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Air Date: Feb. 22, 2006
2460 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this live Wednesday edition of the 22nd day of February 2006.
I think?
We're good to go.
And a lot more coming up in the second hour.
We've had retired Border Patrol agents on right after they retire exposing this, and it is unbelievable that is coming up in the third hour.
It's not just toy store owners getting Homeland Security visits or homeless people sleeping on the side of the road getting visits.
It's not just marijuana dealers getting visits or topless bars now and libraries in non-terror-related cases.
Now it's the Border Patrol.
And remember what happened last year.
One of the private mercs running a torture center in Afghanistan admittedly was ordered to torture.
And when he got in trouble for it, because another branch of the military wasn't going to go along with it, he said, well, I was ordered to.
Here's the orders.
And they arrested him and put a gag order on him under the Patriot Act so when he went to trial, he couldn't even use his orders.
Again, that's like sending Heinrich Himmler to the gas chamber
We're good to go.
about the shell out of US infrastructure governmental and private to foreign companies and even foreign countries so I'm gonna do a little five-minute analysis on that we're writing an article about it today as well Paul Watson and myself of course I'm Alex Jones your host and this is the genesis communications radio network often imitated unfortunately we need more good people out there never duplicated in the meantime
There is a lot of other news I want to get into on the economy, but jumping in, lawmakers undeterred by Bush veto threat.
Lawmakers undeterred by Bush veto threat.
They're saying they're going to go forward.
Arabsyphobia behind uproar over ports deal.
We heard that from the Communist Chinese when people didn't like them getting the Panama Canal or Long Beach Naval Base.
Hastert is engaging in pure politics saying there needs to be more research on this.
And Schumer and all of them, that's all they're doing is scoring political points.
This is total theater.
They're going to go along with it in the end.
You watch.
And Bush is shrugging off objections to Port Deal while at the same time saying he was unaware of the deal despite the fact that it shows that he's going to be appointing
Big campaign contributors who happen to be from the United Arab Emirates to oversee the governmental regulation of the ports themselves.
So they're not just getting the ports.
They're going to get the regulatory control over them.
And, of course, he's got aides inside the White House that are connected and working in and for this company.
The big bombshell, Cheney's got a gun.
Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot Lawyer.
This comes from a really good source, so we'll get into that.
The hunt for dirty bombs has stepped up on new passenger scanners.
Wait to hear about that.
So much more coming up today.
And two powerful guests right here on, well, the network likes to call it the Alex Jones Show.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, now into the second segment for many stations, the first segment.
A lot of our great affiliates don't carry the first little five minutes.
Why do we do that live?
Because about half of our affiliates do want to carry the first five minutes of each hour to have actual more programming time.
I think?
CNN's neocon light, and Fox is just neocon.
USA Radio Network is neocon heavy.
I mean, an occasional pro-gun comment or something gives it the illusion of being conservative, but overall it is not.
Interesting way to start the broadcast, I guess, today.
Joan Vion is coming up the next hour.
She just got back from the big Davos World Economic Forum.
We had her on briefly via the airport when she'd just gotten back a few weeks ago, and now she is back at her office and has gone through all the documents.
And the tapes she recorded while she was there at different meetings and also researched some of the meetings at the Davos Confab that she was unable to physically be at because there's so many meetings going on at once.
She's got even more shocking information about global taxation, global regulation, how we're going back under the British Empire.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's what this New World Order is.
And they admit that that is what it is, so that's coming up.
And in the third hour, we've got a journalist coming on.
To report on just a huge story.
A huge story concerning Border Patrol agents having Homeland Security go after them for doing their job.
Just to give you an example of the types of things that Homeland Security is involved in, there was an article yesterday out of the Washington Post how they're raiding libraries all over the country, not looking for child porn like they should be doing, but just raiding people and spying on people in the libraries, making sure they don't visit regular porn sites.
As if it isn't just the job of the local library association for your city, county, or state, as if it isn't the job for them to install the filtering software, if that's what you, the citizens, choose.
No, no, Homeland Security running around doing that as well.
See, they're going to run the entire economy, the entire society.
It's all being taken over by this system right now.
We're good to go.
I think?
And we will be in Nazi Germany.
One more attack.
And it won't matter how many scams the Bushes run or their corporate owners run.
It won't matter if Cheney gives his wife on the board of Lockheed billion-dollar contracts on a monthly basis.
Totally illegal on the face of it.
It won't matter how many Enrons or global crossings there are.
If you think the looting that's going on right now of our economy and of our corporations and of our public trust and our public lands and our ports and our highways...
If you think attacking Iran is a big deal, once they've got a dictatorship in place, PNAC talks about this, this is their own battle plan, we're going to attack 63 more countries.
We're going to be conscripted.
We are going to literally have shaved heads marching around, worshipping the Fuhrer.
You're talking a total drone society.
And if they tell these yuppies, hey, a police state will make sure you still have your baubles and your Tag Heuer watches and your Mercedes Benz, these yuppies will do whatever it takes.
Bob Barr got up at the big so-called conservative caucus two weeks ago.
We had Paul Craig Roberts, the father of Reaganomics, on yesterday, literally, folks.
We had a real conservative.
We had him on.
And what did he say?
What did he say?
He said, we're going into a dictatorship.
It's clear after the next attack this is what's going to happen.
But he said that Bob Barr got up and said, we shouldn't make the president a dictator.
We've got to follow the Constitution and rule of law.
He was booed off the stage and hissed at.
And Viet Dinh, one of the authors of the Patriot Act, he was the assistant, of course, attorney general a few years ago.
I've confronted him here in Austin.
When he was here stomping for the police state, he got up and said, no, we have to to be safe, and he was worshipped.
Standing ovation, because these little Nazis, these little punks, these brown shirts, as Paul Craig Roberts called them, Dr. Roberts called them, want control, and they want it now.
Now, I'm going to get into the Hort situation, but coming up, journalist Bob Woodward warns of police state.
Now, this morning I called Paul Watson up.
We had a little consultation about an article we're going to be writing as soon as I get off the air today, so it'll be up later this afternoon.
And I'm going to try to... Frankly, when I'm not on air, my brain works a lot better.
I tend to get hyper and excited when I'm on air.
And just with Paul, I rolled over a lot of the examples of the tyranny and really broke down what we're facing.
And I'm going to try to duplicate that here in just a few minutes now.
And of course, Paul added a lot of his insightful points as we had this little discussion.
While I was driving to the office.
I mean, just to give you an idea of how much we work here.
It's just every minute is filled with battling these people because we know the time is short.
They know the time is short.
They know they're... We can short-circuit the empire before it takes over.
We can short-circuit going in to an actual communist-slash-Nazi state.
We can... I mean, it's happening, okay?
I mean, San Antonio Express News, one more terror attack, Bush is going to be a dictator.
And then one more terror attack and Hillary's president, dictator, and their titular heads for this new world order.
I mean, it could not be more serious what we're facing right now.
And I'm excited.
I'm also frightened.
I'm concerned.
I'm on the edge of my seat.
I got goosebumps half the time.
The hair on the back of my neck literally stands up late at night when I'm sitting there at my computer researching and thinking about this.
This is not a game.
This is not a joke.
But I'm also excited that as this thing comes into view, more people are finally waking up.
We're getting so many new affiliates because, I mean, I sounded like a nut five years ago going, they're going to carry out terror attacks, the government is, elements of it, and then bring in a police state.
I sounded like a nut whenever I was saying the NSA is listening to everything you're doing.
I sounded like a nut when I said they're building FEMA camps.
I sounded like a nut when I said there's cancer viruses in many of the vaccines.
Now all of that and more is in major newspapers because they have to admit it because it's so public.
But usually they put a nice spin on it.
It's just kind of calmly reported, well, we're going to have a dictatorship.
Talk about bone chilling.
I'm going to get more into this later.
I need to cover the port situation because that fits a large piece of the puzzle of all of this.
We now know that while the former head of CENTCOM and then, of course, the head of Iraqi Operations, Tommy Franks, we now know that when he talked to Cigar Aficionado and when he went up live on Fox TV and repeated the exact same script, he says this.
In fact, we've got the clips on the computer.
Maybe you can dig those out.
They're now like a year and a half old, but I know they're in the computer.
If not, they're on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
We could probably re-download those and maybe play them later.
When I get more into this.
But we now know he was getting $450,000 a year.
And he stole the payroll to go on TV and push the White House agenda.
And they now admit he was given a strip.
This is even in the Associated Press.
So while he's on TV, this is what he would say.
Now, I want you to understand, I'm not for Kerry or Bush.
I'm apolitical.
I'm just saying what I think is best for the country and where I think things are going and what I think is going to happen.
And then he'd go into how we need to get rid of posse commentatus and how we need more security.
And he'd couch it like this.
It's real sad.
Sorry to say, but it's what the people want and what they'll demand to be safe.
And he can't come out and say, martial law is wonderful.
I want it.
No, he says, I'm sorry to say it.
It's what the people want.
It's what will keep them safe.
It's too bad, but it's what's going to happen.
Just get ready for it.
One more major terror attack.
One more major terror attack.
Sector snorted when he said he was really getting off on it, because generals always, you know, throughout history, they love dictatorships.
They love to stomp around behind the dictator.
I mean, just look at history.
He said, one more attack, we're going to set aside the Constitution for a military form of government.
I mean, here we have this retired general on White House payroll, so not retired, all over TV, all over magazines, saying this script.
And I'm apolitical, but I totally support the President.
And I think, John Kerry's doing an excellent job, too.
He wants to attack Iran.
See, because there was no difference.
There is no difference.
They own both parties.
And these party leaders, they all want to be part of the dictatorship.
Because they're going to get more goodies as part of that larger equation.
And so the answer to this problem is, don't be in fear and then not get involved.
Don't climb into your turtle shell.
Don't stick your head in the sand.
Don't crawl into the bed.
Don't go in the closet.
Realize that they can't get away with this if we say no.
They can't get away with this if you spread the word about the alternative media.
But, I mean, who even needs the alternative media now?
It's all over the newspaper daily that, well, Bush says he's dictator.
Bush says he's above the law.
Bush says if they don't pass the Patriot Act, he'll just enforce it without a law.
Bush says he doesn't care if they pass a law saying he can't give the ports away.
He has executive power to do it.
Bush says that he can torture because he says it's not torture now.
He's given it a new definition.
Bush says that at the signing ceremony every day, Bush or his surrogates...
Or on television, or in the newspaper, telling us, well, it's the Constitution says he's a dictator.
Well, I mean, that is such a scam to say the opposite.
They're saying black is white and white is black.
Up is down, down is up.
War is peace, freedom is slavery.
You know, all of this stuff.
They are just saying the opposite.
The Constitution says 180 degrees from what they're claiming, but they know the average person hasn't looked it up or doesn't know the facts about it.
They think you're stupid.
And yes, for a large portion of the population, they're not even stupid.
They're just totally self-centered, so self-centered that they're going to be destroyed or be enslaved or a combination of both.
And I just don't know what to say to these people.
I mean, the level of lies, a lot of it's sophisticated.
You know, they have sophisticated propaganda targeted at more intelligent audiences, and things like the Wall Street Journal or some of these political rags.
But just general news itself is just...
Lowest common denominator lying and spinning and obfuscating.
It's amazing.
All right, we're going to come back.
I'm going to do five minutes on the ports, lay it all out, and then we'll get into a bunch of other news and take your calls.
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Alright, let's get into the ports.
First off, there's a lot of denial out there about the selling off of our sovereignty, our infrastructure.
But that is a stated goal of the Bilderberg Group, of the Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forums, of the Trilateral Commission, of the Council on Foreign Relations.
They openly publish books and periodicals, foreign affairs on a bimonthly issuance by the Council on Foreign Relations.
And they come right out and they say,
In fact, what is Walmart now?
It's the eighth largest economy in the world.
Just Walmart.
Biggest corporation in the world, at least on paper.
There's others that are really bigger.
And so already, 44 of the 100 biggest economies are not countries.
They are corporations.
And you can't vote.
