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Air Date: Feb. 2, 2006
2348 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'm not a performer, am I?
Secretary for Ronald Reagan, one of the fathers of Reaganomics.
Paul Craig Roberts joining us to talk about the attempted takeover, the attempted move towards a dictatorship that Lord Bush is pushing.
He'll be joining us in 30 minutes.
And then Joan Vion, who is going to be getting off a plane at around noon.
We should have her on by 12.15, maybe 12.30, middle of the broadcast.
And then coming up in the third hour, Brad Friedman.
More on electronic voting fraud by Diebold and other major companies.
Some big, new, very important developments there.
And I'm sure in the next three hours we'll have time to cram a few of your phone calls in as well.
We're not taking calls, though, in this first hour.
We have a bunch of news to cover and then a guest.
But later, you're welcome to call in.
And I want to continue with first-time callers today.
And folks, that means seriously not calling up and changing your name.
Because I'm doing this more and more because people who are new listeners or long-time listeners can never get through.
The phones, the telephones usually jam up right at the start of the show even before I've given the number out.
And you're welcome to call on days where...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Since I learned of it about six years ago, and I first saw it in mainstream news about three and a half years ago, the Washington Times reported how they're hiring rapists, arsonists, armed robbers.
But by the time you read it in Salon Magazine, it's, oh, just drug dealers.
So this will be who's running our streets and ruling our society.
Criminal governments always hire criminals.
That's how it worked in Germany and in Russia.
This is how they operate.
Gold has reached a 25-year high as oil gains renew inflation concerns.
Intel Chiefs issues warning over Iran, but goes on to say they don't think they have nukes yet.
ABC News has this very deceptive headline going, hmm, there may have been some explosive tests outside Tehran.
Nuclear test was the headline.
Then you read it goes, oh, at a military proving ground, some high explosives went off.
And they admit that it's non-nuclear, but still it could be involved with nukes.
Imagine a government testing explosives.
But the headline is, Nuke Tested?
Just totally deceptive.
It's like everything else with the reactors.
Nukes, nukes, they've got the nukes.
And then the bottom of the article, that most people don't even read down on the bottom, it says, Peaceful Nuclear Reactor.
Israel and the United States vowed to hit the nukes.
They've removed the seals from the nukes.
They're activating the nukes right now.
Nuclear test.
Oh, Fitzgerald's saying it was an accident.
The White House shredded the key documents concerning Valerie Blame.
It's an accident.
Fitzgerald's there to gobble up all the evidence.
Make it look like they're doing an investigation.
It's all staged.
Here's Scooter.
You fall on your sword.
Key White House records and plane probe disappear.
And an interesting article out of the LA Times.
We've been mentioning this, but finally they're writing about it.
Film and TV producers see torture as entertainment.
Well, yeah, when you're a demon-possessed country, that's what entertainment is.
And just a lot more.
Three big guests.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up today, we'll be talking with author, international journalist, and head of the Women's International Media Group, Joan Vion, about the UN, the New World Order plan for global government, and a recent experience at the Davos World Economic Forum, where they openly call for world government and world taxation.
Coming up later in this hour, Paul Craig Roberts.
Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, number two in the Treasury in the Reagan administration, a prolific writer and popular journalist.
We'll talk about Bush and how the reason he's getting away with so much is that the general public is even more uneducated and dumb than he is.
And I don't mean to be mean about that.
I mean, it's true.
They've got all the national studies and test scores.
There's a lot of adults who can even hold down a job and are pretty good at what they do, but they just, I wouldn't even call it dumb, they just don't know anything about the real world or how countries operate or about history.
It's just they are like passive creatures that just react to the systems around them that in their whole lives will never change or actually do anything to the fabric of society.
Remember Karl Rove last year in the New York Times laughed at everybody.
He said, we're history's actors, all of you are just spectators, and we'll change everything that we say is reality tomorrow.
We control reality.
And to a certain extent it's true.
When you've got a nation, a world of jellyfish, that's kind of like a rat in a rat maze that never questions the parameters of the maze, that thinks that the maze is the sum total of its universe,
The sum total of its world, then you've got control.
And they got us caught in the phony left-right debate.
They got the leftists caught up in that.
They got the right-wingers caught up in their little false system.
They don't know that it's all owned and run by the same people.
And it's a sick joke.
And then Brad Friedman, we've had on before, done a lot of great work with the Brad blog.
Huge new developments with Diebold and election fraud.
And in one case, we'll be talking about a mini up in Alaska.
They found evidence of election fraud by Diebold.
This is in the big Anchorage newspapers.
And the people want a recount and Diebold says no.
Recounts aren't allowed now because the elections are proprietary because we're a private company.
No more.
No more.
Recounts allowed.
You see, government is under laws and rules, but under new public-private partnerships, they have passed new laws nationwide and worldwide where the corporations have even more rights than citizens or the government and are basically invincible.
It's like most of the highways in the country are being handed over to private and predominantly foreign companies, and they are openly going to rape the living daylights out of us.
On average, $3 to $4 a gallon of tax.
This is their own admissions.
Right here in Texas, some of their documents say $3 a gallon, some $4 a gallon.
On average tax to drive anywhere by transponder.
And just openly, it's all for profit for private companies, and they openly paid off the local government.
They're doing it in your state right now, as we speak.
We're just ahead of the curve here, a few years.
And everyone's against it, and the government just says, we don't care.
We don't care.
I've been to the meetings.
Many other activists have locally been to the meetings.
And they can have thousands of people saying they're against it in polls where everyone's against it.
And the politicians just go, we don't care.
They even laugh at us now because they know the electronic voting machines are going into place.
Believe me, they know.
I talk to the politicians and they'll snicker and giggle if they're evil.
And if they're good, they'll go, yeah, it's really scary.
You might say, well, what hope do we have then?
It's getting worse and worse.
What do we do?
We at least can admit how bad the problem is.
That's the first part of the solution, because most people are still in denial.
Even people who know that things are corrupt and out of control, I don't think that some of you out there have any inkling
Because every time I study even more, I find it's ten times worse than I previously thought.
I mean, seriously, it just gets worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.
Every time I look at it, it's worse than even I imagined.
I mean, look, I knew the government with private corporations was kidnapping hundreds of thousands of women and children a year out of Eastern Europe alone.
That was official all over foreign respected newspapers and journals.
But I didn't know they actually had lobbyists full-time on Capitol Hill.
I mean, I didn't know that until it was in the Chicago Tribune.
And that is ten times worse.
I mean, just openly with lobbyists, openly in offices going, we don't want you to have any enforcement on us kidnapping children.
I mean, actually saying that.
I mean, that is hell pit level.
So evil that I have trouble.
I mean, it's mainstream news, it's admitted, and what's even crazier than that is that it is mainstream news and admitted.
And that these people haven't all been, that there aren't just SWAT teams with police cars swerving down the road, fighting each other to grab this scum and take him to jail so we can try him and then give him the death penalty and walk him out and hang him high.
No siree.
No siree.
Just nothing's going to happen to these people.
They're going to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and now Halliburton, that's involved in it, Chicago Tribune and other publications.
Now it's in the Houston Chronicle.
They're going to run FEMA camps in America.
The very people running the camps overseas where they do this.
I mean, I'm sorry that's...
Ultra, mega, light years worse than Twilight Zone.
Imagine a Twilight Zone episode where the government kidnaps kids in front of everyone to be sex slaves, and they have lobbyists on Capitol Hill, and it's in major newspapers, but no one gets in trouble.
Just open, pure evil, right out in front of everybody.
And then people say, well, I don't believe the government would be involved in 9-11.
And I go, last night I was arguing with this guy at the TV studio.
I've known him for like 12 years.
And he has a show on there at the same time as mine.
And he's been a good friend of mine.
I mean, I've been to dinner with him.
I've protested abortion with him.
I've done all that stuff with him.
And I'm sitting there, and I go, hey, what do you think of Cindy Sheehan?
And he goes, I think she ought to be killed.
And I said, you're joking.
He goes, no, she's a traitor.
And I said, so it's not just good that they drug her out.
She should be killed.
And later he settled down after a show, and he goes, oh, well, I was kind of joking, but she's just a pest.
And I said, well, the First Amendment is a pest.
But I said, don't worry.
They're beefing up the new Patriot Act.
You know, you hear about wrangling about civil liberties and, quote, reducing it.
No, they're not reducing it.
They're making it worse right now, okay?
Where you go anywhere, they can just randomly arrest you with felony charges for wearing a T-shirt, anything, okay?
I mean, that's protesting.
I'm not kidding.
I've got the bill right here in front of me.
There's mainstream news articles with the subsections.
I mean, it isn't just Alex Jones saying this now.
And I'm sitting there talking to him, and he's just basically, well, it's time to not have a First Amendment.
You know, we're under attack by the Muslims.
So I sat there for about 45 minutes until his wife said, come on, let's go.
Nice lady.
And I sat there and I talked to him.
I talked to him for almost 45 minutes.
I got out of there about 10 o'clock at night.
And I sat there with him up front, and I said, okay, and I got real serious.
I got real focused and centered, which I'm not normally.
I'm always a lot more eloquent and articulate when I'm not on air, folks.
And I just very calmly, I said, George, you know about Gulf of Tonkin.
You were in the military in Vietnam, and you know that's been declassified, that was staged.
He's like, yeah, I've heard that, yeah.
I go, well, you know about the Maine.
It's now admitted that was a government op.
I go, you know about Hitler and the Reichstag?
Yeah, he knew about that.
And I said, well, Operation Gladio, there were computers right there.
I said, we can go to Google.
He goes, no, I believe you.
I said, Operation Gladio, our government blew up predominantly school buses full of kids.
They like to target little kids because that really freaks people out.
All over Europe.
And then they blame it on the communists.
And he said, yeah, yeah, the government just does really weird things in war.
And I said, oh, they were fighting the commies, so it's okay.
And he goes, no, no, I hear you.
Things are strange.
And you could see it in his eyes.
I could tell.
And then one of the employees up there, he looked to Ross and he goes, Ross, you don't believe this is about the government being behind 9-11?
And Ross goes, yeah, I've researched it.
Yeah, I do.
And he goes, I don't know.
But I finally got him out of an emotional state and finally just really, I was being compelling and really trying to empathize with him and trying to connect.
And just for a glimpse, he was back to the George I knew ten years ago.
And you know George.
He's been on the show before, arguing.
And it's so many of these people.
Look, I know it's hard to admit this.
Believe me.
I know it's hard to admit this is happening.
But denying it doesn't make it go away.
Denying this stuff doesn't make it go away.
I assure you.
We should all be very afraid right now.
Very concerned.
And you know what I do with my fear?
I turn it into anger and focused resolve to fight.
And I turn it into power to resist.
Energy to resist.
And then I'm not afraid.
I'm afraid of not doing anything.
I'm afraid I'm not working as hard as I could.
I'm afraid I'm not as articulate as I should.
I'm afraid that I'm not getting as much done as I should.
I'm afraid that I'm not warning enough people.
I'm desperate.
I mean, it's the equivalent of the ship sinking and people are sitting there playing tiddlywinks on the deck of a Titanic and it's starting to list and starting to break up and I'm saying, let's get off this boat.
And people are just going, what?
They don't even know they're on a boat.
What boat?
And I'm just begging you folks, believe me.
People always say, something this big, something this evil, a conspiracy, they'd get caught.
They always get caught.
It's all public.
It's like all these corrupt lobbyists and these congressmen stealing hundreds of millions of dollars, and now it turns out Hastert's doing it.
It could even be in mainstream publications, and nobody indicts him, nobody arrests him.
Bush said yesterday, he said, if you don't pass the Patriot Act, now it's been out of the House, it's going to the Senate, I'll just enforce it, and I'm not getting rid of it.
Now, that's an open announcement of dictatorship.
When the president says...
If my federal law elapses, that is totally unconstitutional, totally un-American, and struck down by squadrons of courts, he says, I'm going to keep enforcing it.
I mean, that is dictatorship, boys and girls.
That is the definition.
And he has these little signing statements.
Every time he signs a bill, he goes, I am not going to follow this bill, even though I'm signing it.
