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Air Date: Feb. 7, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we have prolific writer and researcher who joins us once a month, the second Tuesday or first Tuesday of every month,
He'll be joining us.
And, of course, he heads up WhatReallyHappened.com.
Michael Rivero coming up in the third hour.
We're going to have open phones for the first two hours and cover a ton of news that's come out in the last day and some of the news that I never had time to properly detail yesterday.
Headline, Russian Member of Parliament says U.S.
to attack Iran in late March.
And this guy has been pretty accurate in the past.
Muslim riots as US PSYOP aimed at getting EU support for war.
So at the very time that we began documenting the fact that this has all the earmarks of PSYOP, these pictures of the Prophet Muhammad and all of the rage that's being generated,
A top Russian parliamentary leader has told one of the country's largest radio stations that an attack on Iran is inevitable and that it will occur on March 28.
The leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vladimir Zirinoski, also believes that the Muslim riots were orchestrated by the U.S.
to garner European backing for the military strike.
And we know that the literal...
Sparks that caused the riots that the epicenter, of course, being Paris in November of last year, also was a shy up.
And the Muslims just fall into the trap beautifully, like a hornet's nest.
Very easy to stir them up.
So we'll get into that.
Alberto Gonzalez was before the Senate yesterday, lying as usual, a congenital liar, and defending the Justice Department's actions and then claiming that the President is basically above the law.
So we'll go over some of that.
Democratic senators are grandstanding.
Meanwhile, their own party goes along with the very same police state.
So we'll cover that report.
Jimmy Carter, the former president, is saying the eavesdropping is illegal.
And a very important report that Paul Watson put together yesterday.
Doomsday for the Internet as we know it.
And I will cover this in detail in the first hour.
And another story yesterday that I mentioned but didn't cover in enough...
Enough to tell is group airs ad on 24, the TV show with Kiefer, hoping to influence debate on hatred act.
We talk about psyops.
We talk about mind control.
This is one of the best examples I've seen.
So we'll cover that and then get into some of the new developments with fake reporters, CIA reporters on the payroll, and Pentagon propaganda news.
Now that ties in with the coming, we'll already hear in many cases, censorship of the Internet.
Meanwhile, Colin Powell, former Chief of Staff, has said more than he's ever said before.
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson said,
About the staging of the war, the provocation, all of it, so we'll get into that.
And the Washington Post, back to the spying full circle, reveals surveillance program has spied on thousands, quote, few of them terrorists.
Well, right now all that's happening is the precedent is being set to just condition us to accept the fact that we're being spied on.
We've been...
Always spied on in modern history the last few decades with these very echelon systems.
Now they're just having to break the ice with some of the smaller examples or less egregious examples, hoping to condition the public to go along with it.
And, of course, the toll-free number to join us.
I will take a lot of calls today.
In all three hours, even when Rivera is on with us in the third hour, that toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
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I'm getting better at that.
First-time callers are always encouraged.
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We're here live.
Then, of course, back from 9 to midnight with a retransmission from 1 a.m.
to 4 a.m.
all times Central Standard.
I want to thank all of our listeners.
I want to thank the Genesis Network.
I want to thank my radio producer who helps set up all my great guests.
Well, frankly, my wife works on it and so does Kevin.
Ryan Slickheisen, Paul Joseph Watson, Steve Watson, Shirley Gant, and of course, Dwayne Cooch, and so many others that make what we do here possible.
Rob, everybody.
And I understand the incredible responsibility I have.
It dawns on me more every single day.
In fact, the more people listen to the broadcast, the more people visit the websites Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, our two biggest sites.
It is just an incredible responsibility and I want you to know that I know that I don't do a perfect job and I have a lot of room to grow and the way we present the information and the way we cover the facts and the guests that we have on and my
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
And so many times I just realized that we can't cover it all, and we can't get into all detail.
The world is too big a place.
It's like trying to study history.
The more history you study, the more you know how dumb you are, how huge history is, how human societies operate, all the things that have happened before that are happening again.
A lot of nights when I'm up late working, I'll have the rebroadcast on in the background.
Even sometimes at 2, 3 in the morning I'm up still working.
We were all here at the office without me even asking my employees to do it.
For some reason, we were all here at 1230 last night.
Not all of us, most of us.
Just here at this particular office.
We've again got offices in England.
We've got folks over in England as well.
And folks in Louisiana.
Folks around the country on the team.
But I was listening.
By the time it got to the third hour, whereas the first hour was focused and cogent and on target, second hour was good.
By the third hour, by the second half of the third hour, I was jabbering.
And it's because there's just so much.
There's so much.
I could talk for three hours about this article.
Russian Member of Parliament says U.S.
to attack Iran in late March.
Muslim riots.
A U.S.
PSYOP aimed at getting EU support for war.
Mirrors, our analysis.
Gonzalez defends wiretaps.
I have the transcript of it.
It's like 100 pages long.
I tried to watch some of it last night online, a refeed of it.
It's just everything he said was a lie or a twisting.
How do you even try to cover that?
There are open announcements to tax and regulate and shut down free speech, not in China, but in Europe and the U.S., and they're moving ahead with it.
I could talk about that for hours.
There is so much here.
Oh, by the way, we had Dan Marvin, the Army Special Forces Colonel, on a few weeks ago, right before he went into court with a big lawsuit where he was being sued by some Special Forces soldiers.
Who were under his command.
And, of course, he won the libel suit.
He proved his case of how the U.S.
government tried to go in and kill him and his team when they refused to engage in some activity that he said was very immoral.
And he was on the broadcast, of course, about torturing people and the special forces training the troops how to torture.
But all that's been declassified years ago.
They just tried to sue him to shut him up.
And so Dangerous Dan, by the way, last week won that lawsuit.
They had sued him, and he won it.
So that's another issue that I can talk about for hours as well, just the institutionalization of torture and why torture doesn't work and why it's bad and why the bad guys torture.
Do we even have to explain that?
I mean, Joseph Mingala did it.
The Nazis did it.
The Soviets did it.
The North Vietnamese did it to our troops.
It's wrong when the North Koreans torture.
It's wrong when we do it.
So it really is an information overload.
And I have to remember that none of us are perfect, and we can't cover it all, but I'm not tooting my own horn.
It is the best news we've got.
It's very exciting to know that there are, I don't know, probably 50 websites plus that are what you'd call truth-seeking or patriot websites.
There's thousands, but 50 or more...
That are bigger than some of the biggest magazines and newspapers in the country.
I mean, take PrisonPlanet.com.
It is in the rating services that are very scientific, a lot more scientific than Arbitron or Nielsen with TV and radio, that PrisonPlanet.com is about twice the size in visitors as MichaelMoore.com.
It is as big as the Dallas Morning News online news site.
And the Dallas Morning News admits that their website is much bigger than their physical paper circulation.
And I start thinking about it.
I mean, one of my websites is bigger online than what the sixth biggest paper for circulation in the country is.
Now, of course, they make hundreds of millions of dollars, and we don't even gross anywhere near a million dollars a year, and with nine employees and all the expenses, we hardly even make a profit.
But it is exciting to know that we are having an effect.
I am so tired.
I am so tired of doing radio interviews.
I did a whole bunch this weekend.
In Las Vegas, and it's all over the place, where callers call in and go, yeah, Alex, you're right about the New World Order, but there's nothing we can do about it, and nobody cares, and nobody listens to me, and nobody's going to get involved, and we're just going to lose, and it's all over, and then they start bashing other patriots saying they're not doing a good enough job.
And it's just not true.
Why do people have this loser attitude?
We're never going to win a fight.
We might as well just lay down and die if we don't believe that we can defeat the New World Order.
We can and we will.
And I know this.
They're going to run all over us and the whooping we're going to get is going to be a lot worse if we do lay down to them.
If we at least fight these bullies, they're going to move on down the road and pick somebody else who's easier.
Why do you think they're slaves in China?
Slaves in Cuba?
To a great extent, still slaves in Russia and a hundred plus other countries that are tyrannical.
Because the populations have never had freedom.
They've never thrown off the yoke of tyranny.
Freedom is an incredibly rare and precious commodity.
And it is only guaranteed by blood, sweat and tears and dedication.
We're good to go.
I think?
We owe everything to our forefathers who weren't perfect, but at least had a stiff upper lip and chin up and were ready to fight and ready to not be slaves.
It's that simple.
Nothing valuable comes free or comes easy.
The only reason African Americans, black Americans, have any freedom today is because they were willing to go out in the streets and fight for it.
They were going...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
The person that wins at the end of their life has a big, happy, successful family.
And by success, I mean moral, upright, straight and strong, good grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
If I can have that, that is better than being given the whole world, would be to be a great-grandfather someday, to live that long and to be able to experience that.
I'm already so blessed with my wonderful family life and my wonderful children and the liberties and freedoms that are still left in this country and that's why I so viciously fight for it because I know there's a threat.
I know there's evil people, evil elites who've openly written and stated and schemed to enslave you and your family and my family.
And me and mine aren't going down without a fight.
And just because you don't know as a new listener that there is a war on for your mind, and that you are under attack, and that you are being enslaved, and that you are going into bondage, believe me, this is what I do.
This is all I do.
And believe me, it's real.
So many people go, Alex, you know, your intensity.
I hear you all over talk radio.
I hear you on other shows.
I hear you in the middle of the night, and I hear you on the next day early in the morning.
I mean, how do you work so hard?
How do you do what you do?
It's simple.
We have an elite that openly says they're going to enslave us and take our freedoms.
And I'm upset about it.
And their plan's unfolding.
And their plan is public.
And I know that we're right at the clinch point.
We are right at the battle turning.
And that we've got a good chance of really being enslaved and tens of millions more people being killed.
The globalists killed 200 million people in the last century.
And they're setting up the 21st century to make that child's play, to make that pale insignificance.
And I know in my heart, in my soul, and in my intellect, I know in my cerebral cortex, I know in my brain, that we're facing a very serious grave threat.
And its evils are manifest on a thousand fronts and ongoing right now.
And if you think things are bad right now, this is all just the setup.
So it's simple.
An elite has announced that we're their slaves and they're going to do all these bad things to us and I'm standing up against it and trying to rally you to stand up against it and trying to get you to realize the threat.
I'm just engaging in Paul Revere-type activity from the valleys to the mountaintops, from the building tops to the church steeples.
You know, we're out here on the front lines warning you.
At the same time, engaging in the info war, defeating legislation, getting good legislation passed, standing up for the family, private property rights, the Second Amendment.
We are dedicated, and we know we can win this war if you'll join us.
Have you ever felt like the United States government knows way too much about your financial affairs?
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On the front lines of the InfoWar, coming to you from Central Texas, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Joe, Mark, Ruben, Jason, David, I'm going to go to you right now.
And then as the hour progresses, I'll get into Gonzales defends wiretaps.
Ex-President Carter says it's illegal.
Doomsday for the Internet.
And I want to get into propaganda implanted in the TV shows.
And of all places, the Chicago Tribune yet again admits it.
It's amazing what they just come out with now.
And I've got to say it, what is going on at the Chicago Tribune?
I mean, that's actually, I mean, I know we have a lot of listeners in Illinois who probably hate their local paper.
Most people do.
Mainstream media is not respected today, but I've got to say, compared to like the Statesman or the Houston Chronicle or the New York Times, there is so much in the Chicago Tribune.
Let's go ahead and, I mean, you've got to give people their props when they're doing some good work.
I mean, what other mainstream newspaper talks about the slave camps that the administration runs through Halliburton and DynCorp?
Let's go ahead and talk to Joe in Wisconsin.
Joe, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I just want to remind people why you have such tenacity that you do, because I think you see our country under attack, and it really is.
