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Air Date: Feb. 1, 2006
2376 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I'm going to try to control myself today in this Indy 500 Infowar and not blow an engine or spin out and crash.
Because it's days like these that I'm chomping at the bit, literally.
In fact, I had three guests scheduled today, but I canceled two of them.
We still have an important guest coming on in the third hour to talk about some very important issues.
I'll tell you about that later, but I canceled a couple of other guests because I've got to have some time.
We're good to go.
Just so incredibly crafted to be deceptive.
I mean, I could talk for an hour about one paragraph that I'm looking at, and it actually makes the temples throb.
My heart rate actually accelerates because I get angry.
I know the average American.
Unfortunately, he's an expert on football and how to act cool, but knows absolutely nothing about how our government works, about our history, and they will just suck it up.
I am so tired of it.
I mean, I thought Bill Clinton was a liar.
I just, Bush, the speechwriters, Karl Rove obviously had the talking points on this, and then some speechwriter packaged it.
This stuff makes Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, it makes his work look like middle school literature compared to Shakespeare.
It's just one giant bent fraud.
So we'll get past the hyperbole and get into just some of the lies, and believe me, I can't spend all day on this, because all the news today is earth-shattering and massive.
I mentioned an AP article yesterday about how Halliburton's getting to start off $380-something million to build FEMA camps, and they say it's for illegal aliens, but then they say for natural disasters or civil emergencies.
And Halliburton runs the camps, many of them in Iraq.
Halliburton is just unbelievably evil.
And these are the concentration camps being built right in front of our eyes.
And again, they're going to be private.
And everything is going to be private.
It's all about public-private partnerships, not privatization.
Corporations that are bigger than most governments pay off your government, and then the government signs government power to them, and then they, well, it's like old sharecroppers who were, in many cases, actual slaves, or where you're a coal miner and you owe your soul to the company's store.
You never get out of debt, and, you know, the coal mine manager rapes your wife at his leisure.
I mean, that's the type of world we're living, and it's openly owned by the Dutch and British royal families.
I heard Joan B. on the Genesis Network earlier today.
I'm going to try to get her on.
She just got back from Davos.
And she was saying everything we already know, but she was there saying it again.
It's all how Prince Charles designed it all.
They come in, they buy the government, the government hands everything over to them.
I mean, it's real simple.
And they train the police to be attack dogs that hate the people.
They simultaneously brainwash the public to love being slaves.
And it's just unbelievably bad.
And it... Again, I'm already starting to jabber and gibber because I... My head spins.
My head spins when I just... You ought to see the news I've got here in front of me.
We're going to try to go through all of it.
The Daily Show host did one of the most astute, piercing, important reports I've ever seen on mainstream television.
In fact, probably the most piercing.
Just amazing.
We're going to play a clip of that.
There's so much coming up today.
Ultra-massive broadcast.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome, my friends.
We're going to spend a little bit of time today dissecting just a few of the...
Manifest frauds that the puppet-in-chief, the petty nobody, was spewing last night worldwide on television, the radio, and the internet.
I mean, seriously, I could spend the entire broadcast on this and I'm not going to do it.
We are going to open the phones up.
I'd like to hear from first-time callers or folks that don't call on a routine basis today to give others a chance to get involved on air and to get your take on the State of the Union or on any other news item you wish.
The toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
But we will get into some of the audio clips of the speech.
I've got about ten of them, but I think I'm just going to hear a couple in the interest of time.
And then I want to get into really serious news.
Halliburton building concentration camps.
It's just hidden in Plainview, Houston Chronicle, Associated Press.
Oh, there are emergency centers for illegal aliens and political dissidents during crises.
And it's going to be a private FEMA camp.
It's so good.
And so Paul Watson has written a great article for PrisonPlanet.com listing all the mainstream news articles about one million man FEMA camps and Halliburton camps and all the things they're setting up and doing.
And it sounds like a petty issue, but it's really important.
Oprah Winfrey's made a big deal, really she's been hyping it, about how she was lied to concerning some pathetic book, What a Million Little Pieces, that is another manifest scam or fraud.
And the media is all shocked that someone would lie and that we've all been betrayed, and they're really muckraking, they're really doing some investigative journalism for you.
And John Stewart did something piercing a few days ago with the Daily Show that has more serious news than what you'd call serious news.
And he pointed out that, look at how the media ignores all the amazing lies of government.
Democrats, Republicans, it doesn't matter.
Look at how that's just accepted now, but then they'll all freak out and just go crazy over some author lying.
And the reason I'm so excited about this piece that Jon Stewart did is that is exactly the page I'm on.
This is how they control us.
They'll spend months on some sports figure who's been using cocaine, or they'll spend years on O.J.
Simpson, or they'll months on Michael Jackson, or really years, or they'll endlessly talk about one woman kidnapped in Aruba.
God bless her.
But then they'll totally ignore Halliburton, who's going to run your concentration camps now, it's Associated Press, kidnapping children and women and using them in slave camps and sex slave camps.
I mean, it can even be in major publications, but it's back of the paper and just kind of, yeah, they kidnap and they got lobbyists in Washington for the kidnapping rings and actual lobbyists for kidnappers.
And so, again, they set the agenda.
And that's because the New World Order knows that you want an investigation, you want some gumshoeing, some sleuthing, you know, murder, whodunit.
They know that people are into real muckraking and investigation, so they give you some petty issue that doesn't matter.
So the media can finally tell the truth.
I mean, they'll tell the truth on how to bake a cake, or how to roast a turkey, or...
You know, did OJ kill her with a knife or was he innocent?
I mean, they'll really get into depth there.
That's why they like it.
Because if it's some petty issue, they don't have to lie and twist and spin all day.
They can just actually go out and report.
And so that is so much of what happens in society today.
So coming up at the bottom of the hour, I'm going to play that clip from The Daily Show where Jon Stewart just does an incredible job pointing this out.
Finally, paradigm shift.
Because when I see something like that, I automatically tune out.
When they tell me to focus on Aruba, I tune out.
When they tell me to focus on how Bush is the great leader, I tune out.
Because it's not true.
He's a total puppet.
They don't set my agenda.
I set my own agenda.
Now, obviously, they're trying to set the agenda right now that the State of the Union is so important and Bush is our leader and he's actually running something.
The buck stops with him.
And the elite does that so that he'll take all the blame or the praise for the New World Order operation, and then the whole system just moves on.
And handbooks were written about this.
Cecil Rhodes wrote them.
A big server of the British Empire.
Had whole countries named after him.
Started the World Diamond Monopoly.
Major professors, political scientists have written about it.
Empires about 150 years ago started running into real opposition.
And they found that if they would just remove, say, the local British governor who was a white guy, and if they would put one of the locals in, whether he was Arab or Persian or whether he was Malaysian, it didn't matter.
If they would just put their puppet in, the people, on average, they would have formulas, would take about four times the abuse.
And then they'd even have newspapers that they owned and other handbills handed out where the British government would attack their own minion, but on petty issues.
And then, my gosh, if the evil Brits, who still, of course, owned everything in the countries and controlled everything, why, if they're attacking him, he must be good.
And then everyone would rally around the thug, or it could even be a group of thugs, oligarchs, a collection of them.
And really, the British didn't invent this.
I mean, I talk a lot about it.
It's a book that isn't even hard reading.
It's The Battle for Gold, a collection of letters to the Senate by Julius Caesar.
And in there he talks about how he manipulates groups, how he plays Germans off against Germans, or Visigoths and Ostrogoths, and how he manipulates the Gauls, the French today, and how he would put in puppet leaders over them, and then even act like he didn't like the puppet leader to make the locals think the puppet leader was good.
I mean, this is all 101 Empire stuff.
And they were so arrogant, they wrote books about it, laughing at their slaves.
And they would even publish it in Rome, knowing that most people couldn't read even there.
Or the Romans themselves would just snicker about the empire manipulating those dumb hillbillies, those dumb barbarians.
But at the same time, they were just as enslaved or more in Rome itself, in the city of Rome or in Italy.
So, this is what makes me so angry.
It's just...
It's like Shake and Bake.
You go and you buy pancake mix and you mix it up and you make pancakes.
This is a Shake and Bake Lego set that even says it on the box.
How to enslave, how to terrorize and bring tyranny in for total control.
And they're following the exact directions on the Tyranny Shake and Bake box.
And the general public is still so dumbed down, they don't even have any idea what's going on, and that's why I'm angry.
Of all these clips, here's one of the sickest.
Now, again, we've had CIA officers on.
We have had local sheriffs on.
We've had local investigators on from Arkansas, DEA, you name it.
Bill Clinton was chosen at the age of 17 to go into a deep cover Central Intelligence Agency program.
He then went to the Rhodes Scholar, Cecil Rhodes Institute for Imperial Rule.
That's what it is, the state of day, global imperial rule.
He was trained, and he became a protege of George Herbert Walker Bush back when he was Central Intelligence Agency head in the early 1970s.
And Bill Clinton has always been good friends with George Bush, Sr.
They met 11 times in 1990 and 91.
They staged that whole election.
I mean, I've interviewed the CIA officers, folks, and it was well known George Bush and Bill Clinton had a narcotics deal going right through me in Arkansas.
This is public.
And people couldn't believe that.
Well, now you can with Barber calling Clinton her son, and Bush loves him, and they get up on TV and praise each other in press conferences for 15 minutes, a piece first.
I mean, I timed it one time.
Bush Sr.
worshipped Bill Clinton for 15 minutes, and then Clinton did it for about five.
I mean, just actual worship.
They vacationed together, they've always vacationed together, and it was always minor footnotes.
Well, last night in the speech, this is what George Bush had to say about the two people that his father loves most.
Not Jeb, or Neil, or any of the other little crooks, or Marvin, who ran security in the World Trade Center on 9-11.
No, he loves Bill Clinton, and he loves his cokehead son, George W. Go ahead and roll it.
We must also confront the larger challenge of mandatory spending or entitlements.
This year, the first of about 78 million baby boomers turned 60, including two of my dad's favorite people.
Me and President Clinton.
This milestone is more than a personal crisis.
Yeah, I mean, this is sick, folks.
This is totally sick.
And I told the Democrats, you should love George Bush.
Gun control, open borders, more taxation and spending than you could ever imagine.
Oh, he'll have some smoke and mirrors and a little tax cut over here, and then through different mandates from the states and other taxes, it's a massive increase at the end of the day.
Around a 15% total national on average increase through the feds.
Stack that up against a 5% or 6% cut.
It's all smoke and mirrors.
Then you have the dollar devalued by 40 plus percent.
So then you compare that to a 5% cut.
You begin to realize the type of fraud that we're here... I mean, these are the numbers.
These aren't my opinion.
I mean, this is the official real hard numbers.
Not the cook numbers they gave you where I remember two years ago.
Bush actually said that fast food is manufacturing.
So it's all smoke and mirrors.
And then he got into the really deceptive stuff.
When we get back from break, I will get into some of these.
But just very deceptive.
He also kept talking about how it's our job to take over the world to bring freedom.
But that's diametrically opposed to what George Washington said.
That's diametrically opposed to what the Constitution says.
But according to Bush, that's the bedrock of Americana.
He's gone from the most loved country in the world to most hated.
But when we get back, just what he had to say about ending tyranny in the world.
Now, by every yardstick, by every measurement, the globalists that control our government and the puppet Bush...
Are setting up worldwide tyranny.
There's no debating that.
We'll be right back.
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We're here live, folks.
And, of course, back from 9 to midnight.
But just listen to just a little segment, or I'll just read it, from Bush's speech last night, State of the Union.
This is the fifth paragraph.
And he says, Abroad, our nation is committed to a historic long-term goal.
I think we're good to go.
And in Iraq, they put most of the Baptists back in, and they don't allow free newspapers, and it's an absolute hellhole, and that was the Pentagon's actual plan, was to break Iraq up into three or four parts, and now they're finally openly admitting that in the press.
So that's a fraud on its face.
But listen to this.
Abroad, our nation is committed to a historic, long-term goal.
We seek the end of tyranny in our world.
Like warrantless spying, the military spying on peace activists, innocent individuals being charged as terrorists, homeless people sleeping on the side of the street being charged as terrorists.
When you go to get a bank loan, Homeland Security checks you out.
I mean, all the things we've heard about.
Some dismiss that goal as misguided idealism.
In reality, Bush says, the future security of America depends on it.
The Pentagon's own $6 billion a year plan, titled P2OG, said they want to stimulate terrorist attacks, that the war on terror is meant to actually stimulate real terror attacks to then widen the war.
But ignore what Rumsfeld wrote in a public document.
You know, when he says that they want to make things worse and he says it, just ignore it.
