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Air Date: Feb. 21, 2006
2357 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Thank you for joining us on this 21st day of February 2006.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to be here for the next three hours.
A routine guest, a regular guest who we have on, always with important information.
Is Paul Craig Roberts.
And Paul Craig Roberts was number two at the Department of Treasury under Ronald Reagan and one of the chief architects of Ronald Reagan's policies.
And he says that we're in danger of going into total police state, total martial law.
And he's reported on a meeting where Viet Dinh, one of the former minions under Ashcroft, said that basically the president being a dictator was good.
And then Bob Barr got up and said it was bad and he was booed off the stage.
So, Paul Craig Roberts will join us for 30 minutes, the last half of this hour, coming up in under a half hour from now.
Then we have a professor coming on that thinks Texas Independence is bad, the celebration of it's bad, the way the Alamos presented it is bad.
He doesn't like this sports team down at a school in Houston that is called 1836, and so he'll be joining us for 30 minutes as well to talk about
Well, I guess the Lurie Conquista and his whole view of that.
So that is coming up later in the next hour.
Now, in the meantime, conservatives are endorsing the Fuhrer principle I mentioned while Paul Craig Roberts is coming on.
Our leader, Uber Alice, last week's annual conservative political action conference signaled the transformation of American conservatism into brown shirtism.
A former Justice Department official named Viet Dinh got a standing ovation when he told the CPAC audience that the rule of law mustn't get in the way of President Bush's protecting Americans from Osama bin Laden.
Former Republican Congressman Bob Barr, who led the House impeachment of President Bill Clinton, reminded the CPAC audience that our first loyalty is the U.S.
Constitution, not to a leader.
The question, Barr said, is not only one of disloyalty to Lord Bush, but whether America will remain a nation subject to a government governed by law, the rule of law, or the whim of men.
We're good to go.
The office is being turned into an imperial kingship.
And Hillary Clinton, Condi Rice, it doesn't matter who steps into that puppet throne.
They will be puppet thrones, just like the Shah was a puppet of British Petroleum.
But nevertheless, they will have kingly powers.
And there is no doubt that's what's being announced.
So we'll get into this in about 30 minutes.
Also, U.S.
media drops Abu Ghraib torture issue.
It's just a minor footnote now.
And it's been confirmed that
But don't worry, you'll get a taste of it here soon enough.
The dictatorship's coming for you.
You want to be part of all this?
Don't worry.
Don't worry, you'll get to be part of it.
Memo that warned about detaining amused torture was thwarted.
We'll get into that.
GOP governors threatened to block the port deal for United Arab Emirates and much more.
DU is showing up in Europe, England, and the U.S.
Radiation levels at record level.
And they've gone and checked the isotope.
It's the DU.
So breathe heartily.
What the Iraqis get to enjoy, we get to enjoy.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, coming up in the next hour, Raul A. Ramos, University of Houston professor, who opposes the naming of a soccer team, the Houston 1836s, after the Texas Revolution, suggesting the title is racially biased.
And of course, that is total propaganda.
The writer of the Texas Constitution was Spanish, was Hispanic.
Of course, about a third of the individuals who fought for Texas independence were former Mexicans.
In fact, everybody was for that matter, even the whites that had come in.
Mexico had been trying to sell this territory to the United States, and they were haggling back and forth over the price with the then President Andrew Jackson.
So this is what was really going on.
And you had what, depending on the report, 5,000 to 6,000 Mexican troops, trouncing 183 or 186 Texans, and simply one woman and one baby surviving.
And you had a lot of Hispanics, i.e.
Mexicans, who were of mixed origin, that is Native American and Spanish people,
Who died at the Alamo.
But we're not supposed to talk about that.
No, they want to make it racial.
They're actually the race pimps.
People like Raul A. Ramos.
I mean, Texas independence has never been about race.
In fact, the Mexican people, a few years later, overthrew Santa Ana.
He was a dictator.
But see, I am, I guess, kind of cursed that I'm into history, so I've read...
Not a lot.
I probably only read about, I don't know, six, seven, eight books and a few hundred articles and historical letters about the Texas Revolution and just about the politics of the U.S.
and Mexico and Spain at that time.
You see, I've read books about Andrew Jackson.
I've read books about Santa Ana.
I've read three or four books about the Alamo.
I've read a couple books about Texas independence.
And I'm not trying to toot my horn here, but on my mother's side of the family, we raised, of course, Colonel Travis's son.
When you see in the stupid new Alamo movie they made, one of the few historical things in there is, well, it is true that Sam Houston liked to drink, that's true too, is that scene where Colonel Travis leaves his son with the Ayers family.
My point is, is I know Texas history.
We're good to go.
Went in and funded, during World War I, this is mainstream news, I mean, Hispanic scholars, UT professors, who just happen to be Hispanic, have written books about this, a plan to kill all the whites.
Of course, it was the white Germans funding it.
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, okay, maybe it is on your end, buddy.
Because I don't care.
I mean, again, a lot of my friends and then the people will joke, oh, that's really code for racism.
See, everything's racism.
If I don't sit here and say I'm bad and say I'm evil and say whites are the devil and say Texas is evil and say America's bad, I'm a racist.
And that's pure baloney.
I'm already ranting, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm already ranting.
But you better not name a team.
I mean, they've got so many soccer teams that are called the Mexicans or called the Zapatistas or called the Pancho Villas.
I mean, they have all those soccer teams here.
Why can't a school, by the way, predominantly Hispanic, have the 1836ers?
Why can't they take on that pride of this being America?
And by the way, Texas had been held by France, it had been held by the Spanish, then it was held by Mexico, then it was held by the Texans, then it was held by the United States, then it was held by the Confederacy, and then it was held again by the United States.
Hence the six flags of Texas.
That's why they named the amusement park that.
The Mexican government couldn't hold a town in this state.
The Mexicans were being run out, that is the Mexicans from Mexico proper, were being run out by the Comanche and others.
They could not hold this state by the Red Sticks and by others.
They could, the Baton Rouges, as the French called them.
They could not keep any other settlements, so they called in Tennesseans and people from Kentucky and Alabama.
They begged settlers to come in, and then a dictator took over named Santa Anna, and he said, you're my peons, and I'm taking the land back Spain gave you, and I'm taking your guns, and you're going to be my slaves.
And they said, you know what?
Come and take it at Gonzales, Texas.
We're on the radio right now.
In South Central Texas.
Got a great affiliate right there in Gonzales.
And it was Hispanics with whites who drove off the Mexican army there in Gonzales, and it was on.
And how dare a bunch of revisionists try to demonize the beautiful Texas history and try to lie about it.
Believe me, this professor isn't stupid.
He sounds like a friendly guy on the phone, so he's coming on and we're going to... Because, see, I'm not one of these stupid students that doesn't know his head from a hole in the ground.
I'm not one of these stupid students who can just have their head filled with up is down and down is up and black is white and white is black.
I happen to know a little bit about history from both sides.
I always study multiple angles of it.
Hispanics are being robbed of being the fathers of Texas.
Hispanics are being robbed of their heritage, and you just let the media and the government rob you of your heritage?
Well, good news.
Most Hispanics aren't letting the media rob you of your heritage.
They don't want you to feel like you're welcome.
They don't want you to feel like you're part of Texas.
They don't want you to feel that sovereignty.
They don't want you to feel that piece of America.
They want you to think that you're tied to the slave state, to our South, run by narco-terrorists.
In the hip pocket of the federal government in New York City?
All right, see, I'm already ranting.
I've got Raul A. Ramos coming up later.
Let me just get into some of the news right now.
The media is totally ignoring the second wave of Abu Ghraib photos, with more people beaten to death, people with cigar burns all over them, dog bite wounds all over them.
I mean, this is mingling Nazi-type stuff.
The White House is trying to cover up all the torture memos.
But Bush is signing that 2002 memo saying he can torture people to death.
That is part of the public record.
They're trying to retroactively now classify a host of documents on NSA, on torture, on all of it.
So claiming stuff that's already in the newspapers now classified.
Meanwhile, Paul Watson has done another fabulous job with his analysis.
1,000 a month torture.
I said a day last segment.
I got that off.
1,000 a month tortured to death in Iraq.
Dr. John Pace drops a bombshell that translates as a whisper through obscure Maltese paper.
Proving that Abu Ghraib and Gitmo are the tip of the iceberg, the outgoing UN human rights chief dropped a bombshell when he told an obscure Maltese newspaper that as many as 1,000 detainees a month are being tortured to death in Iraq.
That makes sense.
That number fits.
Dr. John Pace told the obscure Times of Malta newspaper that the Baghdad morgue received 1,100 bodies in June alone, about 900 of whom bore evidence of torture or summary execution.
Yeah, they have huge torture camps.
All the old Ba'athist camps.
The continued throughout the year, and last December there were 780 bodies, including 400 having gunshot wounds or wounds as those caused by electric drills.
So they're drilling kneecaps, folks.
Yeah, but don't worry.
You can go see a stupid movie like Delta Force with Chuck Norris, and it'll be the evil Arabs drilling kneecaps.
You see, so you can feel like they're all evil, but in reality, no, it's our loving government with its Arabs drilling kneecaps.
Pace echoed previous statements in stating that 80-90% of those rounded up and taken to prison camps were completely innocent.
As we have highlighted before, Iraqis are arrested for dastardly crimes such as not showing their papers at checkpoints, selling alcohol, or shouting anti-coalition statements.
We have links to AP articles online.
Caught selling beer, you have a hood put on your head and you're brought back to your wife five days later, beaten to death with electric drill holes and cigarette burns from end to end.
On all of that.
Because certain U.S.
companies have the monopoly on the liquor sales.
You're going to learn.
You understand, boy?
Footage of U.S.
Army personnel seizing a taxi cab and destroying it with an Army tank was broadcast two years ago.
The crime?
Allegedly stealing a piece of firewood off the side of the road.
Regular bombing raids that indiscriminately target large groups of what appear to be protesters have also been circulated on the Internet.
Pace comments underline the fact that Abu Ghraib is just one of many torture camps, one of 32, we've had Janice Karpinski, head general on about that, that have been used throughout the country since the liberation of Iraq and the so-called end of Saddam Hussein's brutal regime of rape rooms and torture camps.
And it is tame in comparison to the real horrors taking place beneath the media radar.
More than half of the Iraqis now say their life is better off under Saddam and 47% support insurgent attacks on U.S.
I hear the neocons call and talk radio going, They love it!
They love us!
It's all liberal laws!
The liberal media won't talk about our successes!
Let me tell you something.
The so-called liberal media is run by the Pentagon and has to at least fool some of the liberals that all isn't lost, and it's actually pumping out propaganda that all is well.
You call Pentagon propaganda.
You call Pentagon propaganda left-wing.
Boy, you got something to learn.
No, it's made to look on the surface like it's liberal so that liberals will buy into it.
When you really analyze it, it's pure propaganda.
But that don't matter.
Well, so what if the Pentagon lies to us?
They need to.
I've heard that, too.
So what, Alex?
That's just war.
We need to let them lie to us.
So what if they admit they plant fake news stories here and overseas?
That's freedom!
So, they spent $1.6 billion buying off the newspapers and TV.
Doesn't matter if the GAO says it's illegal, governmental accounting office.
You know, we gotta get caught here.
The terrorists hit us, man.