And I think you try your best to get people to realize what's going on around them.
Well, I mean, I'm trying to beat the New World Order.
I'm trying to drive them back, at least.
I know it's life and death.
Listen, I told Paul Watson about two years ago on the phone, I said, hey, buddy, I said, you're working really hard, but I said, I want you to think about something when you're doing your work.
I said, remember, if we don't win this, we're in this now.
We're dead.
Oh, yeah.
Anyway, for people that are just listening, do one thing.
Talk to one person, just one person, and ask them this.
Ask them what
A terrorist or group caused Ford, GM, and Kraft to fire 48,000 employees.
And you know what I always get?
I don't know.
It's exactly the right answer because...
No terrorist or group is responsible for what goes on in those corporate boardrooms.
Well, they also tell us that it's free market.
It is not free market when we're competing against millions of American prisoners working for 20 cents an hour on average, some even lower, or in some cases the high is about 25 cents an hour, but the average is 20 cents an hour.
But I'm going off a rabbit trail.
The point is that we're competing against a billion-plus Chinese, most of them at slave labor wages.
And so people need to really consciously absorb the fact that internationally, this is called neo-mercantilism.
And the World Bank and IMF documents that have been released, they even call it that.
And I don't know how I conjured up the right name for it.
I've been calling it mercantilism for 10 years.
But I read what mercantilism was 300 years ago, 200 years ago.
That's exactly what we're under now.
And if people don't know what mercantilism is, go look it up in an encyclopedia online.
Learn, and then go, my gosh, that's what we're under right now.
It is not free market.
Well, as a follow-up for those companies I just mentioned, what terrorists forced them to make such crummy products that nobody wants to buy them?
And we have all of these other automakers coming in, food companies from other countries, and they're doing a smash-bang-up job.
I think so.
Well, it's simple.
They don't have the environmental laws.
They're not paying their people as much.
So they can put more money into the actual quality.
Whereas here, they put out a piece of junk.
And frankly, most of the parts to those American pieces of junk are being made in Mexico is the problem.
And let's face it, the products from Mexico are not the quality of a Japanese product or a Deutsch product or even a South Korean product.
Well, I'm just glad that the Super Bowl wasn't nuked, because that would have been the perfect opportunity to just clamp down on everything.
And like you said, coming up on the 28th, I'll be keeping my eyes open.
All right, I appreciate your call, Joe.
We're going to go to Brian and come back and talk to Mark and others.
Since you mentioned, let me just say this on the Super Bowl.
I'm on record, what was it, last Monday and Tuesday, saying I didn't think the Super Bowl would be nuked.
And at the same time, they were having drills in Houston, drills in...
Detroit drills all over the place, and the government has said we will be hit with an A-bomb.
Not a question of if but when.
They have prepared the propaganda, and so we have to take it seriously.
But at the same time, you've got to be very suspect of anybody who comes out and says, I know it's going to happen, and here's the evidence, just to garner some hysterical listenership to themselves.
And we don't do that here.
Back with North Carolina drill they were having when they fired Burns, the number three general in all the military, number three in the chain of command underneath the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at that point it got really serious and we just said we need to look at this drill.
And that was four or five months ago.
All I know is, if there's ever a mushroom cloud when you wake up in the morning in some American city, that is an attack on the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and that is not, with all the evidence we've got, coming from some person in a cave.
And there's a very good chance it's going to happen someday, but it's going to be when we all least expect it.
Your calls and more news straight ahead.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, we're going to go right back to your calls and into more of the news.
We've got Michael Rivero, journalist, researcher, joining us in the third hour, but open phones until that point.
We'll even have open phones once he joins us.
Before I get back to your calls and into more of the news, we're carrying a lot of new books here.
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Powder burns, cocaine contras, and the drug war, and that cell...
Castillo, who we had on, we had Sully on last Friday.
That, of course, will be on prisonplanet.tv, the video of that interview in studio that you heard live.
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Very important book.
That's available via the video and bookstore on InfoWars.com as well.
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With PrisonPlanet.tv, we just put up the Tex Mars interview from a few weeks ago because we took time to edit it and put some documents in it and spice it up for you.
That's an hour long.
And going up today will be the big trans-NAFTA corridor toll road report that's an hour long, condensed down from a two-hour interview with Mr. Stahl, a city manager who's done a big analysis on it.
It's going nationwide, but Texas is one of their main bulwarks of it.
Turn every major road into a toll road with transponders in your inspection stickers.
So that's very important.
That's going up.
And we have Loose Change 2, a great new 9-11 film.
I'm really impressed with it, by Dylan Avery.
That's up on prisonplanet.tv for members, with so many other great documentaries.
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All right, let's go back to your calls and into the news.
Mark in Austin, Tejas.
Go ahead, you're on the air, sir.
Hello, Alex.
I'm a decade-long listener calling in with an update on the Building 7 cover-up.
As you know, the collapse of World Trade Center Building No.
7 was so clearly a result of controlled demolition
That the 9-11 conspirators have had to engage in some fancy footwork, I guess you could call it, to try and cover it up.
They've given four different reasons, and every time one of their reasons has proven to be a total fabrication, they then move on to another.
And there may be a new one, but let me guess.
The fourth one is the North Tower fell and hit it, but publicly not even the debris field hit it.
It's admitted the tower didn't fall on it.
It did fall on other buildings that didn't collapse.
Is that their latest one you're talking about?
No, but you're not far off.
This one was on the History Channel about 10 or 15 days ago on a show called Modern Marvels.
And the show was entitled Engineering Disasters.
And the lead story was Building 7.
And they had an architectural engineer or a structural engineer on who said, first of all, he said, well, normally in a collapse of this nature, we would examine the debris.
But then a voiceover comes on and says...
But all the debris was immediately removed and mixed with buildings 1 and 2 and shipped away.
Yeah, shipped to China under machine gun guard, and they put GPS trackers not on each truck, on each piece of steel, on each beam, and then one guy pulled over to get a sub sandwich for 15 minutes and was fired, and they talked about criminally charging him.
I mean, they had guys with machine guns guarding him.
Why is that?
Well, what they said was that they needed to remove this debris in order to expedite the rescue and recovery operations.
Now, the problem with that was... Is that those stopped a weekend and they put the body parts in the New York landfill publicly?
Well, with Building 7, though, what this documentary explicitly stated three minutes earlier...
There was no one in the building.
So there was no need for this expedited recovery and rescue operation.
Listen, all their lives are totally mindless.
The Keene Report, the 9-11 Commission Report, openly says that Tower 1 and 2 were built hollow with a new design back in the 60s.
And that they were completely hollow and there were no supports.
But then I have Nohuru Namasaki, reports he wrote, and I have also the building engineer.
We even have him on tape.
It was built to take aircraft impacts.
Two large jet impacts simultaneously per building and...
It had the biggest central columns, 47 of them, ever used in a building up until that time, and there's only two other buildings now, just built in the last five years, that have bigger support columns.
It was overbuilt.
They focus on the latticework on the outside that has nothing to do with it,
We're good to go.
Again, you bring up such a key point.
We could talk for hours about this, but we've got to move on.
But I want you to finish up here in a second.
It's just like the head of the NSA last week saying at the National Press Club, the Fourth Amendment does not talk about any type of probable cause.
It doesn't talk about any of that.
He says, no, it doesn't.
He knows most people won't go read it and find out he's a liar.
They literally say the sun doesn't come up in the morning.
Sorry, go ahead.
All right, well, the lines get thicker here.
Then the structural engineer comes on and says something new that I didn't know.
But he said the only way this Building 7 could have collapsed was if the debris from the other buildings collapsed had blown away all of the fire retardant in Building 7.
So apparently the structural skeleton of that building had fire retardant.
So the fire could not bring it down.
And so somehow they're saying...
That the collapse of 1 and 2 blew away not only all the fire retardant on the structural skeleton of Building 7, but also destroyed the sprinkler system, which would have put out any fire.
Sir, you've got to tape that next time it's on the air, that stuff over and over again.
You've got to send it to me.
That is... I mean, I could do a little 10-minute piece of the TV show debunking that, and I appreciate your call.
Anything else about it?
No, but thank you, and I'll talk to you again later.
Thank you.
You can go online right now and watch probably...
I don't know.
A hundred different news clips and newscasts about the collapse of Building 7.
I've probably seen about eight different... It's probably more than that.
It's quite a few.
Different news cameras showing its collapse.
It only had a few windows broken.
And even the FEMA report shows the debris field.
It's a view from above.
And they have graphs, and they even got people out there, engineers, to go and assess the entire area and show where everything fell.
And only a smoke cloud, only a dust cloud, hit Building 7.
A few pieces of debris bounced up into some lower floors and knocked out a few windows.
A few windows were broken.
Go look at it.
There are photos from every side.
There are photos from the big south face.
There are photos from the larger north face and then from the sides on the east and west there in lower Manhattan.
Right off Wall Street.
You can go look at hundreds of photos.
Believe me, I poured over them.
We put probably a hundred photos or something like that in martial law.
And you can't even see broken windows.
There was no fire in the building until after, what was it, about noon.
And then a fire started.
They claim it burned for seven hours.
They claim it caught on fire at around 10, and then collapsed at around 5.30.
But if you go to the timeline, it was clearly not on fire until around noon.
Two small fires on two floors, the 7th and the 12th.
And, of course, the whole building had the CIA, the FBI, other weird secret agencies were in it.
They had the state emergency center.
The city emergency bunker was up on one of the higher floors.
And just imagine, and yes, I've heard that, and that is their fourth lie.
The last three they've had to admit weren't true.
First it was that there was a fuel oil container that blew up and did it, and then it was something else that happened, and then it was the fire made the steel melt, and then it was something else, and on and on and on.
And yes, now they say, this is what FEMA now says, that the North Tower fell onto it and knocked out the main support column.
Right when it fell.
Supposedly at 9 o'clock in the morning, or 9.45 whenever the North Tower fell, that's when the building collapsed.
Of course, you know it didn't.
It collapsed at 5.30, but the idiots watching TV literally can't even tie their own shoelaces.
And I don't mean that meanly.
I mean, a normal person watches one of those shows, and I've watched, they've got like,
I don't know how many is it.
It's got to be over ten shows.
Because I've sat here and had listeners send them to me and watched them.
Why the Towers Fell.
How the Towers Fell.
What Made the Towers Fall.
Nova Special.
Frontline Special.
PBS Special.
That Special.
This Special.
History Channel.
Discovery Channel.
A&E Special.
I mean, how many have there been?
And it's all different reasons, and it's all conclusive, and the conspiracy theorists are wrong.
Fire retardant is sprayed onto the columns.
But even if you don't have fire retardant, it takes 3,000 degrees before it even starts to bend large structures.
Now that's all of the admitted science of steel.
We're good to go.
The central columns are blown.
The penthouse falls in.
It's a perfect crimp.
You see squibs.
That is blast points.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
You watch football stadiums get blown up.
You watch Las Vegas hotels get blown up.
The little blast points go down the sides.
It goes boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
And then it falls.
The central columns are blown out, so it falls in on itself so it doesn't fall and hurt other buildings.
I've been there.
I show video of it in martial law.
Imagine being there on the side of where they were finishing up the new Building 7 they built.
And there's literally no more than 20 feet on one side next to the big federal post office headquarters for New York.
It's, what, 20 stories high.
Concrete, old building built in the 20s.
Right next to it.
I mean, I didn't measure it.
It was a tiny little alley.
And I talked to the workers.
I said, is this on the same specs as the old one?
He said, yeah, well, this building's about a foot wider.