You can't see what their shareholders are doing.
You can't see what the CEOs are doing.
When they take over governmental functions, then they say, oh, this isn't open to oversight, even though they're now giving themselves, by paying off politicians, and then cede them law enforcement power.
So all of this is going on.
And I get on air.
Well, it had to be three days before anybody else covered it.
Just because I saw a citizen's watchdog group that's got a good track record of doing good reportage, I saw them report on it.
I did a Google search and found some of the corporate filings in some industry publications.
We put links up to it.
And for three days, I was called a liar.
I mean, I had links to it on the website.
People would call and go, where is it?
And I'd say, it's there on the site.
Well, show me where.
Well, I'm not in front of your computer.
It's on the site.
Well, I didn't see it.
Go look.
You're lying.
United Arab Emirates is not... And I got the same thing back in 1997 when the Communist Chinese government took over the Long Beach Naval Base, the only major deep water port that can take large ships on the west coast there in San Diego, at Long Beach.
And I even went there.
And the Communist Chinese government...
Was given that.
In 2000, the Communist Chinese government, through their company Hutchinson Wampo, which is run by the PLA, People's Liberation Army, and their oceanic shipping concern, took over the Panama Canal, and according to mainstream news reports, has between 15,000 and 30,000 troops at any one time, rotating in and out of there.
So a massive Chinese troop force, and this is a government, on a monthly basis that threatens to nuke us.
And we cover that when it's in the Financial Times of London and people deny that the head of their military calls a press conference and says we're targeting 200 cities.
We'll destroy you if you get involved, not just in Taiwan, but in any of our national assets or any of our national holdings.
So that's going on, and we're going to write an article about this and put a clip up for my first film, made in 1997, America Destroyed by Design, and show you where we went out there.
And now they've got Freeport in the Bahamas, one of the large deep water ports out in the Caribbean, and there are massive military stockpiles publicly being stored there, being depoted there.
So people are worried about United Arab Emirates.
We're good to go.
I think?
They go make the deals.
They make the deals to give reactors to North Korea.
They make deals to give weapons to Saddam.
They make deals to sell oil-filled equipment to Saddam.
And then they blame it on Bill Clinton.
Well, yes, Bill Clinton, it's his fault because he works for them.
Again, now he's a son of the Bush family.
He vacations with them.
Surrogate son.
They've got foundations together.
It was always staged.
People couldn't get it and couldn't figure it out.
And then CNN said, is there Asian phobia?
Do people hate Asians?
Why are they so upset about China?
It isn't because they're Asian.
It's because of the national sovereignty.
You can't go buy up the Chinese ports.
Most countries won't let you buy up their infrastructure because they understand sovereignty.
And here's the Reuters story.
Arabs see phobia behind uproar over ports deal.
See, now you're racist if you don't want them to have it.
And don't worry, all these Republicans and Schumer the Democrat acting like they're against it, the deal will go through in the end, I predict, and it'll just be a big political football.
This is a distraction from the roads and the lakes, the Great Lakes, all of it.
I mean, I remember seeing in 1999 where the World Bank took over the Great Lakes.
And it was in the Michigan papers.
It was in the Chicago papers.
Just calmly reporting it.
And I'd get on air and report it.
And people would call in and go, it's not true.
It's not true.
I've got more comments on this when we get back.
We'll go through it.
There are so many other facets to this.
And it is... It's horrible.
It's horrible.
So we'll continue on the other side and cover a bunch of other news.
Bob Woodward saying we're headed towards a dictatorship, martial law, police state, and a lot more.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You've asked for them and now they're here.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Let me ask you a question.
Pose a situation to you.
You drive home, you come home, and there's four or five white vans outside your house loading up your computers, your couches, your TVs, your jewelry, your pots, your pans, grandma's china, the silverware set, all of it.
And you're going to get upset.
You're going to get red-faced.
You're going to run up and ask what's happening.
And you run up, and it turns out that they're criminals stealing from you.
You're going to call the police.
If you've got a gun on you, you're going to draw down on them and wait for the police to get there.
Well, you see, wealth can be replaced unless you destroy the potential for wealth development and wealth creation.
So, as a country, we're not just being robbed of our goodies, of our baubles, that really mean almost nothing.
We're being robbed of our infrastructure.
We're being robbed of our land.
We're being robbed of our capacity to work the land where all wealth derives from.
Derives from human beings, which are now called human resources by the globalists, and from the land.
And all of that is systematically being taken.
Your future, your currency, your sovereignty, your capacity to raise your children and educate them as you see fit.
All of it is being systematically dismantled and looted, and the globalists openly say they're doing it.
In their own policy reports that are quite public, and they have meetings and say it, but again, it's never on the nightly news.
I shouldn't say never.
Now it is.
They just put a nice spin on it.
So there's another facet to this.
Well, there's so many different points to make about the UAE, United Arab Emirates, taking over these six ports.
Now it looks like that was the first phase of a larger deal that could have ended up being as many as 15 ports, but six in this first round.
And again, you never heard anything about it.
That is that it was already foreign-owned, and many of these were U.S.
government-built, paid-for ports.
Many of them expanded during World War II.
We paid for it, and then in a sweetheart deal, it was leased for almost nothing.
What they do is they say, they go pay off our politicians, the foreign lobbyists do, and then the politicians go, oh, we're going to lease it to you for 50 years, 75 years, or we're just going to outright sell it to you after the taxpayer pays for it and builds it.
I mean, if that's going to happen, you might as well sell it to the local city or sell it to a U.S.
But again, they're all global.
And so this British company had owned it for several decades, owned these six ports, and they own many others.
They're the biggest port owner in the world.
Again, it's the new British Empire.
It's the old one.
It never went away.
Why are they selling it for $6.9 billion?
Why are they doing that?
Because they know strategically in the future, ports in the U.S.
aren't going to be as busy as they had in the past, because when our fiat currency isn't numero uno anymore, we won't be able to buy all these slave goods and these baubles at such ridiculously low prices.
And they have international agreements.
The globalists get together in these big corporate, private, and quasi-governmental, non-governmental organization confabs,
And they openly divvy up.
They decide, okay, well, we're going to let China and its allied companies with government investment, we're going to let them buy up this infrastructure.
And agreements are made.
They're told in 1972, you're going to be able to have the Panama Canal.
And then we're talking 28 years later in 2000, they're given it, even when American companies, this was in the news at the time.
I mean, I did probably 20-plus shows.
I did so many broadcasts just on this subject of it.
We're good to go.
I think?
We build it, and then we shell it to them.
We shell it to them, and they get the right of way for, in some cases, what, 30 miles on each side of it.
The Isthmus isn't even that wide in many areas, but they're built up.
They've got military bases.
All over it.
They bring it in, and they're a country threatening to attack us on a routine basis, but the American people aren't worried about that.
They're worried about United Arab Emirates, which people are saying support terrorists and are out to get us.
Yes, supposedly some of the terrorists came from there, if you believe the official story.
No, they're an ally of the globalists.
They're in their hip pocket.
They're basically a British holding, and that's why they're being allowed to have this.
So the British Empire is just reshuffling some of its marbles.
And let me expand into that.
People say the British run the United Arab Emirates.
Did you know that the Arabs only get between 15% and 20% of the oil money?
And then they're incredibly, opulently rich with hundreds of billions of dollars each of these royal families.
The House of Saad, the Saad family, supposedly being the richest.
That was nothing but literal goat herders in Saudi Arabia.
All the civilization was up in Baghdad.
We're good to go.
Because they are Bedouins.
The Saab family is Bedouins.
So, I mean, there's all these foreigners living there and all these other Arabs that have moved there and Persians and Central Asians.
They are scum of the earth compared to the lowliest little Bedouins.
The Bedouin are gods.
They're just paid by the government, even if they aren't part of a princedom.
And there's thousands of princes, what, 8,000 of them or something.
Last time I checked, and there are hundreds of children, in some cases, apiece.
So this is all going on.
You have this population watching this.
And the British government, and we've had British scholars on about this, but you've all seen Lawrence of Arabia.
It's a true story.
I think?
We're good to go.
And that's why, did you know that only about 30% of the oil out of Alaska, a little over 30% gets shipped to the West Coast?
The rest of it, all through BP.
They're just given it.
And so they don't lose their market value price because there's too much oil.
Peak oil is a total fraud, folks.
They're only allowed to develop one small area of one field, and that field has more.
That one field.
And we've had geologists on.
We've had executives on.
We've had witnesses on.
I've had congressmen on.
I've had the late Congressman Begich's son on about it.
It is admitted.
They killed him, obviously, over this when he tried to expose it.
In that one Prudhoe Bay area in Gull Island, they have more oil, and it is light crude, folks.
Almost sweet.
We're good to go.
So this is what we're dealing with.
It's a global oligopoly.
What is an oligopoly?
It is where cartels get together, different corporate owners get together, to affect the same thing as a monopoly.
A monopoly is where one company, one guy, one consortium owns it all.
An oligopoly is where, it's like the old Italian mafia syndicate,
We're good to go.
And that's all they're doing, and that's an oligopoly.
Organized crime when it was predominantly dominated by the Italians.
At least for public consumption, it was really the Watts mob, the British mob, then the Irish mob, then the German mob, then the Jewish mob.
You never hear about all those mobs that make the Italians look small.
The Italians did become dominant for a short time and got totally terminated, as you saw in the 60s and 70s, because they started getting a little bit too much power.
They got knocked back down to size because they had a good model.
They were following the old Roman model, not just a British mercantile model.
And again, a lot of their documents have been released showing that.
I think we're good to go.
It goes back to, you know, take the Tudors and Henry VIII.
They had servant families going back hundreds of years.
The Dutch royalty, the British royalty, they have servant families.
I mean, that's how institutionalized this is.
And it's the same thing with the Italian Mafia before it got broken up to a great extent.
They had families that for generations people held key positions like, okay, the Dons come from this family, the head of the family is this hereditary family, the firstborn son gets it.
And then after that, you'll have the conciliary, or the advisor, the lawyer, and his son becomes the conciliary.
That's the normal way to do it.
This is how it works.
This is how it operates.
It's patronage.
It's royalty.
It's signet.
This is how they do it.
This is how they operate.
And so, the British totally own and run the Middle East.
The Arabs are so stupid, the Arab leadership, that they conspicuously consume.
It's been a long time since the Rockefellers and J.P.
Morgan and people would have ten white spotless stallions pulling gold carriages through the streets of New York and J.P.
Morgan would beat someone to death if they looked at him wrong and the police would do nothing because he was the robber baron.
And he was nothing.
When he died, it turned out he had a few million bucks.
He was supposedly worth four billion dollars before he died.
And when he died, it turned out he had nothing.
And by the way, do you know who owned the British company that's selling this to UAE?
Do you know who owned it?
Again, the British, but guess, I looked up the company, and most of the stock is held by the Bank of England, and guess who controls the Bank of England?
The Queen of England and the Rothschilds.
Again, whenever a Russian oligarch gets arrested by Putin, Putin's about to grab billions from him, you know, the head of the Yukos, the big oil consortium.
Oh, sorry, you don't get into the oil, Russia, because he was really a Rothschild's, Rothschild was the silent, not partner, but owner.
So, and that was in the Financial Times of London.
Just a little blurb in there.
So this is what we're facing.
Let me explain what's happening.
Okay, King of Spain, you get most of the highways and roads.
Okay, IMF and World Bank, you get the water and rivers.
Okay, China and Arab countries, you're going to get the waterways on the coastlines and the major ports.
And because we might have some regulatory problems, Bush was going to assign someone who works for the company to also be over port regulation.
Of all the ports.
See, this is how it works, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going into hardcore tyranny.
Hardcore tyranny.
And the average person has no idea this is even going on.
Police, why are you being militarized?
Why are you being taught we're dangerous?
Why are you being taught you've got a billy club is when we demonstrate?
Why are you being taught that there's about to be martial law and it's for everyone's safety?
That is the receivership.
That's when the cops come with the landlord to kick you out of the house because you didn't pay the rent.
But we did pay the rent.
