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Air Date: March 10, 2006
2263 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining me today.
It is already Friday, the 10th day of March 2006.
We have a lot of big guests joining us.
We have the Emmy Award winning director of a new film concerning what the pharmaceutical companies are dishing out to our young people, our children and adults alike.
We're good to go.
Then in the third hour, former city council member, author, documentary filmmaker, anti-New World Order crusader, George Humphrey, will be joining us in studio as well.
Another Austinite engaged in the fight against the NWO, and we'll be videotaping all of these interviews today and putting them up on prisonplanet.tv for members.
A new feature we've added guaranteeing that each week there'll be a new in-studio...
Video to interview, as well as my local TV show that I've been doing now for almost 12 years, and then all of our best audio interviews from the radio show, all 14 of my films.
And here I am going off into a plug for PrisonPlanet.tv.
It's just we're really proud of all the material we've been adding.
We want to thank all the listeners for their support.
A lot of news out of depleted uranium.
I've got a report here about a March 8th
2006 edition of CNN American Morning Program, where Miles O'Brien made the startling announcement saying that there's been a massive increase in lung cancer faster than the growth of all the other cancers in the last year.
And it's directly linked, of course, to depleted uranium, so I want to spend some time on that.
I'm sure all of you already know that Dubai ports World.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The globalists rarely, when they're getting beaten publicly, actually stop their activities.
They just claim they've lost and claim they've given up and then engage in their sneak attacks.
And by, well, an example is a few days ago they claimed, oh, the Patriot Act got restricted, big victory for civil libertarians, and then it turns out,
But they radically expanded it.
But so many people who were fighting the Patriot Act are now having celebrations and feeling good.
Everything's wonderful when the exact opposite has taken place.
So we'll get into that in detail when we get back as well.
And then I want to get into some of the attacks on free speech here in the United States and in Europe.
And there's another big development.
Neocons are now leaving the sinking ship, at least on the surface.
Neocon allies desert Bush over Iraq, and we've got Francis Falkyama, Richard Perle,
William Buckley Jr., George Will, Andrew Sullivan, and many others now basically deserting Bush and saying that Iraq is a lost cause, a lost war.
Of course, you can read their own documents.
They meant to do that from the start, but now they'll play the part of losers, just like Bush is playing the part of a loser on the Dubai Ports deal.
The exact opposite, of course, is the case.
This is why they win.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Well, you're all hearing that Dubai Ports World has backed off the deal, and it's a total lie, as it always is.
So we'll cover that.
And we've got three big guests coming up later in the broadcast that I'll tell you more about later.
Neocon allies desert Bush over Iraq.
But this is part of a larger program.
So let me go ahead and read some of these quotes.
London Independent pointed this out, and it's up on prisonplanet.com right now.
These are the, quote, right-wing intellectuals who, and they're not really right-wing, who demanded George Bush invade Iraq.
Now they admit they got it wrong.
Are you listening, Mr. President?
William Buckley Jr., influential conservative columnist and TV pundit.
And this is his quote.
One can't doubt the objective in Iraq has failed.
The Iraqis have proved uncontainable by an army of 130,000 Americans.
Different plans have to be made, and the kernel here is the acknowledgement of defeat.
Now that's William F. Buckley.
Here's Francis Fukuyama, author and long-term advocate of toppling Saddam.
By invading Iraq, the Bush administration created a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Afghanistan is a magnet, a training ground, and an operational base for jihadists with plenty of American targets to shoot at.
And that's author and long-term advocate of toppling Saddam.
Here's Richard Perle, arch-warmonger and pivotal Republican hawk.
Quote, the military campaign and its political aftermath were both passionately debated within the Bush administration.
It got the war right and the aftermath wrong.
We should have understood that we needed Iraqi partners.
Andrew Sullivan, prominent commentator and influential blogger.
The world has learned a tough lesson, and it has been a lot tougher for those tens of thousands of dead, innocent Iraqis than a few humiliated pundits.
Again, he went on.
The world has learned a tough lesson, and it has been a lot tougher for those tens of thousands of dead, innocent Iraqis than for a few humiliated pundits like yourself, scumbag.
The correct response is not more spin, but a sense of shame and sorrow.
Andrew Sullivan.
George Will, the bow-tie-wearing twit, right-wing columnist on the Washington Post and TV pundit.
Quote, almost three years after the invasion, it is still not certain whether or in what sense Iraq is a nation.
After all two elections and a referendum on the Constitution, Iraq barely has a government.
Well, no, they don't have one division of Iraqi troops.
They had two.
Bush claimed in speeches 140 when they had two led by U.S.
Now those have fallen apart.
Now, there are, of course, more neocon quotes we could dig up for you.
And you'd think on the surface this is rats leaving a sinking ship, and it's the opposite.
They have had an unbelievable victory.
A sterling, shocking, total victory as usual.
You're going, what are you talking about?
Well, we heard that the war on drugs has failed, but it has roughly now, I kept saying double in size, that's numbers from three years ago, it has now quadrupled.
It took ten years to double, and then the last three it increased again, so we've had a quadrupling of funding than it was back in 1993 when Bill Clinton came into office, and now 13 years later we have a quadrupling.
You go, Alex, what does that have to do with Iraq?
Well, let me explain.
The war on drugs is an unbelievable success.
There is more than triple the heroin.
Again, I was using three-year-old numbers last time.
I just looked it up again because I'm working on a film right now.
And I was using couple-year-old numbers.
The tripling of heroin in the last ten years, well, it's three years later.
I looked it back up.
That tripling doubled.
So what's six times?
Six times the heroin and opiates on the streets of the United States, even more than a six-fold increase in Europe,
Because the Afghanistan bumper increased.
And more than a doubling in the cocaine.
The cocaine had doubled in ten.
Now in the last three, that's expanded.
And we have gone from one million in the prison system to seven million in the system.
Over four and a half million behind bars, seven million in the system.
That is an unbelievable success.
More drugs, more prisons, with people working in private prisons competing against our jobs.
You think we're competing against Chinese and Indian labor?
Forget that.
How about millions of people working for an average of 20 cents an hour?
The big drug-dealing cartels openly running the prisons.
That's right, the big families that control the drug trade, the Bushes and others.
You know, the Bushes own whole private prison companies themselves.
These people are in the hundreds of billions.
Of course, you read the local Parade Magazine every year, and it tells them they're worth a few million.
They own triple-hole supertankers, whole oil companies, whole giant stock portfolios in Lockheed Martin and Carlisle, and the second biggest shareholder is next to the Queen of England in Carlisle.
Again, I'm digressing.
So the war on drugs is a massive success to the globalists.
On paper, publicly, it's a huge failure for what they publicly claim its aim is, to stop drugs, to stop crime, to lock up the drug dealers, to keep our children safe.
So their public reasons for it are a complete failure.
Their true stated think tank goal
Are a smashing, crowning, flying colors.
21-gun salute.
Hail to the chief.
Great job.
More ODs, more houses being broken into, more drugs, giant sprawling prisons, corrupt cops everywhere wearing black ski masks, raiding houses in the middle of the night.
And meanwhile, the same drug-dealing cartel families, the big banking families, openly own the controlling stock in Big Pharma, which has got 15% of our children on drugs whose molecules are more dangerous, scientific studies show.
That is their molecular makeup.
Not their fancy dandy names, are more deadly than heroin, cocaine, PCP.
Oh yes, oh yes, and especially the way they're being used long term.
So understand, they're slinging and pushing and driving and forcing millions on it, and adults are going on it, and they got half the advertisement in magazines and on the nightly news.
Literally, I checked it out, half of it.
I could see it watching it, but then I went and looked at some studies on it.
Just type into Google, advertising ratios, advertising study, pharmacological ads, TV news.
You'll get that in most cases they've got about 54% of the ads now.
Just tune in tonight and see it for yourself or go read the study.
But I didn't just trust what my instincts and what my assessment was.
I went and looked it up.
And so they're totally taking over.
The drug dealers control the criminal gangs.
They control the government.
They control the entire system.
They control the legal drugs.
The prescription drugs are slinging at us.
All of it.
So it is a fabulous rout.
They are routing us.
They are raping us.
They are having unbelievable victories.
And they also make money off controlling the illegal drug trade when it comes into the country.
And they make conservatively... Again, I was using five-year-old numbers.
I looked it up working on this new film.
It is now $300 billion a year.
It was $250 billion a few years ago.
Now $300 billion profit.
You'd think if there was a sixfold in heroin and a tripling in cocaine.
That they'd have, you know, go from $250 billion to $600 billion.
But no, with more of it, the price does go down.
But that's good.
You get more users.
So, again, you know, it's kind of like the McDonald's model.
Would you rather sell 100 hamburgers for $10 a piece or a million hamburgers for $2 a piece?
Well, you'd rather sell a million for $2 a piece.
So they're doing a great job.
So the war on drugs that you and I are told is a complete failure, no, it's just a great victory.
It's destroying the country.
Great job.
Just like Prohibition was a great victory, it was actually the big boozers, the big companies, distilleries up in Canada and others, that actually lobbied for that through their little front groups, the Prohibitionists, who got that enacted for nine and a half years.
And the drug gangs, the organized crime tripled.
The police forces tripled.
The BATF got radically expanded.
And it corrupted our police forces because they were on the payroll.
They were smart.
Before they got the cops involved in drug dealing, they said, hey, you like a drink too, don't you?
You know, you're a good Irish police captain.
Well, come on in here and get some money.
And then they were in the rackets, they were in the whores, they were in the gambling, and now they're in the smack and the coke today.
And when your dumb kid uses it, they're going to the pen to work for the drug dealing cartels in the prison.
So then we look at Iraq.
And it's a complete failure.
No, the neocons said in PNAC documents, they said in Rand Documents Corporation,
They said in their own published books, they stated in policy reports, they stated in P2OG, all public, that they wanted to have a civil war and the country broken into three or four parts.
We have Israeli battle plans on this from 1983, saying they're going to have the U.S.
invade and break it up, then have kind of fortress citadels that just control the major pipelines, and they wanted to put Iraq back into the Stone Age and engage in basically ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Arabs in that area with the cover of it being an endless civil war.
And then you can go back to 1815, 1820, and read the British documents, mainstream British newspapers, saying that was the strategy of tension, and the way they tried to control Iraq, doing the exact same thing, and they did fail after about ten years.
But see, failing is winning, because war is a black hole to corrupt military, corrupt the population, have a domestic issue to tell everybody to shut up, we're in a war, and you can give hundreds of billions a year of no-bid contracts to your buddies,
And you can also grab all those trillions in oil.
So you think it's a failure?
No, it's a great success.
Do the globalists want to get in there, have a real government, get out in a year?
They want to be there, they said, for at least 20 years.
The war on terror will last 100.
And of course it won't end then, until every one of you is totally enslaved.
It's not going to stop.
These are hardcore, predatory...
Individuals that know exactly what they're doing.
And we have all their own admissions of it.
See, they communicate with each other in publications, but they know you're not reading that.
And they just call you dumb slaves.
We'll be right back.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We've got Robert Mancinero coming on.
He's the producer, director, and writer.
With over ten years in the television film industry.
And he's won quite a few Emmys.
And he's produced a new film, Prescription Suicide.
In fact, we'll be playing the audio of that video trailer a little bit later.
And joining us in studio as well will be Glenn Olson, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher.
God's Called Loving Arms.
I think I might...
I haven't read it yet, but I was scanning over it.
It looks pretty powerful.
And she's another Austinite.
George Humphreys will be joining us coming up in the third hour.
Another Austinite fighting the New World Order and their criminal activities.
It seems Texans are called to this fight.
More and more I'm noticing that.
I mean, just the telephone interviews we do with activists and journalists and combat journalists.
And these are the people we're just...
Finding out about online or doing research.
We're looking for other people around the country.
