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Air Date: March 30, 2006
2241 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, it is the 30th day of March 2006.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be live here for the next three hours.
We're scheduled to have one of the last people out alive out of one of the major towers that was attacked on 9-11.
Joining us from Caracas, and of course, he is William Rodriguez.
But in between what the network's doing with its move and taking a computer phone call from somebody on the road in Caracas, Venezuela, we'll see how that goes.
He's down there on a 9-11 truth tour being put on by the billionaire philanthropist Jimmy Walter, who is also with him, and Mr. Walter.
Should be on with us as well.
That's coming up in the second hour.
And yes, we are scheduled in the third hour to have Ed Asner on with us.
He's been on the Genesis Network before a few years ago, speaking out against the Iraq War.
Now he'll be joining us again today.
To get into more detail about his official questioning of the 9-11 fable, of course, of Mary Tyler Moore fame and many other movies and TV shows.
He's been questioning 9-11 publicly for two years.
He's been at 9-11 symposiums and he's met with David Ray Griffin, who incidentally is joining us next Tuesday.
And so he's been involved for a while.
And when we say there's a lot of other Hollywood people that are aware, it's true.
Dean Haglund of Lone Gun and X-Files fame in, I don't know, 20-something movies has gone public.
There's a bunch of other Hollywood stars that have already gone public.
Sheen is the biggest to boldly go public.
And so the first really big star, current star, to go public.
And some big developments on the Sheen front coming up the next month.
You'll just have to keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.
Again, I want to thank all of our AM and FM affiliates for their great patronage, carrying the broadcast.
I want to thank all of our sponsors.
I want to thank all of our listeners.
And I want to thank God above for all the doors that he's opened for us in the fight against the New World Order.
Houston High School principal flies Mexican flag at school.
And I say, what's the big deal with that?
At least seven South Texas towns only fly the Mexican flag.
English is not allowed in any city proceedings or court proceedings.
And the federal government doesn't care.
I mean, can you imagine if some state or local government said only English could be the language, no other languages in court?
People would freak out.
There'd be lawsuits, screaming, wailing.
No, there are seven towns, and that's a few years ago, last time I checked.
It's been a big ten-part-plus series.
I say ten-part.
In other words, a ten-part series eight years ago in the San Antonio Express News, and there's been several others since then about all these towns where they basically tell you if you're white, you're not welcome.
That's San Antonio Express News, and Hispanic American, by the way, has written those articles.
And I'm not kidding.
For reporters listening who don't believe this, just go Lexus and Exxon or go get a subscription at the San Antonio Express News and just type in El Cenizo as your keyword.
El Cenizo, Mexican flag, courthouse, something like that.
Spanish only.
And so, I mean, the Lorican case is going quite nicely.
And the narcotics are pouring across, the murders are massive, the rocket attacks, the car bombs, the military takeover of the Southwest, as promised, the Border Patrol with downies on their heads, being murdered.
It's all going quite nicely.
So, when you read the Houston Chronicle about people freaking out about flying the Mexican flag, then I have another report here out of Florida, where people woke up and it says, Mexican flag flies over Casewood, North...
And it goes into how they took the American flag down there, flying the Mexican flag over this big apartment complex.
Well, I mean, you ought to be in Austin.
I mean, the car dealership's everything.
And don't go in there because you're not welcome in most of these places.
So get out of here.
They'll probably start having the bathrooms for whites and blacks right here.
You know, we'll have to go around the back and go up to the window.
If we want to go to a restaurant, we'll have to go up to the window and get permission.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
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I'm glad you could join us on this live Thursday edition.
Already into the second segment.
30th day of March 2006.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and we're scheduled to have Ed Asner on with us coming up in the third hour to give us his views on
The inside job that is September 11th, the foundational event for the destruction of American liberty and delivering this once-sovereign republic into the hands of an absolute despotism.
So that is coming up later, and we've got a ton of news to cover here.
A lot of new scientific mainstream studies coming out confirming what the trials of Ritalin and other amphetamine-type stimulant drugs.
What we already know about these molecule structures is that it causes heart attacks and strokes.
We have five-year-olds by the thousands, by the thousands, having heart attacks and strokes who are on this.
They're dying on the playground.
They're dying like little rabbits whose hearts get sped up too fast.
I want to get into some of these new reports and studies.
Also, big scientific studies confirming what Nobel Prize winners have confirmed decades ago as well.
Super high levels of natural vitamin C, not the synthetic junk, not just the citric acid, but actual vitamin C, the pure molecular, entire molecule structure of vitamin C, massively reduced.
Keeping your cell structures together, keeping the DNA together, keeping the rhizomes together, keeping the mitochondrial DNA together, keeping the codes together, so that as they replicate throughout life, they do not break down as fast.
And so you live longer.
Major new studies confirming what we knew decades ago again on that.
So we've got some good news for you and some bad news for you on the medical front.
A lot of other bizarre medical news as well that I do want to cover in this first hour.
And of course, we've got Abramoff, the criminal, the convicted piece of trash, lobbyist, who is, frankly, nothing compared to many of the lobbyists in Washington, though he's bad.
I mean, we've got...
We've got that congressman out in California pleading guilty to stealing $800 plus million.
I mean, that's the type of criminality.
Confirmed convictions, pleading guilty.
It's just running wholesale rampant right now.
It is totally rampant right now, so we'll get into that.
Also, Cynthia McKinney's office.
My gut level instinct was, because I know how they've been setting people up in the Capitol, for those that don't know, the Capitol Police are under the executive.
They are a subdivision.
Of the federal marshals and the federal protective detail, and we know they've been harassing Democrats.
We know they were harassing Tom Daschle.
And again, I'm no fan of Tom Daschle, but I'm a fan of freedom and congressmen and women being left alone.
We know that they've threatened to arrest congressmen and women who've been leaking information when it's their congressional right.
They're just as powerful as the president.
In fact, the legislative, constitutionally, according to the founding fathers, and this is one of the things they agreed on,
From the outset, he is the strongest of the three branches.
Legislative, judicial, executive.
Because it is the most divided.
Divided is good.
Separation of powers.
Gridlock is good.
It's the hardest place to get a dictatorship because you've got hundreds and hundreds of people competing with each other.
And the founders understood that.
And you go, what does this have to do with Cynthia McKinney?
Well, you've got these federally controlled minions, security guards there, and we had talked to McKinney's office, she talked in the past how she'd been harassed by them, trying to simply get into work every day, and many times they're in a hurry, running back and forth from their congressional office buildings.
Six of them around the Capitol, and most of them don't have offices, only Senate leaders and House leaders and a few top committee chairmen actually have offices at the Capitol.
The rest of them are at the Eisenhower Building, other buildings around it.
So they're always rushing in and out,
You know, whenever we have Ron Paul on the show, he has to rush from voting back to his office and rush back in.
I mean, we have firsthand experienced what it's like.
I've even gone to the Capitol to meet with people before, and you have to run around and try to get into the Capitol and then get back into their office buildings and try to cover press conferences.
And so, congressmen and women walk around.
They walk around the metal detectors and they keep harassing her.
And at first it was, he walked over and tapped her lovingly, the security guard did, the federal officer.
Came over and tapped her sweetly and she viciously assaulted him with a cell phone.
Now they're having to admit, now the Capitol Police, and I have the local D.C.
news reports here, that they began screaming at her, ran up to her, and roughly grabbed her by the arm.
And then we talked to her office yesterday, and they said, look, Alex, we'll have a statement for you soon on fully what happened.
But basically they've been grabbing on her, and she's getting sick and tired of it.
And so now they admit what we were told by McKinney's office yesterday, in confidentiality, but now we can report it, because it's in the news, that they ran up and grabbed her.
Now imagine, screaming at her, run up, grab her hard around the arm, squeeze her arm, and she rotates around aggressively, and just like, hey, get your hands off me, and her hand, because he was pulling her into him, her hand bumped into him.
Now, how many times have you seen the squad car video of police?
How many times have you heard this happen to your neighbors?
I have personally witnessed this.
In fact, you can see it on video in my film, The Road to Tyranny.
I keep talking about that film because so much is in that film.
Almost three hours long.
About eight minutes of that 170-minute film.
Is Abby Newman, naval veteran, housewife, working on the farm, driving back to Rock Mount, Virginia.
They're in the rural area with her canning supplies.
She's gone to town to buy some.
She has everything in order.
She comes to a checkpoint.
The cars are all stopped.
They walk up and say, we want to see your license registration.
She says, do you have probable cause?
Do you believe I've committed a crime?
The officers say no.
But we've got to see your ID before you can pass through.
And she said, no, that's a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
They tell her to get out of the car, and when she begins to argue with them about the Constitution, they jerk her out.
She clearly does not resist.
In any way other than she leans back when he's grabbing her.
He pulls her out and then she leans back away from him with her arms at her side.
Incredible self-control.
And women's instincts are, when a big man's grabbing on them, to push away.
I mean, that's what women do.
And I guess a lot of women have that experience with women.
That's what women do.
They will lean back.
They will lean away from the bigger man.
So she leans away and they go, that's it, resisting arrest, you've assaulted an officer for leaning away.
I can't tell you how many people I've seen when cops are tackling them.
I mean, in person, downtown, on 6th Street, or on video, or even on cops.
I've watched cops before.
These are the cop shows.
They will tackle somebody, and if they flail their arms in pain, if they do anything... One of my friends years ago refused to let him search his car.
State police jerked him out, slammed him down on the ground.
Once they're jumping on him, he flails and tries to get them off of him because they're hurting him bad.
I mean, your instinct is when somebody's jumping on you, got their knees in your back, it's very claustrophobic.
I mean, my instincts are when that happens, because that's happened to me a few times when I was growing up in fights, when some really big guy gets you down, your instincts fire up and you bull up and explode upwards.
I mean, you do that, folks, you're going to prison for a long time.
A long time.
But she's saying she's probably going to end up having to litigate against him.
And so this is how it happens.
They grab you, and then they charge you with resisting.
Remember, they charged briefly, or they said they were going to charge her with Cindy Sheehan.
Whether you love Cindy Sheehan or hate Cindy Sheehan, she was there.
They had neocons with Pro Bush t-shirts on.
She has the number 2,400 and something for the number of dead troops.
And they were just waiting, again, the same Capitol security.
They scream, protest her, grab her, drag her out.
She never resists them.
It's all on video, and they try to charge her with resisting them until there were too many witnesses, and they were forced to drop it.
So you've got these evil little executive hounds.
Running around harassing the congressmen and women.
They send FBI in every time there's a leak, threatening to arrest people, bullying them.
They have terror drills where they make everyone leave and run around with machine guns, pointing them in the direction of the congressmen and women.
This is the executive training the legislative that it's under federal control.
So it is confirmed.
He grabbed her.
He ran up from behind, grabbed her, screaming at her.
She whips around.
Her hand bumps into him.
Her hand is up against her chest.
It whips into him, and that is the assault.
And then they reportedly arrested her, and then the higher-level Capitol Police reviewed some tape and said, Release her.
We'll decide what to do after the close of Congress today.
And that was yesterday.
And Cynthia McKinney has a lot of courage.
She's spoken out about 9-11 and clear evidence of a cover-up for a real investigation.
She's spoken up against dying court, kidnapping rings.
She's spoken up against trillions missing from the Pentagon.
And so I guess we're going to start seeing the new development where they start fights with the congressmen and women.
They simply jerk back or turn around and you start going to jail.
