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Air Date: April 4, 2006
2210 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Tuesday edition, the fourth day of April.
And coming up in the next hour, we'll have professor, theologian, David Ray Griffin, author of two best-selling books on September 11th, and one of the most effective people out there exposing the government inside job, joining us in the next hour.
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I've had Jones Report for about, what, five years, but we updated it about once a year.
It was just kind of a static site floating around out there in the asteroid belt of the blogosphere.
But now it's being updated daily, sometimes multiple times daily.
It's a little different than the other sites.
It has a lot of the same headlines and news and information.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
So I'm very proud of the job that Aaron Dykes, one of our new team members here in the last few months, is doing on that and other projects.
So be sure and tell everybody about JonesReport.com.
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We do this so we have more servers, more redundancy, more cruisers, more ships on the high seas in the information battle, engaging the enemy and crushing them on every front, smashing them as we march towards the empire to bring down the New World Order and restore our constitutional republic.
We are engaging the enemies of the Republic at point-blank range.
We will continue to engage the enemies of the Republic and all free humans on this planet every single day dedicated to the fight.
And I lead by example here.
I was here until 1 a.m.
last night, and I will be here tonight at 1 a.m., and I will be here the next night at 1 a.m., and I will be here the next night because we're making a new film.
We're doing a lot of other things.
I'm very, very excited about it.
Masses of news in this first hour.
And yes, we will take some of your calls trying out this new system.
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So, 888-234-4564, 888-234-4564, because I will not be stopped if I can help it.
We'll tell you about it when we get back on the other side.
Alright, a lot of news.
More about this nutcase professor here at UT trying to defend himself now and a lot more on the other side.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The information war certainly does continue.
All right, I'm going to get into some of these other headlines later in the hour.
UK Big Brother has eye on ID card refuseniks.
Eliminates opportunity for stay of execution.
And if you don't take their national ID card that's been voted down, what, eight times now, but Blair is going to use the Parliament Act to force the House of Lords to acquiesce to the demands.
Eighty-plus percent of Britons in polls are against the national ID card.
The illegal aliens that have flooded the country, as they flooded all Western governments, part of the globalist crime family program to bring down sovereign nations.
We're good to go.
All states under federal law must acquiesce and implement the National ID Card Thumb Scan, Face Scan, Smart Chip, and Swipe system on all cards under federal regulations.
Now, several states are saying that they're going to pass laws.
Places like West Virginia is moving to block it.
Areas like Vermont, New Hampshire are moving to block it.
A lot of exciting things happening because these are totally unconstitutional federal laws.
And this will be used as your new national ID card for the new national sales tax being pushed by phony conservatives who are not conservative at all.
And it will bring federal control into every search engine, every terminal, every shopping cart.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
More on the scientists' sheer Holocaust wish.
Texas Academy honored professor who wants 90% of human race exterminated.
And I want to get more into this report.
We covered it a lot yesterday, but we didn't spend enough time on it.
It is of the utmost importance.
And it ties in with Mr. Gutierrez, Jose Angel Gutierrez, professor at UT, that says we've got to kill all the whites.
And he was the head of Hispanic Studies at UT and kind of got broken down a few years ago because of all his speeches saying, kill everybody.
But he's back at it again.
In fact, we played clips here before.
And I've done a TV show on it during Mexican Independence last year because some of his followers were leading some of the marches here locally and had their t-shirts on saying, all whites above the age of 16, all white males must be killed.
And then I've been rebuked for criticizing it, for saying that I don't want to be killed.
And there's a lot of denial about this, just like there's denial, just like there's massive denial concerning what's going on with Dr. Pianca, Professor Dr. the Procedious Pianca, who says that 90% of us need to die and the dying needs to start now.
Of course, Mr. Bianca is now backpedaling.
We have a local newscast where he's backpedaling.
We're also going to link to an entire interview they did.
They didn't just...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But I tell you what, before I get into all this news, let me just first off get into Jose Gutierrez.
Understand that he is indicative.
He is the norm.
He is the benchmark.
He's up at UT Dallas.
Bianca is at UT Austin, the main mothership here in Austin, Texas.
And I became aware of Mecha La Raza and others.
Mecha stands for the Aztec Kingdom of the Southwest, and we translate it into Spanish.
And then, of course, when you look at La Raza, that means the race, and that was the champs here in Austin and L.A.
and Chicago and Phoenix and all across the nation was Viva La Raza, the race.
And when you read these groups' universal literature, they say, for our race, everything.
For those outside the race, nothing.
That is a mecha motto.
But they're all very similar.
When they get caught red-handed, they say, no, we mean the human race.
But you read their founding documents, and what they're currently actually saying in their publications, it is the Chicano-Azlan race, or the Mesoamerican race.
I guess a mixture of European conquerors, settlers, predominantly the Spanish and Portuguese, and later the French and the Germans, big influence in Mexico, and of course in Latin America in general.
And so we're just going to report what they actually say here.
Saturday night I called into a national radio show and heard one of these amnesty asylum groups that runs a big operation out of Chicago say
And the guest just said, no, it's not true.
She's never heard of anyone with a Mexican flag.
They only have American flags at these demonstrations.
And they only love America.
And they do not believe this is Mexico.
And I'm just a big fat liar.
I'm making it all up.
And then a caller from San Antonio called in to back her up and said, yes, Alex Jones is just a sensationalist.
He makes all of this up.
And the caller said, I've never heard of such a thing.
Well, maybe you've been hiding under a rock, but somehow I doubt that.
Now, let me make it clear.
And every time I say this, these very people go, Oh, shut up, gringo.
You're a racist.
But no, it's not true.
That's what you all say.
Many of my friends, in fact, one of my best friends, is Hispanic.
And they're Americans, just as American or more so than I am.
Very patriotic people.
And they certainly don't want to live in Mexico.
And they certainly don't believe Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma...
California, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon, and parts of Idaho and Wyoming, that's now what Aslan is claiming.
A few years ago, it was half that.
They certainly don't like that idea, and they certainly don't like the fact that America is imploding with all this cheap Third World labor.
I mean, our government loves it.
They want blanket amnesty.
They love all these policies.
So I don't want to hear that you're downtrodden and you're fighting against the man
The man is behind this.
But, I mean, where to start?
I'm looking for my Jose Gutierrez article here.
Kidd did a report on this, and again, we reported on this last year.
We have this guy on tape saying this.
But a Mexican university professor calls for murder of all whites.
And the tape I have of him says that, but he also says we need to implement the plan of San Diego.
Which was a German-funded plan that was executed.
And there was Charlie Manson-style murders all over South Texas in a matter of days.
The death toll was staggering.
And that actually created some of the first enmity between South Texas Hispanics, who saw themselves as Mexicans, and the white population here.
Before that, the Czechoslovakian, the Polish, and the German, and the British, and the Scottish and Irish communities.
People seemed to back then be in their own communities.
We're good to go.
Big, olive-skinned, dark-haired people whose grandma was Mrs. Gonzalez who married Mr. Schmidt.
But no, that's all over now.
Now we have the La Reconquista upon us.
And it's really disgusting and a serious problem.
Mexican University professor calls for murder of all whites.
We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean is by that if the worst comes to worst, we've got to kill him.
The words above were spoken by Jose Gutierrez, professor, University of Texas, Arlington.
I just say Dallas, same thing, Metroplex.
And founder of La Raza Unida Political Party, or The Race.
His full comment was, we have an aging white America.
They are dying.
We have got to eliminate the gringo.
And what I mean by this is, worse comes to worse, we've got to kill him.
And people don't know the actual numbers.
They're looking at five-year-old numbers, you know, that the majority below 20 are Hispanic.
No, no.
The majority period is now Hispanic.
In a matter of five years, and again, if they wanted to be American, if they weren't flooding in from Latin America, running around screaming with Mexican flags, it wouldn't be a problem.
But they're here saying, we're taking America down.
In a column dated March 25, 2006, by Ernesto Sintaguros, titled La Gran Marcha...
...surpasses all expectations.
He wrote, What does the immense success of La Grande March mean to Mexicanos and Latinos?
It simply means that we now have the numbers, the political will, and the simple means that we now have the numbers, political will, and the organizational skills to direct our own destinies and not be subservient to the white and Jewish power structure.
Really, it's the white and Jewish power structure, and I can prove that, I have, that funds you.
I mean, it's the big Jewish mogul that owns the majority of the TV stations in the United States that are Spanish-speaking.
We've got World Net Daily and AP articles about it.
And he put up 670-plus signs saying California is now Mexico.
Remember crossing out L.A., California and putting Mexico on it?
I mean, this is what's happening.
What are you talking about?
It means that we can now undertake bigger and more significant mass actions to achieve total political and economic liberation, like that being proposed by Jose Gutierrez, president of the Latino USA.
Jose Gutierrez is proposing that the coalition that organized La Grande March meet in Arizona or Texas on April 8th to organize a mass boycott against the economy of the U.S.
to take place on May 5th or 19th.
And let me tell you, I could go to this meeting with an interpreter, I could record it all, or a lot of it will be in English, and it'll be openly, as soon as we got the numbers, we're going to kill you, and if I'm against being murdered, I'm dead.
And of course, none of this exists.
Everything's fine.
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This weekend, listening to talk radio and reading the blogs and seeing what the Liberty Conquistas are saying is they're very, very slick.
In fact, they even admit that they served out American flags, this is mainstream news, at the fronts of the rallies.
And then our national complicit media would just focus on those.
Meanwhile, 90 plus percent were foreign flags.
And then when they have their leaders on radio, they have one crowd that goes out and says they're all friends.
They go, we don't know what you're talking about.
That's made up.
No one's ever heard of that.
What do you mean we say the Southwest belongs to Mexico?
And then, folks, you go to one of these rallies, I mean, there'll be 10,000 people there, and that's all that's being discussed.
I mean, that is universal.
And so it's very sneaky.
I mean, imagine, it's a perfect takeover plan, that's what the globalists are using, these foreigners, is that an average American doesn't speak the language, doesn't know what's going on.
Again, my wife does, because she lived, I don't know, five, six years in Spain.
Her dad was in the agriculture department in the diplomatic corps, so she grew up and knows Spanish fluently.
And we were driving through Mejia to go visit family a few months ago, and she's like, look at that grocery store.
It says Mexico land, you know, the new land.
And look at that sign that says, you know, we're taking over.
And she said, it's everywhere.
It says revolution right there.
It says revolution right there.
They've got a Mexican radio station here in Austin called The Invader.
They have another one in San Antonio called The Usurper.
There's another radio station called The Bandit.
And they've got them called Raza.
And on and on and on.
I mean, you're driving around seeing the bumper stickers everywhere.
You hear the people when you're in a restaurant and they don't know that you've got people with you that speak Spanish.
Take my cousin, Buckley Hammond.
He lives in Chicago now, but he lived in Austin the last five, six years.
He's a good friend of mine.
We even worked on the main editor on Road to Tyranny and Masters of Terror.
And he, when he's dreaming, because I've been on a road trip with him before, and he's in the bed next to me, in the twin bed next to me, and he's speaking in Spanish.
You'll wake up, because he grew up in Guatemala.
