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Air Date: Jan. 24, 2006
2323 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Deep behind enemy lines, Austin, Texas InfoWars Studio.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones today.
So glad you could join us this 24th day of January 2006.
Eric Huffschmidt, whose perennial book on 9-11...
Entitled Painful Questions and Analysis of the September 11th Attack will be joining us in the second hour of today's program.
We are going to take your calls and go over a lot of news.
I had a ton of news left over from yesterday, so we're going to bang out some of that and bang out some of the new headlines today at InfoWars.com.
Well, this is the beauty of doing a radio program such as this.
There is no lack of news, and unfortunately, a lot of it is bad or bizarre.
Although we always encourage you to take a positive attitude, and very simply put, and this might be a little trite and cliche, but the truth does set you free.
If you've been watching the mainstream media...
Cable and network news, you have seen and you will hear in this recent State of the Union by George W. Bush, the bragging of catching another number two, number three, number four Al-Qaeda guy, almost had Hariri or almost had Zahuiri.
In this recent bombing in Pakistan, and I meant to get to this yesterday, but it's very important because I know a lot of people get their news through this radio program.
It's very important that we punctuate this particular attack in Pakistan where we captured and killed and had a great victory for Oceania.
Yes, that's right.
I said Oceania.
And this is the story that peeled out yesterday that was circulating around the web and also broadcast on CNN.
A Pakistan PM, Prime Minister, CIA attack reports bizarre.
No evidence that top Al-Qaeda leaders were at the target, he says.
Pakistani Prime Minister, Sharif Aziz, on Sunday ridiculed as bizarre a U.S.
report that senior Al-Qaeda leaders were killed in a CIA attack on a home along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
He says, quote, There is no evidence, as of a half hour ago, that there were any people there, as he said on CNN's late edition with Wolf Blitzer.
The area does see movement of people from across the border, but we have not found one body or one shred of evidence that these people were there.
Meanwhile, the Bush administration and their minions, and of course all those reading the talking points on the Sunday news shows,
We're good to go.
This is bizarre, because there's no evidence, no one's told them, there was no evidence, they've seen nothing to indicate that that is the truth.
Again, folks, I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but your government is lying to you.
counterterrorism officials have said they believe the January 13th... Yeah, that's right, folks.
It was on the 13th.
The January 13th attack killed four to eight Al-Qaeda-affiliated quote-unquote foreigners attending a dinner meeting.
Knowledgeable sources have said that their bodies were removed from the scene by comrades and buried elsewhere.
Well, isn't that convenient?
Tens of thousands of Pakistanis have taken to the streets and cities nationwide to express outrage about the attack, which killed more than a dozen civilians, including women and children.
Pakistani officials originally put the death toll at 18 civilians, as these cited 13 deaths.
13 deaths on January 13th.
Par for the course, isn't it, folks?
We have a lot of news to cover, including Pentagon Spied on Houston anti-Halliburton activists.
Patriot Act renewals include creation of a federal police force.
Officer docked pay for torturing an Iraqi to death 11 people indicted for domestic terror activities in the U.S.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show, InfoWars.com, GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Jack Blood sitting in for the one and only Alex Jones, trying to do my best to live up to a legend.
Huge shoes to fill, as I'm sure all of you know.
My show, of course, airs right after Alex Jones' program, every day, Monday through Friday, on this wonderful GCN radio network, going out to over 60 countries as we speak.
Very important for us to straighten out the record, to put things on the record.
Unfortunately, Americans and people around the world only get half of the story.
I think I'm being rather generous there.
We could cut that down to maybe a tenth.
of the story because each news item each news event comes out there are so many angles so much research to be done and we know that of course the mainstream media the establishment media is either lazy or they don't give a darn about getting Americans the truth and thank goodness we have something called cyberspace and the internet
I think we're good to go.
And I try to tell them, well, you know, this attack in Pakistan, for instance, really didn't happen.
What did happen is we killed a lot of women and children and made a lot of excuses.
I'm blowing my horn.
I just got a note here through the studio window.
Well, hey, look, folks, that's what talk show hosts do.
So as I'm talking to people, and I try to relate to them very simply, here's another side of the story.
I don't want to hear it.
I've got to put my hands over my ears.
I don't want to hear it.
Can't hear it.
That's just too much for me.
I don't want to hear it.
It must be a... Are you ready, folks?
Let's get the drumroll.
Sound the trumpets.
It must be a conspiracy theory.
Or it must be some liberal propaganda.
People are so quick to label things that they will not hear you.
Last night, I'm driving down I-35, and I pull up, I get off the freeway, I pull off onto my exit, and there's a gentleman...
We're good to go.
The police, admittedly, dress up as the homeless in order to fish inside your car, in order to take a gander inside your car to see if you're wearing your seatbelt, to see if your tags and registration are all in order.
And if they're not, if there's any reason to believe that you could be a threat to society or yourself, that's of course the seatbelt reference, then they simply radio ahead and have you arrested or cited.
Well, as I'm talking to this homeless man, he is unable to hear me, won't hear me, refuses to hear me, and when I... Well, I have to admit, folks, I did a bit of an information drive-by.
I forced the information upon this gentleman, and he accused me of being on crack cocaine and being paranoid.
Even though...
It's in all the mainstream newspapers down here.
Even though it's common knowledge to anybody that reads beyond the headline of the newspaper.
Well, folks, that's exactly what the establishment media is counting on, that you'll get all of your news and all of your information and formulate your opinions by sound bites and above-the-fold headlines.
I'm very proud of what we do here on this network is, again, trying to set the record straight.
Going back to this story...
Pakistan, this Pakistani bombing, again reported on CNN.
Now, some of you can say that is a liberal propaganda network, and you'd be right.
I've heard the term aptly put, the Communist News Network.
That does not mean to say that they can simply make up something, as Pakistani Prime Minister Shakut Aziz ridicules the U.S.
bombings as, quote-unquote, bizarre.
Aziz said Sunday, if you want to reflect on what happened, we heard there was a dinner meeting with all the seniors of Al-Syayida.
I think that's a bizarre thought because these people don't get together for dinner in a terrain or an environment like that.
Second, we heard that Al-Zawahiri was there, Aziz said.
Now we are hearing about this person who is a chemical weapons expert.
We don't know who was there.
That's being honest.
We don't know who was there.
We do know there were a number of dead women and children.
We don't know when they came, if at all, but if they were there, we'll find out because our people are investigating and they're going through all the evidence available, and once we find out, we'll share it with the world.
And I guess we won't be surprised when Pakistan all of a sudden cosigns this...
Giant government lie.
Another interesting angle to all of this, if any of you have seen a pretty good documentary, not 100% good, about 60% good, called Power of Nightmares.
Very, very interesting, gotten a lot of mainstream attention.
Zawahiri is number one.
This is, of course, before there was an Al-Qaeda, or the base.
This is before the rise of the Mujahideen and the rise of...
Tim Osmond, a.k.a.
Osama Bin Laden.
Zawahiri was the number one guy.
He was the one who was out and calling for the heads of particular Muslims who he felt had betrayed the religion and betrayed the people.
But he's been demoted to number two, as we all know.
Good chance, I'm not going to say I know that the man is dead.
I think there's a pretty good chance he's an asset, as we talked about with Kurt Nemo on my program yesterday, Deadline Live.
I'm going to move forward here and remind you that we will take your phone calls in this hour.
And Eric Huffschmidt is coming up in the second hour of today's program.
800-259-9231 to get on in here.
This is a story that we've really had for a while because, again, there was an anti-Halliburton protest in Houston.
And we knew that they had taken a lot of heat.
They had been arrested, many of them, unjustly.
Some of them had been abused by the police in Houston.
Now, of course, not a big surprise the Pentagon spied on these Houston anti-Halliburton activists.
Now, of course, we have to remind ourselves there is an area of our Constitution that allows you to redress your grievances, allows you to gather together and to call out the government, to question the government.
But not in these days.
A Houston-based anti-Halliburton group was spied on by a top-secret Pentagon counterintelligence agency in 2004, according to a report in Newsweek magazine.
Isikoff wrote quite a nice piece on this.
The peaceful protest, the key word here is peaceful, organized by Houston Global Awareness on June 29, 2004, was attended by approximately 10 local peace activists.
The protest involved handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to employees of giant military contractor Halliburton to draw attention to the allegations that the company overcharged for military food contracts in Iraq.
One of their many offenses, trading with the enemy, there are any number of offenses I'm sure most of you are aware of.
Reported Newsweek this week reveals that the Pentagon's counterintelligence field activity, CIFA, CIFA,
Filed a report on the Houston protests which took place outside Halliburton's headquarters in Houston, Texas.
Not a surprise, and again, I mean, arrested, detained, not given attorneys.
We interviewed some of the people back when this took place in June of 2004.
And this is, of course, the country that we live in.
This is the transparent democracy that we live in, that George W. Bush brags about around the world.
And of course, they only spy on Al-Qaeda.
That's the principle.
Of course, news coming out today that Congress was fully aware of the NSA spying and the virtual spying on all Americans.
Well, not all Americans.
On Al-Qaeda.
That's right.
Of course, we're considered to be Al-Qaeda.
We're considered to be terrorists.
I mean, crossing the street, not wearing your seatbelt, attending protests, redressing your grievances, smoking, all terrorist acts as it's loosely defined.
Patriot Act renewal includes the creation of a federal police force.
Sounds like it...
Very simply verges on offending Posse Comitatus.
Thanks to suburban guerrilla Mark Crispin Miller and Save the USA for pointing out Section 605 of the House version of the Patriot Act renewal legislation.
It calls for the creation of a federal police force.
Your imperial president at work.
The permanent police force to be known as the United States Secret Service Ununiformed Division empowered to make arrests without warrant or any offense against the United States committed in their presence.
Let me repeat that.
A permanent police force to be known as the, quote, United States Secret Service Ununiformed Division Ununiformed is the key word there.
Empowered to, quote, make arrests without warrant or
Or any offense against the United States committed in their presence.
Or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States, if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing such a felony.
Now the only thing we've left out here is, might commit a felony sometime in the future.
Here's the text to Section 605 created of the Ununiformed Division United States Secret Service.
Hat tip, Patriot Daily.
Also, say hello to the new blog, Against the War on Terror.
The War on Terror is more than just another public policy.
It is an attempt to make security the highest goal of American life.
We're good to go.
Cannot and should not guide our political activity and dominate our public culture.
We reject the very premise of the war on terror.
Isn't that what it comes down to, folks?
You're either with us or you're with the terrorists.
We reject the very premise of the war on terror and everything that goes with it.
The Alex Jones Show, GCN Radio Network, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
We will return right after this.
Don't go anywhere.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest A gun on my hip and the right to arrest I'm the guy who's the boss on this highway So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way If you break the law, you'll hear from me, I know I'm a-working for the state, I'm the highway patrol
And now I don't wear a uniform, and I arrest people for no reason.
We're going to take your calls here right after this next commercial break.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex today.
He will be back on Thursday, to the best of my knowledge.
Reading that story of the United States Secret Service Ununiformed... Sorry, Uniformed... Uninformed Division...
You have to really flash back a little bit to our little trip to New York City, which is encompassed in the new Alex Jones film.
I remember climbing up Madison Square Garden.
I had an interview to do, and it's rather tall, and you have to really hurry, and it was quite hot.
It was in the middle of the summer.
So, of course, once I get up about eight stories to the very top of Madison Square Garden, I broke out in a bit of a sweat.
And I was, of course, interrogated by Secret Service for sweating.
That, of course, was the indication that I could have been with Al-Qaeda, that I could have been there for some ill-gotten deed, or I could have been potentially an evildoer.
So I was interrogated and watched for roughly a half an hour.
And the interesting thing was, is they listened to the interview that I did for another radio program, and they seemed to kind of like what I was saying.
On another note, the Republicans, the Stepford Republicans sitting behind me listening to my interview did not like what I was saying and started an interrogation of their own.
But is that what it's coming to?
You're sweating, sir.
What do you have to hide?
Please, sir, can you take this electronic lie detector test and we'd like to interrogate you for a while.
