dinner, clapping.
Then they'd have an orgy.
Then they'd eat and vomit on each other and go to the vomitorium in rooms and just vomit everywhere.
Just vomiting and murdering and blood splattering.
You think I'm joking.
You just don't know mainstream history.
I haven't had a chance to go to Italy.
My parents go there all the time.
My mom's flying there today.
The vomitoriums are everywhere.
Just research the last few... Well, Nero was in the middle of the decline.
But research the emperors by the time they had twin emperors.
The East and West.
I mean, just... They go nuts.
But they've got to have their minions carry it out so they give it a pseudoscience glaze.
You think I'm kidding, don't you?
And so just think about who you're working with.
Think about whose side you're on.
Let's go ahead and talk to Thomas.
Thomas, where are you calling us from?
Go ahead.
Another Tennessean.
Yes, sir.
Hey, listen, I love what you're doing.
I think you're doing a great job.
And I absolutely believe that the government is behind from reading all your material and everything.
A book by Dr. William Grady, How Satan Turned America Against God.
It quotes you a lot in there, and I learned a lot from there.
That's how I started listening to you.
But I wanted to ask you a question.
I wanted to ask you what you thought about... We know from the Bible that the Antichrist will win... Well, he'll make war against the saints and overcome them.
And then we know that... I want to know if you thought...
What do you think about the rapture from the time when we'll be raptured out and then the government takeover with the Antichrist system?
Sir, I don't know how long you've been listening, but what I'm going to say I think is going to freak you out.
Let me let you go, and then I can answer you when you're off air.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you, Thomas.
Okay, I'm not a theologian.
I am not going to get into a religious debate.
I am a Christian.
I do not hide my faith under a bushel.
I am proud.
To be a follower of Christ?
Yahweh, Yah.
A lot of you guys get caught up in all the law and all the little nuts and bolts.
I mean, I know I'm with God.
My discernment tells me I know whose camp I'm in.
I know who my father is.
But I have a scientific show.
I have an information show.
I have a news show.
The stuff I already talk about is so wild and so crazy sounding, I can prove it.
And people can't deal with it and handle it.
And then I look at the Christian church, bought off, paid for, predominantly preaching lies, telling you don't get involved, lay down, the rapture's coming.
And so on its face, I know it's wrong that the rapture teachers, whether it's true or not, tell us that it's not our job to get involved, and it's our job to lay down, and it's not our job to fight this because we'll be overcome.
I have read Revelation several times, and the same thing repeats in history over and over again, building to the big one.
The devil just has the same design over and over again.
And he plays into God's plan.
And yes, it's true.
Our leaders are Satanists.
I mean, if you don't believe in God, folks, that is a news announcement, pronouncement.
That is true.
They are.
I never tried to get into that.
I was a Christian, but not deeply.
I've always been in the right camp ever since I was very small and came to the Lord.
I was about five years old.
But at the same time, I wasn't strong.
I didn't know.
I didn't have the discernment.
And I just kept falling into the Satanism.
I kept running into it.
It's real.
It's there.
This is what the elite is into.
Doesn't it make sense?
I mean, they're a bunch of psychopathic control freaks.
They're going to be into evil stuff.
Look at the Aztecs.
Look at the Mayans.
Look at the Babylonians.
Look at the Romans.
It's always the same.
I mean, if you're evil, you're going to worship an evil god.
Even if you don't believe in God, it's the psychological manifestation of your inner soul, or of your brain.
I don't take a lot of calls, but this is a really important question.
And so if you really read it, the Antichrist makes war against the saints and overcomes them at first, but then there is an elect, there's a large group of people that cannot be touched.
You see?
And there are people in the midst of it, you're going to have the greatest coming back to goodness, the greatest coming back to life, the greatest coming back to decency and honor and the good fruit that God offers us, and we will follow His law.
The law, do unto others as you have them do unto you.
The golden rule.
Lay down your life for your brother.
Those that were willing to lay down their lives gained their lives, both spiritual and physical.
Those that tried to keep it lost it.
Man, I've already given my life up.
I don't want to die, but I'm ready to.
Because I'm trying to protect little ones.
It's my instinct that God gave me.
The hard wiring.
You have to get into darkness.
You have to be given over to a reprobate mind.
You have to be given over to the dark side to not want to throw yourself against the enemy.
I mean, right now, if I thought I would defeat the New World Order, I'd throw myself in a meat grinder.
Right now, I would throw myself against a horde of enemies to cut me down.
I don't care.
It's instinctive.
The little ones must be defended.
They must be defended.
You shouldn't have to make the decision to get involved and do it.
If you're in the right place, in your heart and soul and your mind and your intellect, you are compelled.
I am a vessel against this enemy.
My cup runneth over.
I am filled.
But I've read Revelations, and I don't see anything about a rapture in there until after.
The dead, you know, after Armageddon, it says after Armageddon the dead rise, and then it's right there.
Schofield Bible, New World Order was taught.
And it doesn't matter.
Duty is mine.
Consequences belong to God.
I just do my job.
There's an open guild of people saying they want to kill us.
The government is preparing it and already releasing things like HIV and other things, which is the tip of the iceberg.
This stuff's going on.
Cancer was engineered.
The cancer viruses.
There's Rockefeller studies from the 30s.
Their plans are public.
Now look at it today.
I mean, there's whole schools where they have whole rooms of the kids that are in there with their medical equipment because they've all got cancer.
I mean, on my street in my neighborhood, a little kid died of cancer.
In my other neighborhood, a few years ago, a kid died of cancer.
That's not normal.
Most cancer is viral.
That's scientific major Nobel Prize winning studies.
So, we're here dealing with this.
And people say, you know, well, it's going to overcome us so we can't fight it.
No, it's our job to fight it and wake others up.
Because I don't fear he that can kill the body.
I fear the one that can kill my soul.
And the New World Order Revelation says, Traffics in the souls of men.
They're merchants in the souls of men, is the exact quote.
I don't belong to them.
I'm not a shekel in their pocket.
I'm not a ruble in their pocket.
I'm not a dollar in their pocket.
I'm not their slave.
I belong to somebody else.
I've got another master.
And no one can take that away from me.
I know where I am.
I know whose camp I'm in.
It feels good.
I know I'm tied in to that incredible life force that God's given us.
It is enlightening.
It is empowering.
It is wonderful.
And you're not going to get it in most of these churches.
I go in most of these churches and I can feel the spirit that's in them before I cross the threshold.
You can drive past these churches.
You can see it.
You know, like a place has a feeling.
Oh, this place has a wonderful feeling.
Oh, this is such a wonderful place.
This is so peaceful.
Other places, oh, I don't like this place.
There's something about it.
You get a bad feeling in those UT classes when you sit there and all they talk about is killing people.
But before they ever opened their mouths on the first day, you know, I was sitting there in a local college.
I had a bad feeling.
And then they open their mouths and the evil just spills out on you.
This bile.
This wretched trash.
And so, sir, our religion is not constantly talking about the rapture and, oh gosh, I'm glad they're telling us to take microchips.
It means the engineer.
It's, oh no, evil is upon us.
We haven't done our job to fight it.
Remember all the cities that were going to be judged by God, but he'd send one of his prophets and then they'd repent and get a hundred year reprieve?
You need to warn your neighbors.
You need to warn everybody.
You're not in the right place.
And let me tell you something.
If you aren't on fire to fight this, you should feel very strong too.
You should feel extremely powerful because we've got the sword of the Lord.
And before that, nothing can stand.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I got news clips about Dr. Death, Dr. Doom I want to play.
I got emails from his minions.
I got a bunch of stuff I want to cover.
And we just took two calls last segment.
That is not fast enough.
Let's go to him quickly.
Charles in the Louisiana.
Go ahead, Charles.
Hi, Mr. Jones.
Mr. Jones, I want to remind you of something that really stuck in my mind.
A story, an article you read three years ago.
And I'd like to remind the listeners of this, they need to hear this.