Exactly what we saw with Abby Newman in Road to Tyranny.
I mean, watch the video.
And then they go back to the back of the squad car, when she's in the squad car, and they go, Look at this.
She's got a Patriot Games video.
She's got a Police Day 2000.
That's what was in the car.
She's got a thing about the Constitution.
That may be illegal.
Well, I don't know.
The other cop goes, She may be allowed to have that.
I don't know.
I heard it's contraband.
And then we have the FBI training manual saying, frequent references to the U.S.
Constitution is terrorism.
We have the new Virginia manual given to all police and all state employees.
We covered it yesterday.
We have the manual up there from Governor Warner.
And it openly says, any property rights activists are terrorists.
Anyone trying to influence the government is a terrorist.
See, we just don't have the training nails.
We have them doing it, and you can see the training in action.
Is this Constitution legal?
I mean, literally, I don't know that's legal.
I don't know.
She may be allowed to have that.
I don't know, though.
Well, I'm going to write it up as con.
Good, yeah, it may be.
It may be.
She's some kind of nut.
I mean, she's got a Constitution.
You fool swore an oath to it.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that one goal of international communism was to get our young people's mind off religion by getting on to sex?
By destroying the morals of the younger generation, America would eventually become ripe for revolution without understanding why communism wanted to make young people soft and easily controlled.
I think?
We're good to go.
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Forget the founding fathers.
What about 20, 100 years ago?
If you would have told them that police would be out stopping people on the roads, and then if they brought up their constitution, or they had a pocket constitution in the car, that they would be arrested.
And, I mean, do you understand that the police... And I know cops are listening right now, and I know they've been taught this, especially they've been given federal training on a, quote, extremist.
I mean, we have the handbooks from Virginia.
We have the federal handbooks.
We have handbooks from Nevada.
We have handbooks from Arizona.
We have handbooks from Texas.
I've now come into possession of the DPS new handbook, where, I mean, it lists everything of terrorism.
I mean, anything.
Anything that's pro-America.
Anything... I don't know how these police...
Can go to meetings and have FEMA officers, FEMA agents, stand up there and say the founders are terrorists and America's bad.
I mean, it's the equivalent of Red Dawn.
You ever seen the movie Red Dawn where the Soviets are walking around and they've taken over areas of Idaho or whatever and they're sitting there telling everybody that America's bad and the Constitution's bad and owning guns is bad and freedom's bad and free speech is bad.
I mean,
I mean, I'm living in Red Dawn.
But they don't come arrest me.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
They go arrest the little lady on the side of the road who pulls up to a checkpoint.
Again, an able veteran, no criminal record, who just says, well, you want to search me?
You want all my IDs?
There's all these cars lined up in front of her.
She's like, no.
I've got places to go.
I've got a life.
I mean, statistically, police have more criminal convictions and more criminal rates than any other group in society.
I mean, that's official numbers.
And I don't think I should be able to just go to a cop's house and go, well, probable cause says you might be a criminal, so I'm going to go ahead and search you.
Because that's not probable cause.
I'm not saying all police are crooks.
I am saying statistically government agents and police are involved in more crime than anybody else because they're in unique positions to get away with it.
They are recruited by criminal networks.
These organized crime syndicates that run our country and run our planet today.
And so, you know, I talked to McKinney's office yesterday, and now it's confirmed.
They admit, the police admit, the federal police, controlled by Bush, admit that they yelled at her, screamed at her, ran over to her, grabbed on her, and she just turned around aggressively, and her hand basically bumped into him.
And folks, you'll go to prison, you'll be convicted of touching them.
They'll pull you into them and then call it assault.
And these police are nuts.
I mean, you want that on your conscience?
You want that on your soul?
You want to reap what you sow of falsely charging people and convincing yourself that if someone touches you, they deserve to go to prison because you've got such an important job and you're just keeping us safe because we didn't submit to you, we deserve to go to jail, so you put a false charge on us?
I've told folks that if I'm ever at a protest or I'm ever anywhere, you've got to go jellyfish.
You've got to lay on the ground with your hands at your side or they will charge you with assault.
They will pull you into them.
Not all of them, but a lot of them.
They think this is widespread.
They will pull you into them.
They will bump you.
They will fall on you.
And, buddy, you know, the funny thing is in the old days you just got beat up by the cops occasionally, but they wouldn't charge you.
They'd say, now, you know, get on back to your business, boy.
Now you don't just get beat up and have them jumping on you, big old 220-pound men jumping on you with their knees because you don't submit right and, you know, they've got something to prove in life.
No, now you get a charge on top of it.
And I've seen them convict fellow Austinites where right when they start beating them up, the squad car video cuts out.
Mike had to sue them, Mike Hanson, to get video of them beating them up in the Travis County Jail.
And they were so arrogant, they edited the video right when they put their hands around his neck.
Because he was getting his phone call, and he was in there for not letting them search his car.
And boy, they beat him up.
And by the way, he called in the radio as this was happening, so we got cameras there because I was live on the radio on Saturday night many years ago, and they all got there with their video cameras right up at the corner of William Cannon 935 by that Hollywood video.
He was in there renting a Disney movie for his daughter, had his little daughter Crystal with him.
I guess she's a big girl now, but grown up now, out of the home now, but I guess she was about 10 then.
I guess she's about 18 now.
They broke the lash out on her and drug Mike out, and then once he got to jail...
He called me on my cell phone.
We were downstairs protesting that same night.
And he said, listen, they're torturing me and they're saying I've got a signed document saying I've used drugs, I've been involved in family violence, and that I've been driving drunk.
And I said, Mike, don't make stuff up.
See, I was ignorant eight years ago.
I was ignorant.
And then he said, no, please, ah!
Well, then later I got to get the videotape of Rod as he's on the phone calling me on the cell phone and they come up, these three jail guards,
And you see him put their hands around his neck.
They didn't like hearing him talk bad about him on the phone.
And man, then the tape just cuts out for five minutes.
Boy, they beat him something fierce.
When we get back, I then learned that they admitted.
They said, oh yeah, of course we make you sign documents.
It's out in the open.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
But, I mean, we've gotten off into a whole police state discussion today because Cynthia McKinney, they now admit they ran over the guy, grabbed her, she turned around, bumped into him, and so they're going to try to charge her with assaulting a lord.
The federal police officer, the federal guard there at the Capitol.
But, I mean, this really happened.
Okay, I was ignorant.
I guess this happened in 1998.
So, yeah, it's about eight years ago.
And I was on the radio six days a week at that time.
I was on a Saturday night radio show, and he calls in, and he said that an off-duty city, county, Travis County Sheriff's deputy,
He had walked out of the Hollywood video with videotapes that he just rented, and the alarm went off, which I remember renting videos there back in the day.
I mean, we've all experienced walking out of Target or walking out of wherever, and the alarm goes off because the kid at the counter hadn't swiped the stuff to demagnetize the little buzzer strip.
And the kid behind the counter said, go on, yeah, yeah, you paid for it.
You rented the video, and Mike walks out, and it did turn out that the sheriff's deputy recognized Mike from county commissioners and recognized Mike from television.
Mike's well-known here.
Mike Hanson, doing camera work for me and stuff for many years.
He had his own TV show just a few years before that.
I guess he was on a TV show about four or five years even before I was.
He called it River City Talk.
It was just a local talk show about Austin issues on the local cable channel.
And so the guy saw Mike and said, stop right there.
You stole that.
And the employee walked out, it was this scene, and said, no, he didn't.
And so Mike smarted off to him.
That's how Mike is.
Mike said, I told you, but didn't cuss, didn't say anything.
Got his daughter by the hand, walked out to his truck, got in the truck, and the guy came over and said, I need to see your driver's license.
And Mike said no.
And Mike then rolled the window up.
And then the cop got behind his truck, because there was a car parked in front of Mike, and we later got video again of all this, because within minutes of him calling my show live, we got him on air, so it all happened live on the radio.
I've got to find a tape of that sometime and re-air that.
I've got a tape of it, a disc of it somewhere.
Mike's got one too.
Mike, if you've got that, bring it up to the studio sometime.
I want to play that, because it's riveting radio, and it's a great example of the police state here in America.
So to make a long story short, Mike, finally, that was at about, I guess, about 8 o'clock at night.
The show ended a few hours later, and it was midnight, and we're down there around the jail, I guess, about 50 protesters that had showed up.
And, of course, Jimmy Ritter and several other camera people who were driving around in South Austin heard the 15-minute exchange before the police busted his window out.
So they all showed up with video cameras and actually caught the police knocking the glass out, dragging Mike out, manhandling him.
Mike didn't resist.
They tried to say he resisted if he wouldn't have had video.
Mike had gone to prison for assaulting an officer.
But thank God that Jimmy Ritter and others got videotape of it.
Jimmy, another one of my friends here locally who's been fighting the New World Order for a while.
So all of this happens.
All of this goes on.
And so I'm downstairs at like midnight, I guess about 1130 if memory serves, and my phone rings.
He finally gets his phone call.
And he goes, listen, they said I can call a Bales bondsman for tomorrow, but I just want you to know, Alex, they're trying to make me sign documents saying I've committed crimes.
And I said, Mike, what are you talking about?
Because I didn't know we were in the Soviet Union.
I mean, I was ignorant back then.
I didn't know as much as I do now.
I learn more every day.
I mean, the more I learn, the more I know.
I don't know just how bad it is.
And so 24 hours a day, they let you go up into the building and go up there to where they have these, you know, big, you know, bulletproof glass areas and the clerks behind there.
And so I'm on the phone with Mike and he says, he says, oh, no, they're getting me.
They're grabbing me.
So I go upstairs, and I walk up to the counter with a couple other people.
And I say, do you ask people to sign things before they leave?
And the lady, she was nice behind the counter, she goes, yeah, we sure do.
Personal recognizance bond.
And I said, can I have one of those forms?
She said, sure.
And she gave me this white on the front, yellow on the back.
You know, it's got the triplicate.
And it actually listed nine crimes on the back.
And you sign it and agree to a third...
A referred adjudication.
Quote, no contest to, quote, be bonded out.
They say, oh, this is just your bond.
Sign this and you get out.
And it's sad.
I plead guilty and plead no contest to family violence.
I plead no contest to drunk driving.
I plead no contest to drug possession.
I forget all the things it had on it.
I did a TV show about it and showed the document on air and then I couldn't believe it.
CBS News contacted local CBS
contacted me.
Many Austinites saw this and actually went and covered it.
And on the news they said, you think you're innocent until proven guilty in America and the Constitution.
Well, not in Travis County.
You can see him on the phone.
You can see Mike on the phone, on the wall, talking to me on the cell phone, black and white video.
You see the jail guards come get around him because they don't like what he's saying about him.
And then you see them, they didn't even cut this out, put their hands around his neck.
And Mike said for 20 minutes they sat on him, did pressure points behind the ears.
He said it was pure torture.
So that's my point about how they edit video.
And let me tell you something, I've been in that jail one time
You've seen the video of me being arrested.
I went down to the DPS when they started thumb scanning with a Bill Clinton executive order to get a driver's license, part of the start of the national ID card, now federally passed nationwide last year.
Back in 1993, Clinton just signed an executive order saying, you get billions of federal dollars...
If you put thumb scanners and a digital photo face scan in.
So it was put in in 94, Clinton signed the order in 93.
By 97, I went down and protested it with over 100 protesters.
It's at the end of my film, America Destroyed by Design.
