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Air Date: Dec. 9, 2005
2460 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I say this every Monday and almost every Friday, but the weeks are just...
Evaporating, exploding, and in some cases sneaking past us.
It feels like it's Tuesday, but no, it's Friday, already the ninth day of December 2005, in this final month of 2005.
What an eventful year.
And we're going to have wide open phones today.
We have one guest joining us.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So Congressman Bob Barr is scheduled, as they say, in the middle of the next hour, or right in the middle of this transmission today.
We will have wide-open phones.
There is just so much news to cover, and we're going to be going over all of it today.
I'm also going to ask Bob Barr why he voted for the Patriot Act, but now is so against it.
Interesting little point there.
The Chinese police kill villagers during two-day land protests.
This is a lot bigger than Tiananmen Square in the numbers of dead.
And they are just taking the villagers' property.
And literally, folks, in China, people just starve to death and die on the side of the street.
Just type in dead bodies in China.
For some reason, you type in
Chinese execution, and for some reason that gets pictures of dead old people and dead toddlers and dead babies rotting on the sides of the street.
They'll cover them up with a newspaper and then let, well, there aren't really any dogs to be feeding on the babies.
Of course, they issued an order a few years ago in one province to turn all your dogs in, too.
Not allowed to have dogs.
Just total tyranny.
But this is in the Washington Post, reporting on it like the police are good, and they're nice, loving people, and it says they're in their black uniforms and black mask.
And again, globally, same uniforms as the U.S., just all part of the global control.
Magically, eight years ago, everyone starts wearing these uniforms.
And they just opened fire with machine guns, and you don't like giving up your property?
Well, of course, Mao, they're now saying, Mao, the Communist Chinese Party over in China,
Released a government book five years ago admitting that 54,000, excuse me, 54 million, Freudian slip, I wish it was 54,000, 54 million people died during the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward.
Many of them at machine gun point, knife point, bayonet point, many others starving to death by design.
That's why China is the apple of the global sky.
No one has killed more than they.
No one has implemented globalism more than they.
No one has brought forward the promises of global extermination more than they.
They're being used to leverage out our economy right now, totally shut down our society right now.
And here they are, machine gunning the villagers.
And imagine, ten years ago, you would have had weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, pulling out of hair.
How dare the Chai Coms?
Now it's just, their police have dealt with the problem.
They did an excellent job.
And that's the attitude.
Man, I wish we were a cohesive unit like them Chai Comers.
You're against the Chai Coms.
You're a communist.
You're a liberal.
So that's the whole view now.
Paul Watson's done an excellent article here.
Miami bomb incident starts to look suspicious.
Eyewitnesses says that the individual they shot dead, Al Pazar, never mentioned bomb.
Passengers were more afraid of air marshals pointing guns to their heads.
So we reserve judgment on this, but big fat stinking rat here.
Big fat stinking commie rat, in the words of one of the generals in Dr. Strangelove.
So we'll get into this and a lot more today.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, the show lined up for you today on this live Friday, the 9th day of December 2005 edition.
I am Alex Jones, your host.
I'm not a conservative.
I'm not a liberal.
I'm a freedom lover.
That means I support the First Amendment and the Second Amendment.
I support the Fourth Amendment and the Tenth Amendment, the Seventh Amendment.
And I see our country being dismantled, and it is public.
It is not a secret.
It is world government being built in front of all of our eyes, right in front of our faces.
Congressman, former Congressman Bob Barr, talking about the Patriot Act and a lot more, coming up in the middle of the next hour.
We're going to have open phones today.
Wide open phones, long-time callers, first-time callers, folks who...
I've tried to get in in the past.
Go ahead and try to get in today.
We'd love to hear from you.
We'll take calls throughout the broadcast today.
We just got Barr on for a segment, so plenty of time to take your calls and cover the news.
And we'll get you up and on the air.
All right, Chinese police kill villagers during two-day land protest.
We're going to get into this new Tiananmen Square.
And I tell you, some of these Chinese peasants, they've got more Americana, more love of freedom than the American people do.
What could we do with a few million of those Chinese peasants of the billion?
Three hundred and something million.
Miami bomb incident starts to look suspicious.
Eyewitnesses say that the man who was killed never mentioned bomb.
Passengers were more afraid of air marshals putting guns to their heads.
It looks like he had a panic attack, obviously induced from the serotonin reuptake inhibitor.
And there's been an amazing little piece written by one of our listeners.
I'll tell you, some of these articles and stories and blurbs and comments and editorials that are written by our listeners are just better than I can write.
Obedience is the law.
Public execution of innocence keeps you safe.
I'm going to read what Hazel from, I believe she's in England, said.
We'll go over that.
We have it posted up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
But the White House is saying they back the Air Marshal's actions.
Now, again, I reserved comment the last day and a half.
Now I really can't reserve comment.
It's just a cold-blooded killing.
He didn't say bomb.
It's all lies.
We're good to go.
You may have to get terminated, boy.
But the border stays wide open, and our government openly funds all the major terrorist organizations.
But never mind that.
We've got to keep you safe.
But, oh, by the way, on the same day as all this is beginning to break concerning the Miami killing, tube shooting, that is subway shooting, charges possible of the Demendez shooting...
And now it's unraveling, and in front of all the witnesses, they tried to tell to shut up in England.
He didn't run.
He swiped his ticket, picked up a newspaper, strolled on.
They walked in.
He seemed to know them, and said, no, no, and they shot him a whole bunch, execution style, until his head was gone.
Just little pieces of flesh, kind of a goblet of hair.
It was an absolute mafia hit.
I think there's a little more to all of this.
What do you think?
Deal on Patriot Act stirs opposition.
They're not going to take anything out of it, and it looks like now there's some beefing going on.
Looks like they're beefing it up a bit.
That's why we've got a former congressman who's been speaking out against this joining us.
A bipartisan group of senators to oppose Patriot Act revision.
They're getting together saying that the Al-Qaeda, CIA, NSA, Defense Intelligence threat is just too great and we've just got to use this against small toy stores selling knockoff Rubik's Cubes that turn out to be totally legal and homeless people sleeping on the side of the streets in Vermont.
In Connecticut and other areas, we've got to use it against topless bars and county commissioners who take $4,000 bribes and pot dealers.
There are literally hundreds of cases of this, and I see new ones every week.
blocks ICRC access to suspects.
First time ever, the Red Cross is not allowed in to see anyone at the camps.
It's just, no thank you.
And John McCain is saying they're still torturing detainees.
Well, of course they are.
And the deal on the Patriot Act, again, is starting to stir opposition.
We're going to get more into that in a detailed article by Steve Watson on that.
Patriot Act use against U.S.
citizens extended.
I want to go over some of that.
terror watch list is this AP article says 80,000 names long.
And, of course, the U.S.
Last time I saw it was 350-something, and then there's a criminal watch list of a half a million that's been indexed with this as well, with tens of thousands of people who don't even have criminal records, but are on the criminal watch list.
Then you can't fly, because you might be a criminal.
North Korea boosted its nuke-making potential.
It's UPI.
That story of him hitting that grandmother with a taser, turns out it was five times, including after she was down, and
Completely unconscious.
I mean, why?
Just walk up and shoot her more?
Because you're a rabid dog.
I mean, it's just rabid frothing is what we see.
You just want to kill somebody.
You want to shoot somebody.
You want to fight somebody, go join a local boxing club or go play paintball or something.
Find an avenue for your killer instinct, not on old ladies.
And we're all hearing the war drums globally being beaten to invade Iran, why they really deserve it and they're evil.
Now there's a move to ban aspartame in New Mexico.
Meanwhile, the industry is pushing back to make sure that deadly toxic neurotoxin stays in your food.
That is just some of what's coming up.
Also, everybody's saying that Hugo Chavez is this evil demon because he gave...
New York and Boston and several other cities, 40% discounts on Sitco heating oil and natural gas and other things.
And by the way, I actually looked up the numbers.
He was shipping in here at cost.
So that was only at around, well, the equivalent of, I mean, people in Venezuela get fuel for 15 cents a gallon.
In U.S.
adjusted numbers.
And here the heating oil was at near those levels just paying for the tankers to bring it in.
So he was literally doing it at cost.
When you hear it was 40% off, that's what the grubbing charities, the go-betweens, a lot of the old Democrat big city machine corrupt officials are working out.
So they are going to get profit because basically Chavez is giving it for free.
But then the neocons got up on the radio and said, oh, he's just doing this to make us look bad.
He's a dirty commie rat.
And he's going to get us.
And he just did this as a stunt.
Hugo Chavez did not...
We're good to go.
I think?
Because the Congress went to all the oil companies, the U.S.
owned, the British owned, the Dutch owned, the Arab owned, and said, will you give us a discount on fuel to help all these old people and others who literally, I mean, it's below zero in some areas of the country.
Plus it's in Minnesota, it gets down to 67 below zero last year.
Areas in Chicago get down 30 below zero, 40 below zero, New York can get below zero.
And all Chavez said is, okay, I'll give you fuel.
You ask me, here it is.
And he's being demonized.
And listen.
There's all these old people who literally are on so many prescription drugs.
That is not a wives' tale that a lot of old folks and sick people, but predominantly old folks, really do eat dog food, folks.
They really do.
They've got to have the heart medication.
If they don't have it, they have heart attacks.
They start having heart palpitations, and no one's there to help them.
They don't have family, or their yuppie kids are off in California having a good time, or maybe their kids are in prison.
And they just sit there in these little freezing cold places under the covers with their little rabbit ears and their little TV, watching TV, afraid of the terrorists and their teeth chattering because there's been over a doubling of natural gas in those cities.
Just all sorts of scams going on.
And Hugo Chavez said, here, I'll give you fuel at cost.
So, at around, what, 10%?
If it was just their cost and the shipping?
It's not going to happen.
It's not going to happen.
You're just going to get 60% off if you're lucky in one of those five cities it's taking in.
I just wanted to illustrate that propaganda to you.
So he didn't even offer, folks.
They said, will you help us?
He said, yes.
No one else responded.
He said, okay, we'll give it to you.
And he got criticized, by the way, by some of his own government.
That's a lot of money.
Imagine if the whole U.S.
would have said, yeah, okay, we'll take it at cost for the next six months as he offered through the winter.
But he would have done it.
No, you don't get that fuel.
Those old ladies and old men and people who are handicapped from the waist down, quadriplegics who need that.
We don't have anybody that loves them, anybody that takes care of them.
And look, I put my money where my mouth is.
I mean, I give to charity.
I give to Meals on Wheels and the Salvation Army.
But I only give to real things that I know that actually helps people.
You give your money to the Red Cross, you give your money to United Way, you might as well give it to Adolf Hitler.
They are evil.
Evil scamming crooks.
That doesn't mean you're an evil scamming crook if you volunteered for the Red Cross.
I mean the leadership of them.
All right, whole side issue.
Now, I've really gone down a gigantic rabbit trail.
But you know what?
That's why people tune into the show, because you never know what you'll hear next, and it's all important.
We'll get into this latest killing of this Latin American.
We'll get back.
And I do believe what this listener sent us, this little article they wrote up.
I do agree with their view on it.
And Paul Watson's written a detailed analysis of it
But I'm going to read the listener story because it's shorter and I don't have time to read an eight-page article here on air, which is a real frustration point for me.
You really ought to read the articles that Paul Watson and Steve Watson and now our listeners are writing.
I mean, every day these incredible stories come in from you guys to tips at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanetWeb at Hotmail.com and
Ryan at Infowars.com, another place to send stuff.
Ryan, as in Little King, that's what it means.
Ryan at Infowars.com.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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The entire media, the government, Scotland Yard, premeditatedly live.
They followed the young Brazilian in.
Again, it's all on video.
He calmly swiped his card, got a free newspaper, walked on board.
They walked in.
He seemed to know them.
And it was basically, you know, please don't.
And they shot him a whole bunch in the head.
Now, the report I've got here, again, you can read between 7 and 14 shots.
But the final number was 14 shots into him.
And, I mean, it was just... They shot him over and over again in the head.
They just kept shooting the splattered mass and then adding a dollop of gunshots into the chest.
They just wanted him dead.
Sat on him and killed him.
