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Air Date: Feb. 15, 2006
2402 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, to this live Wednesday edition.
The 15th day of February, 2006.
We're going to be here for the next three hours.
No guests today.
We've had so many guests the last few weeks.
I'm having a few days this week where we just take your calls.
We're going to have wide open phones for the entire three hours and cover a mass of very important news from around the world and right here in the United States, including Texas.
The toll free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
Any issue, any news item.
Any story, any question, any comment you have, you are welcome to call in and join us on air.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Australian TV station releases new Abu Ghraib torture photographs right on time.
The latest video of British troops beating up Iraqi teenagers hasn't made the Arabs mad enough or fight hard enough, according to Pentagon plans.
And the fake Muhammad cartoons hasn't gotten people fired up enough, put out by neocon publications.
And all the rest of it hasn't been working properly, so they're turning the heat up through their intelligence agencies.
Also, 325,000 names on the terrorist list, the Washington Post is reporting.
That's right, everybody's a terrorist, basically.
And Able Danger, ID 911 Ring Leader...
Over ten times, and he was always protected because he was a government asset.
let slip 911 hijacker 13 times.
He could do whatever he wanted.
I've got a mean email I was sent here about my Cynthia McKinney interview.
I'm going to try to cover that in the next segment.
The Homeland Security head, Herr Chertoff, jokes about regulating the weather.
This, too, out of the Associated Press and MSNBC are reporting on.
Of course, it's admitted, patented, they can do it, they can knock out these hurricanes, but he's just going to make jokes about it.
Or is it a joke?
And we'll get into good old Mayor Daley wants security cameras at bars, basically all businesses, to watch everyone.
So making you put cameras in that are hooked into the police department systems.
China's media crackdown is starting to draw more and more fire around the world.
And how many of the different mainstream media outlets and internet companies are basically colluding with them to help continue this as well.
So, that is just some of what's coming up today.
And yes, obviously, there is a lot of new big developments concerning Dick Cheney.
And the shooting incident that happened Saturday afternoon.
And we're now here on Wednesday.
Folks, there is no debating that we have two smoking guns, literally and figuratively, from two different angles.
We have the ballistics of the pellets of the BBs, not just the fact that they penetrated into the heart, which is impossible at 30 yards, 60 feet, but also the spread of the bullets.
From the Texas Parks and Wildlife own incident report is indicative and conclusive of being shot from 10 to 15 feet away.
So not just the penetration of the projectiles, but also the spread of the projectiles.
So we will get into that in great detail and have some audio clips for you today.
And frankly, compared to going to war with Iran, which they're saying is set for late March, we hope that's not the case, but members of the Russian Parliament, high level, are saying it.
Scott Ritter, who's been right in the past, former U.N.
weapons inspector for the U.S., he's saying that.
Many others are.
The Marines are being sent over in ships right now.
It looks like it's more than just an aerial bombardment.
They're planning on over 200 sites in Iran.
This is not like the Israelis in 1981 taking out a single reactor in Iraq.
This is a much larger operation.
But at the same time, this Cheney situation shows how deceptive they are, how they kept the police out, how they've obviously lied.
So we'll get into it.
And it could bring them down, so anything that brings down these criminals is good.
It's like getting Capone on income tax and not the St.
Valentine's Day massacre.
All right, stay with us.
We'll be right back after these quick messages and get into the news and your calls.
Don't forget prisonplanet.tv, infowars.net.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Yesterday, in the middle of the broadcast, we learned that Mr. Whittington had had some of the BBs, some of the projectiles down there at the Armstrong Ranch when Dick Cheney shot him with his 28-gauge shotgun, had gone through his hunting vest, through his shirt, through his shirt,
Through the muscle in his chest, through the bone, or through the gristle and muscle between the ribs, through the inner muscular bag that covers the heart and into the heart itself.
And the ballistics are there.
The shotgun patterns and different numbers of BBs has been studied and we went to the big law enforcement publications online and we posted the different tests from even much more powerful shotguns at just a few feet away and it is impossible.
Then you have the Texas Parks and Wildlife incident report showing that the pattern was between a foot and 14 inches.
So a little bit over a foot from his cheek down to his chest.
And that is totally scientific with the pattern of a shotgun.
We know that a 28-gauge at 30 yards or 60 feet should have spread to over a 6-foot wide pattern.
You see, shotguns are choked.
That is, the diameter of the barrel is different with different models.
But the pellets, of course, travel down the barrel, accelerating from the powder that's been ignited by the hammer, by the pin, the firing pin.
We're good to go.
I think?
That is one projectile, and you can shoot somebody at 1,000 yards away and kill them, or even further.
With shotguns, it's not that way when you're firing birdshot.
Within 30 yards, in most cases, even with a high-powered shotgun, it will not even penetrate the skin.
And we've talked a lot about this.
So we have the pattern showing that it had to be within 10 to 15 feet.
And then we have the ballistics of the bullets, the projectiles, the BBs, the pellets, whatever you'd like to call them, going deeply, deeply, it looks like at least five inches, into Mr. Whittington.
So they are lying, case closed, ballistics 101.
It would make a great A&E, you know, they have those shows about law enforcement ballistics and catching the killer.
This is an open and shut case.
They're lying.
No debate.
No discussion.
We have two smoking gun pieces of evidence.
Pun intended.
So I want to go over that and then cover some of the unfolding cover-up surrounding it.
We have detailed analysis by Kevin Smith, by myself, by Ryan Slickheisen, and by Paul Watson.
We've all collaborated on three separate articles with the ballistics, links to law enforcement publications, links to the scientific studies.
It is conclusive.
Again, I don't need to go read the ballistics on law enforcement and military websites where they have photos of the test.
Where they fired into the silicon, mirroring human flesh.
I don't need to do that because I know.
Because back in the old days when I had time, I was an avid bird hunter.
I've been hunting all over the state.
I get offers all the time to go hunting, and frankly, I have to turn them down, though I salivate at the chance to just get out in the woods and get out in the fields.
It's not even the killing of the birds or the eating them later that's so delicious.
It's just the getting out in nature and following your instinctive hunting genes that are in all of us, the programming that God gave us.
We're good to go.
I think?
What does it have?
It has like five to six times, depending on the load, that a 28 gauge would have.
I mean, a 28 gauge is a tiny little cartridge with just a few piddly BBs in it.
It is a pop gun by every definition.
It is something used by small children or women.
In fact, I've never seen anyone use a 28 gauge.
I had to go look it up and research it, and it's just what I thought it was.
It is a ridiculous pop gun.
And so, for a lot of types of hunting, a 12 gauge won't even get the job done if you're shooting geese.
And, you know, they're flying in high.
And by high, again, the...
The limits are 50, 60 yards with a choked shotgun.
That's with an extremely long barrel.
And the barrel, instead of starting small at the bottom for maximum pressure and then getting larger towards the end of the barrel to give you a wide pattern, a choked shotgun with, I guess, the highest choke there is, the barrel is the same size at the end that it is at the beginning where you load the shells in.
So it's very, very simple.
And with a choke shotgun, that keeps the BBs together in a very tight mass, and it increases the velocity of the projectiles, because when you have a shotgun that's set for a wider scatter, the energy is dissipated to a much greater level.
But with this pathetic pop gun, I am tempted to go to a gun store today
I'd probably have to go to McBride's that has a huge selection, because a 28-gauge is so rare.
I ought to go down to Lamar.
In fact, I may do this.
I should go buy a 28-gauge shotgun, similar to Cheney's, and I should go out with a video camera right now, and I should go out to some family land out in Fredericksburg, the closest land we've got to shoot shotguns,
Well, that's not true.
Through a business dealing, I just came into possession of a small plot of land outside Johnson City.
I guess I could go there, but there's houses out there that might scare the neighbors.
The point is, I should go out there with a .28 gauge, and I should put up paper at 30 yards.
And ladies and gentlemen, at 30 yards, it might, might...
One or two of the BBs might, the pattern will be so wide that one or two of the BBs on a big old two by two target, one or two of the BBs might hit the paper and there might be indentations.
I doubt it would even go through the paper.
It would probably put a small indentation in the paper where it had almost punched it out.
Now, if you put it snug up against wood, there might be pressure enough where the BB might go through and then be embedded less than a tenth of a millimeter.
That is, you could take your nail and just flick the BB out of it.
Because I know, I've shot trees, I've shot barns, I've shot old trucks, I've shot Folgers cans, I've shot coyotes, I've shot geese, I've shot dove, I've shot quail.
And frankly, when I was a bad little teenager, I'd shoot almost anything out there flying.
Oops, scissor tail, you're in trouble.
I'm joking.
I never shot a mockingbird, ladies and gentlemen, for target practice.
Now, I mean, I do that with .22s.
I mean, you shoot them at 100 yards when they're sitting in a tree just for target practice.
But I don't do that these days.
The point is, I know shotguns.
I know them real good.
And this is the biggest bunch of baloney I've ever heard in my life.
That's it.
I've got to be down there at the studio at 5 o'clock today, and I'll be off here at 2, and I've got to go.
Well, actually, I have a TV show.
I won't be able to do it.
No one had pointed this out.
You know, we heard this yesterday.
I put out a news report with Kevin on it, and now everybody's imitating it and repeating it and copying it, which I'm glad.
Today, there's a bunch of articles pointing out that at 30 yards, it wouldn't even penetrate his skin, much less through his ribcage, through the clothing, through all the muscle.
I've already said that.
The point is, how dumb do they think we are?
I know there's a listener who's computer savvy who's got a 28-gauge shotgun right now.
I just bet my bottom dollar on it.
Why don't you go out 30 yards away, walk it off on camera, show us it's 30 yards.
Or even count it off with a yardstick, and then shoot a paper target, videotape it, and then upload it and email it to tips at infowars.com.
Or if you'll do it, just call my office.
If you go do it this afternoon, we'll have it up by tomorrow, and we can show the whole world.
We can do a forensics examination and a forensics scientific laboratory test in front of everyone.
It will not pierce the paper!
I know the police listening who've studied forensics more than the general public know this is the biggest bunch of baloney.
I know SWAT team people who, the smart ones, use shotguns, know how ridiculous it is.
They tell you, don't use them inside a house.
Don't use birdshot because chances are it won't kill somebody or take them down five, six feet away.
Okay, now I'm ranting and I've got all this news to cover and I know this is a distraction overall from the Iran war coming up and
All the earth-shattering events going on, and all the new Abu Ghraib photos obviously released on purpose to stir up the Arabs again.
But I don't know how we're supposed to sit here and put up with this.
And I would do two things on the test.
I would show how the pattern, maybe get a bunch of butcher paper and put it up on the side of a barn.
This is what needs to be done.
We're good to go.
And watch how the pattern's so big that a lot of it will simply shoot around the box, and you'll only have maybe ten pellets that hit the entire big washer or dryer box.
Or let's see something even bigger.
A box that holds a sofa.
Okay, that's how, just to show everybody how much this will spread out at 30 yards.
At 60 feet, ladies and gentlemen.
And then show how you can go up and how the bullets won't even penetrate.
The cardboard.
You'll be able to pick them out of it if they don't bounce off of it.
Oh, boy.
It's just ridiculous, and I'm sick of it.
What about you?
I'm sick of it.
But they know the average American has no... I've already gotten emails saying, everybody knows bullets can go a mile.
A rifle and a shotgun are two separate things.
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Well, I said I didn't have any guests today.
I'd forgotten I'd set up Alan Pogue, an incredible battlefield photographer.
He was a medic in Vietnam.
We've seen a lot of service.
And he's part of Veterans for Peace.
And he's going to be joining us.
We had him on last week, but scheduling, so he's joining us in the second hour.
We'll have open phones throughout that as well.
I just drug Kevin Smith in here because he's a big hunter himself.
And, of course, I got so fired up and was yelling and screaming in the last segment.
I know a yard is three feet, ladies and gentlemen.
I know that.
I understand that.
I said 60 feet.
In our article, we say 90 feet.
It is much worse than we were...
Earlier saying.
90 feet?
That's the point.
I mean, it's just a shotgun.
We've got all the ballistics from the law enforcement publications.
We know what it does.
Kevin, I mean, this is an insult to all of our intelligence.
Well, you know, the gun is being demonized more and more, and people are not as actively involved, I guess, with guns in their day-to-day life.
And only...
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
That is what you do to identify yourself.
