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Air Date: Jan. 25, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Deep behind enemy lines, live from Austin, Texas...
InfoWars Studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in one more time, just one more time, for the one and only Alex Jones.
Alex should be back any day, back with you.
Well, it's the old adage, you don't know what you've got until it's gone.
So I am here to reinforce that in you, how much you appreciate the one and only Alex Jones, a man that is often replicated, but never duplicated.
We have got a lot of news today.
Paul Joseph Watson joining us in the second hour of today's broadcast.
All things news.
A big stack of news to go over with you today.
Some of the headlines we will be decoding.
Bush defends spying at home.
He calls it terror surveillance.
Armies stretch to the breaking point.
Police stop and search at least 100 people a day under new anti-terror laws.
wiretapping is based in law, so says Alberto, I love torture, anti-Gonzalez.
Written order to torture a 9-11 suspect, the price of domestic spying, infiltrated by feds, anti-war group, turns on photographers.
Again, let's underscore that one.
The price, here is the price of domestic spying, infiltration by the feds and these anti-war groups,
Rallies of any kind, political redressing of grievances.
Anti-war group turns on one of the photographers.
CIA flights likened to the work of gangsters.
Swiss investigator says the U.S.
is outsourcing torture.
One of many reports we have received on that.
Taser use legal on Florida children.
You've got to love Jeb Bush.
77% of Google users don't know it records personal data.
That shouldn't be a surprise.
In fact, I would have to think that number must be a little bit low.
Banking on RFID, coalition objects to RFID chips and driver's licenses, the criminal conspiracy that destroys America, covert activity by U.S.
called No Big Secret, something most of you know.
Students ban Christians in a row over gays.
Galloway wins his libel award, and by the way, speaking of Galloway, he did make the European...
Edition of the television show, the reality program, Big Brother, and he is up for eviction.
Thought that might be a good way to get the message out.
I know David Icke was also up for that program and decided not to do it at the last minute, but George Galloway did, and in the middle of this he has won a massive libel suit for those who accused him of personally working and getting kickbacks from Saddam Hussein.
A ton of news to go over.
Related to this Google story, we'll get started a little bit here.
The big news is, you know, there are a bunch of communists because they're now working with the forces and the powers that be to censor Google searches in China.
That shouldn't come to a big surprise to most of you.
I have been personally censored by Google many times.
Now, it's very difficult to prove unless you've copied the Google search.
You go back, the search isn't there.
You run through the 25,000 pages that might have your name in it and try to compare the notes.
It's very exhausting, and I'm sure they know that.
But I can think of several occasions when I myself, and I'm sure many of you have been censored.
Many of you have websites and radio shows of your own, and you've decided to take the old adage of the DIY approach.
Be the media instead of rely on the media.
But it's no secret that Google has often censored stories that come out from the quote-unquote underground, from the alternative media, most particularly when it is the alternative to the alternative media.
And I can remember one case as an example when the Nick Berg beheading
It became a big news story, and we had done a little bit of research to find out that the Nick Burke video was uploaded out of London to a very respected worldwide global enterprise called Arab News Network, and we started to put a few pieces of the puzzle together.
And what happened to all of our top-listing Google listings for that particular story, leading back to our own website?
Gone in seconds.
So it is no secret that Google has been censoring for quite some time.
Let's not have any illusions, folks.
More on the Alex Jones Show right after this.
We'll come right back.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You want answers.
I want answers.
Of course, Alex Jones always wants answers.
We have a lot of questions.
Every day, every minute of every day that goes by, more questions arise and we demand answers.
Demand answers from the status quo, from the establishment.
From those that would seek to suppress our ability to think for ourselves.
Not just the drive, not just the ambition, not just the natural commonplace attitude.
Instinct to think for yourself, defend yourself, but even the capability to do so.
That's really what we're fighting, folks.
When you are talking about an info war, that's exactly what you are fighting.
There has been an info war waged on the American people, the people around the world, for the last several decades.
In fact, we've got a hundred years now of intense, high-level study of the quote-unquote sciences of the mind.
And, of course, this is being investigated.
This is being constantly experimented with.
And guess who the guinea pigs are, folks?
In order to stop us from defending ourselves from this massive onslaught called the Info War.
Yes, it is a term that we often use and should use.
I like the new one, Info Drive-By.
We'll explain more of that if you need to know.
And you should.
But the term Infowar, as many of you should know, came from policy papers and white papers and Pentagon papers, where you have a whole lot of eggheads sitting around, civilians and military alike, deciding and cutting up the pie, leaving you out of the pie, and using the Infowar to do that.
And of course, this is being used, as we know, in Iraq extensively.
It is a part of psychological warfare, psychological information warfare now.
Propaganda, if you will, psychological operations, and it is all meant to get you to acquiesce, to get you to stand in line for your slavery, to get you to forget and not notice the fact that you've become an indentured servant to the elites.
What's really important is that you notice it.
That's the first thing.
That's the only thing you need to do right away is just notice it.
The second thing you need to do is try to get other people to notice it, to protect themselves, to protect their minds from this information war.
The third thing you need to do is fight back.
And when I say fight, I know a lot of people have a real problem with, we're going to fight, we're going to fight the New World Order, fight, fight, fight.
Because it reeks of the same mentality that has put us in this position in the first place.
It's very Einsteinian, if you would, that you cannot solve problems by using the same modes of operation that got you into the problem in the first place.
So when we say fight, we're not obviously talking about heading for the Washington, D.C.
area with loaded weapons and improvised explosive devices.
No, we're talking about fighting for your right to think for yourself.
That's what this program is all about.
That's what this network is all about.
You know, we're not going to fearmonger.
We're not going to guilt you into supporting radio shows like this.
We're going to try to make common sense.
We're going to bring you the news that you're not getting anywhere else.
We are going to give you expert opinion and analysis from the very top people in their field globally and nationally.
And we're going to give you an opportunity to have the facts so that you can decide for yourself.
But first of all, we have to get ourselves in the right frame of mind.
This is an exercise.
You're good to go.
You're good to go.
I mean, who's to judge who's doing enough and who isn't doing enough?
What matters most is that people can be comfortable enough, put in a situation where it's easy enough to receive the information.
And then at that point, they can do whatever they want with the information.
Again, talking about the information war.
Because when you use euphemisms or metaphors like war and fight, it sounds very aggressive.
But I gotta tell you, at least speaking for myself, Jack Blood, I think this is rather passive.
I believe in a passive approach.
Now, that doesn't mean that you can't yell and scream and jump up and down when you have to.
Certainly, sometimes you just have to do that.
Let's face it.
Come on, you know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?
When the frustration really sets in, you just got to go off.
Maybe sometimes that's the best way to make a point.
Certainly, you have to analyze any prospect to which you want to communicate.
Communicate on their level.
It really is quite a sales process.
You find a good prospect.
Here's your prospect.
He loves George Bush.
He thinks George Bush is going to protect his guns and bring down the fiscal deficit.
He's going to protect the borders.
He's going to save us from the evil terrorists.
We've got your work cut out for you, certainly.
But you need to...
Qualify your prospect.
Isn't that a pretty simple way of putting it?
Anybody out there have any sales experience?
When you qualify the prospect, or you don't waste any time with them, you constantly qualify the prospect, and you ask questions in order for them to deliver information for you that you can, well, let's put it politely, use against them.
It's a Socrates method of educating people.
Now, of course, what's used against us consistently is something called the Calicles defense, rather than the Socrates defense.
The Calicles defense, another Greek philosopher.
Simply cuts down everything that you have to say.
You've heard this on neocon talking head talk radio.
I don't care what your source is.
I don't want to hear it.
Your source is probably bad.
It came off the Internet.
Yeah, but the source is actually the National Archives Congressional Record, which, by the way, thanks to the Internet, I found.
Well, it's on the Internet.
That would be the Calicles defense.
It's no good.
And certainly, that's something that you could use for yourself when pinned up against the wall.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
So again, listening to the rhetoric of some other, let's just call them talking heads to make it very simple, they have you believe that the only information that you should listen to is their information.
Oh, they want you to think for yourself, but as long as it's because of something they said.
As long as it's because of something you've done for them.
And everybody else is the enemy.
I think we have to seriously see some red flags when we hear this type of rhetoric.
You're never going to hear that on a Genesis Communications radio network program.
You're never going to hear it.
Every once in a while, there'll be an innuendo, sure, look, I mean, when you get attacked enough, every once in a while, you're going to shoot a little dart back.
But not to the extent that you hear, again, some of this rhetoric coming out of other talk show hosts where they're going to tell you, you've got to listen to me, you've got to support me, it's all about me, but I don't have an ego.
It's not about my ego, it's just about me and what I do.
And everybody else should be damned.
Again, long monologue, long rant, but I think it's very important that we're able not to all join together and sing Kumbaya, for God's sakes, but to at least leave the doors open of acceptance for information wherever it comes so that you, the discerning individual, the individual who thinks for themselves, who lives their own lives, who is in a constant search to upgrade into a higher consciousness so that you're able...
To have the information that you deserve.
It's just that simple.
Nobody has a patent on the so-called information war.
Nobody has a patent on broadcasting any of this information.
And certainly, nobody has a patent on freedom.
Now, I often say, and I think this is a good point to repeat this, that freedom is not given.
Freedom is taken.
And you have to actually be proactive in order to make yourself free.
In order to help yourself, your family and subsequent generations to be free.
And the only way to do that, I believe, is to have information.
What you do with the information after that is going to be up to you.
No one is here to judge you.
No one is here to police you.
You haven't come to a new movement to recognize and to revel in freedom and liberty to have imposed judgment and a number of rules.
You're free.
You're free to listen to this broadcast.
You're free to turn the channel.
You're free not to listen to any of it at all.
You're free to follow like a lapdog the rantings of Rush Pimpba or Sean Vanity or Laura Ingrate or Wolf Blitzer or whoever you choose.
See, that's going to be a problem, because we cannot wean people off of establishment status quo media, invite them into open forums, and begin judging them for how they behave and what they do.
It's a real turn-off.
I'm going to come back, and we're going to actually get to some news.
We're going to take your calls at 800-259-9231.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
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We don't need no thought control.
Talk about thought control, thought crimes.
And just to add a little bit to the rant from the last segment, folks, I mean, you don't honestly want to leave the establishment and the status quo and all of their rules on thought control and hate speech, etc., etc., political correctness, to wind up in just another version of it, do you?
I know you don't.
I know you don't.
That's why I think, you know, at least if I could toot the horn of this network for just one second, at least I know that a lot of regular people, everyday people, listen to this network.
People you would never suspect would know about some of the things you would hear on the GCN radio network.
Just everyday people, you know?
And they have decided that, you know, really, and I have to agree, I think we've done a good job here, leaving out the dirty laundry, focusing heavily on the news, bringing some of the best interviews that you're going to hear anywhere on radio.
And so, yeah, I'm tooting my own horn, it's true.
I'm not saying that, hey, the hosts are all that or anything.
What I am saying is that the content is real, the content is focused.
We're going to have Paul Joseph Watson coming up, and we are going to go over large chunks of news.
And that's what's important.
Monolithic chunks of news that will be at the top of the next hour.
Paul Joseph Watson, of course, publisher, editor of PrisonPlanet.com.
His great book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terrorism in the New World Order, is a must-have.
Thank you.
I'm going to do the best I can to answer your questions with the knowledge that I have at my disposal.
And one of the things is, you ask a question on a program like this, you know, maybe the host doesn't have a clue of the answer.
But one of the other callers might.
So that doesn't mean that you should be afraid to ask questions.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones, going right to the phones.
