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Air Date: Dec. 7, 2005
2388 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
December 7th, 1941.
A day that will live in infamy.
The Empire of Japan has suddenly, and in an unproven fashion, attacked the United States.
That's what Americans heard here in the United States.
The attack, I guess, was really on December 8th, but in our time zone, December 7th,
But it turns out the entire affair was staged.
In fact, Admiral Kimmel's grandson is out in Fredericksburg, Texas today.
That's how accepted this fact has become.
At the Admiral Nimitz Pacific Museum, the official George Herbert Walker Bush National Museum, the Pacific War Museum, the museum, and he's the big featured speaker about how it was all staged.
That's how accepted the facts and the reality has gotten.
And so because we won that fight exposing what really happened at Pearl Harbor and won the fight exposing the Gulf of Tonkin was staged and exposed all those facts, I thought we would look at another angle of this, at torture, at abuse, at enslavement, at true evil.
And that is what the Japanese guards did to our American men and women.
And coming up in the third hour today, Freedom is Not Free, and this is the story of Terrence S. Kirk, now 90 years old, and he was captured at the U.S.
Embassy in China when it was taken over on December 7, 1941.
Sixty-plus years ago today, and he's an incredible individual.
And he made a handmade camera.
Yes, you can do such things, and he happened to already know how to do it.
So he built a handmade camera.
Yes, you heard me right.
A handmade camera.
And took some amazing secret photos with his pinhole camera while he was in there for almost five years.
A lot of his buddies died, so that's coming up in the third hour.
For those of you that love torture, we'll let you hear all about it and how un-American it is.
From someone who has been tortured for four-plus years, and by the way, it's been declassified, our guest wasn't even allowed to talk under federal gag order, under national security, until five years ago.
And now he's written a book that, believe me, you do not want to miss, The Secret Camera.
So we'll tell you about that.
But in the first two hours, masses of news, tons of key audio clips and analysis.
Yes, we're going to open the phones.
Yes, we're going to take your calls.
But I want to hear from first-time callers or people who haven't called in the last six months.
Seriously, folks, because so many people email me and then call my office, well, I can never get through, and
And we've got our regulars, and every day new people call, but I really want to give people a chance who can never get in, or who've called at the end of the show, and then I never get to you.
Here's your chance, any news item, any topic, any piece of propaganda you want to expose, you disagree with me, whatever, hit me with your best shot.
We'll get you up on the air on this December 7, 2005 edition.
Coming up, there's just so much here.
Ex-professor in Florida cleared of 8 and 17 terrorism charges.
Yeah, O'Reilly said he should be arrested as a terrorist and
Back in the hysteria of those days, having the emperor of open borders and gun control and banning SUVs, very conservative, calling for his arrest, it actually happened.
Now, of course, they didn't put on a defense.
They said, we're innocent, it's total lies, First Amendment.
Oh, yes, we're innocent.
Housing bubble burst in the market for U.S.
mortgage bonds.
Look, folks, there's so much coming up.
Ultra-massive broadcast lined up for you today.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It is December 7th, 2005, Pearl Harbor Day.
We have a
Veteran of what happened on that day, joining us in the third hour.
You know, we're losing these individuals.
I know that's become a cliche, but it's really true.
We're losing these individuals.
I guess the average age of a World War II vet is about 90 years old.
I know a fellow who went into the Marines when he was 15.
Back then they'd wink, wink, and...
Wake up, boys, there's a light at the window I can hear someone knocking on the door There are voices in the street And the sound of running feet And they whisper the word, revolution There are men coming down from the valleys
There are tall ships flying off the coast And they carry the light in the dark of the night Like a whisper in the wind Revolution!
Bring my gun and a handful of silver By the sea we will gather for the fight
We're good to go.
And we get ready for the sign There are many here among us now Who have not seen the light We must sing the word To all the people in the land Go to every hill and mountain For the time is now at hand
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, as we attend the Light of Fire.
I'm down here in Austin, Texas, deep in the heart of Texas, the
Network is up in Minneapolis, St.
Paul area, Burnsville to be precise.
They're south of the Twin Cities, and just for the last few weeks on this particular ISDN line, it cuts out, so we have to go to the backup.
We've been on the backup the last few days, no problem.
We went back to the original board and hookup, and it had problems, so now we're just going to have to switch over to the backup.
That means we'll have to put in another line in here to be the new backup, because now the backup is the primary line.
A little bit of behind-the-scenes programming information.
You know, whenever you go out to, say, the fair or the rodeo or some big music fest or Oktoberfest or fiesta, some type of community event, you see all the radio stations lined up with their little broadcast trucks hooked into the phone lines digitally.
Doing their break-ins, doing their interviews with the mayor and the person that won the blue ribbon for the best pie or the fattest pig, that's called a remote.
Well, my entire life is a remote.
That's what I do.
Every day, I'm down here in Austin, Texas, and the network is in Minnesota, and they do a fabulous job.
It really makes me respect people like Art Bell.
I don't agree with a lot of Art Bell's politics or the things he covers and talks about, but that guy, for the years and years he did his show, ran it from a double-wide trailer in the middle of the desert, running his own show, his own satellite connection uplink, taking his own calls, doing everything.
And folks, I've been on remotes before, back in the day doing local radio where I was having to do a lot of things myself, and it is not fun.
I don't know how people like Art Bell can focus and do such a great job.
He sounds very professional while running his own show.
But that is a side issue.
It's just always important for us to think about how these broadcasts come to you.
Believe me, it's a big investment to bring you this show.
I think.
I think.
People that then comb the planet finding the best talk show host to talk about real issues of real significance.
Real talk radio is what I've dubbed it and branded it many years ago.
And there are many imitators, but unfortunately not many that can duplicate what the Genesis Network does.
But there you have a little bit of behind-the-scenes information.
People call every ten minutes saying, I want to talk to Alex.
Well, wait, he says he's in Austin, but you say you're in Minnesota.
Now, who's lying here?
And I have people asking, well, how are you in Austin, Texas, but you are then on the radio in my town, say, in Kansas City?
And I'm not saying you're stupid.
What I'm saying is you're not focused on things that matter.
You're not focused on how you get Brian Williams on your TV set every night when you tune in the news.
You're not focused on where that...
We're good to go.
And so, see, not being aware of the details, it'll get us all in trouble.
And listen, I go out to eat at restaurants still, knowing that they're buying the cheapest foreign produce they can that's being fertilized with human feces from diseased cities of 30 million people or more, like Mexico City.
Why do I do that?
Because I'm an idiot.
Why do I still use my cell phone without a wire?
I always buy one every few months.
I always lose it.
I really can't keep things, especially electronics, or it gets broken, it gets slammed in the door, and then the earpiece doesn't work, and then for a month I won't have one like I do now, and I'll talk on the phone, openly radiating my brain.
So I'm not up here on a high horse saying you're dumb to not know where the radio show comes from.
I'm not saying you're dumb because some of you don't know or don't think about where your produce comes from.
I'm not saying you're dumb.
I'm dumb, too.
And again, dumb isn't the word.
We're not focused on the real issues.
We need to focus ourselves daily and remind ourselves.
It's not radical or hippie-ish or extreme to not feed your children produce from Latin America.
To not feed them beef from Latin America that have been fed on by vampire bats.
And yes, folks, there really are vampire bats, and they're big fat things, and they sit on the back of the cow, and they're drinking their blood, and they're these skinny diseased cows, and then all sorts of diseases they catch from the bats, and then you end up eating the meat and getting it, and it just kept quiet.
And why am I talking about this now, 17 minutes into the show?
It just shows there's absolutely no script in here on this broadcast.
Okay, I just got my train of thought broken by that little blurb, little blurb,
But here we are.
You got to hear some good music.
Krista Berg from over... What is he, Irish?
I like that music.
Let's just run through some of the headlines and we'll come back and relaunch.
Ex-professor in Florida cleared of 8 of 17 terrorism charges.
He was cleared of the actual aiding and abetting terrorism charges and being an Al-Qaeda operative.
And now they've got little other petty charges on him associated with being a terrorist and then...
All of the other crimes associated with that, where basically everything becomes a crime once they claim you're a terrorist.
It's like saying, you committed a... Well, the Branch Davidians got, what, 47 to 49 years of peace.
Those that were convicted, the jury in San Antonio found them not guilty of committing murder of federal agents.
But then the judge said, but I find you guilty of using firearms in the commission of murder.
But how were they found guilty of using firearms in the commission of a murder when they were found not guilty of murder?
And the Supreme Court said that's illegal.
Release them, and they've never been released.
You see, you're trying to figure out how corrupt these courts are, but it's the same thing with this guy.
He's been found not guilty of being a terrorist, but they're keeping all the other little charges that are stemming from that on him, and he'll have to beat all of those.
It's like they throw 100 darts at you knowing that 90 of them are going to miss, 10 of them are going to stick.
Because they're criminals.
They're slave masters.
Housing bubble burst in the market for U.S.
mortgage bonds.
And this is just the mainstream media doing everything they can to bust the housing bubble.
Just every day, it's busted, it's busted.
It's not busted, but they're still trying and probably will bust.
But just look at how obvious it is.
Retired generals and admirals surveilled by the Pentagon.
We'll tell you about that.
British BP employees caught...
They're suspected of bioterrorism.
Yes, I'm not kidding.
Trying to poison a lake is the allegation.
Well, who else would be doing that?
We well know that most of these British companies have MI6 riddling them.
Lieberman calls for formation of war cabinet.
Little hockey.
Nice dual citizenship Lieberman.
Vaccine additive ban in Iowa.
I mentioned this, but never covered it yesterday.
I'm going to cover it.
Debt, unemployment, privatization, and war.
How Greenspan skewered America.
And reader comments on disbelief that Tehran building didn't collapse when it was hit by that C-130 yesterday.
Look, there's so much more coming up.
You'll want to stay with us.
Currency, devaluation, inflation.
One and the same.
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We're good to go.
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Not yet available in Iowa.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know there's an assault upon America's freedom of religion by the United Nations Genocide Convention Treaty?
The laws are called hate crime laws.
These laws will eventually shut down Christianity in America by accusing Christians of hate crimes.
We're good to go.
I think?
Call now.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
Coming up early in the next segment, we'll go to your phone calls.
Marathon, Texas, Jason in Maryland, many others.
I want first-time callers today are folks that rarely call or people who could never get in when they try to call.
Normally it's just wide open phones, but occasionally I like for new people to get a chance to call in 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
I know a lot of you do watch television, and I watch some.
Now that I've gotten into running on the treadmill more and riding an exercise bike upwards of two hours a day, a lot of times late at night, I will, quite frankly, watch TV.
And I bought the DVD set of Battlestar Galactica, and been watching that, and it's just torture's good, torture saves us from the evil Cylons.
And then I've sat there on airplanes and watched multiple episodes of 24.
Torture every episode, torture's good.
I have read literally hundreds of different plots of TV shows, and
Because that's what listeners send me, or I'll go to the official TV websites, and it's all how wonderful torture is, and torture is as American as apple pie.
That was actually said on the show Boston Legal by the good guy in the court case.
We played that clip here a few months ago.
It's everywhere.
And like somebody flipped a switch, law enforcement magazines, newspapers, TV, fiction and nonfiction alike...