And you see the state police going, oh, we're not going to arrest you, but we're not going to give you a license without a thumbprint.
And I had seven forms of identification, and they said that birth certificate, the old driver's license, the expired one.
I had my passport.
I had my insurance card.
I had my health club card.
I mean, I had seven forms of ID.
I lay them out on the table.
Many of you have seen the video.
And the nice state police officer, he puts me in the squad car, he pulls over later and goes, look, I believe in what you're doing, a lot of us believe in what you're doing, he goes, let me take you out of your handcuffs, he took me out of the handcuffs, he drove me down to Central Booking, down off 7th Street and 35, and this little bitty short red-haired guard got me, and I didn't resist, he fingerprinted me, and he said, now get up against the wall.
And he took the back of his hand and he just rammed it right straight in the back of my head, right at the base of my head.
Right at the base of the neck and the head, and just my forehead slammed into the wall.
And he goes, you going to do something?
You going to do something?
And there was another guard just waiting right there, just right there at the door, ready to club my head in.
And I just sat there and took it in that Soviet camp.
I just took it in that Soviet camp with a bunch of scum.
I mean, I'm telling you, my one experience in there, and I was respectful in there.
I was thinking, man, the cops aren't that bad.
You know, nice state police officer ordered to arrest me by the head of DPS.
The head spokesman of DPS showed up.
He's on video.
He says, arrest him.
The cops didn't want to.
They arrest me.
They take me in.
All of this happens.
I mean, some of those state police had tears in their eyes, folks.
You should have seen it.
But not by the time I got down to that jail.
Man, that little short, red-haired punk.
I mean, he wanted me to do something.
And I'd be in prison right now, folks.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Even got a little bruise from it.
I mean, it wasn't that hard, but it was just, you know, BAM!
And he was smart about it.
He must have done that to a hundred people or more.
He was smart.
He did it real suddenly.
So you'll flinch.
So you'll resist.
You know, the natural thing is if somebody hits you, you push back.
The average person would have, but I was ready for it.
I guess at a subconscious level.
I just stood there and took it.
Then they put me in this holding tank for about five hours with a whole bunch of people without a bathroom.
You understand, there's a holding tank right there without a bathroom, and boogers all over the walls, feces smeared all over the walls.
I mean, this is the dirtiest thing I'd ever imagined.
I'm in this third-world pit with all of these criminals, and it was so funny.
I was in there, and some of them started asking what I was in there for and trying to act tough, and I just looked at them, and they left me alone.
I tore those guys' heads off.
I was really mad.
I got in prison for that, too.
I don't know what it is about me, but I get cornered by a bunch of scum.
I just want to unleash on them.
But just God help us as a country.
God help us as a country.
I start thinking about the things I've experienced, the things I've seen.
The time Delta Force was there in San Antonio, and we were videotaping one of their operations, and these MPs run out, gigantic, huge black MPs,
And he told me to get down on the ground, and he shoved me down on these fire ants.
He told me not to move, because there's fire ants everywhere in the summer here, just anywhere in an unkept field it's going to happen.
And then Mike starts arguing, so he slams Mike down on the ground, and they've got their guns out on us, and they take our videotape and erase it, and there's Delta Force, old gray-haired type guy, probably 60 years old, probably special ops controllers, and the high and tight Delta Force types in plain clothes walking around and laughing at us.
It's not funny!
Okay, it's not funny what you do in America.
It's not funny what you try to do to the press.
Of course, that did get picked up by World Net Daily, by the way, and did get picked up by the San Antonio paper.
Because they were hopping mad.
A week before, I interviewed the San Antonio police chief, and it made...
Radio and mainstream news here in Texas and made front page of the Statesman and the Express News because I got the police chief to say, yeah, they tried to bribe me and they're trying to bribe public officials.
So the next time I was down in San Antonio trying to cover what they were doing, man, they just... In America!
You see, that's why I've known about the police state, boys and girls.
That's why it's nothing new to me when the Houston Chronicle reports that... that...
They're building FEMA camps.
That's why it's nothing new to me when the newspapers report that down in Houston the regular army is spying on peace activists and following them around.
Because this is what America's turned into.
Giant brigades of spy troops who get paid four or five times what regular troops get paid.
They have expense cards, fancy cars, they got long hair, they got earrings, they got tattoos, and they got all this money to be scumbags.
And they're all in black ops.
And I'm sick of it.
Just a bunch of scum.
I mean, they got easy lives, folks.
They're not out fighting enemies overseas.
They're not out... They're just spying and bullying and drug dealing and everything else you can imagine.
But something's happening.
One of the Delta Force commanders, one of the Delta Force founders, has gone public.
And says the war on terror is fake, our government's stirring up revolution in Iraq on purpose, America's turning into a police state, Dick Cheney's a sicko who likes torture.
We already knew all that, but there is one of the founders of Delta Force.
The founder was from Austin, and he died mysteriously after he spoke out against Waco, by the way.
But the Delta Force was involved in.
But this sergeant was the commander of Delta Force on the ground when it was founded, and he's saying America's gone.
Because any real man, anybody who really loves America, will be like Chief Ali Philippus of San Antonio.
They'll be like Thomas Sanchez, emergency manager chief in Kingsville.
When the Delta Force came to him and said, this is an open training drill to take over America.
And Thomas Sanchez, I'm not going to be part of PDD-25 gun confiscation.
They gave him a summary.
An executive summary.
Trying to get him involved in the takeover of America.
Listen, I'm not going along with it, and there are a lot of other people that aren't going along with it.
You're not going to take this country down without a fight, and I hope you realize that.
And you know, they've lowered the standards for the Navy SEALs and Delta Force now to get more people into it, because they can't keep quality people.
Somebody who can perform at an incredibly athletic level and a technical level and who has massive courage, the actual type of super warrior, generally is a good person.
You don't generally get scumbags that can operate at 110%.
See, all you've got is a bunch of scum or they're dumb.
They're weak-minded.
So again, you lose in the end, New World Order.
You cannot operate.
You do not have the personnel.
You are going to fail.
I've talked to CNN producers.
They know about 9-11 and want to get the truth out, but they're not allowed to.
I've talked to people at Fox.
They want to get the truth out and hate their job and know what's going on.
If you only knew.
I've talked to people in Hollywood, even bigger than Charlie Sheen, who are being pressured to stay quiet.
But you cannot keep the lid on this volcano.
You cannot keep it shut down forever.
You will not.
I hope you realize that.
I hope you understand that.
I hope that's something that is being relayed to you.
I hope it's something that you're getting.
Because this is what's happening.
I love this country.
We're the good guys.
We're the good people.
We're defending this republic.
Police, military, firefighters, government bureaucrats, agents.
Listen, you know in your gut I'm your friend.
You know in your gut I'm right.
You've already verified through the news much of what I'm saying.
Verify the rest.
Check me out.
Take the challenge.
Research what I'm saying.
Defend the republic.
Be part of history on the good side.
Alright, I've diverted off into a bunch of other issues.
I don't even want to cover this.
I have a stack of articles here.
I have photos from L.A.
off of the Mecha and La Reconquista and Mexico movements, different supremacist organizations.
It's kind of like you've got the Klan, the Aryan Nations, and the Order, and the National Alliance.
Well, it's the same thing with the Mexicans and the Latin American groups.
Some are fascists, some are communists, some are UFO cults, and folks, they're big and they're nuts.
And we've got photos and video on our own sites, and they admit...
That they handed out American flags up front.
This is admitted.
You understand?
Now, mainstream media now admits it.
Mexican media, Spanish media owned by U.S.
bankers openly.
Go read the mainstream news of who owns it.
White people own it.
Most of them are Anglo-Saxons.
Some are Jewish.
One guy that bought the 670-something billboards in L.A.
is Jewish.
For the very groups that say they want to get the Jews.
In fact, the Jews are the number one target of these people.
It's weird.
You go to these websites, it's the Jews or the devil people.
They're the top devils and the white devils.
Blue-eyed devils and their servants.
I mean, it's some wild stuff.
We have links to it.
Big organizations saying this.
And, of course, it horrifies most Hispanics who are Americans.
But there's a large group of 30 million illegals.
It ain't 14 million boys and girls.
It's 30 million that are doing this.
And they have, guess what they have?
They have the American flags upside down with Mexican flags above them.
They were burning American flags.
They were trashing American flags.
They were desecrating American flags.
They were running around.
I said 90 to 1.
I've got photos where all you see is Mexican flags and there's no American flags.
Just running around, screaming, foaming at the mouth.
And I've got articles here where Mexican flags are going up in cities and towns all over America over courthouses.
I mean, do you understand?
We'll be right back.
America is going down.
Thanks a lot, government.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
William Rodriguez, one of the last people out alive in the towers, witnessed the bombs going off.
He is scheduled to be calling in via IT phone from Caracas.
He's there with billionaire philanthropist Jimmy Walter of the Walter Home Fortune, who's fighting the New World Order.
And they were just at the president of the Venezuelan Assembly.
That's the, like, the vice president, folks.
It's the head of their parliament, basically.
And his whole home is 9-11 documents and videos and books.
They know all about 9-11.
They have a military escort around the country.
And they're scheduled this weekend to meet with Hugo Chavez.
And I don't care about what fake neocons think of Hugo Chavez.
The point is, he's fighting the New World Order.
He knows what's going on.
And I'll take any ally we can get.
You know, in this fight against the New World Order.
So this is just big, big news.
Paul Watson, get ready to start writing, because this interview coming up is going to be big.
All right.
Let me just finish up with what I was covering here.
It says, Houston high school principal flies Mexican flag at school.
And it's right here in the Houston Chronicle.
They took down the American flag and flew the Mexican flag.
And then I have another one here out of Florida.
Mexican flag flies over Chasewood North in Jupiter neighborhood.
At least for now.
And it says, Residents at the Central Boulevard complex were surprised when they woke up.
The stars and stripes had been replaced with a Mexican flag at the Chasewood North and residents of the condominium community off Central Boulevard.
Now, just wait until... You see, I live in Texas.
And I ride my bike down in East Austin because bike riding, you want to ride far.
So I'll do like a 10-12 mile mountain bike ride over there.
And I'll get over in the hills over in East Austin, and there are giant Aztec monuments, I mean, giant pieces of stone, I mean, stuff the city paid for that I have no idea how much it cost.
With Aztecs cutting white people's hearts out, you'll have a conquistador laid back with an Aztec in an eagle outfit cutting his heart out, and it'll say, I mean, huge stones, beautiful artwork.
There's like stone gateways I've ridden my bike through.
It's pretty spooky.
And over by the river, this is Aslan carved on it.
I mean, officially by the city.
And our last mayor before we'll win, Gus Garcia, says he's going to be buried in Mexico.
He's a Mexican first, and people elected him.
And he had that big proclamation, I guess four years ago, saying that the...
That the Mexican people are the God race and are the supreme race?
And, I mean, we have this on video.
I've got to get that audio and play it sometime.
I played it on TV.
Got it somewhere in all the stacks.
I have a huge bin just of the La Reconquista stuff in there.
The problem is there's too much data.
But it's in one of my weekly reports somewhere at prisonplanet.tv.
I showed it about a year ago, I know.
About a year and a half ago.
So it's in one of the weekly reports there.
And so imagine.
And then I read the San Antonio Express News about seven years ago, where they said that all these towns, it was five at the time, now it's seven.
El Cenizo is one of them.
