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Air Date: Jan. 4, 2006
2373 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the fourth day of January 2006.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be here live for the next three hours.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
I think?
Military Times poll, that's the military's own big publication, one of the major publications covering the military, poll finds fading support for President Bush's war.
Even amongst their readers, who you would think would be buying into the propaganda, because Bush has so nicely catapulted the propaganda, as he likes to say.
Also, files say agency initiated growth of spying effort.
Of course, they've lied to us hundreds and hundreds of times.
We know the NSA has been spying on the American people long before George Bush went into office.
That doesn't make it okay that he's been doing it.
It shows the systemic, system-wide corruption.
But, oh, they have a Democrat coming out now, shilling for Bush, and oh, the NSA, they were doing this on their own.
Bush didn't commit a felony ordering him to do it.
It doesn't matter if the orders are now public and admitted, and Bush has been defending his orders.
No, now that it looks like he's not going to get away with it, no, no, he's going to retroactively say, oh, no, I didn't do it.
It's like if you come in and confess to robbing the bank, and there's surveillance footage of you doing it, and eyewitnesses fingering you, and they find your trunk full of cash, and then you just say, oh, I confessed, but now because you're going to indict me, I didn't rob the bank.
Oh, well, then let's...
Oh, let's let you go free.
So we have this federal agency, the largest snooping agency, telling us that, oh, they just did it all on their own.
The president didn't tell them to do anything.
Meanwhile, National Security Agency whistleblower warns domestic spying program is a sign that the U.S.
is decaying into a police state.
That's out of democracy.
Now we're getting Russell Tice here.
The former NSA intelligence agent on the show later this week as well.
By the way, we have Michael Bagnarek, who was the Libertarian presidential candidate, joining us in studio tomorrow, so that should be interesting.
We have started having in-studio guests every single week, and then we take that video from those interviews and post them on prisonplanet.tv for members there, and we also air it locally on the local Austin TV show.
So a new feature that we've been doing the last few months here in the new studios that are a bit larger, and so you can look forward to more and more of that.
Something else I'm going to do is when offers come through town that I think are interesting, and quite a few do come through town to book people and Barnes & Noble and the rest of it, I'm going to start getting them to swing by here as well, at least one or two a month, so that'll add to our in-studio audience just a little note for prisonplanet.tv members.
Lacks oversight found in tests of gene-altered crops.
And that's from the New York Times.
We'll tell you why that's important.
I'm sure most of you already know why, but we'll go over it.
Iran vows to restart its nuclear development program of peaceful energy systems, but our government's sworn to attack them, and they're moving forward to attack them.
And I wanted to go over a history of secret U.S.
human experimentation.
Just cover some of it.
And I've got some comments on the tragedy with the coal miners.
It's all coming up, risenplanet.tv, infowars.com.
Those are the premier sites in the fight against the New World Order.
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Alex Jones here, America.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
There have been a lot of new big developments concerning Iran and the people that control our government's statements and movements to go ahead and start bombing them.
We'll get into that.
We do have the high-level CIA operative coming on, Gary Bernstein.
With the headline, CIA operatives says Bush military and leaders, again, CIA operatives says that Bush and military leaders let bin Laden escape on purpose.
That is coming up.
And, of course, we'll be taking your calls throughout the three hours today, 1-800-259-9231.
And I want to get into the latest news on the NSA and the news spin out there that, no, no, the NSA did this all on their own.
It doesn't matter if Bush says he ordered it and has bragged about it.
Now, because people aren't buying that, okay, I didn't order it.
And then we're supposed to forget that just two days ago, he got up and gave a speech, now I guess three days ago, on Sunday and said that he ordered it for our own good.
Now he never did that.
You're supposed to forget that.
The NSA did it all on their own.
They have a little Democrat.
You can always tell how staged things are that when one of their people gets in trouble, oh, the other party comes over to save them.
Before I go any further, I don't want to lessen the horribleness
Things that happen to coal miners in West Virginia and Tennessee and other areas of the country.
I mean, I've read quite a bit about coal miners in England and coal miners in Europe and coal miners in America.
Thank God I've never had to experience it, but down there breathing the coal dust, getting incredible problems with their lungs, the cave-ins, the methane and butane gas that is down in the mines.
I mean, it is a hellish, hard-working, 12-hours-on, 12-hours-off job.
And it's a thankless job.
And that's why I've been really pleased they've had the more modern lignite mining systems of just stripping it right off the surface.
Too bad we can't have all that clean-burning coal in Utah, because Clinton turned it into a human biosphere.
Enough clean-burning coal to run the country for 200-plus years.
Side issue, side issue.
But it would be a lot better to have those guys out there running those big dump trucks and shovels instead of down into the ground.
But it's horrible what happened to them.
But I got emails yesterday asking me, why aren't you talking about this?
Why aren't you discussing it?
And here's the headline, Fury over U.S.
Mine Rescue Fiasco.
And it turns out that really the government knew they were dead.
But just didn't want to say they were dead.
And then Bush would come out and give us a wonderful speech about it.
And I remember listeners were getting a little bit paranoid in some of the emails and instant messages and stuff we got, saying, hey, this is some kind of weird diversion.
And I said, oh, that's ridiculous.
You know, there are explosions in mines.
This stuff happens.
And I believe that's what happened.
No foul play or anything involved.
We're good to go.
And, you know, one man got mad and jumped on the mine director, but that was it.
They had to tackle him.
But why was the SWAT team there to begin with?
I mean, next time I need to make a ham sandwich or change a light bulb, do I need to dial 911 and say, Austin SWAT team, can you come?
Well, I've got to go to the bathroom.
Can you come in and assist me in the potty?
You know, I've got to change the oil on my car.
Can the SWAT team come to help me?
But it's this attitude that we're all the enemy, we're all terrorists, we're all bad, and the local constabulary, the local mine leaders, the local robber barons have to have their regulators there with them to make sure that the people don't cause a problem.
According to press reports, I have them around here, that's what actually made people mad.
They're like, why are all these cops around us?
Why are there snipers pointing guns at us?
I'll never forget, I went to protest the Klan back in...
1999, up in Waco, Texas, because they were trying to bind themselves to what would happen to Branch Davidians, thus demonizing their cause and their memory, and at the same time threatening us and making little weird comments.
And so, again, I'm not a Branch Davidian, folks.
I went up there and covered that story and built a memorial church for all those that died.
We even have plaques out there to the police that died, to the BATF, whatever you want to call them, the gun confiscators.
But to make a long story short,
Why was I telling that story?
And there's two snipers.
We even got video of this.
We've got to dig that original video out.
We've got a shorter clip we put on the web that we found on another show we did.
But where is that original 35-minute program we did?
It's got the SWAT team.
Mike dug around in his closet forever trying to find it.
I don't know how hard he really looked.
I hope you're listening.
But I look up.
The reason I say that is there's all these old shows I want to air.
I want to put them on prisonplanet.tv, too.
And I look up, and there are two snipers pointing right at me.
I mean, they've got their sights on me.
They've got their Remington 700s aimed right at me.
They're only about 50 yards away.
And I look up and go, what are you doing?
And they keep their fingers on the triggers and are laughing at me.
And, you know, I've got to dig out that video.
So I don't know what to say.
I just don't understand it.
And I understand why these families got mad.
Why do you point guns at us?
Why do you do this to us?
Why do you treat us like this?
Meanwhile, Mexican tribes are killing and slaughtering you, godlike police, godlike feds.
Your gods were slaves in your system.
And you don't even know about it because the news didn't tell you.
Alright, I'm already starting to rant here.
Side issue.
The point is that I think what happened to these...
13, or it's 12 dead for sure, and a 13th minor was found dead as well, so a total of 13.
And then one other gentleman is in some type of coma, and we pray for him.
But let's really get down to the bottom of it here, and let's just say it, you know, tell it like it is.
Stalin said that when one man dies, it's a tragedy.
When 10,000 die, it's a statistic.
And being a mass-murdering devil, he knew what he was talking about.
I talked all about the last few weeks about DynCorp, and for some reason suddenly a governor of Illinois is talking about it, and suddenly the Chicago Tribune is talking about it.
This is really exciting.
Where they openly kidnapped 200,000 women and children, along with the UN, and a few other unsavory groups.
Well, it's worse than unsavory, just maggot groups.
And they flew them all over the world, the different slave brothels.
And that was all over BBC, Le Figaro, Der Spiegel, French News Agency, Agency France.
It's all over there, just documented mainstream news, totally 110%.
But no one seems to care.
I can't even get the patriots and truth seekers and people to care.
They're just, they're talking about still the lady, the girl in Aruba.
They're crying, freaking out, and there's groups.
Anytime this happens, everybody just goes crazy.
And you know what?
You should get upset.
But why is the media deciding to bring that out and make that a big deal, but ignoring all these other massive things?
And even in the foreign press, they report on it like they're reporting on the price of pork bellies or something.
Or cattle futures.
They just calmly, nonchalantly report it.
And then the average American doesn't even know what's going on.
They may now, that it's been in the AP and Chicago Tribune and the governor's upset in Illinois, not that he's even concerned with it in any way.
He just saw it in the Tribune and like a normal person goes, there's mass kidnapping going on and sex slavery?
Why, I'm upset!
That's what a normal person does.
A normal person hears that and freaks out.
I got a few emails saying, why didn't I talk about the minors yesterday?
Well, I'm going to be frank with you.
These are grown men.
They know it's a dangerous job.
And I think they're tough guys.
And I think they're great.
And they're dead.
You know, whenever a cop gets shot and everyone pulls their hair out and freaks out and runs around going nuts and just in giant plaques and monuments everywhere, unless Mexican troops kill them, then it might be in one newspaper and just kind of shut up.
No, there's no memorial.
Just shut up.
You see, again, they tell you when to care.
And I do care.
But I'm not going to sit there and freak out and personalize it with those 13 people that died and the one person that's injured.
I mean, how can I spend my time on the show talking about that when in one operation 200,000 women and children were kidnapped in one year in one region of the Balkans?
I mean, seriously.
You see, I am not going to let the mainstream media set my agenda.
A lot of times I cover what the big daily news is, but only if I think it's important.
Now, you're the wild card.
You're the listeners.
We take calls every day.
And we usually take, I don't know, about 15 calls a show, some days more, but when I think about 15, that's where you get to talk about whatever you want and mix in wherever you want.
Normally, the listeners, I've got to commend you, bring up things that are really important.
And I'm not saying I've got a corner on the market of what is important, but I mean, it's 200,000 kidnapped kids that nobody wants to talk about, kidnapped kids and women.
Is that more important than the girl in Aruba and the 13 people in the West Virginia mineshaft?
I mean, shouldn't the president be out praying and giving speeches and praying for those 200,000 kids that we're going to send in the Delta Force to save them and every one of these kids need to be released right now?
But he can't because his business partners are all involved and because they ship in the male prostitutes, the female prostitutes, and other stuff to Bohemian Grove, that's admitted, and because they all like it and they think it's fun and they're all making money off of it.
That's why.
I'm going to watch a sappy serial killer up on TV, up there talking about some victims in a mine explosion, I guess of natural gas going off, and everybody's got to get a tear in their eye because the murdering government tells you to?
I mean, literally, it's mind control, folks.
It's mind control that we've got 800-plus dead on the U.S.
border, U.S.-Mexico side, 15 dead cops in last year alone.
You've got to see the new numbers.
Just on our border are cops, and the average cop doesn't know.
And I know I talk about this a lot because it's big.
It's big.
That cop, you know, those federal marshals and cops and everybody else,
And sheriff's deputies that are getting killed down there, they're just as important as W. Jones who got killed right here in Austin.
But see, the government says don't talk about it, so you don't talk about it!
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We're good to go.
So ask yourselves, why isn't President Bush getting up and talking about all the kidnapped children?
I mean, it's ongoing.
The governor of Illinois is doing it.
Everybody should.
But somehow, if the mainstream media isn't talking about it, still, even with Americans that have woken up to a great extent, still, well, it's just not something we should get into, because the media just isn't making it a big issue.
