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Air Date: Feb. 7, 2006
644 lines.
A Russian member of parliament says U.S.
to attack Iran late March.
Muslim riots.
A U.S.
PSYOP aimed at getting EU support for war.
That's our analysis we've been putting out in the last few days.
There's so much evidence showing it.
A top Russian parliamentary leader has told national Russian radio station that an attack on Iran is inevitable and that it will occur on March 28th.
I'm not saying that's going to happen, folks, but certainly they're getting ready for it.
The juggernaut is rolling, as one headline said.
The leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vladimir Zarovsky, who they love to attack, also believes that the Muslim riots were orchestrated by U.S.
I would say elements of our government, to garner European backing for the military strike.
Rhetoric has heated significantly in the past week, with Donald Rumsfeld yesterday warning that a military option was on the table, echoing the comments of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who said the U.S.
was prepared to take military action.
Also, Israeli Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated that Iran would, quote, pay a very high price if the Islamic Republic defiantly resumes full-scale uranium enrichment to build nuclear weapons.
Uh, Zharovosky told the Russian radio station that the war is inevitable because the Americans want this war, that is our elite, and any country claiming that leading a position in the world will need to wage wars, otherwise it will simply not be able to retain its leading position.
The date of the strike is already known.
It is the election day in Israel, March 28th.
It is also known how much the war will cost, he said.
And it goes on.
Commenting on the Muslim riots sweeping the Middle East and Europe, Zarevosky said that the publication of the offensive cartoons was a planned psyop on the part of the U.S.
aimed at provoking a fight between Europe and the Islamic world.
It will end with the European countries thanking the United States and paying and giving soldiers for the war, he continued.
Folks, the flags being served up, when it's a real protest, it's hand-painted flags.
Out in these little dirt villages all over the place, there's all these same-sized, brand-new, shipped-in flags for the day after the protest starts.
And these Imams mail it out with cartoons that weren't even in there.
Made up stuff.
It's all these neocom papers that kept running it and saying we're... saying that we're going to defiantly get in your face and defiantly do all of this.
You know, starting a fight.
Hey, let's have a fight!
And there's clear evidence, takes an hour to go into it, we're about to go to Michael Rivero, that the stuff in France that then spread back in November, that was clearly provocateur and it snowballs.
The intelligence agency started going and then it gets bigger and bigger.
It's a landslide, it's like a mockingbird.
They start it, then other people parrot it.
So of course there are Muslims running around screaming and burning things.
So that's real, and they're playing into the trap.
But it's clear that it was started by intelligence agencies.
Let's go to Michael Rivero, who's joining us to talk about this, and also the Gonzales hearings.
We've got an audio clip coming up where Gonzales says that George Washington had electronic surveillance and surveilled us, and it's as American as George Washington, folks.
So, if you're not for a police state, you're against George Washington.
Michael, it's always great to have you here for your monthly visit.
Thank you for having me on the show, Alex.
You bet, and you've got WhatReallyHappened.com.
We've got a big fat link to it up on InfoWars.com.
But you just heard me going over what this Russian Member of Parliament is saying, mirroring analysis from Kurt Nemo, yourself, myself.
Give us your take on it.
Well, very obviously the United States has already decided they're going to go to war in Iran, much as they had decided for war in Iraq weeks or even months before it was announced to the public at large.
The timing of the attack very clearly aligns with Iran's plan to open an oil bourse, which would trade Iran's oil in Euros.
This, of course, would have a negative effect on the value of the dollar overseas, since it was no longer required to buy petroleum products.
And this, of course, is one of the real issues behind this sudden decision to start invading Middle East countries left and right, because prior to the invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein started trying to negotiate to price the oil in the oil-for-food program based on euros rather than dollars.
And, of course, the U.S.
government sees this as a tremendous threat to our economy, because without that demand for dollars to buy petroleum products, the value of the dollar will fall against all other currencies.
So, very clearly there is a push to go on to war, and this Russian individual definitely has it correct.
