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Air Date: Dec. 16, 2005
2282 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, we are beginning to enter the orbit of 2006.
I know I said this a few weeks ago, but it just feels like 2005 started yesterday.
Only, what, 14 days left in 2005.
It took me four or five months to just get accustomed to it.
To it being 2005, and now I'm going to have to get ready for 2006, and that should again just remind us how transitory life is, how quick life is, and how really what is most important is leaving behind a better country, a better world for our children and grandchildren and those of you that are blessed enough to have great-grandchildren.
And we stand on the shoulders of those that sacrificed and stood up against tyranny.
It's the only reason we have any liberty or any freedom left.
And we've been basically living off of that savings account, and we've depleted it now down to zero, and we're starting to go into negative territory.
So it's going to take a lot to dig out of this hole, but believe me, we have been digging out of it.
I think we're good to go.
All right, I have two guests on today.
One of them is a medical doctor from Illinois who's done some of these major studies looking at communities of tens of thousands of people that do not vaccinate like the Amish and others.
Zero autism.
So in his own practice of 35,000 people, he stopped vaccinating and they've never had a case of autism.
It's totally conclusive.
That's just in his own long-term, decades and decades-long study.
We have just... There are so many studies on mercury and vaccines and vaccination, immunization as they call it, and autism, but some of you are still in denial, so we'll go over this today.
And then in the third hour, a little mini-guest.
She's on for about 15 minutes.
Champion, her son of an...
Jasper County, Georgia, found the hidden camera over the bathroom stall, removed it, took it home to her, and then he was suspended.
One other boy is being expelled for the year for taking down a camera and bringing it to the principal.
And so when she was on a few weeks ago, Ms.
Champion, in this case is in Wichita, Kansas...
Champion said there, Mrs. Champion said she's going to start a national organization to fight surveillance in bathrooms.
And believe me, we need a national organization to fight it because government across the board is doing it.
So that's coming up in the third hour.
We're going to have wide open phones today.
And you may hear that my voice sounds even more raspy and alligator height-ish than normal.
And I might be coming down with a cold.
I do have a sore throat.
It was pointed out to me by some of my crew today that it sounded really bad.
So, you know, I say I'm going to try to shut up and just take your calls and let you talk, but you know I'm obnoxious and who knows what will happen.
But we will go to your calls early in this first hour.
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We're good to go.
I think?
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All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Friday edition.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And it's not about left or right.
It's about right and wrong.
It's about...
We're good to go.
I think?
To not face up to threats to freedom, and we are turning into a high-tech nightmare of control and surveillance and social engineering to dumb us down even further.
And yes, the master plan is to then have forced population reductions of 85 plus percent.
This is the official plan, official plans.
And we have Dr. Henry Kissinger in the 70s preparing a CIA report for the IMF and World Bank, ordering third world countries to carry out these operations, which they did to a great extent.
We have Australian documents from the 50s.
We have major documents and statements from world leaders in the last few years, major publications.
And the UN Food Program, the UN Population Fund, all of it.
The World Trade Organization, all the major organs, the World Health Organization.
It's all to get individual nation states dependent on global corporations.
That's what globalism is.
Interdependence is no one being sovereign, no one being strong, just the centralized global corporations that control the global government.
And the Democrats won't tell you about it.
The Republicans won't tell you about it because they're in the hip pocket of the New World Order.
We're going to be taking a lot of your calls today.
The toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
We do have a guest coming up, a medical doctor, talk about statistics and the numbers on autism and vaccination, so-called immunization.
And then we also have more on the cameras popping up all over the country in the school bathrooms.
A guest coming on to cover the incredible Orwellian nature of that a little bit in the third hour.
One of the Bush administration individuals, one of his henchmen, went public, Robert Blackwell, at a CFR meeting last week and told us how great torture is.
And it was on national television, and he went all into how it's a wonderful thing and really actually a good thing.
And, of course, then we got a flashback here.
And this is out of the Washington Post.
They reported on him supposedly abusing one of his aides, but here's our headline on it on the Washington Post article.
Torture advocate Blackwell likes to assault women.
And we then put the Washington Post article up there.
Where it gets in front of everyone at an international airport, getting on Air France.
One of his aides hadn't set something up right, so he actually basically grabbed on her and grabbed on her so hard and twisted her arm up behind her so hard that it was seriously damaged.
And Colin Powell threw a fit.
This was back in 1990, excuse me, 2004, which feels like the 90s still.
Back in 2004, last year, there was a big hubbub about it.
So, this is the type of individual who thinks torture is great.
Can't even control himself beating up on his aides in public.
So, we'll get into that report.
Also, Tommy Thompson, it's in the AP.
You know, he's traveling the country saying, in public schools, saying everyone needs a microchip.
Chips keep the children safe.
Why, he's the former secretary of a major federal department, Health and Human Services Department.
And then he said three months ago that he was going to be getting a chip.
Excuse me, four months ago.
But he hasn't gotten the chip yet.
And then there was a big furor over the fact that he said he was going to be taking it in a week or so, and then he hasn't taken it.
So now he's promising, no, no, no, I'm going to take it.
I just haven't been around a medical facility yet to do it.
As if those kooks over at Applied Digital...
Every few weeks they do this.
We haven't ever counted it up.
A few months ago, a major publication did and said it was ten times they've killed him or captured him.
I don't even know anymore.
What, every few weeks we announce a new capture, a new release, a new killing?
I mean, this guy's got more lives than a cat.
He's got more than nine lives here.
Why don't they even use new names?
I guess if the average American can't even find Iraq on a map and wants to attack France when asked by foreign television, then it doesn't matter.
He's like the
Bad guy on a superhero cartoon who just shows up every new episode after being destroyed in the previous episode.
They're literally treating us like we're total idiots, and I guess many of us are.
And I'm not trying to be sardonic here.
This scares the daylights out of me.
Bush secretly lifted some limits on spying U.S.
after 9-11, officials say, with no warrants before he even passed the Patriot Act.
And now after, they admit that the FBI 30-plus thousand times had these national security letters that are in the Patriot Act where it's just a carte blanche to investigate, search, break into whoever's house you want.
It's really Section 213, but then there's another subsection on top of it.
And now they are trying to actually expand all of that, and I have some of the subsections here that we'll go over that deal with this today.
I know it's really passe and old hat and worn out here.
Breaking news, the Washington Post has learned.
MSNBC has learned.
Fox News has learned.
All these big public... The New York Times has learned breaking news.
The Pentagon's taking video of you.
The Pentagon's looking through your windows.
The Pentagon's been breaking into your house.
Breaking news.
It's been in all the alternative journals since before 9-11.
You can go literally bathe in military intelligence operatives if you go to different demonstrations and protests.
They're just all around you.
Delta Force was commanding 50 black block hired anarchists who were openly trained at a big foundation training school a few months before Seattle.
And Delta Force was commanding them in Seattle in 1999.
They went and burned trash cans, knocked out windows.
The cops admitted they were ordered to stand down.
Then the anarchists retreated to a government building where they were protected.
I have all the newscasts.
It's in my film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
And the anarchists work for Delta Force.
And there is the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporting.
I have the articles that the Delta Force was in the buildings.
And, oh, Bill Clinton doesn't like protest?
We'll just bring in our hired thugs.
They'll burn a few things.
The cameras will videotape them.
We won't touch them.
We'll house them and protect them.
Even in front of people.
It was obvious they were government operatives.
Just a rent-a-mob of little thugs giggling and snickering.
And then the Army Special Operations ran that.
I mean, that's not anything new.
And then they used videotape of that in police departments all over the country and then issue the federal stormtrooper riot gear Darth Vader outfits and then say, you can't allow protests anymore because things changed after Seattle.
See, that was used as a change event, paradigm shift event, much like 9-11, just the riots in Seattle, which they had as a big theatrical display.
And then they would actually fly that black block, that particular group of anarchists, all over the country.
They would fly them and land them in D.C.
and fly and land them in Genoa and fly and land them in London and fly and land them in Georgia.
Anywhere they were good, decent protesters protesting world government, protesting the WTO controlling our trade and our Congress, having more authority than our elected representatives, there they'd pop up and
We're good to go.
I think?
Again, they're the equivalent of bull mastiff-rottweiler mixes, mixed, I guess, crossed with a pit bull, tied to a chain, and the government walks over and beats them in the head with something to make them angry, and then leaves, and then basically throws the American people into the pit with a dog and releases the chain.
The dog's frothing angry and just comes in biting.
Or a better analogy would be a bull.
Again, I go back to the raging bull analogy.
The matador gets in there and throws the little darts in its back and beats it over the head and gets it all angry.
The American people are basically like a three-year-old...
I for one am sick and tired of it.
I for one am not going to put up with it.
I for one just...
I'm not trying to be mean.
I'm really not trying to be mean.
It just is mind-boggling, the things that go on.
And just in plain view, the military went and hired thugs and let them tear stuff up, and then the cops were so mad for the day having to put up with it, they actually followed orders to let people throw bottles at them and break into stores.
And the cops are going, I just don't get why the city housed them, and I don't get why the city protected them, and I don't get why we weren't allowed to stop them, but then we were told to clear the streets of everybody else after they were pulled out.
Well, stop.
Put two and two together, dummy.
I mean, you're not stupid.
You're willfully ignorant.
I'm tired of seeing everything provocative.
I'm tired of it.
I'm sick of it.
And then...
What's wrong with our military?
Why would they go run some operation like this, knowing it was hurting America?
Watching America die in the streets there of Seattle.
You saw what happened a day ago with the riots.
No more free speech.
We have police saying that on the tape.
Well, because of the riot, we banned free speech, huh?
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What I mentioned earlier, some of the news will be going over.
We have a rule that if you disagree with me and...
A lot of people then just call in and go, I disagree with you.
The New World Order is a lot worse than you say.
I mean, if you really disagree with me, I'd love to hear the old callers that think world government doesn't exist or that think world government's good because that always really illustrates what we're dealing with.
And I still get a few of those emails.
Or I'd love to hear from somebody that doesn't like the fact that I don't like George Bush.
Somebody who really thinks he's the president and really thinks he's running things and really thinks that Bush is a good Christian man.
I mean, I just want to understand that view, or that Saddam was a threat and needed to be taken out.
Let's go ahead and talk to Debbie in California, I believe.
I'm told you disagree.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
First of all, I do love your show, and I've been listening for a long time.
But I need to set you straight on some of the details with regards to that Miami shooting at the airport.
I heard your interview with Paul Watson.
And I am a flight attendant, and I do work for American.
And I have to tell you, I read the stories, and I know the story about what happened too, but where this customer was seated was in 24C, behind the window exit on that particular aircraft.
There's no way he could have heard any kind of...
I mean, listen, the police, the air marshals are now saying that he didn't say bomb.
Oh, well, you know, that's what we've been told.
Well, I understand, but see, that's how this works.
The first two days, they said, bomb.
Then later, they said, okay, he didn't say bomb, but he had a backpack and was saying no and acting suspiciously and trying to get away from us.
Now they're not lying on record.
They're saying, no, he didn't say he had a bomb.
That is from them.
It's just like the Demendez individual from Brazil.
Who they shot over and over again.
Wasn't wearing a big jacket.
