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Air Date: Feb. 24, 2006
2422 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, to this live Friday edition.
The 24th day of February 2006.
We'll be live here for the next three hours.
Wide open phones all day.
And we've got a guest joining us, Ray McGovern, 27-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But that's the only guest today, so we'll have plenty of time to have open phones and take your calls and cover all of the news.
Well, is Iraq already in a civil war?
Who is really behind the shrine, the mosque bombing, the Golden Dome mosque being blown up?
We don't know as of this time, but a lot of the preliminary evidence points towards the globalists, and people say, well, why would they do that?
Well, the U.S.
government and Israel's own policy papers
Say that they want to have civil war in Iraq, so we'll go over some of those today.
Meanwhile, the controversy over the UAE Dubai ports world taking over deepens.
Arab country offers to delay port takeover.
Willingness to wait will let White House address lawmakers' concern over security.
Well, they didn't even do the 45-day study and investigation in violation of federal law.
We have conflict of interest with...
We're good to go.
And the neocons are all over the media, full court press.
It's totally normal.
It's good.
Evil liberals are trying to stop it.
It's disgusting.
It's disgusting.
Every national radio host that I know of who's a major host, other than maybe George Norrie, who is against the port handover, but every other one, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, all of them, I've got their statements here, why you're an evil liberal now if you're not handing over the ports.
And, you know, after we did the Cheney Ballistics shooting test last week, I looked at some of the big news sites and blogs, some of the so-called conservative blogs, and they're, Alex Jones is an anti-gun liberal.
He's just anti-gun.
Cheney's good.
You guys are delusional.
Bob Barr was on with us a month ago.
He's on the NRA board.
George Bush is more anti-gun than Bill Clinton is what he said.
But you don't care about losing your Second Amendment.
You'll turn your guns in.
In fact, I expect to hear I've got to turn my guns in.
I'm a liberal if I don't.
Well, everybody knows the liberals want to keep their guns.
Everybody knows only real conservatives hand them in.
I was at a local gun shop buying that shotgun .28 gauge a week and a half ago.
It was actually a week ago today.
I actually bought it last Thursday.
No, last Wednesday night, that's right, and then did the test on a Thursday.
And there I am, there at the gun shop, and two different fellas are like, hey, you say George Bush is anti-gun.
And I'm like, yeah, he is.
That's not true.
Well, no, he was for the assaultman's ban.
He lobbied for it.
No, no.
And then one of the managers there goes, no, no, it's true.
And his attorney general has been lobbying for it.
Well, no, you're going crazy, Bob.
Listen, Alex, just please stop lying.
I mean, it doesn't matter what the facts are to these people.
It does not matter.
Bush could say, turn your guns in, and they'd say that was pro-Second Amendment.
All right, I'm off ranting on another subject now.
When we get back from this quick break, there is so much news.
We're going to run through all of it.
And Ray McGovern is coming up.
He'll join us for an entire hour, coming up here in about 25 minutes.
And we'll open the phones up so you can talk to Ray McGovern later as well.
The toll-free number to join us now, I might even take some calls before he joins us, 1-800-259-9231.
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We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
There's a worldwide debate concerning Iraq, if it's a civil war or not.
If you look at a lot of the Pentagon reports, status reports, not the spin that comes off the reports, but the actual reports, it's been in a state of civil war for the last two years of the three years since the invasion began.
We're coming up on the three-year anniversary in the middle of next month in March.
So, we see this shrine, one of the most holy shrines in Islam, in Mohammedan, being blown up.
And a lot of people, including the Iranian president, say it's the U.S.
government or the Mossad.
Well, I held back a day or so.
I said, you know, I don't know if that's the case.
But looking at the evidence, it does fit into stated neocon and Israeli programs.
And I'm just covering the facts here.
And it does fit into the stated goal of breaking the country into three or four different regions to be balkanized.
So we'll get into that.
And the bunch of new developments with the port deal and the fleets of neocons going out and saying you're an evil liberal if you're against it.
It's ridiculous.
Of course, the Democrats themselves are very hypocritical as well.
They loved it when the Communist Chinese, who were much more dangerous than the UAE thousands of times, were given ports that are much more strategic, not just in the Western Hemisphere like the Panama Canal and the Isthmus there, but also, of course, Long Beach and several others.
So, that is coming up.
More details there.
But every day, there's articles that are in my stack that I miss, that I don't get to.
And at the end of the show, I go, man, I should have covered this.
I mean, they're always up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
There's a lot of them, though, that I don't cover on there.
And here's a few of those.
I'm going to make sure, just out of the gates, we cover.
UK troops will not destroy poppy fields.
This is out of the Scotsman, the major paper of Scotland.
And it says the commander of the British forces in southern Afghanistan insisted yesterday that his troops would play no part in destroying poppy fields.
Ministers have declared that one of the main tasks of the 5,700 strong force, that was just propaganda though, was to help an Afghan heroin production.
Help end Afghan heroin production, which supplies 90% of the narcotics sold illegally on British streets.
But Colonel Gordon Messinger of the Royal Marines said troops deployed to Helmaid, the biggest center of heroin production, will not become involved in the process being considered by President Hamid Karzai's government of eradicating poppies.
There will be absolutely no maroon berets on the Marines with cigarettes.
...in the poppy fields, he said.
British forces will not even directly stop vehicles suspected of smuggling the drug.
That will be the task of Afghan police and the army.
The main role of the British forces will instead be to enable the Afghan police and army to establish control over areas which have so far remained outside their reach, allowing a resurgent Taliban and drug lords to gain ascendancy, said Colonel Messenger.
All right, let's stop right there.
The official numbers are that opium production, they derive heroin from, the opiate, had exploded after the Taliban was removed from power.
It doubled the first year, quadrupled the next year, and now went over eight times what it previously was, and the eight times the all-time low under the Taliban in late 2001 is double the all-time production previously from the mid-1990s.
We're good to go.
It has been resurrected in the last few months, and now there's a flood of opium.
It's ridiculous, and it flies in the face of the facts.
It's like when I'm down in Mexico occasionally, take a trip down there, and you'll see Mexican troops guarding giant marijuana fields.
You go to Guatemala or Salvador or Nicaragua, you'll see them guarding poppy fields and coca plantations with the cocaine bushes.
It's everywhere.
Now, will the military stage some raids on some Pashtuns or others who aren't in with the big drug lords?
It's well known.
Will there be a drug war in Afghanistan?
Yes, but it'll be the same as it is in Colombia, where the pilots are given GPS coordinates to spray this field, but not a field a mile away, because that field's owned by the right-wing death squads.
That's all the drug war is internationally, is the major drug cartels, the people that run our government, going after their competition.
That is an absolute fact.
I have had, oh, it's got to be, over ten top CIA agents on this show.
I've had many DEA agents on this broadcast who've been whistleblowers exposing this.
I've had so many of them on over the years.
In my film, Police State Through the Takeover, we talk to Terry Reed and others and show the documents and confront General Barry McCaffrey, who was the drug czar at the time, about how his head of drug interdiction was actually shipping in masses of heroin and cocaine.
I mean, it's a joke, ladies and gentlemen.
And then they've got the nerve.
I think.
But again, the very drug cartels can be linked to having controlling stock and in many cases private ownership.
The very drug-dealing western drug lords that have the so-called Medellin cartels and others like marbles in their pocket, like chump change in their pocket, little minions of them, they will openly own the prisons that incarcerate our youth and incarcerate our society, which all these major studies show,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's because those crackheads, those heroin heads, have got $150, $300 a day habits.
They've got to have it.
And instead of it being dispensed through decriminalization, I'm not for total legalization, instead of it being dispensed by the county health department, which in Europe they've done, it's made, again, the use go down by 50%.
Some countries even higher, but the average is around 50%.
These are official numbers.
And the crime just plummets.
Crime, just drug-related robbery, muggings, things like this, just fall through the floor.
Because, listen, you get these zombie junkies out there, and they've got to have their fix, and they're just waiting for you to leave with your family, and they think you're gone, and they go in your house, and your 15-year-old daughter is there, and they get scared, and they end up blowing your daughter away.
I personally am sick of it, and I'm tired of it.
And these drug dealers are slick, folks.
You've got to hand it to the New World Order.
They controlled the drug trade when it was legal.
Then when they lost their monopoly, they made it illegal to use the cops, which they could then corrupt with the drug money to go out to their competition.
Then they used that money and that power off the drug trade to take over all the other rackets.
And you've got to hand it to the government again.
At least they're being more transparent now.
These big lottery companies, major news articles on almost all of them being mafia-controlled.
Mafia just goes to the government now.
They make the government the house.
And I have to stand there in line at convenience stores if I'm buying some bottled water or buying a bag of chips or something up working late.
I have to stand in line with all these poor people.
I watch the people that buy lottery tickets.
And I sit there and I watch him.
And I'm not saying all of you that buy lottery tickets are like this, but it's pathological.
In most cases...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So I kind of wish the government would just say, okay, we deal the drugs, come buy the heroin from us, because that'll make crime plummet, and more people will then go, well, this isn't cool.
See, it'll take the money out of it, but it'll never happen.
It'll take the money out of it, because then somebody can't go deal crack and make $10,000 a week and drive around in their caddy going, I'm the Mac Daddy, baby.
You know, then it loses all its flair.
Then it won't suck our kids into it.
But that isn't going to happen.
That's not going to happen.
And we've got, of course, triple the heroin, double the cocaine on our streets we did 12 years ago.
We've gone from 1.3 million in the prison system to over 7 million in the system right now, over 4.5 million in prison, behind bars right now, millions others again in the system.
It's a great system.
The bigger it gets, the more black ski masks, the more SWAT teams, the more cameras, the more raids, the more people in prison, the more drugs on the streets, the more money that's in it, the more car bombings in Texas and people getting shot by paramilitary Mexican troops openly working for the U.S.
It doesn't matter if I have DEA agents on to expose it.
It doesn't even matter what the facts are.
We're going to be ruled by the mafia.
You see, the government's just coming right out with it.
We're the mafia.
And we're going to run your life.
And the UK troops, no, we're not going to stop any of the exploding opium.
Of course you're not.
You're there, part and parcel, to get that opium so young kids can jab a needle in their arm and so they can have a big overdose, so they can swell up blue and have heart failure and so their parents can stand over their coffin.
And then, for the same time, if a kid doesn't die of an OD, you can slam them in your college of crime.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Yeah, but don't worry.
Don't worry, police that enforce this evil system.
It's called you reap what you sow.
It's all going to come back on you.
Look what happens to your kids and grandkids when you're over there coughing.
So keep pushing your drug war.
You're going to kill your own children.
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I don't know.
You know, fight with the natives and start the colonies was tobacco, an addictive drug.
Very addictive.
Hits the same receptors in the brain as cocaine and heroin.
It hits narcotic receptors.
It's not a narcotic, but they've statistically shown with studies that it's more addictive than cocaine and heroin.
So, see, the elites have always had monopolies over this.
And then they lost slavery because of the abolitionists.
The same crowd that was into slavery was also into tobacco and then laudanum, opium.
And so they figured out, hey, we'll take stuff that we've already gotten a lot of the population addicted to through the drug stores that openly sold it, we'll make it illegal, and we'll reinstitute slavery, and we'll be able to put people in all these prisons, just like Shawshank Redemption, working, building highways, busting rocks, doing whatever, and then the drug dealers can be in control of the prisons themselves and have slavery.
And that's how it works.
I hope people realize that.
And I hope people in government, I hope the minions that enforce this realize that none of you are immune from this.
The evil you're doing comes back on all of us, and you need to stop it, and you need to get more sophisticated and realize what we're dealing with.
I mean, we're dealing with addiction here.
Addiction is a major problem.
You know, I've fought with tobacco addiction, starting, stopping, for years.
And I'm a strong-willed person.
Thank God I never got addicted to anything else because I never tried anything else.
But this is very, very serious.
Should I go to prison because sometimes I break down when somebody's smoking a cigarette or a cigar and I smoke one?
It hits the same receptors in the brain.
But we think of drugs as dirty because making it illegal creates a huge black market and then dirty criminals do get involved in it.
But don't associate the criminals involved with drugs with the drugs.
Let's take a few calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Debra in Michigan.
You're on the air, Debra.
