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Air Date: Jan. 9, 2006
2579 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Monday, the ninth day, already, already the ninth day of January 2006.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours, and we're going to have wide-open phones.
Well, this is out of a London Guardian.
It's up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
George Bush insists that Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, so why?
A few years ago, did the CIA give the Iranians blueprints to build an atomic bomb?
And it's always the same.
They gave the Soviets the A-bomb, then the hydrogen, all of it.
They always do.
Creating enemies.
And here it is, publicly admitted.
It's also in the New York Times.
Oh, the government accidentally ordered one of their agents to go give them the blueprints.
It's just a really big screw-up, like they accidentally ordered NORAD to stand down, and they accidentally called all their friends and family and told them about the flight to New York the day before 9-11, and they accidentally have giant Swiss bank accounts, and they accidentally are putting up all these transponder tracker grids, and they accidentally had a state trooper pull me over yesterday and try to violate my rights.
I'll tell you about that later.
Just all accidental.
Power doesn't want more power.
We're not being abused.
Everything's fine.
And we also have this report here about how fires are now spreading into Colorado and Arkansas.
Out of Texas and Oklahoma.
And I saw a report that about...
Half of some counties, it's a wide range of Oklahoma, but in some areas half of whole counties have burned.
So pretty serious there.
And it just gets drier and drier and drier and drier.
Iranian president hopes Sharon perishes.
And you're going, wait a minute, Alex, you said he died on Friday.
Yes, we occasionally make glaring errors.
We always like to harp on those errors.
But it was the Drudge Report, it was World Tribune, it was literally hundreds of websites and news publications that picked it up.
They're about, Sharon's dead!
And they said, oh, he's completely brain dead, and so the son has given the order to unplug him.
And I said, well, that sounds like Terry Shivo.
They just claim he's brain dead, and so they unplug him.
And then they didn't fly him to the hospital.
They didn't even drive him to the nearest one where he normally goes.
They drove him for a long period of time, like Princess Diana, somewhere else.
It was all very suspicious.
And I just, you know, is he really dead?
Or are they just claiming he's brain dead?
You know, occasionally we go off what these people report, and it's just baloney.
Iranian president, they're claiming, hopes Sharon perishes, calling him a criminal.
So, World Tribune, the original culprit of this, comes out in the same article, and it just changes the body of the text, and says, conflicting reports issued on Sharon's condition.
And now they're saying it was the Arab press that caused this entire problem.
And then I've got this whole constellation of big brother police state news today.
Your phone records are for sale, Chicago Sun-Times.
Now, I'm not doing her a warrant.
Six years ago, we read the federal rules that were going to go into effect on 2001.
Let me be accurate, that's not actually true.
Five years before 2001, in 1996, we read the federal rules...
And then we began talking about how every cell phone would be tracked, it would all be public.
In the last few years, I've warned people about this, I've done shows on this, and people just cannot believe it.
Well, here it is, Chicago sometimes, and guess what?
People are buying the police officers' phone records.
So they're going to get real upset and have it where you can't get the gods' records, but you can get all of our records.
Don't worry, the slaves will be wide open.
We'll be right back.
Folks, there's so much today.
It's mind-blowing.
Stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Thank you for joining us as we attempt to defend the United States against the private criminal interests that have seized control of our government.
And they have a lot of very high-tech and sophisticated...
Public relations firms across the country and the world propagandizing us, trying to convince us how wonderful it is to live under a police state and have our every movement tracked and traced, and that basically giving up freedom gives us security, and they claim there's some trade-off.
No, you give up liberty, you get tyranny, you get despotism, you get enslavement.
And they own both political parties.
I'm going to get into the CIA giving Iran the designs for an A-bomb, hoping they'd create one.
Of course they did.
That's the London Guardian and the New York Times.
In fact, we already knew about this.
They've been attempting to arm them.
I mean, it's been in the BBC three or four years ago that the British and U.S.
government do everything they can to sell them the weapons parts and get them the materials.
Again, that's just admitted, and here it is again.
And people probably wonder why.
We'll just go through that.
But before I get too far into the broadcast today, let me just tell you what happened to myself individually yesterday.
I don't tell this story because I personally have had my feathers ruffled or that my hackles are up when they are.
As a free human being, I have not been conditioned to be a bootlicking slave.
And I have not been basically gelded or castrated, emasculated to the point where I accept this.
Now, it would be one thing if the state trooper pulled me over
And then just wanted to write me his tickets while his bosses in government engage in mass crimes of every known configuration premeditatedly, including child kidnapping, murder, drug dealing, poisons in the water supply and vaccines, mass extermination plans openly being set up, all of it.
So again, you always have to remember that the man from the government is a king's man.
He may not be bad individually, but he works for pure evil.
And on average, he is an individual who is not particularly evil himself, but is self-centered, more worried about UT football and having a fancy bass boat than he is about the Bill of Rights or Constitution.
He'll tell you all day you didn't violate your Constitution when he's never read the thing or never read the Bill of Rights, and he'll tell you it's policy.
Well, I actually know a little bit about policy, and it just makes me sick.
I got home, well, to make a long story short, I went and visited a family out near Buffalo, Texas.
Did some camping with the family, and was driving back yesterday at about 2.30 when I went through Belton, Texas, which is just right up by Temple, Texas, which you can actually see in my film, Martial Law.
They engaged in mass criminal activities up there, and breaking just many, many laws.
Of course, they won't get in trouble.
They're the corrupt government.
Where I got this ticket, let me just comment on the criminal activities.
They had Special Forces Army troops, not National Guard, regular Army, total violation of federal law, out there.
And they got a car, actually, I'm sorry, two cars, out front of one of the local community centers, and they blew them up.
And there was fire shooting up in the sky and black smoke and helicopters flying around.
And they had the local kids from the local middle school there with fake blood spilt all over them.
Well, you can see it in the film.
The fake intestines and the fake arms blown off.
And then the mayor gets up and announces that there has been a terrorist attack.
In fact, the PSYOP was complete.
The Psychological Warfare.
They even had the local paper the next day.
The Belton paper.
And it said, belt an attack by terrorists, and not until the last sentence did they say it was a drill.
So it was all part of fire in the theater, all part of psychological searing and trauma.
They've done it nationwide.
The feds admit it's openly for trauma.
Trauma-based control to train you to have the perception of terrorists and to brainwash those children.
It was a giant, the equivalent of a Soviet re-education camp, just more sophisticated.
That's what it does.
It traumatizes you.
Changes your world view.
And we were just sitting there at first off about 50 yards away.
My mistake that I didn't act big and official and strut around sticking my chest out.
I've learned since then.
This was back in 2000.
And they're in Belton because it's important to connect things together, you see.
They're in Belton.
Over marches some Marines and some Army officers with some Navy officers.
It's all very fun.
And they say, what are you doing here?
Well, I'm with the press.
So I went ahead and they had a street block with a barricade.
I went around the barricade and said, I'm here covering what's going on.
And they said, oh, you're acting official.
You must be official.
And then all of a sudden we have regular army march over and go, hey, and this is on video, you're the ones that put us on the Internet.
No, we didn't put you on the Internet.
We put you on TV.
Well, you're not allowed to do that.
And I said, yeah, I am.
It's a free country.
You're not supposed to be creeping around.
Oh, and when do we put them on TV?
When they were engaging in felony operations.
Yes, it's still federal law, and it's still a felony.
It's a violation of posse comitatus.
You can spend several years in prison and pay large, large fines in the tens of thousands of dollars per officer doing it, per million.
And we caught you out there with what you called a drill letter, but you didn't tell the people that.
You pulled them over.
It was even worse.
The Greyhound bus incident, just one of the ones we could get out to on time, is you made them sit there for seven hours while you ran multiple Army teams through it, quote, looking for bombs.
And you're the same boys with the fake nuclear spill that year.
When you shut Austin down and caused panic, and then later that night they announced, just a drill, just a drill.
And that's criminal.
And so you're out there terrorizing the public, engaging in multiple crimes, and you didn't like it that we got footage of you.
Well, you're in my video, Martial Law, you're in Road to Tyranny, I've got you guys all over the country doing what you do.
Well, is anybody worried about that?
Oh, no!
And why am I angry?
Because I do, when I'm by myself, tend to speed.
That is, I'll get in the fast lane, which people are driving about 80 miles an hour in, on average.
The slow lane, they're driving 75.
And they're driving about, I don't know, 78 or so on average.
I've actually done an average of this while I'm driving all over the state when they're in the middle lane on I-35, the NAFTA Trans-Texas Corridor main trunk.
But I just so happened to have been looking at my speedometer right when I saw Bozo off to the side of the road.
And he didn't deserve respect.
He tried to violate something our forefathers fought and died for, so I'll call him a Bozo if I want to.
If you don't like it, you need to go to Russia.
Anyways, so I'm there with my wife and my children.
There's cars all around me.
I'm in the middle lane.
And I mean, yeah, I'm probably doing about 70 miles an hour or so.
So I look down at my speedometer.
I actually had it on cruise control right before that at about 73 or so.
And I already slowed down because there was a little bit more traffic.
So right when I saw the cop, I looked up and it said about 68.
But let's just say I might have been going 70.
But I see him right on.
I'm in between all these cars around me.
And I go, man, I just know he's going to pull me over.
So he pulls out behind me, and I pull over where there's a big shoulder.
And he sits there about three minutes.
And I'm sitting there, and I'm looking out the window, and I'm thinking, well, maybe five feet on the side of the road isn't enough for this guy.
I'll just pull off a little bit more into the gravel and the grass.
He's still sitting there all, I guess, running my plate in abject fear or something.
And then I just get out of the car and I smile at him and I go, do you want to talk to me here at the back of the car?
You know, it's a free country.
I'm groveling and learning to show my papers and lick boots because I'm a slave.
He's garbage.
And it's all for my safety, though.
Oh, yeah, sure it is.
I know.
Anyways, and so I'm sitting there and he comes over looking agitated.
And he says, you were speeding.
And I said, and obviously it was a little microphone trying to record me in the car, in case I ever, you know, knowing most jellyfishes grovel.
And I go, well, I was in amongst a bunch of cars.
How did you even know?
Oh, they were doing 68 and 75, but you were doing 78, which I know is not true.
Because, I mean, I saw him when he radared me.
And I was in amongst a whole train of vehicles, including cars in the fast lane passing me.
But I wasn't going to argue.
I said, okay, whatever.
And he says, where are you going?
Where are you coming from?
Where are you going?
And I just said, oh, visiting family.
And he asked me again and asked me again.
And I just said, and I couldn't help it.
Usually I'm calm.
I just said, you know what?
Just do whatever you want to do.
Just violate me however you want to.
Just make your money.
Well, I'm going to give you one for no insurance, which, by the way, I had, but he didn't even give me time for that.
Sure, go ahead.
Go ahead.
Give me an insurance ticket, too.
I'm sorry I'm not going to lick your boots like everybody else that just seems to encourage you, while your bosses are literally kidnapping children en masse and openly writing books about how they're going to kill us all.
I'm sorry I can't take you serious when you work for murder and trash.
So he gives me the ticket, and why am I mad?
I wasn't mad about this.
You know what was with this ticket?
Texas Department of Public Safety Potential Surcharge Notice.
A conviction of an offense under the traffic law of this state or the political subdivisions of this state may result in the assessment of your driver's license of a surcharge under the Driver Responsibility Program, which they've been putting in all over the country.
And what do you want to guess?
I did three hours of research on this last night, and it is totally criminal.
I even have State Transportation Board minutes right here.
Right here.
I've got hundreds of pages.
I read hundreds of pages.
You hear that?
Hundreds of pages.
And even the state board says what they're doing is criminal.
And the criminal DPS.
The criminals!
The criminals!
I'm going to write a big article about this.
I'm going after this at the state legislature.
They shoot their mouths off and say it's for trauma hospitals and we can do whatever we want.
And then guess what I found?
The money didn't go into trauma hospitals.
They always do the lotteries for schools and a pittance goes to it.
Because mafia runs it.
Everybody knows that.
And then you sit there and you sit there and you claim all this.
Well, I did something you've never done, state troopers.
I actually went to the facts.
And you make me sick.
Because do you know where this money goes?
You know where 49% of it goes?
It goes to the Spanish toll company.
They're going to use those transponders.
And guess what?
You're not even going to have jobs, you fools, except pulling people over for criminal offenses.
The transponders are going to tax everybody, and if you speed twice in three years with your transponder, they're going to put a $125 charge every year on top of your license, and it goes up to $10,000 a year.
We'll be right back.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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We don't need no education.
You know, the next time a cop pulls you over and wants to search your car, go, hey, can I search yours?
