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Air Date: Feb. 3, 2006
2320 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Already Friday, the third day of February, 2006.
And I've been waiting for this day since last week when we set Sully Costello up for the broadcast.
He'll be with us coming up in about 30 minutes throughout the balance of this transmission against tyranny today.
Highly decorated Vietnam Army sniper, of course, highest level DEA agent in Latin America, a police officer before that, and an eyewitness to massive government-controlled narcotics trafficking.
The war on drugs internationally is against anyone who is growing drugs, purifying drugs, shipping drugs into the Western world and not paying their cut into the big banks and the CIA and others.
And he's an eyewitness to all of it, one of many agents, former agents, who bravely come forward, who we've had on the broadcast.
But he probably has more information and more eyewitness information
I think we're good to go.
And he, of course, a big lawyer working inside the government, and they have all the documents for Bush and Blair.
This dwarfs the Downing Street Memo, where they're talking about, oh, yeah, we've got to make up intelligence to attack Iraq because the U.S.
is going in regardless, the year before, of course, the invasion of March of 2003.
This is Bush and Blair, the minutes of the meeting, where they're in there talking about how, well, we can stage a WMD meeting,
Capture or find.
We can have a quote informant come out and have them lie and say they found them.
We can paint one of our spy planes up like a UN plane and try to fly it low and get Saddam to shoot it down or shoot at it and then claim that Saddam's attacking the United Nations.
Again, we're not taking sides here with Saddam Hussein.
We're just covering the news and the facts.
Problem, reaction, solution, yet again, showing you how unbelievably criminal this administration is.
An administration that every day...
He's announcing that they have dictator powers, that they don't even have to follow the law.
That, oh, if you strike down the Patriot Act, I'll just enforce it when there's not even a law.
Or, I'm allowed to order the torture of people even if it is against the law.
And now I'm glad to say everybody is starting to talk about that this administration is openly announcing that it's a dictatorship.
It's unbelievable.
And I'm telling you why they're so arrogant.
Why they're announcing it all now.
Why, no matter how crazy it sounds, they're pushing it.
Because the globalists, I'm more sure than ever, are going to carry out terror attacks in this country.
And then say, see, you wouldn't let us take all your rights.
So the terrorists hit again.
And now we're really going to take over.
And it's for your own good.
So just shut up.
You can really see how they're setting it up.
And if we don't expose who's behind the terror...
I think?
We're good to go.
And many other governments have staged terror attacks to enslave their populations, and our government is doing it right now.
And I shouldn't even say it's our government.
It is a criminal cabal, a junta, a putsch that has taken over.
And I even had Paul Craig Roberts on yesterday, number two, Department of Treasury, Reagan administration, one of the most prominent conservatives in America, real conservatives.
And he said, without me even prompting him, he said, you know, 9-11's the foundation.
What makes us think the story we heard about 9-11 is true when all the government does is lie to us?
Well, we know the story of 9-11 isn't true.
Alright, tons of news coming up.
It's all super important.
We'll tell you about the latest problem reaction solution with Bush and Blair on the other side.
Strap yourselves in.
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All right.
The huge whistleblower, Stella Costello...
Army sniper, highly decorated Vietnam, police officer, police detective, DEA agent, highest level DEA agent in control of the operations, counter-drug operations, for all of Latin America, who learned that our government was dealing the drugs, controlling the drug dealers, deciding who went down and who stayed in power, and engaging in mass murder.
And one of the dark lords of all of this is John Negroponte, who is now the head of, quote, all intelligence, or the Heinrich Himmler.
We're good to go.
And then forcing you through hubs which track and trace you and where there's no free speech and where you literally can't even type things that are anti-government or anti-Rupert Murdoch.
It will self-censor.
You think China's bad just telling Google to block some things, thousands of things, partying, jokes, sex, Falun Gong, Tiananmen Square.
Anti-communist material.
In America, it's going to be the companies themselves doing it, and you won't even be able to type things on websites or on different news groups that they don't agree with.
It's all pre-programmed.
And of course, MySpace has already begun this.
It's been announced the last few weeks that it won't let you post anti-Rupert Murdoch or anti-Fox stuff on it, or it won't let you promote any of their business competitors, or in some cases, write bad reviews of them.
People trying to go in and do that on their own little webpages on MySpace are being restricted.
It just won't let you type it with that AI, artificial intelligence technology.
There it is, right there.
You think, again, you think China's bad, and it is bad.
Here it is in our own backyard, even worse.
Even worse, and the average person isn't even aware of it.
It's a minor footnote in a few tech publications that MySpace is doing this.
38 million members.
Only bought, what, six months ago by News Corp.
News Corp.
The parent company, of course, Ripper Murdoch, for Fox Television and the rest of it.
So there it is in your face.
And so later, if I have time, I may not, but this is up on prisonplanet.com.
It's a big article, and it goes through everything we've told you, how they're going to do it, and it's not around the bend.
It's starting now.
Let's read the first paragraph.
The nation's largest telephone and cable companies are crafting an alarming set of strategies that would transform the free, open, and non-discriminatory Internet of today to a privately run and branded service that would charge a fee for virtually everything we do online.
And then it gets into controlling content as well.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is what they're announcing.
On top of all of that, they're going to control what information you can post and what you can do.
Let's say you're going to have a website.
It'll be a subdomain of UT, University of Texas, which is part of it.
Or it'll be a subdomain, say, of Ford.
Select companies and then select public-private partnerships again.
Select universities and select, quote, government agencies.
You will then have to go to them to get a subdomain.
So it would be like University of Texas slash UT Texas at Austin forward slash Alex Jones forward slash InfoWars.
And then you sign an agreement, and if they don't like anything you're doing, sorry, you can't be on there.
They're announcing this.
Do you understand?
They're going to do it.
It's just like the real world toll roads.
I was listening to Jerry Brownfield this morning, and they had a state rep on from Indiana who was talking about how Centro, the big Spanish company with Juan Carlos owning part of it, king of Spain, is just going to be given one of their roads for 75 years for a pittance of money.
$3.5 billion, and in the first decade, it's going to be worth tens of billions, and in 75 years, hundreds of billions.
He was going over the numbers.
Again, they just come in and buy off the roads.
It isn't, quote, privatization where they build a new road and then if you want to use it, you get charged.
Or if they want to build a road, they've got to buy the land from you.
Oh, no.
The government comes and steals your land, doesn't even pay you for it in many cases.
Then they give it to these people.
The government builds the road and then hands it over to them.
You know what's happened?
I'm already ranting and I've got a guest coming up and I've got all this news to cover.
Blair war provocation memo sends warning to Iran.
And to make a long story short, we've got a guest coming on in the third hour about this.
It's just mainstream news, not even denied.
In a Bush-Blair meeting that there's transcripts of, we have the exact quotes, and we have one of the top lawyers coming on to talk about this in the third hour.
They just said we can paint up an American plane that looked like a UN plane, fly it low and try to get Saddam to shoot it down.
Problem, reaction, solution.
And what's really hidden in this article that no one's really paying attention to is Bush says, well, we're going to have an informant or somebody come out and lie about WMDs and put out a fake report.
You see, they didn't just say they were WMDs and then were mistaken.
They lied the whole time by design.
In fact, the Downing Street memo showed that, but this is even more glaring.
This is even more sterling.
So, that's coming up.
Right now, I want to air a clip of Bush.
Just about, what, six months ago, on C-SPAN, and there's a whole bunch of these quotes, we don't have time to air them all, where he says, don't worry, the Patriot Act, we still gotta have a warrant, we're not spying on you.
And then he gets caught, and then he says, no, no, no, I don't need a warrant.
But go ahead and roll that first clip.
Our country must also remain on the offensive against terrorism here at home.
The enemy has not lost the desire or capability to attack us.
Fortunately, this nation has superb professionals in law enforcement, intelligence, the military, and homeland security.
That's good.
That's, again, Bush from the State of the Union.
The clip I want to play is the Bush line, the clip I sent you today.
Let's go ahead and roll that.
That was Bush, what, three days ago, Tuesday night.
This is Bush six months ago.
Now remember, he said that they don't need warrants now, they never needed them, and it doesn't matter.
It's a violation of federal law.
He's above the law.
But here he is lying to you six months ago.
Here it is.
I'm not a lawyer.
So it's kind of hard for me to get bogged down in the law.
I'm not going to play like one either.
So the first thing I want you to think about is when you hear Patriot Act, is that we changed the law and bureaucratic mindset to allow for the sharing of information.
It's vital.
And others will describe what that means.
Secondly, there are such things as roving wiretaps.
Now, by the way, any time you hear the United States government talking about wiretap, a wiretap requires a court order.
Nothing has changed, by the way.
When we're talking about chasing down terrorists, we're talking about getting a court order before we do so.
It's important for our fellow citizens to understand, when you think Patriot Act, constitutional guarantees are in place when it comes to doing what is necessary to protect our homeland because we value the Constitution.
So with court order, law enforcement officials can now use
Okay, so we'll air more of that later.
But notice, the Patriot Act didn't authorize the roving wiretaps.
That was already in place and being done for decades.
So that's number one lie.
Number two lie is he says we're not doing anything without court orders or warrants.
We all know that's a lie, and we know that he had had big debates in the White House, and Colin Powell had said you could fall because of this, this is illegal, and Bush had said no, we're going to do it, I don't care, I'm above the law.
So we know he knows that he's lying when he said that.
Now he says I'm not going to wait to get a warrant to catch bin Laden if he's calling America, and everybody goes wait a minute.
It's 72 hours.
72 hours after you do any wiretap or any warrantless search you want, then you've got to go to the FISA court.
And by the way, people keep saying, Alex, you said a month.
They can go to the FISA court after 72 hours and just say, ongoing investigation, and then a 20-plus day, what is it, 29-day extension is added.
On the 30th day, they've got to be back in there and then tell them, supposedly, at least something about the case.
So it really is 30 days.
So he gets up and says, if your pregnant wife's going into labor, we've all heard this, and driving to the hospital, do you call the judge first?
No, I'm going to protect you now.
Well, that's a bald-faced lie, too.
It's like the head of the NSA last week on the National Press Club saying, the reporter says, hey, the Fourth Amendment says probable cause.
And the head of the NSA goes, no, it doesn't.
Does not say that.
Does not.
Says, reasonable searches, and we're reasonably searching you without warrants.
Does not.
But the Fourth Amendment does say probable cause in a warrant with people swearing to what they've seen and what the government's specifically looking for.
And they're only allowed to seize while they're there what they're looking for.
Because the founders knew that government's more dangerous than any street-level thug.
And better a thousand of them go free than we get a tyrannical government.
It's really that simple, and just the average American, though, hears all this talk about, don't worry, we're protecting the Constitution.
Well, they don't know what the Constitution is, so Bush can be burning it, shredding it, spitting on it, using it as toilet paper, and the average person doesn't even know what the Constitution is, so how do they recognize that?
It is unbelievable.
But we just showed you, what, three or four lies right there?
I mean, how many lies until you start to not trust these people?
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I said I'd air the audio of this little George Landia, Greater George Landia cartoon we've got up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
I said I'd do it yesterday.
I never did.
So here it is right now.
It's part and parcel.
I mean, really, it isn't even a joke.
This is seriously what's happening.
Go ahead and roll it.
Greater George Landia.
By the power vested in me, by myself and I, I can do whatever the heck I want.
I can spy on my subjects.
Right here in Greater Georglandia.
Power to the peephole!
I can start wars whenever I want to.
I'm the Emperor-in-Chief, remember?
God told me so.
I can lock people away in secret prisons and not even charge them with a crime.
The Emperor decides who is an enemy combatant.
I can agree not to torture.
I can do whatever the heck I want.
Just kidding.
Thanks to my clever signing statement.
And I can put Alito the Loyal on the court.
He supports my quest for a strong Greater Georglandia.
Now look, 200 years is plenty long for a constitution.
It's time we said out with the old and in with the older.
I came, I saw, I did whatever the heck I wanted.
Well, yes, greater George-landia.
And that's exactly now what we have in this country.
And coming up in the third hour, Bush-Blair war provocation memo since warning to Iran.
Today's revelations that Tony Blair and George W. Bush...
Debated staging an act of provocation to goad Saddam Hussein into war sends a very clear warning as to how a pretext for a conflict with Iran could be manufactured.
