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Air Date: March 17, 2006
2452 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
This is the 17th day of March 2006 on this live Friday edition.
And we're going to have open phones today.
Wide open phones with a full three hours.
Any news issue, any item, any story.
Any solutions you wish to discuss?
Any questions?
Any comments?
You disagree with me?
1-800-259-9231 I'm Alex Jones, your host, and this is the GCN Radio Network.
And the websites, freshly updated multiple times daily for you, are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
And now JonesReport.com.
I've had that site up and running for about five years, but only updated it about once a year.
Kind of a little stagnant site sitting up there orbiting.
We are now updating it daily, and it's got a lot of key data areas on mercury in the vaccines.
We're good to go.
I think?
So much happening, but I frankly can't get over the article yesterday, and I made some phone calls to Congress and confirmed it, that President Bush signed a budget bill...
That hadn't even been passed.
There were different versions, and Dennis Hastert let them know that, hey, you're about to sign the wrong bill.
Bush said, well, this one's got $2 billion more in pork.
I like it.
I'll just sign this one.
Never passed.
I mean, he said he's above the law.
They didn't, quote, reauthorize the Patriot Act, which they did.
But if they didn't, he said, I'll just enforce it without having a law.
And he said, I have these signing statements when I sign bills.
I say what we're really going to do with them.
He said that I don't care if it's a federal law against wiretapping and spying on the American people without warrants.
I'll do it.
And I'll torture kids if I want.
That's Christian.
And then now, oh, I'll just sign bills that haven't passed.
The level of lawlessness...
In fact, I'd like to hear your examples of lawlessness by government, period.
That's what tyranny is.
It's a lawless government.
It's a government out of control, a government of force, a government of the oligarchy, of the dictator, of the plutocracy, of the aristocracy, whatever elite it is.
The toll-free number to join us again, 1-800-259-9231.
Here are the top reports I have in front of me today.
Senate votes to raise the debt limit.
And of course, now to around $9 trillion, another $781 billion on top of the $8 trillion.
And then you can read the Dallas Morning News a few years ago.
They admitted that our real expenditures, our real programs that we signed on to, that the government owes on, was $44 trillion.
And then a lot of other economists looked at that and said, no, it's really $65 trillion.
And then now today, you look at those numbers, and chief economists and top experts from inside and outside the government are saying that it's more like $87 trillion.
Trillion here, trillion there.
Pretty soon you're talking about some real money.
Even with the devalued dollar.
So, it's serious.
It's very, very serious.
If the commitments of the debts they've signed on to are 80 plus trillion.
Everybody's freaking out over 9 trillion.
See, 9 trillion is due right now.
9 trillion is due today.
But on the note, we owe 87 trillion to the Rothschilds.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Organized crime has taken over the federal government, most state governments, and many local governments.
But it's more corrupt at the federal level.
We're good to go.
There is a just mad rush to gut
Every major institution and trust fund, in fact, they're already gutting most of the trust funds, but then still, via the Ponzi scheme, paying out for now to many people, just like Enron had gutted itself two years before they finally pulled the plug on it.
Remember Enron?
They had fake energy trading boards up in...
Up in Sacramento, and they would walk the members of the U.S.
Congress and, of course, the California legislature through with fake computers, fake computer programs showing them the energy trading.
There was no energy trading even going on using actual computers.
They would just tell people what it cost and then tell California there's no power.
We've got to triple your prices this month.
Remember all that?
And then it turned out that was all a big scam.
We're good to go.
I think?
The Chicago Mercantile is fake.
Much of the New York Stock Exchange is fake.
It's a joke.
Almost our entire world now is a hoax.
What we're told, what goes on, it's just most of it is a hoax.
And an example of this is Bush, we now learn a couple weeks ago, signed a spending bill that was hundreds of billions of dollars, and two billion of it that he wanted was not passed, and so he just went and got an earlier version of the bill that never passed,
And signed that, and we've now learned that he was told that, sir, you're signing a bill that wasn't passed.
The Speaker of the House told him this in a letter.
They just signed it, knowing we're so dumb, they can take $2 billion.
Right in front of everybody, and she says, oh, well, $2 billion.
That's what they did.
So now the stealing, now the looting, now the craziness.
Has gotten so wild that I can't even imagine what's going to be next.
I mean, here's another microcosm example.
Halliburton is a thoroughly corrupt and nightmarish company with hundreds of subsidiaries, over 120 subsidiaries.
There's going to be a front now for the Dubai Ports World and for the UAE, taking over 21 ports.
And more every day.
And then the UAE executive is still going to be the head of all maritime activities, maritime administration, running security for the entire nation's ports and waterways and intercoastal canals.
But I digress.
Halliburton in Iraq.
People are sending me emails going, hey, look, it's in the Associated Press and the news.
Halliburton sent water, totally untreated,
And they truck it up from Kuwait.
And why do they truck it up from Kuwait untreated?
Because that would cost money if it was treated.
A little bit of money.
And then they charge tens of thousands of dollars per truck of water.
And then the provisional authority will not get the water treatment plants back up and running.
They've made no attempts to even get them up.
It can be done in just a few days.
Top generals have said, and they're always removed and new ones put in.
So why are they doing that?
Because if they have to truck the water in, can you imagine the business of trucking all the water in, not just the fuel in for the troops in Iraq?
Can you imagine how much money that is for the 60,000 contractors and the 150,000 troops and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi National Guard and
And then all the other functionaries and the six big armored compounds.
They're going to build, what, 21 total, but right now six big armored compounds that the globalists have built.
I mean, that's why they do it.
They truck in the water because they'll get a bigger profit if they truck it in.
And so Halliburton gets that profit.
They don't give water filters to the troops.
They don't set up the water treatment plants again.
The troops got to...
And there's big articles about how it's totally toxic, filled with all sorts of chemicals and microbes and amoebas, and the troops are all getting sick.
It even destroys the war effort.
They just don't care.
There's no oversight.
No one questions them.
No one says anything.
And the corporation looks at the total bottom line.
So, I mean, imagine a whole water policy built around just making sure Halliburton can truck water at ridiculous prices.
Another example is Halliburton has the monopoly on laundering.
And I forget what the news was.
It was about a year ago.
Ten pounds of laundry is over $100.
What is it?
But they make the trips every week or so, get in their dress uniforms and line up for inspections.
So they've got to go pay Halliburton to launder the clothes.
It's just another example.
Somebody gets shattered by a rocket-propelled grenade, an RPG, and then they cut the body armor off of them in a field hospital with holes on their bodies, little shattered bodies, these trips, and, oh, we're going to charge you $800 for that body armor.
It's level 2 crud, defective for even level 2, not even really level 1.
We're going to charge you four or five times what a level 2 vest really costs, brand new.
As if anyone even uses level 2 now.
I mean, it's like Vietnam-era stuff's better.
So, and that's all admitted.
So, I mean, there's an example just of the wild corruption, and now it's in the news that the water is so toxic, and then there's the Tigers and the Euphrates right there in Baghdad, and they can take it right out, and the military even has water treatment vehicles, but they won't even let our troops use those.
You've got to drink Halliburton water.
Imagine getting wheeled onto the jet and
Nobody's really there to help you, and both your legs are blown off.
And imagine having to get yourself down to the bathroom, down at the end of the plane, and doing all that, and realizing that you're paying for your own flight home.
And that's not urban legend.
That's true.
And then I talk to neocons out at Crawford, worshiping Bush, and they're just like, they didn't even deny that when I bring that stuff up.
They go, well, we're going to take care of it.
Bush knows what he's doing.
Oh, yeah, he does all right.
And those are just little examples.
They're very small compared to other stuff that's going on, like depleted uranium.
It has a half-life, if you can believe this, of 44 billion years.
Just type in half-life of depleted uranium into Google.
You can get it.
And it is pure uranium.
It's just had a particular isotope taken out that's used for fuel rods and hydrogen bombs and things of that nature.
X-ray bombs, neutron bombs, lots of goodies.
And so they plate the tanks in it and they serve it out now to even small arms and not just the
War dogs and Abrams tanks.
Now everybody's got it.
And they're running around using it, and they're living in the areas where it's being used, and the radiation detectors go off.
And so what happens?
Halliburton goes in, in England and other areas, and buys.
This is Times of London.
This is Financial Times.
This is BBC.
This is Associated Press.
And goes and buys the detectors and says those are private now.
We're not going to let you know those numbers.
I've got another one here today, Associated Press, where they're going to cut back from testing, what is it, like one in a hundred cows, it says, to testing even less cows for CJD, known as Mad Cow, Creutzfeldt-Jacobs.
Prions, whatever they're called.
So it's just like in Iraq.
Day one, they take over three years ago, they go...
Globalists, they go, we're not going to keep the numbers of cancer, death, infant mortality, no more official statistics.
Let the murder begin!
Well, it's the same thing over here.
Did you know in the last two years, CNN's reported this, this is CDC's own numbers, lung cancer's up six times.
It was already an epidemic.
Just like everything else is up many times.
And they got little stupid stories how it's about radon and it's cigarettes that did it.
Uh-huh, sure.
Less cigarettes, less, you know.
But, oh, that's what's causing it magically.
Secondhand smoke did it.
Yes, yes, that's it.
And we're sitting here right now breathing this, and these lunatics, George Bush's daughters, are breathing it.
Neocons are breathing it.
Their babies are breathing it.
All these good old boys that just said, nuke them, turn them into a glass parking lot.
No, they turned them into a dirty bomb parking lot.
Our government has bombed us with dirty bombs.
This stuff blows all over the world.
They've used it for 30 years all over the U.S.
in 10 proving grounds plus.
Now I've been corrected.
There's many more, but 10 big ones.
And they're just... They're not going to stop.
They're accelerating it.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that an FBI agent assigned to the White House when Bill Clinton took office wrote a book entitled Unlimited Access?
He told of Clinton's staff coming into the White House its first day with red buttons on their shirt with a picture of the first communist dictator, B.I.
Lennon, on them.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I'll tell you what.
Let's go ahead and go to your calls.
Then I'll start plowing through more of the news.
I just am so blown away by the level of lawlessness.
And it's not a good sign when they're increasing it day by day.
It was just total arrogance.
Chad in Iowa.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Chad.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
Pretty good.
I have trouble hearing you.
I'll try to speak up a little bit.
Like, uh, yesterday when you were talking about the school bombings and stuff on Election Day, was that going to be, was that supposed to be here?
No, sir, that was in Belarus.
That's over in the former, uh, eastern block.
Ah, yeah, I was in and out of doing some work.
It's a Russian backwater.
Oh, okay.
Um, I got some really, really polite things to say to you, and I really want to tread kind of lightly because...
One thing I have to say, it's going to come off the wrong way in the first place, but I, for the longest time, I was just a little wiener right in the fence, you know, being misdiagnostic.
In my mind, you know, the atheists were just as silly as the Christians, you know, there's definitely not a God, there definitely is a God, but, and, you know, I realize this isn't really religious or anything, this show, but this is kind of what I'm getting around to is,
You know, it's kind of a really horrible statement, and this is where I was going to try to tread real lightly, because I think you can understand without getting offended.
Yeah, you don't have to tread lightly.