Steve in Texas, so glad to have you.
Welcome aboard.
Good morning, good morning.
Congratulations on GCN being a success.
Right, depending on how you qualify the word success.
I think you missed my point, but go ahead.
Well, I used to be a media person.
I know you have to reach a large percentage of a given demographic to make any difference.
That's why they control the minds of the people, because they reach more people.
But now it's so quickly... Well, 9-11, let me just bump in for a second, because 9-11 is fantastic, but also don't forget about, you know, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, the Madrid 3-11 bombings, which of course, coincidentally enough, came 911 days after 9-11.
The 7-7 bombings, which even on Fox News, debating whether the lead suspect in the 7-7 bombings was actually an anti-Shea of MI5 and MI6.
So there's a lot of state-sponsored terror to use, and I like starting there in my
Well, that's great, but that's good information.
But it doesn't matter unless it reaches enough of the people to start to influence their minds, because their minds are controlled because they don't believe 9-11.
Is that a fact, or is that your opinion, Steve?
That's based on my experience in the media business.
You have to reach a large enough... Well, then why bother?
If we can't reach enough people, why bother?
Why do you still bother, Steve?
No, we have to keep plugging away at it, and 9-11...
The obvious information about 9-1-1 offers the best opportunity for that.
But it's quickly slipping away.
So my idea is there has to be some large demonstration to affect these people.
Now, you know, they're going to kill us if we try to go at them violently.
So it has to be a non-violent method, so I have two ideas.
Let me ask you a quick question, just so that we're all clear on what you're talking about here.
When you say a large demonstration, certainly there have been giant anti-war demonstrations, but are you talking about a large demonstration that would be specifically to outline 9-11?
Well, I like that idea, and I'm going to hold you over so we can hear more about it.
We'll also go to Joe in Massachusetts, others patiently holding.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show, GCN Radio Network.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire.
Look at Johnny Cash.
Johnny Cash.
Hey, well, let me clear something up real quick.
I mean...
Steve pointed out that we reach a very small listening group.
I've got to tell you, Infowars.com, PrismPlanet.com, reaching millions of people a month.
Alex Jones reaching millions and millions of people doing interviews on top-rated international radio programs.
This particular network has so many affiliates that it's ridiculous.
This particular show has dozens and dozens and dozens of AM and FM affiliates, hundreds if not thousands of micro-affiliates.
Let me take a stab at how many internet feeds there are.
There are probably about 50.
My program, which follows Alex Jones every day, has maybe 30, at least that I can tell, 30 different affiliates picking up the streams just from the internet.
So it's very difficult to tell, but I'll tell you one thing.
We do reach hundreds of millions of people.
How many of them listen, I guess, is debatable, but it's nothing to laugh at.
Steve, I want to bring you back up, and let's see, you had an idea about getting people together for something that I guess could be equivocated to a million-man march in the name of 9-11 truth?
Right, well, it's not practical to go there in person to do that, except maybe it is.
Maybe that would work.
If we do that, I have an idea, and then I have two other ideas that don't involve everybody going to one place.
Well, run them down quickly for us.
Okay, the first one is if we all went there in person, we could pull a Gandhi on them.
We could just line up in a line, go straight at their barricades, and each person in a row take their beating and get out of the way and let the next person come up and take it down.
It worked for Gandhi.
It might work for us.
I think volunteers might be hard, but yeah, I think that's probably effective.
Go ahead.
My next idea is don't involve everybody going to one place.
And I think this all should be done on 9-11 of each year, especially, and also in joining it with the protest against the Iraq War.
So I have two more ideas.
On 9-11 of each year, if we can reach enough people, which I still don't think we have enough reach, but it would be a demonstration of how many people we could reach, is we could have a no-work day.
On 9-11 of each year,
Everybody does not go to work as a protest against the... A boycott.
A boycott or a general strike for one day.
Right, but then the other one is the only one that I think that would really work is, you know, the Congress is just going to keep appropriating the money.
They're going to run us into debt forever, deliberately, and they're going to be able to overpower us because they always do it with the money.
So here's what we do.
Congress isn't going to do the job, so we cut off the money.
We quit playing taxes of all time.
Right, you're definitely not going to have enough people to do that.
I love the idea, and I've actually been an advocate for that for years.
We've had interviewed people on our program that are conscientious objectors to paying into the tax system to kill countless people around the world, which seems to be something that does have some merit and works, but boy...
People are very, very afraid of the IRS, and they're not going to do anything that would get them locked in jail.
Look, here's the reality of the situation, and I compliment you for having ideas, because that's what we need, is ideas.
So good for you, Steve, for having ideas, and thanks for the call.
Honestly, last year, 9-11, a big meeting place in New York City, the scene of the crime, so to speak,
I think?
Because there are people out there that don't want to be associated with other 9-11 researchers.
I mean, it's really a big mess when you think about it.
And it's a mess worth trying to figure out how to iron out.
It's a mess worth trying to fight through.
Again, there's that term fight, but that's what it's going to be.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Call all of the media.
You let them know we're going down to protest the truth about 9-11 being an inside job and being the pretext to the war on terror and the multiple wars on multiple fronts as outlined in the Project for a New American Century documents.
They need a new Pearl Harbor.
And if you do that in every given city, this 9-11, and you commit to it, start planning it now, start organizing now, hit all your lists, go to the grocery store, pass out flyers, go to the big sports arena, put a flyer on everybody's windshield, say just enough, again, this is back to sales techniques, say just enough to get their body down there,
Do whatever it takes to get their bodies down there, then I think you might have something.
You might have every local media and the national media covering a nationwide march in any individual community.
That might be more practical.
I've got to say, Steve, that general strike idea is wonderful.
We often have these fantasies about, once a year or at any given time, we're not going to buy gasoline.
We're not going to shop at Walmart.
And, of course, a handful of us do it, and the rest don't.
And the entire point is missed.
Joe in Massachusetts, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for calling in.
Yeah, thanks, Jack.
Actually, I'm in Arkansas.
Okay, whatever.
You're still on the air.
Yeah, okay.
I want to tell you about a news story I heard on USA Radio News just about a half hour ago.
It just amazed me the way they spun this thing.
Okay, they talked about how American police in Texas had caught a couple of drug smugglers.
This story has been circulating heavily for the last couple of weeks, yeah.
Yeah, well, I just heard it on USA Radio News about a half hour ago, so I thought it was a very recent issue.
Well, no, it's a good point to bring up, certainly.
Has anyone yet found the ability to document whether these guys were impersonators or actual Mexican military, as I believe they are?
Well, I don't know about that, but, you know, who would be dressed up as Mexican military except Mexican military?
Look, we all, and I think that the questions have been asked, is it the Federales, what division of the Mexican military is it, etc., etc.
This is the little bug they put into the story.
Here's the story.
You've got Mexican military on American soil for the umpteenth time firing on border guards and doing God knows what else, smuggling drugs, coyoting, illegal immigrants, smuggling in nuclear weapons or biological, who knows what they're doing.
Okay, we really aren't going to know.
But here's the little bug they put in.
They could be impersonators.
They could actually be Timothy McVeigh.
It could be Osama Bin Laden.
We're not sure it's the Mexican military because that would force us to do something about it.
I'm sure that everybody has at least half a dozen friends that go around impersonating Mexican military.
Yeah, it's very plausible.
Well, and look, maybe they're taking a page out of the book in Iraq and the Middle East, where you've got contractors dressing up as Iraqi police and firing on Iraqi citizens in police stations.
Nothing as it appears to be anymore.
Oh, my God.
I'd like to comment on one more thing, Jack.
There was some discussion about whether the buildings, the World Trade Center towers,
We're built with C4 explosives already packed in them.
My question is, would anybody insure a skyscraper that was built packed with C4 explosives?
You know, like if you told your insurance company that you drove around in your car packed with five pounds of C4 explosives all the time, would anybody insure you?
No, but obviously if this is done, and we are really putting a theory together here, but if it was done, the insurance company wouldn't know anything about it.
I thought an insurance company had to know everything about... No, I don't know if they're geared to inspect buildings for C4.
I really seriously would doubt that.
Well, I thought you couldn't add anything from your show.
I mean, it would be possible, but again, we talked about this yesterday with Eric Huffschmidt.
It's a bit of a red herring.
It's great to put together a theory.
It's even better to investigate the theory and to try to find something to back it up with.
It's great to have these discussions, but whether or not this is something we want to take out to the public at large, maybe we have new listeners listening to the show right now.
I'm not sure that's where we want to start, but I appreciate you thinking about it.
I've had firefighters write me, expert firefighters, saying that's exactly what happened.
But again, until we have the evidence and the proof, which was locked up and skirted away, we may not ever know the answer to that question.
Until we have a whistleblower come out and say, I have the documents, I was there, I put the C4 in the cement, or however they did it, then I think we've got to kind of weigh back on it a little bit, but still think about it, still investigate it.
Well, I did an experiment myself that absolutely convinced me that the fire from the jet fuel and the airplane impact did not bring down the tower.
And that was, I took a 13-ounce steel coffee can and stuffed it full of cotton rags and poured it full of kerosene.
I had had a Fayetteville, Arkansas firefighter here that I talked to tell me that jet fuel burned a little bit cooler than kerosene.
So I had a hotter fire with kerosene than the jet fuel would have caused.
And then I put four little steel items, a little steel safety pin, a little steel paper clip,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
No, the fire would, you know, you just can't get a fire.
How long did you leave the fire burning?
How long did you leave the fire burning?
About 45 minutes.
That's about how long... And a standard coffee can and a few paper clips and nothing was substantially melted or compromised?
Not the slightest bit weakened or warped in any way.
No, they were covered with...
Some would say that's not a controlled scientific experiment, but I do think that's very valuable.
I commend you for doing it.
I remember my webmaster once made a point when a lot of this was being circulated and digested years ago when they were constantly readjusting their cover story about how those towers came down, and he made a pretty simple point.
Does your barbecue melt?
Does your barbecue grill melt when you're cooking steaks out in the backyard?
I mean, this is industrial steel.
Absolutely, and then they come out with this other thing.
Well, it wasn't the jet fuel after all, but it was the papers and the plastic and office furniture and stuff like that.
You caught that.
You know, I lost that story, Joe.
If you can locate that story for me where they revised, they admitted that it wasn't the planes or the fire or the jet fuel that brought down the towers, but it was in fact the paper, the fax machines, and the office furniture that brought down the towers.
I'd sure like to get a hold of that again.
If you could send that to me at jackbloodahotmail.com.
Well, I just heard a report on the radio.
I haven't got a copy of it.
I actually have that somewhere.
I've got to dig through my boxes.
Hey, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, man.
Let's go to, I guess it's Paul in Texas.
You keep the faith.
Is that right, Paul?
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hi, thanks.
First off, I'm going to apologize in case I end up throwing a hand grenade into the show here.
I'm going to take a dissenting view for nothing else just to play devil's advocate.
Sure, why not?
And that's on the issue of whether or not a peaceful solution to our problem is possible.
How many examples throughout world history are there of people who've had to go to armed revolution to take their country back versus how many examples are there of people who get a peaceful revolution against a tyrannical government?
Good point.
They're highly outnumbered.
I can think of Gandhi and maybe...
Here's the thing, though.
When we look at this, because part of this is the illusion.
I'm glad you brought this up.
This is a really good point.
Part of it is an illusion.
Did Gandhi actually win his struggle through non-participation and peaceful protest?
I mean, some say that Gandhi was cooperating a little bit with the British all along.
There is allegations to that effect.