So it's right up against it, buildings on both sides.
It falls so perfectly.
This takes months to prepare controlled demolitions this good.
This is what these professionals do.
You blow the center, so then you blow the outsides, and it falls in on itself.
And yes, I've read that and heard that, that somehow the tower fell into it with such force that it knocked all, but no tower hit it.
The dust hit it.
Supposedly it had a few windows broken.
You see?
You see, I have all this news here, all these calls here.
The caller brought up such an incredibly important point, and I had to spend five minutes on it.
Ruben in Ohio.
Ruben, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I've got three things.
If I've got time for... Number one, I know your show only deals with the facts, but I feel like I've got to tell you this story.
This guy, his delivery man I work... I work at this hotel, and the delivery man comes in.
I start making small talk with him, and I brought up 9-11.
And he started talking about his son and how smart his son was and how he wanted to test for an AWAC in the Air Force, A-W-A-C, and that he was so smart he tested for a JSTAR position.
And I said, what's a JSTAR?
And he said, look it up on the Internet.
It's like a spy plane, 747 spy plane.
And he told me how this plane could see you five states away and through concrete and all that.
Yeah, it's a command plane that commands a bunch of the other C-130s and others that are flying around.
So his son was on a JSTAR in Afghanistan, according to this man.
When we went in there, October, I believe, or November, and they had bin Laden pinpointed.
And I believe I've heard other people say this on your show, so I thought I'd tell you.
Yeah, I've had a bunch of official CIA and colonels on you.
That's been all over the news.
So this guy says, you know, they were about to give the order, and they were called off at the last minute to annihilate him.
So I just thought I'd share that one story with you.
You want to finish up your points after the break?
Okay, yes, sir.
Stay there, ribbon.
Oh, don't call me sir.
Yes, sir, to you.
Thanks for being involved.
Thanks for caring about this country.
Jason, David, and others, your calls are coming up as well, and I'll get into the doomsday for the Internet as we know it, and much, much more.
You want the news a couple years before it happens?
Well, I'll give it to you here.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
George Bush and his daddy openly have relationships with the Bin Laden family and some of Bin Laden himself.
It doesn't matter if that's been in the Four War Star Telegram long before 9-11.
It doesn't matter if it's been in the Houston Chronicle.
It doesn't matter if it's been in the Houston Observer.
The general public doesn't know about it, so they just laugh at that.
You see, they know that they just do incredibly bold things right out in front of you, and then just tell you you're an idiot that most people will buy it.
Like blowing up Building 7.
Then Silverstein can slip up and say, yeah, we gave you order to pull it and watch it come down, and then we're supposed to ignore that.
It's unbelievable.
Let's go back to Rubin.
Rubin, you were finishing up with a story.
Yeah, it's just that they let bin Laden escape in Afghanistan.
And the second thing I want to tell you, yesterday you were talking about tell signs.
When you see somebody interviewed and they lie to you, they give you a little hand signal or whatever.
There's something my sister pointed out to me that there was research done that if you look to your left when someone asks you a question, you're creating it, okay?
I don't know if you've heard this before or not, but if you look to your right, you're remembering it.
So if a person looks to their right, supposedly they're telling the truth, whereas if they look to the left, it's a lie.
Now I saw...
James Woolsey, the former CIA guy, debate McGovern on a PBS show one time.
What's his name?
Woolsey continuously looks to his left as he's just slamming McGovern.
Yeah, one side of your brain is associated... It's not 100%, but it's a good... Police learn these techniques, and they are generally accurate.
They're kind of a guide.
They're not 100%.
But one side of your brain creates and manufactures its fiction.
The other side accesses information.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, give a speech, take a bunch of questions.
I know what's a lie and I know what isn't, because I know the subject.
And every time he would tell a lie, he would go, okay, okay.
He would say okay to himself first as he figured it out.
He'd go, under his breath, okay, okay.
This little gulping toad, okay.
And then he would touch his nose on the right.
Now, when he was telling the truth, he would look very authoritative and feel good, look at people self-righteously.
Okay, but he wasn't a good liar.
And he was doing multiple tells every time he told a lie.
He would also shake his head and gulp and smack.
I mean, it was really pathetic.
Some people like Bush, they just lie to you straight in their face because they're programmed puppets or what have you.
Well, actually, Bush has really bad tells, too.
I was saying Bill Clinton didn't, because he was, the best liars manufacture it and believe it as they say it.
They're really quick.
But Bush will smile, smirk.
He'll try to look real authoritative and kind of bug his eyes out, and he'll stick both hands out in front of him, kind of that mafia, hey, what do you want?
Look, Bush, and of course he's usually lying, so he's constantly doing that.
When he isn't lying, he gets a real self-righteous look and looks authoritative.
The last thing I wanted to bring up is I'm just sick to death of Arlen Specter.
He's the biggest phony and he's been in there forever and he's all over the news all the time and I'm just, you know, somebody out there really, really needs to expose him and you warned us about Gonzalez and
You know, how terrible he was.
This Gonzales inspector, it just gets worse and worse every day with these guys.
Well, I agree.
And Gonzales gets up and says the president has the authority under the Constitution to do it, knowing no one will go look at the Constitution.
It says the complete opposite.
That's why you swear an oath.
Now they don't just say it's constitutional.
They say the Constitution demands they do it.
It's just total inverse of the truth.
Thank you for the call.
And I've got comments on Gonzalez's testimony and what they're doing.
We'll come back, talk to Jason, David, Caleb, and others.
And then about 10-15 minutes in the next hour, I'm going to spend 20 minutes or so covering a bunch of news, and we'll go back into your calls.
And then Michael Rivero, the journalist, joins us.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, that first hour flew by us.
We're now into the second hour.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, where we defend liberty and resist tyranny.
Mondays through Friday, 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
We're going to continue with your phone calls, and then I'm going to get into Doomsday for the Internet as we know it.
We're good to go.
I think?
Here it is.
Russian member of parliament says U.S.
to attack Iran late March.
Muslim riots as a U.S.
psyop aimed at getting EU involved in war.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Jason in Nebraska.
What's up, the heartland?
I believe you're pretty close to the heartland, too, my friend.
I'm kind of here at the back door of the U.S.
What's going on?
Well, it's interesting you're talking about Gonzalez today.
What do you know about the number 03-1454?
It's the most important Supreme Court case in the last 100 years.
Nobody's talking about it.
I know a lot of their names.
I normally know a Supreme Court decision by its name.
What's the name of it?
Gonzalez v. Rake.
You know, it's like you're far away from your telephone.
Can you say that again?
Gonzales vs. Ray?
Okay, and tell me about it.
It's basically, it was a Supreme Court case that turns the entire federalist system on its ear.
I mean, you have to read it, but I have some quotes from it I think are just amazing.
I'll tell you what would be just fabulous.
Why don't you write an article about it for us and send it to us?
I'm not a very good writer.
Okay, well, what's in the legislation or in the decision?
Tell me.
Well, first off, it's very important that you note that the first thing they say is that the task before them is a modest one, meaning that the decision isn't very important.
And then when Thomas J. dissents, he says, there is an explorable expansion from commerce in the Commerce Clause
Yeah, they say that the federal government, through the Commerce Clause, that was to be limited to trade, is all-encompassing down to the local level.
Not only that... I know the federal government's been claiming that power in a bunch of court decisions, so...
Well, I mean, basically, like, all those local departments passed all the acts to limit the Patriot Act, and this case just turns that on its ear.
Well, you know, all laws that violate the Constitution are null and void.
Marbury v. Madison, dozens and dozens of others say the same thing.
So the Supreme Court can say we're all slaves tomorrow and have to wear purple hats and lick their boots, but that's just not the case.
Anything that's criminal and against God's laws or the common sense laws, organic law, whatever you want to call it, is a fraud.
We're going to have to follow it.
The government passes a law tomorrow saying we have to all chop our heads off.
It's bold.
But the Supreme Court gives a unique...
I understand, but they don't have any more dictatorial power than George Bush or the Congress.
If they're not executing the Constitution and the simple Bill of Rights through the preamble of the Declaration of Independence, which sets the whole debate's flavor, then it's a fraud.
I mean, that's what law is.
It's all a big battle.
It's all a big fight.
It's what you're willing to give up, what you're willing to claim.
It's all just...
Warfare put into a different context.
But send me some info on it.
It sounds interesting.
I appreciate your call.
I'm well aware of what they do with the Commerce Clause.
It's another fabrication.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
The alternative media is rising.
The globalists are extremely threatened.
We expect them to strike back.
It is an indicator of our effectiveness coming up.
Doomsday for the Internet as we know it.
Great article by Paul Watson I'm going to read part of.
Gonzalez testimony yesterday.
We're hearing out of Russia when they may strike, when the globalists may strike Iran.
It's all coming up, but this is what I'm going to do right now.
I'm just going to blitz through your calls, no matter how good they are.
I'm just going to give each person about a minute and a half and move on to the next person.
I'm going to try to not comment too much on what you have to say, unless it's a question, because I want to get these calls in the bank here and then move on.
Let's go to David in Texas.
David, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
Thank you for taking my call.
I have a question about Mopac.
You're on a cell phone, right?
Yes, sir.
Well, now it's better.
Go ahead.
I live just off of Mopac, and I've noticed recently that...
There's a lot of construction going on, mostly at night.
I want to know if you've seen it.
I know Mopac, or I've heard it's rumored that Mopac is actually owned by the Missouri Pacific Railroad.
It's not a public thoroughfare.
I was curious to know, it looks to me, after living in Orlando for a while and experiencing a lot of toll booths, it looks to me like they're putting in toll booths as we speak.
Is that true?
Well, there's no looks to you about it.
We had one of our reporters...
Kevin Smith on the ground at 8 o'clock this morning on MOFAC and on 290.
And they are stringing the cable, not just for more cameras, not just for license plate reading cameras, because we did research last week on the company, but for the toll road transponder readers.
And so you just got the $64 million question correct.
We have defeated much of the legislation.
90 plus percent of Texans are against it.
What they're doing is a total fraud.
That word just keeps coming up because it's true.
And it is going in right now, brother.
Well, I was going to stop and ask the guys what they were doing, but I figured they probably wouldn't tell me if I did.
No, they wouldn't.
Kevin tried to talk to them.
But we already know.
We looked up the names of the company last week.
We already knew they'd been stringing it for five years, and there's a whole bunch of different companies doing it, and it's all according to specs, those big silver boxes, those new silver poles going in everywhere.
Yes, sir.
Those are the brain centers and the relay centers for the military design, that's MIT Magazine, military designed control system.
What can we do to stop it?
I mean, obviously if the legislation isn't working, they're not listening to what the voters are saying.
By the way, they're putting the exact same system in in Baghdad.
Occupied slaves live under a control grid.
Well, what can we do?
Listen, they're still putting it in, despite the fact that this is how it works.
Jeff Kantoff, the producer of The Simple Truth for Bob Dacey, calls me last year and says, I just sent you an email.
Have you seen the legislation to put transponders...
In all inspection stickers.
And I said, no Jeff, thank you.
I'll go read my email.
There it was, direct link to the Texas legislature.
There it was.
The minute your insurance is up, you'll be arrested.
The second you speed, you'll be sent tickets off of these scanners because they will register how fast you drive from point to point.
All the major roads, I mean all of them, all the major roads, state roads, city roads, are going to be turned into toll roads using this so we beat the legislation narrowly.
They don't care they're rampaging forward with it because they're criminals.
So what do we do when we have criminals running things?
Well, my question is, too, I just had my car re-inspected, and I don't see a transponder on there.
When are they planning on putting that in?
They are putting test transponders, it said, in two million tags, not in the inspection sticker.
