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Air Date: Feb. 10, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, I dropped the ball yesterday.
I just mentioned it in passing.
Bush running around claiming that he had foiled a terror attack thanks to NSA spying on you and your family.
But it's, I guess, kind of a good thing that I didn't get into much detail about it yesterday because he just had his press conference an hour before I went on air.
Now we've learned the details of what Bush and Fox News and others inside the Pentagon propaganda arm, and that's what it is, folks.
It's not right-wing propaganda.
It's not left-wing propaganda.
It's government propaganda that is then in tune, owned by the private banks.
Bush claimed that the, quote, Liberty Tower was going to be blown up.
The problem is the building wasn't called the Liberty Tower, but it doesn't matter.
The general public won't know or won't care.
He'll just call it the Liberty Tower because that sounds even scarier than a library tower.
And on top of that, you know, the evil terrorists want to blow up our liberty.
Then on top of that, they showed on national television video from a Hollywood movie where aliens blow up the building in question.
And it is psychologically read by the subconscious brain as a real attack on the building.
But I want to thank the Bush administration for not actually blowing the building up and just using a Hollywood movie clip of it happening.
I know that will probably get them some gas mileage and
A lot of the public probably right now think that the building was actually blown up.
I mean, I'm not kidding when I say that.
That's the level of dumb downness that we're talking about.
But at the same time, the good news is people are really getting wise to this.
Here are some of the headlines.
Huffington Post.
Bush renames West Coast tallest building.
Oops, never mind.
Another one.
Bush reveals details of foiled terror plot.
If you believe that, I've got a bridge I want to sell you.
And also on Fox and Cable Channel aired photos of aliens attacking Library Tower, and again renamed it Liberty Tower.
Bush plays terror card with bogus L.A.
attack plot.
Bootlegging news networks follow suit with dramatic images of Library Tower being destroyed.
And now, 23 intel experts say L.A.
terror plot a sham.
So now, a day later, even on mainstream television, it's being called a sham.
It is a sham.
Oh, the NSA saved you from these evil terrorists attacking you, and then you go look at the history and the background of the terrorists they claim were trying to attack us, and they're well-known government operatives.
So we'll go over that as well today.
Something that's really disconcerting, though,
Associated Press has picked up on the White House Terrorist Surveillance Program terminology.
In the past, Bush would call people homicide bombers, or he would change the popular nomenclature.
Rumsfeld would say they're not resistance, they're combatants.
Well, now they're not even combatants, they're terrorists.
They tell us what words to use, but...
The Washington Times and other massively socialist organizations, ultra-liberal organizations like Fox News, really, I mean, if you want to use real political paradigm templating with the terms we use, using those false terms, that's really where you'd be on the political spectrum with all of Bush's real actions, not his rhetoric.
Fox News and others would call it the terrorist surveillance program.
And now the Associated Press, supposedly the bastion of respectability and what every other major news agency takes its cues from, more important than the New York Times.
The AP is the roadmap.
And now they're calling it the Terrorist Surveillance Network.
And so when they surveil you, you must be a terrorist.
And we have Robert Galen Ross, who worked at the National Security Agency.
We're good to go.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I cannot believe it's already Friday.
These weeks just go by us faster and faster.
Former NSA operative.
And of course, oil company consultant Robert Galen Ross will be joining us coming up in the second and third hour today to talk about the ruling elite of the planet, and we'll also get into his book,
The elite serial killers of JFK, RFK, and MLK.
So he'll be in studio with us for two hours.
Coming up in the second and third hour, we'll be taking your calls as well.
Obviously, Bush gave the press conference yesterday, and it's blown up in his face, saying that we spot on you with the NSA, and we specifically stopped this 2002 attack.
This is the same White House that admittedly has issued...
Dozens and dozens of fake terror alerts, admittedly, they've admitted for political gain.
This is the same crew that tried to plant WMDs and tried to claim that they discovered WMDs over and over again, only to be proven to be liars.
This is the same crew that wanted to paint up American aircraft like UN aircraft and try to get Saddam to shoot them down.
This is the same crew who bragged in the Downing Street memos how they were going to manufacture a pretext for war.
We know they lie.
We know they plant fake news stories here in the United States.
The Pentagon has said that they do it to us.
Pentagon offices of strategic influence.
This is all right out in the open.
I think?
We're good to go.
And the Democrats almost completely are in league with this system.
Almost all of the Republicans are as well.
There are a few holdouts who haven't been bought off or haven't been intimidated or haven't been killed.
And the battle has been joined because the people are beginning to wake up to what's happening.
Also coming up, Israel may rue Saddam overthrow.
I mentioned this, but I wanted to tell it more today.
The head of Israeli's domestic security agency, Shin Bet, said his country may come to regret the overthrow of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
And that's Yuval Diskin said a strong dictatorship would be preferable to the present chaos in Iraq in his speech to teenage Jewish settlers in the West Bank.
Violence jumps on U.S.-Mexico border.
This is out of Reuters.
Colin Powell's former chief of staff, Wilkerson, calls pre-war intelligence a hoax on the American people that he participated in.
He said that on the PBS program Now.
And there was another facet to that article I covered yesterday about how they're moving to ban knives and saying turn your knives in over a certain length in England.
Headline, good news for rapists and criminals.
British government bans knives.
And they launched a national PR campaign to, quote, turn them in.
An amnesty.
There's another article out of England where the cops are saying that if somebody doesn't steal, oh, it's here in the stack, I think it's 85 pounds worth of goods, don't even call us.
And if you call the police and we come out and unless the next one's stolen, you may be fined or feed.
You're going to get in trouble.
Listen, when my car got stolen in Dallas, Texas when I was in college after visiting a girlfriend,
The police wouldn't even come out.
And I politely had talked to them over and over again.
I called 911 again.
And she just said, look, we're not coming out.
So I hung up without her permission.
So then the cops came and got in my face for hanging up.
Oh, you hung up on your god leaders.
You can't do that.
You hung up on lords.
But we're not going to come when your, I guess at the time, probably $16,000 car had been stolen.
And obviously the cops will say, we don't have the manpower, we're strapped, we need more officers.
And the public says that, yeah.
What happens is they never put enough police on real detective work, real police work.
That's what they should all do.
All of them.
All of them.
It's investigate crime.
Classical crime.
Not the new thought crimes.
And most police would actually like to do this.
No, instead they're errand boys.
They're there at all the big corporations, guarding when the money gets picked up.
Or they're there driving around, pulling over old ladies, giving them tickets.
Or they're there dealing with wrecks.
Or they're there... No, there needs to be a highway department that deals with wrecks.
There needs to be the fire department having its own people.
Yeah, expand the fire department.
Alright, I'm already digressing into a rant.
The point is that this is all targeted to make the general public criminals.
It's that simple.
Let's get into our top story.
This is a little clip from Media Matters that's up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Fox News TV yesterday playing video of aliens attacking America and implying that bin Laden did this.
Now, the psychology is, they know that most Americans, and there are major studies on this, this is admitted fact, will actually, at a subconscious level now, have the same emotional response that the Library Tower really did get attacked.
And within minutes, we've actually timed it out, within four minutes of Bush saying the Liberty Tower...
And understand, there was no building named a Liberty Tower.
No building named a Liberty Tower on the West Coast.
Bush knew that that wasn't the case.
He simultaneously put out a press release right as he began giving his speech saying Liberty Tower.
So we know this was codified and prepared and ready.
And within just a few minutes, really less than five minutes, Fox Television
Had video of the very tower, but it had another name.
How did they know?
Imagine them scrambling, what's the Liberty Tower?
No one calls it the Liberty Tower.
It's not the Liberty Tower.
It's the Library Tower.
Scrambling, and they magically, pure psyop, they have the video, and they have it ready, and they have it on with the caption under it, Liberty Tower.
So Bush might rename the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow.
He might name it the Freedom Bridge and then claim that terrorists were going to target it and magically Fox won't have to call him and say, what bridge is the Freedom Bridge?
No, no, they'll automatically know and have video of the bridge
We're good to go.
They don't know any basics of the universe around them.
And I'm not trying to be elitist.
I'm just an average guy.
It freaks me out that the general public is so mesmerized.
The word isn't dumb.
They're distracted.
They're totally distracted into mindlessness.
The human brain is a computer, an electrochemical computer.
And garbage in, garbage out.
That's what's happening.
So we're trying to debug the brains of the American people here.
We're trying to get the viruses out, folks, and get the computer working.
Because it's crashing.
Just the level of this.
Go ahead and roll the Fox News clip.
One of many, but here it is.
And again, back to what the President was saying a little while ago this morning in his speech on the war on terror.
He talked about the U.S.
Bank Tower, otherwise known as the Library Tower.
We've been showing you pictures of that throughout the morning.
A little background on that building that was apparently the target of a second wave of attacks that was to have been
...perpetrated by Al Qaeda.
There are some pictures, and that's one from the movie, 1996 movie Independence Day.
It was the, I guess, the first building to be destroyed by the alien invaders in that movie.
You might remember that.
So certainly a landmark.
A couple of other factoids about it.
The building was designed to withstand an earthquake.
Unclear how it would have withstood an attack by an airplane.
So again, Media Matters got a clip from later in the day, but we've gone online to Fox News and checked on it.
They were reporting on it, as she said, within minutes they had it up there that the Liberty Tower.
Now the question is, how did they know it was the Liberty Tower?
This is an imaginary building.
Bush is renaming buildings Library Tower.
What if it was Liberty Tower?
They won't pay attention.
It'll just sound better.
Attacking our liberty.
Excellent idea, Rove!
I'll call General Groble.
You know, and General Groble's a joke, folks.
Here's a headline.
Bush plays terror card with bogus L.A.
attack plot.
Bootlicking news networks follow suit with dramatic images of Library Tower being destroyed.
And the other headlines here, this is out of the Post, the Huffington Post.
Bush renames West Coast's tallest building.
Oops, never mind.
It's just, again, let's rename the Capitol something if he wants.
In an orchestrated setup, George W. Bush announced that a plan to fly a plane into the...
Library Tower was thwarted in 2002, and within minutes, news networks were showing footage of the same building being destroyed in the movie Independence Day.
Within minutes.
Within less than five minutes.
And guess who it was?
It's always the usual suspect.
Fox TV.
Bush stated that the attack was prevented only with the help of NSA surveillance of communications in an attempt to shut up critics of the spying scandal in a move about as sophisticated as a 300-pound Pittsburgh Steelers fan after a heavy drinking session.
The mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, immediately went public with comments of his absolute bewilderment concerning the plot.
The alleged plot.
I'm amazed that the president would make this announcement on national TV and not inform us of those details through the appropriate channels.
Within minutes of the president's speech, news networks were showing images from the moving Independence Day where the library tower is destroyed as part of the alien invasion.
And it goes on and on.
We'll detail this when we get back.
Remember, these are the same people that issued all the fake terror alerts.
