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Air Date: March 21, 2006
2645 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Tuesday, the 21st day...
Of March 2006, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
I'm going to spend a little bit of time this hour talking about the Charlie Sheen interview, actor Charlie Sheen exposing the 9-11 cover-up, calling for a real investigation, and what the mainstream media has done with this interview.
But I'm not going to spend more than about ten minutes on it in this first hour coming up next.
At the bottom of the hour, I think, is the best time, so be sure and stay with us.
There have been some very, very interesting developments concerning media control.
Now, in the meantime, we're going to get into the news.
President Bush had a press conference this morning.
Bush defends decisions on Iraq war and says that it will be there at least through 08 into the next administration.
And he says, look past the bloodshed and see freedom.
So I want to go over some of these nauseating points that he's made.
And he also yesterday warned Israel, excuse me, in Freudian slip, warned Iran that if they don't do everything that Israel and others want, they're going to get attacked.
And that if Israel does attack them, they better lie down and take it.
If they fire back, that is just the ultimate evil, and America will have to attack them.
Sounds good to me.
Hey, we're going to attack you.
You're going to lay there and take it.
You understand.
Also, Iraqi diplomat gave U.S.
pre-war WMD details.
This is from NBC News.
Stacks on top of all the other eyewitness reports and documents that are confirmed.
And this was even one of their agents.
They paid him off.
He was here, and he told them in secret meetings, look, there is a nuclear program.
There isn't a biological program.
There's just the stuff you mailed us.
A few years ago, and then right back to the 80s, our government was mailing them botulism and anthrax and West Nile in 1994, and going back, of course, into the mid-1980s, 1983, early 1980s.
So we'll get into this report, and just here it is, admitted, now declassified.
They released this information.
It's just, okay, yeah, we knew there was nothing.
Again, just another example of this.
It's not like they screwed up.
They knew they were lying.
Kissinger is saying, America global strategy benefits from the Indian participation in building a new world order.
We'll get more into that article.
That is a quote.
Jury finds Abu Ghraib dog handler guilty.
This is Associated Press.
How can he be guilty for letting the dogs chew on people when he was ordered to do that?
I mean, I'm not defending him.
He needs to go to prison.
But when it's the official policy and Bush's White House is ordering the torture and those memos are public and those orders are public, why send the people to prison?
I mean, this is a joke, so we'll get into that report.
Also, Blair wants a battle of ideas with the terrorists, so he can have a battle with himself, I guess.
Japan's rich by organs from executed Chinese prisoners.
This is out of London Independent.
It also happens here in the United States.
And another one, Chinese internet dissonant gets a 10-year sentence.
These are our good little buddies.
And one I didn't get into yesterday, China bans weird baby names.
That's the incredible freedom of our good economic people.
I think?
And even our own generals are saying, well, we don't really want to disagree with them.
They went in that house and killed all those women and children at point-blank range while they were in handcuffs.
First, the government denied they killed anybody.
That is the coalition government.
Now they're admitting it.
Putting people in handcuffs and blowing their heads off is really no big deal, especially six-month-old babies.
They need to put that one in the handcuffs, but the three-year-olds and the two five-year-olds...
Hey, they're deadly.
You know, maybe they were crying or something.
I mean, if the police come to your house in America and the dog's barking when they swat team you, if it's a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, they shoot it, so why not?
If a kid's crying while you're blowing their parents' heads off, just grease the kid.
Good guys do.
Sounds like something Jack Bauer would do on 24, keeping us safe from terrorists.
Death squads on the prowl, Iraq convulsed by fear.
I want to get into that when we get back, but...
Paramedic who worked on WTC Morgue dies of respiratory illness.
One of the hundreds.
Pat Tillman's dad asks for new comments.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I'm going to run through the international, national news and the news from around the country right now.
And then coming up in about 20 minutes at the bottom of the hour, 22 minutes to be precise, I'll get into the big Charlie Shee interview that we had here yesterday.
Actor Charlie Sheen questions official 9-1-1 story, calls for truly independent investigation, joins growing ranks of prominent, credible whistleblowers.
To give you an idea of where this is going, I'll come up in about 20 minutes.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It was expunged.
It was completely removed.
They never do that.
I've been watching drugs for a decade, know how they operate, and it just went into the memory hole.
And the articles didn't roll down when they did that.
They just added one about 30 million bags lost in the airports.
That one replaced it.
And then I made some calls.
Well, first I got contacted by some press this morning, and then I made some calls.
And talk to some of the chieftains in some different media bureaus, and one of them I talked to, boy, he was a real piece of work.
And if Charlie Sheen has a crooked toenail...
We're good to go.
I'll tell you what happened when we talked to the Associated Press.
And again, they still may run something on this, one of the other offices, and it frankly doesn't even matter.
The alternative media is now bigger than mainstream media in most cases.
They've got big mainline outlets that can really saturate, but if you stack up the alternative media next to the mainstream media, and this is their own admission, the alternative media about a year ago got as big and is now much bigger and is growing exponentially.
We're good to go.
I think?
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
But it's about how they can act as gatekeepers and shut this down.
So I'm asking you to go get the article, actor Charlie Sheen questions official 9-1-1 story at the top of InfoWars.com, and it's the second story in the general news on PrisonPlanet.com.
And to get it and to email it out to everyone, to email it out to your local TV, radio, Associated Press, UPI, Reuters.
I want them to be swimming in it.
I want them to be knee-deep in this article and ask them, Hey, why aren't you picking this up?
You picked up Santana, who isn't one-tenth as big as a Charlie Sheen.
Plus, the tabloids love this guy.
He's the darling of the tabloids.
Been in over 65 major films.
Okay, I'll tell you the rest of the story later.
It's just incredible to see the control at work.
And see, I wasn't sure it was control, so I made phone calls and I discovered it was.
I mean, I've got names of these people.
I discovered it was.
I was calmly talking to them, and one of them was screaming at me.
They're so upset.
They're so afraid.
I wonder who the head AP guy is in Los Angeles.
I wonder how you get that kind of job.
Boy, that would be a nice place for a gatekeeper, wouldn't it?
We've seen a lot of that in the news.
It's just all very, very interesting.
I wonder.
So we'll get into that.
All right, let's dive into the news right now.
Bush defends decision on Iraq war, Associated Press.
President Bush said Tuesday the decision about when to withdraw all U.S.
troops from Iraq will fall to future presidents and Iraqi leaders, suggesting that U.S.
involvement will continue at least through 2008, acknowledging the public's growing unease.
With the war and election year skittishness among fellow Republicans, the President nonetheless vowed to keep U.S.
soldiers in the fight.
Let me get my Texas hex in my fake one.
If I didn't believe we could succeed, I wouldn't be there.
I wouldn't put those kids there, Bush declared.
He also stood by embattled Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld.
I don't believe he should resign.
He's doing a fine job.
Every war plan looks good on paper until you meet the enemy, he said.
But your real war plan said you wanted to break it up into three or four regions, preferably three.
That goes back to the 80s and reshaded to the 90s, and then in 2002 and 2003, and have endless civil war because the defense contractors, A, make more money the longer they're there.
And then, B, you want to control that oil longer and build permanent bases.
And, C, you want to use Iraq as a military launch base to project power into Iran and Syria, and you'll have a total link-up then with Afghanistan to the east.
Right to the door of China.
Oh, but, you know, oh, we just, you know, it looks good on paper until you meet the enemy.
Aren't you the one that said, let's roll?
In his second full-blown news conference of the year, Bush confronted his political problems by addressing them directly.
Nobody likes war.
It creates a sense of uncertainty in the country, he added.
War creates trauma.
You know all about trauma-based mind control, don't you Bush?
You told your biographer in 99, I mean you had this book published.
This is what you told your biographer.
You said you're going to be a war president because you can't be questioned with your domestic policies when you've got the people in a war.
Now, you said that.
Bush Penack said that in September 2000.
You guys say it over and over again.
We're supposed to ignore your actual policy papers that go out to your minions.
See, there's different levels of media.
There's the general public who gets all their news just watching TV, sitcoms and dramas that are laced with propaganda.
Then you've got another segment of the populace, 20-30%, around there.
I don't have a scientific number on that, but the media reports that it's only 25-30%, depending on what study it is, that really is into the news.
And then that's fake left-right paradigms and different flavors of propaganda, different layers of the onion.
But you guys have got to communicate with your tens of thousands of minions and viceroys and employees and agents and people that carry this out.
We're good to go.
Online schedule there, or on your digital cable or satellite or whatever, just flip through and see when they're going to have a CFR meeting.
They have one on C-SPAN about every month.
And then half the time you tune in, they'll just openly be talking about the New World Order and how they're going to use things like 9-11 for a New World Order and how Iraq's going really well.
This is the whole plan.
You'll see the Naval War College darling, Barnett, Thomas Barnett, Dr. Barnett up there admitting all this.
I mean, it won't be Alex Jones saying it.
It'll be them saying what I'm saying.
People go, Alex, how does he know all this?
How does he calculate?
How does he predict everything?
How does he know it?
I just read what they say.
I watch them.
I mean, it's not hard.
That's what's so frustrating about all of this.
But obviously I shouldn't be frustrated.
72% of the troops say they're against the war and want out.
Same type of numbers here in the U.S.
And so what are we going to do?
It's just they don't care.
None of us want these big toll roads with transponders.
They do it.
We don't want the new Freedom Initiative.
We don't want a national ID card.
They do it.
We don't want open borders.
They just keep doing it.
Or they'll have some little thing where we're going to send 100 cops in the next year.
Every month there'll be a contingent of 10 cops down there, and there'll be, well, actually five of them are cops, two will be state guard, one will be national guard, and one will be a local sheriff.
We're going to spend $10 million next year.
It's like if your dam breaks, and you're going to throw a grain of sand into it to stop it, and then they'll have some big press conference down there.
They're dismantling this country right in front of us.
Right in front of us.
Bush looked past Iraq bloodshed, and he sees freedom.
This is Associated Press.
And it's got his little sick little quotes here about we see freedom, death squads, the newspapers all run by the Pentagon, admittedly, killing children, our troops breathing DU.
All of this happening, total carnage, by design.
Thirteen years of sanctions and now three years of this.
That's 16 years.
It's been almost 16 years since the sanctions started.
In just a few months.
16 years of it.
And it'll be going on in 16.
Don't worry.
In fact, that's what Bush is saying.
It's going to go well past 08.
And there's not a troop drawdown.
They're going from 140,000 to anywhere from 170,000 to 180,000.
There's a troop buildup.
But don't worry.
Bush warns Iraq on Israel.
The threat from Iran, of course.
Their stated objective is to destroy our strong ally Israel.
That's a threat, a serious threat.
It's a threat to the world peace, the U.S.
said after speaking in a speech defending the war in Iraq.
President said, I made it clear, and I'll make it clear again, that we will use military might to protect our ally Israel, said Bush, who was apparently referring to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmad Jadz, I can't ever pronounce his name, called for destruction of Israel.
The U.S.
On the atomic dispute, Bush said he hopes to solve this issue diplomatically by the United Message to Tehran from Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, as well as Russia, hopefully, and China.
What happens is every time Israel says they're going to destroy 200 sites and attack Israel, he responds and says, we'll destroy you.
Bush says you're going to feel great pain and suffering.
Bolton says it, head UN envoy from the U.S.
And then they repeat back exactly what he says...
You know, the president of Iran, who I'm not even defending, the guy's a nut too, he says, he says, okay, we don't want to have a war with you, but if you attack us, we'll cause you great pain and suffering.
He said he'll create great pain and suffering.
Can you believe him?
Just quoting back what Bush and Bolton said.
So we'll come back and get into Iraq.
Diplomat gave U.S.
pre-war WMD details and told them there's no WMDs.
That was their own paid agent telling them that.
They knew.
Also, Kissinger is America's global strategy for a new world order.
Wait till you hear about that.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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It discussed the United States military under UN command.
We're good to go.
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You know what's really hilarious?