Was wearing a blue jean shirt.
It was 60 degrees that day.
Didn't have wires sticking out.
Didn't jump over the turnstiles.
Picked up a newspaper.
Walked in an ambling way onto the train.
And they walked in there and killed him.
So I'm just saying.
Well, I understand.
And I'm on the same page with you there.
And I'm not saying that what they told us was the gospel.
But the reason that I'm calling is I just want people to know that if you're on an airplane and you are making any kind of move toward the cockpit whatsoever and you've been told to stop,
And you don't get down and you do not follow instructions, you're going to die.
I mean, that's what's going to happen.
Well, we're just going to have to kill autistic folks and retarded children and people that have panic attacks.
Let's start implanting a little exploding microchip on their carotid arteries or maybe a little explosive on every heart.
And then when somebody's bad, the cops can just hit a button and blow a hole in our heart.
Then that way, Al-Qaeda won't get us.
Well, the other thing I want to point out, too, is if there is any kind of an incident on an aircraft, people are going to be asked to get down.
And it's not because people don't want you to see what's going on.
It's for your safety.
You know, our number one priority is your safety.
We want you to be just as healthy walking onto that aircraft as you were when you left.
Well, look, I know the flight attendants are nice folks.
So are the air marshals, by the way, because they're on a lot of flights.
Yeah, keeping us safe from all the government agents that were taking part in a drill that day.
Yeah, but you know, it's just like cops.
I mean, you know, and a lot of them used to be cops.
They're good people, too.
Let me ask you a question, Debbie.
Debbie, did you know that the dean of the defense language school says he was forced to train four of the supposed hijackers, that they were government agents?
Did you know that, Debbie?
No, I haven't heard that.
Yeah, that was in the major newspapers in California.
Did you know they trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I've heard about that.
MSNBC, Pensacola News Journal.
Did you know that the U.S.
Embassy was ordered to let them back in the country and told that they were anti-terror officers?
What are these anti-terror men?
Suddenly there are these deadly Muslims who were at topless bars the night before.
It's pure baloney.
So the pretext for having air marshals, who by the way are now going to be on the street corner, I guess if somebody runs away here on the street corner now with the air marshals on the ground, should they be blasted?
Well, hey, you know, those guys, those hijackers, a number of them were on our flight before September 11th.
I know people who came face-to-face with Pata.
Oh, my God.
Stay there.
It's exactly, yeah, like James Woods.
Debbie, are you understanding what you're saying?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Remember the flight attendant?
What was her name?
Susan Hong?
She said they've locked themselves in the cabin.
They're taking the oxygen out of the airplane.
Was that hijackers?
You know, James Woods, the famous American actor, was on American Airlines flying from New York to L.A.
A few weeks before 9-11, and Muhammad Ad and others were on board, and he got off the plane and said, Listen, these guys are practicing hijacking.
And the FBI came to him and they said, Shut your mouth, National Security.
You don't tell anybody or we'll arrest you.
I've got him on tape from Fox News somewhere in my library.
I played the clip before many years ago.
Somewhere on the web too.
James Woods on Fox TV talking about it.
And so we have the embassy saying, let these guys back in.
They're doing anti-terror work for us.
We have the dean of the Defense Language School who had to train them in advanced language and coding and a bunch of other stuff, training them to be spies.
We have them trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station on record by our military.
We have, quote, FBI informants living in houses with them.
All of this going on.
We have other weird stuff.
Remember Nick Berg?
I suppose he's got his head sawed off.
Oh, but he's with the hijackers at a flight school and just gives them his laptop, little government agent that he is.
It just spooks all over the place.
And then we're talking to a flight attendant, Debbie, and I keep just making the points.
All this police state we're hearing we have to have is for a non-existent threat outside of something being manufactured by a criminal group above our own government.
And I don't even know if Debbie's connecting with that.
But, Debbie, you start making my point for me going, well, the hijackers were on the planes in the weeks before.
Yes, we know.
But, I mean, give us your view on that from inside.
The phone call that was made to the Boston supervisor, it's a real phone call.
That person's voice has been identified by a lot of people who know her.
Her name was Betty Ong.
And she was, I mean, talk about somebody who had a lot of, you know, I mean, a lot of nerve.
And, you know, she said she saw buildings.
And the last thing they heard, that was it.
That was the last thing she heard.
He said, what did you see?
Oh, my God, I see buildings.
What do you see out the window?
Okay, so that's one of the things that doesn't add up.
And so you believe it when you saw Forrest Gump shake hands.
You ever seen Forrest Gump?
Well, yeah, I've seen that.
I mean, have you ever seen space aliens buzzed out of people's stomachs on Alien?
It's not real.
Well, I'll tell you something, Alex.
The question that I have about this whole thing... I mean, go back to what you said before the break, okay?
Go back to what you said before the break.
You were saying that they're an American, while you guys all know that they've been on the planes and leaks before.
I mean, talk about that.
Well, I've just talked to people who have...
Who talk about it, who said that they saw him.
They came face to face with him out there pulling tickets.
And they said to the agent out there, hey, this guy, you know, he gives me the creeps.
You know, I get a bad feeling about him.
The agent said, it's okay, he's a pilot.
So they had ID to get on, you know, that said they were pilots.
You know, I mean, they checked out before 9-11.
So they were out there.
Debbie, have you heard nothing I've said?
I mean, you sound like a smart lady, but I think you have a willful block to what I'm saying.
Do you understand all the evidence shows that these supposed hijackers were taking part in drills that they believe were to test the readiness?
I agree with you.
They were meant to act suspicious, get on board the planes.
We know they were in the employ of the military industrial complex.
And then the only debate is, did they really hijack or was it something else?
You know what, Alex?
I totally agree with you on all of that.
I do.
And it makes me sick to think that we're being used.
And we're being used every day.
I'm used every day that I go to work.
And I know that.
You know, how much did the two main airlines get?
Like $25 billion?
Didn't they act like they were going to go bankrupt and cut pay?
I mean, I remember doing the math.
$25 billion would be the record profits for a handful of airlines for many, many years.
There's their payoff.
Did you see how the four planes, two different companies, had, quote, malfunctions where only 20.1% of the seats were filled on the four aircraft?
Oh, yeah, I realized that.
On a day when it was at 80-plus percent occupancy?
Just magically, how does all that happen, Debbie?
I mean, does Al-Qaeda control those computers?
I don't know.
You know what, the question I would like to know is, where are my crew members?
And I don't agree that our plane even went into the Pentagon.
I don't think it went into the Pentagon.
But what I would like to know is, where are all the people?
That's the $90 million question.
Well, the official Pentagon plan to carry out 9-11-style terrorist attacks said that they could have military officers under fake names board aircraft and then land that somewhere else and shoot down a drone passenger jet in between the waters between Cuba and Florida.
Then they had other plans where they said, we can just really blow real people up
Yeah, I agree.
So we can debate it all.
I mean, we know the owner of the World Trade Center says he blew it up.
I think.
I think.
But then we get into all the... This is what intelligence agencies do.
I guarantee you, and the evidence shows this, there were four or five intelligence agencies from the Western world involved.
There was British intel.
There was German.
There was Israeli.
There was U.S.
Looks like there might have been some Russians involved.
There were private contractors.
There were private mercenary firms.
I mean, they had a lot of people involved in this.
Like I said, we're all used.
I'm used every day when they go to work.
Personally, I don't fear for my own safety.
What I would fear is that the thing goes into dry dock.
A team of technicians come in.
They put the nerve gas inside a slot at an appointed time.
They'll even have some guys on board doing an anti-terror drill when it happens.
They'll nerve gas you guys.
Debbie, did you know that they had a computer program that you can buy on the open market?
I think it was about four years ago I first saw it.
Hollywood uses it, and they use it for some of the game simulations.
If I can record you on the phone for a couple minutes...
I think so.
I could say, dial in, I'm the government, and I'm not saying I am, folks, I'm saying figuratively, before some news article gets written, I could dial in, say, record your mother for five minutes.
And then I could feed it through that computer system, that program, then interlace it in real time.
I could then call you up and go, Hi, Debbie, it's Mommy.
And it would fool a computer.
Do you understand that?
Real time, once I had that, I could do that.
So just because there's three phone calls, they use the same phone calls on Discovery Channel shows for two different flights.
I mean, that's how dumb they think we are.
What about the supervisor who took the call?
So is he lying?
No, no, no.
It doesn't even take editing.
Once you do it, they can have the call from the technician go in and say, this is flight attendant such and such.
They're in there.
We've been hijacked.
Do you understand that?
So they can do it within seconds?
No, no.
Real time.
Once you have the voice print.
This is on-the-market software.
All right.
Well, that makes a little bit more sense, because that's something that's always puzzled me.
How would they know she was going to be on the flight attendant?
Well, here's another thing.
You're a flight attendant.
You know this better than anybody.
Do cell phones work at 25,000 feet?
They don't work at all on board unless you're on-the-ground taxiing.
Well, of course.
My phone's been left on by accident, and there's no signal.
Well, everybody knows that.
And people go, what about the onboard phone?
That's totally different, folks.
Yeah, those are different.
Those work.
And we do have them on our wide-body flight.
Well, and that goes off a completely different system from a pod on the bottom of a plane, right?
It's part of the communications package.
And that's transmitted directly to another point.
So, folks, this is what's going on.
Your cell phones do not work, but on this day, all these magic cell phone calls?
That never made sense.
In fact, the day that it happened and those towers came down, I was standing in my living room watching this all unfold, and when those towers came down, I knew right then.
I almost got sick to my stomach, and I said, you've got to be kidding me.
They're going to make us believe that this was an airplane?
And I felt that right when I saw it.
But, I mean, let's go further about the Pentagon.
Let's go further into this, though.
So now, they're telling you that they're there to protect you.
Don't worry.
In a few years, you're not going to have hardly any air marshals on the planes.
This is nothing but training for the National Police Force.
I saw it come out of Ridge's mouth.
So, again, it's not my opinion.
They're going to be on every street corner commanding local police.
So you'll have like one federal cop to every 20 police.
That's the plan, or more.
And that's the official TSA plan.
These are the federal managers over our local police running around shaking people down.
It has nothing to do with keeping us safe from terrorism.
So my point is, you know, the answer is arm the pilots with an instant access pistol safe, if there's a real hijacker threat, with a cutted entry to get the gun, which will armor the doors, and then your problem is solved.
I mean, it's just... Well, a lot of the pilots are armed.
Not, you know, a huge percentage, but you never know who they are.
And those that can jump through 5 million hoops.
Yeah, and there's, you know, armored doors now.
And Bush was against arming any of them.
And we had to expose him as the little socialist he is to make him to let, what, 2% be armed now?
Whatever it is, yeah.
2% as of a year ago.
I haven't looked at it lately.
I mean, literally, I said, it was how many hoops was it?
It was...
It was over ten things you had to do.
I mean, it was ridiculous.
Well, listen, I appreciate you calling into the show, but believe me, if you analyze each piece of it, everything the government says is impossible.
Everything they say is a lie.
Everything is manufactured.
And in every case, you run into government agents and government operations.
Well, I'll tell you, the rose-colored glasses came off a long time ago for me.
Well, that's good, Debbie.
