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Air Date: March 3, 2006
2273 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're scheduled to have two very important guests on with us today.
One of them is our Jamal, an American.
We're good to go.
What the scientific community and what governments are up to with genetic engineering, with nuclear energy and weapons, and what's going on with super weapons like antimatter bombs.
Because many of these different sectors of research, their own top scientists admit that
Are uncontrolled and could easily cause massive calamities, including the complete destruction of the planet, and yes, even the solar system.
Just a few particles of antimatter can easily be billions of times, the words are 10 billion times stronger, than the largest hydrogen bombs.
Nuclear weapons.
And the government is openly testing and colliding and manipulating these, admitting that the mathematics shows a probability of mega explosions.
And this goes to the mega-reactions.
This goes to the heart of the insanity of the New World Order.
They are introducing algaes and bacteria that have been engineered.
They are causing already major problems with the global biosphere.
They are engaging in cross-species communication.
I want to spend 10-15 minutes on this in this hour.
We're good to go.
I think?
In fact, a lot of people love to talk about imaginary concentration camps, and they never want to talk about evidence.
It's always what their cousins, brothers, nephews, neighbor heard somebody who saw it, maybe thought they could have.
And then it's in major newspapers or building camps, and people tend to kind of disassociate psychologically and divert themselves away from real things.
You know, if you've got video of Senate hearings where they're admitting it, oh, that's not a major story, but it'll go around the Internet for ten years, some rumor.
Well, let the rumors end and the documentation begin.
That's what we do here.
And let me assure you, it is very, very serious, and I intend to write some articles about this in the next few days.
I've talked about it some in the past, but I've really dropped the ball on this subject, and so we're not going to do that today.
And I'd like to get you, the listeners, take on the things that I talk about, and of course you can add any of your interesting points to it.
I'm always amazed by the incredible intelligence and...
We're good to go.
I think?
I'm going to have issue-driven websites that cover what I think are the most important facets of mass poisoning of the population and developments that could easily kill all human life or all life itself on this globe.
I believe Jones reports in the near future we're going to develop that and turn it into a site mainly dealing with extinction issues.
We'll be right back after this break.
I also have three audio clips we'll be playing.
Lou Dobbs has been told to shut up about the UAE deal.
More on the NSA situation with the spying.
And a little parody piece about Alberto Gonzalez.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, big broadcast lined up for you today.
Thank you so much for joining us on this final day of February 2006.
We're already completing the second month of 2006.
And coming up in the next hour, Dar Jamal is scheduled.
He's on the road, but we're looking for him to join us.
He, of course, is a combat journalist.
He has been in Iraq as a non-embed for months and months and months, off and on in the last few years.
Incredible bravery, and he is scheduled to join us coming up in the second hour.
Then we have the editor and publisher of Neocon and Neocon again, himself a graduate of Annapolis, coming up in the third hour.
Very interesting gentleman joining us then, an expert in my opinion, I've heard him interviewed before, on the New World Order.
I've got a 20-minute clip.
Alex Jones Show!
We're good to go.
I think?
In my films, like Road to Tyranny and others, we talked about the public fact that in 1996, nine billion plus dollars, I say nine billion plus because I don't remember, it's nine plus, nine billion something, it was supposed to be five billion, but it went over.
And I remember reading in industry publications, because that's what I mainly read, that, oh yes, the major telecommunications companies, that all of the digital systems go through, the satellites, the internet, even landlines that are on copper wires are then digitized on the other end.
It's all digital.
That by 2001, October 1, 2001, a, quote, surveillance grid was to be in place.
They didn't make any bones about it.
So I've been perseverating on the issue ever since, and that everything is fed through the NSA.
The NSA actually has its own giant computers and hubs, and its officers in every major phone company hub in the country.
Southwestern Bell, based in San Antonio, Texas.
AT&T, they've now bought it, but AT&T based up in New York.
All of these, every major hub that everything has to go through is the NSA.
It isn't just connected to it.
It is the National Security Agency and the echelon system, just one of many.
And I tell people that, and they go, what are you talking about?
We post the industry publications, but it got attention on the website, but never national traction.
Now they're coming out.
See, if they want to use this on a daily basis against all of us, for all crime and taxes and everything else, they've got to go ahead and condition us.
Oh, it's just when bin Laden calls America.
No, that's not true.
It's domestically.
And part of this plan, and it's also in mainstream news today, is the fact that every cell phone in America, by law, sold.
Every new phone sold for 2001 by federal law.
It's tracked down to 15 feet.
Now, they really work down to about 3 feet, but the federal law is 15 feet with a GPS tracker switch in it.
Now, there isn't a GPS itself.
It's a GPS tracker locator device that is triangulated by the cell tower systems down by federal law to 15 feet.
We're good to go.
And we were going to be pallbearers, and so my dad says, I heard my new phone has a service where they can tell me where I'm at.
He calls up, and he says, well, and they say, where are you?
He has his own speakerphone in the car.
And he says, let me look.
And they go, well, we don't need to.
You're at the corner of Main and this.
And we looked up, and there we are driving past the sign.
Yes, how did you know that?
Oh, sir, we have you right here on the digital map.
Again, we already knew that, but here we were experiencing it.
Here we were living it.
Here we were in the middle of it.
And so this grid is admittedly Pentagon-designed, and they brag in industry publications that they are going to control the American people with it.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
That's the backdrop, the excuse, the pretext.
So we debate the Pentagon-watching people and soldiers on the ground, and we debate NSA spying, but they only debate a shaving of the top of the iceberg, just a shaving of the tip, not even the tip.
And then, even with that, the majority of Americans in major polls don't like it.
When they pose the question like, well, if bin Laden's calling America trying to kill you, is it okay if it stops a terror attack to listen to some calls?
And then over half say, no, it's not okay.
I mean, imagine if you said, hey, everything you're doing is being tracked and traced through private corporations by the U.S.
Is that okay with you?
And they plan to use it to control you and dominate you?
Well, no, you get 95% saying no.
So we're trying to get a real debate going here.
So coming up later, I'm going to play excerpts of this where they just admit it all.
But they still try to spin it and say, oh, well, these NSA hubs, yeah, they're in control of everything, but it's just to hear the foreign phone calls.
No, it's not.
It's been declassified for decades.
It's admitted.
They publicly paid them for the NSA billions of dollars to come in and literally basically run the phone companies.
I mean, it's amazing.
And then I have this other clip.
We're going to play right now concerning Lou Dobbs, who was told to shut up, told not to report on the UAE deal.
And I just want to mention to everybody that UAE gave $1 million to the Bush Library, a sheet from the United Arab Emirates, contributed at least $1 million, at least, we'll learn it's $5 million next week, to the Bush Library Foundation, which established the George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University and College Station.
The new George Bush Library, they're now looking for land to build in Texas,
Guess what?
I've got the articles.
At this major university, the university stole people's houses without just compensation to do it.
So talk about Supreme Court rulings and Bush claiming he's pro-property rights when it says seven of the nine members are Republicans on the Supreme Court and it was Democrats voting against it.
Again, I'm not defending the Democrats.
It's just George Bush is no conservative.
But before I get to any of that, let's play this little parody piece.
It's a little cartoon that we have up about the new law firm that Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is going to be running.
Of course, it isn't as funny without the actual cartoon, but it's still pretty interesting.
And I guess all humor that's good is based on reality, because everything they're saying in this little cartoon is really happening.
Go ahead and roll that.
The firm of Gonzalez, what you and how, is here to help.
I'm Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, and I will defend your right.
To spy on Americans.
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Gonzales Watch You and How will vigorously pursue any individuals who divulge your extra-constitutional affairs.
Executive secrecy is job one.
We are committed to winning any case of intra-party dispute and pledge to fight for your right to spy on America.
Our knowledge of the law is so great, it must be held in strict secrecy, thereby proving its greatness.
If we were to reveal the greatness of our secret arguments, they would no longer be secret.
Ergo, they would no longer be great.
The firm of Gonzales Watch You and How is here to help.
I'm Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and I will defend your right to spy on Americans.
Call now for a free consultation.
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Extra fees may apply for hunting accidents.
So there's that Mark Fuhrer incredible cartoon.
He churns those out every week.
What a talent.
That's up on personplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
Let's go ahead and roll this piece a lot more serious with Lou Dobbs talking about how they're trying to muzzle him, talking about the UAE.
Hey, Lou, just go be a neocon like Rush Limbaugh, and you can get $287 million.
Go ahead and roll it.
A rather astonishing new attempt to silence me and our coverage of this ports deal and our reporting of what at least I consider to be legitimate national security concerns about this transaction.
Dubai Ports World has actually refused to grant CNN any more interviews from Washington or London and it's refused to allow CNN to videotape its operations in the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, let me assure you that this latest attempt to silence our reporting and to explore the national security interests, just like their last effort, won't succeed.
CNN's management, to its great credit, says it won't comply with any of Divideport's world's demands.
And I'll guarantee you that we're going to continue to report on the facts of this deal.
We're going to continue to analyze it.
We're going to continue to absolutely scrutinize our elected officials and administration officials
Who, in some cases, are not being straightforward about the national security interests and the reasons motivating this deal.
That's my opinion.
And that's part of the reason I'm here.
Still ahead, how years of failed U.S.
trade policies helped set the stage for this deal.
Alright, so, now, let me just boil something down.
I remember seven, eight years ago, everybody loved O'Reilly.
He was talking about the Illuminati, gun control being evil.
He built an audience doing that.
And then he's banned SUVs, world government's good, arrest all the militia people.
Once he got the audience, it's like Oberman.
I mean, he's doing a pretty good report every night now.
He's getting the big audience.
Lou Dobbs, who I think is the best of all of them.
I mean, long term, he's been the best.
He's been doing it for a decade that I've been watching him, and he's never backed off.
But Oberman's very suspect, and so is... I mean, look at O'Reilly.
He's not even suspect.
We know what he is.
But CNN likes to do this.
I mean, they're run by the Pentagon, and they keep Dobbs on a short leash.
I think Dobbs is a patriot overall.
He wants to be able to tell the truth.
They know it will give them an audience, so the mainstream media is losing such a market share that they found they have to put people like Dobbs and Oberman on to just keep any viewers.
And, in fact, I've talked to a lot of people high up in the industry.
Talk radio, national TV, you name it.
In fact, there were a couple of news articles mainstream about it yesterday.
We are gaining the audience.
Alternative media is exploding on a thousand fronts, and they're imploding, unless they're doing real reporting, at least to some extent, like Lou Dobbs.
But good job to Lou Dobbs.
I mean, you know, this whole port deal is completely corrupt and rotten from head to tail.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I was talking about how Oberman and Dobbs and others try to get credibility by reporting on serious issues.
And I said that I trust Dobbs more than I trust Oberman, though I think Oberman obviously is very talented.
And Jeff Renz says he knows him, says he's a nice guy.
But to make a long story short...
Remember how Anderson Cooper during the flooding was throwing fits and getting mad and saying the government was screwing up and he was angry?
It turns out that CNN memos were released, and again it was in the mainstream news a month after, that they told him to do that and that was all staged to try to gain credibility.
Because after he got everybody angry after a few days of griping, suddenly everybody else on Fox and other channels, not just CNN, started doing the same thing.
But then they'd say, FEMA needs more power.
You see, they'll tell you the truth about the problems and then give you a bad solution.
FEMA already had the power and blocked the aid, so when they, quote, screwed up, they'd get even more funding.
So this is the type of stuff they're doing, hanging on by their fingernails, trying to maintain some semblance of credibility.
That's why more and more major mainstream radio shows around the country are bringing the truth out.
And not just to maintain credibility.
A lot of their own anchors, a lot of their own people, they're good too.
They're just trying to get a paycheck.
They want to tell the truth.
They want to follow major stories.
They want to be real reporters.
It's exciting and fun to tell the truth.
It's exciting to expose corruption.
We're built and designed to do that.
But many people in the mainstream media are not allowed to do that.
That's why I love the Genesis Network, which never gives me any guidance.
I wish I'd get a little bit more.
It's the complete opposite.
Jack Bloods talked about that.
He said, this is the first network I've ever been on where they don't tell me anything and don't ever restrict me.
Every other place he ever worked, they did.
Well, Genesis doesn't do that, folks.
And that's why it is so incredibly special.
I guess there are a few other patriot networks that don't censor as well.
And that's good, because that's what we need.
We need to support that.
Coming up, I'm going to get into super weapons and things that can destroy all life on the planet and how crazy the elite is.
