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Air Date: Dec. 26, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
A lot of times I end up missing the forest for the trees.
I was tuned into the Genesis Network yesterday, listening to Jack Blood driving back to my house from the office, and he was talking about, hey, good things are happening.
When will we ever hear mainstream media talking about King George and is he a dictator?
And Bush having to get up on TV and say, I'm not a dictator.
And, you know, is the glass half empty or half full?
Yes, it's bad for Lord Bush, and yes, it's bad for the establishment at certain levels to have to come out and admit they're setting up martial law and admit that our government's becoming dictatorial.
But at the same time, I think that it's just a coming out.
It's a in-your-face.
It's a mass conditioning so that we'll accept all of this.
In fact, if you believe the polls, Bush has gone from around 30 percentage points up to 44 to 47, depending on which of the national polls.
Now, that's because the average dumbed-down individual out there likes to hear some high and mighty person telling them how they're going to keep them safe.
And I don't doubt that those polls are somewhat accurate.
I believe they're inflated about 5%.
But regardless, we have a general population in this country that does not know the basic geography, the basic history of even their local county or city or state or nation.
Who literally have no grasp of rudimentary basic principles.
That low-grade morons should have no problem grasping.
And I don't say that again as an elitist or as in a sardonic way.
It scares the living daylights out of me.
But it's not taught, it's not discussed.
The only place it's taught is in high-level political science, Ph.D.
level, and then it's all how to control populations.
It's, yes, here's this knowledge, let's use it to enslave them.
It is not, here, let's propagate this knowledge.
We have the official documents going back 100 years ago where the elite talked about the American people read too much.
They're too smart.
They're the smartest in the world.
Dumb them down.
Buy off the local schools and colleges.
Pay off all the chairs in the universities.
That is, the departments.
And they did it.
And now we've gone from the smartest 55 years ago to the dumbest in every datum you can imagine, in every strata, in every testing, every way to test.
We are the stupidest idiots ever.
And so when Bush gets up in these three speeches of the last four days and announces that he is King Caesar, as his Attorney General has already announced he is on national television and in memos back when he was Chief Counsel at the White House, when they do this, we really can see through the glass darkly, clearly, what's happening.
But the general public has no idea.
They're being bathed in.
The military is going to be on the streets.
These Viper teams are going to be on the streets.
And then, oh, we're going to outlaw the illegal aliens.
How does that sound?
We're going to arrest all of them.
And they tell all the locals that.
And I've got family that are cops.
And they're all dancing around.
Oh, we're going to get the illegal aliens.
And I go, have you read the legislation, you buffoon?
The illegals don't come register themselves.
Into the system and become instantly legalized, then you can put them in a private prison for slave labor.
And believe me, that's what they're openly saying they're going to do.
So yeah, they'll be happy hunting on a few areas, a few of the different areas of the illegal aliens, but it'll be a very small group, and that'll be paraded around on TV, and then there'll be total legalization of everyone else.
And people just cannot get this.
It's in the bill.
A 10-year-old should be able to decipher this
And there's all this talk about Commander-in-Chief.
What is Commander-in-Chief?
I mean, I hear people on the streets going, we can't question him, he's Commander-in-Chief.
Have you read?
Have you read the U.S.
Have you read the articles that explain that?
We will go to the founding document.
When we get back, we will actually read what the manual says.
The Manual for America.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I've known about it for a couple of weeks and never even discussed it on air.
There's so many stories that get stuck in the pile and never get covered.
And that is that the Texas Supreme Court, a few weeks ago, ruled that the property tax is unconstitutional and unlawful and is an unjust usurpation.
Which it clearly is.
I mean, if you don't own your property, you're not in a free society.
And if you've got to pay a yearly rent, I mean, I've got like a $110,000 house.
And the property tax is like $1,200 a year.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
Can you imagine these people that have got $500,000, million-dollar houses?
But again, side issue, that's the kind of stuff I will cover today.
Glenn Spencer from AmericanPatrol.com, one of the preeminent watchdog groups out there tracking the Washington orchestrated illegal alien invasion, will join us to analyze this new bill.
And they passed it last Friday in the House, and it's steaming on now to the Senate.
And the bill is a total, complete blanket amnesty of all illegal aliens.
For six years, it's the same old plan Bush introduced five years ago, the same one he introduced two years ago, the same one he introduced this year.
And the Democrats put up a fake fight.
They do this all the time.
They'll come out and...
We're absolutely against the Real ID Act.
It's a national ID card.
And then they outvoted Republicans in the Senate and the House.
They almost outvoted the Republicans.
And they'll come out and say, we're absolutely against this Patriot Act, and then almost outvote Republicans.
It's the same thing.
It's the illusion of a debate.
The illusion of a process.
An illusion of freedom.
And now because we're demanding our freedom and the blogs and the alternative media is taking over, they're talking about just outright martial law.
We'll just arrest you for your speech.
How does that sound?
But they've got to announce it and now sell it.
And if we don't buy it, they can't get away with it.
If we buy it, things will get worse.
If we stand up and say no to the government, they'll stop carrying out terror attacks and back off for a time and try to re-angle on us and get another vector through their reticle.
I mean, it's that simple.
See, when you get into them, they just push you.
When you lean into them, they back off.
It's time to just pound them into the ground, folks.
It's time to pound them back under their rocks.
I'm just sick of them.
A bunch of criminal, inbred trash dancing all over us, making snickering jokes about... I've just had enough.
Alright, so that's the kind of news I want to get into, because I'm looking at stacks of news going back to last Thursday, and frankly, we've had so many guests on, I've probably only covered about 20% of the news that's been in my stacks, and so today I'm going to attempt to abbreviate, so we can get into more, let us abbreviate my rattling as my...
Dad's brother used to call it when I was a kid.
I'd constantly talk.
He'd say, stop rattling.
But you see, it actually paid off.
I'm rattling on the radio.
I'm being paid to do it.
But to make a long story short, we will get into all of this.
And we'll talk about the hundreds of pounds of high-grade, high-tech explosive missing from Mexico.
And we'll get into all of it today.
We also have a news clip that we're going to analyze where they tell us how wonderful the Viper teams are and how everyone loves the Viper teams.
No one is against the Viper teams.
Everyone loves the Viper teams.
The new federal TSA forces that are going to be on the highways and the shopping malls and the bus terminals and why the local governments have asked for the Viper teams.
Well, that's not true.
I actually read their own press release, and I remember what local governments had to say.
Even some cities said, we don't want your Viper teams.
They said, if you take federal money for transportation, your buses, or your roads, or any of your transportation, your trains, we're going to demand that you assign, upwards in some cities,
50 police officers to be under the orders and jurisdiction of our TSA teams.
So it's exactly what we read in federal plans a decade ago.
You're going to have federal forces leading local auxiliary police around in their checkpoints and Nazi Germany behavior.
So that's coming up too.
And the local cities do not want them.
And no one asked them in.
They're forcing their way in, so they lie in the piece and say that, that everybody loves them.
Then they got some German guy who they're talking to on the street corner.
He goes, well, I don't have a problem with it right now.
And then they clearly cut.
You could tell by the way he was talking, he was going to say, but it's kind of getting dangerous.
You could tell he said, everyone loves it, which is pure baloney.
I guarantee you, I can go out on the street with a camera in those very same cities and ask the exact same questions, and at least half the people are going to say, I don't like it.
They had a poll in New York about these goons, the first place they started this about a year ago, and people said they hated it.
They had a poll, what was it, like 70-something percent of the city said, no, we don't like random bag searches and being shook down by these people on the subways.
So it's just... In fact, do you have that clip right now?
We might as well just play that now.
Do you have that?
There, guys.
Ground control to Major Tom.
Do you have that clip of the Viper teams yet?
I know we had a shift change right at the beginning of the show.
They'd already downloaded it for me.
Do you have it there readily available?
We can play that right now?
Okay, go ahead and just listen to this.
It's all lies.
It's all propaganda.
It's all complete bull to make you be comfortable.
Oh, we're going to have new federal forces controlling our local police, and everyone loves it, and the locals love it, and the locals ask them here.
The locals asked them here.
This is nationwide, from Texas to Detroit.
Go ahead and roll it.
It is easy to see the bomb-sniffing dog as she makes her way through the Lindbergh Martyr Station.
And that's part of the plan.
What is not so easy to see is the undercover Air Marshal, who is also here, just footsteps away, watching you.
Which is also part of the plan.
They will act very similarly to how they act in aviation.
They will be undercover, they will not really be noticed by the public, they will simply be observing, and if need be, they would interact with the public or break their cover if the situation arose.
Marta was the first transit authority to interface with the TSA, and the police here are way ahead of the curve in the war on terror.
That's why this week they're helping the Fed's new Viper team learn the ropes on the ground.
The pilot program is basically testing their ability to respond to requests from local and state agencies, particularly transportation-related agencies like transit authorities, in the case of increased threats or an actual incident.
The canines are TSA certified and have been a fixture throughout the system.
Now they'll get a whole new set of eyes and ears.
We also have rail inspectors who are working with MARTA to look for security vulnerabilities, address them, so that we can make the system even more secure than it is today.
Passengers have no problem with the new VIPER teams.
In Europe there are police everywhere on these kinds of trains.
But there's also not the kind of control you have here.
Up to this point, I wouldn't say I felt unsafe.
And I ride, you know, twice a day.
With that said, you know, how could you not feel a higher level of security?
In Buckhead, Keith Wick, 11 Live News.
And the people just love the Viper themes.
Meanwhile, the border is totally wide open, and they'll tell the public, we're going to get tough and put illegal aliens in jail for years and put employers in jail for years if they hire illegal aliens.
But then they simply tell the employers, oh, have your illegal alien come and roll.
It's total amnesty.
Anybody who's here, anybody who can get here, it allows the federal government
Government to instruct the big companies to fill out the paperwork so that they can pay to bring, actually ship them here, the skilled and unskilled workers.
It's all in this filthy bill.
And they're saying that Frist, the Senate leader, is going to tag even more into the bill.
But it doesn't matter.
I'll have arguments with the idiot neocons on the street.
You didn't think Bush would deal with them illegals.
We got us bland right now.
I'm going to deal with them real good, boy.
Have you read the section?
Oh, really?
No, but Sean Hannity told me about it.
Rush Limbaugh talked about it, and I believe him.
I mean, do you like always being conned?
Do you like being raped?
Do you like being raped psychologically?
Do you like being an absolute idiot fool?
Being conned over and over again?
It's like watching some sucker buy snake oil over and over again.
It's like watching...
It makes me sick.
Watching people get ripped off.
It's the same feeling I get when I catch the power company ripping off the entire neighborhood and you find out everybody got double billed and you find out it isn't a mistake or you find out that these big cell phone companies are always doing this.
But it's an even worse feeling because these crooks have black masks and machine guns.
I'm just so... It's the same feeling when you give somebody a 20 and they try to give you a 5 back and they argue with you and you can tell it's a scam.
No, no, you gave me a 10.
You gave me a 10 and they just start laughing at you.
So it... But this is like the public being ripped off and loving it.
I love being ripped off.
I love being scammed.
I'm not going to try to preach about it all day.
It's just...
Federal teams running around, and suddenly they're announcing San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami.
Oh, we're going to have police out at the malls and on the sides of the road and in the parks and just everywhere.
We're just going to randomly, in these big teams, these swarm teams, we're going to swarm you and check your IDs, and when you're scared, then give you your literature and say, look for terrorists.
And by the way, it's in the stack.
What was it, last Friday there was an article about how the TSA teams, a few cities said, we don't want you.
And I never even covered that.
You know, that was good news.
And I've got to dig that out here in the stack today and cover it.
One of the many things.
But it said in there, the TSA, they had one of their spokesmen going, what's wrong?
We just want to help you fight crime.
And in a bunch of these articles it says that.
We're here to fight terrorists and crime.
And then suddenly we're just here to fight crime.
Spies to fight crime, gooning around, because there's no real terrorist on the tubes.
You can bet your bottom dollar, 90% chance, guaranteed, there's a terror attack on a train, it's going to be a government operative.