And they'll look at you like you've got ten heads.
Well, statistically, officer, you engage in more crimes than any other group in the population.
More suicide, more murder, more drug dealing, more prostitution, more corruption.
I need to search your car, officer.
Now, I'll laugh at you.
You don't search...
A first-class American's vehicle.
You're a third-class piece of trash.
They're an authority.
They're an official.
They're no longer public servants.
You're a slave to give them money.
I started looking at all the new taxes we've got coming on the line, all the things that are happening.
And then I found out that 49% of the...
Money that goes in to... You pay the ticket, and then they put something as big or bigger than the ticket.
Because let's say you pay a $200 ticket, but that ticket is going to cost you three points that come out to, I don't know, $400.
Take a couple, what, $125 out each year.
That's for the smallest offenses.
You get nine points.
It's like $1,000 a year.
And then they've even got points for manslaughter in there.
Just these weird little fees.
And, of course, I'd heard about all this quote for hospitals.
And then I typed it in.
I knew.
I said fraud in association with the driver license rules changes for the new driver responsibility program.
And it turns out that, let's say they raise $180 million.
Well, 30 million goes to the hospitals.
49% were supposed to, but sorry, the private Spanish company needs it all.
And of course the state troopers don't get anything.
It's funny.
They get paid less than the average cop in a municipality.
It's just so classic.
And they dutifully out there do all this.
I tell you, I read literally hundreds of pages last night.
I circled quite a bit.
It says, with charges from $100,000 to $2,000 every year for three years.
But actually I found charges up to $10,000, so that's inaccurate.
But this is their own Texas Department of Public Safety report.
Order adopting rule.
This was Title 37, TAC, Part 1, Chapter 15, Subchapter F. And it's just, they have comment and response by the board who went ahead and approved this.
And I underlined a lot of stuff in here.
And this is just one section I was reading last night.
And it talks about how this private vendor is going to be running it and how it is the Trans-Texas Corridor Program gets 49%.
And this is the agency standard business practice is to fully investigate any claim.
Because you notice business practice.
70% of the stock market is owned by these governmental organizations, which actually have private shareholders now, see?
They make money off of it.
It's not about free market, folks.
And it just goes on and on and on here.
What is this comment on 15.161B?
Again, makes it go through a private company, and they say, comment, the rules should make an allowance for individuals to pay DPS.
And they say, oh, no, got to go to the trans-Texas corridor crowd, because cops are going to be out of the equation soon.
And that's all in here.
See, I knew they were going to use the transponders to tax and track us and give us tickets, but it's here.
I mean, this is it.
Some of these cops are all going to speed, and it's going to happen to them, and they're going to lose their jobs.
They're going to be just like all the computer program people.
I'm going to be talking to so many crying, whining cops.
And they'll have private security firms that do it all.
I'm sorry, it goes on.
And the failure to provide one will allow for the abuse of Texas citizens by vendors or its agents.
Talks about abusing citizens.
Let me see this.
It does not require the agreement to formally document any grants.
And they respond over and over again in here and say, we don't have to follow laws.
We do whatever we want.
We don't have to show documentation.
And then they quote other policies.
See, now they make policies.
No one challenges it because they're too busy watching UT football.
And so they go, well, we're going to expand on that policy.
Folks, just type in Driver Responsibility Program.
It's all over the country now.
And you'll see it.
And it lets you start payment plans with them.
There's a bunch of stuff in there.
I'm trying to find it all.
It's just so much.
I can't even cover it all anymore.
I'm trying to find the really bad stuff.
Oh, here's a good one.
The rules do not make clear how individuals protected in confidential criminal history information has been protected for disclosure to the vendor and or the general public.
And then the department's response is, we don't have to care about that.
Ha ha!
And you know why I'm laughing about it?
You know why I'm laughing?
Because I got the Chicago Tribune with cops getting in all sorts of trouble and getting assaulted and getting robbed because of this.
Ha ha!
It's all going to come back on you.
God's going to curse the living daylights out of you.
And if I sound mean, I am.
I'm so sick of your corrupt system.
You're all going to get to take a big drink out of the cesspit you created.
So get ready.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome to this edition of Coffee on the Air.
I'm your host, Joe Java.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Listen, don't take my word on it.
Type in this driver responsibility program and go read the minutes of the meetings.
We're good to go.
I know they're going to tax and trace us down the road.
I know they're going to take a lot of people's driver's licenses away.
I know they're going to rape the living daylights out of us.
And let's say you like paying tickets that you don't owe, or you like paying exorbitant amounts.
It's going to be thousands and thousands of dollars a year, now over $3,000 they're openly admitting, to drive in Austin alone, or the average Texas city, and several thousand more to drive outside Austin.
A trip from Austin to Dallas...
We'll cost about $100 in tolls.
That is mainstream news.
And I shouldn't be upset.
By the way, I know the Texas coffers have extra money in them, but they run these scams where they tell the public they don't.
And it'll come out in the paper, too, that they're lying about it.
It's like TxDOT claims they don't have any money, and their own documents come out, and they're lying about it to get more.
Just like FEMA screwed up Katrina, because when they, quote, screw up, they get more money.
And it just gets worse and worse.
And I have a whole stack of articles here where, from England to the U.S., the government sells our data to whoever wants it.
They're actually creating identity theft.
And then meanwhile, I've heard about these ads.
I haven't seen them, but Kevin Smith, who pops by routinely, he happened to see this ad.
And again, folks, this is going on nationwide, so it's coming or has already come to your area, so you better start fighting it.
And again, it doesn't matter how wildly unpopular.
Nobody likes this.
I mean, in polls, it's 90-plus percent against it.
And if we educate the other 5%, they'd be against it too.
98% in Houston, 93% in Austin.
Depending on what poll, very unpopular in Oregon, California.
But still, they just do it, see?
I thought they worked for us.
No, no, no, no.
It's for trauma hospitals, and it turns out it didn't go in there.
It's going to a bunch of known mafia organizations.
Same folks that run your lotteries.
But, Kevin, you've seen the new ad going.
An ad to tell us how great the new inspection stickers are.
Well, you know the last legislative session that never ended, just kept on going and going and going.
They did have a bill there to put a tracker chip in the inspection stickers.
Now, this newest one that started at the first... By the way, it didn't matter if the law failed.
They went ahead and did it.
I just wanted to advise you.
Well, I believe that was the inspection sticker.
Now, see, this is the registration sticker.
Yes, this is the inspection I was talking about.
So, they've got a new slick ad campaign.
There's multiple commercials, but the theme is the same in all of them.
You've got to get that new registration sticker.
It's so cool looking.
It's bling bling, and it's the law.
And I'd have to guess this is probably another GSD&M ad campaign.
It's very similar to the Don't Mess With Texas and the End of the Blue, to everything that would get thrown in their lap right now.
And a good, funny commercial, but at the end, it's the law.
Tell me about the commercial, because it's really cool to be a slave.
Tell me about it.
Well, there's two different versions.
There's one with a couple good old boys in an old beat-up pickup driving out in West Texas, and they're using gang terminology and...
That's where the bling bling comes in.
And then there's another one with a couple beauty pageant queens with their sashes on and like a 67 convertible.
So basically you're hip, good old boys.
You're beautiful women.
You're just the creme de la creme into this.
And the bleached blonde, double bubble blonde was able to do it herself.
And the other one was praising her for being able to accomplish it.
Of course, why would they have an ad campaign about this new sticker?
By the way, in the law, if you tamper with the inspection sticker, it's a felony.
So, see, we've got to make sure.
Now, again, nobody asked you.
Nobody told you.
It's just we're tracking.
And then, meanwhile, everybody's freaking out over the NSA listening to people and talking about how it's criminal.
But, see, they're going to claim, they're already claiming, oh, we should gather traffic data.
It is criminal.
It's like, oh, we're now tracking your cell phone, but it's for traffic data, too.
But then you actually read the dual use.
It's like with cameras.
They announced they were all for traffic the last decade.
Now notice there's 20 articles a day, Kevin, where they go, oh, and now the cops are going to use them.
You caught the guy in the Walmart parking lot under surveillance that abducted the girl.
There's always going to be a few things they can throw out there to say, look, look how cameras solve this crime.
But Texas, we're like a right-to-travel state.
We're an expansive state.
We've always...
Not had any restrictions on us traveling.
We need to travel.
Well, I had to read over and over again in these documents.
Your privilege will be revoked.
Let me just tell you again.
I have the federal court cases.
You can say it's a privilege, just like you're trying to say Second Amendment's a privilege now.
A lot of these goons will believe it.
Driving is not a privilege.
Let me tell you again.
These are the federal court cases.
They said that the general conveyance, the main mode of transportation...
We're good to go.
And so then see the driver's license and a tax on their commercial vehicle.
Now, I drive a car, and it doesn't matter if there's 100 court cases plus.
I mean, it's ridiculous saying I have a right.
These cops don't know.
They don't go read the code.
They just suck their thumbs and got a bunch of big fat gangsters running their lives.
We've just had a number of gun laws come through the state in the last session.
We've had the Texas Supreme Court rule that property taxes are unconstitutional.
What are we... But they're still going to be foreclosed on houses.
You're still going to be paying them, baby.
Because they've got men with guns that are willing to take you down.
Imagine being crooks with uniforms and guns.
They don't even know they're crooks.
I mean, that's the ultimate brainwashing, Kevin.
That's very dangerous.
They think they're on the side of good and right and just doing their job, ma'am and sir.
You said that it would be a felony to tamper with these stickers?
I haven't seen the law with these new registration stickers.
Yes, with the inspection stickers.
And so now, well, this sticker wasn't put on right.
This RFID isn't working.
Get out of the car, man.
It's the law.
So it's not just that if you try to pry it off someone else's windshield to use it?
If you try to disable the RFID device, and it says in the bill, the day your insurance goes out.
They're going to have screens in their cars.
The day your insurance goes out.
Well, the trooper knew how many points you'd already incurred, right?
I've got my six points.
Well, I'm going to go beat it.
He made mistakes on the ticket.
There were four people in the car.
It was one passenger.
And he made other mistakes here.
And I'm going to get him up there.
Did you calibrate that?
And of course they're going to try to make me plea bargain.
I want to see the record, because I know the state law.
I want to see those calibration records.
Of course the judges are so corrupt, they'll go, I don't care if you said there were 100 people in your car.
I don't care if you were dangling upside down.
I don't care what you're doing.
You're going to pay us, boy.
Well, what's that new condition when you have problems with authority?
I think you definitely qualify for that.
So did Benjamin Franklin, yeah, George Washington.
Well, so we've got a problem.
There possibly may be a problem with trying to disable these stickers.
It'll be a felony, so no one should take them and pound them with a hammer or stick them in a microwave before they put them on their car.
They may be felons, huh?
The new economy is prisons, folks.
That's where you're going.
The new America is a cesspit.
The official doctrine is... Look, it's like I had that big CIA chieftain on last week, and I said, most of the jobs are going to be tattletale squads and police.
He goes, yes.
And, I mean, that's where it's all going.
I mean, I heard a guy call into a talk show last week.
He goes, I'm about to get my master's from A&M.
We teach people...
How to get lower insurance at car rental places and everywhere else by checking your data.
And man, I went in to get a rent car today because my other car is a 20,000 mile checkup.
And I mean, I've rented cars at this enterprise a couple times before, and I mean, the guy was like, well, where's your other car?
My car's at, you know, Hewlett.
Well, where is that?
Well, how long are you going to... And I said, what's this?
Well, it's just some new security procedures.
So they did a blood draw, a DNA swab?
The corporations are told you get a discount on their insurance if they do this.
It's simple.
And I heard a guy on the radio the other day, I mean, I was aware of it, but to hear him bragging on the radio that he's about to get his masters, and this is what he's going to do, and it's all these databases and indexes and answering, and everybody's a little tattletale, everybody's a little, and the guy kept asking me questions after questions and double-checking questions, and what's that address again?
And I said, I'm in your computer, buddy.
And I was just like, I'm just getting this rent car for two days.
So I think I'm going to buy like an old clunker just to be my spare, so when I'm getting work done on a car, I don't have to go worship these people.
It's all about worshipping, and of course that guy's going to be abused too, but as long as he gets to do something to somebody else, he's going to be fine.
You know, in Texas, if you get the classic license plate, I think it has to be 25, 30 years old, you don't have to get an inspection.
It's a five-year tag or plate, and you can just run around in your little hot rod, your old 57 Chevy.
There is a limit on the mileage you can do per year.
Oh, how gracious of them.
Oh, free country.
A limit on how much you can drive, yeah.
But the border's wide open, and no, I have the New York Times, and I have the London Guardian here.
