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Air Date: Jan. 12, 2006
2348 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is the 12th day of January 2006.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be here live...
For the next three hours coming up, in the second hour, we're going to have Tex Mars, professor of space and aeronautics, former Air Force officer, best-selling author, joining us.
And, you know, Tex hasn't just written books about the occult and the New World Order that have been best-sellers.
He also wrote best-selling books on how to pass military discipline.
So that is coming up in the next hour.
I do want to open the phones up.
During this hour, for different news items that you, the listeners, wish to bring up, or news information that I haven't covered that you think is important, or if you have questions for me, or if you have comments about any other issues, wide-open telephones, I'm going to call in the next segment, 1-800-259-9231.
And I always love first-time callers, or frankly, people that call maybe once a month,
Uh, folks that call every week, though you add a lot of great information, I tend to not take as many calls as I did in the past because I've been having so many guests on lately that a lot of people are unable to get through.
So give somebody new a chance.
It would be nice if infrequent callers called in today.
1-800-259-9231 But we really don't screen the calls, so I can't control what you do.
31, and we will get you up and on the air.
Bush has called again for domestic spying program and said it's essential.
He's saying it now about twice a week.
He gave a press conference and said, no, no, no, really.
Trust me, you can... I'm not joking around.
I'm not making this up.
So the president has to say, I'm not making this up.
Almost everything they've said or done has been made up.
Then we get the memos where they say they're going to lie to us.
I mean, Downing Street and others.
And with the socialist, gun-grabbing, so-called conservatives of America, I mean, they have outstripped the Democrats, and they will call me a right-wing conservative because I am against what they're doing.
And I'm just sorry.
You are empty husks.
You have forgotten what it is to be an American.
Those of you out there that think George Bush is somehow...
Somehow God incarnate walking our world here in front of us.
It just sometimes blows me away that when I was exposing Bill Clinton as a puppet of the New World Order and exposing him for his activities that were just in line with what Bush is doing because they're run by the same corporate interest, globalist interest, I was an evil extreme right winger.
Now I'm an ultra evil leftist that must be dealt with.
And on a daily basis, I'm called all names you can imagine.
Communist, fascist, socialist, liberal, ultra-right-wing, Nazi.
And really, I'm just an American.
I'm a constitutionalist.
I'm a person that believes in populist values that have been reflected by some of our greatest leaders that have been put forward.
I believe in due process.
I believe in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution.
I believe in transparency in government.
I believe in a small government.
I believe we should abolish the private, run-for-profit Federal Reserve that holds us in thrall.
I mean, it's simple.
I don't want to go into world government.
I don't want to get rid of the Southwest and give it to Mexico.
I don't want the roads to be turned into toll roads.
I want freedom.
That's what I want.
It's real simple.
We'll come back and cover the news.
Take your calls.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Eight minutes, 24 seconds into this first hour of the Transmission Seconds segment.
Coming up in the next hour, Tex Mars, Professor Tex Mars, Pastor Tex Mars, bestselling author Tex Mars.
Former Air Force officer Tex Mars, intelligence officer, will be joining us here in studio, and I hope to keep him for the balance of the broadcast so we can get into Codex Magica, the New World Order shadow government that is now unshadowed, uncloaked itself, and come at least partly into view, and it is horrifying.
A lot of people and folks are starting to actually wake up.
That is coming up in the...
We're good to go.
Maybe you're listening with a toadstool.
I'm not sure, but you are certainly welcome to call us at 100-259-9231.
Let me just get into some of the news, and then we'll go to your calls.
This is some of what's coming up.
Bonnie Skinner debuts at London's airport.
And these are the exact same scanners that literally show you completely naked, and it is recorded onto the digital hard drives and stored.
In fact, they can store tens of thousands of people just on one hard drive.
And then that is backed up.
And these things had already been deployed quietly in the weeks before 9-11.
We're good to go.
I think?
Are in greater detail than the human eye even picks up the human anatomy.
You say, well, what do you mean?
Well, we see in a certain spectrum of light, feet away from a naked woman, you don't generally see her pores.
Or if you're five feet away from a naked man, you don't necessarily see all the details.
With these scanners, even at distance, you see all the pores.
They can even turn them up a little bit and see right beneath the skin.
It's really not x-ray.
They keep calling it x-ray on the news, but if you really read it, it's a sonar or radar system.
They bounce radio waves off of you, just like a bat does when it's flying around chirping, or what whales do, or what submarines do, or what ships use.
And so it bounces these off, these radar sonar waves, whatever you want to call them.
I guess sonar would be in the water, radar would be in the air, so it would be termed properly radar.
But reading about the science a decade ago on the Army websites, they call it a type of sonar.
So I'm not quite sure.
I guess when they're bouncing it off your body, that really doesn't matter.
The point here is that they bounce these waves off of you, and we've had listeners on about it.
We've had people that have gone through it.
People have refused it.
And a few of its greatest...
And of course, then that is going to start spreading to all the airports they've announced.
So, you know, we really prize mobility and the capacity to travel.
A lot of you are saying, I'll never do that.
But what happens when you go there?
And even asking questions will get you arrested now.
You ask TSA questions, they'll go, what's wrong with you?
I'm behind closed doors.
You're not a terrorist, are you?
All the articles that have been out there of a woman who doesn't want to have her breast groped and literally goes to jail.
Pregnant women who are forced to, literally in front of hundreds of people, lift up their skirts and they begin crying.
The husband says, what's your problem?
And guards pull out guns and take them to the ground and then they charge them.
Well, you just caused a disturbance.
There's zero tolerance here.
You know, we got hit on 9-11.
I was going to go to calls, but you see, folks, this is how we're all being bathed, basted, marinated.
We're being slow-cooked, soaked.
In this caustive, toxic, acidic acid that is the police state.
And look, I've read the federal plans.
I've got so many emails going, how did you know?
You're on the inside truck.
How did you... You said that the TSA would be on the ground in major cities.
They're called Viper teams.
They're in Houston.
They're in Dallas.
I'm just talking about Texans calling me.
They walked up to me and demanded to see my ID and were searching people outside the mall.
Because they said they were.
I mean, it's not like it's your whole life.
Our whole life is going to be a living hell of checkpoints and RFID in the products and in our cars and radio readers everywhere and our cell phones tracking us.
It's already here.
But the border will be wide open and there will be total blanket amnesty, of course.
The Muslims are all going to kill us and get us, but there's record levels of them being brought into the country.
So, you know, the government on one hand, they're going to kill you.
It's a total war.
It's totally evil.
Oh, but let's bring more in.
I mean, see, none of it makes sense until you realize who's behind the terrorism, who wants the control.
So I'm going to ask cops out there.
Let's say you've got a 15-year-old son, 10-year-old daughter.
Let's say you live in Austin, Texas.
You're going to go fly, see family that lives in...
Oh, let's say Orlando, Florida in a couple years.
And let's say in two years the body scanner isn't in Austin yet.
You can even go read about this.
It's scheduled to go in Orlando, so that's why I'm using that example.
And let's say you're flying back and you've got to get home.
No one will announce it.
Nobody will tell you.
And you're walking through, and they don't know you're a cop.
As soon as you tell them, everything will probably be all right.
But you go up there, and you've got your children, and you're going to remember this show.
And I'm not trying to be psychic here, folks.
It could be Austin to L.A.
or Austin to wherever.
I'm just hypothetically a cop going to do this.
But I guarantee you, it's not like this is going to happen.
People listening right now, this is going to happen to you unless we say no to this and turn this around.
And you're going to be going and walking up, and you're going to remember the show.
And it's going to be a scanner, and they're going to want you to walk into it and walk through it.
And these things are also passive.
I mean, they've got them where you just walk and stand in a line, and it scans you.
As you walk in, it gets it.
It's like video.
It is a type of video.
It's put onto digital data, a video.
To be specific, video has something to do with it.
We think of film, video, I just keep calling data, footage, video, but it's data.
And I just, so I mean, go ahead and stick your son and stick your daughter and stick your wife and you go up there.
But I mean, let's see, oh, you'll physically be wearing your clothes.
You'll feel okay.
Well, it's the same thing as just stripping down.
I mean, can you imagine the Germans in World War II when they were searching trains going, all right, everybody line up and take your clothes off.
I mean, they didn't even do that until they got you to the camp.
Let's see now.
The new old order makes it so easy.
By the way, you ever seen Total Recall?
The Philip K. Dick adaptation with Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Where he's going through a checkpoint at the subway and there's these cops in black helmets and black uniforms.
Oh, didn't have them in those uniforms in 91.
They're now in those uniforms today.
In fact, even scarier in New York.
But he's in New York, and he goes behind one of the scanners, and it shows right down to his skeleton.
And they see the gun.
Well, actually, with these machines, they're not calibrated for that, but they do have them that do see down to your bones.
So it's actually that.
But seeing down to your bones isn't as bad as recording your naked body.
So what lesson is that for your 10-year-old daughter?
Tell her, hey, when you're 18, go be in Penthouse.
In fact, go be in a hardcore porn.
I mean, you know, that's America.
You're letting them totally violate you.
You're letting them totally record you in your face.
And the announcement is the feds are going to pay for it in every airport.
By the way, even local municipal airports, even general aviation.
Oh, yeah.
The new rules are coming out.
Hope you enjoy it.
That's all I have to say.
Hope you enjoy it.
Roger in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
Those opening monologues of yours, man, I wish I could do some of that.
Hey, did I hear you right?
Some chuckle-headed conswervative actually made some reference to you like as being a
Right-wing conservative?
Yes, in Crawford I was called that over and over again.
I'd be like, Bush is going after our guns.
I know, and we need to.
You're one of them right-wing.
I mean, that's got to be the worst kind of conservative.
I mean, a real one.
Right-wing conservative.
I've never heard of such an evil thing.
Hey, I called about this.
I don't know if you covered the Klingenschmitt thing, the chaplain.
And I had heard that there was a, this could be air, that maybe, I don't know, but...
Well, that's right.
There was an Austin American Statesman article about four years ago that the biggest denomination in Fort Hood right now, that is the people that go to the meetings, are the pagans.
And they actually have their chaplain, and they run around with daggers, naked, and it's been on TV too, and just hundreds and hundreds get together out on Hood and howl at the moon and do all their rituals.
I mean, this is the front page of the paper and on local TV.
Yeah, people aren't going to the Christian churches.
That's not too fun.
You can't even say Jesus.
But, man, you want to go out and roll around and have some big sex orgy.
There's a lot of people wanting to join.
Well, I mean, you heard about the chaplain Gordon James Clingan.
Yeah, can't say Jesus, yeah.
Yeah, well, I was kind of loaded for bear on that, but only if you want me to go on.
But also was the thing about the FCC and then the amateur radio.
Relay League with the broadband over power line.
See, they're really going after...
This whole spectrum, which... And that's going to fry AM, which is lower on the dial, but is actually shortwave, and it's going to fry shortwave, and that's what the National Big AM Association has said.
We've had their director on, what, three years ago, and print the exact name of it, National AM FM Association.
And then I've had the National Shortwave people on.
Well, I want these amateur radio types to get on the ARRL and make sure they don't relax this petition, which they just did.
Stay there, Roger.
Let me let you finish.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that a semi-secret organization called the Council on Foreign Relations was founded in 1921 by Marxist Colonel Edward Mandel House, who was a personal advisor to President Woodrow Wilson?
Its objective was to capture the foreign policy section of the State Department to help direct U.S.
influence in the overthrow of targeted nations for communism.
We're good to go.
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Just a reminder, what are you going to do the day that you walk through the scanner?
You'll kind of get angry, but well, at least I'm out of it now.
Well, that was the first time.
That was hard, but it'll get easier and easier.
Also, in Europe, they're putting them in outside bars so they can walk you through and scan you.
It's very nice.
But just, again, being scanned and having the naked image, 3D image, you know, multi-sided if they have you turn around, in a computer recorder.
I mean, let the government have naked pictures of you.
That's freedom, folks.
Roger in Pennsylvania, though, you were bringing up how the industries out there want to transmit data down phone lines, and they can pay off the different lobbyists, and it admittedly is going to screw up AM radio to a great extent and really decimate Shoreway, but so what?
Yeah, well, it's more over power lines, which is probably even worse than phone lines, and people just don't realize how horrible this is.
Well, if I said phone lines, that's incorrect.