And so that started, so they're doing it piecemeal, quote, through a test.
And then it's in the industry publications that we posted on the website.
It was in Business Wire, I believe, a few months ago.
And so they're piecemeal implementing.
And if they do pass the law, by the way, if you disable the chip, or if it accidentally doesn't work, then you'll spend a few years in prison.
So they're also doing that.
Listen, I've got to let you go.
You see, another great caller.
We spent four minutes with him.
I said I'd spend a minute and a half, but the calls are too good.
These questions are too important.
Let's go ahead and talk to Caleb.
Caleb in Texas.
Go ahead, Caleb.
Good show.
Thank you.
I hate to be one of those people who say that we get what we deserve, but it just seems like everyone only gets worked up over the things we're told to get worked up.
I mean, front page news the other day.
Oh, Lance Armstrong broke up with Sheryl Crow.
Oh, my God.
It's the end of the world.
You know, it's like we're conditioned to only get excited about things that are completely removed from our lives.
It's all, and you know what?
I can have the National Banking Association documents from 1898, and I can sell a book that has copies of it published in it, where they say, we're going to buy ball teams, we're going to buy the newspapers, the American people read too much.
Back when we were a free country, do you know what people did for entertainment?
They went and had huge arguments at the local stump.
We're at the local bread box, and everyone ran around knowing everything about politics, everything about legislation, beating each other with hickory sticks, shooting each other, assaulting each other, armed groups of citizens going to the Texas Capitol and throwing out the northern governors twice and running around foaming at the mouth.
Looks like here in Austin they're going to toll our sidewalks, but meanwhile over here people...
Oh, I saw Sandra Bullock down on Congress the other day.
Yeah, who cares?
I mean, who cares?
And I've been around these Hollywood people.
I mean, a lot of them are real nice.
I'm not saying they're mean.
But, I mean, personally, I'd rather hang out with a guy that mows my yard and go fishing in a canoe with him on Lake Austin than hang around with Sandra Bullock.
Well, you'll drive around the neighborhood here in town around 6 in the evening.
No one sits on the front porch anymore.
I know.
Back in the free society days, kids were running around playing until dark.
Everyone was on their front porches.
There were barbecues.
There was life.
There was love.
People had big gardens in their backyards.
They looked good.
They were smart.
They had money in the bank.
Now we're a bunch of bankrupt idiots.
Thank you for your call.
You're just making great points, too.
Just another fabulous caller.
I said I'd do it yesterday.
You know what?
I'm going to stop right now.
And I'm going to go to your calls.
I'm going to them quickly, but I've just got to comment on this for a few minutes.
You know, I kind of got laughed at on Sunday a little bit.
Kind of a giggle, which is fine.
And I got invited to the Super Bowl party, you know, locally.
And it is a good excuse to get together with friends.
And I'm not saying in and of itself the Super Bowl is bad.
I mean, I've been to professional football games.
I've been to professional baseball games.
I like it as much as the next person.
I played football.
I ran track.
I did all that stuff.
I noticed how it went overboard.
It became a sickness.
I know a lot of people who are middle class or who are working class who are bankrupt because they just can't help it.
They sports bet.
And I know that a lot of the football players are crackheads.
They're constantly involved in orgies and just all of this idiocy.
They're totally arrogant.
They're the heroes.
And when this country was more free, the heroes were inventors.
Young children in farmhouses everywhere stayed up by candlelight reading books about explorers to the North and South Pole.
I think we're good to go.
That's what we were.
We were the smartest, the best people on the face of the earth, and now we're the dumbest.
Not even the dumbest, the most misdirected.
We know all about these music stars and these Hollywood people and the football.
And folks, Caesar wrote about it.
Okay, Julius Caesar.
Many other emperors have written about it.
At the depths of tyranny in the Roman Empire, the people would increase the bread in the circus.
And they said, we've got to give them a mock war.
We've got to give them a spectacle.
We've got to give them something in the circus maximus.
And then they will spend all their time obsessed with that.
So the elite openly say they're using football and sports and the total worship of it
To undermine our society and to take your normal male inclination to be a warrior for your family and your country and your freedoms and to misdirect it into something that doesn't matter.
I mean, no one's going to care in 50 years or in 10 years about these football players that are such big stars today.
Your child, 99% of the time, isn't going to be maybe 1 out of 10,000.
Not just 99% of the time, but maybe 1 out of 10,000
He's going to be a professional football player, a professional basketball player, a baseball player.
And great, if you've got the skill and that's what you're into, go do it!
But my heroes are Andrew Jackson and George Washington.
My heroes are Audie Murphy.
My heroes are people like Colonel Craig Roberts who exposes the New World Order, or Sally Costello, or Cynthia McKinney, or all these people, or Ron Paul.
My heroes are the people who stand up for human liberty and freedom.
And you see, I wouldn't talk about how much I hate football now.
I really actually kind of hate it now.
People at gas stations and at shopping malls, it's the only thing that's acceptable to talk about.
You're not supposed to talk about your country or your future or what the Federal Reserve is or anything real.
You're supposed to sit there and rattle about somebody else's life and somebody else's ball game.
I love sports and athleticism.
If you want to go join a softball team, join a soccer team, you want to go join the rowing club, you want to go play golf, do it!
That's good and healthy and I love it.
But just don't live your life through somebody else.
Get off the bench.
Get in the real game of life.
You're being left behind.
People don't enjoy each other anymore and have communities.
You drive through neighborhoods and every window glowing blue from the television sets.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here with an important question.
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We're good to go.
By the way, it's easy to say, oh, you just say you don't like the Hollywood crowd.
I bet if you had a chance to hang out with the Hollywood crowd, I bet you would.
Believe me, folks, the new little Hollywood is Austin, Texas.
And I have a lot of friends that I could sit here and mention their names, and you know, especially if you pay attention to this stuff, you know who they are.
And you know what?
The arrogant, crazy ones who I've even been approached by, hey, you want to go out drinking or partying?
No, that's okay.
Or you want to go out on my boat with a bunch of girls?
No, that's okay.
But hey, you want to come out to my ranch and party?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
In fact, watching the NSA chief lie, I got the original footage and I was editing it together for the film, and the next door there's a Super Bowl party, and they're screaming, they're yelling, they're freaking out.
You'd think they'd just gotten the Bill of Rights back.
You'd think that they'd just shut down the southern border.
You'd think they'd just gotten the Second Amendment back.
You'd think that they'd just released...
The 200,000 sex slaves that a major U.S.
company kidnapped, admittedly.
You'd think that they just saved some person who was bleeding to death in the street.
They were screaming bloody murder as if they'd had some tribal victory over a stupid football game!
And listen, if our country was together and was just a little bit corrupt and we were back on track and this stuff wasn't going on, folks, I'd probably buy a plane ticket and go see the Super Bowl.
But if your house is on fire, you don't go, oh, I'll put it out later, I'm going to go play poker right now.
You put the fire out, you get your priorities straight, and then...
Then you can go to the Rose Bowl.
Then you can run around screaming watching football.
It's just in every society when they're in massive decline, the people have their priorities scrambled.
This is a major indices, an indicator.
It's data showing just another... We have crime and corruption inside, record debt at now above depression error levels of 1933.
Every real indicator shows we're in deep trouble.
We have barbarians flooding in to the borders.
We're just like Rome.
And inside, everybody's mesmerized by ball games.
Do you understand?
We have a government that knowingly puts cancer viruses on purpose in many of the vaccines.
And we have admissions.
We have government documents.
We know it.
It freaks me out.
I talk about it all the time.
How am I... And again, I remember ten years ago people calling in, why do you get so upset about this?
I'm weird because I get upset about total tyranny.
I'm bad because I freak out and yell and scream sometimes about the fact that our government's building FEMA camps for us.
I freak out that I go shoot video of troops training to take our guns in Buddhism camps.
I'm bad because I yell and scream about that.
But if I go paint my face up, burn orange...
And put a ridiculous longhorn hat on, you know, with big floppy horns, and I go scream at the ball game like a psychopath and cuss and yell.
It's totally normal, and I'm looked at as a good American.
Now, folks, that's crazy.
We have a spot in our brains, our hearts, our souls that is there to get angry, to get motivated, to scream, to yell, to bare our teeth for a reason.
And it's there when the enemy tribe is coming over the hill to take you prisoners, to kill the men and to take the women and children.
That instinct is there when the big cave bear, twice the size of a grizzly bear, comes charging into your cave and you're a little band of 25 people and only 10 males and you've got, with little primitive spears, which our ancestors did, you've got to fight off that lion.
Take the African tribes.
Take the Zulus who will go out and hunt lions.
Only three or four guys will kill a lion.
Now the rest of the tribe goes with them, the rest of the warriors, and they beat drums and they herd it in and they all get around it with these long 20-foot spears and they kill that lion.
And believe me, those men are focused.
Those men are on target.
Those men are there as part of a ritualistic hunt that goes back thousands of years ago to keep the lions at bay from having them come into the village and eat the women and children.
Now all of that skill to kill a lion is now put on the football field to run touchdowns.
Instead of these warriors using all of that skill to fight an evil government.
Do you understand that?
My ancestors killed cave bears with stones and spears.
We have an unlimited power to defend the tribe and I demand that you do it!
Get your priorities straight!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, it's happened again.
I went into a rant.
We will cover Doomsday for the Internet as we know it in the news here in just a moment.
And we're going to let Tracy and Jeff and Wyatt and Bill and everybody, Cliff, get some comments in here.
Just that call earlier, she set me off.
Talking about everybody walking around going, I saw Sandra Bullock on the downtown drag or on Congress.
Who cares?
And that's what people are obsessed with.
We need to get back to being... But I guess when you're in a more precarious position of survival, as our forebears were, that it forces you to be focused on real issues.
I guess when we're decadent and fat and happy, and I'm one of those, that you don't get focused on real issues.
And we've got to get back to that point.
Joining us just for a few minutes here, and I appreciate her coming on, is Debbie Morrow.
Hadn't been on with us in a few weeks.
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Actually, I haven't talked to Jim about that yet, but I'm sure that I can work something out on that.
I don't have an announcement on a freebie yet, but for anybody that calls in and says they're on Alex Jones, I'm sure I can... But if they get the regular Black Berkey element system, then it's $1.99 and they do get a free gift.
That's right.
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Those are great.
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That's correct.
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Debbie, thank you for joining us.
I look forward to talking to you in the near future.
Thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Give her a call.
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Sandra Bullock's important, and worshipping the sitcoms and watching the different TV shows is very important, but this is frankly a lot more important.
So give them a call, 1-888-803-4438.
Okay, let's now go to Tracy in New York, then I'm going to go into news and back to the calls.
Tracy, welcome.
I'm calling about GPS.
Child Protective Services?
Yep, my baby got sick.
Okay, but what happened?
Try to get closer to your telephone for me.
I'm having trouble hearing you.
Then the hospital makes up a lie to cover their butt because when the ambulance got there, they didn't check my baby.
And when I get to hospital, it'll take hours to help my baby with breathing.
And to cover their butt, they call a CPS on me, and now they won't want me seeing my other three kids or my baby.
And I guess you went to the city hospital?
Yeah, I went to Seton Health.
Oh, yeah, I've covered stories here locally with Seton and Austin, been there with the video cameras.
Ma'am, have you ever had any run-ins with them before?
Yeah, well, my kids were going to Seaton Health Pediatrics, and because I don't want my kids to have shots, told me that my kid couldn't go there no more, and now they're pissed off about it.
Oh, yeah, no, we had to get a state law passed in Texas, because there is no law that you have to be vaccinated, but they were taking... They were saying that, and I told them there was no law.
