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Air Date: Feb. 23, 2006
2205 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, to this live Thursday edition, the 23rd day of February 2006.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
We have...
One of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts' colleagues, one of the fathers of Reaganomics, very conservative, joining us to decry the Bush administration and their unconservative and un-American activities.
He's come up to talk about his book in the second hour.
In the third hour, hasn't been on with us in a while, Officer Jack McClam, police and military against the New World War with some amazing police statement.
We're good to go.
That is confirmed.
And so it's eight ports.
In fact, the deal may expand even more.
And on top of all of this, now Jimmy Carter, who helped hand over the Panama Canal, is coming out saying how great it is.
Bill Clinton's saying how great it is.
Tommy Franks, who is on Pentagon payroll still, just like the other paid reporters, and every time he goes on TV, he says, ah, this is my personal opinion.
I'm not paid to say this or anything.
And of course, it turned out he was.
He's saying it's absolutely wonderful.
So a paid administration liar who tried to hide the fact that he's a spokesman, paid close to half a mil a year, is now running around on TV telling us that, I'm the former head of CENTCOM, I think I know what's safe and what ain't, and I'm here to tell you, boy, it's a good deal.
So we'll get into more of that today because it just illustrates the continual sellout of the sovereignty of this country.
But more than that, it just shows the ongoing subterfuge and lies that we're dealing with.
And, of course, the bombing of the shrine.
Over in Iraq, the Iranian president, who I don't agree with on a lot of things, but I do, in a preliminary look at this, it probably was globalists that blew up this shrine.
It fits in with publishing the Muslim Mohammedan cartoons.
It fits in with stirring up the riots.
It fits in with the P2OG program beautifully.
So we'll get into that as well.
And, of course, yesterday in Toledo, Ohio, three men were arrested by Homeland Security
I think?
We'll get into that.
And a few days ago, I saw a Village Voice hit piece that attacked myself and others.
And frankly, I didn't mention it on air because I frankly just don't care.
But Paul Watson has written a good article about it.
And since he did that, we will read that article that he put together about it.
Because it says, Alex Jones claims wildly that the FBI cooked the bomb and trained the driver for the first World Trade Center attack.
Why, he's a nut.
Well, no, it was on CBS television.
And it was in the front page of the New York Times just a few weeks after, and it's admitted, and I've had FBI agents on the show admitting it.
Now, of course, it was an accident that they cooked the bomb and trained the driver, and they didn't stop them that day.
They just accidentally cooked the bomb.
They were planning to sting them.
And their own informant said, well, why not build a fake bomb?
They said, no, build a real one.
And so, you know, I'm evil, folks, because I read the New York Times and made a documentary about it and spent a few minutes and wrote a tyranny on the subject.
It's just I'm just out of control.
My friends, I just can't be trusted.
Because I give you the facts and the information.
It's like for four or five days, I reported on the UAE board deal, and it just was made up.
It wasn't true, you know.
That's Alex Jones.
We just can't really trust him.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
Welcome, my friends, to the second segment of this live Thursday edition.
Coming up, we have another defector from the...
We're good to go.
I want to get into the bombing of the shrine yesterday in Iraq, all the earmarks of the globalist operation, just from their own documents and past experiences.
We don't know that yet.
I don't completely agree with the Iranian president.
I don't agree with him on a lot of things.
But that's who stands to gain from this.
Also, a lot of developments on the port situation.
It's eight ports, not six.
Two of them in Texas.
There's a hit piece in the Village Voice against myself and others that Paul Watson has written a response to that we'll get into as well.
And just so much more.
Talk about earmarks.
The three men arrested in Toledo, Ohio yesterday, their controller, their trainer, their master, oh, he's a government agent, and he's going to be protected.
So it's always the same.
You've got some former military, current military Arab in control of a few Muslims who they get to shoot their mouths off at the local bar.
And we've seen this over and over again, but then it furnishes the national headlines of terrorists were about to hit any minute, and they've never convicted anyone that they've arrested for terrorism.
No one!
No one.
I mean, they even grab university professors down in Florida because O'Reilly gets on TV and says he thinks they're a terrorist, and then they're found not guilty by a jury.
It's the illusion, because there are not real, multifaceted international terrorists outside of international crime syndicates and intelligence agencies.
The Mossad, the CIA, MI6...
German intelligence, French intelligence, they're so much bigger and more powerful than any, quote, Arab group.
They track everything.
They fund these people.
They want to squash them or exterminate them or hit them.
They do it.
And so when there's a terror attack in almost every case, in fact, we really haven't found cases where it isn't,
I think?
We're good to go.
Let me just read this article that Paul Watson and I wrote yesterday about the port situation.
We'll give you all the new details.
This is at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
It is a stated goal of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, to promote what they call interdependence and to lobby governments to sell off key infrastructure such as roads, lakes, ports, and highways to international corporations so that corporations can grow to be bigger in size than government.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
May we remind our readers that top Chinese generals continue to threaten nuclear attacks on America.
When they take over ports and strategic points, like Freeport in the Bahamas, Long Beach, Panama Canal, it's no problem.
There is absolutely no mention of the Chinese takeover of these facilities amidst the media merry-go-round of the UAE ports debate, and the same people that now criticize the UAE deal, like Chuckie Schumer, supported the ports sellout to the Communist Chinese under Bill Clinton.
Continuing here...
Alex Jones, first documentary film, America Destroyed by Design, made in 1997, warned Americans that the sellout to the Chinese was the first step on the road to the sacking of the American economy and pulling the plug on key U.S.
Click here to view a segment from the documentary film covering the Chinese sellout to the Chinese.
Why are people so concerned about the United Arab Emirates when the fastest-growing military on the planet...
And a superpower that continually threatens to annihilate the U.S.
has been metaphorically handed the keys of the kingdom and is encircling the country.
During the Chinese sellout, it was Republican politicians that would bash Bill Clinton for making the deal, yet it was yesterday's Republicans and today's neocons who were affiliated with the companies making billions from the transfer of the Chinese.
This is why we are less than confident that Democrats have any real agenda to stop the UAE deal.
Just as now, claims of Islamophobia are raised to attack critics of the UAE deal.
In 1997 and 2000, it was Asia-phobia.
This has nothing to do with race.
It is a matter of national sovereignty.
If American corporations tried to buy up key Chinese infrastructure, they would be firmly rebuffed and genuine.
As a country, we are not just being robbed of our ability to create wealth, we are being robbed of our infrastructure, our land and our capability and capacity to work the land.
Your currency, your future, and your sovereignty is systematically being dismantled, looted, and sold to the highest bidder.
The taxpayer pays for and builds the infrastructure only for foreign lobbyists to pay off our corrupt politicians who lease the infrastructure or outright sell it to foreign lobbyists for the last 50, 60, 70 years.
We're good to go.
We're good.
Let me bring you up to speed on the fact that the Germans, the Dutch, predominantly, for some reason, they're the ones that are buying up most of the water districts.
They own more than any other private company now.
And they come in, buy it up, pay off politicians, double, triple prices overnight.
And there's lots of U.S.
private corporations with nice-sounding governmental names doing the same thing.
Right here where I sit in Austin, Texas, they're doing it.
They hire their own SWAT teams, their own police forces.
They drive around.
They have cities cede them authority and suddenly they've got their own police forces.
I mean, it is a nightmare.
This is the new world order.
Let me bring you up to speed on what's happening.
I've talked a lot about this lately and I'm glad I have because here's an example of it.
Tommy Franks went all over television and radio and the newspapers.
A year and a half ago, for several months, saying martial law was the next step before it attacked again.
Now Bob Woodward's telling the San Antonio Express News that.
Oh, it's too bad, but we're going to have martial law now.
That's just the way it is.
And they've got Republican congressmen in congressional hearings saying people protesting the war are really fifth column Islamist terrorists.
We need to start arresting the peace activists.
It's this whole Nazi atmosphere.
See, we got hit again.
It's like the Reichstag.
We better arrest all the dissidents.
We're doing this to keep the Reich, the homeland, safe.
So Tommy Franks, I saw him on Fox.
We have clips of him on the website.
He'd get up on TV and he'd say, Now listen, I'm not with the government anymore.
I'm retired.
I'm not for Kerry or Bush.
I'm nonpartisan, but the war's good.
We need to go into Iran.
The Iraq war's good.
Surveillance is good.
Martial law's the next step.
Sorry to have to tell you,
And he was sitting there and pushed all this agenda, saying this is a private person.
Private person.
Turned out he was getting over $400,000 from the Bush administration, one of the thousands of media people covertly on the payroll, the $1.6 billion that the governmental accounting office and the GOA just reported on saying it was illegal.
At first it was illegal a year ago, and now they just issued another report two weeks ago saying it's totally illegal.
But the government, Bush says, no, no, no.
See, I'm above the law.
I can do what I want.
So, Franks, who's on the payroll, pops up.
He's still on the payroll and does this.
And, of course, Newsmax, talking about being on the payroll, pops up with this headline.
Tommy Franks defends Dubai ports deal.
Former CENTCOM commanding general Tommy Franks said Wednesday that the Bush administration was right to approve a deal for a United Arab Emirates-based company to run six U.S.
major ports.
Well, we're going to tell you in a minute.
It's Corpus Christi military base, by the way.
Huge complex.
I mean, that's...
I'm not very fancy, folks.
That's where I'll vacation for a couple times a year for two or three days.
I'll go down there and go fishing, hang out with the family.
It's huge.
But continuing, we have more U.S.
Navy ships using the port in Dubai.
Jebel Ali than any other port outside the United States, Frank Stoll, Fox News Channel, Hannity & Combs.
The former Iraq war commander explained U.S.
reliance on Dubai port facility by saying, We know the difference between an enemy and a friend.
Mmm, boy, that's good Texas talk for you there, boy.
The Emirates is a friend, Frank said.
That is the best-run port that I've ever seen.
General Franks on government payroll said Dubai Company has three essential qualities that commended for the task of running U.S.
The capacity to handle the job, the inclination to do the right security, which he noted will remain in any case in the hands of the United States Coast Guard.
Oh, yeah, what, one or two little gunboats per facility?
What a joke.
No, the real security is going on inside those facilities.
All right, let's just stop right there.
But that's a red herring.
What's the federal number?
Around 1,100.
One out of 1,100 of those containers of 25 million a year that come into the country.
They're just tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler trailers is what they are.
They're huge.
Only about one in 1,100 gets physically searched, and that's a spot check.
So it doesn't matter.
It's been wide open.
It's going to be wide open.
And when an A-bomb goes off, it's going to be globalist.
It isn't going to be Arabs.
Okay, boys and girls?
With all of that going on, I thought that I would just mention the fact here that this is all totally and completely 110% illegal, what's going on.
This is from the New York Daily News.
When I get back, I'll tell you about it, why this deal is so important and why they're doing it.
Because, you see, the head of the Arab company is going to run U.S.
port security, period.
See, they're all talking about security with this port, but that's the distraction.
No one's talking about how, or very few are talking about how, they're going to run all the security to begin with.
You see?
You see?
You starting to see the big picture?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Right here on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, so continuing with the sellout of America and the traitorous activities, this is out of the New York Post.
We mentioned this yesterday, but it's important to go back over it.
The Dubai firm that won the Bush administration backing to run six U.S.
ports, it's eight now we're saying plus, it looks like more than eight, has at least two ties to the White House.
One is Treasury Secretary John Snow, whose agency heads the federal panel that signed off on the $6.8 billion sale of an English company, the government-owned Dubai Ports World, giving it control of Manhattan's cruise ship terminal and Newark's container port.
Snow was chairman of CSX Rail Firm that sold its own international port operations to DP, Dubai Ports World, for $1.15 billion in 2004, the year after Snow left for President Bush's cabinet.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
And it's particularly troubling that the United States would turn over its port security, not only to a foreign company, but a state-owned one, said Western New York's Representative Tom Reynolds, chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee.
