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Air Date: Jan. 18, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Thank you so much for joining us.
It is the Wednesday edition of this worldwide transmission against tyranny in defense of liberty and human dignity and control of our own personal destinies.
Something that God Almighty saw fit to give mankind free will, the New World Disorder, the New World Dehumanization Slave Grid,
is seeking to steal from us.
And it is blasphemous by every definition of the word.
France to Iran, stop nukes, then meat.
France is getting tough and saying, maybe you need to be attacked.
Even those liberal Frenchies.
Iran proposes new talks with Europeans who are mostly dismissive and are saying we're the Anglo-American establishment.
Prepare to be micro-nuked.
Israel will not allow Iran to obtain WMDs.
And I heard Jack Blood here yesterday read a great article from Information Clearinghouse.
It's up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
More lies about Iran.
And from all my research, this is spot on by Mike Whitney.
I'm going to read this article in its entirety.
Another article here out of the Hampton Spectator.
No need to panic over Iranian nukes.
I mean, folks, it really is.
Total hysteria.
I mean, it is a hundred times more hysterical and based in non-reality than the bird flu fiasco.
But meanwhile, the new German Chancellor Merkel opposes banning Iran from the World Cup soccer.
The soccer must go on.
It's very important, more important than this upcoming war.
And a nice little letter to the editor that is in the Day newspaper.
We're too fat and happy to appreciate freedom.
It's short and sweet.
I want to read that.
And a little tidbit here.
Radioactive produce on sale in Moscow 20 years after Chair Noble.
So eat up.
It's good for you.
And there have been the last few days on average about 20 people...
Well, it's like 15 one day, 20 last night, 10 the day before that, 30 the day before that.
It's 20 plus below zero Celsius.
And it is just devastating over there right now.
And of course, they have more natural gas.
Then you can shake a stick at, I mean, it's just the country is sitting on top of some of the biggest deposits in the world, and they have plenty of it in the tanks, but because it's a corrupt country, they can't get it to the people, so they're turning their gas off in Moscow, and people are dying en masse.
It's all part of the new freedom, ladies and gentlemen.
Don't worry, there's plenty of money to spy on you and shut down newspapers.
And data mining for kids, children can't opt out of Pentagon recruitment database.
We will get into that.
And Pentagon official is saying, Golan, Iraq is not democracy.
And they're on the record saying it isn't democracy.
It's never been democracy.
And the Pentagon battle plans, the Israeli battle plans, state that.
We're good to go.
So we'll get into that as well.
An Iraq Interior Minister okayed torture, ex-general is now saying.
And you talk about brutality.
Again, more of the balkanization.
They engineer the collapse of society.
And Torture Victory Song to be theme of Chinese government New Year shows in United States venues.
We're going to have Chinese military marching in several major U.S.
It's all part of the love and the freedom.
And they've got a torture song that they torture people to, and they admit they do this, at the re-education centers.
This is out of U.S.
And their marching bands are going to be playing that.
Folks, yes, this is a Twilight Zone episode, but it's real.
It's not fiction.
Folks, there's so much today.
Two big guests.
The father of weather weapons, and we'll talk about the new freedom initiative with Dr. Breeding.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in the second hour, we're going to have Ben Livingston on with us for about 30 minutes or so.
He is the father of weather warfare.
And you see, I like to cover this subject because it's not speculation about HAARP and government weather control and advanced weather modification using antennas to ionize different layers of the atmosphere and manipulate the Gulf Stream and the Jet Stream, which certainly that has been declassified to a certain degree.
Certainly they have studied it.
They have tested it.
Some of that is going on.
But with Ben Livingston, he's the guy.
Who flooded northern Vietnam.
He's the guy when they have weather channel specials about weather warriors.
He's the guy who commanded it.
He's the person who first did it with him shooting SAM missiles at him.
And back in the late 60s, they had the Stanford Research Institute look at the findings that he'd shown over the last decade.
We're good to go.
I think?
He couldn't talk until just a few years ago, five years ago, when part of the projects he was involved in, and part of the projects that he commanded, I mean, in his career, he personally briefed President Johnson in his career.
He commanded entire research bases, some of the largest in the country, like the Naval Research Laboratory.
It just goes on and on.
Why is this so important, what's coming up in the next hour with Ben Livingston?
It's important because this naval officer developed and proved and tested cloud seeding that had been around since he was a young man, even before he got into the Navy, when he went to school to be a meteorologist and to be a cloud physicist.
That's the more classical term for them.
It is conclusive fact, certified, that they can take, and he said this privately off air to me, now he's gone more public, and I'm making a documentary that he's included in, you know, he'd say on air, well, we can knock a hurricane down by 30, 40 percent from 150 miles an hour in a Category 5, or Category 4, down to a Category 2, down to a Category 1 with 80 to 100 mile an hour winds.
Frankly, that's what they got certified back in the 60s, and clearly they were able to kill hurricanes that were out threatening the east coast of the United States.
But you know how science is.
They like to go with the lowest provable standard and facts that they can show.
But now, he said they can deliver hundreds of times per airplane the particulate matter, the nuclei, that is needed inside the storm energy centers that energize.
There's normally about four to five of them in a large hurricane.
They go in and attack those with just a few aircraft and they can knock them dead.
They can keep them from even coming in to shore.
They can force them to dump their water and their energy out in the Gulf or out in the Atlantic or out in the Pacific.
And they're not letting private companies, the Navy, they're not letting anybody do this.
This is old, proven, old hat, just, it's like the steam engine.
I mean, it's guaranteed, it's been proven, and it's been, quote, called obsolete and just ignored.
And Ben will tell you why he thinks this is going on.
He's talked to some people in government.
Ben will tell you, and he said on this show, and privately, I've talked to him and he said a lot more.
Now, he called me up a few weeks ago and he said, I want to come on and say even more.
I'm getting really mad about this because you ought to hear him in private.
Well, you're going to probably hear, I guess, some of that today.
Because he loves America and he wants to be, I guess, somewhat dutiful towards the government and things he's sworn not to talk about, even though they're now, a lot of them, declassified.
Some of it still is classified, but he's angry.
And he has said already on this broadcast that it's because...
Washington wants a disaster.
They want to hand out $200 billion to their buddies like Halliburton that's already getting tens of billions just in the New Orleans area.
And according to all the reports, is absolutely doing a horrible job and scamming everyone.
Well, they've already been found guilty of that and had to pay a bunch of fines and fees, but it's always a slap on the wrist.
You know, here's $10 billion, but oh, we caught you being bad.
You've got to pay a $50 million, $60 million...
Punishment fine.
Oh, well, I'll be more than glad to.
So, it'd be like if the cops caught you stealing money out of a cash register at a 7-Eleven, and a cop runs up behind you, puts a gun to your head, and says...
Listen, hands up, get up against the wall, and then he grabs the bag of money away from you and takes $20 out of there when there's $1,000 in there, and goes, okay, now you're punished, and gives you the bag of money so you can run on down the street.
One thing they really got right in the new movie, Syriana, that is admittedly based on a true story,
Is that there's this federal investigator, and then he's working with the lawyer for the big oil company firm, and the lawyer for the oil company firm just says, look, we're not... He's sitting there talking to the government individual, and he says, look, I understand that the government's not looking for real crime fighting, a real end to corruption.
You just want the illusion of it.
You just want the...
The view that that is happening.
So that's what's happening.
And so they just try to keep up appearances that the corruption is being fought and something's being done about it.
I mean, the same thing goes for Iraq.
Does the government make...
Do the contractors that feed on the government and surround the government, do they make more money if we're in Iraq a year and fix the problems and let them have elections and pull out?
Or do the globalists and their interests make more money and get more power?
Does the government gain more power and gain a military beachhead right in the middle of the Middle East if we're there 20 years, 50 years, 100 years?
And then you know the answer.
All the rhetoric, all the propaganda means absolutely nothing.
And the same thing goes for the technologies that are 100% proven to massively weaken hurricanes and massively reduce the amount of water that they dump on cities.
And the evidence clearly shows you can flat out knock them out and just turn them into a tropical depression, again, at the bare minimum.
Why then won't they allow this?
Why then is nothing done?
Because out of that disaster, FEMA gets larger.
We get conditioned that the feds are there to save us.
The politicians get to hand out hundreds of billions of dollars to their cronies and lackeys and buddies.
And without ever even hearing my radio show, that's the exact same conclusion that Ben Livingston came to.
And that's why he's gone public.
And is now criticizing the government.
And again, you ought to hear him in private, but I'll respect him and won't say some of the things that he's told me in private because I have met him in person and had a chance to video tape an interview with him and of course put it on prisonplanet.tv and air it here locally in Austin.
We also got him on Coast to Coast AM to talk about what's happening.
But that's what we do on this broadcast is I tend to focus in on the issues that we can prove.
And what we can prove...
Is that the government knows that they can knock out these hurricanes and they're not doing it.
And CNN and ABC News and the rest of them aren't going to talk about it.
I mean, that's pretty newsworthy.
When a hurricane is slamming into Houston or slamming into New Orleans or slamming into Orlando or Miami or St.
Petersburg, Florida, it is extremely newsworthy when it's going into Georgia or Alabama.
Or North or South Carolina or New York City for that matter.
You would think it's newsworthy that since the 60s they know how to create storms out of nothing and they know how to knock out storms.
As easy as kiss my hand, piece of cake.
Why isn't it happening?
So we'll spend about 30 minutes with our guest, the father of weather warfare, Ben Livingston, coming up in the next hour.
Then we've got Dr. John Breeding joining us.
And, of course, he's a psychologist.
He's an author.
He has exposed the Ritalin, the Prozac, the serotonin reuptake inhibitors, what they're doing to our children, how they're increasing depression, increasing suicide.
And, of course, he's gone from being a voice in the wilderness decades ago to now advisements being on the advisories that are in the program.
We're good to go.
I think?
And New Freedom got passed last year at the federal level for forced psychological testing and then drugging of the American people, starting from children ages 5 to 18.
Now Illinois passed a law to start forcibly testing all pregnant women, so they'll start into the adults.
How are the federal government and their minions implementing this with the drug companies at the state level, even in states where the enabling legislation that couples with the federal legislation
It's been shot down in many states, but still it's being implemented, even though there's not a local law to couple with it.
So that's coming up in the third hour.
We'll have reading for the entire hour.
Tomorrow we've got Dylan Avery, the director of the great 9-11 documentary, Loose Change 2, that we carry at InfoWars.com.
We've got him coming on tomorrow.
When we get back, I am not going to talk about any weather warfare or forced drugging of the children.
I'm going to talk about Iran.
Very important, so get ready.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
That's 1-800-234-9673.
Alright, let's get into the Iran situation.
I mean, you watch the news, and it's as if it's the end of the world.
Iran is vicious, they're going to nuke us, they're going to murder us.
They use little word tricks like, they're going nuclear.
They've taken off the shields from the nuke.
Can you imagine someone activating a warhead?
They've got long-range missiles.
They're going to destroy America.
They're going to destroy Israel.
And then every week or two, I see fake reports where different neocon publications will say, Iran has threatened to attack Israel and nuke them.
And then there'll be a retraction a day later in the back of the newspaper.
Iran's very upset and clearly the translation has been redone.
They didn't say that.
The actual translation was, we are peaceful and only want this for nuclear power.
I mean, I see that all the time.
And then Christina Amanpour.
Total government shill.
Always shilling, always lying.
And again, folks, I'm not a Serb.
I just know the history over there.
I'm just stating the facts.
So Croats, please don't send me a bunch of emails.
The facts are, Christina Amanpour did lie about mass graves.
