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Air Date: Dec. 6, 2005
2203 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Tuesday, the sixth day of December 2005.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We've got Michael Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com joining us coming up in the third hour.
He's going to be joining us on the first Tuesday of every month, a regularly scheduled guest.
And in the second hour, for part of the second hour, I've got Richard Stallman.
Founder of the Free Software Movement, the GNU Project, and the Free Software Foundation, Stallman is a political activist who recently caused a stir at the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society, at which he was a frequent speaker by openly protesting their use of radio frequency identification devices, technology, and wrapping his own identity badge in tinfoil and foiling their system and causing a security alert.
So that's coming up in the next hour.
And even if you're not into computers and software and Big Brother information, it all affects you muy grande in a big, big way.
So that is coming up in the next hour.
We'll also talk a lot about RFID and tracking systems and face scanning and biometrics.
Richard Stallman is not a fan of any of that, and he's going to be joining us to go over it.
Paul Watson found a little video clip, or properly put, one of our wonderful listeners found a video clip that no one was aware of that was hidden in plain view on one of these big archive sites.
And it meshes with another clip that we've recently discovered, thanks to you, from USA Today TV on the day of 9-11.
Yes, they even four years ago had their own little TV clips every day.
And in, because I know people don't read anymore, so that's where everybody's going, but side issue, side issue, the reporter there talking to one of the little federal experts about bombs clearly in the building.
So we have that clip we aired a week or so ago, and I need to tell my folks to go ahead and find that clip again on the computer.
And then we have this new clip.
Police found suspected bombs in WTC on 911.
Reports surfaced of truck parked in building.
Now, clearly, a truck bomb didn't do that, folks.
But this is the reports, and we're going to follow them, and we're going to track it, and we're going to cover it.
Also, we now have, speaking of 9-11, final 9-1-1 report warns of danger ahead.
If we don't give up all of our freedoms and accept a total police state, why, Bush hasn't done enough to get rid of our freedoms.
The 9-11 commission appointed by him says that we're all dead.
Al-Qaeda will literally drink our blood.
They're vampires, ladies and gentlemen.
They're everywhere.
They're hiding under every rock.
And we're all in total danger.
So the men in nice black uniforms with black helmets who've built lots of FEMA camps for us and that are tracking our every move but leaving the border wide open, they'll have to take control.
A poll shows divide on question of torture.
Very deceptive headline for the Washington Post.
You read into it and two-thirds of those polled are against torture.
Well, they try to promote it and legitimize it and say it's okay.
Meanwhile, we begin to learn why we're finding out about the black hole torture camps overseas that we knew about years ago.
It's because CIA officers are disgusted and going public.
They're not all frothing criminals.
But certain compartments are, and those are the compartments that are on top of the pyramidal compartmentalized power paradigm.
CIA agents break ranks to disclose brutal black sites, or black holes, of torture.
And Witness A tells of Saddam a trial of electric shocks.
But again, Saddam is back as he tortures, but our government's good when it tortures.
So we're going to go over some of this schizophrenia, this multiple personality by the American people.
Also, Dean says U.S.
won't win in Iraq.
That's the plan, dummy.
And witness tells of torture by Saddam.
There's been more on that.
Venezuela, U.S.-backed opposition, blue oil pipeline, that's the headline.
And just, folks, there's so much more coming up today.
Believe me, you don't want to miss any of this transmission.
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All right.
Eight minutes, 12 seconds into this first hour, second segment.
We do have one of the leading experts on RFID, Big Brother Tracking.
He's pushing free software paradigms that will not monopolize information.
It will actually make the internet and computing itself more stable.
You know, having really a single platform is very, very dangerous and lets the globalists control things.
That's coming up in the next hour.
Then we have Michael Rivero joining us in the third hour to talk about the war on terror, which is the war on freedom.
9-11, all the evidence of government complicity that's come out, what's happening right now with the war in Iraq, what's happening with the police state here domestically, the torture, all of it, in the third hour with Michael Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
It's not about left and right, ladies and gentlemen.
It's about right and wrong.
I get Democrats emailing me multiple times daily going, I thought you were a good liberal.
You understood that the New World Order was an evil right-wing neocon system.
Hey, liberals, you didn't know what a New World Order was a year ago.
You didn't know what it was five years ago, ten years ago.
And so now that their paradigm has partially shifted, and now they see the global government, they're putting on the face of the world government the mask that they are comfortable with.
No, let me inform you, the New World Order controls both political parties in this country.
It controls the Tories, that is the Conservatives, and Labor, the so-called Liberals.
It is a staged event, so you have discovered the rabbit hole, but you haven't gone very deeply down it yet.
And so before you start chastising me, please take some time out to research just how serious things are.
Howard Dean isn't going to save you.
You're just now figuring out that Hillary isn't going to save you, that she's been staging things with the Republicans, and now that's finally being accepted by Democrats.
But now it's time for you to learn just how deep it goes.
Conservatives, it's the same thing.
Conservatives are just now starting to have to realize that George Bush is not, quote, a conservative.
Now, I don't want to start preaching.
I've got a lot of news to cover here in the next...
Hour before our guest joins us, our first guest, we will have open phones with that guest as well, and open phones with the guest in the third hour.
But first off, out of the gates, police found suspected bombs in WTC on 9-11, reports surfaced of truck parked in building.
We've got a new video clip today.
The report you're watching, that you'll be hearing, was filed by an MSNBC News anchor, Rick Sanchez, on the morning of September 11, 2001.
It can be downloaded here.
We have a link to it on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
The details contained therein seem to have slipped under the radar amidst the huge body of evidence proving controlled demolition brought down both the Twin Towers and Building 7.
So we're going to play that clip.
After we play a clip, we played a few weeks ago of a USA Today reporter on their own little TV show they have on the web talking to another one of their anti-terror experts saying basically the same thing.
Now, understand, we were already aware of some of these reports.
We had talked to firemen, police, police chiefs.
We have police chiefs on record, fire chiefs on record saying there were bombs, saying they were told to get out of Building 7, it was going to be blown up.
We have the owner slipping up and saying that he blew it up.
For those that don't know, the FBI, the CIA, Defense Intelligence, IRS, FEMA, City Command Center, State Command Center, Federal Command Center, the entire building.
There were even other secret federal agencies in the building.
I mean, that thing was another black hole, a black op obelisk, that 47-story building.
We know about the bombs.
And then we would talk to police chiefs or deputy chiefs or deputy fire chiefs, firemen, and they would say, on record, look, I've been told to shut up and I'm not going to talk to you.
Well, can you retract that you found bombs?
Can you retract that there were bombs?
I'm not going to retract anything.
Just leave me alone.
So, sure, there's bad reportage on the day of any event.
But usually there's more accurate reporting than there is later after the spin machine goes into high gear.
So here's the first clip from USA Today's online TV program on the morning of 9-11.
Here it is.
Joining me is Jack Kelly.
Now, he is a foreign correspondent, war correspondent, and just came back from Israel.
He has some information about these attacks.
Jack, what can you tell us happened first in New York?
Now that's the first time we're hearing that.
So two planes and explosives that were in the building, is that correct?
That is the working theory at this point.
That is still unconfirmed, but that is what the FBI is working on at this point.
Alright, now there's the first clip, and it's a little bit longer, you can go watch it on Foles.com if you want.
Here's the next clip that has been in the memory hole until one of our listeners discovered it last night.
We have a big article written about it up on the websites.
Let's go ahead and roll this next clip.
Here it is.
Rick Sanchez has been there throughout this morning for us.
Rick, tell us where you are and what the latest is.
Well, I'm in that area, if you're familiar with this area, of where West Broadway and Hudson come together right at Chambers.
That would put us about a block and a half away from the site of where the explosion was.
That area has just been...
We're good to go.
Now, the spin within the spin is, I've been involved on national radio in big debates with former 2020 executives, 2020 producers, like Lance and other people,
And they won't even deny now that Building 7 was blown up with bombs.
Scientific fact, we have the squibs or the ejection ports, the key blast points going off, literally, what is it?
Let me count them up.
It's like 15 different separate firefighter tape and police reports.
We have the reporter standing down at the bottom of the building when the blast blows out the bottom floor.
And then, that was the central column, then the other blasts start going off.
Perfect demolition, controlled demolition.
And then it falls into a neat little pile, not damaging two buildings 30 feet away on each side.
It's unbelievable.
I've been there, folks.
How much precision.
I mean, the Las Vegas implosions aren't even this precise.
It takes weeks to do it.
So, for the claim that
Cars were there.
Truck bombs were there.
We don't know what the truth is, but we know that only bombs could do that, and there were controlled demolitions on those pillars, on those columns.
I don't know if there were third devices or fourth devices or separate operations.
It sounds like globalist M.O.
We saw this in Oklahoma City, where clearly there's a pneumonia nitrate truck bomb that goes off,
Just seconds after, and we have the seismographs, the police, the firefighters, BATF on the ground admitting it.
On record, I've interviewed the cops, and BATF runs up in full bomb gear five seconds after the blast, just immediately, and they say, why weren't you in the building?
Oh, we got a call not to be there.
We're good to go.
I think?
We have McVeigh and then these Iraqis who were CIA minions, CIA operatives, CIA assets who had been brought in and trained in the 80s and brought in by Bush Sr.
and Clinton in the early 90s.
And they're all over the country.
5,000 of them ready to launch terror attacks the instant your loving president gives the order.
And they're well taken care of.
They're living in lavish homes, driving lavish vehicles with lavish expense accounts.
And you want an Arab terror army?
Don't think the globalists are down and out, folks.
Don't think we've got them down for the count.
No, no, no, no, no.
Gotta stomp them.
Gotta stomp them a whole bunch, because any day now they can activate these boys.
And it's not going to look good.
Or they can activate their other black ops squads, mainly European teams they've got in here, and Israeli teams.
They can activate those teams, and then they can have Arabs dancing around at the scenes.
Or they can have a militia dancing around at the scenes.
They can have whatever they want to run these black ops.
By the way, the U.S.
government admittedly Northwoods, admittedly USS Liberty, admittedly Gulf of Tonkin, and over 130 bombings admittedly,
And the NATO option, the Salvadoran option, and the public knows it as Operation Gladio.
And just publicly declassified, publicly admitted, blowing up school buses, shooting children, bombing schools.
That's their favorite.
Gets you real angry.
Kind of like Northwood says, killing young people really gets folks upset.
It's kind of like that Republican memo that just came out in some of the Washington papers, national news blackout on it, where they said that a casualty list, a huge terror attack, would really get you motivated and then your fear could be directed again.
Do you understand that?
This is not our opinion.
But regardless, I have no doubt that there were truck bombs.
I have no doubt there weren't wheels within wheels, fallbacks, patsies upon patsies upon patsies upon patsies upon patsies.
In fact, I know in my guts the feds had a nuke in that city in case they got exposed.
They would have detonated that if something would have gone bad during the op.
But as we know, they did a pretty good job.
They killed a lot of people.
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So take matters into your own hands.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Clearly there were truck bombs in place.
Clearly there were diversionary explosions.
There were all sorts of explosions going off that day.