And that's another thing.
There's supposed to be a 45-day detailed review with all these inspections and research.
They didn't do the review.
And it's a violation of federal law.
I have the U.S.
Code right here in front of me.
But hey, c'est la vie if it violates federal law.
Bush said, you don't pass the Patriot Act, I'll still enforce it.
Oh, you say I can't spend billions of dollars for fake newscasts and paying off reporters and having shills operate out there with propaganda?
Oh, I'm the president, I don't care if it's federal law, I can do it.
Oh, you say that I can't do this, I can't do that.
Yes, I can.
Yes, I can.
So that's what's happening here.
And continuing, UAE would also control shipments of military equipment for the U.S.
There is a bipartisan concern about the Bush administration's decision to outsource the operation of six of the nation's largest ports to a company controlled by the United Arab Emirates because that nation's troubling ties to international terrorism.
But now it is being revealed that it's not just the ports of New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami, and Philadelphia.
A major part of the story, however, has been mostly overlooked.
The company, Dubai Ports World, will also control the movement of military equipment on behalf of the U.S.
Army through two other ports from today's edition of the British paper Lloyd's List.
Again, a trade publication.
We are forced to go to trade publications.
It's all there.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
There it is.
Lloyd's List and the Journal of Army Logisticians.
So, I guess the Journal of Logistics, to put it in layman's terms.
So there it is from the Army's own Journal of Army Logisticians and from Lloyd's List.
You see, that's where we learn all of this with these computer searches.
That's where we do this.
And you can, again, just do a CIA Mosaddegh terrorism into Google and you'll get links to the CIA admitting our government carries out terror attacks to blame it on foreign enemies.
Hidden in plain view, right out in the open, and the media is ignoring all of this type of stuff.
All this stuff that's hidden in plain view.
I think.
I think.
But instead we're running around going, the Arabs are going to nuke us, the Arabs are going to get us, they'll have Al-Qaeda working for them at these ports.
Folks, it was in the Boston Globe years ago that 90% of the people at the Boston Logan Airport were foreigners.
And that, what, 40-something percent of them were illegal aliens, most of them Arabs.
I mean, you've got to love it when the illegal alien Arab is shaking down the old World War II vet with the oxygen tank.
But that's America.
Look, they control the terrorism.
They're not worried about terrorism.
They're not worried about open borders because they know there's not a real threat.
In fact, they want there to be a threat.
They have to manufacture it.
Oh, there's masses of more news coming up.
You'll want to stay with us.
It's just there's so much.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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By the way, the reason Jack McClan is joining us...
...is because a lady very near and dear to him, who I personally know, over many years over the telephone with her, didn't jump and do everything they said in a jury trial when she was on the jury, so she's been arrested.
And this is very akin to what happened in Kentucky with Kelly Rushing, one of our listeners.
There was another case in Tennessee...
What, two years ago where the upstanding member of the community put up a sign in front of his yard a year and a half after his divorce saying, our court system is a joke.
And the judge didn't even say his name.
This was in the Associated Press.
We have photos and video clips, local newscasts about it.
The judge thought he was God.
He didn't know that the martial law hadn't quite been declared yet.
And then, don't worry, you'll get to be like that soon.
Don't worry, you'll be able to arrest us all for our speech.
But they messed with the wrong guy.
He's one of the big business owners in town, small town.
And he put a sign up in his yard saying, our court system's a joke.
In fact, it was even outside the judge's jurisdiction.
It was in the county.
And this city judge just said, arrest him.
I think?
I think we're good to go.
And I should follow that back up.
In fact, I know Ryan Slickheisen and Kevin Smith are listening in there.
Guys, go pull those articles back up, because every time I make that claim, people don't believe it.
Repost the Kelly rushing story where he gave them a Ron Paul video, one of my videos, and they arrested him saying it was terrorism.
I haven't talked to the judge.
I called the judge at home, and I said, Sir, are you trying to put this guy in prison for two years for calling a terrorist threat to give somebody a congressional speech?
The judge said, I'm not going to talk about the case, but yes, sir.
We're good to go.
I think?
We need to get Kelly back on.
The officer, okay, I'll watch it.
Next day, pulls him over and he goes, get up and get your car.
You're going to jail.
You threatened me with that video.
What have I done?
And the video was Ron Paul.
And they were charging him according to the Ron Paul speech.
Imagine the C-SPAN.
It's the type of C-SPAN, folks.
Again, I'm not joking around here.
This isn't a joke.
This isn't a game.
This is the real deal.
This is happening.
And there's so many articles where judges will say...
You didn't answer my questions.
Every week I see articles, federal, state, and local, where a judge will call you in and go, I want you to answer my questions.
The person being charged, the defendant will say, I am taking the Fifth Amendment, or their lawyer will, and the judge will say, put him in jail.
And there are people who have spent years in jail for petty issues.
I mean, they could be in there for something where you can't even get jail time before the judge, and they'll still spend years in jail because they go, I am invoking my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.
In fact, where's my pocket Constitution here?
I had it here in front of me.
I ought to read the Fifth Amendment.
On air to people, because it's so important, and it really codifies what we're facing as a society.
Fifth Amendment.
No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime unless on a presentment of indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in land or naval forces, or in the militia, or in an actual service in time of war.
That's why they use the quote, we're in a war, to get the martial law going.
They do that all the time.
Nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.
Well, the Supreme Court just said last year we don't have to even give you just compensation.
It doesn't even have to be the government.
It's your private interest once you're in.
We'll take it.
So understand what's happening with Jack McClam.
That's coming up in the third hour.
It's classic.
It's par for the course.
It's what we see across the board.
What's happening to a member of Jack McClam's staff.
And he's been through such trials and tribulations, that means he's doing a good job.
I heard Jack yesterday on the radio.
We're good to go.
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
I mean, it's really that simple.
Your will be done.
I don't ask God for things.
I don't.
I just say, God, please use me, and you do whatever you want.
And God's going to do whatever he wants to begin with, but God gives us free will.
We have to tell God that if he's really going to come into our lives, and I'm not trying to preach here, but I've experienced this.
You've got to just say, yes, I'm here.
Yes, I am your slave.
Yes, I am giving myself up.
I am giving up my free will.
Using your free will to give it up and to become a vessel.
And I just love hearing Jack say that.
And I can tell he means it.
And if I have to die for freedom, if I have to be tortured, if I have to be killed, it's a blessing.
People say, what are you talking about?
There is no greater way to serve mankind and to serve God than to stand up against evil.
And I also know history.
When you stand up against evil, statistically, you're a lot safer than when you lay down to it.
You're not safe laying down, folks.
You're not safe staying in your houses and watching your television.
You're not safe watching American Idol.
You're not safe going, oh, I don't want to hear about that.
You're not safe.
When people don't care, you get enslaved.
When people stand up and fight, you live in freedom.
You see?
So we're taking the right course here.
But I didn't mean to get off into that.
It's just that... That's coming up in the third hour.
It's just so outrageous...
The judge just said, go arrest that man.
He's got a sign saying our judicial system's a joke.
That's all it said, and I'm not going to put up with it.
And they went and arrested him.
And he'd been in jail for, what, three days, if memory serves?
And then state judges heard about it.
It was on the news.
And they started calling the judge and wrote him a letter and had it hand-delivered by police and said, What's wrong with you?
What you're doing is illegal.
You can't just say contempt of court when someone's not even in your court and just run out and have the police arrest them.
That is communist China, ladies and gentlemen.
By the way, one of the news reporters in China, in Tiananmen Square in the late 80s, who reported on the mass murder there, just got out after 16 years plus, and he's a wreck.
He's been tortured.
He's a gibbering fool.
I mean, you know, this is just... And he's the lucky one.
They kill most of these people.
Oh, but let's give them all our ports and give them our old bases and give them the Panama Canal.
Let's freak out about the United Arab Emirates.
Well, I'm freaking out about it because it's all part of our infrastructure now.
Being sold off.
And you've got major conflicts of interest, to put it lightly, with the Maritime Administration to be headed up by UAE's executive, and of course Snow running a company making billions off deals with these people.
Let me just cover this.
Village Voice article.
If I cover this now, I may not have time to get into this story.
Well, I don't know.
Yeah, let me go ahead and just cover this first.
Frankly, again, three days ago, I read the big hit piece on myself and others in the Village Voice.
And frankly, I mean, again, people want me to comment when some Internet blog tells lies about me.
Whole cloth frauds.
And I don't respond.
Because if I responded all day to attacks on myself and others, the whole show would be about that.
That's why so many shows are failures out there.
So many so-called patriot shows are failures.
Because it's just ninnying, self-centered babble fest.
But this one's interesting just because of the claims they make.
So if I have time later, I'll cover it, but it's up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
But looking at manufactured staged events, there have been arrests in Florida, arrests in Oregon, arrests in Washington, arrests in Texas, arrests in Illinois, arrests in Minnesota, arrests all over the place.
Hundreds of people, okay, hundreds of U.S.
And many of them just disappear and are taken to what they call black world or black ops sites in the former Soviet Union, Georgia and other places, Prague, where they're tortured.
But the cases we know of, they've never had one single conviction.
When they do, a few cases take it to court.
Juries say, no way.
This person is totally innocent.
This is a joke.
And then the jurors are quoted in local journals saying, the government was involved.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe what I heard in there.
Because it's the evidence, folks.
You can't put this stuff in court and have fair-minded people not come to the conclusion it's criminal elements of the government.
Because that's just the facts.
Okay, I'm real sorry to have to tell you.
That's just the fact.
There's no weaseling around that.
Believe me, I wish it wasn't true.
So continuing with this, Toledo area man arrested for terrorist activity.
And they've arrested these guys, and you read into the article, and it says that their trainer, their controller, who had military connections and couldn't quite stick with it, it'll come out in a few months, it always does, but the MO's clear, it's a government op.
It's one of these Arab sheep-dipped, that's what they call it in Special Forces, when you're, quote, get out of Special Forces and they erase your history and then you become an op.
There's 5,000 plus of these that we know of.
Source, Washington Post.
Washington Times, George Bush Sr.
brought in the Iraqi Republican Guard at the end of the last Gulf War who'd been trained during the 80s in torture and espionage when Saddam was our ally.
They carried out the Oklahoma City bombing as operatives.
And it's pure genius by the globalists because if they get caught then, they can just sell out their own officers, just like with 9-11, and say that it was just Arabs.
But continuing here, I'm digressing.
Well, you know, before I cover this, let me just give you some background.
In my film, Police State 2, The Takeover, released in 2000, six years ago, my second Police State film, we spend about, I don't know, five, six minutes just on one little subject.
That's what my films do.
We cover a lot of different areas, give you wide-spectrum analysis, because there's so much stuff that's admitted.
And I have family in Fort Worth.
I don't appreciate this.
I don't appreciate the government trying to kill, potentially, my family.
They won a Bumsteer Award in 1998 because the FBI couldn't find a Klan group in that area of northeast Texas.
Couldn't find them.
And this was all admitted in the court filings.
And this all came out in court.
Couldn't find a Klan group, thank God.
And so the FBI went out, and it's always the same.
They found...
Welfare white trash.
And I'm not saying you're white trash and live in a trailer, folks.
It's just they were trash and happened to live in a trailer park.
I think trailers are great.
It built this country in many respects 50, 60 years ago when they got popular.
So again, I don't want to get into a debate about that.
The point is they go to the trailer park.
That's where it was.
And this FBI informant and other FBI agents spend three years...
Getting these two trailers next door to each other to declare themselves Supreme Grand Dragons and the FBI informant and the agents try to get them to say they're going to blow up the chemical plant, but they're so dumb they can't.
And literally the descriptions of these people, they have no teeth in many cases.