There doesn't seem to be really any way to stop it.
Well, let's go back to some now ancient history, though it's now just been revealed last week.
I even said at the time when they were flying all those tornado fighter-bomber flights over targets that didn't matter but heavily defended, remember the quote, softening up, while they were quote, negotiating with Saddam, they had a full-scale bombing campaign.
Imagine they're bombing him, Saddam was laying there taking it, not even shooting back.
I mean, that is amazing, but they openly said then they wanted him to shoot some of the plane down.
So that's old news.
Now we learn they wanted to paint up a bunch of U.S.
spy planes like U.N.
planes, fly them low, get them shot down, get our pilots potentially killed, but they didn't even need that.
They just went on to spy it.
Bush also said in the new White House memo, and they're not denying it, this is admitted,
We're going to have a defector come out and say he saw WMD.
So for anybody that wonders if they manufacture this stuff, Michael, you're an expert on the past provocateuring with Mozadek and 53 with Iran, and they've done this so many other times with the Black Panthers and many others.
Fill us in on how they love to stir stuff up.
Well, it's called a false flag operation and basically it's trying to create some trouble that you blame on the other individual
Certainly that story about the UN plane and contained in that same White House memo was the admission that Bush intended to attack Iraq even if no weapons of mass destruction were found, which of course is ultimately what happened.
But this is nothing new for the government and it's kind of interesting, you were mentioning earlier, these very provocative
Now, let's be clear.
I believe in their First Amendment right to do it, but there have always been cartoons of Muhammad.
You can find hundreds of them, making fun of him.
The West made a point of picking a fight about this.
To add to that, again, we know that these are neocon-based papers, and imagine what Christians would do when there's a sitcom, you know, the book of Daniel, making fun of Jesus, or Jesus Christ, that particular, it was called Jesus Christ something, where Jesus Christ is a homosexual, and there were all the big protests.
You know, Christians get mad at this type of stuff too.
I'm not saying that they don't have the right to print it, it's just people act like it's weird that Muslims get mad about it.
Well, what's very interesting, you know, you're talking about free speech because apparently these same newspapers refused to run similar cartoons depicting Jesus in less... in a positive light.
So very clearly there's a bias being shown here.
But as I was watching this whole situation unfold, it reminded me of something that happened back in the 60s at the height of the conflict over civil rights and the Vietnam War and a disproportional number of black people being sent to serve on the front lines.
And there was this group called the Black Panthers.
Now, later on they became very militant and very fearful.
But when they started out, most people don't remember this, when the Black Panthers started out, their agenda was originally breakfasts for children in the ghettos and local control of the school curriculum.
Now, these are, of course, very benign agendas.
But they were considered very threatening to the government which wanted to control the school agenda to steer kids toward a pro-military choices as they got out of the educational system.
So the Black Panthers were starting to get some support and the FBI
Put out this fake coloring book called the Black Panther Coloring Book and it was spread all over.
It was even mailed to households.
My household, which was like totally white, got one of these in the mail and the news were blaming it all on the Black Panthers.
And then in the 70s, when the COINTELPRO hearings took place, it was revealed that this whole comic book was a creation of the FBI.
Now, the government did the same thing with the militias.
The militias started forming, had some good missions in the early 90s.
The government demonized them, put provocateurs in to try to militarize them, to try to radicalize them.
They want you running around in camo instead of running around in real urban camo, a suit and tie.
They don't want you being mainstream, up front, taking over the system.
They want to intimidate you, lie about you, get you to militarize, so then they can really demonize you and then treat you like a military group they can then attack.
And mostly what they want you to do is get you fighting amongst yourself so that you're not fighting them, which was lying behind the Black Panther coloring book.
And now, of course, we have these cartoons which are creating all kinds of friction between Christians and Muslims.
And the very first result, of course, is that Western people and Christians are less willing than ever
Uh, to listen to, uh, legitimate grievances coming from the Islamic world about how they're being treated.