Or, the 10% chance, it's going to be some stupid goon who will have an improvised explosive who copycatted because all the media hype.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I have articles here in front of me from Austin, Texas, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Knoxville, Tennessee.
That's just today.
With, oh, the citizens training under federal control through the governor's offices to spot terror and fight crime by spying.
Again, there's not going to be any real terrorists to fight, but see, everything is terrorism under Section 802 of the USA Patriot Act.
All actions that endanger human life, that violate any federal or state law.
And they have the drug ads where you smoke marijuana, that funds Al-Qaeda.
Marijuana is terror!
I want to get into the Commander-in-Chief situation, and then...
We're going to come back in the next segment and get into some of the citizen spies, and then we will take your phone calls.
But right now, Bush, during all these speeches, keeps saying, I'm allowed to spy on you, the American people.
I'm allowed to do all the things we're doing.
We're allowed to fly people out of the country.
To foreign nations for torture, because I'm the commander-in-chief.
That's what Gonzales says in the memos.
He says Bush is the commander-in-chief, so he is allowed to change the Constitution, do whatever he wants.
Well, that's not true.
And here is the Constitution of the United States, Article 2, Section 2, 2-2.
And it says, before he enter on the execution of his office, he shall take the following oath or affirmation.
And it talks about how the President shall render his services, basically, to the Congress and the people.
And to the states.
And it goes on.
Section 2.
Civilian power over military cabinet pardon power appointments.
And it explains what the Commander-in-Chief is.
We haven't had a declaration of war...
Since Harry Truman.
Because that would let the people know that Congress was the authority.
It's just like a few decades before that, in the 1940s, we had the amendment to the Constitution that took our senators away.
Did you know your state legislature, which you elected, that state rep had a lot of power, that local legislature,
And that legislative individual, that representative that you elected, had a lot of power.
You know why?
That state assemblyman had a lot of power.
Because he or she, they would all vote in a bicameral Senate House vote at the state level, and you would pick your two senators, generally from amongst their own ranks, and send them to be U.S.
And believe me, when the state said jump, they said, how high, master?
And because the states had the power.
Well, then you had an even greater erosion where the executive didn't even want to be answering to the legislative, which is supposed to be the most powerful branch of government.
It goes legislative, executive, judicial.
That is the power scale of what the founding fathers said and the Federalist Papers said.
But, you know, who cares what the government was founded on?
Let's just ignore that.
But let's get into the Constitution itself.
Section 2 of Article 2.
The president shall be commander-in-chief of the Army and Navy of the United States and of the militia of the several states when called into actual service of the United States by a declaration of war.
He may require the opinion in writing of the principal officer in each of the executive departments upon any subject relating to the duties of respective offices, and he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States except in cases of impeachment.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
May by law vest the appointment of such inferior officers as they think proper in the presidents alone, in the court of law, or of the heads of departments.
The president shall have the power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of the next session.
And then it goes on.
State of the Union, Convenient Congress.
And then it goes into more detail.
In earlier articles about the particular war powers and the rest of it,
Bush is saying he can domestically run the country because he's commander-in-chief.
He's not even commander-in-chief.
They did not declare war.
They gave an authorization for force if we were under WMD threat, which itself was a fraud.
And that was simply for funding.
And those clauses have been violated.
But never does the commander-in-chief have domestic control and the power to change the Constitution.
Right before this, he has to swear an oath to not violate it.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hey, Jack Blood here from Deadline Live.
You know, it seems people will steal anything and everything you have.
If you have a house with some equity, a car, a truck, RV, there is someone looking for a way to rip it off.
And what about those government agencies?
You know, the ones, those alphabet agencies?
Did you know that they get raises, promotions, and bonuses based on what they see?
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Look at this article out of WAPE-TV.
Knoxville citizens trained to fight terror.
We'll get to that here in a few minutes.
We'll take your calls.
Don't forget to join us.
We do have Gwen Spencer.
Coming on from American Patrol in the third hour to go over this new amnesty bill being billed, pun intended, for the public as a way to stop illegal aliens.
And I guess if you legalize murder and don't call it murder anymore, call it Happy Happy Joy Joy, or call it whatever stupid name you wish, we don't have a murder problem anymore.
He was Happy Happy Joy Joy-ing with that battle axe.
Crushing that old lady's skull in.
We don't have a murder problem anymore, because we just ignore it.
Which is what the globalists do.
I mean, we're actually in civil war here in Texas.
800 plus dead, rocket attacks, car bombs going off, machine gunning deaths, cops being killed everywhere.
There is a 98% blackout.
There's been a few local TV pieces about it, a lot on the border.
Nuevo Laredo has basically shut down, no more terrorism, just totally shut down.
People are moving out en masse.
It's just total carnage, but you see, they don't talk about it on the national news.
You even talk to local cops.
I have heard about cops getting killed.
Yeah, I have heard it's dangerous.
Well, do you know the numbers?
No, I don't know the numbers.
Dozens and dozens.
Oh, really?
Oh, he's scared, though.
When the cop walks up to your car, though, he's real scared.
He's not scared of all the illegal aliens.
Oh, no.
It's like diseases from all the illegal aliens.
The hepatitis.
It's like the food from Latin America and other places being shipped in that's been sprayed in human feces.
In fact, that's why hepatitis is exploding.
That's the main cause.
It's admitted.
Just type it into Google.
Hepatitis found on lettuce.
Hepatitis found on...
Just type in hepatitis found thousands of times or infected 100,000 in the last two years.
I mean, we're talking massive pandemics, ladies and gentlemen.
And the average doctor doesn't know about it.
Because they're busy running out the door to go play golf.
They're busy running off to see their girlfriend or whatever.
They're not busy being informed.
So I don't know what to say anymore.
You know, you tell a doctor, hey, there's cancer viruses in the vaccines.
You mean SV40, we quit giving that polio inoculation?
No, no, I mean all these other new vaccines that have been tested.
Here, here's five articles in the last month.
Uh-oh, uh-oh, I gotta go.
You know, I'm a good person.
Are you saying I'm bad?
No, no, I'm saying...
I'm a member of the establishment.
We don't do bad.
You're telling me they want to hurt us by design?
Yes, they're social Darwinists.
It's a population control program.
They're very, very evil.
Sure they are, boy!
It doesn't matter if we have the facts.
It doesn't matter if we have the evidence.
With so many of these people, they're just out of sight, out of mind.
Then there's this non-existent Al-CIA threat, this Al-Qaeda threat, and we're just running in fear.
Oh, feds, take my rides.
Oh, give me national ID cards.
Search me.
Oh, put machine guns at me.
Oh, have dogs bark at me.
Keep me safe from them?
Al-Qaeda could be anywhere.
I can tell you people I know personally who Arabs move in next door to them and they're like, I've got Arabs living next door to me.
You think they're Al-Qaeda?
I've seen some suspicious stuff going on.
You're living in total fear.
I know I harp on this, but this is central.
They're directing you on what to be scared of.
And I'll say it again, you'd better be scared of that car.
That automobile sitting in your driveway or sitting out there in the parking lot right now at your business or at that company, that sucker is the number one thing that's going to kill you.
It isn't the scary saber-toothed tigers that are in the back of your subconscious mind, back in your id.
It isn't going to be some killer squid like in the horror movies.
It isn't even going to be a man in a black mask coming to get you.
They won't intimidate you with that.
It isn't even going to be some street criminal.
It's that car.
You hurdle down the road at 80 miles an hour with other cars all around you.
You drive by carnage every day, and every month you drive by dead bodies and usually don't even notice them under the blankets there on the side of the road smashed into the vehicles.
But you still do it because you've been driving your whole life, you're used to it, and they didn't tell you to be afraid of it.
Just like I see these cops hanging their hind ends out in the highway when they're giving somebody a ticket.
But they're sure scared of the general population because they were told to be scared of us because they were giving briefings to be scared of us.
But they're not scared of hanging their hind end out on I-35 like complete nutcases when more cops get killed every year getting run over and in car accidents than they do getting shot by bad guys.
But you're not afraid of that because the briefing didn't tell you to be afraid of it.
You see, you're fools!
I'm talking about the people that are just willfully ignorant.
But I'll tell you what you should be afraid of.
Governments last century, conservatively, conservatively, killed 250 million people.
I mean, now even the Communist Chinese official government says they killed 70 million.
I've never said that.
Their official government documents say that now, but make excuses for it.
70 million Hitler people.
35 to 40 million people.
Stalin, 55 million.
Pol Pot, 2.4 million.
Unbelievable numbers.
Fidel Castro, at least 300,000.
The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
Right wing, left wing, but they all wear black uniforms, they all wear black masks, they all stomp around in military insignias, they all call themselves commanders and chiefs, they all are controlled by a bunch of central banks that are bigger than any government, who are trying to weaken all governments, trying to destroy all strong countries.
They'll put dictators in to do that.
This is what's happening.
This is what's happening.
I have to sit here and watch it.
The classical paradigm.
The classical signature.
The classical textbook takeover.
Watching our entire nation, all of our families and our treasure.
And our ideas and our culture sliding in to this real world lake of fire, this tyranny, is burning down our institutions, burning down our structures, smashing thousands of years of culture, dumbing us down into gibbering, chirping, monkey-like creatures.
I have to watch them ripping apart mines and putting them back together.
I have to watch them destroying everything decent.
I have to watch them exterminating us en masse.
I have to watch them pulling all of this baloney.
And then I've got to see these snickering, foolish...
Morons, the yuppies, the trendies, the liberals, the yippies, the hippies, the good old boys, all of you feeling so good and secure, so self-centered, you couldn't have spent five minutes to save yourself.
Oh, just a note, because I keep forgetting to do this.
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Okay, now, I mean, these are the type of articles, and they all sound nice and innocuous, but we've had video cameras inside these meetings, and it's in the articles.
Again, I've got them from Texas, I've got them from Tennessee, I've got them from Colorado, I've got them from New York.
I've got them going back four years.
Even before 9-11, I've got them.
Five years ago.
And they come in and they go, we're going to fight terrorists.
Terrorists are deadly.
But what supports terrorists?
Terrorists are evil.
What ties down the police while they're trying to fight the terrorists?
Let me tell you.
I mean, they gave a presentation two years ago.
Homeland Security did an auction.
This is exactly what they said.
We heard clips on the TV show.
Because the Ritters were there and got footage of it.
And Jimmy Ritter and Chris Ritter, his wife.
And on that tape, they go, we're fighting terrorists.
When the police are tied down fighting criminals...
That age, terrorists.
So we need you to help us fight crime.
See, it's always the same.
And it's in these articles.
We're fighting crime.
For the first time in America, the governor's office of Homeland Security is training a select group of people in Knoxville on how to better track terrorist activity.
Oh, kind of like you fired the head of the cable company because you said there was a new world order?
Is that how you fight terrorists?
With help from the, they're in Knoxville.
With the help from the Department of Homeland Security, the state office is teaching civilians all military terminology.
See, we're civilians.
But the mayor, he's an official.
See, it's all military terminology.
And Bush is the commander-in-chief.
All martial law terminology.
How to use a terror tracking program called the Homeland Security Information Network.
It's terror training for the average citizen.
Under close watch from the Department of Homeland Security, a select group of civilians, nominated by Knoxville Police, little toadies, are learning how to better track terrorist activity.
Ann LaCava is one of the civilians enrolled in the training.
I think the big thing is people are realizing that civilians can play a part.
La Cava, I don't know if I'm pronouncing that right, is one of 35 civilians, not citizens, civilians, in Knoxville getting a crash course in Homeland Security Information Network.
Excuse me.
Still under the weather here.
Cough button.
In a network already used widely by law enforcement across the country, if you see anyone doing something that is not normal thing, not normal, now we have a place to take that info, and of course they added the tattletale number 311, or 411, and pass it on to someone else and let them determine if it's a threat of any kind.
See, a threat of any kind!
I'm a citizen terror tracker.
A terror tracker.
That sounds like what they had over in East Germany.
A terror tracker.
Well, we got our terror trackers assigned to the Viper teams.