Christina Amanpour did propagandize.
Christina Amanpour...
Remember ITN?
Back when Clinton attacked the Balkans?
It's admitted that ITN showed fake pictures of, quote, concentration camp victims.
They showed one guy who had a disease, who was homeless, at the fence trying to get into the AIDS center, begging for food.
But no, look, it was the cover of Time and Newsweek.
Concentration camps.
And that's admitted that ITN did that in Britain.
Christina Amanpour did similar stuff.
Well, what does Christina Amanpour do this time?
Christina Amanpour, of course married to one of Bill Clinton's national security advisors, just another horrible creature, total insiders, total agents, she comes out and says that the president said in a speech that he's done a nuke, Israel, and he's building nukes.
I mean, on its face they knew that wasn't true.
The translation wasn't anywhere near that.
The woman speaks Arabic as well.
She didn't even need a translator.
And so what happened?
I know it's Persian.
It's similar.
She speaks that.
That's on record.
She didn't even need the person that was there doing the translation.
CNN runs with it, and everybody goes, See?
It's true!
They're going to nuke them!
He said it!
We've got to invade!
And it's the same thing.
We're being lied to by the very same crew that's lied to us all along.
Now, the CIA's own intelligence reports from multiple offices, different analysts.
We've interviewed Ray McGovern on this as well.
He's talked to the analysts inside the CIA.
If Iran was given everything it needed, everything it needs to build an A-bomb, the most primitive type, one decade...
One decade.
That is ten standard years.
Ten times 365 days.
How many times is that?
Ten times 365.
That's how long.
And then, South Africa's got nukes.
Their little communist government.
That's what it is down in South Africa, by the way.
You didn't know that?
They've got, what, at least 30 with missiles and ships and cruise missiles.
What about Israel with 400?
And they're now getting nuclear subs, not just German diesel dolphin subs.
They've got top-of-the-line cruise missiles.
China's got thousands of warheads and dozens and dozens of Long March rockets with 12 warheads conservatively.
Could have as many as 24, though that's classified.
We know they've got MIRV re-entry vehicles in there.
That is multiple cases that pop up and shoot out different mini-missiles at different targets.
That's a whole other subject.
And then, what?
Four months ago, the top Chinese general, the head of war planning, number three in their government.
Number three in the government held a press conference with over a hundred top reporters.
Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek.
And he said, we are prepared to launch an attack and destroy 200 U.S.
If you get involved in any Chinese protectorates or possessions or in any of our national security or national interest projects, we will launch a preemptive strike and destroy...
200 of your largest cities.
By the way, Austin is the 39th largest city.
Even little towns like mine are high on the hit list.
Multiple missiles are targeted on my family right now.
But that's not a problem with their top general, number three in the Chinese government, saying he will kill me and my family and your family and our government just loves them.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, let me hurry through the Iran situation, then we'll go to John, Randy, Gil, Jason, Jeff, and many others.
We do have two great guests coming up today to talk about forced drugging of our children.
With the guidelines to do it actually written up by the drug companies, they write the laws, and then the Congress passes them, Bush signs them.
Now they're implementing at the state level, but there is resistance, thank God.
Thank all of you out there that are fighting it.
That's in the third hour, the father of weather weapons, who use them, who deploy them himself, with SAM missiles flying all around him, blowing up aircraft around him.
He's coming on with us in the next hour, because the government knows how to stop hurricanes, but isn't doing it.
And there are tropical storms now in the Atlantic and just a few weeks ago in the Caribbean when there's not even supposed to be there in this time of year.
It's 20-something below zero Celsius in Moscow.
People are dying, 20-something.
I think they said 20.
One report said 25.
I don't know.
It was 20-something last night died.
It is really scary, but again, we'll get into that later.
Understand, folks.
Kim Jong-il admittedly has a seven-story pleasure palace.
He is a psychopathic little demon dwarf.
Who just last year to Newsweek Magazine apologized.
Well, they carried it.
How he kidnapped a bunch of South Korean starlets and raped and killed them.
I mean, he literally is like in a bad movie where, you know, in the future, there's like an evil planet with this evil little leader who kidnaps women and rapes and kills them.
I mean, it's like something out of a horror movie or science fiction.
So much of this is.
He is a horrible creature.
They sell human body parts openly in bazaars on the streets of their capital city in North Korea.
He is a hereditary dictator, just like Bush is trying to become one.
His daddy was the leader.
Now Kim Jong-il is the leader.
It's just unspeakable.
And he's got at least
This was out years ago.
The mainstream media is always going, he may have one or five weapons.
It was declassified many years ago that he had upwards of ten.
And now in the last few years, he's tested the Taipan Dong-2.
South Korean parliament freaked out four years ago, and it was all over their news, never on our news, that North Korea admittedly fired a dummy intercontinental ballistic missile.
We're good to go.
What was that movie with Harrison Ford, You Something, The Widowmaker, based on a true story where the Russians go and they break up to the ice and they fire a test missile at the North Pole just to test and see if they can hit the U.S., and it's based on a true story?
Well, that's what the North Koreans did, but they actually hit Alaska.
Again, we have people firing missiles at us, but it's just like the Mexican border with hundreds of incursions and 15 dead cops in Texas this year and 800-plus dead and 54 captured and American citizens kidnapped in one swath and taken for ransom and U.S.
mission from the embassy shutting down with rocket-propelled grenades blowing up.
Nothing on the news.
We've been screaming about it for a while, so now it's being discussed a little bit.
But the point is, is that they tell you what to be upset about.
They tell you, the social engineers, the architects, what to be worried about, and I, frankly, am sick of it.
And they keep just saying, nuclear, nuclear, they're going nuclear, we can't let them go nuclear.
And then you read deeply into the articles, it says, we can't let them have these reactors.
And then all the top physicists, all the top scientists...
The scientists who've been allowed, they've let thousands in.
Anybody who wants to come and look can look.
It is classical peaceful reactors like a university would have or like a town would have.
I mean, it cannot be used to make nuclear weapons or atomic weapons.
Now, that doesn't mean that the globalists or some other group they hire isn't going to carry out a suitcase nuke or a small device of some type, a frog,
You can see the script.
The ace in the hole.
That's why they'll steal trillions from the Pentagon, openly, no one gets in trouble.
Hundreds of millions, you know, Congressmen personally stealing it.
Nothing's happening.
That's why, because they got a big finale.
They got an ace in the hole, a little secret that nobody knows.
You know, life is a gamble.
A game we all play, so George Strait says.
And the globalists know that.
And so now the EU, yes, we might have to attack you.
Yes, the Russians, well, we're going to pull our people out and evacuate, and we're not going to help you.
Showing how staged all of this is.
So let me just, because I want to get to your calls, let me just read this article that is just excellent by Mike Whitney that spells it out.
Everything he says here, I verified up one side and down the other.
This is all documented.
More lies about Iran.
There's been a lot of rubbish written about Iran's removing the seals from its uranium enrichment equipment.
The fear-mongering Western media, which is owned by the military-industrial complex, I should add, have exploited the expression for all it's worth.
Again, the defense contractors control all three of the big networks.
Even those who are normally skeptical of the Bush administration propaganda machine are taken aback by this ominous-sounding phrase.
Well, the media has to act like we're in time for another war, like they're kind of against Bush, to make it look like there's really a debate going on.
But then when it's time to go in, suddenly every Democrat, every Republican, unless it's Ron Paul, goes, Absolutely, let's do it!
How else does one make nuclear fuel for electric power plants if the fuel-producing mechanism is under lock and key?
The fear engineering description provided in the news would have the reader believe that diabolical Iranians are ripping off the shields with crowbars so they can quickly assemble their secret nuclear stockpile to bomb Tel Aviv.
By the way, Japan has already developed hundreds of nuclear weapons and missiles.
That's now been admitted quietly, but it's been in a few papers if you look.
Nobody's worried about that, though.
This is the worst type of demagoguery, he says.
This is the worst type.
The fuel that is produced from these uranium enrichment reactors does not produce weapons-grade material.
That requires thousands of centrifuges, which, remember, they lied about with aluminum tubes.
Turned out the New York Times writer was a CIA minion.
Oh, again, the liberal paper backing it up.
See how they do it?
That requires thousands of centrifuges, which Iran does not have.
At the same time, the Nuclear Watchdog Agency, the IAEA, has on-site inspectors and cameras monitoring the entire process.
Everything is under constant observation.
This isn't like sneaking in the dark and making a ham sandwich, folks.
This takes a huge output of energy.
It's public.
Additionally, as nuclear weapons physicist Gordon Prather states, after almost three years of go-anywhere, see-anything, interview-anyone inspections... In fact, the IAEA admitted no one has ever given this much access.
Again, additionally, as nuclear weapons physicist Gordon Prather says, states, after almost three years of go-anywhere, see-anything, interview-anybody inspections, the IAEA...
We're good to go.
Spewing out of MSN and the Bush administration to build the case for the war with Iran.
What could be more clear?
The public does not have a choice, however.
Either they can accept the credible statements from the Nobel Prize winning Mohammed El Barabi, chief of the IAEA, or the spurious allegations of the liar-in-chief.
Which will it be?
Removing the seals.
So why are the seals put on the Iranian conversion equipment?
Why were they put there?
Was Iran being punished for violations of the NPT, Non-Proliferation Treaty, for secretly developing nuclear weapons?
But this seems to be the conclusion of most people who haven't followed the issue closely.
The seals were put in place because the Iranian negotiators foolishly fell into a trap that was set by the EU-3 England, France, and Germany.
Yeah, they said, just put seals on it while we debate this, and then you can take them right off.
And they said, okay.
And that's why Iran gets madder and madder.
They go, we've let you look at everything.
And now you're saying that you never agreed to let us take them off.
We've done what you said.
Let me just stop right here.
What's happened here?
This is good cop, bad cop.
Either you accept the UN totally running your country and totally controlling the technology you can develop when it's publicly for peaceful use.
Or the bad cop comes and bombs living daylights out of you and invades you and salts your entire country with depleted uranium.
And the country's attacking you.
We're so dumbed down and evil.
The governments are evil.
Their minions are so dumbed down that their own troops breathe the deadly poison and love it and thump their chest with glee.
I mean, that's how crazy we are, folks.
We are like kamikazes.
It's just weird, so it ain't bad.
I mean, people are like, no, please don't use that on us.
No, don't destroy our entire future.
We is going to do it.
We is going to do it.
We is going to do it.
I mean, that's what it is.
We're going to use thousands of tons on all your major cities.
And now Rumsfeld says they'll use tactical nukes on them.
And all these weirdos, the turn-it-into-a-glass-parking-lot crowd, just somehow gets on a power trip when they talk about nuking people.
I just won't nuke them.
I just won't kill them.
We've all heard them.
You know who I'm talking about.
They think it's manly to sit in their easy chair with giant pot bellies and talk about murdering people.
The public does not have a choice, however.
Either they can accept the credible statements from the Nobel Prize winning head of the IEA, or the spurious allegations of the liar-in-chief.
The seals were put in place because the Iranian negotiators foolishly fell into the trap that was set by the EU3.
And remember, Saddam didn't kick the inspectors out when Clinton had them in there.
He took them out and then the news said Saddam kicked them out.
It didn't matter if it was a total lie.
See, that's the thing.
When you have a population who doesn't know anything about the world, anything about legislation, anything about branches of government, they just know they're bad and I heard it on the news.
Iran agreed to confidence-building, that's a quote, measures that would placate the United States, which included additional protocols that were not demanded under the terms of the treaty or required by the IEA.
As it turns out, the EU used the extra concessions to make it look like Iran was violating the NPT after negotiations had ended.
