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Air Date: Jan. 3, 2006
2380 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It's my first live broadcast of the year 2006.
That'll take some getting used to.
And I'm glad that you have joined us, whether you're listening here in the United States on the AM or FM dial, or globally on the internet at infowars.com or prisonplanet.com or on...
Global shortwave saying hi to all the ships at sea.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We'll be live for the next two hours and 59 minutes.
A few weeks ago I had Dr. Eisenstein on for just about 30 minutes.
We're going to have this medical doctor back on today for a full hour in the third hour.
It's one of the largest private practices in the United States to go over the clear evidence of what vaccines are doing to the population here in America and around the world.
Very important information coming up.
Not just because it covers the vaccine specifically and what they're doing to the American people, but it shows the mindset, the ideology, the philosophy of the ruling elite that we face.
Well, while we have the news really piling up here over the long weekend, the Pentagon propaganda program orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home on leave.
And boy, have I heard them all over talk radio, all over radio,
The news, the same script.
I can hear it nationally, hear it locally.
Following that script, it's fun to be part of the domestic commissariat propaganda corps.
I was on Alan Combs' show last night, and a caller was calling and accusing me of being an evil liberal.
And I would just bring up Bush being anti-gun, pro-open border, and you just didn't compute with him, so you really can't help these people.
Bush, over the weekend, of course, defended his spy program and denied that it was misleading.
And so we'll go over some of his quotes where he says, well, I think we ought to be able to listen to Al-Qaeda when they call America.
Oh, yes.
Does that include tuning in on what journalists are saying and doing?
This is all about political control.
And every step of the way, the government under Clinton and Bush blocked good elements of the FBI, Defense Intelligence, NSA, CIA from stopping Osama bin Laden, codenamed Tim Osmond, their super CIA asset.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Kill them now.
So that's the situation.
No looking at past history of who's been behind the terror.
No looking at motives.
None of that.
But Bush is defending his domestic spying operation.
Meanwhile, CIA operatives says Bush military leaders let bin Laden escape.
Number three over the CIA operations in Afghanistan.
But more than that, we have Buzzy Crongard two years ago.
Number three at the CIA period.
Well, number three's here.
Saying that we don't want to capture him and have been protecting him.
So, okay.
And U.S.
forces step up Iraq airstrikes.
I thought our government runs the country.
I mean, now they're going to start airstriking?
I guess that'll... Got to sell some bombs.
Got to make some money, I guess.
We'll get a little bit into Putin and the situation with the gas in the Ukraine.
Got some emails I want to read.
More on firefighters.
Search burned out Texas and Oklahoma towns.
Fires, of course, over the weekend and yesterday threatening Oklahoma City itself.
CIA prisoner rendition program began under Clinton, says ex-agent.
There is so much news coming up.
Huge broadcast.
New revelations on DynCorp.
Stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, we have a lot of Illinois listeners.
I don't know what now, four affiliates up there.
We really appreciate every one of them.
So I apologize for butchering this, but I can...
I'm kind of a hillbilly from Texas.
I can hardly pronounce my own name.
But Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, am I pronouncing that right?
But he's a real hero, folks.
This is what I have been hoping and praying for and talking about.
And he can only be commended.
I'm going to try to get the governor or one of his staff on the show this week or next week to talk about this.
Governor Wright Rumsfeld on human trafficking, and he even talked to the press about it, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has written, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, in response to the recent revelation that the Pentagon has not acted on presidential and congressional orders to stop doing business with companies that traffic in humans, the Chicago Tribune reports.
So, the Chicago Tribune had a report,
Last Monday, we had up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com about Halliburton, KBR, Kellogg, Brown & Rupp, their subsidiary, and DynCorp openly having lobbyists.
Imagine this.
It's like having lobbyists for bank robbers, or lobbyists for cannibals, or lobbyists for Satanists, or lobbyists for... I don't know.
I mean, it's just... This is hell on earth.
In their openly lobbying against the government, just telling the companies, we won't give you contracts if you openly are kidnapping women and children, and men as well, to be used in actual slave camps as physical hard labor mule slaves or in sweatshops so we can have $10 shirts instead of $15 shirts.
What price sell these cheap goods, folks?
We're selling our souls for it and undermining our own jobs.
A whole other issue.
And then a lot of these people are also used as sexual slaves.
And that's all admitted, even in the Chicago Tribune.
Well, now...
The Tribune has reported last week that lobbyists for Halliburton KBR and other companies objected to language in orders that require them to monitor subcontractors for use of forced labor or prostitution.
Excerpts from the Tribune's registration-restricted article follow, and it goes on in a letter.
Expected to go to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Friday, Illinois governor said he is troubled by the Pentagon's inaction on human trafficking and called on Rumsfeld to take aggressive measures to protect human rights.
The time to act is now, the governor told Rumsfeld, according to a copy of the letter provided by the governor's office.
The letter also touts a new Illinois law which takes effect Sunday, and the governor says which will create stiffening penalties for anyone engaging in trafficking.
That's the thing.
They catch illegal aliens from the Middle East, from China, predominantly China up in the north, but mainly Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil, Belize, all that whole gaggle of countries down there, coming across.
And a good part of the time, not the majority, but a good part of the time, they are having to mule cocaine and heroin across in their bellies, in balloons.
They swallow them.
We're good to go.
None of that is even comparable, as horrible as it is, to outright teams of military police and armed squads kicking down doors, going into shelters, grabbing women's children away from them, grabbing their young daughters and young sons, and taking them and loading them on jets.
This is the admitted numbers by DynCorp and the UN in the year 2000 alone.
And we only know about that case in detail.
That's a very small part of it.
Yes, 200,000 is small.
That is small in comparison to all the other stuff going on.
And that was admitted.
It came out in court.
They had to settle over it.
Because their own employees in the UN and at DynCorp were watching literal flight decks, tarmacs just covered with jets and children like it was some mass evacuation.
Flying them out to be literal slaves.
Some to work as slaves on plantations, which they've got all over the Middle East and Asia.
Right now, right now, slaves out of Europe.
Slaves out of Asia.
Slaves out of the Middle East.
Some slaves out of North Africa.
Yes, black people.
Slaves again.
Not free at last.
Slaves at last.
Slaves at last.
Think the big fat devil rum spelled.
We're slaves at last.
We can all sit down and be slaves together.
And the point of all of this is, is a lot of you just, I know, can't get your minds around this.
I have trouble getting my minds around it.
But here is the governor.
Rod, did I say Rob earlier?
I have this little mental thing about not getting names right, and so I screw them up more often than not, because I'm so focused on trying to pronounce Blagovich or...
It's Rod Blagojevich.
That's got to be annoying to be in Illinois listening to me, and I can't even pronounce the name of your governor correctly.
There we go.
Hey, don't worry.
Most Americans don't know who the governor of Texas is, even after we had the floods down here and the hurricanes.
Most people still don't know the name of the governor of New Orleans, the governor of Louisiana.
So at least I'm doing better than some.
It's just amazing.
But all of this is happening, and we have more and more newspapers, more and more groups, more and more government servants going public and going, hey, why won't the government even have a law against this?
Well, the answer is there are laws against it.
And so we're missing the forest for the trees.
If federal prosecutors and U.S.
attorneys, or if state attorney generals, or if local DAs, let's say where DynCorp has one of its hubs, like here in Austin, Texas.
If Ronnie Earl wanted to really stop some evil, there is no statute of limitations on kidnapping and things of that nature.
He would just take the 2000 case, and he would look on it and see if any names were listed as being involved in that who are currently working for Dynacor, and then he would indict them through the state level here in Austin, Texas.
And then we'd haul these people in, and we'd say, where did you fly the children?
We already know, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and 20-something other countries.
Where did you take them?
We'd haul those pilots in and go, hey, buddy, no, no, no.
You know, just because you, quote, just fly the airplane, you're going to tell us who was on those planes.
You're going to dig out those manifests.
You're going to testify and see.
We'd track it back, and we'd take every one of these people into custody, and then we would try them for the grisly crimes they've committed, and they'd spend the rest of their dirty lives, and I'm sure you'd find even other stuff.
And they would have something else done to them if there had been any other foul play involved.
They would hopefully be executed by lethal injection, if that would be their wish.
Oh, I know I'm a radical!
I'm saying people that kidnap hundreds of thousands of women and children need to get in trouble.
I've been told to shut up about this.
And you know what?
I've been told to the military grapevine.
No, I'm not going to shut up.
We did two articles over the weekend on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com about DynCorp and Halliburton, and we're just going to start doing them every week.
How's that sound?
How's that sound?
You don't threaten me.
In fact, I should have been talking more about this in the past.
And you know what?
Praise God.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
This really happened about two weeks ago.
I was totally freaked out in the middle of the night.
I couldn't go to bed about 1 a.m., and I just got on my knees by the bed, and I said, God, please, please.
I said, you know, this example, I was thinking to myself, this example of how they can openly have congressional hearings about kidnapped children
And Rumsfeld just says, well, I'm not going to talk about it.
And these companies can basically do whatever they want.
I said, God, how can that happen?
I said, please have more media report on it.
Have prominent individuals go public about it.
And I'm not saying that my prayer did anything.
I think many others were praying.
Imagine being those slaves.
Boy, I bet they're praying right now in Saudi Arabia.
In other places.
And then, boom, London Independent, BBC, Associated Press, multiple articles, Chicago Tribune, the governor reads about it, Rod Blagojevich, and he gets mad and writes a letter to Rumsfeld and then releases that letter through his office to the press to get some attention on it.
Now, but instead of just hunting down the people that did this, and we don't have to hunt them down, we know who they are, instead of that, you know what?
That's not even a priority.
The priority is, where are these 200,000 women and children?
Why isn't there a bigger investigation?
And I want to ask the mercenaries and the thugs and the killers that do all of this, are you going to get the governor now, Rod?
Are you going to get people like me?
Are you going to get the BBC reporters?
Are you going to get the Chicago Tribune reporters?
I mean, you can't get us all.
You see, I may have sounded like a kook back in 2000 when this all came out in court,
2001 is when it came out.
I may have sounded like a kook five years ago when I got on air and read foreign news.
You could laugh at me then because you were too lazy to look it up.
But now we've got governors going public.
Now we've got major U.S.
And I pray to God that more people go public and more employees blow the whistle and more governors go public.
I mean, if you've got a soul...
You're talking about this issue.
If you've got any heart, if you've got anything in you, you're going to be talking about this.
Can you imagine if Saddam Hussein had kidnapped 1,000 American children?
Or if he kidnapped 1,000 Serbian children, not 200,000?
They would nuke that country.
He kidnapped children!
But see, when our government has rape rooms and torture rooms and is kidnapping, our government openly says, we're not going to stop this.
We're going to let these companies do this.
And then the companies get to swagger around, doing whatever they want, going, we're contractors, we'll do what we want.
Shut up, Jones!
I was out one night this week at a restaurant, and there was a bar attached to it, and I had... How many contractors came over to me?
There was a group of about ten of them, and about five of them came over and made little comments.
We're pretty tough in Special Forces.
You better watch it, huh?
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I think we're good to go.
I could spend all day on the kidnapped children and the kidnapped women, and I know it doesn't compute.
You go, wait a minute, the media freaks out over one kidnapped kid.
You've got to tell you that face-scanning cameras and microphones and surveillance grids.
Oh, we've got to have the Amber Alert, which the feds can take over, and then flash anti-gun messages on.
You know those big billboards on the highways?
Now they flash, report illegal guns, report terrorists.
You can't drive your car on Ozone Action Day.
Basically now it's all this big conditioning mechanism, but that was all to save a little ember.
And now the federal government's told radio stations, so many of our affiliates four or five years ago, I keep going back to this, didn't believe it when I told them that the feds were going to start demanding about an hour a week to start off with their programming.
And now I've been talking to program directors and people that have been getting the notification that, oh yes, with the new EAS systems that we put in in the mid-90s,
Mandatory by the late 90s.
We're going to be breaking in with little government service announcements of our own.
No longer will you play our service announcements.
You'll still do that, but we'll just break in whenever we feel like it.
So, everything is going in that direction because they're losing control.
But back to DynCorp.
Here's one of the articles we put out this weekend.