If a citizen terror tracker sees something out of the ordinary, they can log on to a network and fill out a secure online document.
Oh, boy.
Then a link is established with local law enforcement agencies across the United States.
So just rumors are now, and they can use some little tattletales rumor to get a national alert going.
They can't get fake intelligence from the NSA or the CIA or the FBI.
Well, we'll just get little do-gooders to do it for us.
John Sterling, another student in training, says the network is an invaluable tool in the war on terror.
It does enhance our community sharing ability by putting everyone on the same proverbial sheet of music.
And it goes on into it.
This is so un-American.
This drives a stake through our heart, you traitor!
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
About trade or trash, I mean the federal government writing up these plans, Bush swearing it out to the Constitution.
Most of the people joining these are just little do-gooder, well-meaning people.
And they have no idea, they have no sense of history, no connection to reality.
And they want to go, quote, hip.
Well, I've seen the role players with the Marines.
They even have these little local tattletale role players in the drills they do to help confiscate our guns.
That was before 9-11.
So we do have one of these individuals from Knoxville, part of the...
Well, here it is.
Tennessee is part of six states chosen to conduct the first set of citizen training classes.
That's not true.
I have AP reports from two weeks after 9-11 up in New Jersey.
The majority of citizens in the training session are volunteers with Knoxville Police.
Others came from neighborhood watch programs around the city.
The Governor's Office of Homeland Security says more training sessions are planned in the near future, so we'll be talking to one here in a few minutes, supposedly.
That should be interesting, shouldn't it?
Jeff in New Jersey, go ahead, you're on the air.
Okay, let him go.
Let's go on to... You know what?
I said Jeff in New Jersey.
It was Jim in New Jersey.
Jim, are you there?
Go ahead, sir.
Yes, Jim.
I've got a question about the Constitution.
I don't understand how it's legally binding on anyone.
No one ever signed it, no politician, not me or you.
How is it binding on anyone?
Well, that's what Alberto Gonzalez says.
He says that Bush is just king, and that's why they're now openly saying that, because the memos say he is absolute ruler over us all.
There is no law, because he is the law.
And, well, you see, it's like when a city incorporates.
It's the rules, and it's the law, sir.
And so the very system that incorporated the federal government and the state government says that murder...
Well, isn't every law
Just some guy's opinion that's backed by a gun?
Yeah, well, you can say that, but we're going to have governments, we're going to have laws, and so you can just run around.
Try going out and committing a murder and just see what happens.
So a rule of law in a republic, it's a republic, madam, if you can keep it, is better than, say, living under a king.
And so I like our form of government.
It's not that our government's, our republic failed.
It's that we failed it.
Don't judge your republic by what you see outside today.
This is a despotism.
A growing despotism.
Well, even right after they got the Constitution, the first act, didn't George Washington go to western Pennsylvania and attack them because they didn't want to pay that whiskey tax?
So all government is violent by nature.
Everything they do.
It's easy to sit here and badmouth everything and nothing's ever going to be perfect.
But in the sum total, look, we were 4% of the population, got half the wealth, created almost all the patents.
We were blessed.
Judge the tree by its fruits.
I mean, it's easy to just sit there on a high horse.
I mean, if America's bad, what else would you suggest?
I think a total voluntary society.
Well, you can... That'll never happen.
That's not human nature.
Well, what if everyone right now, everyone that's listening to you, what if you promoted everyone just to, like, take their license plate off their car?
What if we all took our license... Well, I am for stuff like that.
I am for, you know, one kid says no at the school to an ID card, then they all say no.
That has happened.
I am for things like that.
But still, we are...
A group creatures.
We do get together in tribes.
It's how we're wired.
It's how we operate.
So we need to have rules that are strictly controlled to control government, the most abusive thing in history.
But to say, let's get rid of all government, that's just going to create a vacuum that will create something even worse.
Thanks for the call.
We can debate that later.
We have to talk to someone first, though, when we get back from Homeland Security.
It's going to save us, and I really look forward to hearing from them.
Stay with us.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, Professor John Sterling is a political science professor, and now at a local community college.
He is their Homeland Security, I guess, liaison to Homeland Security.
I just had the WATE TV news piece, and it just said John Sterling and other...
Student in training for Homeland Security.
And so he has agreed to be with us for the balance of the hour and to tell us about his mindset, why he got involved in this.
And all over the country, this has six states, that's really not accurate.
They have a Secure Corps, AmeriCorps, Citizen Corps, and they fight terrorism, quote, and crime.
And they're just out there aiding the police and then the Homeland Security.
And so, Professor Sterling, should I call you Dr. Sterling?
You can just call me John.
John, tell us how you got involved in all this, and tell us about yourself and what you do.
Well, my background is law enforcement and military, and I went to law school late in life.
I thought to practice law, but my mother hoped that I would take up more honest employment, so I got into academia.
And part of my military and police experience was counterterrorism, counterintelligence.
So after 9-11, it was a natural fit for me to be drawn back into that kind of service.
As I said, I was a political science professor in North Carolina.
About three years ago, the governor's office of Homeland Security in Tennessee hired me to be the regional coordinator for the eastern region of Tennessee.
Last June I went back into academia.
I was hired by a local community college in Knoxville to head up their Homeland Security program.
We offer one of the first in the nation, Associates of Applied Science in Homeland Security.
The training that I was at yesterday was in that capacity because as part of developing my curriculum for Homeland Security we want to teach students how to integrate volunteers
In the overall Homeland Security Initiative.
So you're a force multiplier?
Yes, sir.
That's right.
That's a good term.
You're actually there as a cadre commander to, I guess, create larger units?
Well, that's not exactly accurate, but truly this is a team of teams from the governor's office right on down.
In our state, the focus on Homeland Security really is a team of teams.
It involves
We're good.
The Knoxville Police Department coordinates mostly the VIPs, the Volunteers in Police Service Citizens Volunteer Group, but they coordinate also some of the others.
So the volunteer coordinator for the police department working with the Department of Homeland Security set up this training and 40 citizens of various backgrounds came together and learned how to operate this Homeland Security Information Network.
So we'll just have eyes and ears everywhere.
Yes, sir.
And is 40 where it's going to stop?
I mean, what number is Homeland Security right now saying they want per city, your size?
Well, 40 happened to be the amount of... That was what the resources could handle here locally.
And I don't know whether that was a number that Knoxville Police Department is...
I think that's a great question.
And part of developing any emergency plan of necessity requires involvement in, you know, with citizens.
Oh, it's just the new economy is homeland security.
I'll tell you what, Professor, stay right there.
And we've got a break here for just three minutes.
We're going to come back and recap a little bit and then get into what the training is specifically with John Sterling.
And he is...
He also teaches a class on Homeland Security there at the local college.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, we're talking to Professor John Sterling, and he has a military and anti-terrorism background.
And he teaches a Homeland Security class there at one of the local colleges in the Knoxville area.
And I just saw his name, told my producer to get him on here in this W.A.T.E.
News piece, and I've seen these reports from all over the country, where they take the Citizen Corps, and with the kids, it's called Secure Corps.
We had some of the kids on a few years ago, remember, in that Philadelphia Daily News article, where they do bomb clearing and warrant service.
I couldn't believe they were giving kids this training.
I don't know if they do that.
In support of the police, they had them fugitive tracking in the woods.
Pretty sophisticated.
I guess this stuff's a little more just eyes and ears, but we'll find out.
Then we have other stratas
Well, there's stuff like the Alabama Defense Forces and the Texas Defense Forces, the State Guard, where they'll go into a town during, say, a Bay Fest in a town, a major city in Alabama, and then search everybody coming into the downtown of the city.
So there's a lot of this, and I've been to a lot of these events, and as people know, I've made a few films on the subject.
It's extremely interesting.
But we're, again, honored to have John Sterling with us.
He's been with us for the whole hour.
He's lavishing us with time.
And we'll open the phones up coming up in about 30 minutes, and the toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
John, tell us more about your unique perspective.
What is your military and counterterrorism background?
Well, I don't know that my perspective is unique, but I have a broad base of experience.
I was a street cop at the local level in Kansas and Colorado.
I was a detective and a crime scene investigator.
Then I was in the military.
I got out of the military with the rank of captain following Desert Storm.
We had done some intelligence counterinsurgency stuff during the mid to late 80s, particularly Central American theater.
When I went back to school late in life and got my master's and my doctorate degree, shortly after that, 9-11 occurred.
That M.O.
sounds like you got recruited by an intelligence agency.
No, just the governor wanted somebody to... No, no, no.
I'm going back to you in Central and South America.
You know, being recruited already as a professional to go down there in the 80s.
Were you recruited by an intelligence agency?
No, I was with a conventional Army Reserve unit.
Well, I bet that was hairy down there.
Well, it was interesting.
The Army euphemistically calls that low-intensity conflict, and what that really means is you send small units out into the jungle without much logistical support.
Guerrilla warfare.
Yes, sir.
So, I mean, obviously you're a patriotic fella, and so when, I mean, I guess 9-11 happened and you decided to try to get involved again?
I mean, what happened?
Well, it was an opportunity for me to conduct some counterterrorism training for the state of North Carolina.
I had been teaching law and political science, teaching criminal justice, criminal procedure.
And there was an opportunity to travel over the eastern third of North Carolina with the Governor's Crime Commission training law enforcement in basic terrorism awareness.
And so from there, then, I was recruited by the Governor's office in Tennessee to help stand up their Office of Homeland Security about three years ago.
And now you teach a class.
Well, I teach, I'm a program coordinator.
We actually offer an entire program, 14 classes related to Homeland Security.
Now, I mean, do you think there will really be... I know a lot of universities, UT, Texas A&M, a lot of others, are really shifting into this to train tens of thousands.
Are we going to need tens of thousands of people to fight terrorists here in America?
Well, fighting terrorists, that's a broad term.
Ultimately, every incident...
Of course, we want to prevent, if possible.
That's the primary objective.
That's kind of the new psychology for America.
Instead of going after the crime, after it happens, to get the criminals, this is that preventative.
It does.
It represents a shift in the way we think about criminal activity.
A seismic shift.
Yes, it is.
And we have to be careful with that.
You alluded to the fact that I'm a patriot, and in truth I am.
I believe in the Constitution.
But these are perilous times, and they require a very careful analysis of how we're going to shift with the times without compromising our fundamental liberties.
Do you agree with Alberto Gonzalez's memos where he says that Bush is actually commander-in-chief and in that position domestically, he is the law and can authorize whatever he wishes?
No, if that's Alberto Gonzalez's take on it, I would disagree with that as you've summarized it.
Well, that's actually word for word.
I've even got a clip of him on NBC saying it in different words.
But no, have you heard of those torture memos?
Well, there's four of them.
We've got them, and it's grisly.
They say we can kill people, and if we don't call it torture when they die, it's not illegal.
Well, the fundamental principles of the Constitution are what I have sworn to uphold and protect, and even though I'm no longer a commissioned officer, I am still loyal to that oath.
I mean, I'm here reading...
Well, I agree with you.
Article 2 of the U.S.
Constitution, Section 2, about the Commander-in-Chief.
It really says he's only the Commander-in-Chief when he follows the Constitution and when Congress declares war.
Well, terrorism represents a shift in the terrain politically, philosophically, legally.
And as I said, we need to be very careful that any move that we make does not divorce the constitutional principles, but yet does give government all the tools that it needs to effectively combat terrorism.
And I'm glad that I'm not in a chief policy-making position.
It's a difficult razor's edge to walk sometimes.
What did you think about all the latest reports of the Pentagon going around to protests and taking photos of people and wiretapping individuals?
What did you think of that?
Well, I don't know.
Is this going to be a show about my personal opinion?
I mean, I'm trying to get the idea, you know, the view on somebody who is, I mean, as you said in the last segment, you're there basically recruiting and expanding as a leader, not just at a college with 14 classes that you're administering, but also, I mean, you're definitely a change agent.
Well, no.
You're definitely going to affect thousands of people's lives.
Well, in that context, I want to teach my students the process of thinking through to a conclusion.
Not a knee-jerk emotional reaction, but to be firmly grounded in constitutional principles.
