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Air Date: Feb. 16, 2006
2224 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back into the second hour of
We're going to go to your calls, and we also have guests lined up for later.
There's so much news here, but for those who just joined us, I mean, look at this news.
First graders suspended for sexual harassment.
District attorney contacted.
They may have some criminal charges, though they're saying at this time they're not doing that.
Dodgeball tag being banned now everywhere.
It was banned just in some areas.
Now it's almost nationwide.
Just total control England banning knives.
This is how prisoners and slaves live.
Let's go ahead and go to, who's up next here?
Brian in Pennsylvania, you're on the air, thanks for holding.
Alex, how you doing?
Question, there was something in the local newspaper out by me that the state of New Jersey is going to be expanding their DNA database research, and as you read, they seem to want to convict the criminals that have to be
In every state in the United States, and also in England, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, what I call the echelon group of countries that all are in lockstep, basically British Commonwealth countries, and we are back under that now,
Since 33 years ago, anyone 33 years old or younger who was born in a hospital had your blood sent to a federal database.
I've had U.S.
Congressmen on admitting it.
I was born in 72, so would that mean that, you know, I'm 33 going 34, so that would mean that my... You were right at the point where it was starting.
And the databases, the main suppositories, or depositories, is in Michigan, North Carolina, and I believe L.A.
I never knew that.
It's all freeze-dried.
Your baby's blood, if you've had a child in the hospital, is in this freeze-dried.
It just keeps going on and on.
Now, in some cases it's not there because they allow the biotech companies, and there was a federal court ruling three years ago on this, they own the blood and they buy it from the government database, and then they find certain properties and certain unique blood samples that they then try to...
Yeah, and the one last thing is it also correlates with the other information you were given about these private agencies collecting data on American citizens, and then what they do is they collect the data and then the federal government comes and buys the
Information and like enriches these small...
Database collecting companies.
Which are then political buddies of the politicians who paid them massive campaign contributions.
Or more often, there's only a few of these companies.
One of them is in Kansas City.
What they'll do is... Excuse me, St.
Louis, but it was an article out of Kansas City where you order the pizza and it instantly runs you through a database to see if you have a... It was in USA Today to see if you have a warrant.
But they have these Nexus companies and they call it a matrix system and...
That was the name of the particular system in Florida, where they grab all the data, they then get it because they're, quote, private, then they sell it to the government, but the people owning the companies are former NSA or CIA officers.
Yeah, they want to hire somebody with a lot of experience.
This is a homeland.
Well, it's an evolving door.
I mean, they go serve CIA for 20 years, do all the evil stuff, and then when they get out, when they're 55 or 60, they then get to go run a big company, and it's really still CIA.
Really interesting.
Total control grid.
It's called fascism, brother.
I hear you.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
You bet.
Good talking to you.
I appreciate your call.
More calls, tons of news coming up.
And I know I move fast.
It's because there's so many facets, so much information.
All right, folks.
Alex Jones here out here at the Raffle Range.
We'll be right back in the middle of my ballistic testing after this quick break.
Stay with us.
We're live.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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All right, folks.
All right.
Again, I promised everyone yesterday, and I'm calling you from the Hill Country Rifle Range up in the mountains, up in the hills, just outside Austin, Texas.
We just have almost conducted our tests.
We've been out here for almost three hours doing these tests of the ballistics, and it proved what we already knew.
We even had a degreed engineer contractor who worked with NASA.
We even have, of course, somebody who's worked as a police officer in the military.
Here overseeing it, we got tape measures, everything.
We shot a watermelon, a dead chicken.
We bought it at the store.
Targets, we've got the pattern down.
Chaney had to shoot Whittington, according to their story, from anywhere from 15 to 18 feet, not the 90 feet they claim, because at 90 feet it was almost an 8-foot pattern.
I kept saying it would be a 6-foot pattern.
It was around an 8-foot pattern, and we have it all videotaped and measured on big pieces of cardboard.
And at the same time, then we have the ballistics.
The deepest appellate went in the watermelon with three millimeters.
The deepest it went in the Cornish game hen chicken was three millimeters.
Oh, and by the way, we had one of those kickboxing big dummies out here with a soft latex rubber.
And we put two shirts on it, not the three shirts.
The shirt, the larger jacket, and then, of course, his safety vest.
We're good to go.
One of the crew who was not here today.
And, Kevin, you just witnessed all this.
I'm about to fire for the final time into the Cornish game.
Then I'm going to get back in the car, drive back to the studio 30 minutes away.
You'll get to hear the Cynthia McKinney interview.
Then I'll be live in the second and third hour.
But, Kevin Smith, tell folks what you witnessed today.
Well, Alex, it's like any hunter really knows.
Everything you've indicated so far is true.
We've had a NASA contract engineer out here to make sure all our geometry and measurements were correct.
We've got a former Army Ranger, police, and now Alex is shooting the Cornish game hand for the last time.
I hope there's something left for dinner.
And that is it.
And it's just like we indicated, 90 feet is a fraud.
It looks like more 15 to 18 feet.
So other than that, what are the indications?
Why are they lying?
Was there alcohol involved?
Why was there a delay?
So those are the questions we've got to ask.
We know they're lying, and the next thing for someone to do is just figure out why they're lying.
And we pray for Mr. Whittington.
We hope he comes through this okay, and we hope he's okay now.
And that's all I've got.
We'll be back in Austin in about 30 minutes, and here comes Alex Jones.
And I believe Cynthia McKinney from the tape from last Thursday came up right about this time, so go ahead and say it over to her, and we'll get back in the cars and caravan back.
We'll see you in Austin.
Take care, folks.
She's the only congresswoman that will talk about the toxins in the vaccines and just a host of other issues.
The murder of Martin Luther King by the FBI and the CIA, which I've even interviewed special forces officers who they tried to hire to kill him.
And by the way, the Special Forces Association sued dangerous Dan Marvin, the colonel, and he just beat them in court last week.
So, by the way, that's now been proven in court.
So she's just...
Other than Ron Paul, there's no one with more courage.
And frankly, I haven't heard Ron Paul talking about the jail kidnapping rings that are being government protected.
And I've been trying to get her on for a long time.
She's very busy, and I'm going to keep her as long as we can.
We have literally bugged the daylights out of her staff.
I know how busy she is.
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, thank you so much for joining us.
Thank you for the invitation to join you.
Of course, I remember...
With great fondness, actually.
The time that we spent at Project Centered and the interview, and of course you were getting an award, so you didn't say that, but one of your stories was one of the most,
Censored stories in 2004 and was being honored by Project Censored.
So I guess birds of a feather kind of flock together.
Of course, you were going to be on yesterday, but you got caught up in flights because you were there for the funeral of Mrs. King.
Yes, I was, and I'm glad you mentioned that.
I wanted to bring that up.
It was an incredible, phenomenal moment to see the four presidents all together.
At the same time, you know, many people commented about how it would take someone of the caliber of Coretta Scott King to bring these four presidents together.
But then we had our current president...
Reading his remarks quite well.
Very unusual.
But then, the showstoppers were President Carter and Reverend Joseph Lowry.
Because Reverend Lowry just put it out there and said, we're in this war, and there's billions for war, but they say there's no money for the poor.
He said, will the promises and the words of today be acted out in the deeds of tomorrow?
Well, it was phenomenal seeing him put Lord Bush on the hot seat, and if more people did that, Bush wouldn't be openly announcing when he's got dictator powers.
And, Cynthia, I wanted to bring that up to you first, Congresswoman, today.
His chief White House counsel, now Attorney General, says he's above the law.
They can torture people to death.
In his own memo, John Yoo, another White House counsel, said they can, quote, torture children and crush their genitalia.
I don't know if you saw that in the Chicago papers.
Bush says that he can spy on people without warrants if he wants to, even if it is a crime.
Can you comment on the open announcement that Bush is saying that he has dictator powers?
Well, remember the comment that he also is supposed to have made about, you know, it's okay to have a dictatorship as long as he's the dictator.
Guys, find that.
We have that clip.
Go ahead.
So, all of this is a pattern.
And I'm shocked...
That he can find so many people who will go along with him.
I was just reviewing that there were judges who were told, there were members of Congress who were told, and, you know, at the end of the day, the bottom line on all of this is that I have co-sponsored John Conyers' impeachment study legislation because I think that
By far, we have too many examples of high crimes and more than misdemeanors.
By the way, that's going to be Mr. Oberman's main news piece tonight.
Can Bush be impeached?
How would it happen?
So that's going to be MSNBC tonight.
Oh, well, you know, really, all it takes is the American people expressing their will in a very public way.
We have to have the 218 votes in the House, and we have to have 51 votes in the Senate, but we can get that if the people...
...desire to have this administration, which quite frankly was stolen in 2000 and was stolen again in 2004.
There are not many people who will talk about that or who want to talk about that.
Congressman Ron Paul, one of your colleagues a month ago on this broadcast, said that he believes Bush is actually trying to set up a dictatorship and may start putting American citizens in camps.
I mean, Ron Paul's never gone that far.
Well, I mean, I'm looking at the host of articles, the news articles that will appear one time in one publication, and then you don't hear anything more about it.
Well, Halliburton just got contracts to build camps in America.
That's exactly right.
That's exactly right.
And so now we have to look at not just each one of these single headlines that appears in one place at one time.
In isolation, we have to look at the pattern and practice of this administration.
And if they had the guts and the gall to steal the election, and I want to bring to your attention the...
The movie, the film, a documentary film by the name of American Blackout.
Now, while this film focuses somewhat on my political career, it also explains in the clearest of detail so that there is no doubt by anyone
How the election was stolen in 2000, and again, how the election was stolen in 2004.
It's clearly depicted in the film, American Blackout.
Well, we'll have to talk about that, and we're about to break.
I want to come back and get into DynCorp, because last year in March, during the Defense Armed Services Committee budgetary meetings, we have a clip we're going to play later,
You brought up three key points.
Dyncor and the child kidnapping rings.
You brought up the drills on 9-11.
And you brought up trillions missing from the Pentagon.
And we still haven't gotten answers on any of this, and I don't know if you're aware of it, but the Chicago Tribune ran an article three weeks ago, two articles,
Okay, I would love very much to hear what you have.
And, of course, more details about the film Blackout.
We're about to break here, and we'll come right back and get into that with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.
We'll also give you her website.
You really need to visit it.
Just go to house.gov, and if you type in McKinney into the search engine, she is a congresswoman, of course, from the great state of Georgia.
And I'm really excited about having her on because she does not pull punches.
She does not back off.
And she exposes the evil that is right out in the open.
So again, please stay with us everybody.
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on the other side of this quick break.
We'll be right back.
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By the way, Bush has said two separate times things would be a heck of a lot easier if this was a dictatorship just so long as I'm the dictator.
And Congresswoman had mentioned that earlier.
Let's go ahead and roll that short clip.
Here it is.
I hope they've got my sense of optimism about the possible and enthusiasm about the job.
I've told all four that there can be some times where we don't agree with each other.
But that's okay.
If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier.
Just so long as I'm the dictator.
And that was during the campaign on a live discussion on CNN at a town hall meeting.
Congresswoman, there's that clip.
That's incredible.
But, I mean, you know, and the things that we have to beware of, the things that George W. Bush said,
jokes about, because they're not jokes at all.
In fact, they may indeed be jokes on the American people.
Right now, I'm looking at the financial health of our country, and I'm wondering why, obviously, someone's purposes are served by having these tremendous deficits and the national debt.
We just raised
The debt ceiling from $7.9 around trillion to $8 trillion.
And I'm trying to figure out what is it that...