Good-sized town, and it said the courthouse flies a Mexican flag, no American flag, English is not allowed in court proceedings.
This is in America.
Let me say it again.
In America.
In America.
And so you have millions of these people here who don't like America, who want America to be Mexico.
If Mexico's so good, and this is really Mexico, why do you come here then?
Because we had some freedom.
We weren't perfect.
And you know something else?
Bad things were done to the native peoples of North America.
And there were some outstanding native tribes in northern North America and central North America.
But southern North America, give me a break, you ate your children.
I mean, the tour guides down there admit it and say it was a good thing.
I don't want to hear, don't criticize a culture.
I think the Nazi culture was bad, and your culture's pretty sick, too.
I mean, why would you embrace the culture of eating your children and cutting hearts out?
I mean, an open, satanic society.
And that's what they're saying.
They're saying, this is Aslan.
And my heart's going to be chopped up.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
William Rodriguez, who helped some of the people escape.
He's a hero of 9-11.
The janitor, one of the last people to escape alive, from one of the towers as it collapsed, he's down in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.
He's scheduled, and we just talked to him a few minutes ago, to be calling in via his IT phone from Caracas.
It's working better than regular landlines, so we're trying to get him connected up right now.
And he's going to be with Jimmy Walter, the billionaire philanthropist that's been exposing 9-11 so valiantly.
They have met with the President of the Assembly.
It was all about 9-11.
His house is filled with 9-11 books and videos.
I mean, I know.
Some of my interviews I've done have been published in newspapers down there.
And they've got a military escort, and they're going to be meeting with Hugo Chavez very soon.
So we'll have some breaking news for you on that in this hour.
And Ed Asner, the former, you know, now retired Hollywood star and, of course, TV star with
Many different big TV shows is coming up as well.
Mary Tyler Moore and others show to talk about 9-11 in the third hour.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
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Our goal is for that to be a nexus point to get the information out to the people.
We'll be back with more news.
There is so much of it.
We'll get more into Abramoff, 70 months in prison.
More into Cynthia McKinney being assaulted.
They admit they grabbed on her, assaulted her.
That's assault.
Then they charge you with assault.
And we'll get more into 9-11.
We've got some big guests coming up today.
Stay with us.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're working out the final connections right now to Caracas over their IT phone with Jimmy Walter and William Rodriguez.
Coming up, Ed Asner exposing 9-11, another Hollywood person going public.
Coming up in the third hour today, I guess that's in 51 and a half minutes.
So you'll definitely want to stay with us.
Meanwhile, Bush wants total blanket amnesty, but this is only to break down the voting blocks in the U.S., drive down the wages, and bring in the New World Order.
But notice all these, quote, liberals love the idea of total amnesty, but at the same time they hate George Bush.
You can't have your cake, and you can't eat it, too.
Meanwhile, Bush, to earn Fox backing in immigration fight...
Facing a tough battle to push immigration reform through U.S.
Congress, President George Bush was likely to win support from President Vicente Fox at talks on Mexico's Caribbean coast on Thursday.
As today, Fox will offer tighter border security incentives to help bring illegal Mexican immigrants back home when the pair meet in the beach resort of Cancun, Mexico, officials say.
Total lie.
Total lie.
Bush says I'm against amnesty and that his plan is total amnesty.
It's just classic.
Meanwhile, I have all these reports here, Houston Chronicle, Palm Beach Post, all of it about Mexican flags flying at schools and government buildings and private companies.
There is some good news while all of this is happening.
Abramoff, convicted lobbyist, gets 70 months in prison, $21 million.
Restitution, three years supervised release, 750 hours community service.
Too much, too little.
Chicago Sun-Times.
And from the Department of Justice, the prison time for convicted former lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
And, folks, this guy, I don't know if you know about him.
Most of you probably do.
He is so criminal.
I mean, he isn't just like a normal crook lobbyist.
He would take, say, $15 million from a casino, from somebody who didn't want a casino, to shut down a casino.
Then he'd go back to that casino and say, give me $20 million and I'll get you your license back.
And then screw the people who gave him the money to begin with.
I mean, they're a pack of criminals.
It's like Duke Cunningham out there in California, admittedly stealing $800-plus million dollars.
Trillions are missing from the Pentagon.
It's just mad criminal looting.
And Cynthia McKinney is one of the Congresswomen to be exposing this, and so now they manhandle her.
She simply pushes back Maxon.
It looks like she just bumped into him, and they're going to try to charge her with assaulting a federal officer, a Congresswoman.
All right, now we're joined by William Rodriguez, one of the valiant survivors of 9-11, helped rescue some of the people there, one of the last out of one of the towers.
And, of course, he's also there with Jimmy Walter, the philanthropist, who spent, I don't know, what is it, $6 million now exposing 9-11, buying ads all over print, television, radio, and traveling the world having truth symposiums.
They're down in Caracas right now.
They just met with the president of the assembly.
That's like the leader of the parliament, basically.
Number two guy in the government and they're scheduled to be meeting with Hugo Chavez here very, very soon.
Mr. Rodriguez, glad we were able to get connected with you, sir.
Thank you for having me on the show.
Thank you.
You bet.
Is Jimmy there with you?
Give me what there is here with me.
So I'll be able to speak to him later after we talk some with you.
So please let him know that we do want to talk to him so he doesn't wander off.
For those that don't know who you are, Mr. Rodriguez, tell us about, just in a nutshell, what happened to you on 9-11, what you've gotten involved with, and what you and Mr. Jimmy Walters are doing down there in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.
I am the last survivor of the World Trade Center, the last person pulled from the rubble from the North Tower.
I was the person in charge of all the stairwells inside the building of the North Tower, and the person with the only master key available on that day.
I was the person that went up the stairwells floor by floor, letting people escape as I was followed by the fire department.
And after 9-11, I became the leader of the family group.
I created the Hispanic Victims Group, the Victim Support Group and the 9-11 United Services Group to actually answer some of the problems that families were having after 9-11.
I am the person behind going to Congress and asking for a formal investigation that later on became the 9-11 Commission and one of the last persons to testify behind closed doors for the Commission and my testimony was totally omitted from the final report.
I'm in Venezuela, and after I had actually done a tour all over Europe, trying to bring the information to the world that the official story of what happened on 9-11 was just a full illusion, like David Copperfield would say, full of mirrors.
And what really happened on that day has never been presented by the control media in the United States.
The official story of 9-11, it's fair to say, is a hoax.
It is a hoax, and I applaud you for having Charlie Chin the other day on the show, and the whole fear he created.
I tell you something, the guy is onto the reality of what really happened on that day, and he has been attacked, you have been attacked,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, I appreciate your...
I appreciate your compliments, William, but I want to talk about you.
I want to talk about Jimmy.
You are there in Caracas.
You have just spent, at his home, hours and hours with the President of the National Assembly, number two in the government.
You're very close to a meeting coming up this weekend with President Hugo Chavez.
And, of course, I've talked to you off air.
You said that they're all awake to 9-11.
I've seen it in newspapers.
I've translated the Spanish ones over using the Google Translator.
I know they've published some of my reports in the past in major newspapers there, even my report on the World Bank.
Four days before they kidnapped Hugo Chavez, where we predicted, myself and Greg Palast of BBC, that he would be kidnapped.
He has been kidnapped.
People forget that by CIA forces.
You guys are down there right now.
Please give us a report about how you're speaking to huge crowds.
You're on national TV.
You've met with the President of the Assembly.
What he said.
We have been on every national television show, all the most important shows,
The government television channels as well.
We have been presented all of the radio networks, and we have done presentations in universities.
And I tell you something, Alex.
From all the countries that I have visited, with historic people with the most open heart and knowledge about 9-11 here in Venezuela, the President of the National Assembly has a vast collection of books dealing with...
We're good to go.
I think?
And they are more than happy to start the investigations here.
So we are actually talking to the President of the National Assembly, who is, like you said, the second one in command here.
He's having an arrangement for us to meet with Hugo Chavez.
And at the same time, I must tell you something.
The National Assembly here just ordered
Yeah, it's an amazing...
I'm opening for us in terms that they have huggers with the truth, and they want this to come out the right way.
They want... Well, you know something else?
I mean, I have exposed George Bush's being into the occult, and then a few months ago, Hugo Chavez came out and said Bush was a devil worshiper.
I mean, Chavez really knows what's going on.
Oh, they know.
They have so much information here, and that's why when we can... Listen...
They know.
Alex, we have military escorts.
They are taking us everywhere because there was an FBI agent in the region that we were staying asking for the list of the names of the people that were staying in the hotel.
So when I told that at the National Assembly, they said, we don't want an embarrassment.
In our country, the national hero, whatever, is being attacked.
So we're going to give you 24-hour protection.
Well, exactly.
What you guys are doing is dangerous.
In fact, Jimmy is on a no-fly list now.
Jimmy Walter, upstanding citizen.
No, no, we're both on the no-fly list, and that's what amazes me, that I have been condecorated at the White House, and in every level of the government, I have a full room of...
Yes, definitely.
Because I know you've got to get down to the National Assembly.
Very important work.
And I just want to let the listeners know that there is a little delay with the communication, so they understand that it's not that I'm trying to think of the answers.
It's just that, you know, the communication between the Internet and the radio station.
No, exactly.
There's a second delay or more, just like when you see, say, somebody on CNN on satellite from China to New York,
Or to Atlanta, there's a second and a half or so.
Yeah, there's a delay.
William Rodriguez is our guest.
Jimmy Walter, the philanthropist, the billionaire philanthropist, spent six plus million, I don't know, six million a while back on exposing this.
I mean, we're hitting them hard, folks.
We're hitting them hard.
We're hitting them hard to defend the republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
Stay with us.
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My friends, to win a battle, you have to have the belief that you can win it.
It's that simple.
I mean, look at Jimmy Walter all over the planet, millions of dollars in ads, exposing 9-11, sending out tens of thousands of free DVDs to everybody, suing the government for the asbestos and now all the deaths and the EPA disaster there and the cover-up of that.
They're down in Venezuela.
They've been all over Europe to just pack crowds.
I'm on the line now, Alex.
Well, first of all, I got another death threat last night via email from some guy in Tampa.
We were at the beach there.
I'm not going to say the exact beach because I don't want people to know.
We were giving away free DVDs all over the beach.
A day later, this guy who identifies himself as being from the U.S.
FBI comes up
And asked for the customer list of the people staying at the place on the beach where we were handing them out.
We also learned that there's a regular CIA guy who comes to the beach to check things out as well.
And I don't know if you know or not, but the CIA has four different organizations operating here in Venezuela trying to unseat Hugo Chavez.
No, I knew that.
That's well documented.
The government admits they're doing that.
I mean, for heaven's sakes, we've got Pat Robertson saying, kill him on TV.
What happened to turn the other cheek?
Yeah, he's just trying to get free gasoline for the people in New York during the winter.
Jimmy, how exciting is what's happening down there with the president of the National Assembly?
How exciting is this?
Oh, this is very exciting.
It's like walking into a government office and the people saying, we know rather than get the hell out of here, you nut.
I mean, it's a total turnaround.
No government in Europe, no, of course, no state or local or national branch of the government in the United States would even talk to us.
And you've seen how Spitzer, even in New York, ignores the 911 people there.
So it is quite exciting and we're hoping that we'll be able to mount an international investigation here hosted by Venezuela.
I've already talked to Jones and Griffin and Reynolds and they've all agreed to come and testify.