I'm sure it's liberal propaganda.
On September the 11th, 2001, we found that problems originating in a failed and oppressive state 7,000 miles away could bring murder and destruction to our country.
Dictatorships shelter terrorists and feed resentment and radicalism and seek weapons of mass destruction.
Democracies replace resentment with hope, respect the rights of our citizens and their neighbors, and join the fight against terror.
Every step towards freedom in the world makes our country safer, so we will act boldly in freedom's cause.
Now, let's just stop there for a minute.
He implies that in that paragraph that Iraq attacked us.
We saw on 9-11 what happened when a state 7,000 miles away attacked us.
But it's nebulous.
You don't know if he's talking about Afghanistan or Iraq.
So knowingly, he's making the two foggy.
Then he goes on to talk about Iraq and a dictatorship.
So he's still mixing the two, and now he says, the seeking of WMDs, you need to be invaded.
Not that he didn't get up there and pass it to the unions and say, we know he has WMDs, we know we will find them.
Now he's not even saying that.
Now if we think you're seeking them, we're going to have to invade you.
And remember, PNAC, written by Dick Cheney, September 2000 document, Rebuilding America's Defenses.
It's online, it's in published books.
I mean, they're proud of it.
Dick Cheney's own group's website has it on their site.
It's not like it's on Infowars.com and, well, that could be what Alex claims Cheney wrote.
I mean, you can go read what the guy wrote.
And he says, no, Saddam's not a threat, but he'll be a convenient pretext to invade and use Iraq as a military base to attack Iran and Syria and for the resources.
Now that's paraphrased, but that's almost exact.
I've got a pretty good memory.
You can go read it.
In fact, I think that's almost an exact repeat for you.
I do have that skill.
So Dick Cheney says, you know, when Treasury Secretary O'Neill went public and said that he was in meetings day one and it was all about invading Iraq right when Bush was elected in January of 2001.
And then Bush says he never said it, it's all a lie.
Then we get the Energy Task Force documents, some of them, and it proves all of that.
And then Bush's own biographer says, oh yeah, in 99 he said he was going to invade Iraq, because you can't question a war president.
Or Richard Clarke says it, but then, oh, he's a liberal, ignore him.
Well, forget it.
Again, the media focuses on all those guys.
What about Dick Cheney saying it?
What about the Downing Street memo?
Where they're going, well, they're already going to invade.
They're going to make up fake data about WNDs.
We've got to go ahead and get behind them.
I mean, that's declassified.
That's admitted.
So it's not a debate that they lied about all of this.
They premeditatedly did it.
It's not like they screwed up either.
But, I mean, that's just an example of all the deception.
Just everything in there is a twisting.
So he's still implying Iraq attacked us on 9-11?
He's still saying that now they were seeking WMDs?
We'll be right back.
A lot more coming up.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Now keep in mind that State of the Unions were a simple report by the executive that was subservient in most respects to the legislative system.
Because the Founding Fathers said there were more people in the legislative branch, and more of a separation of powers was inherent in that branch, and so it was to be the dominant branch.
The legislative, the executive, then the judiciary being the weakest branch.
And believe me, folks that work in my office know, in my spare time, all I do is read history books.
I just cannot get enough of them.
I mean, I've read the debates, I've read the Federalist Papers, I know of what I speak.
And so, again, the president didn't even go and give an address to Congress.
And then, by the late 1800s, some presidents wanted to do it, and it was looked down on as grandstanding, and they would make fun of presidents that wanted to do it and say, oh, he's a would-be emperor.
So now it is about, oh, the leader, he comes in, everyone's around him, and he's running things.
It's a total illusion.
So that as you are ground under this global governance, globalism, you will blame George Bush.
Folks, they admit he takes two naps a day on average, one of them three hours long.
He exercises from two to four hours a day.
The guy goes around getting manicures and his hair cut and just prances around basically.
Prances around dodging all of the gay porn stars that are visiting, that are in and out of the White House on a daily basis.
Oh, don't believe me?
Just go see my film, The Order of Death.
Get yourself a copy of that.
All the mainstream news about all the gay prostitutes, porn stars.
Because it's Christian conservatism.
They just can't.
Of course, I'm there at the White House.
But all of that, again, is a side issue.
We're not going to get into how the White House is like Brokeback Mountain.
But boy, is it Brokeback Mountain in every way up there.
Of course, Clinton liked women, that's why he's very evil.
And I'm now being sarcastic here, folks.
I really shouldn't digress off into just how sick these people are.
Sick in the fact that they are total hypocrites.
At every single level.
And they've got everybody fooled because their puppet, not everybody, less and less people are fooled, because their puppet prances around with that fake Texas accent and that ridiculous cowboy hat.
And I'll never get over the fact that a few years ago, Vicente Fox, who actually has a 40-plus-thousand-acre ranch, they're real cowboys in Mexico.
In fact, cowboys come from Argentina.
We just copy them up here.
A real cowboy, I mean, Vicente Fox really does like to rope and ride.
He's rich, but that's what the richy-riches do down there.
He comes up here and says, Okay, you gave me a saddle, you did some stuff, let's go riding.
I want to blow off some steam and go jump in some fence rows.
And Bush said, I'm afraid of horses.
Again, a side issue, folks.
Just to show you how fake it all is.
How ridiculous it is.
It is a total joke.
I mean, folks, I know how to rope a little bit and ride a little bit, and I've tackled hundreds of steers, and I've had horses kick me, and I wasn't a real cowboy.
I mean, I've been in a corral with 500 wild cows that have never even been vaccinated who are being brought in to be dehorned, and they're all trying to kill you, and I'm in there with a cattle prod.
And I'm not a real cowboy.
And imagine what it's like for me to have to sit there and look at George Bush making my state look bad.
He's a carpet-bagging piece of trash.
I'm sorry.
He's a puppet.
I have to remember that.
I'm so sick of him.
And by the way, folks, I don't care if you're from up north and you live down here.
If I was to move up to New York and start telling you how to do things and making New York look bad, I'd be a carpetbagger.
All it means is somebody from out of your region coming in and trying to take advantage of you.
And there are a lot of dirty carpetbaggers.
And I'm sick of them.
Alright, I'm going to stop right there.
See, I'm digressing and I'm getting angry and I apologize.
Look, I'm just going to play one more clip of Bush.
And this is where he's talking about Iraq and talking about how evil bin Laden is and how bin Laden is going to get us any minute.
And I'm going to go back and play a clip where he says he doesn't want bin Laden and isn't worried about bin Laden.
But let's go ahead and play another clip of Lord Bush last night.
Here it is.
No one can deny the success of freedom.
But some men rage and fight against it.
And one of the main sources of reaction and opposition is radical Islam.
The perversion by a few of a noble faith into an ideology of terror and death.
Terrorists like Bin Laden are serious about mass murder.
And all of us must take their declared intentions seriously.
We're good to go.
All right.
So, every one of the instances he named were government-sponsored terror events, signed, certified, 110% proven.
No debate.
Orgy of evidence.
Unbelievable amounts of evidence.
Sloppy jobs.
I mean, I could have, again, John Loftus, former head of counterterrorism for the FBI on, to go, yeah, SWAT's MI6, yeah, looks like the government did it.
I mean, he's got to get a national ABC radio show.
I had him on, he said it.
How many other?
A few weeks ago, I had on those two top CIA guys.
One of them ran the hunt for bin Laden.
I go, did our government carry out terror attacks in Iran to blame it on Mosaddegh?
Well, yes, they did.
That's admitted.
Well, did our government do this with the Gulf of Tonkin?
Well, yes, that's admitted.
It's all admitted, and I'm sick of it.
You're the ones that live off fear.
You're the ones constantly trying to scare the daylights out of us on the news and issuing terror alerts whenever you get caught with your hand in a Hamilton cookie jar.
Don't sit there and tell me about how the terrorists are going to get us, and how they use fear.
You guys use fear.
You are the terrorists.
Your bosses are the terrorists.
Now, here's Bush, who's telling us how bin Laden's going to get us any minute, and how evil he is.
Here he is, just a year or so ago, and I've got a whole bunch of these clips, saying he's not worried about him and doesn't care where he is.
Go ahead and roll it.
Well, as I say, we hadn't heard much from him.
And I wouldn't necessarily say he's at the center of any command structure.
And again, I don't know where he is.
I repeat what I said.
I truly am not that concerned about him.
I know he is on the run.
I was concerned about him when he had taken over a country.
I was concerned about the fact that he was basically running Afghanistan and calling the shots for the Taliban.
But once he set out the policy and started executing the plan, we shoved him out more and more on the margins.
He has no place to train his al-Qaeda killers anymore.
Okay, there you go.
But then when the NSA is spying on us, it's because, hey, bin Laden wants to get us, and I'm doing everything I can to bring him to justice.
Meanwhile, we get CIA reports going, we don't want to capture him.
Well, no kidding, you don't want to capture your asset.
And again, it's public record that the guy was trained by the U.S.
and worked for him and still does.
I mean, imagine how bizarre that is.
It's known that the Bushes, quote, vacationed with the Bin Ladens.
FBI agent Robert Wright, C-SPAN National TV, 2002.
I mean, imagine how weird that is.
It just so happens that they sit on the board, the Bin Ladens, the Bushes, and the Queen of England, of Carlyle Group.
And it just so happens that some of the Bin Ladens just so happens to have been CIA.
And it just so happens that they always tell the troops not to capture them when they're about to.
And it just so happens that they told NORAD to stand down.
And it just so happens they were running drills at the exact same time that the exact same attacks happened at the exact same places in every case.
And it just so happens that they called all these public officials and told them about the flight of New York the night before.
And it just so happens on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
And it just so happens that the people controlling our government have the motive to carry out terror so they can then tell us to shut up and go ahead with their agenda.
We're going to go to your calls in a minute.
It's just...
It's just amazing.
It's amazing to see this happening.
Meanwhile, every day I see articles in the U.S.
and England where all protesters are being watched by the Army.
They're registering you.
They're videotaping us.
They're putting us in these systems.
Halliburton is going to build concentration camps.
That is mainstream news.
Of course they're for your safety.
Halliburton, the same ones that run the camps in Iraq, the same ones involved in child kidnapping, Chicago Tribune.
I mean, these are evil people, folks.
I mean, do you think Haliburton and these guys just let... I mean, I know there's a lot of people listening right now.
They go, that guy's nuts.
He's just making that up.
Do you really think they let me get up here on, what is it now, like 80-something AM and FM stations and sit here and say all this if it isn't true?
Do you know how the world works?
If I said anything that wasn't true, I'd be sued out of existence.
Everything I talk about is documented in triplicate.
So don't just sit there because you're lazy and say what I'm saying isn't true.
It is true.
Believe me, I wish it wasn't.
And I'm sorry this stuff's scary.
Look, I didn't make it this way.
I didn't go out and do this.
It's not my fault that I'm here warning you.
It'd be like if the dam had just broke.
Some huge dam above a little town of 10,000 down in the valley.
And I jumped on the community loudspeaker system and said, there's a wall of water 100 feet tall coming your way.
You've got five minutes to get to high ground.
And then the water hit and covered the town up and killed a bunch of people.
And then 20 years later, somebody else did it, and the dam broke again.
This is a bad analogy.
And then the people said, well, you know what?
We're mad at you because you told us that the dam broke.
You see, because I didn't just say it broke and then you don't know if it broke.
I can prove it broke.
I can prove it's already swallowed us up many, many times.
I said I'd air this, so we'll air this.
This digresses, but at the same time it doesn't.
Because finally, Jon Stewart's done something that is near and dear to my heart.
Why is the media so upset about this book, A Million Little Pieces, and the guy lying, but then they act like it's no big deal when the government lies?
You see, they can't go expose a real government lie.
Because that would then actually affect something and might actually wake the people up.
No, they'll have a big fake investigation about some little petty nothingness and then Oprah Winfrey will puff herself up and act all angry.
And I'm telling you folks, this is all staged for publicity.
And then that's a big nightly news issue that some books are live and we're all upset about that and it's top news story for a week.
The government is engaged in mass crimes on a gargantuan scale.
I mean, ask Oprah why she won't talk about the dying court in Halliburton kidnapping rings.
Ask her.
Come on.
Come on.
Go ahead and roll it, and then we'll take calls.
The big fish.
And now some dramatic allegations about a celebrated author.
The man who conned Oprah.
Tonight there is an explosive controversy of a book promoted by Oprah Winfrey.
Now there are accusations that this searing piece of self-confession is actually in large part a work of fiction.
I say to you today that this nation will not stand for the misclassification of its literature.
We will not stand.
Vote for me.
Yes, by now you know author James Fry has been ripped into, oh, I'd say numerous pieces.
