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Air Date: March 14, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this live Tuesday edition.
Already the 14th day...
Of March 2006.
And we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We have the Downsized DC folks joining us, the foundation, the organization that the late Harry Brown set up.
And, of course, they hosted two separate radio talk shows, the Harry Brown Show and the Downsized DC Show, right here on the GCN radio network.
And a couple weeks ago, about a week and a half ago, Mr. Brown died.
I briefly mentioned that, but I wanted to try to eulogize him for some of his revolutionary ideas and some of the great books that he wrote, some of the things that helped wake me up many, many years ago.
So we've got one of his colleagues, Mr. Babka, joining us coming up in the second hour.
And that's the only guest we've scheduled today because we're going to have open phones and take your calls on whatever issue or news item or question or comment you have.
We will take calls in this first hour, hopefully early in this first hour, if I can get around to that.
I've got a lot of news to cover.
The websites, freshly updated, are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv, PrisonPlanet.com.
We've now updated, redesigned, added a lot of key information.
It's just going to get better and better at JonesReport.com, so be sure and check JonesReport.com out as well.
Had that site for many years, but have just now beefed it up and updated it, and we're going to be making that a mainline site, updated seven days a week.
More than 80 dead in apparent reprisal killings, bodies found around Baghdad in a 30-hour period.
There's the wonderful liberation, sectarian murders going on.
The globalists have stirred up and kept burning.
The home fire is burning by design.
We'll get into that.
Former top judge says U.S.
risk edging near to dictatorship.
She said that a few days ago, and I meant to get into it, but I'm just now covering it.
That's Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Ginsburg has said similar things, but she's really pro-New World Order.
But now Sandra Day O'Connor is saying that.
What's really behind it?
And, of course, we saw Bob Woodward two weeks ago tell the San Antonio Express News that.
Well, he gave a speech to college students, and the Express News picked up on it.
citizens like Russia more than France in an international poll.
Why am I covering that?
Well, I'll tell you later.
It just shows how Americans have no understanding of a police state.
A really scary story here out of MSNBC.
Of course, they spin the whole thing as if it's wonderful.
Storm Battered Parish considers hired guns.
They have fired the majority, or to use the term, furloughed over half
Of their sheriff's deputies.
And federal money is being offered by Homeland Security, but not to hire their officers back.
No, to hire DynCorp and Blackwater and others.
And a lot of cops out there going, good, I'll just get a job with them and get paid more.
You get paid more now, not when they start taking over the departments.
And these departments take orders from DynCorp and Blackwater, not from the elected sheriff.
You talk about fascism, I mean, the Nazis didn't go this far.
So we'll get into that top story when we get back.
Tough assignment in Arizona is the headline from the Arizona Daily Star.
Because the majority of students don't speak English, it's breaking the school districts.
That's coming up too.
Big broadcast lined up for you today.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The Global Crime Syndicate spin doctors, intelligence agents, are in overdrive right now trying to spin the murder of Sloan Milanovic.
It fits the classic MO.
He said he was being poisoned, said he was going to be murdered.
And they had, admittedly, 24 hour a day bright lights on him for years.
He never was allowed to have even semi-darkness.
And video cameras on him at all times.
It had been even in international news that there would be three guards whenever anyone was in the cell with him.
He has not seen his wife or children in five years since they grabbed him.
So no one was allowed in to even see him.
And when his lawyer would come in, that was heavily surveilled.
Now they claim why he had alcohol and drugs taken to him and he was partying in his tiny cell and that he was poisoning himself.
Yes, that's exactly what he was doing.
Of course it is.
We should believe it.
You see, the whole story we've heard about what happened in Serbia is a fraud.
And if Slobo's a monster, then the Croats and the Muslims are even bigger monsters.
If he's a demon, they're Satan in what really happened over there.
And it's admitted.
I mean, we've interviewed people like Senator Inhofe years ago who went over there.
Piles of dead Serb soldiers.
The coalition forces would kill Serbs, put them in the KLA uniforms, put them in Muslim civilian clothes, stage mass graves.
They'd show piles of manure as fertilizer at farms and claim they were mass graves from orbit with satellites.
That was proven to be frauds.
They would stage massacres.
All admitted.
You understand it is admitted.
That all those big headlines and all those big top stories and all the things you heard, mainstream news, the government news, has retracted, but always, back of the paper, tiny blurb.
The propaganda pieces, though, were top news for weeks, top news every night, top news on the cable channels, covered of Time, Newsweek, People, just everything.
Oh, the mass murder.
Oh, the concentration camp victims.
When really it would be UN, in one case, refugees all around a UN food center with barbed wire around it trying to get in to get the food.
And they show one guy who had tuberculosis who was very, very skinny.
Of course, then if you see the rest of the video, which has now been shown, it shows fat people on either side of him.
But they are there disheveled begging for food.
And they said, look at him in a Serb camp.
Total lie!
They staged it knowingly, and the ITN individuals have now been proven to be government operatives.
This is what they do.
And so get past your emotion of, I don't like him, he's a Hitler.
Not true.
Did they go around and get into ethnic warfare?
Did they try to force people out of certain areas?
Were they attacked first?
Did they not give in to the UN and the New World Order?
Did they have valuable resources?
Were they building up a major industrial base that was starting to threaten Germany, who called for them to be invaded?
Did World War I start there?
Did they help us in World War II?
Did they save Madeleine Albright, who was Secretary of State, bombed the daylights out of them when she ran from Czechoslovakia with her commissariat-murdering father?
Is her house full of concentration camp victims' artwork?
Is she a piece of trash?
Did she say 700,000 dead Iraqi children was a good price to pay?
I mean, it's just so amazing.
That what we were told about Slobo and Arkan and all the rest of these guys, 95% of it wasn't true.
Were they hard-nosed?
Were they brutal?
Were they doing a lot of bad things?
Were their backs against the wall under attack and under siege?
I didn't mean to start the show with this today.
I just started looking at this New York Times article.
Experts suggest Milosevic died in a drug ploy.
Yes, he did it.
There's no evidence of that.
All the evidence is they poisoned him.
We know they wouldn't give him his proper medicine.
We know they wouldn't let him see his doctor.
We know that they kept the lights on 24 hours a day, which is one of the worst forms of torture.
Why, in 1984, Winston, for a few days, they keep him in that cell with the lights on, real bright lights.
With cameras and then guards talking to him every 30 minutes and seeing that's what they've done to Slobo for five years.
I mean, the guy was tough.
Five years of never having the lights turned off.
Can you imagine that?
Bright lights in a white, tiny cell.
People, cameras when you go potty.
Cameras when you try to wash yourself in the tiny sink.
Cameras watching you.
Never allowed outside.
Never allowed to have a walk in the yard.
Just always in there.
Always in there.
And then he says, I found white powder in my food.
I feel really sick after I eat food.
They're poisoning me.
Help me.
I'll be dead soon.
And people all around him are dying.
Witnesses, you know, that same week are dying.
They're going to kill me.
They're going to kill me.
I wonder if the other guy, if it was a ploy, the other guy that died six days before Slovin Milajevic.
I'm sure that was a ploy too.
Or the other witness that died a few months before that.
I'm sure that was another ploy.
Very small, little heavily armed prison inside the hay.
Just a little wing in there.
And I was reading there's only about 20 prisoners in there on average.
A lot of deaths.
What's the statistics?
A lot of deaths in a special little wing.
And of course the UN, it fights genocide just like they did in 1994.
In a five-month period, between 800,000, that's the lowest confirmed number, and a million and a half.
800,000 plus confirmed.
The UN would take them into these villages, the Tutsis, and then call in the Hutus, and the UN would even join in on it.
And the UN would rape children and sell them into white slavery.
It's all mainstream.
Just, oh yeah, anywhere they go they do this.
And DynCorp drops by to help in Serbia and other areas.
And all of this is happening, all of this is going, but the U.N., they don't murder people in their jail cells.
No, the U.N.
is nice.
So the London Guardian reported they killed 3,000 Burmese aboriginals, aborigines, because they wouldn't go off their ancestral lands.
It's now a U.N.
biosphere and they're building hotels.
No, see, just a minor footnote.
forces slaughtered 3,000.
Oh, U.N.
It's part of setting up a UN biosphere.
You go down the coast of Maya, Mexico.
They're just south of us here.
They forcibly ran hundreds of thousands of Mayan Aborigines, indigenous peoples, off.
And they did that all over the country.
But that's just places I've visited.
And you can talk to them.
And it's been in the news down there.
And they just come at gunpoint.
And there's UN signs up.
And then, oh, a few years later, it really wasn't for the environment.
We're building hotels and lavish areas.
But the UN's good.
They fight genocide.
They fight Slobodan Milajevic.
Because he engaged in massacres.
And I have no doubt he probably did.
I mean, it was a racial war.
That's what war normally is in history.
Teamed up on for the Muslims and the Croats.
Outnumbered two to one.
Being slaughtered.
Did they go out and target people?
Yes, they did.
But were they big, official massacres we were told of?
Were they real?
No, admittedly manufactured.
But, again, all that is a side issue.
All that is a side issue.
Let me cover this first, right now.
Storm Battered Parish considers hired guns
I'm just going to read this, and then I'm going to read between the lines, and I'm going to comment on what's really going on with this.
Storm-battered parish considers hired guns.
This is true fascism.
I'm going to shut up.
Sorry, I added that.
Storm-battered parish considers hired guns.
Contractors in Louisiana would make arrest carry weapons.
And I always read where it comes from, where we got it.
It's actually a Washington Post article posted on MSNBC today, the 14th of March, 2006.
Bernard Parish, Louisiana.
Major Pete Taffaro scanned the fenced lot packed with hundreds of stark white trailers soon to be inhabited by Hurricane Katrina evacuees.
Shaking his head...
He predicted the cramped quarters would ignite fights, hide criminals, and become an incubator for crime.
Posing another test for his cash-strapped sheriff's department, which furlonged 206 of its 390 officers.
That is, what is that?
That's 55%.
Right under 54%.
54% of his officers.
Which furlonged 206 of its 390 officers after the storm.
Tafaro thinks the parish has the solution.
DynCorp International, LLC, the Texas company, based right here in Austin, a great shadow of evil over us, that provided personnel security to Afghan President, Unicole Executive, Hamed Karzai, and is one of the largest security contractors in Iraq.
If the Federal Emergency Management Agency approves the Sheriff's Department's proposal, which would cost $70 million over three years, up to 100 Dine Corps employees would be deputized to make arrests, carry weapons, and dress in St.
Bernard Parish Sheriff's Department khaki black uniforms.
But they'll have their own special Dine Corps badges.
And it goes on.
You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between us and them, said DeFerro, who developed the proposal.
Yeah, I did a little research on this with a Google search this morning.
This is it.
Let me just stop right there.
What FEMA does is they say, yeah, we're not going to give you money to hire back your deputies.
But you can hire DynCorp, and guess what?
We're even going to pay them roughly twice what your people get paid.
But you can't hire your other officers back, your deputies back.
You need to hire our people.
And then it goes into Blackwater doing the same thing.
And this is pure de-fascism.
See, you elected that sheriff, but now there's going to be all these DynCorp and Blackwater employees who work for their private... And they're not really private.
They're really government fronts.
But the profit goes to these former government lackeys.
And it goes on.
I'm going to tell you more when we get back.
It only gets worse.
Our highways are being privatized.
Our police are going to be privatized.
And these are the same DynCorp mercs who...
Kidnap small children for slave camps.
We'll be right back.
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Did you know that President Kennedy signed into law State Department Publications 7277 entitled The United States Program for Complete and General Disarmament in a Peaceful World?
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Citizens would be required to turn in their guns guaranteed to them by the Second Amendment.
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Now understand, Homeland Security has already been given over $100 billion.
They claim it will take $200 billion to rebuild the Gulf Coast, the south areas that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina and then Rita.
Kind of the cherry on the top of the nightmare down there.
But what they do is it's strings attached.
They say, yeah, we got money for you for Blackwater and DynCorp, which is then run by their buddies.
And they are very, very, very cunning when it comes to coming in and basically taking over local governments.