No, you may not call your lawyer.
We think you could be with Al-Qaeda.
You know, it sounds like I'm exaggerating a little bit, and sometimes you do have to exaggerate to make the point, but I don't think we do have to exaggerate at all.
Because we have so many, so many documented cases of this police state just out of control.
Eleven people indicted for domestic terror activities in the United States.
A grand jury recently indicted eleven people.
It's funny how all these numbers are always 11 and 13, but that's another story.
11 people indicted for more than a dozen domestic terrorism activities in five western states.
Attorney General Alberto, I love torture, Antti Gonzalez said on Friday, 65 count indictment, which includes charges of arson and attempted arson, conspiracy and conspiracy to commit arson.
Yes, there are conspiracies.
Use and possession of a destructive device and destruction of an energy facility was returned by a grand jury in Oregon last Thursday and unsealed on Friday.
The 11 members of the Portland-based cell of animal rights and environmental extremists, anybody who's not a moderate is certainly an extremist,
Were indicted for their roles in a pattern of domestic terrorism activities.
Gonzalez, Ante Gonzalez, told the news conference eight of the suspects had been arrested, including one Canadian and three were believed to be outside the United States.
Foreign terrorists.
Domestic terrorists?
Foreign terrorists.
The indictment said the suspects were responsible for 17 incidents in five western states, California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.
Including sabotaging a high-tension power line in a conspiracy dated back to 1996.
In many cases, the group publicized the incidents with graffiti, press releases, and communiques attributing the actions to the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front terrorist movement, Gonzalez said.
Now, of course, there are...
Large exposés on news programs like Dateline and 60 Minutes where these people just get on the TV and talk about exactly what they're trying to do.
And that is, I think, to call attention to their cause.
These are really little more than publicity stunts.
Some of them a little more serious.
Domestic terrorists.
Again, under the current law, can't tell people that you've been arrested.
No search warrants needed to search your property.
They don't even have to tell you that they're searching your property.
No attorney held indefinitely in captivity with no counsel.
No habeas corpus.
Sounds like America, doesn't it, folks?
It just must be America.
Officer Doc Paye for torturing Iraqi to death.
Chief Warrant Officer Louis Wellsoffer, the highest ranking U.S.
Army official charged to date in the death of an Iraqi-date detainee, was convicted of negligent homicide on Saturday after it was decided the death was not a murder, just negligent homicide.
It's Orwellian, folks.
He's Doc Paye.
Actually, on Deadline Live today, we'll be interviewing...
Former Brigadier General Janice Karpinski, who was in Abu Ghraib during the torture scandals.
We'll have you stay tuned for that.
We're coming right back to your calls.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Stay tuned.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We are about to go to your calls.
800-259-9231 Anything that you want to talk about.
All of the news that I have covered in the first half hour of today's broadcast of the Alex Jones Show of course can be located at Infowars.com That's easy to remember.
Alex Jones' documentary films, of which there are many, are really some of the best chronicles of what the New World Order has done and what the police state has done to us lo these many years.
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Three films in one.
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Of course, you're authorized to make copies for educational purposes.
Not many people are going to make you that offer.
1-800-259-9231 Canada woke up today with a conservative government.
Want to talk about that?
The EU governments are complicit in these shady CIA activities.
This is an investigator.
They've just looked the other way.
Reporters were ejected from a Governor Jeb Bush speech in Florida.
There's another nuke exercise in Charleston.
A lot to talk about.
Anything that's on your mind today?
Eric Huffschmidt joining us here at the top of the hour talking about all things 9-11 and some current events.
Let's go to Joe in Wisconsin.
Joe, thank you for calling in today.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, Jack.
Behind every bush is a terrorist, and behind every terrorist is a bush.
Yeah, I had four observations for you.
Really quick, I'll rapid-fire them for you.
I think the globalists want us to be like an ant or a bee social insect, you know, sterile worker drones, just mindlessly doing whatever.
I was also thinking about Enron.
What if they got wind that the economy was going to get blown out, and they decided, well...
We'll just blow out our company and reap the benefits first.
And I bet you, if you dig a little bit, they know some people in high places.
Another one.
Let me stop you real quick, because first of all, when you mention creating mindless drones, that was all part of the eugenics plan, of course, I think, outed by Julian Huxley's brother.
Julian Huxley was the first head of UNESCO, the social education arm of the United Nations.
His brother, of course, was Aldous Huxley and wrote his book, The Brave New World, Brave New World Revisited, where he outlines these exact eugenic plans that started out in the United Nations.
So this is something the Bush family has been signed on to for years.
What was your second point?
The second one was blowing out the economy, because if people got wind of it, I would say that they would want to benefit from it and say, hey, you know, we can make money off this, so let's do it ourselves.
Kidd has just written a fantastic article on newswithviews.com called 9-11, the smoking cannon, and related this to insider trading by Enron right before 9-11.
They cashed out a lot of their stuff before 9-11, knowing that the economy was going to take a hit.
And of course, yes, they're very inside, as you know.
They knew they were being investigated and that the bottom was going to fall out.
And you better believe they took the stockholders for everything they could get.
Go ahead.
Okay, the Waltons have a secret underground bunker complex, right?
So if the globalists' future for us is so rosy,
Why are they doing that?
Why would they build something to withstand World War III?
Or in their case, World War IV.
But if it's so great, why is it that they're doing that?
I love the common sense approach to your question.
That is, of course, because they can't control Al-Qaeda and they can't control China.
And as much as they want to save us all from these evildoers, they are pretty sure that's not going to happen.
So that's why Dick Cheney is building a new bunker every month.
By the way, everybody has been waking up, and when I ask them why the Waltons are building that, they get one of two reactions.
One of them is, well, they can do whatever they want with their money.
Well, that's true, but why are they doing it?
And the people that finally figure it out say, well, maybe they know something we don't.
Are you creating your bomb shelter?
What about you, Joe?
Well, I've been trying to get people to see things differently, and I've been doing things differently.
I'm trying to do a Common Sense webpage for like Gary Brownfield.
I'm going to send it to him and whatnot.
I'm going with duct tape and plastic myself.
Thanks for the call.
One last one.
People's reactions, they always give the benefit of the doubt, and I don't understand that.
If this is a modern-day Rome, then just like the Romans, they're going to feed the Christians to the lions, and I don't see too much difference.
Well, as you said, I think it's pretty apparent now that people are waking up, in the sense that they are able to receive the information.
I mean, I think once you start receiving the information, there are different definitions of so-called taking the red pill, of waking up, quote-unquote.
But just to get them started, I think, is great.
And a lot of people haven't heard any of the stuff that we would talk about here on GCN, or you would read on InfoWars or JackBlood.com.
They don't even know that exists.
We need to reach these people, Joe.
Thanks for the call.
Mike in Michigan, thank you for calling in.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hello, Jack?
How are you, sir?
Yes, sir.
Very good.
I heard your program some months ago, and you had a guest on your program talking about gang stalking.
I believe her name was Eleanor White.
Is that her name?
Yes, that's right, Eleanor White.
I'm trying to get a hold of her.
Do you have any idea how I could do that?
I don't know offhand.
I'm here in Alex's studio, not in my own.
But if you're online and you want to write me at jackblood at hotmail.com, jackblood at hotmail.com, I'll make sure that you have her address.
She's done some very interesting research.
Do you want to tell the listeners quickly what gang stalking is?
Do you have an idea what it is?
Well, I'll tell you, after hearing your program, believe it or not, it's been happening to me for over 30 years.
You need to talk to Eleanor because she has put together a coalition of people, both in the United States and Canada, that have suffered.
And just to quickly explain it for the listeners, this is a situation where you become a liability for the government or for the establishment.
And there are a number of, let's just call them volunteers.
Some are police in the police department.
Some are in the FBI and the CIA.
Yes, some are working with the alphabet agencies.
But a lot of them are people that are working at the grocery store, that are just working everyday common jobs, who go onto forums and get worked up to attack and to do something to a certain individual because, of course, they're speaking out.
They're using their First Amendment right of free speech.
And the next thing you know, you have people following you.
You have strange things happening.
You have people calling your work trying to get you fired.
People calling your wife trying to get you divorced.
And they are relentless.
And that's really the quickest explanation I can give people about this gang stalking.
It's retaliatory, and we are living in a retaliatory time when we have people like Karl Rove who have no qualms about killing or going after their enemies.
It does happen.
Give me a little note there, Mike, at jackblood at hotmail.com, or if you want to go to my forums, if you go to jackblood.com and you click on my forum link, Eleanor posts there quite often, but I'll make sure you get her address, okay?
Yeah, this has been happening to me for years.
I didn't connect the dots.
It makes you feel like you're crazy, is the thing.
It does.
I mean, you don't tell everyone, but I have a good memory, so I can remember a lot of incidents.
But now I can put them together now that she has explained it somewhat.
Yes, I have enjoyed some really overt gang-stalking, which I've documented quite aptly myself.
But it does make you feel crazy.
It makes you feel exasperated.
I guess it makes you feel a little paranoid to have people watching you and...
Well, they try to wear you out.
They can be very, very dangerous is the problem because if you don't respond to their initial pressure, they will turn up the heat, so to speak.
I don't have time to go into too much today, Mike, but we'll get you a hold of Eleanor and we'll see if she can't help you out, okay?
Well, thanks, Jack.
Thank you.
Keep the faith.
Let's go to Dan in Vancouver and then Tony in Arkansas.
Dan, thank you for calling in.
You have a new quote-unquote conservative government there in Canada today?
Yeah, we actually sort of do...
I'm actually not Canadian, but looking at this Harper guy, being from the States, it's like he's cut from that same stone our Butch administration is cut from, you know?
He says that this is not an endorsement for the neocons, that they are not neocons, they are conservatives.
As you know, it's a rather new party that took advantage of all of the scandals under the Paul Martin administration.
Paul Martin being...
How do we put this politely?
Paul Martin being bosom buddies with George W. Bush?
I don't know.
Does that give the people of Canada any hope?
Do you have any sense of that?
What they did is like they were voting for the least worst.
They were sick of all the scandal that came out.
The lesser of two evils.
The lesser of two evils.
They didn't like either candidate.
Which, I don't think, I don't know the percentage, but I think the voting percentage was very low for this one.
Well, they said, you know, they voted against the Liberal Party because they had become smug and arrogant.
And here's the thing, okay, we have a Liberal, you had a so-called, quote-unquote, Liberal government there in Canada.
You have one in England, okay?
With the Labour Party in charge of Tony Blair.
And here you have this arch-conservative, at least that's how they bill themselves, neo-conservative government here in the United States.
Yet they all seem to be getting along rather well, don't they?
That's fine.
Another thing that's kind of interesting is blue is the color in Canada, folks, that represents the conservatives, and the liberals are red, the exact opposite of what we have here in the United States.
These conservative, liberal...
It makes no sense.
These names are just thrown out there.
These people all work for the same group of people.
There is no conservative.
There is no liberal.
People have to get that in their head.
They're just names.
The terms are barely...
Appropriate for a communication device.
They don't mean anything.
They don't mean anything.
This is the illusion.
Well, look, this was a humiliating blow for Prime Minister Paul Martin, but I think he'll be humiliated right into a job with the Carlyle Group.
Anything else today, Dan?
Yeah, on CNN.com, they have on here, Senators Blast Free Katrina Preparations.
It just talks about
In 2004, they did a dry run.
They dubbed it Hurricane Pam.
A Category 3 storm would overwhelm the New Orleans area.
Floods killing up to 60,000 people, destroying buildings and roads.
My thing is, they did a dry run in 2004, and this isn't the local government.
This is the Bush administration doing a dry run in 2004.
And they weren't prepared for this.
It's common knowledge.
I mean, anybody reading the Times-Picayune or picking up a newspaper in New Orleans knew that that was an inevitability.
It's incredible.
And then they acted like they didn't expect it to be so bad.
Homeland Security is doing a great job, aren't they?
It's incredible.
Hey, you're doing a great job.
I love both your shows.
You guys keep up the good work.
I appreciate the call, Dan.
Hey, you too.