The CIA gave A-bomb plans to Iran.
Well, plans without any material.
That's just a set of plans.
Do we help them with the material also?
Yes, of course.
We have those previous articles, yes.
I've got to stop those that ate Al-Qaeda.
Well, I saw a German release the other day sent to me by a friend.
And apparently, you know, Condi's over in Australia.
Porter Goss is over in Turkey.
They're all telling all our allies, look, we're either overflying or we're going to use your bases here to start hitting Iran and Syria.
So be ready.
And apparently, we've told Turkey...
It'll be okay for you to jump over Iraq and attack the Kurds in northern Iran, you know, since they're launching terrorist attacks against Turkey from there.
So they're getting a piece of this, too.
So, you know, any idea that it'll be a Kurdish autonomy or any kind of a homeland, it's going to happen.
Well, no, it's just we just got to have some burning buildings on the news that, you know, the globalists can then sell us there's some war and sell weapon systems.
Yeah, you know, this is a little off topic from what we were talking about with the inspection stickers, registration stickers, but...
To any good old boys out there that think that Iranians are just a bunch of ragheads and saying this and that, you've got a wake-up call coming, my friend.
These aren't Arabs.
They don't throw their AK-47s and run.
These are Persians, and they don't deal well with invading forces.
They've got a pretty good track record against those sort of things.
I'll let you go and get back to what I was doing.
We'll just turn them into a glass parking lot.
Oh, boy.
Well, hey, keep up the good work, and we'll have some more people on to talk about the toll roads.
Friday, we're going to have Stahl in studio.
That's right.
I've got text monitors on Thursday in studio.
And I'm sorry if I'm flipping out and yelling and screaming, folks.
I'm just getting really sick of it.
I mean, imagine if I said to that cop, hey, mind if I search your car?
How mad he would have gotten.
She goes, how dare you?
I'm a god creature.
I got a unit.
No, statistically, he's got more to hide.
His M.O.
is a lot dirtier than mine.
And, I mean, I'm just tired of it, folks.
This is America.
This is not Mexico or China or Russia.
And, Kevin, thanks for coming in.
You betcha.
You bet.
Take care, buddy.
No, I was just... During the break, he was here, and I was telling him about what happened to me.
We're good to go.
I think?
Oh, that was a false report Friday that Drudge and World Tribune picked up.
Jerome did not die.
They said he was brain dead, been turned off.
That was a lie, and they're saying he could even be able to speak again someday, but he will not be prime minister.
False report last Friday, but not my fault.
The mainstream media was reporting he was dead.
Continuing here, let me get into some of the stuff that's happening.
Your phone records are for sale.
Now, under federal law did this.
It goes into a big database, and all the emergency management centers, if they haven't done it yet, they'll be funded for it.
They're going to track you live as you drive with your cell phone, and they can dial in and listen to the audio on the phone, both of what you're saying or shut it off and use it as a microphone and listen to you.
With no warrant, no nothing, that is the federal law.
Now, again, they have laws saying that Native Americans weren't human beings.
It doesn't mean that that's true.
The Chicago Police Department is warning officers their cell phone records are available to anyone for a price.
Dozens of online services are selling lists of cell phone calls, raising security concerns among law enforcement and privacy experts.
Now, I mean, again, whoever said you could do that?
When you sign the cell phone agreement, it says you will pay international taxes, local taxes, be spied on, have no rights.
Criminals can use such records to expose a government informant who regularly calls law enforcement official.
They're not just a law enforcement, they're official.
Oh, an official.
I want to go to school and someday I could be an official.
Suspicious spouses can see if their husband or wife is calling a certain someone a bit too often.
And employers can check whether a worker is regularly calling a psychologist or a competing company.
Some online services might be skirting the law to obtain these phone lists, according to Senator Charles Schumer, the gun confiscation Israeli Mossad agent, who has called for legislation to criminalize phone record theft and use.
That'll all be done selectively.
In some cases, telephone company insiders secretly sell customers' phone call lists to online brokers, despite strict telephone company rules against such details, according to Schumer.
That's not true.
It's in the federal law.
You think they just do this?
It's just more baloney, though.
I've been covering this again for getting close to a decade.
That was in 96.
Not close.
Yeah, I guess almost a year.
I mean, almost 10 years.
Though the problem is all too common, federal law is too narrow to include this type of crime, Schumer said last year in a prepared statement.
The Chicago Police Department is looking into the sale of phone records.
A source said late last month the department sent a warning to officers about locatecell.com, which lists lists of calls made on cell phones and landlines.
Oh, and landlines, too.
Officers should be aware of this information when giving out their personal cell phone numbers to the general public, the bulletin said.
Undercover officers should also be aware of this information if they occasionally call personal numbers such as home or office from their undercover ones.
And the FBI did a test in three hours, got this back.
The test of the service, the FBI, paid LocateCell.com $160 to buy the records for an agent's cell phone and receive the list within three hours, the bulletin said.
And they found that the Tennessee-based operation could not be reached for comment
Not only in Chicago, but nationwide, the FBI notified its field offices of this potential threat to the security of our agents, and especially our undercover agents.
Well, listen, you stupid twits.
It's your system that did this.
We need to educate our personnel about the dangers posed by individuals using this site and others like it.
We are stressing that they should be careful in their cellular use.
And let me tell you why those sites are so important, and I don't mean to be mean.
You people destroyed this country, okay?
By making your excuses, making your little jokes, your little games.
I never told this story.
I was at a funeral a couple weeks ago, two weekends ago, up in Fort Worth, Texas.
We're driving around.
My father and I went to the funeral.
We wanted to go see the big art museum there because the funeral was later that afternoon.
And so we're out there driving around, and my dad's got his cell phone, and we're lost, and we need to get back towards the side of Fort Worth that's having the funeral.
And my dad knew that he could call his cell phone and that they could give him directions if he told them where they were at.
Well, they didn't need that.
We'll be right back, and I'll tell you exactly what they said.
I ought to do this on air.
I ought to call a cell phone, have it wired into the board, and go, where am I?
They'd give my exact location.
Well, you're at the corner of this and that.
It's freedom, folks.
It's freedom.
It's freedom, freedom.
Freedom, freedom, freedom.
I hope you enjoy it because you're going to get a lot of it.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
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I think so too.
We're good to go.
But it's an example of how conditioned I've gotten, how much news there is, and how many incredible things are happening.
I mean, I knew that all the new cell phones starting on October 1, 2001, off of a 96 federal law, track you down to 15 feet.
Really, it's 3 feet, but the law lets it be down to 15 feet.
And I knew that you could go on to private websites and get it, and I knew that all the law enforcement systems are having the officials are having these big grids put in to live track us on the map.
And I knew they were using it.
But my dad says, hey, I heard you have the service to give me directions.
And he said, I didn't tell you where I am.
And I'm listening to him.
He's got his speaker real loud on a little flip phone so I can hear it all.
He's driving right next to me.
And I've got the phone about a foot from my head.
And she goes, well, sir, I can tell you right where you are right now.
Would you like that?
And he said, yes.
She goes, you're at Main and whatever it was, driving down Main Street.
And right as she said it, there was the sign, Main and whatever street it was.
And my dad's like, what?
Yeah, we know exactly what course they do.
This isn't a free country.
And see, it's all sold as service and fun and good.
That is a federal tracking system.
That's why that was put in.
And then they'll also sell the service to you.
If you want to be tracked and controlled by it, and they've got all these reasons why, if you've been, you know, crashed your car, we'll know where you're at, or if this has happened.
They've got all these great reasons, all these reasons why this needs to happen.
But at the end of the day, we have criminals running the government, and they're using it for bad, and that way outweighs the good.
And that's the way it's always been throughout history.
And of course criminals are going to use it to burn cops.
Of course they're going to use it to rob your house.
Of course, and the government, which is run by the bigger, badder criminals, is going to use it for all manner of evil.
And so, yes, TxDOT didn't care that it failed, that they failed, that they couldn't pass in the legislature a transponder and all the inspection stickers.
The info I've gotten, I've looked at it, is some type of little electronic chip
In the form of a piece of metallic tape in the registration stickers, and I've been told, I haven't seen the documentation yet, because it takes time to go research this, I've been told that's got a transponder too, and it looks like one.
I mean, I see a transponder in the new...
In the new chips.
And I know that they also in Texas, I saw this about four years ago, a lot of the cameras are hooked up with the software that scans license plate numbers.
I'm sure you all heard three years ago about the Florida town, that every car that drives through it has their, quote, record run, and it keeps everybody safe, of course.
I mean, that's nationwide.
That's going in everywhere.
And they're going to tax you, they're going to trace you, they're going to control you.
And again, if we had angels running the government, maybe all this would be great.
Folks, they ain't angels.
I mean, there's been a whole bunch of indictments of congressmen.
$800 million here, $25 million there.
Just, you name it.
And I mean, we've got crooks running this country, and we better stop being naive about that.
And so when the cop wants to search your car, say, well, can I search yours?
He's going to flip out on you and go, well, how is that any different?
You're not an official.
Do you understand?
Let me say it again.
You are not an official.
A mayor is not an official.
A congressman is not an official.
Judges didn't used to make people bootlick them and call them all these names.
They just tell you to, and we get accustomed to stepping and fetching it.
Well, listen, it's time to stop stepping and fetching it.
Americans were never like this.
You understand America is about not being slaves.
Do you understand that when they say jump, we say, I'm not going to jump.
You're going to jump, because you're my servant, you little punk.
All right.
I have got masses of huge headlines and just huge pieces of news that I've been venting in this hour and talking about the control grid.
We will take your calls first, the first six or seven people that have been holding the longest, and then we will get back into the news when we start this second hour.
It is Monday, the ninth day of January 2006, as we fight the king's men.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Last hour, I predominantly talked about transportation, how they're going to tax and trace us.
And 49% of any of this new...
Driver Responsibility Slave Program.
Two tickets in three years.
You get to pay, in some cases, thousands of dollars on top of your tickets.
It's all part of a database.
Guess what?
It goes to a private Spanish company that's been seeded because of open payoffs.
The major roads have been given to them, and they're just going to have the little dutiful state troopers out there feeding on us in a vampiric fashion.
I am just hopping mad about this, the stuff I discovered researching this last night.
We've got a bunch of news here.
Your phone records are for sale.
No kidding.
Your exact location is of your cell phone.
There are companies you just go pay maybe $10.
You can find out, in some cases even cheaper, exactly where people are.
Do you understand, folks?
This is the new freedom.
That's why I use an old cell phone.
It even works better than the new ones.
Of course, you pay for a piece of junk, and it spies on you.
You've got to love the new world order.
Four-year-old boy on government no-fly list.
All part of the new freedom.
Homeland Security opening your private mail now.
All part of the new freedom.
And there's a plan here.
This is World Net Daily.
Lock them up to die.
Prison bird flu plan.
Government prepares for sealed off facilities, mass graves, men left to mercy of killer disease.
That's the plan.
Domestic spying issue likely to be dominant politics issue in 06.
And we had listeners point that out and say they're just setting it up for the big issue.
And September 11th, a cleanup worker dies of lung disease.
A police detective, 34 years old.
A whole bunch of them are dying.
Their dogs are dying.
Their lungs are full of asbestos and toxins.
They don't get any money.
But, hey, government loves you, cops!
They'll talk to you real sweet and tell you how good they are when they stab you in the back.
Meanwhile, I just cry when I see how stupid we all are.
It's not just you.
We're just... We really are just decadent, well-paid, little fat and happy creatures, you know.
Well-paid little minions of the New World Order, all of us.
You know, even if you have your blue collar, you've still got enough of this land of milk and honey to buy all the cheeseburgers and beer you want.
So our brain's pacified, and so it's on to the slave camp.
We're going to break and give everybody plenty of time, so I don't want to hurry the callers.
We'll go to you in the next segment, so be patient.
We'll get to you.
Oh, selective abortion, 10 million girls missing in India.
That's the headline out of...
This is an AP article, isn't it?
I hate it when they put it at the bottom.
No, it's French News Agency.
Oh, here's another one.
No identity card.
You could be fined $2,500.
Neocon police state spreads disinfo.
I won't get into that.
Extra armor could have saved lives.
Study shows it shows that Army commanders and Marine Corps commanders did request level 3 body armor but were refused.
A new study by the military itself shows that 80% of Marines who have been killed in Iraq...
From wounds to their upper body could have survived if they had extra body armor.
Extra, those flak jackets they give them are a joke, folks.
They stop maybe shrapnel and things like that.
They don't stop high velocity.
Only the big ceramic plates will stop a high velocity .308 round or .50 cal or things of that nature.
That's common knowledge.
And, again, who's killing you?
Your own government.
