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Air Date: Dec. 28, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It's Wednesday...
The 28th day of December 2005 and the waning twilight of this year that has exploded past us.
We're going to be live today for the next three hours and we have several guests coming on.
We have representatives coming on from one of the largest Arab-American groups here in the United States to talk about the CNN-FBI hit piece where they go around looking for nuclear bombs or radiological weapons in Muslim neighborhoods, thus telegraphing the message that the Muslims are about to kill us any minute.
Give up all your rights or they'll get you.
And we also have the freelance
We're good to go.
What are the bad things that happened in 2005?
The liberty-destroying signposts that we've been passing at an accelerating rate.
And then what are some of the good things that happened in 2005?
I want to flesh this out.
I want to talk about this all week, because those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it, and so much has happened this year.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-
259-9231, that's 1-800-259-9231.
Well, we have an article here out of the Miami Herald, very revealing.
Fox hires lobbyists for U.S.
The Texan who advised President Vicente Fox's election campaign will now try to sweeten U.S.
views on immigration.
And they admit he's a secret consultant to George Bush and to Vicente Fox, just a globalist mastermind, minion.
I think we're good to go.
And they even admit here that the American people are angry and the majority of us don't want open borders and don't want a Pan-American Union.
And so this is the PR specialist who's going to package the cyanide tablets for us in a nice sugar coating.
So we'll go over that when we get back after this break.
Also, there are now 49 people indicted and more indictments to come out in California.
With the Red Cross workers running scams, giving their family and friends hundreds of thousands of dollars in the aggregate.
Folks, this is nothing.
This is what they always do.
They go bust some little, small, nothing, low-level operation because you're not allowed to steal from the thieves.
Meanwhile, the Red Cross will openly steal about half the cash for themselves, as they always do, and give it to anti-gun groups and pro-UN groups and other things, and the average person will never even... I mean, the Red Cross officially steals mail.
They've been found guilty of it.
It is a criminal organization with a lot of well-meaning people serving it, and so is it any surprise that low-level criminals are now joining it?
And I say good riddance to the...
To this organization, but there is no good riddance.
It just goes on and on.
At least one dad has fired scorch Texas and Oklahoma from central Texas, just north of Austin, up into Oklahoma in incredibly dry conditions.
They've sparked fires all over the place.
Going into the New Year celebration with the fireworks, it could really be a humdinger.
So we'll get into that.
This is out of the Ross story.
Halliburton other lobbyists stall Pentagon ban on human trafficking.
Yes, you think that kidnapping women and children would be illegal, but no, not really.
Not if you're a government-controlled corporation, or vice versa.
Another article here.
Customers help stamp out Turkey's sex slaves.
London Independent.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, the Pope came out yesterday, Ratzinger, Benedict.
And said that we need to have a new world order, a world government, to keep us all safe from those evil, pesky terrorists that keep creeping around planning to kill us any minute.
And I've for a long time talked about when I do watch TV, which literally might be once a week, I routinely hear them call for a new world order.
Politicians, different people in government, Hollywood stars, they're just constantly going, oh, by the way, did I mention the New World Order?
We all must submit to it.
I remember one time about five, six years ago, I was sitting there watching Friends with my girlfriend, and they just are having an argument about something, and they go, well, it's the New World Order.
Get used to it.
So before I get into all the news and take your calls and tell you about the two guests that are coming up today, let's go ahead and play this clip from a cartoon.
You will always have a special place in my heart and in the New World Order.
Foolish isn't our vampire, Mrs. C. Hmm.
Maybe you can ask Santa what he saw before he was bitten.
Retrace his steps.
Maybe pull a couple of his teeth for DNA samples.
I'm getting presents in the New World Order!
Mrs. Cross said so!
Now off to the cellar with the lot of you.
Christmas won't save itself.
All right.
And we've played it before.
It's somewhere in the computers up at the Genesis Network.
There is a 1940 Disney black-and-white cartoon set in Germany with all of these clownish Disney characters stomping around going, Hitler's new world order, oompa, oompa, kind of doing an oompa song.
Why is it just dropped in everywhere?
Why does Ratzinger get up and say New World Order?
Why does Bush say it?
But then if you talk about it, the Harvard Gazette will call for your arrest.
The Harvard newspaper...
What was it last year?
We wrote an article about it.
Just came out and said, people that believe in the New World Order are terrorists, they're with bin Laden, and they should be put in jail.
Sean Hannity, I've actually heard him say, if you talk about a New World Order and you're in a militia, you should all be arrested.
And put in jail.
I mean, this is what they're saying.
Savage gets a little bit more sophisticated.
Mr. Wiener Savage.
Real name Wiener, code name Savage.
Alias Savage.
And I've heard him repeatedly say, we must fight the New World Order.
We must invade the Middle East.
We must set up our own world government to fight the New World Order.
That's kind of piggybacking on all of our work.
People are starting to learn about the New World Order.
And pretty soon, yes, yes, world government will fight it.
It's the answer to the problem.
That's what these neocons do.
They'll go, George Bush is getting tough on immigration.
We've got to authorize his plan to deal with it.
And the libs are trying to beat it.
Meanwhile, the libs, as they call them, are the ones that wrote the bills for the total amnesty.
Alright, now I'm already ranting.
Coming up later, not in this segment, I've got a little CNN clip I want to analyze.
How they go, it's hard to believe people are actually stealing from the people that gave to the Red Cross.
This is like if Satan was robbed by one of his lower pit demons.
One of the inarticulate creatures running around looking for souls to devour.
I guess that's the best analogy I can come up with.
The Red Cross has been caught in triplicate in every major modern disaster, stealing at an institutional level.
That is, it is mechanized, it is oiled, it is focused.
And again, real corporations that engage in real crime in the billions of dollars, nothing's done.
But they'll always burn some little nobody.
And good, I think they ought to...
Take these 49 people that would take phone calls and take money and stick it in their greedy pockets, and they ought to throw the book at them.
I mean, that is just the height of scumbagism.
But, again, one child gets kidnapped.
It's a national alert.
Give up all your rights.
We've got to have a police state.
But government-funded and controlled corporations can grab two people
Football stadiums full of children.
And the average American has no idea that it is even going on.
And there's no discussion of where are the children.
Oh, we know what slave hotels and what slave ships.
Yes, they have huge cruise ships that are giant slave ships.
World Net Daily is one of the few so-called neocon publications I've ever seen report on it.
And that was five, six years ago about how a bunch of Bill Clinton's staff went on one off the coast of Malaysia where they had little kids.
And still no one got in trouble.
I mean, they can just do this out in the open, and it just blows my mind.
I'm kind of getting back off onto that jag talking about that because it's been resurfacing on the news.
We have Azarlan Ifkatar, Legal Affairs Director of the Council of
...on American-Islamic relations, on the ongoing demonization of Muslims in the media, including their frequent implied association with terrorist...
And how, remember just this week, they were running around for the Christmas fright last week with radiation detectors, Geiger counters in Muslim neighborhoods.
There's no real threat of a nuclear bomb or an atomic bomb or a radiological bomb.
There's no evidence.
There's no intelligence.
But we're just going to go into Muslim neighborhoods and do this.
I.e., you're all in danger.
Well, you don't think Muslims are going to attack us?
Yeah, and blood-drinking Martians from Planet X attacked us, too.
I mean, if you really believe that, I've got a bridge I want to sell you, okay?
Our government admits that they've carried out most of the terrorism.
It's declassified.
Do you understand neocon rednecks that are listening?
Do you understand oily beatniks that are listening?
Do you understand yuppies that are listening?
It is... Say it with me.
I'm trying to be obnoxious here.
Because some people just... But Alex, I know Bush wants our guns.
Some of these guys are starting to wake up and go, I guess you're right about a lot of this, but Al-Qaeda still hit us, Alex.
No, they didn't.
They don't exist.
Alright, I'm sorry.
We're going to get into that later.
I'm digressing.
And we got Finn Percy, an eyewitness who shot video from his father's second story apartment of the police shooting and killing a man on the streets of New Orleans.
The man can be seen backing up and waving his hands in the video.
Percy is a freelance news photographer who has been working in Seattle for NBC and Discovery Channel.
He moved back to New Orleans after the hurricane to be covering that and has been supplying video to a bunch of different channels.
So that's coming up later.
I mentioned all of the kidnapping and stuff that's going on.
I want to get to that, and of course I didn't want to take your calls.
And I also want to cover Fox hires lobbyists for U.S.
Mexico, openly lobbying with one of the fanciest propaganda firms.
That's what PR is.
It's the same guy that engineered a lot of Karl Rove's activities.
And here's an example of a foreign government trying to manipulate our internal politics.
It's a military action.
It's what our government does in Iraq, paying for fake news.
Well, we're going to let Mexico, I guess, do that here with U.S.
corporate money.
So the U.S.
corporate money goes down there and then comes back up here to influence things.
But let me go ahead and get into... Let's start with one of the more innocuous stories.
Because, again, for those that do not know about this...
It is admitted, understand again, not debatable, that Dine Corps and the United Nations in one year alone in 2000 kidnapped over, I always say 200,000, it's more than like 210,000, women and children.
About two-thirds were women, the rest were children under the age of 15.
A lot of them very small.
UN troops would come take them at gunpoint.
They were loaded on jets, private jets, owned by DynCorp.
And UN workers and DynCorp employees, who had souls, blew the whistle.
They were fired, then they sued, and all came out in court that they had indeed done this.
Not only used that, because...
It's one big, gargantuan example of all of this happening.
But then we have articles like this out of London Independent today.
Customers help stamp out Turkey's sex slaves.
You see, where do these millions, and even the UN admits that the last numbers I saw were in 2003, over a million women and children kidnapped out of Central Europe alone.
That's out of Central Europe.
A million plus customers help stamp out Turkey's sex slaves.
Now, where do they go?
They go to Israel, they go to Turkey, they go to Saudi Arabia.
You know, the old images of the harems?
Well, that's what they have, folks.
And let me tell you what gets top dollar.
Blonde-haired, blue eyes, off the charts.
It's a literal goldmine.
Half a mil per child or per woman.
Nothing's going to happen.
Nobody's going to save them.
So go enjoy your football game and just think about yourself and feel all good about yourself and love George Bush and love Bill Clinton.
And just don't believe me.
Just go, Oh, that Alex, that ain't true.
He just ought to shut up.
He shouldn't be so upset and so angry.
Customers help stamp out Turkey's sex life.
There's a problem in Turkey.
It says that 74% of the tip-offs are the men.
The men go and they go, Look, I want a real whore.
I want a willing woman.
I don't want a sex slave.
And so there have been hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of major busts of these huge slave brothels.
It'll be a whole building, chained down women.
And because the men go in there and, you know, I mean, they may be doing something immoral, going to a prostitute, which I don't agree with, but they're like, hey, I don't want to rape a woman here.
They go and call the police.
Of course, the cops are usually behind it, so not much happens.
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Joe and Reb and Jeff and Chris and Pat, everybody.
We're going to your calls.
Coming up in the next segment, early in the next segment.
We've got two great guests coming up today.
Very informative information.
But to continue, let's just read the London Independent article.
Customers help stamp out Turkey's sex slaves.
An unlikely hero has emerged in Turkey to rescue victims of forced prostitution, the brothel customer.