Who is being served by this?
Obviously the American people aren't being served by this.
Well, the big central banks that own and run this country, and by the way, that $8 plus trillion is only what we currently owe.
What we've signed on to our obligations, according to the Dallas Morning News, is $70 plus trillion, and that was two years ago they reported that.
Well, so...
Now, obviously, you've done a whole lot of research on this, and I'm going to have to do a little bit more because it's incredible to me that the American people will allow this kind of financial stewardship to be done to their country.
But it's conservative to spend more money than all previous presidents combined.
Well, that's what they say they are, but obviously they're serving some purpose, some purpose.
Some authority higher than, other than the American people.
Boy, you said it.
And who do you think that is?
Well, I don't know, but also I have to question about the war.
So I'm trying to read up now on the Federal Reserve, and I'm really trying to understand and learn.
And then, of course, we come to the war.
And whose purpose is being served by this war?
It certainly, again, is not the American people.
And I'm going to get my quadrennial defense review.
I've got that.
I brought that so that I could get my head around what it is that Rumsfeld and the Pentagon boys are actually telling us about this long war.
And I'm still trying to figure out who the enemy is.
By the way, Bush has said it's going to last 100 years.
Cheney said three generations.
And meanwhile, they're steamrolling towards a conflagration with Iran.
Give us your take on the Iran situation, Congresswoman.
There is no way that I can sanction more war because we don't even have justification for the one that we're in.
And I'm anxiously awaiting the outcome of the investigations from Patrick Fitzgerald and also McNulty on the fabrication of the...
The so-called intelligence that said that Saddam and all of that... Saddam was our guy.
I shouldn't say our.
But he was America's boy.
Those authorities installed Saddam in power.
Have you heard about the new...
Well, I mean, we can go all the way back to 2001.
The failure to protect the American people ends on September 11th.
That's the first high crime and more than misdemeanor.
What about the 9-11 truth scholars?
Professors and doctors and demolition experts are sharing the official stories of fraud.
Well, I've seen those reports.
I mean, well, the more people who say it's... I mean, it's clear that there was...
Something was terribly amiss on that day with our people who were in charge and then they didn't do anything.
They didn't even follow standard operating procedure.
They stood down, didn't they?
Congresswoman, stay there.
We've got plenty of time when we get back.
She was with us for the whole hour, the whole rest of the hour, lavishing us with her time.
We're so honored to have her.
We're going to get into 9-11.
We're going to get into the DynCorp behavior that she has exposed and so much more after this quick break.
Stay with us.
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Stations that would have never picked us up years ago, but now they know we're telling the truth.
Everything we've talked about for years is now mainstream news.
They just try to put their spin on it, and that's not working.
By the way, if you want to learn the truth of what really happened on 9-11, I've made three films on the subject.
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And with my documentaries, you're authorized to make copies and pass them around.
There's no copyright for non-profit educational purposes because my goal is just...
We're good to go.
And she's there exposing him and Myers and all these other people and Dr. Chu and the rest of them that are sitting there and she brings forward documented hardcore questions that no one dare ask.
Listen to this.
I have just one question.
Who are we and who's responsible for what we've become?
As I survey the landscape of the changes that have taken place literally before my eyes over the course of my lifetime, I have to wonder, where did we go wrong?
George W. Smirks, Dick Cheney Sneers, Rumsfeld Jokes, Powell Blusters, Rice Lies, Enron and WorldCom, Steele, DynCorp, Vaccinate, Halliburton,
Feeds and feeds and feeds and feeds.
Americans hurt.
And in Iraq, Americans die.
Our national leaders insult our allies, create more foes, reward their friends, increase our insecurity through their own policies, and plunge the American people into the deepest economic abyss of a generation.
Now, we've sent him so many clips of Congresswoman McKinney.
That is from her speech at the Project Central Awards.
And we'll put a little two-minute clip later, but that was a good clip to play of her confronting Rumsfeld.
So that's also in the computer.
Scott, we must have mislabeled that when we emailed it to you.
They're up in Minnesota.
I'm down here in Austin, Texas at our studios here.
So we'll get that clip.
But, Congresswoman, you confronted Rumsfeld.
And can you tell people about what you said to him and the issue of DynCorp and now Halliburton?
Well, yeah, I mean, that's one incredible moment.
And I've had a lot of people say to me, well, you know, he just hasn't been around enough black people because he would know that black women would talk like that.
And, um, but, you know, I just asked him about the war games.
I asked him about DynCorp and, um, why weren't they ever, he said that, you know, companies get inside the penalty box.
Well, they were never in the penalty box.
And, um, it's my understanding that not only is it DynCorp, but it's Halliburton, too, that's engaging in the sexual slave trade of women and little girls.
And not only in Eastern Europe, but in Iraq today.
And so who in the end is actually going to care?
Who cares?
And we've got 535 members of Congress.
Who cares?
Who cares?
We all have to care.
The American people have to care.
Nearly 300 million of us.
We have to care, and we cannot allow people to get away with stealing elections, and they steal elections with the same ease that they steal women and little girls.
One of the questions that I asked was, how come the Pentagon is such an egregious offender when the time comes for auditing its resources that are given to it by Congress?
And one of the responses is that their computers don't talk to each other.
So I asked, well, who's got the contracts?
And Madam Comptroller of the Pentagon, Jonas, is sitting there and she refuses to tell me who's got the contracts.
To make the computers talk to each other.
Now, of course, imagine if some private company had billions of dollars, and in this case it's trillions, now 3.6 plus trillion, that's Associated Press, missing over the last eight years.
Now imagine bringing this up, and then they just say, oh, our computers don't communicate.
So when the IRS is auditing...
I mean, obviously there is massive fraud going on when they can't account for trillions of dollars.
That's exactly right, which leads me one now.
Her response was $20 billion has been spent already trying to make the computers talk to each other.
$20 billion.
How many...
Computer programmers and software experts and these companies that we have that could do so much more than whatever the company is.
It's got this $20 billion worth of contracts.
But they're saying that we should just trust them.
In fact, we now have that clip.
Here's the little clip.
Go ahead and roll it.
A lady from Georgia, Ms.
Oh, thank you, Mr. Chairman.
I watched President Bush deliver a moving speech at the United Nations in September 2003, in which he mentioned the crisis of the sex trade.
The President called for the punishment of those involved in this horrible business.
But at the very moment of that speech, DynCorp was exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young women and children.
While all of this was going on, DynCorp kept the Pentagon contract to administer the smallpox and anthrax vaccines and is now working on a plague vaccine through the Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program.
Mr. Secretary, is it policy of the U.S.
government to reward companies that traffic in women and little girls?
That's my first question.
My second question, Mr. Secretary, according to the Comptroller General of the United States,
There are serious financial management problems at the Pentagon, to which Mr. Cooper alluded.
Fiscal year 1999, $2.3 trillion missing.
Fiscal year 2000, $1.1 trillion missing.
And DOD is the number one reason why the government can't balance its checkbook.
The Pentagon has claimed year after year that the reason it can't account for the money is because its computers don't communicate with each other.
My second question, Mr. Secretary, is who has the contracts today to make those systems communicate with each other?
How long have they had those contracts?
And how much have the taxpayers paid for them?
Finally, Mr. Secretary, after the last hearing, I thought that my office was promised a written response to my question regarding the four war games on September 11th.
I have not yet received that response, but would like for you to respond to the questions that I've put to you today, and then I do expect the written response to my previous question, hopefully by the end of the week.
Thank you, Representative.
First, the answer to your first question is no, absolutely not.
The policy of the United States government is clear, unambiguous, and opposed to
To the activities that you described.
The second question.
Well, how do you explain the fact that Dyncor and its successor companies have received and continue to receive government contracts?
I would have to go and find the facts, but there are laws and rules and regulations with respect to government contracts
And there are times that corporations do things they should not do in which case they tend to be suspended for some period.
There are times then that under the laws and the rules and regulations passed by the Congress and implemented by the executive branch that corporations can get off of
Out of the penalty box, if you will, and be permitted to engage in contracts with the government.
They're generally not barred in perpetuity.
This contract, this company was never in the penalty box.
If you could proceed to make a comment.
Okay, that's enough.
It goes on and on.
It gets even worse.
But see, there's no denial of it.
This has been BBC, London Telegraph, Agency French Press, Le Figaro, Der Spiegel, 200,000 women and children flown out to different hellholes around the world as slave labor, sex slaves, sold into these sweat houses, these sweatshops.
This is all admitted.
Now the Chicago Tribune comes out.
In a two-part series a few weeks ago, and says that DynCorp, and Halliburton's involved now too, actually has lobbyists there to lobby to have the Pentagon not stop them.
This is hell on earth, right out in the open, Congresswoman, and you have boldly exposed it, and you've researched it.
A year later, nothing's been done about this, it's still going on, and I guess next time somebody kidnaps a kid in America, they can just say, hey, put me in the penalty box.
Yeah, it's...
I mean, it's incredible.
And at one point, I said that a criminal syndicate had taken over Washington, D.C.,
You know, upon reflection, I said, well, maybe I was hard on this administration, but now, what are we, five years later?
That doesn't hardly describe what we've got going on.
It is as if our treasury is being looted.
Which is another area that we need to pay attention to.
What's happening to our economy?
It appears to me that our country is literally being hollowed out in very much the same way that the city of New Orleans has been hollowed out of its people.
It seems that our economy is being hollowed out.
The American people, I don't know what is financially in store for the average American person.
Now, in addition to this discussion about long war and us being in war for the next generation or several next generations, we have to also pay attention to how we are treating our young men and women, and not so young now because they're...
Telling people that they've got to report for service in Iraq, and they're age 40.
63 years old with cancer.
And then now when you get your body shattered, your body armor blown to pieces, they cut it off of you in the emergency field hospital and then charge you $700 for it and $4 a day for your meals.
That's exactly right.
But now, at least, I mean, you know, we had reports...
Right after, in 2001, about Halliburton food making our men and women sick over in Afghanistan.
And then a group protested it in Houston to the employees, warning them, and the Pentagon Army troops spied on them, but Bush says he's not spying on Americans.
Now, if my phone is going in and out,
Because I only hear like every other word you're saying when I'm lucky and that's because that's what my phone does all the time.
So I would apologize to the audience if I am even going in and out if not someone calling me.
But it's the condition of my phone line, and it always does that, no matter who I'm talking to.
I do want to take this opportunity to mention also the case of Kevin Benderman.
I don't know if you have talked about Kevin Benderman.
He's in prison because he is a conscientious objector.
Tell us about it.
Well, we were contacted, I guess maybe a year ago, because Sergeant Benjamin had been to Iraq one time.
He had seen the senseless killing, the killing of civilians, the killing of women, the killing of children, and he said, I am not going to go back and participate in this kind of behavior.
This behavior is not me.
And so he filed out, he filed a request for consideration as a conscientious objector.
And it was denied.
And so now he's in prison because, near Seattle, Washington, because he didn't want to go kill people anymore.
Now you know, you of all people, Alex, remember that what...
Certain areas of our government have always wanted to be able to produce a killing machine that was devoid of remorse.
And so that's why it's important for the MKUltra program and other programs of the past that we're trying to do this kind of killing without remorse to turn our soldiers into
And by the way, for those who don't know, right in front of the Baghdad Hotel, about six months into the occupation, they'd machine-gunned a bunch of little kids that were throwing rocks.
And a big British reporter yelled at the Marines and said, how dare you do this?
And the Marines yelled back, we love killing them and we're going to kill more.