You read an article where a guy walked into a bar with a gun and a can of gas, and he made the women tie all the men up, and he threw the gas on the men, and when he pulled out his lighter, the women overtook the man, that he wouldn't burn the men up.
Do you remember that article?
Well, you see, that's the problem.
You stay in a foul country.
These are the people that want any excuse not to fight,
No excuse not to fight.
They took God out of school and they didn't fight for Jesus Christ and they want to say we're going to be raptured because I'm so sick of American people.
They domestically, they just don't, they're just not what,
You all, or some of the men, or I'm sure all these listeners could probably whip their toe out of me, but I'm so tired of the, we call it, Americans.
They didn't stand up for Jesus Christ when he took us out of my school, and they didn't want to be raptured.
What do they think?
They ain't supposed to help us fight for our country?
You're fighting for them every day of your life, and they got an excuse, I'm going to be raptured.
What's wrong with these people?
Are we just dead people, or we've been sprayed too much?
What is wrong with these people, Mr. Jones?
They became decadent and corrupt.
I appreciate your call, my friend, and I understand your anger.
And they think by only caring about themselves, they get ahead.
That's really a lie.
Let's go ahead and go to my Texas lines here.
Folks calling in here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chad in Illinois on line four.
Go ahead, Chad.
You're on the air.
Hey, how's it going?
Good, sir.
I just got a couple of news points real quick.
First of all, my uncle, I live in...
My uncle called, it's actually Iowa, my uncle called Harkin and Grassley, and they both said the ports deals were placated.
UAE did not back out.
They just lied to us, so we would calm down because there's not anything... Well, I mean, we wrote an article about that three weeks ago, that the holding company for the deal is Halliburton, but then it signs it over for the 21 ports to UAE.
But that's nothing compared to the Communist Chinese military taking over the security at some of the ports and running these scanners, and in a no-bid contract, the U.S.
government's going to pay them to do it and not even let customs do it.
Some other stuff I picked up on INN news was the Mustafa mask in Baghdad
There was American troops that went in, tied up and shot 37 praying people, and something else they said is the official numbers are in, and Iraq spends $6 billion annually to import oil.
I know, sir.
See, they don't want the oil flowing out.
By not letting it flow out, it actually jacks up the price.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to John in Oklahoma.
John, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
I wanted to call because I have been painfully aware of what's going on, thanks to you and some other websites and things, and I tried to share this information with some people, and it's been real hard to get anybody to really listen.
I mean, people are essentially telling me I'm crazy.
Yeah, some people call and say no one will listen to them, some call and say 50-50, and others call and say everyone listens to them.
Yeah, I have one friend who listened, and then the other people I've approached have been very resistant.
And it doesn't matter which side of the political fence they fall on, I just think it's hard for them to swallow the truth of what is really going on.
Well, people, mainly conservatives, like folks in Oklahoma and stuff, just think everything's fine, and George Bush is in office, so they're in hibernation.
Everything must be good.
Oh, no, they really support him, and they don't like to hear anything negative about him.
They don't like to hear he's anti-gun or probe and border.
They just don't want to hear him.
No, I mean, well, first of all, the Christians, at least the mainstream Christian conservatives, you know, I'm a Christian.
I believe in Christ, I'm saved, and I feel like I am a Christian.
But they tend to support him blindly because he says he's a Christian.
No, but then look at the fruits.
Oh, exactly, and that's what's kind of brought me around.
I used to listen to you a while back, and...
And then I moved up here and started listening to you again on the web.
I really appreciate what you're doing, but I'm trying to get the word out there, too.
Sir, have you tried giving them my documentaries?
Talking is hard for some people.
They don't talk to people.
Most Americans don't talk to each other anymore as part of entertainment or part of an interface.
They just talk in business.
Then they go home and have friends with their sitcom imaginary friends.
So you need to give them a video.
I've given that out.
The one friend who did kind of come around to my way of thinking or to the realization of what's going on, I guess, he saw the videos.
But I've given the videos out to another friend also.
Also, this is what happens, sir.
This is what happens.
They won't wake up right away.
But when they get knocked upside the head by tyranny, John, and thanks for the call,
When they get knocked upside the head by tyranny, they'll wake up then.
See, you planted the seed.
Seeds don't always sprout right away.
The right conditions make them sprout.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, we're back live.
We're here.
I've got John in Ohio who disagrees with something, so I'll go to him first, and then we'll talk to Joe and Jason and Chris and Ron, and I'm told Dr. Deagle's holding.
We'll try to get to him soon.
And then we've got Anthony and Brandon and Jack and Ron and just so many other callers.
I'm told they're backed up in queue 10 deep after that.
So we'll continue to try to take more calls.
I guess we've got two new phone systems.
We can take even more calls on each phone system, so...
We've got the plus and minus of having too many callers that are able to even go online and talk to us.
But I want to get back into source documents on Dr. Pianca saying 90% of us need to die and start dying soon and mass plagues would be wonderful to kill 90% of us.
And then the mass defense of him by the establishment and the media.
And then some of the feedback we've gotten reportedly from his daughter and then from some of his students.
And others, some just chilling emails and things I'll be reading.
We have a little newscast we'll play too, but I'm going to take a few more calls here in just a moment before we do that.
But we're carrying a new film, and it's extremely powerful.
It's America's Beginnings, Volume 1, The New Atlantis, Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings.
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It's such an important video.
You need to have it.
Learn the incredible secrets of the esoteric traditions hidden within the manifold layers of signs and symbols in our nation's infrastructure, symbols that, for many, represent the secret destiny of the world's greatest nation.
Films like National Treasure are a whitewash of this, or films like The Da Vinci Code that's coming out are a whitewash and a lie.
You'll learn the truth from the historical record with this film.
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So, just an incredible deal right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Take advantage of it.
Now, let's go to John in Ohio.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, before I get to the part I disagree with, I'd like to say that I totally agree with you on this Malthusian death operation.
I've always believed that as a kind of a half-baked Marxist, this is what Marxists believe, they have totally opposed the Malthus, and the semi-Marxism of the LaRoucheites during the 70s, when they were in that stage, they did a lot of the same work you're talking about, the IMF, the World Bank's
Looting is not the word.
It's consolidating, criminally.
And I wanted to mention some of the things that I... And the very same... I'm not going to let you get away with that.
The very same bankers publicly funded the communist movement as a false revolutionary movement, and you'll never wake up to that.
And it's leftist liberals who are the vanguard of peddling this.
Well, I'm not a leftist, but I do agree with a lot of what the Marxists have said.
But speaking of some of the things that I disagree with, and I totally agree with your work on the war, on the...
9-11 conspiracy on the police state, but I was listening to a Pittsburgh talk station about a week and a half ago, heard one of the people that you like, Paul Craig Roberts, and he was talking about how the economy is being hollowed out, the gross disparity between the rich and the poor under these, especially under these neo-fascists, and he said one of the main reasons for this is the fact that
The formerly communist, or as I would call them, pseudo-communist countries or semi-socialist countries had abandoned that, and even semi-socialist policies in countries like India had opened up their doors to these transnational corporations going out and completely hollowing out our economy.
It was because, since the demise of those socialist or semi-socialist systems that we are in the situation we are in.
I don't know if he realized the implications of what he was saying,
But this, in effect, means that it was actually the military industrial complex had no objection to the alleged human rights abuses or intentions of those countries, which they grossly exaggerated.
It was the fact that they were a tough nut to crack.
They couldn't go in there and exploit those
Okay, John, thank you for the call.
No, no, I'm going to let you go, because I've got to be fair with everybody and only give you a few minutes there.
I'll give you plenty of time, John, so you don't really disagree.
That's just more baloney.
Maybe you were going to bring up something you disagreed about, but your time's up.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a real conservative, a paleo-conservative.
The bankers funded the communists to lock up the labor.
Then they made deals.
There's never been a communist country.
Jiang Zemin, before he left office a few years ago, said, China's communism is the greatest expression of capitalism.
You go, what does that mean?
Capitalism isn't free market.