Dyncor and Halliburton sex slave scandal won't go away.
Halliburton Dyncor lobbyists stall law banning human trafficking and sex slavery.
And we combined in this excerpts from the Chicago Tribune articles, excerpts from some of the other articles from other major newspapers and publications, and then the letter and the comments of the governor.
So it's all together in one place with this article.
And I think this is an important article.
I think it's something you need to get an email out to people, and you need to ask your local talk show host, hey, why don't you talk about this?
See, the national dominant media is starting to lose control of their monopoly, but they still can steer what we talk about.
That's why a lot of the time we don't focus in day to day on what they're talking about.
If it's Michael Jackson, we don't even touch it, or some girl in Aruba who's missing.
People would say, Alex, why won't you talk about the Aruba girl?
We would just send them an email back to a link to a whole archive we've got of UN and DynCorp and other groups kidnapping and just public articles about Clinton White House people on one of the slave ships.
They actually have these ships docked off coast with actual chained down women and Clinton officials.
It was in the news five years ago.
They'll let them enjoy themselves in the pure evil.
Look, it's true, and it's just not enforced.
It's, well, DynCorp's doing this, well, Rumsfeld, what are you going to do about it?
Well, we put people in the penalty box when they do that, and the Congresswoman, well, you didn't put them in the penalty box.
Well, you know, we don't condone that.
Well, are you going to stop them?
Well, no, we're not going to.
So, I guess they're saying they're above the law, kind of like President Bush says he's above the law.
And after all, he's only spying on you to keep you safe.
So we have those articles up on the website as well.
And forgive me out there if you're sick of hearing about this.
I've talked about this a lot over the years, and I don't think I've talked about it enough in the last year or so.
And then I got to thinking about just how huge this story is and how no one was covering it, and where are these children and women?
And then I got told to shut up about it, and so I do the opposite.
When bullies and people threaten me, I go in the opposite direction.
I do not give in to it.
I fight.
We have the fight-or-flight mechanism built into us.
A lot of Americans just go into a catatonic...
Thumb-sucking state.
I don't do that.
I stand up and I fight, folks.
It's just that simple.
And it's not because I'm something special.
It's because I have not been neutered.
I have not been emasculated.
But look at this article.
Pentagon propaganda program orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home on leave.
I was on Alan Combs' syndicated radio show last night.
People would call in and go, you're just a lying liberal who hates America.
You hope the terrorists attack us.
And I said, no, sir, I hope the terrorists don't attack us because then we're going to be living under martial law.
And I went on to say, several callers said, Bush didn't mean to lie about WMDs.
He really thought it was.
He wouldn't lie to us.
He's a good man.
And I said, the Pentagon admittedly
Has hundreds of fake writers writing fake news stories every day in Iraq posing as real news articles claiming there's a free press.
The Pentagon has told us domestically they have a free press.
That's the Pentagon lying to us right there.
I mean, how naive are we?
This is just an unbelievable joke.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Hey, Jack Blood here from Deadline Live.
You know, it seems people will steal anything and everything you have.
If you have a house with some equity, a car, a truck, RV, there is someone looking for a way to rip it off.
And what about those government agencies?
You know, the ones, those alphabet agencies?
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We're good to go.
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Or go to assetprotectionteam.com.
Tell them you heard it on GCN.
Your phone calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
Dr. Eisenstein joins us in the third hour to get into the scourge of vaccines and a lot more.
Before I go to your calls, let me just mention some of the other news I have in front of me today.
Again, it's stuff like this Pentagon propaganda program orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home on leave.
Well, the Pentagon has the Pentagon Office of Strategic Influence, and they've told us they lie to us.
They've told us they plant fake news.
All of that fake news they put out through the Iraqi newspapers is then picked up as gospel by ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.
And they know most of them are paid government operatives, and that's admitted.
I think?
I think?
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
And, you know, the morning show crew that has me on, they're not propagandists, they're just a rock and roll show, but, oh, you know, this young man who's currently in the military, he was in Afghanistan, he's an intelligence officer, and he's written a book about how great Afghanistan was.
And I talked to the guy in the hall, and I go, you're still intelligence officer, this is propaganda.
And the guy just kind of smiled at me.
I mean, it's just sick.
They think it's cute to run intelligence operations inside the U.S.
It's totally illegal.
And you're no longer our military.
You know, they're attacking this congressman who's a Vietnam veteran himself and voted more conservative than Bush has on his congressional votes.
And they're all mad right now that, what is it, Murtha has come out and that he has said that he wouldn't enlist in the military now.
Well, I sure wouldn't just because of the vaccines they give them.
Because of the DU, their own manual saying it's deadly, but they just...
Still pushing on the troops and let them breathe it.
I wouldn't because our government's been seized.
That'd be like if you were in 1943 Germany and you said, I won't serve in the Fuhrer's military.
It'd be like saying, well, you're against Germany or you're against... No, you're against Adolf Hitler.
And I just hear these mindless toadies calling in to talk radio and they just like to bleat.
And in verbal, the same tired propaganda about how there is no propaganda, but then if you nail them down that there's propaganda, they'll go, well, propaganda's good!
They've got a lot of us to keep us safe.
No, they're taking advantage of us.
They're giving each other no-bid contracts with their wives and husbands sitting on the defense contractor boards.
They're sucking us dry.
They're destroying our Bill of Rights.
They're going after our guns.
They're going after our borders.
They're going after our kids and trying to force-drug them.
And listen, you can't weevil around this.
I want the neocons out there listening, the neocon followers, the camp followers, to tell me, am I lying about the Chicago Tribune and DynCorp and Halliburton having lobbyists for white slavery?
Lobbying so they can keep doing it.
No, you'll just kind of, I don't want to talk about it.
I'm sure it's not that bad.
Well, you know, this is war.
I want you to face it.
Next time you're getting teary-eyed when you're watching Fox News and there's some 10-year-old girl been kidnapped and you're all feeling concerned when you're driving around in traffic you're looking for.
Because Fox News tells you to be concerned and you'll be concerned because they tell you when to feel and when to care.
You're a mind control slave.
But then there's 200,000 admitted.
Where are they?
We know the countries they were taken to.
Nothing's done.
Governors are writing letters saying, why don't you care?
But the governors aren't even asking to get the slaves back, the human beings back.
No, no.
They're just saying, why don't you ban it now?
Why do you keep letting it happen?
See, that's one of the spoils of this.
When the New World Order goes in, they don't just have defense contractors and payoffs and money and trillions in oil.
They get to grab slaves.
And I know some of you go, well, them Arabs deserve to be slaves.
They ain't human.
Well, what about the Serbs?
Well, they ain't human neither.
What about the Croats?
Well, they ain't human neither.
Well, what about the facts that there's evidence that they grabbed kids out of this country and fly them out?
Well, they ain't human either.
They ain't girl without kind of tooth.
I like Moloch.
I like him.
He's a Christian.
Yeah, he's a devil worshiper.
Ooh, how surprising.
These people are involved in kidnapping children, and they go to a thing called Skull and Bones and ask Lucifer to enter them, and they go to Bohemian Grove and worship Moloch, and I videotaped him.
How surprising.
People that kidnap kids are devil worshipers.
Well, you wouldn't think those two... You see, I'm freaking out here, because we should be freaking out.
I'm freaking out.
I am.
I'm freaking out.
I cannot believe this.
And every time I'm not having a lot of energy, every time I'm like, man, I don't want to get back in the edit room and put a new film together.
Oh, I just want to go relax.
Every time I get to go on a talk show and have idiots call in, and they energize me because I realize they are these mindless loafs, these mindless oafs, and folks, they'll love taking your guns, and they'll say it's conservative.
They'll love taking your private property.
I've heard the neocons on the radio going, well, if it's good for business, take private property.
Well, I guess they need to take the guns.
They're just scum.
Don't you hate them, too?
I hate them.
Let's start hating them together.
I said I'd take your calls.
I said I'd mention the news that's coming up.
It's just Pentagon propaganda program.
Orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home on leave.
Good soldiers follow orders, and hundreds of American military men and women return to the United States on holiday leave this month with orders to sell the Iraq war to the skeptical public.
The program, coordinated through the Pentagon Operation Dub, Operation Homefront, and this is mainstream news, ordered military personnel to give interviews to their hometown newspapers, just out in the open, television stations and other media outlets, and praised the American war effort in Iraq.
Initial reports back to the Pentagon deemed the operation a mass success, with dozens of front-page stories in daily and weekly newspapers around the country, along with upbeat reports on local TV stations and radio.
We've learned as a military how to do this better.
Yes, yes.
And we saw the little willing little dupes.
Captain David Diaz, a military reservist, told his hometown paper, the Roanoke Virginia Times, my worry is that we have the right military strategy and political strategies now, but the patience of the American public is wearing thin.
And boy, I heard that this morning.
I got to hear the military lady on the radio, and she's just like, it's not patriotic to be against the war.
You've got to support it.
Yes, yes, yes.
This congressman is a traitor.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
He's a traitor.
And I'm just listening to a government spook!
And they love it.
They love being called intelligence officers and toadying around in their little uniforms and swishing back and forth and acting all official.
And, ooh, they're going to get to be part of local domestic homeland security units in Secure Corps.
And they're going to get to be in the emergency management centers and look over our shoulders.
And, oh, as we get warped in the future, they'll get to have their way with us in the dungeons.
But that's how they keep us safe.
These are the scum, ladies and gentlemen.
And if we don't stand up against them, they're already calling to beat us up in the streets, they're already calling to put us in camps, just like Nazi stormtroopers in the 30s, intimidating their opposition, sweeping the country, calling for people's arrests.
There was years of them bleating that until they got their way.
I'm going to let the commissariat and all of you trash know this.
We're rising.
America's rising.
You're going to fail.
Do you understand me, scum?
Do you understand me?
I promised myself I'd be calm today.
That all just goes out the window.
I'm going to let people know how I really feel about this.
What about you?
There's so much.
I want to get into Bush defending his spying and lying about it.
I mean, on its face, it's all lies.
Well, we've got to be able to take a phone call when Al-Qaeda's doing it.
But there's never been... They can listen to any overseas transmission they want, even without FISA warrants.
And then if it's a call into the domestic U.S., they have to go back within the next month to the FISA court.
So that thing about how if the woman's pregnant and she's driving in the car about to have her baby in labor, can the husband drive faster?
Does he have to get permission from the judge first?
It's a lie.
But I've got to hear the people call and repeat it on the talk show.
Well, if your wife's having a child, you don't call the judge first.
Or then Bush gets up there.
Let me just read the quote.
Bush defends domestic spying program.
It seems... This is Bush.
Hold on, let me get my Texas voice on.
It seems logical to me that... I can't do a fake Texas voice, I'm sorry.
It seems logical to me that if you know there's a phone number associated with Al-Qaeda, an Al-Qaeda affiliate, and they're making phone calls, it makes sense to find out why Bush said they've attacked us before and they'll attack us again.
Believe me, we know you will.
If someone from Al-Qaeda is calling you, we'd like to know why.
And then it turns out it's congressmen and women, it's governors, it's Colin Powell, it's members of the press.
And Bush is on TV going, we need to arrest the people that are leaking this.
We need to arrest you for every time you authorize this being a felony.
And I don't want to hear this case that keeps us safe from terrorism.
I have, in triplicate...
What is it?
I don't know.
Like 200 plus examples of the U.S.
government declassified publicly carrying out terror attacks.
Or planning to carry out terror attacks to blame on enemies.
So please don't go.
I just don't know why they do it.
Alex, explain to me.
Why would the government carry out an attacker on themselves?
Well, it's real simple.
Why did Hitler fire bombers on Reichstag?
To shut up Reich or land security, dum-dum.
But you cannot argue with it.
We have the NATO option.
We have all these programs, the USS Liberty with the Gulf of Tonkin, the big ones, of course, 130-plus, like 134 bombings, being Gladio.
Operation Gladio, declassified, 1970, 1980, the last bombing in Bologna, Italy, killing over 100 people.
And our government would go out and fund the groups to do it themselves and blow up their favorite thing was kids.
You're like, Alex, we heard this last week.
Well, I'm just not getting over our government blowing up kids.
Just like Operation Northwood says, if we kill young people, it gets a bigger effect.