And there have been London Telegraph articles about troops just shooting, snipers just shooting women, walking with their kids down the road for fun and going, look at me blow that bitch's head off.
That's the quote and laughing about it.
I mean, some of the troops have been turned into psychopathic killing machines.
Well, you know, that's very sad because they will come home.
And will they continue to be those kinds of killing machines when they come home?
We already had the incident at Fort Bragg with the people coming back.
One unit and four of them come home, three of them kill their wives, and the other one tries to kill his wife in one week.
I mean, what's going on there?
That's exactly right.
So we also have to be careful about one of the questions I ask,
Any young man or woman that I see in uniform, I ask them, did you take those shots?
Because we don't know what those shots are.
We don't know what they're doing to our young people.
Well, we know the first anthrax shot, they got shut down because it was full of poison.
That's admitted.
Well, then all the more that they not take these shots.
We don't know.
We have no idea what these young people...
What their lives are going to be like five years, ten years from now.
Yeah, that's not normal.
Why would one unit, would four of them come back and kill their families?
Well, we don't know, but we certainly need to know.
We certainly need to know so we can not do that.
Speaking of that, Wired Magazine two years ago had a big article about the head futurist of the Pentagon, Dr. Marshall, and he said we're selectively giving the troops aggression drugs and then giving them amnesics afterwards.
So he admitted they're mind-controlling some of the troops.
Well, that goes back to MKUltra.
Now, the third instance...
That this administration has amply demonstrated, not just to the American people, but to the world, that it is not able to or it doesn't care about protecting the American people, and that's in the instance of Hurricane Katrina.
And I've been very active...
On this Katrina panel, so that we can get to the root of what happened, and we all saw what didn't happen, but why it didn't happen.
We've got a break.
One more segment coming up.
Tell us all about Katrina when we get back.
I also want to ask you about the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and your research into that, because we have someone joining us tomorrow in studio who you know.
Dr. King's murder will be exposed.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I was talking to the Congresswoman during the break, she's going to stay with us a little bit in the next hour, very gracious, about how when I started talking about DynCorp, I was told through two different sources to shut up about it, and I asked her, have you ever been told to shut up?
And she laughed and said, yeah, you've got to ask me that on air, so I'll ask that right now, then we'll get into New Orleans.
Well, let me just say, I couldn't withhold the laughter because I've been told to be quiet so many times in so many different ways.
But, you know, when you're made of this kind of stuff, you're not intimidated.
But I have an outstanding warrant right now against a gentleman who called all over America, but interestingly had access to
My telephone records at my campaign.
And now he had access to my telephone records and was able to call people that we called in the campaign and tell them that my life was in danger.
So this was quite a warning.
And now it continues with irregular visits.
To people who are friends of mine, to their homes.
So, you know, all I have to do is take this in stride.
My telephone, everybody, my mother's phone, we just live with this.
And my father was in the Civil Rights Movement, so we're accustomed to it.
Well, I was about to say, Bush says, oh, don't worry, it's not for you, but there's articles where the military and the CIA are watching bike-riding groups and innocuous peace groups, innocuous conservative groups.
Here in Georgia, our very small, innocuous Georgia peace group was spied on.
So, no, they will tell us anything.
It's amazing.
Our responsibility is to not believe them and to do what Ronald Reagan told us to do, verify.
That's right, trust but verify.
And I want to talk about Katrina when we get back in this last segment, but right now, Dr. Martin Luther King.
Clearly murdered.
The evidence shows it.
Clearly a government op.
And now so many witnesses have come forward.
I've interviewed a special forces colonel who's won this case in court when they were saying stuff he was saying wasn't true.
That was just last week.
That was Colonel Marvin, where they even tried to hire him to get involved in all of this.
Can you comment on the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King?
We have introduced the Martin Luther King Records Act, which will establish in very much the same way that there was a record that established to release the papers of President Kennedy.
We want all of the papers, everything,
Release pertaining to the life, surveillance, and murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
as well.
So we've got 53 co-sponsors on that bill.
We're going to go continue to accumulate co-sponsors, to actively go after co-sponsors.
And we want release of the information because, of course, on April 4th, I was at the Lorraine Motel.
And it's interesting that having been there and knowing what I know, that when they have the picture, not the picture, but the actual rifle, and they label it as the murder weapon, well, Judge Joe Brown told us it is not the murder weapon.
So why is this lie being perpetrated on the American people who go to this Lorraine Motel to visit and think that they're seeing the truth about what happened with Dr. King?
Now, why is this important?
Bottom line, who killed Martin Luther King?
Well, a jury said in 1999 that it was a U.S.
government conspiracy, including the highest individuals, certain individuals, and the highest levels of the United States government.
I have no reason to disbelieve them.
And why was the previous statement important?
I interrupted.
Well, the reason this is important, because if they would do that then to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., at a stage where we have legislation in law now that defines enemy combatants, we all could be enemy combatants just by dissenting from what this administration does.
I agree.
And they do the same thing to us.
We've got to break.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
If you go online to Infowars.com, you can link through to Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's subpage at house.gov.
Gov, be sure and support her.
She has been targeted by the RNC and even the Democrats to some extent, just like Ron Paul has by his own party with the Republicans.
Anybody who stands up for the people, and she's just an amazing individual, and we're almost out of time with her.
I wanted to get you to spend a few minutes talking about what happened in New Orleans.
We know that FEMA jammed police communications as the storm hit.
We know that they cut police lines, wouldn't let aid in for five days to get a starvation riot.
Well, I saw... I could only hear...
Then it was really bad.
You went out on me.
But I get the gist of what you're saying.
And the bottom line is that you're absolutely right.
The American people were once again abandoned.
They were abandoned by their own government.
And Secretary Michael Chertoff has gotten off scot-free on this.
But he has the authority, had the authority...
As soon as the state of emergency was declared, he had the authority to move all of the supplies and everything that was needed by the people into place.
Instead, just as one of the survivors said,
They needed food and water, and instead, they were sent men with guns.
And the Blackwater mercenaries were hired to patrol the streets of New Orleans.
This is criminal!
How can we have mercenaries patrolling the streets of America?
Well, what about all the gun confiscation?
Instead of letting the local police and firemen to give people food and water, for five days they ran around confiscating people's guns.
It was totally insane.
And my point is that they clearly stood down on purpose and blocked.
You know, I...
I really don't know the answer to that question, but it's clear.
It is absolutely clear that you had Bush on vacation.
You had Cheney fly fishing.
You had Rumsfeld at a San Diego Padres game.
You had Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice buying $7,000 worth of Ferragamo shoes and hitting the tennis ball with Monica Sellis.
I mean, you had an administration that was away.
They were AWOL.
And they have the nerve to bring other folks up on criminal charges for either being conscientious objector or one family made the wrong bet and about 20 people in their care died.
They're being brought up on charges.
But Congresswoman, here's what I'm saying.
We know that FEMA blocked the police from getting in for at least five days.
That's got to be premeditated.
Yes, well, you know, I...
I don't want to say that yet.
I do want to say that their actions, their behavior speaks for itself.
And the fact that you had a local sheriff had to go with his armed people and turn the communication back on
Well, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck.
Congresswoman, I want to be able to get you on a few times a year.
Will you join us again?
I'd love to.
Well, I want to thank you and your staff so much, and I want to thank you for standing up for all the children that the government and others have been kidnapping.
And God bless you, and I hope everybody prays for you.
Thank you.
I need those prayers.
Well, thank you, and we'll talk to you soon.
All right, we'll come back, take your calls, cover masses of news.
That was a great interview.
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The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
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Martial law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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The place is where you used to play.
It was an inside joke by the well-connected.
Your inner protest so merrily rejected.
It was an inside joke like it always is.
Chalk it up to business as usual.
While you were dreaming This little island disappeared While you were looking the other way
We're good to go.
Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!
We're good to go.
I know what I've done wrong I am acquainted with the night I know how hard it is To always walk out in the night And it's an inside job To learn about forgiving It's an inside job To hang on to the joy of living You know the road by which you came They know your mother's name
Think about it.
Don Henley, what the men did to the towers, they're doing to us.
It's an inside job.
They know your mother's maiden name.
They know what's hidden under your mattress.
It's an inside job.
It's the government that attacked you on 9-11.
Getting pretty mainstream these days.
We're now 11 minutes into the second hour.
As you know, the first hour was predominantly a rebroadcast from last week with Cynthia McKinney.
I promised today to go do the test.
I promised to do it this morning.
I bought the 28-gauge shotgun, similar to what Chaney used.
He used the exact same shot he used, two and three-quarter inch shells.
Fired from the same length and choke barrel, and fired it into paper targets, cardboard targets, a watermelon, a chicken, fired it into a kickboxing dummy, fired it into just a whole bunch of other stuff, and we're going to try to slam the video together in no longer than about a 15-20 minute report later this afternoon after the broadcast.
It'll be up there this evening with what we did this morning.
And right now, Ryan Slickheisen, who ran one of the cameras, so did Kevin Smith.
Ryan is in there right now on the G5 computer, the quad processor.
He is in there trying to dump the tape off the three different cameras.
And then we've got about an hour of tape on each camera and try to cut that down to 20 minutes for you so you can see it for yourself.
See it for yourself.
In fact, just about...
What was it?
About 52 minutes ago, we were wrapping up the test, and Kevin was on the crackly, windblown cell phone as I was firing a shotgun two final times into a Cornish game hen.
So we'll be getting into that.
I have a big guest coming up here in about 15 minutes.
You knew it was coming.
Houston police chief wants surveillance cameras in private homes.
We said it was a matter of time until they tried to ban knives in England.
Now they've banned them.
And right here, a Houston police chief wants cameras in homes.
He wants to be part of building permits.
You want to build a new house or apartment complex or anything, you've got to have the cameras watching you while it'll save the children.
We've got cameras in school bathrooms.
They're training the kids how to live in an Orwellian hell.
And the U.N.
is coming out and calling for Guantanamo closure, but that's the pot calling the kettle black.
I want to go over some of the mass murder the U.N.
is engaged in, of course, with the United States full support.
I want to go back to Rwanda, back from April to July of 1994, where our government actually asked the U.N.
to let the mass murder go on, let it happen.
The U.N.
would actually, openly it's admitted, hand over entire villages to then be hacked up with large machetes.
Taking small children and hacking them up, and women and children, and cutting people's hands off so they could bleed to death.
And between, even the UN admits, between half a million and three quarters of a million.
No one's really sure.
Again, it's all part of the globalists controlling the UN and our government, and then both, they act like they're fighting with each other, but that's just theater to make one side or the other look good, to make you think you have a choice.
There's also the hidden history of U.S.
germ testing.
I thought I'd cover that article.
And Patriot Act headed for permanent renewal.
Iraq death squads caught in the act.
Groups may win release of NSA spying documents.
And much, much more coming up.
In 15 minutes, we have a guest joining us, documentary maker caught in the crossfire, the untold story of Fallujah, filmmaker Mark Manning bravely journeyed to the epicenter of hell to film his documentary.
And he's been all over the Middle East and Central Asia, Afghanistan, you name it.
He'll be joining us to talk about his eyewitness accounts of the mass murder and carnage there.
Coming up, he'll be with us for about 45 minutes, and then of course we'll have open phones and cover all the other news that I was just mentioning.
Ah, yes.
Houston Police Chief wants surveillance cameras in private homes.
Speaking of Houston, I was driving along the road early this morning, and I heard local ABC News on a station.
And there they were discussing how a high school in Houston was going to call its new football team, its new high school, 1836 for Texas Independence.
And they're now retracting the name.
They're apologizing.