You see, when they come to throw you out, they come with a couple strong hoods, a couple of strong thugs, a couple of strong grifters.
You see?
And that's all this is.
And the average cop doesn't know that he's working for a system that has publicly said you're not getting your pension fund.
You understand two years ago, and now three, excuse me, they changed the law.
I talk a lot about this.
I wrote stories about it.
We ought to go back and cover this.
They changed the law beforehand to where you don't own your pension fund.
Just wall-off, stroke of the pen.
You don't own your pension fund, cash balance accounts that they can now spend, use your money.
If you don't get it, they won't even go to jail like Enron.
They just changed the rule, and then the globalists put out reports saying, well, the pension funds are going to go bankrupt.
Oh, well, Social Security is going to go bankrupt.
But they're going to keep you in the Ponzi scheme.
Did you know that you get out less out of Social Security than you paid in?
Did you know there's going to be just a few years for every three people on Social Security?
Well, for every one person on Social Security, three people will be paying for that person, and what, 30 years it's going to be one person to one person paying for it with this aging population?
They're never going to give you that.
It's not going to happen.
You're going to get Social Security maybe five, ten more years.
Maybe a month if the nuke goes off.
You see, and the nuke will be blamed, or the smallpox will be blamed, or the bird flu will be blamed.
Oh, that's what caused the economy to go belly up.
Oh, that's why we have to have martial law now.
Well, you've got to be patriotic.
Never mind we're taking your pension funds.
Man, it was them Arabs that did it.
Well, wait, the Arabs are buying up the infrastructure.
Never mind that.
The Arabs are the enemy.
But wait a minute.
You vacation with the Arabs, Bush.
Well, just... Well, wait, you vacation with the Bin Laden family.
The Bin Laden family...
If you go back, the head of the house of, the war chief of the house of Saad was, I forget his first name, he was this old war chief, bin Laden was his last name.
And so he was British Intel's head.
I mean, again, it's generational.
Go look it up, it's mainstream news.
We are fighting with Al-Qaeda, British Intel operations that they've had since the turn of the last century.
To be technical, it's about 95 years since all this happened.
So, early in the last century.
Early in the last century.
I mean, this is happening early in the 20th century.
This is going on.
And it's all public.
And when you learn about it, you want to freak out.
I mean, it's like I pull up to my house.
I'm being robbed.
I'm like, wake up!
Look what they're doing!
Look out!
Look what's happening!
military bases in the Middle East get built by them.
All U.S.
They put in air conditioning systems all over the Middle East.
They do everything.
Again, it's all patronage.
You've been a good servant of the crown.
You've done a good job, and you're the war chief for the House of Saad.
Do us a favor.
We're trying to take over here.
And it's just so sick, and it makes me so incredibly angry.
To sit here and watch this happen, and to just know there's all these enforcers, and as stuff gets worse, a lot of these enforcers are going to enforce even harder, thinking, well, stuff's getting tough, man, I've got to keep my job, or well, if it's going to be a tyranny, I better be part of it.
You better believe a week and a half ago when Vietnam got up with that big Republican confab with thousands in attendance.
They're Republican meeting and said, we need to ignore the Constitution and make Bush a dictator.
And then Bob Barker gets up and says, that's ridiculous, and he gets booed.
You better believe those neocons and those minions, I mean, all of them were on high level, cheering that.
A lot of them were afraid.
They're like, yeah, yeah, get rid of it.
And they said, well, I better keep my lobbying job.
I better get contracts from the government.
Oh, yo!
Pure yes!
Oh, I got to keep my position.
Man, I've got a million-dollar house.
I've got to live my life.
I just bought that jewelry and the new furniture.
Oh, yes!
Oh, I love it!
And that's what happens in tyrannies.
Every police chief, every sheriff they put in, every mayor, they're good, they get removed, and then thugs get put in who want to run their own scams.
And in a tyranny, no one gets enforced on in the system.
No one gets in trouble for abusing.
And so they can do whatever they want.
So they all set up their own little scams locally, so we have thousands and thousands of tyrants with their own little private armies feeding on us.
It happened in Russia, China.
It happens in Mexico.
It happened in Nazi Germany.
It happens.
It always happens.
It happened in the colonies with the local governors being the king in person, basically.
You know, his designate with all the powers.
In the name of the king, I'm taking your land.
In the name of your king, I'm cutting your head off.
In the name of the king, I say you can't write that in the newspaper.
In the name of the king, I say I'm going to regulate you out of business because I happen to own a business competing with you.
In the name of the king, in the name of the homeland security, in the name of fighting the terrorists, in the no more 9-11s,
You know, no more 6-6's or whatever happens in the future.
No more.
We're not going to put up with it anymore.
We're fighting Al-Qaeda, and you people held us back, and you tried to defeat the Patriot Act, and you wouldn't let our security forces do what was needed after 9-11, and then the terrorists hit us with an A-bomb, and it was all your fault.
And I have a congressman in committee hearings saying, these people protesting the war are aiding terrorists.
They're really a fifth column.
They're going to let the terrorists attack us again.
We need to get them.
We need to start arresting them.
Yes, yes, yes.
They're the ones, you see, criticizing it, not going along with it.
It's going to aid the terrorists in hitting us, and so we've got to arrest you.
Now, you heard everything that's going to happen.
You just heard the spiel, folks, and believe me, that's what's going on exactly.
You going to listen?
Word to the wise sufficient?
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Texas and others, we're going to go to your calls here in just a few minutes.
I want to get into journalists.
Bob Woodward warns that the police state, the greatest threat to American democracy, it's a republic, buddy, is not terrorism, but governmental secrecy.
And Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Bob Woodward, who's reporting 35 years ago, pierced the veil of secrecy behind Richard Nixon's presidency.
His darkest fear is that multiple high-stakes attacks can be launched on U.S.
cities and targets.
He said 9-11 will be a footnote, but it could happen, and if it does, we will become a police state.
And it goes on to talk about Bush becoming a dictator.
No, Bush as the pimp, as the front man, as a vassal ruler over a vassal state.
Before I go to Caleb and others, a few calls before our guest gets on in about 10-15 minutes.
Listen, we got Codex Magica, Tex Marr's new bombshell book, and you get a discount on it when you get it with my new film, The Order of Death, new footage inside Bohemian Grove, and the history of the Illuminati, and so much more.
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Yes, Caleb in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Great show.
Thank you.
I wanted to get your take on how the media is seemingly astounded about the Iraqi death squad.
This comes on the scene, and they're shocked.
It's like, oh!
Day one, our government sent the torture lord, death squad creator, Negroponte, who's now going to do it domestically, unfortunately, setting it up.
Over there, they hired almost the entire Baptist regime, put them back in control, and according to the UN's own documents, they're torturing to death 1,000 a month.
Yep, Negroponte's getting his Christmas bonus a little earlier this year.
But it's hilarious how they're completely astounded that this could happen.
It's like...
Iraq is a democracy now, Alex.
And they say it's the government on their own.
We're not doing it.
They're doing it on their own.
Didn't you see their fingers had ink on it after they voted?
It's not a puppet government, no.
The Pentagon's own documents release say it's all puppet, and all the newspapers are fake, but so what?
Meanwhile, you can archive any one of your shows from a year or so ago where you said, a kindergartner could have predicted this.
Well, there's no predicting it.
We knew day one that people go in, they don't go out.
I mean, they have camps all over the place, 32 big ones, and then jails everywhere.
And they don't like you in business.
They want your wife, anything.
It's the Baptist.
That's why the Iraqis are so mad.
They put all the Baptists back in.
Well, it's astounding.
Great work, Alex.
Keep it up.
Thank you.
But the good old boys got 1,000 torches of death.
That's good.
That's how we win wars.
No, it isn't.
The Pentagon's own plan says they want to make them hate us and make them fight because the globalists make more money if they stay there longer.
We just need to win the war, Alex.
The plan isn't to win the war.
Yeah, whatever.
I'm going to bake me another beer.
I love George Bush.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
You want answers?
Government cover-ups.
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Now already into the second hour of this live Wednesday, the 22nd day of February 2006 edition.
She joined us a few weeks ago, but now she's got even more details from her little visit.
To the Davos Economic Forum, World Taxation, this huge control group going in.
Joan Vion joins us in this hour, and we'll take your calls and get into a bunch of other important news items.
Again, we're going to get more into this story.
Bob Woodward tells the San Antonio Express News he's worried about America turning into a dictatorship, a police state after the next terror attack that will be much larger than 9-11.
And more on the UAE situation, how it's only the tip of the proverbial ice cube.
Right now, let's go to the Coles.
Earl in Florida.
Welcome, sir.
Yes, Alex.
Yes, I wanted to know, how does the Vatican tie into all of this?
I mean, you know, a powerful organization.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yes, a powerful organization that they are.
I mean, it's basically a nation within itself.
They don't
Uh, their own military, their own economy, uh, I mean, how do they plan this?
I mean, even though they, over in Europe, they conquered Europe, they had so much power and control over that particular area.
Well, if you believe certain views of history, which I tend to lean towards, they began to lose their monopoly of power over the Western world, or quote, old known world, explored world, around the time of Henry VIII with the break, and then that's when the British Empire, allied with the Dutch, began to emerge and supplant monopoly of power by the Vatican.
But certainly, the Vatican has been involved in innumerable corruptions, just like any other major organization.
We're good to go.
Does that answer your question, Earl?
Yes, that's pretty much.
I mean, what's your view on it?
Well, just like you mentioned earlier about the British controlling Iraq and most of those Middle East nations over there.
I mean, they own Burger King.
Well, they just sold it.
I mean, they own everything.
It's a joke.
That doesn't mean the British people, either.
China being corrupt, it doesn't mean I'm anti-Chinese.
Sorry, go ahead.
Basically, the Vatican is one of the most powerful organizations on the face of the earth, and most major foundations and corporations...
Well, owned by the Vatican.
Well, I haven't seen the evidence of that.
Well, they own a lot, though.
I know they own a big part of South Texas.
I mean, I'm not debating the holdings of the Vatican.
Thanks for the call.
Listen, here's why I stand on the Vatican.
Everybody wants to perseverate on which group it is that totally is in control.
And I've looked at the evidence.
I've really done the research, and I believe it's the British and Dutch royal families.
It's really one royal family and the Rothschilds married in together.
So that's what my evidence shows.
And then I've almost been bullied by people.
Well, no, you better say it's the Jews.
Well, my evidence doesn't show, and certainly all groups are involved, but it doesn't show that, quote, Jews are running it.
Or it doesn't show the Vatican's running it.
It's an Illuminati.
Do they have their agents in control of most major groups?
And then I'll get bullied, you know, three calls in a row.
Hey, you better have this guy on about the Vatican running and all.
And I'm like, well, I'll think about that.
And they're real bullying.
And then the person who I haven't had on because they were trying to pressure me, then comes out and says, oh, I'm bad, embarrassed false witness against me, and makes up some story about me.
It's a comic book.
So, again, there have been a lot of people like, you better interview me.
Well, okay, I'll think about it.
Well, you won't interview me.
You're a Jesuit agent.
I don't... I've never met a Jesuit.
See, but, I mean, it doesn't matter.
Can we just fight the New World War?
Can we fight what they're doing?
Can we fight what they're doing to our Bill of Rights?
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, I have a thick book here in my hand.
It's only $17.95.
The United Nations Global Straightjacket by Joan Leon, author of Prince Charles, the Sustainable Prince.
He's in the news today saying he's a political dissident.
He's going to lead us against the global order.
See, that's how they do it.
That's in the...
What is that, in the London Telegraph today?
Folks, this is a book you've absolutely got to get.
We are carrying it.
It's put out by Hearthstone Publishing, Oklahoma City.
They're the same folks that printed up my book, America Destroyed by Design.
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They put up my book, 9-11 Ascent into Tyranny.
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We're expanding the books and videos, but only the best that we carry here at Infowars.com.
It's a book you need to have.
Now, we hear about the UAE.
I think.
I think.
We're good to go.
...has come out, and we put the article out.
