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Air Date: Jan. 13, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, another week has blasted past us, my friends.
It is Friday, the 13th day of January 2006, and we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
Coming up in the second hour, we have the gentleman running for State Senate, Mr. Stahl with Corridor Watch, who we had on via the telephone just a few weeks ago.
He's a city manager down in the city by Houston.
Of course, he's a former military veteran and a retired police officer.
And he has successfully gotten the majority of counties in Texas to join Corridor Watch and to say that they're not going to put up with a trans-NAFTA highway which will turn 8,000 miles of roads in Texas.
The old number was 6,000.
Now it's 8,000.
There's 7,000 total in the whole country into transponder-taxed toll roads with tracker chips in all your cars.
You're going, but this is Texas, Alex.
We're in Illinois, we're in California, we're listening in New York, or let's say you're listening in Florida or Missouri right now.
This is nationwide.
This is part of an international, not just federal plan, and we're on the front lines here in Texas, but so are many other states like Illinois, California, Ohio is now moving forward with this, Oregon.
Many of your states are now at the point, or almost at the point, or in some cases past the point that Texas has now gotten to.
This is Make It or Break It.
So we're going to have him in studio today, and then of course we'll then put that together in a week or so.
You'll be able to see it at prisonplanet.tv if you're a member.
There's so much to cover in the meantime.
Clone Team...
Want to grow human cells in rabbit eggs.
And then you read into it, it is a human-rabbit hybrid.
Now, they already have cow-human hybrids, pig-human hybrids, chimeras, cross-species, and we will get into that.
Meanwhile, we have that South Korean scientist who lied about this cloning, just saying, quote, he went crazy.
And it's the old thing of the mad scientist.
They admittedly are just going completely wild all over the planet, randomly splicing this and that.
And we've had Nobel Prize winners on this broadcast in genetics and genetic engineering to tell you it could give rise at any time to a super virus that could literally wipe out a whole species, super bacteria, you name it.
And it already has in some cases given rise to things that are incredibly dangerous.
And they're just not stopping, and there's no controls, and it's being planted, and many of the plant species open air.
So I want to go into that.
And due to that, governments have gotten together and have funded through a private group a doomsday vault to house the world's seeds.
And it costs millions and millions and millions of dollars.
It's an armored compound in the frozen tundra to save the seeds for 10,000 years.
If need be.
And this is being done because the entire genome of the planet is being corrupted.
And Monsanto said they were doing that five years ago by design.
So we'll get into something that sounds like a science fiction movie, but hey, it's 2006, ladies and gentlemen.
We are living.
Science fiction.
Really serious news.
Massive amounts of fighter bombers and bombers have been moved into Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other areas to begin attacking Iran.
This is from one of their little mouthpieces, Bill Gertz, the phony conservative.
And also, this is out of Associated Press, Iran threatens to block nuke inspections.
And then there's an article, Applied Digital Solutions says killer dogs will murder your children if they don't take implantable chips.
Cujo will get you.
Only the chip will save you.
NSA tracking citizens with local police.
We'll tell you about it.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
I opened the broadcast up yesterday talking about how body scanners have already gone in in the United States at many of the airports, and they're now going in in London airports.
They're going in in train stations and bus stations.
And they literally take a 360 view of your body.
It's a chamber you walk into, and then it spins around your body, and then they have a color image of your naked body.
Now, a few years ago, they would actually show these on the news, and it freaked people out because you could see every detail down to pores on the skin.
But now I've noticed the media the last few years promoting these, showing kind of blurry images or images at a distance.
But up on InfoWars.com, we're posting some of the old ones.
They are graphic, but this is what you're... And of course, you're naked on the ones that are shown on the news.
Now, it's just not as detailed.
Well, I've talked to some of the companies that have developed these.
I've talked to people at the airports that run these.
We've had them on as guests in years past.
I mean, it is just absolute total detail.
And the Viper teams of the TSA are saying they're going to be at train stations and bus stations here in America.
That's official.
They've now even bought some to start doing them.
They're going to have mobile trucks that they park that then lowers the little chamber down the back of it to go to random places so it's mobile and to search you.
We're good to go.
I think?
And just randomly pull cars over, just randomly looking for terrorists.
As if you just randomly, I think I'll run into that coffee shop across the street and just randomly shake everyone down and see if they're terrorists.
I mean, number one, that isn't how you stop terrorists.
Number two, you look at who really the terrorists are.
It's the globalists, either funding provocateurs or actually carrying the attacks out.
That's declassified in public.
And then number three, it's totally un-American and classical police state, and you can go to number 500 if you want.
It just goes on and on.
So coming up later, I want to get into this article that Steve Watson wrote.
New body scanners in Houston, London.
We are living in a dystopian nightmare.
And we have two different news TV clips with people going, Oh, I just love being scammed.
I love to feel safe.
And feel safe is right, lady.
If you're dumb enough to think you're safe, fine.
You're really not safe.
When men in black uniforms and black helmets are standing there, right out of the running man, doing this to you while your border stays wide open.
I mean, just type in, Blair signs secret deal on immigration.
Or type in, because I did the search yesterday for a film I'm making, just type in, Blair immigration scam.
And you'll get where he was going.
We're going to stop illegal immigration.
Meanwhile, he signs a secret deal for unlimited.
And then the poor British population, save us from all the illegal aliens robbing us and stealing.
Get them!
Because the news always poses it as, well, the main problem is all of these foreigners.
We're going to take all your rights to stop them.
Meanwhile, unlimited, bring forward more.
All right, let me get out of my British accent.
But it's all the same thing over here.
I tell you, when Paul Watson and Steve Watson, two of our writers and webmasters, over from PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv,
We're over here in the U.S.
I actually tortured them on long road trips.
I drove them out to Enchanted Rock.
There's a little bit of rock climbing, a little bit of hiking about.
And I did torture them the entire drive out there and back.
Talking like this to them.
You know, you boys have really done a fabulous job.
And I just wanted to say that we're honored to have you here.
All right, that's enough.
I mean, you've got to have some fun with all of this.
I'm going to stop it.
But I just want to tell you...
Let's say I wanted to fly back over to London on my way to Bilderberg Group this year.
Yes, I may sneak off to that.
Never been.
May go to it.
It's supposed to be in Scotland or in France this year.
It's in two or three months, so I'll be probably sneaking off to that.
But if I decide to go, I want to fly through London Airport.
They're saying that about one out of three people, they're just herding everyone through.
And it makes a big, long line.
But they've got nice fellows in these newscasts going, Well, yes, here's a hassle, but I'm willing to do it.
We save.
Meanwhile, the very government people running the machines work for the government openly.
Repeatedly, declassified witnesses, public trials, books, MI6 agents going public, has carried out bombings for the last 25 years, excuse me, 26 years, what we know of, and been blaming it on their enemies.
So, the actual people that are bombing you, fool, are the ones who now have their useless idiot minions out there scanning you.
But let me get into some other news first before I really detail that.
Because this illustrates it all.
Are you going to let them?
Scan you and your family and your wife or your grandma and have you naked on file.
It is actually a body scan.
Oh, by the way, they admit with these scanners they double as a body biometric scanner.
You know, they can create a detailed digital algorithm off of, what, 14 different points on your thumb or 12 different points on your index finger.
That is about 99.9% effective.
Well, they can also do that with your face.
And the body has its own calculations.
I'm sure you've heard the stuff on the news.
We can tell if you're a terrorist by your walk.
Of course, that's all quackery, but that gives them the, quote, probable cause and excuse.
And we've already proven that the lie detectors have been a fraud.
How many people went to the gas chamber or went to the lethal injection because of it?
Again, I'm for the death penalty.
In principle, on the surface, but would you be for Joseph Stalin to have a death penalty?
Would you be for Mao Zedong to have a death penalty?
No, because you can't give murdering killer scumbags that power.
So I'm against the death penalty in its current form, because you cannot trust this criminal government to implement it.
Now, because of DNA testing, what?
Upwards of over a third of the people on death row are totally innocent?
Because, again, the government is so criminal.
Better that ten guilty criminals
Men go free, then one innocent man not go free.
Because again, as the Founding Fathers said, it is better that criminals go free than the ultimate criminal, the government, get control.
All common sense hath shown.
All history hath shown.
Though I do cheer.
I mean, I have to admit, when someone's obviously guilty and they dig up 14, 15, 20 bodies in their backyard and the smirking demon admits they did it, they dress up like a clown.
I mean, yeah, Mr. John Wayne Gacy, sure, let me throw the switch, but... Continuing, folks.
Clone team want to grow human cells in rabbit eggs.
That's London Daily Mail.
They always have a nice way to spin that, but you read into the article, it says it will be the first...
Rabbit-human hybrid.
But it's the same in all these articles.
It's always clone team wants to grow human cells in rabbit eggs.
Well, if you grow human cells in a rabbit egg, what is that?
British scientists want to create embryos.
See, now in the second line, they would admit what it is.
That's what we all were once.
It's a human.
The zygote then turns into an embryo.
By combining rabbit eggs with human DNA, it has emerged.
They hope the controversial move will boost stem cell research in incurable diseases by giving them a plentiful supply of eggies on which to hone their skills.
The scientists claim the development is needed as current human egg shortages are likely to worsen following a recent cloning scandal in which Korean research was exposed as fake by a person who said he, quote, went insane.
We're good to go.
10 years ago, or was it 9 years ago, that Dolly was the first mammal clone?
I got a bridge I want to sell you, folks.
Stem cells are building blocks that can turn into any part of the body.
And can turn into any type of aberrant, deadly pathogen as well.
The team plans to turn them into nerve tissues, so scientists can then study how disease develops in the laboratory.
The laboratory.
They have human chimera goats, human chimera cows, human chimera pigs, and then they'll show the pig on the news and go, oh, it's a pig.
But it has human genes in the heart tissues so that humans don't reject the pig heart.
Isn't that just wonderful?
But then they get chimeras where it's not just a few genes, but it's whole body systems, whole structures.
And one of the most classic cases is the spider goat, announced six years ago in development, around 15 years ago.
We had the CEO on from upstate New York, one of many spider goat facilities, about five years ago, and he admitted that it's an army compound guarded by the army, but the goats are right out there behind the fence, and they frolic about.
Now, their udders are basically a spider part.
That part even doesn't look like a normal goat's udders or mammary glands.
And it looks something out of a science fiction movie.
Very horrific, you know, insectoid looking.
And it squirts out milk that can then be dried in a spinneret.
It is the spider silk, one of the strongest known substances.
But they're now coming out with carbon nanotech stuff.
It's even better for body armor and structures and composite materials.
So that's going on.
And understand, again, we've had top scientists on.
I need to get them back on again.
People who were all for this until they found out what it was doing.
You change one little gene in a potato, you may get the desired effect you wanted in one area.
It may sit on the shelf for a couple months, but another one won't.
Why is that?
Why doesn't it break down?
Why doesn't a tomato break down?
There's a reason they break down.
But then it changes thousands, sometimes millions of other traits in the DNA and always makes them toxic.
And then we eat them.
And there's a study today about how it kills the mice, kills the guinea pigs, kills the... You feed it to it and we're eating it wondering why we have all these new problems.
And it's just... I mean, again, it's not debatable.
It's proven this is deadly.
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The point I'm trying to make about genetic engineering is this.
It has great promise, but if it's done in a controlled fashion, but you've got millions of scientists, thousands and thousands of labs, really tens of thousands, I mean there's like
We're good to go.
I think?
I think so.
They say they discover a lot of different antibiotics by accident.
And now to discover a new antibiotic, they liken it to trying to find one specific snowflake in a whole snowdrift.
And they just do it by randomly mixing different chemicals and different compounds and different organisms together.
And now they're doing it through genetic engineering.
So they're just wildly creating these witches' brews.
I mean, most of the potatoes and tomatoes and onions that you now get at the supermarket that taste so good or so big and juicy, I mean, they'll have salmon genes, cockroach genes.
Don't ask me why, but cockroach is like one of the main ingredients.