I mean power lines.
Yeah, and now, unfortunately, stupidly, I don't know, they're kind of in cahoots with the Federales, basically, the American Radio Relay League, because they've rather narrowly
Withdrawn a large chunk of their petition to the FCC to stop this broadband over power lines.
Well, that's what they always do.
The globalists are masters of taking over movements.
They always do it.
Yeah, now check this out.
Just based on notching out the interference just on the amateur bands.
Well, that's a rather narrow consideration.
You have all kinds of emergency and other... Anything from 2 to 80 megahertz can be wiped out, and that certainly wipes out all the shortwave.
You have a lot of the hams listen because of the nature of shortwave, and that's the only way we're able to get you in other shows.
And a lot of us are able to hear you with as little as 5 to 10 decibels above the noise floor.
Now, they regularly monitor interference
60 decibels higher than the noise... You know, Roger, you're getting all technical.
It's admitted that it's going to screw up AM radio and shortwave.
I appreciate your call.
I really do.
But, I mean, you know, getting off and... It's admitted that, you know, let's say there's information being transmitted down a big power line.
Well, that's what when you drive under a power line to begin with, when you get your local AM station on, it doesn't matter how strong it is, if it's a big power line, it cuts it out.
You know, this is Billy Bob's Furniture.
Come on down...
And then when you're done driving under it, come on down with the quality products.
We've all heard that.
Well, that's because electricity as it's transferring down lines actually is broadcasting.
But you put data on that, and you give some semblance to it, it's going to go even further, and it's going to screw up a lot of things, and it's admitted, and it's a real problem.
Thank you for the call, Roger.
Who's up next?
Keith in Illinois.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I wanted to touch on, briefly, on Mr. Ashcroft being on Fox News, and then I wanted to also talk to you about Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois and the sex slave trafficking.
Ashcroft was on the other day doing a little damage control here, telling us how great it was that the government spies on us, but we don't need to know how and why.
And I just feel that maybe, you know, your movement...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, look at all the other surveillance.
So, see, they kind of just announce the edge of it and then try to legitimize that.
Then they move forward.
And they're out openly selling it to us now that this is all good.
And then you wanted to bring up the governor of Illinois who criticized the admission that the U.S.
government authorizes, and there's lobbyists on the Hill, four giant white slavery rings kidnapping women and children out of Europe.
And that is now completely public.
And you were going to comment, you know, on one hand the governor is trying to pass a law to restrict guns even more.
It's horrible.
So he's horrible on that front.
And on the other hand, he is criticizing the white slavery rings.
Well, he was in the city council of Chicago when they outlawed handguns in Chicago.
He's behind all this forced implementation of taking a tracking device to go through the toll road.
You know, he's a wolf in sheep's clothing.
So you think he's just saying that to sound good?
Now he wants, for the children, he wants to legalize keno gambling in restaurants throughout the state.
Well, yeah.
You know, whenever I commended the governor for criticizing and saying, why is the Pentagon allowing all this kidnapping, I was commending him on that front, and then I did get a bunch of emails about how horrible he is, and yes, he is quite horrible, but I mean, when they do something good, we've got to say that it's good.
I mean, that is putting heat on the Bush administration, and I think that's probably why he did it.
Well, I think it's sort of a red herring when they do that.
They're just trying to, you know, hey, look this way while we do something else over here.
I agree with you, but I'm just glad that Illinois is talking about it.
I'm glad it's in your papers.
I'm glad you guys care about it.
That's true.
The average Austinite just wants to literally just, Vince Young, Vince Young, Vince Young, Vince Young, Vince Young.
Did you see the football player?
I mean, they're just like penguins, marching the penguins.
They're going to go, Vince Young, Vince Young, UT Horns, UT Horns.
Hey, they're kidnapping children.
That's a lot.
Did I tell you about UT?
Did you hear about UT?
Did you hear about it?
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Continuing with wide open phones and the news in this hour, Professor Pastor Tex Myers joining us in the second hour into the third hour.
I believe I saw him pull up right in front of the office during the last break and then...
Pull out and drive off.
At least it's the car I've seen him drive in the past.
I couldn't really see through two layers of windows because I'm inside a studio with a window looking out into another office out another window and I couldn't really tell if it was text but it looked like his car.
He's scheduled to be here in about 30 minutes.
And, of course, we're going to be videotaping that and adding some documents and information to what he says and putting it up on the local TV show.
And then, of course, for PrisonPlanet.TV members.
And the new Whitley Report is going up right now, as is the Bagnaric interview.
Michael Bagnaric, the presidential candidate, now running for Congress here against Michael McCaul.
So that's going up on PrisonPlanet.TV as well for the members over there.
Let me get into a little bit more of the other news, and then we'll go back to your calls.
Beam weapons almost ready for battle.
Now, they told us about the B-2 bomber roughly 15 years after it had already been in service.
Not just being tested, but had been in service.
And everybody saw these boomerang-shaped black craft flying around and
Why, it's aliens!
And so many of the UFO magazines and UFO books and things of that nature would show photos of them and pictures, and it's aliens!
And of course, people that knew what was going on had their heads screwed on.
We're going, no, that's a classified aircraft.
And so then in 1988, wasn't it, at the Skunk Works at Lockheed Martin Marietta at the time, now it's just Lockheed, I guess, they rolled out the B-2 bomber.
You know, they still say the fastest plane in the world is the SR-71 Blackbird, in flight in 55, in service in 59, what, retired in the 80s?
Fastest plane in the world, and if you believe that, again, Wernher von Braun drew up plans for the space shuttle in the 30s.
And it's really 1950s technology, of course deployed in the 1980s, developed and actually put into place in the late 1970s when it got technical.
And this is all part of the fake space program, okay?
It's fake, folks.
It's like the $800 toilet seats and $700 hammers.
All of that money isn't just going to align people's pockets.
There's a lot of stealing going on, too.
You know, when they say, $1 trillion missing this year, $5 trillion missing over the last 10 years, $6 trillion total.
People say, well, wait a minute, the whole defense budget is $680 billion, even with increased expenditures.
Three or four years ago, it was only $500 billion.
Alex, how are trillions missing?
It's called pension funds.
It's called, you know, the military pension funds.
It's called investments.
The Pentagon, since it was the War Department, before the Pentagon even existed, before they broke ground on September 11th, what, 1942?
Not getting on that date.
Since they broke ground on it, long before then.
They have been investing, the investitures.
You see, corporations, 70% of the major stock market indexes are owned by governmental institutions.
So it's a seamless merger known as mercantilism or fascism.
Call it what you like, it's still the same creature.
And you're going, Alex, you just read an MSNBC headline, Beam Weapons Almost Ready for Battle, and now I've gone through a three-minute diatribe.
My point on the issue is that they've had x-ray lasers in orbit, according to my sources, for at least 20 years.
They've had particle beams in orbit for at least 20 years.
They've got nuclear weapons in space for at least 20 years.
What, 84% of the space shuttle missions are classified military missions?
So, the space shuttle is a heavy lifter, period.
They've had space planes...
According to my sources, and by the way, I have sources in NASA, multiple sources.
I have personal friends who were high-level engineers in the entire program.
They've had space planes since the mid-1960s.
And a space plane, again, is not a heavy lifter.
It's made of composite materials.
It takes off.
It's just like the SR-71 Blackbird, but more advanced.
And they'll go Mach 5 in the atmosphere and just unlimited, basically, once they get into space, except for small particles that they run into.
It's very, very hazardous that are in low Earth orbit.
And I go on and on about space planes, but they've been announcing the last few years, they're preparing a big announcement about the space planes, but they keep putting it off, putting it off.
But you'll laugh at me now, and in three or four years, maybe five years, it'll be classified for 25 years, or it'll be classified for 45, I want to be honest.
And they'll show you some old space plane.
You'll see something from 1970, and everyone will gaze at it, and, oh, it's so incredible.
And so that's why they faked a lot of stuff with the space program.
And then people say, oh, we didn't go to the moon, or oh, it's not real.
No, it's real.
I mean, I know people who ran the RCA video cameras on the moon, folks.
Okay, I mean, I don't want to go much further into it.
But believe me, they went there.
They've been there.
They are there.
And again, I don't get into space aliens.
Can't prove it.
I don't get into chubacabras or yetis or abominable snowmen.
There's Wanda Mars.
Hi, how you doing?
I don't get off into all of that.
What I do is cover the things I can prove.
And yes, the technologies, and Tex can talk about that, by the way.
He's a space aeronautics professor, formerly with UT.
It's much more advanced than you're hearing.
That was just one of the articles, and I just cannot not get into detail on something.
Let's go to calls.
Some of the other stuff that I have here in front of me, again, that I just can't get over.
Body scanner debuts at London's airport.
Man investigated by police for saying homosexuality immoral in England.
That's mainstream news, folks.
Again, whether you agree with or disagree, don't you have that right for your speech?
New Ohio law allows cops to request ID, but you read into the bill that we covered a few weeks ago that's now been signed by Taft, the great-great-great-great-grandson of one of the founders of Skull & Bones, who himself is a Skull & Bones member, Governor Bob Taft, Ohio Republican governor.
He signed it that you've got to answer their questions, which is a total violation of the Fifth Amendment.
And you can be charged as a terrorist after you're arrested for not answering their questions.
So, charged as a terrorist for, I mean, they want you to answer, it says answer police questions.
Boy, I tell you what, man, that is KGB all the way.
Oh, but it's to keep us safe from the terrorist.
And then, I tell you what, I'm going to mention one more thing, and then I'm going to go to your calls.
I don't talk enough about the positive things that are happening.
And one of the amazing things that is going on, in year in review, we wrote a year in review, we're so busy, it frankly wasn't that good, and it was better than most, listing all the horrible things that happened in 2005.
And not just the stuff that most people talked about, with the tsunamis, and the Hurricane Katrina,
Or Catania, as the President's wife likes to call it.
So, not just that stuff, but the National ID Card, the forced psychological testing and drugging, New Freedom, Bush pushing for open borders.
It was all gun confiscations.
It was a whole host of things that were going on.
Bad Attorney Generals being appointed, like Alberto Gonzalez, and being confirmed.
I mean, there was just a squadron of squadrons.
Just a flotilla attack fleet of bad things that happened.
But the good news was I've never seen so many people.
The good news is I've never seen so many people wake up and get involved and the blinders are coming off.
And there were a lot of positive things.
But something we didn't mention in that year in review, and I think it needs to be updated and added.
We need to do this.
And last night I was driving in the car home from work, home from the TV show, and I thought about a whole bunch of things, and I meant to write it as I was driving, but I almost had a wreck.
And so I said, you know, I better not be riding in the dark, driving down I-35 at 70 miles an hour.
And so now I can't remember the positive things.
I remember one of them, but not all of them.
There was a bunch of other stuff, and I'm getting very frustrated right now.
But this just popped in my head again.
The EU expansion, which would have made it the official EU, failed.
The EU failed last year.
The European Union's major expansion to real federal centralized control, the people woke up and said no to it in 2005.
After they had said yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
And they didn't just say no and, you know, 55% or so.
It was 70-something percent or 60%.
You know, in one country it would be 70-something.
In France it was 60-something.
I mean, it was overwhelming.
But the mainstream media kind of just moved on, and we tend to sometimes kind of go off of their game plan.
We shouldn't do that.
And I remember one of the other things, one of many, I was thinking about the good things of last year, because really on balance, last year may have been a pretty good year.
The European Union didn't just fail.
The major expansion stepping stone to total Pan-American Union, the Union of American States, I mean, the deal to make Atlanta the capital of the American Union, it was down to Atlanta and Miami, that failed.
The deal to do the Trans-Texas Corridor down into Guatemala, that failed.
The deal to have their country sign on to flood us with their cheap goods, that failed.
I mean, they're already five years behind.
Now they're another four or five with this.
This is incredibly exciting.
And we didn't talk about that.
And there's a bunch of other things that happened.
As I take these calls, they'll pop back into my head.
I just remembered last night, I was trying to write this down and almost ran into somebody.
Let's go ahead and take a call.
Johnny in Kentucky.
Johnny, welcome.
Hey, man.
My 16-year-old son is a sophomore in high school.
Several years ago, we became anti-vaccine.
So about three weeks ago, we get a note home from the school.
He won't be allowed back in.
He needs a second hepatitis shot.