DynCorp, owned by Computer Science Corporation, based right here in Austin, Texas, has three huge buildings downtown, new buildings they just moved into last year.
And they run all the city's data and the police data information and the archives for some humongous sum.
They're busy running the brains of many major U.S.
cities already.
And so DynCorp is now just one division of Computer Science Corporation.
And then I'm reading MSNBC here.
It says that the DynCorp employees are going to get $30,000 a year as a sheriff's deputy.
With their own little badges, but wearing the same uniform, under DynCorp control.
Under DynCorp command, separate, but then under the sheriff.
And then the sheriff's deputies, the 50%, excuse me, 40, let me see.
Let me give you the numbers here.
Let's be specific.
206 of the officers got furlonged and have not been hired back out of 390.
So that would be, if they let go, 54%.
That means it'll be 46% of the sheriff's deputies, the original sheriff's deputies, according to this report, are still there.
So the 46% that are still there, it says they're still going to get $18,000 a year.
Man, you talk about poverty.
I know Louisiana has the lowest paid cops and sheriff's deputies in the country, but I don't think you can even live down there on that.
And the DynCorp boys, they're going to get, it says right here, but while the plan is for DynCorp boys to eat and live with the other deputies in the same trailer camp, the hired guns would earn significantly more than the $18,000 annual salary of an entry-level deputy and the $30,000 a year salary of a seasoned officer.
So, excuse me, they're going to earn even more than the veteran deputies.
Oh, I'm sorry, it's worse.
It says they'll get between $42,000 and more a year.
And I know some DynCorp employees have seen the ads.
I have been working out years ago, back when I had time to go downtown, I'd go jog around the hike and bike trail there on the lake, and I'd go lift weights for an hour at the YMCA, a really nice facility down on Talent Lake.
And in the men's room, in the men's shower area, there'd be a bulletin board.
I remember reading.
I remember seeing cops.
I remember one of the Travis County SWAT team guys standing there reading it, and I walked over to look what he was reading, because I knew him, and he'd give me a spot lifting weights here and there.
I've seen him now at the Home Depot buying some tomato plants last year.
He didn't even want to talk to me.
He acted like he was scared of me, but
Side issue.
I can't really tell a story without giving all the weird, mindless details.
And I read it, and it said $180,000 a year for DynCorp snipers.
And obviously, he's one of their SWAT team snipers, so he was real interested in that.
So I know that some of them get paid between $100,000 and $180,000.
But see, that was a few years ago.
Now, because so many people have entered the market, oh, it's $40,000.
What did this say?
I don't know.
There's a bunch of different numbers, and it's a long article.
You can go read it for yourself.
But why this is important is we have Hal LeBurton in the Houston Chronicle to run emergency FEMA centers in America, quote, for immigrant...
Overflows and for American citizens during crises.
And DynCorp runs, of course, Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
They run camps in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia.
These are the nefarious camps where they also team up then with DynCorp.
In 2000, they lost the civil case and they admitted to the fact that the company flew.
In conjunction with the United Nations, 200,000 women and children out of the country.
And admittedly, some of the women were going to be dishwashers.
Others had been grabbed or going to be used as sex slaves.
That's admitted.
Small children as sex slaves.
Some to be adopted to families who didn't know what they were part of.
So the children are now in good homes.
It's a mixed bag of hellish things that went on.
It runs the gamut.
And so, domestically, they're now moving in here to America.
And they use places like New Orleans, Louisiana, these black holes to run their black world ops.
And they're really just these black holes where taxpayer money gets fed into and the Constitution gets crashed.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Let me spend a few more minutes on the dying corps in Blackwater, Merckx, to be taking over official sheriff's deputies' positions in and around New Orleans.
Blackwater, USA, which protected the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq for almost four employees and lost four employees in a brutal ambush in Fallujah in 2004, earned about $42 million through the end of December on a contract with the Federal Protective Service, a unit of the Department of Homeland Security to provide security to FEMA sites.
Most of the 330 contract guards now working in Louisiana are employed by the company.
So they're already working for FEMA in New Orleans.
The Homeland Security Department's inspector general said the company's cost in its FEMA contract... That's what it says.
It's kind of a babbling article.
The Homeland Security Department's inspector general said the company's cost in its FEMA contract...
For each employee were clearly very high, and it expressed hope that competition would lower them.
But costs are not the only concerns raised by critics of the companies.
Katrina broke all the rules.
It was the first time you had the deployment of armed private security contractors in the U.S., said Peter W. Singer, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the author of Corporate Warriors, The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry.
They're called mercenaries.
It's a very long article.
I don't know what to say about this.
It's so bad that I'm sitting here almost dumbfounded, not even able to articulate how criminal this is, how un-American this is, how dangerous this is, and then how bad this company is.
It's not like it's some pure-as-a-driven-snow mercenary company that doesn't have just all sorts of the worst type of scum all over its record.
This is the unholy DynCorp.
This is the Dine Corps that we've been talking about for years.
This is the Dine Corps where we've interviewed their former employees and U.N.
guards and reporters.
This is the Dine Corps that BBC has reported is involved in giant white kidnapping rings.
Just like the Chicago Tribune two months ago had the big headline.
Concerning DynCorp and Halliburton with actual lobbyists on Capitol Hill lobbying to have the military overseas not stop them from engaging in white slavery on bases.
Chicago Tribune!
You couldn't make this type of stuff up.
I know a lot of listeners don't go check out what I claim.
You're driving down the road going, this guy's nuts.
That wouldn't be going on.
Hey, do you think they just let me go on all these AM and FM stations?
Do you think I would exist for ten minutes without being sued into oblivion if this wasn't right out of the newspaper?
Everything I'm talking about is admitted.
Do you understand that?
So don't roll your eyes if you're some police officer driving along going, what do you mean kidnapping children?
They'd be arrested.
No, they're in with the government.
They do whatever they want, whenever they want.
And I've been told, shut up about this.
Well, I'm not going to shut up about it.
Somebody's got to stand up for these people.
Somebody's got to resist this.
Somebody's got to face the horrific facts that a pack of psychopathic crooks now run our government at almost every level.
And it's a lot bigger than George Bush.
You get rid of him, they've got a thousand more just like him.
Bill Clinton, get rid of him, a thousand more just like him.
They think we're a bunch of scum.
And evidence of this, a few days ago, during the weekend, they had this big media roasting.
And for those that don't know what a roast is, that's where they...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And they're up there joking about it.
They're up there joking about child molestation.
It's real funny.
And even the Washington Post had to say it was sick and disgusting.
I mean, it is getting just so far out there that how do you even deal with it?
How do you even respond to it?
This is what they do.
They set precedence.
In Seattle, the government hired thugs, and that's all admitted, and I have cops on tape admitting it, and I have the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and the Seattle Times, and Seattle Weekly, all admitting Delta Force operatives with the Central Intelligence Agency.
In 1999, the WTO hired 50 thugs, trained them in Oregon, had them bust out windows, burn trash cans, attack police officers.
The cops were ordered to stand there as bottles bounced off their heads and as they bled, as they had broken noses,
Total idiots.
And then the police chief in on it, and the mayor in on it, that after a day of showing that, going, why won't the cops do anything?
Boy, aren't the protesters bad.
The news would show the black bloc, the anarchists, the hired thugs, as if they were Delta Force commanded.
That's Seattle Papers, by the way.
That's admitted.
Delta Force commanded.
Delta Force is above Special Forces.
It's controlled by intelligence agencies.
It's what they call Black World.
We're in deep black water now, boys and girls, pun intended.
And they go out and they create the crisis, they provoke a terror, burn a few trash cans, and then the police attack 60,000 demonstrators.
It's in my film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
You can witness it all.
Run them into neighborhoods, attack old women, attack people in their houses.
It was a test.
Then they show cops footage around the country, see how the people attacked you.
You've got to attack them first.
Issued federal stormtrooper outfits, the Darth Vader helmets and the black pads and the little capes.
They even gave them capes.
And they found psychologically that if you put somebody in a cowboy hat that looked like a cowboy, you put them in a hunting hat that looked like a cowboy, you put them in a Darth Vader outfit, they act like Darth Vader.
And so they put them in these outfits, and it's also for intimidation of the public.
And then the cops were like dogs on the end of a chain that a kid's slapping in the face...
With a fly swatter and then the chain breaks.
By then, the anarchists had been housed in a government building, protected by the police, and the dumb riot cops just beat them.
We had them stomping old ladies with pleasure.
Old ladies doing nothing, hands up, walking out of the store.
Cops just hit them with a club and then start stomping them.
No, they're breaking collarbones.
You see, all psychologically run is a CIA psyop, bathing you in the evil, indoctrinating you.
Making you, making your bones, bringing you in, baptizing you in Satanism is what happened to you, putting you in the Darth Vader outfits.
And so they took that footage and used it nationwide and said, see how bad Seattle is?
Didn't show the provocateur.
And then that was used as a massive precedent to put our police under federal training and in Darth Vader outfits.
Federal grants for all of it.
Now, same thing with Blackwater.
Same thing with all of this.
They put them in the Gulf Coast area, now operating in three states.
They go out, they take part in the gun confiscations, they back up the police.
We have the ABC clip.
In fact, can you dig up that clip?
I know you've got a bunch of other clips today that are new, but remember the clip where they're admitting the gun confiscation?
Yeah, find that.
And so they go out with a regular army and huge flatback trucks full of FBI SWAT teams leading everything.
They don't bring food and water.
And they go in.
They don't even go into the poor areas where there are a few shootings and problems.
They use just a few shots being fired, mainly cops shooting dogs.
You'd have a cop over a hill shooting a rabid dog or shooting an alligator.
This is now admitted.
I've talked to a lot of reporters that were there, and it's been in the news.
And then they have on the news, oh, there's snipers shooting at us.
Then cops would freak out and shoot some contractors and then it would turn into, oh, those snipers did that.
Remember all that?
It was just friendly fire.
A bunch of different agencies going nuts, shooting each other.
Just like Tillman in Afghanistan.
And so all of this is frothing.
No one's shooting at them.
Nothing's really going on.
And so...
Then they bring in even more mercs, and they go into the rich areas.
I kept saying million-dollar houses.
You ought to watch this video we're about to play audio of.
I'm talking five-million-dollar houses.
Things that look like the White House.
Estates, up out of the bowl, up in the high ground, on the suburbs, and they're going in, shows them with the wealthy people in handcuffs taking their guns.
Well, my grandmother's child, my great-grandfather's, there's civil war paintings in there.
That's worth millions of dollars.
Shut up!
Get the guns!
I mean, that's what's going on.
We've got a reporter who was in there for weeks coming into town next week.
I've seen some of the video he's got.
It's going to be in some BBC documentary, so we can't show it to you yet.
He's going to let us show some of it.
I mean, it's just hell on earth you can't imagine.
And mercs everywhere just do it.
And my point is, I get emails going, well, you only care about the rich people?
The point is, if they'll go into high and dry places where the rich people, I mean the really rich people are, and beat them up and take their guns with the U.S.
Army, the National Guard, all these other people at mercs backing them up and taking part, you bet that's a precedent.
You know, they say all the rules changed with Katrina.
And see, now, oh, we're going to run emergency FEMA centers in your area.
Oh, we're going to back up your police officers at events.
They got the mercs, they got the teams.
See, these guys that have been running camps and running security camps and doing all these horrible things, they're going to be in your life.
They're going to be here in America.
I'm not trying to scare people.
We've got to stop this.
Because just like Seattle was used as a quote, everything changed in Seattle.
Everything changed on 9-11.
Everything changed.
Everything's changed.
You go to the carnival.
I went to the rodeo carnival last night and
I remember going five years ago, and you didn't see half that many cops.
There was no one really even there at the Star Texas Rodeo.
Very small crowds, and there were almost as many cops.
They were walking around all paranoid, looking at everyone.
It's just this attitude, see?
This attitude of, we're under attack.
Yeah, we're under attack by our own government.
Using this as a pretext to take us from a free society to a slave society overnight!
Play this clip of the gun confiscation.
That includes New Orleans, where today authorities stepped up their efforts to empty the city.
Roll it.
Bob Woodruff is there again tonight with an extraordinary human drama unfolding.