And, you know, I just want people to know that
You know, we care about you, you know, when you come on our flights.
I understand that, but then when you realize that the terror threats are fraud, then gunning down people having a Prozac moment is stupid.
Thanks for the call.
There's no reason to do that.
This is baloney.
I mean, I'm not saying I'm the toughest guy in the world, but somebody pulls a box cutter on me, I'm going to go completely ape and just savage them.
I mean, I don't understand this with people.
And I'm not trying to get off in a... But I grew up in Dallas where things were really rough, and I had knives, guns pulled on me, and I'd just see red and go nuts.
And I don't care... Box cutter?
Give me a break, folks.
And those pilots are almost all former military.
These guys are tough.
I mean, they're not wimps.
There's all these... That's why... It's just... That's a whole other facet.
It's baloney.
It's baloney.
It just is not true.
I've done whole shows on this.
I've made three films on it.
You know, I've got a load of phones.
I've got a guest coming up.
I wanted to go to your calls.
I ended up having Debbie on for 15, 20 minutes.
But, I mean, let's go to Eddie in England quickly and then Steve and many, many others.
Go ahead, Eddie.
You're on the air.
Oh, hello, Alex.
I hope you get well soon.
And don't you dare leave the airways.
The world of freedom needs you.
I've got a little bit of a sore throat.
Anyway, may I speak about the collusion between states on political prisoners?
Well, yeah, Europe acted like it was against the torture.
Oh, we're shocked, and it turns out they're all part of it.
It's all staged.
Yeah, I appreciate that.
I've been following somebody for some considerable time, a man called Ernst Zundel, who was arrested in America...
Reported to Canada held in solitary confinement for two years and then
When his lawyer, I think a man called Peter Lindsay... Yeah, he's an American.
He's married to an American.
And it doesn't matter if you love what he says or hate what he says.
It's pretty mild stuff.
I've read some of it.
But I don't care if he said that Jews were secret goblins that would drink your blood, which of course isn't true.
I don't care if he says white people are the demon seed.
I don't, you know, whatever.
Black folks say that whites are evil.
That's their right to say it, and I've got a right to say it.
But Zondel, yeah, he's not given fair trials.
They're openly going to put him in prison for his political speech, and it's a very dangerous precedent.
They've also arrested a man called...
Sir, there was an American citizen that nobody ever talks about, and I forget his name, it was about five years ago in Nebraska, and he was a neo-Nazi, and he wrote these neo-Nazi tracts denying the Holocaust, and the U.S.
government grabbed him and let the Germans take him, and I never heard what happened to him.
So it's not even just foreigners married to Americans over here that are being taken to Deutschland.
I mean, take this woman who's a popular writer in England.
She said, you know, we don't let two men adopt a little girl.
Why can't they adopt a little boy?
And they're talking about arresting her.
I mean, it's total thought crime.
When I was researching Zumwalt again today, I found out that he's now in...
But in Mannheim, the judge has now dismissed his defence lawyers.
It's phenomenal.
David Irvine, another historian, has been arrested in Austria.
Well, I knew that in November.
And has been held in Communicado.
Not even allowed telephone calls.
Anybody who... So again, they're setting the precedent.
Hey, we're snatching people that are Nazis, or we're snatching people that, you know, that say six million didn't die in Auschwitz, or, you know, we're arresting people that... And then, see, and then it's, oh, we're arresting... Australia's on the verge of passing a law where you criticize the government.
During the war, you get seven years in prison.
So, see, they're going to put the peacemakers in prison.
Something you will know and I don't, and I can't find out on the internet or anywhere, Alex, is these people after Waco that were imprisoned...
I still don't know if they're out of prison.
No, they're still in prison, and they were found not guilty in 1994 in San Antonio by Judge Walter Smith's jury.
And Walter Smith did something never before done in modern history, and he said, I find you guilty of using firearms in the commission of murder of a federal officer, but they've been found not guilty of murdering a federal officer.
So, how were they then found guilty of using guns in the murder?
And then the Supreme Court, five years ago, no, excuse me, six, late 99, said, release them, and buddy, they didn't release them.
So, I'm very close to the Davidians, you know, I know them, I know the case, I'm close to their lawyers, Dick DeGaran and others, Ramsey Clark.
And it's just... That's what I mean, sir.
People just... This isn't new, disappearing into camps.
Well, I'm devoted.
I've spent a long time on the Internet and different things against Nazism and socialism.
But it seems that there's always these people who dream up these most appalling... What's the word?
I can't even think of the words.
To deny people freedom to go in front of it.
Well, that's it.
We'll be right back.
That's it.
More calls.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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The civil emergency was created by the police.
The riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
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You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Let's go to Steve in Houston, then Cal and others.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Steve.
Good to hear from you, Steve.
Hey, I've been in media a lot.
I've done a lot of evaluation of reach and frequency and things like that.
And I think the problem with the alternative media is they just don't have enough reach.
You have to reach a percent of a given demographic with a certain frequency to have any effect.
I mean, they know that.
They got the big part of the audience, and they literally control their minds, as you well know.
Not anymore.
They're losing that control.
Well, you need more reach.
I don't agree with it, and I've been to college with all this stuff, too, and a lot of that science is old paradigm.
Look, sir, let me just break this down for you.
With a lie, with propaganda, you've got to reapply it on a daily basis.
You've got different layers of propaganda for different mindsets, different views, different ways to attack different psychological types.
With the truth, it stands on its own.
It's explosive.
Okay, well, enough.
And so... You still have to reach the people.
Okay, well, then let's just give up then.
I mean, everything that we're all doing then.
No, we're not giving up.
But look at Amy Goodman, for instance.
She's got a huge audience.
She won't address 9-1-1.
Where is that country?
This is called a New World Order.
You can't run forever.
No, but I can get out of the way.
Well, I agree with you.
I mean, if it gets bad enough in particular, I mean, if they're running around arresting us all en masse, but notice they're doing it slowly, then you've either got to fight or evacuate.
Well, you have to pay attention and you have to be fast on your feet.
I do have one other point I want to address.
It's about the new media.
It's about the profitability of the new media.
It's about... I wish you were... I'd like to see more non-profits.
I'd like to see...
There are some outlets that have no commercials whatsoever.
I'd like to mention one just to shut them up for good.
Well, listen, sir, I appreciate your call.
Listen, it's always great to get a call and be told what I need to do.
But, you know, if you've got all the answers, man, you just go do it.
I'll support you.
Thanks for the call.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I have a medical doctor coming on who's done a lot of amazing research into autism and not the vaccine connection.
I mean, it's conclusive.
It's like, you have somebody shoot you in the head five times with a shotgun slug, you're not going to have a head, you're going to be dead.
It's like, conclusive is being run over by a Mack truck at 80 miles an hour bad for you.
Yes, I wonder if the truck killed him.
It's admitted.
It is conclusive.
We're going to go over that.
Take a few more calls right now.
Let's go ahead and go to Carl, or not Carl, it's Cal, in San Francisco.
Go ahead, Cal.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Two things.
One, you mentioned Alzheimer's, and your topic is disease, I guess.
And then I want to talk about one other point.
But you mentioned Alzheimer's, and I guess I've been doing a lot of studying, and it just seems like most disease is either deficiencies and toxins, or toxins.
Well, no, you're right.
And what kills us is that we just build up toxins and that helps break down the DNA in our cells until it stops replicating properly.
I think so.
And other radiation generating engines in the universe.
That kills us.
There's a lot of things that kill us.
Right, and it's hard to take action in the big scheme of things.
But in the small scheme of things, you can buy organic food and not introduce it and support that type of growth.
Then you've got to fight to make sure that the food continues to really be organic.
You have to be educated on what those certifications really mean.
But, I mean, that is a political move in and of itself.
It is, and it's happened.
People are doing it.
What I wanted to talk about is mostly the parties, the Republican and Democrat Party are obviously the same.
Is there an anti-globalist party who's willing to basically be a constitutionally conservative party that is active or forming currently?
I don't know.
No, they're all... I mean, the Libertarians have got some good ideas and some bad.
The Constitution Party's pretty good.
But, you know, the party system's locked up.
I mean, we could start by having the states move to get our senators back.
Before, the states' legislatures appointed the senators.
They were our creatures.
Now they're little imperial dictators.
Well, the state's power has just been eroded tremendously.
Yeah, and then they would see you get 60% turnout for a national election, but no, maybe 8% turnout for a local.
We have to reverse that.
You see, the media tells us to be concerned about the national when most of the power is still at the local.
We just allowed them to create that vacuum.
But we've become disempowered from them, and that's just basically a fear of facing your own power.
Well, a lot of it is we talk about this stuff all day, and I talk about it too, and education is a big part of it, important.
But I actually go down and catch bribery at the Capitol here locally.
I actually go fight the city council and overturn Patriot Acts.
I actually stomp around and physically do things.
And I physically write legislation and physically get people to pass it.
And I'm just one person.
I can't do anymore.
I mean, really, I've been beating my head up against a wall until I started falling apart.
So now I've eased off a little, working only about 10 hours a day lately, and I love it.
I just have to decide I can't do it all.
But a lot of it is just putting up a website.
A lot of it is just writing legislation.
A lot of it is just reading legislation and then pointing it out to people.
And then we expose it and find it.
A lot of it is supporting networks like the Genesis Network.
And those are the things we can do.
And just putting one foot in front of the other.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you, Cal.
And, you know, a lot of it is what you're doing, Cal.
It's debating and talking about what solutions are and what we can do.
That's much of the battle right there.
Pat and Nathan and David and many others, your calls are coming up, too.
We've got a very important guest that's about to join us.
This will be very informative, so tell your friends and family and your neighbors to tune in right now.
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Alright, now 8 minutes and 20 seconds into this second hour.
We have a guest coming up in the next hour, a little mini-guest for about 15 minutes.
Mrs. Champion, we had her on a few weeks ago about Jasper County, Georgia with a camera in the bathroom and her son in the middle school, 8th grade, took the camera down and took it home and then she took it into the school and they suspended him.
Well, now they're expelling a young man who is a high school freshman for finding a camera and bringing it to the principal that was hidden up in the
And he thought it was like a janitor's pervert camera, which pretty much they all are anyways.
And just, oh no, this is us spying on you, and just shut up.
So we've got Mrs. Champion, he's running a national organization against this, joining us just to give us an update about what they're doing coming up.
But this happens every once in a while with guests.
This Dr. Eisenstein, he...
We might have gotten time zones screwed up with him or something.
Professionals are always quirky.
You get some congressman coming on, they come on right on time.
Or you get some Hollywood person, they come on right on time.
But you get doctors and lawyers and people, they're the worst.
Because they're very busy.
So I don't know what's going on.
We're trying to get a hold of him at his office.
You know what I ought to do is just go over this UPI article.
A lot of times I just get gassed on because that forces me to cover a particular topic in detail.
Because I have a tendency to cover a whole bunch of stuff.
But here's the UPI article.
And we'll just cover this and then just take calls at 1-800-259-9231.
And we'll keep trying the doctor.
But it's a fair...
We're good to go.
We have a fairly large practice.
We have about 30,000 to 35,000 children that we've taken care of over the years.
I don't think we've had a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines, said Dr. Mayor Eisenstein.