So, that seems to be the first purpose, uh, behind these cartoons, is to prevent people from listening to each other, to keep up the friction, to keep up the hostilities and the anger, uh, so that this communication can't happen.
Well, it's meant... It's exactly.
It's meant to get Europe on board for the attack on Iran.
I want to add something about the quote, patriot movement.
That's why I call it the truth movement now, and that's why I deal with just the general public, because it is full.
And see, we don't do this.
You go to Infowars.com, you go to PrisonPlanet.com, you go to WhatReallyHappened.com, you don't see people attacking each other.
And even if somebody needs to be attacked, I tend to stay away from it, because so many of them are just disinfo artists.
If they can get us fighting with each other over minutia, they've got the ball game won.
Yeah, absolutely.
And, you know, again, everyone's pushing for this invasion of Iran in March, so it certainly helps if they can get the Muslims, if they can trick the Muslims into behaving in a way that just seems adversarial and destroys any sympathy for the potential targets.
And we saw a lot of the same thing in the run-up of the war, of the invasion of Iraq.
Any way to demonize them, to make them seem less than human, to portray them all as terrorists, in order to justify what was essentially an economically motivated conquest.
And now we know that the Pentagon was running PSYOPs with its Pentagon Office of Strategic Influence domestically and internationally.
We know they premeditated, we have multiple memos from across the Atlantic and here in the U.S.
They don't deny it, that they lied to us on purpose.
And still, some people are going to believe this poison mother's milk that comes down from the government's propaganda ministries.
Michael Rivero is our guest.
A lot of other news coming up as we chronicle the criminal activities of the NWO.
Your call is coming up as well.
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There's a video clip over the top of whatreallyhappened.com.
Of course, we will get a link over to it or get it posted on prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
And I got a chance to watch some of the Gonzales hearings yesterday, and here's my take on it.
They know that we're waking up to spying, so they take the most minimized, little, that seems reasonable portion of a constellation of spying.
You know, they admit the Army's watching gun groups, liberal groups, people handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches protesting Halliburton corruption, people protesting Enron, bike riding groups that want more rights for bike riders, you know, the CIA's with the NYPD.
I mean, it's massive, folks.
So to legitimize it and put some polls out to legitimize spying itself,
They go, oh, it's just the Bin Laden calls, we want to be able to hear him.
Well, of course FISA court doesn't do that.
It already gives them a blank check, so that's a fraud.
So Gonzales gets up and the inspector and all these other people go, oh, this is terrible what you've done, but then later they're going to try to pass an amendment, and I've looked at it, that actually kind of codifies it where it's partially okay.
Because there's already laws that say it's wrong.
We don't need new amendments.
And Michael Rivero's got a clip of Gonzales trying to say, well, this is as American as George Washington.
Michael, why don't you set this clip up for us?
Well, basically it's a clip that just came out of the hearings into the NSA spy scandal.
And of course, Gonzales is trying to justify George Bush's spying on ordinary Americans.
There was no such thing as electronic surveillance in George Washington's era.
Yeah, that's exactly it.
And it's silly to look at on the face and you can say, well, he's under the heat of the investigation.
The first electronic surveillance was in the Civil War with the Telegraph.
But the point is that Gonsalves is just making these broad sweeping statements to excuse away Bush's behavior.
I don't believe he's actually under oath at these hearings.
I'm surprised you didn't say that maybe Jesus did it or something.
Well, could very well be.
But basically he's just trying to say that everybody does it, therefore it's okay for Bush to do it.
And the fact of the matter is that if we are going to be a nation of laws, then the President has to set the example.
And he admittedly broke a whole bunch of them in their felonies.
Let's roll the clip.
Here's Lord Gonzales.
225 years use of the exercise of the power of Commander-in-Chief.
I gave in my opening statement some examples where President Washington
President Lincoln, President Wilson, President Roosevelt have all authorized electronic surveillance on a far broader scale.
Was there any kind of probable cause?
Lincoln too, huh?