So maybe it worked, maybe it didn't work.
In the armed conflicts, the armed revolution, there is about a 99% clarity here, Paul, that every one of these revolutions were engineered by the so-called New World Order.
So here's where it gets a little bit slippery, but I see your point.
I'd like you to continue.
Well, I just look at the fact that the government, the New World Order, the globalists, whatever you want to call them, they have essentially everything we own except our bodies and souls, and they're coming for that.
They've taken a long time, they've spent a lot of money, they've taken a lot of effort to get all of that, and they're not going to give it back just simply because we say, please.
They've taken it from us, and like you said, liberty has to be taken, not given.
They're not going to give it back.
We're going to have to take it.
And they will use violence against us to keep it.
Well, first of all, let's stop for a second.
Because let's be very clear.
Let's analyze this with some common sense.
They could have used violence centuries ago or decades ago.
Yes, they have.
But to what extent have they used it?
It is the last resort because the quote-unquote great work of the Fabian Socialist New World Order is to take you there.
I think.
It firmly rests on my shoulders.
But, you know, I see this as a daily, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour struggle in your neighborhood, in your community, something that will probably go on until the world upgrades its consciousness.
I don't think there's going to be a giant reversal where patriots are running the world.
I just don't see that that is practical or realistic.
What I do see is if we don't fight for our communities, if we don't fight for every...
Stupid piece of illegal legislation that takes away our liberties, takes away our freedom, takes away our ability to think for ourselves.
Again, the no child left behind is a good issue.
We've fought that here.
We've won it.
We'll be fighting it again consistently.
I just don't think we'll ever get anywhere.
I mean, we can't lose ground.
I'm sure you would agree with that.
We don't dare lose any more ground.
Right now we're playing kind of a game of cosmic beat the clock here, not knowing how close they are to the final move.
Does it seem, Paul, like they're backed into a corner a little bit, though?
I mean, you don't get the sense that they're desperate by some of the actions that we've recorded recently?
No, I don't think they're at all desperate.
I think they're arrogant, and they're growing more arrogant all the time.
I think it is us standing here telling them that we think they're winning that is making them accelerate it to the point where they can end it so that they don't have to listen to us anymore.
I might have to disagree with you a little bit.
Yesterday I interviewed...
Brigadier General Janice Karpinski, who was head of the Abu Ghraib scandal, says she thinks 10% of the military is with her and won't do the things that they're told to do when it becomes illegal, when it becomes immoral.
But that's a pretty big number when you look at even 10%.
Also, we've got the general who allegedly formed a silent coup which stopped a nuclear drill from going live, something I'm going to be reporting on with Webster Tarpley on my program on Thursday.
So there are elements of dissent.
There are certainly desperate moves, at least by middle management.
Now, when you're talking about what I call the neo-pharaohs, the Rothschilds of the world, the Habsburgs and the Windsors,
They're probably laughing their asses off and they might be doing that for another hundred years.
But they're not laughing so much when the numbers seem to be growing, when people seem to be standing up, when people are aware of their civic responsibility.
I believe that is the biggest threat to the so-called New World Order.
I think it's us trying to fight for our freedom that threatens them because they've got this Aryan disposition towards predestination of their place as leaders and controllers of all that is.
How dare we want freedom?
Yeah, that's kind of their attitude.
They're getting tired of listening to us and they will move eventually to shut us up.
That's what we're going to have to
I have one more question for you before we let you go here, Paul.
Does that mean that you're not getting out and trying to talk to people and get them to see the world around them?
Not at all.
I've got a copy of Beyond Treason in plain sight and a bunch of Alex's discs that I've been making copies of and handing out to anybody who will grab a hold of them.
I've been holding seminars in our house with friends and friends of our children and getting them as educated and as prepared as I possibly can.
I just make sure that they understand that there is a big unknown in the equation on whether or not we're waking up enough people fast enough to be prepared and ready for what's coming.
Some would say, I appreciate your passion.
You raised some really good points, Paul, so I don't know how much of a devil's advocate you are today.
I'm pretty much with you.
Maybe I'm the devil.
Some would say they'd take a look at Iraq and the insurgency, and they'd say, if they can't quell that, how are they going to take America?
Maybe that's a good question.
We'll be right back after this, folks.
Stay tuned.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We've got a quick segment here.
I'm rounding out the first hour of today's broadcast, the Alex Jones Show.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Alex will be back any time he is on assignment.
Lord Jones.
We've got about five minutes in this segment, five minutes in the next segment for your phone calls.
I want to try to get everybody in.
I think we've got something creative rolling here, something very positive.
I like everybody bringing ideas to the table, because it makes you think.
What we're doing now on the radio is completely unique to the media in general.
Cooperative brainstorming.
I hate the word collective, so let's call it cooperative brainstorming.
Brainstorming by individual sovereigns.
We're still sovereign.
This is still the best country in the world.
Would anyone disagree with that?
Maybe there was an island somewhere that I've never heard of that's its own country.
You know, that might be better than this.
But this is still the best country in the world.
And I know the illusion is that we live by law and the Constitution, but I happen to want to call their bluff.
Now here's why we live in the most important time in all of human history.
Why we?
You and me, everybody listening to this show, your parents, your children, this is the perennial moment.
This is the moment when we either are going to be slaves run by a scientific dictatorship for the rest of human history, or we're going to stop them.
And it is because we have a scientific dictatorship.
It is because of all of this technology.
I'm looking at stories now, folks.
I mean, you want to get your gun and fight the $100 million laser project that will mimic nuclear explosions?
You want to fight the new super gun that they're testing right now?
240,000 rounds per minute?
That's compared to 60 rounds per minute in a standard military machine gun.
Now, that's quite an advance.
You want to fight Moab bombs and tactical nukes and drones?
Black helicopters?
I mean, this is the scientific dictatorship.
I've always believed it's more Huxley than Orwell, but a good mix of both.
Because, again, we have to submit to it.
It doesn't ever work.
This is covert colonization, both of country and of your mind.
Let's go to Jim in Minnesota.
Jim, thank you for joining us.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Oh, good morning.
I have two questions.
One is, are you on shortwave?
No, I'm perpetually off shortwave.
It's very, very expensive, and I'm a little guy.
I can't afford it.
Second question.
I've been wondering for quite a while.
I keep hearing about the bird flu.
What is the carrier of the bird flu?
Sweat from a bird?
Is the whole damn thing a lie, or is it a GM-modified virus that came out of a lab?
If it even exists.
I think there was a pretty interesting story in Time magazine this month.
Is the bird flu overhyped?
And now people are starting... I mean, this is the funny thing.
When SARS came out, we were way out front of it.
We said this is a manufactured disease meant to condition us.
There is no disease, in other words.
It is meant to condition us, simply put, so that we will learn to become acquainted with these diseases.
When it does come, we'll learn to know how to get our vaccinations.
And we said the same thing was happening with the bird flu.
I'm standing on that.
I know people say it's a big weaponized plan to kill off the plant.
They're going to do it now.
But I'm standing with this is more conditioning.
And isn't it funny how the WHO and everybody was really making a big noise about the bird flu, and now all of a sudden you don't hear about it very much.
I guess it didn't turn out to be such a threat after all.
Thanks for the call.
Okay, thank you.
Thanks for the call, Jim.
Keep the faith up there, and I hope you catch a good muskie today in Minnesota.
Bruce in Kansas, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, Dick.
I've got a question about a little story you read at the beginning of the show yesterday.
You mentioned a peculiar name, and it was...
Someone that's a leader in Pakistan, Tariq Aziz.
Is that the same one?
Not Tariq Aziz.
Same last name, different first name.
Well, it was kind of coming in a little bit scratchy over the radio.
You didn't get it, you didn't get it.
No, but that's like Talabani being the Kurdish head of parliament in Iraq, at least until the recent election.
We're going to take a quick break here, about a 70-second one.
Come right back, jump more into your calls.
Paul Joseph Watson joining us.
Stay tuned.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, at this point, it would have been good to do a good Alex Jones impersonation, though.
I'm not very good at it.
Jack Blood sitting in for the one and only Alex Jones.
Who will be back any day.
This is the last day I am guarding the broadcast.
The last day I'm sitting in the chair here at InfoWars Studio.
I appreciate everybody showing me a little bit of respect anyway and treating me as you would want to be treated yourself.
A lot of news to cover.
Paul Joseph Watson joining us in about five minutes after the next commercial break.
Going back to your calls, we've got a roll going here.
I think it's Scott in Texas.
Scott, you're on?
Yes, Jack.
What's the show I'm doing again?
Alex Jones Show.
Go for it.
Okay, did you watch the towers fall on live TV?
Yes, I did.
Okay, I was sitting in the living room with some friends, and we kind of all noticed it at the same time.
I can't remember if it was one of the towers or both of them, but...
We thought the tower was going to fall over.
Did you notice it's hard to lean in one direction?
You're talking about the south tower.
Once it pancakes, I use that word humorously, once it gets down to about two-thirds of the way, it seems to kind of tilt and lean over a little bit, and then it corrects itself and falls back into place.
No, this was before it started collapsing.
You have to refresh my memory.
I mean, there's a lot to remember here.
I vaguely know what you're talking about.
Make the point, though.
Well, before the tower collapsed, we were watching it on live TV.
After the airplanes hit, of course, it's live TV.
They're just watching the towers.
Okay, it looked to us like the tower started leaning to the right.
Of course, I don't know what direction that would be, but it started leaning.
We thought the tower was going to fall, and then it started collapsing.
Doesn't that make sense?
If what they say happened really happened, wouldn't it tilt over and fall on a number of other buildings there in lower Manhattan?
Well, if it was going to tilt... Once it starts tilting, how does it manage to somewhat correct itself?
It didn't correct itself.
It just started collapsing.
Oh, I missed that.
So the tower fell over sideways and landed on all kinds of buildings?
No, no, no.
It started to lean.
And then what happened?
It fell into itself?
Oh, then it collapsed.
Into itself.
But I've heard you talk about the things in the basement, the molten metal, and that's what made me... Because nobody ever picked up on it, and we just kind of forgot about it.
But if they were...
Melting the beams or foundation structure.
I just wonder if anybody's ever examined the video to see that the tower actually did start leaning before it collapsed.
Did you catch yesterday's program?
Most of it.
Yeah, Painful Questions is Eric Hopschmidt's book, and it's very comprehensive.
It would definitely include what you're talking about, I think, to the best analysis that's out there.
I'd recommend picking that up, Painful Questions by Eric Hopschmidt, because it shows you scientifically everything involved with how those towers fell, what they were made of, what the physics involved has to say about it.
But, I mean, you make the point that I often bring up that if...
If the planes actually hit the tower and the fire started bringing down the tower, wouldn't the towers lean over and fall on some of the other buildings rather than just fall into their own footprints?
Which is basically what they did.
It was almost miraculous that it would fall into a heap.
Well, those box cutters can do a lot of damage, can't they?
Yeah, they're wicked, man.
Thanks for the call, Scott.
Hope to see you tonight.
I'm doing a little soiree here in Austin, Texas.
I'll let you know about that before the show is over.
Tom, in Florida, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, I've got a lot of things I'd like to talk about.
Just referring to your last caller.
Think how miraculous it would be for each one of those columns to have melted exactly at the same moment to bring that thing down completely in columns.
That's the art of demolition.
Each underpinning of a building has to be exploded at exactly the same... I think miraculous is even an understatement.
Tom, I'm going to have to talk to Paul Joseph Watson, but I will leave you on.
We'll bring you back up, and you can ask Paul Joseph Watson these specific questions.