You wear bright orange clothing and they say, well, he didn't respond to a say, hey, I'm coming up on the line.
Well, you're wearing hearing protection.
You generally don't hear that well.
So that's the point.
You're responsible for where your gun is aimed, where your bullets or your pellets go.
But they also admit, Kevin, that he was coming up from behind them.
You only shoot in the forward direction.
You don't track a bird into a 180, which is what the vice president has said they do, and then shoot somebody behind you 90 feet away or 30 yards.
So all of that is a side issue.
They're lying about what really happened because...
The pattern shows it was 10 to 15 feet, and the penetration shows it was 10... Well, the ballistic shows it had to be even closer than 10 feet to be able to have this type of penetration.
I mean, it's scientific fact.
It is a fraud.
And now we're also starting to see some reports, and I had just put that out yesterday, that when he didn't respond immediately to the sheriff's department and put it off for a day, it sounded like to me is what when a rich kid gets involved in a hit-and-run accident and he's been drinking, he goes home, he sobers up, he gets the family attorney together, they straighten their story up, and it just sounded like, you know, I'm going to say, hey, I've gone out shooting shotguns and had some beers before.
It's pretty typical, and I think...
There's probably a good chance that there was some alcohol involved, and that's probably part of the delay there.
Sounds like drinking Old Crow or Jack Daniels when you're in the deer stand, which is very Alcott-ish.
Well, it was cold last weekend.
We had one of our brief little cold spells last weekend, so I'm sure there might have been a little, what is it, the Southern Canadian Hunter and some of those sort of Southern Comfort type of liquors probably being consumed also.
And then this Armstrong family are big, big-time pioneer players.
They're ambassadors.
They're hooked up.
Tobin Armstrong, the...
The patriarch who just recently passed away, Cheney, Baker, they were all at his funeral.
Well, I mean, this is an insult to all of our intelligence.
Well, we'll see how it plays out.
They're saying now Carlos Valdez is the district attorney in Cleberg County, which is down there where the King Ranch is.
And he said a fatality would immediately spur a report and probably a grand jury investigation.
So we'll see how it plays out.
I surely hope Mr. Whittington is not already deceased.
Well, that's the thing.
I mean, I'm sure he's alive, but we can't believe anything they say because they knew within minutes when they did an x-ray that he had at least one pellet in his heart and others in that area that had penetrated.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And so there's a massive cover-up going on here.
They didn't let the police in.
They didn't let the public know for 22 hours.
He shot him at 5.30 in the afternoon.
The police were there within an hour.
They wouldn't let him in until the next morning.
Since when does the Sheriff's Department just bow and step and fetch to the Secret Service, Kevin?
Well, unfortunately, almost always now, you know, we talk to sheriffs here and we said, you know, what happens if the FBI came in and, oh, I would do whatever they wanted.
Like, no, you're the highest law enforcement agent in the county.
You are in charge.
The heart is the muscle, the strongest muscle in the body, and this idea that these pellets will float around and penetrate after a while is just ludicrous.
Well, there's a, I forget the name of it, but there is a muscular bag around the heart.
This stuff, they're really trying to spin in overdrive.
We'll go straight to your calls, get into the Abu Ghraib, new photos that have come out, and a lot more.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com, stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, let's do this.
I'm going to try to settle down from my rampage about Cheney.
I haven't even gotten into all these other facts and information coming out in points.
And let's go to your calls, and then I'll get into the Abu Ghraib news and a lot more.
Let's go ahead and talk to George in Canada.
George, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
It sounds like you're on a speakerphone.
I just took you off.
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
Go ahead, sir.
I don't care about that.
I just want to be able to hear you.
Alex, I'm calling from Canada, where we just elected a new conservative government.
Go ahead.
He's a Bilderberger.
I just heard on the news this morning that our new foreign minister, Michael Wilson, former Goldberger... Well, they call themselves conservative.
They call themselves liberal.
It's just they're all on the same team.
Yeah, they are, because the former liberals that were voted out of office, a lot of the key players with them were Bilderbergers as well.
Well, I was just wondering...
Yes, sir.
How much is this conspiracy spread into Canada, and how much are the central banks controlled by the Federal Reserve?
Well, Canadians are really nice people, and they think they're free, but it is one of the worst police states in the Western world.
There are all manner of things that if you talk about it politically or write a news article, you will be arrested and spend years in prison.
Or they will extradite you to foreign countries because they claim that if you write something there, it breaks a foreign law, so they internationally ship you out of the country.
I can ship videos into Hong Kong, into China proper.
I can ship videos into Russia, no problem.
I can ship videos into Australia, no problem.
I can ship videos into Japan, no problem.
England, no problem.
Pardon me?
I'm sorry, we broke up there, Alex.
Okay, well, so, and the Western world is owned by the same banking families.
Go ahead.
The central banks of Canada, the UK, the United States, New Zealand, Australia are all owned by the exact same people.
It's the exact same system.
It is, okay.
So the Bank of Canada borrows all of its money from the U.S.
Federal Reserve?
No, the banks themselves, it's like a Walmart in Canada is owned by the Walmart company.
It's the same thing.
It's owned by the same people.
It isn't borrowing money from the Federal Reserve.
These central banks are set up and are called federal or called national, and they're not.
Okay, so the Bank of Canada is not affiliated with the Canadian government?
Well, it's quasi.
I've looked at your board structure, but no, the stockholders of it are private.
Anyways, Alex, I want to commend you for what you're doing.
You've got a lot of balls to come out and say what you do.
Keep up the good work, my friend.
Well, I appreciate the call, and I'm glad I can answer your questions.
Listen, I don't have a lot of chutzpah, or I'm not macho, I'm not a tough guy, I'm not stoic.
I would have to have mindless courage.
Utterly mindless courage to...
Not fight the New World Order.
To know what I know about these people and to not get on air and to not expose them, that takes courage.
I mean, let me tell you, the average yuppie out there giggling and laughing at the dollar plunging in value and the open borders and the de-industrialization and the police state and the attack on the Bill of Rights, they think if they just laugh at something it gives them power over it.
They think if they just care about themselves and ignore everything that somehow that insulates them.
And it's the exact opposite.
You are not insulated from what's going on in the world just because you deny it.
And I don't think I even have that much courage, folks.
I'm just fighting for my family that happens to live in America.
And I happen to love America.
I want to be free.
Ted in New York, you're on the air.
A couple things.
One is the answer to your question about the sack of artisans called the pericardium.
Yes, yes, the pericardium.
The reason I know about that is I got a, lifting weights years ago, I got a hernia, a high hernia, where, I know it started with a P, where that pericardium, this thick, muscular, inch-thick
I think?
We're good to go.
Imagine it.
I mean, at 30 yards, 90 feet, it wouldn't even go through his clothes, much less his skin, his muscle, his rib cage, and then that sack.
And then there's another sack around the heart itself, and then into the heart.
It's pure baloney.
I have something you probably don't know about.
A large hospital in Rochester, New York, part of the University of Rochester, which employs some 16,000 people,
The hospital has a health alert out because the water supply, which comes from the county, is contaminated with Legionella.
Over 500 patients receive letters they're going to have to be on bottled water.
You know, we got a call about that this morning.
Was that from you?
Yeah, actually it was, Alex.
We got a call at the office and I think they gave me something in the stack on it.
Has that been in the news?
It's been in the news and...
They said it's going to take 10 days to flush the system out.
Now, of course, I found a lot of folks don't know about Legionella and its origin at the Legionnaires Convention in Philadelphia in 1976, where 224 people were sick and 42 died because of this bacterium, which is naturally in the environment, contaminated.
Now, this is amazing how, you know, this hotel, the...
The water-cooled air conditioning system was contaminated by this disease, this bacterium, and the misting from the evaporative cooling process found its way into the heating and ventilation air intake for the building.
Now, why had this never happened before?
Now we see we have a pressurized public water supply that supplies a hospital with more than 500 patients and rooms.
Somehow this disease gets into a chlorinated water supply.
I can't even begin to buy such a story.
For those that don't know, chlorine kills bacteria, and I'm not an expert on the bacteria that supposedly causes Legionnaires.
But I know the whole history of Legionnaires is very suspicious, and a lot of reports have been put out that it may be some type of governmental bioweapon testing.
And we know the government's done it thousands of times, admittedly, in New York itself, killing people on the New York subway in a 1968 bioweapon bacterium release.
So who knows what's going on?
Well, yeah, and after this Legionnaires incident, the...
There was a mandate that all such-type air conditioning systems would need chlorine injection, and we're only talking a few parts per million is all that's required to kill the bug off.
So we're talking about droplets and thousands of gallons.
I mean, it's a very bug that's sensitive to this.
Now we're talking about a public water supply that's gone through treatment, supplies a municipality of over 800,000 people in the area, and yet no health alert went out to anywhere else.
The whole thing has a really bad aura to it.
If flesh-eating bacteria kills one person in a hospital or even makes them sick, it's national news.
Well, yeah.
And then in your town up in New York, no one's even aware of it.
That's exactly right.
You know, if this was in the water supply, well, then of course, you know, the whole county of 800,000... Well, I'll tell you what, we'll get something posted on that, and why don't you email us your comments?
They sound very cogent and well-informed and educated on the subject.
Why don't you send us an email to tips at InfoWars.com or ryan at InfoWars.com.
We'll try to post your blurb along with it.
Okay, I appreciate that, Alex.
Now, you first brought up the shotgun thing.
Are you a hunter?
Do you use shotguns?
No, but I work at the doctor factory, I call it.
It's the university.
So, I'm familiar with some of this, and I am familiar with firearms, though.
Well, then you know how ridiculous it is to claim at 90 feet that this even shot through his clothes, much less into his heart.
Oh, it is ridiculous.
In fact, like you mentioned yesterday, I didn't even know there was something as small as a 28-gauge.
That does sound like a pea shooter.
We went and looked it up.
It is a pea shooter.
It's the pea shooter of the pea shooters.
It's the smallest shotgun known.
What's it actually useful for?
It's for women who don't like recoil and small children for training.
And it is also associated with super expert shooters who are bored.
Because once you're a good shooter, you basically blast every quail or dove that comes up if it's in range.
And so expert shooters use it because it's such a low-powered shot and has such a weak distance on it that it's for people that want more of a challenge.
Oh, really?
Never thought of it like that.
No, that's what the major gun magazines and publications and skeet shooting experts are saying about it.
Because I didn't even... I mean, I know a lot about shotguns, and I know nothing about .28 gauges.
I've never... In all the hunts I've been on, I've never seen anyone using one.
So as short as that barrel is, it doesn't have a choke on it, then?
Well, no, I mean, you can have any variant of choke on different 28-gauge shotguns.
You can put a choke on one, you can buy them with different barrel configurations, but there's photos of Chaney with his gun, and it's a medium-barreled little 28-gauge, and we're trying to look up the exact model, but there's different variants of that particular gun.
But the point is, any statistics you look at, it's a pathetic pop gun.
Yeah, it does sound like that.
It really does.
So with a big, powerful, magnum-shelled 12-gauge, with a long barrel, you might get some BBs to penetrate and bloody up Mr. Whittington.
But with a normal 12-gauge shooting normal, say, number 6 shot, it might go through his clothes a little bit and bruise him, and he might have a trickle of blood for maybe one or two BBs going in.
But you shoot somebody with a 28-gauge at that distance, it's just going to hurt.
You know, another thing about this fellow in the hospital...
The first thing they would have done was take an x-ray to find out where all these pellets went.
Spending two or three days to get around to telling everyone that he has a hole in his heart.
Of course, that hole would then, blood would be leaking into the abdominal cavity.
That's why they had to catheterize him.
Yeah, they're in there sapping out the blood that's in there, and the guy is very serious condition, because I actually talked to a doctor last night who I know wanted to find out, and they're just going, oh, minor heart attack, minor.
Oh, look, the BB's in his heart, but it's no big deal.
Look, look, for it to penetrate, for a 12-gauge to penetrate, he had to be about 10 feet away, and with his 28-gauge, even closer.
Look, Chaney dropped the gun or something.
I mean, he shot him up close.
Probably mad at him for something.
He's probably drunk.
We know Chaney likes to drink, and I mean, it's kind of a pastime when you're with idiots to... I mean, I won't hunt with people who are drinking, but... I guess he also has an extremely bad temper, so you put those two things together, and who knows, you know?
Hey, I appreciate your call, sir, and thanks for the info on the Legionnaire situation.