And there are, of course, great folks everywhere.
But Texas, so often, and a lot of evil comes from this state as well.
I don't know what's going on with this state, but it does seem to be pivotal at a certain level.
A real bellwether.
But instead of doing a big ten-minute diatribe like I did last segment about why we're, quote, losing the drug war, why we're losing the Iraq war, and these neocons leaving the sinking ship,
And saying, oh, we were wrong, we failed, we've lost, oh, the UN's got to come in and take over, only they can fix it.
I said two years before the war, this is exactly what would happen.
Again, I don't have a crystal ball.
They do this over and over and over again, and they said this is what they would do.
And so basically the globalists just keep control of the resources...
Deindustrialize the country, knock it back into the Stone Age, and then just build some armored fortresses that they keep 50,000 U.S.
troops in in the, quote, troop pull-down, and then move those into other countries.
And we're there forever, like our troops are in 160-plus other nations.
And getting killed, but it's all just kind of back burner.
Ah, two or three more troops died today.
Ah, well, that's just how it is.
We brought them democracy.
We've got to help those poor, ignorant savages.
Meanwhile, our government's running around blowing things up.
Every time the Sunnis and Shiites aren't killing each other, they just go bomb a mosque or go shoot some Iraqi policemen and blame it on their enemies.
And they've been caught over and over doing this.
You understand?
We have the handbooks.
We have the documents.
We have the battle plans.
And it's simple supply and demand.
It's simple who has the motive, kibono in Latin, who profits, who gains.
Do the globalists make more money and get more power and control?
Does it fit into their agenda if we're there a year or if we're there 20 years?
War is a black hole they can just pump money into.
So we're told it's a failure.
It is not a failure.
But always globalists have to take one for the team.
Little titular heads, little puppets, little figureheads like George Bush and Richard Perle.
Oh, we screwed up.
We did bad.
And then eight years later, they'll be back in another administration.
Same thing with Democrats.
Oh, the Republicans really punished Bill Clinton.
Then Bill Clinton's vacationing with the people that impeached him, and it turns out they were always in business together and had meetings back when Clinton was in college, and they just hired him as an actor to...
We're good to go.
I think?
You know, it comes out that the head of the Ministry of Defense in England is a former top communist.
Well, he probably never even was a real communist.
Not that I even support that.
I certainly don't.
But, of course, he was the head communist to get the credentials.
They play both sides against the middle, and that's you and I. And it's the same thing with this Ports deal.
The same thing yet again.
I'm beginning to think this was probably staged.
The whole thing.
And I'll tell you why later.
But Paul Watson's in another great article.
He does a couple a day.
Order out of chaos in Iraq.
Divide and conquer.
Divide and impair a classic colonial strategy.
And he just goes through the documents and their own statements and what the plan was from the start.
Because we were told, go in there, help them, get in, get out, we don't want your oil.
And some people still believe that.
And then, wait a minute, but we're totally failing.
But wait, we're staying in there.
Are we this dumb?
Why has this happened?
And so when we get back, I want to read over some of this article.
It's five pages long.
I can't read it all that Paul Watson wrote.
Then I want to get into the port deal.
What you're hearing about the port deal is a manifest fraud, like everything else.
You can go prove it for yourself.
And we'll tell that as well when we get back.
And we'll take some calls.
We're now carrying a little 62-page citizen rule book.
That tells you how this country's really supposed to operate with the juries, the grand juries, the Bill of Rights, famous quotes.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, your calls are coming up.
Let me just get into some of this news.
What I'll do is... When George Humphreys joins us in the third hour, he's really researched...
What's happening in Iraq.
I'll get more into how they're staging this, quote, defeat and how that was really their official plan.
We have their quotes, their own documents, their own publications saying it.
Think how cynical and evil they are.
I guess it's kind of like that New York windshield repair shop where the owner would go out for years and bust people's windows out with a hammer.
Then they'd come to him for the repairs.
I mean, it's really that simple.
They don't want the drugs to go away.
They don't want the wars to go away.
This is business.
And it's about control.
And so we'll keep that for the third hour.
By the way, Ron Paul can come on today, but I don't even know if we're going to have him because we've got all these guests coming up.
But look for Congressman Ron Paul.
To pop in, because if he does call in, I'm not going to cancel him.
Look for Ron Paul to pop in during some of these interviews.
In fact, it could happen any minute.
It could happen any time in the next two and a half hours.
So stay with us, because we had a little update from him last week, but I didn't have as much time with him as I wanted to, because in between committee meetings he had a conflict scheduling problem.
And so we're supposedly having a longer interview today, but then that got kind of conflicted with the other guests.
So many great guests, so little time, my friends.
So that's coming up.
But let me just right now go ahead and get into what's really happening.
What's really going on concerning the ports.
You've heard that last night...
Dubai Ports World, based in the United Arab Emirates, pulled out of the deal, and the sheik, the king, the head of the country, said, told the Financial Times of London, and these articles are all up on the sites, infowars.com and prisonplanet.com, he said, it's because Bush doesn't control Washington anymore, and he's basically a pathetic weasel,
You know, this powerless no one.
Well, he's not a good dictator anymore.
Go read it for yourself, Financial Times of London.
And because that's happening, they're pulling out of the port deal because they know it's not going to happen.
Now, when I read that last night, I went, wait a minute.
I remember two weeks ago, I heard that Halliburton might take it over.
And from the beginning, Halliburton was in negotiations to be a holding company.
And Halliburton are masters of this.
There are...
Over 120 subsidiaries of Halliburton.
Kellogg, Brown, and Root is just one of them.
And they're involved in everything from prisons to camps to feeding soldiers to oil pipelines to you name it, to media.
I mean, they're just involved in everything you can imagine.
And that's what they are.
They're a holding company for these offshore corporations and money laundering.
They make Enron look...
Competent and above board and not corrupt.
And I don't say that for effect.
I mean that.
Halliburton is just unbelievable.
And they're involved in just every sort of nefarious activity you can imagine.
And so we'd already heard that they were probably going to come in and be the, quote, management company or one of the people they're going to contract with.
So this was already in the pipeline, pun intended.
And a writer, Cheryl Seal, has put it together nicely.
I got this from Rents.com.
I've got a link to it up on Infowars.com.
Port deal pullout is phony.
Dubai will still be owner.
We're going to do our own story on this.
So we are all supposed to click our heels, grin and give Bush a big thumbs up in the next approval poll because he tossed out a bogus bone, the Dubai port deal pullout.
The Bushy media are spouting the story as if Bush had given up and Dubai Port World had withdrawn from the deal.
But look again.
DPW is only turning operations over to an American holding company.
They are still the guys behind the curtain.
They will still have their employees in place.
This smells very much like a backroom deal worked out by Bush and his pals in Dubai, UAE, just recently.
We're good to go.
I think?
And it's true.
Forbes is pro-New World Order, but they'll tell you the truth.
That's what I learned ten years ago reading Forbes.
I've subscribed to it.
That the majority of America is British-owned.
In fact, these 21 ports are actually British-owned.
They're just transferring them.
The Oriental Steam Navigation Corporation is British-owned.
Go look it up.
And the majority of America, I mean the vast majority,
Is owned by the British.
And I was pointing this out a long time ago.
People are worried about Japanese, Chinese, Arab zoning stuff.
They, on the graph in Forbes a decade ago, they didn't even rate.
I mean, they were just little microscopic nothings to the crown.
The British Empire never went away.
It just went underground and got smart.
But here's the real story from Forbes.
This isn't Alex Jones.
It isn't Rance.
This is Forbes magazine.
In what could be a last-ditch effort, and by the way, this is weeks ago, see?
Hidden in plain view.
And then see, now it's been announced this will be the deal.
In what could be a last-ditch effort to salvage its deal to operate east and gulf ports in the U.S., DP World told Congress that it would agree to transfer control to a U.S.
That's what it did yesterday.
Which could simply mean a subsidiary of Dubai Operation.
In a statement, first read on the floor of the U.S.
Senate by Virginia Republican John Warner, DP World said the decision was made.
Turn the page.
To preserve the strong relationship between the U.S.
and UAE, but in fact it sounded especially like a device carefully crafted by DP World's huge team of lobbyists and lawyers to salvage the deal in some fashion.
The new entity is supposed to have an American board of American managers, but the ownership will still be questionable.
Well, it's an American who's number two at the company, who's about to be put in as head of all port security in the Maritime Administration.
And it's still the deal going through, was signed off on by Mr. Snow, Treasury Secretary, who's also Chairman of the Federal Board, that illegally waived the 45-day National Security Review, and illegally was in a massive conflict of interest, taking $1.15 billion from this company to do this deal.
You understand, just a year and a half ago, he was in the business field with them selling off U.S.
railroads to Dubai Ports World.
And then a year and a half later, he's on the board, signs off on it.
In fact, it's less than a year and a half later, because they signed off on this, what, eight months ago, and then the deal just was going to go through last Tuesday, so we heard about it a few weeks before that.
So I guess it's really about a little over a year.
I mean, he's on the Treasury Department doing deals for billions of bucks and tens of millions personally.
Let's admit it.
Crimes being committed left and right, all around us.
And they waive the federal law, which, by the way, they don't have the power to do it.
See, Bush says, you don't pass the Patriot Act, I'll just enforce it.
Oh, I'll sign this bill, but I won't enforce it.
Oh, I'm allowed to have warrantless wiretaps.
I don't care what the FISA court says.
I don't care if it's a felony every time I do it.
I'm above the law.
Well, they just said here, we just aren't going to do that national security review.
And it goes on.
The new entity is supposed to have an American board and American managers, but the ownership was still questionable, or as New York's Democratic Senator Charles Schumer observed, the devil is in the details if DP World, in fact, was merely planning to put its U.S.
assets under U.S.
managed subsidiary with oversight from U.S.
staff board, it would be followed in a long line of foreign suppliers of defense technology to the U.S.
This looks like a variant of that, says Clyde Prestowitz of the Economic Strategy Group in Washington.
And there's a bunch of other links to...
San Diego newspapers and others.
So it's not a secret.
But the public still will probably, unless we get the news out on this, will probably be totally deceived as they normally are.
Let's go ahead and talk to Cameron.
And Cameron, where are you calling us from today?
Yeah, sounds like you're on a speakerphone.
Are you there, sir?
Yes, sir.
How are you, Alex?
You're on the air, sir.
I have some breaking news for your listeners regarding 9-11.
The prophet Nostradamus, you know him, right?
Yeah, I put absolutely no stock in it.
It's just pure tribe.
He said that in July of 1999, the king of terror would come from the sky, and everyone thinks nothing happened.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
But actually something did happen.
In July of 1999, 9-11 hijacker Muhammad Atta first came to the United States by plane.
Also in July of 1999, the West Nile virus appeared in New York City.
And it's my belief that that piece of garbage brought that over with him and unleashed it to New York.
And so he works for the Arabs, right?
Yeah, so that Giuliani could set up the World Trade Center Command Center in case of biological attack.
See, I brought the West Nile virus with him and unleashed it so that Giuliani could... Tell us more.
Tell us what you portend from the tea leaves of Nostradamus.
Well, that's what I know.
I mean, give me more details.
Tell me about Nostradamus.
Oh, he was just a prophet back in, I think, the 1500s.
And he said that in July of 1999, King Guterres would come from the skies.
And that's when Muhammad Atta, the piece of garbage, came over, the 9-11 lead hijacker, and he brought with him the West Nile virus and he unleashed it.
And that's what I believe Nostradamus is talking about when he said the king of terror would come from the sky.
Okay, thank you for the call.
I appreciate that.
I'm not here to make friends.
I'm not here to pat you on the head and act like I take what you have to say serious.
This is not a variety show.
And I don't blame people who have variety shows.
I'm going to fight for my life.
I'm going to fight for my family's life.
I know I'm going to fight for my life.
