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Air Date: Dec. 22, 2005
2535 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Every few months I see an article like the one I've got here in front of me.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen.
It is Thursday, the 22nd day of December 2005.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to be here live for the next three hours.
Getting back into the news today, every few months I see an article like this.
And so I just instructed Ryan Slickheisen, one of the main webmasters for InfoWars.com, to build a data page on that.
To take some of the instances that I just called up from memory, which we did in short order with the search engines off of the websites, and to post them all in one convenient area.
And what am I talking about?
This is Channel News 5 out of one of the major cities in Ohio, out of Cleveland.
Bill would allow arrest for no reason in a public place.
And it goes on to say that it is martial law powers and that for no reason you can be arrested and taken off.
And then I thought I'd pull up this article.
This was out of the Oregonian Oregon Law with jail war protesters as terrorists for life
Or if they agree to forced labor, 25 years in a, quote, forest labor camp.
And we don't just have Reuters and the Oregonian.
We actually have the bill that almost passed.
The head of the committee almost got it passed.
No pun intended.
His name is Senator Menace.
And he is a menace in every...
Every way.
This is not an April Fool's joke, folks.
I'm actually reading these mainstream news articles to you right now.
Here's another one I called up.
Now, this is the last five minutes.
Right before I got on air, I had the idea.
I said, why just cover Ohio?
Why not have a review of what they're trying to pass all over the country?
Getting rid of habeas corpus and openly talking about forced labor camps.
Governors propose homeland security bill under fire.
In five minutes, I can only find this NBC News 10 piece.
The original article was out of the Providence Journal.
We're trying to dig that up, and don't worry, we will.
It's somewhere on Infowars, and we're trying to find it on their site, Providence Journal.
It actually said, criticized the government protest, life in prison, as a terrorist using the Enemy Sedition Acts of World War I.
And it gets into that here in the News 10 article.
It's just not as incredible.
I like the one where they're saying it's good.
Those are always our favorite.
People did completely freak out.
We had a great affiliate at the time that had been there for years.
Well, several affiliates there that have now, of course, sold or changed management.
In Rhode Island, we really had a huge audience.
One of our transmitter towers, I think they said it was like a half mile from the Capitol building.
And Jack Blood was broadcasting at the time from there, right on Main Street, and it was actually in the news, I could try to hear it, that people were revolting, showing up in mass by the hundreds in front of the Capitol, screaming, because it actually said in the paper, criticize the government, you're going to go to a camp.
And we have those here for you.
And then there's these weirdo neocon fake patriots and COINTELPRO types on the web.
We all know who we're talking about.
There are a lot of different ones who get on air and say, Alex Jones over-exaggerates.
He says that we're an undergone into martial law and we're at a police state.
It's not a police state.
He'd be arrested if it was.
It's what degree of a police state we're under.
Yes, we're going into a very serious police state.
We've been in a police state for a long time.
I mean, when people are randomly being drug off by men in black uniforms and there's warrantless searches and asset forfeiture seizure with no drugs or no convictions or no witnesses or just the cops say so they take your house...
When we've got police running murder for hire all over the country, getting caught routinely, planting drugs on people.
I mean, think of all the stuff that goes on.
The Pentagon spying on protesters, echelons snooping.
Baby, that's a police state.
That's a grade A... I mean, if it was a state, it'd be the finest black Angus or Colby beef, hand-massaged, grain-fed...
I mean, literally, cows they massage.
And the steak's $200.
So it's a $200 filet mignon.
I mean, it's the animal.
It's the specimen.
It's the most hard I'd ever seen.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I was just sitting in a video clip I've never seen of ABC News of regular U.S.
Army going, well, we don't like confiscating guns in America, but we're doing it.
It's our job.
And it shows them then in middle class neighborhoods.
It looks like huge mansions coming out the front door with people's guns.
They say middle class.
No one resisting them, just groveling.
No one ever got their guns back, by the way.
We're not going to bring food and water in.
No, no.
Somewhere in the city, a drunken person shot at us once.
So now, because a criminal did something, the government's going to take your guns.
And so we're going to post that video clip on Infowars.com the next hour or so, and I'm going to be airing it later in the broadcast today here, because it's all part of our ongoing martial law theme.
You know, my new documentary, not so new now, it's a very important film, now out for about six months, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police, and it's all about how we're going under martial law and all the public statements about how we're all going to be slaves and how this is a wonderful thing.
But what got me back on this jag today is a story out of News Channel 5.
This is out of Cleveland, Ohio.
We've got an affiliate that goes into Cleveland.
And it says, Bill will allow arrest for no reason in public places.
This is from News 5.
A bill on Governor Bob Taft's desk right now is drawing a lot of criticism.
News Channel 5 reported.
This is on his desk.
Ready to be passed.
Ready to be signed into law.
It's already passed their legislature.
One state representative said it resembles Gestapo-style tactics of government, and there could be changes coming on the streets of Ohio's small towns and big cities.
We've got the libertarian gubernatorial candidate joining us later in the shower to talk about it.
The Ohio Patriot Act has made its way to TASC's desk, and with the stroke of a pen, it would most likely become the toughest anti-terrorism bill in the country.
The lengthy piece of legislation, which we now have a copy of or are trying to analyze, I just learned of this a few hours ago,
Well, let police arrest people in public places who will not give their names, addresses, and birth dates, even if they are not doing anything wrong.
And you read the bill, some of the sections, and basically, if you don't submit to a shakedown, a show your papers please, and you see, in the past they tried to claim that this was failure to ID, but the Supreme Court and state courts have all said, no, you can't do that in America.
I mean, they never put up with it in England and places.
We think we're so free here.
But now they're really, really pushing this.
And there's a bunch of other stuff in the bill.
And it goes on.
The Ohio Patriot Act made it to Taft's desk.
And it says, even if they've done nothing wrong, they'll be arrested.
WEWS reported it would also have the way for everybody entering critical transportation sites as train stations, airports, bus stations to show ID.
Now again, this is the federal plan.
Simultaneously, what is Miami saying?
Oh, for your safety, we're calling it shock and awe.
The deputy chief said, we're going to come up to you with heavily armed police.
We're going to demand to see your ID.
We're going to search you in malls, in parking lots, on the side of the road, outside banks, in banks.
And it showed on the news, teams of men in black uniforms in riot gear just randomly, quote, swarming.
And then, at the same time, the feds announced Viper Teams.
The TSA.
Remember, they used TSA at the inauguration.
Well, that was always the plan, to train everyone.
And they go into cities where the cities take federal money for transportation, and they say, look, in one article it said, give us 40 officers.
What was that in Boston?
Give us 40 officers.
And you've got to assign them to us, and then there's a smaller team of feds, TSA, air marshals, basically, who then order them around, and then under them, they have citizen tattletale brigades, and we had one of their head guys on from Knoxville, what, on Tuesday.
So, I mean, this is Stasi America!
But they're going to tag on to the new immigration bill, a total blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens.
They can do whatever they want, but Americans, you're going to be slaves.
This is textbook, classic, mechanized tyranny.
It brings us frighteningly close to a show-me-your-paper society, said Carrie Davis of ACLU, which opposes the Ohio Patriot Act.
Alert, alert, Paul Watson, you need to tune into this show.
We need to write an article together as soon as the show's over.
I don't care if your family's there and you're starting the seven days of Christmas lavishing yourself over there in Sheffield.
This is an emergency, and we've got to get an article out on this.
And we announced that it was martial law last week, folks.
Official martial law crossing the Rubicon, as Caesar did.
I mean, when they start putting federal... You know how you get searched and violated and your wife gets groped at the airport?
Or if it's their fancy, you get groped if you're a man?
By one of the men there?
And it's all on record?
Well, now those very same people are going to be on your streets, America.
It brings us finally close...
To a show-me-your-paper society.
Frighteningly close.
They're going to have armed police running around checking everyone's IDs.
It brings us close.
Said Kerry Davis of the ACLU, which opposes the Ohio Patriot Act.
No, they're there to lose cases, whitewash, be loyal opposition, just like the NRA openly goes in and actually argues against gun rights.
We've read the actual minutes.
Remember last year, out of the D.C.
case, where they go, we believe all guns should be registered and not leave the home.
That was the NRA's point of view.
With friends like that, who needs enemies?
There are many others who oppose the bill as well.
The variety of people opposing this is not just a group of usual suspects.
We have people far right to far left opposing the bill who think it is a bad idea, said Alan McGitley, News Channel 5's terrorism experts.
By the way, I just don't want the... We've got Stahl for Congress running for State Senate joining us.
Coming up in the middle of the next hour, we've got the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate who's fighting this coming up in a little while, but I want more people on about this.
And the article just continues here.
It says...
He said that it isn't sure that the law would do what it's intended to do.
I think anything we do to enhance security and give power to protect the public to police officers is a good idea.
This is even their whitewasher.
Their terrorism toady, he said.
It's a good law in the wrong direction.
So see, there's their new spin.
Even their bootlickers are freaking out.
I mean, this is the Soviet Union, folks.
Governor Bob Taft will make the ultimate decision on whether to sign the bill.
WEWS News told that Taft is expecting to sign the bill into law, but legal experts expect that it will be challenged in the courts.
So nationwide, from Dallas, Texas, to Cleveland, Ohio, to L.A., it's just everywhere.
And it's going to be more and more.
Governor Ridge said on C-SPAN three and a half years ago, and I've watched him, you're going to have to have an ID to have a job showing your security clearance.
We're all going to be graded.
Four grades.
What is it?
Green, yellow, orange, and red.
Criminal records, database information, everything.
Camera scanning your license plate.
Camera scanning the RFID in your inspection sticker.
Camera scanning your face.
You know, there's a movie, Scanner Darkly, coming out.
Who knows who you'll see in it.
I'm just leaving that as a surprise.
There's a movie, Scanner Darkly, coming out with Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder, Downey Jr., Keanu Reeves, and other people.
And in it, you know, there's the face scanning cameras and the barcodes on the license plates.
And when I consulted for the film, I told them, well, you know, you're saying this is seven years in the future.
Try two years in the future.
And that was two years ago when it was going into production.
And I was consulting on it.
It's just amazing.
I've got a story I can tell.
I don't know if I'm going to tell it.
It's wild.
That's coming out next year, early next year.
But then I've got this big stack of stuff here in front of me.
You know, I thought, what are three or four of the items I remember just recently concerning states?
Here's Oregon law with jail protesters, war protesters as terrorists, and that's Reuters.
And then I have another one that says life in prison for protesters.
That's out of the Oregonian.
But then I have the bill itself.
Dubbed Senate Bill 742 in Oregon.
It barely was defeated by three votes.
And it says, go read it, download music, block traffic, protest basically in any way that there's 140-something reasons.
Write a hot check.
Life in prison unless you agree to go to a, quote, forest labor camp for 25 years of forced labor.
Folks, you think I'm joking.
Just go read the bill.
I've been on talk shows and talked about this, and the host has gone, you're a liar.
I'm not a betting man, but come on.
I go, $10,000.
Put your money where your mouth is, and they can tell the confidence.
They go, no, I'm not going to bet you.
They know it's true.
Yeah, bet me $10,000.
Because I know a lot of you aren't going to check this out.
You're not going to.
Cops driving along.
Maybe you think it's a good idea.
Yeah, download music.
Forced labor camp.
Yeah, good.
That's freedom.
I mean, in communist China, they don't put you in a forced labor camp for writing a hot check or downloading music.
I mean, I don't think anyone's ever been this bad.
It's not even that bad.
That's another bill that we barely beat.
And then there was this one.
Again, I'm digging up the really hot article.
I had this idea about five minutes before showtime to dig some of these up.
I tried to Google it all right now.
I couldn't sit here and articulate on the radio, but we're going to post them all.
I'm going out of control on this.
I mean, this is martial law.
This makes the case.
We wrote that article two weeks ago saying martial law is here.
We need to add all of this.
We need to add all the background.
It's going to be a 100-page article.
We're in martial law.
They're not going to announce it.
They're just going to tell you martial law is good, martial law is helpful, and then just keep implementing it.
You know, should we have martial law?
Should we rob the bank after they've already robbed the bank and flown to Brazil?
Governors propose Hamline security bill under fire.
This is AP.
Governor's proposed Homeland Security Bill under fire.
And this is two days after we exposed it.
They had a Providence Journal article that said, Criticize the government, protest, life in prison.
But by the time it was, quote, criticism, because they didn't want to give you all the info, it just kind of whitewashes it and says...
Well, it says the bill, which Carcieri introduced last week, also resurrects World War I error laws that make it illegal to speak, utter, or print statements in support of anarchy, speak in favor of overthrowing the government, or to disrupt any flag or emblem other than the flag of the United States as a symbol of the government.