Well, let me tell you how it works.
When you go to the private, wealthy hospitals, about half the parents don't vaccinate, and you tell them you don't want to vaccinate, and they go, oh, absolutely.
Absolutely, of course.
We understand.
It's very dangerous.
But then if you're working class, blue collar, they actually profile you and go, this person can't defend themselves, and those city hospitals actually get bounties, and they're snatching children, in my experience, every day, sometimes multiple children.
And they will then auction them off, basically.
The hospital even ends up getting money out of it.
They get hundreds of thousands of dollars for a, quote, healthy white baby.
Also, they get also a lot of money for other children.
It's just a fact they get more for white children.
I mean, just check it out.
White children are half and half.
Well, I'm just bringing up the fact here that it's admitted that in adoption companies, I'm just stating the fact, that for a healthy white child, they can get $300,000 or more.
And so there's a real premium on those children.
My baby is a premium.
Well, I was saying a real premium on those children.
So what are they alleging?
They're saying that we knew at 12 o'clock the night before that my baby had trouble breathing, which is not true.
I was arguing with the guy the next day about him saying my husband said it.
And then he's going to come back and say that I said it, too.
Well, it doesn't matter.
I mean, your child's sick.
You took it to the hospital.
And now because of that, they're saying... Now, did they intimidate you into signing any papers?
They made me sign something for my mother-in-law to...
Well, see, they tell you that, and then, did you read it all carefully?
Because what you'll do is you'll remand custody over to them, then they will sublet the child out to your mother-in-law, who really doesn't have custody.
The next phase is, and I don't want to scare you, but normally, then they'll try to intimidate you to sign more.
Now, since when in a free country are you forced to sign things?
See, that's number one.
Number two, there's a federal bounty on children.
The feds pay tens of thousands of dollars to the CPS for every child they grab by hook or crook.
And their child is five times more likely to be abused in their custody, so they have no right to be on their high horse.
And I've seen this story over and over again, and right now I can't...
I remember all the different names of the good groups we've interviewed over the years on this subject that know all the loopholes and the strategy of how to help you get your children back.
But number one...
I have seen police actually grab a woman by the arm and then say, sign it or you're going to jail, under total color of law.
They're not intending to take her to jail.
She acquiesces, they sign, they snatch the child from her breast, take the child away, and the child is then adopted out, name changed, and these people are all going to hell.
They are the scum of Lucifer.
They are the ultimate evil, and they're all a bunch of self-righteous trash.
And they don't harass the middle class.
Let me just guess.
You're working class?
I stay home with my kids, and they told me they wanted my kids to go and take care of me.
No, you sound like a wonderful person.
I mean, I don't care if you make $5 a year and are barefoot living on a farm.
My husband works.
I don't work.
No, I understand, but I'm saying you don't have a lot of money.
Yeah, I don't, but they told me.
The first thing was, they're like, well, can we put your kids in daycare when I didn't want to put them in daycare?
Well, they said, well, then, you know, that doesn't work.
We'll take them all together.
Again, it's all color of law.
No judge, no jury, no due process, no Bill of Rights, no Constitution.
Just, we're going to do this.
Ma'am, I know.
What I'm going to try to do is...
I need to have all this on file, because I go through this over and over again, and I have to rediscover each time.
Let me go do some research, and I'm not in this bit... Ma'am, I get probably four or five calls a day just like yours.
I get... If you heard the details of mine, it's outrageous.
I mean, literally... Believe me, ma'am, I...
The hospital did not take care of my baby.
Ma'am, in some cases they put kids on C1.
Ma'am, in some cases they put them on Learjets and fly them to Saudi Arabia.
I mean, I'm not trying to scare you, but I mean, in some cases they actually just sell your kids.
I mean, they're so evil out in the open.
You understand, DynCorp and Halliburton, it's been the Chicago Tribune, run giant white slavery rings.
I mean, believe me, I know.
Believe me, I know they're evil.
Believe me, it's tearing me up right now.
My phone's five calls a day with kids getting taken.
Always the same M.O.
Five calls a day.
Ranches and farms being taken and houses being taken.
SWAT teams raiding because people won't hand over their property to some local development board, so they just go arrest them.
A call every week.
Someone being arrested for contesting some charge they're under.
The judge says you're not allowed to contest.
Plead guilty or you go to jail.
Calls every day with just every manner of evil.
People being forced on medications.
Believe me, I know.
That's why I'm so freaked out.
Let me put you on hold.
Give her my office number.
Do you have that on hand, John?
Okay, stay on hold, ma'am, for about four minutes.
Well, everybody at the network has my number.
It's in the computer.
So just give her the office number.
I can just give it on air right now.
Are you there right now, Tracy?
I don't have a pen.
You don't have a pen.
See, if you want me to try to help you, it's okay.
We'll put you on hold.
You know what?
And then you can come back whenever you've got a pen.
And then you can give them that.
And I pray to God that God will protect your children and you'll get them back.
And you're doing the right thing not vaccinating them.
And you're doing the right thing trying to raise them yourself.
You're trying to be a normal woman and raise your young and suckle them so you're evil.
I mean, the CPS training manual, the Calhoun Reader says the family's a disease to be eradicated.
That's what's taught at UT.
I have the textbook.
Believe me, I know how evil they are.
And believe me, it makes me sick.
It makes me want to rip my hair out.
But you know, I ought to not be upset about that.
I should just go to the Super Bowl, and I should just drink Jack Daniels every day, and I should just... Of course, I'm being sarcastic.
It's just, what are we supposed to do as a society?
I hope people will pray for you.
I hope they'll try to help you.
It's the equivalent of, I'm in a little ship cruising through a sea, and there's sinking and burning ships all around me, and there are thousands of people all in the water around me, and I might be in the water tomorrow, and they're all reaching their hands out, help me, help me, help me, help me, help me, help me, and all these crimes are being committed against them, and I have to, if I tried to respond to all the calls, or even help these people, I couldn't do it.
It's that massive.
It makes my blood boil.
People think we're a foundation.
They think that we're a... And I should be able to give her advice, and I can give her advice.
It's just that... Let me tell you about New York.
She just called from New York.
You want to know about the evil of what's going on?
Some of the worst areas in the country with CPS are New York, Michigan, Illinois, Florida is the worst.
And they give him pesticide.
And after a week of it, he dies.
And then they take him and they bury him in a pauper's grave.
And then what we need is more funding and then CPS wouldn't need the money from the drug companies because of funding problems.
And it's not funding problems.
It's so sick.
You'd think the New York Times or the New York Post, it's been in all of them, are like actually giving you a good report or telling you about the evil.
And we could take from the report you're killing these kids.
And I'm not trying to scare this mother.
I'm not saying it's going to happen to her child.
It's just the truth.
Her children, they've grabbed what all four now.
I'm not saying that.
What I'm saying is with thousands of children, they actually come to the black mothers and they say, and the Hispanic mothers, but see, Hispanics will run.
They will run.
They found that they've had blacks institutionalized and enslaved for so long they can basically statistically do whatever they want to them, these poor people.
Just tears my guts out.
I just want to scream right now, trying to control myself.
And they take them, and they test every matter of drug on them.
And they don't just test it, quote, on the AIDS babies.
You know, you hear, oh, experimental drug tested on AIDS baby without consent.
No, no, no.
They take healthy kids, and there are cases in the newspaper, when they come to a black mother and they go, sign over your 10-year-old to us and acquiesce to experimental drug testing on your 10-year-old, or we're going to take that 2-year-old.
And the mother will sign the agreement, and they take the 10-year-old, and they murder them.
They murder them.
You understand?
They murder.
They murder.
They murder.
They murder.
That Alex, he's weird.
He gets upset.
He empathizes.
He personalizes it.
You bet I personalize it.
It freaks me out.
It just tears my heart out.
The evil, the evil, the evil!
God, punish these people!
And God says it's up to you to punish them.
It's up to you to expose them.
It's up to you.
You've turned into an evil country, so this is what's going to happen.
You don't think they're going to kill kids with pesticides when we've aborted 45, 50 million of them, whatever the latest numbers are?
And you rationalize and say it isn't a baby?
Okay, well then we're just going to kill them when they're 10 years old!
We're going to drug them to death when they're 5 years old!
They don't just test aid drugs on them.
They test pesticides on them.
They test pesticides on them.
They murder children.
And they do it right out in the open, and they don't even get in trouble when the CPS workers that have got a heart go, what is going on here?
You're killing children.
They go public.
They fire them.
They murder children.
They're murdering children right now.
They're kidnapping children right now.
And no one's protecting them.
No one's speaking up for them.
And the news manipulates you and has some six-month report about some person missing in Aruba.
They know how to distract you.
They tell you what to be upset about.
They tell you what to worry about.
There are a lot of different
Family Defense Cribs will try to help you.
And they're getting thousands of calls every week.
They grab a million plus children a year.
I mean, it's that bad.
I think the top level is 1.5 million a year.
I mean, it's just... God help us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
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The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
The criminals started taking advantage of us day one, and whatever level of tyranny we'll put up with, that's the exact level we'll live under.
And there's so much evil going on, and a lot of people don't want to hear about it.
They just want to go into their fantasy land and
Just enjoy themselves and don't want to believe what's happening.
And the fall is here.
It's not coming.
Doomsday for the Internet as we know it.
Several developments that are coming to the fore indicate a noticeable advance towards a government-regulated, taxed, and controlled system that spells Doomsday for the Internet as we know it.
And there are headlines in the Register and the Guardian and the Associated Press saying, End of the Internet.
That was another headline like that two days ago.
So that's not our spin.
The first steps in a move to change the very email sent...
Have already been taken under the pretext of eliminating Spam, Bill Gates, and other industry chieftains that propose Internet users buy credit stamps which denote how many emails they will be able to send.
This, of course, is the death knell for political newsletters and mailing lists.
The New York Times reports that America Online and Yahoo, two of the world's largest providers of email accounts, are about to start using a system that gives preferential treatment to messages for companies that pay one-fourth of a cent to a penny each time they're delivered.
These senders must...
Promise to contact only people who have agreed to receive your messages or risk being blocked entirely.
And Declan McCullough for CNET wrote two weeks ago about how there's a law passed calling internet emails people don't want harassment.
You get prison time.
The endgame is similar to China, whereby no website, even mildly critical, the government will be authorized.
And that's like MySpace, 38 million users that Rupert Murdoch bought, now saying that it has programs that don't let you type certain things.
The Pentagon admitted that they would engage in psychological warfare and cyber attacks on, quote, enemy Internet websites in an attempt to shut them down.
The fact that the NSA surveillance program spied on 5,000 Americans tells us that the enemy is the alternative media and that it will be targeted for elimination.
And it goes on and on.
It's a long article.
You ought to go read it.
But there's so many facets to it.
You notice in the hearings, and they act like they're mad at Bush for the NSA spying, they don't talk about the Army out spying on mainstream peace groups, or the military out spying on Second Amendment groups.
That's all in major newspapers, but it never becomes really the big news.
It's all the focus on Al-Qaeda phone calls.
Oh, we just spy on Al-Qaeda.
It's just the terrorist surveillance system.
We just surveil terrorists, but under the Patriot Act,
Section 802, all misdemeanors are terrorism, see?
They play word games with everything.
And the report goes on in the military saying they'll influence our media with propaganda.
Now Internet 2 is coming out where they're going to let the old Internet fail, not to upgrade the pairing agreements, not even service the ones they have, to where it starts breaking down, and they say they're going to do this, and then forcing you on what they call Internet 2.
And Internet, too, you'll have a subdomain with a major carrier.