It was reported today that Bush and Blair's 31st January White House meeting was a rubber stamp on the decision to go to war.
Irrespective of whether the connotations had passed a new resolution authorizing the use of force.
However, this isn't the story.
As far back as 99, there have even been elected... George W. Bush told his biographer before he was even elected that he thought it was his political destiny to invade Iraq.
We have hyperlinks to all of that.
The real story here is that Bush proposed flying a U-2...
Spy plane over Iraq and painting it with UN colors, therefore goading Saddam to order the aircraft to be fired upon and resulting in a widespread UN mandate for the war.
Again, people always ask, why would the government blow up its own vehicles?
Why would it bomb its own buildings?
Why would it try to get foreign governments to attack it as a pretext to go to war?
You see, this is like the Gulf of Tonkin.
Now declassified, now admitted.
We have the LBJ tapes.
The CIA admits it.
It's now 100% admitted.
They staged it.
Our ships went in there, and I should say globalist ships, went in there, ships we paid for, though, attacked the North Vietnamese in that peninsula.
They were smart enough not to fire back, and even said in their papers that, hey, they were trying to get us to attack them to start the war.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They go into Bush, let me just find the quotes here, saying that we can have, quote, informant, a defector come out and say that he saw the WMDs.
And now they're just doing that retroactively with this former Iraqi general out saying that.
But here's Bush saying, lie.
We're going to lie and say that our witnesses have seen WMDs, not just that we think they're there, know they're there, but know that we've seen them, and we can stage this with an airplane.
But none of that was needed.
And then, of course, for months, what was it, three months before the main invasion, U.S.
and British warplanes bombed all over Iraq, quote, getting ready for the main invasion.
Imagine, and Iraq just laid there while their airports and their bases, especially on the border with Syria, were bombed.
Remember that?
Imagine the country just lays there while it's being bombed.
Just laying there.
Look at the evil Iraqis.
You aren't taking that bomb right.
Smile and thank me for it.
Here's a 2,000 pound bomb.
Look at them.
They didn't come out and line their children up with a bomb to fall on them.
That's Al-Qaeda.
That's a WMD when they hide in shelters.
And you're hearing the same thing today.
If we attack Iran, why, they're saying they're going to fight back.
Have you ever heard of such insanity?
Man, they're barbarous.
Those barbarians, when we bomb them, they're saying they may fight back.
That is the most greatest evil I've ever heard of in my lifetime.
This is absolutely despicable.
Imagine someone, when you bomb them, fighting back!
These people are beasts!
These people aren't even human!
They're vicious!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, Stella Costello joins us in studio, and I've interviewed him many times, probably ten times over the phone.
He's a fellow Texan.
There's so many great Texans involved in the fight against corruption and the New World Order.
I'm proud of that.
And I read his book about four years ago, and I mean, you want something that's definitive proof of government-sponsored...
We're good to go.
Selly just brought us 200 of these today in his truck, and so we've now got them right here at the InfoWars Hacienda, right here at the InfoWars bookstore and video store online for you at InfoWars.com.
And we also have links to Selly's powerful website.
Thank you for having me.
Thank you, sir.
You bet.
Listen, I know you don't want to talk about yourself.
Every time I try to get you to introduce yourself, you really just kind of glaze over it.
But I want you, for the radio audience and for the TV audience who will be watching this in the near future, spend about five minutes.
I mean, tell us, because it's important about your upbringing, your integrity, all the different positions you were in.
I mean, I really respect your amount of experience.
And then being inside that situation,
And going against all that peer pressure and really defending America more today than I think you ever did in the past.
So, Sully, tell us about Sully Costello and your life.
Well, first of all, I do come from a very patriotic family, third generation here in the United States.
My father's a World War II veteran, and as the only son to show how patriotic we were, he instructed me to...
Going to the military, and of course that was devastating for my mom because how can you send our only son into war?
And I went into Vietnam and served my country proudly and came back, went to school, graduated, became a police officer.
And, you know, I was educated very highly on what it took to be a patriot.
And I continued to serve my country by being a police officer, detective sergeant.
And in 1979, one of the very few Latino agents was hired by the DEA.
And, of course, my first assignment was New York City.
And after doing four years in New York City, I was assigned to Central and South America, where I got involved in searching and destroying missions on coca fields and marijuana plantations, opium plantations, and so forth.
And it was an eradication program we had going up there.
But let's see.
You're just glazing over all this.
Let's go back to your sniper activity in Vietnam.
My last couple of few months in Vietnam, I was...
I was volunteered to be a sniper in Vietnam and I got on the job training in Vietnam and we would go out there into Laos and Cambodia and do some sniping for our unit and basically a lot of people think that back in 1971 was almost the close of the war and it wasn't because we were very few that were left in there and we were trying to do as much as we could with what little we had.
Kind of a rear guard?
I was an infantry sergeant.
I had my own squad going out there and doing all kinds of covert operations.
I became a sniper and I was trained there and went straight into doing some covert operations for my unit in Cambodia.
So with that experience and also your high test scores, you moved up quickly once you became a police officer.
Then you became a DEA officer and went right into, as you said, search and destroy missions there.
Tell us about that.
Well, basically what happened, the DEA at that time had an operation called Operation Snowcap.
And it was like paramilitary agents, DEA agents, going out there training basically the death squads.
And we used those Sasquatch to go out there and fight the so-called narco-terrorist units cells that were in the jungles of South America and Central America.
When did you start, and of course you've met George Bush, you've met all these people.
I mean, tell us specifically how high you rose in the DEA, and then let's go through your awakening when you really started to see the government control of the narcotics trade.
Well, basically it was when we started training the death squads.
I realized that there was something wrong with...
What we were doing, and I was in denial at the beginning, and secondly, I was trying to justify what they were doing.
And, you know, all my life I wanted to be a drug agent, and, you know, when I left Vietnam, I promised myself that if I did survive that war, I would be a federal drug agent, which I did.
But when I came to Central America and South America, I realized for the first time that I came into contradictions on my assignment.
And basically, we turned out to be the bad guys.
We were actually the guys who were getting away with murder.
And we were out there training dead squads instead of fighting the so-called war on drugs.
And it was in Salvador, Guatemala, when I finally realized that the United States government was heavily involved in drug trafficking.
And it was in January of 1986 where I met George Bush Sr.
at the cocktail party at the Ambassador's Restaurant and another Cuban by the name of Piedra.
Who was a Cuban fighter, you know, fighting against Cuba.
And at that time, they brought in a lot of Cubans from the Miami area to help set up covert operations into Central America.
And that's when I told George Bush myself that, you know, he came up to me and asked me what was my assignment in Central America.
And I basically told him that I was the one that was covering El Salvador and that we had received a lot of reliable information that the contras themselves were heavily involved in drug trafficking at Ilopango Airport.
And I mentioned I met Felix Rodriguez and Oliver North and so forth.
He just smiled, shook my hand, and walked away from me.
So I knew then and there that my government was complicit in drug trafficking.
So, I mean, it's your chance.
You're getting to talk to, I guess, Vice President at that time.
Yes, he was Vice President at that time.
So, I mean, here you are, this high-level DEA officer, the head of those operations, interfacing with the military for Latin America, and you've got this chance to talk to George Bush.
Senior and right out of the gate.
You bring this up to him and he just smiles and walks off.
That confirmed to me that my government was involved in these atrocities and the second confirmation was that later that afternoon he met with George Bush and Negroponte and the other guys that came in from the surrounding areas and they met at the third floor of the U.S.
Embassy that's known as the Bubble.
And they were discussing the Iran-Contra operations and drug smuggling and so forth.
And the reason I know that is because there was a colonel, a U.S.
colonel by the name of George Hooker, who told me exactly what the meeting was all about.
So, tell us what year that was, because then you began to learn more and more.
Things started to accelerate.
Yeah, it was 80... I got into Central America and South America in 84.
And in 86, I met Bush.
In 87, I was still running operations.
After 1991, I was there for close to five years, a little bit more than five years, and I saw all the atrocities, all the training.
We brought in the mercenaries.
For example, we brought in mercenaries from Venezuela.
They all worked for the contract labor for the CIA, and they were the ones that were killing a lot of the people and getting involved in setting up...
Spent operations on killing people and blaming it on the guerrillas and so forth.
Now, it's a problem, reaction, solution.
You do something bad and blame it on someone.
That's right.
And one of the incidents was in 1989 where the Jesuit priests were murdered.
Three of them and three of the ladies, the nuns, and a couple of kids.
And they went in there and they massacred those people.
And then they turn around and blame it on the FMLN.
The guerrilla group.
And the only reason he was exposed was that there was an American advisor with him in the group that couldn't live with himself and came into the United States and told the whole story.
And wrote the story on who actually did the murders.
And I was, myself, part of the plan who met at the Sharrington Hotel
The Sheraton Hotel and one of the captains that was involved in the murders set up the whole blueprint of how they were going to do it.
So when did you learn of that?
Well, I learned it because when I went to Salvador, I would always meet with them because they were supposed to be our counterparts from the Advocat, the Special Forces Salvadorian.
They were very well known to go out there and kill a lot of people.
And there was a special unit that was trained by our special forces from Delta Force to the A-Team that went in there and they trained those people on how to go out there and kill counterintelligence units and so forth.
And to be clear, because I've studied this, obviously I didn't live it like you have, but I've interviewed a lot of other folks who were there, and they've mirrored what you're saying, just from different perspectives and angles, that most of the time it wasn't even really killing their so-called enemies.
They would a lot of times just go kill innocent people, kill little kids, and go, oh look, the terrorists did this.
Especially every time the funding came up with Congress to try to...
Did you ever talk to these guys and go, how do you kill, say, how do you slit a little five-year-old boy's throat?
You know, I did that.
Believe it or not, I asked an agency agent by the name of Randy Capster.
He says, how can you guys, you know, do this and get away?
He says, look, we own these third world countries.
We elect the presidents.
No, but I mean, it's like Project Gladio.
They admit, and it's an army field training manual, kill kids.
That really will make the people get mad.
How do you go blow up a school bus with little kids?
How do you take a little five-year-old and slit their throat as they're jerking in your arms?
And their thing was business as usual in Central and South America.
It's just killing little kids.
We've been doing business like this for many, many years, and nobody...
But I'm talking about their souls.
No, their souls.
They've gone beyond the point of return.
You can see it in their eyes.
You know, we had one guy that was in there for 10 years at Guardia Hacienda Billy.
That's all he did.
Ran counterintelligence and went out there on covert operations and killed a whole bunch of innocent people.
You know, that makes me angry.
It doesn't even make me scared.
They've got armies of these bloodthirsty killers and now one of their captains is running most of our government.
It makes me get so angry to know that they've set up this system and they're so arrogant.
I think they're always going to get away with it.
I want to fast forward.
You told me a year and a half ago on this broadcast...
And the transcripts are up there.
The audio is up there.
You said they're hiring Latin American death squads, the commanders or the low-level men from 20 years ago, 15 years ago, and they're making them captains and sending them to Iraq.
And I thought, well, Sally always tells the truth.
We're good to go.
I think?
In a debate with Professor Castle up in Chicago, and we had the professor on, we even have the audio of it, he says, you wrote in memos, White House memos, that you can order the torture of children in front of their parents.
And, John, you said, yes, we can do that.
Now they're admitting they torture children.
I mean, what?
Well, you know, the sad thing about it, when Miguel Aponte was the ambassador in Honduras and in El Salvador, and as you know right now, El Salvador is the only Latin American country that's got troops in Iraq.
Now, the guy who was in charge of the death squad in El Salvador was a U.S.
colonel named James Steele.
He was an officer's officer.
He's the one that set up the whole Operation Phoenix Blueprints in El Salvador.
And now, Colonel Steele is in Iraq running the commandos.
With the Salvadorian military that's up there now.
So it's the same blueprint that they used in Vietnam.
They brought it into Guatemala, Salvador, and it worked perfectly.
Now they're taking it into Iraq where they're going to implement the same tactics that they used in Guatemala.
And it's commandos going out there killing people.
What has changed, though?
Because back in the 70s and 80s, they would deny all this.
Now, John Yoo, who was the counterpart of Alberto Gonzalez, who also wrote memos similar to this, saying Bush is above the law.
But Yoo went further than Gonzalez.
He said, we can commit genocide.