I reserve my supreme right.
We're actually watching America go into a dictatorship.
Do you understand that?
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So again, Bush is saying that if the Patriot Act is not reauthorized, and that means expanded, they've got Arnold Specter's got provisions in there that openly say anytime they want, for no reason, they can charge you with a felony for standing on the street corner anywhere.
The Secret Service has called up coffee shop owners.
We've talked about this and said, don't have an anti-Bush sign on your window.
And the guy goes, I was actually pro-Bush, but I'm a Vietnam veteran.
I fought for this country.
I'm going to put an anti-Bush sign up saying what you just told me.
And that was in the...
What was it?
The Nashville newspaper.
And it happened in Alabama.
It's happened all over.
I've interviewed people in free speech zones who, again, in one case, it was 500 Bush supporters.
And there's been many of these cases, but we interviewed the guy and his lawyer.
It was in North Carolina.
500 Bush supporters.
And this one guy is a local professor.
He had a sign saying, no blood for oil.
The Secret Service walked right over to the cops and said, tell him to go to a free speech zone.
And the cops were like, well, where is it?
We're going to designate one.
And the guy looked on a map at this baseball field.
And the fellow said, well, there's no press here.
I'm here with all these Bush guys.
They don't have a permit.
And the cops didn't want to arrest him, and the Secret Service said, hey, National Security, arrest him.
And they charged him with a felony, and last time I heard, he spent six months in jail.
And the judge, I read part of the transcript on air, as his lawyer did, and he just said, hey, this is the new America post-9-11, and you're going to jail for six months.
So this is what's happening.
In protest, there's any information they don't like.
People get arrested for wearing a t-shirt that says, Peace on Earth.
Doesn't matter if it's the city's top lawyer.
That was up in upstate New York a few years ago.
Folks, there are these cases every day.
Do you understand?
It's that widespread.
And what they do is...
Well, I'll tell you this.
The Secret Service, you always think of Secret Service as these big, tall guys, white guys, black guys with sunglasses, real professional.
My experience with them is they're real oily criminals.
You know, criminal types.
I mean, you can look at somebody in a restaurant and say, that guy looks like a mafioso.
That guy looks like a thug.
That guy looks like a pervert.
You know, just fits the archetype.
And back when Bush was running for president, I would go down just to cover the protest.
Republicans and Democrats hitting each other with signs and acting like idiots.
And I was there to show how it was a false left-right paradigm.
Because I was letting Bush have his honeymoon period during the election, if you remember.
I was just going, well, his dad's CIA and skull and bones, Bohemian Grove.
But okay, we'll see what Bush does.
But I had these Secret Service guys come up.
And they'd be in plain clothes, and they were just like, you know, bad things can happen if you're out here.
You need to leave.
And they'd kind of bump into me.
And I'd be like, okay, where are you parked, Alex?
How's your girlfriend doing?
And I'd be like, this weird little blonde-haired short guy.
I thought he was about 45.
Looked like a drug dealer.
Had a big gold chain on, like this velvety silk, silver shirt.
He was just like... See, I've been around.
I've seen criminals, and I was just like, man, this guy is an actual criminal.
And I was like, why don't you stop bumping into me?
Why don't you stop doing what you're doing?
I mean, I'm like across the street just videotaping people.
They're dirty commissariat.
And that's what they are.
They're dirty commissariat.
Because you know what they investigate mainly?
Money laundering and stuff like that.
They're dipping their little beaks in it.
It's real good to rule everybody.
It must be good to be crooks and be able to engage in crime but still feel good about yourself.
You know, like the Mexican police flashing their little badges when they shake little peasant families down.
You know, I've seen that down in the interior of Mexico.
It's nothing like shoving us around, because we're your slaves, is it?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We've got Joan Vion, journalist who's been to dozens of globalist meetings.
She's been to eight of the Davos meetings since it started.
And they openly announced it.
Years ago, we had to go to Joan Vion and learn about world government.
Now, it's just in the London Telegraph.
But that's coming up in the next hour.
We have...
Paul Craig Roberts, who was number two at the Treasury Department under Ronald Reagan as some of the most conservative credentials in the country, and of course, again, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, a prolific and popular journalist, Paul Craig Roberts talks about Bush and the dumbing down of America.
He wrote an article, a poll shows many Americans are simply dumber than Bush.
Thanks, Alex.
Even if they don't authorize the Patriot Act, he's saying he's going to enforce it.
Isn't that declaring what you warned of, that he is a dictator?
Yes, I think definitely.
He has said that he is above statutory law.
He doesn't have to follow statutory law whenever he's in his role as commander-in-chief.
And since he's declared a war on terror, which is open-ended, he can claim to be in the role of
Commander-in-Chief, and now he's saying in that role he doesn't have to follow any of the laws unless he wants to.
He's been very clear about that.
Now, Caesar said the exact same thing.
He said there was internal problems in Rome, and he wrote an article about this.
He crossed the Rubicon, and then that started the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.
I mean, history is exactly repeating itself.
And of course, that was the first thing that Adolf Hitler did.
The response of Hitler to the Reichstag fire, which historians now say the Nazis themselves set, was to declare an emergency and to start issuing decrees in the name of protecting the German people and the state.
The Reichstag, that is the German Parliament, they just acquiesced and accepted that, and so did the Ministry of Justice, which I think was not at that time actually a Nazi...
They have a president and a chancellor, and he was only chancellor.
He wasn't president yet, and they gave him power.
He only had about, what, 44% of the seats, which wasn't even a majority in the Bundestag.
Right, that's right.
He was not a majority party.
So he did it.
When Caesar crossed the Rubicon...
He was the first to cross with the Roman Legion.
Generals weren't supposed to cross with the Legion because it was seen as a threat to the civil government.
And, of course, he overthrew that and became a threat to the civilian government.
And now, of course, Bush is a great threat.
He's said that the executive is above the law.
He doesn't respect the separation of powers.
And he's loading up the Supreme Court with justices who support his point of view that power is to be concentrated in the executive.
What did you think of John Yoo, the equivalent of the counsel, who's now Attorney General, Albuquerque Gonzalez, two peers who both simultaneously, for those who don't know, wrote papers about how Bush has absolute power.
But Yoo went further and said they can commit genocide, torture children in front of their parents, and, quote, crush their testicles.
And I'm sorry to keep repeating that, folks, but he was asked that in a CFR meeting, was caught on tape by Professor Tassel, who we had on two weeks ago, and he said, yes, we can do that.
I mean, that is...
That is, Hitler wasn't that bold, and you said a month ago on the show that they've become worse than Hitler.
Well, they certainly are in their assertions of power.
See, when you say something like that, there's no basis for it in law or in the Constitution or in any kind of court precedent.
It's just an assertion that some official appointed by Bush makes.
So what we're watching is,
He appoints officials.
They then make assertions that have no basis in anything.
And then these assertions become the basis for Bush exercising power as he sees fit.
But how does he say that?
How does he say, if federal laws are overturned, I'm still going to enforce things that aren't even laws?
Because, well, I agree with you.
There's no basis for this.
It's a power grab, and we're watching...
The Congress accepted, and we're watching the media accept it.
I think the Congress is accepting it because everyone is still under the impact and the fear about 9-11, and they think they're going to all be killed in their beds by Muslim terrorists, so they will give up anything to feel secure, and Bush is telling them that he has to do
He has to behave like a dictator in order to make them secure.
There's no basis for that.
But then meanwhile, they're making moves to go after pension funds, to loot.
Abramoff's running around stealing.
Congressmen are stealing.
One guy, $800 million.
Now Fitzgerald's saying, oh, the documents disappeared, but it's an accident on the Valerie Plain case.
I mean, isn't this a manifest crew of crooks?
Yes, I think you're right.
I think it is a manifest crew.
But you keep in mind, Alex, that no matter what sums of money they steal, what they're really stealing is our civil liberties, our Constitution, and the separation of powers on which the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us our government.
So that's what's really being stolen.
That's far worse than
...than money or reputation or whatever else.
I was talking to a... Even in the Constitution.
I agree with you.
I was talking to... because that's just unbelievable.
I was talking to a so-called conservative last night, and he just said, oh, that's what politicians do, Abramoff and stuff.
They're supposed to steal.
They don't even... Neocon followers, I'm sure you know better than I, don't even deny all this now.
I like Bush.
They just go, so what?
I mean, it's like America lost its soul overnight.
People weren't this bad five...
Ten years ago, and you've written a very revealing article about this.
Why do you think that this atmosphere has gotten this bad?
Well, I think in part it's the media concentration that happened in the 1990s.
The media is now owned by just a very few corporations, and the corporations are collections of so many valuable people
Broadcast licenses, that they're afraid to anger the government because the licenses might not be renewed or some issue may come up.
And they're also afraid of their advertisers who are afraid of any kind of controversy.
So they have a very mild line they put out, and they're careful not to offend advertisers or the government.
So, in other words, there's no adversary press.
There aren't people out there digging or people who are contradicting or pointing out because it can't afford it, given the huge holdings of
Valuable licenses by, you know, like three or four large firms.
Yeah, there's really just five major ones.
But, I mean, when you look at those five, they're owned predominantly by the very defense contractors that are pushing for the war.
Well, that could be, too, as well.
But even if you don't have that connection, you still have the impediments.
It's not an independent press anymore.
It's a corporate press.
Well, you're right.
Even local papers, mom and pops, quote, don't want to have any bad news in the local paper, so nobody knows what's going on in the town.
There are hardly any local papers anymore.
They're all part of chains.
The local paper, or the independent family-owned paper, has practically disappeared.
There's very few of them anymore, and no really large ones.
The Washington Post, I think, is the last sort of large independent paper.
Can you speak to the dumbing down of America?
I mean, a population who most Americans can't even tell you two or three amendments from the Bill of Rights.
Most high schoolers don't even know who the vice president is.
I mean, are we talking about what they know all about the Rose Bowl, Craig?
Well, they don't realize they're in any danger.
They hear all the time,
About we're a superpower and Bush, every time he talks, he's talking about liberty and democracy and we have liberty and democracy and so they think we have liberty and democracy and they think we're a superpower and they're all full of hubris and they don't realize there's a problem and Bush simply tells them I have to have these powers in order to protect you and that's as far as it goes with them.
The piece that I wrote about...
I was simply taking poll results that were released, I think, last week.
One was the Los Angeles Times Bloomberg poll, and one was the New York Times CBS News poll.
And what the poll showed was rather striking, because it showed that Americans were worried about the
Civil liberties in some sense.
They weren't sure why.
But that they didn't mind Bush spying without a warrant.
Because for some reason they thought in order to be protected from terrorists, he had to spy without a warrant.
Yeah, there's a type of schizophrenia there.
It shows a total lack of knowledge.
Double think.
But Alex, you see, what the point is, is that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which Bush is disobeying...
It doesn't prevent them from spying.
It just says that within 72 hours of spying, come to the secret court and tell us why you're doing it, because we want to be sure it's not for partisan political reasons.
We want to be sure that you're not misusing the apparatus of the
Well, that's a key point you raised.
For those that don't understand, when Bush says... So, there's no reason for him not to go to the court.
It doesn't prevent him from doing anything except misusing the power.
So when he says, I'm not going to go to the court,
Then you know he's misusing the power.
And by the way, that is a federal law.
It's a felony every time he does that.
Yeah, right.
But you see, the only way to hold him accountable is to impeach him.
And that will not happen because the American people have put the Republicans in charge of the entire government.
The Republicans are now in charge of the...
Of the presidency, the executive branch, the House of Representatives, the United States Senate, and the Supreme Court.
There's nothing... But the Democrats are lapdogs, too.
Hillary and Chuckie and Lieberman, they're all some of the biggest cheerleaders.
Lieberman certainly is, and they may be cheerleaders, but...
You have to understand the inclination to be a cheerleader when you're a powerless minority is much higher than if you have your own base of power on which to oppose.
No, I understand.
You're saying the separation of powers that is to keep the dictator from rising, according to George Washington, that has now been erased.
Those bulwarks, those dikes or works against that have been breached.
Well, yes, breached in two ways.