We saw a small blurb in a financial publication about this, and Paul Watson wrote an article yesterday that's gotten a lot of traction, where they're openly announcing they want a world tax, basically, and with that, a world currency, merging the American Union and the EU with the Asian Union, which the Trilateral Commission has been calling for for right around 25, 26 years.
Now, Joan Villon has been to these meetings.
She's been to, I don't know, dozens and dozens of them.
I know it's, what, 14 major ones, she said last time, and many other smaller global meetings, population summits.
So she's there.
She gets the audio.
She writes the articles.
She's written a book about it.
It's global straightjacket.
The UN is the governmental management body for these private corporations.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Brought over 200-plus years ago, 240 years ago now, brought over, and the people don't even know it.
And then, of course, the German Roll family of England is the German Roll family of the Dutch, is the German Roll family of Cyprus, is the German Roll family of Spain.
It's all the same crew.
They're all intermarried.
Joan Vion, back from the Davos World Economic Forum, we had her on via cell phone in the airport for 30 minutes or so a few weeks ago, but now we've got her for the rest of this hour.
To detail this and public-private partnerships and what's really going on.
Joan, thank you for coming on with us.
Well, Alex Jones, it's always great to be on your show.
I can't talk fast enough, that's for sure.
Let's just talk for a moment about the Bank for International Settlements.
I want to get back to the Brits because, you know, all roads lead to Britain.
I don't care what you say.
They all lead to Britain, not Rome.
They all lead to Britain.
Oh, did you just hear that last segment with that guy?
No, I did not.
Well, I mean, that's what people love to do.
I mean, obviously, the Vatican's corrupt.
It's calling for a world government.
It's in the New World Order.
There's no debate, but they want a debate.
They want to force us to not say it's the British, and I think they're probably British agents.
I've been bullied lately to come out against the Vatican and say they run it all.
I'm saying they're in the New World Order.
I'm saying they're doing bad stuff.
But that isn't enough.
I've got to say it's not the British.
When I know, that's who owns everything.
That is.
You know, Alex, I have been covering global meetings for 11 years, and I am so sorry I never made a list of all the things that I uncovered here and there, researching key people here, there, everywhere else.
Who's been knighted?
Who hasn't?
I mean, it's like... Our CIA was founded openly by the British.
Institute of International Affairs, OSS, everything.
Yeah, yeah.
And it all leads back to the British.
I mean, it is unbelievable to me.
The research that I've done on the British, of course, my first book, Prince Charles, The Sustainable Prince, you know, Prince Charles, you know, people, when I talk to them about Prince Charles, they say, you're crazy.
And the bottom line is no.
Most Brits don't even believe or want to believe when I talk to them about Prince Charles and what he's done.
That's because they own most of the tabloids that openly try to make themselves look stupid.
It is an imperial tactic to make them look like some type of vestigial creature.
I mean, you know, and it's just unbelievable.
You know, when we start talking about who runs the world, I mean, you know, whether you're talking the ports, whether you're talking anything, as I read, as I research, I say, you know, this is so brilliant.
It's demonically brilliant.
Well, Joan, I can boil it down, and I'm going to try to stop interrupting to this.
I watch C-SPAN.
I don't watch regular TV.
I do watch some C-SPAN an hour or so a week.
I do research.
And you watch body language.
Whenever Alan Greenspan was around Bush, Bush was...
An underling.
He was bowing.
Bill Clinton did the same.
I've seen Greenspan and Bush with the Queen of England.
They are literally acting like they are peon employees and the CEO is there.
They don't even look her in the eyes.
They look down.
You can see the body language.
You know, it's very interesting.
My first Bank for International Settlements meeting back in, I think, 1998.
At that time, they had... How many meetings have you been to?
Well, I've been to a total of, I think, 89 or 90 meetings.
You said 14 of something last time you were on.
What particular have you been to 14 of?
I've been to eight of World Economic Forum.
I've been to eight of the Bank for International Settlements.
You know, I've been to like 10 banks for international monetary funds.
I was just seeing if my memory was operating correctly.
Please continue.
I'm going to shut up.
Go ahead, Joan.
Anyway, so they put us at this luncheon table with different central bank ministers.
And because my name sounds French and is partially French...
I was at the table with Jean-Claude Trichet, who was then the central bank minister of France, who is now the ECB central bank minister.
Anyway, I got there early.
I was the only woman at the table.
Everybody else, of course, if they're not female, they're male.
So I'm having this discussion with this Austrian central bank minister next to me, and he was very surprised that I was there, that I flew in for a one-day.
I think.
Um, well, I said, well, you do, don't you?
Well, yes.
I said, does that not make you the most important man in Austria?
I said, come on.
I said, Bill Clinton doesn't have the power in America.
It's Alan Greenspan.
And so anyway, everybody came and we're having this nice, polite luncheon.
And in the middle of the luncheon, when I'm trying to be, you know, very cool and quiet and demure, this man looks over and he says, Jean-Claude.
And I thought, oh.
He says, this lady says that Alan Greenspan has more power than Clinton.
Well, all the men started laughing.
And they just laughed and they laughed and so I laughed.
And, you know, that was the big joke.
That Alan Greenspan had more power than Clinton.
But it isn't a joke.
It isn't a joke.
I have been to a number of Bank for International Settlements meetings, and I've been sometimes, Alex, the only reporter asking about global taxation, global currency.
I have asked about global currency for the last couple of years.
In their annual report for 2005, they did mention just something about perhaps we'd have to go to some kind of regional currency,
Or maybe the regional currency would be a stepping stone to a global currency.
And so I ask this question... Instead of dollarized, globalized.
You also have your currencies, but they're pinned to one benchmark.
That's right.
And so I ask this to Malcolm Knight, who is... Now, let's get Malcolm Knight straight.
Malcolm Knight...
Dr. Malcolm Knight, who is now the new Bank for International Settlements Managing Director, was the Central Bank Minister for Canada, which means he's owned by the Queen.
Furthermore, he has a Ph.D.
and a Master's from the London School of Economics.
So, you know, let's get his thinking straight as well.
That's Keynesian.
That's right.
So I asked this question about
You know, do you see a regional currency?
Do you see a global currency as a stepping stone to a regional currency, as has been suggested by, you know, various key economists that I mentioned?
And he said to me, well, global imbalances are a concern, and, you know, we need to do some things, and we need to get savings up.
He said, but I really think you're talking a long-run economy.
You know, a long-run idea.
But now they've announced that it's in the news.
Well, let me say this, that I went, I have interviewed the chief economist, William White, a number of times.
We're on first, almost first-name basis.
And he knows who I am, certainly.
And I've done interviews, even one year I was ill, and he agreed to do an interview here in the States.
I mean, I just called him up and we did an hour-long... Okay, so you talked to him?
Yeah, I talked to him an hour-long interview, yeah.
Okay, what did he say?
Well, he issued a working paper called 193 for people who want to go to the Bank for International Settlements website, go under working papers, or research, go under working papers.
Okay, and what did he say?
He basically said that, yeah, we would have to, that's a prime consideration for a global currency.
And for economic imbalances that occur right now in the world economy.
Well, you were there at just the last Davos meeting, and it was in the Associated Press that they're calling for global taxation.
So let's talk about the specifics of these global taxes, and let's get into public-private partnerships.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Beyond has so much information.
Beyond has so much information.
But I just want to go through it in bullet points.
Joan, you've got so much information for us, we've only got about 35 minutes left and a few breaks in there.
Run through what happened this year, because it was in mainstream news, what you've been talking about for years, open calls for world taxation on currency transfers, oil at the wellhead, and then how that ties in now to the Bank of Settlements coming out, and I'm digging the article out here, it's right in front of me, where they're now saying, oh yeah, we need a global currency to fix all our problems.
Well, obviously, you know, we go back to John Maynard Keynes, we go back to the debt that's been created, we go back to the fact that all levels of government are broke.
So when you have all levels of government are broke, you need, as Klaus Schwab said in Davos, you need new rules, new institutions, and creative leadership.
Well, you know, as you know, they don't really explain to you and I, the peasants, what they really mean, but obviously we're now seeing, we seem to be at the end of the
The cycle whereby the dollar is dead, the world's going to go off the dollar and into some other kind of world currency.
If we go to the euro and they trash the dollar, the world will be in great trouble.
It's not just the U.S., it's all the countries of the world.
Therefore, you need to have other kinds of quote-unquote safety nets to help people up or to help countries up, whatever the case may be.
I think.
And people thought about it and said, hey, that's a great idea.
This year, it's all part of the agenda.
You know, well, hey, you know, if we need, you know, let's just do a global tax.
You know, here in the United States, we are faced with the reform of our tax system.
President Bush is calling for, unofficially, possibly a value-added tax or a national capital gains tax, both the same.
And if you add that on top of
What we have here in America, and then you start adding this idea of a global tax.
You know, France was the first one to pass a tax on airline tickets in December.
Other countries are going to follow suit.
The EU is calling for an Internet tax?
Yeah, that's right.
I mean, Jacques Chirac told me in June at the Glen Eagles G8 meeting that, hey, they had a whole lot of other kinds of tax benefits.
Taxes planned, you know, depending on what happened with the airline tax.
So when you start taking a look at what has been set in place, let's go back real quickly.
We go back to the income tax in America.
We go back to the Federal Reserve.
We go back to being taken off the gold standard and John Maynard Keynes and Keynesian economics.
Here we are now in the 40s and the 50s and predominantly the 90s were set up
We're used to set up an international system, the UN, the IMF, the World Trade, the International Criminal Court.
And here's an example.
Europe doesn't want genetically modified crops being grown.
The people don't want it, 90-plus percent in major polls.
But then the World Trade Organization, because of international agreements, a private group set up in 1996, comes in and says, no, by law, you will take this, you will grow this.
I mean, that's global government right there.
Yeah, that's global control, yeah.
You know, so we have this.
In the meantime, America is broke.
All the levels of government are broke.
Prince Charles comes in in 1990, and he basically starts the whole foundation for public-private partnership.
You know, it's real interesting.
I have been doing some research, as I do every year, on who's who, who comes.
And I mentioned this last time, that you have this inner core of people that are Council for Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission,
You know, Aspen, the Club of Rome... Just this handful of groups, and then you will see their key functionaries, say, at an Internet 2 meeting running that with the major Internet companies telling them how to take control and tax and regulate free speech on the web.
You'll see them at the major environmental summits hammering out state laws on taking private property.
You'll see them lobbying the Supreme Court to rule that there's not private property.
So we see them
At every key level.
Globally changing the policy.
Now let's get into public-private partnerships.
You know, we think of that as privatization, but it really isn't.
Well, you know, when you look at public-private partnerships, you know, you have government.
Government's broke.
Government needs a buyout.
So they take on who has the money, and it's the corporations.
Now, let's take a look at the CEO that's a member of the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral, the Council for Foreign Relations, you know?
Hey, they all go back to the Queen.
You know, the Bilderbergers were started by Prince Bernard.
Queen Beatrice's father.
Of the Netherlands.
Of the Netherlands.
Cousins to Queen Elizabeth.
That's exactly right.
And, you know, the Queen is on, the Queen Beatrice is part of the Queen's inner circle on the Order of the Garters.
Stay there.
I want to explain to people what public-private partnerships are.
Getting to it when we come back.
When we get back from this quick break, Joan Beyond is our guest.
You've got to get her book.
I mean, it is an easy read.
It's a thick book.
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I think?
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Going back to Joan Vion.
Joan, of course we have links on InfoWars.com to your website, but tell us about your website and some of the other books and things you've written, and then let's get into public-private partnerships in this new, really isn't new, but they're calling it the new British Empire.
My website is womensgroup.org, and they can go there.
There's a lot of information.
There's a lot of information for them to purchase, which is how, like you, I am supported.
There are a lot of economic newsletters.
I have an economic newsletter that talks about a global tax and a global currency.
I have just a lot of information.
They can call 301-371-0541.
And get an information packet.
We'd be more than happy to talk to them.
301-371-0541 or go to womensgroup.org.