Now, what are threats?
Because in these articles from Texas and Colorado and Tennessee, they talk about...
Fighting terrorism and crime.
The new TSA Viper teams are saying, we're going to fight threats, we're going to fight terror and crime.
What is the mission that you're teaching these 40 volunteers, most of them already volunteers of the police department, who came to this meeting that's separate from your academic activities?
Well, for most of your listeners, they probably are aware that all terrorism is crime, but all crime is not terrorism.
So there is that overlap.
Make sure that definitions are clear.
Terrorism is a crime that has the intent of shifting political objectives.
It has its intent to change policy.
And its targets are not the people that are the change agents.
I agree with you, Professor, but that's the old definition.
Are you aware of the federal code change in Section 802 of H.R.
3162, U.S.A.
Patriot Act?
I'm still operating under what the FBI...
Would you like me to tell you what Section 802 says?
Sure, go ahead.
Any action that endangers human life that's a violation of any federal or state law is an act of terrorism.
Well, that certainly is a departure from the historical definition.
Believe me.
Well, I'm just glad talking to you.
You sound like a genuine person.
That's what I said before we even got you on.
It's just I'm somewhat of a, frankly, an expert on this.
And I'm the person that came up with the idea to have cities reject the Patriot Act.
I'm the person that wrote that.
And I'm the person that had it thrown out in those states, and I'm the person that took him up with that idea.
And believe me, I've interviewed a lot of you guys, and you're the most well-spoken person I've talked to so far.
I've had people on here that say anybody who disagrees with the government needs to be put in a FEMA camp, Professor.
Well, we've been down that road before.
That haunts us to this day.
So, as I said, this is a razor-thin edge of policy, and I'm glad that I am not at those higher levels of policy-making, you know, decision-making.
But you do have an oath, and you said you swore to that oath, and so if you ever got orders that you thought were unconstitutional, you're not going to deceive yourself and play double things?
You're going to say no?
That's absolutely right.
Well, I tell you, that's very encouraging.
Look, I have no problem with people that are actually out looking for terrorists.
But when we get into this thing of, oh, citizens need to call the police if they do see a crime taking place or think one is.
But the tattletale East German system of having huge squads running around, we all know there's not going to be a terrorist event every month in Knoxville.
So what are they going to be doing?
I mean, it says threats.
I mean, they're obviously going to be, quote, fighting crime, Professor?
Well, there are a lot of activities that people deem suspicious.
And, of course...
Depending on your background, your training, your awareness levels, something that one person may deem suspicious may be completely normal behavior for another one.
But when people do see behavior that they deem suspicious, and we don't define that for them.
We can give some guidelines, but we leave it up to people.
If it raises the hackles or the hairs on the back of your neck, then go ahead and report it.
Then there's a screening process, and that vetting process takes place at the local level.
The volunteers that were trained yesterday, for example, are recruited, screened, administered by the Knoxville Police Department, and the Knoxville Police Department has the oversight over that particular group of volunteers.
Well, I've got a neighbor, a nice old lady, who likes to constantly look through her windows at me and constantly look through the cracks in the windows.
I have no idea why, but is she going to be running around as my new commander?
The local police probably have a thick dossier on you already, Alex.
Don't worry.
Oh, they do.
Well, again, we get calls from people that, frankly, are pretty loony.
But there is a vetting process.
There's a screening process and suspicious behavior that's deemed suspicious by the
By the citizen will be reported, and then if it's deemed to warrant further investigation, then it'll be handled by local law enforcement.
And if it's deemed by them to require a higher level of intervention, then they'll notify the local joint terrorism task force, or in Tennessee we have a...
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.
Well, stay there, Professor.
We're really honored to have you.
We've got a quick break.
I want to come back.
I want to get into, because I'm intrigued by this discussion, I want to get into how this machinery, how these mechanisms actually work, and any websites you want to give out, or any information, and then take calls.
But, you know, you joke, Professor, about how there's a McDossie on me.
I'm sure our Knoxville listeners are going to infiltrate your organization now.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I'm not going to sit up here like the Grand Poobah of knowing people, but I was talking to the professor, John Sterling, during the break, and he seems really genuine.
I mean, my detector for baloney didn't go off at all.
And so, you know, the joke during the break we were saying is that I was saying, well, he's saying I like being in the system because I can make sure the Constitution is being followed.
And that really is one of the fail-safes we have built into this country is that there are a lot of good people in these systems, in these mechanisms.
And that was my joke about I bet a bunch of our listeners are going to go join, keep their mouths shut, and if they really do ever see any real terrorist stuff going on, they'll call the police.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Secure Corps, Citizen Corps groups, because, let's face it, folks, they've got to give them something to do, and they're not going to be seeing terrorists on a daily basis.
So specifically, sir, I talked to you during the break about my film Police State 2000, which you haven't seen, but I'll send you a video of it.
The listeners have.
Urban Warrior in 99 in Oakland, California, with Marines training openly to confiscate our firearms in America.
And then you go, oh yeah, you brought up the 29 Palm survey, where they ask them, would you found Americans, and 76% said no.
Would you speak to that, please?
Well, I just know that young people, I mean, I teach in an academic environment.
I get a lot of kids right out of high school.
I'm over 50 years old, so I've seen basically three generations of young people.
I'm just amazed at the young people who lack a critical thinking component.
Their whole training is in sound bites.
And so they believe what they're told.
If it's on the internet, if it's on the news, if they read it in a book, then it must be true.
So their whole perspective of what is constitutional, what is fair, what is a balance of liberty and order, they believe what they're told in public school and through their other
You talk about a balance between liberty and order.
I've always found that maximum liberty brings maximum order, and that it's a fake trade-off that they've told us.
Give up liberty, you get security.
I find that to be a false equation, and I think the Founding Fathers spoke eloquently through a historical lens to that point, Professor.
Well, I'm not sure that I know what you're referring to.
The individual liberty comes with a certain amount of chaos or disorganization.
You know, just think of it in a community.
Not if you have a self-governed people.
Yes, now that we've basically turned into animals, maybe you're right.
I mean, people are turning into animals.
I don't know, in 1776, after the war, the crime rate wasn't very high compared to the rest of Europe.
And you make the point that self-government only works for people that are self-disciplined.
If we lack self-discipline, we cannot be self-governed.
And I think that's one of the great fallacies.
I mean, I'm kind of falling back to my former political science days here, but that's
You know, that's my perspective.
We have to be self-disciplined if we're going to be effectively self-disciplined.
But the evidence shows, Professor, no amount of force, as if the government even wants to have force to keep us all safe and happy.
Give me a break.
I mean, as you said during the break, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, as Lord Acton said.
The actual quote is that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
I mean, you can try to give those levers of power all the leverage they need.
It's only going to manifest over time into a despotism.
I agree that we need to be constantly vigilant.
I am a patriot.
I love my country.
I love God.
That does not mean by the same token that I love my government or everything that my government does.
I am not anti-government.
I believe that governments are instituted of God to bring about righteousness and goodness.
Well, that's Romans 13.
I don't think... I am anti-Chinese Communist government.
I am anti-Nazi government.
I am anti-Putin government.
As am I. But then I would not be... I'm not anti-constitutional republic.
And so to that end, and this goes back to your question, I am in a position of influence.
I am in a position to help
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, you see, I think the foundation of what you're covering is flawed, and I'm going to send you some material on that.
What's generating the terrorism?
Where it's coming from?
Who really stands to gain in a larger lens?
Operation Northwoods, Operation Gladio, Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty.
I mean, I've had admirals on the air who took the call from LBJ, and he said, I want that GD ship going to the bottom to be blamed on Egypt.
And so when you get to a certain point, when you're, you know, I mean, I understand you using the, you know, the data you have as a machine and then spinning out the answer.
That would make sense if Brzezinski and Jimmy Carter hadn't gone over and created Al-Qaeda in 1979.
Any comments, Professor?
Well, you know, of course, the...
The dispute is whether, you know, to the extent that we may have contributed to Al-Qaeda.
I mean, certainly we use indigenous troops, indigenous resources to fight a common enemy, and that has a history of biting us down, down the pike.
We've got a break.
We'll stay there.
I'll let you answer that on the other side.
I want to talk more about the actual training, what's going on, this database, how it's uploaded, and then take a few calls.
Anything you want to cover, we're just honored to have him, John Sterling, a real gentleman, spending time with us today in this discourse.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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I know we got Jeff in New York, Mike in Chicago, Scott in, what is that, Wisconsin, Chris in Arkansas, John in New York, and many others.
And I'm sure these calls will be all over the map.
I mean, try to have a question for our guest or myself about the teams they're hiring and the cadres, the local groups they're creating.
But going back to the professor, John Sterling, who heads up a program that gives 14 classes at a local college there and not in the Knoxville area, and of course has worked inside the federal government, anti-terrorism, in the U.S.
military, and also been a police officer.
He's been tapped by the governor's Office of Homeland Security, and he's training a select group of people from Knoxville on how to better track terrorist activity.
With the help of the Federal Department of Homeland Security, they're teaching civilians.
You see,
Why is Homeland Security military?
Is the governor's office military?
Why are they calling us civilians?
See, the terminology goes under the war powers and Bush saying he's commander-in-chief.
They're trying to say that's a domestic power.
I mean, this is just what the historical constitutional scholars are saying.
I mean, Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Tommy Franks.
I mean, this isn't Alex Jones, folks.
I mean, this is what's being discussed.
Under close watch from the Department of Homeland Security, a select group of civilians, nominated by Knoxville Police, are learning how to better track terrorist activity.
And then it gets into it, and there is going to be a program where these people upload to computers on a network and fill out a secure online document.
Then a link is established with local and federal law enforcement.
You know, Bush has not been able to have the CIA and the FBI put out fake terror alerts.
They blow the whistle, they've exposed it, it's been admitted, the White House press secretary had to admit
All right, Fleischer, before he left, that yes, we put those out for political reasons, and then boom, he was gone.
I mean, they canned him quick every time the approval rating goes down.
It always turns out it wasn't a real threat, okay?
Imagine having thousands of people all over the country with these online forms, and they're going to have a Homeland Security deal where you sit at home and watch surveillance cameras in another city and then flag the police so that you stay frosty.
They're going to simulate terrorists on the...
I think so.
I see some suspicious looking Arabs with a truck and it looks like explosives in the back.
I'm going to do a citizen's arrest or I'm going to go call the police.
I'm not going to go fill out an online form to the government.
This is just going to be a huge rumor bucket that's going to be used for warfare mongering.
Think of it as layers of intervention with each layer being checked or vetted before it goes to the next layer.
Reports by citizens of something that they deem to be suspicious will be looked at locally and determine whether there needs to be any other action taken at a higher level.
Also understand that when something is reported at the local level,
We may not have any knowledge here locally that there are also simultaneously similar events happening elsewhere.
So somewhere in the system, the operators are able to detect patterns.
No, I know.
The NSA runs it through keywords, and then the same thing pops up and they see a pattern.
So anyway, the Homeland Security Information Network is a component part of what makes all that integrated and puts the reporting mechanism...
It standardizes the reporting mechanism.
Well, John, it comes down to this.
I don't trust the government to do that.
I've seen the abuse, the enemies list, the rest of it.
You get real military intelligence with Abel Danger, with Clinton and Bush, specifically going, these guys are terrorists, and they're told, leave them alone.
I've interviewed the embassy heads who are like, well, these are hijackers.
No, they're part of an anti-terror program.
Let them back in.
I mean, this is mainstream news.
I've interviewed the FBI agents who were told, you'll be arrested if you go after...
You know, the supposed 20th hijacker.
I've talked to the, you know, David Shippers, who represents them.
I mean, so, so, it's just, again, there's all these well-meaning people like you who are in there being part of this, and you watch, you mark my words.
You're going to see, and I hope you'll come on in a few years when this happens.
I hope you don't rationalize it to yourself.
This is going to be used, as you said, threats.
You know, crime.
And I've got articles from around the country where it says fighting crime.
These new Viper teams with the TSA, they say they're going to fight terror and crime.
And then you said, well, terror isn't crime.