Our Charlie Sheen interview has been, of course, posted all over the Internet, blogs, forums, everywhere.
And all these neocons, the tiny little gun-grabbing anti-American minority they are, the ultra-Soviet minority they are, are sending little threatening, little mean emails about, oh, Charlie Sheen, look, you know, he had trouble with women and drugs in the past, back in the 90s.
So how dare him have any right to say anything?
Your president is a DWI-admitted cokehead who kisses on and hugs on male prostitutes inside the press briefing room in front of everyone, and you all ignore it.
He knows he can just do it in front of everybody, and they admittedly bust in gay porn stars.
So at least Charlie Sheen back in the 90s, it was women.
And he doesn't do that anymore.
He's a homebody now.
And listen, I talked to the guy.
I was impressed.
He knows all about 9-11.
He's been listening to the show for years.
And we had him on because it exposes 9-11.
And I can't wait to write a response to these nutjobs.
I mean, you guys are really pathetic.
I know.
Jeff Gannon and all those other people.
I'm not just talking about Jeff Gannon.
You understand the New York Post and others have reported, the San Francisco Chronicle, that literal jets land...
With $5,000 a day male prostitutes from all over America and Europe to go in there with your Christian conservative leaders and enjoy themselves?
I mean, it makes Brokeback Mountain look like a Tiddlywinks.
I can't wait to write a response to this stuff.
I mean, you guys are just unbelievable.
Oh, and you're so Christian.
You know, look at who Christ was out there working with.
Look at who he was reforming.
Look at who he was.
You guys need to get the sticks out of your own eyes.
Now, maybe you'd like Sheen if it was men.
I understand.
You're good Republicans.
I understand, basically, who runs the Republican Party.
Drudge and all that crew.
I mean, believe me, I fully understand.
And so you're mad that Charlie likes girls.
And it upsets you.
It's very upsetting to you.
Of course, this is my audience.
It isn't even the neocons that are emailing me.
I've just got to write all this up.
You guys cannot deal with reality.
You can't deal with anything.
Go drink your Jack Daniels, and you're good, and everything's fine.
Charlie Sheen doesn't even drink now.
The guy's a teetotaler.
And that's been reported on by the press.
But George Bush is known to be falling down drunk half the time.
Oh, no, he doesn't drink anymore.
It's just confirmed.
New York Daily News, he grabs 17-year-old staffers, screaming with a purple face, spitting all over them, and then starts throwing furniture around.
Well, that's okay.
He's on Prozac.
It's okay.
George Bush is a good Christian man at Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove with all the gay prostitutes.
So keep the emails coming.
Of course, it's the vast minority of them, but these neocons, they get on these...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Because deep down they know the New World Order is coming down, so they've made a psychological decision to rationalize everything, to ignore everything, to say DUs, good for you.
I mean, there are a bunch of people I know who are young who've got lung cancer.
Lung cancer is up six-fold from two years ago.
And we're living in an insane asylum.
But you're not worried about that.
Oh, no, you're all over the web attacking me and others saying, No, no, DU's good.
DU's not bad.
It's a good weapon.
I don't apologize for that.
Well, good, then.
Enjoy it.
I know you'll email me or call me in a year when you're dying of lung cancer.
Oh, man, I should have listened to you, Alex.
I'm so sorry.
Of course, probably then you won't even do it.
Well, that was probably secondhand smoke.
I love George W. I hope they bomb 200-and-something sites in Iran using DU.
I hope they do, because it's a good weapon.
Turn it into a parking lot.
But you say you support the troops.
Why do you want them breathing it?
It ain't bad for them, Alex.
Shut up!
But the military's own handbooks, their own manuals.
The document's going back to the 70s on this.
It's deadly.
It's horrible.
It's radioactive.
It's poisonous.
They've used the equivalent amount used in 44,000 A-bombs of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki sites.
What's Harrow Shamer?
Kill them too!
No, I'm talking about us.
We're breathing it.
But the detectors are picking up.
Shut up!
High levels of it.
You need a detector upside your head, boy.
Listen, please, listen to me.
The globalists are psychopathic.
No, they're not.
You are.
You need to be in a camp.
I think you ought to be in a camp.
I got emails like that today.
People like, you need to be locked up.
I like George W. Bush.
We'll cover a lot of news when we get back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I want to get into all this news.
I've already covered some of it, but let me just get the Charlie Sheen stuff out of my system.
Because I've got a nice little stack.
I don't know.
It's probably about 12 or so.
Really mean emails.
Of course, we've gotten hundreds of nice ones.
We just simply pointed out that Charlie Sheen has gone public about 9-11 and how the official story is a fraud.
That's newsworthy.
And he's done his research.
And the neocons try to make it an issue of, well, he was in a lot of trouble, I guess really most of about ten years ago.
Drugs, women, Hollywood stuff.
Young guy.
That doesn't matter.
Larry Silverstein says he blew up Building 7.
And the point is, there are a lot of other Hollywood people, and you know the names right now, and I've said them, some of the biggest names.
They're good than Charlie Sheen, who I've talked to privately, who know the truth about 9-11.
I mean, a bunch of them.
I don't even contact these people.
They contact me.
And they're blown away, but they're afraid to go public.
They're just giving everybody copies of the films, and
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Kevin Ryan, or the German Defense Minister, Andres von Bulow, or Michael Meacher, number three in the Blair Cabinet, resigning and saying, you know, the war on terror is bogus and it looks like the government's involved, or Ray McGovern, you know, high-level CIA briefer, chief briefer for Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., chief analyst for him from the Central Intelligence Agency saying the same thing here.
I mean, this is real, and we have them on, and we cover those issues.
In fact, when we put the sheen...
Press release out of the article up at the top.
We had a big block of all these credible people that are saying it.
And let me tell you something.
Charlie was a little bit nervous yesterday on air, but I think he did a great job in the interview.
But you ought to talk to the guy when he's not on air and not nervous about what he's saying.
Very well spoken.
Very well informed on so many things I'm not even going to get into because I'm going to let him say what he wants to say and that's it.
And the other people he knows that are awake in Hollywood.
A whole other circle of people that are as big as it gets.
That have seen the films.
You know, they go over to his house and they all sit around and watch him.
He said 10 hours straight or whatever.
You know, the point is, is that we're getting Hollywood to wake up and not be tools of this elite, of this establishment.
And that's exciting, and that's why we did the interview.
You know, we were the first to interview Jones.
We were the first to interview Von Bulow.
We were the first to interview Meacher.
We were the first to interview Ray McGovern, what, three and a half years ago.
We're the first to interview all these people.
Morgan Reynolds.
We get the scoop time and time again.
We bring you the people first.
And again, I'm sitting here having a debate with a non-existent audience.
I know 95% of you out there listening are on board.
And you understand what's going on.
You've researched what I'm saying.
You know it's facts.
I'm responding, and I guess I'll write an article about this, to the sniveling neocons.
Who will deny that Cheney shot Whittington any closer?
And they'll still deny that Cheney was drinking even when he admits it.
And, of course, the shooting thing isn't even that important.
It just shows the lawlessness.
They're still denying it and attacking me, and I still get emails attacking me about that.
I got a call on a local radio show I was on this morning.
I was on with Dale and Bob Fonseca and, of course, Charlie Hodge.
When the guy called in and just said my whole test, ballistic test, was a big lie.
I'm just lying.
And I don't like George Bush.
And I'm an evil liberal.
No, you're the liberal by your stupid yardstick.
And I'm so tired of you people.
I mean, Ron Paul has said that Bush is no conservative and is worse than Bill Clinton in what he's actually doing.
Bob Barr has said Bush is more anti-gun than Bill Clinton.
He's on the NRA board.
You think Bob Barr is some evil liberal?
He's a conservative's conservative.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
We are the majority.
We love this country.
We don't like going into a police state.
We don't like the Patriot Act being used in non-terror-related cases as federal judges have ruled.
They've been doing it now for four years.
I'm tired of the lies, and I'm tired of America lying to itself.
Now, granted, you're a minority now.
The neocon followers are a minority, but you're a large minority.
I'd say about 30% of this country.
Polls show 33%.
And you're delusional.
You are delusional.
I owe an allegiance to the Bill of Rights Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and my family in this country to do what's right for my family.
And you owe your allegiance to someone who is a fourth-generation elitist who is in the hip pocket of the British royal family and in bed with the Bin Laden family in business.
That's admitted.
Don't roll your eyes.
Don't say it's not true.
Go check it out.
And you're so caught up in your rah-rah, liberal versus conservative, you don't know you've been scammed.
I actually love you.
I care about you.
And I'm just so sick of your smirking, giggling, laughing.
It isn't funny.
Breathing DU isn't funny.
National ID cards aren't funny.
Open borders aren't funny.
And if another one of you sends me an email telling me Bush is pro-control the border, I'm going to throw up.
Don't send me another Bush is pro-gun thing.
I mean, when I was buying that...
28-gauge shotgun to do the test down at McBride's, a nice gun shop here in town.
I had two of the employees there.
Well, Alex, you should stop lying about George Bush.
That's exactly how they talk.
I don't know if people affect an overly Texas accent.
It really gets annoying.
Alex, Bush isn't anti-gun.
He wasn't for the assault weapons ban.
One of the other employees, the manager, is like, no, no, he really did.
No, no, Alex is right.
Of course, most of them were fans in there, most of them.
You know, I think I probably talked to probably about ten people in there, and like eight of them shook my hand, and two of them were looking at me angrily, and I heard them mumbling.
And they're like, you shouldn't talk about George Bush.
I'm like, what?
I mean, what's wrong with you?
I don't understand you.
I mean, what I'm telling you is as true as the sun coming up this morning or setting this evening.
And I meant to get off into the sheen thing and then get your calls, but it's just, it's bigger than that.
It's that George Bush can be an admitted narcotics user.
Have DWIs be falling down drunk routinely, running around basically attacking staffers.
We reported on that two years before it was in New York Daily News, grabbing them and screaming at them and turning purple.
Throwing fits, passing out, stumbling around, drinking heavily.
That's all been confirmed and all of his womanizing.
I mean, I'll be honest with you, we really don't have
Evidence of Bush imbibing in the men, as much of his cabinet and others do.
Though we know that he did put his cheek up against Gannon and started rubbing him on the back of the neck.
I mean, that was caught on video.
The AP photos picked it up.
And it just was put out like, what is this?
And then other times, he's always touching on him.
And the guy was in there dozens and dozens of times.
50-something times.
Was it 53 times?
Memory serves.
It passed midnight, creeping around in the White House and bringing in other male escorts.
That's mainstream news.
Male escorts that this male madam, who's also in porno movies...
Jeff Gannon, a.k.a.
Guckard, is in there.
And then the New York Post and others report confirmed top gay porn stars, quote, service moguls at Bohemian Grove.
I mean, you can't make stuff up like that.
I've got Spy Magazine and stories that people, reporters, got from the 80s where it described buses from the airport full of the male prostitutes.
But that's okay, or that's not true, or old Bush did stuff when he was young, and this is going on there.
I mean, I got Richard Nixon.
We can't play the clip on the air.
There's profanity in it.
But just type in the Richard Nixon Bohemian Grove quote into Google, or go to our Bohemian Grove archive on prisonplanet.com.
It's halfway down.
Go listen to him talking to Harper's Magazine about it.
The Bohemian Grove, you know, in San Francisco, I remember.
Well, they're at the club in Northern California.
It's just absolutely disgusting.
The most bleeping, faggy thing you've ever seen.
The things they do there, all of them, it's just sick.
But I remember I go.
I mean, that's the President of the United States in a huge homosexual devil cult.
He doesn't do it anymore.
He said it's bad.
He's apologized for it.
You know, for masses of women and drugs.
Prodigal son.
It doesn't matter.
The point is, he's well-spoken, he's intelligent, he's prominent, he's putting himself on the line, knowing he, more than anybody else, is going to get attacked.
He has amazing bravery.
Believe me, folks, I'm not starstruck.
I know people a lot bigger than Charlie Sheen.
Okay, I'm into doing the news, covering the information.