So we're also looking for international judges.
We're trying to get Bondulo and other people from Europe to come so it has a real international character.
Well, that's exactly what Charlie Sheen's calling for.
Well, I'd love to meet Mr. Sheen.
Again, I congratulate you wholeheartedly for what you've done.
I'm really upset about the naysayers, the backstabbers out there saying things about you and him that are just totally outlandish.
You deserve nothing.
Both of you deserve nothing but the highest praise that can be given.
Well, you deserve the highest praise for what you've done, Jimmy.
How many millions have you spent to expose this so far?
Well, around $7 million.
We've given away over 650,000 DVDs, and we're getting ready to run another batch.
We're about out.
650,000 DVDs, and you spent how many millions on flat-out advertising?
Well, we spent $6 million on flat-out advertising.
Yeah, I was checking my numbers.
And also, I sent you notice about the last Zogby poll I ran at the end of November, and nobody has picked that up.
I must have missed it.
Tell me what the Zogby poll said.
Well, let me get it up here on the computer while we're talking.
It's a repeat of some of the questions.
Roughly 50% of the people believe that
September 11th was an inside job.
Members of the government actively were involved in the perpetration of that mass murder crime.
But we also added to it the question about the pollution, the deadly dust that followed the World Trade Center collapse, the one, the dust that Giuliani and Christy Todd Whitman, that the New York Health Department, the New York State Health Department lied about, that has killed people, and 75% of the people in New York
New York want an investigation on that.
65% of the people in New York want an investigation into the omissions of the official 9-1-1 report.
Jimmy, stay there.
We've got a break.
We'll be right back.
Quick break.
Jimmy, be there when we get back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Zombie is one of the most respected polling agencies out there.
And it's showing consistently around half of Americans believe the government was involved.
The high 60s, 67, 68 percent, depending on which poll, believe the government knew and let it happen.
And then when CNN's Anderson Cooper had a quick poll last year,
Out of, what, 8,000 respondents, even after an hour-long demonization piece attacking the 9-11 Truth Movement, we had 90% of respondents when the poll closed believing the government was covering up and involved.
Now, on CNN, after I'm on saying the government did it, they have the poll.
Imagine, because the poll's saying, do you agree with Sheen that there's a cover-up of the official story of 9-11?
But the real question was posed by myself on the show two nights in a row saying the government was involved.
And the host was posing that question.
And they had 53,400 plus votes.
All the final exact numbers are there, but it was 53,400 plus.
And out of that, hours before it closed, it said 86%.
Strangely enough, they pulled the poll and it went down three points to 83%.
But they said 83% believe Charlie Sheen and agree with him.
So, regardless, we are the majority.
Everybody I've talked to, and the dam is breaking on this.
We're talking to Jimmy Walters, who's spent now $7-plus million of his own money to get out 650-plus thousand free DVDs about 9-11, now printing more to around $6 million worth of TV and radio and print ads all over the country.
I mean, I've seen them right here in Austin.
I've heard them on Coast to Coast AM.
It's been on New York TV.
Selflessly doing this.
Now they're setting up a 9-11 Truth Commission in Venezuela.
And Jimmy, again, I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for my family's sake.
Because if we don't stop the people carrying out mass murder of 3,000, they're going to pull even bigger stuff in this warfare empire.
I don't think people realize out there just how serious and nitty gritty this is.
I mean, this is about survival right now.
I firmly agree with you, Alex.
I believe that before the elections, in fact, I think
Within the next 30 days, they're going to have to do something.
They're going to pull a weapon of mass destruction, terrorist incident on U.S.
soil, blame it on the Arabs, declare martial law, and test democracy goodbye.
These people have mass murdered 3,000 plus American citizens, thousands more we don't know about because they were done secretly to cover up the crime, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanistan people.
They're spreading their poisonous uranium ammo.
I don't call it depleted.
It's not depleted at all.
It is highly radioactive uranium ammo all over the world, killing, maiming,
By the way, that's not your opinion.
That's not your opinion.
Even Time Life a few years ago admitted that five years after the first Gulf War, a tripling above national averages of serious radiation-connected deformities.
And now, three years into the invasion, we're seeing a quadrupling in official numbers.
We're seeing a quadrupling in Serbia, a quadrupling in Afghanistan, a quadrupling in Iraq, because this time they bombed urban centers, not desert bases or the highway of death outside Kuwait.
And what about the ringworm children?
Our government paid Israel.
This is a confirmed, declassified Jerusalem Post.
Our government paid $3 billion for Israel to radiate 110,000 Jewish Sephardi Jews, murdering most of them on the spot, claiming it was to test for ringworm.
I mean, this is the magnitude.
Jimmy, sorry, go ahead.
No problem at all.
Also, to give you an update, William and I are going to Chile, but we're also going to Germany.
I have been nominated to go to the stockholders meeting of the insurance company that is having to pay off Silverstein.
And so we plan to have a major challenge to the insurance company.
I'll be representing some of the stockholders there as to why they paid that claim when Silverstein is on tape admitting that he had the building destroyed with explosives.
Now, I want to stop you right there, because the magnitude of what you're doing, you're hitting him at every point.
It is extremely dangerous, what Jimmy Walters is doing.
For those that don't know, with a $200 million investment he leveraged, only owning in a few months, he took out $3 billion in insurance.
He total has got a $7 billion payout, saying it's two events.
It was over $3 billion each payment.
Now, even Governor Pataki called him a crook just a few weeks ago.
Remember that, folks?
Because now Silverstein's demanding
Silverstein is a crook all the way.
And don't forget another thing.
Silverstein is close, personal friends of Netanyahu of Israel.
They don't go a week without talking to each other.
But let me go back to this poll here that we did on New York, because I've got to figure this out.
Now, the question is, do you agree that the New York Attorney General Manhattan District should open an investigation into the major discrepancies and unanswered questions in the official report on September 11th?
Only 22% disagreed.
A total of 79% either agreed or were not sure.
So the not sure category here is huge, 15%.
But only 22% disagreed with that.
Then, on do you think they should open an investigation into the air safe debris, 74% plus 6% not sure, 80%.
Thought that they should open an investigation into what Giuliani and those said.
Then, here's the biggie.
The Let It Happen Group.
Some of our U.S.
governments were new and advanced, were planned, and consciously failed to act.
A plurality.
45% agreed.
Only 39% disagreed.
And if you add the not-sures, that is 61% of the people think or were not sure that the U.S.
government let it happen.
And then finally, the one about the U.S.
government officials were actively involved.
Here, we had a 56% disagree, but we had a 44% agree and we're not sure.
These are huge numbers.
But here's one you're going to really like, Alex, I didn't tell you about before.
How much do you tend to believe news reports by mainstream media?
About 9-1-1.
42% of plurality think it is half propaganda and half truth.
6% believe it is mostly propaganda.
And 6% believe it is all propaganda.
That's a whopping 54% think that what the mainstream media is saying of New York City dwellers think that 54% of what the mainstream media is half truth or all propaganda.
Jimmy, let me add this.
Yes, sir, I'm here.
Let me add this.
Have you heard about the CNN poll, just a poll of Internet visitors, where 53... Oh, I found it.
I saw it.
That was great.
Yeah, 53,000 respond plus, and 83% believe the government's involved.
Well, it's a great indicator, but of course the professional statisticians say it's not...
A statistically reliable poll.
No, I agree, but let me add this.
CNN said the majority of the... We have numbers that huge.
We have numbers that huge, Alex.
The statisticians can't say anything.
We have 84% of that.
Okay, so it's only 70%.
Who cares?
It is overwhelming majority of the people agree with you.
Well, also, Jimmy Walter...
We need to understand that CNN reported that the vast majority of their emails agreed with us as well.
And I was on Alan Combs' radio show for an hour, was it Monday or Tuesday night, and almost every caller, he took tons of calls, agreed with me.
I was on National British Radio, almost every caller agreed with me, an instant messenger.
And then now hosts who were disagreeing with me three years ago are now agreeing with me on air.
I mean, even A.J.
Hammer on CNN, even A.J.
Hammer on CNN,
Came out and said he has questions and thinks there's a cover-up.
Well, I heard from a newspaper that they canceled your interview with Asner.
Higher-ups at CNN told him, kill the interview.
Well, I mean, the problem is the media is controlled by whoever is behind 9-11.
No, you're right.
The low-level...
The low and mid-level producers are all on our side and know the truth, and the brass called up and said, you killed that story.
And that's not just for me.
One of the people that was going to be on the show is saying that.
Xander Hicks is saying they told him that.
It is standard operating procedure.
Let me tell you my joke.
Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, and Napoleon are up in heaven looking down on today.
Alexander says, if I'd only had machine guns, I'd have conquered all of India.
That fellow goes, hmm, if I have tanks, I conquer Europe, Africa.
Napoleon says, hmm, if I'd only had the American press, no one would have known I lost in Russia.
And that's what we have now.
That's what we have now.
No one knows that we're losing in Iraq.
Hugo Chavez is right.
We have lost in Iraq.
These guys are just not giving up.
That's why they're getting ready to use nuke both over there to attack Iran and suppress the Iraqis, but also here in our own country to terrorize our own citizens.
When they ask me why I'm doing it down here, I tell them that I'm here to defend the Constitution of the United States of America from an attack by our own government.
Well, Jimmy, I agree with you.
And this whole thing is a Ponzi scheme.
They have to either make it get bigger or it implodes.
They've always got to push, push, push, do more, more, more.
That's why they're wildly doing defense contracting scams and no bids and war profiteering and stealing and grabbing pension funds now and looting everything and congressmen stealing $800 million.
I mean, they're just going wild right now.
Why do you think they're going so wild?
Well, A, they're afraid the game's about over.
And so they've got nothing left to lose, so they've taken everything they can.
But I think that they're doing going too wild because they have something up their sleeve.
When you see Rumsfeld or Bush or Cheney on, they're smirking.
They don't act worried at all.
This is the most disturbing thing to me at all.
These guys have a plan, and they are about to do it.
Yeah, they've done the psychological warfare testing, and even though everybody's waking up at 9-11, they A-bomb an American city and blame it on Arabs.
You're going to see people get in line real quick, and it's over, folks.
The problem is, though... Well, what about the London bombing, though?
That was clearly a government op, and the British people woke up to that, so they shut up about it.
Right, but the London bombing wasn't a weapon of mass destruction.
And two...
If you read Bruce Lake, the witness, the explosion came from underneath the train.
So the London government had to pretty well shut up and not even prosecute.
And it sort of got swept under the... No, I know.
I'm making a film about it.
We've totally proven it's an inside job.
But if they set off a weapon of mass destruction, Bush will march his little ass right up there to the podium and say, I'm sorry, folks, the terrorists have struck here.
I have to declare martial law.
And then they'll shut down the internet, they'll shut down everything.
I certainly hope you're right, but the fact of the matter is, Alex, a very small percentage of people even watch CNN.
Most of the people in the United States are too busy watching their sports shows or their soap operas.
They don't care.
That's what scares me the most of all.
The complete apathy, the complete indifference.
My brother and all his friends, they said, well, what can we do about it?
Let's play golf.
You know, it's just absolutely appalling.
Rome fell not from outside, but Rome fell from within.
And that's what's happening to America today.
America is falling from within because nobody is willing to step up.
You and Charlie Sheen, myself, and a few others have stepped up.
We get roundly discredited.
Watch Sheen's show get canceled.