But I want to go ahead and get started with this, and then later I'll play more of it.
NSA uses private firms for massive unchecked domestic surveillance.
Thanks to a heads up, it goes on.
A raw story picked up this from CNBC.
We were able to capture the broadcast of CNBC's Tim Russert.
Russert interviewed James Risen and Robert O'Haro, Jr.
The video contained 24 minutes of clips from CNBC's Saturday broadcast.
James Risen broke the NSA warrantless domestic spying story for the New York Times.
Broke it.
If anybody would just go to the industry publications and what happened in 96, you can read mainstream publications admitting that the NSA is literally running the digital hubs at all the major phone companies and telecommunications companies.
It all runs through them.
I mean, all the satellites run through them.
Your cell phone call runs through them.
This network runs through them.
Everything runs through it.
Go ahead and roll part of that clip, and we'll get to the rest of it after the break.
Here it is.
Enter James Risen, who wrote the story first for the New York Times and then his book about the NSA, National Security Agency, eavesdropping in America, picking up phone calls from here to overseas, trying to help in the war on terror.
What kind of technology is used to do that?
Well, we only really, most of what the NSA program that we've written about is still highly classified and we only really have the outlines of the technical side of it.
But what we do know is that what the NSA has done is gotten the approval and authorization from President Bush
And the acceptance of some of the major telecommunications companies that Bob was talking about to access the major switches that are kind of the gateways and the hubs between the domestic telecommunications system and the international telecommunications system.
Explain that, Jim.
Essentially, as I understand it, there are a series of major gateways along the borders of the U.S.
telephone system
That are kind of the entry and exit for the major fiber optics lines going in and out of the country, both for email and for telephone, cell phone, everything.
And basically, as communications come in and out of this country, they have to go through major hubs, gateways, switches.
And it's at that point that the NSA has gotten back doors from these major telecommunications companies to basically vacuum up
Okay, hit pause there.
Okay, pause it back a few seconds.
When we come back, I'll play a few more minutes.
I'm not going to play at all.
Now, again, there's lies everywhere.
Okay, it is admitted that they paid $9 billion to literally put in the computer systems in the late 90s, starting in 96...
And then it was to be finished by law October 1, 2001, in all telecommunications hubs, in all the switching centers.
The government has agents and technicians under federal law sitting inside the phone companies.
But this is the most I've ever heard them on national TV admit to it.
It's a very small part of it, the international communications.
But see, they're limiting it to that in this discussion because they've been told the domestic activities are classified and they'll be arrested if they talk about it.
Well, we're going to talk about it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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So they're slowly introducing you to the spine.
It's like the porch.
Oh, they're getting six ports.
They're getting eight ports.
They're getting 12 ports.
They're getting 21 ports.
They're getting 20 ports.
They're getting 25 ports.
They're getting 10 ports in Canada.
Oh, they're going to... One of their chief executives is going to run all security on all the ports in America.
Oh, the chairman of the board that...
Oh, we're going to arrest you if you criticize the government.
Oh, we need to...
This is all happening, see?
It's just slowly being brought out.
First they'll bring out a little teeny bit of it, have a debate about that, try to convince you, and then bring in more and more.
It's amazing, but as they reveal more of themselves, our credibility explodes, because we've been here for a long, long time detailing all of this, and a lot of the general public who wouldn't listen to us, wouldn't check out our claims, wouldn't check out what we posted, wouldn't look at our facts, wouldn't watch our films, they just, oh, that ain't true.
Now they're hearing it on their nightly news, with the spin that it's all wonderful, of course, but they're starting to go, wait a minute, I heard that Alex Jones, I heard others talk about this.
Let's play a few more minutes of this whitewash.
Oh, it sounds real hardcore, but it's a whitewash by Russert.
It's a long weekend show that he does.
It's a more extended show.
Not Meet the Press, but the other one he does on CNBC, the Tim Russert Show.
Go ahead and roll it.
They're talking to one of the NSA whistleblowers and the author that, quote, broke the story that the NSA has snooping hubs.
Oh, he needs a Pulitzer.
Oh, it's so incredible.
Here it is.
NSA has gotten back doors from these major telecommunications companies to basically vacuum up.
Things going in and out of there.
And the question that we still are wrestling with to understand this program, there seems to be two major aspects of it.
One is actual eavesdropping on individuals of their communications, both email and telephone, going through those.
There also seems to be large data mining operations being conducted by NSA into this bloodstream of the telecommunications network.
It seems that those two operations may be separate but parallel.
In other words, that they're both doing this warrantless eavesdropping on individuals at the same time they're doing this larger data mining operation looking for patterns of telephone and email usage and behavior.
So when you say data mining, they have a name and they keep trying to find out how that person is behaving.
Well, the possibilities for the way you could do it would be very extensive.
You could look for anybody using the word jihad, for instance, or Osama bin Laden.
In their communications, in their email, in their telephone calls.
And you could then look for patterns of people using that.
That is essentially what Echelon is.
Echelon is the public name for what the NSA has been doing overseas for many, many years.
They have been doing keyword searches all over the world outside the United States in the past.
Using their vast computing power and their ability to monitor foreign communications, now it's possible they're doing the same thing inside the United States.
Robert O'Hara, you used the term the security industrial complex.
Many people recall that President Eisenhower warned about something called the military industrial complex when he left the White House in 1961.
And it was a powerful message that he wanted to leave with the American people that the military machinery, the industrial machinery that was protecting us or helping to protect us during the Cold War and the military bureaucracy had very strong ties.
And he warned that those strong ties were developing and strengthening in secret outside public scrutiny and outside public accountability.
And he said that those relationships and that new power
Threatened our values, our American values of democracy and openness.
The security industrial complex is...
I'm trying to echo Eisenhower's warning in the sense that there now is a security industrial complex and the ties between the information industries, which are the computer suppliers, the network builders, and the information companies, and the government to protect us.
And there's no question that we not only can benefit, but we have to use information technology well in this new world.
All right.
All right, so, and we have time later in the third hour.
I'll play a few more minutes of it, so try to pause it there and keep it at that point.
I guess that's about eight minutes in.
You can watch the whole 24-minute clip up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
So, I wrote some notes listening to this.
Number one, they're the supposed whistleblowers.
They're supposed the good guys.
Notice how they narrow the spectrum of debate.
They're saying, oh, this is good, oh, we need this, oh, keep us safe, oh, we need to look at this, oh, but this is a little secret and a little bit dangerous, and oh, this is just for overseas, and this is just for, and they're working with private companies, and this is, number one, most of what the National Security Agency does, according to the really scholarly reports that have been done in the last few decades, is economic espionage.
Let's say you own a small American computer company with maybe a thousand employees, relatively small.
And you're developing new computer software, new circuits, new microprocessors.
Let's say you're developing a new biotech development.
Let's say anything that's technological, industrial...
The NSA, especially if you're a successful company, but you're not on the inner circle of the New World Order, doesn't just have the computers listening to every word, reading every email.
They have computers that do that, reading every fax.
You have actual bugs in your offices.
You have, in some cases, dozens and dozens of employees who also dually work for corporations.
People work for private corporations that compete against you, and they work at NSA.
And the NSA on secure computers and servers and private,
Networks hardwired in.
They're in there viewing everything you're doing, looking at your diagrams.
They know more about your business than you do.
And then they take that and give that to select companies, select corporations, Carlyle Group, IBM, many others.
And then those are then taken to client states, Japan, China, India, and developed basically by the slave labor populations at the factory level and by people being paid about a third as much as their actual software engineers and electrical engineers.
And others.
And so, again, this is the so-called free market.
It's our own government, which is globalist, giving this to select globalist corporations to affect a monopoly or an oligopoly of information.
Also, they look at trends.
If they start, as one NSA connection told me, if for a few months they keep hearing people just grassroots keep talking about strawberries, strawberries, strawberries, strawberries, that will then be passed on to certain corporations involved in food, ConAgra, others.
I think so.
And then the government will say, well, private industry's already spying on everything you do, tracking, data mining, why can't the government?
Well, it's seamless.
It goes both ways.
They share and sell the data to each other, and you'll have a former NSA officer, a former defense intelligence officer, a former congressman retires, and he goes and heads up a new security company.
Based in Dallas, the one example in USA Today that then makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year going and hooking in hubs into the major, say, pizza chains was one example, and then instantly uploading that data and selling it to local police departments around the country.
You go, what are you talking about, Alex?
Well, here's an example.
It was a headline, what, two years ago now that I've talked a lot about, just one example of literally hundreds.
Scott Laws caught when ordering pizza, I believe was the exact headline, and it said that the major pizza chains in America, and this is one example of retail sales.
That because people who may have warrants or people who don't even have forgotten they have a warrant, haven't paid a ticket, or actual hardened criminals, when they call to get a pizza, they don't suspect, and they've got to give their real name, they've got to give the real address of the credit card, they find out where you're living, staying with a buddy, shacking up, whatever, staying in somebody else's apartment, and that it's instantly flagged when they're taking your data down with the major pizza chains,
It is instantly logged into this private company in Dallas, who then, by the way, gets paid 20% of all court fees and filings on top of another fee just for the law enforcement agency, state, federal, and local, that's subscribed to it.
So it, quote, isn't the NSA doing it.
It's just the NSA and then even local governments in this seamless interface, and then they add the carrot to the carrot and stick equation because they then make hundreds of millions of dollars.
This is one company doing this just through food delivery companies, i.e.
mainly pizza chains.
So you think you're living in a free country, folks.
Every time you call one of the major pizza national chains, there's four of them,
Every time you call one of those national chains, it is instantly uploaded to federal, state, and local computers, but through the Nexus port of a private company that got around the federal laws by contracting itself with the private pizza companies.
So see, there's your freedom.
Yeah, you're with Al-Qaeda.
We're just listening to Bin Laden calling America, it's no big deal.
And in reality, it's when you're ordering a pizza.
And then you say, well, I don't think I hide.
The point is, the government throughout history is more criminal than any other organization, any other crime syndicate, any other individual or group.
So they're the ones that have got to be restricted, controlled, and watched.
Who's watching them?
Who's controlling them?
No one.
They're looting the shop.
They're going wild.
They're openly talking about martial law and how good it is.
You see?
So I want to ask the police officers listening, you know, you've got to get a warrant to go in somebody's house.
Well, why then, when you call and order a pizza, is your background being run?
Again, this is amazing.
And now with the face scanning cameras, knowing your identity going up nationwide.
That is software hooked into those digital cameras.
We have the license plate reading cameras with the software going in nationwide.
First place I saw it was five years ago in Indiana.
Now it's everywhere.
Classic, a couple years ago, the Florida town.
Every car that goes through, they quote, run your background and have cops waiting.
Well, that's already nationwide.
They just are now incrementally announcing it.
Oh, to track traffic.
We're going to track your cell phone by name just to see how the cars are moving.
Oh, we put the cameras in for traffic.
Oh, but now it's going to be...
For anti-terror and anti-crime.
Oh, we put up those big signs and the locals take over the radio and the feds take over the radio for amber alerts.
But now it's going to be anti-gun messages taking hours and hours a week of radio programming randomly away from the stations with government break-ins.
See, this is the seamless web of control.
And there are hundreds of other points.
In the interest of time, I've got to stop right there.
I've got to stop right there because guests are coming up.
We're not even taking calls this hour because I'm too busy covering news.
I mean, this is my frustration.
This is what I deal with.
This is what I face every day.
This is what I look at.
This is what I know is going into place in front of everyone, and they're busy spinning it.
Even the guys we can, quote, trust, the whistleblowers, those guys, that's total op.
I mean, they're just there churning it out.
Okay, now let me get into planet-destroying technologies.
Planet-destroying technologies.
Two years ago, I was sent an email, and it was a San Francisco Chronicle article with a link to the Federation of American Scientists, where top scientists were saying...
That there are antimatter bombs that have already been created after capturing these particles, that just a few particles of it are billions of times more powerful than the most destructive nuclear weapons.
And it was funny.
I was on a radio show last night.
I was being interviewed by Jeff Renson.
I just mentioned it, and I thought, I'll type it in Google, because it had disappeared.
The articles had been pulled.
Not a retraction, just they disappeared.
I looked for it.
Paul Watson had looked for it.
We were going to write an article about it.
Well, suddenly it was back up last night, but the article had been changed.
The article had been changed.
San Francisco Chronicle, Air Force Pursuing Antimatter Weapons Program was touted, and then it says that later reporting on it was, quote, banned.