The floodgates were opened and we were told just how great torture is.
Now all the historical evidence, all the facts show that torture doesn't work.
You can't trust the evidence you get from torture.
You can't trust a government that does torture.
I mean, those evil Japanese, they tortured our men.
Why those evil North Vietnamese, they tortured our men.
Why those evil North Koreans, they tortured our men.
Why those evil Nazis, why Dr. Mingula, he tortured.
Oh my gosh, Saddam is so totally evil, forget the fact our government put him in power and helped keep him there, why he allegedly tortured.
He's pure evil, so let's torture them.
It's just the height of hypocrisy.
It's crazy.
And so I see an article like this.
Pohl, most say torture okay in rare cases.
Now, you read into this, and the question is set in rare cases.
If there's a nuclear bomb, it's the same old moral dilemma games they play with you.
Why, if your kid's about to die and the terrorist has got a nuke strapped to him, would you torture him?
Well, yes, I'd torture him.
But if they ask you, should we torture the people we pick up, whole families at checkpoints in Iraq and Syria,
We've, you know, had the heads of these camps on the radio.
Is that good?
Well, of course it's not good!
But they know we're very sheepish.
So if they pose it like, well, everybody's for torture, well, I guess I'm for it then too.
No, I don't care if the whole world was for torture.
And I was the last person alive.
And they came to me and they said, you're crazy because you're against torture and we're going to kill you.
I said, go ahead.
Because there are absolute rights and wrongs in this universe.
People say cultures aren't evil.
Of course cultures are evil.
There are black African tribes that are totally evil.
That do horrible things to their children, that sacrifice each other?
There were evil white tribes in Europe that were evil cultures.
Where evil people got control, dominated the culture, and then ingrained it into the society.
The Aztecs!
Totally evil!
Sacrifice over 10,000 people a year, sacrifice their children, eat them.
People would be honored to have their hearts cut out.
They were total drug heads, hallucinating on a daily basis on different drugs.
And I've been criticized.
How dare you criticize that culture?
Why, you know, no culture is evil.
Oh, really?
Are the Nazis good?
Well, of course not.
Their culture is evil.
Then shut up!
And folks, we are an evil culture.
We have killed 50 million babies in this country.
We run around attacking all these innocent people.
We've got criminals running our country.
Most of them are taking bribes or taking payoffs in whores.
We've got social engineering elite who are the Malthusian social Darwinists who literally funded Hitler running things, putting sterilization hormones in your vaccines and cancer viruses, caught red-handed all over the globe.
They're totally psychopathic, totally untrustworthy.
And then they're giving us little lessons on how torture is good.
I reject it wholesale.
I don't care if everybody's for torture, which they aren't.
You ask somebody straight up, do you believe torture is good?
Most Americans in polls say no.
Should it be done?
But you give them this little moral dilemma.
Situational ethics game.
It's the same one I saw in law enforcement magazines before 9-11.
He's got a huge bomb of anthrax to be released over a city.
It'll kill hundreds of thousands.
Will you as a SWAT team commander torture him?
The answer is yes.
Former CIA officer Billy Bob Johnson.
It was in that April 2000 issue, I'll never forget, of Firearms and Weapons of Law Enforcement.
I made a big deal about it on there.
I don't remember his name.
It wasn't Billy Bob Johnson.
I'm being sarcastic.
CIA officer tells us why torture's good.
It is not good, ladies and gentlemen.
And it also ruins the people that do it.
Let me tell you something.
If you're not a psychopath and you torture people, you're going to be screwed up.
And psychopaths are already screwed up.
So it's just as bad, in some cases worse, for the torturer.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hey, Jack Blood here from Deadline Live.
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Did you know that they get raises, promotions, and bonuses based on what they see?
We're good to go.
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Most individuals diagnosed with arthritis don't think anything can be done to help.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I'm going to sing this again because it's important.
It is not classified.
It is public.
Bernays and many others, the fathers of advertising and propaganda 70, 80 years ago said, we're going to use advertisement techniques, we're going to use propaganda techniques to totally enslave you, to totally, basically mesmerize you, to break up your families, to put you in compact cities, to force drug you, to reduce your numbers.
This has been the Malthusian social Darwin slash eugenics, Nazi, whatever you want to call it, program.
And they're masters at this, getting you to associate your whole identity with whatever little predatory group you're a part of.
And many people that are part of these predatory groups are themselves being fed on at a statistical level even higher than those that is the supposed general prey class of that substrata group.
I'm not trying to get all wordy here.
It's just that there are egghead psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, pitchmen, advertising execs,
Who understands psychology.
They have hundreds of universities to pull from where billions a year are spent by the Defense Department alone just in testing what flicker rate to flash little symbols on the screen to make your brain switch into lower than REM sleep level of brainwaves.
I mean, I've actually been at the UT Psychology Department, and it's DARPA-funded, declassified programs I've been allowed into, where it's all how to flicker the TV to control your mind.
I mean, that's at UT!
Because I have a friend there that's pretty high-level and allowed me in to see it.
But he won't let me see the unclassified areas.
It was bad enough.
It was just DARPA documents, DARPA over the laboratories.
Everything was DARPA, DARPA, DARPA, DARPA.
And remember what Eisenhower warned us of.
The undue influence of the military-industrial complex.
The danger of it.
They're buying up everything.
And it's those financial interests behind them.
And folks, they'll jiggle a little Arab in front of you on a string, and oh, he's going to get you.
And you trace back who that radical Arab was funded by.
It always leads back into some spider hole in the New World Order.
I mean, every time.
And the poor Arab idiot, Muslim idiot, may not even realize that.
In many cases.
And many they do.
They're just on the payroll.
And they jiggle that in front of you to scare you into submission, to scare you into going along with the New World Order, to scare you into accepting tyranny.
And then meanwhile, they're domestically turning America into a New World Order police state.
It's simple.
The financial interests that own our military and big pharma and the media...
They just said, hey, why don't we just take over America?
We've already taken over the world.
Yeah, how are we going to do it?
We'll use terrorism as a threat.
And they even write white papers up, more than you can shake a stick at.
And they brag about it and call us slaves and call us stupid.
We're the barbarians.
We've got to have an outside threat to unify us.
Ha, ha, ha.
And it's just so... And I know I've been talking a lot about this lately, but it's just...
When are people... Seriously, I know a lot of you listening right now are going, I just don't like this guy.
I just don't believe it.
What do you mean you just don't believe it?
You can go verify what I'm saying instantly.
I mean, I remember being radical going, they're going to put thumb scanners in the grocery stores and the tanning salons and the banks and everywhere else.
They're going to start with your employers making you do it to clock in.
Oh, he's a radical nut.
He says they're going to be scanning us.
That's five years ago.
What a kook.
Industry publications, trade publications said it.
This was the big CEO's meeting.
And they would talk about how the people don't like it, but this is part of the control grid, and we're working with the Pentagon in an agreement.
They want this done, and we're being funded.
It's not even hidden.
I mean, to have the government, controlled by private interest, openly using high-tech mind-control weapons.
They call it mind weapons, is what the Nazis called it.
And that's what they're doing.
It's just psychology.
It's word twisting.
It's semantical.
It's everything.
And you've got to get down to the rock bottom of what we're facing.
All right.
Bereth and Jason and Nathan and others, your calls are coming up.
I just read stuff like this.
AP poll, most say torture okay in rare cases.
And then they just go into how wonderful it is.
And then I see this one.
ACLU file suit challenging CIA rendition.
Name's ex-CIA director.
And all this is just where they, literally a van pulls up, they put a gun up to you and say, don't move or we'll blow you away, and they drop a bag over your head and take you off and you're never seen again.
They literally throw you into a peat bog.
And you tell the average person that, they just, oh sure, that's going on.
Bin Laden, fate still unknown.
Oh, but the government says don't worry.
They're going to get him.
Sure they are.
They're going to get one of their super-protege assets who died a few years ago and whose family was rewarded with at least $5 billion in contracts immediately after 9-11 for letting their son take the fall, take the blame, and be the boogeyman while being a hero in his own country.
Hunter sees torture ban staying in bill.
ABC News, they're saying that...
It looks like there is going to be a ban on torture in there, and Lord Bush says he will.
He will veto it.
He's against torture, but he will veto a ban on torture.
And torture is needed, but he's against torture.
But if you get caught torturing under my direct orders of torture, I'll put you in prison.
So just remember that, all you little sickos who are for torture.
When people followed orders and tortured, and were dumb enough to take photos of it, then they went to prison.
We're good to go.
I think?
And literally, it says he is above the law.
He can do whatever he wants.
And he says it's not torture.
It ain't torture.
And we can, quote, pressure someone until they die, and it's not torture.
He actually said torture them to death, and we won't call it torture.
Torture them to death.
To death.
Well, they're Al-Qaeda.
They deserve it.
Well, they're communist Jews.
They deserve it.
I work for the Fuhrer.
Well, they're American servicemen.
They're evil imperialists.
I'm a North Vietnamese.
I can torture.
They're not human.
They're evil.
They're Arabs.
They're not human.
You sickos.
I've had debates with you.
I've had you attack me.
Because I won't sit there and go along with you.
I won't sit there and say torture is a good thing.
Working together to stop ID cards.
A big move against those.
Ex-professor in Florida cleared of A to the 17 charges.
Mentioned that.
Housing bubble bursting.
Retired generals and admirals surveilled by the Pentagon.
British BP employees caught suspected of bioterrorism.
Poisoning a lake.
We'll get into that.
Lieberman calls for formation of war cabinet.
Oh, this is sick.
Vaccine additive ban in Iowa.
That's only to make you feel good and take the shot.
It's not true.
Debt, unemployment, privatization, and war.
How Greenspan skewered America.
This is some of what's coming up.
I've got three audio clips today.
One is a comedian.
We'll play in the next hour.
He's an Australian and American.
He goes down.
He's a famous show in Australia.
He also airs in England.
And he goes around talking to Americans.
He says, who should we attack next in the war on terror?
And for some reason, a whole bunch of them thought Australia was Iran.
That's what needs to be attacked.
And they said, France is our enemy.
It needs to be attacked.
And folks, I've actually years ago...
On my local radio show, just did it a few times.
I certainly didn't invent this.
It's really a sad testament.
What sends a listener out, or one of the interns out, that's one reason, I guess, to have interns, actually.
We could do that here.
But send them out and just have them go into a mall and start talking to people and going, who's the vice president?
How many continents are there?
What's your state capital?
Or who should we attack next?
But the scary thing is, these people literally, I'd say about half of Americans don't even know what planet this is.
And I'm not joking.
They'll go, Earth?
Well, are we the center of the universe?
Go out and ask them, which planet are we on?
I've got to do this.
Where are we?
What's the name of our galaxy?
Do we orbit the sun, or does the sun orbit us?
I guarantee you, folks, half of them aren't going to know.
And I don't sit up here in some elite position feeling good.
I'm just an average person.
I don't consider myself that smart.
But my heroes are inventors and mathematicians and firefighters and real soldiers and good cops and people that actually do things, folks.
My heroes are not Michael Jordan or Michael... What's his name?
I don't know.
Magic Johnson.
All those people.
Tiger Woods.
All that.
Slave Nike tennis shoe.
I love George Bush.
None of them.
I'm sorry.
None of them.