Home First medical director who founded the practice in 1973.
Home First doctors have delivered more than 15,000 babies at home, and thousands of them have never been vaccinated.
The few autistic children Home First sees were vaccinated before their families became patients.
Eisenstein said, I think that of the two or three autistic children who we've delivered their mother's next baby, we weren't and aren't really totally taking care of that child.
They have special care needs, but they bring the younger children to us.
I don't have a single case that I can think of that wasn't vaccinated.
The autism rate in Illinois public schools is 38 per 10,000, according to state education department data.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts the national rate of autism, and it gets worse every year, autism spectrum disorders at 1 in 166, 60 per 10,000.
So 1 out of 166.
Or 60 per 10,000.
And I've had arguments with some medical doctors about this.
They go, well, that's over-reporting.
You don't go from, what's the numbers, 1 in 24,000 20 years ago to 1 out of 166 from over-reporting.
I mean, my mother said growing up, you never saw what you see everywhere now, children sitting there at the park nodding and looking at their fingers and saying,
I mean, they're everywhere.
I mean, you go to the shopping mall, you go to Target, you walk down the street, there's just autistic children everywhere.
And at public schools, they report, you know, you'll have a public school of, say, a high school of a thousand kids, and they'll have a whole room of autistic kids.
Sometimes they'll have multiple rooms.
And it's getting worse.
And then you look at what, quote, autism is.
It's the exact same symptoms registered hundreds of years ago and 50 years ago and a year ago and all these big studies of mercury brain damage.
Mercury-induced brain damage.
It's exactly what mercury does is totally chew up your cerebral cortex.
And lo and behold, it's in the children that have been vaccinated.
Oh, you give someone hundreds and hundreds and hundreds.
They have flu shots now that have 250 times the safe level in one shot.
And then you hear on the news, we've taken the mercury out, and then you go read the inserts, they've increased it.
You start waking up and something's happening?
They just lie.
There's no... Now, the truth is, your doctor can order, and some clinics may have, the non-mercury-based vaccine.
But they're manufactured in small lots, and they're hard to get.
See, it's all total lies.
It's all total lies.
And I know most of our audience knows about this, but the magnitude of the cover-up, and then, it's not debatable, again, we have the CDC documents that came out two years ago, ABC News, I was shocked, did report on it, Dan Burton's committee, because he's got a very autistic grandson, and Congressman Burton, these guys may take money, and they may take, you know, be good old boys, and may be involved in all this corruption, which Dan Burton clearly isn't, but I'm saying Congressman on average, but, you know, still, even if you're a globalist, you...
My grandson, his grandson was 18 months old, giggling, running around, laughing, talking.
He got his next round of shots, and his grandson, we've interviewed him by the way, was gone.
And he's still today, extremely autistic.
When he got his shots, he had a little convulsion, and Johnny's gone.
And he isn't coming back.
Because stuff built up to a certain point and just started eating brain cells.
That's what it does.
You see, mercury has an electrochemical response.
We put clips from major medical centers and major universities up of very low level amounts of mercury in human brain tissue samples or other mammalian brain tissue samples.
And you can watch it.
And they have different electron microscope videos of other heavy metals that might damage or damage a few.
But see,
The weird thing about mercury is with the electrochemical response, somehow the response in the enzymes, that one little glob of that tiny molecule of mercury hits one cell, and it literally fries and shorts out and explodes.
And then into that vacuum, the mercury just moves up against another cell, and just moves up another.
Lead and things like that,
Do settle in the tissues, but it just kills brain cells around it, and then you get a plaque of dead cells, and it does cause problems.
Most of people getting senile or dementia, it's just at a certain level, it's not even a blood flow problem.
A lot of studies are showing it's just that there's so much aluminum, so much mercury, so much lead, so much arsenic, so much, you know, like a filter you've got in your...
You know, for your water, say, in your refrigerator, when you finally pull that thing out, it stinks, it's all black.
Well, your brain is 74% water, and the rest is just a couple percent blood mass, you know, the capillaries in the tissue, and the rest is cholesterol.
It's actually like an oil-based computer.
It's an oily mass, oily, watery, pinkish-purple, we call it the gray matter in dead brains.
I'm sorry, I'm going off the deep end here, but I want to get you to visualize what's happening.
Okay, I want you to visualize what's going on.
What that mercury put into the bloodstream does, hitting the brain.
And it hurts, buries the brain all over.
You know, upper and lower brain and different structures of the brain.
But where it really has the most cognitive effects you can see immediately, and just motor skills, everything, is in the frontal lobes of the brain, the cerebral cortex, or the operating system of this electrochemical, oil-based, God-designed computer.
And it just hits it.
It just goes into there and it starts eating.
That's why your child, they just get more and more autistic.
He was running around at 18 months.
That's usually when it hits, when it builds up.
Happy, happy, giggling, laughing, having a great time.
And then now he's 12, and he has less skills than he did when he was 18 months old.
Why is it getting worse?
Why isn't it getting better?
Because that stuff's just in there, just one cell after the next, gobbling.
Anyways, the CDC...
It was their own corporate minutes, and Dan Burton, they wouldn't let him have all these documents, so he actually, with a congressional order, had a raid.
And it was a raid with guys in clipboards and backed up by guys with guns.
And they actually went in and got all the documents, and the stuff they released was, this is brain damage millions.
I'm not going to give my granddaughter that.
Well, I'll tell you this.
I've read it so many times on air, I've got to memorize.
I'll tell you this.
We can't let this get out.
This will ruin us.
But see, that's just the CDC, the bureaucrats that didn't really know what was going on.
The drug companies knew exactly what they were doing.
There's a bunch of other preservatives they had that wouldn't cause problems.
But see, it's a design plan.
And then you look at what else is in those vaccines.
Cancer viruses, things that are crossed between a bacteria and a virus, microplasms, all sorts of other bizarre engineered things that they found.
And again, Nobel Prize winners in epidemiology have reported this.
It's all over Indian news, all over African news.
I mean, even the ignorant villagers who have no education are smarter than Americans.
They literally run from the U.N.
in the shots, screaming.
And 30, 40 years ago, the Africans would bow down and beg to have the white witch doctor give their kid a shot.
I mean, they thought it was big mess, and they loved it.
They figured it out.
I mean, they literally, whole villages run, and troops chase them down and hold them down, and then they will even hack their children's arms off, which, of course, is too late, to try to save them.
I mean, that's how afraid they are.
Currency, devaluation, inflation.
One and the same.
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We're good to go.
I think?
And this big four-page...
Article, the latest in a long series by UPI's medical writers.
Then it gets into Amish all over the country, and just hundreds of thousands of them, and there are no children with autism.
Again, autism was unknown.
It was unknown.
It didn't exist.
There might be maybe one out of a couple million people, and they'd call them idiot savants, but they didn't sit there twiddling their fingers in front of their face.
They would just be very quiet and introverted, and then at the same time suddenly know incredible mathematics or incredible music.
That's different.
And it was just... A major city might have one or two of these people.
A city of millions, maybe.
Now, whole classrooms at every major school.
And it's just going to continue.
They increase the mercury.
We're going to go to Nathan and David and many, many others that are patiently holding.
In fact, let's just go to... I tell you, these callers are masters, masters of hanging up right when I'm going to them.
That's what's happening lately.
Okay, Nathan, we're not going to go to you then.
You're gone.
David, where are you calling us from?
Victorville, California.
Welcome, sir.
How's it going, Alex?
God bless you.
Hey, I wanted to give a different spin, if I could, on this whole Constitution is a piece of paper trash and so forth.
Yeah, I'm not saying it's a GD piece of paper.
You know, I don't think you... You don't become a senator, you don't become a legislator, you don't become president without knowing that the Constitution is trash anyway.
You know, these people are quite skilled in knowing that
You know, the Federal Reserve, basically, the world bankers have taken over this country and made us all slaves.
Oh, yeah, they all know that, and he's just being honest with them, and that's why he's telling them, don't give me this.
This is just a piece of G.D.
I mean, it's nothing.
Just get the trash out of my face.
America's gone.
But the point that I think that the Capitol Hill Blue article was making was that
In some semblance, it's designed to make people think that we still have a Constitution.
Not to question the fact that the final nail on the coffin was in March of 1933, with basically the recent middle and confirmation and total acceptance of the War Powers Act and the Trading with the Enemies Act.
I see your point, but let me add this little addendum.
I understand, and it's good to face the fact that they're totally violating it and that they're totally disregarding it.
But at the same time, I don't want to capitulate and say it's dead just because they're operating as if it isn't dead.
I mean, let me just finish.
Just because they come out...
And, you know, in 1913 they declared martial law, they declared war powers, they declared this country a holding under admiralty law by a private corporation, similar to what the British East India Company did with all of India, under license from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.
So expanding on that, it's taken them 70 years, 73 years, to get us to this point.
It's like they announced we can secretly arrest citizens and secretly torture them and kill them.
Well, let's see them try to have the nerve to do it en masse.
Let's see them try to implement.
We're going to fight it.
We're going to expose them.
We're not going to go along with it.
So yes, are they declaring we're their slaves?
Are they declaring we have no rights?
Are they trying to openly push martial law?
But I have an organic God-given right to say no to it, and the Bill of Rights and Constitution does not give me my rights.
It simply notes them and codifies it as rules for the government to make them follow that as a law of man.
And so, yes, we can say, well, it doesn't really matter because, you know, it is just a piece of paper now.
But, see, that is an illustration for the people that still don't know these crooks have been in total violation of it for 70-plus years.
No, and there's nothing that you said that I would disagree with.
I think my point really is the fact that, you know, we know that there's so many people that are just asleep at the wheel that...
You know, you can't even talk to your average Joe on the street.
They'll say, I've got rights, I've got rights.
And you'll go, okay, what are your rights?
I don't know, something.
George Washington, wasn't he?
Who was he?
You know, that's exactly the point.
That's so true is that you can't explain to people that, you know, your rights are gone, but they're only gone if you let them be gone.
So the only thing that gives orders in this world is will.
Tony Montano said a different Scarface, but it's true.
There's only one thing.
Hey, thanks for the call.
Great call there from California, from Cali.
A bunch of your calls coming up.
I'm going to rampage through them.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hey, Jack Blood here from Deadline Live.
You know, it seems people will steal anything and everything you have.
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The Alex Jones Show
I'm going to get into the big announcement that, oh, guess what?
The military and the FBI and everybody really have been watching you without warrants even before we passed the Patriot Act.
Because the President, according to the Attorney General, is the law.
He is.
He is literally God Emperor.
I mean, that's what Alberto Gonzalez says.
And I guess if you've got enough men with enough guns that will follow your orders, I guess it's true.
Bush is our Caesar.
Our king.
Our anti-gun, probe and border, UN-loving, piece of trash, puppet.
But so what?
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Nathan is back.
He got at the end of the line, but I'm going to go to him first because he was already in the queue there.
Then we'll go to Kenny and Judy and David and James and others.
Nathan in Austin, Texas.
Go ahead, Nathan.
Or Nathan?
We'll just call you Keebler.
How's that sound?
Hey, that'll work.
What's on your mind, Nathaniel?
Hey, Alex, did you hear anything about what was going on in Gonzales?
