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Air Date: Jan. 10, 2006
2290 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I have been bucking and engaged, chomping at the bit.
I've been like a tempest in a little teapot.
Since last night, frankly every day, I'm just getting more and more angry.
But more than just angry, focused.
And I realize how serious things are.
And things are just disgusting me at levels that they haven't in years.
And frankly, that's healthy.
I mean, I've been getting conditioned.
To Big Brother and condition to all the police state things that are happening and getting more and more acclimated to it in the last few years.
And I really, lately on air, it's been like the old days.
Maybe it's good that I've been yelling and screaming and freaking out because we need to yell and scream and freak out.
This is yelling and screaming and freaking out type stuff that we're dealing with.
Remember about two years ago, there was a New York Times article saying how great it was going to be that the
...to watch a computer terminal several hours a week at first, and people who wish to be paid will watch it upwards of 20 hours a week, and they will randomly watch CCTV cameras in different cities.
It said if you were in Chicago, you'd watch Dallas, Texas, and if you were in Dallas, Texas, you'd be watching some town in Idaho, because we can't have our own citizens watching our own people.
That might open it up to harassment.
And that they were going to have simulated images of terrorists, so real, you couldn't tell the difference via the video feeds that people were watching, because they said there'll never really be any real terrorism, so we've got to simulate it to see if people are on their toes, and then they will instantly then activate it and notify the police department through a filing system.
Yes, it's science fiction, but we're in the 2000s now.
And just a few weeks ago, I had a Homeland Security professor on who's teaching 14 classes.
Well, he's the dean over 14 classes of Homeland Security at one university in Knoxville, Tennessee, and they're recruiting hundreds and hundreds of people to go online and post little tattletale reports on all crime, terrorism, and, of course, threats.
So, again, there's no real terrorism, but the classical sense, but everything is terrorism.
Well, guess what?
It's going to be on British Cable TV.
You have your own channels, hundreds of them, of surveillance cameras.
You can flip around on them real time and watch any camera you want and tattle on people.
It's so much fun.
And even get goodies for doing it.
And yes, of course, your community service will be having to watch the cable and tattle on people here in America.
And in England, of course.
So, again, just the ultra-depps of Big Brother.
And I've literally, no exaggeration, got about 35 articles today that are, frankly, even worse than this.
I have an audio clip I'm not sure I even want to play.
It's a high-level Bush administration official saying that they can torture small children and crush their genitalia.
I can't really say more than that on air.
And this was given in a major symposium at a major university.
And it's up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
You know, I said I wasn't joking when I said they'd probably be barbecuing small children on the White House lawn or maybe cutting the tops of their heads off and eating their brains with a dull spoon and calling it love of the Lord.
You know, I joke about those things, but anything I joke about ends up happening.
Paul Watson, three weeks ago, wrote an article where these people were defending torture, and he said, you know, what's next?
Burning children with Bunsen burners?
No, no, it's worse than that, Paul, and we now have the clip.
The Bush administration, a high-level official, says we will crush children's testicles in front of their parents.
So there's your loving government, getting you ready for the equivalent of a red Nazi terror, the likes of which the world's never seen.
And I know most of us will roll over and just ask them to blow our heads off.
Oh, government, thank you.
Blow my head off.
You're so good.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome, my friends, eight minutes, 15 seconds into this first hour, second segment.
We have a UT professor coming on who wrote, I think, a really fair book, very accurate, about Andrew Jackson's
An amazing president.
I mean, an orphan.
His mother died in the Revolutionary War.
He was in the Revolutionary War when he was 12 years old.
Both his brothers died.
His father died before he was born.
He was on the front lines of the wilds of South Carolina.
When it was the very edge of the frontier and his whole life, he beat Lord Wellington's armies that had never been beaten by anybody in history when he was 50-something years old at the Battle of New Orleans.
I say battles because there was two battles.
It's called the Battle of New Orleans.
Then, of course, he went on to be president, defeat the big central banks that are our Federal Reserve today.
They were able to take us down in 1913.
So, Andrew Jackson, often demonized, you'll learn why, from a UT professor, who's also a best-selling author, who is scheduled to join us in the second hour.
And then Paul Joseph Watson joins us from his report from the prison planet that our planet's being turned into.
He joins us from Sheffield, England, to talk about Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Center 7, giving us his new excuse for why he said he blew the buildings up.
All the evidence shows they blew them up, but he admitted he blew them up.
We'll also get into the latest torture developments, the police state developments.
There is so much more with Paul Joseph Watson, the editor over at PrisonPlanet.com, one of my great news services and websites.
You know, we've signed up, I don't know, what is it, like seven news stations the last two weeks?
The Great Affiliate Relations sent me an email, but for some reason I couldn't find it in my thousands of emails this morning, literally.
But I do want to thank a lot of the new affiliates that we've got out there.
We are so appreciative of all of the stations that carry us.
But AM 1340 is in Needles, Arizona, but it also goes into California.
What, three states?
So that's a great affiliate there.
AM 1340 out of Needles there in Arizona.
And also in Montana, we have a new affiliate in... How do you pronounce it?
Calasis, I believe.
I'm going to make locals mad there.
I've even been through that town.
And that's KGEZ AM 600.
And of course, Corpus Christi just turned us on.
Several other stations.
It was seven stations like a week ago, and I haven't plugged any of them, and I apologize about that.
So it's great to have more affiliates on board with us to really be growing.
And again, I want to thank all the affiliates that have been carrying us, in some cases as long as eight-plus years since this broadcast went into syndication.
Man, where to start?
I mean, this is the kind of news that faces me every day.
So before I start ranting about one subject, let me just go through the type of headlines that stare me down every day.
Totally admit it.
Women who eat GM foods while pregnant risk endangering their unborn babies, startling new research shows.
And again, I've had the fathers on of DNA sequencing, the fathers of DNA coding and proteins.
I mean, top individuals, top scientists who made major developments, who've gone public and said, I quit doing this, I quit being paid $20 million a year,
When we found that it's really killing all mammals that come in contact with it.
Now I want you to understand something.
This is on store shelves now.
This is why everyone now has allergies, people who never had it have allergies, because then other pathogens in the air, other things that confuse the body, it makes you more susceptible, more easy to trigger when you're eating any of this GMO corn, when you're eating any of this GMO soy.
There are literally, literally dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of studies.
That I have personally read.
Folks, I sit up late at night calmly.
I'm actually a pretty calm person around the office.
People that go out to dinner with me are like, man, you're so calm in person.
Why are you so upbeat on the air?
Because then I get focused here.
Then I get serious off of the, really it's frustration.
I'm going to be honest with you.
Last night I couldn't sleep.
I was so angry about everything that's happening and so upset and so threatened.
By all the incredibly bad things that are happening and my desire to beat them.
That even though I was exhausted, I couldn't go to bed.
So I got up and I wrote a couple pages of notes.
And then every time I try to articulate, just... The problem is I can't even articulate how bad it is.
Anything you can imagine, no matter how horrible it is, the governments of the Western world are openly doing it.
I mean, literally, it is so diabolical.
It is so massive.
But let me just read to you.
I'm sorry.
See, I said that I'd just read the headlines, and then I had to stop.
GM, new study shows unborn babies could be harmed.
London Independent.
Mortality rate for newborn rats six times higher when mother was fed on diet of modified soy.
And folks, this exact soy is in almost everything.
I mean, processed foods.
It is, read on the back.
And because the GMO soy is the predominant variety now grown, there's a whole bunch of different varieties of that subdivision, and we've, again, done massive shows on this with the farmers, the scientists, you name it, what it does, and it's just right here, and there's no debating it, and think about how psychotic the government is, and how nuts the big pharma is that they just do this.
I had a New York Times article yesterday.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He gave a speech, and it's been in a bunch of newspapers, saying, our plan is to contaminate everything.
Then we own the courts, and the courts will say, since we contaminated you, that we really then own all other plant species.
Do you ever see that movie, The Thing, not the 1950s version, but the 1980s version, where The Thing takes over everything but then looks like it?
That is actually what a lot of these varieties do.
It just doesn't happen in 30 seconds with spider legs popping out and pus squirting across the room.
It just moves in and takes over and then makes the plant inedible or the plant stops reproducing or it totally gets taken over.
I mean, it is a cornucopia, literally, of evil.
Pun intended.
You see, I can't just read one article and then just move on to the next.
It is killing us.
But the phony environmental movement, financed by the same corporations doing this, they're too busy just stealing people's private property.
And people get upset about the environment.
They give money to the kid that comes to your door.
They give money to fight for the environment locally.
And it really goes to a big bank to steal your property.
I could do five shows on that and a half.
Here's another one.
Iran breaks seals at nuclear site.
Israel and U.S.
said they could attack them any time.
It could be tomorrow.
It could be six months from now.
And they're telling Turkey, get ready.
We're going to attack them.
We're going to use you as a military base.
Young adults have healthy attitude towards privacy.
This is good news.
Here they did a major poll that found that despite not growing up in the age of the KGB, a national poll of people 18 to 29, the majority do not like Big Brother.
Well, I think so.
But that's coming up later.
That's some good news.
Here's one Associated Press.
Mexico demands U.S.
allow more immigration and said migrants, regardless of their migratory status, should not be treated like criminals and demands a guest worker program, which is total legalization, Bush agrees.
And then, remember we wrote the headline about six months ago about border war?
Our headline was war zone, total breakdown of society, hundreds dead, rocket attacks.
Finally, ABC News.
But their answer is the Kiss Worker program.
That will fix it.
Drug war zone rattles U.S.-Mexico border.
And it says that it is an actual war zone, again, more dangerous than the West Bank of Israel.
But, of course, all their solutions are totally false.
troops seize award-winning Iraqi journalist who works for London Guardian.
They have the nerve to go on the news and say there's free newspapers over there.
Then it turns out they're all Pentagon fakes.
No one is allowed to report anything.
Before the war, the Pentagon said we will kill journalists that don't report what we say.
And then it's a mystery when CNN goes, we think they're killing our reporters.
Of course they are.
troops seize award-winning Iraqi journalists.
Listen to this.
Now, folks, I have an audio clip of this.
And I don't even know if I want to play it.
Bush advisor says president has legal power to torture children.
And it says John Yoo publicly argued that there is no law that could prevent the president from ordering the torture of a child of a suspected terrorist in custody, including by crushing that child's testicles.
Now, I mean, folks, this is the real America.
Now, we told you what was in the Washington Post.
The CIA section chief bragged.
This makes my stomach turn.
Bragged that they, and this was back in early 2002, that they were doing rendition and taking, quote, terrorist suspects to Egypt and Jordan where they tortured their children in front of them.
I put that news article in Road to Tyranny.
Remember back when I put that film out in 2002?
Nobody even heard of torture.
I even got calls and emails.
Why are you talking about torture in your film?
Then they were just preparing us to accept it.
We're good to go.
A first debate in Chicago with Notre Dame professor and international human rights scholar Doug Castle.
We're going to get him on.
And actually said that that is good.
Now, you don't think he's just doing that on his own.
No, they've been told to psychologically condition us and push the frontiers.
Folks, if they're saying crushing children's testicles is good, what's coming next?
I mean, God, what have we become?
The Nazis didn't go this far.
When Mengele tortured children, it was a hidden secret.
And it was a secret when our government hired him and brought him over here through paperclip.
Operation Paperclip and the Rat Line.
And I just feel dirty.
I feel like I haven't done enough.
I haven't fought enough.
I haven't resisted these people enough.
They all need to be arrested right now.
George Bush and all of them.