That's right.
Now, public-private partnership.
In Chapter 2 of Global Straightjacket, I spend a heck of a lot of time talking about reinventing government and public-private partnership.
Let me tell you three things that it does before I explain it.
Let me try to boil it down, though, and see if from your unique perspective this is a correct summation.
Private companies said, hey, we can become the government ourselves and privatize it.
We'll go pay off the politicians for cut rate prices, pennies on the dollar, to just sell us the infrastructure and the government itself, and then we can double, triple, quadruple prices and rape the living daylights out of people.
That's wonderful.
A deconstruction of government, a transfer of wealth, most importantly, a loss of representative government.
And then when you start taking a look at these corporations and the CEOs,
They're members of the CFR, the Trilateral, the Council for Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome.
They are all in on this.
I mean, these people are not sweethearts.
You know, I was at an international meeting, and I asked the president of the International Chamber of Commerce if public-private partnership was where corporations were co-managing with government.
She got furious with me.
She didn't even know how to talk.
And she finally said, well, because I said to her, what kind of firewalls will you put in place to protect that the corporation doesn't become a co-manager with government?
Oh, my goodness.
She was speechless.
Because you just let the cat out of the bag, but their own policy reports say that's what they're doing.
Yes, absolutely.
And, Alex, that's what I have done when I have gone to these meetings.
I basically call a cat a cat and a dog a dog.
And I let it out of the bag or I preempt them.
You know, so that everybody in back of me can say, oh, gee, my goodness, is that what they're doing?
Now, Joan, I've heard you in the past, and you're right on target for my own research, but you've been to all these meetings.
I just read what they say in the minutes of the meetings, the next best thing.
But you're there, and you hear a lot of stuff that didn't even in the minutes.
But explain how the British Commonwealth works, and in this global commonwealth, they've got 20 countries, we've only got one vote, and how the U.N.
Security Council and all of this is controlled by the British Crown.
Explain that for people.
I mean, this is absolutely fabulous.
It is absolutely brilliant.
I mean, you know, you create an international level, okay, where you have all the international, the WTO, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, and then you allow the British and the Commonwealth.
They have 54 members that are a part of the Commonwealth.
Some of them are former colonies.
But there's around 20 that have the high-level voting rights, correct?
There's about 20 that have high-level voting rights.
That's correct.
But what I'm saying is that when you take a look at whether it's the Bank for International Settlements, the World Trade, the World Health, the IMF, the World Bank, we are outvoted on the international level by all.
The Commonwealth countries that pledge allegiance to the Queen.
And basically all the power of the UN is in the Security Council, the GA, and then when you have the 170-something member countries there, it's just a debating club.
They have no power.
That's right.
It's really just a co-opting house.
That's right.
That's absolutely right.
Take some time and break that down, because I've heard you on other shows break that down.
Well, you have a situation whereby, for example, if you look at the World Trade Organization, there are 35 members who are members of the World Trade, who are also members of the UN, and the 35 members pledge allegiance to the Queen through the Commonwealth.
So, you potentially have 35 votes by the Commonwealth against America's one.
And that's how it's working all over the international level.
The only place where we currently have a one-to-one vote are the five permanent members of the Security Council.
And if they add India, if they add Australia, if they add Canada, it'll be two-to-one.
Because all those countries are members of the Commonwealth.
When we start taking a look at even the free trade areas of the Americas,
Come on, you have America merging with Canada.
Canada belongs to the Queen.
And see, that's how they started the EU.
They call it a trade deal.
And I have professors on, I have globalists on, and they go, yeah, we're merging with Canada and Mexico.
All the agreements are ongoing, expanding, but the American people think it's a trade deal.
No, it's merging our governments.
That's right.
How do you merge America?
They're having joint sessions with the Parliament of Canada and the Congress of Mexico.
They had, what, one last year?
That's right.
How do you do that?
How do you do that?
You have here in the free trade areas of the Americas, there are 14 countries that are part of the Commonwealth.
You know, when you start taking a look, look at the Bahamas, and look at St.
Kitts, and all the little islands in the Bahamas.
They're all part of the Commonwealth.
And even when they claim it's not a Commonwealth, like British Honduras, now Belize, or India, as you said, still it's the British corporations in control of those governments.
I mean, you know, come on, Alex.
This is absolutely demonically brilliant that the Brits would have done this.
I mean, you know, it was Churchill.
Why do you think they're selling to the UAE or United Arab Emirates?
Why are they selling to them?
I mean, I know that country's dominated by the British and was set up and carved up and set up by them.
But if the British, foreigners already own those ports, folks, why are people freaking out over being Arabs now?
That's right.
I mean, it's almost a mute point.
It's a pathetic point.
We have not done our homework.
We don't know our history.
We don't know who's running our country.
And we don't know who's in control.
Well, go ahead and make your point about Churchill, please.
Well, Churchill and Roosevelt were the two key players in setting up the United Nations.
Roosevelt was thrilled that he came up with the name United Nations.
But, you know, my point is that... Because the League of Nations had failed with Woodrow Wilson.
That's right.
That's right.
And they went off and they just waited until they could get America after World War II to come in.
You know, it was supposed to be a place where it would end all wars.
And interestingly enough, when you take a look at the U.N., there have been 40 wars in the last 15 years versus 18 wars from 1945 until... And they're always police actions.
They're just really wars against populations.
Take the U.N.
from April to June in 1994.
Admittedly, between 500,000 and 700,000 people killed.
The U.N.
would actually take the Christians, the Tutsis, put them in a camp...
And then in many cases, we have photos of it, kill them themselves, or have the Hutus kill them, and Madeleine Albright told the UN, and the British government told the UN, this is part of the record, hey, don't save those people, let them be hacked to death by the Hutus.
Because they have the oil, and then later Dutch Royal Shell moved into those tootsie areas that have the oil.
Yeah, you know, we saw that, did we not, down in Rhodesia and in South Africa?
You know, the Boer War?
We saw the same thing in Burma, just calmly reported in The Guardian a few years ago that the UN, to make a UN biosphere zone, they went and machine-gunned 3,000 of the natives.
It's just calmly reported.
Meanwhile, the UN goes, oh, you're bad, you're torturing.
It's all part of the same system.
It is, and it's evil.
You can call it sustainable development if you want, but...
Let me point something out with the ports that you may or may not be aware of.
There are agreements that our country has been signing with different countries for the last 20 years called Open Skies.
Are you familiar with that at all?
Yeah, they signed Open Skies several decades ago where there's no regulation of who flies over and what they do.
Well, that's right, but part of Open Skies is the Treaty of the Sea.
Well, part of Open Skies is that they will now allow... Now, the Open Skies, the major, major agreement that is supposed to be done by October of this year is the Open Skies Agreement between the United States and the EU.
What that will allow for the first time in our history is for foreign companies to come in and buy up our airlines.
Which heretofore was always felt to be something very sensitive where we didn't want any foreigners... Well, let's be clear.
Other countries don't let us do this.
That's right.
We're being subdivided.
We're being looted.
I'm going to take a few calls, Joan, and then get more into your book, United Nations Global, Straightjack, and what people will read in that book.
Jeffrey in New Orleans, you're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
Yes, and I have an update on the planning and zoning situation down here, which is very bad.
Which Prince Charles is involved in, too, with the British?
And we'll get Joan to comment on that.
Go ahead.
All right, let me summarize the two plans that are coming up.
Simply put,
The state is proposing and the federal government is proposing to pay each homeowner in affected areas $150,000 if they have flood insurance or $105,000 if they don't.
They will be given three options.
One is to rebuild and if the rebuilding cost is more than $150,000, you're going to go into debt.
Two, you can sell your property to the federal government and move to higher ground and you'll still get a subsidy.
And three, you can sell and sell.
Well, there's also a lot of areas that they're going to condemn out of Annabelle Hotel Zone.
That is correct, and that's what I'm getting ready to talk about.
If you sell to the federal government and go to Hyatt, or you sell to the federal government and get out of Louisiana, that place will become green space and you won't be able to build on it again.
And the point is that I was in an argument with Clancy DuBose of Gambit, one of the local newspapers this morning on this,
And he is advocating that the city council no longer have any review in terms of planning and zoning and that the planning and zoning commission will have tyrannical control and the only way you'll get... Well, here's the deal.
Here's the deal.
The $200 billion that's going to be handed out, a pittance, is going to be given to the people themselves.
And once they're moved out, and this has even been in the New York Times, they're very proud of it, then they're going to hand those tens of billions directly to...
The companies that are going to move in there and basically be paid to build the new city and then charge everyone rent.
And so it's going to a modern city.
Joan, I know you've covered this.
Thanks for the call, Jeffrey.
I appreciate it.
Comment on what's happening in New Orleans, please.
I've written an 18-page paper on Katrina.
The bottom line is you're going to see Agenda 21, regional government.
Regional government meaning there's no representative government.
It's all appointed government.
Directly with the powers that be.
An example of that is they just circumvent legislatures and city councils and county commissioners.
They come in and pay off the legislature in a one-time deal to cede their authority, say with the toll roads, to a regional mobility authority that is private.
And again, the wife of the toll road company can be the chairman of it.
It doesn't matter.
And then they just take over everything.
That's right.
I mean, there's not going to be any freedom.
This is all going to be...
Public-private partnership, regional government, and, you know, Agenda 21, meaning you're going to have sustainable transportation.
And that goes back to feudalism, and that's why we have the Supreme Court ruling saying if a private land baron wants to pay, this is in the ruling, wants to lobby, and then they can take your property, and here's the kicker, they're not giving you just compensation.
See, the debate is, oh, they can take your land and pay you for it if somebody private wants it.
No siree, Bob, folks.
They're giving people one quarter on average in New London and Freeport, Texas.
That's right.
That's right.
I mean, this is so evil.
The people of America, I mean, don't stand up to this.
It's going to take a while, but this is sort of like the Russian Revolution.
It's going to go region by region by region.
You know, if it's not a hurricane, it's going to be something else.
Who knows?
A tornado?
Every cover they get.
Let's talk to Mike in Arizona.
Mike, you're on the air with Joan Vion.
Go ahead.
Hi, Joan.
Joan, I think the joke on your one-day trip over there was, you know, the notion that Alan Greenspan is...
Yeah, when he himself is a titular head of the big European central banks in that hierarchy, and the joke is that would even have to be stated.
It's like saying, hey, the sky is blue.
That was my point.
Also, on the matter of the United Nations, how that was named, the United Nations organization was actually...
The name was actually used in a paper by the American Historical Association back in about 1908.
I have a New York Times 1937 original newspaper, original newspaper, that has the ten FEMA regions and everything from 1937.
Now, this has been in the works for a long time, and so let's not credit FDR with any originality.
He was just a water carrier like Churchill.
I agree that he was a water carrier, but...
You know, he has been given credit for coming up with the name.
I mean, this is in a book that I read.
I mean, you know, lots of things.
No, I know they give themselves credit, and I know he brought it forward.
You're correct.
I mean, I don't think he's saying you're wrong.
The only point we're making is this is diabolical.
This thing spans hundreds of years.
And again, it's like the mission statement.
Well, no, I'm not prepared right now.
But I was trying to remember...
The name of the scientist that you had on from the Naval Weapons Lab, you had him on a couple times, I think, who pointed out that they have the technology to knock down the magnitude of hurricanes.
Yeah, Dr. Ben Livingston, the head of the weapons lab, and then Chertoff made a joke last week, Associated Press, going, yeah, we can control the weather.
Well, it's admitted they can.
They could have stopped that hurricane, but they didn't, did they, Joan?
No, they didn't.
No, no, no.
In fact, it was perfectly centered wherever it went.
But then the general public still doesn't know.
It's like telling somebody that airplanes exist.
They go, no, they don't.
This is an admitted technology.
Yeah, admitted.
I mean, you know, they changed the weather during Vietnam, and that's when they first started.
Well, this is the guy that did it.
Yeah, this is the guy.
Anything else, Mike?
No, sir.
I'm enjoying your conversation.
I'll sit back and listen.