So they go out and they blow up a bunch of little kids, and then they run around on TV and have all their stupid shows about how their nice black ski mask Nazi jackboot thug SWAT teams are going to, the Dallas SWAT, the heroes of SWAT, as they create all these merc teams, and I'm just sick of it.
I'm sick of it.
You know what, I'll just get to all of it later.
They're talking about going to war with Iran.
It's serious.
There's Spiegel, Jerusalem Post.
We'll cover it.
Keith in Ohio, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hello, Alex.
The information warfare is so important, so keep up the good work.
You know, Satan, he hates truth and light.
And that's what we need to expose in many different areas.
And especially certain issues, you know, need more time.
What are those issues?
Well, like the DynCorp situation, and maybe the finders that are connected with that, maybe Ted Gunderson.
Well, here's the deal.
I've read the police reports.
The D.C.
police went in a huge warehouse where the CIA was producing it, and the CIA told them back off.
Folks, we have got serial killers running our government.
I don't know if people realize that that's not a joke.
You know, the Word of God teaches that Satan is the god of this world.
You know, he operates on deception, lies.
And he's got his people in place.
You know, I want to know why the local radio stations in your area, no matter where you're listening, folks, why aren't they, you think this is newsworthy, the governor writing letters to Rumsfeld saying, why won't you stop them from kidnapping kids, Rummy?
We've got a good program.
Fox Alert!
Will Rumsfeld!
Tell us where the kids are!
FBI raided Rumsfeld's house today, but that isn't going to happen.
Well, just keep up.
People, especially the listeners, keep up on doing Internet research and keep up communicating these things and just kind of putting cracks in the walls, you know.
And the main thing I wanted to bring up was, you know, death is a part of life.
Yeah, I think so.
Evangelical circle.
Well, I was about to say, why doesn't the 700 Club do a show about the missing 200,000 kids?
They love to show little kids and say, give us money for our big jumbo jets, which is all fine and dandy.
Why don't they talk about it?
Because it's their friends.
It's their friends doing it.
Thanks for the call.
They're not going to talk about it.
I mean, but again, the good news is these people can't threaten us all.
This is public.
We can expose this.
We've got all this stuff that's 100%.
That's the thing.
I mean, it's 100% that thousands of times our government spread chemical, biologicals, and radiologicals on it.
Just declassify it.
They'll just kill people in a subway or kill you on the street, and later they'll go, oh yeah, we killed some Americans back in the newspaper once.
Yeah, our government's kidnapping a bunch of kids with private companies.
Yeah, they're radiating 110,000 Jewish children.
Hey, they died.
Ah, Jerusalem Post, so what?
Hey, yeah, we got plans to take your guns.
We're giving the Marines surveys.
But still, we're supposed to love this government and trust it.
It's just sick.
I mean, look, if you joined the military in Andrew Jackson's time, you were a wonderful hero who was actually fighting for this country.
You can argue fighting exactly against what, but there were real odds.
The government was actually in our corner at that point.
I'm not going to get into the whole Indian thing and what happened there.
That was terrible, but it wasn't like the Indians were two Indians cornered by a hundred white guys.
Try a hundred Indians cornering two white guys.
But the point is, that was the real deal back then.
I'd go join the military back then.
I wouldn't be in this military for all the tea in China.
I mean, there is no way.
Folks, you want to join the Army of Darkness?
You want to be a stormtrooper in Darth Vader's, in Emperor Palpatine's army?
I mean, you want to go join the Nazi Brigade?
I'm sorry, it's true.
My son's in the military.
Well, how dare you?
I'm not saying your son's a Nazi.
I'm saying the people running this military are murdering criminals who are trying to take down America and trying to set up martial law here domestically.
There's no debating that.
And if you knew history, every founding father, every warning is about the government trying this.
And it's doing it right now.
And it's not patriotic to let the government take over and to let them sue the gun manufacturers and to let all these Republican mayors and governors sue and...
Attack gun owners and gun makers.
It's not conservative to have the Supreme Court going after our private property.
It's not conservative to have the amnesty move.
It's not conservative to have national ID cards.
None of this is conservative.
And the biggest problem is that the Democrats are basically sold on the New World Order, and then conservatives who traditionally always fought it have been taken over by this Trojan horse that is George W. Bush, who is nothing more than a gibbering puppet himself.
We're going to break, and we'll come back and go to Jeff and many, many others, Francis and Stan and Stan and many others that are patiently holding 1-800-259-9231.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And if you're not upset, then you're not paying attention, like the bumper sticker says.
If you're not upset, if you're not upset, if you're not upset, you're not paying attention.
That Alex, why is he upset about our government?
Not going after people who kidnapped 200,000 women and children.
I thought that's a good thing to do.
That's what Christian Americans do.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Folks, you've got to have a hard heart or a seared conscience.
I mean, think about the yuppies and people that are listening to this show right now and laughing at it.
And they don't care about those 200,000 women and children.
They're just going to giggle about it.
They're all, that's a bunch of baloney.
Ah, so what?
They're so focused on their iPod.
Because you know what?
They're so focused on their double latte from Starbucks.
They're so focused on their J.Crew or their L.L.
Bean catalog.
That they don't care about that.
Well, let me tell those people something.
When you don't care about other people, when you don't care about writing evil, when you don't care about standing up against evil, you get enslaved.
You get pushed around.
You get abused.
And that goes for all the cops out there, too.
There are so many good police.
But there are also a lot of you that just grovel to the system.
I've had arguments and debates with you on the street.
And I'll say, what about this?
I just don't believe it, Alex.
Oh, and the Serbian troops are going to get me too.
You know, one time I had a cop walk over and just said it to me out of the blue.
I didn't know what it meant.
Oh, sure.
Hey, listen, Mac.
What I'm saying is real.
And so don't you sit there and say it isn't.
I'm freaked out, okay?
Believe me, if it was some new continent, some new world, some place to go, or a rocket ship going to some new planet, I'd get out of here.
I mean, this is freaking me out.
I mean, I'm freaked out, folks.
I'm freaked out.
We've got elites that openly write books saying they plan to kill us.
And then everything they wrote 20 years ago, they're actually setting up.
I'm freaked out, buddy.
I'm freaked out about what they're putting in my water that you're drinking, too.
I'm really freaked out about it.
But you think you're part of the system.
You think you're safe because you've got a uniform and a badge and a gun.
You mean nothing to these people.
And so, if you aren't upset, listen, I love you.
That's the sick thing.
I come across here as aggressive and abrasive and angry and boisterous and arrogant, and all it is is confidence and anger, folks.
I am upset.
And I know that most of the police are good people.
I know most government people aren't bad.
I know most people in the CIA aren't bad.
But you're living in denial, or those of you that aren't living in denial now are living in fear.
A lot of you that were living in denial a few years ago, I've talked to you.
Now you're afraid.
Now you've looked at what we've said, and you know it's true.
You've got to get past that fear.
We're not meant as men and as women to live in fear.
You've just got to conquer it, you've got to push through it, and you've got to stand up against it.
You've got to be a champion for the light, folks.
The darkness takes over when we don't let our light shine.
It's like a little Sunday school hymn.
How's it go?
I've got a light, I'm going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
I mean, we have got to let it shine.
If we don't let it shine...
It's over for humanity.
It's over for society.
I cannot telegraph to you how serious this is.
The mind control, the manipulation, how I've studied it, how I've looked at it.
I'm able to have these complex calculations and thoughts and information and realizations that I can't even articulate to you.
I can see their program.
It is so evil.
It is so massive.
It'd be like if you were trying to, for a jury, explain a crime family and how they launder money through 5,000 different people in 30 minutes.
It's complex.
But it's all evidence.
And when you see how big it is, that's all it is, is a global crime family involving hundreds of thousands of people in the know.
Who engage in this criminal operation against us, and they fooled us through high-tech PR systems to join their system.
And we've got to say no to it.
We've got to resist it.
We've got to get involved and say no to it.
And I'm begging you, if you've got any love in your heart left, any tenderness, if you've got any place for God in your heart out there to soften it, that'll actually make you stronger.
To have a soft heart is much better than having a black heart.
Because you know what I'm saying deep down is true.
I want you to go verify it with the documentation.
And then I want you to decide if you're going to help us fight this or if you're just going to... I want you to make the decision.
I'm calling you to decision.
I'm demanding that you make a choice.
Whose side are you on?
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
There are some things worse than death, and that is living the life of a coward who dies a thousand deaths, who grovels in the mud.
I refuse to do it.
My instincts, my very coding, cries out against this abomination, this dehumanizing, enslaving, new world disorder, this world government run by a bunch of criminals.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We are going to take calls throughout this hour now.
We have Dr. Eisenstein joining us in the third hour to get into vaccines and the documentation of how deadly they are, a medical doctor.
And there's a bunch of news about Pentagon propaganda domestically, a bunch of new torture news.
Bush running around telling us how wonderful the spying is and how it keeps us all safe.
Just so much important stuff.
Coming up, and also Bush's drinking and drug use must be investigated.
That's one of the headlines that we've got here also.
New Year's resolution.
Shock and awe to replace troops in Iraq.
Big bombing campaign to start.
A bombing campaign of what?
How do you do that in low-intensity conflict when you have the entire cities dominated and you're engaging in house-to-house ops and don't even know what structures your enemies are in unless you plan to kill innocent people, which a lot of sicko neocons say turn the place into a parking lot.
You can't find it on a map.
You've got the IQ of a rat, but I'm sorry, rats are smarter than that.
They know where they're going.
They know where they've been.
They know what they're about.
That's enough.
Jeff in Colorado, then Francis, Steve, Stan, everybody else.
You're on the air, Jeff.
Go ahead.
Yay, Alex.
I wanted to talk about a related story.
Basically, you're talking about the Pentagon propaganda.
I wanted to talk briefly about basically another story that was...
Talking about fake news programs.
Bush fake news programs.
But before I get into that, let me just say that people that do any kind of research or investigation on Bush or his administration should know that Bush is a murderer.
Not only him, Donald Rumsfeld is a murderer.
And Dick Cheney is a murderer.
There are several officials in the Bush administration that are murderers.
People need to snap out of it and wake up and realize what's going on in this country.
There's a serious problem happening in the United States of America.
But Don King, a convicted murderer and known swindler, says that he loves Bush.
Yeah, well, in any event, Don King is, I guess, part of his regime, or what I call the Bush-Cheney CIA coup regime.
But Alex, what's going on in this country is terrible.
My father was in the military.
He was in the military for 30 years.
There's men that fought and died for this country.
This is what we end up with?
This is a tragic, tragic mistake.
Well, now patriotism is licking black boots.
You're exactly right, Alex.
Not only that, the Bush administration has used
Millions of dollars, I should say illegally, use millions of dollars of taxpayers' money to produce and distribute fake news programs that support a partisan... $244 million in one fake media buy in 2003.
That's one buy, folks.
Yeah, this was $254 million, yeah.
And basically... Oh, you have the actual news article that I underestimate by 10 million?
My memory does stuff like that, and normally I somehow move the number down.
Well, that's close enough.
It's 200-something million.
Yeah, it's 254 million.
In any event, under Bush, at least 20 different federal agencies had produced prepackaged, ready-to-serve reports that are distributed to hundreds of television stations.
And these reports are often broadcasted on television news programs without disclosing that the segments are produced and paid for by the U.S.
And the Congressional Budget Office found that that's illegal.
They can't do that.
But they continue.
And they continue to do it.
Hey, but see, so what if it's illegal?
It's like kidnapping kids with DynCorp.
Rumsfeld says they're allowed to.
And also the mainstream media, also, Alex, the FCC has stated that they cannot...
Broadcast false information.
And they do it every day.
Third-rate CNN does it every single day.
Anything else you want to add there?
Oh, that's it, Alex.
Jeff, Happy New Year.
Good to hear from you.
We'll be right back.
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Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're good to go.
I think?
I think?
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, coming up in the next hour, we're going to get into the Pentagon propaganda program ordering soldiers to promote Iraq war here at home.
And I want to go over some of the history of paid-for fake news here domestically.
Fake news in Iraq, then telling the American people, oh no, it's all real.
Look at these independent newspapers and sending ABC news crews in to talk to the independent newspapers that are paid CIA minions.