There's only like six of them.
And again, it's all in the film.
It's like three guys and their wives and one guy's girlfriend.
So I guess it's more than six.
It's like seven people.
And they just drive around.
They talk about how they're going to rob banks, how they'll take over the White House, how they're going to be world rulers.
I mean, literally, it's delusional drunk talk.
And they don't even have money to buy guns.
So the FBI buys them guns, and then they take them out, and they put black powder in a bottle and blow it up out in a field and talk about how it's their bomb.
And, of course, the FBI guy goes, let's videotape it, because it's just like the Viper Militia.
They go get a meth-dealing biker gang,
You know, out west to just say they're a militia, then they bust them with guns and methamphetamine.
The FBI sold them.
See, it's over and over and over and over again.
It isn't my first rodeo.
I've seen this over and over again.
And so they go out.
This is all in Texas Monthly.
I mean, they won the first place Bumsteer Award.
Big insult.
Big deal in Texas.
And so all of this goes on.
All of this happens.
So they go in there, and after three years, they can't get him to attack anything.
Every time he goes, let's go attack.
And he's saying, it's all recorded, let's go kill cops.
Let's go drink some whiskey.
You'll kill them later.
Just harmless, toothless ne'er-do-wells, okay?
Low-grade morons.
And they go and they get him.
And then they bust him and it's big national news, a massive plant, a chemical plant, a huge mechanized force of incredible Klan members working with Muslims, totally deadly.
Then it all comes out, it's fake, it's staged, total lie.
Now I can talk for hours about this.
I can go on forever about this.
It never ends.
It never stops.
There are so many, and it's the same thing with the Arabs.
They bust them.
They're planning to do all this.
And then you find out they were at the bar.
The informant had been living with them for a year.
He finally got them to say when they were drunk, okay, let's go shoot some people.
Yeah, let's blow some stuff up.
They get you to shoot your mouth off.
And, folks, I've had cops come to me and do this so many times.
And they quit doing it because I'll blow up at them and go, okay, you're a cop.
Get out of here.
Get cameras.
I mean, I've got video of this stuff happening.
This is criminal.
This isn't just entrapment like where cops say in Seattle bars, they now own a whole bunch of the bars, then the cops who do the bust control the bars.
It's mafia tactics.
Cops will sell people cocaine in your restroom.
In nice, upscale bars and restaurants, and then because they sold somebody a little bag of cocaine or a small crack rock, in your bathroom they take your establishment because the judge is involved.
And that's been in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Seattle Times.
Big scandal there.
But the cops don't care.
They're now a mafia.
They're just getting everything.
And it's great.
I shouldn't give cops in Texas listening around the country, in Florida and other areas, I guess I shouldn't give you ideas.
And again, this is all admitted.
This is not my opinion.
So then I see this article yesterday.
Toledo area man arrested for terrorist activity.
A federal grand jury has indicted three Toledo area men for terrorist activities.
Prosecutors say the three men conspired to wage a holy war against the United States and coalition forces in the Middle East.
The incident was unsealed Monday.
The U.S.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is expected to release more details in the news conference.
And it goes on.
According to the indictment from the U.S.
Attorney's Office, the suspects are, and it goes on to list their names, in the Toledo area, Muslims.
And it goes on to say that the indictment also names an unidentified co-conspirator called the trainer who has U.S.
military background in security and bodyguard training.
In court, one of the indictment prosecutors said the three men met as many times, and going back as far as November of 2004, the three reportedly conspired to recruit and train others for violent jihad against the United States, forces, and U.S.
allies in Iraq.
And then admits that he was the facilitator and the trainer.
It's always the same.
7-7 bombings.
There's this SWAT guy on terror list.
He's the mastermind of the bombing.
Local police want to get him.
MI6 says, no, he's our agent.
Leave him alone.
I had John Loptus, former head of counterterrorism for the FBI on this show, to say, yes, looks like the British are behind the bombings.
I mean, that isn't Alex Jones saying that.
It's always the same.
I mean, it's hard to have actual individuals by themselves motivated to carry out bombings and shootings and killings.
This stuff just doesn't pop up organically.
There's squads of Arab-speaking government agents out there trying to get Arabs and Muslims to shoot their mouths off.
You better not do it, Muslims.
You're going to jail.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
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Dick Cheney's got a gun.
Dick Cheney's got a gun.
Safety's come undone.
He's wincing in the Texas sun.
What did our leader do?
Who did put a bullet through?
They say when Cheney goes to Texas, goodbye!
Cause when Cheney's got a gun, he's just mad that good at taking aim!
Cheney's got a gun.
Dick Cheney shot someone.
And is she in bed or run?
Better watch her lip rolls on.
Tell him that the war's not through.
He'll probably put a hope in you.
He's like a little bitty birdie, hoping to blow out his trail.
They say the smell that he gets under from double barrel thunder makes
Welcome back.
I know we haven't taken any calls this hour.
We've got two great guests coming up.
We will take calls.
In the next hour, the author of Impostor, this book just hit store shelves this week, Bruce Bartlett, he worked for Ron Paul in Congress in 76, high level in the Reagan administration, a colleague of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, how George W. Bush bankrupted America and betrayed the Reagan legacy.
And I know now the neocons will...
Say that Ronald Reagan was an evil commie, too.
I mean, that's how these people operate.
If you're not for giant government, gun control, open borders, destruction of America, you're not a good conservative.
And these little conservative minions, they're not even conservatives, just go around bumping into each other, going, we love George Bush, and I'm sick of it!
I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of it, so that's coming up, and then of course...
We're going to be joined by Jack McClam, police and military, against the NWO in the third hour.
So police and others, you want to know the truth, you need to tune into this broadcast.
He was a highly decorated officer, also a Vietnam vet, of course.
Feeding Sarasota history, one cop of the year twice.
Well, he found out about government corruption, wouldn't go along with it, wouldn't plant evidence, wouldn't do bad things, and you know what happened.
I mean, he makes Serpico look like a joke.
So that is coming up in the third hour as well.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, last hour we gave you the news behind the news about the UAE deal and how it's a total conflict of interest with Snow involved.
And they're going to make the head of Europe and Latin American operations for Dubai Ports World.
The head of the Maritime Administration.
This is unbelievable.
And, of course, the media is not focusing in on the real meat and potatoes of this infrastructure transfer.
More of that is coming up later.
And more on how they love to have provocateurs go out and get Muslims to shoot their mouths off at bars and talk about terrorism.
And in every case, in every case I've seen, turns out to be a Fed provocateuring them.
This is an entrapment.
And it's just so they can have headlines that, oh, the terrorists are about to get us any minute.
Bob Woodward has said that we're going to have martial law in the police state and a dictator.
Told the San Antonio Express news of that.
And I want to get more into that today.
It's all coming up.
We're good to go.
I think?
Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy.
And he joins us.
Bruce, I can cover your bio, but what do you think we should tell folks about you instead of reading five pages?
Well, in light of your introduction, I would mention that the first major job I ever had out of college was working for Ron Paul when he was elected to Congress back in 1976.
And after Ron was defeated...
I went to work for Jack Kemp, where I replaced Paul Craig Roberts on the staff.
So I've known both of those men for 30 years or more.
Well, there's no better endorsement than that.
Those are two of my favorite people who've been exposing what's happening.
We're going to break here in a moment.
We'll have to come back and recap a lot of what we said.
But why did you decide to start going public and criticizing what's happening with Bush?
Well, I just think he's really gotten the Republican Party off onto the wrong track.
And as his presidency runs out and the Republicans have to choose a new leader to run for president in 2008, I think we need to have a reassessment of the legacy of Bushism and ask ourselves, do we want to continue this or do we want to go in a different direction or hopefully go back to the roots of the party and find another Reaganite who can get us back on the right track?
Ron Paul, three years ago, gave a 45-minute speech titled, Neocond, and he laid out just the traitorous nature of these neocons, a bunch of Trotskyites.
Well, one of the things I did in this book to try to make it as accessible as possible is to stay away from the really hot-button issues like Iraq and social issues and things like that.
And I'm an economist, so I concentrated just on economic policy.
That's where I really think that the worst, at least from my point of view, where he has done the most harm in terms of going against the Reagan philosophy of increasing government spending rather than cutting it.
For me personally, the Medicare drug benefit was
The line in the sand where I think we just made a really, really serious mistake.
Well, you're right.
I mean, they can try to make it partisan and claim, oh, you're with the Democrats if you're against Bush on his pro-gun control stance or his open border stance.
But there's no debating the fact that he spent more money than all presidents before him combined.
Well, that's right.
I tried to ask myself, what is the one thing, the one unifying principle...
That every person who considers themselves to be a conservative or right of center in this country, and it seems to me that it's your philosophy of government.
Are you for big government or are you for small government?
And I think all conservatives basically are united around, at least in theory, the idea that we ought to have the smallest government we can get away with.
And Bush calls himself a big government conservative, and I think that's a contradiction in terms.
I agree with you.
Bruce Bartlett is our guest in Postured.
We'll come back and tell you more about him and his book, and then let him, as an economist, chronicle how Bush is 180 degrees from what you'd call, I guess, Paleolithic, more ancient conservatism.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, so we've got one of the great granddaddies of Reaganomics, love it or hate it, on with us.
A colleague of Paul, Craig Roberts, Dr. Roberts, is a routine guest with us.
Of course, he first got involved in government working for Congressman Ron Paul back in 76, when the congressman was first in Congress.
Bruce Bartlett is the author of Reaganomics, which was named one of the Wall Street Journal's best business books of the year of 1981 and 1980.
He was executive director of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, and he later worked...
The Reagan White House as the first Bush Treasury Department.
Bartlett writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column, and his work has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Commentary, and other national publications.
He lives in Great Falls, Virginia.
And we've got links to his publisher, links to the book, the new book, Impostor.
And boy is Bush an imposter.
How George W. Bush bankrupted America and betrayed the Reagan legacy.
And he joins us, and for those stations that just got on board and missed that first five-minute segment, he doesn't focus in on Bush's gun-grabbing.
And again, Bob Barr told us a month ago, Bush is more anti-gun in actual action than Bill Clinton.
He doesn't get into the open borders.
He doesn't get into all the other things that make real conservatives or libertarians or freedom-lovers hate Bush.
He just focuses on the economics.
And so we're going to go over this.
And remember, Bush has spent, in only six years in office, more money than all presidents before him combined.
On average, he doubled the size of federal agencies.
I mean, they grew at about, what, 15% a year under Bill Clinton.
Some of the biggest socialist bureaucracies now, you know, doubling, doubling the size of the BATF, doubling the size of all the human services.
I mean, this is insane.
But again, it's all sweetheart deals and contracts to his buddies.
Going to our guest, Bruce Bartlett.
Mr. Bartlett, so...
I mean, just kind of recap it for us.
You wrote this book.
And then let's go over the real record of George Bush and why you call George Bush Jr.
an imposter.
Well, I think the genesis of the book started on November 22, 2003, which you may recall was the day of the infamous three-hour vote in the House of Representatives when the president and his allies, Tom DeLay and others, brought to bear enormous political pressure
We're good to go.
And after that, I began questioning more and more the things Bush was doing, and I started writing more and more critical things about him in my columns and things like that.
And this sort of culminated in an infamous interview that I gave to the New York Times in their magazine just before the election, that you may recall.
But anyway, after that, I was...
I think?
And things are just getting more and more insane.
Let's talk about, just up front, Bush has spent more money, and it's accelerating every day, than all presidents combined.
Can you break that down for us?
I don't have those figures in front of me, but I did do a calculation a couple of weeks ago that you might find of interest.
I went through official government reports, something called the Financial Report of the United States Government, which is published by the Treasury every year.
And it calculates the total government debt, not just what we call the national debt, but all this off-budget debt, this implicit debt for things like future benefits for Social Security and Medicare and things like that.