Let's talk about just one pervert, Michael Jackson, and not a militarized, mechanized group of them.
So it just boggles the mind what's happening with Halliburton and Dyncor, and they have lobbyists for white slavery up on Capitol Hill.
The good news is, though, that groups like, of all places, Soldier of Fortune, four years ago, did two cover stories on it.
And one of my staff, I had mentioned that yesterday, one of my folks here at the office actually had those social fortunes.
I couldn't find them in my files.
I had them many years ago.
And I brought them in.
Maybe I'll cover some of those later on the show.
I need to read back over them.
I was doing that right before it went on air.
But it was just filled with stuff that even dwarfs what we've been talking about.
And this is all of the admitted...
Confirmed things that are happening.
And look, on Fox and CNN, they could have ten hours straight coverage about the girl in Aruba.
And people didn't get sick of that.
They loved it.
But some people are, I guess, going, Alex, you need to stop talking about the mass kidnapping rings and how the government's involved.
Everybody knows the government's good and we should trust them.
This Abramoff individual has pled guilty to conspiracy theories
And influence peddling, tax evasion, mail fraud, and attempts at bribery.
And I just say that's impossible.
Government has never been involved in a conspiracy.
No one in government has ever done anything secretive or wrong.
There's no corruption.
I mean, yeah, I can talk about a trillion here, three trillion there.
So there's around six trillion missing in the last ten years from the Pentagon.
Six trillion!
I mean, really?
There's nothing going on up there.
Yes, I said trillion.
It says, Once powerful lobbyist Jack Abramoff pled guilty Tuesday to federal charges of conspiracy, tax evasion, and mail fraud, agreeing to cooperate in an influence-peddling investigation that threatens powerful members of Congress.
And it's in the Village Voice today.
Now being connected to Dennis Hastert, the little toad from Illinois, the Speaker of the House, in a heavily scripted court appearance.
They don't script things.
Look, this says conspiracy.
Abramoff agreed with U.S.
District Court Judge Ellen Whoville.
She's from Whoville, I guess.
Hubble, I guess she's cousins with the Grinch, when she said he engaged in a conspiracy involving corruption of public officials.
That is insane!
Corruption in government?
Almost like that nutty conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
I tell you, this is really weird.
Corruption of public officials.
The lobbyist also agreed when she said he and others had engaged in a scheme.
A scheme.
That sounds like conspiracy.
That's impossible.
To provide campaign contributions, trips and other items, yeah, like prostitutes, in exchange for certain official acts.
I don't believe it.
Even when that congressman admitted he stole $800 million.
I mean, he was fighting Al-Qaeda.
See, if we just had martial law, they could do all this and wouldn't get in trouble.
That's why they're probably going to blow some stuff up real soon to give us martial law, but don't worry, it'll be to stop the men with big beards.
The men with big beards are going to get us, not the sequestered and cloistered armed black-masked killers in every city just surging at the bit, surging on their chains to be released upon us in a savage gun-grabbing frenzy.
Oh, I'm not kidding.
We have the clips.
They love taking our guns.
Words will not ever be able to express my sorrow and my profound regret for all my actions and mistakes, Abramoff said, addressing the judge.
I hope I can merit forgiveness from the Almighty and those I've wronged or caused to suffer.
Oh, yes.
Do you know about Abramoff, a rabid New World Order promoter, a rabid, bloodthirsty creature?
To each of the three charges, Armitage or Abramoff said, I plead guilty, Your Honor.
Guilty to conspiracy.
Guilty to corruption of public officials.
Guilty to bribes.
That's impossible.
Again, government has never done wrong.
They never collude.
That $6 trillion missing.
I mean, trillion here, trillion there.
Pretty soon you got some pocket change.
There's nothing corrupt.
Let's just accept the cameras and the face scanning systems and everything that's going in that these people are putting in, all these known criminals.
Everything will be fine.
Criminals running things is good.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Davey, Anthony, Robert, Canyon, Gil.
Your calls are all coming up here in a few minutes.
I'm going to try to not get back in the news until you've taken your calls.
I mean, I look at this, where now Bush is claiming that
Or his surrogates are claiming, his Democratic surrogates, it's all totally staged to that level.
Pelosi's claiming, oh, Bush didn't do anything wrong, the NSA did it on their own.
Hey, too late, we have all the documents, it's public.
Bush has been out bragging how he ordered spying.
But the average American doesn't have that long of a memory, and so I guess he didn't then.
All right, you say you didn't.
But the military now is becoming more and more against the war.
That's in a major poll of the military.
And a National Security Agency whistleblower warns domestic spying program is a sign the U.S.
is decaying into a police state.
So we'll get into that as well after we take some of your phone calls.
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That is the deal at PrisonerPlanet.tv.
And the deal will end.
I know how we operate around here.
It'll probably go to Monday or Tuesday because we've got to go on the website and change it all.
But I am instructing my folks.
Oh, and by the way, new specials.
There'll still be some good specials, but I don't think they'll be as good or as widespread as what we have on the DVDs and T-shirts and books on tape and all the hard copy materials that are absolutely essential to the InfoWar that we sell off the video and bookstore that makes this whole operation possible at InfoWars.com.
I've got to come up with the new prices, which will be a little bit more than they are now.
In some cases, a lot more, because we've got deals right now where videos are, in some cases, 75% off.
I just did that as a promotional item to get these out the door, because my main goal is simply getting the information out.
I mean, I love it.
It just is so exciting to expose these globalist criminals, to know we're having an effect, to know you're having an effect.
So until early next week, in fact, things should change for sure Sunday or Monday.
I'll see if I can get one of my webmasters in here on Sunday to change them.
But it'll definitely be changed early next week.
So all the deals across the board are going bye-bye next week.
So take advantage of it.
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And that's 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
And just a little note here on you, the listeners, downloading copies of my films, prisonplanet.tv is a massive activist center.
It is a dynamo.
It is a pole star.
It is having a huge effect.
You can go there and just download books on the New World Order, Road to Tyranny, Order Out of Chaos, burn them on CDs, give them to people, print copies off, put them in a folder, give them as a gift.
You can download Martial Law, you can download Road to Tyranny, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, the updated version, and the original.
The original Emergency Release 9-11.
You can get Masters of Terror.
It's all there.
Loose Change, you name it.
And it is a huge activist tool.
Folks, I mean, I tell you, because of you making copies, I mean, the thousands of videos that we send out a year would do absolutely nothing except support our operation to get the word out over the radio and fund the website.
So it would do something, but nothing compared.
To many of you who've even been in local newspapers doing it, from Texas to Louisiana to New York to California, I mean, there are people who've made 10,000 copies of Road to Tyranny.
I mean, they've been in the paper.
It shows them with a trailer in the local newspaper just unloading them to people at swap meets.
Just driving around giving them out.
I mean, I've gotten calls from New Zealand, calls from Austin saying, please stop putting them on every police car in the parking lot.
Hey, buddy, I'm not putting them on the police cars in the capital of New Zealand.
So, you know, I'm not climbing up on an abandoned skyscraper or some 20-story building and spraying Infowars across it, you know, 100 feet tall and...
300 feet long or something.
The kind of stuff that's going on out there.
But the point is, you guys, you gals, are having a massive effect.
You are hurting the New World Order badly.
And so, literally, this show is like a mustard seed.
A mustard seed is tiny.
You can hardly see it on the end of your finger.
They have sesame seeds and mustard seeds on some bagels or some hamburger buns.
You know those little bitty seeds with the little black seeds?
I think so.
And literally, this show is a mustard seed, using the biblical analogy, because it fits.
You guys plant it, you water it, and now we're dumping seeds.
Now we're a whole forest of mustard plants.
I mean, it's getting ridiculous here.
Just keep it going.
These smiley-faced criminals are going to go to prison.
It looks like more and more high-level congressmen are going to go to prison.
It looks like there's a war inside the government.
It looks like a lot of people in the CIA and Defense Intelligence aren't going to go along with this anymore.
They know who carried out the terror attacks.
How many prominent people from Reagan and Bush Sr.
and current Bush administration have gone public and said that on this show?
So listen, we really are turning the corner.
And so to all of you, use those activist tools, and I want to commend you.
And I want to thank, think about it, we have AM and FM affiliates that have stuck with us
When I went on the air on 9-11 and said it was a government op, and the lion's share of our affiliates stuck with us, and now we've gained even more.
But, I mean, think about those stations.
Think about WBCR with Harry Grothjohn there in Tennessee right outside Knoxville.
Think about him.
You know, taking the heat, and now, of course, being proven totally right, and now it's just common knowledge.
Accepted, you know, known fact.
Public secrets, the term they use.
Take something like KCXL in Kansas City.
Carrying us now for, what, six years or something?
You know, taking the heat.
Think about the stations like WVTJ in Florida.
Think about the Sunshine Network, that group of stations up in upstate New York, carrying us, what is it, like eight years or something?
Think about what they did.
And now I get to go on Alan Combs on national radio in Dallas and Chicago and everywhere and say it.
Now I get to go on Coast to Coast AM and say it.
Now they talk about it openly on C-SPAN.
Because they kept saying the world was flat once.
We kept saying it was round, and we're not going to stop until you child kidnapping, drug dealing, cancer virus splicing trash go down.
And we don't claim we're going to save the world, but you know what?
We hate evil, and we're going to fight it.
See, I don't care.
If what I'm saying is popular.
I don't stick my finger in the wind.
I don't take on some fake persona.
I don't craft who I am like I'm an artist using a palette of what will make me look the coolest and sell the best to have some type of minor celebrity in my own world.
I just do what's right and I don't care if I walk out of here today and they gun me down.
I don't care if they walk up and bump into me with a needle and give me cancer.
I just don't care.
And man, when you don't care anymore, you've got something on your side.
When you're committed, when you don't have anything to lose, that's when you gain everything, folks.
And I just wish some of you out there that are afraid understood that.
I wish you knew that we're in this place because we let them bully us.
All right, I'm going to take calls.
That's it.
Who's up first here?
Let's go to Davey in Texas first, because he was on at the end of the show yesterday and didn't get on.
Davey, go ahead.
Alex, you got me thinking about so many things, I don't know where to start.
You know, after a sermon like that, generally speaking, there was a baptism or two to follow right after that.
Oh, man.
Well, I started out to call you yesterday because you mentioned Osama bin Laden right there at the beginning of the program, and I haven't got a chance to listen to you much lately, but
You know, you've underscored it so many times, and just in your sermon there, you know, the inside job part of it is, if you say 85% of the American people are on board with the fact that it's his inside job, then hey, you know, it looks like we've got some interesting moments up ahead.
Well, I'd say about half the population will.
Most of them are afraid to say it, but they've done national polls.
Depending on the poll, it's 90 to 50 percent believe that there was some involvement by the government or that they funded it to happen.
And I'd say about 30 percent know that it's an absolute government op.
And then there's a certain percentage who just will never wake up.
I mean, they could watch Bush barbecue small children on the White House lawn.
They'd call it a sacrament.
Just to be short and let the other callers in, I'll bypass the other three pages here and get right to the end.
No, just go ahead and cover it.
Well, yesterday Judy Andreas had a piece I saw on the ranch site about Zionism.
And, you know, Osama bin Laden's declaration of war, which, you know, I've been paying attention to things for quite a while, Alex.
I was down there at the University of Texas back in the mid-80s and studied on radical Islam in the Middle East.
I knew quite a few people from that area of the world.
I also had Jewish friends and a Jewish roommate while I was there in Austin.
For all of the people in America and the world who have been hoodwinked, bushwhacked, lied to, call it whatever you want to, it just seems that
There's a reluctance on the part of the American people to really and truly forcefully confront the issue.
And last weekend, you know, over the holidays there, I watched To Hell and Back, you know, the story about Audi Murphy.
You know, Alex, if I had a time machine, man, I'd go back and you and I would play on the same football team, okay?
It would be a lot of fun.
You remind me a lot of Audi Murphy.
Oh, please, come on.
I'm not up on top of tanks shooting Germans.
Well, in the spirit of the fight, you know, I mean, you've whipped a veritable army into shape, brother.