I'm not talking so much about the total Republican control of government as I am that the executive is saying that he is independent of the executive branch and does not have to pay any attention to laws passed by Congress if he thinks that they are
In the way of him exercising his role as Commander-in-Chief.
Well, he can say that about anything.
Well, he can say he can rob a bank.
Article 2, Section 2 is very clear that if Congress directs the President through the declaration of war, and that is a limited event overseas, and he's still bound by laws.
But I guess he's...
I guess it boils down to this.
Did you see the clip of the former National Security Director saying that the Fourth Amendment doesn't say probable cause?
And then they simply read it to him and he just said, no, it doesn't say that.
They're just counting on the average person, again, not checking in on them.
They're counting on the average person to trust them because he's the president.
He knows best.
And they're telling them the same kind of lies they told them about Iraq having...
Weapons of mass destruction, Iraq being responsible for 9-11, Iraq having alliances with Osama bin Laden, and now they're repeating all this stuff about Iran.
Well, he repeated that Iraq was involved.
We were attacked on 9-11.
We had to deal with a dictator.
He still repeats the same old lies.
But, you know, this is a war that is fought without a draft.
There are very few
People affected.
Just people who sign up.
It's a war that is portrayed as being a necessary response to the attack on the World Trade Center.
And people just accept that.
They don't go any further.
If they can't comprehend that
The president can spy on terrorists lawfully as easy as he can unlawfully.
And if they actually think that attacking Iraq has made them more secure, as they said, as they told the pollsters,
Then they really, really aren't capable of absorbing and analyzing information.
When all of our own analysts, when it isn't a Cheney Cook report, say that attacking Iraq has actually created a factory of real terrorists.
Yes, not only a factory of real terrorists, but it's also created a dramatic swing in Muslim sentiment
Toward the U.S.
and in electoral outcomes.
The Pakistani government now is about half controlled by people who are either friendly to al-Qaeda or neutral toward it.
And by the way, they have a whole bunch of nukes and medium-range missiles to hit us, but nobody's worried about that, Paul.
Craig Roberts?
They'll be worried about it if our puppet there gets overthrown.
Which may be what we are doing.
That's the thing about Musharraf.
Now, there was a moderate government in Iran, and then the attack on Iraq catapulted a radical government in.
That's right.
And also in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, despite fierce suppression of them, won an amazing number of seats in the last election.
They are a radical group.
And Hamas has taken over Palestine.
The Fatah was on our payroll.
I mean, they were supported by the United States.
Let me ask you a question, Paul Craig Roberts.
Why are the neocons so out of control?
I mean, because they talk about controlling reality.
Karl Rove does.
Do you think they've gone totally delusionally insane?
I've always thought they were delusional, because they think they can impose American will on the world.
They can't even impose it on Baghdad, much less Iraq.
And now they're talking about Iran, Syria, Lebanon.
I mean, of course they're delusional.
It's crazy.
And they're getting away with it because everybody believes the line on 9-11.
And that is the cover.
You know, why do people believe the government on 9-11 when we know they lied to us about everything else?
I don't know.
When they don't like Paul Craig Roberts, number two at the Department of Treasury under Ronald Reagan, stay with us, sir.
We'll come back and do a final segment with you.
We've got a few other key questions for you.
It's always great to be able to speak with you.
We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
You can just type Paul Craig Roberts into a search engine, and he writes, he's written for a lot of big, major publications, mainstream publications, alternative publications, some of the biggest in the country, and of course, every few days, every time he writes an article, it's a must on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
He's going to stay with us five minutes to the next hour, and Joan Vion's getting on a plane in the next ten minutes, but...
I told her to try to get to her hotel first so she's not calling in on a cell phone.
We'll see what happens.
She just got back from the Davos Economic Forum.
Paul, I'm Craig Roberts.
Looking at this...
There was an article out of the Houston Chronicle, another out of the AP, where Halliburton, who runs these slave camps, and it was in the Chicago Tribune, I don't know if you're aware of this, they actually kidnap people and use them as slaves, including Europeans.
Again, I care about the Muslims just as much, but some people say, I don't care about those Muslims.
Well, okay, Europeans too, out of the Balkans.
And now this very same subdivision is going to run emergency centers, quote, during crises in America.
$385 million just to start.
Were you aware of the fact that they're going to be running concentration camps?
I did see, Alex, several news reports that they had been awarded $365 million from the Bush administration to build what appear to be concentration camps in the United States.
They don't call them that, but it's not quite clear what their real purpose is.
They talk about, oh, another New Orleans.
They would have a place to put the people, blah, blah.
But it's not very likely to expect another New Orleans and to go build a camp to take care of something that may or may not happen sometime in the next 20 years.
So I'm not sure what the purpose is.
I do know that...
That there are a number of people who look on this very grave and think they've got some plan for rounding up distance and putting them in these camps.
Since that's what they do in Iraq and at Guantanamo, most of the people there are just people rounded up in the street or happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
It's not inconceivable that they would do something
Like that here, but I don't know.
Well, I had the head CIA guy on a month or so ago, and he admitted, the head guy over there, he said that the actual Taliban would go round up innocent villages down to 10-year-old kids and come sell them for $25,000 apiece to our government, and our government knowingly took innocent people just to set the precedent to fill camps with people.
Well, maybe they did.
I thought they were buying these...
So-called terrorists because they needed to show results.
They needed to show they actually were terrorists and they actually were catching them.
And so I think that might be a more likely reason why we were offering... See, we advertised in Afghanistan, we'll pay you if you turn in a terrorist.
Well, to an Afghan, they said, oh boy, we can turn in anybody.
And that's what they started doing.
So I don't know that they... Well, I interviewed the people involved.
It was actually on the news.
They just would go to a little village up in the hills where people might leave their village once in their life.
And they said, we're going to cook a goat for you for free.
And the nice little people would come down.
Come down.
They're basically cavemen.
And then they'd load them on planes at gunpoint.
And sometimes, though, it said Kellogg, Brown, and Root will just take them as actual slaves.
I mean, they've actually got them like at brick factories and stuff.
Well, I don't know about that, but really, I wouldn't put a whole lot past this crowd.
I mean, if you will lie your country into a war and get your troops needlessly killed in Maine, you'll do anything.
Well, that was in the Chicago Tribune.
I mean, I've got to say, for Kellogg, Brown, and Root, they don't use them as sex slaves as much as DynCorp does, but they just use the villages they capture as slaves.
Yeah, and it said they have lobbyists on Capitol Hill, Paul Craig Roberts, but I don't blame you.
There's so much evil.
Who could keep track of it all?
Stay there.
I want to, in the last five minutes with you, hear from you on what you think is most important and how we stop this.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've had so many prominent people on in the last few years saying that we're going towards a total dictatorship.
Ron Palms.
Vietnam veteran, doctor, most conservative voting record in Congress says that the government is openly trying to set up a dictatorship and that we may all be put in concentration camps.
He said that a few months ago on air.
I mean, I didn't even prompt him to say it.
And so many prominent people have come on who are seeing the same thing, because, folks, that's what we're seeing.
It isn't like it's our opinion.
Classical dictatorships being set up, and obviously Bush is a puppet of this for some larger financial interests.
But Paul Craig Roberts, in the last five minutes we've got together, I want to thank you, of course, for joining us today.
Number two in the Department of Treasury under Ronald Reagan, one of the main architects of a lot of his truly conservative policies.
Just in the last four minutes we've got left here, other key points you want to relay over to the audience?
And my final question, how do we help defeat this system?
How do we short-circuit this growing dictatorship?
I don't know the answer.
I kind of hope that in November the voters will take away at least one House of Congress from them to create at least the possibility of some opposition.
I think Bush is about to attack Iran.
What they'll do is just grab the tiny sliver of land where most of the oil is and so they can keep the Gulf of Hormuz open.
And I think that that's going to further destabilize the world and lead to yet more war.
And as we lack the resources for this, I'm not sure how they're going to cope with it.
Most likely a draft.
I don't know what deal they'll have to make with the Japanese and Chinese to continue to finance the war because it's being financed with red ink and they're absorbing it.
The Asians are absorbing it.
So these are serious problems as well as the American economy is going into the tank.
All the numbers are bad.
All the good jobs are being lost.
There's no place for college graduates except as bartenders, waitresses, waiters.
But Bush says that cheeseburgers are manufacturing.
Yes, but you see, we've lost so much manufacturing capability, I don't think there's any exchange rate possible at which we can balance our trade now.
We're into permanent deficits.
You're saying no matter how much they inflate the currency, there's no getting out of it?
No matter how much the dollar deflates in value in terms of foreign exchange.
Yeah, but I'm saying that would create inflation.
Oh, yeah.
Obviously, you're the economist, doctor.
That will create inflation.
I think, you know, when you get large numbers of people who don't have incomes sufficient for them to live on and there are no jobs, it creates a lot of desperate people for the military.
And in final summation, we get the numbers out that for the first time since 1933, we have more debt than savings.
And is that another good indicator of how wonderful things are?
Yes, it's an indication that the American economy has been kept going by people going deeper into debt.
We consume more than we produce, and we rely on foreigners to make up the difference.
Is our money safe in the banks right now?
It's safe in the banks in the sense that they're not going to confiscate it, but its value is not safe.
They're just going to deflate it.
Yeah, the value is not safe because the exchange value of the dollar is not safe.
You see, this whole neocon Bush enterprise, it really depends on the Japanese, the Chinese, being willing to continue to finance our debt.
And I don't know what deal that we may have struck with them,
Or maybe we haven't.
Maybe the neocons have overlooked it in their hubris.
Well, why, China six months ago went to a basket, as you know, sir, and they've started incrementally dumping.
Yes, but they still support the dollar.
The dollar's supported by China.
If it wasn't, we'd be in a bad situation.
So when you say red ink, that's pun intended.
It's a huge trade deficit, $700 billion, and the budget deficit is somewhere around $400 billion.
Sir, we've got to get you back up in the near future.
Thanks for spending time with us.
All right, Alex.
God bless you, my friend.
Great patriot.
We'll be right back with some more news.
And, Joan Vion, stay with us.
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When you hear terms like socialist, communist, fascist, it's all...
Those terms didn't exist 150 years ago.
They weren't in popular use 100 years ago.
It's all meant to confuse you.
Socialism, communism, fascism, it's all centralized, controlled by a tiny group that's always going to be abused.
And big global corporations are going in and buying off governments and then having the governments sign over all the property, the roads, the natural resources to them.
And it is modern empire.
And it's not free market.
I guess the best term would be neo-fascism with a mercantile model.
And somebody who's been on target for a decade now is Joan Vion, and she's been to dozens of these big world summits.
She's been to, I believe, almost every one of the Davos World Economic Forums where the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateralist and the Royal Institute of International Affairs chieftains all meet.
And if you go read the transcripts of what's in these meetings, it's open call for world taxation, world regulation, internet taxes, money transfer taxes, oil, well-fed taxes.
Basically, whatever we get from Jim Tucker inside the Bilderberg Group every year is then regurgitated to a larger audience of minions and henchmen and viceroys and servants and then implemented.
I think?
We're good to go.
The United Nations Global Straits Executive.
The UN is a front of these global corporations.
She's in the airport right now, fresh back from the Davos World Economic Forum.
And she's there in the airport.
We are honored to have her joining us for the Balance of the Hour.
This will affect every single one of you who's listening.
This is the real economic model.
This is what's happening in our society.
And it is terrifying.
And Joan is absolutely on target.
I heard her on Derry Brownfield yesterday going over how it's all Prince Charles writing up all these plans.
It's all the British royalty.
It's the Commonwealth countries.
They own everything.
I mean, folks from Burger King, yes, Queen of England owns it, they actually just sold it, to the major cruise lines, to most of the oil company stock, to the Carlyle Group, the defense contractors, these people are just so powerful, it's unbelievable.
And they're all intermarried, the Dutch royal family, the German royal families, the French, the Rothschilds are all lords now.
Joan, good to have you on with us.
Well, thank you, Alex.
I'm glad to be here.
Yes, I have returned from my eighth World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.
Let me just say that having covered global meetings for now 11 years, I earmarked years ago the World Economic Forum as being one of the most powerful meetings next to the Bilderbergers.