Just everyone.
Yeah, he just called all the names for the Magic Charm and said they did it too, therefore Bush is equal with them.
And of course it is a silly statement and even if
All those presidents conducted surveillance, electronic or otherwise, of Americans.
If they did it without a warrant, they were committing a crime.
Oh, I know, they always said... I mean, maybe like if they found a serial killer with 25 bodies in the backyard and he said, well, I killed 25 before.
Why can't I just kill one more?
Yeah, it is.
It's the same thing.
It's still illegal.
It's still a crime.
You know, Bush should be impeached not only for that.
Well, number one, the people doing it are the terrorists.
They carried out the attacks.
So, I mean, that's the foundation.
People are mad about this spying, though.
Do you think it's going to bring them down, or are they just going to use Iran as the next smokescreen, upping the Ponzi scheme?
I think that probably that Bush and his administration are thinking that by the time they get to March and they crank up the war in Iran, they'll be able to play the, you know, we're in the middle of a war, you can't annoy the President with these small little piddling things, and anybody who's trying to bring the President... And then the Iranians hit us with an A-bomb!
After that point, everyone knew that the leader needed to be followed.
Yeah, something like that.
I'm frankly surprised, I'm glad, but I'm also surprised that we didn't see a staged terror attack at the Super Bowl.
Of course, we still have the rest of the Olympics to get through, but Bush and his people may just feel it's not necessary.
They give the orders, the orders are followed, nobody's standing up to them.
Absolutely, and you know I have a feeling it is a little troubling to see
Absolutely, absolutely.
He did focus a little more on domestic policies, I think because
At least among the public, the war has become a real election loser.
But I think it's an indication of how out of control election fraud has become in this country, that Congress and the President don't seem all that concerned about the negative impact that a war in Iran is likely to have on the November elections.
We'll be right back with Michael Rivero.
I'm Alex Jones.
Your calls and a ton of other key news items, straight ahead, PrisonPlanet.tv.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We see this in criminal enterprises, in Ponzi schemes predominantly.
That's a scam where you take people's investments in and you pay off the previous investors and then publicize how much money they made and how great the investment is.
And you build up the pyramid scheme bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.
And then you blow it out and leave town with a huge war chest of goodies.
Of cash.
Of gold.
Of wealth.
And that's what they do.
They leapfrog from criminal activity to criminal activity and then always smoke screen it with some even larger debate and then we have to focus on the new lies for the old.
And by the end of it, we're living in a total police state.
They are setting up a manifest tyranny.
They know you're waking up to it.
That's why they're setting up the police state.
And how many congressmen, like Ron Paul, have we had on?
We've had multiple congressmen on saying the same thing.
How many former Reagan and Bush senior administration officials?
Very conservative have we had on to say, we're going into martial law.
Now we read about Halliburton building emergency FEMA camps, quote, for the illegal aliens and citizens during emergencies.
These are camps.
Halliburton in major newspapers running slave camps in Europe.
I mean, it's so out of control.
It's so horrible that I know a lot of people want to bury their heads in the sand.
I hear ads all the time for bars or restaurants or sporting events that life's tough, the economy's not doing too well, just forget about it all and come have a good time.
And that's okay if you get some R&R, rest and relaxation sometimes.
We've all got to do that.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or at least a cranky boy.
Believe me, I know that first and foremost, but if you're just constantly out, especially doing all these really decadent things, my idea of blowing off steam is going out fishing or something, or for a hike.
It just all falls apart.
We've been in denial for so long, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.
The elite isn't happy to just have a ton of tyranny.
They want to bring in maximum tyranny.
They want it all.
And we're about to go back to Michael Rivero, WhatReallyHappened.com.
Link to him up on InfoWars.com.
And I know we had loaded phones earlier.
I don't even know what the call list is right now.
So in a few minutes, tell the board office just to let me know who's first in line so we can take some calls.
I want to go back to Michael Rivera.
Michael, how do we, from your particular view, how do we navigate this?