I am struck, though, by his courage to come on this broadcast and do what he did.
And he needs to be commended.
And I know most of you are commending him.
It's just to see these sniveling...
Sniveling neocon followers who just deny everything.
And, of course, if they can't buy the fact that Bush is through regulations, not even laws, is attacking importation of guns and double the size of the BATF, and they built some giant building for him, some huge, one of the biggest federal buildings now in D.C., that Bush is paid to have built that's now almost completed.
I mean, that's scary.
That's scary.
And if they can't even admit that to themselves, they're not going to admit homosexual prostitutes.
In the White House, past midnight, 50-something times, with other male prostitutes with them.
These aren't male prostitutes for the women, boys and girls.
This is for the neocons, those disgusting, fat old men in there, or little twerply men doing all the things they do.
It just makes me sick.
It makes me want to throw up.
And, you know, I'm not saying the things that Charlie Sheen's done is good, but my gosh, being 25 years old and liking racy women, if that's the case, then King David, the man after God's own heart, is in deep trouble.
He had people killed for their women, and God forgave him.
But you can't forgive Charlie Sheen, can you?
Last time I checked, he isn't killing people for their women.
He just likes them.
And what hypocrites are you out there to tell yourselves just because you've never acted on impulses, and that's good, that you don't like women?
All right.
Again, I'm responding to these emails.
I should just write an article later about it.
But the bigger news, the bombshell, and we'll see if I'm... I hope I'm proven wrong.
The bombshell is that
I got a call from Charlie last week.
Check, it is Charlie Sheen.
Talked to him three or four times, sometimes an hour and a half at a time.
He wants to come on.
He wants to stand up.
The only place he felt safe, he said, to come out and speak, where he wouldn't be taken out of context.
And I said, Charlie...
You know, you're so on target with this that they'll probably, there's a good chance they'll ignore it because it'll be so mainline and the facts you lay out will be so documented that they can't attack you.
This isn't something dirty to say about you.
I predicted that there'd be a predominant blackout in the mainstream media on this.
And other people are like, oh, no way, man.
I mean, if a Hollywood person falls off their bicycle, especially Charlie Sheen, I said, just watch.
And then we get a call from AP.
We're talking to them.
They're going to do a story.
And nothing happens.
We call AP out in L.A., talk to their head guy out there.
Jeff Williams, I believe is the name, left the notes at the home office and brought those with me.
Yeah, it's Jeff Williams.
And he's just real, yeah, Alex, what do you want?
Just real tough guy.
You got that whole M.O.
about him.
I wonder if he's seen some tours in Southeast Asia.
I wonder what he's been up to.
But an important position there at AP in Los Angeles over the Propaganda Bureau.
Seemed like an experienced fellow.
And I'm like, yeah, you guys aren't going to run this story?
And he goes, no, we're not.
I know all about Charlie Sheen.
I personally don't care what he says.
And I go, oh.
But is it newsworthy, Mr. Williams?
Your very office, your very AP office put out the Santana story.
Carlos Santana just, with a milquetoast statement, I said, I said a tame statement about, you know, he disagrees with the war and that he's into peace and love, a different philosophy than Bush.
He said, oh, whatever.
And I said, well, I need to quote you on this.
Are you saying this isn't newsworthy?
And he said, we're not going to run anything.
And I said, is it newsworthy to have Charlie Sheen saying Bush is arrogant?
Wouldn't you normally run that if it wasn't attached to all this 9-11 information?
And he said, you're not going to bait me!
And slammed the phone down.
He just, you're not going to bait me!
And then I called back.
She's like, they must have odd X or phone numbers.
A woman answered.
She's like, yes.
And I go, what's your name?
Alex Jones.
She goes, I'm not going to talk to you.
I'll send you back to Mr. Williams.
And I'm like, don't you think this is newsworthy?
Don't you think Charlie Sheen is newsworthy?
I mean, regardless of what you think of him personally, isn't this newsworthy?
And she hung up.
And I said, all right, baby, to my wife who's sitting by me at her terminal.
I said, I'm going to call a Hollywood reporter.
And then I turn around and do something else.
And she's ringing.
She starts talking to him and talks to a real nice fellow.
We're not going to say his name.
And he's like, yeah, I think it's newsworthy.
Yep, I was on the desk here yesterday afternoon, came in.
I passed it on.
I should think we should do a story on it.
I would think this is newsworthy, but we've been told we're not doing one.
And she's like, that's unusual.
He goes, mm-hmm, yes.
Thank you.
Gotta go.
So that was obviously somebody who wasn't some type of establishment operative, some type of little unofficial or whatever gatekeeper who thinks they can control what the news is.
It was just...
And so then we call up another major wire and get the same thing.
Oh, yeah, we've heard about it.
No, we're not touching it.
I mean, is it a journalistic cowardice, or could it be?
All the big news articles about billions, 1.6 billion spent on fake news, the Frank Church hearings of the 70s where a lot of AP chiefs, most of the reporters aren't agents, but a lot of big AP chiefs over major regions are CIA.
I wasn't even looking for that when I was researching Herman Roosevelt's after-action reports after he carried out bombings in Iran to blame it on Mohamed Mosaddegh.
And it gets on the CIA's own website.
You can link through and read the official documents.
CIA.gov, might want to check it out.
And read one of the, there's like three after-action reports.
It's the after-action report, I believe, to Tim Downing Street.
And then it's duplicated to Washington.
I believe it was Eisenhower.
And he says, well, we already control most of the news wires, AP, Washington Post, New York Times, with our officers as editors, but we need to get control of more of them because stuff's slipping out.
Just go read him saying it in a report to the President, in a report to the Prime Minister of Great Britain.
So I'm not paranoid in thinking what I heard, man.
Or just maybe they, you know, and a lot of times they just go pick people that already have these views and think that they can just sit around gatekeeping whatever they want.
And again, I don't need Associated Press.
I've been in Associated Press probably 30-something times.
I'm quite proud of getting it in the Associated Press that Janet Reno's the butcher of Waco.
Remember that?
And that got covered on Fox News, but I guess that was Janet Reno, so it was okay.
No, I know how this works.
I mean, we've got our own media.
We don't need you.
But the story is, the story is, this story's been shut down.
Drudge did something he's never done before, in my experience.
When we get back...
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But to experience the gatekeeping, to experience the block, I mean, to talk to the reporters and they're just like,
The reporters who weren't Mr. Smarty Pants like Mr. Williams, Jeff Williams, like, oh, yeah, we know about it.
Oh, yeah, it's, yeah, I thought it was worthy.
Yeah, I'll pass it on.
One other time I talked to a Reuters reporter about Schwarzenegger, and he said, this is totally newsworthy.
This is huge.
I've been working here a long time.
I've only seen this on war stories.
The London office, this had been signed off on by the U.S.
office, the London office, the head office says no.
I'm not going to say which Reuters outfit.
It doesn't even matter.
Well, I already did.
The point is that... Well, it was the reporters.
That's what matters.
Is that this is the control.
This is the gatekeeping.
And somebody screwed up.
Drudge has got a couple different webmasters over there.
Drudge was probably out on the town enjoying himself or Lord knows what.
And so they posted it.
And we were already getting hundreds of thousands of...
We're good to go.
This was visitors, millions, just streaming in, and we're there backing the servers up and getting more bandwidth, and I'm on the phone having to ride the buck in Bronco, because what happens is Drudge links and then a thousand other sites link.
And then boom!
Drudge takes it off.
And Drudge, I've been watching this format for ten years, it hasn't changed.
Drudge lets headlines roll down, and he moves them down, and then they go in his recent headlines.
It disappeared.
He didn't change the format of any other areas of the page, which he never does.
And just that link was changed to another story about the 30 million bags being lost by the TSA last year, in 2005, and how horrible it is.
And the story just disappeared.
It's like, that went up.
A phone call got made, but I wasn't sure.
I just thought, oh, maybe Drudge just didn't like it or somebody else didn't and just took it down.
And then I start talking to reporters who are like, yeah, it's really newsworthy.
We would normally run it, but we're not.
And then I call the head honcho and one of the minions out in California, and he's just like, we're not running it.
No, we're not going to run it.
Yeah, I know about it.
And Alex, we're not going to run it.
Okay, buddy?
All right?
And it's just such an illustration of what we face and what we deal with.
And that's why it's up to you to spread the word on the stories we put out.
If you don't do it, nobody will.
If you don't report, no one will.
It is so vitally important that you report, that you get the word out, that you email your friends, that you email your family, that you call the Associated Press all over this country, every office, you've got one in your town if it's a good-sized city, and you call them and you say, hey, and most of these people are nice, most of them are on some government payroll, and say, isn't that newsworthy that Charlie Sheen, especially Charlie Sheen,
But see, everything he said was so credible that they can't really attack it.
Folks, I hope you'll go to InfoWars.com and get some of the Citizen Rule books.
Ten of them for $10.
A hundred of them for $75.
We're selling them at cost.
We're selling these at our cost.
And I just want you to get the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, this terrorist document.
I want you to have this, and also any order of a VHS or DVD or book on tape or book, all the great stuff we've got at Infowars.com.
Any order you make, you get one of these.
And if you order like five or more things, we throw two in.
So be sure to go to Infowars.com.
All right, we'll be right back with the second hour.
Stay with us.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now in to hour number two.
We've got a lot of news on China, a lot of news on the economy, news on torture.
It's all very, very important.
But right now, you guys have been holding very, very patiently.
So I'm going to go ahead and start taking some of your calls until the first few phone banks have completed their statements.
Then I'll get back into the news.
Michael in New York, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Okay, Michael's gone.
Let's talk to Keith in Ohio.
Keith, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
You just keep on plugging away there.
And there's a new service I've come across recently.
It's called AlertNet.org.
And for many years, it's been supplying information on humanitarian crisis around the world.
And I think it's important for people to kind of keep up with a worldwide view of what's going on, especially like forgotten emergencies.
And that way we can educate ourselves and we can be more effective in our actions.
Life is very, very cheap and the globalists are doing a lot of horrible things all over the planet right now.
And we're in our own little bubble here being propagandized and the rest of the world can see a lot more than we can.
You know, like Congo in the last eight years has been like four million people that have died through war and violence and diseases and so forth.
Yeah, I was aware of that.
Just imagine, you know, there's all these...
Well, I agree with you, Ed.
Here's another example.
In the Sudan, the Muslims really are the only place in the world that they're really killing Christians, and our government doesn't say a word, doesn't do a thing.
Meanwhile, they go around pointing their finger at even secular governments that are leaving us alone, and, oh, they're evil, we've got to invade them.
You know, there's a lot of interconnection behind evil, you know, like there's great connections between the Vatican and Islam, and there's connections between these, you know,
Occultists that are globalists, I mean, they want to wipe out 80% of the world's population.
That's in their own document.
The Biodiversity Treaty.
Well, they're doing it.
They're doing it.
The more we can educate, you know, wisdom and knowledge, then we can have a sharp floor.
Did you know malaria conservatively kills 60 million a year?
Yeah, just so much.
And like AIDS, AIDS was created, you know, to wipe out populations.
So the more we can be educated, the more these things can be...
I agree.
No one can debate the DU.
I mean, that's hurting us all right now, blowing all over the planet.
Thanks for the call.
And some people won't go research AIDS being engineered.
So, fine, don't go investigate it.
It's true, declassified, public available.
What about DU?
I mean, you can't ignore that.
Let's go ahead and talk to James in Maryland.
James, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I had a couple of headlines off of CNN.
I thought you might be interested.
800 to 1,200 new officers in New York City.
And the second one is U.S.
forces accused of killing 15 family members in Haditha.
Yeah, and then they first tried to deny the attack itself.
Now they say, oh, we accidentally killed some kids.
But the police report...
Yeah, those people are coming back here, but at least the borders are open.
Well, and it's conservative to be for gun control now, too.
Have you heard about the new officers in New York City?
Do you know what the real numbers are?
I heard they were going to hire more.
I haven't seen that particular article you mentioned.