In fact, I even told founder Klaus Schwab that this last time.
Interestingly enough, the World Economic Forum has been
I think positioned in the right place for today, meaning it was started 35 years ago.
35 years ago, it started bringing together all of the actors of what we now know as global governance.
The foundations, the corporations, the heads of state, the heads of the international organizations, academia, and multinational, transnational corporations.
And as such, because they bring together all the actors of global governance, I basically consider the World Economic Forum as a mini-United Nations.
Let me just tell you what I have found as I've covered this meeting.
Every year they give every person who attends, including reporters, something called the Participant's Handbook.
The Participant's Handbook is about four inches by four inches and about...
It's five inches thick and it has the picture and biography of every person attending.
I have made it my business to go through that book, it takes about six hours, and weed out every person that is a member of the Council for Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission.
Occasionally they'll admit that they're a Bilderberger.
Most of these people are in the inner circle.
They are part of the Aspen Institute, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum, the World Council for Sustainable Development,
They're part of the Council of Europe.
They're Rhodes Scholars.
Many of them have been knighted by the Queen.
They have the Order of Malta.
Some of them are members of the Brookings Institute, the Kissinger Institute.
And it's most interesting because I have made a specific corollary between those people who are members of the Council for Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission
Because most of them are graduates of Harvard, Columbia, the London School of Economics, Oxford, Yale, Princeton, you know, that whole inner circle group.
Out of the 1,100 to 1,500 CEOs that go to Davos every year, there are different inner circles, if you will, the inner circle and the outer circle.
The inner circle are those people who come every year who are members of the CFR and the trilateral
Yes, there is no hiding it any longer.
It's really amazing, Alex.
I remember my first meeting was the first meeting also of the newly appointed Secretary General, Kassi Annan.
And at that meeting, there's just two things I want to mention on that point.
I felt that the World Economic Forum was like a mega United Nations conference.
They were indoctrinating all the CEOs on sustainable development and public-private partnership as well as Agenda 21.
Now, these people didn't know A from B. And then, by the way, Joan, at the microcosm level in Austin, I go to a smart growth conference where they really just use taxpayer money to steal people's land for nothing.
Then they give it and they build hotels and golf courses on it.
And when I got there, it was all heads of Bank of America and World Bank and all these big people and movie stars giggling and snickering.
It's just a giant crime spree.
It is.
It absolutely is.
And in fact, on that point, Alex, I was reading on the plane the action plan for New Orleans, and it's exactly what you say it is, but the people who are backing this action plan for New Orleans, which is considered going to be a sustainable, equitable system,
Um, uh, uh, green future for New Orleans.
I.e., police state.
Police state owned by two or three companies.
That's right.
It's the Urban Land Institute.
And when you start taking a look at the Urban Land Institute, they have been backing Agenda 21, the Biological Diversity Treaty, and the people who support them just happen to be all the builders,
Yes, absolutely.
I remember seeing that on TV about 10 years ago, and I was aghast.
They bragged about how they had very low crime rates.
Well, yeah, you would with a camera everywhere.
Yeah, like you say, in every bathroom.
And yet, unfortunately, Britain now is the next country with the most... They're already announcing it here.
That's right, and now America.
I mean, you know, it is a police state.
Back to these people at the World Economic Forum, it is just amazing.
I was mentioning Kofi Annan eight years ago.
Eight years ago, Kofi Annan came and he unveiled something called the Global Compact.
The Global Compact is an organization that will foster public-private partnership between CEOs and the United Nations, the world health, the world trade, etc.
I remember sitting there thinking, oh my goodness, because I had written the first book on public-private partnership
Which was Prince Charles, the Sustainable Prince.
My follow-up book is United Nations Global Straightjacket, which goes into great depth on public-private partnership and the role that it's playing.
Well, in all the research that I have done on the concept of the global compact, because this is global corporate fascism at its finest, everybody who I've interviewed, all the conferences that I've gone to, all the books that I've read,
Well, when Prince Charles was here in November, I read every single one of his speeches, and in a speech he gave in San Francisco, he basically said he's the originator.
In Davos, there I am able to meet up with key people, and two people are from the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum.
The number two person, her name is Jane Nelson.
I have interviewed Jane Nelson literally all over the world, from New York to London to Davos to South Africa.
And so I said to Jane, hey, let's talk about the Global Compact.
I said, is it true that Kathy Annan was the originator of the Global Compact?
And she went on, oh yes, you know, he had a little bit of help from key people who just happened to be members of the Royal Institute for International Affairs.
And the Trilateral Commission.
But yes, he is.
She didn't tell me about the Royal Institute.
I'm just throwing that in.
Well, I said to her, you know, Prince Charles said when he was in the U.S.
that it was his idea.
And she looked at me and she said, well, yes, it is.
And she went on to ascribe the idea and the concept to Prince Charles.
Now, this is absolutely incredible because at every turn in the last 11 years as I have covered global meetings...
I can tell you that the ideas, the concepts for sustainable development, for public-private partnership, for regional government, ad nauseum, originate with Prince Charles.
Of course, and his daddy, Prince Philip.
And all it is, is neo-feudalism.
For those that are confused by all this, just go to the encyclopedia, look up feudalism.
That's what you're going to live under.
Do you agree with that statement?
Alex, when I first started covering these global meetings, I was absolutely shocked.
I mean, as an American, a red-blooded American, to understand, to think that these kinds of concepts could be becoming popular or being foist on stupid people.
And for those that don't know, cashless society, one-child policies, global taxes, global armies, gun ban.
And folks, they're not joking.
They have recruited almost all the big CEOs, the heads of universities.
This is the true roadmap of our world.
You need to hear it.
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So we've got this big nest of globalists, and they get together in their different organizations that cover different areas of the economy, and they all get together at these larger meetings, and then openly push the agenda and have a big media free-for-all.
Big media CEOs are all there as well.
And this year, they came out with how we need a global tax.
And the U.N.
announced, but you were there, I've just read the news articles, that if we'll just accept a $7 trillion a year, that's only two plus times our economy, or federal budget, if we'll just accept that, then everything will be all right and they'll fix all our problems.
Joan, tell us what you witnessed.
Well, what I witnessed basically is that most of these economists don't know what the heck they're talking about.
The top three economists who were there missed everything last year.
They missed the oil crises.
With regard to the American economy, they're very up on it.
It's going to be very rosy.
There's no problem.
There's no problem with the deficit.
It doesn't make any difference because the world is expanding and things are going to be nice and cheery.
That's really what they have predicted.
So just more of the same propaganda?
More of the same propaganda.
Let me just say that.
If people will go to my website, womensgroup.org, they can read a couple different interviews that I did.
One with Jane Nelson on Prince Charles.
The other one is by Rick Sammons.
Rick Sammons is the Managing Director of the World Economic Forum.
And I pretty much did it on public-private partnership.
It's very interesting how public-private partnership is now the only way that corporations and government can work together.
And I want to get into that, and I'll also put some hyperlinks up on InfoWars.com right now directly over to those two interviews that you were just discussing.
But let's get back.
into their announcement for all these world taxes we need.
Can you give us your report on what you saw them talking about there?
Well, with regard to world tax, a year ago at the World Economic Forum, Jacques Chirac did an interview by satellite and he basically called for a global tax on airline tickets.
He then took that idea to the Group of Eight meeting in Scotland and I was there
Where he basically said that we needed a global tax.
I said to him, Mr. Chirac, if this idea of putting a tax on airline tickets does well, are there other kinds of taxes like that?
He said, oh, we have many more planned.
And then at the 60th anniversary of the General Assembly in September, and I was there, they basically approved a global tax on airline tickets.
France was then the first country in December, I think it was December 4th, 24th, or December 27th, to pass a, I think it's a 10 euro tax on airline tickets.
That is supposedly going to be followed by many more countries.
With regard to global taxation, obviously, let me just say that the United States at this moment is the only country without a value-added tax.
Several years ago, when I was doing research and analysis on a value-added tax, the only two countries that didn't have one was the U.S.
and India.
India has since passed a value-added tax, and our government, as you know... Now, for those who don't know what a value-added tax is, John, why don't you fill us in?
A value-added tax is a tax on everything that you're not paying tax on right now.
Let me put it like that.
It's on all services.
It's on manufacturing.
So, for example, you don't pay tax on your haircut.
You don't pay tax to go to your attorney.
You do not pay tax to go to the dentist.
You do not pay tax to go to the doctors.
All right?
In the future, there will be a tax on everything.
Yeah, it's a transaction tax worse than a sales tax.
That's correct.
That's absolutely correct.
And by the way, the globalists have all these fake conservatives who are on the payroll out pushing a national sales tax right now.
Folks, that is total New World Order.
They're going to keep the income tax, too.
So when you hear Neil Bortz doing that, he's on the payroll.
Well, you know, they had three politicians that they interviewed, that they introduced as being the next, one of them would be the next President of the United States.
Oh, yeah.
They were John McCain, former Virginia Governor Mark Warner, and John Sununu.
And so they were asked, what do they think the U.S.
needs to do?
What McCain said was, well, the war on terror eradicate all the enemies of the West, and what we stand for was the first priority.
And then he went on to talk about the reform of the institution of government.
And he talked about the reform of Social Security, health care, Medicare, and all the major programs of government.
And we're going to reform it by handing it over to private crooks who aren't even going to administer it or are just going to steal the money.
And that's exactly what is happening, Alex.
America is being plucked apart like a chicken.
We're just handing out all of our assets.
We're privatizing it either through pure privatization.
Your analysis is on the same page as mine.
We are being looted right now.
We are being looted.
Our assets are leaving.
And what will happen once we have none?
Stay there.
Big segment.
Big segment when you're coming up.
I want to get into Prince Charles and how the Anglo-American establishment really runs things.
I mean, they even brag about it.
Who really runs the world?
You want to know, folks?
You want to know who really runs the world?
We know.
We'll name their names.
We know who runs the world.
When we get back, we'll tell you about this public-private partnership baloney you hear.
It is about as free market as Joseph Stalin.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This book will help them to connect the dots politically, economically, and environmentally.
Global Straightjacket will explain the Hegelian dialectic, and that is problem, reaction, solution, reinventing government, public-private partnerships, and how it replaces the Constitution.
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And above all, it will provide the reader
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I mean, Austin is run by the United Nations and these state boards.
I mean, you go to the meetings, I've been to them, and it's just, we're run by the UN.
I mean, the average person has no idea how far down the rat hole we are.
Joan Vion writes, Jesus Christ was born into a world government.
The early church certainly understood the rules of Rome and worked around and through it without becoming part of it or adding to it.
In contrast, the end-time church is going into world government without knowing or understanding its agenda and therefore blind as to how to stand in the gap.
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For those that don't know what feudalism is, I don't have the definition in front of me, but I'll paraphrase it.
It is a society, a form of political control, generally by royalty.
Where they keep the populations on very small pieces of land where they can barely sustain themselves, kind of like running on the treadmill, or right on the treadmill, where you can barely feed yourself, where all of the resources are under the control of the elite as a way to dominate and subvert the population.
And feudalism was the plantation with the slaves, or sharecroppers, or indentured servants.
I mean, your family had been on the same Lord's land for 500 years, and he took about 25% a year of everything you produced, and the minute he wanted to, he could rape your wife, called prima nocte, you see that in Braveheart, that's historical.
They could execute you whenever they wanted to.
They could throw you out.
On the street.
If you were thrown out on the street, then the sheriff would come, because you weren't allowed to be homeless, and lock you up in a slave camp.
And so that's what feudalism is.
And that's what America's going to be.
And that's what Prince Charles and Prince Philip, his father, and Queen Elizabeth openly write about.
They said they want to kill us.
Prince Philip, his father, have openly written books and made statements that we need to all be killed.
Folks, Prince Charles, 1988, if I was an animal,
What, page 50-something.
He said it again in an Audubon Society publication, a World Wildlife Fund publication.
He told Der Spiegel that.
And it mirrors everything else they say.
And the nobles, even in Japan, in China, and in Europe, on average in Europe, they were about a foot taller than everyone else.