Yeah, I have three questions I wanted to ask you and then I would hang up.
But I first want to respond to the question you talked about tobacco.
If the government's so concerned about our health, why don't they take the additives out of the tobacco that make it freebasing?
Well, that's the thing, is that what a Marlboro Light has over 150 chemicals, which are more addictive than the tobacco.
Right, and if you take the chemicals out, then it makes the tobacco unaddictive.
Well, that's the thing, the molecules of many of these chemicals are more addictive themselves than the tobacco.
Right, so the EPA should actually be going after the additives rather than going after the people.
Well, all they're doing is they're taking over the industry and the government is moffying the tobacco industry and demanding a cut.
Okay, now I'm going to answer three questions.
I'm going to hang up and then you can answer them.
The first one is, why does the government think, well, first of all, why does the Bush family have an embassy in Kuwait?
And is it part of the United Arab Emirates?
That's number one.
Number two is why are American power brokers and the Bush family, why are they so concerned about democracy all over the world and interfering in other countries that we never had a problem with before?
They keep saying the word democracy, but I remember in school when I said the Pledge of Allegiance, I said the Pledge of Allegiance to the Republic.
You got it.
Okay, and what's the third one?
Big difference.
And the third one is, why are the... Okay, what most people don't realize is most of the marijuana that is being shipped into the country right now, probably 90% of it is already loaded up with cracks.
And this is what most people don't understand.
I didn't know that.
Yes, it is.
As a matter of fact, I live outside the Detroit area, and all the police departments have told me that they have not done any kind of marijuana confiscation, whether it's somebody with a joint in their pocket or whatever, and it's loaded with cracks.
I've got to go to break, so I'm going to comment on your questions.
I'm going to have to do that now.
Thank you for the comments.
I know occasionally marijuana supposedly is laced with other things, a lot of times chemicals because it's been sprayed.
And I think marijuana is overall bad, but I don't believe it should be illegal.
I believe the superpower hydroponic marijuana really does knock people out and really is dangerous.
I don't think the marijuana 30, 40 years ago was.
And by the way, George Washington, in his letters, smoked it.
I mean, you would go buy some at the store or grow it if you had a stomachache and it has a lot of medical uses.
But marijuana is not one-tenth as bad statistically as alcohol.
It causes hundreds of thousands of deaths every few years, and marijuana is nothing compared to that.
So that's my comment on the marijuana issue.
As for the Bushes, I don't know about an embassy.
They have a big office in the capital of Saudi Arabia.
And yes, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates and all of those are part of the same kind of commonwealth that was set up turn of the last century by the British.
And the Bushes and many others, the Queen of England, are in deep, deep business with these people.
And they just say it's about democracy overseas.
The Pentagon's documents say it's about empire and control and getting the resources.
PNAC says that.
That's just rhetoric.
Oh, we're bringing them freedom.
Meanwhile, the people running our government in most cases try to put dictators into power, but they're dictators.
So, it's just more lies.
We'll come back.
I'll talk to Ray McGovern, take more of your calls.
Stay with us.
You don't want to miss this.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Ray McGovern, longtime CIA analyst, very high level presidential briefer for Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr.
He'll be joining us to talk about a host of issues.
Believe me, you do not want to miss it.
The upcoming Iran conflict.
We're trying to overt what the neocons are up to, and government prior knowledge and even involvement in 9-11.
We'll be talking about it all with Ray McGovern coming up in about seven minutes.
Let's continue with some of your phone calls right now.
Let's talk to Roger in Oklahoma.
Roger, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I'll try to be real quick because I know you're short on time, but I just wanted to say I'm a first-time caller, and I've started looking into some of your stuff and
I mean, at first it was kind of iffy, but the more I researched it, the scarier it gets.
And yeah, but first of all, you were talking about gambling.
Here in Oklahoma, it's illegal to gamble anywhere except for on Indian reservations, which is the Indian casinos.
Well, they made a law where the Remington Park Canal have casinos inside of there, which I don't think is quite right, but whatever.
They're going to do what they want to do.
Also, I've heard you talk about stuff being deleted off of your computer.
And this morning, I woke up and was going to make a few copies of some disks of stuff that I've got off your website.
And it's all gone, every bit of it.
So yeah.
Well, more often than not, computers have hiccups and problems.
I mean, 90% of the time if we have a technical problem, it's us or it's one of our providers.
But we have had it before where we've had somebody hack in post-pornography.
A naked woman on a motorcycle, no big deal.
But our servers were designed to automatically go down
When that happened.
And we've had the Defense Department links.
We've tracked them back, doing stuff, going on, erasing things off in the past.
But it's very sophisticated.
It's hard to tell when it's actually happening.
There are preset viruses and programs and things that the government and private corporations launch where it isn't individuals going out and attacking your computer, but it's viruses, it's worms, it's pre-programmed things that do it to everybody.
And you could have a download of the Indy 500 race.
You could have a download of the Kentucky Derby.
It's not even political.
It's just these worms and viruses go in and wreak havoc with your computer.
And there's thousands of different things that these worms and viruses can do.
They can do things like not let you have access to your keyboard where your computer doesn't work or where you have to reload Windows.
Windows is really the problem because, what, 80% of people use Windows as their operating system, so most of the viruses...
And worms are written for that.
That's why Mac is so good, because most of the virus producers and others don't make it for Mac, because that's a very small part of the overall market.
Yeah, I understand.
I'm actually somewhat computer savvy.
Well, I'm not.
I've just got the basics.
But the thing is, everything was working fine two days ago.
I do a virus scan every morning when I wake up.
Nothing was on my computer, so sometime between that and when I was in school...
I got seven Trojans on my computer that were slipped in somehow.
There's a lot of stuff going on.
Anything else on your mind, sir?
No, that's pretty much it.
But I appreciate the time, man.
Hey, I appreciate you being a listener to the broadcast.
And let me make it clear that if somebody wants to go play poker and gamble...
That's their business.
If someone wants to go bet on a horse race, that's their business.
I'm for freedom.
I am not for banning gambling.
But I am for the state not being involved in it, and I am for it being in certain areas of the country.
I mean, they want to build five casinos in Austin, Texas, with all the dirt and all the problems and all the prostitution that brings.
Our economy shouldn't be hamburger and pizza joints and topless bars.
And gambling establishments.
I mean, is that what America's going to be known as, is one giant Amsterdam?
One giant whorehouse?
And all the numbers, all the studies show it is the poor that buy the lottery tickets predominantly.
I mean, it's one thing if you're a wealthy person or middle class, you occasionally buy a lottery ticket.
I, for one, have never bought one.
It's another thing.
These people who are just dreaming.
They're not going to work extra hard.
They're not going to go try to start their own business.
They're going to dream about how the lottery, how they're going to win it.
Well, number one, every major lottery we've looked at has been involved in scandals and fraud.
I mean, they're mafia run.
You can just see that as plain as day.
And at the same time, you look at how many famous people get it.
And statistically, it's impossible.
I mean, it might be one out of a hundred million that you're going to win a $10 million lottery, say, in Texas.
Well, then how magically is, you know, half the time it's some judge or some football star or somebody.
They do that for the added hype of it.
It really is staged.
And I can do, in fact, I have written articles about it.
I can do whole shows about this.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
I think?
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to, I believe it's Arleo in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
No, sir.
It's Aurelio.
I'm sorry.
That's the name I was told by the folks taking your name.
I have a funny story to tell you.
I have been out of the Navy Honorable Discharge for, I think, about almost 10 years now.
I traveled around, lived in different states for a while, met my wife in California, came down to Houston.
A funny thing happened a couple of months ago.
She joined a couple of chat rooms and made a friend who invited her to come up to stay with her in Michigan.
Well, since she didn't know her, she decided to Google her and find out what she could find out about her.
And then her friend looked her up.
It turns out that me and my wife and my five-month-old son
Well, I mean, how did you learn this?
How did you confirm this?
How did you ascertain it?
Well, apparently she has, not my wife, but her friend has some pretty computer-shavvy friends.
And I don't know how they looked it out.
Yeah, let me just say this, sir, and I appreciate your call.
Let me comment on that, because Ray McGovern's coming up in just a minute.
You can call back another day if you want to get into this more.
Let me just, this is how this works, okay?
A lot of analysts and experts and individuals that are involved in security that I really trust believe that this whole NSA thing we're spying on you was put out on purpose as a chilling effect.
I have three articles today, one out of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer out of Seattle, Washington, where mainstream peace groups, the government is openly telling them that the Pentagon is surveilling them with physical assets, that is, actual troops in plain clothes.
Totally illegal, total violation of federal law, total violation of posse commentatus.
And they admit they, quote, have no connection to terrorists, but just that they think that they need to be surveilled.
So they put articles out like that to scare everybody.
Then people start Googling each other, and then, oh, I've got a computer-savvy friend that shows that you're a red flag.
See, this is the hysteria.
This is the chilling effect.
This is the fear.
Your computer crashes.
It must be the government.
Oh, I better not speak out.
They're watching me.
The NSA is many times better than the CIA, but still, they don't have that many employees.
It's mainly computers that are scanning and listening and doing all of this, and what they're doing is illegal, and we have nothing to hide, so it doesn't intimidate me, it doesn't scare me.
But now everyone thinks the government's watching them.
Everyone thinks there's physical assets watching them.
There's 290 plus million people.
In fact, the trend shows it's about, they just said two months ago, we crossed actually the 300 million mark.
So I'm incorrect.
It's now $300 million.
And so let's say you've only got a couple thousand physical asset spies in Pentagon intelligence groups.
Defense Intelligence and other groups.
And by the way, most of those people are patriots and are on our side.
Like Able Danger.
They find out before 9-11 there's about to be these attacks.
They pick up the chatter with NSA.
They go, we want to bust these guys.
And the government says, leave them alone.
These are our assets.
Leave Mohammed Addo alone.
Back off or you'll be arrested.
FBI agents want to go bust the supposed hijackers, the decoys.
And they're told, no, back off.
It's a high-level government operation.
Embassy heads don't want to let them back into the country, say they're terrorists.
No, let them back in.
They're government agents and part of a terror training arm.
The head of the Defense Language School out in Monterey, California, goes public and says, the government did this.
I was forced to train four of the hijackers.
The dean of the Defense Language School, see?
So most of the people in the government who actually know what's going on are going, man, this is criminal.
They're actually with us.
They're trying to whistleblow.
They're getting in trouble.
They're getting fired.
They're getting arrested.
This is happening to them.
So of the thousands of spies they've got, I mean, sure, they've got some young 27-year-old special forces guy who's gone into Central Intelligence Agency domestic field work, and he's at peace meetings.
I mean, certainly you're going to have him there, and he's there hearing everybody show pictures of dead Iraqi children and talk about how we care about the troops and how we want to stop the use of DU.
And the guys go out in the parking lot and throw up and start crying.
They find out we're good.
We're the good people.
We haven't done anything wrong.
We don't have anything to be ashamed of.
We're good.
So what if the NSA is listening?
They're going to find out we're the good people.
Can you imagine government analysts listening to this show when they're about to hear Ray McGovern on here who briefed presidents, high-level CIA, one of their chief analysts, telling you everything we're saying?
They're going to hear that.
They're going to hear their colleagues.
They're going to hear more and more of them.
I mean, we've had...
We've had Colin Powell's chief of staff go public and say much of what we're saying.
More and more congressmen and women on this show saying what we're saying.
Bob Woodward coming out and saying there may be a bigger attack and Bush will become a dictator.
They're using the attacks.
At least he's going that far.
See, there's an awakening.
We're the good guys.
We're the majority.
They're afraid.
They're trying to intimidate us to shut up.
And I'm going to tell you something I'm not going to shut up.
Did you get Ray McGovern on?
Do you have my guest now?
Oh, great.
I didn't hear you when you told me he was there.
So I apologize for Ray holding during my ranting.
Ray McGovern, if I try to go through his bio, he'll be with us for the next hour.
We appreciate him joining us.
Ray McGovern, 27-year career at CIA analyst, spanning administration from John F. Kennedy to George H.W.
He briefed President Bush every morning.
Ray is now a co-director of a servant leadership school, which provides training and other support for those seeking ways to be in relationship with
With the marginalized poor, and it goes on.
He also is one of the founders of the Veteran Intelligence Agents for Sanity, and he's written for major publications like the Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, Miami Herald.