Watch Sheen's show get canceled.
Yeah, well, it's already doing one more season.
It's already going into syndication, so it's fine.
But you know what?
Listen, Jimmy, I understand why you're negative, and I understand why you're upset, but you've got to have faith.
And look how far we've come.
I mean, look at how in the polls we're supported.
And I don't know, I get mobbed on the streets of Austin.
I can be in Minneapolis.
I can be in Florida.
People come up to me.
I can be in New York.
I get mobbed by people.
And I'm just little Alex Jones, so...
So when you sit there and you say that everybody doesn't care, I think you've got a mass of people that can't tie their shoelaces.
They don't count their furniture.
But when you talk about thinking people, I think they are waking up and they are aware and they are engaged.
I think they're going to fight, brother.
Well, don't get me wrong.
I'm not giving up.
I'm just pessimistic.
But I'm not going to stop.
Did you hear about the Republican memo?
Where Bush came out and Republicans said, we need another big terror attack to get our agenda back online?
Yeah, I heard about that.
Remember, they control the courts, they control the Attorney General, they control the prosecutor's office, they control the Army, and they control most of the CIA, the FBI.
They have all the guns and the weapons.
And what's really happening now, the reason that Charlie and the big names are allowed to come out, is that the bankers want this war over because it's bankrupting America.
But the neocons have a different agenda.
What we're seeing right now, behind the scenes, is a war between the Federal Reserve and the neocons.
And we're going to see who wins.
You know, I've heard that analysis, and I think to a certain extent from Bilderberg Group minutes we've gotten it, that some of the old line don't want to move so fast, and they are worried and scared of Bush.
But I don't think that, I mean, the whole Sheen thing is an organic movement, and I think it was allowed to come out because some producers at CNN wanted it to, and then they got shut down.
Well, what happened is they're very selective in how they take over the media.
They have controlled the news organization for some while, but they didn't control the entertainment thing, so they didn't figure that was a problem.
And then as soon as it came up, they came down and they shut it down.
And now, even Willie is getting shunned by the media in the U.S.
In fact, they did an interview, we won't say anything because there's a chance it'll come on, but a major network did a major interview of him and refuses to run it because the higher-ups told the reporter, you can't run this thing.
I know, listen, I've talked to producers who point blank say, yes, it's political, yes, we get high ratings with this, yes, we know it's true, yes, we're scared, what do we do, Alex?
I mean, I've talked to so many reporters, I mean, high level, that say that.
So many producers, Jimmy.
I've had the same experience myself.
They come up to you, they like what you say, I go into a studio.
Everybody wants the DVD!
But then the high rep comes down, edits it, cuts it, shuts it down.
I mean, these higher reps, how do they...
I mean, these higher-ups are serving an evil government that is carrying out terror attacks.
I mean, they are working for murderers.
Well, the point of the matter is, they made a deal with the devil by allowing Murdoch, Time Warner, CBS, and a few others to buy up all the radio stations in control, and they said, we'll back you in whatever you do.
So they hire us as a people.
Follow the money.
Follow the power.
Stay there, Jimmy Walter.
I want to come back and finish up with you and then William.
Hey, folks.
Alex Jones here.
And I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right, folks.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and plannable microchips, and much, much more.
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Monday through Friday, 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
A few final minutes here from Caracas, Venezuela with Jimmy Walter, and of course, William Rodriguez, one of the heroes of 9-11.
In closing, Jimmy, I want to thank you for all you've done, and I want to be able to talk and say bye to William here.
You guys are scheduled to be meeting very, very soon with not just the president of the assembly you've already met with, who's informed about 9-11 and has the materials, but also with Hugo Chavez himself,
That is correct.
Actually, the president of the National Assembly is the one that is making the arrangement.
They're trying to see if we can appear on the Alo Presidente, which is the Sunday national program that he does.
Oh, that would be huge!
That would be huge.
Can you imagine the scandal in the United States that that is going to create?
It's going to be amazing.
But we're ready for it, and we are trying to, like I said, to tell the truth.
And since they don't listen to us in our own country...
We have to go outside and get the audience that we need.
Well, his TV show makes the news here every week.
I mean, he was calling Bush a drunken donkey last week.
Yes, you're right.
It was a big, big thing when he came out singing and saying those things.
The guy is really a character, very colorful.
Well, I know you're going to be...
I know you're going to be mobbed on Monday after you meet with Chavez, either way you cut it, but I would be very honored even for a ten-minute report, if you can, of you and Jimmy, any time during the three hours on Monday.
You call us whenever you want to report and tell us what happened.
You've got an open line here.
You've got the number here, sir.
Please call us any time, and Godspeed.
We'll talk to you last week.
Can I say bye to Jimmy?
Yes, definitely.
Jimmy, if you want to say bye to Jimmy.
Alex, thanks for having me on.
I really appreciate everything you're doing.
Keep knocking them dead and give my regards to Mr. Sheen.
I will, and hopefully when you come back into the U.S., we can all have a meeting at some time about some things we're planning.
I know you're planning some things as well.
You set up the meeting and I'll come.
You set up the meeting and I'll come.
Okay, fantastic.
In closing, I want you guys to call in any time next week with an update on your Hugo Chavez meeting.
You've got an open line.
Call me, and whoever's on, we'll put them on hold and bring you guys on for a quick report.
Give us the website for folks that want to visit what you're doing, Jimmy.
And don't forget my million-dollar challenge to anyone that can prove explosives were not used.
That's right.
You've got a million-dollar challenge.
Here's Willie.
Thank you.
Yes, definitely.
And you can count on me for whatever reason.
I mean, we're here to actually get this information out.
And I'm surprised that none of the family members have come up publicly to support Charlie.
Just let Charlie know that I support him 100%, and I will do it.
With the press release, as soon as I finish this meeting today, I will send a press release.
Yes, send me.
You know the email, and send us your press release report up as a headline.
I know some other family members have quietly been defending him, but they haven't really gone public because of the pressure.
And then we'll also get to work on what's happening with you and Chavez.
Take care, sir.
We'll talk to you soon.
William Rodriguez, joining us from Caracas down there in Latin America, down there in Venezuela.
Alright, we're scheduled to have Ed Asner on after this quick break.
He's calling in.
And we'll go over 9-11 and some of his 9-11 revelations as well for you right here on the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
I tell you, what a week to move the studios.
But we moved them.
We got most of it online.
All the satellites up.
All the stuff operating.
And I'm here live with the accursed phone company.
We'll get themselves together.
We'll be able to take their calls.
But that isn't happening yet.
So soon that will be able to happen.
But head ads are coming up.
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PrisonPlanet.tv, check it out.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we just had Jimmy Walter, the billionaire philanthropist,
From Caracas, just met with the President of the Assembly.
Been at his home, has all the 9-11 documents, knows the truth.
They're going to have some kind of big truth commission down there, international trial.
This weekend they're scheduled to meet with Hugo Chavez.
It looks like they may be on his weekly Sunday night TV show.
It's just getting bigger and bigger.
So that news breaking here first.
We'll have it up in text for you on InfoWars.com and PrisonBlind.com before this hour ends.
Another amazing individual joins us.
He's Ed Asner.
It's good to be with you.
Thank you, Mr. Jones.
You bet.
When did you start questioning 9-11 and why are you now going even more public?
I'm reticent to go that public.
I like to be totally invested and involved in knowing every angle and every potential arguing point.
I've not had the time to invest in that.
I became suspicious of 9-11 on the day it happened, and I will always be that suspect of it and challenge it and challenge various points of it.
But I certainly don't regard myself as an expert or what you would say a revelatory on the subject.
But at the same time you have spoken via video tape to some 9-11 truth meetings and have spoken out in the past.
That's true.
That's true.
I do what I can.
But I'm constantly seeking more information.
That's one of the reasons
I wanted to be on with you because I found you to be a valuable fund of information on 9-11, and I applaud your efforts very much.
Well, I applaud your efforts, and I mean, I hope we can talk about it some today.
And I also want to, I know you are an expert on the war.
You were spot on with your analysis on the eve of it, and now for the last three horrific years, Mr. Asner, we're talking to Ed Asner, folks, another famous actor and producer.
Mr. Asner,
We know NORAD stood down.
We know they've never done it before.
We know public officials were warned not to fly.
We know Bush had the troops ready to invade Afghanistan on the ground.
We know that bin Laden's an owned CIA asset.
We know that...
I do not buy it.
I do.
I would like to...
I challenge it.
I mean, I know all of these points that you've cited.
The standing down.
The main thing I am talking about, the lack of preparation for Katrina, is just another example of what was supposedly the lack of preparation for 9-11.
But at least Brownie got his ass booted out of there after Katrina.
Although a lot of other people should have had the same done to them.
But what I grieve and moan about is the fact that after 9-11, no matter how many commissions and committees they have, nobody in high office has ever paid the penalty for keeping us unprepared for 9-11.
No one has made the price.
And I cite the fact that
That in Abu Ghraib is another typical example of the way this government works.
Ah, yes, the above the law.
Stay there.
Let's get into that first.
I mean, that's a good way to set the table here.
We know that they're claiming they're above the law on torture, spying, and then they were heroes after 9-11.
Heroes for, at the bare minimum, falling flat on their faces.
We'll be right back with Ed Asger.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Ed Asner, who served two terms as president of the Screen Actors Guild.
He, of course, was one of the stars of Mary Tyler Moore, Roots, Lou Grant.
It goes on and on.
I don't have to tell you who Ed Asner is.
Most of you know.
In fact, all of you, I'm sure, do.
And for now several years, he's been questioning, just questioning the official story, because as he said in the last segment, we know the official story is a fraud, end to end.
Pillar to post, up one side and down the other.
And so why, when Brownie knew that New Orleans would be devastated, and then it was a disaster, and FEMA stood down, obviously to get more funding later.
That's how sick these people are.
They screw up, they get more funding.
They sabotage the police.
That's all admitted now.
We've had the police on this broadcast.
We've discussed it.
At least he got fired.
Or resigned.
But with 9-11, Bush turns into some type of hero.
Even if you believe the official story, he's not a hero.
Payne Stewart's playing in 18 minutes as F-16s around it, but over an hour and 25 minutes on 9-11.
So Ed Asner has come on with us to talk about the Iraq War, to talk about 9-11, to talk about a lot of these important issues.
But in the last segment for Stations That Missed It, he brought up the above the law.
And Bush has said, you don't pre-pass the Patriot Act before they did pass it.
I'll still enforce it without a law.
His own White House memos order the torture of small children.
John Yoo gets up in front of the Council on Foreign Relations in Chicago.
We have it on tape.
And says, yeah, I wrote that memo.
Yeah, we can torture children sexually by crushing their genitals in front of their parents.
I mean, folks, you cannot make that type of stuff up.
Joseph Mingala did that stuff secretly.
He didn't brag about it.
Bush says, I don't care if it's a felony, I'm going to spy on you, even when the FISA court's a rubber stamp.
Just over and over again, he says he's above the law.
And Ed Asner joins us.
Ed, I mean, this whole above the law thing, he said years ago, if this was a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator.
Your take on that?
Oh, he was being his funny self, of course, but dead serious beneath it.
Yeah, a typical example is George Tenet, Mr. Slam Dunk, getting the Freedom Medal for his great work on 9-11, I suppose.
I thought he was farcical, and I thought he was ridiculous.
Nobody was punished.
To liken it to Abu Ghraib, where torture took place.