But then the bill said protesting and everything else in it.
It says create a new felony charge, require annual safety audits.
It just goes on and on.
It was martial law.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think.
We're good to go.
Government is best which governs the... Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
We're good to go.
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Have you?
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Perhaps Jenna Bush.
Osama bin forgotten.
Go to LibertyStickers.com and express your freedom of speech today.
We've got David Stahl of Corridor Watch coming on in the middle of the next hour.
A few weeks ago I talked about how there were like 15 counties that had pulled out of the corridor agreement and were threatening to sue.
I was on their website.
Now it's like 70-something counties and more every day.
So it's about to be the majority of Texas counties.
I think it already is.
And he'll give you all the details.
And it's a big Spanish company.
With the King of Spain involved in it.
I'm not kidding.
And I've been telling you 6,000 miles, because that's what TxDOT documents said a year ago.
It's going to be 8,000 miles of toll roads in Texas.
The entire country has 7,000.
So it's worse than I said.
See, it's always worse.
Always worse.
It's just we happen to know what we're talking about here.
We happen to know the full scope and the full horror.
We integrate information.
We're always giving you up-to-the-minute data.
Again, I don't just come on and report about martial law provisions about to be signed into law in Ohio.
I mean, that's what legislators are calling it.
We then go back and show you other examples.
And I'm not tooting our horn.
It's just that somebody will go read one article and go, well, that's just one state.
But when you really are really watching the whole thing,
And you're integrating the statistics, the data, the historical lens of the way societies operate.
Just all of it.
It's 110%.
Meanwhile, we're talking about Patriot Acts in Ohio.
Look at this.
Senate reaches deal on the federal Patriot Act.
Late last night, Senators struck a deal that will fully reauthorize the Patriot Act in its current form for six months.
And that means not beefing it up.
Quote, the changes and the lessening, making it better.
It was actually Patriot Act II, much of Patriot Act II.
So see, that's how they work.
Oh, we're going to make it better for your freedoms.
We're going to restrict it.
Oh, no.
And then you read it, and it had some flowery language about rights, but then...
Added even worse stuff in there.
Like now making protesting a federal crime with the Secret Service having jurisdiction nationwide.
Late Wednesday evening, Senators struck a deal that will fully reauthorize the Patriot Act in its current form for six months and give lawmakers the chance to revisit controversial portions of the act that have been subject to extensive opposition.
We're good to go.
I think?
Renewed for six months, that will give opponents the chance to take up civil liberties issues that forced a filibuster on the bill last week.
Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Larry Craig of Ohio, John Sununu of New Hampshire, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska helped block a final vote on a compromise bill offered by House and Senate negotiators last week.
It must feel good to be Chuck Hagel actually owning the voting machine company that 90% of his constituents voted on.
It's got to feel good on the machines.
People vote for you on... No conflict of interest.
Everything's fine.
For a lot of reasons, it made the most sense, given that there are significant differences that remain, said Sununu, the demon.
And so, there you have it.
So, that's what's going on with that, but they were not able to expand it.
And there were people trying to do a compromise to...
We're good to go.
I think?
I mean, in fact, habeas corpus, no due process, martial law, police state provisions are repeated five times in Patriot Act II.
I mean, the thing's 340-something pages and thousands of pages if you go look at the U.S.
That I saw.
Code for the full definitions.
So, I mean, you know, I read the whole thing and read a lot of the U.S.
Code to write that analysis, and I did win the Project Censor Award, by the way.
Just people know it's been vetted by law professors and others that looked at it.
People couldn't believe it when they first read it.
I was attacked by operatives, the normal people.
The same old people.
I attacked my analysis of Patriot Act II, but now everything I wrote in there is passe and publicly known.
You know, Bush has to go on TV...
And say that...
He's not a dictator.
I mean, we are forcing them to have to backtrack a bit.
And all of you are to be commended.
All of you get the credit for not listening to the controllers, not listening to those that tried to put salves on you, not listening to those that tried to manipulate you, not listening to those that tried to stall you from looking at the facts.
You took action.
You got involved.
And we're having a lot of victories.
We're having a lot of defeats, too.
But you know what?
We're in this fight.
We haven't lost this boxing match.
If we got up and get focused and
Get that eye of the tiger going.
We can take down this enemy.
We'll be right back for some Planet.TV.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasms in the classrooms
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
It is Thursday edition, 22nd day of December 2005.
We're going to be here live for the next three hours.
Well, now, two and a half hours, roughly.
And coming up in the middle of the next hour, we have a gentleman running for office here in Texas who has gotten the majority of counties to sign on and to start lawsuits and start taking action against the state and the government and companies in Spain, one major company connected to Juan Carlos the King, who are going to make almost every road in Texas 8,000 miles.
I'm sorry, I've been saying 6,000.
It's worse than what we originally had.
I'm sorry, it's 8,000.
And are basically taking over the entire state.
This will be nationwide with these new transponder toll roads, so you don't want to miss that.
In just a minute or so, we're going to go to Bill Purse, running for governor.
There in Ohio, the libertarian ticket, and we'll tell you about how you can get involved and help him with the martial law type legislation that is unfolding there, and yes, in many other states and cities and counties around the nation.
But before we go to our first guest of the day, I want to remind the listeners that I have made 14 documentary films.
And I've written a book and I carry a bunch of other wonderful videos and books exposing the tyranny that is growing.
We're good to go.
I think?
It's all there.
We're now carrying that book.
A lot of other books and videos we carry in the Infowars.com video and bookstore.
Of course, there's my film, Martial Law, the miniseries, three hours long, covering the police state, 9-11, and the globalist master plan for world domination.
And we show Tommy Franks and all these big people saying, oh, martial law is coming, and it'll keep you safe.
And how wonderful it is, basically.
So that's an important new film.
Of course, my newest film is The Order of Death, getting more into the occult aspects of the New World Order.
And when you get that absolutely free, you get Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, the 2005 edition, updated and remastered and re-released.
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All right.
Without further ado, I'd like to set the table for our illustrious guest.
He is illustrious.
I appreciate him running for office.
Takes a lot of nerve, a lot of gall, and being part of the Libertarian Party, who I support in many aspects.
And we're just proud of him.
But I want to remind you, Governor's proposal, Homeland Security Bill under fire.
Rights activists shocked and amazed by martial law provisions of a bunch of articles we're posting.
They try to declare martial law in Rhode Island.
I have the AP here in front of me.
Last year, remember early, I mean late last year, and if you criticize the government, you would be arrested and put in a FEMA camp.
And then I have Oregon law with jail war protesters for life.
And music downloaders, for life, and you spend 25 years in a forced labor camp.
Bill actually says forced labor camp.
Forced forest labor camp, excuse me.
We have the bill posted right there directly to the Oregon Statehouse, if you don't believe me.
And I have a bunch of others, but the latest thing is what's happening in Ohio.
We read that story earlier, where you'll have little police shakedown teams on the streets and the bus stops, and if you don't answer all their questions and show your papers, you'll be drug off to the gulag.
And again, joining us is the Libertarian candidate running for governor in Ohio, Bill Purse.
Bill, thank you for joining us.
Well, thank you for inviting me.
You bet.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you're running for governor, and then tell us how Ohioans are handling this new nightmare legislation.
Well, I taught economics at Case Western Reserve University for about 35 years, and then I retired and I decided that there were so many things wrong with the way the state was governed that I should run for governor and get my message across.
Message of freedom.
So, the problem that I find with this legislation, well, there are a lot of problems.
One, it's unnecessary because we have plenty of criminal law already.
And we don't need to add more.
But it has these specific provisions that...
We're really moving toward a national ID kind of state where you'd have to have your papers with you at all times.
Well, you're an astute gentleman, Professor, and I'm sure you've noticed that magically other cities are doing this.
Suddenly, Viper, TSA, air marshals are on the streets of Dallas.
It's on the news, shaking people down, demanding papers in Miami.
The police say they're just going to surround shopping malls and search everyone.
I mean, the Nazis didn't even do that on a routine basis.
Well, whenever you have a war, the government seizes great powers.
And a war on terrorism is difficult because there's no real beginning and no real end.
Oh, it's a perfect nebulous.
It's much better than the old Soviet Cold War.
This is just a bonanza.
Right, right.
And citizens just have to be alert all the time when the government starts taking more power.
And this is one of those times.
We just have to stand guard and protect our rights.
Well, I agree with you.
I mean, I'll be honest.
I learned of this this morning.
I printed off the bill.
It's lengthy.
I haven't had time to go over it all.
I'm reading some of the provisions out of the newspaper.
Tell us specifically, as a scholar of this, and looking at it, why you're particularly upset.
What do you think are some of the more egregious languages?
Well, the first provision, the intrusions on privacy.
Show us your papers if you're in any transportation...
Well, I saw Ridge say this as Homeland Security Director three years ago.
He said, what you see in the airport is the model for everywhere.
Well, that's what I'm afraid of.
And, of course, that model includes lots of bureaucratic confusion, so it doesn't really make us safer.
It just takes away our liberty.
Well, I mean, look.
I mean, take surgery.
Or take dentistry.
You know, you use a certain burr, a certain tool for a certain thing.
And, you know, this is like they're trying to, you know, basically...
I mean, clearly they know what the configuration of all of this, quote, security is classical mass oppression, Soviet Nazi, you know, total despotism, Stalinistic, gulag archipelago type stuff.
I mean, on the surface, 101 in law enforcement training, this doesn't fit into that in any way to, quote, keep us safe.
They know.
I guess the public smokescreen is, we want to keep you safe.
The government knows this is the classic configuration of mass oppression.
So the $64 million question is, why, Professor, our gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Peirce, why then do you think the government's doing this?
Well, I think that it's hard to oppose anything that sounds patriotic.
You know, you call it a national patriot act, and everybody in Congress has to favor it.
You call it a state patriot act, and everybody in the state legislature has to favor it.
Fortunately, there was some opposition, but still, it's very difficult politically.
Well, I never properly finished my analogy, but it's like instead of using a small drill bit to fix a tooth on a root canal, it'd be like if they came in with a huge gas-powered jackhammer.
Well, that's true of some of these provisions, like the ID provisions, but some of it is just plain ridiculous.
You have the state now passing all these regulations about biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists, and surely if anything like that happens, it's going to be prosecuted under federal laws anyway.
We certainly don't need a state law against having nuclear weapons.
Well, I agree with you.
Now, this is going to the Governor Taft's desk.
Is he in relation to the Skull and Bones Taft president?
The Taft family, yes.
Yeah, not only the... Okay, then is this Governor Skull and Bones, I wonder?
I don't know.
He was the Yale... Oh, he definitely is then, yeah.
He's a great grandson of the president and a... Yeah, the Tafts are founders of Skull and Bones, some of the founders, so...
It's the same scumbag families.
Well, he's leaving now, you were telling me.
So who are you running against?
What's your competition saying?
Are they going to slap all this on the Ohioans, or are they saying they'll shoot it down?
I haven't heard any of the other candidates object.
There are several Republicans and several Democrats who have declared an interest.
Most likely, that so far has been that it'll be Ken Blackwell running as the Republican, and
Representative Ted Strickland running as a Democrat.
Yeah, Blackwell, the master of stealing elections.
He is now Secretary of State and is running for Governor, yes.
I tell you, we've got Skull and Bones on one side, Mr. Election Thief on the other, caught red-handed.
But, you know, people ought to elect you.
They ought to get a good Libertarian in there.
What would you do if you got elected, Mr. Purse?
Well, I...
My platform is, you know, I'm for individual rights, the whole Bill of Rights all the way.
I'm running specifically on economic issues because that's my specialty.
But that means cutting taxes and minimizing the regulations the government puts in our way.
It also means reforming education to allow
I'll tell you, Mr. Peirce, I mean, really, boiling it down, this is classical tyranny.
I mean, this ought to scare people to death.
This is just in your face.
We're going to have checkpoints and shake you down.
And every time I read these stories, it's we're going to fight terror and crime, quote, any threat to anyone.
Well, that's Section 802 of the Federal Patriot Act saying all misdemeanors are terrorism.
I mean, were you aware they tried to get classical World War I Enemy Sedition Act passed in Rhode Island?
Were you aware they're trying that in Florida with Jeb Bush?
I mean, because my point is, in Oregon, they were going to give people life in prison for protesting.
Sir, I'm not kidding.
I have the Associated Press right here.
I mean, I don't believe this, but it's true.
I don't want to believe it, but I don't even think people that are informed like yourself realize how serious things are.
Well, I think that's right.
This state legislation just crept up on most of us while we weren't looking.