I just saw it on CNN.
The last thing we need is more police.
800 to 1,200 new officers.
The last thing we need, because they don't have them out doing detective work or really busting crooks.
They steal your car.
Good luck getting them to come out to your place.
Your house gets broken into.
And I'm not saying cops are bad.
Good luck.
They got the average cop out collecting fines, and we don't need more of that.
What about the officers?
Number one cause of death is getting hit by cars.
See these cops hanging their hind ends out in the middle of the highway?
Thanks for the call, James.
Good points.
I mean, for what?
To write a stinking ticket?
You don't need that money.
The government's got plenty of money.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and plannable microchips, and much, much more.
Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
Order your copy on VHS or DVD today and man the guns of the Infowars.
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That's 888-2533-139.
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Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The sniveling, nobody, daddy's boy puppet, George W. Bush, the Kenny Bunkhort main carpetbagging fake cowboy...
Tells us that we brought freedom to Iraq and it's loving what we're doing.
We're going to be there for many more years and it's a great thing.
We'll be talking about that and then we have stories here like jury finds Abu Ghraib dog handler guilty.
I've got a problem.
I've got a problem with that and I'll tell you why here in a few minutes.
Right now, let's just keep going to your calls so people get a chance to get on air.
Chris in Florida, go ahead.
Hi Alex.
I was on a drudge about a year and a half ago, and I noticed a similar instance of what happened to you, or the article linking to you.
The article, though, was where the Miami Herald... A lot of stations just joined us this hour.
Tell folks what's going on.
Well, it sounded like you said the drudge that linked to you on the Charlie Sheen interview that you had yesterday.
Yes, and I've been visiting his site for 10 years, and I've never seen him pull articles.
He'll pull them and stick them in the archive.
He doesn't completely pull them, and after just four hours, he pulled it and replaced it with a similar headline and didn't change the general format.
What he changes, usually the whole thing changes or the top changes.
Instead, he didn't pull it or move it.
He just totally pulled it.
Right, and I noticed he did that one other time at least.
I emailed him and never got a response, but it was just a Miami Herald where they covered how the federal court has a secret docket down there in Miami-Dade County.
So I just want to bring that to your attention.
Oh, yeah, that was just about a month ago.
Totally illegal.
A violation of the Fifth Amendment and one other.
Popped my head a second.
And, yeah, that's huge news.
That's huge news.
I never saw that on Drudge.
Yeah, I saw that.
Well, that was about a year and a half ago I saw that.
There was a new article about a month ago how thousands of defendants, they're doing it in New York now, too.
It's just secret.
Yeah, they just... Non-terror related.
I want to talk about unconstitutional.
I don't know.
I've got to look into this more.
A friend has been telling me about it.
They also have these secret budgets.
The county commission has secret budgets.
I think you mentioned that before.
Anyway, I'll have to look into that more.
I just wanted to thank you for having Charlie on yesterday and thank him.
I see how the media really resents the fact that they can't question or validate what you have to say, so they are obligated to attack it.
When they know in their heart that they need to validate and document it.
And the fact that you had Charlie on yesterday makes them ambivalent.
I mean, they'd love to cover it, but they would hate what their editors would have to say if they did.
I appreciate the call.
That's what I'm saying.
I've talked to a lot of big Hollywood people, as big or bigger than Charlie Sheen.
None of them were as informed on 9-11 as Charlie Sheen.
None of them as well-spoken, especially when we talk on the phone many times.
And been listening to the show for years, been getting the films, been giving them to people, showing them to other people.
And then the courage of knowing his past for the media, and to come out and do that, it just shows a boldness.
And then the neocons savage him because a decade ago or so, some high-dollar call girls, escorts, drugs, things like that,
We're good to go.
I think?
Admitting that George Bush Sr.
was connected.
Seriously, we have the news article with underage call boys in the White House late at night.
And then we have, at the same time, Barney Frank has 14-year-olds at his house, a whoredom up there, of disadvantaged youth he'd gotten a hold of.
And because he's a globalist, man, the cops, they're above the law.
I mean, Barney Frank was caught.
Do you understand running a whorehouse with underage boys?
He had a literal stable up in his, what do they call it, a stable up in his big three-story house in D.C.
Nothing happened.
But you know what?
Conservatives don't want to talk about that.
Again, Barney Frank's a liberal.
I mean, I attacked him.
I attack all these people.
Admittedly, Bohemian Grove, they bring in all these male prostitutes.
That's mainstream admitted that that's the main taste.
It's four-to-one men.
They bring in high-dollar women as well.
When the jets land, they offload them.
They fly in from Europe.
Back in the 80s, it was $2,000 an hour.
That's what the press was reporting.
Imagine what it is now.
So we have that going on.
Here's Charlie Sheen.
Hasn't been involved in any of that in, what, about ten years.
Totally clean.
Doesn't even drink now.
And he's being attacked.
Oh, well, Charlie Sheen, you know, he's been in trouble in the past.
He can't have his opinion.
Well, again, and these are so-called Christians saying this, and I'll repeat, King David sent one of his men out to be killed so he could have his wife because he left it after and he repented and God forgave him.
Tarsus hunted down Christians and chopped their heads off and crucified them and had them stoned.
He killed hundreds.
You understand?
He became Paul.
The Apostle Paul.
The tent maker.
Who was later killed at the hand of the New World Order.
So I don't want to hear it.
I mean, please.
You people are such hypocrites.
It makes me sick.
It took...
It took Charlie more courage than it would somebody with a spotless record like George Clooney, who I'd like to see talk about 9-11, and I know he knows about 9-11, and that's all I'm going to say.
He knows all about it.
And I'd like to see, quite frankly, somebody I really respect.
I'd like to see Mel Gibson come out and talk about 9-11.
I know he knows about it.
You want to get down to brass tacks on this.
Charlie Sheen called me.
He has the courage.
He is to be commended.
He's the one that has stuff to lose.
He doesn't want me to talk about it.
Do you have any idea what he has to lose?
You know what happened to his father when he did anti-war stuff right before the war?
What it cost him.
That's all I'm going to say.
I could say a lot more, but if people don't want me to, I'm not.
I mean, just watch somebody put it all on the line.
And know what they're going to get.
And I know my listeners aren't attacking him.
I get these sick neocon emails, and it's just dripping with, you're not a Christian because you had him on, and George Bush is lordly, and Charlie Sheen's a devil, or Charlie Sheen's a joke because he made mistakes in life.
I mean, and half of them are probably on Prozac and got their kids on Ritalin, which is the same molecule as some of the stuff Charlie Sheen allegedly did.
A lot of you are out there drinking coffee today, just like I took a drink of Earl Grey tea just now.
It's the same receptors as cocaine and heroin.
Just stop being hypocrites.
Stop it.
But again, I'm speaking to dead ears because those idiots aren't listening.
A few of them are.
They're not listening.
Again, they are in denial that Bush is anti-gun.
It's admitted.
Bob Barr has said it.
The NRA has now admitted it.
He is worse than Bill Clinton on the Second Amendment.
And I have been confronted on the street by emails in gun shops.
You better stay, Alex.
I appreciate some of what you do, but you need to back off.
Bullshit and anti-gun.
I need to back off.
You need to get your head out of the dirt.
Did you just say something, Scott?
Scott, did you just talk to me?
Oh, well, some feedback or something just cut in.
I guess you sent me a feed or something happened.
Anyways, I'm down in Austin, Texas.
They're up in Minnesota, so I'm always on remote.
I'm like a jet pilot flying around there talking to me from ground control to Major Tom.
But I don't want to spend all day on Charlie Sheen.
I've got a lot of other stuff to cover here, but you can only commend someone like him for his courage.
And for getting his life straight, and then for having the nerve, when he's on top of the world with one of the number one TV shows in the country, two movies coming out this year, another movie coming out next year, one of the longest and biggest careers in Hollywood, and he's on the air saying this.
And believe me, it's scary.
Believe me, it's hard for people, especially people who've got something to lose.
And it's more people like him, see, need to stand up, need to step up.
We could beat the New World Order.
Look how many prominent people have already stood up.
Look how many of them we've brought you here.
Professor Stephen Jones, BYU physics professor.
Morgan Reynolds, chief economist for the Department of Labor for the current Bush in his first administration, 2001-2005.
Ray McGovern, chief analyst for Ronald Reagan, giving him his briefings for four years, and George Bush Sr.
for four years, saying the government is behind the terror.
How many others?
Chairman and defense ministers, members of the British Parliament, number three in the British government, resigned and exposed it.
Michael Meacher, underwriting laboratories.
Bob Dole's former chief of staff, Stanley Hilton.
The dean of the defense language school went public and said, I was forced to train some of the terrorists.
The government did it.
San Jose Mercury News never got picked up again.
Never got picked up by other newspapers.
See, stuff gets out, but then it never gets picked up.
It gets blocked off.
It never grows.
We take the stuff they ignore and we magnify it here.
And it's up to you to do that.
I mean, how many more are there?
Call in when we get an open line.
I know I've forgotten the hundreds of people that have gone public that are prominent.
Ron Paul saying we're going into martial law.
We're in danger of total tyranny, total takeover.
Bob Woodward said the same thing.
Even Sandra Day O'Connor has now said the same thing.
So many others.
There's so many now.
Do you realize the danger we're in?
It's time to stop playing around.
It's time to stop kidding yourselves.
We're in trouble.
And being namby-pamby and dancing around the bush isn't going to get the job done.
We've got to take the bull by the horns and get in there at point-blank range and say, Hey, we know you did it.
We know you carried out the attacks.
And we know your own documents say you were going to do it.
You murder and trash.
Don't you do it again.
Don't you think you're going to get away with it for a minute?
No one said they've got an army of cowards that deep down know what I'm saying is the truth, so they're going to go defend this system in a frantic pace because they're afraid.
They think if they serve it, they'll be safe.
Cowards die a thousand deaths.
Remember that.
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Supreme Court.
Yet on February 29, 1892, in an eye-nothing decision of the U.S.
Supreme Court, America was declared a Christian nation.
There is an ongoing assault on your First Amendment right of freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.
We're good to go.
I think?
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Declaring independence Take their bodies down On a bloody war And liberty for their descendants Thanks to the renegades Free today Thanks to the renegades
Welcome back.
This is how the Declaration of Independence closes.
We therefore, the representatives of the United States of America and General Congress, assembled appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions due in the name and by authority of the good people of these colonies, solemnly publish and declare... They were signing their death warrants.
That these united colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British crown, and that all political connection between them and the state of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved, and that as a free and independent state, they have power to levy war, conclude peace.
Contact, allegiance, and establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent states may of right do.
And for the support of this declaration, we, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.
And then it starts with the signature of John Hancock.
And that's where we stand.
That's where we stand.
I mean, are you willing to stand up and say no to the New World Order?
Are you going to nitpick about who does it and how they do it?
We've got to stand up now.
We don't have time.
Things are getting very, very dark very, very quickly.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up next here?
Who would I go to next?
All right.
Chris in New Hampshire.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, you're on fire today, Alex.
I just want to say thank you very much.
And... What?
That's funny, sir.
I'm not quite sure what that means.
Pardon me?
What does that mean?
Let him go.
Let him go.
So many people have been... I don't know if he's been destroyed psychologically, but they have.
So many young people I talk to are either awake or it's just giggle at everything.
And then act a fool and somehow everything will be all right.
And maybe that's the response.
Maybe that's good, sir.
Maybe that will get the uranium out of all of our lungs that's intensifying with every passing day.
I guess the globalists did tell us they were going to kill everybody.
So I guess they're really doing it.
Let's talk to Joseph in England.
You're on the air, Joseph.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, I think I get calls like that last one about 2 in the morning sometimes.
But let's move on from that.
Yeah, I've basically been sort of helping spread the word just by sort of, you know, word of mouth kind of thing at work and it's been kind of a mixed bag of responses.