It's going to be 50 at first.
So it'll be, you know, Microsoft slash Infowars, whatever.
And then they will decide if you're allowed to have a site with them.
And, well, it's a private company.
You don't have to go on the Internet.
It's a new private thing.
You have to agree to all of their stipulations.
So it just, it's so amazing.
And then yesterday I tried to detail this and was never able to, but when Michael Rivera comes on, I'm going to read part of the article and steer us into this because I want to talk about it.
Because it admits in the Chicago Tribune that the maneuver comes at a time when American culture increasingly confuses the boundaries between fact and fiction and between politics and entertainment.
That's why the government, the Republican Party basically is the government, bought ads to air during the TV show 24 mirroring the episode that they were working together about, see how dangerous it is?
We need the Patriot Act or the terrorists will get you with the nerve gas.
And then the episode is where the Bill of Rights is holding up Jack Bauer, and people see that.
As I've said, they do.
It's common sense.
And now here they are stating it in the Chicago Tribune.
I mean, we live in a wonderland.
We'll be right back with a third hour of PrisonPlanet.tv.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I've got an article here from CNN where the police have these big gumballs they shoot out of these guns with GPS tracker chips in them.
They talk about science fiction.
We'll mention that.
Listeners instant messaged it to me on my little Yahoo instant messenger.
Thank you for joining us.
Already in the third hour.
We're taking a lot of calls.
A lot of other callers holding.
Michael Rivera.
Coming up in a little while to join us.
We got sidetracked by the callers, but they all brought up really good points, so it was worth it and important to get into.
The really big news of the day I've mentioned, but I haven't detailed it yet.
Russian member of parliament says U.S.
to attack Iran late March.
Muslim riots at U.S.
PSYOP aimed at getting EU support for war.
We'll talk about that with Michael Rivera as well.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
And I guess Jeff in Denver is up next.
Jeff, go ahead.
Hey Alex, I just wanted to make a couple of points about some of the things you guys were talking about.
Well, first of all, I think what I've experienced and what I've seen with Bush is whenever he's lying, you can tell when this murdering dictator is exactly what he is.
Whenever he stutters or says something twice, that's when I found that basically you can tell when he's lying.
Of course, I'm working on a couple of things right now and
You know, I think I'm going to throw in some things, some content about the economic slaves that, you know, people just don't really... Alex, everybody needs to listen because the world is on a powder keg right now.
The United States is on a powder keg.
And the New World Order...
It's completely out of control.
Look, let me boil it down.
They're going to use America as the engine to bring us into the New World Order, and then they're going to make us fall.
That is part of the plan.
We're going to be the bad guy.
We're all being set up, so all these neocon followers just smirk and laugh and feel like you're part of the empire.
You're complete idiots.
And another thing that I think is what, you know, like the Iraq War and some of the big things that they're trying to cover up is regarding the oil and
You know, if any of these big oil companies, these executives in these oil companies will come out and tell the truth and talk about the... You know, the way the... I think the United States uses around 18 million barrels of oil a day, and I think the world uses maybe 180 million, something like that.
But the oil is being... We use 25 million barrels a day.
Okay, well, the oil is being depleted at a rate that it's completely out of control, and that's why...
You know, they wanted to go to Iraq and cap those oil wells over there.
They're trying to save some of that oil for the third generation.
I don't believe in peak oil.
I've done the analysis.
But they certainly are trying.
There's too much oil, so they're trying to cap it to drive up prices.
But the New World Order, I think another good point, Alex, would be that they're trying to control the population.
The war on terror is a war against the people.
Yes, yes.
Let's take another call.
Thanks for the call.
Who's up next here?
Wyatt and Marilyn, thanks for holding.
How you doing, Alex?
Go ahead, sir.
Great show.
Listen, I was in Detroit for the Super Bowl.
I had to work for a limousine company.
We went up there.
And the people up there, it's unbelievable.
Cheap seats, $2,000.
In between, between $4,000 and $5,000.
Top seats, $6,000.
Most of the people there were from out of state.
I got a chance to talk to the citizens of that area, the Detroit surrounding area.
You know what their concern is, Alex?
They're losing their jobs.
Motor City is like Hollywood, the movies.
Detroit is like, I mean, 99% of the vehicles are all American vehicles.
There is no foreign, nothing to it.
But they're concerned they're going to lose their jobs.
When the Super Bowl, they spent tons of money cleaning the city up, throwing out all the bums and everything, getting it cleaned up.
I'm talking to a police officer up there.
He said they're going to lay off 50% of the police force.
I got a couple other things.
Just quickly, I'll just talk about it.
If I can, after the break.
Yeah, we got Rivero coming on.
But if you want to hold, we'll go back to you, Wyatt.
I really appreciate you.
You know, I got upset last hour, but we should get upset.
I mean, just things are going desperately wrong.
And I did hear about the layoff of the cops that's coming.
It's just classic.
We're being strip-mined.
We're being gutted.
We're being looted.
We'll be right back.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Russian member of parliament says U.S.
to attack Iran late March.
Muslim riots.
A U.S.
PSYOP aimed at getting EU support for war.
That's our analysis we've been putting out in the last few days.
There's so much evidence showing it.
A top Russian parliamentary leader has told a national Russian radio station that an attack on Iran is inevitable and that it will occur on March 28th.
I'm not saying that's going to happen, folks, but certainly they're getting ready for it.
The juggernaut is rolling, as one headline said.
The leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vladimir Zarovsky, who they love to attack, also believes that the Muslim riots were orchestrated by U.S.,
I would say elements of our government, to garner European backing for the military strike.
Rhetoric has heated significantly in the past week with Donald Rumsfeld yesterday warning that a military option was on the table, echoing the comments of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who said the U.S.
was prepared to take military action.
Also, Israeli Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated that Iran would, quote, pay a very high price if the Islamic Republic defiantly resumes full-scale uranium enrichment to build nuclear weapons.
Zurovosky told the Russian radio station that the war is inevitable because the Americans want this war, that is our elite, and any country claiming that leading a position in the world will need to wage wars, otherwise it will simply not be able to retain its leading position.
The date of the strike is already known.
It is the election day in Israel, March 28th.
It is also known how much the war will cost, he said.
And it goes on.
Commenting on the Muslim riots sweeping the Middle East and Europe, Zeravosky, pictured above, said that the publication of the offensive cartoons was a planned psyop on the part of the U.S.
aimed at provoking a fight between Europe and the Islamic world.
It will end with the European countries thinking and thanking the United States and paying and giving soldiers for the war he continued.
And, folks, the flags being served up, well, it's a real protest.
It's hand-painted flags.
Out in these little dirt villages all over the place, there's all these same-sized, brand-new, shipped-in flags for the day after the protest starts.
And these imams mail it out with cartoons that weren't even in there.
Made up stuff.
It's all these neocon papers that kept running in and saying we're... saying that we're going to defiantly get in your face and defiantly do all of this, you know, starting a fight.
Hey, let's have a fight.
And there's clear evidence, it takes an hour to go into it, we're about to go to Michael Rivero, that the stuff in France that then spread back in November, that was clearly provocateur and it snowballs.
The intelligence agencies start it going, and then it gets bigger and bigger.
Or it's a landslide.
It's like a mockingbird.
They start it, then other people parrot it.
So of course there are Muslims running around screaming and burning things.
So that's real.
Michael, it's always great to have you here for your monthly visit.
Thank you for having me on the show, Alex.
You bet.
And you've got whatreallyhappened.com.
We've got a big fat link to it up on infowars.com.
But you just heard me going over what this Russian member of parliament is saying, mirroring analysis from Kurt Nemo, yourself, myself.
Give us your take on it.
Well, very obviously the United States has already decided they're going to go to war in Iran, much as they had decided for war in Iraq weeks or even months before it was announced to the public at large.
The timing of the attack very clearly aligns with Iran's plan to open an oil bourse, which would trade Iran's oil in euros.
This, of course, would have a negative effect on the value of the dollar overseas, since it was no longer required to buy petroleum products.
And this, of course, is one of the real issues behind this sudden decision to start invading Middle East countries left and right, because prior to the invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein started trying to negotiate
To price the oil in the oil for food program based on euros rather than dollars.
And, of course, the U.S.
government sees this as a tremendous threat to our economy because without that demand for dollars to buy petroleum products, the value of the dollar will fall against all other currencies.
So very clearly there is a push to go on to war.
And this Russian individual definitely has it correct.
There doesn't seem to be really any way to stop it.
Well, let's go back to some now ancient history, though it's now just been revealed last week.
I even said at the time when they were flying all those tornado fighter-bomber flights over targets that didn't matter but heavily defended, remember the quote, softening up, while they were quote, negotiating with Saddam, they had a full-scale bombing campaign.
Imagine they're bombing him, Saddam was laying there taking it, not even shooting back.
I mean, that is amazing.
But they openly said then they wanted him to shoot some of the plane down.
So that's old news.
Now we learn they wanted to paint up a bunch of U.S.
spy planes, like U.N.
planes, fly them low, get them shot down, get our pilots potentially killed.
But they didn't even need that.
They just went on to spy it.
Bush also said in the new White House memo, and they're not denying it, this is admitted, that
We're going to have a defector come out and say he saw WMD.
So for anybody that wonders if they manufacture this stuff, Michael, you're an expert on the past provocateuring with Mosaddegh and 53 with Iran, and they've done this so many other times with the Black Panthers and many others.
Fill us in on how they love to stir stuff up.
Well, it's called a false flag operation, and basically it's trying to create some trouble that you blame on the other individual
Certainly that story about the UN plane and contained in that same White House memo was the admission that Bush intended to attack Iraq even if no weapons of mass destruction were found, which of course is ultimately what happened.
But this is nothing new for the government, and it's kind of interesting, you were mentioning earlier, these very provocative cartoons that have appeared in the Danish newspapers and been echoed in Europe papers all over,
They're very insulting to Muslims, and they've been put out there to stir up a public reaction, which has happened.
Now, let's be clear.
I believe in their First Amendment right to do it, but there have always been cartoons of Muhammad.
You can find hundreds of them, making fun of him.
The West made a point of picking a fight about this, and to add to that, again, we know that these are neocon-based papers, and imagine what Christians would do when there's a sitcom
You know, the book of Daniel, making fun of Jesus, or Jesus Christ, that particular, it was called Jesus Christ something, where Jesus Christ is a homosexual, and there were all the big protests.
You know, Christians get mad at this type of stuff, too.
I'm not saying that they don't have the right to print it.
It's just people act like it's weird that Muslims get mad about it.
Well, what's very interesting, you know, you're talking about free speech because apparently these same newspapers refuse to run similar cartoons depicting Jesus unless... So very clearly there's a bias being shown here.
But as I was watching this whole situation unfold, it reminded me of something that happened back in the 60s at the height of the conflict over civil rights and the Vietnam War and a disproportional number of black people being sent to serve on the front lines.
And there was this group called the Black Panthers.
Now later on they became very militant and very fearful, but when they started out, most people don't remember this, when the Black Panthers started out, their agenda was originally breakfasts for children in the ghettos and local control of the school curriculum.
Now these are of course very benign agendas, but they were considered very threatening to the government, which wanted to control the school agenda,
To steer kids toward a pro-military choices as they got out of the educational system.
So the Black Panthers were starting to get some support, and the FBI put out this fake coloring book called the Black Panther Coloring Book, and it was spread all over.
It was even mailed to households.
My household, which was like totally white, got one of these in the mail, and the news were blaming it all on the Black Panthers.
And then in the 70s, when the COINTELPRO hearings took place,
It was revealed that this whole comic book was a creation of the FBI to basically cause friction between the white and the black population.