When we were the apple of the world's eye, when we had all the inventions and half the world's wealth, we were 4% of the population, those were our heroes.
And the Big Banking Association got together and said, openly, we've got to dumb them down.
I mean, we have those documents.
We've got to take over the schools and pay them off with endowments and dumb them down.
And right here in town, that's followed today.
Bill Gates is paying off the local schools to dumb down the curriculum.
While he's in the third world giving them special vaccines because he loves the children.
You'll be feeling real good after this injection.
You see, we're just naive, folks.
But the scary thing is, these people who don't know their head from a hole in the ground, they will still debate with you.
They will still argue with you.
They've still got their view.
They still think WMDs were found in major polls.
They thought Saddam was bin Laden.
It's like talking to a...
Well, my dog's smarter than most of these people.
It's like talking to a drunken parrot.
I mean, it has speech, but it's only a facsimile.
It's not... They're almost unreachable, folks.
They need to be rehabilitated.
You know, talked to like Helen Keller was.
They need to be shown things and given a feel for things.
And somehow I just...
It's a branding.
That's why Al-Qaeda in Iraq today released a news... There's no group called Al-Qaeda in Iraq.
It's made up.
Al-Zaqari and Zawari and just all of this.
It's just... It's la-la land.
No basis in reality.
No basis in the real world.
I know I'm ranting.
I said I'd go to your calls.
It's just that... Where does it all end?
I'm getting to realize it really is just the dumbing down we face.
We got this clip where Brian Williams, of national TV fame, just soft pedals, and so the government's paying off local newscasts in Iraq.
By the way, what's going on here domestically?
Yeah, it's no big deal.
That always goes on.
It's freedom.
Another clip where they try to make it all partisan and all these people are getting busted, money laundering and running scams and taking money for defense contracts, hundreds of millions, $800 million, to just get a couple million out of it.
I mean, just total scams.
You know, you're an evil liberal if you criticize it.
Why, all these Republican congressmen, they deserve their own $800 million?
You know, what's the big deal?
Let's go ahead and take some calls.
Barrett in Texas.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Barrett.
Oh, hi, Alex.
You know, I've been listening to your show for a while now, and I called once before, and, you know, you really changed the way I think about a lot of things.
I'm really glad you made that point earlier about how the predator-prey classroom for people are co-opted.
You know, I don't know if you've ever read Howard Finn's People's History of the United States.
Do me a favor.
Speak up, sir.
Oh, sorry about that.
Yeah, I was just saying, I was wondering if you had read Howard Finn's People's History of the United States.
No, I haven't, but I've heard about it.
Right, and essentially you make the same argument.
Like you had made the point earlier about the Katrina evacuation, you have people being balkanized and being separated based on race, when in fact it was an attack on the middle class.
So the people that are supposedly part of the predator class, i.e.
people from the quote-unquote white middle class, are in fact co-opted.
Well, exactly.
Let me get this straight for people out there.
A small fraction...
Of classical welfare moms, that's a small fraction of total welfare.
The lion's share is corporate welfare.
But you don't hear Lord Limbaugh talk about that.
And again, I'm not for that welfare of that mother either, long term, because it is designed to make her dependent.
It is designed to be predatory.
But far from being reformed, it's actually being increased.
And it's very destructive, but I'm not lessening blacks contributing to America's development, but in the overall economic study, they actually hurt America.
Black slaves were used to leverage out any white middle class, but even though only 2% of white Americans owned slaves, the lion's share of Americans who didn't own slaves still supported it because it was at least a class they could look down on.
So even though it was hurting them, because they were competing against all these slaves, they were still for it.
So there's another economic example.
Yeah, I mean, that is just spot on.
You know, actually, people that fought for the Confederacy, I mean, I doubt any of the foot soldiers in that war owned a single slave, but they're co-opted into thinking that it's their fight, the same way that it's happening now.
You know, and you see these trends happening all over the world.
Like, my parents are from India, and, you know, you see these same trends, these same, like, these same, you know, in India it'll be a communal tension between two religious ethnic groups, and it's proliferating because people are...
Jumping on this bandwagon of being part of some global empire, you can co-op countries, you can co-op individuals.
Oh yeah, the average American who's a neocon thinks, I'm getting the oil, I'm part of the empire.
Folks, you're to be sucked dry to fuel the empire.
Exactly, and you know, none of us are, and I was just, I mean, my radio's down, and I was just listening to Neil Bort,
And I'm listening to them talk, and all these people talk like such big conservatives, and they talk like they really stand for their... We've got to deal with these liberals.
Meanwhile, Bush is busting the border wide open, National on D cards, total control, spent more money than all previous presidents combined.
Oh, yeah.
Five years into office, folks.
And what you were saying earlier about critiques of culture is so true, because I'm a Hindu, and I'm a religious Hindu, but there are elements in my culture and my religion that have co-opted people into thinking that certain people aren't even human.
And it happens everywhere in the world.
Now, that's the caste system.
Very, very destructive.
Oh, yeah, and it's been dehumanizing.
Well, that's loving and liberal.
It's beautiful.
Oh, right.
You can criticize it.
Listen, Barrett, it's good to hear from you.
It's always great.
Thank you for the call.
Great points.
I think you've called once before.
Jason in Maryland, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I actually don't have anything to say.
I don't get you on the radio anymore, and I just called to listen.
Well, that's a nice call.
Thank you.
We're going to have to let you go, sir.
I'm sorry you don't get us on the radio in your area anymore, but you can buy shortwave radio for about $50, a pretty good one, and tune us in on 9.985 during the day.
And at night, we are on shortwave first hour at, what is it, 5.7-something-five?
You can call the network, they can tell you, or it's on Infowars.com.
And the second two hours are now on 3210.
I'm not trying to be mean, Jason, but we just can't let the phone lines be filled up with people that want to listen over the phone line.
You can also buy a computer now for about $200 and get free software and listen right there online for free.
We'd love to have you tune in and listen to us, sir.
Let's talk to Nathan in Texas.
Well, you know what?
Put him on hold.
I'm going to go to break.
And then I'm going to come back, and we're going to take calls.
And there's so much news.
Jeremy mentioned some of it.
It's all coming up.
And we'll get you up and on the air.
I don't screen calls, but there are some benefits, I guess, to it, because then we wouldn't put a caller on air who wasn't listening and just wanted to listen.
But it's amazing.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
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I think.
We're good to go.
I think?
All right, we're going to be going to Nathan and Joseph and Jimmy and Richard and many others that are patiently holding from England and Nebraska.
That's a diverse listenership.
Here in just a few minutes.
And we do have a guest who survived a prisoner of war camp from December 7th when he was grabbed, 1941, right through to the time he was liberated in China.
You want to hear how great torture is?
For all you that think it's as good as mom and apple pie, as I've heard you say, then why is he complaining?
I mean, he was blessed.
It was a loving thing they did, killing his friends and torturing him.
So that's coming up in the third hour, but we are going to have open phones and just a ton of news in the next hour and three different audio clips I'm going to play of three separate just amazing issues.
But before I end this hour and then go right to your calls, my friends...
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, now into the second hour.
Unbelievable amounts of news I've got to cover in this hour, and a bunch of your calls I want to take.
Three different audio clips are going to be playing this hour.
Brian Williams saying, hey, government paying off media is no big deal.
It's just part of freedom.
And clips where Americans think that Australia is Iran when they're shown a map on live television.
Just to illustrate another clip concerning payoffs and corruption and bid rigging with the Congress.
But right now, I've got to move quick because I want to get to all of you.
I've been holding patiently.
You know I'm a long-winded creature.
Let's go to Nathan in Texas, and we're going to go to Joseph, Jimmy, and Richard.
Now, just go ahead.
You're on the air, Nathan.
How are you doing, Alex?
Are you familiar with Cthulhu mythology?
I'm not big into mythology and things of that nature, though I've researched a lot of different mythologies to understand different mindsets of different populations, but why don't you fill me in?
Okay, well, the Cthulhu mythology talks about evil gods deep under the sea.
And then I want to bring up another one.
You're talking about Babylonian stuff?
I'm actually very familiar with all that.
Well, then I don't have to fill you in.
Well, that's what the New World Order follows.
Have you seen the cover of the Chronicle this week?
It has a giant octopus on it with the tentacle crushing Texas.
It's suddenly and deliberately attacked.
It has a bandana on with the rising sun on the cover.
What does that mean?
Saying Japan's going to attack Texas?
Yeah, it's really boring.
Don't look at the nation's symbology.
You look at the rising sun is a sign for Lucifer.
No, I know.
That's a big Illuminati sign.
It's just the symbology.
That's all it is.
I think that they just like the forecast and newspapers and whatnot.
Well, the Chronicle is run by New World Order individuals.
Louis Black and his people are just a piece of work.
And as far as the Frost Bank building goes, I know everybody knows it looks like an owl, and that is exactly what it is.
And if you look at Moloch, they burn a fire in the belly and throw their effigies in the belly.
If you look at the Frost Bank building, it has a giant opening at the bottom.
And I'm thinking that maybe they're going to do something with that building as far as maybe have Mexico terrorists attack it, and then they can war against Mexico or something like that.
I'm not really sure.
I doubt that, sir, because it's not part of their program.
Mexico has been attacking us and it's been covered up.
But thank you for the call.
I appreciate it, Nathan.
Let's talk to Joseph in England.
Go ahead, Joseph.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
It's quite interesting what you were saying before about propaganda in popular culture and movies and that kind of thing.
I know we've spoken about this before, because I've heard you on the radio talking about it, but the latest War of the Worlds film is probably the best example of that.
Oh, they admittedly said it was all 9-11 imagery, and Spielberg admitted it was to make us love the government, where the military saves us, and the plane crashes, and all the pictures on the wall.
Oh yeah, it's totally the Arabs are the aliens.
Well, yeah, I mean, I've got a friend who sort of, you know, vehemently disputed that with me, and I basically proved that that was the point, just by, if you type the word, 9-11, Spielberg, War of the Worlds.
Well, Spielberg admitted it.
Exactly, that's the point.
I mean, you'll just find passive evidence, you know, to support that.
But when I heard that they were doing this, I just... Well, your friend probably thinks that Iran is Australia, too.
Yeah, I should tell him that.
Yeah, I mean, it's kind of a double-edged sword, I suppose, is the popular culture, because it can be used in a lot of ways to wake people up.
The problem is, if you were watching it from a conscious point of view, most people suspend disbelief and just give themselves to it.
They just turn themselves over to it.
Do you have more to add, Joseph?
No, I mean, that's basically, I mean... Well, stay there.
You wanted to make a point about double-edged sword.
Stay there.
I'll let you finish up.
I don't want to cut people short.
And then Jimmy and Richard and others.
It is Wednesday, December 7th.
Got a guest who was a prisoner of war from the Japanese coming up in the third hour.
There's so much we're going to jam into this hour.
You don't want to miss it.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The controlled media would never get up on television five years ago and say every child needs a microchip to prove they're good or aren't with Al-Qaeda.
Now it's on the news on a weekly basis that I catch.
Or that you catch and send me.
They would never get up on TV and say we're just going to take your private property for any reason we wish.
Now there's no private property.
Now they're doing it.
They would never get up and say we're going to forcibly psychologically test all children according to guidelines written up by the drug companies and openly put over half of them on drugs that are
Chemically more dangerous than illegal narcotics.