They've got it.
It's cheap.
Upper body, full upper body, what is it about?
$700, but a chest and neck guard with the plates is about $300 now.
Sorry, that could go into a Swiss bank account for a politician.
You're not going to get it.
But, oh, $10,000 per camera, way overpriced, like $700 hammers.
Put those cameras up everywhere and track all those cell phones and keep track of all the little slaves.
So we'll get into that.
Impeachment chances for Bush are looming.
Also an article here about Blair saying the same thing.
A bunch of articles with Mayer saying, oh, we're going to use all the traffic cameras and spy on you now.
Hope you don't mind.
Just a lot of other key articles coming up after your calls.
On the other side of this break, as I start to get my stride here on this Monday edition here in 2006, prisonplanet.tv.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, it's open phones, and we'll get into the big headline here.
government sells A-bomb plans, really gives A-bomb plans, to Iran.
Wonder why?
It's like the old western.
Where the little kid, and these are based on true stories, is out there.
The local regulators, the local thug enforcers, the local gold mine owner.
Wow, there's some squatters coming to town.
I'm sure you've seen the old Clint Eastwood movie.
I mean, there were cases where they would actually...
Kill whole towns, whole groups of squatters.
Forget little cases like that, but there are famous cases where they would actually throw guns down in front of them.
They're standing around a little kid.
They've already gunned down his daddy, and they throw that gun down.
They go, I'm going to kill you.
I'm going to kill you.
Go ahead and pick it up.
Go ahead and pick it up.
And boy, they reach for that gun.
Ha, ha, ha.
Yeah, all right.
And you've got a bunch of Americans who can't find Iran on a map, know nothing about it, know nothing about its history, but they've got their opinion that they all need to die.
As if you've got a government that will abuse other countries, but they won't abuse you.
Oh, you're real safe having a big tyrannical government, aren't you?
I don't mean to be so preachy lately.
I've just been really angry.
I just love America.
And I'm reading so much U.S.
I've been studying so much where we came from.
And I've been reading so much world history and the things governments do.
I mean, I can't get away from the New World Order anywhere.
I was camping this weekend, and we're going to your calls.
And I was reading the National Geographic, what, their January issue?
And it actually had something good in there for a change.
They had the numbers of people killed by genocide.
And, of course, China was the biggest.
They had this graft with big pink circles on.
It's like an upward graph showing who killed the most.
Germany was small compared to Russia or China.
China was the biggest, actually physically murdering 30 million people.
From what I've read from a lot of different sources, that's accurate.
60 million died.
The Chinese government admits that, but they only physically killed 30 million people.
Do you realize, folks, 30 million people is more people than live in Texas.
It's almost as many people as live in California.
I mean, imagine the whole state of Texas and then, say, Oklahoma together.
That's government.
That's why I'm freaked out about government.
I mean, I wouldn't trust the government if they were setting up this police state and putting out documents saying that they were going to really take care of us and be sweet to us.
I'd be worried.
But they're not doing that.
They're saying that they're going to take your pension funds...
China dumped the dollar last week.
It's going down even further.
I mean, just all of this is happening, and the average person around me doesn't want to talk about it.
Everywhere I go, every restaurant, every store, every mile of the street, people I even know.
Hey, Alex, how about UT?
Yeah, man, great, they won the Rose Bowl.
Boy, I'm doing really good.
Did you know your bank account's been devalued even more?
You don't know what currency devaluation is?
No, no, but I know all about the quarterback that's young.
Well, good, good, good.
Wear your little UT shirt when you're homeless.
You know, I mean, a private Spanish company is going to have transponders on all the roads.
They're already putting them in to tax and track us.
And if you speed twice in two years, they're going to start getting ready to fine you and fee you and take your driver's license away.
And, I mean, I'm really upset, folks.
I mean, I'm really upset.
I mean, everything we said was going to happen is happening.
I mean, back when I'd read their documents ten years ago, I didn't think they'd actually be able to get it done.
I mean, they're really doing it.
So their next document plans say once this control grid's in place, they're going to start killing us.
I mean, you know, this is getting serious.
This is getting... I mean, listen.
I know there's state troopers listening right now that are mad that I was bashing them in the last hour.
When state troopers have acted amiably and professionally, even when they've arrested me.
At a protest, I say in my video, they were professional and nice.
But when you treat me bad, when you treat me like scum, when you destroy America right in front of my eyes, I get mad.
Because I've got a family.
And I'm upset about it.
And I value freedom...
Just like you value the UT horns, okay?
You know, you would have got upset if your team wouldn't have won, right?
You'd have drunk yourself into a stupor, most of you.
And laid around crying for days over something that doesn't matter.
I'm real upset about the end of America.
I'm real upset right now.
Alright, I said I'd take calls.
I'm just... When police ask if you mind if they search your car, where are you going?
Where are you coming from?
I mean, that's not America, folks.
They have no probable cause.
They're trying to get some probable cause.
When statistically, they're more criminal than any of us, statistically.
I'm not saying those guys are crooks that pull you over.
I'm saying statistically, you've got more probable cause to search them than they've got to search you.
And they're not officials!
I'm going to say it again.
I'm sick of mayors.
I'm sick of these people calling themselves officials.
It makes me want to puke!
Okay, that's enough.
We're going to move quick now through your calls.
I've said my piece.
I'm going to try to control myself now.
I just know that I've got to go.
Normally I just pay an illegitimate ticket because this one's illegitimate.
I admit when I speed.
I'll tell you right now.
But I don't speed when I have my family with me.
And I wasn't speeding to the level this guy was saying.
And I don't appreciate it.
He knows full well he just aimed his radar gun out into a mass of cars.
And so I just don't have the time to go fight this.
But I have to because I'm not going to be on some point system
Because of the last ticket I got, which I said I was speeding.
I was going to that town outside Crawford.
We're not there to cover that.
It went from a 65 down to like 40 just for like 200 yards.
And the cop gave me a ticket and I paid it because, you know, I wasn't speeding yesterday.
But that wouldn't even have made me mad that the guy gave me an illegitimate ticket.
It's that he's like, where are you going?
Where have you been?
Hey, man!
I'm a full-grown man!
I'm not a little kid!
Don't you treat me like that!
Alright, that's... How have we become so pathetic?
Land of the free, home of the brave!
My life, my job, isn't answering your questions!
And because you think it's your right shows how screwed up you are!
Jeff in Denver.
Go ahead, Jeff.
Yeah, Alex, I just wanted to comment on a couple of things real quick.
Of course, if anybody gets pulled over and they think that the ticket wasn't deserving, well, you've already mentioned a couple of these points, but when was the radar gun last calibrated?
You can request the maintenance records on the radar gun and also the training records of the officer
Of what training he received to use the radar gun, and of course the model, manufacturer, and how far he was.
He's got there was one passenger.
I mean, there's two mistakes on this ticket.
I've got him right there.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Well, there's several things you can do.
And also, you know, a lot of people, if anybody out there believes that, of course, any kind of police misconduct, and when I say police, I mean,
Oh, they're the worst.
I have... It's on freewebs.com.
Do me a favor.
Send it to tipsandinfowars.com and we'll link to it.
Look, sir, I've seen video of them, a SWAT team, raiding a bass boat just to check to see how long the fish are.
They aim machine guns at them.
These people are completely insane.
Is that the video?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, exactly.
No, let's aim machine guns at bass boats.
You people are nuts!
Yeah, they... I mean...
There's all type of misconduct going on within the law enforcement administration, ranging from just a regular police officer all the way up to the... Hey, I'll tell you what freaked me out, Jeff.
I read for literally three hours last night.
I meant to go to bed early last night.
I stayed up until 1 o'clock in the morning.
I started reading about 9.
It was like 1 o'clock.
My wife comes down and goes, what are you doing?
And they're doing what I normally do, and I'm reading it.
And even the state transportation board is going, you can't do this.
This is illegal.
And the state police representatives are, we'll do whatever we want.
I mean, it's just crazy.
And just to bring it up again, just like when I mentioned the video of Conspiracy of Silence, and if you do a Google search and type in Conspiracy of Silence, which is a child sex ring video,
That reached Bush Sr.
I mean, you know, next thing I know, I was surrounded by two FBI agents and three Colorado State Police officers when I was walking across the street.
Well, we know who they represent, and yeah, that film was made for Discovery Channel and then got axed.
It was actually originally made for BBC and then Discovery Channel, and I've interviewed the lawyers involved, the Heather Republican Party from Nebraska, and all of it, and it was all documented.
People went to jail over it.
It's not like it.
It's hypothetical.
Oh, yeah, and like I said, I mean, you know, just because...
Bush Sr.
was connected to it, and, you know, of course, Bush Jr.
being the president.
Again, conspiracy of silence.
If you type in a Google search, you can actually watch the video on the Internet.
Of all these witnesses and others.
Well, I know this.
I mean, for people that doubt this, I mean, they admit they do all this weird stuff in coffins at Yale, and they do it as old men at Bohemian Grove.
And, folks, I've been there.
I mean, these people are nuts.
People don't understand.
We've got psychotic nuts running our country.
Oh, yeah, and the skull and crossbones.
And I don't know that much about the Bohemian Grove, but the skull and crossbones is, you know, there's a lot more to that than what people think.
Sir, you haven't seen my film, The Order of Death?
Actually, I haven't seen that one.
I've seen most of your films, Alex.
We have Order of Death and Dark Secrets, both films together on one DVD, price of one.
Oh, okay.
Everybody needs to get that.
It's my newest video, and of course I don't even hardly plug videos anymore.
I'm so busy.
I'm getting angrier and angrier, because it's all coming down, Jeff.
I'm seeing it all get set up, and it just tears my guts out.
One of the things that you've talked about over the years, Alex, is talking about a police state.
That is completely true.
Even six months ago, I can't remember what news agency it was, but there was a news agency that was talking about the FBI and the NSA basically saying, well, this is what's going to be happening.
They basically predicted...
What's happening right now, six months ago, back in June.
All of this is a rollout.
They minimize, oh, we listen to 18,000 phone calls from overseas to here.
It's admitted that the FBI uses OnStar without warrants to listen to people.
They're using the cell phones.
They're tracking everything.
I mean, that's public.
Oh, yeah, they're violating civil rights every day.
Look, every time they do it, they're felons.
Listen, the lion's share of the crimes by the government.
And they're not fit to be...
A toilet attendant.
I mean, it's just most of these people are pure scum.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Hi, folks.
Jack Browning from Midas Resources, the real money folks.
Let's review a few things from the past year, November 2003 to November 2004.
The Dow has ranged from $9,800 to $10,300, a 5% increase.
The dollar's value has dropped from 96 cents to 70 cents against the Euro, a 24% decrease in spending power against the gold-backed Euro.
Gold has gone from the 390s to the 440s, a 16% increase in real money,
We're good to go.
Look, it's simple.
The government doesn't have the moral authority to do anything.
I mean, they admittedly have tested chemical, biological, radiological weapons on us thousands of times.
They'll just kill us.
Kill us.
Oh, we just kill you, but we're your government.
Trust us.
They have been engaging in just so many crimes, so many acts of terrorism.
I mean, I had two different CIA moguls on last week, and I said, oh, did our government carry out terror attacks in Iran to blame it on Mosaddegh to remove that government?
Yes, they did.
Our government did carry out this terror attack.
Did the government carry out that terror attack?
Yes, they did.
Yes, they did.
Oh, but we don't do that now.
I mean, it's just, I'm sorry, folks.
I've got to hurry now.
People have been holding forever.
Adam in California, then Tim, Hal, Eddie, and many others.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Adam.
Yeah, last week I heard you talking about the David Letterman, Bill O'Reilly interview.
Yes, we played a clip of it.
Yeah, I was wondering if you got the chance to see that interview in its entirety.
No, I just saw the internet clip.
Yeah, it was pretty revealing because the first thing that Letterman asks O'Reilly when he comes out is, how was your Christmas?
And O'Reilly responds with, yeah, I had a good winter solstice.
And then the interview continues.
And then at the end of the interview, if my eyes did not mistake me, which I don't believe they did, Letterman applies a Masonic grip.
You or Riley?
Oh, I mean, I said last week that was staged.
Well, I think you're bad, O'Reilly, but the troops need to stay there, and we need to support them by keeping them in the meat grinder.
So, see, they create that false fight, but then they both agree on the same thing, but only on the surface disagree.
But they always flash that.
Oh, it's a good solstice.
Oh, there, let me shake your hand this way.
It's all just a big joke to them.
But if somebody's got a tape of it, send it to me.
We'll post it.
Well, I'm trying to get a video of it, and I'll try to edit something together for you.
How can I be the man if you're the man, Adam?