This is in the memo.
And this is public.
This is in the newspaper.
We covered it last week.
They said, we can, quote, torture small children in front of their parents and crush their... I don't want to say it.
Their genitalia in front of them.
I mean...
They should all be arrested right now.
What does that say about them that they're now announcing it openly?
Well, they're admitting that what happened ten years ago.
And the sad thing about it that I remember when Bush Jr.
came into being president, he denied the National Archives to release the documents at the time period that Reagan and Bush were involved in Central America.
And the reason they're being sealed right now is because he won't release them even though Congress has passed a law that says you've got to release all documents after 10 years.
And he will not release him because it's going to implicate his father and Reagan involving in drug trafficking and all these atrocities.
Well, I want to personalize this.
When they would kill little kids in different villages and then leave their bodies laying out saying that other people have done it, now again the documents are out, the witnesses are there, it's admitted that it was the death squads doing it.
I mean, what would they specifically... I mean, I know they'd shoot them, they'd stab them.
I mean, would they do the stuff that John Hughes is talking about?
Would they torture the kids in front of the parents?
And, you know, it's so familiar because I see it today on the drug war where agents will go up there and they can't find anything on the main guy, so they use the wife or the kids to arrest them and try to get the father to commit that he was involved in drug trafficking.
They said in Iraq that they're kidnapping whole villages of women and children, and they make the men come in and admit they're terrorists.
Oh, it's
And they're using the family to get back to the sympathizers, I guess.
That's pure mafia terrorists.
That's organized, that's racketeering, organized crime.
I mean, you can tell these people have conspired to genocide a whole group of people up there.
I want to get more into the drug dealing, more into your amazing book, Powder Burns, Cocaine Conquers, and the Drug War.
I must have.
But to the police officers listening right now, to the CIA people, because they call me, I get emails, most of them are on our side now.
To everybody out there listening, what do you want to say to them about what they've got to do to stop this?
Because it's clear that they're meaning to do all this here in America.
And you said that a year and a half ago on this show, and now I have the Houston Chronicle saying,
Where they're reporting that Halliburton's going to run camps in America.
And they're getting away with it.
The martial law will probably kick in in a few years or so.
But police officers, you're going to realize that violating civil rights...
Under the Fourth Amendment and the search and seizure where you can stop a vehicle and if the guy doesn't give you permission to search a vehicle, then you call the K-9s to come and do your job.
That's illegal.
That's profiling.
And you can't be doing that.
What's going to happen, most citizens now are going to file civil suits against police departments.
They're going to lose a lot of money.
And a lot of police officers think that they can get away.
Well, they're going to sue the department.
No, they will sue you individually.
And they will take your retirement, they will take whatever you have, monetary values, and the courts we're going to rule.
And the President of the United States at one time said, you know, racial profile is illegal in this country.
Well, more than even just racial profiling, you mentioned martial law.
I mean, let's say the same group of criminals sets off an A-bomb in a city and then says, we've got to have martial law to keep you safe.
When we get back, I mean, I want to hear you specifically give the police your take on what they should do when they're asked to do unconstitutional things, criminal things like they ask you to do.
And you said no, Sally Costello is our guest.
We've got so much to talk about with him today.
There's a lot of new information he's posted on his website today.
A lot of new stuff that he hasn't really talked about in the past that he's now going to go public with.
So this is going to be some groundbreaking info.
You'll want to stay with us.
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All right, my friends, we're here back live with our guest, Sully Castillo.
He's been with us for the entire broadcast today.
Now, another two hours.
Even in the third hour, we have a guest coming on who broke the big news over on national television yesterday from inside the government about Bush and, of course, Blair thinking of ways to provoke a terrorist, Saddam, into doing something so they could invade.
And then Bush also in the memos.
Snickers and laughs and talks about how they can just have some of their quote defectors lie and say that they found WMDs.
I mean, just right there, lying again.
Sally, you've been studying this for a long, long time.
It just seems like the same crew has gotten away with so much stuff all over the world that now they think they can get away with it here.
And you've talked a lot about that in the past.
Can you speak to that now?
Yeah, basically the same crew.
If you look at Elliot Abrams, Negro Ponte, Oliver North, all those people are the same people that are still working at the White House.
Abrams is in charge of the Middle East now.
And, you know, he was convicted.
So was Oliver North, convicted felon and so forth.
But the same crew, and I call them the same terrorist cell that was back in the 80s.
They were in Vietnam.
Remember that?
Going back to Vietnam where Felix Rodriguez and Oliver North were.
And they came into Central America, and from Central America now they're in Iraq.
And they're continuing to conduct these atrocities.
But George Bush is a good Christian man, and Oliver North, we've had him on this show.
He's so friendly and nice.
They're not involved in anything bad.
Let's specifically get into government drug trafficking.
Explain to us how the drug war really works and who really controls drugs.
Because people say, well, if they're shipping it in, then why do they put my kid in jail when he gets caught with some cocaine?
Explain how that works to people.
Well, basically, a lot of people would think, well, they're making money for covert operations, but the bottom line is they were lining their own pockets.
And when I say their own pockets, I'm talking about Felix Rodriguez, Oliver North, Bush, and so forth.
And the reason why is, for example, when Oliver North sold those missiles to Iran,
That large, for three times the amount of the money that were valued, he kept that money and put it in a Swiss bank account.
He put it under his wife's name, Betsy North.
And we found $10 million in a Swiss bank account.
And we took that from him.
And of course, when he ran for U.S.
Senate back in 1994, he got $36 million.
He had money to run for president.
Where did he get all that money?
And of course, you know, I documented Ilopongo Airport hangars 4 and 5 that was owned and operated by the CIA.
We took pictures of the loads coming in of cocaine.
Arms coming in and going and so forth.
By the way, we have those photos.
We're going to be putting those in this TV report.
And, you know, we have mammals where North is set in the D.C.,
Well, you know, from the other end of this, we've had Terry Reid up at MENA in Arkansas, the CIA officer, just there to train pilots, and he's there watching them unload cocaine, and he mentions all the same names.
It's just Bill Clinton also involved.
Well, you know, there's an old saying that people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks, because Clinton was governor at the time.
We're good to go.
There's evidence to show.
But some people say, but wait, I saw him do a drug bust.
Those are the little cartels that aren't paying their cut.
They're not paying their tax or getting their permission.
Can you explain how that works?
Well, basically, there's one major monster head that runs the whole operation.
They're the ones that are in contact with the major cartels in Colombia and with the Medellin and the Cali cartel at the time.
And basically, they want to play ball with the United States.
They took them out.
And one great example is Nordea.
Nordea has been a CIA asset for many years.
Stay there.
We've got to start the second hour.
We'll get right into how this thing really works when we return.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we've now started the second hour of this worldwide broadcast as we blast out on the AM and FM dial from Southern California to Chicago, Illinois, from Austin, Texas, to Pensacola, Florida, from Kansas City, Missouri, to Niagara Falls, New York.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Tom McCaster on Global Shortwave, WWCR, and, of course, the Internet at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
The book, Howder Burns, by Sulla Castillo III,
Cocaine, Contras, and the Drug War.
We'll reintroduce our guests.
Coming up after the next segment, highly decorated Marine Corps, excuse me, Army veteran, Colonel Craig Roberts, who was a Marine Corps sniper, highly decorated.
And then, of course, police officer, police detective, DEA in Latin America, New York, saw the government's control, that is, elements of the government's control of the narcotics trade.
And we're getting into this right now, how this works, how when they go bust somebody, and I've talked to people that have run the spray planes, and I've had family that have lived in these areas back during the 70s and 80s,
And they totally concur with what Selly talks about.
But today, with the FARC, the so-called communist guerrillas in Colombia, they have GPS on the planes.
They'll spray one field, but don't touch this field.
And they go in and only hit the people that aren't part of their drug cartel's system.
So literally, the war on drugs is the war on the CIA and the banks around it, their business.
Selly, is that accurate?
I've always said that... Can you specifically talk to them?
You know, when they... Basically, what it is, is that if we were to stop drug trafficking tomorrow, our banking systems would collapse.
That's how much the United States government depends on drug money.
And it comes from the U.S., comes in from Mexico, from South America, and so forth.
And people that do not...
Play ball with the United States on the drug trafficking, and I was giving you an example earlier on Noriega.
You know, Noriega had laundered money for the cartels for many years, and when he refused to train the Contras in Panama, then George Bush Sr.
took him out.
And he's now the only prisoner of war in the United States, and they won't release him.
But that's what happens to people that go against our government in third world countries.
Well, they were getting angry at him.
He was buying palaces in Switzerland bigger than theirs.
You know, there was plenty of money to go around, and they knew that, and they were so scared that he knew where all the skeletons were buried in the United States government, and that's why they picked him up and locked him up and won't release him.
And he doesn't even get a trial.
It's just, he's gone.
He just...
Don't discuss him.
I think they tried to release him a couple of years ago, and Bush Sr.
said, no, don't release him, because I'm scared for my life.
Well, it's the same thing here in the United States.
I talk to a lot of police detectives here on air, and they talk about how every time they get up into money laundering or drug dealing, it's just there's certain drug dealers they're told, leave them alone.
In the Valley, you know, we've got more banks than we can do Circle Ks or 7-Elevens.
We've got more car dealerships.
They started out involving drug trafficking and now they're monstrous in the dealerships and the U.S.
government will not touch them.
Later, I want to talk about Los Zetas and these other things, which, again, everything you've said on this broadcast, Sully, has turned out to then be in the mainstream news.
Los Zetas, rocket attacks, blowing up cars, killing people in Texas, police, and the media keeps it on the lowdown, though.
It's like something you're not supposed to hear about, because, really, these guys are the muscle for the boys in the White House, aren't they?
Well, exactly, and they've got a blueprint going right now where the United States government...
You know, I want to go over this slowly when we get back, Sully.
I want to explain how this works because when I see big White House-controlled foundations
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Silly Costello is our guest, and now is a good time to actually plug this.
Howler Burns, Cocaine Contras, and the Drug War.
And it's a powerful book, and if you want to understand the criminals that are running our government, you need to have it.
It's $22 or $21.95.
It's up on InfoWars.com in the video and bookstore.
The truth about the remaining dark secrets of the Iran-Contra scandal, and everything today is just a duplicate of that.
They run the same scams over and over again, just like the mafia, because they are the mafia.
The United States government's collaboration with drug smugglers.
Congressional committees have established a link between American agencies and known drug traffickers.
Yeah, back in the mid-90s, even the Solicitor General of the CIA admitted it.
I watched the hearings live.
In Powder Burns, for the first time, a DEA agent goes public with detailed information about U.S.
links to drug trafficking in Central America.
Powder Burns is the story of Sal Castillo III.
Who spent 12 years in the Drug Enforcement Administration.
During that time, he built cases against organized drug rings in Manhattan, raided jungle cocaine labs in the Amazon, conducted aerial eradication operations in Guatemala, and assembled and trained anti-narcotics units in several countries.
Thank you.
And I guess a good part of the agency sent Sully Costello in, and then he discovered all this in the next few years.
Costello quickly discovered that Contra pilots were indeed smuggling narcotics back to the United States using the same pilots, planes, and hangars that the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North used to maintain their covert supply operations to the Contras.
We're good to go.
We have a link over to Sally's website and some new photos and passports of some of the murdered people that were killed by these neocon death squads are posted up there on the site.
But I want to now move to just Texas to give people a view of what's happening, Sally.
If you can go through...
You know, we hear the so-called Mexican radio here in Texas praising, ah-ha-ha, it's so funny, the Las Zetas, it's a reconquista, you know, the Chicanos are taking over Texas, the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty is going to be thrown down.
But then I went and looked, it's all big neocon money, and I wasn't even...
We're good to go.
I think?
To go out and enforce and go out and kill the other drug dealers that aren't paying their cut into the U.S.
government-controlled dominant cartels.
Now, Sally, you talked about this a year plus ago on this broadcast.
Now, pieces of that have come out in the mainstream news, just like pieces of you talking about how they're hiring by the thousands death squad soldiers from Iran-Contra for Iraq that have been in no newspapers.
Now, it's in American newspapers.
So can you go through what's really happened
Well, basically Texas is going to be the front line of the so-called war on drugs.
And basically the...
The United States has controlled Mexico already for many, many years.