You know, I mean, frankly, you've carried the lion's share of the load here the last five or six, eight, ten years, and you deserve a lot of respect and honor for that.
But, you know, my parting question rhetorically would be, these fires we see in Texas,
Is there any correlation to our turning our back on our neighbors, the Branch Davidians, when their house is being burned down with them in it, and to letting these international criminal New World Order Gestapo terrorists terrorize the planet by telling the American people lies?
We have to do this.
But they won't go after the real terrorists on this planet who are the economic terrorists who print currency
Call it money and claim to have authority.
No, I agree with you, Davey, and I'll say that, yes, it is a law of the universe, God's law, that what comes around goes around.
It is guaranteed in life.
Listen, I am afraid to do somebody wrong unless I'm defending myself because, in my experience, whatever I do comes back on me.
And I guess they call it the fear of God, and these idiots don't have it, and that's why they're so unhappy.
Anyway... I mean, you get back what you do, and there's no doubt that we're being judged as a nation.
We're being judged by the leadership we have that is raping the living daylights out of us, literally and figuratively, because we're not standing up against them.
Hey, if you get a chance for a lighter moment, see about having old Jackie Mason on.
Yeah, that'd be good.
Listen, Davey, good to hear from you.
I remember seeing you down there when we built the Memorial Chapel in Waco.
Good to hear from you, Davey.
Good guy there.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
If I can find my call list.
Let's go ahead and talk to Anthony in Louisiana.
Anthony, welcome.
Alex, when talking at school to professors and whatnot about the New World Order, I
You know, they're reading too much the Southern Law Center, you know, where they, their propaganda, where they say, well, if you believe in the New World Order, that means you're an extreme right-wing Nazi or racist or something.
Oh, the Harvard newspaper said you should be arrested.
It doesn't exist.
Meanwhile, presidents are openly calling for it.
Oh, yeah, so it's hard for me to point light to the fact that so many people do mention that term.
It's not, it wasn't just Bush and his night at one speech, and that's,
Well, the Pope just did.
No, Bush was his VP mate, his running mate.
But he was running against Bush at first, and he said the evil CFR is trying to create a world government.
That's it.
Thank you.
Okay, good.
I'm going to research that.
All right, bye.
You bet.
Thank you.
Listen, this is how it mainly works.
They pay off key politicians... I'll briefly explain when we get back, but it's really simple.
They pay off key politicians...
Then those politicians basically appoint the deputies of the heads of industry, and then the heads of industry directly order around their deputies that are the heads of federal agencies.
That's how it works.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Why, Newsweek, a week or so after we reported on it, CIA commander, U.S.
let Ben Laden slip away.
That's the new big 2006 report.
Oh, we've been reporting on it for years, and there's new revelations, but Newsweek, oh, incredible.
But listen, I mean, the globalists, it's a good old boys club.
It's run by organized crime.
The average little professor who's on their payroll will say, it's impossible to have good big groups engaging in mass programs of crime.
Why, they'd be discovered.
Oh, really?
But there's an admitted, what, $300 billion a year narcotics trade with organized crime controlling most of it along with the government?
It's just these people are living in this naive world.
They get caught all the time.
It's just no one gets in trouble, no one goes to jail, though that's starting to change right now, which shows me there's a fight going on in the government.
That's the only time that happens in modern history.
Let's try to move through your calls quickly now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert in California.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to give a story about my background.
I've been listening to you for a while now, but I got started after the second election of Bush, who I voted for, unfortunately.
I heard you on the Coast to Coast show and totally got woken up.
Like they say in the Dune movie, the sleeper has awoken.
So I got really concerned about what could I do.
So I went back to college and took the RTV program courses at college to learn how to make my own videos.
So you've already done that in the last year.
Yeah, I've already finished my first year.
But my instructor there came from the News Media Corporation.
He had been there for 20 years.
And the first thing I started to try to bring up was that conspiracies exist and there was an inside job.
And he directly teaches that conspiracies can exist and to only do stories at a 7th grade level to make our audience feel good.
So it's kind of an elitism.
So he told you conspiracies cannot exist, so he wouldn't do the Abramoff story.
They don't touch anything and they don't allow us to do it, even though we do a college news show program.
They totally control all the stories that, you know... Yeah, well, I took some RTF, and yeah, that's it.
The government's God.
Hand in your guns.
The world government's good.
Listen, what they teach is the world government's good unless you're against it, then it doesn't exist and you're insane.
Well, they got to me too late because now I've watched all your material and I'm a subscriber to the... Well, I mean, what do you say to this buffoon?
Um, basically, that's just total bull, and he basically, like, just smiles at me and lets me, you know, get an A in the class and, uh,
Progress, but don't really try to challenge them.
You know, you ought to do a news report.
Do a news report on Northwoods and Gulf of Tonkin.
Well, they say it's an open news forum and that we could do any related stories that are in the press, but then they spike them at the end of the week when we try to turn them in.
Yeah, they're teaching you what editors do.
But the real news story is, you've already hit on them both today, is it's obvious why this minor tragedy story is being handled the way it's being handled.
The news media is...
Desperate not to talk about El Presidente's takeover and his spying programs and to avoid talking about the DynCorp scandal.
Well, you know, that's it.
They need a cover story.
No, I agree, but what you're saying is true.
This is a takeover.
I mean, we are in the middle of a takeover.
Well, I know just this story you had up on your page this morning, the Army occupied downtown of Winnipeg.
To do training exercises.
Yeah, all over the Western world.
That blew my mind.
They're doing these military takeover drills, and if you go to those drills, they admit it is for martial law.
But see, if it was just a regular tragedy in this mining accident, it would get one news cycle, now that I understand how that works.
But if they use a coordinated misinformation tactic with the Bush media management team, then they can send in the SWAT and interview everybody in town all week and take up the news story headlines all week with a single story.
That's right.
And did they overreact with the SWAT team?
And then, addedly, will then condition everybody to accept SWAT teams.
And the other point was, the transportation strike in New York was obviously an operation to allow LCIA to... We've got to come right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Okay, we'll take a few more calls in this segment.
And then we will get to our next guest.
Headline, CIA operatives as Bush military leaders let bin Laden escape.
This is NBC News.
Oh, yes.
CIA commander U.S.
let bin Laden slip away.
And a lot more.
That's coming up in a few minutes.
Is that last caller who was holding still there?
He was mentioning how in his college RTF class the professor teaches him that no conspiracies exist and just tell the people stuff that makes them feel good.
Is Robert still there?
Yeah, I'm still here.
Finish up real fast.
You were finishing up your other point about you think the whole strike thing was a diversion for what?
Yeah, just like on 9-11, they shut down the building for so-called upgrades.
This gives the LCIA a perfect opportunity to go in the subways and plant, you know,
Well, I'll say this.
We've seen them do this before, and we know it was the government bombing the London subway, so I don't put it past them.
Thanks for the call.
And tell that professor he ought to be ashamed of himself.
Teaching you not to report to the people.
I mean, by the way, that's what they do.
That's why I was like, I quit.
I left college.
I was making good grades.
I was like, I'm not going to be taught how to not think.
I'm not going to be taught how to be a slave.
They would teach us, world government's good, guns are bad.
But then in the next class, there's crazy people that believe in a world government.
And I'm like, well, wait, this textbook says world government's good.
But this one says it doesn't exist.
And I'm, you know, it isn't going to work anymore, okay?
We're not going along with you.
Let's go to Rose in South Carolina.
And then we'll go to Canyon and others.
Rose, welcome.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hi, Rose.
How are you doing today?
I think maybe they're going to sacrifice a few congressmen to save Bush, because the general public cannot think on more than one story at a time.
Well, I've said that many times, that either this is a legitimate fight inside the government, whistleblowers going public.
But what they'll do is they'll let it go so far to give the illusion of sanity and the illusion of evil getting in trouble to make us all go back to sleep.
I call it a steam valve, releasing some pressure.
And yes, they'll burn some of their own people.
Remember Shonda Levy?
They never found who killed her, did they?
No, they didn't.
I think they sacrificed that congressman.
Whether he did or not, they...
It looks like if they were going to find him guilty, they would have found him guilty.
I believe that was a sacrifice that congressman... Well, I agree.
Burning and sacrificing a few congressmen here and there also keeps them in line.
Well, let me ask you something.
The Russian River got flooded.
Did it have anything to do with the Bohemian Grove?
Did it get flooded out?
No, the Bohemian Grove is about 300 feet above the Russian River.
Oh, oh.
The basin of the valley it's in is about, no, that's not true, 200 feet above the Russian River at its lowest point.
And talking about kidnapping, Alex, that girl in Aruba, I believe she was sold into sex slave.
I do not, I said that from the start.
Yeah, that's what a lot of people say is we ought to be looking in Saudi Arabia.
All right.
Thank you, Alex.
I'm taking it to a good job.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, folks, there are how many 20,000 princes in Saudi Arabia?
And most of them have got harems.
And folks, they have slaves in those harems.
I mean, that's mainstream news.
But again, back of the newspaper, oh yeah, they got slaves in harems, and the prince is coming to see Bush this week at the ranch.
Oh, well, they've got harems filled with hundreds of slaves, but it's no big deal.
They're our ally.
They're our friends.
Let's not talk about how they have slaves in their harems, their brothels, their slave brothels, their slave stables as they call them.
No, let's just talk about Aruba.
And the Beach Boys or something.
And again, I'm not lessening that girl.
It's just that I'm not going to get upset about what the media tells me to get upset about.
I am going to get upset about the issues that I personally think are important.
And you should get upset about what you think is important.
Don't let me set your agenda either.
I'm just pointing out that I think the agenda the media gives us is a big fat distraction...
Or it's a whitewash.
We'll be right back to talk about some really serious news on the other side.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, we've got him for about 23 minutes.
And while we're honored to have him with us today...
And here are the headlines.
CIA operatives says Bush military leaders let bin Laden escape.
And it's a similar headline out of Newsweek.
And the book, of course, is Jawbreaker, the Attack on Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, a personal account by the CIA's key field commander.
And we'll tell you about Gary Bernstein's new book, Jawbreaker.
That was the name of the particular operation, and then they were blocked from getting the 800, I guess, Special Forces or Rangers, Green Berets, to go in and get them.
And that dovetails with...
Army generals saying that they had Taliban generals in order to release them.
Or, oh, give the Pakistanis the C-130s and we're going to fly 8,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda out.
And, oh, we've got a predator drone with bin Laden in sight.
Don't drop bombs.
And then we have all these other people running around saying, well, we don't want to capture bin Laden because if we do, that will somehow energize the Al-Qaeda's.
I mean, that's sarcastic when I say Al-Qaeda.
I hear these people on talk shows calling them Al-Qaeda.
He's everything else you can imagine.
But I just briefly wanted to read to you folks just a few quotes of Bush in the last few years.
I don't know where bin Laden is, and I have no idea and really don't care.
We even have the clips.
It's not that important.
It's not our priority.
Here's another one.
I am truly not that concerned about him.
So, going to our guest...
It's a pleasure being with you today, Alex.
What you did as one of the senior commanders for espionage operations?
I spent 23 years with the Central Intelligence Agency as a member of its clandestine service.
During that time I had served as a chief of station, a senior officer in country in a number of countries around the world and also led a number of CIA's most important counter-terrorism responses.
The book begins, Jawbreaker, in East Africa with the bombings of our embassies in Nairobi and in Dar es Salaam and I led the team out there in the response and worked closely hand in glove with the FBI
As we captured those first al-Qaeda members, and then we realized that it wasn't Hezbollah, because Hezbollah, the Shias of Lebanon, had done a number of large-scale attacks that were like those attacks, and then we realized for the first time that bin Laden had finally gone big.
I then am sent into Afghanistan in 2000, a year before 11 September, as part of a six-man team, and I'm working with the Ahmad Shah Massoud people in the Northern Alliance,
Now, is your team going to physically, yourselves, snatch and grab one of bin Laden's operatives?
We would have done it in concert with the Northern Alliance, with their intel elements.
We never got to that final point where we actually were able to execute... Would you try to send an entry team into where he was sleeping, or just grab him off the road?