Some of the Hispanic students said this is Mexico, and they're offended by this even being Texas, and so it's being removed.
So cameras in Houston to go, I guess, in your houses.
And then, of course, you better not even talk about Texas Independence anymore.
Because that offends the Lurican cases.
I did go find an article on that.
We're going to get some guests on concerning that little issue.
There's been a lot of discussions about what happened with Dick Cheney.
Now they're admitting that he drank a beer earlier that day and the neocons are on radio going, drank a single beer, what's the big deal?
You really think he drank a single beer?
You see, we don't know because they violated federal and state law and ordered the Sheriff's Department not to question Cheney and not to see the crime scene and not to even visit with Mr. Whittington.
It's just, we're the government, we're God, back off.
And then more than 12 hours later, what, 13 and a half hours later, the next day, they let the Sheriff's Department talk to the Vice President.
And by then, the truth had been covered up, whatever the truth is.
How do we know we're being lied to?
Dick Cheney says at 90 feet, 30 yards, he shot Mr. Whittington, that's the Secret Service's own statement, and that it then shot through his vest...
We're good to go.
And most of the shot didn't even go through both layers.
It would stick in the second layer.
I just reached into my closet and got two thin, long-sleeved shirts.
I should have gotten, I guess, short-sleeved, but those were shirts I could wear ten years ago when I was skinny, so they're pretty much worthless to me.
So I took those out and put them on this big, soft latex dummy called Bob that is used for kickboxing.
That I never seem to use and no one else in my family seems to use because we're always so busy fighting the New World Order.
And so we drug it out there and we had, what, five different paper targets that we shot at different distances to show the spread pattern.
You see, we know that the pattern, depending on the shotgun, but I kept saying anywhere from four to six feet.
I was wrong.
We had, of course, a, well, let's just get down to brass tacks.
We didn't show them on video.
We had a police officer out there with police officer and military training.
And on top of it, we have an engineer, of course, who worked on the Apollo program himself, a contract engineer for NASA with an engineering degree.
And he was actually conducting and telling me where to stand and where to shoot, and he had the tape measure out there, and we have all that on video.
And so at 90 feet, most of the shot wouldn't even go through both sides of the shirts.
And then the shot itself, some of the shot then would be stuck in the soft latex, soft rubber.
Just barely indented into it, and then some of it did go one millimeter in.
We have video of all of this and the tweezers.
Then, you may say latex, soft rubber latex isn't the same, so we shot a Cornish game hen, and the deepest, most of the pellets bounced off.
There'd be little lead spots where they'd hit, and they would bounce off.
My experience shooting birds, folks.
A few of the pellets did go in.
A millimeter.
One pellet did go in.
Ladies and gentlemen, three millimeters.
We then also shot from 90 feet a watermelon.
And most of the shot was sticking right out of the surface.
And one of the shots did go in three millimeters again.
So the maximum is three millimeters.
Three millimeters.
Exactly what we thought we would discover.
So we will... I'll come back and just basically sum up what happened.
And then you can see it all on video tonight if you're online at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And this is big news.
We're going to put a press release out on it.
We did this scientifically with the same gauge and same load shotguns.
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We're good to go.
By the way, obviously Kevin Smith, Big Hunter, went out there with us today.
And one of our associates, I'm just going to call him Carl because he's helped us with a lot of info in the past.
He's been in the Army Infantry, then of course a military policeman, then a police officer, and we'll just leave it at that.
He was out there with us today, and then of course Raymond, and Raymond didn't mind me saying his full name, but I'm just leaving these guys out of it.
Raymond, of course, has retired and did most of his work with NASA, and then of course before that with the Air Force, and that was highly classified, so I'm not going to
He tested the ballistics of missiles.
But he was out there.
We actually had a rocket scientist, literally, out there with us today.
But, Carl, I wanted to drag you in here just for a few minutes.
I know you've got to get back to work with your shift coming up.
But just what you saw from the test today compared to the official story we're hearing from Dick Cheney.
Carl, tell us about it.
Well, Alex, it confirmed everything that we already knew.
How shotguns operated, how their ballistics and shot patterns and everything else.
It was just another confirmation of experience through hunting, firing on the ranges, and
General knowledge of firearms, and it was a pretty amazing test.
To sit there and actually watch it and know that what you knew is fact.
It's now fact.
It's not something we can kind of guess about or say this is a general thing with shotguns.
Now we actually know.
We've done it.
We've seen it.
I'm a total believer and didn't have doubts before, but now I have concrete evidence for anybody that does have these doubts.
Well, in fact, you were there, and I was saying that from what I've read online, that shotguns, the average shotgun, depending on what type, would spread between four and six feet.
You said, no, Alex, it's an inch for every foot after it leaves the muzzle.
And then we were doing measurements with six different targets at different ranges, and we have that all on video.
And your number was correct from what I read on law enforcement magazines.
Your number was actually dead on compared to what I read in law enforcement publications.
Can you comment on that?
Yeah, the...
Everything that I've ever been taught in the military or in law enforcement dealing with shotguns was that general rule of thumb.
It's a general rule because every shotgun is different.
They each have their own personality.
They'll like certain loads over others, certain brands of ammunition over others, so they'll act differently.
But as a general rule, there's one inch for every foot.
Of spread that you'd get, and that's with buckshot, birdshot, anything that's going to spread.
Your sables or your slugs, obviously that's a single projectile.
It's not going to do that.
And to go out on the range and actually measure it out, fire it, pattern it, measured it,
It looks like the general will start.
Now, there's two different ballistic situations we're talking about.
There's the trajectory of the shot.
A shotgun, again, folks, shoots out a bunch of BBs or what you'd like to call pellets.
Some call them pellets.
And at 30 yards, 90 feet, the chain claims he shot him.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And does that show us why he was keeping the police out for more than 12 hours?
Wasn't there, but from what we're seeing coming out of the news, it's not what happened.
It's impossible.
He was either closer...
Most of the shots would bounce off.
Some of them would get more, I guess, purchase more powder behind them.
It would go in a maximum.
We got three millimeters on a watermelon and three millimeters on a chicken.
Even the kickboxing dummy that was out there, to see that it didn't even go through a t-shirt.
Some of them were stuck in the fabric of the t-shirt, and as you move the t-shirt, they just fall out.
I mean, I would feel perfectly safe standing 30 yards away from somebody and allowing them to shoot at me with a 28-gauge shotgun with the same loads that we were using.
It didn't look like a person would sustain really anything other than maybe some bruising and a couple penetrations that are...
Break the skin and probably stay, not even go any deeper than a few millimeters.
But that's what we already knew, because you shoot birds at 20 yards, or 30 yards.
A lot of times it doesn't even penetrate.
Just the pressure knocks them out of the air.
Carl, I want to thank you for coming on with us, and thank you for helping us with the test today.
No problem.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet.
We'll be right back with our guest, and then a lot of other news.
God bless.
Cameras to go in your house in Houston.
It's all part of the new America.
So stay with us.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.tv.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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One more time, that's 866-885-6625.
All right, I did the ballistic testing with a...
Literal rocket science engineer who's worked with NASA, well, in the Apollo program and right through with the Air Force in missile testing and missile tracking.
He was there telling us how to conduct the test, what range, duplicating the same shotgun, same rounds, same shot.
And Cheney is a complete, absolute liar.
He shot Mr. Whittington from 15 to 18 feet, depending on our test results.
It was in that range range.
Looks like about 15, but on the outside, 18 feet versus 90 feet, he claims.
And, of course, it didn't penetrate anywhere near enough to get into the chest cavity or into the heart.
The maximum penetration we got, and most of them bounced right off of different things we were shooting out there that were flesh, chickens, raw chickens, plucked chickens, of course, watermelons, silicon dummies.
We're good to go.
I think?
Filmmaker Mark Manning, this guy's got a lot of bravery, bravely journeyed to the epicenter of hell to film his documentary, Caught in the Crossfire, The Untold Story of Fallujah.
Fallujah will go down in history as a cauldron of chaos.
On March 31st, 2004, four American contractors were killed and dragged from their cars near the bridge spanning the Euphrates River.
The assembled crowd then burned their bodies and hacked them to pieces, hoisted their blackened body parts into the air for the whole world to see.
The U.S.
military reacted with two separate sieges of the city of Fallujah, one in April and a second more deadly attack in November labeled Operation Phantom Fury.
Why don't they get mad when our troops get killed like they did about these Blackwater mercs?
And it goes on.
Caught in the Crossfire, the untold story of Fallujah.
Independent filmmaker Mark Manning turns his lens on Fallujah and drives a stake through the heart of the administration's assertion that America is not at war with the Iraqi people.
Caught in the Crossfire brings to light the most compelling story of the Iraq War, the plight of civilians suffering due to U.S.
military operations in Iraq.
And the write-up on this goes on for many other jam-packed pages.
We have a link to a video clip that's online at InfoWars.com and he's authorized us to air a short little clip.
Obviously, radio can't do justice to this brutal video, but we've... Scott, do you have that clip ready?
Go ahead and roll just a short clip of that and we'll go to Mr. Manning.
Go ahead and roll it.
Fallujah has a population estimated to be over 250,000 civilians.
On November 8, 2004, the city was attacked by an American-led operation called Phantom Fury.
Phantom Fury was the most intense urban fighting of the U.S.
war in Iraq.
All right.
And we're honored to have him join us.
Mr. Manning, thank you for coming on with us today.
Thanks for having me.
You bet.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I admire you.
I mean, you've got more nerve than I've got to go into not just one of the most dangerous countries in the world, one of the most dangerous guerrilla warfare zones in modern history, but into the eye of the storm itself, Fallujah, which admittedly has seen...
I was actually working on a different film when I was in Jordan shooting a short film about Nadia McCaffrey and how she had gone to the Middle East to try to meet... She's a gold star mother who had lost a son in Iraq.
I went there to film her and she was trying to meet some Iraqi women who have lost their children.
They were meeting in Jordan.
And while I was there, I met some people who had came to translate for the Iraqis and they had just come from Fallujah, working as humanitarian aid workers, Iraqis, working inside the battle, trying to get aid to the civilians, trying to get some of the civilians out that were stuck in the city.
And they started telling us some really horrific stories about it.
Not in bed with the war machine, pun intended.
And you know, that's why they trusted me, because I was an independent, I had financed my own thing, I was over there without any ties, and so I did.
I went with them into Iraq, and then we went into Fallujah, and I went as an Iraqi, pretty much.
I had a beard and wore the headdress and the clothes of the area, and...
We went into Fallujah, and it was an absolute horrific catastrophe.
So it's safe to say you were undercover?
Under the radar, I think is a better way to put it.
You were in their garb.
You're right.
I pretty much was living like an Iraqi.
I was living with the Iraqis.
By the way, you know it's not a rumor that the Pentagon said on the eve of the war they would kill unembedded reporters if they got in the way, and that has now been declassified, and they have been targeting reporters and killing them.
So you weren't just in the middle of a war.
You were being targeted.
Were you aware of that?
Well, the Iraqis are aware of that, and I was aware of that through them.
They have a word over there that filming and journalism is forbidden outside of the embedded protection.
By the way, a guy just wrote some news articles for a major newspaper, got 30 years because it wasn't a controlled paper.
They told us it's free papers over here.
None of them are free.
It's all written in the Pentagon and by think tanks right here in the U.S.
It's all totally fake.
And that's official.
I thought I'd just add that.
Go ahead.
So we were aware that filming was forbidden and we had to sneak our cameras in there.
We were taking medical supplies into Fallujah, into Fallujah General Hospital, and that's how we got in there.
And then the filming we did, we did under the radar also without anybody seeing us film.