That's the first question.
Specific solutions, you think, and then give me your prognosis for the short term and long term, because I do see an awakening happening, but the enemy has the momentum, they have the centralized spires of technological control, they control the parameters, the roads, the banks, the main systems that we kind of just react to,
Are we going to be able to defeat this?
And what will the world look like if the neocons really have their way?
That's a big question.
It's the $64 million question, but can you try to take a stab at it?
Well, I think the answer to any time any tyranny remakes the world in their own image, it's going to be a very stratified society.
There'll be the elite chosen ones at the top with all the wealth and power, and everybody else below will be deliberately maintained in a state of poverty so that they can't quit working for the system.
As far as people waking up, yes, it's starting to happen.
The most important thing they can do is share their concerns with everybody they know, and I believe
This NSA spying was leaked deliberately to intimidate people, to keep them from speaking with their neighbors and friends about what's going on in the country.
I agree, and I think it's backfiring on them.
Yeah, and I think people just need to decide.
There are 288 million Americans, which according to the polls, most of which think Bush lied us into a war in Iraq.
They think the country's headed in the wrong direction.
The government can't watch all of us or listen to all of us at the same time.
So this whole thing about worrying about if your phone is being listened to, it's nonsense.
The best thing you can do is not be afraid.
Go out and talk to people about what's going on.
Because right now we're hitting this moment of inertia.
I think one of the worst things that we're raised with are fairy tales and TV shows and movies where there's always a happy ending, where the cavalry comes in and saves us.
There's always an archetypal hero who does it all for us.
That's right.
There's Batman or Superman comes in or there's a savior.
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Yeah, comes in.
You know, there are no heroes coming in.
If we're going to make this a better country, we, the people, are going to have to do it.
And I think people are coming to that realization.
Because I think back to the history of Romania and the revolution they had.
Two weeks before it happened, anybody looking around would have said, well, the people are perfectly happy, they've accepted their lives as it is, they don't care about the TV cameras on the street corners.
And then what happened to Ceausescu?
That's how fast it all came undone, and I think... Michael, let me stop you.
You're on, obviously, an IP phone.
It sounds great until it breaks up.
The last five seconds didn't come across.
Okay, well then we'll repeat that.
Basically, I think when it happens here in the United States, we're going to see exactly the same rapidity.
It'll be over in about two weeks where everybody will just say, okay, we've hit that
That line.
And I think back to World War II, when Admiral Yamamoto learned that Pearl Harbor had been bombed before the declaration of war was delivered.
And he said, all we've done is awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.
And the American people, those 288 million teachers and doctors and lawyers and caregivers and builders,
Absolutely, they're trying to get the fence built and locked before we can do anything about it, but I think they're playing catch-up at this point.
Oh, they admit their own policy reports.
They're five years behind.
Then Europe threw out EU expansion.
Chavez led the major defeat for at least another four or five years in the American Union.
They're having defeat after defeat after defeat, and they're even saying in policy reports, we've lost control of the universities.
They're not buying our propaganda.
We're losing control of the alternative media.
So they try to rush in to take control of it or to block the Internet.
And at every
It just makes people want the truth even more.
And people need to realize that we're not the bad guys.
So what if they're spying on us?
Which, as you said, you know, the watchers can't watch us all.
And most of the watchers are listening to us and waking up.
We've got the truth.
We're the good guys.
I mean, I get up on air and I say, Dinecore and Hamilton are in the Chicago Tribune with giant child kidnapping rings and they have lobbyists in D.C.
openly protecting them.
And this is mainstream news.
Are you for the child kidnappers?
I mean, it's not that hard, Michael.
We're the good guys.
We definitely are, and we're now the mainstream.
More people are getting their news from alternative radio shows and the internet than they do from the network TV news and newspapers.
Paper newspapers are letting staff go left and right to deal with their decline in circulation.
But in saying what you were saying before about they're playing catch-up,
There's a military term, and it's called the initiative.