Now, the government did the same thing with the militias.
The militia started forming, had some good missions in the early 90s.
The government demonized them, put provocateurs in to try to militarize them, to try to radicalize them.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And mostly what they want you to do is get you fighting amongst yourselves so that you're not fighting them, which was lying behind the Black Panther coloring book.
And now, of course, we have these cartoons which are creating all kinds of friction between Christians and Muslims.
And the very first result, of course, is that Western people and Christians are less willing than ever to listen to legitimate grievances coming from the Islamic world about how they're being treated.
So that seems to be the first purpose behind these cartoons, is to prevent people from listening to each other, to keep up the friction, to keep up the hostilities and the anger, so that communication can't happen.
It's meant to get Europe on board for the attack on Iran.
I want to add something about the, quote, patriot movement.
That's why I call it the truth movement now, and that's why I deal with just the general public, because it is full.
And see, we don't do this.
You go to InfoWars.com, you go to PrisonPlanet.com, you go to WhatReallyHappened.com, but you don't see people attacking each other.
And even if somebody needs to be attacked, I tend to stay away from it, because so many of them are just disinfo artists.
If they can get us fighting with each other over minutia, they've got the ball game won.
Yeah, absolutely.
And, you know, again, everyone's pushing for this invasion of Iran in March, so it certainly helps if they can get the Muslims, if they can trick the Muslims into behaving in a way that just seems adversarial and destroys any sympathy for the potential targets.
And we saw a lot of the same thing in the run-up of the war, of the invasion of Iraq.
Any way to demonize them, to make them seem less than human, to portray them all as terrorists,
In order to justify what was essentially an economically motivated conquest.
And now we know that the Pentagon was running PSYOPs with its Pentagon Office of Strategic Influence domestically and internationally.
We know they premeditated.
We have multiple memos from across the Atlantic and here in the U.S.
They don't deny it, that they lied to us on purpose.
And still, some people are going to believe this poison mother's milk that comes down from the government's propaganda ministries.
Michael Rivero is our guest.
A lot of other news coming up as we chronicle the criminal activities of the NWO.
Your call's coming up as well.
We're good to go.
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That's www.sfrcorp.com or call 888-USE-SFR1.
There's a video clip at the top of whatreallyhappened.com.
Of course, we will get a link over to it or get it posted on prisonplanet.com or infoawars.com.
And I got a chance to watch some of the Gonzalez hearings yesterday, and here's my take on it.
They know that we're waking up as spying, so they take the most minimized, little, that seems reasonable portion of a constellation of spying.
They admit the Army's watching gun groups, liberal groups, people handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, protesting Halliburton corruption, people protesting Enron, bike riding groups that want more rights for bike riders, the CIA or the NYPD.
I mean, it's massive, folks.
So to legitimize it and put some polls out to legitimize spying itself...
They go, oh, it's just a Bin Laden call.
Do you want to be able to hear him?
Well, of course, FISA court doesn't do that.
It already gives them a blank check.
So that's a fraud.
So Gonzalez gets up and the inspector and all these other people go, oh, this is terrible what you've done.
But then later they're going to try to pass an amendment, and I've looked at it, that actually kind of codifies it where it's partially okay.
Because there's already laws that say it's wrong.
We don't need new amendments.
And Michael Rivero's got a clip of Gonzalez trying to say, well, this is as American as George Washington.
Michael, why don't you set this clip up for us?
Well, basically, it's a clip that just came out of the hearings into the NSA spy scandal.
And, of course, Gonzalez is trying to justify George Bush's spying on ordinary Americans without a warrant, without even going through the FISA court, which never turns down a warrant request anyway.
We're good to go.
There was no such thing as electronic surveillance in George Washington's era.
Yeah, that's exactly it.
And it's silly to look at on the face, and you can say, well, he's under the heat of the investigation.
The first electronic surveillance was in the Civil War with the telegraph.
But the point is that Gonzales is just making these broad sweeping statements to excuse away Bush's behavior.
I don't believe he's actually under oath at these hearings.
I'm surprised you didn't say that maybe Jesus did it or something.
Well, could very well be.
But basically he's just trying to say that everybody does it, therefore it's okay for Bush to do it.
And the fact of the matter is that if we are going to be a nation of laws, then the President has to set the example.
And he admittedly broke a whole bunch of them, and they're felonies.
Let's roll the clip.
Here's Lord Gonzalez.
225 years' use of the exercise of the power of Commander-in-Chief.
I gave in my opening statement several examples of President Washington, President Lincoln, President Wilson, President Roosevelt.
Yeah, he just called all the names for the magic charm and said, they did it too, therefore Bush is equal with them.
And of course, it is a silly statement.
And even if
All those presidents conducted surveillance, electronic or otherwise, of Americans.
If they did it without a warrant, they were committing a crime.
Oh, I know.
They always said, I mean, that'd be like if they found a serial killer with 25 bodies in the backyard, and he said, well, I killed 25 before.
Why can't I just kill one more?
Yeah, it is.
It's still illegal.
It's the same thing.
It's still a crime.
You know, Bush should be impeached not only for that.
Well, number one, the people doing it are the terrorists.
They carried out the attacks.
So, I mean, that's the foundation.
People are mad about this spying, though.
Do you think it's going to bring them down, or are they just going to use Iran as the next smokescreen upping the Ponzi scheme?
I think that probably that Bush and his administration are thinking that by the time they get to March and they crank up the war in Iran,
They'll be able to play the, you know, we're in the middle of a war, you can't annoy the president with these small little piddling things, and anybody who's trying to... And then the Iranians hit us with an A-bomb.
After that point, everyone knew that the leader needed to be followed.
Yeah, something like that.
I'm frankly surprised, I'm glad, but I'm also surprised that we didn't see a stage terror attack at the Super Bowl.
Of course, we still have the rest of the Olympics to get through, but Bush and his people may just feel it's not necessary.
They give the orders, the orders are followed, nobody's standing up to them.
By the way, we have to take all this serious because on the eve of the 2004 election, the White House told U.S.
News and World Report we will be nuked before the election.
They didn't say might, they said we will be.
So that's why some people pay a lot of attention to this.
Yeah, absolutely.
And, you know, I have a feeling it is a little troubling to see Americans kind of staying so silent when very obviously we're going through the same hoaxes and deceptions and lies that got us into Iraq.
That State of the Union was almost identical to the one he gave on the eve of the first invasion.
Absolutely, absolutely.
He did focus a little more on domestic policies, I think because, at least among the public, the war has become a real election loser.
But I think it's an indication of
How out of control election fraud has become in this country that Congress and the President don't seem all that concerned about the negative impact that a war in Iran is likely to have on the November election.
We'll be right back with Michael Rivero.
I'm Alex Jones.
Your calls and a ton of other key news items straight ahead, presentplanet.tv.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We see this in criminal enterprises and Ponzi schemes predominantly.
That's a scam where you take people's investments in and you pay off the previous investors and then publicize how much money they made and how great the investment is.
When you build up the pyramid scheme, bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.
And then you blow it out and leave town with a huge war chest of goodies, of cash, of gold, of wealth.
And that's what they do.
They leapfrog from criminal activity to criminal activity and then always smokescreen it with some even larger debate and then we have to focus on the new lies for the old.
And by the end of it, we're living in a total police state.
They are setting up a manifest tyranny
They know you're waking up to it.
That's why they're setting up the police state.
And how many congressmen, like Ron Paul, have we had on?
We've had multiple congressmen on saying the same thing.
How many former Reagan and Bush senior administration officials, very conservative, have we had on to say, we're going into martial law.
Now we read about Halliburton building emergency FEMA camps, quote, for the illegal aliens and citizens during emergencies.
These are camps.
Halliburton and major newspapers running slave camps in Europe.
I mean, it's so out of control.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Believe me, I know that first and foremost, but if you're just constantly out, especially doing all these really decadent things, my idea of blowing off steam is going out fishing or something, or for a hike, it just all falls apart.
We've been in denial for so long, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.
The elite isn't happy to just have a ton of tyranny.
We're good to go.
I'm going to go back to Michael Rivera.
Michael, how do we, from your particular view, how do we navigate this?
That's the first question.
Specific solutions, you think, and then give me your prognosis for the short term and long term, because I do see an awakening happening, but the enemy has the momentum, they have the centralized spires of technological control, they control the parameters, the roads, the banks, the main systems that we kind of just react to,
Are we going to be able to defeat this, and what will the world look like if the neocons really have their way?
That's a big question.
It's a $64 million question, but can you try to take a stab at it?
Well, I think the answer to any time any tyranny remakes the world in their own image, it's going to be a very stratified society.
There'll be the elite chosen ones at the top with all the wealth and power, and everybody else below will be...
I agree, and I think it's backfiring on them.
Yeah, and I think people just need to decide.
There are 288 million Americans, which according to the polls, most of which think Bush lied us into a war in Iraq.
They think the country's headed in the wrong direction.
The government can't watch all of us or listen to all of us at the same time.
So this whole thing about worrying about if your phone is being listened to is nonsense.
The best thing you can do is not be afraid.
There's always an archetypal hero who does it all for us.
That's right.
If Batman or Superman comes in, or there's a savior... Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Yeah, comes in.
You know, there are no heroes coming in.
If we're going to make this a better country, we, the people, are going to have to do it.
And I think people are coming to that realization.
Because I think back to the history of Romania and the revolution they had.
Two weeks before it happened, anybody looking around would have said, well, the people are perfectly happy.
They've accepted their lives as it is.
They don't care about the TV cameras on the street corners.
And what happened to Ceausescu?
We cleared a machine gun on national television.
That's how fast it all came undone.
Michael, let me stop you.
You're on, obviously, an IP phone.
It sounds great until it breaks up.
The last five seconds didn't come across.
Okay, well then we'll repeat that.
Basically, I think when it happens here in the United States, we're going to see exactly the same rapidity.
It'll be over in about two weeks where everybody will just say, okay, we've hit that
We're good to go.
When they learn what's really been done to them, and that's what we're doing, when they learn it's going to be a force the globalists can't stop, and I think they know it's going to be a force they're going to have to fight with, that's why they're arranging this control grid.
They're trying to get the fence built and locked before we can do anything about it.
But I think they're playing catch-up at this point.
Oh, they admit their own policy reports.
They're five years behind.
Then Europe threw out EU expansion.
Chavez led the major defeat for at least another four or five years in the American Union.
They're having defeat after defeat after defeat, and they're even saying in policy reports, we've lost control of the universities, they're not buying our propaganda, we're losing control of the alternative media, so they try to rush in to take control of it or to block the internet.
And at every point, it just makes people want the truth even more.
And let me add this, and I want your take on what I just said about that, if you agree or disagree.
In my whole life, I learned that if you just get past your fear, stand up to a bully, it feels good, it's empowering, and bullies don't like it.
And people need to realize that we're not the bad guys.
So what if they're spying on us?
As you said, the watchers can't watch us all, and most of the watchers are listening to us and waking up.
We've got the truth.
We're the good guys.
I mean, I get up on air and I see Dyncor and Halliburton are in the Chicago Tribune with giant child kidnapping rings, and they have lobbyists in D.C.
openly protecting them, and this is mainstream news.
Are you for the child kidnappers?
I mean, it's not that hard, Michael.
We're the good guys.
We definitely are, and we're now the mainstream.
More people are getting their news from alternative radio shows and the Internet than they do from the network TV news and newspapers.
Paper newspapers are letting staff go left and right.
To deal with their decline in circulation.
But in saying what you were saying before about their playing catch-up, there's a military term and it's called the initiative.
It's who has the initiative in a conflict.