Go ahead, sir.
After watching a lot of your documentaries, and there was also an archaeologist, he found Sodom and Gomorrah and Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant and all this stuff.
You know, it kind of really says something that this state of the world that it is right now
I don't really know any other way to say this.
It's quite appalling yet kind of cool.
I found Jesus Christ at the bottom of a pile of crap.
I mean, that's just the worst thing to say, but what's the quickest way to get a horrible, explosive, violent reaction out of somebody other than to, you know, just in passing, you know, say, you know, oh, well, these are my beliefs and thoughts or this or that, whatever.
No, no, I understand where you're going, and I appreciate your call.
You know, I don't want to be associated with the big mainline churches and the things they do.
That's not what's in my Bible.
But a lot of people have found God through adversity, through corruption, through seeing what's happening.
And all I know is this.
The elite believes in God.
They believe in the devil.
The elite believe in it passionately.
They believe they get power from their God.
Now, a lot of atheists say, oh, I don't believe in that.
You're nuts to cover it.
Well, wait a minute.
I mean, even if I was an atheist, which I'm not, shouldn't I cover the fact that Bush engages in his father and his father and on back in the time, engage in weird occult rituals at a place called Skull and Bones and get in coffins, admittedly, and do weird rituals?
I mean, isn't it newsworthy that they go to a place called Bohemian Grove and have revived an ancient Canaanite 3,000-year-old human sacrifice cult?
And engage in it?
I mean, that's been the rumors I'd heard.
I showed up on the appointed day, snuck in, and caught video of it, and they indeed do it.
And then now we got new footage out of it last year, in 2005.
Inside the owl, the effigies they burn, the things they do.
And then you go research real black magic.
I mean, this is it.
Real black magicians don't...
We're good to go.
And believe me, those old men were in rapture.
Those old men were crazed.
They were burning with dark power.
And they have power on the earth.
Their God has given them power.
Now you can say that it's a self-fulfilling prophecy and they just chose to believe it and go along with it.
So, there's a lot of things going on.
And I've just gone where the truth leads me.
That's all I've ever done.
That's all I'll ever do.
That's all I'll ever attempt to do.
And I appreciate your comments, Chad.
Jason, Kathy, Levi, Dave, and others will go right to you when we get back.
Wide open phones on this live Friday edition.
It's been a while since I just had open phones.
We're doing that today.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I always say I'm going to attempt to hear your calls quickly and then rarely do it, but let's try to do it right now.
Jason in Maryland, you're on the air, welcome.
Yes, I was wondering if you had ever heard of or read a book called Towards Soviet America?
I have referenced the book and seen it referenced.
I have not read the entire publication.
I haven't either.
I just read about it through David J. Smith.
I'm sure you're familiar with his stuff which Genesis advertises.
Yeah, he's been a guest probably about 15 times over the last 10 years.
I have him on about
I guess more than 15 times.
I've been interviewing him for 10 years, about twice a year.
He's been on about 20 times.
Do you believe, like he does, in the strength of the communist-illuminati connection?
I mean, that they're at the top of the food chain.
I don't know if Mr. Smith believes they're at the top of the food chain.
I think he believes, rightly so, that it's one of the main implementation arms of the globalists.
Do you believe that Clinton was handpicked by the Jesuits like Mr. Smith said in his publication?
I haven't... As I said, is that Mr. Smith's publication?
Yes, sir.
I think certainly that the Jesuits are involved in the New World Order.
I mean, Ratzinger just called for the New World Order again.
That's like five times since he's been in for six months.
It's like almost every month.
And then Pope John Paul II did it, too.
I'm sorry.
It's not Ratzinger.
It's Benedict II.
I just can't get over the name Ratzinger.
He was a... Hitler Youth.
That's admitted, by the way, and they arrest mainstream Italian journalists if they write about that.
Do you believe, have you heard that Wojtyla was a salesman for the chemical plants that manufactured...
The nerve gas that killed the Jews.
I have seen that, but I have not confirmed that.
But it is confirmed that Ratzinger was a Hitler youth.
Thank you for the call.
Let me try to comment on this whole communist left-right paradigm.
This is not my opinion.
This is the historical, verifiable, demonstrated fact.
We just heard a David J. Smith ad earlier, and I've interviewed the FBI agent who was the chief guy there in the White House who witnessed it all many years ago with his Unlimited Access book that David J. Smith, Pastor Smith, quoted from Waxahachie, Texas.
I think what Smith does overall is very positive and does a great work.
I don't have an orthodoxy.
You see, like the 9-11 Truth Movement, I don't tell everybody what they should think or what they should believe or what they should say about 9-11.
And I've given many different views on how the global has carried out 9-11.
I've given those people platforms on this show.
Different views, different schools.
Because I don't try to have an orthodoxy and stifle people's discussion of something.
And then I always enjoy then how some of the very people I've given platforms, then, little do I know, while I'm interviewing, they're typing on their website, you know, under pen names, attacking me.
I mean, you've got to love it.
This is because they're egomaniacs.
They're in this for the wrong reasons.
I'm kind of digressing.
I want to get back to the calls.
But I'm trying to answer this question in a roundabout way.
Just like I don't believe in orthodoxy for truth-telling and investigating the New World Order and the truth movement.
Because none of us are completely right.
None of us have all the answers.
And so many people get caught up in saying it's just this group.
It's the Protestants.
It's the Catholics.
It's the Jews.
It's the Communists.
It's just this group.
It's just that group.
It's only this group.
It's only that group.
Whereas from my study, it's men in high places.
It's women in high places.
It's elites.
Nebuchadnezzar was evil.
He was a Persian.
Saul was evil.
He was a Jew.
Really, that's incorrect.
That was just one tribe.
And he was an Israeli, an Israelite.
So, this is what I'm trying to say.
This is what I'm trying to get at.
And so people get caught up in these terms, these labels.
This is what happened.
The globalists, the mercantilists, the royal families tried to control the Renaissance through mercantilism.
And that's where, through licensing, the queen would allow certain companies and certain individuals, monopolies or shared monopolies, syndicates,
We're good to go.
That was producing more wealth than all of Europe times three and was exposing the corrupt systems and an unfree system can't compete with a free system.
So they wrote letters and openly said, we've got to create a system to get the serfs back onto the plantations, back onto the reservations, back onto the feudal plots.
And so they commissioned the writing of the Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels, who lived in London,
London's always been the heart of international socialism, Fabian socialism.
And really, they just confuse the terms.
Fascism, socialism, communism.
They're all different variants of mercantile or centralization or corporatism.
You always are going to have a strong man or group of strong men that run it.
And any time they get arrested or killed or taken down, you're going to find out that Rothschilds or Rockefellers or Saxe-Coburg-Gothas are the real shareholders of the company.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Who hadn't had an education, to him, somebody living in a two-story house with the two servants and four kids and having a post and chaise with three horses pulling their wagon, man, they're rich.
Well, no, they're middle class.
They actually employ you.
And they're actually poor dumb saps that will actually vote for your socialism, feeling sorry for you, so they can be putting the poor house in the shack with you.
And so that's what happened.
And there was the Lennon's train of gold.
He was about to lose against the white Russians, against the Tsarists, and 25 million from New York and London.
And the U.S.
and British governments aided them in bringing them down.
And they were our big allies right through World War II, even while Joe Stalin made deals with Hitler to divide up Poland.
Our government funded Hitler at the very same time.
They were setting him up, though.
He thought he was being given the keys to the city.
They didn't know it was a set-up.
And he was clearly controlled by British intelligence.
That's even mainstream news now.
That is manipulated.
A wind-up toy is what they call it.
I said I was going to take calls, but the listener brings up this incredible question.
So are there armies of socialists and communists infiltrating the Department of Labor, the Department of Commerce, the immigration...
Ice, all of it.
Do they call themselves communists?
Yes, but just vehicles of power.
Vehicles to con the well-meaning... You see, they've got to have a fake counter-revolution to the New World Order.
They know the youth are going to rebel.
They know the people are going to rebel against this elite corporate system.
And so they go to the universities.
And they go to them and they tell them, yeah, we're going to fight these elite corporations.
We're going to do that.
With socialism, with communism.
And again, it's all about controlling false choices, giving you all these false choices, and then you're supposed to select from those.
And every time the head of Yukos Oil gets arrested, or every time the head, the guy that owns all the metals in Russia, you know, the so-called Russian oligarchs were handed all their power two days after Russia supposedly fell in the early 90s.
And then every time one of them dies or gets arrested or doesn't follow his orders and gets removed, it turns out that they displeased Putin.
And then Putin never really seizes any of the assets.
Putin's really just punishing people that didn't follow Lord Rothschild's orders.
And then every time you turn around, Lord Rothschild over in England, it'll be in the Financial Times and other papers, was the shadow owner.
It's like when J.P.
Morgan died.
Turn of the last century.
When he died, it turned out he was worth a couple million dollars.
They thought he was worth billions on paper, but it turned out he was really a Bank of England silent associate.
He was like a CEO of their American division.
He didn't own a fraction of it.
It's like everybody's freaking out over these UAE port deals due by Port World.
British already own that.
You know, I know a little bit about business because I've got family and people that are involved in consulting, consolidation, things of that nature.
It's never American money.
It's South African.
It's British.
It's Dutch.
It's German.
Every once in a while it's Middle Eastern or Japanese, Chinese.
And so, you know, that's the real world.
And you can't get...
Somebody who's got a Che Guevara tattoo on their arm, you can't get them to go back and understand they're part of a false revolution.
Any more than you're going to get somebody that's got a George W. tattoo on them.
I mean, people do have W. tattoos.
I've seen it at the pool.
W. stickers on their cars.
They think they're radical.
They think they're cool.
They're just idiots.
It's as big as an idiot who sticks a Bill Clinton or John Kerry sticker on their car.
I mean, John Kerry and George Bush totally staged the election.
Bill Clinton's, quote, a member of the family and vacations with the Bushes.
And yeah, it's true, they hung crack pipes on the Christmas tree at the White House and wore little linen pins around and made little jokes and had little, you know, male member images hanging on the Christmas trees.
Because these are...
They're sick people in that I'm not shocked by a crack pipe or by an image of the male member, sexual organ.
I'm shocked by full-grown adults being so repressed and so stayed and so weirded out.
I mean, they're perverted because they're into something that's a joke.
They get off on it.
Well, you've got to be a mental patient to be involved in spraying DU all over the planet.
You've got to be into weird stuff.
Man, they're all weird.
They're into devil worship.
A lot of them are.
A lot of them are just into a bunch of other weird stuff.
I mean, they're a bunch of fruitcakes.
Ronald Reagan, and I mean, he's nothing compared to some of these people.
He's pretty tame.
Went to Bohemian Grove and places, but did right.
Nixon wrote that he didn't like it.
Neither one of them liked it.
You can read what they said about it.
Can't really quote it on air.
You can even go listen to clips of it.
Harper's Magazine recorded.
But what color tie he wore the exact second that he would give a speech.
Nancy Reagan was told a biography of this.
When he walked to the stage, what day he did it, was all done in these incredibly complex calculations.
The astrologer many times would actually be there right behind the curtain making sure.