Over revelations he lied in his memoir, A Million Little Pieces.
All of those encounters where there are the big fights and chairs and you're Mr. Bravado, tough guy.
Are you making that up?
I really feel duped.
I feel duped.
But more importantly, I feel that you betrayed me.
Millions of readers.
In other words, you don't get a car!
You don't get a car!
By the way, don't you think, if I may say, don't you think it's going to be one entertaining hour of television when Oprah realizes Dr. Phil is full of s***?
That's going to be a good hour of television.
So, within the confines of Oprah's book club, truth prevails.
And the following news cycle was dominated by the scandal and the larger lessons for all of us.
Do not piss off Oprah.
Oprah's power is undeniable, so is her anger.
Boy, I'll tell you what, she took James Fry to the woodshed on live television today.
And in the world according to Oprah, for people who fib, there are consequences.
Consequences for those who fib.
Reporters were stunned.
That someone investigated a lie and declared it to be untrue.
You see, in the news world, TV interviews work more like this.
Do you get a fair shake in media on the economy?
Isn't the economy kind of an underrated story?
Isn't it?
But for people who lie in Oprah's world, there are consequences.
In this world, apparently gift baskets.
Again, Oprah's world.
You know, since that time, I've struggled with the...
Idea of it.
No, the lie of it.
Not an idea, James, that's a lie.
That's a lie.
The news world.
You are the president.
When you stand up there on that balcony and look out and see the Washington Monument.
As a president, how does that happen?
I view it as an American.
Let's go back to Oprah's world.
Was your description of how she died true?
She committed suicide, yes.
She hung herself?
I mean, that was one of the details I altered about her.
Let's go back to our world!
Alright, so you and Dick Cheney aren't the torture guys that the New York Times says you are.
Oh my goodness gracious.
I mean, gee willikers.
Why does James Fry get tougher treatment than our government?
Well, I'll tell you why.
Because he misled us into a book we had no business getting into.
So thank you, Oprah, for giving us a glimpse into the world of personal accountability and punishing the one unforgivable sin in our society, forcing Americans to read when they didn't really have to.
We'll be right back.
Would you read another James Fry book?
Lily, would you read another book by James Fry?
Lily, if you can hear me, are you there?
I think that's Lily from the actual book.
So the point is, they're all acting real serious.
An analysis.
Is it true?
Was he in a drug rehab?
Did the girl die?
Tonight, massive coverage with our analyst.
It's so important.
He lied.
Everyone's upset.
Meanwhile, almost everything you see on the news is a twisted or spun or just outright fabrication.
I mean, and you can verify it's lies in about ten seconds.
Because there's two different groups of news.
And there's subsections of all of those.
There's the real news and the news wires and the documents and the trade publications that never gets wide circulation.
That's there for everybody.
Who's an analyst.
And then there's the stuff that's on the nightly news.
And it's all just about stupid little books and did this guy lie?
Because they can only talk about corruption and expose corruption that is petty and isolated and doesn't matter.
That's why they couldn't go after Clinton for missile secrets.
They had to go after him for sex because that was the only thing he was doing that was isolated.
Everybody else was dirty so they couldn't go after anything big.
We'll be right back with your call.
Stay with us.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Coming up the next hour, we'll play Bush talking about spying.
And again, it's all a provable, verifiable lie.
And we've got writings of Colin Powell and others saying it's illegal, Ashcroft even warning him that it was illegal.
You can find all of this.
But Bush gets up there and admits he did it, but then his other surrogates say, oh no, we didn't spy.
So, I mean, pick a lie, any lie, and just jump in.
But again, Bush is just a puppet.
Jim, Ed, and Ida and others, we're going to be going to your calls and open phones the whole next hour.
And I've got several other audio clips.
I've got this little Bush the Emperor comedy piece done by the animator Mark Fiore, always very talented.
We're going to play that coming up in the next hour.
And the really scary news, we've saved the worst for the middle of the show, the private...
FEMA camps.
Oh, hey, we're building some camps for you.
FEMA camps.
Houston Chronicle, AP, hey!
Halliburton's going to run them.
And a known death squad founder and commander, Negroponte, is orchestrating it all.
Hey, all right!
So that is coming up in the middle of the next hour.
A president who's announcing that he has dictatorial power.
Is now giving his private cronies private FEMA camps.
It's really nice.
But before I go to Jim and Ed and everybody else that's patiently holding...
Just briefly here, folks, I want you to get my documentary films, and I want you to do something very important.
Make copies of them.
In that act of getting my films, you support what we're doing, you get powerful, informative, dynamic documentaries, some of the best out there, bar none, give you wide-spectrum data info on the New World Law Program and its architecture, and how to bring them down, how to stop them, how to smash them.
I think?
We're good to go.
What is that, like a $15 discount?
You get like a 500-plus page book basically for $5.
I mean, normally the film's $24.95.
It's up on...
It's up on Infowars.com via the secure online shopping cart, or call toll-free right now, 1-888-253-3139 to order, and an incredible activist center, PrisonPlanet.tv.
All 14 of my films, dozens of other great films, we've been authorized to post, like Loose Change 2.
Oh, it's good.
By Dylan Avery, go there, get a membership, and you can...
Hey Alex, you were saying about how most guys are stupid and only know about football?
Maybe if we want to reach these guys, we should try to reach them on their level.
A guy named Dan Modia, he wrote a book called Interference about how the NFL fixes games and how the owners all have, like, mafia connections.
And he was saying most of the owners are, like, Catholic, Masonic, Knights of Malta, and they all have diplomatic immunity.
He was just saying it's just one big mafia organization and that they strip, like, you know, all the storylines and everything they do in the NFL.
And I bet you're going to tell me that Pete Rose bet on baseball.
No, it's totally clean.
Don King's clean.
Boxing's clean.
Everything's fine.
He was on Coast to Coast one time, but he didn't talk about how football was fixed.
Well, I mean, I don't think that football is fixed to that level.
I've actually studied it.
Let me tell you, what is fixed is most of the lotteries.
I mean, that is totally staged, folks.
The big ticket.
But as for the Catholics controlling it, I mean, why do I... It's like there's been a rash of calls the last two weeks about...
Catholics behind everything.
And I'm not a Catholic, but I've got a lot of Catholic friends.
I've researched it.
I mean, I'd like to see your proof.
Maybe I should interview that guy that the Catholic Church controls the National Football League.
I mean, it's just... Oh, boy.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's the second hour coming up.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, Cindy Sheehan got arrested last night and up on InfoWars.com.
Right now we're posting, she just got, you know, basically out of the hush cow.
We're posting what happened to her.
She was wearing a t-shirt they didn't like.
It didn't matter if a congressman brought her there.
It just shows you the police state level we're talking about.
It doesn't matter how bad PR it was for Bush.
They still did it.
Halliburton is going to run concentration camps in America.
That's mainstream news.
We're going to play some more clips of the State of the Union by the puppet.
You know, these world leaders and stuff, I think people of the Christian faith, they need to sign prior to the abominations of this world.
They need to be meek and humble about this.
We need to pray for our enemies, love our enemies, as Jesus said.
But, you know, there's something in the sky where people need to think about it because it's been hit by the government.
It's in Revelation chapter 8.
It goes over this.
It's verse 11.
And the name of the star is called Wormwood, which in the Greek is calamity.
And a third part of the waters became Wormwood, which is calamity.
And many men died of the bitter waters because they were made bitter.
There's something in the sky that was discovered in 1982 called Planet X. Oh, please.
And it's heading towards Earth and will pass by the Earth soon.
The government knows about this.
They're keeping a hid from the people.
And this is the truth that I say.
You say the truth also, Mr. Jones, and I tell the truth also.
A warning to the people...
All right.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
About six years ago, I guess seven years ago now,
A couple books came out guaranteeing that Planet X was going to either hit the Earth or go right by it three years ago.
They said in three years it would happen.
Didn't happen.
And then I predicted when it didn't happen, they'd say it was the Gregorian calendar and it was really a three-year difference and then it didn't kill us.
Do meteorites hit the Earth?
Do small planetoids collide with other heavenly bodies?
Have we had calamities?
Have they found a 10th, 11th, 12th?
They found a bunch of rocks bigger than Pluto out past now.
And they even named a 10th planet last year.
But they're not in an elliptical orbit.
And they're not killing us.
And I'm not saying that isn't going to happen.
But it's just really kind of the wrong show.
Because, I mean, here's an example.
I'll get calls every week about the imaginary concentration camps.
I heard from a truck driver who saw one.
But I don't know the truck driver's name, or I heard from a truck driver who talked to a guy who talked to a guy who saw one.
But I've got on prisonplanet.com an article today, Paul Watson put together, with a whole bunch of mainstream news articles admitting camps for you and your family.
I've been and watched the military train to put you in them.
But somehow there's a disconnect where people will not focus on that.
I mean, where we've got the government planning to do it, it's just kind of like a disassociative people kind of turn away from it.
And yeah, saying there's going to be a new go-off to Mars, saying there's going to be earthquakes, or saying that all of this stuff's going to happen, it's very interesting, it's intriguing, it gets ratings.
I don't knock those that decide they want to talk about this.
And the comeback I get from these people is, well, it could happen.
Well, yeah, and my garden gnome could come alive and grow 100-foot fangs and climb a stairway to heaven before he pogo-sticks down the drain.
I mean, I...
Toucan Sam could come flying out of a Froot Loops box and bite me on the nose, but it's not going to happen, folks.
And I'm not saying that we won't be hit by asteroids.
I'm not saying that that's not going to happen.
But to say Planet X, the purveyors of this, who put all this out, haven't been held to account.
They're back now with new books telling them, saying it's going to hit us in three years again.
And this broadcast is about credibility.
Everything we talk about is documented.
No chupacabras.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
We're good to go.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I want to continue with your phone calls, play some more clips of the State of the Union that is all designed to make you think the President is running something so that he'll take the blame for what the elite is doing.
I want to get into Halliburton and mainstream news with its FEMA camps, concentration camps, for your safety, of course, though, and so much more.
Before I go to Ida and Don and Brian and Mike and Mike and many others...
I just want to mention something.
I was driving along listening to local talk radio last night and heard the talk show host, I commend him, talking about aspartame.
And I, I mean, years ago, I probably did 20, 30 shows.
More than that, with medical doctors, brain surgeons, people that study the brain, just, I guess you call them neurologists, all of these incredible experts.
And I covered hundreds of studies on air.
And for years, I just kind of, okay, I'm moving on from that.
I did probably 50 shows on sodium and stannous fluoride.
But I was listening to the talk show host, and he was reading documents that I've covered on air, and it was reminding me.
It was actually George Gordon, who does a pretty good job on his radio show.
But he was going over admitted documents, and I remember reading them.
Did you know back in 1971 to 1973 at the University Medical Center there in Wisconsin, at the big John F. Kennedy Medical Ward, this top scientist, what was his name?
I mean, I just heard him talking about it last night, and it reminded me of all the documents I'd read years ago.
My memory's good, but not that good.
Wiseman, this top scientist Wiseman, Monsanto, at that time Sherrill was the name, they changed names.
They went and hired him and 13 other studies at the same time to go and study primates, monkeys, being given aspartame.
And in one of the studies, they gave seven infant healthy rhesus monkeys, whose metabolisms are very similar to Homo sapiens sapiens.
That's us, folks, humans.
Very similar in the metabolism.
They gave them low levels of it with their mother's milk.
They were getting all the vitamins and nutrients they needed from the mother's milk, and they added just low levels in it.
One died, and another five had grand mal seizures, clenching teeth, flopping around, and had holes in their brains.
So he brought this to them, but one monkey, because some of us were really tough, one monkey did okay.
Actually, the study showed he was a little bit sick, but he didn't have bad seizures and didn't die.
And so they actually used that, went to the FDA and said, look, one of them lives, so it's okay.
They only used that monkey out of the study.
And then they had 13 other studies done, and even the FDA said, oh no, this stuff kills.
This stuff is toxic.
It's basically wood alcohol held inside of another molecule structure, and it breaks off into wood alcohol and another form of acid.
That form of acid itself eats holes in the brain.
It's real simple.
You drink white alcohol, you go blind, folks.
But see, toxins are addictive, almost universally so, if not taken in... You know, there are whole tribes of people in the South Pacific, in Africa, all over, who are addicted to snake venom.
Did you know that?
Some of the Mayans and some of the Toltecs and Aztecs would actually take snake venom in enemas.
I don't want to get off too much in that, but arsenic is a heavy metal.
Very addictive.
So why did Searle do this?
Well, their own documents show they know it's addictive.
So that's why your family member will smirk at you, even though they're going blind and having all these health problems, and they were in good shape.