I mean, I've told the guy at work basically and he's well aware of the New World Order and he wasn't really that sort of excited at the fact that Charlie Sheen was talking about it because he knows about all the information anyway but
I mean, if you talk to people that don't really know much about it, it gets the ball rolling with them.
That's what's good about getting celebrities on board, because most people watch hours of TV a day, but they do like zero hours of research into 9-11.
Well, yeah, that's the thing.
People are friends with their sitcom buddies.
That's reality to them.
And so it has a big effect.
I agree.
Yeah, I mean, exactly.
I mean, I'm just sort of a local message board in my own town.
I've had a few sort of...
Yeah, the typical stuff about him being, you know, he's a dope head, which he isn't.
And because he's a celebrity, does that mean he's, you know, the foremost authority?
I mean, that's not the point.
You know, I mean, we're trying to use this to kind of, you know, get the attention that it needs to the people.
The point is he's speaking up.
The point is he does have a lot to lose.
I mean...
At the end of the day, I mean, the elite love using celebrities like Bon Jovi and the Sugar Babes, you know, when they're shilling for globalism.
Oh, yeah, they've sold us.
Why can't we?
They've sold us that that's all that matters, but then they try to switch gears and say, when one of these people gets out of line, oh, no, it doesn't matter.
They try to slap them back down.
That's exactly right.
It's total hypocrisy.
I mean, somebody like Charlie Sheen, he was very informed.
I had no idea he knew that much, to be honest.
Oh, he knows a lot more than what you heard.
Yeah, well, I'll bet.
I mean, I...
Obviously, I've got a lot to lose.
I mean, he's basically, you know, he's in the spotlight.
Well, for the hypocrites out there, I mean, how many of them were wild when they were young?
I mean, I guarantee a lot of them are sitting there talking trashy to think back to stuff they did.
Anything else?
No, I mean, that's basically it.
You know, I think people should just get this story out, you know, talk to people about it.
Don't be afraid of ridicule.
Just get it out.
It's a good way to get the foot in the door with a lot of people that don't even listen to the news, aren't even aware of, you know, that the planet's the third rock from the sun.
They have no idea which end is up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasms in the classroom
Welcome back, folks.
Let's continue with your calls, and then I will plunge right into the news.
I'm going to take a few more, and we'll get right into the news.
I tell you, I keep getting my entire...
The call has scrambled here.
Who's up next?
Amy in Arkansas.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
First time caller.
Welcome to the airwaves.
How may I serve you?
Yes, this may be off topic, but I work for an engineering firm here in Arkansas, and there's a drafting and surveying department.
Ma'am, there is no topic.
We just did a couple of phones.
Okay, well, the surveyor, the crew chief, he called me in there, and he started telling me about how since Thursday their GPS equipment hasn't been working.
And he said that he called their representative, and the rep said that at least three or four states that they serve are having the same trouble.
So it would include Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and maybe Kansas.
He named off at least three or four states.
They're all having the same problem.
It's not been working.
I heard about GPS tied in with radar having problems at some airports last week.
Well, according to this guy, he told the crew chief here at that the last time that they had trouble like this was right before we bombed Iraq.
You know, that's speculation.
You know, they were just kind of bantering about back here at the office about what it could mean.
Well, we know the Russians use GPS jammers, and Iraq bought a bunch of those, and so all that happens is a precision-guided munition that isn't a lase target.
I mean, the best type of precision-guided munition is you've got special forces with a special gun that projects an invisible laser that the scopes on the fighter bombers or bombers pick up,
And then those are the best because if you're using GPS guided cruise missiles or GPS guided bombs, you turn on those GPS scramblers, all that happens is the bomb misses by a quarter mile and blows up a school instead of blowing up the military target.
But I don't know if those GPS jammers would cause a global problem.
I think they're just a localized problem.
I don't have any clue.
I don't know.
I just know what this representative said.
And don't ask me how it works, because GPS is just a grid, and then the cruise missile is honing in using that.
But I guess it jams the cruise missile itself when it gets close enough.
But who knows what's going on?
So he just knows that three or four states are being affected, and it hasn't worked since Thursday.
And according to him, the last time that it had this trouble was right before we bombed Iraq.
So I don't know.
What they use and how it's used, I don't know all the ins and outs of it.
Well, that's scary.
I bet if I do a search on it, we can find something if that's really going on.
But that's interesting.
Anything else?
Well, one other thing.
We have a big situation going up here in northwest Arkansas with the police.
I guess he was 18 or 19.
He escaped from some boys' prison or something, and he came down from Michigan in a high-speed chase.
Michigan, Minnesota, I don't remember.
Anyway, high-speed chase.
He came down to this area.
Yeah, I think so.
Well, it's called the threat continuum, and it's just horrible.
I appreciate your call.
Let me comment on that off air so we can try to hurry here so I can get to the news before this hour ends.
Here's the problem with that.
I guess about once a year, the Austin police kill a mentally retarded man or woman.
That's just where I live.
And I have a good friend who is the manager of a Home Depot.
I mean, he's a clean-cut, blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy.
And I make that point because it's really bad when you're a minority.
No criminal record, happily married, got paralyzed.
I think it was in a car wreck, he said, about a decade ago.
And this happened about four years ago.
It's five now.
And he got pulled over, supposedly speeding.
We've interviewed him for the TV show before.
I think he's been on radio, too, with us.
And a really nice fellow.
I see him when I go to Home Depot every once in a while.
He's the one by my house.
And this all got written up, too.
This was in the news, and the cops defended it.
And is it called quadriplegic when you're from the chest down?
And it was a commander.
It was one of the cops in the supervisor position.
I guess they drive the big Ford SUVs.
It's not the Explorer.
What's the thing about that?
It doesn't matter.
And so this big cop, well known for liking to have big muscles and take the stuff that causes that.
We know about the big law enforcement problem in America with the cops on the Jews.
He pulls this guy over, and I know this fella, and I have friends who are actually friends with him.
He's very quiet, nice.
He's a manager of a big, you know, they don't just put idiots in those positions.
He's very calm, that's how I deal with people.
And the cop comes over and goes, what is that on your steering wheel?
And he goes, sir, I'm paralyzed.
These are my hand controls, because it's like a, basically like a black stick sticking off of the, and he's got levers and stuff that control the gas.
And he says, get out of the car.
And he says, yes, sir, my wife's right here.
She'll need to get the wheelchair out for me.
And he's driving an SUV.
The officer said, pulls the gun out, puts it to his head, and he said, listen to me, you bleepin' bleeper, get out of the car right now.
And he said, sir, okay, I will.
He starts opening the door, and then he can see, he's got little smaller legs, you can tell when somebody, any fool could notice this.
And the cop's trying to slide in one hand, gun in the other, and he says, get out.
And he said the cop was just wild.
And I talked to other cops that know this cop.
That is how he is.
I mean, he just flies off the handle.
He has rages, whether that's natural or not.
And it was really embarrassing, because by then, another cop pulls up, and he grabs him by the hair and drags this quadriplegic out and starts slamming his head into the concrete, screaming and cussing, going, Do as I say!
I mean, this is the psychopathic evil.
And this guy's all bleeding and beat up.
Of course, cops don't do any wrong, so let's just try to charge him with something while we're at it.
And of course, all that made-up stuff got dropped.
He didn't resist him.
You know, the guy who can't walk resisted you.
I mean, totally paralyzed.
But the cop never got in trouble and got promoted.
He's like some, I think he's like a captain now.
He's like big time.
And that's the message.
And I know cops that know him.
I mean, I've got quite a few friends that are on the Austin Police Force, and they say, oh, God, he's a complete... He'll start fights with people in the locker room.
I mean, he's running around starting fights with cops.
There's nothing sicker than a big muscle head beating up on someone who's paralyzed.
I mean, that is so... I mean, I'm not saying I'm a tough guy, but I am somewhat of a tough guy.
And I would feel ashamed getting in a fight with somebody who was smaller than me.
I'm not that big of a person, average.
I guess I'm kind of husky like a gorilla, but... I mean, I would be ashamed.
I would be just so ashamed.
And they flip out.
And there's the case out in California where the Army vet gets back, highly decorated, no criminal record...
The cop follows him for a few minutes.
At first they claimed he'd run.
Well, I've been listening to the radio before and had a cop turn on his lights, put me way back behind me, and then finally he pulls up beside you and says, Hey, I just didn't see you.
I was listening to the music.
Oh, okay, well, you can go.
In fact, one time that happened, the guy was kind of embarrassed.
He was a normal person.
So he was like, Oh, well, just don't speed next time.
Because he was embarrassed.
Well, you get a crazy meathead, if they're wrong, they're just going to keep going with it.
I mean, we've all done this in a parking lot or at a store or somewhere at work.
We get mad, blow up at somebody, and then we feel ashamed and say, oh, sorry.
Well, see, not with these nutcase cops.
They just go further, see, when they throw a fit.
I mean, none of us are perfect here.
And all the time, you know, retarded kid runs, shoot him three times in the back, on and on.
But this case in San Diego got picked up, not by the squad car video, but by somebody else who was videotaping.
Of course, the squad cars, they wouldn't release.
I'm sure it was much worse.
And he's down on the ground, got his hands out on the ground, and the officer says clearly, now get up.
And he says, yes, sir, officer, I'm on your side.
He's probably been running checkpoints in Iraq.
See what comes around goes around.
He goes, yes, sir, I'm on your side.
I'm getting up.
Stands up, hands up, and the cop shoots him a couple times.
And they do this instinctive shooting training, which...
We're good to go.
I think?
Not bragging.
It was kind of fun.
I was always in... There might be a hundred people out there taking part in it.
I'd usually be in the top seven.
I guess it was because some of those guys were just so emotional with a gun or didn't grow up with it.
I mean, I wasn't even shooting that good.
Usually I was kind of nervous being around all these cops and going through these obstacles with a handgun and then going through with a shotgun and doing these obstacles over there.
Probably cops listen right now and go, Hey, I used to do that.
Man, I think I saw you out there.
That's what I'd be doing if I had time.
Fishing and shooting guns and hanging out with my family.
But, uh...
I think?
We're good to go.
And quite frankly, the couple times I did it, I think I remember doing it once, going through them all day, over and over again, but I saw cops every time doing it.
I mean, they're just wild with a gun.
And they're just, frankly, people who don't have a gun hand.
They're people that didn't grow up with it.
Frankly, if you don't grow up with guns, and you don't grow up doing it a lot, you're just, it's really hard to get there.
It's really hard to be good with them.
And then some of these guys are just nuts that want to kill people.
And it's scary.
We're good to go.
For absolutely no reason.
He did what the officer said.
And then last time I checked, the officer doesn't get in trouble.
I mean, in the past, that cop would be fired so fast, he'd be indicted for manslaughter so fast, it'd make his head spin.
And then cops were careful, and cops kept other cops in line.
And cops were respected and loved in this country.
Not anymore.
How did you go from being loved to being hated?
Because you got put in positions that aren't what peacekeepers are, aren't what guardians of the peace are.
You're no longer peace officers.
You're no longer lawmen.
You are now law enforcers for the globalists.
And I see cops changing tires every once in a while.
It warms my heart.
I want to give them a reward.
But do they really deserve that award?
I've changed tires.
My dad was almost annoying when I was a kid.
He stopped at every person to help him.
And even one time I had somebody try to mug him.
They didn't know who they were getting into it with, though.
And... So, I mean, is that really special?
That's what police are supposed to do.
I remember when I had a big wreck a year and a half ago, when we went into tornadic winds, and cops informed me, and state police informed me, you just went through a tornado and torn everything up around us.
Threw us off the road down into a gully.
Really nice state police.
Really nice.
Helped us.
Really professional.
And you go to big cities like New York or something, you compare that to the cops there.
I mean, these guys are like monkeys.
I mean, they're like psycho gorillas, or they're really nice professionals.
Whereas the state police, I don't think I've ever run into one that acts like a monkey.
I mean, they might follow orders that aren't good and be doing bad things.
They don't at least act like power-crazed monkeys.
Okay, see, ma'am, you brought up a point.
Now I've been ranting about it for five minutes because it makes me so sick.