You'll see Reagan walk out, pause, somebody keep looking at his watch, and in the exact second he starts the speech.
I mean, that's crazy.
That's crazy.
I said I'd take your calls.
It's just you bring up these important questions.
And so, I mean, there's got to be something wrong with you when you don't have a conscience.
When I do something bad, when people persecute me and try to take advantage of me, I catch myself feeling bad when I've got to put my foot down on them.
The average person, though, out there who's involved in this evil, they have less and less conscience.
Until one day, the conscience is just gone.
They're seared.
They're blackened.
Their hearts are.
And they have no more real feeling.
Talking to psychopaths, interviewing psychopaths, interviewing top psychologists and psychiatrists who've studied this, the criminology, I've read into it quite a bit.
One of my areas of interest, they see a bright burning light
Well, you better hear about it.
I mean, what do you think a communist...
Soldier, when he takes a woman's year-old baby she's been hiding because she's had three kids and walks it outside and bashes its brains out right in front of her there and knocks her teeth out.
This is admitted.
Or when people go to a sports stadium and cheer as they kill some political dissident, shoot them or chop their heads off.
Or in China where little dead babies rot on street corners.
See, that's seared.
And the globalists know that they're searing us with the violence on television.
That's seared.
They're searing us with 24 where they torture children almost every other episode.
Where they torture just innocent people because that's what the good guys do.
See, you're being warped.
You're being brought into darkness.
You're being given the taste of their father, the devil.
And if you don't even believe in the devil, you might as well because their manifestation of those beliefs makes it real.
I believe in a real personal devil.
There is an evil force.
This universe is so complex.
There's thousands of dimensions.
All the things that have happened.
This planet is a huge spaceship, folks.
Flying around the sun.
But see, I don't even get into that stuff because that isn't something I even get into because you can debate it.
You can't debate they believe that, though.
You can't debate that the elite are a bunch of Satanists.
You understand that?
And so if David J. Smith thinks it's all communist running things, fine.
That's a big part of the New World Order.
That's a big part of their modus operandi.
And he'll say they're globalists, he'll say they're Illuminati, and he's waking people up.
So I'm not here to tell him, but then you ask me, am I orthodox?
Do I follow an exact orthodoxy?
I follow the truth.
I know the truth.
It set me free.
I'm not fighting communists.
I'm not fighting republicans.
I'm fighting seared communists.
Destroyed, malfunctioning slaves, husks, who have just been filled with just a dark energy.
They're zombies.
Our enemies are zombies.
And they hate us.
They hate the light.
They hate our energy.
They hate our power.
They're afraid of us.
You understand how much more powerful, awakened, enlightened, informed, dynamic people who are clear thinking and can see what's happening.
You know how scary we are to them?
I have seen George Bush look at me with fear.
Like I was a thousand-foot giant.
I've seen Janet Reno look at me with fear.
I've seen Hillary Clinton look at me with fear.
Congressmen and senators that are on the dark side look at me with fear.
They step aside.
Not because I'm big and powerful.
I'm just a little man.
But compared to them, little worms, I am a giant.
We're conquerors.
Do you understand that?
We're life force.
We're life.
We like life.
I like good things.
I like good food.
I like love.
I like passion.
I like beauty.
I love goodness.
I have a soft heart.
That's power.
Power isn't the power to strangle your puppy.
With the Greek military, one of my friends told me about it, and I went and researched it, it's true.
Greek military, you know, you have to keep a dog or a cat for a year, and at the end of it, you've got to strangle it.
That's not power.
Power is having the nerve and that peer pressure to say, no, I'm not going to do it.
Power is not going with the crowd.
Power is having a conscience, being tuned into God.
All right, we'll be right back.
We'll go to Kathy, Levi, Dave, Eric, and many others.
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I've got two big reports in the U.S.
and overseas where reporters are being arrested or being threatened with arrest for reporting on government corruption.
Just like the Soviet Union under Putin.
No, you reported bad on me, I'm going to arrest you.
We're like, oh, look how bad Putin is.
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All right, let's go to Kathy in Texas.
Kathy, go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
On Sunday night on Discovery Channel, Discovery Channel air Perfect Disaster, and it is significant because in January, the Weather Channel,
It could happen tomorrow, in which New York was hit by a massive hurricane and destroyed.
Dallas was hit by a F5 tornado and destroyed.
The narrator said it was not if, but when it would happen, and they intimated that those could happen in the next two years.
Also, in the commercial for this Sunday program coming up on Discovery Channel, it showed Dallas being hit by something.
And, of course, oil storm on FX had New Orleans being hit the exact same way and the very same, the real mayor and the real governor in the film.
And they like to drill all this.
For those that don't know, the government does have weather control and weather modification.
We've had the father of weather weapons on, the father of using them.
And, you know, he hasn't been involved in it in years.
He knows they can, quote, control hurricanes.
He's like, why don't they stop them?
And, yeah, and then destroy a few cities and, oh, we've got to have a global tax to fix global warming when a global tax has nothing to do with global warming.
So it's just mindlessness.
It gets everybody emotional.
I don't know what's going to happen.
I'm not going to say those cities are going to be destroyed.
But the sun is about to increase in brightness and by its radiated power by 50% in the next 11-year cycle.
NASA is saying, and if that's true, believe me, our cars are nothing compared to that.
And I just think it should be an interesting program to watch to see how it might kind of tie in with the others that they've aired, like you said.
No, I hear you.
I agree with you.
Anything else?
No, that was it.
Thank you for the call.
We're going to come back and go to Levi and Dave and Eric and others, but keep getting requests for us.
We're going to play a little piece called Dark Side.
We haven't aired in about four or five months.
When we come back out of this next break, can you grab that by then, John?
We're going to come out of break in the next segment and play...
Dark side.
Concerning the New World Order, and then we'll continue with your calls and get into all the news.
All right, wide open phones, continuing with the news and your calls, 800-259-9231.
Stay with us.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
You don't know the power of the dark side.
Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th.
The dark side.
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And that is a New World Order.
Out of these troubled times, our message is this.
The New World Order.
Man of Earth.
The Dark Side.
New World Order is run by absolute, ruthless individuals.
Obsessed, totals and foes.
Worldwide terror.
Call the new world war.
The dark side.
The danger to our country is growing.
The danger to our country is growing.
The danger to our country is growing.
The danger to our country is growing.
...how long it takes.
This is a larger campaign against anybody who hates the New World Order.
Attention, attention, attention.
American forces are here to help.
Remain calm.
We will not tolerate civil disobedience.
I didn't tell anyone.
I have no idea who you are.
Attention, attention, attention.
American forces are here to help.
Remain calm.
We will not tolerate civil disobedience.
Back live.
Let's go ahead and go to Levi in Colorado.
Levi, you're on the air.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Good, sir.
I like that song.
It almost sounds like it was made using Sonic Foundry, or I guess it's Sony now.
Sony Acid.
I didn't put it together.
Some listener emailed it to us.
We get a lot of that stuff.
I've actually got a couple songs I've made in Acid with sound samples of you in them.
It's great.
Oh, great.
Send them to us.
Yeah, once I get them finished, I probably will.
But you're actually a big inspiration to a lot of people, I think.
I know you don't like when people call up and slobber all over you, but you're a real big inspiration to a lot of people.
It's just funny how you accomplish that just by telling the truth.
It's not like you're doing anything really all that remarkable, but this day and age, it is remarkable.
I just...
Well, George Orwell said that in an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
Yeah, you actually inspired me to... I'm going to become a filmmaker.
I'm working on two films right now.
Stay there.
I've got a break.
I hear the music.
When we get back, we'll come right back to you, Levi, okay?
It's a toll-free number.
Lots of your calls and a ton of news straight ahead.
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Wide open phones on this live Friday edition.
We just cut Levi a little bit short from Colorado, so let's go back to Levi before we go to Dave, Eric, Stan, and others.
Levi, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, I just wanted to say, like I said, you're a big inspiration to a lot of people, and you actually inspired me to make a few films
One's going to be basically a documentary about the Mexican border and about the border crossings by the Mexican military.
We're going to interview that something Castillo, the third guy, the former DEA agent that's talking about Los Dados.
Yeah, yeah.
And so that's going to be the subject of the first one, just sort of the craziness on the Mexican border and the stuff you guys are dealing with down there
And the other one's going to actually be, it's going to be called Puppet Show, and it's going to be like actual puppets, kind of like Sesame Street, but it's going to be a film with sort of a parody of the sort of tyranny and the loss of civil liberties and the criminality and the sort of just ridiculousness of the...
That sounds really funny.
Send me a copy of it when you're done.
Yeah, that one, I mean, we've still got to, like, make everything, and that one's going to be kind of intensive, so I might finish the border one first.
Well, send it to me when you get it.
Levi, thanks for the call.
I'm going to move on.
Dave in California.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Dave.
Good morning, Alex.
I've got a couple things for you.
One, a couple months ago, I signed up for PrisonPlanet.tv, and it was the best money I ever spent.
That's a fact.
There's a lot of media on there, so I appreciate your support.
There certainly is.
And I like the anonymous surfer, too.
You don't mention that, but that's really cool.
I don't really worry about anonymity.
I probably got a file a mile high.
I don't care.
But for people that are concerned with it, the anonymous surfer is a really good thing.
And I have an issue here.
Have you heard about the Uniformity in Food Act?
Yes, they've got all sorts of new regulations coming in.
Tell the listeners about it.
Okay, I've jotted down a bunch of the high points.
Apparently it's been passed by the Congress, or the House, but not the Senate yet, although I'm not sure if it's supposed to be in the Senate right now.
And that's the one where they will take away your organic labeling.
Yeah, it deletes 50 states' milk safety laws.
It deletes 50 states' rules over restaurants, schools, nursing homes, and other food service establishments.
It removes 50 states' shelter safety standards.
It deletes two states' laws governing egg safety.
Well, that's because you can't have those under NAFTA and GATT.
I mean, all the time, companies and governments and locales aren't allowed to even have their own laws because, oh, it violates a treaty.
And then you read the treaty, it's all one way.
It's designed to deindustrialize us.
And they've also now passed, or about to fully pass, it's passed out of one house of the Congress, one side, and they're going to go right to Bush's desk if it passes the Senate.
And that is to where you can have 75% genetically engineered product in a food and still call it organic.
So, I mean, they're not even going to let us know what we're eating now.
And I just mentioned it last hour, they're going to really basically stop testing for mad cow disease in this country.
And they're buying up privately the radiation detectors at formerly governmental institutions, at universities and other areas, because the detectors are picking up high levels of radiation.
I mean, we're entering a hellish system, sir.
Yeah, we certainly are, but I've got to give you your props, man.
Keep doing good work.
You going to run for president?
Somebody called about that yesterday.
You know, you can't run for president until you're 35.
And I'm 32.
Yes, I'm only 32 years old.
I know I look older, but do this for 12 years, you will.
But to make a long story short, sir, I really...
I don't want to be a, quote, official or authority.
I'm a servant of the people right here, and we need to work more on the local area.
The federal's been totally taken down.
Yeah, I understand.
Hey, I appreciate your call, sir.
Good to hear from you there, Dave.