Oh, boy.
It just is amazing.
You know, I said I'd cover this email.
Let me cover this email, and then we'll go to your phone calls.
This is an email sent by MF.
I don't want to say their full name because they may not have wanted to have their name said.
It doesn't say that.
It says, I knew you would not ask McKinney about the details of 9-11.
This is exactly why many of us question your intentions.
It's time to make the politicians address 9-11.
Quit being a coward.
You act like we are all in immediate peril.
Yet you softball McKinney.
Explain yourself for a change.
Well, I mean, I got up on air before 9-11 and said that the globalists are about to launch a terror attack, call the White House, tell them don't carry out the terror attack.
I've never done that before or since.
That's how much information I had.
And I did it on my TV show and on the radio show, and that's in my film Masters of Terror.
We put a clip of it in there.
Many of you heard it live for a month, I warn people, right up until the attacks, really two months.
And I've had countless individuals on, other filmmakers, other researchers, trying to give them attention, trying to promote them, trying to help people, trying to give different views of what happened.
McKinney went public and said we have investigation of train wrecks and plane crashes.
Why is there no investigation?
There's a cover-up.
Things are very, very suspicious.
She said that again with us last Thursday.
We wrote an article about it.
She talked about the government white slavery rings.
She'd bring them all down right there.
Caught red-handed.
She talked about how they're looting the government, how they're criminals.
She's very bold and doing a great job.
And she said that, yeah, 9-11's very suspicious and looks bad.
And they obviously at least stood down.
And I asked those questions, and that's as far as she went, and I didn't basically bulldog her, but I brought up the most hardcore questions that I know she's ever been asked, at least in other transcripts I've seen of her being on other shows.
It was very hard to get her on.
Because every time she says stuff in the media, they use it against her, and she even lost an election over it a few years ago.
So I'm bad because I made the first 9-11 film.
I'm bad because I wrote one of the first 9-11 books.
I'm bad because when everybody else was saying prior knowledge, I was saying inside job.
I mean, I'm bad for being the first person to talk about it and being out there walking point, and then you sit there in the comfort of your home mad at me because I didn't bring up 9-11 enough with Cynthia McKinney.
When we've talked about 9-11 from every angle and constantly cover it, and I did ask her, what, three questions about it and kept bringing it up.
I mean, see, this is an impossible bar for me to jump.
I mean, what more can I do?
I'm here boldly fighting these people.
I'm here boldly exposing them.
I physically go out and confront them, and I'm arrested by them many times, from George Bush to the Texas DMV to you name it, to Delta Force, pointing guns at us and taking our videotape in San Antonio.
I mean, I don't know what you're talking about.
It must be easy to sit there at your computer and be, I don't understand it.
I don't understand how I'm bad because I had McKinney on and brought up 9-11 to her, and then she wouldn't come out and say it was an inside job.
And I brought it up to her and said, what do you think 9-11 is?
Well, what do you think about this?
What do you think about that?
So I'm totally confused by, what is it?
This is exactly why many of us question your intentions.
I don't care what you think about me.
It isn't about Alex Jones.
Hey, you need to go start a radio show.
You need to get Cynthia McKinney on and jump through the hoops.
To get her on, and then you need to interview her, and then that night, write an article about the interview you did with her, and stay up until 2 in the morning, and instead of seeing my family yesterday, I sat there with Paul Watson on the telephone, and we collaborated and wrote a big article about Cheney and the ballistics and the lies, and I helped Kevin write one here yesterday, and I came up here last night and worked until late in the evening on a documentary film I'm working on, and I went and hit the pillow and passed out and got up early this morning.
But that's not enough for the armchair Monday morning quarterbacks.
Tuesday morning quarterbacks.
I mean, again, there's this insane vitriol that everyone has to have just perfect performance for you.
I mean, why don't you call into this show MF, that's your initials,
And why don't you tell me how I'm bad?
Tell me.
Tell me about you and your group.
You run around all day ninnying, talking about how those of us that are on the front lines swinging our muskets, being overrun by the NWO, fighting for this country desperately, walking point, and you're back at the base sucking your thumb, griping about it.
There, I've griped and complained now about you.
But it just, that's the type of email that just chaps my rump.
I mean, it makes me mad.
Because I don't know... I just push myself to the limit to fight this thing.
I'm always thinking of new ways to fight it.
I'm desperate to get the truth out.
We're just running around behind the scenes like a... like a rat on a treadmill.
It's amazing.
We'll come back, take more calls, cover news.
Stay with us.
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Alex Jones here.
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And then, oh, I wonder if they do it again.
You need these books.
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We've got Loose Change 2.
It's excellent on 9-11.
This is their foundational event for all they're doing.
And you need to get these videos.
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So put it in perspective.
Let's go ahead and take a call here.
Mike in Pennsylvania.
Mike, you're on the air.
How are you doing, Alex?
You were talking yesterday about government propaganda and the media.
Yeah, $1.6 billion spent in the last two and a half years in overt criminal propaganda.
The GAO, the accounting office, says it's illegal, and they're not going to stop.
I work at a small newspaper in Pennsylvania, and I have some of that propaganda right in front of me right now.
Last week, a package came to the newspaper and opened it up, and it's...
Pretty sick book called Terrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies, a reference guide for media, printed by the Department of Health and Human Services.
It's pretty interesting if you can find a copy of it.
Just some of the things that are in it.
There you have, just for instance, there's a part in here, a journalist's reflections on fear and risk, an essay that's done by David Ropick.
Do you mind if I read a little bit of it?
The question is, is your paper going to be paid to put out that propaganda?
Go ahead.
It is generally not the news media's responsibility to consider the effect their coverage will have on the public.
But in extraordinary cases such as a terrorist attack in which fear is part of what the attackers are trying to inflict, news editors and TV news directors, print and broadcast writers and producers and reporters and photographers...
Need to consider that their coverage may in fact serve as part of the attacker's arsenal.
While coverage of terrorism may not spawn direct copycats the way coverage of suicide or bomb scares might
It certainly will spawn public fear.
So it's breaking the ice for guidelines and conditioning and censorship.
I mean, that's what the whole reference manual is.
Are you a writer at that local paper?
I am a writer, yes.
Why don't you write us a name under the name Patrick Henry and give us an article about it?
Write us a review of it, Bubba.
Or if you want to use your name, go ahead.
Great, great.
Anything else you want to add?
Stay there.
I'll let you read some more of them when we get back.
Second hour, only 70 seconds away.
Strap yourselves in.
Or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Already into the second hour.
We had Alan Pogue, combat photographer...
Joining us, and for some reason he canceled on us, so he won't be coming on the show, which is fine with me, because I'd already wanted to cancel guests because I wanted to take calls and cover news.
Because he's in Austin tonight, and he'd taken a bunch of photos of Whittington, the guy that Cheney blasted with a shot to the heart at close range.
And so we'll be getting into the ballistics of that and how it's a complete fraud.
We've got detailed articles on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanta.com with the ballistics showing how their official story is an absolute lie.
I've got articles like this.
Britain has a new weapon against loitering youth, Sonic Teenager Deterrent.
These are already used in prisons around the U.S.
to torture people.
They sell it in law enforcement publications and magazines, like Schumer Tech, the Sonic Nauseator, and the Super Sonic Nauseator.
We've done reports on this a few years ago.
It's torture devices in law enforcement magazines.
And we will get into this.
It only tortures people 12 to 22 on average.
Of course, I'm able to hear in this frequency range still.
And we tested a sonic nausea machine on TV a few years ago.
It made everybody sick.
So, yeah, you can buy one for a couple hundred bucks.
And actually, Chris Adanis bought one, and we tested it on TV.
So that's coming up.
Yes, it's the Twilight Zone.
A bunch of news on the new Abu Ghraib photos, obviously to stir the Arabs back up, part of P2OG.
It's all coming up.
Your calls, though.
Let's get some of these calls.
Been holding for a while out of the way.
Mike of Pennsylvania is a writer at a Pennsylvania newspaper, and he got some of this government propaganda telling him how to write stories and how to report terrorism and how censorship is good to keep the children safe, basically.
Please continue, Mike.
Yeah, later on in the...
It goes on to give a timeline of different weapons of mass destruction of biological weapons.
It mentions some things, but it's interesting what they leave out.
18th century British troops used smallpox as a weapon against American Indians.
It doesn't mention what we did, our own attacks with smallpox attacks.
It goes on to talk a lot about...
The Soviet Union... By the way, we have official U.S.
Army documents where they used smallpox blankets, and we have early British documents where they used it 250 years ago.
And this is back in George Washington's day when he was a British soldier with the Virginia Blues.
He didn't do it, but some of the other regular British troops did.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, I mean... For instance, 1928, USSR launches its bioweapons program.
Doesn't make mention of when we launched our own bioweapons program, which probably dates back to the 1800s, roughly.
I mean...
Does it tell you how the U.S.
government sent the anthrax letters?
That's confirmed?
Or I guess it doesn't talk about that?
It absolutely doesn't mention anything about that.
I mean, it does 2001 an unknown terrorist or terrorist attacks with anthrax via the U.S.
But it's not unknown, even though the name of the guy...
Postal Service.
And it's been in the news.
You can go look it up if you want.
And we know it was U.S.
weaponized, coated in bentonite.
It takes a $100 million factory to coat the miniaturized spores in bentonite.
So somebody in their back bedroom has a $100 million factory making a super anthrax.
The U.S.
patented super anthrax.
I'll work on trying to write something up for you about it just to give you a little bit of...
Try to look into some of the other things.
For those that just joined us, you were getting into propaganda and the $1.6 billion paid to newspapers, TV, and radio to lie to the people.
Have you gotten any of the overt stuff where it's a payment to write a story?
No, nothing like that, no.
Are you a big paper?
No, it's just a small weekly newspaper.
Yeah, that's why.
I guarantee if you were a big Pennsylvania paper, you would have gotten the, I mean, if you were in the right department, you would have gotten the cashola.
That is, your paper would, and your editor would walk in with a brief and say, all right, here's a folder on some news stuff, write a story on this.
Here's the angle we want.
Yeah, I also wanted to ask you your thoughts on this issue with Michael Curtis Reynolds.
The man from Wilkes-Barre that's being charged with terrorism, planning an attack on... Yeah, working with Al-Qaeda, you know, it just looks like more propaganda to me.
Grab another citizen and stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, I want to get into the newest Abu Ghraib photos released right on time to stir the Arabs up.
325,000 Americans' names on the terror list.
I want to get into new able danger information, how the U.S.
government openly protected the lead hijacker, Muhammad Atta.
We reported this four and a half years ago.
We reported this the day of 9-11.
We knew about this all along.
This is W1999, but here it is.
And it's all coming out more on Cheney
And how everything they're saying is a complete verifiable fraud.
I'm calling around the gun shops right now to see who's got a .28 gauge similar to Chaney's so I can go buy it.
Probably be $500.
A waste of money.
And I can go out if I get time out in the country.
A little pop gun.
Or I guess there's a local shooting range that likes me.
They let me do a test.
And go show 30 yards, 90 feet, and then put up a paper target.
And I'll be surprised if the pellets even go through the paper.
Oh, but they shoot through into the heart, baby!
And then, of course, we'll show how the pattern will be about a six-foot pattern from the ballistics we've already seen online in major law enforcement publications that have done the test and show how it spreads out to six feet.
But on Whittington, it was a little over a foot.
I mean, he shot him up close, folks.
Looks like about ten feet.
Or whoever shot him.
Probably was Chaney.
Probably dropped the gun and shot him.
We just don't know.
We just know they're lying, as usual.
We've got most of the pieces of the puzzle, not all of them.
But I'd love to do that ballistics test.
And then videotape it.
In fact, Kevin, I know you're listening.
Call that range where we know the owner.
Check into that.
Find out where a 28 gauge is.
I can't do it today because of the TV show.
I've got to do that tonight.
But maybe tomorrow we can rush out after the show or maybe get up at 5 a.m.
and be at the shooting range at 6 a.m.
Do it first light at 6.30.
Have it edited and up on the website by midday.
Yes, to get the job done, it takes black circles, folks.
That's what makes the country actually operate.
That's what built this country.
And I just, I think it needs to happen.
Millions will watch it and realize the fraud.
Because I can sit here and tell people about how shotguns operate and claim it all day.
Most people haven't fired shotguns, haven't gone bird hunting, don't know the facts.