And he's a bartender.
And he just sits, you know, and of course, frankly, most of his friends, when he lived here in Austin, he lived with a bunch of his Hispanic friends who were other DJs.
But so again, he's not against Mexicans or Hispanics.
But to make a long story short, he says, oh yeah, when I'm bartending, he goes, it's probably only 20-30% of the Mexicans, but they'll walk up and go, look at this scumbag gringo, I can't wait until we take over and deal with him.
And he'll just snap back and fluent Spanish.
Hey, what's your problem, racist?
You know, I'm more Latin than you are, I'm from Guatemala.
And they'll go, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
It's going on all over the place.
And I'm sick of it.
And it's just like I told you, the professors want to kill 90% of you.
And I say it every broadcast on average.
I'm constantly talking about it.
I give you documents, State Department, CIA, Department of Commerce, World Health Organization, UN Food Program, all these documents.
And I show where they've done it, where they've engineered AIDS, where they've engineered all of this, where they've released it on purpose.
Nobel Prize winners have gone public.
Even had Ed Asner on.
He starts bringing up how they want to exterminate the population.
I mean, anybody in the know knows this.
When you're in the know, and I just got on air and warned you.
Believe me, I found it hard to believe that they've got an open plan they're spreading to kill all whites above the age of 16, all white males.
Plan of San Diego.
And then they get on the air, and they lie about it.
People that head up groups that I know are pushing Larry Conquista, I went and checked this lady's organization and what funds it,
And you go look it up, and they're behind the Lurican keys, and they'll go right on the radio and go, That's made up!
You're making that up, Mr. Jones!
How dare you make that up?
We want to be your friend!
Just wait until Plan of San Diego!
I mean, it's just like, hey, you want to live in peace?
Stop sneaking around saying you're going to kill me.
I'm not going to put up with it.
Do you understand?
It's simple.
By the way, we tested this new phone system.
They're someday, over the rainbow, going to get the old one back up and working, the 1-800 lines.
But I've got my own little system here, and I've got to unmute it.
We're running it through the Internet to take calls, so there's about a second delay.
So be prepared for that, callers.
And we'll go to Keith, Dan, Randy, Steve, and others.
And we do appreciate everybody out there.
We moved the studios.
They're great new studios.
Sounds better, but...
I don't know what's going on with the phone company.
Frankly, it's computer systems in there.
We'll deal with it.
But when we come back, I'll take calls.
Then I'll get into this professor that says that he wants 90% of us to die.
And he gets standing ovations, 95%.
Stand up according to reports and praise him.
And just, we all need to die.
And again, it's just the facts.
I'm just reporting on people that want to kill us.
We'll be right back.
I'll continue to expose these people.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, your calls are coming up here in just a minute or two.
And then I'll get into how the majority of environmental scientists, the majority of biologists, I can say this with total confidence, openly, constantly talk about how they want to kill everybody.
And the University of Texas runs level four bioweapons laboratories with Department of Defense funding.
They have one at Galveston.
They have a Level 3 here in Austin, and I demand the FBI get in there.
I demand they investigate every single one of these graduate students that is in there, that has gone to Bianca's classes.
I demand that they start reading their research papers, but the FBI knows.
Listen, I've been reading these research papers for years, by scientists, by graduate students, where all they talk about is how they want to kill us.
And you've got top biologists, graduates, and undergrads, and PhDs all over the web calling Bianca God, saying he's right, and they're now working in Department of Defense labs, they're working in Level 4 labs, Level 3 labs, all over the country.
And they've got stuff in these laboratories that makes the bird flu and the Spanish flu look like mother's milk, look like lemonade.
Look like a spoonful of medicine.
And so we're going to get into that.
Listen, do you understand what we're talking about right now?
And don't worry, when the government releases this stuff, it won't be some grad student.
It won't be some biology professor.
They'll blame it on one of these little fruitcakes.
It's going to be the globalists.
Okay, we're going to get into this later.
David Ray Griffin coming up in 25 minutes.
Before I go to your calls...
I've got to tell you about some great folks.
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Okay, again, the new phone system here, it's got about a second delay.
The original phone system supposedly was going to be up last week.
It's not yet, so I'm doing this IP phone.
Callers can call into it with regular phone lines at 888-234-4564, 888-234-5464.
And let's go ahead and unmute Keith in Ohio.
Keith, you're on the air.
Thank you for joining us, sir.
All right, thank you.
Keep up the good work, Alex.
You know, for a Christian, Matthew 10 talks about we need to not fear them that can kill the body, but him that is the Lord that can destroy both body and soul in hell, you know.
And in Isaiah 8, Isaiah was living in a time similar to ours, and the Lord told him and others not to fear what the people were fearing.
That is, to let God be your fear and let Him be your dread.
Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and so fear of the devil is the beginning of idiocy.
You know, what we're looking at here over the last number of years, and even longer than that, is the forming of this one-world end-time system, the end-time beast system, going according to the Word of God.
And religion plays a big central part to this.
And believe it or not, you know, the Vatican plays a very central part to what's been happening over the years.
And there's a couple different authors.
The World's Last Dictator by Dwight Kinman.
That book is loaded with information.
It's solid.
I recommend that.
And also Chick.com, Chick Publications, The Godfather, Smokescreens, and books by Rick Jones.
You know, we just need the truth.
We want to love people, but we want them to have the truth.
Let me say something about the churches, if I may.
They have been taken over by the Schofield crowd.
They say, lay down, go along, it's not your job to fight it, you're going to get raptured out of here.
Were people raptured with Hitler?
Were they raptured in Rwanda when 800,000 were killed by the Hutus in the UN?
This stuff is going to come down on us, and it's our job to warn people.
And I hear so many so-called Christians calling the talk radio and say, lay down, don't get involved, go along, it's not our job.
And I know you're not saying that.
It is our job to warn people.
Duty is ours.
Consequences belong to God.
It is, as the Founding Fathers said, it is our job to just state the facts as they are.
We want to be active, not passive.
We don't want to be tossed to and fro by the waves and the winds, you know, but...
I believe a lot can happen even before the Tribulation period, just like you mentioned historical examples.
We're talking a lot of apostasy and Christian-type religion, but with the Roman system, you're looking at a false Christianity, an appearance of Christianity mixed with paganism over the centuries.
And so, you know, you see... Let me ask you a question, sir.
Do you have any comments about Professor Panica and all these people running around saying we've all got to die?
Yeah, that's pretty... I've heard different things like that in the past.
It's just where things are heading, you know, and maybe...
He's kind of a diversionary tactic, maybe slightly.
Well, there's an army of these people.
There's an army of these people.
And they use people like him to just bring it out and introduce it so we hear it over and over again and become accustomed.
Yeah, we get conditioned to it so that...
You know, sometimes the enemy hides behind putting out their front men.
So you can attack the front men like a lightning rod, you know.
So they, kind of like some of our political leaders, you know, people think that they're invested with so much power.
When the real powers are behind the scenes, you never vote them in.
I totally agree with you, sir, and I really do appreciate your call.
You're absolutely right.
We're going to go ahead and take another call.
I believe this next one is Dan in California.
I may have these mixed up here on the computer screen.
But let's go ahead and...
Go ahead and go to Dan.
Dan, are you there, my friend?
I'm here, Alex.
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir, I can.
Okay, I'm on a cell phone, so I try to get a tweet to get the best signal.
Go ahead.
That's okay, sir.
Go ahead.
Okay, well, I tell a lot of people about you because you're credible, at least up to this point.
I still think you are, but you had a guest on yesterday, Robert Bowman.
And on his website, he says that he's an Archbishop of the United Catholic Church, an independent Catholic movement.
And I go to his website, and I click on there, and he's talking about this United Catholic Church.
And let me read the one paragraph real quick.
It just says, United Catholic Church includes most parishes, progressive parishes, everything in between.
You can walk into one of our parishes and hear the trip in Latin.
And then it says...
Sir, I didn't disconnect you.
Your cell phone dropped there.
Listen, everyone I have on this broadcast, and notice we have two calls in a row talking about Catholics.
There will probably be five more in a row.
I don't think this is a setup today, but sometimes it is.
I'm not Catholic, folks.
I'm trying to talk about the New World Order, population control agendas, what the globalists are up to, what they're doing.
And it just gets frustrating that I've laid out all these issues, all these pertinent things that are happening right now.
Mr. Bowman, Dr. Bowman was the head of the Star Wars program.
Dr. Bowman did fly 101 combat missions over Vietnam as a fighter pilot, and he's highly decorated.
And as a fighter pilot, and as a pilot, he's saying 9-11 story is impossible and a fable and a fraud.
That's why we have conservatives on, we have liberals on, we have libertarians on, we have people we don't even agree with on, and we have them on to talk about 9-11 and other key issues.
If we ever tried to only interview people on this broadcast we totally agree with, then we would not even have any guests on, because there's no one out there I totally agree with.
I disagree with my beliefs from one month to the next.
My general beliefs are core and stay the same, but I'm always learning more.
So I appreciate your call.
We're going to go ahead now and go to another caller.
I believe this is Dan in California.
Dan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hey Alex, how are you?
Good, sir.
Okay, very good.
Well, the thing is, is that the UN has this, there's somebody who set up this Georgia Guidestones, and where it talks about they want to depodulate 80% of the people, and they set this up in 1980s,
Are you familiar with that?
Yes, I meant to put that in the article that Paul and I wrote two days ago about this Professor Pianco saying 90% of us need to die and getting a standing ovation from 95% of those in the audience.
And we are going to add that in a part two that's coming up today or tomorrow.
About this, and we've covered the Georgia Guidestones a lot.
A Masonic organization put them up saying this is the Ten Commandments, and the Ten Commandments is actually to reduce the world population to 400 to 500 million, from memory I believe is what it says.
Just type Georgia Guidestones into Google or another search engine, and you can see the photos of it.
And yes, sir, sir, this is the master plan.
This is all these people talk about.
Their religion's sacrament is killing 80 to 95 percent of us.
Does that answer your question, sir?
I think this... I can hear you there, but... Yeah, he's still there.
He's just not talking.
I'm going to go ahead and kick that caller then.
Let's go ahead and talk to Randy in Colorado, I believe.
There's so many calls coming in here on this phone system.
I guess this thing can take like 20 calls.
I don't even know which one I'm on.
So I'll try it from the bottom up.
That sounds better.
New phone system I'm here getting used to.
Let's go to Jonathan.
Jonathan in, I believe, in California is up next.
Go ahead, Jonathan.
You're on the air.
Hello, Jonathan.
Go ahead, sir.
This is what I've been forced to do, is go to this phone system, folks.
I'm going to put him... Yes, Jonathan, go ahead.
Okay, do you know how many square feet are in a mile?
You know, I don't have that in front of me, but I know the calculations are you can give each person on Earth an acre, and let me just stop, and put them into the state of Texas.
We'll round that up, 28 million square feet in a mile.
So in 1,000 miles, you've got 2,800,000 square feet.
And I was just doing a study on my county, Nevada County, which is 1,000 miles.
You get yourself something like Fresno, that's 168 billion square feet.
Bianca, these people got to look at the numbers.