Eric is calling us from where, Eric?
Hey, Alex.
I'm in Skull and Bones country up in Connecticut.
Ah, yes.
Thanks for taking my call.
All right.
The thing that I ran...
Here's Bush.
He's in a fight with somebody who's basically kicking his tail.
And he wants to start a fight with a bigger and heavier-duty opponent.
And I'm just concerned that people need to really stop and think about any kind of false flag event that's going to happen in the not-too-distant future to rally the people behind an effort on Bush's part, because his numbers are in a toilet.
Well, explain to people what a false flag is.
Well, false flag operation, a classic example would be the USS Liberty back in 1968, where the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty and they wanted to pin the crime on the Egyptians.
Unfortunately, they were exposed.
A false flag operation is any kind of operation which points a false finger of blame to establish a scapegoat.
Yeah, and cops out there think of a false flag as having FBI agents pose as a drug dealer and busting people.
No, no, no, no.
That's only one variant.
A false flag is the British running false colors and then attacking a neutral ship.
They did this a few times.
And killing everyone on board and then getting that foreign country to then join the crown and say a war against Spain or France.
And false flag is a frame-up.
If I want somebody to go to prison...
And at the same time, I want to rob someone.
I'll go rob someone and then frame the person I don't like.
That's false flag.
Hey, Alex, I wanted to talk briefly about energy.
We don't have an energy problem.
We have a political problem.
I've had a secret clearance with the Department of Defense for some time, and I work at the local shipyard.
And some time ago, we were getting ready to sit down
And work on a system, basically, which would have rendered nuclear power obsolete.
It was known as the electric drive, without going into too many details.
Basically, it was an electromagnetic vorticity system, which would have created kinetic energy, and we could have tapped off of that.
And the old guard in the Pentagon got wind of it, and basically the whole thing dried up like heptane in August.
So, you know, and I called earlier another time about, you know, carburetors that can get 200 miles to the gallon.
Sir, General Motors mailed out magazines in the mid-70s with 100-mile carburetors.
So, I mean, yeah, of course they're suppressing massive technological developments.
But, I mean, just looking at what we can totally prove, there is enough oil off the coast of Louisiana to run this country forever.
They won't let them have it.
Alaska is just floating on oil.
We're good to go.
I think?
They need to control those countries to keep the oil from flowing.
Dumb neocon followers.
No, Alex, no oil's flowing out of Iraq.
Thought you said much more about oil.
Yes, they jack up the price of the oil by not letting that oil flow.
And we're swimming in oil, Alex.
One last thing.
It's a joke how much there is.
Oh, yeah.
One last thing about these TV shows.
I heard you talking about some of these TV shows, and I thought, well... Then I turn on the TV, and this new show called The Unit was...
Debut a few, I guess, last week.
And here's the commander.
They're ready to do this operation on a hijacked airliner.
And I'm thinking, well, we're the local and the state police, the people who really should be dealing with this.
What are they, at the local donut shop or something?
They've got all these military guys.
The guy, actually, the CO...
Comes right out and says we're suspending posse comitatus.
Alex, you could have knocked me over with a feather.
So when you talk about these shows, the Operation Mockingbird, and how these shows, a lot of these programs are designed basically to condition the American people to have a certain mindset, to adopt a certain philosophy, that is right on the money.
Well, I appreciate the call.
Take care.
You mentioned another false flag.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who was on with us,
Two days ago, Chief Economist, Department of Treasury for Ronald Reagan, icon of conservatism, he kept bringing up, well, Alex, what about what you say?
I agree with that.
They may stage a terror attack.
I mean, now he's going all the way now, see?
Here's a big editorial he wrote.
Here's another 9-1-1 in the works.
And later, if I have time, I'll read this article.
But he goes through that he thinks Bush will probably carry out a terror attack.
I mean, that's Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
Saying that now.
Because if you've got your head screwed on straight, you know what's going on.
Not all of Hollywood, not all of TV is bought and paid for and controlled, but a lot of it, large portions of it is.
And I call it propaganda placement.
I coined that term many years ago.
And you've all heard of product placement.
People don't watch commercials anymore because of the clicker.
The universal remote.
So now they've been forced to put most of the advertising into the programs themselves.
You all heard about how Bush spent $1.6 billion illegally, GAO, Government Accounting Office, said it was totally illegal.
Bush said, I'm above the law.
For fake newscasts and to pay off news reporters for certain angles.
Well, that was only part of it.
And yeah, I don't watch a lot of TV, but very little, but I do read the treatments or the synopses of TV shows.
Of most of the TV shows.
And most TV shows...
Say, we're getting rid of posse comitatus, martial law keeps you safe, we're going to have to torture children in front of their parents, that's good.
I thought Joseph Mingala did that.
But see, now, no, no, freedom means torturing children.
Freedoms means troops in black masks.
All these gladiatorial shows with the cops and the Texas SWAT and all that garbage conditions you that, number one, everybody they go after is always a criminal.
So see, we're all bad, they're good, all this force is good.
Meanwhile, the border's wide open.
And yeah, it's pure conditioning.
I remember long before 9-11, I went to the urban warfare drills and witnessed the military training to take our guns.
And they always said, there's going to be a terror attack and we're going to do this.
9-11 is only the dress rehearsal.
9-11 is only the pretext to line up their ducks to set up the dominoes.
The next mega event, which will make 9-11 look small, I predict, will be knocking the dominoes over.
Starting the dominoes falling.
And why do they want the tyranny?
Not to just invade a bunch of countries, but to have a draft to make your kids do it.
See, you talk about, well, if we're losing in Iraq, why does Bush want to go up against 65 million people instead of 20 million with more weapons?
Well, because we, if we're under the control of the globals, can whoop Iran if we're willing to lose 500,000 troops.
And believe me, a draft can supply those.
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This program is designed to imprison anyone whom the federal government deems an enemy of the state.
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Welcome back, folks.
Thanks for joining us for Genuine with wide open phones on this Friday.
No guests, just your calls in the news.
Let's go ahead and talk to Evan and Reno.
Evan, you're on the air.
Alex, good afternoon.
Go ahead, sir.
How you doing this afternoon?
I'm doing fine.
Good to hear you.
Hear you loud and clear.
I just called for a couple things.
All right.
One, a few weeks back, you put up an article from a blog, Police State High School.
I called you about it.
He actually put together a documentary that I think you should see.
It's called What is Fascism?
He used a little bit of clips from your stuff, but he totally...
Did an awesome job on it.
I think you would really like it.
I'll send a link to the Timps on it.
Yeah, send it to Timps at Infowars.com or send a link over to the MySpace account that we've set up.
I think it's MySpace forward slash Alex underscore Infowarrior.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, I said I already got you on my top eight.
Yeah, I'll send it there too, I guess.
The other thing was this clip from Boston Legal.
Of all shows.
I'll send you a link to this.
We played that yesterday.
Did you?
I must have missed it.
It's totally amazing.
I'm not mad at you, but do you have the radio on in the background?
Um... It really makes it hard to be able to talk to you guys and understand you, and it really causes a problem.
It must be my headphones there on, like the...
Internet stream's on on the other end.
Oh, okay, okay.
I just heard the show.
Um, we've, uh, just an update on MySpace.
We've, uh, there's been a lot of, uh, bulletin problems in the last couple days.
Like, um, we've maybe come up with some ideas.
It might be, uh, people's, uh, token IDs might be tagged.
Like, usually when you repost a bulletin, you'll leave other people's names on it.
And that might be causing problems.
Like, certain names might be flagged or certain IDs might be flagged.
Yeah, for those who don't know, we're testing the reported censorship of MySpace.
MySpace admits that they have computer programs that censor things critical of Murdoch and that they are out there censoring, but now so many people are criticizing.
I think they may be backing off, at least for now, but we've caught them just this week deleting different 9-11 forums and other groups.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Let's talk to Lance in Ohio, or Lane, excuse me, Lane in Ohio.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, I got a couple questions.
On Wednesday, you had a show, and I didn't catch the whole thing, but I caught the end of it, and you had to finish off with the songs from a local band that you had in Austin that's playing anti-New World War stuff.
Yes, sir.
What's your question?
Basically, I didn't catch the whole show, so I was kind of wondering what their name was, and if there's any way to... It's Cruiserweight.
Like the boxing clash of fighter.
And just, I think if you type that into a search engine, it'll pop up for you.
I was looking through the Power Hour this morning, and they were making mention that something about in order for countries to purchase oil in the Arab states, they have to pay 40% of it in the euro.
So, another point.
Have you heard anything about that?
Yes, they are moving to a euro...
All right.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate the call.
Who's up next after Lane?
You're on the air.
Lewis in Texas.
Welcome, Lewis.
Good to see you, Alex.
How you doing?
Good, sir.
Good, good.
Listen, I'm calling to kind of expose some judicial tyranny in the wonderful state of Texas here.
Oh, really?
I don't believe that.
Oh, well, we've got just such a wonderful, illustrious government.
Are you familiar with the Homestead Act?
Article 16, Section 50 is protection of the homestead as a state.
Well, I had a judge...
Lee G. Alworth of the 221st Judicial District Court, Montgomery County, Conroe, Texas, divests me of my right, title, and interest in a homestead.
Yeah, they do that all the time.
Doesn't matter what the state law says.
They just say, law, one law.
They do what Bush does every day.
Notify all the governor, congressman, attorney general, state commission, senator...
Well, you have to appeal that.
You have to go above him.
What do you mean he went all the way?
So he's the highest judge?
He's on the Supreme Court?
Stay there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't worry.
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And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire.
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Going back...
To Lewis in Texas.
Lewis, for those that don't know what homestead is, that's where for taxes, we got a state law passed many, many decades ago, and it's pretty much common law around the nation, that you can't take somebody's house if they file the homestead exemption.
But the government's such liars that about eight years ago on videotape of the county commissioner's court, I confronted the county tax assessor at the time, Nelda Wells Spears, I think she still is,
And I said, why do you take people's houses?
We'd just gone out and interviewed a bunch of poor people and others and middle class and elderly women, little two-bedroom houses, three-bedroom, whatever.
And you didn't pay property taxes for a year, couldn't pay it, had a heart attack, whatever.
They come drag you out and throw your goods out on the front of the street, steal your house.
She said, we don't take people's houses.
Then I cut to her and others a month before on the steps of the courthouse.
Auctioning people's houses off of people crying, saying, don't buy my house.
Mainly old women.
They love it.
They love attacking those widows.
This is what they do.
You don't own your house, just understand it.
And it doesn't matter what state and federal law and common law says about Homestead.
These crooks, they don't follow the law anymore.
That's why I always tell all these patriot lawyers and people like that, I'm sure it's better to know the law and to fight and stand up and just be totally gullible.
And they even had national studies.
I saw one on Fox News last year where they even admitted that pro se litigants have a higher success rate than barred lawyers.
Lawyers who are members of the bar.
Accredited, licensed lawyers.
Not just past the bar, members of it.
And that's the facts.
Because most of those guys are just there to milk you and make you lose because they're part of a club.
And I'm sorry to have to tell you that.
I mean, this is a criminal world.
This is a criminal world.
You don't have a real lawyer unless it's a family friend.