It's just, they look at a bunch of ballistics and, you know, police photos, and it's just, they're not going to get it until we go out and do it and videotape the entire thing.
In fact, I'm doing it.
I've got so much going on, but I need to do that.
We'll go out just like what the cop shows.
We'll go out and do the ballistics and show people.
Let's go out and take a phone call now, not go out and shoot.
Let's talk to... Of course, we won't be drinking when we're out there doing 180s and firing behind us.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Keith in Ohio, you're on the air.
Alex, you're doing good work there.
We need to stand against evil and expose it and preserve life.
Once these nuclear bombs start going off and other things and the people die, there's only one thing that counts, whether they've been truly born again.
That determines whether they're going to be in the lake of fire forever or they're going to be in heaven.
It's only by the blood of the Lord Jesus and His good works, not our good works or rituals or anything like that.
There's a lot of people in America that think they're saved and they're not
They need to have that living relationship with the Lord Jesus.
Well, I agree with you.
It's all about grace.
But if you don't have the works, you know, faith without works is dead.
Yeah, it's a result of being born again.
It's like a tree.
I mean, you plant a lemon tree, and the tree's in good soil and gets enough sun and water, it's going to produce lemons.
There's so many.
That's the big picture, getting God...
And so much of the church is wrapped up in this deception.
They haven't got the true information, or they're just drifted from God's Word.
They don't have discernment.
Well, I'm not going to sit here and toot my horn and say I've got this incredible relationship with Jesus Christ, but I do.
And let me tell you something.
You get discernment.
And any of these people that don't know this government's evil and out of control that think they're Christian, folks, you aren't.
I guarantee you, if you aren't concerned about the kidnapping rings, and you aren't concerned about the New World Order, and you aren't concerned about lies and DU and poisoning our troops, then, folks, you, believe me, you're in deep trouble.
You know, there's so much lack of discernment in the church because so much of the church is not the true church, you know, and...
So much of it, period.
If your church is worshiping George W., the devil's at the pulpit.
A lot.
Yeah, you're putting government at a high pedestal, like the government's going to solve all these solutions.
There's a scripture in 1 Corinthians 5.
It has application to a person, but it can also have application to a nation.
It says, basically, I'll put it in my own words first.
The more America and the church sins, the more Satan has a right to rule us.
And I'll read the verse.
To deliver such a one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh.
That the Spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.
I believe that's what we're heading into in America and in this world.
All right, good to hear from you.
Take care.
Yeah, I appreciate it.
Troy in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, how are you doing today?
Hey, you're doing a great job, and I'd urge everyone to go out and get Prison Planet TV.
I've had it for six months, and I love the articles.
The interviews you do, I put them on TV and listen to them all the time.
Very informative stuff.
Thank you.
The thing I wanted to ask...
I got pretty much all the documentaries on 9-11 that fight against the propaganda.
And I was just curious if you had witnessed 9-11 eyewitness yet?
Rick Siegel?
I watched a little bit of that online.
I haven't seen the whole thing.
I'm going to make you copy and send it because it really locks it up.
What, you know, William Rodriguez and all the reports of explosions going up.
You can actually hear the explosions.
You can see the smoke rising from the base of the tower.
It really just locks in everything.
Well, we have photos and video of the Blast Points, the Squibs, and some of the eyewitnesses in martial law.
You try to put them all in there, it's hours.
There's so many.
Cops and firemen and everybody else.
I hand out tapes all the time, and I have to pick and choose which ones I'm going to put on.
And Road to Tyranny always makes it on there, because you do an excellent job of exposing the fraud of Oklahoma City.
That's why Road to Tyranny is different, and so is martial law.
We don't just cover 9-11.
We go through all the other examples of government-sponsored terrorism to give people the big picture.
Everybody order that.
That's your greatest work besides martial law.
Keep up the good work.
No, you keep up the good work, Troy.
Thank you.
I commend you for what you're doing.
You may save this country, people like you.
Let's talk to Jeff in Colorado.
Jeff, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I wanted to make a couple of brief comments.
First of all, you know, people like you and Mike Malloy, Jack Blood, Jeff Rents, you know, that are having these radio shows talking about the truth and exposing all these government corruptions versus the CIA-controlled media.
You know, when you've got somebody like Big Teeth Katie Couric or Al Rorker or Third Rate CNN,
Well, the House Judiciary Committee
They have the jurisdiction, Alex, over any impeachment bill against President Bush to file or report crimes or grounds for impeachments.
People like John Conyers, who have supported this, and Senator Boxer, Representative Lewis, Specter, Nadler, Pat Buchanan, and of course even Paul Craig Roberts, former Secretary of Treasury in the Reagan administration, stated that the Bush administration is insane.
And of course, I want to make a quick point about this as well.
Now, you have the Nazi chairman, James Sissenbrenner.
That's right, he's the Nazi chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.
Okay, he is responsible, from Wisconsin, he is responsible for blocking a lot of this.
Okay, and he is marching... So is our inspector on the Senate Judiciary.
Right, and he's marching in lockstep...
With the White House on this, and the Republicans, like Roy Blunt, Dennis Hassert, who's the Speaker of the House, they control whether or not these bills go through the House.
And that's how all this works.
And that's not the way it worked 100 years ago.
They've moved the committee chairman into these imperial positions.
Thanks for the call.
You're absolutely right, Jeff.
Rod in Colorado.
Rod, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Alex, I just wondered if you knew about...
Dick Cheney's propensity to play the most dangerous game.
Yeah, see, I don't know if that's true.
There are people that claim that Dick Cheney goes out and hunts humans.
And there's been movies made about people doing that, and elites have done it throughout history.
Well, it's a short story that was written years ago, and it was assigned reading to me in high school back in 1944.
It's a very interesting story.
I've heard about the book and then the movie, The Most Dangerous Game.
But what I'm talking about is the claims by people that claim that Dick Cheney does this.
I just don't cover it because I can't prove it.
Well, it sure would fit in with his current situation.
In other words, if he's such a good hunter that he can go out and hunt people, then he certainly could whip around 180 degrees and blast them.
Well, it's funny we always heard this about Dick Cheney, that he hunts naked women from horseback.
In Colorado.
No, in Wyoming.
Well, Colorado and Wyoming's the reports.
Oh, okay, maybe other places.
And that he likes to write them down and do all this.
It's just, the news report, say a news person's listening right now, the news report won't be about how the ballistics don't match and they're clearly lying, that they shot this guy, Whittington, up close.
It'll be, and on the show, such theories were discussed as Dick Cheney hunting people.
Look, I don't know if that's true.
It's written by a pretty reliable source.
Do they protect companies that kidnap hundreds of thousands of women and children to be raped to death?
That's not what I'm talking about.
I'm talking about... I know.
I understand, sir.
We're not... Put him on hold.
Put him on hold.
I understand.
Nobody's going to talk about the Chicago Tribune and how they're kidnapping women and children.
Got them dead to rights.
Admitted, total evil, Jeffrey Dahmer type stuff, dying core, right out in the open, the administration protecting him, nothing's going to happen to him, we've got something much worse than a most dangerous game going on.
Is it going on?
Probably is.
All I'm saying is, is I can't prove that Dick Cheney hunts people from horseback.
I'm not mad at you, caller.
I just don't.
You can call in and bring it up.
It's been brought up the last few days.
But I can have my opinion that it can't be proven, so I personally am not going to endorse it.
And you say it's said by a credible source?
I don't know if that's the case.
Go ahead and finish up, sir.
Okay, I'm not going to sit here and have a thing where we talk over each other.
He hung up.
All right?
Look, it's all the big rumor are there camps.
Doesn't matter when it's in the major newspapers like the Houston Chronicle.
That'll be ignored, and that'll turn into a rumor.
Instead of the camps we know they built and are building more.
So, I don't know if there were pods on the bottom of the plains.
I don't cover that because you can't prove it one way or the other.
I do know the government was involved and ran the operation.
See, I stick to what I can prove.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I'm going to keep taking some calls, and coming up in the next segment, I'm going to get into a bunch of the news we haven't even detailed yet.
And I apologize to Rod, my son-in-law in Colorado, that last caller.
I was trying to make my point about DynCorp and Halliburton and mainstream, Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, just mass evils.
Football stadiums filled with women and children, masses that large, disappearing into hell holes.
So are people that are involved in stuff like that capable of hunting people from horseback?
But I can't prove it.
This is what everybody else seems to do.
We're most people.
They mix in the rumors and the innuendo and a lot of it outright baloney with the real news.
And we try to not do that here.
That's why we have the biggest audience of any alternative radio show.
That's why Infowars.com gets millions of visitors every week, and so does PrisonPlanet.com.
Again, not tooting my horn.
It's that people over time have learned that no matter how bombastic and obnoxious my delivery is, we know what we're talking about in most respects.
When we make a mistake, we'll tell you, because we're about credibility.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jason in Texas.
Jason, welcome.
I wanted to thank you for everything you're doing.
Everybody in my area really appreciates what you're doing immensely.
Thank you.
Let's see.
I don't really know where to start, hardly.
I found something that's pretty extraordinary.
I got all the documented proof.
I've been working on this for like three years.
It's a symbol that's encoded, like in everything, of the Illuminati.
It's like a third eye mark.
It's called a fnord, F-N-O-R-D.
It's the eye of the red dragon, apparently, which is Revelations 12.3 through 9.
It's Satan.
Well, I mean, most corporate logos have the all-seeing eye in it.
Yeah, and it's not just a pyramid, though.
It's an oval.
It's not just an oval, either, but for the most part, they use an oval with a thick and thin aspect.
They use two crescent moons that form an oval, or like an S-shape.
I'm familiar with that symbol.
It's from the bathroom.
That's where they got the two crescent moons from.
And they put it on everything.
I mean, like, it's ridiculous.
Everything it's in, it's on, like, Bibles.
They put it in schools and cartoons.
It's everywhere.
I know.
It's their symbol.
They believe they garner power by putting their symbol everywhere.
They use, like, two rings.
One's thick and one's thin, normally.
They'll use primary colors to insinuate a third eye.
They're totally alluding to the Mark of the Beast is what they're getting at with this, and they're putting it on products everywhere.
You know, a company logo.
I know, we carry Codex Magica, 600-something pages, 1,000 photos and documents, and it covers it.
So does my new film, Order of Death.
Like, you're aware of the ovals?
I'm aware of many, yes, of stylized, all-seeing eyes everywhere.
Like, let me think.
I'm not really making a good case for this.
Why do you say that?
Because of how in-depth this actually is.
No, I mean, the symbology's everywhere, sir.
You can see it everywhere.
I know.
Let me tell you, like the Oval Office, that's supposed to mean Red Dragon Eye Office.
Or the Balsing Eye Office.
Or like, if you look at the Pentagon logo, it's an oval.
And they have a thick and thin ring around it.
That means to be in their group, in their circle of Illuminati.
Yes, I understand.
It's magic.
I just wanted to make sure that everybody's aware of that.
Yes, sir.
I just made a film about it.
I appreciate your call.
It's called The Order of Death.
And when you get The Order of Death, the original Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove has been updated, so you get two films on one DVD.
The new Order of Death film and Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
Thank you for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up next here?
Bob in Tennessee.
Go ahead, Bob.
You're on the air.
Yeah, good afternoon, Alex.
In reference to the 28-gauge, Alex, and I know you do a thorough job when you report on stuff, but you're a little misconception about this.
The 28-gauge being a pop gun.
A 28-gauge is a... Well, it's described on shotgun aficionado websites as a pop gun.
Well, I don't understand that, but I can tell you about a 28-gauge.
It's between a .4 can and a 20-gauge.
In the past, most 28-gauge shotguns were...
Built by companies such as Perazzi, Holland & Holland, and some of the premium gun makers in the world.
And it is a quail gun.
When you're quail hunting, upland hunting, it's a lighter weight gun.
Let me give you an example.
A 12-gauge, two-and-three-quarter-inch 12-gauge shell field load holds one and a quarter ounces of shot.
A 20-gauge holds an ounce of shot.
You've got a much lighter gun, and the ammo is a lot lighter to carry, and that's all it's needed for a quail.
It's like taking a .375 H&H Magnum.
Okay, let me ask you a question.
At 90 feet, do you think it's going to penetrate 5 inches?
No, I think that that's been exaggerated.
No, that's not true.
I own a .28 gauge.
I wish I had one.
I'd go out and do a test.