The EU strategy was a clever ploy that worked like a charm, but that doesn't change the facts.
A clever ploy?
I mean, I guess you're clever if you can fool a four-year-old.
I mean, actually, four-year-olds are hard to fool.
I guess you're clever if you can fool an 18-month-old.
I don't know.
I've got an 18-month-old.
She's hard to fool.
Okay, I guess you're clever if you can fool a one-day-old baby.
I mean, that's the measure of fooling here.
I mean, the same thing with Clinton.
They kicked out the inspectors.
No, they didn't.
I mean, it's just, do you like being lied to like this?
Well, I'm against the liberals who were against the war.
The biggest drumbeaters are a bunch of gun-grabbing liberals.
I'm sorry.
Iran has not violated its treaty obligations, and the agreement with the EU3 was neither binding nor designed to be permanent.
Iran has never given up its inalienable right, language of the NPT, to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes.
Was Iran foolish to trust the EU3, not suspecting that Washington was orchestrating a media coup behind the scenes?
Yes, they were.
But I know, these governments are just gullible.
Yes, they were.
But that is not a violation of the treaty.
That's simply being deceived by some very brainy neocons.
You know, I don't want to toot our own horn, but after the London bombings, we wrote an article warning Iran to go public that the West is carrying out terror attacks.
Oh, I just learned a big UT professor is now coming out and saying that.
And we actually sent it out.
It got posted on a bunch of big Iranian news websites.
And two days later, the Iranian government came out and echoed exactly what we've said.
I mean, what do you say to that, folks?
I mean, I'm not trying to brag and say we're not even that smart.
I mean, I guess I'm kind of a good old boy from Texas, a little bit streetwise.
You're not going to con me.
I mean, at least you're not going to con me for long.
After I've been conned a few times, I'm going to wake up.
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
I mean, shame on us, folks.
Shame on us.
And it goes on.
Iran has completely cooperated with the IAEA to ensure that it stays within the rules and does not develop highly enriched weapons-grade material.
Presently, Iran poses no threat to either its neighbors or the United States.
The Bush administration does not accept that internationally recognized treaty rights.
Of Iran because it believes that all law flows from Washington, not just from Washington, from Bush's bosses, and the fact that it is tragically evident in the torturing of prisoners, spying on American citizens, and its vast destruction of Iraq.
As long as the Bush media, which serves as an annex to the political establishment, can continue to hoodwink the American people and its alarmist misinformation, there's little chance that a war with Iran will be avoided.
And for those that really want to know the truth, understand the truth about Iran's nuclear program and the many fictions created in the press, there's no better place to start than the articles of nuclear physicist Dr. Gordon Prather.
And that's at antiwar.com.
And we're going to get him on.
But they admittedly lied to us the entire time about Iraq.
And now, exactly what we told you one year before the invasion, not because we have crystal balls, not because we're psychic, the Israeli documents, the PNAC documents, the Pentagon documents, Dick Cheney's own writing said, we're going to break the country up, we're going to screw it up, we're going to cause civil war.
Brzezinski, trilateral commission head, wrote in 97, we're going to invade Afghanistan, we're going to invade Iraq, we're going to balkanize the whole place, we're going to break it up in three parts.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
To fight the barbarians, just as Caesar did, and to unify them, we need terror attacks in America on the order of Pearl Harbor or greater.
Helpful Pearl Harbor events is the exact quote, and you find those same quotes, I mean, down to the word in the 2000 PNAC, Rebuilding America's Defenses, of a helpful catalyst event like a Pearl Harbor attack or greater.
And then magically it happens, and magically, whereas all the evidence point to who did it, who has the motive, and then you look at all the evidence, voila, who has the motive did it.
The Arabs don't have the motive.
The Persians don't have the motive.
They are freaked out, totally scared to death.
These attacks only radicalize their nations.
Iran was a pro-Western place of freedom until our government carried out terror attacks there in 1953 to overthrow their government.
Now, that's public.
I had, again, two CIA chiefs, high-level minions, on two weeks ago.
And I brought that up to them, and they go, yeah, it's true, we carried out terror attacks.
And they do it all the time.
And you want to send your kids off to breathe DU, get their arms and legs blown off, and come back shattered like shattered pumpkins?
I mean, we've got to fight this.
We've got to expose this.
Bunch of stinking government trash.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's Infowars.com or 888-253-3139.
Or watch the film right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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What lesson does it teach the Iranians that if you're a scumbag bucket of pus, I mean literally bucket of maggots is too nice to say, Kim Jong-il threatening to nuke us and firing missiles, test missiles that hit our country, and nothing's done, but then you don't have nukes, and you're being intimidated and bullied.
And I have no doubt they're tinker-toying around trying to get a bomb.
I mean, let's be honest, but they're not going to do it with this system they've got.
It's just, you know, they're being told they can't, so they just want the bare minimum to be able to have their own power system.
And then people go, well, you've got plenty of oil.
Well, aren't they a sovereign country?
The point is, is they're a decade away from this, and the government's acting like we've got to go invade them right now or they're going to get us.
Meanwhile, if you're Israel, you can threaten to nuke Europe.
Did you know one of the Knesset members did that?
400 conservative weapons.
High-tech weapons.
Oh, and they're always busy selling everything to China.
And I'm not even bashing Israel here, but just come on.
Our own government's selling us out to China, our jobs, our weapons.
Iran is not the threat.
Saddam was not the threat.
Our government set Saddam up.
He worked for them.
That's what's so sick about this.
I'm no fan of any of those countries.
Folks, I'm an American.
I just can't believe that scum runs our country.
All right, John in Texas, then Randy, Gil, Jason, others.
You're on the air, John.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Last May, I seen him spraying chemtrails over the sky in Houston, and I called you up and I told you that I went to my next-door neighbor and I asked her...
Her friend was on the Sheriff's Department, and I said, well, ask Robert to find out what's going on.
She said, well, he has a friend in the Air Force.
He'll ask him, you know.
Well, he did, and he made some inquiries, and the word I got back was that they were testing a new weapon.
Well, since that time, I'd moved further outside of Houston, out in the country, and when Hurricane Rita was coming in here, I happened to stop by just to check out, see how she was doing, and I made the comment that I thought the government was behind these hurricanes with all this spraying up in the air.
And she said, well, you never heard the rest of the story of what happened.
I said, well, what was that?
She said, well, some higher-ups in the Air Force found out that Robert's friend was making these inquiries about spraying, and they called him in there.
And at first they asked him, well, how do you know this?
And she said, well, or he said, I got a friend who has a friend that's seen him spraying in the sky.
And they told him, they said, this is highest priority, top secret.
You are not to make any more inquiries about this.
If you make any more inquiries or tell anybody else, you'll be court-martialed.
And he also told the people, I guess, to give them the information, the same thing, and then they broke them up and transferred them to different bases around the country.
Yeah, well, I don't like to speculate, and I don't like to... I mean, I appreciate your call, and it's interesting, John, and I appreciate it, but I mean, you know, now there'll be a story going around forever about this happening.
What I like to do is focus on what we know.
3,000-plus times...
From the 40s until the late 70s and then nothing's been declassified since then.
There have been some other limited declassifications from the mid-80s, but...
Well, that's not true.
3,000 plus releases of radiation particles, radiologicals, chemicals, biologicals, deaths from San Francisco to New York.
I mean, they would release bioweapons on the subway in 1968, killed a bunch of people, details.
The numbers of deaths remain classified, but they had troops, medical doctors in the military, waiting to see what it would do and photographing it and writing notes.
It was real fun, like you'd test a weapon on some goats or some pigs, which they also do, but, oh, we've got to test it on people.
And then in the 80s with Project Shad, they did it on boats and ships and killed a lot of our troops.
We've had some of the survivors on.
That's been declassified.
So there's a lot.
Oh, you don't believe me out there listening?
Just type Project Shad in and then hit the news part on Google and you'll get news.
Forget the web.
You don't believe that.
Just go read the news articles about it.
Oh, the government took the young army officer and asked him if he'd volunteer for some shore leave, if he'd go and stand in his chamber.
And they nerve gassed him and they dissected his body and mailed it home to his parents and never told them that they dissected him and just said he died of the flu.
We'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, I brought up a really important central point at the end of the last hour, and I don't want to rush over it.
The father of weather wars and weather weapons coming up in five minutes.
Take a few calls right now.
Ben Livingston coming up with some updates for us, new information.
Well, more he's willing to talk about because he's so angry about the government not controlling and stopping hurricanes when in the 60s they'd proven they could.
But our government, admittedly, the criminals that run it, have killed our own troops, our own citizens, in 3,000 plus chemical and biological tests that they declassified here in the U.S., including radiating small children, claiming it was an x-ray, and actually killing G.I.s, small children.
I mean, the government's got people that will put a two-year-old baby in a radiator and radiate them.
We're good to go.
I mean, I rest my case.
I don't even have to... What is there to debate here about this?
Just the more I think about it, it's crazy.
It's crazy.
Let's go ahead and talk to Randy in Indiana.
Randy, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Good, sir.
Hey, talking about the chemtrail, it's kind of freaky, the guy that just called before, because I was helping my grandpa one day.
We were out driving around, and it looked like a pizza in the sky.
The chemtrails had cut across.
Looked like they were all converging on one point.
They had crisscrossed.
It was quite interesting there.
Let me just add this for people who just joined us.
The old condensation trails that form from 20,000 to 50,000 feet or higher, ice crystals disappear in a few minutes max, and then eight years ago it all changed.
You'll have a jet right beside another jet not leaving a trail.
Another jet will leave a trail in the middle of the summer at 3,000 feet where it's impossible to form ice crystals, and the thing is they're five hours later.
I mean, I've seen it, I've videoed it, and then the government admits that there's some type of weird weather control thing going on.
I don't know the full details, but yes, something's going on.
But what I do know, again, I will get people to focus on it, is the admitted low-altitude spraying.
Here's an example.
Two years ago, all of Oklahoma was sprayed with Subtilis Globogy, a bacteria that can kill the old, young, infirm, that causes spontaneous abortions in all mammalian species.
Well, it just all ties in, like, with that, talking about the toll roads you were earlier in the week, how they would cut off small towns.
I live in a small town, and I'm stuck in Carlisle Group Hell.
My county, the county next to me, about 20,000 people, the two largest industries...
They've openly said it.
Yeah, the serfs.
You won't be able to even get out of the cities without a special pass.
And 80-plus percent of the country will be totally off-limits.
That has been in Congress.
They've had the maps out in Congress.
These toll roads are a small part of it.
There's a couple of topics I had for you there, but how do you just wake up some friends to this?
Because I've got friends, and they just absolutely think I'm nuts.
They're mesmerized.
I know they are.
I tell them that.
I tell them that.
Well, you know what?
They're going to get hit upside the head by reality.
Well, oh, I know, and I tell them that, too.
It's like, you know, I hope you're in camp with me, and don't tell me I told you so, you know, somewhere at the FEMA camp.
I actually live in a city that has... Well, I'll tell you what.
Look, I got Ben come on for about 30 minutes or so.
If you want to hold, it sounds like you have more to say, Randy.
If you've got to go, you've got to go.
You're welcome.
You want to stay or go?
You going to stay there, Randy?
Yeah, I'll stay here.
And then we'll go to Jason and...
Pat and Dave and many others that are holding later.
Got Ben coming up.
He just wanted to come on with some updates.
Father of using weather weapons.
Very important information.
They can stop hurricanes.
They can knock them out.
They can reduce them massively.
Not going to happen.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, impenetrable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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We're good to go.