Don't believe me?
Just type cockroach genes in tomatoes.
Type it into Google and you'll get literally hundreds of articles.
I mean, I remember seeing that ten years ago and I couldn't believe it.
But there's something about the chitin in their wings that just makes the vegetables last about twice as long and just be so juicy.
So, I'm not kidding.
The grasshopper genes are in a bunch of stuff.
Weevil genes.
They also now put bug genes in particular crops because then the bugs won't eat it, they found, because it puts off their own pheromone.
They got this down so incredibly advanced that A&M and others...
ProteGene was one company that got in big trouble over here in Texas, where the corn, the corn, will grow a chemical you need for tanning leather, or it'll grow a chemical you need for gas additives, or it'll grow live HIV virus in it.
And people try to spin it, well, it was just to make vaccine.
Yeah, but that virus was live to then do the test with.
You're going, well, how does that happen?
Plants are just incredible.
They're amazing.
So they're putting plants and animals, animals and plants, insects and arachnids and mammals, mammals and arachnids, and this is the unclassified stuff.
You know, I remember in the Washington Post about two years ago, there were humansies.
And I don't mean the humansies you see on the Discovery Channel, you know, does this chimpanzee have any human in it?
Boy, it looks like a human.
No, folks, I mean, they announce it, all the people see it, but they have been doing human chimpanzee splices down in Costa Rica.
And it's admitted.
And then there's all the Defense Department stuff, which is just gigantic.
You know, my dad's an oral surgeon.
And so back when I was about 12, it was like, well, we may have to move to Virginia.
But my dad's like, well, I don't think I'll do it.
The money's really good, but I want to keep owning my dental practices up here in Dallas.
And I said, well, what is it?
He said, well, I can't tell you, but I'm real good at, you know, he taught at the local dental school and stuff.
He says, I'm real good, and I do a lot of implants, and they're interested in bone and plastics and metals and bone, and they want to hire me to go do a defense department program.
And he just said, all I can tell you, he shouldn't have even told me this, he said, cyborgs.
I mean, my dad was approached for this.
And believe me, they were approaching a bunch of people in the Dallas area.
He knew other oral surgeons and other implant surgery dentists that were being approached for military application.
I mean, folks, that's how far this has gone.
Okay, I was 12 years old then.
Decades and decades ago.
My father, David Jones, approached to do that and said, no, no thanks.
And that was only because he'd been in a bunch of government science programs and stuff when he was in high school and in college, and he, for a while, wanted to be an astronaut, so he was kind of already on their database, so they approached him.
So they've approached a lot of people, ladies and gentlemen, and it's going on in these giant underground facilities.
But forget that!
Man, you can go up to upstate New York and see spider goats.
You can go right out here in Texas, right out by...
College Station's got a planning area just about, what, 15 miles from Crawford.
I've always wanted to go there.
Then I was out there at Crawford doing news reports.
I was too tired.
Sunburned driving back in the summer when Sheehan was out there.
I said, oh, that's that facility.
I always wanted to video that.
I'm like, eh, it was getting dark.
I was too tired.
We didn't stop.
This stuff's all around you.
It's all over the place.
It's very, very dangerous.
We'll come back and play some news clips about these body scanners, get into the upcoming war with Iran, which they're really getting ready for, moving more troops and material and fighter jets and fighter bombers into the area.
It's all coming up, so you'll want to stay with us.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.tv.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's always a good idea to give the number out.
And I know I've spent a lot of time yesterday and some time today on these body scanners, but I haven't spent enough time in the past.
I mean, really, it's a 360 color image of your naked body.
And you're just going to let, I guess, you and your family, I guess I'll have to submit to the nice men in black masks, because if you even ask them questions of the TSA, they're trying to, what's your problem?
You know what we say, boy?
You know what happened on 9-11?
Yeah, you left the borders wide open and all the evidence shows the government's behind it.
Yeah, that's a lie.
You just do what we say.
We're running things now.
So it makes me very angry and it's extremely upsetting.
I want to get into these news clips and get into the little tattletale spying grid.
But before we do that, I do want to encourage all of the listeners out there to visit InfoWars.com.
We have a bunch of new specials in which, in the interest of time, I'm not going to cover.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
I think better than just first reading this news article that Steve Watson put together about it.
Enough said there.
Again, he lives in London, so he's living it.
Living the police state dream.
Let's go ahead and just roll this first newscast where it's just all one-sided.
It's wonderful.
It's great.
Everyone loves it.
Go ahead and roll it.
Paddington Station.
120,000 people and a security headache.
We know terrorists favor attacking the transport network, but what can be done?
The start of a major new trial of body scanners.
It's easy enough picking up one man and a bag, like me, but what about when you've got a whole trainload of people like this coming off?
That's going to be a real test of the system.
So this is how it all works.
First of all, I give my bag in, which is going to be scanned, and then I have to walk into this booth.
Raise my arms, they take a scan of me.
That is then processed in this area along with an image of my bag.
You can see it there on the screen.
If nothing's wrong, I'll just pick it up and I'll be on my way.
We want to test various types of screening equipment.
We want to see whether or not they work in a large railway station.
In future we'll be testing other things on the London Underground.
But simply at this stage we want to see what techniques we could use.
There is an issue over time because they're often running to a train, but it's one of those things we have to endure these days.
Anything to make us feel safer.
Similar systems are already used at places like airports.
In Jerusalem, they even use it to screen for suicide bombers trying to get on buses.
But it'll only work if the screening is targeted, according to a man who used to run security at all of the UK's major airports.
You have to select by one means or another.
In the past, this has been referred to as profiling, but that's not strictly PC these days.
The behavioural pattern recognition process, same principle,
But you select people that you feel warrant additional screening.
The trial's costing half a million pounds, and there are accusations it's all a waste of money, because it's far too easy to get around.
Andrew Winstanley, BBC London News.
Now, again, we have proven it is declassified.
We've interviewed MI6, MI5 agents, members of British Parliament, Number 3 in Blair's own government.
That the British government, starting in 1980, and we know it happened before then, but this is what we have declassified, carried out dozens and dozens of bombings all over the country, provocateur of them or carried them out, to blame it on the IRA as a pretext to continue military forces presence in Northern Ireland there, between the Orange and the Catholics.
Now, that's on the record.
In fact, the commanders of different more violent strains of the IRA were actually Royal Marines, MI6.
They would kneecap people.
I told you, bloke, get out there and kill!
Get out there and beat someone!
And if they wouldn't, they'd kneecap them on the spot.
Of course, they were special forces the entire time, actually leading the fake insurgency.
And it is very, very serious.
And now it's come out, and I didn't even know this, that there were historical records that had already been released in the 80s.
There were actually news articles in the 80s, but now even more has come out.
We covered this two days ago, that in 1986...
Let me dig the article out, I believe.
In 86 or 88, the Mossad, a six-man team, was caught by London police about to stage a bombing.
They had an apartment full of plans, bombs, weapons.
They were actually planning some shootings, too, to be, quote, blamed on Muslims.
So, I mean, that is confirmed, convicted, on the record.
And that was posted, what, on Monday, up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
They admit Gulf of Tonkin was staged.
We already knew that, but now it's declassified.
Never happened.
Fake terror attack.
USS Liberty.
I've interviewed the admirals who took the call from LBJ when they were trying to help that ship.
He said, listen, that bleepin' bleepin' boat's going to the bottom.
That was the plan.
Kill everybody on board, blame it on Egypt.
And that's part of the record.
I mean, what I've had five admirals on about that, including the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Thomas Seymour.
Ah, you might want to listen to him.
I don't know.
Maybe so, maybe not.
I'm not sure.
But, and then we have Operation North was the official U.S.
government plan to hijack jets and crash them, they said, hopefully with young people on board.
Because that gets Americans really mad when we, they said, when we kill kids.
We could blow up a ship again, like we did with the Maine, and blame it on the Cubans and start a war with the Soviets.
We could attack our own Marine Corps base at Guantanamo Bay with U.S.
Army, a unit made up of American Cubans, dressed up, and kill them and shoot them.
We could bomb D.C.
and blame it on them.
We could even frame Patsy's.
We could have sniper attacks and do it.
Really, go to my website.
I've got ABC News, Baltimore Sun about it.
I have the document on Infowars.com.
You might want to read it.
I don't know.
And there are hundreds of others.
I mean, hundreds and hundreds of others.
We have Operation Gladio.
You see, because I really can't talk about these scanners without getting into that.
We've all got to have scanners.
We've all got to be scanned.
We've all got to be scanned, you know, naked images of us in the computer.
The whole family on file with them.
Got to do that because the terrorists are going to get us.
And then you track back to the terror star in almost every case.
I'm not saying there isn't a Muslim who blows themselves up, or there isn't somebody who shoots someone.
Yeah, that goes on.
But on almost all those cases, you track back who's doing the funding.
It's coming right out of Mossad, MI6, CIA, Defense Intelligence, or other even private groups.
So it's the best enemies money can buy.
It's like Arm and Hammer and the Rockefellers for the entire Cold War.
They owned the aluminum plants, owned the tank plants, made the profits.
At the end of the, quote, Soviet Union's collapse, it turned out they all owned it.
Lord Rothschild, it turned out, owned the big oil company.
He owned the big nickel mines.
That's been in the main press.
Well, an incredible secret has been revealed, they told us last year.
Lord Rothschild actually owned Gazprom.
Lord Rothschild actually owns the major companies, and the oligarchs were simply front men for him.
It turns out he had control even during the Soviet years.
Quite unusual.
And they just kind of glaze over it.
It's all staged.
Can we say staged?
It's a global mafia that knows that we need fake fights so we don't realize who the real enemy is, and that's this criminal government that's outside the Constitution and outside the Bill of Rights.
Let me read Steve Watson's article.
That's just number one.
Number two, it doesn't keep you safe to do this.
Number three, you can't trust the government.
Continuing, new body screeners in U.S.,
And in London.
But new body screeners in use in London.
We are living in a dystopian nightmare.
Witness the Panopticon mass surveillance prison in operation.
A high-tech body scanner for detecting would-be terrorists has been unveiled at London's Paddington Station ahead of a four-week trial, the BBC reports.
Passengers will be randomly selected to pass through the 7-meter box at the Heathrow Express platforms while baggage is also screened.
Other technology being tested includes advanced closed-circuit television systems programming to sound alarms when they spot suspicious behavior.
I have a friend who works in security.
At the Austin Bergstrom International Airport here in Austin, Texas.
And I was at the TV studio one night, and his brother has a show up there, so he was up there, and he goes, Alex, hey man, come here.
He goes, tonight when you get home and watch News 8 Austin, because News 8 Austin airs the same news every hour on the hour, he goes, I was there today.
And obviously when there's a bunch of cameras at the airport, I have to follow them around.
He said they were there, and they interviewed about 45 people.
I actually was counting.
And it took them 45 people to find one person who liked the... Well, they randomly search you in the parking lot, and they randomly search you in the building, and they do all this stuff to you.
And they had troops in there.
And he said, as soon as he saw this old lady say, I love it, he knew they were about... Because he has a TV show.
You know, he knows these things.
He knew they were going to turn the camera off.
And man, as soon as they had that one person... 44!
We're like, I hate it.
This is a joke.
It's dumb.
Close the borders.
This is my town, folks.
We woke everybody up.
Or at least people, I guess, out of town knew, too.
One lady, he knew right then, because they kept interviewing her, because if somebody didn't like it, they'd talk to them like 20 seconds ago.
Okay, thank you.
You're just looking for somebody.
Because they don't say, hey, are you for it?
Let's interview.
What they do is they just start talking to everybody, and then if they didn't want what they want, they just move on to the next one.
The 45th person, he said, he sat there counting it.
I don't want to tell you who he is.
I mean, he's not just a lowly security guard, folks.
He's pretty high up.
It got to the next person, and boy, as soon as she loved it, because he's one of them, folks.
He understands this.