At that point, the borders there, you had a front line of Al-Qaeda on one side and us on another, but there were other areas that were uncontrolled.
It would not have been impossible to flip people through.
It would not have been impossible to have Northern Alliance guys, you know, cross the border to visit families, and they used to do that.
Guys on the Northern Alliance side would, you know, put on civilian clothes, go visit the city, and vice versa, members of the Taliban would visit other areas.
Now, Sudan offered to give a bunch of documents years before that to Clinton, and offered to try to arrest bin Laden, and Clinton, this has been mainstream news, said, no, I don't want him.
Is that correct from the history you've got?
I was never involved in that operation during that period of time.
I was focusing on the Hezbollah account in CIA.
Have you heard of that?
I've heard of that.
There was almost ten other efforts to get bin Laden.
And the Clinton administration would not stand up, and they just wouldn't do it.
Oh, ten other efforts.
I knew of four others with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
They were offering.
In fact, some of the senior Taliban was offering to try to get him, and then nothing happened.
You are correct.
Multiple occasions we had the opportunity, and they were constantly turned down because of the inability to face the risk.
You say ten, though.
I was only aware of four.
Can you fill me in on the others?
There were others that were inside of Afghanistan where we had the opportunity to either kill him or to snatch him, and most of those were run by Scheuer, and in Scheuer's book he talks about that.
Some of the things haven't been made public, but there was enough of them.
There was the one where he was at the hunting camp, and there was a possibility of firing missiles at him there, but he was being visited by sheikhs from the United Arab Emirates.
What about when we see, oh, I was being visited by the Saudis who couldn't touch him.
What about when we see articles where a Special Forces colonel goes public and says, we had him cornered in Tora Bora.
That's what your book's saying, and we're told to back off.
Now, I don't think you go that far.
You just said they wouldn't give you... No, there was never any... No one ever said to back off.
We made significant efforts to conduct airstrikes against him.
I was the person who was sort of the architect of that effort down there because I sent the first men, eight men, into Nangarhar Province.
And then that eight-man unit met up with warlords that we had arranged to meet in Jalalabad.
They moved south down to the mountains, the White Mountains.
We put a four-man team up on top of a mountain over bin Laden and the thousand people that had fled back with him into those mountains and commenced airstrikes for 56 hours and shredded his... that element was with him initially.
Now, sir, sir, sir, Buzzy Crongard, though, who was number three at the CIA, obviously you know that.
Do you know Buzzy?
Yeah, I know he is.
Well, Buzzy told the Times of London, and they've got the audio of it, he said, oh, we don't want bin Laden.
Headline, number three man says the U.S.
doesn't want bin Laden.
He says that that would somehow hurt our war effort if he wasn't there as this useful logo.
Now, that's a statement that has absolutely no reality in my mind.
I was given instructions by Cobra Black to kill bin Laden, or capture him, and was doing everything possible.
We threw a 15,000 pound...
Blue 82 at a position we believed he was at.
B-52 strikes.
We did everything possible to kill him.
There was no standing down.
The only thing that we didn't receive is when I requested the introduction of ground forces.
You know, six to eight hundred Rangers.
They never came.
You know, the CENTCOM commanders wanted to do this with Airstrike.
Well, I'm just trying to understand this, sir, because I understand you were there trying to get him and tried your best.
I'm not saying you weren't trying.
What I'm saying is Buzzy Crongart, on record, has told several international papers and has not denied it that our government, and he was number three at CIA when he said this, that our government doesn't want bin Laden.
Now, why is he saying that and then you're saying something else?
I have no idea.
And he was the executive director, which had a lot to do with resources there.
But in the directorate of operations, we were doing everything possible to kill him.
I don't know why he would make a statement like that.
And it's beyond me how he could make such a statement.
Because we did receive the air power that we wanted.
The only thing we didn't get was the soldiers on the ground.
But, sir, you were there in 2001, 2002, and it was still really a hot war.
It seems like there was a policy change.
First, Bush is saying, let me just read the quote.
He says, this is, of course, not new information, and it goes on.
It says, the most important thing for us is for us to find Osama bin Laden.
It is our number one priority, and we will not rest until we find him.
Then, a year later, it goes to, I don't know where bin Laden is.
I have no idea, and I really don't care.
It's not that important.
It's not a priority.
Well, I would say that leadership matters, as it matters that we have a president who's strong and willing to fight the war on terrorism.
Leadership on the other side matters, too.
They look up to him.
We need to eliminate him or capture him in an effort to sort of decapitate him.
So you don't think bin Laden's been eliminated?
We have to operate on the premise that he is still alive and functioning until he is either captured or confirmed.
But, I mean, really, your gut, your instinct, my instinct, and the intel I've got, and I'm certainly not better in Afghanistan like you, but talking to other intelligence officers, is that he died of kidney failure in the last few years.
I mean, he has a dialysis machine living in the mountains?
I mean... I wouldn't believe... Well, you know, I mean, I was aware of the fact that he was looking for that, but you have to remember, this is a man that has significant resources.
You could get money.
You could get people.
You could get things in to keep them alive, I believe.
You've got to remember, his father was the most wealthy man in Saudi Arabia.
He built the Grand Mosque.
At one point, 20 years ago, when the Saudi government ran out of funds, his father paid the salaries of all Saudi government employees for six months.
They're as powerful as it gets.
No, I know.
Okay, so where do you think bin Laden is then, from all the intelligence?
I would assume...
That, of course, when he fell back across the border into Pakistan, there are 25 million Fatahs living in the southern part of Afghanistan and the northern part of Pakistan along that border area.
And as part of their code of life is they will not turn in people that have sought sanctuary.
He also helped them during the Soviet jihad period.
He established schools, hospitals.
He did developmental work with those people.
And there's a lot of loyalty to him.
Well, let me ask you about this.
Did you ever see any of the files about his work with the CIA and his codename?
You know, the fact is that during the Soviet jihad, we worked with a lot of commanders and had contact with a lot of people, a lot of individuals there.
And so, you know, that's not surprising that agency officers may have
Have seen him or provided resources... Ever heard the name Tim Osmond, sir?
No, I've never heard that name.
Well, that was his code name.
That's what the CIA called him when he was here in the U.S.
Never heard that name.
I have no knowledge of that.
I can send you.
It's been in major papers.
I mean, if it's not true, we want to know.
I don't believe that that's...
I'd have to see the background on that, but I don't believe there's a basis in fact on that.
Well, we've got to take a quick break, sir.
I've got one more segment with you.
I want to get into your book, Jawbreaker.
It sounds really interesting.
I haven't read it yet, and we'll tell people about the publisher's website and how they can get it.
I've got a few other questions about the war period and about intelligence and several other issues that are covered in your book.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I'd be pleased.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, we're talking to Gary Bernstein.
You can call me Bernstein.
That's when I get in a hurry with all these news articles in front of me.
And the book's jawbreaker, The Attack on Bin Laden al-Qaeda, a personal account of the CIA's key field commander.
You know, I've talked to folks who've been over there.
They say it's literally like the Stone Age.
I mean, is it like a caveman land over there, or is it something in between that and civilization, sir?
It's pretty sparse.
It's very rough terrain.
You know, you have to remember that invaders, you know, the British, the Soviets,
Anyone that has gone in there over the past, you know, several hundred years has taken a beating.
And it's tough.
It's hard health-wise.
And militarily, it's a tough place to tame.
In fact, I saw some stories that the casualties are actually at record levels there now per month for U.S.
For this year, I think there have been 1,500 people, that's including Afghans, and some losses on the U.S.
side, you know, fighting...
Remnants of the Taliban that continue to try to cross back over.
Now, I mean, isn't this a slogan for Americans to understand?
But, I mean, when they call it Al-Qaeda in Iraq, or Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, or Al-Qaeda, and then when you actually read the fine print, it's just some other Islamist group.
I mean, isn't that just kind of a name they slap on it?
Yes, I think that you are correct in that statement, and that those individuals crossing into Afghanistan are, you know, they're Taliban.
They're remnants of the Taliban.
You know, Al-Qaeda and bin Laden, it's sort of a, you know, I shouldn't use the word, there's a word for it, almost like a business, but it's franchised.
You know, he has had contact with other groups around the world, in Indonesia, and he's working with them.
So, you know, we're fighting extremists, you know, Islamic extremism now.
It's not just Al-Qaeda.
You have to realize that if you look at the city of Karachi alone, there are over 200,000 students in those madrasas that are receiving
You know, the word of hatred against the U.S.
on a daily basis.
So there's a never-ending source of people to strap on bombs and to come at us.
But I go back, sir, to the 1950s when our government, and this is public policy, and obviously you probably know more about this than I do, but it's admitted with Kermit Roosevelt and the rest of them to go radicalize the Muslims because they didn't want strong governments in there.
They wanted governments that they could control or bulwarks against the Soviets.
And, you know, the Washington Post about shipping in the radical Hadiths from the Madrasas and, you know, all of this whole cozying up that has been going on.
Meanwhile, the government's saying we've got to have the Pentagon spy on the American people or Al-Qaeda's going to get you.
I mean, number one, what do you think about radicalizing the Muslims in the 50s, or do you deny that?
And then number two, what do you think?
No, I think that there were some efforts on the part of the U.S.
In its anti-Soviet campaign to use the Islamic card.
And quite frankly, we lit the fuse on that one because this thing has taken off and has long-term implications that went beyond what anyone would have believed would have occurred years ago.
And it is a problem.
And we, of course, the groups, you know, the Soviet, the Afghans that participated in the jihad took from that experience
The ability that they could defeat a world power and actually believe they can beat us.
And that they can bleed us to death.
So a little too much motivation there.
A little bit too much.
You're right.
Okay, well, what about the situation with the spying here domestically?
You know this.
The FISA court is retroactive.
It doesn't block the government from listening to an al-Qaeda call.
That's just baloney.
I know you don't want to criticize the government, but, I mean, now, you know, the NSA is spying on reporters.
Is this freedom?
What I would say is this.
What I would say is this.
Well, I don't know about spying on reporters, but one of the parts on the warrant... On Colin Powell.
We're going to need internal coverage here.
Now, that doesn't mean we should be looking at U.S.
citizens for political reasons.
That's unacceptable to look at U.S.
citizens who are just innocent citizens because we all value those rights.
But I think that the President recognizes that there is a significant threat that exists within an open society and we are vulnerable internally.
We have to make sure, though, that the President needs to reach across the aisle
We need to get consensus here, bipartisan consensus, on how we're going to tackle this thing in the United States.
Okay, Mr. Burns, I know you've got to leave us here in a moment.
If you can stay a few minutes, that's fine.
We've got to break again.
If you've got to go, I understand.
But the thing here is that Bush says arrest anybody with connections to Al-Qaeda, but FBI agent Robert Wright got up with the impeachment lawyer and David Shippers and said that he was told you'll be arrested.
If you talk about what you know, I'd already interviewed them before they were told they'd be arrested, and that was in the months before 9-11.
They were told, back off, these people, or we're going to arrest you, buddy.
Now, why is that?
I can't answer that question.
I can send you the C-SPAN video.
I don't think Robert Wright and David Chippers are lying.
No, I can't answer that question.
Well, the best you can say is because it's connected to Bush's Saudi friends, he blocked it, but I think it's even worse.
Yeah, I do believe, though, that the President's intentions on this are not to create a state of, you know, a siege here in the United States against the public.
He's trying to defend us against attacks internally, but you've got to be very careful when you're doing this domestically, and you need to have bipartisan support, is my recommendation.
I hear you.
Mr. Bernson, do you need to leave us?
No, I don't.
I can stay a bit more.
Okay, well, just a three-minute break.
Come back in about five minutes on the other side.
I know you've got to go.
I've got two or three more questions for you, and we'll plug the book as well.
Stay with us, folks.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Hey, Jack Blood here from Deadline Live.
You know, it seems people will steal anything and everything you have.
If you have a house with some equity, a car, a truck, RV, there was someone looking for a way to rip it off.
And what about those government agencies?
You know, the ones, those alphabet agencies?
Did you know that they get raises, promotions, and bonuses based on what they see?