And if they're playing catch-up, they've lost the initiative.
And we have more than initiative.
We have the motivation.
It's called survival.
And we have the moral authority.
Yes, absolutely.
We have the moral authority.
And certainly going into Iran...
And Sun Tzu said in Art of War, if you don't have the moral authority, you're not going to win the war.
And we're going into Iran knowing we don't have the moral authority.
You know what the founder of the first Texas Rangers said, Captain Bill McDonald, no man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that is in the right and keeps on coming.
Yes, absolutely, that is true.
And Michael, I've said it.
I'm not going to be a slave to these people.
I'm going to keep coming.
They can have a gun to my head right now, and they can say, renounce freedom, renounce America, renounce decency, renounce, you know, don't stand up for the kids we're kidnapping and raping and killing.
And I'd say, pull the trigger, you bastard!
Isn't it going to be more effective to pull the trigger back in their direction?
No, no, I agree.
I'm just saying people have got to realize this is for all the marbles.
We're dealing with really evil people, Michael, as you know, and we've just got to commit.
We've got to throw in 100%, 110% commit.
We've got to commit to this fight.
You know, that's an old football term that you've got to go 110% or you're going to get hurt.
And I found that in life.
Your take on that?
We've got to go 110%.
Yeah, absolutely that's true.
This is no place for half measures.
Thomas Paine said much the same thing with his summer soldiers and Sunshine Patriots.
If you're just there when it's easy to be done, then you're not really helping the situation.
You have to be in there fighting when things are going really, really wrong and really bad.
That's when the effort is needed, and if you're not there making that effort, then you're going to lose.
Well, I remember 12 years ago talking like this, and people thought I was a three-headed monster from Pluto, and now people are waking up, but you're right.
They're waking up, but they're not moving.
They still see you or I or somebody else as a leader.
No, folks, this is everybody doing something, and doing something small that many hands make light work.
Yeah, absolutely.
We're not asking for people to go out and do anything dramatic or illegal.
All we're saying is that the best thing you can be doing is talk to everybody you know about what you're learning.
Talk to your friends, your neighbors, your hairstylist, your dentist, whatever.
Just say, listen, what this country is doing is wrong.
And what you're going to find is a lot of people who are thinking and feeling exactly the same that you are, but they're afraid to speak out because TV news has told them, oh, those people are all alone.
Hardly anybody thinks that.
I'm a big fan of history just like you are, and there's been hundreds and hundreds of cases of where they literally draw the line in the sand and they go, like the Alamo,
We're going to go fight this enemy.
They outnumber us 8 to 1, 10 to 1, or many other historical examples.
And it takes a while.
At first, nobody steps across.
Then that first person does.
Then another.
Then another.
Suddenly, everybody steps across.
Somebody's got to hit the barbed wire.
Yeah, absolutely.
But in this case, we're already the majority.
The majority of Americans, according to even the media's polls, the majority of Americans think the government is lying to get us into these wars.
They don't think the country is going in a good direction.
They are opposed to the war.
They see that the Congress and the President very clearly are not representing the will of the people in the handling of foreign policy.
And they're beginning to get concerned because somewhere down the road, if we go into Iran, there has to be a draft to fill those manpower needs.
And that is when things are really going to start coming unglued, I think, for the neocon war machine.
Well, yeah, let's talk about that and then go to some calls.
A lot of folks are holding there.
Going back, we have this so-called volunteer military, but really they just recruit out of the poor areas where people really don't have any other options or don't think they do.
We know that they've done everything they can to try to exacerbate that.
They even say that.
They've set up the draft boards.
We're good to go.
Well, obviously, you know, starting a draft before the November elections is definitely going to get the electorate
Very upset.
But as you said, there is an economic draft in effect, and a lot of people are suggesting that some of the economic hardships that are being felt in this country are intentionally caused in order to make the military the only option for people coming out of school.
People trying to get out of the ghettos they were brought up in.
Well, look at it.
The whole economy is shifting over where, oh, there's no scholarship there for you to be a doctor or a teacher or a librarian, but there's a scholarship there for you to go into Homeland Security.
They're shifting the economy over, and the same private interests own that, so they're also shifting the purse into their systems.
Yeah, absolutely.
And then, of course, for those people who are already in the military, the government is going through all these little legal loopholes to extend their service.
There are people starting their fifth tour.
Yeah, absolutely, and that was not the contract that they signed, but because it's the U.S.
government, the government can change the contract, you know, with a presidential fiat, and these people are still stuck in Iraq.
There was one story that came through today that just absolutely floored me of a soldier who was wounded in Iraq, and while he was being cared for, they took off his body armor and lost track of it.
So he's getting out of the army because he's permanently wounded and can't serve anymore,
And the Army bills them for the missing body armor, which didn't even protect them in the first place, and they're making them pay $700.
That's right.
There's this big scammer who admittedly sold and made hundreds of millions of dollars, sold effective body armor to them.
Well, you know, they pay $4 a meal when they're at Rammstein in the hospital.
They make men with their legs and arms blown off pay for their meals.
That's never before been done.
Yeah, and it's absolutely shameful the way, you know, you figure that at the very least,
These kids in uniform, you have to respect them for walking their talk, for having the courage of their commitments, for keeping their words.
They're very wonderful people, and at the very least you should treat them with the respect and the care that they deserve for having stepped out there.
Even if you don't agree with the war, you have to support those troops, and this is not supporting the troops.
I was not... And they didn't pay for missing the war.
Oh, yeah, and they also quit supporting the troops by keeping them in a bad position.
It's a fraud.
No, you support them by taking them back.
When I was out in Crawford, when Sheehan was out there, I would talk to these neocons, and they were all defense contractors, former military, all of them.
And they were like brain dead.
I'd say, well, they're doing this, and they wouldn't even deny that.
And they'd say, well, we're supporting them.
But supporting them means not really caring about the troops.
It means just forgetting them.
Yeah, I've seen a lot of people claiming, we support the troops.
What they support is they support the war, and they're trying to map that onto the troops.
But you don't support the troops by sending them out for trivial reasons, for personal gain.
You don't put them in harm's way for reasons that are completely alien to the concept of defending the nation.
Well, I mean, that would be like if somebody signed up to be a firefighter, and you told them, no, I'm going to make you go dig ditches at my private business.
I mean, it's a fraud.
Yeah, it absolutely is, and it is a terrible misuse of our kids.
And if we owe anything to these soldiers in uniform, it is that we do not risk their life and their safety for trivial causes.
Remember when the Pentagon said that we're going to have a Pentagon betting service on how many troops will die?
Yeah, I remember seeing that one.
And the other one that caught my eye this last week is the Pentagon is now setting up a
A service to guide soldiers in the correct selection of a future bride, or future spouse, rather.
Yeah, one who will submit to the military's brainwashing.
Let me ask you a question.
Why do you think the neocons are so arrogant?
I mean, the tires are balling out on the military.
They're bald, the metal's showing, the radio is showing.
Why do the globalists just think this can go on forever?
Well, I think, first of all, they obviously don't care what the costs and consequences of the wars are going to be.
They feel they're serving a higher purpose.
I think in a lot of cases, they may actually be unaware of what the realities are on the ground, because underneath these people at the top, you've got all these mid-managers whose job it is to provide isolation.
They don't want the superiors to get angry or to give up hope.
They're called yes-men.
Let's take a call.
Who's first up here in line?
Bill and Casey, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Oh, hi, Alex.
I'm a first-time caller, but I really appreciate what you're doing.
It inspires me a lot.
You're so bold.
It makes me think of Revelation 3-9 that says that God will make the people that say that they're Jews, but they're not Jews, he'll make them the synagogue of Satan.
So those people over there, if you look at Revelation 3-9, you'll see that that's what it says.
Well, there are people in control of Israel that could care less about Israel.
You can't do news reports criticizing the government over there.
You get arrested, folks.
And most of the people in Israel now in the polls, what is it, 60%?
They're like Americans.
They don't like it either.
And so there is a, just like every other country, a group in control over there that does not have their own people's best interest at heart.
Yeah, absolutely.
We're looking at world events that are orchestrated by corrupt, greedy individuals who just see the world as a giant playset to play a game on, and whoever gets the most goodies wins.
And very clearly, they are immune to the suffering that their little game causes, and they don't represent...
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
We've got a break.
Stay with us.
More calls.
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All right, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We don't need any thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
So many people think they're part of this power structure when it's actually using them, and it's time for them to wake up that they're being treated like a bunch of idiots.
Michael Rivero has been joining us today.
We're almost out of time.
We'll take a few final calls from Cliff, Jim, and Dan if we have time.
Just briefly here at the end of the broadcast, be sure to go to whatreallyhappened.com.
It's a great website.
We're good to go.
I think?
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Michael Rivero, let's take a few final calls.
Cliff in Utah, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Very nice to talk to you, Cliff.
What's on your mind?
Yeah, same here.
Michael is a very astute researcher.
That's what I was going to tell you before I've been hanging on a long time.
About the oil, he's saying that they're going to change to the euro.
They're filing for it now, the same as Saddam.
And the question is for Michael, why are they so bold in Iran?
I mean, they know this is going to get them attacked.
Oh, you bet they are.
Yeah, I think Iran is looking at the struggle the U.S.
is dealing with in Iraq and realizing that Iran could win a prolonged guerrilla war on their own territory.
And, yeah, they're acting like they know that they could do another Vietnam on us.
That's very correct, and I'd like to make one last comment about CPS, Alex.
Okay, I call it Child Pornography Services because that's about what they are.
I help two families, one in Arizona and also one in California, get their kids back.
By investigating Child Protective Services, and you wouldn't believe what I found out.
We've exposed it, and we're going to try to help the lady that called earlier get her kids back there in New York.
Sir, I know.
Thanks for the call.
Jim in Wisconsin.
Go ahead, Jim.
You're on the air.
Yeah, the same thing I'm talking about.
Above the lady, where the children were taken, above your signature, all official forms from now on, write down Ed's Arms Links.
That is American common law.
And you get the information by calling these two numbers.
Well, sir, I can't just in the last 30 seconds of the show give numbers out.
Send it to me.
Thanks for the call.
We're going to try to help that lady.
We get these calls every day, and it's been all over the news how horrible it is, and they have federal bounties to grab people's kids, and they always twist their arm into signing the kids over, and parents shouldn't do that.
Michael, you want to take a stab at that?
Yeah, I got involved with the same situation out in California about 10 years ago when there were some hideous abuses involving the San Diego Child Protective Services, which wound up in a class action lawsuit and the entire department was shut down for violating the constitutional rights of parents.
So, yeah, it is an ongoing problem.
And, you know, when you have an organization where they get more money the more children they have, yeah, they're going to go out and find ways to acquire more children.
The good news is their turnover, I've seen news articles about it, has gone from a third every year to over half.
Most of these people aren't that evil, so they can't do it.
They quit.
Yeah, they get burned out real quick.
Yeah, I mean, when something's got a half a turnover, even though it's $50,000 a year, I mean, you know it's bad.
Dan, quickly in Texas, you're our tail gunner.
30 seconds.
Hit us.
Okay, Alex, just wanted to know, as a militia, we stand ready to serve you, the Americans, in our patriotic ways here.
As far as the Muslim protest goes, they've been beheading Christians over there and making fun of Jesus for years.
If we've never gone to the streets, burned and booted, right, it's there.
Just want to say to all Americans, keep the will, keep the faith, and Alex, stay with it, buddy.
All right, I appreciate your call.
Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com.
It was great having you with us.
Thanks for having me.
Talk to you next month.
You bet.
You'll be back with us next month.
A lot to talk about then if we're still here.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.