And I want you to know you're in a fight for your life.
Your life, your liberty, your pursuit of happiness, your very existence.
A psychopathic, Nazi-like, eugenics-pushing, Malthusian, social Darwinistic wrecking crew
Is in control.
And they wear fancy three-piece suits and have multi-billion dollar PR companies spewing high-tech propaganda.
But they can be defeated and they will be defeated.
Number one, I don't believe in Nostradamus and what he had to say.
The guy was a quack.
Number two, the very quatrain you just read is not a real quatrain that was put out by News of the World or whatever at the time.
I had to get 50 calls probably on air about it after 9-11.
Along with that smoke devil supposedly in there.
And people love this type of stuff.
It's just you got the wrong show, brother.
That quatrain wasn't even a real quatrain of Nostradamus.
He wrote thousands and thousands of pages of nebulous stuff.
And the king on the horse in the day of the twelve was pierced in the head with a spear and died.
I mean, kings were dying all the time, jousting and in battles.
And so, 200 years later, somebody dies, and oh my gosh, the king got killed with a spear in his face.
Man, that never happens.
I mean, I love these psychics.
Oh, there's going to be a car wreck, a bus wreck in the next week.
I feel it.
It's going to happen somewhere.
And then no one pays attention if it doesn't happen, but if it does, see, I predicted it just right.
You know, I'm not psychic.
I don't have a crystal ball.
I don't read tea leaves.
I don't gut a pig and read its intestines, its entrails, to come up with this stuff.
I got on air July 25th on TV.
And I got on the radio July 25th.
I did it for months straight.
Operation Expose the Government Terrorists.
And I said, call the White House.
Ben Lawton's their agent.
There's soon going to be a big attack, probably on the World Trade Center.
It's going to be huge.
They're going to bring a police state in after it.
How did I know that?
From deep inside.
From deep research.
From deep meditation.
And I don't mean meditating in some mumbo-jumbo way.
I mean true, the highest form of intelligence, art.
Which I have organically, and it's indigenous to my brain.
I've got a lot of problems.
I'm not perfect.
It's like my wife can be doing some calculations on a calculator, and I just spit out the number with these huge numbers she's got.
And I can't control it, and I can't see how I do it.
And if I try to consciously do it, I can't do it.
She's like, how did you know that?
How do you do that?
Like I can spell some big, giant, complex word without thinking, but if I try to spell it, I can't even write at a fifth grade level.
And I'm not trying to sit here and get off into how my brain works, but I understand the system.
I can look at big, complex systems, and I can integrate what's going on if I have enough data.
And really, it's not that hard.
Frankly, I saw Warren Rudman and Gary Hart was the final straw.
I was back when I watched TV.
I should watch TV because you can glean more from that than just reading the text.
I just can't stand it.
So I selfishly don't really watch a lot of TV because I just can't stand it.
I like to have a life, and I feel so good and so free without it.
But I saw them on hardball.
They were going, big changes in America.
They were smiling.
They were real proud to be able to make this announcement.
They'd been told they could do this.
And they were kind of rising up out of their chairs.
And Chris Matthews is going, something big, huh?
They're smiling.
Big changes.
Big buildings.
Going to come down.
Bin Laden.
And I'd seen him introduce Bin Laden on the news.
He's going to get you soon.
He's coming.
I had seen how the government had bombed the World Trade Center before.
So you start to see it's not really that hard to do.
What's hard to do is to just make very few predictions and have all those come correct, which mine have, instead of just making a thousand predictions and a few come true.
So you don't get it out of crystal balls.
You get it out of research and out of discernment and out of asking God to give you discernment.
And so that quatrain wasn't real.
Now, I forget the exact verse in what got ignored by the counterfeit of Nostradamus was in...
The final book of the Bible, Revelation, it said, to paraphrase, in the great port city of the new Babylon, the great towers will fall, they'll be covered with dust, and sea captains will say, Babylon is burning that great center of commerce, and it will have been the place of the trade, the towers of the trade.
I mean, it's an incredible quote.
That was real.
No one wanted to talk about that if you want to talk about prophecy.
No one wanted it.
It was just some fake quatrain.
That's the thing people do for Nostradamus is they write fake quatrains, put it on a message board, and it's top news everywhere, even on CNN, taking it seriously.
Muhammad Atta didn't do anything.
Muhammad Atta was a U.S.
government agent who thought he was taking part in drills.
He was nerve-gassed on board those aircraft that were flown into the buildings.
You can get ten other versions of what happened.
My version is correct.
My version goes off the facts.
My version goes off all the evidence.
My version goes off the crime scene and the admissions and past operations.
You see, we do multifaceted analysis here.
I know we had loaded phones and I just spent ten minutes on that because that caller just... Sir, get into real issues instead of just that idiot Nostradamus, the prophet Nostradamus.
I mean, the guy was a charlatan.
He was a carnival barker.
He was a joke.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The big creature, Lewis Black, decided it didn't need to be shown at the film festival going on here right now.
I don't like Lewis Black.
He's an establishment guy posing as a liberal.
He commissions front page hit pieces on me.
But it's just classic.
They'll probably have something stupid coming up instead in your place.
But it will be shown tonight, so you'll have a chance to go see it if you're in Austin.
We'll tell you how to do that coming up in the next hour.
And then Gwen Olsen is also our guest.
Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher.
She even lost her niece through all of this.
It's a nightmarish story.
I had a chance to hear a few days ago on Jack Blood's show that follows mine here on the Genesis Network.
And so she'll be coming up in the next hour as well.
Back to the Port deal.
Again, the evidence shows Halliburton from the beginning was going to be the holding company.
And so this was some type of fallback plan.
It may have even been some type of primitive psychological...
Warfare operation where it just increases hatred for Arabs in general or Persians on the eve of the build-up for the Iran war.
And if you don't think that Bush and people of his ilk will, quote, take a political hit overall to increase the fever pitch for war, you're gravely mistaken.
We have their own policy reports where they talk about doing this.
They're not as stupid as they seem.
They're not in these positions of power for no reason.
So we'll get more into that coming up in the third hour when former city council member and documentary filmmaker, also author, George Humphreys, joins us here in studio as well.
Let's go ahead and jam in another call before this hour ends.
Let's talk to Robert.
Robert, where are you calling me from?
Hi, good morning, Alex.
I'm Robert San Diego.
Many times an RTP student in college.
Hey, you know, that first caller just was doing his job as an agent, you know, to try to distract you.
You know, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, misdirection, propaganda, you know, taking away the true focus.
He did sound sarcastic.
He really did it.
He did sound sarcastic.
Oh, it was totally a plan.
I could hear it right from the word go.
Anyway, I was talking about this with my friends, and of course you nailed it before I could get to it.
The wheels within wheels, the total media theater, the fake Dubai for sale.
It was just, you know, I imagine them sitting around a table and they're, okay, we'll try to sell you the porch, you know, and that'll...
You know, on the way, this is really important, on the back of the bill, to be against the port deal, reauthorizes the Iraq war for another $80 billion.
Did you hear that last night?
It's been a cover for a whole bunch of things, and then the after effect, the aftertaste is the Arabs are trying to buy us up.
Well, you're right.
They're in our territory.
They're in our backyard.
So you're right.
Clearly, we've now proven Halliburton was involved already, and as amazing as it is, it looks like they brought this out to be a political diversion and just create hatred of the Arabs yet again.
God, Alex, this is...
The news that covers as news every day is getting more and more sickening.
They're saying they may use a whole bunch of mini-nukes, quote, super bunker busters, and already I've got a report here that lung cancer in the last three years is up six times at CNN what it was previously.
Well, you're right.
But it's not that there's all this uranium in the air at eight times safe levels being picked up by detectors in Europe and the U.S.,
No, they say it's the secondhand smoke.
Smoking's at all-time lows.
That just came out.
But the lung cancer's six times.
In three years, it's increased.
DU causes that, but that's not what's doing it.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
I come from a commercial music video background.
I've done a lot of extreme sports and now into the documentary filmmaking avenue.
So when you first got into TV, what did you do?
When I first got into TV, I was basically a temp.
I walked down the Disney lot.
I had no job whatsoever.
I walked into a building and they go, are you the temp?
And of course I said yes.
And I worked there, worked my way up, became a junior production executive, worked under Katzenberg, was in charge of quite a few films in development, and just got tired of the whole corporate scene because I wanted to go out and make films.
So I left.
Now you're making independent films.
Tell us about this new documentary you've made, Prescription Suicide.
Prescription suicide is a look into the families affected by antidepressant drugs.
And basically what it is, it's six stories of six kids told by the families.
It's through their eyes, through their experiences, and there's no experts, there's no doctors telling you facts.
It's just the families telling you what happened in their lives.
So you're personalizing it?
It's a very personal approach.
When I first was brought the project, I was first going to do it the mainstream way.
I had access to whistleblowers and pharmaceutical companies.
I had access to senators and all kinds of experts on the subject.
And, you know, that's been done so many times.
And what I wanted to do was to take the whole issue and bring it down to a personal level.
And these are these families, these are kids who lost their lives, and some are still alive, who are affected by these drugs.
We also have somebody here with us riding shotgun today, and that's Gwen Olson, confessions of an Rx drug pusher.
And God's call to loving arms, and she's been on the inside, and then had already gotten disillusioned, gotten out of the system, and then, even after she'd already gotten out of the system, then her niece died a just horrific death, like so many others that have taken this drug, and then we learn that even in the
Testing of the drugs.
It came out that they knew it radically increased suicidal tendencies.
The opposite.
So we'll tell that story and talk about our book.
But I just want to get this out now because we're about to break and then come back with a longer segment.
Right now, tell us, Gwen Olson and, of course, Robert as well, how we can go see this film tonight here in Austin, where it's showing, how we can see it, how we can check it out.
The screening is going to take place at Unity Church of the Hills.
It's 9905 Anderson Mill Road in Austin.
It's at 7 p.m.
In fact, I've actually got one of my webmasters here in studio running cameras.
Ryan, do we have a link up to where that showing is going to be for people that miss it?
So that is on the website right now?
At Infowars.com, we've got that posted for people.
Gwen, we're about to break in 30 seconds, but when we get back, what are some of the issues you specifically want to talk about?
I just want to talk about how prevalent this problem is and how it's been kind of swept under the rug for so many years and the dangers that exist in taking these pharmaceuticals and giving them to our children.
All right, folks.
We're going to be right back after this quick break.
And understand, 15 plus percent, it's 15...
Plus, almost 16% of American children are now on these drugs.
It's the same number with adults.
It may even be trending higher.
Think about it.
15% of our population, and the drug companies' own documents say they want half of us on them.
What do they really do?
What are they made out of?
What is it causing?
You need to stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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That number again, 860-567-7744.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Robert Manciro, he is an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker.
The 1961 Best Director for a sports documentary series.
And now he's gotten into, well...
Making films about what prescription drugs are doing, the new film Prescription Suicide.
The bio's long.
He didn't really toot his horn in the last section.
He has, of course, won awards and screened his films at the Cannes Film Festival for a film called Bloom.
It just goes on and on.
I'm really excited that Full Vision Productions, and that's the website, fullvisionproductions.com, and his company is getting into really serious issues like the millions of our children and adults being ravaged by these psychotropic and amphetamine-type stimulant drugs.
The website is prescriptionsuicide.com.
In fact, I forgot to ask you this, John.
Did you grab that trailer, the audio of it earlier?
We're going to play that later in this hour.
We do our producing here on the air, folks.
That's why you tune in.
It's so real.
But they're here in studio, of course, for prisonplanet.tv, folks.
In the next week or so, you'll be able to see this interview, the video of it, online.
But I want to first get into Gwen Olson's new book, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher.
This just came out.
Tell us about your personal story, what happened to your niece.
I heard you speak of how they tried to force her back on the drugs.