They'll smirk and slurp their Diet Coke, but now it's in 9,000 plus foods, and that was years ago I checked, and now I've heard it's in more, because the patent ran out on it, so it's been widely distributed.
And it's just deadly poison.
And their own studies show that it kills primates.
I've got family.
I've got family who've got multiple degrees and are as smart as a whip, sharp as a tack.
And they'll smirk at me and drink a Diet Coke.
And they just aren't going to listen, and they don't care, and it's bad for them.
And look, again, there are old mountain men who can drink a bottle of Jack Daniels every day and smoke three packs of cigarettes, and they'll be all right.
Some people can drink this stuff and be okay, but it'll kill most of us.
And let me tell you something.
Aspartame's a lot more dangerous from the studies I've seen than tobacco.
And tobacco's real bad, folks, especially when you smoke a whole lot of it or chew a whole lot of it.
Believe me, I like it, and it's hard for me to stay away from it.
Again, I've just spent five minutes on this, and I've got all this other news and your calls I want to cover, but what is it in the human condition that people just don't want to listen?
Now, the good news is that people are, by and large, a large portion of them, are refusing to drink the aspartame soft drinks.
But then it doesn't matter because it's in all the foods now.
Basically, all the foods have it.
And they'll disguise it under the term artificial sweetener.
But they moved to Splenda, and now there's all these studies on Splenda.
And the question is, there are artificial sweeteners that are not toxic.
Why are they always pushing stuff that's toxic?
Because it's addictive.
There's money in drugs.
You don't think Big Pharma... By the way, Searle is Big Pharma.
Monsanto is Big Pharma.
All of these companies are Big Pharma.
The same ones pushing Ritalin and Prozac on you, and trying to get laws passed to make half the kids in school take them, New Freedom Initiative...
Don't you understand?
They're going to camouflage other things as sweeteners, and they're really drugs.
And they're the most old-fashioned drugs that get the job done.
They're poison!
I mean, you go read what the old shaman or the old witch doctor or the old witch would do, it doesn't matter what culture, is they'd go eat some poisonous plant and have hallucinations.
I mean, that's what poison is.
People poison themselves.
Pharmakia, pharmacies, is where you get that term.
And it's just so destructive.
And to know that it eats holes in your brain, to know, and it's so sick.
We know sodium and stannous fluoride hurt small mammals, young mammals, worse than adult mammals.
We know that aspartame, it's much worse for small children.
And so when you go look at Pedialyte and all the stuff at the baby stores, it's all, ooh, aspartame for your child.
And it's high levels of it.
And you go, oh, look, fluoridated water for kids.
I know they've got a big report out, oh, your kids need more fluoride.
And then fools go, well, fluoride is naturally occurring.
You need it.
You need calcium fluoride.
Totally different from stannous fluoride.
You know, the head dentist in Canada, who 15 years ago, we've interviewed him, got fluoride authorized because the Canadians didn't want to do it.
They were a little bit more informed.
And he did a national big crusade saying it was great.
Well, he's now gone public, reversed himself, apologized, and said he didn't know they were using stannous fluoride
From the toxic waste facilities of aluminum manufacturing plants.
You see, at the end of World War II, so many planes, so many vehicles were made out of aluminum.
They had hundreds of millions of tons, it was reported.
It was everywhere.
A bunch of big rivers in Tennessee, remember, in the late 40s, died.
Humans were poisoned because some of the fluoride got spilt, just a few big containers into rivers.
I mean, it's that deadly.
And there's no way to get rid of it.
What did they do?
They just said, we're going to put it in the water.
And by the way, I've read the official, I mean there are official Pulitzer Prize winning World War II books, books about World War II, that have the documents that the Nazis put it in their slave camp water, in the water of the population to make you docile.
That particular chemical, that particular compound, element, fluoride, makes you docile.
Whereas arsenic has an amphetamine effect.
They all have different effects in the body.
And so they took it, and they stuck it in the water, and they knew, and then this is admitted.
Do you understand, folks?
This is not my opinion.
You can go check out what I'm saying.
You can take it to the bank.
It's true.
DU, same thing.
They have thousands and thousands and thousands and more than that.
It's just a massive amount.
I forget the actual statistic of DU.
Because for any ounce of real purified particular isotope of uranium that they purify out for a bomb or a plant or a submarine power plant, whatever it is, whatever the case may be, there were just giant facilities of this stuff.
Well, what do you do?
Well, it's great for making the tanks impregnable.
Just normal, you know, you fire a steel rod, a sabot at it, it just bounces off the Abrams M1A1.
So you make the top turret out of it, you make the front out of it, the side out of it, you make some of the thinner areas out of it, and then, oh, let's put it in the Vulcan cannons of the A-10 Warthog.
Oh, let's put it in the Bradley fighting vehicle.
Oh, let's put it in the ammo of the M16s and the .50 Cals.
Oh, let's put it in the...
And then their own manuals say, the Army's manuals, and the National Atomic Energy Agency, and our own Federal Atomic Agency, all the documents, I have stacks of them, official, says it's deadly poisonous, not just radioactive, and that if you breathe any of it, you're going to die.
And what do they do?
Then they just tell the troops, just use it all over the world, use it in the U.S.
at proving grounds, at the firing ranges, the testing ranges, and they just do it.
You see...
This goes to the very nature of the elite we're talking about.
I've seen Dick Cheney on TV, on C-SPAN, while he's sitting there waiting to give a speech.
He's drinking a Diet Coke.
It was Rumsfeld who got aspartame approved when he was on the head of Monsanto, when they bought Searle.
Or when they merged with Searle, to be precise.
He's the guy who got the Terminator genes for the plants approved, now taking over entire species of plants and jumping cross-species, creating massive problems.
He's the guy that gave the nuclear reactors to South Korea, the bioweapons and chemical weapons to Saddam.
It's always him.
It's like he's Darth Sidious or something.
I mean, I just... When you really start to look at him, it's like... Dick Cheney goes over there and he goes into bases and spends the night in Iraq in bases.
You can go look at it.
They were bombarded by DU.
Why is he breathing it?
It's like they just love death themselves.
You've almost got to commend them that they all do it themselves.
It's been admitted that Bush Sr.
is on Prozac.
That stuff's so toxic.
By the way, it's fluoride-based.
It's main molecule is fluoride.
So, we'll come back, I promise.
We'll talk to Ida, Don, Brian, Mike, Mike, and others.
I promise we'll go right to your calls and back.
I'm just, I'm so blown away by this.
It's just, what are they doing?
What's wrong with these people?
Do you know the truth about breast cancer?
Did you know that the race for the cure is over?
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We're good to go.
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Cindy Sheehan Arrested
For no reason.
Halliburton Concentration Camps.
It's all coming up.
They're not just going to rip you off for your money.
That's right.
They're going to run your life.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ida in Nebraska.
Ida, thanks for holding.
Thank you, Alex.
I've got a copy of the Reader's Digest in front of me from April 1993.
Well, it dates that Queen Elizabeth makes private trips to Kentucky because she has race horses there that she owns.
Surprisingly, that's not ever covered by our so-called media, but boy, whoop-de-doo from the princely.
Well, I mean, if you go to the Davos, Switzerland Forum, or you go read the transcripts, it's all, thank you, Prince Charles, for the plan.
Thank you for the direction.
You go read Smart Growth, any of it, they literally own half the planet.
But the tabloids, in many cases, owned by them, no kidding, the Queen's youngest son actually owns a large portion of them, they badmouth themselves and make themselves look like a joke on purpose.
You're absolutely right.
The other day I was watching the History Channel, and it was a show on Hitler, and he made the comment, it's a good thing for the government that people don't know how to think, and that's exactly what we've got in this country.
They're taking pointers from Hitler.
Also, I've always wondered, how come with Bush's state of the Union, why don't they call it the state of the plantation, or the state of his kingdom, or the state of his serfdom?
Well, I saw Cam Ellie Hutchinson's chief of staff.
Last night I took my wife and children to a restaurant and he comes in and sits down and he goes, Hi Alex, how you doing?
And I didn't know him.
He goes, yeah, yeah, we've seen the show.
And I said, aren't you going to rush back and go see the Emperor's speech?
How's it going?
And he and his wife are laughing.
And I said, no, you know what John Yoo and others have been saying in the White House that he has dictatorial power.
We know Alex.
But see, they're just friendly little people and everything's fine.
I mean, really, this is happening, folks.
Well, Alex, the one thing I've got to say with the FEMA camps, I hope when they haul me off, they put me in the same camp with you.
We're going to have a lot of fun.
Thank you, Alex.
You know what?
You bet.
I'm going to be frank with you.
I think if it gets to that point, they're probably going to beat me to death.
That's usually how they do it.
It'll be good for me.
They'll probably get overly excited and kill me out of hand.
And then I'll punch you out of all this.
It really won't matter.
I think if we go to that point,
That's really the kind of stuff they do.
If they're able to go full bore and really pull their whole nine yards, they'll be grabbing so many people, they won't even have time.
To create false charges or frame you.
They'll just send by a squad, and if you resist, they'll kill you.
And then if they get you in custody, they'll hand you over to folks and send you to a camp where it's federal prison guards who have rap sheets.
And that's admitted.
Again, mainstream news.
They hire for the different torture camps guys who like to rape and kill people and who've been fired from federal prisons.
And then it's better to die than to fall into their hands.
And they've got thousands of these Ted Bundy types.
Look, smart Ted Bundys today don't go out killing randomly.
They go join the government.
And it's a happy hunting ground of fun.
We're good to go.
I think?
Of course, they worship somebody that's got horns and a fork and tail, but they think that's Jesus now.
It's a great deception.
Don and Casey, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
You know, it's true.
These people, these world elites, are very insane.
They do love death.
And I think we're living in a time where the Bible refers to as the time when the transgressors will come to the full, meaning that evil would be perfected to an art form or a science.
Which is what they're pursuing, and it's insane.
Yeah, people say that corruption and evil is nothing new.
It's always been there, and that's true.
But now, it is being scientifically perfected.
And this is why it's so hard for the average person to see through it.
First of all, their agenda is insane.
And they're so evil, they can't even relate to it.
I got a call from a friend of mine, a dear friend, who's down in Houston.
He's at a conference, a Christian conference, on getting the wealth of the wicked in the last days type stuff.
And I guess some speaker got up and told a story about how someone handed a book to Laura Bush that was so impressed her and affected her that she got the baptism of the Holy Spirit and gave it to her husband.
This happened last October and yet a month later he's in that meeting cursing the Constitution.
And I'm looking at an article right now by Doug Thompson of Capitol Hill Blue.
He wrote this over a year and a half ago talking about the President's erratic behavior.
And he said that he would go from quoting the Bible and talking about doing God's will to these expletive tirades against the Democrats and the media and telling his aides to F over anybody they consider to be an opponent.
And this guy's like a modern-day Caligula.
Caligula, you know?
Well, I mean, George Bush goes to a meeting every year where they bust in gay porn stars.
I mean, that's New York Post, so...
I guess that's Christian.
Okay, fine.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's not my opinion that George W. Bush is part of an hereditary death cult.
You all know about Skull and Bones, but we have the animals of Bohemian Grove.
I've been inside.
I've shot hidden video.
We've now had an employee of the facility who contacted us who shot video inside.
We have the sacrificial altars, the deity where they do the mock human sacrifice, the effigies of children they burn.
And I saw on eBay yesterday another Bohemian Grove antelope for sale, and they had photos there of all these owls and skulls and death, and they have all these weird death chants in them.
And I have Washington Times articles about all the gay prostitutes being shipped in.
They don't really want women.
It's the Christian conservative leaders predominantly that go there, our great Christian leaders.
You know, when they're not out owning racehorses or gambling millions in a night, they are there frolicking with the finest male prostitutes money can buy.
And there's no evidence of Bush being with these people.
He just goes to a meeting where Richard Nixon, we have the audio clip of him in the Harper's interview.
For years, Nixon was in the Harper's interview talking about how it's a big gay orgy.
He used a different, he said, GD homosexual orgy.
And we could air the clip, but there's mild profanity, so we're not going to... Well, I don't think it's that mild, but you know what I mean.
It's not the F word, but we're not going to air it.
You can type Richard Nixon Bohemian Grove clip into Google, and you'll get it everywhere.
But now, Harper's a few years ago released the actual interview, the whole interview, and then we got that clip specifically out of the Harper's interview.
That's what they do there.
And then I have Spy Magazine articles.
I have a whole bunch of other mainstream news articles admitting that they just bust them in.
And I talked to the employee who worked there.
He got hit on quite a bit, being a younger man by these guys.