That's true, Elizabeth, and good evening from New Orleans.
Here the police and the National Guard find themselves in a very difficult position tonight to try to carry out an order to force people from the city without actually using force.
Today in New Orleans, they got a lot tougher on the holdouts.
Not only the flooded areas, but New Orleans' driest and wealthiest neighborhoods, too.
The police and National Guard going street by street, house to house.
We need to make sure, too, that whenever we knock on the doors, people refuse to leave.
We need to make a note and call again.
They say there are no orders to use force, just strong persuasion.
Sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn.
And instructions to disarm anyone inside.
You say guns will be taken?
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
That happened today in this wealthy neighborhood where homeowners had armed themselves to protect their mansions.
Residents were handcuffed on the ground.
In the end, police took their weapons but let them stay in their homes.
They were a little bit threatened because our weapons were bigger than their weapons.
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
This guard unit occupied a church, using it as a base camp.
They had to leave a note because they could not get hold of the pastor to get permission.
It is surreal.
You just never expect to do this in your own country.
Chris Montgomery says he'd rather be in Iraq than patrolling American neighborhoods.
All right.
Now, Bob Woodruff, that's why he was a great propagandist for them.
Now he's got his face blown off over there, getting a little bit of the medicine they're giving the Iraqis.
I'm sorry for him, but being an operative of the New World Order has its cost.
Woody, I thought you were invincible like all these other people who think they're bulletproof.
But I know he's an operative.
I've met him.
I've talked to him.
Very cunning.
Very sneaky.
Very evil.
I've been around him several times.
Very elitist.
And just listening to how he wrote that news piece, though, that's why he was becoming a major anchor on ABC News, because he's slick.
He's slick.
You hear him?
They didn't use any force.
The video shows him slamming people around, grabbing people, and kicking doors down.
But see, they will tell you one verbal thing and then show you something completely different, semantically changing its meaning.
So, you took part in covering and whitewashing gun confiscation in America.
And now after a month plus, you can hardly talk and your face is blown off.
But I'm not going to celebrate that.
I am sad for Mr. Wardruff.
Bob Woodruff of ABC News.
I remember meeting him out at Waco covering that.
He was out at the Waco test where the Army put on that whitewashing.
Fleer didn't pick up machine gun fire because clearly the Fleer tape showed that.
I was talking to him, and he was just so arrogant, and his eyes were just evil.
I thought, well, don't judge a book by its cover.
Talk to him.
I started talking to him when we were all out there waiting for a press conference.
He was just like, what are you doing talking to me?
I was just like, no, no, who are you?
You know who I am.
And I was like, well, don't you think what happened here at Waco is wrong?
I don't talk to people like you.
I was like, well, I'm just curious, covering what the media thinks of all this.
They're a bunch of cultists.
Okay, Mr. Invincible.
All right.
Turn in the guns.
The Waco people are cultists.
They deserve what they got.
I don't think you deserve what you got.
In fact, I think you're brave to go over there.
More brave than I am, in many respects.
I'm not going to risk my life for the New World Order.
All right, I said I'd take calls.
It's just there's been so much here.
Patrick in Maryland and David, Mike, and others.
Go ahead, Patrick.
Thank you.
A very important program today.
I agree with you that after the next so-called terrorist attack, martial law will be imposed in America.
I believe the real reason martial law will be imposed is mainly to crush, take out any organized resistance to the New World Order by the following eight groups, organizations, and people which I've identified.
The first one, gun owners and Second Amendment defense organizations.
The second one, alternative media.
Sir, that's in their official documents.
Okay, well... Every group you're listening is in the official FBI Megiddo and in their other handouts.
I want to hear the others.
Well, I got... Stay there.
No, I mean...
Are you reading right out of the FBI manual?
No, no, huh?
All homeschoolers are terrorists, enemies of the government.
All Christians are terrorists, enemies of the government.
All gun owners are terrorists, enemies of the government.
It's official.
It's in my films.
With phone numbers of the FBI.
We don't just show you their documents, we give phone numbers.
Oh yeah, they can't wait to take your guns.
They can't wait to break up our families.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
We're good to go.
Order online now at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
By the way, we know... We...
That's weird.
My mic's cutting out on my end.
The fun of radio.
We know that several foreign mercenary companies were also involved in New Orleans.
And on top of that, we know that there were British troops, Dutch troops, and Mexican troops in New Orleans.
All of this setting a precedent as if we needed the help of the Dutch or the Mexicans
Or anybody else.
It's just setting the precedent.
And again, three years ago, the official treaties were signed with Mexico and Canada to, quote, use Mexican troops for dealing with natural disasters and policing America during terrorist attacks.
And you can read that out of the big, major papers in Canada.
Canadians are going, we don't want to give up our sovereignty.
But in America, it's a big, dirty secret.
The deals are signed to bring foreign troops in here.
All the unthinkable is slowly being implemented.
It's like Red Dawn in slow motion, is what I call it.
Patrick, then we'll go to David, Mike, Jim, and others.
Patrick, finish up your point.
Okay, number five.
All constitutionalist, patriotic, and populist groups and organizations to be taken out.
Any organization which promotes the use of alternative medicines, such as herbal or natural remedies.
Small independent business owners.
And eight.
Well, of the seven groups you named, five of those are on the official FBI flyers, handbooks, training manuals, and different research papers.
Have you ever seen the famous Phoenix, Arizona handout?
They gave out like 30,000 of them.
And it says, people that make frequent references to the U.S.
Constitution, call anti-terror hotline immediately.
Gun owners, call the anti-terror hotline immediately.
On and on and on.
But then Project Megiddo says, homeschoolers.
Remember, it was a big stir.
I remember that.
She really did say that.
This is what's going on.
This is what's happening.
And none of that has changed since Bush got in.
He puts on this whole big Christian act.
Meanwhile, that's what FEMA is out training people to do.
That's what Homeland Security is doing.
Have you seen my film Road to Tyranny?
No, not yet.
Well, about four minutes of that almost three-hour film.
It's 170 minutes long.
Just ten minutes short of three hours.
Just a few minutes of that is a FEMA officer in Kansas City, a fireman shot the video, in a classroom full of firemen and cops and sheriff's deputies saying, quote, all Christians are terrorists.
The founding fathers were terrorists.
George Washington was a bad terrorist.
And we're going to have to fight terrorists like them again.
Well, I hope members of these groups will finally wake up, because I think, you know, each member of each group is in danger, real serious danger.
Well, by the way, when this change agent up there with his high and tight, you know, he was rock hard, you know, he was in military shape.
When this commando type up there in the suits giving the speech, when he starts saying that, because I have like 18 hours of this footage, you know, cops will agree and nod their heads.
When he starts saying that stuff, because he was testing them to see if he could get any sickos to join him.
And by the way, we've confirmed they do this nationwide.
This is a normal spiel.
When he starts saying it, the cops start shaking their heads, grunting, shuffling, going, I mean, they couldn't even control themselves.
Look, the New World Order isn't going to be able to take us all down.
They're not going to get away with that list you just read off.
They'll take out the official organizations is what I'm saying.
Well, they're not going to get away with that, brother.
You know how many organizations and people there are?
You know how many millions of veterans are just waiting quietly?
We call them lone wolves?
I hope so.
No, I don't.
Listen, I know for a fact.
Believe me.
Believe me.
They try it, they're... It's over.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Already into the second hour, Jim Babcock
Ed Honcho now at Downsize DC, the group that former Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Brown set up.
He passed about a week and a half ago.
He'll be joining us to talk about Libertarian philosophy, Harry Brown's life, and Downsize DC, what they're doing, fighting for our freedom.
They're really doing a great job.
They're from DC.
So that's coming up in the next segment.
Let's go ahead and go back to your calls right now and get some more of these great calls out of the way.
David Norrigan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, I just want to bring up a few things real quick, and I want your comment, if you don't mind, after I finish.
I've seen 11 of your documentaries, and I've seen a lot more than that, and I've really been researching a lot of it, and I've been reading a lot, and...
I think that we need to get the English out of our Congress, out of our Senate, and out of our President's... You know, out of our President's... What is that?
The President's... Your phone's really bad.
What kind of phone are you on?
Cell phone.
Just try talking calmly and not too loud, but at the same time not muffling it.
You're real loud and you're real low.
But seriously, we've got to get the English out of our government.
By that, you mean the British influence, the British lobbyists and controllers?
Well, yeah, people love to talk about Israel and AIPAC, and they certainly are one of the biggest lobbies, but the British government and allied groups and corporations, they own the most, they are the most powerful, and they're also the best at staying under the radar.
And also, seriously, we've got to legalize
I hear you and it is about profit that marijuana is illegal and it should be legalized just because of its medical uses and
For the fact, I mean, that's a whole other ball of wax.
The bigger the drug war gets, the more drugs we have on our streets, folks.
The other thing I'd like to bring up is, are we willing to run for president?
No, I'm not going to run for president.
Thank you, sir.
Number one, I'm not old enough to run for president.
You have to be 35 to run for president.
I'm 32 years of age.
Number two, the presidency is totally bought off and controlled.
60% of people came out in the last election to vote.
But on average, about 8% come out to vote in local elections when the real power is local.
So the presidency itself has turned into a diversion, a distraction.
You can forget seizing control of that.
You've got to start at the lower level first.
And no, I don't plan to ever run for political office.
We're way past that point, trying to get control of committee chairmanships and trying to get control of the presidency.
It's going to happen at the state level if it happens at all.
Let's talk to Mike in California.
Mike, go ahead.
Hey, subscribed to Prison Planet TV five months ago, and for the first three months did not turn my television on.
So I appreciate the puzzle pieces.
I believe...
Can you hear me?
Yeah, I was going to say, we've added a lot more to prisonplanet.tv.
Oh, every day I'm there.
So, like I said, I don't watch TV anymore.
But my comment is about the media.
I believe that the government is using the media to send the American people a clear message.
One example would be Waco.
This is what we'll do if you rise up.
Oh, yeah, they're using the media with the intelligence scandal and the DynCorp scandal.
It's all the scariest.
Stay there.
I'll let you finish up on the other side.
Then we're going to get Jim Babica, DownsizeDC.org, joining us.
Talk about Harry Brown, who passed about a week and a half ago.
It's all coming up.
A lot of other news.
Got some info on animal ID and premises identification coming up.
Talk about Big Brother.
There is so much coming up.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, now to the second hour.
Eight minutes, 25 seconds in, to be precise.
Last hour, we predominantly talked about the clear murder of Oslo Milajevic.
Loving, hating, the facts are.
The evidence points to conclusively murder.
We'll get more into that.
Also, Dyncor, Halliburton, Blackwater, many others, to take over the sheriff's departments in America.
And they'll still be working for DynCorp and others, but they'll be wearing sheriff's deputy's uniforms.
And it's going to be going nationwide, just like your roads are being handed over to international corporations.
We're also going to have foreign mercenary armies here wearing police uniforms.
All the old-timers who were inside the Pentagon and saw the battle plans for this against us decades ago told us this.
And exactly what they said would happen is now happening.
But incrementally they do it.
Camels' nose under the tent flaps.
So more on that coming up.
And I still haven't gotten into a lot of detail.
On Senator O'Connor saying we're going into a dictatorship.
Former Supreme Court Justice.
Also, more on Bush's number two at Homeland Security being arrested, allegedly putting in fake returns on equipment he didn't buy.
$5,000 worth, just the tip of the iceberg.
More criminality.
Just a ton of news coming up today.
We've still got about an hour and 51 minutes left.
And I know we've got a lot of callers.
We're going to get to Mike in California and many others that are holding.
The toll-free number to join us this hour, any issue, any topic, any news item, because it all feeds into the same issues of liberty and freedom, 1-800-259-9231.
We're talking to Mike in California, who was asking some questions and making some statements.
Before the break, restate that, Michael, and then we'll try to finish up your call.
Yeah, I was just saying that they're using the media to send a clear message to the American people.
Ruby Ridge, Waco, this is what we'll do to you if you rise up.
I believe they're also using the media to tell us what they're going to do before they do it.
Next week's episode at 24, the citizens of Los Angeles will be put under curfew.