And she was really doing well.
She had a big future out of her.
It all started with a car wreck.
And then I want to go through why you decided to write this book and even your own personal experiences with these companies.
Please share with us.
Well, Alex, I was actually a pharmaceutical rep for over 15 years, and I started my career in the industry with Johnson & Johnson with one of their subsidiaries, McNeil Pharmaceutical.
And that is really where I got my education in psych drugs, because I used to sell one of the older neuroleptics, Haldol.
And I don't know if you're familiar with haloperidol, but that is a complete chemical lobotomy drug.
That's pretty much what it is.
And it's also one of the drugs that was reportedly used when the Soviets were doing mind control on dissidents in the 70s.
You may have heard about that.
And so that was one of the drugs that I was selling at that time.
And I was also a hospital representative, so I was calling on psych wards in hospitals.
I was calling on...
Geriatric facility nursing homes.
So you are witnessing this?
Not only was I being educated by the pharmaceutical manufacturer about their perspective, I was seeing from a personal perspective what the drugs actually did to people in real life.
And, of course, it took a long time.
I'm not going to say that I woke up one morning, you know, and said, oh, wow, I'm in the wrong industry or whatever.
It was a series of events over a period of years where I became more conscious about what was happening.
I do believe there's a lot of people, just like I was in the pharmaceutical industry, that are very naive.
They don't come with medical backgrounds.
A lot of them are cheerleaders or very gregarious, good-looking women and young men that could actually be actors or
And when I started in the industry in 1985, there really weren't that many women in the industry.
That's right.
So I was kind of breaking in.
Maybe a third of the population of the sales reps were women, and I was a former beauty queen, and so I think that was probably the profile that I fit.
I wasn't a cheerleader, but intelligent, good-looking women is what they were looking for at the time because they worked harder, they got past more receptionists, they got to see more doctors, and they were paid less.
So that was really a win-win situation for the manufacturer.
But after a while, after I had been in the industry for a while, and I was primarily a specialist rep, so I received some extensive education, some higher education.
I'd actually go through some of the programs, the preceptorships that doctors went through for their training.
So my training was pretty phenomenal.
And as I started to compile that knowledge over the years, I started realizing, whoa, I'm not being told the whole story here.
And they're not allowing me to say things.
They're not allowing me to disclose things that should be disclosed for the benefit of the patient.
It seemed to be the attitude that if a drug caused an adverse reaction, don't withdraw the drug from the patient, but add another drug to counteract the symptoms that they're now getting.
So as I started seeing this thing happening and as my consciousness began to evolve, I got very disillusioned.
Not only did I get disillusioned, but I had several adverse drug reactions myself.
I think this was my learning process.
It was actually real life school for me.
And one of my adverse reactions in 1992 was to Zoloft.
I was put on Zoloft because I was becoming a little depressed and I was losing weight because I was going through a divorce.
And obviously that's a time that you're not really happy.
So when I went to visit my general practitioner just for a follow-up visit for migraine headaches, he recommended that since I had lost a little weight and was a little despondent, that he put me on an antidepressant.
And I was 33 years old at the time, and I had never taken any antidepressants, and I didn't know because I have to go back and say, if you haven't been trained, even pharmaceutical reps, if they haven't competed against that category of drug or if they haven't been trained about that category of drug, you can be just like everyone else and not have any knowledge about what they really do or how they really work.
And that was my particular case.
So I didn't recognize that they were stimulants or I wouldn't have taken an antidepressant.
And what happened when you started taking it?
When I took the Zoloft in only a matter of days, I started getting extremely agitated.
I started having palpitations.
I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't drive.
I was very anxious.
So I called my doctor and I told him that I was having an adverse reaction to Zoloft.
And he said, no, I believe what's happening is that your depression is getting worse and so we need to increase the dose of the drug.
And he told me to double the dose of the Zoloft, which I did.
And when I doubled the dose, then I became manic psychotic.
And if you don't know what manic psychosis is, it's pretty serious.
Actually, I do.
A woman chops her toddler's arms off, runs around dancing with it, blood squirting everywhere.
Women never act like that.
A woman drowns four of her kids, every mass shooter we've seen, every time.
It's never not.
I'm always shocked that it always is.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then too bad, they've got to go find some more kids to do it to.
But you've got the doctors, the reps, everyone's in denial because it's compartmentalized.
It's a centralized group that's come up with this.
Now, you're already out of the industry.
Then this incredible devastation comes to your own family's life because your sister, and again, I'm not putting words in your mouth.
I heard her on Jack Blood's show two days ago.
He was gracious enough to give you usher contact info, both of you.
Your sister basically believed their whole line and something terrible happened.
Tell us about that and then I want to get back into this new film that's coming out about the subject.
Well, I had left the industry in 2000 extremely disillusioned and brain damaged myself actually from the drugs and decided that I would pursue a career in natural foods industry.
So I went to selling herbs and all that.
Well, I...
I was very interested in the natural foods industry, so I really hadn't investigated what had happened to me on the SSRIs, because when it happened in 1992, they were very new.
So there wasn't that body of evidence and information that's now out there if you can get on any Internet search engine and find something out about the SSRIs.
But back then it was relatively new, and there wasn't a whole lot of information unless you looked in medical journals and things like that.
In fact, let me ask you this, Gwen.
Back in the early 80s when they approved Prozac, it's admitted now.
And this actually came out a long time ago, right around that time that you were working for them.
But it was in a few publications, but not really publicly widely circulated, that they knew it radically increased suicide around 15%, which is a huge increase.
It was actually a suicide drug.
I mean, it really encouraged it.
That was one of the main effects.
And here they are pushing it for depression.
Did you ever hear that when you were in the industry?
Did you ever hear anybody criticize?
Absolutely not.
In fact, I only heard all of the positive information.
The drugs were non-addicting.
The drugs were benign.
The drugs were not neurotoxic.
All of that sort of thing.
So I certainly didn't hear that information.
But that's what I was saying is I hadn't really investigated.
So I was very naive myself about all of this information as to what was going on with this SSRI scandal.
So in July of 2004, my niece, who at the time was a freshman at Indiana University, she was a pre-med student, former cheerleader.
I mean, she was an honor student, honor graduate student, beautiful, beautiful young woman.
She was in a car accident.
And when she was trying to recover, they put her on very large doses of Vicodin, hydrocodone, and propoxyphene, Darvoset N-100s.
And she was on so many central nervous system depressants that she became depressed.
Imagine that.
And she also became addicted to the drugs.
She told me she was taking between 8 to 10 Vicodin a day, and she weighed about 120 pounds.
So she had a very serious hydrocodone addiction.
And when she tried to withdraw from those drugs, she became even more depressed.
And, of course, if you look into the adverse reaction sections of any PI on this drug, you'll find that depression is very much a side effect of any kind of narcotic like that.
Well, in fact, any doctor, any nurse knows that when someone's coming off of opiate-style drugs that they're going to get depressed.
And that's 101, but now the doctors follow the drug company guidelines.
That's what the AMA puts out because they're paid off.
And so, oh, you're depressed.
You need Prozac.
You need a serotonin reuptake inhibitor.
Which one do they put her on?
Initially she was put on Paxil and she reacted adversely to Paxil and after that they put her on Zoloft and following Zoloft she was put on Prozac and then ended up on Effexor XR which she took for about nine months.
But Megan's situation, when she started reacting negatively to the drugs, she was diagnosed as being bipolar.
And when they diagnosed her as being bipolar, then that brought in a whole other cocktail of pharmaceuticals that they added, the Depakote and Lamictal.
And she ended up at one point, when I reviewed her pharmacy records that I got, she got them for me before she died because I was actually trying to help her recover because this had happened to me.
So I knew what had happened, and I was trying to tell my sister that my niece was having adverse reactions to all the drugs that she was on.
And I... And...
She thought that you were getting in her business.
We'll come back and finish up this horrid story and then talk more.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We could talk for hours and hours about confessions of an Rx drug pusher.
And we could talk for hours about this new documentary.
We're going to play the trailer coming up.
Obviously not as powerful with the audio, but you can go to Infowars.com and link through over to their website and watch it yourself.
But Prescription Suicide, I'm going to try to get out tomorrow night.
Not tomorrow night, it's already Friday.
Tonight, I'm going to try to get out and see that.
There's another movie I got invited to tomorrow night.
We're having the film festival.
Got my wires crossed there, but we'll tell folks more about this, and I want to talk to Robert here in just a second.
But the story of yourself, Gwen, and then what happened to your niece.
In fact, in this film, there are two families from Austin who have lost children and loved ones through all of this.
But Gwen, please continue with what ended up happening to your niece.
Well, after my niece received a bipolar diagnosis and they put her on other pharmaceuticals, other restraining drugs, she tried to commit suicide on a couple of different occasions in a couple of different ways.
And the last time she tried to overdose.
We're good to go.
And I started telling my sister as I was identifying that she was rapid cycling, which is why she got the bipolar diagnosis.
It's like the drugs will induce a bipolar state where a person will experience within 15 or 20-minute segments what a regular person who has a bipolar disorder would experience over a period of weeks or months.
So she was actually going through this cycle of, you know,
Which, by the way, the drug zone inserts say it does.
And then she would get extremely depressed and then she would hear command voices telling her to harm herself or to kill herself.
And then she would go through a swing where she would get giddy and she'd get extremely euphoric and she'd be fine and she'd be happy and then here would come...
The tears again.
And I said, I told my sister, I said, she's having adverse reactions to these drugs and the only way that she's going to get better is if we withdraw the pharmaceuticals and she starts to heal.
So my niece had decided that she believed what I had said and that's when I started my investigation.
And when I got into the information, I was mortified.
I mean, here I had been in this industry for 15 years, totally, I mean, I knew things were going on that I didn't approve of, and I knew that, you know, the standards in the industry were not as ethical as I thought they should be, but I didn't realize that there were these cover-ups taking place, just like you said, the clinical data.
When I got into the clinical data on these drugs, this information has been out there since Jump Street, since they started the clinical trials.
They knew day one that it screwed people up and made them worse.
Then they get them on more drugs.
I mean, this is the classic street pusher coming up to the fence going, kid, come here, I got some pills I want to give you.
Tell us, I know it's hard to talk about, tell us what happened to your niece.
Well, long story short, we spent a period of time.
My niece moved in with me because my sister had her arrested because she was violent.
That's part of the profile, that people get violent, agitated.
And the courts released her to me, so I was trying to help her go through a healing process.
And this is difficult for me still.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
Anyway, my sister...
Decided that she didn't believe that this had really happened to my niece, that I was influencing her by my personal experience, and that she really did have a mental problem, that she needed a brain defect, that she needed drugs.
Even though I gave her all of the books, I gave her CDs, I gave her the information,
And, by the way, you'd never had problems.
She'd never had problems.
I mean, in your case, her case, you go on this, this happens.
It's 100%.
Well, I'm not going to say I'd never had problems.
I mean, we all have problems.
Yeah, we all have problems.
But, no, we didn't have psychological problems to the degree that either of us were ever suicidal or that, you know.
But there was a little depression going on because of familial things and dysfunction in the family, that sort of thing.
But it wasn't something that would have caused this.
Anyway, what my sister did was she told my niece, she called her and told her that she was going to have to go back on the drugs or she was going to have to return to Indiana.
And my niece was desperate.
She tried to call me and tell me that her mother was coming to get her and the phone had been disconnected when I tried to call her back because my sister's phone had been disconnected.
And I didn't get in touch with her, and my sister was on her way home to forcibly take her to the psychiatrist and put her back on drugs.
And my niece first tried to hang herself.
I tell you what, we've got to break.
We'll come right back and finish up this horror story.
But, you know, Gwen, as you know, I know why you're doing this.
You're going to save lives today telling this story because it's happened to so many Austinites, and I know personally, especially little girls.