Well, terror is a crime, but it isn't the same as a regular crime, because it has a political use to scare a population or a government into a political action.
How do you answer that, those statements that I'm making?
Well, fortunately, I am low down on the pipeline, Alex.
I don't have to address things that are happening at a national level.
No, you can't duck that, Professor.
You're where the rubber meets the road.
Well, my job is fairly clearly defined.
I've got a training mission to deal with producing...
A labor pool that can integrate into a local industry or local government that's trained in emergency planning, trained in vulnerability assessment.
Some of the things that you're talking about are way off the track from where our training is going.
Let me give you an example, Professor.
I mean, I know you know all this.
Emergency management centers, they'll go, hey, we'll give the county, this whole base, just let the Army and National Guard move in with you at the same base, and we'll put an emergency traffic monitoring system with these federal cameras we put in, and you can use them as dual-use law enforcement.
And oh, by the way, the cell phones just so happened by law in 96 to be put in place in 2001.
Our live time track.
So now we can track everyone just in case we need to.
You know, because things have changed after 9-11.
Then we built this in in 96.
Oh, the new transponders going in in Texas and all the cars are going to have a transponder.
We're going to double it as toll roads.
And the toll roads are going to pay for this.
And then you've got federalization, sir.
Having the TSA come into local communities and go, you take federal funds.
You've got to give us 40 cops, 50 cops.
And they're going to have citizens under them.
And we're going to be gooning around at the airports.
Miami police, we're going to be going outside the shopping malls and checking all your papers.
Meanwhile, the border's wide open.
It's classical tyranny, Professor, and you know it is.
If your point is that technology can turn around and bite us in the butt, I couldn't agree more.
We have to be cautious about how we use technology.
It is not the answer to all of our problems.
I absolutely agree with that.
Have you been to the local Knoxville Emergency Management Center yet?
Yes, sir.
And what type of federal liaisons are there?
I mean, tell me about it.
Well, you painted sort of a picture that's accurate.
There's a sharing of resources.
And at one level, that's very efficient.
As a taxpayer, as someone who's concerned about efficiency in government, every person should appreciate efficiency.
But again... In Germany, the train's arrived on time, yes.
Efficiency can be used as a tool
A tool of tyranny.
Brother, I got the MIT magazine from last year, and I got the Pentagon report.
They say they designed this secretly with DARPA 20 years ago.
This whole thing is a, quote, population control system.
I don't need to have the opinion, brother.
I've got it from MIT.
They made the thing with the Pentagon.
These cameras, these sensors, all of it.
It has nothing to do with catching Osama al-Siyah bin Laden.
Is it effective, you think, in dealing with local crime?
Can we be more effective dealing with all types of crime, not just terrorist-related crime?
There you go.
Okay, so you're saying crime's bad.
We need to use this federally-funded grid to fight the evil criminals.
Meanwhile, the government's salivating, wanting my guns.
What I'm saying is that the tools are becoming available.
Now, how they are used...
As I said, we always have to exercise caution.
If I'm being lied to about how our resources are being utilized at national levels, then I don't know how to respond to that.
You do the best you can with what you've got.
Every one of us is equipped with a certain amount of discretion, a certain amount of discernment,
You know, you've got to play the hand you're dealt.
Well, I'm innocent until proven guilty, and I don't want the transponders in the inspection sticker, and I don't want them listening to my cell phone following me around.
And I agree with you.
I personally do not subscribe to technology that has that kind of tracking capability.
But the problem is it's going to be built in where you don't have a choice.
Five states right now, Professor, are moving to put this in the inspection sticker.
Had to send people down to the Capitol.
I had to go down there.
I had to personally fight it, and it failed by two votes.
It was going in next year in Texas, and guess what TxDOT did?
They went ahead and started a pilot program and ordered two million of the trackers people are going to randomly get.
They're just going to do it anyways.
I'm just sick of it.
Yeah, I'm suspicious of it.
I don't believe that technology is the answer to all of our problems.
Well, I don't have a problem with the technology.
Technology is like a gun or a car.
It's a tool or a hammer.
But I am against a hammer when somebody wants to beat me over the head with it.
So the problem that we have is the people who are in control of the technology.
I mean, let's say conservatives all love George Bush.
What happens when Hillary's president?
Well, I'm not disagreeing with you.
That's a great argument.
One of the things that conservatives are fond of doing, if their man is in the White House,
They're all too willing to give government power to protect us, quote-unquote, or solve some social problem, but you're exactly right.
Once you've set up the mechanism, we may not have any real control over who's in control next door round.
So I agree with you.
Well, this is just amazing.
Let's take a few calls here.
Anything else you'd like to add, Professor?
I just want to say that with respect to terrorism and crime, it truly is a problem at the local level.
It's not something that Washington can come into our local community and, quote, fix for us.
Well, that's what they're doing.
And that's why that's the great strength, I think, of this Citizens Awareness Program and this Citizens Volunteer Program.
It raises their situational awareness.
Well, you're one of the main movers in the Governor's Task Force on this.
Can you implement, during the training, a Constitution mini-course to maybe just read the Bill of Rights one time?
In my classes that we teach at the community college, the first requirement course, the prerequisite course, lays that philosophical, constitutional foundation.
I do.
And it's required for every student that enrolls in the program.
They have to take this course.
Well, here's the problem.
You create a vacuum.
It's going to be filled.
I mean, everywhere.
I mean, they're acting like this is going to... Well, I mean, already prisons and law enforcement is the biggest part of our economy.
And now a big segment of that is going to be Homeland Security.
There's going to be a... Look, the Cold War is over.
They need a new enemy.
And now it's terrorism.
And they're not going to find a bunch of it on Main Street America.
So don't worry.
Section 802, everything's terrorism.
You know, I know people get pulled over by cops who want to search their car, and they go, why?
Well, things have changed since 9-11.
Things haven't changed.
I mean, let's say the terrorist threat's this horrible threat.
I'm not going to give up my way of life because there's a terrorist threat.
I mean, I'm just not going to do it.
This isn't America if we don't have this Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Look, cars kill more than anything else in this country.
We don't stop driving cars because they're going to kill us.
You are 390 times more likely to die in the Western world from a car accident than you are from terrorism.
Professor, that just came out.
And so I'm just not afraid of it.
Meanwhile, sir, we have real terrorism.
You know, I see the president criticize the Minutemen who sit there in lawn chairs and videotape and call the police and have spy glasses on the border, where we really need what you're doing, where we really need programs like this.
We have 800 dead in the last 11 and a half months in Texas.
mission closing.
We have the U.S.
The State Department is saying it's more dangerous...
Than Israel's West Bank per capita.
We have car bombs going off in Texas, machine gunning of police, over 15 dead cops this year so far from Mexican Los Zetas paramilitary gangs, and because the federal government wants to keep it quiet and wants amnesty, brother, we've had about three news stories on it in Texas, and Louisville, Laredo is shutting down a huge tourist town.
Now, let me tell you, that's a real terrorist threat, and there isn't anything being done about it.
Well, I appreciate the volunteers who do give of their time and resources to help report it.
What happens after it's reported, you know, again, those decisions are made beyond our pay grade.
And then Bush criticizes them, but he wants to have you guys running around in Knoxville doing something even more complex.
Well, I have to say, based on the training that we offered yesterday, there's nothing very complex about it.
It's an opportunity to report a suspicious activity.
I'm just saying filing reports into an NSA database, upload dump site, raw intel is a lot more complex than people going, I spot 14 illegals coming across the fence.
It's still reporting a suspicious activity or criminal activity.
And like I said, it's filtered or screened.
You say suspicious.
We know it's criminal on the border.
Well, let's take some calls, Professor.
I was trying to get you to get into our mindset so you know why we're upset about this, why we're concerned.
I mean, look, I got video, I got photos of the Alabama Defense Force just randomly searching three-year-old children going into a downtown city.
It has nothing to do with anything.
Concern is good, and citizens need to be involved.
They need to be involved politically.
I mean, we do the best we can.
Well, I just know this, Professor.
Some pot-bellied person in a uniform better not try to search me when I'm going into a football game.
And they better not do it just randomly on the street corner.
I mean, that isn't America.
Come on.
I mean, do you see that growing in Knoxville at that point?
Well, as I said, there's a growing... As I'm old enough now to see younger people coming into these positions of authority, I'm seeing, to me, a kind of a scary...
Well, it's just ridiculous.
Plus, they say don't profile.
As if it's fair, we're going to violate everyone, which is like if a black guy robs a bank, you don't go look for an old white lady.
Or if a white guy robs a bank, you don't go look for an old black man.
It's just ridiculous.
Let's talk to Mike.
Mike in Chicago, you're on the air with the professor.
Go ahead.
Hey, Professor.
The fact that you're a professor, and I appreciate the fact that we have good guys in there doing what they're doing, doesn't this bother you?
Don't you see...
That throughout history we've seen this happen.
Time and time and time and time and time and time again.
And the original intention's fantastic, but it never works out right.
It never works out like it's sold to the people to begin with.
And it always fails and falls apart and turns into this despotic rule of...
You know, absolute tyranny, and yet, for some odd reason, we're all still going to follow along like good little Lemmy.
Well, we all aren't, Mike, and clearly the audience that tunes into this radio show is made up of people who are suspicious of some of these things.
There's a lot of people that are suspicious of some of these things.
It's really, I mean, we want to say that, yeah, you know what,
The model of increased security and cameras and all this is going to work.
We had 14 bombings in 7 days, or 7 bombings in 14 days in London, and they've got more cameras and more security than almost anybody else.
Well, did you hear me tell Alex that I believe technology is not the answer to all... I understand that, and I can appreciate that, but we're still... You're asking the entire population, most of which can't even name their congressman, to try and take responsibility to make sure that this doesn't fall into the wrong hands the next election or the election after that.
You leave a carrot out there like this, you're going to have somebody who's ambitious and knows that most people are just taking and putting their absolute faith in our government...
They're going to turn around and go, well, hey, now's the time for me to grab it.
They'll come up with a great story.
Everybody will follow right along with it because the lack of thinking proves that the education system's working.
They just follow along now.
It's absolutely guaranteed.
That's where we're headed, and we can't deny this.
We've seen this so many times throughout history, and yet we're still going to stand on notice.
This is Caesar crossing the Rubicon, Professor.
Well, as I said, I've been a law enforcement officer.
I've been in the military.
I had a chance to practice law.
I have chosen education because that's where I feel I can personally make the biggest... Well, I'll just say this.
Guys like you are smart and good people, but I'll tell you this, because I can read you, because you're an honest person and obviously an intelligent professor.
You've got a blind spot, though, because you aren't a bad person, and you are a warrior who has an instinctive need to defend people.
In an instinctive need to teach, you are naive about the nature of the people that are in control of this government.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones here, America.
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John Sterling is our guest.
He's put on an amazing interview.
We appreciate him coming on while we preach at him.
And he's certainly good at public relations, but I think he genuinely believes what he's saying.
And it's just good to know there's folks like him in the system, even if I disagree with what's happening and we're going to fight it.
Let's take another call, sir.
Let's talk to Don in Kansas City, who wants to talk to you.
Don, you're on the air with the professor.
Hey, Alex.
Thank you.
Professor, I think essentially what the founding fathers thought was that the worst crime is organized crime, and the worst organized crime is when it goes into government.
Where it can operate with impunity under the color of law and write corruption right into the laws.
And all they need at that point is just to manufacture an enemy or a crisis or something to serve as an excuse to spend billions and billions of our money.
Now, back in 9-11, they claimed that the whole world changed because 19 Arabs attacked our country, but the whole trend and the whole shift is toward targeting Americans
I can't recall any terrorist attacks of any significance happening in this country by Americans since about maybe the Weathermen back in 1970 or so.
By the way, Bill Clinton let them out of jail.
What, he pardoned like 30 people who committed over 100 bombings?
Well, you know, today Rush Limbaugh, Alice, was saying that the world didn't change in 9-11.
It changed with 226 being the first World Trade Center bombing.
Well, back then they had a trial over all this about Sheikh, and it turned out they had an Egyptian army officer there.