Terrorists, terrorists.
Hey, the CIA's website says they carry out the terror attacks.
Will you go there?
No, you're a liar.
I ain't gonna check it out.
I ain't gonna check it out.
I ain't gonna check it out.
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Paul Craig Roberts joining us for his monthly report here in just a few minutes.
With the headline, Conservatives Endorse the Fuhrer Principle, Our Leader, Uber Alice.
We had a Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.
Bush, on a daily basis, through his surrogates, his minions, his shills, and then even himself, is giving us a declaration of tyranny, a declaration of dictatorship.
And this is really scary, the stuff that's coming up with Paul Craig Roberts.
But I thought I'd play this little two-minute clip, the new trailer for V for Vendetta.
Because it mirrors pretty much what's happening today.
The government's killing the population with a bioweapon they're using.
And of course they blame that on terrorists.
And there's someone secretly going around taking out the elite in the Big Brother world.
Lots of police stomping around in black ski masks.
Remember, remember.
V for Vendetta.
Here it is.
I wish I wasn't afraid all the time, but I am.
People should not be afraid of their governments.
Governments should be afraid of their people.
Those caught in violation of curfew will be prosecuted without leniency or exception.
It's past curfew, you know.
Oh, not tonight.
Who are you?
Gentlemen, I want this terrorist found.
And I want him to understand what terror really means.
We're working on several leads.
Her parents were detained when she was 12.
It was like those black bags erased them from the face of the earth.
You have one chance.
You must tell us the whereabouts of Codename V. If our own government was responsible for the deaths of a hundred thousand people, would you really want to know?
Those who are responsible will be held accountable.
The time has come for you to live without fear.
I'm ready.
This country stands on the edge of oblivion.
I have everything to remember why they need us!
Kill him.
I suddenly have this feeling that everything was connected.
We're all part of it.
Are we ready for it?
Well, I've never even seen that trailer.
I sent a trailer up there that was a lot shorter, but that one was even more interesting.
But the government's involved in terrorizing its own population, carrying out terror attacks, and they're all wearing black ski masks, and it's a Big Brother-type surveillance society.
Welcome to the real world.
Here's some of the other news.
Bank for International Settlements calls for global currency.
Nazi bankrollers, that's the same company, same group, want elimination of national sovereignty for world cashless control grid.
And the Bank of International Settlements is the main policy guide for the World Bank, the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, the Ex-Im Bank, and then, of course, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England, the Bank of Germany, and others.
And they are openly...
Calling here, London Telegraph reporting, Paul Watson doing more analysis on it, for your world currency.
They say they're going to merge the EU and the Pan-American currencies together with the Asian currencies, and of course they're going to claim that unstableness between the currencies...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
And now you can go read it, of course.
Your professor at school, if you bring up a worldwide currency, will say it's a conspiracy theorist.
I have a big Harvard newspaper last year saying anyone that talks about a world currency, it's code word for racism, folks.
Yes, it's all code.
When you talk about tyranny, it's code, too.
It's just, don't talk about freedom.
It's evil.
Paul Craig Roberts coming up.
We'll go ahead and get him on the horn.
And then we'll cover a lot of other news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones here live.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts joining us here in a minute or two.
Just for the balance of this half hour.
And then we've got this professor coming on that thinks that Texas independence, Texas itself, I guess, is a shameful, evil thing.
So we'll be talking to him, just giving you an idea of what's going on out there in America today.
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We're good to go.
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It takes about two minutes.
All right, going to our guest.
Well, I'm always honored to have on with us.
He wrote this article.
Conservatives endorse the Fuhrer principle.
Our leader, Uber Alice, and last week's annual conservative political action conference had Viet Dinh, who I've confronted here in Austin.
He was the minion under Ashcroft, helped write the Patriot Act, the Patriot Act II.
And he said that, hey, we've got to just forget the rule of law and the Constitution to keep us safe from terrorism, as if that does that.
Hey, Alex.
Good to have you here with us.
I mean, every day they're announcing through their surrogates or Bush says that he's above the law, he is the law.
You've talked a lot about that, but let's get back into it and then specifically talk about a barrel of snakes hissing at Barr.
Well, you know, Bob Barr was the big conservative hero because he led the House, he managed the House impeachment of Clinton.
Of course, most of the people who wanted to impeach Clinton just wanted to do it for partisan reasons.
Barr wanted to do it for reasons of principle.
His position is that the president had lied under oath, and we couldn't have presidents lying under oath even about little things like sexual affairs because they might start lying about big things like war.
Well, now we've got a president that lies about big things like war.
And Barr was making this point at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee.
And it didn't go down well.
They thought that it was quite all right for their guy to lie.
It's just the other guy's guy who can't lie.
In other words, it's all totally partisan.
And they're more interested in a partisan defense of their leader than they are in protecting our civil liberties and the Constitution.
So this is a very bad development.
It means, in effect, that the Conservative Political Action Committee are basically brown shirts ready to follow a furor.
You said these statements gallop beyond the merely partisan.
Well, that's what you said.
They express the sentiments of brown shirtism.
Our leader, our Fuhrer, Uber Alice.
Yeah, our leader, Uber Alice.
Overall, our leader.
Overall, over the Constitution, over the rule of law, over whatever.
So, that's what we're faced with.
I think, you know, that is about 35% hardcore support, uh,
I think, yeah, they think it'll never come back to them, or that some...
Well, that's a good point.
Bush is doing horrible things with his dictatorial imperial power that he's announced unto himself.
But we're talking about Hillary Clinton or somebody else down the line.
Don't these so-called conservatives get it?
No, it's kind of like they're rooting for their football team, you know, and they don't see anything beyond that.
They just want to win right now.
They live in a very short term, and finally they're winning, you know.
Finally they're kicking Democratic butt, and they've got the Democrats out of there.
You know, they're taking over all the lobbying firms on K Street as well, you know.
They tell the lobbying firms, if you want to come over here and lobby with us, you better send Republicans.
So they're having to fire all the Democratic lobbyists.
It's quite a takeover.
And it's amazing that it's going so well for them with so little opposition.
Now, a centralization of power is the opposite of what the Founding Fathers wanted.
They said gridlock, a separation of powers was good.
Why did they want that, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts?
Why do they want power?
Why do they want to get rid of the separation of powers, and why do the Founding Fathers want a separation of powers?
Well, the Founding Fathers, of course, wanted the separation of powers to protect us from our own government.
The Founding Fathers never made any bones about it, that your worst enemy would always be your own government, because that's what had power over you, not some foreigner.
That's why they set it up, the separation of powers.
That way each branch could sort of hold the other accountable and nobody could run away with it.
Well, why Bush is succeeding in running away with it, I think, is 9-11.
Everyone believes that we were attacked by terrible terrorists and that we're going to be attacked again any minute and that the president needs special extra powers to protect us from the terrorists.
Even the Democrats go along with this.
So they're sitting there letting their own powers go.
The Congress is letting its powers go.
The courts have been a little more resistant, but not what you would think.
So it's mainly 9-11.
Now, a lot of people are taking advantage of 9-11.
The Federalist Society, which is a group of Republican lawyers who are always the candidates now for federal judgeships or Supreme Court appointments,
They all come out of the Federalist Society.
They simply believe that the President doesn't have enough power and that the Congress has too much.
They talk about the Imperial Congress.
And, of course, Hamiltonian was the original leader of the ultra-Federalists, and he wanted a king and a central bank.
Yeah, that's what's happening.
They're taking advantage of 9-11 to centralize the power
Because that's their agenda.
That's the agenda of the Federalist Society.
I think Karl Rove is taking advantage of it just to make Bush less vulnerable.
And, of course, the neoconservatives have their own agenda.
So everyone is sort of taking advantage of 9-11, and all of their agendas require strong executives.
So that's
I don't know what happened or who did it, but I don't believe the official story, and I think
We need a lot of examination and debate on that.
And we need, of course, a very high-level investigation of the 9-11 report itself because it's fraudulent.
But I don't know what happened.
I agree with that.
I just know that what they've told us is highly suspect and it's protected from debate.
And so I assume they're hiding something.
Well, sir, the other night I typed in CIA Mosaddegh bombings.
And I got the CIA.gov with huge sections where the CIA says they carried out terror attacks to blame it on Mosaddegh in 53.
Then I typed in CIA Operation Gladio, and of the links, the CIA admits they carried out terror attacks in Europe in the 70s and 80s to blame it on their enemy, Sir.
In fact, I'm even learning how public all of this is.
Were you aware of Mosaddegh or Gladio or any of them?
I'm not aware of those, but I do remember when I was a young man doing Russian studies, I learned that the Tsarist secret police used to carry out bombings so they could arrest people they thought were troublemakers.
So the Tsarist secret police would go set off bombs and blow things up, and then they would go arrest somebody.
So I think that it's well known that police forces tend to do that.
You know, we've
We have in the United States just local police forces who plant drugs or plant ground-up wall boards, say it's drugs, so that they can arrest people.
So we know that police tend to do this sort of thing.
I would doubt that the CIA was behind blowing up the World Trade Center.
There's possibly some...
I don't know.
I don't know who...
Who did it?
It's possible some black operations, because they're hard to control.
It's hard for anyone to know about them.
And it certainly fit the neocon agenda to have something like that happen.
They were talking about their need for a new Pearl Harbor.
But I don't really know.
I mean, I don't think anybody knows.
Well, regardless, we know they're not trying to stop real terrorism.
They're doing everything to take our daily freedoms away while Bush calls for an open border.
And specifically, how far do you think this will go?
I mean, with his signing statements, when he signs bills, with John Yoo saying they can crush children's genitalia.
Alex, I don't know.
You know, Americans don't seem to give him a very high standing in polls, whether they will
Try to correct the situation this November and take the House and the Senate away from the Republicans, hoping to produce a little more balanced situation.
Yeah, well, 77% don't like him, but it doesn't matter.
Most of the Democrats are still going along with it.
Sure, it would be better to have a separation of powers, but how do you put Democrats in who will just cheerlead for him?
Yeah, well, the Democrats might not be cheerleading so much if they had a majority somewhere.
And the American people may simply decide to give the majority somewhere as a break on Bush.
On the other hand, the Republicans may simply steal the elections because they seem to have a lock on the electronic voting machines.
So it may well be that the voting...
I won't correct the situation.
Well, Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Paul wrote a big article last week saying that dollarization hegemony is dead.
Do you agree with that statement?
No, it's not dead now, but it's heading that way.
We're so dependent on foreigners now to finance our consumption and our wars.
Okay, so how long do you see or will it crash?
I mean, so we've been diagnosed with lung cancer.
Maybe we can live, or it's terminal.
We've got six months.
Well, Alex, you see, the dollar is a reserve currency.
And to get rid of it, unless you're going to just completely disrupt all international trade everywhere, you need a substitute.
And the substitute just hadn't appeared.
For a while it looked like it might be the Euro, but it's running into its own problems.
And the thing is that the value of having a reserve currency is so high because it facilitates trade that people will hold on to a bad one rather than not have one at all.
Do you see what I'm saying?
No, I understand.
It's such a tough dog.
The dollar could last far beyond what an economist like myself
Well, Dr. Roberts, listen, I hope you're right, because like it or not, we're all tied to this millstone.