While the country's security forces are hardly renowned for their attention to human rights...
Well, yeah, only the government can let this go on, folks.
The government's involved.
Or sympathetic treatment of women.
They have been chalking up impressive successes in finding and freeing trafficked women from brothels.
In the past six months, 100 women, that's a drop in the bucket, mostly from Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, and Russia, have been rescued from sex slavery, and Turkish police have broken up 10 trafficking networks.
We're good to go.
That the main reason and the more unexpected factor is the chivalry of the Turkish brothel client.
Since the hotline started, 74% of the tip-offs have come from men, customers who have learned to spot the difference between a professional prostitute and someone who has been forced into it.
And they have some of the different police groups saying why.
They're surprised by it.
Can you imagine?
I mean, I would never go see a prostitute.
I mean, but for people that do go, can you imagine going and it's a slave?
And then, I mean, how scary would that be?
And then you're trying to get out of there, and then, you know, the slave master's saying, well, what, you don't want to take part in this?
By the way, every year in Texas, it seems like every year, I see articles where they find some apartment building with secret rooms, and they'll be like, what was it, 50-plus Mexican slaves and other Latin American slave women.
Back there, some of them underage, with people dropping by.
I mean, this is going on in the U.S., not just in Europe.
And somehow, this is acceptable.
Oh, well, these women knew when they were going to leave their country that they'd probably end up in prostitution.
Or, oh, the Chinese immigrants coming to America, what they do is they end up stopping in a U.S.
protectorate or a U.S.
And then, oh, this is America.
You paid your 10 grand to come here, and now you're going to be a slave here 14 hours a day and no air conditioning here in the Marianas.
One of my friends was pointing that out yesterday.
I'd forgotten even all about that.
But in a lot of cases, we're not even talking just about that type of passive slavery or indentured servitude, which is horrible.
I mean, you are prisoners.
We're talking about grabbing small children from families.
We're talking about grabbing young women.
We're talking about actually chaining them down
We're talking about making snuff films with them.
It's been on national Italian television.
Big exposés on it, connected to the U.S.
and to Hollywood.
I mean, we're talking about snuffing toddlers, folks.
We're talking blowing toddlers' heads off.
I mean, this is mainstream news in Europe.
Yes, snuff films are real.
And it is the sickest thing on earth, but it's what the New World Order is all about.
So, oh, the New World Order wouldn't carry out 9-11.
No, they just kidnap millions.
And they have cruise ships off the coast of Asian Oriental countries, public.
They have huge slave brothels.
They have slave hotels.
And literally, folks, it is women locked up in these hotels and children.
We're good to go.
And yes, you know who reportedly is number two in this game.
People don't like to hear this.
I don't know why.
By the way, I've noticed that our media won't attack the Muslims on this.
You want to attack the Muslims for something?
You know, all this anti-Muslim demonization stuff we see in here?
Why not attack the big Muslim elites, because the globalists are in control of them.
They're birds of a feather in the Muslim people, on average.
Why not have big exposés about the slave brothels?
Boy, that would really turn the American people against the Muslims.
Muslim countries isn't going to happen because Israel, according to the statistics, is almost as bad as Saudi Arabia.
But they don't have the old 40 sex slaves like the Sauds like to do it.
Oh no, these are the big armored hotels and they're government run with the Jewish Mafia
Man, it is just hell on earth.
And porno production, slave production, all of it.
Nobody's going to save them.
Nobody's going to help them.
And don't you dare stand up for all those slaves.
I mean, are you surprised?
Israel radiated 110,000 Sephardic Jews.
Killed them with radiation.
Remember that?
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We'll be right back.
I'm just going to read one more of these articles about trafficking.
Here's one, a raw story.
Halliburton, other lobbyists stall Pentagon ban on human trafficking.
Imagine, they're publicly lobbying for the Pentagon to quote, not put people in the penalty box.
We have a clip we played before.
We might play it again if we have time, of Rumsfeld being grilled by Cynthia McKinney, and she brings up Dyncore and the kidnapping of the kids and women.
And he's just nonchalantly, well, we did put them in the penalty box.
And then she pulls out the documents.
Actually, they were never even penalized.
Can you imagine?
I mean, next time some sicko, piece of filth, kidnaps some kid and gets caught, they can just go, well, Dyncore, I mean, you know, do I get put in the penalty box?
But see, this is the difference.
This is the separation here.
You're not an elite globalist.
Scumbag maggot.
You're just a low-level scumbag maggot.
But it says that three years after the 2002... Well, you know what?
I'll get to this in a second.
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We're having so much success getting the word out.
It is humbling.
Yesterday when I got off air, I was very mad at myself because I let myself get so angry so many times and kind of went off the deep end.
It's just when they're confiscating our guns around the country and banning guns and suing gun manufacturers out of existence, we need to get angry sometimes, but
It's just exhausting for the listener and for myself, so I'm going to try to not do that.
I mean, I was just exhausted after ranting and raving off and off for three hours yesterday.
But let me finish up with this article, and then we'll go to your calls.
Halliburton other lobbyists stall Pentagon ban on human trafficking.
And did you find that Cynthia McKinney clip there, Scott?
You know what?
While I'm reading this article, because it's an eight-minute clip...
We don't have to play the whole clip.
Actually, we'll just play the first few minutes of it where she brings up the trafficking in children and women.
And then I do want to play Rumsfeld's response to that.
But let's see how much time we've got.
We may play that.
It's on PrisonPlanet.com with a video from C-SPAN if you haven't seen it, folks.
Halliburton other lobbyists stall Pentagon ban on human trafficking.
Three years after a 2002 presidential directive demanding an end to trafficking in humans for forced labor and prostitution by U.S.
contractors, the Pentagon is still yet to actually bar the practice the Chicago Tribune reports, and there's a link to it.
Congress approved... Imagine, the Chicago Tribune calmly sits around and talks about how the government won't ban doing this.
Do you realize the magnitude of that?
The Chicago Tribune reports Congress approved a similar ban one year later, which was reauthorized by the Senate just last week.
The President and Congress have demanded that government agencies include anti-trafficking provisions covered forced labor and prostitution in all overseas company contracts.
It also extended to ban to subcontractors...
You know, when a subcontractor is ordered to torture somebody and they blow the whistle, they charge them with a Patriot Act.
There's no reason they can't under an existing law.
I mean, if I go to Germany and murder somebody, or if I go to Germany and rob a bank, or I go to Russia and do it, I should be charged.
They've got laws to do this.
This is baloney.
According to the Tribune, the concerns of five lobbying groups, including representatives of the Halliburton subsidiary, KBR, and DynCorp, these patriots,
They should all be arrested.
The police right now should go down to their downtown offices and go into the Merck areas.
There should be grand jury indictments.
But no, instead I've been told to shut up.
That's America, folks.
Just operating just out in the open.
This is the Chicago Tribune.
You understand me?
Just out in the open.
I expect they'll be barbecuing small children on the front lawn of the White House soon and it'll just be acceptable.
According to the Tribune, the concerns of five lobbying groups, including representatives of Halliburton subsidiary KBR and DynCorp, I just can't believe it.
I'm about to blow my stack, folks, are stalling Pentagon action.
These companies are specifically targeting provisions requiring companies to monitor their overseas contractors for violations.
Both KBR and DynCorp have been linked to human trafficking cases in the past.
I mean, 200,000 women and children in one year, in one region of Serbia?
I mean, they've been convicted in civil court.
It's admitted.
And here they are lobbying so they don't have to stop doing it.
I mean, it's just... I just feel dirty even reading this.
America is so evil.
No one has ever done stuff like this in the open.
No one has ever gone this low in modern history.
The original Bush order came on the heels of revelations that DynCorp employees had purchased women and girls as sex slaves during the 1990s U.S.
military presence in Bosnia.
They didn't purchase them.
They flew.
It was an industrial operation.
The company responded by firing eight employees over the incidents as well as involvement in illegal arms sales.
An excerpt from the Tribune piece tells Halliburton's role.
It's a total whitewash.
Go read the BBC on this if you've got a strong stomach.
I've actually cried reading this stuff.
In a two-part series published in October, the Tribune detailed how Middle Eastern firms working under American subcontractors in Iraq and a chain of human brokers beneath them...
We're good to go.
Nepal men recruiting from poor villages in one of the most remote and impoverished corners of the world and documented a trail of deceit, fraud, and negligence stretching into Iraq.
Basically, just grab villagers and use men as slaves.
That's one other facet of this.
The men were kidnapped from an unprotected caravan and executed en route to jobs at an American military base in 2004.
I mean, it's just... It's like the head CIA liaison...
The head CIA operator, what, he was all over the news six months ago, saying, yes, the Taliban would just go kidnap innocent villagers that had never left their village and give them to us.
We'd pay them 25 grand apiece and take them for torture, but we didn't care because it was for torture training.
The Taliban is selling the slaves to our idiot government, who knowingly... I just can't handle it anymore.
At the time, Halliburton said it was not responsible for the recruitment or hiring practices of its subcontractors, and the U.S.
Army, which oversees the privatization contract, said questions about alleged misconduct by subcontractor firms should be addressed to those firms, as these are not Army issues.
So it's just legalized right out in the open, and they're lobbying to keep it going.
You see, that's what these mercenary... That's what this lawlessness is all about, folks.
Hundreds of billions in weapon sales.
Hundreds of billions in upkeep contracts and troop support.
I mean, they make the troops.
The troops have to be out each week for dress inspection.
And then they charge them.
One day I read $100 per certain weight of clothes.
It was a very small amount.
I can't remember the exact amount.
And then they've got to pay Halliburton to starch their clothes so they can then...
Get up at attention.
It's just all engineered to suck them dry.
And it's just right down the line.
But understand, troops, you can't just turn your eyes to sin and evil.
You will always pay.
And you are paying.
These idiot, scumbag contractors are all breathing DU.
The troops are all breathing and who are turning blind eyes.
And it's just none of you are going to get away with any of it.
You know that, right?
This is the way the universe works.
God will.
It's the law of the universe, folks.
I figured this out.
God doesn't even normally punish people with his own direct action.
It's that there are laws in the universe.
You start acting lawless, you think you're going to be safe when you work for corporations that kidnap little kids?
You think you're safe?
America, do you think you're safe?
Do you think this is a good climate?
You think these crooks getting away with this aren't going to try to do more?
Well, it's the same thing.
We've got a deadly toxic waste, DU.
The heavy metal alone will kill you.
It's just incredible.
It makes lead and mercury look nutritious.
You know, as local news already says it is, so I guess maybe it is.
It has a radiation effect, one we've had the top scientists on.
They don't care.
They'll just say it's good for you, and when you die, nobody's going to care, and it's just going to be kept quiet.
It might be a footnote in the back of the local paper.
And I'm bad for reporting on it.
I mean, this is why I'm... This is a mainstream show, folks.
This is... We're normal here.
We go, oh, look, Chicago Tribune.
They're kidnapping women and children.
Oh, look, they're kidnapping villagers and using them as slaves.
Oh, look, you know, London Independent.
Oh, look, you know... Oh, look, the Army's manual says this will kill you.
It's deadly.
But I hear neocons on the radio saying it's good.
I mean, what are we supposed to do here?
Do you want me to go on the air and talk about the Super Bowl coming up?