It didn't receive much publicity.
And, you know, I'm hoping there's time enough to rally public support against it before the governor signs it.
But, yeah, there's a whole list of things...
No, it's a lot like the McCarthy era when you had to declare that you weren't on the...
On the list of suspect organizations.
Yeah, but McCarthy didn't have, wasn't federalizing the local police, and didn't say, we're going to surround shopping malls and search everyone.
I mean, imagine, there might be a terrorist somewhere in America, we have no idea where, so we're going to federalize local police and have them randomly go out and shake everyone down.
I mean, this is literally like living in a prison.
In a prison, they say, all right, shit!
Well, that's why we have to defend our liberties all the time, because they just
It creeps up on you.
You lose one, and then you lose the next, and so on.
It's not even creeping now, though.
Well, this is moving faster.
How about pole vaulting?
Well, that's right.
So, I mean, people are talking about challenging in the courts.
What about, I mean, even when Taft leaves, what about trying to get another bill introduced?
I mean, what's wrong with the legislature passing this?
Well, I don't know why they did it.
Of course, until Taft signs it, it's not law, but it's... But he's saying he's going to sign it, right?
I haven't heard his statement, though.
Yeah, the news is saying he's expected to sign it.
I don't know if that's true.
Well, I mean, it has a lot of these provisions in there.
For example, it mandates...
Well, they always put that in there to sweeten it, to quote, get the illegal aliens, but that's going to be selectively enforced.
That's not going to be enforced.
Well, and those are the worst kinds of laws that are selectively enforced, because who benefits and who doesn't?
Well, the illegal aliens are already violating...
Federal law.
The illegal aliens are already felonious.
They're already felons.
Sure, and there are crimes out there, but we have laws against them.
Well, that goes back to what you first said.
We've already got layer after layer.
I mean, how many millions of laws are there?
Oh, yeah.
You measure it in yards, but you can't count them.
But, you know, I...
I can't imagine what good will be done by having essentially all state licenses depend on whether you swear to, are you a member of an organization on the U.S.
Department of State terrorist exclusion list.
That's right.
The cops march up and start asking you, do you swear allegiance to the filler in the right?
Are you part of the Nazi party?
No, I'm not.
That's it.
Load him up immediately.
Yeah, well, who's going to answer these questions honestly?
Well, number one, don't we have a Fifth Amendment?
It's still on the books.
We do.
But not according to these goons.
They're going to love it, folks.
They're going to love it.
These low-grade morons are going to love ruining this country.
Stay there, Mr. Purse.
I want to come back and talk about the Libertarian website there in Ohio, how we can support you.
Stay with us.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And of course, this is all done with scientific precision.
It's not off a federal playbook.
When they do it in Miami or Cleveland or Austin, Texas, it'll be an illegal alien who's here from Morocco and why he'll have brown skin.
I've seen this in other parts of the country.
It'll be on the news.
It'll just so happen to be a camera there with him.
It'll be, you know, local fox.
You'll actually watch this exact newscast in a few months.
But it's not hard, folks.
You'll be amazed.
I've just seen how they do it.
And the stupid reporter won't ask why the cops brought him along.
And, well, he was arrested.
Might be connected to terrorism.
Terrorism alert.
And luckily these sweeps caught him.
And then a couple years from now, it'll be you and your family coming out of the mall.
Need to see your papers.
Everybody's lined up.
Oh, got a warrant.
Take them in.
Just men in black masks looking around, watching everybody.
Going back to our guest, who I really appreciate spending time with us, and he's Bill Peirce, running for governor in Ohio, where they're trying to pass their own little Patriot Act, their unpatriotic act.
And, Bill, give us any websites or any information about how we can support you trying to run against all this.
Well, the easiest is to look for PeirceforOhio.com, and that's P-E-I-R-C-E for Ohio.
We've got a link to that on Infowars.com.
What are you doing about old Blackwell, though?
He's really in control of those vote machines through his toadies.
I mean, is there any point of even running against his lordship?
Well, that's something we worry about.
You know, in the 2004 election, the Libertarians were trying to get ballot status, and we presented about 60,000 signatures.
We needed 33,000 valid ones, and...
He simply rejected all the petitions because he didn't like the forms they were signed on.
The libertarian forms had an extra column so you could print your name, and he said that wasn't what he'd approved.
Oh, you don't want more documentation on your forms, no.
Oh, no, no.
You wouldn't want to be able to read a signature.
So that's what we're up against.
Well, I guess Ohioans who don't think they're in a police state are really going to enjoy this.
Just, oh, you know...
Being lavished with checkpoints and being searched.
There's other provisions in here, aren't there?
Oh, there are.
It says that all state and local employees have to comply with the National Patriot Act and any federal authorities in immigration, terrorism, or executive orders of the President.
So, you know, all municipalities and all state and local employees have to comply.
So really that's saying you're going, again, getting rid of the Tenth Amendment, going under federal control, and the fraudulent commander-in-chief business that Bush has been announcing, which is only for the military, when there's a declared war, well now, again, that's this federalization of local communities.
Yeah, and I think the really dangerous part is any executive order of the president
You know, because lots of things become executive orders.
Well, the Attorney General says that Bush is above the law and is the law.
Yeah, well, that's not the way I read the Constitution, but maybe that doesn't matter anymore.
Well, I mean, I think Bush, it was reported, called it a GED piece of paper.
Yeah, well, yeah.
Well, we've always tried to rely on these pieces of paper to keep government in check.
Maybe it doesn't work anymore.
Well, the Declaration of Independence says that it's not just our right, it's our duty to abolish these forms when they become destructive of our liberty.
Yeah, I hope it hasn't come to that yet, but we have to be vigilant.
Well, I think we can still avert a lot of this, but I don't think it's all going to be peaceful.
They're going to try to start fights.
They want to make it physical.
We want to avert that, but just down the road, it's just getting worse and worse, Mr. Purse.
No, I know.
I'm just really shocked by all this.
Yeah, it is disturbing.
You know, I was hoping to run just on economic issues, which is my specialty, but of course you get into these things, you know, these become very important right away.
But would you say most Ohioans are upset about this?
No, I think most people haven't thought about it at all.
It really hasn't received much attention in the press.
Thank you for joining us.
Well, it's my pleasure.
Take care.
Thank you.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, we're now into the third...
...hour, which we're not really into.
I got it back into the studio late.
I was out of the studio telling them what to post on the website, and I ran in here.
And we are starting the second hour, and in the middle of this hour, we have a gentleman who heads up Corridor Watch, who's gotten the majority of the counties in Texas to stand up against the Trans-Texas Corridor and say, you ain't turning all our roads into toll roads.
I mean, it takes almost every major street and highway and state road and turns them into a toll road via the transponders.
That's coming up in 30 minutes.
And that will go into the third hour.
And we're going to take calls for the next 30 minutes to get into other news, like this little tidbit.
MSNBC polled.
Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?
And out of 75,181 respondents, 87% said that he needs to be impeached for lying about the war, for spying.
That is good news.
Now, then you see the other little fraudulent polls they put out.
Oh, he's getting very popular.
And I have no doubt with some weak-minded people, all the grandstanding, going, I want to protect you from evil Al-Qaeda.
That may be the case, but overall it's not.
And again, Bush is just a puppet, but people are losing faith in the titular head, in the figurehead, in the front, in the facade, in the tapestry.
And they're seeing behind the curtain to the little man behind it controlling it, and that is the good news.
We're going to go to your calls here.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231, and we'll get into just a whole host of news stories.
But Ohio on the verge of passing what legislators are calling martial law, what they're calling Russian-style police states.
What was the particular...
State rep called it... One state representative said it resembles Gestapo-like tactics.
I mean, there's one quote.
There's a bunch of articles on this.
It feeds into all these other states from Rhode Island to Oregon with stuff even worse.
Protest and block traffic, life in a forced labor camp.
No, no.
Life in prison, 25 years if you agree to work in a labor camp.
Got to be exact about these things.
Let's talk to Chris in Arkansas, but that's not a police state, folks.
Everything's fine.
Go ahead, Chris.
You're on the air.
Alex, you need to listen to an album from Def Leppard, the rock metal group.
Listen to their album, Hysteria.
And the seventh song on the track is a song called Gods of War.
And it's just got some real police face down and stuff in it.
You know, Dev Leppard is from Sheffield, England.
Yeah, I knew that, Alex.
No, I was notified by Paul Watson of that.
He's quite proud of Def Leppard, a big fan of him.
Actually, I'm joking.
He thinks they're nerdly.
That's a big joke.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, well, I think you'd like it.
It's called Gods of War, and it's just got some stuff in the song where they talk about terrorists and how the people, you know, quote, let down their nation because terrorists have struck and all this other stuff.
It's got some real good police station.
Is that a new song?
No, it's not new.
It's old as dirt, Alex.
It's probably, oh gosh, at least 10, 15 years old.
It's pretty old, but it's hysteria, Def Leppard, Gods of War.
The other thing I wanted to talk about was...
For one thing, I'm a U.S.
soldier, Alex, and I'm not confiscating anybody's weapons.
We've got a clip we're going to play later of U.S.
Army confiscating guns in America.
We don't like to do it, but we're taking the guns.
Well, I don't care.
You know, they can shoot me or put me in prison or whatever.
I'm just not doing it, period.
We may have to, boys.
People like your guns.
Call Al-Qaeda.
Don't you know Al-Qaeda agents?
Sprout out a Pappy shotgun.
Yeah, I'm... No, no, that's where they... Listen, listen here, listen.
Shaking down families is what... Stay there.
Stay there, Chris.
I'm gonna have a talk with you after this break.
What kind of devil are you, boy?
Get them guns!
That's conservative!
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Thursday...
The 22nd of December, 2005.
We're talking to Chris and Mike and Mark and many others that are patiently holding.
Toll free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
All over the country, states are attempting, and in some cases passing, and in some cases failing, on the verge of signing in Ohio, laws that are being openly called martial law or Gestapo land.
Or Soviet Union.
These are the terms.
And openly, you must answer questions.
You must be shut down.
You will be taken to jail.
There will be federally controlled state and local teams with citizen squads under them.
I mean, we've had some of the citizen squads from Knoxville on just two days ago.
And I said, so the emergency management center is really federal with a live board tracking all cell phones, scanning our faces?
Well, yes, sir.
That's the system.
That's the plan.
And he's the professor at the local college with 14 classes under him, and then he goes off and is creating cadres of these local tattletale squads who then go make, quote, anonymous reports on crime and threats and potential terrorists.
You notice there's no real terrorists, so it's all crime.
And it makes me want to hyperventilate.
I mean, this makes me so angry.
They got a bunch of well-meaning idiots working for them, but they're actually trying to take down America right in front of you.
Has nothing to do with terrorism.
And then you look at who carried out the terror, and guess what?
It's the same people doing this.
And is it any surprise that it's Skull and Bones Taft about to sign it in Ohio?
Oh no, but we're not in a police state.
The Pentagon watches anti-war protesters.
The Pentagon watches animal rights activists.
The Pentagon watches pro-gun groups.
The Pentagon is surveilling you with actual physical assets trailing you.
Oh, the NSA's listening to you.
Oh, your cell phone's being tracked.
Oh, your... But everything's okay.
We're getting to Agenda 21 and the corridors, and a fellow running for state senate who's just done a bang-up job with his corridor watch.
He's got the majority of the county signed on.
I'll say like 15 at the end of the day.
It's like 70 or something.
I mean, it's getting really exciting.
So we're fighting back against these bastards, but that's what they are, folks.
Well, as a soldier,
You are not required to obey unlawful orders.
It's the order of your commander-in-chief, boy!
It is an unlawful order to do anything as a member of the armed forces.
But guns are bad.
We've got to confiscate them.
That subverts the Constitution of the United States.
That's the oath that every soldier takes.
They take an oath to protect the Constitution.
Well, also, the Commander-in-Chief is only over the military as long as he follows the Constitution.
Now Bush isn't even doing that, and he's saying Commander-in-Chief makes him dictator.
That's what his memo said.
That's what he's been saying.
And then people said, oh, you're saying you're a dictator?
And he goes, no, I'm not a dictator.
He hopes people don't know what a dictator is.
That is a dictator.
He's trying to declare that he's a dictator.
Well, the first line of the Oath of Enlistment is, I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies.
Foreign and domestic.
And if the president wants to make himself a domestic enemy against the people, that means it is your duty as a soldier to uphold the Constitution.
Well, George Washington was a highly decorated Indian fighter soldier, captain, and then colonel for the British.
I guess he should have just followed the orders of the king, though, when the king was enslaving the people.
See, George Washington was bad, buddy.