Thank you, Jeremy.
All right.
Folks, there's really nobody out there who's done more research and been more places and covered this more.
I mean, her book gets into population control, all of it.
Each chapter makes you an expert.
And the United Nations Global Straightjacket by Joan Vion makes you an expert on whole facets of this tentacle creature.
I hope you'll go to InfoWars.com.
And order a copy or call toll-free and get it.
I mean, I'm really pushing this book because I read it about a year ago, and it is such an easy read.
It's full of documents, diagrams, their own admissions, their own documents.
Joan, you have done a masterwork writing this book.
Thank you very much.
You bet.
Final segment with Joan Vion coming up straight ahead.
We're so honored to have her.
Got to have her up yet again.
I want to talk about the Global Master Plan when we get back.
What will the world look like if they win?
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
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The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
That's 888-2533-139.
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Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
I think.
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Well actually, I mean, you've said it very well many times.
We would be
We would be in a feudalistic society.
In other words, you and I are just going to be worker bees on the plantation.
In fact, I put the policy documents in my film Road to Tyranny at the end of the film.
I show official U.N.
past charters and plans where they say a feudal state where we will be slaves.
I mean, you know, right now, when you take away the value of the currency, you devalue the currency, people work harder.
It's like an additional tax when you add higher taxes on top of that because the governments are broke.
When you take their property, when you set them up so that they have no representative government, whether it's through eminent domain or whether it's through regional government.
I mean, hey, that's all we're going to be.
And it's all accelerating right now.
Why is it accelerating right now?
I think they've reached the crossover point.
I mean, you know, the snowball's going down the hill.
They have everything, all the infrastructure's in place.
All the philosophy is in place.
Look at all the people, whether they are the Bilderbergers, whether they're the Royal Family, whether they are Harvard or Yale or Princeton.
Whether it's our local police chief.
And they've written up global laws, Agenda 21.
They didn't go to the big national organizations that federally write legislation with lobbyists in lobbying for that legislation to be implemented at the local level.
Here's a microcosm example.
Gloria Steinem now admits...
That the CIA approached her to start Miss Magazine.
She says it was because they loved the women.
And I'm not against women working.
My point is they said we want to get all the women in the workforce so they can be under our control working as our slaves and then so they won't be home with the kids so we can then raise them.
See, that's one more little part and then they sell it as some feminist move.
When a woman works, she does not produce.
If a woman works, for the most part, she does not produce.
They sold woman the apple.
They sold woman the apple and they said, hey, you know, you stay at home, you're wasting your time, look what you're doing, your brain's going to mush.
You know, you need to be a part of it.
And all it is is getting everybody involved in slave labor.
Can't have anybody sitting back because you see... And that effectively doubled the workforce and then wages suddenly plunged.
So now you're both working for less.
That's right.
That's exactly right.
And paying double the taxes.
That's right.
And again, if the woman wants to go work and the man stay home, the point is they don't want somebody raising those kids and they've said it.
That's right.
They want to steal the minds.
They want to steal the hearts.
They want to steal the soul.
They want to steal your bank account.
They want to steal what you own.
I mean, this is spiritual warfare at its finest, and I think it's about time people wake up.
It's total social engineering, and of course, in your book you get some into the Georgia Guidestones and the occultism.
We're just reporters, folks.
We know where the report is, and they really are into the occult, Joan.
Oh, absolutely.
This is demonic from the pit of hell.
In fact, there are statues all over the world saying that Prince Charles is God.
Yeah, yeah.
Pretty scary when you have... I mean, you know, look, people had better wake up as to who really rules the world.
I mean, you know, when Prince Charles came over here, he was surveying what he owned.
He didn't go down to New Orleans because he was concerned.
He went down to New Orleans because he's got vested interests.
Hey, you don't have to convince me, Joan.
I mean, openly, the King of Spain's taking over most of Texas highways.
No one wants it, and the government just says, hey, we're going to do it, and if you don't go along with it, we'll arrest you.
Pretty scary.
The toll roads along with the ports, open skies, I mean, you know?
Joan Vion, it was amazing having you.
I really appreciate you spending the last 55 minutes with us.
We'll talk to you real soon, and we're carrying what I think is your most powerful publication, the United Nations Global Straightjacket, and God bless you.
God bless you.
God bless America.
Take care, Joan Vion.
Again, the book's available at Infowars.com right now.
You need it.
Give it to your friends and family.
We'll come back, take a few calls.
We've got another guest coming up in about 10 minutes.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Wow, these broadcasts go by faster and faster, quicker and quicker.
Now into hour number three on this live Wednesday edition, 22nd day of February 06th.
Hello, Alex.
This world's filled up with corruption right now.
It's not only in the government.
Like Gary Brownfield says, corruption gone to seed.
I've talked about it before when I was on here.
It's so close.
It's not in our hands.
It's in the Lord's hands.
And ain't nothing we can do but just, you know, what...
Pray, and we've got to pray for our leaders.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Let me just say this about that.
Trust in God and tie up your camels, the Bedouin saying, or somebody else said, trust in God but row away from the rocks, and God helps those that help themselves.
And certainly everything is in God's hands, but listen.
God over and over again, the Bible tells His people, stand up against evil.
Who will fight the evil ones if you don't?
Who will fight in my name?
And the church has been bought off, paid off, taken over by the globalists, World Council of Churches, all of that, and they're just saying, lay down and pray about it.
Let's say the water supply is poisoned, which it is, with sodium and stannous fluoride and all these toxins.
Do I just go, oh, that's the way it is, I'm going to pray about it, or should I tell people, hey, filter your water?
Or let's say Ritalin's making kids have heart attacks and stunting their growth and really bad for them.
The drug companies are corrupt.
Should I just go, man, stuff's corrupt?
Or should I warn people about Ritalin, which people are now waking up to and refusing to take?
Or if torture's going on, should I just go, ah, they're torturing people, but there's nothing we can do, so might as well just pray about it?
I pray about it, and God says, hey, okay, you prayed about it.
Now, here's your answer.
Go get involved and fight it and expose it.
I mean, just because the evil's rising right now doesn't mean that we shouldn't rise against it.
For every action, there's an equal or greater reaction, and you're part of that.
So have faith there, Jamie.
Cliff in Utah, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
That Joan Vion, she's quite the lady.
She's very intelligent, and she's 100% correct.
But I think she needs to kind of base something, too, on the way they've changed the law and the court systems where it's taken everybody down.
They've substituted administrative law for substantive law.
And you're a witness against yourself.
Well, you're right.
And here's an example.
Marriage licensing didn't start until blacks were attempting to marry white women.
It was racist.
And they started it just for them to then have regulatory control.
When you sign the marriage license agreement, it says you become a ward of the state.
And you give your children over to the government.
You are signing up eventually for welfare.
But see, in the past, they would use the CPS on people who'd sign those.
Now they don't care if you don't have a marriage license.
They claim you're under their jurisdiction to begin with.
It's all color of law, criminality, and these administrative admiralty courts, that's what they are, are taking over.
Yes, and I'd like to say something about the church involvement in this, too.
I have two sons that are in the Mennonites.
And all they say is, oh, God will take care of us.
And I said, you better be ready to fight because that's what it says in the Bible, too.
And they don't understand that, Alex.
Well, I think the Mennonites and the Amish are great.
They need to grow up and realize that they need to add something to that equation that's defending their family.
But you're right.
And they're using CPS all over the country to grab their kids.
They're harassing them now.
You know what I told them?
I told them, I said, you're nothing but pawns in the hands of Satan.
And it's a fact, Alex.
Well, yeah, I mean, getting out of the system I think is really good, but you can't totally get out of it.
You've got to be in the world, but not of it.
I mean, it comes down to that.
You do not protect yourself.
You can't physically pull out of it.
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Hello, my friends.
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A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Eight minutes into this third and final hour, my friends.
Dimitri Vasileros is our guest, and he writes for the Tribune Review.
Amazing story.
Two nations are threatening American law enforcement officers who protect this republic's southern border.
Mexico is the obvious threat.
800-plus dead last year in the Texas-Mexico border alone.
Rocket attacks, missions and embassies closing.
More dangerous than the West Bank and State Department reports.
Car bombs going off.
Las Vetas killing and slaughtering.
Just total bedlam.
The tourism industry has folded.
The communities on both sides are folding.
And nothing's happening.
I'm sorry, side-issued.
Mexico is the obvious threat.
The other will stun you.
Men dressed as Mexican soldiers have set foot on American soil more than 200 times in the last decade.
That's a lot more than that.
The Mexican government claims they are impersonators.
I've been in Mexico seeing the troops guarding the drugs.
Helping drug warlords shipping into the United States.
Whether soldiers or soldiers of fortune...
Come on, folks.
I've interviewed the sheriffs who were there with Mexican troops in Mexican Humvees, aiming machine guns at them.
Mexico has done virtually nothing to stop incursions by heavily armed forces in the military-style Humvees.
Well, they got drug dealers shooting at them and attacking them, and this guy was running from them and had a bunch of marijuana.
So they shot at him and hit him in the rear end, and Homeland Security came and got the guy, and they're going to give him immunity from the drugs and the weapons charges if he will go and be a witness against the Border Patrol agents to put them in prison.
This is your government.
They're not just harassing topless bars in Las Vegas with Homeland Security or toy stores with the Patriot Act or homeless people or widows or libraries.
I mean, it's everything.
There's hundreds of articles on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, mainstream, where Homeland Security is involved in what they call infrastructure protection.
And that's the entire economy, the entire society.
They've got the TSA new Viper teams in Dallas and Houston, where I live in Texas, running around randomly searching people at shopping malls, going, we're randomly looking for terrorists.
Just randomly.
No, it's randomly teaching us how to live in a police state.
But don't you, the Border Patrol's been told, don't fire back when you're shot at.
We've had the head of their union on.
All right, I'm going to shut up.
His name is Dimitri Vassaleros.
We have links to it over at the Tribune Review on Infowars.com.
His article is excellent.
Mr. Vassaleros, thank you for coming on and writing your excellent piece.
Well, Alex, you're very kind.
Dimitri is fine.
It is the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.
If you would just tell your listeners that so that they know where we are.
Yes, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, the big Super Bowl winner.
And folks can link through and get on my website directly to your columns.
Thank you.
You have a weekly column or twice a week column in there, right?
Actually, I write three columns a week plus editorials as well.
So, sir, without me reading the whole lengthy article, tell us about this outrage.
The two Border Patrol agents.
First, I want to give credit where credit is due.
I learned about this through a story in the El Paso Times.
I was going to write a column about the Sheriff's Department in Hudspeth County, Texas, just east of El Paso.
Yeah, we had them on.
They had the machine guns aimed at them.
They had the marijuana stolen back from them.
I'm not surprised by that at all.
There's video of it, yeah.
And I was going to do a column on that, about how the Sheriff's Department deputies claimed that the drug dealers had supposedly put bounties on their heads, up to $10,000 reward supposedly for...
Killing a sheriff's deputy, and I was, of course, outraged.
That's been in the Mexican papers, by the way.
They called for that in the papers.
It's unbelievable.
And so, as I was doing research on that online, using primarily Google, I stumbled across this story in the El Paso Times about these two Border Patrol agents.
And I hope I'm not mispronouncing their names.
Jose Alonso Companion.
And Ignacio Ramos, Border Patrol agents, the good guys.
They shot a person in the drug trade, a driver, Osvaldo Aldrete de Vila.
Again, I apologize if I'm mispronouncing the man's name.
He's an illegal alien, admitted drug smuggler, and they shot him in the buttocks in February of 2005, according to the El Paso Times.
And Mr. Davila had been driving a van brimming with marijuana, about 700 pounds, I think, of marijuana, heading toward an El Paso stash house, according to the El Paso Times.
Driving recklessly.
And the agents, the Border Patrol agents, stopped him and shot at him as he was retreating, trying to escape back to Mexico.
And I read that part of the story and I thought, well, surely the Department of Homeland Security would give these two Border Patrol agents medals for stopping this.
Well, it turns out that is not what happened.