Just like Paul Craig Roberts says, they are worse than Nazis.
The war on terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas or will it affect us here at home?
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That's 888-803-4438.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that those seeking to destroy America and merge us into an all-powerful one-world government said that they support every movement to centralize all authority in Washington, D.C.
and therefore bypass the state governments?
That way they would have only one battle to win, Washington, D.C.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Seriously, folks, we've got an audio clip we're going to play later.
This Bush administration official, John Yoo, had written in presidential documents that if the president wanted to order things like this to be done to children, that he used the law, he could do it.
So a professor brought this up to him, his quotes.
And he said, yeah, the president wants to do that, he can.
Folks, everybody knows, I don't care what the politicians say, that George Bush isn't allowed to say...
Drive down the street and decide he wants to walk into a liquor store and shoot the clerk behind the counter and then grab a bottle of Jack Daniels and run out the door.
He isn't allowed to commit murder.
George Bush isn't allowed to snort cocaine.
George Bush isn't allowed to violate the Constitution or he should be impeached.
He is not above the law.
In fact, government servants, public servants, they now call themselves officials and authorities.
Never called that until about 20 years ago.
They told you to call them that, see?
That's how it is in Europe and China, where, oh, you're the official.
Oh, sir!
Oh, sir!
And now it's happening here.
Now it's going on in the United States of America, formerly Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.
So that's the kind of news I've got here in front of me.
Bush Advisor says, President has legal power to torture children and crush their testicles in front of their parents.
And they got all the 24 shows, and shows like Spooks, and every one of these shows they torture kids, and it's always good.
Torturing the kid gets the CC.
It's not enough to condition you to accept torture.
If they can get you to accept torturing children, see, then you'll accept anything.
But it was to get the nuke deactivated and save the city.
Of course, that scenario will never happen.
It's to get you to play those little psychological games with yourself to move your compass.
Leaked facts shows Romania helps CIA interrogators in torture on the Telegraph, and Egyptian government facts intercepted by Swiss intelligence offers the first real evidence that the U.S.
interrogated suspects terrorists in secret prisons in Eastern Europe, European politicians said yesterday.
I always love how they act like it's so hard, but I guess for a journalist who's just now reporting on this, like David Rennie for the London Telegraph, I guess it is hard.
Because he wasn't following torture ten years ago.
In 2002, they were in the Washington Post.
The CIA said they were torturing children in Central Asia, in the Middle East, and in Europe.
They were taking them to third-party countries for torture.
They used the word torture.
So everyone's looking for the first real proof.
Again, it'd be like if somebody committed a crime, admitted to it, been found with the evidence, and then everyone's going, oh my gosh, we need evidence.
The highly classified facts, which will probably turn out being fake.
See, whenever something like this happens, it's usually what they call a honeypot.
Disinfo to be disproven.
Because I say that because I don't think they're that stupid, all the media, to ignore.
Back when they thought right from 9-11 we'd buy anything, they were going, yeah, we torture kids, yeah.
I mean, now we have them.
I mean, they're admitting it.
It's like Dick Cheney in the Penang document, September...
20th 2000 says Saddam isn't a threat.
He says Saddam is not a threat, but offers a pretext to invade and use Iraq as a central hub for the invasion of Iran and Syria.
The oil supplies will also be quite lucrative.
I mean, he says it!
It's not like it's Bush's biographer saying it.
It's not like it's Richard Clarke saying it, or O'Neill saying it, Treasury Secretary.
It is Dick Cheney.
Dick Cheney.
I have a little rap song.
I mean, it's just, hey, Dick Cheney!
I mean, I'll never... See, this is where my frustration comes from.
It's all admitted.
We're debating the NSA listening to foreign calls to the U.S.
from the NSA 20 years ago.
They're listening to domestic U.S.
Declassified public.
Media acts like they don't know about it.
We sit here and we debate how they're listening to us when transponders are going in the cars nationwide to track our every movement.
When you can call the cell phone company and say, where am I?
And they'll tell you, well, that's a federal operation and hooked into the NSA right now and about to be hooked into every major police department and every squad car.
Your name, everything about you, where you're going, what you're doing, and the cop can punch a few keys and use your phone as an audio sensor.
And you don't believe me on that.
I remember when they put...
Microphones in.
Five years ago in Austin, Texas.
No, six years ago.
And it said gunshot detectors.
Then I read the name of the company that had the microphones.
You go to their company, they brag about how they can listen to a kid on the street talking to his friend at 200 yards away.
You can listen to the audio online.
And I said, watch.
When they're ready, they're going to announce them as microphones.
And now, from Rochester, New York, to Austin, Texas, see, they never went after one gunshot.
They never went after any.
They just quietly put them all in and just said, those are the sketch gunshots.
And now they're announcing, hey, we're going to be listening to you.
And we're going to have the citizens able to dial into them and listen and help us.
In fact, I'm going to control myself.
I promised myself to do this.
Paul Watson's writing notes right now.
Put a story together on this.
I'm going to come back and go through the latest Big Brother developments calmly, if that's possible.
Then we'll take your calls.
Got two big guests coming up today.
Stay with us!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
It was a Fort Worth police officer who gave me this about, not about, six and a half years ago up in Waco.
We were building a memorial church for all those that died up there, a chapel.
And it's an old painting.
It's a print of a painting.
No man in the wrong can stand up against a fella that is in the right and keeps on a coming.
Texas Ranger Captain Bill McDonald.
No man in the wrong can stand up against a fella that is in the right and keeps on a coming.
And that's true.
And that's the key.
Americans were known for standing up.
We started laying down.
And I just get so angry.
I keep saying that.
I am so... It feels good, though.
I mean, this is what I felt like six, seven, eight years ago.
And over time, I just kind of got conditioned.
I would still get angry some, but I am just energized because now so many people are waking up, but at the same time, the enemy, the New World Order, these criminals that control our government, have just pulled out all of the stops.
Oh, by the way, here are some of the canoe stations that we've signed up in the last week and a half that I wanted to thank.
KTOX AM 1340, and that is in Needles, and the Mojave Valley, Bullhead City, and Lake Hanasu City.
And, of course, KGEZ AM 600, and that is in Kalispell.
And Polson, and we're really excited about that.
And KCLTAM, and that's in Corpus Christi, Texas, 1150 AM.
And there's a whole bunch of other stations I need to get the information on so I can plug them, because that's something I really, again, don't do enough.
And I want to thank all of those new stations.
We need to get also an updated list on the website.
There's so many.
Four folks that can specifically tune in and listen to the show.
I guarantee you we've got listeners in listening areas that are listening on the internet or shortwave or satellite that don't even know they can pick us up when I am in FM.
I mean, what have we got, like, four affiliates now in Illinois about to get a fifth?
We've got three affiliates in Ohio about to get a fourth.
My point is, places that we weren't even on in the past, we're really starting to build in.
In my own state of Texas, though, only on a few stations.
And frankly, it's because most people down here, at least some of them, they don't care if Bush wants their guns.
They've been told that's conservative and they're ready to hand them in.
And I'm not kidding about it.
I've had them tell me, you're one of those right-wing conservatives.
Well, I'm for gun control.
And I'm just like, well, you just enjoy yourself then.
Please go from us in peace.
Forget that we were ever your countrymen.
And may your chains sit lightly upon you and crouch and lick the hand that feeds you.
I'm paraphrasing one of those old, dead, white guys.
But it makes my top blow.
I mean, when I see a high-level Bush administration official, and by the way, get that clip ready.
And this isn't the best audio.
It was recorded up in Chicago at one of these big university debates where they, of course, never allow cameras and videotape to be there.
But somebody did catch it on video, and this is...
This is audio off the video of John Yoo, who worked high level in the Bush administration.
Let me just read part of this.
Bush advisor says president has legal power to torture children.
John Yoo publicly argued that there is no law that could prevent the president from ordering the torture of a child of a suspect in custody, including by crushing that child's testicles.
I'm going to try to get both these guys on.
And revealing about this is that John Yoo was a key architect post-911 Bush administration legal policy and a deputy assistant to the then Attorney General John Ashcroft.
John Yoo authored a number of legal memos arguing for unlimited presidential powers to order torture of captive suspects and to declare war anytime, anywhere on anyone the president deemed a threat.
It has now come out that you also had a hand in providing legal reasoning for the president to conduct unauthorized wiretaps of U.S.
citizens, Georgetown law professor David Cole wrote.
Few lawyers have had more influence on President Bush's legal policies and the war on terror than John Yoo was one of his counsels.
So was Alberto Gonzalez who said the president is law and we can torture people to death.
Those four memos are public.
Remember that?
This part of the exchange during the debate with Doug Castle reveals the logic of used theories adopted by the administration as bedrock principles in the real world.
Castle, if the president deems that he's got to torture somebody, including by crushing their testicles of a person's child, there is no law that could stop him?
You, no treaty.
Also, no law by Congress, Castle said.
That is what you wrote in August 2002 memo to the president.
You, I think it depends on why the president thinks he needs to do that.
He goes on that yes, he can.
You reason that because the Constitution makes the President the Commander-in-Chief, no law can restrict the actions he may take in pursuit of war.
On this reasoning, the President would be entitled by the Constitution to resort to genocide if he wished.
Folks, that is an actual quote right there.
About genocide!
Oh, yeah!
I guess he did fund Hitler, as granted he did, and their main money, their family, publicly in the New York Times is from the Hitlers.
So let's be honest.
Fritz Thyssen, the man that paid Hitler, the main industrialist.
Go ahead and roll this sicko.
If the president deems that he's got to torture somebody, including by crushing the testicles of the person's child, there is no law that can stop that.
And also no law by Congress.
No treaty.
That's what you wrote in the August 2002 memo.
I think it depends on why the president thinks he needs to do that.
And then if you want to go to the website, you can link to another site that has more of it where he gets into the genocide and stuff.
Folks, let me explain something again.
The president, Joseph Mingala, and this is well documented.
In fact, one of my counterparts, the guy's dead now, even interviewed the German driver.
This was not part of some Soviet propaganda.
This is true.
Who actually drove Mingala with five kids in a car.
He'd do this every few weeks.
It was just an enjoyment.
You know, some people like to go fly fishing.
Some people like to go hiking.
Some people like whitewater rafting.
Some people like to go play pool.
Some people like to blow little kids' heads off.
You know, Jeffrey Dahmer.
People like that like to kill them other ways.
And Mingala, Joseph Mingala, who was later protected by the U.S.
government publicly.
That's public, just like Wernher von Braun and the rest of them.
Wernher von Braun Space Center, high schools, colleges named after him.
Eh, of course it's not true.
I know it's not true.
Everything's fine.
Go back to Slave America.
He would march the five little kids out.
Sometimes six little kids, as many as they could pack in the big car, he'd hand them chocolates on the side of the road.
And they would eat the chocolates, and he would ask them if they were good, and then he would just get a gleeful look on his face with his luger, and he would blow their little heads off.
Now, thousands of these characters, some not as vicious as Mingler, some more vicious, were brought to the United States.
You want to hear more?
You don't have to now.
You can just hear the White House counsel saying, well, genocide's good, crushing testicles is good, torturing children's good, and we can do whatever we want.
And that is tyranny, folks.
They got the guns.
They got the fighter bombers.
They got the mindless cops to follow the orders and think this is part of some good country.
The people running America are killing America.
And they got all this moral authority baloney of why they do it and all these public relations ads and all these public service commercials about why the government loves you and how they're doing this for you.
And they do a lot of good things on purpose, on the surface, to make you think it's okay while they carry out their real operations behind the scenes.
And even when it's a good thing they're doing.