I just do see the dollar devalued quite a bit in the last few years, and I do see a lot of other countries starting to incrementally dump it.
I mean, certainly there's an attempt to move away from it.
Yes, if they had an alternative.
That's what's...
That's what's missing, and that's why, in my opinion, it hasn't already collapsed.
What do you think about the call by the Bank of International Settlements to go to a type of global U.N.
trade credit that will be like a new global currency?
They're now calling for that.
Well, you know, it's something made up, isn't it?
It doesn't have a record.
No one knows what's behind it.
There's a lot of just momentum going for the dollar.
And it's kind of like inventing a new language.
Remember those years and years ago when... The mixture of Spanish, German, Japanese.
They were inventing a new language for everybody.
I forget what they called it.
But it never went anywhere because languages have their own reasons, you know.
Stay there.
Stay there, Doctor.
You're right.
Well, that'll be good news for us.
And, I mean, look, Europe threw out the EU expansion last year.
Pan-American unions falling apart.
I mean, yeah, good stuff's happening.
So the dollar may survive or sink.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down... Well, I appreciate him joining us.
I hope to get him back up each month with us for an update.
Paul Craig Roberts.
You can just type Paul Craig Roberts into a search engine, and his articles are carried by hundreds of websites, including every new story he puts out.
We post on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, and we're honored to have him with us today.
They've got Tommy Franks, who we then learned was on the Pentagon payroll for 400-something thousand a year, more of the fake media, running around saying that if there's another terror attack that we're going to have to have a dictatorship of the military.
We now know that they spent $1.6 billion for fake newscasts and paying off reporters.
In the last two and a half years, the governmental accounting office... Governmenting, yes, I'm inventing new words.
I'm Jesse Jackson.
said that it's illegal, and Bush said, no, I'm allowed to.
I say I'm allowed to.
Paul Craig Roberts, where is it all going?
Well, I don't know, Alex.
If we don't stop it, we're going to have an executive that rules, and the Congress will just be a rump body.
It won't really have any power, and the courts will be powerless because nobody will, even if they
It gave a correct ruling.
They have no way to enforce it.
And the executive is going to stack it even further.
Yes, he's stacking it.
Alito is simply a stacked part of it for executive power.
It's just hard to see how Americans will let it go this far.
Even people who aren't paying attention or who
...are fearful of being attacked by terrorists.
Even these people, sooner or later, I think, see where the real source of the problem is.
So that's what I'm banking on.
Just a good sense of the American people that they come to their senses in time and...
Put a halt to this.
Do you think we'll see another convenient terror attack just right on time like last time before they attack Iran?
You know, Alex, if they attack Iran, that may be what brings them down.
They've shown that they're not able to occupy Baghdad.
Baghdad is... You know, Iraq is a small...
Problem compared to taking on Iran.
Yeah, 20 million versus 60 million.
Yeah, so if they go after Iran, they may find that they've bitten off more than they can chew, and this may actually bring the whole thing to an end.
It could be quite a catastrophe for them.
Well, most of their experts are telling them don't do it, but they're talking about not just bombing them, but then if Iran fights back, how dare them?
They may have to invade.
I don't think that they can invade Iran.
And Iran has so many sort of terrorist groups that it can set in motion all over the Middle East.
Furthermore, if we tried to invade from Iraq, I think it would bring the Iraqi Shia down on us because they are allied with Iran.
So I just don't think there's any prospect of them succeeding in that.
But I could be wrong.
Well, you know, ordered out of chaos, the neocons don't mind other people dying and bring them on.
I think they're trying to get America into a fight we start losing, and then a lot of Americans, even people like myself, will go, we better, we better, you know, we're getting hit.
We just got hit by an A-bomb.
We better get in there.
People got to hold on to their brains and go, wait a minute, somebody else is behind this.
I think we're being sucked into World War III, Doctor.
Well, I don't think they have an A-bomb to hit us with.
I'm talking about the black ops.
Oh, I see.
Well, you never know.
You never know.
Well, sir, I look forward to having you back on again in a month or so, and thank you for spending time with us, Dr. Roberts.
Okay, Alex.
Always fun to be on with you.
You bet.
You're a great American.
Well, there you go.
One of the fathers of Reaganomics.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, Raul A. Ramos, University of Houston professor of history...
Opposes the naming of a soccer team in Houston 1836s for the victory of the Battle of San Jacinto against the dictator Santa Ana, who was later overthrown by his own government.
But it doesn't matter.
Somehow, I guess...
In fact, UT doesn't even celebrate Texas Independence anymore.
I never knew that it was such a dirty thing.
I didn't know it had to do with race or groups, but now I figured out that some people think that, and the professor joins us.
Professor Ramos, nice to have you on with us today.
How are you doing, Alex?
I'm doing pretty good.
We've got a lot of stuff on the horizon.
The war with Iran, the rest of these nightmares to deal with.
But I see that there's a big hubbub about this particular team.
Why don't you tell us about it and tell us why you're against it?
Well, I would say I'm not really organizing any kind of opposition against it.
Rather, as a historian who works on 19th century history, and my own specialty is 19th century American Southwest and Mexican North,
I feel that when this team name was announced that it was a teaching moment, a time when we can talk about the detail of the past and look at history warts and all.
And what I found was by raising just questions about the name, Houston 1836, that I found that it touched a lot of nerves.
Some that I was expecting, I suppose, and others that I wasn't expecting.
The main issue is this.
The team name was announced, Houston 1836, mainly because there was a team that was moved here from San Jose, and there they were called the Earthquakes, and the Houston Earthquakes wouldn't quite work.
So they went to find another name, and they chose Houston 1836, and I think appropriately so, because that was the founding of the city.
Houston was founded in 1836 on the banks of the Buffalo Bayou.
Well, it also happens to be the year that the Mexican Army was defeated by the Texan Army at the Battle of San Jacinto, which is right down the road from here.
By San Houston, yeah.
And now, just from the standpoint of naming the team Houston 1836, I think you could allow that there be multiple names.
Well, I thought from reading the newspaper that it was about Texas independence.
So what?
Well, the issue is this.
A large percentage of the fans that will be coming to the soccer games, hopefully, will be Latino fans.
They're American, they're Texan, or I guess they're saying, hey, no, we're Mexicans and this is Mexico.
Is it La Reconquista?
Well, here's my issue with it, and it's a couple of folds.
Number one, when we look back at the past,
And we look at the Texas Revolution, or as I call it in my work, the Texas War of Secession, because it was just that.
Texas was seceding from Mexico.
Yeah, so it was 1776.
So we look at Texas' secession from Mexico.
It was something where, in fact, there were a lot of Tejanos, or Mexican Texans, who fought on the side of secession as well.
Yes, there was.
They were folks like Juan Seguin and...
And Navarro, who were all... Jose Navarro, yeah, he was called the father of the Constitution.
And these Tejanos were very involved in opposition to... And most of them were born here.
Most of them weren't from central Mexico.
They were born here, and they were trying to get the U.S.
to buy Texas beforehand.
You're a professor.
But you know that.
Well, you know, that's when you start wondering, then...
You know, when you start looking at the details, though, and you see that, you know... Yeah, you learn it was Mexicans who just so happened to have brown skin who wanted this to be Texas.
Well, no, they were... They... Not all of them, by the way.
They weren't all looking to become part of the United States.
Many of them saw it as... They were in their own country, yeah.
Well, I'll tell you what, Professor Stater, we've got a break, we've got a break.
I'm right back to you, and I want to go over this with you.
Okay, no problem.
I don't have a degree in this, but I do have a lot of history professors on, and I just so happen to be somewhat of a history buff, and my family raised Colonel Travis's son.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
So, there was going to be a little soccer team, or football team as they'd call it in England.
Down in Houston, and they were going to pick the name 1836 for when Houston was founded.
But no, folks began to get upset, I guess, that that was the date that Texas won its independence from the dictator Santa Ana, who again was overthrown by his own country.
And remember, there were six flags of Texas.
The French had it, the Spanish had it, Texas had it, the U.S.
had it, then the Confederates had it, then the U.S.
got it again.
This belonged to the Native Americans, and they were always busy killing each other and raiding each other, the Comanche coming down on the plains into Texas.
So this was a no-man's land, and we've had a lot of different history professors on to talk about this.
We're big fans of Jacksonian-era history because it's so rich.
Makes, you know, later Western activities pale in significance.
And I've always been aware that the father of the Texas Constitution, as he was known, was Hispanic, and that around a third of those that fought in the war total were Hispanic, and that there really wasn't a lot of what you would call racism until the beginning of the last century.
And you had a lot of German and Polish and Czech communities intermarrying and mingling with the Hispanics.
Thus, you get the Tejanos.
But now so many people from Central Mexico, Southern Mexico have come in here.
And man, it's all over the cars.
The radio stations are named that.
My wife speaks Spanish.
She translates it.
We're taking over.
This is Mexico.
The grocery stores are named that.
I speak a little bit of Spanish.
People laugh at you when you're in restaurants.
And, of course, Washington's funding all this.
It's part of the Pan-American Union.
Thank God that the Venezuelan president just shot that down.
He just called Vicente Fox a lapdog of the globalist, which he is.
He knows what's going on.
So this is all a big Madison Avenue PR campaign.
You've got the liberation theology crowd professors, and I don't even know if our guest is one of them.
He seems a little more reasonable.
I've had a UT professor on from Dallas who's like, Yeah, I'm for the plan of San Diego.
We're going to kill all whites above 16.
I mean, we can have them on here.
We've had them on.
You're like, oh, well, I'm sorry.
And if you resist us, you're racist.
You will lay down and die.
And, I mean, I'm not kidding, ladies and gentlemen.
This is what we're dealing with.
So when I hear...
Well, I don't know if we can name this team 1836.
I go, why?
Why can't Hispanics have their history?
Why can't they have their culture as the founders of Texas?
It was Hispanics who went to the U.S.
and said, buy this from us.
Or it was Hispanics who wanted to make their own country.
By the way, Texas used to go up into Colorado and pass.
It was just gigantic.
It was almost as big as the rest of the territories the U.S.
already had.
But I'm going to shut up and let him have his say.
It just never ends, folks.
It never ends.
Raul A. Ramos.
And Raul, Professor, thank you for joining us.
Some stations just join us, don't carry that first five-minute segment.
You had a problem with this, but you said really just to educate people about real Texas history.
So what is that?
Is it the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is a scam?
This is really Mexico?
Or is it we should just know about the problems in Texas history?
What is it?
What's your view?
There's two issues, I think, that it raises.
The first is what I might call the kind of local issue of Texas secession or Texas revolution, as it's commonly called, which is the issue of did everyone who fought in the Texas revolution fight for the same reasons?
And I think, as in any war, there's different interests involved and there's interests that are overt and others that are covert and some that we can identify, others that we'll never know.
But there's a larger picture, I think, that's part of this, which is
American Westward Expansion was known as Manifest Destiny.
What role did the Texas Revolution have as
Part of that westward expansion, and did the Tejanos or the Mexican Texans who fought alongside other Anglo-Texans and Anglo-Americans, many of who were mercenaries, really, who came in at the end of the Texas War?
Well, yeah, you have the secret meeting with Old Hickory and, of course, Houston, there at his house at the Hermitage.
Right, so were they all on the same page about this?
And what I'm suggesting is that, you know...