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show because there's a war on for your mind.
We don't screen phone calls on this show, so callers call in on a hundred different issues, and we've got the lines always, of course, reloaded.
But do this, Scott.
Go through the calls and see who specifically wants to talk to our guests, because I can go to the other people who want to talk about other stuff, whatever issue, that's fine.
We don't have a lot of time with our guests, about 15 minutes or so left, so just go find out...
Maybe just take the first five.
Who of the first five wants to talk to the guests out of Canyon and Debbie and Jim and Mike and John and others and find out who has a question for them so we can take calls here in just a few minutes.
But I talked to our guests during the break and I said, what is some of the things you want to talk about?
And he is this CIA warrior.
That's how he's described by Newsweek with the headline, Exclusive CIA Commander U.S.
Let Bin Laden Slip Away.
And then Capitol Hill Blue has a much stronger headline, CIA Operative Says Bush Military Leaders Let Bin Laden Escape.
And we've interviewed, again, David Shippers, FBI agents, and it's all the same thing over and over and over again.
And then we have Bush with two different policies.
Get bin Laden, number one priority, then it shifts to don't worry about bin Laden.
Well, in his book Jawbreaker, he gets into that and just a lot of other issues about what happened in Afghanistan.
But our guest wanted to talk a little bit about Muslim Americans on average themselves.
So please go ahead, sir.
Your listeners that...
Muslim Americans stepped up big in the fight in Afghanistan.
I took four Muslim Americans with me on my team.
Two of them were native Arabic speakers.
Two of them spoke Persian or Dari and Pashtun.
And they served their country nobly.
They took huge risks on the battlefield.
And they made all the difference for us.
They really did.
I'd like to thank those men, their families, and all other Muslim Americans that are serving in the armed forces.
There are fine, fine Muslim Americans that just like in World War II when we had Japanese, Italian, and German Americans stepped up to serve the United States to fight against fascism, there are a number of Muslim Americans fighting these radicals.
Well, Professor Lino Graglia, we have it on video here in Austin last year, said that he thinks all Muslims should be put in internment camps.
That's a disgraceful statement.
What about the Michael Savages?
I'm sorry, go ahead.
You know, Muslim Americans are serving this country nobly.
Now, some of their leaders haven't stepped up, but a lot of the Muslim Americans individually are taking huge risks, and we will not win this fight without them.
We need their linguistic abilities, their knowledge of the culture.
We need them on the ground, because it's a very, very complex thing that we're working on.
You know, right now, this is not just about a battle, you know, a clash of civilizations between Islam and Christianity.
This is a clash of civilizations within Islam.
It is a battle between those in the Islamic world that believe that Islam and democracy can coexist together against those that only want an Islamic state, an Islamic dictatorship.
And we saw what an Islamic dictatorship looks like in the form of the Taliban.
It was horrific what they did.
Now, I'm trying to understand this, though.
People like Michael Savage, I don't know if you've heard his show, his real name is Michael Wiener, he says that people that disagree with the war should, quote, be put in forced labor camps because we're aiding Al-Qaeda.
And, you know, we hear this drum being beaten that if you're not for everything this administration wants to do, that you're un-American and unpatriotic.
I mean, what's your take on that?
I don't believe that.
I believe that in our society we value the opinions of everyone here.
That doesn't mean that we have to agree with you or agree with an opposing opinion.
But the fact is we went and those of us that serve in the CIA take an oath to support and defend the Constitution.
And that includes all of our basic rights, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, you know, all of that.
Now, you're a specialist on the Middle East and then on Central Asia, correct?
And that's your main focus and study?
Yes, my main focus in my career was that part of the world, yes, sir.
Well, I want to tell you a quick story, and then I want to take some calls.
I was sitting in a Home Depot parking lot about two years ago, and I'd read about Mosaddegh, I'd read about the CIA overthrow there for BP, British Petroleum,
But I couldn't believe it when I heard Kermit Roosevelt, and I've had John Loftus on to talk about this as well, FBI counterterrorism, you may know him in New York there, and he concurred and said it was disgraceful.
But here is, on the radio, dead now, it was some interview from the 80s, saying that the CIA went in,
He bragged with nine guys and a bunch of money, and hired people to carry out bombings and shootings all over the country, and they printed up handbills saying, Mosaddegh did it, up with communism, and then our government removed him and put the shawl in.
Now that's public record, so we see stuff like that.
And so now I guess we have the Iranian regime to... We can thank, again, our government for helping to cause a chain of events that did that.
Number one, are you aware of all that?
Number two, what's your take on it?
In the early years, and this was before the Church and the Pike Commissions in the late 40s and the 50s, the agency did things that would not be acceptable by our terms today.
We're a different nation now.
The CIA is very, very different.
I can tell you that the CIA is very, very risk-averse, and no one will do anything without having the lawyers sign off on everything these days.
Well, why would Kermit Roosevelt... That's the challenge now.
Why would Kermit Roosevelt just go on the radio and just talk about it like he was talking about a basketball game or something?
He wrote about a famous... The book he wrote was called Counter-Coup years ago, and those were his efforts to overthrow Mosaddegh.
And I'm aware of that.
And much of what went on during that period of time.
And I can say to you, though, now, that the CIA matured over the years, that we are all very, very mindful of the law.
We are mindful of the basic rights of folks.
And I've got to tell you, there's a lot of talk about CIA torturing people.
I can tell you, people have lawyers there.
No one's going to do anything with everything.
Everything's signed off, and the Attorney General's going to sign off, and
You know, people are very, very careful.
There's a lot written about us that's not accurate.
But Alberto Gonzalez said when he was White House counsel in memos to the Pentagon that if they just don't call it torture, that if somebody dies and they didn't mean to kill them under pressure, then it's not torture.
So aren't they just changing the name?
Well, I can say this.
When I was on the ground there, we did not use coercive or non-coercive methods.
We interviewed people.
When I was there, we asked people in large groups, one by one, you may have saw that Mike Spann lost his life doing this in a prison up in Mazar-e-Sharif, and eventually people came forward and volunteered information that stopped the follow-on attacks in Singapore.
There was going to be 21 tons of explosives used against four embassies.
Yeah, what about the story where early on in the war they had the containers full of the Taliban and they just let them die in the containers and then lined them up and mowed them down?
The Afghans had done this.
The Taliban had done this to the Northern Alliance.
So that's what they always do to each other.
These guys have been doing this stuff to each other.
No Americans were aware of this.
You have to remember, there was a small number of Americans, you know, not more than, you know, possibly 400 of us in country at the top end of this during the war, covering an area the size of Texas and California together.
How many U.S.
troops, generally?
How many U.S.
troops total?
350 Special Forces and 100...
Roughly 100 CIA officers for that war.
That was it against 50,000 to 60,000 members of the Taliban and 5,000 to 7,000 of Al-Qaeda.
So that's all Bush put into the entire Afghan... I mean, I'm talking about the Afghan war itself.
You're saying that was it?
That was the initial phase.
Eventually more troops to Tenth Mountain would come in.
But if that's the number one threat, why put 200,000 or 170,000 in Iraq and send a couple hundred to Afghanistan?
That's insane.
Well, the thing in Afghanistan was brilliant, I will say, because many, many other people had lost there with large numbers of forces and had all sorts of problems.
So it was more of an intelligence operation.
The small numbers in an intelligence-driven war was masterful.
The only shortcoming came in Tora Bora when we had requested...
The introduction of U.S.
forces at that one place and time, and they just couldn't get over it.
They just couldn't do it.
And you were absolutely sure bin Laden was there?
And how did you ascertain that?
Well, we had human sources that tracked him down there.
I would have never sent eight men into an incredibly dangerous province and then four men up into a mountain over a thousand if bin Laden had not been there.
Well, sir, I appreciate...
We picked up a radio off of a dead member of Al-Qaeda, and I had CIA's number one Arabic linguist with me, who had listened to bin Laden's voice for the previous four years, who confirmed that it was bin Laden.
Well, Mr. Bernson, I appreciate you letting me interrogate you.
I just want to take one or two calls here.
That's fine.
But my final question for you is just concerning bin Laden in the future.
Do you think they're ever going to capture Mr. bin Laden?
I think that there's an effort politically to sort of just minimize his importance now, but he is incredibly important, remains important, and there are significant efforts underway to try to finish this.
Porter Goss, the new director of CIA, is a good man.
He had three tours as an ops officer many, many years ago.
He is making significant efforts on this.
I have faith that he is pressing forward on this.
Okay, now out of all these callers, who should I go to first that's for our guest?
All right, I'm going to go quickly, callers.
Debbie in Florida, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Yes, I'd like to know, is Bin Laden the most important person, or who else should we be going after besides him?
Well, of course, you know, Zarqawi in Iraq is an important individual.
How many times has he been killed?
You know, Zawahiri is important.
We've had a lot of success capturing a number of his operational lieutenants.
Abu Zubaydah, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Mohammed Atef was killed with an airstrike.
You know, his operational folks have been captured, have been killed.
So, you know, this is probably one of the reasons we haven't had an attack in the United States, is that the Bush administration has continued the pressure on these guys.
And that's the line, fighting them over there instead of over here.
And that's what is being done.
Thank you for the call, Debbie.
Let's talk to John in New York and then Earl, and then I've got to let our guests go.
John in New York, go ahead.
Hi, thank you for taking my call.
I just read a book recently and heard a report by, the book was The Elimination of the Elite by, I think, Colonel Martin.
And he says that in the CIA, it's common knowledge in the 60s that the JFK assassination was done by the CIA.
And also, if you listen to Shortwave at all, just the other night on John Stattmiller, they had 150 major reasons why 9-11 was an inside job.
Yeah, we covered that a week ago on the show.
That was the WebFerry article.
I was five years old when JFK died, so I have no idea.
John, go ahead and say whatever else you have to say.
Well, it's a situation of who's attacking us, and it's like weather modification.
There's 300 weather modifications.
Patton's, we had 150 tornadoes in one day.
Is it normal?
It's way out of normal.
The Katrina hurricane is way out of normal.
It hit
Two 50-mile oil depots in a 4,000-mile range to say that... Well, John, I'll say this.
I interviewed Ben Livingston, who is the father of weather warfare and has the letters and the photos with him, you know, with LBJ commending him for his secret weather program.
And just with seating, they were able to flood the Vietnamese communist.
Yes, sir.
I would like to know exactly how many sales do you feel that are here located in the United States?
And when do you think
These groups will actually affect and put those groups in action.
Are there active Al-Qaeda cells, Mr. Bernstein, here in the United States?
Are they going to get us any minute if we don't give all our rights up?
You have to assume that Al-Qaeda will be attempting to put people into this country.
You have to assume that Al-Qaeda will be trying to infiltrate people all around the world to act against our efforts.
We need to continue to put pressure on this.
We are living in an age when small groups of people can leverage technology for catastrophic efforts.
I don't believe that we need to sacrifice all of our rights, but we need to continue to build a clandestine service that is robust and healthy and aggressive.
Well, I know this.
The Cold War was a big boon for companies and the economy, and now since that's kind of gone by the board, there's this new Islamist threat that just, it's under every bed and every closet and every well.
It's just creeping around in the woods, and I guess it can never be defeated.
And it just goes on and on.
All I know is, sir, we have Viper teams from the TSA.
They're going to turn our malls, our banks, and our highways into something like the airport where you get groped.
And that's not America, and it's not going to keep us safe either.
Yeah, I think that we need to use human intelligence smartly.
And we had a problem in the 1990s where we diminished our intelligence service, our case officers, by 25%.
There have been efforts to improve that.
There's offense and there's defense.
When you talk about defense, like you said, all these security teams here, we need to be on the offense.
We need to be on the offense against them where they're organizing themselves overseas.
We need to be mindful of what's going on in the United States.
But this is what I'm trying to say.
This is what I'm trying to say.
And I'll let you go here in a minute, sir.
I know you're busy.
Let's say that we're sitting here and there's an al-Qaeda terrorist boogeyman with a big forked tail running around bumming at the mouth.