There's plenty of room.
This overpopulation is just a bunch of propaganda, and I'm tired of it.
Well, sir, what it is is a pretext and an excuse to devalue human life.
The radical animal rights people are funded by the big banks and the big foundations and the universities because then they can say, well, animals have the same rights as you, and the government represents the animals, so the animals' rights outweigh your rights, or you could say outvote your rights, and so we are all as valuable as bacteria as Professor Pianca and Professor Peter Singer
And others have said, and so we're going to have to get rid of you.
In fact, he's an expert on his site in corralling human populations, he says, and environmental buffer zones, and putting us into compact cities.
A prison planet in the name of saving the Earth.
This is the excuse of the globalists to bring in an incredible tyranny, and they propagandize millions of students and graduate students to be adherents to this modern death cult.
It's indoctrination.
That's all public school is anymore.
It's indoctrination, but I just want to put the numbers out there.
There's plenty of room for us, the animals, the fish.
It's a bunch of bollocks.
You're right, sir, and I appreciate your call.
You're absolutely right.
Let's go to...
I'm told this next caller is Steve Mason, who I know personally.
I hope I go to the right one here.
And Steve is a local activist who exposes the open borders and who has given me some of the audio and videotapes of the mayor saying that they are the master of race.
And this is Oslaun, three years ago, outgoing mayor.
And, of course, his name was Gus Garcia, and then he gave me the Gutierrez tape where he said, we've got to kill all the whites, implement the plan of San Diego, and now that's back in the news today.
So right now, let's go ahead and speak to Steve Mason.
I believe this is Steve.
Steve, thank you for calling.
What's on your mind?
Thanks, Alex.
I first wanted to alert everybody to the reckoning up in Crawford, Texas, on May 6th.
Where they're going to go protest against Bush's open border policies.
And you can find that at www.areckoning.com.
Alex, you know they're going to have another pro-illegal march tomorrow, on Monday, this coming Monday?
I knew that, and I'm going to be out of town just for Monday, but let me just bring this up to you, Steve.
You were there at the Mexican Independence Day parade, where they were calling us gringos and telling us to leave, and they had their t-shirts on saying, all whites above age 16 who are male must die, and is this a minority view with the illegal lobby, or is this a majority view?
The people who are outspoken about it, of course, are a minor view.
And, of course, the majority will always tell you, oh, well, they don't agree with it.
But it seems to me that birds of a feather flock together, if you know what I mean.
Well, I mean, it's the leaders of the movement.
It's the dominant forces.
And they're on the extreme saying you all must die.
But then the majority of the illegal lobby just says, no, you've just got to go back to Europe.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, I mean, do you agree with that?
Because you're an expert on this.
Yes, I agree with you.
I agree with you.
I think this Aslan stuff and Kill the Gringo and I think we cleansed Whitey out is part and parcel of the warp and weave of the Chicano movement.
And I don't know if you read in the paper about the Cesar Chavez march this weekend and heard what Suzanne Almanza from Poder had to say.
No, I didn't hear about it.
I heard about the march, but not heard.
What happened?
Oh, well, you know, she's an Aztec supremacist.
She was put on the Planning Commission in the city of Austin.
She's a former Brown Beret.
She was talking about that we shouldn't be allowed to pass laws against her people because this is a continent.
This is all one continent.
Oh, yeah, I mean, about half the signs say this is our continent.
Leave, you know.
Yeah, yeah.
And so they're totally racialized.
And she was a featured speaker for it, along with Lloyd Doggett up there.
Oh, I know.
When their leaders are brown supremacists, and our congressman marches with them, then it is brown supremacists.
All right, Steve.
Always good to hear from you, my friend.
I appreciate it.
We'll take some more calls.
This is working pretty good.
I guess this thing can take like 10, 15 lines.
I don't know.
So we'll just keep plowing through your calls.
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Welcome back, my friends.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to go to Anita in Mississippi and others here in just a moment.
Professor David Ray Griffin joins us coming up in the next hour.
I want to get more into this professor thing.
We all have to die.
This other one in more detail is very important.
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We're going to go ahead now and talk to Anita.
And, Anita, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I hope this is still pertinent.
While you were gone off the air, Lou Dobbs came on and they were talking about 9-1-1 and they had, where they had this man who was supposedly this shadow conspirator who had trained the men who were on the plane that flew into the power and how they couldn't find him but that supposedly he was killed during the first round of battle over in Iraq.
Sure, yeah.
Well, it's like in Ohio, they bust a group of, quote, terrorists, and then it turns out that a government agent, special forces Arab, you know, from the U.S.
military, is their, quote, handler, the unnamed conspirator.
So they go set these patsies up to create the illusion that there's really domestic terrorists.
Sounds like chalk one up for Alex.
Good job.
Well, it's the same story all the time.
I mean, they have the same M.O., Anita.
I'm just doing my job, and I appreciate your support, and I appreciate your call.
Let's try to jam one more in here.
Let's talk to Scott in California.
Scott, you're on the air, sir.
Well, thank you, Alex.
Boy, yesterday's broadcast was amazing.
Those two interviews.
We've now got a smoking gun about this population control agenda, or what I would call mass murder.
Boy, and we've got such a great list of 9-11 whistleblowers now between British members, former members of government, German, various Americans.
You've got such an amazing list.
Let me tell your listeners, you really need to go to prisonplanet.tv and get a membership because these interviews are all posted.
If you missed the interviews from yesterday with, what was his name, Mims?
Yeah, about the population control thing, or the other individual who's a 9-11 whistleblower.
What was his name, Alex?
Former head of Star Wars, Dr. Bob Bowman.
We also had the Chairman Mims.
Yeah, amazing.
So credible.
Incredible sources.
And Alex, let me say, I hear the music, so I've got to rush, but I've been kind of sitting here observing things, and after yesterday, I'm going active.
I can't just sit here on my desk.
I'm going to launch a big project, and
If you would let me, after the break, give out my email address to your listeners.
I need to volunteer.
Yeah, we can't do that because we've got the professor joining us.
Start a website and we'll plug it.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right.
Now into hour number dos.
Second hour.
Coming up in the next segment, we're scheduled to have Professor Dr. David Ray Griffin joining us.
Best-selling author on 9-11.
Very astute.
Able to wake up a lot of people.
We're here with a big tent to promote him and promote what he's doing.
He just had a sold-out crowd in San Francisco there, exposing the myth of 9-11.
We've got links to that up on InfoWars.com, an MP3 of that.
But he'll be joining us with another Newsmaker interview here today.
Another one of the credible whistleblowers and people exposing government complicity in 9-11, running the attacks as a pretext for global empire.
And we will continue to take calls throughout the broadcast today as well on a new number for now.
888-234-5464 888-234-5464 888-234-5464 888-234-5464 888-234-5464
And we will certainly get you up and on the air as well.
And then later, I want to spend some time on the headline, Scientist Cheers Holocaust Wish from right here in Austin, Texas.
He gave a speech last weekend saying it again, and he gave a speech a month ago to the Texas Academy of Scientists saying it.
And it's not based in science.
And he got off on it, according to the professors and others we've talked to that witnessed it.
95% of the professors and scientists and students and graduate students got up to a rousing applause, a standing ovation, and went on and on.
And this is an elite mentality, an elite philosophy, and we're going to be exposing it.
It's even crept into the 9-11 Truth Movement, people pushing these Malthusian social Darwinistic views.
Very destructive.
I am honored to now be joined by Professor David Ray Griffin, bestselling author.
We'll tell you about those books as well.
And it is good to have you on with us today, sir.
Good morning, Alex.
Good to be back with you.
We're about to break.
You bet.
When we come back, I want to get into how things went over the weekend in San Francisco.
You're a very successful writer.
How did it go in San Francisco?
Oh, quite well.
All three events that I spoke for were sold out.
The one, they had a capacity of 600 and I guess they turned away 50 or more.
So it's very encouraging.
It shows that there's a growing movement of people out there who are interested in this, you know, interested enough to come out on a rainy night and...
There's an enormous amount of interest and enthusiasm about it.
I also spoke for the Democratic World Federalists and then at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.
And again, they said they had the biggest audiences they'd had in some time.
Well, that's exciting.
What did you title your speech in San Francisco?
Wasn't it something like the 9-11 hoax or fraud?
All three of them were called 9-11, the myth, and the reality.
Oh, yes, the myth and the reality.
I saw that on some of the sites, and I believe we have a link to that MP3.
Yeah, what I stressed was that myth is used in various ways, and our ordinary use of it just means something that's false, but also a religious myth serves as a sacred story, and that's what 9-11 has done.
A sacred fable.
A new religion of the police state.
A new religion delivering us into the hands of neo-fascism.
Professor David Ray Griffin is our guest.
We'll be back in just three short minutes.
Important messages.
So stay with us.
Strap yourselves in.
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A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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And this new phone system can take even more calls.
I think we had like 12 of them lined up earlier.
Professor David Ray Griffin, I know some of you don't know who he is, most of you do, but Professor, before we get into 9-11, just for people that don't know who you are, tell us about yourself, and then tell us how you woke up to 9-11.
I saw a story, a positive one, in the San Francisco Chronicle, with the headline, Out Loud, an Inside Job.
And the San Francisco Chronicle just came right out and said you're very credible and are saying it's an inside job.
By the way, the San Francisco Chronicle, I didn't mention this, wrote an article saying Infowars.com is right and calling us a watchdog yesterday.
I just learned of this article.
I don't know if we posted it.
I think I gave it to my webmaster.
She's saying we're right about MySpace censoring people, deleting 200,000 profiles, hate speech, and all the rest of this.
So that's coming up later.
Professor, tell us about yourself and your awakening so we can compare it to other people's awakenings.
And then I want to talk about some of the other whistleblowers and then your particular approach to 9-11 and why it's been so effective with your scholarly approach to waking people up.
Well, my background, I've been a philosophy of religion and theology professor.
I had gotten interested in the last 10, 15 years of my
Teaching career in the questions of global politics.
And then after 9-11, I started writing a book on U.S.
imperialism because I had originally accepted the blowback thesis that 9-11 was a blowback from U.S.
foreign policy that most Americans didn't know about.
But then about a year and a half in, I
Now, I mean, describe that awakening, though.
I mean, do you remember the moment when you just had seen so much evidence that it clicked, or was it more incremental?
Oh, yeah, it was very definite.
It was after a colleague had sent a website that had Paul Thompson's timeline.
There was a 200-page, what at that time was a 200 single-spaced page timeline giving all sorts of stories from the strictly mainstream press that contradicted the official story.
So if I recall correctly, it was only a couple hours into that that I saw that the official story most likely was false.
I found that's very effective, the different 100 smoking guns, 200 smoking guns, 20 smoking guns.
There's all these different articles out there that just list mainstream what is available.
If you can, for people to just join us, go through your four different views.
There's four different ways to historically look at this from different perspectives.
Let's see.
That was some time back that I gave that question.
Certainly, there's the official theory that this was an attack by foreign terrorists, and therefore, in order to protect ourselves, we had to launch this war on terror.