Frankly, I'd like to.
I'd like to go watch the Super Bowl.
But I can't, folks, because I have to fight this.
You understand, folks?
I can't sit around while there's a company down the street from me, two miles from me, that kidnaps women and children and gets away with it and is lobbying at Congress.
And I can't shut up when through the grapevine I'm told to shut up.
I mean, it is not even courage.
You people are the lowest form of life.
You make maggots look like heaven.
I mean, you just, you are...
At least you need to be shamed.
At least people... You know, when cops drive by that building in Austin, I want them to know what's inside there.
You know, I want you to force yourself to know.
I want you to know what your accomplice is to.
Yes, your accomplice is to it.
Rolling your eyes right now.
I know you're rolling your eyes.
That's why you're going to hell.
I guarantee it.
If you don't change your ways...
Alright, I'm sorry.
It gets to me, folks, because I'm an instinctive, primitive person.
Okay, I know that when other people are being abused, I know I'm in danger.
I know my family's in danger.
It upsets me.
It's like cows.
You know, when you slaughter a cow, when you're going to slaughter it yourself, and a lot of ranchers still do this, because it's expensive to get one slaughtered and cut up.
It might be $500.00.
When you slaughter your own and you haul that sucker up with the tractor up on the winch in the barn, you've got a barn away from any other cows.
You don't want them to hear what's happening.
It'll freak them out and it'll upset them because they'll kick and they'll buck and they'll run up against the gates in the enclosure.
You want to make sure they're miles away out on the range when you trailer that cow and you take it to slaughter it.
See, that's all I'm doing.
I'm like... I'm like bucking up against the metal.
Look what they're doing!
Look what they're doing!
That's all I'm doing.
I'm just bucking up against the metal.
Look what they're doing!
Look what they're doing to them!
And everybody's just sitting around like a bunch of sheep going... You're making me sick!
I mean, it's just... You don't think they'll carry out terror attacks when they do stuff like this?
You don't think they'll put cancer viruses in your vaccine when we've got them over and over again?
You don't think they'll do stuff like this?
You think any of us are safe?
You think any of us are safe?
We're not safe!
We're living in hell on earth with this illusion of the models and the TV and the football and all the posing people and all the beautiful faces and all the fancy dandiness, all of it.
We're just all, you know, playing with our iPods and playing our Xbox Threes and bumbling around.
Meanwhile, we've got people that actually see us as total slave cattle who enjoy killing us, who are totally inbred and evil.
Running things.
And so now you want to know why Alex Jones is upset?
That's why.
That's it.
I'm watching him butcher my fellow human beings and getting ready to do it to all of us, and you're sucking your perpetual thumb.
It's real simple.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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You know, I was accused during the break of some of my staff of not doing a good cow imitation.
You know, they're in the pen trying to break out and trying to warn the other cows.
For those that haven't been around cows, they don't just do the moo-moo noise.
They make all kinds of weird noises.
They make noises very akin to my Boston Terrier does.
But it's more like a moo-moo-moo.
But it's, let me just do one for you.
Okay, that's more like it.
There, you wanted it?
You've now gotten actual cow noises.
Alright, let's just go to calls here, folks.
I've got two gas tons of news coming up, but
Let's just go to Joe in Wisconsin.
Joe, thanks for holding during the ranting.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Happy New Year to you and your audience.
Yes, thank you.
I wanted to go back to what you were doing yesterday about the good news, bad news thing, and I wanted to do a comparison and contrast.
What happened with the tsunami relief, I think, is 180 degrees from what FEMA was doing down in Louisiana.
I just took maybe...
Half a minute to go to Google, and I typed in, FEMA stops foreign aid, Katrina.
And you'd be surprised what you pull up.
I mean, they had some Canadian freighters bringing in some diesel, and FEMA said no.
But maybe two days after the tsunami launched... Well, yeah, they blocked the Coast Guard from helping.
They blocked the Sheriff's Department.
They were jamming police communications and sabotaging communications lines.
Even so, over in Malaysia, I think, where it went ashore, I mean, they had massive casualties, but all the world came together.
And here, somebody is trying to do the right thing, and they're being stopped.
And people think that the government's here to help, not ours, but it shows that
Others want to help us.
And I think, really, that they see us as exactly what you said, being dragged through broken glass every day.
And we're dumb enough to love it.
And they look at us and take pity on us.
No, I would say that is the view of most of the world, where they live under tyranny.
They're not naive, most of them.
And they just say, man, the Americans just don't know.
Oh, your leaders are corrupt.
Most people still like Americans.
And I've talked to a lot of foreigners from all over the world.
I've talked to people overseas, being overseas.
I would agree with you.
Thanks for the call, Joe.
Good to hear from you.
Reb in Colorado, and Jeff, Chris, Pat, and others.
Go ahead, Reb.
The greatest story of this year was the eavesdropping story.
It's going to be a big story because me and my element got this synthesized conversation on a tape made by audio transmitters.
And it was done by the liquid Colorado PD and their shill that we call Ulzer Query, who lives in 8466 Everett Place.
Okay, sir, we're not going to.
Thanks for the call.
You know, you've called before, and you just start talking about how they've surveilled you, and then you start giving addresses out, and it just makes no sense.
I told you last time you called to send me some information about that, and maybe you did, maybe I missed it in amongst the other mail, but...
Do police surveil people randomly?
I mean, we've got the New York Police, and I've been surveilled by them.
I've been there.
I've experienced it.
A local bike group for bikes' rights, you know, for bicycling rights.
Just an innocuous nothingness group.
Total no threat to anyone.
And they have cops not just taking video of them, but infiltrating into them, staging as them.
Meanwhile, the borders are wide open.
You know, they tell you terrorists are about to attack us any minute, and it's all over, and we're all dead, and we don't give our rights up.
But meanwhile, they've got the police infiltrating every peace group and every Second Amendment group and every land rights group.
I mean, they infiltrate these groups that are... It was in the news how the police have been infiltrating covertly the New London, Connecticut groups that are against having their homes taken.
Just these old couples go have meetings and there's cops in there posing.
I mean, imagine.
I mean, this is pathetic.
I've got to walk.
I know.
Al-Qaeda hit us.
These families could be with Al-Qaeda.
I understand.
I understand.
Ignore the fact that our government's totally in business and created Al-Qaeda and George Bush vacations with the Bin Ladens.
We'll be right back.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7644.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're now into hour number two.
Coming up, we'll talk to Finn Percy, an eyewitness...
Who shot video from his father's second-story apartment of the police shooting and killing a man on the streets of New Orleans.
That video is up on InfoWars.com.
Right now, let's keep trying to go to some of your calls, and there's a bunch of other news coming up, too.
But just stay with us, folks.
We've got news about Vicente Fox openly calling for a revolt here in the U.S.
politically and hiring PR firms to manipulate our internal politics.
Very serious.
Jeff in Colorado.
Welcome, sir.
Yeah, hey Alex, I just wanted to talk about a couple of topics and make a couple of points.
One of the things was from Buzz Flash News, and basically he just stated that in the wake of the Nixon abuses of our Constitution, our liberties and privacy, you know, Congress in 78 set up a secret court that the executive branch must, by law,
Go to, if it's seeking wiretaps or surveillance of foreigners or Americans... Yeah, it's a felony every time they do it.
Yeah, and that is the law.
But Bush is declaring war powers, which a war power is martial law.
And Alex, another thing I wanted to point out is this.
If the secret court has been a rubber stamp for the White House, why would he...
Basically bypass the court and go out on his own.
Well, then they counted on us being dumb, and they said, oh, well, if your wife's pregnant and having the baby, you don't call the judge for permission to speed.
The FISA court, you just got to go back within a few months to them to show them what you did, and I don't believe the FISA's ever turned anything down.
Right, Alex, and I think everybody could agree that listens to your show that
Bush fastens himself as a dictator, and he's committed a grossly illegal violation of the U.S.
Well, I mean, even that FISA court stuff's a police check.
Oh, right.
I mean, you know, they just sign a blank check, and then there's just roving wiretaps in the Patriot Act or National Security Letters.
That gets around FISA.
That's a total violation of the Fourth Amendment.
It all is.
It's all... Look, it's like last week.
Oh, there's been some NSA spying on 18,000 people.
Now it turns out it's millions.
Well, of course it was millions.
This has been declassified for two decades.
Right, exactly.
And I think, Alex, one of the things I wanted to say about this, if the Democrats and the American people...
Don't join together and push back with passion, courage, and conviction.
We are doomed, Alex, to live under the yoke of tyranny.
Well, make no mistake, this is all a test.
Everything they're doing, systematically right now, you know, it's like Italy announcing, oh, we're spying on you too, using data snooping for your safety.
They're trying to announce it.
They're trying to, so next time we're not as upset about it, see?
Right, right.
And one of the other things that I wanted to talk about, Alex, and
I think you talked about this a little bit on your show, and it's concerning Bush, Rumsfeld, CIA agents, and the military, war crimes and torture.
And, you know, I wasn't really completely aware of the magnitude and the gravity
Of what was actually going on in Iraq until... There's torture going on in 35 countries.
Small children ages 5 and up are tortured in front of their parents.
The most brutal mingle of stuff you can imagine.
But Alex, let me ask you this.
There's a law...
You know, the government, I think, sometimes forget we have a little body of law called the United States Code, and it's up under the criminal code, Title 18.
Yeah, they're violating the code, they're violating the Constitution.
Of course, they're criminals!
Yeah, and it carries 20 years in prison.
Now, Bush, Rumsfeld, CIA agents, and these military personnel that are conducting these torture acts are violating this federal law, and why aren't Congress putting them in federal prisons?
Well, that's the thing.
You know, you notice I got an article here where they put an old man in jail for a year and three months for contempt, never even called him up before the judge, and then it turns out it was all illegal and the cops are just saying, hey, we can do whatever we want.
Tyranny is when the government says, hey, there's a law you follow and there's a law we follow.
And our law is the law of the jungle.
Exactly, Alex.
It's just good old-fashioned, you're a slave, I'm the master, now you lick my boots.
I mean, it just doesn't get any simpler than that.
Good to hear from you.
I appreciate your call, Jeff.
Chris, Pat, and others, your calls are coming up.
We've got a guest joining us as well.
Watch the man be gunned down.
Stay with us.
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8 minutes, 20 seconds into this second hour, second segment here.
The websites are infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, and prisonplanet.tv.
And just a program note, you know, our websites have exploded thanks to you.
We try to do a better and better job.
I'm so proud of my team with what Violet does and Ryan Slickheisen and Paul Joseph Watson and Steve Watson and everybody.
They're just doing an amazing job.
There are a lot of people, though, and this even came out on a Frontline special, where different political parties and corporations actually have whole departments, hundreds of people in some cases, online, on message boards, putting out PR, attacking people they don't like.
We're about to see this with Vicente Fox.
They're going to hire thousands of people to do this.
Basically, it's rent-a-mob.
And you've got to know that there are well-financed rent-a-mobs attacking InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and lying about us and putting out false quotes, things we never said, or mixing real things we said with slightly changing quotes, or just outright lying about us.
And they've come out of the woodwork.
And that's a good thing, because that shows me that we're having an effect.
And the old World War II saying is, how did they know when they were over the target when there was cloud cover?