Of course, if you just look at the Battle of San Jacinto, it does seem like this great opportunity.
But if you look through the 10 years of the Texas Republic and then everything that happened afterwards, it was a pretty rapid erosion of Mexican landholding, Mexican political power, Mexican economic power, and ultimately setting up a second-class citizenship.
Now, was that...
Was that part of the Lone Star promise?
I think for some folks, I'd have to say, I think Sam Houston had a pretty broad view of things.
We know in his own personal life, he
No, he liked Indians.
Even though he killed quite a few of them, he liked Indians.
Well, Professor, that's the point I'm going to make.
I mean, Mexicans wanted to come to the Texas territory, the Texas country, because they had less a chance on the Colonies as peons down there.
And so now today, to resurrect something, ooh, you know, frankly, you're not stupid.
I'm sure you know about the Lorican Key style.
I wonder if you're for that.
I bet you know a lot of radio stations call for it.
From California to Texas, it's a big joke.
Ha ha, this is Mexico.
Pilgrim, go home.
You haven't heard that?
You know, I'm not plugged into that, but what I have to say... Are you a member of Mecha or La Raza?
When I was in college, our college didn't have a Mecha, but we had a Chicano student group and... Well, do you know what Mecha's slogan is?
For those in the race, everything.
For those outside the race, nothing.
Right, right.
You know, this has to be seen... You know, Mecha itself has to be seen in the context of the American Civil Rights Movement as part of ethnic uplift and...
Let me just tell you how an average white sees the Alamo and Texas.
I see it as another 1776, but King George wasn't a fat white guy.
He was a skinny Hispanic, mainly Spanish guy.
To me, it's just a 1776.
Of course, all the motives weren't perfect.
And of course, but I mean, give me a break.
But look, Alex, you're not going to get me to defend Santana.
I mean, you can't get a single person in Mexico to defend Santana today.
That's not the issue I'm raising here.
What I'm saying is that it was a civil war within Mexico, and these Anglo-Texans took advantage of that.
Straight and simple.
And Mexico was very weak at that time, and increasingly weaker afterwards.
Yeah, they had new leaders every six months until Santa Ana came along.
Well, you know, and what we have to see is in the context of, you know, ten years after that, in 1846, you have the United States invade Mexico and take over Mexico.
I mean, that's, you know, we'll talk about... But the Marines did leave.
Now, let's be honest.
They stayed.
They stayed.
Listen, here's the deal.
And there were people who wanted them to stay in the U.S.
Well, here's the deal.
And there were others who didn't.
I mean, there was an All of Mexico movement in the U.S.
legislature at the time that said we should take over all of Mexico.
And you know what the main reason people didn't want to take over Mexico?
Because it would introduce too many mongrel people into the United States.
So it became a racial issue, along with, of course, the slavery issue, which is how do you add new land?
Let me just say this, Professor.
Let me just, you know...
I think.
You know, this is out of my hands.
Back when they signed the North American Free Trade Agreement, they de facto tore down the border.
I know.
Old white guys are for it.
So really, it's the U.S.
interests, which are enslaving me too, taking over Mexico.
I'm asking you, are you for getting rid of the border?
Am I for getting rid of the border?
Well, let me put it to you this way.
Most of my family lives in Mexico.
And when I go visit my grandmother and when I go visit my aunts and uncles,
You know, it becomes increasingly difficult to go back and forth.
Now, you know, I'm willing to, you know, there's personal issues and then there's political issues.
And, you know, politically speaking, I think, you know, you can look at it just in terms of the United States isolated from the rest of the world or look at the fact that the poverty in Mexico has 95% to do with
Sir, it has to do with your PRI and now Fox's party.
It has to do that you guys never got out from under the imperial model of the Spanish.
Alex, let me point something out where you're talking.
You keep saying you guys.
I was born in San Antonio.
I'm only representing myself.
I'm not representing the Mexican government here.
Professor, I understand.
Well, you know, the head of Perry's U.S.-Texas-Mexico relations is a foreign lobbyist.
He's Mexican, but he runs things here in Texas.
Sir, I'm telling you the facts.
is running the La Reconquista to break down Texas and turn us all into peon slaves.
That's the stated fact.
And here you are saying that most of your family is in Mexico.
I'm telling you, the Hispanics I know that are Tejanos, they love Texas, and they're tired of Mexicans from Mexico claiming this is Mexico.
No, they want it to be Texas.
They're proud of Texas.
I agree with you that there's opportunities here.
That's why people keep coming.
And that there are divisions within the Latino community and within the Mexican community in the United States.
It's not a monolithic community.
My point was basically this, that we have to be aware of it, that we have to be aware of those divisions.
There's no population that's of one voice.
Mexicanos are not of one voice.
Angles are not of one voice.
And I was just bringing up this point of view about...
Basically, American expansion in Texas history and that for a lot of Mexicans in the United States, for a lot of Mexican immigrants or transnationals, this is bringing up this larger question of,
American imperialism throughout the Americas.
Well, listen, you can talk about American imperialism, and certainly it's going on today in Iraq.
I'm not debating that with you.
I'm just simply saying there's no reason for everybody to fight with each other, and I don't know why on radio and on Spanish TV...
All I hear is, ha-ha, we're taking over, we're going to get you.
Plan of San Diego, ha-ha.
And I go, oh, Plan of San Diego, ha-ha.
I just want to get along with you and that I'm best.
When I say you people, I mean the Plan of San Diego, La Reconquista folks.
If they want another Alamo, they want another San Jacinto, they're going to get one.
Stay there, Professor.
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He's got a bunch of UT documents where, really, Hispanics were key founders of Texas.
And so, frankly, whenever I first looked up Raul A. Ramos, I thought, is he one of these Jose Gutierrez guys that we've had on?
We've played clips of him.
Plan of San Diego.
We need to implement that.
Sir, do you need to implement that plan?
We need to do that.
Yes, that would be good.
Professor, are you aware of the Plan of San Diego?
Yeah, it's a very important document in Texas history.
It's the manifesto, basically, in 1915 that called for the creation of a Mexican-only, well, it's actually Mexican and black nation in Texas.
Yeah, kill all white males above the age of 16.
16, right, right.
Well, see, I didn't know what it was until I went to a Mexican Independence Day rally here in Austin, and there were a bunch of people wearing the shirt, and I said, what's that?
And they said, you're going to learn real soon, buddy.
So I went home and typed it in, and then I was horrified.
And it was a very radical position, but what it needs to be, there's a great book that's out now by Benjamin Johnson on the Plan de San Diego and the violence in South Texas during that period, and really what it was, it was a statement in
A local race conflict.
It really was a race war where the Texas Rangers were going in and indiscriminately killing and terrorizing Mexicans.
And this was a response to that.
The Texas Rangers actually hired mercenaries.
Who was the famous guy from... In fact, Kevin's here.
Kevin knows about it, Kevin.
Well, you know, actually, they weren't even really official Texas Rangers.
They were like appointees by... Who was the governor at the time?
I forgot off the top of my head.
But, you know, there were some raids by Pancho Villa in response to it.
You know, the problem that I think we see, Professor...
Is that these war cries from both sides, these plays to the lowest common denominator, the masses are so easy to whip up, they're so easy to whip into these frenzies, and we saw that back in 1915, and you had to know that the Germans were well behind that ploy to get Mexico to attack us from the south, and if Germany was victorious in World War I, what was the booty?
You remember that?
It was the Southwest.
They were going to give it back.
So we see this Azadlan movement.
Well, although, I mean, I think there is, you know, we know about the Zimmerman, and we know about the, you know, that Mexico has always, in terms of international politics... Well, Hitler tried it again.
We know that Mexico has always had a very...
You know, not friendly relation with the United States.
I mean, to the extent that, you know, to the extent that Mexico does anything it can, it doesn't go out of its way to help the United States internationally.
Why is Mexico on the lip lock with the Germans?
I mean, that goes back to, I mean, there's other issues as well.
That goes back to Maximilian.
Capitalism and looking at, you know, paying off debts and so forth.
But there is, you know, look at what happened with the Iraq War.
The UN resolution where Mexico happened to be on the Security Council in 2003 and their vote in support was no guarantee.
In fact, they had come out and said they weren't going to support the United States.
That was seen as a huge betrayal.
You could see between September 11th and the UN resolution,
It's only now that Fox has done enough genuflecting to get back into Bush's graces.
Well, this is what I'm saying, Professor.
Hispanics have got to know these open borders are bad if Bush is for it.
I mean, come on.
I mean, listen.
I want Mexico to be free.
I know our corporations use it as a toilet.
I'm against all that, sir.
Okay, I'm for the rebels in the South.
I'm not the enemy.
And I've been to the rallies, brother.
If you don't know about it, believe me, I've never done anything to anybody, so I don't have all this white guilt.
I am just a friendly guy who likes everybody.
Go to a rally, and there's people there with signs saying, I'm going to kill you, Whitey.
I'm telling you right now.
And then I hear, hey, we don't like 1836.
And I'm like, man, listen, if you love Texas, just say it's yours.
Because, frankly, you've got more claim to it than anybody else.
And you're right about that.
You're right in the sense of that claim.
Like I said earlier, all my relatives live in northern Mexico, actually in Coahuila.
My grandmother lives in the town where that mining accident is taking place right now.
We go back in this region for hundreds of years, literally back when Coahuila's death house was one state.
In the sense that I'm from here,
I understand, you're from Texas.
Yeah, I'm from here for 300 years, and so that's, you know, on my father's side, on my mother's side, they're European immigrants.
No, I understand, I'm not saying, hey, you know, I'm saying exactly, choose it as here, here being this region for Native Americans more than anything, instead of saying, you know, it's this group or that group.
But what really got me about the, you know, in some ways, I think I started saying that I would have been, I wouldn't have spoken out
In questioning the team name, have they not put Sam Houston on a horse charging against the Mexican Army in the logo?
Oh, I didn't know that part.
Yeah, look at the logo and it has Sam Houston charging.
I mean, Houston 1836 could be open to interpretation.
You put Sam Houston on a horse with a sword drawn charging.
Well, I think they need to put Navarro next to him and that would make it a little better.
Okay, I kind of get your point.
No, I understand.
Okay, so I see where you're coming from.
One more quick segment with our guests, and we'll let Kevin get in there with some quotes.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Look, I've said it over and over again, I do not blame Hispanic Americans.
Weird media.
I don't know what name I'm supposed to call people.
Spanish, Hispanic, Latino.
Uh, Chicano.
I mean, other people say, no, you're supposed to call me this.
You're supposed to call me that.
I just really don't care.
I'm not against anybody.
I don't care what's going on.
I know that Mexico's population is doubling every 30 years now.
It's upwards of 100 million.
Latin America's at 400 million total.
They all want to come here.
We're all going to be living at that standard of living most of us will be allowed to have it.
Then I hear, it's racist to not let everyone come up here.
We're natives, which you are.
We're allowed to travel the length and breadth of the continent.
Well, back when it was just natives here, you were all killing each other over territory.
So this isn't how humans operate.
So we've got to be under the American flag.
We've got to be under the Texas flag.
We've got to be under the Mexican flag.
We've got to choose sides.
And I just want Hispanics...
To know who don't know, because the media and the corporate media wants to divide all of us and play us off against each other, that you've got more claim on Texas as a Texian than anybody does.