They're the same ones that went and found balloon trucks to pump up, British made, to pump up balloons and said, oh, these are anthrax labs when they had serial numbers and they knew what they were.
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So often this is what happens.
People simply look at the politician and say, are they with my party?
And if they're with your party, then you don't check out what they claim or what they say.
It's just, if George Bush says they got WMDs, they got them.
We're good to go.
I think?
The mayor, all of this, we know what happened.
We know that New Orleans had been federalized.
I even mentioned that in my film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement, that it was made two and a half years ago.
And I'm not tooting my horn about this.
We knew something weird was going on down there a while back.
And there's several other cities that have been federalized.
But you have an officially federalized city, and then they just deny that it was federalized.
The point is, they've lied to us over and over and over and over and over again.
Bush gets up and says, we've got to have warrants to spy on you.
Don't worry.
And then a few months later he gets caught spying on us, and I don't need warrants anymore.
Don't worry.
And I never said I needed warrants because I'm above the law.
It's just all lies.
You understand that patently, openly...
Dick Cheney runs and hands out the no-bid contracts out of his office.
I mean, that office has handed out hundreds of billions of dollars of contracts for U.S.
military operations and equipment all over the world and here in the U.S.
Hundreds of billions.
The defense budget is like $700 billion a year.
You'll hear $640 billion, but with all the supplemental packages and the added funding, it's well over $700 billion.
And he's there just handing all of this out.
And guess who he hands it out to?
He hands it out to Halliburton, which he was a former CEO of and has massive stock in.
Oh, he hands it out to his wife while she's on the board of Lockheed Martin.
There are a whole slew of federal laws.
We've covered them here.
That is illegal.
Serious jail time every time he does it.
Oh, but he's the vice president.
You don't think the Attorney General appointed by this administration, by him, is going to go after the Vice President, do you?
You don't think that for a minute, do you?
No, they can do whatever they want, and now they're telling the Congress, hey, we don't have to listen to what you say or do.
If you throw out the Patriot Act, we will keep it in force.
You can't do that.
That's a whole other basket of felonies.
I mean, this is the type of stuff you go to jail for for 50 years.
I mean, this is like treason, treachery, sedition.
And you talk to a neocon follower about this, they just go, man, we got hit.
Oh, really, we got hit on 9-11?
Who did we get hit by?
Saddam, his bases, and they worked together, bin Laden?
Well, actually, let's give you some history.
It's well known that our government put Saddam into power, and orchestrated the entire thing, and told him to attack Iran, and gave him $30-plus billion, and then told him to invade Kuwait, and said, go ahead and do it, and set him up, and the whole thing's staged, and the Pentagon says that they want the place to break up into civil war.
Can you shut up, smarty pants?
You think you can talk real slick?
I'm about to kick your hind end in.
I've got video of that.
I'm like, no, listen, I'm trying to talk to you, sir.
I want to warn you.
The troops have defective body armor.
No, they don't.
That's another lie.
I heard Rush Limbaugh say it's a lie.
And I have all this on video.
It's going to be in the new film.
Well, they didn't find WMDs.
Yes, they did.
Yes, they did.
See, they believe.
They heard all those reports.
The neocons still get on the radio and say they found WMDs.
They found that truck that made the anthrax.
No, no, no.
There were four of those trucks.
They were British-made.
Sold in 1986 to Saddam there for pumping up hydrogen balloons for surveillance.
Saddam would put cameras on them for the Iran-Iraq war there at the end.
Liar, liar.
Why don't you just leave the country, boy?
No, I love America.
We're losing the Bill of Rights.
That's what makes America, America.
We've got to give up some rights to be free.
But you don't give up rights to be free.
Rights are the freedom.
Listen, back off.
I'm about to whop you.
Cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss.
I mean, folks, wait until you see the film.
I mean, it's worse than what I'm repeating here.
It's just mindless simian idiocy.
They're like retarded gorillas.
And they were all defense contractors, too.
And I'd go, well, DU's really bad for the troops.
All of them.
No, it ain't.
Well, the birth defects have tripled since the first Gulf War, and now, three years in, we're getting even higher birth defects this time.
No, it ain't.
This is official government numbers.
I told you to get away from it, boy!
I told you!
But listen, I care about the troops.
I'm trying to get them to stop using this weapon.
I'm calling that police officer over there.
That's it.
Officer, get him away from me!
Get this hippie away from me!
I mean, that's how they are.
You can't communicate with them.
They're gone.
They're long gone.
And so Bush gets on TV and they show movie clips of aliens blowing up buildings and equate it with bin Laden.
I mean, this is war of the worlds propaganda, folks.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We don't need no education.
We don't need no thought control.
Welcome back, folks.
Real Talk Radio, Monday through Friday, 11.
To 2 Central Standard Time, back from 9 to midnight.
Robert Galen Ross, worked with the NSA.
Also lived overseas, Iran, Saudi Arabia, many other countries, as a consultant for major oil companies.
Really well educated and informed on the New World Order.
We'll be talking about their power structure, who the ruling elite are, the Rothschilds, the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, and others.
And then we'll also get into his book,
The elite serial killers of JFK, RFK, and MLK.
So that's coming up in the second and third hour, and we'll have open phones.
I know that we've got Ray and others in California that are holding.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
But think of this.
It's not just Bush going, well, the Library Tower, that's not very scary, Carl.
We'll call it the Liberty Tower.
They won't pay any attention, but it's close.
They're directly attacking Liberty.
And we've even got some stock footage, our boys in Syops tell us, of the aliens attacking that very building, and then the president rallies around.
We can have our boys with it lined up a few minutes after, and that's exactly what they had.
Bush walks out, gives a speech, and within four minutes, boom, it's on TV, and it's the Liberty Tower being blown up!
Now again, if it wasn't all staged and scripted, how did Fox know what the Magic Tower was?
How did they know how to scramble and find the real name?
By the way, it's been renamed several times.
It was known as the Library Tower because it burned down in 1986, and then they built it and called it the Library Tower, and now it is known as the Bank Tower.
Continuing, we have to understand that the major media...
...knows that they are propagandizing us, and they're just simply doing this to get us back in line.
Oh, the spying keeps me safe!
And then they mix into it space aliens blowing it up?
Oh, it just makes your head spin.
Within minutes of President Bush's speech, news networks were showing images from the movie Independence Day, where the library tower is destroyed as part of the alien invasion.
And the news networks, why on earth would they show video of it being destroyed by space aliens?
And then even saying, look, this is space aliens destroying it.
Knowing that psychologically it has the effect of conjuring 9-11, people remembering 9-11, seeing the image of the building blowing up, very similar to what happened on 9-11.
In the mind of the passive viewer, this information enters the brain as if it is real, and they suspend this belief to embrace the notion that the building was destroyed by terrorists.
This residue remains in the viewer's psyche, and the validity of the government's response to the attack in the instance passing the soon-to-expire Patriot Act and justifying spying on Americans is unquestionable.
This isn't another tinfoil hat conspiracy theory.
The suggestibility of television is a scientific fact that has been accepted for decades.
This represents an organized campaign of mind control and fear mongering.
They have played the terror card so many times that the fingerprints of deception can be lifted and verified almost immediately.
And of course, it isn't just a terror attack that they thwarted.
Now it is a specific terror attack that they thwarted specifically with the NSA program in question.
These are the same people that brought you the fake Fat Bin Laden confession tapes, now admitted to be fake, in a shack in Jalamasbad, and could psychically predict that tapes...
We're good to go.
Jamaya Islamia, I can't pronounce his name, which was a creation of Indonesian intelligence and is widely acknowledged to be wholly controlled by the CIA.
Yeah, there are PBS documentaries I've seen where it's mainstream news admitting that Indonesia would go around carrying out terror attacks and murdering people, then blame it on their enemies, working with the CIA going back for 30 years.
It never ends.
If the government has really thwarted an attack on L.A., you can bet your bottom dollar they would have waved it in front of the anti-war crowd's face before invading Iraq in March of 2003.
This happened right around the same time.
This is an obvious political point-scoring move, as you're ever going to see.
It has been deliberately and systematically concocted to stifle the heated criticism of the NSA spying.
This despite the fact that the spying debate still circles around foreign phone calls when the real issue is the admitted fact that the Pentagon and other government agencies have been caught and continue to spy on peaceful anti-war activist groups entirely made up of American citizens.
And it's all criminal, and it's all illegal, and when he gets caught doing it, he declares executive power just like Nixon did, and it doesn't float.
But will it float this time?
Well, they got the terror card this time to play on us, to batter us back into line, to beat us over the head every time we stick our heads up.
Is Ray first there?
Is that who I should go to first?
Okay, Reagan in California.
You're on the air, Reagan.
How you doing?
Hi, Miss.
What a privilege to finally talk to you.
How you doing?
I'm doing great talking to you, Reagan.
Okay, here's something I wanted to talk about.
It was really fascinating that you brought this liberty thing up.
If you can tell by my accent, I'm from New York, okay?
I worked in the World Trade Center.
Don't tell me those towers...
Well, in my film, Martial Law, we have...
Oh, I guess about six or seven clips of firefighters saying it.
We could have gone on for hours.
There's that many.
In Dylan Avery's Loose Change 2, they do.
It goes on for like ten minutes.
Different firefighters and police saying the same thing.
But regardless, Larry Silverstein says he blew it up.
Here's the rub, okay?
Those towers, I worship the ground they walked on.
Next to Jesus Christ, those towers are my heart.
I don't like...
The media blaming the towers for falling and saying that they failed people in them.
Don't attack my towers, okay?
Those towers never failed anybody, George Bush, and the liberal media who don't have the guts to tell the truth.
Humanity failed them, and that's the bottom line.
And the longer those towers stay down, the more convinced,
I am, that it was a collaborative effort with Muslims who hate this country and the government who let them in.
Now we go to this library building, and they're going to call that, guess what, the Liberty Building.
They want to build, George Pataki has raised more money for George Bush and his Republican Party than any governor in this country, and Bloomberg is the mayor of a Republican in New York City.
Those two want to build this freedom tower.
No one wants it.
90% of the city want their twin towers back.
They want their life back.
We want to get back to work, okay?
And Reagan, Reagan, Reagan, I appreciate your call and thank you for all those fine points.
No, I hear you.
Let me comment on something you said.
You know, people... Day one, I said the government had prior knowledge and was clearly involved in the attacks.
And then I was even attacked...
By a whole bunch of so-called patriots and truth-tellers who then now today claim that they're the founders of the 9-11 movement.
Literally, they do.
And I've never tooted my horn until they started doing that, but you can't let someone who's going to try to derail the movement and misdirect the movement, who got involved a year, two years, three years after the fact in some cases, then declare themselves the Grand Poobahs.
And I'm not the grand poobah, but frankly I was the first to talk about it and the first to make films about it and the first to get a book out about it.