A kidney stone for $20,000 for charity.
And I like William Shatner.
I like the charity he gave money to.
Still, folks, that shouldn't be one of the top stories.
Another top story above China dumping the dollar and impending war with Iran was some guy had his Corvette stole 27 years ago and now they found it in a container and Homeland Security gave it to him and is going after the people that stole it as terrorists.
I mean, that's just... That is not news.
And I'm sorry, you're not going to hear about Michael Jackson here, some of you out there that like that.
He's got a hundred other stations around you, I'm sure, that do that.
You're not going to hear about how dumb Hillary is.
We know she's dumb.
We know they're all bought off and paid for.
We get into the serious nitty-gritty of what's happening.
And bottom line, they can massively reduce today's technology, knock out hurricanes.
It's totally documented.
They don't.
The answer is because they want to hand out hundreds of billions of dollars that's through the central government to their cronies.
They don't want a free market, and that's the conclusion Ben Livingston's come to.
I've got articles up on Infowars.com right now about today's guest, who first went public in a couple of newspapers in the Midland area, and then on the radio here.
But Ben Livingston, cloud physicist, has an eye on hurricane control.
That was one of the first articles back in September of last year.
And then, of course, we have this article.
Former naval physicist, government can control hurricanes.
Former vet, made it rain during Vietnam.
That's an article Steve Watson and Paul Watson put together, and it went into the things he did.
Ben, it's good to have you back with us.
And for those that don't know who you are, spend a few minutes.
I know you don't like to brag on yourself, frankly.
You talk yourself down, but you are the father of using weather weapons.
You didn't develop cloud-seating technology.
You just first used it in war, and they...
Again, Stanford studies, the Pentagon studies, you did flood out the Viet Cong with record rains in the dry season using nothing.
You did fly into typhoons and 200-something mile-an-hour winds long before these people were bragging about flying into hurricanes and high-tech planes.
You did have SAM missiles shot at you.
You were the head of the Naval Research Laboratory.
You did brief President Johnson.
You are the father of using weather weapons, and you got the Stanford Research Institute to certify that you guys massively reduced hurricanes, but it was never used.
But I want you, in your own words, to give us a synopsis of who Ben Livingston is and why you're going public.
Well, I am what you said I am.
I have over three years experience in flying typhoon reconnaissance and research in the Pacific.
Two and a half years of flying typhoon research and weather modification in the Atlantic Ocean, operating out of the Hurricane Hunter Squadron from Jacksonville.
I was a
The national military representative on the Storm Fury Advisory Board wrote the operations plan for Project Storm Fury.
And in that project, of course, our objective was to demonstrate that we could, in fact, reduce the maximum winds in hurricanes.
That was a very successful operation.
And as you said in your introduction a while ago,
It was certified.
Those operations were certified by Stanford Research Institute.
And they had a conclusion, a public conclusion, if you will.
And if you don't mind, I'll just read it.
Here's what they said about the government.
And I would also, before you do that, add that many of the top, recognized, top meteorologists in the world have certified that these systems conclusively work as well, and you have that in your book as well.
Yes, I do have.
And I might mention two names here of people who are outstanding meteorologists and scientists that directed Project Storm Fury in its formative years and its successful years.
And I think because of their strong feelings about how successful it was, which did not fit in the mainstream of some of the other scientists, they were actually purged from the system.
But these two scientists, one of them, Dr. Joanne Simpson, has been recognized as the top tropical meteorologist in the world in 2021.
That is quite a title, quite a recognition.
But those two people, she and her husband started this program and operated it for years and helped develop the techniques and materials and so forth that are needed to reduce the damage from hurricanes.
But some of the scientists involved in the program at the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weren't ready to accept cloud seeding of hurricanes or seeding of hurricanes as a practical operation.
Why don't you go ahead and go back, though, I interrupted you, and read that particular part that Stanford Research Institute reported on with what you did off the East Coast.
Well, here's what the Stanford Research Institute had to say.
They may have to accept responsibility for not seating and thereby exposing the public to higher probabilities of severe storm damage and possible higher death tolls.
We claim they should consider seating now if a big hurricane comes straight from Miami.
And that was in 1970.
And, again, I've read your book.
It just goes on and on.
I've been there with you in the hotel room with stacks of documents out of your briefcase, and I've gone and personally researched them myself.
But, you know, we talked last time, and you called up and said you wanted to come back on because you're getting even more angry about what's happening.
Let's specifically talk about, just briefly, Ben, I mean, you said it yourself without me even prompting it, and that's what was in my heart and in my mind.
They want to hand out $200 billion from Katrina.
They want it to be really bad because that brings political control over who gets that money.
I mean, $200 billion, folks, that's more than all the money spent and taxed in Texas.
A couple years, or in California.
I mean, we're talking about, I mean, the entire Pentagon budget is $600 billion.
We're talking about a lot of money handed out to a lot of cronies and a lot of friends, to Halliburton and others.
And there they are in the Stanford Research Institute saying that this is the real deal.
And look, for those that don't know, you've gone over this before.
First talk about that, and then I want to get into the fact, Ben.
Well, we'll cover the second point in a second.
Go ahead and cover that first one about why in your gut you think they don't want to allow this to be used now to substantively weaken these hurricanes.
Well, some months ago it was in my mind that the Senators and even the President may not know the real facts or the truth of what went on in Project Storm Fury and the results we got.
So to counter that, I sent a letter to each of the hundred Senators and a
A separate letter to the President of the United States in which I gave him the facts of Project Storm Fury and some other thoughts on how the technology needed to be used or could be used and who could use it and apply it.
I got, from those hundred senators, I got a reply from six of them.
Two of the six just said they wouldn't really want to talk to me because I'm not one of their constituents.
One of them, Senator Trent Lott, advised the...
Chairman of a subcommittee that he thought this should be looked into, and that was the only substantive letter I received from the 100 senators on this situation.
So I then came to the conclusion, the absolute conclusion, that the senators and me and the president just may not give a darn.
Just let it go ahead and blow everybody away.
The insurance industries, the energy industries, some of the major building companies and so forth stand to make and do make a lot of money from these storms.
Yeah, contrary to popular belief, insurance companies just jack up prices even more than they need to, and they get government bailouts, and they end up actually making money out of these type of events.
And then certainly the construction industries and the cronies and the rest of them
And then now that's becoming even clearer, but I want to be specific.
A lot of idiots say drop a nuke on a hurricane.
That really wouldn't do anything.
In fact, research shows, as you said, that might even make it stronger.
It's simple.
Talk about those engines, those cells that are in the hurricane, and all you've got to do is go in and target with planes those energy cells in the main right front quadrant.
Explain how these things work.
Well, of course, a hurricane is composed of several major engines you just referred to in the engines, which are extremely big cloud formations that are more or less independent until they come together or are blown together and they become an engine.
Any engine, if you destroy a cylinder in it, becomes less efficient.
That's the theory and the actual application of
The cloud seeding material to these individual sails in a very restricted right front quadrant of a hurricane reduces the wind velocity of that storm or in other words it effectively
Reduces the effectiveness of the cylinders in that storm.
Now, you said you conclusively showed 30% to 40% reductions.
Reductions of that level, I mean, you take a storm down from 130 miles an hour to even 100 miles an hour, it's that 100 to 130 where most of the death and destruction is caused.
Yes, well, I believe Dr. Mike Garstang said it best in one of those Senate hearings.
And he said he told the Senators that some of the research that emerged from Project Storm Fury indicated that cloud shooting could reduce a hurricane's strength by as much as 15%, which mathematically means reducing the storm's destructive power exponentially.
Stay there.
Stay there.
Talk about the Senate hearings.
We'll be right back.
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So now Ben Livingston, who'd been out of politics and government for a long time, advised the president, been on the national board, been over entire military research facilities for the largest in the country.
He's now been researching and investigating and reading the legislation that's being introduced by Cave Baby from out here in Texas, one of our senators along with Cornyn, and then now he's read some of the hearings that I didn't even know about.
There's so much going on.
Last year, where this very stuff's being brought up, now we know they do know.
They're not just ignorant.
Ben, please continue.
Well, I was just quoting from the senatorial hearings and statements made by Mike Garthing
Who is a Ph.D.
But Garstang also said that newer computer models also show how hurricanes can be controlled.
These models are focusing on the very small effects that might have quite drastic consequences on a hurricane.
And then again, for those that missed it, we're posting it on Infowars.com back on the main pages.
It's on the site.
Tell people the particular date of those hearings.
Those hearings, the report was made on December the 8th.
We're good to go.
I think?
Of these hearings is absolutely unbelievable.
You know what's interesting is I had you on the air a few months before this and we're talking about it, and then I missed it.
We never heard that they had hearings and were basically saying what we said, but still nothing's going to be done.
That's right.
But you know, in these hearings, Senator DeMint said, this is a fascinating subject to me,
And the idea that we can actually impact weather is exciting, and I guess frightening in some ways.
And that's what Senator DeMint said, and he was the chair of this committee.
You know, I think it's safe to say, Ben, you going public earlier last year and then later in the year, we talking about it, and you going on Coast to Coast AM, I think that spurred them to have these hearings.
Well, I hope it did, because something desperate needs to be done.
But he...
I also went on to say that during these November hearings on a bill that could start up federal weather modification research project, that project was started and funded first in 1954.
And continued unabated through last year.
When did you first get involved in that project?
I first got involved in the project officially in 1963 when I was advised by the Navy personnel people that I would be going to a Hurricane Hunter squadron, if you will,
The next year, which was 1964.
Then you began testing the technologies that you then used against the Vietnamese, the communists.
Just briefly talk about that, because they have history channel specials and weather channel specials about eight feet of water and flooding them in the dry season and the cloud seeding, but you were the guy up there doing it and training the other crews how to do it.
Well, during the first season, the first fall season, we were there...
Yes, sir.
Essentially at the end of the monsoon with the intent and purpose of extending the rainfall for another month or two at the end of the monsoon season.
So I was the only person doing that flying during that year.
It was a highly classified project, if you will.
But it was also during the first 13, 14 days of that project that the Joint Chiefs of Staff took up the subject of using weather control as a weapon system.
And in November of the same year, I was asked to report back to the President of the United States on the outcome of the cloud seeding events in Vietnam.
And you did that in person?
I went there in person, and the reason this project was effective was that we...
Use onboard aircraft instrumentation to sample each cloud before I did anything with it.
Before and after, so you had the scientific data right there.
Yeah, that's right.
I didn't need a cloud model.
I couldn't use a cloud model because there were none.
And this was active, pure research.
Yeah, this was pure research.
I had a general, a good knowledge, if you will, of the physics of most clouds, of kind of how they work.
And I'd spent many years, if you will, inside clouds, taking data, studying them, and so forth.
But in Vietnam, where I had to apply this knowledge, I didn't have anything besides some simple onboard aircraft instruments in which I could determine
If a cloud needed to be suited to make it rain, or if it should be left alone.
This sort of thing.
You also took photos out of the gun camera of the little bitty cloud that you then built into a giant thunderhead that then turned into a huge storm that totally knocked out the enemy Ho Chi Minh Trail.
Stay there, Ben.
I want to come back and do a few more minutes and talk about the Senate hearings.
Talk about what we can do.
And then your calls are coming up and a ton of other news items.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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I've been using it now for about 10 years.
I had an office down the street that was private because it was so small.
Because, frankly, I can't have 50 people a day coming into my office.
I won't get any work done.
Now I've gotten a bigger office.
I'm going to put a bookstore in the front of it, I think.
Sometimes I think I don't want a bunch of crowds here, but I also like seeing people because I'm busy working all the time.