Now, hundreds of years before, when their war chief great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers took over, just because they were the best at war,
We're good to go.
I think?
Many of the serfs in China and Japan, just for mineral deficiencies, which the royalty was aware of, would be retarded.
They loved it.
They loved riding by and seeing everyone being retarded or starving to death.
And it's a big pleasure.
You have to understand, it's their enjoyment.
And I'm sorry to be ranting about this.
I just want people to know what we're facing.
And so when Jones says they're looting the country, if we were a mansion...
Everything's basically been torn out.
Now they're ripping the chandelier and the marble sinks out of America.
Now they're ripping the pillars off the front of the building to go sell them.
They have gone way past eating into the structure itself now.
And they've got all these fancy PR firms telling you everything's wonderful and how the government's good and you can trust the government.
And it's all total lies.
And they want the police state in place for when the real final looting starts, so you can't resist.
And the IMF documents released in 2001, and we have them on InfoWars.com, there's an article about it with Greg Palast of the BBC, an interview I did in my book, Descent into Tyranny, at the end of the book.
They openly said in the documents, we go in, we destroy economies, then we create martial law, we have riots.
It's like they say they want Iraq to fail, be broken into three parts.
See, actually, Iraq going into civil war is what they wanted.
The drug war, failing.
More drugs, more people in prison.
That's actually a success, you see.
Order out of chaos.
Joan, I'm going to shut up with that five-minute diatribe, but do you agree with what I just said?
You did a fabulous job.
I mean, the analogy of a palace being looted is absolutely correct.
I started covering Prince Charles.
I came across in 1995 an interview that he did in which he congratulated the Brooklyn Commission, which was responsible for sustainable development, for bringing the phrase sustainable development into all of our terminologies, our vocabularies.
I was absolutely shocked, and I started researching the prints.
And when I wrote Prince Charles, the Sustainable Prince, I determined my thesis ended up being that when...
The United States signed the United Nations Treaty is when we reverted back under British rule.
Now, there has been nothing in my 11 years
Since I figured that out, that has made me change.
And let me just give you some information, Alex, on some research that I did a year ago.
First, let's go over who the ruling elite are, because this is publicly available.
I mean, sure, the Protestants might be involved, the Catholic Church is involved.
All these elites are involved at certain levels, or Israel, whatever.
But really, at the end of the day, my analysis is it is Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, which are the Dutch-British royal family, along with the Rothschilds who bred in with them.
I agree 100%.
A thousand percent.
You know, it's very interesting when you take a look at... Let me go back to this research.
I have found, Alex, that the Commonwealth is the only organization that is allowed to operate inside the United Nations.
And the Commonwealth is the British Commonwealth.
It's made up of 54 countries, including Britain and, you know, all of its current...
Uh, uh, countries that are underneath its care.
As well as former colonies.
And so, um, when you start taking a look at the British Commonwealth operating inside the United Nations, nobody has ever said, either you have your own organization, choose one or the other.
Nobody has said that.
Because, when you start taking a look at the group of eight, there are two Commonwealth countries.
When you look at the free trade areas of the Americas, there are seven Commonwealth countries.
When you start taking a look at the UN, there's 54 Commonwealth countries.
The IMF, there's 35.
The World Bank, there's 36.
The World Trade, there's 37.
In other words, what I am saying is everywhere in the whole international infrastructure that has been set in place, the Commonwealth or the British outvote the United States.
Two to one does it at its very finest up to 54 to one.
We're really just a holding...
Of the British royalty.
And that doesn't mean the British people, folks.
It's the royalty.
You know, it's very interesting.
I asked Klaus Schwab, I said, you know, there's three crown princes here.
How come Prince Charles isn't here?
And he said, well, Prince Charles has been here in the past, as have every person of the British royal family with the exception of the Queen.
Now, that's pretty powerful.
That is pretty powerful.
I have seen a lot of European royalty at the World Economic Forum.
They come different years, whether it's Sweden, whether it's Britain, whether it's Liechtenstein.
And it's all the same family.
They're all cousins.
That's correct.
That's correct.
It's all the same family.
And different ones are members of the Order of the Garter, which is the Queen's inner circle.
At every turn, you know, these minions, these people that we see, that we talk about, like BP Exxon, BP Emco, Lord John Brown.
I mean, you know, these people all served the Queen.
That's why they were knighted.
By the way, Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, was just knighted by the Queen at the World Economic Forum.
By the way, it's against the law and the Constitution for anyone in the federal government to be knighted, but they all still do it.
That's exactly right.
And by the way, did you see that Sir Alan Greenspan, who was knighted by the Queen, I think, two years ago?
And now he's going to be on the Bank of London board.
That's right.
That's right.
Isn't that incredible?
And, you know, let's go to that for a moment, the Bank of England.
When we start taking a look at the Bank of England, the Bank of England was actually, the Bank of Sweden was the first central bank in the world.
But in 1694, some inner circle people, which included King William and Queen Mary, decided to set up their own central bank.
And that's the Bank of London within the City of London, guarded by these huge statues of devils.
That's right.
That's right.
The Bank of England then, in my opinion, owns probably all of this part or something of all the central banks of the world.
What a great income.
Think of that income stream.
You know, the American people should be able to understand that the Federal Reserve is not federal.
And that the reason why we cannot forgive ourselves the interest on the debt is because we don't owe it to ourselves.
Well, we've had a lot of economists on.
It's designed to create more debt than it does wealth.
It's designed to fail.
It's like a loan shark loan.
That's right.
Let's talk about that for a second because your previous guest was talking about our debt.
When you take a look at President Roosevelt, he brought over a British economist, John Maynard Keynes, father of Keynesian economics.
Well, Keynesian economics says you have to deficit spend in order to stimulate your economy.
Look at where our deficits are.
Look at all the deficits of all the governments of the world.
And look at how both parents have to work.
People are working three jobs.
Every major savings are at the lowest level ever.
Families falling apart.
Every indicator is we're in the toilet, but these liars on television tell us it's wonderful.
Well, absolutely.
And the point about the fact that every level of government, local government, county government, state government, federal government being broke is very simply this.
That creates the aura, the reason for the public-private partnership.
Because now...
The only way to help government is to partner with the private sector or the multinational, transnational corporations in order to create jobs, in order to give government a boost because, like you heard with Katrina, the message that Americans are hearing at every turn is government does not work.
Yeah, and to explain how this works, of the 100 largest economies, 44 of them are corporations.
So it's simple.
They come in and pay off the government.
Then the government signs over not just the funds and the administration of the roads or the schools, but governmental powers.
So that's really the global government is the private global corporations that interlock with the global government bodies.
And here's a local microcosm example, the U.S.,
8,000 miles, almost every major Texas highway, will be a toll road with a transponder that tracks you, taxes you, and gives you tickets.
And the king of Spain owns the company that's doing it, and they openly admit that it's going to be between $3 and $4 a gallon of gas on top of that tax.
It'll be $100 plus to drive from Austin to Dallas and back in tax.
That's their admission.
Absolutely, and don't forget... I mean, that's literal, folks!
That's literal!
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Don't forget that all the royal families of Europe do obeisance to the Queen.
The Queen is at the top.
They admit that.
Queen B. That's right.
And so Juan Carlos, again, is a member of the Order of the Garter.
The Queen's inner circle.
Well, I mean, it's admitted that all the royal families of the world go every year to the Tower and literally kneel before the Queen.
It's sick!
Well, you know, we're seeing the power.
And Alex, I just applaud you for all your research, for all of your documentaries, for all the things that you have done to help the American people wake up.
Now we have to ask ourselves, what is the next step?
Let's take a look at New Orleans.
Prince Charles went to New Orleans.
Prince Charles reportedly is or has or is trying to buy property in New Orleans.
Furthermore, Prince Charles sent two of his key urban planners to work with Haley Barber in Mississippi to help recreate 11 towns along the 110-mile Gulf Coast.
You know?
Everything, everywhere you turn, has the footprint, the handprint, of Prince Charles.
Meanwhile, who's the youngest son of the Queen?
Yes, Andrew.
He owns, of course, the major tabloids, the ones putting the hit pieces out on them, saying they're all a bunch of rubes and are idiots.
Again, that's part of the propaganda.
They actually own the major tabloids, making fun of themselves so everyone thinks they're idiots.
They're so slick!
You know, Alex, I was invited to do a series of lectures on a five-star luxury cruise last year, and because they were docking in Charleston, that is where Prince Charles started the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum.
I decided to do a summary of Prince Charles' global activities.
Well, wouldn't you know, the Brits who came hated him, and the bottom line is that cruise liner will not have me back because
Not everyone on their cruise had a good time with my lecture.
And the Brits just told me I was a liar.
They said, you know, he's so stupid.
He can't do anything.
He can't tie his shoelace.
He'll never be king.
And he's constantly crisscrossing like the devil, showing up at every key event, openly telling everyone what to do.
I mean, when I read all of his speeches that he gave in the United States...
And I know a fair amount about Prince Charles.
I was absolutely astounded.
And I said to Jane Nelson, I said, Jane, you know, I read all his speeches, and I was shocked.
If this is what he has done as prince, I can't imagine what he'll do as king.
Well, it's, I mean, they've got it figured out, and I mean, they didn't take over the planet for nothing, and they still run it.
They just learned to take their flag down.
That's exactly right.
They took their flag down.
That's right.
But they run it.
They run it through the United Nations.
They run it through Agenda 21.
They run it through the Biological Diversity Treaty.
They run it through smart growth.
They run it through public-private partnership.
They run it through the whole green... Are you kidding?
Hey, hey, I am literally under the king of Spain.
I mean, that... I'm just sick of these people.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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We're good to go.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
By the way, we just got in.
Webster Tarpley's 911 Synthetic Terror, made in the USA, up on InfoWars.com.
Get a copy.
And, of course, the United Nations Global Straightjacket.
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It's already started.
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We can defeat it.
Go to InfoWars.com and get the United Nations Global Straightjacket.
Joan, as soon as you get back to your house, as soon as you get back to your home and get everything straight, I want to get you back up.
In the next few weeks to give us a more in-depth report for maybe two hours so we can take calls.
Our time together is almost over.
And we're not kidding.
We're not joking around.
I mean, it's this bad.
It's that bad.
And, Joan, in the last few minutes here, any other key points you want to hit?
And tell us, the listeners, some solutions to fight this and defeat this.
Well, first of all, they have to be informed.
That's the first thing.
They have to be able to tell others...
In a coherent way, what is happening.
Let me just offer, if I can, Alex, I have a report on the World Economic Forum.
It's $12.
If people will call 301-371-0541, we'll send it out to them.
But they have to be informed.
The second thing, I think, is they have to ask God what they need to do.
How can they help?
How can they oppose this evil?
That is the second thing.
The third thing is they have to be willing to do it, whatever it is.
I mean, you've sacrificed.
It certainly is very expensive to go to these places.
I've sacrificed.
I spend a lot of time researching so I can do intelligent interviews.
And I can gain more information.
Yeah, give us that phone number again to call and get a copy of that report.
And the website is womensgroup.org.
And we've got a link to that up on infoawards.com and to your reports.
But what will people learn if they get United Nations Global Straightjacket from our bookstore?
They will be able to connect all the dots.
I wrote it, Alex, so that they could get the big picture.
And, you know, it's very interesting.
I have a chapter in there on disaster relief.
And I remember when I was writing the book, I thought, why should I put this in there?
Hey, they've got to go to that.
Because in that book on disaster relief, I basically point out that it could be used against us.
Yeah, they used it.
I remember years ago, they said they're going to use it as a smoke screen to re-engineer society.
That's exactly what it is, a smoke screen.
And they are and will.
Re-engineer society.
No, no.
When is it our turn?
For those that don't know, let's go into population control and reduction and forced abortion.
And, I mean, this is really at the heart of it, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
It's sustainable development.
It absolutely is.
You know, this world is theirs, and you and I are, you know, in the way.
We are using up and consuming all of the Earth's resources.
Well, how about Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth and all that inbred Nazi trash?
How about if me and mine need to make room for them, how about they, if life's so bad, how about they go first?
That would be very nice, but unfortunately they've been on the planet since about the 9th century.