You got Enemy of the State, the date 9-11 is mentioned towards the end of the movie, especially the movie The Siege with Bruce Willis.
The CIA lady approaches the hijacking scene of the bus and says, what are they waiting for?
Oh my gosh, she looks up in the air and she says, oh my God, they're waiting for the cameras to come.
I mean, millions of Americans observe the second plane hitting the building.
I mean, it's all...
All part of the big plan to... Well, sir, if you're going to bring up those examples, how about we had the star, one of the major stars of X-Files and Lone Gunman on, Dean Haglin, in studio, and we videotaped it and put it on the website for prisonplanet.tv members.
As you know, you said you're a member earlier.
The CIA approached them and planted stories on them, planted...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Al-Qaeda can know.
So, thank you for your call.
You're absolutely right.
This is what they do.
The psychological warfare experts know that, number one, of the thousands of flavors, you know, Baskin-Robbins has got 21 flavors or 30-something flavors.
Well, the New World Order's got a million flavors.
But, number one, good propaganda speaks to your innate laziness.
And it speaks to the subconscious.
Oh, it's not that bad, or it puts a spin on something bad.
You don't have to do anything about it.
It's not your job, or it's an accident.
Don't worry about it.
Innate propaganda speaks to your laziness, speaks to you sabotaging yourself, speaks to you subconsciously being afraid, and so whitewashing it, making excuses to yourself.
There's a lot of different psychological terms for that.
And Edward Bernays wrote about it, Joseph Goebbels wrote about it, many others have written about it.
And they have whole university departments with very intelligent professors and think tanks working on it, admittedly.
You'll learn this in higher level marketing classes.
This is not even hidden.
And so what they do is, they will, with these TV shows, let you know the government's the terrorist, the government's going to kill you, you're a slave at a certain level.
You're good to go.
The sixth sense that kept our ancestors alive out in the hills picks up on it and goes, yeah, you know what?
There is a danger.
I'm in danger.
See, your subconscious is smart, many times more powerful than the cerebral cortex.
Okay, that just focuses in on very small, minute areas.
It's like your computer is running all these other functions in the background, but whatever function you're actively looking at right now, whatever webpage you're reading right now, is all that the computer is projecting outwards.
Well, it's the same thing with the brain.
Your computer knows the truth.
You all know the truth with the brain that God gave you.
But see, you give yourselves over to a strong delusion.
You convince yourselves.
That's what doublethink is.
You lie to yourselves.
The propaganda just gets you to perform the trick.
So they want you to be deep down afraid.
They want you deep down to know it's them at the subconscious level.
That's why there's a tangible feeling of fear.
People are really afraid right now.
People are really concerned.
They go, I know Al-Qaeda doesn't seem to do these attacks, but I really am afraid.
It's not just their propaganda.
You know we've got dangerous terrorists in control.
And so then at a conscious level...
They then put out, oh no, we're your friends, the government's going to help you.
But then they want you to know right behind that, hey buddy, we did it and we'll do it more.
Yeah, we're spying on all of you.
Yeah, we're above the law.
Yeah, all misdemeanors are terrorism.
Yeah, we're going to bring in foreign mercenaries and domestic mercenaries.
Yeah, we're going to take your pension funds.
But when it happens, you're going to blame it on whatever patsy we bring forward.
You got it?
And you're like, yes sir.
Because after they're done scaring you, they then tell you on these newscasts, just do what we say and everything will be alright.
It's like a bank robber or a kidnapper.
Now listen, just don't scream out.
All the time these women, you know, the guy walks up with a knife in a parking lot, puts it up to them.
Alright, lady, everything will be alright.
All right, lady, don't scream.
I'm going to slit your throat if you say a word.
You just be quiet and everything will be all right.
You just do what I say and everything is going to be all right.
Folks, everything is going to be all right.
It doesn't matter if you get stabbed once, lady.
It's really hard for somebody to stab you.
Stabbing someone isn't easy.
Jerk away.
Hit them.
Flop on the ground.
Run screaming.
Let them stab you right there.
At least you're going to have ambulances come and 90% chance you're going to live.
You usually live if you get medical care unless somebody really, really stabs you.
Shanks you a whole bunch.
And so, do whatever you... I mean, these kids all the time just go with people.
Americans, humans, didn't act like that in the past predominantly.
Only domesticated slave populations that live inside imperial systems.
We have been trained.
You look at Japan.
How they bow to everybody.
I'm not knocking.
Great culture.
Really neat people.
We have a lot of Japanese listeners, but the Japanese bow.
They're very quiet.
They're very inward looking.
They're afraid to speak up.
They have the highest level of suicide.
Because they've been imperially conditioned to be submissive.
The British.
Very reserved, very quiet, when they were the most out-of-control Germanic tribes ever.
It was the Germanic war zone, where about eight different Germanic tribes fought with each other for thousands of years, and they ended up being the most warlike out of that Germanic synthesis.
But today, they're the most domesticated.
You see, because they took a barbaric, out-of-control, alive people and enslaved them.
And then some of those tribes escaped over here and went wild again.
That's what people like me are.
So you've got to understand that.
You've been domesticated like a cow, or like a dog, or like a pig, or like a chicken.
I know Jim Babcock, God bless him, has been holding for about five minutes.
I really apologize.
We'll keep him in the next hour if he can do it.
It's been plenty of time with him.
An amazing individual with his radio show on the weekends here at Genesis.
Two radio shows here on Genesis.
Harry Brown, for several years, had his Harry Brown Report, which I always enjoyed listening to, and I called into him.
A real gentleman who had Lou Gehrig's disease.
He lived there in Tennessee with his wife and family and wrote Why I Learned to Be Free in an Unfree World and many other books that I read 10-15 years ago within that time period.
And he died March 1st and we mentioned it but haven't done a proper eulogy for him so he's here to do that eulogy and talk about Harry Brown and then we'll get into some of the things Downsized DC does and talk about the lobbyists and the Lobbying Reform Act and some things that are happening that affect free speech.
Jim, sorry, I kind of went off the deep end with that caller's point, but I was trying to get into the levels of manipulation that we're under.
Thank you for joining us, Jim.
I'm really glad to be here.
We're about to go to break, but tell us a little bit about Harry Brown.
And, of course, you co-hosted programs with him and still have Downsides DC here on the network.
Yeah, I still have Downsized DC on the network, and I had the privilege of filling in for him during the last months of his life as his guest host when he was ill.
And we kept hoping he would be able to come back, but about January we realized that wasn't going to happen.
Harry was a remarkable person.
He was what you see is what you get.
He was a gentleman, an extraordinary gentleman.
Who really lived by the values mentioned in the book you mentioned, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.
His message was to teach people about freedom.
He wanted to spread freedom as wide as possible.
And that's what he devoted himself to.
And he did it in such a way, there was nobody who turned a soundboard or a phrase better than he did.
But not only did he have such a good writing style that enabled him to make those phrases, but he spent time practicing them and rehearsing them, and he was ready to give those phrases when he was brought up to a microphone and interviewed like I am now.
We're going to come back and talk about Harry Brown, and then we'll get into his organization that you and he set up together, Downsides D.C.
And I'm just honored that...
Harry Brown was part of this network, the GCN Radio Network, and I'm honored that you're part of it too, Jim.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Your calls and a lot more coming up.
I'm Alex Jones.
Hey, just become aware of the propaganda.
That's half the battle.
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Did you know that the race for the cure is over?
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Chris James.
Bernie, Paul, Ken, your calls are coming up in the next segment.
Jim Babka is our guest, and he hosts Downsized DC.
You know, before we get back into Harry Brown, tell us a little bit about Downsized DC.
Well, Downsized DC Foundation and DownsizedDC.org were organizations that were co-founded by Harry Brown.
We're good to go.
I think?
Yeah, that's a good start to go to the site and learn who your House and Senate members are.
Most people don't know.
And then to go read some of the issues in pending legislation.
Pick a couple.
Start becoming an activist, and that's how you open up a much larger world.
Now, Harry had had the Lou Gehrig's disease for quite a while, and I remember he wouldn't talk about it.
It was almost on the air, so I was driving along one Saturday night, or was it Sunday night?
I forget.
And I called into the network, called into the toll-free line as a caller, as I routinely do, and found he was hosting it from his hospital bed.
And I guess that was one of the last shows, that was late last year, that he did.
Tell us about some of his final weeks, if you can, because people are interested in that.
Well, he found out that he was sick back in June, and he was hospitalized the entire month of July and unable to do a show.
And there were other times that he was hospitalized as well, but he considered the show his baby.
And up until December, every time that he was healthy enough to be able to sit up in his bed and talk, he wanted to be able to do the show.
And so there were a couple times I co-hosted with him to help him through the hour in case he got too tired, but he really wanted to be here.
He was passionate about what he had to say.
What was the last show he did?
You know what?
We ought to get that out of the network archives and I ought to play... Can we play parts of that last show sometime in the next few weeks?
Oh, sure.
In fact, I can get John the date if you want.
Yeah, do that.
Maybe right now he can go find the date.
We can play a few minutes before you leave us.
Now, I mean, not so much focusing on his death, but the papers really didn't have the details.
I guess he was at his home there in Tennessee and just succumbed.
Was it painful?
Did he die in his sleep?
He was suffering towards the end, and there was a sense of relief with the family.
He also had dementia going on as well, and that actually had progressed even faster than the ALS had.
So it came, I mean, obviously you don't want to say goodbye to anybody, but it also came as a relief.
Well, he really was a gentleman, and he was so well-spoken and always so friendly to me, and I'd interviewed him many times.
He even guest-hosted your show once.
I'll tell you, he's a real gentleman.
Now, I was surprised by how much international attention his death got.
Well, you know, a lot of people don't remember this.
I'm too young to remember it, but he was a best-selling author in the 1970s and appeared on television and so forth.
And so he was a columnist in Los Angeles in the 1960s.
I mean, he was not a, you know, he was something of a celebrity.
Well, he certainly still is, and before his death was.
And I tell you, that sounds like an interesting last program that he did on the war on terror, and it's strong.
Some of the things you guys helped introduce were laws that you tried to get passed where, wow, Congress would have to actually read the bills they passed.
Yeah, that's our signature piece of legislation, Alex, the Read the Bills Act.
And not only would they have to read it, but they would have to actually sit through a literal reading by the clerk, meaning that they would have to start picking and choosing what they were doing.
Congress passed last year 13,998 individual pieces of pork.
They call them earmarks.
If every one of those conservatively took a minute to read under our legislation, they would have to, during the time that they're in session right now, be meeting between an hour and an hour and a half a day just listening to the reading of those earmarks.
We want to force them to begin making choices and not to do as many things as they do.
And by the way, Earmarks is just scratching the surface.
They pass bills every year that are thousands of pages long, openly written by the lobbyists, and then they just sign off on it.
And what, half the lobbyists or more in D.C.
are foreign registered lobbyists?
Yeah, I'm not sure what the exact number is.
It's over half.
But you're right about this thousands of pages.
You know, one of the things that inspired us was intelligence reorganization.
This was a bill that was over 3,500 pages long, and one copy was made available to the Republican leadership and one to the Democratic leadership two hours before the vote.
It was the same thing with Patriot Act 1 back on October 27, 2001.
Ron Paul was given about 45 minutes.
And the leadership was given about an hour.
Just, here's a 400-and-something page bill.
We're voting on it in 45 minutes.
We'll be right back.
Of course, they had a chance to read it this time and expanded it, so... We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that in 1975, 32 senators and 92 representatives signed the Declaration of Interdependence, which stated that we must bring about a new world order?
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We're good to go.
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Got some good news for you, New Hampshire.
Last Friday passed a law, we mentioned it but didn't play this clip, stating that the state will not go under federal national ID card controls, which that law was passed last year.
And the state is in revolt against the unconstitutional, abominable Real ID Act, which federalizes all of our IDs and puts RFID in them to track them.
And next hour, we do have Gary Brownfield coming on with us, expert on this subject, host of the Gary Brownfield Show, to talk about Animal ID and Premises ID.
And I have the official Department of Agriculture documents where they say the RFID is satellite tracked via the cell towers.
They triangulate it.