I mean, they're lying to us.
They're engaging in Pentagon propaganda domestically, not just spying on us.
And they're not just, quote, spying on Al-Qaeda folks.
So that's coming up, and Bush is defending his ridiculous domestic spying program and lying about the nature of it.
We'll also get into CIA operatives as Bush military leaders let bin Laden escape.
And of course they let him escape.
We have the number three guy at the CIA saying that they're protecting him.
So we'll go over that.
And big talk about, well, here it is, U.S.
forces step up.
Iraq airstrikes.
They're going to start bombing Iraq now.
I thought they controlled the country.
And there's major talk in Der Spiegel and the Jerusalem Post about the U.S.
telling Turkey and other allies prepare for an attack on Iran.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's my pleasure, Alex.
Thank you very much.
You've also got a radio show there in Illinois, don't you?
You bet.
Yes, I'm on AM 1160 from Saturday 10 to 11.
And I've been doing the show for about 20 years.
It's kind of evolved.
It started off just as...
Well, it's just kind of echoing, but that's okay.
Maybe you can get a little bit closer to it, or closer to the phone, Jack.
Okay, let me see if I can get it closer here.
It makes a difference.
Is that better?
A little bit better is an echo, but we'll fix it during the break.
I mean, you've been discussed in a series by United Press International where it shows the Mennonites and the Amish having zero autism.
You, yourself, and people in your clinic, 35,000 plus have gone through your offices.
You've never seen, according to the news article, autism in kids that haven't been vaccinated.
And then we know nationally that... Go through those numbers of 25 years ago.
What was it?
One in 20-something thousand had it.
Now it's 166.
Go over the hardcore numbers and diagnosis and then what in the vaccines the evidence shows may be causing this, Doctor.
Let me just correct it a little bit because there's a little bit of a misquote because we don't know if we've seen any because obviously there are
We said we have no autism.
I haven't seen any cases.
I had one mother who called me who came to our practice 18 years ago and she said that her child has autism but you don't know about it.
So there are isolated cases.
They claim that the numbers are tenfold minimum from what they were 30 years ago.
So 30 years ago, autism may have been maybe 1 in 2,000, 1 in 3,000.
And, you know, the numbers vary between what they're doing.
It varies between the different branches of government or reporting bodies.
What about the number of 1 in 24,000?
Because that's the number I've seen with the federal numbers.
Oh, well, you know, I mean, look,
Who could argue the federal numbers?
I mean, they're not going to tell us something.
They would argue there would be better than that.
They wouldn't be telling us something that's bad, unless maybe they're trying to promote vaccines or something like that.
But I think that no one doubts or no one questions
That we have a massive increase in the last 30 years.
That's undisputable.
No one argues that.
I think that's what the whole issue is.
And there's been some really good scientists, well, investigative reporters like yourself and Robert Kennedy.
I mean, his work...
On mercury, looking into it, it's been just spectacular.
And Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a phenomenal British scientist, who spent the last 20 years trying to put the link between the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine and autism.
But I think more important than if it's mercury, if it's not mercury, there is something that's causing it.
And vaccines is very, very suspicious, be it the mercury or some of the other components.
There's more other components of vaccines that could be creating a problem.
And what I see as a problem is if they believe that vaccines aren't the cause, tell us what the cause is.
Well, I have to tell you, Doctor, so many times we sit here and we debate things that are already provable.
We have the CDC documents from 2000 that Congressman Dan Burton's committee was able to get by subpoena where the heads of the CDC are in a meeting saying, quote, I wouldn't give this to my granddaughter.
We've brain damaged millions.
We've got to cover this up.
I mean, those are quotes.
From the minutes of the meetings.
So the CDC says that their internal studies show that it is the thimerosal mercury being the prime thing doing this.
Then we look at autism being in, what now, 1 in 166, and those numbers growing, and clearly having the same symptoms as mercury exposure to the brain.
There's no question about it.
Clearly there are other causes of autism, because autism existed before mercury, but
The enormous increase, and the idea of injecting mercury into children, or adults for that matter, the flu vaccine has mercury in it, you know, just makes no sense.
Well, another thing, sir, I saw an AP article, and perhaps you can give me your take on this, or your knowledge on this.
They said that they've, quote, taken Tamarisol out, but then I read what they've done is they've made non-Tamarisol available, but Tamarisol vaccines are still being made, and actually the AP said...
Went from 50 times safe levels to 250 times safe levels for an 8-pound baby, and that the new flu shots even have more.
Well, let me tell you something.
I think, Alex, you've opened up the same can of worms that you've talked about so many things.
Who's telling the truth?
You know, you can't trust any statements.
I can tell you what, who knows?
But I can tell you something.
You know, there's also mercury in the Rogam vaccine.
That's the vaccine that's given to pregnant women after the baby's born if they're RH negative and the baby is RH positive.
And it contains thimerosal.
Then they allegedly had a non-thimerosal version.
I called the company because we had about 10 doses in our office.
And I said, I want to exchange them.
He says, oh, why do you want to exchange them?
You know, those aren't dangerous.
I said, no problem.
If they're not dangerous, you'll give them to somebody else who thinks they're not dangerous.
And then they admitted they didn't have thimerosal-free Rogan.
It's really, really interesting.
I don't know the answer.
I just can't figure out.
I can't figure out why they're putting thimerosal in, except you need thimerosal,
If you're going to have multi-dose vaccines, I don't understand.
You know, I'm not a chemist or a biochemist, but I don't understand the need for it.
That's what bothers me so much.
And no one has explained.
Forget about if it's causing autism or not.
Why isn't it there in the first place?
Well, I know this.
I've read the different studies and different news reports.
They say there's a whole bunch of other things that aren't bad for you that can be used to suspend and keep the monkey puss and vomit basically in its original format.
Yeah, no, I think you're right.
Don't you find it interesting that, if you remember, anyone who wears contact lenses, about five years ago, they banned all thimerosal from the saline solution that was used to clean your contact lenses.
Not to clean them, to just wash them.
And now it all says thimerosal-free.
Something that you put into the eyes that possibly will get absorbed or not, but something that's injected into a baby, they don't worry about.
Well, they weren't stupid.
They knew that that was going to cause massive brain damage.
I mean, look, I have a local newscast from that government-funded study that came out two years ago.
I remember when they said, oh, studies show mercury actually helps brain development.
Did you ever see that report?
Just unbelievable.
So you did see that report?
Yes, I did.
I mean, just, you know...
Yes, I did.
It was the same report all over the country to show the propaganda value of mercury we've found is actually good, but everybody knows mercury is like one of the most deadly heavy metals in the brain, is it not, doctor?
Well, let me tell you something.
The pediatricians won't allow you, at least they recommend you should have no thermometers with mercury just in case it spills.
You know, there's warnings about fish with mercury, which in my mind carry way less problems.
Let's go ahead and roll that clip from CBS here locally.
It's about 30 seconds.
Mercury is good for you.
Mercury-containing vaccines may have on kids.
Here it is.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses, a new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
It's tonight's medical headlines with medical watch reporter Seema Mathur.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
Oh my God!
We're the weirdos, Dr. Isaac.
No, no, no.
Well, let me tell you something.
There's no doubt about it because, you know, what's wrong with this picture?
This is just unreal.
I mean, I've never heard anything as absurd.
You know, it's just blatantly absurd.
Well, stay there, sir.
We've got a break.
He's the author of Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate, a well-thought-out book, well-researched.
You need to have it.
We're carrying it.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
You know, I just realized something.
The Genesis Network going out over, I don't know, a total of 300 or something affiliates with all the shows combined.
...is number one in one thing, and that is cheesy commercials.
I'm sorry, the commercials we cut.
I'm sure they're very effective, though, because they're so annoying.
I'm listening to some of those ads.
I mean, I have to say it.
It makes my RTF days look godly.
Okay, I'm sorry.
It's all about honesty here, folks, and that was unbelievable.
We're talking about very, very serious issues, and you talk about unbelievable all over the country.
CBS sends out these little news reads for their local affiliates to do.
So that's warrior government propaganda.
And when I saw that news piece two years ago, right before school started, I typed it into Google and found hundreds of CBS News affiliates with the exact same information.
So there's your propaganda.
Dr. Eisenstein?
I mean, people watch the news, and hey, mercury's good for you now, but everybody knows it's deadly.
Let me tell you something.
I think there's so much backlash here from the CDC and the pediatricians, as some polls have shown that 35% of families in this country are questioning vaccines.
You know, you get defensive, like the pediatricians are, and all of a sudden they start digging their heels in and creating more nonsense, you know, rather than facing the facts and saying that, you know, maybe this is a problem.
You know, it may be that vaccines in general are good.
I use the word maybe in very big quotes, but we surely don't have the evidence to show that.
And just the idea of telling parents you must vaccinate makes absolutely no sense.
Well, in the U.P.I.
article, it had the federal numbers of the 1 in 24,000 having autism 25 years ago, and then the numbers over the years are now 1 in 166.
But the local doctors, they'll try to say, well, that's over-reporting.
But like you said last time, there's no way to miss these autistic children.
This isn't over-reporting.
I mean, you know, I've been in practice now for over 32 years, and I don't see any difference between what's described as an autistic child 32 years ago
And what's reported today.
I don't understand this over-reporting.
I mean, who's doing this over-reporting?
Well, I mean, that's not what it is.
I mean, I remember as a child, I didn't see any autistic children.
Now, I mean, what, most public schools have whole rooms just filled with them?
Well, I think there is a little bit of over-reporting.
It's not a question of over-reporting.
They've just...
Increase the diagnosis or stretch the diagnosis.
They're looking more at the neurological problems caused by the vaccines themselves under that term.
I think you put it right.
It's no different than polio in the 50s was an over-exaggerated disease.
I think.
I think.
And now there's clear evidence that millions of people have gotten cancer through SV40.
Well, there's no doubt about that.
I wrote an article and it said that maybe the polio vaccine was good.
Maybe it even eliminated polio.
What are the prices we're paying for it?
You pointed it out very well, Alex.
That the price we're paying for now are these unwanted viruses that have attached themselves to these vaccines that are now floating around in all of our bodies.
By the way, Doctor, from what I've seen, it's not just that old vaccine.
There's lots of vaccines that have these cancer-causing viruses in them.
You know, it's interesting.
My whole issue with vaccines, at least publicly, started with the hepatitis B vaccine.
Here's the first vaccine that became a requirement in most states that had nothing to do with a contagious disease.
It was sexually transmitted disease and really stepped very clearly on the boundaries of what you're allowed to tell a family to or not to do or not allowed family to practice their own way of life.
And we invited the head of pathology at St.
Mary of Hospital Medical Center
To come and talk to us about the hepatitis B vaccine, because my interest was that it was now being recommended to one-day-old babies, yet there was not a single study that I could find under five years of age that they had done.
And he came there, and what he said was more earth-shocking than anything I've heard.
He said that every viral vaccine has at least 500 contaminants hooked onto it, and we haven't even discovered them.
So it's only when we see problems do we realize that they're there.
It's just unbelievable.
Dr. Eisenstein, stay with us.
Quick break.
Long segment coming up.
If you specifically have questions for Dr. Eisenstein, folks, we'll take your calls.
Talking about vaccines and a lot of other health issues.
He is a medical doctor.
One of the biggest practices in the country.
It's huge.
Up in Illinois and Indiana.
We'll tell you about their websites.
Give me their phone numbers and a lot more.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Don't vaccinate before you educate.
We're carrying this book at the InfoWars.com video and bookstore.
It's an amazing book written by Dr. Eisenstein who joins us.
Don't vaccinate before you educate is the result of Dr. Eisenstein's lectures on vaccinations.
Dr. Eisenstein brings his knowledge as a physician, public health doctor, and attorney.
I mean, this guy's got, again, more letters to his name than an encyclopedia.
To help educate you on this very important subject, Dr. Eisenstein presents scientific literature, both pro and con, vaccine.
He comes to the conclusion that scientific studies alone will not be enough to decide the benefit versus risk of vaccine programs.
Therefore, he concludes that personal religious convictions, not scientific studies, are the main reason upon which to base your vaccination decision.
Dr. Eisenstein, when did you decide to write this book?