We're good to go.
Or it just doesn't matter.
They're not listening to the show.
And so...
And I'll tell you, folks, I'm not trying to be mean about it.
I know most of you are great folks and care less about coming into my office.
And that's kind of how I like it.
But we're going to have a bookstore here and it will all be welcome to come into it.
But I can't like say, here's an example.
It's a TV studio.
I'm doing it every week.
It's not like a conventional TV studio with a fence around it and everything's locked up and I drive in and go into a TV show.
No, you can walk right in, right up to the control room where I'm at.
Not that people just open the door and I'm live on TV.
When I forget to lock it, hey, Alex, how you doing?
Just scrolling right on in.
It's just there's some type of disconnect with reality on this.
And there I've said it, and I'm going to shut up now.
I'm not whining about it that I'm being bothered so much.
I'm not into that.
It's just that it's really become an irritation.
And there I've said it.
It would be like if you were at work, and I just showed up and said, hey.
What you doing there?
All the time I get all these great people.
They email me.
Business leaders.
Even really nice, famous folks in some cases.
Who themselves ought to know.
It's like, hey, go to lunch with me.
Well, I can't do it.
Well, why not?
Well, I'm on the radio at lunch.
Well, come to dinner with me.
Well, I'm working at dinner.
Well, come to... And then they get mad at you.
Or I get a letter.
You didn't respond to my last letter.
And sure enough, I'd read the letter.
It takes hours every day to read all the mail, but I'd do it.
Or reading the email.
Well, you didn't respond to me.
I hate you now.
Jeb Bush sent me an email back.
Remember one time I had a caller to the show?
You don't respond to my emails, but Jeb Bush sent me an email back.
Yeah, an auto-respond, and the caller said, no, it was personal.
Maybe from a...
What I'm getting at here is I know most of you don't care and I love you to death, but some people get mad that I don't respond to every phone call.
I don't respond to every letter.
I don't respond to every... I can't, folks.
If I had 50 employees, I couldn't.
And I don't.
I've got eight employees total.
And we're working.
Believe me, folks.
I was, you know... I mean, tonight I'll be on Coast to Coast AM until 4 AM.
Actually, until 5 AM.
I'll be up in three hours getting ready for this radio show tomorrow.
And I'm not tooting my horn saying I'm great.
It's just that every day I get calls.
You need to make a film about this.
You need to interview me about that.
It's just you need to do this.
You need to do that.
Folks, believe me.
I think some of you out there need to do a little bit more.
Okay, now I've done my little three-minute rant, and I apologize to Ben Livingston for having to hear that.
Your calls are coming up.
Ben, I was going over some pet peeves there that I've never really talked about on air.
I probably shouldn't have done it, but so what?
We're all having fun here.
Ben, it's got to be refreshing, though, to at least see the things you've said now being talked about in Senate hearings and being discussed on Fox television.
Ben, how'd it take you?
Mr. Jones?
This is Ben's son.
He's coming back to phone right now.
He had to go visit the restroom.
I understand that.
But here he is right now.
Hey, sorry about that.
Hey, this long-winded Austinites blabbering, you need to go relieve yourself.
Well, I thought, well, he'll be through in a second, and I'll just wait.
Hey, that's fine.
Ben, it's got to feel good to now at least see the Senate talking about it, Fox News talking about it, a new bill to create a national weather control program.
Well, I do.
And I think it's interesting to note what Wesley Denton, who is Senator DeMint's aide, said.
Quote, This plan deserves further consideration, but a time of serious deficits.
We must delay committing additional funds to this project until we have more time to consider its merits.
They must realize.
That inaction or failure to accept an offer from civilian people with appropriate equipment, materials, and so forth, would represent an investment of about $100,000 to $1 in one quarter of a year had they accepted our plan last year.
We wouldn't have had...
The dam around New Orleans failing.
We wouldn't have that $2,200 billion deficit staring us in the face.
Oh, they're saying total cost is going to be $200 billion.
Well, okay, but you see, I would like to ask the question, if they aren't going to try to do something physically about the problem, why are they building it back?
Well, let me just stop you right there.
You know, you talk about how they said that they need to study it and look at it for another decade or so.
As you said, it was already demonstrated, certified, documented to work in the late 1960s.
Yes, that's right.
And in my letter that I sent to senators this year, I actually sent them a proposal to do this work for the fiscal year 2006.
Because we have no guarantees it's not going to happen again.
That's where I come up with the numbers of 100,000 to 1.
Well, as a weatherman, what do you make of a tropical storm in the Atlantic going into the North Atlantic right now, or the Mid-Atlantic?
What do you make of tropical depressions forming right now in the Caribbean?
I mean, that's not in modern history, is it?
Oh, I don't know what's been reported in the past and what's being reported now that the satellites uncover.
But there are some physical things in the Atlantic Ocean that keep hurricanes from coming to the U.S.
coast, and they don't exist in the wintertime.
So I think it's really of no concern.
But one of the things that I'm really concerned about is why have we not tried to prevent or reduce the effects of a hurricane in the first few days
Yeah, let me ask you this question.
Is it better to knock one out when it's first forming, or before it forms, when you see a tropical storm getting rotation, or is it better to wait until it comes in close to the coast and then hit it hard?
Well, see, I think the answer to that question would be, and we have no experience with this, to reduce the damage of the thing, or the velocity of the hurricane before it ever gets close to the U.S.
Otherwise, all of the work that we would do as physical experts
All that work would take place within 300 miles of the coastline.
What were you allowed to do when you knocked out those hurricanes that were off the east coast, off Georgia and South Carolina?
Where were those specifically?
I've seen all the documents, but they're not in front of me.
Well, if you're talking about the Storm Fury hurricanes, all those experiments took place far enough off the coast
To ensure that whatever results occurred from the experiments didn't come ashore and cause problems.
Because you didn't know, I mean, you thought you knew what would happen from past experience with clouds, but you weren't sure, so to be safe you did it.
I mean, it's kind of like testing A-bombs out in Nevada.
You do it out where there's nobody around.
That's exactly right.
And whether or not that was necessary, I don't know, but it was certainly prudent to not push your luck on it.
And so we did those things way off the coast, if you will, 800 miles or so.
And according to the reports I've read, the declassified ones in the public reports, I mean, it worked like a charm.
You knocked those suckers down massively.
Well, we knocked them down by about an average of about 25% in wind velocity, which is between a reduction of 40% and 60% of damage reduction.
So if you take any big storm and reduce its damage potential by 40% or 50%,
It's not really all that terrible anymore.
Now, I'm going from memory on this.
Don't the new planes carry, did you say 500 or 800 times what the old planes did?
Well, the airplanes that we use now, we use the Lear 25 and aircraft of that type, but they will carry 408 cloud-sheeting flares compared to the 52 that we used to carry during the hurricane experiments in the mid-'60s.
So that's about eight times, about eight times, 800% increase in the cloud seeding capacity.
I'll beat your aircraft.
Well, it is a shame because the company that I've affiliated with has been doing this kind of weather control for the Canadian government for 10 years.
Can you talk about South Korea?
When I had you on last year, you couldn't talk about South Korea in a deal you guys might do with them.
Well, that is still in the wind.
That's still in the making.
If we don't do something that takes up or makes work for our company in this project, we will probably be in South Korea this summer.
But it takes some time and effort to prepare
For a season of hurricanes.
The point is, is the secret's out.
Now they're talking about it in the Senate a lot more.
And the solution is get the word out and tell everybody.
And we've got links to some of the websites you're affiliated with and the groups and the news articles and bills that you've been talking about, Ben.
And any time you want to talk about anything, make sure and call my office, my friend, and we'll have you on the broadcast.
You had a chance to see the little 35-minute TV production I did with our interviews here in Austin.
Let me ask you on air, did you like that production?
I thought that production was excellent.
It gave us a chance to take our time and explore the ramifications of some of the statements we made.
Well, I'm going to beef it up and have a part two that will be in a documentary that should be out in about three or four months.
And so I'll be sure and get you a copy of that, Ben.
Anything else you want to say in closing?
Yeah, I would like to say in closing, and this will take a couple of minutes, what we ought to do.
I think the president should come out immediately.
And make a statement to the nation of his strong indications that hurricane damage reduction procedures work or practices work.
Number two, he ought to announce his intentions to let the science and technology developed by corporate America demonstrate their performance in 2006.
And number three, he ought to contract a company that's identified in a letter to him and to all the senators, contract a qualified company and their civilian scientists to do this work.
And number four, I think they ought to take responsibility for hurricane control out of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
And here's what it would do.
It would fulfill the President and the Senator's Christian obligation to help others when it's possible.
But Ben, you said it yourself.
Then they couldn't hand out $200 million in little goody goods to all their friends.
Yeah, I think they might prefer that, prefer to hand out $200 billion to select people than to hand out $25 or $30 million to some company that could reduce that damage by 30 or 40%.
Now, you've done unofficial studies, and I've seen some other ones, for a paltry sum, I mean, what, $100 million a year, you could have basic total weather control over the U.S.?
Oh, for $100 million a year, you'd have some left over.
Ben Livingston, I want to thank you so much for coming on with us.
God bless.
Okay, thank you very much.
Take care.
Folks, this is demonstrated, documented, old technology.
And of course, look, Ben, they won't let him into the loop for a long time.
They've got advanced weather control technologies.
But instead of arguing that, instead of arguing that clearly they manipulated those hurricanes, and other meteorologists said it, you could see it, you could see it going on.
They did things hurricanes have never done.
Instead of even arguing that, I'll just go get you somebody who's the father of an old technology that works 110% of the time.
Certified to work.
Totally works.
Senate, you heard us reading Senate documents last year.
They admit it works.
And they're not going to stop it.
Because they don't want to keep this country safe.
You understand, they make money off of terrorism.
They make money off of hurricanes.
They make money off disasters, which can centralize things, and then they decide who it goes to.
And so that's why we had Ben Livingston back on.
And he said a lot more this time than he said on air before.
And if you could only hear the stuff he says off air.
But again, I mean, the guy's, you know, had the top security clearances and a lot of things.
He still just, even though a lot of it's declassified, he's in the habit of not talking about it.
But just another example.
So I'm not going to debate fancy, you know, 21st century Buck Rogers stuff.
Yeah, it's here, it's going on.
Let's just talk about what's patently admitted.
On the record.
They're going to let people die again next year.
They're going to let your house get destroyed next year.
Because they love it!
They love it!
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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All right, I know we've got loaded phones.
We'll keep Dr. Breeding off until eight minutes after in the next hour, so I can take some calls now and take some of that next little five minutes.
...segment, and talking about forced psychological testing, forced drugging.
This is the Sovietization of America that's coming up in the next hour with a new freedom initiative moving forward.
Right now, let's go back to Randy in Indiana.
He wanted to talk about the brainwashing locally in his neighborhood, and how he feels like the globalists just fly over us.
We're here in flyover country, and how they want the toll roads to lock everything down and track and trace us, and how the car law group's the biggest employer in his area, and what's...
Alex, you hit it all right on the head, and just listening to you and the doctor reminds me of a lot, too.
I spent many years in broadcasting, five years as a television weatherman in Arkansas.
Oh, I didn't know that.
We had you on hold from earlier.
I was laughing about it because the other day when you had Tex Mars on, the guy who filmed the Freemason talk at the lodge was on the phone, too, and it's just amazing how everybody's
Yeah, I know.
We're good to go.
Right there before Christmas time.
That damaged a lot.
See, what people don't know is they're not going to fix the hurricanes because they're not going to admit they've got it because they are weather modding right now.
It's pretty amazing what's going on, but just feeling like the flowers.