You're the man.
Anything else?
That's about it.
God bless you.
I appreciate you holding to tell us that.
That's important information.
No, I could tell it was staged.
I mean, I like David Letterman.
He's a talented guy, but...
They don't put him up there for nothing.
I mean, the guy's inside the loop.
Tim in Florida, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
I hear you got a ticket.
So, if you check out peoples-rights.com, and if you have this guy on your show, he can explain to you the definition of drive and vehicle and about the contract code numbers.
No, I know all about it.
It started with commercial vehicles.
Oh, we can't let those trucks ruin our roads that you pay for.
Let's give them a license and tax them.
And then it turned into a privilege for trucks and then a privilege for everybody else.
It's like cops are now saying, and I see it in literature, that the Second Amendment is a privilege.
Well, no, it's not.
But if they can get enough of us, textbooks say that now, enough of us believe in that, they can, quote, restrict a privilege.
Alex, if you do a neutral response letter and send it
Well, I know that works sometimes in some municipalities, but I'll go in there and beat him on, I mean, on mistakes he made on the ticket.
You know, if he even shows up, and I'll get him, okay, sir, did I, because I read the ticket and I looked at him, because I knew they were recording it, and see, I'll use that as evidence.
I said, you know, my children are in the car.
And I looked at him, and I looked back at the ticket,
Now, I wasn't going to do him any favor.
I was just getting him on his own tape.
And I just said, thank you very much.
And there's another mistake on there, too.
I'll leave under my hat.
A little lace in the hole, but, you know, it's just buffoonery.
I mean, well, officer, how can you say you knew it was me that you ran out of?
You can't even figure out who's in a car, a car you looked in.
One more thing, Alex.
Yes, go ahead.
Notice of acceptance, oath of office.
I know most of them knowingly don't take the role, so they can engage.
These judges can engage in all forms of crime.
A lot of them do.
But a lot of them just say that's a formality and ignore it, though it's not a formality.
I know it's a crime.
They don't care.
They're criminals.
Well, you can sue an officer for perjury, for violation of oath.
Oh, claiming that he's an officer when he isn't an officer.
Well, he takes the oath to uphold the Constitution.
He just violated your rights.
Maybe I should videotape the whole process, how I filed the suit and all that.
It's not that it's worth it individually, but yeah, maybe I should sue him for that.
Maybe he hadn't done his oath, but even if he runs out and gets it now, it's too late.
For false arrest.
Yes, because he violated your rights.
Freedom of passageway by giving you a ticket that is a title, section number.
It's not a law.
And you can sue him for perjury.
Yeah, they don't need a murderer to sign something to prosecute him.
It is contract law.
And listen, cops, I don't care if you don't know that.
I've got your own code, as the listener's saying.
I do.
I've got your own Department of Transportation, the board, saying what you're doing is wrong.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
The whole thing operates through color of law admiralty.
And that's a fact.
I don't care if you're ignorant and don't know it.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All over the country, this is what's happening.
The government didn't ask you.
They didn't tell you.
They just put up cameras to face scan your face.
Cameras to read your license plate and instantly run your record.
They put in radio readers to read transponder strips.
They're going to be in inspection stickers and in the registration stickers.
And they're going to tax you per mile unbelievable amounts of money.
I mean, people will revolt against this.
I mean, we're talking conservatively.
I kept reporting $3,800.
That was numbers from a couple years ago.
The new numbers are in that Corridor Watch has gotten.
It's now been in the newspapers.
We're talking $5,000, $6,000 a year in Texas alone.
And then when you get pulled over and you get this point system for speeding, which they're going to use the transponders for, every time you'll, quote, get caught because of the radio readers, you know, knowing how fast you went from point to point and getting that average speed, then you will just rack up massive points.
It's just so horrible.
And then the points go to the private Spanish company that's administering the toll roads.
And again, these are not new roads.
We're good to go.
Alex Jones Show!
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And all these cops here are thinking, I'm a good person, I'm just out helping people.
Well, a lot of you do, quote, help people, but the system itself is corrupt, and you don't know your head from a hole in the ground, just like the general public, and you're carrying out a corrupt system, a corrupt design.
You're part of a corrupt operation against the American people.
Nothing is more criminal, nothing is more sneaky, nothing is more dastardly and backstabbing and engaging in subterfuge than the government.
And that isn't just the founding fathers.
That's the philosophers.
That's common sense.
That's history.
That's the facts.
So just stop telling me how great you are.
That's all this broadcast is doing is saying stop it.
And try to tell the people stop sucking your thumbs and get involved.
Now I'm moving quick through the calls now because I've got a bunch of news I want to get to.
Two audio clips I want to play and just a lot more.
I've got to get more into news mode.
I'm just ranting about the control grid but nobody else seems to talk about it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Hal in Florida.
Hal, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I know you want to go fast, and I know you always tell people to fight, fight, don't roll over for anything, and I don't know what you're going to do about this, but I have won a radar ticket, and what you need to do, and I hope you'll listen, give me the time, you need to check your radar calibration dates,
You need to get the badge number and the training record of the officer that gave you the ticket.
If he was not the one running the radar, then you need both people, whoever wrote you the ticket, if he was different from the man on the radar.
You need to get the license, SEC license, on that particular radar.
Not any others, but that one.
And it's simple.
They won't provide one of those three things and the case is out.
Okay, then what you do is you ask for a postponement for getting the information that you need to fight the case.
Now, who do I make that request through?
Do I go to the first court hearing and then in writing request it, or do I do that by letter now?
Well, you should start those proceedings of getting information right away, as quickly as you can.
And we should all fight this, especially with these new point systems.
Well, Marley, Alex, you should, personally, because you have...
For years, I've been listening to you, and you've been telling me about AF5, 5.
They put theirself on the line.
I think you should do it.
In fact, I'll have you pay for your defense.
Well, listen, I sued a non-profit corporation in the city and just spent $10,000 earlier last year fighting these people, and I defeated them, and they found a bunch of fraud.
A bunch of people are probably going to go to jail.
So, I mean, I do fight them.
I caught fraud going on down at the Capitol and had the newspaper attack me.
I've been fighting them, but no, I think I'm going to fight this and videotape it.
You don't even need a lawyer when you go to that first court, because it's a kangaroo court anyway.
Unless you beat them right there.
I did not have a lawyer when I went to the first one.
And the first thing you want to make very clear in their mind is that if you lose, you will appeal.
And you've got a certain time to appeal, so if you lose appeal... Well, this isn't my first rodeo.
Twice before, a decade plus ago, when I had time to do such things, I go in there and fight them, and I go in there and ask.
I've done all this.
It's important, though, because that officer's got to go to the local circuit court.
He's not going to be in his little city court there.
He's going to have to go somewhere else to...
On your appeal, and he's going to have to do it all through your... It's simple.
It's simple.
If all of us start doing this, we will weight them down and crush their system.
But if we all just go along with it, I agree.
He's going to make me... Listen, they're going to make me drive up to Belton, and that's fine.
I'm going to drag them all over.
You're right.
They can beat the rap, but they can't beat the ride.
I want mine, and I'd like to hear...
One good thing from Alex Jones, and that is he won his.
That's about all I'd like to say.
Let me ask you a question.
I appreciate your good advice.
I know it's good advice.
I know it's real advice.
Let me ask you a question.
You don't think we're talking about enough positive things on the show?
I have seen you tell people to fight something when they're really on the line.
I even know some people that are probably in prison now that I hear you talk about, that they just sort of disappear there because they did fight.
But it's important that we fight, and it's important that we win, and you can win this.
No, I agree.
I have a Federal Communications General Radio Telephone License, and I've had many years of experience in radar in the Navy, and they are, for instance, like if it was raining on the day that you got your ticket, that would be a factor.
The fact that he was pointing down a lane where there was other cars, he could easily...
I've been clocking a car other than your car.
There were swarms of cars around me.
Well, there is a good defense right there.
If he makes any mistake, what you want to be sure to do is prove he made a mistake.
Any mistake.
Well, I've already got him saying there was one passenger.
Well, what you then do at that point is you tell the judge, we now know that this officer can make a mistake.
And what I'm saying here, he did make a mistake.
I was not doing what he said, and we've already proved that he can and did make a mistake on record.
Let me ask you a question, Hal.
Do you think I'm wrong?
Because I really have been trying to control myself, and I frankly am getting to the point where I can't.
I'm getting madder and madder and madder about what's happening in this country.
So, I mean, it's not histrionics.
It's not done for display.
This is not an act.
I'm really getting mad.
Alex, it's past time to get mad.
And I'm an old man.
It don't matter in years to me.
But frankly, I don't think that the people out there are worthy to be free.
And I've heard you say that because they will fight.
And I'm going to see somebody fight.
I'll fight.
But I can't win by myself.
You can't win by yourself.
We have to have a different attitude among the citizens.
Well, that's why we were so free in this country, because people didn't put up with that.
I mean, that officer doesn't understand why I got mad at him wanting to search my car.
I mean, it's such a raping.
I mean, I'm out there being raped.
It's the Fourth Amendment.
Make it to appeal.
That's your main thing.
He didn't search the car, and I didn't tell him where I was going or where I'd come from.
I just said, no, I'm not going to answer your questions.
Well, flood them now with requests for information like registration and license numbers for that particular radar, the specific training record for that officer.
How does that work in one of these little courts?
I mean, even though I'm not in the court yet, so I don't know.
Well, if they don't give it to you, that in itself is, you know, send a certified mail, make copies, and...
If they don't send you that information, then you can simply go in and say, well, I haven't received the information that I need for my defense.
Hey, what do you think of the fact that in this article it says that half the money, or 49%, is going to this private Spanish company?
Well, I believe it.
I believe it, and I'm sure it's true.
I've got it.
It's right here.
I just can't believe it.
It always is even worse than I thought.
The whole country is a corporation.
You know that.
They say we are doing business.
It says business over and over again in here.
We're doing business as a corporation.
You know what I think?
You know, I get mad at these police, but most of them are just like the general public.
They have no clue.
We've been living as slaves so long, they just don't even know.
Alex, you go into a little town, the first thing you see is the sign that says corporate limits.
You can convince people that a city is a corporation.
But you find it a hard time convincing people that the United States is also a corporation and that they are treating you as a corporation.
But if you put that into appeal, you can cause them so much trouble.
There's no way they can collect enough money on your little fine to go through that process.
Well, that's why they're trying... Look, they've got the personal recognizance bond.
Well, this has been on the news.
They've said on local CBS, you're now guilty of unproven innocence.
They arrest people now here for not wearing a seatbelt, and they ask you to sign a form with nine crimes you've committed on the back, and to take thousands of dollars in courses.
I mean, this country... If you signed that ticket, you probably did that already, but... That's unbelievable.
I mean, look... You did it under duress.
I don't know.
Well, obviously.
You're going to have five, and as I say, the chances are, whatever you do in that first court downtown, it's not going to matter too much anyway unless you win.
Now, if you win, you present a good enough case.
I presented a good enough case.
I won on one.
Well, in my two cases here in Austin a decade plus ago, they kept trying to get me to plea bargain, plea bargain, plea bargain, plea bargain.
And I just said, no, no, no, and they said, dismissed.
I mean, it's not...
Usually they've got so many fools who'll just roll over that they don't... I've talked to so many people who were innocent of crimes, you name it, and they still plea bargain when they could beat it.
Well, that's the name of the game.
You've got to also appeal it if you have to.
Well, I mean, look, you can argue whether... Last time I got a ticket, I paid it because I really was speeding, but then you can even debate all that.
I mean, the guy's wrong on top of it.
I don't want to talk about it all day.
Anyway, those are the things that you're going to need, and you need them all down on paper, and you just present them and then make it well known.
Your key act is to make sure that they know you will and you intend to appeal, and you have to do that.
Yeah, it's simple.
It's simple.
You tell that company that you may get your pieces of silver, but then I'm going to end up making sure you spend ten times that much to get them.
Thanks for the call.
I really do appreciate it.
And that's what it's all about, folks.
It's just so crazy that all this is going on.
It's the fact that they want to, where have you been?
Where are you going?
That's not freedom, folks.
You shouldn't have to answer somebody's questions.
And they shut up as soon as you don't answer them.
And don't sit there and suck your thumb and feel sorry for yourselves, police.
You're out of control.
You're where the rubber meets the road in this new world order.
Eddie in England, thanks for holding.
Welcome, you're on the air.
Oh, hello, Alex.
I was once again trying to draw a parallel between the things that are happening in America and the things that have already happened here.
As regards to the way you were pulled over, what happened to you, we had here Blair and his cronies and crooks pass a law...
That overpowered what is known as common law.