I mean, to watch the video of him stomping that black 14-year-old boy to death in Florida.
I mean, stomping his head.
When he's in restraints, for no reason, just to punish him.
He was in there for some petty offense.
And then they have the local coroner say he died of a blood disorder, and they did another autopsy, and clearly he died of subdermal hematoma.
That's a bigger crime to me.
Murdering him was bad.
It was manslaughter.
I don't think they meant it.
They were idiots.
They don't know their own strength.
That's a big problem with you guys.
You don't know your own power.
I guess you've never really been in anything until you get to that point where you kill somebody.
But it's even worse to be a coroner and to lie about the murder of a child.
To falsify, and to falsify your profession.
It's shameful.
And these crime labs that frame people all the time.
Huge revelations.
In fact, here's an article that dovetails with this.
Jury finds Abu Ghraib dog handler guilty.
Associated Press.
A jury found an army dog handler guilty Tuesday today of abusing detainees at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison by terrifying them with a military dog allegedly for his own amusement.
Now, I love that watered-down version.
There's photos of the huge bites everywhere and blood splattering all over the floor.
The blood splattered.
By the time they're done with it, they spin it down.
It is terrifying someone, menacing someone.
Sergeant James J. Smith, 24, was found guilty of 6 of 13 counts.
He had faced the stiffest penalty sentence of any soldier charged so far in a McGrath scandal.
He could face up to 24 and a half years in prison and convicted of all counts.
The seven jurors, four officers, and three enlisted soldiers began liberating Friday after four days of testimony.
Now, it says they use the dog to intimidate prisoners for fun and compare it with another canine handler trying to make detainees soil themselves.
What do you mean?
It's admitted they bit on them on purpose.
Now, they were ordered to do all this.
That's admitted.
We have the White House own memos.
We have them defending it today saying, well, we don't call it torture.
We can beat someone to death, and if it wasn't on purpose, it's not torture.
Killing people isn't even torture.
We can torture small children in front of their parents.
John Yoo wrote the memos publicly.
One of Gonzales' assistants.
We have people like this running our country.
And they give the orders, and then when their people get caught doing it, they send them England and Grainer and this latest creature, Smith, Michael Smith.
Michael J. Smith, not right of the actor.
I hope.
And it's just, oh, you're going to prison.
There was another case of a contractor in Afghanistan who they admitted was ordered to beat people and torture them.
And a couple of them died, and so some good officers reported him.
See, that's what happens.
Good people report them.
So then something's got to be done.
You've got captains and colonels going, listen, they're killing people.
And so they'll go grab him.
And then when they tried to charge him and say he'd done it on his own, he released his orders.
They declared national security, used the Patriot Act to gag him, and he got, I forget how many years in prison.
So you take the gloves off, psychos.
I want you to know this.
When you get caught doing it, then you're going to be hung out to dry for following your orders.
I want you to understand that.
I want you to consciously get it through your bug brains.
We'll be right back with your calls and a lot more news.
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Coming up early in the next hour, just for one segment, I'm going to get a call on from Texas County, Missouri, who's fighting the Animal ID Act.
There's an update on what's happening with that and the Premises ID Act.
Hi, we're going to go back to your calls.
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Let's go to Emmett in Pennsylvania.
Emmett, welcome.
Yes, Alex.
I would hope that someday you have to be off, you would repeat the Charlie Sheen Show.
What did you think of it?
Well, I had to be at a place... I'm 60 years old, and you know what happens to men at 60 years.
I had to go be checked out, but I'm okay.
You know, in the prostate gland.
Anyway, I'd like to urge your list.
I've been making copies of your DVD, Martial Law, over to tape for people, and they're baffled.
Even bush worshippers, they're baffled.
They don't argue.
If they give it back to me, I'd rather they pass it on, but if they give it back to me, they just go, uh-huh.
Which film is that?
Martial Law.
Yeah, it's a good video.
It's our best.
They're baffled.
They just go, uh-huh, uh-huh.
I'd like to urge people, for sure, to get Newswatch Magazine and David Jones.
No, David Jones is my dad's name.
It's David J. Smith.
Oh, okay, huh?
I'm sorry.
Okay, yeah, David J. Smith.
I just got a copy of it today.
The Illuminati plan is working.
Hey, they're putting up cameras on the Schuylkill Expressway to photograph cars that accidentally go through a red light or yellow to red.
Yeah, now they're admitting all these federally paid for cameras around the nation.
Oh, we're going to use it to watch you, too.
It's the final kind of.
Yeah, they're watching us.
Okay, bye-bye.
Hey, good to hear from you.
We'll come back and start the third hour, take a few calls, and get a guest on for a segment, then get back into all this news.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we've got a different...
Subject we'll be discussing coming up in the next segment.
Some good news.
Different locales around the country are throwing out the Animal ID Act.
And the state operation here in Texas is getting in a lot of trouble.
People learn about this Big Brother system for all your livestock, even your parakeet, will really do $1,000 a day fines.
Got to ask permission to leave your house with your horse, you name it.
Want to be slaves?
Well, they're setting up a nice system for people that want to be slaves.
So that's coming up for just one segment.
I'm just going to have him on about 12, 14 minutes or so, and then we'll get back into this mountain of news I haven't even detailed yet.
We've already covered quite a bit of it, though.
Right now, let's go back to the calls, and let's talk to Michael in New York and Fred Roy and others.
Michael, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
Nobody deserves more commendation than you, Alex.
You're the guy risking everything every day.
With respect to Charlie Sheen, I am curious, though.
Weren't they Clinton supporters?
Yes, but I've talked to... I mean, Charlie really wasn't political then, and he's a gun owner, and he's more conservative than his father, I would venture to say.
Now, Alex, with respect to 9-11, Road to Tyranny, excellent work right there for sure.
Caller, are you there?
Yeah, your phone cut out for a second.
Go ahead.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Okay, with respect to your 9-11 Road to Tyranny video, which is excellent work as well,
In that segment where the FEMA trainer educating the police and the fire rescue guys.
Says the founding fathers are bad terrorists and all Christians are enemies of the government.
Alex, you got it.
That right there, that little blurb, if that could be posted on every site, all people need to see that and immediately they have the evidence of, hey, this is what our government, the people in our government think.
It's insane.
They're talking like space aliens.
It's unbelievable.
And then I show a bunch of documents that are official that say it.
Alex, they should be hanging from a tree limb just from that.
Now last, if I may, to prove how the Christians are so asleep, in 1999 when all the candidates were running for the Republican nomination and Bush got it, so through the debates on TV, live, the question is posed among them... That was actually in 2000.
Okay, thank you.
The question was posed among them about who influenced them the most in their lives, and when GW's turn to answer that,
He tried to say Jesus, but he couldn't.
He kept saying, it was like he was under kryptonite or something.
He couldn't say Jesus.
And to this day, he never says Jesus.
And yet these Christians think he's so Christian, it's baffling.
I know, I've seen that clip.
It is like kryptonite.
It's like a vampire trying to kiss a cross.
You see it with your own eyes.
It's exactly how it is.
Alex, God bless.
Great work.
Thank you.
Well, I appreciate the call, and I appreciate the compliment.
Yeah, for those that haven't read the Charlie Sheen story we put out, there's two of them now in the audio interview.
Please get it out to everybody.
I mean, the mainstream media is trying to block this story.
I mean, can you imagine if Charlie Sheen had a crooked toenail?
It'd be top news.
Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun.
But he comes out cogently and covers 9-11 and more, and it's just not a word said.
Let's talk to Fred.
In Pennsylvania.
Fred, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Actually, Indiana, but that's okay.
Hey, you know, it's in the U.S.
I just wanted to say I've been a member of PrisonPlanet.tv for like five months now, and I still haven't downloaded all the videos you had up on there.
By far worth the money, so I encourage everyone out there to go and get an account.
I appreciate the lavish plug.
No problem.
I wanted to ask you,
I wanted to go to Indianapolis with some of your movies and a couple of government documents I printed out.
Is there any law against me standing on a sidewalk and just handing these materials out?
No, none of it is a public street.
Some have unconstitutional laws against panhandling, but you just explained that it's free speech material, and you really shouldn't have a problem.
They're trying to train police to arrest you.
They're trying to train them.
There's no free speech, but it's not working.
Yeah, because I come across a video of the protesters getting attacked by the police on your website.
Yeah, they've done nothing, and that's up in D.C.
at an anti-war rally, and they just attack them.
I mean, in New York, I've got video where cops will run their bicycles into a crowd just sitting there in a park to then be able to beat them up and arrest them for assault.
Imagine, the cop, right on purpose, they're all just sitting there, just runs into them on purpose.
I mean, it's called provocateuring.
Yeah, I've seen that video.
It was one of the things I wanted to bring up, like, two years ago.
That was their trick in New York.
They'd run into you, and then when they assaulted you, it was assault.
Yeah, I saw that.
See, the past cops just beat you up.
You know, we've got a break.
Stay there, sir.
We'll be right back.
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All right, Alex Jones here.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We've got this guest just for one segment.
We appreciate him spending time with us.
And he is, well, just doing an amazing job out there with other citizens fighting against this Big Brother takeover that even the big paper in Fort Worth reported.
In Fort Worth, called it Big Brother Watching Your Cow.
And then it admitted that satellite tracking systems via the cell towers that boost the signal will scan the RFID tag that must be put in all livestock.
And if everything isn't done exactly as they say, $1,000 a day fines, you think the IRS is bad.
This is a whole new layer of bureaucracy and the big meat packers and others.
We're good to go.
And it's just close to the town of Buffalo, south of Fairfield, and they need those cows.
I mean, basically it just pays for the taxes and pays for putting new fences in every ten years or so, and it just pays the bills.
I mean, you've got to do that just to keep your land.
And then somebody gets cancer, and over time you've got to sell land.
And we don't have many farmers left.
I'm sure you've heard that.
But it just gets worse and worse and worse.
But I'm going to shut up.
The good news is Texas County Farm Bureau rejects mandatory ID plan.
Texas is moving towards rejecting it.
The first state to pass a law adjoining the federal law.
So we're in really deep trouble here.
But the outrage has just been massive.
And longtime dairy farmer and rancher Bob Parker explains why he proposed the resolution.
And then he gets into it.
So, Mr. Parker, thank you for spending time with us.
Well, it's a pleasure.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and just what you're doing, ranching and farming, and what you discovered about the IDing process for the livestock, the premises identification as well, the National Animal Identification System.
Well, just to give you a little background, I grew up in Kansas on a farm, moved to Missouri when I was 19, bought a farm here.
I'm 49.
I've dairy farmed and run beef cattle, still run beef cattle.
I have about 700 acres that I farm and just stay busy on the farm.
I sell real estate also.
Yeah, that's what farmers have got to do, is work two or three jobs.
All the farmers and ranchers in my family have to go in and work a job during the week, and then on the weekend they might work from sunup to sundown just to keep the family farm going.
Well, exactly.
I mean, when I did, I just worked the dairy.
I didn't have time for anything else.
But now with beef cattle, you know, you've got to supplement that.
But my first love is the farm.
You know, I've been involved in a lot of groups and read a lot of magazines and try to stay informed.
We're kind of, you know, out here in the Ozarks.
We're kind of out of the mainstream here.
We're kind of kicked back in this rural lifestyle and enjoy it very much.
But, you know, about 30 days ago or so, I began to, you know, I read this National Identification System plan on the USDA site and I'd heard this thing kicked around some, you know, and
And just that they were talking about some kind of animal ID thing and didn't really have any details.
It's to stop Al-Qaeda, but the border's wide open.
Yeah, right, right.
It's just, you know, nothing definite on it.
Then I read, you know, about 30 days ago, I read this plan and it's like, my God, this is written by the Gestapo.
I just can't even believe that this has been out there for a couple of years.
You know, all the...
I mean, I know there's problems and, you know, and
But then when you see this in black and white, what they're getting ready to do to the farm, you just realize how far things are digressing, how fast and how bad things are getting.
