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Air Date: March 23, 2006
2507 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I saw the most fair and balanced mainstream media report, television report concerning 9-11 that I've ever seen.
In fact, I never thought I'd see something that fair and balanced on CNN yesterday.
And Webster Tarpley was on there, of course, he'll be joining us tomorrow.
And at the same time, they had Mr. Berg from 911truth.org.
Of course, I would have been on there.
CNN called me at noon yesterday, but I never got the message.
And so they called me again last night, and supposedly I'll probably be on sometime this evening.
Because with ten and a half minutes, and they gave the panel about five or six of that, I would have cleaned their clocks.
You saw what I did on...
Of course, C-SPAN with 60 seconds during the Republican National Convention.
In fact, I didn't think of that.
Why don't you pull that, Scott, if you can find, I think it's Alex on C-SPAN clip.
Can you imagine five, six minutes, if I would have had five, six minutes?
So I'm like kicking myself as usual.
MSNBC called me a while back and I missed it and it happened again.
The problem is we get so many hundreds of calls and
Thousands of emails are just wallowing, but for those that don't know, they gave Charlie Sheen a really fair shake, and I'm just amazed, and even the host, Mr. Hammer, A.J.
Hammer, said that he's had questions since day one, and they tried a few little tricks in there, like going, but of course, most Americans still believe it's bin Laden.
Well, no, the polls don't actually show that.
But you can actually watch the clip up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We're going to play the audio coming up a little bit later in this hour.
But the neocons have gone into hyper-warp, now attacking Charlie Sheen and myself and others.
And Human Events, the big so-called conservative neocon publication, the biggest in the country, the Bible of the neocons up on the hill, what they read every day, has done a big hit piece calling me the liberal talk show host on the liberal GCN radio network.
So you've really got to love it.
But I'm glad, even though they couldn't get a hold of me, they could get a hold of Webster Tarbley, and I'm glad they could get a hold of Mr. Burke.
And they had some National Geographic twit up there who literally...
I was watching her on a large TV screen.
You really can't pick it up as well on the little fuzzy Internet video clip.
But she looked like a deer in the headlights and just looked completely slimy and like she'd been caught with her hand in the cookie jar trying to defend the official story.
But you can pick up a lot of it just from her sniveling with the audio we're going to be playing.
Big article Paul put out this morning.
Mainstream media attacks Charlie Sheen over 911 comments.
Finally covers story.
Neocons start frothing at the mouth.
And front page of Page Six, New York Post, the Boston Herald, a whole bunch of big trade publications.
I mean, there's too many to list here.
And some of the neocons are saying that we all need to basically leave the country or be arrested.
You know, that we hate America.
No, we love America.
And there are individuals using 9-11 to kill America, to kill the sovereignty of this nation.
Coming up in an hour and 27 minutes, to be precise, Paul Joseph Watson will join us for the second half of this worldwide transmission against tyranny to cover the Sheen situation, the big controversy erupting nationally.
But frankly, more importantly, we'll be getting into all the inner...
National news and the national news here in the United States, there is a lot of it.
But I will come back and cover a lot of the news, and then at the bottom of the hour I'll get back into Sheen and play the CNN clip so we can sit here and analyze it and decipher it.
China repeats that it has an accord with Russia on Iran.
Big news there.
Pentagon tells Bush climate change will destroy U.S.,
That's mainstream news.
Clinton vows to block criminalizing illegal immigrants.
Well, that's an oxymoron.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
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The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Paul Watson with his five-week lead.
From the United Kingdom, he'll be joining us at the midway point in an hour and 22 minutes from now.
We're going to get into the national and international news, and then we're going to get into the Charlie Sheen controversy, where he just simply laid out the facts of 9-11 and the big unanswered questions and the clear evidence of a government cover-up and involvement.
And I saw, again, the most positive, fair, in fact, it even leaned towards our view.
I mean, I never thought I'd see it.
On Showbiz Today, their lead story for about ten and a half minutes.
Just shy of an 11-minute piece, and you never see 11-minute pieces.
In fact, I looked up the normal schedule of showbiz today, and they usually spend about three or four minutes per piece.
They spent almost 11, and it was really three to one.
The host thought there was a cover-up in 9-11 and said he had questions.
And, of course, Webster Tarpley was on there, and then they had the 9-11...
Truth, fella, Mr. Berg did a great job from New York.
And again, I would have been on there, but the call came in at noon yesterday, and I was never told about it.
And so I missed that boat again, but that's okay.
That's okay.
At least I got on C-SPAN one time live.
I was only given 60 seconds, and this is what I had to say.
Go ahead and roll that C-SPAN clip from during the RNC.
For delegate reaction.
And Susan, of course, the floor is empty, but they're here, and we'd be accused of not hearing all voices.
We cut you off a moment ago.
This is Alex Jones from Austin, Texas, the radio talk show host.
Yes, sir.
With InfoWars.com, both candidates are cousins.
They're skull and bones.
They're bringing in big government and tyranny.
The evidence is clear.
The military-industrial complex was intimately involved in 9-11.
The commission is a complete fraud.
We're losing our freedoms.
Both parties are controlled.
And if we don't wake up and stand up and speak out, this country's going to be destroyed.
Giving up liberty only gives us tyranny.
It does not give us security, and I hope that everybody out there wakes up to this and realizes that America is America because we have the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Everybody should investigate 9-11 and find out who's really behind it.
It's Bush's and the New World Order's Reichstag, and his cousin Kerry isn't going to save you either.
Thank you, prisonplanet.com.
Alex Jones, okay, now...
So there you have it.
Imagine having a chance to have six minutes on CNN.
I would have run down the entire catalog of smoking guns, or at least quite a few of them.
But c'est la vie.
At least one of the people on the show did bring up Building 7 and how it wasn't hit by a plane.
I mean, the idiot they had on there from National Geographic shilling for the NWO.
She goes, oh, when the planes hit it, it knocked the fire retardant off the support pillars.
And of course, that's what FEMA said.
You can take raw steel, not structural steel, it's even harder to melt, and you can burn it forever in jet fuel.
You can put it in a field, and for 10 million years, poor gasoline, which burns hotter than jet fuel, jet fuel is the same consistency and burning rate of kerosene, it's designed so it doesn't explode in the tanks, folks.
Talk to people that know.
And it burns at thousands and thousands of degrees lower than it takes to even redden steel.
That's raw steel.
But according to the lady who produced the big documentary for the national television, why, according to the lady from National Geographic, the jets knocked the flame retardant off of the columns.
And so, that's why it happened.
And, well, wait a minute, nothing hit Building 7.
Some dust and some small pieces of debris, a few windows got broken out, and later in the afternoon, a couple small fires got set somehow, and then it imploded perfectly.
Why won't you focus in on that?
And the fellow from 911 Truth out of New York, he did bring up that the media will not play those clips, will not address Building 7, will not talk about it.
So that's exactly what I would have done, but I would have just continually... Basically, you know, I'm pretty aggressive.
I would have attempted to take over and bludgeon the little establishment twit they had up against him.
But again, that's coming up.
In about 15 minutes or so, bottom of the hour, we will play the CNN piece and analyze it.
I think I'm going to play a clip and then stop it and comment, and play a clip, stop it and comment, because there's so many facets to it.
Certainly there's some propaganda in it, but I've never seen something this fair.
I mean, it was...
Sixty-five percent, I would say, on our side.
In fact, we really shouldn't even call it fair.
Because it was really our view, the evidence, the facts.
But really, they've had how many national TV shows and docudramas and shockuramas and then real documentaries have aired on TV since four and a half years ago, about 9-11, with the establishment view?
It's got to be over a hundred.
I mean, there's probably been 10 on PBS alone.
There's probably been 10 or 15 on History Channel, 10 or 15 on Discovery Channel that I know of.
I have a huge shelf and boxes just full of their propaganda pieces.
And each film gives another reason why the building's collapsed and then ignores Building 7.
So I'm already getting off into this.
It's just unprecedented.
And I'm told that sniveling, pro-government, anti-gun, wolves in sheep's clothing, here to destroy real conservatism and freedom.
People like Laura Twithead Ingram are just savaging myself and playing clips from this show, which they're not authorized to do.
But c'est la vie.
Let them.
It's fair use.
We're all in the same world, all in the same ballpark.
I don't care.
And attacking us and a bunch of other national talk show hosts are attacking us and calling for Charlie Sheen to get in trouble and not have his talk show.
Again, they're about silencing free speech because they can't beat us on an even playing field.
They cannot respond to the facts.
That there are official U.S.
government documents, declassified, calling for the U.S.
government to carry out 9-11-style attacks to blame it on their enemies and turn America into a police state.
There's Northwoods, there's PNAC, there's Brzezinski, there's the CFR on C-SPAN saying terrorism helps them, and then we've got documents where they say they want to carry out the attack.
And then we've got Republican memos confirmed now, five months old, saying they need another event to get their agenda back on track and be able to go and do Iran.
They have the motive.
They have the history.
I will repeat, you can go to CIA.gov.
I haven't checked it in about a week.
And even a week ago, they'd taken some of it down or killed some of the links.
But not before we screenshotted it and printed it out and saved it.
And that'll all be in the new film that's coming out where they have all the admissions that they carry out terror attacks and blame it on their enemies.
From Europe to Iran to you name it.
And then, of course, anything that the CIA's taken down is on the National Archives and is also the New York Times has a whole page about Mosaddegh and the 53 overthrow admitting the government carried out terror attacks with Kermit Roosevelt's documents and after-action reports.
I mean, it's all over the place, but to be at CIA.gov
And to be reading it, to be actually reading it off of their history department is unbelievable.
And a week after I started reporting on it and talking about it, suddenly the links were still there.
Read the document here.
Read the document there.
But suddenly they were gone.
So really sneaky, really sneaky stuff going on.
But you're not going to stop us.
A lot of people think patriotism is being cowardly, turning in your guns, opening up the borders, submitting to world government, submitting to world taxation, submitting to Bush and all of his corporate welfare to his buddies and all the war profiteering.
A lot of people think conservatism is Bush spending more money than all presidents combined and doubling the size of the BATF and Department of Education and Department of Labor and creating 35 new federal agencies and federalizing everything and militarizing the police and putting up face scanning cameras everywhere.
No, that's not conservatism.
And so if you, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly are what conservatism is, then I don't want to be associated with you.
If I'm a communist or a liberal, as human events newspapers calling me today, because I am constitutional and I'm a constitutionalist, I've got the track record, and because I've exposed you, if you want to switch the terms around, fine.
Communism now means George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson.
It means Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and it means not having a government.
Okay, communism now means total freedom.
And conservatism means Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Jiang Zemin, Fidel Castro.
Okay, fine, fine.
I mean, take Hugo Chavez.
Neocon right-wing governments of the past stole all these farmers' and ranchers' property.
Chavez is deeding it to poor populations.
Not just communal farms.
Giving it.
He is giving each individual, in some cases, thousands of acres.
Just here.
All you peasants in this town who can prove that you originally lived on this land 25 years ago and it was taken from you, we are kicking the establishment lackeys who are giving your land off
And we are giving it back to you with deed and title.
Have your land.
Oh my gosh.
He's a commie.
No, no, no.
See, it's conservative to call it a right-wing government, to put in a right-winger in Venezuela 20-something years ago.
Was it 28 years ago?
Put in a CIA government and then run everybody off with death squads wearing black masks.
This is what happened.
Run them off their land by the millions and then give it to these local fat cats with their local death squad garrisoned enforcing it.
You see, that's now communism is giving the people back their land in the new neocon world.
Conservatism is gun-grabbing and open borders and regulations and hell on earth.
I mean, that's all they've got is the word conservative.
That's all they've got.
That's all they can say.
None of these terms mean anything.
None of these terms mean anything.
All right, we'll be right back after this quick break, and I'll get into the international national news.
There's a lot of it.
Wait till you hear what Hillary said, the witch.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that in 1975, 32 senators and 92 representatives signed the Declaration of Interdependence, which stated that we must bring about a new world order?
It called for the surrender of our national sovereignty to international organizations.
It called for the redistribution of the wealth from America to third and fourth world countries.
This is the same New World Order called for by former President George Herbert Walker Bush 210 times at the start of the Iraqi War in 1990-1991.
We'd like to help you understand how these things are coming to pass by offering you an absolutely free one-year subscription to Newswatch Magazine.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This whole fake left-right thing off against each other like two WWF or WWE wrestlers.
That's all they do.
The United Nations is owned by the very same financial interests that own this country.
And then they come in and say, oh, let us inspect, or America the bad cop will come invade you.
And then the UN signs off on the invasion.
And the same thing happens with Hillary Clinton.