And I believe the American Constitution took up common law, something that cannot be... No, some regulation by some two-bit thug who calls himself an official or an authority does not trump the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, Constitution, things of that nature.
Yeah, yeah.
And what I was trying to put over was Blair and his cronies...
Yeah, they're now saying that if you drop a piece of trash, they're going to arrest you.
Anything and everything is going to be arrestable.
Look until a few years ago, it wasn't like that here in the U.S., and they swore, oh, we're just going to give you warning tickets for seatbelts, and then a lady driving home stops at her mailbox, gets out, and they admit that she just...
It's indicative of police state.
We've got one here, Alex.
Believe me, you don't have to tell me.
I was bullhorned in Parliament, and they kept trying to stop me from bullhorning, and they gave me a ticket.
But said, it's not illegal what you're doing, but we're putting you in a database.
That's right.
And with regards to local authorities being given powers, which I guess is the same as what's happening to you with your license thing, they say, we are going to give you a penalty over and above the law.
That we decide that you will have.
Well, it's like this unconstitutional jive where if you refuse a breathalyzer, which is your Fifth Amendment right, they instantly take your license.
They're not allowed to do that.
Alex, what we've got here is a man called Roger Critton who went back into our common law and found that these authorities, police or any other who...
Yeah, now they're trying to automatically say that you don't get to go to court.
Yeah, and what we've got here in the UK is, here is your fine for speeding, £30.
If you dare not pay it, it will be £60, and if you go to court, it will be £120.
Yeah, exactly.
They're conditioning you to go ahead and pay it.
Well, I mean, here's an example.
My clock said 5 o'clock.
It is about 4 minutes fast in my car.
I park downtown.
It's literally, I run in and pay a bill.
I run back out and there is a ticket that says $4.59.
Now that meter reader individual had to see me pull up, had to run over.
And just no basic connection to reality.
And again, it's $15 if I pay it now, $30 if I wait.
If I pay it early, it's $15.
$30 if I wait, more if I fight it.
It's amazing.
Good points, Eddie.
Thanks for the call.
I know I've been ranting about this now for hours.
It ties into so many facets, and you notice the caller...
I want to talk about it as well.
So we'll come back and take more of your calls and continue.
There's so much news coming up.
Our government giving the A-bomb secrets to Iran.
Yeah, yeah, uh-huh, sure.
Don't worry, they'll give you a tip or two.
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Coming up in the next hour, I've got a little three-minute clip from back during the Watergate hearings.
And they're questioning some of the individuals involved.
And the Congress is actually going back over past statements and showing how they were contradicting themselves and talking about the Fourth Amendment.
See, something that you don't hear today.
I mean, if you've just got a memory, it's amazing.
And there's another clip of Bush in a military hospital making jokes about how he's been wounded, too, by a cedar tree on his ranch that hit him in the head.
I mean, it's just a cavalier attitude.
I want to dovetail that with the military's own admission that
80% of the casualties in Iraq with the Marine Corps alone would have been averted if it had level 3 body armor that's been around for, I don't know, what, 15 years?
And it's not even that heavy to have basic, I mean, that's just with a basic chest armor.
A couple more pounds of weight.
And they did request it, by the way, and they were told, no, you don't get that $300 body armor.
Here's a joke flak jacket that might stop some shrapnel from a IED if you're not too close to it.
Because, I mean, high velocity stuff just goes right through it.
But that's a side issue.
We're going to go to Andrew, Dave, and Phil, and Jason, and Don, and others.
And we'll continue with calls into the next hour.
Like I always say, I'm going to try to hurry through the callers, but they're all so good.
They bring up so many good points.
A lot of Big Brother news, as well as economic news, and what's happening with the wildfires now spreading into Arkansas and Colorado.
It's really dry here, folks.
It is just amazing.
We're good to go.
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I mean, is that surprising to you?
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
And Dave has been holding the longest.
I'm going to take their calls, and then I'm going to get into... I've already covered a lot of it, but there's a lot of it I haven't gotten to.
I'm going to give you more detail on all this Big Brother news, and our government giving A-bomb diagrams, and the implosion calculations and designs to Iran.
It's just so classic.
Ordering one of their CIA assets to go give it to them.
This is how they operate.
Andrew in New York.
Thank you for holding so patiently.
You're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for taking my call.
I was contacted by a number of people because friends of mine have been playing all your documentaries on public access throughout central New York.
99% of the people are now pretty much...
Only maybe one-tenth of one percent call in ever and say, oh, nonsense.
Yeah, New Yorkers, upstate New Yorkers especially in central New York are great folks, and that's what we found all over the country.
Most people resonate with the truth.
We're the majority.
We're the normal people.
There was a number of people who contacted me through intermediaries because they're deaf.
They wanted to have you start putting closed captioning into it.
I did find out, and I wrote a letter to you.
I don't know if you've gotten it yet.
And I sent you a text, too.
What was to start closed captioning everything, starting with, say, maybe 9-11, you know, if you want, whatever.
But it was the idea that for about $1,200, they'll closed caption a Super Master Tape.
Any duplicates you make, I've talked to a number of engineers, any duplicates you make, even on a cheap VCR to VCR, it will record the closed captioning.
They will definitely help spread the word.
You mean a closed caption version?
How do you activate a closed caption off of VHS?
Well, I guess it's... Here's the deal.
Then I've got to have closed caption versions in VHS.
Then I've got to burn master DVDs and print them up by the thousands.
And I appreciate your support.
I need to do that.
I've tried to get a bigger office.
The problem is I have to micromanage everything.
I don't want to, or it just doesn't happen a lot of the time.
And believe me, I want to put my DVDs in a bunch of other languages.
I want to put closed captioning on them.
And I am a small operation.
And believe me, I want to do that.
But they're talking about not even letting us have websites anymore.
If we, quote, don't have it in closed captioning or for the deaf or have it properly formatted, and they're talking about using that as a regulatory tool.
I know you're not saying that, but it just turns into a kind of a spiral of... I mean, I'm not Disney.
I mean, I'm very small.
Well, that's why I sent the check, too.
Well, I didn't see that check, but I mean, what am I supposed to do with the check?
Whatever you wish to, sir.
As I said, it's an open-ended sort of thing.
Well, no, I mean, I guess I could in the future...
I mean, I'll file that material, and yes, when I make new videos, I'm trying to put a... I haven't even got some of my old VHS on DVD yet.
I need to do that, and I guess I'll... I really do want to do that.
I want to do closed captioning.
I mean, I know it's important.
So you've got a lot of calls, people wanting that.
Yes, sir.
One more important thing... Oh, yes, a lot of them.
One more important thing is, of course, is...
With being pulled over like you were.
I found that if I travel with the video camera in the front seat, as soon as the police officer sees that, they usually turn in the opposite direction and run back.
And a lot of times now what I do is I put the fake video camera on the dashboard, you know, $20 special blinking light with the battery built in, doesn't even hook up to anything.
With the hidden video camera embedded in the dashboard, hooked up to my $150 eBay laptop special, wireless on the internet, going back, making a permanent copy of my home.
I saw a deal where the New York ACLU is going to be paying for people to have cameras.
Well, that's up to them.
It sounds like you've got a high-tech setup.
It sounds like you're a go-getter.
Andrew, all I can say is thank you for airing.
The best news of the day, and this just mirrors what I've seen, you're saying 90-what percent of people are agreeing?
99.9 percent.
Once every couple of other weeks, I'll get one person out of thousands of calls that says, oh, hogwash.
And are they incoherent?
Pretty much, usually.
Do you want to tell us more about that, or are you done?
I think I've pretty much covered all the bases.
All right.
Thanks, Andrew.
Keep it up.
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The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks,
With the roots and history of its orchestrators, Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Hey, Jack Blood here from Deadline Live.
You know, it seems people will steal anything and everything you have.
If you have a house with some equity, a car, a truck, RV, there is someone looking for a way to rip it off.
And what about those government agencies?
You know, the ones, those alphabet agencies?
Did you know that they get raises, promotions, and bonuses based on what they see?
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
Man, I tell you, every day, Chris Pearson at the Genesis Network comes in and says, Got you a new station, got you a new station, got you a new station, or to be accurate, every few days.
And I forget which county just told me.
Did you say callusing?
I always mispronounce these.
I've been all over Montana, but forget all the names.
Really cool place.
And I'm told that we beat out Michael Savage to be on that station.
It's always exciting to kick the fake conservatives off of stations.
And to supplant them with ourselves and to really get on the air and talk about the actual issues that affect the American people.
Oh, we'll talk about how bad the open borders are and then we'll tell you who's behind it and actually how to stop it.
See, that's the difference.
We'll talk about how we're for the Second Amendment and then we'll point out how it's Republican governors all over the place basically eviscerating it.
You see, because we don't care if you're a bug-eyed Hillary Clinton or a sniveling George Bush.
You tread on the Constitution.
We go absolutely ape.
But so many new stations signing on with us.
It is getting more and more exciting.
So I commend all of our new affiliates, all of our affiliates that have been with us for in some cases eight, nine years.
It is really exciting.
But again, the message is becoming more and more mainstream.
More and more of what we've talked about is now just in your face.
And if you think that's bad, wait until they start trying to tax you everywhere you go.
Oh, by the way, there's a transponder in your inspection sticker.
We're good to go.
These elaborate polls, and that's true to a certain extent.
They'll go see what the polls say and then tell you what you want to hear, but they do something completely different.
Well, we focus in on their actual programs, their actual operations, their actual government agency policies.
And on average, I mean, it's in the 80s.
Sometimes it's in the high 90s.
But no one, basically, is for what they're doing.
Here's an example.
They're always acting like Hispanics want open borders and Hispanics love the borders being wide open and that George Bush and the Democrats are just giving them what they want.
But then they have major Gallup polls and 65-70%, depending on which poll, the number I see most often year to year is about 67% of Hispanics want the borders controlled and illegal aliens deported.
Now, nationally, you average blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, everybody in together.
It's 87% to 89% depending on which poll you see.
Just go look at the polls.
But then I hear LULAC and I hear Bush and all these groups and the Ford Foundation up on TV and on radio saying, oh, well, Bush is doing what Hispanics want.
And there are some weak-minded Hispanics who are like weak-minded anybody else, and they hear, oh, the majority are for it.
But notice they never cite the majority.
Hey, if you're for Hispanics, you're for open borders.
And some people go, well, I guess I'm from open borders.
They use crafty manipulation.
But it isn't working anymore.
You're a racist if you're for Border Patrol.
And that may work with a few people, a few liberal whites and a few liberal Hispanics.
It isn't working anymore with Americans.
We know our standard of living is going down.
We know it's directly attributed to China and India, and yes, all these Latin Americans and Mexicans, and people being shipped in from Eastern Europe.
I mean, they'll come in and fire everybody.
I mean, everybody.
All the workers at a Ford factory, black, white, Hispanic, I don't care what color you are, and they'll literally bring in 5,000 Poles.
And they'll stick the poles 10 to an apartment.
This has been in South Carolina newspapers.
And then they'll just, in vans, bus in the poles.
And if those poles get uppity, they'll stick them on an airplane and fly them back to Poland.
These are the former people that were building T-72 tanks for the Ruskies.
I mean, it just... I've read a couple books lately, not just on Andrew Jackson, but on George Washington.
And it's true.
George Washington really can't hold a candle to Andrew Jackson.
I mean, really, nobody can.
But he's still an amazing person.
And I'm reading this Ford Foundation written book.
Because, I mean, I read what the enemy says.
It's called His Excellency, and please don't waste your money.
And they use that term that people use for George Washington.
In the presidency to try to use class warfare on him.
And I mean, the whole thing is twisted lies.
It's like they caught that liberal professor up in Chicago creating false documents that didn't exist, saying that, what was it, 95% of people or something didn't own guns in America and we were anti-gun?
I mean, it's just total baloney.
I mean, the war started over that.
You had almost 100% gun ownership.
It was about survival here on the frontier.
The ever-expanding frontier westward.
And he's now been kicked out of the university.
But he wrote that book saying that.
And I tell you, if I had the time to go research this and really do the hard numbers on it, it was just... He would just say over and over again, I haven't finished the book yet, all the evidence shows... I'm going to be getting this guy on, it'll come on.
All the evidence shows George Washington was a liar.
All the evidence shows George Washington was wrong.
It'll have stuff like, George Washington was angry at the mercantile class in England, which he believed had set the economic system up to impoverish those that were actually producers.
This showed Washington's ignorance and lack of understanding due to the fact that he was a pompous ignoramus.
I mean, basically that's what it says.
So I'm reading this.
Getting madder and madder.