In the street, around the buildings, after Tower 1 and 2 had collapsed.
A lot of bizarre stuff going on.
But that's just classic CIA slash NSA slash chaos.
That's who we're really dealing with.
We're going to get right down to comic book terms.
These criminal groups above our own government that manipulate and control it.
You know, George Norrie always points out when I say the government, and he goes, well, don't you mean elements of it?
And he's absolutely right.
When I get up here and I say the government, I mean criminal elements.
I mean very small compartmentalized groups.
But the problem is that those criminalized groups are at the very top in every case.
And so the average person in the government goes, I'm just out looking for bank robbers.
I'm just out looking for money launderers.
I'm just out looking for people that are, you know, kidnapping children.
Or I'm out looking for the average cop looking for somebody who's stealing cars.
Why are you calling me evil?
Again, the program, the social engineering, the societal direction, admittedly, is to control us and enslave us.
It's not debatable.
That is the stated goals.
I have Department of Education documents, and I can have the former number two head of policy.
Number two in the entire agency, head of policy.
On the show to tell you about the documents.
I can have Chief Economist from Reagan Administration on.
I can have Chief Economist from the current Bush Administration on, who's gone public and is saying it's clearly an inside job on 9-11.
Any claim we make, we can back it up with the documents, in triplicate, from 14 different angles, literally, or more.
And up one side and down the other, and then we can provide you insiders.
People always say, well, something this big, you know, 9-11, why insiders would blow the whistle, why people would go public.
I talked to him over the phone.
I can't get him on the show.
He did give one interview to the local San Jose Mercury News.
A month after 9-11, he was a colonel, the head of the Defense Language School at Monterey.
And he said, I trained Adam.
I trained some of the other hijackers.
These men are U.S.
The government was behind these attacks.
Remember, they were going to court-martial him, but then they dropped it.
Can you imagine him, the head of the Defense Language School, the dean, marching in with the evidence?
And I called him up, and it was even worse than what was in the paper.
I'll try to get him back on now.
It was even worse than what he... The paper had watered down what the colonel had said.
The dean of the defense language school, who said he personally was the head of many classes where he was forced to train the supposed hijackers, who were high-level black op U.S.
government operators.
Super secret.
And that much is confirmed.
I mean, I got MSNBC.
I'm getting off of 9-11, folks.
Remember in years past where I'd do three-hour shows and wouldn't take a single call and wouldn't slow down?
I would have like ten giant four-inch thick folders just going through prior knowledge, involvement, bin Laden being a CIA asset, bombs in the buildings.
I would go through just...
I could have an entire college course.
You could have a four-year course on 9-11 and still not know it all.
It is just... You cannot pull something off that big and not get caught.
And you know what?
They have been caught.
I agree.
You can't do something this big.
Something this big, you can't keep secret.
You can just count on the people to be gullible.
Hitler killed a whole bunch of people.
He killed millions of Germans and millions of gypsies and millions of Poles and millions of Jews.
That's not debatable.
50 million people died in World War II.
It was a bloodbath.
Joe Stalin, before and after World War II, killed 50 million himself.
But in Nazi Germany, most Germans, it wasn't that they didn't know something was going on, they chose not to see it.
They chose not to see it.
And that's exactly what... You've got a choice.
Choose sides.
Pick a side.
Because you know in your guts, and you know in your soul, and you know deep down in your intellect, you're not as stupid as you think you are.
Are you with us?
You're smart.
You've just chosen not to be informed.
You've chosen to be an expert on things that don't matter.
Become an expert on things that do matter.
Right now listening, police officers, lawyers, judges, auto mechanics, school teachers, liberals, conservatives...
Bug-eyed yuppies.
Right now, listen to me.
You know in your gut.
You know without a shadow of a doubt.
Look yourself in the mirror.
You're at a red light right now.
Pull down that blind.
Look yourself in the eyes.
You know I'm right.
You know it's true.
Don't you?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think?
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There's all these mainline establishment types who are legends in their own minds.
There's all these people that still don't understand what's happened in this country.
They still don't understand.
They don't even look at their own polls that show that we're winning.
They don't realize that there is a peaceful revolution of informational war taking place, that their crimes are being exposed at an exponential rate.
Let's push it over the edge while they're still blind to what's happening, while they're still sucking their thumbs, while their minions are still basking in the Maui sun.
Let's expose them now.
Let's rush the gates now.
Let's spread the word now before they carry out the next terror attack and before we go to the next level, which is open martial law, which you've openly heard them pushing.
You see, that's another big problem that the globalists have is that everything we've talked about
Everything we've written about, everything we've covered has come true, exactly as we said it would.
And how did we know?
How did I know five years ago they'd openly be saying we all need microchips because it's cool and because it keeps us safe from terrorists?
I was laughed at.
Not now.
How did we know they'd carry out terror attacks on the World Trade Center and blame it on their asset bin Laden?
Because we know.
We've studied the facts.
How did we know that Iraq would be a total failure and that they would pose and say that they'd failed and then bring in later foreign troops?
How do we know they'd use an actual disaster to bring foreign troops into America to set that precedent and ratchet it up next time?
Because it's all in policy reports.
It's all in documents.
And please don't email me and say, where are the documents?
We post them every day.
You go read them.
Go look at them.
When you see some 500-page PDF file from PNAC or from Rand Corporation or from the Naval War College or from any of these groups, from the IMF, from the World Bank, when you see that there, don't just, I'm not going to read it.
Go read it.
Do what we do!
Know it!
Hear them call you slaves.
Hear them call you stupid.
Hear them talk about how they're going to take everything you've got.
I dare the people out there that want to make fun of this show, people want to make little smirking jokes about it.
Your enemy is not your friend.
Your enemy, just because they give you a bunch of sophistry and soft soap pap about how they love you and about how they're taking care of you and about how you're part of the system and you're part of the power grid because you're a little bureaucrat, you need to go read exactly what they say about you.
And then you think about this social engineering we're under.
The 9-11 Commission final 9-1-1 report warns of danger ahead.
In a scathing final report, the 9-1-1 Commission investigating the September 11, 2001 attacks says the United States wasn't ready then and isn't ready now.
And they go on to criticize in the, quote, bipartisan body.
See, this article out of CBC is how they're bipartisan.
They're good.
They're independent.
It's like saying Heinrich Himmler and
Herman Goering were in a bipartisan panel, and they supported the Fuhrer's program for living space.
And he said Lebensstrahler, however, I don't know.
The commission recommended both sweeping and specific reforms.
National ID cards, Patriot Act II, total control.
The commission, the day they were formed by George Bush, literally appointing a commission, every one of them in business with Lockheed Martin or Carlisle Group or Bechtel, every one of them.
I mean, some of them clearly involved in running 9-11.
And we've got whole shows on that.
And it's like when Janet Reno appointed Senator Dan Burton to investigate her...
And it was run by her office with her two deputies assisting him, and he was the old whitewash man for 20 years.
It's like they always appoint Spector, who was the guy who was a staffer on the Warren Commission back in the mid-60s, saying magic bullets shoot through two people, four bones, metal, and a seat, and don't even deform.
Just totally ridiculous.
For anybody that's ever shot bullets into things and dug them out, as I've done hundreds of times...
Being somewhat of an aficionado on such things.
The point is, is that it's insane.
And again, this is how they create false paradigms.
This is the most simple, easy to understand example.
They know that the human mind wants choices.
They know then that they will say, okay, you've got a choice.
We're either going to cut your head off, your arms and your legs off.
That's what the 9-11 Commission wants.
Or Bush will just cut your head off.
And see, that then makes Bush sound reasonable just wanting to cut your head off.
Of course, it's not going to matter if they cut your arms and legs off after they've cut your head off.
In fact, they complain at Bush for not getting things passed that have already passed.
But they leverage it and then push for even more stuff that now Bush is proposing and having trouble ramming through.
So they're nothing but a salve.
Nothing but a, well, the Blue Ribbon Commission says exactly what Bush wants he should get.
And they're independent.
They're bipartisan.
So they move way over on the extreme end of the spectrum.
Total martial law.
And then Bush is just a fraction off of that, and then they are at the dead polar center of martial law, in the center of it, black hole, I'm kind of stuck on that word today, it is a black hole of tyranny, and then he can get aid and comfort from that and go, well look, even the bipartisan independent commission wants what I want.
And the average person reads this and goes, well they're a bipartisan independent commission, because it says so.
It's just all lies.
And it just goes on from page after page about how wonderful all this is.
And here's another Senate panel back again.
Forced inoculation and total liability protection for the vaccine makers.
Here's another one.
Poll shows divide on questions of torture.
This is the Washington Post.
Deception number one.
And literally, I read this article this morning, and I've got 15 notes written here.
And I can't cover them all.
For the website, I wrote three comments.
It took me about 60 seconds.
That's all I had time to do.
You'll see a lot of comments on a lot of the stories.
I write some.
Slick Eisen writes some.
The Watties write some.
My wife writes some.
But on this, I made a few comments.
But see if you can pick out the other 12 lies in here.
And there are clearly more than that.
And really, more than lies, they're spin, or they're misrepresentations, or they're lying by omission.
Now listen, Paul shows divide on question of torture.
Now a divide, classically, is seen as a 50-50 split.
Divide in its modern, semantical form
Connotation in the mental lexicon, that word, which is a symbol, is recognized by the cerebral cortex as a divide or a canyon with an equal divide, a separation.
Deception number one.
Over two-thirds are against the torture in the eight countries poll.
Then there's lies in here about how
Mexico's our ally.
They are not our ally.
There are so many... Perhaps we should just cancel all the gas and spend all day on this one article and cover the 15 lies.
Listen to this.
People in eight countries that are American allies don't want the United States conducting secret interrogations of terror suspects on their soil, an AP poll found.
Oh, but see, there's the deception.
They claim that there is another level of divide because the majority of the foreigners don't like it, but Americans do.
But then you find in bowls here, it is a majority that don't like torture.
And of course, there's another schizophrenia there.
The people that are for torture here all hate Saddam because he allegedly, and of course he did, he was our boy, torture.
So it's bad when he tortures, but good when we torture.
But at the same time, they're against torture even though the next day they're for torture.
Mental illness.
Double thing.
Anxiety about recent reports of secret prisons run by the CIA in Eastern Europe has been highlighted.
Anxiety about recent reports...
We still don't call it allegations.
Last week it was allegations.
In your own Washington Post, they have a CIA section chief months after 9-11 saying they were torturing people and their children in foreign countries.
And the Post isn't dumb.
They know how to do a Google search or a LexisNexis.
Anxiety about...
Recent reports of secret prisons run by the CIA in Eastern Europe have been highlighted by an ongoing debate on the use of torture.
The poll found Americans and residents of many of the allied countries divided on the question of torture with about as many saying it's okay in some cases as those saying it should never be used.
Yeah, here they'll go.
If the guy's got a nuclear bomb strapped to a city and he won't tell you where it is, can you torture him?
You know, that one in a billion reasons.
And they use that to get us to accept it.
They crack the ice.
They crack the shell.
And then, next month, should we torture small children in front of their parents?