When they hit the heaviest flak, they knew that that was when they were over their target and they could release their bombs and have a good chance of hitting some industrial or military value site.
And so I know we're over the target, but for all of the InfoWars.com viewers and for all the PrisonPlanet.tv folks, when you're out on message boards or you're out on blogs, tell folks about InfoWars.com.
When you see lies about us, that's the place to counter it.
That's the place to resist it.
That's the place to expose it.
But frankly, I don't even mind the false attacks at a certain level because it just shins us listeners.
Man, who's this Alex Jones?
He's a horrible demon.
I better go find out.
Okay, our guest that we're about to go to has a lot of courage.
He's shot video for NBC and Discovery Channel, and he lived up in Seattle, but he traveled back to where he was from and where his folks were, his father was, in New Orleans after the disaster, obviously, to cover it.
And he caught a few days ago on video the police out of his father's bedroom window gunning down one of the locals.
And look, the guy's got a knife.
He's backing away from cops.
Why didn't they taser him?
Why didn't they shoot him with a beanbag gun?
That's what cops did in the past.
No, they gunned him down because they're a bunch of bloodthirsty lunatics.
I'm not saying all police are bad, but with this instinctive firing training they're given, they're routinely around here just shooting at some people in the back, and then they defend that action.
That's indefensible.
Well, they blew this guy away, and Finn Percy caught it on tape, and it's been all over the news.
We have the video clip up on Infowars.com, a link over to CNN News and ABC.
New Orleans police shoot and kill a man who allegedly threatened an officer with a knife.
Well, you threaten, you're going to die!
New Orleans police shot and killed a man.
And the businessman had called police after a confrontation with a 38-year-old man whose name was not released because his family had not been notified, said Officer David Adams, a police spokesman.
He said officers repeatedly asked the man to drop the knife, which had a three-inch blade.
They then used pepper spray on him.
Evidently, the pepper spray had no effect, Adams said.
He said the man then walked toward an officer who backed out of the way to avoid being stabbed in the chest.
So I can... That's what they're saying, but I've watched the video, and it doesn't really... Why not shoot him in the legs?
I mean, it's just...
The point is, they're a little too trigger-happy, folks.
Adam said that he did not know how many offers expired or how many shots were fired.
That is under investigation, he said.
And how many times do cops lie?
Remember up in L.A.
a few months ago where they shot all the houses and shot the guy in the car a bunch, and it turned out he didn't have a gun, he didn't shoot at him, but they tried to lie and say he did?
I mean, I see this.
Remember the famous video from their own SWAT vehicle?
Up in Midland, Texas, where the cops enter on both sides of the house.
The guy had antique firearms in a safe.
He had no gun.
He was throwing his wife's stuff out on the road, out in the front yard.
And the SWAT teams come in and start shooting each other.
Then they whine and scream and cry.
And then they tried to frame him until a good cop blew the whistle.
And the chief tried to frame the innocent man.
I mean, they shot him a couple times, too.
I mean, oh, I was busy killing you, and then I shot one of my own people.
Oh, you should just let me blow your head off, but the bullet went through you and hit one of our gods.
I mean, all right, now I'm ranting.
It's just, again, this has got to make you angry.
By the way, statistically, SWAT teams, you don't like that statistic.
You know what your number one cause of death is?
Look in the mirror.
When you're busy whining and feeling sorry for yourselves and we're all the enemy and you're a thin black ski mask line, you are the number one cause of death to yourselves.
So, I don't want to hear it anymore.
You want to know who the threat is?
Look in the mirror, Jack.
And I'm not saying all police are bad, but this attitude I see from the bad cops is making you all look bad, and then you go and defend the bad cops, and that's wrong.
Finn Percy, with that introduction, we're honored that you're spending time with us today, and we appreciate you coming on.
Good afternoon.
How are you?
Tell us about why you decided to go to New Orleans.
Because I don't just have you on, obviously, about the shooting.
I want to then get into some of the things you've witnessed as an eyewitness, sir.
But tell us about yourself in a nutshell and then get into what you actually witnessed.
Because obviously, you probably witnessed in the aftermath more than what we just saw in the video.
There was actually some shooting I did after the shooting.
But to back up a little bit, I was born and raised in New Orleans.
Ended up going into the Navy as a combat camera photographer, got out after the first Gulf War, and began working television news.
Ended up in Seattle, where I was living when the hurricane was approaching, and watched on TV as the rest of the nation did as this poor city got wiped out.
I just had no choice but to return home.
And as you said, I came home not only to help my family out, but also to begin documenting just a massive, massive devastation.
Well, I mean, you're trained to be, I guess, a wartime photographer then, so you're really kind of in a war zone.
Yeah, you know, doing TV news for, oh God, I guess about 15 years now, you often find yourself in situations and it's almost surreal because you're viewing everything through a viewfinder and you're not really cognizant of the danger you may be in.
I think that works both for the good and bad because it does give us the opportunity to see things that most people normally don't see, like the shooting the other day.
Okay, the police are saying he charged them, but then I read some of the news accounts that he was backing up, getting away when he was shot.
What really happened?
Well, again, when I was shooting from the window, I shot as much as I could until they left my field of view, and I had no choice.
I wanted to continue shooting to run downstairs through the parking garage up the driveway.
It's probably about a 45-second run if you're really moving, which I was.
As I was coming up the driveway, that's when I heard maybe about ten shots.
So I got out on the street.
You can imagine it was pretty crazy.
All this happened in probably less than five minutes.
And unfortunately, as I said, I neither saw the shooting nor did I film the shooting.
However, I have spoken to a couple of the citizens.
These aren't people attached to the police department or any media organization.
These are just normal people who were passing by or work across the street.
And the same story I get from all of them that witnessed the shooting.
And that is that as the police were following Mr. Hayes, who is now... His identity has been released by the New Orleans Police Department.
His family has been notified.
He was backing up and backpedaling with the knife.
Police had a crescent that you can see in the video as they were moving with him.
When they got past my window, they got close to the corner of the block and...
Turn the crescent around so that this individual with the knife, Mr. Hayes, had nowhere to go.
And as he backed up, as fate would have it, he backed up into my car.
And having nowhere to backpedal, as the police slowly began tightening the crescent, and this is according to several witnesses that I spoke to, Mr. Hayes very visibly lunged forward.
And attempted to harm this officer.
Yeah, this is a lot more obvious case than, you know, others where they shoot, you know, some two-year-old in the back going in the wrong house.
Or, you know, where they shoot somebody in the back locally.
Oh, he's got a record, so it's okay.
But did this individual have mental problems or something?
According to his family, I read an interview with, it may have been his sister or his daughter, he had...
He did have mental problems, and I believe they were classifying it as schizophrenia, which is very specific.
A lot of people use that term for a number of mental diseases.
I have a friend whose sister was schizophrenic, and no violent history, and she was freaking out and called the police.
And they went in, and she didn't even have a weapon, and they gunned her down in Houston.
And that's admitted.
Yep, yep.
Well, it's kind of like when you read the stories of them shooting autistic kids because they don't answer questions.
Well, then this sounds like it isn't as bad of a case as we've seen in other cases, you know, with the cops now being indicted for beating that guy up.
Oh, by the way, who's that little fellow who looks like he's in the military who was involved in that beating?
We never hear about him.
Oh, that's right.
That's right.
Let me ask you a question.
When did you get there?
I mean, how long after Katrina hit did you get into New Orleans?
I got here about mid-September and pretty much snuck into the city.
And for the first week, I slept in my car and got into the hardest-hit areas, the Lower Ninth Ward, Lakeview.
I want to hear how you did that when we get back.
Do you have time?
Okay, great.
And I also want to get into some of the things you witnessed.
Because if you got there 15 days into all of this happening, I'm sure you've got a lot of stories to tell.
And I want to get your eyewitness accounts of any of the gun confiscations or things that went on.
Did you ever witness any of that?
No, I actually, due to the nature of how I got into the city, I tried to stay away from any police or military operations.
I heard things just like everyone else had, but the rumors that flew from this hurricane and the evacuation and the subsequent flooding were just so massive, it's so hard to figure out what happened and what didn't.
I don't know if we'll ever know.
Well, I do have ABC News with them going into the rich areas, putting people down on the ground and confiscating their guns.
I do know one individual, he's a prominent uptown attorney named Ashton O'Dwyer, who apparently had some run-ins with, I'm not sure what police agency, but he was physically removed from his property and arrested and thrown into a dog kennel at the Amtrak station, which was the temporary jail.
I want to hear about that.
Free society, they got a million dollar house.
We'll be right back.
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888-216-2461 We don't need no education We don't need no thought control
All right, we're talking to Finn Percy, who was trained in the Navy for a combat photographer and has shot, I guess you said, for about 15 years all over the country for local news.
And so he went to New Orleans, where his family's from, just a few weeks into the disaster.
Well, I don't know if that's the same individual we're talking about, but the attorney I'm talking about, Mr. O'Dwyer, was removed from his property.
Oh, you have?
Yeah, not on air.
I'll talk to him off air.
And I believe he's filed a very large civil suit, which is part of what he's working on now.
It's amazing, but you had more details on it.
Specifically, they took him to the makeshift jail and put him in a dog kennel?
Right, and I don't really know any of the specifics.
I haven't actually seen his lawsuit.
So you were hiding out, kind of like it was Planet of the Apes or something, you know, there in the devastated cityscape of the future, or Omega Man or something, and here are these armed police running around.
What was it like?
It's beyond description.
The sensory overload of the massive amount of devastation
And put that in with the large number of military troops and federal agents.
We had New York State Police.
We had New York City Police, New York Fire, Boston Fire, Chicago Fire.
And they basically helped the New Orleans Police Department, New Orleans Fire Department, keep the city under control for that two or three week period when things got really bad.
Now, it looked like FEMA and the Army was in command with a contingent of FBI.
Hiding out in buildings and videotaping them as they came past you?
What were you doing?
Yeah, you know, most of the military and federal agents and police weren't really in the area I was in.
I got into the Lower Ninth Ward where most of the horrific devastation occurred and really didn't encounter...
Any resistance.
The only resistance, of course, was getting into the city.
You had to go through often two or three different checkpoints.
I had a former expired New Orleans police ID from when I was with the Defense Department.
Even though it was expired, I used that.
I guess with my southern charm, I was able to pretty much go wherever I wanted.
Yeah, so you had a Defense Department former pass in some capacity with New Orleans City.
What was that?
Well, basically with any city, if you're with the media or any electronic news gathering agency... Oh, so you had a military press pass.
I got you.
Yeah, basically that's what it was, issued through the New Orleans Police Department.
I think it was that...
NOPD Crescent on that ID is what got me through.
What did you think about the reports of FEMA jamming police communications, cutting police towers, blocking police, and then three parishes had to post armed guards to protect installations from FEMA?
Were you aware of that?
Yeah, I've heard a number of stories.
I've even talked to a couple of the deputies who believe this happened.
There were some...
Instances where antennas were changed in the middle of the night and fuel trucks were not allowed to pass through FEMA checkpoints because they didn't have the proper paperwork.
And I think some of the problem from what I've read and what I've been told was the concern for terrorism and the compliance with the Patriot Act.
Oh, the terrorists were probably trying to rescue people.
There are medical teams that came down and refused entry into the state by FEMA.