They target little girls with this stuff, young women.
It's all part of the old Madison Avenue culture.
They get depressed.
You take some drugs because you don't look like the supermodel or it's hard to look like the supermodel.
And then they end up killing themselves.
And we'll talk about this new film.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We haven't even gotten into this new film yet, Prescription Suicide, and we have the Emmy award-winning director right here with us.
We're so honored to have him.
And we're talking to an author whose story is...
Well, her niece's story is involved in this film as well.
Excuse me, two other Austin families are involved in this as well.
So many local Austin families.
How do you try to separate them all out here?
I know it's tough to talk about, but Gwen, please continue with what happened with...
With your niece.
She gets this phone call.
She's going to be taken forcibly and be put back on the drugs.
Tell us what happened.
And we have already done all the research, so she is fully aware of the fact that, and she's very intelligent.
As I said, she was an honor student.
She was pre-med.
So she knew that she was having the adverse reactions as well.
We're good to go.
Apparently, according to the EMS report, she had gone in and she tried to extinguish the fire in that bathtub, and she was unsuccessful, not knowing the oil would be spread.
And by the time that they actually came to get her, she was uncommunicative.
They said she opened the door, and then she fell backwards, and that was the last of it.
It took about 35 minutes for them to get her to the Bracken Ridge Burn Center, and she died when they got there.
She had second to third degree burns over 95% of her body.
I mean, it takes incredible will.
Most men can't do those type of things to themselves.
And just for anyone out there listening, don't ever try to put yourself out in the water.
You roll.
You get a blanket.
That's how you put a fire out.
But unbelievable.
That's almost like those Buddhist monks in Vietnam would douse themselves and sit there meditating as they burn to death.
I mean, the place, the mind.
And you read about cops pull up, and I hear about these stories all the time.
I'm a newshound.
And you hear about every week a woman dancing naked, stabbing herself with butcher knives on top of a building.
A woman running around foaming at the mouth.
And it's always some lawyer, some doctor, no one who had ever any history of mental illness.
And they're put on these drugs, or they quickly go off of them.
That can cause it, too.
And it's total psycho world.
Then you go read the inserts.
We're good to go.
Robert, you produced this film.
Tell us about the film.
And in the film, there are two other Austin families that have had similar nightmare tragedies as well.
Tell us about that, and tell us about your film, Prescription Suicide, that's showing tonight in Northwest Austin.
There are two Austin families.
One, the McIntosh, who lost their daughter.
She was 12 years old, and she hung herself by her shoelaces at school.
And the other family is the Brooks, whose daughter, Tanya, was put on Paxil.
And tried to cut her leg off.
And the mother took her right off the drugs.
And she's doing great right now.
She's completely off those drugs.
But she was put on them for anxiety.
Tanya was put on the drugs because she had a problem going to places where there are people.
Being around people.
Now, who doesn't have that problem?
Well, I mean, everybody has those agoraphobic feelings when they're 12.
You know, if the restaurant's too crowded, if I'm going by myself and it's too crowded, I just turn around and go away with myself sometimes.
And she had that, so they put her on Paxil.
No depression.
And Caitlin was 12 years old.
And similar story.
Caitlin passed away and Tanya survived.
And the families in this, we have six families.
Three of them are alive.
They're all kids and three have committed suicide.
Candice, which is from Washington area, was 12 years old.
She was put on it for anxiety.
I spent a week in their home.
No signs of depression whatsoever.
Beautiful, beautiful girl.
She hung herself in her bedroom and she was on Zoloft.
We had Ray Jr.
from Memphis, Tennessee who was...
Wasn't depressed.
He was just trying to get high.
And one of his friends got his mom's drugs.
And they were getting high off it.
He was on that for about a week.
He called his dad up.
His daddy raced home.
He pulled a shotgun.
Not shotgun.
I forgot what size gun, but shot himself in the head while his father raced home for lunch.
We have Devin, who was nine years old.
She's from the East Coast.
She tried to jump out the window.
She was on Paxil.
They thought she had anorexia.
The parents kept telling the doctors, hey, you know, have you looked into these infectious diseases such as Lyme or hepatitis?
And the doctors kept saying no.
They kept upping the medication.
She tried to jump out the window, nine years old.
The parents finally went to a doctor in New Haven, Dr. Jones, and Devin was diagnosed with Lyme disease.
And it's a common thing that happens.
Well, I had a family member who was bitten by a tick and got it, and they lost like 30 pounds and turned white.
I mean, white as a sheet.
And I guess now if you do that, the answer is don't get medical care.
In fact, I read about a large portion of people who are in car wrecks now.
The doctor walks in and says, are you feeling depressed?
Well, yeah, I broke my hip.
Feeling really bad?
Yeah, I'm depressed.
Well, I'm going to give you some of these.
It's all being engineered to get people on these drugs, and they know.
I mean, 20 years ago, you never heard of little girls cutting themselves or jumping out of windows or electrocuting themselves or pouring gasoline on themselves or whatever, killing themselves.
And then now, I know so many couples, so many middle-class, wealthy people, their daughters are all on it.
My boyfriend breaks up with them.
Somebody calls them ugly.
And they get depressed.
And then they go and they put them on some of these drugs.
And then they go from being depressed to the phenomenon of young people cutting themselves.
See, it's doing something in the brain.
They admit in the development of it, it does this.
The drug companies, folks at the high levels, know it does this and know that it's going to get you into the system.
We have to stop this.
Over 15% of our children...
Now on it, almost 16%.
Those are the latest numbers.
Had Dr. Breeding in yesterday.
And now over 15% of adults.
I mean, this is epidemic.
And it's only growing.
And it's so hard for the average person to get their brain around this.
But if you will go research, these neuroleptics and these psychotropics, they're in the hallucinogen class.
Now, you did something that most other films just get into the science of it, as you said.
Robert, you got into what's happening in your film, Prescription Suicide.
It's about to come out.
Pre-orders are already being taken.
I've got one of the first right here in my hand.
It's now being...
Mass produced right now.
You'll be shipping in the next few weeks.
You can go to the website and order these.
And I want to carry them later, but right now they're on the prescription suicide website, and there's a link to that at Infowars.com.
But you were telling me during the break, you got into this with an open mind.
You said I'm going to make a film about this and see what's really going on.
You weren't some expert on this.
You just went and made a film showing what's happening from the personal view, and that's what makes this film different.
A good friend of mine brought an article to me,
And it was an article about Mark Miller, who is a big advocate out of Colorado who lost his son, who hung himself in the closet.
And I thought, what a great documentary, what a great story to tell.
I was amazed.
I was speechless by it.
So we took a year to research and find families that would participate with it.
And the difference is, I didn't want to do a documentary like that has been done.
The kind you see on 2020 or whatever, where you have the experts on one side and the victims on the other side being balanced and whatever.
I wanted to do an emotional story.
I wanted to tell a story.
I wanted these families to come out and tell their stories of what they went through, through their eyes, through the kids' eyes who have survived.
And that's what I did.
It's definitely an emotional rollercoaster.
I'll tell you what's scary.
Now there's this move to make people take these...
And Big Pharma is paying for what, about half the advertisement or more on the nightly news.
You open magazines, especially women's magazines.
Gwen, I want to get your take on this.
And I know you talk a lot.
You talk about these subjects in your book, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher, and I want people to learn how they can get this.
But why are they mainly targeting women?
I mean, I know that 80% of advertising already targets women.
I learned that in college because women make most of the purchases.
The other 20% is targeted at limited groups of men who make, on average, larger capital outlays.
But most marketing itself is targeted at women, and it's no different with this situation with the drugs market.
And not just the psychological effects, also I've interviewed so many medical doctors on this, the toxic effects of it, but just as a woman who sold these, had problems taking them yourself, losing your knees through it, I mean, just your view on how this affects women.
Well, I actually believe that the reason that women are targeted, and I know that the reason that children are targeted, is because they're more compliant patients.
Men aren't as compliant to take pills as women are,
And they definitely, women aren't even as compliant as children are because what happens is children are forced to take their medications by their parents and by the school personnel.
And they don't know how to complain.
Well, even if they do complain, they're a child.
They don't know how to intellectually communicate what's happening to them, what the side effects are or the symptoms they're experiencing.
And so that's the reason that women and children are targeted by the pharmaceutical manufacturers.
The children, per se, though, are the largest growth potential that the industry has because we are maxing out.
The marketplace is becoming saturated with drugs.
And so they're constantly looking for new places to push their pill.
And again, children are the excellent, the best, and the most profitable area to push your pills because, first of all, it's a maintenance drug, so it's a long-term drug that you're going to have to take lifelong, and they will tell you that.
The first thing they tell you when they put you on an antidepressant is that you will probably have to take this for the rest of your life.
And the truth is that if you buy into that, you will, because you will become addicted to the drugs very shortly, and the withdrawal is hell for most people if you've been on them long-term.
Well, medical doctors we've interviewed who are against these drugs say, listen, you better get with a medical doctor and have a special regiment to get off of these.
Because, I mean, this is a lot worse than even heroin or something.
This deals with the very chemical foundation of the brain.
It isn't like heroin or cocaine that just hits certain chemicals, certain receptors.
This changes the entire chemistry outlay of the entire brain.
That's correct.
And they are also neurotoxic in large doses.
And there's about 10% of the population that has a defective liver enzyme known as the cytochrome P450 and that's where the majority of these drugs are metabolized.
So you have a very large population of people that say, such as myself, if you react to one drug negatively and they put you on another drug and compound that, you can very quickly get a neurotoxic combination of drugs that pass the blood-brain barrier.
Because the psychotropics are all made up of basically the same molecule structure.
Yes, that's correct.
And so, you know, that's the reason why this is such a prevalent problem.
I mean, we have, in 2005, there were over 50 million prescriptions written for antidepressants in this country.
I mean, that's a pretty huge number if you think about it.
Pretty soon all of us are not going to have any higher thinking abilities or any, you know, we're all going to be dealing with emotional ability, everyone who's on these products.
So, I mean, I think it's really something that we need to be aware of, not just with our children, because this is where the issue is really getting the most attention right now.
But these drugs do the exact same things to adults that they do to children.
It's just that children's physiology, their biology is different.
They're developing.
So, therefore, they are potentially more likely to have adverse drug reactions with any kind of pharmaceutical.
They're three times more likely.
Robert Mancero, now you produced this film.
When you're making it, did you ever think of Brave New World, where the government makes everyone take drugs, or THX 1138?
I mean, do you ever just think, this is like the Twilight Zone, I can't believe that this is happening, that this is this big, that all this is going on?
The more we spent filming it, the more we learned.
And it just blew my mind.
And like I said, I had no idea whatsoever.
We're good to go.
I mean, this is something that its molecules are very similar to LSD, and it's in your mailbox, but then the cops will raid your house with a black mask-wearing SWAT team looking for street LSD, but we're going to push this on kids?
Alex, think about this.
The drug manufacturers are actually creating their own markets for their drugs, and I have this in my book.
I document this where I was actually told this at a sales meeting where we were creating the market for the next drug that was in the pipeline.
Oh, wait a minute.
Tell me about this.
Well, I'm going to tell you first what might follow my thought process here.
So you take, for example, a company like Eli Lilly who has a drug like Prozac.
And then Prozac is known to induce psychosis.
Then their number one seller, Prozac, goes off patent.
And then what becomes their number one seller after that?
The drug for psychosis, Zyprexa.
So they've created their own market for the next bestseller, the next blockbuster drug.
And that drug sold $5.8 billion in this country in 2004.
So, I mean, are there that many psychotic people around unless you create psychosis?
No, there aren't.
And then Zyprexa is also known to induce diabetes in patients.
What's the number two profit maker that Eli Lilly makes?
Their diabetes drugs.
In fact, they did a study.
Americans are not consuming more sugar and fat than they were 10 years ago.