About four or five years ago.
I was holding a series of lectures.
I still do.
Every two months we have a Monday night seminar on vaccines.
And I was hearing more and more people ask me how...
How can I avoid vaccines?
They've already gone past that they're going to take them.
And I've gone through all... And this is for Illinois law.
Illinois law allows you to avoid vaccines with a medical documentation or a religious documentation.
And it's basically the same in all 50 states.
Mississippi is the only state that does not require a...
Does not recognize a religious exemption.
And by the way, in this book, you give the laws, you give the codes, you give examples of the letters.
I mean, this, folks, for parents that call me every day going, should I vaccinate?
My family says it's wonderful.
It's all lies.
Vaccines are good.
You've got in this book how there's 500 fragments of stuff that could cause cancer.
Not just as a carcinogen, but actually reprogram your cells.
You've got the evidence of the mercury, and then you've got what the laws are.
Because another thing, Dr. Eisenstein, is every year right before school, they go, it's the law.
Better come in and take your shot.
You'll be arrested.
More lies.
Well, you know, I'm not sure it's a lie.
I mean, they've kept children out of school, and I've had multiple children who I've dealt with.
But see, there's not a law you have to vaccinate.
They say you can't come, then they say you're truant.
You know what's so interesting?
I was on...
I was watching TV a couple of years ago on Hannity and Combs, and they had one of the former Surgeon Generals on, and she was just blasting parents that didn't vaccinate their children.
And I asked her the question, you know, what's if you're a Christian scientist and you don't vaccinate religious?
Oh, that's all right.
So I said, you mean, and those children are allowed to go to school, which means you believe that these vaccines are so important that children can't go to school because they'll be dangerous to other children.
And now if you're a Christian scientist, that's not a problem, is that I'd become a Christian scientist then, because obviously that's a very powerful God.
It shows you the ridiculousness of all this.
Even the religious exemption carries a ridiculousness in my mind.
Not that it's wrong.
I'm not stepping in anyone's religious beliefs.
But how does that stop you from something that allegedly is going to be problematic for other people?
It makes no sense.
Well, that's why most states have now added just a conscientious objection.
Well, I wish it was.
There's only 18 states right now.
And one by one, they're dropping out because of the pressure.
It used to be 25 or 30 states.
And last count, I think only 18 states allow...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
I mean, so they don't care about you getting diseases, folks.
This is a big lobby that makes tens of billions of dollars a year that lobbies the government to try to force you to do it.
I mean, if we're a free country, we shouldn't have to take these vaccines.
Boy, I thought you hit it right on the point.
And I agree with you.
Why are we not worried about illegal aliens?
I mean, seemingly that's a much bigger problem than vaccines.
Yet the vaccines are the ones that they seem to be going after.
Now, go over what's in the book.
Because again, folks, I've read it.
It's amazing.
We're selling it.
You need to get it.
Tell us what we'll learn and don't vaccinate before you educate.
Well, I think it'll give you... I picked three vaccines.
I picked the chickenpox vaccine, the hepatitis B vaccine, the flu vaccine.
Because I believe of all the vaccines...
These three have the least credibility.
And there was something I learned in law school that I really liked.
I actually loved law school.
That's the funniest thing.
I didn't care for medical school.
I loved law school.
But I thank God every day that I'm a doctor because my wife said, you never would have married me if I was a lawyer because I would just be angry every day as opposed to really enjoying what I do, helping, delivering babies and seeing children.
We learned in law school a principle, and it's falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.
It means that if you make a false statement in court under testimony on one thing, the jury is allowed, the judge will instruct them to disregard everything that witnesses said.
And what fascinated me about that, because that goes along with the vaccines.
I can't see why anyone would give the hepatitis B vaccine.
Why it has to be mandated.
And once they did that, it threw me over the edge that this makes no sense.
That they now have to justify their whole position.
And so I spend time on each of those three vaccines.
I also go over...
The Illinois law, and most states' law are about the same.
And you can go on the internet and get your state law.
And I give explanations to the law, and I go over some of the cases which have softened the vaccine issue as far as religious exemption.
There was a great case in Wyoming just a couple of years ago where a mother had given all the vaccines up until the hepatitis B. And then she said, that's it, I'm not giving, that's a sexually transmitted disease.
What message am I sending my child if I give them this vaccine that they can go out and have sex with someone as hepatitis B?
Well, number one, it's admittedly, as you know, Dr., the studies show one of the most overtly dangerous vaccines.
Why is it being given to a baby within minutes of being out of the womb?
I mean, this makes, you know, no sense.
And interestingly, for a while, they were talking about the dangers of the vaccine.
That seemed to fall by the wayside for whatever reason, you know.
Well, this case was an interesting case because the school board, which was the head of the, they were the lead witnesses for the prosecution to throw this woman's child out of school, said that she had given other vaccines and therefore she can't claim her religious exemption.
The court's
You know, occasionally they make some very brilliant statements.
And they said that just because someone has some opinions one day doesn't mean they necessarily have to have them the next day.
And that was essentially their opinion.
Well, exactly.
It's not like you can't then... Well, you were once a devil worshiper, so now you can't be a Christian.
That's exactly right.
That's exactly right.
It was brilliant.
And it's been the law in Wyoming, and all the states have adopted it, that a valid religious exemption doesn't allow the school board to do an investigation to the sincerity of your beliefs, how long these beliefs have been.
And that's kind of important.
I bring references to that case because that's really an important case.
It's kind of like we'd like all of America to be.
But the good news is we've gone from, what, 5% 10 years ago not vaccinating to 35%, as you said, some of the numbers I've seen.
At the more wealthy hospitals, I've actually talked to some of the...
Pediatricians and others, they're saying that around half the parents here in Austin, obviously more progressive and more educated area, are now refusing.
At one particular hospital where I know doctors, about half of them are now refusing, doctor.
And let me tell you something.
I think it goes along with the... It's not a thing even that families know if you should or shouldn't vaccinate, but it's just brought up so many issues that haven't been answered.
And when someone kind of...
Well, I'll throw something at you because you're obviously trained as a pediatrician as well as many other areas of medicine, but did you know that for 32 years
When they take the two to three ampoules of blood and they claim that one of them goes to the health department and the other to the state, do you know where those blood samples really go?
Which blood samples are you talking about?
You know how they claim, I forget the scientific name of the test itself, but they test for blood diseases?
They take the blood from the baby's heel at birth?
Oh, right, okay, right, right.
No, I don't know.
I've actually had a congressman on about this.
It actually goes to a federal DNA database.
Oh, that's terrifying.
That's terrifying.
I've talked to so many doctors who aren't even aware of that.
It's just a state-mandated thing in those states.
Oh, and we just take the blood sample and send it off to the health department.
And doctors never ask, why aren't we doing the test here?
Why don't we send it off to the health department?
Well, they do the test at the health department, but then the rest of the blood is sent off to the federal government.
You know, I'm not sure I want to listen to your show anymore, because you run such a good show that you get more scared and more scared after the show.
You don't have a comfort level.
You don't sleep well at night anymore.
Well, Dr. Eisenstein, as you know, we've got to stand up against this.
I totally agree.
I agree.
I've got a bunch of callers that want to talk to you, but specifically, let's get into Mercury.
I've put video clips under electron microscopes on InfoWars.com.
Well, we know that mercury is a toxin, and it's been one of my theories.
I have no...
Valid scientific evidence to this that the increase in autism that we have is because of the so many, not autism, in Alzheimer's disease and what they call senile brain dementia is because so many of our seniors have been taking flu vaccine after flu vaccine and the accumulation of the mercury in the body.
No one argues, at least... You have to get away from the medical journals, Alex.
You've got to look at the biochemical journals, the veterinary literature.
There, somehow, the truth is buried, just like you're trying to bring it out to the public.
That mercury is no good in any form.
There are actually studies that in the Alzheimer brains, they're finding higher levels of aluminum, higher levels of mercury, higher levels of lead, and that generally, obviously, Alzheimer's is, as you said earlier, kind of a lumping in of a bunch of different problems, but that one of the predominant traits and one of the indicators for many of what you call Alzheimer's cases is heavy metal saturation.
And you know, I talked to Mr. Dan Olmstead, the senior writer from UPI.
He was a phenomenal writer and really research as well.
I've asked him to, if he could extend his research on autism, to look at groups of seniors who don't take the flu vaccine.
And they exist.
But you've got to find them and find what the percentage of Alzheimer's is.
National statistics, you know, pre-flu shot, where they really pushed on the old people.
Well, what about now?
I mean, in the past, you know, it's just well known that people would get a senile that was more of a slow thing, and at older ages, now it's just boom, they're suddenly gone in a lot of cases.
It's like autism.
It's out of control.
That's exactly right.
I mean, there's got to be something.
I don't know if there has to be a linkage, but we surely should look at it very carefully.
Well, actually, I've seen the studies where they show that we know the brains, on average, have more heavy metal in them.
Yeah, there's no doubt about it.
Then they start saying it's from car pollution and that.
But that doesn't compare to something that's injected directly into your body.
Well, I think it's a cocktail.
I mean, you know, you throw in the vaccines on top of 50 years of drinking out of aluminum cans, and you just start, I mean, it's like the Romans would, especially the wealthy, would die a lot younger than just the average slaves, because the average slaves weren't drinking the fine wines out of the lead-lined caress.
That's right, exactly.
Well said.
And there they were, sucking down the wine with lead in it.
I mean, I don't know.
It's insane, Doctor.
Look, it's even the...
The cups, the styrofoam cups, leach products.
How awesome.
Yeah, I know.
It's terrifying.
It's like, what are you supposed to do?
You've got to just... But I agree with you.
You can't give up.
Well, there are hundreds of studies, and it's proven that these new microwave-range cell phones heat the brain after five minutes over one degree, and that it is directly linked to different cancers, but people aren't going to stop.
No, because it's become so much part of our life to use cell phones.
I mean, it's really difficult.
And I don't know.
Look, I use the cell phone a lot.
It's a good part of my job.
And I've got the wireless system, and I still don't do it a lot, too.
I know.
We're all committing suicide here.
Yeah, I think so.
I definitely think so.
We're just like the Romans drinking lead-lined cups.
Well, I think we should all invest in the funeral business.
People are dying to get in there.
Well, I tell you, Dr. Eisenstein, we are so honored to have you as a guest.
I want to take a call or two and keep you here with us.
But folks, you know, I don't carry junk.
And I got Dr. Eisenstein's book about a month ago in the mail.
I read it.
We had Dr. Eisenstein on, and I'm carrying this book.
And he is a gracious, very well-educated, very well-informed individual who just kept seeing the evidence himself.
Look, he told you.
He said, as a medical doctor, I said, why are they trying to mandate that I give newborn babies a hepatitis C shot, admittedly dangerous, and you get it from generally sexually transmitted or from blood transfusion?
Why are we doing this?
And they have no answer.
Last question before we take calls, sir.
Why do you think that they're pushing to give drug manufacturer immunity for the vaccine makers?
I think their lobbies are that powerful.
They contribute so much to the funds of politicians.
Each vaccine that goes out becomes a multi-billion dollar profit for the drug companies.
That's the only thing I can think of.
It's all tied back to the same thing.
They're part of that inside cult.
Well, folks, if you have any neighbors or friends or children that are about to have children...
For heaven's sakes, get Dr. Eisenstein's well-researched book.
He is a medical doctor in multiple fields and a lawyer.
And this is the whole process about should you get vaccinated, what happens with the schools later.
This is a desk reference.
This should be on every bookshelf.
This should be read by everybody.
If you've got children or are thinking about having children.
We're good to go.
Or, my friends, you can simply go to HomeFirst.com.
Is that a good place to get... It's absolutely perfect.
And Home First emphasizes natural remedies.
And again, folks, we have four affiliates in Illinois.
And we're getting an affiliate in Indiana.
But for our four stations listing up there, folks, they've got... I mean, I wish that Dr. Eisenstein was here in Texas.
I guarantee I'd be going to his clinics with his doctors.
But they've got Northwest Suburban...
They're in Chicago, far west, suburban.
They're in just a whole bunch of different places.
They're in Illinois and surrounding areas.
So be sure, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 clinics right there, folks.
So this is the way to go.