And if you compare the last one of those reports in the Clinton years and the most recent one that's been published as of September 30 last year, there's been an increase in debt under President Bush of $20 trillion.
Now, that's obviously an increase in debt.
Again, you know, many times greater than that existed in previous history.
I mean, you were in Dallas.
I'm sure you saw that big economic think tank report in the Dallas Morning News two and a half years ago where they said the real national debt for future expenditures and things that we'd already signed on to, was it what, $43 trillion?
Yeah, well, it depends on how you count the numbers.
I think that was Scott Burns, if I'm not mistaken.
But you're saying another $20 trillion on top?
Since 2001, or 2000.
So, I mean, the last time I looked up the numbers, including the Medicare drug benefit, the unfunded liability of Medicare was $68 trillion.
And the unfunded liability of Social Security is about $11 trillion.
So we're talking about $80 trillion of unfunded future debts that are already on the books that will have to be paid for just those two programs of $80 trillion.
And then, of course, you have other debts on top of that as well for just the Treasury bonds that are out there that we call the national debt.
And so we have those unfunded commitments that just balloon and balloon.
Then we have the dollar being somewhat devalued.
What about the neocon listener right now who just thinks it's impossible?
We must be Soviet agents and we're saying Bush isn't God incarnate.
They go, it's the war.
That's why we're spending more.
But then I looked at the numbers.
The war is a small part of total spending increases.
That's right, but it's going to get bigger in the future, of course.
But what I would say to the neocons who have been saying for some time that, look, everything you're saying is right, but the war on terror is so important that it just doesn't really matter.
We just can't be bothered with these trivial problems on the domestic side.
We've got to deal with this threat.
Well, I would ask them, what do they think about the ports business, you see?
Because it seems to me as illustrative of the problems I'm talking about in my book, where they have clearly an utterly dysfunctional policy development process.
I mean, it's just beyond my comprehension.
Leaving aside the substance, let's just talk about the politics.
How could anybody who works in politics, who works in the White House or the Treasury Department or anyplace else,
Look at this deal and not say, oh my God, you know what's going to hit the fan when this comes out.
We better find some way to at least
Deal with the political consequences.
Well, yeah, we were already in trouble financially and probably going to be bankrupt six years ago, but instead it's been likened to looting or when you poison cockroaches, they start fornicating before they die.
I mean, it seems like there's just a mad stripping the ship before it goes under.
I mean, do you see that they're just like wild-eyed foaming at the mouth, greedily grabbing everything?
The foreigners, you mean?
Not just that, but the corporate interest controlling the Bush administration and all the sweetheart deals and contracts.
The spending.
I mean, it's like somebody who knows they're going bankrupt, so they're just going to jack up the bills as high as possible.
Well, look, one of the things that I think is behind this ports deal is the fact that we've had this massive trade deficit for the last several years.
And so the foreigners are sitting on all of these dollars, okay?
Now, they have to be able to buy something with those dollars or they're going to get rid of them and the dollar will crash.
In fact, that's now coming out in some mainstream columns that this is Cheney that wants this port deal and that's only a small part of it.
Is that why Spanish company Centro is being given almost every major road in Texas?
I'm not familiar with that, but I do know that if you're a foreigner and you're holding dollars, if you're not interested in buying American goods and services, then you have to be able to buy American assets.
And if we tell the UAE, we're not going to allow you to buy this port deal, then I think a lot of foreigners are going to say themselves, well, gee, if we're not going to be able to buy American assets, then what do we need these dollars for?
So I think what their main concern is is maintaining the value of the dollar so that there isn't a run on the dollar as people unload all of their dollar-denominated assets.
And if they, foreign currencies and dollarized currencies, and you've got the doctorate in economics, I'm trying to understand this, if that starts flowing back into the country, I mean, we're going to see the entire infrastructure being bought off.
Well, the alternative, unfortunately, is worse, which is that they just, people start selling their dollars and buying yen or Deutsche Marks or whatever it is, or euros, rather, or whatever,
And the dollar will suddenly fall very precipitously.
But this is what we always saw with Guatemala and Nicaragua and El Salvador and Nigeria and all these third world countries where they're totally bankrupt and foreign interests just come in and buy everything up.
Well, if you've been talking to Paul Craig Roberts, then you know his theories about all this, that that's exactly what is in the cards.
And even many liberals such as Paul Krugman
Are saying somewhat the same thing.
It's something that I'm very concerned about, and I think that there's a fragility to the international financial system where even the smallest interruption in the flow of capital could have major repercussions on the domestic market and really put us into a financial crisis overnight.
Because our economy isn't manufacturing or value-added products now.
It's just juggling a fiat currency.
Well, that's right.
And why foreigners have been so eager to buy dollars.
I mean, one of the reasons why we've had the problems we've had over the last few years is that it seemed as if we could have our cake and eat it, too.
That is, we've been running up large government deficits.
We're good to go.
And so they buy dollars to keep the value of their currency down and our currency up, and the way they do this is by buying Treasury securities.
So they've been, in effect, buying our national debt.
And they've been buying control of that, correct?
Well, it's not so much control as the fact that they've been allowing us to have a free lunch.
But that does give them incredible leverage over us.
Well, it's a two-way street.
I agree.
Stay there, Mr. Bartlett.
We're going to come right back and get more into it.
Stay with us.
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All right, going back to our guest, Bruce Bartlett, the book imposter, how George W. Bush bankrupted America, betrayed the Reagan legacy.
I want to get the difference between Reaganomics, the book he wrote in 1981, I mean, literally, and then what Bush is doing.
But the Democrats really love Bush.
When you talk about Congress, they outvote Republicans a lot of times.
He hasn't seen a bill he hasn't signed.
I think Bush has vetoed one spending bill.
No, none, zero.
Wasn't there one little bill about a year ago he vetoed?
Nope, zero.
So there's not even one?
He's never issued one veto?
Not one.
You have to go back to John Quincy Adams to find a president who served a full term without vetoing a single bill.
And you have to go all the way back to Thomas Jefferson to find a president who served in office as long as this president has.
Without vetoing a single bill.
And of course, Jefferson was our third president, so that's a pretty damn long time.
Well, sir, you talk about selling off to foreign interest.
From Indiana to Texas, foreign Spanish company is just being seeded in secret deals almost all the major state and local roads for a pittance.
And, I mean, so you talk about foreign investment coming back in.
German and Dutch companies are buying up.
They're the majority owners now in the aggregate.
By majority, they don't own 51%, but they're the biggest single owners, these two companies, of water districts.
I mean, everything's getting bought up.
Well, as I said earlier, I think that this is the inevitable consequence of a trade deficit that has put a lot of dollars into foreigners' hands, and they have to find something to buy with those assets.
And a lot of economists believe that the trade deficit is simply the flip side to the budget deficit.
That is, one, in effect, causes the other, because we don't have sufficient domestic savings
To buy all those Treasury bonds that the Treasury is issuing and foreigners have to, in effect, provide that financing and that inflow of capital, whether it goes into Treasury bonds directly or whether it goes into
Some other domestic investment is in effect what's financing our national debt.
Why has Bush, when you talk to these people and you work with them, work with them, why are they accelerating the debt and the spending?
I know a lot of it's cronyism and crony capitalism and giving contracts to their buddies, but why?
Why we're already in such massive debt and we've got this trade deficit, why are they going off the deep end with the spending?
Well, there's a joke about why dogs do certain things that I could use to respond, and the answer is because they can.
And I think that that's really what it boils down to.
Because of what we were talking about earlier, because the Chinese and Japanese and others have been so aggressive in buying Treasury securities, they've prevented the normal economic workings that would have caused interest rates to rise by now
Which would have put political and economic pressure on the Congress and the President
To hold back on spending, or try to hold back on deficits.
Well, Mr. Bartlett, I'm sure you've read some of the Trilateral Commission founding documents, and this is exactly what they said they wanted to do.
You talk about Paul Craig Roberts, he says it is an economic conspiracy, and we've got a lot of World Bank and IMF documents on this.
We've got the Joseph Stiglitz documents, where they wanted to set up a global economic atmosphere that was conducive for corporate takeovers.
Well, I do believe in free trade, and I do believe in the free mobility of capital, because it does go in both directions, and there's an awful lot of U.S.
investments in foreign countries as well that offset the investments here.
But I'm just saying that as a matter of simple economics, if you're running a huge trade budget deficit, you're going to run a trade deficit, and if you're going to run a trade deficit, you're going to have dollars in foreign hands that have to have some place to go.
And if they can't invest here or they don't want to invest here, then they're going to unload those assets and buy assets in other countries.
But is it free trade to have a billion, 300 million Chinese, many of them at slave wages, many of them actually slaves in slave factories?
How is it free market to compete against slaves?
Well, I think you're mixing apples and oranges.
I mean, I think there are lots of problems with the Chinese situation.
But what I'm...
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, I would agree with you, but our balance of trade was much larger.
It wasn't so out of whack back in 1928, sir.
Well, that's true, but we still had a huge decline in the amount of exports.
I hear you.
Listen, long segment coming up.
Plenty of time to get into the details.
We'll take your calls, too, at 1-800-259-9231.
I'm going to talk to our guest about the future, what he sees happening in the future.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down.
The sponsor on air doesn't mean I necessarily support it.
Some of the stuff I hear are unbelievable.
Our guest joins us.
It's Impostor.
How George W. Bush bankrupted America, betrayed the Reagan legacy.
He's Bruce Bartlett.
We'll take some of your calls.
Come on up here in about 5-10 minutes.
It's put out by Doubleday.
And I haven't read the whole book yet, but I've read a lot of it.
And it's really good ammo for your conservative friends and family that think a doubling...
You know, and the size of the government is conservative.
And again, most of that is all these big socialist programs.
I want to get into the 2008 election and how serious that is, Mr. Bartlett.
But first, I want to get just more into the record of George Bush.
I don't think conservatives realize what he's done with federal agencies.
I mean, the new Freedom Initiative for forced psychological testing and drugging, national ID cards, all these federal agencies, on average, again, doubling in size.
I mean, this is insane.
It's a total takeover by the government.
Well, it is true that there's been a huge increase in the total number of federal employees under Bush's watch, but like I said before, I'm an economist and I'm trying to stick to just the economic issues because I think that that's
The one area where there just really isn't any serious disagreement among conservatives about what it means to be a conservative.
And I think this idea of compassionate conservatism or big government conservatism is just really a slap in the face to those of us who consider ourselves still to be Reaganites.
Now, Hillary Clinton had a big poll yesterday, and over two-thirds of Americans think she'll run for president, but only a third think she'll win.
I was talking to you during the break.
You disagree.
You think Hillary's probably going to be it.
Oh, I don't think there's any question that she'll get the Democratic nominee.
The main knock against her is not that Democrats don't agree with her philosophy or anything like that.
It's because they just don't think she can win.
But keep in mind that she is running for re-election to the Senate this year.
She has essentially no opposition in New York.
Two candidates on the Republican side have already dropped out, and I don't even think there's anybody even running for the Republican nomination at this point.
So she's going to win probably with an 80% majority, and I think when that happens, it's going to put to an end these concerns that Democrats have
About her electability.
Now, conservatives see Democrats when they're corrupted for big government, but they can't see it when Bush is doing it.
And I see Democrats, if Hillary gets elected, suddenly thinking Patriot Act 2 is good, secret arrest is good, FEMA camps are good, big government's good.
We've got Republican congressmen saying that anti-war protesters are fifth column people that...
Well, I think that's one of the things people ought to be concerned about when they do anything that the government does.
Is that it's silly to assume that your own side is going to be in control indefinitely.
And you have to operate on the assumption that the other side will be back in control eventually.
And it is true that parties' attitudes about certain things do change when they get into office.