We've been eating like pigs forever.
Suddenly, I mean, how many thousands of percent has diabetes gone up?
And now they have all these new types.
And then so many times it's linked to people on these drugs.
These drugs cause endocrine disorders, yes.
And, you know, another thing, too, I learned is that a lot of these, half of these kids were prescribed it for off-label use.
And that's what they do.
You know, if you have anxiety, which is not depression,
We're going to give you Zoloft.
Even though Zoloft is meant for depression, it's approved for an off-label use.
And it's the same with Paxil.
That's correct.
And that's a very, very common practice.
And that's what they use people like myself, a former drug rep, to go in and do is we get opinion leaders in the medical community and we get them to use it for that particular thing and then get them to say they had success with it.
And then, bam, I've got the name to go around and drop with every doctor in town to tell them, oh, Dr. So-and-so, who is the doctor that they admire or refer to or whatever.
Well, that's what it's done.
That's what happens is people get so invested in this, it's like a Nazi death camp operator.
They're not going to admit that what they're doing is bad.
They're going to make excuses for it.
We'll be right back, and there's going to be a showing of this film tonight.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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A new world order can emerge.
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You will lose your liberty.
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If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, his office just called him so we can have him right now, but I'm pushing him back 30 minutes.
We'll see if he shows up.
But Ron Paul is scheduled as well, so a big third hour.
I tell you, prescription suicide, you can go, of course, to the website and get it.
We'll tell you about that website in just a second.
And, Gwen, how do we get a copy of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher?
I guess you go to iUniverse.com.
That's one of these great self-publishing sites.
It's got a lot of other great books.
Mike Hansen's Bohemian Grove book.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Self-published books.
And you can get it also off of my website, GwenOlson.com.
And I also encourage any listeners that wanted to talk to me personally or relay their stories to me that they can also leave me a message on that site, GwenOlson.com.
Yeah, during the breaks you heard that I couldn't take calls.
You can contact me personally.
Robert, how do folks get a copy of your new movie?
There's two ways to do it.
You can go to the PrescriptionSuicide.com website.
And we're taking pre-orders.
We should be shipping in about two weeks.
Also, you can log on to ParticipateNow.net and that's a website that we created for people who want to have screenings of it, who want more information about the drug.
There's tons of links to resources there and you can get your community screening going if you want and you can order the DVD there and it's just a fantastic website.
Before this hour ends, and we've got a link up on Infowars.com with directions, tonight there's going to be a screening.
How many people does this church that's showing it hold?
475, and we'd like to pack the house and have standing room only, folks.
Yeah, well, if we really plug something, 500 show up from this show.
So tell folks the name of the church and where it is.
It's Unity Church of the Hills at 9905 Anderson Mill Road in Austin.
That's right off of 183, about half a mile on Anderson Mill.
All right.
Robert, I want you to tell the story about South by Southwest, which will have the most mindless films you can imagine showing at it, run by this creature known as Louis Black, the owner of the Chronicle, runs it all.
I mean, he's just a travesty on every issue.
I mean, seriously, folks, he's like Dr. Evil here locally, posing as a liberal.
Makes it even worse as some man of the people.
They're blocking your film.
You're an Emmy Award winner.
You've got all these awards.
And they're just saying, hey, we don't want it.
But not just this film festival.
Others are.
Is that fear of the big RX boys?
I think it is.
You know, I'll be honest with you.
I've been in the industry for almost 13 years, and I had never heard of half these film festivals that are out here.
I never heard of South by Southwest.
So what we did was a way of getting the film out was we thought we'd go the festival circuit.
The first festival we screened at was the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, which embraced the film.
We premiered it there.
It was a sell-out crowd.
Yeah, let's be clear.
Real film festivals won it.
I mean, you've had your other films at Sundance.
You've won the highest awards in the country.
But the little, pathetic Louis Black?
No way.
Actually, you know, at the screening, at the premiere at Fort Lauderdale, we had eight attorneys fly from across the country.
One of them was from a pharmaceutical company.
Interesting, isn't it?
So we've entered quite a few festivals and basically have been turned down.
And I got upset at one, so I decided to call him up.
And I won't mention any names.
It's Sonoma.
But he emailed me back saying, you know what, your film is too heavy.
It's artless.
We like artsy films, films with visual effects.
And I'm like, this is a documentary.
I mean, there are kids killing themselves.
What is the problem here?
And I think it's just too heavy of a film for these festivals.
And, you know, I look at the roster of what they had last year in documentaries, and it's like beer-making companies, pizza companies.
It's ridiculous.
But South by Southwest decided not to take it.
I don't know why.
I had two Austin families here, and for some reason, I guess they don't like the locals.
Well, listen, I mean, they love the establishment.
On every issue, that's what these pimps are selling is the New World Order.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Robert Mancero, Gwen Olsen, documentary filmmaker, and of course now she's written a book, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher.
We've got links on Infowars.com where you can get them.
Coming up, George Humphreys.
In studio with us.
We've got about four and a half minutes left here in this little segment, and I've got to have you guys back both on.
Gwen, you in studio because you live here in Austin, and I want to get Robert over the telephone.
I want to carry this video as soon as it comes out.
Closing comments.
I mean, each of you have got about two minutes left.
Gwen, just any important information you want to impart to people.
I'd just like to encourage everyone to come out and make a showing tonight.
I do know that this will be a very emotional, heartfelt event.
But following the screening of the film, we're also going to have a Q&A panel of experts from Dr. John Breeding, whom you had on your show yesterday, will be in attendance.
We'll also have Lee Spiller from the Commission on Human Rights of Texas.
And then we also have the families that are in the local area attending, and they will be there for the Q&A following the film.
So this is a very important event for us to make a showing, to make a statement that we do care.
We do care about this issue, and we do care about our children.
So please come.
There's really no difference, except there was, between these psychotropic pushing drug companies and the cigarette salesmen.
I mean, they knew cigarettes were killing people 50 years ago, 100 years ago, but they covered it up.
But at least they weren't making you take it.
They weren't in the schools going, here, you've got to smoke these.
You've got to get addicted.
I mean, this is nothing but drug dealers who are out there making people take their drugs.
Yeah, I agree with you on that.
And the screening is going to be fantastic.
I just got back from Toronto last weekend where it was a packed house up in Toronto.
And a woman up there is taking the film on a 20-city tour up there.
She lost her husband to this, to the drugs.
So I encourage everybody to come out.
They'll get a chance to even meet the families, which is great.
And Tanya, who is a survivor, will be there, and she has agreed to answer questions.
And one more time, where is that church located?
At 9905 Anderson Mill Road in Austin.
9905 Anderson Mill Road, Unity Church of the Hills.
Unity Church of the Hills.
The good news is all over the country, people are starting to wake up to this forced drugging.
They are starting to figure out what's happening.
They're beginning to realize and actually read the drug's own inserts.
The companies are now getting sued.
The problem is, as you said earlier, they just come out with new drugs all the time, so they're one step ahead of us.
In closing, both of you, where do you see this going?
I hope we see these drugs removed from the marketplace.
That's my desire, and I will work to see that happen until the day that I die.
We made this film not to make money, but to get the message out, and that's where it's been.
I mean, I'm here on my own time, my own dollar.
I fly across the country on my own time, my own dollar.
I don't get paid for this.
But you need to make money to be able to get your message out.
That's why we sell the DVDs.
I mean, it goes back into...
Paying for airfare and hotels.
There's a cost to this.
You know that.
There's a cost to this.
It's an important message to get out there.
I feel it's so important that I'm out here in Austin this weekend.
The same goes for me, Alex.
I self-published my book, not because I didn't think it was good enough that a publisher would pick it up.
In fact, it has won the Editor's Choice Award from iUniverse, but because I wanted the information to get out as swiftly as possible.
It's already largely outdated with statistics and that sort of thing.
I purchased the book myself, and I give it to people because I want the information to get out.
I'm not trying to get rich, but I am trying to get even.
Well, I agree with you.
Look, they're getting rich killing us.
I think we need to make money so we have a war chest to fight these people.
And so I hope the listeners will support you.
I can only commend you for what you're doing.
And if people want to go take these drugs and kill themselves, that's their business.
But don't make the kids take it.
Don't push it.
Don't tell everybody you've got to take it.
And certainly we've got to get them off the market for the claims that they say these, for what these drugs do, because they don't do that.
Both of you, it was great having you with us.
God bless you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Folks, we'll be right back with George Humphreys, and then we've got Ron Hall popping in with us as well.
This will be a jam-packed third hour.
A lot of news.
We'll shift into the Iraq War.
Stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, George Humphrey, for the next 50-something minutes, will be riding shotgun with us, and he can throw out a few questions at our illustrious guest.
We had him on last...
Thursday, for just about five minutes, he was going to be on for a couple segments, but he got caught up there in Congress, which we fully understand.
And I am, again, honored to have the best member of Congress, and he hails from the wonderful state of Texas, Congressman Ron Paul.
Congressman, thank you so much for joining us again this week so we can finish asking you the questions.
Nice to be with you.
You wrote an article about the end of dollar hegemony, and I wanted to get your take on that first off, sir.
Well, that was a special order that I did.
It took almost an hour or so to briefly state it.
It's just the position that I don't think that we can continue to do what we're doing to get the benefits of being able to print.
We're good to go.
I think?
Congressman, what do the one-worlders really want?
Because we know that they have to let their dollars come back in, that all these foreign countries like Japan, China, England, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the French are holding.
And then Bush claims now that they're dropping the UAE deal, but really Halliburton's just going to be a holding company for it.
I mean, if America...
In fact, Treasury Secretary Snowe is out today saying, don't worry, America's still open for business.
Come buy us up.
That's really all we do now is you just come buy us.
I mean, where does this go in the future for the American worker, the American middle class people who want their children to have some type of future?
Because all the indices I look at show a very dim future indeed.
I think their ultimate goal, and the goal they've had for a long time, is to control all the natural resources.
And the biggest resource that they're interested in is oil.
And in the process, though, they want to control the banking system, which they pretty much have control of, which means the dollar is very, very important to them.
And then they also want to control the military power that dominates in the world, and that is, of course, our military power, so they're very influential there.
And I don't think they have any sense of loyalty to nations.
They're internationalists in the worst sense.
I don't think there's anything wrong with being an internationalist in the sense that you can travel and deal with people and trade with people and study and learn.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I think it is.
And this is a good example of their solution, you know, turning over to Halliburton.
Halliburton had been charged with a lot of misuse of funds to the tune of billions of dollars.
And I don't have all the evidence, but quite frankly, I believe they probably were very much involved in a lot of corrupt spending over in Iraq.
So they get rewarded and they're going to take over as if they're different.
I think you're right to assume that they're all one in the same group.
It looks like the American people and the Congress are going to buy it.
I've got former city council member and author and documentary filmmaker in his own right, George Humphrey, in studio with me.
And George, I'm interested to see what you think is most important today.
What questions do you have for Dr. Ron Paul?
Congressman, this is George Humphrey.
What is your thought about what's going to happen when Iran goes over the EU as their currency?
I think if they do, and it's overwhelming, it'll have significance.
If they do, and it's a loan, and they demand euros for their oil, it might not have a tremendous ramification immediately.
But if they do, and other OPEC nations follow, and then they start trading OPEC,
Well, I think that's a possibility because it sure made sense that that was the reason we went into Iraq because Saddam Hussein had already started pricing his oil in euros.
We knew that Chavez threatened to do that, and then all of a sudden there was an attempted coup against him.
The only thing that doesn't quite add up, and maybe somebody has an answer to this, is if the Europeans, and this was one of the reasons the Europeans were opposed to what we were doing in Iraq, because it was a contest between dollars and euros, but right now the Europeans aren't offering any resistance whatsoever to
To the intimidation and the confrontation with Iran.