The Department of Homeland Security sent an investigator and said that since the Border Patrol agents did not mention that
They had shot at this drug dealer from Mexico, this illegal alien, and since they had picked up the shell casings, then supposedly, to the investigator's mind anyway, it indicated that they were trying to cover up something.
Now, this is all on the same day, though.
I mean, they're just...
Homeland Security is just showing up, claiming that the cops now need to go to jail.
Well, the Border Patrol agents were covering up, and so they brought charges against the agents.
There was a grand jury, a federal grand jury, that ruled against the agents, claiming... Let me see here.
Okay, a federal grand jury in April...
And again, they pull him over and he races away recklessly driving.
I don't know the specifics.
I'd have to refer back to other newspaper articles.
Yeah, well, that's what it says here.
Cops shoot at cars all the time.
I don't dispute that.
The Border Patrol agents also were charged with assault with serious bodily injury and assault with a deadly weapon, potentially 40 years in federal prison.
Now, these are our guys.
The investigator finds Mr. Davila, the Mexican, the drug dealer,
And says to him that you will be offered immunity on the drug charges.
Did you testify against him?
I mean, even if they're going to charge these Border Patrol officers, what is Homeland Security doing?
I thought we're on the edge of being hit with A-bombs any minute, and Al-Qaeda's going to drink our blood like a vampire, and they're hiding under every...
Well, I can't speak to those other issues.
I don't dispute what you're saying.
I simply don't know.
But I do know that what is being done to these two Border Patrol agents, I think, is outrageous and
A metaphor about what is wrong with our government whether it be the Republicans or the Democrats but in this case since the Republicans are in charge of the White House and Congress
What they are doing in terms of not defending our border... Well, the old head of the Border Patrol was Mr. Bach, was a former head of the Ford Foundation who wants open borders, and they're doing everything they can to keep these open.
Bush has said he wants this blanket guest worker amnesty program, and they do everything they can.
They make the Border Patrol go out for half their shift and pick up trash...
It really is outrageous.
I feel terribly for the Border Patrol agents as well as for the American citizens who live along the border and for the
Mexican citizens who also live along the border who are not trying to escape into this country.
Well, yeah, you're up in Pittsburgh, sir.
You're up in Pittsburgh.
Let me just tell you what it's like here.
Nuevo Laredo and Laredo on our side is a ghost town now.
Yes, we've done editorials about that, as a matter of fact, about how the drug dealers have taken over the Mexican border towns and have just, with the help of the Mexican border,
Without the Mexican government intervening or trying to stop it.
Well, then they blow up newspapers that don't play ball, and the newspaper the next day says, we'll never report on you again.
We will submit.
Well, you might not want to give any of your listeners those ideas, because some of them might think, hey, that's not such a bad idea, blowing up newspapers that we disagree with.
No, but I'm sure you saw that newspaper down in South Texas over the border in Mexico that a day after being bombed said, okay, no more drug dealer stories.
I did not read that.
No, I did not.
But when I had lived in San Diego in the early 90s, I went with the Border Patrol on a ride-along and got to see up close and personal what it was like even back then with the border with Tijuana and how the coyotes would create a distraction in one part of the border so that the Border Patrol agents would have to address that and then allow the people in the other part of the border to cross over
And it never ends.
Well, Dimitri, I don't blame you for not knowing about the latest thing, because most of it doesn't even get reported, but it's on Texas TV now, finally.
Yeah, no, they blew the building up, right over the border from Texas, because they'd done a bad story about the drug dealers.
I'm sure you heard about all the American citizens getting kidnapped across the border, and they take them back to Mexico.
I mean, it's bedlam, sir.
I don't dispute that.
It appears to be almost lawless.
Did you hear about the ten-part series in the San Antonio Express News?
The what, please?
The El Cenizo town that flies the Mexican flag?
No, as a matter of fact, I have not.
Sir, it is a takeover here.
I don't dispute that.
What are the Texas United States Senators doing about it?
What is Governor Perry doing about it?
I'm curious.
He had a big photo op.
He sent a mixed mash of Texas Guard and cops.
The total number is 100.
Staggered out over the next six months, so about 20 people down there at any one time, oh boy, for 800 miles of border.
I don't understand why the people of Texas put up with that.
I really don't.
I don't understand.
I hate to be jumping on you and running over.
I mean, I'm glad you're mad about these guys now facing 40 years in prison, but we want the national media and people up north to know it's a lot worse than even you're hearing, brother.
Well, frankly, I was amazed as I stumbled across the story there, the El Paso Times story.
I looked at the names of the two Border Patrol agents who are being targeted by their own government, and I did a Google search using their names as keywords.
Assuming that I would see maybe a dozen, a few dozen stories about them, and yet I saw nothing, and I thought, you've got to be kidding me.
Well, sir, stay there.
I want to come back and hear where this case is going.
We've got to break.
Thank you for joining us.
Stay with us.
The war on terrorism.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I typed in newspaper bomb in Mexico during the break, trying to Google it, and there were just so many links, so many examples.
The one that happened a few weeks ago, I'm pulling that up right now, but here's bomb destroys car of Prima Hora editor in Nuevo Laredo.
I think.
I think.
I am not sure.
I've not kept on top of it since I've written this column and ran on Friday, although it is fascinating because I've been getting so much feedback from all across the country.
This has been one of the most
...red columns that I have ever done.
We keep track of the number of hits that each one of our articles, columns, or whatever gets with our website.
May I give the address of the website?
Would that be all right, Alex?
Sure, go ahead.
It's www.triblive.com.
That's T-R-I-B-L-I-V-E dot com.
And we have a listing about the most read articles, and this column has been one of the most read over the last, well, really since...
Since Friday, it's been really astounding.
A number of times it's actually been read more often than stories about the world champion Pittsburgh Steelers.
Yeah, people are concerned.
It's astounding.
Imagine if you write an article, sir, about how the State Department has issued three travel warnings for South Texas itself, saying it's more dangerous than the West Bank of Israel.
Are you aware of those?
I had heard some.
I don't doubt that for one second.
And frankly, I was amazed that the rest of the media had not picked up on this story from the El Paso Times.
But I'm glad I stumbled across it and shared the information with my readers all across the country and
I must tell you, the email that I've been getting from literally all across the country has been astounding.
I mean, hundreds of emails from north, south, east, and west.
People simply cannot believe what is being done to these Border Patrol agents and how the Department of Homeland Security...
Is operating.
It's an outrage that people are fed up and they want something done about this.
Well, I mean, sir, Los Zetas, the paramilitary gangs, and they're still in the Mexican military, folks.
They are bombing people in their cars in Dallas, machine gunning people in San Antonio.
I mean, it is massive.
And you'll see a little blurb in the newspaper.
A little blurb here, a little blurb there.
The Dallas Morning News will have like a one-inch little column like it's no big deal.
I mean, if it was Arabs bombing cars with people in them in Texas, it would be dun-da-dun, Fox News, CNN, top story, the terrorist hit, lockdown of the state.
But see, they don't want the American people to know about the real threat because they're busy basically merging our economies.
Well, again, I don't have any first-hand knowledge of that, but I can certainly understand the frustration that I hear in your voice.
There's no question about that.
I would welcome you or your listeners to consider sending me story ideas of things that are happening or have just happened.
Well, this is an example of what we're talking about.
This is what my listeners attempt to do with our dozens and dozens of MNFM affiliates, Internet listeners, and Troy listeners, is that a lot of reporters like yourself are good, do want to do real stories, and there's such a news blackout, though, or regional news blackout, they don't know.
It is up to us to not just send you stories, but everybody's stories.
I agree.
You might want to start with me, though.
Tell me, the newspaper that was blown up, when did this happen and where was this again?
This happened two weeks ago, and I'm here while we're talking trying to read Google, but just type in newspaper bombed, or Mexico newspaper bombed.
This newspaper was in Mexico?
Yes, in Mexico.
There have been a whole bunch of them.
That's the problem.
I thought I could just type this in and get the particular one, but I've got a whole bunch of stories here.
Here's one of them.
Bomb destroys car of Prima Hora editor in Nuevo Laredo.
I'll tell you what we can do.
We're about to break.
If you want, in three minutes during the break, I can probably pull all these up.
I asked my staff to.
Why don't we do this?
My email address is at the bottom of my column, so if
Perhaps your producer, Violet, who was wonderful, by the way, a very sweet, nice person, would want to maybe email that information to me or perhaps some of your listeners if they wanted to do that.
They could just get my email address at the bottom of my column.
It's dvasileros... At tribweb.com.
And Vasileros is V-A-S-S-I-L-A-R-O-S at tribweb.com.
And by the end of the show, I will find all those news articles and read part of them on the air for the listeners.
Sir, thank you for joining us.
Thanks for doing a good article.
We'll be talking soon.
Thank you so much for your time, and thank your listeners as well for caring, and I hope you have a great day.
God bless.
You bet.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And they've always been a good source.
The Secret Service filled out an incident report that Cheney was obviously inebriated.
Now, first they lied and said he hadn't been drinking any that day.
Now he only had one beer.
I mean, it's a total fraud.
But here's the audio from a little music video cartoon, Cheney's Got a Gun.
Dick Cheney's got a gun Dick Cheney's got a gun Safety's come undone He's wincing in the Texas sun What did our leader say?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I tell you, it's hilarious, but it's not funny when you really start talking about it.
And it really has become a big distraction and diversion from everything.
But when we get into the news here, and we find out that the Secret Service are saying that Dick Cheney was indeed drinking, this is a Capitol Hill blew-up on prisonplanet.com, Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot lawyer.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The report notes that Cheney exhibited visible signs of impairment, including slurred speech and erratic actions.
The report said, according to those who have read the report and talked with others present at the outing, Cheney was drunk when he gunned down his friend, and the day and a half delay in allowing Texas law enforcement officials to the ranch where the shooting occurred gave all members of the hunting party time to sober up.
And that's true.
It was around 13, almost 14 hours.
The media says 15.
I say 13 plus.
That's what I count up.
But then it was a day and a half that led him actually on to the physical area where it happened.
We talked with a number of administration officials who are privy to the inside information on Vice President's shooting accident, and all admit Secret Service agents and others saw Cheney consume far more than one beer he claimed he drank at the lunch earlier that day.
This was a South Texas hunt, says one White House aide.
Of course there was drinking.
There's always drinking, lots of it.
Cheney has a long history of alcohol abuse, including two convictions of driving under the influence when he was younger.
Doctors tell me that some, like Cheney, who is taking blood thinners because of a history of heart attacks, could get legally drunk now after consuming just one drink.
And it goes on and on.
The whole thing's a lie.
The whole thing's a fraud.
Back to the Texas... It was in Louisville, Laredo.
Newspaper getting bombed about a week and a half ago, two weeks ago.
It's all registered here, registered there, Denton newspapers and others.
And so Ryan Slickhouse is busy right now uploading video.
And so we'll be sure and post that.
Under, just because I don't like to say something.
I mean, even when I have UAW mainstream news articles saying the Arabs are getting it, people go, it's not true.
So I don't want to sit here and report something I said almost two weeks ago, and then people are like, well, where is it?
Someday under the sun, I will find that.
It's weird how you can find some stories so easy, but this border stuff is a real hassle.
So I think instead of just looking for it, we should go ahead and register with that Denton paper.
And go ahead and get that article.
I'm surprised that we just found two newspapers that have it.
Because I never watch TV, and I was sitting in a hotel room, because we're having our house painted, having some work done on it, so you can't be in it when you're painting, obviously.
And I'm in a hotel room visiting with my wife and family that night, and I was watching local TV, and it was all over the news.
And they blew up the... In Loyola, they blew up the... And it showed the blown up, you know, windows blown out, door blown off, shit.
Shattered roof where this bomb went off.
And I type it into Google.
I find them bombing in south Mexico, northern Mexico, bombings of people's cars in Nuevo Laredo.
The editor of the same newspaper, but I am having trouble finding that right now.
But you can believe it.
We're going to get that posted for you.
I lost my call list here.
Who's up next?