And one of the issues, for example, is propaganda.
And the way they're doing it is there's a guy like, for example, named Luis de la Garza, who runs a big radio station in Dallas.
He used to do the Spanish programs for the Texas Rangers when Bush was president of the Texas Rangers.
And basically he has now brought in all the money from Mexico to go out on the Southwest and buy all the radio stations so they can use that as propaganda for the Latino votes that's coming up for the next election.
And that's how they're doing it.
They're buying little bits and pieces.
They're using a whole bunch of stuff just to bring in from Mexico like the setters that are being trained in the U.S., not in Mexico.
The setters are being trained in ranches in South Texas.
And to justify my allegations, you got the Caibiles, the Special Forces units in Guatemala that I trained are now being trained, training the CETAs up here in South Texas.
So we got all those people that used to work for the United States government in those dirt wall countries are now, they're bringing in those Special Forces guys in to fight with the CETAs.
And so they're going to use a widening rug war in the Southwest as the cover for covert operations.
And then they're going to use that as an example or as a spin to try to take over Mexico because, you know, you've got Mexico that's got the minerals and the gas and the oil down in...
We're hearing Halliburton's going to have to build FEMA centers for the drug war, for the illegals, and for bad American citizens all over Texas.
And you said that on the show.
You said everything Negroponte did with death camps, all of it, they're going to do it here.
And, Sully, it's happening.
It's happening.
And you can see the way that...
That the government is reacting.
They're reacting to the same spin they did back in the 80s and the 90s, and they're doing it again.
So spell this out for us.
We've talked proudly on the phone, and we've done interviews a year ago, so I'm not putting words in your mouth.
I want you to specifically go over it.
I mean, if this is correct, tell me so.
If not, correct me and then state it for us, just so we get it in your words.
They're masters at creating crises.
They go higher using former death squad commanders and the people trained by our military, yourself.
They take them into Texas and other areas.
They train them.
They then go out and start killing all the other drug dealers or police or others that won't play ball.
They rocket attack the U.S.
mission in Nuevo Laredo.
The State Department says it's more dangerous down there than the West Bank of Israel.
Travel advisories, they let this breed and breed and breed and breed and breed.
And get worse and worse and worse and worse.
And then once it gets to this point, then they start bringing in more of a type of martial law type scenario into this entire region.
And really the whole thing is their smokescreen to knock out their competition.
What's going on now, remember, for many, many years, there's been drug trafficking.
But we've never seen it to the extent that it's happening in Laredo where people are getting killed left and right.
Innocent people are getting killed left and right.
So they are building the chaos.
And they're going to use, once it gets so big, they're going to bring the troops in to the borders.
They're going to use all federal agencies from park wildlife and so forth to...
Start buying them night vision equipment and building up malicious to go into the borders and start, you know, killing people so they can say that it's the Cetas and it's the drug traffickers are now, they got a $30,000 bounty on any Border Patrol guy they kill and so forth.
So, you know, they're building up this whole thing as an excuse to come in and take over Mexico.
Well, it's education.
You know, and you've got to educate the public.
You've got to get more radio stations that go out there and talk about what really is going on in this country.
Because if you don't, if you bury your head in the sand, that's not going to help nobody.
You know, and I've always said, you know, it's kind of late to save ourselves and maybe save our kids.
But it's not too late to save our grandkids.
Because those are the ones that are going to be standing there trying to find a way to survive.
You know, I agree with you.
The system's going to crash.
It's going to get worse and worse.
It always has happened throughout history, but we can lessen how bad the crash is going to be and how long it's going to go for.
And so we need people to know who the real criminals are, so as things get worse and worse, and everything we say comes true, as everything we said in the past has come true, not because we're geniuses, folks, we just know what's going on, people will then at least realize who is truly to blame.
Because these globalists are also masters at doing really bad things, and then again, blaming it on somebody else.
Exactly, and once you do that, then people say, okay, they were the real guys, they were the bad guys, when in fact,
But we said we're the ones that get away with murder.
We go out there and we just genocide any country that we want.
And we did it with Iran when we gave Hussein the chemicals to
To gas Iran.
Because he was working for us at that time period.
Every major terrorist has been trained by the United States government.
And then it's admitted that there were CIA advisors.
The reason there's film footage of all those people that were nerve gassed by the Iranians and by the Iraqis in those gas wars is because the CIA admittedly was there videotaping it.
They had trained the pilots how to spray.
Well, yeah.
Because I remember the operation we had in Guatemala.
They do that a lot.
Randy Kapister filmed the whole murders of the deaths, the rapes, the torturing of the girls in Guatemala.
And they've always...
I remember where they, at one time, they brought in all Latin America and European intelligence officers into Guatemala to train on new tactics on how to torture people.
And they videotaped the whole thing.
They even brought in a couple of human specimens to show how long they last being tortured different ways.
And all that was filmed by Randy.
And by the way, 10 years ago they denied this.
Now it's just admitted, and they go, yeah, we're torturing people, and we're torturing our kids in front of them.
We've got training manuals, and yeah, we've even had special forces commanders on who admitted that, well, now it's admitted at Fort Benning, Georgia, that they train how to torture up there.
The School of the Americas has been going on for many, many years, and we've been trying to protest this school every year.
Every November we go out there.
And I was going to cross the line this year, but I had a lot of people telling me that... Well, they're putting people in jail with felonies for that.
Yeah, you know, you do six months to a year in jail if you cross that line.
But people were telling me, you know, we need you better out here to educate the students and the public instead of being locked up for another year.
Yeah, don't let them get you in jail.
They'd probably kill you in there.
That's probably what's going to happen to me.
But, you know, I took an oath a long time ago to protect the Constitution of the United States and the citizens.
And, you know, as far as I'm concerned, I've been on borrowed time since Vietnam.
Stay there.
Let's talk about that.
I mean, you've got a lot of honor, Sally.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're going to open the phones up in the next segment.
Steve, Paul, Elias, many others that are holding, specifically on government narcotics trafficking, government-sponsored terrorism, the criminal cabal running our government.
It's all interconnected, but I'd like it to be on that general topic.
Your calls are coming up.
Shelly, before we went into that last break, you were talking about being on borrowed time.
And talking to Colonel Craig Roberts, who was a sniper in Vietnam, just like you were, said that his Baptist grandpa, who was a preacher, said, Son, believe me, God's going to take you home when he means to.
So if you're not meant to die, you're not going to.
And we're all on borrowed time, so you don't worry about dying, basically.
And that's the point of view I've taken.
I mean, we've got scumbag criminals running things.
I'm going to live on my feet.
I'm not going to cower to bullies.
Plus, when you cower to bullies, you always get abused even more than when you stand up and at least give them a fight.
You may not even win every time or ever, but they're going to move on if they know.
It's like the old don't tread on me flag.
You know, don't step on me.
I'm going to bite you.
And you know what?
You may beat me in the end, but you know what?
You're not going to come out of this easy.
And that's absolutely right.
Every whistleblower knows that you speak to will tell you that it's gotten worse for them than before they blew the whistle on the government.
And it will continue to get worse on everybody that blows the whistle.
But, you know, you make your peace with God.
And you come out and you know probably what the end's going to be, but you continue to fight because somebody's got to carry that flag.
You know, somebody's got to push forward and go out there and educate the people who these people really are.
We wouldn't have any freedom if it wasn't for all those people before us that stood up and fought against corruption.
And, you know, it took a handful to start a revolution in this country, and basically we are a handful right now of patriots that really love their country and are willing to die for our country.
Do you think the globalists, you know, these global crime syndicates that are operating these crime families...
It seems like they've gotten so wild now, like they think they're invincible and that they can never get caught because they're getting more and more sloppy.
Because everything they're doing is being revealed.
It's their attitude.
They really don't care what anybody thinks.
And it's amazing to go out there and stamp on the Constitution and
And do whatever they want to do and get away with it.
And Randy Capstone once told me, he says, look, we've been doing this for years.
Nobody's ever going to stop the CIA from doing what they want to do.
And he's absolutely right.
We try to educate people and people are in denial.
They don't want to know the truth because they're scared.
And that's what happened in Germany.
That's how Hitler came to power because a lot of people just were in denial.
You know, Americans weren't known in the past for being scared.
We were known for really being willing to get in a fight and stand up against bullies.
I guess we've just had it so good since the 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s, you know, the cheeseburgers, the beer, the ball game.
But it's just so sad to know these criminals can murder and kill whoever they want and do whatever they want.
And that's what the people need to wake up now.
They need to wake up and take their head out of the sand and get involved.
Do something.
Because, like I said earlier, it's going to be kind of late to save our kids, but hopefully we're...
We're enough to save our grandkids.
Well, Luis Posada, another example of government-sponsored terror, it's admitted, it's publicly admitted even in the Miami papers that he carried out bombings of airplanes with passengers on board to blame it on the Cubans.
Again, that same story, and he's right here, right now in the U.S.
Luis Posada, I worked with him in Salvador when we were training the death squads down in Guatemala.
And Felix Rodriguez helped him escape from the jail in Venezuela, and he brought him to Ilopango Airport, where Posada was in charge of paying the contra pilots all their monies.
And, you know, we got...
What was she like?
What was he like, this Posada character, when you knew him?
This Posada character was cold-hearted.
You could see it in his eyes.
He had a lot of hatred in him.
He hated the communists, he hated any Cuban that did not support their cause, and they would actually go out and kill a whole bunch of people, because they did bring in a lot of Cuban exiles to fight the Central American War.
Now, he's about to get in a lot of trouble, though, for going out and trying and succeeding to blow up passenger planes.
Tell us about that.
Well, basically, he blew up a passenger where an Olympic team, a fencing team, was killed.
76 of them, if I'm not mistaken.
And he blew up a couple of hotels under the CIA in Cuba.
So, you know... Now, by the way, this is all admitted, and why did he do it?
Again, who did he... He was working for the CIA director at that time was George Bush, Sr.,
And he came back into this country in a false passport, but he came in because he was telling the Bush family that he knew where the sculptors were and he needed to be saved from the assassinations that he was... Well, when we come back, I want to take some calls, but I want to ask why they've now... Why now they finally grabbed him, and now they're talking about prosecuting him for blowing up a plane.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Stella Costello is our guest.
We're about to go straight to your calls here in just a moment.
Sally, we ran into that last break.
We were still talking about this Luis Posada.
I mean, it has been in major Miami papers, major Florida papers, what we already knew about.
That this guy went and blew up airplanes with people on board with Olympic teams on them.
But now tell the audience why he did that.
Well, he did it.
He tried to blame Cuba.
I apologize.
I didn't have your mic on start.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, they did try to blame Cuba on that so we could use an excuse to go in there and try to get him.
You know, there's a history of how the Cuban exiles have tried to blame Castro and
You see it now with Venezuela, with Hugo Chavez.
They're trying to do the same thing with him in Peru, the same thing with the president up there.
We've got people like Jorge Ramos from Univision who tries to ambush
So somebody hates the Cuban government so much, which I don't like the Cuban government.
I mean, I'm free market.
I don't like Fidel Castro.
You hate them so much that you'll go blow up a plane with a bunch of people, and this is all admitted now, just to blame it on them.
I mean, that's insane.
Exactly, and that's why everything that they do is approved by the U.S.
It's approved by the CIA and all the way up to the White House.
You've got a copy right here of Operation Northwoods that called back in 1962 for blowing up planes and blaming it on Fidel Castro.
It's blueprints that we have that...
It shows the consistency of history of how we go out there and we destroy innocent people or material things and then blame it on our enemy.
Shelly, 9-11, do you believe 19 guys in a cave could have NORAD stand down and tell public officials not to fly?
Have all these hundreds of things happen and then we learn that the so-called hijackers were really trained at U.S.
military bases and were really government agents.
That's all admitted, but I guess that's all just a coincidence, right?
Yeah, it's a coincidence.
And you know, it's people that, you know, when there's something going wrong with our government,
We have to have a disaster so we can get people's mind out of what's really wrong and try to blame it on somebody else.
There was a big Republican memo that's gone out to the Republican Party leadership and it's been in the D.C.
news and it said, we need another terrorist attack or our entire program is going to fall apart.
Exactly, and it goes back to the mentality of our government now.
They're so wild.
They're going to rug on us and
They're doing everything.