Now they are.
They would never just get up on TV a few years ago and go, Yeah, the military's paying off the Iraqi newspapers.
Remember they said they were free press.
And oh, they see these newspapers and love it.
Turns out they're all government paid for.
If they're not, then the insurgents just so happen to bomb them.
Yes, the insurgents always bomb the peace houses and always bomb the newspapers that our government doesn't like.
And then they catch him, I-6, running around with bombs, posing as Arabs, shooting police.
And they catch Israelis doing it.
But it's not.
It's just the Arabs.
They did it all.
They're going to get us if we don't give all our rights up.
But NBC anchor Williams, Bush administration has right to buy media coverage.
I want to play that clip coming up in a few minutes if we take some more calls.
Joseph in England was making the point about how I was talking about how every movie, every TV show, it's all New World Order's good, torture's good, world government's good, giving up your rights is good, SWAT teams everywhere conditioning you to accept it.
This is how cops look now.
They wear a black mask.
This is how they're conditioning us.
We're judging how the world is supposed to be off of fiction.
But he was saying it was a double-edged sword.
Why are you saying it's a double-edged sword?
Can be, but I mean, to be honest, as a researcher, I mean, I would never just fob somebody off with a fictional piece when there's other ways you can educate a person.
I mean, the word you used about, you know, the conscious mind will, you know, pick these things up when you're looking for it, but obviously, even something like 1984 can be taken in the wrong way, and there's a lot better ways to
Actually, Huxley, what was his book he wrote?
I read it about 10 years ago.
Played a speech he gave from it in 62.
What, Beyond?
No, Brave New World Revisited.
That was it.
And in there, he goes, oh no, I'm a social planner, I'm a sociologist.
This is the plan, and a lot of us are using 1984 and Brave New World as a template of control.
Hillary says her two favorite books are 1984 and Brave New World, because it's a template.
Oh yeah, I mean, exactly.
That's pretty much the way these things get out.
They're basically telling you what they're going to do.
There's a lot of reasons to do it.
A, they might want to see how people react.
B, they might be conditioning people to accept it.
There's a number of reasons.
Well, exactly.
Studies have shown even if you take something as negative, that was a horrible science fiction movie where they make everybody take chips and there's police everywhere in black uniforms.
Oh, look, I turned on TV.
We all need chips and the police are in black uniforms.
Even if you're against it, just hearing about it over and over again, you become acclimated.
It's part of the decentralization process.
You've got to force yourself to be conscious.
It is an act of will to do it.
It is an act of will not to go along with it.
We're good to go.
I think?
Anything else there, Joseph?
No, just wish you off the TV.
Yes, sir.
Take care, my friend.
Or having it as a treat.
I mean, there's still good films and good movies out there.
Watch a movie once a week.
Watch maybe one TV news show a week.
Be selective.
It's like you don't eat Dutch chocolate ice cream seven days a week.
You allow yourself maybe once a week, unless you totally just give yourself over, or you've got the fastest metabolism in the world, you don't eat a half gallon of chocolate ice cream every night.
It's because you want it.
These things are really toxic in large amounts.
And if you watch four hours of TV a day like the average American does, there's no way.
I couldn't stay conscious and totally focused and be analyzing for four hours.
I mean, you just can't do it.
So I will not watch something like that.
I can't enjoy most movies because I'm conscious just from training.
Throughout the two-hour film, and it's just non-stop propaganda.
And I see layers of propaganda.
They're writing this stuff to hit people at multiple levels.
I mean, this is genius stuff.
We're not up against a bunch of wimps.
But being conscious of the control is half the battle.
Knowing of the enemy is half the battle.
Isn't that a G.I.
Joe slogan?
Go Joe.
Let's go ahead and... That's humor, folks.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jimmy in Florida.
Go ahead, Jimmy.
Hi, Alex.
First-time caller.
Short-time listener.
I found you on Coast to Coast one night about two months ago, and your show's right up my alley.
I'm going to get a shortwave radio, too, but what I wanted to talk to you about is I've been emailing Senator Bill Nelson back and forth the last month regarding Able Danger, and he seems to have made a switch.
First off, he's telling me that he will go ahead and check this out if it makes it to the Senate floor, and I don't know where it's at now.
Currently, I know... Well, there's no debating Able Danger, but for those that don't know what it is, why don't you tell people?
Well, this is... It was a data mining operation...
Set up by the military.
Yeah, Army intelligence was catching al-Qaeda red-handed about to attack, but they didn't know that al-Qaeda was CIA, black op, even above CIA, a total shadow government, a National Security Council level.
And so all their investigations got killed, whether it was Bill Clinton or George Bush.
They both signed W-1999, ordering the entire government, under threat of jail, to leave al-Qaeda alone.
And then now all this has come out, and they tried to put a spin on it, and then Limbaugh every day talks about Bill Clinton and Able Danger and how Bill Clinton's guilty.
Yeah, Bill Clinton's guilty, and so is Bush, because they're two wheels on the same truck.
Yes, they're all trying to cover it up right now.
My latest email comes back.
The first line says, Thank you for contacting me regarding the unauthorized release of classified information.
I was under the impression it was unclassified information.
No, they're trying to prosecute the Army Colonel, the Intelligence Chief of that section, who now basically knows what's going on.
And last time I heard, they're looking for him and they want to charge him.
Well, the data mining was...
No, I know, but you see they retroactively are claiming now, and they want to arrest him because there was $9 in over cell phone deals, and then another $65.
He's very evil, but a trillion a year is missing from the Pentagon.
And folks, I know you think the Pentagon budget is $460 billion.
They have investment funds.
Those have all been sucked dry.
And I'm sorry, go ahead.
Oh, well, anyway, yeah.
I thought Senator Nelson was prejudging this.
That was my interpretation.
If he was going to get to the bottom of this when it reached the Senate floor, well, he's already made up his mind.
They always get to the bottom.
Well, that's the thing.
It's like it's alleged they're CIA torture camps.
Those things are public.
They were public four years ago.
And he would be the one that would really want to check in on this because...
He's part of the Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committee.
You would think he would be really interested.
Well, look, I've interviewed the heads of embassies who were told on the phone, you let Mohammed Atta back in, he's a CIA officer.
I mean, it's not debatable, folks.
They trained at military bases.
They were decoys taking part in drills to test readiness to see if the air marshals would pick up on them.
And those planes got locked down.
They got nerve gas.
Those planes got flown into buildings.
Oh, yeah.
His email, he goes on, he says, I'm aware of the problems that the intelligent leaks represent.
I didn't know that the intelligent leak ever got out.
Yeah, so he's turning it around.
You want to know about Able Danger and our government protecting Al-Qaeda, I mean, excuse me, Al-Qaeda, I mean, NSA, National Security Council, ADA, and he turns it around to, oh, yes, I'm very upset that people are blowing the whistle on us.
Oh yeah.
I got one question and then I'll let you go.
The 911 victim survivors, you rarely ever hear anything coming from any of these people at all.
If it was me and I had lost someone in the 911, however it fell down, I would have been up in arms.
Well, sir, they have... The $2 million payoff must have been significant enough that they don't say anything.
They were only able to pay off about half of them, and we've interviewed a lot of them here, I don't know, over 10 of them.
They have marched around the White House with signs saying, Bush did it, Bush knew.
It got 10 seconds on CNN one time three years ago.
They have marched around in New York, no media coverage.
We talked to them.
Around half of them have been out there.
Have they?
Yes, sir, and have been.
You'd think that'd be newsworthy.
Victims' families saying the government did it.
No, sir, you don't hear about it.
Yeah, I don't hear about it.
Nobody sees it on TV or the radio.
But, I mean, regardless, don't you think that's newsworthy?
Oh, absolutely, that is newsworthy.
That is an absolute big, huge story that they're suppressing.
Well, they're trying.
I mean, major polls.
Cooper, Anderson Cooper on CNN did an hour-long hit piece and then took a poll, and they had tens of thousands, what, 18,000 respondents, and 90% believed the government was involved.
I mean, so it isn't working.
The only way is to vote them out.
And they're rushing to put in fraud machines, publicly proven to be government-run total frauds, to block you.
There's no way, is there, Alex?
There is, you know, good cops, good CIA, good defense intelligence.
I mean, they're blowing on the whistle every day, brother.
You've got to stand up for them.
It's like Ceausescu.
One day everybody just turned around and said, hey, we're all together here.
Keep it going.
Take care.
You bet.
I mean, look, most of the government is not bad.
I'm going to tell you right now, the way the government's set up is purely bad.
But it is those compartmentalized groups, and they just count on us being ignorant and lackadaisical.
Wake up!
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, I'm going to go back to your calls.
But right now, let's get into Brian Williams.
Now listen to how he tries to spin this.
The NBC anchor, Williams, says Bush administration has, quote, right to buy media coverage, and Media Matters' media watchdog group is exposing this.
And he was on CNN's Reliable Sources, one of the most lying, manipulative shows I've ever seen.
Notice Reliable Sources.
That's a semantical deception.
Oh, that's the show where I get Reliable Sources.
They're good and liberal, and I'm liberal, and I can trust them.
They just use Pentagon satellites, and admittedly, in the Washington Post, they have over 100 government defense intelligence officers working in there, and many of them are on TV.
Government payroll.
Now remember, when Williams is talking about this, remember, Armstrong, Williams, and all these other people, they're the tip of the iceberg.
The hundreds of reporters you've learned of on Defense Department payrolls and Justice Department payrolls, and most of the time it's Department of Education or it's Health and Human Services.
Well, I think all kids should be on Ritalin and Prozac.
Meanwhile, they're getting $300,000 a year to say that.
And some of these reporters pull two, three, four paychecks from the government to do this, and it was declassified in 1977 about the hundreds of millions of dollars at that time being spent domestically by the CIA alone.
You can buy a lot of reporters for that, boys and girls.
And so now they've gotten us to the point where Brian Williams is asked about it, and, well, we do anything we can to win the war, and it's not perfect, but, you know, that's just what we do.
Well, wait a minute, Mr. Williams.
I thought these were independent media, there's freedom of the press, and these are the very papers you cite and you source as good news, the free press in Iraq.
No, there is no free press.
You don't reprint exactly what they want.
Shiite, Sunni, it doesn't matter.
They'll come and they'll kill you.
Our loving Ba'athist government that our government, our criminal government, our illegitimate government, has put back into power.
So here's Brian Williams.
The LA Times this week broke the story about the Pentagon planting positive stories, in some cases paying for positive stories in Iraqi newspapers.
NBC followed it up, as did about every news organization on the planet.
Does that kind of practice trouble you?
I think as long as there have been conflicts and media to report on conflicts, the pejorative here is propaganda.
I think as long as there's no illegality proven or laws broken,
This is in that lovely gray undefined area in American history and culture where the government uses just about every tool at its disposal to win wars.
We've just been through a debate about the unseemly way some governments win wars and get information out of people.
This is one that takes place almost above board every day.
And again, since this takes us into the area of opinion, and that's a line I've always been unwilling to cross.
I'll leave it to the journalism professors, the journalists who cover journalism, to make a judgment about propriety vis-a-vis the government.