And that's widely accepted and the facts show that.
And I am somewhat deep down proud that I was willing to take the heat right up front and be attacked and be thrown off stations.
And then, of course, later most of the stations came back and picked me up again and we got even more stations because then it became widespread accepted.
But day one, I wasn't just saying prior knowledge or government involvement.
I was specifically laying out how they did it, and now all the evidence shows that.
And there were a lot of people who said even to say the government had prior knowledge is too much.
And Jones is saying they did it.
He's bad news.
And then, even the mainstream media had to admit, okay, there was total prior knowledge, and they kind of let the terrorists attack, wink, wink.
Oh, isn't Bush evil?
And in major polls, most Americans believe that's what the government did.
No, it's far worse than that.
So to say that they let Muslims in who hate America, how did the Muslims get in?
How did they make NORAD stand down?
How did they call the public officials?
And tell them not to fly to New York the night before.
How did they sit there and have the buildings implode with bombs in them that take weeks to plant?
There are hundreds of these points.
How did they have the CIA-controlled companies engage in record put options against American and United?
Not against the rest of the airlines, against those two specifically.
How did the Muslims fly Al-Qaeda and Taliban out to safety two months into the Afghan war?
Back in late 2001.
How did any of this happen?
There are hundreds of these points.
And the answer is it didn't happen.
We know.
And again, martial law documents this in great detail.
My new 9-11 film, I released it in the middle of last year.
Very important documentary.
We lay out how it happened.
And let me just try to encapsulate this.
The hijackers were U.S.
government agents.
That is admitted.
That is public.
That is in the newspapers, but hidden in plain view.
Again, it's like Bush calling this Liberty Tower, and now the media picks up on it and is calling it Liberty Tower.
And you go, what does that have to do with the hijackers being government agents out in the open?
Well, it's out in the open that that's not the name of the building, but they're just, because he calls it that, they're not going to correct him, they're just going to let him do it.
It's the same thing with, it can be in the,
Pensacola News Journal.
It could be in MSNBC.
It could be in the Associated Press.
It could be in the San Jose Mercury News that those hijackers were government agents.
We can talk to the dean of the Defense Language School.
He told the local newspaper, listen, I trained these men.
They were government ops.
The U.S.
government carried out the attacks.
And by the time it got on Fox News and they were attacking him, they said, can you believe this evil colonel?
Can you believe him saying, Bush, let it happen?
No, the colonel didn't say he let it.
He said he did it.
Then we called the guy up.
He's like, I can't talk to you.
I'm about to be court-martialed.
I've been threatened.
But yes, yes, they did it.
I talked to the guy on the phone.
His wife's in the background going, Get off the phone!
Get off the phone!
Because they're normal people.
See, normal people are... The government!
They're our agents!
See, that's how you're supposed to behave.
Oh, my God!
The terror!
The government hit us!
They hit us!
They're taking over!
Oh, no!
See, that's the real response.
Get off the phone!
Don't talk to me!
That's the normal response.
My God, they're all terrorists.
The terrorists run the country.
See, that's how you're supposed to behave.
So it's just, hey, so what?
The colonel, the head of the school, went public and said he was forced to train the hijackers in spy techniques and encryption and coding.
So what if Nick Berg, who got his head chopped off in that staged event, had given his laptop to one of the hijackers and was at flight training with him outside Oklahoma City, out by Norman,
Yeah, so what?
Two different embassy heads have gone public and said that they didn't want to let the so-called hijackers back into the country.
Remember that?
And then they got calls.
They got calls.
And we're told this is part of a secret anti-terror training op.
These are government operatives.
Let them back in.
Their terrorist credentials are a cover.
And then we have the Pensacola News Journal.
Oh, at least three of the hijackers were trained here at the flight school.
Oh, then we have MSNBC saying it.
Then we have the LA Times reporting how FBI informants are living in the houses with the hijackers, and the hijackers are buying groceries on FBI credit cards.
And then after James Woods is on an American flight from LA...
Excuse me, from New York to L.A., and they stop in Phoenix, and he gets off and goes, Get the police!
Get the police!
This is an Academy Award winner.
Get the police!
Get the police!
Or is he a nominee?
I forget.
He's a great actor, is the point.
Listen, there's these five guys on the plane, and I know they're about to hijack it.
Of course, it was admittedly one of them was Muhammad Atta.
And the FBI holds the plane, comes up to him and says, you're going to take another plane and if you talk to anybody about this, we're going to arrest you.
And James Woods goes on TV and says it.
He goes, I don't know what's going on.
They were doing drills, and we even know the names of those drills now, in the two weeks before it and on that day.
Their job was to go to bars and say we're going to fly planes into buildings and lay Korans on the table and leave clues for police and brag.
They were told you're testing the local community.
You're seeing if we'll get alerted.
This is what special ops does all the time.
You know, seeing if they can invade their own embassies or seeing if they can invade the capital or seeing what they can do.
And so these special ops Arabs hired by our government went and did all of this
And then they got on board those aircraft, and if you even believe those fake cell phone calls, what are they saying?
I can't breathe.
There's something... Hold on.
I mean, that's what was reported.
I've talked to air traffic controllers.
It's come out in the news that the tapes that they shredded had people passing out and dying on the planes.
Oh, boy!
Imagine being those government agents.
Oh, no, what's happening?
I bet they knew right then that they'd been set up.
They hit the ground from the nerve gas, remote control comes in, and good old boys, it'll take one control truck to do it, flew those planes into those structures.
Now, that's what happened, ladies and gentlemen.
And you ought to try calling up a colonel at his house who's in the newspaper saying he was forced to train hijackers, and his wife's in the background going, Get off the phone!
Get off the phone!
They told you not to!
So, to the police, to everybody listening, you can ignore what I'm saying, or you can do some research and find out it's true.
I mean, these hijackers have got multiple layers of government funding them, massaging them, feeding them, training them, crafting them, growing them, loving them.
They were not terrorists.
These were all secular, non-religious guys who had been recruited by the U.S.
government in most cases a decade before the attacks.
They thought they were fighting radical Islam.
They thought they were taking part in drills.
And so they got murdered for it.
And by the way, the evidence is clear that at least nine of the hijackers are still alive and were wrong names.
And that fits with the M.O.
And then there's a whole other story to that.
There's a whole other wrinkle to that.
One of the hijackers, it turns out, was quote, still alive.
And then, oh, he's at Pensacola Naval Air Station as a flight trainer.
And then a week after that came out, he died in a plane crash.
There was an accident at the base.
So they had a whole bunch of these guys.
Obviously, he got wise to it and was like, you know, God, you killed the other men.
What happened?
It's okay.
Just go fly your mission.
The plane's been prepared for you.
Enjoy yourself.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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I think so too.
We're good to go.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
And listen, if I'm getting upset about this, I get just as upset every time I talk about how those hijackers were government agents.
They thought they were defending this country.
They got on board, taking part in drills, and they were nerve gassed, and then the planes were remote-controlled into the buildings.
And that's it, and that's what happened, and the evidence is 110%.
And it's very upsetting to me to know that we've got terrorists running the country, Rothschild agents, who are getting ready to do even worse things to us, and that it's gotten so delusional, it's gotten so crazy, that Bush can, just because it sounds better to have Liberty Tower being attacked, he'll just change the name and the media predominantly goes along with it for a day, and then now they'll correct themselves.
With maybe one one-hundredth of the report as they already gave it.
And so now I'll have arguments with neocons that the building really is called Liberty Tower.
Meanwhile, aliens are attacking it.
You see the psychology of the War of the Worlds?
They admit that that Halloween broadcast of Orson Welles was a government op.
It wasn't just him operating on his own.
It was an early test to see and to test mass hysteria.
Kind of an Edward Bernays type test.
But now we know
You have films like that where everyone rallies around him and the president jumps in the cockpit of a plane and goes and defeats the aliens himself.
Imagine, they're on CNN, they're on Fox, they're all over the place talking about aliens blowing up L.A.
and they're cutting the video from a 1996 film of aliens blowing up L.A.
and then cutting back to Muslims.
And then you look at these supposed Muslims that claim that we're going to do it, direct links, mainstream news, to fake CIA terror groups.
It just never, ever ends.
And it's fraud on top of fraud on top of fraud.
We're good to go.
I think?
And that if you, quote, do anything disruptive, and they can randomly declare anything a national security event, even if, quote, no officials are there, and then you spend at least a year in prison.
So you talk about the Soviet snatch and grab, that's China, that's the Soviet Union.
Tiananmen Square, hey, you're protesting.
You're going to a re-education center for a year.
You're going to go to some private Halliburton prison and build widgets.
And when you get out, you're going to be lucky if you don't have AIDS and hepatitis.
I mean, this is what we're talking about in America.
And you know what?
A lot of people are going, yeah, it's true.
He's right.
It's scary.
I better go along with him.
If we go along with these people, it's over as a society.
If we go along with these people, we're going to lose this country.
So I'm begging you.
I'm pleading you from the bottom of my heart.
Now is the time to gut up.
And to stand up at church, or stand up at work, stand up wherever, and start giving out the documents, the videos, the books, the materials, start educating people, because people are waking up right now, but not fast enough.
If people don't realize who's behind the terror attacks now, they're going to carry out an even bigger attack.
Notice the attacks always step up.
They always get bigger the next time as they escalate this whole program.
Now, sitting in the studio with me right now is Robert Gamlin Ross, but a lot of our stations don't carry the first five-minute segment
So what I'm going to do is we're going to go to break.
We're going to come back in the next little five-minute segment, and I'm going to play Renegades or maybe Inside Job or one of those songs, whatever John wants to pick.
And then we'll come back at that eight after break and go right to Robert Galen Ross who will be with us for an hour and 51 minutes.
And we're also going to be videotaping in here for the PrisonPlanet.tv members and for the local Austin cable viewing area.
You'll be able to see that in the next few weeks on television.
But the live interview is coming up, and I know we've got a bunch of calls.
We'll try to get to those early in the next hour with our guest, Robert Galen Ross, who worked assigned at the NSA overseas, then an international oil company consultant, and well-traveled, lived all over the world, expert on the New World Order, joining us.
Stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, you were sleeping They came and took it all away
We're good to go.
While you were dreaming This little island disappeared While you were looking the other way
We're good to go.
We're good.
We're good to go.
I know what I've done wrong I am acquainted with the night I know how hard it is To always walk out in the night And it's an inside job To learn about forgiveness It's an inside job
They know your mother's late name And what you had for breakfast What you hid in the mattress In sex politics In a different universe Bang your head against the wall But empathy is work
All right, folks.
We're going to break.
When we come back, we'll be talking to Robert Galen Rosh.
Worked with the NSA, and then, of course, was a consultant for oil companies, lived all over the world, learned of the New World Order many decades ago, and is a researcher and author.
Good friend of mine, fellow Texan.
I'll tell you, there's a nest of us down here in central Texas, kind of organically.