I know, and they're total filth.
They're total filth.
By the way, people think Charles is some big wimp who's a little sniveling, coward creature.
The individual, of course, is in the Navy, and he's a big polo player and all that, but they put him in real mean boys' schools when they're real little where they get beat up and everything.
They make them real mean, and then they just pose as these little namby-pamby wimps, and they're really just bloodthirsty pigs.
Any other comments, Joan Viong?
I love your descriptions.
Thank you, Alex Jones.
Well, I mean, they're saying they want to kill me and my family.
I mean, I hate them, too.
You have a great way of phrasing it.
I mean, you do a much better job than I do.
No, I don't.
No, I don't.
Hey, listen, can we get you back up in the near future for two hours to go over the dozens of meetings you've been to?
Yeah, I'll give you a call next week.
All right, Joan Vion, thank you so much for joining us.
God bless you.
God bless you.
We'll talk to you soon.
You bet.
All right.
We've got Brad Friedman coming up in about 20-30 minutes about election fraud.
That's why the globalists are so arrogant right now.
And then I want to get into some of the latest airport harassment, even of the CEO of Kwanzaa.
Kwanzaa, the big Australian airline company.
There's so much that's coming up.
Stay with us.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The royalty, the scum of the earth knows that...
They're your ancestral enemies.
And they know that you are very instinctive and quick to learn that they're your enemies.
And so they've got all the tabloids, which they predominantly own.
Yes, bad-mouthing themselves to make them a laughingstock joke.
They've gone one step further than just taking down their banners and putting puppets in.
And we're talking to Joan Vion last hour about the United Nations Global Straightjacket and how it's all run by the British royalty, who's really Germanic royalty, the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas.
And they're inbred with the royalty of Spain, royalty of France, royalty of the Royal Dutch Netherlands.
That's the main group.
Those cousins are almost as powerful as Queen Elizabeth.
Very powerful.
Very evil.
A lot of dark power there.
And that's who we're dealing with.
That's who we're facing.
This hereditary mafia.
This mafia.
They must be defeated.
They must be smashed.
Right now they're seizing our hospitals, our police departments, our highways.
Everything is going under their control grid.
The mass thieving is now starting to intensify.
And we're going to fight them.
Now one way they're trying to desperately...
Desperately head us off of the pass is by taking our right to vote.
And they know that we're incredibly gullible and can't believe we're being conned, but we've caught them red-handed from coast to coast, systematically engaging in election fraud by the companies, Diebold and others.
Their own employees quit and say it's all a fraud, or it turns out that Diebold's vice president running the California elections is a convicted computer fraud felon.
We're good to go.
Out of Alaska, so Brad Freeman will join us from the Rad Blog.
He's really been tracking this and breaking a lot of major news stories.
Kind of a nexus point, bringing all this info together.
Coming up after this quick break that's just a few minutes away, then I want to spend about 20 minutes with him.
Then I want to go into a lot of the news we haven't covered yet today and just talk about the police state harassment.
Yes, we are.
In fact, I've told Paul Watson, because I saw this article in Salon Magazine, I said, look at all the old articles that people have forgotten about.
And let's write another one that really puts it all together.
Let me tell you something.
When the government openly starts recruiting crooks, hardcore, violent felons, aggravated felons, you know it's good.
And you know it's criminal to stand up against the criminals.
So submit to them.
It's always a good sign when the government hires crooks to run everything.
That's freedom, folks.
Secret police, free speech zones, Patriot Act expansions, checkpoints, militarizing the police, meanwhile, government politicians everywhere stealing masses of money.
That's freedom.
It's always been corrupt, as a neocon told me last night.
So, uh, we're still the good guys.
Just, Alex, you think everything's bad.
Well, yeah, I lived in Nazi Germany, and I was part of the general staff, and I knew what was going on.
I think the Nazis were bad, yeah.
You know, I think the Soviets were bad.
I think that Nero was bad.
I mean, of course it's bad.
Yes, it's gone bad.
It isn't just a good old boy corruption.
It's gone real bad.
We're all in danger.
When the government can run giant white slavery rings and have lobbyists in Washington for the white slavers, and it can be in major newspapers, and nobody gets in trouble.
We're in a lot of trouble when the president's announcing he's a dictator and has dictator powers.
Well, that's the case why you stood on the air.
Because we are fighting them, that's why.
They're testing our response right now.
This is in the 11th hour.
Toe to toe.
Okay, 12th round.
Figure that out, folks.
Everything we do now controls our destiny.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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That's 619-884-1455.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, in the first hour, we had Paul Craig Roberts on, number two, Department of Treasury, one of the, well, the chief economists for Ronald Reagan, saying that Bush is trying to set up a dictatorship, is worse than Hitler, and what he openly says and does, and is totally criminal.
And we had Joan Vion, who was at the World Economic Forum, where they're openly calling for world government, world taxation.
They own the Democrats and Republicans.
The British royal family openly brags that they own it all.
And the average person in the population has no idea this is even happening.
And the elite realizes, though, that you could wake up, especially as they start robbing your pension funds, which they, again, in the IMF documents, say is the first thing they're going to do as soon as their police state's in place.
That's what all this is for.
All the don't protest, all the don't.
So, you know, once Hillary's in and they pull this, they'll probably do it once the Democrats enter.
Bush may become emperor, I'm not sure.
You know, then suddenly the Democrats will all love it, but the conservatives might demonstrate, and then you'll all get a year or more in prison under felonies for protesting.
It's all just mainstream news.
I'm not kidding.
Just the end of freedom, and I'm not trying to be negative here, it's just the facts.
And now Brad Friedman of bradblog.com, we have a link to it up on infowars.com, we've had on several times in the past.
He's dug up a lot of news stories himself, also kind of a nexus point, bringing in a lot of other mainstream media reports that he'll then go dig into.
There's a plethora, a constellation, a flotilla, a squadron, an army, a legion.
I mean, thousands of examples of election fraud nationwide by the companies.
And they get caught red-handed and then nothing happens to them.
Their own employees quit and expose them.
And we talked about that in the last segment.
Now in Alaska, when people want a recount, they say, oh no, that's proprietary, we own that.
So you see where these public-private partnerships are going.
It's just total tyranny.
I'm Brad Friedman.
Thank you so much for joining us to give us the tales.
Hey, my pleasure, Alex.
How are you doing?
I'm watching the end of the republic and open oligarchy dictatorship being set up.
It's pretty scary the way things are moving, isn't it?
Hey, before we get into it, I wanted to mention I was just at your site, linked on, you had a link to my article that you mentioned about Alaska and Diebold.
Looks like it links instead to John Paul, to...
Paul Craig Roberts, instead of the article that you meant to... Well, we make quite a few mistakes.
We're a motley crew here.
We'll be sure to make sure that gets linked to the right place.
Well, you know what?
I'm happy to have it linked to Paul Craig Roberts, because I think he's terrific.
Not a complete loss there.
No, it's not.
People can just go to Bradblog and check it out there, bradblog.com.
Brad, you cannot overstate how evil and how premeditated.
I mean, the Diebold CEO said, I'm going to deliver all the votes in Ohio, and he did, and it showed it was for all that doesn't matter.
Well, indeed, and he has now paid a certain price for that.
He said that he was committed to delivering the electoral vote of Ohio to George W. Bush and in fact the deal was done.
It is pretty scary and as you suggest the privatization of our public vote is really at the bottom of this and the most terrifying and I think that it's something that you know it actually does get media coverage.
It gets media coverage locally in the various local jurisdictions but the national coverage of this matter has been just horrendous.
We saw just two weeks ago, finally, the Washington Post covered the extraordinary hack that occurred down in Leon County, Florida.
A test hack of those machines down there found that they had a vote, a simple vote set up with a yes or no question.
The question was, can Diebold machines be hacked through their memory cards?
And it was a yes or no question, and six people voted no, two people voted yes, and when they printed out the results, what did they find?
But seven people said yes, one person said no.
The entire election result was flipped, at which time, and this was on Diebold optical scan voting equipment, at which time the election director down there said, we will never use Diebold in this county again,
Other counties have since followed suit, but most alarming, of course, was the fact that there was not a trace of this hack.
In fact, those two people who originally had voted yes were computer security professionals.
One of them was a programmer from Finland by the name of Harry Hurstie, and he had inserted some code onto one of the memory cards that enabled this election to be completely flipped
Without anybody noticing.
And they went through all the procedures.
They did the procedure prior to voting that, you know, print out how many votes are there so far.
Well, flipping's always been their favorite.
I mean, long before, back when it was just scantron systems here in Austin, we'd catch them flip it and the state board would say, yeah, this other person really won, but we're going to let the person that stole it have it.
And not only that, I mean, this is a case now where you can't even catch them flipping it because there is no, you know, evidence left behind, at least when we have paper ballots
Yeah, of course.
Folks attempted to stuff the ballot box.
They've been trying to game elections.
Since we've had democracy, they've been trying to cheat elections.
Now, with these electronic voting machines, it has just gotten exponentially easier for a single person to affect an entire election.
And that hackdown in Leon County certainly shows that.
And then the story you mentioned that I reported on up in Alaska...
Where the Democratic Party is actually trying to get at the information from the 2004 election.
They still have questions about that election because it turns out that everything is now up for question as far as what really happened.
They found in some jurisdictions they had more than 200% voter turnout.
No, I know that, you know, people have been trying to get voters to turn out, but I think that's ridiculous.
Yeah, you have a national average of 56%, but magically, 100% vote, and then they all vote again.
Vote early, vote often.
Now, the biggest problem, now perhaps there is a computer glitch, as they like to say.
Perhaps there's a perfectly reasonable explanation.
Yes, of course.
Well, yes, but what's troubling here is we can't find out that reasonable explanation because the deal...
That the Diebold company made with Alaska means that they cannot release that information, those data files.
Listen, all the major roads in Texas have been given to a foreign Spanish company and the courts have said, yeah, it's a deal, you've got to let it go.
And they go, no, we're not going to let you know what the deal is with the state handing over the roads.
I love these public-private partnerships.
It's just mafia.
You know, it's really incredible, but
You know, underscoring this particular point is that this is the very root of our theoretical democracy.
If we can't vote these guys out,
Then, you know, we are screwed.
Now, you may argue we're screwed anyway.
But voting is Al-Qaeda.
Bin Laden wants us to vote, Bush says.
So, if you vote, you're with Al-Qaeda.
Well, you know, it's just... There's nothing we can do once we privatize the vote, once we no longer have public access to this information...
I mean, this is a scandal that just underscores everything.
You and others are extreme.
Why do you want there to be accountability?
Why do you want it to be somewhat transparent?
Why do you want to be able to verify it's not a fraud when they've been caught a hundred times engaged in fraud?
I mean, that's weird.
I mean, that's weird.
I know.
Transparency in our electoral democracy.
I must be... Well, you know, they've called me a conspiracy theorist.
They've called me...
A tinfoil hat wearer.
But wait a minute.
Diebold employees have gone public saying it's all a scam.
I guess they're able to.
They're able to, yeah.
Well, I have a source that I report on at Bradblog who is anonymous, a Diebold insider that I call Dieb Throat, who actually explained the company line.
And for years, this source worked with the company and
And they said, oh, don't listen to people like Brad Friedman.
He's just a conspiracy nut.
Our machines are secure and everything else.
My source ended up talking to one of the lead programmers of the Diebold voting software, and the lead programmer confirmed.
He said, yeah, our security is garbage.
And at that point, this person said, holy cow.
By the way, it's designed.
Top computer programmers in the world in security and encryption have looked at it.
They say it is designed to be remotely accessed.
It's like my PC or something.
Yeah, I mean, and there are indeed all kinds of access points like that.
In fact, a branch.
Of the Department of Homeland Security, prior to the 2004 election, actually put out a cyber alert warning on their website.
It's been out there.
It's been public since August 31, 2004, admitting, putting out this warning that there is an undocumented backdoor and that a single malicious user can in effect change the results.
Well, yeah, you're right.
I mean, because another way to look at it is not only did they warn people about it, they also told hackers about it.
If you're interested, hey, here's how you hack into the system.