Why did they... It was a pure execution.
And now we see the same thing in Miami, and they lie about it.
Oh, he said he had a bomb.
And I said, well, if that's true, then you really can't fault him.
But now it's coming out.
He was running away, going, I don't want to be on this plane, I'm afraid.
And they just gunned him down in the back.
And then freaked out and pointed guns at passengers' heads.
Went back and kind of intimidated everybody.
But it doesn't matter.
The White House says that the officers did the right thing.
Well, officer, what are you going to do when you're an old man and your granddaughter gets raped by a cop?
You can't go criticizing because, well, you've got to stick with the brotherhood.
Or when a cop shoots your mommy in the back.
Again, we need to have bad police punished, bad training punished.
That makes you have a good name.
It makes us all safer.
But nope, it's just do whatever you want, get away with whatever you want, the badge comes first.
Well, that's gang member mentality.
Go ahead and roll the White House's pontificating with Scott McClellan.
Passengers were boarding American Airlines Flight 924 from Miami to Orlando, and federal authorities say a man uttered threatening words and said he had a bomb.
Federal air marshals, or FAMs, were on the plane and sprang into action.
There were federal air marshals on board the aircraft.
They came out of their cover...
... confronted him, and he remained non-compliant with their instructions.
As he was attempting to evade them, his actions caused the fans to fire shots, and in fact, he is deceased.
Marshall Service spokesman Dave Adams explained the man, 44-year-old Rigoberto Alpizar, had agreed to leave the plane.
They carried a backpack and refused to set it down on the ramp leading from the aircraft.
Federal law enforcement sources say he was wearing the backpack on his stomach, further raising suspicions.
Adam says Alpazar approached the air marshals in an aggressive manner, appeared to reach into his bag, and was shot.
Passengers like Miriam Delgado, who doesn't speak English, were terrified.
Her great-granddaughter translates.
She heard three gunshots, and then everyone was running like everyone was going crazy.
They got up and started running.
Some passengers say Alpazar's wife claimed he was mentally ill.
I heard her say he's bipolar.
He doesn't have his medicine.
I heard the shots.
She was just saying her husband was sick.
Alpazar, a U.S.
citizen, had just flown to Miami from Ecuador.
After the shooting, investigators took his luggage off the plane and blew it open on the tarmac.
A search of Alpazar's backpack and luggage turned up no explosives.
So again, the question is, was this use of force necessary?
But federal authorities believe when it comes to a bomb on a plane, you just don't take any chances.
You just don't take any chances.
Now notice, for a day and a half it was bomb, bomb, bomb.
The cops lied and said that.
Now there were all these witnesses within feet.
And now they're even, because the witnesses won't go along, they're going, okay, he didn't say that.
He acted suspicious.
You are liars.
You are liars.
And you just think it's normal to lie about people you've killed or people you're going to kill.
Like we're not human beings.
Man, we're just as valuable as you are.
Come on.
What's wrong with you?
And imagine these air marshals.
There's never anything for them to do.
We've never got anything to do.
And so now it's just arrest drunks and people that get belligerent.
And it's been in the news how these weirdo flight attendants will go, Were you rude to me?
Did you say something to me?
Well, no.
That's it.
Mary Marshall, get over here!
We're landing the plane.
They land, take you off, arrest you, and then later they drop the charges.
But it's just there's nothing for them to do.
There's no real terrorist.
So it's just craziness.
General craziness.
And hysteria.
And then they always blow up the backpacks.
They always have the big theatrical, oh, we don't know what was in it, and he might have had a bomb, and we're all under danger.
Meanwhile, you're 390 times more likely to die in an automobile accident in the Western world, even higher levels here in the U.S., but that's seven Western countries averaged together, including the U.S., than you are to die from terrorism.
Oh, boy.
But it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter if you're, what is it, 14 times more likely to drown than to be shot by a gun.
You're not afraid of drowning.
You're afraid of the boom-booms.
Because the news told us what to be afraid of.
Well, I'm afraid of the real things I'm supposed to be afraid of.
I know in Texas I've got a better chance of being bit by a water moccasin than I do of getting shot.
So when I'm walking around by the river, I look for water moccasins.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
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All right, your calls are coming up, but I want to read this article that one of our listeners wrote, and it's just spot on.
Obedience is the law.
Public execution of innocence keeps you safe by Hazel McKinley.
Parallels are being drawn between the killing of Charles de Mendes in a London tube station and Mr. Alpazar in a Miami airport.
Both were Latin American and neither was carrying a bomb, but they were executed in broad daylight on public transport as suspected terrorists.
The official stories of these incidents are false.
Alpazar never said the alleged B-word, and Menendez was not acting suspiciously.
Alpazar was having a panic attack, not a terror attack, and Menendez was going to work like millions of others.
If the MET had done a reconstruction, that's the tube police,
Of the tube train shooting, as they do with most other crimes, all other violent crimes, we would have seen Menendez wearing a denim jacket and jeans.
In 60 degree weather, I would add.
They said it was real hot.
He had wire sticking out of a heavy winter coat and said he was going to bomb.
Not a padded coat, boarding a bus without a bag and being followed by undercover cops.
He alighted at Stockwell Station, picked up a free newspaper, and used his swipe card to enter the station before descending on an escalator with police still tailing him.
And he was walking.
When he arrived at the platform and took a seat on the train, officers pounced on him and shot him seven times.
I guess Hazel's going with the original number.
The official number is now, I believe, 14.
Therefore, why did special forces, and that's who they were, trail...
This ordinary commuter, and why did Sir Ian Blair lie from the outset about Menendez's actions and demeanor?
The suspect should have been apprehended before he even caught the bus if they believed he was a suicide bomber.
We all saw what happened on the number 10 bus.
To Hackney Station the previous day.
As usual, there are more questions than answers, but it seems that Menendez and Albazar were picked at random for a demonstration of a new anti-terror law enforcement powers.
And I tend to think that's where this is going.
The police can now snatch or shoot anyone without recourse to protect the public.
Bag carrying, running, and sledding are just a few examples of suspicious behavior, which could cost you your life in the war against terror on home soil.
And you heard the end of that CNN propaganda clip.
Well, the vets say bombs on planes are serious, and this was the right thing to do.
He didn't comply properly.
Like the witnesses to events on...
AA Flight 924, who had pistols aimed at their heads by angry air marshals while Alpazar was being murdered.
Many people have a flying phobia, which would account for the passenger's distress.
He was also on a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, which he had not taken for several days, which causes people to freak out.
Both of these men were innocent, and the public was not in danger.
Well, de Mendes did absolutely nothing.
Probably the evidence really points toward him being some type of operative or a witness or something.
I mean, they were getting rid of a witness.
Both of these men were innocent, and the public was not endangered, except for trigger-happy cops.
Tough luck, they say.
Difficult decisions have to be made in a split second, and it is better to be safe than sorry.
If they thought a bomber was on board an aircraft, it means that current stringent screening of passengers is inadequate, and this will require even greater scrutiny and vigilance by authorities, officials, our masters.
I added that part.
More scanners, cameras, dogs, and machine guns everywhere are needed.
These extreme measures contribute to the conditioning process.
Big Brother knows best.
Trust him.
The proles will have to cooperate, or they will be accused of aiding terrorism and facilitating attacks like the London bombings.
Noncompliance is irresponsible.
Disobedience could be fatal.
The message is, if you see your neighbors being rounded up or shot, hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing, and do nothing,
If it is for your own protection, just stay indoors, close to the curtains, and cower in fear, because it could be you next.
It all sounds familiar.
Historians should recognize the signs.
Stalin's Russia's, Hitler's Reich, Mao's China, Pol Pot's Cambodia, and Pinochet's Chile.
We have been there before, only now it's Blair's Britain, Howard's Australia, and Bush's America.
Presently, implementation of this global police state is incremental, but soon it will be all-encompassing.
Have your ID ready, citizen, because snarling police are straining at the leash, and Homeland Security has a short fuse, an itchy trigger finger.
I expect they'll already have complied the list of dissidents.
They have gulags to fill.
Charles Mendez and Mr. Alpazar may have been targeted for assassination.
We will never know.
But such mistakes could certainly be another method for disposing of opponents.
They might have been chosen for their nationality to further antagonize South America's angst against the U.S.
as the warlords orchestrate a confrontation between those two continents.
They were just cattle who were being used to advance the New World Order cause, and their lives were needlessly extinguished for a covert agenda.
This is a real tragedy, so I babbled through that.
But the point here is, and great job, Hazel, great job writing that little article, and it was very well said, better than I could say it, very short and succinct to the point.
We have to understand that as a society, we are seeing a grade A police state being set up.
And they really do have gulags here domestically.
All these years we warned you about them.
I went and shot video of them.
I showed Senate hearings where they were talking about the camps for you and your family.
I went to urban warfare drills where the Marines admittedly were training to put you in camps and break up your families and take your guns.
And I have colonels admitting it.
But notice the media always focuses in on the kook or the government operative who says, oh, there's camps over there, and it turns out to not be a camp.
It never gets national attention when a county commissioner from Oregon says, oh my gosh, they called me in, and FEMA says they're building camps here locally, and here's where the camps are.
It gets on local TV, but you'd think it'd be a national story.
And they've built camps.
We have army documents about the camps.
And they've built camps all over the world.
And they've got camps in Cuba.
They're building thousands of more beds and stringing more barbed wire.
Setting these precedents.
Advertising on the American Taliban.
Doing all of this.
It's so sad.
It's so scary.
And it's very, very un-American, the things that are happening.
And we have Ron Paul on.
We have
Morgan Reynolds, we have Paul Craig Roberts.
We have all these prominent conservatives on, saying, yes, we may have martial law, they may start arresting us, yes, yes.
I mean, this is real.
And they really are executing people randomly on the street.
Right here in Austin.
Daniel Rocha.
I mean, so what if the guy had a criminal record for some drug dealing?
Ooh, that man, he was really evil.
I don't care.
I mean, the government ships the stuff in.
It's a joke.
I mean, the molecules that guy was selling aren't anywhere near as deadly as the stuff they push on our kids through the school with all these fancy dandy doctors and drug reps.
And so they, oh, Daniel Rocha, he'd been busted for drugs before, and the officer pulled him over and got him on the ground, and she shot him in the back, and he died, and that's not debatable, and the cops come out and defend him.
The officer that killed Daniel Rocha.
And then Chief Nee, because of pressure, because they killed this guy in cold blood, Chief Nee finally says, okay, well, this cop's going to get in trouble.
Some scared-to-death woman cop who probably watches all the crime shows and believes that her job's really that dangerous when a firefighter or a highway worker is a lot more dangerous, statistically.
With all those cars careening by.
No, she was scared to death, and boy, this is a gang member.
I got one.
His life's over.
And then the cop association comes out and pops their faces up on TV here in Austin.
How dare Chief Knee?
And Chief Knee is just horrible, folks.
But the point is, he's not horrible for this reason.
He needs to go.
How dare you?
I mean, where does it end?
Don't you want bad cops to get in trouble?
Don't you want stupid cops to be run off the force?
Do you want to let bad cops give you all a bad name?
Let me tell you something.
20, 30, 50 years ago, 100 years ago, you shoot somebody in the back...
Cops would go up before the man, and they'd end up swinging from a yard arm.
I mean, in other countries, by the way, when the government screws up, everybody resigns.
Everybody gets in trouble.
People get indicted.
The more you screw up, the more power you get.
Not in America.
So I'm not against cops.
Look, I see you changing tires, as I've said.
And I see you out there helping.
And, you know, you come when somebody's house gets broken into, and there's not much you can do.
Because they don't teach you good old-fashioned detective work now.
In the past, cops were mainly just detectives.
Or hired guns to go deal with criminal gangs.
They were either warriors or detectives.
Now it's a small group of detectives.
That's by design, by the way.
And just a group of nannies running around giving us tickets, sticking their hind ends out in the middle of the highway.
I love it all the time, man.
A cop will have his hind end hanging out in I-35.
There could be a blowout any minute.
Or cops get killed in car wrecks and get hit by cars.
Much higher numbers than they do from guns.
But, oh no, they'll shake and be afraid when they come up to your car and freak out.