Who got punished?
The flunkies.
The privates and the corporals and some sergeants.
Nobody high knew anything about it.
None of the CIA knew anything about it.
Nilay was yet another example.
Lieutenant Kelly took the rap.
And all those people who covered up for him before it got exposed.
None of them had to walk the walk.
Well, with Abu Ghraib, sir, as you know, they had specific orders.
I've had Janice Karpinski, the general who wasn't even allowed to go into those CIA and contractor-controlled wings, and they tried to blame her for it.
But she said clearly they were creating torture cadres, and they had ordered them to torture.
And then Bush says he won't even...
Sign a bill to block torture, or he gives a signing statement.
He clearly gave the orders.
How do his flunkies then go to prison when he publicly gave the orders?
They brought the guy over from Guantanamo, who evidently had specialized in knowing how to do this stuff.
He was named General Miller.
And then finally the whistle got blown.
I have been listening to you and hearing stuff I hadn't heard before.
This is about children's testicles.
I've never heard anything like that before.
Yeah, just type in John Yoo torturing children into Google.
It'll come up.
Good God.
Good God.
Another one of the great...
Great charges I make.
I talk about how... Can you tell me, by the way, in terms of information, how long after 9-11 was the Patriot Act passed?
September 11th was on the 11th of September and the Patriot Act was passed on October 27th, 2001 at I think 12.10 in the AM and they were given 45 minutes to read it.
It was issued to the committee chairman 45 minutes before.
The reason I know is I've had congressmen and women on about it.
Well, I mean, if nothing is more clear cut that the Patriot Act was all
Typed up and ready to slap down at an instant notice, and a month later, Congress people, like sheep, go ahead and vote for it without questioning it, and the fact that there are over 300 pages to digest, and you say they were given 45 minutes.
Just the chairman.
Just the chairman had it for 45 minutes?
Yeah, the General Congress wasn't allowed to say it.
Well, what is wrong with the American people?
Can't they see a certain amount of engineering going on here?
That they are being led and that the chief instrument in swaying them is fear?
I think that fear theory is starting to weaken a little.
Well, I think you're right.
I think something I look at is the engineering.
I mean, 44,000 U.S.
troops in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, 18,000 British troops, three carrier groups that arrived two days before 9-11, the carrier groups, the troops were there months before, prepositioned, special forces already put in to Afghanistan.
MSNBC reported Bush had the launch order on his desk for Afghanistan two days before.
I mean, look at the engineering right there, and then look at how they pounced on our freedoms, none of it having anything to do with terrorism after 9-11.
Right, right.
So, I'm in bed with you.
But don't crowd me.
Question authority is my single motivating motto, and there is so much authority to be questioned in this country, and insufficient numbers of people are doing it.
Mr. Asner, do you ever feel like you've woken up in the twilight zone?
Because I do every day.
I mean, when Alberto Gonzalez, Chief Counsel of the White House, says we can torture people and just call it something else, and if they die in custody, if we didn't mean to kill them, it's okay, and then John Yoo, his deputy, says we can torture small children in front of them, or Bush says I'll just enforce laws that have... I'm sure you heard a month ago he signed a budget bill that hadn't been passed.
I mean, we're reaching just...
La La Land craziness.
Do you ever just feel like it's not real?
Well, it is not real, but at the same time, my consternation, my puzzlement, my where's the rest of me, as Ronald Reagan so wonderfully said in... Not how green was my valley, what was I carrying?
Picture where he had his legs cut off.
That's how I am.
But I'm also filled with a tremendous amount of anger.
And I think a lot of people have this tremendous amount of anger, and they don't know how to get rid of it.
And that anger is the fact that after 9-11, this country was in such a position, had the love of the whole world going for it, the appreciation, the admiration,
And George Bush, in his megalomania, has taken this country and pissed away 250 years of respect that was hard fought and garnered throughout the world, of respect that the rest of the world had for us, and will probably never regain it.
And that is where my anger is.
My anger is that not only is there total condescension to what, at that time anyway, to what the rest of the world thinks about us, there's total hubris and condescension as to what your average American thinks as long as they keep swinging their clout, as long as he says, I am above the law, I take my orders from God.
I will spy on people, whether you say I'm allowed to or not.
And where are the American people in all this?
I want to bring up a point here, because I'm sure you're aware of the Downing Street memo, now the White House memo, these are public, these are leaked, the White House admits them, they're trying to arrest whoever released them, both in England and the U.S., but the latest one came out a few months ago, confirmed, Bush says we can paint up American planes like U.N.
planes, try to fly them low, get Saddam to shoot them down, we can have a defector come out and claim he saw WMDs, I mean, there is smoking gun, red-handed, caught,
Lying, fabricating, that is treason, that is sedition right there.
He should be impeached right there.
Well, the trials that will be taking place in terms of guilt in terms of this government and in terms of the corporate masters of this government...
The dockets will be filled for years to come, but we'll never be able to complete it, I don't think.
I think many of the perpetrators will die before we get to them.
Well, sir, you've been around a while.
I mean, you've been around the block.
You've got some wisdom.
I've never seen such profiteering, such war profiteering, such criminality.
Congressmen stealing $800 million, running around foaming at the mouth, trillions missing from the Pentagon, and Rumsfeld gets asked about it, and he says, I don't care.
I'm not going to answer your question.
I mean, it's just lawlessness.
Is there a day yesterday there was more news in terms of...
Huge, unbelievable cost overruns by Halliburton and what's his name, the subsidiary company Brown and Root.
Brown and Root, yeah.
$800 million.
They cannot even begin to explain where that money went.
How many times has this happened with Halliburton and how many times
How many times do we read about it?
How many times do you hear about it?
And thank God, Congressman Waxman is doing it.
Stay there, sir.
We've got a break.
We've got a break.
Stay there.
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Director, producer, served as president of the Screen Actors Guild for two terms.
Ed Asner joins us.
And Ed, back in the 80s, was fighting against all the death squads down in Latin America, killing people.
Now their commander, John Negroponte, is the head of all U.S.
And Halliburton's announced they're going to build FEMA camps here in America.
So, later I'm going to get his take on that.
But right now, I'm reading off of Wikipedia, the online...
Encyclopedia, and I was talking to Ed during the break, and he said, yeah, that's definitely some of the things he's concerned about.
And it says he has signed the 9-11 truth statement, calling for new investigations on disturbing questions about 9-11 events, including the failure of the U.S.
intelligence to act on warnings of upcoming attacks, the breakdown of military air defense, and the nature of the investigations.
He's also reviewed 9-11 literature and videos, including a recent review for the 9-11 guilt.
The proof is in your hands.
I think we're good to go.
But, I mean, it's come out in the Zacharias Moussaoui trial that one FBI agent told his superior 75 times what Moussaoui was planning and was told to shut up.
And then the superiors that told them to shut up and told Rowley and Wright to shut up, they got record cash bonuses.
Mr. Asner, comments?
Well, I have the same question about Sedell Edmonds, who blew the whistle on a fellow translator...
Saying that he or she, I don't even know what sex it was, had translated wrong.
And it would have been contributory to exposing 9-11.
And Siddell was shut up.
Her testimony is not even allowed to be publicized.
And for all I know, this is typically what happens to whistleblowers in our country.
I think she was drummed out of office and forced to seek employment elsewhere.
Well, you're right.
The person she was blowing the whistle on is still there.
Well, first they offered her a bigger job and more money to shut up.
She said no.
Then they drummed her out, but now she said more.
And what she said is she heard transmissions of drug-dealing, terrorist-funding people in our government.
Oh, that's an old story as well.
I've heard that for a number of years.
You know, if this country ever could stop its war on this and war on that, war on drugs is one of the great flim-flams of all time, I think.
If it ever stopped the war on drugs, I think the economy would collapse.
Oh, I agree with you.
But look, I mean, the bigger the war on drugs gets, the more drugs we have on the streets, the more people in prison.
And, of course, those prisons are now being used for private industry, are they not?
And Americans are competing against people for 20 cents an hour.
We're competing against two...
We're competing against 2 million people that are working right now in prison industry who on average get 20 cents an hour.
Go ahead.
I mean, forget China or Mexico taking our jobs.
What about these prisoners?
That's a good reason to keep the prisons full, I'd say.
It's American enterprise.
Well, you know, I've tracked back some of the big banks that are laundering the drug money, and they own some of the big private prisons.
The Bushes, one of their biggest investments is private prisons.
You've got to love it.
They bring the narcotics in, and then they put your kids in prison if they're dumb enough to use it.
Well, and I mean, just the stories on how hemp, industrial hemp, got banned in this country was...
I mean, the horror list goes on.
I hate to sound like, you know, the little guy, Little Abner, who had the black cloud hanging over him, but it's hard to get out from under that black cloud.
Sir, we find it's positive to lance the wound.
We've got pustules all over us.
We have to clean them up.
A good dose of salt would help, I suppose.
Yes, I mean, I think what you're doing is very positive.
I mean, we need to talk about this.
But if it doesn't lead to people uniting, you know, that wonderful old Latin American expression, El pueblo unido jamás será vencido.
The people united will never be defeated.
And if we could unite our people, it would be an unbelievable achievement.
No, you're right.
Government has always learned how
To create divisions.
Be it race, be it religion, you name it.
They know how to divide us.
Be it money.
I want to get more into 9-11 with you.
Stay there.
With us with the Balance of the Hour.
Very graciously spending time with us.
Ed Asner, Hollywood legend.
And we will come back to him.
And we'll get into a bunch of other questions about 9-11, the Iraq War, where he sees things going.
Because I've read some of his...
You know, things he said long before the war and he's been on target.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Monday through Friday, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time, back from 9 to midnight.
We're joined by Ed Asner.
Ed, I've got really three major questions for you on 9-11.
I want to get your view of the so-called 9-11 Whitewash Commission.
I want to get your take.
Also, I want you to think of Charlie Sheen going public, and there's a lot of other people that are planning to go public as well, very prominent, at the same level or even bigger than he is.
Uh... I uh... uh...
I totally disagree with the commission's report.
I think it was a whitewash.
I find it interesting that the man who was placed against opposition in charge of the commission, Zelikow, has just recently been appointed to a high post in government by the administration.
So I think it's, you know, one hand caresses the other.
You and I can go on talking day in, day out, presenting chapter and verse, but none of it means anything unless there can be a rising chorus of American citizens who demand that an appropriate commission be set up.
And the only way I imagine they can do that is to affect Congress.
Maybe that'll be after the November elections.
You can get a Democratic majority in there, but I'm not sure you can trust the Democrats to do it.
But it's about the only means feasible, I think, to try to effectuate a new commission that will go over with a fine lens and a fine tooth comb what this commission certainly did not handle.
Congressman Ron Paul, who's a Republican from Texas, he believes the Democrats are going to win control of the Congress, and he believes they will impeach Bush, but not on the big issues, just as a political football, and that they'll continue with business as usual because they're owned by the same international corporate interests.
Well, I think there's a lot of truth in that, and I think that I would call upon... I generally have voted as a Democrat, and there are Democrats...
Who I believe are pure as the driven snow, and I have generally not found any Republicans of that nature.
But I would certainly support every and all exposure and effort to pursue the Democrats so that it is not business as usual.
Granted, whoever takes over this country from November 06 on is going to be pulling their hair at just how to pay the bills.
Jimmy Walters, the philanthropist, and one of the survivors, William Rodriguez, are in Caracas.
They just met.