Yes, yes, yes.
Should we rape women?
Yes, yes, yes.
If it stops Al-Qaeda.
See, and then your journey towards being a Nazi prison guard is complete.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who is traveling in Europe this week, said Monday the United States is following all laws and treaties on the treatment of terrorism suspects and has shared intelligence with its allies that has helped protect European countries from attack and saving European lives.
So, torture has saved you, see?
There's the message.
We don't torture, but we're blocking a Senate law that would ban torture, and we'll send people to prison that openly follow our orders to torture.
But Saddam's bad, and we're going to call witnesses in that they hooked electrodes to people and shocked them, but we're doing it, and it's good.
Like other U.S.
officials, Rice has refused to answer the underlying question of whether the CIA operated secret Soviet-era prisons in Eastern Europe, and whether CIA flights arrived at al-Qaeda prisoners.
Well, wait, you mean alleged al-Qaeda.
If they're real al-Qaeda, they get paid in gold and dropped off by the U.S.
That's public.
Through European airports, she said the U.S.
will use every lawful weapon to defeat these terrorists.
What does that mean?
And it says about two-thirds of people living in Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and Spain said they would oppose allowing the U.S.
to secretly interrogate terror suspects in their countries.
Almost that many in Britain, France, Germany, and Italy said they feel the same way.
Almost two-thirds of the United States supports such interrogations in the U.S.
by their own government.
And they don't even cite that poll.
I don't believe that.
I've seen polls where 55-60% are against it.
I mean, is there some poll I don't know of where they...
Well, yeah, I guess there are polls I've seen where it's not that many, but it is a slight majority when they say, if he's got a bomb and he's going to release it and they're going to kill children, should they use pressure to get it?
And, of course, the stupid milquetoast American doesn't know that torture never works.
You can't trust a government that tortures, and you can't trust the data that comes from torture.
But facts don't get in the way.
It doesn't matter if former CIA directors go public and say it's a shame and doesn't work.
Torture is only good for getting fake confessions.
Torture was used by the Nazis, the Soviets, and every other evil group you can shake a stick at.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We don't need no education We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
Teacher, leave them kids alone.
Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.
And ladies and gentlemen, keep it rolling.
You really do need to build a wall against the propaganda, enemy transmissions, but you need turrets.
You need to be able to look out at the enemy transmissions and use them to spur you towards fighting them even more.
You need to become conscious and aware of their different criminal activities and their predatory view on you and your family.
And they all see us as children.
Children to be brainwashed and brain damaged by their programs of control.
That needs to come to an end.
Alright, let's go.
We'll just blast through your phone calls, and I'll hold our guest off a little bit into the next hour, so we can try to get to all of you.
I'm going to move quickly.
Kenneth in Louisiana.
You're up first.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I have a serious satellite radio, and they have DBC, and they've been covering what you've been covering about the shadow government out in the United States and Russia, bringing people to torture camps.
One thing I like about BBC, they'll tell you a little bit more in depth.
For instance, when the statue of Saddam Hussein fell, for instance, Fox News would say, look at all the good people cheering, while BBC would tell you, look at all the socialists cheering.
I want to give BBC a little plug on that.
And by the way, it's...
Our media knew who it was, knew it was Chalabi leading a group of 25 of his armed mercenaries pulling it down.
And the point is, I'm no fan of Saddam, but don't stage something with a guy who was going to become president.
I mean, there's the guy who was to be president.
Everybody knows who he is.
To the Iraqis on TV, it would be like watching George Bush cut down the statue.
But here they just said, look at these locals.
I mean, just knowing how dumb we are, the average American won't even know, oh, look, that's Chilabi's men.
Yeah, well, the average American doesn't think.
They're intellectually probably not too bright.
I was arguing with a church person not too long ago, and he was saying there's no such thing as a conspiracy.
All men are created equal and think the same.
And Jesus called people serpents and goats and sheep, so...
Well, why are there hundreds of thousands of charges of conspiracy a year?
No, I know.
They've actually brainwashed the public where the government can do no wrong, cannot engage in a conspiracy.
Big secret organizations, the first thing to always conspire.
Oh, no, it's impossible.
But then, oh, yes, the bank robbers, they did conspire.
You mentioned a lot about the neocons, and the modern evangelicals, I think it's even worse.
Sir, they're openly saying take microchips, world government's good, China's good, we're going to have Jesus will soon be among us, we'll worship him as our world leader.
No, I'm not joking.
Yeah, they promote a lot of democracy, and I don't know whether they get permission from Jesus Christ to do that, but there's an old slogan, it goes like this, where God's law is absent, the devil is present, and it seems like that's very true.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Take care.
No, I mean, I'm scared to tell people to go to church because I'm afraid they'll go to one of these new older churches.
But again, if you're the devil, what are you going to take over first?
I mean, you take over the church, you've got it made.
That's all Christ did was rebuke the church.
But nowadays, oh no, the church is perfect too.
It's mine.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got a guest coming up who's even addressing United Nations on security issues and what's happening with the Internet.
If you're talking to a guy from the United Nations, you can tell me one out of it.
No, I said he has addressed the United Nations.
Oh, he's addressing the United Nations.
Okay, I got you.
You were talking earlier about word games and doublespeak and things like that.
You can look in public schools in their textbooks and they'll say things like random mutations produce the genetic material required to create new organisms.
They'll say stuff like that, and they won't show a picture of it.
And that's not true.
It doesn't create a new organism.
Random mutations change the coding of that specific organism, but it's not a new organism.
And, you know, yeah, there's lots of deceptions.
Or they'll say, you have a right to not be in danger from guns.
You have a right to turn your guns in.
Yeah, and you get into stuff like where you'll have anti-abortion and pro-life, you know, and
Things of that nature.
There's all those kinds of word games.
I would just really urge the American people to get an assault rifle and learn how to use it.
That is your right as a citizen.
It's your birthright, what our founding fathers said.
The sword is the birthright of an American citizen.
Get an assault rifle and learn how to use it.
It doesn't mean that you're some kind of
Well, I'll rest my case on this.
Statistically, people in government, period, are more criminal than any other strata of society.
And that's throughout history, through modern statistics, all over the world.
It's common sense, but you can go look those numbers up.
People can say, well, statistics lie.
No, folks.
There are some statistics like more people die on during the holidays from drunk drivers than any other time.
There's a lot of statistics that we really know are down pat.
And government is where criminals radiate.
It's very corrupting.
Why do we trust the government then to have guns but not the people?
You see, this is the warped mindset.
That's a foundation of our entire country.
I wanted to bring up one other thing, Alex.
It's real interesting in the Bible where in Genesis, the earth, there was no civil government.
It was a patriarchal system.
Everything was run by the fathers, the heads of the families.
And the earth became extremely, extremely wicked.
As a result of that, of course, the flood happened, which there's evidence of that all over the planet, a global flood.
But anyway, the flood happened, and so...
After the flood, God institutes civil government and it's just interesting that paradigm because you have in the beginning of mankind's history, there's no government and the whole planet is just going crazy and it's just mass brutality everywhere.
Then what does God do?
He comes in.
He sets up government to protect the innocent and punish evil doers.
And now it looks like humanity has turned that right around on its head and has corrupted what God has given us.
That's all I wanted to say.
I just wanted your thoughts on that.
Well, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
You know, that gets into Romans 13 and all of it.
And clearly, the entire Bible and just our history and common sense says you fight corrupt governments.
But people say, no, Romans 13, we should submit to Hitler, we should submit to Stalin, we should do whatever they say.
In fact, we shouldn't be against abortion because the government says it's good.
And that's just ridiculous.
It's all taken out of context.
But, you know, according to Romans 13, if you take it out of context, our founding fathers were devil worshippers.
All right, we'll be right back, folks, with our guests.
You don't want to miss this.
And then we'll also have a lot of other news.
Another great guest is joining us later.
Stay with us.
Your call's coming up as well.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, our first guest today, here as we start the second hour, is Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Movement, the GNU Project, and the Free Software...
Aluminum foil.
Yes, aluminum foil.
But, Mr. Stallman, I would also add, of course, that they're going to the...
The very invasive technologies of face scanning and the rest of it, where it doesn't even matter if we carry the chip, and it doesn't even matter if we don't want to be part of it, they're going to force us.
But I find it interesting that they want us to submit to the chip in our ID card, the chip in our visa.
They want us to put our thumb down at the grocery store biometrically.
Why do you think that is?
Well, obviously I can speculate.
They just want to know what everybody's doing all of the time.
I don't generally buy things with credit cards because I don't want any database to know what I bought.
I pay cash.
Well, I'm going to talk about why you do that first.
I have a little bit about yourself.
We were talking earlier.
It sounded great.
Can you back off your phone?
Back off?
You mean move my mouth a bit further from the microphone?
Yes, sir.
Is this good?
Just try to keep it there.
Yeah, that's perfect.
I'm sorry.
It was just overdriving.
Richard, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Let's say for laymen out there, people just tuning in, why does Alex have this guy on the air?
Basically, what are your main focuses?
Well, I started the free software movement.
Now, free software doesn't mean gratis software.
It's not a matter of price.
Think of free speech, not free beer, is what I've been saying for 20 years.
Free software means you're free to share it.
Nobody's going to call you a pirate because you shared with your neighbor.
And not just free to copy it and share it, but also free to study what it does and change it so you can make it do what you want.
With ordinary proprietary software...
The developer is completely in control.
The developer makes it do what he wants, and you can just take it or leave it.
Of course, a lot of people will say, I can't afford to leave it.
I have to use it.
So effectively, they control what your computer does.
Now, let me boil this down for people and see if you say this is accurate, Richard Stallman.
Here's an example.
Let's say Sequoia voting machines or Diebold voting machines.
They say it's proprietary.
Even the city or county using it or the state can't look into what's inside.
The city doesn't listen.
They break into it.
It's got a wireless modem.
And someone at one of the companies who's a felon...
And this is not just hypothetical.
He is accessing it, manipulating it, live time during the election, but then, say, Diebold, real world, with the felon running their software in California, says, we'll sue you if you do that again.
That's our software.
You can't even look at what it's doing.
It's like Microsoft saying... That's an example.
That's an example of proprietary software.
Now, I don't have proprietary software installed in my computer because any proprietary software...
Is denying your freedom.
So I started this movement 22 years ago, where we develop our own software, and we do everything with our own free software, and that means we don't use proprietary software anymore.
Now, I know you're not Red Hat, Linux, or any of that, but that's a good point for people who know a little about computers to understand what you're saying.
But you say that's different from what you do.
Well, actually, let me explain.
I launched the development of a free operating system called GNU, and through a confusion that happened about 12 or 13 years ago, most of the people who use it think it's Linux.
Actually, Linux is one of the important pieces of the system, which was developed in 1991, and it was made free software in 1992.
So these people really are using Linux, but Linux isn't what they think it is.
They're using the GNU operating system.
So it's like you're Leif Erikson who discovered America, and you called it Big Green Land, but then 500 years later, Columbus came along and he called it America.
Well, I don't think Columbus called it America, but in any case... I'm being sarcastic.