And again, because the TV, the training has told you to be afraid of that.
But you'll just hang your hind end out in the road.
With all these maniac drivers, me one of them, just careening down.
There's the cop.
Whenever a cop pulls me over, I'll pull way off on the shoulder on the grass.
I've had them even ask for it.
Why'd you pull off so far?
So you don't have to hang your hind end out over the road and get splattered, dum-dum?
And I'm not trying to be mean to you.
Why are you so scared of us when statistically you ought to be scared of swimming in the river?
You ought to be statistically scared of riding in your car?
You ought to be statistically scared of eating some lettuce with hepatitis C all over it.
I mean, again, I know I'm really harping on this new angle a lot.
It's just, we have to just get conscious and start really thinking about how we've been conditioned.
I mean, it's probably just a coincidence.
I think they were killing some witness or doing some execution with Menendez.
That's clear.
All the evidence points towards that.
And more evidence may come out later.
I don't know.
This new case in Miami, it just looks like you got somebody in a Prozac freak out.
And where I've known people on that stuff, I mean, they will.
They'll freak out.
That's what they do.
Especially if they're not taking the right levels of it.
And I've already talked about this.
I'll go to your calls in a minute.
The point is, this is all out of control.
And I hope you'll visit Infowars.com and get the stories Paul and Steve and others have written.
And I hope you'll get the article that Hazel McKinley wrote, because it's just, it's really good.
I mean, look at this article.
Now we should go to jail for sharing our favorite song lyrics.
Now the big recording industry people actually are calling for jail time if you post, even in part, the lyrics to a song.
See, they're really getting insane.
You talk about ways to violate the First Amendment, all of this copyright stuff is an end run around free speech.
Here's one out of the New York Times.
Video games where cops are the killers, and they go on to admit in the article that the cops are the good guys, but they do go around shooting everyone.
See, they're changing the roles.
Torture used to be bad, now it's good.
The Bill of Rights used to be good, now it's bad.
Forced drugging populations used to be bad, now they say it's good.
They just tell you it's good.
Oh, good guys wear black masks and kill people.
In every movie you ever saw, in every book you ever read, the bad guy wears black.
The Ringwraith, Darth Vader, they wear helmets, they wear masks, they wear capes.
I'll never forget in Seattle, they had their raincoats on and they would tie them back over their necks and they actually had little capes running around in Darth Vader outfits with little black capes flapping.
And then you read with the federal grants that have paid for all these cities to get this and it says it is for intimidation.
It is for secrecy.
It is secret police.
It is the archetypal evil.
The executioner
The Inquisitor.
The Torturer.
The Hangman.
It's just in all mythology, it is a base human thing.
Clad in black, driving black vehicles, riding black horses.
That's evil!
That's evil!
They've taken on the nomenclature.
They've taken on the garb.
They've taken on the sickness.
They've taken on the logos of classical tyranny, the Nazis.
And I look at photos of the communists running around machine gunning their own population, the farmers, there in China, because they're taking their property, and they're dressed in the same Darth Vader outfits.
They had their sociologists look at the most intimidating thing, and they garb them in it.
And we should all be concerned, not just by the camps and the martial law and all the preparations.
That's all public, but just by the open trappings.
Mike in Illinois and Jeff Rubin, Cliff Ray and others.
Go ahead, Mike.
Okay, how are you doing?
Yes, sir.
Hey, glad to see the work you're doing.
It's great.
And I just wanted to tell you, a couple years ago, prior to 9-11, I'm an amateur radio operator.
And we were talking on the radio one night about, you know, this terrorist stuff's going to happen.
You know, and I'll tell you what.
After it did, I've never seen so much chaotic following and everything else by the Homeland Security in my life.
I mean, we were, like, targeted.
You wouldn't believe it.
No, I understand.
You're saying there was massive interference, blocking of your short-life transmissions?
I mean, I'm talking about personally being fouled from my business and everything else.
No, no.
I mean, garage doors going up and down to see what's in there.
I mean...
It was so chaotic you wouldn't believe it.
Well, you know the entire intelligence community in this country is only around 150,000 people, and most of those are in logistics and supply and...
You know, keeping the computers on.
So I want the listeners to know, though, this is all part of another illusion.
There are people who are here and there harassed.
There are things that happen.
There's also this thing as undue paranoia.
And then it creates this illusion.
And then you look at those 150,000, some say even 200,000 people, a lot of them are now on our side.
They're going public exposing the black sites, the secret torture sites.
They're going public exposing fake weapons dossiers.
They're going public left and right.
In fact, I would have to tell you,
They're actually some of the most informed, intelligent, professional people.
And I would tell you, we've got about half of them now.
So the globalists are really getting into trouble.
Okay, I tell you another thing, too.
Up here in Rockford, Illinois, out at our local airport, we have Homeland Security driving around in cars that look like police cars.
I do know that.
And we saw this before 9-11.
These federal police...
And this is all part of the FEMA regionalization.
This is all being done, sir.
There are hot spots around the country, and I've got to tell you, some areas of Illinois are some of the worst we've seen.
They really are, and I'll tell you for another fact, too.
Being an amateur radio operator, I thought at one point that FEMA was a really good thing to get my number, my FRN through.
And I'll tell you one thing, I'm about the most saddened person you could ever believe that ever registered with that group.
It just doesn't make any sense.
Well, FEMA deliberately sabotaged the relief in New Orleans.
As the storm was hitting, they were jamming police communications.
I hear the music.
Alex, thank you.
You take care, and thanks for the good work.
Hey, thank you, Mike.
Thank you for all your fine points.
Yeah, I mean, they may be afraid of you because you were communicating with a lot of people.
I mean, that happened to me early on, too.
But once you commit yourself and move forward, you actually get respect is what you get.
Groveling through them, you just get raped.
Jeff Rubin, Cliff Ray, and others, we'll talk to you when we get back.
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We don't need no education We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasms in the classrooms Teacher, leave them kids alone
That's right, we're not buying anything you say now.
We're treating the entire population like your children, talking to us like we're stupid.
Doing everything you can to dumb us down.
Here's the chorus, just for you.
Teacher, brainwasher.
All right, folks.
We're about to go back to your calls.
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Jeff in New Mexico.
Go ahead, Jeff.
Hi, Alex.
I know you don't want inheritance taxes imposed even on billion-dollar inheritances, but how about a law where you either pay inheritance tax or pay mandatory charity taxes
The organizations like Salvation Army that give jobs with dignity to needy people that inherited only debt, with the exception that illegal Mexicans wouldn't get the jobs because Mexico rich need to help their own
Well, look, I'm not a social engineer.
I think just leave people alone.
I mean, I'm against most forms of taxation.
One of the worst things out there is inheritance tax.
All the big elites have theirs in double-blind trust and trust they set up the robber barons 100 years ago, exactly 100 years ago, right at this time.
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
They should still have it, but...
Either that or they mandatorily have to help, you know, like the Salvation Army to get people jobs and dignity.
Yeah, but anyway, you start making somebody pay some group, it's going to be... Stay there.
We'll talk about it more.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time and then back from 9 to midnight.
We're here, my friends, live right now.
On this December 9, 2005 edition, we're finishing up with a caller, Jeff in New Mexico, then we've got Reuben Cliff Ray and many others.
We've got a former congressman coming up who's fighting against the Patriot Act in about 30 minutes.
And a bunch of other news here concerning the police state and the brainwashing and the rest of it as we track and chronicle the global government's criminal activities, as we do here daily.
But I was talking to Jeff in New Mexico yesterday,
And he was, I guess, bringing up the inheritance tax, which I guess Jeff, in some respects, is for.
And look, the liberals, and I don't mean that derogatory term, people who consider themselves to be liberal, they think that taking money from the rich is going to help the poor.
That's why the rich are rich, because they're smart, and sometimes they're criminal.
The higher up you get, the more criminal they are.
And they're going to always use any big reservoir of money that you pot up together, that you create, and they're going to suck out of it.
And big corporations actually lobby for welfare, and lobby for big governments, and lobby for corporate welfare.
So if you start trying to take one billionaire's money, it's just going to be sucked up by another billionaire or a trillionaire.
And I don't want to get an email going, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world at $44.4 billion.
That's his current wealth.
$44.4 billion.
That was what I saw a couple days ago.
And he's been worth as much as $110 billion.
Microsoft stocks down.
Gates is nothing.
Real elite families own the printing presses.
We're good to go.
Just the terms we use are false.
Commie, socialist, fascist.
It's just all baloney, folks.
It's command and control versus freedom.
And any time you centralize power, it's going to be usurped.
Oh, we might have a big centralized government for a day.
And maybe have some benevolent dictator who handed out plots of land to people and left everybody alone.
He will be assassinated, and he will have an elite put in above him.
He will, because that's what criminals do.
They see a lever of power, they're going to seize it.
So you stop the levers of power.
You weaken the levers of power.
You separate the levers of power.
That's the doctrine.
That's what the Founding Fathers said.
It's pure genius.
It's absolute common sense.
It's just the way humans operate.
Now, go ahead, Jeff.
Any other comments?
I heard something on NPR this morning about the Chamber of Commerce.
I think they want to depower the class action suits like
There's one I got in the mail for initial public offering securities litigation class action suit.
You know, during the tech wreck.
They're trying to get all these companies like... Very, very, very dangerous.
Look, they're trying to make it to where they force you to take vaccines and then there's no liability for the company.
And whereas there are a lot of lawsuit abuse out there, that is just a symptom of a larger problem.
Class action lawsuits are good...
And they should not be restricted.
Like Ask Jeeves, that's one of them that average preliminary damage estimate from Ask Jeeves is 179 million.
That's one of those...
I think that's ridiculous.
You know what?
If somebody wants to go out and buy mining stock from some scammer, and they get ripped off, or they go buy a timeshare, that's their problem.
Or if they get scammed by some 2008 presidential candidate who's pushing stuff, or some local shyster here in Austin, that's their fault, folks.
People should do due diligence.
Listen, I'm out of time.
Thanks for the call.
I thought we were discussing... I thought we were getting in...
To some other issues there.
But find another point you brought up about litigation.
We can talk about that for five hours, for ten hours, for months.
It's a big subject.
But we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
And we will continue with your phone calls and just a bunch of news.
Chinese police kill villagers during two-day land protest.
Kill them.
That's the freedom.
We'll be right back.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Eight minutes.
24 seconds into this second hour, now well into the second segment.
Coming up, though, we're scheduled to have former Congressman Bob Barr talk about his resistance to the Patriot Acts, reauthorization, his resistance to the Pentagon, spying on the American people.
I mean, that is just on its face a felony.
It is against the law, but they've been doing it very quietly for the last 25 years or so, really even longer.
I also want to get into Chinese police kill villagers during two-day land protest.
More on the Miami bomb incident.
Turns out the cops lied.
The feds lied.
And now they're saying, okay, you didn't say bomb.
Let's see.
For a few days, though, they got that out there.
Neocons, I heard them this morning, are still saying bomb.
They're never going to shut up.
That's how it works.
The first thing you hear is what they then stick in there and basically becomes a historical record.
Let's go back to calls right now and go through these calls.
Ruben in Ohio.
Welcome, Ruben.
Hey, Alex.
I listen to you on 900 WCER out here in Ohio.
I've got three topics I want to hit with you real quick, but I wanted to let you know I watch Order of Death on prisonplanet.tv, and it's excellent.
You mentioned Jesse Jackson, the 33-degree Freemason, and
Makes perfect sense, but it also blew me and everybody else's minds that were watching it.
And Jesse Jackson will run around and make high schools change their name from the Rebels, which nobody cared about, which everybody was proud of.
I mean, there have even been protests locally in Austin where the black students are out saying, don't change the name of our school from the Rebels.
But they still did, but Jesse Jackson doesn't want to take down the statue of the founder of the Klan from there in D.C., does he?
No, which is mind-boggling.
How can there be a statue of Albert Pike?
It defies all logic.
They tell you what to be upset about.
They tell you what to get all hot and bothered over.
Yeah, but we're awake now.
Listen, there is a British magazine, it's like a men's journal, called The Zoo, and I was wondering if you were familiar with their 9-11 unanswered questions
That they ran in it over the summer.