And they go, yeah, we've got more claim as Mexicans as Mexico.
Wait a minute.
Mexico was just an area with natives in it, taken over by Spain, and then France and Germany moved in.
And you've never gotten real freedom down there, and we've never gotten total freedom here, and now we're going in the wrong direction in America with Bush announcing he's a dictator.
I mean, openly.
So that's my rant, and I know Kevin's got a few comments.
Raul A. Ramos, how do we read some of your writings or check out what you're saying or what you're doing?
We've got some links to some of the news articles you're quoted to here on InfoWars.com, but give us any other tidbits you'd like.
I think... Well, I wrote an editorial in the Houston Chronicle that came out about three weeks ago, and I think that sort of got things started.
And I was surprised by the reaction that I got that it would go this far.
I mainly thought I was just making a point about different interpretations of the past, and it turned out to be... give articulation to a variety of viewpoints.
And, you know, there's articles in scholarly journals.
Well, I haven't read your original article.
I mean, you sound reasonable in this discussion.
What did you say in it?
Because I'm reading the Houston Chronicle by Bernardo Paulus, and he's saying that it's offensive to corporate and Hispanic communities.
Who says it's... I mean, why?
Well, again, you know, I just put it... I put down the claim that, again...
The different ways of reading Houston 1836, but putting Sam Houston on a horse, sword drawn, charging against the Mexican army, made this point about American imperialism that I think is...
It puts the Mexican... No, I understand.
Nature abhors a vacuum.
Nature abhors a vacuum.
This was the wild, wild, wilds, as you know, when your family was here.
My family got their Spanish land grant in 1829, so not here as long as your family, but my family paid, what, 10 cents an acre for its stuff from Spain.
And that's, again, going back to how I'm developing this story,
We often don't talk about Americans as immigrants.
We talk about Mexican immigrants coming and immigrants from all over the world coming to the United States.
But the fact of the matter is, the Americans and Irish who came in large numbers into Texas were immigrants into Mexico.
I understand, sir, but there wasn't six and a half, about to be seven million people with them all coming, trying to come here.
I mean, do you think we should just have unlimited?
How about 600 million?
Well, that's not the point I'm making.
And in fact, if you look at ratios, by 1830, Anglos outnumbered the American immigrants who were coming from the American South in the majority.
Tennessee, Alabama.
I know.
We didn't cross the border.
The border crossed us.
So now we're all getting along happily.
And then I hear, hey, you're going to have to leave, Pilgrim.
Wait, who's having the lead?
I've got tons of video.
I mean, you say it's a minority of Hispanics that believe that, and I agree.
But it is a sensible portion, sir, who says we don't like white people.
And see, I go out and protest the Klan.
I go out and protest the Aryan Nations.
I mean, we've done this.
I have them threatening to kill me on video.
And then I have to go protest a Hispanic group because, to me, they're exactly the same.
And I don't care if they claim they've got all these past ills that happened to their grandpa's grandpa.
I haven't done anything.
And that's all I'm saying.
Now, I get your point about, I didn't know it had Sam Houston charging over Mexicans.
I mean, they really, I think it would be good to have Mr. Navarro charging over the Mexicans.
And again, like I said, this was a Mexican Civil War.
And Americans outnumbered, American immigrants outnumbered the Mexican population,
10 to 1.
So, I mean, you think now, you know, I don't know what estimates are on the percentage of... Hispanics are half, projected to be 75% within 30 years.
Well, I mean, right now in Texas it's 35%.
Nationwide it's, I would say, 15%.
Hispanic generally.
Immigrant... It's actually higher than that now, sir.
Hispanics are the majority in the state.
Again, I mean, the last numbers I've seen, definitely in terms of the age group, if you look at the younger age group, it's more than half.
That was 10 years ago.
Not anymore, sir.
If you're looking at who's coming up the demographic line.
I had the latest census projections.
But the question is there.
You're still talking about half, and you're still talking, you know, when you're talking about Americans in Texas, you're talking 10 to 1 outnumbering Mexicans.
And so it's not the parallel.
But most of the Mexicans, from what I've read, Professor, actually get, yeah, let's get Santa Ana out of here.
As did, like, half the Mexican nation at the time.
There was a huge Federalist movement going on.
Well, that's my point, is I just want Hispanics to not feel like Texas isn't theirs and that they aren't part of this heritage.
Right, right.
But the thing is that the Texas... You know, the yellow rose of Texas.
But that Texas story has been hijacked in a lot of ways, as you know.
And my editorial was an attempt to just...
Have you seen that big mural when you're at the San Antonio River ride and you see the big mural of the cultures coming together?
I like that.
I don't like this other business.
And again, it's, you know, again, it had to have been just Houston 1836.
I think we, you know, it's an objective fact.
Houston was founded in 1836.
At the time,
The military part of it, and then it starts to become a little bit more... But I'm saying, what does that say, though, that a large group of Hispanics would be offended because I guess they are seeing themselves as Mexicans rather than Texians or Tejanos?
Well, but that's just it.
I mean, what's interesting, what I've seen that's interesting is when you, you know, you don't have to agree with the past in order to be American.
Let me give you an analogy, and I'm not making any equation, but you don't have to say that slavery was good
Or slavery was fine back then, you know, you can say slavery was bad and still be considered an American, right?
And all I'm saying is we can have different views of this country.
Well, sir, I think you're... Well, I think you're very reasonable, and we're going to let you go after Kevin has a few words with him, because we've got Marty from Calvin Soap coming up for a few minutes here in the wings, and I want to thank you for joining us.
You're very level-headed and very reasonable, and I even kind of feel a little bit bad about being aggressive up front, because I've had other professors up, and they're just, Hey, gringo, you're going to die!
And I'm like, thank you very much, because I just want to get along here, but at the same time, I'm not going to roll over.
Kevin Smith, you've got some comments and some history here.
Yeah, Professor Ramos, I can tell you that Alex and I would much rather be Texians or Texicans, probably, if it was all, you know, we had it to say, we'd rather Texas stay independent.
But, you know, recently we were at the Capitol and we had the head of LULAC call us through association.
He thought we were supporting.
We were Minutemen.
But he said, we're stupid white devils.
We're not.
And he was calling the Minutemen.
And then I thought, well, Al Garza is the president of the Texas Minutemen Association.
That makes no sense.
I am so proud of my Texas culture.
I'm so proud of my Cherokee culture and my German culture.
And I am a Texan.
I am a melding of many cultures come together.
And I think everyone, whether you're a bohemian, my German relatives don't like the checks, but we all are what we are.
We are Texas and we are unique and we have a lot to be proud of.
And to see people giving us the stink eye and telling us we're going to find out soon.
And I've gone to school with Hispanics.
I have fraternity brothers that are Hispanics that are serving in the DEA now.
And I never knew until recently, the last couple of years, that I was supposed to have a problem with them.
I guarantee you, I want Hispanic Texans on my side because I know what fighters they are.
We're friends with Sally Castillo.
Talk about true American patriots.
I'm glad the way this conversation went.
There's an event at the State Capitol on March 3rd and 4th.
We're celebrating the 170th year of Texas Independence.
Come on.
Come be part of it, sir.
That would be interesting.
I would like to see how
I'm always happy to participate in conversations about the past and how we remember the past and the present.
Well, about ten years ago, I got invited to be a speaker at Texas Independence Day at UT, and the people dressed up in Aztec outfits ran up, grabbed the cake, threw it at us.
There were blacks, Hispanics, whites up there giving a speech, and I didn't know that all this was going on.
So now I've just found more and more out about it, and it's really scary.
Well, Professor, thank you for spending time with us.
Is there a particular subdomain website where some of your writings can be read at your university?
Well, you can, if you go to the University of Houston webpage and look up the history department, and I'm listed on there, and there's a CV, a sort of resume that includes citations for my different publications, and you can see other things I'm teaching in the department, American History, History of the American West, and my various research interests there.
Thank you for joining us and spending the time.
All right.
It was good talking to you.
Take care, sir.
All right, there goes the professor.
Kevin, thanks for popping in with us.
You had a whole bunch of quotes.
Why don't you, before we go to Marty here, I really appreciate holding patiently from Calvin, so why don't you just read some of the Hispanics that died at the Alamo, and then, I mean, we've got hundreds of pages of this stuff here, and all the Hispanic heroes of different battles, which, again, the media doesn't want you to know about.
Well, I went to this site.
It's the Houston Institute for Culture, and it's by a professor, John P. Schmall, and it's the Texas Revolution to Hano Patriots.
And it lists the 189 men who died in the Alamo hailed from many parts of the globe.
They represented a truly multiracial, multiethnic force, all gathered together in a common cause.
And I think that's what's important.
What is the cause?
We're fighting tyranny.
And that's what brought them together.
There were at least 32 that came from Tennessee.
Why from Tennessee?
Because these guys were tough Indian fighters.
That's why they moved to Tennessee.
The volunteer state.
The volunteer state.
Still known as it.
At least 10 of the Patriots came from England.
11 were from Ireland.
And that's a country that knew well the struggle against oppression.
They'd been fighting the British.
And then another 30 or so from Germany, Denmark, and other countries.
And as many of the...
Eighty of the Alamo defenders were actually documented residents of Texas.
So the idea that, oh, they were all mercenaries who just came down a week before the battle is not quite true.
But in the Alamo battle, there were six actually born in Texas.
And excuse me on some of these names.
I can get most of them.
Juan Abilimo, Juan Bedillo, Carlos Espilar, Giorgio Esperanza, Antonio Fuentes, Andreas Navarro,
And we get back to Jose Antonio Navarro.
I mean, this man was trying to secede from Spain and make Texas independent well before Mexico even took over.
And he was born here.
Born here.
Born and raised.
He was one of the signers of the Declaration of Texas Independence, which we're coming up on a celebration of that.
And as I said earlier to the professor, I am not ashamed.
Well, he actually wrote it, so...
Yes, he did write it.
I guess he gets to sign it when he writes it.
But, you know, I'm proud of what made Texas, Texas.
And I'll never be ashamed of that.
Well, I mean, let's boil it down.
We've got a lot of people from Central and Southern Mexico who, you know, cheer the Mexican soccer teams.
I think this is Mexico, too.
Kevin, thanks for joining us.
I really appreciate the time and the information.
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I know we haven't opened the phones up yet today because we've had two great guests on.
And now our third guest, Marty, owner of Cal Bend, your subcompany out in Oakland, California.
Been around since 1947, almost 60 years.
I can't say that about most companies.
Family owned.
Believe me, it is incredible stuff because it's vegetable and it's citrus and it's cocoa butter.
It is just so amazing.
Excuse me, coconut butter.
It is just so amazing.
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We're good to go.
Marty, close up for us today.
Alex Jones, you're a bliss itself.
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Your rating is quadruple A. At Genesis, you're the most.
Business-wise, I've got to say, you are my favorite host.
Marty, you're a sweetheart.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet.
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All right.
There is so much news.
When we start the third hour, I'll go ahead and get to some of your calls.
I haven't given the number out yet today, but we have loaded phones.
I'm kind of always suspect of that because people hold forever and then we try to go to them and they're not there.
But your calls are coming up early in the next hour.
And then there's all this new torture news.
There's all this new police state news.
The cameras that are going up.
More details of what those are going to be doing and what's behind that.