It's a little bit like that.
Anyway, though, the developer of Linux really contributed an important piece...
But it's just one piece.
So if you call it GNU and Linux, you'll give us an equal mention, and I think that's fair.
Why is it... I mean, why 20 years ago, or... I mean, why 20 years ago did you see this threat?
Did you get involved?
Well, because I had an unusual experience.
In the 1970s, I was part of a community of programmers who shared our... We shared our work all the time.
That was our way of life.
I loved being part of that community.
I saw that that was a good way to treat each other.
And then the community was wiped out by commercial pressure.
And what I saw in front of me was proprietary software, things like Windows and Mac OS and all the other proprietary software you've surely heard of.
And that was the same as what happened to everybody else who was thinking of using computers at the time.
But because I had seen an alternative...
I was morally outraged by what I saw.
You and a lot of other pioneering experts that I've read have said that clearly this has held back computing and software many years.
How many years would you say?
I don't know, because you see, I don't actually even care whether it held back technical progress, because I know that it takes away the user's freedom.
And I'm more concerned about freedom than technical progress.
I would trade some technical progress for some freedom any day.
So you found out about this 20 years ago, and then you launched.
GNU is a larger system, and Linux is just a part of that.
Can you explain to us what your root software was?
Well, GNU stands for GNU is not Unix.
Which is a humorous way of saying it's similar to Unix, it works the same way Unix does, but we wrote every piece of it afresh, because Unix is proprietary software and we couldn't use that.
So, a Unix-like operating system is a collection of hundreds of different pieces, some big, some small, and they all have to work together.
So we were just making piece after piece after piece, and in some cases we found a piece that someone else had made,
And then when there was one important gap left, then Linus Torvalds developed Linux, and that filled the last gap.
So he essentially put the last stone in place to make the whole building.
I understand.
I want to get into some of the topics that you think are most important and talk about your point of getting into the United Nations by blocking their RFID trackers.
I should explain, when I went through the security to get in...
I unwrapped the badge because they, of course, were going to look at it.
I wasn't refusing to show them my badge.
They also scanned it against a machine when I went in through the gate.
But while I was walking around inside of the event, they didn't say they were checking anything, so why should it not be?
Why should it be having an RFID that was scannable?
So then I covered it back up.
So you're making the point that it could potentially be tracking people inside of there.
But let's go to another real-world example of this.
And tell me if I'm right, sir.
Again, we're honored to have you.
Take Bill Gates in the 70s.
He goes, makes a deal with IBM, and then basically for the next 20 years had an almost total monopoly.
This is a secondary consequence of the fact that it was proprietary software.
And that gives the developer power over the users.
You see, with free software, since everyone is free to copy it, redistribute it, that includes selling copies, and free to study what it does and change it, none of these things are possible.
There's never a monopoly with free software.
Because even if it's... Even if, suppose, everybody likes one program and everybody uses more or less the same program,
Everybody's free to adapt it and distribute their own versions of it, so you get free competition anyway.
Whereas when you're using proprietary software, even if there's a choice of different products, you might think a choice of products means it's not a monopoly, but that's a mistake.
Because in fact, the support for any of those programs is always a monopoly.
So the base licensing is the same foundation.
The crucial point is not whether there's an apparent monopoly.
It's whether the program respects your freedom or tramples it.
Proprietary software tramples your freedom.
And the solution that I came up with 22 years ago was
Let's build an alternative, and then we won't use the proprietary software.
Well, I mean, that was a visionary thing you did, and you really are credited as being one of the first people to really push that and to have stuck with it, and I only commend you.
Are they starting to panic and get angry?
It seems they are, that there are so many alternatives now burgeoning.
Gandhi said, I think, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
And we're at the fight you stage, but...
Companies like Microsoft are actively trying to fight us all around the world with the help of their government in Washington.
Microsoft tries to to be utilized, should I say, every institution that has social influence to turn it into an agent of promoting Microsoft software.
They try to use governments, they try to use schools, they try to use the NGOs that say their goal is to
Promote digital literacy, they say to those NGOs.
Teach people to use Windows.
They've got lots of little phony grassroots fronts.
Oh, yes, they do.
And phony think tanks, too.
Or think tanks for hire that they just hire to produce reports that say what Microsoft wants them to say.
They're literally social mercenaries.
It's a rent-a-mob.
They will buy the support of any kind of institution that they think can help them direct society into a path of permanent dependence, which is almost like an addiction.
Well, this is amazing, sir.
This is right up my alley here.
This is what I've organically seen, and we're on the same page.
Please stay with us.
We've got a quick break, sir.
We're going to come back.
I want to give out websites, information, how people can support what you're doing.
We're talking to Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Movement.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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You know, I see basically what Richard Stallman's doing as really trying to get more freedom to the people and looking at the architecture, the foundations behind everything our civilization is now being based on.
Nobody asks you.
In fact, the internal polls and focus groups show you hate RFID.
Almost 80% of you.
You hate face scanning.
You hate biometrics.
It doesn't make you more secure.
Their own documents show that.
Why do they want it?
Because it literally, in cyberspace, will make the real world part of cyberspace and will attach every item in your home, everything you buy, to an RFID chip for total matrix-like control.
I don't know if Richard Stallman agrees with that, but I think that that's what we see being constructed and he is attacking their very architecture.
Richard, would you like to comment on those statements?
I agree that that's the danger.
I don't know how far or how fast...
Things will move in that direction, but it's a scary direction to go in, even if we don't get all the way there.
And I'm trying to fight against it in every way that I see.
I still have an office at MIT.
I quit my job at MIT to start the GNU project 22 years ago, but they let me have an office for old time's sake.
And a year and a half ago, the lab...
Moved into a building where the doors are opened by an RFID in MIT ID cards.
Every MIT ID card has an RFID.
And they actually keep track of who opens the doors.
So when I found this out, I said, I'm not going to carry one of those IDs.
In fact, I don't even have one.
I refuse to get one.
They expire every year anyway.
It's so fast, it's hardly worth the trouble.
So someone developed a machine I can use
When I push a button, it transmits as if it were the RFID.
And it transmits the number of somebody else.
So, the result is that A, it doesn't transmit at all except when I push the button.
And B, when it does, they can't identify it as me.
So that's what I use.
And this just shows... What?
This just shows what a fraud these systems are.
Yeah, well, it's not really very secure at all.
Now that, of course, is something they might be able to fix.
It just takes some attention and thought.
Back to the UN thing here for just a moment.
I was reading out of Information Week that they actually picked up on the fact that you weren't letting your RFID chip be read and that that alerted them to actually come over to you.
Well, I don't know about that.
What I do know is that as I was getting ready to speak at the event, which was why I'd been invited to this summit...
Some police came over and asked to speak with me, if I would please move aside, and I said loudly, whatever you want to say to me, you can say right here.
This is from the podium?
And at the end of the event, well then they sort of backed off, but at the end of the event, they actually wouldn't let me out of the room for a while.
So, unless I took the aluminum foil off my badge.
So I said, loudly, they're not allowing me to leave the room.
I'm a prisoner in this room.
But clearly, sir, 2 plus 2 equals 4, unless you told a bunch of people.
Did they know that you had covered the badge with aluminum?
Well, they could easily see it, right?
That's the whole point.
It's a visible protest.
I have brought a box of aluminum foil...
And I was handing out strips of aluminum foil to anybody who wanted to join in.
But it shows that clearly they wanted to track you around with it.
Well, they said that they had a rule that the badges must be visible, and I said, if you wanted me to show the badge, you should not have put an RFID in it.
Anyway, I just loved every minute of this, because I figured...
The bigger this got, the more good it could do.
So I was actually elated through all of this.
And that's totally true.
And now they really are attacking us.
They really are panicking.
They're openly saying they're losing control.
Not just in public statements, but in strategy documents.
And I want to talk about that.
And I want to also talk about some of the websites in your organization and how people can rebel against this by some of your suggestions and ideas you've got.
So again, we're honored to have you.
We'll come back with Richard Stallman, who is the founder of the Free Software Movement.
Just an absolute giant.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're talking about the architecture of our lives.
You ever seen the movie The Truman Show?
Where his whole life from being a baby is living in a TV show.
His wife isn't his wife.
His parents aren't his parents.
It's a false reality.
Well, literally, it's like we've been on the plantation grounds our whole life and we never question what's around us.
The language is being changed.
It's not getting better, folks.
It's getting worse.
And the globalists, their own white papers say their final plan is to dumb you down, is to totally control you, and to basically entertain you to death.
It's more of the Brave New World than the 1984-style tyranny.
You know, pleasure you to death, basically, which in many cases is worse than even knowing you're a slave in the 1984-type universe.
I would call an amalgamation of the two.
Richard Stallman, what are some websites or key places we can visit?
I mean, up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, we've got links over to some of the sites, but where should our listeners visit?
Well, to learn about free software and the GNU system, look at www.gnu.org.
That's spelled G-N-U.
There's also the website of the Free Software Foundation, which is fsf.org.
And then I have a personal website where I do other things.
You know, put up several political notes every day and also post things like my song parodies and some political cartoons which I write and then find other people to draw for me.
Oh really?
If those are funny, can I play one or two on the show?
Sure, although they're text, not recordings.
Oh, maybe I'll... I've seen them for you.
Yeah, maybe you could see them.
If you want it.
Take a look at them first, and then you'll decide if you really want it.
You can have me do it.
Well, I've got a sneaking suspicion we agree on more than we disagree.
Sir, let's get back to what we talked about about 15 minutes ago.
Well, I'm not completely sure which is the issue.
If the issue is free software, then yes, Microsoft and often working together with Hollywood and the record companies are trying to prohibit a lot of kinds of free software.
A law is being considered in France now that would prohibit a somewhat vague range of free software if it doesn't have digital restrictions management in it.
If it could be used for forbidden copying,
Then it would be prohibited, and it's hard to tell just what range of free software might be prohibited by that law.
There have been similar proposals in the U.S., and of course there already is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which is the law that prohibits distribution of free software to play a DVD.
There's free software to play a DVD.
But anyone openly distributing this in the U.S.
gets attacked.
Now, let's explain that.
We're not saying somebody goes out and gets someone's already existing software to access the memory on a DVD.
No, that's what it is.
But what I'm saying is, sir, people have written software that will play a DVD, and they're not even allowed to give it away?
Although I should point out, being free software, that's a matter of freedom, not price.
So you can give away copies and you can sell copies.
Both are permitted with free software.
I know, but you're saying under this Millennium Digital Act that they're trying to restrict you even giving it away.
This program called DECSS, which was developed by a few clever hackers in Europe, is forbidden in the U.S.
and in some countries in Europe as well.
And the U.S.
government is actively trying to impose these laws on other countries.
So that's like saying you can't even open your own car company and make your own cars.
Or more like you can't even repair your own car.
A proprietary program is like a car whose hood is locked and you don't have the key.
And it's designed with planned obsolescence to fall apart.
Often, yes.
By the way, a lot of people don't even know that.
It's admitted, a lot of software has engineered bugs that pop up on an average of every two years to make you buy the next software, even if you don't need it.