Stay there.
I want to hear from you on it.
Now, I looked it up.
It says it's an expert gun, and it's used because it takes more skill, because it shoots less lead pellets out, and that it's not as powerful as a 12-gauge or 12-gauge Magnum.
Again, I've just done a lot of hunting.
I'm not an expert on the particular 28-gauge.
I went and saw what the experts had to say about it.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
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Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, we're back live.
And at 90 feet, 30 yards, what the Secret Service is saying, Chaney shot Mr. Whittington at.
They're claiming that a 28-gauge shotgun, a lot less power, according to the shotgun news websites I've looked at that have all the numbers, the statistics, that there's no way it would even penetrate his shirt and then go into the skin.
And I intend to buy one of these as soon as I can, a similar shotgun.
I know they're expensive.
And to go out to a range or out to property if I have to and videotape it and show it.
And we'll put it on the web, but we're talking to a listener who owns one of these shotguns, and we're getting his take on it.
Go ahead, Bob, and Tennessee, continue, please.
Yeah, like I was saying, most of the .28 gauge .4 shotguns that were in it until recently, and it's brought into this country, were foreign guns, and they were
They were the artistic pieces, working pieces.
Some of those guns sell for tens of thousands of dollars.
Yeah, Italian.
Italian and English shotguns from Holland and Holland.
You can get two-barrel sets.
They're very expensive guns.
I believe Chaney uses an over-under.
Yeah, and that's no doubt, you know, that man can afford a $20,000 shotgun.
And that's probably, you know, what he has.
But, yeah, 90 yards, they've exaggerated that.
There's no way.
Now, I've shot at turkey shoots, old-fashioned turkey shoots we have here in Tennessee, and I have shot at, you can shoot 30 yards, you will penetrate paper.
But penetrating paper and penetrating clothing and hides do different things.
Well, now they're saying, and this is in the press, and the press gets a lot of things wrong, they're saying it was a 7 1⁄2 shot.
7 1⁄2 is like powder.
Yeah, that's what most people used to go out with.
It's a seven-and-a-half shot around here.
Well, four-shot might penetrate the paper, but I mean, I've shot paper at 30, 40 yards with a seven-eight shot, and it just puts a few holes in it, and most of them just bounce off, and it just dirties the paper.
What people should be concerned about, Alex, and I'm concerned about the most, is here in the state of Tennessee, our game laws, if I didn't have the proper license, my gun would have been confiscated.
Maybe even your truck.
Maybe even your truck.
Maybe even my truck.
And I would have went to court, and I would have been fined, and my license would have probably, and my hunting rights would have been taken away for a year.
Another thing is, if there's an accident that involves a firearm during a hunt, that law has to be reported immediately to that sheriff.
It was reported, and they told the sheriff, you ain't coming in there to talk to him until the next day.
That sheriff should have had access to him immediately.
And that just shows we're the leader above the law.
They don't have to answer to the same laws that we do.
Look, they knew as soon as they x-rayed Whittington, which they admit they did, just about an hour after, they know that as soon as they x-rayed Whittington that he had pellets in his heart and around his heart.
They knew that, and they knew what had happened, and they covered it up for two days until he got in such bad shape they couldn't cover it up.
Having to catheterize the heart because of all the bleeding is not minor.
It's not a minor heart attack.
They lied about that just yesterday, and I got the clips of it.
White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was still not answering questions about the heart attack when the heart attack, because of being heart shot, was admitted.
So we have all this lying and this cover-up going on.
Then we have the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife's own report from the doctor's report of where he was hit, and we've got this up on the website right now.
It's also at thesmokinggun.com.
And there's no pun intended.
That's the name of the big site when anybody famous gets arrested or there's any incident.
All the police reports go up there.
And it shows the incident report, and he's been shot from the cheek down to the chest.
It's about a foot pattern, a little more than a foot pattern.
Now, that's impossible at 30 yards.
That is ridiculous.
Well, for those, yeah, and for it to penetrate that deep at 30 yards, it's far-fetched.
I said before that's been exaggerated.
And a lot of people, they can't judge this.
It may have been just, they were just estimating this.
But the fact is that it shows once again that he's above the law.
He doesn't have to follow the same rules that we do.
And nobody should be above the law.
I don't care if it's the president, the vice president, or you or I, or whoever.
And we should hold these people to the same standards as we hold each other and the same standards as they hold us.
Well, everything you say checks out.
These are really fancy, expensive guns, $5,000, $10,000, Italian, as you said, British, and the gun he has is the Italian company.
We've got all the numbers on... Ferrazzi, they're very expensive, very beautiful, and exquisitely made the fire owner.
But I'll tell you, you can look in the Blue Book of Gun Values or Shooter's Bible,
They'll show some of the... You think I'm going to be able to buy a more inexpensive gun, or are these limited?
There are some American manufacturers that do offer 28-gauge calibers in their guns because of the increasing interest in the skeet trap in this country, but even those guns are very expensive.
Like a Ruger Red Label, I believe they're offering it now in a 28-gauge version.
That gun sells for around $1,300.
No, I'm not going to spend that for this test.
And, of course, I can ask when I go to the gun shop, but what shotgun gauge is closely in its dynamics in its ballistics to the .28 gauge?
The .20 gauge is very close to the .28 gauge in its ballistics and its gel size.
And I can get one of those cheap.
You can get one of those very cheap. $500?
Oh, no.
You could probably pick up a decent used 20-gauge single-shot shotgun for the purpose you're talking about.
Or under $100.
Go to a pawn shop or...
A gun store that has used shotguns and used single drop guns.
I used when I was a little kid 410s and then 12 gauges and 10 gauges.
So I don't know anything about 28 gauges.
And the choke is going to make a lot of difference also.
And his gun was probably an over and under.
It had an improved cylinder and maybe a modified.
It probably had a wide pattern on top and a smaller pattern on bottom.
And that's made for quail hunting.
That's where when your first shot, you use the open bore, and then on your second shot, you use the tighter bore because your quail are getting farther away from you.
But still, with the tighter bore, it would be an improved cylinder.
It's not like a full choke shotgun where it holds the pattern that tightly.
Yeah, they're exaggerating that distance.
And like I said, it might have...
It might not be on purpose.
Well, we've got Marine Corps-style assault shotguns with number four and number five pellets and BBs.
Yes, yes, ballistic gelatin.
We have the photos up on the site.
We're getting penetration of four inches.
So at three feet, with a Magnum 12-gauge...
Well, at the muzzle, a 12-gauge, 3-inch Magnum is giving a
We have the graphs.
We have the scientific law enforcement and military and FBI graphs.
We spent hours on it yesterday.
And a 12-gauge Magnum, high-powered, high-powder load...
Okay, we didn't just go look at regular 12-gauge ammo.
We looked at magnum loads.
And magnum loads might go through your shirt.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Yeah, I agree with you.
I mean, they're exaggerating the distance, and they're probably exaggerating how it happened.
Well, what about the pattern looking at a maximum 14 inches?
We looked at the pattern, and that's 10 to 15 feet.
That's a misconception there also.
They've had a lot wider pattern.
Of course, at that distance, a lot of it wouldn't show up.
Depending on the choke, you're looking at four to six foot pattern.
Is that right?
You sound like a big shotgun expert.
I'll agree with you totally.
There's no way he was 30 yards away and he was shot and it penetrated into his heart.
There's no way.
You can
Talk to people that probably know a lot more about shotguns than I do.
I've got the police ballistics to test.
I mean, you can go online and watch video of it.
You can watch photos.
There's a big difference.
Now, a turkey gun, shooting three-inch magnums, 12-gauge three-inch magnums or three-and-a-half-inch magnums, yeah, you can shoot turkeys and put them down at 30 and 40 yards.
But you're shooting a three or a four round, aren't you?
You're shooting a three-and-a-half-inch magnum.
That's what I turkey hunt with.
I use number four copper-plated shot.
Which keeps more of its momentum because of better spin.
Right, and it's got a turkey choke.
It's got a very tight choke, and its pattern's well, and you can shoot a turkey, and it's hard to put out a turkey because you're shooting in its neck area, and you can kill a turkey at 30 to 40 yards, but that's a whole different animal.
You're talking about a
A three-and-a-half-inch Magnum puts a lot more powder and a lot more shot and a lot denser pattern than a 28-gauge with an improved cylinder.
I mean, seven-and-a-half shot is powder.
It's little black powder.
They're not even circular.
Right, yeah, right.
But, yeah, like I said, I agree with you 100% about the shooting.
Being shot at 30 yards, it would not penetrate.
I've been shot before in a dove field.
And I've been shot at about 30 yards with a 12-gauge and peppered, and I had to have some pieces picked out of the side of my scalp and my neck.
And that was it.
What did it go in, about a millimeter?
Just right under the skin.
That was it.
And you were shot with a 12-gauge?
Shot with a 12-gauge with seven and a half shots.
Dove loads, dove and quail loads.
And it was very painful.
But it didn't, you know, like I said, it just probably went in under the skin.
They picked them out as it.
I wish you'd write up your experience with that.
Do you have a computer?
I don't want to get off into a whole story, and I appreciate your calls, but send me an email with your comments to tipsandinfowars.com.
I'm going to cover some other news, and we'll go to Myron and Cliff and Sean and Jason open phones throughout the broadcast today.
Bob, I appreciate that call.
But let me just tell you a story.
For two summers, I worked for Jess Adkins.
Well, even before that, when I was about 12, I went down and worked for part of a summer with him, but that was when he was working at Plum Creek Ranch, just exclusively for them, the ranch next door to our ranch in East Texas, where they were raising, well, they were crossing Black Angus or something.
That doesn't matter.
The point is, is that I've, and then I worked for Dunn,
Why I'm giving the names, I don't know.
But I worked for a gun veterinarian there in Dallas.
So I worked for a small animal there as well.
But I didn't have any experiences of dogs coming in that had been shot working for a gun veterinarian.
I did with Jess Adkins.
Jess Adkins right there in Fairfield, Texas.
Got one of the biggest practices in that area of the state.
And I worked for him.
And people hunt wild hogs with pit bulls.
And folks, when a pig's been wild for several generations, they've got huge tusks, they can weigh 500 pounds, there can be 50 of them, they will attack you.
And a lot of people hunt them on horseback, and I've done this a few times.
A lot of people hunt them with spears, big carbide spears.
Boy, it is intense.
And the dogs come in and they grab the biggest boar that tries to fight them off from trying to protect the rest of the herd of hogs.
And people would bring in several times.
I'd get into work at 7 in the morning, and there'd already be a pickup truck parked there.
You talk about real good old boys out there hunting in the bottoms.
And there'd be these pit bulls in the back, sliced open.
I mean, they'd have 8-inch gashes in them, intestines hanging out from fighting these hogs.
And what happens is one person in a hunting party will have a gun.
Usually you have spears.
The dogs hold them, and it's the French style of hunting.
You go in and stab them with this big old carbide tip spear.
It looks like something Shaka Zulu would use, and it looks just like those.
And you run in on the hogs and stab them.
It's like something out of First Blood, where Rambo's out killing the hogs with a spear.
People really do that, but with the assistance of dogs.
And a lot of times they'll also have somebody with a shotgun and with buckshot.
And I've seen dogs where the dogs were in and they were up close with a shotgun and one or two of those hit the dog.
And up close, you know, a buckshot will go in four or five inches.
And I've also seen people bring in their dogs that got shot.
Because dogs are out there in front of you when you're hunting.
And people do shoot their dogs.
And they do get peppered at 20, 30 yards away.
And they sedate the dog usually because he'll try to bite you.
Actually, I've been bitten by a dog.
That had been hit by a shot and he thought it was sedated and I was supposed to hold its mouth shut.
It was going under and he was in a hurry.
He just put it under and the dog woke up and snapped me on the hand and then went back into the anesthesia.
And the dog's shot 20 yards away.
He's just sitting there with tweezers.
He shaves them.
First, he puts them up on a big table.
He's sitting there holding up an x-ray with one hand, with tweezers in the other, or one of his assistants is.
You x-ray him.
I'm sitting there holding the dog's mouth shut.
You tie its mouth shut because even when dogs are asleep, they bite you.
And Jess Atkins is sitting there with big old tweezers pulling out the shot.
And a lot of times it's so small you can't even get it out.
You just leave it in them.
So, gosh, I've had a lot of experience with this.
That happened a few times.