And even then, it's hard for them to do the right thing.
Or if it's somebody who is employed by your firm and your firm only who you use.
If you don't do that, you better just learn the law yourself.
And then most lawyers are dumb as dirt as well.
They're just lazy jokes.
And frankly, a lot of people I know know more law than these people do.
Most lawyers don't even know the Bill of Rights or Constitution.
They just practice some little special area of litigation for this or litigation for that.
And, yeah, they do it all the time.
They do it all the time.
But going back to Lewis.
Lewis, go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I have a newspaper article, a Cleveland Advocate.
Wednesday, March 18, 1998.
This is what happens when you petition government for redress of grievance.
Area man jailed for threatening letter to judge.
When I petitioned for redress of grievance, they tried to charge me with a...
Well, yeah, judges all the time.
If you threaten them with impeachment or threaten judicial review, which is your right... Sir, I don't doubt you.
I mean, we've seen articles...
They sold the property and put the money in their pockets, Bill.
They had a receiver sell the property without my consent and put the money in their pockets.
I understand, sir.
Yeah, it might be a $100,000 house and it's $5,000 in taxes and they keep it all.
I understand the crookedness.
I'm just picking an example out of a barrel.
Because I said in one of my films, Police State 3 Total Enslavement, the fellow was in a wheelchair, a veteran, no criminal record,
And they wanted his 44 acres up in Wisconsin for a prime development zone.
Instead of buying it from him, he wouldn't sell it for less than best value or even tax value.
They wanted to give him below that.
And it was one of the big politicians' brothers that was trying to force him to sell it.
Well, he sued them over that.
Just a mainstream lawsuit.
They arrested him and gave him five years in prison.
And it was a state case.
The Attorney General of the state came in and said, we're asking for life in prison.
We're good to go.
Yes, I think so.
I even put a banner on my van and went down to the courthouse, you know, stipulating what this judge had done, where when the people started questioning, they come up and arrested me for freedom of speech, exposing public record.
You see what I'm saying?
How do you find justice in a country where you have no justice?
Sir, I know, but listen, here's the good news.
Let me give you the good news.
They got big and fat, man.
They're hungry.
They're eating a lot of people now.
They're not just gobbling on you, and they're making a lot of people mad.
And, you know, there's cops rolling their eyes, and it's going to happen to their cousin, it's going to happen to their daughter, it's going to happen to them and their old man.
And see, there's all these people in the system now that are hearing you, and they're going, that happened to my neighbor.
They're telling the truth.
Yeah, how do they?
And then they're going to go look at the homestead law and go, how do judges do that without there being a law?
They're going to go, wait a minute.
The Supreme Court just said of a private interest wants your land.
You know, back under the feudal system in England, if some lord or even one of his viceroys or minions or designates wanted your land, they'd just take it.
No questions asked.
See, we're going back under that again, and I appreciate your call.
And I know you want to expose it.
You want to show the evil.
You want to point it out.
But here's the good news.
All these smiley-faced yuppies, they're going to get to pay $3,000 to $5,000 a year, depending on how much they drive.
The minimum, $3,000.
Business travelers, $5,000 to drive.
We're going to get to pay global taxes.
We're going to get to live like slaves, brother.
We're going to get to get forced on drugs and forced into wars and conscription.
And all these people are going to get to enjoy being slaves.
Just the outrage, the sorrow, the disheveled nature politically of being divested of freedom, getting to be shoved around, getting to go into captivity.
And so many people that got fat off the system, they're going to be cut off too.
So the once free, proud nation, the United States of America,
Now to be a citadel of evil, a keep of darkness, a fortress of wickedness that issues forth radiation and genetic engineering and death and war and slaughter.
And we all drink from the cup.
Hey, I kind of commend Dick Cheney and George Bush and Bill Clinton and all of them.
And Lord Rothschild and Lord Rockefeller and all of them.
Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth, Saxo Bergothis.
That's power when their own subjects don't even know their name.
Subjects don't even know our names.
Just tell them we're Windsor.
That'll work.
They all breathe the DU, too.
They live here, too.
So you can't say they're not supping from their own cup of death.
But they know.
See, they love death.
And so that's what's happening.
So enjoy, police officers who serve the system.
Just roll down the window right now and just...
There's nothing like, do you?
Oh, man.
And again, when you're retching, dying in incredible pain, dying of lung cancer, with me and others, let's just all thank them.
Just thank the system.
Take your badge and kiss on it while you're dying.
Could have had all those decades of life and enjoyment ahead of you, but you rolled your eyes, you loved your W, you loved Bill Clinton.
You love the lies.
You love your liberalness.
You love your conservativeness.
You love your phony, false paradigm.
You didn't want to wake up from it.
So don't!
Enjoy it!
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Susan in Omaha, Nebraska, and then John and others.
Hi there, Alex.
I want you to know how much I appreciate what you're doing.
And never stop, okay?
I'll try not to.
Well, thank you.
Moving right along, I wanted you to comment on the move of the Senate yesterday that voted to triple the public debt up to just shy of $9 trillion.
And, you know, I cannot understand how even one senator could have cast a vote.
Well, the obligation is officially $87 trillion, and that number is about a year old.
What we currently owe on the note, again, it's like you owe on a car for five years, and this week, this month, you owe $400.
But on the total note of the car, you owe $30,000.
So this week, this month, we owe currently, that we're in arrears, the $9 trillion.
But we really owe $87 trillion.
And to give you an idea of how much money that is, we're all a couple hundred thousand dollars in debt.
And again, that's all fiat made in zeros and ones.
The banking system set it up, designed where it's impossible to not have, on average, people go into debt.
And that's why we now have a lower debt versus savings ratio than at the bottom of the Depression in mid-year 1933.
So we are in greater debt.
Net, we are a debtor nation.
And how does that impact our economic standing in the world, let's say, compared to China, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, France, etc.?
Well, we are...
We are the greatest debtor nation.
We've gone since 1982 as the greatest creditor nation and the greatest manufacturing nation to the most de-industrialized, hollowed-out husk, and now our entire infrastructure, with the dollars all these foreign countries own, they're dumping their dollars back in the U.S.
right now, just worthless zeros and ones.
They're dumping them back to buy the entire infrastructure, water, water treatment, power, roads, government hospitals.
So, what I heard was,
You know, our children and our grandchildren will be in debt.
Well, it's a false debt, okay?
I mean, if a loan shark gives you 500% interest on a daily basis, it isn't real.
Especially if it's funny money they got out of a Cracker Jack box.
The Federal Reserve System is designed to consolidate wealth, destroy free market, and destroy America.
Okay, I appreciate your comment on that.
I appreciate you bringing it up.
You bet.
Yeah, I've got the...
Thank you for the call.
I'm not trying to be negative here.
When they do it to you, you understand they've systematically changed all the laws.
You don't own your pension funds.
And they're taking the money out of them right now.
See, it's a Ponzi scheme.
And it's designed to blow.
But it's not just a Ponzi scheme where the crooks run off with the money.
It's a Ponzi scheme where everybody goes belly up and they consolidate everything.
Then they offer you the new surveillance police state economy.
Okay, you want a job instead of it being like with Roosevelt where you go build dams or bridges or whatever and make work in work camps, which is bad enough with the profits going to big money corporations.
Now you just go in the military.
You go into Homeland Security.
You go into prisons.
They're taking us for everything we are.
They're taking us all the way.
You want to live in a big, giant concentration camp?
That's what America will be with all this RFID and these cameras and the rest of it and forced drugging.
It's an insane asylum.
You understand the president is signing bills that no one passed now?
Stealing billions of dollars to give to his cronies.
You didn't pass my bill, I'll just sign it.
Oh, you're not going to pass my law?
I'll just enforce it.
You say it's illegal I'm doing this?
Well, I'll just do it because I'm above the law.
Everybody knows it's the 11th hour.
But most of them are too busy running back to their liberals to save them or running back to their conservatives to save them when they're all bought off and paid for.
John in Ohio, you're on the air.
Yes, I agree with what you just said, but I think that since there won't be much time, if you're going to make a comment about, or anybody makes a comment about an ideology or an organization, they should go to primary sources.
They should go to the horse's mouth.
They should check, for instance, if they want to know what socialist remarks to say.
Okay, John, I'm not going to waste my time with you.
I've given you many times to repeat this over and over again.
You call once a month saying this.
Let me just tell you something right now.
Our government funded Lenin.
The Rockefellers funded Stalin.
They propped up communism as a false bipolar political world system to build up a police state here domestically.
Knock it off.
I mean, John, are you denying it?
I am denying it, yes, absolutely.
This is the kind of nonsense that the John Furch Society, the neocons, the Nazis have fabricated.
Hey, John, the Nazis were national socialists.
Hey, John, did you know China, admittedly, I can go to the official Chinese communist newspapers, they have 24 mobile execution vans in one city, buddy.
They bash little babies' brains out.
They get UN awards from US corporations for their policies.
Do you deny it?
You are on the side of the neocons.
You are on the side of the military.
You've got a religion.
You've got a religion of worshipping the commies.
Our government loves China.
They give them all the nukes and give them all the jobs and give them everything.
Don't worry.
Your commies are going to win, John.
Go ahead!
The whole PNAC plan is to bring us into war with China.
That is why they're making war against Iraq and Iran.
To have a boot on that spigot to ultimately prevent any country, especially a rising economic country like China, from having access to it.
Do you deny that China kills babies?
You know, I imagine...
Possibly, but I believe that there's much fabrication.
The kind of propaganda you're pushing was brought into this country by the Nazis, into the CIA, into Radio Free Europe, and it infiltrated the John Burke Society.
Sir, sir, sir, sir.
I've had family that's been in Eastern European countries.
Please don't tell me that the commies were wonderful.
I mean, you've got to be kidding.
Oh, but I know it was to beat the evil capitalists.
They had to be evil.
Do you deny that Lenin was funded by the British?
Absolutely a lie.
That's the Nazi propaganda.
The kind of Ukrainian fabrications were cocted by the Nazis.
Check rationalrevolution.net.
That kind of Nazi propaganda... Check what the commies say?
Check what the Nazis say.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you support Fidel Castro's Minister of Sports at that game there in Puerto Rico, trying to tell that guy he couldn't have a sign saying, Down with Fidel?
It's probably a CIA agent.
You know how these things operate.
He's got free speech, buddy!
I don't care!
I don't care!
You know what?
The countries that attacked Cuba, such as the United States, have killed hundreds of thousands of people throughout Latin America.
None of that goes on in Cuba.
Cuba has been one of the leading forces against the New World Order long before you were even talking about it.
We're going to be led into another...
I disagree with you.
I disagree with you, John, and I appreciate your call.
I'll comment on it when we get back.
Have that debate about once a month.
Well, he got mad.
It's like I was telling him.
It's like telling a Christian that Jesus is bad.
I mean, boy.
There's no helping us with people like that.
They just cannot get it.
They will not get it.
Oh, please.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Alex Jones here.
Hello, my friends.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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Hello, folks.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
George Darwell, Eric Blair was his real name, grew up in India, became one of the imperial policemen, carried out executions, you name it.