And I happen to have video of FEMA saying he was bad, so you're a terrorist, too.
Right, right.
And the whole purpose of the First Amendment is so you can throw dung on the Virgin Mary.
All these sorts of things.
They come out and make the rights look bad by somebody abusing them.
Yeah, that's what they do.
I don't care if some monkey abuses their rights.
It doesn't take my rights away.
Exactly, exactly.
I want to say one other thing, Alex.
I saw local news the other day, and I'm not necessarily saying there's anything sinister behind it, but they were talking about how teens and how they drive recklessly and...
We should now put cameras in our car to watch our kids drive.
And I just thought kind of, you know, that's kind of extreme.
And we shouldn't use cash because the terrorists will get us when really it's the wireless stuff that's causing all the problems and cash is evil and Big Brother loves you.
No, no, sir, it's all propaganda all the time.
Yeah, yeah, and we need to get off this yacht.
But I mean, the fiat's better than the cashless fiat.
Thanks for the call.
And folks, the local newscaster in most cases isn't some government operative demon.
They have the CBS Broadcast Center in Manhattan.
And Fox News, ABC, and CBS, all three do their national news gathering.
They all pool right there.
There's literally hundreds and hundreds of editors there.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, that's why I can be at home, watch TV, see an exact newscast on ABC or CBS, or ABC or whatever.
I can get in a plane, fly somewhere, and be in a hotel room that night and see the exact same words, exact same thing, which is local names changed when I'm in L.A.
Literally, I've been in Austin, seen a newscast in the morning, and get to L.A.
and it's the exact newscast, same affiliate.
They're getting their federal feeds.
I call them federal feeds, national feeds.
So that's why.
Every time I see a local newscast, when I saw that Mercury's Nutritious newscast, I immediately ran into Google and I typed it in.
And that was on CBS locally.
We have that clip on the website.
And there were hundreds of them.
Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Amarillo.
Just in Texas, it was everywhere.
It was literally hundreds of links.
The same newscast.
The same script.
It's the same thing.
Do you understand?
Sing Mercury's Nutritious.
They don't believe it.
I play the clip every month.
Go get the Mercury's Nutritious clip.
See, we're not radical, folks.
We're saying Mercury's bad for you.
Okay, we're sending police in black ski masks.
We're surrounding shopping malls, searching everyone.
It's ridiculous.
And total police state.
And they know it has nothing to do with stopping terrorists.
This is government letting us know we're slaves.
Now, this is a local newscast, and a new study shows that it actually helps kids with mercury, and it helps them, not hurts them.
Here it is.
Mercury-containing vaccines may have on kids.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses, a new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
Here's tonight's medical headlines with medical watch reporter Hema Mathur.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
Well, there you have it.
Oh, mmm, maybe nutritious.
I mean, see, it's just in your face.
And that was all over the country.
And it was two federally paid-for studies saying, oh, no, this is good for our children.
Oh, yes, it's very good that we've gone from 1 in 20-something thousand having autism to 1 in 166, and that was last year's numbers.
They're now trending for it to be 1 in 70.
I mean, pretty soon half of us will be like that.
Look, it's completely normal.
Here's your injection.
I mean, this is a nightmare.
We have woken up in a nightmare.
And I'm normal.
I'm normal because I'm freaking out over this.
Forced labor can't be protest.
I mean, I just, you know.
Mike in Illinois.
Go ahead, Mike.
Hey, Alex, how are you?
I'm just freaking out.
I know you are.
I can hear it.
You've got one hell of a task ahead of you, my friend.
Hey, all this Patriot stuff, since we haven't heard it for a while, is really them warming up the orchestra of the elections next year.
So they extended it for six months.
That's going to be the hot-button topic.
They're all going to go, oh, we haven't been for this.
Oh, yeah, we know this.
They know we're pissed about it.
They know we're upset about it.
And then there's going to be a terror attack after they get rid of it.
And it was all your fault.
We tried to save you by enslaving you.
You know what, Alex?
Merry Christmas.
Hey, what do you think about them trying to pass this law in Ohio where they shake everybody down and rogue teams are running around vipering us?
All of it scares me because most of the people don't pay attention.
They'd rather turn their iPod on and not listen to anybody.
Watch reality TV until they pass out.
Meanwhile, there's cops creeping around dressed up like Nazis.
That's normal.
Hey, they're here for our protection.
But that's normal.
It's everybody's opinion on it.
Like I said when you had the professor on the other day, maybe one time this has worked out to our benefit.
Why are we sitting here lying to each other saying that this is acceptable?
It's not.
What he kept saying, he was, yeah, it's very scary what I'm doing.
He was admitting that, yeah, it looks like, and he said, well, you know, it's not my job.
He was having to admit it was bad.
When do we draw the line?
We all have to ask ourselves that.
Take the time, when you guys, everybody that's listening, when you have time off this holiday, sit down and think about it.
When are we going to draw the line?
I mean, it crossed over everything that this country's been about for almost 300 years.
You know what it boils down to, Mike?
It boils down to people don't respect themselves.
They don't know how much power they've got.
It's a lack of education.
The education system has worked exactly.
They listen when they're told to listen, and they don't question anything because they don't even know how to formulate the questions.
And they don't even know the economy's in shambles because the news tells them it isn't.
When all the indicators are, we're going to hell in a handbasket.
One of the first things he did when he got into office is made it so you can only collect unemployment for like nine months, and then you come out of those numbers.
So all the numbers that we're hearing are crap.
And nobody wants to question that either.
I mean, I've had two chief economists on from their own administrations.
It's all baloney.
You always make good points.
Anything else?
Anything else, Mike?
Just give your wife and kids a hug and a kiss for me.
Merry Christmas to you.
Merry Christmas.
Thanks for what you do, my friend.
You really put yourself out on the line.
Oh, man, the cost of not putting it out there is a lot worse.
I mean, we have an elite that openly writes books saying they're planning to kill us as soon as they get us under their control.
I mean, we're in trouble.
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Government is best, which governs me.
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What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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Perhaps Jenna Bush.
Osama been forgotten.
Go to LibertyStickers.com and express your freedom of speech today.
Seriously, folks, I've counted the cost.
The cost is much higher going along with this.
I mean, I'm fighting them.
I'm not mesmerized by all the entertainment and all the little trinkets.
I mean, I know what matters, freedom.
Because you lose freedom, you lose your economy, too.
I mean, people who don't live in freedom live in slavery, and they live in a bad economic area as well.
They live in a bad economic atmosphere.
So, you know, it all comes together as a package.
You don't value freedom, you don't value your own life.
I know most of you, a lot of you are New World Order minions out there.
You don't even care about your own family or your own kids, but you might as well care about yourselves.
Don't you have any self-preservation instincts?
Mark and David and Randy, your calls are coming up.
Here's an ABC News piece that was lost in the memory hole.
Remember them going in the old lady's house and confiscating her handgun from her and dragging her out?
Her house was high and dry.
This is video of what looks like $500,000 million houses.
I mean, I don't know how much the real estate is in that area, but it's in the wealthy areas.
It looks like million-dollar houses to me.
Huge Victorian-style houses.
Houses with the walk-around porches, and it's the troops confiscating guns.
We don't like confiscating guns, but we are.
Just everything we predicted.
Here's a beta test.
Oh, and Mexican troops, of course.
There is support rolls.
Dutch troops.
Precedence set.
Precedence set.
Here it is.
That includes New Orleans, where today authorities stepped up their efforts to empty the city.
Bob Woodruff is there again tonight with an extraordinary human drama unfolding.
That's true, Elizabeth, and good evening from New Orleans.
Here, the police and the National Guard find themselves in a very difficult position tonight to try to carry out an order to force people from the city without actually using force.
Today in New Orleans, they got a lot tougher on the holdouts.
Not only the flooded areas, but New Orleans' driest and wealthiest neighborhoods, too.
Police, fire it!
The police and National Guard going street by street, house to house.
We need to make sure, too, that whenever we knock on doors, people refuse to leave.
We need to make note, call again.
They say there are no orders to use force, just strong persuasion.
Sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn and instructions to disarm anyone inside.
You say guns will be taken?
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
That happened today in this wealthy neighborhood where homeowners had armed themselves to protect their mansions.
Residents were handcuffed on the ground.
In the end, police took their weapons but let them stay in their homes.
They were a little bit threatened because our weapons were bigger than their weapons.
You scum!
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
You're a punk.
This guard unit occupied a church, using it as a base camp.
They had to leave a note because they could not get hold of the pastor to get permission.
It is, it is surreal.
Yeah, you just never, you never expect to do this in your own country.
You scum.
Chris Montgomery says he'd rather be in Iraq than patrolling American neighborhoods.
Walking up and down these streets, you don't, you don't want to think about the stuff you want to do.
I'll tell you what, stop right there.
Rewind it about 45 seconds for that piece of scum.
What do you think Iraq was?
It was to train you for the very thing you're doing here.
I've been to the urban warfare drills.
I've seen you, Jack, training to take my guns and admitting it's for America.
So I don't want to hear it.
And no, those aren't our troops.
Those are scum traitors.
Those are the scum of the earth.
Can you imagine?
We're going to let you stay here for now, but you can't have your guns.
They were intimidated that ours were bigger than theirs.
What do you want to bet those guys would take their guns from their own daddy?
They don't even care about their own families.
The government told them, the government's my daddy.
I'll take your guns.
And they went into those areas, folks.
The government was just waiting for this beta test.
They held back the aid.
FEMA sabotaged everything.
A few drug addicts shot guns in the air.
They called it a big threat and then went in and confiscated guns for week after week and nobody ever got them back.
And there's the video of American citizens drug out of their mansions.
See, nobody's safe.
Tied down with dumb gang member military stomping around going, We got their guns!
The local cops will take your guns.
Don't let them tell you they won't.
They can't wait to get them.
Roll the tape again.
Just roll it.
The guard find themselves in a very difficult position tonight to try to carry out an order to force people from the city without actually using force.
Today in New Orleans, they got a lot tougher on the holdouts.
Police department at your home!
Not only the flooded areas, but New Orleans' driest and wealthiest neighborhoods, too.
Police department!
The police and National Guard going street by street, house to house.
We need to make sure, too, that when we knock on doors, people usually need to make note, call again.
They say there are no orders to use force, just strong persuasion, sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn and instructions to disarm anyone inside.
You say guns will be taken.
No one will be able to be armed.
We're going to take all weapons.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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So it wasn't just off confiscating old ladies' guns.
I mean, they went into the wealthy areas on the outside, the rim of New Orleans, where they had roads to the rest of the state where things were open.
They even had power in a lot of areas.
And they just showed up.
And police were freaking out on the news, I remember, and the head of the hospital.
Others were going, look, we live there.
You're good to go.
I think?
And it's just so mindless, and the feds are so uncoordinated, and want to carry out their precedent-setting event for local police and National Guard and regular army working together, backed up by Dutch and Mexican troops, by the way, in support roles, and people out on the front lawns in front of million-dollar houses.
You ought to see this video.
It's up on Infowars.com.
In front of million-dollar houses, just confiscating their guns.
Well, you can stay here where there's criminal gangs roaming around after we've taken your guns.
Of course, there really weren't criminal gangs in most of the areas.
The police were afraid of them and would run from them.
That was on the news.
But later, well, let's just swagger into these houses and see what we can get.
And I've talked to sheriffs, I've talked to police, I've talked to emergency managers, like Thomas Sanchez, Kingsville, a Vietnam Marine Corps veteran, and he's patriotic.
They came into him in 1999 and said, we're training for gun confiscations in America.
It's part of a covert secret plan, PDD-25.
They showed him a classified version, and then he came on my show and said, Delta Force wants to train here, it's part of conditioning for a takeover, and I'm not going to be part of it.
But then in Alice, Texas, they did, and he gave us an interview, and their chief's like, Foreign troops are here, but I can't let you know about our tactics.
Oh, but the foreign troops can know about your tactics.
So I don't care.
See, it sounded crazy then while I was just going off.
San Antonio police chief, emergency manager Kingsville, patriots, real patriots.
But Scott Hartman runs the show.
He's up there in the network, there in the control booth, and I told him to turn a microphone on because he made a good point during the break.
To me, about the point of, well, why were they even made to leave to begin with?
You want to comment on that, Scott?
I mean, these are their homes.
There's no reason why these people should be forced to leave in the first place.
I mean, especially, okay, granted, some of them are flooded out, and it might not have been a good idea to stay, but that still was their choice, their home.
It's called freedom.
And what I don't understand is if the only reason they were there is to force them to leave,
Why did they let them stay anyway after they took their guns?
It was the guns they were after.
It wasn't the people.
They disarmed tens of thousands of homes.