They don't care about anybody or who gets hurt or what.
And, you know, they use this operation to try to, you know, it's going to be another classic 9-11 that's going to happen next in the next six months.
Every time you get on this show, what you say turns out coming true.
I hope you're wrong, Sully, but a lot of people are saying what you're saying, that elements of the government are going to stage an even bigger attack to try to put the kibosh on all the things that are happening where they're being exposed.
So, you know, it's going to happen, and I think a good place would be a Ivy League university where it's going to hurt a lot of the young kids and get the generation to hate.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Most of the students are waking up.
They've been putting out reports.
The Global has been putting out public reports going, we've lost the young people.
They now know about us.
And now, right now, at the University of Texas at Pan American in Edinburgh, they've got the CIA now in campus lecturing on foreign policy.
No, you ought to go to UT or Texas A&M.
They have been totally taken over, but it's backfiring.
Nobody's buying it.
Every time the CIA comes to campus at the university out there, I grab a $300
People to go out there and we protest and we show them pictures of all the atrocities they did and the CIA guys can't believe that I'm out there with a sign and with my Vietnam shirt on and telling them this is what the CIA really does.
And a lot of the students weren't aware of what it was.
They know that
Getting a job with the government has got good benefits and good retirement, you know, the whole nine yards.
No, you're being recruited into the mafia.
Oh, exactly, and that's what you're doing.
And they need fall guys, remember that.
They need fall guys.
When something goes wrong, they're going to blame it on somebody else.
Well, they have this new movie out, Syriana, and it's written and based on the true life of that Agent Bear.
And he was their man.
He killed people all over the place, did whatever they said.
And then when they got caught, they tried to burn him and tried to feed him to the Muslims.
Then when they released him, they tried to charge him again.
And then now they've had to admit that, no, he was really following orders.
So that's what's going to happen to these young kids, that they're going to be brainwashed and taken into Langley and being trained to do all kinds.
And they think that it's patriotic to do that.
They think like I did, you know, that I would give my life to my government.
Was there a moment when you find, I mean, was it an incremental awakening when you were down in Latin America after you'd been in Vietnam and a police detective and all these other things?
When you're down in Latin America, was there like a moment when you woke up at 3 a.m.
in a sweat going, oh my gosh, I'm involved in evil stuff?
Or was it incremental?
It was in 1987, specifically September of 1987, when they grabbed two young Mexican girls, their father, and three Colombians.
And when they started torturing them and killing them, I says,
You know, this is not what the war on drugs is supposed to be.
You know, we're out here killing people, innocent people that, you know, some of them are innocent, some are not, but it's still, we shouldn't be the judge and the executioners.
And that's when I realized that, you know what, this is not for me.
This is not what I signed up to do.
And I left the agency in 91, 92 when they came after me because I was writing reports to Washington about all this atrocities that was going on.
So it was 87 you started waking up?
Yes, 87.
And I said, you know what?
This is wrong.
I started keeping journals.
I got over 2,000 pictures I took of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
And some photos that you've never posted before are now up on your website.
We've got a link to it over at Infowars.com.
Tell folks your website address.
My website address is powderburns.org.
Powderburns.org, and we're carrying your book, $22, Powderburns, Cocaine Contrast, and the Drug War.
Folks, you want to know the truth, or you know a police officer or a police detective in your area, this is from one of their peers, and in many cases, senior to them, very high level in all of this, witnessing it.
This is the eyewitness accounts.
Some of the new stuff you've got up on your website today is the passports of the people that were murdered, and then you've got photos of them living, and then photos of them when they're about to be killed, and you've got photos of them when they are killed.
And photos coming into the country by the CIA that were taken in Guatemala.
As a matter of fact, I had a Guatemalan reporter named Claudia that just called me and emailed me, and they're doing a big story on the CIA and the DEA's murders in Central America.
And right now, folks, right now, those photos are up there right now.
That's right.
They're up there right now, and I'll be able to label them who they are.
And ironically enough, a few months ago, the families of these people that were murdered
And by label them, we just convinced Shelly to put these up last night.
His webmaster put them up this morning.
And literally before he came in here on air, I had to drag him away.
An hour ago, from one of my computers, where he was talking to his webmaster, emailing him what names to put on what.
So later this afternoon, the names of the people should be there.
I mean, obviously their names are there when you see their passports, but labels there on who specifically was being killed.
So please get Loose Change, the new video that we're carrying by Dylan Avery, please get Loose Change.
The Synthetic Terror, 911 Synthetic Terror, made in the USA, a new book we're carrying.
And please get Powder Burns, Cocaine Contrast, and The Drug War, a new book that we're also carrying, at InfoWars.com.
Get it today.
Order it.
Have your friends and family read it.
Share it with others.
It's so important.
You can also get that.
From Sally at powderburns.org.
Let's go to your calls now.
Thanks for holding.
Steve, where are you calling us from today?
What's on your mind?
Yeah, thank you, Alex.
I had a question about Ken Bucci.
Have you ever heard of him?
He sounds very familiar, yes.
Who was he?
He wrote a book by the name of Operation Pseudo-Miranda.
Yes, I've heard of that.
Yes, exactly.
Okay, I was wondering if you knew him at all?
No, I didn't know him, but I think I glanced through his book.
Okay, well, do you think, is his book accurate?
Do you have any idea?
Yes, I think it is.
Alright, and also the movie, you mentioned the movie Siriana.
Is that an accurate movie?
It's based on a real story on one of the agents that used to work for the agency.
It's based on the life of a controller, a high-level CIA officer who was controlling whole teams.
Because I've heard him on NPR, I've had interviews, I've actually now read the book that it's based on.
And all they did in the movie was change some of the names.
But they would just barely change them.
Also, the Medellin Cartel down in Columbia, is that a CIA operation, or is that just them doing their own thing?
Well, it started out doing their own thing, but now they're part of the CIA operations.
Right now, we've got DEA guys under investigation for smuggling
Not at this point.
Alright, well thank you very much.
Not myself.
Yes sir.
I appreciate your call, Steve.
Good question.
So let's talk to Paul in Florida.
Paul, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I was wondering to know, who can we contact so we can put a stop to this?
Yeah, hi, hon.
Well, the government knows it's going on.
I mean, the Solicitor General got up there, what was it, 1998 or was it 97?
And he said, yeah, the government brings in the drugs and it's at the highest level.
I mean, we're doing it right now.
Number one, we need to end the drug war because...
Let me just boil this down, and then you can get Selly's take on it and see if he agrees.
Let me just try to boil this down for you.
This is how the scam works, okay?
You've got a whole bunch of cartels and narcotics being produced all over the world.
You've got the globalists in control of Afghanistan when they take control in 2001.
Now it more than quadruples in its production, and it's publicly admitted that our government's cultivating it and shipping it out.
It's the same thing out of Southeast Asia and Vietnam.
It's the same thing everywhere.
It's these private families.
It's like skull and bones.
It was openly founded by the Russell Trust, which was the British East India branch in the U.S.
for all legal laudanum or opium, which is then also used for heroin in America.
It was actually these big drug families.
We're good to go.
And that was $100 a bottle back in the 20s, folks.
So by making their own product illegal and then controlling the black market, they jacked the price up just astronomically.
Then cocaine starts getting more popular.
Of course, it was in Coca-Cola back at that same time.
Then Coke starts getting shipped in and getting popular, so they make it illegal to then go after their competition again.
And then when your kid gets caught using it, they give a mandatory sentencing of 10 years.
They put your child in a private prison that could openly be linked to the very big banks that are actually running the drugs and controlling the cartels.
So now your child works as a slave.
They're in the very facility that's owned by the drug dealing family.
And then they also use the drug war to go after any of their competition that tries to ship it in without paying them their cut and being certified.
So that's really how it works.
If we end the drug war and decriminalize...
I think.
From the local government, and then not break in your home to steal everything you've got, and then oops, your 10-year-old's there when you're not, and so the heroin head kills your daughter.
Again, the drug war drives crime, and the national statistics are out.
Twelve years ago?
We had a certain level of heroin and cocaine.
Twelve years later, it's tripled.
The heroin has.
The cocaine has doubled.
We've gone from one million in the prison system to over seven million in the system.
And it's a success.
The drug war is designed to take over the entire society.
And I appreciate your call, Paula.
Sally, can you comment on that?
You know, we've got to remember one thing.
We spend billions of dollars in source countries like Colombia and Peru.
We're good to go.
I think?
America is more addicted to drug money than they are to drugs.
Well, that's what I was going to say.
Then another division, and we can link all these, the same parent companies that own the private prisons own the spray planes that spray the other cartels' crops that they're in competition with, and then they also then have out of the same airport their other team shipping out the drugs from their other plantations.
So they're doing it all.
They're fighting the drugs out of country.
They're fighting the drugs in country.
They're putting your kids in these modern slave camps for 20 cents an hour, cheaper than Chinese slave labor.
And so at every level they make money off this selling.
And, you know, it's going to get worse before it gets better if it gets better.
It's going to get worse and worse and worse.
And listen, even if you don't believe any of that, it's all documented fact up one side and down the other.
It's admitted fact that the drug war is a complete failure according to what they claim it's supposed to do.
So if we get more drugs with the drug war, why would we want a drug war, Sully?
Well, that's right.
Absolutely right.
It's all about business.
And you're talking about building the private facilities now that's going to be owned by private industry.
Everybody's going to be making money.
Halliburton, you know, you see it in Iraq.
And you said a year and a half ago, you said you watch Halliburton and Negroponte.
They're going to do everything they're doing in Iraq, but they're going to do it here.
And I have to admit, I kind of halfway rolled my eyes.
I thought, Halliburton's going to run camps, and now it's in the Houston paper.
Yes, exactly.
I mean, it's... You know, we're going to have a lot... They're building more prisons, more concentration camps than they're going to do schools.
So it's got to tell you that the drawing is on the board, man.
You know, it's coming.
So, now our economy is going to get more and more police taken.
In militarized, you know, we're seeing the senators and congressmen in Texas asking for the military to go down into the border.
So, you know, you're going to see police officers and Humvees driving down the Rio Grande Valley and eating at Burger King or, you know... And by the way, that's not to stop illegal aliens.
No, no, no.
And this is, you know, this is going to become...
You know, I remember seeing it in Salvador and Guatemala.
Our old military people sitting down in cafes in uniforms with the AR-15s or M-16s.
And meanwhile, our government has openly trained Los Santos.
Our government openly created the crisis knowingly and then they get to just expand it and then make even more money off of the new war.
You know, you see them, you know, there's so much money and they've got private people...
Coming down here into the U.S.
and buy large quantities of weapons to take them back and there's a ship load of weapons that can be taken anywhere they want to be taken.
So the ship just goes wherever they want?
Anywhere they want to go.
And I remember seeing it coming in from all over Europe.
Weapons coming into South America.
The Israelis are bringing a lot of weapons into Guatemala.
Well, right now, they've got a lot of Israelis right off the coast of Venezuela already trying to stage infiltrations.
So, you know, Mossad's out there doing their business.
So they're a big part of it, too?
They've always been a big part of it.
You know, when the U.S.
government pulled out in 1984 from Guatemala, these Israelis came in and they trained all the Guatemalan military.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
Your call is straight ahead.
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They railed against the crowd Another ragtag band
Sally's going to ride shotgun with us with our guests that's coming up in the next hour from England.
Right now, let's hurry back to your phone calls.
Let's go ahead and speak with Elias in Michigan.
You're on the air with Sally Costello.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
And hello, Sally.
Yes, sir.
I have a question.
I've been a critical observer of the political scene since 1950, when I was 18, and especially with Central and South America.
Are you willing to name the names of the murderers, for instance, of, say, Bishop Romero and others, the actual names, personal names of these people that did this thing, so they can be brought to justice?
Well, I mean...
He knows who the commanders of those death squads were.
Sully, go ahead.
Okay, he's going to answer it for you.
Yeah, it was Mayor Roberto Davison and Dr. Regalao.
Dr. Regalao was the actual shooter of our Bishop Romero.
Do you have that in your book?
I don't remember if I did or not.
Listen, it's a hardcore book.
Put it in there.
It names hundreds of names.
Hundreds of them, yes.
There are names in there of the people who actually committed the murders.
Of course, they tried to blame a sergeant in one of the units who they took care of after everything quieted down.