I was not familiar with that.
A friend of mine who's from England, his mom sent him a copy, and he ripped out the pages and gave it to me.
It's a 50-50 job.
50-50, I'd say, serious questions, and then they throw in a couple jokes and weird things.
Maybe I'll copy it or just send you in the pages that my friend ripped out.
I mean, 9-11 is not a laughing matter.
No, but this is like I would compare it to maybe a Maxim or an FHM men's magazine over here in the state.
You see what I'm saying?
I don't know what the zoo is.
A mild, mild playboy.
Right, but here's a serious article in there with a few jokes.
The second thing I wanted to ask you about is there was a movie by Josh Whedon at the end of the summer called Serenity, and I was wondering if you saw it or heard anything about it.
Excellent movie.
Yeah, that's what I was going to tell you.
If you didn't see it, you need to see it.
And then the last thing I wanted to ask you is, is the split in the Democratic Party over the war real or is it manufactured?
Are the people who are speaking out against the war, are they legitimately against the war or is this a setup for the UN?
Well, that is a huge question and thanks for the call.
Let me try to answer that ribbon on air after you've left us so I can try to focus.
That is such a big question
There's so many facets to it.
I mean, I don't know the heart of Howard Dean.
Is he a good guy?
Is he a bad guy?
I know Hillary is bad, phony, intelligence agency front woman to control liberals since day one.
I know Bill Clinton is.
And every time I mention this, I know we've got well-meaning liberals listening who don't understand it, so then I have to back it up.
You see, I'm kind of neurotic about that.
Now I want to go off on a spiel about Bill Clinton recruited by the CIA, the evidence is clear, working for the Bushes even back when Bush Sr.
was CIA director in the 70s.
Clinton then being sent as a Rhodes Scholar and then, of course, his main mentor being Carol Quigley at Georgetown who openly said that they were controlling the left and right and pushing for world government.
And then Bill Clinton at Mena, Arkansas with the narcotics trafficking all being controlled.
I mean, I've interviewed the agents who were there unloading it.
It was well known that this was a Bush-Clinton operation.
And then now people had trouble believing that years ago and I covered it in films and things.
Now it's...
Barbara Bush calls him her son, and Clinton calls her mom, and they vacation together constantly, and they run little scam charities together, and Hillary has four-hour lavish dinners every week with Rupert Murdoch at his New York $50 million penthouse.
It's all staged.
I mean, here's how the scam works.
We're talking about trillions and trillions of dollars that they're making off of us every year.
We're talking about control of the world through the military muscle of the U.S.
They're not going to leave it up to actually having two parties fighting with each other.
Now, they don't control every congressman or woman, they don't control every senator, but they control most of them.
They certainly control the committee program and the centralization of the committees and the party leadership.
It wasn't like that 100 years ago, 200 years ago.
Now, a senator has no power if they don't toe the line, follow orders, and then they don't get that committee chairmanship.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, I remember in the debates, Kerry going, we need to go into Iran.
They're the real threat.
Why don't you go into Iraq?
Wrong country, Bush.
But we've got to stay the course in Iraq.
Clinton says it.
Kissinger says it.
Lieberman says it.
All these old guns out saying it.
And then first, Dean comes out and says, we've got to get out of there.
And then he goes, well, we've just got to have an exit strategy.
We've got to hear a plan.
Hear a plan.
Now they're going to run these ads showing Democratic leaders waving white flags, like good old boys sitting around, we ain't going to be a bunch of cowards, we're going to stay... That's like if you were fixing your garbage disposal and the breaker flipped back on and it caught your fingers in it, would you pull your hand out or would you go, I'm not afraid of them blades, let me just stick my hand in there a little bit deeper.
When you're the one that stuck your hand in there, our government...
Created Iraq.
The British did.
They put Saddam in.
They funded him to attack those countries.
They told him, go ahead and go into Kuwait.
They lied about WMDs.
They've done all of this.
We've got to stay the course.
And all the top analysts have looked at it and said, if we leave, things will get a lot better.
But the Pentagon's plan, that isn't their plan, is to make as much money for the shareholders as it is Thomas Barnett, the Naval War College professor, says.
We work for Wall Street.
We don't work for the American people.
We're creating global government.
And there's a room full of generals on C-SPAN clapping.
Yes, yes, we work for global government.
Yes, we work for Madison Avenue and Wall Street.
It was like the Howard Beale talking to, he gets a network with a globalist, calls the anchor in and says, look, we're global government.
We're all stock, human resources in this global government.
They're telling you what they're doing to you through these movies.
And so it doesn't matter.
I mean, all these liberals, martial law is coming, the government may be total tyranny, it's all over for us.
And you say, well, what should we do?
We should turn our guns in.
Well, how does turning our guns in make the government be nice to us?
Are you for Che Guevara giving up his gun?
He was a rebel.
No, of course not.
Which they don't even know he really wasn't.
Well, why can he have an AK-47 but I can't?
It's different.
It's different.
You see, they're brainwashed, folks.
Just like the neocons are brainwashed.
We have to see it's two different brands of brainwashing that come to the same endgame.
I mean, take so-called conservatives.
They think George Bush is conservative.
He's as conservative as Joe Stalin.
I mean, the government, he spent more money in five years than in 225 combined.
More than every president before him combined.
He opened borders, gun control, signing on to U.N.
treaties, just all of it.
I mean, he just goes on NAFTA highways, just all of it, everything.
He is an abomination.
See, I don't owe my allegiance to a puppet, to a sputtering little yuppie cheerleader.
He was a cheerleader, folks, from, you know, Kennebunkport, Maine.
Blue blood.
Because he wears a cowboy hat and struts around with a fake accent.
I don't owe my allegiance to that.
I don't owe it to Bill Clinton with his little Arkansas accent, I'm a good old boy, you can trust me.
When he's an intelligence operative, just like Putin is, just like it's admitted now that Blair's MI6, they're all intelligence agents.
They work for the intelligence agencies, they work for the big private corporations.
The country's totally been overtaken, totally dominated.
And we keep putting perfume on a pig, denying how bad it is, denying how far it's gone, denying that we had a silent, organized, scientific coup back in 1963.
We had a coup before that.
It's just Kennedy actually thought he was a leader and thought, no, I'm the president.
I give the orders.
And he said, no, you don't, Mac.
So, people need to understand that.
This needs to be realized.
We need to consciously realize
Get this into our heads.
That we're being managed and played.
And that we're being controlled.
And that they know that you need to see this theater so they have a good cop and a bad cop.
And we're all sucked in by it.
We've got to re-educate ourselves.
They have conditioned us.
They have indoctrinated us.
We have to personally start researching.
Personally get out of their re-education camp and educate ourselves.
It's that simple.
You have to be conscious of history, how human societies play out, what this current elite's goals are, and what we're facing.
And how they're using terrorism to hurt us into accepting total martial law and total tyranny.
And it's wrong and it needs to be resisted and stopped.
And the Democratic Party isn't going to save us.
It just isn't going to happen.
The Republican Party isn't going to save us.
And so many Democrats owe their allegiance and their friends and the clubs they hang out with to, oh, we're Democrats, we're the good people.
No, you're not.
And Republicans aren't either.
It's just... And there's no such thing as lesser of two evils here.
It just is not the case.
It's broken.
We've got to fix it.
We've been usurped.
We've been dominated.
We've been conned.
We've been hijacked.
We've been freeloaded, freebooted.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went out.
Cliff in Colorado.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Cliff.
Hi, Alex.
Yes, we are in an information war.
And I've gotten all your tapes, and I lost count, giving out over 200.
It's the best tool we've got out there to waken up people.
The people around us.
I've got two stories out of Colorado.
One last week, 57 police officers, including feds, DEA, IRS, Aspen PD, Snowmass PD, SWAT team, two family restaurants for drugs.
They came up with a seven-month investigation.
They arrested nine illegal aliens, $3,000 and two grams of cocaine.
But the DEA agents were seen eating salt, dust off the shelves, and crematorium remains from a co-worker that had worked there where they stored his ashes.
And the DEA agents asked what this is, and they said it was crematory remains of a fellow worker.
And they proceeded to taste test it.
I think that makes anybody's skin crawl.
Well, it's an incredible hubris and arrogance.
I didn't see this report, but again, they have to introduce something that then people want to use and do use as an excuse to turn the whole country into a war.
A war game.
The enemy is a substance.
Anyone can be using it.
Watch everyone.
Tattle on everyone.
Spy on everyone.
If some idiot wants to use cocaine or heroin, let him.
And in Europe, where they legalize it, it's not cool anymore.
It's seen as dirty and pathetic.
And you get about a 70% reduction in the usage.
But, oh, let's not do that here.
We couldn't have the drug dealers on the private prisons they put your kids in.
And here's the thing, too.
These were family restaurants with kids eating and dining with guns blazing.
And also, they didn't have the... Guns a-blazing!
They fired their weapons?
Well, they didn't fire them, but they pulled them out and were telling everybody to... Brandishing them, yeah.
Brandishing them, right.
Why don't you email me a story about that?
I did today.
Also, they didn't even bother to tell the sheriff up there.
And the Aspen PD and the sheriff's department share the same building.
And they... Aspen PD...
...had said that they were too busy.
So the sheriff brought us, didn't even know what was going on.
You know, I guarantee you there were cars being stolen, houses being broken into.
Real crime.
I mean, somebody breaking into my house, folks, is a lot worse than somebody using drugs.
Then cops will argue, well, the drugs caused people to break into your house.
Yeah, it being illegal puts a black market premium on it, and then the coke head wants to break into my house.
And then you, the cop, want my Second Amendment so I can't defend myself from them.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
I'll try to get that story posted, Cliff.
Just sounds like par for the course to me.
Ray, go ahead.
Ray in Delaware.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
I'm not listening to you on any radio station here because we don't get you.
Well, thanks for that information.
So you don't listen to the show?
No, it's not on here.
I listen to it on shortwave radio.
It's not on regular radio.
Yeah, I understand.
You are listening to it on a station.
And the reason I found out about you, I have a lot of friends, and I keep saying, doesn't anybody get this New World Order stuff?
And they said, yeah, you've got to listen to Alex Jones.
I said, well, how do I get him?
They said, only on shortwave.
So I went right out and bought a shortwave radio.
And you do get it, sir.
And I congratulate you.
Now, I'll give you a little background.
I'm a 58-year-old Vietnam veteran and Vietnam taught me cynicism and how to investigate things and how to find out what is really going on.
And consequently, I'm a political junkie.
I buy five papers a day and listen to as much news and information as I can on the radio and on the TV.
And what I found
And this is interesting, I think you know this, is that you won't find the truth in all this, but you'll find leaks.
You'll find things they don't want out there that they will kill, but they leak out once or twice.
And I'll give you a good example.
Well, also, I mean, something may be classified, their agenda may be classified, but as they play the agenda out, you can see what the classified agenda is because it manifests itself.
Right, right.
Now, here's a good example.
About eight days ago...
Alan Greenspan gave his farewell speech to a bunch of corporate types, a bunch of New World Order types.
And in this speech he said the only way to cure the deficit were with massive cuts in Medicare and Medicaid.
CNN ran that story once at 11 o'clock in the morning, and I could see in the face of Soledad O'Brien when she read it, she couldn't believe that that story got out there, because that's damaging.
That can get old people to start thinking, and actually Americans in general to start thinking.
And sure enough, that story died right there.
That was the last I heard of it.
It was in no papers.
It was never again on the news.
You know what?
I've got a guest coming up, but the guest is only on for one segment.
You want to hold over until the guest is gone and finish up your point?
All right.
Thanks for the call.
I'll go ahead and put him on hold.
We've also got Clint and others waiting.
We're scheduled to have a guest coming up here in a moment.
He should be very informative concerning the Patriot Act and other issues.
So be sure and stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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888-421-6181 Okay, we're joined by Congressman Bob Barr, and he's got an appointment that he's got to get to, so he's just with us for this segment.
And I tell you, he's been hard to get on.
Busy man.
Of course, Bob Barr, representative of the 7th District of Georgia and the U.S.
House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003, serving as senior member of the Judiciary Committee and vice chairman of the Government Reform Committee and as a member of the Committee on Financial Services.