But there are those who say, and you know this as well as anyone, that the Bush administration has mounted an offensive against the press, whether it's making payments to pundits like Armstrong Williams, whether it's politicizing PBS according to an Inspector General's report, whether it's tightly controlling information that people in your organization try to get.
Is this something that you worry about?
Well, this is all part of... They have the right to do this on their team, I think.
But isn't somebody crossing ethical line?
Well, that's up to the individual journalist.
And it's up to, you know, an educated consumer is our best customer to quote a New York clothier from years ago.
It's still true that we hope
Our viewers realize that if it comes out of here, again, we have vetted it and reported it.
I mean, this is all the individuals involved.
People need to judge this administration.
And despite any of the constrictions you mentioned that have been put on the news media,
We have a free media in this society.
Okay, so then that's the end of it.
Folks, did you hear him?
He even mixed torture in and said this is what we do.
He mixed torture in.
You know, we pressure people.
And then the incredible thing.
Oh, they're allowed?
The White House is allowed to buy media here domestically?
The Congressional Budget Office looked at it and said it's patently illegal to covertly go spend in one media buy.
One of hundreds we know of.
$244 million in one year in 2004.
$244 million to put out fake newscasts and by the airtime nationwide.
It was a new news show.
Remember, it was all over TV.
It was produced by the federal government secretly.
Secret fake newscast.
Oh, yes.
They're allowed to pay us off.
Brian Williams has already paid off.
He's paid off overtly.
You know who he's paid off?
By the Lockheed Martin and by the drug ads and by all the stuff that litters his show.
He's overtly paid off there.
But, I mean, it just... I think that man's suspect of other types of payoffs from what I just heard.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
I think?
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We've got a veteran who was captured on December 7th, 1941 when the Japanese surrounded his embassy in China.
We'll get into torture and what it's like to be a prisoner of war.
He's 90 years old right now.
Built his own camera.
Yes, you can do that.
His own handmade camera and took some world-famous photos.
He's got a book out about it.
He was barred from speaking of it until five years ago.
So that's coming up here in about 30 minutes.
Before we go back to the callers, I want to get some of these other audio clips out of the way.
Here's one of these little NBC propaganda pieces where they try to imply it's partisan to talk about all the scandals of Republicans...
Taking money, millions of dollars for diverting hundreds of millions of dollars to defense contractors that don't exist.
And I've heard the neocons on the radio defending all this.
Oh, that's just what good old boys do.
When you're patriotic, you sell out the country for $800 million at a pop.
So let's go ahead and roll this clip in the next clip.
It is Australian TV over here talking to Americans who have no idea where Iran is, who want to attack France, who just literally are totally brain-dead.
Here it is.
Now to the troubles in Washington as Congress finishes out the year there.
Much of what they do these days is shadowed by a cloud of scandal.
There are several major investigations underway, after all, involving alleged wrongdoing, some of it by some of the most senior members of the House of Representatives.
Here is NBC's Chip Reid.
As the House came back into session today, its approval rating stood at an abysmal 33%.
And the first order of business helped explain why.
The clerk reading the resignation letter of Republican Duke Cunningham.
Because I have discredited my high office and the party that I love.
Last week, Cunningham pleaded guilty to receiving nearly $2.5 million in bribes.
Just yesterday, it was former Majority Leader Tom DeLay whose troubles were in the headlines.
A Texas judge dropping one charge, but refusing to throw out a charge of money laundering.
Even more worrisome to some in Congress, the criminal investigation of former Republican super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
The Republicans believe that they're above the law.
Their hubris, their arrogance is something that the American people are paying a price for.
Republicans say nonsense.
It's just Democrats playing politics.
They made a decision very early on that all they were going to do is attack Republicans based on this issue of
Congressman Dreyer says neither party is immune to ethical problems.
But political analyst James Thurber says the ethical cloud over Republicans is much darker.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
He says it happened to House Democrats in the early 1990s.
Years of power led to a series of scandals that contributed to their fall from power.
Thurber calls it the Learjet Effect.
They start running around on Learjets, going to conferences, and it corrupts them in the sense that they think that they deserve this.
With all this going on, the House Ethics Committee is barely functioning due to partisan gridlock, but its members do promise to set aside their differences and get back to work next year.
Chip Reid, NBC News, the Capitol.
Okay, so you heard Mr. Brian Williams.
It's okay for the White House to covertly pay off the media.
That's completely normal.
No big deal.
You heard him earlier.
Well, you heard him there.
See, the little study of NBC today we're doing, and their new little anchor, now that Tom Brokaw left, and what did Brian Williams say?
He said, allegations.
Why, there are allegations.
We're going to cover those allegations.
The Duke, admittedly, he's pled guilty.
He's been convicted.
He has resigned.
He took $2 million in exchange for sending $800 million to fake companies that didn't even exist.
And now it's connected to $5,000 an hour super whores.
It's connected to male-female whores.
All of it.
Folks, this is what they do.
Melt prostitutes at midnight in the wine houses.
Special correspondence in secure areas for the Christian time they have.
I mean, I'm just sick of it, okay?
When Bill Clinton was selling out missile secrets and supercomputers, I was pulling my hair out on air.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is only the tip of the iceberg, folks.
All of these people, both these parties, the chairman of these committees... You're not a chairman of one of those committees, folks, unless you are a crook.
You've got to be a muy hombre criminal to be a chairman of a major committee.
Sure, you can be the chairman of the national committee that picks state birds or something.
I mean, some little side issue thing.
But you're not going to be on a real committee...
And what scares me more than anything is, there is a mass looting going on.
I'm glad other people are starting to notice this.
There's a big article today that's up on Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, where they've done a real analysis, Counterpunch has, of the Greenspan policies, and it has been to loot this country.
The new guy coming in, if Greenspan was the betrayer, this new guy is the executioner.
And they're just racing ahead.
Racing ahead to go to war with Iran.
Racing ahead to plunge the economy.
Racing ahead.
Meanwhile, telling us every day that the economy is wonderful.
And let me assure you, I take no pleasure in this because I'm part of this economy too.
This economy is not wonderful.
We're good to go.
I'm just not taking it anymore.
Bush going after my guns, and Governor Pataki going after gun manufacturers, and if he wins with these suits, it's over.
They'll all shut down.
He's trying to sue them out of existence.
If these Republican governors hit their way going after guns, or these Democrats, if Bush gets his amnesty plan that is being hailed as conservative, if all of this is happening, and I have to listen to you calling into talk shows, you're listening right now, I know you are, simpering and lavishing and pumping and loving on Bushy Bushy when he's nothing but a gibbering puppet.
You make me sick.
I mean, you make me so much sicker than the dumb liberals.
I mean, the dumb liberals following Bill Clinton.
At least they thought they were doing good.
At least they were buying into some propaganda.
And a lot of them, if you talk to them, you can actually wake them up, I've found.
These neocon followers, they are willfully...
Well, it's like we said in that little joke piece we did about the real Texas Cowboys from Sheffield, England.
You know, don't you dare talk about George Bush.
I still shit with my daddy.
I mean, they really do.
It's like George Bush is our God.
He's Jesus incarnate.
I've actually heard that implied that he's somehow some new disciple or has Christ guiding him.
I mean, well, maybe how God guided the Babylonians to take over Israel, but it wasn't because they were good.
Maybe he is guided.
The Antichrist is going to be all part of God's will, so I guess in a sick way, that might be true, but not in the way you think.
It's just, how can this man of sin be right in front of us, and these people willfully cannot see it?
Alright, your calls are coming up, but I want to play this last clip here, and it's in the best audio quality, it's from Australian TV.
And this is where one of their newscaster people, the resident comic on their local news, is showing how funny it is.
And folks, I tell you, you don't have to do much editing to get people this dumb.
Either people are really informed and know what's going on.
Remember, we were the smartest in the world, the most informed 50 years ago.
Now we're the dumbest in major international studies on our own national test.
They have just dumbed people down past oblivion.
Past oblivion.
And I don't think they had to go too far to get this.
Because I've done these many years ago for the local TV show, and we would not have to edit anything.
Except for cutting out spaces between the interviews.
It's just every person we talked to was completely stupid.
And again, I don't have all the answers.
But compared to these people, you, my listeners, very high IQ on average.
I mean, I've experienced it.
Compared to these people, we are giants.
They are like three-year-old children.
Now, he's got a map out, and he's saying, who do we need to attack next in America, in the war on terror, and put a flag where Iran is.
And for some reason, a whole bunch of people think that Iran is Australia.
And then because a couple other people there at the same spot on the street see flags there, they think, okay, that's Iran, so they put their flags there too.
And Australian TV is a little bit different than ours.
Did you cut out the profanity?
That is good, good.
The Americans also have trouble with their... And I'm not bashing my countrymen, but you need to grow up.
I know a little bit more about politics in the world than you know about video games and baseball and how to act cool and how to put big tires on your truck and strut around while your kids are being put on Ritalin.
Being a man isn't watching baseball.
Being a man is making sure your kid doesn't go on Ritalin.
All right, now I'm preaching.
Go ahead and roll this embarrassment.
I'm sorry.
In terms of the war on terror, who do you think should be the next country to invade?
Saudi Arabia.
Somebody in the Middle East.
We'll make a big glass crater out of the Middle East, for all I care.
I'm thinking Italy.
Why's that?
I think there's a revolution going on pretty soon.
Russia, China.
India and Pakistan.
Indonesia, Brazil.
Yeah, why do you say that?
They're trouble.
They're trouble?
Yep, okay.
What's trouble about them?
That's your attitude.
Turn on the... Sri Lanka?
Right here.
I haven't heard of it.
All right, do you want to put a number one in Iran there?
Stop, stop, stop.
Where are we?
North Korea.
Why do you think North Korea?
Probably France.
There seems to be some friction between France and the United States.
They won L9.
Where do you think the best place to invade Iran would be from?
Would it be from the north or the south or the east or the west?
I think it goes to the east.
You know, it's amazing because I just realized just now that North Korea is a lot larger than South Korea.
I didn't know it was that large like that.
And by the way, that last guy is looking at Australia going, look how large North Korea is.
Because the map didn't have the names of the countries on it.
And I guess out of the 15, 20 people they talked to there, two of them had half-decent answers, but they were neocon answers.
And I've run into these people.
They'll get mad at you.
I'll go, okay, you've got your view.
Where is this country?
I don't need to know.
I know they need to get nuked.
But can you tell me their history?
Just shut up, you commie.
Actually, I'm against communism.
People like you need to leave this country, boy.
And look, people need to know out there listening.
That's what they're saying about us all over the world.
And they were really smart in England 50 years ago.
They were really smart in Australia 50 years ago.
They're a lot stupider now, too.
It's just weird taking the lead here.
The pole position.
And I've got to go out and do this myself.
I keep meaning to because I could go out for 10 hours and just get hundreds of interviews and make a whole video out of it and then maybe cut to, okay, this is what really is going on and then maybe try to educate people.
That's a good idea for a video.
And if I don't make it, maybe one of you out there can make it, and then you can say that it was your idea, and then I stole it from you.
But the point is that this needs to be done.
Let's go ahead and take calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Richard in Nebraska.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Richard.
Yeah, I was just listening, and now they're releasing more information about the oil for food scandal.