It's another form of command and control.
They confuse these terms.
Jiang Zemin was being honest.
What you have is a few hundred generals and party members who run and own everything and live in palaces.
Same thing in Russia.
Same thing every single time.
Anytime the people let the elite consolidate wealth, you're going to get more abuse.
Only small government can protect the people and let you keep the fruit of your own labor.
It just doesn't work that way.
They always fool people with class envy that, oh, if you just go take the rich people's money away, you'll all be wealthy and everything will be okay.
And then it's the ultra-rich financing the socialist and communist movements to go robber-bear and steal the wealth of the middle class, an engine that threatens their hegemony and monopoly of control.
And yes, now China, that authoritarian country, and same thing with India, it's a police state, they're being used as engines to destroy the middle class here.
That's what Roberts was saying.
I didn't hear the interview, but he said the same thing here.
So you need to get a little more sophisticated there, John.
Let's go ahead and take a call from Anthony in Texas on my line.
Anthony, you're on the air.
How you doing, Mr. Jones?
One of the things I'm upset about is this Ms.
Dr. Pianchi.
The arrogance from their spokesman from the UT of Austin really insurged me because this is the same arrogance that kept and they took the remains of the Powhatan people in 1967 from Mission San Juan in San Antonio, Texas.
And they kept it for three more years in conjunction with the Catholic Church.
And the leaders of the Caltech Nation had to fight this for years.
And we finally got our remains back and reinterred them.
And it's the arrogance that, the spirit of arrogance that's among these
Well, you know, UT has surpassed Princeton and Harvard as the richest university.
They have almost $30 billion in liquid cream cash accounts.
They have hundreds of billions in assets.
And now they're ripping off their librarians, jacking up the prices when they're state-funded.
It is a criminal.
The Board of Regents is criminal.
They sit in their little gold-backed chairs and just run all these scams.
They're total trash.
And, you know, the thing is, I agree with you on that because it's like their arrogance.
It's like they just want power and control and domination.
And the thing is, they thought, well, we're just a bunch of stupid mission Indians and, you know,
That then knowing how to fight, and a lot of our people turn around and use the system against them by becoming professors and PhDs and attorneys.
And I know you're a man of fact.
You can find this information.
We finally got the remains several years back and had a reinterment.
And Catholic Church was there to give us an apology in San Antonio.
That's right.
I remember they built the structure and then removed the remains and had them on display, correct?
Okay, thank you for the call.
Thank you for the call.
Your phone's really cutting out, so I'm apologizing that I've got to go ahead and let you go.
Let's now go ahead and talk to Jack.
Jack, you're on the air from Tennessee.
How are you doing?
Hi, Alex.
Good, sir.
I've been...
I've been trying to get your attention for a few days.
I've got a question to ask about Larry Silverstein.
I would like to know why, with the momentum that you gained with Charlie Sheen and all that stuff, I'd like to know why you don't go about organizing some sort of picket or something, some rallying point that us disparate groups who can't get together...
Can get together about.
Well, sir, I was... Yeah, yeah.
So, I mean, you're the guy on the MySpace account saying mean things about me?
I don't say mean things.
I'm trying to keep it light, you know?
Well, I don't think things are very light.
Listen, sir, let me just say something to you.
I work, no exaggeration, on average, I've been working about 16, 17 hours a day lately.
Some days even more.
Charlie Sheen is in the middle of shooting his TV show, which is five days a week, intense, 12-hour days, and he has a family.
He goes and visits his children.
And he's done what he can do for now, and he put the challenge out on air to Larry Silverstein, what, two Fridays ago?
Yeah, two Fridays ago.
And he's done all this work.
And I've done all this work, and I've made films and written books and work all the time, and then I get these emails and little posts all the time.
Hey, Alex, why aren't you doing this?
Why aren't you on a plane to New York out there with Charlie Sheen protesting in front of Silverstein?
By the way, people have done that.
The media just ignores it.
You know, I'm the fun to these, like, fans.
It's my job to do everything for you.
I know.
United for Peace and all these little groups.
They love protesting.
That's what they do.
Well, hey, I got a good idea.
Hey, bro.
Hey, bro.
Can't you do it?
I know.
Will you do it for us?
Yeah, I'm busy too.
So I get the picture, bro.
I'm bad because I'm not doing... You ought to hear the calls.
Sometimes I'm marching around from one thing to the other, literally frantically in the back of my office, wishing I could spend time with my family.
I think we're good to go.
And they call up after days.
And they start crying, and I call them, and they start cussing.
And they say, you won't help me.
They're killing her in a nursing home right in San Antonio.
Alex, help me, help me.
It's like a bunch of ocean liners went down.
Not just one, but 10 or 15.
And I'm out in this lifeboat with so many people in it that water is right up to the edge, about to spill over.
And they're in the frozen seas going under.
Help me!
Help me!
Why won't you help me?
Help me!
Ring, ring, ring the phone right now.
Ring, ring, ring, ring.
The email styles of it.
Help us, help us.
Ring, ring, ring, ring.
Ring, ring, do this for us.
Do that for us.
Do this, do this.
Why won't Alex do this?
Why won't Alex do that?
Help us, help us, help us.
You didn't respond to my email, but Jeb Bush did.
And all I can do is say, attack me.
Have at me.
It's like when a fireman goes in a house and somebody panics and just tries to climb up on their shoulders.
When people, when jellyfish people, and I'm not blaming them, this is how we've been trained, they sometimes will fall down in fear of the flames.
They won't run through them.
The fireman will throw a fireproof blanket over them and go, Come with me!
Move quick!
I'm talking to a lot of fireman friends.
The person will fall down, panicking.
It's like a drowning person.
You try to dive in and save them.
They just try to climb up on top of you.
And that's what happens.
One time I was out swimming with friends at the swimming pool.
One of them got a gulp of air.
I was about 14.
This big old boy, and he was in only water about 8 feet deep.
He could have just swam out.
He panicked and pushed me under to claw my face up.
So I'm just here trying to help you and claw on my face.
Here, just take this.
Right across my face.
You're not doing enough.
And, of course, you're not that nasty, sir.
There's a lot of other really nasty people.
Of course, most of them are just paid trolls.
That's what they call people that snoop around on the Internet.
And look, I don't care.
People have developed a palate.
They know what's real.
They've got a taste for reality.
They know what's genuine.
I'm genuine.
And so, you know, sir, really, think about it.
Demanding people do something for you.
Demanding after they've already carried your water for you, carry some more for me.
I'm not the government slave and I'm not your slave.
We've got plans.
We've got things planned to get the word out that you know nothing about.
And it's going to take blood, sweat, and tears.
So there, you got your attention.
That's what the snickering sounded like to me.
It just sounds like you're immature.
You didn't like it being thrown back in your court, did you, Bubba?
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Ron in Oklahoma.
Go ahead, Ron.
Alex, I'm fast.
You're the cheerleader.
You're doing your job.
We're supposed to go out and fight the battles.
The Lord helps those who help themselves.
To John in Oklahoma, he needs to go with 9-11 Road to Tyranny.
Buy a copy of Dale Carnegie's excellent book, How to Win Friends and Influence People.
Make audio takes of your best guest interviews.
Pass them out.
Also, in Oklahoma, we have been invaded by illegals.
We have Brown Dawn here in Oklahoma.
An excellent bill, House Bill 3119, has been put forth in the Oklahoma House of Representatives by Randy Terrell and Kevin Calvey.
This bill would require state and local employees to report illegal immigrants applying for government services to the INS.
Think about that.
By the way, they get preferential treatment on home loans.
This is mainstream news.
Preferential treatment on college tuition.
It's designed to bring them here.
Yes, they do.
This bill would also stop that.
It would block them from receiving government services.
This bill has been blocked in the Oklahoma Senate by Senator Bernice Cain.
We need a couple hundred thousand people.
Area code 405-521-0126.
Is it 524?
Area code 405.
Oklahoma State Senate.
Well, I've got one number of 521 and the other of 524.