HomeFirst.com, HomeFirst.com.
We'll be right back.
Start taking some calls for Dr. Eisenstein.
And later in the next hour, just masses of news, audio clips, your calls, you name it.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
I think?
We're good to go.
You've asked for them and now they're here.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, it's clear.
We've got to have Dr. Eisenstein up for two hours sometime to go over the mercury, the lead, the Alzheimer's, all of it.
Autism was very, very rare, and then now it's just everywhere.
I mean, you see the kids everywhere.
Would you agree with that statement, doctor?
I 100% agree with that, you know, and I really appreciate it.
It's my pleasure to be on with you.
I mean, it's a real pleasure.
Now, it's a pleasure to have more and more doctors going public, and you're one of the frontrunners.
Carlos in California, you're on the air with Dr. Eisenstein.
Go ahead.
Happy New Year to both of you.
Dr. Eisenstein, you know, my kids got vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine,
And this was several years ago, and at the time, I already had concerns about vaccines, and I voiced my concerns to the school, because I didn't want him vaccinated, but they said, if you want your kid to school, he's got to be vaccinated.
They were liars.
They knew that they had the waiver form in their desk.
That's absolutely right.
I mean, Alex is absolutely telling the truth.
They weren't willing to tell you the whole story.
They gave you part of the story.
It's called lying by omission.
In legal terms, that's like selling someone a house and not showing them every problem that you have that's in the house.
I agree with you, Alex and Carlos.
Here's the good news.
The good news is, in spite of all this, most of us do okay.
That's the good news.
It's not the way it should be.
Yeah, we're pretty tough.
Yeah, exactly.
But it's not because of what happens.
It's in spite of it.
Folks, I mean, if you can just keep them from giving them anything for a couple years, your child's going to do a lot better.
You know, Carlos, you find yourself a doctor who's willing to give parents choice on vaccine.
They're starting to pop up all around the country.
Every major, I mean, even small towns have it.
Just type it into a search engine.
What are some of the terms you'd use, doctor, to find a good doctor?
Well, you know, I would look to the...
The Christian scientist, the Jehovah's Witness, and I would call them, you know, rather than type it in because it will be difficult to find that way, and see who they go to.
And that's always been historically a way of looking for doctors.
I'd also look at La Leche League leaders.
That's the organization of mothers who breastfeed.
And they are clearly involved in, indirectly, in... Well, you type it in Google.
I mean, you want a vet that doesn't believe in vaccination.
You type it in, you get 50 of them in Austin.
You want a major pediatrician clinic that will leave you alone on vaccines.
You type it in, 10 pop up.
Well, I have two daughters who are veterinarians, so I know what you're saying.
They've got real problems with all the veterinary vaccines.
Yeah, you think human vaccines are bad.
The only argument my daughters say is that the animals don't live as long, so they don't have as much time to develop these problems.
But they're against most of the vaccines that are given to the animals.
Well, we've... I mean, you know, you take your dog into the vet, it gets vaccines, and it has a convulsion when you get home.
I mean, you stop giving it to him.
Yeah, that makes sense.
I mean, it's real simple.
Carlos, anything else?
Carlos is gone.
Let's jam one more caller in here.
Got to move quickly.
Shannon in Florida.
Go ahead, Shannon.
I wanted to ask the doctor a question.
Yes, hi.
My daughter was born a preemie at seven and a half months, but by the time she started school, she was on the line of retardation.
And I mean, do you think it's a good possibility that all the stuff they gave her did this?
Well, it's possible.
How much did your daughter weigh when she was born?
Right at, she was close to five pounds.
Close to five pounds.
The one thing we know that premature babies have potentially more problems.
We're good to go.
I think.
I think.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, look, I know we got loaded phones and people want to talk about the spying and Bush's speeches and the upcoming war with Iran.
And they told Turkey, get ready for us to use your air bases to smash Iran.
I mean, it's just getting World War III looming.
It doesn't happen.
We've got Michael Rivero joining us.
Loaded phone lines on several banks here.
Just a few more calls for Dr. Eisenstein, who we've been so honored to have with us.
Such a gentleman, so well-educated, a trailblazer exposing vaccination, very even-handed in his book, Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate, which you can get from InfoWars.com, or you can get it from HomeFirst.com, along with a lot of other amazing literature and products.
But right now, Shannon's comment, I've seen the statistics, reports, interviews, scores of other medical doctors on this subject, Dr. Eisenstein, I want to see if you concur with this, but that obviously mercury poisoning is per weight, so you give four or five vaccines at birth to some three-pound premium, I've seen this in the news, and then the child has a convulsion and dies right there.
I mean, what's wrong with these pediatricians, sir?
That's exactly right.
What's wrong with these pediatricians?
Prematurity itself is a very serious problem.
The last thing in the world you want to do is add to the problems.
It makes no sense.
Just masses of foreign stuff cooked up on monkey kidneys.
It makes absolutely no sense.
Let me tell you, it goes the same thing.
Many pediatricians won't allow a premature baby to breastfeed.
And if the baby is too weak to nurse, you can express the milk and give it to the baby.
We know that that's the best food for the baby.
It makes no sense.
Yeah, they try to take the baby away, and frankly, the doctors don't even know it, but a lot of these guidelines have been written just to make more money.
Well, I wouldn't be surprised.
And unfortunately, doctors are good followers.
That's one of the sad parts.
It goes along with their whole education.
Just give the answer that the teacher told you so you get the best grades.
Let's not give milk full of colostrum and full of natural antibodies.
I mean, that's literally everything.
I mean, is that true, doctor, that everything the mother has become immune to is transferred to that baby?
Well, I don't know of everything, but a whole lot.
So that is the natural vaccination?
That's exactly where this is.
Breastfeeding is God's vaccine.
It's like, here it is.
But, you know, we're kind of extreme.
We think mercury's bad for children.
The news says it's nutritious, and we think milk is good.
Mother's milk is bad.
Maybe we should just start giving them pure mercury.
I mean, if you did it, they'd die, but maybe that's life.
Oh, my God.
You're not kidding.
You're not kidding.
It's really sad.
But, you know, I think that...
Alex, with programs like yours, I think the awareness is getting... Yeah, that's the good news.
Despite all their propaganda, we're gaining ground, aren't we, Doctor?
I absolutely think so.
And what's so interesting is that they talk about how you win a war.
And this is a war of politics, in a sense, also.
You win a war not by changing the minds of people who oppose you, but by increasing the number of people who agree with you.
That's right, and we're winning.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in California.
Last caller.
Got about 40 seconds.
Go ahead, caller.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for your show.
I just really wanted to say I appreciate it greatly.
I have two questions, and I'll make them quick.
First of all, Doctor, do you know a process where children...
Yeah, detox.
That's number one.
Number two.
Okay, let me comment on the affiliate thing after this break, and then let me get Dr. Eisenstein to comment on the chelation.
Go ahead, sir.
Well, you know, a lot of doctors are involved with chelation.
Now, I don't know how effective it is, because, you know, it's like...
Once you put problems in, it's hard to get the problems out.
But there's some new literature on even safer chelation, just creams that you rub on the feet, which will pull out the metals from the system.
And so I think this is clearly research worth looking into.
But I always like, let's get it before the fact.
We're going to have to get you back on, Doctor.
My pleasure.
I'm looking forward to it.
Have a good New Year.
Take care.
Thank you.
Thank you, too.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, our guest, Michael Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com, can speak on any issue.
Really an expert on the New World Order and its criminal activities.
I know that we have Francis and Stan and others that have been holding forever.
We'll get to you early in this hour.
We're connecting to Michael Rivero in his home in Hawaii.
He had some phone glitches earlier.
We're trying to get that in place right now.
We'll get him on.
This is our first live show of 2006.
We've got about 51 minutes left here today, and there's just a plethora, an entire archipelago of just overt criminal activities in our faces.
Welcome to everyone.
In our face.
And I want to talk to Michael Rivero about just the propaganda.
How they tell us that, oh, look, these Iraqi newspapers are all free.
We brought them freedom.
And look, they love the government and they love the occupation.
And it turns out no one's allowed to write anything anti-U.S.
or anti-globalist.
Or they're taken over.
And it's all paid for.
And that news is used here domestically.
They have the military surveilling us here domestically.
And then meanwhile, we have the Pentagon program ordering soldiers to promote Iraq war while at home on leave.
Well, I've heard this myself.
I don't even have to now see it in the mainstream news.
I hear all over talk radio, all over TV, soldiers saying the same script.
I mean, it's not even well written.
This is un-American.
Even if you love this war and want to kill every Arab on the planet, having our military run around and engage in domestic psyops is totally un-American.
And the people are against this war.
There's nothing the globalists can do to put it back together again unless they carry out another terror attack.
So I want to get into that.
And also I want to talk about DynCorp and Halliburton and the sex slaves and how now we have governors of Illinois and big papers.
Going public and reporting on this, that our government is letting lobbyists run around the hill, lobbying against the Pentagon, stopping these practices.
Michael Rivero, it's always great to have you join us once a month.
Thanks for spending time with us.
Well, thanks for having me on the show, Alex.
You bet.
WhatReallyHappened.com, a real beacon out there of alternative news and information, and we're always honored to have you with us.
I just mentioned four or five things that I'd like to get your take on.
Any other things that you think we should get in?
I mean, I would imagine that you want to talk about Der Spiegel and Jerusalem Post, our criminal government telling Turkey, hey, we're about to use your bases to bomb Iran.
Yeah, whether Turkey wants it or not, it seems to be an ongoing debate.
Where apparently Putin met with the leadership in Turkey and basically convinced them that this was not a good idea because ultimately any attack on Iran is going to involve Russian nationals who are currently working at the construction sites for the power stations.
So Putin went in and got a commitment from the government of Turkey to not allow the U.S.
to use their territory to launch attacks from, but of course the U.S.
is attempting to pressure Turkey back the other way.
All of this, of course, pulls together with other indications that Bush does intend to carry out an attack on Iran for absolutely no reason at all, other than he and his neocon buddies seem to want it.
They're not even bothering trying to come up with some kind of an excuse or justification.
They're just saying, you know, they've got nuclear sites, therefore we are justified in attacking them, which of course is completely silly.
Nobody deserves to be attacked for having a...
Nuclear, nuclear!
But what you need to look back at is the USA.
Nuclear, nuclear bombs there.
Paid for.
We're still paying for this tremendously capable nuclear deterrent.
We have Ohio-class submarines.
We have cruise missiles.
We have ballistic missiles.
We can lay waste to any country on Earth that dares to attack us.
Well, for Bush or anybody else to get up there and say that Iraq or Iran is a danger to the U.S.
because they might be developing a nuclear bomb is in essence saying that the nuclear deterrent, the U.S.
nuclear deterrent that we paid trillions of dollars to build and maintain...
Does not work, because it's not deterring an attack.
So there is a tremendously strange disconnect.
Also, Bill Gertz, who really ought to write a story about CIA operatives in the media, I bet he could really give us a good inside story.
What do you think, Mike?
He's such an expert on it.
Why, they've got magic bombs that are going to EMP-ish like Bugs Bunny's death ray or Marvin the Martian, and we're going to be back in the Stone Age, it said.
Well, it's just a lot of scaremongering, and the bottom line is that Iraq and Iran and those countries can build all the atomic bombs they want and put them in museums or run them on parades, but the bottom line is that they're not a threat to the U.S.
because we have the capability of simply wiping an attacking country off the face of the earth.
Well, listen, North Korea is running around threatening to nuke us, China threatens to nuke us, and then, oh, they're our friends, but, oh, we better attack Iran right now.
Yeah, absolutely, and of course, as was the case in Iraq, there is no evidence that Iran is building nuclear weapons of any kind.
They're doing everything that is consistent with building a power station.
Now, it's clear, the CIA's own documents, not the cooked ones, but the real ones say, and this was a few months ago, that it will take ten years for them to have a nuclear device.
Ten years to do it.
Meanwhile, the neocons, the very same liars of three years ago, are on TV, CNN, Fox, you name it, saying they could have a bomb within three months and kill us all.
Yeah, absolutely.
And it's the same rhetoric we heard going into Iraq.