Now they're actually stating that Paul Volcker not just gave Kofi Annan a pass, he'd actually, what you would call when they were wanting to go into more things about Kofi Annan, he would actually steer people off from doing any further investigations into Kofi Annan and his business.
Anything, and he'd do anything and everything possible.
Well, Paul Volcker, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, a Bohemian Grove member, former Federal Reserve Chairman...
Of course Kofi Annan's a crook.
Of course they're all sucking money off those dead Iraqis.
But our own government was involved at levels that dwarfed that.
So the liberals go, well, Bush, you were involved.
And the conservatives go, well, you were involved.
I mean, somehow that makes it okay.
No, it shows unified corruption.
I agree with that entirely.
Where is it going to end?
Let me ask you this question.
That's what scares me.
I don't know where it's going to end.
That's why I appreciate your videos very much.
So at least I know there's some sanity around here.
Well, that's my question for you.
Why do you think they're looting like never before?
I mean, it's not just a yearly increase.
They're going absolutely wild right now.
As much as I think a wild guess for me would be that they are planning...
What you would call the most governmental control, but I hate to say this over the air, and just as my own opinion, that almost would seem like Stalinist Russia, look like a playground one.
Well, I hope you're wrong, but that's the official plan, Richard.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, that's what they say.
Security is face scanning to leave your home, forced drug, worshiping government.
No freedom of speech, forced labor camps, total imprisonment.
I mean, that's what they're pushing is freedom.
Freedom is moving all our industry overseas, having no guns, having super high taxes and regulation.
That's conservative now.
I mean, it just is.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
Who's up next?
Keith and Giorgio, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
Merry Christmas, my brother.
Hello, my friend.
Listen, you just said it again.
You want people to make movies for you?
I know you've been talking about making shorter films.
Well, I've made one for you.
Specifically for you.
Spent quite a bit of time in it.
Fortune on software.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
24 minutes long, it's yours.
How do I get it to you?
I'm very excited to hear this.
You mail it to 3001.
Hang on here, let me get a pen.
And that's South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R.
Yes, sir, 3001.
Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And put in there a letter saying I can use it and put it on the web and use it.
Because if I don't get a letter saying I can use it, I can't use it.
I just got some great footage inside of a Masonic temple with pentagrams and everything else.
And he did give me permission, so it's going to be on the website.
Tell you what, stay there, sir.
I'll talk to you on the other side.
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A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
My friends, I love this country.
We've got a group of criminal parasites taking a wrecking ball to it with fancy PR firms they've hired telling us how great they are.
And I just walked through the facade and looked on the other side where they're wrecking balling the country and I'm going, hey, this isn't good.
Here they are doing it.
Now, a lot of people have seen the wrecking ball, but they just go, well, I don't want to have to do anything.
I don't want to have to get involved.
I don't want to have to do anything about it.
It might be dangerous.
And then meanwhile, they're just moving the facade down the street, getting close to your house.
They're doing all these horrible things to you, but out of sight, out of mind.
It's just better to fight them.
It's better to stand up and stop associating ourselves with them.
Democrats, the Democrats aren't going to save you.
Cops, the cops aren't going to save you.
It's very corrupt.
The churches aren't going to save you, most of them.
They're very corrupt.
It's just we've gotten corrupt.
We've got to start recognizing corruption.
Going back to Keith in Georgia.
Yeah, you just write to me at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And then just send a letter saying that we're authorized to put it on the website and use it.
And then we're going to start, we've already started, posting videos and photos that listeners send us.
Because a lot of it is very, very informative.
But go ahead, sir.
I'll tell you, it takes a while to get it through to people, Alex.
But all my neighbors are now quite aware.
My whole family is aware.
The word is getting out there.
Shockingly, 20 years ago, people would have laughed.
But they're accepting it now, and they're seeing it.
And my brother, you are doing a fantastic job.
You've helped me so much.
Well, you've helped us.
Tell us about this little mini-documentary you've made.
Yeah, it's called Grave Implications.
And what it is, it's nothing but eyewitness testimony.
I've got Jeff King, an MIT engineer, in it.
Giving you the lowdown of why it couldn't have happened the way they say.
And it leaves you with a real funny feeling.
I've shown it to a lot of people so far.
And they've given me big thumbs up.
They said, get it to Alex.
So that's what I want to do.
What is it?
A composite of other films?
It's basically a composite of news media clips and important parts like the Jeff King speech where he goes through the World Trade Center improbable collapse.
And then I've got clips again off the Internet of buildings being blown up to compare them to the squids coming out of the trade centers.
Everybody who's seen it, even guys I know that are really George Bush fans, are going, Whoa!
I'm very pleased with them.
Do you have the owner saying he blew it up?
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
You know Larry King's in there.
Well, not Larry King.
Larry Silverstein.
Same difference.
All right, thank you for the call, sir, and I can't wait to get it.
God bless you.
Just be sure and tell us what it is.
I have a letter in there when we get it.
Let me just comment on this.
For cops listening or people listening who are going, Oh, that's ridiculous.
The owner didn't say that.
Yes, the owner said, We blew up the building.
We made the decision to blow up Building 7 that day.
And that fits with the demolition and how it was done and what happened.
We have the clips of it.
We played it a million times.
It's in my film, Martial Law.
In my mini-documentary.
Well, it's a three-hour film.
It's three separate miniseries.
Or it's one miniseries, three separate films.
Got that out properly.
There we go.
But Jimmy Walters, the Jimmy Walters heir, billionaire basically, Jimmy Walters...
Spent, of the five and a half million bucks he spent exposing 9-11, he spent, what, two and a half mil of it in New York running TV ads on every major TV channel for, what was it, six months?
And front page news saying Larry Silverstein blew it up.
He says he blew it up.
Larry Silverstein, answer for what you've said.
Can you imagine?
Can you imagine somebody running two and a half million dollars worth of ads in your city?
And then...
You won't respond.
The media and newspapers came to him.
And he will not respond.
He will not.
He will not talk about it.
Why do you think that is, boys and girls?
There's no debating it.
He's had a chance to retract.
By the way, that's in my film, Martial Law.
You need to get it and give it to people and make copies of it.
You can get it at Infowars.com.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're into the third and final hour.
We have a guest coming up in about eight minutes.
Who survived?
For almost five years in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, he was captured on December 7, 1941 at the U.S.
Embassy in China.
It's an incredible story.
Coming up in a few minutes.
Let's keep going to your calls right now.
Jeff in Texas.
Go ahead, Jeff.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I have an older family member that has a niche estate planning business out in Central California.
And he trains and consults through this extensive program to train
Very wealthy kids to inherit wealth from their parents.
And he's written a couple books on this subject.
And one of the interesting statistics that he's gleaned from his history of studying estate planning is that wealthy families that build estates to survive their founders only have their wealth survive past about the third generation.
And when you look at groups or families like the Rockefellers or the Schiffs or the Rothschilds that have been around for over half a millennia, how do you account for that just given a secular mindset?
There's something not natural going on there.
We're good to go.
Prince Philip routinely had Prince Charles beat up to, quote, keep him tough, and they're consciously aware of that constantly.
And so when they go into the military, at least in the past, they would have them beaten severely, and the people who did it would be rewarded.
I mean, it's to make them tougher, to keep them from getting just totally decadent.
But still, psychologically, with the exercise of power and the vicious predatory streak towards other people, that's actually encouraged.
But psychologically,
Slothfulness and laying around is not.
These elite families work a lot.
That explains the symptoms, but can you account for the cause for the secular mind to grasp?
Because I can't.
To me, it's totally supernatural.
Well, no.
There's lots of families that people don't lose the wealth.
Apple millennia?
I mean, it gets diversified.
Oh, I'd say a lot of these families' money goes back more than half a millennia.
I mean, look, most of our founding fathers came from somewhat elitist families, and they're related to most of the presidents we have today.
I mean, those are the circles, and money tends to marry money, and that's what's really going on.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you for the call.
I mean, I think there are these evil families, there are these families that they believe that they are these royal bloodlines, and they are a cultist, and they are into that.
So I think that's where you're going with that, and it's covered in the book.
We carry a Codex Magica.
But even more, it's carried in Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
We have both those books at Infowars.com.
We get into it a lot as well in my new film, The Order of Death.
Let's go ahead and go quickly here.
We've got about a minute.
Let's go to Will in Georgia.
Will, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Long-time listener, first-time caller.
About a couple months ago, I read many essays about Eyes Wide Shut Again because
You know, there's the circumstances revolving, you know, Kubrick's death and the questionable.
But things that came up in these analysis were a thing called Project Monarch, which was like a subset of MKUltra, you know, presidential model, essentially sex plays.
Very real.
And one of these essays said the reason why Kubrick, you know, that he was killed
I know they did cut some stuff out of the movie.
I know that he was having a big fight with the studio and others right when it happened.
And Kubrick always told us what was really going on in his movies, what was going to happen.
Frankly, we're out of time.
We've got a great guest coming up.
Stay with us for that, folks.
We'll try to get to the other callers that are holding as well.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
Hello, folks.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're going to take a different route today, as we do every December 7th, talking about the tragic events of Pearl Harbor and the Pacific War.
Now, I'm no fan of the Japanese doing biological testing on our troops and our government, by the way, not hanging those men and taking them over here to the U.S.
and using their science as they did Nazis as well.
But I'm also angry about the fact that the evidence is overwhelming.
Now they've broken the code.
They knew the attack was coming.
But at the same time, they basically let the war take place as a...
We're good to go.
Admiral Kimmel's grandson is out at the Pacific War Museum in Vertexburg, Texas, giving a speech, a big sanctioned official speech there at the Pacific War Memorial George H.W.
Bush Museum.
That's how mainstream the cover-up of Pearl Harbor has gotten.
But that does not exonerate in any way the imperialistic, bloodthirsty activities of the torturing, murdering Imperial Japanese, who were completely and totally out of control.
And our guest was tortured by them.
Our guest saw his buddies die at their hands.
Our guest just went through absolute hell.
He was a, of course, young Marine at the time at a U.S.
Embassy in China and captured.
And I was going to get Kim along.
I was going to get some other people along.
And my friend Kevin Smith, who does his own radio broadcast here locally, said, you know, you ought to get this Terrence S. Kirk on
And talk about his book, The Secret Camera, that was classified until just a few years ago.
He couldn't even publish this book.
And now he can, and the incredible photos he took with a handmade camera.
And yes, folks, this is the ingenuity of our forefathers.
Now the average American can't even find Australia on a map, but these folks can make cameras by hand while slaves.
Just an unbelievable story.
I also wanted to dovetail it with all this torture today.
You know, I don't care if it's North Vietnamese torturing our troops, or Joseph Mingala torturing little Jewish kids, or whether it's Japanese torturing our people.
Torture is wrong, is wrong.
It was wrong when they tortured Jesus Christ.
And torture is evil.
And so we're going to let you hear about torture today, for those of you out there that love torture.
But we're about to go to our guest, who's just an amazing individual, but we've got here in studio with us Kevin Smith.
Kevin, why don't you tell folks a little bit about meeting Mr. Kirk and why you recommended him to the show?
I mean, now I've learned his story.
It is absolutely amazing.
Well, I'd met Mr. Kirk a few weeks ago.
I was at a gun show, and I was walking through the booth, and there was a little Marine display and an older gentleman sitting there, and I took the time to talk to him for a few minutes, and I believe his daughter-in-law, and I just, the pictures are incredible.