It goes on and on, and he's been on the forefront of exposing the fake intelligence and the fraud.
Mr. McGovern, thank you for coming on with us.
Glad to be with you again, Alex.
You bet.
I don't know how much of my rant you just heard, but we have callers calling up going, I think the government's on my computer.
Oh, I think they're watching me.
And I believe and others believe that they're putting out these The Pentagon's Watching You stories to scare people not to get involved.
And I was trying to explain that most of the people in the government are now on our side.
Ray, can you speak to getting past your fear?
Yeah, I think, you know,
What FDR said still obtains.
You know, the only thing to fear is fear itself.
The deliberate cultivation of fear of, quote, the enemy, end quote, and then fear of what we Soviet analysts used to call the organs of state power.
In other words, the police, the FBI, the NSA, and those folks.
That's deliberately whipped up here so that people will not exercise their constitutional freedoms to speak out, to assemble freely, and to debate things like the misbegotten Iraq War.
So I think you're absolutely right, Alex.
If the name of the game is to intimidate us, the only reaction that's appropriate is to be not intimidated and don't worry about who's listening and
As you say, if people from NSA have got us on tape now, they'll probably download it tomorrow.
Well, let's just all say hi.
You're welcome to the show.
Hi, NSA.
It'll be an interesting thing.
I hope that you find it as interesting as we will find it dishing out what we conceive to be parts of the truth.
So, I think you're right.
What we need to do is just make believe everything is okay, exercise our rights, because once we start being intimidated and not exercising our rights, well,
Then we play right into not only what the administration would like to see, but also, of course, what Osama bin Laden would like to see, because the worse it gets here, the better for him.
Well, that's exactly what Alexander Solzhenitsyn said.
I mean, once you're intimidated, it's over.
Here's an example.
Pop star, British pop star Morrissey, was quizzed by the FBI and Britain's special branch after he called President Bush a terrorist.
The singer said he was baffled to be held and interviewed by the authorities, but he was released when they realized...
That the singer was not a threat to the free world.
He went on to say that this proves that we are not in a free society, that this happened, that his mild statements resulted in this.
I mean, they know this guy who's been a big star for 15, 20 years isn't a threat.
He just said this war is terrorism.
Bush is a bigger terrorist.
Same thing Cindy Sheehan and others have said.
And so they know that this will get headlines.
All of you speak out.
They come question you.
Can you comment on that?
They'll do all kinds of strange things, a lot of them very stupid from their point of view.
Take, for example, Cindy Sheehan.
She was given a ticket to the State of the Union address.
And she arrived there and didn't do anything unusual.
It got kind of warm there.
She had to walk up three flights.
So she loosened her overcoat and underneath she had the same T-shirt that she had been wearing all day.
And it had the number of U.S.
troops that had been killed in Iraq.
At that time, it was 2,250 or so.
As soon as the attendant saw the number on her shirt, as though prompted, I'm sure he was prompted, he swooped down, grabbed her, let her out rather roughly, put her in the elevator, took her right down, and fingerprinted her, took her to the police station.
She spent the next three hours...
Being booked and all this kind of thing.
Now, that's just unconscionable.
That is really unconscionable.
Here it is, the citizen's home, the House of Representatives, State of the Union address.
She has a ticket, and because she has the number of U.S.
troops killed in Iraq on her shirt, which she'd been wearing all day, she was hurriedly given the ticket toward the end of the afternoon.
She's ejected in a rather rough way and then sort of booked at the police station.
Well, then they tried that shotty psyop of the congressman's wife saying she was drug out.
Then it turned out none of that was even true.
It didn't even happen.
Yeah, well, she certainly wasn't subjected to the rough treatment.
She wasn't taken to the police station or anything like that.
And then they charged her with several things she didn't even do, and then had to drop the charges.
But in other cases, a guy will have a sign saying, No blood for oil.
There's 500 Bush supporters on the side of the street, and they give him a year and a half in jail, and he serves six months.
And the judge says, Yes, we say what a protest is.
We say where it can be.
And in this new Patriot Act...
With the amendment that Spector wants, it'll be a national police force with a secret service even at events where, quote, officials aren't.
If they say you do anything wrong, felony.
Yeah, it's getting pretty bad, Alex.
Well, stay there, Ray McGovern.
I know there's a lot of issues you want to talk about.
The upcoming Iran situation, what you think is going to happen there, where the neocons are going.
We're really honored to have you with us.
You'll be with us about 40 minutes into the next hour.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Listen to this quote by Morrissey.
I've got a stack of these intimidation pieces in England and in the U.S.
I always assume that so-called authoritarian figures just assume that pop rock music is a slightly insane and untouchable platform for the working class to stand up and say something noticeable.
My view is that neither England nor America are democratic societies.
You can't speak your mind, and if you do, you're investigated.
And when I was in England just, what, four or five months ago after the London bombings,
We all have to get into that database.
That way it becomes $300 million.
And that makes it a little more difficult.
I'm reminded of the Danes, you know, when the Nazis invaded Denmark.
What that very gutsy king did in those days was, when he was told that Jewish people needed to wear these yellow stars on their shirts, he said, I will all wear them.
And every Dane donned one of these yellow stars.
And of course, they couldn't distinguish the Danes from the Jewish people living in Denmark, and that saved the day in large measure.
We've got to be imaginative.
We've got to be a little bit relaxed about this because as bad as it is, if we hang in there together, I think we can face up to this.
Well, isn't this manifest evidence of the type of attempted tyranny we're witnessing, not just in Iraq or Iran?
They're trying it here.
Well, the key thing in my view, Alex, is that we have something really unprecedented now.
The President of the United States has openly claimed...
That he can choose what laws he'd like to abide by and which ones he wants to violate.
I'm speaking specifically of the eavesdropping laws.
There is one on the books, 1978, called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and it had two purposes, equally important.
The first one was to prevent unauthorized intrusion on the Fourth Amendment rights of American citizens
And that had been going on big time under J. Edgar Hoover and under the COINTELPRO program during Vietnam, where they monitored people like Martin Luther King and other Americans who were doing nothing wrong, other than nothing wrong at all, just exercising their First Amendment rights.
So they wanted to prevent that.
And the second main reason for the FISA so-called Act of 1978
Was to give the President maximum latitude to eavesdrop as he saw fit on any danger to national security.
Now, what do we mean by maximum latitude?
I mean that the President can do anything he wants for three days.
Wiretapping any other kind of surveillance.
It's already a rubber stamp.
Yeah, before he even goes to the court.
And when he goes to the court, I think there's less than 1% of the cases that have... I know there's less than 1% of the cases that have turned down.
So what he decided to do is to just go ahead and start this monster eavesdropping program all by himself.
What about Russell Tice?
He now testified two weeks ago in Congress, as you know, Ray McGovern, about how there are 50 other bigger programs, 50 plus, spying on everything.
Well, I was there at that testimony, and I did hear Russell Tice talk about other programs that he wasn't at liberty to talk about in open session.
But yeah, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and that's why they didn't go to Congress.
I mean...
Remember, this is back right after 9-11.
Congress would have given the president any authority that he would have wanted within reason.
Look at the Patriot Act that they passed.
Well, let's talk more about it when we break.
We'll be back in 70 seconds with Ray McGovern.
And by the way, we know there was NSA intercepts of the supposed hijackers, but then the government nixed that, didn't they, Ray?
Yeah, well, they didn't translate them for a whole day, and they really messed up on that, too.
We'll be right back with the second hour with Ray McGovern.
I want to get your take, not just on the police state, but what's happening with Iran and whatever issues you want to bring up.
We'll be right back with Ray McGovern, President of Minot.TV.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we really do have an esteemed guest on with us today, a 27-year career veteran, a CIA analyst.
From the JFK administration to George Herbert Walker Bush, one of his chief analysts, giving him his morning briefings six days a week.
And his bio is literally too long to read.
He's, of course, got degrees from Georgetown.
He's got degrees from Harvard.
He's got... It just goes on and on.
All the different research in Russian studies he's done.
We've got him for another 45 minutes or so, and I want to try to cover as many topics as possible.
But right now, Ray, at the end of the last hour, was bringing up the spying and how Bush says he's above the law.
But he has these signing ceremonies saying he's above the law and other stuff.
He says even if the Patriot Act doesn't pass, he says...
I'm going to still enforce it.
He says that he can torture people.
He can order the torture.
John uses it.
He can torture children.
Let's spend a few minutes on that, Ray.
I mean, he's not just saying he's above the law in spying.
He is declaring Fuhrer-type powers.
Yeah, in German it's the Fuhrerprinzip, the principle of being the leader, the Fuhrer.
He's getting this support from Dick Cheney and the lawyers that are attracted to Dick Cheney, David Addington for one, and then this fellow, John Yoo.
I was listening to John Yoo make a presentation live in Washington here just two days ago.
It was really quite a shattering performance.
Because he was saying, you know, the President really has supreme authority over foreign policy.
Sure, the Constitution says that Congress can declare war, but let's look at that word, declare.
That simply means that they openly say, hey, there's a war on.
No more than that.
Congress doesn't have the power to prevent or authorize war.
That's all up to the President.
It was the most amazing contravention of everything we all learned.
It's a total lie.
And what it's designed to do, of course, is to give the president the powers of a king.
Now, for those of your listeners who are a little rusty on how the Constitution was formed by our framing fathers, our founding fathers, the framers of the Constitution, try to remember that these folks, most of them came out of this English experience where
You know, the English king would merrily march their subjects off to war, for their own good, of course, but the subjects would have absolutely nothing to say about this.
And so, the people who fashioned our Constitution, the Constitutional Convention, were hell-bent and determined that that would not happen here in this country.
And therefore, they reserved the right to declare or authorize war
To the elected representatives of the people in the Congress and not in the executive.
Now, that was one of the major issues in the ten-year debate before the Declaration of Independence, was that we're tired of being subject to the whims of this king, and then you claim that no, America is about having a king.
Yeah, well, you know, specifically the authorization of war rests in the first article of the Constitution.
Now, in the second order of the Constitution, they say that the president in time of war shall act as commander-in-chief.
It doesn't say that the president can declare war or authorize war or anything like that.
Yeah, once Congress declares it and says who the enemy is and levies the funds for it, then the president becomes the commander of Congress's order empowering him to.
So that's not what, John, you learned at Harvard Law School and teachers at Berkeley Law School.
It's really a travesty.
I mean, you can always find a lawyer to tell you what you want to hear.
But what happened here, and this is really important, Alex, it started with the torture.
What happened right after 9-11?
Plus the President and Cheney and Rumsfeld got together and they said, look, we're going to capture some of these guys.
This was a short segment.
We'll have 14 minutes for you to go through this.
Let's talk about the Fuhrer Principle with our guest Ray McGovern, high-level CIA analyst, 27 years spanning four administrations.
He'll be back with us on the other side.
And we'll talk about this because this is 180 degrees from what America is.
Okay, I mean, this is ridiculous what they're claiming.
And they're claiming it on a host of issues, starting with the torture.
We'll detail it with our guest on the other side.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You can link through at infowars.com as we defend the republic from enemies foreign and domestic with some of the websites and organizations that Ray McGovern's a part of.
We're going to go back to him here in just a moment.
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If you go to Infowars.com, you can read Ray's bio.
The chief analyst there in Ronald Reagan's office and then, of course, in George Bush Sr.'
's office.
We're good to go.
I think?
He has a degree in Russian studies from Fordham University and a certificate in theological studies from Georgetown University.
And I can't keep reading.
I mean, there's about ten other paragraphs that I just don't have time to read.
I mean, he is an expert's expert, but he's the first to tell you that a real expert says they don't know everything.
I've interviewed him for a film I'm about to release.
And he makes that point that Bush and the neocons claim they know everything, but then when all their analysts, all of them, tell them, no, this isn't going to work in Iraq, they say, shut up, and then they manufacture their own office to put out false intelligence.
Ray, before we go any further, any key websites or organizations we should know about or visit?
Well, I'd suggest that TomPaine.com, that's T-O-M-P-A-I-N-E.com, and Truthout.com,
And commondreams.org.
Those are the three that I very often post my writings on.
I've almost given up giving my writings to the print media because only a couple of the papers will print them.