It's who has the initiative in a conflict.
And if they're playing catch-up, they've lost the initiative.
And we have more than initiative.
We have the motivation.
It's called survival.
And we have the moral authority.
Yes, absolutely.
We have the moral authority.
And certainly going into Iran,
And Sun Tzu said in Art of War, if you don't have the moral authority, you're not going to win the war.
And we're going into Iran knowing we don't have the moral authority to do so.
You know what the founder, the first Texas Ranger said, Captain Bill McDonald, no man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that is in the right and keeps on a coming.
Yes, absolutely that is true.
And Michael, I've said it.
I'm not going to be a slave to these people.
I'm going to keep coming.
They could have a gun to my head right now, and they could say, renounce freedom, renounce America, renounce decency, renounce, you know, don't stand up for the kids we're kidnapping and raping and killing.
And I'd say, pull the trigger, you bastard!
Isn't it going to be more effective to pull the trigger back in their direction?
No, no, I agree.
I'm just saying people have got to realize this is for all the marbles.
We're dealing with really evil people, Michael, as you know, and we've just got to commit.
We've got to throw in 100%, 110% commit.
We've got to commit to this fight.
You know, that's an old football term that you've got to go 110% or you're going to get hurt.
And I found that in life.
We've got to go 110%.
Your take on that?
Yeah, absolutely, that's true.
This is no place for half measures.
Thomas Paine said much the same thing with his summer soldiers and sunshine patriots.
If you're just there when it's easy to be done, then you're not really helping the situation.
You have to be in there fighting when things are going really, really wrong and really bad.
That's when the effort is needed, and if you're not there making that effort, then you're going to lose.
Well, I remember 12 years ago talking like this, and people thought I was a three-headed monster from Pluto, and now people are waking up, but you're right.
They're waking up, but they're not moving.
They still see you or I or somebody else as a leader.
No, folks, this is everybody doing something, and doing something small that many hands make light work.
Yeah, absolutely.
We're not asking for people to go out and do anything dramatic or illegal.
All we're saying is that the best thing you can be doing is talk to everybody you know about what you're learning.
Talk to your friends, your neighbors, your hairstylist, your dentist, whatever.
Just say, listen, what this country is doing is wrong.
And what you're going to find is a lot of people who are thinking and feeling exactly the same that you are, but they're afraid to speak out because TV news has told them, oh, those people are all alone.
Hardly anybody thinks that.
I'm a big fan of history just like you are, and there's been hundreds and hundreds of cases of where they literally draw the line in the sand and they go, like the Alamo,
You know, we're going to go fight this enemy.
They outnumber us 8 to 1, 10 to 1, or many other historical examples.
And it takes a while.
At first, nobody steps across.
Then that first person does, and another, then another.
Suddenly, everybody steps across.
Somebody's got to hit the barbed wire.
Yeah, absolutely.
But in this case, you know, we're already the majority.
The majority of Americans, according to even the media's polls, the majority of Americans think the government is lying to get us into these wars.
They don't think the country is going in a good direction.
They are opposed to the war.
They see that the Congress and the President very clearly are not representing the will of the people in the handling of foreign policy.
And they're beginning to get concerned because somewhere down the road, if we go into Iraq, there has to be a draft to fill those manpower needs.
And that is when things are really going to start coming unglued, I think, for the neocon war machine.
Well, yeah, let's talk about that and then go to some calls.
A lot of folks are holding there.
Going back, we have this so-called volunteer military, but really they just recruit out of the poor areas where people really don't have any other options or don't think they do.
We know that they've done everything they can to try to exacerbate that, they even say that.
They've set up the draft boards, they've
I think so.
What are they going to do?
Well, obviously, you know, starting a draft before the November elections is definitely going to get the electorate very upset.
But as you said, there is an economic draft in effect, and a lot of people are suggesting that some of the economic hardships that are being felt in this country
...are intentionally caused in order to make the military the only option for people coming out of school, people trying to get out of the ghettos they were brought up in.