And we don't know where he is, so we're just going to randomly federalize local police and have them run around in black Darth Vader gear.
That's what they do in Miami and Dallas now.
And we're just going to randomly shake down families and demand to see their IDs.
I mean, come on.
No, I don't believe that.
I don't think that is what human intelligence does when you're conducting human operations.
That's what I'm saying, though.
That's what the federal government's doing.
I'm sure you've heard about that.
Well, of course it's not going to... Okay, well, then give us your take on that.
Well, the fact is, as I stated, you need to do human intelligence operations, training large numbers of people that will make contact with different people, whether they're in the Middle East or here, and you establish human reporting sources.
You do it in a professional and a consistent manner.
You have the program well-funded.
You answer to Congress.
And you don't take us apart.
Again, the agency has been dismantled on several occasions.
Human intelligence has been dismantled on at least two occasions in the last 25 years.
Isn't the CIA one of the smallest agencies out there?
The Director of Operations is very small.
You are exactly right.
So what about the other 15 agencies?
They don't do human intelligence.
Not like CIA does.
They do technical.
They do overhead.
They do intercepts.
What we need here is intentions.
The plans and intentions are not picked up by satellites.
You need humans in contact.
And the clandestine service is that arm of the United States that goes out and collects that type of information.
What's that called?
Human intelligence.
Yeah, well, here's the problem.
There's not Al-Qaeda under every bush.
These guys are going to need something to do.
And I see the government, and I've had Homeland Security local groups on, and they're being taught all threats that crime is terror.
That doesn't make any sense.
I'm with you.
I'm with you.
That doesn't make any sense.
And that's not a practical application.
I'm going to be writing a book on counterterrorism policy shortly.
And I'm going to try to lay out some of this and address exactly some of the complaints that you have and how we need to do this in a more efficient, effective, and less disruptive fashion.
All right.
The book is Jawbreaker, and it's in bookstores now or at Amazon.com and all those places.
And it's Gary Bernstein.
We really appreciate you coming on with us today, sir.
It's been a pleasure being with you, Alex.
You bet.
Take care, and I hope to get you back on in the future when your new book comes out.
But the latest one is Jawbreaker.
Take care.
Thanks, sir.
We'll be right back, folks, with your calls and a ton of news.
You bet.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Coming up at the halfway point, we've gone back in our archives and pulled old news articles about Dyncor and others and some of the horrible things they're involved in, the white slavery rings.
And so much more.
I'm going to have Kevin Smith, who's done some research on this, and pulled some of these archived articles for us in here for the last 30 minutes.
But we're going to have open phones now, and we're 30 minutes into the next hour, and then we'll cover some of the stories we haven't gotten to and also recap some of the top stories before the broadcast ends.
Canyon and Mike and Walt and Charles and Fred, we're going to get to all of you here in just a moment.
Canyon first before this hour ends.
Obviously, a lot of that was...
The guy sitting there with a smile.
He couldn't deny a lot of it.
He couldn't deny that the number, really number two, the news said number three, but he was right.
He corrected me.
Number two at CIA, Buzzy Cronengard, said that they didn't want Bin Laden because he's a good boogeyman.
I mean, they openly brag about this.
And he didn't deny that our government carried out terror attacks.
And folks, there's almost 200 cases, I've been chronicling them for a film I'm working on, where they admit it.
Do you understand?
You're having trouble believing they do this, and that bin Laden is controlled by them.
And it's so easy to have one group of CIA wondering why they can't go after somebody else, and then just fooling themselves of what the other intentions are.
And it's either or there with the last guy that we had on, but it just makes me sick.
And then in closing, we appreciate him coming on, he made a lot of other admissions too about how it's ridiculous to have these Viper teams and how it's to suppress the American people, but he still loves George Bush.
Yeah, that's all real bad, but I still love George Bush.
Well, George Bush isn't running anything, so it doesn't really matter.
And then in closing, until the 7th, you can still get almost six months, 5.3 months free when you get a yearly subscription.
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Canyon in Texas, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Go to it on the show today.
Yes, sir.
I've been listening to you for about six or seven years now.
I started listening to you on KJFK.
I have a few topics I'd like to talk about.
I'll try to get through them all.
Sure, go ahead.
I've seen a virtually infinite number of ideas here.
Everyone seems to have their own opinion.
And I wonder, I personally believe in Jesus Christ and consider him my savior, but with all the people who consider themselves Christians who say that if you don't believe exactly the way you do, I...
Yeah, I think so.
Well, you've got a bunch of religionists who just want to beat you over the head and tell you they've got the specific, perfect little way.
But that's not what Christ did.
That's not what he was out there saying.
That's not what he was about being a Pharisee.
So they're just Pharisees, modern Pharisees.
And just because Pat Robertson is a bloodthirsty, microchip-promoting globalist doesn't mean that Christians are bad.
So I'm trying to get what you're saying.
Yeah, that's what I was meaning to say.
We'll stay there.
I'll let you finish up on the other side.
We're going to start the third hour here in 70 seconds.
Most stations carry the first five-minute segment.
Some don't.
For those that don't, we'll see you in eight minutes.
But for those that do, we'll see you in 70 seconds.
InfoWars.com, InfoWars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're into hour number three.
One of our little resident researchers who pops about on a routine basis is Kevin Smith.
And since I've been talking about DynCorp, he remembered when I was on the TV show four or five years ago covering Soldier of Fortune news articles.
They were really one of the only mainstream media sources, if you can call them that, to pick up on the news inside the U.S.
of dying or systematically kidnapping women and children by the hundreds of thousands.
And now we have the governor of Illinois going public.
We have major newspapers writing about it, saying, where are the kids?
What's going on?
I mean, this is a big deal, folks.
We'll have a national manhunt for one child, but it's just, ah, well, the government's doing it.
Leaving hundreds of thousands is no big deal.
We should trust the government and take our freedoms.
So that's coming up in about 30 minutes.
I want to take your calls, get into a bunch of other news.
But right now, let's go back to Canyon in Texas.
Canyon, you were bringing up...
I don't know, you know, saying you believe in Jesus, you're a Christian, but then you see other Christians beating you over the head with their particular sex views, and the reason you have all these sex is because somebody wants to be a leader, and so they break off to go create, generally, it's not always, sometimes it's for the best, but they go break off so they can be their own leader, and then that grows, and somebody else wants to break off with their own group, and so you've got a break of a break of a break of a break of a break of a break,
Instead of just being Bible-believing.
And again, now this will turn into some big debate, which I don't want to do.
That's why I just cover the news.
But I'm trying to get at what you're saying.
Yes, that's right.
It's truly sickening that all these people want to just create their own groups and then they come up with all these false doctrines.
So I've started thinking that maybe the thing I need to do is simply research exactly what Jesus said and believe in that and then...
Well, that's what Christ said.
He said, don't listen to all those religious experts up on the hill telling you how good they are and how you're bad.
I mean, so many people will come up to me and say, I'm a Christian.
Okay, well, good.
Well, yes.
Well, are you?
Well, how do I know you are?
Well, just listen.
I'm not going to get into some kind of weird... You've got to judge a tree by its fruits.
Take the 700 Club.
They do so many good things.
They have so many nice stories.
Still, he tells you that biometrics is good, and taking a microchip isn't bad, and Bush is good, and the war on terror is good, and the government's good.
And now, 700 Club 10 years ago was totally different.
Now you watch it, and it's, oh, look at this family.
They believe in God, so they won the million dollars on the game show.
It's, you know, pray to God and you'll find a pot of gold.
Well, God isn't a leprechaun.
Or a slot machine, and I just don't know what to say.
It's like a bunch of voodoo now.
Right on, yeah.
I'd like to talk about education and psychotropic drugs.
Sure, go ahead.
You've got about a minute.
All right.
Let's see.
I am legally blind, and throughout my education, I guess for about two and a half to three years, I was sitting in a room listening to some cartoon with no real educational value, of course, and
And then in one case, the principal banned me from using a Braille writer.
What I used to actually write things down.
So there's some gaps in my education, and I'm just wondering what I might do about that.
I want to be a programmer, but with my math skills not being so good, it just gets in the way.
And I've always considered you a hero, so I wonder
Well, I mean, I'm not good at math or complex algorithms, so I'm not going to go try to be a computer programmer.
There are so many things you can do, and I would go with what you have a passion for, and I honor you for trying to work and trying to have a job if you're blind.
Or visually impaired.
And so, I mean, I don't think I can really give you advice on what you're doing, but I think that, you know, try being an artist.
Say, yeah, a blind artist.
This is what my mind sees, and this is what I'm painting on the canvas, and I don't know what it looks like, but I think if you go out and get a few news articles written about you, you start making about a million dollars a year.
There, there's an idea for you.
A blind man doing watercolors.
I think I'd buy one.
That's it.
Alright, cool.
You bet.
Thank you.
I mean, you never know what it is you have to do or what your calling is.
Take care.
Maybe your calling is to go preach to people on the side of the street.
You know, who knows?
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Boy, you know I'm not focused and out of control when I'm, like, humming along to the music.
Ira Haynes, Ira Haynes.
Don't call him Drunken Iron Hayes.
He won't answer anymore.
Not to the whiskey-drinking Indian or the Marine who went to war.
All right, now I'm really torturing everybody.
Ira Haynes, Ira Haynes.
I can sing it better in the shower.
Don't call him drunken, Ira Haynes.
He won't answer anymore.
Not to the whiskey-drinking Indian or the Marine who went to war.
All right, I'm going to stop singing the Johnny Cash first line there for you.
That's what folks tune in for, though.
I've got to have a steam valve somewhere, folks, dealing with all this serious stuff.
We're going to talk about DynCorp, the pit of hell demons that will pay.
That's coming up.
I'm going to do a retrospective of some of their past criminal activities from mainstream news that people seem to not want to know about.
So that's why you're going to hear about it.
I'm going to take a bunch of your calls.
I'm going to move to you quickly because I really want to hear from everybody.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike.
Mike, where are you calling us from today?
He's having a conversation here.
Let's just put him back on hold.
Oh, man.
What happens is they get to listening on the Internet, which has like a minute or two-minute delay sometimes, or on a station with a delay.
We'll go back to Mike in a minute.
Let's talk to Walt in Michigan.
Walt, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Listen, I wanted to bring a subject up, and I think it needs to be addressed because
Darryl Everhart's been calling in and talking to you about the Catholic Church, and I think it would be an excellent part of this New World Order.
And I think it ought to be discussed openly, because really they are the biggest player on the block.
They've got one of the largest intelligence-gathering organizations in the world.
They've got their people in government everywhere.
And I'm not talking about the average Catholic now.
I'm talking about
Political leaders and people that are in positions of power.
You know, people have called before.
I think you've called before.
There is a caller named Darrell who calls about it sometimes at the show and other shows.
And you can talk right now.
I'll tell you what, Alex.
I've been learning about this for about the last four months or so.
And I've picked up quite a bit and a lot of bits and pieces.
That I haven't had for the last 25 years.
Well, you know, sir, I never get on air and say that I think the program's run by Jews.
Let me just finish.
Or that it's run all by Catholics, or that it's run all by... I mean, it's run by a secret society that is in control of most major organizations.
And obviously it's in control of the Catholic Church, with Ratzinger running around, now Benedict...
Well, there's something.
Most people, and I didn't know just how big a part that they played in all this.
I disagree.
I've actually read a lot of those books and looked at it.
I disagree.
I think their power has lessened, actually.
Can I say something?
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
First of all, one question I want to ask you first.
What was Adam Weisshoff?
What did he do?
He was a Jesuit professor at Ingolstadt University.
That's right.
He taught Catholic Church, canon law.
He was still working for the Catholic Church and started the Illuminati.
Now, if the Catholic Church is not the primary player in the block, how come all the people that were involved in Washington, D.C., including the landowners that donated the land that the White House sits on, including the guy named Pope, who owned the land where Washington, D.C.
itself sits,
Let me ask you a question.
Are you saying Jack Sony in America was bad?
Are you saying that the America of George Washington was bad?
No, I'm saying that there are people behind the scenes who are maneuvering and manipulating this country back under Roman rule.