Blah, blah, blah.
He's going to be truant.
We're going to arrest you.
So I finally went ahead and did the religious exemption thing.
And I just want to tell people how easy that was to do.
Here, I was thinking this was going to be some kind of big old complicated mess.
You know, I don't mean to interrupt you.
It took ten minutes, didn't it?
Well, let's be honest.
It took you an hour to go down and get it, or it took you ten minutes to write a letter to request it, and then you got it, and then it happened, and you mailed it in.
But let me just stop you right there.
That was extortion what happened to you.
That was racketeering.
That was a scam.
If you try to use force on somebody and try to coerce them by threatening them with a law that doesn't exist...
There are multiple federal laws, and there are multiple state laws in every state we've looked at on doing that, but they don't stop.
And the reason I know what they did to you is it's a federal blueprint that the states all carry out.
It's the same thing in Texas that it is in Tennessee that it is in Ohio, so I would guess that it is the same thing in Kentucky.
And every year, a month before school starts, they get on the news and they say...
It is the law.
You must be vaccinated.
You must take these 35 vaccines.
If you don't, you will be arrested.
Now, what they don't tell you is, it's because the school will violate your rights, not tell you what by law they have to tell you, that there's a waiver, and that that's a waiver to something that isn't even a law to begin with.
They're already creating color of law.
I think these waivers are even bad, because it's like 501c3 with churches.
They're conditioning us to sign the forms.
Later, they can just change the forms.
There's no existing law.
Anchor law, Johnny, to that even to begin with.
So you're signing a waiver for something that... Yeah, but see, all vaccines aren't bad.
Some of them are, some of them aren't.
And what the religious exemption gives me and my wife is the ability to pick and choose which vaccines we're going to have our child inoculated with and which ones we're not.
I like the tetanus shot.
That's great, man.
Let's go get it.
But, you know, all the others with the coming pandemic flu vaccine that they're going to shove down everybody's throat, you know, and this paramyosol, we now have the ability to say, no, you're not going to put that in my child's body, and there's nothing else you can do about it.
Johnny, we've got about four minutes to break, and I'm going to ask you a question here.
I'm in Austin, the networks in Minnesota.
Was I just cutting out a minute ago talking to you?
No, I heard everything.
Okay, well, Johnny, I'm going to give you the floor for about a minute.
Most people don't do this, and I'm going to let the network reconnect to me.
They're going to reconnect right now.
Johnny, you just keep talking about how easy it was to do this and what you did.
You guys go ahead and reconnect.
Now here's what happened, alright?
I sat down and I wrote this letter thinking, okay, I've got to include all these Bible verses and everything because I'm asking for a religious exemption.
And then I thought, no, that's not good.
So what I did, I wrote a little note.
I just said, I'm requesting my child be exempt from vaccinations due to religious reasons.
I went down to the health department where they told me I had to go.
I knocked on the little window.
I told the lady what I was there for.
She said, do you have a note?
I said, yes.
She said, here, fill out this little form.
I just filled it out.
It was nothing, really.
Didn't even ask for a social security number or anything.
I turned it back into her.
She says, I'll be right back.
She walks to the back.
She comes back up front two minutes later.
She says, here's your form.
Make a copy of it and give it to the school.
I said, terrific.
That's all it was?
She said, yeah.
Now, I'm sure I'm on some kind of list, and I'm sure I'm now classified furthermore as some kind of religious nut, but that's okay because, like I said, it gives me and my wife the power to pick and choose what vaccines our children get.
And another thing about these vaccines is so many people are in the frame of mind that when they're taking their kid to the doctor and their kid's got an ear infection and sore throat and all that, oh, well, they're already sick.
Let's go ahead and just get him that shot now, too.
These shots are attacking your child, and it's the immune system of the child.
It's the only thing that can fight it off.
No, I agree with you, and I'm really glad that you did this, Johnny, and I appreciate the call.
But I want to get back to not debating the vaccines.
I want to get back to the overarching situation that we're talking about.
The racketeering that we're dealing with.
Everywhere in the country, a month before school, they go on TV and they say, it's the law.
You've got to do this.
And folks, it's not the law.
You don't have to do it.
It's not true.
And then they kick you out of school and say you're truant.
They create the action.
When there was nothing you were violating to begin with, they violate your child's rights and kick them out of school.
And then they create criminal charges associated with that to go after them.
So there's layers of crime on top of crime on top of crime here.
Everything A-OK, Scott?
OK, great.
Occasionally this happens, because again, I'm connected with digital lines from Austin, Texas up to Minnesota, and we've even got backup systems, and now those backup systems are having problems, which makes me think that it could be deliberate.
We've been told people are going to try to deliberately do this through the government.
I've been given direct word that they're going to try to screw up the show.
You know, you're not going to stop us, and we're just going to get the information and the word out.
And again, I've specifically been told that this was going to be attempted, and then immediately after
Remember I was talking about with Colonel Craig Roberts.
I said, I've been told, and then the first time I mentioned it was the first time it happened.
And then it just started happening after that.
But we'll figure it out.
We'll come back from break.
And we will take some of your phone calls.
And then we've got Tex Mars, who's going to be in studio with us coming up in the next hour.
We're going to need to get him in here and get him all seated and ready for the interview.
So stay with us, my friends.
We'll be right back on the other side.
I think.
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I think so.
I think?
We're good to go.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright folks, we are, uh...
Back live here and in five minutes we're going to have Tex Mars on with us in the studio for about an hour and a half.
And I want to talk about Tex Mars himself.
I want to talk about his awakening and how he woke up and some of the things he did in the Air Force and then being a space aeronautics professor and teaching political science at UT.
I think?
We're good to go.
One of our best-selling items here at InfoWars.
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We're good to go.
And other organizations.
And by the way, it just came out that a lot of top people at NORAD were Ku Klux Klan.
I've got an interesting little article here out of the Denver paper about that.
Now they have these undercover people in there, and the Klan guys, you know, the real Klan, not the toothless ones you see on TV, the secret ones, the secret empires, they call it, were in control of the nuclear switch.
Well, I always want to tell the folks out at Colorado Springs, Colorado, and then a few miles away there at NORAD,
I want to give you a little advice.
Cheyenne Mountain.
The president is a known devil-worshipping Nazi.
And so you're worried about some Klan members in control of this stuff.
We have got a president who is a deep, deep, deep occultist, as Tex would say, and so we'll get his take on that.
So everybody's congratulating themselves that they caught this nest of Klan members at NORAD and also at Colorado Springs in control of a bunch of different areas.
But why do you think they were there to begin with?
So we'll get into that as well.
But if you want to get Codex Magicka,
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I've got to move quicker.
I've got about a minute and a half.
Let's go to Timothy in Georgia.
You're on the air, Timothy.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
How you doing?
Mr. Michael Trudeau suggested I call you.
He said he might talk to you about my situation.
I have a small 25-acre farm here in South Georgia, and I'm disabled, and the local sheriff is
Well, yeah, they do that a lot.
A lot of them are just local criminals, and this is all over the place.
You've got a boss hog type, and that kind of stuff does go on.
Where are you?
I'm near Rebecca, Georgia, in South Georgia.
And so what is he claiming?
You got some junk on your property, so they've now rezoned it and they're going to take it?
No, I was a social worker for 20 years and became disabled and opened an animal sanctuary.
Oh, and so they don't like your animals.
So now he's attacking... So it is a zoning issue.
Was your property zoned?
No, it's zoned okay for animals.
It's not even that.
He just attacked and said the animals were not...
Well cared for.
It's really crazy what he did.
So now the county wants your property?
See, they have a conflict of interest in that, though, because they're the people that are going to be getting your property or the money from that sale.
You know what?
The best way to do this is write me a letter, send it to me, send me some documentation, and who knows, I may have you on as a guest.
Your story is legion.
I'll give it out in the next hour.
Here we go.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, it of course is the 12th day of January 2006.
And we're going to be live now for the next two hours, already into the second hour, and for the majority of the next two hours, I'm honored to be joined by Professor Tex Mars, Pastor Tex Mars, author, best-selling author, both with scientific manuals to best-selling books about robotics.
The books about how to pass military tests, to books about the New World Order.
Tex is quite an individual.
We're honored to have him with us right here, of course, in Central Texas.
Tex also married myself and my wife, Violet, so we are also especially honored with that.
He's one of the most gracious and sweet people I know.
Ann, I hate to bring this up, but he's here with his wife just a few weeks after they lost their daughters.
We should all be very supportive of Tex and Wanda Mars and of their amazing...
Ministry Power of Prophecy.
Tex, it's good to have you here.
Hey Alex, it's great to be with you.
And it always is.
You know, we're friends and I appreciate everything that you're doing.
Man, what an impact you're making across America.
My mail comes in and everybody keeps talking about Alex Jones and what you're doing.
Hey, I want to mention one thing to you.
You mentioned you're very kind with your comments, maybe more than I deserve.
Introducing me.
But I was just thinking, you know, you said that I had done books, authored books on robots.
And I have indeed.
In fact, I did a book called The Personal Robot Book that was published by McGraw-Hill Tab Books.
It was a main selection of the Computer Book Club, the Electronics Book Club.
This was many years ago.
I did a book called The Great Robot Book, and then I did another book called Robotica, the whole universe catalog of robots.
But I was just thinking, Alex, I mean, look at what God has done here.
Here's a guy who wrote books about robots, and isn't that what they're trying to do?
They're doing.
They're turning the whole world into a Robotica universe.
Mind control individuals, even to the extent, eventually, of biochips.
That'd be a good book, Planet Robotica.
Planet Robotica, yeah.
Take your prison, Planet Robotica.
But isn't it ironic that God has taken me, and this is how God does many times, sometimes I believe God has a great sense of humor in exposing evildoers, and maybe that's part of it with those books that, by the way, are probably available in some libraries
But it's been some years now, and we've been doing these things, and I enjoy exposing evil works.
I really do.
I must tell you, the Bible says for us to do it, but it's something everybody should be involved in.
Who was the prophet who talked about... I had Pastor Butch Paul on the issue, and he mentioned a particular prophet, I forget the name out of the Bible, who said, they're going to kill me, they hate me, but it's burning in my bones.
I can't stop.
Well, yeah, I know what you mean.
Isaiah, of course, was a great prophet like that.
Jeremiah was the one they really... They threw him in prison in a pit.
But, you know, it's interesting that Isaiah...
Said, whoever digs a pit shall fall into it.
They dig a pit for our graves.
But they're going to fall into it.
I'll tell you why.
I believe it's because there is a small number of people, and many of them listen to the Alex Jones program, see you on TV, they get your books.
They are now being educated.
Way beyond anything imaginable.
They go to Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Never before...
Has there been even a small contingent of Americans who knew?
Who really know?
Who knew?
Yeah, and that's why I did Codex Magica.
Over 1,000 pictures in this book.
You can know, you can crack the Illuminati code.
We're going to get into it, because it's like learning a whole new language.
Look, I learned German, I learned French.
But this is the dominant language.
This is the language going on.
It's their gang member science.
It's a hidden language, and they think we're all so stupid, we would never find it out.
We'll be right back with professor, pastor, best-selling author, Tex Morris.
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We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Executive orders.
Force vaccinations.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I've told the listeners that for many, many years, I had a little studio in my house.
Then I had a physical office, but I didn't do the radio show out of it.
Now I have a larger physical office in South Austin off of South Lamar.
And an undisclosed location.
My 3001 address is a mail drop-off.
But someday in the future, I will have my office open to the public as a bookstore.
But to make a long story short, I'm going to start every week, multiple times a week, having guests in studio.
Tomorrow, it's going to be Mr. Stahl, who's running for the state senate.
Heading up corridor watch, it's already gotten the majority of Texas counties to say no.
Some are signing injunctions and filing suit against the state and the foreign Spanish company that's going to turn 8,000 miles of Texas roads into toll roads with a transponder and all inspection stickers that will tax you by the mile.
And officially, it will be around $100 round trip.
This is official.
To drive from Austin to Dallas, stay the weekend, and then come back.
So it's going to turn the roads into taxi cabs, your car into a taxi cab, and track and trace you and give you tickets from point to point.
And if you get two tickets for speeding in three years, you will then get six points.
And have hundreds of dollars, in some cases thousands of dollars, assigned under the Driver Responsibility Act to you.
So, this gives you an idea.