And I tell you what's really dangerous is cleaning dogs' teeth.
People bring in their dogs.
Their teeth are all rotten.
They want you to clean them.
They've never had them cleaned.
The worst dog is a... I've been bit twice by dachshunds.
They're sweet little dogs.
Those things do not... It's impossible to put them under completely.
Things are little crocodiles.
And, boy, I've been snapped on by them.
Ha, ha, ha.
Okay, now I'm really getting off the... Well, they're trained to go kill badgers.
They're tough little dogs.
You think they're sweet.
They're really mean.
Extremely vicious when they think you're being mean to them.
And you're in there cleaning their teeth and you're having to hold their mouth open while they're sedated and they're snapping at you.
Okay, we've got World War III type news coming up that I should have been talking about all day and Abu Ghraib and all this other news that we'll cover.
So what I'm going to do is call or you can hold if you want or you can hang up if you want.
I'm probably going to cover news for...
20 minutes.
So the next 5-minute segment, and then 15 minutes in the next hour, and then we'll get to everybody.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
And we'll get you up and on the air and talk about these issues.
What have I gotten myself into, though?
I don't want to go buy a 28-gauge shotgun and have to go do this, but now I've said I'm going to do it, and
I may not be able to get it done by tomorrow because I don't even know if I have time to go buy one of these shotguns by the time of the TV show tonight.
And then I've got to get up in the morning and go videotape it.
But in the next few days, we'll get this out for you, I promise.
Shooting ranges may not let me do it.
They're all kind of weird because they know gun grabbers like to come out and videotape ranges and use it.
But most of these ranges know me, so I shouldn't have a problem.
I should be able to get out there and...
Get it done and then put it together for you so we can just disprove this.
Instead of just talking about it, I can show you a video of a reenactment, but we'll reenact it with paper.
Which, speak of the devil, I've got to go buy some man-sized targets.
I think that's the best thing to use.
Hang those up somewhere.
Get that done.
All right, we'll plunge directly into the news on the other side.
Be sure and check out prisonplanet.tv.
All my videos and so much more at prisonplanet.tv.
You can see them all online.
Right now, check it out.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest A gun on my hip and the right to arrest I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way If you break the law, you'll hear from me, I know I'm a-workin' for the state, I'm the highway patrol Yeah, but...
Don't try to go question Dick Cheney after he shoots somebody and then lies about the whole thing, about how it went down.
Don't try that, Highway Patrol.
You'll find out you're nothing but slaves real quick.
Abu Ghraib, new photos released by Australian TV.
Now, the CIA, admittedly, is in control of these wings of these prisons.
We've interviewed the head general over it all.
She wasn't even allowed in, General Janice Karpinski.
So we go back to the source.
And they took the photos and released them on purpose through CBS News.
Why, you say?
To stir up the Arabs.
It's all part of the Pentagon Plan, P2OG, and to make them angry.
The really graphic stuff that Congress has seen, the thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of raping women and children, that's admitted in the Army's own report, General Tagumbo, that is not allowed out.
They just dole out things that won't bring the administration down, but looks really bad.
And there are people here in these photos we have with huge cigar and cigarette burns all over them.
And naked, having to do more sexual things, more people being beat up, dogs attacking people, and then giant dog bites all over them with blood splattering everywhere.
These are the lightweight things.
We have them up on PrisonPlanet.com with a disclaimer, but it's all over national TV, so not like we're doing anything radical here.
And the SBS Dateline, an Australian television program, released new photographs from the U.S.
prison in Abu Ghraib that they've been holding onto for a year.
And unpublished photographs are part of the shelf that the U.S.
government has been fighting to keep secret in a case, court case, in the American Civil Liberties Union.
That is totally false.
All of this.
We've proven that the photos of Mohammed are staged.
We're good to go.
And then they say there's a controversy.
They put out all these reports saying Arabs are mad.
And then stupid public, I'm not saying just Arabs are dumb.
A lot of people are dumb.
Some of these Arabs are dumb.
They pick up on it and go, oh, there's a controversy.
Yes, I'm angry too.
So they created this fad.
They created this fake fight.
And then magically, the British government, it gets released a video with a guy going, ooh, yeah, beat him up, that scum, yeah, good, kick him, kick him, with these Iraqi youth being kicked and stomped for no reason.
And then that doesn't stir the Arabs up enough, so now there's more Abu Ghraib, and so now the Arabs are going to burn and riot even more, and oh, see, the Arabs are attacking us, it's okay to attack Iran.
And it's in the P2OG documents.
Six billion bucks a year that Rumsfeld, 6.3 billion, excuse me, just to stir the Arabs up.
And it says to go out and do things in the press and physically to go kill families and others and bomb innocent people to get more Arabs and more Muslims to attack and fight us.
Real simple.
It's called picking a fight.
And I heard Neocontact Radio last night, WOAI, some show, laughing at Saddam saying they hope he dies in the hunger strike and he doesn't deserve a trial, let's just kill him, ha ha ha.
Everybody deserves a fair trial.
And it's just mindless, like pillaring somebody, you know, where you put them in the stocks and throw rotten eggs at them.
It's just like people can't even find Iraq on a map, but they can all jibber and giggle.
We sound like a bunch of fools.
They're just hyping it up now.
You can see the programming on talk radio.
Switching back into war coverage and back into how they're a bunch of demons and back into how they deserve to be attacked and how all this needs to happen.
Just like clockwork.
But this is the light stuff.
Dogs beating people, biting them, blood everywhere, cigar burns all over their bodies, beating people to pulp, a few photos of people beaten to death.
No big deal.
No big deal.
And frankly, I don't think they should release the photos of them raping people.
I mean, it's snuff films just right out in the open.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
Already in the third hour.
Continuing with the news from around the world, the
Continuing developments with the Iran crisis.
And, of course, your calls are coming up after I cover some more of the news.
At the end of the last hour, we're getting into how these latest Abu Ghraib photos are being released.
Total psyop, totally staged.
That's just right out in the open.
And there's a lot of new developments on the Cheney situation.
Later, if I have time, I'm going to air a couple of different audio clips.
One of them is from The Daily Show.
We really shouldn't even make a joke out of all of this, but it's just too good to pass up.
And then I want to get into 325,000 names on terrorism list.
Weldon, able danger, ID'd, 911 ring letter, 13 times Mohammed Adam was protected by the U.S.
Chertoff, head of Homeland Security, jokes about controlling the weather.
That's the Associated Press and MSNBC.
And a lot more that is coming up in this hour.
Right now, let me just get into this particular story.
And this is out of the Associated Press.
Britain has a new weapon against loitering youths, sonic teenager deterrent.
Shopkeepers in central England have been trying out a new device that emits an uncomfortable, high-pitched noise designed to disperse young loiterers outside their stores without bothering adults.
Police carried out the pilot project in Staffordshire.
Say some of those who have tested the sonic teenager deterrent, nicknamed Mosquito, have talked of buying one of them for their own.
The device, which costs 622 pounds...
The very same device is sold for $200 in the U.S.
Doesn't cause any pain to the hearer, according to Inspector Amata Davies, quoted by Britain's Domestic Press Association news agency.
The noise can normally only be heard by those between 12 and 22, and it makes the listener feel uncomfortable.
Yeah, nauseous.
She said, once in their early 20s, people lose their capacity to hear sounds, oh yeah, my grandmother has it, and such a high pitch.
It is controlled by the shopkeepers.
If they see through the window, there is a problem, they turn the device on for a few minutes until the group is dispersed.
Davey said, shop owners have reported fabulous results, and we've been approached by some who are considering buying their own equipment.
So this is all part of the mask conditioning.
Similar devices that are in ultra-low frequency range are sold as the nausea maker and the super nausea maker.
And they're sold by Shomer Tech.
We did an article about, I don't know, three or four years ago on this.
It's on Infowars.com.
Just do a Google search for Sonic Nausea Maker Infowars.com.
It should come up in a search engine.
And you can read all about it and see photos of it.
One of my friends bought one.
We did a TV show.
We're going to put that on the web.
Where it turned it on, it made everybody nauseous.
And it makes adults nauseous, too.
And they brag in the Law Enforcement Magazine catalog that they use these to go disrupt political functions.
The police do.
They say how wonderful it is.
They go around and turn these on and leave, and they're smaller than a bread box.
It makes the speaker and the crowd sick.
And they brag about how it's really great to use these at jails.
You want to torture somebody in a jail, you just go put it down at the end of the hall and then leave, and they all get nauseous and
It's horrible, but everything's fine.
It's all part of the torture.
And this is just here to condition everybody that this is a great thing.
So you can read about that.
They gave me this story.
It's one I didn't come across this morning.
I don't know if we posted this.
I'll go make sure that one of our webmasters posted this on Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
I also have my instant messenger up.
I don't respond to instant messages you send me, folks, but I do read them, and we've got some questions and comments there on my Yahoo instant messenger.
So we'll go through some of those, too, after we get into the other news.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
A ton of other information is coming up, and of course, as promised, more of your phone calls in the 55 minutes we have left in this live Wednesday, the 15th day of February, 2006 edition.
Remember, there is a war on for your mind, so wake up and become aware of the propaganda and what the ruling elite are doing.
That's our goal, is to simply get you to wake up.
Stay with us.
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And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
325,000 names on terrorism list.
The National Counterterrorism Center maintains a central repository of 325,000 names of international terrorism suspects or people who allegedly aid them.
And if you're on a no-fly list, folks, you're most of the time in this database.
We're good to go.
I think?
So actually, it's a no-buyer, no-sell list, and it's just expanding.
And it's enemies of the globalists.
It's an enemies list.
It's totally criminal.
The list kept by the National Counterterrorism Center, created in 2004 to be the primary U.S.
terrorism intelligence agency, headed up by Negroponte, contains a far greater number of international terrorism suspects and associated names in a single government database than had previously been disclosed.
Because the same person may appear under different spellings or aliases.
The true number of people is estimated to be more than 200,000, according to the NCTC officials said.
Officials, not servants.
And it says, U.S.
citizens make up only a very, very small fraction of that number, said an administration official, who always lied, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of its agency's policies.
The vast majority are non-U.S.
persons and do not live in the U.S.
And it goes on to say... Okay.
The head of the Green Party, no criminal record, well, 50-year-old, 54-year-old woman we interviewed a few years ago, the head of the Green Party in Maine, wanted to fly to Minneapolis-St.
Paul for the Green Party convention.
Back, what, mid-2004.
And she was just told, you're on the terror database.
And she went and complained and wrote letters to Congress, and they said, well, you've been protesting, so you've been put on the list.
See, then the message is, don't protest, or you're going to be put on the list.
It's a joke, folks.
We can all, I guess, just shut up and give in to whatever they want to do.
They'll put us on a list, and then we can't travel.
And now they're going to have the TSA.
They've changed the name of it.
They've got the Viper teams on the streets from Dallas, Texas to Ohio.
Just all over the country.
And just federal police marching around with local police under their command, randomly searching people.
And then cities are joining suit.
Like Miami.
We're just going to randomly stop people and randomly go in malls and randomly shake everyone down to see if they're terrorists.
So you can see where all this is going.
The Nazi state right out in the open.
All right, I want to air this longer piece from the Jon Stewart's program.
And I do thank God that the truth is coming out about this.
Stewart sarcastically does, which I don't particularly like.
But the show, I mean, it is funny, and it does point out some of the hypocrisy.
And so we're airing it to analyze it and comment on it.
So we're going to play this, then I'm going to get into the really big news, and we'll take your calls.
Weldon, Able Danger, ID'd 911 ringleader 13 times.
We already knew this, but now it's in the Associated Press, it's in a bunch of other publications that
The government kept saying, you know, good parts of the government that aren't in control kept saying, let's bust him, he's a terrorist.
They said, no, no, no, no, no.
Thirteen times before 9-11 because he was a government agent.
So that's coming up.
Let's go ahead and roll this Daily Show piece talking about what happened with Cheney shooting his hunting buddy.
Here it is.
Welcome to the show.
Astronaut Mike Mullane will be our guest.
Man, do you ever have a weekend and you think to yourself, I'm just sad.
Nothing fun ever happens anymore.
Nothing really gets my blood going.
It gets me excited to be alive again.
Well, if you had one of those weekends, look at you and listen.
Vice President Dick Cheney has accidentally shot and injured a friend with whom he was hunting.
Birdshot fired from the Vice President's weapon apparently wounded a fellow hunter.