As soon as it got to her, they just talked to her five minutes, then turned the camera off, and he said, I just knew I'd see her on the news.
And guess who you saw?
And only her.
So people don't like it in England.
I was there.
About 30% of those I talked to a week after the bombings.
Okay, I mean, I was there right after it.
And then right when I left, they had the big scare.
About 30% believed the government was behind it or had heard the government was behind it a week after.
About another 40% or so thought the police state was great and the other people just didn't know.
But it didn't matter.
The news was all, we love it, it's great, it's good.
So I would just add that, Steve Watson, to your article.
Yet, we have seen from the video above, the general consensus is total acceptance.
Well, that's just dishonest.
They found two idiots who said they loved it, probably out of 20 people, and then they put them on the news.
The only negative comment in the report comes from a commuter who is worried about the process, may add a few minutes to his journey, but see, it's still okay.
He still says it's alright.
He says, it's one of these things we have to endure these days, comments one man.
Anything to make us feel safer, whimpers an elderly lady.
While giving the most naive, boot-licking smile you can imagine.
She does it because she's scared.
She's been conforming her whole life.
She's not stupid.
She knows it's scary.
That's why she's going along with it.
She's not stupid.
Look at the video.
And this is precisely the point.
The general public will accept any level of intrusiveness as long as it gives the impression that they are safer.
It really doesn't matter that anyone is safe.
It just eliminates your liberty.
And it just goes on and on and on.
And they have announced, and this is federalizing your local police, that the TSA is going to go nationwide.
I heard them say it almost four years ago, but now they're doing it.
Saw a regional C-SPAN about four years ago say it.
And I've got articles here where the states are now griping about the National ID card, which they've got to implement at the local level.
I've got articles about admitting transponders going and everything, attracting taxes.
It's all happening, okay?
So this is going to be in America now.
The police have mobile scanners they make you walk into that lower down off a big truck.
I think they have four of them in London, the article I saw a year ago.
And they just march you out of a bar, quote, looking for weapons.
I mean, this is... China doesn't even do this.
They just go around grabbing whoever they want.
I mean, this is scary stuff.
Meanwhile, look at this.
NSA use city police as trackers.
Baltimore Sun.
That isn't Infowars.com, folks.
That's Baltimore Sun.
And it said that they've even used local police to track war protesters and individuals that have been publicly criticizing the NSA.
Go read it.
Oh, no, the NSA is only spying on foreign phone calls to America.
Folks, I told you.
The NSA is many, many, many, many, many, at least 10 times bigger.
Some say it's like 15 times bigger.
And there are 15 agencies, by the way.
The CIA is the smallest of the intelligence agencies.
Founded in 1947, so that's why you always hear about it.
The NSA wasn't even public until about 15 years ago.
Though it even met in Senate hearings, the media would not report on it.
So the NSA, I mean, folks, again, I've been at a land rights rally and had U.S.
Army and Special Forces patches videoing us.
I mean, that was eight years ago.
I mean, believe me, folks, they got the camps built.
They're ready to put, I mean, this is the real deal.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
They railed against the crowd Another ragtag band Declaring independence They laid their bodies down In a bloody war On a bloody war For liberty for their descendants Welcome back, folks.
Coming up, we have Mr. Stahl joining us, who's running for state senate.
And no matter where you're living, Illinois,
Doesn't matter if you're in California, Oregon, New York, Florida, nationwide, these toll roads are going in.
And these aren't just toll roads.
These are tracking taxation regulation systems that will give you tickets, that will control your life.
It will be a living nightmare.
And I've spent a lot of time researching it.
And sure enough, I got this ticket over the weekend.
They told me about the voter...
I keep saying voter responsibility, because that's another thing they're pushing to federalize the elections.
This driver responsibility program, and sure enough, most of the money's going to build the toll roads, the control grids, and sure enough, one of the top links was Corridor Watch.
So they were already on it, and I learned a lot there, and I actually went in and read a lot of the minutes, hundreds of pages of the Transportation Board, and admitting that the whole way they're implementing it is actually illegal.
I mean, this whole thing is just a giant scam, so that's coming up in the next hour.
Actually, for an hour and a half we've got our guests.
That way we can edit it all down and have an hour for the television show coming up next week.
And we'll also post that on prisonplanet.tv.
But getting back to the whole NSA thing.
I mean, I've had NSA officers on.
I've had NSA generals on, people that were the heads of it in time past.
For people that read and are educated, the NSA has been listening to the American people for a long, long time.
Randomly with keyword software, totally criminal, total violation of the Fourth Amendment, and it's not to keep us safe.
Most of what the NSA does is they look for economic trends.
You know, is everybody talking about a certain genre of music?
That data is then given in executive summaries to elite corporations that are part of the larger strategic system that we call the Anglo-American establishment.
So most of that is economic.
Most of that is an American company that's small, that isn't in with the globalists, comes up with some new development.
We're good to go.
I think?
And then that is given to a select company and then developed in China at slave prices through an economic warfare agreement to then deindustrialize the United States.
They don't want any sovereign countries.
They want us all weak with this international order of financial interest and central banks controlling us.
And that's what effectively has been done.
But here it is.
And George Bush tells you they're not spying on you.
It's just if Bin Laden tries to call his mommy or something, they're listening.
Why can't we listen to Bin Laden?
Nothing to do with it, folks.
The NSA used city police as trackers.
And we already knew this.
They're now setting up CIA liaisons in every major city.
This is the NSA.
Activism monitored on the way to Fort Meade war protest.
Agency memos show.
And they also use them in other areas tracking peace groups that have been criticizing the NSA spying on the American people as far back as 1986.
And see, they're announcing all of this now to kind of have a chilling effect.
Alex Jones Show!
We're good to go.
Let me tell you, folks, a lot of people at the NSA are good.
A lot of people at the CIA are good.
A lot of people in government are good.
They're blowing the whistle right now.
We need to give them the moral support.
We need to say no to this.
They're people just like us.
We've got to take this country back.
And then if they, quote, want to have some national security, let's close the borders, kick all these illegal aliens out, and do things that make sense, not turn America into Nazi Germany.
Stay with us.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, folks.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're now into the second hour of this worldwide broadcast on this Friday, the 13th, 2006.
For stations that just joined us, we have Mr. Stahl with us, David Stahl, who is running for the state senate here in Texas.
And it is very important that we get him elected.
Again, no matter where you live in the country.
Because he has an effective program.
He's mounted an effective program to get the majority now of the counties to join his organization.
Many of them now to start passing resolutions against.
Hijacking, literally hijacking, it would be like the mafia, which is what it is, came in and paid off a politician to just say sign over the city hall to them.
And then they started charging the citizens even to come in.
They're taking the existing roads, they're handing it over to a foreign Spanish company, they're going to put tracker chips in the inspection stickers, taxes, traces, give us tickets, point to point.
The more I learn about this, it is a nightmare system.
And then I get a ticket last week.
And they tell me, that's your second ticket.
You've now got six points.
And they give me this little notice that I'm going to be charged hundreds, in some cases thousands, tens of thousands of dollars.
It can be upwards of $3,000 a year for the four or five years while you have your license being renewed just because you've been speeding.
And guess where the money goes?
They told the public it went to help people in trauma centers.
And it's a law that they do that, but I went and found news articles where they're actually violating the law, and 49% of the money already goes to the Trans-Texas Corridor control grid.
But now, it's even more of it going to other programs like that, and not even to the trauma center.
So the cop feels real good while he's adding this whole new layer of the bureaucracy out there and forcing this on you.
He thinks he's helping children in trauma centers, and of course, it's total propaganda.
Because we now have a criminal system completely out of control.
Mr. Stahl, it's good to have you in here with us.
Pleasure being here with you.
You bet.
There's so many facets to this, and we're going to go to break here in just a minute, and some stations don't even carry this section of the show, so we'll basically have to repeat whatever else comes up after that.
But I want today to try to get into...
We're good to go.
I think?
Because there's so many different wrinkles to this, and I want people to understand this is one of the central things that we should be concerned with.
This is one of the most important things that faces our communities, our families, our society, because this is not privatization.
This is just like Russia, where the six oligarchs pay off the government and are handed control of the entire economy.
And that's not free market.
In fact, it's not even really fascism.
It's just kind of a king rat, Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome dictatorship by a select group.
And this is going in nationwide.
This is happening now all over the country.
So I hope that listeners out there will record this, write down websites, pay particular attention.
To all of it, because these toll roads are really one of the major crown jewels of this entire program.
So when we get back, we will cover it in detail.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv, all of them have links right now to the Corridor Watch website and also the Skoll for Senate website.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
David Stahl joins me in studio, and I had heard from folks who'd seen him speak down in Gonzales when he was there getting that city and then that county.
To go against this international takeover of our roads that the people that were really impressed, I mean, our educated audience that really knows the nature of this whole globalization that is taking place.
And David, thank you so much for joining us.
I appreciate it.
Nice to be here.
For people listening all around the country, because I think you're an exceptional person.
You've gotten the majority of the counties to join you in a very short time.
You're getting something done.
I feel like a slave.
I get very angry at these toll roads.
I get very angry at all the things that are happening.
I want people to do something.
I've gone to the Capitol and beat legislation and lobbied and done things in the past.
And I'm not even saying I'm some special person.
I'm doing my duty.
But I can't do it all.
We need good Americans to pick an issue and engage it.
And I can't think of a more important facet of this whole changing of America.
For the worse, that needs to be fought than this.
So for the listeners, tell us just a brief history about David Stahl, your awakening, how you realized what was happening, and then give us a synopsis of what these toll roads and the trans-Texas-NAFTA highway really is.
All right.
Well, you know, I thought I knew how government operated.
I've been in local government for 30 years.
I thought I understood the Constitution.
I thought I understood the Bill of Rights.
I thought I knew what our freedoms and liberties were.
And then I ran across this project called the Trans-Texas Corridor, and it first appeared to be a road project.
It turned out it was nothing to do with transportation.
It has to do with generating revenue.
And the process that's being used to build the Trans-Texas Corridor is completely foreign.
It's foreign technology.
We're good to go.
And has created the trans-Texas corridor with no public input, with no oversight.
It is now the official plan.
And it's highways, it's toll roads, it's railroad, it's utilities, and it is a government grant of an absolute monopoly.
And in the first instance, this monopoly is going to a foreign enterprise out of Madrid, Spain.
And it's incredible that we're giving up
Public infrastructure and sovereignty to a foreign corporation.
And they will have the right to rape, pillage, and plunder Texas for the next 50 to 70 years as a starting point.
Often, they say, well, it's limited to 50 years.
As if 50 years was some finite period of time and everybody's crystal ball works very well and we know what 25 years from now will look like.
And in this process, we are giving up
Not only things related to the corridor directly, but we're putting in there protections for this corporation.
We're giving it liability protection, just like the government has given now this vaccine protection to the drug companies that just goes across the board, and that's very dangerous.
But I want to go back, because that's the second part of my question.
I'm impressed by your credentials.
I think that's why you've been so effective, wildly effective.
I mean, you've done things, you know, the feds come in and lobby for years for bad things and can't get done what you've done with Texas that has the most counties of any state in the union.
I mean, there's so many of them and, of course, 20-plus million people in the state.
You've already gotten the majority of the state on your side in just a year or so.
So I'm going to go over, you know, you've been a police officer, you've been a city councilman, you are a city manager.
I'm just, I mean...
Folks, no, I don't just kiss up people.
I'm very impressed with you, Mr. Stahl.
I appreciate that.
You know, the most powerful tool we have is the truth.
And when you can point to documents that come from official sources and show that what you're saying is the truth and you tell people about it and they can see they have been intentionally kept in the dark.
They're shocked.
And they're shocked into moving to action.
And, you know, the truth is a powerful tool.
And I'll give you an example.
We talked about the counties that we've got to pass official resolutions.
Went to McLennan County, Waco.
And I was given 15 minutes to talk to Commissioner's Court.
And the county judge extended my time and extended my time and extended my time.
I went for an hour.