I'm in southern Illinois, but I'm right next to Indiana.
But the Cindy Sheehan thing going on with her, I know she's being used now by everybody, but what's difficult in the area I live in
A boy from my town was killed in the same battle.
And his mother, of course, is pro-war and we're doing the right thing and all that.
So, see, I'm kind of stuck in this... Well, see, she can't admit to herself that it was a needless sacrifice for a bunch of crooks.
And so a lot of mothers are going to go the other way and say, how dare you say my son died in vain.
And I'm not taking away from that these young men think they're fighting for good and that they are good people.
It's just that the war is based on lies and is a fraud and is unjust, and that isn't going to change.
Oh, I know.
It, quote, doesn't let our troops down to get them out of there.
It's like if they've thrown five people off a cliff, well, we've got to throw another hundred off because we can't let those first five down.
I did some simple mathematics just the other day when I saw a report a couple months ago in the newspaper.
And I was telling the people at work about it, and they just had a hard time believing it.
But it's like, you know, because I've been called a few names here in Miami.
Okay, give me the numbers.
Just reading about the soldiers that come back that are going to have something wrong with their mind, the post-traumatic stress syndrome.
Then I factored in the number killed, the number wounded, and it was like, with the number over there, you've got like a one-in-two shot of coming back with something wrong.
And by the way, the Pentagon now for the last decade or more has been sending anybody who has post-traumatic stress disorder into a database, and now they're denying veterans the right to own guns.
Thanks for the call.
And by the way, about one in three got post-traumatic stress or just burnout, shutdown, battle fatigue, shell shock in Vietnam.
Now over half are going to get it because in World War II in Vietnam, they only made you serve one tour 11 months.
Now, there are people over there going into their fourth tour now.
Three years they've been over there, and a year in the build-up, there are people going into their fourth terms now.
Fourth tours.
And, I mean, a lot of them, it is every day they raid 20 houses.
Imagine the SWAT team having to do 20 raids a day.
I mean, this should burn anybody out.
And it's always the big macho guys, I can just keep going forever.
Because I'm one of them.
Believe me, you can't keep going forever, folks.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're now into the third hour.
Already it just blew past us, blasted past us, exploded past us.
And we got Dr. Breeding coming up to talk about the new Freedom Initiative.
Oh, it's freedom.
It must be good.
Yeah, and freedom.
I guess they should have called Nazi concentration camp Freedom Sites.
Actually, they did have signs over it that said, you get your freedom here.
You get liberated here.
So I shouldn't joke about that.
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
The Ministry of Love is where they torture you.
The Propaganda Ministry is called the Ministry of Truth because they lie.
The Ministry of Plenty starves you to death.
Up is down, down is up, black is white, white is black.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
We're just going to go to Jason.
He's hung up.
So Pat in Ohio, then Dave, Gavin, James, and others.
Go ahead, Pat.
Hi, Alex.
I was listening to your show, and I'm thinking, first of all, in 1927, I was told that they purposefully blew up the dams in New Orleans.
And I'm wondering, do you think they did this again?
That's what some people are saying.
These aren't urban legends.
Cops are saying it.
Parole officers are saying it.
I don't know, you see, because I can't prove that, so I just move past it.
And I go, but I can prove that FEMA sabotaged the phone lines, jammed police communications as the hurricane hit.
Right, I heard about that.
Why did they, that was the purpose, to get more FEMA funding?
Yes, the worse things get, the more funding they get, the more control.
And, oh, FEMA needs total control.
We need to get rid of Posse Comandantes.
Only, you know, foreign troops can save us.
And so we caught them red-handed sabotaging and making it as bad as they could.
So, yeah, they probably blew up those levees.
But I can't prove that, but I can prove they sabotaged.
This is good.
And the transponders, what are they?
Radio frequency identification devices.
They're little tracker chips that have your number, your ID on them, or your vehicle number.
I think?
And as you're driving down the road, they know from radio reader to radio reader how fast you're driving.
You'll be issued automatic tickets.
That's publicly admitted.
They will tax you according to a little bank account or a monthly statement for how far you drive according to radio reader to radio reader point.
Or they can just do it off your driver's license plates, your tags, scanning them from point to point and measuring when you cross a certain line and computing that as well.
So that's what RFID is being used for in the cars.
In the garbage trucks, it's going to be used to scan all the RFID in your garbage for a history of what you're buying and doing and see if it matches up to your new national sales tax they're going to have.
They're going to call a fair tax, big neocon scam.
They're going to keep the income tax on it as well.
And RFID is going into a lot of the clothes, Gillette razors, Michelin tires.
And it'll be in all products.
As of last year, Walmart would have had its way, but we got that blocked for now.
But they're implementing piecemeal.
And that is a Defense Department program with Walmart trying to force all manufacturers and distributors to adopt RFID.
Just type in Walmart Defense Department demand RFID into Google.
You'll get news articles where four years ago they ordered all manufacturers to do it.
A huge Defense Department program to totally enslave you and your family.
Just the facts, man.
Anything else?
Yeah, I got another question about Iran.
I was listening to you earlier, and even though this government is corrupt, very evil, and it's evil control, and they're abusing the power, however, I don't have a lot of trust in Iran either.
Oh, certainly, certainly.
They said a lot of negative things about Iran.
About Israel, I really believe if they had the ability, and they keep telling people that they have a nuclear plant to just produce electricity, and I don't buy that.
You know what, Pat, I appreciate your call.
Let me comment on that when you get back.
Because it's an important point, and this is where the psychology comes in.
Stay with us.
We'll get to your calls early in this interview.
Dr. Brady coming up.
Don't worry, I will do it.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
To briefly try to answer Pat's question...
She said, you know, I know our government's corrupt, but Iran, they're pretty bad too.
I mean, they've said they want to get Israel.
And they've said that they want to attack them, or they want Israel gone.
So she said, I don't trust them.
Well, number one, they're a sovereign country.
Number two, they're not saying what North Korea is saying, that they will nuke us and kill us, or what the head of the Chinese military said in a press conference he wanted us to know.
I will destroy your 200 biggest cities, and they got the missiles to do it.
So what does our government do?
Give them all the supercomputer secrets, the missile secrets, Bush.
I mean, Clinton did all that stuff, and then Bush just took all the restrictions off.
I mean, why don't the neocons ever talk about that?
They've totally let the UN run their country, which is bad enough.
Totally control everything they're doing.
The quote, breaking the seals, is just going back to enriching it for peaceful purposes that you can't even make a bomb with.
It takes, again, thousands of centrifuges and years to do it.
Our media acts like they're about to A-bomb us tomorrow, and I think they're introducing that into our heads, because I think the globalists that run things are very ruthless.
They might just do it and say, see, it's your fault all this happened.
See, you peaceniks, you caused us to be attacked.
Now, criticism of the government's outlawed.
You caused us to be hit by the A-bomb in 06 or 07.
I mean, the globalists have been caught over and over again carrying out terror attacks.
I mean, I've had CIA guys on again a couple weeks ago, two high-level analysts, one of them the CIA commander in Afghanistan, and they both had to admit, yes, our government has carried out terror attacks all over the world, specifically in Iran in 1953, to blame it on their government to take their government down.
Blew up Moss, folks.
Well, the globalists are saying we're going to get nuked.
Well, who has the motive for that?
Meanwhile, most of our industry and everything's already been transferred to China who gives press conferences saying we're targeting 200 cities.
We will attack you if you get involved in any of our interests anywhere in the world.
And it's, oh, we love you.
You're threatening.
They're going to have two communist Chinese parades in D.C.
and Maryland this year where they're going to play a song that is the national torture anthem.
This is mainstream news in front of me right now.
They torture the Falun Gong and others too at the re-education centers.
And that's the songs they're going to play in their marching bands.
Can you imagine Iranian marching bands?
This is like a Twilight Zone episode.
Oh, here have the Panama Canal.
Oh, here have the...
Remember that political football of running around and talking about how evil Clinton was, selling us out to China?
Clinton was doing that because he was corrupt, because the globalists, the corporate interests, wanted it done.
Then Bush comes in and says, I'm taking all supercomputer restrictions off.
I'm going to let you have cruise missile factory diagrams.
Not just the cruise missiles, but the whole diagram on how to build the factory.
And then won't even sell Tinker Toy 1950s-era-style destroyers to Taiwan.
And he's so good.
He's so good.
It's just all baloney.
And all these Democrats, we've got to do something about Bush, about Bush.
It's the Democratic leaders are cheerleading more for war, unless you're talking about Murtha.
Or Ron Paul, who's a Republican.
All the rest are just worshipping.
We need to attack more countries.
Meanwhile, the Democrats voted with the Republicans for new freedom, for the national ID cards, for all of it.
It just shows.
Dr. John Breeding, author of The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses, and other books that he's written that we carry.
Just amazing stuff that you need to have.
Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate by Dr. Eisenstein is also on the website.
Wildest Calls with the Best Horses by Dr. Breeding and True Nature and Great Misunderstanding by Dr. Breeding.
We carry those on InfoWars.com.
But he's here for the balance of the hour, the next 48 minutes or so with us.
We'll also take some calls, folks, when you're holding.
To give us, well, for those that don't know, what the New Freedom Initiative is and how they're using things like private universities to push it, public schools, private schools.
They're having trouble getting states to pass it, and they've admitted it's a eugenics program, really, first and foremost.
Dr. Braden's gotten them to admit that in state hearings here locally in Austin at the Statehouse.
And now there's been a lot of new developments, increases in suicides since they started all this drugging nationwide.
We don't have national numbers and county numbers from around the country.
Dr. Breen, good to have you on with us.
Hey Alex, good to be back.
You bet, it's always an honor my friend.
Kind of recap it for people that don't know what New Freedom is and then just give us a play-by-play.
Give us a synopsis, an intelligence report.
New Freedom...
That is one of those words that immediately makes your hair stand on end when you have any kind of Aurelian awareness like all your listeners do.
New freedom really means no freedom.
It really means new intrusion and new control.
But specifically in this context, it's the Bush Presidential Commission that came out with its report in the summer of 2003 called the New Freedom Commission and basically recommendations about how to structure and run the so-called mental health system in the United States.
The people behind the New Freedom Commission were the same people that were behind the so-called Texas Medication Algorithm Project, that's called TMAP.
Basically, that was an alliance between the mental health system here in Texas, MHMR, and the pharmaceutical industry.
They developed these so-called algorithms, which are basically formularies that say, if you have such and such an illness, you get such and such a drug.
So if ADHD, then Ritalin, if depression, then Prozac, like that, on up to electroshock.
So the pharmaceutical industry was interested, and they helped fund it, because if they get their product points on there, it guarantees hundreds of millions of dollars a year in sales through the state mental health services.
And that was put in place in the mid-1990s.
A lot of the same people on that committee
Thank you.
So that's the mental health screening and the teen screen and this whole dynamic so that wherever you can screen people you find them as quote unquote mentally ill and in today's climate that means they get drugs.
So it's basically a mass marketing scheme, very successful for the pharmaceutical industry.
It's called the New Freedom Initiative and that's where it comes from.
Where it's at now is that we block
The codification of those principles into law in the last legislative session thanks to your help.
But they're going on and trying to do it with little pilot programs around the state.
And Dr. Breeding, all over the country, they're also pushing this.
In Illinois, they've gone as far as saying, we're going to make pregnant women go in for psychological testing.
Again, with the guidelines admittedly written by the drug companies with targeting going up from 10% of the country on these to half the country on these drugs, when the drugs admittedly increase suicide and psychotic breaks.