It wouldn't surprise me.
I haven't heard of that one, but there are many malicious features in non-free software.
Because, you see, once the developer has power over you, once you can't look at the software and study what's in it and fix it if it's broken...
That puts the developer in a position where it's easy to abuse you in other ways.
It's a temptation that's always there.
So, of course, some of them give into it.
Well, I go back to the voting.
Oh, you can't look under the hood to see if we're ripping you off in this election.
And that's in control of our entire republic.
Yeah, but actually I have to point out, if the voting machine is running free software, that's not enough to make the election fair.
Suppose it's running free software.
That means you and the city officials and everyone can study that source code, and you can verify that it's an honest program.
But how do you know that somebody didn't put in a modified version the night before the election?
Oh, yeah, no, you have to monitor it live time as well.
Well, what I'd say is two things.
Either a voter-verified paper ballot, or...
Use hardware that has no computers in it and can't be programmed at all.
That's what they do in India.
They have voting machines.
They're electrical.
They're not computerized.
They can't be programmed.
They have fixed functions.
They do certain things.
Nobody can play with that.
So these are the only two safe possibilities that I've seen to use electronics in a voting machine.
Well, I know I've read this.
...or so simple that nobody can program it, nobody can change it at all.
Well, I know there's despots all over the world who are busy buying the new special electronic voting machines.
They just love them.
It's funny.
But countries that are somewhat free won't get near them with a 10-foot pole, but America is the pioneer of it.
Folks, this shows how far down the rat hole we've gotten.
Go to Infowars.com.
We're going to link through over to Richard Stallman's website, some of his different websites and organizations that he's founded and
Heads up.
Richard, where do you see things going in the future and what do you think the most important issues are or substrata of those issues right now?
Well, I can't see the future.
My crystal ball is cloudy today and every day.
All I can try to see are tendencies that I'm aware of in the present.
And I'm sure you're aware of most of the same ones.
I mean, we have...
We're good to go.
I think that information is the key.
Informing people taking away the control of the corporate world
Over the information that enables us to tell when our politicians are doing something wrong.
Let me ask you a question.
What do you think of the Internet, too?
Because I've read where they announced the end of the Internet, and they say they're not going to upgrade the hubs and the switching systems for the first Internet.
They're going to have this new Internet where they force you to be through a university or a subdomain.
They're going to have all these speech rules and all these software rules.
I don't know anything about that.
Oh, yeah?
I haven't heard about that.
I mean, I understand...
IPv6, which is a somewhat different protocol, but I
I heard about a project called Internet 2, but it seemed to be a rather small thing.
Well, it's got big backers.
Well, I mean, you're right, and that's the problem.
The world's so complex, none of us can know about everything.
So I was seeing what you thought about it.
There's a lot, of course, I have no idea about.
But, no, Internet 2 is quite serious because it's going to be kind of like a private-slash-governmental Internet with all these new rules, and then they're going to just start basically not upgrading the government switching hubs and file-sharing infrastructure
Well, I don't think that's too much.
I mean, the government doesn't run most of the Internet now, and whether or not the government updates its Internet facilities is sort of irrelevant to most of us.
Well, by that, and I've read all the technical data on it, but over time it gets a little bit foggy in my brain as well.
But basically, with ICANN and these other groups, the government, basically the U.S.
government, the NSA, who helped build it, I mean, obviously you know that DARPA, is deciding what that architecture will be.
And they're the puppeteers.
And what they're saying is, is that like the file name servers, the servers over the DNS, that they're just going to start letting those corrode, basically.
I don't know.
I mean, I don't know enough about this to talk about it.
So I think it's not useful for us to discuss this, unless maybe another time if you sent me information I could try to think about it.
Today it might be more useful to talk about something else.
Microsoft platform systems, what do they have, about 20% of the market right now?
I mean, 80%?
And then alternative systems are about 20?
I don't know.
You see, I don't actually think that alternative systems are a good thing, because I'm concerned with whether the system respects my freedom or not.
So consider Mac OS.
It's not made by Microsoft, but most of it is not free software either.
So as far as I'm concerned, it's just as bad as Windows.
No, I understand, but shouldn't we always go after what the biggest monopoly is, though?
The idea of the free software movement is let's live in freedom.
Let's build a land in cyberspace where we can live in freedom.
And it really doesn't matter who is making the non-free software because we don't want any of it, no matter who it comes from.
So we just turn our backs on them.
Okay, well, here's a... Richard, here's a yardstick, then.
Do you have any numbers on how many pieces of free software, even though they're trying to prohibit it, and that is something you build, folks, and they're saying you're not allowed to give it away.
I understand that.
How many pieces of free software, just a ballpark number, are being produced in a year now versus ten years ago?
I mean, from what I've seen, it's exponentially greater?
Of course, a free program is usually not produced during one year.
It usually...
It keeps on improving over many years.
There are programs that I wrote in the 1980s that are still being improved by people and are used by millions now.
Sure, I mean, by that I mean... Okay, then, how many people are using free software?
The estimates are tens of millions, perhaps a hundred million.
But nobody knows for sure because everybody's free and nobody has to report it.
You don't have to tell people.
You don't have to tell anybody.
Well, I would think even somebody whose main platform is non-free software is at the very same time, while they're on the Internet every day, using free software.
They could be.
For instance, even if you're running Windows, you might have installed Mozilla or Firefox as your web browser, and that's mostly free software.
The source is free software.
Their binaries include a bit of non-free software, which is a sad thing.
But basically, it's a lot of free software, and there are many people using that.
So, some free software is rather popular.
I think two-thirds of the web servers in the world are running some version of the Apache web server.
Now, the Apache web server itself is free software,
But about half of them, I think, are running a non-free modified version of Apache.
So they're not all running a program that really respects their freedom.
But they've all got some code in there that was made as free software.
Well, Richard, going back to Big Brother, we know that Microsoft is in cahoots with the intelligence agencies.
We know that they're trying to use the government agreements to continue their oligopoly or their monopoly of an oligopoly.
We know that there's incredible surveillance and RFID and biometric access going into the main systems.
We know this grid, this iron curtain is dropping all around us.
I mean, obviously, you're out there protesting RFID, the face scanning.
All of this is going into place.
They openly say with RFID and all products, they'll track it from the factory to the business to your home to the garbage.
I have no idea, because I can't foretell the future.
Well, some people are getting tortured and some people are getting killed.
And political activists get harassed intentionally, systematically.
And they're on the verge of banning any criticism of the government that's war-related, seven years in prison in Australia.
It's really scary.
I just got an invitation to Australia, and I said, we're going to have to study this.
I might get arrested for things I say if I go to Australia.
By the way, folks, we're not exaggerating about that.
I mean, this is not a joke.
Well, all over the place, the neocon talk show hosts are calling every day for arresting anybody that criticizes the government.
They say that's patriotism when the founding fathers said the complete opposite.
Yeah, well, that's what scoundrels will do.
They'll distort anything.
They have no respect for anything except the victory of their own side.
I saw a
A column, a commentary in the New York Sun which said Bush and Blyer should have bombed the headquarters of Al Jazeera.
And so I thought, well, gee, would you like someone to bomb the headquarters of the New York Sun?
Well, that's the schizophrenia.
They'll say Saddam was evil.
He allegedly tortured.
And he had rape rooms when, by the way, our people put him in power.
But we don't talk about that.
We have amnesia, a slug of amnesia there.
And then they go, but when we torture, it's good.
No, well, they say when Bush tortures, it isn't torture.
Oh, that's right.
Alberto Gonzalez.
No, no, you're right.
In fact, that's a very astute point.
He said that we're not going to call it torture, and if someone dies under pressure, it's not even torture.
So it's just insane, then.
It's what you get when people of the lie are in power.
Well, you know the establishment's just letting Bush play the fool for them.
This is happening because some big boys upstairs want this agenda through.
Yeah, you know, what makes me sad is I think that there's a pretty good chance of getting the Bush forces removed from Iraq.
The resistance has fought pretty hard, and even rich people in the U.S.
don't like the way it's going.
So I think there's a fairly good chance that the Bush forces will be kicked out of Iraq.
But I don't see how we're going to win back civil liberties in the U.S.,
Well, you're right.
That was the real target all along.
He told his biographer in 1999, he said, I'm going to be a war president because then my domestic policies can't be questioned.
So people always think it's the oil or Iraq, and those are hors d'oeuvres.
But the main meal, the main entree, is America.
It could be so.
Well, you know, I've had congressmen on who are Republican lately, like Ron Paul, saying Bush may start martial law.
He may actually start arresting people.
He may actually grow a little black mustache under his nose.
He could.
You know, I wouldn't put it past him.
I don't think he has much in the way of scruples.
There's probably not much he would refuse to do because he would think it's wrong.
What they're planning, I can't tell.
I don't know.
Well, if there's more terror, that'll sure be convenient for them.
I wonder who'll be behind that.
Final segment with our guest.
We're going to try to come back and take a call or two.
Quickly, for our guest, stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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Going back to our guest, Richard Stallman, who is the founder of the Free Software Movement.
I mean, he's the guy when you see Linux and you hear about all these other systems out there that basically the establishment doesn't like.
This guy is one of the granddaddies of all of this.
I'm very honored to have him.
Richard, are you game to take a call or two here real fast?
Sure, but I should point out the system's real name is GNU.
Linux is a misnomer.
But I've got to use that term for them to connect to.
Or I'd be speaking GNU to them.
I'm not from the planet GNU.
Lame attempt at humor, sir.
Let's talk to Barbara in Texas, then we'll go to Mike in L.A.
or Louisiana.
Barbara, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Dr. Stallman and Alex.
I wish I had all day to talk to you, Dr. Stallman.
It's just fascinating.
Open source versus proprietary software.
My husband's also a software architect and
He's been trying to get businesses to use open source forever because it's cost effective, it's maintainable, it has better integrity because it's constant updates from engineers all over the world.
My questions are Sony.
Have you heard about the... Of course, you've probably heard about the new software.
Yes, I should point out, open source is the way people talk about free software when they don't want to raise issues of ethics and freedom.
That's the way to talk about more or less the same software, but in a way that focuses solely on practical benefits.
So I never use that term.
I want to talk about ethics and freedom.
Even though it's the same software, it's important for people to understand that it's an ethical issue and a political issue.
If they use it because it's more powerful and reliable, which sometimes it is,
Well, that's good, but they need to value the freedom.
Well, I notice that you're obsessed with semantics, and that's important because they're changing the words, they're manipulating the words as cultural symbols.
Anyway, I do want to answer your question.
Sony implemented digital restrictions management on some of their fake CDs, and they did it in a way that did every other nasty thing that anyone could possibly imagine.
And because of that, they're getting a lot of flack.
So, for instance, it puts back doors into your computer, it spies on you, and not only that, they even copied some free software and didn't tell people, which was a violation of the license.
Well, it was John McCain who said they want to do a thing where it makes your computer blow up.
Well, I don't know how they could make a computer blow up, but they could certainly take it over.
Well, that was the mindless term.
I mean, that was the term he used, obviously, Fry.