No, no, the FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver.
That's New York Times.
And they, oh, we're sorry, we built it for them and told them where to park it.
Oh, we're so sorry.
And now we get all this funding.
Oh, it's so sad.
Let me get a comment from the professor.
Well, I agree with Don's premise.
The founding fathers warned us against big government.
Even well-intentioned government, especially well-intentioned government, needs to be controlled.
I absolutely embrace the premise of that, but what would you have us do?
Would you have us not be involved?
Clearly, Alex, you're involved at a number of levels.
You're passionate about what you do.
You're illuminating.
You're bringing light to the subject.
That's what we all need to do.
We need to walk according to the light we've been shown.
Well, people do need to be involved.
And the premise of what you said, that the people are dumb as dirt.
And I don't say that from some sardonic view.
I mean, there's a mass of people out there, a sizable group, who are very intelligent and informed, no more than I do, or you do.
But really, it is true, and it goes back to government, federal education, federally written.
I mean, these people don't know anything.
I mean, nothing.
It's like, my dog's smarter.
And so I think we're doomed, period.
Again, that just proves the case.
We're just going to hell in a handbasket.
Like I said, I'm dealing with a lot of young people that are very ignorant.
They have poorly developed critical thinking skills.
I mean, I can't take on the whole world.
I have carved out this little niche, or I have been given this little niche.
And I can influence 20, 30, 40 students at a time.
And you buy the premise of where the terror is coming from, and we've got to stop it, but I'm telling you... No, I don't say so much that 9-11... I mean, sometimes in speeches I have said, you know, 9-11 changed things.
Really, 9-11 was the symptom of a deeper problem.
It's clear that with readily available technology that a very small number of people can wreak havoc on everybody.
Well, that's why the elite is worried and wants to set up this world government now to, quote, stop the proliferation.
But they're the ones, our elite, I can prove it, Professor, are the ones proliferating it.
Well, follow the money, I guess.
Okay, well, there you go.
The centralized government can't, won't, never will save you.
It's like Alberto Gonzalez is pro-gun.
I mean, anti-gun, 40 to sleep, I wish he was.
He openly is anti-gun, and he's pro-gun control.
But meanwhile, he doesn't want me to be able to protect myself, but he wants to have...
Tattletail squads everywhere.
Well, as I said before, I believe that citizens need to be involved, and I believe that the Second Amendment says what it means and means what it says.
I think every American ought to be armed, and I think that's one of the reasons why America has been spared a lot of the conflict that potentially could have been ours.
Yeah, it keeps the bullies off you.
Okay, Professor, thanks for coming on with us.
We'll come back in the future.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we got this Homeland Security individual on, who you can tell is well-meaning, but just does not see the big picture.
Then we point out all this police state stuff he's involved in, and he goes, well, you are right about the command centers, and I am against that.
See, they just don't understand.
And he's going to be slowly bathed in this evil and slowly rationalized.
Or maybe he'll wake up.
Maybe he'll wake up later like so many others have throughout history.
We'll try to get through some of your calls that have been holding the longest.
Then we've got Len Spencer coming up to give us an update on the total open border policy being hailed as an anti-illegal alien bill.
Total baloney.
It's got a few good provisions in it, but those are just sugarcoating on the poison pill.
Jeff in New York City.
I think maybe we should set up one of those citizen snooping committees up in New Haven, Connecticut.
Well, I was going to say that earlier.
We need citizen groups to literally spy on the government.
That's what the Founding Fathers said.
We need local government watch groups in every city.
That's what you need.
Statistically, government's the most dangerous.
The caller earlier was just pure gold.
He said, Founding Fathers knew organized crime was the biggest threat and government's the biggest organized crime.
Outside of Skull and Bones headquarters up there at the tomb is where we meet it.
I got a couple things about C-SPAN if you got a minute.
Yes, sir.
Washington Journal this morning had Senator Mark Dayton on, a Democrat, who was downplaying, I believe, Nancy Pelosi's comment about possible impeachment that she gave this morning.
He was out there downplaying it, which would seem odd from a Democrat if it wasn't for the admission that he made in the beginning
That he is from the same fraternity at Yale as Bush, who was president of the fraternity a year ahead of him.
So admission that he's skull and bones.
They didn't come out and say skull and bones, but put two and two together.
Well, it's really, you ought to put that in an email and send that to me.
That's very interesting.
But look.
Sure, sure.
They all voted for the war.
Look, they all voted for the war, 99% of them, when it really counted.
Now that it's window dressing, but look, when the people wake up and get mad, and 70 plus percent are against the war, 71%, what did you see?
Hillary, Bill Clinton, Schumer.
All of them.
Of course, Hillary and Bill Medet yelled, didn't they?
Exactly, but we saw them.
Yeah, there's a lot of secret members that's coming by us.
They all ran and jumped on the other end of the seesaw trying to keep us from being able to get control.
And Lieberman and Kissinger just out of the woodwork, all these roaches...
I didn't know that kind of stuff until I heard you, I believe you called into Washington Journal,
Sometime a couple days after 9-11, 2001.
You heard listeners plugging me.
I've never been allowed on.
Okay, well, somebody did, and that's how I found out about your website was on there.
That's just a good thing about C-SPAN.
I've got a couple more things about C-SPAN, though.
On Friday, I got through and talked to Brian Lamb.
I've gotten through several times.
I've spoken to Arlen Specter.
You need to plug InfoWars or Prison Planet when you do.
Well, that's what I did.
Oh, you're so good.
I asked my question to the guest, and then...
Brian has a book out.
I was in the contest they had for viewer call-ins, the essay contest, and he sent me a free book, and I read just a little bit of it.
But he had a story in there about how when he was at Chester Arthur's tomb in Albany, he jumped the fence and snuck in there.
And I said, well, Brian, if you're brave enough to do that, you should be brave enough to have Alex Jones on the show.
What did he say?
He just smiled and gave the question to the guest.
I got another thing for you, Brian.
I'll let you finish up when we get back.
Stay there.
And then we've got Glenn Spencer.
Just finish up quick when we get back.
Glenn Spencer's a busy guy.
Updates on this new bill, this new legislation.
Oh, the border problem's going to be fixed.
Total baloney.
Be right back.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, Scott, Chris, David, many others that are patiently holding.
We're going to go to your calls in this hour.
Glenn Spencer is with us to analyze this bill that's got some sugar coating in it.
Got a fence, got a little more funding for the Border Patrol that's really been debilitated.
But, Chris is openly saying they're going to add the guest worker total amnesty plan into it that Bush has been pushing for five years.
So we'll give you an update on what's really going on with all of that.
Bush has sworn he'd never sign one of these bills that would really do something about our hemorrhaging country.
But now, because Republicans are panicking...
That they're all going to be removed from office.
I mean, it's going to be devastating.
Bush is saying he may sign it, which I don't believe for a minute.
He's just a congenital liar.
But the point that we're having to force him to come down to the border and grandstand and run around and act like he's going to do something is a positive sign.
Very, very positive.
Bring our troops home, put them on the borders, and give me a break.
Real fast...
We were talking to Jeff in New York.
Jeff, finish up the point you were making about Brian Lamb and C-SPAN.
Okay, well, I wanted to move on to another thing.
I'm from this little town in upstate New York called Skinny Atlas.
During the 2000 campaign cycle, Bill and Hillary Clinton vacationed here as an obvious stunt for her Senate campaign.
They'd been here a few years before that.
I met them during that time.
They were nice.
I met them at the airport.
They were fine.
I got some video of that.
But the odd part of the story is when Rick Lazio, who was competing with Hillary for the Senate that year...
He came to Skinny Atlas a few weeks later, and his crew, just me down there with my video camera on public property, threatened me.
They brandished firearms on me, trying to intimidate me.
They tried to have the local police arrest me.
They had some children of the local Republican Party leaders harassing me in the streets while they were trying to film a campaign commercial for Lazio.
And at one point, he sent out someone to take pictures of me.
They took a lot of pictures of me that day.
Well, it shows their arrogant attitude.
A lot of these politicians are just completely crazy.
I found out on C-SPAN, in a Christopher Hitchens speech that they gave, that Henry Kissinger, he was mocking Henry Kissinger for how low he had stank.
Henry Kissinger was working on Lazio's campaign that year, he said.
Well, Henry Kissinger is a real piece of work.
You find him all over the place.
Thank you so much for the call.
Interesting stories there.
All right, let's go to Glenn Spencer, who I really appreciate coming on the broadcast today.
I tried this morning to do some research on this bill, and I saw they were trying to add all the poison to it.
It looked pretty good on the face of it, but they've done this, what, three other times where they get a good bill, and then they get everybody behind it, and then right at the last minute they tag a bunch of, oh, we're going to control the illegals after we totally legalize them.
They'll create a bill that does something, not enough, but something, and then again they'll add, we've got a bill against murder, but we're going to legalize murder after we pass this bill.
Glenn Spencer, AmericanPatrol.com, one of the leading, not the leading expert on research and tracking all of this, lives now right there on the border with their command base tracking all this in Arizona.
Glenn, what's really going on?
Well, what's going on is, Alex, after all of the years of you pounding on these guys, they're starting to cave in.
You know, after all, you have some influence here.
Well, I mean, every single listener does, Glenn.
The listeners do, you know.
Well, I know that, but I mean, you've been pounding on this for years.
And a lot of other people have, not with the effectiveness, possibly.
But Congress is beginning to feel it, you know.
When Jim Gilchrist actually won the election on Election Day in California as an independent in a Republican stronghold,
Sure, the absentee ballots cost him the election, but on election day, Jim Gilchrist got more votes than anybody else in Orange County in California.
He started the Minuteman Project, and we supported him all the way.
That put the fear of God and the American people in the hearts of these Republicans in Congress.
In other words, when they feel the heat, they see the light.
Well, that's why they're rushing to put in these fraudulent voting machines where the poll shows a pro-border person is going to win, and then magically they lose with these special machines.
I think it's clear from what I've seen that Gilchrist really won, and there was some hanky-panky going on.
Well, he got more votes on Election Day when the people who went to the polls, physically went to the polls.
He came out number one.
But the fraud so many times is what I'm saying.
But we don't know what, you know, these absentee ballots, who they're coming from, but...
If you count it now, there were more absentee ballots than actual Election Day physical ballots.
But this put the fear of God... He came from nowhere!
In six months!
Yeah, he needs to run again.
And then you have Colby here in Arizona, who... Remember Bob Dornan, how he played ball with them and the Republicans forced him down the toilet?
That's correct.
And he got all these millions of dollars...
For these Mexican nationalists, they repaid him by throwing him out of office.
He got them like $30 million.
And they were open borders, illegal alien advocates.
And when they had that hearing down there, I went down and gave a speech outside the auditorium where the hearing was held.
They never did that.
They never investigated that.
They investigated voting by people who were in the process of becoming citizens, but voted early.
I remember watching.
It was clear election fraud.
I remember going and watching Bob Dornan on C-SPAN.
He went in before the House, and he begged them to have a hearing.
He begged them to do something about the election, and they just laughed at him.
They had a hearing.
They had a hearing.
It was a whitewash.
I was part of it.
I testified.
But I also, since I testified before a House task force that was an official House committee, as a witness, you can then, you have five days in which to revise and extend your remarks, just like they do in the House of Representatives.
So I put into the congressional record all of the evidence that Mexico was invading the United States with hostile intent, the conquest of Aswan.
Well, I mean, we have the TV stations, 600-and-something billboards going, this is Mexico, we're taking over.
We have the radio stations call the invasion, the takeover.
And Washington just loves it.
They love the breakup of America.
It's part of the globalist plan.
Well, you know, you're right.
They want to have essentially one world government.
The people in Washington think they're going to run it.
They're wrong.
But the people in New York and the stockbrokers think they're going to run it.
They're wrong.
We're going to lose the Southwest if they keep this up.
But this bill, let me tell you something.
I think that we've been yelling for years down here on the board of the kinds of technology that needs to be used.
Almost each and every item that we have brought up in the past is included in this bill.
The use of unmanned aerial vehicles.