The whole economy is shifting over where, oh, there's no scholarship there for you to be a doctor or a teacher or a librarian, but there's a scholarship there for you to go into Homeland Security.
Well, look at it.
They're shifting the economy over, and the same private interests own that, so they're also shifting the purse into their systems.
Yeah, absolutely.
And then, of course, for those people who are already in the military, the government is going through all these little legal loopholes to extend their service.
There are people starting their fifth tour.
Yeah, absolutely.
And that was not the contract that they signed.
But because it's the U.S.
government, the government can change the contract, you know, with the presidential fiat, and these people are still stuck in Iraq.
There was one story that came through today that just absolutely floored me, of a soldier who was wounded in Iraq, and while he was being cared for, they took off his body armor and lost track of it.
So he's getting out of the army because he's permanently wounded and can't serve anymore.
And the Army bills him for the missing body armor, which didn't even protect him in the first place, and they're making him pay $700.
That's right.
There's this big scammer who admittedly sold and made hundreds of millions of dollars, sold defective body armor to him.
Well, you know, they pay $4 a meal when they're at Rammstein in the hospital.
They make men with their legs and arms blown off pay for their meals.
That's never before been done.
Yeah, it is absolutely shameful the way, you know, you figure that at the very least, these kids in uniform, you have to respect them for walking their talk, for having the courage of their commitments, for keeping their words.
They're very wonderful people and at the very least you should treat them with the respect and the care that they deserve for having stepped out there.
Even if you don't agree with the war, you have to support those troops, and this is not supporting the troops to make them pay for missing the war.
Oh yeah, and they're also quite supporting the troops by keeping them in a bad position.
It's a fraud.
No, you support them by taking them back.
When I was out in Crawford, when Sheehan was out there, I would talk to these neocons, and they were all defense contractors, former military, all of them.
And they were like brain-dead.
I'd say, well, they're doing this, and they wouldn't even deny that, and they just said, well, we're supporting them.
But supporting them means not really caring about the troops.
It means just forgetting them.
Yeah, I've seen a lot of people claiming we support the troops.
What they support is they support the war, and they're trying to map that onto the troops.
But you don't support the troops by sending them out for trivial reasons, for personal gain.
You don't put them in harm's way for reasons that are completely alien to the concept of defending the national security.
Well, I mean, that would be like if somebody signed up to be a firefighter, and you told them, no, I'm gonna, you know, make you go, you know, dig ditches at my private business.
I mean, it's a fraud.
Yeah, it absolutely is, and it is a terrible misuse of our kids.
And if we owe anything to these soldiers in uniform, it is that we do not risk their life and their safety for trivial, uh, you know, causes.
Remember when the Pentagon said that we're going to have a Pentagon betting service on how many troops will die?
Yeah, I remember seeing that one, and the other one that caught my eye this last week is the Pentagon is now setting up a service to guide soldiers in the correct selection of a future bride, or future spouse, rather.
Yeah, one who will submit to the military's brainwashing.
Let me ask you a question.
Why do you think the neocons are so arrogant?
I mean, the tires are blowing out on the military.
They're bald, the metal's showing, the radio is showing.
Why do the globalists just think this can go on forever?
Well, I think, first of all, they obviously don't care what the costs and consequences of the wars are going to be.
They feel they're serving a higher purpose.
I think in a lot of cases, they may actually be unaware of what the realities are on the ground, because underneath these people at the top, you've got all these mid-managers whose job it is to provide isolation.
They don't want the superiors to get angry or to give up hope.
They're called yes-men.
Let's take a call.
Who's first up here in line?
Bill and KC, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Oh, hi Alex.
I'm a first-time caller, but I really appreciate what you're doing.
You're so bold.
It inspires me a lot.
It makes me think of Revelation 3.9.
It says that God will make the people that say that they're Jews, but they're not Jews.
He'll make them the synagogue of Satan.
So those people over there, if you look at Revelation 3.9, you'll see that that's what it says.