Do you think they'll ever bring them to justice?
Absolutely not, because they don't have witnesses, and you know, if there are witnesses, they're all going to end up dead.
Yes, but you're a witness.
So, but they, see, with the government, how they work is they say, okay, go ahead, let Sully Castillo talk all he wants, you know.
Within a month or two, people are going to forget about him.
And it's basically true.
People tend to forget.
I'll never forget.
Okay, thank you, Elias.
I'm going to let you go now.
I've got to ask you a question.
Thank you for the call.
Jeff in Denver, you're on the air.
Hello, guys.
I just wanted to point out a couple of things.
First of all, I've got powderburns.org linked to the Watchdog Group on my website, but I wanted to make a couple of important points, and I think this is important for all the listeners.
A lot of what's
Mr. Casello is saying is true, and most of what he's saying is also confirmed through John Kerry's Senate report, the Contra report that he did during this time.
And I think that's important for everybody to know that a lot of the things that he was saying has been confirmed in John Kerry's Senate report back in that time.
And of course, the CIA are the largest drug runners in the world.
And I wanted to point out, he mentioned something about Laredo.
And, of course, I think another important point would be Juarez, Mexico, which is right below El Paso.
Juarez is one of the largest cities in Mexico as far as the border town goes, and I think that that's...
Well, I want people to realize the numbers.
800 dead on the US-Mexico side, both sides, just in the Texas region last year alone.
It's 840-something.
15 of them were cops on our side.
And notice how they keep that real quiet.
Well, you know, one of the things that people don't realize is that a lot of these people are getting killed.
A lot of them, the majority of them, are informants for the FBI and the DEA.
And a lot of them, you know, the DEA and McAllen will not acknowledge the fact that these people are informants.
And that's why you find them with tags on them after they kill them with the name of Sopron, which means a snitch.
And also, Mr. Costello, I wanted to ask you, there was reports that Barry Seale was found, when he was found dead, Barry Seale, that he had George Bush's phone number in his pocket.
Do you know anything about that?
Yes, he was working directly with George Bush Sr.
at the time
And with Terry Reed and so forth.
And also, like you said, Oliver North, Dan Lansaster, Buddy Young, William Barr.
Yeah, we're out of time.
I appreciate your call, Jeff.
We'll talk to Will and Dr. Deagle and others in the next segment.
Then we've got our guests coming on.
Stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, Phillip Sands is joining us in about eight minutes.
Former high-level DEA agent will be riding shotgun with us.
We'll be getting into more government-sponsored terrorism.
This time they wanted to try to goad Saddam into pulling something on the eve of the war.
Try to get public support, but they were unsuccessful.
Big news from England on the fake WMD claims and all of it with our guests coming up in a few minutes.
We're talking to Celica Stillo, author of Powder Burns.
Well, no, basically it's really all I got, but there are other books and there are other people coming out now that...
Implicating the government in drug trafficking.
Yeah, how many agents, I mean, ballpark, because I've seen, there's probably 30 or 40 I've seen in places like GQ that would have five or six different ones in it saying they saw the drugs coming off planes in Miami or drugs in Texas.
I mean, how many agents in FBI, CIA, DEA, sheriff's departments have gone public about government-sponsored drug dealing?
Well, there's several, like Michael Levine and other people, but...
Basically, what's going on is the fact that I started telling people while I was an agent, and I wasn't scared of losing my job, and most of these people now have their own promoters and everything, you know, waited until they retired.
What about people who were on the fence?
I mean, do they say to you, Yeah, Selly, you're brave.
I wish I could do what you've done, but I just can't do it.
I'm afraid.
What do they say to you?
Well, they say they have a mortgage to pay.
They've got to send them to college and so forth.
They've got kids.
So I've got a mortgage to pay.
It doesn't matter if our government's gutting little kids to blame it on their enemies.
It doesn't matter if our government's bringing in smack so people can overdose.
I've just got to go along with it.
And, you know, it was so sad because all these people that joined to work for the DEA and kept quiet about it,
We're good to go.
And I'm not about to stand here and see these atrocities happen.
It could happen to my grandkids and my kids, you know, and I'm not going to let it happen.
Well, I commend you for that.
Let's go ahead and go to Will in Virginia.
You're on the air with Sulla Castillo.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I'm from Tidewater, Virginia.
I live out in the country close to the city.
We've got a situation developing there that reminds me a whole lot of me in Arkansas.
They're building an airfield, very expensive looking one,
Are these Venus Air Strips?
I'd be interested in investigating this if you think it's within the realm of possibility that some of that... Well, I mean, they use national security to cover the drug deal, and they always have, but just because there's some weird airport going in doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be bringing in narcotics there, just because of where Virginia is.
I mean, most of it comes into Houston, comes into L.A., comes into... Sally, do you agree with that statement, or is there a lot of smack coming in on the East Coast?
They're coming in everywhere.
I remember when China White was coming into San Francisco, our government would not admit it.
That there was a China White epidemic in San Francisco and I was one of the very few agents that was able to buy China White from the Chinese down in San Francisco to prove that it's been there all along going back to the French connection.
You know, they tend to cover things up.
And you talk about Mossad.
Aren't French intelligence some of the worst about drug dealing?
You know, the history will show you.
I mean, that's who it was in the French connection.
Real stories.
Government, yeah.
So, you know, it's always been there.
It's always been there.
People just don't read sometimes.
And when they don't read, they don't educate.
But it's simple.
They're playing both ends.
And I appreciate your call, sir.
Thanks for bringing that up.
Send Sally some info on it.
I mean, it may be something.
They're playing both ends of it.
They bring it in and then they enforce it on the other end and seize the property of the low-level dealers.
And, you know, you never see any major guys getting arrested on a major conspiracy case.
You don't see a white-collar crime involving money laundering or drug trafficking.
All right, we'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
Really powerful mental straight ahead.
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It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
It's up on Infowars.com right now.
And I want to thank a listener yesterday, right as this came out, for instant messaging me the Channel 4 news story.
Here's the headline.
Bush-Blair memo discussed planting spy plane in U.N.
colors to goad Saddam to get him to shoot at it.
And then, of course, U.S.
and British planes were bombing them at the same time.
Imagine, people bomb you and you're supposed to sit there and not shoot back.
It's like, we're peaceful.
If you fire back at us, we'll invade you.
Now, lay down and take the bombs.
But they were trying to get Saddam to shoot at a, quote, U.N.
plane and then tell the world that a U.N.
plane had been shot at, you know, fly the spy plane low with U.N.
colors on it.
But I think that's dwarfed in these documents that have come out now with this professor and also barrister who practices law there with the prime minister's wife there at the same court.
There's a very high level in all of this.
I think what's even bigger is Bush in here, and we even have the quotes from the minutes of the meeting with Tony Blair, their prime minister, saying we can stage WMD fines and, quote, have a defector tell us about the WMDs.
I mean, this makes the Drowning Street memo look like child's play.
Joining us is Philippe.
Delighted to be with you.
I was in your fine city just in November.
I had terrific hospitality and I was very well looked after.
Well, we're proud of Austin, but I also was in London a few months ago and enjoyed your hospitality as well.
Well, they're two great cities.
And of course they're bonded now by our two great leaders, so to speak.
Our two illustrious leaders.
Our two illustrious leaders.
Is it in your news that Bush has actually declared himself emperor and says he's above all laws?
Global emperor, emperor of the world.
He's shredded the laws, that's the thesis of my book, and proclaimed that America can do whatever it wants.
But of course, you know, Alex, the thing is, America has a great history and a great reputation.
America's done more than any country in the world.
To put in place a rules-based system.
And all we're trying to do is get the US and the US President to re-engage with America's traditional commitment to rules.
Well, I agree with you, and of course I should also add, you are an author.
Tell us about your new book, where you drop these memos and these bombshell documents on the population.
I'd be delighted.
The book originally came out a year ago.
It told the whole story of the road to war, and I've come out with a new edition.
It's published today, in fact, Lawless World, and the new chapter in it includes material of a conversation between George W. Bush and Tony Blair in the White House on the 31st of January 2003.
...by taking US spy planes...
Painting them in UN colors, and when Saddam shot at them, they would be able to say he was in breach of his obligations.
That's provocation, I think, isn't it?
It is, and as if a gunner shooting at a plane at 50,000 feet can tell if it's a UN plane to begin with.
I mean, that shows the Hegelian dialectic of problem-reaction-solution, Professor.
It indeed shows the Hegelian dialectic, Alex, and it shows how bloody desperate they were.
They didn't have anything in their back pockets and they were reduced to these types of actions.
I do reveal another bit of information that your listeners may be interested in.
I reveal another memo between the British Foreign Secretary, he's a great mate of Condoleezza Rice's, his name is Jack Straw, and he writes to the British Prime Minister in the first week of January 2003 and he says, hey, I've just got off the phone with Colin Powell and guess what?
He thinks we shouldn't go to war unless we get a UN resolution.
There's not enough evidence.
It's just so amazing.
And then on top of it, I'm reading quotes here by Bush.
And again, you practice in the highest courts in the land, even with the Prime Minister's wife, as a high-level barrister.
And so you have these contacts to get these documents.
And I'm reading here, as of the last articles I saw, it's not even being denied.
Well, I think you've put your finger on the spot.
I mean, what's happening is that as President Bush's power...
You know, fades away.
As Tony Blair's power fades away, people are beginning to speak out.
They're beginning to release documents.
They're beginning to recognize that the tide has turned.
That's the big change that has happened.
And the truth is going to come out.
There's a lot more material that's going to come out, and it's not going to make a pretty picture.
And the legacy for these two gentlemen is a legacy of war...
...of illegality.
And I go further in my book.
It's a legacy of criminality.
Oh, I agree with you, sir.
And I think in ten years, the textbooks are going to have Tony Blair and Bush being in there akin to Pinochets.
I think they're going to be known as far worse than a Richard Nixon.
Well, Alex, you've taken the words out of my mouth because I end my book by saying that when these guys are out of office, they better not be taking their summer holidays in Club Mediterranean in Azerbaijan because they would face Pinochet-style proceedings.
I haven't read the book yet, but I actually have an online bookstore.
Is it being published in the U.S.
right now?
It's published in the U.S.
also, but it doesn't have the additional chapter.
So what you need to do is you need to put a link in to the U.K.
version of Amazon, amazon.co.uk, and for the enormous sum of $7, you can purchase the book.
Oh, I've got a... Well, I want to carry it.
Even you could afford that, Alex.
Well, I need to get in touch with your publisher.
I'll get 500 of them.
I have a small little bookstore here.
Well, you know, that is really exciting to see more and more of these documents coming out.
I mean, this is just akin, though, to the Downing Street memo.
Then we have the other memos with Bush talking about bombing TV stations in allied countries.
I mean, do you think these guys... I mean, I know Tony Blair is smart.
Do you think Bush has just actually gone insane?
Well, I couldn't possibly comment on his mental well-being, but here's a thought for you.
I actually think George W. Bush may be smarter than Tony Blair, because in this weird way, George W. Bush actually had Tony Blair wrapped around his finger.
The amazing thing about this memo of the meeting of the 31st is it's not a meeting of two equals.
It's a meeting in which plainly George W. Bush is in control, and his little English Prime Minister is sitting with him basically saying,
You know, I'm solidly with you, Mr. President.
In fact, there are quotes here where he's saying whatever you say.
Solidly with you, Mr. President.
It really is fairly embarrassing stuff for us Brits.
So it's like Bush is giving a Queen's speech and Blair is saying, yes sir, yes sir, yes sir.
I think Bush comes out of this, you know, the guy speaks straight, says his views, and I think he's not to be underestimated.
I think our own British Prime Minister, who you all think has got the gift of the gab and is wonderful and smart, actually...
Doesn't come out of this so well.
Oh, I agree with you.
Bush is cunning like a big garbage rat is cunning.
So I totally agree with you that he's cunning and vicious and sneaky, but at the same time, I think his arrogance does make him stupid at a certain level.
I think there's all of those things, but the main thing that these documents show is that he's incompetent.
Because one of the most delicious quotations that I've put in, which you probably got in front of you also, is the President tells the Prime Minister there isn't going to be an insurgency.
There's going to be no conflict between the different religious groups.
He just magically knows this.
He knows this.
All the advice he's had, no conflict.
And look where we are three years on.