And we got the perspective of the Iraqi people, specifically the Fallusions that were in the way of this military operation.
And basically, there were 250,000 civilians in Fallujah who had been forced, evacuated out of the city with very little time.
Now, the city was hit twice by two major sieges and invasions, if I'm correct.
When did you get there on that timeline?
Yeah, the first siege was in April, and the second siege was in November, and we got in after the siege was over, theoretically, and it's still going on, in December.
And they had sealed off the city, and they were just starting to let local people back in to pick up the bodies of their relatives.
I have an NBC News report where Tom Brokaw, before he retired, says that if you didn't have your ID card properly displayed and you didn't have one, you would be shot on sight.
I have NBC saying that.
Were you aware of that?
Well, we had to get those ID cards to get into the city.
We had to get retina scanned, as every Fallujah now has to get retina scanned and given a barcode.
Ten-finger printed retina scanned and given a barcode.
And then they're registered as a resident of Fallujah.
And that pretty much registers them now as an insurgent or a terrorist in our vocabulary.
And they have no rights.
They're easily detained now.
But were you aware that the Pentagon reported that they would kill anyone who didn't have those IDs?
Yeah, I wouldn't doubt it.
I wasn't aware of that.
But, you know, it's still... During the siege, it was a live fire zone.
Anybody in Fallujah was going to get killed whether they had a cart or not.
Afterwards, when the siege was over...
You know, there's a series of checkpoints set up to get into the city, and then in the city itself there's checkpoints almost on every third block.
By the way, and I want to go through this with you, Mark Manning, I want to go through all that in detail, but the Pentagon bragged in MIT Magazine last year that this is going to be the model for America with the thumb scanners in the grocery stores and the colleges and with the new national ID cards for the new, quote, fair tax, the sales tax.
It'll actually track everything we do, everywhere we go.
So most Americans are already going through these biometrics as well.
And under the Real ID Act passed last year by 2008, all state driver's licenses will be under the same system.
And it is actually a Pentagon-developed program that they call a control grid.
Were you aware of that?
No, but I've lived it.
And I tell you... Well, tell us about it.
Tell us about the checkpoints, the retina scans.
Tell us about it, because I'm not joking, America.
You're going to be living under this very soon.
Go ahead.
Well, one thing that's really interesting for me when I got into Iraq, as an Iraqi I got to experience the feeling of what they feel, the occupation as they call it.
It's very intense.
You're required to carry this ID card where you've been written a scan, a fingerprint and put on a system as a part of Fallujah.
The checkpoints you have to go through are all live fire zones.
You make a false move, deadly force is authorized and a lot of times used.
People are on hair trigger.
The Iraqi National Guard is the front protection, pretty much the body shield.
Former Baathists, torturers and murderers.
And enemies of the Sunnis and occupying those checkpoints in Sunni-controlled areas where the Sunnis live, creating really this adversity and violence.
But everybody's on hair trigger.
There's a lot of confusion sometimes in these checkpoints with people screaming and yelling, somebody making a wrong move, they're open fire on.
It's a very, very tense thing.
Now, a lot of sickos on American radio while you were there were saying, kill them, nuke them, kill them all.
I like to see them walk up to the little toddlers and blow their heads off themselves.
I'm sick of these fat-bellied possums that sit around in their easy chairs watching Fallujah burn and be saturation-bombed and white phosphorus being dropped on it while they sit around giggling and enjoying it like it's some type of a video game spectacle.
Would you like to say something to those scumbags?
Well, I think people that feel that way have never experienced war, and they've never probably had a family member of theirs killed.
The interesting thing about Fallujah is the average family has six to eight children.
So 80 to 60 percent of the population of Fallujah is children.
I was aware of that.
Yes, tell us about it.
It's an amazing thing to experience that amount of destruction that's been rained down on a population center by your own country.
And then to have to look in the eyes of the children there and have them ask you why.
Why have you done this to us?
And to not have an answer to that.
Because somebody killed some contractors.
That would be like in Austin, Texas of a million people metro.
If four people got murdered, would the U.S.
government surround the city and start carpet bombing it?
See, that's how normal this is.
This is sick.
Yeah, and I think the American people really don't know what happened there.
You know, and that's the point of my... Tell us what happened.
Yes, sir, your film's dynamic.
For those that haven't seen or haven't seen clips of it, tell us.
What my film does is it lays out what one of these military operations is like for the civilians.
I'm focusing on the civilians, and that's why it's called The Untold Story.
We're good to go.
I think?
Then the city was declared a live fire zone.
The Pentagon estimates that up to 20% of the civilians were trapped in the city.
That's, if you do the math, up to 50,000 people.
And then Fallujah was declared a live fire zone.
That's a key point.
You have people already at starvation level, six-plus months into the wonderful occupation, almost a year.
Or is it even longer?
And they don't have cars, money, they're already starving, and they're out in the middle of the rocky high mountain desert, and they tell them, just leave, we don't care where you go, you've got to leave and go through the checkpoints where they were already machine gunning people, as you said, the checkpoints to even get out.
Please continue.
Yeah, so the civilians, you know, Fallujah is an ancient city, it's 5,000 years old or more.
These people are...
Living an older type of lifestyle than we are here.
It's more of a simple life.
And a lot of them have never even left this city.
They invented mathematics and this is what they get for it.
And this city is completely surrounded by what they consider to be an invading and hostile army.
And then they were forced out and told to leave.
So a lot of them were very confused and very scared.
When we got there, there were people living in chicken coops, in cars,
Well, it's just like New Orleans.
People didn't want to leave.
They can't leave.
They're scared.
You know, when people get scared, you're not thinking clearly.
And they have a lot to be scared of.
And then, as I said, we gave them no place to go.
It's not like we went in there and built...
So what really happened there?
I mean, boil it down, and what does the city look like?
I would say 80% of the city has been destroyed.
It was an intense battle with a week prior of aero bombardment to soften the city up.
And then some...
Some of the most intense urban warfare that this country has ever been involved in happened in the city itself.
And almost every structure has some sort of damage.
Most of them have been completely destroyed.
A lot of the buildings have been burned from the inside.
Now, is it right to say from the press reports that we saw in the foreign press and even in our domestic press that they would just kill anyone building to building?
Everyone was an insurgent.
And then, of course, we have the video of them just shooting unarmed people.
Yeah, everything but that last part.
I don't know about shooting unarmed people, but I do know that... Well, you know the video of the guy laying on the ground?
Oh, yeah, right.
Party bleeding it out.
They walk over and go, F you, and bop him.
Yeah, it was a very intense fight.
And what I'm trying to show to the American people is this is what the byproduct is of this war.
We are sending our soldiers and troops and Marines over to fight an urban conflict.
And this is what urban conflict is.
And for the Marines...
What had to happen in there, they had to do their job.
They had to go in there and fight that kind of fight.
This is a policy decision that I disagree with.
Serious mount fighting.
Serious what?
Urban warfare mount.
Yes, it's intense.
And if you have civilians in the way, they're going to die.
I'm not saying that Americans are purposely targeting civilians.
I'm saying that our administration's policy is so inept that the...
Obvious result is going to be civilians dying.
How many children and women died, or non-combatant men?
Well, you know, this is the problem.
When we first started this war, our administration leaders said, we do not count Iraqi deaths.
And that meant, to the Iraqi people, Iraqi deaths do not count.
And since then, we really haven't been keeping track of... There's no way to know how many people were killed in Fallujah.
If the Pentagon says that up to 50,000 people were left in that city...
I've walked those streets, and I can tell you, I doubt that they survived.
Well, I know that they said that only a few thousand Iraqis have died in the whole war, and now the official number is well over 100,000.
Yeah, and in Fallujah alone, nobody knows.
I've been to the mass graves there.
There are nine mass graves from that battle.
A lot of them have well over 1,000 people in them.
You know, there's a lot of rubble, and it's hard to tell what happened there.
But it was a live fire zone.
And then the humanitarian disaster to the hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of civilians we displaced without giving any aid to.
Stay there.
Stay there, Mr. Manning.
One of the first things the occupation did when it took over back in 2003 was stop the statistic gathering of the dead or diseased.
And it's unbelievable.
We know a million-plus Iraqis died during the 12 years of sanctions.
We'll be right back with our valiant guest.
Stay with us.
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The casual society control grid, inflatable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
This is real journalism.
Imagine, he's over there making another documentary, and then he hears about the horrors, doesn't believe it, goes there and witnesses it.
I mean, can you give us, I know it's in your film, but personal examples, talking to the widows, talking to people that have lost children, what you witness there being inside the city?
Yeah, I...
You know, there's so many stories that come to my mind.
I was living with the refugees of Fallujah in a one-room house with 60 people and being fed by them, you know, and the little bit of food that they had and they were growing a local farm around there.
You know, I interviewed a mother who four days earlier had lost her four-year-old child.
I've interviewed women who had watched their whole family be killed in a home raid during the siege.
Fathers who were wandering the streets looking for their sons, mothers who were wandering the streets looking for their sons, children walking around, four or five years old on their own.
And zeroing in on, say, the family who, quote, most of the family died in a raid.
I mean, what happened?
Did they resist or did the Marines come in and just spray them?
You know, these raids happen a lot of times at night.
They happen in a live fire zone.
She was upstairs hiding under the bed.
They blew open the door and they came in.
There was a lot of gunfire and her family was killed, including her mother.
I don't know what happened in there.
This is more of a byproduct of a nasty war
That we've gotten thrown into without really thinking what the consequences are going to be.
Well, I collate data.
You were there.
But I go off of the other journalists and what was reported.
And, I mean, the troops, there's video of them bragging they're just aiming howitzers into entire apartment blocks.
Tanks driving around, hellfire missiles, helicopters, jets, bombing, and just slaughtering anything that moved.
I mean, I've got, you know, there's London Telegraph articles where they go, watch me blow this bleeper's head off, and they shoot a woman and blow her head off, and she falls away from the three-year-old that's holding her hand.
I mean, those are confirmed reports, and some people have realized just how bloodthirsty and sick this is.
And again, I'm not even trying to attack our military either.
This is what's going on, and I'm just zeroing in.
Have you witnessed any of that?
No, I didn't witness any troops firing on civilians.
What I did witness was, and this is a fine distinction, but I think an important one, we are conducting war now in civilian population centers.
And I think that, you know, to attack the troops for hitting civilians is, I think we're getting off of base.
I think what we really need to do is hold our commanders and our administration responsible for this, for this as being a natural byproduct of their policy.
And when we send our awesome military machine into urban centers to conduct warfare, civilians are going to die.
Well, when the British finally started doing that against the Americans in the 1770s and 1780s, that's when they started losing.
I mean, everybody knows you don't win doing this.
No, and this is a great point you're making, because Fallujah now...
It's a battle cry of anti-American sentiment throughout the whole Middle East.
There are folk songs being written about it.
People are naming their daughters.
Yeah, it's like the Alamo.
Let's just admit what it is.
It is.
We've lost our moral standing in the world.
It is.
I mean, it's a few ragtag bands of people defending their families with the biggest military in the world attacking them.
It's pathetic, and it makes me ashamed.
Well, we definitely have lost a lot of our respect.
Nobody likes bullies.
No, nobody, nobody, and we don't even know.
That's the thing here in this country.
The American citizens don't really understand what's happening over there, and we really need better information.
Well, I've been chomping at the bit here.
Stay with us, sir.
I want to keep you about 20 minutes to the next hour.
I'm going to try to bridle myself here, actually stick a rag in my mouth, and I just want you to go through whatever you think is most important.