Nobody planned it that way.
We're all from here.
And Tex Mars, Galen Ross, the other Mars, Jim Mars, all of us.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
It is Friday, 10th day already of February 2006.
Robert Galen Ross is our guest.
Born in Big Lake, Texas, he holds a B.S.
degree in industrial engineering from Texas A&M University.
While active in engineering, he was a licensed professional engineer in the state of Texas, a national certified manufacturing engineer.
After graduation, he accepted a commission as a second lieutenant, later promoted to first lieutenant in the Army Security Agency, ASA, a branch of the National Security Agency, which...
He's the big brother of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Military training was in the field of crypto analysis, breaking codes, and served as a company commander with an intelligence unit in the demilitarized zone of the DMZ right, well, I guess at the end of the Korean War.
I mean, as I said, on and on.
After completing the manuscript for his first book, Who's Who of the Elite, he contacted a number of publishers to ascertain their interest in his material.
They all decided, because of the subject matter, all declined because of it, so he formed his own publishing company, RIE, and published his first of 14 books.
I think?
We're good to go.
Robert, it is absolutely wonderful to have you with us.
It's a pleasure to be with you, Alex.
I always enjoy being with you because you're so well informed.
Can you basically explain for the audience how you woke up and then kind of give us a preview of some of the things that you want to discuss on the broadcast today?
Back in 1972, I was building a factory in Houston and
The head of my quality control came into my office and said, Galen, I've got a book I want you to read.
And I said, well, Harry, I'm busy, but if you want me to, I'll read it.
And I did read that book, and it was called None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen.
And once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down.
And I could never get that information out of my mind.
That was in 72.
In 92, I started writing and doing research.
And that's when I decided at that point that that was the most important thing I could do in my life.
So I really dropped out of international consulting and spent the rest of my life trying to expose the international elite, international bikers that are trying to control the world.
Now, during the earlier segment in the last hour, I got off into 9-11.
I just want to digress for a moment, because you worked in code-breaking, you worked in the military, you know, gathering data for the NSA.
You've studied a lot how the government runs these sponsored terror operations to engage in problem-reaction solution, similar to Hitler burning his own Reichstag as a pretext for control, but...
In the last hour, I talked about how the hijackers, admittedly, the head of the Defense Language School went public and said, I trained some of these hijackers.
They're government spies.
The government did this.
We know they admittedly trained in Florida at the flight schools, at military bases.
We know that embassy heads were ordered to, quote, let them back into the U.S.
because they were government agents.
Then these very people who were admittedly government agents end up being on board the planes and are supposed hijackers, and the media...
Admits all of this, but just acts like it's no big deal.
What does it mean to you that the hijackers were clearly on the government payroll being given some of the most highly classified spy training?
Alex, we're going to be lucky if we ever can get anyone to confess that our own government was directly involved in that, but there's just too much evidence that says that, and you can't deny it, but they are denying it, and they probably will forever, because that's probably one of the greatest crimes ever committed, and they dare not admit it.
Wait till they carry out another even larger attack.
Dick Cheney says it's going to happen, and they just keep pushing their whole agenda.
What do you think about the Iraq War, the move to go into Iran, all the things that we're hearing, Bush announcing that he has executive imperial power and can trump any law he wishes?
Well, first of all, we're over there primarily to protect Israel.
That's the number one reason.
The second reason is to protect our oil source.
And the third reason is to set up the international banks owned by the international bankers called central banks.
And Afghanistan and Iraq did not allow the central bankers to own their central bank, and so that's another reason we invaded.
Shortly after we invaded, the international bankers took over the central bank, and that's just the way it goes.
I want to get more into that later in the broadcast, but right now, tell us about your new book, which we're carrying.
Again, it's at InfoWars.com, or you can call the toll-free number and get it.
Tell us about your new book that I've just now had a chance to read.
It's amazing.
And then I want to go through from your study.
Well, Alex, it really goes back to about 640 A.D.
when there was an area in southern Russia called Khazaria.
And it was made up of tribesmen that were nomads, and they finally settled down in this region, the areas between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and north of the Caucasus Mountains and south of the Volga River.
And they were primarily idolaters and heathens, and so their leader, called Kagan, who was their king, his name was Kagan Bulan,
decided that his people should have a religion.
So he called in the three religions of the time, and Mohammedism, Christianity, and Judaism, and asked the leaders to give their pitch on their religion.
They did that, and after those presentations, he finally decided on Judaism.
And probably the main reason was if he decided on Christianity or Mohammedism,
He might become subservient to those leaders, and so he did elect to become a Jew.
Let me try to boil that down for people.
Let's be specific on this.
These are really Turkish individuals, and this is in the encyclopedia...
We're good to go.
They would then be attacked by the Christians.
But if they became Christians, they would then be attacked by the Mohammedans.
So they decided, because they were right there on the trade route between Europe and, of course, the Middle East and Central Asia, that they would then take this neutral position.
But they didn't really agree with what true Jews follow, the Torah,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Is that accurate?
That's correct.
And Kazaria was on the trade routes, and when these camel caravans would come through Kazaria, the ruler, the Kagan Bulan at that time, would tax these caravans 10%.
They'd take 10% of their camels, 10% of their goods, and would allow them to pass through.
And they dare not refuse, or they'd take over all of it.
Well, let's...
Let's go through some of the history of that.
Try to give us a thumbnail encapsulation that accelerates through to the Rothschilds, who didn't just fall into all this wealth.
They were some of the progenitors of this.
Actually, the Khazarian area was overrun by Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan and later by the Russians, later to be called Russians.
And so most of the Khazarians fled west and settled in Poland and Germany and were later referred to as Ashkenazi Jews.
They were actually Khazarian Jews.
And the Rothschilds are Ashkenazi or Khazarian Jews.
And they're really white people.
They're actually Jews who are not Jews.
They're not descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel or the seed of Abraham.
But now to be clear, they did in the last 400 years begin intermarrying to a certain extent with the Sephardi.
Sephardic who are Jews, is that correct?
Sephardic Jews actually are the true Jews.
And they went into Spain and, of course, stayed around Israel.
And then it was... By the way, folks, we're here trying to save Jews and really save Israel.
And this is what Barry Homish has talked about on this show.
Really what's happened is the Sephardi have...
Well, when we get back, we'll talk about it, because you have to understand this, and then they merge in with the German royalty, so it's kind of this double-headed tiger.
That's why at the highest levels, we always run into radical Zionism and Nazism.
You kick down a door, and then behind it are these two groups working together, and you go, wait a minute, these Germanic death cults working with these other people, it makes no sense.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, we're back live.
We're going to cover a gamut of important subjects.
But going back to this, because, I mean, I've had Robert Gavin Ross on.
Six, seven, eight years ago to talk about this subject, and people say, oh, Alex, you never talk about this subject.
No, it's important to understand real history.
A lot of mainstream scholarly works, a lot of big works that have been published by major Jewish publishing houses talk about this, but with the general public and even a lot of just average Jews on the street, they're not aware of this, and everybody needs to understand the history.
It came out last year in several of the major newspapers in Israel, of all places, that 110,000, I've been saying 100,000, the actual number is around 110,000, Sephardi, or actual Semitic Jews, I mean, whenever you're watching a video from Israel, you see folks that look like white guys, and right next to them somebody that looks like an Arab.
Well, those are Sephardi.
And the Israeli government, the socialist Zionist government at the time, took three billion U.S.
This is declassified, admitted.
And they took only Sephardi children and told them, you're going to a dental appointment, you're going to a doctor's appointment.
And they radiated them, and most died within a week.
A few hundred are still alive.
And so I have found that actually in World War II, and this is mainstream news now,
That the Zionists wouldn't let Sephardi Jews out of Israel.
And actually, there's been a covert war against them.
And this has been in Jewish books written in the 13-1400s by Sephardis saying that the Ashkenazi were getting mad at them because they were refusing to intermarry with the Khazarians.
And so you have this European group, these a lot of times blonde-haired, blue-eyed people, killing the Jews and then funding Hitler, who we just have exposed, my last big film, Martial Law, a whole hour of it's about Hitler and the occult.
And then it makes no sense.
Then you look at the evidence that Hitler clearly was at least a quarter Khazarian.
I want to get comments from Robert Galen Ross on this, because we're fighting the occultism.
We're fighting the Nazism here.
And this is exactly what Christ talked about.
Because there were these same people at the very time that he was there.
When Moses came down the mountain...
Well, there's some speculation, and it's backed up by some pretty...
Well, we know that his father was the illegitimate child out of a Rothschild house.
That much is admitted, but then it looks like some other sides of his family were as well.
And the elite has these covert breeding lines, don't they?
That's correct.
And first, I really think we need to establish the fact that we're not talking about religion here.
I'm not any Semite, but there are some very powerful people in this world
That are Jews, but they're not real Jews.
And they're behind all this cabal to dominate the entire world.
And so this is not a religious subject.
We're talking about a power subject.
Well, I mean, this group openly went and killed 100 plus thousand, or radiated these Sephardi.
Every time we look, they're killing Jews.
And I don't understand how we could be bad.
I mean, Barry Hamish is Israeli.
He's Jewish.
He's saying exactly what you're saying, Robert.
Yeah, that's correct.
In fact...
At one time, there was a study, research was done by both the South Africans and the Israelis to create a gene-specific germ.
Race-specific bio-weapon.
And the purpose in South Africa was to create one that would kill off the black people.
That's right.
In Israel, it was to kill off the non-Jews.
And they had to stop that because
It was probably, Arafat was probably more Jewish than any of the Jewish leaders today.
And so they can't have a gene-specific thing against the Arabs because that would get them.
By the way, that's all admitted.
South Africa admittedly had that program.
Israel did.
Dick Cheney in the 2000 PNAC document talked about legitimizing the use of race-specific bioweb.
Yeah, that's true.
All right, folks.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
Robert Galen Ross is our guest.
We'll get up to the Rothschilds, these Europeans, when we get back from break, and how they financed what they did, their agents, the Rothschilds, the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, all of them, which themselves have intermarried now into the Germanic royal family that is the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas.
That's why you have these Nazis in league working with these other people.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
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That's 860-567-7744.
His new book is out, and it's titled The Elite Don't Dare Let Us Tell the People.
And his previous book before that is The Elite Serial Killers of JFK, RFK, and MLK.
And we'll talk about that some in the next hour.
I know we have loaded phone lines.
We'll be getting to your phone calls as well, so please be patient.
I also want to get into the NSA spying with you because you worked inside signals and you know what they can really do and what they're actually capable of.
But let's fast forward now into what's happening in modern day and who the Rothschilds and the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas are.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Putin can't do anything about it because it'll be in the British papers, Financial Times of London.
Oh, Lord Rothschild really owned the company.
The oligarch was just a front.
I mean, this is in British newspapers.