The fact of the matter is, they were figuring out how to cut up the pie.
They were going to wait because they have their hands full, folks.
As we understand, we're fighting two wars, looking at Third and Fourth War.
We're good to go.
While people were hurting themselves, this is the point about the whole Katrina disaster, folks.
People herded themselves into these government concentration camps.
That's what they were.
The FEMA camps were nothing more than modern-day concentration camps.
And for all the people out there that doubted there were any camps, many of which are now ICE camps, immigration camps that are widely publicized, you can see exactly how it works.
All roads lead to the Superdome.
All roads lead to your nearest convention center, where you will be held at gunpoint until the feds can sort it all out.
And we've done a lot of work on Katrina, and certainly there's a lot on the record, but prior knowledge, gouging, and certainly taking advantage of that event financially and economically are the least of the crimes of the Bush administration.
Let's try to get to Tony in Arkansas.
Tony, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Do we still have Tony?
Hey, man.
It's an honor to speak with you.
An honor to speak with you.
It's kind of synchronicity what you led in with, with the 13th, Friday the 13th, him doing the attack and 13 people being killed.
Thank you.
Going along sort of Codex Magic, I've been waking up myself for the last four years since 9-11.
Hold on, I'm going to keep you through this break, and I'm glad you're bringing up Codex Magica, because I want everybody to get this book.
I don't care if you have to sell ten of your other books to get it.
It is really something else.
We'll come back with Tony in Arkansas, others patiently holding.
Eric Hoffschmidt joining us at the top of the hour.
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So much news, so little time.
We're taking your calls as we speak.
And, of course, Eric Huffschmidt will join us at about 5 after the hour.
So I think we have time to clean up all these calls.
Let's go back to Dan in Vancouver.
Dan, we cut you off with that break, but it's all yours.
Tony in Arkansas.
Tony in Arkansas.
That's what I said.
Yeah, no problem.
It's kind of concerning, again, them following the occult dates.
And I want to go back, if I could, just a little bit, because this is one of the most important things maybe in American history coming up next week.
It's on alexsinfowars.com.
But if you go back and you follow these occult dates and you notice they do a lot of large, huge things on those days, you'll begin to see they're almost like mass murders and you're a detective having to follow these people.
So anyway, back on February 1st of 2003, we had the shuttle disaster that many people say there's questions about.
That could have been a sacrifice, the symbol of the phoenix.
Columbia is the goddess they put on our Capitol building.
And then they burn up the phoenix and they're creating the new one, rising from the ashes.
You then go, that's called Imbolc.
Imbolc, February 1st through the 2nd.
Colonia is the Babylonian goddess, Semiramis.
I just want to add that.
Good point.
No, thank you, Jack.
Great point.
Ostara, which is March 20th through the 23rd, was when we launched the war in Iraq in 2003 and happened to just, again, if you skip all these, you'll understand that these aren't accidents.
They happened when we launched that war to reclaim Babylon, ancient Babylon.
And then on Beltane, May 1st, apart from October the 1st, you can find these on any pagan or Wiccan website, these dates.
The second most holy day of these peoples, May 1st, Russian May Day.
That was when Bush landed on the USS Lincoln with the sun setting in the west and declared, you know, operations closed.
These are not an accident when they keep occurring.
Going back to April 19th is when they announced the new Pope that came out, Ratzinger, a former Nazi himself, and he asked for this last Christmas a new world order.
The only reason I bring these up is for what's coming February 2nd, which is again, in bulk, returning again February 1st to 2nd.
That is when they're going to the Charleston Harbor to once again attempt a drill of a nuclear bomb going off.
And we had an incredible event occur where we had Four Star General Kevin P. Burns last summer sort of leak that out.
He gets fired abruptly, which is, you're going to talk to Karpinski later.
Please ask her.
That's an illegal maneuver.
You cannot remove him without an act.
I have military friends and stuff of Congress or, forget it, I'm sorry, I'm a little nervous.
But anyway, a court-martial, and it has to be someone of equal or higher rank than him, which would be hard to find because there's only four members in the entire military with more seniority than he.
But on February 2nd, they're going to do this drill again, and George Nury had Alex on just before that.
And so I would implore anyone, please go to InfoWars, get that story.
It's from WorldNetDaily.
Link it to as many people as you can.
I don't care if you call it congressmen's news programs.
Tell them you're concerned about this drill because they preceded every terror attack on the day of the drill.
We have to look at these drills as a possible precursor to another terror attack.
Now, look, 99 times out of 100, maybe that's not going to happen.
Same thing with Friday the 13th or June 6, 06, or April 19th is a date they love.
Of course, this April 19th, the anniversary of Oklahoma City bombing and of Waco.
This will be 11 years to the day.
After the Oklahoma City bombing.
Do we get out and bury ourselves and put our heads in the sand and unplug from society in lieu of these looming dates?
No, of course we don't, but we are very careful where we step, and I think that's the point to be made.
Codex Magica, as you mentioned, is Tex Mars' new book.
It is fantastic.
I've just really started to get through it, and I've been studying these issues for years and years and years, and I'm learning things immediately.
I encourage people to get that.
You can go to Infowars.com.
Thanks for the call.
That was a great call, Jim.
We'll come back.
Go to Charles in Rhode Island.
Others patiently holding.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back after this.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Jack Blood with you today.
Alex Jones is away taking care of some business.
We'll be back on Thursday.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I'm honored to be sitting in the InfoWars studio broadcasting today around the world.
I have Eric Huffschmidt, his great book...
Painful questions is really something you need to have.
If you want to understand the physics and the complexities of how those buildings fell and what happened on that day of 9-11, it's still one of the best books out there.
I know that's also available at InfoWars.com through the usual channels.
I believe that's also available in some way, shape, or form, as well as his video documentary.
Painful Questions, I believe that's what it is.
Painful Questions is the book.
I always get them mixed up.
That is available, the video documentary, on Prison Planet TV.
So much to remember, folks.
That's one of the very hard things about doing this type of radio.
It's easy to get on.
Talk about he said, she said, and what the president said, and the usual BS and garbage.
That's pretty easy to do.
It's easy to get on and do a sports program or an entertainment program, but you have to keep a lot in your head to do shows like this, and I'm always right on the very edge of forgetting what I'm trying to do.
Very difficult.
I think I'm having senior moments here and again.
Again, I appreciate you joining us, folks.
I want to go right back to the calls, and we'll go for Charles in Rhode Island.
Is this my old friend Charles in Rhode Island?
Greetings and salutations, fellow slowly boiling frog.
How you doing, my man?
I'm doing all right.
Long time no hear.
You know, if there's anybody you ever have to throw at the system, just throw me at them.
I upset them quite well.
But anyways, I thought about a couple of things.
First of all, the Attorney General claiming that the President has the right, the President claiming he has the right.
You know what?
This is how things work, people.
If I claim the right, I get the right to shove a stick up your nose, and you stand there, and let me shove the stick up your nose, I obviously have the right.
That's what they're basically doing to us.
By claiming the right, they have the right.
But they really don't have the right.
Legally, Charles, if you go up and shove a stick up somebody's nose, you could get into trouble.
Apparently, Bush seems to be quite Teflon.
Yeah, but he's basically shoving a stick up our nose by all these spy programs and all this undercover stuff that nobody knows about.
But Charles, you're a law, well, maybe you're not, but most people listening to this show are law-abiding citizens.
You know, what do we have to worry about?
What do we have to worry about?
It's going to come down to the point where they're going to... There's a bill in Ohio.
I don't know if you know about this or not.
But if you're just standing around in public, they can just arrest you with no cause.
Just arrest you because you just happen to be there.
That's right.
You live in Rhode Island, and we remember what was it, about two years ago, when Kachiri came out with his Homeland Security bill, which was the most draconian of all the bills produced anywhere in this country since 9-11.
The people immediately shot him down, and he had to really...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And he finds out that you drink a six-pack of beer a day, you lose your job and all your insurance, and your entire life gets turned upside down.
You're Professor Brandon Mayfield in Oregon.
You were accused of being part of the Madrid bombings, and your entire life is ruined.
Oops, sorry.
You're Richard Jewell, the head, really hero, of the Atlanta Games, accused for several years of being a terrorist.
Oops, sorry.
We got the wrong guy.
Well, basically, it's the old adage, give an inch, they take a mile.
That's true.
But basically, I wanted to just tell you, I bought my old little laptop, a really nice figure, and I got the air card, and I just got it a couple weeks ago, and I'm going to be a subscriber to GCN.
I'm going to carry that internet around when we start to listen to your show.
Hey, that's great, Charles.
I wonder what happened to you.
We'll have to give you a call off the air, but it's really good to hear your voice, folks.
Charles is a major patriot in Rhode Island, really holding back the powers that be, living off the grid.
Very proud of Charles.
Good to hear from you.
We're going to come right back with Eric Huffschmidt, and we'll go right back to your calls the second we get a chance.
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Of course, I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
I'll also be back tomorrow.
Paul Joseph Watson will join us.
And yes, when I get done here, I do two hours of my own program.
Major Brigadier General Janice Karpinski will be with me on Deadline Live today.
We're good to go.
And an incredible, incredible person and a great interview.
So Janice Karpinski will be joining us on today's program.
And if you want to make a note, tomorrow, Doug Rockey will be joining us, of course, the foremost expert on depleted uranium.
That will be on Deadline Live tomorrow.
More information about my program, simply go to jackblood.com, jackblood.com.
You are listening, though, to the Alex Jones Program.
And with us right now is Eric Huffschmidt.
Eric and I have done a lot of work together over the years.
He's been on my show many, many times.
He's been on Coast to Coast with George Norrie, something he might want to forget, and has done a lot of really, really great work.
Jimmy Walter has been supporting his work and offering this for free for everybody.
We're carrying here at Infowars.com both the book Painful Deceptions and
Well, it's great to be here, Jack.
I mentioned the George Norrie interview, which a lot of people, I think, are pretty familiar with.
I actually thought you did a great job on that, Eric.
I mean, it's a very complicated topic, and in that particular almost hostile setting, sometimes it's not real easy to do it.
But I thought you did a great job.
And I think what's important is to get this information out to people that haven't heard it.
Thus, I want to talk to you today about how to take the best evidence that we have, a lot of it in your book, some of it to very new evidence, and how to get that out to people to start waking them up to the reality that 9-11 was an inside job.
Well, yeah, I agree with you.
When I came out with my book in 2002 and then a few months later, the video, as far as I was concerned, you know, there's...
I don't know all the details, and I could have made a few mistakes in some of my assumptions, but there's enough proof.
There was enough proof back in 2002 that those towers were blown up with explosives, that the government is deceiving us about what happened, that the media is lying to us.
I mean, as far as I'm concerned, there's enough proof.
And what has happened since my book and video has come out is that
When people look at it, you know, of course a lot of people are angry when you make these accusations, but... A lot less angry today than they were a few years ago when you wrote this.
Right, but see, the point is, as they look into it, they either realize that I'm correct, you know, all the rest of us that say this are correct, and then they join us, or they get so upset at the thought that they just become quiet.
So what's happening through time is that this is growing.
It's not shrinking.
You know, nobody has been able to disprove anything.
In fact, recently the professor Jones of Brigham Young University has looked into it with his class, and he's also standing by us now.
He's the physics professor at BYU, Stephen Jones, who came out with a scathing scientific report on how it was impossible for those twin towers to fall by the airplane or the fire.
Right, and see, one of the key points here that
You were the first person to say that, Eric, that I'm aware of.
Oh, you haven't heard that too many times?
No, you were the first person that I heard say that years ago.
Oh, well, see, this alone is enough proof that those towers were blown up,
And see, what's happening is that people are getting caught up in a lot of the details.
You see, the people who are trying to cover this up, what they'll do is they'll say, you know, where are the wingtips of the planes that hit the towers?
Or, you know, how do we know what kind of planes?
Maybe they were 737s.
Red Herrings.
Yeah, Red Herrings.
Yeah, we don't know all the details.
We never will figure out the details.
We don't know...
You know, whether the planes were switched at some airport like Stewart International and some drones were taken off.