And we posted that up on InfoWars.com.
And I have another little article here.
This is just today out of Wired Magazine.
Mutant algae is hydrogen factory.
And they produce these little algaes that have these photosynthesis antennas.
And they are very fast breeding.
And they're just going to release them in the environment.
Because they can, quote, get a power source out of it.
You see, when you mess with bottom of the food chain, algaes, fungi, bacteria, animal bacteria, plant bacteria, when you start messing with this, you mess with the foundation.
And there are top scientists warning, people who are genetic engineers, experts on this, that this is insane.
And an example of it from 15 years ago is that oil-eating bacteria.
Now showing it can cause problems.
But this is the tip of the iceberg.
There are thousands of companies randomly splicing and dicing cross-species bugs with human genes, pigs with human genes, plants with bug genes, and then the plants are jumping into other plants.
And it's creating life forms and combinations that never existed before.
And then it's able to bridge the gap because their genetic code has been broken open to where it is now diseasing the other base genetic systems.
And then the top scientists, even people that run these companies, quit and go, it's insane.
All the rats we feed, those two die.
But we're feeding them to the population.
It's insane.
It's giving rise to super viruses.
It's classified.
I can't talk about it.
They admittedly, in the U.S., have two bacterium on the shelf that admittedly will kill the entire biosphere.
If they release them, it eats everything.
No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
It's not a science fiction movie.
It's actually going on.
Why is the elite doing this?
Why are they engaging in things like this?
They're worried about Iran ten years away from having an A-bomb if they're left alone and allowed to buy thousands of centrifuges.
And when they were complying with all the UN mandates.
It's a joke.
It's just like the article a couple days ago out of the big Delaware paper where they're going to dump hundreds of millions, yes, hundreds of millions of gallons of diluted nerve toxin, nerve agent, chemical weapons right into the ocean.
And I say, hey, what's the big deal with that?
We had the article a few months ago admitted the U.S.
government dumped hundreds of millions of gallons of pure nerve gas directly into the Atlantic Ocean right off the shore.
They dumped hundreds and hundreds of submarine nuclear reactors right off the California coast.
I mean, this is the elite.
Why are they doing this?
Why do they have this death wish?
Why are they factories of death?
Why do they spray DU, the equivalent?
This is the International Atomic Energy Agency's own numbers.
The thousands and thousands of tons of DU that have been used just in the latest Gulf War, tripling what they used in 1991, is the equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombs.
It's the exact same stuff
Poisonous, radioactive.
The detectors all over are picking this up every time they use it.
We're breathing it.
A whiff of this is going to make your life miserable if it doesn't kill you.
And they're just busy using it all over the world now and improving grounds right here in America because the Nagasaki bomb weighed just a few pounds.
What was it, four pounds?
I'm going from memory here.
Well, they're using just... I've got the numbers right here in some articles.
It's just hundreds of thousands of tons.
Excuse me.
It's like 300-something thousand tons.
I mean, they're massively using this all over the place, so it's 400,000 times the Nagasaki.
I mean, that's their admission.
Meanwhile, the environmentalists are running around going, we've just got to get the farmers and ranchers' property off limits so they can't plant crops because they're killing the earth.
And then their Rockefeller Foundation fund had just used to steal private property from the citizens.
And the environmentalists are running around bumping into each other all, we're so good, we're so loving, don't let them build shopping malls and kill the earth.
Meanwhile, oh, let's just release a fungus that can take over.
Oh, let's just spray DU everywhere.
Oh, let's make x-ray, you know, x-ray lasers.
They're doing all of this.
We'll talk about antimatter weapons.
Oh, yes.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Coming up in the next little five-minute segment, we start the hour.
We'll talk to Wyatt and James, who have been holding a while.
We've got our Jamal, combat reporter, been in the middle of it over in Iraq.
He'll be joining us.
Talk about the bombing of that shrine and lawnmower.
Before we do that, listen, I'm not kidding about these antimatter bombs.
They built all these antimatter traps.
We're good to go.
Major prize winners were saying, listen, you start accelerating those, our mathematics show there is a high probability that it's going to cause an explosion that would easily vaporize the Earth, even the sun, the entire solar system.
This is black hole creating, fabric of space, dimensional warping type stuff.
You're going, well, that sounds like science fiction.
Well, yeah, and the equations from 1905 that later developed the A-bomb in 1943, yeah, that was science fiction then, too.
And I've got this redacted article from the San Francisco Chronicle.
Here it says, And there's a quote here in it.
It says...
Let me find the actual quote.
The energy from colliding positrons and anti-electrons is 10 billion times that of high explosive, Edwards explained in his March speech.
Moreover, one gram of antimatter, about 1 25th of an ounce, would equal 23 space shuttle fuel tanks of energy.
Thus, positron energy conversion, as he called it, would be a revolutionary energy source of interest to those who wage war.
I think we're good to go.
And again, it goes on to say antimatter itself isn't fiction.
It actually exists and has been intensively studied by physicists since the 1930s.
In a sense, matter and antimatter are the yin and yang of reality.
Every type of subatomic particle has its antimatter counterpart.
But when matter and antimatter collide, they annihilate each other in an intense burst of energy.
And it goes into these antimatter bombs.
The original article I saw got into even more of it.
So I do want to write some articles about this.
The super algaes, the chimera cross-species developments that are so deadly.
And just link to all the scientists and physicists and experts.
They're doing all these things that are guaranteed to wreak havoc, guaranteed to cause major problems.
Even when the mathematics show it could blow us all to kingdom come, it doesn't matter.
They just do it.
You're sitting there one day making omelets one morning, and you don't even feel the heat of the blast on your cheek as you and your family are vaporized, and the entire solar system disappears.
You don't even... It's just, boom, we're gone.
Boom, we're gone.
Thanks a lot, government.
Thanks a lot, New World Order.
They are on such power trips.
They are so loony tunes.
I mean, what is the psychology of individuals and people that do this?
Oh, we've got to have a world government to stop people like Iran getting A-bombs.
I mean, tinker toys compared to antimatter weapons and genetic engineering and the chimera cross-species and all the things that we know are happening.
The weather control, all of it.
These nuts are just doing... It's like sticking your finger in a light socket to see what's going to happen.
Now, we've got 30 seconds before this hour ends, and I want to encourage all of you to go to InfoWars.com if you believe in what we're doing.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, Dar Jamal, print reporter, also taking a lot of photos in Iraq, one of the bravest people we've...
We've been studying who's been over there, seeing just amazing things.
He'll be joining us coming up in the next segment.
Then coming up in the third hour, we have John Sharp.
And he is, of course, the publisher of Neocon.
Neocon, again, he's got a lot to talk about with the New World Order with us.
More developments on the port situation.
More developments on the Iran situation.
A lot of police state news I want to get into today.
But right now, let's go to your calls.
Wyatt in Maryland, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Wyatt.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good, sir.
Great, great.
Listen, you were talking about the National Security Act and the NSA and the spying and so on and so forth and what's really going on.
Jerry Bruckheimer, you know how he is involved with the government and the military.
BBC reported he's a Pentagon agent, and he even produced the Saving Private Lynch baloney.
In the movie he did, Enemy of the State, he put an interesting clip in there.
I'd just like to play it for you.
It's only about 30 seconds at the most.
Sure, go ahead.
Vote for it.
I know you can't.
Just release your people.
Let them go the way they want.
Telecommunications Security and Privacy Act.
Invasion of privacy is more like it.
You read the post?
This bill is not the first step to the surveillance society.
It is the surveillance society.
A liberal hysteria.
Oh, listen, I'm not going to sit in Congress and pass a law that lets the government point a camera and a microphone at anything they damn well please.
Look, I don't care who bangs him.
That's it.
And then they kill him when he doesn't go along with it.
Right, right.
But it's just interesting because it has a lot to... I mean, Bruckheimer puts a lot of... In that film, whenever the computer comes up inside their safe house, the former NSA guy has to live in a wire cage just to do secure communications.
And, folks, that's how it really is.
And then the computer comes up 911.
No big deal.
Right, yeah.
It's interesting, isn't it?
But anyway, it's a sad situation right now.
I mean, I only live five minutes from NSA.
Fort Meade.
Fort Meade and NSA.
And so watching that movie, of course, kind of had a little bit of a local flavor to it.
And it points out a lot of good things.
But, you know, Bruckheimer and Hollywood actually puts out a lot of information that...
Things that are coming.
Things that they're into.
And they introduce it to us, and so it's not new news.
It makes it more palatable at a subconscious level.
Well, Alex, I'm going to let you go.
Let's get some other callers in.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate it, Wyatt.
James in Maryland.
Another call from Maryland.
Go ahead, James.
He just hung up.
We're going to hold off on calls for now.
Well, you know what?
We've got Darja Mall coming up here in just a moment.
But, yeah, I mean, they come out and say, oh, all the big phone companies have NSA hooked into the, quote, switches in the hubs.
Yes, that was passed federal law, federal funding in 1996, and I was an evil right-winger when I criticized Bill Clinton for doing it.
And now Bush is doing it, and I'm an evil liberal.
No, I'm a constitutionalist.
I believe in a free society.
I'm against Clinton handing over ports to the Communist Chinese.
I'm against Bush handing it over to the UAE.
Because it's a sweetheart deal and the federal laws weren't followed.
And because people inside his administration have engaged in federal crimes, taken money from the very company, and then sitting on the boards that signed off on it.
And that's the rest of the story on that.
Go to prisonplanet.com and infoworks.com.
We wrote some big articles about that.
Paul and I did yesterday.
He did a great job.
And so if people want to know the truth about the UAE deal, they can go read it right there.
When we get back, we'll talk to a gentleman who is just an amazing reporter, incredible courage.
Darjamal's Iraq Dispatches have been read by tens of millions.
They've been syndicated all over the exploding alternative media and even some mainstream media.
And so we'll talk to him, and then we'll also get his take on who benefits from the very mysterious shrine, the golden shrine being blown up.
Who stands to gain from that?
It's all coming up.
Massive two hours straight ahead.
Strap yourselves in.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards and, yes, even implantable microchips.
Troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies, psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
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If you go to Infowars.com, you can link through.
To DarjamalIraq.com.
Darjamal's Iraq Dispatches.
News from inside Iraq.
Wary of the overall failure of the U.S.
media to accurately report on the realities of the war in Iraq, for the Iraqi people and U.S.
soldiers, Darjamal went to Iraq to report on the war itself.
His dispatches were quickly recognized as an important media resource, and he is now writing for the Interpress Service, the Asia Times, and many other outlets.
I think we're good to go.
We're good to go.
In the country.
Dar uses the DarJamalIraq.com website for his popular mailing list to disseminate his dispatches.
And he joins us to talk about who benefits from the shocking destruction last week of the shrine in Iraq.
And he joins us to talk about the mass murder and the wickedness that he's witnessed and his take on 9-11.
I've heard him on other shows here on the network, and he is spot on.
And I really admire people like Dar who have unbelievable courage to go over to Iraq and to risk their lives to bring us real news.
Because on the eve of the war, we have mainstream articles on this.
I'm very proud of it, the globalist are.
They said, we're going to kill reporters that, quote, get out intel that could hurt us or that get in our way or that are in beds.
And they pulled tanks up in front of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad and fired with the Abrams in it, blowing up the Reuters reporters.
I mean, they drive up the Reuters reporters and machine gun them.
They drive around just murdering people.
And it's been all over the news.
I mean, this is total crime.
This is total evil.
It's just like in 1991.
They bombed all the water treatment and power plants.
It's all... Breaks every convention of international and federal law.
But the globalists in control of our government, these imperial builders, these empire builders...
They are saying they are the law.
And they say they can torture small children in front of their parents.
This is in presidential documents.
They say they can arrest Americans and hold them in camps and torture them and not give them trials.
We now learn thousands have been flown out to secret torture centers around the world.
We are entering hell itself.
Now major publications are talking about how they're building FEMA camps run by Halliburton for American citizens.
We're entering the ninth circle of hell.
It's really happening.
We have a chance to stop a new Nazi Germany type takeover in America.
We're not shutting up like the Germans and the Soviets did in past evils.
We are not going to roll over like the Chinese people did to Mao.
We are going to fight this system.
We are going to expose it.
This is America and we're all not these little creatures that sit in their easy chairs watching ball games, sucking their thumbs, drinking Schlitzmalt liquor.
We're not going along with this.
We are not...