I mean, it was just huge truckloads.
I've talked to military that were there.
They wouldn't let the news show it.
In fact, there was one AP article where they walked up and said, we will kill you like we do in Iraq if you show any of this.
They even gave his name.
It was a captain.
And it was trucks just filled with guns.
Yeah, that's absurd.
That's all they were after.
They weren't after getting...
It had nothing to do with the safety of these people.
It had to do with the safety of themselves.
Because they were concerned that these people would end up using these guns.
Well, that's what they told the buffoons.
As if the military and the police should worry about middle class people with their guns.
Every study, every statistic, every common sense mode shows that that's where police are safe, you idiots.
They're not safe in New York and Chicago and Trenton, New Jersey.
Where they have total gun confiscation.
That's true.
That's true.
I mean, it's simple.
I mean, look, statistically, cops have a higher criminal right than any other group in society, but I don't think cops should be disarmed, because most of them are good.
I mean, why do we feel good when a cop's got a gun, but we freak out when a... Back when this country was free, and you didn't have any crime to speak of, everybody had guns in their cars.
There were guns in the gun racks.
People weren't afraid of guns.
It's just...
There it is.
Scott, what do you think about all the martial law announcements at the state level now, from Oregon to Rhode Island to Ohio, passing laws for checkpoints and warrantless searches and viper teams on the streets to federally searches and local teams and tattletale squads?
Oh, I'm very excited about that.
I'm just waiting for it to work its way up to Minnesota here.
Well, that's what America's all about.
Home of the checkpoint, land of the gun confiscation.
Yeah, that's true.
And pretty soon, somebody's going to be knocking at the back door of GCN here and won't be able to run a radio program anymore.
That's right.
You were talking bad about our Commander-in-Chief.
All right.
Thank you so much for that.
I know we've got loaded phone lines, and for the next hour, we are honored to be joined by a gentleman who I know I'm going to be voting for if I had a chance to, in his Senate place, and it's Place 18, Texas Senate.
That's basically the Senate runs the state.
The governor's a puppet.
And we are just honored to see what David Stahl is doing.
The website is CorridorWatch.org.
Look, put up or shut up, he took action.
He's now gotten most of the counties in the state to say no corridors.
We're not putting up with them.
What are they?
Well, you see corridors in UN plans, Agenda 21.
When you go up into Kansas, out of Oklahoma, you'll drive 45, 50 miles, no exits, huge walls.
You'll see old ghost towns, big Victorian homes, old gas stations shut down.
They build the gas stations in the medians, and there's toll roads, and you're not allowed to exit.
And the plan is to force everybody into the cities.
It's part of Agenda 21.
I made my first film about that, America Destroyed by Design, right off the UN's own documents.
And TxDOT documents had said 6,000 miles or 7,000 miles of tolls in the country.
It was going to be 6,000 miles, transponders in the inspection stickers.
Now the new documents are showing 8,000 miles in Texas, 3,000 in cities and another, what, 5,000 on the state roads.
We're good to go.
And Mr. Stoll, thank you for holding while I was babbling about the gun confiscation, but I know you're a patriot and you're against that as well, so thank you for coming on.
I appreciate being here with you.
Let me just ask you a side issue.
What do you think of all the gun confiscation and all the things that are happening?
I think it's a trend that we have in this country of surrendering our rights and privileges and liberties, and we've got to put a stop to it.
That's one of the reasons that I'm...
If you can't beat them, join them.
I'm going to run for the State Senate here and see if I can't stop the erosion of personal rights that we're guaranteed under the Constitution, which doesn't seem to count anymore.
Where is Place 18?
What senatorial region is that?
Senate District 18 is in Central Texas.
It runs between Austin and Houston.
It doesn't include either of those metropolitan areas.
No, it was just south of here, yeah.
Yeah, and it goes all the way to the Gulf, altogether 19 counties, from Caldwell and Bastrop near Austin to Waller and Fort Bend near Houston.
It's similar to Ron Paul's old congressional district, isn't it?
It overlaps a lot of Ron Paul's old district, yes.
Well, I mean, I want to talk about your awakening, because not just your Senate run, and I'm supporting you, sir, not just your Senate run, but...
How you woke up to the corridors, why you started a group, a website, how you've had phenomenal success just with their own documents.
What you've done, and I'm not tooting your horn, I mean this sincerely, what you've done is a model of resistance and restoration of our Constitution.
First off, tell us how you woke up, tell us what these corridors are, let's bring in the Spanish company.
You know, the money, all of it, the scams, what they're going to do.
And then let's talk about how we're going to fight this and how we can start corridor watches in other states where this is starting to burgeon as well.
Yeah, Alex, you know, I've been involved in local government for 30 years.
I was elected as a city councilman when I was 20 years old.
And I felt like I was part of the establishment.
And I thought I understood the Constitution, what the government was about, and how it was supposed to operate.
And two years ago, I became aware of the Trans-Texas Corridor.
And it was a planning document that had been adopted as an official plan of the state of Texas by the Transportation Commission, and it was adopted without any public input.
I mean, no public input.
This is a revenue-generating proposition.
And let's point out, they're putting up the scanners and the readers and the control grids and trying to pass laws with the transponders, and no one even knows about it as it's going in.
This is all being done under the radar, without public meetings, without public input, without the kind of discussion that we had in this country when we decided to do an interstate program.
That's right.
This is vastly different.
We have to actually go outside this country to understand what this project is.
And the state knows it, because the vendors that they're bringing in to build it are also coming from outside the state.
Now tell me if I'm wrong.
You know, 1950s, they start the interstate program off the autobahns.
Eisenhower says it's going to be military roads, but used to move materials.
That actually grew the country and made us a dynamo.
Now they're going to use our dependence on that grid to totally enslave us and shut off 80% of the rural areas of the country.
That's in the official plans.
This is hell on earth.
Yes, actually, they try to point to the interstate system as this is just a model for this, but that's not correct at all.
You know, Eisenhower fought a war.
He used the Autobahn.
He wanted to see the same thing in this country, to move manpower and material, just as you said.
And what he originally proposed was a highway that didn't go to any cities, and there was no money to build it, and it would be a toll road.
But, you know, there was public discussion and debate in the Senate and in the Congress of the United States.
And the governors said, we can't afford to have these toll roads.
It will damage our economies if people have to pay to drive to get here.
So this is really just the original plan of the control grid coming to fruition?
And right out of Europe, once again.
And so that changed.
And then the mayors of the major metropolitan cities said, you'll destroy our economies if you take the traffic.
I mean, anyone who buys and sells commercial real estate
We're good to go.
Well, that's why every store you go to asks for your zip code.
They're trying to decide where to build new stores or if they should shut that store down.
Look, for those that don't know, I'm not joking.
Okay, I've seen the models, I've read their documents, and I've been to Kansas.
They will shut down every major state highway.
You will not exit into the small towns.
It is meant to rewild those areas.
I'm not joking.
No, that's absolutely correct.
As a matter of fact, it will not only bypass all the small towns,
We're good.
Now, why would you want to create a new city?
You'd want to create a new city because you have absolute control over it, and you can control who makes the money from that development.
And you already grabbed the real estate just like what the railroads did with the robber barons, and they can control the land for, what, a mile or two off each side of it and sell it to their buddies.
The ultimate boondoggle.
As a matter of fact, the corridor itself is a quarter mile wide, which is 465 feet wider than is required to put everything in it that they say they want to do in it in the next 50 years.
And the law... I was reading about two-mile buffer zones.
What's that?
Well, the law allows them to take unlimited land adjacent to the corridor for what they call ancillary facilities, which is the ability not just to put gas stations and fast food in like you see on turnpikes,
But they can put in factories and warehouses and do all this on state land.
The maquiladoras.
And that's the thing about this is that you see the Supreme Court saying if some other financial interest anywhere globally, Dutch, Swiss, Chinese, now happening, Spanish, wants the land, they'll pay more taxes.
We'll give it to them.
And by the way, with the guest worker program, it's going to be a transponder in the Mexican trucks, in all these trucks.
They're all going to be instantly legal while in the corridors.
They're going to be like the international zones at airports.
Yes, actually, if it was just limited to that, it'd be great.
You know, the Texas legislature, this last session, attempted to require that the transponders be put in every motor vehicle inspection sticker.
How about that?
I know, we barely made it.
But that's my point, is that this is about the Pan-American Union.
On their own website that we found it and pointed it out, TxDOT said it was going to merge Mexico and Canada for the American Union.
Yeah, as a matter of fact, the original plan does not show how this corridor connects to, nor did they have a single discussion with, and they openly told us, they have no discussions with Louisiana, Oklahoma, or New Mexico, or Colorado, with where these corridors will tie into those states.
And yet, there were three memorandums of understanding with Mexico, and the routes all the way through Mexico were part of our original plan in Texas.
Sir, so you've heard waking up to this, and let's get into the Spanish company and what they're up to.
Yeah, you know, we have some of the world's best road builders here in Texas, and certainly in the United States, we build roads around the world.
And yet the Texas Department of Transportation spent the largest travel amount they ever did to send their director of turnpike authority to Europe.
To sell the trans-Texas corridor in Europe.
Oh, and I bet he didn't get any money in his Swiss bank account.
Well, he certainly took a high-dollar attorney with him, which, by the way, wasn't even from Texas.
He's from California and does international projects.
No surprise.
And so we solicited foreign investment, and there were three proposals.
Two of them were from domestic companies, one from a Spanish company in Madrid, Spain.
And a selection was made.
And interestingly enough, the weighting of how that selection was made has been kept secret.
It's still secret today.
Kind of like Iraq with the no-bid contracts.
The two companies that lost that proposal don't even know why they lost it because it's still being kept a secret.
And there's been total secrecy.
Now, TxDOT said there's this lie about we're using less fuel, but we've gone from 15 million barrels four or five years ago, six years ago, to 22 million barrels a day.
Actually, the tax revenue is bigger than ever, state and federally.
We're good to go.
I think?
Yeah, there's absolutely no accountability.
There's no elected official as responsible.
It's all been assigned to a point.
Well, you were a city council member, Mr. Stahl.
Why is there this raping and this orgy of looting America?
I mean, they're just going everywhere.
It's just wild stealing out in the open.
I mean, what flipped the switch?
What do they know we don't know?
Well, I'll tell you what's happened is that we now have a unique situation in that the government itself and factions within the government, government entities and agencies, have become special interests.
Just like we used to deal with special interests with labor unions or with large industries, now government itself, for itself, we're creating self-funding governmental entities that are becoming authorities.
They're mafias.
It's like the old city-state where it's the noble on each hill in his castle.
And so anything that you can generate a revenue from benefits...
That group and not the general population.
And they are just hell-bent to do anything and everything they can to rape, pillage, and plunder the citizens of this country.
And Mr. Stahl, it's literal what you're talking about.
Folks, I've never seen anything like it.
All of it's totally criminal.
It's breaking laws.
The thing is, ten years ago you went to jail for this.
Now no one gets in trouble.
It's just... Well, in 2003, Texas passed House Bill 3588.
And it changed the way the government operates on these road projects.
And you're exactly right.
The things that they're doing today, before that law passed and changed the way it's done, would be commercial bribery.
People would end up going to jail for negotiating business in secret and finding them in secret, where there's no public knowledge of what we're buying and what we're paying for it.
Mr. Stahl, stay with us.
This is riveting.
I want to keep you in on the next hour and take calls and get into how we can support you for the Senate.
Stay with us.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I know I'm frothing.
I know I'm moving fast and hitting a lot of different angles with our incredibly educated and informed guests who are teaching us a lot.
I just want you to get a scope on the full magnitude.
Being tracked, being taxed, almost all the roads.
I mean, almost every major state road, all the major roads in every city, totally controlled.
Massive taxation by a foreign country tied into the King of Spain.
Total secrecy.
Payoffs everywhere publicly.
Total scams.
And it's going to be nationwide.
And they're going to bring in all these illegal aliens with it.
Totally legalize them.
It will just be giant roads connecting us with all those slave goods pouring in.
And the average American is totally dumbed down when it comes down to this.
We're going to start the next hour here in just a second.
We're going to be taking your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
We're talking to David Stahl, who's running for State Senate, District 18.
Get involved in this campaign, Austinites.
He's just south of us.
Help him contribute.
Get involved.
We need poll watchers to stop him from scamming and try to stop him.
The good news is he's got masses of the counties to go along with him.
I want to talk about the model he's used to get people involved by educating people.
That's all coming up.
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So I want to thank all those that have supported us
And if you haven't supported us or it's been a while, then get some of the new videos.
You'll be impressed.
They're even better than the old ones, I think.