We don't know the details, but there are certain things that prove beyond any doubt that those towers were demolished with explosives.
And that, in turn, takes the whole government story out.
It just kicks the legs out from under it.
Because how did the terrorists do that?
And how did the terrorists blow up Building 7?
And then why is the media covering up?
This is what starts getting people scared when they start realizing once you realize...
They blew those towers up and they blew Building 7 up.
Then you realize the media is lying to us.
I don't want people to be scared, certainly, but I know people are.
I think concern, grave concern, would certainly describe my personal attitude towards the media's complicity, the government's complicity, the moving in packs of terrorists and, of course, killing all of these thousands and thousands of people on that day and everything that's happened since.
Well, if you had to treat me again like a neophyte, that's fine.
Let's use the rhetorical fashion here today, Eric.
Treat me like a neophyte.
What is the first thing you would tell me about 9-11 to get my interest?
Well, different people are affected by different things depending on your background.
Like, if you're just a typical person, I would give you the, you know, Building 7.
That seems to affect most people.
Because, you see, this is something most people don't even know about, this 47-story building.
Steel frame, completely steel frame.
It's 47 stories.
It's almost 600 feet tall.
5.30 in the afternoon, the entire building just pulverizes itself for no apparent reason.
And the government has no explanation for it.
And the best thing to do is to tell someone, watch the video of this thing come down.
Take a look at the photos that show there's almost no fire anywhere.
It was never hit by an airplane.
And you've got to visualize this in the city that you're in right now.
You've got to look outside at a 47 story building and just imagine the thing.
Well, initially, let's correct that real quick.
Initially, I believe it was Dan Rather that said it fell and looked like a controlled demolition.
Oh, the initial report, yeah.
But that was his opinion, of course.
Yeah, the initial reports out there are saying, boy, it looks just like when you put explosives in a building.
And then we had Larry Silverstein later come out on a PBS special.
Most of the listeners of this show are aware of it, but again, something worth mentioning.
And he says that at some point they decided to pull the building.
And then there are multiple interviews with people who work in controlled demolition that verify, again, pull.
The meaning pull does mean to demolish the building.
To go ahead, the charges are set, go ahead, push the button, pull it.
It's ready to go.
And I guess on that note, Silverstein came out recently and tried to say, well, of course, I want to clarify that statement by pull, I mean get the firefighters out of the building, which is contrary to all terminology we know about controlled demolitions.
Well, furthermore, if you replace the word it, pull it, with pull the battalion, the statement he makes doesn't make any sense anyway.
See, there is no way to interpret his remark
In any way that makes any sense.
The only thing I would say is that his entire remark on television was meant to intimidate all the government officials into just keeping their mouths shut.
You know, he's basically saying, I'm going to do what I want and you people obey or else.
Because nothing he says makes sense.
They couldn't possibly have demolished the building in an afternoon.
They couldn't have just pulled out a
Battalion, and then sat back and watched the building collapse.
Nothing makes any sense except that it was an intimidation technique.
Tell people what was housed in Building 7, what Building 7 was.
Many people allege that it was the central operating center for this entire event.
Well, that's what I think, because on the 23rd floor of this building, they had this special reinforced area that had...
Bulletproof, bomb-resistant glass that was capable of withstanding 160 mph wind.
This is FEMA headquarters, CIA headquarters, FBI, Mayor Giuliani command control.
Of course they had, I know, I believe they had, what was it, thousands and thousands and thousands of gallons of fuel in order to run generators in that building?
Yeah, there's a lot of documents for court cases, evidence.
And so there's a lot of reasons people wanted, you know, people that were being investigated by...
The government would have wanted to destroy that building just to get rid of some of the evidence against them.
I think some Enron documents were either there or in the towers.
I forget.
But there was a lot of documents, a lot of evidence.
And so that's one of the many reasons they'd want to get rid of that building.
Plus, I think if you look at that 23rd floor, here we have an office building with this reinforced bunker with its own air supply.
So that could have been the command center where they're running this whole operation.
So there's a lot of reasons to get rid of the building.
If that's the command center, you definitely want to destroy it.
As you point out, there is no real official explanation.
That is an explanation endorsed by the government, an official explanation as to why Building 7 fell, why it fell the way it did.
There are a number of hypotheses.
There are a number of theories coming out by minions of the government, but nothing that the government has specifically co-signed.
That's a very good point.
The FEMA report that came out in 2003 says we don't know how it came down.
Their following report, the 9-11 Commission report, didn't even address the issue at all.
They just ignored it.
Because you can't explain it.
There is no way you can explain how that building came down.
It didn't come down because of a fire.
There were just a couple little fires in it.
It didn't come down from airplane crashes because nothing hit it.
There is no way to explain it.
It is only explainable through explosives.
And so that right there, that building alone is enough to tear apart the whole government story about these Arab hijackers.
That is a sign that somebody loaded that building with explosives beforehand.
What would people... I've talked to a lot of people about Building 7 as well, and usually the response I get is they try to move on to another issue.
That's right.
There's just no way to really figure it out.
But have you heard any, I guess, adequate arguments or debates against using Building 7 as a piece of evidence?
I think it's one of the best pieces, because like you say...
No one can explain it.
There is no way to explain it without explosives.
We're going to come right back.
More on 9-11 as we're revisiting it.
One of the most important events in our history, certainly, and all the ramifications that go with it.
Eric Hoffschmidt is with us.
We're talking about his book, Painful Questions and Other Issues.
We'll also take your calls.
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Eric Huff's been with us today.
Painful Questions is the book and analysis of the September 11th attacks.
Painful Deceptions is the video.
I believe that's on Prison Planet TV.
Check that out.
And also, you can get both the book and the DVD by either going to InfoWars.com or calling 888-253-3139.
We carry it here at the InfoWars studios.
One thing I like about you, Eric Huffschmidt, is that you're not judgmental.
You're not a gatekeeper.
You're not out there trying to control all the information about 9-11.
You're simply trying to give your own perspective, which is really, folks, a scientific analysis almost of what happened on 9-11.
But I have to hand it to you, Eric, because I'm real sick of these gatekeepers.
Oh, yeah.
Well, you've got to remember, people have to keep in mind that this...
9-11 attack is not just like a burglary here.
You know, this is a major... Mass murder.
And then you've got wars.
But see, what I didn't even realize when I first wrote the book is this is the tip of the iceberg.
This is where, you know, once you start looking into it, you can realize why it's so important, why they're trying so hard to cover this up.
It's not an isolated incident.
If you look at people like... See, this is where... If you look at Benjamin Friedman's speech, this is... In 1961, what he was talking about, and then you got Myron Fagan also in the 60s.
This is actually coming from a group of people that have been working, you know, through the generations even.
Same people that might have been behind the Northwoods document.
Right, some of the same people.
You know, the organization itself, you know, will come and go, change members, you know,
As people come and go and die and whatever.
But some bail out of it.
Apparently that's what Benjamin Friedman did.
He was partly in it in the beginning and then decided, what am I doing here?
I don't want to be with these people.
And he turns on them and exposes them.
Yeah, it almost sounds like John F. Kennedy might have been thinking in that same way, shape, and fashion.
Yeah, that's right.
And they mentioned that, you'll see that too, that they've got to get rid of him.
He had so many enemies, of course, you can't even nail down them.
That's very true.
And same thing with Robert Kennedy, who, RFK, who was a staunch anti-communist, was for all of the anti-communist covert activities, and then woke up himself.
Right, and what's interesting is if you listen to Myron Fagan, he says these same people started the communist movement.
And they're starting the fights that go on between the different races in this country.
They're constantly creating fights, constantly creating hatred and trouble for everybody.
And we're all victims, every one of us.
And he even mentions...
You know, a lot of these people, they're Jewish, so if you criticize them, you're anti-Semitic, but he points out they are sacrificing Jews in this process.
Yeah, as they've done throughout the centuries.
And yet, to build up anger, even, see, they can then hide behind it, for one thing, plus it gets Jews on their side, because then they get scared that, uh-oh, the Nazis are after us, the communists are after us.
And it's just constant.
Create hatred between different races, between men and women, between political parties.
And it even talks about how they need to find people that, you know, the patsies that they can put into political offices.
Which is what you look at our government today, that's all it is.
You know, it's just one idiot or another just following orders.
Matrix moles, as I call them.
Have you had a chance?
I think it's the History Channel, Eric, that is debuting a new movie about Flight 93, and they put together a dramatization of the events of the Shanksville crash and the subsequent events that led to the crash.
I know you've investigated.
Have you been to Shanksville?
I haven't personally.
No, I haven't personally, but there's one movie I saw, The Flight, that fought back.
Is that the one you're referring to?
Yeah, well, there's a brand new one out that just came out, and from the clips I saw, the first clip is one of the victim's wives on the phone with 9-11, or with 9-11, with...
The authorities saying, my husband just called me from the plane, there are terrorists on the plane, they're threatening to kill the passengers, blah, blah, blah.
But really, I think a dramatization based on, I'm not going to say it's fact, I mean, what are they basing this on?
What evidence do they have to continue with this story?
Well, it really looks like a lot of this is coming right out of some Hollywood producer or something.
Jerry Bruckheimer.
I don't know who's doing it, but Hollywood, again, Hollywood is somehow involved with this and the media.
So, I mean, it's not even a joke to say it's coming from Hollywood people.
I mean, if you look at who's in it, look who's covering it up.
You know, these are the people.
They're not doing this because they're naive.
You know, they're not creating these, like this movie you just mentioned, Flight 93.
The people that created this are not naive.
Have you ever tried to use your cell phone on an airplane?
Oh, yeah, it doesn't work.
I borrowed a cell phone.
It wasn't mine, but it won't work.
I have, and actually there have been announcements long after 9-11 that the technology is now there so that you can use a cell phone on an airplane.
I believe they changed that to in-flight phones conveniently enough.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay tuned.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Jim in New Mexico.
Johnny in Vancouver.
We're good to go.
Eric, as we went out of that last segment, I'd mentioned that the government cover story seemed to change.
Not really put on the record solidly, but now they're getting away from the cell phone thing, and they're starting to say, in-flight phones, which would prove, again, that initially their cover story was wrong.
I wonder how this movie will portray it.
Do you want to take a guess?
Are they going to be using in-flight phones to call their loved ones now instead of the cell phones?
Or are they going to stick to the cell phone story?
Yeah, I would hope they'd get rid of those cell phones, because in the other Flight 93 movie, they were using cell phones, even the headset types.
So hopefully they will fix that.
But you see, when you watch this movie... Are they trying to tell us something with this?
I mean, we all know you can't use the cell phones at high altitudes, not near the cell towers.
I mean, is this their little signal to us that we did it?
Well, see, you don't know.
Sometimes they might be doing it just to rub it in your face, because, you see, when you look at Building 7...
They could have taken that one down at night when no one was looking.
They've let at least five different video cameras that I'm aware of film it.
And then they let people take still photos of it.
And it's almost as if it's like, yeah, what are you going to do about it?
You know, it's almost like they're doing it on purpose, just to shock and just create fear.
It really hits the, I guess, truth community, the patriot community, give it whatever name you want, the resistance, because these are the people that are going to notice the inconsistencies.
And many people are going to be paranoid and afraid, knowing that the government would make this bold of a move.
The globalists, the government, we're going to try to name some names today, folks.
Here's another angle for you, Eric.
These terrorists are pretty stupid.
I mean, here's the thing.
They were able to pull off this mastermind event, attacking two sites, two most controlled, most secure sites on the planet Earth, the Pentagon and the World Trade Center towers.
They're that smart, they were able to do all of that, but too stupid to take away cell phones or in-flight phones from the passengers?
Oh, yeah, I know.
The way they... See, the fact that they even got into these restricted air spaces is something...
That's, to some people, right there, very key evidence.
If you look at 93, how long was 93 lost with the transponders turned off?
I mean, they went almost to Ohio, didn't they?
Yes, and even in the movie, the TV movie made a remark about how they were looking for it and the aircraft are, I mean, they're aware of it.
They know this thing is hijacked.