She comes out and says that she's against Bush's plan when Bush's amnesty plan for the borders was written by Democratic Senators.
And then conservatives rush in and then support Bush in his amnesty plan.
Remember the headline yesterday?
Bush is not in favor of amnesty.
And then he goes on to say, but he is in favor of a guest worker program.
And we've read the legislation on air.
We've had Tom Tancredo, the congressman from Colorado, the expert on this.
We've had Ron Paul.
It is a blanket.
Total amnesty for six years, and then allows corporations to bring in unlimited skilled and unskilled.
There's a cap right now on what, about a million and a half a year.
That's all they can bring in, and they get to stay.
So it's in the tens of millions.
Of skilled workers.
Now it will be unlimited skilled and unlimited unskilled at any wage they wish.
So they're rushing these people in.
They're bringing them in en masse already, and our economy is folding.
Our industrial base and even service industry is contracting.
You see, this is how they contain the debate.
Bush is, I'm against amnesty.
I just want a guest worker program, which is the biggest amnesty ever.
Total amnesty.
And Hillary says, how dare your plan?
It's too hardcore.
We need amnesty.
And then that makes Bush look like he's more in the center.
It's all staged.
They get on phone conferences with each other.
They stage all this.
It's come out in the news.
Hillary and Bush work together.
And until you figure that out, you're not going to understand anything, you sniveling neocons out there.
And I know there's some of you listening.
You just can't get it.
You love being conned.
Just like Democrats when Bill Clinton was in office.
They would not understand that he was New World Order.
They would not understand that he took the orders of people like Donald Rumsfeld.
I mean, Clinton was always getting in trouble for giving reactors to North Korea or weapons to Saddam.
And then you track back the companies.
It was Bechtel and it was ABB and all these neocon companies making the money doing it.
And Clinton was their water boy.
And then they pillory Clinton in the press.
That's just entertainment.
The elite lets us attack their puppets to make us feel like we've got some type of power.
But they don't want us to talk about how their puppets are puppets or marionettes.
Now that hurts the New World Order.
So everything is pure deception.
On the surface, that AP headline yesterday when Bush gave a speech the night before saying, I'm really against this amnesty.
That's why we need guest worker, which is total amnesty.
Here's the latest oxymoron.
This is out of Newsday, Associated Press.
Clinton vows to block bill criminalizing illegal immigrants.
Wait a minute.
And it's got her speech here.
She said that.
I will block the bill criminalizing illegal immigrants.
How do you criminalize an illegal immigrant?
Are you picking up on that?
Clinton vows to block bill criminalizing illegal immigrants.
That's like saying, I vow to block a bill criminalizing murder.
Or it's even worse.
I vow to block any legislation that will criminalize illegal murder.
I mean, it even has the word illegal.
Right next to each other, criminalizing and illegal.
Somebody needs to write to Beth Foth, I believe is how you pronounce it, AP political writer.
And ask her, hey Beth, I know you're quoting Hillary here, but would you like to point out that, I mean, on its face, Clinton vows to block Bill criminalizing illegal immigrants?
I'm just going to keep saying that.
Clinton vows to block Bill criminalizing illegal immigrants.
Criminalizing illegal immigrants.
I know I'm being obnoxious.
That's the point here.
The average American reads this and doesn't even pick up on that.
The average American hasn't read the bill.
The average American hasn't interviewed Tom Tancredo.
The average American doesn't listen to this show.
They listen to Laura Ingraham.
And I've heard the witch.
Little sniveling, slick liar, going, I just really appreciate President Bush trying to control our borders and do something, and these liberals just won't let us do it.
She's not dumb.
Sean Hannity isn't dumb.
When he gets up and says, we've got to get behind President Bush and his plan for the border because it's really bad.
And man, his plan will fix it.
Again, we could end all murder tomorrow.
Just stop calling it murder and call it happiness and then say we're now legalizing happiness.
There's still going to be killings going on.
It's still going to be murder.
But we'll just say it isn't murder.
So see, we're going to end the illegal alien problem by making them all legal.
And then bringing in unlimited numbers.
Oh, it's wide open.
Oh, that will fix it.
Oh, unlimited numbers.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, coming up here in a few minutes, I'll play the CNN piece from last night.
We'll analyze it and break it down.
Amazingly fair.
I mean, you talk about fair and balanced.
I am blown away by this.
If I end up going on Anderson Cooper tonight, they've contacted me.
I don't think they're going to be as nice as they were on showbiz today on CNN.
And again, I am literally banging my head up against a wall.
Well, not literally, but I'd like to.
They called her at noon yesterday, and I just...
Phones weren't checked.
Messages weren't checked.
I didn't get it.
Because if I would have gotten that call, this is what you would have heard on CNN for six minutes.
This is what I can do in one minute.
Roll that C-SPAN one more time.
Go back outside of Madison Square Garden for more delegate reaction.
And Susan, of course, the floor is empty, but they're here, and we'd be accused of not hearing all voices.
We cut you off a moment ago.
This is Alex Jones from Austin, Texas, the radio talk show host.
Yes, sir.
With InfoWars.com, both candidates are cousins.
They're skull and bones.
They're bringing in big government and tyranny.
The evidence is clear.
The military-industrial complex was intimately involved in 9-11.
The commission is a complete fraud.
We're losing our freedoms.
Both parties are controlled.
And if we don't wake up and stand up and speak out, this country's going to be destroyed.
Giving up liberty only gives us tyranny.
It does not give us security, and I hope that everybody out there wakes up to this and realizes that America is America because we have the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Everybody should investigate 9-11 and find out who's really behind it.
It's Bush's and the New World Order's Reichstag, and his cousin Kerry isn't going to save you either.
Thank you, PrisonPlanet.com.
Alex Jones, okay now.
All right, and let me just get into some of the other news, and I'll play the CNN piece.
Just finishing up with the open border situation.
Both parties have signed on to the international pacts and the international treaties to get rid of the borders.
They're building the international NAFTA highway just about six miles from where I sit right now.
The entire highway system will be tracking control grids with toll roads with transponders.
It's the end of our country.
The total end, the American Union, and America openly becoming a full-bore, third-world nation.
That is official.
And then again, Hillary comes out and says she will block a bill criminalizing illegal immigrants.
It's already criminal, Hillary, don't worry.
But she's there trying to spin what the neocons and others are pushing as, quote, their solution.
So see, the average person goes, oh, well, I'm with Bush.
He wants to deal with the illegal aliens and criminalize them, when in truth it's a total amnesty.
See how that shill works?
And all these disgusting liars, all these slick neocons, get on TV and radio and in print and try to deceive you.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right.
So that's the report right there on that.
I wouldn't buy that for a minute.
Look for Russia and China at the end to pull out and go along with the attack.
It's all part of the stage theater.
Continuing, Pentagon tells Bush climate change will destroy U.S.
This is out of the U.K.
Observer, the sister or twin of the London Guardian.
And I don't buy this for a minute, but just listen to it.
Climate change in the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe, costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters.
Quote, secret report warns of rioting and nuclear war.
Britain will be Siberian in less than 20 years.
That means frozen tundra.
And it says threat to world is greater than terrorism.
So I want to get into that.
Also, a headline out of the Kansas City Star.
Pulled over in Kansas.
Get ready to show your license, registration, and fingerprints.
That's going to go in nationwide.
Part of the National ID Card National Sales Tax being pushed by fake shills, little wolves in sheep's clothing, like Neil Bortz.
You totally prove it again.
Shillings selling you open borders in the name of fighting them.
Selling you massive taxes and controlling them, getting rid of the IRS.
It's all they do.
Deception upon deception.
Candy-coated cyanide for America.
Oh, it's so tasty on the tongue, but it's going to kill the country in the tummy.
Department of Homeland Security shoots down movie script.
Mainstream news, ladies and gentlemen.
They're now claiming even pro-
Homeland Security films in Hollywood, they're saying you're not allowed to say the name Homeland Security.
You're not allowed to show our seal.
You're not allowed to act like you have officers who are playing the part of Homeland Security.
Now, folks, it's called free speech, freedom of expression.
I could go make a movie if I had the money right now about the FBI.
I could make one about the Forest Service.
I could make one where I had people playing the part of Border Patrol.
Did Tommy Lee Jones, with his new film, The Three Burials of... I forget the full name.
It's a great movie I saw a few weeks ago.
Did he go get permission?
Hey, can I have my people wear Border Patrol uniforms in my movies shot in South Texas and in Northern Mexico?
No, he didn't get permission.
Now these nuts think they can go around and tell people what they can and can't do.
We'll get into that.
Oil gushes into Arctic Ocean from BP Pipeline.
Texas arresting people for drinking in bars.
Pew web users still unlikely to pay for news.
Pew Research.
And more news on the readership of newspapers imploding and TV viewership imploding.
And SARS explodes and explodes by the millisecond, the alternative media.
But before we do that, it's about ten and a half minutes long, so I better start it now.
I'm even going to be able to play it this hour.
This is an audio clip of a video from the showbiz tonight with the fairest report I've ever seen concerning 9-11.
A major bellwether, a crossroads, a seminal event.
Go ahead and roll it.
Plus, a Charlie Sheen shocker.
Tonight, the actor's stunning statements on 9-11.
Maybe the airplane did not take down the Twin Towers.
And maybe the government is covering it all up.
Taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75% of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory.
Showbiz Tonight investigates the startling allegations.
Of course, you remember where you were on September 11th.
Oh, absolutely, AJ.
I was at work at CNN in Atlanta, and I remember being in complete and utter shock and dismay.
Yeah, I was working as well here in New York City, and like most people, just thinking, this is absolutely unbelievable.
Well, there's another thing that you may not believe about September 11th and what someone is saying.
Charlie Sheen, star of CBS's successful sitcom Two and a Half Men, says point-blank,
9-11, the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, all a cover-up.
Well, Showbiz Tonight has the tape that has people asking, what's the truth?
Is this for real?
The more you look at stuff, especially specific incidents, specific events, around the faithful day, it just raises a lot of questions.
Charlie Sheen has his own questions about 9-11, and Showbiz Tonight has obtained the explosive interview from the radio show of fringe journalist Alex Jones.
Sheen normally gets laughs as The Bachelor on the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.
You're even better than a dog.
But now, Sheen is courting controversy by questioning the official story on 9-11.
We're not the conspiracy theorists on this particular issue, you know?
It seems to me like, you know, 19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75% of their targets.
That feels like a conspiracy theory.
So what exactly are Sheen's questions about 9-11?
For one, Sheen is questioning the official story of what caused the World Trade Center collapse.
That the impact of the two planes caused fires that weakened the building's support columns.
In the interview, Sheen says he wondered if the buildings could have been brought down by a deliberate, yet deliberate, implosion.
I saw the South Tower hit live.
That famous wide shot where it disappears behind the building, and then we see the tremendous fireball.
And it was just a... There was a feeling that...
It just didn't look... How do I say this?
It didn't look like any commercial jetliner I've flown on any time in my life.
And then when the buildings came down...
Later on that day, I was with my brother, and I said, hey, call me insane, but did it sort of look like those buildings came down in a controlled demolition?
Sheen is also questioning how a commercial airliner could have hit the Pentagon.
Show us this incredible maneuvering.
Just show it to us.
Just show us, you know, how this particular plane pulled off these maneuvers.
What was it?
A 270-degree turn at 500 miles an hour, descending 7,000 feet in two and a half minutes, skimming across the treetops the last 500 meters.
You can't see it off the ground.
Sheen also jumped on a favorite target of 9-11 conspiracy theorists, President Bush.
Sheen questions why the president, after an aide told him about the attacks, continued with his Florida school appearance.
It seemed to me that upon the revelation of that news, that the Secret Service would grab the President and remove him as if he were on fire from that room.
Ever since that horrible day, conspiracy theories about the attacks have spread far and wide through the internet.
As writer Webster Tarpley tells Showbiz Tonight, Sheen is not alone in his opinions.
There was a Zogby poll that was carried out last August, actually August of 2004 by now, which showed that about 50% of the people in New York City believed that top government officials had knowledge in advance of what was going to happen.
Still, it's safe to say that most experts and most Americans place the blame for 9-11 only on Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, not the U.S.
Even she knows his comments may not go over well with many people.
I'm sure I'm being demonized across the nation by, you know, all of the people that do that sort of thing.
So what exactly should we make about Charlie Sheen's stunning comments?
Let's get right into it now.
Joining me live from Chicago for the Showbiz Newsmaker interview is Nicole Rittenmeier.
She's the supervising producer for the National Geographic Channel's miniseries Inside 9-11.
And live in St.
Louis, Michael Berger.