And get them out to people because if you don't stand up, nobody will.
And believe me, I've experienced it.
Standing up and getting involved really works.
We're the ultimate consumers, the ultimate couch potatoes, the ultimate spectators.
Stop being a spectator.
It's fun to go catch bribery at the Capitol as I've done and see it on national TV.
It's fun to beat bills.
It's fun to expose corrupt people.
It's fun to watch them go to jail.
It's fun to come up with an idea to throw out the Patriot Act and have 400 plus cities and now six states adopt it.
Yes, I'm not tooting my horn.
I'm nobody.
I'm not that smart.
And what Mr. Stahl's doing is amazing.
We're about to break, Mr. Stahl, but give us a little tidbit before we get back into what these corridors will do of just how many counties you've gotten to sign on with you and how you got that done.
Well, we've got 32 counties that the Commissioner's Courts have passed formal resolutions opposing the corridor, and we have members now in 174 of the Texas counties.
Once people learn a little bit, they want to learn more, and they discover that it's as terrible as
They could possibly imagine.
We're really losing our freedoms and rights and it's time to stand up.
If you value your freedoms and your liberties, it's time to stand up and make the government accountable for that.
Well, the Romans said all roads lead to Rome and they built those expensive roads, paved roads, folks, for a reason because it gave them total control.
Roads are the blood supply.
You know, they've gone way out of their way to say they don't want to raise gasoline taxes.
You know, and we have 38.5 cent gasoline tax in Texas.
That's the federal and the state component.
People need to understand these toll roads, the tolls that they're going to charge, the foreign entities are going to charge.
It's $3.85.
$2.50 a gallon, right?
Oh, I'm sorry.
$3.85 a gallon.
How do you like that?
Well, I guess that was their skewed numbers.
I saw the $2.55 or $2.50.
Oh, my goodness.
Folks, go to the website, corridorwatch.org.
It's all there.
You want to get educated.
I mean, I know the horns are going to be on this weekend, so just sell your kid's birthright out.
Watch the horns game and get drunk.
Don't go stop the toll roads of the Spanish king.
We'll be right back with David Stahl.
Stay with us.
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Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Guns have been totally banned in Chicago.
Crime rate explodes.
Guns have been banned in New York.
Guns have been totally banned in San Francisco.
Arnold's banning many different types of calibers of firearms above 40s.
Banning ammo.
Gun confiscation by U.S.
troops in New Orleans and wealthy neighborhoods.
States all over the country attempting and in some cases passing laws.
I actually have the bill numbers here in front of me.
Read them in the first hour.
AP, if you go to a war protest and block traffic or download music, 25 years in a forced labor camp in a forest labor camp.
That's Oregon.
I mean, I have the bill, links to it, it's almost passed.
I mean, look, I don't believe this, okay?
I mean, I can't believe it when I'm actually reading the bills.
We are in a twilight zone nightmare.
And David Stahl, running for Texas Senate, he's been a city council member, been involved in the government for a long time, District 18, and I'm going to try to control myself and shut up and let him talk and then take some of your calls coming up here in the next segment.
David, I mean, there's so many facets to the corridors.
How do we stop these massive toll roads, these international toll roads going in?
The only way we can stop them is to educate people, to get awareness up, and then have people demand information.
That action be taken.
That the state do what they want done.
There's a complete disconnect between the people and the state.
And we like to say that we'd like to have leadership, not dictatorship, in Austin.
But let me tell you one thing that I don't think your readers or your listeners necessarily already know, and that's the Trans-Texas Corridor is not just highways.
It's not just ten vehicle lanes.
It'll all be toll.
But it's also six rail lines.
And it's also 200 feet of set aside for underground utilities and overhead utilities.
And what they want to do is concentrate and create a monopoly, by the way, operated by a foreign entity, a monopoly of infrastructure in the state of Texas.
Our transportation on road and rail, the transportation of products through pipelines, and our electrical distribution system.
And with that stranglehold, this corridor,
We'll absolutely control infrastructure in Texas and be able to tax us in ways we have never seen before.
And with no oversight, the law specifically says the state cannot set the leases, tolls, and franchise fees in the corridor.
So we're giving all of that away to this foreign entity to operate here in Texas.
And in a time when we're looking at homeland security and we're talking about terrorism, why is it that we want to put
All our vulnerabilities in one place.
Why would you put all your utilities and your rail and your transportation... Because anything centralized means they get to give it to only their buddies.
Yeah, but are we really concerned about terrorism?
Are we really concerned about terrorism?
I've got to tell you, in local government, the state and the federal government requires you to do a vulnerability assessment on a wastewater treatment plant.
We have to do a document that says how we protect our sewage treatment, and yet we're going to put electric, gas lines, water lines, train, and highways all together and create... Well, don't worry, though.
We have the new federal VIPER teams who will protect all infrastructure.
I mean, have you heard of the new VIPER teams?
Yes, I've heard a little bit about that.
It's distressing, isn't it?
It's just amazing.
On one hand, we're really concerned about these things, and on the other hand, we're really not.
It's just a shell game.
Well, we're just concerned about training the American people to be slaves and be shoved around at rifle point.
Show me your papers or you'll be arrested.
Answer all my questions.
No Fifth Amendment.
But the border is wide open, and they're going to legalize all the illegals with a guest worker program.
Well, when we get back, what are some of the other things you want to get into, Mr. Stahl?
Well, I think that eminent domain and property rights is an incredible thing.
I mean, through the use of the state power, we now have a concessionaire who can dictate where roads and facilities go with unlimited scope.
And if you don't want to sell the land, they'll take it from you.
Let's talk about the maneuvers of the Spanish company with TxDOT suing each other to enjoin so they don't have to tell the public anything.
Oh, yeah, that's a good one.
And let's talk about it all with David Stahl.
You've got to vote for him.
You've got to get involved.
District 18 running south of Austin down to H-Town.
PrismPlanet.tv, Infowars.com.
We'll be right back.
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Why do I call it PrisonPlanet.com?
Why a prison planet?
Because I've read globalist strategy manuals.
They're public.
People always say, where are they?
Well, we post them every day.
I mean, go look at the ridiculous amount of stuff on Infowars.com today.
There's probably 75 new stories up there, bills.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
It's just the truth!
We're good to go.
I think?
Back in 1996, reading a New American Magazine article about the UN, 80 plus percent of the country off limits to humans, corridors.
Then I went and I got Kentucky state resolutions against it, where they've been fighting it.
I got the actual UN documents, and they said we're going to have walled highways, super transportation corridors.
We're going to put the people down into about 10 percent of the land.
I have half the land totally off limits, and then like 40-something percent of the other land restricted.
It came up to about 80%.
You just couldn't even get on.
And there's going to be all these transportation corridors and all this, and we're going to have toll roads.
It's all been planned, and it's all given to these elite families to run, and it just deals with our governments.
And it's here.
And David Stahl with CorridorWatch.org is fighting it.
And he's gotten the majority of the counties now on his side more and more every week.
You can go see a map of the people that have joined him.
And I want to go to some calls.
I want to talk about property rights issues and how they say they can grab unlimited buffer zones around the corridors.
Incidentally, that's all in the U.N.
We're good to go.
And you've got five minutes in front of them to explain to laymen who are as dumb as dirt and have no idea, not just dumb, just uninformed, never been focused in on these issues, tell us why the corridors are bad, and then how do you get them to join you, and then how do you begin to fight the King of Spain and the rest of them?
All right.
Well, the first thing you need to understand is what we're trying to accomplish.
I mean, what are they telling us we're trying to accomplish with the corridors?
Is it a transportation project, or is it a revenue project, or is it an empire building project?
They will tell you it's a transportation project, and yet there's not a single transportation study that's been performed.
There's not one document that says where it needs to go to.
There's not one definition of the trans-Texas corridor in the law.
It says it's as designated.
It's a blank sheet of paper.
When you look at the minutes of the meetings, this is about where a concessionaire can generate money and the state take a cut.
They don't care how they do it.
They have a huge range of things they can do.
My issue with this is not transportation.
It's process.
It's government process.
We are abandoning
Things that we believe are fundamental rights in this country and protections in the pursuit of revenue to build bigger and bigger government.
Well, it goes like the old days where a king would cede a region to somebody to be his little viceroy, and you have unlimited power.
They're just giving away our land.
That's exactly right.
We are creating...
It's a monopoly.
The world's largest transportation and infrastructure monopoly that you've ever seen.
We've gone through the efforts of breaking up Ma Bell.
In Texas, we deregulated electricity.
And now, we're doing a 180 and we're going to monopolize and we're going to give a foreign entity the monopoly to operate infrastructure in Texas and to tax Texans.
And the process allows an arm's length relationship so that when the thing goes south, when people wake up to what's happening to them,
And this is that foggy thing called privatization.
And privatization in its sum of what it's supposed to be would be okay.
But the problem is, this isn't privatization.
When a corrupt politician gets bought off by a foreign company or somebody else and says, okay, I'm going to pass an unconstitutional law to just give all the roads to you, to just set up toll roads on them, and that's just a small part of it, folks.
And as you said, their own numbers say $2.50 a gallon, when you're paying $0.35 a gallon right now, $2.50 charge per gallon in toll roads.
And I saw the California numbers of over $3.50.
You're saying $3.80 here.
8,000 miles of toll roads, and then they like to say, oh, well, we're doing this because there's no, again, gas revenue, but gas revenue is growing, and TxDOT's own documents say that.
Oh, yeah, and TxDOT is notorious for flat-out lying about their revenue numbers.
You know, we have a biannual budget in Texas, and they project how much revenue they're going to get from gasoline tax and from registrations and from the federal government, and they underestimate that, and they don't underestimate it by a little bit.
The last two years,
They underestimated it by about $800 million.
Underestimated it intentionally, because then that money is off budget.
If it doesn't show up as a revenue, then it looks like they're coming in short and they need more money.
And then it's a whole other story about how these boards, these unelected boards, are all bought and paid for.
Yeah, and you've made a reference about how Spain got involved and how that ties to government then.
And one interesting fact here is that the lobbyists for this Spanish company from Madrid, they're lobbyists that introduced that company to the Transportation Commission and to the transportation officials in Texas.
That same exact lobbyist, as soon as their proposal was submitted to the state to compete against the two domestic companies, that lobbyist went to work in this state's governor's office as his liaison for legislative affairs, his director of legislative affairs.
Now, how's that?
And then, in that position in the last legislature, worked to protect all of the benefits, the rape, pillage, and plunder provisions that were granted in the last legislature to keep those from being attacked by people who are now finding out what's going on.
And so you have the company's own lobbyists working within our government in the governor's office to protect their interests.
But as long as Rick Perry walks around on a cowboy hat, everything's okay.
Yeah, well, Governor Goodhair, what can I say?
I don't know.
And then again, it's in the provisions, which weren't open for bid, and that they have all secret, and lawsuits have begun, and they try to cover it up, but it's public, that they're saying that unlimited land, I read two miles on each sign, where is it specifically where you were saying it's in the provisions for unlimited land grabbing?
It says that they can take adjacent land for ancillary facilities, and there is no limiting language as to how much adjacent land they can take.
As a matter of fact, just recently it was reported to us that a TxDOT official confirmed to an individual at one of these meetings that once the environmental study is complete, it identifies a 10-mile-wide swamp where they'll get a record of decision.
And it was confirmed that, in reality, they could take up to the full 10-mile width, because that has already been... Now, specifically, Perry's saying he's going to take the existing state highways, which has most of the houses and development and property on it, so they'll just steal all that from him, and then the Supreme Court's already said go for it.
And at the same time, then they're going to build all these other new roads and then expand other roads.
This is hellish.
Oh, well, you know, you talk about expanding other roads.
One of the things that they say they're going to do in this is a non-compete.
Oh, yeah, well, I forgot about that.
Tell us all about that.
That's right.
Mr. Stahl, are you there?
We just lost his audio.
Is he there now?
Well, I'll tell you what, Scott, get him back on, okay?
That happens every once in a while.
His line just went dead, so we'll get him back on.
And then we're going to go to Mark and Danny and Randy and Nathaniel and many others that are patiently holding.
But his line went dead.
It might have gone out of batteries or who knows what's going on.
Folks, there's so many facets to this.
That's why I'm jabbering.
I'm gibbering.
I'm begging you.
This will change our whole way of life.
They pretend that geography and roads is control.
And so that's what they're doing.
I'm sorry, Mr. Stalby, somehow lost you.
Thanks for coming back with us.
Yeah, I don't know what happened there, Alex.
That's okay.
Any other points you want to make before I go to some calls?
No, I'd be happy to go to calls.
This is such a huge topic that we could talk about this for days.