Posting them gets them up right away, and the readership turns out to be in the several tens of thousands.
It's a lot more than that, sir.
I mean, we post your articles at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, and we get millions of visitors per site a week now.
It's insane.
Doesn't that worry the old-line establishment that's trying to propagandize?
It was in the news last week.
Bush spent $1.6 billion for fake newscasts and paid-off reporters.
Here's an example.
Tommy Francis saying the UAE deal is wonderful.
Whether it is or not, he's claiming that he's saying this as an independent person, but he's getting $450,000 a year from the Bush administration trying to hide that.
Yeah, it's really pretty shameless, isn't it?
I mean, it's almost ludicrous.
I mean, it would be funny if it weren't so serious.
But, you know, they are scared of us.
And witness what happened last year, last spring, on May 1st.
The London Times, of all papers, not a far-out radical rag by any stretch, published the minutes of a meeting that Tony Blair held with his principal national security advisors on the 23rd of July.
The infamous White House memo that makes Downing Street look tame.
Yeah, well, these are the Downing Street ones that I'm referring to here, the White House as well, but
In that memo that was revealed dating back from July 2002, the head of British intelligence says, Tony, I've just come back from talking with George Tenet.
He tells me three important things.
Number one, there's going to be a war.
The president has decided on that war for regime change in Iraq.
Number two, they're going to, quote, justify, end quote, this war by the conjunction of,
Weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.
The translation from the British there would be, we're going to say the Iraqis have all manner of weapons of mass destruction and they're likely to give them to terrorists.
And then number three, and this is the crowning jewel here for intelligence analysts.
Number three, the intelligence and the facts are being fixed around the policy.
Now, that is three months before there is any intelligence estimate.
There was only an intelligence estimate when Congress required one before voting for war.
And then that was fixed.
That's now good.
And it was two months before Congress was even asked about approving a war.
And now we learn right around the same time on the eve of the war, or as they're building up for it, the new White House memo.
And the White House hasn't denied it, where they're talking about painting planes up like UN planes to get them shot down, or, quote, we'll have a defector say that he saw WMDs.
Now, that's clearly they're saying they're going to fake it, because they're saying, oh, we'll just say a defector saw this.
I mean, that's incredible.
Well, that, too, is documentary.
The British have that.
It is the 31st of January.
In other words...
A month and a half before Colin Powell went on with his bogus speech about all these weapons of mass destruction.
You know what the problem is, Alex, as I see it?
There's so many indignities piled up upon indignities that it's hard to keep up.
No, you're right.
It becomes a little bit inured, a little bit shell-shocked, and it's hard to say, well, this is beyond the pale.
Well, I call it, I mean, that's what I call it, is an orgy of evidence.
But you were trying to make a point before the mic interrupted you, and then I want to go through this.
We're talking about the Fuhrer Principle that you spoke of in German, where they're actually declaring the opposite of what our country was founded on, what the Constitution says, and they say the Constitution says Bush is above the law, and I want to just repeat this briefly.
He's not just saying he's above the law on torture.
You're right, it started there.
Now he's saying, you don't pass the Patriot Act, I'll enforce it without a law, domestically.
He says, you're not going to overthrow Posse Comitatus, I'll just use military on the streets.
You're not going to... Oh, you're saying it's illegal for me to give contracts to my friends?
I'll do it.
I mean, it's a host... This is dictatorship.
Please go over that for us.
Yeah, well, let me pick up Posse Comitatus first.
That, of course, is the law that forbids the use of the U.S.
Army troops for internal police functions in this country.
Now, that is really scary, because as I've observed this administration, not only have the top ranks of the intelligence community been politicized and corrupted, but so has the Army.
I mean, you look at these folks.
To get a star, you have to make so many compromises that after a while you don't know the truth from the lie.
This fellow Kimmich, for example, he was testifying two days ago before a major group.
And he was saying, you know, the Iraqis are coming along just great, and we're training them up wonderful, and it's going to be just fine.
This is the same guy who was in charge of the troops that tried to take Fallujah the first time in April of 2004.
And when he found out that there were two reporters from Al Jazeera inside Fallujah, he required as a condition for the armistice
That the Al Jazeera reporters leave.
He criticized one of them by name, and two days later, we know from other British documents, Bush wanted to bomb Al Jazeera headquarters in the Middle East, and only Blair successfully dissuaded him from doing that.
Now, this is the kind of crew that you're working with.
Well, that lawless bomb an ally.
It is, and what you have here is a military establishment,
That is really goose-stepping around, saluting the president, saying whatever the president wants to hear.
When congressmen go out to Iraq and they say, do you have enough troops?
The colonels, the majors, some of the generals say, look at us.
No, we're spread very thin.
We don't have enough troops to do the job.
They go home, testify before Congress with McNamara.
Now, isn't that a Freudian flip?
With Rumsfeld sitting right behind them.
And they say, oh yeah, we have plenty of troops.
We don't need any more troops.
So they've kind of prostituted themselves.
Why do I mention this?
I mention this because as I look at the top Pentagon brass, I have to conclude that unlike my days as a U.S.
Army officer, unlike my days, those folks have been so politicized that if the president told them,
To go ahead and exercise police functions within our country, they would salute, and they would do it, and that's really scary.
Well, I'm sure you heard about that big conservative conference a few weeks ago in Vietnam, one of the authors of the Patriot Act, number two under Ashcroft, in the old administration a few years ago.
He said, you know, the President, and I've got the quotes, you know, it needs to be above the law to keep us safe.
And then Bob Barr basically got booed off the stage when he said, no, that's not what America is about.
I mean, a lot of these neocons want a Nazi Germany.
They want to be little toadies of a dictator.
Well, Taney said the same thing, of course, you know, when this eavesdropping came up.
He said, in times of war, the President does not need to be constrained by any law.
And, you know, getting back to when it all started, and we should have been on to it then.
Some of us were, but the press certainly wasn't.
After 9-11, the president wanted to, quote, take the gloves off, end quote.
Even Rumsfeld remonstrated and said two days, on the day after 9-11, he said, well, now, Mr. President, you know, it goes against international law to attack some other country.
And the president chewed his rear end off.
He said, look, I don't care what the international lawyers say.
We're going to kick some ass, quote, end quote, right out of Richard Clarke's book, okay?
Well, how did that translate into action?
The president called George Tenet in, the head of the CIA, and he said, you got some guys that can do the business on these captives that we're getting?
And now John Yoo gives speeches in front of the CFR saying we can crush children's genitals in front of their parents.
Yeah, it would be lawful for the president to do that, says John Yoo.
Yeah, we have the clip.
We're not going to play it.
Crushing children's testicles.
That's what the land of the free and home of the brave does.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I know we've got a load of phones, and your calls are coming up before this hour ends, I promise.
Ray McGovern's been gracious enough to give us the rest of the hour.
This is a short segment.
A long segment is coming up.
Again, we'll take calls during that segment.
Mr. McGovern, you were continuing with, we cannot stress how serious this is.
I mean, for the first time since the Civil War, a president is declaring total power, total dictator power, in front of everyone, and then openly saying, if there's another big attack, we may shut aside the Constitution.
His paid mouthpieces, covert mouthpieces, now exposed.
We're good to go.
Well, yeah, only to say, Alex, that terrorism is in the eye of the beholder, you know?
We're talking about 1.3 billion Muslims in the world, and most of them watching on TV programs like Al Jazeera and others that are showing real live footage of not only Abu Ghraib,
Dead toddlers with their intestines hanging out every day.
Yeah, and what they're showing are attacks by helicopter gunships built in the U.S., manned by the Israelis, attacking the West Bank.
Tanks rolling into the West Bank.
We're talking about bulldozers, Caterpillar bulldozers made in Illinois.
We're crushing Palestinian homes.
That's what they see.
Now, it's not manufactured.
It's not a Hollywood set.
Certainly there's some real organic terrorism, but I'm talking about... I mean, you've openly said before you're not buying the official story and it's suspicious, and you've mentioned Ray McGovern's book.
It's happening.
Well, Ray McGovern now has gone public and said it's conclusive it was a government op.
Well, what I'm saying about government-supported terrorism is this, that...
You know, we all need to take five steps back, Alex.
You know, when the president tells us, you know, why do they hate us?
You know, it's they hate our democracy or they hate our freedom, you know.
You know, if you believe that, then I've got a bridge up there in Brooklyn that I'd very much like to sell you.
I mean, it's not that at all.
They hate our policies.
They really hate our policies.
And what our policies have done have been to impoverish and to...
Press, a goodly segment of the Muslim world.
Now, terrorism is like malaria, and I think I may have said this before in a show, but it bears repeating.
The way you eliminate malaria, of course, is you find out where the mosquitoes are breeding, and you find that swamp.
And immediately you station sharpshooters around that swamp, and you try to shoot as many mosquitoes as they leave the swamp, right?
Well, of course not.
Of course not.
What you do is you drain the swamp, okay?
Instead, they flooded and created a swamp much better than it was before.
What you need to do is drain the swamp of the grievances, the legitimate ones, that many of the Muslim people have.
But the Pentagon's own plan, P2OG, says they actually want to stir them up.
Well, they certainly have succeeded in that.
But, you know, if we're talking about preventing terrorism from coming here to these shores again, or preventing terrorism from endangering our friend Israel, well, before we invaded Iraq, there were no terrorists in Iraq.
There was a couple of old, aging guys that Saddam Hussein gave refuge to, but the only other terrorism he was doing, and I don't excuse this by any shot...
He was giving money to the families of suicide bombers in Palestine.
Now, that's, as I say, not to be condoned, but now look at Iraq.
Now look at Iraq.
How many suicide bombings were there in Iraq before we invaded Iraq?
Well, Ray, what I'm trying to get to is, last time you were on, and now there's thousands, but, I mean, just a few months ago I had you on, without even prompting, you said, ah, the whole 9-11 thing, you know, very, very suspicious, this whole thing stinks to high heaven, a great pretext.
I mean, what's your take on that?
Well, there are a host of unanswered questions having to do with 9-11, and they stink for lack of answers.
Why are there no answers?
Because our government will not answer the questions.
Why was it, for example, that the President of the United States is down there in Sarasota at this elementary school?
The whole world knows exactly where he is.
He's on live TV, okay?
And this terrible thing happens up in New York.
The Secret Service agent says, we're out of here.
And he's not.
He stays around for 23 minutes reading My Pet Goat.
How did that happen?
Who countermanded that order?
Who called Mayor Willie Brown and told him not to fly?
Ray, stay there.
I want to get more into this Fuhrer principle and then into the upcoming Iran situation.
What do you think is going to happen?
And take calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Waging war on corruption.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
Going back to Ray McGovern, top CIA analyst, morning briefer for people like George H.W.
Exposing the manifest lies, the manufacturing of intelligence.
It's admitted in the same cruise, using the same lies.
Again, almost the exact same words.
In fact, you can go look at documents.
People have done this and compare it.
It's just paragraphs lifted and names have been changed.
Ray McGovern, I want to get into Iran and then take some calls.
We're going to take your calls here in a few minutes.
Ray McGovern.
I want you to look into your crystal ball.
I mean, you are a high-level analyst.
This is what you've studied.
You've studied the Middle East as well.
You've talked to a lot of other analysts.
You're part of a group of veteran analysts that are looking at this.
They're saying we've got to go into Iran, but the assessments say that it's 10 years until they can get an A-bomb.
If they were left alone, we're able to buy all the equipment.
And the centrifuges, it's a total fraud, but they keep using the word atomic, nuclear, removing the seals.
Yeah, it's a peaceful facility.
But just domestically, everything we see happening, what do you see happening with these neocons?
I mean, even if Hillary gets in, she says she's for the exact same policies, maybe even more hawkish if that's possible.
I mean, look in your crystal ball.
We know you may not be right six months from now, but you've been right in the past.
We just want to get what you think is going to happen, and then what we can do to hopefully stop what you think is going to happen if it's bad.
Well, first a comment on Hillary.
She's just trying to appear more manly than the next man on the block, and that's a despicable kind of attitude to have.
The business about Iran is very troubling because, as you say, Alex, if you look at the build-up to the war in Iraq, well, it's almost like they're using the same sentences and just substituting, you know, doing a universal substitution put in Iran where we used to say Iraq.
Iran is the next on the target of the PNAC documents.