You know those medical teams?
Al-Qaeda really is here.
They're bad, but these doctors and nurses, dozens of them came down with boats and all kinds of search and rescue and medical equipment, and they weren't allowed in because the boats apparently had not been approved by the Coast Guard to go up and down the flooded streets of New Orleans.
Yeah, that's amazing.
Can't save people because of the bureaucracy, but trillions can be missing from the Pentagon and no one goes to jail.
It's just ridiculous.
Well, any other observations or points you'd like to make to the listeners?
Any particular video we've seen on national TV that you've shot other than this grizzly shooting?
Oh boy, there's some Katrina stuff, I'm sure, that's out there.
Post-Katrina, actually.
I guess the only thing I want to say is that as tragic as this shooting was, you know, New Orleans really doesn't need any negative publicity at this point.
What struck me as I began shooting this event, which you can see through your website, was that I didn't see the knife in his hand.
And my assumption was that this is an unarmed African-American man with no weapon in a verbal confrontation with armed police officers.
And when I went downstairs to continue shooting and heard the gunshots, I thought this was going to be really bad.
It wasn't until I... Well, I'll tell you what, stay there just for two more minutes on the other side so you can finish your story.
Then we're getting into other news and your calls, folks.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
Your calls are coming up here in a few minutes.
And I also want to get into how the Mexican government is hiring PR specialists to propagandize here in the United States for getting rid of our borders and the guest worker program.
But going back to Finn Percy, an eyewitness, combat news cameraman who was pulling duty in New Orleans, you were finishing up your story about how you couldn't see the knife when you were up in the building above the individual moving away from the police and then once you got downstairs?
Once I got downstairs and he had been shot, was actually cornered against my car and when he was shot he slid across my hood and crumpled on the ground.
Once I got out onto the street and looked up the sidewalk next to his body, I saw the knife.
And then when I came back into the apartment where my dad lived and looked at the video, I saw the knife while he was backpedaling, and that was a huge sigh of relief to me.
You know, police corruption is a horrible thing, and the city's certainly seen more than its share of it.
No, the Big Easy?
Believe it or not, but I will tell you that I have gotten to know several of New Orleans police officers since I got back, and...
They have.
The ones I know have no patience for corruption either.
And in their defense, these poor guys, the majority of the New Orleans police officers still on duty, pretty much lost everything they had.
No, I understand that.
It's bad cops getting away with bad behavior that makes them all look bad.
I know.
Well, is there a particular website, Finn, where we can see some of your work or just watch the nightly news, I guess?
Yeah, the shooting video is probably up there right now.
I don't have a website because I'm in transition.
I pulled out of Seattle pretty quick.
No, I understand.
Well, listen, can we stay in touch with you and if things develop or you witness something else, can we get you on?
Absolutely, I would enjoy that.
Any particular story out of your months in New Orleans that stands out more than the others other than this shooting?
Boy, I'll tell you, the whole devastation is just what's so amazing.
I mean, there have been incredible photographs taken and fantastic stories written.
Had a lot of local people, Julia Reed, Michael Lewis, even Ann Rice.
But until you are actually here and stand in it, it's just very painful, even for people who aren't from here and don't know people here.
A lot of people come in town just to see.
Thanks for all your help.
You bet.
Well, nice reporter, nice photographer.
Gets to sit on hold earlier while I was ranting and raving about the police.
But it's good that that's not as bad as some of the other cases that we've seen.
Most of the time when you hear about them shooting some knife brandishing person, it's a schizophrenic.
And I just don't know why in the past you didn't see as many of these shootings.
The cops would just shoot the guy in the legs or beat him upside the head with their belly clubs.
And now...
I don't know.
But frankly, if somebody came to my house waving a knife at me, I'd shoot them.
I can't particularly blame them in this case.
We're fair when we need to be fair.
I'm just tired of the overall corruption, which is more than evident and needs to be dealt with.
The APD defending this local cop who shot Daniel Rocha in the back, and they said, well, he had a criminal record.
I don't care if he had a record 14 million feet long.
You know, the woman cop freaked out and was scared and didn't know which end of the gun was what and shot the guy in the back and he's dead!
So I had to see a bunch of egghead cops on TV defending and okay, now I'm really getting off subject here.
Here's some of the news I have in front of me today.
Reveal the pill that prevents cancer!
And what is it?
It's vitamin D, an increased level of... They've known this forever.
It is so good for you, and it's time that all of us start taking our vitamins.
I thought I would just put that public service announcement out here.
This new Christ-hating propaganda Da Vinci Code.
I hate to even talk about it, because then that'll just make people go see the stupid Tom Hanks movie.
That'll just make people go spend their money on this.
This is a complete fabrication.
The same people that put this out say Jesus Christ never existed.
When he was in the Roman histories, the Jewish histories, the Greek histories of the time, he was a real person.
He did not marry Mary Magdalene.
Hey, is that phone pot turned up?
Is that what that is?
Because I hear that hum on this new board, and it's driving me crazy.
Okay, I'm just trying to...
Trying to hopefully catch it.
I guess if you guys can't hear it, then it's fine.
Side issue.
Chirac helps the Da Vinci Code and makers and then asks favors.
He said, hey, can you put my daughter's friend in there in a starring role?
Hey, can you pay the guy that plays the lead inspector more money?
Hey, you know, I listen to the book on tape because I, you know, listen to books on tape when I'm on the...
I had no idea what it was.
And it was just holy blood, holy grail, same old stuff.
The Illuminati is really Jesus.
The Illuminati is really the seed of the woman.
And it's the worship of the goddess.
And it's just all recycled paganism.
And it's just a full-on attack on Christianity, and it's not real, and it's not true, and then all these people run around going, have you heard the secret of the Da Vinci Code?
It's a fiction book that the New World Order got behind, just like Harry Potter and the rest of it, because they're into the occult.
I mean, again, the Bishop of Canterbury, the head of the major church in England, is an open druid.
I mean, these people are all coming out of the closet.
Now, again, I'm going to go to Jeff.
Very nice of you to Chris and Pat and Eddie and Tom and others here in just a few minutes.
But let me just mention some of the other news that's coming up.
I have articles here where veterans groups online, every member of them, and these are wives and husbands and parents of people that are in Iraq or were in Iraq, they got Defense Department calls threatening them to stop criticizing them.
And as if that's not...
More out of control than here's another one.
New York Times, but they even make excuses for it here.
A veteran Iraq message upsets Army recruiters.
It's a little store, a little convenience store, and the guy at the convenience store says, Remember the fallen heroes.
And this guy is actually pretty much pro-war.
But the Army recruiters have been asking them to take it down, and they just think it needs to be taken down.
That's underreporting.
Killed 2,157.
Wounded 16,159.
And today, 1,008.
That they have been over there.
And it's right here in the article.
Here's another one.
I mentioned this earlier.
A man jailed over a year with no lawyer, AP, just out of Dallas.
A man was jailed for more than a year without ever seeing a lawyer as he waited for...
A repeatedly postponed court hearing, gaining release only after a cellmate told an attorney about the case.
Walter Mann, 69, was released December 16th.
It was over some child support money, and he was just held in contempt.
And there was no charges on that.
It wasn't even child support.
It was for a probation officer for his son.
It just goes on and on.
But he just stayed in there.
No hearings, no charges, and it says the maximum he could have gotten was six months in jail for the contempt of court.
Which is pretty much unconstitutional.
I mean, it just shows how you can disappear into these labyrinthine systems.
And how it's illegal, but no one gets in trouble who did it.
The judge, or the cops, or the jailers.
And they're in there making excuses and saying, we can keep you indefinitely...
None of them.
What about the Dr. Charles T. Shell case?
An Army dentist, on record, at Waco, assigned to that, in forensics.
He got the jaw bones.
He witnessed them on Day 51, torched the place.
He started speaking out locally.
What was it?
In the Kansas City area.
This has been all over the news.
We've had his lawyers on.
And the FBI came out and posed as his friend and went to the shooting range and talked him up into going, yeah, we ought to do something to these feds.
Yeah, we ought to stand up against them.
Which is what provocateurs do.
I've had them try to do it with me.
And then, you know, you even hear them call into the show sometimes.
And so...
And he's never been charged.
We're good to go.
Of this.
Meanwhile, while he's rotting in a dirty jail because he says they blew up Waco, that's a way to deal with him.
You don't want to shut your mouth, buddy?
How about we do this to you?
What Mrs. Anthrax told me, this is Newsweek, why is Mrs. Anthrax, you know, the question is,
Well, they have this big article making excuses for it.
Remember, she's Mrs. Anthrax.
They never give them real names.
It was Chemical Ali, Mrs. Anthrax.
Why are they all being released?
Well, now it's over 90% of the Ba'athists have been put back into power.
They were always the globalist boys.
They attacked Syria.
Excuse me, they attacked Iran.
They went into Kuwait when they were told to go ahead and do it.
It's all on record, all on record.
And remember her?
She was going to kill you.
She was a mass murderer.
Oh, but she's been released.
They're all being released.
And if the Iraqis get upset about it, they're bad.
I've got a bunch of other news, but let's just go to your calls as promised.
As promised.
Let's go ahead and take some calls.
Let's talk to Chris in Arkansas.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thank you for holding.
No problem.
You're welcome.
I have a question about on your video clips.
You talk about the global elite having access to life extension technologies.
The question that I have is that I'm pretty sure that you're a Christian from the way that you talk.
I just want to read Genesis 2-4 really quick.
The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.
Then the Lord said, My spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal.
His days will be a hundred and twenty years.
I went to Bible college for about two years, and I used to study theology a lot.
My question is, how long do you think those life extension technologies will push their lifespan up to?
Well, my question is, does that 120 year span contradict, you know, Elijah living 800 and something?
That would be, well, that's a good... This is in the early, this is before the flood, yet after the garden.
You know what, I'm not a theologian, I'm not going to argue these points.
I know this, and people who didn't believe me when I covered this in that film now have emailed me and said, Hey, did you see this major Washington Post article?
Did you see that?
About how starting now, the elites are going to get all the gene therapy, all the new body parts, easily to 150.
Now, there's going to be this major inequity in people demanding that advanced health care, and there already are a lot of advanced... There have been hundreds of cures for everything you can imagine, and they are literally shelled by the drug company because they're not going to give the general public access to them.
Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems has written about this, how he was at elite meetings.
They talked about how they're going to kill most of us.
There's articles, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.
There have been a bunch of other futurist reports on it, government reports,
They can't save every elitist.
Sometimes they get a cancer that can't be beat.
Sometimes they get a blood infection.
Sometimes they just die of a heart attack before they get them to the hospital.
But if they get them young enough, they can start doing things that really easily get you up to 120, 150.
You know, that is... And then the elite also is trying to do things where they have brain splices, new brain tissue added, and then reprogram with new data, with computers.
And I don't even think it's the same person.
I don't even think you're getting extended life off of this.
They think.
I don't think you're the same entity.
I don't think you're the same creature, once you've had all those brain grafts and all that done.
The same soul, in other words.
And the hardware that plugs into it.
Yeah, I follow what you're saying.
I'm not trying to nitpick you, Alex.
Well, no, I think it's a very important area.
I needed to codify it all and make a whole film about it.
They want to kill us and they want to live longer.