I mean, it's an extraordinary moment.
In our time and, you know, the fact that folks like me, as I mentioned, are regarded as conspiracy theorists despite the mountain of evidence, despite the GAO report that came out in October and nobody reported on.
Governmental accounting office, and for those that don't know...
Folks, just ignore what me and Brad are saying.
Admitted fraud.
Let's just ignore that.
Should you be able to do a recount?
Well, they say no.
Recounts aren't allowed.
Should you be able to... Oh, there's a wireless hub into that.
Who's dialing into the server while the election's going?
Oh, we're not allowed to know.
It is designed for fraud.
They're behind the curtain doing stuff.
The people are losing who the polls show should be winning.
It's never before happened.
Now new things are happening, Brad.
Well, they are.
And the GAO report came out and actually...
We're good to go.
I think so.
And conspiracy theorists.
Citizens involved.
Can you imagine the evil?
They're almost as bad as Cindy Sheehan with a t-shirt.
Oh boy, don't get me started on that one.
She's that woman!
I want to get your take on that, and then I also want to talk about the good news.
Diebold is imploding now because Humpty Dumpty can't be put back together again.
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People want money and power.
And controlling a country will give them that.
These corporations are not free market.
They've just waded in and taken over the country.
They own the Democrats and the Republicans.
Bush is their little dictator.
We're talking to Brad Friedman at bradblog.com.
The good news is, though, that Diebold's been having major problems.
They can spout their propaganda, but the general public is learning the truth, and they're just one of the main offenders.
There's a whole gaggle of these people, aren't there?
Yeah, there is, and Diebold has gotten the lion's share of the notice, mostly because of their CEO, Wally O'Dell's statement that he was going to deliver the vote to George W. Bush, but in fact...
All of these companies, for the most part, have fought to keep their source code for their software private, stating that it was proprietary information and that the public is not allowed to see it.
But by the way, that's not even giving out their whole code.
They won't let you look at anything.
They say looking under the hood is that.
Exactly, and it was interesting because there was a law recently passed in North Carolina, which was very useful.
North Carolina in 2004 had one county, Carteret County,
We're good to go.
Diebold just couldn't come around to giving their source code away.
They came up with all kinds of reasons.
They went to court.
They did everything else.
But, you know, they fought it tooth and nail.
But Diebold's source code has been found online, and they admit that's their source code, and again, designed for fraud.
Well, I will leave that to you to decide, because I don't know.
I know that there's all kinds of problems.
Well, I mean, designed to have a bunch of back doors, so that's somebody to come to defraud it.
Well, either it's designed for fraud, or it's encroached.
Well, here's the clincher.
They know it's got these, quote, problems, like Swiss cheese has holes, and so they keep selling it, so now it's premeditated.
You're exactly right, because they haven't really fixed the problem, and then whenever something comes out like that test I was talking about down in Leon County, Florida...
They do everything but blame the software.
Now they're blaming the elections director down there, Ion Sancho, for allowing this test to happen in the first place.
In the end, by the way, they pulled out entirely from North Carolina because they just cannot turn over that source code.
They were not able to beat it in court.
What about the Voter Assistance Act, where the feds pay to put all these systems in?
The Help America Vote Act, yeah.
Well, what's really troubling about that that I...
Pointed out at Bradblog.com is that the lead author of that bill is our good friend Bob May, Congressman Bob May from Ohio.
He's been in the news lately, fingered by Abramoff and Michael Scanlon as being, well, completely corrupt.
And as it turns out, the Diebold Company has been paying Bob May's old chief of staff, David DiStefano,
To lobby Bob May for this Help America Vote Act, and that is, in fact, the one that is forcing, essentially, jurisdictions all around the country to put in these electronic voting machines under the pretense that they have to have one disabled, accessible voting machine, voting device.
In every precinct.
And that's what has opened the door for companies like ES&S and Diebold to put in their paperless, unaccountable, unsecure touchscreen voting machines.
Well, it's completely honest to just not let us look underneath the hood.
Again, I don't know what your problem is.
I don't know what I'm thinking.
Yeah, I know.
I should also add, by the way, that it turns out Diebold gave hundreds of thousands of dollars, apparently, to old Jack Abramoff's firm, Greenberg Trarig.
And yet, Greenberg Trarig does not show up as a lobbyist for Diebold in the Congressional Lobbying Database.
What did that money go for from Diebold to Jack Abramoff?
What was done with it?
Well, I was talking to a neocon last night, and he said Abramoff's good.
They said stealing and paying off and bribing's good.
Well, then I stand corrected.
Whatever happened to that money, whatever they did with it, then I guess is a very good thing.
Well, I'm not kidding about that.
I know people who will do anything to ignore what's happening.
They'll go, yeah, Bush is allowed to torture children.
I'm sure you heard about you saying they can torture children in the White House.
And then neocons are actually defending that.
Have you heard about that?
No, I have not heard about that specific case.
But, I mean, we've seen this case after case.
I mean, take this NSA spying matter, which I'm sure you're delighted about.
That has now been relabeled, what, the Terrorist Surveillance Program?
Oh, yeah.
And the phony argument being made that, well, we think that we should be able to spy on terrorists, so those who disagree with us can go to hell.
But it turns out that it's Governor Richardson and Colin Powell.
That's who they're spying on.
Well, it very well may be, and that's what's so troubling about this.
Brad, come back real quick from the other side and finish up on any key points you need to make.
We always love having you with us.
And then I'm going to cover some important news and maybe even jam in a few calls.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Here's an instant message.
Your anger and focused energy, I don't know about that, to fight is transferred into many, many Americans, me included, Alex, keep it up.
And I get so many of those just praising me.
It's why I've been reading a lot of them.
You guys got to send me questions or comments, and then I'll read more of them.
I mean, I love you to death, but I started this little Yahoo Instant Messenger, and I'm getting hundreds of them every day here on air.
But most of it's just praising me, and I appreciate the praise, folks.
But listen, I'm doing this for myself.
I mean, I want to live in a free country, just like you're doing it for yourself.
I mean, I'm just doing my duty.
So is Brad Friedman.
Brad, let me ask you a question.
You know, when Democrats were involved in corruption, so many Democrats I knew didn't care or were in massive denial of Bill Clinton.
Now, obviously, if Bill Clinton was bad, George Bush makes him look like a choir boy when it comes to just overt corruption.
But I think that's more a sign of the times than just George Bush.
When a Hillary Clinton gets in or somebody like that, and I guarantee you, this will all continue.
All of this is a corporate matter.
It's all going to continue.
It's the domination.
It's better than some puppet.
Are you going to be there fighting it and exposing it?
Well, I would like to think that I would be.
I'm certainly no fan of Hillary Clinton.
Now, the difference, though, that we're seeing to the Clinton era...
Is, frankly, at least in my opinion, a type of corruption that is so broad, so widespread, so enormous, that it's nothing like anything we've ever seen, in my opinion.
Well, everybody says that.
I mean, everybody says that, including staunch conservatives.
I mean, their entire policy is corruption.
It's all they do is lie and steal and kill and just do every... I mean, yes, it dwarfs everything I've ever seen.
It's like...
Yeah, I'm sorry.
No, no, I mean, it's like Bush spending more than any president before him combined.
Exactly, and it's been institutionalized to the top, very top levels of government, and furthermore, the media is now complicit in it because they've turned on this, you know, you had mentioned Cindy Sheehan before.
There is this ridiculous idea that they have somehow been able to sell, beginning with Fox News, really,
This idea of fair and balanced.
Now, fairness is one thing.
Balanced is another thing.
It's quite often nonsense, and it's pretty much made to level an unlevel playing field, as we saw very clearly yesterday in the Cindy Sheehan matter, where she was arrested and detained for hours.
Four hours, bruised up.
And then we have this female congresswoman, a wife, this lady,
Saying that they made her leave, she yells at them.
Then the Capitol Police say it didn't even happen.
The whole thing's made up.
But even if you believe the lie, they didn't arrest her.
But the point is that now information is a protest.
So, folks, you can be arrested if they decide it's a free speech zone for what's on your shirt.
And, of course, we should note that last year when all those Republicans dipped their fingers in purple ink and held that up as a statement in the State of the Union, that was not a problem.
Right, exactly.
But the point is...
That with this congressman's wife, who, as you point out, was not detained, was not arrested, was politely asked to leave, and in fact she abused the cops, reportedly, calling them idiots and everything else, which Cindy Sheehan did not do.
The right has come out over the past 24 hours and they said, well, see, there's nothing here.
They were both treated equally.
They were both asked to leave the event.
No, she was arrested and charged with a crime which they've now had to drop.
They're the criminals.
And this is the difference when you ask me about will I go after Hillary Clinton in the same way.
I will if it's deserved, but there's this notion that is coming out now that, oh, they're all corrupt and both Democrats and Republicans and they're all no good.
Well, that may be, but I think that these guys in office, in power right now... Are the wildest, most out of control ever seen.
They deserve special credit, special notice for what they're doing to this country right now.
Well, listen, I'm sure you've seen the new Patriot Act provisions from Arnold Spector, who's having hearings next week with Gonzales, and Spector says, well, Bush may have dictatorial power.
He may be above the Constitution.
I played a clip of him actually saying that, as if Spector can look at it and decide Bush is emperor.
Bush is saying that if they don't reauthorize the Patriot Act, he will enforce it.
Well, that's criminal.
That's openly a felony, just like his spying is.
And then on top of it, we now have them in the new Patriot Act, this Spectre thing, where anytime they want, they can charge you with a felony for any information on your T-shirt or anything.
I know.
I mean, it just absolutely blows your mind.
And this is why, frankly, I was fighting so hard to keep Sam Alito off the court.
It was because of the NSA spying and his coming out with this unitary executive theory that basically says,
If the president does it, it's legal because he's the president.
Look, I have not been... Back in 2004, November of 2004, had the Democrats fought for what was most likely theirs after the election?
Had they fought to make sure...
Every damn vote was counted in Ohio.
They likely would have found out that John Kerry won the presidency.
Have you figured out yet, Brad, that Kerry was a ringer from the get-go?
Well, you know what?
I'll leave that to you, because I'm not sure about that.
You may very well be right, but I tend to not report stuff unless I have the evidence.
That says... Cousins, skull and bones, winking at each other.
I understand.
There's reasons to believe that.
And I'll, you know, you're free and others are to say that.
I'm not disagreeing with you.
I'm just saying I don't have that specific evidence to prove that.
What I can tell you, though, is that when they rolled over and decided not to fight for what was rightfully theirs, they knew that anywhere from two to four Supreme Court seats would be opening up in that term.
And they rolled over and didn't fight it and let things move forward anyway.
So I have been loathe to carry the Democrats' water for them at this point over Supreme Court nominations, you know, talking about policy and everything else.
But when we got to Alito with this NSA spying thing right on us and this guy saying the president can pretty much do whatever he damn pleases,
That's when I had to jump in and say, no, enough is enough.
I ain't doing this for the Democrats.
I'm doing it, at this point, for the country.
Those are the fights that I get into.
Listen, I hear you and I agree with you.
This is just nightmarish, and I'll tell conservatives what happens when Hillary gets in and has the precedent of imperial power.
It's all very, very serious, and this is all a wake-up call for everybody.
Look, I've been seeing the police state preparations for a long time, and I've seen the Democrats and the Republicans have these little theatrical chicken fights
We're good to go.
Well, yeah, exactly.
And that's why guys like Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Paul, who are Republicans, it is so important that they speak out.
Listen, remember, even back with the Democrats controlling the Congress back during Watergate, it was the Republicans stepping forward, your Barry Goldwaters and so forth, walking up Pennsylvania Avenue famously,
To tell Nixon it was time to step down.
We need more Republicans at this point to be... Do you think they're all just in an orgy at the trough?
I know that's part of it, or are they afraid of Bush?
Who is that?
The Republicans.
Yeah, I think that they... Well, I think we have a combination.
We have some who are feeding at that trough, your Tom DeLays and friends.
And then you've got some honest brokers there who I think have been intimidated, have been scared to death.
How is Hastert getting away with the fact that it's in Vanity Fair and in the Village Voice that he's taken money from Abramoff?