Other people believe that, yeah, that was true, but that we lied about some of the details and certainly particularly lied about Iraq
In order to justify a response that was completely disproportionate to the cause and in some cases had no relation.
So that would be the view of many of the much of the left who hold that view.
Certainly a third view is that the government knew it was coming but deliberately
Let it happen, and then perhaps joined in.
So, for example, perhaps Al Qaeda really did organize the attack on the World Trade Center, but of course they couldn't have made the buildings come down so that our own agents placed the explosives in there.
And then, of course, the force theory is that our people were orchestrating the whole thing.
Now, you've said on this broadcast that you believe only number four fits the facts, and I concur.
Well, that's right.
For many people, it's more comfortable to think about, well, maybe we just allowed it to happen.
It seems more evil to orchestrate the whole thing, but really it doesn't make much difference in terms of the level of evil involved.
And when you start looking at the details, you realize that...
The let it happen position just doesn't fit so many of the facts, like how did al-Qaeda defeat the most sophisticated defense system in history?
They could not have carried off even the attack on the World Trade Center.
When you see Bush's behavior at the school, obviously the lead Secret Service agent had to know that that schoolhouse was not going to be a target or they would have been out of there immediately, and so on and so on.
And then you clearly have the bomb blast points going off in all three of the buildings.
Building 7 is certainly an example.
You have the public officials warned not to fly.
It goes on and on.
That's right.
That's right.
And then we have things like Northwoods, where the U.S.
government says, we can stage our agents getting on planes, have that land somewhere else, fly a drone, blow it up, and claim young people were on board.
That'll cause a helpful wave of national indignation.
We're good to go.
Saying we need helpful Pearl Harbor events, we have Brzezinski saying the same thing.
I mean, it's just, once you start, and then you have the motive for domestic control, trillions in oil, hundreds of billions in weapons sales, no bid contracts, it really gets clear.
Yeah, and in my recent lecture, I laid out a lot of this background information, and
It seemed like it was helpful to people to hear that before they got into the details about the World Trade Center.
I don't know if you've seen my films, but that's what I do in Road to Tyranny.
That's what I do in Martial Law.
That's what I did in my little book, and of course I was the first to cover this.
I'm not tooting my horn.
I just organically went from the position of, hey, look, they admit they've done it all these times, so why are you shocked now?
That's right.
I find that the two a priori arguments that keep people from looking at the evidence, one is this view that such a big conspiracy could not be kept secret.
If people knew the history of big operations, they would know that is not true.
Many, many big operations have been kept a secret.
Nobody has come forward who was on the inside and talked.
And the other one is simply that we wouldn't do such a thing.
And again, if people knew our own history of false flag operations and terrorist campaigns, they would realize that a priori argument doesn't work either.
And so you have to look at the evidence in this particular case and say, did they do it again?
Exactly, and I would add the caveat that MIG operations do go public, but the whistleblowers get ignored because the media is owned and no one ever learns of it.
Yeah, I asked yesterday at the Commonwealth Club if anybody there knew about the war that we started in Indonesia in 1957, a full-scale civil war, and the
Nobody had.
It hadn't even been revealed until 1995.
Well, the average American doesn't even know that we've got tens of thousands of troops in a full-scale war in Colombia right now.
That's right.
So these things can be kept secret, at least from the American public.
You were trying to finish up with Indonesia when I interrupted.
Well, that's right.
I mean, this is pretty amazing to think that nothing came out in public
Between 1957 and 1995 when George and Audrey Cahan published the book called Subversion as Foreign Policy and still
Most Americans have not heard of that, so they don't realize that there was a huge operation that was kept secret for several decades.
Well basically, you have academics and you have independent researchers who've been cloistered because of mainstream media compartmentalization.
We've never gotten out to the people.
Now that dam has broken.
Do you agree the dam has broken?
I think it has.
One big factor was the rise of this
An organization called Scholars for 9-11 Truth.
So, you know, just a while ago people could ridicule the movement, say it's a bunch of crazies on the Internet and a few people with talk shows and, you know, a theologian.
And now there are, what, 60 or 70 full members.
That means, I believe in all cases, people with PhDs
Who have joined this movement and we have, you know, they're now mechanical engineers and all the disciplines that are needed.
Physicists, structural engineers.
That's right.
And so it cannot be ridiculed anymore as something that only a bunch of crazies believe.
And then the fact, and you mentioned Charlie Sheen, the fact that there's this breakthrough that you helped instigate
That got national media attention.
And, you know, as soon as people become aware that these things are being talked about and look into them, they can see rather immediately, you know, as long as they don't have these a priori blinders on, they can see rather immediately that the official story just doesn't make sense.
Like Charlie particularly stressed Building 7, and that is probably one of the,
The clearest example is that it had to be an inside shot.
Stay there.
Riveting information.
We'll continue to talk about this breakthrough that's happened and then where David Ray Griffin, Professor David Ray Griffin, believes this is going in the future.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
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I think?
We're good to go.
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And I am a student of history, a layman, but that is what I have done for entertainment for decades.
I find history to be much more riveting than fiction.
And I don't know of governments or empires or societies where evil people didn't normally get into control, where despotism and subterfuge wasn't the norm.
Professor David Ray Griffin, bestselling author, one of the leaders in the 9-11 scholar movement, in fact the founder, I would venture to say, of that movement, one of the first prominent people in the vanguard of that second wave we saw three years ago.
From your study of history, and I know you've studied history quite a bit, I mean, was my previous statement false, or is tyranny the normal ether, and liberty a rare, delicate flower?
Well, that's certainly the case.
And, you know, we have this saying from Ben Franklin, you know, what do we have here?
A republic if you can keep it.
And it is very hard to keep it, and of course now we have people who deliberately don't want it to be kept.
And unfortunately, in the meantime, they co-opted the Fourth Estate so that the mainstream media, which we would assume would be protesting all these incursions on civil rights...
And all these violations of international law are, for the most part, remaining silent.
What are they going to do about that?
I mean, they're really moving to tax and regulate to shut down speech.
Rumsfeld and others, the head of the Defense Department, Ministry of Defense in England, have said the same thing, that they're losing.
The mainstream media now knows they've lost credibility.
The alternative media surpassed in visitors and readership and viewership last year.
They're really starting to panic, and I see them moving to try to block us.
Yeah, and I've seen these signs.
I haven't studied it enough to speak with any authority on it, but I certainly fear that that will be the next step and that a few steps have already been taken.
Is Pandora's box already open?
Is the genie already out of the bottle?
Are the floodgates already open?
I just don't know.
The problem is that the alternative media, whereas it's reaching a lot of people... It's fractured.
It's fractured, and you don't have an organizing center, whereas with the mainstream media, you still have a large percentage of the voting public there, so when they get all hot about something, they can mobilize the masses.
They can still steer the debate to a certain extent, but I see that deteriorating.
Yeah, but it's still so powerful.
My own view as for the future of the 9-11 movement, I think there are two major things that are going on now.
One is the one I already mentioned, the growth of enormous increase in the number of scholars who are involved in it and visibly involved.
A second front that I've been starting to focus more on now is getting the...
I was just guessing.
Young people?
Well, that's a third one that needs to come also, is some sort of mass movement.
But maybe prior to that or simultaneously, it needs to become a religious movement.
So I have been speaking more directly on that recently, speaking specifically from a Christian point of view.
My Madison lecture, of course, was a more general...
question about what religious people in general should do insofar as we share a lot of basic moral values between the religions.
We're about to break in a longer segment coming up, but I'd like to give you a chance, David Ray Griffin and Professor Griffin, to elaborate on that.
Before we break, though, I recognized four years ago, and I've spoken on this, and it's interesting that you've, I'm sure, just parallel to that, from your own instinctual level, came up with this.
That 9-11 is a religious-style fable, a religion that is to promote the police state and a centralization of tyranny.
And I looked at it as a generational thing, dealing with government-sponsored terror being the touchstone of a leech, that it is important to get the religious leaders off their duffs into that.
So I'm very excited to be able to start learning that you've got a plan.
Yeah, and I'm starting already to get an increase in emails from people who are saying, I'm working on contacting churches in this region.
What are the resources?
So there's a sudden increase in that kind of interest.
Because schools, colleges, and primary education, and then the churches themselves really are the center of the community.
That's right.
So just as in Germany...
There was a confessing church movement that said one cannot both be a Christian and a supporter of Nazism.
We need to see a similar thing here with our various religions and American imperialism.
I agree.
Stay there, sir.
We'll come back, get into that and a lot more on the other side.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Professor David Ray Griffin is our guest.
Welcome back.
And I know that we have Randy in Virginia, Joel in London, England, Fred in Pennsylvania, Doug in Arizona, Chris in Arizona, Sean in New Hampshire, Matthew in North Carolina, and many, many others.
This new phone system can take, I'm told, like 15-plus calls or more.
I guess it'll just continue on and on and on.
So we'll try to get to all your calls.
Professor Griffin is a gentleman.
He's very gracious.
He just got back from several speeches and he's going to be with us until the middle of the next hour.
So we have plenty of time to take your calls.
We will go to calls later in this segment.
I appreciate you all being patient.
We'll try to go to Joel first because he's on his dime from London, England.
But, Professor Griffin, I don't do this, and I want to get into your religious views on this and how to make a movement in the religious circles where it needs to be.
That's the black brigades of the priests and pastors that started the Revolutionary War.
They were the heart, the dynamo, the fulcrum, the engine.
Same thing against Hitler.
In Heinz Hobel's Order of the Deaths, a 900-page book I read, in high school, it was all the secret Nazi communiques about how their biggest problems in occupied Europe were the Christians.
Just like slavery was ended by Christians.
And so much more.
It is our jobs to get out there and do this.
It's our historical role.
I want to speak to that, but I want you to understand, Professor, I do not do this because of ego.
The question I'm going to ask you is,
I do this because I have been forced to because of people claiming the mantle of founder, claiming the mantle of leaders, claiming the mantle of forerunners, and then even saying, you're a Johnny-come-lately and others.
I'm a platform for you and Dr. Bob Bowman and Andres Fambulo and Michael Meacher and David Shaler, MI5 agents, and Andy Michon, MI5, and Dr. Ray McGovern.
I'm a platform for all of you who put everything on the line for Charlie Sheen and many others that are going to go public.
We are here to defend and survive.
I'm in this for the right reason.
You're in this for the right reason.
When I went on air on 9-11 and said it's an inside job, laid out the facts when I did it two months before the attack, I lost a lot.
I went through a lot.
And I did it because I understood what was happening because I was already an expert on government-sponsored terror and made films about it previous to 9-11.
And then I saw other people claiming that they were the leaders, the founders, when it wasn't true.
They were poo-pooing involvement for six months, a year.
And then now they claim they're the founders and tell us that we've got to get in line, that we've got to subscribe to their orthodoxy, and I see it as very, very dangerous.
So I'd like to hear from you, who's researched this.
Who you think first talked about and exposed 9-11?
I'd like to hear from you if it matters who, because I don't think it matters that I'm the founder of the 9-11 Truth Movement.
It's irritating to me, though, to be the founder of this, to have taken the hits that I'm not going to get into here on air.
They were substantial.