These are the Project for the New American Century documents that are really the ideological visionary justification, if you want to put it that way, for these kinds of wars.
And would it be a crazy thing to do?
It would indeed be a crazy thing to do, but these are the folks that were widely known in the 80s, where they were kept at middle levels in the Pentagon.
Under the Reagan administration, they were widely known as, quote, the crazies, end quote.
You'd come in on Monday morning and your friend would say, guess what the crazies did on Friday late?
And you'd say, oh, God, what?
And you'd know exactly who they were alluding to.
Richard Pearl and...
Paul Wolfowitz.
That whole crew.
And they're still around behind the scenes.
These guys are like caricatures of villains from James Bond movies.
I read a Washington Post account a few years ago of Pearl at dinner parties and people walking away from him.
He's walking around saying, literally, I'm powerful.
I may attack North Korea.
Do you realize how powerful I am?
And women were just going, eww.
Imagine a full-grown man walking around saying he's powerful.
I can attack people.
Sounds like a complete wimp.
It speaks of a rusted development of some kind or other.
It's the same one that said, you know, if we go ahead and attack these countries, our children will sing hymns in our honor.
Can you imagine?
Before we get too far into this, Alex, let me give some rays of hope here, because I think that what we can expect is that what we call patriotic truth-tellers and what others call leakers are really going to come out this time.
Look at the people who didn't speak out in time.
Paul Pilar, who just spoke out now, Richard Clarke, Paul O'Neill, Wilkerson, who used to work for Powell.
All those people knew that this was a phony war against Iraq, and they didn't speak out when they could have prevented it.
Wilkerson has said that they all knew it was a lie, that he lied, he apologized, he said, we lied to you, it was a fraud.
Right, it would be nice if he told us then, right?
Well, what's different this time is that there are enough people that have been sensitized to the incredible damage that can happen if they keep silent that they're coming out.
And so that's why we know that the latest national intelligence estimate, for example, says that Iran could not have a nuclear weapon for 10 years.
Now, if that's the case, who's going to bless a war against Iran on the supposition that they're an immediate threat to us?
These folks are coming out from the woodwork.
They're telling us about renderings, about prisons abroad, about torture, about eavesdropping.
It's fair game on the administration.
Let's talk about these black, well, finish up, but then these black world sites, because the torture we know of is the tip of the iceberg.
But tell us more about what you see happening.
Because as you said, they're crazy.
They're probably going to go ahead with Israel.
They're talking to Turkey and Georgia about using them.
They're talking about attacking them any time now.
Do you think that's false?
Well, what's really dangerous here is that they would resort to nuclear weapons.
Super Bunker Busters!
And we know enough about the Pentagon plans to know that they've been sort of melded together, and so nuclear weapons just pack a little bit more punch, in their view.
By the way, hitting... I've read some assessments on it.
Hitting uranium enrichment facilities will create giant dirty bombs, and if one of these mini-nukes was to actually detonate and have its main fusion react, they're now reporting...
With these uranium stockpiles, it could do something really nasty.
Yeah, of course, they use that as justification for doing it now rather than later, you know, before things will go critical.
But just, you know, if you take two steps back, this would get us into real deep trouble with Russia, with China, with India, with all the other people who are interested in a stable Iran from which they can get oil.
It's not going to be a piece of cake.
It's not going to be a cakewalk.
It will require U.S.
You know, what you have is a bunch of blue-suited generals with stars on their lapels saying, Mr. President, we can just send these cruise missiles and these bombers and we can do the job from the air and not one guy needs to be killed.
But you were an analyst on these very subjects.
I was also an infantry officer, and I know that the infantry, as you can see in Iraq,
If you're going to do the job, you need the infantry to do it.
Well, they're already bivouacked in their citadels and their keeps and their fortresses.
They're already in civil war.
And so if there's 65 million people versus 22 million people in Iran, the Iranians haven't been under 14 years or 12 years at the time of sanctions.
They've got more sophisticated weapons systems.
Can you speak to what Iran may do if they're now saying 200 sites are hit?
I mean, will the neocons get on air and go, it's unbelievable, they're firing back at us.
How dare them?
Well, Yogi Berra warned that predictions are very difficult, especially about the future.
The Iranians are saying they're going to strike back all over the place.
Well, I was trying to get a laugh there, Alex.
Well, it is funny.
But you're right.
They have all kinds of capabilities that the Iraqis lack.
They have a standing army.
They could send four divisions into Iraq right now without two weeks' warning.
They could close the Gulf, cut off the oil supply from the... They almost took Iraq whenever it had a huge military we built up.
Yeah, right.
If we didn't help Iraq in that, they well might have done that.
So they have all kinds of capabilities that the Iraqis lacked.
It would be bedlam.
And I hope that enough people are around that can say to the President, look, Mr. President, don't listen to this small circle of neocons that got you into Iraq.
Listen to us.
But you know what the problem is?
The president's circle is even narrower than it was before.
Not even Colin Powell.
Say what you will about him.
Now you're giving us rays of sunshine.
What about, as you started out with, rays of gloom and doom?
I mean, if these guys are nuts, and the Iranians have all these cruise missiles, sunburn missiles, and even some French missiles, start blowing up ships...
I think the neocons know that the American people, when we feel like we're losing, will suddenly get involved with the war.
Then a convenient bomb goes off here in the U.S.
Whoever releases it, we know they'll do it.
And then we've got national conscription, which is set up.
I think they're trying to get us into a fight where we start losing, and then we gear up, and then they can be the kings of World War III.
That really sounds crazy, but I can't rule that out, Alex.
In other words, if you look at what these folks have already done with respect to Iraq, it's quite possible that that is their general plan.
It's quite possible that the President is sort of informed about these things after the fact, as he was about this port business, selling them to the UAE.
You know, the President really isn't in the mix here.
It's Rumsfeld and Cheney running the whole show.
And what's absent is the equivalent of Llewellyn Thompson.
Now, most people are too young to remember him, but he was the ambassador of Russia to the Soviet Union for a long period of time before President Kennedy came in.
And President Kennedy had such respect for him that he insisted that Thompson be present at all the deliberations of what to do when the Russians brought missiles into Cuba.
And when everybody else was about to start a nuclear war, Curtis LeMay and company,
You know what Llewellyn Thompson said?
I disagree, Mr. President.
I disagree.
I think Khrushchev's got himself into a bind.
I have a suggestion as to how we can let him down softly.
And by the way, LeMay was now admitted to be a psychopath.
Well, that was clear even then.
Now he admits it.
But the point is that there's no Llewellyn Thompson around now.
If there is, he would not be let anywhere near the president.
And so what we have to do, and I think it's within our power, Alex,
We have to descend upon our representatives and our senators and say, look, this is crazy.
This is really crazy.
We have to move before this terrible war gets expanded into Iran and make sure that our voice is heard.
We need to get out on the third anniversary of the starting of this first feckless war.
And make sure people realize that not all Americans, by far, not all Americans support this.
Well, you bring up the point about Bush.
He admittedly works out two hours a day, takes three-hour naps.
I feel like I have a responsibility, being on all these AM and FM stations and Internet and shortwave, to where I literally sleep about four or five hours a night.
I know my whole family, my whole country, my whole future.
My destiny is about to be destroyed.
I mean, if I was about to start World War III, I'd be working 20 hours a day to make sure I did it right.
My point is, they're just, like you said, a bunch of perfumed, soft little political generals just laughing and giggling while our troops are being blown to pieces.
Yeah, they've never known war.
They've never known actual service in the armed forces.
Only Rumsfeld served during peacetime in the Navy.
Most important, I think, Alex, is that they've never been held accountable.
They've always been bailed out by their daddies or their mommies.
They've never had to be responsible.
And so, yeah, what we need to do is exercise our rights while we still have them, get out there, exercise our First Amendment rights,
Well, I agree with you, because Bush told his biographer in 1999 that if he was a war president, no one could question him domestically.
And I believe that America is a bigger target of these neocons than Iran and Syria and Iraq was.
I believe that more of this policy is about domestically being able to steal the pension funds and run their scams and war profiteer.
What do you say?
Well, the evidence is abundant that you're on the right track there.
You can see this
Selfishness, this greed motive behind a whole bunch of things, including the port deal with the UAE.
Who's profiting from these things?
Well, we know.
We know that two administration officials, the head of over half their global operations for Europe and Latin America, he is going to be the head of the Maritime Administration.
So that's the story, but Limbaugh and all the rest of these phony conservatives are out saying it's a big, conning lie.
Yeah, yeah, well...
You know, one of the main aspects of fascism is when you have the leading corporations, the most powerful corporations, identified very closely with the government in charge.
And I'm afraid we have to be very, very careful now.
That we don't tread any farther down that path.
Yeah, I mean, even if UAE is okay and the port thing isn't a problem, I mean, let's just acquiesce and say that.
I don't agree with that, but let's just, for argument's sake, regardless, I looked at the federal laws.
They didn't do the 45-day review.
That's a serious federal crime.
And then at the same time, it's illegal, according to the documents I've seen, to have doing deals with people and then making their executives the heads of security.
Yeah, well, they've changed all that in this administration.
If they haven't changed the regulations, they've just ignored them.
And as we all know... Bush says he's above the law.
Yeah, and unless we challenge him on that... You know, we talked about the framers of our Constitution before.
When they finished up these tireless months of working out this great, great text, and they had every reason to be really pleased...
Somebody said, okay, well, finally, let's break out the champagne.
Somebody spoke up and said, nope, not yet, not yet.
We left one thing out.
I said, what's that?
Well, human nature being such, it's inevitable that somewhere down the line, some president is going to think that he can act like a king.
And so we have to craft some language into this basic document now, not later, now, before the champagne,
To find an orderly process that can be followed when that happens so that you don't get an insurrection.
Well, our entire form of government is about separation of powers at the state and federal level and the three branches.
And, Ray, we're about to go to some calls here in our final minutes, Russell and Ken and others that are holding.
That process is called impeachment, and it was an orderly process left to us, and that's what we should be following now.
And I have some hope that this will take shape in the next couple of months.
Well, sorry for cutting you off there.
I didn't know you were finishing up.
Go ahead.
Yes, that is one of the remedies, is impeachment for this would-be dictator.
But I want to get the quote from you for the headline here.
Bottom line, do you agree with the statement that Bush and his controllers are attempting to perfect a classical dictatorship here in the United States?
The evidence supports that view very much.
The difference is, Alex, that you and I can still talk like this, unless we continue to talk like this very loud and persuade some of our fellow Americans to do the same.
That will be the inevitable conclusion.
Well, Ray, I'm not a cowardly person, but I love my family.
I mean, I've never been like this.
I mean, I've had people, you know, four guys meet me in a parking lot and start pounding on me saying, shut up, before, and it didn't intimidate me.
But I'm waking up at 2 a.m.
in a cold sweat.
I mean, I feel something.
Not just the evidence.
I feel it in my bones.
Do you feel that we are in just the greatest peril ever?
I've not known the like of it in my 43 years of watching things closely here in Washington.
But I have a basic trust in the American people.
I think that there is time for us all to wake up, exercise our rights, and reverse this business.
What we didn't mention so far is the most hopeful thing, and his name is Patrick Fitzgerald, and we're going to hear from him in the next week or two, and my hunch is that he's going to help us turn this thing around.
You think so.
All right, callers, be patient.
We'll take a few of your calls.
Be very patient coming up in this next segment.
So, Ray, you agree then that right now we are in imminent peril of going into a full-bore fascist police state?
Unless the Congress starts to wake up and act like the statesmen that our constitutional people who wrote our Constitution anticipated.
Yeah, because the President has said he can obey laws or disregard them unless the Congress and the Supreme Court hold them to the Constitution.
Did you hear about that Republican memo about how they need another terror attack or they're in trouble?
I've heard about some.
Is this something very recent?
I hadn't heard about anything new.
Stay there, Ray McGovern.
It's a great honor to have you with us.
A great mind.
Your calls are straight ahead on the other side of this quick break.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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He did for free contribute to the book Neocon and Neocon Again, and these are our newest offerings here.
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One of the books, almost 900 pages long, available at InfoWars.com via the online video and bookstore.
Mr. McGovern, you've been gracious enough to spend this time with us.
You're going to do five more minutes in the next hour, so we can take a few of these calls.