If you buy too much beer, they're now saying, with the new national ID cards, to the new national sales tax they're having coming out, that's supposedly going to replace the income tax.
No, no, no.
They have all these Judas Goat phony conservatives out pushing it.
They're going to have both running side by side.
This is the official plan.
The new sales tax, you will swipe your card,
And then, because it will be a graduated sales tax, the poor will have to pay.
But to stop fraud, we all have to swipe to assess our tax.
That then brings federal control into all terminals, tracks all purchases.
You drank too much beer.
You're eating too much ice cream.
Social workers will be dispatched.
They're actually seeing this, and it's now starting in England, where they're tracking purchases.
And I've kind of just run off into a rant on that subject, but I want to toot somebody's horn.
The first place I ever heard about RFID...
It wasn't from Alex Jones.
It wasn't from Catherine Albrecht in the last three years.
She's now the Grand Poobah of it.
It wasn't from anybody, but the man sitting about two feet from me, Tex Mars, 1995.
He wrote it, published it in 1996, Project Lucid.
And he said they'll track, they'll trace, they'll tax, they'll know where everything is.
And so with Tex, you're really...
Jumping ahead into the future, his work is so powerful and so prolific.
Tex, I know you don't like to toot your own horn, but people have heard you on the show many times.
And next time I have Ron Paul on, I'm going to do this too.
Your journey, your awakening, I'm starting to ask different questions.
Before we get into Codex Magic, we've got plenty of time.
We're going to take calls, cover a bunch of issues.
I want to talk about the psychopathic statements by this you character who's a White House advisor saying,
Well, you know, I come from small-town America.
Very patriotic.
And there's certainly nothing wrong with that even today.
There is, as you mentioned, a real patriotism, though, a love of country, a love of our Constitution, and then there are the pseudo people out there, the fakes.
And they have a definite agenda, far different than Jefferson and Washington and so forth.
But I joined the Air Force as a young man right out of high school.
The Air Force was good to me.
I went on to get a bachelor's degree, summa cum laude in politics, political science.
Then I went on to get a master's degree from North Carolina State and so forth.
Became an officer, started out as enlisted, became an officer.
A lot of telecommunications, started off in civil engineering, commander of a civil engineering unit.
We won the award as the best civil engineering unit in the whole Air Force.
Then I spent time over in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, earned the Vietnam Service Medal.
Then I really went into something that I enjoyed immensely, but it did open my eyes because I was in... I guess some people would call it intelligence, but we just call it telecommunications.
For example, I was in a missile warning squadron.
We knew every time a nuclear device was explored anywhere in the world, we could detect that with our incredible computer systems.
And a lot of that stuff is still classified, even though it was... Oh, yeah.
I really cannot talk about the insides.
You know, I...
I did residence in a building, a huge building, big as a Walmart store without one window in it and barbed wire all around it.
You know, every day that was my domicile.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I appreciate our stations and everybody putting up with us.
This used to happen about once or twice a year because I'm down in Austin, Texas.
The network's up in Minnesota.
The phone company's told me, you know, we use the old technology of ISDN because it's digital.
It's dedicated.
They go, it's 100%.
We have no understanding of why this is happening.
We've tested it.
I can come in here when we're not on air and connect to the network for 10 hours on a glitch.
And then whenever I've got a guest or a congressman on or something, and then I was told directly from a member of Army Intelligence that, well, a group's really mad at you that's involved in telecommunications, which you were just talking about.
You were just talking about classified stuff.
There's a distinct possibility here.
Well, I was told they were going to start messing with me, quote, taking the show down.
And then right when I had Colonel Craig Roberts on the show, who has been one of my sources,
Right when I never talked about it on air, and we had no problems, right when I mentioned it, right as I said they're going to cut us off, boom, it happened.
You were talking about how you were then in the Air Force, you were doing classified, we were talking about text bars, and you were doing classified things.
And again, folks, in the past when this happened twice a year, I didn't think it was something, but I've been told.
Well, I was talking about the fact that I worked in a building that was as big as Walmart.
Without one window, everybody on the base, we were unable to tell them what we did.
But they saw we would go in and out of this barbed wire insulation every day.
And that's when I really began to wake up, because many of the things I read in the newspaper, they were not what I was doing every day, finding out what was going on around the world in telecommunications.
Later on, I went over to Germany.
I was commanding officer of a unit.
One of the things that we did,
When the Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, came over, we would take care of all of his cryptographic equipment.
We set it up.
That's what we did.
When he met at Helsinki with the Russians and all those things, so we knew what was going back and forth with all the traffic.
And there again, very, very top secret, but amazing in terms of wakening you up a little bit back to the reality and how reality was far different than what the newspaper headlines said.
But you know, I began writing books exposing the occult.
The occult.
The New Age movement and the occult.
The world globalist movement.
I found, though, that all of these groups were connected.
World peace now.
The United Nations.
The world federalists.
The money men behind them.
And that's what we have a connection now.
Money men.
We're the same people.
Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Institute.
So when you were still in the Air Force, you began to wake up?
Well, I began to wake up because at the top levels of the Air Force, you see, I had generals and others that told me that I had been chosen.
In fact, when I left the Air Force, I was at the University of Texas at Austin, there as a professor of aerospace studies.
I got a call one day.
They told me that I had been chosen to be the executive director
Officer for really the third ranking general in the Air Force.
I was also told that the promotion system wasn't exactly...
What the Air Force officers thought it was.
That there was a separate promotion system off here to the side that shows people you had to have certain qualifications.
Well, now, since I was not a rebel at that time, I didn't know what you and I know now.
I probably fit right into the core of what they thought they could do with me for the future.
They said, you're going to go to Langley Air Force, Virginia.
You're going to be the exec officer for the general in charge of the Tactical Air Command.
You know, that was all the F-16s and the F-15s, you know, all of the fighter aircraft all over the world, and all of those installations and so forth.
Well, I chose instead to get out of the Air Force right at the end of 20 years.
I didn't love the... I loved Air Force Blue.
I loved the Air Force.
I loved everything I was doing.
And I especially loved being at the University of Texas for the Air Force.
But I went out, I began writing these books, and yeah, it has been a progressive thing.
Because as I studied more and more, I realized what a menace this immense conspiracy is.
And then finally, you know, after many books, about 40 books I've written, including Circle of Intrigue, you know, the bestseller that talked about the hidden inner circle of the global Illuminati conspiracy, I then decided, after 20 years of research, I had so much photographic evidence...
The Masonic handshakes, the secret societies, such as, you know, on the Catholic side, the Opus Dei, Knights of Malta, over into, of course, the Alta Vendita, the P2, all of these various secret societies, Order of Skull and Bones.
I decided to expose those so people can see with their own eyes what a horrible conspiracy this is.
We're talking to text markers.
We'll break if the NSA lets us.
And then we'll... You guys really have done what you promised.
I guess you like educating everybody.
We'll be right back.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
If you break the law, you're here for me, I know.
I'm working for the state, I'm the highway patrol.
Well, you'll know me when you see me cause my door's painted white With my siren screaming and my flashing red light I work all day and I work all night Just that people on order trying to do what's right If I write you out a ticket then you better drive slow I'm just adorning my job on the highway patrol Alright folks We're back live with Tex Mars in studio with us
And Tex, you know, we've got about an hour plus left with you here today, and later I want to take some calls, but before we start running out of time, we have a lot of news stations.
I mean, we've had like seven of them turn us on just in the last week or two.
We have even more stations coming on next week with all of our other affiliates.
People are going, Illuminati, New World Order, you know, what is it?
This is publicly available knowledge.
Codex Magica details all that, and we'll go through the book coming up in the next segment, but
The history of it, how it operates, what it does.
You know, the average person goes, well, something can't keep going on for hundreds of years.
Well, what is royalty?
What are royal dynasties?
What are corporations?
What are universities?
They are these institutions that grow like an entity with these individuals that have the goals and that basically build themselves up while expanding the system.
I mean, can you break down for people what the Illuminati is, what the New World Order of Peace system is, what they're building?
Well, keep in mind, we all have limited time on this earth.
But if you believe in something very deeply, an ideology, a religion, then you will work toward that.
I mean, obviously, those who are involved in, say, communism in the 20th century knew that their time was limited.
In fact, many of them were atheists.
And yet, they believed they were building a utopia for mankind.
They were do-gooders, so to speak.
You know, you had the very obnoxious
I almost feel sorry for what happened to her.
You know, Madeline Murray O'Hare.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And they basically are psychopathic personalities.
And these people have no consciences, no morals.
You mentioned Mr. Yu, who talks about smashing the testicles of children, and that there was, you know, the president has the full power to torture people and set up secret concentration camps.
And then he gets up.
These people are parasites.
And they are psychopathic personalities.
They have no conscience.
They're like the BTK killer.
No conscience.
So, again, was a government official we can trust.
Yeah, and a church official, too.
Because he was with the Evangelical Lutheran Church, a church that does not believe in Satan.
That his pastor, the BTK killer, was asked after, you know, the president of his congregation, like the head deacon or whatever you want to call it, was taken away by police, do you now believe in Satan?
And he said, well, no, not really.
But I mean, how are you supposedly a Christian and you don't believe in Satan?
Well, of course, they're not Christians, the evangelical Lutherans.
Now, we're not talking about all Lutherans because there are conservative Lutherans out there, the Missouri Synod and so forth.
But this particular denomination has met and has approved everything from gay marriage to gay pastors and the New World Order.
They're big into that.
So there are Christian so-called faiths.
They're not Christians.
Well, the thing I don't get is that it's... They're hoaxes.
It's not debatable that the communists were created by the big bankers as an excuse to enslave and take over populations.
And it's not debatable that they kill Christians, they enslave them, they torture them, peaceful people in Russia and China and Cuba.
And then these people go, oh, I'm a liberal.
Oh, I like communism when it admittedly has killed hundreds of millions of people.
Well, what we have to understand is that communism was a branch of the Illuminati.
If you go back and you study the teachings of Weishaupt and the founders of the actual order of the Illuminati in 1776, May the 1st, that's why the communist world chose May 1st.
Remember the May Day Parade?
And all that.
That, again, goes back to satanic religion.
Because the ancient pagan mystery religions believed that May 1st had special occult significance.
They set up maypoles, the phallic symbols, had satanic orgies and all of that.
Everything relates all the way back to ancient Babylon.
And that...
They'll admit that, too.
I mean, now, I talked about in the first hour how they had a front page of the Statesman a few years ago about how one of the biggest religious groups now at Fort Hood is the pagans, and they go out and run around naked, and they're allowed to, because that's their... It's real popular, the orgies.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright folks, welcome back.
Your calls are coming up on basically any issue because Tex can speak to it.
Tex, we're talking about a powerful guild of controllers, just a few thousand of them, that are, I guess, following ancient technologies of controlling populations, and they really are the original propagandists, and they're on this, you know, the power trip.
I mean, we all know that power tends to corrupt, that's the actual quote, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and, you know, really evidence shows that.
But continuing with who the Illuminati is and what their goal is, and then I want to get into Codex Magica and take some calls.
If they get their way with the transponders and the tracker chips and the cameras and the militarized police and the FEMA camps and all the things they denied that they're now admitting but trying to put a good spin on, why do they want this straitjacket on us?
What are they planning?
Well, it is very clear
In all of the utopian literature of the Illuminati, and much of it I quote in Codex Magic and give the authoritative sources, their theology is creative destruction.
Remember now, that word, creative destruction.
They call themselves the builders.
And now, by the way, Bush administration officials have been using that term.
Well, I can understand why.
One of the best-selling among Mason's books, of all times, is called The Builders.
Remember, their god they worship, one of the hazy, nebulous names they give him, is the Great Architect.
But at first they believe it is very important to destroy
And remember the Phoenix Bird?
When you go to the house of the temple, into the sanctuary, where the 33rd degree initiation ceremonies are held, this is the mausoleum.
It literally is based on the great mausoleum that was built by King Mausus.
That's why they call it mausoleum in ancient Greece.
The house of the temple is exactly 13 blocks away
On purpose, from the White House.
There's a huge black stone altar in Codex Magica.
I have a picture of it.
And you will see also in the picture in my book, Codex Magica, on the wall are emblazoned two huge...
Golden serpents, but they are actually phoenix serpents with the horned crown.
They're facing each other, they're coiled, and it's right behind the altar.