But we know the real CIA advisor said it's going to break into three or four regions and be a total quagmire.
And what's striking is Blair doesn't say to Bush...
That's not right, Mr. President.
There's going to be a quagmire, and this is what we're going to do about it.
Total silence, total subservience.
In fact, we know that the British advisers to Blair had warned him, correct?
He was told explicitly.
I mean, you've got to remember... The British were there before.
You've got to remember, Alex, Britain was there in the 1920s.
We've been there.
We ran that country 100 years ago.
We know what it's like.
And all the advice Blair got was, if you go down this route, you are into a quagmire.
And he ignored it.
The funny thing is, the exact thing that happened in the 20s, with the British hunkered down in the very green zone, being attacked, is now happening.
Tell your listeners to go and read T.S.
Eliot, Lawrence of Arabia.
It's all in his book.
Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
It's all there.
We've been there before, nothing new, we've learned nothing from history.
Now the real bombshell here is that also at the meeting, Bush has the quote here that we can have a fake, let me just find the actual quote, I'll do it after the break, we can have a fake defector come and say he saw the WMDs.
So this has Bush saying that we're going to stay to WMDs.
Well, it doesn't quite get that far.
I'm not sure where you get the word fake from.
I mean, it talks about two things.
It basically says we can put these spy planes up, and when he shoots them down, we can say he's in breach.
But it also says we could try to get a defector out.
And there's a third thing that he says.
We might come back to that after the break.
The possibility that Saddam could be assassinated could not be excluded.
Oh, here it is.
It says, quote, this is Bush.
Isn't this just an extension of that?
Well, I don't want to go that far.
That's further than the words actually say.
But I think it's bad enough that they're sitting around... Well, I'm talking about Downing Street.
Downing Street says that, you know, the British memo says we've got to get something to back them up.
They're going to invade.
But Alex, here's the big question.
Why didn't they manufacture something?
Why didn't they send someone in to plant a few bombs here and there?
You know, I think we have the answer to that.
Dozens of times, Professor, they would claim they found them and then experts would actually go look at them.
Remember the hot air balloon pumps?
And it was British made with serial numbers, but for two weeks they said these are anthrax labs and they knew day one they weren't?
They tried.
We'll be right back.
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We're talking to Professor Philippe Sands.
He is a high-level barrister, even working in the same courts as Prime Minister's wife.
He also is a tenured professor there at one of the major law universities and studies law.
And he has written a book, second edition, now out, Lawless World.
And I think I'm going to carry this book.
The second edition is only available right now through UK Amazon, but U.S.
listeners can get it.
There are also a lot of listeners over the Internet and shortwave that are in the United Kingdom.
So be sure and get this book.
I mean, just the excerpts of it.
You know, respectfully, I disagree with you.
You know, you say, I mean, obviously they're provocateuring something, saying put planes up to have them be shot down with UN collars.
I mean, that's criminal right there.
But what I disagree with you on is you're saying that, you know, this doesn't entirely show them saying we'll stage WMDs.
And then you say, well, why didn't they get caught?
We're good to go.
I think you may be onto something.
I do.
Bear in mind, the documents that I've uncovered don't
To the 31st of January 2003.
Your astute listeners will be aware that just five days later, on the 5th of February 2003, Colin Powell was due to go off to the Security Council and give a presentation about all the evidence they had about WMD.
And of course, it turns out there was nothing there.
But more to the point, why are these two gentlemen, Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, sitting in the White House,
Talking about all these provocations if they know they have decent evidence.
The point is it tends to confirm they didn't have the evidence that they thought they had and they knew it.
And that's a real problem politically.
It should be a real problem.
But they're not stopping, Professor Sands.
They're just moving on with the new lies for old, same lies for old, saying we've got to attack Iran.
ABC News had the headline yesterday, Iran nuke test.
And then it said that at a proving ground, an explosion went off, and it was clearly non-nuclear, but they just had the headline, nuke test or atomic test.
It's just total deception.
Well, Iran is playing a new problem coming up.
I mean, the big issue is to what extent are people in the U.S.
really going to start fixing on this stuff?
Because Bush has had a very easy run.
At least Blair has been getting grief all over the place the whole time.
And yet I get the sense I traveled around the U.S., I came to Austin, I traveled around Texas, I went to Georgia, California.
I get the sense that there isn't a huge amount of critique of President Bush on these types of issues.
They're cutting him a lot of slack.
Why is that happening?
I think that, I mean, statistically, British population reads more and is more in the news.
I'm sad to say Americans, for industrialized countries, are the worst now about being informed on basic, even non-entertainment trivia.
The general public, sir, here in this country doesn't even know which end is up.
But has the tide turned?
Well, I mean, it has turned, because all the jellyfish that are drooling in the corner don't even really matter in the final equation.
The thinking people in America, conservative, liberal, it doesn't matter, are totally freaked out right now.
I mean, every day, Bush gets, in your books about this, Bush gets up on TV and says, if you don't pass the Patriot Act, I'll just keep enforcing it.
I can torture little kids if I order it.
I mean, that's real memos.
I mean, he is announcing that he is the emperor, and yes, people are freaked out.
And why is he getting away with it?
I mean, this is the great thing that in Britain... I mean, Britain is a country that's very close to America.
We love America.
My wife is American.
My kids are American.
And yet, and yet, and yet, things have gone out of control in the last three to four years.
What's happening?
Frankly, we haven't had a lot of tyranny in this country, and we weren't right across the channel from Nazi Germany, and I just think we've been so isolated that people... It's like when humans go into areas where, say, sheep have never seen humans.
You can walk right up to them and knock them in the head, but you... I mean, it's pretty simple.
Animals that haven't been hunted aren't afraid.
And so they're... That's the trait that I have.
I mean, my book is pretty provocative.
I was in New York on 9-11.
I was there.
I was half a mile from the World Trade Center.
I thought...
I saw the things collapse.
It was shocking.
But, and I said this when I came on a book tour around America, the whole thing's been taken completely out of proportion.
And it's being used as a way to promote values that are not consistent with America's core values.
And do nothing to protect us from terrorism.
Well, you know, the jury's out on that.
It certainly hasn't protected us from terrorism in London.
We had an attack in London in July.
But you saw the reaction of the Brits.
They're pretty sanguine about it.
Well, we'll come right back with a final segment with our guest, and I'll ask you a couple questions.
So stay with us, my friends.
And I know Dr. Deagle's holding.
We'll get a comment from him before we run out of time.
If he's got time, stay with us as well.
This is a jam-packed Friday edition.
This transmission is smoking.
We are fighting the tyranny today.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Welcome back, folks.
You know, love is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring.
And I love my family, and I am not backing off.
I'm not going to let a bunch of gangsters run my society.
That's the norm in human history.
Strong men, thugs, king rats.
Get them to control.
They think they can run your life.
And let me tell you, I've studied Bill Clinton.
I've studied George Bush.
I've studied his daddy.
I've studied them all, and they're gangsters.
And Stella Costello, again, the highest-ranking DA agent in Latin America.
Yes, sir, we are.
You know, there's a history show that our government has been involved in all kinds of atrocities going back to the history of our government.
And we'll continue to do that unless we do something about it and put a stop to it.
And every evil that we have fought is because people did stand up.
We've got a few minutes left with Professor Philip Sands who's written the new book Lawless World, second edition.
It's the major headlines in the UK right now because in it
Bush is basically telling Blair what to do, and just recapping for new listeners that just joined us, and he's in there saying we can paint up planes, spy planes like U.N.
planes, try to get Saddam to shoot them down, and then claim he attacked the U.N.
as a reason to invade.
That's total, we were talking about hiring Cubans to blow up Olympic planes to then blame it on Fidel.
It's the same story.
We're talking about that last hour, and then now, they're also talking here about having informants come out and claim they saw WMDs.
I know Sully's got one or two questions for you, but before he asks those and then we let you go, any other key points you'd like to make, Professor, who, again, is one of the highest-level barristers in England and even works in the same court as the Prime Minister's wife, and he came into the possession of these documents.
Any other key points you'd like to make?
Well, I think we've touched on all the main issues, and I think the main thing is now we've got to get the message out.
We've got to get this material around.
We've got to get people focusing on it, because basically we've all been duped.
We have a Prime Minister and a President
Who basically told us, as we call it in the eastern of London, porky pies.
And those porcupines have led us into a situation in the Middle East, in Iraq, from which we need to extricate ourselves, and we've got to do so quickly.
So the sooner people cotton on to what's going on here, the better.
But that's how a Ponzi scheme works.
Bush is getting ready to take it to the next level.
You know, these scams implode, and you were an investigator, you know this better than I, Sally.
Either these scams implode, or they get bigger.
And Sally, can you comment on that?
How they always try to up it, it always gets bigger?
Well, as you've seen it now, you know, they're taking it to different levels now, and it's higher levels, and people are still not reacting.
They're seeing it, and they're in denial, and that's a major problem, and they're arrogant about what they're doing.
Well, that's what Hitler did.
You specifically have got some questions for the professor.
Yes, professor.
My question to you is, what are the ramifications that you've had since you released those documents?
Sorry, I didn't quite get the beginning part of your question.
Can you repeat the question?
What were the ramifications about you releasing those records?
Well, personally, I've had no ramifications at all.
I've got a tremendous amount of support in this country, in Britain, and people have been calling me all day long, saying, good on you, well done, and the government is not denying anything.
The ramifications politically, we don't know what they're going to be yet, because all of this has just happened today.
We're literally in the first 12 hours of this happening.
Now, I mean, I first reported on this right at the end of the transmission of the broadcast yesterday.
Normally, if something isn't true, they would respond within minutes or hours.
The fact that they've been sitting here, sitting on this for a while, you know, 24 hours... Well, Alex, it's even better than that.
They've responded.
We've had a response from the White House, and we've had a response from Number 10 Downing Street, and neither of them have denied the existence of this document
Neither of them have denied the content of the document.
But I guess they're going to maybe claim somebody needs to be arrested for releasing classified documents.
I love it how in the past they've gone after people that release these documents, don't deny that this stuff's going on, but the real crimes are going on, but then they will try to then say that somebody's a traitor for releasing documents.
Professor Sands?
Well, I mean, there are proceedings going on in the UK on other people who've been shipping around documents and I suppose the possibility can't be excluded that they may come after me but I suspect they'll be concerned about what else is out there and if I were them, I'd want to try to kick the story into touch
And that's not done by prosecuting people.
Get rid of it.
So, you know, who knows?
They may prosecute.
They may bring proceedings.
That's what Selly said last hour about himself, Selly.
Professor, do you think there is another smoking gun in there that they're concerned about?
Well, I don't happen to think there's going to be the perfect smoking gun that actually proves definitively that the whole thing was a plot and a lie and so on and so forth.
I think so.
Well, Shelly was saying, you know, he's released a lot of documents about government drug trafficking, and that's what he said last hour.
They like to ignore him, even though he's been on national TV quite a few times.
Predominantly, they like to ignore him because when they attack him, it just exposes them even more.
Let me give you an example.
I went to the National Archives, and I asked for the Iran-Contra files, and they came up and they brought me a wagon full of them.
And I made a whole bunch of copies.
The following day I went back and they had all been reclassified as top secret.
But they weren't aware of what was it that I was able to obtain.
And those are the same files that Bush does not want to release.
That goes back in the 80s.
And you've pressed some of those on the website.
I do have some that are going on the website now.
And we have links to that on Infowars.com right now.
So let me ask you your question.
As a barrister, high-level prosecuting, litigating lawyer there in England, working in the biggest courts of the land, most powerful courts of the land, working in and around all these powerful people, what's the sense?
You say the tide's turned.
Do you see...
Well, the tide has turned, and there is an impeachment process underway at the moment.
In the United Kingdom, it's very early phases.
I don't know whether it's going to take off.
And of course, we do know that the Democrats in the House of Representatives in the U.S.
in Washington are looking very carefully at the question of impeachment.
Is there any other questions you've got for our guest?
All right.
Do you think, Professor, that the votes will be there to try to impeach the President?
Well, I've had a couple of calls today.
It's interesting you say that.
What would happen in the event that in the midterm congressional elections there's a change of control of the House?
And I think in those circumstances, the mood would change very dramatically.
I mean, I personally believe there is enough material that's now there in the public domain
But on the other side of that token, say there is an investigation, Professor.