And when it was all through, they invited TxDOT to come in in two weeks to debunk everything I said.
And, you know, TxDOT came in and they brought in nine people from Austin.
I'm sorry.
That's correct.
No, it's okay.
And so it turns out that everything I said was accurate.
They heard it from the state officials.
That county two weeks later passed a resolution opposing the Trans-Texas Corridor, as they should.
And you know what?
And so it's been an education process.
And we're not out there just beating up people.
The legislature passed this law, but the legislature is the only one that can change it.
And so we're working to educate.
But this is one of those laws where they just say, we're giving this company and these people and these private boards carte blanche.
I mean, you can't pass a law where you just go, we're making you viceroy.
Because the legislature doesn't have the imperial power to just give edicts of governorship to people.
Well, they've done it.
They've passed this law.
They've given all the power to the Texas Transportation Commission and appointed bodies.
Every member appointed by the same governor.
And they have the ability to negotiate these contracts and agreements in secret, to sign them in secret, with no oversight.
And then we can't even see the agreements as they're being implemented because it's a private company and so now they've got the corporate private protection.
That's insane!
It is insane.
As a matter of fact, the Attorney General of Texas said it's a public document now that it's signed.
It has to be released.
And they're using Texas taxpayer money for the Department of Transportation to sue the Texas Attorney General to keep it secret.
David Stahl, do me a favor.
David Stahl running for Texas Senate.
Go over.
We'll tell you about the places and the websites and how to support him.
His district runs from just south of Austin right down to Houston, very similar to Ron Paul's old district.
At the federal level, just try to give us the basics of what Corridor Watch has been able to do and the numbers of counties in the state, how many you've gotten to sign up, how many have joined, how many have passed resolutions.
Okay, we've done an outreach.
We have members in 174 counties out of 254 in Texas.
We have 32 counties that have passed formal resolutions opposing the corridor.
We have dozens of school districts and water boards and utility districts that have passed resolutions and cities that have passed resolutions opposing it, saying they don't want it.
We lobbied the Republican Party of Texas, which is the party in power.
Every statewide office holder is a Republican.
It is now a stand-alone plank in the state party platform to repeal all authorization for the Trans-Texas Corridor.
So the state party now opposes the corridor.
The Texas Farm Bureau opposes the corridor.
We have numerous associations and organizations statewide in Texas that are both urban and rural that oppose the corridor.
There's the River of Trade Corridor Coalition, which are the cities.
You know, you might think this is a rural issue and that rural Texas doesn't want this highway coming through farms and ranches.
But the reality is large cities don't want it moved out there either.
They've made huge investments in infrastructure for transportation, which drives the economy of urban centers.
And these corridors don't go to any major cities.
It bypasses all of the cities.
It's not about driving the economy of existing communities.
It's about creating a new economy.
An economy that's controlled by the state and controlled by their concessionaire.
Well, it's the old royal model of they are going to give patronage to their little minions and the people who have carried their favor.
It's similar to the Supreme Court ruling saying if a local land baron wants your property,
We're good to go.
I think?
And down in Freeport, they said, we're not going to pay you market value.
We're going to take it, and you're going to give it to us because they're just setting the precedent.
I mean, why won't they just pay him a little bit?
It's taxpayer money anyway, so it would be given for some yacht club.
Why does the heir to the mobile fortune want to do this?
They're doing it because they know it sets a precedent.
And the thing about the New London, Connecticut ruling is that actually they're not even giving them fair market value.
They condemn the houses and then say, we're going to give you lot value when the tax rolls show it's a $300,000 house and with the lot even more, they go, we'll give you $65,000 for it if you oppose us, then we're going to claim you owe us rent for the five years you fought us.
So that's the thing here.
It's part of this seamless move where if private groups come in and lobby your government, they will then sign over control for the private groups that then take on governmental power.
It's like the LCRA is quasi-public-private.
They've got their own police department and SWAT teams and the rest of it.
It's like all these little nation-state kingdoms are now being set up.
And you're a city manager.
Again, you have a unique perspective to comment on that.
Yeah, and they're being set up because they have political distance.
We're good to go.
Elected officials behind it is quite another if it's a corporate entity.
Or it's neither.
It's really scary.
Government has become the most threatening special interest that there is.
I mean, it's government for the sake of government.
It's the ability now to take land and generate revenue to build bigger and bigger government.
Which is control.
It's all about control.
It's about money and control.
There's a lot I want to talk about, but can we specifically...
Go through what we know about the toll roads themselves.
And not even just the trans-Texas corridor, which is the funding mechanism.
First they said 6,000 miles of toll roads.
Now they say 8,000.
There's 7,000 in the whole state.
And I don't think people realize that there's going to be transponders in the inspection sticker.
They say in the bill, the minute your insurance is up, the cops will swarm you.
I have articles in England where they're already doing it.
It says arrest per officer go up ten times.
Folks, we don't even need that.
We need them out catching rapists and murderers or my house gets broke in.
I can't get cops over there, but they're all over the street giving people tickets.
We need detectives and actual police.
And you've been a cop.
I'll see if you agree with that.
Instead of just swarming us with, oh, you know, you speed twice in three years.
With these, they're going to measure the distance you drive between reader and reader, and they're going to take your license, or you're going to pay them $3,000 a year.
I mean, folks, this is total Big Brother.
That's only one facet of these toll roads.
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Look, folks, I know we've had loaded phones since the broadcast began today, and we're going to get to your calls.
Coming up in about 10-15 minutes or so.
Any issue you want to bring up, it just ties back in to this total control grid.
Our own government has already put it in five airports.
They're not going to put it in bus stations.
They're going to have mobile police trucks.
Would you walk into one of these scanners where they actually videotape your naked body through your clothes and it's a detailed image?
They're saying here in America that it's already begun, but we're all going to be forced through these.
Does that sound like freedom to you?
No, it certainly doesn't.
What are you going to do if the cops pull you over and they've got a truck and they say, Mr. Stahl, please step over here, walk through, and it does a 360 around you, and they have a digital record of your naked body?
Yeah, you know, it's getting scary.
They have moved beyond what we've historically had for criminal law to moving to civil.
They're using civil penalties so that they don't have to provide you with the same protections like double jeopardy, like right to be confronted by a witness.
But then they back it up with force with that threat continuum and then imply that it's criminal.
As a matter of fact, if you don't comply with the civil penalties, then it's criminal.
And it's just like the Driver Responsibility Act.
They're going to assess you a fee to keep your driver's license.
If you don't pay it, you lose your driver's license, and then that's a criminal violation.
Well, it's like vaccines.
There's no law that you have to take them, but then the school under policy kicks you out, and then three days later, after three days, under the statute, sends the cops.
When they triggered the move forcing you into the criminal statute.
Yeah, and that's the government.
Now we're going to expand that to private enterprise, to corporations that are authorized by the state to assess penalties.
That's what blew me away about the Driver Responsibility Act, is that even in the Transportation Board, they're going, well, you're going to give law enforcement power to this private vendor?
And they go, yes.
And they go, well, that's illegal.
And they go, no, we have precedent.
Precedent by other crime?
So if somebody got away with murder, does that make murder legal?
Yeah, and they're going to be doing that with the toll road authorities, the toll road collectors, the private companies, where they can suspend your driver's license, your vehicle registration for failure to pay a toll.
And again, it says in the bill that we narrowly beat this year.
The minute you have had your license suspended, you are then an actual blip.
And it says that they're going to put terminals in the cop cars.
We've got 50 red blips.
Go get them.
I mean, this is like the enemy of the state.
We're good to go.
Well, like I said, I spent three hours just the other night.
I probably spent days total reading this.
You go to the minutes of the big meeting last year up in Chicago.
That's where they have all the big trade shows.
They were there, and they said, like England, and it's in the article right here out of the Christian Science Monitor, that's what they're doing, tickets from reader point to reader point.
It's like Lockheed Martin in many cities, San Diego, one of them.
They run the red light cameras.
They assess the tickets civilly.
And then if you don't pay, then it's criminal.
And with that, those civil penalties for running the red lights, you're guilty until you prove you're innocent.
And then it was found to be unconstitutional and removed in San Diego, so then they just changed the vendor and then made it a police department operation with private contractors in the building.
Where is it going to end, Mr. Stahl?
It's not going to end unless we stand up and stop it, because they're on a roll.
And that's one reason I'm running for state senate, because we need to have some people stand up and say, this is not the way our government operates.
It's not representing the people.
I'll tell you, you will be devastating for the people's interest.
I mean, in a good way, you will devastate the globalist interest, because you've already been so successful at the state level, just...
I agree.
I think it raises my effectiveness and we can do good things.
I think I can.
And I can bring pressure from within the organization that those be publicly disclosed, as they should be.
Well, city managers really run cities, because they have somebody who's been a cop, a city manager, a city councilman.
I mean, that's what gives you the perspective, because I've just been studying this intensely for years, and I talk to you, and you're one of the few people that gets it and then knows even more.
Because I try to tell people, look, it's going to do this, it's going to do that, and they're like, oh, what?
Yeah, all the structures there are for horrible abuses, and what we need to do is make sure that we have controls in place so that it's not abused.
And right now, not only is it the ability to make this abuse of oppression power, but that's what they want to do.
It's not even like it's an accident.
It's the direction it's headed.
We've got a long segment coming up, and I want to specifically get into the private property issue.
Well, we're going to break.
We covered the transponders and how they claim they own 10 miles on each side.
I want to get into any other facets you want to cover.
Give out your websites, contact info.
Then I want to start taking calls and getting people's perspective on things.
Then later, I've got all the documents here.
Boy, do I have them.
I've got the Texas Department of Public Safety ordered adopting the rule for this driver responsibility program, and they say in here that it's illegal, but they're just going to do it.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
We're going to go to Phil and Roman and Tim and John and Chris and others who have been holding like troopers here in just a few minutes.
I want to give you the websites for David Stahl, who is in the studio with us right now.
It's stahl4senate.org.
Stall the toll roads, folks.
Stall the control grid.
Stall for congress.org, or you can go to corridorwatch.org.
And let me tell you, I mean, I have spent hours on that website, and it all checks out with the information I've gotten.
And I'll take info from that and go do just random searches on Google and find even more horrible things.
And I want to go over the fraud.
I mean, even if this was a great program, which it's not, the whole criminal way it's being implemented,
But we're going to go back to David here in just a few minutes and then start going to your calls.
My friends, the new year is here.
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Thank you for holding during that last four minute diatribe.
I do want to...
Also, thank all of our affiliates out there and all of our great sponsors and everyone that is... because the show is really exploding right now.
And a lot of that is because a lot of the things I talked about weren't really public until the last few years, and now it's really becoming public.
And so, in many respects, the broadcast is becoming passe, which is a good thing.
Now, at first, you're a kook for saying the world is round, but a few years later, you're a kook for saying it's flat.
We're saying it's round.
And it's the same thing Gandhi said.
At first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.
And we're now even getting past the attack you phase back into trying to ignore us because we're so effective.
Because people are tired of the heavily packaged propaganda.
They're looking for what's real.
As Mr. Stahl said earlier, you can go research what we're covering and prove that it's real for yourself.
Okay, that said...
Mr. Stahl, we talked about how the government has gone criminal, it's gone rogue.
So many elements of it are just, you were saying, just do whatever they want now, and that's in these Texas Department of Public Safety adoption rule debates, though they did approve it.
And I read hundreds of pages of this the other night, and they go through it, and I want to talk about that, and then the private property situation, and then any other facets you want to get to, and then take calls.
Exactly as you said.
The legislature isn't even paying attention to what the Constitution says.
They're passing laws that are contrary to the Constitution, and they're just counting on nobody paying attention, nobody objecting.
The bills that created the Trans-Texas Corridor and the Regional Mobility Authorities, for example, set up terms of six years for members.
Constitution limits it to two years.
That's not something that's difficult for someone to divine.
They just don't care what the law is.
They just put it out there and unfortunately, the majority of the time, we just go along with it.