And again, they pose as Christian conservatives, but in reality, they are big government promoting, New World Order loving, and by and large, homosexuals.
And, look, it isn't just Jeff Gannon, a.k.a.
Guckard, a.k.a.
whatever his real name is, who's this big male madam running male whores in and out of the White House.
It wasn't just him.
If you read even into the mainstream reports, you can see about other male prostitutes going in.
He also, again, was in porno movies.
And there is video and photos, and I put it in my film, The Order of Death, of Bush comes over, whispers in his ear, and rubs the back of his neck.
And let me tell you something.
When I see my uncle or a cousin who's a male, I'll hug them.
But I don't rub their neck and put my cheek up against their neck.
I mean, frankly, what Bush did is what I do to my wife.
When nobody's around, and I come home, hey, baby, I'll kiss her and run my hand up along her neck.
That's what you do.
I mean, it's clearly sexual.
Bush is, oh, yeah, ooh, baby, ooh, the Christian-ness.
And people just ignore all this.
And then Gannon, the male whore, is in there over 100 times, half the time after midnight.
He shows up at 10, leaves at 1 a.m., prancing out the front gates.
Whole squads of them.
And just the male prostitutes packing in the middle of the night.
No big deal.
I mean, if your preacher had known male prostitutes prancing out at 1 a.m., would you think anything?
You'd go, no, it's of the Lord.
And my point here is they claim they're Christian conservatives.
It's just amazing.
And all these so-called Christians freak out over Bill Clinton and Lewinsky and all, and that is gross with a cigar, and I don't want to get into it, but I mean, it is bad.
But why are they freaking out about that when they're not freaking out about stuff ten times more deviant?
I mean, male prostitutes, folks, and somebody's, I mean, I've got that old compilation of mainstream TV reports where they even make the jokes and comment, ooh, having some fun in there.
And see, that's what they use to hold over Bush.
You'll do exactly what we say, or we're going to expose what you and Roe and others are reportedly doing in there.
But all of that aside...
He's praying at a Shinto shrine.
He's praying at a mosque.
He's praying at a Catholic church.
He's praying at a Protestant church.
He's a chameleon.
But what does Bush do when the lights are low and he's on vacation?
He puts on a black robe and engages in a mock human sacrifice.
And I'm sorry if that sounds crazy.
It's true!
My new film is called The Order of Death.
It's one of my best documentaries.
Very professional.
And on the same DVD, you get the re-edited, remastered, updated 2000 Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove
We updated it about, what, three or four months ago and released it in December of last year.
So it's just a few months old.
So you see the new updated Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, our original infiltration, updated with the new film, with the new footage inside, and all the stuff about the homosexual prostitutes and all of it.
Show it to your church.
And ask them, I mean, is this of the Lord?
Is this good?
You will see photos of Bush and Bush Sr.
standing in front of the owl.
You will see all of it.
And this is admitted.
And of course, we're now carrying Dylan Avery's great documentary, the Loose Change video about government involvement in 9-11, a lot better than Loose Change 1.
It's excellent.
That's why we're carrying it.
And by the way, all my films are available at prisonplanet.tv.
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And then there's also my weekly TV reports I'm now doing in studio, at least one interview a week.
About to go up today is going to be the TexMars interview, because it takes time to edit it together and add documents and stuff.
We could just throw the raw stuff up there, but we make it even better for you.
And the David Stahl National Toll Road Control Grid interview.
That's going to be going up on prisonplanet.tv, members.
And we've got Shelly Castillo, top DEA agent in Latin America, watch government drug dealing and murders going on.
And he'll be joining us Friday for two hours.
That'll be edited down to about an hour.
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So much at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Along with so much more.
But get hard copies of all my films or other films and books we carry at the video and bookstore at InfoWars.com or call toll free 1-888-253-3139.
But people, really the themes for the last week, tons of calls about God and the Devil and the New World Order, more than we normally get.
And even if you don't believe in God, the elite does.
I mean, they really are into the occult.
Every decision Reagan made was according to his astrologer down to what minute he gave a speech to what color tie he wore.
I mean, Nancy Reagan's talked about that.
That's out of her own mouth.
To me, that's crazy.
I don't believe in astrology.
I believe it's total kookdom.
That offends you?
I'm sorry.
I just don't believe in a science that says that the world is the center of the universe and that the sun orbits us.
It's not a science.
It's just mindlessness.
But that ought to concern you.
Well, the stuff Nancy Reagan was into is nothing compared to what the Bushes and others are.
And I don't know why so many Christians are in denial.
Let's go ahead and talk to Brian in Pennsylvania, then Mike and Mike and Chris and others.
Go ahead, Brian.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Two things I want to bring to your attention.
You know, Ezekiel, the 33rd chapter, when he was called by God to, you know...
He was called to dig, and he dug, and he dug, and he dug, and he... God told him to open up, and he looked inside, and he saw the abominable, deathful things that the rulers thought that people would never find out.
Yeah, what he did was he went to the temple, and he dug a hole through the wall to see what they were doing inside.
Right, and that's the same thing that you're doing, and that all of us are called to do.
And the second thing is, it really blew my mind, when you had your George Murray interview back, you know, when he exposed the Bohemian Grove back in March,
I think it was March 12th or whatever, when they had the Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Girl, when you exposed that on George Noor.
Remember back in March of 2004?
Yeah, that was on 3-3.
Yeah, I taped your program that whole night, and it was funny how you said they needed control of the mind, the weather, and the religion.
And that was like a time when I was just starting to wake up to it.
It was kind of really deep and over my head, but as more of the evidence has come out, that's the truth.
And that's the hardest thing of people.
When you come up to the average Thursday, they won't control the mind, the weather, the religion.
That's because whether you believe it or not, they believe it.
Well, they're total control freaks.
Well, it is.
They're total and complete control freaks.
Good to hear from you, Brian.
Let's talk to them.
Who's up next here in order?
Okay, Mike in Louisiana.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead.
Nice to hear from you.
You've got a great show.
I just have two things.
I want to see if I can get your opinion.
One thing, looking at acquiring and buying a gun, and I'm not too thrilled about the requirement licensing and all that sort of thing.
Is there any suggestions that you would give me as far as getting one?
Yeah, you don't have the so-called gun show loophole law, I believe, in Louisiana.
Just go to a gun show and buy a gun there.
It won't be on record.
Okay, cool.
There'll be private sellers there.
Okay, great, great.
And the next question is, I've heard a lot about the Iran and the upcoming decision for them, I think, to sell their oil but to denominate it in euros rather than dollars, and
That follows a move by Europe and by China and many others.
And what that does, I guess, and that's why our leaders are angry, is that it takes the control away from us, I guess.
Okay, great.
Could you elaborate a little bit on that?
I just want to kind of understand a little bit more the ramifications of that, and I'll just hang up and listen.
Okay, let me try to... I mean, again, with economics, it's all very, very complex.
It's very simple at one level, but then it's simple what they're doing, what their goal is.
Criminal consolidation, it's not free market.
They'll use fascism, they'll use communism, they'll use socialism, they'll use privatization, anything to unfairly consolidate wealth.
But actually, the globalists running America want the dollar to be weak.
Bush has actually done things to make the dollar weak, and going back four years ago, he's been saying he wants the weak dollar, and then claiming it'll help domestic manufacturing.
Well, it hasn't helped.
But it doesn't matter.
He said in his speech it has, so it must be true.
So, Bush is a puppet.
The Republicans and Democrats are bought and paid for by the same financial elite that owns Europe and that predominantly owns most of the central banks of the world.
The elite of the world don't just make money, they actually physically print it.
And so what they're after is real assets.
They control the fiat currency.
That's just a vehicle of domination.
I mean, imagine if you literally owned the money machines, you gave your private company the name Federal Reserve, and the people accepted it, and then you just set about creating an economic climate where people went bankrupt but did it in an orderly fashion so you could consolidate and basically own everything.
I mean, that's how the Monopoly game works.
And so what I don't think Webster Tarpley gets and a few people get is that
Is that it really is a monopolar... We already have a global government.
They just have to play off different blocks of the world government against itself to give the people the illusion of some type of internal struggle so that the people don't wake up to the fact that there is an all-powerful, that is socioeconomically elite, that is seeking to consolidate their foothold against the general population itself.
And so I think we're going to see a slow slide of the dollar.
Then I predicted many years ago that we'll then see the euro go down, and they'll claim that there's too much fluctuation in global currencies, and so we're all going to go to one global currency to stop all of the speculation and gyrations that that causes.
They did that at a local level in the U.S., claiming that they'd give us a Federal Reserve and it would end all recessions, then we had a big depression, which they engineered.
So that's really their plan.
But in the short term, a weakening dollar, and that's mainly to debase our middle class, which is any independent group is always a threat to an elite.
I've got to get into Halliburton and the concentration camps, but let's go to Mike in North Carolina.
Mike, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I had a few little quick questions I wanted to ask.
I'm a shortwave listener, and I've had some problems hearing your rebroadcast at night.
I was wondering if maybe you had changed the shortwave frequencies?
You know, off the top of my head, I guess you don't have a computer?
No, I'm not at a computer right now.
Well, I mean, do you have a computer?
Yeah, but I'm on dial-ups.
I can't really listen to it at night.
Sure, that's not... I was just asking if you had a computer.
There on the listen page, I believe they have all the current shortwave frequencies there for you.
It's one frequency in the first hour, and then 3210 in the second and third hour.
And so I don't really remember the frequency in the first hour.
I think it's like... 5, 4, 7, 5 or something?
I believe it's 5.765.
Okay, 765.
All right.
My second question, well, I called you about two and a half years ago.
I'm a teacher.
What I do is I show my students your movies as an extra credit and stuff like that to kind of get them thinking outside the box.
And this semester I have a really successful segment in my class called News That Makes Mike Mad.
And it's a really kind of non-partisan effort where I pull up, you know, documents from your website and prisonplanet.com, whatreallyhappened.com, just to try to get my students thinking outside the box because a lot of them are very conditioned into, you know, the standard paradigm.
A really successful unit that we did, we had about a three-day discussion on Bohemian Grove that went really well.
And whenever I bring up the grove, like, their ears perk up because it's that kind of, you know, just...
Stuff that they don't get to hear about every day and it's just so intriguing to them.
So I thought that was kind of cool.
And then one more thing is I was at the library the other day and they have a bookshelf of just books they're trying to get rid of.
And I managed to find a copy of Morals and Dogma for 10 cents.
So I thought that was really cool, too.
Morals and Dogma, that sells for a couple hundred dollars a lot of times on Amazon and eBay.
And yes, you can go to estate sales and stuff and buy that.
And you can read Albert Pike, the Supreme Grand Mason, saying that he's possessed by Lucifer and that Lucifer is their god.
But you tell the average Mason that he doesn't know because he's a low-level Mason.
Yeah, yeah, so I just thought that was really cool, and that was kind of what prompted me to give you a call today.
It's been a while since I've called your show, but I thought that... Well, you made a pretty good little acquisition there, because I bet you can get about $100 for that book.
Yeah, it's a little damaged, but they didn't even actually bother putting it in their collection.
I guess it was just, you know, something from an estate sale, they said.
And they sell the books for 50 cents, but all I had was a dime on me, so they said, ah, just take it.
And, yeah, that's like probably, that was just a great find that...
I just felt like calling and sharing, and maybe if you had a little bit of time in this segment, maybe you could just tell the readers a little more about the Freemasons for maybe a few listeners.
Sure, I'll try to do that, and thanks for what you're doing with your class.
They're blessed to have a teacher like you.
They're really lucky.
Look, I have a lot of, I guess, old family members, most of them deceased now, who are Masons.
They're not evil people.
They were low-level Masons, and it's just a fraternal order at that level.
But you go to...
Into the higher orders, 33 degree and above, and most Masons don't even know there's a degree above 33, which they think is honorary.
It is openly satanic.
I mean, I knew about this when I was a kid, because my dad told me about it, because he had great-uncles and people that were high-level Masons.
And it is a Babylon mystery religion cult.
That's what Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove are.
They are chapters of it.
And really, that's all secret societies are.
That was the old term for intelligence agencies.
But because they go back so far in time, they have religious overtones, and they predate Christianity, so they are pagan.
They would look at it as, no, we're not Luciferian, we're pagan.
But their leaders actually worship Lucifer.
They just think Lucifer's good and that Jesus is really bad.
It's some weird stuff, let me tell you.
And that's what they believe.
That's what our leaders predominantly believe.
They are Satanists.
But they believe Satan is good.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
We're good to go.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Government has absolutely no accountability...
For their actions like drunks running free in the streets.
Free speech in America.
I bet Cindy Sheehan woke a few people up yesterday with her being arrested.