In any case, so Sony is getting a lot of criticism, and it deserves criticism because it tried to implement digital restrictions management, DRM, stopping people from copying the music.
It's wrong to stop people from copying.
And the thing is, Sony did it,
In a way that also breaks the security of your machine.
I'll tell you what.
Sir, we have a 70-second break.
A little five-minute segment.
Will you stay with us so Barbara can finish and so I can go to Mike?
Is that okay, Mr. Stallman?
Okay, we've got a break right now.
We'll be right back with Third Hour.
Five minutes with our guest, and we'll take a few more calls.
Then our next guest is coming on.
So stay with us.
Third Hour in 70 seconds.
Hello, fo- Hello, fo-
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, now into the third and final hour.
Another interesting guest joining us coming up in a few minutes.
I know we've had callers holding forever, but we've got our guest on with us.
Real fast, Barbara in Texas comments on what our guest Richard Stallman was saying there at the end of the hour about open source or free software.
Semantics are incredibly important, and it's also incredibly important to understand what you're vulnerable to when you are on the Internet.
Well, I agree with him.
I'm a film and software editor as well, and I never, ever allow my editing machine to touch the Internet.
In fact, the machine we have connected to the Internet we refer to as the virus pig.
But one more question for Dr. Solomon is, before the web, we used to use the internet with just numerical addresses and commands, kind of like similar to DOS.
Can we still access that?
Well, I should point out that host names existed since the beginning of the internet.
The web is a particular protocol for how to pass data around on it.
So those are two different issues.
But yes, all the other internet protocols that existed still exist.
That's BBS.
Is it any more or less secure?
I'm not an expert on security.
And the thing is, what was or wasn't secure was a matter mainly of details.
Precisely what software are you using?
And so there's no general answer.
I've seen... Well, I mean, I'll just throw this in.
Well, I know this.
Most of your identity fraud is big companies selling bulk packets of information to other companies who then sell it openly to fronts for criminals.
Then they claim the whole Internet is a big problem when that's about 20% of the actual problem.
Well, we use all of the Mozilla and Peer Guardian and all of that on the computer, and it's extremely helpful, but...
I hear you.
I've got to jump to the next person.
I promise I'll go to Mike in Louisiana.
Last caller for our guest, Richard Stallman.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Mike.
Yes, I just wanted to point out that he said it was so easy for someone to pretty much write a little program that would allow him to bypass the RFID sensor.
I just look at this with the overlap and with this DNA evidence.
It's really who controls the database and how this is going to... You can fake DNA.
You can fake fingerprints.
You can also... Two witnesses aren't needed anymore, you know?
Yeah, we're told DNA is 100%.
Almost every major crime lab in the country has been caught framing people.
Sir, comments on that, Mr. Stallman?
I'm no expert on it.
I can only say that a lot of people who have been falsely convicted and even sentenced to death have been freed because DNA evidence showed they were innocent.
No, I agree.
It occurs to me.
That we could use this as a scientific study to measure the accuracy of trials.
That with appropriate careful calculation, we could use those cases in which DNA evidence became available later, which is just a fraction, by...
Properly extrapolating the results of those to measure the correctness of the justice system in trials.
So they've done that study, but it's been in very small groups, so it can't be called completely scientific, but it's looking like around a third of the people on death row are innocent.
Yeah, it's very bad, isn't it?
And of course, that's if you're lucky enough to get a trial at all.
Well, I appreciate your call, Mike.
Great points.
And I tell you, Richard Stallman, I'm really impressed with your information.
I want to thank you for what you've done with free software, i.e.
open source, and I appreciate you joining us and spending so much of your time with us.
And the way you can promote awareness of freedom in the issue is by calling it free software.
Let the people who only care about how reliable and powerful it is, let them stay open.
Well, I agree.
I mean, we shouldn't call pirate radio pirate radio, but I have to say micro-broadcasting or community broadcasting known as pirate radio.
All right, thank you so much and take care.
Thank you.
All right, we'll be right back with Michael Rivera, whatreallyhappened.com.
Stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, eight minutes into the second hour, third hour, excuse me, second segment.
Websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv.
Eddie in England, Jose in Puerto Rico, Nathan in Austin, Texas, Gary in Ohio.
Those are the four calls I'm going to take this hour because we've only got 51 and a half minutes.
We've got Michael Rivero on with us and he's just a great political mind and so much amazing research.
He's the guy who really on the internet in its virgin days when it was just becoming somewhat popular with a few million Americans...
In the mid-90s, early 90s, started exposing the Vince Foster murder, things of that nature, and his website has been amongst the biggest on the Internet.
I mean, many years before Drudge was out puttering around, Michael Rivera was there doing it at WhatReallyHappened.com.
We're so honored that he would join us.
He's going to be joining us the first Tuesday of every month.
And so here he is on this December 6, 2005 edition.
But I will go to...
We're good to go.
I think?
What do you want to cover?
The story basically started out as a straightforward kind of bribery situation where Duke Cunningham admitted taking...
$2.4 million in bribes in various material objects, plus a payout that was disguised as the purchase of one of his older homes.
And he has resigned from Congress, and he's been convicted, and he's looking at some serious jail time.
And in exchange for his bribes, he steered a tremendous amount of defense contract spending to this series of companies, which on examination, most of them seem to be nothing more than false fronts.
There are
Street address, post office box and a very fancy website and not much else.
The companies were linked then to these PAC organizations which were funneling money back to various congressmen and it just seemed to be this money laundering and kickback scheme going on.
The story is continuing to break even today.
There are some reports that some of these false front companies are now linked to CIA operations
That a lot of this money that was being siphoned off from the defense budget was being used for what are called off-the-book operations by the CIA, and it's beginning to shape up that this is a repeat of the Iran-Contra scandal, where the CIA was engaged in operations that the U.S.
Congress did not officially authorize and resorted to some very questionable activities, including drug smuggling, to finance these projects because they were off-the-books.
And this is starting to look like a repeat of that same situation.
Now, clearly I've seen the evidence of that, but why then burn Duke Cunningham?
We know they've got the power to pull out the stops in most cases and stop a prosecution, or was it just so flagrant that the Duke has to fall?
I think that was really the case.
It was so flagrant, and the CIA already has a lot of attention focused on it coming out of the plane scandal, and in point of fact,
This might be an attempt by the Bush administration, the White House, to put the focus onto the CIA and off of themselves, because, as you know, the CIA and the White House have very much been in conflict.
Well, we know CIA agents are blowing the whistle on fake intelligence, on torture.
I mean, we've got real leaks that are going on that are not steam valve controlled disinfo ops, but that are real.
Absolutely, and this whole Duke Cunningham thing may, in fact,
So a little tit-for-tat war going on.
Well, there's that, and there's also the case of there is such an interlocked web of
Of corruption, and it's almost like this structure is strung with piano wire, and the first time something snaps, the whole thing's going to unravel.
I think.
I think.
Well, it's getting pretty bad out there, and I think part of it is that more people are paying attention, because as you were pointing out, back in the days of Vince Foster, there were only a few websites like mine.
I mean, we were out there before the word blog had even been invented, and we were finding what we could, but now there are far more of these blogs, and as a result, they are exposing more and more of this information.
And by the way, I'll tell you why the standard of the alternative media is much better than the mainstream media.
We actually police each other.
I'm not perfect.
There's millions of you that find mistakes in what I do.
You help us.
We correct it.
We want to correct stuff.
And so we just get better and better.
It's the same thing with you, Mike.
Yeah, absolutely.
I keep telling my readers, don't trust anybody on the basis of personality.
Just look at the facts and what makes sense.
And I've made goofs.
I make mistakes.
I get teased a lot about my spelling is less than perfect all the time.
But it is.
It's a correcting mechanism that we have that you don't see in a lot of the corporate media.
And as a result, not only are we... We're kind of open source.
We're open source free media, and so we're getting faster and better and larger, and they're getting more centralized, more control, trying to stop links.
They're full of CIA and NSA and Department of Education operatives.
So they're getting more dinosaur-like, whereas we're spreading.
We absolutely... And the mainstream media, they're losing audience, they're losing market share.
There was another report today.
The LA Times is having to let go of more people, and yet radio shows and websites like yours and mine...
You know, we're exploding in our readership.
We've upgraded our server three times this year so far, and we still can't keep up with the bandwidth.
Yeah, I don't like to toot our horn, because it's frankly daunting, it's humbling, it freaks me out.
I mean, when, say, InfoWars.com, which is one of four sites I have, when it's bigger than the Austin American Statesman, with all its classifieds, all its car ads, everybody checking moving listings, and then I've got other sites.
You combine my sites, the more traffic on the Dallas Morning News, your site's gigantic.
I mean, they've got to be hurting.
Yeah, absolutely they are, and they definitely resent us.
But at least they've given up trying to claim that we're all havens for child pornographers and Satanists and all the rest of that.
So I think they've finally come to realize that the phenomenon is here to stay.
The Internet is becoming the dominant news media within the U.S., and it is a good thing because, obviously,
You know, going back to 2003 and looking at all the wars, all the lies that led us into the Iraq War, the corporate mainstream media was right there, hand in glove with the Bush administration, feeding these lies to the public.
No, they weren't fooled.
They were willing accomplices.
And they're doing it again.
Just yesterday we were seeing a story.
Iran is only months away from nuclear weapons.
That's almost word for word the claim they made about Iraq.
Well, they had the same people straw who said 45 minutes we're going to get nuked by Saddam running around saying Iran's going to nuke us.
The same people, the same lies, and the mainstream media is still there refusing to challenge, refusing to question.
And they have completely failed in their self-proclaimed role as watchdog on government abuse.
And that's where the blogs and the Internet sites have stepped in to fulfill that function within our society.
Where do you see this going with the Duke Cunningham thing?
I mean, he's not debating it.
It's not up for discussion.
Millions and millions of dollars that he got personally for hundreds of millions of dollars of payoffs.
I mean, are we going to see the companies that he's connected to go down?
Earlier this year, Cynthia McKinney brought up the trillions missing from the Pentagon, and Rumsfeld didn't deny it.
He just said, we're not going to talk about it.
No, we're not going to let you see the books.
I mean, we're not talking about a few million with Cunningham.
We're talking about trillions, boys and girls.
There's a saying that we have over at our website that the last official act of any government is to loot the nation, and it does sometimes appear that we're seeing that right now with the money just pouring out of the country.
And I think one of the things that is really going to anger a lot of people...
About Cunningham's escapade, which apparently was something like $700 million worth of defense contracts that went to companies that didn't actually provide anything.
Yeah, he's not even getting 1%.
He also didn't cut a very good deal.
Yeah, he didn't get a very good deal for that.
And at the same time, you see our kids who are over there in Iraq who don't have adequate supplies, who don't have adequate protection, that they're being killed because they're wearing bulletproof vests that don't stop bullets.
And you realize what a tremendous racket this whole war is.
And the guy that sold it to him has $10 million birthday parties for his daughter.
Yeah, absolutely.
They're making vast amounts of money off of this.
And meanwhile, our kids are left there in Iraq in a war that never should have been started.
And they're there without adequate supplies and protection.