Michael's the media coordinator of 911truth.org.
It's a group that claims there has been a September 11th cover-up.
I want to thank you both for being with me tonight.
Thanks for having me.
So, Michael, I'm one of these people who believes that anyone who takes everything that has been spoon-fed to us by the government from wherever about what happened on 9-11 is being naive.
I think there is more out there.
When I say this to people sometimes, they look at me like I'm kind of nuts.
Charlie Sheen must be getting the same reaction, and I'm sure your organization gets that reaction as well.
So what do you say to people who think that maybe what Charlie Sheen is saying here is just crazy?
Well, Charlie Sheen raised several.
I mean, first, I have to say, Charlie Sheen has really done his homework.
There's a great deal, an abundance of information out there, and it's hard to sift through what is, in fact, fictitious information and what is based in fact.
But there is a large body of information out there that contradicts the official story, and Charlie Sheen has clearly done his homework.
He raises credible questions, questions that family members have raised, that the 9-11 commissioners had promised them would be answered in their reports since they didn't answer those questions in the commission hearings.
And when the report came out, Lori Van Auken, one of the Jersey Girls, a year after the report came out, after her analysis of the final commission report, she stated that the report actually raised more questions than it had answered.
Nicole, he's bringing up a lot of valid points, and Charlie Sheen raising issues about a lot of aspects of what happened on September 11th.
So what's your reaction to what he's saying?
Well, I mean, I think that the work that his organization has done, we should be asking questions.
Our program, the four-hour miniseries we did on 9-11, was the highest rated program ever for National Geographic Channel, and that suggests there's a lot of interest in this.
People need a lot of closure.
And even the 9-11 commissioners didn't say that their report was the final word.
I mean, we should be asking questions.
I think the important question, though, is
Some of the issues he's raised are easily answered.
He may have done his homework.
I don't know that he did enough.
Well, what specifically?
What's one of the issues that he raised that you're finding issue with?
The demolition of the buildings.
Which Charlie Sheen claims appeared to be a controlled implosion that wouldn't have happened from airplanes simply hitting the buildings.
Absolutely, and it did.
It did happen.
The fireproofing was blown off the buildings.
There's been tons of research.
There's a wealth of evidence out there that suggests it's been examined and re-examined.
It looked to untrained people like a controlled...
Michael, you did mention that you were impressed with how well informed Charlie Sheen is and the fact that he did do his homework, which I imagine for an organization like yours, which wants people to ask the hard questions, has to be a good thing.
He's not just another Hollywood type simply spouting his mouth off.
No, like I said, Charlie has really done his homework and has been really impressive.
In fact, Charlie raises the issue of a third building, a 47-story building, Building 7, which collapsed at 5.20 p.m.
on September 11th, which was not hit by an airplane.
So what we're asking for is if this third building collapsed at 5.20, which the media really has not shown this clip.
They show us the towers being impacted by planes and the fireballs and the collapse over and over.
We're good to go.
I think?
The people of Madrid assumed, like 9-11, this tower was going to collapse, and yet it didn't.
Michael, do you think there's been a huge government cover-up, as Charlie Sheen is alleging, on September 11th?
I do, I do.
I think many of the commissioners themselves have had conflicts of interest.
They did not follow the investigations to where...
Truly independent commission, which is what Charlie Sheen is called for.
Truly independent voices raising questions, calling on the government to release information like Pentagon surveillance videotapes, videotapes from the Sheraton Hotel and the Sitco gas station.
Evidence about the black boxes located at Ground Zero, which a firefighter had stated prior to the 9-11 commission report coming out in 2004.
Michael, I've got to jump in real quick, because, Nicole, I do want to ask you, you did mention that it is important that we're asking these questions.
Charlie Sheen, now a Hollywood type on board, raising these issues publicly before it's been mostly official type people.
So do you think it will at least give some of these theories legs?
Oh, gosh, I hope not.
I hope it...
It causes people to start reading a little bit more and researching the issue.
You delve into the research.
A lot of this is answerable.
Well, hopefully people will start trying to get more informed because I think there are a lot of unanswered questions.
Michael Berger, Nicole Rittenmeyer, thank you for joining us on Showbiz Tonight.
Thank you.
All right, we'll come back.
I've got a bunch of notes on what you just heard.
I mean, give me a break.
You need to read more?
You need to, you twit, you little shill.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We just notified the top news on Yahoo News, which is the biggest thing in the country, is the Charlie Sheen controversy, as it's now being called.
And again, the fellow from 911truth.org did a fabulous job.
I want to get him on the show.
But I could have really rapid-fired him.
It's just too bad I missed the call yesterday here.
I called at noon for five hours.
I wasn't notified.
And it was too late.
But I'm chomping at the bit.
The CNN producers are trying to get me on Anderson Cooper tonight.
And if I can do that and get a word in edgewise, believe me, it won't be such a sweetheart deal as what was on Showbiz today.
But I will cling their clocks.
If they just put me in the arena...
Put me in the game, and I'll do something that will probably get Lord Bush to send down, hopefully not, send a squad down here to get me.
But you know what?
We've got to do this.
We've got to expose who is behind 9-11.
We've got to stick our head in the lion's mouth.
We've got to step into the bear trap to save this country.
If enough people stand up and go, hey, we know you did it.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Because 9-11, things change.
We're going to put transponders in your cars because 9-11, things change.
We're going to legalize all the illegal aliens to keep America safe.
Because things change.
We're going to take all your freedoms and have warrantless searches in non-terror-related cases because things change after 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11.
We're going to have to have secret no-bid contracts to all our buddies and the hundreds of billions of dollars a year because 9-11 changed everything.
9-11, 9-11, 9-11.
I got a whole page of notes here that I wrote during that.
And that Nicole Nickemeyer, the TV producer who was on there, I mean, she was a joke.
She had no facts.
She had no information.
She would just say, I hope you read a little more.
Well, if you really look what the experts say, that's just not true.
But then she wouldn't say why it wasn't true.
And then, of course, the good guy on the show tried to mention the black boxes, which multiple firefighters have said.
It's been in mainstream news, but never a big national story.
This stuff comes out, but never becomes national.
That they were ordered to give the boxes to the FBI who drove off with them.
You see, why are they covering up all the evidence?
And I would have gotten into NORAD standing down.
I would have gotten into Larry Silverstein saying that he decided to pull the building.
I would have gotten into the blast points, the clear explosions on the building.
That was a classical controlled demolition according to underwriter laboratories and others that have looked at it.
I would have rattled off all the experts, former chief CIA advisor to Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Jr., saying what we're saying, Paul Craig Roberts questioning the official story, physicist Stephen Jones.
I would have gone on to Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney raising this valiantly two and a half, almost three years ago.
No, it was.
It was three years ago.
I mean, talk about being a trailblazer.
I would have gone over all of that.
And I like how the host talked about how anybody who just buys the spoon feeding has got a problem, and he's had questions since day one.
I've been talking to some of these producers, I don't want to say too much, now, today, and last night, and they watch the TV shows, okay?
They watch the TV shows online, they know what's going on, their voices are shaking, and you see people are finally just saying, we're tired of it.
We're not putting up with it anymore.
Inside these systems themselves, and believe me, there's spooks all in there, guaranteed trying to shut this down.
But what do they do when all their employees and all their producers are going, No, we want to report on this.
What do you mean?
I was talking to one producer, and he said, Yeah, this is so newsworthy.
I can't believe they've tried to suppress it for two days.
Blah, blah, blah.
So, really exciting stuff going on.
And we'll come back and continue with this line of discussion, go over some more points, take calls, and cover more national news.
And then joining us, and international news, joining us, Paul Watson in 30 minutes.
So it's all coming up on the other side of this quick break as we start the third hour in 70 seconds.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yeah, I'm still lamenting that I missed my tide, as they said in the age of sailing ships.
I had my shot to get on CNN Live, unedited, and hit them.
Hit the new order between the eyes.
I'd have come right out with it.
It was an inside job.
But, my fault!
Called me, and I had five hours of chance to get on.
Never got the message, never did it.
But that's okay, because the fellow that did get on did a pretty good job, compared to a lot of other people out there that they could have gotten.
And Tarpley must have done a really good job because they did a tape interview with him to kind of bring in his filler with the live program.
It was part live, part tape.
And they only gave him 30 seconds after they interviewed him for 15 minutes.
So it's all very, very important.
And for those who don't know what I'm talking about, who just joined us, CNN, almost an 11-minute piece, just shy of that.
Showbiz Tonight, with the fairest, most balanced report I've ever seen on mainstream television, it is a benchmark.
It is a new event.
It is a new level.
As this thing goes mainstream, it's not just them letting Jimmy Walters on for three minutes and screaming at him on Fox TV where he can't get two words in edgewise.
This was very, very fair, in fact, leaning towards us, with some little comments about conspiracy theories, and while the majority of people obviously still don't believe this, that's not the truth.
Major polls, 90% on CNN last year said they thought there was a cover-up going on on Anderson Cooper's own show after he did an hour-long hit piece on it.
And then there's also, of course, the Zogby right at 50%.
So it's all very, very important what's happening, and I'm very, very excited, and I commend the courage of Charlie Sheen, who I've just found to be a very intelligent and informed person on these issues.
A lot of international news I mentioned earlier we'll be getting into.
Paul Watson joining us in 30 minutes.
Today we did have scheduled a very valiant and courageous reporter.
He was inside New Orleans during the flooding, got video inside the jails with the people inside the jails, dead bodies, the police in the jails unable to get out with their families.
Floating in water, no one helping him, and he was going to be on this hour, but we pushed it back because there's so much going on.
I think we're going to have him on the last 30 minutes of the show today, and he's going to let us play on the web on InfoWars and Prison Planet some of the unseen stuff, some of the media covered up in New Orleans in the aftermath of the first week after Katrina.
And he's just got amazing photos and video, and he's a fellow Texan, and he can't come on tomorrow because of his job, but we're trying to cram him in today.
I hope he'll still join us coming up in the second half of the third hour.
Let's just go to calls right now.
Eric in Connecticut.
Eric, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead.
Sorry to call again so soon, but I just couldn't resist.
I was at my local music store last night, and good old Hannity was on.
Next thing I know, a caller calls in, talks about Bohemian Grove, talks about the worshiping of Moloch,
Talks about the 40-foot stone owl.
Talks about the sacrifice.
And Hannity basically blew him off and called him a nut.
Was this on TV or radio?
This was on the radio show.
I think around just shy of 5 o'clock.
And Hannity basically cut him off.
He went on.
The caller went on and said, hey, just Google it.
I didn't catch whether he referred to you or any of your websites.
But it was great to hear.
And Hannity, I mean, I thought he was going to blow an artery because he just couldn't handle it.
And also, one last thing, Alex.
Yeah, you know who does that?
It's John Connor.
He calls into all the shows.
It's really great.
Oh, no kidding.
Yeah, I mean, we're swarming them is what's happening.
Oh, yeah.
They're getting overwhelmed.
I mean, what are they going to do when we all know the truth?
What are they going to do when we all know who they are?
Well, it's getting to that point, Alex.
Believe me, I'm talking to people behind the scenes, and they all know.
They're like, yeah, we're scared.
Oh, yeah.
Folks, it's incredible.
Hey, thank you.
I mean, the American people are going to figure out that the New World Order isn't good for us.
In fact, it's real unhealthy.
It's real bad.
And it's better to stand up than to lay down.
The cost is greater to lay down.
The cost is much greater if we do nothing.
They taught you, don't fight City Hall, don't get involved, don't make waves, you'll be okay.
Only thing you'll get in life not making waves is being an unhappy loser who's stomped on by tyranny.
Engage in life.
Drink it up.
Eat it up.
Live it.
Love it.
You're just a woman.
I'm sorry.
Started going off into Led Zeppelin tunes.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, I'm singing in.
Showbiz Today, that was a historic program yesterday, over ten minutes long, where it was fair.
They let a lot of the information about government involvement and cover-up concerning 9-11 go public.
And we've got the video clips and the audio and analysis of it up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Right now, there's a lot of other international nationalists we're going to cover here in a few minutes, but let's continue with your calls as is customary at the start of the second hour.
Let's go ahead and talk to Greg in Kansas.
Greg, you're on the air.
I'm sorry.
I'm kind of nervous here.
That's okay, sir.
Go ahead.
I am a long-time listener, but a first-time caller.
And, yeah, I just want to say awesome job on the Charlie Sheen interview and everything.
The lady on there...
Basically, all she was saying was just double speak.
Like you said, she wants people to read more.
I mean, what does that mean?
The only thing I would suggest... She's like, it may look like a controlled demolition to you, but the experts really know.