I know.
I don't think people realize, though, how roads are everything.
They are the arteries of our society.
You know, one of the freedoms that we take for granted is our freedom of movement.
And what this will do is this will limit where you can move and will allow the government to track every place that you go and to charge you for it, to bill you for it.
These corridors, you don't even have to travel down the corridors.
It was pointed out to us, the legislation allows the operator of the corridor to charge you just to cross it.
Just to go across.
Well, that's what they say in Austin with the 16 roads or 16 intersections.
In Phase 1, they're just going to, when you go under a major road, toll you.
How about that?
And they'll be able to toll your utilities and all the goods and services that you receive to cross back.
It's incredible.
Well, people want to be raped.
How are we going to pay for all this?
Because in the States, when they admitted, it'll cost over $2,000 a year just on the tolls they're proposing off the transponders.
$2,000 plus dollars, and they're talking about statewide to drive each year around $4,000.
I mean, most people can't pay that.
Well, you know, they're just going to squeeze it.
I think we're good to go.
Well, I mean, this is classical fascism or corporatism.
In fact, if you read folks in the bill, we barely beat the transponders in the stickers, and that's how they're going to do it, and they're still building the roads.
If you read that, well, I'll tell you about it when we get back.
It's mind-blowing what it says.
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We're good to go.
I think?
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Or call 800-345-8376.
I'm Mark David.
And many others, your calls are coming up here in just a moment.
You know, Kevin Smith, who went down and hosted Mr. Stahl down in Gonzales for a meeting they had down there for Corridor Watch, he was just informing me, I mean, Mr. Stahl's got a long bio, he's a city manager, so those people that really run cities, he's a city manager, and I asked him about the comprehensive annual financial report during the break, and he goes, yeah, I know what it is, and I don't like what I see.
That's the real set of books, boys and girls, and not the budget you hear about all day.
And then he's also 25 years in law enforcement.
Tell us about that, Mr. Stahl.
Yeah, I started off as a patrol officer and worked my way up until I was chief of a fire marshal's office.
Started in the law enforcement as a police officer patrolman, investigator for most of my years and assistant chief of police.
And then I moved over to the fire marshal's office as a fire and arson investigator.
Where are you a city manager right now?
The city of Shore Acres.
We're in Harrison, Chambers County, where the Houston Yacht Club is at.
Boy, they're lucky to have a good city manager like you there.
Well, I think it's mutually appreciated.
I have retired already, and I went back to work to be close to some grandchildren, and it's a four-day-a-week job for me, and a very small community.
But you know what?
I mean, that's why you can march into these councils, and you've been a city council member as well, and really educate them.
Yes, I know what I'm looking at, and I'm pretty well versed on government issues, and I've read an awful lot of legislation.
And that's what got me really motivated on this.
This is bad government.
This is not the way it's supposed to work.
We are circumventing all types of protections that were put into law to protect the citizens.
Well, they just create a new agency and then just give it unbelievable power and claim because it's private, it doesn't have to follow the Constitution.
Well, listen, just because I'm private doesn't mean I get to commit murder.
That's right.
You know, the chairman of the Transportation Commission was asked about what was innovative about this.
And my wife is on the TxDOT's Citizens Advisory Group for the Transportation Commission on the Trans-Texas Corridor.
And as she often says, what's innovative about roads and railroads?
We've been doing that for 100 years.
And the answer was that the concessionaire does not have to follow the same rules that the state does.
Well, that's a scary thought.
We intentionally now are putting someone in charge that doesn't have to follow the rules.
Well, clearly this is just an illegal exercise of power.
It's color of law.
It's tyranny, despot behavior, just announcing you're God.
That's exactly what's happening, yes.
Mark in Nevada, and then everybody else.
We're going to start moving quick here.
You're on the air.
Mark, go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, I had a couple things I wanted to say.
One, I guess, is kind of related.
I'm originally from Minnesota.
Yeah, I think so.
In, like, certain strategic choke points, they'd also, like, step up road construction, just block off the roads, and they'd never be doing anything there.
Well, to be specific, I mean, the whole railway thing is a scam as well.
This makes that look like child's play.
Would you agree, Mr. Stahl?
And, you know, this is happening around the world.
It's not just in Texas.
Australia and Sydney, they built a new toll tunnel there, and nobody knew that they were going to do this.
When they opened the toll tunnel and started charging the tolls,
They reduced the number of lanes that you could drive in on existing roads.
They put barricades in lanes that the public was using.
Folks, they're going to take existing lanes, you understand, and toll those and then take our lanes away when they have extra money.
That's right.
One other quick thing.
I happen to be driving from Albuquerque to Las Vegas on I-40, and this is like two hours north of Phoenix.
I'm in Arizona at the time.
And I see this vehicle, and I'm thinking it was like Highway Patrol or something, just parked in the median, just sitting there watching cars passing by on I-40.
What was it doing?
And I get up closer.
It was the Border Patrol, Alex.
And I don't know how you can spot an illegal alien by watching cars fly by you at 75 miles per hour.
Well, I mean, they've already taken the Border Patrol to be air marshals.
Now they're going to be Viper teams.
Thanks for the call.
Let's try to jam another one in here.
David, where are you calling from today?
Hey, I'm calling from Savannah, Alex.
You're on the air.
All right, I'm going to try and make this fast, but I'm going to say happy holidays to everybody.
But I want to talk about the NSA scandal real quick, and I'm going to run through this, but
It seems like there's nobody connecting the dots in the mainstream media, and I want to kind of go over something.
Last week, before this story leaked, do you remember hearing about the big scandal with the Pentagon having the spreadsheets with anti-war protest groups?
Yeah, it's a smokescreen for that, yeah.
I've not seen one news channel take that story and then put it in with the whole scandal.
Instead, they distract with, it's okay to listen to Mladen's calls, isn't it?
Yeah, but is it okay to have the Army harassing mothers who don't want recruiters in the schools?
Another thing is the president's talking, you know, here we, you know, he says, we don't have time to get more, you know, this stuff has got to be done.
We've got a break.
Well, stay there.
We'll come back and let you finish up briefly because your phone's not that clear and none of these phones are for some reason.
And then we'll finish up with David Stahl to about ten minutes or so on the other side of this break.
Everybody stay there.
Got Kevin Smith in studio.
I've been studying this as well.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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One more time, that's 866-885-6625.
Well, I won't back down, I can't back down, and I'm telling somebody who isn't backing down, it's David Stahl.
There's another senator who's a retiring arm-wrestler, and I remember Kevin was talking about how he'd argue with Homeland Security about, you know, the Social Security card isn't to be used for personal identification.
So he was a pretty good guy, but he's a Democrat.
We're good to go.
The main fight right now is in Texas.
But they're putting these in everywhere.
Illinois is really bad.
By the way, they put in the transponders instead of the old toll booths.
They shut those down around Chicago, as our listeners know.
Doubled the tolls overnight.
I mean, you know, the scams are just so out of control.
I mean, in New York, tolls are like $8.59 a piece.
I mean, it's just a raping.
And let's go back to David in Georgia.
David, finish up what you were saying real fast.
Okay, I just wanted to go ahead and point out that the President's speech talking about how we can't wait for warrants.
In order to spy on people, the FISA or the FICA law, if you look at it, it allows them to spy immediately.
They just have 72 hours after the fact to actually go in and justify the... And then the FISA court rubber stamps.
What is it, 10,000 spy ops per... It's blank check.
They're not even going to get the blank checks.
FISA court's a joke, too.
Look, the NSA listens to everything.
I mean, that's public.
Let me get a comment from Mr. Stahl on that.
Thanks for the call.
Where do you stand on the surveillance society?
You know, when you allow yourself to be monitored that way, the scope of freedoms that can come under attack next, and you can't defend yourself, they're incredible.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
I was just going to say, we need to do everything we can to protect our ability to object, and we can't allow government to take away our ability to object and to muzzle us, and that's what happens when they take away your weapons, and that's what happens when they take away your freedoms of speech and
Well, it's happening systematically, but I've noticed something's happened.
Five years ago, Mr. Stahl, a lot of people acted like I was a pariah.
Now I can snap my fingers, get any U.S.
I have them on.
congressman on.
They're almost universally saying we're going into martial law, we're going into tyranny.
I can have all these big Reagan administration people
Come on, I could have Bush Sr., current Bush people.
Come on, Paul Craig Roberts.
We're talking high-level people.
And they come on and they talk more radical than I am.
I mean, it seems like, again, it's like selling snow cones in hell.
I keep saying that.
People are really getting receptive.
Obviously, you're finding that with how your corridor watch is like a prairie fire right now.
Yes, we've been quite amazed that we started with two people in rural Texas and we've turned into thousands and thousands of Corridor Watch members in 174 counties.
It's not a hard sell.
We don't even have to generate any of our own materials.
All we have to do is to sort out and find the government materials that are already there and point people to them.
Don't take our word for it.
Go to the horse's mouth.
Some of these agencies are really proud of their ability to get into your pocketbook and to take your freedoms and your land.
They're real arrogant.
Yes, extremely arrogant.
Well, we've got to have you sometime in studio.
I've got to have you on the TV show here in Austin because people still just don't know the full magnitude.
It's hard to grasp the diabolical nature.
Kevin Smith, you really researched this, and you were hosting the event in Gonzales that Mr. Stahl was nice enough to come to.
It was a great honor to do that, Alex.
I've paid a lot of attention to this issue lately.
We have the Austin Toll Party that's become the Texas Toll Party, Blackland Prairie Coalition, many groups.
And when you go to these Campo Board meetings here in Central Texas, there'll be 20-plus representatives, usually representatives from other counties that you can't vote at or appointees by TxDOT.
And they will look at you straight-faced, and it seems like the unwashed masses are on their game.
They have the knowledge.
They're putting it in these people's face, and they just wait.
Are you done?
Are you done yet?
And what I was saying out there in Gonzales the other night is that, look, the big money has already come into the state capital of Austin, Texas.
The payoffs have already been made.
It is a done deal here.
When you drive around Austin, you'll notice in the concrete and asphalt that there's these little octagon-shaped cut-out patches in the road.
We're good to go.
They're not going to stand by and let some... That's what I said on the radio last week, is that Boss Hogg and good old boy stuff is wonderful compared to this.
And Boss Hogg's going to go, you're going to make all my land worthless?
And they can't buy them all off.
Caesar can't buy them all off.
Boss Hogg isn't going to be bought off.
And you know what?
The people there locally, they're not Boss Hogg.
They're not going to be... You can't buy them all off.
Do you agree with that, Mr. Stahl?
You know, one of the amazing things about this whole corridor project is you look around and say, who's for it?
Who wants this?
What county?
What community?
What city?
What trade organization?
And you know there isn't anyone?
But notice, sir, that the mainstream media just acts like everybody loves it, and it's wonderful, and it's good, and oh, it's so happy, and we're bankrupt.
We need it.
Yes, they're buying everything that the tech start is selling, and it's really a shame, and that's why people have to look for themselves.
It's amazing to me just how the mainstream media sidesteps it and is happy to take the fluff that's handed out
When there's no substance behind it.
There's just some bald-faced lies that come out wrapped as a press release.
Sir, as you get more powerful, as your group reaches people in other states as you're already doing, I mean, obviously, I think you're for real, I can tell you're for real, but you know you're going to get offers.
Have you already had any offers?
I've certainly had lots of threats.
Oh, really?
What kind of threats have you gotten from these punks?
Oh, well, we've had all kinds of attorneys file documents and...
And want our membership records, demand them, as if it was some right of theirs to have them.
They were going to subpoena them if we didn't provide them and tell us to stop talking about certain issues and certain contractors and arrangements.
It's been incredible.
And we say bring it on, because if they file a lawsuit, then we'll have a public forum.
We'll trot out all our material.
And they don't want that, so they go away.
So it's just all bully behavior, and that's what bullies do.
Very much bully behavior.
They call up and tell you to shut up, and then they're shocked when you go, hey, punk, hey, chicken neck, I'm not going to back off.
Not going to back off.
As a matter of fact, I'm going to carry the fight to them.
I want to be on the floor of the Senate where I can stand up and say it right there in the seat of government and stand up for the people in District 18, and for that matter, all Texans.
I'm salivating after David's...
Here, he's a great guy.
Kevin, you wanted to say something before we take a call?
Yeah, David.
You know, I hear some numbers kicked around locally that, oh, Rick Perry's taking a million dollars from this highway consortium in campaign financing.
I mean, I'm just going to go on the record right now, and I'm going to say it.
That is ridiculous.
You people need to get up to speed, and you're living in a la-la land.
I mean, a million sounds like something, but when you're in the process of looting this state and country for billions, if not trillions in the future...