And it's time to stand up and make some changes.
Our property rights are really under attack with this corridor.
It's going to consume 146 acres for every mile.
That's over a million acres of land to do the entire 8,000 mile project that they've got on the books.
A project which no one has approved, no one has looked at.
Only the Transportation Commission has signed off on it and said this is it.
And you know, they actually leave it up to the concessionaire, to the private operator, to decide where they're going to build these roads.
It's not based off where transportation need is at or where the state needs roads.
It's just like where the Queen of England 300 years ago would say, I give Lord Wimple the entire lands of the Gibbleshire.
Do as you wish in execution of the crown.
And that's where the name of the king comes from.
I have the signet of the king.
You shall follow it.
We had a Spanish flag over Texas once before and it looks like it's coming back.
That's exactly what's happening.
The company that is doing the first of several of these corridors is telling their investors that they have roads of gold here in Texas and that they're going to be doing billions and billions of dollars worth of work.
We're all going to pay for that.
We're going to pay for it in ways that are countless and we're going to pay for it with our land.
But think of the bonanza for all the people that are part of the King's Court who get to decide who gets to build shopping malls.
They're saying they'll decide where cities go, where towns go.
And if you notice, the 8,000 miles they admit on these maps that you have on Cordova or Watchdog, Oregon, the government has even released.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He makes his money people who are going down the toll road or using a train or using a utility.
Well, you know, they can in fact charge a toll just to cross over the toll road.
And it's going to divide the state into all these pieces.
And there's a lot of money to be made if people are going to be controlled that way.
And, you know, freedom of movement is a freedom we take for granted.
And that freedom is about to go away.
Well, they try to claim that travel is a, quote, privilege now, driving privileges.
But I've looked at the Supreme Court rulings, and that is another color of law thing that they just started 80 years ago and that we just accepted, and it's actually not even true.
It is commercial vehicles are under it, but we've just all adopted it.
And so there's just, it's an incremental march, but...
Now, this isn't just something that our kids are going to feel or their grandkids.
Here in Austin, inside the Texas system that's going nationwide, they said that 14 major roads were going to be under this, and most of them already existing.
I mean, if they...
Upgrade a bridge or add more shoulder.
Quote, that gets around the log.
It can't be an existing road.
And they're going to turn Mopac, I-35, areas of 290, 183, William Cannon.
Literally, where I live in southwest Austin, there will be four toll roads all around me.
I try to go a mile or more in any direction.
I'm in like the worst area.
I'm like a prisoner.
Literally in this control grid.
You will be a prisoner.
You'll pay a toll.
You'll have a toll tag on your vehicle where you can't drive on the road.
You'll pay the toll or you'll lose your registration.
You'll lose your driver's license to drive on any road in the state or anywhere else.
And it is a multiple.
It just keeps getting worse.
You may not even be able to go on the road if you owe a toll that's past due.
I mean, so you could be controlled to where you... Well, that's what they're saying.
They're saying that the minute that you haven't paid a fee or you don't have insurance or you haven't paid for your license or something, that you actually will be on a blip.
That these readers will show and the cops are going to come.
In fact, I have the article here.
Britain plans total electronic surveillance of roads.
In trial runs, the high-tech system increased arrest per officer tenfold.
Christian Science Monitor.
This isn't Corridor Watch.
It's in France, it's in Spain, it's in Germany, it's in England, it's in Canada, it's here.
This is worldwide in the Western world.
Australia's doing it, and it's the same thing.
In the inspection sticker, they've got the chip, and it says that if you speed from point to point, they give you a ticket.
It says that, also, they don't even need those.
They're debating using the license plate scanners.
I'm sure you've seen that.
Yeah, a whole step worse than that.
The federal government, in their reauthorization bill, just created additional grant money for states to study using GPS so that we not only know where you're traveling, we'll know exactly where you are at all times.
They made all commercial trucks take it last year.
That's what Germany did.
Yeah, and they're talking about that for all vehicles.
And they're already setting aside millions of dollars for pilot projects to do GPS tracking of vehicles so they can charge you for every mile you travel.
Well, that's just charging you.
They're also tracking you for any and every other purpose conceivable.
Let's talk about, Mr. Stahl for State Senate, let's talk about the particulars of the amounts of money because they admit...
That it's going to cost an Austinite between $2,000 and $3,000 to drive in the city each year, average driving miles.
Then they admit that if you drive, say, as like a businessman, it could be $5,000 to $6,000.
You know, heavy drivers, because that's out in the state.
And so their numbers, we're looking at $5,000 to $3,000, $3,000 to $5,000.
What are the numbers you're seeing?
Those are good numbers at the bottom end.
You know, we're paying 38.4 cents a gallon in gasoline tax.
That's federal tax at 18.4 and 20 cents in state tax.
And Texas is one of the lowest on state tax.
The tolls at the race that they're proposing and the tolls that they have elsewhere in the state is the equivalent of almost $4 a gallon in tax.
Now, the gasoline tax isn't going to go away.
So you can just stack all that on top and the cost of gasoline.
The cost is going to be horrendous.
And that's going to go to profit margin.
I mean, that's not even just going back to the state where it's used to improve transportation, like the Harris County Toll Road Authority.
They have an excess of $50 million a year in Harris County generated off of toll roads.
And they set the tolls at the lowest rate that will keep the traffic where it's supposed to be.
If that were a private concessionaire, it would be just the opposite.
Those tolls would be set as high as the market would bear, and all of that profit would not go back into public transportation.
It would go in someone's pocket.
Well, we know in England during peak times, it is 65 pence, and that's pennies.
A mile in peak times, it's about 15 pence during non-peak times.
And London's already doing this off your license plate.
They actually scan how far you drive from point... I mean, that's how sophisticated this is.
They also have a pilot GPS where you get discounts if you accept the GPS.
And so, 65 pence, that is not roughly, that is a little over a dollar.
Because, you know, the pound's a little bit more than, you know, a little bit under double what a dollar is per pound.
So this is all just right out there in the open.
And you brought up something that spurred me to think.
Remember about a year ago, it was in the Austin American-Statesman.
I'm sure it was in the Houston Chronicle.
I don't know if you saw it.
But the text I was seeing, we don't have any money.
Gas tax revenues are projected to go down.
Well, I went and looked at federal projections.
We've gone from 15 million barrels a day to 22 million barrels a day in the last eight years.
So actual gas revenues, state and federal, are at the highest levels ever.
They're actually projected...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, it's a joke!
We're good to go.
So it's disingenuous.
They're really scamming us.
Well, you talked about criminal activity in government.
There are trillions missing from the Pentagon, and Rumsfeld gets asked about it.
He just goes, I don't know, I'm not going to answer your question.
Just trillions missing at the local level.
Just five years ago, why does it seem like there's a mad pell-mell, like the ship's sinking, like cockroaches when you spray raid on them start fornicating.
I mean, why is government just going wild right now?
Bush has spent more money and put us in more debt than all presidents before him combined.
Folks, I'm not a Democrat.
I'm just giving you the numbers.
I'm going to get to the answer when we get back from him, and then we'll start going to calls, folks.
And I know you've been patient.
We'll get to you.
We're going to have him with us in the next hour.
And there's a lot of other stuff to bring up here.
But, I mean, I want your particular insight on that, because I look at it, and it's just wild.
It's like it's a gold rush.
It's like they're getting all they can now, and Katie barred the door.
Forget what happens in the future.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
You will lose your liberty.
Executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new rule order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police State 3, is for you.
Visit InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order.
That's 888-253-3139.
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We're good to go.
I think?
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, now, I really got to go to calls.
In the whole next hour, we're going to take calls.
Mr. Stahl has agreed to stay with us the whole next hour.
We're honored to have him here with us.
And as usual, I always have better discussions with the guests during the breaks than we even have on air.
But, David, why has it, or do you agree with my statement, that things have accelerated exponentially?
Yeah, I do.
And I think that now there's an opportunity for individuals to not just be captains of industry, but to become captains of government, to build an empire within the governmental structure and using tax dollars and arrangements with corporations to do that.
And then they will work seamlessly between the government and private industry.
And during the break I said, what type of system, what name best describes that?
And you said fascism.
Well, I think that if you were to look at the technical definition of fascism, when you intermix corporate operations with government, that's what you have.
And corridorwatch.org, stallforsenate.org, links to them up on infowars.com.
I'm going to move quick now.
Thank you for holding for eons.
Phil in Chicago, as they say.
Welcome, sir.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Yes, I originally called in...
But I think it would be off-topic.
You bring up whatever you want, sir.
Go ahead.
Well, on this GMO food, everybody's got to realize when they're burying the seeds of all these plants,
This is no good.
Yeah, governments are getting together with private groups and creating secret seed vaults and public seed vaults because they're so worried about the genetic engineering, which is already changing the entire genetic structure of the biosphere, the interlocking species.
And I'm not even one of these land grabbing environmentalists.
I mean, this is a real crisis.
And see, that's another...
Just indicator of how even there, they admit it's incredibly dangerous, but they're just doing all of this.
It just goes back to the just wild, you know, mad scientist behavior.
And I don't even want to go off into, like, unprovable conspiracy, but the fact is, you know, there have been groups that for the longest time have wanted to destroy, you know, basically all creation and restart
And there would be no better way to do it than to make food completely inedible, doing us all to starve.
Well, I know Monsanto, and thanks for the call, five years ago, and this was even quoted in National Geographic, said, yes, we're taking over the entire food chain, our genetics, and then you'll take over other subspecies of the same plant, and then we go sue and say we own it when we contaminated you.
And they would say this at public board meetings.
So a great point there.
Let's talk to Roman in California.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Yes, hello gentlemen.
Alex, I was wondering what you thought of these concealed carry handgun permits that states issue.
I was wondering if you thought that in general that
Well, I mean, that's a complex question.
I know you guys were holding him before the guests got here, and the other callers have been calling him on topic, but that's fine, because it's an important issue.
We can get his take on it, because it's a state issue here in Texas as well.
States that adopt him, after about five years on average, see an average of 20% violent crime reduction and home invasion reduction.
In some areas it's even higher, but the average is around, well, it's 22% to be precise, the national average of the states that have adopted him.
I am up front against it.
I believe in Vermont concealed carry, where they just point to the Federal Second Amendment and their own right to keep and bear arms and their own state statutes.
Because criminals aren't going to follow laws to begin with.
So I believe if somebody isn't a felon, and some people are felons now, and I hardly agree with that, that people should be able to carry with a Vermont-style concealed carry.
It hasn't hurt them in Vermont.
Comments on that in the last 30 seconds of this hour, David?
Yeah, I agree with the right to carry guns, and I think California had it right in the 60s.
They allowed you to carry a gun as long as it was plain view.
I think that was the best way to do it.
You got a gun, pack it, show it, and everybody knows it's there, law enforcement included.
All right, there you have it, and I appreciate your call, Roman and Holding.
Again, I mean, it turns a right into a privilege to go jump through a bunch of hoops and get a permit.
So I just think we need a Vermont-style law nationwide.
It's called the Second Amendment.
I think it's a good idea.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now into the third and final hour.
It has just blown past us, blasted past us.
We're going to take calls for the next 30 minutes intensely.
Then we're going to continue with just other news items.
David Stahl is running for state senate.
I get his take on just a whole bunch of other issues.
We just got his view on the Second Amendment.
Vermont-style concealed carry.
Second Amendment's enforced.
Then you engage in a crime, you're punished if you violate that law.
I want to get into all over the country they're putting these in.
They are these driver responsibility programs, another big scam.
Where's it going here?
To the private companies, to the private vendors, to the foreign Spanish company that's stealing our roads, that's paid off our politicians.
And I want to go into some of that, how they...
Blessing, Alex.
You and Dave.
I called you a few days ago about your ticket that you have received.
Last night I had a... I got pulled over by a police officer.
It's right here.
There it is.
Do what?
I have the ticket right here.
Go ahead.
This officer, after the third time asking me for my driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance, he put his hand on his gun.