They're talking to the, they hear the air, they supposedly are hearing the hijackers saying, yeah, there's a bomb on board, everyone sit down.
So they're watching it.
And no one's doing anything.
It's just like the flights that hit the towers.
They're supposedly hearing messages from the hijackers, and nobody does anything.
Now, again, maybe something like the cell phones won't prove this overall conspiracy, but it is certainly one aspect, one component that can be used when trying to relate this information to other people.
What about the drills?
Eric Huffschmidt, I mean, we've seen this happen at the 7-7 bombings in London.
We've seen this happen just with about every terrorist incident.
One of the callers called in today and mentioned a story that we're carrying at Infowars.com, another nuke exercise in Carolina Defense Department to hold second anti-terror drill.
Do you want to comment on these drills?
Because it seems to me to be quite a coincidence.
Yes, in fact, the 7-7 drill might help people understand 9-11, because that one was just...
Really blatant.
There was a... I think you guys have the clip of it, too, don't you, on Prison Planet?
That guy going on TV, the policeman or whatever he was saying, boy, this is really suspicious.
I mean, interesting.
He doesn't even think it's suspicious.
This is interesting.
We were running an exercise of terrorists with backpacks and practically the same thing and the same trains.
People don't even get it.
This is how you fool a security department or the Air Force.
We're good to go.
Where they've got planes crashing into buildings or planes being hijacked.
So what happens is when the first reports come through, some people say, well, yeah, we're running exercises.
And they had been running multiple exercises of planes being hijacked and crashing into the Pentagon for years.
In fact, this was even on the Pentagon's own website until people started discussing it, which makes the absurd statement of Condoleezza Rice, as I like to call her, we had no idea that they would ever take planes and use them as missiles to...
Absolutely preposterous.
I mean, that has to blow any possible credibility that she ever had or ever will have.
I know.
They've blatant lies here.
There's so many lies.
This is what, when you try to explain 9-11 to people, you really have to point out to them,
There's so many holes in their theory that you're just going to give them a few... I mean, if they lie once and they obfuscate again and again and again, they must be trying to hide something.
I mean, that would be the instant analysis by any criminal investigator.
You don't have to figure every little detail out, but you're catching them on so many lies, so many very big, very important ones.
So you've got things like the towers coming down, the Air Force not doing anything.
There's so many of these things.
We are proving it.
We have proven this years ago.
I want to tell you that NORAD stood down because of incompetence.
I know.
Well, that's another one.
Here's another one.
How'd they get away with this?
Can you imagine going to a dentist and he accidentally drilled a hole through your face?
Oh, I'm incompetent.
Come back next week and I'll fix that for you.
I mean, if these people are truly as incompetent as they claim, that alone should be reason to get rid of them.
I mean you don't put people this incompetent
Can we see this again and again and again, whether it was with 9-11, whether it was with Afghanistan and Iraq, whether it was with the Hurricane Katrina and Rita?
We caused the problem.
It was our incompetence that caused all this problem.
But stick with us.
We'll fix it.
We broke it.
Yes, they're always using this.
Well, we're just stupid.
Sorry, guys.
I mean, Katrina's a good one.
I mean, the levees break for mysterious reasons, and then they mysteriously don't do anything.
Oh, we're stupid.
And as a listener pointed out earlier in our program when he was talking about Katrina, is there was plenty of prior knowledge that that was going to happen.
Of course, in the case of 9-11-2001, the events of prior knowledge are so voluminous, Eric, that you literally can write a whole 300-page book just on the prior knowledge aspect of 9-11.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, see, what it is is this stuff is, and this is why this movement's growing.
You see, it's not shrinking.
As time goes on, more people are realizing, you know, we are telling the truth about it.
This is a big hoax, and we're the victims.
Yeah, we are underpaid.
We have little to no resources.
There's not enough of us, certainly, though more and more are coming in all the time.
And we've managed to make so much headway to prove so many falsities, so many lies being put out by the administration.
It's just a wonder that people could ever trust them again after the first lie, let alone after the 3,000th lie.
Right, and the reason I think it's so easy for us, like you say, no money and hardly anybody, is that it's easy when you're just telling the truth.
It's not very hard.
It's very difficult to maintain a lie because you've got to somehow suppress a lot of information.
And see, they've got a real hard job.
They're like pushing a boulder up a hill and we're just pushing it the other direction.
We've got the easy job and that's why a handful of people with no money can do so much damage to them.
I'm going to go to the phones now and let you people take a crack at Eric Huffschmidt and myself.
Any questions you might have about 9-11, how to explain it, I guess any cover stories that you've been unable to debunk yourself.
I think that would be an important line of questioning, though anything you want to talk about is certainly fine with us.
And again, the number 800-259-9231.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Let's talk to Jim in New Mexico.
Jim, are you still with us?
I'm here, Jack.
Thanks for holding.
Thank you.
I really appreciate your show.
Actually, I called in in the first hour regarding a different topic, something that was brought up yesterday.
But regarding this topic, I just would like to ask your guest if he had heard anything about the fact that these buildings in the World Trade Center complex had been wired with C4 explosives from day one.
Oh, you mean when they were built?
Well, see, this is another thing.
The idea that the construction workers were putting explosives in any building.
It doesn't have to be those buildings.
I mean, the idea of that is just... I think they're just throwing that out there to throw people off course again.
Isn't it kind of a red herring again?
It's kind of like the Kennedy assassination.
When you try to get too detailed here.
I mean, look.
We can look at the buildings.
We can see, and even the government has admitted it in some capacity, that the planes...
Nor the fire could have caused those buildings to fall.
We've seen similar buildings.
One in Madrid, of course, comes to mind that didn't fall.
In fact, no building made like this has ever fallen from fire.
But then the questions start coming through, Eric.
Well, if it fell, how did it fell?
How did they plan those explosives?
And if you don't have questions...
I guess answers for these questions.
You tend to lose some people, but I think we're losing sight of the fact that the government's cover story is that airplanes brought down these buildings.
All we have to prove, Eric, is that that couldn't have happened.
That's right.
That's a very important point you make.
We don't have to answer all the questions.
It's like someone, when you talk about Kennedy, and they say, well, what kind of bullet hit him?
Was it Copper Coat?
Hollow Point?
Mercury Field?
Who cares?
We'll never know the answers.
We'll never know the details.
And some of this stuff, they're throwing out, it's like a smorgasbord, they're throwing out all kinds of nonsense hoping people pick it up and waste their time.
And make a mistake and that they can be discredited certainly as well.
I mean, look, I talked to a major league firefighter and he said that there is a potential that C4 was...
We're good to go.
I did interview somebody once from Cantor Fitzgerald.
I believe they were taken out of the building for roughly, I believe, a week or ten days due to some electrical difficulties.
At that point, anybody could have went in there and wired whatever they wanted to.
Yeah, and see, the idea that they had put explosives in there in the first place, where they also have a switch to detonate it somewhere?
Like, where's the switch?
And what does it say on it?
Do not push this or the buildings blow up?
Well, you know, personally, I would think that if they had been wired with C4 from day one and they had been brought down with that C4, that we would have been told.
Well, yeah, of course.
But you see, what it is, is every time you spend time on these issues, you're wasting time because it doesn't do us any good.
And also, if the C4 had been utilized...
Then people would have been removed from the building first.
Oh, yeah.
Well, you see, but the thing is when you're talking about these issues with people, you're wasting your time talking about them.
You really should tell people just don't do it.
Don't talk about it.
Don't waste your time on these.
This is something that you and your friends or you and like-minded individuals can debate and concoct theories over.
Not something you probably want to take to a neophyte.
Anything you don't absolutely know is obviously not the first plank of where you're going to start with this story.
I mean, I've heard...
You know, tactical nukes could have been in the sub-basement.
And I guess there's a possibility of that.
I mean, we have to remember that in the bottom, and Eric, you're more of an expert on this issue than me, but in the pit of Towers 1 and 2, there was molten lava and seismic activity that would, I guess, could signify a major explosion such as a small tactical nuke, which we know they have.
Well, there's actually a picture.
They saved this blob.
It's about...
Three feet, maybe by four feet.
There's a picture of it.
It's on a video, Relics from the Rubble.
You can get the DVD.
What this is a sign of is that steel really did melt down their basement.
And what Professor Jones is thinking is that they were using thermite in there for some reason, maybe to cut through some of the steel or get into the vaults or something.
It wouldn't have been a nuclear bomb.
It would have been something like thermite, which you can burn it.
It doesn't make a lot of noise.
It won't blow up.
But what it produces is molten iron.
And what they found is this blob full of molten iron and concrete and junk.
And so it is possible that they actually used some thermite down there.
And then you've got eyewitnesses such as William Rodriguez and others that talk about explosions going on before the buildings fell in the sub-basements.
Some eyewitness reports of giant explosions.
But when you're talking in public, what you want to do is get them with the points that are really serious.
These towers falling down in 10 seconds, Building 7 falling down, you know, those sort of things.
Yeah, and we're outlining these for you today.
Anything else today, Jim?
Yeah, I wonder if I could bring up the topic I called in about originally real quick.
Go for it.
A fellow called in yesterday and mentioned the fact about global warming and his concerns about human emissions.
I did a quick search on the Internet and found out that the three most common gases that are released by volcanoes are actually water and sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide.
There's no mention whatsoever of carbon monoxide.
Well, I don't know if I was correct on that or not.
I mean, I was throwing that out thinking on my feet.
I know that that is generally the excuse used by people who are debunking the global warming theory.
I mean, see, here's my problem is that I don't trust the environmental industry.
So I don't think I'm getting any accurate information.
When the environmental industry actually works with the biggest oil companies in the world, I know that there is some other agenda here.
The volcano eruptions are a common theory used to, again, debunk the issues of global warming, which has happened, and it can be proved through scientific evidence, Eric, I'm sure you know a little bit about this, through the millennia.
You can go back, you can look and see global warming.
Well, if there was global warming without any automobiles, then where did it come from?
Well, you know, that's another thing, Jack.
I also agree that global warming has been occurring, you know, over the millennia.
It's just natural cycles.
It's pre-ringed out.
It proves that.
And I feel like the global warming issue is being put out front as an environmental issue.
It is a huge industry, a multi-billion dollar industry.
And I've got to say, I don't like giving Bush a lot of credit for anything, but not signing on to the Kyoto Agreement has to be probably better for us than signing into it.
Eric, do you have any comments on that?
I've got to tell you, I'm not a real expert on it.
I know a little bit about it, and I'm able to throw out a few things here and there, but I haven't done extensive studies on it.
No, after looking at the way the government lies about things like 9-11 and all the rest, I think you've got to be suspicious of everything these people are saying.
Especially the media.
I've heard that global warming is caused by cow flatulence, and according to the BP commercial, by us breathing.
One more quick thing, if I could, Jeff.
The environmental industry is a huge industry controlled by Prince Philip and other nefarious organizations and people at the top.
You know, perhaps there are a couple of organizations or a few that are infiltrated by these nefarious people and organizations that are manipulating this whole argument.
But you know...
Nature is the life support system of our planet.
So you obviously believe in global warming.
I mean, that's the crux of the call.
You believe that global warming is happening.
No, I just don't want to see environmental organizations demonized.
You know, everybody lumped together.
Well, I'll talk about this on the other side because I have plenty of evidence on this.
We're with Eric Hochschmidt today.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Stay tuned.
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I think?
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Going back to Jim and Dunexco's call, I mean, look, we're not trying to demonize anyone who cares about the environment.
That is far from my own objective, and certainly you should know, we should all be intelligent to know that I don't speak for Alex Jones.
I'm just sitting in for his show.
I have my own opinions, and those opinions are based largely on a lot of research and my own personal experience.
And I've met a lot of environmentalists who are true blue.
They really have their, I guess, the nature or the environment's best interest at heart.
But we have to understand that every major environmentalist group was funded initially and initially infiltrated by, say, the Club of Rome.
You mentioned Prince Philip earlier.
I've mentioned Ted Turner and other philanthropists and all these tax-free people.
I think?
I think the Club of Rome is their role to issue propaganda about environmental crisis and to use that to justify the centralization of power.