Because I've read the official decrees in the 1650s by the Royal French Crown developing mercantilism to destroy the burgeoning Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, because these middle class was emerging, and they had to get control of these merchants and these producers, and they used it to, it was really what fascism or corporatism is.
I mean, I happen to have read multiple books on mercantilism.
I happen to know what the British government said about it.
I happen to know what the French did with it.
I happen to know it's the model we're under today.
And I've got some Ford Foundation guy who they're all lavishing with big awards, and oh, he's so smart.
And I'm telling you, the book from end to end is a smokescreen.
See, a whole other side issue.
But you know what?
People read that.
People read this stuff, and this is going to be a balanced account of the founding father, the man of marble, the man who's untouchable.
The pathetic accounts of him in the past were just propaganda.
The new accounts that I most duly appreciate, this is how the first chapters showed how he was basically a piece of filth.
But we're going to be balanced here, not like that.
We're going to give you a really balanced account.
And then it just goes on for page after page, savaging George Washington.
I mean, this is the trash running our country.
Do you know who the Ford Foundation is?
They're sworn to get rid of our borders.
They're the ones helping pay for the PR campaigns to get rid of our borders.
And by the way, again, China is now dumping the dollar.
They went to a basket six, eight months ago.
What is it?
Yeah, eight months ago.
Time flies.
They went to a basket of currencies, away from the dollar being their main currency.
Now it's dropping even further.
And we're being raped.
Buy this.
And the Ford Foundation just loves that, too.
And then you've got this Ford Foundation fellow who they finance to write this type of stuff.
And the average person goes and gets this book that's a bestseller, and oh, I'm going to find out who George Washington is.
And they go and they read this.
And look, I'm not saying that the whole thing is an invented fraud like other works that have been exposed as such.
It's very craftily done.
Well, we can clearly say that it would be ridiculous to not look at the evidence and to say that George Washington didn't know what he was talking about.
I mean, it's like every page.
It's just all opinion.
It's editorial.
So it's his right to do that.
But you've got to feel pathetic.
I mean, to be paid for, to be bankrolled, to just badmouth George Washington.
I talked about this last Friday.
Really, that's not a joke.
We have FEMA.
Special Forces type in a classroom full of cops and firemen saying Thomas Jefferson's a terrorist, George Washington's a terrorist, they were really bad anti-government people, we're fighting the same type of people today, they're not going to give up, and these people are bad, and Christians are terrorists.
And then I've got all their manuals saying it.
And you know, I have literally had, and I have trouble reading all the mail, I mean, it's ridiculous now, hundreds of pieces a week.
Keep sending it, we look at it, we see it, one of us reads it,
And it's just, we're wallowing in data.
But I've had cops call in.
You've heard them.
I've gotten letters from them.
I've had them send me other tapes and films of similar theme of stuff that just never got on the website or never got on TV.
Because it's just, it's like we're trying to drink out of a fire hose on high here.
And it's just, yes, they said the exact same thing in our group.
It's the exact, here's a tape of it.
Here's a, you know, just.
I had to have a whole box when I was filing that three years ago with that stuff.
Just that.
I mean, think about it.
Wrap your minds around it.
This is who we're fighting.
They don't like George Washington.
Does that show you how they're bad?
They have unlimited money to run around financing books to make the Founding Fathers look bad.
Nothing on how, you know, on average they read a book every couple days, how they could speak two or three languages, how they could write in Greek and Latin.
But, you know, George Washington did hate the international bankers.
They were aware of who they were fighting.
They were aware of destiny and who they were up against.
They were aware of mercantilism and that it wasn't free market, what was happening.
And so no amount of propaganda is going to change the nature of mercantilism.
And again, the guy does it real craftily.
He doesn't even attack the fact that
You know, Hanoverian mercantilism, as the author calls it, was doing this.
He just leaves the question open as neutral, but with the connotations of a negative, that it's not true, and then just says Washington was wrong about the particular merchant he thought that was ripping him off with tobacco.
When everybody knows that the entire British policy was engineered to... They had laws saying that the colonies couldn't produce hard, durable goods to keep control of them.
I mean, I just... It's just not true.
I'm going to try to get that sop on the show.
We'll come back, take some calls, get into all the other news.
Stay with us.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that one goal of international communism was to get our young people's mind off religion by getting on to sex?
By destroying the morals of the younger generation, America will eventually become ripe for revolution without understanding why communism wanted to make young people soft and easily controlled.
We're good to go.
I think?
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It's about four more calls.
I've got to get into all this other news.
Dave in Connecticut, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I decided to call in when I heard your thing about the cell phones with the GPS, that I wanted to discuss something that FEMA did during Hurricane Katrina, and I wanted to refresh your memory on an old tradition.
And tell me if you think this is a deliberate government thing.
You remember in the old days when there were earthquakes and hurricanes, the first thing you'd hear on a TV broadcast would be reports from ham radio operators say that here's the situation there.
You noticed during Hurricane Katrina you didn't hear any first reports from ham operators.
Because they were admittedly jamming it.
The thing that's going on is... No, they said to make sure we're in control completely, we jam communications, and they cut police lines so they can have a bigger disaster to get more funding.
Well, the thing is, when FEMA got folded into this Homeland Security thing, in the old days, government agencies used to rely on ham operators for what they call primary communications.
And what that means is when all the civilian systems went down,
Yeah, but you can't have citizens involved with officials.
Officials can't touch citizens.
Citizens are scum.
You know, ham radio operators used to be like the MacGyvers.
They could take two light bulbs and get a transmitter working in Morse code, just like in the Independence Day movie when they used Morse code to
Get around the world when everything else fails.
Well, that's actually what the submarines, they also have ultra-low frequency.
But get this, FEMA brings in five satellite phones, they say, down to Katrina, and four of them got wet.
You know, if hams were involved, we would have just dried the damn things out and used them.
Did you know if you get electronics wet, that all you've got to do is put it in an oven at 125 degrees for three hours and not turn it on once while it's wet, and it'll start working again?
Obviously, the FEMA guys didn't know that.
Well, actually, I mean, look, again, an average person doesn't think of this from an evil position.
They openly jammed police communications as the storm hit.
This was a huge op.
The city had been federalized years before.
This was a huge... I lived in Austin in 97 for two years.
The first time I saw you was on a local cable TV program.
I'm back up in Connecticut now, and I lost touch with you and your conversations until I heard you one night on George Nury on Coast to Coast.
That show is so great.
You know, they wanted me on Friday night, and I...
You've got to go on there as often as you can.
In fact, I'm going to call into Georgia and ask them to have you come back on.
Did you say that you knew they wanted me on Friday?
No, I didn't know.
You need to get on there more.
But I was out in the boondocks and didn't get their cell call.
I've been around the campfire with a cell phone on coast to coast.
Well, here's the thing.
Like I said, I called in because of the cell phone thing, but here's another threat I want to make you aware of.
I don't know if it's a conspiracy or not, because they always seem to take rights away in the name of convenience, like with the RFID running down the highway.
Hey, we're going to track your call and make it easier for you not to stop.
Well, here's the danger to shortwave broadcasting.
government can't shut off the shortwave bands, because they're like natural.
The U.S.
The ionosphere is the ionosphere.
But what they're going to do in the name of convenience, and they've already passed a law on it as far as I know, is
There's a new technology called AM Broadband.
And in layman's terms, AM Broadband is so like they're going to run computer communications down a power line.
And guess what?
It's data transmission down power lines, and so they broadcast.
And you want to know what the side effect of that's going to be?
Total shutdown of shortwave.
Including the station you're transmitting on.
They won't take your license away.
But if nobody can hear you because it's being jammed at the receiving end... Let me tell you, even the AM, the National Association for AM Broadcasting, they've gone public because it's going to hurt regular AM.
You know, AM is just what... What do they call it over in England?
Medium band.
I mean, AM is really shortwave.
It's just a little bit wider wave, right?
Well, AM is a lower frequency.
Yeah, exactly.
A lower frequency of shortwave.
And the point is,
If they've got that off jammed and hams are trying to do primary emergency communications...
And saying, you know, your satellite phones don't work in emergencies.
Put the guys in that have been doing it for 50 hours.
Well, there's no debating that.
They admit that data down power lines is going to decimate.
I mean, for hundreds of miles around any power line that's transmitting, you're going to have a knockout, a shortwave, and it's already interfering with AM.
Well, let me tell you how I found your broadcast, because after I heard you on George, I remembered something vaguely from one of your cable programs eight years ago, saying...
That you were interested in getting on a shortwave station.
I said, I went down to my local radio shack.
I bought a new digital shortwave receiver, and I just started turning the band listening for your voice.
And I found your shortwave station by doing that.
That's a beautiful story.
I'm really honored that you'd be that dedicated.
Thanks for the call, Dave, up there in Skull and Bones country.
Phil, Jason, and Don, that's all I've got time for.
I've really got to cover these other news items and play these clips.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We know that the Rosenbergs did not really give the bomb to the Russians.
It later came out many decades
Later hints that they'd been helping give them their entire technological base.
You have to build up an enemy to then have a phony war with them.
And it's the same thing with this London Guardian article about them giving the plans for the detonation system for an A-bomb and claiming that it was a flawed system so that when they tried to do it, it would be a big embarrassment.
But then in several other reports about this same subject, it shows that just by changing a few calculations, then it does allow them to engage in this.
So it's pretty scary stuff to know that our government is running around doing things like that.
But again, it's not our government.
Don't be naive.
You can't lobby them.
It's the big financial interests that have now tied their control to it, this whole world government they're building.
You can't control them.
I want to get into some other news here as well.
There are plains fires burning across the plains of Texas and Oklahoma have spread to Colorado and Arkansas.
The wildfire danger that has been menacing the part southern plains spread to Arkansas and Colorado.
Where wind swept blazes destroyed at least 9,000 homes and forced hundreds of people to evacuate, authorities said.
9,000 homes.
You don't see that out in California.
Fires in southern Colorado destroyed five homes, burned at least 6,000 acres, and forced several residents to evacuate homes.
Not far from the New Mexico line, in Arkansas, a 3,000-mile-acre wildfire destroyed four homes Sunday east of Hamburg and chased nearby residents from their homes.
Four volunteer fire departments were battling the blazes, and Deputy State Forester Larry Nance said it likely would be Monday before they could gain control, and they still really haven't in many areas, because they put out some fires and more pop up.
And look, back in 1999, remember how the federal government and the U.S.
Meteorological Survey told the feds don't do controlled burns in 10 western states?
And so they did it.
And it used to even come out on John Stossel's ABC News program that Clinton still ordered it.
And then when it did happen, they brought in the National Guard to help put out the fires and help the firefighters, and Mexican and Canadian troops to, quote, help deal with the blazes.
Nice precedent set.
Now, you see them in New Orleans.
But this is an example of 9,000 homes destroyed.
I mean, that is just a gigantic...
Number to have that many homes being destroyed.
I mean, that is hard to believe.
Meanwhile, I mean, did Al-Qaeda destroy thousands of homes?
No, they didn't.
And then you look at who Al-Qaeda is, and surprise, surprise, it's who actually has the motives, the military-industrial conflict.
I corrected this again in the first and second hour.
I'm going to say it again here.
World Tribune, the Drudge Report, and a score of other major publications reported that Sharon was brain dead and that his son had unplugged him last Friday morning.
And then over the weekend it emerged that that was not true, or at least the government saying that while he's got some brain activity and may be able to
Utter a few words someday.
So he's a tough guy, they're saying, and he has survived.
So I'm sorry I reported false info.
I mean, normally when the news says somebody's dead, it's true.
And so we regurgitated that information.
But Errol Sharon is alive, 77 years of age.
Your phone records, again, are for sale.
Chicago Sun-Times and people are going and buying police officers' phone records and finding out quite a bit.
And the government allows all this.
It's just total transparency.
Four-year-old boy on government no-fly list.
We see one of these every few days.
Eighty-nine-year-old World War II vet, four-year-old boy.
And a lot of times they'll just say, sorry, you can't fly.
Edward Allen was his name.
Reaction to being on the government no-fly list should have been the tip-off that he's no terrorist.
I don't want to be on a list.
I want to fly and see my grandma, the four-year-old boy said, according to his mother.
But Edward Allen is a popular name.
My dad's on no-fly list now, and he has to jump through hoops every time he flies.
David Jones.
There are tens of thousands of David Joneses, and it's not just a terror list.
It's anybody who's even under the suspicion of ever committing a crime.
What they tell you to do is just use your initial, or then don't use your initial.
It can be any of those problems.
But it just shows that when you get there, the bureaucrats just don't even care.
They just go, I'm sorry.
No, I can't.
And the TSA is not going to be on the streets of America, and they're going to train the police.