Then he became an anti-imperialist, went and joined the communists, was shot in the neck, fought against the Franco-fascists in Spain.
And then you read in the book he wrote about that, how the communists were always killing each other and backstabbing, and just a pack of criminals...
And then he went and worked for the BBC in propaganda against Hitler and found out that they were basically funding Hitler and really had engineered the whole thing.
So he wrote in 1984 describing what a communist dictatorship would be like.
And when you sit there and you try to explain to people that let's say you live in a little village in between two major countries in Yar.
This is hypothetical.
And both those countries were evil.
You see, well, no, you're going to pick one that you're going to try to join with and claim the other's evil.
Just because I'm against attacking China doesn't mean that China's good.
But see, oh, we have to shut down the free speech of the person with a sign saying, down with Fidel, because it's evil CIA.
But then, meanwhile, George Bush is trying to shut down signs, criticizing him.
Oh, but that's bad.
And that's how they got men, young men, special forces men, to go carry out bombings all over Europe to blame it on communists.
Men, you know the communists are killing millions of people.
We've got to do this to stop them from bringing down Italy.
If they bring it down, they'll kill millions.
You'll kill a few hundred to save a few millions.
And they told communists that.
We're going to do this to blame it on our enemy.
And then basically the globalists are running both sides like hand puppets.
And really the exercise is conditioning people to be evil.
We've got to torture people's children to get answers or they'll hit us with the anthrax.
White House lawyers say it.
24 says it.
You see, we're all being conditioned.
And it's true that the Bushes funded Hitler.
And we're involved with him and worked for him.
That's admitted.
Declassified public.
In my film, Order of Death.
In my film, Martial Law.
They both get into it a little bit.
Martial Law more than Order of Death.
And we proved that.
And we proved that then they went as U.S.
Ambassador to China with Kissinger and opened it up and that David Rockefeller has funded communists in this country.
That's a fact.
Not propaganda, brother.
I've done the original deep research.
Then they go in and they open up China and the big corporations, who are not free market, make a mercantile deal to get China and its brass, its military, to de-industrialize the U.S.
And now they're going to have another fake fight with China like they had with the former Soviets, while the Pentagon really picks off the third world countries that can't defend themselves.
You know, the U.N.
was founded by the military-industrial complex.
Founded at the Presidio.
By communists.
With the Pentagon's approval.
Now, do you think those are real communists?
Do you think that even really exists?
Your little commie icons are government agents.
It's what Terrell Quigley, the head of Georgetown's political science department, Bill Clinton's mentor, who he thanked in his first State of the Union address, the man that shaped him, wrote a 900-page book saying, We control the communists!
We control the capitalists!
We control America!
We control Russia!
We stage it!
And he said, my only disagreement with the globalists, who I'm part of, is that we haven't gone public.
I think we can go public.
And now they have gone public.
And you're so set in your ways with your little commie friends down at the coffee shop, thinking you're trendy, that you can't get it.
Hey, man, every time I see a pack of communists, you're telling me how I should turn my gun in!
Oh, yeah, the government's tyrannical and evil.
Here, let me turn my guns in.
You make me sick.
Just like neocons make me sick, and you call me a neocon.
Just keep wallowing in your false paradigm.
You're just like the Bush followers.
You're just like all the dumb liberals.
There's no helping you.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Continuing with wide-open phones.
You, the listeners, bringing up all sorts of important issues and topics in the page.
If you disagree with me, you go to the head of the line.
John disagreed.
I don't believe he told the person answering the phone that or he would have gone to the head of the line.
Unlike Fidel Castro, I don't try to stop people who disagree with me.
I think there's four or five people that are banned from this show or categorized as stalkers.
We're good to go.
New Orleans admits to Second Amendment Foundation attorneys that they have seized guns.
First they announced it and did it, then tried to deny it, and now they admit it.
Big stockpiles of them.
So we'll get into some of that.
Also, Paul Craig Roberts wrote a big piece about, you know, Will Bush carry out another 9-11.
But right now,
Let me just go ahead and go back to your calls.
And then later I'm going to continue talking about the subject of communism.
I guess the long and short of it is this.
Big corporations lobby governments to actually raise taxes so that there can be increased amounts of monies to be paid in corporate welfare and corporate largesse, crony capitalism.
To them.
They are the chief lobbyists for big government and what you call socialism.
Socialism is fleecing the middle class and the working class and paying it into elite coffers.
And that's why the big corporations fund socialism and communism.
And you can't tell somebody like John that because his very handlers that have been brainwashing him for 30, 40 years are on the payroll.
So have fun, Bubba.
Big government is for the elite, not for the people.
Figure it out.
You can't have tyranny without a big government.
And tyranny and big government is just a mechanism of the elite.
Let's go to John in New York and James Drew and others.
Go ahead, John.
That guy is... He must have his finger in a light socket or something all the time.
I call about two things that I saw creepers go across the bottom of the TV when I was watching the news.
And in both cases, I saw no mention in the newspaper or in any other type of media.
Sure, what is it?
The first one was that 90...
F-16s had been moved to the Middle East, and now that thing happened about... A month ago.
Yeah, I was going to say six, eight weeks ago.
That's true.
Ships full of Marines.
They're beefing the troops from 140,000 to 180,000 in Iraq, right in the Basra area for an invasion of the western area.
The second thing I saw happen last night, and again I looked this morning and listened to the news and saw nothing, was that the...
Defense Department has given Lockheed Martin half a billion dollars to set up a database for the FBI.
Yes, I saw that.
Lots of databases on citizens.
And I have countless examples of funding for the boys over in Russia.
I'd love to give them if you've got time.
Yeah, sure, go ahead.
Well, Jacob Schiff gave Trotsky $25 million to go and join Lenin.
That was back before the revolution.
The second thing I would offer is that President Roosevelt recognized the Soviet Union as a legitimate country, and therefore they were eligible for international loans.
The Russians, after World War II, gave all the munitions that they captured from the Japanese to Mao Zedong,
And George C. Marshall bragged about disarming the Nationalists by not letting the weapons that the Nationalists had paid for get delivered.
Stay there.
And then I saw the CIA Section Chief on History Channel about five years ago admit all that and I fell out of my chair.
Stay there.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Okay, we had a caller at the end of the last hour.
John from Ohio.
Calls for chain link.
And he's got the blind spot, just like conservatives.
You tell them Bush is anti-gun, pro-open border.
They go, no he isn't, it's law, law.
Call me law, call me law.
And I started telling John that his holy grail was a fraud, and that big banks in London and the U.S.
openly funded the Soviets, and that the big, rich elite, I mean, there are a whole bunch of industrialists and robber barons who wrote books saying they liked communism.
I mean, what is he talking about?
And then they form that into a false bipolar debate of fascism versus socialism when both of them are command and control.
Again, big corporations, 44 of the 100 biggest economies.
We'll go back to John in New York in a second.
He was countering John from Ohio eloquently.
And you know what, John?
I don't want to just sit here and attack you.
If we've got any open phones, since this is continuing now, call back in.
If you haven't had a stroke in anger...
You're welcome to call back in.
Or anybody else that wants to defend communism and thinks it's trendy because the iron fist and the red flags are so cool.
But big corporations openly, and I've seen it.
I know what their foundations do.
I've read the Carnegie Endowment minutes.
I mean, this is what goes on.
This is not my opinion.
This is what I do.
They lobby for socialization.
They lobby to take more of our money, more of our tax money.
And look at how the tax structure is set up, where when you make over about $2 million a year, you drop into about a 25% tax bracket.
But if you're making $300,000, $400,000, $500,000, I mean real middle class, you're hiring people, you're spending money, you're the perfect type of person for the economy.
Most of your money you spend on consuming and on developing.
And on hiring.
Small businesses.
You're in the highest tax bracket of 40%.
And you get hit by all these other taxes.
That's how this is set up.
And, I mean, I sat there on the History Channel.
They were so proud of it.
And I watched the CIA Section Chief from 1949 to 1951 say, we were always for Mao.
We helped getting the weapons.
We didn't want the Nationalists to have it.
We thought they would be more stable.
And now this is declassified, and I can tell you.
It was like some 85-year-old man.
I forget his name.
I could go look it up.
And I'd already read that.
I'd already read U.S.
government documents.
These are official.
I already knew what the caller mentioned about Marshall and others.
And Mao, I mean, the official Chinese party, admits that 60 million, I'd always say 50 million, died in the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward.
And, you know, that's serious.
I mean, you can type in public execution China in the search engine and you'll see stuff I can't even mention on air.
I mean, I have family who's worked in China.
I know people who are there right now.
We have listeners there.
Man, they have sports stadium executions every week.
They have mobile execution vans.
They do kill babies.
They do get UN awards for it, for killing already born babies.
They do have forced abortion.
Oh, I know, liberty of the state to rip babies out of wombs.
And the globalists love it.
They love it.
They fund dictators.
They fund thugs.
They prop them up in the Middle East.
They prop them up in Germany.
They prop them up.
They give a billion bucks to Ho Chi Minh.
They stage that thing.
And people just can't get that.
They can't get that the globalists want to lose in Iraq.
At least, for what they claim they want to do.
Get the water on.
Get the power on.
Get out of there in six months.
We promise troops you'll be home in time for Christmas.
We swear...
Official PNAC documents.
Which don't shoot your mouth off to me, John from Ohio.
I've read them.
I've read thousands of pages of it.
I'm not going to a birthday party tonight of family.
I'm going to be here at one in the morning.
Working on just that.
It makes it sick.
Makes me sick.
And they say, we want to be there for decades.
We want the long war.
We want civil war and a total breakdown as a pretext to stay.
They say it.
Israel's battle plan said it, advising the U.S.
It's public.
Do the defense contractors make more money if we're there 20 years or if we're there a year?
Come on, you know the answer.
You don't need to be told the answer.
Now, I want you to be able to restate, John, in New York, what you were saying, the facts.
I remember David Rockefeller, when Mao died, it's in my book, in the New York Times, saying he was an incredible person, did a great job, a great stabilizing factor, same thing the CIA section chief said.
He's so wonderful, blah, blah, blah, because Rockefeller got to go in there with all his dibs on the first big companies that were set up there.
They loved slavery, as Carol Quigley said.
He believed in it.
He was one of their top strategists.
He said it.
I mean, they say it.
Source documents say it.
Don't give me your, oh, you're a Nazi neocon.
How dare you, John, from Ohio, who we've got back on the line, going back to in a few minutes.
How dare you indict me?
How dare you lie about me?
How dare you use slogans?
Your little fallback on the little commie slogans they taught you in the 60s on the university when you were being CIA controlled.
You fool!
Now go back to John in New York, then we'll go back to the Commissar.
With regard to the Vietnam War, the only seaport in North Vietnam was never bombed until Richard Nixon's second term.
So all the munitions and all the anti-aircraft missiles and artillery that went in there shot down all those planes.
They can weigh all that right on the rules of engagement that came out of the Pentagon.
But there's three quotes I'd like, real short quotes.
More facts.
Now, I want you to go back for stations that don't carry that first five-minute segment, which they should, but it's okay if they don't.
Repeat what you said when you first got on, because it's all true.