Give us your website right now before this hour ends.
Yeah, people can find out more about this at ConceptionMedia.net.
C-O-N-C-E-P-T-I-O-N Media.
And we're going to have gigantic links to you, my friend, on InfoWars.com.
In fact, they're there right now.
Stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now into the third and final hour of this Thursday worldwide broadcast.
We did the ballistic testing this morning with Cheney's shotgun.
Same type of shotgun, same load, and of course their official story is complete cover-up and live.
Pretty obvious when they keep the cops out for more than 12 hours and the public for 22 hours.
That's coming up later.
For the next 20 minutes or so, we're joined by an amazing individual who you've absolutely got to check out his website.
We've got a link to it on InfoWars.com, ConceptionMedia.net.
And he is Mark Manning, a documentary filmmaker who went to Fallujah right after the major siege, where the war was still going on there, and witnessed the carnage and destruction.
And we're about to break here in about four minutes again, and we'll come back in the final long segment in about 15 minutes with him.
But Mark, please continue with any other key areas of this that we need to be made aware of, some of the things you witnessed.
And then when you get time, tell us the personal story of the one woman you interviewed who lost her four-year-old.
Yeah, I think what we haven't known here is Fallujah is a huge thing in the world.
American people have been blacked out on it.
We said we were going to go in there theoretically to break the back of the resistance.
The Pentagon says there was around 4,000 to 5,000 resistance fighters in Iraq before Fallujah, and it exploded.
The policy was so insane and so wrong that it exploded after Fallujah.
The resistance now is estimated to be well over 100,000.
A lot of people think they outnumber the American troops, and the number of American troops that have been killed has exploded after Fallujah, and that's all a direct result of this insane policy of taking out a major urban center in Iraq
I got three words.
Remember the Alamo.
You got 183 people with 6,000 troops come in and kill them, and then bayonet the few survivors and shoot them.
I mean, that then became the battle cry and massive support for the Texians.
And this always happens.
The Pentagon had to know what was going to happen when they bragged, scorched earth, we're going to kill them.
I mean, they had to know what this would do.
You know, you would think.
I can't put myself in the mind of that, but it's just in human behavior.
When you wipe out civilians, when you decimate population centers and destroy culturally significant and religiously important sites, you're not winning the hearts and minds of the people that you're theoretically there to help.
And I think a lot of Americans have died as a direct result of our policy in Fallujah.
And it's an attitude of bring them on by a silver spoon boy who's never been in combat.
And I guess they are bringing it on now.
Yeah, they are.
And the civilians are still suffering.
And these battles that are going on in western Iraq and all these places, the civilians are in the way.
There's civilians everywhere.
There's kids everywhere.
And this is an urban war we're fighting.
And we are not taking care of the civilian population.
I think...
Well, I heartily agree with you, and...
We're good to go.
I think?
And I'm not saying it's a good thing, but Playboy for sale in the shops, and now it's all going to radical Islam, the extreme of that, and boy, this is sick.
It was very, very common for me to hear people say, you know, we did not like Saddam Hussein, but it has never been this bad, and this is many, many times worse, and now I fear for my children's future, and I never did that before.
And women are afraid to leave their house, and they have ceremonies for men when they leave, if they happen to have a job, because men may never come home.
We have created a terrible situation for the people we said were going to go help.
They're being exterminated.
It's systematic genocide.
It's not an accident, boys and girls.
Stay there.
Mark Manning, a final segment with you on the other side.
I want to talk more about your documentary.
We'll be right back.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Fighting the globalists at point-blank range for 12 years, making documentaries for 10...
And interviewing some of the best and brightest freedom lovers on the planet.
I'm honored and humbled to be your host and have so many millions of you tuning in to be on so many AM and FM stations, shortwave, internet, satellite.
We are honored to have you joining us.
And I am honored and blessed to be able to interview great Americans like Mark Manning, who has made the documentary film Caught in the Crossfire.
You can link through to his website at conceptionmedia.net.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And it is killing over 100-plus thousand now in Iraq and getting a lot of our own troops killed.
And before Fallujah, there was about 4,000 to 5,000 estimated insurgents.
Now it's over 100,000 and ballooning.
Iraq is a civil war.
Our troops are now bivouacked inside citadels and keeps and armored compounds.
And it's the Iraqis that are dying en masse, and it's much worse than it was.
Please continue, sir, tell me just about your film and the experience you had and where you see the Iraq war going now because of Fallujah being this remember the Alamo battle cry throughout the Islamic world.
I think it's... What I'm trying to do, and I think it's really important, is the American people have to get engaged and they have to become aware of what our foreign policy is doing to people.
I think not knowing and not caring certainly doesn't remove our responsibilities here.
This is now becoming our legacy as Americans, what we are doing to other people.
Fallujah is a major example of that.
It has turned the course of world sentiment against the United States.
I think as far as a hopeful thing, it's an amazing thing that I experienced in Fallujah living with these people, most of them who had lost a member of their family.
Most of them have lost their homes, everything that they've ever had, their clothes, their dishes, their history, their culture, their mosque, everything.
They still were telling me that, please, take this video to make this movie, take it home to the American people, and we trust in the American people.
We really believe if they can see what's happening to us here, they will stop it.
Because they see the difference between
The United States government and the American people.
And they have a lot of faith and hope in us over here.
Yeah, they're a lot more sophisticated, I have to say, than the average American.
Americans 50, 100 years ago, 200 years ago, were the smartest, most informed, savvy people.
And folks in the Middle East who've lived through war, they're a lot more savvy because reality will do that to you.
And I've met a lot of them over here.
Talk to people who have family over there.
And they really are informed.
They really are well-versed.
They understand three-dimensional politics.
They understand tyranny and empire.
And they're very sophisticated, I found.
Did you find that?
I did.
And I found that they're very well informed about how uninformed we are here.
You know, another thing they have that I've experienced there is they're not all caught up in the materialism and in the status drive that we are here.
And they're very well tied into humanity and their culture.
Yeah, they're what we used to be, to a great extent.
It's very sad.
And that's why they were able to trust me, because it wasn't just this major distrust of everybody.
They met me, they looked at me, they sized me up, and they said, this man is honest, he's here to tell the truth, and they let me in.
And that's something that I think we've lost.
When two of our buildings came down and 3,000 of our people, we attacked really the rest of the world.
And we've lost discernment.
That's the key.
Americans do not have discernment.
You just hit the nail on the head.
And they do.
Even though we had taken out their whole city, much less two buildings, and most of them have had a family member killed,
They still were feeding me and protecting me.
Yeah, we claim that they had this image.
We claim there's this wild image of this guy in a turban running around screaming, yelling Allah Akbar, when in reality it's the complete opposite.
The average American, just kill every one of them Arabs.
Mute the whole place.
Kill every one of them.
Meanwhile, they're not saying that about us.
No, and that's the amazing thing that struck me so deeply.
And to a man, woman, and child, really,
I've never experienced this hatred of the Americans.
You know, they hate the American policy, and they certainly hate the American government for doing what they've done.
But they're hoping that the American people will stand up.
And I think we have to, or we're going to lose everything that we ever thought that we stood for.
We're going from being the most loved, the most honored.
I mean, we have been loved, people.
Since our founding, the whole world said, wow, look, free people.
We weren't perfect, but freer than any other system.
And now we are seen as the vicious, dark, lying empire.
And, folks, it's true.
It is true.
And, you know, the common language changes when you get over there, which is really interesting.
When you get into the Middle East, there is no insurgency.
There's a resistance.
And freedom fighters.
There are no terrorists.
It's the Mujahideen.
It's the people fighting for the freedom of Iraq.
There is no coalition or forces that went to liberate.
There's an occupation and an invasion.
And the only time I ever heard the word terrorist was when it was leveled against the Americans.
So I think we have a lot to learn here and I think that if we don't stand up and start taking responsibility to what's happening to the civilians in Iraq and we can
Soldiers glibly say here, well, that's what war looks like, or we're just going to go do this thing, but none of us have seen it.
And the media has blocked it out.
The phenomenal thing to me is that Fallujah is an hour drive from the Green Zone.
I mean, all of the corporate media heads are in Iraq in the Green Zone to get in a car and drive an hour.
You're in Fallujah, and we haven't had this story here on our mainstream media.
And I just can't understand how that could be.
Yes, it's dangerous.
To go there.
But, you know, isn't there a responsibility to cover this story?
I think it's one of the major stories of the century.
And the reporters aren't going there.
Well, a listener sent me the video of it.
I heard about it, saw the transcript, couldn't believe it.
And one day in the mail, a year or so ago after this happened...
It came, and I've never even done anything with it.
I've got to get it, I guess, put on the web or something.
And they said, if your papers aren't in order, you're killed on the spot.
And Tom Brokaw was smiling.
It's a very, very dangerous thing to be unembedded now.
And unfortunately, the Iraqi people no longer trust American journalists.
And it's because they've seen the reporting.
In the beginning, reporters were moving around freely.
And they did not cover the story of the suffering of the Iraqi people.
And we were reported here that the Iraqis were loving us and they were happy we were there.
And that's really all we got.
And they saw that.
And now there is no trust for American journalists over there at all.
That's right.
That's what's different about 1990, 1991.
Now, every village, every little corner of a neighborhood has that satellite dish.
And they're watching our news.
The Iraqis love us.
Everything's fine.
I actually did that with them.
They don't watch CNN because it's an American channel, but I had them bring it on and translate for them what was being said.
I filmed it.
It was pretty amazing, their responses.
They just could not believe that this was what is passing for as news.
That was actually international CNN, which is a lot more liberal and honest than the national CNN.
Yeah, different brand of propaganda.
Now, give us other little tidbits of what you witnessed, what you picked up while you were in the eye of the hurricane.
You know, other than the fact that it was an amazing experience to be with these people, I think what bothered me the most is this entire... It's hard to put into words.
You have to see the film on ConceptedMedia.net.
That is this entire city that's been destroyed.
And when I got back here, I thought, okay, I've got an exclusive on a major story.
And what I actually found out is that I got an exclusive on a story that nobody knows about.
And it really frightened me that we, as a country, could take out an entire city, again, the size of Cincinnati, and as important in Iraq as any other city.
And this is a holy city called the City of Mosque, and important throughout the whole Middle East.
Because the Sunni tribe goes out through the whole Middle East.
And there was no news here.
And I was really concerned that now we're going to start replicating this.
If we can get away with this with a city the size of Cincinnati, what are we doing in western Iraq, in Haditha, in Rabwah, in Al-Qaim, in these smaller cities of only 60,000 and 40,000?
Unfortunately now, we are replicating this policy of going and forcing a mass exodus
Yeah, it's relocation.
It's destroying cultures.
It's engineered genocide, the most ancient form of siege that is being carried out, salting the earth with the depleted uranium.
Are the Iraqis aware now how deadly DU is?
Yes, and they think that they're calling for an investigation.
You know, the people of Fallujah are calling for an international investigation on what type of weapons were used there.
Were there chemical weapons used by the American military?
Was depleted uranium used by the American military?
When we went in, they gave us cards that said, they were given to all Iraqis, that said, do not eat any of the food or drink any of the water that was left in the city.
Dump trucks full of dirt were pulling out of the city, and water trucks were going and washing down a lot of the buildings and a lot of the streets.
I don't know what that was about, but it was an ominous sign.
And the people there are demanding and requesting... Well, you've certainly seen the reports now that there were chemical weapons used.
Well, if you're talking about phosphorus, yeah.
But the people that were in the city during the siege say that chemical weapons were used.
They're talking about... I don't know.