More freedom fighters on the way.
That's an instant message I got on my Yahoo instant messenger.
And yes, folks, I'm reading your instant messages as they pour in and try to read quite a few of them a day now here on the broadcast.
You know, I've got a guest coming up and I'm just pushing them back 20-30 minutes in the next hour.
I already canceled two guests today because I have so much news I want to
I want to cover.
Again, I try to detail everything and end up just hyperventilating on air because there's so much information going on.
But let me right now get into this, and then we'll get back into more news in the next hour and take your call and talk more about what happened to Cindy Sheehan, just another indicator of the police state.
Halliburton detention camps for political subversives.
And this is an article by Paul Joseph Watson, but every claim we make,
In the article, it has a hyperlink to a mainstream news article.
It was announced in the Houston Chronicle and the Associated Press and a bunch of other places yesterday that Halliburton is going to run the new emergency camps.
The camps are needed.
In another shining example of modern-day corporate fascism, it was announced recently that Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root, and that's the same subsidiary involved in the kidnapping, Chicago Tribune, kidnapping, mass kidnapping, slave camps, had been awarded a $395 million contract by Homeland Security to construct detention and processing facilities in the event of a national emergency.
The language of the preamble to the agreement veils the program with talk of temporary migrant holding centers, but it is made clear that the camps will also be used as the development of a plan to react to a national emergency.
And again, they're going to legalize all illegal aliens, but then if the illegal aliens don't come in and get their new certification cards, then they will be put in these holding facilities and shipped out.
But that's only the tip of the iceberg.
You read deeper, it is for the general public.
Discussions of federal concentration camps is no longer the rhetoric of paranoid internet conspiracy theorists.
It is mainstream news.
Under the enemy combatant designation, anyone at the behest of the U.S.
government, even if they are a U.S.
citizen, can be kidnapped and placed in an internment facility.
Again, another link to a mainstream news article.
Everything we claim is documented.
Forever without trial, by the way, Jose Padilla, an American citizen, has been spent over four years in a Navy brig and is just now getting to trial.
In 2002, FEMA sought bids for major real estate and engineering firms to construct giant internment facilities.
That's the headline.
In the case of a chemical, biological, or nuclear attack or natural disaster.
It continues, Alex Jones has attended numerous military urban warfare training drills across the U.S., where role players were used to simulate arresting American citizens and taking them to internment camps.
The move towards the database, State in the U.S.,
In the UK, where every offense is arrestable and DNA records of every suspect are taken, even if later proven innocent, are permanently kept on record as only one tool necessary to create a mastered list of subversives that will be subject to internment in a manufactured time of national emergency.
The National ID card system is also intended to be used for this purpose, just as the Nazis used the IBM computer punch technology, that's what the tattoo was for, to catalog the list of homosexuals, gypsies, Jews, before the roundups began.
Section 4-4 of the Terrorism Act in Britain enables police to obtain name and addresses and details of anyone they choose.
That happened to me for asking questions on people on the street.
Whether they are acting suspiciously or not, those details remain in the database forever.
To date, 119,000 names of political activists have been taken, and this is a figure that will skyrocket once the Post 7-7 figures are taken into account.
At the height of the Iraq War, protesters around a million marched across the country.
However, most of these people were taking part in political protests for the first time.
And again, it's all a big chilling effect.
And it gets into the private Bechtel running the camps in New York for the RNC.
We'll cover more when we start the third hour.
And take your calls.
Stay with us.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Chuck and Bertrand and Evelyn, your calls are coming up here after this quick break that's in about five minutes.
Last hour, I was getting into a whole bunch of mainstream news articles about how Kellogg, Brown, and Root, the subsidiary of Halliburton that was in the Chicago Tribune and the kidnapping rings involved, they actually just go around the whole villages and use them as slaves or sell them.
Sex slavery, all of it.
Mainstream is, they are going to run domestic FEMA camps for, quote, during national emergencies.
They've got all the police dressed up in these Darth Vader outfits to intimidate us, and they're trying to turn the police into these attack dogs, telling them it's macho, but a lot of cops, thank God, aren't buying into it.
And I want to get into how this is so fascistic.
You know, how controlling this is.
We'll do that after the break, and how they arrested Sidney Sheehan last night.
Just another indicator of this police state
And then I want to play some more clips of Bush's speech and just how it's all complete fraud.
We have also a guest coming up about how they're trying to pass laws at the state and federal level where if you don't vaccinate and your kid ever gets sick, then they charge you as a criminal.
But then they give vaccine liability protection to the companies.
It's very frightening.
Let's just go to calls right now.
Chuck in California, you're on the air.
I've been trying to get a hold of you for many weeks here.
Oh, hello, Alex.
I have probably an off-the-wall question.
A friend of mine is in the Navy, and he's telling me all our ships are painted with lead-based paint, and yet it's been outlawed in America.
My question was, does lead-based paint provide a resistance against some radiation fallout that they don't want us to have that protection?
Well, lead-based paint, number one, I don't know if the Navy still uses lead-based paint.
Number two, it just lasts a lot longer.
It's a metal, so it lasts, what do they say, like three times longer than a lot of these paints they use today.
And I have also heard that sensors have a little bit more trouble going through heavy lead-based paint.
I don't know.
So I'm ignorant of that, so I really can't answer your question.
Okay, but if you would maybe check into it sometime and get back to us on air later, I would definitely appreciate it, and thanks for taking my call.
You bet.
I appreciate your call, Chuck.
You sound like a smart guy to me.
I bet you can find out for me.
No, I'm serious.
I'm going to try, because I'm into OSHPD work with hospitals and stuff like that, so I may be able to, if I can, I will.
I don't have security clearances and contacts like you do.
Well, thank you, Chuck.
I appreciate the call.
I'll try to answer that.
Listen, I know this.
The governments of the world are the biggest polluters, bar none.
And I know that basically Area 51 has a lot more to do with toxic waste than it does with ray guns.
I mean, they admit that there's just masses of toxic waste that's dumped out there.
And so that's a big part of it.
But then it's the government that's going to take all your rights to keep you safe from environmental degradation.
Oh, we'll take your ranch to build a hotel on it.
That will save Mother Earth.
But meanwhile, we'll let Monsanto go around planting genetically engineered crops that then take over the entire biosphere.
It doesn't matter if all these top scientists say it's totally deadly and dangerous.
We'll just do that.
The Russian government's all for Kyoto Protocol, but they don't have to make any cuts, and they routinely dump nuclear reactors in major bodies of water in their country that are used as reservoirs.
Again, it's craziness.
Here, let's just throw an old reactor in a lake, and then we'll drink it.
It's like our government using DU when they know it's radioactive and deadly poison.
I mean, deadly, deadly, deadly.
And they use it knowing it's going to... From the first Gulf War, the Burke Department, these are triple what it is in any other population.
And now the numbers are coming out three years into Iraq, it's even worse.
So, again, it's a crazy disconnect.
We'll come back after this quick break.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills.
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
This information is absolutely vital for all freedom lovers in the United States.
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Let me talk a little bit more about Halliburton and its FEMA camps, and then we'll go to Bertrand and Evelyn, and I think that'll probably be it for calls today, because I've got a guest coming up in about 12 minutes or so, and I want to air a couple audio clips here as well.
But at the end of the last hour, I read the article, Halliburton Detention Camps for Political Subversives by Paul Joseph Watson from prisonplanet.com.
But it actually says that in the Houston Chronicle and the Associated Press in the articles that we got this from.
It says...
Oh, to deal with the illegal aliens, to put them in it.
But we know Bush wants total blanket amnesty.
That's what he called for last night.
His guest worker program is total amnesty.
But he says we must reject amnesty and have the guest worker program, which was written by the Democrats and which admittedly is total amnesty.
We've read the bill on air.
But it's like the NSA chief at the National Press Club last week saying, no, the Fourth Amendment does not say probable cause.
No, it doesn't.
And then you go read it and it does.
That they just count on you not going and checking it out.
But what's so scary about Halliburton doing this is its subsidiary, Kellogg Brown and Root, has been in the foreign press and in the Chicago Tribune of all places.
Even the governor of Illinois has criticized them.
They have lobbyists in D.C.
lobbying to keep the Pentagon from enforcing existing law against their contractors engaged in white slavery in Europe and Asia and Central Asia and the Middle East.
The same people involved in this... See, it just can't happen over there.
It's going to happen over here.
That's just all a training camp over there.
That's all a big simulation.
They call Iraq a laboratory.
That's a laboratory.
They call Serbia a laboratory.
And yes, you didn't tune into the outer limits of the Twilight Zone.
Yes, I said concentration camps run by people that run child kidnapping ranks.
And yes, I'll be here saying it, God willing, tomorrow and a month from now, just like I was saying it five years.
And how do I get away with it?
Just because you don't believe it?
Because it's true.
That's why.
Because the truth stands.
That's the absolute defense to libel and slander.
That's why I was here 12 years ago, and God willing, I'll be here in 12 years.
And the only reason I say that is because I know some of you are just going, that ain't true, because you're a new listener.
Believe me, Jack, it's true.
The veneer of civilization is very, very thin.
Life is extremely cheap.
There's 6.5 billion people on the face of the globe right now.
And every time I say that, I get an email going, it's 6.2 billion.
That's old numbers.
It's 6.5 billion now.
That's the official numbers.
Probably higher.
And some say it could be really near 7 billion.
It's that many people.
And life is the cheapest thing out there, and folks, the globalists, openly have written 100 policy reports, plus I've read on air, where they say they're going to use terrorism to hurt us in the compact cities, they're going to have controlled plagues, and they're going to exterminate us.
And they're going to use one-child policy and other things to do it.
And they mean it.
And this isn't a joke.
And believe me, this is the real world.
And I'm sorry, brutal, cold-blooded killers are in control.
They're in control because they are ruthless and because you and our forefathers have become gullible and soft.
You know, when I'm at the mall or I'm in a store, I was in a store last night and I was just looking at how self-centered and happy and goofy and simple 45-year-old men were, 18,
And you can stop and try to talk to them.
It's just all they're thinking about is how to act cool and how to have status.
They're like in their own little bubbles.
They don't know how raw and brutal and savage the world is.
They don't know all of our forefathers and foremothers who fought and died to have a little bit of freedom.
They don't know about how freedom is always a struggle and fought for bloodily.
It's blood, sweat, and tears.
I mean, just struggles, back-breaking struggles.
To have a little bit of freedom.
How rare it is.
And people just don't know.
They just don't know.
And they're so gullible.
They're so childlike.
They're so innocent.
They're so simple-minded.
They can't even fathom how evil the elite is.
How bloodthirsty they are.
Because a normal person couldn't be in these elite positions and do the evil things they do and survive.
You would self-destruct.
A normal person would fall apart if you have a conscience, if you're normal, if you're connected in with God, if you're connected in with decency and love and beauty, if you have a soft heart.
No, the elite actually enjoy what they do.
And listen to me.
You know in your guts out there listening, unless you've totally been blinded, unless your heart's totally hard, you know what I'm saying is true.
I want you to go check out the facts of what I'm claiming and find out it is true for yourself.
But you already know in your guts, in your soul, in your heart, in that hidden place, deep down,
Deep down, police officers, military, school teachers, bureaucrats, doctors, lawyers, listening right now, you already have seen enough of what I'm saying for yourself.
You already can feel it.
Already your human instinct for survival is telling you, listen to him.
Listen to Alex Jones.
He's warning you.
He speaks the truth.
You know there's veritas.
So I beg you to do more than just sit there idly by.
It happens to so many civilizations.
It happens to the majority of countries.
In fact, it happens to all of them over time.
Evil takes over and mass murders and does horrible things.
Because that's the nature.
Because evil is a real thing.
Because control freaks love to do bad things.
Because smart serial killers team up together to feed on us.
They have organizations...
They work together.
Donald Rumsfeld is a psychopath.
He's a killer.
He gets off on it.
You can see him when he talks about torture, the smirk, the smile, the licking of the lips.
He's on a power trip.
The man is darkness.
He is evil.
He's one of the most evil people I've ever looked at.
He radiates evil.
But I don't have to go off of his looks.
Oh, the looks do match.
There are some people who are evil who radiate the opposite.
It's his actions.
The man is a wrecking ball.
They love it.
And when you start understanding that, when you realize, why do serial killers do what they do?
Why do evil people do what they do?
Because they're evil!
That's what they do!
That's who they are!
So we have Halliburton now, in a first installment, $385 million a year to build and refurbish and expand emergency centers all over the United States for national emergencies.
And again, who's going to run the camps?
The very divisions of Kellogg, Brown, and Root.
That run the slave camps in Europe and in Asia and in the Middle East and in Central Asia.