Again, problem, reaction, solution.
And the suppression of industrial development in both the West and the so-called Third World also is another justification for what?
Population control, folks.
At the end of every environmentalist mantra, whether they're porch environmentalists and really out trying to help the world, or they're the instigators and the key movers and shakers of the multi-billion dollar environmentalist movement, the end solution is always depopulation.
Eric, I know you understand that.
I just didn't get too much into the global warming either issue, but...
Oh yeah, yeah.
I know what you mean.
We have to be critical of all of this stuff because there's so much lying going on.
I mean, we're talking about things we can prove.
We're talking about 9-11 and what is the best evidence that we have.
And I've got to tell you, not only do I not trust the environmentalists running the environmentalist movement and even those that are countering the environmentalist movement, but I don't think there's been any real, serious, documented proof about global warming.
One day it's global warming, the other day it's another ice age.
Oh, they do the same thing with food.
What causes cancer?
But you see, this is when you start looking, when you start realizing what Benjamin Friedman and that Fagin say, what they are doing is they're creating a lot of the fights.
They create a lot of the different groups that fight.
They're fooling a lot of us.
A lot of these groups are not real, or they're infiltrated.
And the deception is just shocking, because you see, they profit no matter what.
As long as they can keep people fighting with each other...
If the American people are fighting with each other, they don't realize their government is under control.
Yeah, the balkanization, that's a really good point, and turning us against one another, and that probably, at the end of the day, is the real agenda here.
But when we look at environmentalists, it's the same thing.
I've heard people speaking about immigration, Eric, and this is how they put it.
We have too many people.
It's not that it's illegal.
It's not that the wages are being driven down so much.
It's not everything else that goes with illegal immigration.
It's that there's too many people.
Well, yeah, I think...
Oh, yeah.
And I think they're also trying to create fights between the Mexicans and the Americans right now, too.
It's hard to defeat a nation where the people are united, but it's not difficult when they're all busy fighting with each other, you see.
Excellent point.
Eric Huffschmidt will stay with us.
Third hour of the Alex Jones Show coming up, and we'll go right back to your call.
Stay tuned.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
They missed it.
I mean, there you go.
You could make a serious argument.
I think I did a pretty good job.
I mean, I raised a few issues, and of course the conversation kept moving to the next thing.
There were never any real confrontations on the issues that I brought up.
But again, the debunker's call yesterday, and now we have Eric Huffschmidt today, an expert on 9-11, and there's no sign of him.
Well, it's probably just as well they just waste your time.
What people have to realize is they are going to try to cover this up and they're going to try to distract you with silly issues like, where are the wingtips from the airplanes that hit the towers?
People have to remember, don't get caught up in this because every day you waste, it's another day that's gone by.
Look at all the terrorist attacks we've had since 9-11.
Train bombings.
Bus bombings.
Then you have that mysterious Katrina Levy destruction.
So far, there's nothing stopping them.
Meanwhile, the economy is getting worse.
The fighting is increasing everywhere in the country.
It's getting worse.
It's not getting better.
We're not going to help it if people get caught up on these little details like, well, where did the planes go if they didn't hit the Pentagon?
Who cares?
You know, that's all well and good, and I just want to clarify, I don't think you're saying that people shouldn't publish this type of information, people shouldn't investigate this type of information.
I think, because again, that would be more gatekeeping, what you're saying, Eric, is if you want to make the most salient argument related to 9-11, here's how you're going to do it.
Oh yeah, when you're spreading the information, you want to stick with the important points and don't get caught up.
Now, if you want to, in your own time...
You know, with your friends that already know about this.
Once people know about this, then it's fine to discuss the details.
And it's okay to investigate even the most wildest theory because, again, a lot of theories were considered wild until they were proven to be correct.
It's not a bad idea to investigate some outlandish theory related to 9-11 or any other scandal, but certainly you want to use the best information you have.
It's kind of like almost a sales technique.
You want to use the stuff that you know is going to work and not the stuff that you think is going to work, and you actually want to let your prospect do most of the talking.
That's another trick of the trade I'll pass along to you.
I want to talk with you, Eric, about the core columns, the...
I just want to get off the 9-11 thing just for a second.
Hey there.
Yesterday or last night, Canada...
Took one step closer to what we call the New World Order.
I'm not sure if you guys are aware that... I talked about it earlier in the show today, that you've got a new quote-unquote conservative government now.
Well, kind of like yours, right?
I mean, Paul Martin is a member of the Bilderberg Group.
Harper is a member of the Bilderberg Group.
And our ambassador to the United States, Frank McKenna, is also a member as of 2005.
He is going to take probably the leadership of the liberals.
Who probably will get into the Prime Minister's position down the road.
So as cozy as Paul Martin was with George W. Bush, I mean, they didn't send people to Iraq.
I guess that's one of the things they put their foot down on.
You feel that this is a closer move now, that they're moving even closer in Canada to the New World Order.
Well, Paul Martin, you read... I'll keep you after this commercial.
You waited a long time, Johnny.
I'll let you finish your point, and then we're going to get into Tom and Andy and Ruben and others holding.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show, Genesis Communications Radio Network, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll be right back after this.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
Jack Lutz sitting in for Alex Jones.
Eric Huffschmidt with us today.
I think it's important, you know, everything seems to hinge on 9-11 in our society today.
Not just here in this country, but all over the world.
So it's really important to constantly revisit this, to keep this in the forefront of the information war.
I'm sure you'd agree with that, Eric.
Oh yeah, they're using this.
The guy was saying Canada is being manipulated.
They're taking over Canada, America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia.
9-11 is not just an isolated incident.
And China and Russia came out a couple of months ago and said they want a new world order that's focused around the United Nations.
I mean, just when you think they're a viable enemy, they seem to join the cause.
Well, yeah, see, this is why I say I have to emphasize this.
You look at what Benjamin Friedman says and Myron Fagan.
They are manipulating all over the place.
This is a big network, and people keep getting distracted by thinking, oh, it's just 9-11, it's just us.
Some people in other countries think, oh, it's 9-11, it's America.
Well, it's not us.
Yeah, it's empire.
It isn't just America.
It's the banking groups, the media.
Who controls the media?
And you mentioned the stocks.
Remember the Enron and the stocks of 9-11?
I mean, you look at this.
Here are people investing in the stocks of American Airlines, United Airlines, and so on, making money just prior, in the few business days prior to 9-11,
And several countries say, well, we're going to investigate.
America, Japan, Europe.
Where is the investigation?
They got squashed in all of these nations.
You're talking about the insider trading or put options, as they call it.
I want to go back to that, but let's let Johnny finish up.
He's held a long time.
He wanted to make a point.
Johnny, in Vancouver, you're back on the Alex Jones program.
Yeah, I basically think that Martin did half of the dismantling of Canada, and this guy's going to do the rest.
Well, and that's the same thing here with Clinton and Bush.
Or Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton.
Just at this time, the good guys, according to this country, have made themselves look bad, so now we've...
...enforced to choose the bad guys out of desperation.
Isn't it a major problem?
You can comment on this as well, Johnny.
But, Eric, isn't it a major problem when we look back at the... I mean, we can go back with George Herbert Walker Bush for quite a way.
Some even say to the Bay of Pigs and the Kennedy assassination.
But we can definitely look at the Reagan administration and say, that was an administration controlled by George Herbert Walker Bush, skull and bones.
Well, magically, there's a good possibility here we could have eight years of Hillary Clinton.
Again, Clintons and Bushes, Bushes and Clintons, as the song goes.
When you have this much power for this long, you're going to build quite a base.
Yeah, and they've been a while.
If you look at who killed Kennedy, they're even involved in that.
This is what I mean.
It goes back even generations before these people were born.
It's like a big network, and they might bring new people in.
Some people might drop out.
But it's big, and we've got to realize they have control of America.
They're getting Canada, Australia.
We don't want to lose sight of this and start thinking that it's just a couple, you know, one nation or maybe it's only... Johnny understands this.
How many of your fellow Canadians seem to understand it, Johnny?
I talk to a lot of people up there and they seem to really know what's going on like you.
A majority, but the thing is there's a lot of people that are still in the dark and they still are in the false left-right paradigm that believe that
My side is better than your side and they'll probably never wake up because that's just the way our society is, right?
I have one thing on the 9-11.
Go for it.
I believe that Darryl Bradford Smith is 100% correct on his whole justification of why 9-11 happened and who caused it.
I know a lot of people don't have the balls to actually say it out loud.
He's a Zionist, right?
Actually, it's not...
See, here's again, I was on a couple tiny little radio stations, and after I was on, the people were basically threatened with their job if they put me on again.
And at one of the stations, he was even told they can't talk about Dave Von Kleister as in plain sight video.
What people have to start doing is standing up to this, because like you said, they're afraid to talk.
But if any one of the stations that carry shows like this drop it, you know, people should be outraged.
They should be getting names of who dropped it.
Because they're dropping it for a reason.
They're dropping it because they are trying to suppress this information, and people have to stand up to this.
Well, let me ask Johnny a question.
I want to go to these other calls, but he brought up an interesting point.
So, basically, let me put it out on the table for you, Johnny.
I don't think the Zionists are behind everything, so I have no balls.
Is that exactly where we're at here?
No, no, not at all, not at all.
But the thing is...
I mean, they are a useful tool, and they're certainly part of the overall scheme, but, I mean, I'm having a hard time believing that if I don't talk about and pin everything and get to the Zionists, that I somehow am emasculated.
No, the thing, what I'm saying is, and I include myself in there too, because I don't have the balls to say this out in public, because you will be persecuted, and very fast.
But the thing is, the Zionists do have control.
Now, who controls the Zionists?
I believe, personally...
That the control comes from higher up.
You want to call it the Illuminati?
You want to call it the Vatican?
Who knows?
But the Zionists are very powerful in one corner and then you've got the Vatican who is just as powerful in another corner.
Now is the Vatican controlling the Zionists or is the Zionists controlling the Vatican?
Nobody really knows.
But there are different branches of the New World Order, the Illuminati that are doing stuff and at this moment you can see in media, in television that Zionists are very powerful.
In religion, it's the Vatican that's most powerful.
They have the most influence throughout the world.
So, you know, then there's the Freemasons.
You know, you don't know who is really the most powerful.
Well, I just happen to believe that the lightbearers, these Luciferians and these secret societies are actually above Zionism and potentially even above the Catholic Church at this point.
I mean, they are running the Catholic Church.
It has been absorbed.
So when you make these definitions, the problem is, you know, there are multiple definitions.
This is an Orwellian age that we live in.
And I think it's another trap.
Quite personally, I believe that.
Now, am I too scared to talk about Zionism or am I too scared to talk about the Catholic Church?
If you listen to my show on a regular basis, you'll see that I'm not.
And I've certainly been persecuted, attacked violently for talking about things such as chemtrails, for instance.
So there are a number of things.
When I talked about the Nick Berg beheading being an inside job, I got seriously threatened.
So it's not through fear.
It's just that we don't believe it.
Let me clarify.
We just don't believe it.
My comment wasn't directed towards you or anybody on this radio station.
That's all.
It's directed towards people I encounter in my daily life.
The minute they hear that, they go, oh, well, the minute you bring in
...a Jewish conspiracy of any type, even if you mention their names.
You're anti-Semitic.
You become basically a Nazi.
And the thing is, it's funny that you talk about 100,000 Jewish children being killed and you're considered a Nazi.
The people who did it aren't.
Thanks for the call, Johnny.
I appreciate it.
I hope we gave you enough time for waiting so long.
But, Eric, you understand my point here?
Oh, I know what you're saying.
We're all in the same situation of who's doing it exactly, and we only know certain people.
You know, like you said, Bush is in it, but then you also know the people like the media.
Isn't it convenient when the Zionists or the Jews are behind everything, isn't it convenient when you're able to bring that up, then of course you're discredited immediately.
It looks like a design to me to put people of the Jewish persuasion out front, to put people who are avowed Zionists out front as a cover for Presbyterians, Baptists.
I mean, we see some pretty strong Christians who are in control of things.