They read the chips.
You don't have to put a $10 tag on a $5 chicken.
A $10 tag on an $800 cow, it's worth it.
And then it's going to track everything you do.
Well, guess what?
It's going to happen to you too as a citizen.
So that's all coming up.
But I wanted to play just a minute or two.
This is them reading in the act that they did pass.
I believe this is what the leader of their Senate.
I salute New Hampshire.
Here it is.
On page 1031, my intention that this will be the last bill of the day.
The Committee on Transportation, to which was referred, House Bill 1582, an act prohibiting New Hampshire from participating in a national identification card system, having considered the same, report the same with the following resolution.
Resolved that it is inexpedient to legislate.
Representative Sherman tacked for the committee.
Question before the House is the adoption of the committee report.
Are you ready for the question?
Recognized member from where?
Representative Kirk to speak.
Against the committee report.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
Mr. Speaker, I commend the honorable member from Londonderry for his exceptionally well-written blurb.
He's described accurately and in great detail the consequences for our state if this bill is adopted, and the reason why the Transportation Committee, by an 18-to-1 vote, determined that the bill be inexpedient to legislate.
I rise to ask you to overturn that report.
There are times, Mr. Speaker, when we must look beyond the mundane and the pragmatic and take a stand based on our values and our vision for the state we are and the kind of state we wish to become.
And I believe this is one of those times.
This bill is very straightforward.
It says that the state of New Hampshire will not participate in the Real ID driver's license program established by the federal government.
The reason is simple.
The Real ID program creates a de facto national identification card.
It does so by making the 50 states driver's licenses meet uniform federal standards.
Among other things, they must be machine readable, and all of the data, not just name, photograph, address, but driver's records, violations, suspension, and points, must be entered into an interstate database
And shared with all other states and the federal government.
Of course, being machine readable, merchants and others will be in possession of this information when they require your driver's license for identification and scan your card into their readers.
But that's a story for another day.
I don't believe that the people of New Hampshire elected us to help the federal government create a national identification card.
We care more for our liberties
Then to meekly hand over to the federal government the potential to enumerate, track, identify, and eventually control.
But there's a price to be paid for such independence.
If we don't participate in the Real ID system, we will have to use passports or other similar documentation to gain access to federal properties and to use air transportation.
Stop right there.
There's about three more minutes of it.
We'll air it at the end of the show today.
Remind me to do that.
I've got several other clips.
But Gary Brownfield's coming up.
He can comment on that, too.
But, Jim, I wanted to play that because I still get e-mails from people when I say they passed the National ID Card law last year when we had three congressmen on talking about it.
We read the bill on air saying it isn't true.
You see, they're in such denial about the police state that they just say it doesn't exist.
Jim Babka of DownsidesDC.org, your comments.
Well, you know, part of the reason that they are able to say that is that the Fabian tactics of the politicians gradually, excuse me, implements these things.
They didn't set up an ID card.
This isn't a federal ID card.
They told the states that all their systems were going to be standardized and follow a federal format, so you're still going to get your driver's license from Illinois, and that is enough for them to hide behind.
But the database system that's, quote, standardizing is a federal ID number with biometrics and a chip all run by the same system, so it really is federal.
It will be.
It will be.
They're going to, you know, you give politicians an inch, they take 5,000 miles.
I mean, they didn't specify, from what I understand, they didn't specify the biometrics in the bill itself, but they didn't say they couldn't do it either, and we can all expect that it will happen.
Well, actually, it says through the standardization it has to follow certain standards, and there are biometrics involved.
When you read it, it says standards, and when you go to the subsection of what those Transportation Department standards are, it is.
We had Ron Paul on for about 30 minutes on the subject last year when he valiantly tried to defeat it.
He also talked about how it sets up federal checkpoints on the roads, similar to what the TSA does there in the airports on our highways.
And I'm sure you've now heard of the federal Viper teams, Jim?
The TSA teams are now on the streets of America?
Yes, and you know, the Real ID Act, though, you're touching a nerve with this one.
Of all the campaigns that we've done, this one seemed to engender the most hatred and anger from our people.
And so we have continued.
Every month we come back on the 10th of the month and we do a Real ID Grudge Day.
We picked the 10th of the month as a Real ID Grudge Day because that was the day the Senate passed the bill.
And what was significant about that was the Senate had repeatedly said no to the Real ID Act.
Three times they said no and we defeated it.
But then the Republicans figured out a way in conference how to roll it into the Iraq supplemental spending bill.
Yeah, the $84 billion.
And nobody wanted to vote against that.
They saw what happened to John Kerry in his campaign when he first was for it and then he was against it.
They said, we're not going to touch that.
So 10 of them stood up and protested that this was happening, but 99-0 it passed.
Jim, I want to shift gears.
Downsized DC is...
Got an article up March 12 called Good Bill, Bad Bill, Raw Deal.
And they're not going to stop the lobbyists.
It's like the Campaign Finance Reform Act that George Bush signed, the Democrats wrote.
It stops individuals from giving money.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
60 days before an election, of course we've just ignored that, but it was a major free speech attacking piece of legislation, but then it doubled the amount of money that lobbyists could give, but because it has the name reform in it, people go for it.
Now we're hearing there's this reform, the lobbyist law, but in reality what does that really do?
Well, what it really does is it restricts the American people.
Section 105 of John McCain's version of this proposal actually would affect organizations like Gun Owners America that you just mentioned or DownsizeDC.org or others that are organizing the grassroots.
We would have to begin calling and treating the people who support us as quote-unquote clients.
Yeah, the big billion dollar...
We're good to go.
Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act was passed.
It did not mention the Internet, but it did say the words electronic communications.
We took our case all the way to the U.S.
Supreme Court, and we said they're going to end up, one of the arguments we made was they're going to end up interpreting this to mean the Internet as well, and anything else that they can quote-unquote put under the phrase electronic.
Well, it happened.
A judge ruled that last year, and this week the FEC is going to come out with their Internet regs.
You know, they've got a new bill that they're very close to passing where if you report on any even unclassified intelligence activities, they can retroactively classify it.
And that they can then arrest you.
Million dollar fines, five years in prison.
I have the bill right here in front of me in the stack.
I can dig it out.
We posted it yesterday.
It was an article that Kurt Nima put out on it, analyzing it.
And they said, oh, don't worry.
The bill says we'll arrest citizens, but we're not really planning to.
It's the same thing with Patriot Act.
They said, don't worry.
We're only going to use it on terrorists and foreigners.
But then now federal judges are ruling, no, all crimes, all misdemeanors, no more Bill of Rights, we can use the Patriot Act.
Well, it's the same thing with this other bill.
You know, they say, well, just because the bill says that, don't worry, we're not going to really do that.
You know, you're reminding me of something else.
The Downsized DC Foundation has signed on to an amicus brief to help the United Seniors Association get a case heard before the Supreme Court.
And in this case, the Social Security Administration fined the United Seniors Association a half a million dollars because they sent out a mailing saying,
We're good to go.
Was Harry Brown, who died March 1st, one of the icons in the Libertarian Party for the last 20-30 years,
I mean, was he shocked like he was in the Twilight Zone?
Because I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone all the time, Jim, whenever I see the crazy things that are going on.
Yeah, but you know, he was, but at the same time, he was very...
Almost Pollyanna.
He was extremely upbeat and believed that all of this stuff was going to work out and that the solution was coming.
Part of what he was out there doing was speaking because he believed the next Thomas Jefferson and the next Edison and so forth, the people who have helped build this country, were out there to be found.
He just wanted to keep preaching that message of freedom.
I agree with his view on that.
Booking First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, and Fifth Amendment.
And it goes on...
To state that they are now reclassifying First and Fourth Amendment activities as Fifth Columnists.
It says, quote, in the near future, maybe next week, it will be a good idea to stay away from John Young's Cryptom website.
Young's site often posts articles on surveillance, cryptography, and information on the military and intelligence community.
It appears Senator Mike DeWine, Republican Ohio, and others, Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine...
Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, who owns the voting machine company that people vote for him on, are pushing legislation to prosecute anyone who intentionally discloses information identifying or describing NSA's SNOOP program or any other SNOOP program conducted under the 1978 surveillance law, according to the Associated Press, under, quote, boosted penalties.
Those found guilty could face fines up to $1 million.
And see, I was going for memory, so I dug this out.
I knew I had...
My memory's been kind of off a little lately, folks.
I've been working too much, so I... I said, wait, I said one million in five years.
I said, that's wrong.
I better pull it.
Let me read this.
This is from the AP.
Under boosted penalties, those found guilty could face up to one million dollars and 15 years in jail or both.
I'm sorry, it's not five years.
It's three times that.
In fact, according to Kate Martin, Director of the Center for National Security Studies, the language of the proposed legislation does not specify that the information has to be harmful to national security or classified.
Lucy Daglish, Executive Director of Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, told the Associated Press that legislation would allow the government to prosecute even if you read a story in the paper.
And passed it along to your brother-in-law.
See, it makes information gathering illegal.
That was actually already illegal in the first Patriot Act, as I put in my analysis, and it goes on.
And then it's got Lindsey Graham saying, don't worry, this isn't for citizens.
But then we have this quote saying, quote, fifth columnists are people that protest the war and need to be arrested.
Your comment, Jim?
This is the direction that we're definitely heading.
We have to curtail the power in Washington, D.C.
That's why I'm always encouraging people to come to DownsizeDC.org.
We're taking on issues along these very same lines.
We're dealing with the lobbying reform, trying to keep the system open.
We're trying to keep the Internet free.
We're trying to make Congress read the bills it passes.
Have you heard the latest?
That they're going to use Dynacor and Blackwater mercs to take over entire sheriff's departments and be the sheriff's departments in America.
I had Larry Pratt come on my show and talk about what went on down in New Orleans.
And that tape you played, I happened to hear it for the first hour of the show today.
I want that tape for my show from ABC.
I mean, it's incredible what they're willing to do.
Well, I'm not trying to scare people.
I mean, classical tyranny is taking over.
Even Sandra Day O'Connor, two days ago, gave a speech saying that.
Did you see that, where she said, we are very close to a, quote, dictatorship?
No, I missed that, Alex.
I'll be honest.
And then, on top of it, a few weeks ago, Bob Woodworth, it was in the San Antonio Express News, said the same thing.
I mean, folks, Ron Paul said it.
This isn't a joke.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
All they need is the right crisis.
And I'm curious, Alex, when the right crisis is going to come.
I mean, the other thing that Harry Brown was extremely passionate about was the war.
And right now there is a drive using very similar sets of excuses to go have another war with Iran.
When is the terrorist incident going to happen or whatever that sets this whole thing off?
Their excuse.
Well, you know my whole view on this and what I've proven.
Almost all terrorism is state-sponsored.
Either it's hired provocateurs or hired criminals that then hire somebody else to do it, or it's carried out by hand by our governments.
And then, surprise, surprise, Jim, who has the motive?
Who gets more power and control out of these terror attacks, Jim?
I mean, does it really, quote, help Arab states?
I asked this question on my show several months ago, qui bono.
It's the question of who benefits.
And every time you see this, I mean, Tony Blair was in deep trouble politically, and they have the subway incident happen, and all of a sudden he's popular again.
No, we proved that.
I mean, that's a triplicate.
Even former top anti-terrorism chief at the FBI and Justice Department expert, we had John Loftus on, and I said, the government's doing this, and he said, I can't disagree with you, Alex.
He said, clearly MI6 is involved.
How much is open to debate, but they're clearly new about it and bare minimum let it happen.
I mean, in every case, Madrid, London, in both those cases, the entire people engaging in the bombing are involved with or work for intelligence or are on the bomb squad.
And that's why we need to downsize D.C.
It's my constant refrain at downsizedc.org.
We believe that government hurts, but that the free market and private enterprise and neighbors working together does work.
It's much preferable, and that's the direction you want to go.
Well, the problem is the government is a gang with a flag aiming a gun at us, telling us they're going to give us a service, but then when a woman calls 911 saying the man's busting in to kidnap me, help me, the police don't come, and then when they find the woman gutted and raped and murdered...
They just say, oh, well, we don't have any liability to protect you, but we want your guns.