When you look at these pictures, and I've seen some Japanese prisoner of war photos before.
I have a friend of mine whose great-uncle was one of the 10 Death March survivors, and he also had written a book
About it.
And I also, along with the book I read, I got the unredacted copy that he had submitted.
And huge sections of the book were redacted by the U.S.
And his take on it, he was angry.
He was angry about being left there.
He was angry about not fighting and getting into a long retreat.
And he got to the Philippines, this friend of mine, great uncle, he got there in November of 1941.
And by March, April of 1942, he was eating his mule and never fired a shot in an offensive capacity, always on the run.
And the Japanese ended up using their food stores, using their ammunition and armament against them.
And he was very angry about it for years.
And talking to Sergeant Kirk, I got a little of the same thing.
He said, until a few years ago, I had a gag oar on me.
And I said, well, why did it run out now?
And he said, well, because the people that were responsible are dead now.
Now, Mr. Kirk, of course, is right at 90 years old, and this is from the website owlwisepublishing.com, also the website The Secret Camera.
I didn't and got something else.
Someone might fight for the right to have the freedoms that all Americans enjoy, and The Secret Camera is a true story of one young Marine who was held captive for 1,355 days by the Japanese during...
The Marine Corps training, the word surrender was never mentioned.
It wasn't even in the United States Marine Corps vocabulary.
The first day of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the 23 Marines stationed at Xinwati Gong.
I know I'm not pronouncing it right.
Our guests can.
China were facing a full company of Japs.
Oops, he used a politically incorrect term there.
He'll be executed.
But there was no fear.
We had been taught to do our job.
And we're ready for them with 12 machine guns set up to cover all approaches.
It would have been an Alamo that had killed almost all of them on both sides.
We knew we didn't have a chance, but the general feeling was expressed by all of us, we are going to take a hell of a lot of them with us.
But they were ordered to surrender when they were surrendered.
They were tortured.
People were killed in front of him.
Just an absolute hell.
There were about 32,000 captured.
About 12,000 never came back.
And we're going to our guest, but again, I want to just say this.
Declassified three years ago in my film, The Masters of Terror.
7,400 plus American citizens of the Philippines.
And the Marines could evacuate him, and Roosevelt said, no, we're leaving him there, and when the Japanese capture him, it's going to be great propaganda for the newsreels.
So, folks, this just shows you that 4,000-plus were killed or died at the hands of these brutes.
And it's just horrible to see this happen.
And so certainly the Japanese needed to be hated, their government needed to be hated, not the people themselves.
But again, they helped hype this up and even helped make this story even worse to whip up the red haze of hatred here domestically.
But we'll see if he agrees with that.
Terrence S. Kirk, sir, it's really great to have you on with us.
Well, thank you.
We've got about six minutes until break.
Just tell us about yourself, where you grew up, you got in the Marines quickly, and then get into what happened that day, and then what you went through in these prisoner of war camps.
You want me to start now, or am I on the air?
You're on the air, sir.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for holding.
Start out with, just imagine, freezing rain, winter, cold, no food, no shelter.
Imagine being sick, injured, with no medicine or care.
Imagine the fear of being abused, tortured, or murdered.
Now imagine this every day.
My name is Terrence Sumner Kirk.
I was a master gunnery sergeant
There were 203 Marines in North China attached to the American Embassy in Peking in 1941.
Sixty-five years ago, I was a proud young North China Marine serving as a legation guard in Tianjin, China.
On December the 7th, the word came down to Qingwen Tower, where I was stationed at the time, that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor.
My barracks was Camp Holcomb, Marine Corps Rifle Range.
There were 23 Marines and a garrison of about 40,000 Japanese billeted nearby.
All 203 North China Marines were to be sent back to the States on the 10th of December.
But the...
So you were three days from being able to get out of there.
But we heard about this... Well, you went through it a minute ago.
That's what we did.
We set up our machine guns.
We figured that 4,500 bullets a minute would take a lot of them with us.
However, we had a gunnery sergeant, officer...
Gunner Lee, who sent a message to Peking headquarters at 0700.
He said, we are surrounded.
The issue is in doubt.
I was ordered by Lieutenant Huizinga, he was our commanding officer, to wait by the radio to get the reply.
And when the radio came to life, Leroux, the operator, scribbled a note and he handed it to me.
And I glanced at it on the way to the parlay party.
And it said, comply with demands.
I ran head to the party, and Sergeant Bishop, armed with a Sub Thompson machine gun, and Corporal Hinkle with a Browning automatic, and our commanding officer, Lieutenant Huizenga.
What did the Japanese do?
I mean, once you opened the gates, what did they do to you?
It was out in the open.
They came across the field.
It was snow about six inches deep.
And our three men were standing there, face there, on the border of the camp.
And when I arrived, I heard the Japanese officer say, Lieutenant, what are your intentions?
And so I held the note, giving it to him.
I wanted him to have his say.
I thought he needed that, or rated that.
And he said, unless I receive orders to the contrary, we are going to stand and fight.
So when I handed him the note, he looked at it, and I could tell by the expression on his face that that isn't exactly what he had in mind.
And so we...
Of course, we all know who surrendered in the end, though.
We all know who surrendered in the end, though.
Oh, yeah.
We always figured that.
But at this time, the reason that our colonel up in P.K.,
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We're good to go.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Terrence S. Kirk, and he is the author of The Secret Camera.
And we're going to get to that, how he built his own little camera.
Took these incredible photos.
Just unbelievable.
We have links to his websites where you can see the photos at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
We'll tell you about the book, too, before he leaves us here in about 40 minutes.
Mr. Kirk...
Just accelerating through, because this is a short segment right now, describe once they first clapped you in irons, or where you were taken, what happened, when the torture and abuse began, what your captivity was like.
Because I've seen the photos.
You guys look like Nazi concentration camp victims.
Yeah, well, that was the Pacific Holocaust.
I'm trying to get oriented here.
At the time we were captured, it was 40 degrees below zero.
And we were taken to Tencent.
And they brought the Marines from Peking down to join us.
And that was about, there were 203 of us.
And then they stuffed us into little boxcars and the temperature was 40 degrees below zero.
And there was no heat or anything like that, but it's lucky that there was enough.
There was 40 men in each one of those little cars and so the body heat kept them freezing to death.
And on the way down there, they stopped and it took us two and a half days.
They stopped one time and gave us a little can of...
Of vegetables.
Matiated looking vegetables packed in water and there was no way to open them so I put mine in my pocket and I never did eat it because the rest of the people that tried it said they might as well drink water.
Then they were afraid of it.
We got to Woosung.
It was a
Right in the middle of a swamp.
Of course, it was all frozen over at that time.
But it had potential.
I figured that when the weather gets warm, we're going to have a real epidemic of malaria because that's exactly what happened.
Where did you stay mainly for the duration of the war, or did they move you all around?
They moved me around.
I stayed in Wusong.
There I got sick and almost died because of
There's no medication.
You were on your own.
You had to fight it out yourself.
Well, I managed to survive.
You have a lot of descriptions of being tortured mentally, physically, psychologically.
Can you go over that for us?
Well, you've got to try to put yourself in the same mind frame as the Japanese.
They had the Bushido code.
And to surrender...
It was the worst thing they could do.
You'd disgrace your family and the nation and the emperor.
So we, they looked down on us because we didn't have their code and they didn't know anything about following orders.
If a Japanese heard any of their officers talking about surrender,
It was not only his right, but his duty to kill him.
So we have a different type army.
When we get given an order, we carry it out.
That's why when they put the gag order on us, when the war ended, as far as the American people are concerned, they didn't even know there was any Japanese prisoners at war.
Oh yeah, 20 plus thousand in the European theater.
They just let Uncle Joe have them.
Good old Uncle Joe, our friend.
But specifically, I mean, the beatings, the torture.
Can you go over that for us?
Well, I can give you a specific case.
There was one of the things that they did every day, or once a month when we had a day off, they'd have a shakedown to see if they could find contraband.
Contraband in their mind was food.
If you didn't... If you had any food other than what came out of the galley, that was contraband.
And you got beaten for it.
Well, one day, every... So often, they would pull the kids out of rank coming back from work and they'd find some soybeans.
That's the only thing that we could get from the Koreans for trading our clothes away.
And they would beat the kids
Until they knock him down and then they kick him in the stomach.
Stay there, sir.
We'll be right back.
Just an amazing story.
And I want to get to this little camera you built.
It's just even more incredible.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Now we've switched back over to that and the Internet at Infowars.com.
We're good to go.
25 minutes left with him.
Sir, my friend, before we get back into how you were tortured and beat up and things you went through, my friend Kevin Smith had a question for you.
Yes, Sergeant Kirk.
As I spoke about earlier, I had a friend whose great-uncle had gone through the Bataan Death March, and when he went into the military, he weighed 175 pounds when the Rangers rescued them.
In the Philippines, he weighed 75 pounds.
And I've seen the pictures of you when you were a younger man.
You have a serious intensity in your eye.
You look like you were wired pretty hard.
What kind of physical specimen were you when you went into the Marines?
Well, I weighed 165 pounds.
And I was all muscle.
And when the war ended, I weighed 85 pounds.
That's the reason I took the pictures because I was in the same boat as all these kids that were dying.
And I knew that there was no way that anybody could know how they died because they cremated them as fast as they died.
And you couldn't look in those little crocks of ashes to know anything.
So I decided I would take a picture and show what the
Camps were.
I know the North Vietnamese really enjoyed beating up Americans because Africans and Anglo-Americans were so much bigger than them.
Did the Japanese just hate Westerners, period?
Were they jealous of the larger physiques?
Were they enjoying enslaving you and dehumanizing you?
I mean, can you describe?
You were talking about how they beat people up.
Please continue.
Tell us about some of the things that happened.
Well, this is what I was trying to get to.
This little kid, they pulled out of ranks because they found he had a little bag of beans.
And they pulled him out and started beating on him.
And Max News, he was a big Marine, he stepped out and said, those are my beans.
And so they stopped beating on the kid and they started beating on him because he was a big man.
And they beat him around the head with their...
Rifle bus hit him in the chest, broke some ribs, and that wasn't enough for him.
They made him stand in a cistern of ice water until dark.
And he caught pneumonia and died two days later because there was no medication at all.
So that's just a matter of fact.
When I was in Wusong, I was...
Not only did I witness it, but the kid died in my arms.
The Japanese soldier told him something like, Dinky, he didn't know what he was talking about.
He put out his arms like, I don't understand, and he shot him.
And I ran to him, but they had hit him in the jugular vein and he just bled right out and died in my hands.
Well, that's amazing.
I wonder why the government didn't want any of this coming out.
Well, they didn't want any of it to come out.
I think they were trying to hide Unit 731, because they are... Oh, that's exactly what Colonel Craig Roberts wrote a book about this, is they were doing the biological testing, and yeah, they let all those Japanese killers go, and so they could get all those biological results needed to cover that up.
You know, I think this is what they were doing.
It's only my opinion, but I can't think of any reason why they would shut us up.
Because there was some in our group that were still in that unit, and just they hadn't gotten to them with the knives yet.
And they didn't want anybody to know about it, I guess.
Did you talk to people that were in that unit, 731, and had the biological testing done on them?