We care about this country.
We don't want to be part of an evil empire.
We don't want our blood and treasure and our young people to be used in these nuclear battlefields filled with DU or this sick empire of a bunch of pathetic chicken hawks.
All right, that's enough of a rant.
Dar Jamal, thank you so much for joining us today.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
You bet.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and let's just go through kind of a thumbnail chronicle of when you first went to Iraq and what you witnessed there and the reality of the planned, admitted genocide, the destruction of the oldest civilization on the planet.
Well, as you've just...
Discussed in your lead, I was watching the media coverage of the situation in Iraq and the mainstream media back here in the U.S., and then comparing that to what I was reading via the Internet in foreign news sources and alternative media, and it was as if I was watching two totally different situations.
And I saw this coverage widen the gap in the reality I saw over there versus how it was being portrayed over here.
I saw that widen over time.
Yeah, I think that's a great question.
It was clear that this war was not about weapons of mass destruction.
It was not about links to 9-11.
It was simply about expansion of the American empire.
I felt that one thing I could do is to put a little truth information out there for people to read.
So I went over there and reported on how it was actually affecting human beings, Iraqis on the ground and U.S.
soldiers when I got the chance.
I went over there the first time in November of 2003.
Now, years ago you reported about how most of the newspapers were fake French.
People laughed at you.
Now it's admitted that almost every newspaper in the country, that the articles are actually written in New York and in D.C.
by publicity firms and PR firms using folks that can write in Arabic and understand the culture.
Turns out that it's a Pentagon fraud, and that reporters who don't tell the line are given 30 years in prison by the new dictatorship they've set up over there.
That's exactly right.
It's something that was, you know, not only has this been an invasion of Iraq by the military, but it's been an information control situation which started right at the very beginning during the invasion and goes on up to this day.
Just to give you an idea, the U.S.-backed puppet government during the time of the November 2004 siege of Fallujah, Iyad Lawi, the then Prime Minister, who is of course CIA also,
Actually issued a statement to the media that said the media is instructed to follow the government line on the invasion of Fallujah or face serious consequences.
I mean, he reported that in Baghdad just as that siege was launched.
So that, coupled with direct violent attacks, as you mentioned, which happened during the invasion and which continue to happen right up until this present moment,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I don't know.
And then John Yoo, White House lawyer, says, yes, we're allowed to do this, and he's questioned about it at a CFR meeting, and on tape he says, yes, we're allowed to do this.
You know, hearing this sort of thing, along with testimonies from former UK ambassador Craig Murray, the ambassador to Uzbekistan, talking about how the CIA is renditioning people there and boiling them alive on top of what we're witnessing in Iraq, where over a thousand people have been killed since the bombing of the Askeria Shrine in Samara, I just really continue to wonder how much more
Will it take?
What else do people need to see before they're willing to take the actions necessary to get back control of their government and what's happening in this country?
Because we have people being tortured, sent abroad, all of our phone calls, emails, credit card purchases, everything, our knowledge of the government now.
I just really wonder how much more it's going to take because we, at present circumstances, we have two more years of this to go.
Well, Dar, the bigger problem is the Democrats are lockstep, the leadership with this, and some of them are even more hawkish, like Lieberman and Hillary and Schumer and others.
Yeah, the Democrats are, the solution certainly does not lie with the Democrats, that's for sure.
Dar, are you there?
Yeah, can you hear me?
Yeah, you know, it's funny.
This never happens except when I'm doing a particular interview with somebody who's been back for Iraq.
I'm here in Austin.
They're up in Minnesota.
And just for some reason, our digital connection just cut out for a moment, so I apologize.
Chronicle for us.
I mean, go over some of the horrors that you've witnessed, that you've documented for the international press, even things like the BBC that we never hear about here unless it's on your news website.
Well, for example, some of the things that you were just mentioning, we have the deliberate targeting of journalists going on over there.
I think one of the most obvious examples, just off the top of my head, though, is what happened when I went into Fallujah in April 2004 during that siege.
It was the first siege of that city.
I think so.
What I saw was US warplanes dropping bombs in the middle of the city, helicopters strafing and sporadic fighting all over the place.
And then once I got in there,
I got in on a bus carrying humanitarian supplies to a small clinic, and what I saw at this clinic was one person after another, mostly women and children, being brought in from different parts of the city at different times, all saying the same thing, that they were being shot by U.S.
military snipers, a practice which now everyone in Iraq knows is common practice by the U.S.
military any time they launch a major operation.
They're using snipers very heavily right now in Samarra and especially in Ramadi.
But that's what I saw inside Fallujah and how it was reported in the mainstream media back here was that Fallujah is a town of terrorists.
They don't want freedom.
They don't want democracy.
They'd rather just basically pay attention and be run to criminals and terrorists.
And the reality was
We're good to go.
And at the same time, I mean, even before Fallujah, I remember articles in London Independent two and a half years ago where they're there with Marines going, watch me shoot this bitch, excuse me, using that term, and they blow a woman's head off walking with a three-year-old holding her hand and she falls away, you know, and the child starts crying, just weirdo sickos just shooting women because it's fun.
Well, there certainly was a lot of that, and I think every soldier responsible for doing things like that, and I did, like one soldier I ran into coming out of Fallujah in April said, basically described it as a turkey shoot, and I think all of those individuals should be held to account.
But I think, of course, we have to go on up the chain of command to who put them in this position, who allowed this to happen to begin with, and of course this goes directly up to the commander-in-chief.
Well, Darjamal, combat reporter in the middle of it, eight months inside the occupation, inside Fallujah while it was being attacked.
We'll talk about it more when we get back.
Stay with us.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
He's been very busy in the last few years.
Eight months in Iraq, other parts of the world.
Dar Jamal, combat reporter, amazing individual.
Links to his website on Infowars.com.
I want listeners to understand that when we tune in and hear neocons giggling and laughing, let's turn the whole Middle East into a parking lot, I'd like them to go look at those children in the eyes and realize that Iraq was supposedly our ally and was set up for a fall, and that when the minions of this system giggle about shooting children, this is really going on.
In fact, in front of a whole bunch of reporters in Baghdad, they just shot a bunch of little kids.
About a year and a half ago, and the reporters said to the Marines, how do you kill children?
I want to kill more!
And started going, ooh, ooh, ooh!
The Marines didn't act like that 20 years ago, 30 years ago, 50 years ago, 200 years ago when we fought the British.
This is shameful.
This is how Nazis act.
And I don't want to hear support the troops by supporting this type of evil.
Our good name is going down the toilet.
Great evil is going to come back on this country because of what's happening.
And I remember watching live invasion, live cell phone, internet satellite phone feeds of computers.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You're exactly right.
And I think just, first of all, lining out, I think it's always important to line out how many Iraqis have actually been killed.
And, of course, this is not a big surprise when we look at this in the context of history, that all imperial invasions are brutal.
Civilians always pay the highest price.
And this one is no different from that.
And if we talk about how many innocent Iraqis have been killed, the Lancet report, which came out over a year ago, estimated conservatively 98,000.
And I argue that that's far too low for three main reasons.
One, it's well over a year out of date.
Two, so as not to skew the survey, they did not include areas of major combat operations like the Fallujahs and the Najafs.
That's thousands of deaths right there.
And then three, and I think most importantly, is what they used for the baseline of this study was the last year and a half of the sanctions.
The sanctions were over a million Iraqis were killed.
That, coupled with, we look at the carnage going on right now, which just continues to escalate, today is no exception, with at least 30 people killed, very conservatively.
I think it can easily be argued that there's been a quarter of a million Iraqis killed just since the invasion was launched, not even talking about the sanctions, where over a million were killed.
So when we look at it in that context, the fact that soldiers come in, they've been essentially given the green light from the top down, from chicken hawks like George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld.
That trickles down, of course, through the chain of command, and they essentially then are acting on those impulses.
Looking at it that way, it's really not a big surprise, and I think that is a trend that is continuing in Iraq today and will continue on as long as the occupation persists.
On NBC in 1997, Madeleine Albright was asked if 700,000 dead Iraqi children was a good price to pay.
She didn't deny it.
She said, yeah, it's a good price to pay for, quote, security in the Gulf, as if it gives...
Somebody's security.
Conservative numbers, a million and a half dead.
Official numbers over the 12 plus years of sanctions.
Still sanction-like atmosphere there.
Worse than it was before.
Dysentery, the birth defects from the DU.
So conservatively, what, 1,800,000 dead total.
They've gone from, what, 25 million to down to about 22, 23 million people.
This is genocide.
It really is, and I don't think it's a stretch at all to describe it as such, especially you made a very important point earlier talking about the deliberate targeting of the infrastructure of the electrical plants, of the water treatment plants, back in 1991.
Iraq was almost a first world nation in 1990.
It was.
In fact, Iraq was such, their health system, just to give you an idea, during the 80s,
Well, Iraq was the best health system in the entire Middle East.
Anyone could go in and get first-rate treatment any time they wanted for free.
Iraq took great pains to send their doctors abroad to get the latest training available.
And then that, of course, was crushed at the beginning of the Gulf War and the sanctions.
It's even worse than during the sanctions now, where if someone enters a hospital in Iraq to be treated, there's an 80% chance that they will leave that hospital with an infectious disease that they did not have when they entered.
What is it like, Dar, to be in those hospitals with those shattered toddlers, their bodies shattered?
It's horrific.
I think, without a doubt, it's been the most difficult part of working as a reporter over there is seeing the civilians paying the price.
These are people that, keeping in mind that most of these people, they did of course not believe the rhetoric that the U.S.
was coming just to help Iraqis.
They knew it was about oil.
They knew it was about strategic positioning.
But at the same time, they supported the overthrow of Saddam, and now they're the ones paying the highest price.
I don't know what I'd do if I had to see all those dead children.
I've seen the photos and smell it.
To sit there and witness it, I don't want to say what I'd do.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
We have become the most disgusting maggot-ridden bully you can imagine.
And the very criminals doing this are going to rape America.
We're really the target of this imperial invasion.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That is essentially how I do fund myself, much like you, that essentially I'm reader-sponsored because that's the way I do stay independent and don't have to make any compromises by working for a corporate outlet.
Now, during the break, I wrote down some notes talking to you about things that you think are important and not, and we agree totally.
It's the mosque bombing, the shrine bombing, the Brits in Basra running around car bombing and shooting people, staging it as if Muslims did it, and that's now admitted.
And then we also have the situation with the upcoming war with Iran.
What do you think is going to happen?
There and a lot more.
Let's just run through that for people.
Then we're going to take calls.
Dar's going to stay a little bit with us into the next hour as well.
If it's for Dar Jamal on any of these issues, 1-800-259-9231.
Let's bullet point run through them, Dar.
Well, first of all, the mosque bombing.
I think it's a very, very important thing to talk about and keep talking about for quite some time.
Again, it's important to contextualize it.
You look at what happened down in Basra about nine months ago, where the two undercover British SAS officers were caught by Iraqi police in disguise, wearing dishdashas, keffiyahs.
We're good to go.
I believe they released that on purpose to stir people up just like the Prophet Muhammad
We're good to go.
Exactly, which is the perfect setup to discuss what happened in Samar at the Golden Mosque, where this is a Shia mosque, one of the four most sacred Shia shrines in all of Iraq.
And Samar, of course, is a primarily Sunni city.
This mosque has been there for over a thousand years.
Nothing has ever happened to it.
Sunnis have protected it.
So why, at this critical stage, would they launch an attack on Samar?
Yeah, I want to point out that there are Catholic churches built in 300, you know, 345 in areas of Iraq that the Muslims all guard as well.
They don't run around blowing up anybody's shrines.
Yeah, without a doubt.
And I think if you just look at the facts, of course, and I think most importantly is who benefits from this.
We've got a government now in Iraq that the U.S.
is essentially losing control of.
If the Shia and Sunni unite against them, it's basically game over for the U.S.
and Iraq.
And the timing of this couldn't be better for the Americans, where now there's been massive chaos, massive bloodshed, Sunnis and Shia fighting against each other instead of uniting and fighting against the occupation forces.
And then you look at how this...
Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise, but we are meant to think it was Jawas.
Yeah, exactly.
And the fact that even one of the ministers of Iraq has come out and said that this is a professional job, it couldn't have taken less than 12 hours for people to set this up.
We have eyewitnesses in Samara, one in particular who was sleeping in his internet cafe to guard his computers.
Well, the reports we're getting is that it looks like it was Iraqi National Guard.