We don't have to protect you, plus they can't protect us, but they want our guns, Jim.
That's exactly right.
We have to reduce their power and begin to develop the private means that we need to do the things that we need to do for ourselves.
The politicians haven't done this.
You know, yes, they're using gunpoint, and they're now resorting to gunpoint, but they didn't start this way.
It's almost always them offering to do us a favor.
Well, that's how the mafia does it.
That's how the mafia does it.
Hey, you need a loan?
Let me get involved with you.
Because mafias know that if they feel like they have a relationship, somehow you'll give in to them and serve them.
Well, the vampire has to ask permission to get into your house.
You know that old legend?
Jim, stay there.
We'll tell folks about your radio show.
We'll take a few calls when we get back.
Chris, James, Bernie, Paul, Jim, others.
And I'll keep our guest over with us for the next hour, Darryl Brownfield, if he wants to ride shotgun.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Okay, let's go ahead and go back to Jim Back of downsizedc.org and talk to Chris in Florida.
Chris, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Alex, I'm calling about Katrina and how to hold the government accountable with, say, the executive branch, the police.
I wanted to ask about Katrina, just as a side.
When it happened, or before it happened, I was actually expecting martial law sometime in 2005.
I didn't know if it would be localized or nationwide.
And I've done a warning, actually, from, you could say, a verbal leak from someone high up.
I won't explain, but the thing is that... Well, there is martial law in Louisiana, I know.
And the thing is that you can see that the weather manipulation is something I've been aware of for a while, too.
The U.N.
treaties on controlling weather and that sort of thing.
I have an AP article today about weather control.
And I was just curious, did you get a warning about some kind of martial law in 2005 also from any of your connections?
No, I mean, just that the globalists could pull at any time.
And I'm talking about A-bombs going off.
I'm talking about smallpox.
That's the kind of stuff they're going to pull.
Let me get a comment on what happened in Katrina from Jim.
Well, you know, again, I think the most extraordinary thing was the fact that they came in and took over with guns.
And one of the things that really bothered me was they kept labeling it as anarchy.
And anarchy, look it up in the dictionary, is an absence of government.
This was not anarchy.
This was chaos, and chaos is imposed by government.
The government jammed police communications as the storm hit, cut police communications lines, and wouldn't let rescuers into the city.
The head of emergency management in New Orleans, his own mother died because the feds wouldn't let him go in and get his own mother.
I wouldn't have followed that order, Jim, would you?
Absolutely not.
He didn't include the parishes and the outer coastal parishes in his executive order.
And so that was the reason Michael Brown explained that he didn't include them in his rescue and recovery action.
And I had a question about getting the police
Accountable under Title 42.
You mentioned color of law all the time.
And I was curious if you could explain how to maybe find an attorney.
Okay, okay.
We're out of time for this hour.
Stay with us.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, he's had a career of, I don't know, 40-something years of broadcasting.
Then an ag teacher, run his own farm and ranches.
Gary Brownfield, talk about the Animal ID and the Premises ID Acts coming through at the federal and state levels.
Really scary stuff.
Coming up in the next segment, Jim Babka, he has his own radio program here on the weekends on Genesis, and the website's downsizedc.org.
He was colleagues with Harry Brown, who was a big libertarian icon who died on March 1st of Lou Gehrig's disease.
5 o'clock Eastern, 4 o'clock Central, GCNlive.com On what days of the week?
And folks, you can tune in Sunday routinely when I'm out doing work in the yard or driving around doing errands.
I tune into the show and always learn legislatively what's going on.
It's a really good place to stay up to speed on legislative matters.
Just from the times I've listened, which is a couple times a month, Jim, I get the idea you guys really focus on legislation.
We really do.
We're trying to bring Congress under control.
I've been down the partisan path trying to help get the right guy elected and been disappointed every single time.
And so we've learned that the system's basically rigged.
We challenged it in 2003.
Yeah, Washington's like a vending machine.
You go put money in or you go lobby and then you pull the lever and what you want comes out.
But we want to harass them to within an inch of their life.
We want to be jamming up not only their messages.
Oh, under the Patriot Act, Section 802, that's an act of terror.
I want to have phone calls going in.
I want to have their constituents visiting them.
I want to have faxes jamming their machines.
I want them to go home and hear our ads when they get back to their districts.
That's my vision.
That does have an effect, by the way.
Well, you're doing a great job, and our affiliates out there should pick up the broadcast.
Let's talk to James in Maryland.
James, thanks for holding your own here.
I was hoping to hear both of your comments on the free trade area of the Americas.
Well, the good news is we shot down the next phase of that.
EU expansion was shot down last year.
So people are getting wise, Jim.
We're having some victories.
Yeah, and free trade doesn't require a stack of government documents and a whole new bureaucracy to be created.
Free trade is when someone decides that they want to buy something from someone else, and the other person wants to sell it, they agree on a price, and they're done.
Yeah, when they say free and fair trade, it means Pan-American Union, it means global police forces, global taxes.
It means a loss of sovereignty.
That's how the EU started, was a, quote, European Economic Community.
They go, oh, it's just an economic deal.
And really now, it's a total police state.
It really is, and they're starting to impose things like on health standards.
They're starting to determine what kind of vitamins... What vitamins?
Oh, you criticize somebody, you're going to jail.
Hate crimes.
James, does that answer your question?
Who do either one of you, both of you, actually think is going to be our next president?
And I'll listen.
Well, I've said I don't think the presidency matters.
The globalists have got that bought and paid for, and it's going to be their pony.
Whether it's Hillary or whether it's some Republican, it doesn't matter.
It's the same agenda, Jim.
I think it's going to be Mark Warner, but I agree with you.
I don't think it matters.
That's the Virginian governor?
What DownsizedDC.org is all about is about going around the electoral process and focusing on putting the pressure on the people in office, making it mind-numbing and relentless.
Yeah, a lot of people are saying it's going to be the governor of Virginia.
Yeah, he's the most centrist, and he's in the South, and I think he kind of follows the pattern of Clinton.
I think the Democrats want him, and I think George Bush has really hurt the Republicans' chances.
I agree with you, and he went to the Bilderberg last year, and he's going this year, we're told.
And so that's, I mean, he'll be knighted right there, and he's sworn in by Beelzebub himself, so...
Very, very serious situation.
All right.
Don't worry, Paul, Jim, many others that are holding.
We'll get to you next hour with Barry Brownfield for another 20 minutes or so.
We'll have Rodney Shotgun with us as well.
Jim Babka of DownsizedDC.org.
You can link through to his website if you missed it at Infowars.com.
Every day the guests we have on are listed right from the main page, so you can just go right there, one-stop place.
Kind of a nexus port there for you to go all over the web.
Infowars.com and link through over to DownsizeVC.org.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, Jim Babka is riding shotgun with us right now from DownSideDC.org.
A group that he co-founded with Harry Brown, the late libertarian icon who died at his home in Tennessee March 1st, leaving behind a wife and many children, and of course a best-selling author and just a real gentleman, a good friend of mine.
At the times I've met him personally and had him on as a guest, so we've been kind of eulogizing him while talking about the police state.
And now, for the rest of this hour, I am honored on short notice to be joined by the illustrious
Gary Brownfield, because I've been trying to get these local lawyers, these local veterinarians on, people that are fighting it at the Texas level with this Animal ID Act, and they're just all afraid to come on.
They're like, well, I'll be down there at the legislature, or I'll be down at the meeting, but I just don't want to get them too mad at me.
And so I said, you know what?
This morning I told my producer, I said, call Derry Brownfield.
He'll come on and talk about it, and he's the real expert.
I mean, he's been broadcasting for decades and runs his own ranch and farm and been an ag teacher and traveled all around the country.
And I listen to his show every morning right here on the Genesis Network when I'm getting ready for my own show here at the office.
We have Derry Brownfield on in the background.
He's syndicated, I don't know, something like 80-something stations and really has a big effect.
He's one of the biggest alternative radio shows in the country.
Let me just read out of the Star-Telegram last week.
This is March 5th, okay?
So this ain't our opinion.
I mean, they're admitting it.
It goes, Under the guise of public health and national security... Oh, by the way, the headline is, Big Brother is watching the children's pig.
Under the guise of public health and national security, the new federal program isn't couched this way these days.
The U.S.
Department of Agriculture has...
The National Animal Identification System, the program applies to anyone who owns or handles food animals and livestock, veterinarians included.
Any property owner who has livestock is being encouraged.
For now, it's just an invitation.
It's not really true.
But by January 2008, it could be mandatory unless the program is derailed to register the physical location with the government and to electronically tag on-site animals so their movements can be tracked through global positioning satellites.
And it goes on to say,
So, see, this is mainstream.
And I've got the National Identification System, USDA, little yellow, kind of burnt orange handout, 14 pages.
I have the premises identification, USDA, APHIS, United States Department of Agriculture handout.
And we've got the minutes of state board meetings they've had.
The state just signed over total authority to them.
In the last legislature, and they're saying at the state level, again, the feds go, oh, it'll be voluntary until 2008, but we're going to lobby the states to make it the law.
You'll have to pay for this, and then for the veterinarian to render any care, you'll have to pay for this, to leave your house with your horse.
You'll have to call ahead and tell Big Brother you're leaving.
The cell towers will track these chips and triangulate with the satellites.
I mean, I just read the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, boys and girls.
I mean...
It's as if I wrote this article.
It ain't coming.
It's here.
And every time they're about to have another meeting to, quote, get our feedback, and they learn 500 of us are going to show up, they keep canceling it.
So the man who's been watching this nationwide and tracking it for the last few years, I heard him years ago talking about this, is Derry Brownfield.
Derry, thank you for joining us.
Hey, thanks for having me on the air, Alex.
I just came back from a meeting that we held last night, just a little local thing, but people are getting upset about this, and there's plenty of reason to.
You know, I kind of have to laugh at you guys in Texas, because you are the people that really kept the scales, and I think your Texas Animal Health Committee probably has done more to wake up the nation than anything that has happened up to this point.
Because that obnoxious, stupid, ridiculous law that was passed in Texas, you know, when we're going to tag Grandma's little canary because it's a bird and it could get the bird flu and we need to know where it is, I mean, that really tipped their hand as to what is going on here.
I mean, if people think the IRS is bad, this is a whole new class.
And, of course, you've covered it.
I've learned all this from you, and check out the documents.
It's totally accurate.
This whole thing's being pushed by big agribusiness to shut down the small producers when their own international numbers show the bird flu and other big outbreaks and problems are caused by the big ultra-farms.
It's never from the small farms.
We don't cause the problem.
The ranch and farm my family runs in northeast Texas doesn't cause problems.
It's the big...
You know, filthy operations that do.
Well, it's the Tysons and the Cargills and the Smithfields, and those are the people that put tens of thousands, and in the case of poultry, millions of birds together in just one little area, you know.
But anyway, let me give your listeners a little bit of economic animal agriculture history right quickly.
It doesn't take long.
But back when I was a kid, before you were around, Alex...
We're good to go.
I think?
The great integrators, the multinational corporations, back in those days, they weren't necessarily multinational.
They were just the big agricultural corporations.
They hadn't gone overseas yet.
But they took over the poultry industry.
When I was with the Department of Agriculture in the state of Missouri back in 1962 and 3 and 4, we'd get out a chicken and egg report every day.
We called it the poultry and egg report.
We could tell you what eggs were worth on different markets, what broiler chickens were worth on different markets, what killing hens, you know, butcher hens were worth.
Today there is no such thing as a poultry market because the integrators have taken these poultry
And put them in their integrated houses, and the only people today that are in the poultry business are either working for or are contracted to the Cargills of Tysons, the Perdus, and those kinds of operators.
So they created oligopolies.
An oligopoly, for those who don't know, is where groups within an industry team up to create a monopoly.
They've got it.
All right.
They monopolized the poultry in the 50s and 60s.
In the 70s and 80s, they monopolized the hogs.
Very few people can raise hogs today to sell on an open market, mainly because, number one, there is no open market.
And now they're monopolizing the beef.
They want to monopolize the beef.
They've got the slaughter cattle market pretty well under control, but to grow cattle, and this is something that the typical American has been misled.