Totally criminal.
I mean, where are the sirens?
Where are the cops?
Oh, exactly.
Well, because the media is not there.
You get one article like the Vanity Fair article discussing the Sabella Edmonds stuff.
And by the way, I hope to have more stuff.
On her and what she will be doing as things move forward, which will hopefully change the way things go.
But in general, yeah, the media is not all over this as they should be.
They're not digging into this.
Well, the old line dominant media is owned by the bomb makers, so they're not going to stop.
Brad, I want to thank you for joining us.
Thank you, my friend.
Always good to talk to you.
Always good to talk to you.
Take care.
A lot of different voices here on the air, and he's got a great site, does a lot of great work, a lot of contacts, so we have him on occasionally, and you can link through his website, infowars.com.
All right, we're not going to have time to take calls.
Maybe in the last segment, one or two.
Let me just cover news now.
House votes to extend the Patriot Act.
Reuters, with time running out, the House of Representatives agreed on Wednesday...
To second brief extension of key provisions of the Anti-Terrorism USA Patriot Act, while lawmakers try to settle differences over civil liberties.
President Bush cautioned the Senate that if they do not reauthorize it, he has the power to continue the operations under the Patriot Act.
Folks, that is insane criminality.
The executive implements the legislative.
It's just, I mean, that's dictatorship, okay?
101, go take a college course on it.
I mean, that's it right there.
Continuing, article out of Salon recruits down Army granting waivers to criminals to boost numbers.
It talks about drug dealers when they get busted, the cops go, okay, you've got to go join the Army.
You know, that's kind of an old tradition where if a kid gets caught stealing a chicken or a watermelon, you know, you've got to go join the Army.
But if it was serious stuff, no, you didn't do that.
Folks, I'm digging up the articles to post them along with this where it's aggravated felons.
I mean, the Washington Times three years ago had an article.
I remember it was rapists, illegal aliens, armed robbers.
And that's what Stalin did.
That's what Hitler did.
I mean, when the government starts hiring crooks, baby, you got a problem, a big one.
We all got a problem.
It's like every time you look at ES&S, or you look at all these different companies, they're like run by felons and known coke dealers and mafiosos.
Just every time I turn around, it's just they're a bunch of crooks.
Don't you understand that?
The mafia's taking America over, and they've got fancy PR firms confusing everybody.
George Bush isn't a Texan, folks.
He doesn't even ride horses.
He's from Kennebunkport, Maine.
And I use that as just a simple example.
It's all a facade.
It's a facade.
It'd be like if I dressed up like a woman to sneak into a woman's company or something to steal something.
It'd be a costume, a fraud.
Like if I dressed up like a cop to sneak into a police station.
It's just none of it's real.
It's all a joke.
Frankly, most cowboys don't go around wearing cowboy hats to begin with, but that's a side issue, unless you're actually out riding the fence.
Gold reaches 25-year high as oil gains renew inflation concerns, and gold rose to its highest level in 25 years, breaking a record of just a few weeks ago, to $573.20 an ounce.
I mean, that is explosive.
That is not a good sign for the dollar, boys and girls.
Intel chief issues warning over Iran, but then went on to say that there's no evidence that they have a nuke yet, but they may.
So, see, it sounds moderate.
Well, everyone knows they don't have a nuke, so now it turns into they might have a nuke, but I don't think they have a nuke.
And then there's another big ABC News article that is just total yellow journalism.
You know, they love to go, nukes, nukes, the nuke crisis, dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-d
A quarter-inch rain.
Am I being mean?
I don't think we're even dumb.
We're just experts on trivia, not on important stuff.
You know, all about the million little pieces and the Oprah scandal, but not about actual mafiosos running the government.
And I've got the headline here in the stack, and the headline is, Nuclear Test in Iran.
Nuclear test!
Oh, there's a nuclear test!
And I knew, for a click, I said, this is going to be some lie.
And they just said, there was a big explosion that went off at a military proving ground.
And that's all they say.
And they go, it could be a conventional explosive test in conjunction with an atomic weapons development.
Because they are jacketed in blasting explosives.
So imagine, next time the Army does a bomb test out, you know, the BATF has one in New Mexico.
Next time they're out doing a bomb test or something, oh, they must be building atom bombs.
I mean, it's just... But it doesn't matter.
The headline, nuke test.
They know the general public is so shallow...
I know I'll be arguing with... I haven't tuned in yet, but I know.
In fact, I bet you can call in right now and tell me you already heard it today.
See, they're testing nukes!
I just know how they are.
When I get off the air today, I'll tune in, guaranteed.
I mean, no debating it.
They will be on the air saying there was a nuke test.
There wasn't a nuke test.
Does it matter?
They're removing the seals from the nuke!
The public's running around like... Meanwhile, China openly threatening to nuke 200 U.S.
cities and saying we're targeted.
If we get involved in anything they're doing, any other national interest, we will be nuked.
And they have the technology to do it.
They have the missiles aimed at us.
And our government's... We love you, but... Iran's 10 years from a bomb.
Do they have a nuke?
Not sure.
A nuke test.
I mean, it's just... How dumb!
Do you like being laughed at?
Do you like them treating you like a moron?
Fitzgerald is saying that the White House destroyed the documents and emails, but it was an accident on the Valerie Plame issue.
See, Fitzgerald's good.
He's about to indict Cheney, and I'm an Easter Bunny.
And I got criticized when I said that sounded like a fraud.
And the people that put out the disinfo are still respected.
Film and TV producers see torture as entertainment.
Los Angeles Times, in the first hit film of the year...
$4 million movie that's made hundreds of millions.
Screaming, helpless young people are brutalized by power tools and blowtorches wielded with lethal tormentors.
And, of course, this is what the elite really do.
They really do kidnap young people and children.
They really do blow their heads off and kill them.
And if an Italian news crew exposes it, they all get fired because it's rich Americans doing it.
I mean, you didn't know that was on the Italian news a couple years ago?
Oh, yeah.
They like to torture toddlers to death, though, we didn't teenagers.
And I've talked to friends that have gone to see this, not knowing what it was when it first came out, and they said they're in the audience and people are getting off on it, and everyone I talk to gets nauseated and leaves.
It's just two hours of just blow-torching eyeballs out and torturing, and people in the audience go, See, because we're like a demon country, see, because we're demons now.
See, we have a president's office that comes out and says they can torture children, and the neocons go on the radio and love it.
And it goes on.
One of the TV's most popular cable series ends its third season with a mutilation of a preoperative transgender woman and severing of a plastic surgeon's finger.
On the same show, a psychopath treats one of his kidnapped victims to extensive plastic surgery on her face and body without anesthesia.
A principal character in a big screen political thriller has his fingernails ripped out with pliers.
The ransacking hero of another thriller is traumatized by electrodes attached to his genitals.
Increasingly, producers of movies and TV series are bringing the pain to mainstream fare, highlighting sadism, torture, brutality, and human suffering all in the name of entertainment.
And the bad guys win, by the way, on these shows.
The dark threat of torture employed as a tool of persuasion, a power demonstration, or just a cruel kick, has surfaced intermittently in pop culture.
Marathon Man, Silence of the Land, Lethal Weapon, The Deer Hunter, Braveheart.
Oh, I don't count the Braveheart.
That's historical.
It's just they kill him at the end.
And Reservoir Dogs are among the popular, and it goes on and on.
And so everyone's being bathed in this right now.
And folks, imagine, I mean, the people are getting off on it.
They like to go see it, and they're soft, weak people.
They've never been in a fist fight.
They've never been hit upside the head with a lead pipe.
They've never been in a car wreck.
They've never been in combat.
They've never really felt pain.
They've never even had children or loved anybody.
They're just these little self-centered, little pampered, perfumed people with jewelry hanging off of them, going in and going, ooh, I like it.
Ooh, look at him.
It's entertainment.
Look how he pulls that girl's eyeball out with pliers.
And it's so real.
And it's the elite doing it.
Oh, I've got Times of London articles where they actually do that to young teenage girls.
And they found a whole castle in Burgundy full of tortured people.
And some of them are still alive, but the owners weren't prosecuted because they're elite.
Oh, see, the movie's real, folks.
That's what your elite do.
And they're giving you their taste.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills.
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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This is an interesting message that just came in, and the answer is no, I haven't heard of it.
If you've got the hyperlink, send it to me, and I'll get it up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
Alex, have you heard the breaking news from the UK Channel 4?
And this is unconfirmed, folks.
Leaked transcript of Bush-Blair meeting before the invasion of Iraq discussed provocateuring an attack with a spy plane and more.
Again, getting the Iraqis to attack them.
No, I wasn't aware of that, but I was aware of other documents where they wanted to do more of the low flyovers and bombings of low targets that weren't even needed using tornadoes, which are the planes that get shot down more often because they're low.
Fighter bombers?
Then is an excuse.
Oh, look, they shot down our planes.
And that's the crazy... We're bombing them, even before the war, and they shoot back.
Can you believe it?
They shot back those criminals!
You know, the globalists say they're about to nuke Iran.
Jacques Chirac said that, so Iran says, well, we'll attack you back.
Can you believe they said they'd fight back?
How evil!
Airlines CEO latest victim of airport Gestapo.
Just when you thought the TSA screening horror stories couldn't get much more anathema to common sense, the latest victim of the little Hitler airport Gestapo proves otherwise.
Let's brush aside the moment and the fact that Margaret Jackson, the CEO of a major airline company...
And judge whether her appearance would set alarm bells ringing.
A blonde-haired, bespeckled, suit-wearing Australian woman in her 50s, about as far away from Muhammad Abbas as you can possibly imagine.
Yet when the TSA, and they're going to be running your streets, already are, by the way, with the Viper teams, threw her bag last year at Los Angeles Airport, their discovery of aircraft diagrams got them salivating.
Why have you got all this?
One asked.
I'm the chairman of an airline, she said.
I'm the chairman of Qantas, replied Margaret.
But you're a woman, dude, replied the TSA goon.
And so, along with the pregnant white women, we have a link to that, senators and four-year-old boys, Margaret, a woman who has officially opened airport runways, pictured below, became the latest airline terror threat to America.
And Paul Watson's great article goes on from there.
And that's what it's like.
I mean, I've seen old men about to die.
You're talking 90 years old with oxygen tanks with some foreigner literally with a turbine going, In San Francisco, and the old guy's going, and he's trying to take his shoes off.
I mean, it's just to train you how to be a slave.
Okay, and the terror threat isn't real to begin with, and it's wrong what happens to the Arabs.
But there was that Boston Globe article where 90% of the people at the Boston airport were foreigners, and half of them were illegal aliens.
You've got to love it, folks.
You've got to love it.
It's all to train you how to be a slave, and we told you to go nationwide, not just in the train stations and the airports, and now it is.
Main peace group under federal surveillance, WLBZ-TV Channel 2, and it says just for protesting the war peacefully, they were brought on by the Pentagon.
Now, Pentagon documents that are now released from HQ.com, and they're bragging that the Pentagon says, the brass says they're allowed to spy on us, so it's okay.
It's like the head of the NSA saying the Fourth Amendment doesn't say probable cause, so they can, when the federal law on the Fourth Amendment says they can't.
They just tell the troops they can, and the troops just go, okay, okay, and then...
Here's another one.
Big Brother in full effect at Super Bowl.
One of the technology papers.
And it says they're going to have the body scanning software there recording your naked body.
So enjoy the... Again, you want to go to Disney World?
Got to biometrically scan.
Want to go to the Super Bowl?
Got to scan.
It's all part of the slavery.
All part of the enslavement.
And here's the article.
Army has authority to spy on Americans.
And where's their authority?
Why, the general says so!
And President Bush says if they overturn the Patriot Act, he'll keep it in force.
Well, he's got that power.
I heard him say he did.
Man, heaven help us.
You see, to have a dictatorship, they've got to announce it.
To have camps, they've got to announce it.
They're announcing it all.
And if these murdering creatures detonated an A-bomb in America, you didn't, I ran.
I know it in my guts with all the data, and you know it, too.
You know who did it.
So licking their boots isn't going to save you.
You need to know who the terrorists are.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.