Also, Jim in New York and others patiently holding.
Paul Joseph Watson coming up.
Order out of chaos.
That's exactly the deal.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It is the 25th day of January 2006.
You are tuned in to the Alex Jones Program.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones one more time.
He's a tough shoes to fill.
Every once in a while, some electrodes go off in the chair, prompting me to say something Jones-esque-ian, I guess would be the term.
Paul Joseph Watson is with us.
I've got to tell you, folks, you often hear from Alex and from Paul what great work this is, and they're exactly right.
But you might feel that that's biased, that this is their work.
But I'll tell you, as a single, stand-alone broadcaster up in Providence, Rhode Island, when I first saw Order Out of Chaos, I just fell in love with it.
And here's why I like it.
I mean, it talks about elite-sponsored terrorism, talks about the New World Order, talks about prior knowledge in 9-11.
But what I loved about it is everything in it is source.
There are hyperlinks throughout the book so that you can go look at the information for yourself.
You don't have to just believe it because it's in a book.
And I think it's an extremely useful tool.
This is almost a manual.
And you can take this out to the street.
You can take this to your friends, family, co-workers...
And you could really make an impact.
It's shocking.
Some of the information is so shocking.
And I've got to tell you, Paul, I've used your book as a reference many times.
I know when I interviewed Dory Gold, who was former ambassador to the United States from Israel, and I used some of your quotes in your book to prove to him that Israel had funded Hamas, Israel had funded Hezbollah that infiltrated these groups.
Good to be here, Jack.
Well, yeah, I mean, I was talking about torturing that in August 2003 when it was published.
And, as you mentioned, that's the thing that most people like about the book.
You buy a lot of Patriot books, and they're great books, but there's no sources, there's no footnotes.
That's the only thing in my socialist brainwashing course at university that I really learned to do, was how to do correct footnotes and source everything, so...
That enhances its credibility, which is why a lot of people see it as a useful tool.
Yeah, and the links, of course, are going to mainstream news articles, which get spiked, which disappear.
If the hyperlinks don't work, obviously you'll know how to Google them in the entire text of the story.
It is saved forever in this book, Order Out of Chaos.
Of course, you can get that by going to Infowars.com.
We're going to give out...
More information where you can not only get this great book, but the excellent videos that Alex Jones produces.
Prison Planet TV has a big special going on with that.
Here's where I want to start today.
It may not be the most adequate starting point, but George Galloway just won his libel suit today against one of the newspapers in England.
And he's also on the Big Brother version of the American TV show there in England.
I hear he's getting voted out.
You want to comment on any of that?
Basically in Britain he's been turned into a cartoon character for appearing on that show.
I believe that his intentions were genuine because I mean that's something we can talk about later.
Trying to kind of hijack the popular mediums of culture that the establishment media uses to brainwash people via celebrity television, sports, etc.
and turning them around to our own advantage.
So that's kind of what Galloway's done.
They tried to lambast him because he was acting out a scene whereby in the show they made him act like a cat.
And then Drudge posted it on his front page that
You know, anti-war hero disgraces himself and it was blown up out of all proportion when he was actually just acting for a part in the show.
But Drudge used that to smear anybody who's anti-war.
So, the media, the Labour Party in Britain are trying to use it to castigate him, but on the whole, it's a good platform to get the information out and to, you know, make people look further.
Are there any tangible results you can see?
In other words, you know, more people being influenced?
Because I can't watch the show over here, Paul, so I don't have to trust you if you've seen it.
I mean, how much time do they give him for dialogue to talk about, for instance, some of the things he said to Congress here in the United States about the war?
Well, very little, obviously, but the simple fact that he's on there heightens interest, so whereby, you know, people go to Google and type in George Galloway, and on the first couple of pages, an article that I wrote with Alex will pop up where he talks about how the government might stage terror.
So just hiding in his public presence leads people down those different rabbit holes into uncovering information.
So it gives them more chance of finding the truth than just the fact that he's on there.
More positive than negative in this case.
I believe so.
I haven't seen enough of it to make a firm judgment, because I can't stand the thing.
Right, yeah, you know, well, it's funny.
People love a show called Big Brother where they're always on camera, and they're forced to do things to humiliate themselves.
I mean, it almost sounds like real life here, as we're always on camera and forced to do things to humiliate ourselves as we're on some kind of a stage, and we're actors in this big movie and this big illusion.
David Icke also tried out for the show and I guess decided not to be part of it.
Talk to me about winning this libel suit for Galloway.
How important is this for George Galloway?
It's important for Galloway.
I don't know how important it will be for the general public because they only see the first story.
So the Telegraph came out and said that they'd discovered these documents which of course later turned out to be complete fraudulent saying that Galloway had taken payments from Saddam.
I'm not in total lockstep about many of Galloway's policies.
I mean, he isn't socialist at the end of the day, but from the things that he's said that have made the headlines and his appearance in the US, I mean, those are positives.
But it again reaffirms the fact that anyone who stands up and challenges the authority of the official line is castigated, but he's been vindicated again by this lawsuit.
Again, is the operative term there.
What's the big news story that you're covering now?
I know there are a number of issues in the news, including this Russian general that seems to have surfaced, and is talking about 9-11, as well as global governance.
We've got this incident in Pakistan, and of course, the Prime Minister, Shakat Aziz, not Tariq Aziz, folks, Shakat Aziz, I believe I'm pronouncing that correctly, saying that the
Well, yeah, the Russian general went public, said 9-11 was an inside job.
Said the war on terror was manufactured.
Again, another positive aspect of a whistleblower coming forward and saying that.
But you can take another perspective on it, which we can analyse, which is his solution is kind of like a left-wing world government.
Many times you'll hear Alex and others talk about
People opposing the fascist right-wing world government and saying that the only solution to it is to erect a peaceful left-wing world government under UN auspices.
And that, from the limited comments from the article that were his solutions, he advocates...
World religion and world government from what I can see.
So you can kind of throw in a dose of skepticism on it.
Yeah, well, I mean, is this because he's just not educated on, I guess, some of the issues?
He doesn't understand the global government is going over the cliff either at 60 miles an hour or 90 miles an hour.
You're still going over the cliff because I picked that up from the story as well.
I wasn't sure if that was...
I don't know, because if you read the whole article, the guy's obviously educated.
He talks about the modern face of terrorism and its kind of symbiosis with how the media report it, which means that an act of terrorism only becomes that if it's defined as that by the media.
So, as you just mentioned, in Pakistan
Innocent people will be bombed and killed in the pursuit of a political agenda, which would normally be defined as terrorism.
But, you know, if the US government's doing it, then it's fine and dandy.
So he points that fact out, which is kind of in-depth, suggests that he's very informed on the inside issues.
You know, he lays out the fact that the secret services and intelligence elements of any major power always control the high echelons of any extremist movement.
Which we've confirmed over and over from Gladio to the neo-Nazis in Germany to the London bombing mastermind being an MI6 asset to Israel's creation of Hamas.
He's obviously engaged and informed on those issues, but... Yeah, he mentions a free trade gulag.
I mean, these types of issues, these are buzzwords against globalism.
But in a way, I mean, again, as you mentioned, he has some utopian solution, which doesn't sound a lot different than what George Bush or John Kerry would push for.
Well, he...
This is a quote.
To associate, this is his solution, or one of them.
Quote, to associate under the United Nations the scientific elites in the design and promotion of the philosophical concepts of the human being of the 21st century.
Now, to me, that kind of reads like secular humanism.
It wouldn't be out of place in Brave New World.
So without the luxury of him going into any further depth at face value, when I read something like that, it sets off the alarm bells.
And on the world religion point, he says, to organise the interaction of all religious denominations in the world on behalf of the stability of humanity's development, security and mutual support.
So again, it's too ambiguous not to rule out the possibility that he's kind of advocating a global religion as the saviour of mankind, which is obviously...
Another mechanism whereby power is centralized and taken out of the hands of the people.
I know Webster Tarpley actually is a peer of his.
They've done some speaking engagements together.
I've been speaking to Webster off the air, and we'll have him on my program on Thursday.
He's going to drop several bombshells.
Maybe we'll move to the other bombshell that Tarpley is planning to drop on my program, which I think has already somewhat been sketched out, and that is certainly related to the drills in the...
These drills are very interesting because there was also one
Concerning the Sears Tower last year, which was apparently foiled at the last minute, but people on the internet had predicted an attack on the day, and on that day, an attack was apparently foiled.
Well, hold on to that.
Let's flesh that out a little bit more on the other side of this break.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Our guest, Paul Joseph Watson.
Stay tuned.
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I think?
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I'm not getting paid in any way, shape, or form, though the electric shocks are running through my chair.
No, but seriously, folks, I love these films.
I, myself, have used these films to wake people up.
It really shows you what one person can do.
One person can make a documentary like this.
One person can write Order Out of Chaos.
One person can take these books, take this material out to thousands and thousands of people who can, again, take it out to thousands and thousands of people
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Who can remember all of this stuff?
Honestly, Alex Jones can.
Maybe Paul Joseph Watson can.
They're superhuman.
The rest of us cannot.
And I have a very difficult time with it myself.
So it's helpful to have the materials with you that you can use.
Let the presentation speak for itself.
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Yeah, that's the danger.
We outlined that, that they had extended it as kind of a paper tiger for six months so then they could have such an event and say, look, we needed the Patriot Act, now we need a stronger Patriot Act.
The new one has provisions for a federal police force that directly states it.
We had that article up a couple of days ago.
Obviously there's a danger that we're going to be seen as the boy who cried wolf, as happened last time where we said there's a drill on this date focusing on Charleston, and obviously nothing happened, but if we were to become complacent in light of the fact that two drills for 9-11 and the London bombings, we know all about the 9-11 drills with the war games,
And with the London bombing, the VISA consultant's exercises, which focused on an exercise involving attacking the exact same spots at the exact same time as happened on 7th of July, just the odds of one of those happening, never mind two combined, which directly mirror what eventually took place, is enough for us to...
We'll be on guard for similar things in the future, so we will continue to highlight these drills because it puts them off from making them go live.
If it's already been highlighted that that's the potential, then it lessens the chance of it happening.
So people may say we're fear-mongering to some extent, but it's better than just being complacent.
I mean, I think we should just kind of naturally know if the military is running a drill in your area, it's better to be prepared.
I mean, you don't have to go crazy or anything, but at least to be prepared to keep your eyes open.
We should be prepared anyway, of course.
We shouldn't have to wait for a drill to do it.
And we shouldn't have to get out and, as you say, cry wolf.
I mean, look, you warn them, and because you warn them, perhaps...
Well, yeah, he was fired for doing so.
He was fired for some sexual misconduct, I believe, was the cover story?
That's the given reason, yeah.
But from my understanding, it's completely illegal to outright fire him without some kind of panel debating it and without it being authorized by several of us.
Generals don't get fired.
They retire to go home and spend more time with their family, as in the case of Tommy Franks, Paul Bremer, and the rest of them.
We'll come right back with your calls.
More with Paul Joseph Watson.
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Paul Joseph Watson with us now, at least for the next hour.
Paul will help me take some of your calls, which we're about to go to in a minute.
I believe the phone lines are loaded, but if somebody drops off, you can certainly get in at 800-259-9231, toll free.
Paul, do you want to do any more on Kevin Burns and this nuclear exercise in Charleston, or do you want to move to something else?
Run with it.
It's your ball.
Yeah, I wrote an article a couple of days ago on the website which highlighted the fact that exam papers being taken by students both in England and America
are containing questions which ask the student to respond about what the debunkers would call conspiracy theories about 9-11.