And he says, this is the last time I'm going to tell you, ask you.
And after that, you step out of the vehicle.
Well, when he said vehicle, I said, I don't understand vehicle, and I explained to him about vehicle, and exercising my right of free passageway.
Yeah, all the definitions.
Anyway, I have the Notice of Acceptance Oath of Office, where they take the oath to uphold the Constitution.
And it explains about the title, section number, code number of the ticket, and it's in violation of their oath.
Anyway, he wouldn't give me his name, so I copied his name down from a tag on his shirt.
Okay, but I mean, what happened to you?
I mean, make a long story short.
Long story short, he accepted the document, he went back to his car, a few minutes later he comes back to my window, and he throws the document in my lap, and he says to me,
Sir, you're going to have to get your facts straight.
And then he turns around and walks back to his car, gets in his car, and drives away.
Well, let me be clear.
I mean, I'm not against police, and we need police.
The problem is they are carrying all this color of law, civil stuff, and, you know, people recklessly driving, whatever.
We need some laws there.
And, you know, I get a ticket.
I'm speeding.
You know, I paid them.
But with this time, I wasn't even speeding because I looked at my speedometer because I was in slow traffic.
There was a fast lane going by me, but I was in the middle lane because I had family with me.
I do speed when my kids aren't with me.
And then he comes over and kind of, well, where did you come from?
Where are you going?
Well, can I look in the car?
I just said, look, man, do whatever you want, but I'm not giving you permission.
And I got mad.
And I said, well, I didn't say it, but I thought, well, can I search your car?
You know, statistically, police are more suicide, more drugs, more crime, statistically.
I mean, you know, so if you don't have probable cause for me, I can claim there's some probable cause for you.
And I said, but I didn't say that.
And he could tell I was irritated.
So he just gave me the ticket and gave me this Driver's Responsibility Act garbage.
And then I already knew about it, but I didn't know the details.
And sure enough, it was the Texas corridor and a new tax on top of the ticket.
Because in times past, I just don't have the time.
I'd probably just pay this thing and move on.
Not now.
Because I already had one ticket, and now I'm going to have six points.
So I want to get your comments on that, David, when we get back.
And we'll also go to Tim in Florida.
We will go to John, Chris, John, and many, many others that are holding 1-800- Hey, a toll-free number.
Actually, give me the number.
But yeah, most police know so little about the law that if you just sit there and are very calm and controlled and say, I'm going to exercise my rights, they'll move on.
Here we go.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got 51 and a half minutes left.
I tell you, this has been an amazing interview.
David Stahl running for State Senate.
And give the listeners the particular district.
It's District 18, and it runs from Aransas County north to Bastrop County, and then east to Waller County, and then south to Matagorda County, and along the coast.
It's a giant district.
It's 19 counties.
Sounds like it's gerrymandered big time.
Well, it actually isn't.
It's pretty much a square block, but it's between all the urban centers, so it doesn't quite get to Corpus Christi or San Antonio or Austin or Houston.
It just takes in the rural area there.
Now, doesn't that area lean predominantly conservative?
It's extremely conservative.
It's now shifted to being more Republican than Democrat, but even the Democrats there are conservative enough to be more Republican than some Republicans.
And you're running as a Republican?
I am a Republican, yes.
And I don't want to mention your competition, but I forget the particulars.
Who is it?
I mean, is it even any competition?
Yeah, I've got an existing state rep who voted for the Trans-Texas Corridor who's running in the primary with me, and a businessman from... Well, so we can recognize them as an enemy of the people in America.
Let's mention their name.
Well, you've got Glenn Hager, who's... They are enemies.
They want to give our roads to a king of Spain.
I'm sorry, Glenn Hager.
And the other is a businessman from Fort Bend County, Gary...
Gary Gates.
Okay, but we want to remember the name David Stahl.
That's right.
David Stahl is the name that will work for you.
Man, I tell you, I can't wait.
I want to get you elected.
Well, I want to be there, because I have a lot of good work to do, and I'm not bashful.
The reason I'm excited is, again, a retired police officer, city councilman, city manager, you know all the facets of this, and you're right on the line, pro-Second Amendment, all of it.
It is going to be very effective to have you in, because again, how many counties have you gotten to join your group?
How many counties have you gotten to pass resolutions?
I mean, this is monumental.
It's not easy to get this done.
Yeah, we have 174 member counties, and we have 32, 33 counties that have passed formal resolutions out of Commissioner's Court opposing the corridor.
I mean, that is just unbelievable.
And you've got some big towns to do it, but if these towns won't go along with it, that is really going to hurt the people trying to do this.
Yes, it is.
We're slowing it down significantly.
We're about to go to calls, but for those that don't know, and this is official.
This is the plan.
They're going to build walls where you cannot exit to small towns and cities.
That is part of the official corridor plan.
And if you want to see this, going up into Oklahoma and into Kansas,
You'll go 40, 50 miles.
You can't exit.
There's all these beautiful old towns, Victorian houses.
They're ghost towns, and you cannot exit.
There's no one there.
You cannot get off in the McDonald's and the gas stations every maybe 20 miles in the middle, and they get the concessions.
They're the little buddies, and it kills these little towns.
So I guess, David, you just go in and explain to them the part of this plan to do that.
Why do Rick Perry and them want to block off exits to the other towns?
So they can channel the money to where they can get a piece of the action.
I'm sorry?
So they can get a piece of the action.
Right now they don't participate enough in what local economies generate.
This will be devastating to communities across Texas.
In essence, nationalize tourism.
They will nationalize transportation in a monopoly and be able to reap huge profits from it, but at the cost of everybody else.
Julius Caesar wrote,
That all roads lead to Rome and that roads are absolutely essential because it creates, it pushes the commerce where you want.
It makes you central.
It can be a great tool of commerce and freedom or a great enslaver.
And that's what they're doing with the roads.
I mean, they are just going to give them... I want to repeat this, and again, this isn't just Texas, is it?
This is going on nationwide.
That's right.
This is a national effort, and Texas, unfortunately, has the lead point for the largest corridor project.
If elected state senator, and again, there's only 31 very powerful positions.
I mean, a state senator is almost more powerful than the governor.
And people go, well, what do you mean?
Well, we threw two northern governors out of here when the north would put them in.
And so they made the governor a puppet.
I mean, the lieutenant governor really has all the power, and of course he sits in there over the Senate.
And so one senator up there can really educate the public, have a bully pit up there, and get the word out.
And so would you push to get rid of this driver responsibility program?
Oh, I would.
That and a number of other programs.
We're creating a whole new class structure in this country.
We're going to have the haves and the have-nots.
And the largest burden of government cost is being pushed on those who can afford it the least.
The common person.
The person's out there working for a living.
You get a ticket.
You pay your ticket.
That was your debt to society.
Oh, no, we're not through with you.
Now we're going to give you some points and we're going to start charging you to keep your driver's license.
We're going to charge you to drive on your road.
And if you don't pay it just on time with your payment plan, we're going to come arrest you.
So it's really your own probation.
Yeah, that's what it is.
And, you know, it's just a stacking on of those people who can least afford it.
Well, the Agriculture Department of all groups three years ago put out a report about how through the new National ID card, which has been passed and goes into law in 2008, I have the Associated Press right here in front of me.
You know, it'll still have your state on it, but it'll just be that regional card.
You know, kind of like, you know, we're McDonald's of Texas, or we're Walmart of Texas.
It's still part of a national or international situation.
And it's just going to be horrible.
But the Department of Agriculture said, oh, we can get, through other agencies, laws passed and then have taxes.
It's going to show on your national ID card that,
What you eat and what you're drinking and what you're doing, and then that's going to be shared with insurance companies and the government.
And if you're eating too much pizza, too much ice cream, too many fattening things, we're going to tax you.
Now you hear about Detroit trying to pass a law, or Michigan trying to pass a law, or California trying to pass a law, because we're obese.
Okay, fine, we're obese, but the point is, is that now Arkansas, where they take your kids after six months and they don't lose a certain amount of weight, physical test, you know, all of this is going on.
It's the same thing.
You go, well, what does that have to do with an ID card?
They have phony conservatives everywhere running around saying, we've got to have a fair tax, fair tax, get rid of the income tax.
But I've read the federal plans.
I've been talking about this for a decade because I saw some strategy on it from these groups pushing it.
They're going to keep the income tax but call it the Social Security tax and cap it at about 10%.
Because they're never getting rid of that, folks.
You know that, even though it's bankrupt.
They're going to then create a 25% sales tax, but if you're under a certain level, no sales tax.
But to prove there's no fraud, this is the federal plan, you have to swipe the card to show which graduated level of the national sales tax you have.
10, 20, 25, some cases 30%.
And then that brings federal control into every terminal, every shopping cart, every sales mode, and the data of what you're buying.
Now, that's official.
So when Neil Bortz and all these phony conservatives push this and talk about how the liberals don't want it, the Democrats actually want this.
They're going to have this phony little fight.
Well, you're a city manager.
I mean, can you explain to people how they have a lot of phony fights with Republicans and Democrats at certain levels to give the illusion of choice, but really it's this whole establishment line?
Sure, it happens all the time, and it's very disconcerting that there are many things that have already been decided, and they go through the motions, and everybody knows what the outcome is going to be.
I liken it to Sunday morning wrestling on television.
There's a segment of people who watch that, and they say, you know, that's just play acting, but you know there are an awful lot of people that watch that and think it's real.
I have, every time we talk about that, I get full-grown adults either calling the show or emailing me, threatening to beat me up.
How dare you say Hulk Hogan ain't real!
It's real!
Let me tell you something, folks.
You start punching somebody 20 times in the face, they're going to die.
I mean, throwing people off, pile-driving heads into the ground, I mean, it's just not reality-based.
I mean, as a police officer, let's say somebody slugs you, if you pile-drived them and slugged them 25 times, Mr. Stahl, do you think they'd be alive?
No, they certainly wouldn't.
So, I mean, how many times did you hear, I mean, being on the force or going out to an event where somebody had been punished two or three times and had to go to the hospital?
Oh, absolutely.
But now we have to explain to these people who've never lived that wrestling isn't real.
Yes, you know, there's a whole violent culture now.
There seems to be a disconnect between violent actions and consequences, whether it's drive-by shootings or it's...
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
And you're right.
In fact, there's been a big national phenomenon of kids killing each other because they think you can pile drop somebody's head in the cement and they get right back up.
That's right.
It's tragic.
So again, it's a total disconnect from reality.
I mean, I'm not even bragging that I'm that tough, but a few times I got in fights in Dallas, and you punch somebody five or six times, I mean, they're like in a coma.
So I don't know what, it's just, I can't believe it.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Ohio.
John, thanks for holding her on the air with David Stahl running for State Senate, fighting the globalists at point-blank range.
Yes, I want to talk about Iran, and I agree with everything you're saying today.
They've sent the F-16s.
They're getting ready to attack them.
They've told Turkey they're going to fly out of there and Iraq.
Yes, it's bad.
Yeah, but before I get to that, I just wanted to say that I agree with all of what you've said about the American-British government sponsorship of terrorism, the police state measures, and the neocons aggression in the Middle East.
But I also checked sources like Workers' Organ, ZMAG, or to correct for where I believe you're
You're wrong.
At any rate, on Iraq... Yeah, and the commies killed a bunch of Christians because they're a bunch of atheist scum.
Well, I don't have time at this point, but I think the media is going to play... Are you denying the Soviets and the Chinese kill Christians?
I don't know whether they do to the extent, because people like Alexander Coburn have pointed out that even what
We hear from this, the present Russian and Chinese government.
Look, I'll hold you over, John.
John, I'll hold you over.
But I demand, because you called since the gas was on.
Come on, talk about toll roads.
What do you think of that?
Well, absolutely.
It's absolutely just the, you know, internal police state.
The kinds of things they're doing to the Iraqis, they're doing to us in this country.
But I did want to talk about Iran.
Okay, what are you going to tell us when we get back?