Because, first of all, the King of England was a Protestant, and the colonies were Protestants.
And the Roman Catholic Church has been after, the Pope of Rome has been after to control the United States.
Now you're going to tell me Henry VIII is good?
Now you're going to tell me Henry VIII is good now?
I didn't say he was good.
And that's not what I'm implying.
What I'm saying as far as the power structure is concerned, the power struggle is concerned, the Pope of Rome has been after for 1,500 years.
Let me ask you a question.
What is one of the largest...
Murdering organizations in the world in the last 1,500 years that still exist in 1940 was responsible for 600,000 to 1 million Serbian Christians in Croatia.
You're going to say the Jesuits.
Jesuits were only part of it.
You had Franciscan friars.
You had monks.
You ran the armies.
Matter of fact, a guy named Averill Manhattan wrote a book about it.
But see, I said that... Hold on a second.
I said I was going to go to calls quickly.
Do you realize that if I... You've been going for four minutes.
Do you realize that if I... Actually, five.
Do you know if I let you keep going, they won't get to talk?
Well, okay, I'm sorry.
But get Darrell Everhart on your show, if you would, please.
And have him.
He has a lot more information than I do, but I think it would be an excellent subject to cover.
I just have to be honest with you, and I appreciate the call, that I don't know about Daryl's information, but a lot of what I hear about the Catholics, I happen to have a pretty big grasp, somewhat, of history, and some of it's not true.
And it's the same thing with saying Jews run everything.
Well, I mean, is there a criminal sect which is actually anti-Jew that is in control of dominant Judaism?
Are there a bunch of Jewish groups decrying it?
You know, any time, I think any time, you know, you say the Jews are one monolithic thing or the Catholics are one monolithic thing or the Protestants are one monolithic thing, I think you really lose the big picture.
And the globalists love that.
But we can all agree that, hey, it's bad for Ratzinger, Benedict, to be saying we need a one world government and a new world order.
I mean, that's ridiculous and horrible, and I'm saying it's bad.
Look, we have a world government.
It's in our face.
Let's fight it.
Instead of just perseverating and obsessing on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, on who is running it, let me tell you who's got the money.
Okay, let me tell you who's got the money.
It is the Rothschilds.
They've got $300 trillion that's been in major Russian newspapers.
That's their aggregate holdings.
I mean, $300 trillion, folks.
But they tell you, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world.
The Catholic Church has had great lands.
The Catholic Church has done a lot of corrupt things.
The Catholic Church did control empires through the rudders, that is, the maps that told them where to go in the oceans.
I mean, the Catholic Church, you've got one branch down in Latin America saying, Take over America and La Reconquista.
And you've got other branches saying something else.
And really, I think it's a corrupt, staid, Masonically controlled organization.
I mean, has the Catholic Church done incredibly corrupt things throughout history?
Of course they have.
The power corrupts.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
I mean, is it just a Byzantine structure that's totally worm-eaten?
I don't know what you're talking about.
But do I think that Rome is running everything?
I think Rome is involved and part of the same program, clearly.
And so what does it matter when the Illuminati took it over or who founded the Illuminati?
Number one, the Illuminati was not founded by Adam Weisshoff.
You know, we say the modern incarnation of it.
In 1775, and really got funding in 1776.
Well, it's well known the Rothschilds actually funded him.
Most of the colleges were Catholic, and he was working to overthrow religion, at least in the Illuminati documents they captured.
They were actually working to overthrow the Protestantism and Catholicism, and to overthrow all the monarchs.
But later it came out that other monarchs were actually funding it to overthrow their cousins.
And so it's more sophisticated in all of this cloak and dagger.
We know, though, the cloak and dagger is going on.
We know the agenda.
And see, when you go and you say it's the Catholics, or you go and you say it's the Jews, or you go and you say it's the Protestants, you automatically neutralize the people that are listening who are in those groups.
And then it's false information, I believe, to say it's one group.
No, it is widespread.
It is in every major leadership group.
I don't want to minimize how bad it is, how widespread it is.
We were talking about this big CIA commander.
Last hour, he had to admit that our government really helped found and fund the modern Muslim extremism.
But then he'll put a spin on that.
Well, see, the Illuminati is big with the Muslims.
Did you know that?
They have whole shrines, whole orders where they worship Allah.
Did you know that?
I mean, that's on their temple walls.
They are masters at being in control of all the major levers.
And I really want to go to your calls here.
Charles in Texas.
Charles, go ahead.
What is the significance...
Of the day May the 1st.
I've heard you talk with it.
In the cultism.
It is a Luciferian pagan holiday of human sacrifice.
It's the High Holy Day.
And so, of course, it's when they have May Day for the communists.
That was the Chinese Revolution, right?
It's China.
May Day?
No, May Day is just something celebrated by communist movements.
And I know on May 1st, 1786, they brought about the grand constitution of the 33rd degree of Maitre, correct?
In London, with the King of Prussia?
Have you heard that before?
Uh, yes.
Is it... You think that Maitre controls the Vatican, or is it the other way around?
It's... There are technologies of manipulation.
Secret societies... I know that they paid a lot of homage to the Crusaders, the 9th Emperor.
Let me try to answer your question on the other side.
Thanks for the call.
I really can't do it in 30 seconds, but I'll come back and try to hurriedly do it.
And then we'll... It's a philosophy, folks.
It can take the form, it can take the shell of anything.
We'll be right back.
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This is how it works.
There's an elite who passed down the technology, the knowledge of propaganda, of manipulation of societies.
And it goes back to the pyramids, back to Babylon, back to the first civilizations in technology.
And they had secret societies to guard the mathematics of temple building.
And that was more valuable than diamonds or rubies.
It was the most valuable thing to those societies.
So they make secret societies to guard them.
So of course they're a cult, because they predate Christianity by 2,000 years.
Judaism by 1,000.
And then those technologies got handed down, and those secret societies grew, and it's basically whoever seizes control of them, and whoever controls those networks.
And so from day one in every organization, they're there infiltrating and working to then take it over.
And they always have other powerful friends and other groups, which are all part of the same structure, who will help them get into power.
And then they help those guys get into power.
And so it's like a secret.
Look, it's an intelligence agency.
They didn't call them intelligence agencies 500 years ago.
They called them secret societies.
And a monarchy, whether it was in France or Italy or in one of its nation states or in Corsica, it didn't matter, there would always be a secret society or an order, the order of the garter, the order of the shield, who were these knights who would sneak around killing people and sneak around doing business deals and sneak around engaging in subterfuge, or I'm sending my knights to this country to get me information and make deals and inquire about... I mean, that's just how it's done.
I mean, it's just intelligence operations.
What the government's told you, there's no intelligence operations, there's no secret societies, there's no corruption.
And so to say that it's bad people, we fight corruption, we fight evil, we fight centralized organized crime.
I mean, really, what are intelligence agencies?
They're organized crime.
You go, well, what do you mean?
Anytime you give somebody secrecy and power, even if it started good, it's going to go bad.
And, you know, secrecy, power, corruption, arrogance, it all happens.
And that's what these secret societies are.
And they're in control of the dominant Protestants.
They're in control of the Catholics.
They're in control of the Jews, predominantly.
They're in control of the black leaders.
They're in control of the Chinese.
And does it mean we're against Chinese or we're against Jews or we're against Germans?
And, again, it's part of their plan to get us to obsess on one group.
Whereas I can get up here and criticize the corruption of Israel carrying out terror attacks.
It's been in their newspapers.
But I'm not saying it's because Jews are devil creatures and then Jews love my show and are waking up and fighting it.
It's like the whole Republican-Democrat thing.
People hear me criticize Bush, I must be a Democrat.
It's the complete opposite.
People hear me criticize a Democrat.
Oh, I must be an evil Republican.
No, I'm criticizing evil.
I'm criticizing centralization of power.
I'm criticizing the abuse of power.
It's just that simple.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Oh, who's up next here?
Fred in South Dakota.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead, Fred.
I've got a good question here.
Something that even Colin Powell and Tommy Franks
Even William Westmoreland could figure out.
You attack when your enemies are weakest.
They teach them that in school, don't they?
These generals?
Yeah, that's what Andrew Jackson always said.
Hit them where they're weak.
All right.
Now, this country has had natural disasters.
Now, what about these leaders of this supposed Al-Qaeda organization?
Now, they ought to be turning in their General Stars.
Well, number one in the art of war is you attack because you can win and because it's good for your overall regime.
No Arab on Earth would attack the globalists independently.
Knowing it would bring down the wrath of the Empire.
I mean, it's just pure baloney.
See what I mean?
It's all garbage.
And then you look at the actual data, it jives with the common sense, the motive.
That's right.
They've revealed themselves in that way.
They've not attacked during a natural disaster when the enemy's at its weakest, so therefore they don't exist.
Well, it's common sense.
There's different strata.
There are real Arabs wearing headbands with big beards, sweating, and beating their wives.
But they're funded by a guy who works for a crime group who's funded by another group that's funded by our government.
In every case, we know.
I mean, people don't independently go out and blow things up.
They're always led.
And every time we follow who's leading them, it leads right back to the Mossad, right back to MI6, right back to the CIA.
Follow the stratification.
It's compartmentalization.
The strata is a good way to put it.
Well, I thought I'd put that in to see what you thought about it.
And that should reveal everything that's going on right now.
Well, I mean, you're using common sense.
That's very evil.
Yes, they probably track me down now.
Well, there's a problem.
The people they'd use to track us down are coming over to our side.
Well, see, what they do is they step on us.
We're like a mushroom.
Little spores go everywhere.
I think I've heard that before, yes.
I have.
All right, I appreciate your call.
You bet.
Yep, it must be water with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We don't need no education We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasms in the classroom Teacher leave them kids alone
Welcome back.
Alex Jones Show here.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've also called it another incarnation's Real Talk Radio.
Real issues of significance that actually affect you and your family.
Often imitated, never duplicated.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
I'm going to take a few calls before we end this hour.
We've got about 26 minutes, well, exactly 26 minutes left.
And we'll talk to Nathaniel and Ruben, and that'll probably be it.
We'll have to hold off on calls after those two.
Because, well, we've got Kevin Smith in studio, and Kevin brought by some DynCorp articles from a few years ago.
From, of all places, Soldier of Fortune.
And we've interviewed the colonel, the head of special...
Forces Magazine, Soldier of Fortune, I guess you could call them Mercenary Magazine, and I was also on a national TV show with him that aired on Country Music Television where he talked about it.
They come for his guns or with the Patriot Act, he's going to have a shooting war with them.
So the magazine does do a pretty good job, and they were the first mainstream U.S.
magazine to talk about this, and they talked about it to a key audience
We're good to go.
I think?
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Without further ado, in the last month, I was basically threatened to shut up about DynCorp, and it's kind of a delayed response.
I haven't been talking about it a lot lately, but I was just told through two different grapevines, military intelligence, they're very angry at you, you better shut up.
I mean, from very serious sources, and I take those serious, but I don't care.
I mean, it's actually, that means I'm hurting them, and I'm only going to increase the attack now.
I mean, it's like...
Bullies try to intimidate me.
I'm not saying I'm even a tough guy.
It's just that I'm like a, well, for lack of a better term, I'm a jackass.
And that's in the Bible.
I'm allowed to use that.
I mean, I really am.
I'm like a mean donkey, folks.
I'm going to bite you.
I'm going to kick you.
You start trying to beat me over the head with something, I'm just going to get even more.
More stubborn.
And so, I mean, it's just, you know, the jackass keeps on coming.
I'm sorry.
Or maybe I'm more like a mule, but even more stubborn.
But it means I'm hurting them.
It means that the people in the slave camps are that much closer.
They'll probably never release them unless we take over the government and then have to invade these countries.
Of course, then we wouldn't because it would be for a real reason.
But at least we can cut back on the kidnapping.
And the governor has now come out in...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
From Bosnia and Herzegovina over into Macedonia, and then, of course, all over the Middle East.
So for all the sickos that hate Arabs and want to kill them all, well, this is white people in Asia that have been shipped to Asia.
This is white people taken out of Eastern Europe and Central Europe.