Like, I'm all for trauma centers.
More trauma centers in Texas.
But we wouldn't need more money if we weren't being bankrupted by the conservatively 9 million illegal aliens in Texas.
Yes, folks, 9 million.
Supposedly we're only 25 million people.
You go, what do you mean 9 million?
The government says 6 million, and anything they say is at least twice as much.
But I'm even cutting that down.
9 million is one of the internal government numbers that we've seen in some documents.
9 million, and that was 2004 numbers.
They come out a year late, and I saw those a few months ago, so I'm sure it's worse now.
9 million illegal aliens getting free health care that you and I pay for.
Now, that is in the tune of around $10 billion a year.
California, it's around $20 billion a year or more.
That's not counting corrections.
About 40% of their population is illegal aliens out in California.
So instead of doing something about that, we say our trauma hospitals are overloaded.
So when that stupid DPS cop, I shouldn't say stupid, ignorant, probably a smart guy.
So when he pulls me over, and he pulls me over,
And he tells me I'm going to get points on my driver's license if I'm convicted of this latest speeding thing, when I wasn't speeding, but I'm speeding all the minute.
I did it last time on air.
That I'm going to have to pay big money.
But it's okay, he's smirking, because it pays for hospitals.
And then, of course, I went and looked it up and found news articles where they're not giving the money to hospitals to begin with.
Oh, but it sounded real good, didn't it?
And by the way, you're going to end up losing your job, mister.
That's also part of the plan, but you're too lazy to go read the documents and what the State Board of Transportation is admitting we're moving towards under federal grants.
By the way, the feds will give you 20 million bucks and then expect billions in revenue off of it.
This isn't free federal money to begin with.
They take it, send 30 cents back, and then mandate 20 times that much spending back on us.
It's just all a scam.
Man, we're getting scammed every which way but loose.
Now, I know Paul Watson's listening patiently, and he wanted to hear my specific rant on Big Brother so that he could write an article about it.
And listen up, then, my compadre.
This is how we do it.
I'll rant on air about the information.
He will then compile my comments and, of course, find hyperlinks to every statement I make because they're all documented.
He does a great job.
He does the real work.
And then Paul will add his points to it, and that's when you see an Alex Jones-Paul Watson article.
That's what happened.
Let me just settle down for a minute.
Let me just settle down for a minute.
I have these articles here in my stack.
Let me just read this to you.
This isn't Alex Jones writing this.
This is the BBC, okay?
This is the BBC.
Rights Group Criticizes Asabo TV.
This, combined with the government's encouragement for Londoners to report their neighbors for suspicious activity, including dropping bubble gum, of which potential signs of terrorism include owning a vehicle, living in a house, or getting a refund on a credit card, fuse the infrastructure of the classic total surveillance state with civilian tattletale squads forming the modern Stasi.
And then, this is what the article says.
Civil rights campaigners have voiced concern about a new channel...
We're good to go.
Or committing a crime.
A Sabo concern said the scheme was a gimmick and would be open to abuse.
Fear of crime.
And it goes on to say that the CCTV channel is part of a 12 million pound or 24 million dollar... That's not true.
12 million pounds is about 22 million.
22 million community network project being shut up in the area under a 10 year government funded... Whatever that says...
A recognition program in one of the country's most depraved areas.
Deprived areas.
Suddenly I can't read.
I'm so freaked out by all this.
About 1,000 residents in the Harbor, Dosher, and Charles Square estates will...
But here, they're going to make you watch it.
Either over your computer or over your cable system, they will put it in, and for your public service, for tickets or anything else, this is a responsibility, you will have to watch, starting at two hours a week, if you wish to be paid upwards of 20 hours a week.
This will be the new job in America, sitting there watching for terrorism.
But then it said, yeah, there isn't much terrorism, so we'll also be watching for crime.
You see, because they've tried to develop computers that are AI, artificially intelligent,
They pick up stuff and they claim they have biometric stuff that can tell if you're a terrorist because of how you walk.
Just type that in.
They can tell you're a terrorist by how you walk.
You'll get probably 50 articles.
No, you'll get about 500.
I'm sorry.
Really, there's hundreds I've seen.
And so all of this is going on.
Just literally... You see, I just said I was going to go over this and I'm just covering one point and ranting about it.
Number one.
The government has been caught using chemical and biological and radiological weapons on the American people and the British people.
Thousands of times declassified, they cannot be trusted to do anything, they have no moral authority.
Then statistically, governments have been found to engage in more criminal activity.
Then the general member of the public.
So again, they have no moral authority.
It is not because we have something to hide that we don't want this.
It's because we don't trust the government because all history and common sense shows that they do this to literally enslave you and abuse you because there's corrupt people that want more power and control.
And high-level dictators will put in thousands of viceroys and minions who will all set up their own little petty empires in your neighborhood and make your life a living hell.
Okay, that's point number one.
This is a total control grid, not so they can just have it in place, but so they can abuse us even further, and the more we put up with, even more control will be layered onto that.
This control grid is so they can enforce forced psychological testing and drugging, now a federal law, to be done nationwide.
Under new freedom.
It is so they can enforce conscription.
That is the national draft.
It's so they can enforce their land takings that are going to happen under zoning.
They're just openly taking private property without even just compensation now.
Again, all the indicators, folks.
I'm just seeing this even clearer now.
This is happening faster than I personally thought it would happen.
Number three, they did not ask us.
You know, they claim...
They put it all in place first.
They were putting radio readers up eight years ago in Texas.
I saw articles six years ago in Indiana where they were putting up license plate readers and now they're going in nationwide.
Remember three years ago, the little Florida town, quote, everyone that goes through it has their, quote, records run?
That's already gone in nationwide.
But they're now announcing that in England.
Here they put it in place and then announce it.
Notice they put the cameras in first and said, oh, it's just for traffic, shut up.
And I told you they then announced, oh, the cops are going to use it.
That was always the plan.
See, now that's happening.
So they did not ask us.
Then retroactively, when we do hear about it, there's polls in 85, 95, 98, depending on the poll.
I mean, almost everyone's against it, and they just don't care.
It's like Texas.
We beat the RFID tracker chip of the inspection sticker, and what does the DPS do with the TxDOT?
They announced they're going to put at least 2 million of them in this year without even asking.
So, you're criminals.
I mean, you are criminals.
There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
You all deserve to go to prison.
Any of you that do this stuff.
I got 20 points here.
I said I'd be calm about this, but there's so much here.
I'm going to go through all of it.
We got a big guest coming up.
I know we got callers, but you may not even get on.
I'm not...
Until later, because I've just got to cover all this.
I've got to plug videos.
I've got to plug those or we won't even be here.
Stay with us.
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I don't mean to start hyperventilating.
Then again, I didn't mean to sit there and bash the state police yesterday.
You know, I had a really bad car wreck with my dad.
We're good to go.
And, you know, I've had them pull me over and not give me tickets when I have been speeding.
The point is, I wasn't speeding this time, and the guy gave me a ticket.
And that isn't what made me mad.
It was the search the car business.
It was the where you coming from, where you been, you know, all this.
I just don't need it, man.
I'm a free human being.
And then you give me something about a point system, and I go research it, and it's criminal.
There's this...
It's just, it's all a scam.
And then the cops all think it's for hospitals, and it's not for hospitals.
It actually goes to a private Spanish company.
49% of it.
And then of the 49% that's supposed to go, 1% goes to the DPS.
Isn't that ridiculous?
Of the 49% that's supposed to go to the hospitals, what did they say, about 12% of that's going?
And it said it's illegal, but well, no one's going to stop them.
It's just going to something else.
It's just the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
They've got all these good little reasons of why they do this to con us and condition us that it's all wonderful.
What were the other points I made?
GPS in the cars for taxation regulation.
The cell phones.
Call up with your cell phone and tell them, where am I?
They'll tell you down to a few feet where you're at.
Well, the government's using that same system going in the emergency management systems.
The exact same transponder systems are going in England, the U.S., Germany, and Western Europe, showing it's global.
They're watching what you watch on your cable boxes, your digital cable boxes and TiVo.
Track exactly what you watch, how long you watch it, and what your psychological score is.
You know those 600-question psychologicals they give you at some jobs?
Police get them.
You've had them.
Well, imagine having millions of your choices over the years on computers and on cable.
They can really build a digital algorithm with that.
And it just goes on and on and on and on and on.
And it's all totally un-American.
And it's systematic.
They've built the cage around this.
Now they're starting to turn it on, and you've got all these happy Americans who grew up in this free country, this wonderland, and the government's openly announced that they're doing all of this so when they take your pension funds, which is already starting to happen because the dollar's going down in value, that automatically happens.
So when they take your private property, which they're now announcing they're going to do under federal zoning at the local level,
That you won't be able to resist.
I mean, they say they're going to do all these bad things.
It's so horrible.
I mean, we're not just going to be a police state, folks.
We're going to be the biggest one the world's ever seen on America, bigger and better.
In my own state, we always do it bigger in Texas.
And boy, yeah, Texas is going to be one of the worst states in the Union.
It's just so sad to me.
I mean, my family, again, has deep roots here.
I was out on the family home place this weekend.
And out there with old homesteads and old rock-lined wells built in the 1830s.
And just out there thinking about how free we used to be and we're not going to be.
It just makes me sad to know that a once free people are totally being enslaved and don't even know what's going on.
Listen, before I end this hour...
We've still got a lot of specials.
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There's a whole bunch of them.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, a high-level Bush administration, official, authority, master, ruler of the people, has written in memos that Bush is above the law and that they can torture children, genocide...
They can crush children's body parts in front of their parents to, quote, make them talk.
You know, that's what the good guys do.
That's how sick all of this has gotten.
And I went through the control grid, how systematically, the government didn't ask us, and when we told them we didn't want it, they said, we don't care.
Put up the radio scanner readers for the RFID chips going on the inspection stickers and the registration stickers nationwide.
Even when we beat laws at the state level, they just still implement it.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
They are tracking us with the computers, tracking us with the digital cable boxes, selling the data.
Companies are openly selling your personal data, selling your cell phone records to whoever wants them.
And all this was federally put in by the federal government.
The British government is going to sell all the national ID card data to whoever wants it.
They're putting it into cable systems here in the U.S.
They're planning it.
It's now starting in England.
To have whole cable channels that are interactive where you can flip to any of thousands of cameras you want and zoom in and watch people and report it to the cops and have a gallery of even petty criminals and call the police for people.
They have these new laws.
Oh, I forgot.
They have these new laws where you go to jail if you drop litter, but then they can also take your house if you drop litter.
So, see, that's a police state, folks.
Well, that's like...
I'm having one of those moments.
What's the big island?
It's been on television where a guy doesn't wash his hands in the bathroom.
Camera in the bathroom on national U.S.
They're showing this on ABC News a few years ago.
Caller called in about it.
I have seen that footage.
And he walks out and he's arrested by police.
Didn't wash his hands.
Well, it'll keep us safe.
What costs safe?
Of course, the globalists are moving everything there.
That's going to be their headquarters.
One of their major headquarters.
Just a hellish world.
And now all over the U.S., cameras in restrooms, at the rest stops, cameras in school bathrooms, in the stalls.
Oh yeah, Paul Watson, add that to the article you're putting together.
Cameras in the bathrooms.
I mean, you know, just, there's no end to it.
It's all off the charts.
And the average American...
Is totally unaware of the fact that any of this is even going on.
Meanwhile, the government's own documents come out that mercury in the vaccines has brain damaged millions, and the CDC's own documents got released by Dan Burton's committees, and they say, yeah, it's brain damaged millions, we've got to cover this up, but I'm not giving it to my kids.