I think it is just, they're going through the motions to justify an attack they're going to carry out, and they're basically relying on the American people to not stand up,
Mike, do you think they're going to attack Iran?
Yes, I believe that they're going to attack Iran, possibly Syria.
They're going to keep on going until the entire... Now, I've been saying this for years.
You've been saying this for years.
People are like, they're not that crazy.
They wouldn't dare.
Listen, this is their agenda.
This is a criminal group that is attempting to use the military domestically against the American people.
Give us your take on all the domestic propaganda.
I mean, I don't think people realize how widespread this is.
The propaganda is becoming, we're becoming saturated in it, is really what it comes down to.
We have, you know, the scandals where the White House was paying reporters to write favorable pieces in the newspaper, the American newspapers.
We had, only a few years ago, where military psyops operatives were actually working in places like the CNN newsrooms.
We had...
Places, you know, situations where we just found out that the U.S.
government is paying journalists in Iraq to write favorable news and forbidding the writing of any negative news about what's going on.
Hundreds of them, hundreds of them, and then knowing that that news is then telegraphed here, meanwhile lying on our news saying there's total freedom of press over there.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, of course, if you're going to use the media to lie to the population, you have to first of all convince them that the media is not going to be lying.
You know, if you live in a country where you know the press is simply parroting what the government says, you're going to ignore them.
So for the propaganda campaign to be effective, the first and biggest lie they have to put out there is that the press is uncontrolled by the government.
We now know for a fact that that is not the case.
The government uses all kinds of covert and overt means to sway the media in their favor, holding out those seats on Air Force One.
Reporters aren't going to say anything bad about the government as long as they get a free ride in the back of that 747.
So between that and outright bribes, and now we find out that the government has been bugging journalists.
Without warrants to find out, you know, things that can be used to persuade them.
Well, that's the thing.
We all know the NSA has been spying on us for decades, and then Bush tries to use that as a rationale.
No, that makes it even worse.
Then he lies and says that the FISA court, they were having to get permission before they'd take a call from bin Laden.
Everybody knows the FISA court, you can come back to them in a month later.
So it isn't, it's just all lies.
It absolutely is, and I think a big part of this whole current bugging scandal, as you said, the NSA has been doing this for years.
It's really not new.
But I think the reason it was allowed out is Bush realizes he's losing the public relations battle.
He is losing support for future wars, and they have been unable to control radio shows and websites like yours and mine.
You know, it's funny you say that.
I believe they came out with this on purpose as a chilling effect, and now we have even more evidence.
We're seeing a whole flotilla or squadron
Of news pieces and ads saying the Internet is watching you, Big Brother is going to get you.
Coming up, I want to play a clip where AOL is running ads all over the Western world.
Yeah, right now the biggest problem that Bush and the neocons are facing is that people are talking to each other
And as you said before, the thing about the military being ordered to talk up the Iraq war, I experienced that myself directly recently when we attended a wedding of somebody who was about to go to Iraq, and he's there trying to talk up about the positive side of the war, but every time we ask him a direct question, he goes, yeah, well, yeah, that's true.
And so they're following that order, but not with much enthusiasm.
Exactly, folks.
They go, I tell you, nobody talks about the positive things that are happening.
Here's the script.
The liberal media only focuses on the negative.
When it's not a liberal media, it's lying, but they make it look even more extreme by then saying that it's liberal.
And it seems like every administration, when the press starts becoming adversarial, they just blame it all.
They're biased toward the other party.
When Clinton was in power, they were calling it the conservative press was exposing his crimes.
Vast right-wing conspiracy.
Yeah, vast right-wing conspiracy.
And it wasn't.
A lot of things were being let out that the American public needed to know.
And as long as the media is not putting this stuff out, Americans don't have the information they need to make good decisions, especially going into an election year.
Michael Rivero, stay there.
I want to talk about
What you see happening in the next six months, the next year, and then I want to get into a whole host of other issues and take phone calls.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, specifically, we put a big article out this weekend on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, headlined, Dying Court and Halliburton Sex Slave Scandal Won't Go Away.
And I mentioned some of the topics to Mr. Rivera during the break.
I said, what do you want to talk about next?
He said, well, that sounds pretty interesting.
Of course, he knows about the general five-year saga of this, or six-year now, since they were caught doing it in the Balkans specifically.
But now, the governor of Illinois has written a letter, and this is in the Chicago Tribune,
And said, why are you blocking this?
Why are you telling the Pentagon to not stop this?
And openly, it's in the Chicago Tribune, they have lobbyists, I didn't even know it was that bad, who represent the slave trade.
This is actual white slavery.
And they're now doing it to Arab kids.
They also grab whole villages of men and take them to be used as slaves for the contractors.
This is Chicago Tribune, folks.
And people are like, Alex, you talked about this in the first hour.
You talked about this on Monday.
Well, Fox News will spend six months on one kidnapped woman.
I mean, this shows what psychopathic criminals... I think it's the number one chick in their armor, Michael Rivero, is the fact that DynCorp and Halliburton subsidiaries and others have been caught red-handed defending these practices.
Yeah, that is... I think, you know, when you have an occupation army occupying a country and you see this sort of abuses, it really illustrates what's going on.
I am hoping that this story will develop some legs.
I'm certainly going to give it some additional emphasis...
Did you see that as a good sign?
When Bush had to say, I'm not a dictator?
I think it was a good sign, especially because he's having to back off that joke that he was making during his first year in office about how easy it would be if he was a dictator.
Nobody's laughing anymore because it's very plain that Bush has done more harm to our country, our freedoms, and our way of life
...than any terrorist could hope to.
I'm sure that in whatever afterlife he's sitting in right now, Osama is looking at George Bush and saying, Thank you, George.
You wrecked the country more than I could have ever thought possible.
And well done there, buddy.
And it is.
It's really what Bush has done.
I think for all intents and purposes, he is a dictator.
If he acts like a dictator and talks like a dictator and walks like a dictator, then he's a dictator.
Well, give us some examples of that, because his own attorney general says he is the law.
Judge Dredd, the executioner, I mean, they actually... He says, I'm the war president, I can use war powers, I can break any law I want domestically.
That is, in its very essence, a dictatorship.
Absolutely, and just because he says it does not mean it is so.
I mean, Nixon tried exactly the same thing.
He used to say, if the president does it, it's not a crime.
That is not true.
We are a constitutional republic, and the bottom line is that anybody...
Who raises his hand and takes that oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution is agreeing implicitly to abide by those rules.
Well, it's simple.
And I use this example because it's the best one out there.
Just because the Supreme Court said black people weren't human beings doesn't mean it's true.
That's absolutely true.
And the bottom line is that George Bush is the President of the United States only.
We're good to go.
Uh, powers.
That takes a constitutional amendment.
And the Attorney General can't say he used the law.
All the Attorney General can, in effect, say is, I refuse to prosecute his crimes.
Which is really what it comes down to.
Bush can do what he wants because he knows his buddies.
are sitting on the judicial benches and the Department of Justice and they will give him a get-out-of-jail-free card is really what it amounts to.
What about the financial corporate international interest in Europe and Israel and the U.S.
that use Bush as their puppet?
I mean, they can throw him away like birdcage liner.
Their agenda moves forward.
Your take on that?
Yeah, absolutely.
I think Bush was kind of a disposable ruler right from the beginning and certainly...
We see Dick Cheney as more of the capable motivator behind him.
I know that a lot of people are starting to talk about impeachment, but I think if we don't impeach both of them or even a larger group, we may be in for more trouble with Dick Cheney in the Oval Office.
We have some very, very selfish, greedy, borderline sociopathic people running this country right now.
And unfortunately, most Americans, while they are aware of what's going on, they are still believing the government is going to play by the rules and play nice and obey the constitutional limits, and that's just not happening.
It's not happening, and you give people unlimited power, unlimited funding, they're going to abuse it.
I mean, let's talk about some of the abuse.
I mean, just the no-bid contracts, the scams, the financial...
Soaking that we're all taking when we get back, and we'll take your calls.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, first live show of the year.
It is the third day of January 2006.
Michael Rivera is our guest.
We're going to go back to him in just a few minutes.
And we're going to talk about the spying.
We're going to talk about the contractors and all of the war profiteering that's going on.
And I promise we are going to get to all of your calls.
Stan and then Rick and Francis and Ruben and Davey.
I have time for those five calls.
Sorry to everybody else, but we will get to those five calls at least.
Before we go back to Michael Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com, be sure and check that site out.
Got a lot of great information there.
Plus some great t-shirts.
I was on there last night looking at one of them.
And I may just steal the design I'll say on there.
No, I've seen it on bumper stickers too.
It upsets the government or something like that.
People ought to go there and get one of those.
Because thinking does upset them.
The average American who's pro-war, now about 35% of the people that are still idiotic enough, according to mainstream polls, I'd say it's even lower.
They will argue with you about Iraq, but they literally can't find it on a map.
They've done actual studies on this.
They know none of its history.
They don't know anything.
They've just got an emotional response.
And so we'll talk to Michael Rivera about that.
I'll ask him about that psychology here in a second.
Year-end specials.
We've extended them until the 7th.
That's three and a half days, roughly.
Three or four days.
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Until just the end of this week.
I mean, the deals on Infowars.com are crazy.
You can also write to us at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
Going back to Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com, Mike, again, I'm not being sardonic.
I don't think of myself as the smartest person, the sharpest knife in the drawer.
I don't claim that my elevator even goes all the way to the top.
But I know this.
I know human history.
I'm somewhat of a history buff.
I know the history of Iraq.
I know how Saddam was the boy of the globalists, how they told him to attack Iran, how they told him, go ahead and go into Kuwait.
I know the setup.
I know the Israelis in 1983 said, we want to have the U.S.
go in, balkanize the country, break it up into four provinces.
Now that's being done and being announced as some new plan.
I know that it's all a scam.
And then you talk to the average good old boy, and he's just, you're a dirty commie, boy.
We need to kill all them Arabs.
Well, they're not actually Arabs.
They're Persians.
Shut up, commie.
Well, you know, the PNAC boy said Saddam wasn't a threat.
It was about oil and about weapons sales.
Oh, you're a liar.
You know Halliburton's ripping off the troops.
Eh, shut up.
I mean, what do you do when you talk to somebody who just doesn't know anything, but they've still got their opinion?
Well, people like that, basically my advice is to not waste your time on them and go out and find those people who are starting to listen and starting to ask the questions.
What you have here, there is a certain group of individuals who want to believe they're on top of everything, but they're basically too lazy to really make sure they've got
A good beat on life.
So they basically take whatever comes out of the TV and they figure, well, that's it, and I stand by the government.
You just crystallized something that I say in like an hour-long diatribe.
That's it.
They associate their power with this corrupt system.
No matter what it does, they don't want to deal with the threat, so they engage in double-think that Orwell talked about.
They lie to themselves.
They convince themselves.
Absolutely, and it goes one step further than that is, and that is
We're all raised to believe that we're good, noble human beings, that we would take a stand to fight for truth and justice and take a stand against evil government if we had one.
But a lot of people really don't want to face that choice because when you find out your government is lying to you, your government is killing off leaders that you like and they don't.
Kidnapping children and it's public!
And you find out about it and you have to decide, what am I going to do about it?
And that's when you find out that maybe because of your mortgage and because of your...
The rest of what's going on, you don't have what it takes to stand up, to face up to a corrupt government.
Well, most people don't want to admit that to themselves.
So they're very grateful when the government says, oh, there's nothing corrupt here.
We've got this crazed, lone-nut assassin.
Well, that's what Joseph Goebbels actually wrote a book about propaganda, and he said good propaganda speaks to the laziness, speaks to the procrastination.
Oh, no, everything's fine.
It doesn't even have to be...
That's why this stuff's all so transparent, but it doesn't matter, because they know it's just a salve for lazy people.
But I want those lazy people to know something.
This system will feed on them, too, not just them dirty Arabs.
Oh, absolutely.
You just have to look at the history of Germany in World War II, and it all worked really well for those in power, but in the long run, they ruined the entire nation.
The people who made the money, including the Bush family, got off scot-free, took their money and laughed their heads off.
We're good to go.
Don't want to have to confront that issue of taking a risk to stand up to the corrupt government.