And then there's all these experts, the heads of mining universities and physicists and the underwriter laboratories, their chief investigators said it clearly, the Firefighter Association, Firefighter Magazine saying it's a cover-up, saying it's impossible.
I mean, all the experts who aren't on government payroll are saying what we're saying.
And she didn't even bother to say, like... You can see the explosions on Building 7 going off.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
And there's hundreds of firefighters and police on videotapes saying the same thing.
She didn't even bother to, like, you know, try to say which, you know...
Well, that's what I would have also said on the show.
I would have said, hey, there are hundreds of firefighter and police tapes where they're saying they saw the bombs going off.
Building 7, you can see the blast points.
That's the thing I would say is, if you go on Anderson Cooper's night, I would just bring up Building 7 and ask them to play the clip just like Stephen E. Jones did on Tucker Carlson's show.
Just basically, you know, just punk them out and...
You know, I just tell people they can go to Google Video and pull up the information.
Well, I hate to keep bemoaning, and I normally don't cry over spilled milk, but it would have helped this country if I'd have got on there last night.
It's my fault we dropped the ball, and I'm just...
I'm not even mad.
I'm disgusted.
Hey, brother, you're fighting a good fight.
So, you know, you're still a help to the country and everything.
Yeah, but it's a simple thing like checking voicemail.
Oh, yeah.
I would just say to everybody else out there who's listening, I just try to wake up somebody, at least one person every day, and I think if we can all do that, then we can, you know, send these NWO guys...
SOBs, you know, packing back to where they came from.
Well, bottom line, if we don't expose who's behind the terror, it's over.
We're going to live in a real live police state, and I'm not kidding when I say this, that makes Stalinist Russia look like a picnic.
Oh, yeah.
Thanks to you, I'm a gun owner right now.
So, you know, just keep fighting the good fight, brother.
All right.
Thank you so much.
You know, that's something else I want to point out.
Fake neocon Laura Ingrams, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, they convert people to being mainline liberals.
Because they hear just the sickening lies and the twisting by the neocons, and they go, I'm not a conservative, I'm a liberal now.
But we're able to go out, and I mean, I've got half this liberal town of Austin out buying, you know, AK-47s.
I mean, I'm not kidding.
I mean, I've got the liberals packing.
Because they're not liberals.
They're now Americans.
They're now constitutionals.
They now get it.
We untie their brains.
We don't tell them what to think.
We just show them the truth and show them how they've been manipulated and then they start thinking on their own.
It's just like I can go debate any liberal on any liberal talk show and if they let me talk, I'll clean their clock because I got the facts, not because I'm special.
You can do it too once you get the real paradigm and the facts and are in the real world and aren't in their false system.
And I can go on any neocon show and clean their clocks because I got the facts, and all they've got is emotion and name-calling.
And you can do the same thing, too.
Listen, we got the truth.
The truth is the sword of the Lord.
The truth is powerful.
The truth is unstoppable.
And they're not going to stop us from getting the truth out.
I want the murderers who carried out 9-11 and carried out other terror attacks and carried out biological and chemical and radiological testing on the American people.
I want them to know they're going to be brought to justice.
We're not going to sit here while they... Again, I've talked about it.
Have you ever seen a sheep?
I haven't seen it myself, but I've seen the aftermath of it, and I've seen wildlife footage of it.
Sheep will just lay over when a coward or wolf comes over.
They don't run.
They just lay over, and the wolf starts eating them hind end first.
Because that's got the most nutrients.
And it'll actually sit there and rip their intestines out, their hind end, while it sits there.
It'll sit there and let its babies get eaten.
Listen to me.
I'm not going to lay there while you tear my guts out.
You understand?
I'm not going to lay here and go along with what you're doing.
I read it when Henry Kissinger said he wants to kill us.
When he said they need to reduce the world population forcibly.
I read it when the World Health Organization said it.
I read it when Prince Philip said it and Ted Turner and Jacques Cousteau.
My wife was talking to a real nice lady the other day that she knows who has three wonderful children.
And my wife's like, what's it like having three children?
We might have three.
And she goes, I'll tell you, it's great.
And she's a mainline lady, very successful in business.
And she said, it's really weird.
I'll be at church.
I'll be at the grocery store.
I'll be all over.
People walk over and say, there's too many people.
Too many mouths to feed.
And of course, they're just mad because they love death.
You shouldn't have three.
I mean, let me tell you something.
You go to, say, UT professor cocktail parties.
I've been to them.
And all they talk about is, we've got to reduce population.
The people bomb.
You understand it's a whole genre, it's a whole way of life.
You know, the average person is into the baseball and football or fishing or hunting.
I'm not saying that's bad, but you're into that.
You're experts on that.
You talk about what your stocks and bonds are doing.
You talk about that.
You talk about your kids' little league baseball.
Well, let me tell you what elitists talk about, and then wannabe elitists and their functionaries.
They talk about killing you.
And I want you to learn about that.
You know, that's the attitude of, well, we did nerve gas the town to see what it was doing, and we covered it up, because we've got to know these things.
Plus, there's too many people.
The earth is in trouble.
Yes, I'm in a business deal to take farmers and ranchers land, and I'll build a hotel on it, but they don't need it.
They're hurting the environment.
No, it's an excuse to do whatever you want.
And I'm not kidding when I use that voice.
You know, the Thurston Howell voice.
I mean, it's that Eastern Atlantic accent.
It's that certain crowd of bluebloods who were allied with the crown 230 years ago.
The Bushes were.
Did you know that?
They've always been trash against this country.
They've always been enemies of America!
And I'm sick of them!
And I'm not going to put up with them!
And I'm not going to go along with them.
And I'm not going to lay over.
It's like a bunch of hyenas taking down a lion.
It may take 20 of them, they may be able to do it, but I'm a lion and so are you.
And there's more of us than there are of them, so we can destroy these hyenas.
And yeah, there's only a few of us that are bold enough to stand up, so they do corner us.
And they do SWAT team us, and they do attack us, and they do audit us, and they do all those things.
But you know what?
A lion has to stand up.
And we SWAT them, and we knock them down, and we're getting to the point where they're getting scared to approach us, because there's more and more of us.
There's more and more lions.
And they're starting to get scared.
And then a lot of their minions, a lot of their servants are starting to get scared, going, yeah, it's true.
Yeah, something's going on.
Yeah, America's a police state.
Yeah, that stuff's right.
Hey, don't call me a conspiracy theorist.
You're admitted to be doing this stuff.
So that's what's going on.
That's what's happening.
And you're a lion, folks.
You're a tiger.
You're an elephant.
You're a water buffalo.
You ever seen one of those go after a bunch of hyenas or even go after lions?
I mean, even a little, I've seen footage of, I like those wildlife shows.
Have you ever seen like a, oh, what's the smaller cat species they've got in India?
It's not the lion, excuse me, the tiger.
They have tigers in India.
That's a smaller cat.
It'll pop my head in a minute.
But it's still a good size.
And it runs out of the jungle to grab a warthog's babies.
And man, that warthog is a lot smaller than the jungle cat.
That warthog just turns around and at high speed rams straight in.
I mean, just like it was an NFL linebacker driving into the running back.
And just guts it, just runs its tusk right up the side, and you see blood just pouring out of that calf.
And that cat hits the woods.
I mean, we're human beings.
Do you know our ancestors killed woolly mammoths and cave bears and cave tigers and lions?
And our ancestors stood up against incredible adversity and incredible climate changes and have gone through all of this.
We are powerful.
We are vicious.
We are smart.
We are aggressive.
And you've got to tap into that.
And the survival instinct, the globalists have taken sports and all this, and that's a facsimile to put our tribal energies into.
We have tribal energies for a reason.
Number one, because other groups of our own species, other tribes, are always trying to dominate smaller tribes.
And we've got to be the tribe that lives over the hill they don't mess with.
We've got to be the people that aren't going to lay down and go into captivity.
You may be about to come in here and kill all our men and take our women and children, but you're going to get a fight before it happens.
Again, I don't believe in reincarnation.
I'm a Christian.
But what I do believe in is what science has shown, and that's ancestral memories or instincts.
A lot of you probably heard of this, and all the evidence shows it.
That's what your instincts are.
It's ingrained in you, the survival code.
Because you didn't survive, and you didn't get it together, and you didn't pass your genes on.
And so I don't understand the cowardly mode out there of rolling over.
I'm like that little warthog.
Man, I got tusk, I'm little, but I'm fast and I'm mean, and if you think you're going to take my babies, you think you're going to eat me, you are going to get a fight.
You are going to have to take your licks.
You understand New World Order.
You know, you've got these rich CIA guys and these hit men, and that's who runs our government.
Most of the people in government right now, the head of all, quote, intelligence and all these chieftains, I mean, they started out like the 50s and 60s as hit men.
I mean, they're not wimps.
But there's something wrong with them.
They're still not real men.
A real man doesn't hurt women and children.
A real man doesn't abuse the meek and the weak.
They think they're tough because they're predatory.
And most of these guys were hardcore hitmen in the 60s and 50s.
These guys have run ops in the jungles and ops in the desert, and then they move on because they're reprobate and they're ruthless and they're sociopathic.
And they run whole governments.
And so they've learned that we're a bunch of sheep and they can shove around.
But I want them listening right now to know that the good men of this country are a lot stronger than you are.
And you know it.
You're scared, aren't you?
You just keep laughing, you arrogant pieces of trash.
We're coming for you!
You can get some of us, but you're not going to get all of us.
And you can pull whatever terror attacks you're going to pull.
Because in the end, you're going to hang for it.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Come on, he's safe.
You're a lot safer than being a man, being a woman, having a backbone, not being a spineless jellyfish.
Ron in Oklahoma, you're on the air.
We'll go to Emmett Day, Patrick and others.
Mr. D, our local newspaper, there's an echo here.
Go ahead, Ron.
The Daily Oklahoman ran a column by right-wing columnist Cal Thomas.
Thomas' column was about the national debt, how bad it was,
How the Republican Congress was spending us into bankruptcy, and Bush had done nothing about it, had not vetoed any budget.
He went on to talk about how the Democrats were as bad as the Republicans, and even though when Clinton left office he left with a surplus, he concluded by saying that...
At the very least, what this country needs is a viable third party, or failing that, another revolution.
I almost had a heart attack when I read it.
Well, that's because a lot of establishment people, number one, none of their readers will even give them any support unless they talk like we talk.
Alex, last year I talked to you about this guy, Cal Thomas, and suggested to your readers that they clue him into the gospel, according to Alex.
I remember that call.
It must have made a difference, Alex, and I plead with all of your listeners to contact all of these right-wing columnists, spin doctors, whoever.
And ask them, how is doubling the size of the BATF, and according to the NRA, being more anti-gun than Clinton, how is that conservative?
And to clue them into the gospel according to Alex.
Also, Alex... It's not me, man.
It's just what's going on.
Also, Alex, here in Oklahoma...
Some of our Republican state legislatures have introduced the bill to require state and local employees to notify the INS when illegal aliens apply for state services and also to require positive identification of people registering to vote.
Now, the Catholic and the Episcopal Diocese have came out against this.
I know.
A lot of states are trying to say, don't worry, we won't arrest felons, but can we at least not give them all the free welfare?
I mean, Hillary's headline about she's against criminalizing illegal aliens.
Criminalizing illegal.
How do you criminalize something that's already illegal?
Well, they're criminals.
That's what it is.
When they're here illegally, they are criminals.
They are felons.
They broke our laws.
They came into this country.
I hear you.
What do you think of the singing in peace?
I heard you talking about that earlier.
I didn't get to see it, but it's a ray of hope.
Yeah, we'll see what happens.
Thanks for the call.
Emmett in Pennsylvania.
Emmett, go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I heard about General Motors and they're crying bankruptcy and they want like 124,000 employees to take concessions.
And you figure a big corporation like that that builds tanks and jeeps for our military...
Yeah, they've got plenty of money.
It's just a big scam.
Well, I wondered.
I thought it'd be great for GM once they move most of the factories to Mexico and China.
That's already where most of it's built to begin with.
They're already building cars in China.
They just put them together here.
Well, I used to repair the electronic ignitions for in the General Motors cars.
I was thinking about all the little satellites that supply them with parts, you know, like that.
Well, you don't need a job, sir.
How dare you even ask for one?
I know.
Well, thank you.
Thank you.
How dare you not, you know, I mean, how dare you want people to have jobs?
You're just very evil.
Dave in Indiana.
Dave, go ahead.
It's Steve.
Okay, go ahead, sir.
Yeah, I'm just like you are.
I did my studying, and my question is this.