The director actually says that in the meeting.
I'm not giving it to my granddaughter.
But we've got to cover this up.
I mean, how do you do that?
How do you not take care of people?
How do you let them knowingly be hurt?
That's how sick the people are that are running things.
And they go out and they recruit other like-minded people just like them.
That's what they do.
They've built an army of scum, an army of control freaks, an army of sociopaths that think that we are all basically their slaves.
And they're now moving against us.
And it is our duty to stand up against it and say no.
It is our duty to say this is our country.
And if we fight these things, these things are so wildly unpopular.
I mean, everyone's against cameras in bathrooms.
Every time they get caught, they get in trouble, the government.
Everyone is against transponders in the cars taxing and tracing us and giving us tickets and turning every major road into a toll road.
Again, Houston polls are 98% against it.
We need to fight it to say no.
You know, we have the moral authority.
We have the majority on our side.
We have to say no to this whole thing.
Now, we're scheduled after the break to have Henry William Brands, who I'm a big fan of, very fair.
You know, it's not worshipful.
It's even-handed.
History, because I've already read several books about Andrew Jackson, pro and con.
And I think Andrew Jackson was our greatest president personally.
The most senile, the most dynamic, someone who really set our course more than anyone else.
I mean, really, I see the twin peaks of Americana being Andrew Jackson and George Washington.
But really, George Washington, in so many respects, was a figurehead.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, our guest has a long bio here.
We're talking with prolific writer H.W.
Brands about history, politics, and Brands' book, Andrew Jackson's Life and Times, which brings to life one of Alex's heroes, the true patriot Andrew Jackson.
That's what's up on Infowars.com.
And I'll say this right now.
You know, the man owned slaves.
The man was an Indian fighter.
He fought the aboriginal population.
But it isn't like it was one of the disgraceful things of the 1880s where they're writing down a bunch of women and children.
And some of that did go on.
It would be 5,000 Indians against 2,000...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
On not backing down, on defeating the British Federal Reserve-style banking takeover, which they finally were able to dominate us with in 1913, and we've been a captive of the Anglo-American elite ever since.
So, I'm just telling you, I've read quite a few books on Jackson.
I've been to the Hermitage.
I have read foreign histories on him.
I've read negative histories on him.
I think the best book I've read is the book by Henry William Brands, and we'll tell you about his website today and a lot more.
And folks, he's written a bunch of best-selling books.
He was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the Los Angeles Times Prize, as well as the New York Times Best Seller.
And he wrote The Age of Gold.
It was the Washington Post Best Book of 2002.
And it just goes on and on.
And so we are honored to have him on with us.
He also wrote Lone Star Nation, and that won a bunch of different awards.
And, of course, he's a historian, a professor, and I just think he did a really fair job.
Because, frankly, I've read books that are more glowing and more vitriolic and put Jackson on more of a pedestal.
He just went off the facts, and you do get a hero.
And Mr. Brands, thank you so much for joining us today.
Delighted to be with you, Alex.
You bet.
We're to start in just the 50 minutes we've gotten a few breaks in there.
First, you tell us a little bit about yourself, about history.
We had a nice discussion during the break.
And why history is really a lens or a window to the future, in my opinion.
And then let's go through the life of Andrew Jackson.
I want to take particular time, if we can.
And obviously, folks, you've got to get the book.
Believe me, you want to get this book.
But on his early years and then on his defeat of Lord Wellington's troops.
Go ahead, sir.
Well, let me try to answer your question by explaining why I wrote the book on Andrew Jackson.
I've been teaching American history for about 25 years now.
And I noticed an odd discrepancy.
The discrepancy between people's attitudes toward Jackson during his own lifetime and for the generation two after.
And recent attitudes toward Jackson.
During his own time, Andrew Jackson was considered to be the towering figure of American politics, American public life.
He was often simply referred to as the hero after his victory at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.
And for the rest of his life, if you simply said the hero, everybody knew who you were talking about.
Sort of the way people who were interested in American pop music for the last 40 years could just mention the king, and everybody knew you were talking about Elvis Presley.
Or the Beatles, yeah.
Well, yeah.
I mean, in some ways, Andrew Jackson was the Elvis Presley of his time.
He was considered a hero fully equal in stature to George Washington.
In fact, he was often considered, often called, the second George Washington.
But if you really know Washington, he can't hold a candle to Jackson.
Well, Washington had a lot of advantages that Jackson didn't.
Jackson pretty much had to do it all his own.
Anyway, so Jackson was considered this immensely popular figure, a person who dominated American public life during the first half of the 19th century.
In fact, between Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
And in most of the South, even beyond Lincoln, on down into the 20th century, Jackson was the man of American public life and politics.
So I knew enough about history to understand that part.
I also know enough about American recent politics to know that if you ask people today, if you ask historians, if you ask presidential biographers, if you ask people on the street to name the top five or ten presidents
Most of them would miss Andrew Jackson, or some would deliberately leave him out.
Well, frankly, I've found most even educated people can't even list the first three.
They'll list modern presidents and maybe throw George Washington in.
But the thing about Jackson is, unlike Thomas Jefferson, everybody at least knows about Thomas Jefferson and understands that though he was a slaveholder, he was conflicted on the subject, and so he had a bad conscience.
And that gives...
Modern day, people in the early 20th century, something to kind of hang on to, because Jefferson, although he, well, in fact, Jefferson owned twice as many slaves as Jackson ever did, he still kind of, he has one foot in the camp of modernity, you might say, or to put it another way, Jefferson is at least somewhat modern.
Politically correct.
Because he's saying the right things even if he's not doing the right things.
The basic problem with Jackson is he's the most politically incorrect president in American history.
As you said, he was a slaveholder.
But not only was he a slaveholder, he was an unrepentant slaveholder.
George Washington owned more slaves than Jackson did.
But at least George Washington...
Well, yeah, by the time...
By the time Andrew Jackson had slaves, it was even becoming an unprofitable thing.
I'm not defending the institution.
It was horrible.
But by then, a lot of times, they'd try to free slaves and they wouldn't go anywhere because it was kind of a sharecropping thing.
And, of course, a large portion of the population that was white was basically in a sharecropping-type position.
So my whole point is that it was accepted at the time.
And all I look at Jackson as, was he a real person?
Was he controlled by special interests?
Did he defeat the British banking interest?
I mean, whoa!
Who was a leader who actually thought he was doing something for the American people?
And I think looking at Jackson, you cannot deny that he was.
Well, in fact, no one controlled Andrew Jackson.
Most of the people who knew him realized he was, well, some were appalled that he was kind of uncontrollable.
But in fact, Andrew Jackson was very clearly his own man.
He was the first common person to become President of the United States.
He spent no more than a couple of years in formal schooling.
Couldn't we say that he was really the most primitive?
I mean, really, this guy was almost barbarian-like in where he came from.
Let's go over that history that you spend so much time on in the book.
At the age of 13, he joined the Revolutionary Army to fight against the British in the American Revolutionary War.
He must have been, he had to have been, one of the youngest soldiers in the Revolutionary Army.
He was taken prisoner after one of the battles.
We're good to go.
Told this British officer that he could either shine his boots himself or stick them up his... In other words, he resented the demand and he refused to obey.
The British officer pulled out his sword and took a swipe at Jackson's head with his sword.
Jackson ducked, threw up his hand to ward off the blow.
He suffered a severe gash in the side of his hand.
The sword continued and whacked Jackson in the side of his skull.
He bled like a stuck pig.
And for the rest of his life...
We're good to go.
By the time the war was over... Also, that was Colonel Tavington's troops who, in Mel Gibson's movie, they kind of combined a bunch of different historical events into one.
But that's the same Colonel Tavington that's riding around, engaging in all those activities, just to bring it up to speed, which is something modern for people to kind of connect to.
Is that correct?
Well, as a matter of fact, his actual name is Bannister Tarleton.
But yeah, he's the model for the Tavington in The Patriot.
Exactly, that same individual, yes.
So Jackson, when the war ends, Jackson is an orphan.
His father actually died before he was born.
He never knew his father.
His mother died during the war.
She fell ill and died.
So at the age of 15, Jackson is basically thrown upon the world.
His two brothers died during the war as well.
And his mother actually walked just miles and miles to get him out of the stockade, and then she comes home and dies.
Oh, she was an exceedingly determined person.
And if Jackson...
And of course, Jackson's father died before Jackson came out of the womb.
So Jackson is basically turned loose on the world at the age of 15.
No parents, no siblings.
He did inherit a little bit of money from an uncle back in Scotland, which he promptly proceeded to gamble away.
So now at 16, he doesn't know what to do with himself.
He has no land.
He has no money.
He has no family.
He decides to do what lots of people in American history have done under similar circumstances, become a lawyer.
Now, in those days, people didn't go to law school.
They typically apprenticed in the office of somebody else.
So Jackson talked himself into an apprenticeship.
He spent a couple of years learning the ropes of the legal trade.
And then he took the equivalent of the bar exam at the age of about 19.
And he talked his way past the examiners
He said, fine, you can become a lawyer.
This was in North Carolina, and the standards for practice law were fairly low.
Jackson decided to this point, though, that North Carolina... Plus, he was also a war vet, so that gave him entree into a lot of stuff.
Yes and no.
In fact, you pretty much had to be a war veteran to have any respect in the eyes of your neighbors.
But because so many people were, it didn't give you any special edge.
One of the things Jackson realized, though, at the age of 19, 20, was that there were going to be more opportunities out west than there were in North Carolina.
And Jackson took advantage of what would become a standard practice in American history, and that is for people who don't have money, for people who don't have family, for people who don't have education, the place to go is out west, where you will be judged not on your connections, not on your money, not on your name, but on what you can accomplish
We're good to go.
I tell you what, stay there.
We've got to go to break, and we're talking to Professor Brands, who's written the powerful book, Andrew Jackson, and it's on store shelves right now.
I was very impressed with it.
Very fair.
But, I mean, if you want to get real, it's Andrew Jackson.
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During the Civil War, we had Lincoln, who wrote multiple letters and gave speeches saying, if I could reunify the Union without freeing one slave, by God, I'd do it.
It was not about slavery.
It was about controlling Western expansion.
It was about tariffs, which just a few years later, after Jackson left office in the 60s, 1860s, broke out.
We're good to go.
I think?
You know, the point is, this was a different time, a different world.
There's slavery going on right now in Asia.
Slavery going on right now in Africa.
Why don't the people who bash Andrew Jackson talk about that?
Why don't these Ford Foundation professors that just hate America and are paid to do it, why don't they talk about that?
It's hypocritical.
It's a fraud.
You have to look at the time you were in.
You know, we don't talk about Julius Caesar and go he was a good guy or he was a bad guy because he owned slaves.
We say he was a bad guy because he was a dictator.
Because he was corrupt over the money power, something that Andrew Jackson did the opposite on.
Something I wish your book would have focused more on, Professor, was of course how he beat twice the big British banking powers that were trying to put in their own central bank here in the United States.
But let's go back just a few minutes here, or back a few years.
Well, one of the things that Jackson discovers when he gets out in Tennessee is that if people are going to make their fortune in Tennessee, they're going to make it in land.
In fact, from the very beginning almost until the present,
Buying land, investing in land, watching land grow in value has been the great American pastime.
Jackson began acquiring title to land in Tennessee.
Now, at the time, land in Tennessee around Nashville, where he lived, wasn't worth very much at all.
Often, in fact, well, land was much more plentiful than cash was.