I know you've got people like Pat Robertson.
Well, yeah, see, I know there's a lot of people involved.
It's just that the only ones that really you get attacked for is if you mention the... Let me tell you, Eric, I guarantee you with the last few minutes of broadcasting we've done on this show, I'm going to get attacked.
Oh, I know.
I know exactly where to go look.
Did you hear what Jack Blood said today?
He's probably a Jew covering for the Zionists, okay?
So it works both ways, and it works very nicely for the New World Order.
Again, we're fighting each other over something as ridiculous as this, and I do think it's ridiculous.
Now we'll take Tom in California, and he'll tell me how small my cojones are.
Go ahead, Tom.
You're on the air.
Yeah, hey Jack.
No, I was just calling to say I was from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and we already anticipated the last call, so... Well, no.
No, I'm glad to get on here and talk to Eric, because Eric, I want to say that you do some of the most... Like, you're everywhere, and you were there from the start, and you're the most disrespected person in the 9-11 Truth Movement.
I've seen so many... Like, I was there, and I met you once in San Francisco,
Yeah, that's a side subject.
Eric certainly hasn't received the credibility I feel he deserves, but those of us who have been doing this for many, many years revere Eric Huffman and his initial work, which was the most comprehensive scientific analysis of what happened on 9-11.
Without this, we couldn't have built the rest of the case that we've been putting together these last few years.
And some of the articles you've written, like the one about if you want to get away with
We're good to go.
That's all we can really do.
Another good plug for the French Connection, which, by the way, folks, I believe is on the same time I'm on.
And I always tell people, go listen to that show because he does a good job.
And I really, you know, I'm very loose.
Eric, you've been on my program.
Oh, yeah.
Very loose.
I'm trying to be a good boy doing the Alex Jones Show today, but I get very, very loose.
And we're not really a show for, you know, what you call so-called the patriot movement.
We're really a show for just everyday people out there.
And Daryl does a great job for people that want to hear patriot information, and I highly recommend his show.
And I don't have any problem with people turning me off and going to listen to Daryl.
I think that's a great plug.
Maybe the next guy will plug it, too.
Hey, if I can make another suggestion, get a GCN membership for the archives, man.
That's how I can listen to it all.
Or you can go to our forums where all of our shows are archived.
I don't publicize it.
That's where I guess fell off the bridge.
We're going to come right back more with Eric Kufschmidt.
This interview is taking a very strange turn.
What will happen next?
Stay tuned.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Eric Hopschmidt with us today.
Painful Questions is his perennial book, an analysis of the September 11th attack.
Eric, you've also done a lot of work, and I don't want to know if we want to go here today, but I just want to let people know that you've done a lot of work into this pedophilia rings that have been a part of our government for many, many years.
Oh, I just did a little bit.
I got a little video out there summarizing what Kay Griggs did and what Kay Griggs has said.
I only looked into a little because it's
You know, when I first heard about it, I was thinking, oh, there's got to be exaggerations.
This is too wild.
But, you know, you look at Senator John DeCamp, you look at what... There's Jimmy Rothstein, there's a... The Jeff Gannon incident, of course, comes to mind.
The Jeff Gannon, Jeff Gucker incident, yeah.
Yeah, but you see, what's weird is every once in a while you'll see in the ordinary newspapers, like CNN or ABC, there'll also be a report about...
How these sex slaves are being bought and sold.
And they mention it, but then there's never any follow-ups.
It's obviously a very big operation, and there is no way...
People can be bought and sold like this, on this scale, without government protection.
There's no way!
And it certainly speaks to bribery.
Having something on your fellow politicians, on your fellow Matrix moles, or New World Order middle management, as I like to call them.
I mean, if you've got dirt on them, if they've been shacking up with little boys or little girls, you can control them, again, for the...
I'm writing a story now, Eric.
It'll be the first one I send it to.
I'm almost finished with it.
It talks about the definition of chicken hocks.
And I've never really heard anybody mention this, but when I came up on the street, chicken hawk, as it is used today, had an entirely different meaning.
And what it meant was older men that preyed upon chicken, they were considered little children.
So when we say chicken hawks, I want people to understand it has a dual meaning, and I've archived both the meaning and the war records of our leaders today as it pertains to the more recent events.
Definition of chicken hawks and then also gone back through all of the various pedophile sex scandals over the last several decades to again connect the two.
Oh yeah, the chicken hawk now, I always thought of it as you didn't go to war, you just promoted it.
And again, I'm surprised that the earlier definition hasn't come out more in the movement, as we like to call it, because again, that's the first time I've ever heard chicken hawk.
That's how I heard it used, was an older gentleman that preys on younger children.
Yeah, but that is apparently a big source of blackmail.
And you know what's interesting?
I was just talking to someone today.
They were having trouble ordering a book on my site.
And she brought up an interesting issue.
She's got a sister who's a lesbian.
And she says her sister has seen some of our White House personnel at the gay bars in Texas.
One of the things a lot of our government officials don't seem to realize is
People see what they're doing.
Not everybody, but there are people seeing and they are talking about them.
They're not totally hidden from us.
You know, they go out into the same gay bars that some of the other people do.
They go out to the same supermarkets.
I've got eyewitnesses putting Karl Rove in some of those bars.
And see, this is the other thing.
They don't seem to realize.
They think they're being so sneaky.
Well, in some cases they are sneaky, but she was even saying, like, Karen Hughes, Scott McClellan, Scooter Libby, they're all involved in this.
And people are seeing them.
There's eyewitnesses out there.
Is it getting to a point where nobody gets up to a high position of power unless they have this kind of dirt on them?
That's what it looks like.
If you want to get involved, if you want to get promoted in the military, the government, the media, you've got to be somehow controllable.
And it...
It seems to extend to Hollywood, even.
And who knows where else?
You know, the whole music industry.
See, this is this criminal network that they are getting so much control.
It's like a fungus is growing, and they're luring people into it.
And then as they destroy the economy, think of just Katrina.
How many people were just thrown out of work?
Lost everything they have.
Now you can come to them and say, well, you want some money?
Hey, just do this for us.
They can lure people into it and get more people trapped.
You see, this is how they can operate.
And the more chaos they create, the more it helps them.
They thrive on this chaos.
They thrive on the hatred.
They thrive on the crime.
It helps them.
And the only way we're going to be able to stop it is exposing this all and telling people, you know, we don't have to live this way.
That's right.
And also, I mean, look, this is part of farming a new generation of people who go along with the New World Order, who go along with global government, who go along with all this anti-terrorism and the taking of our rights and replacing them with privileges.
You know, you get the children.
That's why we have No Child Left Behind.
When they say No Child Left Behind, folks, they mean it.
And we've got to get out there and educate future generations in order to fight this good fight.
We'll come right back and, dare we, go right back into your calls with Eric Huffschmidt.
Alex Jones Show.
Stay tuned.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
You know, one of the things I think works really well when you're going out to people on the street and you're trying to get them interested in all of the research that you've done, certainly 9-11 is a precipice.
It works very, very well.
And I've seen people like Phil Jahan rove around with clipboards full of pictures.
And he simply shows people pictures, asks very simple questions, and then gets a response from his, let's call them a prospect.
Maybe a stranger on the street that you're trying to relay this information to.
And if you're not doing that, you're really not fighting the info war.
You don't want to be preaching to the choir, folks.
You want to get out there and get new people and put this information in front of them because they're just dying to see it.
And I think one of the best things you can use to do...
You can get that by calling 888-253-3139.
That's the Infowars hotline.
And there are some great full-color pictures.
There are some great schematical designs that will show you exactly how the World Trade Center towers were built and why they couldn't have been taken down by fires and an airplane.
And I really, really insist that you get this book if you haven't gotten it already.
You can go to InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139.
And Eric, if you'd like to give out your website...
Oh, they could just go to hugequestions.com.
That's the easiest one to remember.
Huge, H-U-G-E, and then questions.com.
I'm looking at a picture now.
This is the one when I first got your book a few years ago.
This is the one that really stood out to me.
The buildings fell because of these massive fires, as we're being told, but yet in the middle of the area where the plane hit the North Tower, the picture in your book, full-color picture, shows people standing in the hole minutes after the disaster.
Oh, yeah.
People are walking around up there.
See, that's a sign.
This is, again, when people argue that the towers fell down with fire, you can show them this picture and tell people, look, people are walking around up here.
The firemen also made it up to the fire zone of both towers.
If people are walking around, it can't be much hotter than a hot summer day.
How could those buildings come down?
Just because there's a few hot spots, that's not going to bring a building down.
The woman holding on to the actual structure itself, obviously not too hot to hold on to, standing in this giant hole made in the North Tower.
Yeah, it's shocking.
But see, that's one of the things, like you mentioned, Phil can go out there with this picture.
Phil's got the personality that...
It's amazing.
If you've ever watched it.
If you've seen him in action, it is amazing.
He's got about a 99% conversion rate.
Yeah, see, this is the thing.
A lot of people say, well, what can we do?
Well, if you've got his personality, what you can do is you take a book like that and show people the picture and talk to them.
Most people can't do it.
I couldn't do it.
Well, I've done it myself, and you're right.
You do need to be a little bit of an extrovert to just walk up to a stranger and start trying to convince them that 9-11 was an inside job.
I mean, talk about having cojones.
Phil has gone to the guard tower guards at the White House.
He's gone knocking on the door at the Pentagon and in various embassies doing this exact same thing.
Well, I know he did this for us in Miami, Florida, when Jimmy Walter had that meeting.
We had almost nobody in the theater, so...
Fortunately, Phil was out there, and he's like, come on, Phil, get out there into the street and start bringing people in.
He will be unleashed here in Austin, Texas any day now.
I know he's on his way down here.
I want to get to the rest of these calls.
Dare I?
Yes, I do dare.
Quickly, tell us about the core columns.
Did the airplane destroy the core columns?
What were the core columns?
Give us a good few-minute analysis on that, if you would, Eric.
Well, those core columns were, there's a 47 in the center of the building.
Think of a rectangle, maybe two to three feet,
I think so.
What I'm getting at here is that the planes would have had to knock out all of the core columns in order to allow the pancake theory to take place.
Well, plus, yeah, they would have to knock out, somehow all of those core columns would have to break simultaneously for that.
What we saw with the North Tower, the North Tower, the top of it just fell down right on top of the floor below it.
That means every one of those columns had to break at once.
And all of the outside columns also, because even without the inside ones, you're still...
You've still got 236 running around the outside.
And this is why Kevin Ryan from Underwriters United, I think that's the term, they were providing some of the insurance for the World Trade Center towers, had to come out and actually lose his job saying it was impossible.
These buildings were meant to withstand massive impacts from airplanes.
They were built to withstand fire and wind and storms and hurricanes.
It is impossible for them to have fallen in the way, shape, and manner that the government has told us that they did.
Yeah, I think it was Underwriters Laboratory.
I can't read it.
But you're right.
The winter storms were more severe than this.
That's why if you listen to the people who came out of the towers, when they described the airplanes crashing into them, they said, yeah, we felt it sway a little bit.
But then they'll say, yeah, winter storms were worse than this in some cases.
And let me just go back to something you said a minute ago, because it just came into my brain.
I've got to get this out there.
Maybe you don't have a personality to take a book like Painful Questions and make a cohesive argument and really convince people, but what you can do is get this book, and you can just open up the page and go...
You know, Aunt June, what I don't understand, if this fire was so hot, why is a person standing in this giant hole?
And you could just play dumb and show people these pictures, and I think you'll really make an impact.
Yeah, that's what some people will also do.
It's like, how did they walk around here?
Or how did they do this?
That's another thing.
And you can also show how it collapsed, you know, all the dust pouring out.
It's like, where does this come from?
Well, let me tell you, the TSA was so interested in your book, Eric, when I took it to New York with me, it was still in its shrink wrap, I think, and they decided to open it up and read it, to take it out of my luggage and start reading it.
Oh, great.
So they were very interested in what you had to say as well.
Well, as long as they didn't give you the full-body cavity search for it.
Oh, no, no, I got the five-star, five-S search on that tour.