Well, he was a controlling Russia before that, and their family was, because right when it, quote, imploded, it was all, quote, handed over to them.
We know the Rockefellers throughout the, quote, Cold War owned most of the big plants.
Yes, we know that what is reported by the government and the mainstream news media is not the fact.
It's disinformation.
And they have been trying to create a cloud or fog so that the people are dumbed down.
They don't really know what's going on.
And so they're trying to take over control of the entire world, and they're doing it politically and economically.
And they own or control every central bank in the United States except for maybe, or in the world,
Except for about three or four countries.
And the State Department declares them as being the evil group.
Those are called rogue states.
Rogue states.
And the main reason they're rogue states is because they don't allow the international bankers to own their central bank.
And so if you say... They say that... The State Department says these are rogue nations because they either finance...
Terrorists, or they allow, support the terrorists and allow them to stay in the country.
That doesn't apply to all of them, because you take Cuba, there is no evidence that they harbor terrorists or that they support terrorists.
Take North Korea, there's no evidence that they harbor terrorists or support terrorists.
And both of them are communists, but the main reason is they don't allow the international bankers to own the central bank.
Well, what about Venezuela?
I mean, they're really going after Venezuela because they won't let the central bank come in.
That's right, and you know, there's a...
A major effort to create the American Union.
And they got very close to it until Hugo Chavez came into the picture.
And Hugo Chavez is disrupting the whole plan.
In fact, you said many years ago the target was 2005, which it was.
But now that's falling apart.
The EU got rejected last year.
A lot of good things are happening.
The world of domination is falling apart all over.
And Hugo Chavez is leading the destruction of the world domination in all of Latin America.
He's taken over.
And to me, he's an international hero.
And they try to blame him for being a communist, a leftist.
And the CIA have tried to run him out of office.
They've tried to kill him.
And Hugo Ashley said one time, if they don't leave him alone, he's going to shut off shipping oil to the United States and start shipping it to China.
Well, in fact, when you bring that up, they actually kidnapped him back in 2002.
Yes, and they actually got him out of office once, and the common people rose up and fell out in the streets with hundreds of thousands, and they put him back in office.
And good, bad, or indifferent with these countries, the fact is they're not under globalist control.
The central bankers come in and take control of the currency.
They print the currency up out of nothing and then use the currency which they print to then buy up all of the real assets of the country.
So that's why these globalists always want control of the central bank.
And we look at Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.
They openly talk about how they want to kill 85% to 95% of us.
They openly talk about how they want to create this one world government.
And people would deny that in years past.
Now that's gone public.
People are aware of that.
How does, in your research, how does the royalty of Europe tie into all of this?
Well, the royalty of Europe has always been, since about 1785, has been financed by the Rothschilds.
And the Rothschilds have dominated all of that.
And they stay behind the curtain.
And they loan money to these royalty
And there's some intermarriage there, but they always try to stay out of the limelight.
But let me get back to South America again.
Hugo Chavez is now talking about setting up what he calls the Bank of the South.
And Venezuela and Brazil and Argentina will fund this Bank of the South, and they will become the central bank of South America and run the international bankers out.
And that is really against what the international bankers want to do.
So not only is their program, the globalist program, faltering and sputtering and running off the tracks, it's actually going in the opposite direction.
They're actually being reversed.
The effort to dominate all central banks is just absolutely falling apart in all of Latin America.
And this is a major thing, and Hugo Chavez is behind this.
And to me, he's one of my heroes.
Now, getting into the New World Order's goals, if they had their way, if it was a perfect world, if they had total control and were able to get their program in place, and it's not like they're being totally whooped right now.
They've already, as you said, got 90 plus percent of the world under their control.
It's just their final stages, the icing on the cake.
It would be total political and economic domination of the entire world.
And they would really
I'd like to also reduce the population of the world.
At least, I'd probably like to get it down to somewhere around 2 billion.
And they've worked on this, and they haven't been successful.
Most of their plans are falling apart on them.
Another major stumbling block is Italy has decided they want to go back to the lira and get out of the euro.
And again, that's a slap in the face of the international bankers.
The problem is they've got an ace in the hole.
If the globalists start detonating A-bombs in Europe or here, that'll really get us all stirred up ready to, quote, invade the planet.
And I really think that's what they're going to have to do now or give up on their plan for total domination, at least for the next decade.
I mean, I remember interviewing you, well, not just six, seven years ago.
I remember interviewing you in studio 10, 11 years ago.
Well, of course, they're allowing the Chinese to become the number one economy in the world, and that's by design.
Actually, Henry Kissinger went over to China about a year before he set up a meeting with Nixon.
And in the meeting with Nixon, they agreed to allow China to take the jobs from the United States and in return to allow them to have control of the central bank.
In fact, when you say that, you're not joshing.
I watch a lot of CFR videos.
TV programs, one of the few things I do tune into, check the schedule for, because it's about every month now they're on TV.
And I read even their propaganda publication, Foreign Affairs, bi-monthly.
And I read other policy reports.
And they say China's the model, America by design.
We will all go into basically pauper status.
We're good to go.
So you want to see the New World Order Army, boys and girls, and look no further than China.
Do you agree with that analysis, Robert?
China has already publicly made a statement that the rest of the world needs to get out of manufacturing because China is going to be the manufacturer of the world.
And if you don't create a product, your gross domestic product falls.
That's how you create your gross domestic product.
Creating service won't do that.
You've got to create products.
Well, that's what the globalists say.
And if you see the film Rollerball, which is really a piece of their propaganda, you have the energy countries, you have the production country with a capital city for that, and it's this global group of corporations.
And that's what mercantilism is from 300 years ago.
The royals were losing control because of the accelerated renaissance, and they wrote about this.
They say this.
So they created a system of patronage where the royalty, certified by the banks,
Only licenses, it's really fascism or corporatism, only licenses certain people who are allowed to have control of major industries.
And they say, quote, interdependent.
Well, interdependent means destroying the nation state, setting up an international order where countries are all interdependent to the multinational corporation that will be the true global government.
And it is a hellish system.
So they're using a billion, 300 million slaves, basically.
To leverage out all businesses, all production, all jobs, and then the globalists have made that deal with China to then play us all off against each other.
Do you agree with that analysis?
No question about that.
In fact, in China, you have very low wages, and you have almost zero job benefits, and a lot of the manufactured products are made in prisons at zero cost.
Walmart admittedly has 700 plus slave camps that they personally lease, and the prisons are built on to the facilities.
Now how is that a free market?
How can we compete against slaves?
You can't.
If they paid a living wage, and by living wage I mean enough to have food, water, and clothing, and enough left over to have some savings.
We're good to go.
They're trying to create a third world nation out of the United States.
Well, the incredible thing is they brag about it.
They say that they're doing this to us.
They say why they're doing it, but only weirdos like Robert Galen Ross and Alex Jones go read those documents.
I mean, I want the listeners to know.
I mean, we're not pulling their leg here, are we, Galen?
I mean, this is a stated program.
Alex, they're probably...
On the order of 100 people in the world that are as informed as you and I. And we all arrived at our conclusion independently before we ever met one another.
And so we can't all be wrong.
What we're talking about is fact.
We've got you and I and these other 100 people have done independent research and we all have arrived at the same conclusion that the elite are trying to dominate.
And the
And the elite are dominated by two families, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.
Oh, we have a... And folks, we're going to get to your calls coming up in the next segment, but right now, Robert Gellin Ross, let's get into the Rockefellers themselves, because we have the Rockefellers who are lackeys of the Rothschilds, and then they've got lackeys like the Warburgs, and the Bushes are lackeys of them.
Yes, John D. Rockefeller was the major of the Rothschilds, and so David Rockefeller, who...
Essentially controls the Rockefeller family.
He's a Christian who is not a Christian, and the reason I say that, he attended the 1958 Jewish Seminary.
So is he really a Murano Jew?
And a Murano Jew is a Jew that pretends to be a Christian.
So, in essence, we have a Jew who is not a Jew, a Christian who is not a Christian,
And this double-barrel effort to control the world.
And by the way, when they really get into their secret meetings, which I've snuck into, and which Colin Bones has admitted, they really are followers of a Germanic death cult.
That's right.
And they really... These people have had normal pleasures.
They have so much money that they can afford to have every pleasure you want.
So they really have to go negative and become Kabbalists and worship the Druids and...
The old ancient areas that get away from religion.
And you're probably the real hero and undercover major part of this when you got in there and stepped into the Bohemian Grove and verified this.
Well, I mean, from my own research, they're all into many different types of occult activities, but their favorite is this Germanic Druidic death cult, which is very similar to what was worshipped in Babylon and then also in Canaan by the Philistines and others.
But they've kind of amalgamed the two together, and they're just doing good old-fashioned devil worship.
That's right.
And people need to wake up.
Our President Bush, he says he's a Christian.
I've seen pictures of him carrying the Talmud out when he's going on his way to study the Talmud.
And our dear friend, Taxi Myers, has uncovered the fact that the Bush family is really Jewish.
Again, I want to make sure that people understand neither one of us are anti-Semitic.
We're trying to tell the truth regardless of what religion these people are.
Oh, I totally agree with you.
I mean, let's be specific.
This is a Germanic death cult that poses as Christians, that poses as Jews.
I mean, it's like Bush.
One day he's worshipping Allah at a mosque.
The next day he's at a Shinto shrine summoning the demon and clapping three times.
The next day he's at a Jewish temple.
But when they're on vacation, when they're at the Grove, when they're at Skull and Bones, it's good old-fashioned Lucifer, I love you.
That's right.
And you proved that without beyond a shadow of a doubt.
And once you see that on your video, you can't deny it.
Well, it's like a wolf in sheep's clothing where you unzip the sheep, and then it's a cow beneath that, and it's a goat beneath that, and you keep unzipping the layers.
It's just like how intelligence agencies operate.
And they funded Hitler, they funded Stalin, they funded Mao.
Do you agree with those statements?
No question about it.
There's a lot of evidence that they funded Hitler in the World War II.
So if you're against Hitler, you've got to be against this European Khazarian group.
That's right.
And they do not like it when you expose them as Nazi death cults.
And they don't want you to know the truth.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture goals and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster as a New World Order.
The New World Order.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The globalists are masters at creating enemies.
And if we're going to survive as a society we've got to realize they're orchestrating these wars.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, this new book is titled, The Elite Don't Dare Let Us Tell People.
And in the beginning I go back into history and talk about the creation of the Khazarian Jews and then I get into who's really in charge of the world and I would bet money that I couldn't find it but I was able to find the organization chart of the Rothschild family and then I learned who is really in control.
Now is it the French head or the British head?
The British were in control, but the fellow, the one at Rothschild, the head of N.M.
Rothschild, finally retired and allowed the French Rothschild to take over.
And in my book, I tell you who they are.
That's available at Infowars.com right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jim.
And Jim, where are you calling us from today?
Hi, Alex.