More on Bush declaring himself a dictator of the Iran situation.
I've got to get through this stack of news, so what I'll do is I'll go through a bank of calls, then I'll cover news, and we'll take more of your calls.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
And all we're here simply doing is exposing that America is turning into a police state, that foreign corporations have masses of lobbyists openly paying off our politicians, selling out our sovereignty, selling out our industries, selling out our borders, selling out everything.
It's happening in plain view.
The UAE ports, that's nothing.
And Chuckie Schumer up there saying Bush has gone insane because they're terrorists.
The UAE is actually allies with the globalists, folks.
A British company already owned those ports.
The point is, why did our government sell it to them to begin with?
Why do the communist Chinese have the Panama Canal and the Long Beach Naval Base out there, the only deep water port on the West Coast?
Because our infrastructure is being sold out to the lowest bidder.
That's right.
First dibs are given to foreign companies as part of globalization, interconnectivity, mercantilism.
But the good news is the EU's expansion failed last year.
The Pan-American Union failed last year.
So much is failing right now.
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Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into the third and final hour.
Hard to believe it's gone past this fast.
If we have it ready, there's an 11-minute clip.
I'm not going to tell you what it is, but we're uploading it to the network in Minnesota right now, down here in Austin, Texas.
I'll play it near the end of the broadcast, if we're able to get it up there in time.
I think we're going to be able to do it, so we'll see what happens with it.
But that should be coming up, probably 80% chance or more.
I don't want to say it's assured, though, that there's going to be a glitch or something.
Coming up near the end of the broadcast today.
So I just got it in my hot little hands about 30 minutes ago.
So that's coming up, kind of a mystery item.
And just a lot of news here on the police state and several other issues I want to cover.
Right now, though, we're taking your calls.
Haven't had the phones open yet today.
I'm told Jeff in New Mexico disagrees with me, so he'll go to the front of the line.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Yeah, what I disagree with is that you call people trailer trash.
You know what?
I may have said that before, but that's not really one of my cliched sayings.
So why do you say I said that?
I think you've called before claiming I said things I really don't think I said.
You say that you've never used the word trailer trash on your shows.
I've heard you use that phrase several times.
No, I may have said toothless ne'er-do-wells.
You say, thank God for the renegade.
You like that song, but by people being renegades and refusing to go along and to get along, sometimes... You know, this happens quite a bit, and if somebody can correct me, that's fine.
I may have said that, or a caller may have said trailer trash, and I may have commented.
We're good to go.
Well, I think you may not be racist, but I think you're somewhat classist.
No, no, I hate white people.
I want the plan of San Diego, sir.
You know, the... I mean, actually, you didn't know I was black?
The Masonic jerks that are behind the ever-increasing cost of building permits in urban areas, that drives good...
Production worker patriots into trailers in rural areas.
It's the only way to get out of the... Sir, I think trailers are absolutely fabulous on your own 40 acres.
I mean, I've even got a little piece of property I thought about putting a trailer on instead of building a house.
And you know what I really like is trailers you pull, and then you can go wherever you want.
They're nice.
What are you talking about?
I didn't say what you're saying I said.
If I did, it was in another context.
Like, this guy says they're trailer trash.
I mean, you may have heard me read that on air, but I think you're incorrect, sir.
Well, I live in what you call a small trailer, but I don't consider myself trailer trash, you know.
Well, sir, I don't... Listen, I don't think... Did you hear me?
I have family that own houses that choose to live in trailers because they can stick it quickly right where they want and every few years move it around, and that's what they do.
And they're nice.
It's just that...
You've got to admit, there's going to be more trashy people in something that is lower cost on average.
Hence, you get the conversion rate that there's going to be more trash living in trailers than in $500,000 houses.
That does not mean you're trash because you live in a trailer.
Have you heard about, like in Alabama, there's...
Thousands of trailers, these people that were wiped out by the hurricane.
Yeah, there's Alabama, Oklahoma, Denton, outside Dallas, I've seen them.
There's tens of thousands in each state, and the government bought them for that, but they're using them for emergency relocation, not for the hurricane.
You know, and some people are victims of the, you know, the plant closings.
They lose their jobs, so they can't even get a production job, you know.
Well, I tell you, for people that especially, this economy is imploding, I think it's a great idea, instead of living in an apartment for 700 bucks a month with your family and never getting any type of ownership, it's better to buy an acre or two and put a trailer out there.
That's some good living.
I think it's great.
You got the wrong guy.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I guess it was about 30 years ago, a radio talk show host named Dan Smoot
We're good to go.
And I heard him playing it, and so it spurred me to go find a copy of it and play it for you.
And it's about the mythical country Honoria, but you'll find out it's really a real country.
That's coming at the 33 after break.
When we go to break at the bottom of the hour and then come out of break, we'll play that little 11-minute clip and then cover some more news.
Right now, let's continue with your phone calls.
Gary in South Dakota, thanks for holding.
First time caller.
Welcome, sir.
Great to talk to you.
I wanted to disagree with you about something.
First, let me qualify it by saying, a night in 76, I read Gary Allen's book, None Dare Call It Curse.
Then I bought his book, The Rockefeller Files.
Well, let me just say, two people on the road disagreeing.
That's really good.
Go ahead.
Well, no, and then I bought Codex Magica.
I think I bought it from your group.
I've been listening to shortwave here just recently, and I know there's another... Well, I mean, whatever I do, everyone copies, so I know everyone's selling it, but that's fine, too.
That's the most sincere form of flattery, by the way.
Okay, good.
At the beginning of your show, though, you said today that the...
The people in Iraq say that... Let me just phrase it right now.
I want to get your words.
You said it's not true that they say that they love our troops and stuff being over there.
Now, my son just got out of the Marines in December.
He was in Iraq.
He was in Afghanistan.
He was in Kuwait with Special Forces.
He also was down in Haiti.
He earned two Purple Hearts.
Sir, I'm not knocking your son.
So, what I'm saying, this is the only thing I'm going to say.
He, several times, was complimented by Iraqi people that they wanted him there, and he felt very welcomed by just the poor, average people.
Well, they're very welcoming people.
Can I just say something about this?
You betcha.
Go ahead.
Ian, our government has done its own internal polls that are public, and 47% want to join the insurgency.
54% are now against this.
And yes, in polls when they first got there, around 75% were pro-America.
And now that's plunged to less than half.
So I'm not saying there aren't people that throw candy at the troops.
But more are now throwing rocks at the troops.
It doesn't lessen... Look, the troops are incredible.
I mean, you know...
They go in there, they do this.
Most of them, it isn't just for a GED or a job or some college money.
Most of them do it.
I'm sure your son's wonderful, sir.
They do it because they believe we were attacked on 9-11 by Arabs, and it must be Saddam.
They do it because they want to serve America, they want to be warriors.
What man who is a man doesn't want to fight?
I like to fight, too.
Believe me, I'd fight a lot more if I wouldn't go to jail for it.
I mean, I like it, and I like guns, and I'd probably like going over there and fighting with people.
It's very instinctive.
It's what a man's supposed to do, but you're supposed to do it at home defending your family.
That's where that instinct comes from.
And so, you know, this is really simple.
I'm not lessening your son.
I'm not saying your son's bad.
I'm saying he deserves better than defective level 2 body armor.
I'm saying he shouldn't be breathing depleted uranium.
I'm saying that the majority of Iraqis now want your son out of there, and a large part of them want to kill your son, and I think your son's worth more than that.
I think your son ought to be on the Mexican border where Mexican troops are killing American citizens, mainly Hispanics.
I agree with you.
And believe me, if your son got killed fighting Mexican troops on the border, I would go to his funeral.
Okay, I didn't say you said you had any negative response about my son.
What I am saying... No, but I don't blame you as a father.
And you know what?
I got children.
I couldn't imagine if my son had the courage to go over there, and if my son had done that, and if somebody was even, you know, bad-mouthing the war, a lot of people think, hey, you're bad-mouthing my son.
No, I respect your son, and I want to get your son out of a bad place.
You know, I respect good cops.
That's why I think good cops shouldn't be getting blown away going after drug dealers of drugs that are shipped in by the government to begin with.
You're right, you're right.
Okay, well, I just... Tell me what else your son says, though, about what's happening.
Plus, was your son there a year ago?
Because things have changed a lot in the last year.
He left in November.
Because Fallujah really turned the tide against... He wasn't... In fact, you know, when they found all those weapons in that cave, and it was like a football field long, all that stuff was stacked up, it was his squad that found it.
He was right in the midst of it.
And he got injured to the point where now the Veterans Administration has given him a 75% disability because he lost most of his hearing in one ear and he had head damage.
And one of the worst things is, though, he had one of his best friends die in his arm when an IED exploded on the side of the road and basically blew their Humvee about 15 feet.
20 feet up in the air, came down upside down.
That's terrible.
And, you know, he... What branch of the service is he in?
He was a Marine.
That's right, he said Marine.
He just got out.
He was a squad leader of like six Humvees.
It's a weapons company.
Well, ask your son this.
Ask your son what he's going to do.
And I know he's out now, but what is he going to do?
I've got video of the Marines trying to take our guns.
Because I've been there.
And again, I'm not against the Marines.
I have a lot of family that are Marines.
But when they... You know, it's like I'm pro-gun, but I'm against somebody using a gun wrong.
So I'm pro-Marine, I'm against the Marines being used wrong.
Well, I am too.
And we've talked about it some.
To be honest, when he came home,
He was really stressed out, and there were times when he couldn't talk to me.
I was kind of a figure of authority that he thought he didn't have to listen to because he led men in battle, and I'd never done that.
I mean, I was basically in college right after the Vietnam War and stuff, so I didn't have to worry about going to Vietnam or anything.
So it skipped me.
His grandfather, my dad...
Well, you know what's sick?
Your son is going to run into this.
He's going to have some young punk cop 20 years from now trying to take his guns.
It will happen.
Maybe two years from now.
And then I want your son to think, hey, I'm somebody who fought for this country, and now they want my gun.
You know what happens?
Bill Clinton did this when he left office, and Bush has continued it.
They're now denying soldiers who had post-traumatic stress or any other problem, they're now denying them their Second Amendment.
See, your son, don't worry.
He'll be on our side soon enough.
Well, he's already one of the leading guards now at the State Pen here in Sioux Falls.
And he's going to college.
We're doing that as a full-time job, going to college.
He wants to become a Baptist preacher.
Well, congratulations on that.
Is your son aware of what's going on now?
Yeah, I've been talking to him about it.
I just dug out my shortwave radio here about...
Two and a half, three months ago.
So I just basically started listening to you just in the last quarter of a year.
Well, you know what you've got to get?
You've got to get Police State 2000 or Road to Tyranny.
And in Road to Tyranny, you will see a man who was a Marine captain.
That's all I can say.
Who then became a police officer.
Now he owns a computer company very well off.
I'm not going to say more than that.
But he got stopped at a military army checkpoint in Austin, randomly searching cars.
He got so mad, he called me, showed me all these documents.
I mean, he protected space command bases, okay?
And he was in Secret Ops rating gun dealers in 1988-99.
And then I have the Marines on video at Urban Warfare Drills training to take our guns.
Now, I want your son to watch that, and I want him to tell us, is he on the Constitution side and his daddy's right to own a rifle side, or is he on the New World Order side?