If our president's dealing with a terrorist, which is bin Laden,
And they got an oil company together, Bin Laden and Bush's do.
Yeah, I know, yeah.
And his brother was head of security for two years on the seven buildings that got torn down.
And the FBI agent that wrote the book telling about the 9-1-1 was placed in charge of head of security September 11th, so they got rid of him.
At the same time.
Anything else, Steve?
Hey, I'm like you.
I'm out there pushing, and I'm pissing people off.
Good job, sir.
Thanks for the call.
Keep taking your calls, covering the news.
Paul Watson on the other side of this quick break.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, fighting the new world order at point-blank range.
We're the kamikazes of the info war.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's us.
We ever thank our forefathers and mothers?
We're free today thanks to them.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Paul Watson is in the wings right now, but I think we air this, I guess, about once a month, Don Henley's Inside Job.
The people that took down the towers, they're doing it, they're doing it, they're going to keep doing it.
Here's Don Henley!
People that took down the towers are doing it to you and me, and they know your mother's maiden name, they know what you've got hidden under your mattress.
Yeah, they carried out 9-11.
Don Henley.
The media's so dumb, they never even picked up on Don Henley.
Frankly, he's saying a lot more than Charlie Sheen is saying.
So let's roll this.
We'll come back to Paul Watson, International News, your calls, and a lot more.
But here is Inside Job by Don Henley.
Where you were sleeping They came and took it all away
The place is where you used to play.
It was an inside job by the well-connected.
Your little throat is so merrily rejected.
It was an inside job like it always is.
Chalk it up to business as usual.
While you were dreaming This little island disappeared While you were looking the other way
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Turn the light.
Keep it rollin'.
I know what I've done wrong I am acquainted with the night I know how hard it is To always walk out in the night And it's an inside job To learn about forgiveness It's an inside job
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's an inside job.
Don Henley.
An inside job.
It's an inside job.
It's an inside job, just like it always is.
It is.
Just like it always is.
And you see, we're the majority.
We were the majority two years ago for my own polls I've done doing thousands of radio interviews talking to the people.
Now major scientific polls have shown that for a year and a half.
And now the numbers are accelerating.
I was talking to a CNN producer this morning.
He said, yeah, a year ago you'd type in 911 conspiracy and get 600 and something thousand hits.
Now you hit it and you get 20 something million links.
And he goes, and that's just under one name.
You see, we are the majority.
But all the establishment's got is its slick facade to still convince us that we're the minority.
And yes, I was the minority two months before 9-11, telling you about 9-11.
I was the minority on 9-11.
I remember talk show hosts and filmmakers making fun of me and saying I was wrong for a couple years.
And then they make films and say they're the grundaddies of it all.
I don't care, folks.
I'm glad there's a lot of people standing up and getting involved.
I want all of you to be trailblazers.
But I'll tell you, Don Henley's a trailblazer.
With that song you just heard, been out for about a year.
I'll tell you who else is a trailblazer.
First Hollywood person to go public, Charlie Sheen, and I commend him.
Why am I so excited about it?
Because now tens of millions of people that didn't know are learning the truth.
See, these neocon publications, even the Boston Herald attacked us, and then the fools put links in there to other America-hating people, WTC7.net and all these other sites where they'll go and see incontrovertible proof of inside job.
So, see, they're hanging themselves.
They're dousing themselves in gasoline, thinking they're attacking us.
These fools don't even know that they dig a pit for us, and they fall into it.
I mean, I love it.
They attack us, and then we have the facts, and people go look and go, no, we're right.
Don't you know you've already lost all credibility to begin with?
Haven't you figured it out yet?
You creeps just don't know.
It's just like Romanian Ceaușescu.
Thought he had it all going just fine.
Thought he had it all together.
I'm convinced that they carry out a big attack.
That it's going to backfire.
Not overnight.
Things will get even worse after that happens.
But that is the beginning of the end for them.
Right now, they can probably keep going forward.
They just backed off and took what they got and kept control of the currency and the New World Order and their programs.
But no, they just can't help it.
They want to attack everybody.
They want one world government now.
They want to accelerate things.
And they're going to lose.
Just like every dictator in history and every oligarchy through history and every plutocracy through history gets too big for their britches and gets delusional.
With all those yes men and women around him telling him how great they are and laughing and snickering and Karl Rove saying he controls reality.
Hey, buddy, you don't control reality.
You may control Jeff Gannon's underpants, but that's about as far as it goes.
You punk.
All right, let's go ahead and go to Paul Joseph Watson.
He's been holding for about eight minutes.
I appreciate him doing that.
Paul, good to have you on.
A lot of this has happened since you were on a few weeks ago.
Indeed it has.
Good to be back, Alex.
Just out of the gates.
People aren't sick of hearing about it.
It's important and it's seminal.
Seminal is the key word.
Seminal CNN piece last night.
Seminal crossroads.
Paul, you want a wager for zero cents?
What's your wager?
Do you think CNN will have me on tonight?
It depends if the story is still hot, which it is.
Basically, in the last couple of hours, the floodgates have broken.
CBS, Town Hall, Yahoo Entertainment News, they're all covering it.
So it's only going to get bigger until late on Friday.
But I wonder, I mean, look, I can't blame CNN.
They tried to get a hold of me, and I guess we just didn't check the message this year at the office.
I just keep, because I could have done a better job than the 9-11 truth guy.
But he still, I mean, he did a great job.
I mean, he scored a touchdown, but I think I'd have run four or five touchdowns on him.
Well, I mean, but in comparison to what we usually have to put up with, you know, it's like a godsend, which goes to show that what we're saying is becoming less and less radical day by day.
Well, Webster thinks what I think.
He thinks old line elite are getting scared.
A lot of people in the establishment are seeing really what the new order is, and this is an attempt at the brakes.
For the old line Bilderberg elite, which we know from inside sources, is saying, look, slow down.
We like, you know, the collegiality, the slowness of it.
This is too fast.
Right, they're big fans of legislating their way towards world government and world tyranny, whereas the Anglo-American section is geared towards creating it violently by an order out of chaos.
Yeah, Blair and Bush are saying, we don't care what the law is, we are the law.
And I think the elites going, wait a minute, having dictators over our Western power arm could be dangerous for them.
Well, yeah, and as Charlie Sheen said, the worm is turning.
And the second wave, I think, of the 9-11 movement, the first wave was kind of former government officials and people in prominent positions coming forward.
The second wave... Hey, that's a good headline!
Second wave heralded by seminal CNN transmission.
Right, because the second wave is these high-profile public figures using their already massive media platform to carry the information.
And then the third wave will be those who were actually in government at the time of 9-11, or those employed by the Bush administration.
Yeah, well, the third wave you speak of attempted to come out four years ago, but was quashed, was crushed.
And a lot of government people have tried to speak.
They've been threatened with prison.
Right, but now as the worm is turning, the climate is ever more fertile for them to come forward.
If we can start with the hit pieces...
Or the three that came out this morning, because now there's about 12 or 14 already.
And they're all headpieces, correct?
Well, mainly, yeah.
They're just trying to hang Sheen on his own words by repeating what he said, which is stupid on their part, because it helps us, because people go and look at the information for themselves.
But we had, this morning, the New York Post, Boston Herald, and Human Events, the three major mainstream headpieces.
In the last hour, it's on CBS News and Yahoo Entertainment News, and as I said before, it's spreading like wildfire.
Raw Story put together a decent compilation article, which is the only one I've read so far that's actually accurate compared to all the mainstream ones, which is insightful because... I want you to put them all in our format, and I want my webmasters here to do that too.
Go ahead.
Yeah, it's insightful because the mainstream articles are replete with
And they also misquote.
Yeah, misappropriated quotes.
No, not just misappropriated or out of context.
There are quotes Sheen didn't say in there.
New York Post, who we had an inkling might do a piece a day or two ago.
Yeah, the biggest gossip page in the country, page six.
First thing they do is call Charlie Sheen bonkers.
That's the quote, you know.
Well, he's joined the bonker.
Yeah, he's joined the bonker, people, yeah.
Yeah, so right there, they've just insulted half, if not two-thirds, of their own readership.
Dogby Poll states 49% of New Yorkers believed government complicity, and 66% want a new investigation.
If you take Sheen on his own comments, on his public comments at least...
He never said who he thought was behind the attack.
He simply expressed his doubts about the official story and called for a new investigation.
But see how they do that?
See how they help us?
She's real careful about it, and it's like saying, somebody murdered someone in this room.
It's like the whodunit where they're all in the castle, 20 people around a round table, and the detective says, someone here murdered the count.
And then somebody jumps up and goes, I didn't do it!
How dare you say I did it?
I did not say you did it, sir.
But notice how they're doing that.
But on his public comments alone, no matter what he said in private, he's in the 66% camp.
So the New York Post just insulted two-thirds of its own readership by association.
And as I said before, what the New York Post and human events then try and do is let Sheen hang himself with his own words.
Well, it's fair to say, Paul, things have gone nuclear.
Yeah, definitely.
The tactics they use are familiar.
As you said, it only helps us in the end by...
Human events, for example, reprint in such a lengthy transcript because people go and check it out for themselves.
They think that people are just going to look at that, read it, and laugh it off.
Oh, yeah, the transcript where I'm going.
Why do they want the public officials not to fly?
Why did NORAD stand down?
Why did Silverstein say he blew the building up?
And it's all right there, and a lot of people are going, yeah, I heard him say that.
One of those things in there, and there's a bunch more, they're going to, yeah, that's true.
Those fools don't even know.
They don't.
They are in such power trips.
They don't know that even most of their conservative readers are on our side now.
You see, they don't know what George Norrie knows.
George Norrie is a good guy.
He knows about 9-11.
And he knows.
He knew years ago to let it out of the bag.
He knew it was time to go public.
He's another trailblazer, by the way.
Yeah, we can only commend him as well.
Human events.
This got me laughing.
Called Alex Jones a liberal talk show host.
Which is going to keep me laughing all through until next winter.
Because the definition of a liberal is anyone that disagrees with the government on any issue whatsoever.
That makes you a liberal.
Again, it's a tar baby.
I thought liberals loved the government and loved the liberal story.
The latest one is a CBS piece written by Bill Wecker, who's also a journalist for Chicago Sun-Times.
Which, again, basically just reprints Sheen's comments, tries to hang him on his own words, which is a mistake in the extreme.
Yeah, they're delusional.
Another one that came out about an hour ago, Yahoo Entertainment News, says that the interview was on the GGN network.
That's GGN.
Again, a basic inability to... Well, that's probably an attempt to not let people get to us.
I don't know.
I think it's just ignorance and stupidity.
You know, something that the trusted mainstream is supposed to be emblematic of, fact-checking, falls down again and again, which leads us to the Boston Herald.
Now, the Boston Herald piece is telling because they reprint what was originally a transcript error that I had made that we almost immediately corrected in the PrisonPlanet.com article, but they just listed it wholesale straight away, so what does it prove?
It tells us that they just copied it from the original article.
They did not listen to the audio interview whatsoever.
Now, obviously, if this was some blog commenting on our article and they just lifted our clothes, then no complaints.
But this is, you know, the Boston Herald, the very kind of organization that would sneer at us and cause pseudo-journalists.
Yeah, it's like a 300-year-old paper.
Yeah, they're listing quotes attributed to Mr. Sheen directly from our so-called fringe conspiracy website without even checking out that they're genuine.
The so-called bastions of professional... Well, even last night, major publications were claiming it wasn't even Charlie Sheen.
Right, I mean, and we could have said that Sheen said Reptoids from the Planet Squid attacked the towers with laser beams.
Would they have reprinted that?
Stay there, Paul.
We'll continue.
A lot of international and national news coming up as well.
And your phone calls.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Stay with us.
All the latest news at InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
Stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
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Paul, the establishment, some of the elites have got to be scared right now that this story's going so big.
Well, yeah, I believe they are.
They're also, in a sense, they have to cover it to exclude themselves from being accused of covering it up, because if they said nothing about it whatsoever, then that would be even more suspicious.
That's right.
They're in a catch-22.
They've got to report some or lose all credibility.
Yeah, and an example of that, if I can read a couple of sentences from one of the latest pieces out of Town Hall...
Whackier than dad, lefty moonbat Charlie Sheen, who believes the Twin Towers were deliberately imploded by the government.
Again, he didn't actually say that, but let's go on.
Quote, well, when you can't defeat a U.S.
president by incessantly accusing him of lying a country into war, I suppose the next best thing is to accuse him of orchestrating the attacks of 9-11.
But it's admitted that they did lie about the war.
You've got to write a piece about that.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
No, I did.