So you can look at that again two ways.
It doesn't necessarily have to be a conspiracy that, you know, the government is fearful and trying to gauge public sentiment by including these exam questions.
But it boils down to the fact that just the simple fact that the questions in the exam proves that the alternative truth movement, or whatever you want to call it, is percolating down into popular culture.
So now people like Eminem are writing songs and doing videos about 9-11 being an inside job.
It goes deeper than that, certainly, because, yes, I've actually covered this article on yesterday's program, Paul.
Yes, they put these test questions in in order to gauge, I guess, your political dissent qualities.
Again, more vetting, I think, would be a good way, more of initiation.
But what happens when you answer the questions incorrectly, according to the test, so to speak, is that you are kind of pushed in a corner and urged to revise your answers.
Well, yeah, in the case of this A-level student in England, which is an exam taken by 18-year-olds, she was taken aside at the end of the exam after discovering that none of the other students had had the same questions, and she was told that if she kept her mouth shut and didn't tell anyone about it, then she would get a good mark by the exam board head.
So it's very strange, you know, why are they doing that?
There was a
A test for 10th graders in Washington State, which was kind of like a patriotism test to judge their level of faith in the state.
So as you consider, are they unfurling the metaphorical measuring tape to see how deep these ideas have penetrated the mass subconscious, as it were?
And if that's the case, what message does it send as to how fearful the state is about the potential new age of enlightenment that we're seeing amongst groups of thinking young people?
Yeah, I like the way you put that, new age of enlightenment, because again, some of this is almost biological after a while.
You know what's interesting, too, is that Washington State, where I'm from, Paul, is generally considered what you'd refer to as a blue state.
And here they are, of course, giving your kids these fascist tests in order to, again, detect if there are any square pegs that need to get crammed into round holes.
But even, you know, throwing that out the window...
It just shows that, and it's another example in a series, whereby ideas and concepts that completely contradict those put forth by the organs of the state and the media that upholds it, are percolating down into popular culture.
I've noticed it, really, with rap music.
I mean, take a look at rap music back in the 80s.
It was an organic movement.
You listen to, like,
NWA lyrics from a track in the 80s, and it sounds like Alex Jones without the cuss words.
Or Public Enemy, even.
Yeah, so the establishment took that and flooded it with money and greed, and now we've got this Warped MTV version of it.
Look, the same thing happened with alternative music or punk rock music, even.
In the beginning, it was very, very political, and then all of a sudden there was an influx of drugs, a lot of cheap, free drugs, and a lot of money was thrown around, and the status quo changed significantly.
Yeah, and they all started wearing swastikas and thinking they were anti-establishment.
You heard the Dead Kennedys song, Nazi Punks.
Oh, I won't finish the sentence, but the lyrics are pretty correct.
Go ahead.
Exchanging one uniform for another is basically what it is.
But since 9-11, there's kind of this organic offshoot, it's obviously small and independent, but it's there, of rap music, which is increasingly focused on using the music and the lyrics to broadcast the kind of subjects that this radio station covers every day.
People like Paris and others are leading that kind of movement.
As I mentioned before, his Mosh song talks about a 9-11 inside job, which is thanks in part, not wholly, to the fact that Eminem was given a certain documentary film, produced by a certain documentary filmmaker and radio host.
And he saw that, and that was part of his education, and then he started writing these political songs.
So, I see that as something we can actively do.
We have to use their own tools and icons against them.
That's exactly right.
We mentioned that in the first segment.
I've taken really extra measures to try to work with musicians and artists because they do have the capability and the soapbox to really get the word out.
One of the things you kind of reminded me of is Kanye West, who came out strong against President Bush, who has been, of course, linked to Farrakhan, and maybe that's a bit of a problem, but he has decidedly been anti-establishment recently and seems not to have suffered too much for it.
Even though these people are sometimes linked with questionable individuals...
Obviously not all of them are under control.
You can educate them.
There's some kind of thing in Britain whereby everybody is linked within seven people to the Prime Minister, for example.
Not that we're going to educate the Prime Minister, but, you know, for example, you've got a friend of a friend who knows somebody who's in a prominent media position, whether they be a musician or an artist or political or whatever.
So if you can use those channels to educate those people,
They already have a soapbox, so you don't need to spend...
You know, like I did.
Three, four years building your own soapbox, which is necessary for us.
It's the equivalent of instead of going door to door to sell your merchandise, going to a big company that has the retail outlets to really get your merchandise on the shelves and let it fly in huge quantities.
You mentioned Tony Blair, and of course we're talking about music here just for a second.
Did you see the recent mockumentary that was aired in the BBC, I think Channel 4, about Tony Blair's rock and roll career?
No, I missed that one.
Well, they did a bit of a mockumentary, and really what they seemed to focus on is that he was kind of a man's man, though he was a rocker and a rocker, well, he was a singer and a front man, wanted to be a rock star, and the focus on the documentary was how he liked to chase girls, which seemed to me to be a bit of a beard, if you know what I mean.
Well, it's interesting because David Shaler, former MI5 agent, came out and said that he saw...
Tony Blair's file at MI5, and he was on MI5's payroll right from his university years, which completely contradicts this image that we're fed of Blair as this anti-establishment rocker who tried to infiltrate the system to change it, and he's an admitted socialist as well.
So from that point, Blair was under their control, so anything that tries to enhance this gimmicky image of him as some kind of
Anti-authoritarian rock god is obviously... He couldn't be more establishment and more on good terms with the one world government type.
What do you make of Clinton coming out two weeks ago and saying he recommends Tony Blair for Secretary of Generalship of the United Nations, even though Blair has openly contemplated joining the Carlyle Group?
Well, a lot of people, you know, slighted Clinton for that place.
That he was going to fulfill it.
That hasn't happened.
I mean, the emphasis has to be on Hillary Clinton winning the White House, and at that point, certainly, that would take him out for four to eight years of the Secretary-Generalship.
Tony Blair wants to be a federal prime minister of Europe.
I mean, he stated that in his own writing.
So, he's hoping that the Euro federal super state is in place for when he steps down, which is only going to be in a year or two at most.
But they're way behind on that as well.
Way behind, yeah.
His credibility seems to be shot with the everyday Joe, the everyday people.
Well, they tried to reinforce faith in him.
They created this story of a Fathers for Justice group which campaigns for fathers' rights to access seeing their kids and so forth.
And it was a plot cooked up in a pub, in a bar, which consisted of a few members of this organisation joking, while completely inebriated, about kidnapping Tony Blair's son, Leo Blair.
And three, actually it was a month later, the police saw fit to investigate it.
And then it was on the front page of Rupert Murdoch's son newspaper, World Exclusive, the plot to kidnap Blair's son.
So they tried to reinforce some faith in Blair because...
15% of the country actively supports the British government.
Only 60% of the country voted in the election, and only a third of those actually voted for Labour.
So that shows you how little faith people have in government here.
Well, I mean, no, I think the perfect example, we're not even going to go into the EU Constitution, which was shot down by the people wanting a more nationalistic approach, a less consolidated approach to government.
But certainly after the 7-7 bombings, everybody just assumed that all of this draconian legislation was going to go through and pass with ease when the exact opposite did happen.
Well, yeah, they obviously weren't prepared for the backlash.
They wanted to use 7-7 to ram the ID cards through.
The Lords keep voting against it, so they're having trouble with that.
They wanted to use it to control these Muslims who speak out against the government by castigating them.
But people in London, which we went down immediately after the bombings,
About 50% see right through it.
So the British people have always been sceptical of the government, more so than in America, so it's harder to sell it in Britain.
Which is good.
I think it's a sign of at least that we're winning a few battles, and we, I guess I mean collectively, fighting against global tyranny.
Let's go to the phones.
We're on the line with Paul Joseph Watson.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
Anything that's on your mind, we're welcome to entertain the thought.
Tom in Florida, thank you for patiently holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, I did want to make a comment.
I was concerning some of the things you were speaking about before Paul came on.
I took an airplane trip with my family.
I did another one four years prior to this.
Both times we were inspected very heavily.
My seven-year-old son, four years ago, was a spread eagle.
He had to take his shoes off, his belt off.
Same thing happened again.
And I'd like to make a comment.
He obviously wasn't a registered traveler.
Go ahead.
My observation is, again, it's just my own observation is,
They are checking all Americans.
I mean, obviously, none of us are terrorists.
None of us have even done it.
We all know what terrorists look like.
They're Mideastern.
I saw a middle-aged, overweight lady with a cane spread-eagled up in western New York walking out of the airport.
They were checking her.
One of the agents was holding her cane, and they were checking her.
And, you know, my only observation is they're getting ready for when we finally do wake up.
They really aren't going to be able to tell the difference between who's a terrorist and who isn't.
There will literally be a little old lady with a shawl over her lap and a wheelchair who might be carrying something pertinent to the revolution, and this is what they're getting us all ready for.
Well, that's an interesting point.
Of course, we've got our own domestic terrorism with Oklahoma City and multiple stories of FBI infiltration with militias, making the case that militias hate America.
Do you like that one, folks?
You get into militia because you hate America, and of course that means they're working with Al-Qaeda.
Paul, let's get your comments on Tom's initial points.
Yeah, the searchers both in the airports and now being introduced into trains in the UK and the US.
You've got to pick apart the mentality of it.
If you've got a suicide bomber who has a bomb in his rucksack and they ask him to stand there politely while they search his bag, they find a suspicious device, call the police over.
If that terrorist has his wits about him and he wants to cause mass destruction, he's not going to stand there politely and allow his bag to be searched in the first place.
Good point.
So it's geared, it's aimed at innocent people to make everybody feel like they're a terrorist and to heighten the fact that they're under surveillance so they
Adapt to it by behaving properly.
Desensitization, certainly.
Conditioning, certainly.
And now we've got the TSA.
It's an expanded voluntary version of CAPS II, this Registered Traveler Program, where now, in order to be part of this VIP backstage pass and not be hassled as you go through the airport, you've got to turn over all your financial data, Paul?
Yeah, and it's part of the movement whereby that will all be collated under the national ID card and you'll have a color-coded security level which will determine what facilities, what government programs you'll be able to partake in and whether you'll be able to travel or not based on your level of subservience to the state and how many boots you're prepared to lick.
So that's where it's all heading.
Tom in Florida, anything else?
Yeah, one more thing.
I listen to a mainstream AM radio here in Fort Lauderdale, and I heard someone say the other day that apparently military executions were relegated to one military prison out west.
I think it's Leavenworth.
I might be wrong.
Apparently, very quietly, within the last little while, they have changed that, and now apparently military executions can be conducted other places other than Leavenworth.
That was on mainstream radio.
You're going to need to be able to do them a little bit quicker as more people in the military begin their descent.
You want to comment on that, Paul?
Well, yeah, I mean, we've seen time and time again that the main voices of opposition to this movement are actually within the military, and they are scared that they may not be able to control that at some point in the future.
So they need to keep that under a close watch.
Yeah, I'm not going to tell you my opinion of who needs to be executed and shot for treason.
Thanks for the call, Tom.
Appreciate it.
Jim in New York, you're on the Alex Jones program.
Yes, good afternoon, Jack.
Good afternoon.
I want to make a comment about the fellow who was called in earlier about educating people.
He said about the Million Man March, whatever you want to call it.
And my thoughts on it, just my opinion, and I've been following this stuff for 31 years, that one of the things is to attack, in my mind, my opinion, attack their credibility.
Because I've gone from trying to ram it down people's throats, and that doesn't work too well,
Most people are good people, and they can't see things how people could do the things that we're taught.