I mean, God help us.
And it's people.
These divisions are people.
By the jail guards that have washed up, the jail guards that got fired, the jail guards that like to abuse, the jail guards who were so bad, they got written up or lost their job.
They're all being recruited.
They're having sergeant's bars slapped on their arms, and heaven help us.
These are mingalas.
Mingalas who have grown fat on the blood of people overseas, and they want to do it here.
And I'm not trying to scare you folks.
It's happening.
And the whole economy is being handed over to their cronies.
Death Squad commanders are being made the heads of the federal agencies.
Negroponte, Chertoff, others.
These men are literal ringwraiths.
These men are dark generals.
These men are evil incarnate.
Palpable evil.
I look at them and I shiver.
I know our enemy.
You can look at them.
They are energized with power.
Dark power.
They can't wait.
You are the target.
Do not make any mistake.
Everywhere they go, they slaughter, they rape, they murder, they target the innocents, and they're trying to give you their taste.
They're trying to take the cops and the military and the media, and they go on TV and say we can torture children, and the sitcoms and the dramas all promoted in unison together, trying to sell us on the climate they want to live in.
They're trying to turn our world into hell because that's what they like because that's what they are.
They're from hell.
Do you understand that?
And they're scared of you getting involved and they're scared of you being powerful and bringing them to justice.
You think we have a shiver when we look at them and know what they are?
They shiver when they see us because we're the opposite of them.
And for everything that's beautiful and everything that's sweet and everything that's dear and everything that's innocent and everything that is wholesome and everything that is pure and everything that is dynamic and creative and vibrant and wonderful everything good is in the balance.
They are raping and destroying the very fabric of life on the planet with genetic engineering.
They are warping the human species.
They are poisoning.
They are diseasing.
It is their nature.
And if you won't ride out on the field in your one life to live, in that vapor that vanishes in the dawn that is life, if you won't be counted now, you are going to be fed to this machine.
Let me tell you something.
The people that serve it, the people that make jokes about it, the people that say, you know, it's not true, the people who don't stand up against evil, you're the first that are going into the furnace.
And I don't mean when you die some hell.
I mean in the tyranny of today.
And let me tell the minions of this system, those that willingly serve it.
I've looked at history.
I've studied it.
You are in the greatest danger.
You think you're safe under the black wings of your king?
You think you're safe under the towers of the New World Order?
You think you're safe in your dark regalia?
You are the first to be used.
You are the first to be miscrusted by your masters.
You are the first.
It is the elite's pleasure to crush their servants.
They are afraid of you even more than they're afraid of me because they know that you'll stab them in the back in a minute just to get power.
They know that you don't want to be their apprentice.
They know that you don't want to go along with them.
So let me tell you something, evil psychopaths out there listening to me right now.
You're the first to go.
So you just huddle up underneath those black wings.
You be part of that little brood.
You think you're safe.
Let me tell you something you're going to pay in this life.
It's 110% guaranteed!
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Have you ever felt like the United States government knows way too much about your financial affairs?
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It makes me wonder if the U.S.
citizen will ever again have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Unfortunately, with the Drug and Money Laundering Act, the IRS Revenue Rule in 6045 of 1984, and the Trading with the Enemy Act in Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order of 1933, some precious metal holdings are subject to government intervention.
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We're good to go.
A few callers I said I'd get to, like Bertrand and Evelyn, and we'll get to you guys before this hour ends if you want to hold.
If not, you can make the jump into hyperspace.
But I canceled two guests today, and then I kind of pushed this one back, and I apologize.
I just, with Halliburton openly announcing that they're going to have domestic concentration camps, I mean, that's mainstream news.
I had to talk about that.
There's so much happening.
Eileen Dannemann has a long bio here.
She does a lot of great work.
We'll tell you about some of their websites and what they do.
She's the director of the National Coalition of Organized Women and co-founder of ProgressiveConvergence.com.
And, you know, she gets into how there's all these different factors.
And she was talking about an Iowa bill trying to basically force you to take vaccines and some of the other things that are happening.
So I wanted her to give you an update on some of the other police state things that are developing, going on.
It's nice to have you on with us.
You heard me just mention Halliburton's concentration camps.
Were you aware of that?
No, no, give me a little rundown on that.
Is that where the wires are going inward so people can't get out?
Well, I mean, it's in the Houston Chronicle and AP and other publications that they're going to build emergency, national emergency camps to keep us all safe in.
And, yeah, Kellogg, Brown, and Rupp's going to run that.
Is that for the flu pandemic, or what's that one for?
Whatever it's for, but, I mean, isn't this great?
Well, did you see the New York Times on Sunday?
What particular article?
Well, it was by this New York Times Magazine, and it was about the flu, the avian flu virus that the CDC dug up the body and recreated, the actual Spanish flu that kills billions of people.
Sure, I knew they dug it up five years ago, and then of course magically now it's threatening us, but I didn't know the New York Times had reported on it.
Big, big time, New York Times, and what it said, basically, to give you the layman's version of it, okay?
Is that they dug it up, okay?
They recreated it, and now they're experimenting with it by merging it with an ordinary flu, okay?
Now, this supposedly Spanish flu that kills millions of people cannot jump really to human species, and what really caused it was the eating of chickens, okay?
And because it's sort of like AIDS, it has to go through like fluids, you know, and carcasses and such.
But what the CDC is doing with their reconstruction is it's actually merging two viruses.
Well, I was aware of what they were doing.
I should have known it had been in the New York Times.
New York Times Sunday, big time, great article.
And then, of course, the big Republican Party strategy document that's been circulating around says they need terror attacks or a major disaster to get their agenda back on top.
Oh, yeah.
Well, you know, we've got in March, you know, I do astrology and I'm thinking March is the day.
I don't know whether, you know, we're going to see a bombing of the Super Bowl and then we can, like, level Iran, you know, or we're going to see now... Joyce Riley just told me that chickens...
They've actually accepted that we're going to accept chickens from China.
I mean, I'm thinking, oh, that's really great.
Chickens from China.
We can, like, maybe stick the baby on flu and the chicken from China, and then we can win China for it.
We've got to give up all of our liberties and freedoms.
But we're going to take chickens from China.
Specifically, I wanted to get you on about House Bill 368 limits religious freedom and how they're going to try to force people to take vaccines.
Okay, I've got to alert you people.
This is what's happening deep, deep, deep, deep, okay?
And this is going in other states and everything.
Okay, what is really going on here?
I spend a lot of time in Washington, D.C.
What's really going on here is that...
The health care megaplex, which would be the pharmaceuticals and the health care industry and the Congress and all that, they're going to be creating a protocol.
That if you don't, like, say, for instance, you're 65 years old, you say, I don't want to take the flu shot.
They say, if you don't take the flu shot, okay, we're going to, and they're doing this already, we're listing this on your record, and we're going to inform your health insurance company, and you're going to lose your health insurance.
So what they're doing is... So it's going to be all color of law coercion.
Yes, totally.
It's like fascist health care.
Okay, now, everyone is afraid they're going to get sick.
Okay, and rightfully so with the situation on the earth today.
And so they're very, very much afraid of losing their health insurance.
So they're using that kind of leverage that if you don't get this shot... Hey, listen, if they can inject all the children with 22 vaccines by the time they're 2 years old, why not inject the grown-ups?
Well, that's new freedom.
Forced psychological testing, forced drugging.
When we get back, I'll talk about that.
That's my big issue.
And then, of course, their own documents out of Ohio, when one of their own people quit and released it, said the drug company bragged, yeah, we wrote up this whole plan.
We'll get half the kids on drugs with this.
It's openly a business plan.
Just openly to force you to take their Prozac.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Eileen Deniman is our guest.
We've got the new documentary, Loose Change 2, a great 9-11 video exposing government involvement.
And Dylan Everett was gracious enough to...
Well, we're carrying it.
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Okay, co-founder of ProgressiveConvergence.com, director of the National Coalition of Organized Women, and she's doing a great job all over the map fighting all this tyranny.
Nothing to do with terrorists, just...
Big companies come lobby and say force them to take 35 vaccines a year and then up to 40 vaccines.
We want to make adults take it.
If you don't give your kid a vaccine and they get sick, anywhere down the line we're going to criminally charge you.
Then we have all the studies and reports of vaccines killing people so the government says we'll just give you total blanket liability protection.
And then we've got new freedom.
But before we get into new freedom that passed last year and now being implemented at the state level, Eileen, you've got some great analysis on this Iowa situation where they're going after religious freedoms and trying to force vaccination and a bunch of other stuff.
Tell us about that.
Yeah, so at the hearing yesterday,
It is against the Christian scientists and myself and a few others was the AMA and the American Pediatrics and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And I can say this to anybody who's listening who might be having this in their own state where they're actually trying to take out the religious exemptions.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, what we call the freedom of religion... The government's own number is 350 plus thousand a year by malpractice.
Hundreds of times the death rate from guns.
Many times the rate from automobile accidents.
And I'm not even knocking doctors.
It's just that the system itself is so riddled with fraud.
And look, if somebody's got a broken leg, a compound fracture, and the Christian scientist's parents don't want to get it mended, I think that's weird, and I almost lean on letting the local sheriff come grab the kid and fix the leg.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
These vaccines are so deadly on the face of it, governments so corrupt throughout history, I'm against the government having the power.
Well, the thing is that what we call the freedom of religion clause in the Bill of Rights, which we'd like to honor, is really an expression of a much deeper principle, and that is freedom of conscience.
You know, we have to respect the individual.
So freedom of conscience is one of the founding principles of our democracy.
And, hey, our democracy was founded on freedom of religion, and they have the nerve to say that we can't have a religious excuse not to take this garbage?
Well, I mean, imagine telling the founding fathers that, you know, you have to inject your children with things.
I mean, the Republic is not about that.
But, I mean, specifically, you were there at the state hearing.
Tell them what they're trying to do.
And this is happening all over the country.
What they're trying to do is that in the Iowa Criminal Code, there is this religious exemption.
And what they're trying to do is take it out, which means, basically, that if a child dies under your parents' care, the parents...
will be automatically taken up for criminal charges if they did not give the child quote-unquote appropriate treatment.
And then these private industries write what appropriate treatment is, and that's 35-40 vaccines.
But let me add this.
I have the federal government Health and Human Services' own numbers from 2002.
I haven't looked them up since then, but I'm told it's gotten worse with everything else.
Do you know how many times more likely you are to die in government foster care custody?
Five times more likely in government foster care than in the parents' care.
So who are they, five times worse on average than us, to be saying they set the parameters?
Yeah, and they can't even find how many people die on natural medicines.
They can't even find the statistics.
There's like one.
Compared to all those kind of deaths.
And it's like, okay, you're going to take this person up for criminal charges, but are you going to take the AMA and the doctor and the parent who gives their child appropriate medical care and the kid is dead in the water?
Are you going to charge that person?
Well, we've proven this.
Sudden fetal death syndrome, and then they blame the parents for shaking the baby.
They've directly linked it in a whole bunch of post-mortem autopsies that the little kid has in a reaction to mercury, dies in their crib, and then the cops come and arrest you when the government killed your kid!
I spend a lot of time in Washington with the vaccine specialists in the know who have kind of crossed the line on our side, you know, and who have been spending a lot, a lot of time for many, many, many years with the CDC.
And I've got a breaking news for you, Alex.
Something that you haven't ever heard before.
You know, of course, of the 20 years that the Centers for Disease Control has actually injected directly into our bloodstream, 20 years so far, to kids.
Between the ages of 12 hours old and 2 years old, at least 22 vaccines, 15 of which have high, high levels of mercury, okay?
Now we know that this atrocity, this epidemic of ADHD, ADD, is caused by... By the way, by the way, that isn't Eileen Dannemann's opinion.
The CDC documents...
Yeah, absolutely.
That's an exact quote.
Dig with the cover-up.
This is the thing, okay?
So they're covering up, okay?
And this is all documented on my website, on Vaccine Info, you name it, it's all documented.
Okay, what the cover-up is here, let me just read this here to you because I wrote it so well, okay?
Anyway, of course this has caused untold damage to the entire generation.
Because the CDC will not admit to their culpability for fear of legal action, but yet, they're reducing the mercury out.
You ask them, well, how come if it's not a problem, why are you reducing it out?
And they say, oh, well, precautionary principle.
Well, why all of a sudden is it a precautionary principle?
So meanwhile, they're reducing it out, but they won't admit that it's a problem.
So therefore, parents can't say, yeah, what's the matter with my kid?
It's a little personality dysfunction.
The kid can't cope.
Oh, there's something wrong with the kid.
Okay, so fine.