Yeah, you did, but we're not saying Bush himself, because Bush couldn't orchestrate his way out of a paper bag.
What they're doing is working through a formula of smear.
And it's a big car baby to say, Bush carried out 9-11 to smear everybody.
It's strawman.
And then Shane responds and says, I didn't say that.
Oh, you're backing off your statement now.
Well, no, I never said that.
Good points, Paul.
Let's continue into the third hour and
A little bit more on this, then we'll get into some of the international and national news.
We covered some in the first hour, but more of that is coming up in the third hour, 70 seconds away.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com, or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Two items.
A whole bunch of big news agencies are listing us as GGN.
They're complete fools.
A five-year-old could do better.
And I just got a call from CNN.
Tried to get a hold of me yesterday, but I was just never given the message.
So I didn't get to get on there and crush the new world order.
That's okay.
It's just the way we operate.
But to make a long story short...
Anderson Cooper, I guess, is afraid, or he's busy or something else.
He's going to be doing the show about New Orleans tonight, so no show tonight.
There might be one in a few days, who knows.
So we will see what happens.
But I commend Showbiz Today for what they did.
It was a lot more journalistic than what you normally see from Fox or other people from an entertainment show.
But the bottom line is those cable shows really aren't even viewed that much.
It's just the prestige and the hype of it.
The key is the battle that's going on on the web, on the Internet right now.
Contact, you know, just type Charlie Sheen into Google, click News.
And it'll show you, you know, 50 different articles, and pick some of the top ones, and they've all called it GGN, and don't have links to hear the clips, or don't have links where you can learn what was actually said.
Email them, call them, and go, hey, get it right, it's GCN, and CNN reported that, and it's in the press release, and they know it.
That's by design, folks, that's not because they're stupid.
It's not just CBS doing that.
And then tell them, hey, you linked to the info, you linked in the story to what was really said, and out of that something good can happen.
Well, that's right, and you just mentioned typing it into Google.
You type it into Google News, you'll get all the hit pieces.
You type into Google's main search engine, which is what a lot of people would have done after seeing CNN last night, what do you get?
Absolutely nothing.
And, Paul, that's a major story.
Now, listen, folks, we know Google.
We know how it works.
We write an article about somebody dropping their shoe off of a bridge, and it'll be top of Google.
We write an article about the London bombing.
It's top of Google because we get the most hits on those subjects.
This has been out for three days.
Alexa.com ranks it as one of the biggest stories on the web.
Okay, Dallas Morning News is number 4,000.
We're number 2,000 right now.
And that's all of our stories together.
If you look at just the Sheen story, it's in the top ten stories on the web right now.
Nothing on the web.
Google was caught blocking Space War, remember, three weeks ago.
It is guaranteed, guaranteed that Google is blocking Charlie Sheen right now.
It is guaranteed, Paul.
Yeah, because we did the Space War article, which arose out of Space War, which is a geopolitical website, which isn't even critical of China.
Put an article out just like Space War and ask for everybody else's help like we help Space War.
They reinstated the website.
But overnight they had removed it from Google search results.
Space War suggested that it was because Google had got a call from the boys from Beijing.
Well, we know China.
We know China.
We know they're blocking there, and now they've been caught here in the U.S.
They're doing it again, Paul.
It wasn't the China Google.
It was Google.com.
They just removed it, hopefully.
Normally, Google cycles every five to eight hours.
It didn't cycle.
It didn't cycle Monday.
It didn't cycle Tuesday.
It didn't cycle Wednesday.
Now, guaranteed, guaranteed, Google Web is blocking us.
They can't block Google News because those are affiliates of Google.
Yeah, remember we had a conversation, what was it, Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday evening?
We were fair.
We were saying, okay, we'll give it another day or so, even though it normally takes 12 to 24 hours to Google to index a major story.
We said, we'll be fair, we'll give it another day.
Now, three days later, you type in, actor Charlie Sheen questions official 9-11 story.
That's right, you type in the exact headline that will pull something on a blog that gets zero visitors, Google will still pick it up.
Yeah, because it's been linked on thousands of other websites.
Understand how it works, folks.
The bigger the story, the more it goes at the top.
Our stories are at the top of Google everywhere.
Petty nothing stories.
This gets tens of millions of readers.
And there's no Google index list anywhere.
But, Paul, not just under the exact headline.
Under Charlie Sheen it doesn't appear, Paul.
Charlie Sheen 9-11.
Absolutely nothing on the main search engine.
Well, as soon as you leave us here in about 30 minutes...
As soon as you do that, I want to get it up there.
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That number again, 860-567-7744.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
There's so many facets to this story.
Paul mentions that on Monday night, we noticed that Google News had a few stories because news affiliates, they have agreements with them, and so they always carry their news.
They can't start blocking out U.S.
newspapers, or that would be big news.
But we know how Google works.
We live Google, okay, because it's really an NSA tool.
I mean, it's a keyword search.
And if you put in a similar headline, you're guaranteed to get it 12 hours after.
Normally every 8.
But if you put in the exact headline, I mean, we would copy our headline, Charlie Sheen questions official 9-11 story, put it in, and nothing.
I said, Paul, on Tuesday night, a day after, I said, don't write a story.
I'm sure it is Google censorship.
Let's let them keep running with it for a couple of days, and then we'll have total proof of it.
And then another point we just noticed during the break, we went to Yahoo News and clicked, and I did this yesterday too, hundreds of articles and stories and blogs, mainstream, alternative, whatever.
They use almost the exact same system.
The two compete with each other.
They're rivals, but they're always updating.
And it's basically the same NSA style program that we the people use.
That's really all this stuff is.
I mean, and by the way, I'm so into search engines because I get to have NSA power, okay?
Not over listening to you personally and what you're doing, but in free information in the news and blogs and technical info.
I mean, it's an unbelievable tool.
So believe me, we know all about it.
We are experts, okay?
I mean, my staff up here is always amazed because this is one of the things I'm good at is how they can't find something on Google and I know how to find it.
And Paul's really good at it, too.
Sometimes I can't find something.
I call him.
He finds it.
Or he can't find it.
He calls me.
I find it.
But, I mean, this is a piece of cake.
Understand, if something gets 10,000 readers, it's at the top of Google normally.
We get stuff that gets millions and millions.
This Charlie Sheen thing is the biggest thing we've ever done.
The Alexa web ratings came in.
It is in the top 10 stories in America.
And our website is now just Prison Planet.
Because understand, if something's number 2,000, that's not double the Dallas Morning News at 4,250-something.
That is more than 40 times bigger.
They have all the ways to break it down.
So we've gone from being as big as the Dallas Morning News, and this will just go for a few days, to being hundreds of times bigger.
This story is hundreds of times bigger than the entire Dallas Morning News web operation, and it's not on Google Web, which is a lot bigger than Google News.
It is blocked.
It is a government op.
They have been caught red-handed, and they're now doing it in America.
Paul, you take the floor.
I've got to control myself.
Okay, yeah, and the point we have to make is that, as happened last time with the Space War article, we got emails after the article was released, kind of like a day later, saying that Space War was being indexed by Google and that it was available, which we made the point that that was the case because they had reinstated it, and in fact Space War and their own website had stated that their website had been reinstated.
Space war, as I said before, was neutral.
It occasionally carried articles which talked about things like the rapid build-up of China's military, things like their missile and satellite systems and their relations with other countries.
But it wasn't critical in any way that you could imagine that some of the more hardline neocon websites are critical of China.
So that's the reason why we say there might be a censorship issue, because
Overnight, Space War found that Google had completely removed their website from its search results.
And at the time, Space War suggested, as I said before the break, that it was because Google had got a call from, quote, the boyish from Beijing.
So, in that sense, we supported Space War's efforts in lobbying Google to reinstate their website because, you know, it sets a bad precedent and the website was eventually reinstated.
So keyword deluge of emails calling me and Alex a liar from people saying they could access Space War from Google, which is because it was reinstated about 12 to 24 hours after Space War had released the original article.
And in fact, Space War amended their original piece on it to say so.
So since we put out that article, I've in fact noticed that
Google's been somewhat reluctant to index our major articles, and as of a couple of hours ago, the last time I checked, you type in the headline of the original Sheen article and you get your search, quote, actor Charlie Sheen questions official 9-11 story did not match any documents.
And as Alex said, this is kind of one of the most trafficked articles we've ever carried.
It's going to be linked on thousands of other websites, thousands of other blogs.
The traffic it got just from the Drudge report alone, Drudge linked to our story on Monday briefly for a matter of hours, just from that traffic alone would have put it right up there.
And we talked about it on Tuesday.
As I said before the break, we were fair in saying that although Google indexes the major articles within 12 to 24 hours, we said give it another day or so and, you know, let's be fair about it.
So it's now...
Three days after the article went out, and it's simply not on Google.
Neither is anything else about what she said about 9-11.
And it's on thousands of blogs and newspapers, which also get indexed by Google News.
So understand, this is all automated.
Only a specific filter, which they admit they do in China and now other areas, could do this.
We have Google filtering in America.
And that all happened right at the same time Drudge had us up for four hours and then pulled us, which he never does.
So I think, you know, if you're listening to this interview in a week's time, then Google will have to have something in there just because of the deluge.
Or no, maybe they'll announce a new policy of doing it.
Maybe they'll say the U.S.
government's asked us to, and this is our new policy.
Maybe so, but, you know, in a week or so, the story will have died down.
It's high right now, and they've got nothing on there whatsoever on the main Google search engine.
So that is the essence of censorship.
And that's Google Web, folks.
We're not saying Google News.
They're not blocking their affiliates.
Well, it's mind-blowing to see them censoring in America, Paul.
And this is red-handed, okay?
I've studied how these machines work, how these systems, these programs work.
They have to go do it themselves.
And to block it, it's very hard to do.
I read about what they do in China.
They have to block thousands of word combinations.
I mean, you type Charlie Sheen 9-11.
Charlie Sheen 9-11 speaks out.
Charlie Sheen, you know, claims 9-11 cover-up.
Our exact headline.
Charlie Sheen, Alex Jones.
Charlie Sheen 9-1-1.
Nothing comes up.
Right, and so what we need to do now is test not just Yahoo!
Search, but all the other search engines.
is it?
Yeah, it looks like Yahoo!
is not blocking, which is even more proof.
So that in itself is a big article that we can do later on.
Well, I tell you, Paul, it is just getting... I keep saying mind-blowing.
This is mind-blowing.
I mean, this is a bigger story than even Sheen speaking out, that Google is blocking us.
Exactly, but it comes as no surprise when they've done it before.
For mainstream news websites like Spacewar!
I'm surprised they didn't do this sooner.
I've noticed that our articles get less and less
Oh yeah, the Google CEO a few months ago, a particular company exposed some of the things they were doing, and Google CEO said, you don't get any more links from us!
Hey Google, don't be evil!
Their own corporate slogan, which they've contradicted time and time again.
Oh, but they're defending this by only releasing some information to the government about American search preferences.
Well, you know, Google even moved in, what, a year ago to that big NASA facility.
Did you see that?
Well, we've got to move away from Google.
If Yahoo will leave us alone and leave others alone, which we haven't seen them doing this yet, they do it in China, then we'll have to support them.
We'll have to have a campaign to get everybody off Google.
Right, and by exposing this, hopefully they'll reverse it like they did with Space War, but it's becoming more and more obvious that this is censorship.
Well, we need the listeners to tell everybody.
To go out and post on message boards everywhere, what's happening, what's going on, and then we can use this against them.
Because what's happening is we cover so much.
They understand our growth curve.
And I've read different corporate papers on MySpace and what it did and what a lot of other big sites did in their growth curve.
And they know our growth curve is exponential.
And so, I mean, all of this is clearly attempts to head us off at the pass.
Because, you know, once we start going viral, as they call it on the web, as it really spreads, every day we're going viral, Paul.
And all the sites are exploding in size.
It's got to be scaring them.
Well, exactly.
I mean, a couple of years ago, Prison Planet was 30,000 in Alexa.
A year ago, 20,000.
London Bombings, at the height of that, it was down to 5,000, 6,000, but it kept swinging back to kind of 15,000 after that.
And now, it's around 6,000, 7,000 every day, even if we haven't got a massive story out.
And today, it's number 2,000.
2,000, and I expect tomorrow it'll be around the same level, even without the help of Google.
And all we're trying to do, you see, when they go read that Charlie Sheen article, they see all those links to all the other credible people, government officials, Bush administration people, defense ministers, laying out what happened.
You see, that's the whole point of the Sheen interview, boys and girls.
Right, but they'll pick up Carla Santana mildly criticizing Bush in a milquetoast fashion, and that's on the AP within...