For example, Democrats thought the special counsel law was the greatest thing since sliced bread when they were indicting Republicans.
But as soon as the special counsel started to be used against Bill Clinton, they decided it was really a bad piece of legislation and it was allowed to expire.
Well, Democrats didn't care about the communist Chinese who threatened to nuke us routinely, getting the Panama Canal and the Long Beach Naval Base, but now the UAE, they're freaking out, running around, pulling their hair out, doing good investigations.
Hey, I'm a constitutionalist.
See, I've got it easy.
I just stand with the Constitution, and that's my litmus test for any party.
Well, I think that that's the right way to do things, and I think the Democrats have hurt themselves with this, you know, swing one way when it's in your favor and go the other way when it's not.
But in terms of 2008, what I think Hillary's going to do is she'll be able to raise, let's face it, virtually unlimited sums of money.
She's going to have the best advisors that the Democratic Party's got, not the least of whom is her husband, who...
So you think the surrogate son of the Bush family who they vacation with and love, you think he'll help her?
Well, what do you think?
Isn't that sick, the Bushes and the worship fest with Clinton?
Well, I think if I were Bill Clinton, I would think that if I could put my wife in the White House, this would in effect be wiping the slate clean for all the things that happened on my watch, such as Lewinsky, that are a stain on my record.
So I think he's going to move heaven and earth to get her elected.
And I think the idea being the first, whatever we call the... We've never had anything except first ladies.
I guess he'll be the first gentleman.
Or I guess we can't call him that either.
And I think it appeals to his vanity and his ego.
What a nightmare.
Never getting rid of the Rhodes Scholar, Bill Clinton.
Never getting rid of that.
Well, look, we can't get rid of the Bushes, for Pete's sakes.
Why should the Clintons be treated any differently?
Yeah, what about Jeb?
First he said he wouldn't run for president.
Now he's saying, well, maybe.
Well, I think Jeb is a smart guy and not a fool, and I think he has to understand that 2008 isn't his year.
He'll probably wait another four or eight years.
Well, I think 2012 makes a lot more sense from his point of view, and that's one of the things that I criticize Bush in the book for, to get around to it, is the fact that he has not...
Anointed a successor who will be in a position to hold the White House for the Republicans.
Well, that's because, frankly, I think they're in league, and a lot of experts are saying, with the Clintons.
Well, I wouldn't go that far, but I do think that... No, really?
Well, what I would focus on here is Dick Cheney, who I think is, even by people like you, underappreciated in his influence on this president.
And I think he, under the president...
I think he should have gotten rid of Cheney in 2004 to put into place.
But isn't Cheney really the president?
I mean, Bush is taking three-hour naps.
I think Cheney and Bush are two sides of the same coin.
They complement each other's weaknesses.
So Cheney's like a co-president?
I think of him more as an enabler.
It's like your kid is a drug addict.
And he comes to you and says, you know, please give me some money for a treatment.
You give him the money for the treatment, they go out and buy more drugs.
And they do this over and over and over again.
And I think that in many ways what Cheney does is allow Bush to pursue
Well, the Fox News commentator was saying that Cheney needs to probably step down and to put somebody into position then for the springboard into the presidency.
Well, I've been hearing talk about that for a long time, but it seems a little too conspiratorial for me.
Does Dick Cheney live in Darth Vader's metal egg?
I mean, how does he stay alive after six heart attacks and all this?
I don't know.
I don't know how he stays in office after shooting people either, but...
And then lying about it.
I mean, clearly he shot him closer than 90 feet, 30 yards.
Clearly they kept the police out now.
He wasn't drinking now.
He was drinking.
I mean, yeah, he's lying.
Well, whatever happened in reality, it certainly showed incredibly poor political judgment to handle the release of the information the way they did.
And it shows an arrogance and contempt for the media and for the right of the people to know what their leaders are doing.
And anyway, my point is that I think it would have been very easy in 2004 for Cheney to step aside and for Bush to put somebody else in, and I don't even know who that would be, but just somebody who would be in a position to replace him.
In 2008, and give the Republicans a better chance... Let me ask you a question.
And then I want to take some calls, and I appreciate you joining us.
Do you think that's a real split when Brent Scrocoff talks about Bush being a nut and the war being a joke whenever even Senior makes little comments?
You know, this old guard, or when Colin Powell, Chief of Staff, goes public and says they're a bunch of crooks, basically.
I mean, what is all that about?
Well, I think that there's very...
It will take a historian and a psychologist and lots of other people to figure out the relationship between the father and son.
But clearly there's a split there.
And clearly the father and many of the people around him, such as Brent Scowcroft, have been deeply disturbed by many of the things the son has done.
And we'll figure that out someday.
I don't pretend to understand it now.
But I...
I'm mainly concerned about what we were talking about earlier in terms of Hillary Clinton being the Democratic nominee, and if she's running against a weak Republican opponent, then she's going to win.
And I'd really rather not have Hillary Clinton in the White House.
Well, I'll say this.
Frankly, if Hillary gets into office, conservatives will finally wake up instead of just laying around letting this whole NWO take over.
Well, that's maybe the bright spot, but...
I certainly wouldn't want to have to go through what we may have to go through for that to happen.
You talk about somebody trying to become a dictator.
I have no doubt that that witch wants to be a dictator.
Well, I don't know if she'll be a dictator, but undoubtedly she will pursue policy.
Well, certainly, you know, Bush has been declaring imperial executive rule from the peacock throne power.
I mean, all of his advisors and his lawyers and his signing statements, all of it.
I mean, this is scary.
Well, yes, but on the other hand, nobody except Bill Clinton could have given us Republican-controlled Congress, and maybe Hillary will bring about...
Getting the Republicans in Congress to go back to being what we had hoped they would be when they were elected first in 1994, to really be constitutionalists and stand up for federalism and freedom and the other things that you and I are interested in.
Well, let's blast through some phone calls.
The book is Impostor, and it's by Bruce Bartlett, and it's put out by Doubleday.
It's hitting stores right now.
You can also go to Amazon.com, places like that.
Alex and Mast and Russell, Mark and Paul, that's all we'll have time for.
But Alex, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Thank you.
Hey, Alex.
I wanted to ask you, I was watching your interview with Gary Busey today in Malibu, and I was wondering if he told you what he saw on the other side.
I'm going to put you on hold, and I'll come back to you a little bit later.
You know what?
I did that TV interview with Gary Busey, and it was interesting.
And the answer is no, he didn't.
Russell in Austin, Texas.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Russell.
Okay, thanks.
I'd just like to ask Mr. Bartlett a couple of questions about his trade policy.
He said that he believes in free trade, but because otherwise countries would...
China's got a 12% growth rate?
They're hurting themselves?
Doesn't it destroy American manufacturing when you let them...
I think I believe in free trade for the same reason I believe in a free market.
I think if you want to sell something to people in New York... But what he's saying, sir, is free trade is where they don't have tariffs that are bigger than ours.
I don't think one has anything to do with the other.
I think that free trade...
So it's not just slave labor.
It's not just a weaker currency.
On top of it, it's okay for them to have high tariffs, and then it's free trade.
I thought free trade was both sides just saying we're going to be free.
No, I mean, obviously it would be in our interest as well as the Chinese interest for them to have free trade as well.
But it doesn't follow that if they don't have free trade, then we shouldn't have free trade either.
I think
I think that it's in our interest to allow the free importation of all goods from any country because that's what's in the best interest of the consumer.
Do you come from the Keynesian school, the Austrian school, and what school of economics do you follow?
Well, I don't know any school of economics that doesn't favor free trade.
At least in principle.
And I think that we ought to be pursuing that because I think what we want to do is hold down the prices of goods for our consumers.
But what I'm saying, sir, is that I don't think it's free trade.
I think free trade is where both sides don't have tariffs.
Well, you're simply defining the term differently than it exists in economics.
Well, I think it's been... I mean, our country had record growth under tariffs, and 10% growth a year until we got into all this, quote, modern mumbo-jumbo.
And all I can say about this, and then I'll let the caller go because I want to move on to some others, and then I'll let you comment on this, Mr. Bartlett, is that...
I mean, let's take the millions of Americans in private prisons working for 20 cents an hour building things that are displacing American workers.
Now, it isn't free trade when you've got government-subsidized prisons with a private factory on the back of them where I'm competing against people working for 20 cents an hour.
Look, if you put on restrictions on foreign imports, it's going to raise the prices of the goods that people have to buy.
But I'm asking, is that free trade when I compete against a prisoner?
But when I compete against a prisoner, sir, is that free trade?
You're just defining the terms to mean something different than what they mean.
No, no, no.
See, this is 1984.
I'm just saying... I'm defining it the way it was defined 100 years ago.
...or restrictions on the imports of anything from anybody.
And it doesn't matter to me.
I do not care if something is made by slave labor or made by highly paid unionized workers.
So you think this changed... All I care about is can I buy...
The cheapest, best quality goods at the best price, because that's what's best for me, not me personally, but me as the consumer, and I believe that the consumer is the final arbiter of what is right in terms of trade policy.
Well, that's a libertarian view, then.
Well, then, okay, then I'm a libertarian.
Oh, listen, I'm not mad at you.
I'm just trying to get where you're coming.
I mean, you've certainly got a degree in this and all, but I think that it's a little bit patronizing to say you're just changing the definition of things.
I mean, I'm quite a history buff, and I know what our trade policy was in the past, at least generally.
Well, you're defining free trade to mean that both parties have to have free trade, and that's just not right.
Free trade is what we do.
Well, let me say this then.
It's been sold to us that way.
It's been sold.
Can't we just trade with each other?
I mean, look, I think it's hurting our economy.
I think our standard of living is going down.
I think the family is falling apart.
I think our communities are disintegrating.
I mean, I don't think this is a race to the bottom.
Look, the IMF World Bank documents say that they want to do this.
Well, don't get me wrong.
I think there's a lot of problems in our trade policy, and I think there's a lot of problems in our economy and our society, but I just don't think they necessarily have anything to do with each other.
I think our main problems are domestic that we've imposed upon ourselves, and insofar as we have a problem in terms of our manufacturing,
I think it probably has more to do with things like government regulations and environmental wackos who make it impossible for our manufacturing industries to compete on a fair basis.
Well, I agree with that.
The layers of regulation for something that isn't hurting the environment.
I mean, all the environmentalists want to do it.
I don't think they're wackos.
They work for big foundations.
They want to grab private property.
Nature Conservancy, being the biggest real estate owner in the country now,
And meanwhile, genetic engineering, chimera, cross-species splicing, it's totally dangerous.
That's allowed to go on, and the environmentalists don't care.
Well, they're not known for their consistency.
Well, they're just a mafia trying to intimidate people into giving them a toll.
I want to plug your book.
Stay there, sir.
You only get back to two final calls from Mark and Paul.
Very interesting interview today, and again, the book's imposter.
How Lord Bush Bankrupted America.
I'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
I want to go to Mark and Paul before we end this hour.
We've got Jack McClam coming on the next hour to talk about unbelievable judicial tyranny.
We'll hit a lot of other news as well.
Bruce Bartlett's been our guest today, and it's been interesting and informative.
We were talking during the break.
We always have better interviews during the break, so we do it on air.
He was talking about Ireland with a 12% flat tax, but there are not a bunch of other taxes on top of that, and yet they've exploded.
Meanwhile, the OECD and other big globalist organizations say we're a tax haven.
So I agree with them.
If we didn't have all this regulation and taxes on us, then we could compete with China, maybe, with all their slaves and all the private prisons here in America.
We shouldn't be competing against prisons, folks.
That's just criminal.
That's slavery.
We can't compete against slaves.
That enters in the equation.
But where do you see us going in the future?
Do you think we're going to pull out of this, or when will the bankruptcy finally hit?