And they're being killed.
And even the ones who don't get shot at, they come home with lungs full of depleted uranium.
And it's just terrible what that stuff is doing not only to them but to their children.
Well, that's another incredible thing.
The Army's own manuals say it's deadly.
Poison, radiation, particulate.
And then these neocons get on the radio and say, no, it's good for you.
It's all lies.
Yeah, it is.
And I think we're just at a point where the neocons are just going to say whatever is expedient at the moment.
And I think they're not hoping to be believed.
I think it's just they're hoping that nobody's going to get mad enough to stand up and poke them in the nose and say, stop doing that.
Yeah, I agree, Michael.
It's reached bravado now.
Bush might start dancing around saying he's an Easter Bunny tomorrow.
I mean, and people go, well, you're not one.
And he goes, yes, look, I have a fluffy tail.
And you go, well, where is it?
Well, you see it right there.
We'll be right back with Michael Rivera.
Stay with us.
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I think?
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Folks, we're not tuning our own horns when we state the fact that whatreallyhappened.com, prisonplanet.com, sites like that are as big as Rush Limbaugh's.
That's the truth.
And what is the establishment going to do?
I mean, there are blogs, websites that have been out there a year, not 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 like ours, or longer.
Brand new sites that are getting millions and millions of visitors a month.
They're proliferating, and Michael Rivero, I know I'm going back into this, but I still don't think... I mean, sure, there used to be the nightly TV reports about, go on the internet, you'll be robbed, raped, and killed.
You know, the internet is where Satan lives.
People aren't buying that now, but at the same time, how is the establishment, do you think, going to attack the Internet?
Well, a couple of different ways.
For one thing, a lot of the websites that are appearing now are, in fact, creations of public relations firms.
In fact, back when Michael Moore's movie Fahrenheit 911 came out,
We're good to go.
Which is a phony blog, which means a blog that's set up that pretends to be being run by a few private citizens but is in actuality connected with either a government agency or a public relations firm that is being paid money to put a blog out there that supports their client's agenda.
I mean, I've had stalkers that openly told me they were being paid, and that if I paid them more than they were being paid, which is us at all, pay in lead, that they'd leave me alone.
And I've been told by some websites out there, and I've tracked them back and found out that they are paid for by public relations firms.
It's a very common practice, and they're attempting to dilute the message, but it's really not working.
People have gotten very discerning.
Yeah, and that's a really good thing, because the skeptical people are going to be a free people.
And people are learning not to trust the talking heads.
They're learning not to trust the really good looking suit or the really cute looking girl.
They're learning to look at the facts and rely on their own brains to figure out what's going on.
And people who are thinking for themselves cannot be misled.
They can be fooled back and forth in a couple of directions, but they can't be steered and misled.
Well, once you're skeptical and really researching, you just get smarter and smarter.
You're always going to make mistakes, but you get better and better.
What are they going to do?
I mean, they've already lost their monopoly.
I'd say the alternative media has got about 30%.
Well, I think they're already starting to do that, and this is a really old trick that has been used before called poisoning the well.
They're attempting to plant things on the blogs that are false,
So that they can later on point to them and embarrass them.
And of course, a very good example that's happening right now is this claim about the Pentagon and a jet plane and what it was that actually hit the Pentagon.
Because there have been a lot of these public relations sponsored blogs that are attempting to push the idea that whatever hit the Pentagon, it wasn't the passenger jet.
And a lot of evidence has been cooked up that tries to suggest this.
But the bottom line is, if you really think about it, there's two things to keep in mind.
And the first is...
If you have hijacked a plane to pretend to crash it into the Pentagon and you have to get rid of that plane and the passengers anyway, why not go ahead and crash that jet into the Pentagon?
What's the motive for coming up with some other kind of a swindle to that?
Second of all, hundreds of witnesses saw that jet flying towards the Pentagon and with 9-11, the World Trade Center, being hit, everybody was watching for passenger planes.
Hundreds of people saw that plane flying toward the Pentagon.
Not one person reported seeing it fly away.
Michael, let me just say this.
I interview...
On average, about 15 people a week.
I've been day one, before 9-11, talking about 9-11.
Day one, exposing 9-11, the controlled demolitions.
And then I get criticized.
Three years ago, or two years ago, I had a guest on talking about the Pentagon, where we're just investigating all avenues.
But I have also been criticized.
Well, we've got a break.
We'll be right back.
And after this break, we'll come back and cover it more.
But there's just so many facets to all of this.
Then I end up getting criticized because I won't say that I know what happened at the Pentagon.
I won't basically accept all of the pods and there was no plane.
It's almost like...
Those are the facts that we have in hand.
Alright, but at the same time, I don't want to say that everybody who buys into the Pentagon thing is a government agent running around, but that's the thing about government ops, is that they're very good at getting other people to kind of sandbag and join it.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Government is best which governs least.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
We're good to go.
I never voted for a war criminal.
Have you?
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We're good.
I remember when Bill Clinton was selling the missile secrets and supercomputer technology to China.
Some of it.
I got angry.
I took it serious.
I sent an SOS to the world.
And then when Bush took all the restrictions off, I went, wait a minute, that's bad.
And Neocons said, no, that's of the Lord.
Shut up.
I mean, literally.
It's just mindlessness.
I'm the same as I was yesterday.
I love freedom.
America's being dismantled.
We're talking to Michael Rivera, who's really been fighting hard for this country and just has a great track record and is one of the good guys out there in this fight.
Michael Rivera, let's talk about 9-11 a little bit.
I mean, now it is becoming widely accepted by a majority of Americans that the government was involved, is covering up.
We've seen the worm turn on this.
Globally, the numbers are even better on that.
Do you think that will stop the globalists from carrying out other big events?
And after you answer that question, tell us what you think the top two or three things are, the top two or three smoking guns proving 9-11 was an inside job.
Well, unfortunately, in answer to your first question, we're already seeing the neocons and the war hawks
Attempting to play the same game with Iran that they did with Iraq.
They're telling the same lies, they're using the same tactics, even in the face of increasing polls saying that they are not being believed.
And this basically says they're going to keep on doing the same games over and over again until somebody makes them stop.
And that means they're confident they're probably going to blow something up.
Yeah, and right now there was a memo circulating around Washington a couple of weeks ago
Basically laying flat out in black and white that a new terrorist attack would be a really wonderful thing because it would put George Bush back up in the polls, it would give him a chance to prove that he's a leader in a time of crisis, that it would certainly help Republican fortunes going into the 2006 election.
He could land on an aircraft carrier again and be worshipped as our leader.
Yes, he could do that all over again, or at least that's what the memo was saying.
I'd rather doubt it myself.
I personally see that there's a tremendous disconnect happening within the White House between what they think America is thinking and what's really going on.
Part of it, of course, is an artifact of all the bias that's built into the polling situations right now.
But we know their think tanks are telling them they're losing because we get fragments of those.
Those get released.
Yeah, but Bush may not be getting those messages.
He's already said flat out that he doesn't want to be told the bad news.
Well, obviously, Mommy.
I mean, Michael, you know there's an elite behind Bush, but I would agree with you that the intel we're getting is accurate.
He is even shutting off their orders now, so are they afraid to flush him, thinking he's too dangerous, or what's happening?
Well, basically what's going on is there are blockades to communication, and given the fact that they are playing the same games again in front of a very, very skeptical, questionable population, I think they're out of touch with what's really going on, and it's a very dangerous situation.
Because if they can convince themselves, if they're running the country on wishful thinking rather than reality, and they convince themselves that a new terror attack is going to help them, then yes, they are going to go ahead and try that again.
Well, look, I mean, I've interviewed Ron Paul for ten years, even before he was back in Congress, and he's never talked like he's talking.
He's saying world government, martial law, gun confiscation, foreign troops, concentration camps, because that's the evidence.
I mean, he's talking more radical than I am, and a lot of other prominent people.
Paul Craig Roberts is now going, okay, 9-11 inside job.
He wouldn't say that three months ago.
It seems like everybody really sees that we're on the razor's edge.
Yeah, they really do, but the point I'm making is I don't think the people calling the shots inside the Bush administration or his backers are that much in touch with what's going on.
I think they're getting reports that are filtered out
From their subordinates who are right now scared to tell them bad news.
Well, that's admitted.
It's a very dangerous situation.
Well, I'm sure you've read.
I mean, we knew this two years ago from what really happened.com.
But, I mean, now it's even New York Daily News, which O'Reilly's calling evil propaganda when it's run by his boss Murdoch, which is funny.
But even in there, Bush is flipping out, screaming at 17-year-old staffers, having frothing fits.
Yes, he's definitely...
He's ready for the 25th Amendment, to be very honest.
Unfortunately, that would just put Cheney in power, and I'm not sure that's an improvement.
But, yeah, I think that there's a very real possibility that they may try a new terror attack, probably somewhere along the West Coast.
The question is, will he be able to get the people that will go along with it this time?
Let me stop you, Mike, because I respect your opinion.
Because they already did OKC in the middle.
They've done the New York event.
Is that why you say a West Coast?
That's part of it, to bring more of a sense of immediacy to the West Coast, where there's a lot of political opposition.
In fact, if you're going to push me for a prediction, I would almost say to look at the Golden Gate Bridge, because that is such an icon of America.
As much, if not more so, than the World Trade Towers.
Just because of the psychological value of it.
And it's getting to be a very old bridge, and San Francisco's already in a bridge replacement mode with the Bay Bridge that are replacing that right now.
And they like to do things that are win-win.
They do tend to blow up things that have problems.
Just like the World Trade Center was facing this huge, huge EPA-mandated renovation that would have bankrupted Silverstein.
So how lucky for him that the buildings got knocked down and he could go to the insurance company.
Well, you know, I tend to agree.
I've said Golden Gate or Chicago.
I've said Golden Gate, though, as soon as Silverstein bought the Sears Tower, it's over for that building, folks.
And, of course, we suddenly heard it was under terror threat.
But going back to the Golden Gate, we're going to go to your calls in a minute, folks, I promise.
From Puerto Rico to England.
But looking at that, they just keep bringing it up.
And they have this fetish with kind of telling us what they're going to do before they do it, and then running around talking about what geniuses they were, why they were able to predict what was going to be hit.
Well, I think a lot of it is trial balloons.
I think they put these warnings out in the newspapers about anthrax or terror or al-Qaeda, and they're trying to see what they can get traction with.
And right now they're not getting any traction.
So all of these
Advanced warnings are really tests to say, oh, will the people get excited about this if it really happens?
Why do they always use Al-Zakari?
Literally, he's been killed 10 times, captured 20, his number 2 has been killed 25 times.
I mean, it's gotten... Why do they keep using the same one and never retracting the past story?
Well, they're basically trying to create a brand for the terrorist.
And they can't use Osama anymore because most people are now aware that he actually died back in December 2001.
So they tried to make Zarqawi the new super villain.
It's almost like a comic book.
They need a face to put on that super villain, and Zarqawi was it.
I think he's getting burned out, and I would expect they're going to try and create a new super monster that they can wave at us.