It's probably...
That's right, Senator.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We need your listeners to call in and tell Senator Kaine they support this bill.
Okay, I appreciate your call.
That's the problem with getting numbers out, though.
People will get them wrong, and then some old lady will get 50 calls.
We'll be right back, folks, as we fight.
Yeah, conservative state won't enforce the law because they're so conservative.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Trihalomethanes and volatile organic chemicals such as atrazine
We're good to go.
Thank you.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, welcome back.
What I'll do is I'll take a few more calls, and then when I start the next hour, through the five-minute break, I'll take calls.
And when I start the second segment at the 8 after, I'm going to get into more details, the aftermath, the fallout of this Professor Pianca and others, the defense setting, the emails, the news clip, a lot more, and then a bunch of other global and national news that...
Needs to be covered.
And look, I'm not trying to whine about people whining at me.
It's just you have to understand.
If I don't send you an email back or I can't help you, I can't.
I mean, I have ten employees.
And we're running four or five websites and trying to ship stuff out the door and trying to write articles and trying to make films and producing and getting guests and doing all of this and researching.
Believe me, I've made a lot of sacrifices to do what I do, and frankly, one thing that gets under my collar, and so I'm sure you'll do it more now, is people telling me, do this, do that.
It just gets really old.
Let's go to the network's phones.
Let's talk to Joe in Wisconsin, I believe.
Joe, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
A word for you.
Thank you for the warnings.
I've got some more university news for you.
You know how you keep mentioning people who just don't get it?
Friday I cornered a math professor and I asked, shouldn't all majors be forced to take logic course?
He hedged twice.
And I said, well, I answered the question.
He says, well, yeah, they should.
But these kids would rather suffer the consequences of their illogic than think.
And it felt like I had a breakup inside my head.
So I saw the dean.
I said, hey, dean.
And I told him about the answer I got.
He says...
Well, the kids aren't here to learn, but to meet somebody or get a job.
If they were here to learn, they'd go somewhere else.
That's right.
They're there to learn how to fit into the system's paradigm.
And it felt like I'd gotten hit with another brick up the head.
I was like, ow!
But I found, even among friends that I know and they understand about this globalism thing, there are two topics that are mentally blocked.
Reality, that which affects me, whether I think it will or not,
And also motives.
The analysis of reasoning for actions, not justifications or excuses.
Like, they'll fall back on something that
CNN said is absolute Bible truth.
What they do is, sir, if they see anything that threatens their paradigm or will make them have to do some work, they will rationalize it away, deciding that the universe is in between their two ears.
They will say it's loving to kill everyone, but, oh, Hitler was bad, but it's loving to kill everyone.
Well, the closer to reality or paradigm change for them, the harder it will get, even abusive.
I mean, there are people that will come right out and say, I'm not going to say what you want me to say.
And they believe the same exact thing.
And what I'm trying to get them to do is just view it from a different perspective.
No, I hear you.
I appreciate your call.
I really do.
Let's talk to Jason.
Jason, where are you calling us from?
I was amazed that... I'm sure maybe you've heard about it, maybe not.
During the Katrina thing on C-SPAN...
Camu Cambo, professor at North Carolina State, openly stated on C-SPAN that all whites should be killed.
Yes, I mean, there are masses of professors that say this.
Jose Gutierrez, UT Arlington, Dallas.
But nobody gives it press, and the Mexicans can say it, and the illegals can say it, and they can be... What about all this hate crime?
Remember the hate crime legislation?
Well, sir, that's because these groups work for the elite and are going to be used to have race war.
And they don't see that they're being set up in their pawns, just as you said.
Whether it's a professor saying, for the Earth, we've got to kill everybody, or whether it's the black studies or Chicano studies people saying, kill all the whites, they just want minions trained that killing is good, that torture is good.
It's all about warping us.
The thing is, they're all going to be killed, so it doesn't matter.
They want, according to Bianca, 90% of us killed.
Yeah, but his students are saying, no, no, no, Alex, he's not radical enough.
We all must die.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate the call.
We'll come back, and we'll talk to Tim in New York.
We'll talk to Chris, Ron.
Oh, first we'll talk to Dr. Deagle.
He's been patiently holding.
I keep forgetting he's there.
And many, many others.
There's so much news coming up.
Hey, InfoWars made the San Francisco Chronicle, and they even said we're right!
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I use the analogy of what I've read about and what firefighters have told me about is you'll be in a house, and it's generally women, but sometimes even men do it, and there'll be a little wall of flames in a hallway.
They've got to go through it.
It's the only way out.
The rest of the building is collapsing.
They'll throw a fireproof resistant blanket over them and say, you know, go between us.
We're going to hold your hand.
Come with us.
And the people just can't go through the little grouping of flames in the hallway or even maybe some flames shooting out of the doorway.
They're so afraid they collapse in fear.
And the firemen have to carry them out.
Now, that's not how we're supposed to operate, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's what's happened in this fight against the New World Order.
I've got a million people telling me to carry them.
And believe me, I'm carrying as much as I can.
I'm carrying a lot of weight.
I'm probably carrying too much.
I'm probably working too hard.
But I already made that point last hour.
We'll get into all the extermination plans of the public and the latest developments on that.
A lot of big developments there.
Mainstream News calling the guy Charlie Manson, and rightfully so.
We'll get into all of it.
But right now, Dr. Deagle is a medical doctor, and he has also a show here on the network.
He called in wanting to comment on the open announcements by the government and others that they want to kill 85% to 95% of us.
And this is very serious.
Some say 100%.
Dr. Deagle, welcome.
You're always right at the very top of your game on this, despite how many hours a day you work on this.
Welcome, Alex.
And I can't ask you to do more.
You do more jobs than any other man against the New World Order on the planet.
Anyone else who thinks that you need to do it, they need to pick up the shovel and start doing it themselves.
But your comments on this, this is probably one of the most important shows you've done in years because they're getting ready.
And I can tell you, you're absolutely correct from your comments from your dad about teaching us biology as long ago as the 70s and 60s, right back to the eugenics movement that was actually copied over to Nazi Germany.
And they're going to do something soon.
And they're going to do probably multiple plants.
Your radar, everything that you've said today is absolutely on the money.
So if anybody disbelieves, I can tell you from the inside as a whistleblower, this is what they're going to do.
So support your program and keep on moving onward and upward because I'm very proud of what you're doing.
But everyone else listening needs to start stepping out themselves and needs to stop being a coward.
Thanks, Alex.
Well, I appreciate that.
Is that it, Dr. Deagle?
Yeah, I just... The plans are horrendous.
I mean, they...
I actually was given the plans by doctor colleagues in Zurich, Switzerland in 97.
They're weaponizing the avian flu.
They have all kinds of other bugs.
I've had Dr. Garth Nicholson and their plans.
They've injected our troops with mycoplasma fermentans.
They're weaponizing all kinds of things.
And now there's Operation BioShield as they cover to spread these bioweaponized bugs everywhere.
What do you think about UT running a level 4 bioweapons research laboratory and the majority of the biologists admittedly holding the same views in those facilities as Dr. Pianca?
I think it's absolutely obscene.
These people need to immediately be arrested and imprisoned because this to me is the greatest form of
How can I say it?
If you want to call it verbal terrorism for somebody to say something like this?
Well, yeah.
I mean, these people are calling for manifest genocide, legitimizing it to biology students.
And it's easy to do.
It's easy to do.
With very little equipment, you can weaponize something.
And make a horrendous weapon now, and all you need is one or two of these students to decide that they're going to go off and do their own little project, which maybe nobody even knows what they're doing.
Do people understand?
The government's saying we're going to be hit by this, they're going to take all our rights.
Meanwhile, they're teaching the curriculum, and this is the mainstay, that we've all got to die, and their people are running around giggling, saying it's coming soon, very soon.
This is the mainstream.
This is not off on 1%.
This is the mainstream of what they're teaching to the ecology people, the biologists,
The medical doctors, the whole thing.