Russell in Florida, you're on the air.
Thank you.
Alex, thank you for taking my call, and I want to thank both of you gentlemen.
Hi, Ray.
We're standing up to the truth and speaking out, because without men like you, I'm assured we'd already be in chains.
Alex, I have two questions for Ray, and I'd also like you to comment, and I'll ask them and listen off the air.
Okay, go ahead.
Ray, you've participated in many great documentaries, including some of Alex's, highlighting the neocon PNAC strategies surrounding the Iraq War and the false flag war on terror, but I'm still not 100% sure where you stand on 9-11.
And Alex kind of stole some of my thunder asking you a question before, but do you believe 9-11 was allowed to happen
Or was it a high-level compartmentalized military industrial complex Reichstag fire meant to bring about a new world order?
Sure, that's one question.
What's the next?
The second question is, since we're fighting an information war, other than waking people up, Ray, what do you think our major solutions are to winning this thing?
Okay, thanks for the call, Ray.
On number one, 9-11, I...
I have two minds on this.
One is that all these unanswered questions raise great suspicions in my mind and every lie that Dick Cheney tells makes it very much easier for me to believe that Dick Cheney, for example, knew something about what was happening and that accounts for his rather bizarre behavior that day.
On the other hand, as I look at all the people who would have to be clued in on this,
The more extreme theories leave me unpersuaded.
Let me just throw this out there, Ray.
Here's just one of 500 plus points we've made on this subject.
The dean of the defense language school went public and said the government did it.
They spun it in the media that he meant it was their fault.
No, he said they did it.
And why?
I called him on the phone.
He said, I can't come on air.
His wife was yelling in the background.
Because he was forced to train some of the hijackers in spy training.
I mean, come on.
The hijackers were trained at Pensacola Naval Air Station.
Embassy heads were told to let them back in.
They're part of an anti-terror op.
I mean, they clearly were getting U.S.
government training, sir.
Well, we know that they got U.S.
government training way back when the Afghanistan war was going hot and heavy.
What I'm suggesting is this, that there certainly is a cover-up.
There's no doubt about the cover-up.
The question is, what is being covered up?
And people who have worked in government even longer than I have have told me, never underestimate the ability for government functionaries to be incompetent.
Now, I grant you that it requires a baffling amount of incompetence to have missed all these leads and then had the fighters stand down and everything else.
But against that, I just can't wrap myself around the notion that hundreds and hundreds of Americans would know that this was a put-up job.
When I say the government, I don't even mean the government.
I mean private, compartmentalized corporations being contracted.
Yeah, well, again...
For me, maybe it's just because I haven't been able to look in it so closely myself, but I think the books that David Ray Griffin has written are the best ones out on this, and they leave all kinds of questions in my mind.
I'm just not prepared to say.
I understand.
You're staying focused on the war and the fraud there, and not opening yourself up on getting into this deeper.
We'll be right back.
Take a few final calls.
Stay with us.
Back in 70 seconds.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back into hour number three.
Hard to believe we're already here.
Ray McGovern's still riding shotgun with us.
Veteran intelligence analyst.
Take a few final calls for him, continue with the calls throughout the broadcast after he leaves us.
Ray, what about admitted government-sponsored terror or false flag ops?
They now admit, declassified, not just the LBJ tapes.
Gulf of Tonkin never happened, it was staged.
The CIA's own website admits they blew things up to blame it on Mosaddegh in 53.
So there's so many examples.
What about government false flags themselves, and what do you know about that?
Yeah, well, false flags are a little different from the two examples.
You would use the Mossadegh overthrow and what was the other one?
Yeah, Gulf of Tonkin.
Gulf of Tonkin.
Well, those are variants of the false flag.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, there's lots of evidence that the government in the past has used these things for its own purposes, overthrowing governments as it did in Iran in 1953.
And in Guatemala in 1954, the Gulf Tonkin was a little different.
There was an incident on the 2nd of August.
There was none on the 4th, but LBJ wanted to use the, quote, one on the 4th, end quote, to shove through that resolution.
This was kind of a spur of the moment sort of thing, a target of opportunity.
I don't condone it, but he did deceive Congress, and the war went on for seven more years.
Here's an example of that.
Let's take another call.
Ken in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Ken.
Hi, Ken.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Jones, Mr. McGovern, good afternoon.
I was actually calling, you know, I keep reading different headlines about this attack on the Ascaria Shrine in Samarra,
And I can't help but think, you know, something that's supposed to be, you know, this amazingly holy site, you know, it just baffles me.
Israeli documents from 83 say they want Iraq broken up in three parts.
They want civil war.
The neocons want civil war so they can stay there longer.
But I don't know if the Iranian president is right to say that some intelligence agency did this because these groups do kill each other.
Ray, comments?
I hadn't heard that the Iranian had said that, but I was asking my...
Well, I was talking to veteran intelligence professionals for Sanity Friends last night via email.
The main question, which is, cui bono?
Who profits from this kind of thing?
You don't have to be very conspiratorial or even paranoid to suggest that there are a whole bunch of likely suspects out there and not only the Sunnis.
Okay, tell us who some of those suspects are.
Well, some have already been mentioned.
Our government?
The ones that have a vested interest in prolonging this stuff.
You know, the British officers were wrapped up, arrested in a car, riding around with Arab costumes on.
With bombs shooting policemen in Basra.
So this stuff goes on, and...
Who these guys were that blasted their way into that mosque to blow it up, you know, it's incredible.
The evidence is showing Iraqi National Guard.
Well, yeah.
The question is, at whose behest are they doing this?
But clearly, who has the biggest motive?
The neocons?
Well, the neocons, anybody who wants the U.S.
to stay, to be embroiled in Iraq, and that would include the Israelis...
So we won't know probably ever.
Well, there's our newsmaker headline.
I agree with you.
I can't say who did it, but I always say a few days later the evidence comes out.
It's leaning towards, with the eyewitnesses and the motive, it's leaning towards a Western intelligence agency or a client that did that.
So there's your answer, Ken.
Ganto in Texas, quickly.
Well, actually, we're out of time.
Got to let Ray McGovern go.
Ray, I really appreciate you spending time with us.
Do you want to continue taking calls, or do you need to go?
No, I need to go now, but I appreciate being with you here, and good luck to you.
Well, thank you for spending time with us.
Will you join us on a routine basis?
Well, give us that Veterans for Sanity group.
Well, it's Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, VIPS, and you can Google us or you can find most of our writings on truthout.com.
Oh, excuse me.
Mr. McGovern, thank you.
You're most welcome, Alex.
Take care.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show because there's a war on for your mind.
Here's a headline from the Village Voice of all places.
All about a dealer named Balt.
A Russian arms merchant funnels money, guns, and dope through the United Arab Emirates.
It just gets worse and worse.
All these Bush administration officials openly getting billions from the UAE, from this very company.
One of their top executives.
He's in the top two.
Some say he's their top executive.
He's the head of Europe.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But, of course, these neocon bootlicker listeners who love Limbaugh and all these phony conservatives, I mean, what's your major malfunction?
Can't you stand with America?
Can't you see what's happening?
For stations that don't carry the first little five-minute segment that we do, you really missed it.
A caller, and that was in my list of questions for him that I'd written up this morning, but I didn't get around to it.
The caller brought up the mosque bombing, the shrine bombing, and McGovern said, well, looks like from the evidence, he said, I talked to a bunch of veteran analysts that are part of my group,
It's leaning towards the U.S.
and Israel being behind it, and now we have this Iraqi guard, the witnesses saying, seeing government people there blowing it up.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
And so we'll get more into that, and it mirrors an article written by Kurt Nima that's up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
But right now, let's go to the calls.
Pat, Ganto, Bertrand, and others, 1-800-259-9231.
Pat in Florida, thanks for holding.
Hi Alex, there's something I need to explain to everybody about something that will help you to understand what's going on.
This goes back to the Bible and Esau and Jacob.
We are Jacob and we're fighting Esau's children.
God said that we were to destroy Esau's children.
This is why GW thinks he can do what he wants because he is from the house of David and we're all cousins, we're all family.
And the thing is, is that we're all included together.
Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, and all the Nordic countries.
We are all the house of Jacob.
And America.
And this is what we were told to do by God himself to get rid of Esau's children.
They were a Satan.
So you think the war is good.
Okay, Pat.
You didn't kill all the Arabs.
Okay, now there's more.
Jim Gilmore, my cousin, is the one that did this thing with the...
He was down here.
He's in security.
He told me he was here.
I didn't know what he was doing with security, but he was here in Florida.
Anyway, found out last night he was behind all this.
Okay, Pat, Pat, I don't know what you're talking about, so I'm not going to go there.
I don't want to just mention people's names.
Listen to me.
George Bush is not a Christian.
The liberals love to get up.
They're not even liberals.
They think they're liberals.
These terms mean nothing, but I use the terms that most people understand.
We've been given false terms, a false paradigm, a false mental map to follow, garbage in, garbage out.
All these Time Magazine and Newsweek covers of the Oval Office with light shining on it, and Bush thinks he's getting messages from Jesus and all this.
George Bush is a Nazi devil worshipper.
He's part of a Germanic death cult, admittedly.
They do all sorts of weird stuff in coffins.
I've been to Bohemian Grove where they go.
The mainstream news admits they bring in gay porn stars to, quote, service them.
He prays at Shinto shrines and summons the demon in Japan.
He goes to Muslim mosques and prays to Allah.
He's in Catholic churches.
He's in Protestant churches.
He goes to synagogues and wears the little hat.
He says whatever you want to hear, but let me tell you what he does on vacation.
Let me tell you what he does in secret.
Let me tell you what he does in the Redwoods in a big gorge I've been to.
He gets down on his knees and he worships Lucifer.
That's what George Bush is doing.
He doesn't want to kill the Arabs because of how Abraham's wife, one of them was Jewish, and that's just Judah.
One of them was going to be an Israelite.
One of them was the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph.
Then we go on past that and we look at what's happening with all these other groups and God says there will be enmity between you two and the son you had with his concubine over here.
George Bush does not think that he's supposed to kill all the Arabs because God told him to.
And the Bible doesn't say kill all the Arabs, at least the Bible I've read.
And I love people that send me these emails going, Alex, you didn't know what John 3.16 is.
Like three years ago, I don't plan to be some giant Bible scholar, but I've sat through more Sunday school than most people out there.
When I am sitting around watching TV, I'll sit there and watch the preachers on television.
My wife reads the Bible for an hour every night, and I read it for about 30 minutes.
They pop in my ear all the time.
Hey, this caller just hung up.
Hey, this caller replaces him.
Hey, your guest is going to be 10 minutes late.
Like today, they pop in my ear right as I go on air at the 30 after in the first hour.
And while the caller's talking, he's going, Ray McGovern's going to be 10 minutes late.
He got stuck in traffic.
He's on the cell phone getting to his house.
Now, that's about, you know, eight, nine seconds he's sitting there talking to me.
Or he pops in my ear and says, this person just hung up.
And the lady said, well, John's 316.
Alex said, do you know that quote?
Well, they're talking to me.
Okay, and then, so I go, hey, will you repeat that?
Oh, you don't know it?
Well, just repeat it for me.
Oh, he doesn't know John 3.16, it's all over!
Let me explain something to you.
Let's say I don't know John 3.16, which I do by heart.
Let's say I don't know that.
Does it matter?
The devil will speak Scripture to you.
The devil comes as an angel of light speaking Scripture.
That isn't the litmus test.
It's the fruits.
It's what you're doing.
Evil trees do not produce good fruit.
Look at the fruit we produce.
We have to get to the point where we start fighting the NWO.
Now, I've just gone off into a rant, but I got another email the other day.
You didn't know John 316.
Yes, I did.
And it doesn't matter if I didn't.
But for the sake of debate, okay, I didn't know it.
Again, the people that attack me don't ever want the response.
They don't ever want the truth.
They don't ever want to know.
They don't ever want to understand that.
They just simply want to sit there and try to attack me.
And most of them aren't fed.
Some of them are.
The feds start the stories.
Do not believe me.
Trust but verify, as Ronald Reagan would say.
I mean, this is what, say, the Village Voice did to me a few days ago.
Alex Jones is crazy, and he believes that the government was involved in the first World Trade Center attack.