Ron Paul thinks we're going to go into a depression.
I'm very concerned about the financial sector.
I'm very concerned about things like the housing bubble.
I'm very concerned about things like hedge funds.
I think there are a lot of risks to the international financial sector that could cause...
A financial crisis.
I don't know whether it'll end up in a depression or not.
Cascading around the globe?
Excuse me?
Yeah, I mean, when we're utterly dependent upon hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign capital inflows every year to maintain our equilibrium... Really, we're a one-crop economy with a fiat currency being the crop.
Well, actually, what the export is is treasury bonds.
We're really good at printing those up and sending them off to Beijing.
And we've got a military that backs it up, and that's the economy.
But, yeah, except that that can only last for so long.
And the only thing I know is that trends that cannot continue don't.
Yeah, what goes up must come down.
So tell us, sir, I mean, give us your prediction.
I think one of these days we're all going to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning and find out that something really terrible happened overnight and the stock markets are going to crash.
And all of a sudden, all of these trends that you and I have been talking about, whether it's fiscal trends or monetary trends or trade flows, all this stuff is going to have to be totally reassessed and we're going to have a massive budget deal and probably a big tax increase.
Oh, boy.
Mark in Texas, you're on the air.
Good afternoon.
Thanks for being there, guys.
Good afternoon.
Thanks for having your guest.
You know, I think Impostor is a good name for his book because I think he's a globalist.
And I'll tell you, the only thing you want to know now is how does the individual protect himself and profit from the situation?
So I studied history.
I studied the Great Depression.
I studied how to survive it.
And so one thing I've done is I've just said,
You know, if I got to be out here competing with the illegal Mexicans for jobs and I never get the job, I just went on Social Security disability.
I get a government check.
So that's where I went with it.
Mark, our guest has got to leave us, but I want to put you on hold.
I want to hear some more from you.
Stay there.
Don't go.
I want to let others finish up.
What about that, Bruce Bartlett?
He's saying you want a new world order.
Do you want a one world government?
No, of course I don't.
I am concerned, though, about how you protect yourself from a threat that you don't know when or where it's going to happen.
And I think there's about a 50-50 chance that this could all end in an inflationary explosion or a deflationary explosion.
And so gold might be a good investment in one respect, or maybe having all your money in cash would be the best way in another.
I think diversification always is the rule, isn't it?
Yeah, that's a pretty good idea, too.
And I'm pretty heavily in cash, personally.
But the stocks, I think, are going to be not a good place to be.
All right.
Well, I really appreciate you spending time with us, sir.
And I hope to talk to you again in the future.
And I hope your book, Impostor, does well.
It looks like it's going to.
Thank you very much.
Take care.
You bet.
And I'm going to come back when Mark and Paul finish up.
All right.
Then I'm going to get Jack McClam on with us.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, Jack McClann, police and military in the New World Order, coming up in about five minutes.
More on the port deals, more on staged arrests of supposed terrorists, an attack piece on myself and others in a major newspaper.
I might have time to comment on a lot in this third hour.
It's always jam-packed.
Right now, Mark in Texas, I cut him short in the last segment, and we'll go to Paul in a second.
He was saying he can't compete against all the illegal aliens, and he just went on welfare.
Well, if you want to compete against illegal aliens, you work and you're on welfare, sir.
I do work.
I am.
Oh, good.
So you are doing it.
I mean, listen, I don't think welfare is a good thing for most people, but frankly, it's all fiat to begin with.
The globalists have designed it to be a debt that none of us can get out of.
It's all a big fraud.
So you better batten down the hatches.
You better be prepared.
You're going to have to be fast on your feet to have any dream of freedom anymore.
So, you know, I want to respond to you, though, Alex, because, you know, I think you're on our side.
And I keep hoping we'll have a united front and focus specifically on 9-1-1 because that can be proven.
So, you know, what I've done is I qualified for Social Security.
I got it.
You know, so now I let the government pay for my marijuana bill.
I can sit at home and smoke dope all day on government money.
So that's what I think about the government and their drug laws and their drug war.
So that's how I'm dealing with it.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, you know.
It's designed to get you dependent to destroy families and infrastructure, sir.
That's not going to go on forever.
They fattened the hog up.
We're down to the slaughtering time now.
As for United front on 9-11, I'm the first person to talk about 9-11.
That's a fact.
I'm the person that took all the heat.
I talk about it every week.
And now there's all these Johnny-come-latelys, which I think is great, until they then set themselves up and say, I'm the grand poobah.
That's irritating.
But we do cover 9-11, sir.
9-11 is a key foundational event.
But as Bob Woodward said a few days ago on the San Antonio Express News, one more big terror attack and it's martial law, baby.
And that next one's going to be a lot bigger.
Paul in New Jersey.
Go ahead, Paul.
Alex, I wanted to point out...
That a lot of conservatives love to reinvent history, make it sound as though Ronald Reagan was a conservative.
No, I understand that.
I mean, I have this guy on because he's friends with Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts, but he's nothing compared to them.
He hasn't gone off the deep end yet with the rest of us.
Yeah, if you just look up the statistics of the national debt, you'll find that when Reagan came into office, it was about $1 trillion.
When he left office, it was $3 trillion.
So under his...
Well, what happened is there was Reaganomics.
Let me stop you.
Only for one year, Reagan got shot and Bush Sr.
really became president, and then they jacked up the spending with the tax cuts.
So their argument is it was never implemented.
Yeah, but I would argue that a lot of the Republicans and conservatives of today, they make it sound like it was the Reagan miracle that he turned around.
Well, I'll tell you the Kennedy miracle.
He cut taxes by 50%.
And the Treasury receipts doubled.
People go, well, how does that work?
When you let people keep more of their money, they make so much more money that then they pay even more taxes.
I mean, this is how the alchemy works.
Cut taxes by half, double your receipts.
But they don't want to do that.
It's about control.
Yeah, well, what they do now, though, is borrow the money and then basically spend a lot of it on military expenditures.
Because that's what the bankers want.
The bankers want to get real assets.
They want to bankrupt us.
Exactly, but still.
And that's why when I hear the conservatives talk about Reagan as responsible, I say, no, any person, and this goes for your private life, you borrow so much money and get yourself in debt.
I don't find that conservative or... The point is, Bruce Bartlett and Paul Greg Roberts literally wrote the book.
I mean, Bartlett wrote the book, Reaganomics.
These are the fathers of it.
They're saying Bush is a turkey.
So that's why we have him on.
It's showing even the very...
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate you holding, Paul.
Excellent points.
We'll talk to a great friend of mine in Great America, Jack McClam, when we get back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
In the first hour, I talked about the case we're about to discuss, and it's a microcosm of what we're facing as a society.
Judicial tyranny, Bush declaring he's a dictator, they can torture people's children,
In front of them, you know, all this loving conservatism.
But I pulled out some old articles here.
Lyon County jury says not guilty for man who gave out videotapes talking about the New World Order.
And it's just unbelievable that right around the same time there was a Tennessee case where a well-known, wealthy man in the town just put up a sign saying our judicial system's a joke.
A local judge said, that's insulting to me.
Go arrest him.
It's contempt to have free speech.
So all of this is going on, and we posted some of these articles back up on InfoWars.com today, so you can go read them.
And for those that don't know...
We're going to explain what jury nullification is.
We're going to explain how we don't just have the ballot box, the grand jury box, the cartridge box.
We have the jury box, where you judge the facts as well as the law, the law as well as the facts.
It's simple.
I heard Jack yesterday on the radio on the Derry Brownfield Show, and he's doing a great job documenting all this that he's been doing for now 24 years with the police and military against the New World Order.
We have a link to his website on Infowars.com as well.
And it is just classical tyranny.
And in a case where, say, black slaves were escaping, and then they'd go to an area and they were about to execute them for escaping, and the juries would say, no, not guilty.
They're human beings.
They're allowed to escape.
It's simple.
If the government announces that we ought to turn our guns into Mara, that law is a vile
We're good to go.
There in the high rocky mountains of Idaho County, Idaho.
She's facing serious jail time.
And remember, Kelly rushing.
It was in the newspapers, in the local Lyon County News.
Upstanding family, no criminal record, Baptist Church, whole nine yards.
He gave one videotape with a Ron Paul speech and then my film Road to Tyranny on the other end of it.
And I talked to the judge, and they tried to put him in jail on two counts, a year and a half apiece, of harassment, terrorist threats.
The state police officer, who Kelly politely gave it to, watched it and said it was anti-police, so he should go to jail.
And I talked to the judge.
They called a jury in.
They tried to send him to prison, and the jury found Kelly Rushing not guilty.
And Kelly was such a sweet person.
Kelly Rushing, this good man, he went to the state trooper and he said, I'm sorry about all this trouble.
Talk about turning the other cheek.
It was the cop that had assaulted him and tried to put him in jail wrongfully.
You talk about being cursed, folks.
You bear a false witness like that.
Boy, I tell you, God comes after people like that.
I'm telling you, I've seen it.
And the cop just said, you know, basically, get away from me and was rude to him.
Then Kelly started getting harassed by the police.
What is the mental malfunction?
There are so many of these cases, but that's a listener this happened with.
The case in Tennessee where the guy just puts a sign up saying, our court system's a joke, and so the judge says she is that man when he wasn't even in his court with a case before the court.
Jack McClam, God bless you for the trials and tribulations you've gone through.
Your wife is now hopefully beating breast cancer.
That's been a four-month, five-month nightmare for you.
You're now back there in Kamei, and a whole new crisis comes.
And I heard you say yesterday on the air that if God wants you to be in jail, and I stand with you on that, brother, if that's where God wants to put us to minister there and to fight the New World Order, so be it.
And if we had more people like you, this country wouldn't be going to hell in a handbasket.
Well, thank you so much, Alex.
You know, many of us up here have listened to your program for months and months and months through our micro-broadcaster up here in the Great Rocky Mountains, and brother, there's not many people around doing more than you're doing at reaching and awaking our brothers and sisters in America here, and so we thank you for everything you're doing.
But this is so serious, Alex, about the jury box being taken away from the American people, and as a
Retired cop and soldier from the Vietnam War, I can tell you, I am very, very worried, and many soldiers and police officers are very worried, that as the voting box is stolen away from the American people, and now the jury box is taken away from the American people, like this case shows so well, that all is left is the cartridge box, and none of us want to have to go to those extremes in this nation.
We've done it before.
During the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, where we killed our brothers and sisters, none of us want to see that again, brother.
But that's why this case is so serious, because truly, when Carol Asher, my volunteer secretary for 15 years now, went in as a civic duty to serve on the jury, of course, her knowing the Constitution inside and out, knowing about
The true lawful act of jury nullification, which is lawful in this country, but the tyrannical leaders are trying to keep the people informed that they have a right to nullify bad law.
She now shows us that when we go in for jury selection, we better be read our rights, and we better have a court-appointed attorney, each juror, when they go into jury deliberation, because it was in jury deliberation
We're good to go.
And said things like, well, you know, I answer to a higher authority than the judge.
I answer to God.
And there's supposed to be these debates in the jury room.
Yes, yes.
Supposed to be secret.
Yeah, they're not supposed to be.
Anything but free expression in there.
There's supposed to be debates in there, but no, she's going to jail when they have their way, because she dare talk.
14 years they're trying to give this young lady.
She's 67 years old now, retired school teacher, and was a nun for many, many years, Catholic nun.
Honest as the day is long.
She went in for a civic duty, and now...
You know, when murderers, Alex, are walking around after serving just seven years on our streets to murder again, and child molesters and rapists are three to five years and out to rape again, they're trying to put this lady in for 14 years.
And that'll be 81 years old before she gets out.
Jack, do you have a news article out on this yet?
Because if you do, I want to link to it.
If not, I want to get with you and write an article.
Yeah, we have several been put out.