Yeah, I talked to one guy.
And he said it was really scary.
What did he tell you about that unit, sir?
What did he tell you about that unit?
They would inject the kids with some kind of a biological or disease.
I guess that's the same thing.
And then they'd cut them open while they're alive.
To see how the thing is progressing in their energy.
Of course, their attitude was you weren't human because you'd surrender.
The Nazis said the people they were torturing weren't human.
What do you think about our own government today torturing people?
And it's been admitted many of them are totally innocent.
Families picked up in checkpoints in Iraq getting some similar treatment at Abu Ghraib, sir.
What do you think about that?
Well, all I can say is what happened to us.
We got back to this state.
We didn't exist.
And it was until 1970s before I got any information from the VA to come on in if I had any of the nine dread diseases they had listed.
I'd had eight of them.
But it didn't turn out that way.
It was 11 years of fighting.
It was a paper war.
So they didn't even want to, as an admitted veteran, they didn't want to give you any health care.
This is a really friendly government.
Isn't that something?
Well, that's my point, sir.
We know for a fact 23,000 American soldiers that Uncle Joe got, sweetheart he was, out of Nazi camps, the prisoner of war camps, just Stalin wanted them, and our government just said, sure, take them, go ahead.
I mean, I just want to point out, this is not our government, and having fealty to it is not fealty to America.
We've got to get our government back.
I mean, who are these bureaucrats that could write you off and write off so many other people?
Well, I think much of the fact that
25,000, 26,000 POWs in the Pacific.
And I'll tell you, all of these, they were not just ordinary men.
They were a physical fit when they joined the military.
Flower of American youth.
And when they were dying here toward the end of the war when I decided to take the picture,
I'd like to go through, sir, how you got transferred to Japan.
You were working as slave labor.
I want to go through how you actually built a camera out of nothing.
And I've read about being able to do this.
I think my dad talked about when he was a kid, he built primitive cameras.
I mean, this is what Americans used to be like, folks, just building cameras out of nothing.
And then you took these incredibly amazing black and white photos that you took.
And then I want to go through when the bombs got dropped on Japan and when you finally learned of it while still in captivity.
Tell us about that.
Well, the way you make a camera is just a piece of cardboard, two boxes.
One slides into the other so it's light-tight and you put the plate on one end and the pinhole at the other end.
And you have a piece of tape over the pinhole to act as a shutter.
And you just pull the tape off and you count.
In my case, the film, the plates that I had,
Required only 10 seconds and they came out perfect.
But I didn't know really what to give them.
I just started counting.
I got the 10.
I put the cap back on it again.
So I guess it must have been a divine intervention or something to have them come out like they did.
Oh, they're haunting photos.
We've got some of them up on Infowars.com right now.
People can link over and see all of them.
Tell us, sir, specifically how you got the film, how you made the film, how you made it work.
Well, I had a Japanese interpreter there.
He was an American.
He was born and raised in San Francisco.
And they had duped him into coming to Japan, telling him his grandmother was dying and that's why she wanted to see her grandson from America.
And so...
They sent the money and he said, why not?
I'll go see the land of my ancestors.
And he got over here and they said, you were in the Japanese Imperial Army.
And so he was really still an American.
He was an American, yes.
And I persuaded him to get me the plates for my camera.
And he finally did it.
He got them.
He didn't take them into camp.
I had to do that.
But how did you get the chemical?
How did you make them?
Oh, wait a minute.
He did it.
He took the plates after I exposed them and went out and had them developed and gave me five prints of each plate.
And those are the ones that I gave to the Army, the Navy, and the FBI when I came through Yokohama.
Did those disappear?
They went into the can, I guess.
And I also had two more.
And I gave one to the doctor, who was the one that set up all the kids to come out and get their picture taken.
And they all volunteered to do it because we explained to them, if the Japanese find out about this, there's going to be a mass execution.
How did you ever end up getting the pictures back then?
How did you end up getting the pictures from the Japanese photographer?
I mean, from the Japanese man that got you the film?
Yeah, he brought them to me.
I worked out in a scrap iron pile, and he used to go around and see the troops.
But, I mean, if the FBI took your pictures, where did the other, I mean, how did you then, where did you get the photos you have today?
Oh, I had a set, and I also gave a set to Dr. Markowitz.
And Dr. Markowitz had them in the war crimes trials.
And they asked him who took the pictures, and he said he didn't know.
Linda Holmes, she's the one that wrote the book about the... Well, you were smart to take those pictures.
Kevin's got a question, sir.
Yes, Sergeant Kirk.
Describe the intensity in your eye that I saw of the roughly 200 or so soldiers that were surrendered with you.
How many survived the war?
Well, I can say...
There was 12,000 that didn't, but in our camp, in 1943, they moved us from Yewata to Kokura.
There were 1,200 men, and when the war ended, about a year and a half later, we had 767 men.
That was about 38%, which was average for every... Yeah, the number I've got is 40% morbidity.
The number I've got for American and British prisoners of war in Japanese hands is 40% died.
You're saying the number is 38?
That's close, yeah.
Well, Sergeant Kirk... They had no use for us.
As a matter of fact, they declared when Charmander Perry took the Black Fleet into Yokosuka and Tokyo...
And ran out his guns and made them sign to open up all of their ports to world trade that we were forever the enemy of Japan.
And they haven't forgotten.
Well, I know that a lot of Japanese, I've talked to a lot of friends who have been over there, and we have a lot of Japanese listeners.
Obviously, there's like the Japanese fellow that helped you who was in America.
There's a lot of good Japanese, but there certainly is a large percentage, especially in power, that hate America.
And, of course, they've found out that the globalists are smarter than that.
They've used China as leverage against them, as usual.
And they absolutely hate this country, and economically they do want to hurt us.
That really is the truth, and they still do have that grudge.
And then people get all politically correct and say, don't even use the word Jap.
I mean, Jap's just an abbreviation of Japanese.
It's like saying an American instead of somebody from the United States of America.
So they try to make everything politically correct.
So you don't have to be apologizing, sir.
You're 90 years old.
You were tortured for five years by these people.
It doesn't indict the entire Japanese people, but you're right.
They did say that.
Even the president said he'd call them Japs.
I figured if he can do it, nobody's going to call him a racist.
Well, that's political correctness, sir.
There's real racism, and then there's saying that everything is racism.
I mean, to say Jap is just the abbreviation of the name.
Of course, now it's got racist connotations because they say it does, but that's just Orwellian police state.
Tell us about the A-bombs, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki that were dropped.
Well, the day before the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, it was due to hit us.
There were...
900,000 Japanese because the Army and the Marines had just taken Okinawa and they were preparing to repel all our troops.
They're going to land.
So there was 900,000 there and it was an arsenal where all their heavy guns and etc.
were kept.
So it was a prime target for the second atomic bomb.
But the day before we had a horrendous air raid
And everything that burned was on fire, and the air was full of ashes and soot, and I kind of agreed that a 500-pound bomb could make... Were you guys happy when that was happening?
Oh, and it's mixed emotion, you know?
Glad to see them, and I hoped they'd go away, because they were really tearing the place up anyway.
Yes, sir.
It was ordered not to bomb by radar.
It had to be a visual target.
Well, all that smoke and stuff had blown over the target.
So that saved you.
So how did the Japanese start behaving?
Because it was a while before you learned after the bombings that this had happened.
How did they start behaving after the bomb had been dropped but you didn't know?
Did you see a change in their behavior?
No, we didn't know what was going on.
They were just as mean all the time.
What did they call you?
Whatever that is, it's prisoner.
Maybe some derogatory meaning, I don't know what it means.
Yeah, we can't say on air.
So when did you finally learn that the A-bombs had been dropped?
You told me that a U.S.
plane flew over and dropped a monkey wrench with a note on it to you?
Yeah, it said, you're lucky, you missed the bomb.
Indicating that the fat man was supposed to hit us.
We didn't get it.
Was that in English or was that in Japanese?
The note.
Was the note dead for you?
Yeah, it was dropped on our camp.
When they found out where we were.
Yeah, gotcha.
Stay there, sir.
Final segment coming up.
Kevin's got a final question for you as well.
Sorry to all the callers, but this is really important.
We're just giving you some reality here.
The torture.
What torture's like?
But I haven't heard that our trips were raped.
That's a new level that only certain countries touch on.
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Kevin, you brought up an interesting question for our guest.
We're going to have to have back.
He is the author of The Secret Camera.
Folks, you've got to get this book.
We've got a link to it up on InfoAwards.com where you can get the book there on the website.
But Kevin's met you in person, which I'm envious of.
Kevin, go ahead and ask your question.
Yeah, speaking of Mr. Kirk, when we had a little more time, he discussed with me that they didn't even have enough clothes to go around for everyone.
And when they went out on these work details and, you know, sub-freezing temperatures, they'd have to gather up clothes for the people going outside, and you'd stay back in the barracks naked.
Obviously, what you were doing, Sergeant Kirk, if you'd been caught with that camera, you surely would have been killed.
And I just, my hat's off to you.
I salute you.
There's that question, and then how many of you were U.S.
prisoners of the Japanese?
How many of you are still alive, sir?
From our place, we got 27 out of 203.
But the ones that stayed alive are the ones that said, I'm not going to die.
It's a matter of will.
A lot of them just laid down and died.
But the thing that I... Two things that bothered me about this war is the media talks about Pearl Harbor being a victory.
How can a stab in the back be a victory?
And the attrition is what the Japanese did after the Battle of Midway.
When they knew they lost the war, it wasn't attrition, it was out-and-out fanatic murders, trying to kill Americans.
That was the main thing they wanted to do.
That's why they set it up on Iwo Jima and killed 6,000 of our boys.
Just because they wanted to kill us.
Because they hate our guts.
They have then, and they still do.
I don't care what anybody says.
Well, you're talking about the leadership of Japan, or do you think all the Japanese?
Well, I guess it'd be the leadership, because what do these Japanese people know?
Nobody ever told them there was a war.
Well, yeah, they did have a caste society, pretty much enslaved.
And it's just amazing.
Well, I want to thank you for coming on, and folks can get the secret camera from the website thesecretcamera.com or link through at infowars.com, and I would imagine it's on amazon.com and other places.
All right.
Thank you for having me.
And my best to all the listeners.
We appreciate you, sir.
Our best to you.
God bless.
Take care.
God bless you.
All right.
There goes our guest.
We're always talking about how our government staged it and how they sucked the Japanese in and how we were attacking them in China.
And it's all true.
But again, it's not a bipolar thing of where this side's good, that side's bad.
These governments are evil.
The Founding Fathers told you that.
And look, I didn't know our guests would talk about this, how they left them, how they wouldn't take care of them, how they wouldn't give them medical care.
It's always the same.
I mean, it's just, it's the truth.
And we're not taking care of our troops this time with your little neocon war.
It's not like something entertaining to sit at home and watch Iraq Desert Storm 2 like it's a football game.
This is people's lives you're talking about.
I hope you'll visit InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanta.com, PrisonPlanta.tv.
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Kevin, thanks for coming on with us.
No problem, Alex.
Appreciate it.
You bet.
Thanks for recommending that guest.
That was very educational.
Extremely informative.
All right.
Again, you guys have a great evening.
We'll see you back tomorrow.
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Hello, folks.