And then to see others try to position themselves and basically rewrite history, knowing that the foundational view of any movement is a very important position to hold.
Well, this is a question that I haven't dealt with.
I did mention it in the New Pearl Harbor in a note.
I said one problem with the book is that when I cite certain sources, they're not necessarily the original sources for these stories.
For example, I appealed heavily to Paul Thompson's work and Nafiz Ahmed's work
But, you know, they were not founders.
They were derivatives, and Paul himself admits that.
He got started by Michael Rupert.
I know other people got started from you.
It's not a question I deal with.
I've called myself a Johnny-come-lately.
What we need are a lot more.
I mean, the way to express our gratitude to people like you and Rupert and Alex
others who were there at the forefront is to get a lot more Johnny's and Valley Come Lately into the movement.
I agree with you, Professor.
I don't believe it even matters, but other people then try to position themselves as grand poobahs.
I'm talking about orthodoxy, so you agree that that doesn't matter.
I mean, I think it's despicable.
No, the important thing is what are people doing now?
And my view is that...
The history of the movement will need to be written, particularly if the movement is successful.
At that stage, the historians can sort out who did what and who got to what first and so on.
But at this stage, I think that's a great distraction.
I agree with you.
We ought to just focus on the issues.
Let me make clear that I've only addressed this two or three times in the last couple of years on air, only because I've been forced to, sir.
It's like pulling teeth for me.
Frankly, I don't like being on the radar screen as the Moses of this movement.
I like other people.
I like lots of other people doing it.
I just think it's disgusting what some other individuals have done.
Yeah, it's unfortunate, but I think for the most part we just need to ignore that and keep focusing on the issues and the real enemy.
Yeah, this is not about egos.
This is about survival.
I mean, I wake up at 3 a.m.
some mornings covered in sweat, realizing we have a terrorist government, realizing we're all in danger.
I'm freaked out.
I mean, I take this real serious.
And I can't believe there's all these prima donna ego maniacs out there running around attacking everyone, saying, you know, my way or the highway.
Yeah, and these questions come up when I'm talking, what do you think about, you know, who are disinformation agents and who are...
Left gatekeepers and all that.
Figure it out for yourself.
I just ignore those and keep trying to focus on the issues.
I totally agree, sir.
And that's why I've been affected.
That's why you've been affected.
Give us your view on the theology.
How to get in there to the churches.
How to use them as their proper designation as an engine to defend human life and liberty.
Well, I think it's very important to see that...
This 9-11 based imperial stage that we're in now is definitely a religious movement and one that is diametrically opposed to the basic values of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism.
Explain how it's religious, because I agree, I concur, but explain.
Well, it's religious in that religion has to do with having the censure in harmony
With the way things really are.
I think that's the most generic definition of religion.
It's the desire to be in harmony with the way things really are.
Now, the way things really are, that can be understood as God, or that can be understood as the movement of history, like from a more Hegelian point of view.
And so people who say, well, you're just on the wrong side of history...
They're making a religious appeal there, and that's what goes on here.
Sometimes they use explicitly the God language.
Bush, immediately after 9-11, gave this sermon in the cathedral in which he consecrated this as a religious movement that God was blessing.
And believing the fraud of 9-11 as the foundational event to build this empire out of, which they even admitted in documents previous to the attack they launched, they say they're going to use it as a foundational event, it's almost like a sacrament to just mindlessly not ask questions.
That's right, that it's sacrilegious to ask questions.
And another feature of religion, unfortunately, most of the time...
...is that things are supposed to be taken on faith without proof.
Now, that's not a characteristic of all religion, as some people mistakenly think, but it is a widespread tendency, and that's what we have here.
And I saw an interview the other day by Ed Haas in the Muckraker Report, where he had interviewed Michael Newman, a spokesperson for NIST.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology.
And Haas was saying, well, you know, we've got all these scientists now who are rejecting the NIST report and there's this great division in the country between people who believe the official theory and
Why don't we just have a public debate between these scientists and get this cleared up?
They can't do it.
And he said that no scientist from NIST would engage in any public debate with any scientist who rejects the NIST report.
You just hit the key point there.
Charlie Sheen said, stop talking about what I did 15 years ago, 20 years ago.
Talk about my facts.
Challenge me on the facts.
I think that should be a slogan for the movement, is challenge us on the facts.
Debate us on the facts.
Don't use little buzzword...
Religious dogma.
That's right.
And Showbiz Tonight reported that
They tried to get somebody from the government to come on and take on representatives.
We learned it was Chairman Keene, and then he canceled an hour and a half before.
Well, I'm talking about the earlier night when Mike Berger from 9-11 Truth.org was on.
Ah, yes, yes.
They brought on this woman from National Geographic who was completely incapable of speaking English.
We're good to go.
In the pejorative sense.
Oh, they admitted to me that no one would come on to debate me.
And I said, all the better.
I can go on and just crush them.
I mean, have you ever seen so much info spewed out in two six-minute segments?
Have you seen them?
And this is what should make people really suspicious, that nobody from the Kaine Commission, the government, or NIST will come on and defend their official reports.
Well, they put that little ringer in up against Berg and others, but they wouldn't get in the ring with me or Ed Asner.
No, and this shows you, if with their best scientists on their payroll, they're afraid to take on radio talk shows and actors, they're in very bad shape.
Well, I agree with you, sir.
It's really good news.
The last day when they were going to have Asner on, they were going to go the whole week.
They were saying, we're getting the highest ratings we've ever had.
We're getting thousands of emails an hour, 53,400 plus votes, 83% believing Sheen that there's a cover-up of the official story.
And they just said, yeah, we can't get anybody to debate you, and now we're not allowed to have anybody on unless somebody's debating.
And then they're even saying, just kill the story, period.
And it isn't even about ratings anymore.
I think maybe this would be a good strategy for the 9-11 Truth Movement to start taunting the government.
Say, come on, defend your account.
Defend your account in public against people who are qualified to challenge it.
And keep raising that challenge until maybe the mainstream media would say, isn't this peculiar?
Yeah, I mean, it's like a prize fighter that can't get any fights because no one will go up against him.
Sometimes they've got to get on TV and taunt the opponent.
That's right.
So maybe your show can be a forum for that taunting to go on.
Well, I've been taunting them for a long time.
I went on C-SPAN and taunted them.
I've done thousands of radio interviews and taunted them.
You and I were involved in a national debate on Coast to Coast AM with Lance and others.
They had no facts.
It was nothing but name-calling.
Yeah, but I mean actual representatives of the government.
If they have any confidence in their story, they should have a spokesperson they can send out to debate people whom they consider...
You know, nutty conspiracy theorists.
If they think that we're all so nutty, they could surely show us up in a public debate.
Well, I hardly agree with you.
Right, because the FEMA report had already come out saying...
The best scenario they could come up with to explain the collapse of Building 7 had only a low probability of occurrence.
So that's, I think, why the 9-11 Commission did not look at Building 7.
Well, I think Charlie Sheen was also kind of a trap for him.
We didn't do this on purpose, but I think it organically developed.
Let me just say something about Mr. Sheen, and I'm not kissing up to him.
I know a lot of other big Hollywood people, and they're not as informed.
They're very informed, but not as informed as Sheen.
This guy spends hours a day researching this, and he is so informed.
And I think they thought in some quarters, the neocon publications, that they could attack him.
But then everybody just asked the question.
I mean, they'll have blogs on, say, Scripps Hour News Service.
With 500 people, and there might be six people out of 500 that disagree with Sheen on the blog of a writer who was attacking Sheen who then can't address any of his facts, just name calls.
So I think it was kind of a trap for the neocons because they went and attacked Sheen and they even admit, London Guardian writers and others admit, that it totally blew up in their face.
Yeah, and I think these percentages that...
On CNN, when they asked their viewership, do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the government's covering up the truth, what was it, 82%, 83%?
It hit 86%, they pulled it, and then claimed it was 83%.
Well, I think it's time for somebody with some deep pockets to sponsor a Zogby poll nationwide, asking the question,
Do you think our own government orchestrated 9-11?
And it would be very interesting to find out what the current state is of that opinion, even though the mainstream media has yet to begin to address it.
I think the percentage would be pretty high already.
Well, Jimmy Walters says he did a whole other Zod we didn't know of.
He's commissioned, too, and he said it got similar numbers.
I haven't heard about the second one.
He did another one a few months ago.
Let's take a few calls, sir.
Let's go ahead and take a call here.
Let's go ahead and speak with Joel from London, England.
Joel on line 9.
You're on the air.
Thank you so much for coming on with us.
And thank you very much for taking my call, Alex.
It's an absolute pleasure to speak to you and Dr. Griffin.
You bet.
I've got two or three very quick points.
My first one is to David Rowe Griffin.
How do you think it's being covered up, if it is?
Do you think the establishment are threatening, really threatening a kind of 9-12 if people go public on it?
Do you think it's that threatening?
Let me just answer that and then get his take on it.
They were already going to carry out more attacks if we hadn't fingered them.
Now they're kind of in a catch-22 where they've been so caught, I think they're going to have to have another attack to go into Iran.
David Ray Griffin, answer that and we'll come back and get his next question.
Well, I don't know and I don't get very much into the future because it's so indeterminate.
So I don't think I have anything to add to that.
Do you think we're in danger of this crowd carrying on more attacks, period?
Oh, sure.
I think that's a definite danger.
But, you know, whether they will do it or not, I don't have any predictions about that.
Don't you think it will blow up in their face, literally and figuratively, if they try it?
I don't know.
You know, the people get so panicked when something like this happens that reason usually does not prevail.
For a while, though, but it's like a heroin addict.
The dose gets bigger and bigger, but the effect gets diminished.
Yeah, but the effect lasts long enough to get the next operation going.
You're right.
Joel, you want to add something else?
You're absolutely right.
I just was going to ask... Well, stay there.
I'll let you finish up from England.
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David Ray Griffin is our guest.
In the next hour, we'll tell you about his two best-selling books, which we're trying to get a hold of to carry here.
If you can get them for his publisher, they're excellent, both of them.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to our caller, Joel in London, England.
Joel, finish up what you were saying.
Yeah, I was just saying that, Alex, because I've noticed in the news, you've got Hamilton, Keene, and the Council on Foreign Relations have really been heavily talking up the threat of a new
It's part of their fear-mongering as a bunch of criminal control freaks.
David Ray Griffin comments?
I agree with you.
Nothing to add.
Anything else, Joe?
Yeah, one last point is on who I've heard from David Ray Griffin, some of his speeches, he often talks about Philip Zedekow, who's the secret, sort of, not secret, but the executive director of the 9-11 Commission, that's right, isn't it?
I mean, there's some extraordinarily disturbing information on this guy.
If you go to Wikipedia, I don't know if you've read it.
I'm not going to read it all.
Well, the whole commission... It's extraordinary.
I mean, it's mind-blowing.
Well, yeah.
I mean, that whole commission had conflicts of interest.
Keene's in business with the Bin Laden family.
Thanks for the call.
Comments on the conflicts of interest with the Keene Commission, David?
Well, yes.
Let me add, I've learned a new thing about Philip Zelikow that's just amazing.