And so Jackson would have to take his fees as a lawyer often in land.
And, in fact, people spoke of land in terms of 640, you know, a square mile or a half section.
As almost units of currency.
So Jackson often found himself holding title to tens of thousands of acres of land.
Well, there's a term, land rich, money poor.
Well, that's exactly the situation in Tennessee.
But Jackson realized that if he could hold on to the land, eventually he would acquire a fortune, because more and more people were coming out to Tennessee, and as they did, the land would increase in value.
We're good to go.
And so Jackson and the Tennesseans were in constant conflict with the Indians.
And it was, in certain respects, a philosophical difference.
Because the Tennesseans, the Americans, the farmers, looked at the Indians and said, you've got way more land than you need.
If you guys would take up farming, if you would live the way we do, then we could all have land here.
Now, the Indians naturally took the position, we were here first, this is our land, what in the world are you doing here?
It led to
Incessant conflict.
In fact, during the early years, there were Indian raids, there were settler reprisals.
This went on and on and on.
Yeah, Hollywood now just shows the natives being loving and good and getting killed, but in truth, it was slaughter on both sides.
Well, and as a matter of fact, one thing that's worth bearing in mind is that in every, almost without exception...
In every contest, in every war campaign between Americans and Indians, it was never just Americans and Indians.
It was Americans and their Indian allies against other Indians.
Well, in fact, in George Washington's earliest days, it's the Indian chiefs always coming to him when he's the head of the Virginia Blues and saying, hey, come fight our enemies for us.
Or the French using the end-to-end.
It's the same story.
That was precisely it.
Anyway, Jackson fairly early on discovered that the most important position, the most prestigious position in Tennessee, was not prosecutor, was not judge, was not even governor, but was general of the militia.
Because the militia were the protectors, the forerunners of the National Guard.
These were the protectors of the community.
If a judge screwed up, it meant some legal decision was wrong.
If a governor screwed up, the budget was out of balance.
But if the general and militia screwed up, the entire community was in danger.
Well, absolutely.
Stay there.
So he becomes the head of the militia and there's all these big political wranglings and people shooting him and all of this.
We'll talk about it when we get back and then get into his confrontation with the British troops.
Stay with us, folks.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You know, it's hard in 45 minutes of airtime to talk about the life of a giant.
And again...
Imagine a Hollywood movie where the individual is, before he's even born, his father dies.
They live out on the edge of the wilderness in the wilds of South Carolina.
He, his mother, and his two brothers survive living with relatives.
Then in the war, his two brothers die.
He's in a concentration camp.
They slash him across the head and hand with a saber because he basically won't lick their boots.
He then goes and becomes a lawyer, he becomes a prosecutor, a judge, then a militia commander, and he's in all these countless battles with famous people like Davy Crockett and Sam Houston, who were, of course, seminal, towering individuals in Texas.
Texas history.
So beating Lord Wellington's troops, who hadn't been beaten in India, fighting eight times their numbers, and had beaten Napoleon, and beaten him in Spain as well, not just in Waterloo.
So all of this, and then going to be a president, and getting his way, and fighting the money powers, as he called them, and on his deathbed saying, I killed the bank, I beat the bank.
I mean, he really is a secret president now.
Some people know who Andrew Jackson is, but most don't, and they do have a bad opinion of him, when in truth, he did at least believe he was doing it for the people.
Going back to our guest, H.W.
History professor here at the University of Texas.
The book, Andrew Jackson is Life and Times, which brings to life this amazing historical individual, Andrew Jackson.
Give us your website, Mr. Brands, and tell us how we can get Andrew Jackson.
Well, the website's real easy, hwbrands.com.
There's no punctuation in there, no dots, just hwbrands.com.
hwbrands.com, brands, B-R-A-N-D-S, .com.
I've seen it all over different bookstores that I traffic.
Oh, yeah, the books are in all the bookstores.
It's been doing very well, I'm pleased to say.
Well, yeah, and I'm pleased to say some of these hit pieces aren't doing well.
People don't want to read these little hit pieces, do they?
Well, they have a relatively short shelf life.
And when I wrote this book, I didn't write it, I didn't set out to write it either pro-Jackson or anti-Jackson.
I just wanted to figure out...
Why Jackson meant what he did to the generation that he played.
No, I like pure history books.
I don't like sappy worship sessions.
I mean, your book just really shows both sides.
And then just by showing the information, you really get a good view.
Why didn't you spend more time on, frankly, on his two presidencies?
I mean, you spent some on the Texas question, but...
Not a lot of time on the British with assassins sneaking around or people firing pistols at misfire or individuals lobbying him to let the banking power in.
He was most proud of that when he died.
I thought that was the only flaw in your book.
Well, I'll tell you.
With a life like Jackson's, in certain respects, the presidency was the least exciting eight years of his life.
The rest of his life was Sobel.
There are other presidents where that's really the heart of the story.
If you write about Lincoln, what makes Lincoln the man that he was, what makes him riveting is his experience as president during the Civil War.
If you're going to write about Franklin Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt had a rather ordinary, well, it was privileged, but a rather ordinary existence before he became president.
Just an opium family, yeah.
But Jackson's,
Years before he became president, we're so filled with experiences that are foreign to us today.
His duels, for example.
Jackson fought in numerous duels, and I haven't even had a chance to talk about this part of Jackson's life, but one of the most appealing parts of Jackson's life was his relationship with his wife, Rachel.
It was Rachel's honor that provoked Jackson to fight duels.
Jackson is the only president ever to have killed a man in cold blood.
Now, for a lot of people today, that's really off-putting.
What do you want?
You want to murder his president?
Well, in fact, in Jackson's time, that was considered a mark in his favor.
After all, this man had insulted his wife, and it was a matter of honor.
And so Jackson insists on fighting a duel, which he killed the man.
And when we look at Jackson today, and there are certain aspects of Jackson's attitudes, his personality, his actions,
That we have a hard time warming up to.
Jackson's slave holding, his attitude toward Indians, his militant expansionism.
Well, those were things that people of Jackson's generation valued.
The secret of Jackson's success was that he embodied, he represented the democratic will of the American people.
And if you're going to have a democracy like we do, then you are going to choose that your great leaders are going to be people who... Well, he said over and over again, everything is the republic.
And, I mean, just, you know, all the stories of him going against his own vice president and all of it.
Let's get into those famous Indian battles.
Well the fundamental thing to remember about Jackson's entire life was that from the time Jackson was born until he died,
The United States, the existence of the United States, the independence of the United States was constantly under threat.
It's easy for us to forget that.
After all, we've been living when for the last hundred years the United States has been the most powerful country in the world.
It wasn't so during Jackson's life.
In fact, Jackson experienced a constant threat from external enemies, the British, the French,
...Indians, internal threat from secessionists.
So to understand Jackson's accomplishment, you need to keep in mind that this experiment in self-government was one whose success could never be assured, not from the time Jackson was born until the time he died.
This was a life-and-death struggle, for those that don't know.
And frankly, I think Hollywood has made such a big deal out of the West in the 1850s, 60s, 70s, 80s,
I think?
We're good to go.
And the Spanish in Florida, all the things that went on in Texas, in Tennessee, in Georgia, in those areas, and you do capture a lot of that.
I mean, going into a whole village of slaughtered Indians with thousands of scalps and the Red Sticks and Baton Rouge, all of it.
Well, in fact, what Jackson waged was perhaps the first war on terror in American history.
Because Jackson's campaign against the Red Sticks, this was a militant band of Creek Indians in what's now Alabama and Mississippi, was precipitated by a massacre that the Red Sticks, the Creeks, inflicted upon settlers, about 250 settlers, a place called Fort Mimps.
In the southern part of Mississippi Territory, as it then was.
And the entire purpose of this massacre was to terrorize the American settlement, to drive the Americans away from the southeast.
And by the way, there have been previous battles all over where major forces larger than Jackson's, even U.S.
government forces, were being beaten by the Indians.
And as a matter of fact, this was part of the most successful Indian alliance
In the history of North America is one that was put together by Tecumseh, the great Shawnee chief.
And it had for its vowed purpose what can be described as nothing less than a race war.
This was going to be a war of Indians against whites.
And the whole point was to drive, first of all, to kill as many whites as possible and to drive the rest out of the West back to the Atlantic coast.
And this was something that Tecumseh worked for years to organize.
And the attack of the Red Sticks
Upon the Fortnum settlement was part of this.
The whole idea was to sow terror among the settlements.
Well, Jackson wasn't one to be terrified or terrorized, and as commander of the Tennessee militia, he immediately took it upon himself to wage reprisals against the Red Sticks.
This was during the first part of the War of 1812.
To the extent that people know about the War of 1812 today, they remember it as a war between the United States and the British.
But in fact, it was a war between the United States and its Indian allies against Britain and Britain's Indian allies.
And the first part of the war, especially for Jackson, in the Southwest, was fighting Britain's Indian allies.
Jackson won a great victory at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814, and it was this that brought him to national attention.
So that President Madison and the Secretary of War decided they needed to bring Jackson from command of the Tennessee militia into a commanding position in the U.S.
So he was promoted sort of sideways for Major General of the Tennessee Militia.
And, of course, we're skipping over the stuff in the book about all the times that his superiors would give him orders that he thought were wrong and he'd disobey them and just, you know, duels or where he's walking through the street and somebody shoots him twice in the chest and he almost bleeds to death.
I mean, this guy was like a pincushion of wounds.
In fact, he spent most of his life carrying several bullets around in his body.
And there's some reason to believe that the lead that leached out of those bullets had...
Deleterious effect on his health, although maybe not as much as some of the medicines he was used.
In those days, people thought nothing of drinking various sugars of lead.
Well, one of the remarkable things about this is to imagine how tough these people must have been.
Because we have this notion today that somehow if your health isn't perfect, there's something wrong, you ought to be able to take something and do something to fix it.
Well, in those days, people sort of expected that if you live long enough, you're going to come down with various diseases and ailments.
And they woke up every morning not thinking about, oh gosh, this isn't right or that isn't right.
They were just happy to be alive.
Well, anyway, Jackson survived through all of this, but he was often operating, well, he was always operating at less than optimum health, either from the bullets or from a recent duel that he'd fought, or he had chronic intestinal ailments for his entire life.
He was almost painfully thin, and there were times when he was basically existing on gin and coffee.
Seemed to agree with him.
The odd thing was that when he was on campaign, when he was out in the field, he often felt better and was able to operate more effectively.
But his wife's good cooking would put him in bed, yeah.
That was exactly it.
That's it.
The rich food at home.
He was also very worshipful of women.
He hated the high society of D.C.
where they were just constantly criticizing women who were wives of his cabinet, and so he didn't put up with that either.
Well, as a matter of fact, one of the real blunders, if you want to call it a blunder of his presidency, was his perhaps excessive loyalty to Peggy Eaton and her husband John Eaton.
This was a woman who was criticized for political and personal reasons, but Jackson was someone who could never bring himself to think ill of a woman.
And so he stuck by Peggy Eaton probably, well, longer than he should have as president.
A lot of that comes from the image of his mother, because he never even met his father, who died before he was born.
His mother and his wife, Rachel.
Rachel actually was a political casualty of the presidential campaign of 1828.
She got a heart attack because of all the criticisms just days before he was to be inaugurated, right?
Oh, that's exactly it.
In fact, we often think that politics today is low and dirty.
It's nothing like politics in the 1820s, when people did fight duels, when people died as a result of politics.
Again, there were fights on the House floor.
So we have the War of 1812.
Let's go back.
The British actually attack D.C.
They burn down the White House.