I'm calling from Michigan.
Hello, Jim.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, very interesting discussion.
I've done a little study on the Caesarian Empire.
My great-grandmother was Jewish and from Germany, so goodness knows which side of the fence that part goes on.
But one thing, Alex, is that when I run into really staunch Republicans, it's very hard to break the ice.
But one thing I've found is that if you mention to them that a guest you've had on your program... Will you speak up a little bit, please?
Yeah, I was saying that to break the ice with some of these Republicans that I run into, I asked them to go and check out a man named Morgan Reynolds and to read some of the summaries that he's done, say, on 9-11.
The reason I called, I hate to digress.
No, it's all interconnected.
Go ahead.
Well, I know there was a physics professor who, I guess, did a long speech at an auditorium.
Yeah, it was Stephen Jones.
We've had him on.
Stephen Jones?
Oh, okay.
We were the first to interview him, yes.
I just wanted to find out who he was so I can refer people to him and his articles.
We have his analysis and the articles about his appearance on this broadcast on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
I'll check that out.
Anyways, great program, Alex, and thank you for your work, sir.
He's a physics professor, one of many.
Thank you.
We have had not just physics professors, but the heads of mining universities, demolitions experts, the firefighter publications, everybody.
Well, the most amazing part of it was when Building 7 collapsed.
There was no evidence that the
Either the planes hit them or any of the residue from that attack hit Building 7.
But they dropped it like a controlled demolition.
In fact, we ought to get you as an engineer.
I mean, you have a degree in this.
We ought to get your take on it when we get back in more detail.
So do you agree with the other engineers and people that it looks like a controlled demo?
There's no doubt about it.
There's evidence.
If you look at a building that was dropped by this company called Controlled Demolition, it looks exactly like what happened to Building 7.
We've got a break.
We'll be right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
Mainstream media.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, folks.
We're now in to the third and final hour.
It has blasted past us.
And we're joined in studio by Robert Galen Ross, Sr., author, researcher, engineer.
And he's an industrial engineer, worked in the NSA, for the NSA, worked as an international consultant for oil companies, lived all over the world.
From Iran to Canada to Mexico to Japan to the United States, obviously.
He's a fellow Texan.
We're honored to have him with us.
We've got a lot of calls backed up here.
I want to try to get through some of the callers that have been holding the longest.
Then we'll get into a host of other issues and get into the murder of JFK, RFK, and MLK and his book about that, the elite serial killers that we are also carrying.
Right now, let's go ahead and talk to Bill in Kansas City.
Bill, thanks for holding here on the air.
God bless you, Alex.
Hello, Bill.
I'm very proud of you, especially for this program, because it reflects what I brought up last week about Revelation 3, 9, and the Jews who are not Jews but say they are and they lie.
It's great.
Well, there are a lot of people posing as this or posing as that.
That's what criminals throughout history have done.
Let me bring up a couple things.
Number one, Ephesians 6, 12 says our fight is against spiritual wickedness in high places.
And number two, if you look about terrorists or terror in the Bible, you'll find Romans 13.3 and 2 Corinthians 5.11.
It says Christians are terrorists if you really take what they're saying.
It's ridiculous.
The globalists really want to eliminate God's word, Alex.
All right.
Anything else on your mind?
Well, sure.
Do we have time?
I've got a lot of callers.
I mean, what's next?
I sent you a book called Preparing for Eternity last summer.
Did you ever read it?
No, I did see the book.
I mean, I'm sending a lot of books.
I do read some of them, but I get sent about probably 20 books a week.
Well, the other thing, the only last thing is Romans 13 and the higher powers.
It's not the government, Alex.
All right.
I appreciate your call.
Let's talk to Jeff in Ohio.
You're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Afternoon, Alex.
I was up at no other than Wright-Patterson Air Force Base yesterday.
And picked up a magazine that they sold up there called World Magazine.
And the premise of the story is that Tony Blair, the rules of the game are changing, and that they're going to have to limit free speech because of these clerics in their country that are preaching hatred.
And then while I was over in England, they tried to limit my free speech, so does everybody.
This is incredible, Alex.
It's Omar Bakri, I guess is how you pronounce it.
They talk about how he's preaching in the country.
I'll just read a little bit here.
Preaches poverty to admonishing Muslims to stay away from Kofar jobs and to live in Dole.
He and his family and one wife and seven children have received government welfare payments for over 18 years living in a North London home reportedly worth over $350,000.
Like many named
In London's post-attack magnet, he acquired British citizenship by first requesting asylum, which authorities granted in 85.
Yeah, I mean, a lot of these guys are operatives.
Absolutely he's an operative.
And then they talk about how they want to get him out of the country.
It's like, quit sending him checks, and he'll leave your country.
And then it goes on to say that he's tied into Richard Reid...
And to the 7-7 Mastermind and all these people attended his camps over in Afghanistan.
And he's living right in London, receiving welfare.
Yeah, I mean, there are even better examples of this.
We had Jim Laughton, the chief counterterrorism expert at the FBI, now retired, and he said clearly that a SWAT was MI6 agent, and the British, it looked like, were involved in the attacks.
I mean, that's not Alex Jones or Robert Galen Ross saying that.
They control the radical Muslim Brotherhood.
They financed it.
They've been pushing it.
It's been in harats in the Jerusalem Post.
That Israel actually funds and creates fake Al-Qaeda groups.
Thanks for the call.
I'm going to get your take on that, Robert Gellin-Ross, when we get back.
Because this is not our opinion.
This is in the Israeli newspapers.
And the British government does it too.
Our government does it as well.
Who do these attacks benefit?
The government.
So we'll discuss it all on the other side of this quick break.
When we return, the websites are InfoWars.com, InfoWars.net, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Author, researcher, Robert Galen Ross joins us, carrying two of his newest books, The Elite Don't Dare Let Us Tell the People, about the elite power structures, and then, of course...
The elite serial killers of JFK, RFK, and MLK.
We carried both those books just delivered today.
Just went up on the shopping cart today at InfoWars.com.
I hope you'll go there and get them because they're both excellent.
Robert, in the last segment that some folks probably weren't able to hear, some stations don't carry that first five-minute segment, which is fine.
I carry news.
We got into how the 7-7 bombings, which we really were the leaders on exposing, were a government inside job.
Now polls in England show the majority believe that, but they caught the government running drills of the exact same targets being attacked at the exact same time, just like World Trade Center first bombing, just like Oklahoma City, just like 9-11.
It's always the same M.O.
The government said in the Northwoods document they could use drills to cover up carrying out terror attacks against us and blaming it on Cuba.
It's the same MO, so I want to ask you why they would have drills at the same time.
We know the answer.
It's a cover story.
And it's a smoke screen.
I want to get your take on it.
And then the 7-7 bombings.
But then we digress and got off into Israel.
It's been the Jerusalem Post and Haratz.
It's admitted that they found these Al-Qaeda teams that were really young Palestinians that had been in custody in some cases eight, nine years, brainwashed, whatever.
They would go out, led by Mossad and Shin Bet, carry out terror attacks, bombings, and then blame it on the Palestinians as a pretext every time there was about to be a peace deal.
And I'm not saying there aren't Palestinians that want to kill people in Israel, and I'm not saying there's not real terrorists, but
But the fire starters, the people that get the snowball rolling, so many times are Western intelligence agencies.
So I want to get your take on the London bombings, and then on all the documents and news articles that have come out, admittedly, but against the back of the paper, the average person has missed it, with Israel carrying out terror attacks as well.
Yeah, when these things happen, we don't know whether it's the real terrorist, or it could be CIA, direct CIA, or people hired by the CIA, or the Mossad.
All these intelligence agencies work together, and they're really formed to inform the Rothschilds, and they just happen to be paid by the nation and where they're located.
But every director of the CIA has been a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, and at that
Laws of physics or laws of statistics won't allow that to happen as being a coincidence.
Well, over and over again, we go back in history.
The Rothschilds funded Hitler while funding the British at the same time.
They openly play both ends.
Then they come out ahead.
They destroy entire regions, entire areas, and then get to come in and finance the rebuilding.
With fiat money, they print out of nothing.
The Rothschilds openly funded Napoleon and then claimed that Napoleon had won.
Yeah, and they can't really do that unless they have absolute control of the intelligence of the world so that
They get the news of what's really going on before anyone else, and they react financially to that.
They go out and create these events, and then they know the reaction, and so they can invest and make money.
You'd think that after a while you'd get enough money, but by my analysis, the Rothschild family is worth somewhere between $400 and $700 trillion dollars.
Well, the Russian chief economist, Dr. Tanya Karajny, has said back in 2001, two months before 9-11, she said that the Death's Head Group, translated in English, the Skull and Bones Group, which is actually Global 322 in Connecticut, is just one chapter at Yale.
We're good to go.
In the aggregate, the total expenditures that have been signed on to, the obligations, is now over 70 plus trillion dollars conservatively.
And again, that's all... Explain fiat currency to people who don't understand fractional reserve banking.
Robert Galen Ross.
Fractional reserve banking is a bank can... Let's say that they have... When a bank originally is formed, they have...
Members of that bank come together and they put their money in a pot and they can, by Federal Reserve rules, they can loan out 90% of that money.
And so when someone comes in and they establish a savings account and let's say that they put $100,000 into a savings account, the bank can immediately loan out 90% of that.
And so they're really creating new money.
And that's the fractional reserve theory.
Now, there's another thing that they have is, as you say, they do create money out of thin air.
It's not backed by gold or silver or anything of value.
It's only worth what people are willing to accept for it.
We'll get into it hopefully later, but that's the reason that both Lincoln and JFK were killed, because they both created money in competition with these international bikers.
Now, for those who don't understand, over the Rothschild castles, and I've had friends and family that have been there, I've been to some of their castles, they will put over the doors, I care not who makes the laws, but who controls the money.
And imagine if you, say, started a business, you paid off the politicians in 1913, to call it the Federal Reserve, it's as federal as Federal Express or Federal Lawn Service, it's not federal, openly, that's public,
I think?
We're good to go.
Over a hundred years, it'll be a hundred years coming up in 2013, of having total control over a magic checkbook.
That's how they can just buy up whatever they want, because they don't, quote, make money, they literally print it.
They literally are able to buy up the world just out of fiat.
And there's another thing that the public needs to know, is that they keep talking about, we have a great economy, and their measure of a great economy is look at a Dow Jones Industrial Average,
Well, that's the Plunge Protection Team.
That's right.
And this is by design, so you really can't tell whether it's something that is created by the International Bankers or is a natural response.
Well, they also are masters at taking out losers out of the Standard & Poor's, out of the, which of course is the NASDAQ.
They are masters at taking losers out of the Dow Jones.
Yeah, they'll take a loser out and bring in a winner, and so...
If you try to chart the Dow Jones Industrial or the NASDAQ, you're really dealing with fiction because they manipulate all this.