Now, what's happening is this, in the deep, dark,
...of the CDC with conversation between some people I know and some people I know is that the CDC knows that in 2008 to 2014 there's going to be a peak crisis of these children who have been injected with the mercury.
Now, these children are very aggressive.
It's not like, you know, idiot savant, you know, Dustin Hoffman gentleness.
It's very aggressive.
Dr. Mark Guyer and David Guyer have found out that testosterone levels are very, very high with these children, and they're very, very aggressive.
So the CDC knows that between 2008 and 2014, there will be a big increase
Well, I've heard that.
I think that may be a shill and then a shill, but that is an interesting new angle.
And you've heard that from people inside the CDC?
I've heard it from people talking inside the CDC to people outside the CDC.
Let me just give people the official government numbers.
24 years ago, 1 in 25,000 children was autistic.
Now it's 1 in 166 in 04 numbers.
05 numbers are about to come out.
They always come out a year late.
And it looks like it's going to be a 1 in 65.
And that's not over diagnosis.
I mean, these are kids who are gone.
I went on vacation last week.
I just went down to the beach.
And from there I went down to Mexico.
But I was down in Galveston, and I'm just sitting there in the hot tub.
And there's this lady with her kids there at the pool.
And her husband is this big cop troller for A&M, and they're on vacation.
And she's sitting there real nice.
And I noticed one of her kids is autistic.
And I said...
I said, when did your son become autistic?
She said, it's the same story always.
Oh, he was just fine.
He was talking, giggling, running, laughing.
And we went in, and when he was 18 months old, it just one day, it just started after a doctor's visit.
I said, oh, he got his last round of vaccines, and then it happened a day later?
She said, yes.
And now all he does is sit there and twiddle his fingers in front of his face, which they knew 100 years ago was mercury poisoning.
And she said, yeah, I'm part of the big autism group, and yeah, they all say it's that now.
Now at public schools, where 20 years ago there wasn't one autistic kid in the whole city, now in major high schools there are whole rooms per grade of these kids.
And imagine when it's 1 in 60!
I mean, just imagine.
They know.
And by the way, you know they didn't really take the mercury out of the vaccines.
They know.
I know that.
It's been, quote, unquote, reduced.
Gerberding, you know, the CDC director, I saw her at a hearing.
She actually said, full-blown, this is totally fraud.
She said this.
We have removed...
Thimerosal as a preservative in all children's vaccines.
Now, what does that mean to you, most people?
This is in the hearing.
We have removed thimerosal as a preservative in all children's vaccines.
Now they're calling it a stabilizer.
No, no, exactly.
The caveat is we have removed thimerosal as a preservative, but it's still in there.
Well, I even have an Associated Press report about that.
Did you know in some vaccines they actually increase the level?
In the flu shot, they went to 250 times safe level.
Like, you guys don't want to take your shot?
You think you're going to escape?
Increase the level!
Well, you know what the conspiracy consciousness about that one is, is that in California now, when they reduced the, and I do say reduced, okay, it is in the trace minerals, and I've been following all the, and helping all the laws in all the states.
Which they play us like fiddles, by the way.
What they did in Illinois, for instance, and they didn't show me the bill before I went, and so therefore I couldn't alert them to it, but they put this little DOD caveat.
You know, the DOD caveat with the BioShield bill, they had this new little thing they run with, and that is, if it's a potential emergency, not even emergency, if it's a potential emergency...
We're allowed to inject every human being, you know, men, women, and children.
A threat of a threat of a threat of a threat.
That's page seven.
Now, in Illinois, in the mercury bill that passed, the American Pediatric Association and the powers that be, they just let us get what we want, what they think we should have.
I think so.
And call an emergency.
And they did that.
And the emergency, what the emergency was?
The emergency was, we don't have enough vaccines.
What kind of emergency is that?
Well, I mean, the whole government's run by, quote, emergencies.
I just want the cops listening.
You know, you serve this government.
You serve this system.
You trust your leaders.
Okay, don't listen to me.
You've got a good chance.
You give that little girl that's on the way, that little boy on the way, you go ahead and give them the shots, and then watch when they hit 18 months and it builds up to critical mass after the third round, and say bye to your son and daughter.
And then I want you to remember I warned you that I was your friend, and I want you to know that it's your government, that it's your God that you worship that did this to you.
And I'm sorry, Eileen, I'll tell you, the government's doing this on purpose.
This is all, the DU, the Mercury, it is all done because these Nazis love to hurt us, and they love to hurt us into their hospitals.
And they want to keep their jobs.
They'll do anything to keep their jobs.
Well, Aldous Huxley, who was a big globalist, wrote Brave New World, and he gave a speech in 1962 at Berkeley saying that everything he wrote in that book is what the government was planning to do.
And in it, they would poison certain classes of children to make them dumb.
Yep, yep.
Yep, yep.
And, you know, really putting the consciousness here that the Teen Screen Program, the New Freedom Commission, is actually a secondary cover-up, okay?
And that they're seeking to find these children, to isolate them, to dumb them down.
And I want to just tell your audience, we probably already know, about the effect of the Riddles and the Adderalls, the Zolls, the Paxilis, the Zalexi, the Zyprexa, the Luvox.
So, just to give you a few little examples.
Chris Pittman, you know, age 12, was on Zoloft when he killed his grandparents and burned down their house.
Eric Harris of the Columbine... We've never seen a mass shooting.
Kip Tinkle, the kid up in Minnesota, we've never seen one where they weren't on it.
How about that Leslie Demenuk, the one who was accused of killing her four-year-old twins?
She had been taken Zoloft.
What about the woman that drowned her four kids in Houston?
Yeah, same.
Or the woman in Fort Worth that cut the toddler's arms off?
I've never seen it where they weren't on it.
Yeah, what's up with it?
And the thing is, this is what it does.
When you take these drugs, people have to know what it really does, because I actually saw this happening.
The molecule is an LSD molecule with a few other molecules added.
It puts you into a mesmerized state.
And who patented the LSD?
The CIA.
Eli Lilly created that.
Eli Lilly patented it in 1957.
They created and patented LSD.
It came from Abby Hoffman's wife who was doing agricultural research.
LSD, yeah, right.
Did you know that?
By the way, I want cops to know this who are listening.
I want to convince you guys.
I want you to go online and just type molecule of hallucinogens.
And you'll see different molecules of peyote, different molecules of LSD, molecules of mescaline and psilocybin, mushrooms.
And then molecule of serotonin reuptake inhibitor Paxil.
And look at it.
And look, it's classified as an hallucinogenic psychotropic.
Yeah, and tell them to go to the movies, too, and see Jacob's Ladder.
You know that movie with Tim Robbins in it?
Yeah, they admittedly tested that stuff on the troops.
Yeah, yeah.
But anyway... Of course, they threw Olsen out the window.
I mean, where does it all go?
These people are just totally psychopathic.
And we've got to start trusting ourselves.
I mean, they're using our public schools now.
This is the teen screen program of the New Film Commission.
Are using our public schools to seek out these children and to use it as a marketing tool for Big Pharma.
Well, remember, that's not your opinion.
Two years ago, two years ago, one of their execs up in Ohio got mad, had a conscience, released their own corporate minutes where they were laughing, going, we're going to go from 10% of kids on this to half.
But now we're going to go to the adults.
The whole thing with what's going on with this 368 that's going on now, I haven't investigated yet.
I'm on the throes of it.
There's this thing called American Legislative Council, ALEC, in Washington, D.C.
A-L-E-C, American Legislative... Yeah, they write the main legislation template and lobby the states to pass it.
I've seen it all over the country.
Now, what you said, if you want insurance, you want anything, you've got to take all this stuff.
It's not a law, you've just got to do it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And they're doing fear thing.
You know, it's basically fear.
If you don't take it, you lose your health insurance.
Now, Bush said last night that, you know, we have to take self-responsibility.
So we have to pay for everything, right?
Social Security.
We have to lose our own money.
Like, we feel a little safe that they have Social Security and that they know the players, you know, and they know Greenspan.
They know what's going on.
So we feel safe that we're going to get some Social Security at the end of it that we don't have to worry about.
Now they want to do the IRA thing like this, and they want to do the Social Security thing like this, and now they want to do the health thing like this, that we pay for our own health insurance, but they're going to tell us what to do.
You're going to pay for your own health insurance?
You're going to take responsibility?
Yes, but you can't choose what kind of health care system you want.
No, no, no, it's pure fascism.
It's just like giving Halliburton the camps.
They just say, you're going to do this.
That's for the quarantining, huh, of the pandemic flu?
They're just saying we're building camps.
Doing it for what?
Just because we love you.
We're the government and we're building camps right now.
Everything's fine.
Al-Qaeda may get you any minute.
But that's what privatization is.
We're going to tell you what to do with your money.
You're going to give it to our cronies.
They're all a bunch of crooks like Abramoff.
They're just a bunch of crooks.
A bunch of dirty murdering crooks.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
We're good to go.
I think?
That's InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139 or watch the film right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm totally overwhelmed here.
I've got all these emails and instant messages coming in by the hundreds.
I've got Eileen Dannemann here.
I want to get back on the show sometime.
I promise I'll go to these two final calls from Bertrand and Neville, and I just want to go to you.
Just, Eileen, I've got to get you back up in the future, because we're both frantic on air, and everything you're talking about is documented.
I'm finishing your sentences, you're finishing mine.
Yeah, yeah.
We've never talked before.
It's because this is what's really going on.
It is diabolical.
In closing, any other key things real fast we need to be aware of?
No, you're covering the whole nine yards.
I have people go to my website for the documentation, progressiveconvergence.com, and if you haven't had Ken Kramer on from the psych search, you should.
That's a teen screen thing.
And you're covering all the bases, and thank you so much.
Thank you for coming on, and God bless and Godspeed.
Take care.
You bet.
We'll talk to you soon.
All right, Bertrand in Canada, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Alex, it's a privilege.
Oh, please, dispense with that.
I mean, I'm honored that you called us.
Yeah, I would just like to say a couple of things here and get your opinion.
Go ahead.
You said earlier in the show that you like to study history, right?
Somewhat, yes.
I mean, it's so big, nobody can know all the history, but I know just a little bit.
Well, you know, I really respect your work, but I personally believe that there's a big piece of the puzzle that you just haven't figured out yet.
But anyways, I really highly recommend you read a book by an American historian by the name of Leo H. Lehman, I believe I'm pronouncing it right.
The book was published in 1942.
It's entitled Behind the Dictators.
I think I've heard of that book.
Yeah, you need to read that because it makes a connection that I just don't think you've figured out yet.
And I'd just like to ask you a couple of questions.
Okay, real fast.
The show's about to end.
Before you hang up on me.
You believe that the suppressed historical evidence that the Vatican is responsible for... You know, I said first callers today, and you used a fake name.
Thanks for the call.
You called, what was it, Friday or was it yesterday?
Thank you for the call, sir.
I don't understand why we can't let new callers call.
That's not fair.
You know, I don't screen what you can say on the show, but it gets old, sir.
Let's talk to Evelyn.
Evelyn, you're our last caller from South Carolina.
Go ahead.
Praise the Lord.
Do you come on the radio in South Carolina?
I do not have an affiliate in South Carolina.
You have to listen on the Internet or shortwave.
Okay, but I've got four tapes that someone gave me, but then they called them back and said I'm going to have to order some more.
And I'm putting the message out because this is the warning.
We've got to warn just like Noah did.
If they don't believe, we've still got to warn.
And we cannot be afraid just like Daniel wasn't afraid to do what he believed in doing.
We have to stand for the truth.
And that's what I want to say.
And I want you to help me to help warn the people because I can't afford to pay all this money for all this stuff, you know.
But I've got to get it out.
And I'm getting some of it out now, these four videos.
And I'm putting more DVDs in them places.
Good, good.
Well, you know, join with... I'm going to have to get them tomorrow.
So now I've got to get some more.
So the day I call your place...
And they have four on the blowout measure, American dictator and martial law, dark secret, et cetera, et cetera.
So I'm going to be putting the money order in because I don't believe in this system.
This system is not right.
I'm politically incorrect, but I'm politically correct just like Noah was, and you are too.
I hear you, ma'am, and it's good to have you on board with us from South Carolina, Evelyn.
Listen, we let people make copies of the videos for non-profit educational purposes.
I also let you download it all off the website.
A lot of it's there for free.
We can't give it all away for free, and I'm honored that you're going to buy them and support us.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, when I say first-time callers or people who haven't called in a while, I mean it, because people who are first-time callers never get a chance to call in because some people try to monopolize that.
I'd be more than happy to battle it out with you about who the real boogeyman is in the New World Order, but you need to call on the days when we have open lines.
All right, back to 9-9 at midnight.
God bless you all.
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