But I tell you, Jeff Williams over there at APLA, he thought he'd stop us.
He didn't.
Well, no, and they could have got control of the story and steam-valved it in a certain way, but now it's been forced out, so the floodgates are more open than ever, I think.
Yeah, it's pretty classic.
Paul, I'm going to let you go so you have a chance to go write these articles and get this information up in a timely fashion.
We've got some more guests coming up.
I know we've got a lot of callers.
We'll get to you, too.
Another case of censorship that's going on when we get back.
But everybody go to Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and tell your whole email list to go there so that they're not able to suppress this.
So instead of just hearing people lampoon and pillory Charlie Sheen, they go find out what he really said.
And the video, the singing and interviews up there, the 40-minute interview we did on the radio show.
It was an hour interview, but 40 minutes of talk.
It's all there.
Get it out to everyone now.
Help us.
We'll be right back.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
This podcast is being followed in real time by elements of the United States government, and I have no doubt the British government is one and the same.
I didn't want to talk about this a few days ago, but we got messages from our server IP companies.
Chicago, California, specific places.
What was it?
SAL flood attack?
I mean, you know, the coded messages.
I mean, we talked directly to the head of IT departments at two of the biggest hubs in the country.
And they said, these are systematic attacks.
And obviously, they're listening to our phone lines, everything.
I kept it secret that Sheen was coming on.
Didn't even put it on my website until he actually went on air.
Right when he went on Monday at 8 after, it went up on Infowars.com that he was joining us.
30 minutes before he even joined us, the flood attack, the massive denial of service using proxy servers as they jumped, jumped, jumped, began attacking.
And then they attacked, and I got that separately from an IT guy in Austin, IT in California.
Then the network was hit on its separate systems because we also stream the show.
And then you can't tell because we just combined with the network to help them.
I just paid to put out the free stream because the network couldn't do it.
All of this is going on, and then we get hit in Chicago at other backups with the same exact attack.
And they were able to jump through, I don't know all the technical terms, and catch it.
It was coming out of U.S.
government IPs that were running the zombie attacks, taking control of people's computers all over the country to attack us, to send a dial of service at us.
And that was going on on my computers, on the network's computers, and then on another individual that helps us with his computers.
Massive attacks, just so you couldn't hear Sheen on the Internet.
Then Google, for three and a half days, does not list us, and for 20 minutes we're ranting and raving about it.
Kevin Smith is in there, and I wish he'd have printed it as proof, because they won't have their searches cached.
They say everything else, but searches are one-time events.
I know this is getting all technical, but the point is that 20 minutes into our rant about it, it hit with 46,000 links concerning the Sheen interview on Google Web.
They were listening, and they took the search block off, and the entire history of searches were available, and all of the links in the past...
By searches.
Their searches with their spiders they send out and their robots they send out over the last three days.
Those are all terms of little programs that crawl across the web and pick everything up and then bring it back for their database.
So, red-handed.
And I don't know who you think you are sitting there at Google.
I don't know who you are, why you think this is American.
I know you've got fake news and fake newspapers in Iraq, but this is America, buddy.
And don't think that we're not going to write an article about this.
And this is, in my opinion, more important than the whole Sheen thing.
You're now trying what you do in China here, and I'm not going to stand around and take it.
And the listeners of this broadcast aren't going to stand around and take it.
I'm calling Google headquarters.
I'm going to get answers, or I'm going to launch a national boycott.
And don't think it won't affect you.
This is shameful!
Yahoo never censored us!
The others didn't censor it, but over half the searches on the planet are run through Google, and now they've moved into the NASA headquarters, and they're doing a lot of sneaky stuff, and I'm not putting up with it.
Do we have our guest, James L. Bills?
Sorry, James, we had trouble.
Your phone's got an anonymous blocker or something, so we... Yeah, I noticed that.
I noticed that I had to go through all kinds of weird... That never happens to anybody.
I had to punch in codes to receive your call.
Well, that's because we're on T1s, probably.
We've got computer phones.
Now, I know you've heard all that ranting, and you've experienced this yourself.
You know, any award-winning documentary makers who came to Austin couldn't get their film shown in the shot by Southwest, and we're told because it's political.
And all over the country, that stuff's getting pulled, and now you've got some of the most incredible footage that would blow, it would be top story all over the country, rotten bodies floating around inside the jails, the prisoners behind bars unable to get out, cops with their families drowning, dead bodies everywhere, hell upon earth, troops running around grabbing guns, and you know what, nobody will take your footage, will they?
Actually, so far, no.
We've actually been told it was too politically hot to handle.
And I've been seeing your footage and photos that you've shown us for weeks, and I meant today to have a big send-off for you and to have a big show and post it and make a big deal out of it.
I want to get you back next week to make sure this happens, sir, because I can't do you justice right now.
But what do you just think of, and we're going to break them back up plenty of time, what do you think of what you're hearing about Google and all this?
Well, we've experienced the same thing.
Our actual site has not been Googled yet, and we've been up for a month, month and a half, and we have our previous site as Google, but our new site for some reason, and Al and I have no reason.
We can't figure out why it has not been Googled.
Well, I know the science of the Google system.
It's basically NSA hardware from the late 90s.
And they're blocking a bunch of shenanigans that are going on.
Well, you know, Tulsa, you've not seen one press report about our movie, even though we sent out hundreds of press releases about our film.
You've not seen one news report anywhere about our film.
Well, that's because you've got Hell on Earth on video.
If this video was seen, it'd bring down the Bush administration.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crank it up!
Going down, going down now, going down.
I tell ya, we didn't mean to play that music.
Boy, the levees did break, didn't they?
And joining us is...
James L. Bill, director, and then we've got Al Gomez, the producer.
I believe he's on the same line with us.
Were we able to get Mr. Gomez on?
Hi, Alex.
I'm here.
Sorry I'm in a frothing mood today.
We've gone nuclear with this story.
I guess Kevin told you I called him saying, you know, I can't hear your feed today.
I called him an hour ago saying, what's up?
This is the first time ever I've not been able to hear your feed on the web, and I've got two computers side by side.
Well, on Monday when we had Sheen on, I thought it was overwhelming listeners blocking in.
And no, we had servers in different parts of the country being attacked before it even came on when it was a secret and only been discussed on private phone lines.
That's awfully... We ourselves, not the same way, have gotten into a lot of attacks also.
Lots of hate email, hate blogs about how dare you tell this story.
And our story, just so you know, again, I sent you a copy of the documentary.
We try to stay as middle of the line as possible as you can in something like this.
From our earlier version, but when you're showing Americans being herded into corrals by men with machine guns on American soil, truckload after truckload after truckload of American armed troops with their fingers literally on the triggers rolling into a major American city to herd people up,
It's hard to stay objective.
Yeah, let me just stop right there.
For those that don't know, in the middle of all this craziness with my limited staff, you're authorizing us to put some of this on the web for free.
Obviously, you're still trying to sell the footage to a major network so people can actually see it in mass.
I've asked you if you want to put a couple of minutes snippet up there as a preview.
I told Kevin I'd gladly provide him with all the snippets he wants.
Okay, but I mean, we've got a copy of the film now.
Yes, you sure do.
So I just, from your note you sent, what can we put up?
That's a Mr. Gomez question.
Mr. Gomez?
Kevin's like, hey, let's put some of this on.
I'm like, well, I have to have specifics.
Well, in terms of what you're seeing, you can basically put up any of the pictures regarding whatever deals with the military, as far as I'm concerned.
Okay, what about the video stuff of dead bodies floating around and people in jail cells?
They're all available.
A lot of those dead bodies in the pictures, when James took the stuff, he didn't show faces.
I made it a point not to show face.
No, I understand, sir.
What I'm trying to get at here is, because, I mean, I'm... What I need to do is I need to send you the hour and a half long version where we didn't pull any punches and let you pick from that one.
The hour long version we have, we pulled some punches trying to make it more mainstream and it's...
It's still hardcore and still very edgy, but let me send you the hour-and-a-half version.
You had to water it down, and then they still bulked.
We watered it down quite a bit.
We made it a lot softer.
Okay, what I'll do is I'll put a little bit.
Can I put, say, a minute up out of this one?
You can put two or three.
Go ahead.
Okay, fine.
I've got three minutes from you.
And then send me the other one, and we'll have you guys on for two hours next week so millions of people can hear about it.
But right now, tell us about your website.
The website is www.refugeoflastresort.net and we called it Refuge of Last Resort because during the hurricane everyone was, of course, finding their refuge.
Ours happened to be, luckily, a friend of ours had a room in a hotel and invited us over.
Otherwise, my wife and I and our two kids would have been stuck in our 100-year-old house on Broadway in New Orleans, which did not fare that well during the hurricane.
All right, and again, I've seen the watered-down, if you can call it that, it's nightmarish film.
I mean, this should be on television every night.
It would be the highest rated ever.
But it's not just you that got this.
A bunch of other media got this, too.
This is a great story of the censorship.
And just so you know, we sent copies of this, I'm not going to name them by name, to major news networks who refused to even show it.
We sent...
I was one of the only cameras, if not the only camera, when you see the Superdome footage, I was the only camera that got a lot of that.
And you haven't seen my footage.
When you see my footage, your eyes will open up because no one else was even there.
You don't even see anyone with a still camera around where I got into.
I was on the ground from day one.
You were in the middle of it.
Tell us about the film.
When can we, I mean, obviously, are we ever going to be able to buy a copy of this?
We're actually, we're suddenly getting a lot of interest in it, more internationally than domestically, of course.
If push comes to shove, we'll of course always have to figure out a way to either distribute it ourselves, but I don't think it's going to have to come to that.
Hopefully this summer you'll be able to get a copy of it in your local DVD store.
But the film, honestly, in the watered-down version, which I say watered-down, it's still brutal as hell.
People who see it walk away crying and shaking, which I was shocked because I'm so numbed by it by now.
Yeah, I know.
I've seen a lot of it.
It's sick.
Describe, I mean, you were there, James, or Mr. Gomez?
I was there.
My family lived in New Orleans at the time.
Yeah, but describe to people the type of stuff that's on this footage.
Okay, well, aside from the interviews, of course, I'll go right to the meat and potatoes.
It shows how the storm rolled in.
And the storm itself wasn't all that horrific.
We were out four in the afternoon Monday walking around.
There wasn't any flooding.
We were walking around.
We even walked down to the Superdome.
And there were some National Guard troops there.
They didn't have to roll in.
And on the radio, you know, we talked about how on the radio, Intergy said that there won't be any power for 30 to 45 days, so make some plans.
And within two days, suddenly there's water everywhere, but still no food anywhere, still no water.
They did a really good job of hurting...
The people who were scattered about the city to the convention center by telling them that there was water there.
So, of course, every straggler made their way there, and there was no water.
There was no food there.
And for days, they were still able to roll in with highways right to it, but they just didn't for some reason.
That's like saying, yeah, same thing.
Like, you probably heard they couldn't evacuate the Superdome because of the flooding, but I was able to walk there on Thursday afternoon once the troops came in.
I walked there, and the water was ankle-deep.
I mean, certainly ankle-deep water isn't enough to keep people from going home.
This to me was crowd control or something.
Sir, it was a giant drill.
They brought in foreign troops.
They did gun confiscations.
It was a drill.
There are lots of hired guns also.
People who wouldn't tell us who they were.
People in black masks there.
None of them with any food, mind you.
I mean, with no food, no water.
What were they doing?
Just running around screaming at people?
No, they were herding people up.
Herding them up, taking them to the Superdome, herding them up, taking them to the convention center.
And when I would go out, I would try to hang near someone with a press pass so they would think I was pressed, because I wasn't.
I was an indie filmmaker who happened to have a high-def camera.
And the few times when I stopped by the police, I found if you smooch a little button and hug them and say, thank God you're here, thank you, thank you, they leave you alone.
So, that's my little hint to any indie filmmaker getting in trouble.
Give the cop a hug and say, thank you, thank you, and they'll let you walk away.
They'll think you're their buddy.
Now, the cops were doing a pretty good job.
It was the FBI-led military and Blackwater goon squads.
Of course, now, major sheriff departments, MSNBC reported, will be taken over by DynCorp.
Yeah, that's pretty amazing you say that, because I was going to double-check some of my facts about Katrina, and I wanted to make sure I had my points right.
When I called a few of the local state offices...
They were actually being manned by military personnel.
Yeah, it was all a martial law drill.
What about the footage of people inside jail cells?
That's pretty interesting.
One of the people with us, we befriended a couple of reporters.
Like I said, we hung with them.
We actually let them stay in the hotel where we were at if they'd bring us food and gasoline.