I'm not... You know, I was going to let you go right now, but can you do five more minutes with us?
Because I want you to come back and talk about this.
And again, you can go to his website and watch the video online there.
How do folks get a hard copy of it?
They can go to ConceptionMedia.net and buy it right off the Internet.
Well, I'll tell you, it's something I might want to carry in my video and bookstore at InfoWars.com.
But, folks, you should go there and get it.
We have a link to it.
Mark, will you stay with us for one more segment?
All right, we'll be back because I want to hear about this.
And then we'll get into Houston, Texas.
You want to build a new house, got to have a camera in your house.
I'm not kidding.
It's Associated Press.
You cannot make this stuff up, see?
They're not just going to be slaves over there, okay?
You're going to be slaves here, too, okay?
What comes around goes around.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Website, you can go there and watch it.
We have a link on Infowars.com.
And I suggest you buy a copy of it on DVD and show it to your friends and family.
You know, humanize these people.
Most of these idiots saying, kill all them Iraqers, can't even say Iraqis, they don't even know the history of it.
They don't even know what's going on.
They don't even know what's happening.
You need to force them to personalize it.
Make them look at all the photos out there of all the dead babies.
Make them look at it.
Yeah, I think, you know, any more of the argument that we're saving the Iraqis is coming out of ignorance, and I think people really need to
Understand what's happening to the civilians and understand, like there's a phrase now in Arabic, but what it translates to in Fallujah is to be sick is to be dead.
The medical infrastructure is completely destroyed.
The babies are being born with deformities.
The children are sick from the water, from the food, and there's no medical care.
A lot of the doctors, I mean, it goes on and on and on.
This whole policy is just created
It's a situation where the civilians are suffering at such a large scale due to the American policy.
With that fact, you can't really say where they're helping the Iraqi people anymore.
Two final questions.
Finishing up on the chemical weapon situation, what they said whatever it was was doing, and then you saw the trucks and the water and the sand trucks there doing something, covering something up, washing something away.
And then where do you see Iraq going?
What do you think from your firsthand experience is going to end up happening in your crystal ball?
Well, I think the first question is that everybody that I talk to says that the United States...
Used chemical weapons.
Now, that doesn't make it true, but what they are calling for is an investigation.
I certainly wasn't able to do that there.
There are many mass grave sites that can be exhumed.
Tissue samples can be taken.
Soil samples can be taken.
Water samples can be taken.
I saw a lot of bodies that had no trauma, a lot of dead cows, dead chickens, dead cats, dogs with no trauma wounds.
So I think that rumor is now spreading throughout the Middle East, and there's a huge number of people, and I'm talking about millions,
Who now believe the United States is using chemical weapons against civilians in Iraq, and that's the main thing we said Saddam had done.
So I think that needs to be investigated.
And where Iraq is going from here, you know, as long as we're there creating chaos and hatred, we are not helping.
And I think that when we start focusing on helping people and not creating this mass catastrophe for the humans there, the people, the civilians,
It's just going to keep getting worse.
See, Mark, you're not an evil person, so you don't understand it, and you haven't gotten your mind around the evil mindset.
Did you know there are Pentagon documents that say they want to have it break down and have civil war and break it into three or four regions?
It's called P2OG.
It's public.
AP, UPI has reported on it three years ago, even before the war, three and a half.
And did you know that the defense contractors make more money if they're there 10 years than if they're there a year, and they have to have things go bad to be able to stay there to build the permanent bases to then go into Iran and Syria.
I think that that's fairly easy to believe when you're there because it's hard to believe that any policy could be this incompetent.
And what you're talking about is planned chaos, and the Iraqis believe that.
And when you're on the ground there and you see the horrific conditions from our policy, it's hard to believe that anybody is that incompetent.
Every time a general says we're getting the water back on, we're getting the power back on, we can do it in a month, boom, you're fired.
Every time a general actually tries to do something, he's fired.
That's why the average general spends, what, four months in control.
Yeah, and you know, one of the things I kept hearing from people is these are stories we're going to tell for generations.
And what the stories are is our legacy.
And I think in our lifetime, we have to solve this, and we have to solve it by changing the leaders and then going in there and helping the people.
Mark Manning, I agree with you.
Finally, in the last minute, we've got left back to the chemical weapons.
So you're saying you saw, though, trucks spraying things off with water, dump trucks of sand, or are you saying others saw that?
No, others saw that.
I've actually seen the piles of dirt out in the desert
Yeah, we're good.
Would not comment, but believe, as everybody else did, that chemical weapons were used, and they want an investigation.
Mark Manning, we've got links to your website at InfoWars.com.
All right.
I hope folks check it out and get your film.
God bless you, sir.
We'll talk to you again in the near future.
It's been good.
Thank you.
You bet.
Well, a lot of courage.
Appreciate him joining us.
We'll be right back with other news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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They railed against the crown Another red tag band Declaring independence
The facts are the facts.
It isn't just people's opinion.
The war is going wonderfully.
A lot of Americans are dying.
They're breathing DU.
The globalists love that.
They'll make a lot of money off of them in the medical system.
They're getting the test vaccines on them.
The numbers from the first Gulf War, this is the official U.S.
government numbers, triple the birth deformities of any other population, even higher than people living right around Chernobyl.
And now that we have numbers, we're coming up on three years since the invasion here in just a few months, in March, and it's looking like higher than a quadrupling right now in birth defects.
And most of the water systems are broken.
The people don't even have water filters.
And they are dying en masse.
And over a million-plus Iraqis died in the first 12 years.
And now only 120-something thousand, our government says, in the war.
The government says, what is it, 30,000, but internationally it's well over 100,000.
But that's not counting all of the people dying from dysentery and all the rest of it.
And hey, they wouldn't let Saddam have medical equipment, so they had 60-minute specials going, oh look, he's got warehouses full of dental chairs.
But they weren't allowed to then have the tubing and the equipment that went with the dental chairs.
Well, they'll show you all of this.
Okay, well, Saddam's gone now.
Why isn't there medical care?
Why isn't this happening?
And I've talked to a lot of reporters, even embeds, here in the U.S.
Obviously on this broadcast you've heard them, and they say it's really bad.
But if you don't toe most of the line and put out the propaganda, you don't get to be embedded, and then you don't get to stay in the Green Zone or one of the other citadels, one of the other fortresses, and you get killed.
And then we've caught British SAS dressed up like Muslims running around with fake beards bombing and shooting people to keep things stirred up, going and killing Iraqi policemen that are, quote, on our side.
Do the globalists make more money if they'd have been there for six months, got the power back on, had an election left, or do they get more money in the oil and the power if they're there forever?
It has to fail.
The drug war.
More drugs than ever, more people in prison.
Drug war's a great success.
The government ships it in.
Private corporations make the money.
Then they make money owning the prisons they put your kids in.
I mean, this is how they do it.
Created crisis, as our guest said.
I'm sorry it's gotten to this point.
I'm sorry it's this horrible.
I'm sorry this is going on.
Here's a story out of the Associated Press, and Paul Joseph Watson had his own little comment about it.
Houston police chief wants surveillance cameras in private homes.
Orwellian telescreens will monitor your behavior.
The age of the telescreen is upon us, and surveillance cameras that festoon our street shopping malls and airports are now moving into our private homes as the Panopticon prison is erected.
And the article goes on, Associated Press, Houston.
Houston's police chief is suggesting putting surveillance cameras in apartment complexes, downtown streets, and even private homes.
That's AP, not us.
Chief Howard Hurt today said it's another way of combating crime amid, now listen to this, shortage of officers.
Scott Henson with the American Civil Liberties Union calls Hurt's proposal to require surveillance cameras as part of home building permits radical and extreme.
In the meantime, Homeland Security grants are being used to blanket major cities with even small, sleepy communities with arsenals of spy cameras.
All over the United States, Canada, and Britain, surveillance camera systems are being installed on street corners and public bathrooms, you heard that, in residential neighborhoods and even in parks and forests.
And it goes on and on.
Again, Mayor Daley says, I am ordering almost all the businesses, restaurants, bars, laundromats, most of the businesses, if you want your business permit, you've got to put cameras in, and then you get a tax rebate if you hook those cameras in to these new fiber optics we've laid.
So you've got to put them in by law, and then we'll pay for them with a grant if you hook it into our grid.
I mean, this is creepy.
And the Pentagon said that in Fallujah and in Baghdad and all these cities and in Basra, that they are, quote, putting in a control grid, a surveillance system for security.
And they brag, we put the same system in in America.
We're going to put it in.
And again, MIT Magazine, Pentagon Press releases, I have the articles.
It's Pentagon!
Marshall Law!
It's control grid!
Heaven help us.
Meanwhile, we've got this obviously drunk vice president, now admitting he was drinking beer, but not too much, and holding the police back for almost 14 hours, the citizens for 22 hours, Bush for 3 hours, taking Whittington to a hospital further away, clearly shooting him from right around 15 feet, maybe a few more feet, 15 to 18 feet.
We did the ballistic test today.
Clearly, the maximum it can penetrate is 3 millimeters.
Most of the shot bounced off.
Of cardboard and other targets and a chicken we had out there.
The video of that's all going up.
I hope you'll help to spread this all over the web tonight.
I'm going to take some calls and cover some other news, but I've got to commend the people here on my team.
We quit working last night, and I don't make people do this.
I say, when we need to do it, and we're trying to hire more people and make more money so we can...
I say, do you want to do this?
And they say, yes, we want to do this.
And by the way, when I hire people, I don't even tell them it's Alex Jones.
Because I don't want like a fan or something.
We put ads in the paper.
We interview like 100 people.
And then we tell them it's Alex Jones.
And a few of them freak out and don't want the job.
Others freak out and want the job.
They usually don't get it.
I'm not saying it's some great job either.
I'm just saying these are people I just hired off of thinking they were good, hardworking, smart people and that they would learn what was happening with the NWO and would want to work as hard as I did.
We're good to go.
And we drove out to the Hill Country Rifle Range, and we did our ballistics test out there at the old area where Travis County did its SWAT training.
We went out there and did all that on that range.
And with our resident rocket scientist, she has literally a NASA engineer.
And then we also had a former MP, military, police, and of course police officer now there as well working with us, doing it all with tape measures and the same shotgun, same load, same ballistics.
And doing our test, and I just said, well, Ryan, I'd like to get this video edited out by tonight.
While the story's still really big so we can get it out to as many people as possible, I said, are you willing to work?
And so he may be here at 8 o'clock tonight.
He's in there feverishly eating his lunch while he's editing, not even having a lunch, because he wants to get this out to you tonight.
We literally are scrambling around in here.
And other folks are in there packaging videos.
You ship them out to your other folks who are working on websites.
Other folks are writing news articles.
But how can we not be scrabbling?
Cameras going in school bathrooms and in road stops, rest areas all over the country, colleges putting thumb scanners in, no cash allowed now in many of them.
Thumb scanners going in to get your library books or to pick your kids up at school.
Barbed wire fences going up.
Police in black uniforms stomping around everywhere.
Cameras going up everywhere.
The government saying if there's another terror attack, we're going to have martial law and the president's above the law and we're going to get rid of the posse comitatus federal law and put troops on the streets running our life but the border's going to stay wide open.
And Halliburton building FEMA camps for your safety, of course.
All of this.
I mean, we better all be scrabbling and scrambling.
And scurrying around.
I mean, that's what we're doing.
Scurrying around.
Trying to literally... Look at that!
Enemy attack!
Oh my gosh!
It's happening over here!
Look what they're doing right there!
Look at that!
Look at this!
Look at this!
Look at that!
I mean, it's just like... It's just all evil.