Yes, I... David Bird, you've got a buddy down there that helped sink into Bohemian Grove with you down there, right?
That helps run the radio station down there?
I didn't know about him running a radio station, but... Well, he's got you in Gonzales.
He's running your program on 101.3.
Do you live down in Gonzales, sir?
I'm from there originally.
What can I do for you?
They're trying to raise some opposition against the trans-corridor thing.
And they had a meeting at Rogers Pizza down there, and I just got through talking to my dad.
He still lives down there.
And he just doesn't get it.
They haven't tried this property yet, and they don't know where the proposed corridor is going to go through.
It's like he's not going to get involved.
So I guess until they knock on his door and ask for his guns or take his land from him, he's just not going to get it.
Well, even then, if Rick Perry's for it, he'll probably just give them his land and worship world government.
That's the conservative thing to do.
The candidate down there, I think the guy's name is, last name is Stark, that's running for the Texas, I don't know if it's... Senate.
Yeah, I don't really... I mean, your call's fine, but you said, do I know about it?
And I tried to get into what's the fight, what's happening, and then you started talking, and then you said, do you know who's running, and I can...
I can tell you all about it if you'd like.
I'm just confused.
Are these like questions you want me to answer after you're gone, or are these questions?
I'm confused.
Well, I was just curious if you knew about what was going down on there, and I'm saying I'm trying to get some local opposition down there with my parents and my family down there, and they just don't get it.
It's like until the New World Order knocks on your door and takes your guns or takes your land, it ain't happening.
Okay, so now I understand.
You were making a statement and then you wanted me to answer you.
I just sounded kind of bumbling a bit there because I was trying to figure out exactly what you wanted me to answer for you.
Thank you for the call.
Now, let me try to break this down.
This is a whole other subject.
That's the thing about taking calls.
They bring up all these great points, but each question is, or each comment is, a huge, huge, huge subject.
What is Agenda 21?
Agenda 21 is a United Nations global blueprint or game plan or manifesto.
It's literally a city plan for the planet.
It's a blueprint.
And it means you're going to be in compact cities.
You're going to have your private property taken.
Everything you do is going to be regulated and controlled.
Your kids are going to be forced onto drugs.
And now you see new freedom.
Everything the government does...
Because according to UN treaties, when Bush signed back onto UNESCO, they literally then instruct the Department of Education on what to put into the curriculum.
I mean, it's control down to how many gallons your toilet has.
It's treaties down to what type of cooling system your air conditioner has.
It's treaties down to just everything in our daily lives.
And their open plan is to go back to serfdom.
Go back to feudalism.
With the smaller reduced population that they allow to continue.
With the elites in what they call technological spires.
And literally you're in these armored national security, global security inner sanctum cities that are
Going to be built out in the countryside and in secure locations and have already been built in some cities.
In these federal and international zones, you're going to have the advanced technologies.
You're going to have the high quality, super advanced medical care.
You're going to have the life extension technologies.
I never said live forever.
That's their goal, obviously, that they won't attain it, but drastically extend life and
I talked a lot about this in years past.
People couldn't believe it.
Now it's in mainstream, big publications, big financial publications are going, oh, yes, in the future, it was a Wall Street Journal article a few weeks ago, only the rich will get the $100 million health care.
I mean, we're talking just incredible stuff that's already here.
So that's happening.
And then we'll be outside of that.
We'll be in these totally controlled police state zones.
And you go, what does that have to do with this question about Gonzales County?
A whole bunch of Texas counties, what is it, 15?
I saw the number the other day in a publication, but it's quite a few Texas counties, and that sounds a lot.
I mean, there's a lot of states that only have, you know, six or seven counties.
Texas has just, I forget, it's a ridiculous amount.
So 15 is a minority, but a large minority, and it's all in South Texas.
But with Texas, this is the start of the Trans-Texas Corridor.
And you look at the official corridor maps that we've posted from their official documents on InfoWars.com.
We had Bob Dacey in here a few weeks ago, a local writer who also writes for the New American Magazine.
He wrote a big cover story for them.
And he was here with us in studio talking about that.
And off their own maps, there are roads...
Hundreds of them crisscrossing the entire country, but the big one, the big one, that is, what, 15 lanes on each side, railways, passenger trains, security checkpoints, only five lanes for cars on each side.
With this big trans-Texas corridor, they are going to build walls on each side of it and not let you exit...
And these are on existing roads, by the way.
They're just going to expand existing roads.
They're not going to let you exit onto the literal just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of little towns.
This was the official plan.
And that's part of Agenda 21.
You look at the congressionally produced maps of official UN biospheres and World Heritage Sites with existing other federal lands and their official plans...
Over 90% of the country is restricted use.
About half of it is total human restriction.
No humans will be allowed.
And then I've got National Geographic.
I open up and it shows UN troops off in some Asian country where it says if you go into the UN forest, they shoot you.
And oh, in Burma, they killed 4,000 of the natives who refused to leave the land to build a, you know, to create a UN biosphere.
They actually killed the natives.
I mean, in major, you know, London Guardian, major publications.
And acting like it's kind of good.
Oh, look for the Earth.
I mean, it's actually the London Guardian.
UN troops exterminating.
Well, so you think it's a joke.
This is feudalism.
Go look up feudalism in the encyclopedias.
I'm trying to cover something that literally you could have a five-year college course on this.
I mean, it's just on this one subject of feudalism and social control and mercantilism and all of this.
But you bring this up.
You bring up the Trans-Texas Corridor.
The exciting thing is that, I think it's Stahl for Congress that you were mentioning, that a whole bunch of towns have passed resolutions, strong resolutions, but you're mentioning how your family still doesn't know what's going on.
Well, all these good old boys, all these boss hogs in these towns...
They do realize their towns are going to be ghost towns.
They do realize all the land they've bought up over the years, a lot of them are pretty corrupt.
But not corrupt in the big, centralized, mechanized, evil way.
They're knowing it's going to ruin their family holdings.
It's going to ruin everything their families have built.
So all the good old boys, all the people that run the towns, are pulling out en masse.
What is it, 15 towns did it?
Another five or six are about to pass it, and it's spreading all over.
Everywhere this corridor is coming through, I-35 and surrounding capillaries, and then see that dovetails in with Rick Perry,
Where he officially said 6,000 miles of toll roads in Texas.
Now, the whole country has 7,000 miles.
We'll see.
4,000 of those are every major Texas highway.
Every state road.
Every state road will have sections on it that are tolls.
There'll be, what was it, 18 toll roads in Austin alone in Travis County in the official first phase plan.
And so they've got that.
And then you'll have 2,000 miles of toll roads within the cities of Texas, and that'll be a transponder in your inspection sticker that will do that.
And a big Spanish company is building the roads and building the expansions and then is going to administer all of this.
And, of course, King Juan Carlos is the big head honcho, a large owner of stock in that company.
So we'll actually be paying tolls to use our own roads to the Spanish king.
The point is, I guess, I mean...
Never really got it from you, Your Majesty.
Thank you, Your Lordship.
You are a supreme leader.
I mean, it's just... It's going back to feudalism.
That's the official plan.
And that's what's happening.
The original green space is in England.
You fly over England, there's all these cities, all totally compact.
People jammed in in a little bitty house.
You know, 500,000 pounds.
Little three-bedroom.
But then...
You're basically sharecroppers.
And they are going to block off every major road.
They are going to kill every major town nationwide.
You wonder how they're going to do it.
They just do it.
They don't care.
They just build a wall where you cannot exit.
And the best example of this I've seen, I want everybody who lives in Texas or Kansas or those areas, when you drive out of Oklahoma and you're driving up through Oklahoma up into Kansas, there are hundreds of miles of toll roads right there.
You've all been on them.
You will drive.
We timed it.
We even shot video in the car three years ago when I went to Kansas City.
We're good to go.
Up there.
And we drive 45 miles without being able to exit.
And I was trying to look over the walls.
Usually the walls are about 8 feet high, 10 feet high, so you couldn't see.
But sometimes they get low.
And I go, look at all those Victorian houses.
Look at that town.
That's all dead.
Look at all those businesses.
Get video of it quick.
Well, we can't stop because there's not even shoulders.
And then every 10 miles or so, there's a big McDonald's and a gas station in the middle of the road.
Folks, that is the official plan.
The entire country.
And it gets into the biospheres and the use of land and all of this.
And so the good news is that you say your family in Gonzales doesn't know their head from a hole in the ground, well, just welcome to the party.
But believe me, the boss hogs do.
The boss hogs are on our side.
They're going, you going to make my land wordless, boy?
No, you're not.
We ain't going to have no U.N.
road around here.
You're going to have major problems, New World Order.
I mean, you just haven't figured it out yet.
See, that's where separation of powers comes in that the Founding Fathers talked about.
The beauty of it is that it actually looked for corruption to fight corruption, see?
You want gridlock.
You don't want the skids greased.
Or you get a Hitler.
You get a Napoleon.
You get a Bismarck.
Somehow we got our wires crossed, and he's a medical doctor, and we're honored to have him.
We'll just have him for a little while because we've got another guest coming up, but if I can keep him about...
10 or 15 minutes, that'd be great.
No autism for unvaccinated Amish.
The age of autism, a pretty big secret.
And in this other big article out of Guyana Press International, they have another story here, another section, getting into this particular clinic and this particular doctor who has just seen tens of thousands of people and if they don't
...have the shots, then they don't get the autism.
And I'm honored to have Dr. Eisenstein join us.
Doctor, thanks for coming on with us.
Oh, my absolute pleasure.
Let me just modify that a little bit.
We haven't had any cases that we've taken care of.
It's possible that they've gone somewhere else.
Although we have cases of cancer and appendicitis and diabetes
So it's unlikely that every case of autism went somewhere else.
Well, the point is that statistically, we've gone from 1 in 27,000 kids having it 20 years ago to 1 in 166, and we know that mercury does this and causes this in the brain.
Did you see the CDC's own documents that got released two years ago?
Yes, I did.
Where they were admitting this internally?
Well, I could tell you even something better, you know.
There's no doubt that doctors were not poor 20 years ago in making diagnoses.
I've been in practice for 30 years and autistic children are a very sad case because you do not miss them.
You walk into the exam room and they won't look at you, they won't talk to you.
It's not like any other children you've ever seen.
But one of the biggest proponents of childhood vaccines is, and his name slips my mind right now,
is a doctor who owns patents on two or three of the vaccines, and he's a pediatric infectious disease specialist.
The name will come to me.
I have it in my book.
And he said the immune system is so phenomenal that you can even give 10,000 vaccines at one time and not cause any problem.
And, well, you know, I accept that.
He gets paid by the, you know, when I say accepted, you know, that's his opinion.
He gets paid by the drug companies.
Interesting enough,
When the president talked about all doctors and first-line treating people being treated with the smallpox vaccine, he refused to get it.
He said it was too dangerous.
I found that very interesting that here's a guy who says we can handle 10,000 vaccines at one time,
And he's not willing to take it himself, which I don't disagree with.
Well, I'll tell you what, doctor, stay there, because I remember when that happened.
Tommy Thompson wouldn't take it.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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We're talking to...