They're firing their cannons into the population.
Meanwhile, they send the general.
He's now General Jackson.
Quickly, we've got about four minutes before the break, Professor, and we're sorry to have you go through how he defeated an army that had never been defeated.
Okay, the thing to remember is how important the Battle of New Orleans was.
The British had a strategy whereby they would defeat Jackson at New Orleans, they would march up the Mississippi River, their southern army marching north would combine with an army from Canada marching south, and they would literally split the United States in two along the line of the Mississippi River.
They would either give Louisiana back to Spain, Britain's ally, or give it to the Indians and set it up as a colony,
We're good to go.
The United States would have been split into, and quite possibly, American democracy.
The whole idea of American self-government would have been at risk.
Whether the United States could have survived that defeat is an open question.
No one expected that Jackson could win.
The British had tromped all over American forces through most of the war, and now they were being reinforced by these fresh troops from Europe.
Now, Wellington's Invincibles, as they were called, they had never been defeated, and they were going to take on Jackson at New Orleans.
They greatly outnumbered Jackson.
Jackson had the most ragtag army, perhaps, in American history.
It was made up of former black slaves.
It was made up of Indians.
It was made up of young.
It consisted of Tennessee volunteers and some army regulars.
It consisted of members of various Indian tribes.
...of slaves, of free African-Americans.
There were 800 Haitians there, and I still haven't figured out exactly what the Haitians were doing there.
But nonetheless, there were pirates under Jean Lafitte.
And the only thing that welded them together, held them together, was Jackson's will.
Jackson perhaps had the most powerful will of any one of his generation.
Jackson believed that he could win because he must win.
And he persuaded, he cajoled, he...
It forced everybody at New Orleans to fight.
There were a lot of French and Spanish nationals in New Orleans.
They didn't want to fight at all.
They would have been quite happy if New Orleans and Louisiana had reverted to French or Spanish control.
But Jackson made them fight, made them believe that they could win.
And in this absolutely astonishing battle, on the morning of January 8, 1815, Jackson won this tremendous victory.
2,000 British soldiers were killed, captured, or wounded against less than two dozen on the American side.
When the rest of the United States heard of Jackson's victory, they couldn't believe it.
It was as though God had come down and delivered the United States from this grave danger using Andrew Jackson as his agent.
And from then until the rest of his life, Andrew Jackson was known simply as the hero.
Immediately, people began talking about Andrew Jackson for president.
It was one of the most astonishing moments in American history.
Yeah, to be specific, they were landing a bunch of the Invincibles and...
They got him bottlenecked there, and then Jackson was able to get there, and they built some works against him, and that's quite a battle right there with the British troops climbing up over and all.
It was like an Alamo, really.
Well, in fact, Jackson fought... The Battle of New Orleans actually took place over a couple of weeks.
It started with an artillery battle in which Jackson's pirates, the pirates from Veritaria under Jean Lafitte, used their skill that they had acquired seizing...
...vessels on the high seas to inflict, well, the initial battle, the artillery battle, was a standoff.
Meanwhile, Jackson's forces built ramparts.
And, well, I was going to say you can see these on the battlefield at Chalmette outside of New Orleans, except they all got washed away in the recent hurricane.
So you can't see them anymore.
But nonetheless, I guess they'll be rebuilt.
But anyway, the British...
Operated on the principle that they would march across this open field and essentially strike terror into the hearts of those people that were defending.
And that had worked with the French, that had worked with people in India, but it didn't work here.
No, it didn't, because Jackson, well, in fact, the defenders decided that they probably had more to fear from Jackson than they had from the British.
And Jackson coolly told them to, he really did say the equivalent of don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes.
They had to let them get close enough so that the musket fire would have an effect.
And then when it did, the muskets, in conjunction with the cannons that were lowered down to where they would just blast across at head height, mowed enormous, appalling swaths through the British forces.
And within the space of an hour, the British Army was decimated.
They tried, what, four different attacks, though.
They kept sending wave after wave.
Wave after wave after wave.
And as often as they came, they were decimated by Jackson's fire.
Amazing story.
And then there's the whole presidency.
We've got one more segment with you, Professor.
I want to get you back up sometime for a part two on this and talk about your book about Texas as well, which I had the pleasure of reading it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We've been talking about the book.
Andrew Jackson is live in Times Information and Infowars.com.
You can link through over to the author's website.
And again, it's a very even-handed... I mean, you can get into whole books that have been written just with his quotes all about fighting the bankers and fighting the centralization by all the scallywags and the rest of it.
It is so important that we take this history that's been robbed from us and just simply be honest about it.
Simply be honest about it.
Because now we have presidents that are just bought and paid for the creations of advertisement agencies and their financial interest.
And there were presidents like that back in those days as well.
But when you get down to somebody like Andrew Jackson, I mean, imagine, why hasn't Hollywood made a movie?
I mean, imagine the flair of that.
An individual who was an orphan.
I think?
We're good to go.
I have the new film.
It's The Order of Death.
We snuck into Bohemian Grove.
We showed you what the world leaders are doing.
We caught it all on tape.
Well, now we had another infiltrator that got us the footage.
You did a great job.
I think.
My book, Paul Watson's book,
Well, one thing to remember about Andrew Jackson is that
Almost single-handedly, he held the Union together.
He did so first militarily at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.
He did it again in 1833 when South Carolina threatened to secede from the Union.
It's often forgotten because it was a session that didn't happen.
But the reason it didn't happen was that Andrew Jackson was President of the United States at the time.
South Carolina and South Carolinians were upset about a tariff tax bill that they thought was too high.
And he told their leaders, I'm going to come down there and kill you.
Well, that's exactly what he said, Seth.
When they threatened to secede, Jackson let them know that if they seceded, it meant war.
And he laid preparations to march at the head of an army of 200,000 men down into South Carolina.
And when the South Carolinians got wind of this, they realized, well, they finally knew who they were tangling with.
They decided to rescind their order of secession and to reconsider.
Now, it's worth thinking about what would have happened had somebody like Andrew Jackson been president in 1860.
When the Civil War occurred, when secession occurred, it occurred largely because the South didn't think the North would fight.
It was the same thing all over again.
And Andrew Jackson, of course, then did lessen the tariff, though.
He did make a compromise with them.
Well, he did.
He was smart enough to know that...
He was going to have to give them... Tell you what, Professor, this is an important point.
Do five more minutes with us.
We've got a one-minute break.
We've got a little five-minute segment coming up.
Do five more minutes with us, okay?
Okay, you've got to go back to your classes.
Alex, I've got to run.
Listen, I really appreciate you joining us.
You bet.
Okay, thank you.
All right, we've got Paul Watson coming up.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Another amazing thing about Andrew Jackson, who we were talking to an award-winning author and history professor in the last hour about, was that he didn't like the crowds.
He didn't like the adulation.
He liked his little farm.
And, you know, the book I said was balanced.
It doesn't get into his fighting with the Federal Reserve in the same crowd.
It doesn't get into him trying to basically bring them down and holding them off.
And, of course, he was against a civil war because he knew the British were agitating the entire thing.
And see, so many Southerners today, like, you know, rise again in the South.
And I'm not saying the North was good or what the North did was good.
It was all bad.
It's just that the British really were manipulating all of that.
And now we have a chance to talk to one of them.
One of the great evils, as Andrew Jackson said, the ultimate...
Ultimate Boogeyman Creatures.
We actually have one with us, Lord Watson of Canterbury.
Watson, good to have you with us.
Good to be back, Alex.
I'm sorry to have to tease you.
It's just fun to do.
Well, you know, I'm not really sorry.
You can make fun of me, though.
Go ahead.
Go ahead if you want to.
Don't you talk bad about the government, boys.
I know we're done.
That's right.
Don't you talk about George Bush, you associate with my daddy.
Oh man, he was my daddy before he was my daddy's daddy, or whatever your brother said.
That was a great little piece we did.
All right, I'll quit screwing around.
You know, there's so much serious news, so many serious things happening we need to talk about.
Remember two years ago, Paul, I talked about how the New York Times had that article about how your cable and your computer, you'd be able to dial in all the surveillance cameras and watch everybody and even get paid to do it?
Well, now in England, that's going to start on your major cable systems with the city, but it's going to be interactive, but you've got to pay to be part of it.
That's right.
Launched in a borough of London today.
It's basically what they're doing is people pay £3.50 which is about $5 or more a month to watch the CCTV cameras and they're encouraged to report suspicious behaviour.
And it's kind of like something called the Delphi technique which they use to make people believe they're involved in the very programmes that oppress them.
Make them, you know, think they're part of the power structure.
To boil it down, it's like paying lip service.
We want to hear what everyone has to say at the meeting.
And they'll go, okay, we heard what you said.
You said you want the slavery.
And it doesn't matter if you said you didn't want it.
They just go, well, we heard what you had to say.
It ties into the fact that although some of the latest CCTV systems automatically detect, you know, loitering and suspicious behavior, they don't even need anyone to watch them.
The non-mechanised aspect of it does need somebody to watch them.
And obviously you can't have somebody watching every camera at every hour of the day.
It's like when you talk about Echelon.
It's like coming home to having three million answer phone messages.
You just can't sift through them all.
So although everything's recorded, not everything's analysed.
But in the case of Britain, it comes at the same time as the British government and the Metropolitan Police.
Oh, do me a favor.
I forgot to do that.
Will you instant message that to the network?
Yeah, it says things like, you know, you enjoy your nice lifestyle, you enjoy seeing your friends.
Well, if you want to, you better stop the terrorists.
Did they cash a check wrong?
And then, of course, terror is all crime.
Because there's not going to be any real terror, folks.
Well, they give examples, potential signs of terrorism, you know, judging on the message being sent out by these posters.
Living in a house or an apartment is a potential sign of terrorism, according to them.
As opposed to say, terrorists need places to live.
Are you suspicious of your tenants and neighbors?
So basically, we've got to teach you how to be suspicious of everyone.
Yeah, and if you live in a house, then you may be a terrorist.
Ah, yes.
If you have a car, you may be a terrorist.
Stay there, Paul.
I want to go over all this in detail and instant message that over to the little polylogues at the network and we'll get it out to people.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order...
A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
We have our great friend from Northern England joining us, where they're known for standing up against...
Tyranny as well.
Yes, that's the M.O.
I get from the folks over in Europe.
Those evil, evil folks from northern England.
Our little Scotty Waddy Lord Watson.
And he is on with us right now.
And, I mean, here's the news, folks.
I talked about this in the first hour.
We'll talk about it more today.
Bush advisor says president has legal power to torture children and crush their testicles.
And he was asked about it at a big University of Chicago symposium, arguing with a Notre Dame professor, and he said it's good, and they'll do it, and they can also commit genocide.
So, you know, it's just unbelievable to hear this out of him, and this is one of the other advisors who was in the same department there as White House counsels, as our current Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, who said that they were above the law.
And I also then have this news about how GM food killing mammal babies, that is six times a higher level in infant mortality with those that have eaten genetically modified crops.
I mean, folks, this stuff is actual poison.
I mean, you're worried about smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.
Well, I would be if you do, but that's a lot less dangerous.
I mean, drinking Jack Daniels, every day ten shots of it, and smoking two packs of cigarettes is less dangerous from the studies I've seen.
I mean, it'll kill you faster to be eating this stuff.
And are they stopping?
No, it's just going into everything.
Paul, my head is starting to spin.
I mean, is your head starting to spin?
Are they just not... I mean, that's more radical than I thought.
They go in front of a symposium and go, yeah, we can crush children's testicles.
I mean, where do they come up?