Illinois was one of the first states to really do a fairly good-sized implementation of this thing, and it is, just as you said, it's a cradle-to-the-grave kind of thing.
They've got little planks in this thing from prenatal all the way to elders in nursing homes, and the idea is complete access to anywhere people are, anywhere that you have so-called primary care, meaning regular medical care,
Yeah, I think so too.
Create a little bundle of money called Transformation Incentive Grants.
That shows a sad snowman, and it says if happy things make you sad, then maybe you're depressed.
And it's a big Merc ad, and it's how to come get on serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
I mean, half the ads, I'm not kidding, folks.
In some magazines, I've seen half the ads.
The nightly news, maybe four or five of the ads are happy drugs.
Oh, women, you're having that time of the month.
You're not supposed to feel bad during that.
Take a drug.
I mean, but the UT thing I saw,
Was it this sicko professor, I'm sure you know about it, in the community here, this psychologist coming out and psychiatrist and saying, oh, all these kids are really depressed and we need you to start targeting them and showing them.
But in truth, all the studies show when you start talking about suicide to kids, they never even thought about it, you start putting them on these drugs, you introduce that into their mindset, they start killing themselves.
This is actually, this death education, and I've got the statistics here today, are killing our kids, doctor.
Well, you've got both sides of it, and it's just like what you were saying about the warmongering and the militarism right before I came on.
It's the same dynamic.
On the one hand, you're describing the brainwashing and conditioning, the billions and billions of dollars that are spent to get the public conditioned to the idea that they have these mental illnesses and that these drugs will help them.
That's the marketing part and the conditioning and the brainwashing part.
The actual facts and the data, which don't line up with the false beliefs that are put out as propaganda.
The truth is that... Well, I mean, the propaganda is so bad that literally 15 feet from where I'm sitting in this studio is a billboard on the side of a building.
Billboards, like I say, magazines, television ads, radio ads.
It's just an incredible onslaught.
Billions of dollars spent...
How do humans ever survive without Prozac bushes?
How do any mammals, how do foxes survive without a Prozac bush?
Yeah, and they're actually anti-survival because the drugs actually create
Well, for one, they're poisons, so they start poisoning people gradually.
Two, they take away your ability to think.
Then you get more depressed.
And three, they're more likely to make you kill somebody or kill yourself.
And then when you get more depressed, it works perfectly because then you get on more drugs.
They're just like crack dealers walking over to the kids and going, this is what new freedom is.
Come here, kid.
Let me give you something.
But instead of trying to sell it to your child, it's going to be a nice, nice doctor in a white lab coat.
I'm here for a merc, little girl.
Take this.
You'll feel much better soon.
We'll be right back with Dr. John Brady.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
This new freedom initiative, which is really new slavery, it's like the Patriot Act is called Patriot, it's the complete opposite.
Only someone who hated America would push for this.
Doesn't keep us safe, makes us unsafe.
The new freedom initiative is part of a constellation of national ID cards, militarized, federalized police, all of it.
I mean, this is a corporate takeover where they're now becoming the government, they're going to force you to use their products.
Imagine being a pregnant woman in Illinois, and they're trying to implement it now.
They're having trouble, though.
They got the law passed.
Oh, you have to get a psychological evaluation.
You have to.
I mean, I don't care if you're 35 or 18.
You see, now it's starting with adults.
And they're trying to start it in public schools all over the country, even though they can't get states to pass laws.
Illinois is one of the few that has.
Doctor breeding, we're not exaggerating.
In fact, isn't it hard for you?
I mean, it's hard for me.
If you don't agree, tell me.
To articulate just how bad it is,
I mean, it's so much worse than we can even say because there's just so much.
Well, it's hard for me to articulate it definitely, but you just did it really well in the sense of describing the basic dynamic, which is that it's a corporate takeover of the government in people's lives.
This aspect of it is a real clear example.
It's driven entirely by the corporate pharmaceutical industry
And which has more than one paid full-time lobbyist for every member of the U.S.
Congress, which spends billions and billions of dollars conditioning and brainwashing the general public to accept the false beliefs like that depression is due to a chemical imbalance.
And it drives the dynamic and therefore it creates a national Congress that's very conducive to supporting that dynamic because to get elected, for the most part, at the national level,
You need major, major money, and you are selected out by these corporate interests.
That's really what drives it.
But what's at stake is our very hearts, minds, and souls.
Because once you get on these drugs, and you said it, drugs, more drugs, and then maybe electroshock if you want to just totally destroy your brain and your capacity to fight back.
And that's what's at stake.
And so the value system of corporate interests
It's real clear.
It's basically two things, you know, maximum profit and minimum liability.
Those are the only values.
And so in that context, there's never enough.
So 10%, 15% of the kids on psych drugs, that's not enough.
We want 25%, 30%, 40%.
So, you know, we've already got 15%, but the language of New Freedom is we don't have enough access to the kids.
Well, it's the same thing with the Pentagon at another level, telling kids, you've got to sign up or I'll arrest you.
And then the people that get caught doing that actually get promoted, and they have offices in the public schools literally harassing children now in the eighth grade, and they follow them.
They're starting this now, two years ago.
They're going to follow them right through for six years.
From the 6th grade right through the 12th grade, but they're mainly focusing starting in the 8th grade in most schools.
Some schools start in intermediate school.
Right through, I mean literally, the lanyards here at some of the Austin schools where they wear the ID cards around their necks say Go Army around them.
Wearing Go Army.
It's just everywhere.
It's a massive conditioning thing and it takes a strong intention and outreach to
To resist that dynamic.
The good news is they don't want our involvement.
You know, we've got a letter right here from the Texas Tech University Medical Center where they had a meeting here in Austin yesterday for a work group to try to talk about how to sneak in some of these new freedom ideas with pilot programs and some of the clinics and things like that.
And so we called them to...
Participate in the meeting, and of course they said this is not open to the public.
This is a private meeting.
So you've got the bureaucrats and the university professors and all these people that are involved in this dynamic, and they're not even going to let us in unless we barge our way in through the legislature and that kind of thing.
One thing I want to do is to invite your listeners to just give these professors a piece of your mind about...
They're going to become drug pushers.
Can I give the number of one of these guys?
Is this his office number?
What's his name?
Robert G. G-E-E.
He's the project manager for the New Freedom Commission here in Texas.
Yeah, let's give his number out when we get back.
And there's that big UT professor, too.
I forget his name.
I had an article on it a few weeks ago.
I'm sure you're familiar with the big UT program to drug all the kids.
They've got a teen screen program out of UT.
Yeah, that's it.
Teen screen to send UT people into the public schools to start it.
Stay there, Dr. Breeding.
We'll educate people when we get back on the other side and take calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
I think?
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I think?
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
Dave, Gavin, Chris, Rupert, others, I will get to your calls here in just a few minutes.
I know they'll be all over the map, but Dr. Breeding's very well informed on many subjects, so he'll be able to speak to it.
And it all ties back into the same atmosphere.
In human events, in societies, things always go through cycles, and right now we're hitting the bottom, or near the bottom, of a very corrupt, decadent cycle where the elite literally go crazy, where they get on such big megalomaniacal power trips, they think they can do whatever they want.
I mean, the best example of this, and I wanted to ask Dr. Breeding about this, and then we'll get into the phone number and who he wants you to call, and it was effective at the Statehouse.
We beat bills that were going to pass.
It's like we beat transponders that were going to be in every inspection sticker to tax and trace you.
They're putting the readers up, though, like nothing ever happened.
So, I mean, they just don't care what we want, but we've still got to keep fighting, and it is effective.
Did you hear about John Yoo, the equivalent of the Attorney General?
Alberto Gonzalez was a White House counsel.
Well, so is John Yoo.
And he was up at a...
Big debate in front of a bunch of college students a few weeks ago, in front of 2,000 people debating Professor Castle, who we've got coming on tomorrow.
And he had written in memos in the White House, we can order the torture of children in front of their parents and the crushing of their genitalia.
I don't want to say more, but he wrote this.
He said genocide is authorized.
He said the president can do anything.
And this other professor said, did you say that?
Is that true?
He said, yeah, it's true.
He said the president can do that.
I mean, when they are doing... The Nazis didn't get on TV or didn't get in front of colleges and say, we can torture children.
They just did it.
I mean, I don't think in modern history anyone has ever openly said we can torture small children.
Even in Babylon or in Tyre, they just threw them into fiery pits and they died pretty quick.
It was still bad.
I mean, this is a... They can't be dumb.
I mean, why are they trying to traumatize us by saying this and then equating it with safety when they know it has nothing to do with it?
They're just trying to pollute our minds to make us serial killer filth like they are?
Well, it's clear that it's a very overt declaration at this point that the goal of the administration is to
I think we have unlimited powers in the executive branch.
You know, why else would you just, you know, do what's been done with the NSA and with the torture stuff?
So they're just declaring the absolute power and throwing down the gauntlet with we'll crush small children's testicles.
That's what he said.
It sounds like it to me.
You know, I have to admit I wasn't familiar with that particular quote, but I know the basic dynamic that you're talking about.
Just type John Yoo torture into Google.
You'll get mainstream stuff.
So it's just disgusting, obviously, and I'm grateful that you're
That you're one who's fighting it, and me too.
But I mean, that even makes me start thinking I'm in some alternate dimension, some twilight zone.
I mean, it just... That even... I'm like, what?
He's not arrested instantly?
I mean, the guy is absolutely... I mean, these people are psychopaths.
Well, I feel that way too, you know.
I think I'm in an alternate dimension a lot of times, you know.
And I thought I would be really... feel a lot of satisfaction to see...
President Bush impeached while he's still in office.
It's nice to see that possibility developing.
But I tell you, we sure got our work caught up.
Yeah, he's just a puppet.
As far as just trying to protect as many people as we can.
Well, I mean, it just gets crazy.
I've got three questions for you.
Then I want you to give out that number.
Then we'll take some calls.
But here are my three questions, just quickly.
And I wrote these down.
I'm sure that you're aware of the WOAI piece on WOAI TV where they admitted that the average child in state foster care was 66%.
This is last year's numbers.
Excuse me, 2004 numbers.
It's now worse.
Sixty-plus percent were on an average of four drugs.
66% were on drugs, the average 4%.
Some on many as 18%.
And they even had medical doctors admitting they'd see kids who were happy and healthy, and then the state would actually, in a matter of a few years, actually kill them with drugs.
Because the drug companies give them so much money, and they get so much federal money, that they actually will kill you.
They will keep giving you more and more until you can't move or are having convulsions.
And it was listing this.
They actually murder you with the drugs.
I mean, it is... Imagine 18 drugs, folks.
They said thousands were on 18 drugs apiece.
I want you to comment on that.
I mean, that's the type of psychopathic stuff we're talking about.
Well, that's where the eugenics comes in that you mentioned before.
And we did have this Dr. Joe Burkett from the Tarrant County, Fort Worth area state mental health system saying that the reason why these foster kids were on so many drugs was because they come from a bad gene pool.
So that is the belief system that drives it.
You know, it's a eugenics
You know, kind of thing about life unworthy of living and selecting... Because they're targeting poor whites.
Society is genetically unfit.
They're targeting poor whites, blacks, and Hispanics right now.
But they're running out of them.
Now they're going after the middle class kids.
Well, the new freedom means everybody.
But yeah, the foster kids are just being slammed with drugs, basically.
These are kids that are supposed to be under the care of the state to be taken care of.
And instead they're just made as major product points for the pharmaceutical industry and just being driven into the ground.
How do these social workers go, little Billy died, and then they go bury him in a pauper's grave, but the drug company made some money.