You know, one of the apparent motives for 9-11 was to get the new doctrine of preemptive warfare, preemptive preventive warfare, accepted, where we could attack other countries even though there was no imminent threat.
This doctrine was first enunciated in the National Security Strategy of 2002.
There hasn't been much public discussion about who was the author of that.
James Mann in Rise of the Vulcans reports that Richard Haas had written a first draft representing the State Department, and Condoleezza Rice looked at it and thought it wasn't bold enough, and so she brought in Velikow to write this.
So here you have that prior to becoming Executive Director of the 9-11 Commission, which was supposed to be investigating why the White House allowed these attacks to occur, he's the one who has written their primary ideological doctrine
Justifying this greatly increased, increasingly bellicose foreign policy.
He's a neocon priest.
That's right.
Pushing wars of aggression, Hitlerian invasion plans.
That's right.
Max Vood had called NSS 2002 a quintessentially neocon document.
So this is the guy that's supposedly investigating the Bush administration, someone who holds the most bellicose views.
And evidently, according to James Mann and others who've written about this, none of the others, like Cheney and Rumsfeld, even had to get involved, even though it sounds like their language, that they were perfectly content to let...
Rice and Zelikow handle the writing.
Well, exactly, but back to the commission.
We asked Chairman Keene Friday in the press conference, we said, this is an independent, Bush appointed you.
But he said, ah, yes, but I appointed the others.
Well, what does that mean?
It's like Hitler appoints Heinrich Himmler and then he appoints the SS deputies.
That's the new meaning of independence.
Yeah, and then first they tried to have Dr. Kissinger.
All right, we've got a few more segments left with our guest.
We'll come back, take more of your calls, and get into any other issues that David Ray Griffin wishes to cover.
We'll tell you about his publisher and how to get his books as well.
Stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're joined by Professor David Ray Griffin.
And we're going to go to your calls.
All 11 of them, if we have time before he leaves us.
But Professor Griffin, before we go any further, tell us about your two books, tell us about websites, tell us about places to check out your work.
Okay, the easiest way for my two books, the new Pearl Harbor and the 9-11 Commission report, Omissions and Distortions, is Amazon.com, but also all good bookstores locally have it.
Let me also mention that I've got some new books coming out pretty soon.
There's one on Christian faith and the truth behind 9-11, which Westminster John Knox will be publishing in May.
They will also be doing a book that Richard Falk and John Cobb and Catherine Keller and I are doing on American Empire and the Commonwealth of God, in which there's some about 9-11.
Then there are two books that Interlink is putting out.
Peter Dale Scott and I are editing a book called 9-11 and the American Empire Intellectuals Speak Out.
And Kevin Barrett and John Cobb and Sandra Lubarsky, a Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim, are editing a book called 9-11 and the American Empire Christian, Jews, and Muslims Speak Out.
So I mention this to reinforce what I said earlier, that both...
The number of scholars getting involved in this is increasing, but also there is going to be a surge of religious writing about 9-11.
Now, I know we can't reveal a lot on air, but there's a lot of other big prominent people that are very close to going public in Hollywood and in government that I know of.
You know of a few others and even some other individuals that are very well known.
Do you predict or do you have an inkling that any of them will start going public?
At this stage, I don't know, but it certainly helps because, rightly or wrongly, that's about the only way this movement gets any mainstream attention is if some people in the entertainment business speak out.
Because then if the media ignores them, it makes a story of its own of how are you ignoring this?
You'll have top news if one of these people falls off their bicycle or, you know, drinks a beer, but, you know, huge news like this, they try to ignore it.
You know, the media tried to ignore the Sheen thing for a few days, but it just got too big on the web.
Yeah, so you can have a physicist come out and say the World Trade Center collapses could not have occurred without...
And for the most part, that's ignored, as if a physicist's word is not very important.
But when Charlie Sheens comes out, it gets a lot of attention.
Now, that's, you know, I mean, I think that's great that Charlie could do this, and it'll be great if other people can do it, because unfortunately, the way our culture is now,
That is about the only way to break through.
Well, he knew that.
I mean, he did this.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, he did this selflessly, and then it made me angry to see some of the so-called minority of the 9-11 people criticize him when he did them a huge favor.
Yeah, and it was very good that it was somebody who, as you said, had done his homework so that he was making points that other people could then defend.
Well, Charlie, I know listens to the rebroadcast of this show.
You want to say hi to him?
Hey, Charlie.
Good work.
Keep it up.
He's such a great guy.
Just really informed.
You ought to hear him, even when he was great on air, you ought to hear him off air.
Oh, boy.
He really has done his homework.
We're going to break here in a moment and come back and just take a raft of calls.
But just to give people kind of a taste, what are a few of the other little tidbits or issues, things you want to talk about when we get back?
Can you just give us an idea of some of the things you might want to mention?
Oh, well, I could talk a little more about this, about the religious side of this.
Let's do that with Professor David Ray Griffin.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
Don't forget the new updated site, JonesReport.com.
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The New World Order.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, you've been holding patiently.
And we've got, what, 12 calls online.
Folks that would like to talk to David Ray Griffin.
And right now, we're going to go ahead and go back to your calls.
The number to join us is 888-234-4564.
We're having to use the backup phone system here because the phone company is back for like the fifth time trying to get it all hooked up at the network.
But we're doing it down here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Randy in Virginia.
Randy, welcome.
You are on the air, sir.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing today?
Good, sir.
Go ahead.
I called you a few months ago.
I was going to make you a copy of a DVD that's in my local library where the military came here and took over the town back in the 50s.
Yes, sir.
I've made you the copy and I've
I know you keep saying your address, but I can't get it quick enough.
3001 South Lamar?
Yes, sir.
It's 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And I'm aware of that historical event.
They admitted it was for a martial law takeover drill.
So I will get that out to you.
Now, I do have a question that is really synchronized exactly with what you've been talking about today.
I'm a Christian.
You're a Christian.
We know that the New World Order is totally satanic, which you've covered in your films and stuff.
This is something that people don't know.
We know they've captured the mainstream media, for instance, but the average person has no idea about their involvement in the mainstream church.
I don't know if we've covered that.
You know, enough to really get that out there.
Well, governments, I mean, look at China, look at Russia.
They always try to take over and use the churches as their organs, and the neocons have been doing that quite effectively.
Do you have a question or comment for our guest?
Well, just, you know, maybe he can comment on a few of the way the New World Order is going to have to use, you know, the religious organized people.
Like, look at Pat Robertson.
He's coming out saying we need to kill Chavez.
Great points.
Great points, sir.
And you can call me back one day if I don't have a guest.
We'll spend more time.
You're a great caller.
Sorry to have to cut you off.
I'm going to have to move quicker.
Yes, with the faith-based initiative and all this, they're trying to pay off the churches.
You're saying we need the churches to go back to default back to their original role of fighting tyranny.
David Ray Griffin, who's a professor of theology.
Go ahead.
Yeah, some points I've been stressing recently.
The fact is that Christianity began as an anti-imperial movement.
The very image of the symbol of Jesus dying on the cross.
The cross was a Roman means of crucifixion.
Only Romans could do that.
Throwing Christians to the lions.
Yeah, so Jesus died as a rebel against the Empire.
So that needs to be remembered.
The early church was anti-imperialistic, and it's because the values of empire are almost always diametrically opposed to basic religious values.
Oh, and by the way, Hitler tried to misinterpret Romans 13 to lay down the government when the entire Bible says the opposite, and the prophets were almost universally killed for resisting tyranny.
Yeah, so I tell you, I've been stressing more the...
The spiritual nature of this.
One factor is just the very way we understand this reality that we call God or use some other term for.
This is a life-creating force.
That's what the sacred reality of the universe is.
Let me bring that up for you.
Let me bring up a key question.
In fact, I have this in my notes and never had asked it.
I mean, if there isn't a dark side and a light side, look at how John Yoo says they can torture people's children sexually in front of their parents.
That was a White House top lawyer.
And then his commander, the chief counsel, went on to be attorney general, saying they can torture people to death.
And then Bush says he's above the law.
I mean, this is pure darkness.
Chaney running around throwing fits, screaming and cussing at people.
I mean, clearly you can see that they serve those that love death.
Yeah, and one of the theological bases for this is a view of the divine reality as primarily a destructive force.
So, you know, just with the recent tornadoes, one official called it the wrath of God.
And when people do that, given the fact that religion has to do with the desire to be in harmony with the ultimate, with the divine reality, they can convince people that by murdering, by slaughtering enemies, that they're somehow in line with the divine reality.
But Christ said, suffer the little ones to come unto me, and it would be better for you to throw yourself in the ocean with a big rock tied around your neck than to hurt some innocent.
These people just love hurting innocents.
Yeah, so I would hope that the Christian right would start focusing on the Christian part of that more than the right-wing part because they're using Christianity to justify policies that are diametrically opposed to any basic Christian values or values that are found in all the great religions of the world.
Okay, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's speak with Fred in Pennsylvania.
Fred, you're on the air.
You should keep the new phone service, Alex, because it's crystal clear on the phone link.
I also want to talk about the possibility of everyone getting together and maybe buying a network.
Because the media model of broadcasting where you have many receivers at one point over the air
I think is extremely powerful.
What does your guest have to say about that?
Well, number one, sir, let's say we had a couple billion dollars.
I mean, to buy a network, probably about $10 billion.
Then the FCC and others would block you and wouldn't even let you do it and claim it was some monopoly.
We have that with the Internet.
We need to support alternative networks like Genesis.
But, you know, I've heard the people out there say, oh, send me a bunch of money and we're going to start a big network, a big TV network, and it doesn't happen.
I think the key is at grassroots level.
But go ahead, David Ray Griffin.
There is an alternative coming on that I don't know much about, but what I've heard thus far sounds pretty promising.
It's an independent TV news network called The Real News.
And I don't know enough about it to recommend it, but I think it's something worth looking into.
Well, certainly as the spectrum of media gets larger and larger, you're going to see hundreds of new little networks forming.
It's just that I think that the age of big centralized systems, by the nature of the direction the media is going, our dinosaurs, even Rupert Murdoch,
Hi Alex, I love your show.
A friend told me about it just a few days ago and I love it.
What I would like to do is make a comment about the religious aspect of 9-11.
Would it be okay to just touch on the subject of illegal immigration and what I feel is really coming?
Well, the globalists are publicly using it to break down our sovereignty and drive down wages, and it doesn't help anybody but the elites.
But sure, go ahead.
Well, if you check into the UN Charter, they have divided the earth into ten regions or kingdoms.
And they say everybody in those regions is allowed to migrate, yeah.
So that's what they're doing is they're bringing the Mexican and the Canadians and we're all going to be one in this global, one world government.
And what they're going to also do is they've created the problem of the illegal immigrants and that, the only way to solve that problem
Well, they're certainly trying to use an actual ID card as the first step towards that.
So I agree with you.
I appreciate your call.
David Ray Griffin, your comment on companies making their employees take chips, the Mexican Attorney General making his employees take chips, is that scary?
I try to not speak about things I don't know much about, and that's something I don't know much about.
You stay focused on the issue at hand.
I understand.
Okay, great.