Well, he definitely knows he's against the New World Order, because I've been talking about that for years.
I mean, everything from, you know, when I started reading this stuff back in the early 70s, and...
You know, I'm basically a Bible prophecy believer, and I've been studying this for years.
So he's been hearing it all his life.
Well, good, then.
Well, then you made sure he was a straight arrow.
You fired him in the right direction.
He's going to turn out good.
His stress level has now decreased a lot.
Now he's met a girl, wants to get married.
So things are a lot better.
Well, you're blessed, and you're blessed he's back in one piece.
God bless you.
Take care.
Good to hear from you.
I said I'd hurry through calls, and I can't, because Gary was a great caller.
You know, it's tough because people don't understand.
I'm not saying Gary did this, but people don't understand.
I get up here and say this war is an atrocity and an abomination and a shame.
People think, well, hey, my son or daughter's over there.
Well, listen.
You know, Germans stayed in the war because they're like, my son and daughter isn't bad.
My son's brave.
My son's fighting.
My son's leading men.
And who Hitler was fighting was pretty evil, you know?
But it still didn't mean that Hitler was good.
And what he did was wrong, and he got 20 million Germans killed, 4 million German troops killed.
Now, boy, you sure supported the troops, Germans.
You sure fed 4 million of them into a meat grinder.
20 million Germans died, and Germany was only 65 million at that time.
20 million Germans died.
It took them decades to get back up to 65 million.
And now they're like 80 million or something.
But, I mean, imagine.
You're a 65 million people, and 20 million are dead at the end of it.
Now, don't you wish you wouldn't have, quote, supported the troops.
I support the troops.
I'm going to stick my son in a meat grinder.
By the way, we're going to break here and come back with our calls, but I never got into my stack today.
I've got it right here.
BIS calls for global currency.
Cheney resignation would present advantages.
Fox News is basically calling for Cheney to resign.
Neocons now, he's in trouble.
I mean, he's in trouble.
Ridge White House should explain port deal.
UK radiation jump blamed on Iraqi shells.
I want to cover this first because a year ago,
We had just the radiation meter levels off of the British Atomic Energy Agency, the American Atomic Energy Agency, all these departments.
There wasn't even news.
I just said, hey, I'm going to go look at that.
And I went and looked at it, and it said DU, because they know what isotope it is.
Times of London, boys and girls.
Right now, in Europe, in England, in the U.S., we are sucking this stuff down in our lungs.
Your babies are.
My children are.
Thanks a lot, government, you nutcases.
According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 18 million people in the U.S.
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Let me just read for you out of the Times of London.
UK radiation junk blamed on Iraq shells.
Now they've used tens of thousands of tons.
They've used three to four times.
They say three to four.
We don't know what they used in the first Gulf War.
And our own government's numbers are we've had triple the birth defects.
We're good to go.
UK radiation jump blamed on Iraqi shells.
Radiation detectors in Britain recorded a fourfold, four times, increase in uranium levels in the atmosphere after the shock and awe bombing campaign against Iraq, according to a report.
And we have the same report out of the U.S.
Environmental scientists, it gets in the jet stream.
I mean, all the time we get dirt on our cars, and they go, oh, that was from Malaysia, or that blew in from Mongolia, or that blew in from Afghanistan.
Environmental scientists who uncovered the figures through Freedom of Information Law say it is evidence that the depleted uranium from the shells was carried by the wind currents to Britain.
Government officials, however, say the sharp rise in uranium detection by radiation monitors in Brookshire was a coincidence and probably came from local sources.
Yeah, it doesn't matter if there's reports all over the world.
See, I've got to go get all those other reports and post them together.
It's all a coincidence.
And then you read it's the exact same isotope from the depleted uranium, which is very specific, but that's an accident.
This is good for you.
The results from the testing stations at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, AWE, in Alber, Mastin, and four other stations within a 10-mile radius were obtained by Chris Busby.
Of Liverpool University's Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Biology.
Each detector recorded a significant rise in uranium levels during the Gulf War bombing campaign.
In March of 2003, and it's still high, by the way, the reading from the park in Reading was high enough for the environmental agency to be alerted.
Alarms go off.
They actually have alarms in them, and they had to alert them about it.
Radiation alarms going off, no problem.
Busby, who has advised the government on radiation and is the founder of Green Audit, the environmental consultancy, believes uranium aerosols from Iraq were widely dispersed in the atmosphere and blown across Europe.
The research shows that rather than remaining near the target, as claimed by the military, depleted uranium weapons contaminate both locals and whole populations hundreds of thousands of miles away.
He said, well, yeah, I mean, Chernobyl made it over here to the U.S.
Not as bad as over there, but still pretty bad.
But, I mean, by the way, I've got major studies about within 100 miles, and of course it will follow the air patterns.
In all these maps and studies, of course, just what you think will happen does.
They follow the air current, the main air current, and you will see that most of the DU is distributed out from localized winds with 100 miles of the 10 proving grounds in the United States, from Alabama to New Mexico to Nevada to Texas to New York, upstate New York.
We're good to go.
It is so poisonous.
The radiation.
And we've had top scientists on.
People who worked for the Pentagon.
People who wrote the book on DU.
It is so bad.
The Army's own manuals say it.
The major mining association documents where they mine uranium itself.
Talk about how deadly DU is.
But the military for the last 10 years does not allow the distribution of those field manuals or those videos to the troops.
They do not tell them.
And the generals even move in to bases that have been bombed with it.
All they do is come in with dump trucks and dump sand on the blast points.
And that does alleviate it some.
It binds it up in the soil, but it only means that it's going to be disturbed for even longer periods.
They don't even remove it.
So, it is just unbelievable.
And again, it's a delusional spirit that these people have.
I don't care.
I mean, they even fool themselves.
Oh, no, D is good.
Oh, no, sodium fluoride and stannous fluoride is good for me.
Well, all the studies say it's deadly.
Don't be crazy.
Oh, it's good.
Oh, I love genetically modified food.
Well, all the studies say it's very toxic.
I love it.
Oh, I'm good.
Well, you know, all the studies show cigarettes kill you.
Well, I'm going to smoke it.
Well, all the studies show that aspartame is deadly.
I don't care.
I'm going to do it.
We're going to come back and play this little 11-minute clip and take three or four more of your calls.
I know that all we have time for is Damien and Daryl, Leo, and Chris.
I'll take those calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Empires go in cycles.
Free peoples become decadent.
Their children become decadent.
Their grandchildren even more decadent.
They forget the...
Basic ideas, the basic tenets, the basic values that made them so free and prosperous, and then they become enslaved again.
So I want to go ahead and roll this little piece.
It's 11 minutes long, and we'll come back and take some more calls and hit a few final news pieces.
Here it is.
Stay with us.
Taylor Caldwell, internationally famous American novelist, wrote the story of Honoria for the Dan Smoot Report.
Honoria was once a great nation
Her story is taken from the pages of recorded history and it is a poignant commentary on our time when citizens who love their country and who grieve to see it being destroyed by the policies of its own leaders are branded as super patriots and extremists.
What was Honoria?
And what was her fate?
Who made her great?
And who were her enemies?
Were the enemies within or were they without?
That is the story of Honoria.
Which I will tell after a message from my sponsors.
Once upon a time, some courageous men wanting to be free became pilgrims and migrated to an uncivilized land inhabited only by barbarians.
When they landed in that savage region, they stood upon a great rock.
There they did homage to their god for guiding them during their arduous journey.
To this day, that rock is one of the most famous monuments in the world.
One of the first things they did was to build a house of worship.
They had a special day in the year for giving thanks.
And they would walk through the silent fields and wild forests on that day, armed and watchful against the savages.
The pilgrims were stern, believing in hard work and self-discipline, intolerant of wrongdoing.
They had no patience with the weak and degenerate, who, if they are pampered, become the cancer of a nation.
Their tiny villages became towns and then cities.
Other colonists came and established other colonies.
Under the shadow of old powerful nations, they had one thing in common.
They had fled from oppression.
They had had enough of endless wars, endless taxation, endless bureaucrats, endless arrogant rulers.
The colonies flourished.
The breath of freedom blew over them like a mighty wind, clear, sharp, invigorating, stirring men's souls, lighting up their hearts.
Strengthening their arms, making their spirits incandescent.
Cobbled streets began to ring with the footsteps of great men, with the sound of heroic voices.
In this cluster of colonies we have called Honoria.
Then one of the old countries, despising the simplicity and moral laws of the colonies, sent tax agents to the big city of the pilgrims.
Word of the terror ran through the colonies like the sound of a drum awakening free men
To the knowledge of Perot.
The colonies sent their greatest men as representatives to a general assembly of all the colonies.
They looked about for a leader and found him.
A prosperous gentleman farmer, but a man of learning.
He united the colonies and became known as the father of his country.
The new nation had two houses of government.
The most powerful was the Senate.
No one could be elected to the Senate unless he was a man of honor, patriotism, and religion.
But that was in the early days of the Republic.
Honoria in those days distrusted militarism, hated wars.
Her ideal was freedom under God.
The Senators knew they must support the Republic and shun intrigue with foreign nations or suffer severe punishment.
For a long time the Senators did not betray their peoples.
A civil war divided the Republic ultimately, a bloody, fratricidal war.
After that war and the vengeance which followed, Honoria enjoyed power and prosperity, but she mysteriously changed direction.
Tens of thousands of new immigrants came to Honoria from the old countries.
Some were like the ancient pilgrims, fleeing from oppression, but many came because Honoria was rich.
And they cared nothing for her traditions.
The republic which had grown strong by not engaging in foreign entanglements now became entangled.
What was the purpose of the entanglements?
Oh, the leaders said alliances were necessary to defend the civilized world.
But the real purpose was to satisfy the greedy ambitions and allay the sickly fears of the leaders.
The alliances brought wars.
We're good to go.
They wanted public auditoriums for sports, paid for by tax money.
They wanted pensions, support at public expense when they felt disinclined to work.
And more and more citizens were becoming disinclined to work.
Buying support from greedy groups and minorities, government became all-powerful.
It guaranteed to protect people from all the forces of nature, floods, hurricanes, landslides, failure of crops, taxation grew, and freedom withered.
Honoria had been distinguished by a strong, industrious middle class composed of farmers, artisans, shopkeepers.
But the middle class opposed an all-powerful government which used tax money to buy political support from the worthless, the loafers, the whining cowards who wanted everything for nothing.
Government decided to get rid of the middle class.
Then the political elite could rule by oppression.
And the cowards and the worthless could live on the bodies of the noble and the heroic through taxation.
But the greedy mobs could never be satisfied.
They always howled for more.
Government built huge housing projects with swimming pools and free food.
Within a year or two the housing projects became slums.
For people with slum personalities inhabited them.
The swimming pools collected garbage.
But still the howl went up for more.
And the politicians, now the creatures of the mobs, tried to provide everything the mobs demanded.
And the middle class, the backbone of the nation, they dared not have children.
They couldn't afford them.
They worked in vain trying to get ahead of their tax bills, trying to live, trying to keep their schools alive for their children.
The middle class, the hardworking, the proud, the self-reliant, slowly smothered from despair.
Who cared?
The mob had a full belly today, and the government promised to fill it again tomorrow.
Why, the people did not want freedom.
They wanted free entertainment, free bread, free housing.