One was put out by FEJA.
They're trying to help on the case.
And the lawyer put out a news release.
Carol's lawyer put out a news release.
And, you know, why is it, Alex, they attacked?
People that have very little funds.
You know, Carol's on Social Security.
Well, let's explain what they did to her.
I mean, let's break it down.
Here's what they did.
She went in for jury selection, and the judge gave the standard lie to the people that they had to accept the law if he gives it.
And, of course, we've got Supreme Court case after Supreme Court case that says that that's a lie to the jury.
And also...
stated that she had to that everybody had to raise her hand and swear an oath you know that they would render a fair and impartial verdict based solely on the evidence presented in the courtroom and the law is instructed by the judge and that they didn't have a religious or moral position that would make it difficult for them to sit and render a good verdict as a juror and she had no problem swearing to that because
She didn't know that they would be as corrupt as they were and be as bad as they were, the prosecutor and the judge in the case.
She didn't even know what the case was about.
And so the jury foreman, the little government minion, said she was debating.
She was talking about actually being a juror, so they're charging her with perjury.
They're saying she came in for jury selection, Alex, knowing that she was going to lie to the judge.
And because she knew about jury nullification and the true law where the citizen is supposed to be the king and queen.
And there's hundreds of federal and state rulings on that.
Hundreds of them, and I've got many of them right here before me.
You know, and we do know that in 1895, the Supreme Court, under pressure from the large corporations in America, finally ruled in a bitter split decision that
Courts no longer, meaning judges, no longer had to inform juries that they could veto unjust laws.
Now, understand what the Supreme Court said.
They didn't say it was illegal for jurors to veto unjust laws.
They said that the judges no longer had to inform the jurors that they could lawfully veto unjust laws.
And so it's a con game.
It's a fraud.
Well, what law is she going to claim then when they pull a jury in to try to send her to jail for 14 years?
Well, they go on, they go, I'm sure they'll pull out cases, you know, case law, and try to show where, you know, that it's been long held since 1895, you know, that the Supreme Court made these decisions and everything, and tried to, I'm sure that the judge in this case
We'll probably get the prosecutor and the defense attorney in saying, if anybody mentions jury nullification, you're going to go to jail for perjury.
So you can't use that as a defense.
Well, this is unparalleled.
When we get back, I want to go to the chain of events here.
What she said?
What happened?
She wouldn't do what the judge said.
I mean, why even have a jury if it's supposed to be a rubber stamp?
If you don't say this person's guilty because I say they violated the law, I mean, why even have a jury?
Well, everything Carol said, and she's not supposed to be speaking about this, according to her attorney, but I happen to know everything she said in the jury room was absolutely true.
But, of course, the judge, the despotic judge that's been chosen for this case, I'm sure won't allow her to put on her defense.
Well, Jack, I want to talk about... Because they want to put her in prison and they want to chill all jurors from now on that you've got to lick the boots of the judge or you'll go to prison for 14 years.
Well, when you come back, you want to talk about the judge that did this to begin with?
Okay, that'd be fine.
Now, let's talk about this rodent.
Oh, rats actually serve a purpose.
I shouldn't talk bad about rats.
I apologize.
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Alex Jones here, back live.
Jack Clems, our guest here on the Genesis Network.
Jack, I know there's a lot of different areas you want to get into, and I want to go through what juries are really supposed to be, how they're supposed to operate.
I carried them years ago.
We're about to start carrying the citizen rule books again and putting them in free with every video or book order that we get.
And this is the historical fact.
That's why we have juries, the Magna Carta 1215.
I want to go back over all of that, but right now, so she's in there, they're in the deliberation, and she's saying this is railroading, and they just say, well, you said you'd follow the judge's orders to convict.
He says he violated the law, sees her.
I mean, what happened?
Well, it wasn't... She didn't know.
That was July that this case went down, and she had no idea that they were building a case against her until about a month and a half ago when the prosecutor called her and tried to get her to confess over the phone, but she was smart enough to know he was recording it, so she told him goodbye.
But anyway, what happened is they had a young Indian boy, and...
I agree, and Carol was smart enough to know that in America, they're passing unconstitutional laws because it's good for society as a whole.
And one of those laws that they passed was that when you're arrested out of your vehicle like this young Indian boy was for some kind of a traffic ticket warrant or something, he was in a company vehicle, and the company vehicle was shared by everybody in the company.
And when they arrested him out of it for a traffic violation warrant, he had locked the vehicle, put the keys in his hand, got out of the vehicle to talk to the officers, and they snatched the keys out of his hand and went and opened the vehicle and did an inventory search, they call it.
Well, this is totally against the Fourth Amendment, but it's upheld as well by all the judges.
Yeah, they say we're just inventorying it to make sure nothing's stolen, but really it's a Fourth Amendment violation.
Yeah, and they're looking for evidence against you.
And they found a little bit of crack cocaine or something, I guess it was crystal meth, in some kind of a little tiny container in the vehicle.
And they didn't even fingerprint it, and they tried to say this young boy, it was his, a little Indian boy.
Well, regardless, they violated the Constitution.
Better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent go to jail, so the whole thing's thrown out right there.
Well, no, because the judge, when Carol put this question to the judge from the jury box when she was on the jury...
She asked him, Your Honor, this is unconstitutional.
They snatched the keys out of this kid's hand, and they go search the vehicle in an inventory search against the Fourth Amendment.
And the judge says, No, we met in secret chambers, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, and me, and I decided it was a good search, so you can't even consider that.
Well, Carol had a problem with that because she knows the Constitution.
She's supposed to judge the law and the facts.
Yeah, the Article 6 of the Constitution says that the Supremacy Clause, the Constitution rules, not some law where they say that, oh, well... That's why the judge swore an oath to that Constitution.
Well, yeah, but that's old and antiquated, brother.
They don't go by the Constitution anymore.
I understand.
But anyway, the same thing with our two police and military associations, Alex, about we fought for something like eight years the unconstitutionality of the traffic stop to search for beer and cocaine or whatever.
Just rampant searches all across Arizona.
And our police and military association fought that because we knew that it was, you know, they're saying it was for a very good reason.
Well, now they say, let us search your house without a warrant.
It's for a very good reason.
So, Jack, to boil it down, what ended up happening?
She said not guilty and they didn't like that?
Well, that wasn't the only thing because the jury foreman started attacking her when she says, I still have trouble.
With that search, and the jury foreman jumped up and says, you can't even discuss that.
The judge already decided that was constitutional.
And she says, well, I answer to a higher authority than the judge.
And then they got into other debates where Carol started telling them.
So what ended up happening with the court?
I mean, what was the ruling?
Well, the ruling was that the boy was found not guilty.
Because Carol helped convince three others in there.
Four of them stood up.
But that's what jurors are supposed to do.
They're supposed to debate everything.
I know it.
Well, you can't do that today, brother.
They should at least read your rights when you go into a jury nowadays if they're going to prosecute you for what you say in a
In a secret jury room where nothing's supposed to leave that jury room.
Jack, tell us exactly what court, the name of the judge, where this all happened.
This is Judge John Bradbury, and surprisingly, Alex, we all interviewed him here at our 11 Christian communities, Christian constitutional communities, and he told us he was a Christian man and supported and defended the Constitution of the United States, so we all voted him into office.
And he's the one doing this to Carol.
Actually, Alex, he turned it over to the state, and the governor now is coming after her.
No, yeah, got to get this old retired nun schoolteacher, 60-something years old, man, she is evil.
Got to put her in jail for 14 years.
That's America.
That's freedom.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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So this is the type of stuff we're talking about.
This is the insanity of judicial tyranny.
Jack McClellan, all the time, you and I see reports, we cover them, where federal, state judges, local judges, they call people in, they go, answer my questions, and the judge tells them to talk now, and they refuse, and they put them in jail, sometimes for years, for contempt.
How do you put somebody in jail for contempt for not violating your own Fifth Amendment?
I mean, across the board, they're going nuts.
They think they're God.
That's the big problem, Alex.
They're no longer going by the Constitution.
They're going by case law and international law, too.
I heard...
One of the Chief Justices talking, or one of the Justices of the Supreme Court talking the other day about all the Supreme Court Justices now are going by international law.
And not by our Constitution.
No, I... There was a USA Today article a few years ago that had two of the justices, Ginsburg and another, saying, we follow UN laws.
I mean, so they can just pick and choose whatever they want.
I hope people realize that in the UN Charter, you've got all these rights until Article 30 and 31, and then it says you don't have any rights if they say so.
So it's also...
Yeah, it's absolutely a lie, because we've read that here at our two police and military associations about the UN rights and all, and they're really privileges, and after every time they list a right, they say, unless according to law, we decide you can't have it.
Anyway, you remember Jerry Spence, the great attorney, liberal attorney that
Colonel Bo and I got to take the Weaver family's case after we got them out of the band off of Ruby Ridge.
Well, he said, and he's a pretty honest guy, he said people have not discovered that they've been disenfranchised.
Even lawyers can't stand to even admit it.
He says, in any nation in which people's rights have been subjugated to the rights of the few in power, in any totalitarian nation, the first institution to be dismantled
I was afraid, I am afraid, he said.
And that was a quote from Jerry Spence, a very liberal attorney.
A good man, though, because he believes in truth and justice.
But John Adams, remember, brother, he said, it's not only the right of the juror, but his duty to find the verdict according to his own best understanding, judgment, and conscience, though in direct opposition, perhaps, to the direction of the judge.
That's in the Yale Law Journal, 1964.
And yet, Carroll's being prosecuted for that very thing.
He could do 14 years in jail.
All because they violated his Fourth Amendment with a warrantless search.
Well, yeah, and also they had absolutely no evidence that they presented to the jury that this kid was guilty.
And so she couldn't find him guilty.
But interesting enough, even without any evidence,
Eight of the four decided to go along with the government railroaded this young boy into jail.
Praise God for Carol and the other three here.
This young Indian boy would be putting in one to five years in prison as we speak.
Now, Jack, I want to lay out a few questions here before we run out of time, and I want to be able to take a few calls before you leave us here in about 24 minutes.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
Give us, again, for those that missed it, the full name of Carol, the full name of this judge, who we can call, how we can support, what we can do.
Carol Asher, A-S-H-E-R.
And like I say, she's one of the most honest persons you'll ever meet in your life.
We've known her for over 15 years.
Just absolutely amazing.
I've been talking to her over the phone for a decade.
Wonderful, wonderful American.
Loves God, loves freedom like most anybody in the nation.
But the governor who's doing this is Governor Kempthorne, K-E-M-P.
T-H-O-R-N-E, Kempthorne.
Dirk Kempthorne is his name.
He's a globalist, so this is what you'd expect out of him.
Of course, all 50 governors are globalists.
But anyway, he can be reached at his email at gov, G-O-V, dot, Idaho, dot, gov, G-O-V, backslash.
That, once again, is gov, G-O-V, dot, Idaho, dot, gov, backslash, or at his phone number, 208 area code
Let me just say this, Jack.
The best way to do it is just type into a search engine, Google or Yahoo, whatever you use, just type in Governor's Office of Idaho, and in the first link, if you type in Governor's Office of Idaho or Governor of Idaho website, it'll come up with an exact link to his page, and you can see the contact info there.
But give that number out again.
Is this the Governor's Office?
Yeah, this is the Governor's Office, and he's the one that could stop this thing because his Attorney General...
This Judge Bradbury, John Bradbury, the prosecutor in him turned it over to the state to prosecute this case because I guess they didn't want to stick their heads up in this tyrannical, despotic move that they're moving against Carol.
But anyway, the number, once again, is 208 for the governor's office, 334-2100.
Once again, 208.
And when you call them, just say, listen, we know what you're doing with Carol Asher and Kamiyai.
They're in Kamiyai County, Idaho.