And it's like, you know, I'm not going to take this anymore.
I've got to get people informed about this because in our area, nobody's heard anything about the details of this plant.
So I've been writing and talking to people and basically creating habits
With our elected officials, and they're trying to educate them.
You're a Paul Revere.
For those that don't know what's in the plan, and I'm actually, I mean, I actually have the federal regulations.
I have the Texas state law here in my hands, and I have their own handouts.
I mean, this is official what they're going to do.
Tell people about it.
Yeah, well, I mean, they're going to ID all livestock.
They're going to put a transmitter and everything.
It's going to, you know, it's supposed to be read from 30 inches away.
Everything's going to be required to receive this ID according to the plan.
It's going to be made mandatory.
The timeline is, let's see here, that by January 2008, premises registration and animal ID is required.
And that's when we get our national ID cards.
Did you know your state driver's license is already federal?
Well, I know I had to take my...
When you travel, not my visa, but my... Driver's license?
Yeah, my passport in.
When I got my driver's license last week, they had to have my passport.
So I know there's changes in there.
They're going to add a tracker chip to all the licenses and a face scan and a thumb scan.
Texas has been doing it with the face scan and the thumb scan since 1993.
Yeah, I mean, it's just incredible.
But, you know, in 2009...
I think so.
And from what I can gather, they don't seem to be making any changes.
And then if your cow gets struck by lightning or coyotes kill a calf, you've got to report that.
If you don't, thousands of dollars of fine, jail time, little inspectors coming to your house all the time.
And, you know, I've talked to people, you know, about this, and I've argued with people that support this.
They're like, well, you know, we've just got to have this because all these diseases are getting ready to defend upon us.
You know, from the constant brawls they get in the media, it's just like, you know, we're just going to have this flood of bioterrorism and all this stuff.
But the actual data... You know, it's like, I'm not trading my freedom.
Here for, you know, this so-called security.
I mean, they admit this isn't going to really stop any disease.
Did you know that the real data shows that almost all the disease is coming from big agri-feedlots and, you know, massive chicken coops with a million chickens in one building?
And they're the ones lobbying for this.
Right, exactly, exactly.
You know, small agriculture, guys like me, you know, with 50 cows and smaller cows,
You know, we're the guys that are going to take it on the chin with this.
We've got ID everything.
Well, that's why they're lobbying for it.
What's that?
They've said in some of the policy documents of the corporations, I don't know if you've seen these, but it's been written about, that this is meant to add a layer of regulation to knock you guys out.
They admit it.
I've even had local guys tell me, we need to get rid of these small producers.
They're not good for the industry.
I'm like, you're talking about people that raise their own food.
Are you out of your mind?
You know, this is America.
You know, have we lost?
Well, see, this is what happens.
There's all these scumbags who've got 50, 100 cows.
They associate themselves with a ConAgra or something, you know, slaughtering millions a year.
And then, yeah, we've got to get rid of the little guys.
And no, you're the little guy.
You're right.
They don't realize they're going to be the little guy.
It's going to be all the really big guys that are going to control the whole thing.
But, you know, we're talking about our people, their ability to raise their own food without government fees and costs and restrictions.
I mean, to grow your own food.
Well, sir, you did more than talk about it.
You took the bull by the horns, pun intended, and you marched in there and you got your county to pass a resolution saying we're not going to do this.
Well, I did.
We had a knock-down, drag-out meeting at our last, you know, when we got together, our Farm Bureau board, and...
I just wanted to say that we reject it.
It was about blood on the floor, but it did pass.
I think everybody out there should take some kind of resolution and take it to their local city council, take it to their Farm Bureau boards, take it to their commissioners.
Get everybody to adopt a resolution opposing this.
Now, some, not all are, but at least they're going to become aware.
But that's something everybody could do.
They could take a resolution, get your local political party to pass a resolution against it if you can.
Mr. Parker, this is a great idea you've got, and that's exactly what we're doing.
But all wealth comes from the land.
And this is feudalism.
This is serfdom.
Make no mistake.
They've openly announced they're getting us off the land.
They only want big agribusiness out there.
And I've fought for the small farmer ever since I've been a small farmer.
We're disappearing.
We're going to be the next endangered species.
We nearly are.
I sell real estate down here in the Ozarks.
There's very few people coming in here
We're good to go.
Yeah, that's really what you're looking at.
As unbelievable as this sounds, what we're talking about, I mean, if somebody just turns into this and says, God, these guys are nuts talking about this stuff, you know, get on the USDA site and read in black and white what they are proposing.
It is absolutely unbelievable.
That's what business is now in the modern, corrupt America.
It isn't so much the product, it's monopolies.
And so that's what these companies do.
Tell you what, sir...
Can you stay with us for one more segment?
We've got a little break here.
We'll come back with you for five more minutes.
Then I'm going to cover the news.
We'll get back after that and take your calls, everybody.
This is so important.
It's called feudalism.
We're going into slavery right now.
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We're good to go.
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However, over recent years, for the last three decades, there's been a deliberate war on Christianity in America to wipe out our heritage from the minds of our people.
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Long-time dairy farmer and landowner Bob Farter, he led this counter-assault against the consolidators, want to run us all off the land.
That's their own stated policy and goal, total control monopoly.
And they used their PR machines to convince us to all stand down and go along with it, but they got it thrown out in their farm bureau up in Texas County, Missouri.
And they're on the run here in Texas.
They passed it here.
And the fight continues on.
And reading through these documents, their own documents, they say, oh, we'll make it mandatory or voluntary the first two years and then have it kick in as mandatory.
That's the way to get people to go along with it.
And they're really deceptive and sneaky, and they dispatch their minions all over the country to come talk to local Farm Bureaus and lie to you guys, don't they?
That's exactly right.
I mean, you know, they've talked about this voluntary plan and Farm Bureau supported voluntary plan and,
And then when I read the actual document, and that's part of the plan, but it's just exactly like you said.
It's voluntary and goes to mandatory.
I'm like, how can you call a program like that voluntary if it goes to mandatory?
But that's how you get everybody sucked in, and they're already passing out these papers.
Register your farms now.
Give them their GPS coordinates.
I mean, it's just an outrage.
They're just boiling the frog slowly.
I see where it's going and a whole bunch of other people do too.
It's just time to stand up and yell about it.
This is serious stuff.
We've just got to stop it.
It's going to add a lot of cost, just initially, to the price of these farm-raised cattle and chickens and other things that are grown out there, as you farmers say.
And then, once it causes a greater consolidation, that will really spike prices.
Well, exactly.
I mean, once they can get the...
The ability of people to produce their own food, and it's just in the hands of a few of the giants.
We're going to be asking them how much food is.
Well, their operatives and lackeys are everywhere.
Did you run into any of their minions trying to stop you from doing this at your level?
Well, it's just unbelievable what I've been through.
I've been told since our meeting that the vote was illegal and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and I've had some of my news releases stop from coming out in papers, and
We're going to have another real interesting board meeting next month because the people that oppose it are just extremely opposed to it.
I'm not stopping.
They don't get it.
This isn't something that I can back on.
This is for everything that I believe in.
As a Christian, as a believer, when you see about the mark, you can't buy and sell without a mark.
I know very few people really seem to pay attention to that anymore other than real believers.
You know, this isn't the mark.
This isn't on my forehead or my right hand.
But it's a big step towards it.
It's a big step towards it.
It's leading right into it.
You know, you get all the animals ID'd.
You can't buy or sell them.
You get all the pets ID'd.
It's going to be a real small step.
Well, it's simple, Mr. Parker, and you know this.
Throughout history, elites never want the people to have land.
That's freedom.
That's the capacity to be sovereign, to be independent.
And humans' entire history is the struggle to keep land and have land.
It is the icon of liberty.
That's what the wealth and liberty grows out of.
And you talk about the Bible.
That's in the Bible.
And it's being taken from us right now under a myriad of different attacks and guises and phony environmentalism and land grabs and all of it.
Well, exactly.
And now here comes this.
I mean, you know, anybody who loves our country and loves the land and loves...
You know, loves everything that we have here.
Has got to stand up on this issue.
You can't wait anymore.
You've got to stand up on this issue and oppose this with everything you've got.
Well, I have meetings here in Texas where the state board, the legislature passed an unconstitutional law and just said the board has given unlimited authority.
Then the board with all their big, you know, agri-connections, big money connections, conflict of interest just says, okay, you've got to do this.
We're making it illegal right now.
They've created these bureaucracies.
They're not elected officials.
The people don't really get a voice.
They just create these bureaucracies.
They give them some enabling legislation somewhere.
I think so.
You know, a little guy down here in Missouri, you know, and it's finally got to this issue affects all us little guys.
I mean, you know.
Listen, I want to stay in contact with you.
Are you going to take your fight at the state level now?
Yeah, we're working.
We have a state resolution that they're probably going to pass opposing it.
Tennessee did that.
We're trying to get that done here.
Good job.
Good job.
We're fighting it as far as, you know, we're going to fight it all the way.
We've got to win.
We're out of time.
Thank you so much, sir.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Alright, Roy and Bob and other callers that are patiently holding, we're going to get to your calls, cover some more news before this broadcast ends here in about 26 minutes.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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With the Iran situation coming up, when is this a better time?
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Hi there, Alex.
Thank you so much for having me.
You bet.
I heard your phones have been ringing off the hook the last few weeks.
That's good.
That means people are concerned and are moving.
I think so.
I think people are finally realizing.
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That's right.
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I know personally for me, over the years since I've been doing Berkey water, I have quit getting strep throat like I used to get.
I've quit getting the colds and
The viruses.
Yeah, there's all sorts of bacteria.
People need to go to the FDA's own website and look at what allowable levels of nickel and mercury and arsenic and all these poisons and then bacteria.
See, the chlorine only kills the bacteria.
You're still drinking them.
You're still drinking little microscopic pieces of dead meat, basically.
That's right.
It sure is.
And we take out...
The pathogenic bacteria to a non-detectable level.
Well, take Los Angeles and many other cities.
They have toilet to tap.
They are drinking recycled sewer water.
That's pretty sick.
You think about it.
And then most of the bottled water is just semi-filtered for flavor toilet water.
That's right.
That's absolutely right.
And you're getting, you know, the fluoride in lots of bottled water that they're not listing on the bottles.
That's right, because the regular systems don't knock out the fluoride.
In fact, even though Berkey's are the best thing out there under electron microscopes, no bacteria, a week after you pour slime, long growth through it, some of the fluoride, I forget, looking at the statistics, what, like 80-something percent of the fluoride is cut out by your filters, but you have to buy post filters on top of that that go on the spigot to just knock out the next level.
I mean, fluoride is so hard to get out.
It really is, and fluoride,
We're one of the only filters out there that has the ability to take the fluoride out, and we really want to encourage people to try and do the very best for their health.
I've had so many customers who, you know, give me testimony after testimony how healthy they feel,
How much more water they're drinking because they're actually seeing their water.
Now, does my memory serve me?
Your regular filtration gets 80-plus percent out, and then when you add the post filter, only 99%?
It takes out about 99%.
The actual Black Berkey filters don't take any of the fluoride out, Alex.
It's just with the, you need to have the post filter.
Okay, so is it the white ones that do that?
I remember reading the letter.
No, it was a long time ago.
We had the very first set of filters.
We tried doing a formulation.
Where the filters did take out some of the fluoride with the black filters.
Oh, it was too slow.
Too slow.
It was so slow, and people would have had to replace the filters so quickly.
It would have been very costly.
So people understand this, what we're talking about.
Everybody talks about spring water being so good, or down in these caves.
That's because it's gone through the limestone.
And this was invented in England, I don't know, 100-something, 200 years ago, and Queen Elizabeth gave them a big award for it, and then another queen gave them an award for it, and then the American version's even better.
I mean, it really does a great job, folks.
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Anything in closing, Debbie?
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All right, thank you so much, Debbie.
Thank you, Alex.
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All right, let's... Who's up first here, you said?
Steve in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Listen to you every day and really enjoy your show.