In fact, while we have that going on, what is your prediction on will there be an Israeli or a U.S.
or joint strike?
Will it come this March or next March?
Because they said the invasion would come in March of 2002.
It was really March of 2003.
They like to do that.
And then that ties in with the London Independent article today with all these quotes of William F. Buckley, Francis...
Well, we've had...
Several hearings already.
We had some this week from State Department and other officials, other neocons coming and advocating a confrontational approach.
They're not nearly at the point where they're talking about an invasion, and they may get around to that, but the only thing they hint to is that of taking out these nuclear sites, which they can't even prove exist, and yet they're about ready to attack them with bombs.
I think this will have a horrendous ramification on the price of oil, and I don't think the Iranians are going to sit back and be defeated as easily as the Iraqi government was defeated.
Of course, the Iraqi people haven't been defeated yet.
They're doing pretty good at holding their own against a very powerful nation.
So I think they have a lot of things that they can do back at us, like cut off all their oil and then close the Straits of Hormuz.
Well, they're saying they'll blow up the shipping with their cruise missiles.
Yeah, I mean, this is crazy.
I even charged the State Department.
I said, you know, you should try to learn from your mistakes and learn from the lessons that we just have had with the Iraq war.
And you took oil from $30 a barrel up to $60.
I said, as soon as you attack around, the oil's going to go from $60 to $120.
They didn't answer that question at all.
So do you think they're going to have a strike?
I mean, Israel's here in the Jerusalem Post.
Their defense minister has the nerve after we roll over backwards for them.
And he's saying, headline, U.S.
not doing enough to stop Iran.
And America, quote, needs to get its act together.
And they just go on to call us all sorts of names here.
Until now, the U.S.
administration has just been talking tough, but the time has come for Americans to begin to take tough action.
Hey, tell Israel they want to cause World War III.
How about they go do it?
If they want to do it, if they think it's in their self-interest, they have the right to do it.
They do not have the right to use American taxpayers' money.
Of course, they survive, and their military depends on our money, but...
I have no qualms about Israel doing whatever they want.
I do have qualms about us being dictated to or us financing what they need or want.
I don't think they're on the verge of doing it.
I think they're still in the propaganda phase.
Why is their defense minister treating us like we're a whore and Israel's our pimp?
Well, just to put more pressure on us, and they know it's worked in the past, you know.
They put pressure on our politicians, and our politicians are so intimidated.
The one disturbing thing this week that I noticed in our hearings was that the coalition of some of the conservatives like myself and constitutionalists, along with some on the left who oppose the war, that coalition is very weak.
It seems like the left is much more ready to do something about Iran than they were about Iraq.
So I see our opposition even weaker, and we weren't able to stop the last one.
So when the time comes, I think the noise that you hear now and all the talk is all to get the American people ready, because they are down on the Iraqi war, so they have to have...
You know, a reason to go in, and that's what they're preparing... Dr. Paul, shifting gears, and we're so honored to have you with us, shifting gears into another subject quickly before you have to leave us.
DU, detectors all over the Western world are picking up eight times the safe level.
It's the same isotope.
We know it's the thousands of tons that have been used everywhere.
Lung cancer rates are exploding, even though smoking's down.
What do you think about the DU situation?
I don't know enough about it to comment on it but I do know that we contribute to it especially with
You're talking about the depleted uranium which was put in the shells.
We know that the Persian Gulf War Syndrome probably was somewhat related to that and other things that we did.
Well, the tripling of birth defects from the first war.
We have not yet seen the real cost of this war when we start seeing our troops come home.
They talk about 20,000 casualties.
That's serious injury and death.
But there are probably tens of thousands of others who are coming back who believe they have psychological problems that they've been taught that it's just a weakness and they can't even talk about it.
So we have no idea what we're going to face with our veterans coming home.
And not only about the uranium, I think we also have a lot more head injuries and psychological problems for other reasons that
It's really going to hit us.
It's a real tragedy.
Congressman, I just want to hold you through this break so you can plug your website and your organization, the Liberty Committee, when we get back.
So just stay with us a few minutes.
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Alex Jones here, back live.
George Humphrey riding shotgun with me.
Congressman Ron Paul, a few minutes left with him today.
We're honored to have him last weekend, now again this week.
Very busy man.
I was talking to George during the break, Congressman, and he was talking about how he just got back from Thailand.
And of course, he's been to India, business, and many other issues.
He's a successful businessman here locally.
And how just everything's moving there.
I mean, it looks like a spaceship, he said, in India.
It's so high-tech what's been moved there.
You know, even if we had some victories and continue to have some victories, to rebuild our structure is a big, big job.
I mean, to bring the jobs back and be competitive again, you need a new currency, you need a new tax structure, you need a new approach to environmentalism, and you need a new approach to all regulatory law that we have.
We need different courts and justices.
You know,
It's so overwhelming that I don't think all of a sudden we should expect manufacturing jobs to come back because we aren't competitive.
And I think the currency has a lot to do with that.
When you're printing a currency, it's much easier to spend it overseas than to build factories as long as these people are taking our money.
So I think our agitation, that's about all I think I can do is agitate and talk about what we should do so we don't have a whole lot of victories to
I think that's important so that if we do get a better chance to implement policy, there'll be more people with us.
And I think the hard money movement and the number of people who are understanding the importance of gold and silver and why it's so dangerous to have paper money, I think our numbers are growing and I think that's very beneficial to all of us.
The dollar overall has devalued 45% since 1998.
Because the euro was about 88 cents and now it's at, what, 130 or so.
So you do the math and you look at where all these trends are going.
More and more countries are starting to slowly dump the dollar.
It's like they're trying to ease out of it, but it's like a Mexican standoff.
When does it... Well, it'll probably get out of hand.
It's in their interest to make it orderly because the foreigners are holding so many dollars and I think the top
We're good to go.
So you think we need to educate everybody about who was behind the crash, who caused this, what policies did this, so as things get worse, people will at least know real solutions?
That's it.
I think bad policy gets us into trouble, whether it's bad foreign policy and
Or bad economic policy.
But basically what the trouble is with Washington is they reject the notion of the rule of law because I think the founders gave us a system that endorsed the concept of free markets and sound money.
So if we really want to step back in the right direction, we just demand that our Congress obey the Constitution.
And that's where our biggest problem is, is that most of them don't care and most of them don't really understand it.
But instead, the federal government's racing in the other direction.
The people now don't want big government.
They're waking up in all the polls.
But the establishment knows that, so they're racing to put a police state in place.
Is that police state to try to fend off the counter-revolution?
It is.
It's in there.
It's in place.
And it was rather tragic that we saw the Patriot Act got passed and worse than ever.
And yet you and I know that there's a lot of people around this country who have spoken out and have been very negative about that.
So that shows they're still in control in spite of the people trying to speak out and slow this down.
A bureaucratic monstrosity that we have in Washington.
Final quick question.
We're going to let you go right now, Congressman.
Last week we talked about impeachment, Democrats winning control of the Congress.
You believe that they'll then try to impeach Bush.
How do you see that coming down?
I suspect they will.
They've introduced the resolution already, and it would be both because they're angry just for general political reasons, but
They really, really would like to get payback for what Republicans did with Clinton.
So if they get a majority in the House, I believe they'll take it up in a very serious manner.
But overall, do you think it will be positive to see the executive branch punished just for precedent?
I mean, right now the executive claiming imperial power, would it be positive to see the executive punished?
I think anything that diminishes the power of the executive branch or the central government is beneficial to the people and to the cause of liberty.
Congressman, you're a trooper.
You're a champion of liberty.
You are just an amazing American, and we're glad to have you up there as a standard of the paleo-conservatism.
And God bless you.
Thanks for spending time with us.
Have a great weekend.
You bet.
Thank you.
All right, here we go.
George Humphreys.
We're going to have 30 minutes with my good buddy.
When we get back, stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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And I certainly hope listeners will go to Infowars.com and order these books and videos, VHS, DVD, today because they are so important in this fight and he has such a deep knowledge into the New World Order.
George, I want to talk about the Iraq War, the globalists, where we're going from here.
Just basically whatever you think is most important, but you were riveting me during the break, talking about all your overseas travels for business and pleasure, and you're over there just seeing what's happened.
So thank you so much for being here, my friend.
Well, I'm always honored to be on the show, Alex.
You're a good friend of mine and have been a good friend for a long period of time.
I just got back from two months in Southeast Asia, and having a degree in economics and having written about what's going on in this world for a long period of time...
When you see firsthand how the United States is losing it financially and economically from a different perspective, it is just overwhelming.
I spent about three weeks in India and most of that time in Bangalore where they have these IT parks
And it's like these spaceships have come down and landed.
And almost every software company in the country and in the world is going there.
Which means the brains and the wisdom of this country is going over there.
A buddy of mine here in Austin, Texas who has a very successful company has just shut down
His business here in the United States and is moving at all... Freescale shutting down going to India.
Yeah, and it's nothing against the Indians because I love India, but the problem is that the brains and the productivity and the wealth of this country, both as far as software and industrially, is moving from this country.
And if you don't make things and if you don't sell things and if you are not productive, you go bankrupt.
Well, I mean, I've likened it to, you come home, your house has been robbed, you can rebuild that, you can get that back.
But if somebody chops your legs and arms off and gouges your eyes out and cuts your tongue out and pierces your eardrums with pencils, you're in deep trouble.
What made this country wealthy is because the people of this country were entrepreneurs, they worked, they produced things, and made in America meant something.
And so our building capacity is being taken.
And for 150 years, we had a positive trade balance.
In 1982, we had the world's largest trade balance in the world.
By 1985, we had the world's largest negative trade balance.
This year, we're going to have almost a $750 billion per year negative trade balance.
And it's not free or fair trade.
They have slaves.
This is not free trade.
Slaves shipping this stuff in.
And we're competing against slaves, then we're competing against millions of prisoners.
And the thing about it is, is that this is bankruptcy on design that has been created by the power elite.
They did this to repossess everything.
They brag about it.
And then I have top economists on who are even saying Bush is bad, like Bartlett and others, neocons.
But they're like, well, but globalism's good.
This has been real good for us.
No, it hasn't.
It's like if you drink something and it makes you sick every time, you know it isn't good.
Just 25 years ago, manufacturing was 44% of the gross domestic product of the United States.
Today, it's 17% and going down like a rock.
My friends, the good-paying jobs in this country are leaving very, very quickly.
And they're shifting over where in some colleges, the growth industry, I mean, we're talking in some cases like half the college, will shift over to, quote, homeland security.
So the new economy is going to be surveillance and control.
So if you want a job, it's going to economically conscript you into that.
Yeah, and even service jobs are not safe here.
Just about three months ago, I was in New York City, and I called a cab from my hotel, and I got a guy in Bangalore who was the one who was scheduling the cabs to take me out to the airport.
Friends, our economy and the economy is the basis of the wealth and the freedom.
By the way, service is now constricting, as you know.
Yes, absolutely.
And people, if you don't wake up,
Well, tell us how we turn it around, if that's even possible, or how do we have a softer landing in the crash?
And then the really scary thing, why do they want to economically bankrupt us?
What comes after they do that?
Well, the last question I think is extremely important.
Why they want to do that is because the United States, the freedom-loving people of the United States, have always been the greatest hurdle to the power elite taking total control of the world.
In fact, they wrote big articles about it when we first got independence from the British.
They said if this spreads, if they're allowed to have freedom and allowed to print their own money, it's over for us.
And quite clearly, the handful, and I'm talking about the handful, the two or three hundred people who run this world realize that the middle class of this country, the people who are productive, are the only stop between them.
And that poor middle class is cheering on these wars.
They've been told that by going for these wars, that they somehow are getting some of it.
And I have very, very dear friends who are in the manufacturing business who are good family people.
And who have heart of gold, but they...