And they say they're mentally ill, and they put them on drugs, those don't work, they put them on more 3, 4, LA Gleason right out of Pflugerville, who is one of the UT teen screen kids, you know.
She got caught up in the system, was sent to treatment, restrained 28 times in a month, on 17 drugs over a period of months.
We finally rescued her, and she's now clear and clean, so we saved her life.
But that's the reality of what happens with this dynamic.
I just can't believe how bad it's gotten, Dr. Brittany.
I don't think people realize.
I made a comment about the worst state, from my research being Florida,
I think so.
I think so.
We're good to go.
This is all a total, complete, 100% fraud.
I specifically want to go back.
You were there at the hearings when that so-called doctor, that psychiatrist, was testifying.
And, I mean, they had his quotes.
You pointed it out to the AP, and they did put it in there.
A great victory.
And that's one of the things that helped us kill this last year.
He said, I mean, he said that their gene pool is bad.
It's just these, I mean...
Dr. Breeding, how do these doctors who make millions of dollars a year doing this, some of them, how do they do this?
How do they consciously know that this stuff is wrecking lives and it's just funny to them?
I don't understand it.
Well, it's hard to understand.
The conscious part in a way is easier to understand because then you can just attribute it strictly to greed and cynicism.
The other part is how does someone actually believe something that is completely false?
It's like what you're describing about the Marines who are good men but they've been conditioned and programmed to believe that following the government is a good thing and that the government is trustworthy and so if they go to war in Iraq it must be good.
How do you get somebody conditioned to have such a false view of reality and accept that it's real?
That is a piece of work.
It happens every day.
Well, here's an example.
There are 3,000 plus admitted examples.
There's that number again, 3,000.
It's like 3,400 and something last time I saw it.
That were declassified by 77.
From 40 to 77.
It was over 3,000 times.
Where New York subway, I use the example people have heard of.
They would release bio-events, kill people.
I mean, knowing they would do it.
They'd have a GI and they'd say, hey, let us give your baby a free x-ray.
They'd actually radiate the kid and die a week later.
They'd have doctors there taking notes how they killed it.
I mean, healthy babies.
And I can show troops mainstream news articles.
I can show people, where this has been done thousands of times, that we have a criminal elite in control for a long time in this country, totally divorced from any empathy or humanness, who just, I guess, enjoy exercising power, really mad scientists, serial killer, a guild of serial killers are in control, and then they'll go, okay, maybe that happened, but so what?
It isn't like that now.
I mean, I just don't know what...
I don't understand.
Well, you described it pretty well.
Like I said, the ability of people to be conditioned is virtually unlimited.
It's somewhat limited, but almost not.
The limitations are by the fact that every fiber of our most essential being goes against that because we're inclined towards loving and truth.
So you have to be hurt.
That's right.
You described it really well.
They're like these little pollution creatures.
They just go around polluting everything.
That's right.
And in terms of psychiatry, in psychology, it gets so perverted that
You know, the way to deal with people in distress is to drug them.
When that doesn't work, you give them more drugs.
The other way to deal with them is to treat them like little robots and do B-Mod on them, and if they don't act the way that you want them to, you punish them, and it's really sad.
I'm dealing with a young woman right now who was sent to a place in Utah called Colab Canyon, and she was a teenager, kind of depressed, put her on drugs.
She got more depressed, sent her out there.
I think so.
Well, I know a lot of people... Well, that's good.
I mean, that's the thing.
We have the numbers that it makes you worse.
We have the numbers.
Well, what?
The one group in America that commits suicide at a higher level than anybody else is psychiatrists and psychologists.
That's an accurate number, isn't it?
The psychiatrists particularly, yeah.
That's right.
So, you know, my dad is in the medical community.
He's an oral surgeon and dentist.
But in college, he worked at the Texas State Hospital for just a few months, and he said he couldn't do it.
He said that the people running it were manifestly 50 times more out of control and nuts than the most dangerous wards at that facility.
And he said they had to be.
To do the evil things they were doing, you'd have to be bent to begin with.
You have to be bent and severely bent.
One of the initiatives I work on is about we're focusing right now on stopping electroshock at the two Austin hospitals that are still doing electroshock.
The way it works is that as a medical doctor you have to do a residency for psychiatry.
You want to be a psychiatrist so they put you in a situation where you have to participate in an electroshock deal and it's called blood cement.
Dostoevsky said the way to really get somebody to be a member of your gang is to get them
To help four other people.
Well, that's gang psychology.
And that's what's meant.
Yeah, that's gang psychology.
They'll take a little vato out, and he's got to knock an old lady on the head to become a made member.
And it's like with cops, you know, well, this is the rookie.
Let's see if he'll take some of the cash off this drug dealer.
He doesn't deserve it.
And it's the same thing with psychiatrists.
That's how it works, you know.
So that's how psychiatrists can end up doing this electroshock, you know, and...
By the way, anybody who's listening that has experience with electroshock, our website for that is endofshock.com, and we'd love for you to contact us.
Endofshock, endofshock.com, and also wildestcolts.com?
Yes, sir.
We have links to that up on infowars.com.
You can buy his books individually from us or in a package deal by themselves or with Dr. Eisenstein, a medical doctor.
Boy, he's got a lot of doctorates.
One of the biggest practices in Illinois and Indiana with his experiences with the vaccines.
Educate before you vaccinate.
You can get all three of those books together or get them individually on Infowars.com.
We've got to go to calls after breeding.
It's always wonderful to get you on.
I want to keep you on through these calls, but please tell us about the head of this Texas Tech program.
Let me tell you about that real quick because...
Basically, they had a big meeting here in Austin yesterday with these honchos from Texas Tech and from MHMR here and all that to try to scheme how they could get around our blocking the law and get some pilot programs going.
We tried to attend the meeting and they wouldn't give us the information on it.
I would just invite any of you who want to give you an opportunity and make a request to let this guy, Dr. Robert G.,
At Texas Tech University, he's a project manager.
Because if he hears from a bunch of y'all, the other folks up the line, Stephen Sean, MHMR here, and Eduardo Sanchez, the head guy at the State Health Services, they're going to hear about it.
What particular number is this we're about to call?
It's 806-743-2800.
That's Dr. Robert G. at extension 237.
237, that's key.
806-743-2800, extension 237.
And be polite, folks.
And I'll tell you, call him, but if you're an alumni of Texas Tech, a great university,
And you give money to them.
You call the Alumni Association.
You call the dean, the president.
You say, I'm never giving you... We've got to start playing hardball here.
You go after our kids with these drug company mandates to do this.
You do this.
I'm never going to give you another dime.
I'm not going to send my children to your university.
Listen, I mean, this is serious, folks.
The Texas Adolescent Mental Health in Primary Care Initiative.
So it's about screening and accessing and drugging our adolescents.
They're excluding us from participation in that.
And, yeah, send them that message.
All right, let's take a call.
Let's go ahead and talk to who's up next here.
Dave in Connecticut, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I've got to tell you, that's just such a terrible story to listen to.
I called in before Dr. Breeding was on, but I actually have a related story on this.
I had a very good friend of mine who adopted a child about 15, 20 years ago.
And when he was in about eighth grade, one of the teachers in school said he was a little bit overactive, and they wanted to put him on Ritalin.
And I told my friend Carl, I said, you do whatever you have to do.
Take the kid out, put him in a private school, but do not let them get him on drugs.
Today, he's at the Coast Guard Academy.
He's got like a 3.8 grade average.
Good job.
He's a very well-adjusted kid.
But he was an adopted kid.
I wonder if that was in his record.
He wasn't fostered.
But he was adopted, and I wonder if the Dr. Breeding knows anything about, do they have those records when children are adopted?
Simply, any leadership male, and this is in the actual federal documents we've gotten from former Department of Education employees, aggressive, dominant, high IQ mammals are more active.
Isn't that true, Dr. Breeding?
Well, yeah, there's definitely, again, all this interpretation about the biological and genetic kind of interpretations around aggression and dominance.
You know, it's weird.
But what's really good, Dave, about what you did is that you really saved that young person's life.
And it's that kind of statement and that kind of advocacy on behalf of the people in your life.
Yeah, good job, Dave.
We've got a break.
Stay there.
Final segment, more calls straight ahead.
Stay there.
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I'm reading just very quickly two points.
The molecules in serotonin reuptake inhibitors and things like the amphetamine-type drugs like Ritalin.
I mean, I don't think people know.
I've looked at the molecules and read the medical handouts.
These are more toxic than even the street drugs in many cases.
I don't think people know that, number one.
Number two, that was exciting hearing how that little bit of advocacy that that man did probably kept that child off of Ritalin and probably saved his life.
Yes, indeed.
You know, there's a saying that you should never let the fact that sometimes it seems like you only do a little stop you from doing something, because sometimes that little
Yeah, I think so too.
Boatload of false data.
Well, yeah, it's like the truth's an enzyme, and they've got to keep shoveling the lie on us.
Let's go to Gavin.
Gavin in California.
Go ahead, sir.
Hi, Alex.
This is Gavin.
I have a friend who's an intelligence advisor, and he actually ends up being a go-between for many of the secret societies, including the Illuminati.
And he's a good guy.
I have turned him on to some of your stuff so that he can see
Um, some of what people he work with are doing.
And he actually gave me some insight into the dual care ritual which I'd like to pass on to you.
Oh, you're talking about what we caught on tape, isn't it?
You know, man, I wish you... We'll do it quick because we're almost out of time and call me back tomorrow.
Okay, this is real quick.
Dual care is actually a play on words for dual carnane which is in the Quran in the chapter called the cave, chapter 18.
It's Moses.
So to cut to the chase, what they're actually doing, that most of the members of Bohemia Grove don't even realize is happening, they're sacrificing the religions of Abraham, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, to the god Moloch.
Well, I know this.
Also, Care tried to get out of the box and did get out of the box with Mephistopheles in the book written in the 1500s.
And it was actually based on a somewhat true story.
It is a fable, though, overall.
And then Care escapes from the box.
So it's multi-layered.
I wasn't aware of that particular interpretation.
Write it up.
Send it to the Prison Planet comment section.
We'll put it up and a couple hundred thousand people will read it.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
I saw we're moving so fast.
We're almost out of time.
Chris in Illinois.
Go ahead, Chris, quickly.
Hi, Alex.
I was forced in fifth grade to go on Ritalin by my teacher, actually.
Oh, because she's a doctor.
Well, yeah.
I was a fifth grader.
How long were you on it?
Until I was about 17.
What was it like?
Well, I got scars all over my arms.
I mean...
It's probably, you know, I became an alcoholic.
I've been sober for three years now.
Well, that's right, Dr. Breeding.
Don't we see now studies long term, a lot higher increase of drug abuse and crime out of this?
Well, it sounds like he's saying that it contributed to his being self-destructive and towards ongoing drug addiction, and I'm really glad that
He's moved into recovery, but yeah, it really messes up people's lives.
Robert, call me back tomorrow.
You're just a wonderful person, and I want to talk about this more.
I'm sorry we're cutting you off, and I'm sorry to Rupert, holding for 45 minutes, didn't get on.
We'll try to get more of your calls in in the future.
Thank you so much.
Dr. Breeding, always great having you on with us.
Thanks, Alex.
God bless you.
Good to have you as an ally, brother.
You bet it.
God bless you for all you do, getting involved out there too, my friend.
Without you and other people like you, we'd be in a lot of trouble.
We are in trouble, but we'd be in even deeper trouble.
Have a good week, okay, Doctor?
Okay, you too.
We're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
Infowars.com, presentplanet.tv, infowars.net.
Get out there and take on the scum.
Defend the people.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.