Listen, I was taught this in college.
My father, who's a doctor, was taught this.
Steve Watson has a master's degree, got it there in London.
This is all they taught him.
Paul Watson, same thing at college.
Everyone I know, anybody who's been there, Dr. Deagle, knows this.
You're right on, and I applaud you.
You're actually bringing this out into the light because people need to face the truth and start taking action.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
All right, good to hear from you.
You can hear Doug Diegel right here on the network.
All right, we'll be right back on the other side.
And I'll hold off on the calls.
I'll get to you.
But I've got a bunch of news I need to cover.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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All right, in just a moment we're going to play a local NBC news clip where they ignore the published article in two mainstream papers, transcripts, eyewitnesses, his own syllabus, his own project papers, his own students' blogs, their own papers they've written, Dr. Pianca.
But he is only one of these people.
Anyone who's been a graduate student in any type of biology or ecology, any of these areas, this is all you hear is how we've all got to die between 85% and 95%.
Some say 100%.
So let's go ahead and roll that NBC piece, and then I'm going to come back and comment on it, and then I'm going to get into some of the other facets and some of the emails we've gotten.
Go ahead and hit it.
This is your news at 6.
Well, reports of a University of Texas scientist's plans for mass extermination of the human race got our attention today.
So tonight we're getting to the bottom of a controversial theory that is spawning death threats on campus and controversy across the country.
KXN's Rich Parsons is live at UT with more, Rich.
Michelle, this has been the buzz around campus all day.
Some are accusing a UT professor of advocating genocide as a way to control the world's population.
Sound crazy?
Well, the professor, whose ideas are under scrutiny, says, yeah, it sounds crazy because it's not true.
Well, let's see if I can see if there's another... Dr. Eric Pionka does not want everyone on Earth dead.
I don't bear any ill will towards anybody.
But many do bear ill will towards this soft-spoken University of Texas ecologist.
I've got a really great death threat.
He's getting death threats like this one threatening the slaughter of his family after recent speeches pushing for population control.
We don't control our population.
Microbes will.
Why do we have these lethal microbes that kill humans in the first place?
The answer is there's too many of us.
But Dr. Bianca says he would never advocate genocide or extermination like some suggest he does.
I've got two granddaughters, man.
I'm putting money in a college fund for my granddaughters.
I'm worried about him.
He believes criticism of his theory about an inevitable plague on mankind comes from a rival.
Jealous about his distinguished scientist award from the Texas Academy of Science.
He's an avowed enemy and he's made this very clear that he's going to get me and take me down.
But Dr. Pianka has the full backing of UT behind him, as radical as his ideas may seem.
We have a lot of different points of view on the University of Texas at Austin campus, and we certainly support our faculty in saying what they think.
After 50 years of ecological study and authoring nearly 20 books, Dr. Pianka thinks the world's in trouble and just wants everyone to know.
We're taking over the earth and not leaving anything for anything else on this earth.
Well, we tried to contact the guy Dr. Pianca says is behind this smear campaign, as he puts it, but the man did not return our emails.
And this is not over.
Dr. Pianca tells me he's going to do a couple of national cable talk shows tomorrow, including MSNBC, in an effort to clear his name.
And you can see our entire unedited interview with Dr. Pianca at kxan.com.
Reporting live from UT campus, Rich Parsons, back to you.
All right.
Now, clear his name.
He is on record.
I mean, I went and read his own papers, his own courses, which, by the way, UT's now been pulling, but they're in the Google Cash.
Too late.
He gave a speech last weekend, not the one a month ago, the same speech right here in Austin at St.
Edwards University, and a whole other group of professors filed complaints with the Academy of Science.
And filed complaints with UT.
Totally different group.
Freaked out.
The minority.
Again, it was a rounding 90 plus percent standing up and clapping and cheering.
And then he gets up there and claims this is not what he's doing.
He said in his speech.
And there's a transcript of it up.
Like, I ought to go through and read all this, but you can go read it.
It's up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
In the interest of time, he just says, you know, China's got a wonderful police state.
A wonderful police state.
That's what he said.
Those are his words.
With a one-shot policy, we need that here.
The 10% that are allowed to live need to learn to start working to be able to live for the earth.
So you've got to serve this religion or you die.
And he had rows of skulls behind him, the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
He said...
AIDS isn't killing people fast enough.
We need airborne Ebola.
We need it now.
It needs to start now, and it's going to start soon.
And UT runs bioweapons research laboratories.
They got a level four in Galveston, Texas.
And this guy... So, oh, that's not important.
That's not something we should be worried about.
This is ZNET News, mainstream news.
Bianca, Charles Manson, 10 times 10 to the 9th.
While this isn't exactly a normal topic that I cover, I think that it's definitely worth reading for anyone interested in technology, science, or humanity in general.
In a recent meeting at the Texas Academy of Science, Professor Eric R. Pianca was honored after he advocated the death of 5 billion plus people on the planet to save the Earth.
Dr. Shawn Carlson, who is an executive editor,
I think we're good to go.
Oh, yeah, with enough letters behind his name.
I mean, it's just both.
And we had, of course, memes on.
Dr. Sean Carlson, who's executive editor and the founder of the Society for Amateur Scientists, posted the compelling editorial on the dangers of what he described as a Charles Manson raised by nine orders of the magnitude.
After speaking with Dr. Carlson on the phone, Carlson pointed out that Manson, who isn't nearly as charismatic as Bianca, had his followers kill around seven people, whereas a future...
Bianchian would try to kill $5 billion.
Dr. Carlson also noted that Bianca, like Manson, technically never advocates anyone's death, but that he merely would like to see it happen.
I want to see it start now.
That's what he said.
The difference between Bianca's and Manson's family is that the Biancans work in the scientific field with access to potentially dangerous weapons of mass destruction.
Dr. Carlson challenged the notion that there is any academic freedom worth protecting since Bianca is only expressing his own political beliefs
Rather than science, he even goes into an in-depth analysis of Bianca's psychological condition, noting Bianca's own obituary.
He's dressed up like a druid with a snake in his hand, and his animals are named Lucifer.
Man, you've got to go to Bianca's UT website.
I don't need to say what this guy's obviously into.
You can just go look at it.
At the end of the editorial, Dr. Carlson includes contact information for the University of Texas and Texas Academy of Science, who unfortunately are lending credibility to Pianca, because that's because they're all in on it, folks, 95%.
It was interesting to note that during our brief conversation on the phone, Dr. Carlson told me that he had been bombarded with hate mail from other environmentalists, and so have we.
Now, I'm an environmentalist.
I don't want to drink lead and mercury.
I don't want all the birds to die or the frogs to die, the amphibians.
I don't like hundreds of thousands of tons of DU being used all over the planet and birth defects skyrocketing publicly.
And the Army's own handbook says it'll do it.
I don't like the fact they're cross-species chimera mixing with upwards of eight species and one major species they're splicing it with that's already giving rise to superviruses and bacteria, what Bianca calls microbes, the 19th century term.
Oh, boy.
This is quackery.
It's the same stuff my father at UT learned in the 60s.
He said the exact same stuff about bacterial super blooms and how we're bacteria, the people bomb.
It's bull!
Europe has a 1.6 population rate.
That means they are dying.
For every two people, the average reproduction rate is 1.6.
All the numbers show at $8.5 to $9 trillion peak and then a precipitous drop at current population trend numbers.
And I get these graduate students sending me little mean little emails going, You don't have any science.
You're just an idiot.
I don't have science.
You wish you'd written scientific papers when you were graduating like the ones we spit out in 30 minutes because we've already researched all this.
With every claim we make verified, in triplicate, by major global studies.
I care about the environment.
I know we're in trouble.
But you guys never talk about that because you're funded by the very same corporations that are doing it.
Did you know big money corporations and foundations fund the modern environmental movement as a pretext to steal land, devalue human rights, and put government in the place of God to have absolute control over the population?
Now, I have several reports here, and I have e-mails.