Thank you, Jesus.
Yes, as you just heard, near tragedy over the weekend in South Texas, Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a man during a quail hunt at a political supporter's ranch, making 78-year-old Harry Whittington the first person shot by a sitting veep since Alexander Hamilton.
Alexander Hamilton, of course, was shot in a duel with Aaron Burr over issues of honor, integrity, and political maneuvering.
Whittington was mistaken for a bird.
The other player in the drama, ranch owner and eyewitness, Catherine Armstrong.
We were shooting a covey of quail.
The Vice President and two others got out of the car to walk up the cubby.
What kind of hunting story begins with getting out of your car?
As I... As I sighted the great beast before us, my hand was shaking.
I could barely engage the parking brake.
Slowly, I turned off the A.C.
and silenced my subwoofers.
And then...
A tragedy.
A bird flushed.
The vice president took aim at the bird and shot.
And unfortunately, Mr. Whittington was in the line of fire and got peppered pretty well.
Yes, there you have it.
Harry Whittington seasoned to an inch of his life.
Peppering is what you do to a Caesar salad.
You shot that dude.
Whittington was rushed to the hospital where he received a very special visit.
Vice President Cheney came by earlier this afternoon to meet with the patient for a brief period of time.
How minimally thoughtful.
How you doing?
How are you?
I peppered you pretty good there, didn't I?
Now, this story certainly has its humorous aspects.
Easy to make fun of an incident such as this.
Very easy.
Unbelievably easy.
The kind of easy that makes you want to return your check.
But it also raises a serious issue.
You see, I'm not just Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show with, you know, me.
I'm also a concerned parent.
So moms and dads, if you're watching right now, I can't emphasize this enough.
Don't let your kids go hunting with the vice president.
I don't care what kind of lucrative contracts they're trying to land or energy regulations they're trying to get lifted.
He'll shoot them in the face.
But for more on the story, let's go out to correspondent Ed Helms, who is live in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Ed, how are you doing?
I'm here at the hospital where Austin lawyer and Republican fundraiser Harry Whittington is in stable condition after being shot by Vice President Dick Cheney during a weekend quail hunting expedition.
Doctors say he's recovering quickly after being shot in the face...
By the Vice President.
I'll be here all day with continuous coverage of how Vice President Dick Cheney shot a 78-year-old man in the face after he mistook him for a small bird.
Ed, this Armstrong Ranch, what kind of facility is this?
It's a private hunting ranch where the hunter drives up to the pen-raised birds.
The hunter then gets out of his car, aims his 28-gauge shotguns at slow-moving birds three feet away, and then the hunt is on.
Ed, why...
Why would the vice president or hunters shoot at a facility with birds that have been raised in captivity and then just released to be killed?
Well, as you know, the vice president has a big entourage, secret service, and a full hospital detail, including five paramedics, three cardiologists, two defibrillators, an iron lung, the cast of ER, and that metal egg Darth Vader sleeps in.
It's a group that makes a lot of noise that could scare off your average quail.
So they hunt pen-raised, witless quail with no wings.
All right.
Hit pause.
There's a minute or two left.
When we get back, I'll get into the really serious news.
You laughed at it, but really, it's wrong of them to totally make a big joke out of it.
Though the comedians are, they are comedians.
What do you expect?
You know, I'm not thankful that this happened to God, because you've got to feel sorry for Mr. Whittington.
But when we get back, it really gets ridiculous.
They tie it into WMDs, so you don't want to miss it.
There's some other clips, too.
Stay with us, folks.
It's Real Talk Radio.
I'm Alex Jones.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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The president has a big entourage, secret service, and a full hospital detail, including five paramedics, three cardiologists, two defibrillators, an iron lung, the cast of ER, and that metal egg Darth Vader sleeps in.
It's a group that makes a lot of noise that could scare off your average quail.
So they hunt pen-raised witless quail with no wings in order to, you know, level the playing field.
And how did this accident happen?
Well, I'm sure a sedentary, indoorsman, liberal, elite Jew bag like yourself wouldn't understand.
But it's actually a very common mishap.
Here's how it happens.
They show the video games up on... You see where I put my furnace?
So it's pretty stupid.
As you can see, it's really... I'm sorry.
Hold on a second.
John, I'm being told Whittington's condition has now been upgraded from stable to stable but still shot in the face by the most pleasant.
It's good news, really.
For now, I'm Ed Helms, reporting from outside Christus Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, where this weekend, a 78-year-old man was shot in the face...
By the Vice President of the United States of America, John.
Thank you very much.
Ed Helms, everybody.
Interesting story.
I'm joined now by our own Vice Presidential Firearms Mishap Analyst, Rob Corddry.
Rob, thanks for joining us.
Thank you, John.
Honestly, Rob, just a very unfortunate situation.
How is the Vice President handling it?
John, tonight the Vice President is standing by his decision to shoot Harry Whittington.
Now, according to the best intelligence available, there were quail hidden in the brush.
Everyone believed at the time there were quail in the brush.
And while the quail turned out to be a 78-year-old man, even knowing that today, Mr. Cheney insists he still would have shot Mr. Whittington in the face.
He believes the world is a better place for his spreading buckshot throughout the entire region of Mr. Whittington's face.
Well, Rob, why if he had known that Mr. Whittington was not a bird, if he had had that information, Rob, why would the Vice President still have shot him in the face?
John, good question.
In a post-9-11 world, the American people...
The American people expect their leaders to be decisive.
To not have shot his friend in the face would have sent a message to the quail that America is weak.
To my ears, that is horrible that he would still do that.
Look, John, the mere fact that we're even talking about how the Vice President drives up with his rich friends in cars to shoot farm-raised wingless quail tards is letting the quail know how we're hunting them.
I'm sure right now those birds are laughing at us in that little cubby of theirs.
Well, Rob, I'm not sure birds can laugh.
Well, whatever they do, John.
They're cooing at us right now.
Because here we are, talking openly about our plans to hunt them.
Jigs up, John.
Quails one, America zero.
On a purely human level, on a human level,
Is the Vice President at least sorry?
John, what difference does it make?
The bullets are already in the man's face.
Let's move forward across party lines as a people to get him some sort of mask.
Hindsight is 20-20, John.
As was, ironically, the shotgun the Vice President used to shoot his friend, a 78-year-old man, in what can only be described as...
His face.
All right, folks.
But really, making a joke out of it, in the final equation, this is very, very serious.
Because now we know he was shot in the heart, penetration of 4 to 5 inches.
We know he was shot up close.
We know it's impossible.
Their official story is a complete fraud.
The pattern of the BBs shows it was 10 to 15 feet maximum.
And they kept the police out.
It's just another example of the criminality, the above-the-law behavior.
All right, we'll come back, tell you about protecting the supposed lead hijacker, and take your calls.
We've got 30 minutes left.
Keep it locked in.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 860-567-7744.
All right, let's go to other important news stories.
We'll go to Myron Allen, Charles Wolfgang, many others that are holding toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
Here is the Associated Press article, Weldon, able, danger, ID'd, 911 ringleader, pre-September 11th intelligence, conducted by secret military unit identified terrorist ringleader, Mohammed Adda, 13 different times, a congressman said Tuesday.
But their spin is, this shows how great the spying is.
No, it came in that he was a terrorist, and they kept telling the FBI and CIA and Defense Intelligence, and that's what the colonel said, in Army Intelligence, to back off and to shut up and leave him alone, and Bush signed W-1999, ordering these agencies to back off under penalty of arrest under national security.
Then that's been public since 9-11.
We've covered it.
People never can seem to figure that out.
It's been all over the BBC, been in the Associated Press over here, but never on the nightly news.
So it's a secret.
People haven't heard about it, so it doesn't exist.
During a Capitol Hill news conference, Representative Kurt Weldon, Republican, Pennsylvania, said the unit codenamed Able Danger also identified a problem in Yemen two weeks before the attack on the USS Cole.
It knew the problem was tied into the port of Aden and involved a U.S.
platform, but the U.S.
commander was not made aware of it, Weldon said.
The suicide bombing of the Cole killed 17.
So they kind of get you to focus on that when that's a previous situation.
Slip 9-1-1 hijacker 13 times.
The secret Pentagon unit had Muhammad Atta, the 9-1-1 ringleader, in its crosshairs 13 times before the 2001 attacks.
A U.S.
congressman has claimed, and it goes on, the unit used data mining to investigate the Al-Qaeda network.
You mean the government network staging as terrorists who were part of major drills.
Weldon said 13 times we had hits in the data, still available, that we were told was destroyed.
No, the government told Sybil Edmonds and a bunch of other people they hired to go expunge that data, and she and others have refused.
And the data showed, quote, a large government crime syndicate involved in trafficking of weapons and terrorists.
And she was told to shut up.
Showed the government involved.
That's what it showed.
The government involved.
And then we have these very hijackers living with FBI informants, having FBI credit cards, CIA payroll, being trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station by the Air Force and Navy trainers.
We have them out at the Defense Language School in Monterey, California.
That was in major papers, but then shut down.
We have the U.S.
Embassy heads being told to let them back in the country, even though they came up on terror watch lists.
And the heads of the embassies were told, we've interviewed them on air, and they were told, it's been in the big Canadian papers as well, but not really in U.S.
papers, they were told they're part of a government training op.
These are government agents.
Terrorists is their cover.
Oh, my goodness.
But Weldon says, see how great all the spying is.
It picked it up, but not soon enough.
No, it picked it up, and then they were ordered to back off.
We know that.
But see, this is back in the news, because Weldon, Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services and Homeland Security Committee, is now trying to claim this is why spying is good.
You've got to love them.
They take evil stuff they've done and then paint it up different, put perfume on a pig and tell you how great it is.
Weldon said he now had proof that there had been several attempts to transfer the information to the FBI, but they were blocked by lawyers for the administration of George Bush.
He said, we have information that will be testified to under oath, and there were attempts to transfer information to the FBI on at least three occasions, and on all three of those occasions in September of 2000, lawyers in the administration denied those meetings from taking place.
There's a bunch of others.
We've had these FBI guys on, and they're lawyers on.
Let's take some calls.
I'm going to get into Chertoff talking about weather control.
Yes, mainstream news.
I'm not kidding.
MSNBC and Associated Press.
Let's go ahead and talk to Myron in South Dakota, a real trooper.
Thank you, Myron, for holding her on the air.
Yes, I was going to tell you my nephew has a pheasant hunting lodge, and he has the 28 gauge, but you've already covered all that, and that's basically what he told me also.
That is correct.
Well, specifically, what did he tell you?
About basically the same thing.
At 90 feet, it wouldn't do that damage at all.
He thought maybe 40 feet or something less, that area.
Forty's half.
Yeah, half.
Maybe half or less.
Well, I mean, I've been out there with a high-powered 12-gauge with a long barrel, and I've shot quail, not wingless quail.
That was a joke in the show, but they are cage-raised in that area of South Texas because the fire ants wiped them all out, so there's been a state program to reintroduce them.
The birds are wild after release, so that was another problem with the piece is they actually made that up.
But, yeah, you don't normally drive around to each spot to shoot them.
You drive to a point, get out, and then walk.
But bottom line, the pattern would be about six feet.
At 90 feet, that's how wide the pattern would be.
The pattern was about a foot, or a little more than a foot, when it hit this individual.
And it went into the heart, which is just absolutely ridiculous.
There's a couple other things before you have to go.
Fox News is going to be interviewing Cheney, which is going to be a real hard-hitting interview, I'm sure.
Last night at Oberman, they had a former attorney general from Texas on,
He was musing why they took the victim of the shooting to a small town hospital which was farther away than the Corpus Christi Hospital.
And also that the farmer's wife, Armstrong's wife, the rancher's wife, she's the one who reported it.
Maybe they weren't even planning on reporting it, but I thought.
Well, yeah, until they realized how serious it was.
This is what happened.
And even Ari Fleischer, former press secretary, is going public.
Even George Bush Sr.'
's press secretary is going public saying it's horrible.
This is a clear criminal cover-up from the American people for 22 hours, from the president for 3 hours, from the police for 12 hours.
They wouldn't let the police in for 12 hours.
All of this is criminal.
And then now we know he wasn't shot at 30 yards and 90 feet.
We know...
Not just from, again, how deep the pellets went in, but from the pattern.
And we have the Texas Parks and Wildlife Incident Report that they interviewed the hospital on.