You can't deal with real facts.
Well, I mean, here's another example, and then we'll take a call or two and continue.
Here's another example.
When someone goes off the unemployment rolls, they're counted as employed.
So they go, record people off unemployment rolls.
Well, that's because they just haven't gotten a job.
Or Bush has the Treasury start changing the numbers and saying that fast food restaurants are manufacturing.
That happened two years ago.
Or here's another example.
We have the highest ratio of debt.
We're now negative debt.
In the country...
The average is we're in debt, whereas just 50 years ago we had the greatest savings of any country, the private savings and corporate savings of any country in the world.
We are now below.
A few months ago we hit, even with 1933, the depth of the Depression.
We are now past that and worse with economic numbers and the Great Depression for savings.
That's right.
The International Bikers control the news media, and they tell you what they want you to know.
So they paint a picture of our economy being great, and the conditions being great, and all the time it's crumbling under us.
And it's all done by smoke and mirrors.
We also always heard that when we started going into receivership, when we became the debtor nation, which we now are, that they would start grabbing the lands, the national parks, the private property.
Now the Supreme Court ruling mirrors that.
Yeah, no question about it.
The United States has been in bankruptcy for a number of years, but they won't make it public.
But they were just leveraging us deeper and deeper into the hole, and now they're starting to slam the trap door.
George Bush, our president, has spent more money since he's been in office than all previous presidents put together going back to the first one.
And I think he's already borrowed something like over $3 trillion since he's been in office.
They just think there's unlimited funds out there.
They just create more money and borrow it from the Federal Reserve.
Who makes it out of nothing, but then gets real assets out of it.
That's right.
We're going to break and come back and go to Matthew and Frank and Eddie in England and Mike in California and Ben and many others.
I want to move quickly through your calls when we get back.
And we need to spend some time on the elite serial killers of JFK, RFK, and MLK with Robert Galen Ross.
We have, of course, links over to his website, materials up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
We are videotaping.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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That's 1-800-234-9673.
Okay, what we're going to do is we're going to take five calls.
John in Ohio will be the last.
When we're done with that, later in the next segment, we'll get right into the elite serial killers of JFK, RFK, and MLK with our guest, Robert Galen Ross.
We've got to get back in here again.
This two hours has just raged past us.
We've got about 35 minutes, well, exactly 35 minutes left here.
Let's quickly go to your calls.
Let's talk to Matthew in North Carolina.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
This is a really fantastic show today and I want to thank you for having your guest on and Mr. Ross for both having the courage to talk about these issues because you're really getting into the heart of the New World Order conspiracy here.
I'd like to make a couple points.
A critical issue about the Jewish religion is that it's not the religion of the Bible.
The Babylonian Talmud is rabidly anti-Christian, teaches that non-Jews are sub-humans and that the Jews are to dominate the world and really
The Talmudic religion is ultimately Satanism, and it's kind of an ideological foundation of the New World Order conspiracy.
But see, we're not getting into the religious debate today.
I mean, you're on the air.
We're not censoring what you're saying.
We discussed this off-air, such a big subject.
It's more than an oversimplification of what you just said.
Most Jews that I know who are practicing, are following the Torah,
We're good to go.
The real Jews to adopt it, and that's why they funded Hitler and others to persecute Jews in Germany.
And see, that's the thing that people never connect and never show.
We're fighting Nazism because it's a creation of the New World Order.
Robert Galen Ross, comment.
Yeah, there's no question that the Gazarian Jews have openly tried to eliminate a lot of the real Jews.
The Sephardi.
Yeah, the Sephardi Jews.
And because they're standing in their way.
They want to stick to the religious part of it, and where the Khazar Jews are trying to dominate the world, which is not part of their religion.
And again, they're not Jews.
That's right.
They're as European as... I mean, it's really a big joke.
And these people don't assimilate into any community that they go into.
They don't become part of the group.
They maintain their religion as a state or...
Rather than a religion.
Well, it's also very racist.
I mean, you're not allowed in Israel, and it's this crew that's gotten this passed, to, let's say, if you're German or you're Chinese, they even tell Chinese workers coming in, do not marry, do not date Jews.
And a lot of Jews have complained about that because they're not racist.
And they have a bunch of laws.
You can't preach Christianity in Israel right now today or anything else.
Now, how is that a free society if we're all talking about freedom here?
That's right, and...
They refer to the non-Jews as goyim.
That's the term they use, which is sort of cattle.
And they purposely try to keep their part separate from the others so they don't intermingle and so they can maintain their purity.
And, in fact, the first person to be called Rothschild, in his will, he said that...
They must maintain the fortune within the family and that they need to marry within the family in the first place.
Two generations, 53% of the men married nieces or cousins.
Which then also adds to insanity.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Frank in Brooklyn.
Frank, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, gentlemen.
Very interesting.
I wanted to mention that historically in Israel in the 1970s and 80s,
Specifically at Hebrew University in the archaeology and the anthropology department, there was research coming out on the Khazar Jews.
And what it did in a sense, it was kept very quiet, with the exception of two books that were published by professors, because in a sense the vast majority of Israelis are descended from the Khazar Jews or the Ashkenazi, as opposed to the Sephardic.
And what's interesting about it is that
Between 660 and 700, the Khazars were a phallic worshipping tribe that it was their king who was losing control of the people and demanded that they follow a monotheistic religion.
And he chose...
We talked about that in the last hour.
Sorry, I didn't hear that.
But it's very interesting that you brought this up.
Regarding the most watched documentary in the history of Israel in 2004, it was the documentary regarding eradicating the ringworm in the 100,000 Moroccan Jews.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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Really, from my research, it's these Luciferian controllers.
It doesn't matter if it's Albert Pike, the founder of the Klan, Confederate general, ally of these people, or Adolf Hitler.
It's just an evil crew of individuals.
And the caller who must have tuned in this hour, this last hour,
Yeah, they told them, we're going to have a dentist appointment.
We're going to go test you for ringworm, which is just a fungus.
They took 110,000 Sephardi little children, ages 5 to 10.
And as the caller said, most watched documentary over there in Israel.
I can't believe it was even on TV over there.
And they killed them.
Most of them died within a week, and a few hundred are alive today.
And they don't have any hair.
Even if they're women, they're totally brain damaged.
And the U.S.
government paid to do this.
Of course, our government brought the Nazis over here, and that was the Rat Line Project paperclip.
And I guess I'm...
I'm bad.
I mean, I'm evil for even trying to say it's wrong to kill Jewish children.
Why are they always wanting to kill Jews?
And see, it's the perfect thing.
If you're this devilish operation that wants to kill Jews and kill Christians and set up world government, well, he opposes that, and then you're able to just carry it out and do it.
It's just amazing, and it's mind-boggling to some people, but it's the reality.
Robert Galen Ross, we're going to take a few final calls and get into some other subjects, but you want to comment on that?
Yeah, it's just...
You and I don't understand it because we don't think that way.
But they have no problem at all of killing people, destroying nations, destroying economies, because it ends up giving them money in return.
And they have no compulsion about doing that, and they don't care who suffers.
Either dead or have long life problems.
They're just evil people.
That's the only term I can think of.
Well, in America, American children, by the thousands, were radiated.
They'd tell a GI's wife, hey, bring your child number.
Give them an x-ray.
They'd radiate them.
They'd die a day later.
That's been a news week.
They would tell a GI's wife, here's some vitamins.
Take these.
And it'd be uranium pills.
She'd have a violent miscarriage.
They'd have doctors there taking notes what it did.
I mean, this is a lot of governments doing this, and it just shows that they're totally bloodthirsty and totally wicked.
So we don't have time.
Let's go back to the phone calls.
Let's go ahead, and we've got to move really quick now.
Eddie in England, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex and Robert.
A couple quick things.
I'll be as fast as I can or as fast as you will allow.
I'm pretty up to date with the background of Rothschild, Meyer Amschel, who started it.
And the Rockefellers, the Ryfield people.
But I can't find out if the Rockefellers are... Well, they say they're from the Turk originally.
Are they Ashkenazi?
That's the first question to Robert.
The second one is the Kennedy assassination.
Am I right in believing, which I have always believed, that Kennedy...
More or less wrote his own suicide note when he said he was going to get rid of the CIA and the dollar was going to revert to the gold standard.
Okay, thank you for the call.
Let me, because we've got to hurry now, let me do this.
We answered your first question in the last hour, so it'll be in the archives.
Go listen to it.
We can't cover the same ground twice.
We just did that again with the killing the children over in Israel, the Sephardi.
But getting into Kennedy, he did a bunch of things.
He was
Well, but the number one reason that he was killed is because he created silver certificates in direct competition with the Federal Reserve.
Something like...
$460 billion.
And he'd already issued billions of Lincoln Greenbacks.
I own some of them.
$5 bills.
It doesn't say Federal Reserve.
It says U.S.
And it's redeemable in silver at any bank.
It's got a red seal on it for those that haven't seen them.
You can go to any coin shop.
They'll have them.
And when Johnson went into office, they tried their best to recall all that money that...
That Kennedy had issued, but there's still lots of it out there.
You could go to any coin shop and get your copy.
Yeah, when I go to a gun show, many times I buy them, then show them on TV, and then lose them or can't find them.
I need to get a couple more of those.
But, yeah, I go to the gun show, a little coin dealer there will have them.
They're usually about 14 bucks a piece.
At least that's what I paid last time.
But the...
Are you ready to get into the... Let's take three more calls quickly and we'll do that.
I know we're in a hurry here.
Let's talk to Michael in California.
Go ahead, Michael.
Hi, Alex.
Quickly, there's a book out that was meant to discredit the book that Mr. Ross mentioned.
I'd appreciate you, Mr. Ross.
The book is called None Dare Call It Reason.
Have you seen that book?
I have a book.
I haven't read it.
It's sort of a takeoff and run there called A Conspiracy.
Yeah, there's no New World Order.
Nothing's wrong.
Nothing's happening.
Go back to sleep.
Yeah, yeah.
Really, who cares what those people say?
We have the facts.
We have the evidence.
They're losing total credibility.
The New World Order's in deep trouble.
I mean, I've said this broadcast now is like selling snow cones in hell.
I mean, people know the truth.
Well, I know a lot of people look to that, well I don't know how many, but from what I can tell several that I've run into, look to that book, None Dare Call It Reason.
We're just here plugging and doing them a favor.
Yeah, I mean it's nothing, there's no truth to it, but people are looking to that and saying, see there's nothing to this other book, None Dare Call It Treason.
But also I wanted to say that one of your callers mentioned a
Bible passage Luke 10, 19 and 20 tells us that we have power over the spirits.
The spirits are subject to us.
And we can take the demonic powers behind these people down if we will join together and move out like we're supposed to be.
Okay, thank you for the call.
I'm in a really hurry here.
Let me just comment on what you just said earlier.