Wanted to congratulate you on what you're doing.
It's gotten me started and a number of other people that I know.
I particularly wanted to congratulate you on yesterday's show with Charlie Sheen.
I thought it was...
Extremely well considered.
And the comments that he made were very well taken all the way around.
I think the celebrity added to it will probably...
Help bring in a lot of other people that wouldn't otherwise pay attention.
Well, exactly.
I mean, we've had all these other prominent scientists and professors and former Bush administration officials and Reagan officials saying the same thing.
And then Charlie Sheen wants to come on and boldly stand up and take a lot of risk.
I mean, he can only be commended.
I mean, oh, he had trouble earlier in his life.
Well, who didn't?
You know, so what?
He doesn't know.
And in light of that, there's two things in the American Statesman today that I thought you might be interested in.
In the Nations section on the back of page one, there's a little paragraph entitled, Agent, I Warned a Terrorist.
It mentions an FBI agent who interrogated Massawi before September the 11th, and it warned his supervisors more than 70 times that Massawi was a terrorist, and his name is Harold Samet, and told jurors that...
At his death penalty trial yesterday, his efforts to secure a warrant, to search his belongings, were frustrated at every turn.
Yeah, I actually have that article here in the stack, and while you're talking, I'm trying to find it.
I keep going.
He accused the FBI officials, his superiors, of criminal negligence.
So, obviously, there was extreme incompetence, if not collusion at the top, to...
Yeah, read me that headline.
I want to see if it's the same story I've got.
Yeah, I've got a headline here somewhere that I can't find for some reason, where it's, I think the headline's like, FBI agents attack superiors over evidence not...
I'll try to find it here in a minute.
Basically, Zacharias Michali, in any op the government's going to carry out, they've got to go out and provocateur Apache, who their people can meet with, and then talk into shooting their mouths off at the local bar.
And then they could trot out the Patsy, like Marinus Vanderlube, who they charged with a Reichstag fire and they cut his head off over it.
That's what Hitler did.
And then Zacharias Michalis tried to call witnesses showing that, that he was a Patsy.
They were trying to get him to talk about doing stuff that he didn't.
And now it's come out they've coached witnesses, covered up evidence, falsified documents.
That's all been in the news about this trial.
They haven't convicted one person yet.
Now they finally convicted Massali, and it's coming out in sentencing that it's all staged.
But in this case, they've got an FBI agent stating that he...
Warrant is superior 70 times.
Well, I mean, we've interviewed the lawyer for FBI agent Robert Wright.
Sterling record, moving up to the ranks quickly.
He specifically knew all about what was about to happen.
And he was told, you'll be arrested if you stop him.
And then after the attacks, he was told, if you talk about it, you'll be arrested under national security.
And then so he got up on the National Press Club and said, all I can tell you, he broke down in tears, is the Bush's vacation with the Bin Ladens.
And he broke down crying.
He said, here's the letter.
I'll be arrested under national security.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I think we have that clip somewhere on the computer.
We haven't played it in years.
Maybe they don't have it now.
But it's in Masters of Terror.
But the Bush's vacation with the Bin Ladens.
Gee, what could he be trying to tell us?
I was told...
That's not true.
Eight million page views yesterday on the two sites together in the aggregate.
And I would imagine now, that's how my brain works, that since I checked that this morning, a couple more million have come in, but it's slowed down to, what did they say, a few hundred thousand for each website that has it posted every hour.
So I guess it's getting up close to nine million or something.
But again, I haven't checked.
Eight million page views.
And, of course, most of that is because Drudge linked to it for four hours.
Most of that came in in four hours.
And that site just gets, I forget, what is it, like 20 million visitors a day?
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
It's ridiculous how much that site gets.
Because there's not many stories on it, and it gets such huge traffic.
And so if your story's up there, and like all these other newshounds and all these other people that are too lazy to check their inboxes, that's where the really good news is that listeners send you from all over, they go up to Drudge every day.
And he posts it up there, and then jerks it out for four hours, and then doesn't put it in his archive.
He never, he never does that.
So, email Drudge and say, Drudge, why didn't you post that story?
Why aren't you covering it?
Why aren't you reporting on it?
Call the Associated Press.
I talked to AP reporters who were, yeah, this is big.
We're going to get this out.
And you call them back.
Oh, we're not running it now.
Well, just upstairs said no.
You call a Hollywood reporter.
Hey, did you get that?
Yeah, I got it yesterday afternoon.
Do you think it's a big story?
Yeah, it's big.
I passed it on.
Well, what's going to happen?
They're not going to run it.
You know, the other big syndicate that covers Hollywood news.
And you call another.
And they're just, yes, we think it's big.
And the reporters are telling you they think it's big, but it's not going to be run.
Well, why?
Well, I can't really get into that, and please don't say my name.
I mean, they're shocked, too.
I mean, imagine.
If Charlie Sheen would have fallen off of a bicycle or had a motorcycle wreck, or if Charlie Sheen would have gotten in an argument with his wife in front of people at a coffee shop, if Charlie Sheen would have been seen smoking marijuana, it would be top news on CNN, ABC, Fox, endlessly.
He goes on the air and cogently talks about having a real investigation and talks about how concerning the war that Bush is arrogant.
And then meanwhile, Carlos Santana, which is nothing on the scale of a Charlie Sheen, if we're being big.
I mean, he's been an A-list actor for 20 years.
He's been in over 65 major films, got two coming out this year, one of the number one TV shows in the country, on for about three years, signed on for a new season.
And it's just, yes, it's a big story.
No, we're not running it.
And then I call and I talk to Jeff Williams at the AP in L.A.,
And I mean, he just sounded like a gritty individual.
And he just, no, we're not running it.
No, no, we're not running anything.
We're not running anything about Charlie Sheen.
I know Charlie Sheen.
I go, is it newsworthy?
Why did your very office run the Santana piece?
I go, and the guy just got mad.
And then I said, you know it's newsworthy.
Tell me it isn't newsworthy.
When Charlie Sheen says these things, and that it wouldn't run if it didn't have 9-11 stuff in it.
And he's like, I'm not going to let you bait me.
He just yelled it.
I'm not going to let you bait me.
Slam the phone down.
And then you talk to others, and they're like, yeah, we think it ought to run, yeah.
But it's not going to.
See, drugs thought it was big.
Put it up, and then boom, jerked it.
Email Drudge.
Ask him.
Ask him.
Ask him what's going on.
Ask him why it's not up.
Call the AP in your town.
Call them.
If you're in a good-sized city, I mean, Austin's only a million metro, 800,000 in the town, and they've got an Associated Press, be nice to them.
Ask them, are you going to run it?
This is a big story.
And they go, well, no, no, we're not going to.
Or, no, no, it's not a big story.
Go, well, why is all this other stuff big?
Why if somebody says they think Bush is an idiot, it's top news?
Because there's not substance behind it.
They can't report that... I talked to Charlie this morning.
What was his statement?
He just reiterated the quote of, you know, if there's something wrong with Building 7's story, then the whole thing, there's something wrong with the whole thing.
His exact quote's on the website.
By the way, there's a typo in our story.
It was 1,100 feet, not 120 feet.
That the fire went down the elevator shafts and we screwed that up.
Charlie pointed that out to me this morning.
He's real sharp.
And so I forgot to tell Ryan Slickheiser that.
I forgot to tell Paul Joseph Watson that.
You guys need to change that immediately.
Because it has been picked up by a lot of big alternative media and some medium-sized town newspapers have picked it up.
But again, that's not the controlled media.
This is an exercise in that.
It's an exercise in documenting the control.
It's a demonstration, better than it's an exercise, in showing how they'll report on somebody if they're out with a call girl ten years ago and still talk about it every day.
There's articles out about that today.
And stuff about Charlie Sheen got...
Heather Locklear to talk to his wife for him.
Oh, how bad of him.
Meanwhile, he's putting it all on the line to say this because he said it so cogently.
It doesn't fit the caricature they want to put on him.
We'll be right back.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
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That's HerbalHealer.com, your website for safe, effective, natural alternatives and education.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Look at this news.
Iraqi diplomat gave U.S.
pre-war WMD details.
Saddam's foreign minister told the CIA the truth, so why didn't the agency listen?
He was their paid-off agent.
He said he doesn't have any biological, any chemical, nothing.
And now that's NBC News.
Too little, too late.
Kissinger, quote, America's global strategy benefits from the Indian participation in building a new world order.
So let's give them more nukes.
That's a good thing, but let's attack Iran, who can't have them for ten years.
Continuing, Japan's rich by organs from executed Chinese, London Independent.
And our own State Department says on its website, it isn't true, China doesn't sell organs, when the Chinese government advertises in major medical magazines and publications saying that they have them.
And advertising it.
That's the level of denial our government tries to give us.
And it says, hundreds of well-off Japanese other nationals are turning to China's burgeoning human organ transplant industry, paying tens of thousands of pounds for livers and kidneys, which in some cases have been harvested from executed prisoners and sold to hospitals.
And I've heard neocons the last few years promoting that idea here.
Killing people and taking their organs.
Which then puts an incentive in there to kill by a corrupt government.
Chinese internet dissident gets a 10-year sentence.
And that was just for having a little human rights internet website, criticizing what they do.
Here's another one.
China bans weird baby names.
See, that's the incredible freedom of the country we're giving all our industry to.
Already only allowing to have one child, Chinese parents may now face restrictions on what name they can give their baby.
China is planning to introduce new regulations on name registration.
Can't talk now because the government's computer database is unable to handle rare Chinese characters.
State media reported today.
Well, that sounds reasonable.
Can't name your child now.
Probably have that here soon.
Guest squads on the prowl.
Iraq convulsed by fear.
Admitted guest squads marching around killing everyone.
Paramedic who worked on WTC morgue dies of respiratory illness.
And in my film, I talk about, what, 12 dogs dying.
Now it's been, like, 20-something.
Almost all of them have died from lung cancer or nasal cancer.
The same thing is happening with firefighters and police.
A 41-year-old paramedic who worked at the morgue for months after September 11, 2001, in an attack at the World Trade Center, was buried Monday after dying of an asbestos-related cancer.
And, of course, the building was asbestos, and they weren't worried about giving the cops breathers for three days, and the firemen...
But you're with Al Qaeda, if you say that.
You're just trying to undermine the president.
And the president blocked a $90 million payout by the EPA to help the firemen and police.
That's your government.
Bunch of sick scum.
Pat Tillman's dad, what happened to my son?
It has all been a lie after a lie after a lie after a lie.
New York Times.
And you ought to go read this article just how at every level they lied from the start and told him to shut up and lied and lied and lied.
They are liars.
That's all they do is lie.
I'm sorry to all the callers that are holding.
I'm out of time.
We'll have time to take your calls.
But call me back tomorrow and I'll be able to take your calls.
Dutch Coffee Shop...
Introduce fingerprint ID to make sure when you're buying things over the counter that are only for adults, you've got a thumb scan.
That's coming here too, but it'll be part of the national ID card, which is going to have a graduated sales tax, and so we'll have to make sure you're not cheating on your bracket.
Identity cards, a present to terrorists and criminals, spy heroine says, this is out of the Scotsman, a national identity card scheme, will be a present to terrorists, criminal gangs, and foreign spies, one of Britain's most respected former intelligence agents has told ministers.
And top security experts said, as the others have, it will actually make things worse.
That's the plan.
The globalists are the spies and crooks.
The warning from...
Daphne Park, who served 30 years as senior controller for MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service, came as a preliminary power struggle over the identity cards bill dragged on.
House of Lords has rejected it for the fourth time.
Tony Blair continues to pass it.
Eighty-plus percent of the country is against it.
And here's that other article I just mentioned.
Lords defeats ID card bill for fourth time.
BBC covers...
The concerns over military and police merging.
White House pushes more schools for drug testing.
Testing for their product.
Testing for product placement.
I'm out of time.
Go to Infowars.com.
Get the Citizen's Rulebook.
Learn your rights.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow.
God bless you all.
Spread the Sheen story.
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