He was in the CIA.
He, of course, was with the 21st Century Liberties, Chair of Freedom, Privacy, and the American Conservative Union, and serves as the board member of the National Rottel Association and the Patrick Henry Center.
He also serves as the chairman of Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances and provides advice to several organizations, including as a consultant to the ACLU.
And it just goes on and on for page after page.
Most of you know who Bob Barr is.
This is his...
This is his maiden voyage here on our show, just for a few minutes.
Congressman, thanks for coming on with us.
Well, I appreciate the opportunity, certainly, because you reach a lot of people and you deal with very, very important issues, frequently constitutionally-based issues, so I'm glad that you all are out there doing that.
Oh, I didn't know that you were aware of what we did, Congressman.
Oh, yeah.
You reach a lot of people, and these are vitally important issues when we're dealing with our civil liberties, and so many folks in both of the national parties, the Democrat and the Republican, they sort of forget about this, don't want to deal with it, so somebody's got to pick up that baton and run with it, and you do, and I appreciate it.
Well, we appreciate you coming out against the Patriot Act.
A lot of people are confused, and I'll just give you the hard question up front.
Why did you vote for the Patriot Act, and then for the last three and a half years, you've been vehemently opposed to it, and I commend you for fighting against its reauthorization in its current form, but can you explain that to us?
Yeah, most important thing, first of all, is why are we opposed to the reauthorization of the provisions at sunset without some limitation, and we're opposed to those provisions
Because the way the Patriot Act has been used over the last four years raises very serious concerns that it is being used in an unconstitutional way and it is being abused by being used far in excess of the purposes for which it was intended.
It was intended to provide
Very important tools, some of which are important and are not controversial, and that's why I voted for it, because it did give important tools to law enforcement and our intelligence agencies.
It created more positions, it created better coordination between the agencies, and that was important.
The problem is that at the same time, it gave the federal government too much power.
And as we've seen that power being used over the last four years, we see that
The power to access law-abiding American citizens' private records is being used far in excess of what was intended.
The government still does not have to show any suspicion whatsoever that the citizen has done anything wrong before the government can access their records.
We believe that this dramatically undermines the Fourth Amendment guarantee of privacy in our system of government.
What did you think about Patriot Act II and the things they wanted to add?
It took a very bad situation and made it dramatically worse.
There were, as you know, because I know you've talked about it, there were provisions in the so-called Patriot II or Son of Patriot Act to give the government the power to strip Americans of their citizenship.
It would have greatly expanded even beyond the powers in the current Patriot Act, the ability of the government to access personal, private records of American citizens.
It would have expanded the definition of Domestic Terrorist Act.
And thankfully, we thus far, knock on wood, have been able to stave off expansions to the Patriot Act.
But what we've been trying to do with the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, or those provisions that would sunset this year, is to try and bring a little bit of balance back to it.
We've made some progress, not a lot, but we have made some progress.
But what we're trying to do right now is urge Senators, particularly Republican Senators,
Not to buy into this sham compromise that is being proposed now between the House and Senate conferees.
It does not go nearly far enough.
So we're urging senators to vote against cloture on the Patriot Act compromise bill.
Well, the way I read it, and the way analysts are reading it right now, is really it's the original Patriot Act, and they're just putting in a few little turn of the phrase to confuse people, some platitudes.
They are making some minor adjustments.
Some of those minor adjustments are positive, and I commend...
Senator Specter and others for at least holding out for some changes.
But Congressman, here's the problem.
They're already implemented Patriot Act 2, grabbing American citizens, saying no habeas corpus, saying we can torture whoever we want, Bush is God, he speaks from the throne like the Pope, ex cathedra.
It's just light years, open discussions of using troops domestically, having the CIA and Defense Intelligence looking over our hedges at us.
I mean, even Ron Paul a few weeks ago on this show, and Paul Craig Roberts and many others say it looks like the classical move towards a dictatorship.
And basically, as long as you smile when you demand to see somebody's ID at gunpoint sitting on a bus, I guess it's okay for the government.
That's sort of the way they operate.
It can be a totalitarian-type regime.
Congressman, do you see that as a danger?
I think it's a real danger where we have the military becoming involved in all sorts of domestic matters.
And we have the government being able to seize very private, personal records on people without any suspicion they've done anything wrong.
I mean, this is a dramatic turn of events that has accelerated greatly since 9-11.
I saw an editorial you wrote a few years ago saying that the attacks on our liberties are more damaging to America than the physical attacks of 9-11.
Can you comment on that and then in hindsight elaborate?
I don't doubt for a minute that we can defeat terrorists.
We have a great military.
If we focus on the job of the military, and that is protecting our borders and protecting our national security interests overseas, we win virtually every time if we get serious about it.
But if we then turn the military inward,
And use the military to compile electronic dossiers on citizens, to data mine, to have citizens watching out on each other and reporting on each other.
If we have the military involved every time there's a bad rain or windstorm or tornado, then what we are doing is we are undermining the entire basis on which our constitutional representative democratic form of government was founded.
Even as our leaders in Washington say we're not going to let the terrorists change our way of life, they are implementing policies that do precisely that.
Congressman, how did your stint at the Central Intelligence Agency help you be able to analyze the current things that are happening in the U.S.?
Because that's an area on the web and other places, and I've got a lot of emails and calls since I announced you were coming on.
People wanted to ask you about that, exactly what you did at the CIA.
My experience both at the CIA and as a United States Attorney under Presidents Reagan and Bush I really allows me to look at these issues of government power and constitutional authority from the practical standpoint that I know firsthand just how powerful the federal government already was before the USA Patriot Act.
The tools were there, whether they were intelligence tools to discover what the
Uh... terrorists were up to or law enforcement tools to actually stop them.
We had the tools to stop those terrorists prior to 9-11.
We didn't.
But it wasn't because we didn't have the USA Patriot Act.
It was because the government at all levels had gotten sort of lazy, was not... their government was not doing its job of implementing and carrying out the laws that were already on the books.
The work that the CIA does, for example, and the other intelligence agencies, is basically outside of the constraints of the Fourth Amendment, and that's as it should be.
When our government gathers intelligence, foreign intelligence, overseas, they shouldn't be bound by the Fourth Amendment.
Congressman, Tommy Franks, last year, when he was out going ahead of CENTCOM, and I'm sure you're aware of this, said, one more attack, we turn over the country to the military, we get rid of the Constitution.
And then the CFR, some of their people said this, the PNAC boys said terror attacks will really be helpful to get our agenda through and to silence dissent.
I mean, I want your comments on that, honestly.
I mean, this is classical terror we're seeing, and I'd like to get your take on specifically...
We're good to go.
Okay, we're going to fight crime now.
Spy on your neighbor.
Are they smoking pot?
They've used the Patriot Act on pot dealers, topless bars.
I mean, you know that.
You've written about it.
It's clear.
They just want to use this against us.
I think you're absolutely correct, Alex.
I think what they're doing is they're using people's fear of another terrorist attack to move forward with various government programs that the government has wanted to gather and put in place for many, many years
They're using the fear that is now driving public policy in this country, which is very unfortunate and very un-American for our nation's policies to be driven by fear.
But that's what's happening, and many of our leaders are shamelessly playing on that fear to implement and grab power in ways that in calmer times, perhaps, the American people wouldn't stand for.
This is why we put into the Patriot Act sunset provisions for many of its provisions, so that at least we would have the opportunity after a few years to sit down and see how these were used, take a calmer look at it, and make changes.
Now, Congressman, I've only got two more questions for you.
You've got to leave here in just a few minutes, but I do want to say that you have
A show called Bob Barr's Laws of the Universe, and that's on Radio America on the weekends.
It aired several times, and it's live, of course, once.
And you've written the book The Meaning of Is, Bob Barr, about Harry Clinton.
And I'd like to get you on sometime longer.
To specifically talk about the book.
The website's BobBarr.org.
Bob and then B-A-R-R dot O-R-G.
Or there's links to it at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
But getting into illegal aliens, you mentioned our borders.
The War on Terror holds absolutely no water with anyone.
The minute I mention that our borders are completely wide open, only 8,000 Border Patrol, 2,000 or 3,000 on duty at any one time, it's a complete joke.
It's a war zone here in Texas, 800 dead in the last...
It's a real shame, and it's our Achilles' heel, and it's one of our own making.
On my radio show this coming Sunday, we're going to have Tom Tancredo, one of the real champions of trying to beef up our border security, or at least have a rational dialogue about doing a better job.
But even in the President's speech a couple of weeks ago, where he talked specifically about border security enhancement,
Even though there were some good ideas in his speech, the one area that truly is the linchpin for this whole thing, and that is cracking down on those who come to or are into this country, given employment, there are either woefully unenforced penalties, or they just aren't enforced at all.
And until we get serious about cracking down on those who are in this country or coming to this country to work, as laudable as that is, then we're not going to get a handle on this.
Okay, last question, and it's a two-parter, Congressman.
I'll let you get out of here.
I know you've got an appointment you're late for already.
Specifically, Katrina, there was gun confiscation.
It did go on.
We got federal injunctions.
Cops won't give the guns back.
They were under federal command when they did that.
A great martial law drill.
And Bush is trying to reauthorize the assault weapons ban.
Just all of this going on.
Why are we seeing things like this starting to happen?
It's interesting because I fought a lot of these gun control battles when I was in the Congress and the Clinton administration was in power.
And yet I continue to work Second Amendment issues.
And it's my impression, to be honest with you, and this is confirmed by a lot of folks who are involved very heavily in regulatory matters involving firearms, that it is more difficult dealing with this administration than it was dealing with the prior administration.
And I think it's because even though I believe truly that President Bush is a supporter of the Second Amendment, he understands it, they are unwilling for some reason, this administration, to really be upfront about it and to really take steps.
That solidifies and strengthens the right to keep and bear arms in this country.
They are not watching over the bureaucrats' shoulders.
But it's in the Bill of Rights, and it's also very popular to be pro-gun.
Why isn't Bush doing that?
And finally, sir, a lot of callers brought this up.
People want to think of you as a champion of freedom.
They're a little paranoid with the intelligence agency background.
And they say, well, he voted for this bill, and no one was even allowed to read it, just a synopsis.
And they go, well, now he's against it.
And some...
People want to ask you this question.
When did you have your turning point of realizing we're going in the wrong direction big time, or was that a real turning point, or are you kind of just a ringer going in there to kind of take control of the so-called opposition and be loyal opposition, Congressman?
Well, that's a new one for me.
I don't think that there are many people that would believe that, and that certainly would be ridiculous.
I firmly believe in the positions that I take.
I always have.
I had very serious concerns about the USA Patriot Act when I voted for it.
I worked very hard to get changes made to it, and we succeeded to some extent.
We did get a lot of changes made that the administration didn't support.
Unfortunately, the way it's been implemented, with lack of proper oversight, lack of information from the administration, using these powers much more expansively than they were intended, and now the administration trying to get additional powers...
Those are real danger signs.
So my concerns with the Patriot Act go back and are on the record before it was even passed.
Well, I'll say this now, Congressman.
I've been on the air for 11 years now, and I remember when you were making all the right stands for liberties, freedoms, Second Amendment, all down the line.
And I appreciate you fighting against the Patriot Act reauthorization now and fighting against Patriot Act II and the Victory Act.
The Intelligence Enhancement Act and all of this stuff, so I appreciate you.
It's just that we have a very, very skeptical audience, and obviously most of them do really appreciate you, and we appreciate you coming on and spending the time today with us, and I hope to be able to get you on the show every six months or so, and as soon as we can schedule it, I'd like to get you to talk about your new book that is The Meaning of Is about Mr. Clinton, and maybe then we can talk about why George Bush told Congressman Dan Burton to back off Clinton.
I'd love to talk about those issues.
They are important, and I look forward to being back with you soon, Alex.
Thanks a lot, Congressman.
Take care.
All right, there goes Congressman Bob Barr, and we appreciate him coming on, and I ask the tough questions you want me to ask.
But frankly, folks, when he's up there fighting the Patriot Acts and doing the right thing now, it almost doesn't even help to beat him up and go after him.
I don't know.