Dr. Mayor Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH, graduate of University of Illinois Medical School, the Medical College of Wisconsin School of Public Health, and the John Marshall Law School.
In his 33 years in medicine, he and his practice have cared for over 75,000 patients, grandparents, and children.
And yeah, we've gone from...
1 in 20-something thousand children having autism to 1 in 166.
The new numbers show it may even be higher.
I mean, every year.
And they've actually increased the Marisol in some vaccines.
There's a lot of other problems in there, too.
And you mentioned how one of the big drug company doctors who pushes all this, I remember that was in the news, wouldn't take the smallpox himself, neither would Tommy Thompson.
And I saw that 99-plus percent of medical workers in the L.A.
Times reported nationwide refuse.
So what do they know we don't know, doctor?
You know, when it comes to injecting into somebody else, like children...
They have less concern, but all of a sudden, giving it to themselves, they start saying, hey, wait a minute.
You know, when we inject vaccines into children, doctors say, you know, you're being a neglectful parent if you don't do it.
But take it themselves, they start saying, oh, wait a minute, maybe those stories are true, that there's side effects of vaccines.
Now, folks, I want you to know his medical dossier is 14 feet long.
I mean, Certified National Board of Medical Examiners, American Board of Public Health and Preventative... He just goes on and on for hours, and I tried to cover all this.
You've also written an award-winning book.
Tell us about that.
Well, I wrote a book on vaccines.
I got very interested in doing it when I was in law school.
And the book, it's called Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate.
It's not meant...
To tell people not to vaccinate.
It's meant for people to kind of educate themselves that there are risks and benefits.
And as we tell every family that comes to us, we do not have a position that vaccines are wrong.
We have a position that there are two sides to this story.
And we aren't sure yet what the...
Well, I'm sure vaccines would be fine if the companies weren't being given total liability protection and didn't have such a bizarre track record of even putting other weird stuff in it like antiviruses.
Wouldn't you love to be in a business where you get immunity from prosecution and make billions of dollars?
What a business.
I love it.
I mean, it's interesting.
We value the vaccines in this country more than we do our physicians.
Well, maybe our physicians aren't any good.
You know, maybe that's the feeling of the public, but I find it interesting that we sue physicians, but yet the drug companies have immunity.
It makes no sense.
It makes absolutely no sense.
And now they're trying to get total immunity.
Exactly, you know.
Well, that's because there's a military-industrial complex agenda behind it, and it's a strategic initiative, so all doors are open.
Well, Doctor, what about the new Amish numbers coming in?
That's been looked at.
Not just your non-scientific analysis, as you call it yourself, but there have been other studies as well showing in countries where they don't vaccinate, you don't have autism.
I think the data is clearly showing that there's, well, you know, it's funny to say no autism.
Clearly much lower.
Okay, 99% lower.
I'll accept that.
I mean, it's more than that.
It's also all these autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, childhood diabetes, all these numbers are escalating.
You know, and rheumatoid arthritis in children.
Things that we never saw 25 or 30 years ago.
And the only thing I could see majorly different in our society...
I think I'd like to carry it in my little online bookstore because...
We want to warn people, and I want to get more into some of the dangers when we get back of vaccines, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, why wouldn't the doctors take the smallpox injection?
Because they're not as stupid as they act like they are.
We'll be right back.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got just a couple more little segments here with a man I want to have back on in the future for a longer interview.
And he's Dr. Eisenstein, MD, JD, MHD.
He's got the book, Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate.
We were just talking about how, and I looked at the numbers, countries where they don't vaccinate, it's, I mean, autism is incredibly rare.
It's about 99% less frequent than it is here.
And our numbers just get more and more insane.
And, Doctor, you mentioned to people who go, oh, well, it's over-diagnosis.
I know medical doctors.
I have medical doctors in my family who are still in denial.
They go, well, there's some problems.
Well, it's over-diagnosis.
Of course, they're not in that area.
They're not particularly working with a lot of autistic children.
But they're just in so much denial about this.
And they'll get mad at you.
But there's been all the reports of vaccines killing people, vaccines causing epidemics, vaccines spreading things, the cancer viruses in the vaccines, not just the SV40, this mercury.
Why are they so arrogant?
I mean, are they in denial, Doctor?
You know, you're asking a good question.
I've thought about this for 30 plus years because we're dealing with very intelligent people.
So we're not dealing with people who are
You know, don't have the facts in front of them.
I think that you have to look at the person who ends up in medical school, and I'm kind of an aberration.
I ended there because my two best friends went, and most doctors are number one in their grammar school, number one in their high school, number one in their college.
For years, all they did was when someone said something in front of them, a teacher, they pared back on their exams, and no one could do it better than them.
And so you build someone like that after 25 years,
They have no ability to think independently, and the minute they hear something, they just believe it's true.
I think it's the reason why doctors are very poor businessmen, because they can't think businesslike.
Their minds are one-tracked.
And in a sense, if they found out they were wrong what they were doing, they'd almost need psychiatric help to get them back into shape.
So they're in double-think Orwellian self-induced denial.
And you're right.
Statistically, doctors are horrible business people who are always getting ripped off because they're in denial about their whole lives.
And they think they're God, too.
Exactly right.
When you think you know everything, you don't have the ability to sit back and just listen to what's being said
And make up your own mind.
You know, the thing that's most mind-boggling, even more than the whole mercury and MMR vaccine, is the hepatitis B vaccine.
This is a sexually transmitted disease.
And it's being given now to children in the first day of life in the hospitals.
Now, we had a representative from Merck who manufactured the vaccine.
We brought him to one of our seminars.
We just asked one question.
Show me one bit of research that is safe to a one-day-old child.
Oh, none of the research is under five years of age.
I can't believe this.
And by the way, they really push it when it's admitted to be one of the most dangerous, admittedly dangerous vaccines.
And up until now, the vaccines were for at least something that was an infectious disease, polio, measles, mumps, hepatitis C. Now they're talking about making us take hundreds.
And for sexually transmitted disease, which means you and me will not have a right
We're good to go.
Even with someone who's got AIDS or Hepatitis B, we have a vaccine they'll take care of.
Well, I'll tell you something.
Number one, that vaccine only lasts for three or four years.
Number two, it's very, very dangerous.
But I'll tell you the real reason.
This food from Mexico is sprayed with human feces, and people are getting it all over the place, and they just want to feed us that and be able to cover it.
You know what's amazing?
The Lord made us so good that in spite of all this, we usually do okay.
That's the incredible thing.
Yeah, it is incredible.
Doctor, this is amazing.
I wish we wouldn't have got our wires crossed to have you on longer.
Do five more minutes with me because I've got another guest I've got to interview coming up here.
It's another important issue, but I've got to get you back for a full hour because it's just, it's a holocaust that's happening to these children via this mercury and the rest of it.
I mean, it is massive.
We'll talk more with the doctor when we get back.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Dr. Eisenstein, who has written the book Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate, is going to leave us here in just a few minutes because we have another guest on, a mother who...
We're good to go.
Doctor, if folks want to get your book, Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate, how do they get that from you right now?
Well, they can go right to your website in a couple days.
But otherwise, they can come.
You can get it on Amazon or I'm not sure what other.
But you can go to our website, www.homefirst.com.
That's right, homefirst.com.
Or folks can simply...
Simply go to Amazon.com and it won't be up on InfoWars for a week or so because after you ship them to us, then we'll put them up and we'll have you back up and go over this more because it's a really great book and it's the kind of material people... And you know what?
It's balanced.
It says, okay, here's what they admit it.
It'll do to you.
It'll basically eat the paint off your house.
And if you want to take it, go ahead and enjoy yourself.
But getting back to the Amish not getting autism and your patients coming through and just the numbers being the complete opposite of
I mean, now we have whole schools, doctor, with whole classrooms full of the autistic kids, whereas 30 years ago, 40 years ago, you never saw them.
And now you mentioned this in the last segment.
We have...
We have, in England, a discussion last year of maybe we should make it mandatory an injection of a virus that creates plaques in the brain that block you being able to get high off opiates and nicotine.
Well, that actually is going to brain damage you, so you can't even take endorphins into those receptors.
I mean, you're the medical doctor, but that's what their doctors were saying, and now they're talking about those vaccines here, vaccines for earaches, vaccines for cigarettes, vaccines for everything, sir.
Well, you know, medicine is starting to realize with antibiotics, and that's kind of like another area which is exactly the same.
We thought we could just kill, kill, kill, and that will resolve our problem.
And all of a sudden we're finding the antibiotics don't work anymore.
And so we have to look at some older ways.
And it's creating bacteria that will literally eat the paint off your house.
I mean, you know, now we're looking at some things like that.
They've known for hundreds of years.
Those are the friendly bacteria which used to come when your grandmother and my grandmother made food.
We had cultured foods.
When we live in a society that's, in a sense, sterile, you can't afford to have food that has anything but everything taken out of it.
One of the big global studies they've done of dogs and cats making your wellness just shoot up
Because of the bacteria buffers they give us?
Oh, there's no doubt about it.
The idea of our food being contaminated.
Well, all the animals are being fed estrogens.
They're being fed antibiotics.
I mean, it's a real problem.
And as I said...
I praise the Lord every day.
That we are alive is a miracle.
I mean, in spite of all this.
I don't think it's because of this.
Well, there's the big studies.
That's why males are getting effeminate and females more aggressive.
It's the hormones.
There's no doubt about it.
I mean, the environment has so much pseudo-hormones.
The pollution from cars also has estrogen-like activity.
And it's just so fascinating, you know, that...
As this has all grown, we've had just more and more effeminization of males.
There's no doubt about it.
Well, it's totally documented.
I mean, girls didn't used to develop until 14, 15.
Now they're developing at 8.
Exactly, you know.
And interesting enough, because a lot of the children today, the majority of babies in this country are being bottle fed.
And you've got the same hormones in the formula.
Oh, by the way, doctor, it's also tied to breast cancer.
Of course, you know this, but can you confirm that for the ladies, that all this estrogen is going to kill them?
Well, you know, I wrote another book, and I'll send you some.
It's unavoidably dangerous, and it's to talk about the hormone replacement therapy of the birth control pill.
And these are drugs that should never be given to anyone.
And even the government themselves last year came out
Saying that all estrogens are cancer-producing.
That was their statement, not my statement.
You know, and has it changed anything?
Hey, when you drink water out of a plastic bottle, it's got estrogen.
Yeah, it'll leach.
You're absolutely right.
You're absolutely right.
It'll leach from the plastic container right into the water.
I mean, you've got literally degree after degree from the most prestigious universities out there
And it's all admitted.
You know, that's the thing.
This is not a secret, as you said, Doctor.
But you tell the average buffoon or even a doctor that, they go, shut up, everything we do is perfectly wonderful.
But the public is starting to, I really believe, like programs like yours, really waking people up and saying, wait a minute, let me think about this a different way.
Well, Doctor, we've got to make you a regular guest here on the show, and I can't wait to carry your book, Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate.
You're just doing incredible work.
Oh, I appreciate it.
You bet, sir, and Godspeed to you, and we've got to turn this crisis around.
Look, it's conclusive, and I'm glad you're aware of that.
You're incredibly informed, and obviously you're a doctor that studies this, but I've interviewed other doctors who say vaccines are dangerous.