And this is what life will be like with the new transponders.
They'll just have cop cars waiting at these hardened little bases they're going to build on the roads.
This is official.
We're good to go.
Most of it bunk.
And they'll have that.
Well, that's the new system they're putting in, despite the fact they couldn't pass the law.
They'll just swoop out behind you.
And, of course, on the news it'll be, oh, they're busting lots of people who don't have their insurance.
So we'll go, oh, that's good then.
That's a big problem.
And, again, with this new driver safety program, they claimed it was for hospitals.
They claimed that 49%, 49-point-something, I've got the documents right here in front of me,
I'm going to tell my webmaster to post them after the show.
But it turns out that, no, it doesn't matter even if it's the law.
Appentance is going to that, and the lion's share is going to the private toll company.
And I don't care if it did go to trauma centers.
We've got plenty of money for these hospitals.
It's that there's scams being run at the hospitals and all sorts of layers of bureaucracy.
You know, back when we were free, everything was a lot cheaper.
Why is it so expensive now?
Four-year-old on government, no fly list.
How do you like this?
They want to put RFID on all letters, and the Postal Service is starting some of this with a little sticker they put on there that's got a little RFID in it, and then it tracks the whole history of who you mail and what you do, and then gives them a picture of, quote, networks.
I remember whenever my family, I had some family that lived in Guatemala and they'd send us letters and they were always ripped open unceremoniously half the time, didn't have the letter in them.
Maybe had a piece of tape over the top of there being nice.
Well, we get to live like that here, too, but the border stays wide open.
MSNBC Homeland Security opening private mail.
Retired professor confused.
Anger when letter from abroad is opened.
A professor got a letter from his Catholic counterpart, 81-year-old retired University of Kansas history professor, received a letter from his friend in the Philippines, a Catholic priest, and it had been torn open.
But folks, that's nothing.
I mean, that's absolutely nothing.
I mean, they tear mail open here.
You've got to be kidding.
And Canada is worse than China or Germany or England.
I mean, Canada rips open about half the packages we send, and I've gotten letters back from them that say this is anti-government material.
It's not allowed.
So there's your freedom.
Here's one out of World Net Daily up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Lock them up to die.
Prison bird flu plan.
Government prepares for sealed off facilities.
Mass graves.
Men left to mercy of killer diseases.
I remember seeing in the Rocky Mountain News about four years ago, right from 9-11, they said there was a bio-attack of smallpox.
Same thing would happen with the prisons.
And that they, quote, have mass graves and earth-moving equipment and, quote, ovens ready.
Rocky Mountain News.
And it says that government planning documents obtained by New Zealand's Sunday Star Times revealed, and whatever they do, we do, it's part of the extra long group of countries I call them, revealed draconian contingency plans drawn up by the nation's corrections department to deal with avian flu pandemic among its 7,500 prisoners.
If you're serving time in New Zealand prison for serious crime, pray hard no one else in the facility becomes infected by the deadly bird flu virus, because if that happens...
By the way, this goes for the general public, too.
Don't think it's just prisons.
The prison is going to be sealed for six weeks.
Mass graves will be dug in the compound, and the disease will be allowed to run its course.
So you will all die.
You will be locked up to die.
Among the scenarios under conversation is a total sealing off of affected prisons.
No one goes in or out for six weeks.
Well, that's what they're going to do with U.S.
cities under Model State Health Emergency Powers Act.
I mean, I laugh at this because that's their plan, see?
Oh, man.
They're going to use the police state threat of terror to get us all into herded, compact, tracking, microchip cities where everything you do is tracked and traced.
Been making films about it for eight years.
Been covering it here on the show.
Now it's going in.
And then as soon as they got us all locked down in the cities real good, then the first plague will hit.
It'll only kill, you know, 100,000.
And then we'll have a big police state move and shut down and shooting of people running quarantine and lots of that.
Oh, but it'll keep us safe.
And then a few years later, the next attack hits.
And it'll dwarf that one.
And it's mainly going to be in the third world and other countries, but it'll be here, too, for control.
And we'll watch billions die with these designer weapons.
And they'll have some bearded Muslim on TV.
They'll even capture him, and he'll even confess to it why they did it.
I mean, this is their plan, and they've said it.
And, see, once they've got us chained down in the cities, this prison thing's a microcosm of that, once they've got us all blocked off,
They're going to do it.
And I'm sorry if you don't want to hear it, and I'm sorry if you don't want to know about it.
This is their official plan.
So I thought you had a right to know.
And I know.
Don't believe me until it happens.
I understand.
But maybe when it happens, you'll know how to fight them.
Maybe when it happens, you'll know who did it.
A long time from now, maybe that state trooper laughing at me right now will hit his knees and finally be a man and wake up and start crying for what a piece of trash he is for not listening to me and not getting involved.
Maybe that judge listening right now who thinks he's immune will remember what I said.
Maybe that bureaucrat, maybe that Dell Computers employee that's laughing right now listening.
I'm just randomly, you know, cross-section of society.
Maybe people out there that thought it was all funny and have ignored everything else I've talked about that's come true now.
And I'm not prophetic, folks.
I understand their program.
I mean, when Prince Philip and Ted Turner and the World Trade Organization and the IMF and the UN Food Program and Dr. Peter Singer, the head of Princeton, when they all say it, baby, and when they all write books about worldwide eugenics extermination programs, I pay attention because I see everything they say being implemented.
When Nobel Prize winners go public about finding cancer viruses and AIDS viruses in the vaccines, they get Indians and India and Africans.
When that goes public, it's all public.
Do you understand?
I know you understand, but I mean, this is why I'm freaked out.
And I just don't even care about myself anymore.
It's all about exposing this.
This is so dastardly and so evil and so ridiculous.
I mean, it's so ridiculous.
It's so off the charts.
Oh, man.
So I just want to tell the police this.
The enforcers, people that are going to go along with us, people that trust your government.
They've admittedly tested lethal weapons on us 3,000 times, and they authorize its use in U.S.
Code Title 50.
Listen, I know you've got a pad of paper right there.
Don't roll your eyes.
I want you to write this down, okay?
Code Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1520A, Paragraph B.
You know how memory is.
I've got to say it faster.
I won't say it properly.
You've only got the first part.
Write it down.
Title 50.
Chapter 32.
Subsection 1520A.
Paragraph B. It authorizes the lethal use of chemical, biological, and radiological weapons on the American people for any reason.
And that's just an authorization after they got caught back in the 70s doing this stuff before.
Then they just passed a law.
Well, you can pass a law saying you can
You can, you know, kill whoever you want and do whatever you want.
It doesn't mean it's okay.
So long down the road, if we don't stop this, I think we may be able to if you listen now, but long down the road, when you've lost your family, when you've lost everything you've got, and you thought you'd be safe serving the system, I want you to remember.
I can at least have that solace that when you're being judged with the rest of us, that you'll remember.
That you'll remember what I told you
I'm telling you right now, choose sides.
I'm telling you right now, quit playing games.
I'm telling you right now, quit denying what's going on.
When it's in the U.S.
code, they can kill us.
In fact, Paul Watson, Steve Watson, I know you're listening right now.
I've got about 30 things I've got to do.
I'm not whining.
After this show ends today, and I don't know if I can do them all, but I really want to write an article about the Trans-Texas Corridor and how this point system and how you pay it directly to a foreign Spanish company.
They're even going to have them levying the money.
It's just so humiliating.
I want to write an article on that.
I wrote an article years ago about U.S.
Code Title 52, Chapter 32, Subsection 1528, Paragraph B.
Somebody needs to write articles about that.
I can't do it all.
I'm not that good.
I'm actually just a normal person who can see stuff clearly.
I am exhausted by this.
I'm freaked out by this.
I just want to go fishing.
I want to hang out with my family.
I wouldn't mind going to football games.
You really want to know.
It just makes me sick.
I'm totally freaked out right now.
I mean, I've got to watch these inbred, sick people who are so evil on the surface, who commit so many crimes, who brag about how they're going to corral us and enslave us, and those they don't kill, they're going to put on drugs and dumb down.
And I've just got to know that the average Dudley Do-Right state trooper who will implement all this, incrementally, they just think they're good, and they wouldn't tell a lie, and they wouldn't chop down the cherry tree.
Yes, Alex.
First time caller, long time listener.
Welcome, sir.
Yeah, on this
Let's get back on the topic of track and control.
Here in Chicago, they've got this new system.
They've been installing it for a while, but they're about to fully enact it with public transportation.
And basically, you're going to have to buy one of their cards to use the bus, to use the L.
What about E-ZPass?
If you don't accept the E-ZPass from Sponder on your dash, then it's double the price.
It's like in England, it's 2,500 pounds.
They say it's voluntary to have an actual ID card because they can't pass it, but they're going to give you a $2,500 fee that's equivalent to $5,000.
They've literally doubled it.
You could take $2 cash and have two transfers worth
The year ended now.
Two dollars gives you one ride.
Now you have... No, no, yeah.
And I mean, I'm not going out of no.
All people know what you're saying is true.
And then on top of it, they're just going to phase it out in two years.
It's official.
Look, there's not going to be people at the checkout lanes within five years or shorter.
I mean, if they have their way, we'll all be dead in 10, 15 years anyways.
I mean, they're going to kill us.
They killed 60 mil in China.
Our government now admits they put Mao in.
Anything else, sir?
Yeah, on the other side.
Well, just quickly on the other side, because I've got to... There's even more stuff I want to plug on there.
There's not enough time.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network,
And much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the Masters of Terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
Order online now at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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I had a couple of these clips.
One was of...
The difference in Watergate and the way they grilled them in today, where they're openly caught in lies and the Congress is so afraid they don't even ask questions or they're in bed with them.
Let's play that one clip, though, of Bush, where he's talking about, he's at the military hospital and he's talking about how he's been injured by a tree, making jokes, in a hospital, people with their arms and legs blown off.
Go ahead and roll it.
It's full of healers and compassionate people that care deeply about our men and women in uniform.
I'm just overwhelmed by the great strength of character of not only those who have been wounded, but of their loved ones as well.
And so thank you all for bringing great credit to our country.
You can probably see I was injured myself, not here at the hospital, but in combat with a cedar.
I eventually won.
So there you have it, folks.
It's all real funny.
The point is he's making this big heartfelt thing and he just shifts into it.
Folks, Cal Bend Pure Soap Company, you really do need to give them a call.
It's calbendpuresoap.com.
We have a big fat link there.
We're good to go.
Or give them a call at 1-800-340-7091 and ask them about all the specials they've got going.
And find out with their literature what's in regular detergents and the things you're using.
I mean, it's just crazy.
800-340-7091 or calvinpearsup.com.
Go check out all the specials.
I want to try to jam these final people in.
Phil, finish up real fast what you were saying from Chicago.
Yes, and before I moved to Chicago, I was raised in New England.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, and there is, getting back to these, you know, the occult practices of the elite and whatnot, in Massachusetts, there is a whole hospital of children who have been abused sexually by people practicing satanic ceremonies.
I mean, there's a whole hospital for kids like this.
Well, it's like Quentin Tarantino's new movie, Hostel, is about elite people kidnapping folks to sacrifice them in Europe.
It's the number one movie right now.
Because, folks, they really do that.
It's been in, say, the Times of London, where they break into a whole castle and there's all these women in cages.
I mean, starving to death.
Dead bodies.
And it's just kind of footnote.
Well, another satanic castle was raided.
No big deal.
Thanks for the call.
One of them, the last time I saw it, was in...
Burgundy, France.
Jason in Maryland.
Quickly, go ahead.
I'll go to Don and Casey.
Go ahead, Jason.
Hi, Alex.
I was just watching CNN today because of Know Thy Enemy.
They had a senator on there.
I wrote his name down, but I can't find it.
But he was telling us how the Constitution is a living document and not a lawyer's document.
It's not a legal document, but a living document, which is to be interpreted by the sitting...
You know, judges.
Yeah, they got a bunch of guys with machine guns that'll come tell you driving's a privilege, owning a gun's a privilege.
Thanks for the call.
Don and KC, last caller, go ahead.
Well, I hope you can hear me.
It's getting a little noisy here, but you've been talking about the TSA bureaucrats recently and how they don't care they have these regulations and all.
I think they're training us for a Kafka-like world that...
No, you're right.
They're setting the precedent where we say a four-year-old can't fly, can't fly.
Listen, I don't know if I have the time, but the reason I called in was we got a call last hour from someone named Adam regarding Bill O'Reilly on the Letterman Show.
And I just wanted to give you a heads up about this.
I don't know how important it is, but I know you're pretty busy.
I don't want to see your reputation.
Well, you know what?
It's too late.
It's too late.
We're out of time.
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