Overall, Bob Barr is probably a pretty good guy.
I mean, he's better than Chuckie Schumer or Hillary Clinton.
He's not a sterling creature like Ron Paul.
I wish they made more of those, but they don't.
Almost a perfect record.
But there's Bob Barr, and there's the tough interview.
Probably never come back on because of that.
Tough question.
But we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, on the other side.
And we will go to Cliff and Ray and Clint and many, many others.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Another hour just exploded past us.
Got to go back to Ray, who got cut short earlier.
I'm going to go to Clinton, Levi, and many others.
A lot of calls coming up in the third hour, and a ton of news I haven't gotten to yet.
The one thing I didn't like that Barr did do, and I'll put this in an article when we write one in the next few days about the interview.
He said, oh, Bush has done more to go after guns.
Yeah, doubling the size of the BATF.
I mean, it's bad, folks.
Bataki's going after the, you know, suing the gun manufacturers.
Bush has done a bunch of other stuff.
Signed some importation bans.
We're in trouble.
And, oh, but that's just because Bush hasn't been watching the bureaucrats.
Oh, yes.
That's why he campaigned for the O'Sullivan's ban, because he suddenly was possessed by a bureaucrat.
And still good old boys on the streets will go, George Bush is an absolute pro-gun!
I've actually had them say, you're ridiculous!
Get out of my face!
I was out at Crawford.
There'd be little neocons over there who would literally start frothing and threatening you if you disagreed with them.
I'd go, but Bush isn't conservative.
Back off, boy!
Don't you talk about him!
I've actually got a video of this.
A lot of you have seen it.
I put it on the website.
And I'm like, but he's anti-gun.
That's a lie, you piece of filth!
Back off!
I guess Bob Barr's lying, too.
Okay, Bushes, throw a gun.
Turn your guns in.
How am I supposed to satisfy the absolute brain-dead neocon out there?
Oh, man.
All right, before I go back to your calls, I just briefly, at the end of this hour again, want to encourage every single one of you out there.
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All right, third hour coming up.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, that was a great interview with Bob Barr.
Got Tom from Barr on, and I mean, I'm not tooting our horn, but he's like, oh, very appreciative to come on.
Your work's very prolific.
You're really reaching a lot of people.
I'm like, oh, well, thank you, Congressman.
So, see, it's you, the listener.
We really are reaching people.
We really are having an effect, and that's exciting.
Let's go back to Ray in Delaware.
I wanted to finish up some points, and Clint, Levi, and many others are patiently holding.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Ray.
Yeah, you remember what I was saying before.
You were talking about how you'll see something that blurts out on CNN or Fox when the editor or the manager wasn't really paying attention.
And then you can tell they get the phone call, and that's admitted they do, the Defense Department's inside CNN, over 140 officers, intel officers, and they get the order, and yeah, I did read that word, the text, but most Americans, 4% read regularly, where Greenspan did say, oh yeah, we've got to raid Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, and they are, they're going to take the
Hey, let me tell you something, cops.
Go ahead and serve the system.
They openly are going to take your pension.
They've changed the rules to take it.
Everybody, we're going to get raped, folks, when they're done with us.
It's called the destruction of the American middle class.
They giggle about it and snicker about it on NPR.
Now, it's funny, but one of the best sources for leaks, and they have leaks every day, is the Wall Street Journal.
And people, when I tell them that, they say, oh, look at Wall Street Journal.
That's part of the new order.
I said, yeah, but they can't help bragging.
Now, today, you were talking about immigration.
And today, they had the real reason for not preventing the illegal aliens.
And the real reason is to bring average wages in the USA down to worldwide levels.
In other words, the destruction of the American middle class, which is just...
Not helping globalization at all.
I'll tell you, you really are an informed caller, and you're absolutely right.
I break news really down into four different categories, but if you count what we do, five.
But most of the time it's not lying.
It's lying by omission.
They won't say key parts of it, and so by only telling you half the story, you then get a skewed view.
But then they have something they call spin, and I agree with that term, where they nudge it.
They massage it.
They go, isn't a microchip under your skin good?
Only kooks that are against it.
I can take that and go, look, they're pushing for microchips.
Look how they're trying to use fads to sell it to us.
Look at how controlling this is.
And people go, oh wait, I thought they lied.
No, they don't lie when they're like pushing it.
Wouldn't troops running our lives be good?
And I don't know.
It wouldn't be good.
And then you have the outright lying.
They've got aluminum tubes.
They've got yellow keg.
Ben Laden's alive.
He's threatening us again.
So then you've got outright lies.
There's different strata, different news.
And then you've got real news by real reporters, which is the majority of AP, UPI, LA Times writers, Austin American Statesman writers.
They're just doing a job, and they go out and report something, and they don't know why the editor kills it over and over again.
Or it gets on the newswire, but never gets picked up.
Listen, I was talking to a high-level Reuters guy who was into a story, I don't know, it was like a year ago.
I was talking to him, and he goes, listen,
They told me this is political.
I can't run this story.
They want a big article, Reuters, and the guy called up going, man, this really proves what you say is right.
They called me.
They're telling me it's too politically hot.
So there's also good reporters who get their stuff basically log jammed.
Now, we have a problem up here in the Northeast that's exactly opposite of your problem down in Texas.
You've got to convince people that George Bush isn't looking out for their welfare.
Up here, I have to convince people that the Clintons are not liberals.
There's no such thing as a liberal who passes NAFTA and cuts welfare.
That's not a tip-off.
He's just as much for this global order.
As George Bush is.
Yeah, they've got to have a Democrat that takes people off the feed.
They've got to have who then doubles corporate, literally double corporate welfare under him.
Now it's more than quadruple under Bush.
You're absolutely right.
I'm sick of it.
George Bush isn't a conservative.
Bill Clinton isn't a liberal.
They're a bunch of corporate whores.
You got it.
All right.
Good to hear from you, Ray.
Clint, Levi, William, many others.
All right.
I'm just going to blitz through your calls.
Get ready.
Have your points ready.
We're going to launch the rum right now when we get back.
And I've got a ton of news lined up as well.
Because I'm going to kick some more new older hind in.
I'm fired up!
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
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It is Friday, end of the week for some, not for me.
I have a little bit of work to do this weekend.
I tell you, I'm enjoying the colder weather.
I don't know if some of you up north are.
It's really cold up there.
But down here in Austin, it's about 30 degrees.
I'm enjoying it.
Now, that's talk radio, folks.
Talk about the weather.
Now, for the next hour, we're going to talk about your favorite color and how great a leader George W. Bush is, the fighter ace of Vietnam.
He was a squadron commander secretly.
Look at what a leader he is.
He just looks like a commander.
I'll never forget watching Fox News when he landed live on that aircraft carrier.
They were going, look at him.
He just looks so military.
Well, he is actually kind of a fighter ace.
And then he whispered to me, and his dad was.
But knowing the average person will hear, oh, he's a fighter ace.
You can just see the line.
But then you've got the spin and lying by omission.
Then just flat-out propaganda pieces where they tell you what they're doing to you, just put their spin on it.
The last call I brought that up, and that was really a good point.
We're going to blitz through your calls and cover a lot of news in this final hour that we are now 9 minutes and 17 seconds into.
Let's talk to Clint in Missouri.
Clint, welcome, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
I know a while back you picked up a news story about the Missouri Department of Transportation considering monitoring our cell phones.
And a week ago today, they did this.
Not as normally, but we've been helping you.
Well, that's exactly what Director Pete Braun said.
He says it's a great day for America.
Being trapped everywhere you go, live time on a big board, that's freedom!
Well, you know, it raises an interesting point because...
We tried and tried and tried to contact our legislators and get them to do something about this.
But the whole time we were doing this, they did nothing more but write softball articles about Thanksgiving and Veterans Day in the local newspapers.
And all they were doing was biding time until the MoDOT board... Well, they did write a few lavish puff pieces about how wonderful it is to be tracked and controlled.
That's correct.
There were a few lavishes.
This is how they're going to take away our freedom through bureaucracy.
If you don't mind, I'd like to plug an article I wrote on the subject.
I'd like you to send it to me.
Is it Alex at Infowars.com?
That email is fried and gone and just an absolute mess.
I'm trying to take all the links down to it.
It's just worthless.
Tips at Infowars.com.
Ryan at Infowars.com.
It's just bad to send it to all three of these.
I really wanted to get there.
Tips at Infowars.com.
Ryan at Infowars.com.
He's one of the main webmasters.
And then PrisonPlanetWeb at Hotmail.com.
You know, Jefferson said government was instituted by the consent of the people, not the bureaucracy.
And government is best that governs least.
That's correct.
Al-Qaeda, have I ever heard it?
Or as you say, Al-Ciata.
No, but seriously, tell us about the little article you wrote.
Where can we read it?
Well, you can read it at www.semoleague.org.
That's S-E-M-O-League.org.
And it'd be right at the top of the page under that title.
Government instituted by the consent of the people, not through bureaucracy.
Well, I appreciate you getting involved in the InfoWar and just start attacking the enemy with the truth.
And I appreciate your call.
Anything else?
No, that's all.
Thanks for doing a great job.
You bet, my friend.
No, you're the one doing a great job getting a website up, writing an article.
I mean, God bless you.
Let me just break this down for people.
Not tooting my horn.
I'm not trying to toot my horn here.
I'm very upset about this.
In the things we've defeated, I will get emails going, it didn't happen like you said, but we can go show you exactly where it was introduced, where we beat it.
So you can't win for losing, to use the old phrase.
It's amazing.
The official federal plan that I saw many years ago, almost a decade ago, is that all of our license plates will have hidden barcodes in them.
Most states already have it.
There will be face-cating cameras everywhere.
There will be a transponder in your inspection sticker or another part of the paperwork on the card.
There will be radio readers everywhere that track exactly how fast you go.
You'll be given tickets.
It will be mailed to you or out of a bank account you'll have to have to have a card.
They already have that, and some states are trying to get that in right now.
And they're going to... Then with cell phones, this was always the plan.
In 1996, they passed a federal law, but it wasn't even a law that this had to be done.
It was a regulatory agreement, but Congress had to pass a law to fund it.
And it wasn't going to be $6 billion.
It ended up almost being $10 billion.
It was like $9.5 billion.
They paid every major phone company, even the small ones.
And then again, even other little teeny tiny phone router systems, they all still route back through another major hub.
Huge NSA, that's National Security Agency.
I said I'd blitz through calls, but this is important.
Because here's a good old boy, I know it all, he's going, that's ridiculous, they ain't going to track me down the road with my cell phone.
And when they hear about it on the news, they'll go, well, I like it, it's good, it's good.
There ain't no problem, because I just say there ain't a problem, there ain't a problem.
Hey, your kid's on drugs.
Well, he'll work it out.
It's all about yourself.
It's all about being lazy.
It's all about rationalizing what's going on.
It's all about being a scumbag.
I understand.
But anyways, let me get back to the story.
And imagine I'm just sitting there reading major newspaper articles, but they were mainly in industry publications.
But I'm reading it, and everything we do will be tracked and controlled.
And then in the next phase, that was the start.
It took five, six years to put it all in place.
These big, huge hubs where everything we say and do on the telephone or email or fax goes through NSA snooping hubs.
They don't have to grab it anymore or get it off the main trunk lines.
It's just right there.
It all wires through it.
And they can incidentally take it all down whenever they want, including the Internet.
And people go, well, it's private, so it's good, but can't... No, no, no, no.
You don't understand.
The government has put dams in and actually controls the equipment in all the major companies.
Again, this is all public.
This is not my opinion.
I know anything scary is a conspiracy theory, so some of you can rationalize it away and say it doesn't exist.
It's like, if I say you're going to die someday, well, that's just another one of his conspiracies.
Or if I say water's wet, that's really getting weird, man.
Or if I say jumping off a cliff a thousand feet down into spikes is going to kill you, that's really stupid.
Or if I say smoking cigarettes is going to give you lung cancer, there he goes with those conspiracies again.
What I'm talking about is absolute fact, okay?
I'm really getting obnoxious.
I'm sorry.
I know the general audience knows more than I do in many cases and is informed and loves America.
I'm not beating you up.
I just think of the idiots out there.