They talk about how many pounds of grain it takes to produce a pound of beef, and we ought to be feeding that grain to the poor folks over in Indonesia and what have you.
But actually, cattle grow on grass.
And it takes a lot of acres and a lot of grass to grow cattle.
So the cows and the calves, the mama cows and the baby calves, are out on farms and ranches across this country.
And the multinational corporations don't really know where they are.
Open range.
Well, more or less.
But they're on farms and ranches all over the country.
And this upsets the multinational corporations.
Because they can't fix the market.
They can't fix the market on the feeder cattle.
So once this thing goes into effect, where they put a tag or a chip or whatever it happens to be in every animal's ear, then they're going to know when that animal, if you go back and read your... And then they can start heaping more regulation on to knock out the people that got 20 cows.
That's the whole idea.
That is the whole idea.
It's to control the entire food supply here in the United States of America.
And not only here in America, it's around the world.
You see, a lot of people will say, oh, this is an American thing, the Department of Agriculture got it going, you know.
And yes, the Department of Agriculture was instrumental.
Let me read you just a little clip here.
Now, this came from...
Derry, we've got about 45 minutes left.
Plenty of time.
We're honored to have you.
We also want to take some calls later and play some clips.
But we've got Jim Babcock of DownsidesDC.org.
He's got to leave us in just a few minutes, and then we've got a break.
Well, go to Jim.
I mean, go to whoever you got there.
Yeah, I wanted to, just for a minute, to get his take on what's happening here and then let him go.
You bet.
Then we'll go to break, Gary, and come back and get into more details on this because you are the expert, Ron, to have you.
Jim, listening to this in closing, your organization, of course, co-founded with the late Harry Brown, and you've been here today with us eulogizing him.
In closing, what do you think of this National Animal ID Act and Premises ID Act?
I'm left with nothing but questions.
I'm curious what Derry thinks would be the point of pressure that people can apply at the federal level.
Is there something we can do in Congress about this?
DownsizedDC.org routinely puts together campaigns.
What's the pressure point here?
Derry, what is the pressure point?
How do we lobby?
How do we stop this?
The only way that I can see possibly to stop it
And we've got the odds against us, because Congress thinks the American Farm Bureau Federation is a farm organization.
It is not.
It's backing this thing.
National Cattlemen's Beef Association is a packer organization, although they use our check-off dollars every time we sell a calf.
They get a buck out of it, and they're using it to fight us.
They're using this to try to get this thing passed.
We also have Digital Angel in there that's putting millions and millions of dollars into cash.
Into the politicians' coffers to get this passed.
Is there a bill number?
No, there is no bill number, and the Department of Agriculture knows.
It's all regulations.
Well, the Department of Agriculture knows Congress would never pass this thing.
We could beat it if it was in Congress.
But it's not.
No, they just say, oh, it's a regulation to stop the terrorists.
Well, what they're trying to do is to get the states to go along with it, and you guys in Texas fell for that hook, line, and sinker.
I know.
We're pathetic.
I know.
I know.
George W. wouldn't do nothing wrong!
So they're trying to get the states to pass a law so that it becomes a state law, you see.
All right.
We're going to break now.
Jim, I want to thank you for joining us.
The website is downsizedc.org, and folks can go there and help you guys do battle with the big boys.
We'll talk to you in the near future.
I look forward to it, Alex.
You bet.
And soon I'll play some clips of Harry Brown's last show that he also had here on the network.
Darryl, before we break, tell folks about DarrylBrownfield.com.
We'll be right back with another segment with Derry.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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That number again, 860-567-7744.
This is what the feds always do.
They have one of their agencies say, we'll give you federal money...
States, if you implement this, and the legislature says, okay, passes a law giving some little unelected board total power, then they say, hey, we're going to make you take the chips.
We're going to have a satellite track.
We're going to run everything.
We're going to have inspectors.
And this is the federal plan, and there are so many families I know out in Fredericksburg, or out in Milano, or out in places like Johnson City, or you can go out to Fairfield, Texas, or Buffalo, Texas, where I know farming and ranching communities.
So many people drive bulldozers during the day, and they have maybe 50, 60 cows.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
See, rural communities have learned how to survive in some cases.
A few were hanging on by their fingernails, and with all this new regulation, that's over.
Now, Derry, I've heard you say that.
I mean, am I paraphrasing you, or is that accurate?
Well, you're pretty accurate.
You're pretty much right on.
I was going to, before we had to run a moment ago... Yeah, read that quote.
Yeah, I was going to read a quote from Jim Farley, because just to show you what has been going on in the history of this animal ID...
Now, Jim Farley is now the Livestock Program Director for the Illinois Farm Bureau, but ten years ago he served as co-chairman of the first Info ID Expo.
It was held in St.
Louis, Missouri more than ten years ago, and here's what he writes.
At that time, we introduced a wealth of technology to the industry and started building the framework which would ultimately become National Animal ID System.
Now, that was done ten years ago.
Just to show you that this is a global project.
We have had the Animal ID going on in Australia.
They started six years ago down there.
The European communities had Animal ID for three or four years.
Canada's had it for a couple of years.
Other countries have had it, and it's because it is sponsored by these same corporations.
It's a national or the multinational corporations that are in the
Animal food business.
Well, we talked about that last hour just on every issue.
The lobbyists come pay off the politicians who get the laws they want, and the same lobbyists go to the state level and do the exact same thing.
And I've read over in Europe and Australia, they're arresting farmers using satellites, trackers.
I mean, they're under a hellish system.
Well, they're doing the same thing right here in the United States.
I know, exactly.
I saw articles where they're using satellites to spy on farmers in Colorado.
Well, any place where they grow these biotechnical seed crops.
Like Monsanto is one of the worst enemies that the farmer has.
But this is a global thing, and it's set up on a global basis.
The multinational corporations that are in the food business don't care whether they buy cattle out of Australia, Argentina, wherever it happens to be.
They want to buy where they can get the cheapest.
They don't care about quality.
They don't care about sanitation.
They just want to get the cattle in.
And these other countries have advantages that we don't.
So they don't care.
Actually, they're in favor of putting the American farmer out of business.
You see, the American farmer has OSHA to contend with.
We have EPA to contend with.
We have wetlands.
We have endangered species.
You can go down to Brazil and do anything you want to do.
Nobody cares.
I've looked at these international agreements and listened to you cover and read the documents.
They don't have to go through all these regulations.
They don't have to...
We're good to go.
Over a third of our food that you'll see at the local grocery store today has come from some other country.
Well, it's worse in Texas when we're right up against the border.
Well, I'm sure it is.
And you know, a lot of that, they say, oh, you know, the Mexican farmers are doing all this.
The Mexican farmers are not doing it.
It's American farmers that have had to go to Mexico.
Just like in the... Textiles.
Textile business.
The same companies...
Or doing it, they're just doing it in Mexico or they're in China.
Well, here's an example.
I can get t-shirts made for $2 a piece in Mexico, but I have them made in America and the cheapest I can get is about $5.50.
But I still do that.
All right, but you see, you're not in the textile business.
If I was having to compete with my bottom line being double what it was, I couldn't do it.
You couldn't do it.
No, you're doing it as more or less as a hobby or something to kind of go along with what you're doing and you want to say, hey, it's all American and
I agree with that 100%, but...
That's why there's no more textiles in the United States.
Well, it's also because Americans are so stupid, they slit their own throat ten years ago, and there was still a few American-made things at Walmart.
Now you're not going to find them, period.
No, I call it eating our own seed potatoes.
We've eaten the seed.
That's right.
We ate the seed.
And now you've done it, folks.
Now you're all losing your jobs, and you're wondering why, but you're still going to buy.
Don't buy from China.
Buy from India, Mexico.
At least they're not completely evil.
We'll be right back with Derry Brownfield.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, Alex Jones here, back live.
Got about 26 and a half minutes left.
Right here on Real Talk Radio, right here on the GCN Radio Network.
Gary Brownfield of this network is honored to carry on our satellites.
Comes on right before the broadcast begins every day.
He's on from 10 to 11 Central Standard Time from up there in Missouri.
And he's done it all, folks.
He's quite a character.
And we're honored to have him.
We're going to go back to him in just a minute.
I said I'd play a few minutes of this.
And later this week, if John reminds me, I'll probably play 20 minutes of it or so.
This is Harry Brown's...
We're good to go.
Well, let's get right back into it, because I know Harry Brown's got a lot to say to you here tonight.
We've been talking about whether or not there really is a war on terror.
You know, Harry, we worked together on a project called TruthAboutWar.org, and at that site, which was frozen in time when the firing started, the shock and awe campaign in Iraq.
Yeah, before the U.S.
invaded Iraq.
Right, we froze the page, so it's still there for people to go and see after they get past the flash page.
From the home page on, it's been frozen.
We talked about this, and it seems to me at the time it was fairly obvious to anybody who had any understanding of what the dynamics of Iraq were that this situation was going to be a problem.
You've got a country that's two-thirds basically Shia or Shiite, and then the remaining balance is split between the Sunnis and the Kurds.
The Sunnis were actually the smallest group and potentially the most moderate.
This idea that there was going to be a right-wing religious leadership emerging in the country seemed obvious at the time.
Yeah, and that the dominoes would fall.
Most all of it has come to pass just as so many people predicted.
Not just us, but we were fortunate in having a place where people could go and get a lot of good information and a lot of good insights because what
The press was giving and what the politicians were saying and what the foreign leaders were acting on was 90% what the Bush administration was saying.
And here was an opportunity to get insights and a bit of history.
There are so many people out there who understand the history of Iraq.
People like Eric Margolis or Robert Siegel or Charlie Reese.
Thank you.
Well... No, Harry, I understand now that... All right.
So, again, we'll learn more of that later this week.
I just got the editor today to play some of his last broadcast.
Just a great guy.
Again, that's Harry Brown.
Now, Derry Brownfield, I want to get back into Animal ID, but since I played that clip, as I promised I would last hour, I'm sorry to interrupt you.
The whole Iraq war situation, actually the PNAC documents and other documents put out by these globalists, clearly,
You know, I don't know enough about it.
I don't even try to study it.
I really don't.
I do know this.
That a lot of it has to do with the American dollar and the ability of our American dollar to stand up against foreign currencies.
And it looked like Saddam Hussein, in fact I think he did actually, say that he was going to switch on his oil deals from the American dollar to the Euro.
And that's exactly what Iraq is wanting to do at the present time.
Well, you're right.
Iran's going to their own oil borscht.
I mean Iran.
No, you're right.
Well, the two are the same, basically.
But they're going over to that, and it's really upsetting people.
I do think that's part of the larger equation.
You know, that's the problem with having free sovereign nations to begin with.
They can't have any countries that are sovereign because then they won't play along with this whole New World Order.
Well, the whole idea of the New World Order is to do away with barters.
And you know, we see it happening right here in the United States.
They want to do away with... If you look at the way that these committees are being set up, they're being set up on watersheds.
On watersheds.
Well, a watershed is everywhere a drop of rain falls.
And it runs into a creek and then a river, etc.
Well, there are whole towns that now tax the water from rain.
Right, but I mean, they want to do away with county lines, so if they do away with county lines, they can do away with county government.
Well, that's what they're doing.
Have you heard the latest MSNBC where DynCorp isn't just going to be in New Orleans, they're going to take over whole sheriff's departments?
I don't doubt that a bit.
I couldn't believe it.
We covered it in the first hour.
Almost half of the sheriff's deputies are going to be DynCorp, under DynCorp command, wearing sheriff's deputy's uniforms.
You see, when we have a sovereign nation and a sovereign state, the county sheriff is the top commander, as far as law enforcement is, in that county.
He has control over the FBI.
The Highway Patrol can't come in without asking the sheriff.
But again, the federal government buys off the sheriff.
They say, well, you know, we can get you a couple of new cars and some radios and some equipment.
You know, you just kind of have to go along with this.
And the sheriff says, yeah, yeah, that's a good idea, boy.
Derry, what's it like for you?
I mean, you're not a spring chicken.
You've been around a while.
What is it like for you to grow up when this country was a lot freer to now see what it's become?