Then I'll get in some other news.
Are you there, Scott?
Who's up next, Scott?
Okay, thank you.
I lost my call list.
Joe in Wisconsin.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just needed to get some confirmation on this from some of the people here.
I'm very concerned about First Amendment rights on campus.
I tried to send you an email, but it got bounced.
What did you send it to?
Tips at Infowar.
Well, it shouldn't be bouncing.
That gets checked.
But somebody come in, it might be clogged up, so we'll check it.
They're also jamming you on 9.985.
I got a little anti-jamming thing, but it gets annoying.
Okay, sir, what's on your mind?
Well, if you have a free speech display and someone, anyone, does not agree with you,
You cannot confront or correct them on it, because that would be considered threatening behavior.
Oh yeah, that's why they arrested the Christians kneeling and praying in Philadelphia a year and a half ago, and tried to put them in jail for 47 years apiece, because praying offended others, and then they attacked the Christians, and so the Christians made them attack them, and so they're terrorists.
If what you're doing hurts someone's feelings, then you can go to jail.
Oh, yes.
I mean, look, Art Zundel's in prison.
Whether you agree with him or don't agree, one of the other Holocaust deniers just got three years in Austrian prison, David Irving.
Now they want to get more than three years?
That's not enough?
Well, the acting vice chancellor, I talked to him directly yesterday, and...
I tried to get him to put into effect, if you disagree with someone and you do not remove yourself from the situation, the other party should be held harmless.
And I said, well, this is just a suggestion.
He says, well, I'm not taking your suggestion.
Well, you know you're going on record for saying that.
Well, I don't care.
Okay, well, now you people are hearing it.
I think there should be a full investigation of the entire UW system, top to bottom,
Do an entire audit of everything.
And I think people who are paying their taxes should be getting their money's worth, including the students here.
Well, sir, this is nationwide, these free speech stifling rules.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, I'm just surprised that most of the speakers we've had on campus... I would love to have you on campus, but I'm hesitant because what are they going to think of you?
If you don't toe the whatever line...
And who do I... Well, number one, I can't come speak at your campus.
I'm too busy.
But why don't you speak?
You don't need me to come speak.
You know what's going on.
Well, that would be another can of worms.
Well, specifically, what are they doing?
I mean, this sounds like nothing compared to arresting people for praying.
By the way, there's video of all this.
It was in the Philadelphia newspapers.
This is not a joke.
They faced 47 years.
They first arrested like 18 of them, and then they finally took, I think, what was it, eight of them to court.
I had them all on.
Well, right now they're just pressing wide-sweeping reforms.
Right now the state is trying to impose that you cannot smoke in the buildings.
Now, I don't personally smoke, but if they're going to take away the right of someone else, they're going to try taking away a right from me.
No, I hear you.
Listen, try to send that email again or try to send it to Paul Watson there at Prison Planet.
Thank you.
Okay, we found Reuters, but it isn't even the same newspaper.
It was stormed and people were shot.
So there's another newspaper that was bombed in the town, and we're trying to find that.
In fact, Austinites who saw it,
I know you were watching a week and a half, two weeks ago.
What was that?
It was already two weeks ago.
Yeah, it was two weeks ago.
It was actually... No, it'll be two weeks tomorrow.
It was all over local news.
I sat there watching TV for hours.
It was all over local news.
They'd blown it up.
They shut the blown-up building.
And I got another newspaper attack.
I can't find that one.
This is Reuters.
This is the 7th.
So this is after...
Suspected drug gunman stormed Mexico newspaper, Reuters.
Gunman thought to be working for drug cartels, shot and seriously wounded a reporter during a raid on a Mexican newspaper near the violent U.S.-Mexico border, reporters at the paper said Tuesday.
At least two hooded men burst into the El Manana newspaper in Nuevo Laredo over the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas, late on Monday, tossed a grenade.
This is different.
In the lobby and raped the newsroom with automatic weapons fire.
But that isn't the same newspaper.
I guess they attacked two then.
They attacked one a few days before, I guess.
Actually, Kevin just walked in here with a stack of these.
I was trying to Google during the break.
I get really frustrated.
And so sorry if I sounded flustered.
I just get mad.
I get so spoiled to these search engines.
When I can't find something, I go nuts.
It says night shift reporter Jamie Orzacco, and again, I can't pronounce any of these names.
I apologize.
Was shot four times as he tried to flee.
He was hospitalized and listed in serious condition after receiving multiple blood transfusions.
Editor Jose Garza said, and let me grab the other one.
Nuevo Laredo.
Bomb destroys car of Prima Hora editor, Nuevo Laredo.
The editor of the newspaper Prima Hora.
This was in May 10th of last year.
The bombing was the second attack on a journalist in the city this year.
And it says Dolores Guadalupe Garcia of Estorero, 91.
That's just her address.
Died on the 60th of April as a result.
And on April 5th, shooting.
The climate of terror and impunity affecting journalists in Mexico's northern states is reaching alarming and unacceptable proportions at RSF Radio.
Once again, we call for the thorough investigation to unmask not only the killers, but those who ordered these repeated attacks against the press.
And it talks about how they blew up the editor's car of another... I mean, this is on the border, folks.
We have Nuevo Laredo.
The little bridge goes across.
I used to... I've been down there with my family and my parents when I was a kid.
Let's go to Mexico for the weekend.
Nobody goes down there now.
I mean, they show it on local news.
It's a ghost town.
These are big cities.
I mean, they got, you know, 30-story buildings.
It's shut down.
There's no one there.
It's destroying the economy.
People are moving out on both sides.
And it's just machine gunning and murdering.
There's murders almost every day.
I don't have the numbers.
It's every day I hear about a murder.
I think it's worse than that.
I don't know.
What's 800 dead just in that region last year alone?
I mean, just... And it goes on and on.
But the one I'm looking for is... It was all over the news.
One day it was on the news that they bombed it.
The next day they said, We will no longer report on drugs.
They capitulated, and that's the one I want.
That's the one that needs to go away.
Here's another one.
We're good to go.
Of intimidation and, in fact, terrorism by the cartels?
Corruption to the core of Mexico's government.
And they have another deal in Laredo where they kidnapped a bunch of American citizens and had them inside a courtyard and then shot a bunch of them.
And it was like something out of the Iranian hostage crisis, but they were killing them, and then it wasn't even on the news.
It was just a minor blurb.
No national coverage.
MSNBC did have it.
That's not true.
Mexico does absolutely nothing when we catch the military ran-handed moonlighting for drug cartels.
They're not moonlighting.
Yet ironically, last week it was reported that following the death of Coretta Scott King, a Mexican clinic and Mexican government ordered the closure of the clinic, and the Mexican consulate gave 20 American patients their three days to leave the country.
What were the American patients doing that would warrant their mandated removal?
I doubt they were in Mexico illegally.
The Mexican government can waste time hassling law-abiding Americans.
Oh yeah, they'd love it.
And visitors, but it does nothing about the drug smugglers.
What a joke.
So that's a blog talking about the news article.
So there you have it.
You have Reuters.
You have IFEX, International Freedom of Expression Exchange News, picking up a story out of Mexican TV.
I have several others.
This should be top story everywhere.
But the reason I get flustered is some people, I still get emails going, they didn't close the mission, the embassy there.
I was like, no, no, I really didn't.
I mean, you heard the reporter on earlier.
He goes, I heard that.
I haven't seen evidence of it.
It's on the State Department's website.
You know what I'm going to do, even though my staff is maxed out?
When this show ends, I'm going to get about ten articles, this is smattering, posted about the embassy warnings, the travel warnings, the bombings, the shootings, the killings, the Los Zetas.
The rocket attacks, the grenading, all of it.
But here it is in Reuters, the grenade and the rest of it.
This is not the same newspaper.
There's another one that got attacked, and that is... Which one is that?
The problem is there's too much evidence.
That's the problem.
There's just too much of it, and it's all just a swirling mess.
A swirling mess.
And, you know, I told that reporter that there are Mexican towns in the U.S.
now that fly the Mexican flag, and the U.S.
flag has flown.
Ten-part series, seven years ago, in the San Antonio Express News on four towns at the time.
Now it's up to seven.
No English allowed in the court proceedings.
Mexican flag flown, not the Texas or American flag.
This is Asia Media and Taipei Times.
That's one of the big papers in Taipei.
Mexico fake raid on kidnappers to satisfy TV crews.
Kevin just walked in and gave me this.
What does this have to do with?
And it says, oh, I remember seeing this.
What does it say later in here that there was a bombing or something?
Because I don't see it, and that's another article.
See, that's the problem.
There's just too many of these.
We're going to go to break and come back and hit a few final important news stories that are in my stack that I have not mentioned yet or not gotten into yet.
Before we end this segment, just briefly, we are now carrying Jones Vion's United Nations Global Straightjacket book, 450-something pages.
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Or PrisonPlanet.tv.
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We'll be right back.
Don't forget, prisonplanet.tv.
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No exaggeration.
There are hundreds of links about journalists being killed.
I mean, here's one on the border.
Radio journalists recovering after being shot.
I mean, it is bedlam.
And the average person is just not aware of it.
Here's one.
Hurt for dirty bombs has stepped up with new passenger scanners.
London Independent, we have articles where they're going to do this here in the U.S.
too, where they scan for radiation.
But again, our borders will stay wide open, but they're going to have TSA random called Viper teams running around scanning everyone.
Same thing in England.
Screening systems to stop terrorists from smuggling nuclear devices.
Oh yeah, they'll just carry that around.
Such as atom or dirty bombs in Britain are being installed in airports.
Okay, Kevin just ran in with another one.
Which one is this?
Pablo Padilla.
The body was found of journalist for La Opinion on the border city of Matamoros.
It was discovered by the Border Patrol on the U.S.
side of the Rio Grande.
It gets into how they shot him in the head.
Jose Ramirez was killed in the same area.
And he was found dead in the trunk of a car.
Hugo, Sanchez, Estequeno.
It just goes on and on.
I can't even cover this anymore.
I mean, what's the point?
It's so ridiculous, the stuff that's going on.
I mean, I looked for bombing of the newspaper and find another one that was hand-grenaded, a separate one, in the same town that I didn't even know about.
And then I can't... Are we done registering on that yet?
I know we could have been registered on that site by now.
Oh, it's a pay site.
Maybe we need to pay then.
To get the information.
But it's just very frustrating.
About a year ago, not about a year ago, a little bit over a year ago, we wrote an article, you know, headlined Border War Cover-Up, and it just went into all this, and it's full of links.
That's where we need to go.
I guess go to my own website and link through.
We have all the stories saved.
Why keep trying to go to the other newspapers and get it?
But never fear, folks.
We'll be back tomorrow from 11 to 2 Central Standard Time during the day.
More big guests lined up all week, more of your calls.
And, of course, I'm here every night, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, not just live from 11 to 2 during the day.
And there's a rebroadcast from 1 a.m.
to 4 a.m.
here on the Genesis Network.
One of our affiliates out there is already picking up an hour live during the day and then re-air three hours later.
None of us can know at all.
I just know that the amount of corruption and evil and lies and shellouts of this nation are reaching biblical proportions.
And as soon as I get off air...
I'm going to finish up writing an article with Paul Watson about the ports and the rest of the story.
It's much worse than what you're hearing in the press, so look for that coming up later this afternoon on prisonplanet.com and, of course, infowars.com.
And to my whole staff, of course, my wife, Violet Jones, Ryan Slickheisen, Kevin Smith, Shirley Gant, and many others who don't like to be named, like Rob, and then there's Paul Watson, Steve Watson, Dwayne Cooch,
Everybody on the team, you the listeners that give us the information, we can't cover it all.
We can't respond to it all.
You can tell I spin out.
Sometimes I overheat.
Sometimes because I just get frustrated.
I am frantic to warn people.
I am frantic to get the word out.
I am upset because I know our way of life, our freedom, our very existence is in danger because of the New World Order.
All right, be sure and visit prisonplanet.tv as well.
A lot of new material there you need to see.
Take care.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at gcnlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.