And we all know who they are and they make me sick.
Because I love this country and they just wake up and stop purposefully being ignorant and willfully being stupid and willfully not being informed and willfully making excuses.
Then we could have a free country again, at least take back some of the ground that we've lost.
And so they put these phone systems in.
And then about five years ago, I mean, I already knew that all cell phones were tracked.
On the due date of October 1, 2001, that was set in 96, the hubs went in, the control went in.
Then they built FEMA Emergency Command Centers that will wire all the streets and the buildings.
They're going to put little gates in that lower down in front of the highways.
They're going to use massive toll roads to pay for it all.
The FEMA Center will be a place to merge your APD, if it's Austin, with your state police, with your regional guard, with your regular army, with your national guard.
With the State Guard, with the CIA liaison in it, and they look like little mini NORADs with these big, huge screens in them.
And every cell phone in the city will be just thousands of little dots.
Driving around and they just punch in your name or your code if they want to particularly follow you and it blows up on a big schematic and shows a computer rendition of your vehicle and your tracker number and where you're going and what you're doing.
And they hit another little button and it automatically dials in and listens to you.
Even when your phone's off, it just listens to you.
Just in industry publications, all federal publications, you know, federal executive and all these different things.
It was in all of them.
And I'm freaking out, yelling, screaming on air, look at this, look at this.
Then three years ago, the governor of Wisconsin says, we're going to do it.
We're going to have a state tax and start doing it.
And then Wyoming, and then Missouri, and then now they're talking about Texas.
Live time.
You see, they're going to pay to have the personnel in there in these FEMA command centers that literally are federalizing our local areas.
Right in front of us.
Totally criminal.
And they're going to totally live action track us and pay for the personnel off the toll roads in part to do this.
And you'll thumb scan to get your groceries.
Face scan.
RFID is going to be on all the new Visa and MasterCards that are coming out.
You won't have a choice unless you boycott and fight it now.
Everything you do, CPS will come to your house three times a year and forcibly psychologically test your kid, even if they're homeschooled or private schooled, with guidelines written up by the drug companies.
We'll all carry national ID cards that will be federalized state driver's licenses.
That passed earlier this year.
They'll be trans-NEFTA highways crisscrossing the country.
Illegal aliens will be completely legal, so the problem will be over.
That's the official plan.
They will bring in unlimited unskilled and skilled workers.
The new economy will be giant prisons everywhere.
Already the fastest growing curriculum is on land security, which is spying and tattling and local neighborhood tattle groups.
We're good to go.
Ten years ago.
To over a million and a half cops and tens of millions of auxiliary tattletale people who get a small stipend every month, a few hundred creds, dollars, it'll be creds by then, American creds, on their little national ID cred card just for the power of walking around with a taser and a billy club and a tattletale radio.
And everything I told you came true ten years ago, and you watch.
It will come true.
You just watch.
Unless you stop it.
And those of you that are denying it will come true, when it does come true, you will just go, I like it.
I like it.
In fact, I'm one of them now.
Alex, I've got the black uniform.
Well, let me just tell you, you don't get as a citizen title to wear a black uniform.
I read the federal grants and the plans.
You get a gray uniform, you stupid little idiot.
In about five years from now, that may be the thing that wakes you up.
Something simple.
When they're giving you the gray uniform, I want you to remember.
When they hand it to you, when you get your gray uniform, I want you, when you take it, to go, wow, Alex knew that, but you won't remember that, will you?
Now, I said I'd blitz through your phone calls, but that caller brought up another key point.
Levi, Barney, and many others, your calls are coming up.
Currency, devaluation, inflation.
One and the same.
If you had deposited $100,000 in a bank at 1% in a 30-month period dating from May 24, 2005, here is what happened to your funds.
The dollar lost 33% of its value in that time frame.
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We're good to go.
I think?
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Government is best which governs the... Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
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Let's go back to the calls.
Levi, Levi in Colorado, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Good, sir.
One thing I noticed I haven't really heard anybody talk about, how many air marshals were on this flight, this Miami incident?
I mean, aren't there usually maybe one or two air marshals?
They normally work in teams of two.
But somehow they had...
They had to have more than two, because didn't they have a bunch of passengers at gunpoint, and weren't there, like, shotguns involved and such?
That's what I heard.
That's what I read.
And then they all lied out of the gates and said he said bomb.
Now it's admitted that is not true.
That was not said.
They just made this up, but still we'll be arguing with idiot neocons ten years from now that, oh, there was a bomb.
There was a WMD.
He had wires coming out of his head.
He was an alien with big slippers on.
When did air marshals have shotguns in the first place?
I think they were... You know what?
This whole thing stinks to high heaven, sir.
Yeah, really badly.
And I think either this guy knew something... You know what I think, Alex?
I think that something was going to happen to this plane and this guy either knew about it or he knew something was going to happen to him and he freaked out and ran away and they shot him and whatever their op was went bad and so they started...
We know this because they premeditatively lied in this case and in the DeMendes case in England and openly out of the gates put out false stories and then no one's held accountable.
We can legitimately say that that could be it, but we don't know.
We just know they're murdering liars.
I mean, this has to be something.
I mean, because shotguns and...
More than two air marshals on one flight?
You know, how big of a plane was that?
I know 777 sometimes will have four on board.
Oh, I don't know.
I don't think it was a 777.
I read that you guys had posted with the picture from They Live.
It said that people were getting cell phones karate chopped out of their hands and getting guns held to their head.
And at least two of the officers are
We're outside the plane shooting the guy, right?
So, I mean, this sounds like ten guys are doing this.
You know, that's a great point.
You need to write that up in an email and send that to us and we'll post it.
Paul sent a great article on this, but we're going to do a part two.
You see, I'm not defending them, but this could also be.
I know this, though.
We have to look at every side of things and really come to what the truth is.
And obviously, it stinks to high heaven.
Either way, it's bad what they've done.
The question is, is it premeditated or not?
We don't know.
But see, they could think a cell phone was going to activate a bomb.
Then they suddenly thought everybody could be a terrorist.
You understand?
So that could be why.
And they're so stupid.
I hope I'm not giving any excuses.
The thing I want to bring up, though, is
There are a lot, a lot of new air marshals.
There used to be like a few hundred.
I think you were even saying this earlier.
Oh, there's going to be the new National Police.
They're going to be on the street corners everywhere, sir.
Now there's thousands of new air marshals, and I'm wondering who these guys are.
If ten of them show up on a plane and murder someone, I'm wondering who these guys are.
Who are all these new air marshals?
Well, they're going to be your new national papers police police force.
And that was admitted with the TSA, then they changed their name, but they nationwide in Dallas, in Chicago, in New York, in Miami, they're the ones training the cops to, we surround the mall, we search everyone, this is the new freedom.
And so we actually know who they are, sir.
And it was also a great way to get rid of the Border Patrol.
They went to the Border Patrol and they said, you get $24,000 on top of what you're being paid now the day you start training.
And they got about $3,000 to the Border Patrol in the first six months after that started.
Oh, geez.
They're very evil.
Everything they do hurts us.
It just won't hurt us in one way.
It's always masterful.
It always hurts us everywhere.
Thanks for the call.
It's good to hear from you.
Makes me sick.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Barney in Maryland.
Barney, how you doing?
Alex, you probably have heard the quote, when a diplomat says yes, he means perhaps.
When he says perhaps, he means no.
When he says no, he is no diplomat.
Now, what kind of sense does it make to take a firm stand in the case of a congressman and then end up getting bumped off
Well, that's right.
I've interviewed Hanson probably ten years.
I need to interview Hanson again.
They actually took a congressman and literally tortured him for months until his feet busted open.
You want to tell folks about what happened to Hanson?
It's all right.
You got him.
No, no.
But, Barney, you want to talk more?
I gave you about a minute.
You want some more time, or are you done?
Okay, I could talk some more.
I mean... It's good to hear from you, because, Barney, I love you, and you love me.
Yeah, take it easy.
You know that?
No, stay there.
I'm going to let you talk on the other side.
You're not going anywhere.
I like Barney.
Good old Barney.
I'm sure he's got more points he needs to make.
I'm not going to cut him short.
Such a gentleman.
We're on the march.
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All right, Barney in Maryland, you were trying to finish up something when I cut you off.
For those who don't know what happened to Congressman Hanson, he'd really been speaking out against handing over the Panama Canal, which is a big globalist plan.
So they arrested him for income tax evasion.
He was later found to not be guilty.
But imagine, just over some small income taxes, you know, you steal $800 million like this congressman out in California, he admits to it, and you're going to probably spend a few months in jail, but a congressman goes and fights, hand over the Panama Canal and a bunch of other stuff, he gets raided by these goons, and they say, we're going to torture you.
We're good to go.
And if you don't believe in God, folks, it's just, I don't know what's wrong with people that would do that.
But, Barney, go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you covered most of the detail.
The only thing I can say is that George Hanson was the forefront in all the battles against the establishment, and they tried to change his district around and everything to get him voted out, and they couldn't do that, so they framed him.
How is Hanson?
I haven't talked to him in so long.
Is he still alive?
I think he's still alive, yeah.
Oh, man.
I gotta get... Where is he?
Arizona now or something?
I know he was out in the Mormon territory, I think.
Yeah, but I think last time he was in Arizona, the last time I talked to him, I don't know.
You know what, I need to get George, somebody got George Hanson's contact info, call the office or email it to me, or I'll dig it out on my wonderful wife, we'll ferret it out, my producer.
Anything else, Barney?
Only thing is, you might hit on George, uh, Jim Trafford, Trafford Cat, and tell how he's doing.
Well, Travacant, I mean, with the case of George Hansen or other people, totally sterling records, with Travacant a little weird, a little bombastic, so they could make it stick a little better, but clearly they framed him.
The trial was a fraud with all these convicted felons.
Well, one convicted felon testifying against him, others he got thrown out, and he didn't do anything, and they hated him way back.
I mean, I've talked to people, I know people who have family who...
When he was sheriff, he wouldn't let the IRS, he wouldn't let people who were repossessing, he wouldn't let the tax assessor take homes of anybody.
I mean, he's always been hated.
He's a good man, yep.
Well, I mean, on record, he obviously liked to drink and ran around and was a loud mouth, but a lot of good people are like that.
I mean, he's not perfect.
It's like McCarthy, you know, like to run around drinking.
But they'll certainly demonize people until the reality of who they were is no connection to reality.
Thank you.
Thanks for the call.
You bet.
Good to hear from you, Barney.
Baroff in Texas, I believe.
Baroff, go ahead.
Great show as usual.
I just wanted to make two quick points.
One of the callers earlier made a great point about how there had to be more federal air marshals in Miami that day.
The standard rules for engagement for these air marshals is that when they believe that someone is running with a bomb, they're supposed to completely ignore any type of verbal protest because that could theoretically be one of the quote-unquote terrorists distracting them.
So, this is my point.
What we have in the law book allows complete mobility for these people to act in completely unconstitutional ways.
Well, exactly.
They're going to say it's legal, but the law itself is like saying we now have legalized barbecuing small children.
Well, no, the law that says you can barbecue children is wrong.
Right, and it's gone from a de facto police state to a de jure police state, and with the legitimacy of their arbitrary law, these judges stop being judges who interpret...
We're good to go.
Or some sort of imagined world where we do good things and we end up in a good place, and if you do something bad, you end up in a bad place.
I think that part of the problem with America now is the New Age movement, which co-opted Hinduism and completely perverted it into making moral absolutes wrong and cultural relativism correct.
So that enables the American people to be desensitized to these random acts of violence by perverting Oriental thought into this
Very uniquely.
Take, for example, the Theosophists, which Hitler was a member of.
These people basically find this concept of a world in which the Judeo-Christian values of being truthful and honest and decent are completely deconstructed.
These are all precursors to Nazism, and I wanted to point that out because
One of the big critiques of paganism that I hear a lot is that it's evil and it's wrong, but I think that the New Age spiritual movement, if you could even call it that, is what's really wrong, because that's where the desensitizing of the American people has traditionally occurred.
Well, I'll just say this, and I appreciate your call.
Look, I'm not going to get into some big religious debate.
I'm a Christian, and please don't compare that to Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.