And I can't... This one person sent me an email, and then said, yeah, you can use my email.
And then said later, oh, don't use my name.
Yeah, use it.
You already said we could use your email.
You sent it to us.
And it's on Infowars.com.
And it's the young lady that was in the picture with Bianca smiling at him, which the newspaper published, which is a public event.
There's no... You know, you go there, you know.
It's like going to a football game.
You know you're going to be on the Jumbotron.
This is a news gathering organization, so we'll do what we want.
My gosh, I remember when I had Special Forces in Belton.
It's on video telling me I couldn't videotape.
And I said, you know what?
I can and I will.
But when we get back, I will read you this email.
We gave her an opportunity to come on.
She said, I have no reason to come on your show.
Rebecca Colissus.
And I've got her email here where she says, of course, you say Dr. Pianca.
Isn't willing to stand up first.
Oh, he said many times in class that he wants to be the first to go and that it's sad that his family will have to go.
And she goes, of course!
It's better without any people.
We need to get rid of everyone.
What's wrong with you?
Like, I'm crazy.
I mean, it's like some movie where it's now time for you to go.
All of us must go.
You know, with the Hale-Bopp Comets coming by, it's time for us to just do it.
You're weird.
You're not with us.
I mean, you understand they are the majority.
So to them, we're nuts.
In the halls of academia.
We're in deep trouble.
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Thanks, Bill.
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Sure, John.
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Next time, you'll be buying me lunch.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Okay, so they get all these young people in there and they tell them, you're the elite, you're smart, because you believe this.
This is the orthodoxy.
This is what the really smart people believe.
Because this university is funded by the big tax-free foundations run by inbred Nazi-loving filth that have been planning on exterminating people, and so they've got a sales policy that can turn us all into little evil minions.
That's basically what happens.
But let me just read this.
This is one of the many emails I got.
I got one from... We are now confirming it's Bianca's daughter.
This isn't his daughter.
This is one of his students, former students.
I must say that I am horrified by the ignorant twist...
Your writers put on Bianca's speech.
The article is full of misinformation, and it is no wonder that your site is not held credible in any educated circles.
No, just by a bunch of physicists and professors and members of parliament and German defense ministers and congressmen.
You're right, it's not.
You're right, it's just buried in the Dallas Morning News.
You're right, we're not.
Just one of the sites is.
Perhaps you should check the facts before reporting.
I have worked for a law firm for years.
And now I am back in graduate school to study biology.
And she called herself a biologist when she sent the email.
I was in attendance at the Texas Academy of Science, and the only people, and there were very, very few, booing and hissing were the moronic creationists.
Pissed off that Bianca informed them they are not the highest creatures on this planet.
I got news for you, lady.
We're on top of the food chain.
That's how it's judged.
We're the smartest.
We have space travel, computers.
We're amazing.
You can't say we're pretty darn neat.
In fact, they are helping to destroy it.
It is amazing.
We're good to go.
It's so vehement, and the necessity... Well, he does call himself that on his website.
The necessity of coloring the human population, will he step forward to be the first one in line?
Now listen to this.
Will he sacrifice his children for the so-called greater good of the planet?
We somehow doubt it.
And then she continues, which we've got in his graduate papers.
We've got him.
Actually, he's said many times that he would have no problem being the first to go.
And fully understood, although saddened by the fact that this would include his loved ones, too.
His wife and children and grandchildren.
He wishes no ill will towards anyone.
He and his children and grandchildren, she says.
He has children and grandchildren of his own, you know.
But there is no denying, she says, the natural world would be a better place without people.
All people!
Exclamation point.
Not a selective bunch.
Get it straight.
But there'll be those that have to do the killing who'll be left.
And they'll have to have all the resources.
And I guess they'll have to stay to be guardians.
There'll be holdout humans that have to be hunted down for a long time.
She concludes with, To liken Bianca to Hitler is the most absurd, ignorant comment anyone could make.
He has spent his career trying to protect life.
He has inspired many a student to study, respect, and care for the natural world.
Why are you trying to defame him when he simply is stating the facts?
It is a sad day when an article like this leaks out.
May you be better informed next time.
Rebecca Calissis
And then she sent us this email, and it didn't say don't use it so we could, but then I said, you know what?
She's already trying to say don't use published photos from newspapers when she's at a public event, which we'll do whatever we want.
Again, you were at a public event.
We didn't take the photo.
But then she sent a thing back after we published it saying don't use my name.
Hey, lady, you sent us an email.
Then we said, can we use it?
And you said yes, and you're on public record.
I know Bianca said turn the cameras off, turn the recording devices off at a normally public event that's always been recorded.
He said, quote, the world isn't ready for what you're about to hear.
We've got to start it now.
People have got to start dying now.
You sit there and you just go, what's wrong with you?
Don't you know it'd be better off?
Of course it'd be better off with all of us.
And you can go read as graduate students who've got jobs as biologists.
Type his name in.
Dr. Eric Pianca.
Type it in on Google.
It's horrific.
Go spend three hours like I did two nights ago.
Three nights ago now.
Go spend an hour like I did last night.
I had video editing to do, but I just couldn't help it.
I was just learning more and more.
I've got stacks of it.
These people are nightmarish.
And then the local news knows full well what he said and did.
It's been in the local papers.
People read the speech by the hundreds last weekend.
The second speech.
He had a little plush toy Ebola doll.
We got photos of it.
Saying how great and sweet Ebola is.
And then we're... These are the people that work at the bioweapons laboratories.
So if we get hit by a bio attack, you can bet your bottom dollar these professors aren't going to get a knock on the door.
Because it's going to be the elite launching the attack.
And they're just creating the cadres to carry it out.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Dr. Bianca has inspired many a student to study
Respect and care for the natural world.
Hey guys, you change something on your board, there's an awful reverb.
Uh, boy.
So, you know, this is the type of stuff that is going on.
And then here's another quote.
Actually, he said many times that he would have no problem being the first to go and fully understood, although saddened by the fact this would include his loved ones too.
He wishes no ill will towards anyone.
It's like James Bond.
Do you expect me to talk?
No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.
Although saddened by the fact.
This would include his loved ones, too.
He wishes no ill will towards anyone.
He has children and grandchildren of his own, you know.
But there is no denying the natural world would be...
A better place without people, all people, not a selective bunch.
Get it straight.
Hey, lady, we are the world.
We are homo sapien sapien.
A grand creation.
A grand creature.
Made in the image of God, who you don't believe in, obviously.
Saying, the dumb creationist.
Or, what was your quote?
What was your quote about the creationists?
Something about how they were stupid.
I'll find it here in a minute.
So, again, have you seen the computers?
You seen the jet airplanes?
You heard Beethoven?
You know about Galileo?
You know we have space probes that have left the solar system?
Do you know what our destiny is?
What our destiny is?
To people the heavens?
To chart the stars, you closed-minded creature?
You have no vision!
You have no lust for life.
You have no zest for beauty or creation.
The life force is beautiful.
It's strong.
Humans have made their environments beautiful and lovely in the past.
Only now do your masters, the globalists, pollute and destroy the planet.
And destroy the very genetic fabric.
They are now changing the genetic fabric into creations that have never existed, that are not part of the order.
And that is the most destructive and dangerous thing, according to Nobel Prize winners in genetic engineering.
And we're going to have more of them on here, because that's who we have on as scholars and experts.
We live science.
We live technology.
We live the cutting edge.
We live studying what's going on.
Reports in the New Scientist yesterday about...
Lab-grown bladders now being inserted successfully into people?
Sounds great on the surface, and I'm all for it.
The problem is it's being done out of dead babies, out of stem cells that aren't even needed when breast tissue can be done to do it.
But what's dangerous is the cross-species genetic engineering.
We're going to take calls.
I'm going to rampage through them, and I mean quickly.
Each one of you just gets about a minute.
Excuse me.
888-234-4564 is the Austin number.
We're going to call them nationally or internationally on that.
Or you can call the network number 1-800-259-9231.
But listen to me.