You know, genocide.
And I understand that.
Even though history certainly proves that that's not the case.
But I look back when I first was made aware.
I have an extensive library of proofs of the conspiracy, Robinson, and all the books like that, Eustace Mullins, and that I've read.
I have some books.
But Sutton, one of the first books I read, I got very angry, you know, because it was against everything that I was taught, you know, in high school.
And it took me a while to absorb some of this.
But what I find is that, I'll make an example.
If I'm talking to an African-American person, I was talking to a pathologist the other day who comes from Nigeria, a very educated man, yet certain things he could not buy.
And the way I overcame, you mentioned a sale, I overcame his objections by simply stating that...
The Tuskegee situation, you know?
And that, he stopped dead in his tracks.
And I said, well, you wouldn't do a thing like that, but now we know.
There's something for everybody, and if you can look for it, you'll find it.
I'm going to hold you over, Jim, and also Tim in Ohio, John in Washington, Pat in Ohio.
We're with Paul Joseph Watson.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Stay tuned.
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The DVD version is 170 minutes.
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Paul Joseph Watson with us today.
His book, Order Out of Chaos, is one of my favorites.
I have used that to debunk and to do info war with some of the...
Most well-known skeptics out there in the world today.
It's been very effective to me, and I know it will be for you.
Of course, that's available at Infowars.com.
We were speaking with Jim in New York.
Jim, you were making a few points.
I wanted to give you a chance to finish up here.
Thank you.
Just quickly, two things.
What I saw recently, I was thinking of Jimmy Walters had taken an ad in a local paper here called the Long Island Press.
I usually don't read the thing, and I went out there.
I live in Long Island.
I picked it up, and it was a full-page ad there.
And I said, what a beautiful thing.
I'll take this to whoever.
Rather than be confrontational and tell them how smart I am, read this.
And what it did was with people that I gave it to, it opened their mind, put a question mark, made them start thinking, you know?
And I think that's what, you know, many times is the start to get people to question, you know,
The lies that are being told to us, which you guys do every day.
You mentioned that earlier, attacking the credibility of these so-called trusted government officials.
Yeah, Paul, you want to comment on that?
I mean, it is kind of like a sales seminar we're giving here.
Here's how you set people free from the propaganda.
It is.
You've got to gauge the type of person you're talking to, obviously, but in most cases I've found that
If you just go in and bombard them, like if you're talking about 9-11 and you just bombard them with the intricacies of NORAD intercept procedure, they're just going to switch off.
If you wrap it in a nice little package, because we do need to get more sophisticated in the way we present it, if you wrap it in a package, introduce it on their terms, say, did you see Eminem's new video?
What's it about?
Isn't it interesting?
And then you hit the real issues, then
It's more palatable.
It's easier to swallow.
And you do make people question things on their own ground, not by you just bombarding them with facts.
Yeah, I call that the Socratesian method.
I mean, in a way, getting information from them that, for lack of a better expression, that you could use against them.
I mean, I like that.
I like acting like a complete idiot, pointing out a picture in Eric Huffschmidt's book, for example, and saying...
Why is a woman standing in this burning hole, and then of course we're told that this fire brought down the building?
What is this?
That doesn't make any sense to me.
Can you help me understand this?
Well, yeah.
Alex talks about that sometimes, whereby people are insulted sometimes because they think that you're just trying to make out that you're smarter than them.
And it's a big ego thing.
But if you play the fool...
Again, you have to gauge it on who you're talking to, but you have to have several different modes of attack in your arsenal, so some can be utilized in that way.
Yeah, and it's definitely good to talk about.
We have forum meetings down here in Texas, of course, my forum, and we meet and do this kind of brainstorming, and I think it's been very effective.
Jim, good points.
Thanks for the call.
Tim in Ohio, you'll be our tail gunner for this hour.
Thank you for calling in.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Good afternoon, Jack.
Thanks for taking my call.
You got it.
Hello, Paul.
Over the Christmas weekend, sometime in January, they were having a James Bond marathon.
They all came out of Pinewood Studios over there in England, didn't they?
It was very interesting in the Goldfinger, because I've been a big Bond in the past, and I'm not using this as an example, except to point out the symbolism that is very prevalent in all of those movies, especially when it comes to black and white squares, which is the symbol of Freemason, isn't it correct?
When he's meeting with the Bank of England people in the middle of Goldfinger, they have this huge, huge pullout.
And the floors are black and white squares.
I'm going to hold you over, Tim.
That's the problem with a short segment is we just can't get everybody's opinions in.
But I like where you're going with this.
Of course, Bond films could be seen as glorifying MI6.
Some people might take it that way.
It's cool to be a spy.
All right, stay tuned, folks.
This is the third hour coming up on the Alex Jones Show.
GCN Radio Network.
We'll see you in about 70 seconds.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Final hour of today's broadcast, the Alex Jones Show, Genesis Communications Radio Network, the 25th day of January 2006.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
My website is jackblood.com.
My program follows the Alex Jones Show Monday through Friday on this very same network, GCNlive.com.
Got Doug Rocky on today, who is the world's foremost expert on depleted uranium.
We're going to tear that thing apart.
It'll be a real privilege to speak with him.
Right now, we're with Paul Joseph Watson.
We're taking a few calls.
Some of the things I want to try to get to in this half hour, Paul, with you, is this top-secret Navy file found in a pub there in Britain, and Super Bowl security, a cast of over 10,000...
We'll serve on Super Bowl Sunday in Detroit, which I believe is about one security agent for every ten people there.
It seems a little extreme.
Let's go back to Tim in Ohio who was making a point about James Bond movies with Paul.
Tim, yeah, it's all yours.
Go for it.
Yeah, it wasn't much the fact of James Bond in particular, just the prevalence of black and white squares...
In most movies and TV shows, I make it a little game that I flip through, because I don't really watch TV except to look for the symbolism in everything.
I notice quite a bit of it, and I hadn't noticed that before.
I studied the symbolism, but I'd invite the listeners to look.
Do you want to tell the listeners who maybe don't know what the black and white squares signify?
Well, that's the significance of the Freemasons, correct?
The floor of the Grand Hall, I believe, is black and white squares.
There's a deeper symbolism to it, which I just can't recall.
I've read a little bit about this.
Paul, you want to tap in here?
Yeah, with the whole Bond thing, it's admitted that Ian Fleming, the creator, was basically an MI6 propagandist to give it a better public image.
There are books that claim, for example, that he
I was instrumental in setting up the OSS for a runner to the CIA.
And one scene, I forgot what movie it's in, but it's a big fan of the Moon Hoax proponents.
He's being chased by some Russian mafia boss or whatever, and he stumbles across a fake moonset, which is in a U.S.
government, you know, Air Force base, where they're driving a moon buggy across a fake moonset.
So you can look at that as conspiracy or just an inside joke.
It is certainly.
Sir Ian Fleming, by the way, he has been knighted by the Queen Golgotha.
It is basically a recruitment poster for global intelligence, and this is what they say to try to get kids into the armed services.
You're going to get chicks, you're going to have cool toys, you're going to blow stuff up.
Well, yeah, and just like in the US, any film that involves military or intelligence services...
To use the kind of materials that they need to make the movies, they need permission and script advisors who are on the set at all times from the military and the intelligence agencies or the film doesn't get made.
Because they don't get the authorization to use the equipment.
Tim, it sounds like you'd be a big fan of Codex Magica, the new Tex Mars book.
Have you got that book yet?
Oh, yeah, Tex Mars.
I've been looking for it, yes.
Well, we have it at Infowars.com, and certainly get a hold of us and pick that up.
Of course, support the message here.
But I've got to tell you, I've just put my nose in it for a few minutes, and I've already learned quite a bit.
That is a must-have.
Speaking about must-have books...
Codex Magica by Tex Mars.
You should pick that up, Tim.
Thanks for the call.
Very interesting points.
We're going to go back to the phones here in the next segment.
If I have a little bit of time, let me get your comment on this bizarre story out of the London Mirror exclusive top-secret Navy file found in a pub.
Have you caught wind of this at all?
That slips under my radar.
It's absurd.
A sensitive Royal Navy document detailing a warship's top-secret Middle East tour of duty has been found lying on a pub table.
Student Michael Brown, or Michael Blown, I guess, 22 years old, spotted the papers showing the movements of the frigate HMS St.
Albans as he played pool with his friends.
This lapse could have left British Royal Marines and sailors open to an attack.
I'm not sure where the pub was, but there's a lot of Middle Eastern Muslim-type names involved in this story.
Could this have been a tip-off in order to encourage another attack?
I'll ask you, Paul, when we come back.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Jack Wood sitting in once again for Alex Jones.
Paul Joseph Watson with us as a co-pilot.
And we're taking your calls at 800-259-9231.
Roughly about an hour left in this global broadcast.
Paul, I was talking to you about this top secret Navy file conveniently found in a pub somewhere.
They're making the comparisons that this could have created a scenario such as the USS Cole in Yemen in the year 2000.
We have to remind ourselves that the evil doers that we caught involved with the Cole have all been allowed to escape and are at large.
You want to comment on this top secret file that's just left around in a pub somewhere?
Well, if that's an accurate story...
What other conclusion can you come to than that it's an attempt to hand it to a Muslim group, an extremist Muslim group, who would then use it as a foundation for an attack?
Well, I'll give you the other side of the story.
It's just incompetence.
That's the excuse for everything.
It's as bizarre and similar to the Russians claiming that the NGOs in Russia that Putin's trying to eliminate...
We're engaged in a conspiracy with the British government whereby the British government would download sensitive documents from a transmitter hidden in a rock, which was placed in the middle of a Moscow street.
Obviously blamed on the NGOs by Putin and the Russian government as an excuse to crack down, so it sounds as bizarre as that.
I mean, something like this can certainly be milked for a lot of mileage.
It seems to me to be a very clumsy attempt to create state-sponsored terror, if indeed that's what it is.
Either that or it's, again, more convenient incompetence.
There's a lot of convenient incompetence going around, Paul, though we remember how incompetent the people were here.
We're good to go.
Right, and if 9-11 was a result of incompetence, why was nobody fired?
And in fact, why did people involved in laying the terrorist thing get bonuses?
Well, that would be a logical, common-sense question.
I don't think there's any room for that in the public debate, unfortunately, Paul.
Here's another interesting little gem that comes off the editor and publisher.
I believe you have this on your side as well.
Defending the spy program, a general reveals his shaky grip on the Fourth Amendment.
General Michael Hayden, speaking at the National Press Club, questioned by Jonathan Landley of Knight Ritter,
Here's the gist of the story.
I'm sure you're familiar with it, Paul.
But General Hayden goes on to talk about the Fourth Amendment and that they have reasonable belief that they're allowed to offend the Fourth Amendment.
They're allowed to search with reasonable cause.
The reporter begins correcting him.
They need probable cause, not a reasonable cause or a belief.
The general tries to hold his ground.
Apparently, the general has not read the Constitution or he's obfuscating on the facts.
He hasn't read it.
He doesn't know what it's about.
The fact is, we have a government... People say, I don't care about all these cameras, I don't care the fact that the government's listening in all the NSA surveillance.
We have a government that is becoming more and more secret, yet wants to know more and more about us, and it's a government that's engaging in escalating criminal actions.
So the criminals are becoming more secret, but they want to know everything about our lives, and they don't even understand or know the very constitution by which they're supposed to run their office by.
I mean, this general seems to believe that the Fourth Amendment talks about unreasonable search and seizure, and he's talking about we have a reasonable, not probable cause, but a reasonable belief that we can search and seize.