But again, as you were saying earlier about scandal fatigue, we're all getting terrorist fatigue.
We're tired of hearing about it.
We're tired of looking at the faces that get waved at us all the time, and everybody is very, very much thinking that it's all a great big hoax and sham anyway.
And, of course, this gets us back to 9-11 and the second part of your question about why there were reasons to think the government was complicit.
And I'm going to give you really just the one that does it for me.
This is the one that if I'm in a debate with somebody and I ask this question, this is the one they can't answer.
And this is the one that makes everybody say, hmm, boy, you've got something there.
And it is this.
We've all seen in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-1-1,
Where George Bush is sitting at Booker Elementary School and Andy Card comes in and whispers to him that the second tower has been hit by an airplane in New York.
And Bush just sits there and sits there and sits there and reads about goats waiting for his speech to happen.
Now, Bush's supporters have tried to explain that very strange behavior away by saying, well, he didn't want to upset the kids and so forth and so on.
But the real issue is the United States Secret Service, which has one job and one job only, and that is to protect the president
So here's the situation.
You have got George Bush's presence at that school in the media for three days ahead of time.
And they're set in a default mode that if there's a bank robbery down the road, they're going to come bring him out of there.
But on that day, default mode just doesn't happen.
Then Bush gets caught lying about what he was told and what he said.
It was in the papers three days ahead of time he was going to be there.
You've got supposedly an unknown number of airplanes flying overhead, crashing into buildings.
And you've got an airport only four miles away.
So how does the Secret Service know that they don't need to grab him and put him in that armored limousine outside?
How do they know that they weren't making targets of all those students and teachers by keeping them in that room with him?
How did the Secret Service know Bush wasn't a target?
The only possible answer is they knew ahead of time what the targets were going to be.
And then he says, I saw the first plane hit and said, boy, that's a bad pilot.
Then he lied and said, no, I never said that.
Then the Times of London releases photos of him in the green room of the school.
You know, they have the TV up on the cart they push around, photos of him watching it.
Then he goes back and goes, oh, yeah, I did see it.
And it's just incredible.
It absolutely is, and he actually repeated that claim twice that he saw the first impact happen on TV, which, of course, was impossible because the video of the first impact, which was caught by accident by some documentary filmmakers... Yeah, the French, the Godet brothers, didn't even surface until, like, the next day.
So, yeah, that was definitely something he couldn't have been saying.
But for me, the thing that makes it obvious Bush was part of this whole mess
...of 9-11 was him just sitting there and the Secret Service letting him sit there.
Obviously, from their actions, they knew that he was safe, that he was not in any danger from an airplane coming in.
Okay, let me just say this before we go to these calls, and we're going to them here in just a moment.
We're talking to Michael Rivero, the founder and the main contributor there at WhatReallyHappened.com.
Start your own today, folks.
I think everybody... I believe in the free press.
We all should own one.
I want to get back to 9-11 and orthodoxy.
I never tried to claim that I was the first person to talk about 9-11, even though I talked about it two months before, and then the day of the event, and got kicked off radio stations, and had people threatening me and everything else.
In the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, hated and feared, but in time when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
You were one of the very first to do that, to go public, and I commend you because I was watching what you did, Mike.
I've seen a lot of other people, though, who are Johnny Connelly's, who then try to set the parameters of the debate.
And any of those people that want to criticize you for exercising your opinion that the Pentagon wasn't by a plane, you know, they shouldn't get so upset then because they have their view that people like you are bad because you say that.
I leave it open.
I choose to basically, other than a few interviews, ignore the subject.
You brought it up.
Because I don't think you can prove it either or.
It's one of these black holes.
A lot of convincing evidence for it, a lot of convincing evidence against it.
Looks like something just made to be basically a big, you know, please don't throw me in the briar patch to the tar baby.
But then there's the clear disinfo stuff where...
Barbara Olson's been found alive.
Everybody's going to be indicted.
I'm evil because I don't believe holograms really hit the towers.
I mean, then we get into the real la-la land, Mike.
Oh, they were even trying to drag up the Apollo moon landings.
It didn't really happen.
They tried to get that one onto the net a couple of months ago.
It's almost laughable.
It's like they're scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything that they can use to basically delay the formation of a public consensus as to what really happened.
Pardon the shameless plug right there.
And again, these are tactics that intelligence agencies have been using since the height of the Cold War, and I actually think that that has been their biggest mistake because a lot of these agencies are trying to play the information game by the rules that worked back in the days of broadcast media and published newspapers.
They have not really adapted to the realities of the Internet and its interactivity and its distributed authorship.
And that's why I think they're not succeeding.
Well, I mean, if they had 100 million disinfo people on the web, they could, but they can't counter hundreds of millions of people on the web.
No, they absolutely can't.
They don't have the resources.
Well, let's go ahead and take a call here.
I've got to move quickly here.
Eddie, and then Jose, and then Pat, and then Gary, and then Nathan.
Let's go ahead and talk to Eddie in England.
Eddie, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I'm sorry that...
What I have to say is not to do with... It's okay.
Go ahead, sir.
It's to do with the parallels of what is happening here in Europe and what is happening there in the United States.
Well, that's why you know it's the same social engineers above these puppets of Blair and Bush because it's even the same programs with the same names, the exact same operation.
We really got to speak up or we're not going to be able to have you on.
Yes, exactly.
You need to get right up on the phone or we can't have you on.
Can you not hear me?
I can hear you now a little bit.
Oh, I do apologize.
The program preceding yours, Terry Brown, he had a guest that we're talking about people coming in from Mexico and they just found out that the states of the United States are now going to be turned into regions.
And that is what has happened already here in Britain.
And then they give the governmental power to the regional bureaucrat who isn't even elected.
Exactly so.
Exactly so.
That's globalism, globalization.
Michael Rivero, you want to comment on this?
Yeah, we have been seeing that for quite some time.
From the federal level, the country's actually broken up into just ten regions which correspond to the first digit of the zip code.
And so this has actually been underway for quite some time.
When this country was started, the states were supposed to have all the power, and the federal bureaucracy existed only to handle national defense and arbitrate disputes.
But clearly we have seen a trend where the power is centralized in Washington, D.C.,
And the state governors and state legislatures are almost becoming vestigial and symbolic.
And they're fools, because even if they're power-mad nutcases, they should still not, with a one-time vote because a lobbyist gave them a donation, go pass a law in the legislature irreparably giving over their authority to some unelected board.
Absolutely, but unfortunately Congress has been continually giving away their own power through the years,
Which has allowed the presidency to gain these almost, pardon the word, dictatorial powers.
But I agree with you that we've seen an acceleration of the looting.
And thank you for the call, Eddie.
Sorry, we've got to move on.
Thanks for holding.
We've seen an acceleration of the looting, showing that even they know the end is near of this current paradigm.
Jose in Puerto Rico.
Welcome, sir.
Thanks for holding.
Oh, hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good, sir.
Thanks for holding.
It's been a long time before you show.
I just want to talk about the draft.
That's something Mr. Rivero is obsessed with.
Go ahead.
How are you doing?
Very good.
I have a question for you, brother.
You and Alex have another question.
They're talking about the draft because the reason why the draft is basically being secret is because they're saying that it might be that Congress is going to basically protect the rich if the draft ever comes back because there's going to be plenty of scapegoats to protect the rich.
Well, it's not going to be 50-50 even, Steve, when the draft comes back.
They're basically targeting mostly minorities.
They're basically poor whites.
Yeah, it's always going to be so active.
Latinos, you know what I'm saying?
Because basically, you know, I live in New York, and I got a home in Puerto Rico, you know what I'm saying?
And also, here in Puerto Rico, there's been instances where... I saw your video, Beyond Trees, and also, by the way, I saw the pictures of the video on your website.
And that's a wake-up call video we showed to a class lecture here in Puerto Rico to...
We're good to go.
Yes, sir.
Do you have a question or anything for the guest?
I just want to say, you know, basically, I just want to say, you know, there's been, you know, do you think basically this is going to be an outbreak?
Do you think this will be some sort of a break in the country, you know, if this keeps continuing the way we are right now by any chance?
I am hopeful that we're going to see the present situation resolve itself the way the old USSR did, which is to simply collapse of its own corruption with very little violence.
That's what Ron Paul said.
He said that could really happen.
That's what a lot of our experts are saying.
Thank you for the call from Puerto Rico.
Call me back when I have more time.
Two more final calls on the other side.
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So 10 and 11 o'clock.
32.15 in the first hour on 5.765.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Niagara Falls, New York.
There's so many of them.
I'm so thankful.
It's so amazing.
I want to jam two final calls in for Michael Rivero, and I may have to have him on for an hour and a half once a month.
An hour is just not enough after ads and the rest of it.
We're good to go.
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Michael Rivero, are you going to take a couple final calls here?
Let's do it.
Let's go ahead and talk to, I guess it's Gary in Ohio.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, how you doing?
Yeah, I talked to you before and you said we had to talk about, you know, for longer, maybe 10 minutes, but I know we won't get that chance today.
I do want to plug my website because I've got a lot of your stuff on there.
Sure, go ahead and plug your site, sir.
Okay, it's takeoverworld.info.
Yeah, and I'm not selling anything on there at all.
Sir, I don't care.
I mean, it's fine.
Go ahead.
Okay, but I do have your site on there.
I have Michael's.
I have some video and some audio.
I love your stuff beyond the left-right political divide.
If I would have known more about you guys, if I would have seen American Dictators, I'd have never campaigned for Kerry.
But I also have a lot of leftist stuff on there.
Like Michael Parenti and some things like that.
But near the top of the page, I have Meet the Founder of Al-Qaeda, the big near Brzezinski.
Yes, he did found Al-Qaeda.
Yeah, and all the way through, every single president, all the way through Bush, from Carter through Bush.
So it really doesn't matter, left,
I mean, Democrats, Republicans, it really, really... Let me get a quick comment, though.
You do have to call earlier, so maybe we can talk more.
I'm sorry to all the callers, but Michael Rivero, yeah, Brzezinski, even before the Soviets invaded, founded al-Qaeda to get them to attack the Soviets to elicit their response.
Yeah, absolutely.
That's a little part of the Afghanistan history that most people are not aware of, is the Soviet invasion was in response to U.S.,
And she was in Israel a couple of weeks ago there, just
I promise to get to this final caller.
Thank you for the call there.
Let's go now to the last caller that I can go to.
Nathan in Austin.
You've got 30 seconds.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to make a request of you.
I needed to speak with you in person today.
It is absolutely urgent.
Well, sir, you need to send me an email at tipsandinfowars.com.
You need to send me some information.
I can't just meet with everybody that wants to meet with me.
I'm sorry.
Sir, we'll put you on hold.
Nathan, you've been holding for hours.
That's why I went to you.
I don't normally make people hold that long.
And I'll go to you as soon as the show ends in a second.
Put Nathan on hold.
Michael Rivero, I want to thank you, sir, for spending an hour with us.
And I appreciate everything you're doing.
My pleasure.
And look forward to doing it again next month.
You bet.
Take care.
All right.
We're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
And we really appreciate all of you tuning in.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the new world order.
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