All they use is names and labels and call us stupid and call us unscientific and call us rubes and call us boobs and call us whatever else they want to call us.
And then we're always about the documentation.
We're always about the facts.
In fact, scientists are pointing out that his wish to release, or that some type of plague be released, that really when these things get released, they burn out, and then always mutate where they don't kill the species.
The globalists can engineer super weapons, and it may kill 99% at first, but it won't later.
That's how we're designed.
But that's the problem with these new cross-species, is they're behaving differently.
And, again, it's already showing up in the ocean, the genetic-engineered species, the genetic-engineered organisms.
It's already causing major problems in the very biosphere chain.
But, again, you guys don't talk about that.
It's about being part of nature conservancies, Sierra Club, the biggest realtors in the country, the biggest landowners, stealing property.
It's not about fighting the New World Order.
I know you're out there listening.
Maybe people can get in who went to college, who are scientists, who are doctors, who heard this, as we've all heard this.
Perhaps you can call in if you've got neighbors or people you've talked to who are defending.
I want people to hear it.
Or maybe you like this whole system.
We want to hear from you, too.
Right now, let's take a few calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Scott in California.
Scott, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, thank you so much for working as hard as you do.
We appreciate all that you do for us.
But right now, I'm calling because I am completely ticked off at these psychopaths.
This Pianca, he is sick.
He is demonic.
There's, in my mind, a very big difference between predicting mass death and calling for it.
He is a liar.
He advocated death.
Well, I mean, but if you go to his personal website, there's all this stuff with him dressed up like a druid, and his animals have demonic names.
I mean, he's completely normal, sir.
He says that his family will have to die, too, but that's normal.
We're the weirdos.
What's wrong with us?
Everybody knows we all have to die.
Yeah, we're not buying it, Alex.
We're on the march.
But also, with your permission, I called yesterday.
I wanted to launch a little campaign to get documentaries into people's hands, and you said I could plug my website.
I need a few dozen people to get this started.
Do I have permission to do that?
Do you have a website, sir, or is it an email address?
Well, yesterday I wanted to give my email address, and you said put it on a website.
Either way, it's up to you.
Well, here's the deal.
If I let you start plugging things, that's all it turns into is a plug fest.
But just go ahead, sir, and do it.
I'll just do my e-mail address first.
No, no, no, no, no, because that could be somebody else's or it would be done wrong.
A website can't screw people up.
I'm not trying to be mean, but I appreciate the call.
Thank you, sir.
You know, I don't like callers giving phone numbers out.
A guy was giving them out last hour and was giving them out.
He thought wrong at first.
Or people get it wrong.
And I've had this happen before.
I have my reasons.
I told you, get a website and you can plug it.
It's not very hard to do.
They've got little tools where anybody could build.
Even I could, and I'm not very good at any of this.
Mike in Louisiana.
Mike, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing today?
Good, sir.
Quick statement.
I just listened to you a long time, and hearing just the lockdown grid and the authoritarian police state that we're seeing, and the mortgage business.
I have a client who I'm helping to refinance, and she changed jobs to a new job where she's the manager of a place that monitors people on probation rather than an ankle bracelet on home detention where you've got to stay at home, you know?
I think so.
And all he has to do is listen to his voice.
It knows it's him.
It can tell if he's drunk, if he's on drugs, if he's angry.
And it sends an automatic signal to the probation officer or whomever needs to be notified.
And of course, sir, that's quack science.
A big Houston company five years ago announced this is going to go in your cars.
Toyota's about to start trying to make it standard in the next three years.
Let me stop you.
Where it retina scans you, everyone.
And decides if you're angry, tired, or on drugs, and there's a cell phone in the car's dash, it then dials the police on you.
And she was giggling like, this is awesome.
And I said, well, do you understand the implication of what this could be?
You understand it's quack science.
Five airports four years ago in the U.S.
put in brain scanners, passive MRIs, that then claim that the center of the brain is connected to aggression.
Oh, we say you're a terrorist because the CAT scan says so.
It's all quackery.
We disprove that the lie detector works, so now they move on to bigger black boxes.
It's crazy.
No, I know it is, brother.
I was aware of that, but I'm glad you called in to tell others about it.
You can go to ShadowTrack.com, and it explains all the details.
ShadowTrack.com, and then they get to get more dirt on you and get you back into the system.
Sounds like a big fraud.
Thanks for the call.
Are you starting to get the idea of how bad this is?
And I know you'll laugh, and then you'll want the new luxury Toyota.
In 2005, their car show had it.
And you go, and they go, oh, it comes standard on any luxury model.
That's how they're going to start it in the next year, but within three years, they want it to be standard.
And, oh, this passively, from a distance, out of a dash, retina scans you, scans the eye.
It scans the eye, not the retina, excuse me, and it's like Void Comp and Blade Runner.
It decides if there's micro vibrations.
You just might have a nerve problem, but it doesn't matter.
Then it dials the police on you.
The car says, you're not allowed to leave.
You're tired, or you're intoxicated, or you're upset.
Again, this AI control system is going in, artificially intelligent, and then it dials the police.
Another thing they're going to do, GM announced a few years ago, now they're trying to push it, they have infrared cameras going in the car because that one summer, remember three years ago, 34 children died, parents leaving them in the car, they forget they're there.
There's pressure sensors in the back and front, and if the car temperature goes over 99 degrees...
And that there's someone on the pressure sensors.
It dials a cell phone.
It's OnStar.
That's what OnStar is, a cell phone.
It dials the police department.
They're going to have federal funds.
Wisconsin's already doing it.
Where all the cell phones are tracked real time and controlled.
The police can dial in and listen to you with your physical cell phone or the onboard cell phone built into the OnStar or variant type system.
That's just one brand.
I covered that in Matrix of Evil that we released three years ago.
Are you starting to realize the magnitude?
The magnitude.
The grid is almost in.
It is an extermination grid.
The world itself will become a prison within years.
We're already almost there.
Thumb scanners going in the police cars.
They'll thumb scan you when they pull you over.
Thumb scanning with the national ID card with the new national sales tax.
Pushed by Neil Bortz.
It's almost upon us.
No matter how crazy it sounds, we're here.
It's 2006.
We're in science fiction land, folks, and it ain't good.
Let's go ahead.
I said, ain't on purpose.
Please, English teachers, don't email me.
It was said for the literary expression there.
Let us go ahead now and talk to Chris in Florida.
Chris, you're on the air.
Yes, humans are amazing just because of our space travel, our invention.
Sounds like you're juggling your telephone.
I'm missing what you're saying.
Let me change my connection here.
Okay, is that any better for you?
Yes, go ahead, sir.
Well, it's because of the free will that God has given us to use these inventions and to create these inventions.
And when these professors want to compare us to animals, I would say that animals use more of their potential, their intuitive potential,
But humans have a much greater potential than animals.
If you look at when we fast, we can tune into God more.
There was a NASA study of a man from India, Hira Ratan Malik, a few years ago, who's supposedly a breatharian.
They tested him for two weeks to see that he was not eating, and they gave him a little bit of water to swish around and spit out, and they found that he didn't lose any weight.
So that's an example there.
I agree with you, and I appreciate your call.
And every time you research these professors, they're occultists.
Every time.
Every time.
And the Earth First Battalion that General Shoemaker was the head of, now head of the Army, did some commanding of a kill operation in Waco, declassified.
And he deeply into the occult.
Big best-selling book, mainstream, Simon and Schuster out about it, called The Men Who Stare at Goats, because they would try to kill goats telepathically.
And this is the head of the Army.
This is mainstream news.
This is public.
And the Earth First Battalion says they are the four horsemen of the apocalypse, we are a bacteria, and their job is to exterminate us.
They say 90%.
So, Bianca's saying nothing new.
And he said it's coming very soon.
It needs to happen quick.
Don't worry, it's coming very soon.
It's going to be a good thing.
Prepare to die.
Yes, we want to die!
Hail Bob's coming!
We're going to jump a ride!