When it is, again, probable cause, it has to be defined, again, and approved by a court and a judge.
And not just for your entire premises, Paul, as you know, but for specific areas of your privacy and your papers.
They have to have specific knowledge.
They have to have a specific, just like the weapons of mass destruction, by the way, they have to have a specific area where they're going to go search and why, or they're not legally allowed to search.
Right, but when you've got a president who calls the Constitution a goddamn piece of paper, then we're in some trouble.
When you've got people like Gonzalez and Alito who afford the power of a total dictator to the president, then the Constitution means absolutely nothing.
But should we abide by the rulings of criminals who disobey the very document that they're supposed to follow?
It doesn't bode well for us when even generals don't seem to understand the Constitution.
I'd like to believe that the people have even a better grip of the understanding of the Constitution, but I see a lot of people out there that understand the First Amendment right, and none of the rest.
Well, exactly.
It's the same case here in Britain.
Let me rephrase that.
Half of the First Amendment right.
Not even the full First Amendment.
Go ahead.
Well yeah, if people have the right to go out and get drunk and frolic around then to them that is freedom.
That's their definition of freedom.
A definition of a police state is when you try to exercise any of your freedoms and you are met with considerable resistance by the state, which is exactly what's happening in both Britain and the USA.
You've got a situation in Britain whereby an author of a book goes on a radio show and says that she disagrees with homosexual adoption.
An hour later, she gets a phone call from the London Metropolitan Police, who say, no, you haven't committed a criminal offense.
We're just investigating hate speech.
And she told them, well, if I haven't committed a crime, why are you wasting my time?
I mean, that's like the guy in New York.
He's getting signatures on a referendum, and he's questioned by the police for that action, which is perfectly legal.
Why is he even being bothered?
Any kind of exercise of any freedom means that you're under surveillance.
So what does that say about how the state treats people who know and exercise the freedoms that they're supposed to be God-given?
Speaking of drunken revelry and, I guess, gladiatorial distractions...
Sunday is D-Day.
The FBI and the Detroit police will open up one of the largest security operations in U.S.
history, guarding against threats to Super Bowl, to the Super Bowl, and added by more than 50 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.
SWAT teams will be there, bomb removal teams.
Again, 10,000 in force will guard the revelers at the Super Bowl in Detroit.
Right, and they'll have an army of committed individuals who will have no problem in searching everybody's bags.
Because that kind of plays into ego again.
They like to exploit human frailties.
They do it over and over again by creating these enforcers that are willing to search everybody's bags because it gives them an ego trip like they're protecting the country and they're doing a vital, important job.
So if you feed that into people, then they've got an army of willing minions who will act out their demands.
And the people would just go right along with it.
Talk about mask conditioning.
I mean, not only will this be broadcast all over the world to really show, you know, what the security state looks like, the police state looks like, but people there will have to endure it.
You know what I find amazing, Paul, and I've made this comment a couple of times.
When we were in New York covering that coronation ceremony for George W. Bush last summer, and with all of that police state security, which is so highly documented in the Alex Jones film,
It seemed to me that it would have been pretty easy to get in there with a rucksack, as you call them, a backpack, walk right into all of that and pull the plug.
It would not have been hard to do.
No, that's something that I've considered many times.
If there were real terrorist cells to the level that we're supposed to believe exists, both in Britain and the USA, and they were committed to killing as many innocent people as possible, as we're led to believe they are, we would have
Minor terrorist attacks every single day, like something really simple, like a log being put on a train track, for example.
If that level of terrorism and terrorist cells exists, that we're told exist, then it would be absolute bedlam.
But of course they don't exist.
And the security is all a veneer.
It doesn't stop anything from happening.
That's true.
It's just to focus on us and make us regulate our own behavior as part of the panopticon surveillance prison that they're erecting.
I mean, a couple of the open borders here in the United States, both in Canada and Mexico, along with the fact there's been no terrorism and there's a terrorist behind every bush, something doesn't add up.
The mathematical equation does not...
Add up adequately to recheck the equation.
So that's what we know.
And, of course, this leads us to the Osama bin Laden tape.
I know you've got some goodies on that.
Of course, that Duke professor came out who was an expert on Osama bin Laden tapes, says it can't be Osama bin Laden.
If it is, it's not a recent Osama bin Laden tape.
And in the Osama bin Laden tape, as Fox likes to say,
He makes an excuse for why they haven't attacked the United States in the last several years, that they're leading up to something, and that's exactly what... This could be right out of the mouth of Condoleezza Rice.
You read the transcript of the tape.
That is written by an American.
It talks about William Blum's book, who is a left-wing author, who has been very critical of the CIA, releases reasonably good information down the line.
And they're trying to make Bin Laden into this kind of Michael Moore character.
You read the transcripts of the tape released right before the election in October 2004.
It sounds like a Michael Moore documentary.
And this is a guy, Osama Bin Laden, who many, many people say has been dead for years, who, when visited by a London independent journalist before 9-11...
Didn't even have a newspaper to read, never mind have any knowledge about the outside world or books written by left-wing professors in the USA.
He had no knowledge whatsoever of what was going on in the Western world when he was visited by this independent general.
It's extremely transparent for all the reasons you mentioned and actually a few more.
I think what's very telling here, Paul, is that Bush has not commented on that bin Laden tape, not one peep, not one word.
Well, no, it's like you say, you're waiting to see if it floats, and then in a speech a week or two down the line, he'll include it as justification for a continued threat.
If it floats, at the moment, they seem to have completely shifted away from it in the media as of, you know, earlier this week.
There is a State of the Union coming up here, I believe, in just a week or a couple of days.
We'll have to look and see if he tries to bring that up.
As I think, I think they're trying to shrink away from it now.
They realize that that didn't really pass the smell test.
We're going to come right back.
We'll jump right into your calls.
John, Pat, Joe, Bertrand, you're on the air with Paul Joseph Watson.
Jack Blood, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back after this.
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One way to do that...
We're good to go.
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It really speaks for you.
Certainly also the Order of Death and Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove combo, now also available for a great special.
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Paul, leave us with something.
Give us something here.
What do you got?
What's coming up next week?
Next week on the website, I believe, if not by the end of this week...
Loose Change 2 will be up on PrisonPlanet.tv.
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You get it all.
You can sit down and download it all if you want, though.
You want to obviously get that year subscription, Paul, with the three free months so that you can continue to get all the new stuff that comes out.
The great thing about this, I think, one of the best things, is not only get to see that Alex Jones TV show, which I love, it's a little different than the radio show.
You get to see Alex and you get to see him gesticulating and some foam coming out of his mouth.
It's actually very entertaining as well as informative.
But you also get to preview the new films that are coming out.
You get to see them before anybody else.
That's right.
They're always on there two or three weeks before the public hard copy release.
We're adding in-studio interviews, which Alex does, and it is an activist tool.
You download all the videos and you can share them around with people who aren't even members, so we encourage that as well.
Yeah, and of course the t-shirts are really waking people up as well.
It brings people to you.
So rather than having to go up and overcome your fear of approaching new people with these big ideas, these shirts draw people to you so that you can begin explaining what Tyranny Response Team meets.
I've got to tell you a quick anecdote.
When I was up in Providence, Rhode Island, I was wearing my Tyranny Response Team t-shirt, InfoWars t-shirt, and a group of young African-American kids, maybe 20,
12, 13 years old were coming by, and the colors caught them, and they wanted to know more about it.
Do you know that they didn't know what tyranny meant?
They didn't know the definition of the word tyranny, and they were young teenage kids?
It gave me an opportunity to explain it to them.
Certainly, I wasn't going to chase them down the street and go, Hey, hey, here's what tyranny means.
They came up to me, and they asked the question.
It was astounding that they wouldn't know the definition of the word tyranny, but it gave me an opportunity to explain it to them.
Well, that's right.
And the Orwell ones are quite good as well, because they're a bit more subtle.
You know, it's just an Orwell quote in white letters and a black t-shirt.
But you can explain to people what that means, who George Orwell was, which a lot of people still don't know, and, you know, start up a conversation.
So they're good activist tools.
I love the mass murderers agree gun control works.
There's pictures of Hitler and Mao and Stalin and people.
That always catches people's eyes.
But I love wearing these to leftist events.
It drives them crazy, Paul.
Hey, can you stay with me for one more segment?
Is that possible?
Yeah, sure.
We've got a lot of calls here.
I want to get to everybody and give them access to you.
Alex Jones Radio.
It is Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll be right back for the final leg of today's program.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Final leg of today's broadcast, the Alex Jones Program.
It's been a great pleasure and honor for me to sit in for Alex these last three days.
Of course, I'll be following today with two more hours of live radio programming.
Doug Roeke will be my guest.
He's a former Pentagon insider, actually coordinated and analyzed the depleted uranium being used all over the world, specifically in Iraq.
He'll be joining us live in the two-hour broadcast following today's program, Deadline Live, my show.
Jackblood.com is my website.
We'll be meeting tonight here in Austin, Texas.
South Austin.
Annie and South First is the intersection.
This is Freddy's.
Great little dive.
We'll all get together and brainstorm and figure out how we can come together a little bit better.
Everybody is welcome.
This is specifically for our forum members.
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Freddy's down here in South Austin.
Annie and South First Street.
Very, very easy to find.
Very inexpensive.
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I hope to see everybody there.
I wanted to correct myself.
Prison Planet TV.
Paul, you didn't catch that.
I think I said something else, but I meant Prison Planet TV.
And that, again, is a great, great special that you have going there.
I want to move forward here and get to the phone calls.
John has been patiently holding from Washington.
John, you're on the air with Paul Joseph Watson.
Hi, Jack and Paul.
I've got a few things from before when you were talking, before Paul came on.
By the time I got on, you know, this is... We move very fast when Paul Joseph Watson is on.
By the time I can get on, then all my things that I had to... But these are the things that are going on in my life.
Well, look, you talk about what you... Can I share them real quick?
It's your time.
You talk about what you want about.
We got a lot of calls, so try to move fast with us, John.
There's a... There's a... Towers were shut down for a period of time...
Before the implosion.
Yeah, we pointed that out yesterday.
There was a point in time in an emergency where they had to evacuate because of electrical problems the entire World Trade Center towers.
This was put forth by an eyewitness.
This is the time, Paul, the time frame that people say potentially they could have wired the buildings for implosion.
Well, yeah, that was Ben Fountain in People magazine who worked in the World Trade Center said that
But just the way those towers were protected, we've talked about the lone gunman episode, whereby it's a plot by a secret government group to hijack planes, fly them into the World Trade Center.
You get the DVD of that.
And the producers of the show were talking about if any kind of helicopter got anywhere near the World Trade Center, the security would freak out and evacuate people en masse anyway.
So they were shocked that an event like 9-11 could happen and that the people were told to stay in the building, which did happen after the first plane had hit, when it was routine procedure to evacuate under the pretext of any potential threat.
What do you think?
John, go ahead.
One more comment, please.
Also, there was people that were calling to tell people to leave the building.
But one of them that I wanted to make was my buddy.
He is tax exempt.
He's a union flyer, and he does not pay taxes on his tax.
And also, whenever...
We find anything we write, ucii, ucci207.207, ucii.103.6,
You're taking us in a completely different direction now, John, and these type of legalities certainly we would not have time to address in the time that's left for the show.
Please give me a call back on my program and I'd be happy to go over some of this material with you.
Let's go to Pat in Ohio.
Pat, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, welcome.
Thank you.
First of all, my batteries are low and they may go out like they did yesterday.