And then, of course, in the middle of those two serpents, Alex, is the double-headed eagle, which has also great occult and political, economic, religious significance.
Now, imagine this incredible satanic sanctuary in the middle of Washington, D.C., 13 blocks from the White House, and yet such people as Billy Graham, Norman Vincent Peale, and no telling how many world leaders have been there.
Because you're going to see Chancellor Helmut Kohl giving Masonic hand signs, you're going to see Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy, all
Exposed in Codex Magica, doing secret Masonic handshakes, secret society hand signs, symbols, and then there are all the corporate logos.
This is so far-flung, this conspiracy.
It boggles the imagination.
Now, they believe that they get power out of openly...
Hanging out their shingles and displaying these symbols.
They believe that they need to do it in public to get the full power.
Why is that?
That's right.
Well, first of all, let's go back to the other question if we could.
Just a moment.
I don't mean to digress, but...
Remember, in calling themselves the builders, they must have something to build on.
First, they foment the chaos.
They create the terror.
They create the war and the bloodshed.
And when everything is obliterated on earth, then they can rebuild.
And there we have the phoenix who rises up from the flames, you see, and rebuilds the new age, the new world order, Novus Ordo Seclorum.
And by the way, we actually have a clip in the computer, one of, like, there's got to be 500, I mean, you ought to see the computer full of clips, but see if you can find that clip of Bush in the computer where he goes...
We need to create chaos.
And he goes, I mean, he turns red-faced order out of chaos.
And I, of course, published a book by Paul Watson, Order Out of Chaos.
I mean, that really is one of their maxims.
And, of course, that's their excuse to murder and kill is that they claim it's this union thing of the yin and yang of how, oh, well, it's okay that we're evil because we're also good.
The double-headed eagle you have.
And then, of course, the Baphomet.
The horned god, androgynous, half-female, half-male, hermaphrodite god of the Knights Templar, which is still worshipped today.
Zena LaVey, Anton LaVey's daughter, she called herself a satanic witch.
She had a little idol of Baphomet around her neck when she was baptized into the Church of Satan.
And that's also in this book as well.
But he has his hands in a certain way.
One hand pointing down, one hand pointing up.
The Baphomet, there again, as above, so below.
The great boast by Satan that he would conquer heaven and bring them both together.
Thus, the Masonic eagle of the 33rd degree has one body, two heads.
And Jabalon, the true God they worship, is a composite God.
And, of course, God is not going to have any other God before him.
You know, the very first and second of the Ten Commandments tells us that.
But Satan has this horrible idol.
Now, you mentioned something very important a moment ago, Alex.
You said that they do these things sometimes on purpose.
To create a power.
You see, there's two reasons for this.
One of the things is in performing ritual, and that's what these handshakes are, that's what these symbols, that's what these corporate logos are.
They are invoking devil spirits.
And through ritual, numerology, colors, symbols, hand signs, handshakes, and secret crypto-language that they use.
They believe there's a resonance with all of this.
A resonance.
They are magicians.
Occult magicians.
And through magic, through black magic, they can help to create this new world.
Now, I want to be specific with people because I want them to understand.
I'm a Christian.
I believe in Jesus Christ.
You do too, Tex.
You're a pastor.
But people look at the phony churches of the world, and you write about that in the book.
That's one of your real expertises.
You have a lot of experience and are very astute at that, showing how they create a counterfeit to actually make it look bad to people.
But I want to be specific.
We have a lot of atheists listening, a lot of agnostics, a lot of people who are like, well, I'm not a communist, or I'm not a New World War person, or I'm not a Luciferian.
Well, you're just kind of camp followers buying in to the trendiness of
Understand, folks, even if you don't believe in God, let's say so many people email me or call me and go, Alex, I just don't believe in all this devil worship.
Well, I mean, when the hillside strangler or the night stalker tells people all the time, I'm a devil worshiper, I'm a Satanist, so many of these psychopaths, you mentioned the latest killer up in the Kansas and Missouri area.
He's a government official.
He's a church official.
They don't say he's a devil worshiper on the news, but if you read his writings and what he said, it's devil worship.
So it's the same M.O.
throughout history.
Look at the Aztecs.
They're worshipping a winged serpent.
They're worshipping horned gods.
They're cutting hearts out.
They're murdering people.
They're worshipping skulls.
It's the same thing in Babylon.
It starts in Rome when it declines.
It's just over and over and over again, folks, you cannot ignore this.
Just because you don't believe in God, doesn't suddenly mean that none of this is real.
And by that I mean, even if you don't believe that there's a spiritual force out there, the elite does, and they are governed by this pathology.
And then you have to ask yourself, why throughout history then, are elites, no matter if they're Native Americans or Christians,
Well, for people out there that say, I don't believe in a devil.
I don't believe in a personal devil.
And I don't know why these world leaders would believe that either.
So this cannot be true.
Okay, well, let's just look at the case, and I cover that in one of the more important chapters of this book, Codex Magica.
The case of Manuela Ruda.
A woman over in Germany, she and her husband are involved in Satanism.
Okay, well let's say they're just stupid people.
They don't know what they're doing.
Hey, that's not going to help their victim, the gentleman that according to the German courts they lured to their apartment
And had a satanic little party with him.
And they made sure it was the sixth day of the month.
And then they stabbed him to death exactly 66 times.
And after they did that, they drank his blood like vampires.
And then they lay in an oak coffin and copulated in this oak coffin.
Now, they are on trial.
And they admit the horrible thing they did.
So, anyone that says, well, I don't believe in devils...
Whether or not devils exist, and I believe the devil exists, these Illuminati, they believe in it.
Just like Manuela Ruda, she believed in it, and she took action.
The consequences are a man stabbed 66 times on the sixth day of the month.
So whether or not that man believed in it, he is a victim.
And we have millions of victims all over America.
Now we have torture centers being set up.
I don't mean to be passionate.
That's good, Jackson.
But we have tortures that are set up in America.
I don't believe in evil.
I don't believe in evil.
When your testicles are being squeezed by some kind of a horrible forceps, and people gleefully are doing it, maybe foreigners dressed in U.S.
Army uniforms, but they're from Ukraine or Romania or Egypt, then tell me there's no devil while you're screaming out in agony.
Well, you just said it and I don't know who coined it, but the devil's biggest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist.
And that's what the New World Order does.
They go, everything's fine.
There is no moral compass.
You don't have any position.
Evil doesn't exist.
Just let us take over.
Oh, don't worry when your police are garbed in black stormtrooper outfits with black helmets and black capes.
Oh, don't mind when we're building all these giant FEMA facilities.
But then with Doublethink, they'll go, Osama's evil when he's their person.
Oh, he's evil.
But then when we're going to torture children, everything Bush accused Saddam of, which most of it's baloney,
It turns out that our own government is doing it on a massive scale, and so I think we should talk about Mr. You.
I mean, imagine, in America, folks, and he was on the same level as Alberto Gonzalez, one of the chief counsels.
Writing policy in the White House, and he wrote in memos, we can have genocide, the president, if he wanted to, could order torturing people's children in front of them, including crushing their testicles, was a quote, and he's at a big University of Chicago meeting, they have a Notre Dame professor there arguing with him, well, you said this, and Mr. Yu goes, yeah, well, the president could order that.
I mean, folks, the Nazis didn't publicly admit they did stuff like this, only we now have gone to the level, and Bush is supposedly this Christian,
And now I hear neocons on the radio talking about Justice Case going, yeah, yeah, to save America we've got to do it.
But meanwhile, we know the globalists are behind the attacks, Tex.
Alex, all people have to know is this.
As governor of the state of Texas, our governor, George W. Bush at the time, you and I both lived here, he had the authority to commute the sentences of any prisoner on death row.
There was only one prisoner of all of those on death row that he commuted the sentence of, and that was Henry Lee Lucas, the serial killer that some say killed as many as 300 people.
We know he killed at least six people.
Can you imagine?
Governor Bush sent Carla Tucker to the death chamber, but Henry Lee Lucas, he commuted to life!
What kind of a garbled, psychopathic personality does it take to do that?
Well, they do this as a signal, as you said.
I mean, you've got this lady who is truly repentant, truly doing good work.
I mean, just people radiating this powerful... Hey, the prison warden said, please save her.
Even Pat Robertson, a conservative Christian who says he believes in the death penalty, begged Governor Bush, don't take her life.
She's a wonderful Christian.
But then Bush made fun of her and said, please, she said, please don't kill me.
Yeah, she wrote me a letter and said, please don't kill me.
I've never seen a president.
I want to go back to something here.
I'm writing a book now about our nation's founders.
And without going into the context of that book, I want to tell you something.
Well, I was just going to say, no.
I have never, I've seen the writings of Jefferson.
I have books, collections of the writings of Jefferson.
The actual writings, handwritings of George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, not one of them ever asserted that the presidency has the right to crush people's testicles.
And here is a White House attorney.
These people are monsters.
I don't want to make...
Anyone that says Bill Clinton was evil, hey, with Monica Lewinsky, he hadn't seen anything yet.
We have evil consummated here.
And by the way, I want to tell people something.
Aren't they doing this on purpose, though?
I mean, they're not dumb.
They're all over promoting torturing small children.
These are trial balloons.
Like OKC, Oklahoma City was a trial balloon.
Waco, Ruby Ridge.
If the American people will put up with this, let's see how much they'll stand.
I mean, we've already gone so far with these idiots, and that's what they think we are.
We're the vulgar, we're the profane, I quote high-level masons... Yeah, make your point.
...polling the American people.
I was interrupting you.
Well, my point is this.
What was the point you were going to make?
In one case in this, we're talking about the double-headed eagle of Freemasonry and all, and the satanic aspects...
The rituals.
How everything is... America is a dark theater of ritual.
And that's what the purpose of my book, Codex Magicus... Well, theater comes from ritual.
Yeah, theater does come.
And theirs is a stage.
They have created a stage.
Remember, they believe, as Christians, we don't need numbers, we don't need rituals, but the Satanists do.
Witches, everything.
Did you know that Liz Carpenter, she's one of the ones that discussed this book, she was the press secretary for First Lady Johnson, LBJ's First Lady.
Liz Carpenter is probably the most
Beloved Democratic Party dames in the state of Texas.
Hillary Clinton comes down here for her dinner to recognize her great achievements.
Liz Carpenter, right?
She's one of the most famous Democratic women in America.
Democratic Party.
Did you know she goes out on the full moon into the hill country...
And how she and her female Democratic Party gals, and they howl at the moon.
There's a picture in the American Statesman that I have in my book.
Liz Carpenter howling at the moon.
What is that all about?
Well, you know what it is, in my opinion.
It's witchcraft.
Do they worship the devil?
I was on King TV up in Seattle.
I debated witches.
They had a whole audience full of witches.
One of them got up and screamed at me.
She said, you Christians, the devil is a Christian invention.
We don't worship the devil.
We worship the goddess.
And I asked her.
You know, the host comes over like Phil Donahue and sticks the microphone in my face.
I said, what do you think about that?
She says she doesn't worship the devil.
I asked her, in your rituals in the forest...
Do you worship Pan, the horned god of the forest?
And her face turned ashen, this witch.
Who also has hooves.
Well, he has hooves and furry legs.
Yeah, he's got horns.
She says, well, yeah, we worship Pan, but he's not the devil.
Well, then I also get letters from people going, you know, we never did human sacrifice.
We're just pagans.
In every pagan society, they're chopping people's hearts out.
They're killing little kids.
Yeah, not every witch does.
Of course not.
Not every Satan does this.
But read the Satanic Bible.
And there is a section on there on how to commit human sacrifice.
Well, I mean, that's the thing is that the penultimate of all of this, you know, when you get into the higher levels, like the average Mason isn't even a bad person on the service.
They don't know that they're part of something because they're low level.
I want to talk about that.
I'm going to tell people how to get Codex Magica also when we get back.
We're carrying it.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're good to go.
We're back live and we're here talking with Tex Marsh.
Tex Mars is the author of Codex Magica, and he's written many other best-selling books.
We are carrying Codex Magica, and Codex Magica has got over 1,000 photos and documents and diagrams.
And if you want to be an expert on the New World Order, if you really want to know what's going on, you need to get this book.
And we've been carrying it from the day it came out.
The day Tex got it a few months ago, we got it.
The innermost secrets of the Illuminati beckon you.