I mean, that's a joke.
That's like if they held up freedom and it was a bloated maggot and said, Are you for freedom?
No, I'm against the bloated maggot.
Well, freedom isn't the bloated maggot.
So, I mean, it's not Christian to have Pat Robertson on TV saying, Kill!
We need to kill!
Hugo Chavez, because he's selling oil too cheap.
I mean, that's not Christian.
And listen, I read these neocon books.
I've read some of the Left Behind stuff.
I've read interviews that Tim LaHaye's given in the magazines.
And it's, we need to kill every Arab.
It's of the Lord.
We're on a holy war against them.
And blood and destruction brings Jesus.
The sooner it happens...
Microchips aren't bad, and face scanning is good, and it's of the Lord, and people always wonder how we're going to get an antichrist.
They're going to tell you it's Jesus, folks.
I mean, he's going to say he's God.
And he's just going to say, you've got to say that all religions are good, and follow all religions, but he's going to really play to the Christian audience.
I really see this happening.
I've got to tell you, growing up, I went to church, I'm a Christian, I saw the corrupt preachers growing up in Dallas around me, and that made me a little bit cynical, but I've always had a lot of experiences that I've never shared with people.
I have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and then the argument started about what Jesus' real name is.
It's the religion that I can't stand.
It is the
All of the arguing and my group's right and your group's wrong.
That's just some preacher who wants to break off and start his new group.
We don't even need these churches.
I'm not saying a church is a bad thing, but you don't need churches.
Christ said you don't need churches.
He said don't be praying up on the hill and talking about what a good person you are and all the great things you've done and how God loves you.
Pray in your prayer closet.
I'm not going to get off into a bunch of preaching here, but certainly moral relativism.
Certainly, it justifies the means.
The globalists are going to kill 80% of us to cleanse the earth, but it will be good in the future for everyone, and we have to.
Yes, it's these elaborate excuses that these psychopaths use.
These little mental games they play with themselves to be able to do what they do.
This stuff is real.
This tyranny is coming down upon us.
All of this is really happening.
And denying it, it's not going to go away.
They're going to kill us, though, with a mesh, an amalgamation, a tincture, a mixture, a composite.
They're going to merge that boot stomping on the human face forever.
They're going to have that.
In their repertoire, in their Swiss Army knife, but the overriding system is killing you with entertainment, with sex, with base stimulation, with drugs, with legal-antilegal, with lethargy, being very slothful.
That's the Brave New World system, and so it's very well-crafted.
And it's very focused and very dark and just generationally just moves forward.
It is the mystery of evil.
It is fantastic.
What did the apostle who was just seeing all this stuff happen on the Isle of Patmos, he marveled?
He marveled at the beast?
He was...
Absolutely taken back by it.
Tex Mars calls it dark majesty.
I mean, when you really see it, it is.
It has majesty.
I mean, when you get up close to it, it stinks.
It's rotten.
It's got gouts of blood squirting out of it.
It's a giant creature.
I mean, to use that analogy, that way to put it into contextual mode...
But it's huge.
It's bristling with ornaments.
It's bristling with programs.
It's got a thousand different roads it gives you.
A thousand different options.
But it all leaves the same furnace.
And it is everything dark, everything wicked, everything grasping.
And it thinks it's the strength.
It thinks it's the light.
It thinks it's the darkness.
It thinks it's everything.
It thinks it's right to rule us and kill us because it's in a position of power.
And Mike makes right and survival the fittest.
Social Darwinistic pablum.
And at the end of the day, it's just a broken, fallen, destructive thing.
And so many people, so many people, so many individuals I see are so afraid of what their neighbor thinks of them.
They care so much how they look.
Just everything is tied up in status and trappings and
And literally, it's like they're dressing up.
They're play-acting.
They have a simple word for it.
They're posing.
They're posers.
And again, I'm not saying it's bad to look good.
I'm not saying it's bad to have nice things.
I'm not saying it's bad to want money for security.
I'm saying when you put it all up there, numero uno, number one, these are low-level things, folks.
These are things that in the scale of needs and in the scale of your human development, what you're supposed to develop through, the stages in your life of fulfillment, your hierarchy of needs, it's way, way down there.
And so... I mean, they're even breeding the instinct out of us with conditioning and brainwashing and the rest of it to defend our family at any cost.
I mean, family comes absolutely first on this earthly plane.
God comes first, but family, things of this earth, of the flesh, blood comes absolutely first.
Blood is just... It's everything.
People will call the cops on their kids for petty reasons.
People will not spend time educating their children, are not making sure they don't fall into snares.
The government just tells you, oh, kids all screw up and that's the way it is.
No, that was the minority of the time in the past.
Now it's the majority.
You know, the government tells you don't discipline your kids, so you don't.
When the government handbooks say, if they don't discipline their kids, we can get control of them and then we can discipline them.
They'll get into trouble and then we can get them in our snares.
It's like saying, let your dog run around in traffic.
Be a good dog owner, release your dog on I-35, let it run through traffic, or you're abusing your dog.
No, they just want to run your dog over, folks.
If you don't do the programming, they're going to do the programming.
And by programming, you've got to program your children to be open thinkers and to see their programming.
But if you don't give them that base programming, they're going to get programmed by the enemy.
They're just telling you, hey, step aside.
We're going to do things right here.
And again, there's a thousand other points, a million other points.
It's an endless cornucopia of things the globalists are doing.
They speak to our weaknesses.
They speak to our rationales.
They speak to us wanting to...
Make excuses and procrastinate and not wanting to believe.
Oh, it's not true.
That's a conspiracy.
Everything's all right.
You've got a nice Lexus.
You live in a half a million dollar house.
So what if you're getting fired and everybody under you and hiring Indians to take the jobs who get a fraction of it are Chinese who themselves are being abused.
So what?
It's all right.
And then you lose your job, but still you believe so much in the system you go scrabble for some other position in the New World Order.
And the purchases you make.
You know buying that TV from China is going to hurt our economy and is going to hurt our nation, but for years you just, well, it's 20 bucks cheaper, I've got to have it, until you can't buy a TV that wasn't made in China.
And now what are your kids going to be?
Well, they're going to have to work for Homeland Security.
They're going to have to be prison guards.
They're going to have to be cops.
And what do cops and prison guards and Homeland Security do?
They've got to find a threat.
They're no real terrorists, so we'll just start shooting people that are having a Prozac moment.
I mean, cops, you... I'm singling out cops because you are where the rubber meets the road in the New World Order.
And if you follow their criminal orders, we will really get into even worse shape.
And aspartame, just as sure as the sun came up this morning, is a neurotoxin that really screws you up.
It's much worse than cigarettes.
Nobody told you it's in 9,000 foods.
The government didn't warn you about that.
I thought they loved you.
You're drinking fluoridated water.
I don't care what comedy movies like Dr. Strangelove say.
Sodium fluoride and stannous fluoride is deadly.
Thousands of studies, Nobel laureates, you name it.
There are cancer viruses in your vaccines.
Many of them.
They are giving you cancer on purpose.
It is designed to implant itself in your DNA, in your cell structures, in your permanent cell structures, and in your non-dividing cell structures.
And at a certain point at...
The DNA breakup in those cells with the mitochondria, it then activates and kills you.
Because of the advanced nutrition and other things today and not having to work out in the cold 12 hours a day, we would be living to be about 130 on average.
Very soon if it wasn't for them artificially trying to keep the age down.
So again, there's a whole host, a whole front of things.
And you hear, oh, Ohio or...
This other state bans the Marisol Mercury in the vaccines.
You read the article, well, it had been banned, but it was still in some vaccines, so now they've just banned it.
And there's wheels within wheels right there.
I mean, how do you explain this?
How do you go through all these different little intricate areas?
Number one, thimerosal is bad enough, but that's a red herring in itself.
There's other compounds and chemicals being put in the vaccines that screw you up by design for the globalists who then in turn own the hospitals, with well-meaning doctors carrying out, like technicians, their orders, not even knowing it's part of a larger plan to control.
And then you figure out there's thimerosal, and what do they do?
They go in and actually increase it in all the vaccines that are most widely used.
Why would they know it's hurting you and then radically increase it 50-plus times what it was before?
To 250 times safe levels.
And then you find out about that, so don't worry, take your flu shot.
We've taken it out this year.
That is, in vaccines that are available.
That is, if you can get that special vaccine shipped in.
See, that's just an outright lie.
And you're taking that, you're giving it to your kids.
I thought this government loved you.
I thought you were defending the state.
I thought you were taking our rights away because we're just a bunch of dumb idiots who need to have our hands held.
All of this is real, folks.
All of this is happening.
And it doesn't go away when you deny that it's going on.
It doesn't go away.
It's always going to be there staring at you.
When you close your eyes, it's still there.
Again, I know 95% of you listening know that.
But 5% or so listening right now do not understand that.
Do not understand.
This is not another simulation.
This is not the simulated TV shows you watch, the simulated reality, the simulated gladiatorial combat of football, all these things where you just sit there and it doesn't affect you.
This is about the real world.
And let me tell you something.
The real world is a tough place.
This gilded cage may look soft and sweet, but it's more destructive than anything humans have ever faced.
Humanity may not survive.
The species may be destroyed by our own species.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
I almost didn't get back in the studio in time after talking to my compadres.
I'm going to jam in Stan Rodney here at the end.
I just want to hit this, though.
No charges.
Woman wouldn't show ID on bus.
Feds declined a file against Deborah Davis.
It drove by a federal center, which was just some local bureaucratic facility, social security and stuff, and they wanted to see all their IDs every day off the city bus, and she said no after the third time.
You know the story we had her on.
Now they're backing off because of the backlash.
And so we have to fight this every time it happens, because everybody knows that's not America.
Campaigning liberals plan to announce handgun ban during Toronto visit.
That's the Canadian press headline.
And they say they want an outright ban of handguns.
See, in every case, after they register, they ban.
And what did Bob Barr say last hour?
Bush is more anti-gun than Clinton was.
I mean, this is just the fact.
See, I owe my allegiance to the guns, to the Second Amendment, not to Bush.
But see, a lot of neocons go, hey, I'll turn my guns in.
I'd rather like Bush.
You're really sick.
And just a lot of other news here before I go to Stan and Rodney here in the last five minutes.
Listen, Christmas is here.
The holidays are here.
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My new film, The Order of Death, is out.
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Totally awesome.
We're back in the
And we've slashed prices at prisonplanet.tv just for the holidays so you can give it as a gift.
All my videos, everything there on the site, prisonplanet.tv.
Just check it out.
Stan, Indiana.
Stan, go ahead.
Howdy, Alex.
I really have seen a lot of stuff since last time I've spoke with you.
I've went through a lot of misery, and I know a lot of other people are going through it, too.
I think we're going to need to...
Your program is so necessary and so important, I can't see why it hasn't replaced lobbyists from the corporations and the big money a long time ago.
Well, I mean, my show's not going to buy some politician a ski resort.
I know that, yeah.
You're exactly right.
That's what drives things today.
That's why we lie to our children.
Teach them not to lie, and then when they get out there, because we've had good upbringing, they see people that lie, that, hey, they've got better status, they've got more money.
But that only goes so far, and then the whole society falls down.
Yeah, and it is falling.
It's continually falling, because we're looking up to people.
And now because people are struggling, things are falling apart because of the parasite infestation.
It's like we've got a million tapeworms in our guts.
They're now taking control and saying, no, you're not going to resist.
There's basically hardly any resistance when we don't live in a society where we can go out and hunt and live off the land like we used to be able to.
It's either we follow where the money is.
Or basically we don't survive, and that's what's steering things.
Well, we've got to change that, sir, and I hope you'll call me back tomorrow or Monday early in the hour so I can talk to you more.
You sound like a very intelligent person, and we're just out of time.
Thank you.
Rodney, you've got 45 seconds in Texas.
Rodney, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, you played that piece with Brian Jones showing the double think.
Well, I mean, that's where they have two buddies putting on a false debate.
The media's total propaganda, twisted lies, a little bit mixed in to convince you it's real.
Rumsfeld comes out and says, oh no, they're liberal, then trying to create some phony bipolar system to have a false debate.
God bless you all.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.