I apologize for yesterday.
I have a question about the maintenance
I guess her batteries went out.
Do you want to comment on that at all, Paul?
Thank you for the call, Pat.
Call us back when you charge your phone, and I'm awfully sorry we had you hold all this time.
If they would have told me you were on a cell phone with low batteries, we would have put you right on.
Joe in Massachusetts, you're on with Paul Joseph Watson.
We're on a roll, buddy.
Hi, Jack.
I haven't talked to you in a while.
Hi, Paul.
I'm the blind person that calls up.
It's very hard for me to access your site, and we sent you an email, and then I'll ask my other question.
Is there any way you can get in touch with me?
I've left my phone number with Ryan because...
It's not text-based.
I mean, it does work, but if button this and button that and screen readers aren't that good.
Now, I wish you could help because I am interested in a lot of this.
I do have it.
So if you can do something, I would really appreciate it, okay?
Comment on that for us, Paul.
That also brings up the question of audio tapes for the blind so that they can get up to speed on some of this stuff.
Go ahead and comment on that.
Yeah, I mean, we'd like to do everything, but the fact is we're a very, very small staff.
What I mean is just to break it as tech space, like instead of upslash Alex, downslash this, I don't know what to do.
I'm confused.
I wish I could talk to you off the air somehow, because we tried to, I don't know where my prescription runs out and so forth and so on.
So if we can arrange something through Ryan, he sent you an email the other day, I'd appreciate it, okay?
And now my other question is, Jack, I've talked to my friend about pasta commentatus and
Marshall, he doesn't, because it can't happen unless the Congress, because that's against the law.
I don't have any access to articles, and he believes, and I can't blame him for this, some of these sites are off the wall, but
See, the articles are hard for me to find and come by because, you know, I don't know where they are.
Well, I mean, it's difficult for even the most scholarly of us, let alone the layman, the rest of us, to understand some of these legalities with posse comitatus or even... No, I'm just saying to get the link to the article, like on the Power Hour site, link here, link here, article one.
I wish Paul would do that and just get rid of all that fancy stuff, just buttons and stuff, you know what I mean?
Well, I'll tell you what I'll do.
At JackBlood.com, we're amassing documents, and I'll try to find that and put it there for you within the week.
And if you want to go over there, if there's a way you can check and get it, we'll provide that for you.
I mean, the question is, you know, can posse comitatus be overcome only with a vote in Congress, or can the president with his executive powers supersede Congress with War Powers Acts and Emergency Powers Acts?
Paul, do you want to comment on that at all?
I'm not aware of the intricacies of it, but it doesn't matter when you've got a president who's backed up by every single advisor that says he can do absolutely anything under the guise of the war on terror.
Yeah, that's a fair statement.
Joe, thanks for the call, and we'll try to get Paul on the line with you to give you some special service for Prison Planet TV.
Bertrand, in California, you're on with Paul Joseph Watson.
It is an extreme pleasure, guys.
Paul, Jack, to be on your show here.
I have this important information that I'd like to share with you guys, and I can see from other shows on GCN.
I'd like to get to the Vatican connection, because I see that throughout history, and this is a very suppressed history that I'd like to share with you guys, and if you give me some time, I'd like to make a quote from Pope Nicholas I. Well, go ahead.
We can give you a minute or two here.
Make your point.
The very suppressed history is the fact that the Vatican is responsible for three of the annihilations of tribes of Rome.
These are three distinct cultures, three distinct languages.
There was actually an article written in Time Magazine a few years ago about what a great loss the world suffered at the loss of the Heruli people.
It was the Heruli, the Vandals, and Ostrogoths, which was an exact prophetic fulfillment of
Daniel in chapter 7, when it talks about three of the horns being plucked up.
And what I don't understand is people like Daryl Bradford on the show, who's promoting the Zionist conspiracy, and yes, I can agree that there is a Zionist conspiracy in the world, and that there are high-level Jews that are involved in this Luciferian priesthood, but the fact of the matter is this Luciferian priesthood is an ancient invention, and it was...
Promoted by the high levels of Jesuitism, and they've used it to destroy Protestantism, to destroy the free world.
And I'd like just to make a quote here that's been quoted in three or four books.
If you'd give me a minute.
Go ahead, shoot.
Maybe less than a minute, but do the best you can.
It's quoted in the book A Woman Writes the Beast, The Papacy and the Civil Power, History of the Popes of Rome.
It's also quoted in the book Vatican Assassins, quoted in The House of My Friends.
It is evident that the popes can neither be bound nor unbound by any earthly power, nor even by that of the apostle, that is Peter, if he should return upon the earth.
Since Constantine the Great has recognized that the pontiffs held the place of God upon earth, the divinity not being able to be judged by any living man, we are then infallible, and whatever may be our acts, we are not accountable for them but to ourselves.
We, that is the popes,
...alone have the power to bind and to loose, to absolve narrow, and to condemn him.
And Christians cannot, under penalty of excommunication, which I personally believe Catholicism, even though there's many wonderful Catholic people, Catholicism is not Christianity, execute other judgment than ours, which alone is infallible.
Here's the last sentence.
A king need not fear to command massacres when these will retain his subjects in obedience.
Now what I cannot understand, gentlemen, are you still with me?
What I cannot understand is why out of
Everything that has been done through Jesuitism.
Why are people like Daryl Bradford saying that I'm an idiot and a buffoon to say that there's any connection to this Luciferian conspiracy?
First of all, you're going to have to ask Mr. Bradford Smith questions to him.
We certainly can't speak for him.
He's admitted that he was taught by Jesuits.
I was a Catholic when I grew up.
Maybe I'm part of the conspiracy, too.
Who knows?
But, again, we can't speak for another talk show host.
That's their job.
They'll be doing that.
And we gave you some time to make your point.
And certainly, I've done hours and hours and hours of programming on Jesuit connections, Catholic plots.
You know, the fact is, we mentioned this early, Paul.
You talked about, you know, creating a one-world religion.
Obviously, the various sectors of the competition are fighting it out.
Then you've got guys like Maurice Strong, who are very, very influential.
He is an advisor to the Dalai Lama, actually his right-hand man, his controller, so to speak, also with Kofi Annan.
He's come together.
I'm not sure if you've seen this story, but you really want to check this out, Paul.
He's come together and formed a conglomerate with some of the most powerful people in the world, a virtual Bilderberg group, to create a new internet.
Of course, the name of this is E Pluribus Unum, or they call it Many One Network.
So, Maurice Strong, a secular humanist, a Fabian socialist, very powerful, looking to make that the one world religion.
Would you like to comment, Paul, on Bertrand's comments?
Well, I mean, it's a Leviathan.
It would take ten hours to go through it.
All we try to do is highlight corruption and control in any sector of religion or government.
When the Pope, when the past two Popes come out lockstep in their New Year's Day speeches and call for a new world order, we highlight that and we question that so we don't have any kind of bias in that arena.
The whole Zionist conspiracy thing, I have a problem with it because
You have the neocons.
Above the neocons you have the Israeli lobbyists, the Zionists.
But then above those you've got people like David Rockefeller and Maurice Strong who pull their strings as well.
And then above that you've got another level which most people call the Illuminati.
So I don't see them at the head of the hydra.
They're just a conduit.
Well, here's the thing.
I mean, we all have our opinions.
We all follow our research.
Some of us are specialists in maybe one field as opposed to another field.
Obviously, your specialism being in state-sponsored terror and exposing corruption and hypocrisy in government, mine generally in mind control and freedom of thought.
I don't have a problem with people out there investigating Zionism, investigating the Catholic conspiracy.
In fact, I'd encourage them to do that.
Here's the problem I have, Paul, is when they try to push it on me and try to make it as a rule that I have to talk about this or I'm some type of FBI disinformation agent.
I don't like things being pushed on me.
I don't like having to follow rules.
I'll investigate whatever the heck I want to investigate and you're not going to tell me otherwise.
So you go do what you want to do.
I'm not going to criticize you.
I'm not going to judge you.
But don't push it on me.
Paul, does that ring a bell with you at all?
Well, yeah, the moment anyone tries to create an orthodoxy and then dictate that other people talk about it, that's when it becomes a movement which is not solely focused on gaining the truth and waking people up.
It's like a little club.
Let me tell you another thing.
I'm going to let you finish, but I want to make another point before I forget it.
The people that are out there really criticizing Zionism or saying that it's the Jews...
They never seem to have any major opposition.
They never seem to get in any real kind of trouble.
I'm told that you have to have cojones to really talk about that kind of thing.
But those people never get in trouble.
What they do is they use those people's rhetoric to label someone like David Icke when he's talking about reptiles, inferring that he's talking about Jews, and they prosecute him because he's talking about bloodlines and the divine right to rule and exposing corruption.
I'm sorry, Paul, to interrupt you.
I mean, so in most cases, we're playing right into their hands.
It's not censorship on our part or your part if you're doing the show and you don't want to talk about certain subjects.
These people are fully capable of making their own platform, putting up their own website, can be done in a matter of hours, and talking about it.
I don't mind talking about it.
I actually have done a number of shows on this, had some of the leading experts on it.
I just don't like having it jammed down my throat and having to conform.
That's my problem.
I'm not a very good conformist.
Let's hit Stan in Missouri before we run out of time.
Stan, it appears you'll be our tail gunner today with Paul Joseph Watson.
Thank you so much for holding.
You're on the air.
Hello, Jack and Paul.
I got a very interesting letter in the mail here yesterday.
They're starting the census back up again, and it's an American community survey.
So I got on the phone just about two hours ago, and I called one of the Census Bureau ladies up, and I had a nice little conversation with her.
I told her, I said, well, what's the penalty for not filling out the census?
Well, she couldn't give me any information on it.
She said it depended on what county you lived in and, you know, what penalty they wanted to fine you with.
But I tell you, they asked the master nine questions on this.
They want to know how many acres is the house or mobile home on in the past 12 months, what were the actual sales of all agriculture products in this property.
They even go as far as they want to know
If your business has a store, a barbershop, or a medical office on your property.
It sounds more like an R&D questionnaire than a government census.
It is, Jack.
Paul, have they been doing this over in England, your country?
Oh, yeah, they've been doing it for decades.
I mean, the original census was just to count how many people lived in a property.
The one in Britain asks what time you get up in the morning, what time you leave for work.
That's the same questionnaire they have here.
I've never answered it, and I'm still walking around, Paul.
I've never filled one out, ever.
They say that there's a possibility of a fine, but it's selectively enforced.
Well, the fine is actually supposed to be $100, but now I don't know if they've actually went in as far as to lock anybody up in jail or what they're up to.
You people stand up to this oblique database and this R&D, and we'll have your backs.
It's very unconstitutional what they're doing.
Don't fill it out.
Wipe yourself with it.
Paul, thank you for joining us today.
Order out of chaos.
Paul Joseph Watson, prisonplanet.com.
You've been a good man, Charlie Brown.
You did an excellent job today.
Thank you so much.
Folks, we'll be right back after these messages.
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I think?
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
I think?
And that is that.
Coming up on my program, Deadline Live, Professor Doug Roche.
He's the ex-director of the Pentagon's Depleted Uranium Project.
He himself has been poisoned by depleted uranium.
And we're going to ask some serious and very hard questions.
It alarms me that even the most prestigious people in Iraq, whether they be generals or foot soldiers...
Don't have any knowledge of depleted uranium.
We're going to try to correct that to the best of our ability on today's program.
Alex Jones will be back either tomorrow or Friday, so stay tuned.
We're good to go.
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We'll see you in about seven minutes on Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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