They're not a tenth as informed as you are, but I...
I'm gushing because it's refreshing, but I just sit here and I read the CDC going, we've brain damaged millions.
I won't give it to my kids.
We've got to cover this up.
I mean, we have their own documents, the minutes, where they're admitting they're doing this.
Just incredible.
Well, work like yourself will really have a chance to make a great impact in our society.
Well, also, I mean, I thank you, sir.
I mean, I want my daughter to be a woman.
I want my son to be a man.
I mean, it really just boils down to survival here.
Exactly survival.
All right.
Well, Dr. Eisenstein, we will talk to you very, very soon.
And that's at HomeFirst.com or HomeFirstHealth.com?
No, no, no.
All right, homefirst.com.
We'll get a link to that up on infowars.com.
Oh, and you have a radio show up in your neck of the woods.
I'm on a few AM and FM stations up in Illinois, but tell us about AM 1160.
Tell us about that.
It's Christian Radio.
It's a member of the Salem Broadcasting Network.
I've been there for 20 years.
I do a call-in talk show every...
Well, I didn't know about you, and I haven't read your name a few times, but I've studied so much on this, and to start reading all these UPI reports that go back years in your work, you're just another diamond, another jewel out there that I'm sure a lot of people are aware of, but I wasn't, so I want to share you with our audience, and...
What area is that particular AM1160 heard in?
In the Chicago area.
It's a 50,000-watt channel, so anywhere within 50 miles of Chicago you'll be able to hear it.
Well, I appreciate you, Doctor.
Take care.
Thank you.
Be well.
You bet.
Just amazing.
And I know we've got two Chicago affiliates, one during the day, one at night, and I know they don't mind me plugging another station because this is going to save kids.
I mean, seriously.
I mean, we've got to do this.
I don't normally plug other people's radio stations, but I just don't care.
I know you don't either as program directors and owners.
We have to warn people.
So pay everybody back, folks.
Call into 1160 this Saturday from 10 to 11 and talk to the doctor and then plug whatever affiliate you're listening to us on.
It'll kind of be a nice synergy there, reap what you sow.
But it's just got to be done.
Let's go quickly.
I apologize for backing her off today.
We're going to have her back on soon for longer.
Just Dr. Eisenstein got late with some patients and stuff.
That happens with professionals.
So he got on 45 minutes late, so we had a smaller interview.
But she was on a few weeks ago.
I remember her son, a very daring young man, saw this camera in the bathroom over the stall, pulled it out, took it home to her.
They suspended it.
Now they've expelled in Wichita.
She's in Georgia for the year, a young man who found the camera and brought it to the school, not even to his parents.
Same story, same thing.
And it's all over the country, see?
And that's why she started an organization to fight this.
And thank you, Cindy Champion, for being a champion of liberty.
Well, thank you, Alex, for having us on again.
You bet.
We've got a few minutes now.
Oh, is your son there, too?
No, and I say I'm actually representing all the parents, so I kind of think along those lines.
I apologize.
No, no, no, that's okay.
Tell us about your website, your organization, and PACER, and then we're going to go to break and come back and talk more about the latest discoveries of bathroom cameras.
PACER is Parents Against Cameras in Restrooms, and in fact, apparently it's beginning to be successful, which was my hope.
I had days.
And we've got a link to it on InfoWars.com, but tell us the web address of your website.
It's Pacer, P-A-C-I-R dot org dot com.
And you can get it either by pacir.org or Parents Against Cameras and Restrooms.
Both link in the same direction.
Not really a radical thought.
We don't want cameras in bathrooms.
Well, one would think it's radical by just some of the behaviors.
Yeah, tell us what's developed now in the last two weeks since your son caught them videotaping in the bathroom stalls.
Well, so far we still are looking at the civil aspects.
The school board has definitely concurred they're not going to place the camera back in the restroom.
There has been no disciplinary action for the high school principal.
He's still in charge, and basically it's business as usual, which is surprising.
Now, my son has fulfilled his suspension obligations.
Yes, and is back in school.
Fortunately, the middle school principal and subsequent teachers have been treating them nicely and not giving them a hard time, which was also a concern.
The district attorney has met with counselors in the school system.
They've gone through the tape and actually went to the trouble of getting every child involved.
You know, there were quite a few students that visited.
Now, the principal had said he was going to leave it in there.
Where's the camera now?
I'm not exactly sure where the camera is, whether it's with the Sheriff's Department or not, but the videotape is in the possession of the Sheriff's Department.
The Sheriff's Department?
That shows this is becoming a possible criminal matter?
That's correct.
In fact, there was another student that had snapped a photograph.
Stay there.
I want to hear about this on the other side.
Stay with us.
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Sydney Champion.
What a great URL.
We've only got about five minutes left here, Cindy.
So now, I mean, originally one of the youth that snapped a picture of the camera first brought it to the Sheriff's Department, and according to your son who talked to that youth, he said, man, that looks like some kind of pervert thing, which is common sense.
That's what a spy camera in the bathroom nobody knows about.
Not even the middle school principal.
I mean, it reeks of that.
Now what are the police saying?
Well, the police did call in the district attorney.
They are definitely taking it as a serious threat.
It's my understanding they spent the better part of the day going through that camera or going through the video to make sure that they had the names of all students involved, which to me indicates the level of seriousness with regards to the privacy issues.
So, you know, that's... Now, how do we even know this is the real video that this guy shot?
I mean, how long did the principal from the high school who put the camera in the middle school, how long was it there?
As far as I can tell, one day, or the better part of the day.
So people found it right away?
Luckily, yes, luckily.
The students didn't seem to actually notice the camera until about 1.30 in the afternoon.
So whatever was filmed that morning...
You know, I really am not privy to... I mean, the principal may really have just done this to try to catch some graffiti or whatever, but the police, what are you getting from them?
What are they saying?
They're making sure that they're aware of everything that was going on.
It's my understanding, initially when I viewed the last minute or two of the video, I assumed...
That the camera was placed in such a way that the urinals would not be seen.
In fact, the urinals were just below the camera, which is a concern of mine because technically if a child is standing in front of the camera, it's even worse than I had initially anticipated.
All they've got to do is take one step back and you've got a full body view.
One to two steps.
You know, I guess if they lean in and lay all over the urinal when they're going to the restroom, fine, you can't see anything.
This is unbelievable.
So, why about the principal's sweating bullets right now?
I don't know.
I actually saw him at a Christmas concert this last week, and he was sitting as if nothing had happened.
I personally would have been a little bit concerned.
But he doesn't seem to be at all bothered.
There doesn't seem to be any disciplinary action at this point.
He'd flip out if he went to his house and looked up and there was one over his toilet.
Oh, absolutely.
What did you think when you heard about this other case now in Wichita, Kansas, the young man doing the same thing your son did, but they expelled him?
He's gone for the year.
Well, that was just amazing.
I went to the website this morning to check, and a visitor had posted this for me so that I would be made aware that this incident had occurred.
Several things.
First of all, it's the same situation.
There was a camera hidden in the bathroom.
The principal apparently had taken it on his own to do.
The Board of Education was completely unaware, which is the same as in my case.
They even sent a press release, I assume out, because this was on a website in Wichita,
At one of the news stations saying it was a mistake and we admit this was a mistake and it won't happen again.
Then they don't address the idea that the child has been actually expelled out of school.
At that time there was a belief the rest of the year.
However, I just went on before coming on the air and the AP released a statement that the principal is going to be disciplined, although I'm not sure to what degree.
And there's a statement on the end, however I've not confirmed, that the child may be allowed to go back to school.
Well, I was flattered that the local Wichita TV station linked to us for coverage.
Did you see that?
I did not know that.
Well, this is weird.
At the bottom it says, go here for more, and then it's a link to InfoWars and a page we have.
We'll go.
Well, no, it's just they should be covering it, but I'm glad they linked over to your story there.
Well, listen, we're flat out of time here.
People will visit PACER.org.
We do need a national movement against, I mean, all the time they arrest janitors for pulling this type of stuff.
It's crazy.
And of a principal, I mean, it's funny these principals are doing this without anybody knowing.
Now, see, some schools are doing it and telling people, which is just as bad, but this is really suspicious.
Well, at least the children, you know, have a clue when they walk in the bathroom if there's signage and there's an understanding the cameras are there.
You know, that's at least a minimal amount of safeguard.
But at this point, you know, neither of these situations, there was any signage at all.
There shouldn't be cameras in bathrooms.
I agree with you.
I absolutely agree with you.
All right, well, thank you for spending time with us.
Well, you're welcome.
Thank you for bringing this again to the public eye.
We're working towards it at Pacer, so any information that we're able to pull together will be shared among any of the visitors.
Well, I guarantee you this is going on in, I don't know, 50-something schools or more we've seen officially.
And it's just amazing.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Okay, we're joined by Congressman Bob Barr.
He's got an appointment that he's got to get to, so he's just with us for this segment.
Man, I tell you, he's been hard to get on.
Busy man.
Of course, Bob Barr, representative of the 7th District of Georgia and the U.S.
House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003, serving as senior member of the Judiciary Committee and vice chairman of the Government Reform Committee and as a member of the Committee on Financial Services.
He was at the CIA.
He, of course, was with the 21st Century Liberties, Chair of Freedom, Privacy, and the American Conservative Union, and serves as the board member of the National Rottel Association and the Patrick Henry Center.
He also serves as the chairman of Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances and provides advice to several organizations, including as a consultant to the ACLU.
And it just goes on and on for page after page.
Most of you know who Bob Barr is.
This is his...
This is his maiden voyage here on our show, just for a few minutes.
Congressman, thanks for coming on with us.
Well, I appreciate the opportunity, certainly, because you reach a lot of people and you deal with very, very important issues, frequently constitutionally-based issues, so I'm glad that you all are out there doing that.
Oh, I didn't know that you were aware of what we did, Congressman.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, okay.
You reach a lot of people, and these are vitally important issues when we're dealing with our civil liberties, and so many folks in both of the national parties, the Democrat and the Republican, they sort of forget about this, don't want to deal with it, so somebody's got to pick up that baton and run with it, and you do, and I appreciate it.
Well, we appreciate you coming out against the Patriot Act.
A lot of people are confused, and I'll just give you the hard question up front.
Why did you vote for the Patriot Act, and then for the last three and a half years you've been vehemently opposed to it, and I commend you for fighting against its reauthorization in its current form, but can you explain that to us?
Yeah, the most important thing, first of all, is why are we opposed to the reauthorization of the provisions at sunset without some limitation, and we're opposed to those provisions
Because the way the Patriot Act has been used over the last four years raises very serious concerns that it is being used in an unconstitutional way and it is being abused by being used far in excess of the purposes for which it was intended.
It was intended to provide...
Very important tools, some of which are important and are not controversial, and that's why I voted for it, because it did give important tools to law enforcement and our intelligence agencies.
It created more positions, it created better coordination between the agencies, and that was important.
The problem is that at the same time, it gave the federal government too much power.
And as we've seen that power being used over the last four years, we see that the power to access law-abiding American citizens' records, private records, is being used far in excess of what it was intended.
The government still does not have to show any suspicion whatsoever that the citizen has done anything wrong before the government can access their records.