And secondarily, what would the old-timers, when you were a young man...
I mean, those are real Americans.
What would they do if they saw this happen?
What would happen if, you know, one of them fell asleep like Rip Van Winkle and woke up and saw this happening today?
Well, remember the Boston Tea Party?
Ah, yes.
Green Dragon Inn.
I think we would just have more Boston Tea Parties.
You know, they used to ride people out of town on a rail.
They used to use tars and feathers.
And then, if that didn't work, they had a thing they called a hanging tree.
You say, yeah, but they're vigilantes and that was bad.
You know, they used to hang horse thieves, and boy, there wasn't many horses got stolen back in those days.
Well, they hung a horse thief because a horse was somebody's livelihood.
You took them and they might starve.
But the point I'm making is, you know, a lot of that, go back to the Scriptures.
The Bible never says we should build jails.
There's no place in the Bible that says we should build jails or penitentiaries.
People were held in the temple, and then justice was dispensed.
No, you're right.
That justice was dispensed, and the person who was hurt the most is the one that got to throw the first stone.
Oh, boy.
Go back and study your Bible history a little bit.
No, no, no, you're right.
You're right.
I agree with you.
And, you know, let me give you a good example.
Now, we're way off the subject of animal ID here, but my grandmother...
See, they were all born back about 1860, somewhere along there, right during the Civil War.
They remember.
My grandfather could remember the Civil War.
He was just a little kid, but he could remember.
And my grandmother said that they hung somebody at the Cooper County Courthouse lawn, on the Cooper County Courthouse lawn, and they let school out.
And all the school children went down, and they watched this public hanging.
And she remembered that.
She lived to be 97 or something years old.
She never forgot that.
And these were very moral people.
You didn't have much moral.
I mean, they wouldn't sit around watching violent TV, but they knew what real violence was.
And they knew.
And you know, little kids say, now that's what happens when you don't do right.
And those little kids, boy, hey, that taught me a lesson.
I'm not going to do anything like that guy did.
Well, I tell you, so much.
You know, two Texas governors who were installed by the North during Reconstruction were removed at Cannon Point.
And I had forefathers that were involved in that.
And today, they don't teach that in school.
People don't know that our heritage is kicking out bad government and that that's in the Declaration of Independence.
Yeah, you know, the Constitution gives us the power or the right...
To redress, to petition to redress government.
Doesn't do any good today.
I know a fellow that took over two million signatures on petitions to Washington, D.C., and he doesn't even know what happened to them.
They had big truckloads of them.
They don't pay any attention to the Constitution.
It's amazing.
I want to take some calls, and specifically, listeners, I know we've got Paul and Jim and Benny and others.
We're going to get to you in just a second, but if you specifically want to talk about real ID Act and Premises Act, 1-800-259-9231.
We'll get you up and on the air.
But, Derry, as if you're talking to a bunch of dumbbells, and we're all pretty smart, but we're not experts on this subject like you are.
For those that just joined us who don't know what it is, just recap nationally what it is, how Texas has fallen to the enemy, how we're pathetic idiots, because that's what we are.
We need to be told we took a hook, line, and shaker so we can wake up and be ashamed and stop this, and then tell us what this is going to do.
For those that don't know, I'm looking at the actual documents.
It's hell on earth, but, Derry, tell us about it.
Well, your Texas law is worse than what the federal law said.
The federal law just wants to, first of all, you have to have a premise ID.
You will not be able to buy or sell without a premise ID.
You say, well, I'm going to the sale bar, and I'm going to buy a calf, and I'm going to bring him home and butcher him.
Okay, you go to the sale barn, and before you pay for that calf, you've got to have a premise ID, so the government knows right where that calf is.
If you take a calf to the sale barn, and you want to sell that calf, they can't take him unless he is coming off of a farm that has a premise ID, and he's going to have to have the calf number in his ear or under the skin or however they're going to do it.
That's not quite settled as of yet.
It goes right back to, and here's what I think is happening.
I can see the handwriting on the wall.
And we know that we're going into a one world government, into a new world order.
And we know that when we have this one world leader, he is going to make sure that every individual has a mark.
They're going to have to be identified.
They're already talking about making all employees take a chip, but for now Homeland Security wants you with your new national ID card to have RFID to have any job, and then bosses will have to scan that each day.
We didn't have time, and we're going to run out of time here, but this Digital Angel, they have the electronic tags, they have the scanners, they have the database.
What I think they're doing, and I think the world leaders are behind this.
This is the infrastructure for the scanners under the cover of premises identification.
You bet.
And the animal ID.
If they can get the animals all identified and get this thing to work into a database.
Then they can say, okay, this is for animal health.
Now we have control of the animals.
Everything's fine.
Now let's get control of the people the same way.
Yeah, see, it works so well stopping the bird flu and everything else.
Now we can stop human pandemics with this.
And then that ties into the forced inoculation under the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act.
Gary, you're absolutely right.
And I want people to understand, I'm looking at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
They did their own analysis, and they admit...
Well, you'll only have the one chip the way I see it.
But you know, they've indoctrinated the people to where they want them.
Weekly Reader is a little publication.
I don't know.
Did you take Weekly Reader when you were in grade school?
I know Time Magazine and Newsweek for Kids both have run two stories apiece telling kids in the future they will all have chips and, quote, don't listen to your parents.
They're just backwards.
Chips are cool.
And I know in the...
January 6, 2000 Army report that went out, they said that they're going to use fads to convince everyone to take chips and that the military is going to oversee a chipped American population.
Well, the Weekly Reader did a poll.
Some 2,000 plus kids answered it.
85% of these fourth graders said, yeah, we'd like to have the chip.
It was only 12% that said no.
I was unaware of that.
People, like you said, they think it's cool.
Well, it's the way they pose it.
If you could have that, so it's really cool things, and be secure, and it'd keep you safe, do you want the chip?
I bet that's how they ask.
And you know, the Mennonites and the Amish, with their animals, they say if you put the chip in the animal, it's the same as putting it in the people, because the people own the animals, and they say they're going to lose their...
They're going to lose their salvation if they do that.
And, of course, CPS is already grabbing their kids and harassing them, and they're under attack.
So, anyway... By the way, Darrell, you've done big reports on CPS coming into big mainstream Christian private schools and grabbing kids.
And, of course, they've been losing in court now and getting sued.
But, I mean, America's turning into a hellish pit.
Yeah, child protection has probably ruined more homes...
Than any other one organization or any other one thing that's ever happened.
But, Darrell, when you were a young man, did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that Russia could even be this weird?
No, it's hard to believe.
And like you said about our grandparents coming back, they would, you know, I think we would see another civil war.
People knew that, I mean, freedom's all you got.
Once you're a slave, it's horrible.
I mean, it's terrible to be a slave.
It's terrible to be controlled and tracked.
And people back then knew, and they loved liberty and freedom more than anything, Gary.
Well, you know, let's just go back.
My grandfather ran a business, and he hired and fired people.
Today, he couldn't fire somebody.
You see, just little freedoms like that.
And people have learned to live with that.
Oh, you can't fire me.
You know, I've got tenure.
Look at our school teachers.
I was a school teacher once.
I had a little tenure built up.
But, you know, to me, if you want to get rid of somebody, it's your business.
If you're paying the bill, they've got to do what you tell them.
But not in today's market anymore.
I mean, the whole thing is just topsy-turvy.
Yeah, they've taken authority away from the people.
Let's take a few calls here.
Do we specifically have all these calls?
Anybody that wants to specifically talk on Real ID, John?
Art in Kansas.
Then I'll go to the others that have been holding.
Art, you're on the air with Derry Brownfield.
Go ahead.
Good to have you with us.
Hey, Art.
I tuned in late, but I didn't know if you've covered this, that Burlington Northern Santa Fe wants to open a second port in Kansas City.
Oh, yeah.
For those who don't know, they call them ports, but they're these big international railheads, and Mexico will have first dibs on that.
Derry, tell us about it.
Well, they're smart ports.
This port is, first of all, it's going to be part of an international corridor.
This corridor is going to reach from southern Texas, actually from the Mexican border.
And that's what the New World Order is.
They just hand over the infrastructure, and then you've got to go through the... So it'll no longer be America.
That's the New World Order.
Go ahead.
No, but this one comes in from our west coast.
I understand, sir.
Darryl, go ahead and tell us about it.
Well, I was just going to say the one that I'm really familiar with that goes into the Smartport there in Kansas, in Kansas City, is going to be running on Interstate 35.
It'll mostly follow Interstate 35.
Yeah, they're already building it.
It'll be like a quarter of a mile wide.
It's going to have about eight lanes of traffic.
It's going to have a couple of railroad tracks, one going north and one going south.
And all the illegal aliens will be allowed to be within that corridor.
It won't be America.
Well, I doubt if Americans are going to be able to get on this thing.
Oh, no, that's official.
That was even in Time Magazine.
Sir, I live right by it.
They're building it right now, Derry.
Yeah, the Texas, what do you call it down there?
Trans-Texas Corridor.
Trans-Texas Corridor, right.
And guess who owns it?
Spain, my friend.
It makes the pork deal of UAE look like...
Looked like pennies compared to a billion.
I mean, it just doesn't even fit into the same scope.
And by the way, there's another unelected board at the state level that's got control of it.
We don't even have control over it, Derry.
97% of Texans in polls are against it, Derry.
So what are they doing?
Telling us they've got cops with guns?
We better shut up!
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Derry, this Real ID Act, you said Texas complying with the Fed's lobbying really has woken up the rest of the country.
People who were in denial now are realizing this is Big Brother on steroids.
You bet it is.
And the sad thing is that they should have realized what was taking place before it became a law.
But I would almost bet you that if enough people show up and enough people do the right things and say the right things to the right folks, they can get this changed in Texas.
Well, now they're just canceling all the, quote, meetings where they claim that we're supposed to give our public input.
So now they're just not having the meetings.
They just keep canceling them, canceling them.
I guess I get the same information you do.
Yeah, I saw that.
They were going to have one back in May, and then they moved it up to the 23rd or something of March, and they said, no, they're going to not have it at all.
These people are concerned, and I even understand there's a move on just to do away with the entire animal health division there in the Department of Agriculture in Texas.
Yeah, what we need to do is, the problem is that I've talked to vets, and they're being told, hey, you've got to do this.
The National Veterinary Association says so.
So, quote, through regulations to even get their insurance, they're going to make people to render care do it.
Now, I had not seen that.
But, again, people are so...
All the vets have to do is say not only no, but hell no.
We're not going to do it.
It's as simple as that.
Let's give him a few calls in.
Paul in Missouri, up there with Derry.
Go ahead, Paul.
Hi, guys.
How are you doing today?
What's on your mind, Paul?
Well, I'd just like to have your thoughts on why the assault weapons ban was allowed to expire and especially falling off the radar.
Okay, thank you for the call.
Wow, you held for a while to get that answer.
I didn't know you were on a cell phone or we had gone to you earlier.
I apologize, Paul.
Because Bob Barr said on this show, former congressman, member of the NRA board, that Bush tried to get it passed, but he couldn't because we took action.
But he used regulations to try to continue to enforce that and other laws.
He said Bush is just unconstitutionally still trying to enforce a bunch of stuff.
I don't know enough about it.
Let's talk to Jim in Michigan.
Jim, you're on the air with Derry Brownfield.
Yeah, how's it going, Alex?
I wanted to call about something else, but this really hit home.
I am a farmer.
I raise sheep.
And we have that premise number and all of that.
But the big thing is the textile industry.
Back in the 80s, we had 40 different places we could sell wool.
We were getting $2.40 a pound for it.
In the early 90s, it went down below a penny a pound.
But guess what?
The companies are selling it for more than they ever did.
Well, why have you taken the Premises ID?
You don't have to do that, do you?
Yes, you have no choice.
If you want to sell sheep... Well, I'm not sure.
Has Michigan passed a law?
Well, that's what... No, see, they just tell you that.
I don't think Michigan has passed the law.
See, they just tell you, sir.
They're liars.
Derry, we're out of time.
Happy trails, my friend.
Hey, good talking to you.
You bet.
Vaya con Dios.
God bless you all.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.