What is wrong with these people?
What is their major malfunction?
Well, they've given themselves carte blanche to do anything they like, you know, under the auspices of the noble lie that the ends justify the means, and they don't.
It's like the mercury in vaccines.
There was a comedy skit on a Canadian politics comedy show where they were asking the people who'd just taken the flu shot if they knew that the vaccine had mercury in it.
None of them did, and they all said no.
You know, I've just got blind faith in government.
I think they're here to protect me and I trust them.
You know, the same kind of government that... Now, was it one of those comedy skits where the comedy guy goes out and interviews real people?
Have I missed that video?
It was on Perspective last week.
Oh, man, you've got to instant message that to the network, too.
We'll air that in a minute.
Now, I know I'm digressing.
I want to go back to this in a minute with the GM Foods and whatever else you want to talk about and the sickos saying that they can torture small children.
I mean, this is how sick it is, folks.
And then, of course, they have all the TV shows that say the same thing.
Mass conditioning, a unified front of pure wickedness.
I mean, this is wickedness.
But going back to...
What's happening in London now, and even the BBC says it's Stasi Big Brother.
Even the Register.
We can all be Big Brother now, and it says you've read the book and seen the film, now you can oppress the proletariat.
Yes, it's true, you can take part in a groundbreaking social engineering project without leaving the comfort and safety of your own ivory tower, which we call rubbish, using three same inferior architects who kiddied out the office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
And it goes on to say that now the cable, and this is just starting in one area, it's going to be nationwide.
Again, they've said this here, but here they're going to make us all watch each other.
That was in the New York Times.
I mean, Paul, this isn't coming.
It's here, brother.
It's here now.
And to look at these posters that the Met Police put out shows you how brazen they are in announcing it.
They've got a poster which shows a receipt for a credit card refund.
They say that is a potential sign of terrorism.
So, you know, about 10 million British citizens became terrorist suspects on Boxing Day when they got refunds for unwanted Christmas gifts.
And they must know that, you know, if there's any real terrorists out there, ones that aren't on the payroll of MI6, like our friend ASWAT, the London bombing mastermind,
That, you know, something like this would only create more noise in the system, allowing any real terrorist to evade any detection, and they must know that.
So, in effect, they're creating the terrorist cadres that don't exist.
By the way, I've had on about... Exactly, I've had on about the protecting the terrorists, you're right, who are their officers.
I have had on what four high-level CIA officers in the last month, they've all said these local tattletale squads, like they're doing in Knoxville, Tennessee, and London, England,
We're good to go.
Well, yeah, and they get power out of it.
They get to exercise their little Hitler ego trips when they search your bags and stuff like that.
And you read this, it says, crime is terror.
There's not going to be any real terrorists with millions of people watching CCTs.
No, TVs.
No, this is about total control.
And by the way, they've passed the new law there where if you drop some trash, you can go to jail and be charged thousands of pounds.
And guess what Blair's saying?
If you do this now, they'll take your house.
Yes, it's in the news today.
Now, for petty crimes, the government will take your house.
Yeah, they've got people who frog march you to a cash machine if you drop a piece of gum, if you don't immediately pay the fine.
You get arrested, and now the law's coming in Britain where any offence whatsoever is immediately arrestable.
And again, we heard this five years ago when Blair said, I want to get rid of juries, they're bad.
And now they're starting to do it.
And with this...
It's called the Panopticon.
It's called self-censorship telling effect.
Yeah, so I pounded it into people.
They're trying to make people regulate their own behaviour and have absolutely no confidence to exercise their innate freedoms.
For example, I get emails from people asking if they subscribe to PrisonPlanet.tv, will they get put on a list?
Will they get a visit from Homeland Security?
That's how deep it penetrates.
I know a lot of people who say, you're making this stuff up, but I don't want to talk to you because I'll be put on a list.
And I go, now which is it?
We're not living under Big Brother, but you're afraid of being put on a list.
Folks, who cares if you're on a list?
Let me tell you the truth.
I have congressmen on, I have Bush, Reagan, Bush Sr., major former officials on saying the government's terrorist, is carrying out terror attacks, and is going to kill us.
Okay, I mean, look, there are people who weren't saying this a few years ago.
It's because they see what we see.
Okay, we're the good guys.
If we roll over now, then you need to be afraid.
This whole thing is to abuse us all.
If you serve them, they'll abuse you.
It's actually when you fight them, it's like a lion leaving an elephant alone.
It goes after a kit-kit, or it goes after a gazelle.
It goes after some little bug-eyed creature that's defenseless.
It doesn't go after some...
You're an elephant.
So stop acting like a bunch of little cowardly jellyfish.
And no, folks, prisonplanet.tv, now I've been offered money before, but it's always like 10 years ago, give money to Pat Buchanan, and now I'm on every mailing list you can imagine of conservative groups.
No, we don't sell names.
We don't do anything with it.
In fact, after a year, it gets shredded.
So no, we do not sell names to answer that question.
But already, dum-dums, and I don't mean to be mean about it, but come on, folks, talk to those tickler people.
Already on the net with cookies, everything's being tracked to begin with.
That's the whole point.
That's the whole point.
It's out of control.
Paul, go ahead.
Yeah, and for the elite, you know, that self-regulatory little brother syndrome as opposed to big brother watching everybody, it's going to be more successful for them because...
A dictatorship by fiat rather than force is something that's far easier for them to package and sell to the wider population.
Well, here's an example.
There's a big article out today, actually several, about Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace with his 36 million members.
And you could go on there and say whatever you wanted, and do whatever you wanted, and share information, and so the pig demon, the person who puts out the dirtiest, rottenest TV to corrupt everybody, who then you call Christian conservative, Rupert's slimeball, maggot-head Murdoch, phony conservative propagandist, worms his way over and buys MySpace, and now it's not just hundreds of things, thousands of things.
I mean, it's...
News Corp admits, that's who owns Fox, News Corp admits that you post anything about their competitors, anything about anything else, it's automatically deleted.
You see, there's your free speech.
And this is why there's a push for Internet, too.
Because in the sphere of the Internet, they have got those mechanized systems where, for example, Microsoft have keyword logging for all emails, which led them to alert the Chinese government to shut down this blogger
Which they've done on several other occasions in the past.
And what were these bloggers doing?
Criticizing how their neighbor was forced to have an abortion.
Oh, look, we better shut them down.
Yeah, and Declan McCullough's got an article out today.
Annoying someone on the internet is a federal crime.
That's right, CNN News, mainstream.
Tell us about that, Paul.
Yeah, it was passed by Pork Barrel, as they always do, in a different bill.
And it's
If you annoy someone on the internet, the language is so vague and ambiguous, it could be anything.
Then it's two years in jail and a fine.
Which is obviously going to target political email lists as nuisances, or any kind of boycott or lobbying campaign.
Now again, that's total First Amendment.
No one believed that the McCain-Feingold bill that says six weeks before an election, I can't have gun owners of America on, or Nature Conservancy.
But now, Bush says...
Signed it three years ago, four years ago, and now it's being implemented.
I mean, that's your free country, boys and girls.
Yeah, and then stuff like, you know, can spam law?
I get more amounts of spam now since they passed that law.
Who does it target?
It's always people who send out mass emails and, you know, those people who get accused of paper terrorism and stuff like that by trying to lobby people in government or
It's all going to be selectively enforced, and then when the British government or the US government sells your data to known criminals on purpose, nobody gets in trouble.
Well, yeah, they actually said that they're going to fund the British ID card by selling all your personal information to big companies so they could spam you with offers of credit cards, etc.
So they brought it in under the guise of protecting your information and identity theft, and the very first step that they take to fund it does exactly that.
Well, we got the audio clip, the radio ad in England about how to keep safe.
Look for people.
Do you want to continue living an enjoyable life?
Become a member of Big Brother's Stasi and bring down the East Asians.
We've always been at war with East Asia.
Now, morpho-missile production and chocker rations are up by 2,971%.
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We're good.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Silverstein called next to a listener, dug up the fact they covertly kind of put out a little press report through the State Department of all places, trying to explain away why they said that they blew up Building 7.
So that's coming up.
But, Paul, let's roll this ad.
Now, set up this radio ad for us.
This goes along with the billboard ads that say, safe under the watchful eyes, with like a big brother all-seeing eye looking down on the buses.
And then a year later, the buses and the trains get bombed.
So just kind of an in-your-face situation.
Now they have these new ads, TV, radio, print, report your neighbors, watch for everything, everything's terrorism.
We're about to hear it, Paul.
Set up this ad.
Well, yeah, before the bombings they had a Starzy campaign on trains saying you should report suspicious behavior on trains.
And now last week, Metropolitan Police and the government launched this campaign which encourages reporting your neighbors, reporting people who own a vehicle or get a credit card refund.
So it's basically anything that is potential terrorism.
And they're just training us.
Then in two years it'll be report anybody who doesn't submit to the government, who doesn't like what we're doing, and then they just disappear.
Yep, that's the plan.
Let's go ahead and roll this loving ad.
Here it is.
You are someone who lives in London.
Someone who takes the tube, gets the bus, hails a cat.
You're someone who stands on the right, holds open doors, smiles at strangers.
You're someone with a partner, friends and family, mates and colleagues.
You are someone with hopes and fears, ambitions and dreams, a past and a future.
And you are someone who knows that terrorists won't succeed as long as someone calls the police to report anything suspicious.
You are
But if you see the tube full of illegal aliens, don't worry about it.
Tony Blair's made secret deals to legalise all of them, like Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie.
That's right, he's been caught doing that with the Romanian government and others.
Just listen to it.
It's anything.
How about breathing oxygen or eating food?
Well, you've got a life.
Listen, you've got a life, and you're not going to have that life unless you start tattling on everyone.
It just creates this foggy fear, and the men in black uniforms are going to save you.
Meanwhile, I'm out there bullhorning Parliament, totally legal, outlawed it three days later, and they march over and try to physically start stopping me from speaking.
Yeah, but just imagine if people took this to heart.
Yeah, they've charged...
They've had 500 terrorist suspects detained in Britain.
They've only charged two of them, and that was on visa violations.
By the way, we found publications from the 80s.
It's admitted that they caught, this was big in the news when it happened, a Mossad agent with a team of six about to carry out bombings on buses and trains to blame it on the Muslims.
Oh, nice little tidbit we found, Paul.
A little memory hole news we'd forgotten about.
Exactly, and then
Even not terrorism, anything that hates speech.
There was a lady in Cambridge, which is just north of London, who wrote a book opposing gay adoption.
She was doing a radio interview and said, very calmly, without threat... We don't give girls to two men, and we shouldn't adopt boys to two men, and they said, we may arrest you, lady.
Yeah, she got a phone call from the police and she said to them, well, have I broke any law?
They said, no, we're just investigating.
And, you know, she said, well, why don't you go out and catch some real criminals?
Stop wasting my time.
So, I mean, those are the real criminals now.
Authors and people who live in houses and own vehicles.
Well, it's simple, Paul.
Tyranny is put in place to take land and take property and enslave people.
And you can bet your bottom dollar, because all the economic indices show this.
You know, that's a big news story last week, that China is now going to move away from the dollar.
And then the average public has no idea what that means, Paul.
Well, the economy's great.
It's improving all the time.
They believe it, and that's the end of the story.
Doesn't matter.
Every major index and indice shows the opposite, Paul.
We're just being negative, Paul.
I guess, you know, I want to come back and talk about the Bush administration officials saying they can torture people's children in front of them and crush their genitalia.
Do you think we ought to talk about that when we get back, Paul?