But you have to look at people like Cindy Sheehan, who by the way is in Hawaii this week, to have the courage to stand up and say, this is wrong.
We were lied to.
Our kids are dying for oil and money and Halliburton.
They're not dying for any noble purpose that we can get behind.
We were lied to.
We were lied to about weapons of mass destruction.
We were lied to about Iraq and Al Qaeda.
We were lied to about Iraq and 9-11.
There was nothing about Iraq that was told to us that was absolutely the truth that we could rely on and say we can support that.
Now we're seeing the same pattern repeat out with Iran again.
Well, Michael, I know he goes without saying, but I would guess you've probably been threatened before, haven't you?
Yeah, yeah.
But, you know, I'm always amazed when I get threatened because I guess from their cowardly view, the cowards that engage in all this evil and kind of service this whole corrupt empire, I guess to them being threatened would scare them.
So I guess that's why they think threatening us.
Folks, I get up in the morning when I get the threats.
That actually has empowered me.
I've decided to redouble my efforts because of the latest volleys of threats.
I don't think they understand that we're just... I'm instinctive, Michael, and I see a threat to the species, a threat to my family, a threat by just a pack of scumbag criminals, and I'm going to fight these people.
I mean, are we abnormal, Michael Rivero, because we're disgusted by them?
Because they tell us that we're crazy, that we ought to just not have morals, and that we should just join them.
Well, according to the latest polls, we're not abnormal because about 85% of America is starting to agree with us.
But the thing about the threatening and harassment, to me, when that happens, that's a signal that we're right over the target because we're catching the flack.
And more than that, these kind of tactics are an admission that these people doing the harassment and making the threats
Already know they cannot win the debate on the facts and the logic and the law.
They are admitting that they don't have a valid argument when they resort to such tactics.
Because if they had a good argument, they wouldn't need tactics like that.
They'd come over and say, this is what we need, and we'd say, yeah, we agree with you.
And the louder they scream, we know we're bloodying them.
They're putting on this facade of being invincible, and we just keep stabbing them with the ice pick, folks.
They're bleeding out right now.
Well, I'm in agreement with George Galloway, who said last week that if it weren't for the peace movement, the U.S.
would already be in Damascus and Tehran.
And I'm in agreement with that.
We can certainly wish... Well, that was the PNAC timetable, was in the next 20 years to invade 66 countries.
Yeah, absolutely.
And, you know, it's global conquest.
But, you know, it's definitely faltering.
It's not going as smoothly as they anticipated.
I'm in agreement that they may try another staged terror attack to try and move the war machine along.
You think they'll blow up the Golden Gate Bridge?
Well, that's one of the targets I think would probably work for them.
Well, Silverstein actually bought the Sears Tower, so look out there.
Yeah, I saw that as well.
It's going to be another symbolic landmark.
If it happens, the thing you have to remember is
If these countries are so angry with our government, why are they killing the ordinary people?
Why didn't they go after
You know, the Capitol building or the White House.
Why don't they go after us?
Well, here's the thing.
Why would the Arabs attack us knowing it will bring down the wrath of the empire?
That really is the ultimate thing.
You know, why would they do something guaranteed?
And then you happen to look at who they claim did it.
It's a known CIA operative, Tim Osman, known as Osama bin Laden, with the supposed hijackers all training at U.S.
military bases and defense language schools and all these public...
Every time, you know, it's not just common sense.
Then every time you look at it, look, it's them.
They're doing it.
I want to get a little bit into the war profiteering and the rest of it, but we've got to go to some of these phone calls because they have been holding like true champions there.
And I actually have my call list here in front of me.
Here it is.
Let's go ahead and talk to Stan in Missouri.
You're on the air with Michael Rivera.
Thank you for holding, sir.
Hello, Alex.
As always, you've got a good guest on there.
I wanted to talk to you.
You're right on target about so many things today, Alex.
They're setting up in the Smith-Cotton High School system in Sedalia, Missouri.
They made it mandatory yesterday.
They're going to make them wear identification badges, the teachers and the faculty.
The federal documents admit that they're training the kids how to be prisoners in the schools.
They're also doing it in the Warsaw School system, Alex, and they're doing it also in...
Rosie, Idaho.
I talked to a 19-year-old Mormon elder.
He said they've done it in his school system for five years now.
Listen, I read the USA Today article a month ago where they said it's good, and the feds are paying for total surveillance in all the schools, including the bathrooms.
Michael Rivera?
Well, that seems to be a lot of money being spent that could be spent on making the schools actually better, better teachers, better classroom support.
I don't know about in your part of the country, but out here, our public schools are so strapped for cash, there are not enough school books to go around.
And yet we have the federal government coming in here to put in TV cameras in the bathrooms.
There's something seriously wrong with an educational system that has more money for that kind of surveillance.
But that's their education.
Their education is how to wear a badge, how to have a camera in the stall, how to have cops in black uniforms shake you down.
They have 18 surveillance cameras in Smith Cotton High School.
But Alex is always, like I just go through saying, you've been on target.
That's my ID card that they've implemented in Sedalia, Missouri.
It's not going to work, Alex, and I'm going to tell you why it's not working, because you've got a vast criminal element due to the meth epidemic in Pettus County, and you've got 19-year-olds, 20-year-olds driving around with revoked
That's the way it's always been, and they're not going to enforce it against the scumbags.
They're going to enforce it against us.
Thanks for the call, Stan.
Always good to hear from you.
Let's talk to, up next, Rick in Michigan.
You're on the air, Rick, with our guest, Michael Rivera.
Go ahead.
Well, how are you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
First-time listener.
Man, in my heart, I tell you, I've been listening for somebody like you.
Well, I'm glad you found us.
Well, first to say, we've all been bushwhacked.
I'm sure you know that.
Yes, we have been bushwhacked, yes.
And another subject I wanted to bring up is some of the things you were talking about, about the inoculations and so forth.
Well, you know, all that is all about population control, just like cigarettes, just like...
Gun control, you know, flooding the market with guns and every damn thing else.
Alcohol, they're all supplemented by the government.
All of them.
Well, you think they ain't going broke.
Well, I know the government moves into every vice, and I think guns are good overall, but certainly the government we found in most big cities, it is police, this has been the news, who are involved in the illegal guns race.
Oh, yeah, they're flooding the market with them.
Anybody can get them.
I don't mean all the cops, select people.
You want to comment on what the listener's bringing up, Michael?
Well, yeah, there is a big problem with police corruption.
And again, you know, the corruption starts at the top with the White House and it just flows down through the entire social structure.
All organizations are going to inherit the personality and the morals of the people at the top.
And being a former resident of Los Angeles, I'm very much used to the idea of the police being part of the crime problem as well.
When I was in college, the best source for marijuana was the California Highway Patrolman.
I knew another guy who'd been an L.A.
cop who bought himself a Radio Shack store with the money that he got from reselling confiscated drugs.
Rick, thanks for the call.
I remember as a senior in high school, one of my friends was the son of a prominent FBI agent.
And I'd go to their house for like a barbecue.
I mean, this was like a $2 million house right next door to, you know, well, I'm not going to get into it.
The point is that it's just, you know, I mean, how many times have the cops, you know, I'm in a rich neighborhood and there's a cop living.
And you're like, well, what does he do?
And it's over and over again.
Well, I have a friend, or rather I knew a guy who was in the Secret Service Treasury Department.
Not protective detail, but counterfeiting.
And yeah, he had a very lavish lifestyle, including quite a collection of very expensive cars.
Yeah, there's a problem out there.
And, of course, you look at what's going on at the very top of the government, and everybody else says, well, why shouldn't I be playing the same way?
And you know what?
These crooks laugh at the good cops.
Like, oh, look at that schmuck, getting $40,000 a year, can't even put his kids through school.
It just makes me sick.
It's like Serpico all over again.
It is.
Francis in New York.
Francis, go ahead.
Yes, I want to wish you both a Happy New Year, Mike and Alex.
And there are many issues.
What I wanted to talk about briefly was,
The impending strike on Iran.
And I must say, Michael, I think your analysis is astute.
And I wanted to raise a couple points.
One, I cannot recall in the last 30 years more high-level leakers in governments and agencies around the globe releasing information regarding this, whether it was to the German press or the Turkish press or the British press.
What's really frightening with the impending nuclear attack on Iran is that you are astute with regard to the fact that Turkey will not allow the Americans to use the NATO bases because a natural gas agreement has been made regarding Russia and Turkey as well as distributing the gas to Europe.
So even Italy
The Netherlands... So your point is... My point is this.
I think we're going to see after this attack occurs, we're going to see a breakdown of NATO.
And when that happens, we're going to have probably a major world war.
Because we have China aligned with Russia.
We have to eat you.
Stay there.
I'm going to let you finish really fast the other side and get Mike's comment on that.
There's not enough time in the day.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
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You know, I've got this minute-long clip.
This is the new AOL ad.
If you've got AOL, you sign up for junk service and you get spied on, folks.
But where they demonize the Internet and show pictures of Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan and say it's got to be regulated and controlled, come sign up with them and discuss it.
And it's just multifaceted, multivariate propaganda.
It's like local radio stations here in Austin put up signs saying, saying, don't
Don't listen to our station, and then it makes you tune in.
And so it's got that at a level to it, but it's also demonizing the Internet for more regulation.
But, oh, we're AOL.
We're safe.
I want to play that and get Michael Rivera's comment on it, so we can't really go back to Francis, but to comment on Francis' comment, Mike, about how this could really cause... Well, they're calling it World War IV.
They say the Cold War was World War III.
Where do you see this going?
Well, there's definitely a real danger because Russia and Iran are moving closer together.
Russia is supplying sophisticated anti-aircraft missile systems.
And, of course, Russia is providing...
But we heard that about Serbia, and the Russians still backed off.
They did grab the Pristina Airport.
This is a whole other subject.
I mean, isn't Russia to a certain extent in the same hip pocket as Bush?
I'm not entirely sure about that with Putin in charge.
And I'm not entirely certain that the people that are pulling the ultimate strings don't see their own personal fortunes improving in a war between the U.S.
and Russia.
So they could actually engineer this and Bush is a bit player.
Yeah, absolutely, because the idea would be that you've got the U.S.
and Russia are two major powers, but if they can be tricked into killing each other off...
Or at least severely weakening each other in a mutually destructive war.
That makes the international order even stronger.
Yeah, then you have all kinds of other people who become, yeah, the New World Order becomes much more of an influence.
No, I agree with you.
I mean, internationally, they want to weaken all nation states.
Let's go ahead and roll this AOL ad.
Now listen to them demonizing the Internet with images of Hitler and the Klan.
Here it is.
Some people think the Internet is a bad thing.
Somewhere your identity can be stolen, your home invaded, and your savings robbed without anyone setting foot inside your drawer.
It is one of the most dangerous weapons ever created.
A way for the unhinged to spread evil free of supervision or censorship.
A place for mankind to exercise its darkest desires.
An open market where you can purchase anything you want
Orwell was right.
The Internet has taken us to a place where everything we do is watched, monitored, and processed without us ever realizing it.
Some people think the Internet is a bad thing.
What do you think?
So now, Big Brother is going to save us from the Wild West Internet.
Meanwhile, DynCorp is purchasing the little children.
But that's the government.
That's okay.
We've got to regulate and shut down the Internet.
I mean, listen to the ominous music.
Michael Rivera?
Well, America Online actually began as a private network where you had to really work through their system before you could actually reach the Internet itself.
And for those people who've been around long enough to remember the history of how the Internet came to be, it was never intended to be accessible to the public.
It was supposed to be a government-only tool, but it did sort of escape out.
And the government's biggest problem right now is how to bring the Internet back under their control and censorship.
And I think ultimately what we're going to see is the big government-friendly companies like America Online and various other...
Well, that's Internet too.
That's exactly what they're planning.
Where the government message gets to you and everybody else is just supposed to sit still and passively accept.
I agree with you, and I apologize to Davey and Ruben and everybody else.
We'll have to talk tomorrow.
I'm sorry to the callers.
I agree with you, but now there's a hunger.
I don't think they're going to get away with it, Michael.
I don't think they will.
I think it's going to prove to be very difficult to do.
Hey, hey, Michael, we're out of time.
God bless you.
Take care, folks.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-376-45.