He just claims it out of thin air.
No, it was on CBS Nightly News.
It was in the New York Times.
It's admitted.
I've had a bunch of FBI agents on admitting it on air.
They cooked the bomb.
They trained the driver.
They trained the guys how to park it.
They were both mentally retarded on welfare.
They actually went and found two poor, retarded Muslims.
And a blind sheep who didn't know what was going on and would sit there and shoot his mouth off and the government tried to blow up one of those towers and thank God the people didn't park it up against the column like they were ordered to do.
And then they just say I'm lying.
They just say in the village voice I make this up.
I'm not going to sit here and respond to that.
People are like, well Alex, talk about it, talk about it, talk about it.
If I did that here on this broadcast, if I sat here and talked about the people that attack me and the things that go on, we wouldn't have a radio show.
And I wish we had better Patriot talk shows.
I wish we had better talk shows.
All these jealous people wonder why I'm so successful, why I can reach so many people despite all my problems.
I'm obnoxious, I'm overbearing, all of those things.
They still wonder, why do people listen to Alex Jones?
Why do people listen to him and not me?
Because when you go to my websites and you go to this radio show, 98% of it is news and information, occasionally 2% will be this.
And I don't know why I'm even venting on this.
It's just that we all need to get focused.
I wish these other shows would become winners and start waking people up.
I wish that other people out there would stop trying to pin everybody down on, okay, is it the Catholics?
Is it the Jews?
You need to say it's one group.
It's the blacks.
It's the Mexicans.
It's the whites.
It's the, you know, there's good people and there's evil people.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It is a huge gallery of rogues who are in control of any major organization, any large organization, any old organization that's out there.
And until we shift our paradigms and start attacking the programs of the New World Order and start striking at the root of their Luciferian philosophy, it's only going to get worse.
Boy, let's go ahead and talk to Ganto in Texas.
Ganto, go ahead.
Hey, it's Tonto.
How you doing, man?
You are crazy, Alex.
You know that.
And that's a strange perception I've gotten coming back to Austin, New Mexico.
They think you're crazy for speaking the truth.
I think that's a horrible ethic.
I don't know why South Austin's gotten kind of wussy.
I used to be a banker in the 70s, man, and I touched on some of these behaving growth people in San Francisco and didn't even know what it was until I found out about you.
But I went out to New Mexico.
I heard you were dead and they took you out.
I'm glad you're alive.
I saw you over there at the Alamo during Serenity Show.
Oh, I know.
That's another one.
There's the weekly call that I've had a heart attack or I'm dead.
And I'll just say what Mark Twain said.
Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated.
They got passed around Central New Mexico for a while.
Oh, they were.
There were people crying tears because we all thought, well, it's all over.
And that seems to be a strange attitude.
How would they not go to my website or type my name into a search engine?
Didn't know I was an idiot.
I was trying to get away from the madness, you know, and then I realized, well, Alex is gone.
There's another example.
People will always go off a rumor instead of fact.
Everybody wants to talk about imaginary concentration camps instead of concentration camps in the Houston Chronicle.
I was part of that line of thinking.
I fell for it.
I'm glad you're alive and I'm with you again.
You know, I stopped paying taxes four years ago.
I really don't know.
I don't make more than $16,000.
I'm a really fine musician here in Allison.
Even fine ones don't make much money.
Tell me how the Lone Ranger's doing, Tom-Tom.
Well, it's T-A-N-T-O.
I'm from Aruba.
I laugh when you talk about Aruba and that girl.
We've got our own story.
I have family that's involved there.
And I think that's just the biggest sham, that family paying off everybody down there to shut up about her
I won't get into it.
All right.
Well, good to hear from you, John.
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Monday through Friday, 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
I mean, he's a real conservative, by the way.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bertrand in Canada, then Ron in Nevada and others.
Bertrand, go ahead.
Alex, it's a pleasure again.
Hi, Bert.
Thanks for taking my call and what you were saying earlier there.
You know, I listen to you because...
You know, out of everybody in the media you can listen to, you're the closest to the truth.
And you are a modern-day protestant like Martin Luther.
And that's why I listen to you.
But anyways, I have some very scary information here.
If you'd like to give me the time to share, I have three very important points to make.
First is that prophetically, there are five cities of the United States...
The five cities, I'd like to warn anybody that's living in these cities to make
Make plans.
Pray and ask God for guidance to make your way out of these cities.
You're going to tell people that cities are going to be destroyed because somebody's analyzed the Bible?
No, no, no.
Sir, I'm not disagreeing with you, but I'm trying to say this.
Every week I get called.
I have personal friends who, Alex, you've got to cover Planet X. It's going to kill us.
Five years later, it hasn't.
Or I know people who say, man...
This is going to be nuked, the Bible says, next month.
And it doesn't happen.
So I think it's very dangerous to start.
I've read Revelation.
I mean, I'll agree with you.
There's those passages where it talks about the big seaport city and the big towers falling, and they're covered with the dust.
I mean, that's a lot closer than, say, Nostradamus.
And then there's all these fake Nostradamus quatrains they put out about 9-11, and then here's the Bible that really says it.
But it's very dangerous, I think, with all these people who claim they know how to decode the Bible and what it says and what it's doing.
Are you still there?
Yes, I'm here, sir.
Well, this has got nothing to do with Nostradamus.
Nostradamus is... I agree with you, sir.
I think it's pure bull, but... Anyways, all I'd like to say is that the same person that wrote the vision of 9-11 said that New York City, Washington, Chicago, Houston, and I believe Houston is close to you, Los Angeles, are cities...
Where people of faith need to remove themselves.
All major metropolis places of the world, people need to move and get out of the cities because when all this goes down, and this is another very important point I want to make with you, Alex.
You know, I believe in everything you say, and I believe that, you know, So you didn't make the point.
You don't have to agree with everything I said.
Go ahead.
And fighting is great, but you have to understand, prophetically, the New World Order...
We'll come to pass.
Okay, thank you for the call.
I gave you three minutes.
Sir, there are a million different interpretations of all of that, okay?
I have a duty to fight evil and corruption.
And the mainline Christian church in America says, no, just lay down, take it, do nothing.
And I disagree with that, and that is not biblical.
And I'm not saying that's what you're saying, but just please.
That's why this is not a religious show.
I mean, I'm a Christian.
I don't hide it.
I'm not ashamed of it.
I'm proud of it.
We're a Christian nation.
That's what we're founded on.
I think it's great.
But at the same time, please don't tell me Christianity is this modern thing that's practiced in most of these churches.
It's sick.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ron in Nevada.
Ron, you're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I'm going to, as a whistleblower, I'm going to use the Cheney shooting I had called you last week.
And when I found out the day I called you, Whittington came forward and they showed that he was shot on the right side.
And then before that, previous to that, they were claiming that he was shot on the left side.
It's a mistake by a police officer.
Same pattern, though.
Yeah, but if Cheney turned to his right and shot at a quail, and then Whittington was to his right, how did he shoot Whittington on the right side?
Well, Whittington could have been turned to his right.
You can turn either direction.
There's someone that's shooting at you.
What we know is they said he wasn't drinking.
Now he admits he was.
What we know is they shot him up closer than what he said.
What we know is they kept the police out for almost 14 hours, and we know a cover-up is taking place.
Okay, so then, in other words, as a whistleblower, I'm going to come forward.
I'm going to show that the news media used the official report, the shooting accident report.
And they showed he was shot on the left side.
They said that was a mistake by the Parks and Wildlife game warden.
Yeah, but then why isn't the news media correcting what they used?
Even if it's not their fault.
Well, it's the same pattern.
It was just on the other side.
And they have corrected it.
Maybe you didn't see them correct it.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
All right.
We're going to come back and cover some news, and we'll take more of your calls.
Always a lot of fun taking calls, folks.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.tv are the websites.
Check them out today.
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All right, let me do this.
We cover a lot of news we haven't gotten to yet, and then we'll take some calls from Allie, Gary, Jesse, and a few others before we end this live broadcast today.
Boy, there is quite a stack of it here in front of me.
First off is an email.
I also have similar instant messages that have come in to me today.
What does the Bush or the globalists have to gain besides oil for a civil war in Iraq?
Well, they get the oil by keeping the crisis going.
Again, their own PNAC documents say, Israeli documents say, they want to break it into three or four different provinces.
Now this is being floated on NPR and PBS and places of, oh, it was an unseen thing, but maybe it'll help.
We'll just break it into three or four different regions.
And it allows more weapons sales and more no-bid contracts to go on for decades and to build permanent military bases in the area and then to use it as a base to attack Iran and Syria.
That's the stated plan.
So that's why...
They want to stay there.
Interesting note on Google by Paul Joseph Watson.
Big article up on prisonplanet.com right now.
And we got this right out of the mainstream news here.
He wrote an article about the particular story and even found some more details.
Google imposes worldwide ban on China-critical websites.
So they're now finding that you can't just ban the Chinese Google, the Chinese variant of their search engine.
They'll have to ban everything if the Chinese government orders them to.
Space War accuses company of selling out to boys from Beijing.
Space War is a mainstream news site we go to all the time.
It's kind of like Jane's Weapons Digest.
And for the first time in what some fear will signal a growing trend, Google Inc.
has banned and removed a mainstream news website from all its worldwide search engines.
We tried it today, can't get to it.
Seemingly due to the website reports on Chinese geopolitical affairs and military technology.
Yeah, it's even more of a leftward leaning news site, I would say.
Don't be really critical of China.
They just don't like the fact they got good intel.
Google came under fire last month for agreeing to install government search filters on its Chinese-based search engine.
The company that was founded on the motto, Don't Be Evil, claimed that some censorship was acceptable because in the long term, the Internet would be opened up to wider audiences and freedom of speech would expand.
The excuse today can be put to bed because Google has banned its users... And this is horrible news, folks.
We better start in Yahoo Center and do it, too.
We're in trouble.
We're good to go.
I'm going to call for everyone to immediately start dumping their stock.
I mean, this is outrageous.
Google Inc.'
's preferred method of banning a site is to delist its primary domain or URL from the Google Search Index.
Google also can reduce a site's page rank or eliminate it entirely as it is done to spacewar.com.
They've gotten rid of it entirely.
That's why it's important in all the articles that are on prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, that you start your own little websites, and they'll get big, don't worry, and start just syndicating everything we do.
Just copy all our articles, put them up there.
You should do that for Space War now.
Google Inc., in the wake of pressure from Chinese government, has begun blocking access to various websites deemed unfriendly to the boys from Beijing.
At this stage, we have no evidence to suggest this is the reason for Google has banned SpaceWar.com.
The lack of any forewarning that Space War was operating in violation of Google's increasingly strict search engine compliance requirements, however, leads us to suspect the ban is politically motivated.
Very bad news.
Very, very bad news.
Because these are tools we're using.
I mean, I just... They're under massive... This is internet too.
It's already happening across the web, folks.
The globalists aren't just going to let us be effective.
Peace groups under watch.
Authorities keep tabs on non-violent Seattle activists and hunt for Al Qaeda.
Or hunt for themselves.
And it goes into how they are...
They are now trying to literally go out and harass people and go after them and spy on them.
It's a Seattle Post intelligence search.
It's massive.
Dubai bid includes Vancouver.
That's right.
It's not six ports in the U.S.
It's eight.
Beaumont and Corpus Christi.
And then now we're learning it's massive ports in Canada.
And this is out of the Globe and Mail.
On the Vancouver waterfront, it's a debate conspicuous only in absence.
politicians may be denouncing the sale of U.S.
ports facilities to the Middle Eastern firm, but Canadian officials are blasé about the B.C.
end of the deal.
Get a grip, fellas, is Canadian Senior Senator Colin Kennedy's message to the U.S.
Oh, isn't that nice?
O'Reilly agrees with the port sellout plan.
We've got his disgusting comments up on the website.
Rush Limbaugh agrees with it.
Doesn't mention how all these administration officials and one of the company's chief executives is going to be over all our port security, running the Maritime Administration.
They're just really good at that.
All these bleeding neocon listeners just love being lied to.
Again, I've had them approach me on the street, approach me in gun shops and say, Bush wasn't for the Assaultman's Band.
He gave speeches for it, lobbied for it, but he didn't do it.
So you guys are just living in la-la land.