Well, there are people in control of Israel that could care less about Israel.
You know, you can't do news reports criticizing the government over there.
You get arrested, folks.
And most of the people in Israel now in the polls, what is it, 60%?
They're like Americans.
They don't like it either.
And so there is a, just like every other country, a group in control over there that does not have their own people's best interest at heart.
Yeah, absolutely.
We're looking at world events that are orchestrated by corrupt, greedy individuals who just see the world as a giant playset to play a game on, and whoever gets the most goodies wins.
And very clearly, you know, they are immune to the suffering that their little game causes, and they don't represent the will of the people.
You cannot blame all Americans for the crimes of Bush and the CIA.
You cannot blame all the world's Jewish people for the crimes of the Mossad.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
We've got a break.
Stay with us.
More calls.
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Alright, welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
We don't need any thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
So many people think they're part of this power structure when it's actually using them.
And it's time for them to wake up that they're being treated like a bunch of idiots.
Michael Rivero has been joining us today.
We're almost out of time.
I'm going to take a few final calls from Cliff, Jim, and Dan if we have time.
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It's a great website.
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Prison Planet!
Thank you.
Yes, same here.
Michael is a very astute researcher.
That's what I was going to tell you before.
I've been hanging on a long time about the oil.
He's saying that they're going to change to the Euro.
They're filing for it now, the same as Saddam.
It was trying to do, and that's why they're going to take Iran out, because it will destroy America's economy.
And the question is for Michael, why are they so bold in Iran?
I mean, they know this is going to get them attacked.
Oh, you bet they are.
Yeah, I think Iran is looking at the struggle the U.S.
is dealing with in Iraq and realizing that Iran could win a prolonged guerrilla war on their own territory.
And, yeah, they're acting like they know that they could do another Vietnam on us.
That's very correct, and I'd like to make one last comment about CPS, Alex.
Okay, I call it Child Pornography Services because that's about what they are.
I help two families, one in Arizona and also one in California, get their kids back.
By investigating Child Protective Services, and you wouldn't believe what I found out.
Sir, I know.
We've exposed it, and we're going to try to help the lady that called earlier get her kids back there in New York.
Thanks for the call.
Jim in Wisconsin.
Go ahead, Jim.
You're on the air.
Uh, yeah.
The same thing I'm talking about.
Uh, above the lady, where the children were taken, above your signature, all official forms from now on, write down Ed Arms Links.
That is American common law.
And you get the information by calling these two numbers.
Well, sir, I can't just in the last 30 seconds of the show give numbers out.
Send it to me.
Thanks for the call.
We're going to try to help that lady.
We get these calls every day.
And it's been all over the news how horrible it is.
And they have federal bounties to grab people's kids.
And they always twist their arm into signing the kids over.
And parents shouldn't do that.
Michael, you want to take a stab at that?
Yeah, I got involved with the same situation out in California about 10 years ago when there were some hideous abuses involving the San Diego Child Protective Services which wound up in a class action lawsuit and the entire department was shut down for violating the constitutional rights of parents.
So, yeah, it is an ongoing problem.
And, you know, when you have an organization where they get more money the more children they have, yeah, they're going to go out and find ways to acquire more children.
The good news is their turnover, I've seen news articles about it, it's gone from a third every year to over half.
Most of these people aren't that evil, so they can't do it, they quit.
Yeah, they get burned out real quick.
Yeah, I mean, when something's got half a turnover, even though it's 50 grand a year, I mean, you know it's bad.
Dan, quickly in Texas, you're our tail gunner.
30 seconds, hit us.
Okay, Alex, I just wanted you to know as a militia, we stand ready to serve you, the Americans, in our patriotic ways here.
As far as the Muslim protest goes, they've been beheading Christians over there and making fun of Jesus for years, yet we've never gone to the streets, burned and looted, rioted there.
I just want to say to all Americans, keep the will, keep the faith, and Alex,
Stay with it, buddy.