Say they are found guilty of whatever they're doing.
At the end of the day,
Will not the President of the United States be pardoned by the incoming President?
Well, that's a matter for you.
You know, I'm sitting here in London.
You're in Austin, Texas.
You've got a better sense than I do about the political lay of the land.
But the crucial issue is not that they end up in court.
Or in prison, but that in the court of public opinion, they be remembered for their responsibilities.
So you're saying they'll be convicted and totally discredited in the court of public opinion?
I think that's already happened, and Bush is saying, hey, I've still got two and a half years left, and I'll just do whatever I want, so c'est la vie, nanny boo boo, and he's just in our face, and it's just really scary.
Well, I want to thank you for joining us and spending this time with us, Professor, and if any new developments come out, I would love to be able to have you back on the broadcast.
I've sent you an email with all my details.
I hope that reaches you.
Thank you so much.
Take care, Professor.
Well, there he goes, working in the government in the highest court in the land, there with Sherry Blair, so I guess she's able to get these documents.
And, yeah, it just came in.
They are now not even denying these, and I guess the next thing we'll hear is that the crime is that these documents were released.
Bush could get arrested for that.
I mean, putting our troops in harm's way, dressed up like U.N.
planes, U.N.
soldiers, to get them shot down, send them on missions to get them shot down so that they can then invade.
That is criminal, Sully.
I mean, look at the people that are going to be shot down.
I mean, how are you going to explain it?
I remember in Salvador, we had a special ranger unit that came in from Fort Benny, Georgia.
And they were in there to run ambush tactics on the guerrillas up there.
They themselves, they got ambushed.
And how did our government cover it up?
They brought in, put them on a C-130.
All the bodies, they put them in there.
They took them out to Fort Benning, Georgia.
And they staged a helicopter accident.
So they could say that they were killed in a train accident.
They do that every week now.
Yeah, they do it all the time.
So they do have their ways of doing things.
Well, they admit that when the troops are flown out of Iraq and die outside of Iraq, that's not a casualty.
So the real number was over 9,000 last time I checked, not 2,245.
And, you know, what's sad about it, we all know that in Vietnam, 58,000 soldiers were killed.
But the real number is that
Three times that number of the veterans that came back committed suicide.
Also, here's an example.
From 1962 with operations until 1968, excuse me, 1967, not one casualty was admitted with all the, quote, advisors.
Then once the war really got kicked off, then they later admitted them.
So it's not the first time they've done this.
And I think it was like 10,000 dead troops in that period of time.
But it was just kept quiet.
I mean, they kept 10,000 dead troops quiet.
I mean, that's now admitted.
So people think it's a stretch today that they're doing it, but now they don't just lie about it, they just statistically manipulate it and go, oh, we don't count you if you die on the C-130 going to Rammstein.
And that's the problem the veterans have when they're coming back here trying to get treatment on it.
They're saying it's not service-connected.
Oh, I saw that in the news where they will just not fill out the right forms.
And people even have legs blown off.
They're going, no, you don't get treatment.
And they go, what do you mean?
A landmine blew my leg off.
And we're not prepared back here at home to take care of these veterans coming back like that.
Well, also the ratio of just casualties of incredible injuries are, what was it, three times higher than any other war?
Because normally you just get killed.
The body armor is so good that when an artillery shell goes off next to you, you live, but the shockwave is turning their organs into jelly, and these guys are going to be invalids for their whole lives.
Better off in some cases, I've heard the troops say, dead than, you know, quad amputees.
Have you seen these guys with both arms and legs blown off?
I just saw a couple of real pretty girls from Georgia, 19 years old, and, you know, they focus on the face, and then as they pull back, they got no arms or no legs.
So it's kind of sad, yet they're going to get their GI Bill paid to go to college to do what?
Be special ed or try to... Listen, I've been in CompUSA.
I've been in office my max.
I'm in there and you see these... I've seen double dose amputees with both their legs blown off.
Black guys, white guys.
And I walk over, they got the short haircuts.
They looked all freaked out.
And I go, did you just get back from Iraq?
Yeah, yeah.
And they're still... Their legs are wrapped.
They aren't even healed yet, and the government's giving them so little money that they have to be working.
I commend them working at CompUSA or OfficeMax or wherever.
I commend those places hiring them, but they shouldn't have to work when their wounds haven't even healed.
And people, I think, are realizing now, they're seeing how we're treating our veterans.
And especially with the red tape, I'm trying to get help, housing and disability and so forth.
I'm sure you've seen it where they have to pay for their own plane tickets back from Iraq.
Not only that, they're paying $2 for their food while they're in the hospitals.
I saw that.
So, you know, they're paying.
I saw $4.
It was $4 a day or something like that.
And basically that's what it is.
And people are realizing, you know, we just had a young boy got killed from South Texas.
That was his fifth tour.
In Iraq.
So they're sending them back.
We're out of bodies.
Yeah, I saw that.
He was starting his fifth tour.
The tour was, what, 11 months?
And think about it.
A year build-up.
Three years there now.
That's four years.
And even in World War II.
22 bombing missions.
You're out.
11 months.
Because they know still about a third of the people broke down.
Now they're using them up like tires that you run until they're bald and then they blow out.
I mean, how do you make somebody be in hardcore, intense combat...
Some of the Army Rangers, I was reading a report, they'll do upwards of 14 raids a day.
If they try to make a city sweeper cop, and then a detective, if they made cops do 14 raids a day, how long would those cops survive until they fell apart?
No, I mean, shall we talk to that?
Yeah, exactly.
And what happens is you drop your guard on it.
Because it gets so boring, so...
It's like you're waiting for the bullet to come in with your name on it, and at the end of the day, you just don't care anymore.
Now, to explain post-traumatic stress, because you were also obviously in hardcore combat as a sergeant leading teams, even in Cambodia, as you said in the first hour.
To explain this, I haven't experienced it myself, but I've talked to a lot of folks.
Explain it.
Even though you're getting shot at, you're so burned out that you just kind of, what?
I mean, after a
Yeah, PTSD is post-traumatic stress disorder, which is something that we get, all combat veterans get it.
Cops get it too.
Cops get it too, and so forth, but I'm suffering from a three-compound version of PTSD because I had it in Vietnam and I got it in a...
As a police officer, and I got it with the DEA when we were training those people down in South America.
People were getting whacked all the time.
And it's simple.
It doesn't matter how tough you are.
And you know what?
PTSD can never, ever be cured, but it can be controlled under medication.
And it's very hard to be on medication and try to survive in this world.
But to explain what it does physically, you cannot stay continually for more than a year in a life-and-death situation every day without it screwing you up.
We're not meant to always be going at 110%.
And our military knew no more than a year.
How do you keep somebody in country for four years?
They've never done that before.
No one's done that.
Exactly, and that's what it is.
When you don't have the bodies, the fresh bodies to go back in there, we send a guard in there, we send the reserves, and now we're out of them, and who's next?
And they're talking about kicking in the draft come next year to draft not only males, but females.
So if that kicks in, you know, people are going to get drafted.
Well, I brought this up to neocons.
I go, how are you supposed to keep them in there three, four tours when they're doing house-to-house every day?
And they just go, oh, shut up, you don't know nothing.
I'm like, it's scientific fact that these troops are going to be totally screwed up.
I mean, it's a guarantee.
You get burned out, and you just drop your guard, and, you know, it's not the same kicking the first door in that you kick the...
The 50th door in, by that time, physically and mentally, you're not stable.
Because kicking in a door, the blood flow of the brain increases, the core organs increases, adrenaline and endorphins are released, and basically it's a natural drug, but you're not supposed to juice that 14 times a day, 300 days a year.
Exactly, and at the very end, there's no more juice.
You're like a zombie.
You're just going in there doing what you think you're doing.
And sometimes it's not the right thing that you do.
So you experienced that when you were... Absolutely, absolutely.
Especially in undercover work.
When I did a lot of undercover work, man, it was great.
It was fun.
It was the very beginning, you know.
And then, you know, you started putting your life on the line for thinking that's something that you're doing for your country when in fact...
You know, you're dispensable.
You get killed, and we've got a lot of undercover agents that got killed.
I've talked to other undercover agents.
They say after years of doing it, they could be the most dangerous drug dealer in the world who will cut your head off with a chainsaw.
Those are real stories.
If you do one thing wrong, and you just don't even care, you're just there doing the deal.
Exactly, and you know, you're trying to push.
You've got pressure from the supervisors to try to put as much powder on the table as you can.
And that's how you get promoted.
That's how agents get promoted.
How many informants you got?
How many kilos of coke do you have?
I personally myself see over 10,000 kilos of cocaine in Central America.
We'll be right back.
We'll talk to Dr. Deagle and Cal.
Two final calls in the final segment with Sully Castillo.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Well, we've only got about five minutes left, and I want Dr. Deagle, who's got his own talk show here on the network, a great guy, to have a minute or so, and then Cal, to get Dr. Deagle back on sometime as a guest.
He's really interesting.
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We're also carrying...
A great 9-11 book by Webster Tarpley, his newest, and it's his second edition, just came out, and that's 9-11 Synthetic Terror Made in the USA.
Proves it's an inside job.
His analysis mirrors mine.
We can all debate exactly how it was done, but his is really scholarly.
I'm not tooting my own horn, but I study this more than anybody, and Webster's on the same page and has learned even more, so I commend him.
That's all available at Infowars.com or by calling the toll-free number.
We'll take these two final calls, and in case we run out of time, Shelly, I want to thank you for defending this country and my family right now.
I mean, I want to thank you for defending my family against these criminals.
Thank you, thank you.
No, thank you, my friend.
Dr. Deagle, you're on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, thanks, Alex, and thanks, Shelly.
It's people like you that really make America the greatest country on Earth, despite the evil things that are going on.
I wanted a few high points.
Buckley Air Force Base in Peterson.
We had C-130s going out, and I have friends on the inside that actually saw the equipment going over and the dope coming back.
And one of them, in fact, because he freaked out after he saw this, he actually committed suicide.
The other is there's a lot of our vets that are coming back, and one of them was a number of my friends that were over there, some of them patients and in the reserve forces, and they came back and committed suicide.
Next comment is about... Well, some of these people aren't committing suicide, but sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, they're being suicided.
Especially if they start talking about stuff like the C-130s.
But it's a regular occurrence that's happening.
Second thing is, this program today is probably one of the most important you've ever done because there's a quarter trillion dollars a year that comes into America through the illegal laundering of money through the
And that's accurate, isn't it, Shelley?
It's over $250 million.
Yeah, I think this is the most important program you've done maybe in a year, Alex, because if people don't get the connection between Bush and Blair, between the drugs and everything else, and the real issue is our Congress and Senators are supposed to rule over the
Thank you so much.
Let's talk to Cal in San Francisco.
Last caller, Cal.
Go ahead.
Hey there, Alex.
How you doing?
Good, my friend.
Quick little rally call here.
You are definitely doing a lot of work, but everyone listening can do the same thing, and it's really simple, and I have just a couple points to remember when doing it.
Basically, in fighting these people, they are relentless, so everyone here has to be active and relentless, and the first step is really awareness.
And to me, what led me into what opened the floodgates was two things.
One, 9-11 and the facts that are just wrong and the fact that the media is complicit.
And once you realize those two facts and the importance of them, the whole world opens up and changes.
So all you got to do is make copies on a Xerox of, you know, links that you know.
I hear you.
We're out of time.
You're going to have to call me back tomorrow, Cal.
But, hey, people can go to presentplanet.tv.
We're going to post this interview.
Put it on CD.
Burn copies of this.
Put it on tape.
Give it to friends and family.
Post it on your website.
Get it out to people.
Stella Costello, I'll tell you, two and a half hours blasted past with you.
It sure did, and it was fun, and it was great to be here.
Well, I tell you, I'm going to have some event in the future here in Austin with some really key people coming into town, and I hope you'll be part of it.
I sure hope so.
Did you like coming into Austin today to visit with us?
Oh, yes.
It was great.
Well, thank you for coming into the new studio with us, and I really consider you a friend of the show and want to commend you, my brother, for all you've done.
Thank you so much.
You bet.
To everybody out there, Vaya con Dios.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
Stand up against these bullies and support whistleblowers like Sully Costello.
Take care.
Get the book.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-376-45.