You know, they say they're Christians, but then they support Bush and they want to go over and kill some Arabs.
They have no idea of what's going on.
They are so provincial, and the misinformation that has come their way has turned them.
It is a total oxymoron.
And there's going to be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Yeah, and unless we, the people, the educated people of this country, and it doesn't take a majority, it doesn't even take 30%, it takes about 5% to 10% of the people to wake up
Well, absolutely.
It is...
Again, it doesn't take a majority, but one or two people can't do it by themselves.
And Alex is working 18 hours a week.
I've been working on this stuff for 15 years.
And we do it because we love this country.
We love our families.
We believe in this culture.
We believe in freedom.
We believe in the heritage of the Magna Carta, of the Constitution, of the Republic, and of the good things of this country.
And it's going to take all of us.
And the thing about it is, is that one person, no matter what color you are, how rich, male or female, every single one of you can make a difference.
And understanding that we are not victims.
We're not victims.
We are all strong, sovereign, divine people.
And if you believe that and understand that, then you have tremendous power.
You just made me think of something else.
Not only have we gone since 1985 of being the greatest creditor
We've also gone from being universally loved and seen as the good guys
They see our president get up and his attorney general say they can torture children and they can torture people.
Everyone hears that, and Joseph Mingala did it in secret.
We do it out in the open.
By design, these globalists are also setting America up for that fault.
And traveling around, and I travel around the world all the time, and I go to Asia about once a year, and I go to Europe and South America.
You're out of the country more than you're in.
And the fact is that the people around the world still love Americans.
I mean, even in Vietnam... That's what Dr. Mall said.
He said, overseas, they know it's our government, not us.
And at the same time, they're seeing what's going on with our government.
And they're saying, why aren't the people standing up to this?
And so for the first time in a long time, the people are going, why aren't the American people doing something?
And because there's such a dichotomy between the actions of the government, between the torture, the bombing, the insane policy of the government, and the good-hearted people of the United States that travel around the world.
But the fact is that the leaders of this country are only there because the people of this country have allowed them to be there.
We were the big, bad, smartest, richest people around because we had liberty and then the central nervous system got hijacked by a virus and it's using us and we've got to literally pull the amoeba-like creature out of our ear and get it out of... I mean, we've got to do that now.
That is an
Excellent analogy.
The disease that the people of the United States and of the Occidental world are dealing with right now is so systemic, it is so total, that unless we take radical measures to clear our thoughts and to transcend the old left-right paradigm and to start
Having a new conversation about how to heal, how to make this country, return this country to the good, the truth, the beauty, and the respect for individual rights instead of the consolidation power.
You were talking about freedom.
I mean, overseas, and I've been overseas, in many cases there is more freedom than there is here.
We think we're so free and it's a joke.
It really is a joke.
We always think that other countries are less free.
And quite clearly, countries that I travel to are not perfect and there's a lot of problems.
But I guarantee you is that on a personal level is that there's much more personal freedom in Southeast Asia than there is in the United States.
And there is more dialogue and there's more debate.
People are more informed about the NWO.
Yes, they're clearly more informed.
In Thailand, the Prime Minister talks, and they're a very sharp guy, but he's a total buddy of Bush, who just sold out his country.
Within days, there was hundreds of thousands of people in the street, and they're Buddhists, and non-violently demonstrating.
Doing a really, really great job.
And I'll tell you what, unless we, again, organize, and that means you, the people listening out there, it means getting informed, going to Alex's website, going to my website, fearorlove.com, getting yourself informed, talking to your friends, writing the letters, going to the demonstrations.
Calling into the talk shows, writing letters.
Come on, folks, it doesn't take that much, but if you don't do it, not only will your grandchildren's lives and your children's lives, but your life will be severely impacted by it.
Now, I specifically want people to know, though, THX 1138, Brave New World, these nightmare dystopic films like The Island.
That's actually what the globalists say they're going to do to us.
I don't think people realize that they openly say we're animals, we're scum, we're going to be killed.
I mean, we have the Kissinger documents, we have the Prince Philip documents, we know the WTO, the WHO documents, the UN food summits, population control.
If they have their way, George, what's going to happen?
Well, I've been reading and studying about this for a long period of time, and
First of all, the future, there's infinite potential.
But it's very, very clear and objective.
They're scared for some reason.
Yeah, that's the good news.
They know that they're losing control of the paradigm.
Oh, absolutely.
And things are changing because of people like Alex and myself and Jack Blood and many others and many of you who are listening.
But the fact is, is that the people who control the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da, these people have absolutely no respect for our Constitution.
They have no respect for the individual sovereign liberty of individuals.
Well, they see us as like a package of Twinkies on the shelf.
They don't even see us as real.
They call us resources.
Well, absolutely.
And when you objectify... Like a log of wood you throw in the fire.
And when you objectify another person's life, it's slavery.
And with the technology that is there right now, the changes that are and can take place can happen so rapidly.
And folks, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
We're not trying to be chicken littles and we're not trying to overhype this thing.
The reality is, though, unless we the people of this country take absolutely strong action right now, the near future of this country and the near future of your life is in great jeopardy.
There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
Their plan is to use consecutively larger terrorist attacks to hurt us in the compact cities, clamp down a total control grid, and then kill 85-95% of us.
And so that day in the future, 10 years from now, maybe even sooner, we're all clamped down, we're all walking around with our little ID badges.
They're going to kill all of us.
Folks, I don't get on the air and say, this is going to happen, that's going to happen.
Just guarantee it.
Unfortunately, everything I've said is going to happen, is going to happen.
They are going to kill everyone if we don't stop them.
George, do you agree with that?
Well, you know, and that's a real possibility, and it's just like three years ago, they knew about this bird flu, and I saw a chair talk today, said the bird flu is coming to the United States.
And, you know...
Quite clearly.
Well, that's just a dress rehearsal for the big one.
Just like AIDS and Ebola, the bird flu is a manufactured virus that is put out probably by the National Institute of Health.
And friends, it is so obvious.
Their tricks, they don't even hide their hands any longer.
It is so easy to see what they're doing because the way they manipulate people is through fear.
Fear, fear, fear.
And when people are afraid, they do irrational things.
Well, bottom line, I mean, I've had a lot of guests on where they admittedly take a young corporal, say, we're going to give you three days to leave, go in this chamber.
They nerve gas him and kill him, knowing it would kill him.
They did it to thousands and thousands of people in this country.
I talk about the ringworm children in Israel.
It's in Israeli papers.
They took 110,000 Sephardi Jews, Israel did, with U.S.
money and killed them.
Radiated their brains for a test.
They really wanted to kill somebody.
The test was to see if their people would have an assembly line of murdering five-year-old, six-year-old children.
Now, isn't it interesting that they were Sephardic?
And again, it's like you always have to look at who benefits.
Key bono, key bono, key bono.
And in that case, it was the Sephardics who were getting whipped up on by the Ashkenazis.
But in other cases, it's the power elite who always strike the weak.
Well, exactly.
But my point is, the elite running things, you say, oh, well, they couldn't be behind it.
They are behind it.
We've proven they're behind it with our own documents.
But look at how they admittedly like to kill innocent little kids and kill innocent people in America and black men in Tuskegee and all the rest of it.
And then we ask, who's going to be behind the bio attack, George?
And so, both Alex and I have so much information that can scare the bejesus out of anybody, including myself.
And the important thing right now is what we are going to do to turn this thing around, which is what Alex is doing.
Let's talk about that when we get back.
How do we stop it right now?
I mean, I say just scream from the rooftops.
We know you're terrorists.
We know you're murderers.
We're not afraid of you.
Well, absolutely.
The first thing is getting objective information and getting this together and understanding the immensity of the issues and the problems that we as humans are facing.
I want cops listening right now to know, hey, you're going to lose your money, your pension fund, and probably your life if you don't join us.
And please don't ten years from now, five years from now, wish you'd listen to us.
Yeah, absolutely.
And it's just like, you know, dear friends of mine who have these manufacturing companies who for years and years have been supporting Bush and Naft and Gatt, and suddenly they find out that all their outsourcing is gone.
They have no more markets.
I mean, you're a wealthy guy, George.
You're an establishment guy.
You run with these big guys, and are they starting to wake up?
Well, some of them are.
I mean, some of these rascals have such dadgum hard heads that, you know,
But anyway, a lot of my friends, even hardcore conservative Republicans, are starting to wake up to the fact that our government, both Democrats and Republicans, have been selling them out.
Final segment.
I want to talk more about solutions with you.
You're going to be out of town next week, but you're promising me that the next week will come in for an hour and a half.
It's always a lot of fun to be here, Alex.
I can't wait to see you here.
I feel bad cutting you short with Ron Paul.
No problem.
Ron's a great guy.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with George Humphrey in the final segment.
One of my favorite people.
Stay with us.
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It's such a great film.
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George Solutions, we were talking during the break, it's really just getting our game face on, realizing that we really can change things.
They set up these parameters, these roads, these schools, these systems, these forms, and just tell us we've got to go with that system.
But really, how do we begin?
For the beginner, you're more advanced than this, but how do you begin to shift your paradigm?
Well, it's like being a basketball coach or whatever.
First of all, you've got to get your kids in shape.
And then you've got to teach them the fundamentals, and then you've got to get them to believe that they can win.
So it does begin with getting off the fast food and getting healthy.
Oh, absolutely.
The people of this country are so...
Myself included.
I've gotten healthier lately.
You know I'm always on you on that because I love you so much.
And all of us, all of us, we are only as strong as we are internally.
So taking care of yourself, getting some exercise.
The Scotch Temple.
Yeah, and just doing the basics.
And I'm not saying you have to be Mr. America or anything like that.
We're good to go.
We talk about the issues.
We talk about the fact that we as human beings are not victims, that we are strong.
And every neighborhood needs to do this.
I mean, it'll feel weird, but knock on the doors.
Find the neighbors that care.
Talk about whatever issues it is.
You know, 20 years ago, everybody wasn't watching TV.
Now you drive by the houses, or like I'm up in high rises sometimes at night, and everything's glowing blue.
The TV sets were not interacting.
We're already plugged in.
And those TV sets, 99% of the television shows are nothing but mind-suckers.
They're sending subliminal messages.
So except for ACTV, shows like Alex's, and a few others, turn the television off.
You know, I don't even watch it now except for stuff people send me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I watch very, very little right now.
You know, when I went to college in marketing, they admitted it was already subliminal there.
It was in the textbook.
And you tell the public that, they don't even know it.
You know all this stuff on Fox, CNN, with all the weird gray and green and blue backgrounds?
That's admitted subliminal, all of that.
The more you read about this stuff, these rascals, they have the real ability.
Even the people who are aware of it, they can...
They can blindside you.
They can mind control you.
So we have to be on our toes because this is a big game right now.
Life is a challenge and we have to meet it.
And also life is a dream and we have to be aware of it and that these people are creating this dreamlike reality and we have to realize, no, we're not going to go down that path.
We are going to live a life based on health,
Love and happiness.
Well, they trick us.
They get us into a jealous, envious, greedy mode, and then they put these little fake carrots out and lead us like a rat into a rat trap.
I mean, we've just got to... Folks, you can... Literally, you can... When I came out of this stuff many years ago, I guess I was never fully under it, it was like the whole world just...
You know, like something surrounded me just disappeared and suddenly I could see.
And the thing about it is, is when I first became aware of this, I was really afraid to take that step.
But when I finally took that step, I realized, wow, I'm so much more free and I have so many more new friends.
Did you know the enemy even respects us and in many cases leaves us alone but then feeds on its own servants?
Well, yeah.
Have you noticed that?
It's all part of the game.
And we have to see it as that and realize not to hate our enemies because when we hate somebody, we just give them more power.
And see, that's really it.
They are aware like we are.
They're just evil.
We're out of time.
God bless you all.
Thanks, George.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.