And one of the reporters was able to go down to the Orleans Parish Prison and talk to the prison guards one-on-one.
And she said, Flat, there's dead bodies there.
There's bodies hanging from the razor wire there.
And we've got this film.
Can you see the film?
And at the time, the film was damaged.
The tape, sorry.
The tape was damaged.
I couldn't view the tape.
And I had to clean it up.
And we cleaned up the first 21, 22 minutes of it.
And it shows, basically, from the time the storm rolled in until Wednesday, taking different little breaks, the conditions inside the jail.
And it shows, again, there is more footage to be revealed, of course, and we know what's on there, again, as far as inside the prison, inside the jail itself.
The stuff you've seen is the prison guard footage that the guards themselves were also abandoned with no food or water, and that they actually had their babies with no diapers sleeping on concrete floors, sleeping...
On cardboard.
We're not talking 12 or 20 people.
We're talking hundreds of people, if you see the video.
Hundreds of individuals sleeping on the floor, sleeping on cardboard.
Kids with no food, babies with no food, complaining the whole time.
I want the footage of the prisoners locked up in water.
Well, let's see if I can get that to you.
We're actually going to be hopefully decoding that very soon.
Listen, the key to this, the key to breaking their...
You've got some really, really good listeners, and I really kick myself on the head for not listening to you.
For years, I couldn't listen to you in New Orleans because I couldn't find a station to listen to you.
I didn't realize you had a webcast, and ever since then, I've been following you quite a bit, and you're so accurate on so many things you have to say, and
Imagine in Austin, Texas, if there was a hurricane, and the government came in and everyone survived the hurricane, so you're doing okay.
What if suddenly all the food and all the water were taken to one area, allegedly, and everyone in Austin had to go there?
You would have the same thing there that happened in New Orleans, where military troops rolled into control crowds.
And then they go into the unflooded areas in $10 million houses and arrest you and take your family guns.
They were doing that right near us.
On our film, you'll see that we were at my house a week and a half after the hurricane trying to save what we could because I had one half of my house on a major roof collapse and ceiling damage.
And the military troops rolled up with their guns drawn on Al, made him sit down.
I mean, at that point, Alex,
When I went in with him, day 7, day 8, it was somewhere around there.
I didn't see but one or two policemen there.
It was mostly military.
It was 99% military.
Everywhere we went.
And we were stopped everywhere we went.
And it was Army Airborne Rangers.
It wasn't National Guard.
It was actual Army Airborne Rangers.
Gentlemen, did you know I've been to urban warfare drills where they train and take our children from us and take our guns and they admit it's for America?
Because they know if they take your kids, you'll follow wherever they go.
That was my thing with the water.
If they take the water and they tell you the water's over there, you'll go where the water is.
That was one step away.
Now, Mr. Gomez, why did they aim a gun at you?
Why did they have you sit down?
I was standing outside waiting.
There was actually nobody there.
It was dead.
There were no animals.
There was no life.
There was nobody.
No birds even.
And these people came around.
We had seen them cruising around.
We didn't think anything of it.
And I said, well, James, you're home now.
Go see what's in there.
Go see what's left.
Go see the damage.
Yeah, you've got the courage to come into this war zone to help your friend.
You're there, and then here comes America, and how do they treat you?
I actually talked to one of the guys.
It was funny because he did have a loaded gun.
He had a loaded gun, an M16.
I'm not familiar with their weaponry.
But I said, hey, this guy didn't realize I was from California.
I said, I'm from Los Angeles.
I'm here.
You know, I'm here.
I'm with the press.
We're doing this film.
And he said, he started talking to me like I was a normal human being.
But I guarantee you, when he first came up, I might as well have been an alien.
I might as well have been somebody not from this country.
Because he was pointing his gun at me, and he wasn't saying a word.
I thought, this was strange.
I'm an American citizen.
I'm standing here minding my own business.
Well, all of this happened because there were a few gunshots, mainly cops over the next hill shooting alligators or wild dogs.
This is now admitted.
Really, no one's shooting at anybody, according to all the reporters I've talked to that were there.
And then they would just go, we're under attack!
Oh, no!
And then a bunch of aid workers got shot by the military.
So the whole thing was a giant laboratory drill, sir.
And so much information.
Like, I remember we were there when a broadcast came over that either the military or the police had shot some aid workers.
And within two hours, it was, oh, no, no, no, they were shot by a gang.
Well, where's the gang?
You know, the city's in ruins.
Where's the gang at?
You know, what gang?
The only gangs roaming around.
And again, so many things will forever, Alex, go unproven about this hurricane.
This was, to me, this was, I'm 43 years old, this is the most horrific event of my lifetime.
Well, and I know it was for millions of others.
Let me try to understand this.
According to the press, I've interviewed what we saw on television, I've interviewed a lot of people that were there, and firemen who valiantly traveled from Houston there and others.
And they said they were inside the Superdome, and some of this has been confirmed mainstream, and that for at least a day and a half, there was food and water stacked up, but that they wouldn't let the people have it, as if they were trying to make the people rush them, and the military was ordered to sit there aiming their guns at the crowd.
Well, I've heard that about the convention center as well.
Is that true?
Again, I've been told that.
I didn't see it.
With my own eyes, I never saw it.
I was told that by a Houston firefighter.
Well, if I can also follow that up, you know, officially inside the Superdome, what is it, there were six people dead?
Yeah, when Al Gomez and I went there a week and a half, two weeks later, I want to say September 11th, we were there.
We met some rescue workers out of Ohio who said, we're still pulling dead bodies out of the Superdome.
And I said, can I get you on camera saying that?
And they said, of course you cannot.
Yeah, we're just in a free country.
It's like we're Russian now.
I better not.
No, I better not.
It's like the rape issue.
When we were there, we saw women screaming, my baby was raped.
We saw photographs that news photographers took
That have never been published of people who were killed.
Photos you'll never find anywhere.
And so I contacted Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault because at like 3 in the morning I saw one of those news programs that they run one time that says, oh, by the way, there really were a bunch of rapes in New Orleans.
And LaFosse, Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault, confirmed there were 42 medically proven rapes
42 rapes is a whole lot more than the none the press reports, isn't it?
42 rapes is a horrific amount of rapes.
I'm sorry.
For some reason, my board, every once in a while when I hit the cough button, it doesn't come back on, so I apologize.
That's all right.
I mean, how did the men who were in the dome at night while this was happening, how would men sit there, I guess it's the new American, and let women get raped?
I mean...
I mean, all the time now I hear about stories where a cop gets hit by a car and lays for an hour bleeding to death right by a convenience store and no one helps him.
Stories of women being raped and left on the side of the street in front of everyone on a major Toronto street and businessmen laugh at them out of the windows.
I mean, what has happened to us?
I saw a bunch of scum raping a woman.
I'd beat their brains out.
Well, let me share your first answer that happened to me.
It's not rape, but it's pretty horrific.
We found a young man who had been beaten almost to death on Poitras Street.
And we were, again, this was Wednesday, the radio was saying, food, water, EMTs at the convention center.
So we pick him up, and we actually carry him to a truck, and we lay him in the back of a truck, and a new blue Cadillac pulls up.
And inside, the New Orleans police officer with his gun drawn, and we say, where can we take this guy?
He's going to die.
He says, take him to the convention center.
Again, in a new Cadillac with the 2005 sticker still on it.
So we take the guy to the convention center, and there's three policemen there, total.
People, thousands of people everywhere.
And we literally have to beg the cops, please, this guy's going to die.
And the policeman looked at me after a while of me begging, saying, look, his eyes are rolling back in his head.
His gums are white.
He's incoherent.
The policeman said, he's just going to have to die.
He's going to die.
We can't help you.
Yeah, and there were people everywhere, and nobody would help us.
Nobody would even lift a finger.
The government says terrorists are about to hit us, and then what we can count on if the, quote, terrorists hit us, and we know who they are, is that they're going to just come and machine guns at us and take our kids from us.
Well, that's the thing.
I would assume so.
And it'll just come in one or two, Alex.
They come in.
Two, three dozen at a time.
These guys are well... My wife has been so terrified that just for having the footage we have, we're going to have our door kicked in.
So we keep it off-premises, halfway across the state, and it's safe.
You know, she's been... Every time there's any kind of weird noise, oh my gosh, they're here to get the footage.
She's experienced the new America.
I would assume so.
And again, when you watch my... I mean, we don't blame... We blame FEMA on my video.
I don't pick any one person out.
I just say, look...
Like, we have about 20 minutes of interviews, and the last half hour is pretty much solid.
Boom, boom, boom, here's how it's happening.
And we walk around and say, okay, now it's Thursday afternoon, there's troops in the street, let's go get some food.
Oh, there's no food, there's only guns.
Oh, there's no water, there's only guns.
Meanwhile, food is stacked up to heaven right outside the city with major highways ready to roll it right into you.
And they're not there to help the woman raped in the street or the young man beaten half to death.
They're there to take your guns and teach you how to be a slave.
We'll talk about the film more and give you the website on the other side with Al Gomez, the producer, and the director, James L. Mills.
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You know, I've never seen the lyrics to the Don Henley song, Inside Job.
But it sounds like something about 9-11 to me.
But John Connors sent me an email saying, no, it's not.
So I'll check into it if I'm wrong.
That's fine.
I'll say I'm wrong.
I occasionally am wrong on things.
But kind of the tone of it was like I knew that was saying it.
Going back to our guest.
Gentlemen, I don't want a short change.
I want to get you back an hour and a half, two hours.
I want to get you back Monday or Tuesday as soon as possible, as soon as I can grab some clips out of the video and get them up.
Send me the really brutal copy.
That would be great.
I'll send you some raw footage also, some unedited stuff as well.
That would be great.
And an old note saying you can use 20 seconds of this, 30 of that.
Pick and choose.
If you're going to put up several two or three minute snippets, I don't care.
Feel free.
Well, I'll do that.
We've got a few minutes left.
Give us the website several times.
It is, again, www.refugeoflastresort.net.
And there are some things also, as well as getting information about our film out, we're also trying to be a place where I can put news about hurricane events, missing people.
We also have a blog up there if people want to have any kind of news.
And because I got kind of sick of companies out of New York coming online and selling $25 Katrina Survivor t-shirts, we're actually getting sponsors to help us give Katrina Survivors who made it through this decal so that you... Basically, my reason behind that was have it on your vehicle so when you stop at the corner, the people begging for change know you're not full of crap and you say, I'm a Katrina Survivor, leave me alone, I have no money.
We try to not sensationalize anything if that can be possible, and I'm so numb from this that when I watch a group of people watch this film and they start crying and they have to turn away or get up and leave the room, I'm so numbed by this that I'm still surprised at this seven months later.
Well, I'm the same way.
I mean, I shock a lot of people just with the stuff we talk about, not the footage you've got.
And I realize I've been in it so long that for the average person who's never come in contact with this, it just blows their mind.
Mr. Gomez, any closing comments from you, sir?
And we appreciate your courage helping put out this film.
Well, first off, I deeply respect what you do, Alex.
And I'm starting to understand more and more what you do and the value that it has.
Because as James told you earlier...
I've contacted every major distributor in Los Angeles and New York.
Again, I won't name names specifically, but I have.
I have contacted everyone.
I get people who say, there's a voice here that should be heard, and then they turn me down.
And it's the strangest.
It's always been the strangest thing in the world to me.
Why would they turn it down when they told me specifically this voice should be heard?
Well, I've seen some of the footage.
I mean, it's blockbuster.
It's horrible.
And it's high-definite focus, too.
Well, see, that's the thing, though.
I mean, I had a big radio executive just tell me a few weeks ago, he goes, Alex, everything isn't ratings.
And I go, I know.
It's keeping the establishment in power.
I know that's what it's all about.
It isn't just about ratings, because I get the ratings.
It should be on 600 radio stations.
Instead, I'm on like 75, 80.
And they're mom and pops, and we love them and thank God for them.
But that's why the mainstream media, though, is literally every year losing more and more of their audience.
I have a stack of articles about it today.
They are imploding.
And also, Alex, to back you up, again, I'm a big fact checker because of the documentary as well.
And you can sit there and say the same story that's on some other website and you'll go in depth and you'll find the sources and you'll find the truth behind almost every story.
And I really respect that.
I really, really respect what you do.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
Appreciate it.
You bet Al Gomez and James L. Bills.
Again, one more time, for those that missed us, give us that website.
It's refugeoflastresort.net.
Godspeed, gentlemen.
I'm going to have one of my producers call you right after the show, call you right back, because I want to go ahead and set you up for next week.
Very good, Alex.
Thank you very much.
You better talk to you then.
Take care.
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God willing.
God bless you all.
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