First of all, Lenin was smuggled through Germany in a railroad car with a lot of money from the bankers, and at the same time, Trotsky was sent by ship
And he was funded by Jacob Schiff, a banker out of New York City, with $25 million.
And everybody knows the British were against their cousins.
The king and the czar were identical.
You couldn't tell them apart.
That was the incredible crossbreeding within the same family.
Both hemophiliacs, both complete lunatics.
And they openly were trying to knock off their cousins.
Sorry, go ahead.
And then President Roosevelt, around 1933...
I recognize the Soviet Union as a legitimate country and therefore made them eligible for international loans, so that bailed out communist Russia.
And throughout the entire first half of the 20th century... He was Uncle Joe!
That's right, during World War II!
Saturday evening post images of him with a child on his lap.
Give me a break.
We saved Russia from total defeat and collapse as a country during World War II.
Murdering, bank robbing thug.
In the book you're talking about, Tragedy and Hope by Carol Quigley, absolutely.
I mean, he's giggling and snickering.
Quigley is how they run everything.
Yeah, he thought it was a good idea.
He thought it was a good idea.
But Lenin said, give me your children for one generation and I'll have your country.
Look what's happening to our kids today.
Stalin said it matters not how the people vote, only who counts the votes.
And that goes right along with all this electronic voting they're trying to put in.
And the last one is by Mao, he said, political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.
And that's why I've never given mine up.
Well, I mean, I read the People's Daily every week.
And, I mean, it's just unbelievable.
They won't even, and our corporations all love it.
Oh, it's just, you can't even imagine.
It is so amazing.
One other thing I just thought of, during the Vietnam War, we actually increased trade with the Eastern Bloc Soviet countries at the same time the Vietnam War was going on.
That's where the munitions were coming from, and going by ship into Haiphong Harbor, which we never bombed.
Geez, isn't that interesting?
Oh, it's all Nazi lies, all Nazi lies.
Here, John, would you like to talk to John from Ohio?
I don't know if I can keep my temper.
No, no, go ahead.
You guys control yourselves.
I've already been called a Nazi and a bunch of... And we should take signs away from people that criticize Fidel here in America, because that's freedom.
So you are now known as Kamazaria, John, from Ohio.
Political officer, go ahead.
Well, you know, if you want to put words in my mouth, a name called... No, you said you were defending people trying to stop free speech in America.
Well, you're doing it right now.
But all I'm saying is that if we want to get an actual opinion of somebody, we should hear from the primary source.
Not the enemies, not the fabricators, not the forgers of Marxism or Socialism.
I don't belong to any party, and I don't consider myself trendy.
I'm desperately concerned with pushing many of the ideas that you're very concerned about.
The 9-11 conspiracy, complicity by the government, the police state measures.
You're absolutely right about the civil war that they're deliberately inciting through Asian provocateurs in Iraq.
Well, let me explain something to you.
If we were a bunch of honeybees, socialism and communism would work.
That's not human nature.
Well, I'm not even talking about whether it would work or not.
I'm just talking about getting accurate information about what they are,
And where they came from.
And I think WSWS.org is one, Workers.org is another.
They don't even agree with each other, but they are at least primary Marxist sources.
Rather than going for the liars, the enemies of socialism, the Soviet Union, the CIA.
And the leftover Nazi fabrications and forgeries that were brought in.
So George Orwell lied, too.
He was a British intelligence agent, so I don't agree with everything that he said, either.
Oh, come on.
He got shot over there.
Can I get in?
Sure, go ahead.
Well, the things that he's talking about and that you mentioned earlier, the progressive income tax, which clobbers the middle class and the poor people, that's right out of Karl Marx.
The privately owned central bank... Yeah, stay there, stay there.
Public education.
Privately owned central bank.
Income tax.
It's the banker 1913 plan.
And they got it in 1970, 1918 in Russia.
It's the banker plan!
Go read the Communist Manifesto and then look at America today.
Coup de Grace.
You just hit it out of the park.
You just hit a long home run, baby.
Just deep-sixed you again, John from Ohio.
Stay there, both of you.
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That toll-free number again, 1-877-928-8822.
I got a lot of other news I want to cover.
I'm going to give the other callers a chance.
But gentlemen, let's go back to John in New York real quick.
Yeah, I mean, really, if you read the Communist Manifesto, in fact, I've got a copy.
Somewhere in here.
If you read the Communist Manifesto, it's exactly what the bankers are implementing, and it's exactly what helps the bankers consolidate and put us all back on the plantation.
Go ahead and continue commenting, John, in New York.
There's ten planks that are listed in the center of the book that I have that list the things like the Federal Reserve and the education and elimination of private property and progressive income tax.
And if you look at what's happening today with the Republican-controlled Congress and George Bush, it's like it's their playbook.
Number two, heavy progressive income tax, abolition of all rights of inheritance, confiscation of property of all immigrants and rebels, that's anybody that doesn't worship the government, enemy combatants.
Five, a central bank.
Six, government control of communications and transportation.
I'm like blaspheming the Bible right now, John.
Seven, government ownership of factories and agriculture.
Now that's global corporations, their government.
Government control of labor.
Global corporations are getting governmental power.
Corporate farms, regional planning, exactly what we're under.
Ten, governmental control of education.
Exactly what the bankers lobby for.
The corporations control it.
And John in Ohio just can't get it when it's one inch in front of his face.
It isn't a commie program, John.
You're right, it's not communism.
It's bankerism.
You are a servant of the bankers.
Yes, John, go ahead.
David Rockefeller was one of the major stockholders in the Federal Reserve, along with some of the other big bankers from Europe.
Yeah, but let me get a comment from John there in Ohio.
Yeah, what I wanted to say is that, you know, we're fighting for our lives here, and the ideology, the mother's milk, the whole pretext of the neocons, the military-industrial complex,
We're good to go.
He wants the New World Order, and he wants to put the people in the camps that don't agree with the war.
It's all the little commies taking over, but they're not commies anymore.
Go ahead, John.
They never were communists.
They were obviously agents, provocateurs.
But you don't deny they were the head of the Communist Fourth International.
They are absolutely the opposite of anything the Fourth International, Trotskyists, Marxists.
It's their sons.
It's all their little boys.
They came out of the military-industrial complex, vicious anti-communism.
They were the ones that were peddling all of the Iran-Contra stuff during the Reagan war on people in Nicaragua and Central America.
Sir, liberal publications admit that the entire neocon gaggle are a bunch of Trotskyites.
They were agents.
They were agents.
They were police agents.
They were not Trotskyists then or ever.
And furthermore, you know, you never mention the fact that the 14 capitalist countries immediately, including the United States and England, invaded the Soviet Union at various points around their country to support the whites.
You know, this crazy John Birch Society, David K. Smith thing that puts a populist cover on the global military-industrial...
Thank you, John.
Thank you, John.
Yeah, sure.
I read the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation minutes, Carnegie Endowment minutes, and Carol Quigley's book about it, who's one of their chief strategists, and the Trilateral Commission, and Brzezina Brzezinski, and David Rockefeller, and the New York Times saying it.
And the head of the CIA for the section chief saying it, and
John New York, in closing, I've got to break and go to other calls, but you're not going to wake him up, are you?
Thank you very much.
There's no waking him up, is there, John?
I don't think so.
God, all these historical facts, you can't deny them.
I mean, we were not allowed to win the Vietnam War.
We were not allowed to win the Korean War.
Now we're in another mess, and they want to take us into another mess.
It's not ending.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, right here, a summary of the Communist Manifesto.
Okay, now this is the ten planks from the official Communist Manifesto.
Okay, now I'm sure John will say this is Nazi propaganda.
This is what Karl Marx and Engels wrote.
Abolition of private property, and I would just add in the hands of the general public, only in the hands of the elite.
Number two, heavy progressive income tax.
Now, the bankers got it passed here in 1913, started the revolution at the same time over in Russia.
I mean, what are you talking about?
Corporate farms, regional planning, what do we have now?
Government control of education.
Government control of labor, labor department, all of that.
Government ownership of factories, agriculture.
I mean, it's all right here.
I mean, it's a nightmare.
That's not freedom, that's what your commies say!
Your commie!
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's www.sfrcorp.com or call 888-USE-SFR1.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we got diverted off by the apologists for the communists for the last 30 minutes.
But it's an important discussion to have.
Because Jones is stubborn as a fence post, and you're not going to change him.
Not in a hundred years.
You'll disregard any evidence that doesn't point towards the false paradigm that he believes in.
But really, I indict communism on what it calls for.
A central bank.
That's what the globalists want.
The big international bankers that funded it.
They didn't want another corrupt elite.
I'm not defending Mazarist.
White Russia.
Nothing to do with white people, folks.
That's what they were called.
And I'm not defending them, either.
But this system, this system is very, very corrupt.
I mean, an income tax, abolition of private property, central banks, government control of communications and transportation, public education, all of this stuff.
It's what America now is.
And who gets to finance it, and who gets to fund it, and who gets to get the profits from it, and who gets control out of zeros and ones the bankers just put on a ledger sheet or in modern times on a computer?
This small global crime syndicate.
The crime families.
The international crime bosses.
James in Maryland.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
I have two questions.
One, with the recent developments with
Milosevic, why do you think Moussaoui and Hussein were allowed to live and testify?
And two, who do you think is going to win the Israeli elections and the possible ramifications of that?
And I'll listen off air.
All right, I appreciate your call.
I never pretend to know who's going to win in the Knesset, in that parliamentary Byzantine haggling that goes on over there.
But, I mean, it's going to be the Likudniks or it's going to be the coalition run by the current crop whose figurehead is the brain-dead Sharon.
If he's even alive, we don't even know that.
They announced he was dead for two days and said, oh, no, he's not really dead.
It's kind of like Milajevic.
We know they killed him.
First, it's, you know, he was poisoned, he wasn't poisoned.
Well, yes, he was poisoned.
Well, he had the drug in him.
Well, he didn't have enough of the drug in him for it to kill him.
Oh, well, he took the drug himself to make it look like he was going to have a heart attack.
And then they had lights on 24 hours a day and guards in there.
I mean, total control.
He wasn't, no one was smuggling slow-bo anything.
And, of course, they were killing other witnesses in there as well.
But, oh, all that's circumstantial.
Now, he was in there four and a half years.
Almost five.
So they haven't killed Saddam yet, supposedly, and they haven't killed Massali yet.
I mean, the judge in the Massali case says, you guys have fabricated, put on fake witnesses, coached them, lied.
I'm going to let you have your conviction, but I'm not going to let you execute him.
And that's probably all stage two.
I mean, at the level where they hoax and sign bills that didn't pass, and at the level where Bush says he's above the law, I mean, this is a crowd that plants stories of WMDs and the memos where they admit they're lying, come out, and they don't get in trouble.
So it's a recipe for disaster.
I mean, we don't even know if that's the real Saddam Hussein.
We know that whoever that Saddam is, and we know he had about eight different look-alikes that were in custody.
What is it, the genome and the phenome?
There were a lot of people that looked like Saddam Hussein in that area of the country.
Some certain bloodlines.
So he had a lot of doubles.
By the way, you tell people they're doubles, they roll their eyes.
Did you know Bush has doubles?