They vowed you would never know.
They thought there was no way you could possibly unmask the sick things they have been hiding.
Now, thanks to the incredible revelations in this amazing book, you can discover their innermost secrets.
They were wrong.
You can identify the members of the Illuminati and unravel their astonishing plan to control and manipulate.
You can crack the Illuminati code.
They have their own hidden language.
Codex Magica is an awesome...
In its scope and revelations, it contains over 1,000 actual photographs and illustrations you'll see with your own eyes the world's leading politicians and celebrities, including America's richest and most powerful, caught in the act as they perform occult magic.
Once you understand their covert signals and coded picture messages, your world will never be the same.
Destiny will be made manifest.
You will know the truth and everything will become clear.
And again, Tex Mars is the author of 37 books, including the number one bestseller, Dark Secrets of the New Age and the Circle of Intrigue, The Hidden Inner Circle, The Global Illuminati Conspiracy, A Retired Career, U.S.
Air Force officer.
He was caught at the University of Texas at Austin and has appeared on radio and TV talk shows across the United States.
And I would just say this.
Take the MS-13 Mexican gangs.
They flash their gang signs.
The police don't know what it means.
The public doesn't know what it means.
All of these gang signs and things actually go back.
They're just imitating what the really big, serious gangs do.
They have their own language, their own codes, their own ciphers.
Because they are the original intelligence agencies.
We think of intelligence agencies as being founded 200 years ago in France and England to fight with each other.
No, intelligence agencies were secret societies.
But because they went back to antiquity, just in a secular view of it, they have all these occult trappings associated with them.
So you can't deny that.
And so they're communicating with each other really just with the sign language.
They have their own private sign language, and they're going, we're going to kill the slaves, don't worry.
I mean, Tex, would you agree with that analysis?
I agree totally.
You know, it's very fascinating to me.
When I first began 20 years ago exposing the evildoers...
And remember, I said that I went all the way back to ancient Babylon.
It became necessary for me, because Revelation 17 says, it pictures the last days' world religious system of evil.
It'll spread across the oceans as mystery, Babylon the Great.
Let's talk about that when we start the third hour, and Texas just decided to be with us, to lavish us with his presence.
We're good to go.
I think?
And what's going on.
Go to Infowars.com to order the book or the videos off the secure shopping cart or call toll free 1-888-253-3139.
And Tex, we only got 30 seconds.
Have you seen Order of Death yet?
I have seen Order of Death, and we're offering it, by the way, in our ministry because, wow, this is packed, and it is real, and it's frightening.
And before this hour ends in the next ten seconds, give us the websites for Power of Prophecy.
Well, powerofprophecy.com, very easy, powerofprophecy.com, and conspiracyworld.com.
All right, got to leave it there.
Third hour straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Strap yourselves in.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we've got 60 minutes within 45 minutes of airtime.
With TexMars, that first hour just blew past us.
And I know we've got loaded phone lines.
Joe and Jeff and Evan and JR and Charles and many others.
We will go to your calls coming up here in about 10-15 minutes.
But I'm going to continue talking about Codex Magica that really is the masterwork of TexMars.
I mean, I call it the definitive volume on the Illuminati secret language.
And, I mean, folks, it's just...
And you know, out of the thousand pictures in here, there might be two or three where somebody's not really doing an Illuminati sign, they're accidentally doing it.
See, I've caught myself before going like that and making a Diablo, but when they're over and over again doing it, and doing it at certain times, and they'll do two or three of the symbols right after each other, and then they'll say all these occultic, cryptic things, and then, oh, they are members of Skull and Bones, or they admittedly do rituals, and when they are members of this show, there's all these, and they're all involved in it.
That's right.
They believe in it.
They even write about it.
I mean, there's so much in this book, and this is a short segment, but just any other areas that I haven't brought up that you think people should know about?
Well, you know, this is 624 pages.
It's the size of a huge city's telephone book.
I don't know, eight pounds or something like that.
It looks like the Austin phone book.
That's right.
It's a huge book.
If only 500 pictures are accurate out of the over 1,000, isn't that enough to shape the world?
I mean, these are incredible.
We go back to Napoleon giving hand signs.
We have Jesse James, who was a mason, by the way, John Wilkes Booth, and his brother, both high-level masons involved in the Abraham Lincoln assassination.
So this is really a historical book.
Well, that's what I was saying, is that you can look at a few of them and go, maybe they aren't, but literally 98%, 99%, there's no question.
I mean, there are some people in there doing hand signs that I can't even do.
They're so hard to do.
They are indeed.
We were talking, I know this is a short segment, but I wanted to mention, when you go back, and here's where it really...
Flabbergasted me some years ago when I began to do my investigation of this.
If you go back to the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, Sumeria, then on into Greece and Rome, they had their symbols, they had their secret handshakes and hand signs and marks and numbers and all of this.
Now, what shocked me, I first spent years studying this.
You might say, I'm not bragging to say, I am a master symbologist, knowing these going all the way back.
Here's the thing.
I began to see on television, on the covers of magazines, in books, in movies, the same hand signs that go, but you can find on the statue of Pharaoh's, you know, in the mummy's,
Something even more obvious that you cover in the book is the pyramids, the triple sixes.
I mean, I don't know major corporate logos that aren't pyramids or 666s or double crosses.
All of this is on purpose.
Whether it's the Disney logo, you can find the 666.
And that Fox is a very interesting one.
Here we have the supposed conservative Republican network, Fox.
Of course, Fox Network came really out of the old 20th century Fox network.
And now they just simply call it Fox as we go into the 21st century.
But the very letters, F-O-X, what is all that about?
Why would they call it Fox Network?
What's that got to do with anything?
Well, numerologically, F is the sixth letter in the alphabet.
Zero and X, when you add the numbers together and then you add again, as occult numerologists do, they come to six also.
F-O-X equals 666!
Well, even if you try to poo-poo that, which obviously that's accurate...
Fox puts out the most vile, see if the luscious women can make the husband cheat.
You know, I mean, the worst programs, Married with Children, you know, 20 years ago, they have the worst anti-family programming of any network.
But Fox says there is no conspiracy.
Don't believe the Alex Jones of this world, says Sean Hannity and O'Reilly and all of the others.
And of course, they're just paid stooges for the new world order.
And they do some good.
Of course they do.
How else will they attract an audience?
Well, that's what rat poison is.
Rat poison is 98% good grain.
Yeah, it's cured some diseases, I understand.
I used to have a grandmother that took just a little bit of it, but if she took too much, uh-oh.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
We're talking to Tex Mars.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and plannable microchips, and much, much more.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Hi folks, we're back live with Tex Mars, and your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
For those that just joined us, Tex Mars is, of course, he was an Air Force officer, and then he taught space and aeronautics and political science at the University of Texas.
And then, of course, he's a best-selling author, not just of books about the New World Order and the world government system.
He's written many other technical books, best-selling books about robotics.
You name it, just an amazing individual.
And his websites are conspiracyworld.com, powerofprophecy.com.
And if you go to those sites, then you can link off to textmars.com and just a bunch of other great websites, a lot of information.
We're good to go.
I think?
But it's just all jam-packed with information.
So Tex, tell folks about that free newsletter.
Folks can just call our toll-free number.
And when they do say, I would like to get the free newsletter, and nobody will ask them to buy a thing, no commitment, nobody will ever call them back.
We're not going to put their name on some mailing list.
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And say, hey, I'd like that free newsletter.
They'll take down your name and address and that'll be the end of it.
And I hope people get a great blessing from it.
The next issue is going to be a real shocker.
So they'll get that special issue that talks about George Bush from a very different angle that's never been discussed before.
And if they want that, I'm not going to tell anybody right now.
Well, give me a hint.
Leave a little mystery.
Well, let's just say that the White House kitchen has been kosherized.
And we'll leave it at that.
It's a little mystery.
Come on, Alex, give me a little chance to have some mystery and have some fun here.
Anyway, it is a shocking thing.
He's carrying, I have a picture of Bush, carrying a book in his hand.
And it's quite interesting.
He's being accompanied by a man who used to be the White House spokesperson, Harry Fleischer, who actually is a Jewish rabbi.
Just like Dov Zaykheim,
The comptroller of the Pentagon, who supervised, they said that $1 trillion was missing, Dov Zachheim, turns out to be a rabbi, Chertoff,
The Homeland Security Director.
His father's a rabbi.
Yeah, his father's a rabbi, and he, of course, is a big advocate of the Jewish ADL.
There's some incredible connections here, but remember this.
We're not trying to impugn any race, any nation, anything.
If anything, I would like to save Arabs and Jews.
I'd like to save them from bloodshed.
I want to be friends.
Well, I mean, it boils down to this.
If most of the cabinet...
And all the people openly spying and openly running our policy and openly saying we've got to attack Iran and openly saying we've got to stay in Iraq were Eskimos, were Inuit.
I mean, I would go.
I'm not against the Inuits.
You would ask the question, why are they all Eskimos?
What has the Eskimo race got to do with establishing the new world order?
That would be unique in itself.
But remember this, there is an evil core...
In a number of nations.
In the United States.
I've been exposing this evil core of the Illuminati inside the United States.
In Codex Magica, you're going to see Germans and Italians and Mexicans and Canadians and Americans.
And they all do the same thing?
Well, this is the thing.
This is the weird thing.
And I can even have Barry Hamish on, you know, who's Jewish from Jerusalem.
He's done some good work himself.
Well, he has.
But what's incredible is that...
A Zionist took 110,000 Jewish children and radiated them and killed most of them right on the spot.
Our government paid $3 billion for it, and I guess I'm anti-Semitic because I'm against killing Jewish children.
But you know what?
They were the brown Jews.
They were the Jews that were in Israel before the takeover, or they were the Jews who were, you know, the Sephardic.
They were the Jews that were in southern areas of Europe.
They're in Spain.
And it was specific.
The government said, and they tell them you're going to have a dentist checkup, you're going to be checked for a ringworm, and they'd take them, strap them down, and they'd kill them.
And that's been in major Jewish newspapers over there, and it's just kind of like they're reporting on the price of cheese or something.
Every Jewish person...
Finding this out to be true, and it is true what you're just saying, should be furious at this.
Hey, now, I'll tell you, I'm Scottish.
Mainly Scottish, but also French a little bit.
You know how Americans are.
We're all kinds of things sometimes.
But listen, there are people in Scotland, in fact the Scottish Rite,
Is the largest Masonic order in the world, the Scottish Rite.
I'm Scottish.
Am I supposed to give them a sprout?
Oh, I don't want to expose the Scottish Rite.
That's what I'm trying to point out, is that it is admitted that the Labor Zionists, one group of the three groups, that's the dominant group, the Labor Zionists,
Well, see, that's the thing.
Some rabbis believed
That a holocaust would be good because it would frighten the Jewish people around the world into leaving the countries where they were assimilated and going to foster the establishment of the... Exactly.
So the point I'm going to say is because I love the Jewish people in Israel, I want them to know, I mean, don't try to get around it.
Your government, just in one case, radiated 110,000 of your kids.
Most of them died within a week of it happening.
Only a few survived a day.
The founders of Israel were all devil worshippers.
They were devil worshippers, and Ben-Gurion himself was a very, very avid fan of Vladimir Lenin, and now the Lenin Museum, where we find the mummified body of Lenin, now says, yes, it is true, Lenin was a Jew, but we couldn't tell the Soviet, the Russian people that
Because they may hate the Jews so we kept that a secret.
But remember at the very core
Of the Israeli and Jewish people around the world, there are only 18 million Jews in the world, and I feel quite confident in saying this, out of 18 million, I doubt if more than 5,000 know anything at all about the Illuminati.
Well, that's what we're saying.
Let us educate the other 17,955,000 so they can help us to expose the evildoers within their own midst.
But maybe we shouldn't talk about killing Jewish children.
Maybe it's the right of the Zionists to kill them.
No, no, I mean, because you don't want the ADL going after you for trying to save Jews.
I see what you mean.
The Uber Jews, the ones that are always killing the other Jews.
Here again, they create the chaos, and then they have the order.
You see, they come in with their order out of chaos.
But they must have chaos.
They must have the killing.
And they believe that discrimination against Jews is a good thing because it will bring unity among the Jews.
That's a sick philosophy.
There are hundreds of documents, hundreds of books, public statements, speeches.