Well, I just think, just for starters, that the newspapers are going to pretend they don't know that they're just recycling the same propaganda, the same lies, changing a Q to an N, and pretending to forget that they helped the Bush gang lie us royally into this disaster.
Well, you know, the Bush gang are a bunch of puppets.
I mean, it's the big corporations that want Iran.
Hello, folks.
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One more time, that's 866-885-6625.
Let's try to get to your calls here, and then I'm going to get more into this driver responsibility program where...
Welcome back.
They openly aren't giving the money to the hospitals.
It's going right to the private toll companies, of course.
And we're talking about some of their more nefarious activities, how they're lobbying, the things they're doing.
But right now, let's just go quickly here.
John, go ahead.
You want to talk about Iran and how it's the same... Notice all the Democrats are out now saying, attack them, and all these other people.
And we've got to go in there and get them evil Iranians.
Well, yeah.
It's the number one and number two party of the military-industrial complex, the Demopubs.
Just listening to the last commercial break there, it diverted me again, and I just realized that we're getting some of the... I think on certain areas you're playing right into the hands of the neocons.
This David K. Smith fantasy world of this red-baiting pretext for an even larger war, for confrontation with possibly North Korea and China, this kind of retro red-baiting that goes back to the most ultra-right groups in the 50s.
I think is actually enhancing the ability of these neocron... John, I appreciate your call, but you really are a one-trick pony.
I mean, come on.
I mean, I have family who was overseas.
I've talked to a lot of eyewitnesses to it.
I mean, China admits they killed 60 million people.
I mean, they're arresting Christians over there right now, and Falun Gong, Buddhists, Hindus, Easter Bunny worshippers, it doesn't matter.
And, I mean, it's just horrible.
I mean, during the Cultural Revolution, they cooked up the dead bodies in big pots.
I mean, it's just... I mean, of course our government's corrupt and out of control and going fascist.
And you've got communism.
I don't want to... Please, give me a break.
I mean, I'm really sick of it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Chris.
I'm calling to share a victory story I had in court about eight years ago.
I emailed you a few days about this, a few days ago.
I offered, I plea bargained to pay $310 in traffic tickets, and I offered it in silver eagles to the clerk of the court, who refused them because she said they weren't rolled, even though they were in the translucent containers with the mint seal on top, the seal of the U.S.
And so because they refused to take that, you were able to show them the law and get them in trouble?
Well, yes, the Uniform Commercial Code, which is embodied in all the state statutes and also the U.S.
So it is, you know, truly uniform throughout the country.
They're all breaking so many laws and violating so many regulations because they're so lazy because the average American doesn't even know their head from a hole in the ground.
No, that's the thing.
If you have basic legal information, you can really cook them.
Just the two laws I use, the Uniform Commercial Code and Title XII,
So what happened?
Well, my obligation was discharged.
The clerk of the court, after about six or seven hearings, the clerk of the court said that they would have to accept them in the future.
They said they're sorry for not accepting them.
They'll be able to deposit them in the future in the bank.
Yet, when my brother went and tried to do it, they wouldn't accept the Silver Eagle still.
So, I mean, of course I'd be foolish to give it to them.
Okay, well I want to get a comment on this from our guest.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate you holding to tell us that.
I mean, isn't that really it?
That if we ourselves need to enforce the law with the government by not rolling over, David?
We have too many laws as it is.
It's incredible that there's any expectation that...
That we can understand the laws, and clearly the government doesn't understand the laws they've already put in place.
It's not possible, but it would be wonderful if every time they passed a new law, for every 100 words of law they created, they had to go strike 50 somewhere else, or 100 somewhere else.
Well, there's bills introduced in Congress where they have to read the laws.
Because, I mean, in the past they said ignorance of the law is no excuse, but there might have been 50 laws 200 years ago.
Yeah, well, when they passed the Trans-Texas Corridor, it was a 388-page document, and we have yet to find a single legislator other than the one who authored it and proposed it and signed on to it who've read it.
Well, it's the same as the Patriot Act.
I mean, they weren't even allowed to read that.
It was released one hour before passage back in 2001.
One hour.
And how are they representing you and I?
How is that representative?
They admit that the lobbyists at the state and federal level predominantly actually write the bills.
And then a legislator will put their name on it.
Yeah, and in Texas, there's briefing papers, and you're doing well if they read the briefing paper and make a decision based on that.
And when you match the briefing papers up to some of the legislation, it doesn't really describe what's going on.
It can't possibly.
Let's jam another call in.
Let's talk to John in Tennessee.
John, go ahead.
Our city council in Knoxville signed a contract for Robocop spy cameras for traffic tickets, and the company is named Redflex, and it's headquartered in Australia.
Redflex also does GPS toll roads, so that's the goal.
Stay there.
I want to hear about it, John.
No, that's the thing.
I also want to ask you this question, David.
Every time I look at somebody buying Water District...
Or buying a road or putting up cameras.
It's always either a Defense Department contractor or it's a foreign country.
I mean, it's not just that everything's manufactured overseas now.
Now the foreigners are buying everything.
It seems to be a strategic operation.
I want to get your take on that when we get back.
Stay there, John.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, I tell you, an hour and a half has just moved so quickly at light speed past us, and there's still a lot of stuff I want to cover with our guests, but let's rampage through five more calls, and then I'm going to go ahead and cut off the calls when we get done with Maggie here in a few minutes so we can talk about his campaign and how folks around the country can really use the model of what CorridorWatch.org is doing.
Other people, I mean, believe me, everybody always says you can't fight City Hall, you can't get involved, you can't affect change.
Until you actually go out and do it.
I mean, I go down to the Capitol, and I catch bribery on tape.
It's the front page of the paper.
I go down to the Capitol, and I sit there in a committee hearing, and I hear them arguing about something that isn't being done properly, and I complain about it, and it ends up on TV, and then somebody gets in trouble and loses their committee chairmanship.
I mean, it's just because people aren't involved and aren't out there doing this.
And it's because people don't think that it's fun and interesting.
It's interesting for me to go, well, I know this program's going to be criminal, because they always are criminal, and I just go look it up, and it actually says it is criminal.
I don't want to exaggerate.
I can speed read.
I probably read 500 pages in three hours the other night, and I was just sitting there printing and writing notes as fast as I could, where they're saying, well, you're not allowed to do that.
Well, we're going to do it.
Well, but this code shows you can't do that.
Well, we're going to.
And so no one is challenging them.
No one is calling them on it.
I mean, David, do you agree with that, that if we just get involved, that we can get our country back?
You know, this CoralWatch.org started with my wife and I standing in our...
90-year-old farmhouse, and she asked me, what can two people do?
I mean, it's a huge project.
It's already in motion.
The law's already passed.
What can two people do?
And my answer to her was, watch.
I'll show you what two people can do.
And in the course of a year, we had thousands of people who joined us in the cause and the fight and showing the truth to thousands.
And now their whole trillion dollar, and folks, it is over the next 50 years, trillion dollar, their whole project's in trouble.
Yes, it is.
It's now being scrutinized.
They can't hide it any longer.
It's out there and we continue to expose more and more of it.
It's more terrible than people could even imagine.
It always is.
So again, there's that lesson.
I'm not tooting my own horn.
I get angry at this stuff.
I read what was in Patriot Act 1, got angry, I got on air, and I said, why don't we write state and city laws to say we're going to enforce the Bill of Rights and not follow this?
I put out a news article about it, gave some suggestions.
A group up in New York picked up on it.
We're good to go.
I mean, it's absolutely amazing.
I just said, we'll just do this.
And so many times, I'm nothing special, folks.
I'm just somebody who isn't going to put up with propaganda.
I'm not going to be a slave.
And David, were you the same way when you were a city manager and saw the plan and saw what it would do?
I guess getting conned and ripped off and enslaved makes you angry?
Oh, it sure does.
And to have such an impact on my family and my neighbors and other law-abiding citizens who think the government is taking care of them, only to discover that they're being abused.
How did you discover it yourself?
Actually, my wife discovered it.
She had seen a presentation at a Chamber of Commerce function on the Trans-Texas Corridor, something that was proposed in the future, and she got an executive summary, just about a six-page sheet that they handed out.
And it didn't sound like such a great idea to her, and so she wrote to the state.
So even their spin didn't sound good.
No, their spin didn't sound good.
She wanted to see the plan, the real plan.
And they sent her a box full of the real plan.
She sounds like a great lady.
What does she do?
She is great.
She's an escrow officer.
She was legal secretary for many years.
And so she's used to reading laws as well.
I've got to tell you, so many times it's women that discover the stuff.
Yeah, well, she certainly did.
And that got us started on it.
We talked to our legislators and we said, you know, this isn't good.
At every section
I think so.
But they did it.
And they did it.
And so what we did was the wrong thing.
We went to sleep.
We stopped paying attention.
We took those legislators at their word that it wouldn't happen.
And we stopped paying attention until I got a press release or a letter that said there was going to be a public hearing on the Trans-Texas Corridor.
And we went back and checked, and we discovered every single thing in that plan passed the legislature without a hiccup.
And so you decided to fight it?
That's it.
It's bad government.
It's a bad plan.
It's not a transportation plan.
It's a revenue plan.
It's ripping off people.
It's taking land.
They have provisions in there for quick take.
They can go down and, one, there's no trespass.
The state can come on your land now under this law, and they can survey, and they can do geological studies.
So it's a Fourth Amendment violation.
And they can, without telling you, without you knowing it.
Did you hear about the new Ohio law that Governor Taft signed, Mr. Scullin-Bones?
People hear, cops can now ask for ID.
No, they can always do that, folks.
It says in the bill, we read it a month ago, three weeks before he signed it, actually the same day you were on, the guy I was on before you came on, and it's the libertarians fighting it, and it says that cops come up, you've got to answer questions.
Well, what happened to the Fifth Amendment?
It says you've got to answer all their questions, or you can be taken to jail and charged as a terrorist.
I'm not kidding.
It isn't the only freedom of liberty we've lost.
I mean, it's just, that is like China or something.
What is wrong?
Unfortunately, it's like the United States now.
We need to change the direction.
We need to stand up.
We need to elect some people who will do what we want and not what the fraternity wants.
Well, people all over the country are listening.
And folks, believe me, Texas is one of the worst states, but the same stuff is happening at the same level in California.
It's happening in Oregon.
It's happening all over the country.
Illinois is really bad.
And let me tell you something.
You have got to start your own groups there because I've seen the corridor maps.
These crisscross the country.
Now the big baby, maybe the aorta vein coming out of the top of the heart, is the one going, is I-35.
But they are all over the place.
69 is a major corridor that'll run from Mexico to Canada.
And it goes through all the way up to Indiana into Canada.
And it's been a major issue.
And we have allied groups now that have spawned and that have formed up with us.
And we're going beyond the borders of Texas.
Well, it's corridorwatch.org, or if you're like me and can't spell because of public government education, you can just go to infowars.com or prisonblinded.com, and we have links over to it.
But it is so important.
Now, we're going to go to your calls in just a minute, but I've got to get into this Texas Department of Public Safety.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Speeding tickets does this, and he had in his database, I had one, I had a ticket like in five years, and I got one going, driving to Crawford, speeding, and I didn't, I really was speeding, when I looked down and saw him, I was speeding, I didn't, I said something on air about it, but I didn't, the cop was nice, he was a fan of the show, he still gave me a ticket, could have been an even bigger fan and not done that, but like the other ones that pulled me over, but anyways, my luck ran out, as soon as I mentioned that the cops never gave me tickets, I started getting them, but this guy wasn't speeding, but that didn't matter, he wanted to search and all this stuff, and I said no, and
Then he gave me this little slip, this notice that a conviction of an offense under a traffic law of this state or a political subdivision of this state may result in the assessment of your driver's license or to surcharge under the driver's responsibility program.
And for our video cameras here, there it is.
And I went home and typed in, Texas Department of Public Safety potential surcharge notice.
And then I got driver responsibility program, which I knew it was part of, but I hadn't read the details.