You read Gary Allen's book written in 1971 and that was one of the books that was on my dad's bookshelf that I read when I was about 14 that really helped wake me up.
Millions of copies of that little book went out there, and when you read that, you read it, everything he said was going to happen, happened.
He was going off their own documents.
So Veritas, truth stands on its own.
You read something written 30 years ago, or now 33, 34 years ago, you read it, everything he said happened exactly as he said it.
EU, Pan-American Union, all these things they were going to do, the CFR, the globalists.
It's just true.
You can watch the CFR on C-SPAN admit it's world government.
So, I mean, people who want to, you know, some professor wrote a book about me bashing me, saying I'm a big liar, and goes on C-SPAN and attacks me.
So what?
I mean, people, it's baloney.
We've got to really hurry here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bertrand, I believe, in Canada.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir, Alex.
Thanks for having me on again.
I'd like to say very quickly, you know, since I love you and I pray for you and I advertise for your websites,
You've been going for about 35 seconds.
Go ahead, sir.
First thing I'd like to say is I think we're being duped here.
Yes, there is Zionism involved in this Luciferian conspiracy.
But I believe, from my research, okay, historically, we know that, or we can find out, if we're willing to look, that the Protocols of Zion was a Jesuit invention, okay?
During the 1260 years of papal tyranny, we've seen the eradication of three cultures, three distinct languages, 12 sects,
Including the Waldensians, who we owe all our freedom to, all our prosperity to, because these were the instigators of the Reformation, okay?
And that I can give you, if you're going to give me time on your show, I can give you data and historical information that can prove that World War I, World War II, were not only crusades against killing off Jewish people,
We're killing off the Protestant populations of Europe.
Just like the Inquisition.
And also, the French Revolution was a retaliation by the Jesuits onto the Vatican for the Vatican suppressing the Jesuits.
A pope was assassinated, he was poisoned, and as a result the Jesuits went into secrecy, they infiltrated the Masonic house of Rothschild,
They made a pact with Rothschild.
It is not the Zionists who control the Vatican, who control the Jesuits.
Okay, sir, that's two minutes, and you had about 35 before that, so that's over two and a half minutes.
I've got to let you go.
You were able to call in and say what you wanted to say.
I'm not Catholic.
I have a lot of Catholic friends.
I have a lot of Jewish friends.
I don't care what group you're part of.
We're not even talking about Jews or Zionists here.
We're talking about a group of Europeans in a trading post who got a lot of money and power and were able to finance some wars who were at the highest levels of the New World Order.
You've got the Germanic families.
You've got them all teamed up together.
They're all intermarried.
And it's European.
And actually, we have all the documents.
I mean, there are major books written on this by scholarly, published by major publishers, admitting that the Zionists, there's one book called the 51 Documents that was written by a Jewish publisher and Jewish writer, where it shows these Zionist documents where they were loving Hitler, funding him, wanting to get the Sephardic Jews killed, wanting to force all the Jews out of Europe to Israel.
So we're trying to stop the murder of Jews.
Certainly the Catholic Church is big and corrupt.
Any big organization is corrupt.
Pat Robertson is big and corrupt.
And certainly it's involved in it.
I mean, Ratzinger, the new pope, Benedict II or whatever.
He's out openly calling for a new world order and one world religion and saying it's all religions or one religion and Buddha's Jesus and Jesus is Buddha.
I mean, it's total blasphemy if you're a Christian.
So I'm not debating that with you.
And, you know, we get off.
I don't do a lot of shows about this is exactly who's in control of it.
Everybody else just does endless shows about that.
I'm about the toll roads, the tracking systems, what they're doing, how to fight it, how to resist it.
So thank you for the call.
Robert, you want to briefly comment on that?
Yeah, we need to remember that we have no control over what they're doing.
They do what they want to, and they control the mass media, and they brainwash the public, and so you don't have any facts to go on.
And a lot of people think that if they see something on television or read it in the paper, it must be true.
But they have controlled major news media since about 1900.
Let's go ahead and take a final call, and we'll just probably spend eight, nine minutes or so on the JFK book, MLK, RFK book.
We've got to cover that.
We'll have to have you back for that for more time.
John in Ohio, last caller, quickly, please.
So many subjects.
Just before I get to it, the reception has been terrible and gone on shortwave for the last few weeks.
Okay, sir, go ahead.
And also on the reasons for the Kennedy assassination.
He was going to destroy the CIA.
He was going to get out of Vietnam.
He was moving towards normalizing relations with Cuba.
On the Zionist issue, the Jewish scholar Lenny Brenner draws from...
Army and State Department documents released that show that the Zionist movement in Germany collaborated with Hitler against the leftist-led anti-Nazi resistance.
That's all over Israeli papers, too.
This is admitted fact.
The average American just cannot believe it.
Yes, and they also helped Hitler exterminate two million Hungarian Jews.
They didn't want them because they were Sephardi.
And they were also anti-Zionist.
Most Jews were anti-Zionist at that time.
Well, 60% of Israel is against the current policies.
And I would also mention that in this attempt to incite the anti-Muslim hysteria to justify an attack on Iran...
I was reading on WSWS.org.
Look, those cartoons are totally staged.
That's an admitted sigh out now.
And so is Bush's thing yesterday.
Imagine showing video of space aliens blowing a building up and saying, see, they're going to get us.
I mean, that's how crazy it's gotten.
It's like a violin.
It's amazing how people could fall for this one.
That paper, that spearheading, much of this kind of... It's a neocon paper.
Yeah, it's a neocon paper.
And Daniel Pipes is one of their mentors, the guy that's trying to provoke this war with all the Middle Eastern countries and promote this idea of a clash of civilizations.
I hear you.
You've got to finish up.
Anything else?
That will do for now.
Thank you.
So do you agree with what Robert Gellin Ross has been saying?
I haven't been able to hear it until I just called down.
Well, that's too bad, John.
I appreciate your call.
You've got to get an AMRAFM affiliate in the area of Ohio you're in.
We've got, I think, three affiliates in Ohio, so too bad you can't hear us on one of those fine stations.
We may even have one in your area, you're just not aware of it.
Well, I tell you, we've got about four minutes before break, and we've got five minutes after that.
I'm sorry to all the other callers.
No more time to get into it.
Tell us about your book that we're now carrying, RFK, JFK, MLK, Elite Serial Killers.
Tell us about that, Robert.
Okay, the...
JFK was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.
Bobby was not killed by Sirhan Sirhan.
And James Earl Ray did not kill Martin Luther King Jr.
And in the book I tell you exactly who killed him.
I tell about the organization that was behind it all.
The FBI was directly involved in it.
J. Edgar Hoover was right in the middle of it.
Lyndon Johnson was right in the middle of it.
And I give all the details on name names and places and
And give all the facts.
And by the way, we've had the current White House Press Secretary's father, Bar McClellan, on saying everything you say.
He was LBJ's lawyer and said LBJ talked about killing him.
And then years ago with you in studio, we had Madeline Duncan Brown, his admitted mistress there, admitting that he bragged to her how he was going to kill Kennedy.
And then at the Driscoll, he bragged to her how he did kill Kennedy.
Of course, he was just the minion involved in it.
But the comments on that.
Yeah, Madeline Brown was Johnson's mistress for 21 years, gave birth to his own and own son, and she was a longtime friend of mine.
Every time I'd go to Dallas, we'd have lunch or dinner together, and she would talk about the assassinations.
And finally one day, she said, I think it's now time to get all the truth out.
And we talked about it a little bit in the past, but now I want to tell you all of it.
And then she later agreed to do that on television, on my video.
And so I've got a two-hour video of a man I'm telling about a secret meeting the night before JFK was killed at Clint Merkin's home in North Dallas.
And she named all of the attendees.
And I've interviewed six other people that were there that confirmed everything she said.
And so those that say Madeline was not true... Well, people also say that something this big couldn't be hidden.
It isn't.
I mean, LBJ's lawyer's gone public.
So, and...
So I go into great detail in the book about the JFK killing, the Bobby Kennedy killing, and Martin Luther King.
Why did they kill King?
They killed King because he was talking about how bad it was to be in Vietnam.
In fact, he had planned a trip to Vietnam to talk to the black soldiers, to ask them to lay down their weapons.
He was also trying to get civil rights for the blacks at the time.
By the way, Dad, you're good friends with Cynthia McKinney.
You go up there and visit her and have dinner with her and stuff.
Yeah, I've been with Cynthia a number of times.
She's just a very dear friend of mine and one of the very few people in Washington that will talk about the truth.
She exposed the government white kidnapping rings.
So I appreciate her standing up against white slavery.
Yeah, she's just a lovely person and is dedicated to what she's doing.
Stay there.
We'll come back and finish up talking about the book.
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We're good to go.
Well, and people say, well, how do you know all this stuff?
Well, I've been blessed with the ability to find people that know the facts.
In fact, in the
Yeah, let's get into Bobby a little bit.
Bobby Kennedy was a case of the Manchurian candidate.
You can't get any more Manchurian than that.
And Sirhan Sirhan was actually drugged by a lady in a polka dot dress.
A number of witnesses saw her sharing coffee with Sirhan.
And to this day, he cannot remember about an hour and a half or two hours of his life right at the time of the killing.
But he did not kill Bobby Kennedy.
Well, the witnesses said it was other people, and other people were even shot and bullets were flying into everything.
There's something like 17 bullets fired within about a three or four minute period of time.
And Sirhan only had an eight-shot pistol.
Well, there happened to be a fellow right behind him that had a nine-shot pistol, and they both of them fired all their ammunition.
And the Thomas Noguchi coroner's report verifies the fact that all the shots that hit Bobby, and there were four shots that hit Bobby.
One went through the pad on his jacket on the right shoulder.
It didn't break the skin.
The next one was under his armpit and came out right at his throat in the front.
The next shot was about four or six inches below his neckline and his vertebrae in the back.
And the last shot was an inch behind his right ear and the muzzle of the gun was an inch from his head when it was fired.
And this is all in the Thomas Higuchi Carnage Report.
And I include that report in my book.
I have a certified copy of that report.
We're out of time.
Robert Galen Ross, we're going to have to have you back in here in studio in the next few months to just do two hours just on assassinations.
We had you on a few years ago about that, and so much more has come out now.
Maybe we can get you on with Barr McClellan via the telephone.
He lives, he's got a couple homes, Houston and Austin.
Maybe we can get him in studio, father of the White House press secretary, saying basically everything you're saying.
We're out of time, though, and I hope you enjoyed joining us.
It's been a real pleasure, and we hope we do it again.
You bet.
Folks, I hope you visit Infowars.com.
You'll be getting both of his newest books.
You really need to have this new one, The Elite Dare Not Let Us Tell the People, and then Elite Serial Killers, Elite Serial Killers, The Murderers of JFK, RFK, and MLK.
We'll be back on Monday and back tonight, 9 to midnight.
God bless you all.
We're good to go.