And then every time we track down one of these white supremacist groups, these horrible, unsavory organizations, a lot of times they'll have a P.O.
box, turns out a rabbi owns it.
That's come out over and over again that these are actual fronts.
The Aryan Nation group in Richard Butler's group up there in Idaho.
There was an op-ed, you know, an opinion in the Idaho newspaper.
Just when they were considering hate crime laws in the state legislature of Idaho, Richard Butler and his Aryan Nations come down there with their brown shirts and do the Nazi salute.
What scared the whole city?
There was the picture on the front page of the Boise newspaper.
And then they had a letter written by a Jewish rabbi saying, oh, we must have these hate crime laws.
The Aryan Nations are attacking right here in Idaho.
Turns out, just as you said, the rabbi's box number was traced back, and it was Aryan Nations.
So the Aryan Nations, what is that, some kind of a Jewish front?
No, I believe this is the Mossad, the CIA, these rogue Illuminati agents working that...
Well, it just got declassified that in 1988 the Mossad was actually caught before they had so much control trying to carry out a bombing to blame it on Muslims in London.
And then we've totally proven that 7-7 and 7-21 was a government op.
MI6, clearly, clearly, no ifs, ands, or buts about it was involved.
And so the point here is exactly what you said.
Out of, you know, 17,000... 17 million.
I mean, 17 million plus, and you've just got... Yeah, exactly.
You've just got like a few thousand of these people who are actually doing this.
And it's the same thing.
You have skull and bones.
An admitted Germanic death cult.
I mean, you know, an admitted Germanic death cult where they've got, you know, Adolf Hitler's silverware, you know, have that in their little shrine, involve funding Hitler.
So how do you at the top?
That's what I always run into.
I run into Zionists, I run into Nazis, I run into occultists, I run into communists.
They're just all one big swirling, happy group.
Yeah, and, you know, if anybody out there does not believe in conspiracy, they have to ask themselves, how could it be at the tomb...
Would you be exposed?
The Order of Skull and Bones Headquarters, which is adjacent to a cemetery.
Order of Death.
And by the way, I don't want to digress here again, but in this book, for the first time ever, I believe, published in a book, Codex Magic, in my new book, there is a picture of the Arch.
And it stands at the entrance to the Education Building at Yale University, where the Skull and Bones folks are there.
And when you go through the arch into the education building, look up.
And carved in stone is a statue, an idol of Baphomet, with his horns and all.
But watch out.
This Baphomet, carved in stone at Yale University, one of America's premier elite establishment schools, he's wearing a suit and tie.
Baphomet, the old Knights Templar, god of the Satanic Masons, wearing a suit.
Boy, does that taste good.
Is that what the Illuminati is?
Devil worshippers wearing suits?
And the picture is right here in Codex Magica.
It's unbelievable.
And we carry Codex Magica available at InfoWars.com right now in the new film, The Order of Death.
And on the same DVD, The Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, two films, the price of one, InfoWars.com.
We'll come back and take your call.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, we've got some callers that have been holding just great troopers.
And you can talk about any subject you want, because it all ties back into the same thing.
But we have to ask ourselves, you know, why is Alberto Gonzalez, when he was Chief White House Counsel, saying that you're above the law, we can torture people to death, and just don't call it torture, and then it's not torture?
You know, this type of delusional, psychopathic stuff.
And now this you character...
Who was a White House counsel and advisor.
John Hughes saying, we can torture people's children in front of them and crush their testicles, and we can commit genocide.
And Dick Cheney in a PNAC document says, we can use race-specific bioweapons on people.
I mean, imagine if, quote, Bin Laden was saying something like this.
Well, Bin Laden is their boy, but even if you buy their fake argument that he's this real threat and isn't manufactured, it's just open, pure evil out in front of everyone, seeing it will accept it.
They think they've taken our moral compass away, so now they're moving to replace it with their map.
Who has been holding the longest here?
Joe in Wisconsin.
Go ahead.
Welcome, sir.
Kudos, gentlemen.
I've got some comments for the minions out there, and then some questions for you and your guests.
First would be, I think we're being taught to be replaceable parts in a political global machine.
We're told, don't question what the machine does, what its output or its methods are, and when one part breaks down, it just gets replaced.
When they're finished, they dismantle and cannibalize the machine when the results are achieved.
What purpose does a machine serve after that?
Well, have you ever noticed gazelles on the African plain?
One of them gets grabbed, they just keep moving along like it's no big deal?
Oh, yeah, because the whole herd survives.
It's just that that one part gets thrown away.
And what I'm saying is the benefits of that one part is always a promise.
It's never a hard asset.
So people that are listening that are throwing the switches and messing up your communications, I mean, think about this, guys.
When your job is finished, what do they need you for?
Well, the bigger thing is that people, most of them are just completely unconscious.
In fact, Tex, that's a good question for you.
Not just with a couple thousand elitists in the whole world.
There's just a few thousand of them.
We know who they are.
We can even name them.
As you said, they're German, they're Jewish, they're Chinese, but predominantly they're European in Europe.
But then they have their minions who've got enough of the piece of the puzzle to carry out their operations to know what they're doing.
How do they rationalize?
I mean, are they just evil?
Well, they are evil.
Remember, the Bill Clintons, even the George Bushes, are not at the highest level at all.
They are stooges themselves.
But a person like Bill Clinton, his whole life he's never lived an authentic life.
Genuine life as an American.
Oh, that was like when George Bush Sr., back in the 1980s, the 1988 election, he was in a grocery store, and I've got the clip somewhere in the office, and he goes, what is this?
And it was a scanner, but out for about ten years.
What is this?
Yeah, you have John Kerry, for example, who created the myth that he was an Irish Catholic, when actually he's Jewish.
And I'm sure he was told, even though he was an anti-war demonstrator at Yale University and a skull and bones man, he was told, your future is you've got to go and join the military so you'll have a credential.
He only spent four months in Vietnam.
And by the way, committed evidently some war crimes while he was there that have been covered up.
Only four months!
There's a famous picture of him looking down the barrel of a rifle.
Have you seen that?
Yeah, I have.
And Pat Robertson, remember the congressman in California, exposed the fact that an entire ship was turned around.
And the entire ship was turned around so that he wouldn't have to go into combat.
But Pat Robertson, by the way, in Codex Magi, I go back to this book again because over 1,000 pictures.
Oh, have you heard the newest thing where he says that implantable chips are good and that Big Brother isn't bad and thumb scanning to get stuff?
And then he starts praying and he says, Jesus, and he does the Diablo.
I saw that on your website.
And then he thrusts.
He thrusts.
The horn devil sign.
What is that?
I mean, what?
Why is he doing that?
Well, you know, remember this.
Pat Robertson, you read it in his own autobiography, Shattered from the Housetops.
He was saved and became a Christian at the Freemasonry Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Freemasonry Baptist Church.
His father, of course, was a high-level Mason.
Senator Robertson was chairman of the Banking and Currency Committee.
So when they do the Diablo, what is that?
Well, it means, I love you, devil.
I worship you.
I give honor and reverence to you as the devil.
And, of course, there are many variations.
Maybe we can discuss that El Diablo sign, because some people are very confused.
Is it the long horns?
Is it the sign of the death?
I wonder why Burleson, I wonder why Putin, I wonder why Clinton, I wonder why Pat Robertson, maybe they all are really excited about Vince Young right now.
Well, maybe they are, you know, the national champions and all.
But I have Prime Minister Burleson over here.
He likes them too.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Thanks for watching!
I went and got a copy of Codex Magica off of the bed stand where my wife's been reading in and I was folding the pages and trying to write notes and you know I left it at home this morning.
But I did scan through it some of the things I wanted to bring up.
But Tex, I want to take some more calls but then I want to get into some of the blood oaths because they're now having to change some of this and a listener sent us from chapter 522 up in upstate New York.
He went to one of the famous lodges, and it was the lodge out of which they'd sent one of the guys that went out and then murdered somebody who'd exposed the Masons.
But the fellow got up there and was explaining how it was really no big deal, and we're not devil worshippers, and we're not this, and the public was all there, and he was videotaping it.
So you talk about in your book how they're now trying to put a good face on it, which shows we're having an effect.
It's like Bush having to go out and go, listen, you can really believe me this time.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Alex, I'm Jeff, who made that Freemason video you were just speaking of.
Now, see, I did not know that.
A text has been sent in there.
I did not know that people were on hold.
I didn't remember that your name was Jeff.
Nobody told me that.
And then, see how synchronicity works?
That's great.
Yeah, you know, I wanted to say, last night I signed up for Prison Planet TV, and I saw what you did with the video, and Alex, it's fantastic.
Well, you're a wonderful person for going and shooting all of that video.
Why don't you tell folks about it?
Well, our local newspaper comes out once a week, said that the local historical society was going to meet at the Freemason Lodge.
And so, inspired by you, Alex, and going into Bohemian Grove, I grabbed my camera and went down there to check it out.
And you saw, I got some pretty interesting stuff from down there.
Well, you certainly did.
I just want to commend you.
And Texas Book talks about that, because the Masons are like, well, we've been getting a lot of pressure, so we want to let everybody in now and let you know that we're not religious, but we do have rituals.
We have killed some people.
We have altars.
We read scripture.
But we're not a religion.
And there's big pentagrams.
There's big pentagrams on the wall.
That big iron pentagram plaque was on the wall.
That's their blazing star.
The blazing star of Freemasonry.
That's what the G stands for, of course, too.
Gnosis and also that blazing star.
And it's on our $1 bill.
That's what really the radiant sun rays are.
I was in East Texas.
I was in East Texas, and that's where the red star and all the stars are.
And I was driving just a few weeks ago, and I drove into a town, and there are all the little shingles hanging out by them.
As you enter a town, it's like, hey, this is our town.
They tell you the organization.
And there was a skull and bones, a skull and bones with a number under it, and then the upside-down star and a bunch of other symbols.
I wanted to ask Texas.
If he knows what the skull and bones means to masonry, to freemasonry.
Well, there are a number of things it means, of course.
But the X goes all the way back to Osiris.
Well, he says on the tape that he shows you a coffin and a skull and bones.
He goes, these are the most secret.
I really shouldn't even be... Oh, he flips past it.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead, Tex.
He said that the skull and bones represented the death of Master Mason Hiram Abiff.
I wanted to know if Tex knew anything different to that.
Oh, well, even that has its, you know, sort of hidden code there.
That's a sacrifice.
Because Hiram Obif is literally a Christ figure.
Who's martyred.
Yeah, and so that would blend in as well.
The skull and bones that we have, the X, you have the death's head.
But, of course, these men believe that they will live forever as gods.
They will be a god race.
So that... But they're worshippers of death.
That's why they have the bones.
Well, it's like you said earlier, creative destruction.
And of course, that's the cosmic con by Satan.
Oh, we've got to kill everybody to then build the beautiful thing.
But I think the X is real.
I have many, many pictures of that X...
You know, even Stephen King, the novelist, the horror novelist, doing the sign of the X. The Prime Minister of Israel, his wife doing the X. And remember the one who did it the most was John Kerry's wife.
Sweet Teresa.
She would always do, you know, with the accolades, the audience clapping their hands, she would give them the little sign of the X, as the mummies do when they put the X. And in the Masonic funerals, they arrange the bodies, you know, with the hands and the sign of the X and all of these things.
So there's a definite meaning behind this skull and bone symbology.
Well, so are you happy with what we did with the video you sent us?
Alex, it was great.
I was so happy.
I've got some friends coming over tonight.
I'm going to show it to them.
I can't wait.
Well, thank you for authorizing us to do that, Jeff, and other listeners who send us good video things and send us a description with it and also authorize us to use it.
We'll do little reports like that because we want to bring people diverse information at prisonplanet.tv.
Thank you so much for the call, Jeff.
I really appreciate it.
Great guy.
It was funny, I was talking about him, and I think he's called like twice before.
Well, you know, Alex, one of the things that I think is great is you have a participating audience.
Their eyes are open.
Oh, yeah.
They know these things.
Hey, do people really think that I got all these pictures on my own?
No, I had helpers.
I mean, you know, I don't have any in-house researchers, but I have many hundreds of wonderful, patriotic folks.
They have eyes that are open, and they send me these pictures, and sometimes they don't even know how it relates, but it does.
Well, the globalists, the globalists.
We're good to go.