Maximum of 14 inches.
Looks really about like a foot.
We're having to go off the little report.
It's kind of like a coroner's report where it shows the human body and where the pellets are.
And that's up on InfoWars.com right now, or it's at SmokingGun.com as well.
Again, folks, that's really what the website's called.
It's not for those cases where they post all the criminal indictments or cases that are going on.
And so, yes, there is a huge cover-up, and yes, they took him to a hospital further away, and within minutes of doing an x-ray, they would have known he had deep wounds.
I mean, listen, people get shot a lot of times in the chest with .357 magnums, and if it's any way at an angle, it will deflect and go through the shoulder and blow out the back.
I mean, the center of mass is hard to get into that meat.
That's tough meat.
This was up close.
Hey, Alex?
There was a hearing they had yesterday on the whistleblowers.
This was on Congressman Shea's committee, and there was a percentage.
And one of the whistleblowers was named Tice.
He's the one who helped blow the NSA story to the New York Times.
And he couldn't, he's under gag order.
He's trying to get them to interview him, and he'd like to tell them about other buy programs that the government has going.
He contends they're spying on millions of people under black box operations other than this so-called spy operation.
You see, there's no claiming it.
And I appreciate your call.
It's totally documented.
Let me explain this.
Well, he was there.
I know who he is.
No, no, I hear you.
We're trying to get him on.
I'm fully aware of it.
Thanks for the call.
He was a witness to all of this, and he's trying to go public, and they're saying, we'll arrest you if you tell the public what you know.
I understand.
Just like FBI Agent Robert Wright and all the rest of these people, or Sybil Edmonds.
But let me just go over why we know what they're doing.
We may not know what goes on in the boardrooms of Dick Cheney and the New World Order.
We don't know exactly what happens in Bilderberg, though we get witnesses who are serving them every year to give us data, and it's always panned out to be totally precise.
So we do actually know what goes on in some cases.
But we don't have to know what goes on in the boardrooms.
The manifestation of it at the ground level, you know what the decisions were beforehand when you see the battle formation or when you see the program being carried out.
We know when the federal government
Openly goes and buys billions of dollars a year of private data from credit card companies, from Internet companies, and from the state police and others.
We know they're using that, quote, in these data mining programs.
They announced three years ago, remember, they were going to have the, quote, data mining operation where everything you buy, sell, and do, and your bank records and what you own and your census data,
Is to all be, and now has been put, in these big grand databases where AI computers, with these algorithm programs, go and look for patterns and things, okay?
It's like two years ago, USA Today had the headline, Scoff Laws Caught by Pizza Orders, I believe was the headline.
And it said that a major company nationwide based in Dallas has contracted with all the major pizza chains, the big national ones,
We're good to go.
And instead, it then flags your new address, and instead, the police department comes out to arrest you instead.
Now, folks, that's spying.
And that private company, then, police departments and the feds subscribe to it.
And then they can say, well, the government isn't spying on you.
A private company with a former high-level CIA officer founded with government contracts and money, see, it's all privatized, is spying on every pizza you order.
So it's the same thing over and over and over and over again.
They're doing this all over the place.
Then when they get caught, the media tries to minimize it and say it's just Al-Qaeda calls from overseas to America.
When admittedly there are hundreds of articles where the military is out spying on innocuous groups.
Peace groups, gun groups, land rights groups.
I've had them spy on me.
I've got video of them walking around with video cameras videotaping me.
The U.S.
Army, regular Army.
Total violation of federal law on its face.
So when they're going to have a national debate to condition the public to accept this, they're going to use the least egregious example to condition.
And yeah, I know there's a bunch of whistleblowers, including Tice, who want to go public.
And they've been told, you're going to be arrested if you tell anybody what you know.
And of course they're spying.
Whenever the Total Information Awareness Network, remember they publicly said, every email, every letter, every fax, everything you do will be tracked.
Everything will be controlled.
And this is a convicted five-time felon, Admiral Poindexter, running it.
They got caught, so what'd they do?
They privatized it.
And Wired Magazine and a few others reported on its exact private location now in the suburbs of D.C.
Big ol' sprawling complex, NSA people in and out of it, and it's a quote-unquote private company running it with government officials and minions assigned to it.
Just right out that they're doing it.
But the Washington Post, the New York Times, everybody, keeps it all focused on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
They all have a big debate about, you know, was it right to spy on bin Laden's phone calls, when it has nothing to do with it.
So I'm glad you bring this up, but it's just so unbelievable.
Sounded like a George Bush laugh.
All right, let's go ahead and go back to another caller.
Allen in Texas.
Allen, go ahead.
Alan hung up.
And Charles just hung up, right?
Wolfgang in Kansas City.
Go ahead, Wolfgang.
Hello, Alex.
How you doing?
I got some good information for you here in Kansas City.
We'll be starting a Saturday night program on KCXL, which carries your program during the day.
And we'll be discussing political issues and music.
And I would like very much if you could call in and do a station ID for us, if that's possible.
Well, what's the name of your show?
It's called Down Home Music and Mayhem on KCXL 1140 AM.
It's not my show, it's their show, but I'll be co-hosting it.
Okay, well, be sure and tune in to... What's it called?
Down Home Music and Mayhem.
Be sure and listen to Down Home Music and Mayhem right here on KCXL with Wolfgang and the boys, Liberty, Missouri, Kansas City.
I just did it.
You can get it off the archives and use it now.
Hey, thanks a lot, Alec.
All right.
You bet.
I appreciate it, Wolfgang.
All right.
Who's up after Wolfgang?
Mark in Maryland.
Mark, you're on the air.
Always nice to talk to you, Mark.
Go ahead.
You know what?
The callers are so scrambled.
The names are all scrambled and stuff's going on.
I'll just cover news, come back in the next segment and do it.
You know, that happens when I don't let callers get on for about 45 minutes and I'm covering news and playing clips.
It's Bob in Tennessee.
Oh, okay.
Well, we'll talk to Bob in Tennessee now.
Go ahead, Bob.
I called earlier, Alex.
I went and conducted your experiment for you.
I took a .28 gauge, a few and a half shots, a two, three quarter inch shell, a
Winchester Sporting Clays, 7 1⁄2 shot.
And at 30 yards, I shot into a double piece of cardboard, which was the size of the torso, 4 foot high, 3 foot wide.
Center of impact, that would be the point of aim that I was shooting at, in a 10-inch circle, I penetrated those two pieces of cardboard.
Well, I'm going to do it.
With 92 pieces of shot.
When you got out of the 10-inch circle, the pattern began to spread quite a bit.
And my total pattern that I can measure is around 42 inches by 33 inches.
And that's a troop measured off with a tape measure, 30 yards.
What type of shotgun is the 28-gauge?
The 28-gauge I have is a 28-inch barrel.
It's a single-shot shotgun.
It's a .228.
Well, I have to tell you, that's not my experience with 12 gauges, so I'm going to do the test myself with the tape measure.
I'm going to go out and do it in the morning.
So how far would you say it penetrated then?
Well, we're talking about cardboard, Alex, and it went through a double piece of cardboard.
But like I said before, I believe the yardage that he was shot at has been exaggerated.
Yeah, it's not going to go through flesh and bone, is it?
I don't think it would go through flesh and bone at 30 yards.
Not enough to do the kind of damage they're talking about.
I'm confused by you saying you did this test, and I believe you, because I have shot birds at 30 yards, and it knocks them out of the air.
When you get them, you can't even find where a pellet went into them.
Well, I was on my way home when I called you, and I came in, and I happened to have this piece of cardboard laying in here.
I went outside, and that's what I came up with.
I've counted the shots, and like I said...
At point of aim, in a 10-inch circle, which I'm calling point of aim, would have been the center of that circle.
I placed 92 shots and went through a double piece of cardboard.
92 of the pellets were in how big an area?
In a 10-inch circle.
In a 28-gauge shell, a 2- and 3-quarter-inch shell has 3-quarter ounces of shot, 7-1⁄2-inch shot in it.
And there you're shooting.
That's 1,300-foot pellets.
The feet-per-second velocity is what a 28-gauge shell has.
Well, it says a 12-gauge at that distance is 6 pounds of pressure.
And 6 pounds of pressure won't push a BB into the skin.
Well, I don't know what they're considering 6 pounds of pressure.
I know feet-per-second is the velocity that ammunition is judged by.
And I use a chronograph to do that.
Well, I wish you'd videotape that for me and send it to me.
But I'm going to do my own test.
We'll see what happens.
All right.
I appreciate your call.
All right, we'll be right back, folks.
Take a few final calls and a few other little news items here.
Stay with us.
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Well, we're doing our own experiment tomorrow.
It'll be up on the website by tomorrow afternoon.
You'll be able to see the video of it.
We talked to the folks over at Red's Indoor Range, and they really know about ballistics and shotguns.
And they said, oh, yeah, 90 feet with a 28-gauge.
I mean, there's no way.
I mean, the maximum might go into the skin a little bit.
And from my experience, we'll find out what happens.
I'm tempted to get a turkey tonight and let it thaw out and then stick it up on a pole and shoot it and then use tweezers and see how deep it goes in.
They got that ballistics gelatin that we've been calling around to get that.
It's not even in Austin.
And for a bucket of it to make it up and have the forms, it's like $300, and I'm not going to spend that.
We don't have the time to do it anyways.
In a week, this story won't even be big anymore.
We're just trying to find out what the truth is and expose it.
Let's go to Steve in Texas.
Steve, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, I just wanted to say thank you today for something you said earlier.
You always get on yourself about going into too much detail when you start a story, but
When you were talking about when you worked at the vet and you were cleaning the teeth of those alligator dachshunds, I just started laughing so hard.
And I appreciate that.
But just to change the subject a little bit.
But about Dick Cheney.
You know, if his friend, this lawyer friend of his, dies, wouldn't this be considered manslaughter?
There are mainstream news articles now saying that.
And we have Scripps Hour News Service on the shotgun.
It was a 7.5 shot, which is like pepper.
Much smaller than a BB.
And we're going to go out and test it.
But, yeah, the whole thing is very suspicious.
Well, I hadn't heard anyone bring up the issue about manslaughter.
I mean, it...
And I just appreciate for that hard belly laugh I got on those little alligator dachshunds.
Well, yeah, dachshunds, you can't really put them to sleep.
You try to put them to sleep, but they're still like half-awake.
I know.
I grew up with dachshunds, and my brothers got them, and that just got me laughing so hard when you gave that description.
Yeah, they're real nice.
They try to clean their teeth, and they're knocked out.
Thanks, Alex.
Appreciate it very much.
You bet.
Yeah, I know.
I was talking about dogs coming in, bird hunters, dogs coming in with a shot in them, and
The vet I worked for, Jess Atkins, would x-ray him and then usually go, oh, that's not a big enough problem to pull that shot out.
And if it was, he'd make the person happy if they wanted it.
He'd knock them out and sit there and pick out the shot.
I mean, up close, 20 yards or so, it'd just be about a half inch in maximum or even less.
But, again, I had to shoot through their fur.
But the fur didn't do long on a Labrador.
And then, of course, there were the pit bulls people used to hunt hogs with.
But I don't know.
I spent all day basically babbling about this.
The big thing is the Iran situation.
They're saying they're going to hit 200 sites.
It could happen in late March.
That's what's coming out of different sources.
And it's just going to be disastrous.
And it's just a bunch of globalists running it who want to have World War III because it's all part of setting up their one world government.
And we can't ask too many questions here domestically while we're in the middle of a war.
We don't have time to take any more calls.
I want to thank all of our affiliates, all of our listeners, all of our sponsors, the folks running the show up in Minnesota, my crew down here in Austin, Texas, home of Whittington, the lawyer.
So much happens down here.
And we'll be covering that as well as more develops, and we'll do that test tomorrow early in the morning, get in here and try to get it edited together from the raw video, get it up on the web, maybe even air the audio here if I have time to do it.
If the shooting range won't let me go out and do a test out there, I'll have to go out in the country where I've got land available to me.
And it'll be the next day that you get to see it.
I guess Friday.
A lot of big guests coming up tomorrow and Friday.
Be sure and join us.
And remember PrisonPlanet.tv, the membership website.
Fifteen cents a day, monthly, yearly subscriptions, all my films, weekly TV reports, the best audio interviews, it's all there.
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All right, get out there and expose evil, expose the New World Order.
We'll see you tomorrow.
God bless you all.
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