And I spent hours reading it, and
It's right here.
It says assess from $100,000 to $2,000 a year for three years.
Later you read it's actually five.
And then you read comment 15.61A.
And it indicates that the vendor will basically have law enforcement power and won't have to keep proper records.
And they say, well, what if you're mischarging people, which other vendors have done?
Well, there's no way to, you know, we give them immunity.
And they say, well, how do you do that?
And then you read, and they say, this is our standard business practice.
And then you just keep going through it, and they say here that it's illegal, they can't do it.
They say, no, we have precedent from other bureaucracies and other states that have done it.
And then it says, what will protect citizens from abuse by vendor or its agents?
Their answer, nothing.
And then it just goes into how you don't pay it, they're going to come arrest you.
And it just goes on and on.
But, again, the average person isn't going to read this, David.
That's right.
And, you know, it was only this last legislative session that that notice that's stapled to your ticket was created.
They had done this for a year, giving people tickets without even giving them notice that they were going to be in that box.
And it's not just speeding.
There's a whole host of violations.
And probably one of them that disturbs me the most is if you don't have your insurance card, you get stopped and you just didn't have the card with you, and you get a ticket, and you decide, well, I'll just pay the ticket.
I have insurance.
I can prove I have insurance, but I'll just pay the ticket.
If you do that...
Paying that ticket is pleading guilty legally.
And having done that, you will then get a bill just like that.
You'll get a bill to keep your driver's license for the next several years.
And you have to pay that bill or you've violated another criminal law.
And they'll come after you for that.
When in reality, you didn't do anything.
The rules of the game have changed.
It used to be, and we're used to, you pay your debt to society.
You go to court.
They fine you.
You pay your fine.
You're done.
Now we've changed the rules.
Well, this is about getting you into the system, and then there's other facets.
Then I read, oh, it's for the hospitals.
I went back and I clicked news.
I clicked all the news articles.
This will go to help the victims and the hurt people in the hospitals.
Then I go find out, and it says illegally, they're supposed to give $180 million to the hospitals.
They're giving $30 million.
Where's the money going?
Trans-Texas Corridor.
And it says, oh, it's illegal, but we're just going to keep it.
I mean, what's worse, speeding or stealing hundreds of millions?
I mean, I just, and then I don't want to hear we're bankrupt.
Well, if we weren't giving all the illegal aliens all the free health care, that's billions every year.
I don't want to hear, it's just unbelievable.
You know, they've always got a good reason for this, but it's never that.
I mean, shouldn't it be a big crime to keep money from the trauma hospitals?
But they're just going to not give it to them.
You know, that's become the regular practice.
We're doing government by public relations.
There was actually a House Transportation Committee meeting where one of the members suggested that the Transportation Department hire Disney to do public relations for them to sell people on the Trans-Texas Corridor.
That's propaganda.
When the government is out
That's one program.
And the Defense Department, they admit now, is paying for fake news.
Yeah, it's incredible.
We've tried people for war crimes for doing those things in the past.
Well, I mean, it's like a bad dream.
I mean, every day I learn more.
I mean, folks, I don't exaggerate.
This stuff's always worse than I can believe.
I mean, I just cannot believe.
Nothing like this has ever been seen, either.
This corridor project is not something that's been done in North America at all.
I hope people realize, though, this is like they're throwing the punch right now.
You've got a chance, if you don't hesitate, to move out of the way and we can beat this.
Once it's implemented, it gets even worse.
Yeah, it's not too late.
It's not too late to act.
So what's the strategy, and then we've got to go to calls quickly, but what's the strategy to beat this?
I mean, how do we, instead of just emailing you or sending you $5 or something, people should do that too, how do we aggressively defeat this when the politicians are openly saying, hey, we already signed the contract, we already took the money.
Polls show 98% against the toll roads in Houston, 93% in Austin.
They don't care.
And they go, we already took the money.
Yeah, well, the reality is they didn't already take the money.
As a matter of fact, the money they said that they had to take really wasn't even there.
That was a flat-out lie.
On the Trans-Texas corridor, they'll say that the state got $1.3 billion up front.
The state got nothing up front.
It's all tiered in by when the contractor gets their money.
As a matter of fact, the contractors applied for $300 million in federal loans.
So they can pay the state the first payment.
It's not too late.
It's incredible.
We need to tell our legislators, represent us, or we'll find someone who will.
And you need to be serious about that.
And it's another big fat lie that, again, the tech stock is just overflowing with money.
Their own internal documents show it, and they put out fake news saying they don't have money.
Not only that, but you know they inflated the numbers of what we need for transportation in the state.
They passed a law that says that each one of the metropolitan planning organizations was to provide them with a budget for transportation needs for their region, and it was not to be fiscally constrained.
That's a code word.
What that means is, tell us everything you could possibly want.
It would be like asking a 16-year-old to give me a Christmas list.
And it's not fiscally restrained.
So don't let it be an object.
It's open-ended.
And that's what they did.
And so they got out everything with the cake on top from each one of these, and they put it all together and said, that's how much money we need, and we are way short.
And all over they handed out indulgements and payoffs.
Just quickly mention a few of those where somebody gets this through and suddenly they get a job the next day.
Well, I'll tell you that the lobbyist for Centra, who got the first agreement...
Made the representations and presentations of Centra to the Transportation Commission and to the state, and as soon as their proposal was submitted, and the proposal won, by the way, and we still don't know why, because the selection criteria is being kept secret, so we don't know why they were selected over the other two, but that particular individual, lobbyist, went to work in the governor's office as legislative director.
We also have people who are on the state boards that signed off on it, then getting jobs two days later with the company.
That's right.
I mean, folks, there's a name for that.
Let's go ahead and take calls here.
I'm confused.
Who's up first?
John in Tennessee has been holding.
John, go ahead.
This was a secret Robocop contract in Knoxville, and Red Flex does have contracts all over America.
We're good to go.
My RoboCop camera, are these the license plate scanning type?
No, these just watch moving traffic and they do... No, but you said they said they were going to assess tolls.
What's the mechanism?
Well, that's the next.
They do that as well.
We haven't been hit with that yet, but that's obviously the plan because the same company does that.
Okay, gotcha.
Well, what else, John?
Well, Tennessee lawyer Jess Beard on his website says the best defense is to just throw these tickets in the trash because there's no service of process.
You've got to
Under civil rules procedure, you have to either hand the lawsuit to a person or mail it to them or turn their seat requested, and they don't do that.
Well, that's what signing the ticket is.
Thanks for the call.
I don't recommend not paying the tickets.
You better either fight them or pay them, folks.
They'll come take you to jail, and if your kids are in the car with you, they'll call CPS, and the CPS will try to find something, you know, get your kid to say something, and you'll never see your kids again.
So you've got to watch out there.
That's a whole other area where they get federal bounties on your kids, and it's nightmarish.
George in Tejas.
Go ahead, George.
The reason why I was calling today is to talk to Mr. Stahl because you are running against Kenneth Armbruster.
Is that right?
No, sir.
Senator Armbruster has decided to retire.
Well, that's good because I appeared before one of his committees this last session to testify against animal identification.
And he did not know the Texas Constitution.
By the way, I've got Associated Press and others where they're now using the spy satellites to watch farmers in areas where you can't, you know, where they zone it, where you can't build a house on it.
And now they're using that, and yeah, the animal identification chips and tags and all the animals, federal control.
I mean, that's what I mean.
It's just an orgy of this stuff.
Well, he told me in front of a whole room full of lobbyists and people in three-piece dress suits...
That the Texas Animal Health Commission was a department of the legislative branch of government.
And all commissions in Texas are part of the executive branch of government.
Well of course they are!
Well, he did not know that.
Well, I know Texas has been steamrolled.
A bunch of other states aren't going along.
Would you fight this animal identification act if you were elected, or have you seen that information?
I've seen part of it, and the parts that I've seen I think are very problematic for us.
I can give you some documentation on this, actually, in the stack today.
Okay, thank you, Collar.
We're going to come back and jam Kevin, John, and...
Maggie, and we'll give each about a minute, and then thank Mr. Stahl for being with us.
He's been gracious, and he's a real gentleman, and I hope you'll get out there and get behind his campaign.
Hey, people all over the state want to help your campaign.
Briefly, when we get back, tell us how we can physically do that.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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David Stahl, running for State Senate, I believe District 18, right?
District 18, that's correct.
Briefly, how do folks physically support you?
Well, they can certainly send contributions and their input to me.
I'd be happy to hear from them at the David Stahl Campaign, PO Box 700, LaGrange, Texas, 78945.
All right.
Let's go ahead now and go to some of your phone calls.
And I appreciate everybody holding.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kevin in Boston.
Kevin, you're on the air.
Thank you, Alex, and thank you, David Stahl, for the interview and for taking the impetus to run.
Part of being a senator is also international issues, and I was wondering with respect to the world... State senator.
State senator.
Oh, state senator.
I apologize.
All right.
Well, I'm going to just hit my topics and ask him what his take is on the true motives for the Afghan-Iraq war and the coming Iran war being Afghanistan being producer of opium and Iraq and Iran leaders preparing to offer euros as a chance to purchase oil through euros as opposed to the dollar and the dollar being backed up by nothing but... What do you think about what's happening with the Chinese dumping the dollar?
Well, I'll tell you what.
There's so much going on in the state of Texas that I've been focused on that I really haven't given proper attention to a lot of the international affairs.
About the closest I come to that is the illegal immigration problem that we have and the catch-and-release program that we're doing here in Texas and being completely ineffective.
It's kind of amazing.
You can bring one kilo of controlled substance across the border and we're on you like...
But you can bring truckloads of illegal immigrants across, and they're invisible.
There's a blind eye to it, and we need to secure our border.
But meanwhile, as citizens, we've got to have the government have us under a microscope, because Al-Qaeda's going to get us.
Thanks for the call, Kevin.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Washington.
How are you?
John, go ahead.
It's good to talk to you.
Nice to hear it.
I just wanted to tell you that up here in Washington State, we believe in what you're doing, and I'm behind you all the way.
I have friends, and we take our licenses, and we took them in and traded them and put the UCII numbers on them and stuff.
So you're not even going along with any of the system then?
And we got lawsuits against the judges.
There's a judge in Bonney Lake that has never really been appointed.
All right, Merrill.
I appreciate your call.
I really do appreciate that.
You have people all over.
David, you wanted to say something?
Yeah, I was going to say Washington is a real good example of what people can do.
You know, there was a senator in Washington State that proposed the Washington Commerce Corridor that would run between Oregon and Canada.
And unlike Texas, they did a feasibility study.
Imagine that, doing a feasibility study before you launch a multi-billion dollar project.
And it didn't pan out, and the people in Washington shut down that corridor project.
Let me just get this on record.
You're a city manager.
The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is the real set of books for cities and governments?
Well, they are a set of books for the local government.
And that's the investments of that local government.
That's right.
You look like the Cheshire Cat when I bring that up.
Maggie, you're on the air.
Last caller from Tejas.
Go ahead.
Mr. Stahl, can you please once more state clearly
The boundaries of what you are calling the corridor, because there's this other corridor going up east of Austin, and it's easy to get very confused.
Well, no, I mean, the corridor system is just grabbing all the roads.
I mean, it's basically everything, correct?
Yeah, it really crisscrosses the state, and they won't tell you specifically where any of them go.
Oh, okay.
But if you look at international maps, it's just everything.
That's right.
I mean, 8,000 miles.
Anything else, Maggie?
Yeah, how can I reach you, Mr. Stahl, if I wanted to work for your campaign or something, more than by donating?
You can go to stahlforsenate.org, O-R-G, if you have the Internet, or you can drop us a line at PO Box 700, LaGrange, Texas, 78945.
Out of time, Maggie.
Don't jump up, because for the TV show, I want to talk to you specifically about comprehensive annual financial reports right when this ends for about a minute or two.
God bless you all, folks.
Be sure to visit InfoWars.com and support us there.
Take care.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.