Within our worldview, somehow we've got to reconcile that or...
You know, figure out what this verse means.
Well, that's what Homeland Security is all about.
It's about the elite being secure, building technological spires, and I mean that figuratively, that are above the rest of the society, walled off, protected, the general public basically controlled, dumbed down, drugged, one-child policy-ed into extinction, into 400 million, with an elite that manages us.
I mean, that's what they say they're going to do.
So, and that's in their policy reports.
I mean, that's all out there, the body of data on that.
I mean, this is what they talk about.
When Prince Philip's over at the Rothschild Manor, hanging out with Lord Rothschild, I mean, who's in the papers owning everything over there, and owning most of Russia, this is what they, they write books about it.
They talk about it.
We've got to get rid of most of them, and we have got to have access, because we are the thinkers.
So I guess what you're saying is that the global elite, they understand...
That if they jack up the life expansion for the entire human race, there's not going to be enough resources.
And that's going to be their problem.
And that's why they have to get rid of us.
Yes, sir.
I have one more quick question, Alex.
I'm reading from the USA Patriot Act, subsection 5.
The term domestic terrorism means activities that
A. Involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any state.
Now, I want to pause here real quick.
That, in and of itself, is extremely vague.
That could mean any other foreign government.
Well, that would have me really worried.
But then it goes down into B. Appear to be intended...
Well, the way that U.S.
Code is written, those can each be taken separately as the definition of terrorism.
And when I first wrote that analysis three years ago, people couldn't believe it.
But now it's all been seconded by other scholars.
Okay, that's the question that I'm asking because I hate the way that they write these codes.
I wish it was just simpler, like reading Bill of Rights or something.
Well, I mean, we've all heard it means citizens can be secretly arrested, we can be taken away, no habeas corpus.
I mean, we're all seeing the manifestation of it.
Yeah, yeah.
So I was just trying to understand how to read that code.
So they can be taken separately.
Okay, well, and that would be something to worry about.
And there's another definition in there.
I don't have it in front of me, but...
Okay, well, I thank you for your time, and late Merry Christmas, and just keep up the good work.
Thank you, Chris.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Pat and Tom and Nathan.
Or Nathaniel and others.
Your calls are coming up.
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Let's try to cram a call in.
In the next hour, we've got another guest coming up.
Well, we'll take calls until about five after, and then we'll get this guest on.
And then I'm going to get into Vicente Fox trying to manipulate our internal politics and several other really important articles we haven't even scratched the surface yet on.
Tom in Illinois, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Tom.
Alex, I've been following you for years, and I'd like to congratulate you for defining the problems that we have here in our society.
But I'd like to move on and give you my take on the solutions.
And I think that the only way that...
We're going to win this battle if we all come together and we form our own community someplace where there's clean water and clean air.
Because your body does more air and water than anything.
I'm not on here to talk about myself, but I am a born-again Christian and I own an organic fertilizer company and I have the best organic fertilizer in the world.
And I have lived in Beverly Hills with the rich and famous for over 30 years.
And I think that you are the guy that could bring everybody together because we have to quit playing the game, the money game, and have a Gandhi conscious.
Well, look, I'm not going to try to poo-poo your idea, but let's flesh it out a little bit.
Let's really look at it.
The pros and cons when we start the third hour.
Stay there.
We'll be right back, Tom.
And don't worry, we're going to get to Pat and Nathaniel and Eddie and Billy Bob and everybody else.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have the Legal Affairs Director for the Council of American Islamic Relations joining us to talk about a CNN hit piece in conjunction with the FBI, a psyops, where they run around in Muslim neighborhoods, admitting that there's no real threat, but just saying they're looking for basically hydrogen bombs or dirty bombs.
He'll join us for about 20-30 minutes, then I've got a bunch of news on the Sente Fox and just so much more coming up.
And, of course, your phone calls.
Right now, Tom in Illinois, for folks that just joined us, he brought up the fact, excuse me, he brought up the fact, this is what happens when you try to eat your lunch in 70 seconds during a break.
I'm doing this talk radio thing.
I'm trying to eat this sandwich.
It goes down the wrong way.
Excuse me.
I need to hear smacking and burping and everything else on there, folks.
But it's real radio, so I'll get used to it.
No, but this is why you tune in.
We don't front or put on an act here.
But to make a long story short, he was saying, you know, we all need to move to one spot.
And, you know, that's happened in Idaho, and that's happened in areas of Colorado, and why there's a Mormon group that's down in south Texas, and there's a... People always try to do this.
And I'm not saying it's a bad idea.
We're good to go.
And you're going to have arguments.
You're always going to have the egomaniac types that want to be leaders.
I mean, the Patriot Movement is just full of them, who attack everybody.
And then if you attack them, they freak out and say you're bad for defending yourself.
There's a whole bunch of those.
And there's always going to be opportunists.
I really think we're the salt of the earth, folks.
We're there in every city, in every town, in every hamlet.
Watchmen on the wall, educating the general public.
I think if we all concentrate in one spot, then that really will take the light out of the world.
That will take the people that are willing to muckrake and expose corruption out of different areas, and the New World Order will be better for it.
Now understand, I'm saying, you know, massing up and say like the Free State deal in one area of New Hampshire or something.
I'm really overall against that.
And I'm allowed to say I'm against that.
But I'm not against having different enclaves or places being better known for freedom.
And there are places like that in Idaho and other areas.
People going into a small area, taking over the local government.
I mean, that's happened in places like Virgin, Utah.
Okay, now I've been babbling for two minutes.
Give me your take on that, Tom.
Well, Alex, I don't like to talk about myself, but I was a professional basketball player, and I hung out in Beverly Hills for 30 years.
Maybe 32, 33 years.
I got into nutrition at an early age and was all organic.
I'm 60 years old and I still play racquetball and all sports and kick the heck out of young guys.
It's been like an experiment with me.
I'm like my own doctor.
We all have to be our own doctors.
No, I understand.
You're saying the system is so toxic and so destructive, we've got to unplug now.
You have got to unplug, and you have to document.
But you have to have a lot of money.
You have to have high-tech products.
You have to use the technology.
This is a documentary, a living documentary.
I've got so many rich and famous people in Beverly Hills that can come to the table with money.
I can come with... What to do what?
To have like some emergency escape pod county or something?
No, to educate.
To show people how beautiful their kids could be.
How beautiful everything could be.
We're totally poisoned and toxic.
No, I know.
I mean, there were toxins in the environment 60 years ago, but look how much better looking people were in photographs.
Oh, when we grew up, Alex, I'm 60 years old and I'm in better shape now because I've been blessed with the money.
Well, you know what?
This sounds all just amazing and interesting.
Why don't you send me some info on it, sir?
Give me some info.
I can have you on as a guest or something.
We've got a guest coming up, but let me talk to you for a second during the break.
I'll put you on hold.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're about to be joined by Arsalan Iftikhar, Legal Affairs Director.
For the Council of American Islamic Relations on the ongoing demonization of Muslims in the media, or people from Arabic countries, period, or people that aren't even just west of England, or east of England, including their frequent implied association with terrorists.
So we'll talk to Arsalan Iftikhar here in just a moment.
CNN did this, and everybody could see right through it.
The FBI running around with Geiger counters in Muslim neighborhoods saying, oh, there's no real or credible threat or no specifics, but look, you're under such imminent threat of a hydrogen bomb or an A-bomb or a dirty bomb.
That we've got to just run around busting in people's houses and sneaking around in backyards.
And this creates fear.
And the White House documents have been released that they issue terror alerts whenever they get in trouble.
They get caught bid rigging or stealing money.
Oh, the terrorists are going to hit you tomorrow.
Something else happens.
It's just constant.
It's ongoing to ram through their entire disgusting agenda.
And here's U.S.
News & World Report headline, Nuclear Monitoring of Muslims Done Without Search Warrants.
Of course.
But again, people hear this and think, well, it's just for them Muslims.
See, they're keeping us safe from the terrorists.
It's everybody.
It's governors of major states.
It's the State Department.
Local bike groups.
I have New York Daily News today.
Just local groups protesting for bikers' rights.
Give us more bike lanes.
Oh, we have to infiltrate them with secret police.
So Muslims are being used as a scapegoat, folks.
They're being used, just like Hitler and many others, will use one little minority group that's unpopular at the time with some people.
To test it out on them.
And in a search of a terrorist nuclear bomb, the federal government since 9-11 has run a far-reaching, top-secret program to monitor radiation levels at over 100 Muslim sites in the Washington, D.C.
area, including mosques, homes, businesses, and warehouses, plus similar sites in at least five other cities, U.S.
News and World Report has learned.
See, they're spying on us for our own good.
So all of this is a coming out of this evil.
And let me tell you what all the real FEMA training is for.
It's for Christians and conservatives and homeschoolers and gun owners.
And they're just getting everybody used to the Muslims being the whipping boy today.
But let me tell you, America, you've got property, you've got pension funds, you're the terrorists of the future.
And Arsalan Iftikhar, I appreciate you holding, and you're the legal affairs director for the Council of American Islamic Relations.
We've had your director on a few years ago.
We're honored to have you to come on and defend your community against these propaganda pieces.
My pleasure, Alex.
I'm actually trying to defend America for all Americans, not just my community.
Well, no, I know you guys are being used as the bridge to all of this.
Yeah, well, that's what the Bush administration is trying to do.
Well, first off, tell us about your organization, because a lot of neocon groups that are busy buying fake news in Iraq, very same groups, like to lie about you guys.
Tell us what you guys really do.
You know, Alex, to be quite honest with you, this is such a refreshing departure from regular talk radio interviews that I have to deal with, where I'm actually having to defend Muslims as not all being terrorists and stuff.
So it's nice to be able to actually inform people.
CARE, the Council on American Islamic Relations, is the country's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group.
We're based here in D.C.
We have over 31 chapters nationwide, and in Canada, representing the interests of over 7 million American Muslims.
Today, basically, we do a lot of hate crime, discrimination monitoring.
Anti-Islamic rhetoric in the media, which obviously we've seen plenty of since 9-11.
And I would add, I've noticed that that's okay.
I can hear radio ads, I mean, excuse my French, but, you know, calling Muslims camel jockeys.
That's acceptable, but if you say anything about any other group, you're going to be nailed to the wall.
No, I mean, you know, they can call Muslims terrorists, but if I say that President Bush is a terrible president, which I believe that he is, you know, I'm something called unpatriotic.
I find that to be kind of amusing myself.
Well, it's a double standard for sure.
Well, yeah, to say the least.
Okay, please continue.
I interrupted.
No, basically, you know, we serve as an organization that tries to be a leading advocate for social justice and mutual understanding, and we try to build coalitions that promote this justice and mutual understanding by reaching out to people of other faiths, other ethnicities, other minority groups,
Who, of course, you know, in their history here in the United States have definitely been marginalized at the social, political, and economic level as well.
Well, the ADL's been caught from San Francisco to New York buying police files, having spies, spying on the most innocuous of groups, and creeping around advising the police, but then meanwhile, they and others try to demonize you guys.
Yeah, it's hard to explain.
I'm not exactly sure why that is.
I think that people are starting to see that the American Muslim community is becoming more politically aware and empowered and that we're integrating into society.
And for whatever reason, especially the neocon movement,
You know, they see this political empowerment as a direct threat to their own political influence.