Several dinners and at the home of the president of the assembly who knows 9-11 was an inside job.
The home is filled with books and 9-11 videos.
And he's getting them a meeting this weekend, maybe even on live TV, with Hugo Chavez.
And Chavez, according to them, knows that 9-11 is an inside job.
They're talking about having an international commission with Andres von Bulow, the German defense minister who's gone public saying it's an inside job.
They're talking about having that there in Caracas.
Does that sound good?
I think anything that could lead to exposure, which we don't have, is good.
Anything to make up for the lack of effectiveness of that commission.
My disbelief was fostered a long time ago when the election itself was challenged, when the Supreme Court, in my opinion, gave an unfair, unjust opinion that allowed the Florida vote to go on.
And George Bush entered office against the popular will.
Once he entered office, I did nothing but shake my head in amazement at how he hit the ground running.
The programs, tax cuts, everything was instituted.
There was a plan, just as we spoke earlier of the Patriot Act, being 300 and some pages, ready to institute a month after 9-11.
George Bush's plan for government and reducing government was phenomenal.
And I think... But he's not really... The government has grown.
He has spent more money, according to top economists, conservative economists, than all presidents combined.
We are now $80 trillion in debt.
You know, right now it's $9 trillion due this week.
But what we've signed on to is $87 trillion, to be precise.
In fact, that's my next question.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the father of Reaganomics, now believes that the evidence points towards 9-11 being an inside job.
He said that.
Ray McGovern, chief CIA briefer for Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., has said the same thing.
He believes the mosque bombing was a Western op.
We now have Michael Meacher, number three in the Blair government, resigning and saying similar things.
We have Morgan Reynolds, chief economist for the current Bush administration, who resigned over all the stuff, who left, and says it is an inside job, says they did it.
I mean, physics professors going public, the underwriting laboratories, Kevin Ryan.
Can you speak specifically to all these highly respected, mainly conservatives, going public saying it's an inside job?
No, I haven't heard anyone with the courage to say it so far.
And I'm amazed to hear that all of these people have come forward.
And I still, you know, I would be fearful for my family to say it.
I credit these people with guts to be able to say it.
I fear what will happen to them.
Well, we put audio files of them up, we've interviewed them live, we've written articles about it, and then mainstream media will not report on it.
Don't you think it's newsworthy that all these former and current people out of the administration are going public and saying this?
And isn't that a story in itself, Mr. Asner, that there's been a blackout on that?
Well, wasn't the mainstream media totally responsible for bolstering everything that Bush did?
All the way through to the invasion of Iraq when finally even the New York Times turned around and began to change its tune and apologize for some of its reporters.
Judith Miller being probably the most egregious one.
Oh, that raises my next point.
That raises my next point, Mr. Asner.
$1.6 billion in the last two years spent on, quote, fake news.
That's an LA Times headline.
Fake news.
You say billion?
Yes, $1.6 billion spent to pay off reporters.
Just type it into Google.
All these fake reporters, planning stories, lying.
I mean, what is that?
Well, Alex, this is the home of the brave, the land of the free.
But unless you test it constantly and don't accept, you've got to question it all the time.
I was just on an interview program with Bob Dumas a couple of days ago.
He's a Korean War vet who for 50 years has fought to get
Acknowledgement and revelation by this country of the 8,000 missing in action Korean prisoners, American prisoners.
His brother is one of them, and he has given his life to fighting for this.
But, you know, the list goes on.
He deserves the freedom battle, not George Tenet.
But nobody knows about Bob Dumas.
And either his son or his nephew has made a video, a DVD on this subject and on how Congress and various important members of Congress, and I would say Senator McCain and Senator Kerry being the two leading ones,
I've stopped the investigations going forth on this government pushing forward to try to achieve some understanding with North Korea in freeing or at least disclosing what happened to these 8,000 people.
Well, yes, sir.
I mean, as you know, you're informed on this subject and so many others.
They are trying to get POWs back.
20,000-plus U.S.
troops were in Nazi camps.
And we're just given to the Russians, and our government didn't do a thing.
World War II, same thing Korea, same thing Vietnam.
Now with the depleted uranium, I mean, depleted uranium tripling the birth defects, now quadrupling them.
I mean, what does this say about the nature of the people running this government that they don't even care?
1984 is...
I guess it's come around through the back door.
It's a hell of a good way to reduce population by this spreading of depleted uranium.
God knows.
Ah, yes, their population control agenda.
In fact, I've read that you're very informed about the dangers of the vaccines.
Yes, I have been campaigning against the pharmaceutical companies for the inclusion of thimerosal.
Thank God California passed a law which could be used in all the states because of the inclusion of thimerosal in the triple shots given, and it's still included in most of the flu shots.
I'm not up to speed on that, but the incidents in cases of autism have skyrocketed with the inclusion of this mercury additive that was added about the time that the
Children's autism began to spike upward.
Yeah, it went from 1 in 25,000 26 years ago to 1 in 168.
I mean, here's an article here out of the Australian.
Child drugs linked to heart attack.
Thousands of children, just in Australia, 400 in a year, but over here it's thousands, have died.
Five-year-olds are having heart attacks because they're giving them speed.
They're giving them methamphetamine.
Under the guise of what?
I mean, the mercury is bad enough.
Sure, I was mentioning ADHD.
Oh, you've got attention deficit disorder and you need some.
And then their little hearts explode.
Let me bring up Charlie Sheen, sir.
What do you think of the courage of Charlie Sheen going public?
I mean, do you think he has courage?
I mean, your take on that.
There's no doubt about it.
Of course he has courage.
And I'm delighted that he is the star of...
A top-rated show and has a platform that will draw attention and that the present-day Charlie Sheen is seen as a caring law-abiding citizen coming from a most distinguished acting family.
And I couldn't be happier.
Do you have any words for Charlie?
Because I guarantee you he'll be listening to this interview if he isn't listening to it right now in his trailer.
Well, I'm delighted that Charlie got on the CNN through your show, Alex, because I was slated to go on with the Green candidate for Senate in New York, and they canceled us at the last minute because they said the guy that they had
Who's going to appear against us?
I didn't know that you always had to have somebody speaking in opposition to you when you appeared on a show.
I'm looking for the person you're going to introduce in opposition to me, Alex, because they act like it's a law.
Well, that's not true.
Whenever they're pushing their lies on Fox or something, they'll have everybody on their side.
And this is what CNN did the other day, because supposedly the person they were going to have on opposite us was from the commission itself.
And at the last minute, that was cancelled.
So this is one very good way of creating blackout on 9-11 or whatever else government and
Corporate establishment wants to.
Well, sir, I got an email from Sandra Hicks who was going to be appearing with you, as you know, and he said in the email that it was too hot to handle and that basically CNN was told, why are you covering this?
I called CNN, talked to two separate producers, and they said we're getting huge ratings.
We all know the truth.
We're getting thousands of emails a day.
Fifty-plus thousand people voted.
We've never had a response like this.
We got a call from higher up to, quote, kill it.
They actually told you that?
She said, don't say my name.
I know.
Well, so there you have it.
CNN is supposedly one of the last refuges of truth, as opposed to Fox and some of the other corporate-sponsored networks.
By the way, I was supposed to be on Fox that day live, and they canceled.
Did they?
And you were going to talk on 9-11?
Yes, sir.
Well... I mean, I'll tell you how this works.
A producer thinks it's real news and normally has the power to do it.
They say 100% you're on, and then they get a call and are told it's over.
You're not doing it.
Oh, I know.
It's... I'm used to cancellations, if you'll recall.
I know.
Lou Grant was canceled that way.
So, it happens.
Stuff happens, as our defense secretary says.
Stuff happens.
And it will continue to happen unless we can marshal up a sufficient form of organization to say never again or no more.
Do you think they'll try to retaliate against Sheen through the corporate structure?
Oh, I doubt it.
I doubt it very much.
First of all, we're on a crest right now, a crest that even Republicans are participating in.
And it would be... First of all, I have to lament the fact that Charlie's outspokenness on the subject is so unusual and so rare that...
He's standing out there right now, and if anything were done to him, and if anything is done to him, it won't be done to him now.
It'll take time.
But right now, they wouldn't dare touch him.
Well, I think a lot of people in the structure itself agree with Charlie.
Of course.
Many of you.
But I will tell you something even more important.
That the vast majority are afraid to even discuss it.
Which is why it became such a hot topic, the revelation of his interview on your show on CNN, which the third party removed.
But look at the attention it attracted.
And it attracted that because people are afraid to discuss it.
You're absolutely right.
I've talked to so many big Hollywood people that know Ed, but they're afraid to speak up.
Well, I commend your courage, sir.
Final segment coming up.
Five minutes left on the other side with Ed Asner, the legendary Hollywood actor, producer, and president of the Screen Actors Guild.
Stay with us.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And here in closing, sir, I want to give you a minute or two to finish up anything you'd like to impart to us.
It's been great having you on.
You're a real humanitarian, fighting the vaccines, fighting for POWs.
You know, not just the caricature the neocon press has tried to put out about you.
But we have official documents like Operation Northwoods, where the U.S.
government wanted to hijack jets and crash them and blame it on foreign countries for war.
We have...
Well, I think...
The Tonkin Gulf incident and the Vietnam War has already been proven to be one of those incidents.
I think Pearl Harbor itself is thought to be one of those incidents.
I think the battleship Maine is one of those incidents.
I think the cruise ship, the ocean liner Lusitania, which was carrying arms, and they were warned not to, or people were warned not to sail on it.
I think it was 1954.
I knew about Sunket and many rich Americans died on it.
And that helped Woodrow Wilson take us into that war.
So it's very easy to think of 9-11 as being yet another cause for being able to generate war in this country.
Well, PNAC said that.
I mean, the PNAC documents, they say we need Pearl Harbor events.
We need helpful Pearl Harbor events.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, is PNAC not the blueprint?
You know, I hate to belabor the American people, but when are they going to begin to question why every time that this country... I mean, Eisenhower warned against it with the military-industrial complex.
But we seem to have a penchant for every 20 years or so needing to get into some very heavy military involvement.
Yeah, addicted to war.
Addicted to war.
Sir, who has the motive for 9-11?
I mean, who's really gained from 9-11?
I mean, I know you can answer that.
Who has gained from 9-11?
Only one group in the world has really gained from it.
You want me to answer that?
Yes, sir.
Well, certainly the military has.
It's been a phenomenal Halliburton and Root, Mr. Cheney's old outfit.
They've certainly done a phenomenal job.
There certainly aren't a lot of American soldiers over there.
We've only got 140,000 who are getting their ass shot off.
So I don't think that they're able to indulge in money-making.
So who else?
The oil companies, of course.
They've known record highs since this conflict and even before.
So did I leave anything out?
The White House.
The White House and its interests.
Well, the White House, of course, is involved with oil and the military.
And always has been.
Final question, sir.
Do you think we're in danger of another staged attack in this country?
Well, isn't it interesting that the first one succeeded so well?
You'd think that with their... And I don't think the Patriot Act and Homeland Security have certainly shielded us up to such a point that another act like that... They don't have to have another attack.
If they indeed lost the first one, they have screwed up our country so badly, they could just let us sink in upon ourselves.
I don't... You also didn't bring up the fact that many of the purported hijackers are living persons elsewhere.
Have you talked about that at any length?
Oh, that's BBC, Mr. Asner.
We've got to get you back soon.
Thank you for spending time with us.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.