Well, of course, that's how they were described, that these people were essentially dressed as Iraqi National Guard.
Others were described as wearing all black.
Keep in mind, again, how the British officers in the South were operating, trying to appear Iraqi.
So I think there's two possibilities here, either that these are some of the battered death squads that Rumsfeld admitted to training back in January of 2005,
Now, to break this down, one of the major tools of empire is divide and conquer, and that's clearly happening, and in Basra nine months ago,
They caught two British SAS, Special Air Services, that's what the Delta Force and Green Berets are modeled after, and they were running around with a jeep full of plastic explosives, seen around the areas of car bombings, and then caught red-handed shooting their own police, shooting the Basra police, and then blaming it on Iranian Shia forces, and then they actually captured them, and then the local mayor said, we're going to try these people, the governor said we're going to try them, so there was a tank assault,
On the elected government's jail to spring these two crooks.
And then they, of course, were taken back in custody by the British military, and from that point on, the governorate of Basra has cut all ties with the British military, and that's why now most of the British patrols in the south are being done by helicopters.
We're good to go.
Well, I call this a snowball effect.
It's what COINTELPRO did in America in the 60s and 70s.
Now their handbooks have been declassified.
You've got a few agents, and they'll go kill one black leader and then blame it on the other black leader, and then the black groups will start killing each other.
It's a snowball.
They just start the ball rolling.
They have a few targeted bombings, and then they blame it on someone else to get everybody stirred up killing each other.
And I want to go back here because this is totally declassified.
I'm making a film about it.
It was a few minutes of this new film I'm making.
And this is admitted, okay?
This is public.
In 1953, Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh was pro-American, anti-communist, driven the communists out, Time Magazine Man of the Year, and he just said, look, we're going to keep a small amount of the oil money for our own country.
BP doesn't own it all.
And so, literally, the Prime Minister called up the U.S., said, do something about it.
I've got the communiques between them.
They say, the CIA controls most of your media, have your agents in your media.
I'm reading this from 1952.
Go and create fake news that he's a communist and anti-America, and literally Britain orders us, because they're the boss, still are, they order us as the Anglo-American establishment, it's not us, it's not America, it's these globalists manipulating us as an engine of control and empire, and they order him, go over there, so Kermit Roosevelt with nine guys and a couple million dollars,
We're good to go.
And people bought into it, they rioted, they went nuts, and then they convicted Mosaddegh, three years in prison, then life and house arrest, chopped the heads off of most of his ministers, when they did it, and then Kermit Roosevelt brags about it.
Yeah, and again, it's a really good point of contextualization.
This is nothing new.
It's been going on since the beginning of the occupation of Iraq, and I think we'll see, we'll certainly see more of it, because the remarkable thing, though, I think that should be pointed out is that despite widespread violence over the last five days as a result of this bombing, that now, more than ever, we see Muqtada al-Sadr is taking great steps towards keeping Iraq unified.
He's sent delegation to pray.
We're good to go.
The problem is that their revenge killing is playing into this a lot.
So that's kind of outside of the scope of direct civil war.
But certainly the vast majority of the people there are very, very clear that this is part of the project for the new American century.
There are direct ties to the government of Israel.
And by the way, the British played off the four groups the last time they had taken over Iraq.
I'm sorry, say again?
What, 85 years ago, the British did the exact same thing in Iraq, where they played the different factions off against each other.
They did, without a doubt, and they issued the exact same propaganda that the British can't possibly pull out because Iraq will be plunged into civil war, that basically the Arabs will kill each other.
The exact same propaganda is being recycled this time around.
It's incredible.
It never stops.
It really doesn't.
And I think this, though, the scale and the level and the blatancy of it that we're witnessing right now abroad and right here at home, though, I think is rather unprecedented.
It appears as though they're not even concerned about trying to hide anymore of what they're trying to do.
And just like 85 years ago, the Tories, the Conservatives, the Labour, they're all together on it.
Same thing here in the US.
Democrats, Republicans, almost unanimously for it.
The people don't want it in both countries, but our imperial leaders say we've got to go kill people.
That's right, and I think that's really one of the most worrisome signs, is that this country is a long ways off from being a healthy democracy.
We've got a government where even today we see Bush's approval ratings down to an all-time low of 34%, and probably will continue to drop, and they just don't care, because as you said, it's really just a matter of time before they start applying the draconian measures they're applying over in Iraq.
It's essentially a test ground.
They're applying them more and more here.
Sir, they call it a laboratory.
I ought to send you some of my videos.
This was back when Clinton was in office, and it still goes on.
I have Marines on video admitting they're training to put us in camps and take our guns.
They're having urban warfare in almost every major city of the country to condition the public.
They're openly building FEMA camps.
America is the real prize here.
I want people to understand.
All these neocons, all these good old boys, you need to understand, folks, this isn't a joke.
They want to set up a dictatorship, and...
Seriously, this is really happening, Dar?
I mean, your take just on how everything they're doing in Iraq, they're now trying to set up the same systems here.
Well, if you look at, for example, the biometrics that they've used regarding Fallujah after the November siege, they set it up so that everyone going in and out of that city has to get a retina scan
Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, along with foreign assets.
And for those that don't get this, again, last year at MIT Magazine reported how the cameras, the face-scanning cameras, the license plate readers, all the stuff going in, federally paid for, was designed by the Pentagon and is, quote, to control the population in a, quote, security grid.
And if you look up, another very disturbing thing is if you look at military manuals, and you think this is going to be applied to Iraq and the way that they describe people who resist them, even if someone has a political belief that is against U.S.
policy, they can be classified as an enemy combat unit.
Sir, in Senate hearings last week, the chairman of the committee, I don't know if you've heard this shit, I can pull it out and read it to you later, he said we need to start arresting and surveilling and going after these war protesters because we're really fifth columnists.
Right, I did read that, and I think that's extremely alarming, and again, that's not a wake-up call.
They're the fifth column.
They're the traitors that have seized this country as an engine of their Nazi activities, just like Hitler grabbing Germany as an engine.
You are the criminals.
You need to be arrested, scum.
Yes, without a doubt.
And of course, that is part of propaganda, is twisting the reality around to try to portray the innocent civilians and the law-abiding people and the people trying to defend the Constitution as being quite the opposite.
Again, it's another old trick.
It is recycled.
Dar, I want to come back and talk to Don and a few other callers that are holding for you, and then we're going to get another amazing American on.
John Sharp, talking about similar issues all together, riding shotgun here.
And you notice, I've never talked to Dar before.
I mean, I called him last week and said, would you come on?
No pre-interviews, no nothing.
We're on the exact same page.
We can finish each other's sentences.
Whereas the mainstream media constantly lying, news stories every day, twisting, because we're covering the facts, okay?
I've interviewed dozens and dozens of soldiers, officers who were there.
I've interviewed commanders on air.
I've read the reports.
I've read the government documents.
We're just going off the facts, okay?
So you go ahead and laugh at the Iraqis and kill them, kill them, kill them.
It's going to happen to you.
You're going to get raped by these same bastards.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Alex Jones here.
Hello, my friends.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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Hello, folks.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
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until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Your calls are now coming up.
And I don't want the evil that these globalists are doing being in my name.
I will not stand by as children and women are slaughtered and innocent people are killed on a lie by a bunch of fat-bellied nobodies sitting in their easy chairs giggling about it.
Whatever you do comes back on you.
It isn't going to be at the hands of the Arabs, ladies and gentlemen.
It's going to be at the hands of this new world order.
This is so sick and so evil.
Tens of thousands of tons of DU used in Iraq twice.
Birth defects off the charts.
Our own troops dying of it.
This is so sick and evil.
Let's go ahead.
We're talking to Dar Jamal.
Later with him, we're going to get into Iran and his take on that and his reporting on that as the globalists gear up for that.
Don in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Don.
Oh, hi there.
Where is he from?
Dard, tell them your background.
Actually, I'm from Houston, Texas, originally.
Yeah, but your family background.
He's a good Texan.
Yeah, my great-grandparents on my father's side are Christian Lebanese.
Oh, yeah.
Well, you know, anyway, I was stationed in Wheelas Air Base, you know, where it's at in Oia.
You speak Arabic, I guess.
A little bit.
Well, you should keep your family tongue.
By the way, I'm so proud of how many Texans are fighting the New World Order.
We had two of them in studio yesterday, Alan Pogue and, of course, Don Darling.
Anyway, I was going to speak of, for one thing, in Fallujah.
Am I still on air?
Yes, sir, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Anyway, I'm familiar with a few mercenary-type people.
Well, I'm not one of them.
Go ahead.
Okay, fine.
Class 3 gun stores, if you hang out there, you're going to run into them.
There are different classes.
Some of them are adventurers and kind of Boy Scout guys, the guys that like to hang out in barracks, the military.
Then there's some wacko, real psychotic people who like the smell of blood.
And you're aware that we have many, what, 30,000 contractors over there in Iraq, and a lot of them are
You know, they dig the idea, and some of them have even been given drugs.
I thought it was 60,000 contractors.
Well, I'm just being very conservative.
Dar, how many contractors?
Well, since it's private companies, it's hard to get the figures, but my research, I estimate the lowest number is 20,000 and upwards of 70,000.
Well, you're familiar with different names of them, like ISI, Titan.
Right, Custom Power, Blackwater USA.
Some of those are, you know, they're covering the Halliburton umbrella now.
Disguise them.
Yeah, they're subsidiaries.
So what's your point, please?
Well, Israel is behind a lot of this and the deception.
I'm not against Jews.
I'm part, you know, you're really nice to Israel because you can't just put a big brush on the whole thing.
There are a whole bunch of Israeli contractors in the torture camps and everywhere else.
The Marines have caught them dressed up like Arabs killing Marines.
The museum in Iraq was raided and broken into for one reason.
If you're an anthropologist or studied Egyptology, there's lots of ancient writings that show what happened
5,000, 4,000 years ago.
I think they were stealing it because of its value.
Thank you for the call.
Angela in Connecticut.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello there.
Thank you so very much for speaking with me.
I'm the lady that spoke to you that... Will you turn your radio off, please?
Oh, okay.
Can you turn that off?
Thank you.
I apologize for that.
I'm the lady that was speaking at the UN quite a few months ago, and I promised I would get back to you, but I was so grimly disappointed with the talk that ended up
Yes, and unfortunately, they were into their woo-woo kind of thing.
New age kind of thing.
I'm going to have to... You're kind of having a conversation.
Okay, stay there, man.
I don't mean to be rude with yourself, because you're just... I don't even know what you're talking about, so you have to just tell me what it is.
You have to tell me what you're talking about.
I want to go to Jamie and many others that are patiently holding to Archimald, riding shotgun with us.
Stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, starting the third hour.
If callers want to call in about other subjects...
They're welcome to do it when these guests aren't with us.
I'm really trying to talk about the upcoming war with Iran, government-staged terror in Iraq, the killing of civilians, the police state here.
Dar Jamal, combat reporter, eight months off and on in-country during the war and the occupation.
He's been in Fallujah during the siege, and he'll be joining us for much of this hour.
Coming up later, we're going to have John Sharp on with us, a scheduled publisher of the powerful books, Neocon and Neocon Again, that we carry at InfoWars.com.
Let's continue with calls for Dar Jamal.
Hassan, I believe, calling us from Canada.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
That's classic.
He just hung up as I went to him.
James in Texas.
James, you're on the air.
Go ahead, James.
I wanted to ask if you would consider not offending the Nazis by comparing the way we're treating the Iraqis to the way they treated whomever.
I don't think they ever treated anyone the way we're treating the...
I think they were doing some raping and some torturing.
Quite a bit of it, actually.
But let me just say this.
The Nazis didn't brag about it and publish it.
And Hitler's lawyers didn't put out newspaper articles saying they can crush children's body parts in front of their parents.
So the Nazis never bragged this much and didn't try to normalize it.
They just did it behind closed doors.
Garjamal, comments?
Well, another thing that I think I should draw another parallel is that I've personally documented doctors, U.S.
Army medics, being very complicit in the torture, either by trying to hide it and conceal it and falsify medical reports or assisting, like basically going in halfway through the torture saying, no, okay, you can give it to this person a little bit more.
Okay, and again, for those that don't know, DAR reported on this months before it hit mainstream news.
It is admitted that they actually have doctors helping in the torture.
I was reporting on that as far back as January of 2004.
Yeah, without a doubt.