Well, I agree.
I have to tell you, I've seen Muslims integrating and wanting to be Americans.
We are Americans.
I was born and raised there.
Exactly, but I mean even immigrants.
But then I see other immigrant groups who don't want to, who run around saying this is another country.
But then those groups are okay, but then Muslims who are Americans or want to be Americans, they're bad.
Yeah, it's hard for me to believe.
I'm not quite sure why that is.
Well, there's an agenda to dominate the Middle East, and so they don't want anybody in America who might not want to play the part of the bad guy.
Yeah, and something that we know from our history, especially in the last 30 years, is that we always need a bad guy.
In the 80s, it was the Cold War, and the Russians were the red threat.
Yeah, we're good to go.
Well, I mean, if you look at our own political history in the Middle East, I mean, you know, most of the
Yeah, I mean, this myth that Muslims or people from Arab countries, period, or from Central Asia, have these big hundred-foot fangs dripping acid and are just sneaking around in the shadows about to gobble us,
It would make me stick out in the crowd, wouldn't it, Alex?
It's not true.
But this newest thing, just fear-mongering all over TV, oh, the Muslims, they might have nukes.
They're going to get us.
Yeah, and of course, you know, what I find really funny, and it reminds me, I mean, it's almost thought of a Jerry Bruckheimer movie.
You know, it's not only are the Muslims the terrorists, but what they're doing is they're planning to build a dirty bomb in a mosque.
You know, of all places.
It just seems too well scripted.
They have no intelligence that would ever
Well, I'm sure you know that Bruckheimer was hired to stage the Private Lynch rescue.
He scripted that over satellite TV.
I didn't know that.
I had vaguely heard that, but I... BBC reported, yeah, and Bruckheimer really is a propagandist for them, so... Oh, no, I can definitely believe that, but we're definitely not getting all the information in terms of what's going on here.
Well, most Muslim Americans that I talk to are totally freaked out by what's happening.
They happen to know what was really behind 9-11.
They know it's not the official story we're getting.
They know that we're turning into a police state.
And the last thing they want is for any violence to happen.
You know, it's funny.
Why would terrorists attack when they know that it's going to bring down the wrath?
Excuse me, of the biggest military in the world.
Well, I mean, what's more important to understand is that, you know, the American, I mean, what this is implicitly saying is that, you know, you shouldn't trust the American Muslim community for monitoring mosques, for, you know, dirty weapons.
You know, this is something that implicitly is saying that
You know, Muslims are the others.
But notice they've been caught spying on Powell and Richardson and bicycle groups.
And so now they're playing this card.
No, no, no, it's Muslims, it's Muslims.
Yeah, and then of course once they start spying on the American Muslim community, then they of course say, oh, we're not targeting anybody because of their faith.
I mean, honestly, they flip-flop more than I can honestly even think about.
Oh, I know, that's their excuse.
Don't worry, we violate everyone's rights.
Yeah, exactly.
So we're equal opportunity violators in that sense.
Well, I mean, the PNAC boys, Dick Cheney wrote in September 2000 that, quote, Saddam isn't a threat, but he'll be a good pretext to get the oil and use Iraq as a launch base.
And Brzezinski said that the Arabs and Muslims are going to be the new boogeyman after the Soviet Union falls, and he wrote a book about it.
I mean, they even write policy books saying they're going to stage all this, and then they have these fake debates with the public when it's all based on lies.
Yeah, no, I completely agree with you.
I mean, you're preaching to the choir here.
Well, I'm just seeing if that's your views on this.
So where is all this going now with CNN running around, oh, look, the Muslims are going to get us?
Well, you know, obviously, I think one of the greatest problems that we have today in society is just the rapid spread of misinformation.
I mean, misinformation has, I mean, you know, with the Internet and the blogosphere, like, I mean, it's just reached pandemic proportion.
And I think that, you know, obviously the only way to counteract, you know, misinformation is with real information.
You know, we're obviously trying to do the best that we can, but, you know, as long as, you know, the Bush administration's in power and, you know, the neocons have a nice tight grip of, you know, the power structure here in D.C., you know, there's, you know, we're just going to keep fighting and, you know, making us think every time that they violate the law.
Well, I'll tell you what's obvious, is that every time something bad happens, the globalists get their whole agenda through.
So, again, we have to ask ourselves, where is this terrorism really coming from?
And then on top of it, it's this perfect nebulous threat that can never be defeated.
We'll stay there for one more segment with us, sir, because I want to come back, Mr. Iptikar, and specifically talk about your organization and some of the things you're doing to counteract all this, because...
I listen to talk radio, and they come right out and say, every Muslim wants to kill you.
They're psychopathic demons.
They must be put in camps.
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If only our president would listen to his God.
Suspects' body language can blow their covers as the TSA is deciding if you don't look at a security guard.
Here's a USA Today article today.
If you don't grovel properly and look afraid, then you must be a terrorist, and then they can treat you as a terrorist.
That's the headline.
We're talking to the Legal Affairs Director of the Council on Islamic Relations.
Why don't you give us the website, sir?
I'm sure you've heard of Michael Weiner.
His real name's Weiner.
His fake name's Savage.
A beatnik from the 60s gone crazy.
He says all the time, Muslims need to be put in camps.
You're all evil.
I've heard Neil Bort say all Muslims are terrorists that want to destroy America.
I mean, these guys, I'm sure you track all this.
You're more aware of it than I am.
It's ridiculous.
It's scary.
Well, I mean, what's scary is the fact that they're able to get away with this, that this is becoming so commonplace, that our country is becoming desensitized to this sort of hate speech.
And like you mentioned before, if they were talking about anyone else, they'd be yanked before their mic went cold.
But unfortunately, we live in a society where we're able to do this now.
Well, I'm all for free speech.
And we have laws against inciting somebody to violence.
Of course.
But we have to look at the select nature of this and realize that any of these thought crime laws will be implemented like that.
But you know what?
I mean, if somebody goes in and shoots up a bunch of Muslim Americans...
And then they say, you know, that Michael Savage, you know, said that they're all terrorists.
I mean, I think he should get in trouble for that.
And we have had Muslims and then a lot of Sikhs, people that aren't even Muslims.
Oh, I know a lot of people have been killed after 9-11 in hate crimes related incidents.
But the funny thing is, a lot of times they're not even Muslims.
Oh, yeah, no.
I mean, honestly, I've done TV interviews before where the cameraman's a Greek guy and he comes up to me and he's like, dude, I know exactly what you're going through because I have olive skin and a goatee.
He's like, I can't even walk to the airport without people looking at me and I'm Greek Orthodox.
I mean, this is the level of, you know...
Just ignorance and just paranoia, which has swept our nation after 9-11.
Well, I have some Hispanic friends, and they say, you're still trying to fly, even once they see that their last name is Gonzales.
And it'll be a Mexican interrogating them.
Yeah, and I mean, Alex, I had a friend who I went to college with and who actually just graduated from the Fletcher School of Diplomacy at Tufts University, which is the top diplomacy school in the country.
Was kicked off a flight after 9-11 because he didn't smile at the stewardess.
I swear to God.
No, I've seen those reports.
No, I mean, this is a friend of mine.
No, I understand.
No, but I've seen reports of people just kicked off because they didn't like how they looked.
Yeah, that's exactly what's happened.
But then the government really doesn't care about that because there's record levels of immigration from the Middle East to the country.
It's just really, I guess, a big political smokescreen.
I mean, there's so much going on, I can't even begin to tell you.
Well, I mean, tell us, as an American, what it's like for you.
I mean, where do you see this going in the future?
Well, I mean, to be honest, I think that things will get better.
I think that, you know, just like, I mean, if you look at the civil rights history of America in the 20th century, you had Italian and German Americans being vilified.
After World War I, Japanese Americans were thrown into internment camps.
Well, I have a video of Lino Graglia at UT saying we need to go ahead and just put all Muslims in camps.
Well, if they ever decide on doing that, I'm going to volunteer myself to be the first one to go in.
And then I'll be the first one to challenge it in the Supreme Court.
But it's just, it's crazy.
I mean, do people that are screaming for putting all the Muslims in camps understand that a government that'll do that will abuse them too?
Yeah, apparently, you know, they don't really think about things like that.
I mean, you know, they thought, I mean, if you look at, I mean, the Japanese in World War II,
The landmark Supreme Court case of Korematsu, which basically allowed for the internment, actually technically has never been overturned in the Supreme Court yet.
The criminal conviction was vacated in 1981 in the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco, but officially on the books, Korematsu is still technically good law, although it probably wouldn't stand up again.
Well, last question.
There's Operation Northwoods, the official U.S.
government plan to do 9-11 style events.
There's the USS Liberty.
There's the Gulf of Tonkin never happening.
Were you aware of things like Gladio, where the U.S.
government carried out terror attacks to blame it on people?
I mean, I've heard a lot of what you've mentioned.
There's definitely a lot more that I need to learn, and I'll definitely be reading up on your website and trying to catch up on all of this.
Anything else you want to add, sir?
No, I appreciate you having me on today, Hawk.
Take care.
You bet.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We actually, here in the office somewhere, have that video of the New World Order Symposium.
That's what it was called.
It was a four-part series...
The ball-headed one.
He was there at the end of the table, and Lino Guralia, the professor, was there, and there were some others.
It was, putting the Japanese in camps was wonderful.
What do you think?
I think we should put all Muslims in camps.
And I've got it on video.
In fact, the guy who drops by the office all the time, Kevin Smith, is the one that actually shot video of that.
We ought to put that in a weekly report sometime.
I heard that like two years ago on local TV.
You've got to see it to believe it.
Well, Malkin, that little fake neocon, that fake conservative, that water bearer for Bush, that smoke screener, that steam valve creature to divert conservatives.
She's got a book with a case for internment camps.
I had her on.
So it's just amazing, folks.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Before we end this broadcast here in about 26 minutes, it's now 34 minutes past the hour here on this live Wednesday edition, the last few days, the last few shows of 2005.
And I want to get into suspects' body language.
It shows that they're a terrorist.
Very nice.
And Fox hires lobbyists to manipulate internal U.S.
I want to go over several of those.
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Okay, let's do this.
Let's take calls.
And then I'm going to get into this situation with Ascente Fox and several other issues.
Right now, I'm going to move quick, folks.
Pat in Ohio.
Go ahead, Pat.
Hi, Alex.
I've got two questions.
I finally downloaded the stand-down authority that Cheney took from NORAD.
But my question about... I have two.
And in order for me to answer my family and my friends clearly on this matter, I need
It's longer than that in the actual PDF file.
It's right there in the first page.
It's in the...
I don't want you to know where it clearly states that he took control over Doran.
Well, I've got a good memory.
I've got a decent memory, but I cannot chapter and verse quote a, I think it's like a 45-page document here with you.
It's in my film.
You said you were able to, I guess, Google, find that and download it.
It's on the Pentagon's website.
What does it say, June 1st there at the top?
Yeah, it has the numbers.
And it's a Pentagon directive sheet.
It's got the shield and cannons at the top.
It gives the purpose, but it doesn't really spell out clearly that... No, it does.
It's been in the news.
That's what it did.
Since 1957, generals and admirals and even lower echelon officers had the power to shoot down a hijacked jet if it was going to be flown into a building or towards a populated area.