You think it's just people in Austria like David Irving getting three years for his free speech.
Listen to this.
Again, whether you agree with him or disagree with him, it's his right.
Well, what about this?
German court convicts man for insulting Islam.
A German court on Thursday convicted a businessman of insulting Islam by printing the word Koran on toilet paper and offering it to mosque.
The 61-year-old man identified only as Manfred van Aerts has been given one year jail sentence.
Suspended from five years.
Oh, in order to complete 300-hour community service, a direct court in western German town of Lundeshausen ruled.
There you have it.
That'll be here, too, as well.
You're not allowed to criticize foreign produce over there.
It's called xenophobic.
Don't even criticize.
Here's another one.
This is out of the Post Gazette.
Children may not be getting enough fluoride.
Oh, I've been hearing the public service announcements.
Not enough stannous fluoride admitted to cause brain damage and bone fractures.
Nobel Prize winners have released that information.
Some dentists are concerned about the problem they haven't worried about for much in decades, whether children are getting enough fluoride.
What type of fluoride is that, paper?
I'm not worried about calcium, but you don't put calcium fluoride in, do you?
That is good for the teethies.
The toothies.
Fluoride helps strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay.
Mass fluoridating and useful water supply started in the 1940s has been called the most effective public health measure ever made to improve oral health.
But the growing popularity of bottled water has brought concerns about adequate fluoride levels.
Should there be fluoride supplements for our children?
I thought they were already getting it with their toothpaste, even if you say it's good.
And the head doctor dentist up in Canada who helped fluoridate water ten years ago has gone public and said he was totally wrong.
It's deadly poison.
He's seen all the studies.
Iraq vet accused of stabbing wife 71 times.
That's interesting.
Too bad to hear about them.
Philippines president declared state of emergency.
Another president declared an emergency.
Looking for it here in the stack.
What was it?
It was in... I forget the country.
It's one of those Asian countries.
And he gave the devil sign when he did it.
That's here in my stack.
Let me find it.
It'll pop my head in a second, even if I don't find the article.
And here's another article about the ports.
Ports, all about a dealer named Bout.
And this is out of the Village Voice.
A Russian arms merchant funnels money, guns, and dope to the United Arab Emirates.
There's also big articles about slavery of Arab children out of there, selling them to people.
No big deal, though.
Government loves you.
Everything's fine.
I think it's bad, but that's because I'm evil.
One of those radicals.
To hear the administration and supporters talk, you'd think the workers in New York ports are carefully vetted by the Waterfront Commission.
The ports themselves protected by the ever-watchful Coast Guard and routinely surveilled by U.S.
And then it gets into truth of the fact of how it's totally wide open.
There's all these drug dealers and the rest of it.
Speaking of Chinese ordering Google to ban mainstream news websites, not just off the Google search engine for China, but all of their search engines, including Google.com, well, this is the BBC, Chinese slap ban on TV cartoons.
You know, they've got a 40-plus percent tariff on most of our goods.
We're good to go.
And so that's a lot of different types of films.
I guess an upcoming film that I'm in that is live action.
I mean, it's really me on screen, but it's been rotoscoped to give it a dreamlike look.
I guess Scanner Darkly won't be hearing there, I guess.
It says, shit shows as Teletubbies in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit could be affected by the decision taken by the country's main TV and film regulator.
The move is aimed at promoting Chinese animators and apparently curbing the use of foreign cartoons.
China's state administration of radio, film, and television said people who flout the ban will be punished.
And of course, that will just force Americans to go have their animation done in China so it can then air there.
A billion, three hundred million people monopolizing, engaging in criminal monopoly...
And dictating everything we do, but that's okay.
It's free market.
No, it's not.
It has not yet said which shows will be directly affected, but described them as so-called cartoons that mainly feature real people and only occasionally have computer-generated elements.
The BBC show, and the reason I don't like this is it's getting cheaper and cheaper to do this, and so a lot of even big U.S.
firms have been hiring out to South Korea and China to do this.
Like The Simpsons is made in South Korea.
The animation's done there.
The BBC show Teletubbies, which is known as Tianyangxin Baobo in China and broadcast to millions of children, is among many foreign children's programs shown in the country.
And it goes on.
So, I mean, there is the total control, folks.
It ain't just, you know, and I said ain't on purpose, folks.
It ain't just about...
You know, quote, stopping the tyranny of the government.
It's about business.
And maybe they'll tell Google, hey, don't let these TV shows be offered online, which most major TV shows do.
And Google will just say, okay, worldwide ban on all these cartoons online.
You know, I don't watch a lot of TV, but I do have a video iPod.
I bought it because we're studying starting vodcasting.
We're going to start that very soon.
And when I go on the exercise bike, I watch season one and season two of Battlestar Galactica, and I downloaded it, paid for it, I think like a dollar an episode, so 11 bucks for all the episodes of each season, and I just sit there at the gym watching Battlestar Galactica.
And on a little teeny screen.
Again, this is where TV is all going.
Oh, well, China, we don't like it.
We just order you to ban that.
See, this is the new freedom, ladies and gentlemen, where China dictates everything.
And the globalists have said, I've watched CFR meetings on C-SPAN where they've said they are the golden child.
They are the future.
Everything they want.
Their people are slaves.
They have stadium mass executions of citizens.
They have mobile execution vans.
They force abort babies.
They drown six-month-old babies that people have in secret because of the one-child policy.
They bash their brains out in front of the mother and sell the baby for body parts.
Our government, the globalists, love them.
They are leaders after their own heart, and they're going to run everything.
You're worried about UAE, brother?
You better be worried about the Chicobs.
Who literally treat their people like hamburger meat.
Like animals.
Okay, UK troops will not destroy poppy fields.
Oh, excuse me.
They're just saying, no, we're going to leave the poppy growing on Afghanistan.
Homeland Security swoops in on libraries.
This has been out of the Washington Post, several other publications.
Two uniformed Homeland Security officers have created a bit of a stink after walking into a public library and telling computer users that in the interest of national security, they were not allowed to visit porn sites.
We're good to go.
Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Homeland Security has moved to distance itself from the Paris Action.
Folks, that's not true.
This is being done to set precedents.
They visit toy stores.
They arrest homeless people and charge them under the Patriot Act.
They arrest kids with an ounce of marijuana and charge them under the Patriot Act and say, you don't get to face your accusers or have a defense.
We're charging you with terrorism.
I have hundreds of these articles.
Every day I run into more of them.
I mean, listen, I don't support the porn, I don't support the topless bars, but Homeland Security raiding a Las Vegas topless bar because the owner paid $4,000 to a county commissioner to get zoned for more parking spaces ain't terrorism!
It is not!
It never will be!
Homeland Security has said they are in infrastructure protection and they're going to run and federalize every police force in the country.
You're going to have CIA liaisons in every city.
It's already happening.
And they're going to run everything and they're going to be the commissariat.
And they're saying they're going to arrest us for our speech.
Two weeks ago in a congressional testimony, the chairman of the committee, I have the mainstream news article in the stack, said that people protesting the war are really Al Qaeda and that he wants to start arresting us.
You understand this is Nazi Germany?
You better not be worried about the men in the turbans.
They work for the same people wanting your free speech.
The same people giving the chi-coms are ports.
Listen, do not buy anything made in China.
I know it's next to near impossible.
You don't need that junk.
Pay $20 more for a DVD player.
Buy it from South Korea, Japan, Mexico.
I know there's nothing made in America.
Do not buy it from China.
In fact, I am just so... I'm sure I'm going to be blocked now on Google when I start this boycott of China.
We've got to stop buying from these people or we're going to kill our economy and kill this country and support a bunch of pig demons that are killing their own people.
I'm really getting mad now.
Oh, the stack just goes on and on.
The stack just goes on and on.
I don't even know what to do anymore.
Let's take a call.
Let's talk to Allie in Oklahoma.
Go ahead, Allie.
Hi, Alex.
What you were just saying... Well, I'm going to go on to what I was going to comment on.
That woman who called saying the Bible...
Orders Israel to kill the offspring of Esau, and that we are Israel, and Bush being of the house of David, and of course Prince Charles is too.
We have the right to rule the rest of the world.
She called in the power hour this morning, spouting off the same rhetoric, and I'm glad that she cut her off.
What she was saying is a beast or monster race, and you should play that Spike Jones record in honor of her today, before you go off the air, I think.
Well, yeah, I mean, I recognize what it was.
It was Christian identity.
There's a bunch of different variants to it, but that's a whole other can of worms.
A major provocateur always mixes in a little truth with their lies, you know?
You know, I don't want to say she's a provocateur.
I was making that statement at the end.
I don't know that.
I didn't say she was, necessarily.
You can say whatever you want.
Well, I'm not knocking you either.
It's free speech.
Anyway, what I was going to say about your earlier comments was, of course you know, nobody was killed at Tiananmen Square, and there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Oh, yes.
Tiananmen Square, it's wonderful.
China's good.
We need to be friends with them.
And as long as they say no one was killed there, there's about probably 80% of ignorant Americans that believe it.
Doesn't matter if they're machine gun masses.
Hundreds of people ran over them with tanks.
By the way, China's had massacres bigger than Tiananmen in the last two months, and it's a minor footnote.
Tanks and police bring in machine gunning, masses of starving farmers, and China's doing what it's got to do.
Our officers can learn from them.
Good to hear from you.
I appreciate your call.
Come back, talk to Gary and Jesse, and that's going to be it.
Stay with us.
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Well, not all, almost all.
A couple other stories I wanted to hit, but I don't have time to get to them.
One of them...
Is out of the CBC TV, SWAT raid scares school kids, and it says that they raided a house right next door to it with their armored vehicle and their machine guns and their black mask, and it scared the children.
Now, contrast that with in America, they call it training, and I have video of it.
The cops come in yelling, screaming, aiming guns.
Sometimes they shoot kids in the face.
Happened in Detroit.
Killed cop of the year in Fort Worth.
I mean, all the time, they scream, they yell, shoving elementary kids around.
They cry.
They have nightmares.
And it's just, well, it's the training.
Yeah, federally paid for to traumatize the children.
This is the same as Soviet re-education.
And the cops are like, no, that ain't doing that.
We're doing this in case there's another Columbiner.
And Columbine, by the way, was another black op.
Can prove it in hours of documentation.
We've done whole shows on it.
Total false flag.
Total black world op.
And it's just sick.
Pointing machine guns.
Get down on the floor!
Little ten-year-olds, folks.
Nine-year-olds crying, begging.
Or they go in the middle schools of police dogs biting and ripping their clothes in, quote, drug raids.
Everybody lines up.
They search everyone.
It's a lockdown in a prison.
You're just learning how to be a prisoner.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Gary in Virginia and then Jesse in Dallas.
Go ahead, Gary.
Hey, Alex.
Yes, sir.
How are you doing today?
You there?
Doing a radio show, Commander.
Hey, I'm down here in the Virginia beach area, Virginia, and I picked you up on ManCow, and I'm really glad you got on that show because I think a lot of people like myself who have never heard of your site now have.
Good, good.
But it's interesting.
I started listening to you off and on about a year ago on the Internet, and I picked up a paper today, and I'm reading it.
I just want to pass this on to you.
It's buried in, like, Section 3 of the Virginian Pilot down here.
There's an announcement that 2,200 Marines are going to be conducting an urban combat training exercise.
They're doing them from Tennessee to Texas, from Alabama to Virginia.
Right now it's going to go in Arkansas, and they train to take over your cities, and it's to condition you.
And the quote in here, there's a quote from the colonel, we're hoping to be as transparent as possible.
Yeah, they'll be in plain clothes too, bro.
Along with their uniform.
And another local thing down here, 30 miles south of where we're at, you ever heard of Blackwater?
They just had a big fight down there with the city because they want to grow.
And, of course, Blackwater won because it's business and money.
Yeah, it's the Mercs.
Call me back tomorrow.
You're a great caller.
30 seconds.
Jesse in Dallas.
Take us out of here.
Jesse, hit it.
Yeah, dude, just wanted to say you're doing a great job.
You know, I just got hit for the show, and I want to get your opinion on it.
I've got a 10-year-old son, and he lives down there close to Austin.
And I hit him to all the stuff.
I let him know what's going on in the school.
Good job.
We're out of time.
Call me back tomorrow.
God bless you all.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.