To the point of, I tell them to go start their own websites or start their own movements because I just, and keep the data coming because I don't want to miss anything, but it's almost like 2,000 emails a day.
I have CIA and FBI agents.
You know, they're angry themselves.
Military officers.
They're absolutely furious.
They know what's going on.
So really, we have the true intelligence agency, because a globalist says something, everybody Googles their past.
In ten minutes we have a documented dossier on them, and a nexus with all the connections.
Something that would take an analyst a week to do, you know, years ago, with all their secret computers.
Now with their own technology, we are just crushing them.
But on the other hand, they are going to make a counterattack against us.
They're not spending billions of dollars on the so-called war against terror.
Hey, that war against terror includes American patriots, and they want to shut us down.
We're the truth-tellers.
Oh, listen, the real training is to go after homeschooling families.
The real system is to go after our families, our guns, our borders.
You know, notice now they said terror, terror, terror.
Now it's crime, crime, crime, terror.
Crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, terror.
They're out even moving terror out.
They're kind of figuring, well, that's kind of not working too well now.
Now it's just crime, crime, crime, terror, crime, crime, terror, terror.
I mean, have you noticed that?
Now read it.
First it was terror, terror, terror.
Then it was terror and crime.
And then now it's just crime.
Oh, Homeland Security's going to be out fighting crime, Tex.
Well, yeah, they're going to put everything together and everything from the child molesters.
And who can doubt that they should have RFID and biochips?
There should be databases.
But then suddenly they go from the child molesters, whom we all despise and detest, to everybody.
And then there's the potential child molesters.
There's the potential terrorists.
And I suppose that's why the FBI has visited my ministry several times.
I must be a potential terrorist.
Well, every day or two, I see an article where, and we'll go to calls in a second, I mean, here's an example.
Toy store, St.
Helen, Oregon, not even 2,000 square feet, smaller than this office.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And so then she gets mad and calls the distributor and calls people and they go, no.
And she even calls the Rubik's Cube company and they go, no, we want patents up and people can make them as long as it's another color.
She goes, well, why would they come to me?
Well, they were setting a crazy precedent.
They were on purpose doing something ridiculous.
They were ordered to do that.
And then so she went public.
And they called up the agents.
They said, yeah, we told her not to talk.
We told her not to say anything.
And, you know, homeless sleeping on benches are being charged as terrorists because it's by a train station.
And then that's security, so that's terrorism.
Or topless bar owners that pay $4,000 to a county commissioner for more zoning spaces.
I mean, I don't like topless bars, but at the same time, you know, that's not terrorism.
So the definition, they practice this.
They make it asinine on purpose.
They do.
To just kind of... Alex, if you visit New York City and you take a picture of the Statue of Liberty, which millions of tourists do, you can be selectively targeted.
After all, isn't the Statue of Liberty a terrorist target?
Well, in fact, there's lawsuits.
You're taking pictures of it.
Maybe you're planning a bombing of it.
Tex, I've been there.
That's preposterous, but that's what they're doing.
You know, New York has little bitty tiny parks.
And I was down by Wall Street.
There's a little bitty park right there just a few blocks away from World Trade Center.
So I thought I'd interview people that were in the little park.
And I'm walking along.
This happened three times a day at least.
The five days I was there.
And cops in front of him go, no, you're not allowed to videotape.
And I had congressional press passes.
I could get down when Bush gave a speech.
You're not allowed.
In a public park, you're not allowed to carry a video camera.
But I had congressional press passes to get up to the circle when Bush gave the speech.
I mean, I had maximum press passes.
Just maximum.
Maximum authorized, you know, went through the hoops and through some connections, got it, here locally.
Actually, Jack Blood pulled the strings because they had, you know, carried Fox News on a local affiliate that he was the program director on.
And so that gave him dibs, actually, through a back door.
And, of course, then they got freaked out once they realized we'd done that.
Alex, it's too bad you were not a gay cowboy.
You could have got it a lot easier than that.
Well, that was Jeff Gannon.
Yeah, Jeff Gannon, you're a gay cowboy, but you can go right on into the White House press corps and be kissed on the bald head by George W. Bush.
Have you seen the one where George W. Bush is rubbing his neck and kind of kissing on him?
Boy, I tell you, that is...
How can the president kiss a gay whore, and there be photos and video of it, and then he's got all these White House midnight visits?
Yeah, and of course Karl Rove approved him.
The brain of the Bush presidency, Karl Rove, whom Bush has, as you know, his personal nickname for.
It's so vulgar, but I'll just say it.
I'm sorry.
Turd Blossom.
This is Fox News asking Carl Rove, what is your nickname given to you by President Bush?
And Rove just very matter-of-factly said, yeah, he calls me Turd Blossom.
That's our Christian president!
Why do you think Bush has a feces name for every member of his administration?
And they have Putin as Pootie Poop and...
He's a very, very sick man.
I believe he is a psychopath.
And he's a megalomaniac.
Psychopaths are usually into scatology.
I don't want to get too much off into that, but a lot of times they're into that.
Well, they are, because anything that violates the human norm, they would be for.
And, of course, being a megalomaniac, here again we have a person who has delusions of surrender.
Hitler was into feces.
Well, that was just one of his sexual practices, some of the biographers say, and he never was really able to consummate... I mean, I don't want to get too detailed here, but where is the normal... Even though he had a beautiful German actress, Eva Braun, as his mistress, he was never able to consummate...
That marriage.
But this is true of Stalin.
You know, he married Kaganovich, a monster butcher.
He married his wife.
And one of the witnesses there at the Kremlin said one of the worst scenes he ever saw was Stalin screaming and hollering, saying, I'm going to kill you, to his wife, Rosa Kaganovich, who was naked and then climbed up a tree to get away from Joseph Stalin.
And remember, Stalin was an illuminist.
The whole communist system was based on the Illuminati and the creation of a utopia and the destruction of the world and its rebuilding into the new world.
The state of the new man.
And all of this, of course, is a hatred of God.
So where a normal person doesn't want to be around the latrine, they really like it.
Oh, I think so.
Now our kids are being taught this in all of the newest movies.
Ben Stiller and all the other comedians.
And by the way, you're going to see Ben Stiller and many of the Hollywood set from Seinfeld,
The whole crew there, all of them, giving signs, Jewish Kabbalistic occult magic in Codex Magica.
The pictures are in this book.
That's one of my favorite areas, by the way.
You'll see little, remember the guy that played George Costanza or whatever in Seinfeld?
Jason Alexander, sort of the lovable loser.
You'll see him on the cover of TV Guide giving the sign of the devil up there.
To the heaven and down below.
Which is Baphomet.
Yeah, and all of the Masonic things.
And all of those people.
Kramer, you'll see him on the front cover of Scottish Rite Journal.
The guy that played Kramer.
And he's given a Masonic hand sign up to his neck.
Which means, of course, one of those oaths.
I promise not to tell or cut my head off.
Yeah, you'll have Pat Robertson shown in Codex Magica, as well as many other leaders, giving what I call the sign of the claw.
It's the clenched, communist-like fist over their... But really, Tex, when you boil it all down, this is a global gang, and this is their symbols, this is what they do, this is what they're all about.
They're practicing occult magic.
They are worshippers of Satan by other names.
Evan in Nevada.
Thanks for holding JR, Charles, and others.
Go ahead, Evan.
Alex, Tex, it's an honor.
Thank you.
I've been listening recently on the Internet.
I've been streaming you.
We've got a big following on MySpace.
There's a lot of people that listen to you through MySpace.
We put bulletins up.
Oh, but I heard that Rupert Murdoch's starting to have computer systems excised out.
Oh, he is.
They're censoring bulletins in forums.
Like, you'll try and post a forum about...
For example, Armenian Genocide, and the form will just, the thread will just disappear.
By the way, Fox City Corps admits they've got complex computer NSA-style systems that you just can't hide.
They're working hard on it, but there's a lot of secondary sites that are popping up, and a lot of us are moving over to there.
But I'll touch back on the satanic symbology, the hand symbol.
There's the I love you symbol.
The thumb is pointing outward.
Good point.
Very good point.
Well, I mean, look, when Europeans see it, they freak out because that is the Diablo sign.
And for Bush, it's kind of a joke because then he can do both at the same time.
They love multifaceted symbols.
Isn't that something they like, too?
Something that means something to the general uninitiated, something that means something else for the adept?
Tex, you want to comment on that?
No, no, you're absolutely right.
And I show all of that in Codex Magi, an entire chapter on the sign of the devil, Il Carnuto, or El Diablo, and its many variations.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
I've got something to touch on when you come back about... I can give you 30 seconds on the other side, Evan, and then J.R.
and Charles.
I've got to get to those that have been holding along.
We'll just blast through your calls in the final segment.
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We're good to go.
You know, two hours just blew past us.
We've got to get Tex Mars back in here in the near future.
I'll be on his radio program coming up in the next few weeks.
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I mean, you can even say, okay, I don't believe in the devil.
Regardless, it is a gang.
It is a gang system.
It is a global organized crime brotherhood.
And they are a cultic, and you need to have Codex Magica.
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I've got to go to J.R.
and Charles.
But, Evan, just 30 seconds.
Finish up.
I listened to your interview with the guy from Bilderberg the other night, and he had got the overhearing of them talking about wanting to use biological agents to kill people.
And the thing is, it clicked in my mind.
I saw this documentary on Carnicom, C-A-R-N-I-C-O-M dot com.
Yeah, the chemtrails.
Yeah, the chemtrails.
And he found that there were foreign biological agents where they've been doing massive chemtrail sprays.
So the thing is, if they wanted to take out 100 million Americans, all they would have to do is gas up every plane in America with whatever agent they were going to use and then just...
Have them fly on their route.
I appreciate your call.
The thing is, if you're spraying someone, you don't do it at 35,000 feet.
So a lot of it's atmospheric manipulations.
There are 3,000 plus declassified instances of chemical, biologicals, and radiologicals being used by American people by our government.
But the admitted, confirmed stuff, no one will ever focus on it, Tex.
It's like people will focus on what... And I'm not criticizing people focusing on stuff that can't be proven.
It's just that there's all this confirmed stuff.
Let's go ahead and talk to J.R.
in, I believe, North Carolina.
Go ahead, J.R.
Hello, Alex.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I'm in New York City, actually, in Manhattan.
East Coast there.
Yes, sir.
Yes, I wanted to get Mr. Moore's thoughts or observations on...
On the World Trade Center buildings, the original Twin Towers and the new Freedom Tower.
And I have also noticed recently that the new Building 7 is a diamond shape.
And also the building just to the east of that
Is the federal post office building?
Let me boil it down to this.
Thanks for the call.
I had a big professor on from Canada just a few months ago admitting this in the newspapers.
The mason's just gone, yeah, our religion is reflective of architecture.
These buildings are all according to 666 diagrams, and that's the way it is.
Well, yeah, the original Twin Towers there are based on the pillars of Freemasonry, Jochen and Boaz.
And all of that was a Masonic ritual.
Everything was conducted, even the date, 9-11.
Have you noticed the owl downtown now has red eyes instead of... Yeah, the building here in Austin, the most prominent building in Austin, Texas.
Incredible, isn't it?
The Bohemian Grove owl at the top of this crystal-like building.
Across America, there's something I call the Mysterious Monuments.
From the Georgia Guidestones, but with the Transamerica Tower in San Francisco.
It is an amazing... Even in Israel, the new Supreme Court.
Inside it, in the very middle, is a library that's shaped like the Great Pyramid without the capstone.
And, by the way, you go to Hebrew University in Israel, and the students there in the Student Center look out the window, and what do they see?
An obelisk!
Charles, you got 20 seconds.
Charles in Texas, go ahead.
Mr. Mars, I've been reading a book called CW by C.W.
Ledbetter called Freemasonry and Ancient Mystic Rites.
I was wondering if you, it says that the Jesuits started the Scottish Rites.
Do you know anything about that?
Certainly the Jesuits.
All of these secret societies and orders, including the Catholic ones, Opus Dei, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, all of them are working together.
It's interlocking.
It's like denominations of Christianity, but for their own foul purposes.
It is interlocking.
By the way, Ledbetter I talk about a lot.
He admits that at the 33rd degree ritual, there is always a representative, a dark angel, a literal entity who is there present.
That's according to
We're out of time!
Thanks for coming on.
God bless.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.