An evil old man, crippled and malformed, led the nation into more wars and foreign entanglements.
He was the ruler of Honoria.
Patriots were considered scoundrels.
The rulers of Honoria were two, not only of the mobs, but of foreigners.
An old general, who had been victimized by the government, stood up and cried aloud to Honoria to remember her past, to return to honor, to the principles of the Founding Fathers, to God.
The people howled that he was a warmonger.
A senator dared to stand up in the Senate and cry a halt to foreign subversion of Honoria and to the foreign aid in the draining away of the people's money.
The other senator shrieked him down and called him by all names.
Honoria joined a league of the world with her enemies.
They exploited Honoria.
She taxed her citizens more and more to send her wheat and her meat to those nations.
Foreign tyrants and domestic mobs called the tune, and the spineless rulers of Honoria danced.
The walls of government ended to the ever-growing demands of foreign aid.
More security, more bread, more sports, more government, more restrictions on the proud and the self-respecting.
Finally, the foreign barbarians, who had grown strong on the wealth of Honoria, while Honoria rotted from within, moved in and took over.
What is the real name of Honoria?
Ancient Rome.
After Rome fell, there was a long black night of slavery and despair.
Nearly 2,000 years stand between us and Rome, yet never before did two nations so fearfully resemble each other in history, in grandeur, in wealth.
In strange and amazing ways, we are the counterpart of ancient Rome.
So long as Rome remained Rome, patriotic, proud, and virtuous, she remained a powerful nation.
When she became internationalistic,
Permitting her rulers to become dictators, to enmesh Rome with the problems of aliens, and bankrupted her own people to support those aliens, Rome began to die.
Can America be saved from the fate of Rome?
She can if Americans still have courage.
Do they have courage?
Many of the most prosperous and influential among us do not.
They are afraid to resist the policies of all powerful governments,
Afraid of social ostracism, afraid of public attacks in the press, afraid of losing business, afraid of losing votes.
Above all, they fear persecution by the Internal Revenue Service.
But if we do not begin to fight, our nation will die within our lifetime.
We fight now or our posterity will be enslaved.
We need fear no foreign invasion.
We shall be destroyed by our enemies within, if we are destroyed.
If we fight now, we have a good chance to remain free.
What you have just heard is a summary of the story of ancient Rome as told and applied to contemporary American problems by Taylor Caldwell, internationally famous American novelist.
All right.
And we'll be posting the video of that up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com by tomorrow, perhaps even today.
Tomorrow on my TV show, I'm going to play that
But, no, that's exactly what happened.
And then the foreign lobbyist began to come in and pay off Rome to basically do their dirty work, not just for Rome to be an empire, and it all fell apart.
A bunch of little old men in their ivory towers thinking it would just go on and on and on until Alaric in, what, 410?
And the Visigoths finally sacked Rome completely.
I mean, it had been sacked before that.
Then they had the Twin Empires and the two emperors.
And the new emperor was always the next top general.
The next top general would always kill the Caesar, or normally would, and then they'd put him in and he'd be killed, in some cases a month later.
And that's the problem with dictatorships.
That's the problem with the presidency saying, I'm above the Senate.
I'm above the law.
I am the law.
If you don't pass the Patriot Act, I'll just keep enforcing it.
I don't care if the Congressional Budget Office or the General Accounting Offices both say that buying billions of dollars in fake newscasts is illegal.
I'm going to do it.
I'm the president.
I can torture little kids if I want.
I can invade who I want when I want.
This is what they're saying every day.
Every day.
Bob Barr gets up in front of a big symposium with thousands of top Republicans and says, we cannot let the president be a dictator.
I have the transcript here.
We cannot let him be above the law.
No, we want a Caesar!
It's like Israel wanting a king, wanting Saul.
We want it!
Give it to us!
I mean, they literally, we want it!
Give it to us!
Because they're going to be the minions.
They're going to be the judges.
They're going to be the, they want to be part of it, folks.
You know how much power you get?
You know how much wealth you get being a dictator or one of his minions?
It's just, that's the biggest fortunes in history.
Bill Gates is nothing.
And it's happening right now in America.
By every yardstick, by every measurement, by every indice.
Let's take a few final calls, and I've got some really key news to hit here at the end.
Damian in Arizona, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good, sir.
Thank you so much for what you just shared, that 11-minute program, and what you're sharing in general for this planet.
I need to hear these messages.
Anyone who stands up against injustice and fights against the greed of this planet is going to encounter great opposition.
So I just want to offer you that word of encouragement.
Well, as things get worse and worse, though, we're going to have more and more people that want to join us.
Yes, brother.
Alex, have you heard of Gabriel Sedona?
He's a spiritual leader and a musician.
No, I haven't.
I represent...
A record label, a non-profit record label in Sedona.
We just sent you a couple songs that he wrote.
One of them called Wake Up America and one of them called The Great American Dream.
I can send a lot of great music.
I'll be sure and listen to it.
Yeah, please listen to Gabriel Sedona's music.
We sent you a package and he's also a spiritual leader and he'd be open to being a call-in guest on your show.
Basically, he speaks out against the injustices of this planet.
Well, let me check it out.
Please do.
And what's unique about his message is he not only points out the problems, which there, of course, are plenty.
He's got solutions.
What are the solutions?
Boil it down for me.
Okay, well, he started a movement called the Spiritualution, which is basically a spiritual revolution.
You know, the change comes, starts, yes, it's within...
It's within the country.
No, but it does start with the individual.
You're right.
It does start with the individual, and that's the first line of his song, Wake Up America.
All right.
Well, I can't wait to check it out.
Thank you for the call, Damien.
Good to hear from you.
Leo in California.
I've got to move quicker because I've got some news I want to add.
Leo, go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
I'm just calling to let people know basically how easy it is to wake people up, like down here in Bakersfield, California, where I'm at.
Actually, I set a goal of a
Or at least giving out 20 of your DVDs a day.
Plus I have friends of mine that I met by giving out your films that go to university and a local college here and they're giving them out to the students.
So now instead of you just doing it, you found Like-Minded Minds and it's geometric.
It's exponential.
Yeah, it's just working that way and I'm meeting people and we're kind of collaborating.
I even want to screen some here and we're just kind of
Going with the flow, you know?
So it's actually working out.
I even get loose change out.
How long have you been doing this?
For about two months straight now.
Good job.
I've been about, like, during your show, it's a three-hour show, I've been about 40 copies.
Are the young people responding to getting out of the left-right false paradigm?
People are waking up here big time, especially the young people.
And I've noticed, for instance, because I'm half Hispanic, so I talk to a lot of Hispanic people, they're waking up faster.
That's what I found.
No, I found Hispanics really wake up quick.
African Americans are already awake.
They're telling me this stuff that I don't even know.
Actually, I have a hard time waking up a lot of other folks, especially my girlfriend's grandpa's in the military.
Well, I mean, you've got people like white folks think they're the elite, and they think they're on top of all this.
Well, they think they're part of the system.
Well, yeah, a lot of even white folks are unconscious.
They may be 20 years old, and they don't know why they feel so secure, but you need to explain to them, no, it's your turn to get screwed around now.
Well, I was watching the movie Pearl Harbor with my girlfriend's grandpa, and he said, well, yeah, I told him, yeah, they knew about that ahead of time, and I told him the whole story, and he kind of laughed at me.
So, of course they knew and kind of rationalized it.
I talked about Operation Northwood and he told me I was a liar and I was full of crap.
And then I got a book called The Body of Secrets.
Yeah, James Bamford, a former producer of 2020.
Yeah, and then he read some of that and he just kind of looked at me and kind of like shut up and didn't have too much to say after that.
Well, it's not our opinion.
I didn't know this.
I don't know.
People think I know everything.
I don't know anything.
I just know more than most.
You can go to the CIA's website.
And they admit a whole bunch of terrorist stuff they've done.
Blaming it on people.
I mean, I don't know what you're... You're at CIA.gov and they're admitting it.
I mean, I don't... Thanks for the call.
Good to hear you're doing that.
Okay, really fast.
Got to go to Chris in Florida on the other side because I got like five other articles I just want to mention briefly.
And go to prisonplanet.tv.
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Great activist center.
Great place to download the info.
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A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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All right, welcome back quickly.
Last caller I have time to go to to start all the others.
Chris in Florida, my Floridian, how are you doing?
Pretty decent, Craig, how are you?
Pretty good, sir.
What's on your mind?
Here, I'm well-
I'm calling about whatever I can fit in the ozone that can be used medicinally.
Ozone can be used for bacteria, fungus, viruses, parasites.
I don't know if you could talk to someone like Ed McCabe.
I know you've had a caller recommend his books where he talks about hydrogen peroxide, but he also talks about ozone.
The reason that it's outlawed in this country is because you can't profit from it.
It can't be trademarked or patented.
No, I know.
I mean, they have ozone machines that make it on the ground.
Ozone is destroyed and lays on the ground.
The ozone layer is not having a hole eaten through it.
All the real science shows that there's normally a hole in the ozone layer, depending on what time of year it is.
That's a natural response to whenever you have too much pollution.
It's frozen to fill in the hole and to be generated because it's formed by either ultraviolet light or an electrical light.
No, that's the basic science.
Look, the patents ran out on it.
The patents ran out on Freon, so they just did all this part and parcel to force us onto new refrigeration systems.
But medicinally, when it comes to the bird flu or viruses like HIV, it destroys them because it destroys the...
Yeah, I've heard people claim it destroys stuff like anthrax, and that's not true.
Anthrax is very close to a plant, the bacterium is, and it's inside a seed pod, and it doesn't destroy it, and people lie and say that.
Thanks for the call.
But yes, ozone is very medicinal, and I appreciate your call on that, sir.
We're out of time.
New face ID system for China.
And this is out of Cool Tech Online.
A biometric face recognition system has been approved in China, the People's Daily has reported, and will be used in the country nationwide for ID purposes, including surveillance and security.
And they say the cameras they put up nationwide, their defense department, they don't hide it, People's Liberation Army, will be used to face scan and track everyone.
Now, in America that pioneered all this and already had it in years ago,
And so all over the country they're now announcing, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, they want them in your house now, yeah.
Hey, all these cameras we put in, guess what?
We got a new idea.
They have microphones hanging off of them, too.
We'll use this to watch you.
It's only after 9-11, though.
It was never our plan to use it for that.
So see, in China they just go, hey, we're going to watch it.
Here they go, oh, we just got a new idea.
When years ago you could read their policy reports when they were going to do it.
See the creeping, sneaky evilness of it.
This is out of Knight Ritter.
Attention library patrons, while we check your screen, and it's just Homeland Security all over the country, runs in and checks what you're looking at on the computer.
Is it porn?
Is it whatever?
It's just there's new library police everywhere and nothing to do with terrorism.
And another one here, Steve Watson wrote, Biometrics ID cards tagging DNA kits being pushed on kids and how all over the Western world they're all being put in DNA databases and how horrible it is.
And meanwhile, the U.S.
reclassifies many documents in secret, trying to make stuff that's already public.
Secret class action lawsuit against a major telecommunications company, Verizon, over working with the government to spy on American citizens.
We're out of time!
Wow, that was a quick-moving last three hours.
I want to thank all of the listeners, affiliate sponsors, the folks running the show.
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We're out of time.
God bless you all.
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