Let's go ahead and go to line 10, and let's speak to Chris in Arizona.
Chris, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
First of all, I just want to thank David Ray Griffin for coming on and doing the interview today.
I have to agree with the caller two calls ago that said the phone lines were crystal clear.
I've never been able to call in and hear so clearly.
I wanted to mention, you know, you guys said that nobody would come on and debate you, Alex, or Ed Asner.
And, you know, the reason for that is because they don't have any
Oh, most of the people on their side know they did it, and they don't want to be under the hot lights knowing that they're part of a murdering operation.
Let me get a comment from David Ray Griffin on that.
Well, I think that's right.
If I were involved in the government,
I wouldn't want to go in public and try to defend a story that I knew was false.
So, I mean, their guilt is written all over their faces and by their actions.
Let's go ahead and talk to Sean in New Hampshire.
Sean, you're on the air with our guest, David Red Griffin.
Go ahead, Sean.
Hi, Alex.
It's great talking to you.
I've been trying to get on your show for a while.
I'm an electrical engineer, and I am also a member of Scholars for 9-11 Truth.
And one of the things I wanted to point out is what I've been doing individually, I don't have a radio network like you do or something, is I go and I print out stuff from your site, and also I...
There's an army of people like you saving this country and this world, potentially, so bravo.
Go ahead.
One of the books I'd like to recommend in addition to your guest books are The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, and also something called The Medusa File.
Yeah, we've interviewed him.
We've interviewed him many times.
I intend to get him back on in the near future.
Thank you so much for the call.
All right, we're going to come back with our final segment with David Ray Griffin and get any final comments from him.
We'll take a few more calls, and I'll continue in the last 30 minutes taking calls and getting more into this UT professor that wants to kill 90% of us.
We've got a clip of what he had to say as well.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Stay with us.
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Final segment with David Ray Griffin.
Always a great honor to have him with us.
Take a few final calls.
Mr. Griffin, before we take a few calls and close out here, do you think we're going to win this fight?
I know you don't like to project into the future, but it's got to be heartening.
To see that in major polls, the majority of Americans agree with us it's an inside job.
The global controllers are going to have a big problem as people say, look, the world is round.
It ain't flat like you keep trying to tell us.
And don't tell us it's religious dogma.
We're going to investigate.
I really don't know if we're going to win, of course.
The future is indeterminate.
But at least I have the belief that we have a chance.
And so that's enough to work with.
And regardless, we've got to fight and expose these murderers.
I mean, they're victims.
2,800 plus deserve that.
Even if you lose, it's important that you fought the good fight.
That's right.
I heartily agree.
Let's talk to Matthew calling us from North Carolina.
Matthew, you're on the air.
Yeah, hey Alex.
I have a quick question before I get to a comment.
Have you discussed this report that came out by the two scholars from Harvard on the power of the Israeli lobby?
In the United States?
Yes, that's a big APAC report, very scholarly, admitting that... Sir, listen, the Communist Chinese have most of our major ports and run security.
Customs isn't allowed to investigate.
The UAE, you know, 21 ports.
Our highways are being taken over by the King of Spain, who owns the company Sentra, to taxes the equivalent of $3 a gallon.
I mean, it's just, we're totally being sold out to these international crime syndicates.
Any comments on that, David Ray Griffin?
I've been on the road and working on speeches and I haven't had a chance to read the Walt Merzheimer piece.
But it certainly has evoked enormous controversy and it does suggest that where there's smoke there's fire.
Well I agree with you and I appreciate the caller's call and I appreciate his important question.
Next up is Daniel in Boston.
Daniel, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I want to thank you for taking my call.
I called you about a few months ago asking about Noam Chomsky and his role as sort of the chief left gatekeeper.
I debated him.
He's a real piece of work, and he just poo-poos everything.
Go ahead.
Well, listen, I know we're pressed for time.
I wanted to say a couple of things.
You asked me to write an article to research Professor Chomsky.
I've done that, so I'm going to send you that article.
I pulled up some of his most choice quotes here.
I just want to read two of them really quickly for Professor David Ray Griffin.
On the NORAD stand down, Professor Chomsky says the following.
He says, whether or not NORAD followed standard operating procedure, I have no idea and have not investigated the matter.
I think the case is very weak and diverts people from the really serious issues.
So he says he hasn't... Yeah, I've seen that.
He says he hasn't investigated it, but we're bad to look at it.
Let me stop you there.
Professor Griffin, he's out there telling us all to shut up and it's not an inside job.
What do you think of that?
You know, it's a complex issue.
Noam Chomsky is a great man.
He's done so much good.
I think we have to say everybody is entitled to a few errors.
But he's on the Defense Department payroll.
Sorry, go ahead.
On the other hand, I would say that he's just completely wrong on this.
I saw a letter that he had written to someone trying to get him involved in this.
And Chomsky, one of his reasons for saying this really wasn't very important was that only 3,000 people were killed and far more have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Well, of course that's true.
But this is the foundation for that.
That's right, and that seems so obvious.
That it's just very puzzling.
Well, I've got to be honest with you, Professor.
I debated him for an hour, and I mean, I've talked to a lot of professors, a lot of people that are just esteemed and I really respect like yourself.
I mean, I interview Nobel laureates in science routinely.
This guy, he just didn't know anything.
And I'm tired of hearing how smart he is.
He's a guy that's a joke.
I'm sorry.
Well, you can be very smart and be ignorant about certain things that you, as a matter of principle, refuse to investigate.
And that seems to be his attitude here because he has a view that's called structuralism that leads him to believe that the government simply wouldn't do this sort of thing because they don't need to.
And he thinks that people who are involved in talking about conspiracy are individualists.
So he has a principal reason for doing it.
I just happen to think he's wrong.
But as you say, it is religious in that I choose not to believe it, so I don't look at it, but then I tell you you're wrong without looking at it.
David Ray Griffin, I want to thank you for joining us.
Stay there, caller.
I'm going to let you finish up on Chomsky on the other side.
We've got a lot of other news to cover, and we'll talk to Casey and Brandon and Tim and others.
But Professor Griffin, thank you so much, sir.
You're welcome, Alex.
Keep it up.
We'll talk to you in the very near future.
I'd like to talk to you off air for just a second.
And so, just Godspeed, and we'll see you in the future.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks.
I'm going to take four or five, maybe even more calls.
And I want to spend about five minutes at least just recapping and adding some more data to this Professor Death, this Bianca, who says 90% of us need to die or die now, and how that ties into the globalist operation here in just a few minutes.
But I was listening on the radio the other day and heard an old Guns N' Roses song, and it talks about how when Kennedy got killed, when I learned the truth, it basically woke me up and then made me kind of go into my shell.
It talks about
You know, how the government's committing genocide basically against us and how it's the people against the government.
I mean, there's so many of these songs out there that we just kind of ignore and glaze over.
So here's a song from the, I guess, late 80s, early 90s.
I forget, but I thought I'd roll at least part of this song.
So here it is.
What we've got here is
Failure to communicate.
Some men you just can't reach.
So you get what we had here last week.
Which is the way he wants it.
Well, he is.
I don't like him any more than he is.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good.
Welcome back.
All right, well, that's Guns N' Roses.
Isn't the name of that song Civil War?
It goes on.
It's part of it.
I was writing notes during it.
Brainwashed masses, for the love of God and civil rights, wake up.
Look at the hate.
Look at the fear we're breeding.
When he learned about the men who shot Kennedy, the men, plural.
When he learned the scene, he went numb.
I mean, he goes on and on, and it's just about the New World Order and the government waging war against the people.
And we all instinctively know this.
We all instinctively understand that, unless we're on the Defense Department, MIT payroll, like Noam Chomsky.
Okay, I believe it was Daniel in Boston that was bringing that up.
Let's try to go back to him and see if he's still there.
Daniel, you want to finish up your comments?
Alex, I'm here, and I want to thank you for giving me a time on the other end.
I'm going to try to fit in a couple quotes about Professor Chomsky, and this is all part of the article that I'm going to send you today.
Send it to Ryan at Infowars.com.
Send it to Paul on the present planet email to make sure we get it posted.
So let me read a couple of choice quotes.
I want to make it clear that it would be one thing if Noam Chomsky were to say, well, some of these points are controversial, I have yet to investigate them, but it's beyond that.
Well, let me just add this.
A lot of people attack me on the web because I, five years ago or so, attacked him when he was on the show.
Because the guy was full of baloney.
I mean, I really know my facts.
And he was intellectually dishonest.
And they worship him when he gives these speeches.
He only gives people half the paradigm.
And he knows exactly what he's doing.
The guy is bad news.
So go ahead.
Well, listen, I'm a college student, so I've encountered this.
I know that most of the social activists have been brainwashed by these left gatekeepers who know exactly what they're doing.
So let me read you a quote here about the professor.
He says, on 9-11, he says, If the left spends any time on this, that's the end of the left, in my opinion.
The mainstream would be utterly delighted.
It is highly unlikely that anything significant will be found.
And if it is, which I greatly doubt something found, which would quickly send everyone in Washington
In Washington's The Death Chamber, the left is unlikely to emerge triumphant.
On Operation Northwood, he says, Operation Northwood is only one of the many examples for being skeptical about your theory.
It doesn't even come close.
It was not carried out.
He says, nothing empirical is impossible.
Thus, it's conceivable that everyone in the White House is totally insane.
And in my opinion, it would have had to have been to try something that would have very likely turned into an utter fiasco.
A sudden miracle could have succeeded.
Well, your cell phone cut out, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Yeah, I've read most of that.
I've seen the stuff he puts out.
And, I mean, what do you say to that?
What do you say to that?
Operation Northwoods was an operational plan, not some war game, that they tried to green light that was almost executed.
It was green lighted by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to go operational.
That's like if I decide to go rob the bank and I'm about to walk in the door with a gun and a cop walks over and stops me.
And that was Kennedy.
Still, I'm going to go to prison for attempted bank robbery.
And that plan got nixed.
And then you've got the executional plans.
Ajax in Iran.
Admitted declassified.
Gulf of Tonkin staged.
We have the USS Liberty executed, which is right out of Northwoods.
Blowing up ships, blaming it on people, mass shootings, bombings, how to blame patsies.
Yeah, and then Chomsky just hopes you don't read it.
Look, I don't just sit here and attack him for no reason.
The guy's a piece of trash.
He's a sniveling joke.
He's not even smart.
There are other professors exposing the globalists that are a hundred times better.
He believes in globalism.
He says the UN's going to save us when it's bankrolled by the very same corporations.
He knows that.
Chomsky is a joke!
I'm tired of these people!
Now you're getting me really mad.
He is so arrogant when he speaks.
He is on such a power trip.
And a lot of people take that arrogant smacking and that authoritativeness as intelligence.
We see it by the peak oil people on the 9-11 side of the debate.
We need to get rid of billions and stop talking about 9-11.
I'm the expert.
Let's go ahead here and just take a few more calls.
I've got to cover some other news.
Tim in New York City, you're on the air.
Oh, sorry, it's upstate New York.
I listen to you on the Sunshine Radio Network.
Dr. Wolf is the one who brought me to life.