You know, Clinton had doubles.
Roosevelt had doubles.
They're real quiet about it here in the media.
You don't talk about it.
But it's in some history books.
Of course, mainly doubles with them will ride looking like Bush in the limo.
And then Bush is really in a helicopter that's about to land ten minutes later or in a truck behind him.
They think, you know, quote, he's in danger.
But then you tell people that could be a double and they don't even believe that.
I mean, there's no such thing as doubles.
But we know that whoever that double is, or if it is Saddam, might be.
All we know is, because we've been lied to so much, we can't believe liars.
All we know is that whoever that is was in the custody for weeks of the Kurds.
And they staged finding him in the spider hole.
In truth, they beat him up, had him for weeks, and went out there, and they even caught the Marine Corps general on tape going, All right, here's the story.
We found that hole.
Do you understand?
Don't say anything else.
All right, that's the official story.
And we learn it isn't a true story.
And this guy, oh, well, okay, they staged that, too.
The Fat Bin Laden tape.
Admittedly, the voice print, all of it, isn't him.
Okay, that's staged.
Oh, the last five times they brought out Bin Laden tapes.
Turns out they're edits of old tapes from four years ago.
Well, just ignore that.
Move on.
It's still Bin Laden.
We have a government that spends billions of dollars putting on fake newscasts and paying for fake news and paying reporters to lie.
That's admitted!
And that's just the surface stuff.
They told us on our news that, oh, Iraq is so free, they've got all these free newspapers, there's now freedom, Rumsfeld and Bush gave speeches, and it turns out that every newspaper is fake, run by the Central Intelligence Agency or the Defense Department, and most of it's written in New York or in Chicago by Arabic government agents, or Arabic writers, people that know it well and far seem all the rest of it,
And then if you write anything even vaguely critical, a death squad comes by and blows your head off, and if you're lucky, you get 30 years in prison.
There is no freedom!
And they love to do the same thing here, these crooks, and they get up on TV and they lie to us and say, well, they got freedom of the press.
And when it comes out, neocon followers go, well, that's good, that's freedom.
And you're saying Sargent's is really tough when he has to step out of the trance bus to pull through it?
No, the official Pentagon plan is to fail, to stay there longer.
So, I hope that answers your question.
Nauru in Florida, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I just want to say that you're my hero, and I listen to your show every day when I ride the bus to college.
I got a question for you, though.
Is there any way I can get a signed picture of you so I can post on my wall?
You know, we don't really have any of the classical glamour shots or publicity shots that most talk show hosts have.
There are a whole bunch of free photos of me all over the web, so print out the one you like and hang it on the wall.
And if you want something signed from me... That's what I would really like.
Well, the problem is, you know, I sell my signature.
And not because I even want the money.
It's just that if I offer it for free, I'm not trying to brag.
I'll be signing thousands a week.
And it would really be impossible to get any work done.
It's already annoying.
And I like doing it, but I run out of time.
I've got all this serious stuff to do, and I'm sitting there signing my book, Descent into Tyranny.
If you get a Descent into Tyranny, sir, I'll sign it for you.
And I'd like to tell you, if you mailed me a...
It's not the best way to spend my time.
I mean, I'm really having to push myself to work as much as I am, and I'm not tooting my horn saying that.
I just want people to know.
I feel so bad that I can't respond to e-mails, can't respond to letters, can't respond to faxes, can't respond.
I mean, I do respond.
We spend a lot of time now at the office with a woman having her kids taken, people having their ranches taken, just trying to give them groups we know will try to help them at least.
And those groups are over.
They're like, help me, please.
Believe me, I want to tell you how medicine is.
I'm like, I know, I know.
I can't help you.
I can try to give you a few organizations, please.
And I mean, I start crying.
I'll start yelling after they're on the phone.
I'm like, I'm sick of it.
Oh, God.
It's like having a lifeboat, and there's only so many people that can fit in a lifeboat.
And I'm trying to get you in a lifeboat.
And I'm really depressed right now.
Thanks for the call, Drew.
I didn't start the show to press.
I rarely get down, but I am just... Talking to John got me down.
Talking to that poor person.
There's so many little neocons like him who think that they're doing good by George Bush.
They're caught in the paradigm, caught in the matrix, caught in the spider's web.
I've done the hard research.
And he's so in denial.
He doesn't know that the globalists set up the UN.
He doesn't understand globalism.
That the UN has said, that the CFR has said, on television, on C-SPAN, that they're the model.
And then look at the real transfer there.
Of our brain trust, of our industry, of everything.
I mean, I can see their plan.
I can read top globalist strategists.
Where they explain all of this and how they've done it and what they did, and it's the truth.
And you're not going to wake up a neocon.
You're not going to wake up a liberal.
You're not going to wake up people like John.
They don't want to get it.
I run into liberals all the time.
They're not even liberals.
They're little corporate phonies who don't even know their whole ideology is false.
They're emotionally connected to it.
And they're like, yes, we have a tyrannical government.
It's terrible, but we need to turn our guns in.
As if turning your guns into a tyranny is a good thing.
Because they didn't grow up around guns, they don't know guns, they don't understand guns, they don't know the statistics of guns, they just are afraid.
You try to explain to a leftist that
Big government and big taxes are for the big corporations.
They don't understand it.
You try to tell that to a phony conservative, which is most of them, they don't understand it.
You're like, I just like George W. And I'm like, but George W. is massive corporate welfare, just totally selling us out.
Crony capitalism, really bad.
Fascism by every stretch of the imagination, using socialist governmental systems to take our wealth and to control populations and control our development.
And to knock out any competing classes.
You might as well be speaking Martian to these people.
I mean, the globalists laugh at us.
Brzezinski calls us slaves.
And Zbigniew rightfully calls us that because they write books saying what they're going to do.
And five, ten years later, exactly that happens.
Just exactly.
Pearl Harbor event that they stage, then they invade Afghanistan, then they invade Iraq, then they go into Iran, they have a domestic police state, but we're unified around the police state, and the economic constriction because of the, quote, perceived war with the foreign barbarians, the serfs will serve us, and I mean, I watch them say what they're going to do.
You know, John from Ohio knows I'm telling the truth about Mosaddegh, that's admitted, declassified.
He knows I'm telling the truth about 9-11 and Northwood and everything else.
And then when I know what Mao said, I know what the communist leadership said, I know what George Bush Jr.
and Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, set up in 1972 over there, and I know what they did, and it's the public!
It isn't my opinion!
And we're in for a lot of hurt.
We're in for the world to hurt, because a lot of you won't grow up.
I'm talking about Bush followers, communist followers, all of you.
You will not grow up.
You defend your brand of fake politics like you defend your football team.
Like you defend your favorite soft drink or your favorite brand of tennis shoe.
Man, this isn't some branding issue.
This is about you better get the facts.
You better get the facts right now.
Who does big government benefit?
Public fact.
Big corporations.
Who pushed for central banks and public education?
The big central banks, the bankers.
Who pushed for it in Russia, in China, everywhere?
The globalists.
Who's in control?
The globalists.
Who's dumbing our populations down?
The globalists.
Who's authorizing the use of DU, which we're all breathing?
The globalists.
Who's putting mercury in our vaccines?
The globalists.
Well, we're busy running around with terms like fascist and communist and all this.
It's command and control versus freedom.
Hey, not having private property isn't freedom.
And Prince Charles supports it.
He's going to keep all his private property.
You're not going to have yours because that gives you independence.
That's what the science of serfdom is.
It's called feudalism.
All the old terms...
Are the real terms.
Back from a more primitive time, where it was simple.
Now, we have been brainwashed, and people can't even communicate with each other.
That's what 1984 is about, with the 11th edition of Ingsoc.
He describes destroying the language, where even if someone tries to go warn the proletariat, you can't even do it.
Because even the so-called intellectuals have these ruts in their brains.
To where they just like wagon wheels and ruts, they just follow the same track, like a train track.
You just can't get them off the treadmill.
You can't get them to wake up.
I mean, I don't say that our leaders are devil worshippers because I think it's fanciful and it'll sell videos.
I say it because my research and my personal investigation, my personal sneaking around in the foggy woods, I proved it.
I don't say that the international bankers are behind communism and fascism because I think that's what's going on and I think that's an interesting ideology to believe because somebody told me that because I have read it by the crooks that are doing it themselves.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Florida.
That's the last caller.
I'm sorry, the other side.
I've got some news I want to cover on the last segment.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Chris.
Yeah, Alex.
On Gonzales' little appearance there at college about a month, a month and a half ago where... Where they turned his back on him, yeah.
They called up the banner saying those who would give up essential liberty for temporary safety... That guy's a pig.
Yeah, yeah.
But all the time.
Perpetual smirk.
But the thing was that there he had also repeated what he had said in his...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's called Underground Army.
You might like another one.
She seems to know a little bit what's going on from the lyrics.
And my question was about Title 42 of the U.S.
If you know anybody who might be able to apply that or have knowledge on using that or attorneys that are good at, you know, under the color of law, violation of civil rights.
Yeah, $240,000 for every hour you're falsely imprisoned or incarcerated.
I was curious, do you know anybody who would be able to help someone out with that kind of situation?
Because I know...
People magically think you just write Title 42 on something and reserve your rights, and it works sometimes.
They don't even follow their own laws.
Bush signs bills that weren't passed.
I mean, does that give you an idea of how crazy it is, sir?
I mean, they run white slavery rings off Capitol Hill when it's in the Chicago Tribune, and there isn't sirens going to arrest them, brother.
Well, what did Cindy Sheehan do to sue for being arrested?
Who did she go to?
Well, she sued for the false arrest.
You can sue under that.
No, I'm not saying it isn't effective.
I'm just saying it isn't always effective.
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I hurt myself.
I hurt myself.
Today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that's real The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away But I remember everything What have I become?
My sweetest friend Everyone I know goes away
All right.
It's Johnny Cash from his last album.
What a hurt.
RFID Band in New Hampshire.
This is out of TM CNET CRM Alert columnist put out.
Here by one of the big technology outfits.
Trade Journal Logistics Today citing reports of AIM Global and the American Electronics Association say legislation currently pending in California and New Hampshire could have sweeping and negative effect on the use of radio frequency identification.
So there's some good news.
Really scary stuff.
plans to reduce mad cow testing from 1,000 tests a day nationally, which is...
A fraction of the cows being tested to 110 tests daily because they found three cows with CJD in the last year and they don't like that so they're just going to quit testing.
I guess we're one out of ten basically is what it averages out to.
Kids prescription drugs for antipsychotic drugs skyrockets.
This is out of KXAN.
And it says that more and more kids are on it.
It's skyrocketing.
Millions and millions and
I mean, if you think the people blowing up like Elephant Man and popping, exploding in England a few days ago in drug tests or something, at least that gives you outward signs of it.
This stuff does this to your brains.
Two journalists charged in Germany over secret Zarkari report.
Great free speech over there is another one.
Legal gag order.
I'm out of time here today.
I want to thank all of you for tuning in.
Thank all of our affiliates.
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I know it's tough to talk about some of these issues, but it's a lot tougher to ignore it and let it only get worse.
We've got a chance to win this thing, God willing.
God bless you all.
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