And then, of course, this was a case, though, actually, that the actual torture story that I reported where this occurred happened back in August of 2003.
What about organ grabbing?
We know that some of these people have their organs taken, not just in Iraq, but in Israel.
That I haven't come across in Iraq, but at this point with what's going on there, I don't think too much would surprise me.
Anything else, James?
Okay, Reagan in California.
You're on the air, Reagan.
Go ahead.
Hi, how are you?
I was going to sit here and listen to this and just say off the phone, but what got me on the phone with you is to let people know that this is happening already right here.
The example is found on your website with the new WTC site.
And you were talking a little while ago with your guest about having your retina scanned.
That's exactly what they're going to do down there.
Nationwide, in any building, you'll have to retina scan.
The National ID card passed last year, known as Real ID.
You'll have to have it to have a job.
You'll have to scan it.
They're going to have a national sales tax that phony conservatives are pushing.
They will not replace the income tax.
They're going to have both.
Yeah, I would ask anybody that if this thing does go up, I call it the George Pataki Bush Treason Tower.
That's all it is.
It's the Illuminati's new base in New York, and please don't go near it.
Don't go near it.
Yeah, I hear you.
That was in the Associated Press yesterday.
Thanks for the call, Reagan.
Did you hear about that, Dar, about how they said, oh, for security, we're going to have to retina scan anyone that goes in the building and have armed guards and face scanning cameras?
No, I didn't hear about that.
Well, I saw Ridge three and a half, four years ago on C-SPAN say that they have a job to work everywhere we're going to be under this.
Well, it's certainly not a surprise if we look at what they're already doing, what they're doing to other citizens from Europe, for example, that want to come into the U.S.
when they go through customs getting a retina scan.
So it's certainly just a continuation of the trend.
When we get back, I want to get into Iran with you, and then I also want to talk about how you think this is all going to end in Iraq, how this is going to play out.
Because we've been told this war on terror is going to last generations.
There are 60-plus countries on the PNAC hit list.
We're talking to Dar Jamal, website DarJamalIraq.com, or just go to Infowars.com, big fat link right there.
On the front of the site so you can link over to his site for the unbelievably in-depth and accurate reportage.
We'll be back with our brave guest.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
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It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, coming up in a little while, we'll be joined by John Sharp, talking about the same issue, the whole world government, the imperial empire.
What's happening in Iraq, the Iran situation.
We're about to go to Hussan, who is now back.
Barney, Mike, and Jim.
We'll continue with calls throughout this hour.
Dar Jamal, combat reporter, eight months plus spent in Iraq.
Dar, the Iran situation.
They're using the exact same propaganda of three and a half years ago on the eve of the invasion, now coming up on the three-year anniversary this month.
We're good to go.
Again, exactly as you said, it's another instance of them recycling the same exact propaganda.
And I think the difference with Iran is that they don't have an interest in an occupation.
They're going to just use a massive aerial bombardment and lots of covert ops.
We've already seen where just yesterday there was more bombings in two southern Iranian oil cities.
Which is nothing new also.
And then they say Al-Qaeda did it, and then on top of it it's admitted that U.S.
Special Forces are hiding in the hills all over the country.
Without a doubt.
That coupled with unmanned surveillance flights that have been going on for several months now, many covert operations going on and Special Forces on the ground and have been for many months.
Dams being blown up.
Imagine in America if stuff was blowing up, dams were blowing up.
You know it's the globalists.
There's nothing you can do.
And how dare Iran criticize us while we're just bombing them?
And I think another really important thing to pay attention to is what will happen in Iraq when this bombardment is launched against Iran.
That's right.
And it's not if, it's when.
And I know I don't need to tell you that, but what will happen in Iraq is we look at already the two leading Shia clerics.
Grand Ayatollah Sistani, who was born in Iran and moved to Najaf in 1953, is going to do essentially what he's told by the clerics in, by the mullahs in Iran.
And then we have Luqtada al-Sadr, the other leading Shia cleric, who is already announced.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the globalists know that.
It's P2OG again.
It's like literally beating a hornet's nest with a giant baseball bat.
They know that it's going to explode, and we're off to the races.
And, of course, that opens the door for them to use whatever types of weapons they want to use there.
That's right.
And, of course, it will be very good for the military-industrial complex.
And I believe the network's trying to talk to me, but it isn't coming through.
What was that, guys?
Okay, thank you so much.
I appreciate that message.
Again, I'm down in Austin, Texas.
They're up in Minnesota, and we're about to go to our guest, John Sharp, and Dar's been gracious enough to ride shotgun with us on both these men who I admire greatly, especially Dar Jamal being over there eight months.
And we're also, Dar, hearing the media frame the debate that how dare the Iranians...
Scum of Satan, if they dare fight back or do anything, and when we bomb 200 sites with DU, depleted uranium, maybe even they're talking about using mini-nukes, no such thing, but they're calling them mini-nukes, super bunker busters, imagine their evil if they fight back.
If they do anything, by then we'll have to invade the South and go ahead and take their oil fields, where most of their oil is located.
Can you imagine an evil country, so evil,
That they let special forces troops run around all over their country, blow up dams, bomb refineries, clearly doing it, staging terror in Iraq, blaming it on Iran, and then can you imagine how evil they are?
They're saying they may fight back if attacked.
I've never heard of such evil.
And all empires through history have used this tactic, this propaganda tactic of dehumanizing the people who resist them.
I mean, if we're going to apply that same logic being used by the people in Washington, D.C., then we have to call the American patriots who fought against the British.
They would be terrorists then as well.
Then there's this line that all the Muslims want to eat our guts and eat our brains.
I mean, you're a Christian yourself, and they just all can't wait to slit our throats immediately.
They've always left us alone.
They will leave us alone if we leave them alone.
In fact, in the past, the first treaty we had was with a Muslim nation.
George Washington signed it.
They were always friendly towards America.
They don't like the British, and I understand why, who keep taking over their countries.
And it's just, it's such a fraud.
It's such a lie.
It's so ridiculous.
Mosaddegh was a poet.
He was pro-America.
They overthrew the guy, and they put the Shah in, and Savak, and they tortured tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, put in prison.
They used Dr. Mengele-style torture techniques to train the U.S.
in Nazi tactics.
That's what he classified, by the way.
I was just reading these documents the other night.
To go over there and have the Savak torture.
Then they got sick of it and overthrew the Shah.
And now everybody's upset that they don't like us.
Then three years ago, they've got a moderate government trying to be pro-West, bending over backwards.
That isn't good enough.
Now a more radical government has come in thanks to these policies which were meant from the beginning to radicalize these Muslim nations.
Right, and that's exactly what's happening all throughout the Middle East, including Iraq.
And it's astounding to see this.
It's hard for me to understand why more folks here aren't able to draw the connection.
But you've written and said, and I've also seen this in the foreign press, that most Arabs, most Muslims, most Persians, I mean, it is understood.
They are sophisticated geopolitically.
They understand it.
They've lived through it.
They understand that this is all being manipulated.
Yes, without a doubt, which is, again, why when we see bombs start to fall on Iran, there will not be, as the Deocon strategists say, where people will rise up and overthrow the mullahs, where actually quite the opposite will happen, just like we're seeing in Iraq.
And I want to give the facts.
In Egypt...
In Syria, in Iran, in Iraq, there were huge Christian populations, or still are to some extent, and Jewish populations totally left alone.
No one persecuted them.
No one said, we're going to chop your head off if you don't convert.
The fact is that it is a huge hoax that this is going on.
The fact is that they recognize Christianity and Judaism as the roots of their religion and honor it and are scared to death of even, you know...
Spitting a mile away from a Christian church.
It is a lie.
That is true, and it's the same thing in Iraq, where there have been Christians there.
Six percent of the population of Iraq is Christian.
They've all been able to coexist without a problem for thousands of years.
So again, I think it's important for people to draw that connection between the rhetoric being spewed by the minions of the Bush administration in regards to what's happening there, and just compare that to the past thousands of years of history.
Well, you're a Texan, but as you said in the last hour, when a caller asks, your family's Christian Lebanese.
And, I mean, have you guys been persecuted?
Are they trying to convert you to Islam?
No, of course not.
That's absolutely ridiculous.
They didn't chop your head off when you were in Iraq?
They're all bloodthirsty killers.
Right, exactly.
I mean, I thought they had rock and roll music stations there and Playboys sold in the stores.
I'm not even saying that's good, you know, with the Playboy, but the point is, is it's a fraud.
And now, in fact, I've got the documents from the 50s after the Cold War.
They tried to go and fund the Muslim Brotherhood and others to radicalize them.
Yeah, that's really not as surprising.
Again, it works for them to work with the fringe elements there, where the vast majority of the people in that country, just like people here, they want peace, they want security, they want the ability to have a better life.
And that's what they had hoped for when the initial invasion was launched, even though they knew the pretenses were false.
You know they really got 18-inch fangs dripping acid and they all just want to eat us.
I mean, have you heard the neocon propaganda?
They want to kill us.
They're going to get us.
They're going to kill every one of them.
Well, fear is, as usual, really the main weapon that they have and are using quite effectively, unfortunately.
Let's go to our guest, and he'll be with us for the rest of the hour.
Stay with us a few more segments, Dar.
I'm so honored to have John Sharp.
John Sharp was a 1993 Distinguished Graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.
And it goes on and on where he received his degree in honors, English.
And it goes on.
He served with the U.S.
Navy submarine officer for seven years, culminating in an overseas tour at the U.S.
Navy submarine headquarters.
And it goes on and on.
He's launched the new IHS press imprint called Gates of Vienna Books.
And it focuses on world history, dealing with the defense and decline of Western civilization.
And now he, of course, has put together beautiful hardbound books, Neocon and Neocond again.
I know you've been sitting there for four minutes on hold listening to Dar and I talk about the situation.
Give us your take on what you've heard us discuss, John.
Well, Alex, it's a pleasure.
I appreciate you having me on.
It's an honor to be on with Dar.
We've followed his work and continue to follow it.
And if you read through both of those volumes, you'll find little bits of wisdom that are attributed to Dar.
So we really appreciate Dar, your work firsthand.
It's remarkable to get some truth from on the ground, so to speak.
Thanks very much, John.
It's mutual.
Neocon gets into the whole war, the Iran situation.
Give us your take on it.
Yeah, well, the first book gets back to what you guys talked about in terms of the religious aspect.
I mean, there's so much propaganda, both in terms of what Islam is all about, but also on the Christian side.
I mean, it's been represented by folks like Falwell and Robertson that the Christians themselves are bloodthirsty and we want another crusade, we want to reshape the Middle East, etc., etc.
And the first book was put out to basically refute that idea.
Thank you very much.
Not only to the original Christians, but goes back even to the Roman thinkers like Cicero, arguing that if you're going to go to war, you go to war to defend yourself against an actual ongoing armed attack, and that's all.
So I would say that that approach obviously applies no less to Iran and what may be coming, or what will be coming,
Just as it does to Iraq.
Well, we're the invaders.
I mean, we're drug-kicking and streaming to it, but we're the invaders, the classical aggressors.
You're right, and there's no way to get around that, and the fact of the matter is that that fact doesn't change the minute the conflict starts.
That's one of the things we've been disappointed in on behalf of some of the, even what they would call paleo-conservatives, who, you know, Buchanan, Sobrand, these guys, I normally enjoy reading what they have to say.
Pat Buchanan has a feature essay in the first book, but what was disappointing was this line that we heard from certain circles, that, well, now that the shooting starts, we all have to just shut up and fall in line.
And, of course, you know, if the conflict's fundamentally unjust when it starts, that fact doesn't change.
Well, the shooting's never going to stop.
Bush says it's a hundred-year war.
Exactly, exactly.
And so, you know, we can't afford to shelve this question to right and wrong.
And, Dara, I'd be interested in your comment, but our perspective from here is that
If it's true, we want to convey to the rest of the world that we are law-abiding and that we're peace-loving.
I may say that kind of smirking because, of course, it doesn't make a lot of sense.
But how credible is it to launch one aggressive war after another and expect people are going to take us seriously when we talk democracy and the rule of law?
All right, stay there.
Our guest is John Sharp.
He is the publisher and, of course, author himself.
These two new books we're carrying at Infowars.com in the video and bookstore.
And we've got Darja Mall riding shotgun with us for a time as well.
And your calls, those that are patiently holding, stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Combat reporter Dar Jamal will be with us for another 20 minutes of this segment into the next.
And Mr. Sharp, the rest of the hour.
Both men are on the road.