I mean, it's just... We're dealing with a government that kidnaps women and children for sex slaves, and it's in the Chicago Tribune, and they don't get in trouble for it!
You think Cheney's above the law being able to tell the cops, buzz off, when he shoots somebody and lies about it?
That's something that the American dumbed-down public can grasp!
That's nothing!
I mean, I just pray to the Lord above, wake people up before it's too late.
I mean, we're about to go into World War III with Iran.
It could happen any time.
It's insane!
There's no reason for any of this!
We got a government that carries out terror attacks.
It's run by crooks.
Who's up first here?
Raris in Connecticut.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I don't have the means to do my own test, but I'm kind of going through... That's fine, sir.
What's on your mind?
You've said a couple times...
You said either it was yards or feet.
I'm a little confused.
Well, I translate that.
30 yards is 90 feet.
And he says he shot Mr. Whittington at 30 yards, which is 90 feet.
Right, because I've been looking at a bunch of sites and forums, and even if you just do the math, it just doesn't add up.
No, no, I mean, we had official law enforcement magazines and publications and online journals showing the ballistic gelatin that mirrors human flesh, but without the bone, which obviously is much harder to go through.
Shooting it with a 12-gauge at three feet, it goes in four and a half inches with a much more powerful shotgun and a number four or five load, much larger BBs.
With a little 28-gauge pop gun, we went out there.
But I did learn the ballistics on this.
It actually did go out with more force and fury than I thought because it is a focused shotgun.
But still, at maximum three millimeters, most of them bounce right off because you don't get an even penetration with a shotgun.
One pellet's going one speed, another's going another speed.
But, I mean, we had them bouncing off of shirts.
I mean, seriously.
You know, a soft cardboard behind it.
It wasn't just like it was, you know, bouncing off something below that.
So we're talking 18 feet, not 18 yards?
Yes, sir.
I will say feet.
See, it's all going to be on video.
See, we not only tried to ascertain if Chaney really shot him at 30 yards, translated 90 feet of yards, 3 feet.
We're not only translating that, we're also finding out the penetration of the number seven and a half birdshot fired through this same length shotgun with the same choke, the same modification.
What was the choke?
It's all on the website, sir.
I've got it all.
I've been looking at the choke.
Even at ten yards, it's already two and some feet spread.
Yeah, exactly.
So out at 30 yards, 90 feet, it's over 6 feet.
I kept guesstimating 4 to 6 feet, and it's really well over 6 feet.
It turned out to be... We actually calculated it all out there.
We had an engineer there, I mean a degreed engineer there.
He calculated it all out on paper, and it was 8 feet 4 inches, if you really want to get specific.
The spread was 8 feet 4 inches at...
Listen, I appreciate your call, but let me try to go through this, because I have to take a few more calls and get a few other news items.
Let me try to explain this.
Because I know I was rattling them off earlier.
Then we wanted to ascertain how close Dick Cheney really was.
And so with fresh targets, we moved from 90 feet, which is 30 yards...
To 30 feet, to 15 feet, and then to 10 feet.
And now we have the man-sized targets all set up beside each other and shot video of that, and that's going to be in the news piece.
So we didn't just prove by the spread at a distance that he was closer than he said.
We then actually got up to the point where it fit the spread that hit Whittington from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Center.
Medical report that was put out showing where it was.
And I looked at it closer.
It is actually under 12 inches, about 11 inches.
And I said, you know, 12, 14.
I tried to add extra on when I was guesstimating on the air yesterday.
We've all gone and tested it.
So the pattern was actually smaller than I guesstimated that hit Whittington.
And then the spread at 30 yards was actually larger than I thought it would be.
Okay, all I know is, but it proved what we're saying in spades and then some.
All I know is, I've shot a lot of birds at 30 yards, and the pellets hit them, and it hurts them, doesn't penetrate, and it knocks them out of the air, and then they'll hit the ground and take off and fly off and be fine, or if the dog gets it, or if you don't have a dog, you go over and grab it, and you look at it, and you break its neck so it's not in pain, very easy to do, just snap with your thumb, and then you look, and you can pluck it, and there's no BB in it.
There's no BB in it.
You can even pluck them down to their skin and see the bruises where it hit them.
It's like shooting somebody who's wearing a bulletproof jacket.
These BBs slow down so fast by the time it hits the bird.
Please don't tell me I'm evil because I've hunted birds when I have time.
I mean, you go through and get a hamburger and you have no idea what the cow went through or what even happened.
It's normal and natural to want to go out hunting.
A lot of the anti-gunners are having a heyday with this, and I don't appreciate Dick Cheney helping do that as well.
Gil in Texas.
Go ahead, Gil.
Happy Fight the New World Order Year.
That's the magic shotgun pellet.
You know, like I said, the magic bullet out of the Kennedy.
That's the magic shotgun pellet that I've been talking about.
But that's not at all what I want to talk about.
You said something about they're going to be monitoring us all around.
I got a letter from the Texas Workforce Commission because I'm on...
Yeah, I know.
I mean, are you near Houston?
This is supposedly on TV down there.
It's in the Associated Press.
Are people excited to hear that the new homes and the police chief wants cameras on them?
If somebody has to do the surveillance, somebody has to sit there and watch that, right?
Yeah, I guess you'll say, hey, you know, I'll... I'm going to go to the workforce.
I have to go to the workforce here next week.
I'm going to say I want a surveillance job.
I'm going to see if they have any available, because apparently someone has to do it.
What do you make of this report ABC has of the Saddam tapes?
Oh, yeah, for Nightline.
We get a White House memo saying we need to stage a fine of WMDs, or we need to fine Bin Laden, or we're cooked, and then suddenly everything they call for starts happening.
We have the White House memo admitted by the White House where Bush is saying we can paint planes up and try to get them shot down, or we can have one of our defectors claim he saw WMDs.
Well, this Nightline thing is pure propaganda.
Well, I've got a sneaky suspicion that, I mean, 98% chance it is, and 2% chance it is.
I mean, so what?
I mean, so they've got Saddam talking about what WMDs could do if he had them.
Two final questions.
First of all is, if you had an hour of airtime on national television, what would you do with it?
I would go to the history of government-sponsored terror.
If you had a dream interview that you could just corner them and make them sit there for an hour and answer your questions, who would it be?
Probably George Bush or the Queen of England.
Probably the Queen of England, actually.
Oh, I'd love to see that, or the Queen of England.
Yeah, that'd be wonderful.
You'd have to tell me more about what you would ask her, because I know what you'd ask Bush about what's going on here.
I'd actually like Cheney, though.
He would probably physically assault me.
See, these people can't be questioned, because they're gun-grabbing trash.
You think he actually shot that man intentionally?
Hell, man, you've got to be right up on somebody with that kind of gun.
You're saying they did to get some penetration, huh?
He probably fell over or something.
People think it's a big on-purpose distraction.
I don't really agree with that.
This makes them look like idiots.
So they're out there drunk, and this guy got shot accidentally because it was right up on him with his shotgun.
Well, I mean, it's easy to trip, and that's why you walk around with a gun broke.
Either it's an over-under or side-by-side.
Every time I was out there shooting, anyone was unloaded.
I mean, I broke it.
And by breaking it, your shotgun's open up.
Yeah, you can't shoot it.
They're very safe.
I mean, it's just second nature for me.
I mean, growing up... It's almost point-blank range you shot him at.
No, no, no.
It's 15 to 18 feet.
But that's not 90 feet.
A lot closer to what they're saying.
I say 15 to 18 because we got different results a couple of times.
Thank you.
18 on the outside, 15 is what it looks like.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We provide outstanding products like Esiac, colloidal silver 500 parts per million, olive leaf extract,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, I want to talk to Jason in Maryland.
I wasn't going to take any more calls, but we never have two gills in a row.
If we have a gill in Nebraska, I'll have to try to get him a minute or so.
Listen, I've been on for three hours today, and I rebroadcast in the first hour because I was still doing my ballistics test.
It'll be on InfoWars.com tonight.
And I hope Paul Watson will write a press release about it because it's a big deal.
I guess we can do that too here.
We haven't plugged the videos all day, and that's what supports us and funds us and what we're doing, and plus they're great films.
Get Martial Law, a three-hour film.
It's a miniseries, three one-hour films in the one documentary.
My new film, The Order of Death, is excellent.
When you get that, you get free on the same DVD, The Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
So the modern infiltration of last year and then the one we did in 2000, and all the occult activities of the elite, truth stranger than fiction, you've got to be a devil worshiper to be part of kidnapping rings, folks.
That's who's running things.
I'm sorry it sounds crazy.
It's true.
You need to get that film, The Order of Death, Dark Secrets Combo.
You need to get all the new books and videos we're carrying.
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PrisonPlanet.tv or the bookstore or video store at Infowars.com.
We're call-toll free.
Jason in Maryland.
Go ahead, Jason.
You're on the air.
Thanks, Alex.
I called you the other day about Bill Cooper, the book that he wrote, Behold a Pale Horse.
And I was wondering if you could comment on anything that you know about federal databases that specifically compile...
Okay, let me try to answer that.
I appreciate your call.
I don't know what that has to do with Cooper.
Or what your question is about Bill Cooper who was killed by a SWAT team.
I'll say this.
Who cares if they're monitoring us?
Good, I'm glad they are.
If we give in and say, oh my gosh, I'll get on the list, it's over, they've won.
We're the good guys.
They're the ones that have to hide.
They're the ones that are all secretive.
By the way, most people in government, most, are now waking up and joining us because they now know it's real, see?
It's coming down to brass tacks.
It's coming down to the wire.
I mean, this is when people are finally going, yeah, man, this stuff's real.
I ain't for it.
So, yes, they've got all kinds of databases.
But, again, they're useless because if they try to come out and use them, it will all blow up in their face.
They're going to fail.
They statistically abuse those that actually serve them who are gullible and dumb.
That's what predators target is the weak and stupid.
Don't be a little gazelle.
Be a tiger, folks.
Be an elephant.
Let these jackals know.
Let these hyenas know.
You'll stomp them.
And then they run off, okay?
And we've got to be men willing to defend our tribe and charge head-on into these people.
I mean, so what if they're big and bad?
Some of them are big and bad, if you want to use the ancient analogy of animals.
Let's rock and roll.
It's better to just get in a fight than live it on your knees and let them tear your guts out.
You ever seen a sheep just lay over and let a wolf just rip its guts out?
I'm not going to lay over.
Wolf tries to rip my guts out, I'm going to stomp its guts out.
It's going to get its guts stomped.
Gil in Nebraska, last caller, go ahead.
I'm sorry, it's not Gil, it's Bill.
Okay, he told me Gil.
Go ahead, Bill.
Well, that's okay.
I guess the first thing I was going to say, Alex, is I guess that the vice president will go down in Guinness Books of World Records because he's the first vice president to shoot somebody since Alexander Hamilton's days.
Well, and Hamilton got shot.
He wasn't shooting.
Yeah, okay.
Hamilton shot into the ground.
Okay, the other question I had, though, was I was listening to Coast to Coast the other day.
I got in on the tail end of a conversation about Chinese buying six U.S.
Have you heard about that?
No, it's not the Chinese.
It's United Arab Emirates.
Oh, yes.
And they bought them, yeah.
Can you elaborate on that?
It's been in the Miami Herald.
It's been in the World Tribune.
It's all over our websites, and people are still saying I'm making it up, so...
That's the popular thing to do.
But, yeah, no, that's six more ports.
The Chinese, they got Long Beach years ago.
All right, we're out of time.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
Check out the ballistics report coming out tonight.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.