We need to understand about the incorporated church that is keeping the people quiet.
They can't talk about politics, and someday you need to look at a show on that.
But, number one, this is my reason for calling.
There's a place called The Little Theater in Rochester, New York.
I am sponsoring Showing Loose Change 2 on April 18th at 7 p.m.
I rented the theater.
Where is that?
It's in downtown Rochester at 240 East Avenue.
It's in downtown Rochester.
We're going to try and we need to get people out there to support us because we want to do this more.
We're looking every two to three weeks at getting a film on.
I hope you'll show Marshall Law or Road to Journey sometime.
Road to Tyranny is the next one on the list if we can get people to come out and support us.
Good, good.
All right.
Well, listen, I really appreciate your call, and it's exciting to hear that stuff's going on.
By the way, we carry Loose Change 2, an excellent film, at InfoWars.com.
You can go to the online video bookstore and get that.
You can get Martial Law, Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, the book Descent into Tyranny, or Order Out of Chaos, Least Sponsored Terror in the New World Order.
Or go to PrisonPlanet.tv.
We're extending it for another week, and then that's it.
Actually, less than a week.
Until April 10th, we are extending it.
And you can go and get five months free at PrisonPlanet.tv for all 14 of my films, my weekly TV show, the video reports, it's all there.
Such a great deal.
PrisonPlanet.tv or call toll free to get any of the films, hard copies of them.
Be sure and get them and make copies.
Okay, and I'm sorry I'm moving quick here, but I've got to cover some news here in just a minute that I haven't detailed enough.
Let's go ahead and talk to Cliff in Utah.
Cliff, you're on the air.
How you doing there, Alex?
I've been in this fight with you a long time, and I'd like to say something real fast.
I think everybody, all the lonely patriots out there, ought to buy two tickets to the national lottery.
And if one of us wins, we need to sue the New World Order, because they're on record now, the Bush administration, and start a bunch of private radio stations to spread the word.
Well, that's interesting, sir.
You know, I'm not a fan of gambling, but it is funny.
I mean, it is an interesting idea.
I'm not either, Alex.
In fact, I don't gamble, but I'm sure going to try this.
And if everybody just buy two tickets, all us lonely patriots out here...
And one of us that happened to win, we could get this thing over with real quick-like, and I'm sure going to try.
All right, sir, I hear you.
That's an interesting idea.
I appreciate that call.
But, you know, that sits on hitting the jackpot, or sits on that idea of beating them all at once, and that kind of rests on the idea of then having luck to win the lottery.
And I believe most lotteries are staged.
And let me get something straight here.
Maybe once a year, I do it every weekend if I could, you know,
I love a poker game.
Nothing wrong with going and betting a few dollars or piles of quarters just to make it fun.
The reason I don't like gambling is that I line up and try to buy milk, say, at 10 o'clock at night on a Friday night because my wife calls me and says, bring some milk home, honey.
And I see all these poor people lined up buying tickets.
They buy three or four and they go, oh, I've got to have three or four more.
And they scratch those and come back in.
And you just see that while you're gasping your car up or whatever.
You can witness it.
And there might be five, ten people, sometimes 20 if it's the big lottery night, lined up just hoping above all hope they're going to win.
Whereas if they took that money and invested it in a little business, maybe a tire repair place or cleaning people's windshields and invested it over the years or mowed lawns and got enough money to hire a few helpers, they could end up living in a $200,000 house and going on vacations and putting their kids through college.
I've got a lot of friends that got degrees and they run lawn companies now.
They run lawn companies now and make a living.
But instead, my problem is it hits the poor.
Hey, you've got millions of dollars.
You want to go gamble?
I mean, that's basically what fishing is.
Humans like that.
We like throwing the spear and seeing if we hit the monkey and we get to eat it or whatever.
Or hit the bird.
That's what's so much fun about bass fishing.
You're kind of gambling, but you're using some skill.
And where are the fish?
Are you going to get it?
They found gambling manipulates a key enzyme in the brain.
So it's a very natural thing.
It's very destructive.
I mean, look at the Romans playing dice over Christ's cloak.
I remember one time, there's a casino right down the road from where the network was based in Minnesota, an Indian casino, and that was the cheapest hotel that was nice, put me in, so Ted Anderson put me up and down with my wife, and I waddled on downstairs, and I got, you know, I played a little blackjack, my wife won, but I just keep playing because I'm not saying, you know, like, oh my gosh, if you gamble, you're going to go to hell, it's just, it's really destructive and bad, and I see our whole economy kind of switching over to this, and
I just don't know what to say about it.
It's just there's tried and true ways to make money.
And if you knew the statistics of winning the lottery, and then if you knew the fraud involved with it.
I mean, it's been proven.
It's state by state.
It's a mafia thing, and it's just a joke.
Okay, I've said enough.
I'm just going to take two more calls, because let's just jam through them quickly.
We'll see how many we get to.
Robert in Texas, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Robert, go ahead.
First time caller.
Welcome, sir.
I just wanted to let you know that there's a website called archive.org, and you might be able to find the stuff that CIA took down on that website.
They pretty much back up the entire Internet.
Oh, I know, and they've got a bunch of my films up there, too.
And the only other thing I wanted to say was that this weekend, a little bit west of Austin, is a big festival in Dripping Springs, Texas.
And I was going to pass out some flyers to promote you, but I don't know what exactly I should put on them.
Do you have something on your site?
I've got an idea.
Get a prisonplanet.tv membership, or if you have any of my original DVDs, because they're higher quality, burn 50 copies of that.
I just have some questions.
Yeah, hi.
I've been reading the Reopen 9-11 website and their theories on the blue screen.
I totally disagree with that.
It's a red herring and very destructive and not based on reality.
Blue screens, holograms, give me a break.
But I don't spend my time attacking those ridiculous theories.
I cover the real things we can follow and document.
I just ignore it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You've got to really, really watch it.
Last caller, let's talk to Sean in New Hampshire.
Sean, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I wanted to mention real quick.
I didn't get to mention it before.
I have in my hands the metallurgical analysis done by Dr. Frank Gale, and I passed that out, and I've emailed that to you.
I wish you could put it on your site.
Well, we have another laboratory's engineer that looked at it saying it's impossible, and it's made up, too.
They are under-wrote the building.
And you can see the electron micrographs of the steel and know that none of the steel got above the temperature of an ordinary commercial oven.
Okay, so therefore... Yeah, why doesn't the oven melt?
Yeah, exactly.
And the temperatures that the steel did reach were more than 1,000 degrees short centigrade.
Of even reddening.
Having the steel weakened from temperature.
Yeah, of reddening to just become somewhat elastic, meaning you could maybe beat it into shape with a large hammer.
Yeah, exactly.
And also, too, the architectural requirements for that is the theoretical, the actual maximum load for a floor was one-sixth of the theoretical, according to the engineering standards.
Sir, we know they blew up Tower 1 and 2, and they certainly blew up 7 way down the street that was only hit by some dust.
Yes, and section 8 of Appendix C of the FEMA report says that there is severe oxidation and sulfidication of the steel, which is an unusual event for the fire, and of course it's entirely ignored, and that can only be produced by RDX or a thermite explosive that is meant to take out steel.
But forget the facts, they can't debate us on those, so they won't.
They blew that building up right in front of you.
They overreached.
We're going to defeat them.
We're going to bring them to justice.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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As promised, here is Dr. Bianca, the local whitewash newscast.
He didn't really mean it.
Here it is.
This is your news at six.
Well, reports of a University of Texas scientist's plans for mass extermination of the human race got our attention today.
So tonight we're getting to the bottom of a controversial theory that is spawning death threats on campus and controversy across the country.
KXAN's Rich Parsons is live at UT with more, Rich.
Michelle, this has been the buzz around campus all day.
Some are accusing a UT professor of advocating genocide as a way to control the world's population.
Sound crazy?
Well, the professor, whose ideas are under scrutiny, says, yeah, it sounds crazy because it's not true.
Well, let's see if I can see if there's another... Dr. Eric Pionka does not want everyone on Earth dead.
I don't bear any ill will towards anybody.
But many do bear ill will towards this soft-spoken University of Texas ecologist.
I've got a really great death threat.
He's getting death threats like this one threatening the slaughter of his family after recent speeches pushing for population control.
We don't control our population.
Microbes will.
Why do we have these lethal microbes that kill humans in the first place?
The answer is there's too many of us.
But Dr. Bianca says he would never advocate genocide or extermination like some suggest he does.
I've got two granddaughters, man.
I'm putting money in a college fund for my granddaughters.
I'm worried about him.
He believes criticism of his theory about an inevitable plague on mankind comes from a rival.
Jealous about his distinguished scientist award from the Texas Academy of Science.
He's an avowed enemy and he's made this very clear that he's going to get me and take me down.
But Dr. Pianka has the full backing of UT behind him, as radical as his ideas may seem.
We have a lot of different points of view on the University of Texas at Austin campus.
And we certainly support our faculty in saying what they think.
After 50 years of ecological study and authoring nearly 20 books, Dr. Pianca thinks the world's in trouble and just wants everyone to know.
We're taking over the earth and not leaving anything for anything else.
That's enough.
We're out of time.
I'll play the rest tomorrow.
And by the way, the transcripts of his speeches where he did say all of this are now available.
And recordings are now available.
And these are going out.
And major newspapers and scientific papers are reporting that he got a 95% standing ovation.
He did say 90% of us need to dine.
He did say Ebola is ideal.
He did tell people to turn their cameras off and not to tape it because the world isn't ready.
You can hear his tremulous voice of that creature as he's freaking out as people learn what he's pushing.
And he's pushing the same thing the government's pushing.
Go read our analysis at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
He is trying to backpedal.
And there are prestigious reports and eyewitnesses and multiple scientists filing official complaints with him over what he said.
And the chairman of the Environmental Sciences Division of the Texas Academy of Scientists, who was there and is on the board, is one of our witnesses, but now we have the tapes.
He was in the Statesman Saturday with his Ebola plush toy saying how great it would be.
But when the light gets shined on these cockroaches, they freak out.
And I guarantee you those emails said things like, Hey, if it's so great, how about your family?
That isn't a death threat.
It's just like that Scripps Howard News Service claimed I sent her an email calling her a whore, and then I made Scripps Howard News Service retract it because it turned out they looked at it and it wasn't even true.
Made up.
Straw man attacks.
I guarantee you the emails he's getting are, Hey, if it's such a great idea, how about you go?
Oh, but no, they know best.
They're the guardians.
They're the 10%.
He says he, quote, loves the police state of China, wants us to have a one-child policy.
We're going to expose this guy, guaranteed.
You hear that sickening apology piece in the local news?
They're like the 95% that stood up and applauded him.
You see how many of them there are?
You see what we're up against?
You see what we're facing?
Like the UT professor says, kill all the whites.
That's a quote.
We must kill the gringo.
We must implement the plan of San Diego.
And then it's like, well, he's allowed to have his views and you're misinterpreting them.
Mr. Gutierrez!
Powerful broadcast.
Great having you on board with us.
Great being here.
Get out there and fight these people.
Fight these control freaks.
Defeat them.
God bless you all.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Hello, folks.