We appreciate them taking time out to join us.
I know we've had callers holding for quite a while.
Let's try to get a couple calls, and then we'll get back into the new book, Neocon, and the even newer book, Neocon, again, two beautiful books, hardbound books that we're carrying.
The new one, Neocon, again, is 850-something pages, but it's an easy read.
Get it today.
Let's go ahead and go to Hassan, see if he's there, there in Canada.
You're on the air, sir.
I just wanted to...
What's on your mind?
Thank you for... I'm a Muslim, basically, from Pakistan.
I was born in Pakistan.
And I'm just really, really grateful for the news you bring, just because you were even talking about how... just talking about the Muslims in general.
And I just wanted to thank you for actually looking at it on bias.
We want everybody to live in peace.
We don't want to kill you.
We know it's a lie that the majority of Muslims want to kill us.
In international polls they've done it, 6% are the frothing crazies over there.
And here it's about 40% are frothing crazies.
And we didn't used to be like that.
We're not shameful creatures.
The majority of us are good people in this country.
Dar, Mr. Sharp, any comments?
Well, that's what I found, just like what Mr. Sharpe was talking about before the break, is that, again, despite the atrocities that have been inflicted upon the people of Iraq, most people there are still very clear at differentiating between the American people
In the policies of the U.S.
government, they're very clear in the fact that most people there are aware that we've had two illegitimate elections here in a row, and that these policies are not a reflection of the will of most people in the U.S.
Are they concerned?
Do they know that we're falling, that we may go into full-bore dictatorship?
Many do, not all.
I don't think most are quite aware, just like most people here in the U.S.
are not aware of how critical of a situation it is and what is at stake.
Let me get Mr. Sharpe's, John Sharpe's take, and we'll let San finish up.
Mr. Sharpe, your take on that.
Well, I think it's nice to hear from his perspective as well.
And to go back to what we were saying before, I mean, the bottom line is you have so many Christians in the U.S.
who use Christianity as some indicator of their kind of public approach or their religious approach to things.
And the truth we wanted to represent, which I think is very similar to what you guys are talking about, is that the Christian religion is a religion of peace.
It certainly admits of self-defense, but that's what it comes down to, is self-defense.
And if you look at the facts of both what's pushing us into Iran now and what's pushing us into Iraq, no matter how much credibility or credence you give to some of these assertions and some of the accusations, in no way can they be understood as necessitating a war of defense.
If we were attacked
We can defend ourselves, exclusive of that.
Well, 9-11, 9-11, we got hit!
Well, you look at 9-11, it's an inside job, there's no debating it, but even if you believe it was 19 guys in a cave were able to do this, and all of this happened, it wasn't Iraq that attacked us, it wasn't Iran.
Exactly, and we tried to take that perspective on purpose, to say, let's assume for everybody out there who believes the official story, that you still can't argue your way from these 19 guys who are unidentified,
Again, we decided it was Bin Laden, kind of on a whim.
Mainly coming from our so-called allies.
I mean, we love UAE, we love Saad.
Yep, exactly.
No, you're exactly right.
So regardless of what your take is on that story, although we're as skeptical as the next guy on all that stuff.
There's no argument justifying a kind of aggressive approach that we've taken.
Well, the PNAC documents say we need a helpful Pearl Harbor event.
Brzezinski said it too.
We need major terrorist attacks to unify the people behind a war of empire.
They say it's an empire.
They say it's a pretext.
Hussan, finish up, sir.
Just a couple quick points.
I actually was in the U.S.
living there during September 11th, funny enough.
I was like 17, I think, and going to first year of university, so...
I mean, I was like right there in the middle of it, like, it happened.
So, I mean, I know exactly what it was like.
And even at that time, I even thought they should go into Afghanistan.
Like, I actually, I mean, as a Muslim, I'm thinking this.
Like, they should.
And then, like, this was way before I got into any of this.
But my second point was, or question was for Mr. Dar.
I've been going to university for a while, and like, I'm not really, like, wasn't never interested in anything I was doing.
Not at all.
So, like, it's got me where I'm just, like, and, like, obviously I can see all these things happening around me, and I do, like, I've traveled quite a bit, so I, you know, I've seen much every, a lot of there is to see.
Like, I don't, I kind of, like, sitting here right now in Canada, living my, you know, great lifestyle that I live, all this is going on, and I was just wondering, like, how you exactly went into, like, how you
Sort of, uh... You're wanting to get involved in the fight against the New World Order.
So, yeah, but, like, how did you actually go into...
We've got to go into Iraq.
Oh, you want to ask our Jamal how he went there to cover it.
Okay, we'll be right back.
He wants some background on that.
John Sharp's our guest.
Our Jamal's our guest.
More of your calls coming up.
More of the issues John wants to talk about.
When we get back, he'll set the agenda for the last 30 minutes.
Tell us some of the issues he wants to cover.
More straight ahead.
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We're good to go.
We're going to move through your calls quickly after we cover some more issues.
Barney, Mike, Jim, and others, your calls are coming up.
Both of you, John Sharp and Darja Mall, both of you, give us your websites respectively so people can visit them.
Dar, go ahead.
Yeah, mine is darjamillerock.com.
Oh, thanks.
It's D-A-H-R-J-A-M-A-I-L-I-R-A-Q.com.
Or, again, just go to infowars.com.
We've got a big, fat link in the guest section down on the main page.
And, John, we're carrying your book, Neocon and Neocon.
Again, they're both amazing.
They're incredible.
They're easy reads, even though they're voluminous, because it's just chapters, different issues, different facets.
But tell us about your website, and then tell us about the books.
If folks can pick articles or chapters that are of interest to them, there's no obligation to read the whole thing cover to cover, although we would of course suggest that they ingest and digest every word.
The books are broken into two volumes.
The first is about 400 and some odd pages featuring somewhere between 20 and 25 contributors.
The message of the first was twofold.
Number one, we've discussed it a little bit to sort of right the wrong on what's been popularly perceived as a Christian war and as a conservative war.
Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Of course, Christian principles dictate that it's only legitimate to go to war if you're actually attacked.
And as we've said, 9-1-1
I think we're good.
Is this a conservative war by a professor up in Pennsylvania, Paul Gottfried, who's a long-time and well-known paleo-conservative writer who really shreds that argument.
Just like Paul Craig Roberts.
And, of course, there's a whole host of folks that have not gotten the press and publicity they deserve.
Very much so.
Pat Buchanan's in your first book.
Joe Sobran, the late Sam Francis.
He is.
And I really should mention Jude Winniski's.
We did an interview with Jude before he died back in August of 2005.
It covers the first 70 pages of the book.
Jude died?
I interviewed him.
He did, yep.
He passed away, I think, the 30th or 31st of August last year.
It was a real shock to us.
Oh my gosh, I interviewed him right before he died.
Yep, you sure?
He may be one of the last ones.
We feel like this print interview from him is kind of capturing his last testament, because as you know, he worked on Iraq for, say, 15 years.
He was one of the only mainstream political figures that I'm aware of
Who told the truth about Iraq going all the way back to the end of the Iran war.
And he was quite prominent from, yeah.
He was, yeah.
I mean, he's a big-time Reagan administration guy, an associate editor of the Wall Street Journal in the late 70s, inventor of supply-side economics.
He was a really sweet guy, too.
I interviewed him twice last year.
Yes, yes.
Very, very good guy.
And he was in a conservative establishment, and it was only towards the end that the neoconservatives started taking potshots against him on their websites, which proves to me that he was doing some good.
They ought to be ashamed of themselves.
Yeah, I mean, that 70 pages there, if somebody wanted to buy the first book and they said, look, I really just need to read one thing, that's worth the price of the book itself.
You'll have an encyclopedic knowledge of so many things.
And then briefly, because I want to move on to some issues, but tell us about the second book.
Well, the second book looks at the more explosive or hot topics that, for your listeners, Alex, is not going to be
I think we're good to go.
Let me go back for a second to Dar Jamal.
He's going to leave us here in just a few minutes.
That's another key issue.
They have premeditatedly lied to us.
And I want to get John's take on this, too.
They've premeditatedly lied to us.
We get the documents down in the street.
I think the White House memo is much more important.
They admit that's real.
We'll paint up planes fake and try to get them shot down or fly them low to get shot down, blame it on Saddam.
We'll create fake intelligence and claim that we have an informant that saw WMDs.
We'll lie to the people.
We'll fix the intelligence around going to war.
And then now, after they lie to us over and over and over again on the port deals, on a hundred other issues involving all this criminality and ballooning the size of government and all the unconservative things they're doing, we're supposed to believe them now again.
Dar, John?
Well, again, and I think that's a really, really important way to contextualize.
Look at what's happened in Samara.
This is just yet another example where we're supposed to believe the rhetoric they're putting out, that this is terrorism, that there's something like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi or Al-Qaeda, or the usual pretenses that they use.
Why should we believe anything that they say now, especially in light of everything that you've just mentioned?
It's not that they screwed up on intelligence.
It is admitted that they knowingly fabricated it.
That violates so many federal laws.
John, give us your take.
I think it's nice and dark to mention the word rhetoric because so much of this is rhetorical.
We have a piece in the back of the second book called...
Uh, Name Calling or Nemesis, and it's an analysis by a retired Army colonel of the Insurgency Resistance in Iraq.
Dar, I'd love you to read it and give us your comments.
In fact, I think you're quoted in there a bunch of times.
But this word, terrorist, conjures up the evil demons that you were referring to, uh,
Kind of hyperbolically, Alex, in the last segment.
The idea that somebody who fights an occupying army or fights an invading force is a quote-unquote terrorist is fundamentally... Well, they also call them cowards.
And to say that some guy, and most people who have lost their families, who literally, with an old AK-47, goes up against tanks and Apache helicopters and F-16 and F-18 Joint Strike fighters, I mean, that is not a coward.
No, you're right.
But it's very persuasive, and I'm afraid it works for most of the American people, because they create this mentality like, if it's only terrorists that oppose Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam is obviously the good guy, then anybody who dares to oppose what Uncle Sam is up to is a gift so facto.
You're right.
You name it, and it really shuts people's brain off, because what it means is they lose this grasp of right versus wrong.
Well, you're right.
Here's a very transparent example.
They start calling it Total Information Awareness Network.
They announced three years ago, everything you do, every credit card purchase, everything you do, New York Times, is going to be watched.
It's for your own good.
Shut up and take it.
Then they call it the Terrorist Information Network.
And it's just like now when they get caught with the NSA spying, they call it the Terrorist Surveillance Network.
See, well, you're not for not surveilling the terrorists, are you?
See, they're manipulating wordsmithing.
Yeah, absolutely.
It's very subtle.
They're very effective.
And Alex, if you go to one of the things I mentioned on our website, or didn't get a chance to mention, it's neocon.com.
Well, I think it's fine if they go to your website.
This total information awareness, the thing that old Admiral Poindexter started these few years ago.
Convicted felon.
Exactly, until he got all this heat on them.
Well, it's just come out recently.
This was in National Journal.
Folks ought to go to the National Journal website and look for it.
It's still operating.
It survived, and all they did was change the names.
I mean, they called it Gopher Hunt or something ridiculous, just in order to disguise it and perpetuate it.
And they privatized it.
Yeah, and so it's the same old story, but...
Again, this rhetoric, I think, really has shut the brains off of the American people, and that's why I'm hoping in our books and programs like yours, we can start getting people to think critically.
I really think that's the problem anymore.
People swallow what they hear from Fox News and from the White House press releases, and then they just fail to...
No, John, I totally agree with you.
We're going to let Dar go in here in just a moment, but let's try to jam two calls in quickly for you guys.
Barney in Virginia, go ahead.
You're on the air, then Mike.
Barney, go ahead.
Hi, folks.
Your phone's terrible, so go ahead and make your call quickly.
Can you hear me now?
Go ahead.
All right, folks.
My name is Barney Van Hummisen.
Okay, I'm a little...
I'm a little staged right here.
I'm going to put you on hold, sir.
Your phone's too bad.
Maybe at the end when we let our guests go, I'll be able to get you on.
But I'm sorry, it's just not working.
Mike in Pennsylvania.
Mike, you're on the air.
Yeah, we've had a lot of problems with the phones today.
It doesn't normally happen.
I think having so many people on the line, two guests, and then the callers is causing... We may jam a few in at the end if we're able to, if folks can get themselves together and be on the line.
Dar, in closing, because I'm going to let you go, I appreciate all your time.