Or even if it was a malfunctioning jet where it would depressurize you and a dead crew like Payne Stewart in 1999, the famous golfer.
And it says that under this memorandum directed by the Vice President that the powers are removed from the generals and that it is an order to shoot down to be given by the Secretary of Defense or his designate, but that's to be done on a piece-by-piece basis.
But I don't have the exact words, but that's what it says.
Okay, my second question is, did Cheney ever deny this?
This authority?
No, it's never been denied.
Oh, you mean... I mean, did he ever deny that he had this authority taken from Norad, that he was over... I don't think he's ever been asked about it, but it's been in CNN.
Yeah, that's what I was going to ask the people, the key people...
About that, and I didn't know how they were going to... Well, I'm glad you're doing your homework, and I'm glad you're doing your research, but you've got the memorandum, and there are mainstream news articles about the authority being removed from the generals two months roughly before 9-11.
I guess three months.
Yeah, three months.
But I don't have the memorandum in front of me.
Pat, I appreciate your call.
I'm glad you're tracking this stuff down, but no, it's right there.
It's in that memorandum.
It says that only the Secretary of Defense or the Vice President or the President have the power to shoot down planes, countermanding the already existing order that they could shoot it down.
Let's talk to Nan in Texas.
Nan, go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I want to give a little report about an incident that happened to me the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Just after dark, I was outside raking some leaves.
I heard a helicopter overhead.
I was just outside of the garage.
It had just turned totally dark.
It was dark.
I looked up, and I was looking at the bright running lights on the bottom of the helicopter.
And suddenly, I was being sprayed, as was the entire residential area where I live.
I live in Brady, Texas, and a few days later, I became very, very ill with flu-type symptoms, but no fever.
Two weeks later, my husband had the same thing and still does have.
He's very ill.
It comes with coughing,
How high up was the helicopter?
Oh, my husband asked me, and you know, I don't know.
I mean, let's say a tall tree is 100 feet or 80 feet.
Okay, a tall tree, let's put it up about three tall trees, but it was big enough so it looked probably closer than it was.
I could readily see the spray.
It was very thick.
And it was coming down.
I mean, I could see it clearly.
Well, they have admittedly all over the country done biological testing.
Oklahoma, two years ago, a year and a half ago, they did it all over the state using helicopters and prop planes, quote, simulating a bio attack.
But they used subtilis globoji, which in the handbooks say can cause death in elderly or the infirm or spontaneous abortions in mammal species.
And that was in the Daily Oklahoman, but it's nutritious and it can kill you, but it's good for you.
No, no, I'm serious.
They sprayed several tons of it.
I think it was three tons in a year period over Oklahoma and at point-blank range, just a few hundred feet above houses.
Was it black?
What color was the helicopter?
It really looked like a dark, dark green.
Was it an Army helicopter, not a Special Ops helicopter?
I don't know.
I wouldn't know the difference.
Did you call the FAA?
I haven't called anybody.
Brady, Texas is a very bush and patriotic community here.
I'm afraid I wouldn't be very well received.
Are other people sick?
I don't know.
I went to the... Just so you know, it's been in the Belton newspaper, and it's been in the Burnett Bulletin, and it's been in several papers.
Well, I'll tell you, for older people, my husband has emphysema, and it has absolutely been life-threatening.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but let me just tell you, back in 1997 and 1998...
I mean, we're talking police saw this, and we're in the newspaper.
We're talking principals.
And then Mike Hanson and Steve Lane were out doing carpentry work out in that area, arguing about it.
And Steve admitted that he and Mike were going, oh, it isn't true.
They're not spraying.
And a black helicopter with spray nozzles flies right over them and sprays the school.
The helicopter was below them.
They were on a hill.
They actually saw it happen.
In the 70s and 77, they declassified a lot of the testing.
There had been thousands of tests of radiologicals, chemicals, biologicals.
You know, they killed people in the New York subways in 68.
There's the famous spring on the San Francisco Ship Channel.
Let me ask you something.
Listen, Alex, could this be that when you go out into your yard this spring and start raking and cleaning up,
That this stuff comes back up and you have the bird flu?
You know, they've created a lot of hysteria over bird flu.
Yeah, that's what they're wanting.
So I tend to have thought that it's not going to happen.
But are you going to have one case and say it happened?
Steve Quayle said yesterday that the flu of this sort, that is one without fever, very strange flu, was being reported from all over the country.
This is one reason I'm calling in.
I want the people in Brady...
Well, I want folks to know, though, that our government is the main culprit.
Well, of course it is.
That's your tax dollars being used.
Well, it's like, let's say I live on a big street with a bunch of houses and there's a guy who's robbed banks five times and been convicted.
Are the cops going to come question me, who's never robbed anything, or will they go question him?
And no one's ever used bioweapons on us but our own government.
That's right.
It's classified and it's public, but we're supposed to just trust them, and oh, they're not, you know, Al-Qaeda's going to get us.
Alex, I've got to say one other thing.
Thank you.
Thank you for giving our people, the Christians, a platform.
There is no other place to really talk and have an audience.
I was able to warn neighbors who...
I know we'd be like-minded.
I want to thank you for that.
And we love our people.
We love Charles.
We love Roger from Pennsylvania.
Roger, get out of the dictionary.
All of these people that call in are very dear to us, and I want you to know that.
Well, you sound like a sweetheart.
Listen, why don't you do this?
Why don't I get your number?
Right now.
And then maybe I can call you.
I wouldn't have to use your name.
And then maybe I'll do a story about it and then post some of the past biological testing that's admittedly been going on.
I mean, it's been in the local Texas papers.
I mean, they'd spray people, people that didn't like me and thought I was a kook.
I mean, they were on TV saying, I didn't believe Alex Jones.
It sprayed me and then we all got sick.
I mean, what's going on?
And so, I mean, I've got national newscasts where it was covered.
And this is stuff that really goes on.
So listen, I'm going to put you on hold, Nan.
I will be there.
Okay, get Nan's phone number for me, and I'll try to call her.
Bob in Texas.
Go ahead, Bob.
I'm never going to get to my news now, but Bob, go ahead.
Yes, just two things.
God bless you, Alex.
Well, thank you.
God bless you, too.
And he's busting you very, very much.
Two things.
Oh, I know that.
Your last guest neglected one thing very important.
He forgot to say that Islam, like Christianity, excludes corruption.
And corruption is the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C.
The other thing is this.
Listen to this.
I have it from a biophysicist who told me some things.
Family member, and he said that
Inoculations are just their nanotechnology and they alter the DNA.
And they've been doing it for a long time.
That's how they're mesmerizing the society, Alex.
These inoculations.
They alter the DNA.
Well, I hear you.
I hear you.
I don't know specifically about that, but I do know that Tex Mars was in Air Force Intelligence, and even back then he laughed at other people in intelligence.
CIA and others said, oh, we're dealing with something called nanotech, microscopic robots.
And then it all, decades later, he's written best-selling books on robots.
It all came out.
Thanks for the call.
I know they're putting mercury in there that brain damages the children.
I know they're putting a bunch of other stuff in there.
All right, we'll be right back.
I've got to hit these final news stories.
Stay with us.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
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We're good to go.
This is out of the Miami Herald.
Vicente Fox hires lobbyists for U.S.
The Texan who advised President Vicente Fox's election campaign will now try to sweeten U.S.
views on immigration.
President Vicente Fox has rehired the Texas Public Relations man, that's propaganda, folks, and GOP political consultant who quietly helped engineer his election victory in 2000.
This time, Fox wants Rob Allen and co.
to put the brakes on growing anti-immigration and anti-Mexican sentiment in the United States.
You know, we know it's the end of our country.
And again, it's Washington, as usual, running the whole operation.
This is the same guy that engineered Bush.
Last week, the U.S.
House approved a bill to add 700 miles of border fencing and make illegal immigration a felony.
Fox announced the measure as shameful.
His foreign minister called it stupid and underhanded.
And then, of course, Fox called for people rising up here politically.
So a foreign government telling people to take over our nation.
The contributions of Mexicans in the United States who are making the best effort to gathering lots of wealth are not known, said Rodrigo Ivan Cortez Jimenez.
I'm not kidding, that's his name.
An elected deputy in Mexico's lower house.
And it just goes on and on.
It says, the Mexican leader last week turned to the political operative who helped him topple longtime ruling party to win the presidency.
It says, Rob Allen helped George Bush defeat Ann Richards for the governorship in 94.
Three years later, Allen saw another potential winner in Fox, then governor of a Mexican state.
He agreed to join Fox's presidential campaign, but only in secret.
He traveled through Mexico using three pseudonyms.
This is government operative, folks.
And it goes on.
It says he's going to be trying to turn around the view of the American people and Congress and will be lobbying in Congress to script the bill and pass the guest worker program that Fox and Bush have crafted together.
A foreign government.
Go read the rest of the article.
It gets worse.
A foreign government with lobbyists.
But again, Fox is a former Coca-Cola executive.
This is D.C.
running Mexico, using Mexico to bring down our wages and bring us into the Pan-American Union.
I mean, they're building this Pan-American NAFTA corridor highway, and Mexico knows all the details, and the state of Texas hasn't even been told.
That's how serious this globalization is.
And it is bad for Mexicans.
It's bad for Americans.
I don't care who you are.
This globalization is going to kill us.
There's going to come a time when the Mexicans won't even want to come up here.
Because the jobs, they'll get paid more in Mexico than they do here.
I mean, folks, this is going to sink our country.
And I know most of you know this, but this should be outrageous.
Now, we're going to see PR ads and PR on the news and the news interviewing all these people and, oh, you're evil if you don't want open borders.
It just isn't going to work.
The propaganda isn't going to fly anymore.
And speaking of lobbyists, I have the Chicago Tribune, Halliburton, and DynCorp openly lobbying in Congress to make the Pentagon not enforce rules against them kidnapping women and children as sex slaves.
I have the Chicago Tribune.
It actually says that.
We're having to discuss...
The lobbyists for the child kidnappers.
I mean, they should all be arrested immediately.
I know cops are driving around right now and don't believe me.
Go read the Chicago Tribune, folks.
I mean, it's just, oh, the government wouldn't carry out attacks.
They just kidnap kids.
Stop being so naive, folks.
Please, please, please.
Robert, in mass.
Last caller.
Go ahead, sir.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Yes, sir.
Yes, the 12 days... Very politically incorrect.
Go ahead.
Well, I know it is, and Happy Holidays and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, but I'm saying, if you look up the history of Christmas...
You will notice that 4,000 years ago, before Jesus Christ even, the celebration... Nimrod!
That's right, it was Marduk.
It was Nimrod the Babylonian.
I understand that, but if you celebrate it for Christ, it's... I mean, certainly, we should know the roots of all that.
I don't celebrate Halloween.
Very occultic.
But, I mean, so Christ was really born two months earlier or whatever?
I don't know, but... Or Easter, Ishtar, the star, the wise men.
Listen, there is history.
There were kings.
There still are.
The New World Order, the Old World Order, Anki, Marduk, second time... No, there's a lot of hidden stuff.
You're absolutely right.
Call me back tomorrow.
We'll talk about it.
I've done whole shows on that.
Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it, and it's very important.
Out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Central, back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
Spread the word about the transmission.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.