I think they're all just as valuable, but those little Christian kids, they're not Al-Qaeda.
I know you'll probably say they are and figure out some way to ignore this evil so you don't have to do anything about it.
But I've got to say that we wanted to go back and thank Soldier of Fortune.
I did have the Colonel on a few years ago to thank him on air and have him talk about it, but Kevin brought these news articles back in, and so without further ado, Kevin, good to have you in here with us.
Oh, I would like to say it's a pleasure.
Of course, this topic doesn't make it that, but this is something we touched on a few years ago.
It's in your videos, and so many things coming at you all the time.
You kind of tend to move on to the next big story, but
This is something that needs to stay on the front burner.
We can't allow this to slide back.
I was looking at a forum the other day, and somebody was critical of Waco, and they said, well, those people were cooking drugs, and they were running guns, and they were molesting children.
And I thought, no, that's the government's business.
That's not the case at all.
And these defenseless, these weak children that can't defend themselves, I mean, it's our job to protect them.
And, you know, camp followers, prostitution, old business, old business.
You know, you get your company paycheck, you pay for your food at the company store.
Yeah, I don't agree with that.
I don't, you know, truck with prostitutes, but, you know, that's one thing.
This is totally different.
Yeah, and making a choice as an adult is one thing, but when they're defenseless children being kidnapped and
You know, and not to belittle, you know, other people, but, you know, healthy white baby, blonde-haired, blue eyes, of course, there's a premium for that, and it's, unfortunately, a lot of times it doesn't get our attention, you know, until... Go ahead and do the Raising Arizona invitation.
I got as close as I could.
I, myself, was worth $50,000 in 1962 dollars, but...
You know, we've got to go out there and defend these children.
It's bad enough when there's sexual predators out there that are doing this, you know, baby eaters, human veal, I like to call it.
Unfortunately, I don't like to, but that's bad enough when it's an individual.
But when it's mechanized and it's corporatized and, you know, you know the way corporations work, you can't touch someone in a corporation.
The corporation shields them from that.
And especially when it's overseas.
Well, it's because our government is totally evil.
There are laws against all of this, but it's because our government's making money off of it that nothing's going to happen.
I mean, we've just got to step up.
And you know, this is out there.
There's mainstream news touching it.
Of course, like you say, they don't say, hey, what happened to these children?
But I can remember articles in the past where people were servicing Evergreen 747s and it's in the night and 400 children are being marched onto this plane in the middle of the night and this refueler is like, where are you going with these people?
There's three or four Child Protective Services people riding herd and none of your business.
Get back to your business.
And he went and checked the manifest and hey, going to Saudi Arabia non-stop and
You know, if you don't think we're being treated like cattle, I mean, look at this.
I mean, we are being treated like cattle.
Well, that's how it started in Serbia.
There in the Balkans is the DynCorp employees and CIA people and others were just watching planes every day taking off.
And they just said, hey, I'm not going to go along with this.
And they said, you're fired.
They sued and won.
And it came out 200,000 children.
I mean, that's in one operation.
This is, I can't believe there's a market that big that there's that many maggots.
Yeah, well, that's just one small Eastern European country, you know?
And there's an estimated 4 million women and children and small boys that work in this industry.
Well, that's all numbers.
In 2003 alone, out of Central Europe, 1.1 million women and children were kidnapped.
Well, they go into an area that's devastated.
I mean, it's ripe for the picking, you know, and they've got the cover.
And, you know, hey, after nothing like I like, after a hard day of enforcing U.N.
mandates to shack up with my 12-year-old twins, I mean, it's just disgusting.
And we've got some numbers from UNICEF from 2002.
And, again, these are old numbers.
But UNICEF reports that there are 200,000 child prostitutes in Thailand.
Now, that's, you know, a sex destination.
400,000 in India.
Get this.
Between 244,000 and 325,000 in the U.S.
In the U.S.
Good old U.S.
of A.
100,000 in the Philippines, 100 in Taiwan, 100 in Brazil, and 35,000 in West Africa.
And we see these numbers, and you made a quote from Stalin about the story of one person being a story and a big number is just a fact or it's a statistic.
Just try to put yourself and empathize a little bit.
Defenseless children that didn't choose this, been stripped away from their family.
What's going to be the end result of this?
Are these people going to see adulthood?
If they do, what kind of shape are they going to be in?
Well, it's well known that a lot of them, when they get pregnant repeatedly or get old and aren't good anymore, they just kill them.
Or they've got something else for them to move into.
Well, that's the thing.
Most of the people being kidnapped and taken out, a lot of them being sold and being adopted, and the families just think it's an adoption agency.
They don't know they were kidnapped.
That's been totally proven.
That's one thing.
Then most of them are going to literally be chained to a sewing machine.
But then, yeah, if they're going to Israel or Saudi Arabia or Thailand, it is for to be raped by pig demons who deserve to be executed.
And I know in Israel there's not even, they've tried, but there are no laws on the books against this.
This is perfectly legal.
Israel, according to the numbers, is number two in the world.
Saudi Arabia is number one.
And again, we'll look at the per capita.
I mean, you know, what kind of size of a country are we talking about?
Those are small countries, population-wide.
You know, there was a five-year study, and again, this goes back to 2002, and it was conducted by an NGO called In Child Prostitution in Asia, and they compiled data on 160 foreign males who were arrested by police forces in Asian countries.
Now, remember, there's only 160, so what did these guys do to get arrested?
Basically, they probably didn't pay, or they killed the child that didn't allow the pimp to continue to make money, so they were arrested.
But they revealed the countries of origin.
40 of the abusers were from the USA, 28 from Germany, 22 from Australia, 19 from the UK, 10 from France, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden.
It goes on.
The Western European nations.
So we're looking at abusers from the developed countries going to these undeveloped countries to get...
You know, again, human veal.
And I don't understand, you know, what's the attraction of doing this to some defenseless, undeveloped person?
I mean... Well, bottom line, these are human detritus.
These are scrofulous maggots that all need to be executed.
But the bigger point is, why is our government condoning this when it's all illegal?
Why are they giving DynCorp and others these contracts?
And it shows...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Where he would dress up like a werewolf, and then he would come bite chunks out of people's necks, and blood would spray everywhere.
I'm sorry you don't want to hear this, folks.
This is who runs our country.
This is what threw out the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Babylonians, to a certain extent the Romans.
This is when they really get evil.
The Nazis, the Communists, all of it.
But he would dress up like a wolf, total psychopath, and...
Go around doing this.
Finally got so psychopathic he killed himself, thank God.
But the bigger question is, why is the average American in such denial?
It's like, Alex, I really don't care about those kids.
I've got to watch the Rose Bowl tonight.
And, uh, don't you, Kevin?
I'm going to be fighting the New World War while you're watching the Rose Bowl, buddy.
So, seriously, I'll be on TV tonight up against the Rose Bowl talking about how it's a disgusting gladiatorial diversion.
You know, I mean, if we had everything fixed in this country, or at least it wasn't this bad, sure, maybe I'd watch the Rose Bowl.
I was teasing you.
But I know you're going to a Rose Bowl party.
I've been invited to it.
I mean, I'm not completely teasing you.
But, no, seriously, this shows...
How far it's gone, and that they have lobbyists.
This isn't Alex Jones or Kevin Smith.
This is the Chicago Tribune saying, yes, it's white slavery lobbyists in D.C., and the Pentagon won't stop it.
In fact, guys, I always say I'm going to play this, and I don't.
Can you find the Cynthia McKinney clip?
We'll just play two minutes of it, three minutes of it.
Scott, can you find that?
Do you know where that is, Scott?
The Cynthia McKinney clip.
With rummy.
Rum spelled grilling, can you find that?
Piddly box.
I can't hear his response.
Okay, great.
Go ahead, Kevin.
You know, Alex, we're not going to be able to cure a society of all its ills and the depravity of individuals out there, but we sure shouldn't be rewarding.
These industrialized syndicates that are running this, isn't it enough that DynCorp gets the no-bid, sole-source contracts for vaccinations?
Isn't it enough that they get probably close to a billion dollars a year to spray defoliants all over the northern part of South America, Colombia, Ecuador, which they're being sued for right now?
Isn't it enough that they have all these private security contracts?
When is enough enough?
Well, that's the thing.
I mean, if it's this evil now, out in the open when lobbyists for white slavery openly, then what is it going to be in five years?
Maybe they will, like the police will scoop us up in nets and it'll say American beef or long ham and it'll be human in the grocery stores.
I mean that sarcastically, but that's the only thing that could be worse at the next level.
I mean, this shows you who the government is.
Again, everybody should be like the governor of Illinois who's standing up and writing letters to the editors saying something needs to be done.
I mean, again, they'll have national freak-outs over one kidnapped woman, but this is just like, I don't talk about it.
I mean, call up local radio stations.
Call up, say, KLBJ 590.
And say, hey, this is in the Chicago Tribune.
Are you going to do all your morning shows next week about the 200,000 kidnapped kids?
And see what the local station says.
Admit it.
Admit it.
Admit it.
Admit it.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I saw those callers.
I'm sorry I can't.
I've got to play this.
Now, Cynthia McKinney, this is ten months ago, back in March of last year, she brings up these points, and notice he doesn't deny it, and then ten months later, their lobby is trying to block any of this being stopped.
Okay, so this is the ongoing saga, and she brings up two other key issues.
Trillion's missing, and she only brings up a small amount of that, and then she brings up NORAD.
Stand down.
Go ahead and roll it.
Gentlelady from Georgia, Ms.
Oh, thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. Secretary, I watched President Bush deliver a moving speech at the United Nations in September 2003, in which he mentioned the crisis of the sex trade.
The President calls for the punishment of those involved in this horrible business.
But at the very moment of that speech, DynCorp was exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young women and children.
While all of this was going on, DynCorp kept the Pentagon contract to administer the smallpox Manthrax vaccine and is now working on a plague vaccine through the Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program.
Mr. Secretary, is it policy of the U.S.
government to reward companies that traffic in women and little girls?
That's my first question.
My second question, Mr. Secretary, according to the Comptroller General of the United States, there are serious financial management problems at the Pentagon, to which Mr. Cooper alluded.
Fiscal year 1999, 2.3 trillion missing.
Fiscal year 2000, 1.1 trillion missing.
And DOD is the number one reason why the government can't balance his checkbook.
The Pentagon has claimed year after year that the reason it can't account for the money is because its computers don't communicate with each other.
My second question, Mr. Secretary, is who has the contracts today to make those systems communicate with each other?
How long have they had those contracts?
And how much have the taxpayers paid for them?
Finally, Mr. Secretary, after the last hearing, I thought that my office was promised a written response to my question regarding the four war games on September 11th.
I have not yet received that response, but would like for you to respond to the questions that I've put to you today, and then I do expect the written response to my previous question, hopefully by the end of the week.
Thank you, Representative.
The answer to your first question is no, absolutely not.
The policy of the United States government is clear, unambiguous, and opposed to the activities that you described.
The second question... Well, how do you explain the fact that Dyncor and its successor companies have received and continue to receive government contracts?
I would have to go and find the facts, but there are laws and rules and regulations with respect to government contracts, and there are times that corporations do things they should not do, in which case they tend to be suspended for some period.
There are times then that under the laws and the rules and regulations passed by the Congress and implemented by the executive branch, that corporations can get off of
That's good.
We're out of time on that.
But, I mean, listen.
He doesn't even deny it.
It's just, oh, you go in a penalty box, which they never were even in.
So next time somebody kidnaps a bunch of kids, why not have them go on the news and go, hey, I'm dying, Gordon.
The cops will go, hey, let him on out.
I mean, it's two rules.
See, there's a rule for the rest of society, and then these guys...
Can do everything, Kevin.
So that's ten months ago.
Now we know there's lobbyists up there with the Pentagon lobbying, Rumsfeld's lobbying, to keep all this going.
Well, you know, another shameless plug for the movie Serenity, but I aim to misbehave.
They riled me up, and we're going to stay on this, and we're going to expose them for everything they're involved with.
Somebody's got to stand up for these people.
God bless you all.
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