Well, you went, what was it, about a year ago and had a big meeting with some top elites in Washington.
Even some of the elites are starting to balk at killing America.
And look, Latin America is doubling its population every 20, 30 years.
I mean, folks, we have got to build a 500-foot wall with fire-breathing dragons on it, or we're all going to be a third-world country.
I mean, we're going to be living in Mexico City standards.
Well, just let's understand something.
You have something passed pretty substantially, a pretty substantial minority, majority, passed a bill that bills a wall, at least 700 miles of it, that makes it a felony to enter the United States illegally.
That... that...
If you have an employer eligibility verification system, they have to check the Social Security.
This has been almost impossible to get through the Congress.
Well, yes, citizens have to go through the whole National ID card thing that's already in place, but the illegals... All they have to do is they have to verify that a person's Social Security number is valid.
That's what I'm saying.
Citizens have to do that, but the illegals always get the wink and the nod.
Well, no, but this time they have to have a valid Social Security number.
Now, how good is this fence?
I mean, is it double-sided with attack dogs?
Well, you could have it like you have it probably in San Diego, a little bit bigger, but that San Diego fence works.
Go down and talk to the people down there.
The double fence with a 150-foot-wide road down the center of it, and then they have a big fence in the back that goes up and has a return.
It's very difficult to cross.
That's what we need.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, listen, Glenn, you know about it.
South Texas is shutting down.
I mean, it's on our news.
Nuevo Laredo, no more tourism falling apart.
People are begging for the tourism.
The job market's falling apart in Texas.
Hundreds dead.
Rocket attacks.
mission closed.
I mean, I don't think people in the rest of the country realize the war you talked about has already started here.
Well, there's no question about it.
I mean, and now Mexico is screaming bloody murder over this thing.
The question, though, it's been passed by the House of Representatives, and now it has to be debated in the Senate after the first of the year.
The fear is that the Senate will water it down and then add a provision to legalize millions of illegal aliens.
And then the fear is
That it'll go back to the House.
They will balk at doing that, and then nothing will happen.
Well, yeah, it's a stalemate poison pill.
That's correct.
And then who wins if nothing happens?
Because if nothing happens, these people still flood in here.
Well, I've got a reporter where Frist is saying he's going to add the President's guest worker program, which is total capitulation.
That is a poison pill.
The House will never go for it.
It'll kill the legislation.
So we need to contact Mr. Scammer.
We need to contact Mr. Frist.
Oh, yes, that's correct.
We have to put so much pressure on this Senate, and we're going to be doing it here.
I have a man who is going to take a report that I'm working on right now.
It's on my computer right now.
I've been working on it all morning.
I'm working on it until January 4th.
It's going to be in a DVD format.
And it's going to reveal what really goes on at the border.
Now, it's going to contain secret information.
I cannot let the public see this.
Because if it were made public, it would jeopardize the effectiveness of the Border Patrol.
Because I'm using information from agents who, if it was found out they were giving me this information, they would be fired.
Well, we had the Border Patrol head union chief on talking about that.
And he said it's part of a world government.
They've been told.
Just America's dying, folks.
Oh, yeah.
Bonner turned on us.
He was bought off.
I don't know how.
Oh, really?
Oh, absolutely.
His expense won't work.
He wants a guest worker program.
Maybe they gave him an offer he couldn't refuse.
No question about it.
Somebody got to him.
All right, we'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're talking to Glenn Spencer.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
AmericanPatrol.com is a powerful website.
American Border Patrol is an organization.
He's a documentary filmmaker.
Has an amazing website over many years.
And he's been on the front lines just
One of the grandfathers of this movement started out in Native American affairs, helping Native Americans, and doing a lot of good things for the community, and just saw a group of people in California going, we're going to kill you, this is our country, ha ha ha!
I'm not kidding, folks, with huge signs and pictures of white people's heads cut off, and Lynn said, you know what, I'm going to do something about this.
But it's all financed out of Washington, it's all a big sick joke.
Glenn, Bush right now is saying he will sign this if it goes to him, but what I'm hearing is that, well, I've heard national talk show hosts go, President Bush is doing such a good job in the Southwest, he's in Texas, he's going to deal with the illegal alien problem, we've got to get his plan passed.
Why, that'll fix the problem.
So they're trying to bait and switch on us.
How do we stop that from happening?
Well, you have to understand that the...
That this bill is not going to go to his desk until it goes through the Senate.
It's got to go to the Senate.
And they've got to make amendments and do other things to it.
And by the time they're finished with it, then it has to go back to a House-Senate conference.
And what they're going to try to do, his aim is to slap on this amnesty, which is what it really is, a guest worker program, to legalize 15 million people, and it'll eventually be 40 million, to legalize them all,
As part of this comprehensive deal.
So this thing is going to then go back to the House, and that there is, if they sell us out, there's going to be a revolution in this country.
I will tell you that.
If the House of Representatives agrees to an amnesty program that would cover eventually half of Mexico, there's going to be serious trouble in this country.
So I believe his strategy is to push it over into the Senate, put a poison pill in it,
Send it over back to the house and nothing happens.
And then just have status quo.
Now, let's assume just for a moment, however, that by some miracle, right, or his other strategy might be, okay, I will pass this without a guest worker program.
And then six months later, come back and say, well, we took care of the border, didn't we?
Now we can have a guest worker program.
And that's something they do.
They can pass something, and then to the bureaucracy, not implement it or enforce it.
That's correct.
And one of the things that American Border Patrol, the reason we're here...
Is to report directly to the American people what's actually going on at the border.
But Glenn, what's made the worm turn, though, is you and others testifying and going and talking to these big establishment groups.
They're sick of it, even though they're rich and powerful and they know it's all part of the global plan.
They're seeing it killing their country.
Oh, absolutely.
It's everywhere now.
There's not a state that is untouched by a serious problem of illegal immigration.
So, I mean, isn't that really where we're starting to get the initiative?
Oh, absolutely.
Because more people are being impacted.
But I will tell you, I've been at this for 14 years, full-time, seven days a week.
And the other side is extremely powerful and determined.
I mean, these are like Al-Qaeda terrorists, the other side.
They will do anything.
And so this is far from over.
Well, Glenn, I haven't had you on since I went to the Desi Seis Parade.
And I just went there because I knew some, basically, Hispanic Ku Klux Klan groups were going to be there.
And sure enough, they were wearing shirts, playing at San Diego.
And then I started researching it, and I found out that there's big groups promoting it right now online, killing every white man above the age of 16.
And then I had local civil rights groups go, well, they're downtrodden, so what if they talk about killing you, Alex?
Don't say it's bad or you're racist.
I'm not kidding you.
There were actual civil rights local commission newspapers and things that were saying, well, Alex is right, they are saying plan of San Diego, but, you know, they actually said that's okay.
Just lay down and let people kill you.
Well, you know, I think Shakespeare says all's well that ends well.
This thing is not going to end well.
When you have the Catholic Church in Mexico, the Catholic Church spokesman, the official spokesman, saying that this bill is, quote, a triumph of the ideals of Hitler, he is calling the House of Representatives of the United States a bunch of Nazis.
By the way, the plan of San Diego was actually promoted by the Germans, so that's actually Nazi, but I'm sorry, go ahead.
Well, the point is that if the Mexicans now believe
That the people of the United States are a bunch of Nazis.
What should happen to the people of the United States?
They should be exterminated.
Well, I mean, that's what these groups say.
That's what they're saying.
I mean, the Catholic Church is the Messico Treviso Bencomo of the Catholic Church spokesman said that this bill was a triumph of the ideals of Hitler.
He's saying the leadership of the Congress of the United States are a bunch of Nazis.
Yeah, I don't think the Catholic Church in the U.S.
should put up with that.
Well, there's a lot that we could say.
By the way, may I say something real quick?
Yeah, say it when we get back.
Can you stay with us?
Yeah, I want to hear it when we get back.
Stay with us, Glenn Spencer.
These breaks wait for no one.
I wish they could, but it's all fired according to the satellites in our stations.
AmericanPatrol.com, Infowars.com.
Check them out today.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Scott, John, Chris, others will be taking your calls.
I'm not going to keep Glenn Spencer too much longer because he's a very busy man.
AmericanPatrol.com Glenn, you were trying to say something when we hit that last break.
We might have some fun one of these days if you're interested.
You know, we have a new BorderHawk M border vehicle.
It's a Cessna TU-206 that I fly on the border.
And we have a crew of two in the back.
It's really a...
A skydiving airplane which has cargo doors you can take off and fly.
And I've got a crew of two cameras and an intelligence officer.
And we fly around the border and send live... No, we just did this last week.
Live streaming video and audio over the Internet.
And if sometime you'd like to do a program, I can actually do an interview from the airplane.
Oh, I'd love to do that.
And we can show you live on the Internet.
You have to have broadband.
You can sit there in just TV-quality color.
We can talk on the... And instead of, like, Skywatch traffic, we'll have illegal alien invader news watch.
And I can take you on a tour of the entire border down here in the NACO sector and show you how they do it.
Well, here's the incredible thing, Glenn.
We have this Homeland Security gentleman on who's setting up the whole university down there in Knoxville with 14 classes and running it locally with these local squads to watch everyone and look for crime and terror.
But meanwhile, the border's totally wide open and the president calls the Minutemen vigilantes who are sitting in long chairs calling the police.
That's right.
I mean, it's a joke, isn't it?
Well, yeah.
See, what we're equipping ourselves to do now, and once again, this is a major breakthrough for us, you'll be able to sit there and watch on your streaming video, live, as it happens.
And we've spotted illegal aliens.
We can show you, probably go up and show you how they come into Mexico, and the probability is we'll find one of these vans that drives up, we'll show you where they drop them off,
And where they cross.
Now, we can't guarantee that if we're on for an hour that we're going to see something during that hour.
There's a chance that we would.
But we're up flying Sunday night.
Most of it, yeah, most of it goes on at night, right?
Well, we fly during the day, too.
I mean, right now it's really slow because of Christmas.
It always slows down.
Let's do that in a month or so in the new year.
Glenn, that's a real honor for you to offer to do that.
Let's have you on, and then we'll stream it right off the web, the audio of the video, or we can have you via cell phone up in the helicopter and talking to us while we stream another feed there.
But I'd love to do that, and that's all at AmericanPatrol.com.
American Border Patrol.
American Patrol is my slash-and-burn-take-no-prisoners website.
But American Border Patrol, which I run, is a non-profit corporation.
We don't get involved in that.
It doesn't get involved in politics.
But you can download software there.
It's called a border cam software.
And you can download it.
And then what happens is you get a little flag that appears on your screen, your computer screen, when we're up sending video from the airplane.
Oh, I need to get that on my website.
Could I have a permanent link on my website?
Oh, sure.
Just go to AmericanBorderPatrol.com.
And on the right, it says, download the BorderCam software.
And then every time it's happening, there'll be a flag on my website and people can click?
Yeah, we're up in the air flying, actually sending... Well, it'll appear on any computer.
I don't know if the guys can make it appear on any one, but what happens is your webmaster can figure out how to use it, how to do that.
What happens is, you know, when we're up in the air and we're actually sending live video out, and if you've subscribed to this service, a little window will pop up on your screen saying, Oh, we've got to do that.
We've got to get linked over there.
And you said you've got a new documentary coming out?
This is using confidential sources of information that I can't even tell you about.
But in a whole series of incidents that we've had along the border,
I've got one, and I can't tell you all about all of it.
I've got the live information.
How they chased a group about a mile from me.
They crossed into the United States, a group of 29.
They were spotted by the Predator UAV.
They brought in dog units.
They brought in two helicopters.
They had canine units.
They had night vision.
This was at night.
Ten of them, okay, got away.
All of the assets and all of the resources, and I go in and I prove how this happened, and I have all the information.
I can't say, well, I got it.
Ten of them got away, despite the fact we had all of these things focusing on trying to catch these guys.
That's just one of an example, and I go into detail in many, many examples of how it is very, very difficult.
You guys also walked up with a simulated nuclear bomb right up to the federal courthouse.
You walked from right across the border?