This is outrageous.
And maybe we should mail the governor hundreds of copies of the citizen rule books so they can all read the U.S.
court rulings and the Constitution and the founding fathers.
I mean, I want to digress for a second here.
Jack, I want to get into the history of the Magna Carta and the Common Law and the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, all of what America is.
Because I know it, you know it, they're counting on us not to know it.
But, you know, Kelly Rushing, that was in the newspaper.
Two and a half years ago, one of my listeners gives a Ron Paul video and one of my films on the same video to a state policeman.
The cop says thank you.
We're good to go.
How did they sit there in Lyon County, Kentucky, and get off on trying to destroy a man's life, a family man's life, who just tried to say, hey, this is an important video for you, officer.
I mean, how do they sleep at night trying to send good people to prison?
Well, brother, they're operating under the philosophy that all of our governments, local, state, and federal, are operating under.
The end justifies the means.
And so...
I think so.
Any means justifies.
Any means is justified under this new political system.
But, Jack McClain, you've been around the block.
You've been around the block.
I've lived a little bit.
In my experience, I'm afraid to do something wrong to somebody because I know it always comes back multifold.
You do reap what you sow.
I'm not a Hindu.
I don't agree with their philosophy, but I do agree with the term karma, what comes around goes around.
I mean, how do these people think they can just operate in a vacuum and just feel good sending innocent people to prison?
Well, they just follow their leaders, brother.
Indeed, the most corrupt people on the face of the earth is the leadership of America, and they only promote in the states, too.
The most corrupt people in the government is the governors, and they promote from inside and promote you up.
As long as you've proven through many years that you're willing to shoot your mother for a nickel and take bets on which way she falls.
Here's an example.
The FBI agents that blocked stopping 9-11, they got giant bonuses and moved up.
Those that tried to stop it were fired or incriminated against or had pay cuts.
Here's another example.
Down in Houston, the Army recruiter head who would call kids up, and this is on tape, and say, I'm going to arrest you if you don't come sign up for the Army.
Guess what?
They promoted him.
That's right.
That's what they do, brother.
That's what they do.
You know, about ten years ago, because so many officers were complaining about the judges manipulating secretly, psychologically, the jurors, that we wrote a whole police-military publication on how the judges manipulate the juries.
And it was called U.S.
Judges Manipulate Juries, and it was from police officers
The 13 to 16 ways in which they've seen judges secretly work as a conspirator with the prosecutor to manipulate the minds of the jurors, there's about 16 techniques they use, and we put them all in a newsletter, to show how if a juror goes in, he should read this thing so that when the judge starts this with the prosecutor, they'll recognize and vote to not to acquit the person
If they start railroading a person to prison by manipulating the jurors.
We're getting to the point where we have to have patriots run secretly for office claiming to be globalists.
We're getting to the point where we have to do what they did.
They were sneaky about taking over.
Now they've taken over.
I think now the jurors have got to just be covert about all this when they go in to follow the Constitution and defend America.
Yeah, they better keep their mouth shut because they're not told that what they can say.
You know, they're not Mirandized when you go on a jury, and they should be today if you're going to be prosecuted for what you say.
Be very careful because we'll prosecute you on what you say in the jury room.
Well, praise God, they've lost all these cases so far, but brother, if they can win this case,
My goodness, it'll just about topple the jury system in America.
Only people that will go on a jury are the ones that are going to kowtow everything to the government and nothing to the people.
Well, I mean, this is, and you're right, they've tried this quite a few times lately around the country.
They've been failing.
This is an important test.
That's why the governor's office is head honchoing this.
And there's no doubt this is also a double entendre for them, an extra goody that she's the backbone of your organization.
Yes, and I think that has a lot to do with it because she is such an important part of the volunteer system we have here.
...of police and soldiers, and she's been with us forever, and everybody knows her, and she's a standard in the community, you know, for honesty and morality.
And if they can put her in prison, they will chill every prospective juror going in to serve on a jury.
And I would like to ask, too, Alex, if we could give out a number to help her pay for her attorney.
It's too bad, you know, in America we have thousands and thousands of attorneys that work to destroy the Constitution under organizations like the ACLU.
Is her lawyer good, Jack?
Her lawyer's good, yes.
He's a good man, a good Christian man.
We know him personally.
But he's getting help from FEJA and an attorney working for FEJA.
Okay, give us the number.
Yeah, it's 60... I'm sorry, 208 Area Code.
Can I give the address where they could send a small donation, Alex?
It would be Carroll Asher Defense Fund, H.C.
11, like Hotel Charlie 11, Box 357, Kamiah, K-A-M-I-A-H, Idaho,
Or they can just go to your website that we have a link to on Infowars.com and it's right there.
That's the best way.
That's the best way.
We've got loaded phone lines and we've only got about 10 minutes left here of live broadcast time.
Briefly, can you in a nutshell go over...
How the jury system works from Mount Sinai to 1215 to Common Law and the Declaration of Independence.
I mean, this is the foundation.
They went and took the king and said, we're going to cut your head off if you don't stop having puppet courts.
We're going to have citizens on juries and grand juries.
I mean, our forefathers 800 years ago fought for this.
Well, brother, my goodness, that's something.
But the people should just know
That even the Supreme Court Justices, the very first Supreme Court Justice, John Jay, first Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Chase, Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Supreme Court Justice, Harlan Stone, the 12th Supreme Court Justice, have all said that the jurors can act independent and are independent of the judge.
And they can decide the law and the fact, and they should, that that's their duty.
The jury hasn't
And in a very important case, U.S.
v. Dotary, we have one of the best explanations for the jury's rights and powers.
It says the jury has an unreviewable and unreversible power to acquit in disregard of the instructions of the law given by the trial judge.
And it goes on and on and on.
So U.S.
v. Dotary, if they want to see what the jury's powers and duties are, read this case, because
They lay it all out for you.
It was intended in America.
The founding fathers set our system up to where
The jurors would be the power in the courtroom, not this guy or gal in the black dress.
It's an emergency check and balance against the tyranny, and it's just that simple, and this is shameful that this is happening.
Let's take some calls.
Now, I know you gave me the callers earlier, but I lost that call list.
Who's up first?
Tim in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Tim.
Hi, Alex and Jack.
Thanks for taking my call.
I've been waiting for a while.
Jack, I know, are you familiar with peoples-rights.com?
I'm not sure.
Just tell us about it, sir.
Go ahead.
There's a document that I have used on a police officer.
It's called Notice of Acceptance of Constitutions and of Oath of Office.
This document I received from People's Rights Association.
And I used it on a police officer, Constable on Patrol.
Yeah, some of that stuff works some of the time, but now the government's gone so criminal, they just ignore everything.
Wait, wait, this worked.
The officer got back in his car and left.
No, I understand, sir, but what I'm saying is, how does this pertain to Carol?
What you do, you can use this on the judge.
You put the judge's name on the top line and what their ranking is, whatever their bench thing is.
Anyway, you put their name on it and then you hand it to the judge.
Now the judge has to uphold the Constitution because the judge took an oath.
Yes, the sad part is, we're in a tyranny today, and when a judge comes in a courtroom and tells you he is God, you've got a problem.
And I don't care what you give that judge, that judge is going to be God.
Because he's been told or she has been told they are.
And so a lot of this stuff will work occasionally, and a lot of times you go to prison because you use these type of tactics to try to use it as your defense.
Yeah, they call it paper terrorism.
They gave a guy five years in prison in Wisconsin just for suing the local county that was involved in taking his property.
That was an above-board suit, and they called it terrorism.
That's right.
In 1788, in Elliott's debates,
Alex, remember they said that a juror accepts as the law, or if the juror accepts as the law that which the judge states,
Then that juror has accepted the exercise of absolute authority of a government employee and has surrendered a power and right that was once the citizens' safeguard of liberty.
I mean, in everyday life, you run into people that try to usurp authority over you in business and relationships, and they just slowly kept telling us that we're the slave, they're the boss, and then now they're a bunch of arrogant bags of scum.
Yeah, it's simple.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Well, the last 50 minutes of Jack the Clam has just blasted past us.
We've got to get him back up.
I can tell Jack's upset.
I mean, there's just so much to deal with, but...
He's done a lot of great work.
Without people like him, we'd be in even deeper trouble.
Carla and Fred and Leon, I'll try to go to all three of you here briefly in this last five minutes.
Let me just say this, though.
If you believe in what we're doing here, you need to support us.
And I made some great films.
I carry a lot of great books and videos by other incredible researchers and filmmakers.
Go to the online video and bookstore at InfoWars.com.
Look at all the specials, all the deals.
Some of my films as low as $5.95 apiece.
The pro-gun t-shirts, the bumper stickers.
Go to InfoWars.com and get some of the great information and share it.
Get it out to people you're authorized to make copies of my films.
We're good to go.
If you're not going to physically get out there and start exposing the New World Order, at least get the films, make copies, get them out to people.
Jack, we're almost out of time, and I wanted to take a few more calls.
Carla in Kansas City, you're on the air.
Hey, thank you, guys.
Go ahead.
I'm wanting to bring up the subject of impeachment of judges.
I work with a fellow named Mike Brown, and...
He talks a lot about that.
A lot of judges take advantage of the fact that the politicians that are supposed to be in charge of them, I shouldn't say politicians, but officials.
Well, you file complaints on them on judicial review, and if it's bad enough and there's enough of them, they will get in trouble.
In fact, the guy who arrested the guy for having a sign in his yard did get thrown out later.
Right, because you're right, Alex.
You've just got to get people to... Let me get a comment from Jack McClam on that, Jack.
No, stay there, Carl.
Go ahead, Jack.
Well, there's a lot of good work being done by a few people in the nation, like jail, you know, jail for judges and the things she's talking about there.
But, Alex, if we lose these type of cases, our police and military people here believe we're going to be in a violent confrontation with real blood running in the streets.
It's classical, Jack.
This is classical tyranny.
It is, truly.
Yes, if we don't have the jury box any longer, if we lose that and we're just a rubber stamp of the government agent judges, it's over in America.
And Jerry Spence knows it, one of the greatest attorneys in America.
Well, it's like Hitler's courts or Stalin's courts.
That's right.
It's the king's chamber again, the king's star chamber system again.
And you can put those type of things in the search engine in the computer and read all about how it used to be, and it's coming to America today.
All right, let's, Carla, finish up what you were saying quickly.
I want to go to at least Fred, and go ahead.
Oh, I want to say, right, that there's been some that have been impeached.
People don't know much about it, and we need to spread the word because... Well, we've got judges here in Austin, Carla, that are just absolute scum who engage in nothing but criminal activity.
I've gone and watched them.
Alex, your state has some of the worst prisons in the whole country.
Believe me, on the planet, we are the capital of prisons.
Thanks for the call.
Leo, quickly in Nevada.
No, Fred, I don't have time to go to Leo.
Fred, go ahead.
You've got about 45 seconds.
Okay, the best thing I can think of right now off the top of my head
Is get some of these police officers who like to tase their children and have them go in and get a warrant together for insurrection and sedition.
Well, you know what?
There's also the pen is mightier than the sword.
And by exposing this abuse of this old 65-year-old retired Catholic nun school teacher, that's going to blow up in their face.
Jack, do you agree that it's important to expose this?
I think it's time to ring the bells and call and email and just raise all kind of cane before we're in a violent confrontation in this nation.
Use Marbury v. Madison.
Yeah, that's clear as day there.
All right, start all the other callers.
Jack, it was great having you on.
Hope people will go to InfoWars.com and link over to your website and go to that PO box and give some support to Carol Asher, a great lady who's served valiantly for 15 years as a volunteer, and the devil's coming after her, but I think God's going to come to her aid and will come to her aid.
I believe so, too, Alex.
Thanks for everything you do, brother.
Thank you.
Thank you.
God bless you all.