Any other key points you were unable to mention?
Anything else on the Iran situation?
Well, I just think it's really imperative for people to pay very close attention to what's going to happen there and that Iran's not going to be the end either.
And then until people really realize this and are willing to start standing up and taking some action to change the course of what's happening here, nothing will change.
And I asked you earlier, and you never had a chance to answer, and I want to pose this question to John.
Where do you think it's all going, this whole thing?
What do you think is going to happen to this globalist empire?
What are they going to have to do to get this through on us?
I think they're going to stage big terror attacks here in America, but I want to get your take on it.
Well, without a doubt, the stage is set for something like that to occur, and I think that is going to be what they will have to do to simply augment the numbers of the military.
They're going to need to continue on with this agenda.
Do you think they're going to fail?
I mean, look into your crystal ball.
You've been there for eight months inside the war, inside Fallujah, during the siege.
Do you think they're going to fail?
What's going to happen?
Well, as far as Iraq goes, the Iraq occupation failed probably less than six months into it.
So that is a total dismal failure.
And really the only solution will be a tail between the legs thing, evacuation, similar to what we saw in Vietnam.
But the neocons are busy wanting to move on to the next theater.
That's true, but I think, as with all empires, they've already grossly overstretched themselves.
And that's because their imperial leaders are always little, soft, delusional individuals.
Right, who have no real experience with military whatsoever.
All right, Dar, I really appreciate you joining us.
We hope to talk to you in the near future.
Thanks, Alex.
John, would you like to answer that question and give us your take?
I hate to predict because I try to be an optimist thinking that things will turn out well and I'm always wrong and then I say to myself, I told you so.
I don't know, Alex, what things are going to bring but I can tell you that if this business that Dara brought up about Samara, I think that's a classic example.
A situation that I think, based on all the research that's contained in Volume 2, is something everyone should be very skeptical about.
The idea that the Sunnis are at the Shiites' throat, the Shiites are at the Sunnis' throat, strikes me as very, very similar to your comments earlier about the Christians and Muslims.
One thing that I think Dar's written about somewhat, and we go into in the second book,
I think what I'm saying is failing in understanding of what baptism was and this ideology of baptism under Saddam Hussein, you really can't understand modern Iraq.
Baptism was ascendant basically since the very late 60s, so what you have really is 30 years or 35 years almost worth of an ideology in Iraq that puts Iraq nationalism first.
Everybody in Iraq
Learned to imagine that they were Iraqis first, and after that they were Sunnis or Shiites or Turks or Christians or what have you.
And that almost completely ended sectarian warfare.
Exactly, exactly.
And one of the things that's quoted in this interview with Jude Winniski is an email from a Shiite that he was in touch with in London, a very...
Well-respected and reasonable Shiite doctor who said, look, don't buy into this rhetoric about the Shiites and the Sunnis in each other's throats because it's just not true.
There's some fringe, just like there's always fanatics, but it's very same.
The way to conceive of it, I imagine, is the way we conceive of it here in the U.S.
We're all Americans.
We have different backgrounds, different religions, etc.
But if we're invaded, we all pick up the shovel.
But John, if you go back to Iran and the staged overthrow of Mosaddegh, the staged terror attacks, the CIA documents, I don't know if you've read those, say we can't have any nationalists, even though he was pro-America, anti-communist, and secular.
They said we can't.
We cannot have any of them being free, any of them being sovereign.
So that's why Iraq was set up and brought down, because they were pro-Christian.
They were leaving Israel alone.
Jews were living there.
People were getting along.
Women were graduating from college more than men.
They were about to become first world.
Again, they had rock and roll radio stations.
They were mainstream.
That can't be allowed.
Now the globalists are very happy.
It's all in a big quagmire, and the Muslim extremists are taking control.
And so now there gets to be a big enemy.
We get to hype the Muslims up.
I mean, this is sick.
Do you agree with those statements?
I totally agree.
I've never borne out in the facts for people who want more support for what you're saying.
Volume 1 has a lengthy essay on the sanctions and even on Gulf War I. At the very beginning of the book, it talks about how from the outset, there was this desire to bring Iraq down precisely because of those strengths that you mentioned.
In the second book, there's an explosive quote that's recorded by an Italian journalist.
The guy's name is Maurizio Blondet, who called up Edward Luttwak, the famous neocon strategist at CSIS,
He called them up during the first Gulf War, right before it started, and said, look, we in Europe, I mean, we're kind of a peace-loving people.
We really don't even think it's likely that the U.S.
is going to go into Iraq just over Kuwait.
Saddam has already agreed to pull out.
He's already agreed to negotiate some acceptable terms.
We just don't think the U.S.
is going to go through with it.
And look back, comment back to him that's quoted in this, I think it's Chapter 3 of the book, is, we are in fact going to bomb Iraq back to the Stone Age.
And what Lookback says is exactly what you just said.
Now that the Iran-Iraq war is over, all of Saddam's engineers and his technical people aren't needed in the army.
They're going to get back to the social work and the rebuilding of infrastructure and whatnot.
They will become the dominant power in the Middle East, and we cannot permit that to happen.
This is the kind of agenda and the mindset that's behind what's happening.
And then you have these people with arrested development, these full-grown adults who hold down businesses and make money and you think are smart, and they're just like, I want to nuke them.
And you're like, well, do you know the history?
No, I don't know nothing, but I want to kill them.
Don't confuse me with the facts.
That's the thing that I think is most depressing to me is to talk to so many folks like this who you have to assume, I suppose, are well-intentioned, but...
They just absolutely refuse to open their minds.
That's what these books... I mean, they're big enough.
If people won't read them, I'd like to bash some people over the head with them just to get them to wake up and think and think through these arguments and these things that they're told because on the face of them, they just don't make any sense.
Well, this type of criminality being engaged in by these criminals that have seized our country, it's shameful.
And I will not be part of it.
I will expose it.
I don't care what the consequences are.
Let's take a call from Ron in New York.
Ron, are you there?
Hello, gentlemen.
Hello, Ron.
Okay, a few things I want to say.
Yes, as far as the DARPA program, that's correct.
It's been quietly resurrected under another name.
So it never really went away, and Congress has full knowledge of it and doesn't care and doesn't do nothing like they don't do nothing about many other things.
Secondly, with reference to the Patriot Act and its warrantless search provisions for e-mails and computer data, well, it's now come out, though Alex has been saying this for quite a time, on the front page of today's New York Sun.
That a case which essentially has been kept sealed, or I should say kept in confidentiality until now, dating back to 2003, you have two federal judges in the state of Florida who had ruled that in fact these warrantless searches apply to garden variety crimes.
And they've in fact used them in garden variety crimes.
In 1996, they paid $9 billion to have the NSA have officers in every major hub.
They run them, and now it's admitted on MSNBC and on the Russert program, on CNBC.
They just go, yeah, we're listening to everything.
That's correct, and they've been denying that.
They've been lying about that, both the political power structure... But it was all in the trade publications.
Both the power structure in the media, the establishment media, the neocon-established media.
They've been lying to us for years now about this, and the proof is right there.
And by the way, the Sun is no liberal newspaper, should anyone know it.
I didn't see that.
Do me a favor.
Email us at tipsandinfowars.com.
What's the headline?
The headline is, Patriot Act email searches apply to non-terrorist judges say.
Patriot Act email searches apply to non-terrorist, judges say.
All right, we'll get that posted.
The audacity, if you read this article, the audacity of one of the judges that say, well, there's no language there that really Congress empowered them to do this.
However, I'm going to rule that it's constitutional for them to do this.
But see, Section 802, all crime is terrorism.
The country as an institution is in collapse.
Sir, it has collapsed.
I mean, people, they're openly... Bush is announcing he's a dictator.
The people, I think, have gone somewhat insane to go along with this.
It is detrimental to them.
Hey, Ron, stay there.
I want to get that headline better during the break from you.
I want to come back and let our guests wrap things up and comment on the domestic front.
We're talking to the man who published Neocon and Neocon again.
Stay with us.
You can get them both at Infowars.com.
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We're going to go back to Ron here in a minute, just let him finish up.
I'm not going to take any more calls.
I'm sorry to the callers.
It's just that we've got a lot of guests on, a lot of news today.
But we'll take a lot of calls tomorrow and throughout the week, so be sure and join us.
I want to thank all our stations, the affiliates out there, the sponsors, the listeners.
God, of course, number one.
And the folks that make the broadcast possible up at the Genesis Communications Network in Minnesota, I come to you from Austin, Texas.
John Sharp, I've got to get you back on in the near future, but I wanted to get your take, and I hope people will go to Infowars.com and get Neocon and Neocon again, or go to your website, and we have a link to it up on Infowars.
I don't care.
Just get the books, folks.
But, John, because these are beautiful books, and the information is even better than the hardcover and the...
And, you know, the packaging, but it just looks great.
That's good for people that aren't informed to give them a copy, because they tend to read stuff that looks good as well.
They tend to judge books by their cover.
But where do you see it all going?
I mean, listen, I'm not joking when I say domestically, I videotaped Marines many years ago trying to take our guns and put us in camps.
And I was the cook saying it 12 years ago.
Now it's mainstream news.
I mean, we're entering hell itself.
Yeah, it's very disturbing.
You're right.
And of course, it's this inability of people to think themselves out of this box they've been put in, I think, that makes us all, you know, we're all good sheep.
We all go along with the process precisely because we've shut our brains off.
We take stuff out of Fox News or out of a White House press release and we just shrug and say, oh, of course, they're telling us the truth.
Well, you're a Naval Academy graduate.
You were on the nuclear submarines.
You call yourself a conservative.
I mean, you're going public.
Why did you go public?
Well, I mean, I just got fed up, I'm sure, just like you, Alex.
I mean, there comes a point when you see the leaders of your country doing things ostensibly in your name.
I mean, I know a lot of people have said, hey, Americans, you know, you're a quote-unquote democracy.
Why don't the people...
I think it's high time that people just get out there.
Like this guy who called the young man who grew up in Pakistan from Canada.
If all the young folks out there
Would get in touch with you, get in touch with us, get in touch with anybody they possibly can to put this righteous anger, this legitimate outrage to use.
And so many people picture themselves as an Arnold Schwarzenegger type hero.
They go, I can't do that.
I can't save the world by myself.
That's not what real heroes do.
Real heroes raise good children.
Real heroes work hard and are moral.
Real heroes don't cut corners.
Real heroes stand up for what's right against peer pressure.
Heroes do little things every day.
Yep, and they work together, most importantly.
The real heroes, I think, don't have this one-man-against-the-world mentality, but they sign on the dotted line and join up with a much larger cause.
I mean, certainly this thing is bigger than your program.
It's much bigger than these books.
I mean, these books we created as a resource to give people the intellectual firepower that they need to understand everything about what's happening in Iraq now and where we're headed.
Give us your website again.
It's neocond.info.
Now, let's let Ron finish up in New York.
Ron's called up here as many times, giving me a lot of good info.
I did go pull up the Sun article.
It's going up on Infowars.com right now, Patriot Act email.
Searches may apply to non-terrorists, two federal judges say.
Ron, you're absolutely on target.
You're, of course, a retired police detective yourself.
As a retired police officer, what is it like to see this happen to your country?
When I was an officer, there still was something that we could coherently call a country based on our social and historical traditions.
It doesn't exist anymore.
I believe, and I'm going to say this, that the United States is in a process of rapid collapse as a democratic institution, and that a large part of its people, or most of its people, are suffering from some form of self-denial to the point that it's insanity.
I think a lot of Americans have literally gone insane.
It's just like the Nazis.
Ron, I thank you for your call.
Good to hear from you.
I haven't heard from him in months.
It's you, the listeners, that give us all the key info.
You're our eyes and ears.
We wouldn't even know about this Big Son article.
I've got 30 seconds left.
John, take us out of here.
You're our tail gunner.
Well, let's use these books as the intellectual firepower we need, both as a roadmap for the way ahead and for understanding why we're doing what we're doing.
And most importantly...
Use them to get the debate back on to right versus wrong.
That's the most important thing, and without that, we're lost.
Sir, thank you for joining us.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thanks, Alex.
Same to you.
Hope to do so.
You bet.
Folks, I'm gritting my teeth.
I have the hair on the back of my neck stands up.
I got wide knuckles.
I know it's real.
Do you know it's real?
This isn't a joke.
I got chills right now.
This isn't a game.
This is a battle for the republic against the beast antichrist world system.
We shall prevail!
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.