We did it three times.
Oh, yeah.
And we documented it with night vision cameras.
And the latest one, we did it after the Minutemen left, after the Border Patrol had all these new cameras and all this new stuff.
And I made a DVD out of that, also secret, and it got to Tom Davis, head of the Government Reform Committee.
And he just went ballistic.
And part of what they learned in there is in the new border bill.
We had a tremendous influence.
Well, I mean, again, whether it's Knoxville, Tennessee with tattletale squads walking around or Atlanta with federal teams walking around shaking down families, it's ridiculous.
We'll just randomly line Americans up, whether they're black, white, Hispanic, purple, green, blue.
We've proven it.
We've smuggled that weapon of mass destruction right up to the front door of the federal building.
We've smuggled it into malls.
I'm really shocked that we haven't been blown up yet.
There's certainly a piece of cake to get anything across the border.
To get it into Mexico is also very easy.
When the right people want to do it to take all our freedoms, it will magically happen.
Don't worry.
I agree.
Well, Glenn Spencer, I want to thank you again on short notice for checking in with us.
And as this develops, please continue to let us check in with you.
And we always appreciate your fine work.
So coming up, is this going to be in the new year, this big battle?
Or will this be in the next week?
No, it's going to be the next year.
In January, it will hit the Senate.
And then the fur will fly when they start changing this bill to try to change it to lower it down and include a guest worker program that would most certainly, if passed, destroy this country.
Well, I'll say this.
I say $40 million.
A lot of government numbers say $13 to $14 to $30 million.
They don't know anywhere in that area.
It's a lot more than that because on these censuses, most of these illegals, when they go to a census, how many of you are here?
They go, no one.
Let me just say one last thing.
George Bush is the champion of democracy, and yet he wants to bring millions of people into this country to work who have no right to vote here.
Think about that.
Well, they want to use it to leverage out all of our jobs, no matter what color we are.
He wants all of these disenfranchised people who cannot participate in the democracy, he wants those as the backbone of our labor force.
And they'll also lay down, they've already bankrupted California and Arizona.
No, there's no question about that.
The social welfare.
He wants to bring in people who cannot vote.
That's crazy.
Well, that's why they love Mexico, because they're total slaves down there.
But, I mean, Glenn, finish up what I'm saying.
You know, at least we're forcing a bill in there that does the right thing.
Even if they're going to try to put amnesty on it, we know that we fight it right.
Just having to publicly acquiesce and stop saying that these bills are bad.
Having to give lip service now, even though we're in a stalemate while they still spill it.
At least they're not getting...
Well, there are billions flooding in.
It'll be a fait accompli in about five years.
Well, I don't get why with a lot of these illegals coming in, why wave the Mexican flag?
Why say America's bad?
Why say you're going to take over?
What is there to take over?
You're just going to be peons here like they're peons.
I mean, you know, you've got people coming across the border with a third-grade education, so what do you expect?
In some cases, they're smarter than average Americans who are really dumbed down now.
But I mean, seriously, big corporate money, all these white-owned companies, and that's who owns these.
You know, this is your country, take over, get the white people.
And it's old white men running the companies.
I mean, why do they want that, Glenn?
Well, they don't believe it.
You know, they don't believe that.
They just know it works as a sales tactic?
They're making too much money.
They just know it's a nice sales tactic to say, hey, this is Mexico?
Again, it's just totally cynical.
Totally and completely cynical.
All right, well, Glenn, I appreciate you coming on with us.
Thanks a lot.
You better take care.
And even more than that, folks, the globalists want to drive down the wages, balkanize the U.S., the Pan-American Union.
Mexico will be as enslaved as we're going to be enslaved.
And they just want us all fighting with each other, and we shouldn't do that.
And at another level, they're having to let the U.S.
be a steam valve for revolution in Mexico.
Did you know, what was it, 100 years ago, there was like 15 million people there?
Now it's like 95 million, and in just 30 years it'll be 200 million?
I mean, that's just one country in Latin America.
I mean, the Mexicans that are here now, the illegal aliens, are all going to be displaced by the other Latin Americans.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
You wait until the billions of Chinese start coming here, which they already are.
You wait until the billions of Indians.
I mean, it's already over a billion in each country.
I mean, we just can't take them all.
Do you want to compete against somebody in Calcutta where half the population lives homeless and there's dead bodies all over the streets?
I mean, I've got video of it on the website.
Do you want to compete against 30 million in Mexico City when half their population lives in homeless areas, in cardboard boxes?
I mean, that's how we're going to live.
The elite just loves it.
Meanwhile, people are running around waving Mexican flags while we're taking over.
You're not taking anything over, Jack.
You're being used to destroy this country.
I don't dislike you!
And yet, it isn't all illegal aliens that have that view.
Still, it's being used.
It doesn't matter.
Alright, let's go ahead and take... Debbie Morrow's been holding, and I promise we'll go to Scott, John, and Chris have been holding for time immemorial, but Debbie Morrow...
I was going to have it on the second hour, but I had that guest that we got on short notice about Homeland Security, and I'm tattling on, everybody's very wonderful, and how it's all well-meaning, and oh, we just care about you.
And then we had the border report, but quickly, this is, I guess, the last day or two, and they ship it out to you UPS, and so you'll get it pretty quick.
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Debbie, tell us about those specials, quickly.
Really quickly, Alex, we're still shipping, and we will do second day air at no extra charge to get it there by Friday.
Oh, I didn't know you were doing that.
That's a great deal.
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Leave the latest amount of time I can call.
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And I want to say something really quick about the illegal alien thing.
Can I say something really quick?
Yeah, go ahead, Debbie.
My stepmom is a Hispanic American, you know, whose family was here forever.
But she looks and talks like a Spanish person, but she also speaks English.
She's bilingual.
And she has neighbors in her senior citizen apartments, you know, that are illegal aliens, but they're her friends because she speaks both languages.
And they have husbands who go over to Mexico...
And take, like, truckloads full of stuff.
They buy a truck, you know, an old truck.
They fill it full of stuff.
They take it over to New Mexico, sell the stuff at a higher price.
So not only are they illegal here, but then they're cheating the people over there, but it's stuff that people want because they up-price it.
And then they turn around and they come right back, and they do this on a regular basis, and they just have their way in and out.
And I say to her, I go, well, how do they do that?
How do they, you know, like, get out illegally, like, you know, get back in?
And she's like, oh, they just cross over, you know, and everything.
And these are illegal people, and they come and go as if it was no big deal at all.
Well, that's the thing.
If you've got a car, you just drive right across that lane.
Well, they leave the car there.
They walk back.
They have a way that they come back, and they walk back,
But they leave the car there, they sell everything there.
And they make thousands and thousands of dollars.
Well, I don't even... It's crazy.
Debbie, I don't even blame those folks trying to make money.
The problem is that it will drive us down the third world status and just wreck all of our futures, and it won't help Mexico either.
And so it's just very, very serious.
Debbie, that is an amazing deal to give people free three- and two-day shipping.
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And Debbie, thank you for holding while I had Glenn Spencer on.
What happens is I set you up for the show, and then my producer does other stuff.
It's my fault, and you're a sweetheart.
Oh, that's okay.
And remember, we're going to be closed the week between Christmas and New Year's.
So get your orders in today and tomorrow.
Yeah, people shouldn't wait.
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Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Thank you.
You bet.
Have a very wonderful Christmas.
You're welcome at another crime.
Scott in Wisconsin.
Scott, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Go ahead.
Sorry for making you hold.
Go ahead.
That's okay.
A few things real quick.
What your first guest didn't understand is that today's youth is lacking the godly qualities of the past generations and can't be trusted with the authority he wants to give them.
Well, some of the youth, we always say that about, some of our young people are smarter than ever because they crack through the control, but I'll have to say, I mean, it is unbelievably some of these kids.
And I understand that they're still spying on us and they're spying on your show definitely, so I'd like to report
An act of terrorism that's about to happen.
There was 250 pounds of explosive missing from New Mexico.
Obviously, a black ops operation.
And, you know, this is, I believe that there's going to come a time, your program states that the empire's on the run.
I believe that there's going to come a time when they're going to be tired of running.
The filthy sodomite illuminatis in the White House and the rest of the world are going to go in a little hole in the ground.
Call their forward observers to have Russia and China take care of this American problem.
And then when they come out and brush their hands off and say, that's enough of that, God's going to take his big foot and squash the bugs that they are.
Well, I tend to agree with you.
And very well said, Scott.
Anything else?
No, thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's New Mexico.
Federal investigators put up high-tech explosive stuff, about 400 pounds of explosive material missing.
And so we better give up all of our rights now, because the Boards want Al-Qaeda.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
Order online now at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Yeah, I saw this yesterday, and even today, and just barely mention it, but it's a huge story.
Federal investigators probe high-tech explosives theft, and it says it's the type of 400 pounds of a C4 and a bunch of detonators.
It says it's the stuff that military operatives and terrorists, you mean military operatives, use, and it's perfect for blowing up, obviously, support columns, and then you just have a plane flying to it and blaming it on that.
And 2,500 detonators were missing from a storage explosive container or magazine in a bunker owned.
Somebody cut through it with blowtorches.
And this is the very same government training ground...
This is about Mr. Sterling, who was your guest earlier.
Yes, Alex.
I'm reading a news report from Associated Press out of Johnson City, Tennessee, News Channel 6.
Let me just read this paragraph real quick.
The coordinator for the Office of Homeland Security in East Tennessee, Des Alcada, is active in that part of the state.
John Sterling told police, fire, and emergency personnel that known terrorist supporters live in East Tennessee.
Officials met to discuss the best way to combat the threat and how best to spend federal dollars...
Keep the region safe.
See, pure baloney.
If there's supposed threats, they should go get them.
But there is no... It's more baloney.
That guy is evil.
He's really, really slick.
I just think he's a useful idiot.
Yeah, I think he's pretty blind.
But right here he said he met with people to see how they're going to spend federal dollars.
He needs to get his mouth off the federal government's teeth.
And he'll start paying attention.
I've been to the drills of the Tennessee State Guard and all the other stuff where I've talked to people and they're like, what are you going to do if you have to take people's guns?
They're like,
Well, you know, we got to do what you got to do because you don't know if they're Al-Qaeda.
So, I mean, you know.
No, I know.
It's sick.
So what's he going to do?
Is he a group of little tattletale kids?
Are they going to, you know, support me?
Well, I mean, can you imagine when they come to take our guns and we fight back?
See, they are terrorists.
They're fighting back.
They won't let us break your families up and take them to family camps.
But they're all trained in the Constitution because they had a 15-minute course.
So I guess everything's all right.
Well, that's why I made the joke about the 15-minute course, yeah.
I know.
I just wanted to illustrate.
He's totally... They didn't go to the FEMA camp in order, and now he's with Alcatraz.
But I was saying, you know, he's getting paid by the federal government, so I hope he opens up his eyes.
So I'll try to send him a tape.
If other people in Tennessee can do the tape for him, perhaps he'll wake up and have someone good on the inside instead of someone, you know... Yeah, we need to have people go join that and look at it from the inside.
Last call, Chris in Arkansas.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
You had a caller on very early in the broadcast named Jim and he was talking about why he's under the Constitution because he hasn't signed anything.
You elaborate on this a lot.
We don't have rights because a bunch of men sat down 230 years ago and wrote it all out on a document.
We have rights because they come from God.
And all that does is restrain the government to say, you've got to follow this.
Here's your law.
All the Constitution does is recognize that you have rights.
The Constitution limits the scope of the government and gives it powers.
We have rights.
It has powers.
Well, they have the power to protect that right.
That's why the government instituted.
That's the purpose of government is to punish evil doers and to protect your civil liberties and your civil rights.
People say the same thing about the Bible.
They get confused.
When was the
Council of Nicaea, did they form the Bible in 8325?
No, they didn't do that.
They recognized that the Bible was the inspired work of God, and they collected those documents and put them together in 8325.
Yeah, we're out of time.
Great points.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2, and I'll get more into this.
Bombs missing.
I mean, there's so much other stuff.
It's just all crazy.
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