Yeah, because I wrote an article last week saying, what's next, advocating torturing children?
You know, we've already seen it in 24.
With Bunsen burners, you said, yeah.
Yeah, and it came out yesterday.
You see, it was worse than what you thought they'd do, see?
It's always worse.
And there's actually weirdos right now going, yeah, killing, torturing children's good.
That's what America's all about.
What's wrong with that Paul guy on there?
We need to torture children.
That's what freedom's about, and that's what we, that's what Jesus would do.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Paul Watson, I want to get into the news and play a couple audio clips here.
We're always honored to have you.
But tell us about some of the things we've been adding to PrisonPlanet.tv.
Then I want to get into Larry Silverstein.
Well, there's already a whole library there, which is now nearly two years old.
Dozens of weekly video reports, all your documentary films.
There's got to be like a hundred, Paul.
Well, yeah, many dozens.
We purge the information.
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Yeah, it was slowing down during peak times because everybody's been sharing their passcodes, but now we've got a just really smoking pipe in servers.
And so, yeah, and if it slows down again, we'll upgrade again, folks.
It's not like AOL or something where they're just ripping everybody off and nobody can get online.
Meanwhile, saying the internet's bad anyway.
Larry Silverstein.
I've got a couple clips I want to play, Paul.
But Larry Silverstein, they finally responded to... I mean, go through that great article you put together.
Well, yeah, it's been playing around the internet for a few months, but nobody picked up on it.
And I'm quite frustrated that this story wasn't bigger, because it answered a lot of the questions that people had about what Silverstein meant when he said, we pulled Building 7 on that PBS documentary.
And the answer, as you said, comes through the State Department website in their 9-11 debunking section, which also says that organ harvesting from executed Chinese prisoners is a conspiracy theory, even though it's admitted on their own website in a different area.
And it's been in every major newspaper you can mention for the past five, ten years.
The Chinese government advertises it.
It's not like, you know, it's like saying Ford Motors doesn't exist.
Yeah, it's like saying the government putting mercury in vaccines is a conspiracy theory.
It's admitted.
But Phil Steen said through his spokesperson that he meant that he was referring to evacuating firefighters from the building when he said, we pulled the building down.
Which doesn't correlate with the facts, because three separate official reports say that there were no firefighters in the building.
It was never fought.
The FEMA report... Then they say that no one died in it, though a Secret Service agent did, and now this police detective who died was actually somebody who was in there and barely got out as it collapsed.
Plus, we have the squibs going up the building.
He says, we gave the order to watch it come down, and then it came down.
Then on the same documentary, they say, pull it means destroy a building.
I mean, how simple is that?
Well, yeah, FEMA reports there's no manual firefighting operations were taken by the FDNY in relation to buildings.
A local NPR reported that day.
The government, they blow the building up to keep others safe.
The building fell into a perfect little demolition pile.
Yeah, and even the Popular Mechanics debunking piece had the quote from NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology, saying there was no quote, there was no firefighting in WTC7.
They also say that...
North Tower fell and knocked out the central column, but their own debris field, they admit that the building never hit Building 7, that some dust did, and that the main support falls one second before the rest of the building falls at 5.30 in the afternoon.
I mean, it's publicly admitted that the North Tower didn't hit it, but they just make it up and say it did now.
Well, just look at the video, North Tower collapsing.
At the very least, it's hit by some dust.
That building basically turns into dust seconds after it starts to collapse because of the volume of explosives that must have been in there.
So, under no explanation can you say that the amount of... We have demolition professors, we have demolition physicists look at it and they go, look, it's a classic, there are the blast points, we've got the squibs, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!
I mean, you see the bombs going off!
Yeah, three steel buildings, um...
The first in history and the only in history to collapse from fire damage all in the same day.
But the point is that Silverstein has now changed his story as well.
Because earlier he just supposedly told a New York Post reporter that it was for some other reason.
And I mean, now they're just in overdrive spin.
I mean, it's not going to work.
Well, now they're tripping over their own tongs.
I mean, in one debunking piece,
You know, it'll contradict Silvesti.
There's a danger that debating all day what he meant when he said that clouds the fact that it's so blatantly obvious that the building was professionally demolished.
It doesn't matter what Silverstein says happened and what definition you can get out of that.
The evidence is there.
The squibs, the people in the lower levels, also in the trade towers, saying that bombs were going off.
The firefighters saying it.
And by the way, they've now released a bunch of other firefighter tapes they claim were destroyed, but turns out under national security they'd hid them.
And on all the tapes, the firefighters are saying, bombs, bombs, bombs, bombs, bombs!
I mean, go and read any recount of September 11th where they talked to people on the street, anyone who was in the building.
Invariably, in nearly every one, you'll see mentions of bombs.
It was as if they had detonators!
Boom, boom, boom!
I mean, what do firefighters know?
And to my knowledge, nobody's taken up that $1 million challenge to prove that the building collapsed from fire damage caused by falling debris.
UL National Underwriters, the biggest group in the country, did their own internal test.
When their chief engineer went public and said it's all a fraud, fire won't do that, they fired Kevin Ryan.
I mean, now there's all these other demolition experts going public.
I mean, it's just not true.
You've got so many credible individuals coming out and saying the same thing that it's getting to the level where they could come out and say...
Because they had reports put out where these hijackers, government agents, whatever you want to call them, were seen in the trade towers before the attack.
So they could come out and say that Al-Qaeda wired the building with bombs if it gets to the level where public climate is so excess.
That's something that would take months.
I mean, it takes months to do that, but of course the general public doesn't know that, so they'll probably believe it.
I don't think they'll do that, but it's always, you know, it's the last resort.
Well, that's what Vance tried to say when he debated me.
He admitted that Silverstein said he blew it up, because it's public, and then said, oh, but it was Al-Qaeda that did it.
I mean, it's just never-ending.
I want to play this clip.
You talk about that comedy piece on Canadian TV, where it's a comedy TV show, but they're talking to real people on the street about mercury and the vaccines.
Go ahead and roll that mercury and vaccines clip.
Health Canada says the best way to avoid the flu is vaccination, which in many provinces is free.
Well, let's see if these recent flu shot recipients can help reveal the mystery of why Cheetos and Pop-Tarts list their ingredients while vaccines do their best not to.
Are you aware of the ingredients in the vaccine?
I know there's some egg products.
I don't think they offered us a list of ingredients, so... That, no, I don't know.
This is blind faith for me.
Did you know that there's mercury in that shot?
No, I didn't.
Oh, I did not.
Are you glad that it's free?
But you know it's not really free.
Well, it's paying through our taxes, right?
If I sneeze right now, would you be okay with that?
These people confirm two things.
Some are happy to wait in line for a secret serum, and nobody likes getting sneezed on.
Well, what if drug companies are right?
What if tricking your body into thinking it's already sick doesn't make you sick?
What if there's not enough vaccine to go around?
You should know that making your own is easier than brewing your own beer.
And it could save your life.
Well, the first thing you need is a live virus.
Is there anyone here suffering from the flu?
Sir, would you favor us by discharging directly onto these chicken embryos?
Okay, we now have our chicken embryos and our live virus.
Now from the pickled frog jar, your local school's biology class, we'll keep that virus dead like the drug companies do with formaldehyde.
Now careful, don't get any frog in the mix.
That'd be gross.
Now, let's add a little ether.
Careful, don't fall asleep.
And then we dump some detergent in there.
That keeps it clean.
And remember when your mother lost her mind when you played with mercury because it never leaves your body?
Well, that makes it a great preservative.
If you have a thermometer... Staying healthy is a lot more important than room temperature.
Now all of this goes into the centrifuge, like this blender, and... Hey, hey, hey!
It's vaccine for the whole... You know what, there's more of it.
I'll air it tomorrow in the first hour, folks.
Gotta come back with Paul Watson and finish up with a few other news items.
Paul, I mean, that's really how they make the vaccine, my friend.
Yep, and then we get emails saying that it's the conspiracy theory that the government puts mercury in vaccines.
Well, that's right.
We're evil demons.
We made that up, Paul.
How do I have a CBS News piece saying it's nutritious?
I mean, mercury is nutritious.
And according to the Bush administration official, torturing children is good.
I mean, what more do you need?
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Engineers there saw and taped for us, and this is where they admit Minnesota and these other governments sell all your data to these private groups.
They allow it to be public.
The government gets your data, do you understand?
And then they give it to everyone, and then the criminals go buy it, and then identity theft goes to all-time highs.
It's like Bank of America selling three million names to criminals.
It is.
It's brazen and open.
It always gets that way, you know, in the final days of tyranny.
The good news is this Associated Press poll, young adults have healthy attitude towards privacy, where the vast majority said that the NSI spying was a step behind what the KGB did.
And it said snatching and grabbing.
And at the same time here, privacy comes from the word for the toilet.
So even in our own privies, privacies, we have cameras now in hundreds of school bathrooms.
Make sure you add that to the police station.
Great piece, Paul.
I mean, how far is it going to go?
A president's top official saying torture children and crush their private parts in front of their parents?
I mean, Jeffrey Dahmer type stuff?
And Mercury's good for you?
I mean, where does it end, Paul?
Well, yeah, I mean, I wrote an article in December.
This former White House spokesman, Blackwell, said in the case of an imminent attack, would you torture the terrorists to gain information?
And he argued that you would, which, of course, has never happened in history.
And everyone agrees, who can still use, put two brain cells together, that
You know, someone under that situation is not going to give credible information.
Well, it's a hypothetical worst case scenario just to convince and perfect the argument for torture, period.
It's a total fraud.
So I said, you know, why not up the ante and put Bunsen burners to children?
In order to protect the American people.
And then this spokesman for Bush yesterday comes out and says something even worse than that, or at least advocates it by saying that, you know, be down to the president.
Well, he wrote in memos, I mean, he wrote in memos the president could do that to the president.
Oh, president, you can burn them.
I mean, you can crush them.
I mean, imagine how sick that is.
And, of course, it's not even real terrorists, folks.
The president is the man who bore the actual terrorists that attacked us.
Yeah, and as Paul Craig Roberts said, you get self-implicating innocent people who will say anything to prevent this.
So you create terrorists in that sense.
Well, we've got the independent here, total side issue, but I mentioned it earlier, admitting that mammals they've done tests on are six times higher in mortality rate of newborn when mother was fed a diet of genetically engineered soy.
I mean, that's what all the evidence shows, but people are still going to go out and eat this, Paul.
They are, because they don't care.
And to reach those people, in most cases, is not even worth the effort.
So the point is, exactly, exactly, the point is, in this climate of this stuff, we're all being abused, folks.
Yeah, and you can't always avoid all the trappings of it, but you can at least be aware of it and make an effort to.
Well, I agree with you.
We've got to get you back up for longer than an hour sometime.
There's been so much, and tomorrow we'll play that Minnesota clip.
But Paul, anything else you want to add?
Um, no, just to keep fighting.
I mean, a benchmark of our success is what they haven't done, not necessarily what we have.
You know, Galloway said they'd be in Damascus and Tehran by now, so where there's a will, there's a way, and we can change things for the better.
Well, that's the point, is that they're juggernauts rolling forward, but we're slowing it.
Yeah, and that's the best we can do.
Exactly, and the longer we hold them, the worse their case gets.
The more they're revealed, the stronger our forces grow.
The more we can hold them back, folks.
So everybody, put your weight physically against their machinery.
Stop being apologetic.
Be bold.
Criminals run our society.
They must be brought to justice.
Paul Watson, I salute you for your great work, my friend.
Okay, thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the new world.
Or call 877-300-7645.