The payoff isn't a million dollars.
I'll say it.
These guys have got offshore accounts.
There's no way to track what Spain is doing.
Well, it's like the Duke out in California.
He took $800 million to just post office boxes, fake addresses, fake businesses.
800 million.
He only got 2 million.
And so, I'll make this statement right now.
I know Rick Perry's getting a lot more than a million.
He's funneling money into the offshore accounts.
And if he wants to engage me in a lawsuit, let's go into discovery.
Let's go into deposition.
I relish the chance.
I relish the chance.
David, I'd like you to talk a little bit.
I'm going to shut up and let you go.
God bless for what you're doing, and we'll back you.
But let's talk about the little secret lawsuits between the Spanish and the... Yeah, real fast, and I'm going to take a call or two for our guests, because he's got to go meet with the mayor.
He's a city manager.
David, tell us about how they buddy up together to kind of join each other in a lawsuit to cover up info.
You know, this is real interesting.
Texas always wants to put a good face on it, but they're the good guys.
And they did this agreement with Centra, this comprehensive development agreement, which they negotiated in secret.
They signed in secret.
We all knew they were going to do that.
The new law allowed them to.
And all the while, TechStop said, as soon as it's signed, we're going to make it public.
Well, they announced the agreement in December.
They signed it in March.
And we, like a number of other entities, said, okay, now we want our copy.
And they said, fine, here's your copy.
And what we discovered is there were 200 pages.
Over half of the document was missing.
Two sections were left out of what they publicly disclosed, and that is the financial section and the design section.
In other words, what are you buying and what are you paying for it?
The real meat and potatoes.
The real meat and potatoes.
All the rest of it's fluff.
It's all boilerplate.
You know, it's dates and schedules, and we want to know what we're buying and what we're paying for it.
What are we giving away?
And despite saying they were going to release it, they didn't.
And the Houston Chronicle made an open records request, and rather than release the information, they asked for an Attorney General's opinion, and made the claim, TxDOT made the claim, that it was proprietary information and couldn't be released.
The Attorney General of Texas said, it's a public document, release it.
TxDOT said, well, we're not going to buck the Attorney General.
Well, Cintra didn't want it released.
The Texas Department of Transportation is suing the Texas Attorney General to keep from releasing it.
And here we are in December for an agreement that was signed last March, and those 200 pages are still secret and have not been released to the public.
Meanwhile, they're negotiating... They're going to give away, literally, folks, all the premium real estate in the state.
We're talking trillions and trillions here.
This is like Iraq war-level scams, okay?
They're going to give it all away, and then we're not even allowed to look at it.
How about that?
All right, well, let's take one more final call, and our guest has got to go here in about a minute and a half.
Let's go ahead and talk to Randy in Virginia.
Randy, you're on the air, and then we'll go to Nathaniel and Keith and everybody else.
But go ahead, Randy.
Alex, I appreciate you taking my call.
It's kind of interesting.
I was talking to my mother last night about the things that are kind of coming on here in America, and she was saying, well, how can they send out cops to get your guns and do all this stuff
You know, they don't have that many cops.
And I said, well, all we have to do is close the roads down.
You know, and you're stuck in your city, in your house.
And, you know, with the coming biometric stuff, you know, you won't be able to shop anyway.
So I said, you know, you're basically going to be a prisoner in your own little neighborhood or city or whatever, not able to go anywhere.
But I wanted to ask your opinion on something.
You know, do you think that maybe we're going to have some sort of revolution here in the United States to where
Certain states will kind of go along with the New World Order, and certain states won't.
I think that's almost one of their plans, but it could also be on our side, too.
It depends on how that happens.
But I think you're seeing a revolution right now with hundreds of counties in Texas, the majority of them now, standing up against this.
I mean, we're going to let this king of Spain and his dirtbag company know, you don't own us, you punk scumbag.
I mean, I'm sorry.
It makes me sick.
I'm not sure... We have actual monarchs taking over here with their filthy little countries.
Mr. Stahl, I mean, don't we already see a revolution?
I think that if we don't, we should see a revolution.
If we don't stand up, it's going to be too late.
You know, we are the frog in the pot.
And the water is heating up faster than I think anybody recognizes.
One of the really shocking things is, as we visited with the legislature over the last two years, is how many of our own elected officials were completely clueless as to what the Trans-Texas Corridor was really about.
And, you know, at first they want to say, well, we didn't know what we were talking about.
We're looking at it wrong.
We're extremists.
We're conspiracy theorists.
And we hand them their own documents from their own agencies, and it's in black and white, exactly what we're saying, and they're shocked.
And a few have stood up and have taken action.
But most of them say, I already took the money, so what am I supposed to do?
Yeah, well, you know, there's some reality to that.
That's one of the things that really concerns us.
It's kind of the same mentality you have at an auction.
Once you make a bid and you get the process started...
You don't want to back away from it, and I'm afraid that that's the direction that our state's headed as well.
Well, this is what Russia's like.
They have six oligarchs, and they've gone into complete fascism, and they just said, you know, the six oligarchs were told by big money, you know, just start bidding, and they just sold Russia off.
Six men.
That's all this is.
Just our lives.
Just have it.
Oh, just here.
It's just so sick.
Well, I'm going to go back and let Randy finish up, but I'm going to let you go now, Mr. Stahl.
I've been very impressed.
We've got CorridorWatch.org.
Can we find a link at that over to your Stahl for Senate?
No, it's StahlForSenate.org.
It is a separate website.
I'd be happy to have everybody visit that as well.
Well, I think you're the genuine article here.
What you've done on Corridor Watch is just a bang-up job.
So CorridorWatch.org, and you've got my endorsement and my support for what that's worth.
We have real listeners that actually take action.
And StallforSenate.org.
So thank you so much for coming on, and Godspeed, my friend.
Enjoyed visiting with you and your listeners today.
Thank you very much for the opportunity.
Take care.
All right, go ahead, Randy, and finish up.
Kevin, say whatever you want.
Go ahead, Randy.
You want to say something else?
Yeah, Alex, I wanted to... I was asking about what states, you know, things might break down into some states follow the New World Order, some states don't.
I'm living here in Virginia, and you know that Mark Warner just went to the Bilderberg meeting.
Absolute, Damon.
Yeah, so, you know, I don't have a lot of hope that a whole lot of good is going to happen, really, in Virginia if things just continue the way it's going.
We have all the spooks here up north in Virginia, so things are going to follow that direction.
Let me ask you, have you ever heard of an old military operation?
I think it was called Operation Dragonhead.
They had it here in Danville, Virginia, where I live, called Operation Danville, where the military came in and there was a mock takeover.
It's on DVD in the public library.
I've checked it out and watched it.
Oh, please send that to me.
I've seen black and whites of that.
Yeah, it was like, I think in the, I don't know if it was the 50s or early 60s.
It was the late 50s.
It was 59.
That was a psychological test.
That's what all these others are.
Like a mile from where I live.
Will you do me a favor?
Check that out.
Make me a copy and mail it to me.
I will try to do that.
Gosh, if you do that, sir, it would be so nice.
No, that's what Police State 2000 and The Takeover, and thanks for the call, sir.
I'm counting on that.
What's the name of it again?
It's called Operation Danville.
I think the overlaying thing was called Operation Dragonhead.
I actually was sent an old original news article of that in the town, and the troops and the mayor practicing putting his hands up.
Thanks for the call.
And they admitted that that was for America.
Kevin, this is so just getting ridiculous.
And it's coming from all sides, and to hear a person like David Stahl just go out there and get one issue and attack it, and just sink his teeth into it, and it's playing so well out in the sticks.
I mean, these rural people that depend on the land, you know, fuel prices crush these guys when they have to ship their goods and
to and forth and we we talked about earlier you know the interstate highway system is what really got this country's economy to boom and and we need to look at a model that happened back in the late eighteen hundreds when we had an agrarian populist revolt I mean the railroad barons the corrupt corporations were squeezing these farmers and they walked door-to-door for a dollar donation which is a lot of money back then and they created this groundswell movement and that's what gave us
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
God bless everyone and keep up the fight.
It was good to have you in here with us today.
Let's go ahead and, well, let's go to bright.
We're going to come back and talk to two more callers, Nathaniel and Keith in Illinois.
I think that's all we have time for.
And I will also, briefly, on the other side, just real fast, I've got to get my videos because these specials are ending soon.
This month, these specials.
I mean, 75% off on some of the films.
Half off on a lot of them.
T-shirts half off.
What, five plus months free.
Almost six months free when you get a yearly subscription to prisonplanet.tv.
And we're doing this because the goal here is to get the information out.
We're doing this because the goal here is to get the word out.
We're doing this because the goal is to fight these creatures.
I mean, they just laugh at us.
They're criminals.
That's what tyranny is.
Crooks, get your government.
Spew a bunch of propaganda to convince you they're not crooks and start raping you.
It's time to say no.
They're the bad guys.
We're the good guys.
We need to back off.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents The Alex Jones Show
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I know I'm springing this on you, but can you cue it up?
I want to go out of the show without music today.
I want to go out of the show with that clip of them.
My ABC news, we're confiscating the guns from the rich people's houses.
We don't like to do it, but it's our job.
Cue that up.
I want to go out the last 45 seconds with that on this edition.
We're getting near the end of the year here, folks, on this Thursday edition.
Let's go ahead and talk to Nathaniel in Texas and then Keith in Illinois.
That'll be it.
Go ahead, Nathaniel.
Hey, Alex.
I'm glad that you woke me up.
I told you a while back that it was your speech about, you know, remember the Alamo, you may give us a bloody nose and you're talking about the violence down on the border and everything.
That's what got me off of the couch from getting a couch potato.
It was you that did that.
And I'm
I'm proud to be a native from Gonzales now, from what's going on down there.
And I'm proud to see that this small community, that there's people that are taking an active stance and things down there.
You know, something can happen on a small local level.
That's just one little place.
We owe it to people like you and Jack Blood to get this going.
There's 160, as you heard him saying, counties that are already doing it.
People are doing it all over the place.
But yeah, that's where the Revolutionary War in Texas started.
It was in Gonzales when they came to confiscate the cannon.
Yeah, we have a come-and-take-it celebration every year.
The Mexican Army gave us a small cannon to defend the settlers against the Indians with.
And then when they decided it might be used against the Mexican army, they decided they wanted to confiscate it.
Well, that's what... And thanks for the call.
I've got to go.
I've really got to go.
That's how 1776 started, and then that's how the next Revolutionary War started here in Texas.
You're right.
And I appreciate you bringing that up, but I've just got to get to Keith here.
I'm sorry to cut you short.
Keith in Illinois.
Go ahead, sir.
Last caller.
Thanks for taking the call.
This is WLUV.
I'm from Illinois, the home of you that use the mark of the beast technology to pay your tolls, or you pay double.
And I'm seeing on the roads, small, like 10 by 10 inch squares, hundreds of them a day in my travels throughout the city.
City towns, country roads.
I'd have to see them, but they admit here, those are the transponder readers.
It's going to be on the major roads.
Everything's going to be a toll road.
They're even on the country roads, on the state roads, county roads, and...
Well, God bless you and keep up the good work, Alex.
If you use cash, it's double.
And then they went ahead and jacked up the base rate, though, from what I read.
Going from memory.
Is that correct?
You live up there?
What's the frequency for that fine station you just mentioned?
AM 1520 WLUV.
Now, we've got to plug all those.
We've got them.
I think now three affiliates up in Illinois.
No, is it four?
And they all carry us different times, and we love them all, and they're just awesome.
Two of them going to Chicago.
Doing the job for you up there.
God bless you.
Take care.
We're out of time, folks.
Have a very good Christmas.
Here are the troops confiscating your guns.
Just a few months ago in New Orleans, and I've been there.
I've seen them trying to take your guns.
Get my video.
It's in Police State 2000 and Police State to the Takeover.
It's in martial law.
We have the proof.
I'm not against the military.
I'm against them trying to take our guns.
Here it is.
Go ahead and roll it.
Guns drawn.
And instructions to disarm anyone inside.
You say guns will be taken?
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
That happened today in this wealthy neighborhood where homeowners had armed themselves to protect their mansions.
Residents were handcuffed on the ground.
In the end, police took their weapons but let them stay in their homes.
They were a little bit threatened because our weapons were bigger than their weapons.
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
This guard unit occupied a church, using it as a base camp.
They had to leave a note because they could not get hold of the pastor to get permission.
It is surreal.
You just never expect to do this in your own country.
Chris Montgomery says he'd rather be in Iraq than patrolling American neighborhoods.
Walking up and down these streets, you don't...
You don't want to think that.