We believe that this dramatically undermines the Fourth Amendment guarantee of privacy in our system of government.
What did you think about Patriot Act II and the things they wanted to add?
It took a very bad situation and made it dramatically worse.
There were, as you know, because I know you've talked about it, there were provisions in the so-called Patriot II or Son of Patriot Act to give the government the power to strip Americans of their citizenship.
It would have greatly expanded even beyond the powers in the current Patriot Act, the ability of the government to access personal, private records of American citizens.
It would have expanded the definition of Domestic Terrorist Act.
And thankfully, we thus far, knock on wood, have been able to stave off expansions to the Patriot Act.
But what we've been trying to do with the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, or those provisions that would sunset this year, is to try and bring a little bit of balance back to it.
We've made some progress, not a lot, but we have made some progress.
But what we're trying to do right now is urge Senators, particularly Republican Senators,
Not to buy into this sham compromise that is being proposed now between the House and Senate countries.
It does not go nearly far enough.
So we're urging Senators to vote against cloture on the Patriot Act compromise bill.
Well, the way I read it, and the way analysts are reading it right now, is really it's the original Patriot Act, and they're just putting in a few little turn of the phrase to confuse people, some platitudes.
They are making some minor adjustments.
Some of those minor adjustments are positive, and I commend...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's just light years, open discussions of using troops domestically, having the CIA and defense intelligence looking over our hedges at us.
I mean, even Ron Paul a few weeks ago on this show, and Paul Craig Roberts and many others say it looks like the classical move towards a dictatorship.
And basically, as long as you smile when you demand to see somebody's ID at gunpoint sitting on a bus, I guess it's okay for the government.
That's sort of the way they operate.
It can be a totalitarian-type regime.
Congressman, do you see that as a danger?
I think it's a real danger where we have the military becoming involved in all sorts of domestic matters.
And we have the government being able to seize very private, personal records on people without any suspicion they've done anything wrong.
I mean, this is a dramatic turn of events that has accelerated greatly since 9-11.
I saw an editorial you wrote a few years ago saying that the attacks on our liberties are more damaging to America than the physical attacks of 9-11.
Can you comment on that and then in hindsight elaborate?
I don't doubt for a minute that we can defeat terrorists.
We have a great military.
If we focus on the job of the military, and that is protecting our borders and fighting and protecting our national security interests overseas, we win virtually every time if we get serious about it.
But if we then turn the military inward,
And use the military to compile electronic dossiers on citizens, to data mine, to have citizens watching out on each other and reporting on each other.
If we have the military involved every time there's a bad rain or windstorm or tornado, then what we are doing is we are undermining the entire basis on which our constitutional, representative, democratic form of government was founded.
Even as our leaders in Washington say, we're not going to let the terrorists change our way of life, they are implementing policies that do precisely that.
Congressman, how did your stint at the Central Intelligence Agency help you be able to analyze the current things that are happening in the U.S.?
Because that's an area on the web and other places, and I've got a lot of emails and calls since I announced you were coming on.
People wanted to ask you about that, exactly what you did at the CIA.
My experience both at the CIA and as a United States Attorney under Presidents Reagan and Bush I really allows me to look at these issues of government power and constitutional authority from the practical standpoint that I know firsthand just how powerful the federal government already was before the USA Patriot Act.
The tools were there, whether they were intelligence tools to discover what the
...terrorists were up to, or law enforcement tools to actually stop them.
We had the tools to stop those terrorists prior to 9-11.
We didn't.
But it wasn't because we didn't have the USA Patriot Act.
It was because the government, at all levels, had gotten sort of lazy.
Our government was not doing its job of implementing and carrying out the laws that were already on the books.
And the work that the CIA does, for example, and the other intelligence agencies,
Is basically outside of the constraints of the Fourth Amendment, and that's as it should be.
When our government gathers intelligence, foreign intelligence, overseas, they shouldn't be bound by the Fourth Amendment.
Congressman, Tommy Franks, last year, when he was out going ahead of CENTCOM, and I'm sure you're aware of this, said, one more attack, we turn over the country to the military, we get rid of the Constitution.
And then the CFR, some of their people said this, the PNAC boys said terror attacks will really be helpful to get our agenda through and to silence dissent.
I mean, I want your comments on that, honestly.
I mean, this is classical tyranny we're seeing, and I'd like to get your take on specifically...
We're good to go.
Okay, we're going to fight crime now.
Spy on your neighbor.
Are they smoking pot?
They've used the Patriot Act on pot dealers, topless bars.
I mean, you know that.
You've written about it.
It's clear.
They just want to use this against us.
I think you're absolutely correct, Alex.
I think what they're doing is they're using people's fear of another terrorist attack to move forward with various government programs that the government has wanted to gather and put in place for many, many years
We're good to go.
I think?
To implement and grab power in ways that in calmer times perhaps the American people wouldn't stand for.
This is why we put into the Patriot Act sunset provisions for many of its provisions so that at least we would have the opportunity after a few years to sit down and see how these were used
Take a more calmer look at it, and make changes.
Now, Congressman, I've only got two more questions for you.
You've got to leave here in just a few minutes, but I do want to say that you have a show called Bob Barr's Laws of the Universe, and that's on Radio America on the weekends.
It aired several times, and it's live, of course, once.
And you've written the book, The Meaning of Is, Bob Barr, about Harry Clinton, and I'd like to get you on sometime longer.
To specifically talk about the book.
The website's BobBarr.org.
Bob and then B-A-R-R dot O-R-G.
Or there's links to it at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
But getting into illegal aliens, you mentioned our borders.
The War on Terror holds absolutely no water with anyone.
The minute I mention that our borders are completely wide open, only 8,000 Border Patrol, 2,000 or 3,000 on duty at any one time, it's a complete joke.
It's a war zone here in Texas, 800 dead in the last...
It's a real shame, and it's our Achilles' heel, and it's one of our own making.
On my radio show this coming Sunday, we're going to have Tom Tancredo, one of the real champions of trying to beef up our border security, or at least have a rational dialogue about doing a better job.
But even in the President's speech a couple of weeks ago, where he talked specifically about border security enhancement, even though there were some good ideas in his speech, the one area that truly is the linchpin for this whole thing, and that is cracking down on those who come to or are into this country, given employment, there are either woefully unenforced
Penalties, or they just aren't enforced at all.
And until we get serious about cracking down on those who are in this country or coming to this country to work, as laudable as that is, then we're not going to get a handle on this.
Okay, last question, and it's a two-parter, Congressman.
I'll let you get out of here.
I know you've got an appointment you're late for already.
Specifically, Katrina, there was gun confiscation.
It did go on.
We got federal injunctions.
Cops won't give the guns back.
They were under federal command when they did that.
A great martial law drill.
And Bush is trying to reauthorize the assault weapons ban.
Just all of this going on.
Why are we seeing things like this starting to happen?
It's interesting because I fought a lot of these gun control battles when I was in the Congress and the Clinton administration was in power.
And yet I continue to work Second Amendment issues.
And it's my impression, to be honest with you, and this is confirmed by a lot of folks who are involved very heavily in regulatory matters involving firearms, that it is more difficult dealing with this administration than it was dealing with the prior administration.
And I think it's because even though I believe truly that President Bush is a supporter of the Second Amendment, he understands it, they are unwilling for some reason, this administration, to really be upfront about it and to really take steps.
That solidifies and strengthens the right to keep and bear arms in this country.
They are not watching over the bureaucrats' shoulders.
People want to ask you this question.
When did you have your turning point of realizing we're going in the wrong direction big time, or was that a real turning point, or are you kind of just a ringer going in there to kind of take control of the so-called opposition and be loyal opposition, Congressman?
Well, that's a new one for me.
I don't think that there are many people that would believe that, and that certainly would be ridiculous.
I firmly believe in the positions that I take.
I always have.
I had very serious concerns about the USA Patriot Act when I voted for it.
I worked very hard.
To get changes made to it, and we succeeded to some extent.
We did get a lot of changes made that the administration didn't support.
Unfortunately, the way it's been implemented, with lack of proper oversight, lack of information from the administration, using these powers much more expansively than they were intended,
And now the administration trying to get additional powers.
Those are real danger signs.
So my concerns with the Patriot Act go back and are on the record before it was even passed.
Well, I'll say this now, Congressman.
I've been on the air for 11 years now, and I remember when you were making all the right stands for liberties, freedoms, Second Amendment, all down the line.
And I appreciate you fighting against the Patriot Act reauthorization now and fighting against Patriot Act II and the Victory Act and...
The Intelligence Enhancement Act and all of this stuff, so I appreciate you.
It's just that we have a very, very skeptical audience, and obviously most of them do really appreciate you, and we appreciate you coming on and spending the time today with us, and I hope to be able to get you on the show every six months or so, and as soon as we can schedule it, I'd like to get you to talk about your new book that is The Meaning of Is about Mr. Clinton, and maybe then we can talk about why George Bush told Congressman Dan Burton to back off Clinton.
I'd love to talk about those issues.
They are important, and I look forward to being back with you soon, Alex.
Thanks a lot, Congressman.
Take care.
All right, there goes Congressman Bob Barr, and we appreciate him coming on, and I ask the tough questions you want me to ask.
But frankly, folks, when he's up there fighting the Patriot Acts and doing the right thing now, it almost doesn't even help to beat him up and go after him.
I don't know.
Overall, Bob Barr is probably a pretty good guy.
I mean, he's better than Chuckie Schumer or Hillary Clinton.
He's not a sterling creature like Ron Paul, but I wish they made more of those, but they don't.
Almost a perfect record.
But there's Bob Barr, and there's the tough interview.
Probably never come back on because of that.
Top question.
But we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, on the other side.
And we will go to Cliff and Ray and Clint and many, many others.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Another hour just exploded past us.
Got to go back to Ray, who got cut short earlier.
I'm going to go to Clint and Levi and many others.
A lot of calls coming up in the third hour and a ton of news I haven't gotten to yet.
The one thing I didn't like that Barr did do, and I'll put this in an article when we write one in the next few days about the interview.
He said, oh, Bush has done more to go after guns.
Yeah, doubling the size of the BATF.
I mean, it's bad, folks.
Bataki's going after the, you know, suing the gun manufacturers.
Bush has done a bunch of other stuff.
Signed some importation bans.
We're in trouble.
And, oh, but that's just because Bush hasn't been watching the bureaucrats.
Oh, yes.
That's why he campaigned for the Sullivan's ban, because he suddenly was possessed by a bureaucrat.
And still good old boys on the streets will go, George Bush is an absolute pro-gun!
I've actually had them, you're ridiculous, get out of my face!
I was out at Crawford, there'd be little neocons over there who would literally start frothing and threatening you if you disagreed with them.
I go, but Bush isn't conservative.
Back off, boy, don't you talk about him!
I've actually got a video of this, I put it on the website, a lot of you have seen it.
And I'm like, but he's anti-gun, that's a lie, you piece of filth!
Back off!
I guess Bob Barr's lying, too.
Okay, Bush is pro-gun.
Turn your guns in.
How am I supposed to satisfy the absolute brain-dead neocon out there?
Oh, man.
All right, before I go back to your calls, I just briefly, at the end of this hour again, want to encourage every single one of you out there.
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