I travel without identification, so it's always an adventure whenever I get on an airplane.
Let's go to Andy in North Carolina.
Andy, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones program.
Hey, great to be here.
We're out of chaos, right?
Hey, look, I was just wanting to let you know, Jack, my wife loves it when you sit in for Alex.
Frankly, as much as she loves him, he scares her.
Well, she must be a hell of a woman, I'll tell you that.
She is.
Well, she's very well informed, but when he starts into the...
I love it.
I came up on that.
Here's what one person can do.
Before Alex Jones, I didn't take any of this stuff seriously.
Alex Jones came into my life.
It changed my life dramatically.
And now I've been one person going out and affecting thousands and thousands and thousands of people.
So one person can be very, very potent.
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
Alex came into my life right after I read Dark Majesty by Tex Marr.
Yeah, I think so.
The company that did the cleanup
Of the World Trade Centers actually specialize in blowing up, demolishing buildings to where they actually, the sizes fit on trucks, am I right?
Right, that controlled demolition is one of them.
Yeah, and you really should have hammered that on George Norrie, and I hate what happened, because I think what y'all were talking about earlier, you break off more than you can chew.
Well, they want to support the government theory, you see, that radio show, if you look at who controls them, it's Clear Channel, you look at all of our media.
I think George was just trying to be, and just, you know, I'm not,
I mean, I like George.
We spend quite a bit.
We love Alex.
And I think that he was trying to be, you know, objective to get you, because the burden of proof was on you.
Yeah, but at the same time, you've got to remember that no media outlet, except besides maybe Genesis and a few others, they're not going to talk about this.
No, no, I agree.
I've heard that, and I don't want to be confrontational, because I love your work.
Also, in the defense of George Norrie, I mean, look, it's not as easy to get on that show with all of its affiliates and, as you say, Clear Channel and Premier syndicators.
It's not as easy to put this stuff out there as it might even be for somebody like me.
That's right.
Poor Eric was trying to tie in JFK, 9-11, and the moon.
I mean, it was too much.
It's like you're sitting there trying to convince somebody about 9-11, and all of a sudden you start throwing in, look...
People don't get to hear this information, even on Coast to Coast.
So when Eric is on, no matter what kind of a job he does, the information is so potent, it is so important, that there are millions of people out there hearing it going, yeah, yeah, that makes sense, I got it now.
Yeah, exactly.
That's why I hate it sometimes.
If you think you get beat up, Eric, man, y'all are poor David Icke.
The older I get, the more I'm starting to convince.
Look, I'm a 35-year-old human, and I see what these people do, and I'm starting to believe they're not human either.
They very well might be some shape-shifting reptilian bloodsucker.
I don't know what they are, but they can't be human.
So take a little comfort in that.
But anyways, you have great film, A Love Painful Deception.
One thing I was going to say real fast.
Just to let you know that your driver's license has been federalized.
I got a ticket in 1990 in Arizona.
I went to go renew my license the other day, and they told me because of the federal registry, I cannot get my driver's license now.
So I'm sitting here in a battle with Arizona's D&D.
And they took your driver's license away.
I lost mine initially because I didn't renew the tags on my car.
I didn't even get a ticket.
I wasn't even pulled over.
They yanked my... I had a 25-year Arizona license, okay?
D&D for 25 years.
And I'm thinking, because I'm just an ignorant fool at that point...
Well, I don't have to go get another license if I don't lose this for 25 years and I don't get in any trouble.
Well, I didn't get in any trouble.
I lost my license and I'm in a national database in every state in the country.
We're not buying registration tags for the car I didn't drive in Arizona.
One quick thing.
One last thing.
When you're talking to neophytes or whatever, definitely pound on the size of the structures and the way they fell.
I think Eric has a really good overhead shot where you see them and they look like Legos.
And they're out there in the exact same size and all of a sudden these trucks whisk them away and never to be investigated because we already have a pretty drawn conclusion that Osama did it or Oswald did it and we're going to make the evidence fit that.
Well, we did find that passport that floated down through the burning flames.
Which they later, of course, retracted.
I love to throw that in.
Well, that's a good call, Andy.
You cheered me up a little bit.
I appreciate it.
And kiss your wife for me, please.
Tell her I'm very appreciative of any listeners I can certainly get.
You know, Eric, going back to the calls here real quick, but, of course, the cover-up in any criminal investigation, the act of the cover-up almost is the best evidence you can use.
When you look at the JFK assassination, for instance...
I like to tell people about the cover-up.
When I talk about 9-11, I like to start with World Trade Center 93, a known FBI sting operation that went wrong through what?
And then I move to the cover-up.
And when you have a cover-up, obviously somebody's got something to hide.
Oh, yeah.
And with the World Trade Center collapse, they really did a cover-up because immediately they started hauling away all of the rubble.
And fire engineering magazines even got complaining.
In their magazine to fire departments.
This is illegal.
You can't take that rubble away.
It's got to be investigated.
I believe I've heard that they kept some of the rubble to analyze and they sent out the other pieces of girders and whatnot and iron and steel went to become ashtrays in China at some slave labor Walmart factory.
You keep all the evidence.
You spend a lot of money.
All the money it takes.
The GD war right now in Iraq alone is costing us, according to Joseph Stiglitz,
Right, and that war is doing more than just wasting our money.
It's wasting our resources, destroying our economy, ruining our reputation around the world.
By design.
We are the bad cop, folks.
I mean, that's why you listen to a program like this and you think, well, they must be a bunch of liberals.
They must hate America.
No, we love America, and the people that are currently ruling over America are intent on creating us as the bad cop, and the UN is the good cop.
We've been saying that for years.
I've got a couple of calls left here to get to.
I want everybody to go quick and to be as concise and quick as possible.
Ruben in Ohio, you're on the Alex Jones Show with Eric Huffschmidt.
Hey, Eric, your website, EricHusherman.net, is excellent.
There's a picture of a car bomb on there.
Jack, I think that's the same car bomb, that giant hole that Harifazee was assassinated on.
Oh, the one from Lebanon?
There was one of them.
I might have that one, yeah.
The giant, giant hole.
They did the Khobar Towers.
It's also like that.
It's even bigger at the Khobar Towers.
And see, this is, again, they're telling you these are terrorists with car bombs.
And look at this.
Excavating swimming pool-sized holes.
Well, yeah, sure.
And in Iraq, you know, small improvised explosive devices are blowing 70-ton tanks or whatever onto their backs.
So, yeah, the math does not add up.
Thanks for the call, Ruben.
I appreciate you holding.
Let's go to Troy in Florida.
Troy, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, how are you today, Jack?
Very good.
Hey, nice job, Eric, on the new Pearl Harbor.
I was at the December 7th show.
One question I had is William Rodriguez's story.
Is that on any of the 9-11 videos that are out?
Not yet.
He's hoping to put something together.
See, this is one of the problems.
He's had trouble even getting people to co-op, you know, that will help him out.
But he's hoping to get something eventually.
Just remember, William Rodriguez was a hero.
Like Richard Jewell, he was a hero in 9-11.
He saved...
Yeah, he's got a very interesting story, but you can see why they don't want him.
You know, the way he talks about the explosives and what's going on.
And plus, he's also a victim of breathing that demolition debris, which a lot of people don't realize.
There are people still dying, because that stuff was not dust.
It was pulverized windows, fax machines, people.
Concrete, and his lungs are now much worse.
Highly toxic material, which is still there, by the way, and being covered up by the EPA as we speak.
Yeah, and there are people dying still.
Thanks for the call again, Troy.
Good job.
Stuart in New York, I guess you'll be the tail gunner today.
Final call on the Alex Jones program.
You're on the air with Eric Hopschnick.
Oh, thank you, Eric.
Thank you so much for your book, and Jack, for having guests like Eric on.
My birthday is 9-11, so I take this all very seriously.
And being from New York, I lost at least one friend in the towers.
Two questions really quick.
Number one, there's going to come a point in time, I refer to it as critical mass, when even the media can no longer ignore the truth of this.
And I was wondering...
How far you feel we are away from that.
And number two, regarding the Zionist issue, I would think that they would be the last people who would want to be totally involved with this because somebody looking at it would see that they would be the ones likely to benefit from it.
They're always teetering on the edge, but of course they were involved.
What capacity, I guess, is something that we need to analyze.
We'll come right back, answer Stuart's questions, and final segment on the Alex Jones Show program today.
Eric Huffschmidt with us.
Jack Blood with you.
Stay tuned.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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They railed against the crown Another ragtag band Declaring independence They laid their bodies down
Thanks to the renegades.
Renegade broadcasting.
Renegade listeners.
Renegade guests.
You're in the right place, folks.
And it doesn't take everybody to make the move.
Only a very small ragtag band has initially declared independence for this country against King George I.
It was all it really took.
Some might dispute that, but that's what I happen to believe in.
Eric Stewart in New York asked about when is this going to hit critical mass.
Do you have an answer to that question?
No, I actually don't.
Are we in critical mass now, or do we have a ways to go?
Well, it looks like we have a ways to go still.
It is moving, though.
If you look at it, it's moving.
Exactly when something will break, I don't know.
When you see people of London, for instance, backing off, you know, they have the 7-7 bombings there, you'd think that they were going to institute all kinds of draconian legislation, and the people have said no.
It seems to me that at least the environment here in this country says that the people are standing up against some of these more draconian measures of legislation which centralizes government and brings us that new world order.
I mean, have we already reached critical mass, or does something bad have to happen again to take us all the way there?
I don't know.
It does seem to me that we're not there yet, and it does look like it's going to have to get worse, because I don't see enough people.
They're still ignoring it.
The average person still has a TV and a job.
They are still...
Ignoring it.
I think it might have to get a little worse still.
No doubt in my mind, also another question by Stuart, no doubt in my mind the Mossad was involved in 9-11.
To what capacity, I don't know.
I tend to think they were more plumbers than anything else.
But can you see the day when this all comes out and Bush and Cheney are off the hook and they act very surprised that Israel would have done this to us?
Well, yeah.
You bring up a good point.
You can see a lot of people are involved.
Mossad, there's Christians, there's probably atheists, maybe even be Muslims.
Exactly what role everyone played, exactly who's the boss... Who do we pin it on?
Let's pin it on somebody before we end the show today.
Well, it's hard to pin it on.
You can only say certain things.
You can say that, for example... Jenny and Rumsfeld certainly knew.
Right, they knew it.
And then you can say the media executives, the new houses and the...
So, via comms and the NBC, like, you know, there's a whole bunch of these... Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.
Right, you can say all these people are somehow involved in the cover-up.
You can say Dov Zakheim was probably involved in the missing trillions from the Pentagon, and who knows what other role he played in.
And you can see a lot of these people are what you... Silverstein, Pataki, Rudy Giuliani, you know, they're not all Jewish, they're not all Americans, but you can see...
We don't know exactly what role they all play, but we can get a lot of people.
I love Webster Tarpley's take on this, and his great book about 9-11 is a must-have as well.
And he lays it all out as that, you know, look, I don't want to just say it's a shadow government, it's an invisible government.
Here are the key players that coordinate world government, and the George Bushes of the world, the Dick Cheneys of the world, the Ariel Cherones of the world, the Tony Blairs of the world can't make a move without authorization and planning from upstairs.
Yeah, it's just that upstairs, who's the upstairs?
The Rothschilds might be involved at the top level.
The Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Habsburgs.
Oh, that's right, Kissingers, too.
And you've got a lot of them.
And see, what causes trouble is a lot of those people at the top are calling themselves Jewish, and then that's when you get this anti-Semitism charge thrown at you.
We're all moving hard to the end, and we've run out of time, Eric.
We could easily do another four hours with you.
It's been a real honor and a privilege to have you on.
Painful Questions is the book everybody should get.
I'll be right back in a few minutes with Brigadier General Janice Karpinski, who ran Abu Ghraib prison.
She'll be live with us in about a half an hour on Deadline Live, my program.
I'll be back tomorrow with Paul Joseph Watson on the Alex Jones Show.
Now get out there and go fight the New World Order!
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll free 877-376-45.