I mean, they're the same thing as Jim Jones or any of these people.
Charlie Manson, I mean, it's the same ilk.
And the elite are into this because they hate it.
If you believe the Bible, which I do, and look how much of it's come true if you've really read it.
Satan hates man because we're made in God's image and we have this amazing destiny.
Whatever we can imagine, you know science fiction of 20 years ago is always reality today, the science itself.
We are able to imagine it and then think of the stuff we've done.
Think about it.
We're an incredible species for all the good and the bad and the ugly.
Still, I think the good outweighs it.
And we are innately have this evil streak.
In us!
But, throughout history, the Aztecs said humans were bad and had to die, and the gods demanded that most of us be killed.
The Babylonians, the Romans, it's always about death.
It's just the ruling elite of sickos.
Because they've gotten where they are through power and control and domination, and they are malfunctioning.
They're screwed up.
They're wicked.
They've got hard hearts.
Black hearts.
And this is their nature.
They're of their father.
As Dr. Bianca's farm animals are named, his head bull is named Lucifer, and there's a bunch of other weird stuff.
Just go look at it.
Go to his site.
It won't be hard to find the occultic stuff everywhere.
It's just everywhere.
We got an occultic fruitcake?
By the way, I'm going to be honest with you.
I sued Access Television and their board, part of the city.
And I knew there was crime going on, and people laughed at me and called me a conspiracy theorist.
And then the director of it is in jail right now, facing 45 years in prison.
And I know who the others are, and we're going to make sure they get prosecuted, and we're going to go public.
That's just one little thing to keep our local TV station, the birthplace of AXS TV.
I had to spend, really, I see 10 grand.
I had to do that.
I spent 11 grand on lawyers and PIs and people to go down and file depositions and all this.
I'm talking to some lawyers I respect.
Talked to my father.
Talked to a few others.
We've got a strategy to litigate.
And you always want me to do everything.
And this is something I think is important.
So, just because I want to depose these people, I want to bust them open.
I know what's going on.
Oh, man.
If we could just get the cops.
Talk about probable cause.
To raid Bianca's house.
I'm not going to get into it.
I just know.
Call it a hunch.
You've got to get in there.
I mean, come on.
We need those writings.
He's been denying those writings.
This is a call to genocide.
The BBC said that.
I couldn't believe it.
It's like we wrote the article.
I mean, it's on record what he's said and what he's done.
And what he's pushing.
And a bunch of his graduates are in bioweapons labs.
And there's a bunch of other people preaching this.
Peter Singer and countless others.
And we need a real investigation.
But because it is the criminal government that's going to carry this stuff out in the future, it's not going to happen.
So if I have to, I'm looking at strategies.
I'm going to get into our strategies, but we have strategies, and I just may have to dump my money on it and dump my time on it.
But then I've got to weigh that.
Should I just make a film about this to warn people, or should I spend the time suing them?
And I'm not a litigious person.
It's just that when I know what's going on, and I know somebody's bad, I'm going to go after them.
I've got a responsibility to do that.
Let's talk to Ron in, I believe you're calling from Canada.
Go ahead.
Yes, how are you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
I'm a first-time caller.
I'm very happy to be on your show.
I'm calling to announce what will be, as far as I can see, a national emergency, because our Canadian government up here in Canada, they're sponsoring terrorism, and they want to bring in martial law.
It doesn't look like a big deal at first glance, but you've got a Tim Horton shop that was bombed by a gas bomb here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
It was a front page on the Toronto Sun, April 3rd, and if you can Google it, you can just check it out for yourself.
But page one and page three, and here they are, they're saying, well, and page three, they're saying, this wasn't an Al-Qaeda bomb, supposedly, which is true, of course.
And, you know, but then you also hear, I also heard on the radio the very same day, about five minutes after I read the article, I went to the store, and I heard on the radio...
We're living in a 9-11, post-9-11 era.
That's all they're calling.
And what this is, is this is a prelude.
They're seeding the fear.
No, I know.
Sir, they do it everywhere.
I appreciate your call.
Listen, major U.S.
We have the photos on Prison Planet right now.
It's not even part of a drill now.
There's regular Marines walking around pointing machine guns at citizens.
Just, oh, here's the troops pointing machine guns, but the border's wide open.
It's the criminal government.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
Can't emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
Visit InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order.
Or call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Order today and spread the word.
Thank you.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We have been working hard since 1988 to save the remnant.
That's herbalhealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
Good news.
San Francisco Chronicle writer...
Your article called The Final Frontier up on InfoWars.com from April 2nd, we just found out about this last night, said that the watchdog website InfoWars.com had reported that MySpace was a Trojan horse for the establishment to try to maintain control over the Internet.
And we go into how it's a platform and how you don't have your own site.
And he said, yeah, I like that analysis.
He says it has legs, too.
And that it's being documented now by them kicking off 200,000 users at a pot for their speech, people being spied on, the media demonizing it.
Oh, it's dangerous to get on it, and a lot less dangerous than the street, folks.
So it's a good article.
I just got a call from Newsweek, wants me to call them, back after, when I get off the show, to give them a quote about MySpace.
So see, Paul and I put together a little article about MySpace, and it's had millions of readers just on our site, and it's huge all over the web, just because we did the analysis.
And that's what you can do, too, folks.
You can research stuff, learn stuff, get your core data together, get excited about freedom, and expose it.
Expose what these controllers are doing.
Big article I should have spent more time on today.
It dovetails with the takeover.
Biological Threat and Executive Order 13292.
And it says if there's any type of biological threat of bird flu, that they will consider it a threat from Iran and attack Iran.
And this is put out by a real scientist.
Jorge Hirsch is a professor of physics at the University of California, San Diego.
We're going to be getting him on later.
Hey, Alex.
You're doing off the can on the info battle, so, you know, keep it up.
I don't know if you know what was going on with Bob Schultz, the We the People Foundation, GiveMeLiberty.org.
He filed a lawsuit, petition for redress of grievances, First Amendment lawsuit.
Yeah, he did that a long time ago.
Well, he's filing an appeal right now.
I guess it's pending.
And I don't know.
I did try to expose the same things and different things.
That website is called www.saveamericanow.com.
Good, good.
Sir, I really do appreciate that.
We're almost out of time.
That's great.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Paul in Canada.
Last caller.
Go ahead, Paul.
Hey, Alex.
I really wish I could have gone on sooner.
Well, you've got two minutes.
Go ahead.
I just wanted to talk to you about the Chinese takeover.
Yes, go ahead.
The Bahamas actually is not an American territory.
It's an independent and sovereign country.
Sir, the particular island that this is being done on is a holding.
A protectorate, excuse me, a possession.
And that particular port, just like Guantanamo, is owned by the U.S.
and Cuba.
It is owned, and they're giving it over to them.
So you don't have a problem with the Chinese Communist military?
No, no, no, Alex.
I'm anti-communist, hardcore, but I'm from the Bahamas.
I'm actually from Freeport.
This is why I can tell you, like, flat out, like, the Bahamas is independent since 1973.
I understand, but that land that that port is at is owned by the U.S.,
No, I'm sorry.
There's no Haman holding, and there's no American holding.
So, Associated Press lied, and the whole contract giving it to the Chinese military isn't real?
No, no, no.
The Hutchinson-Wampoa owns the port, but it's not U.S.
And customs is going to be there by the end of the year.
See, this is why I really wish I could have got on sooner.
They're leaving, and the Chinese are taking over and have got the no-bid contract.
What about the Panama Canal?
Yeah, there are like 30,000 troops there, but that's a different country and that's a different holding company.
Okay, sir.
Listen, it's apples and oranges.
I appreciate your call.
Call me back tomorrow.
We can talk more about it.
Okay, fine.
I won't worry about it.
It's good.
And they've got Long Beach, too, but that's not America either.
Okay, we're out of time here, ladies and gentlemen.
Be sure to go to prisonplanet.tv.
Get the special, the spring special.
Get out there and take on these sickos.
God bless you all.