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Air Date: Dec. 2, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends all across the United States, listening in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and all the ships at sea, and even McMurtle Weather Station in Antarctica, where we've occasionally gotten phone calls and emails.
Welcome, this is the Friday edition, the second day of December 2005, in the final month of 05.
We're going to have wide open phones today, just have two guests that will be on together.
Miss Champion and her son...
The little patriot who is a freshman, 13 years old.
Excuse me, he's in middle school.
I keep getting confused because it's the high school principal that has gone to the middle school and put up the camera in the restroom.
And they'll be joining us with some shocking new developments about what happened there in Jasper County.
Georgia coming up in the next hour.
We're going to have open phones today talking about any news item, any issue, any news story you wish to discuss.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
We will move to you quickly and move on to the next person even faster so we have time to get to everybody.
Senate panel back special vaccine agency.
They're moving to pass it to the full Senate and House.
And I'm looking at the Associated Press article here.
Senate back special vaccine agency.
We give total liability protection to the companies that develop these, to the government that forces them on you.
It has forced inoculation, mass arrest, quarantine provisions in it.
And this is BioShield 2.
They already passed BioShield 1, almost $6 billion, much of it for actual bioweapons development, and that's even been in major publications like the Baltimore Sun several years ago.
When they passed it, now they're moving for a radical, radical expansion of this.
I want to go into an article that Steve Watson put together.
The globalist left arm gives thumbs up to the war, how Hillary and Trump
Schumer and Lieberman and all these people, Clinton, have piled on to the other side of the seesaw because the people, Republicans and Democrats, Independents, were saying no to the war.
Now we see the establishment's true colors.
The false left-right paradigm disappears and we find out they're all players on the same team as they pile on to the other side of the seesaw trying to force us into this.
Meanwhile, Murtha says Army is broken and worn out.
Congressman Murth, we'll get into some of his quotes.
Well, that's the idea, sir.
That's the plan.
Meanwhile, we've got to give up all of our liberties and freedoms or the evil terrorists will get us.
And we have this AFP News article.
Death toll from roadside accidents 390 times.
That from terrorism.
Major study shows the industrialized world.
That's from the French News Agency, or Agency French Press, as they pronounce it.
Also coming up, embedded time reporter Bush lied in speech yesterday about Iraqi security forces.
We'll play this clip coming up.
Of course they lie.
Everything they say is a lie.
EU ministers approve ID biometric unification or data sharing.
They've already signed an agreement with the U.S.
This is the global biometric ID system.
Rights group list ghost detainees held by U.S.
Blair faces allegations of complicity in torture.
Another article that Paul Watson and I put together.
Empire in dissent.
The deliberate destruction of America worldwide.
Despise of the United States as an international precursor for world government takeover.
World Health Organization puts a stop to the hiring of smokers.
Very dangerous, and I don't smoke, folks.
It'll lead to red meat and everything else.
Also, Castro's prisoners protest with self-abuse.
And we'll get back into some of what's happening with the economy.
There's just so much today.
So much that you don't want to miss.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
The websites are infowars.com, infowars.net, prisonplanet.tv, prisonplanet.com.
Check them all out today.
We'll be right back.
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Coming up in 51 and a half minutes when we start the next hour, I'm going to have the mother and her son on from the Georgia School District.
Where the middle schooler found the camera in the bathroom, they took it down, took it home, and the principal of the high school hadn't told the principal at the middle school he'd put it there.
No one knew it was there.
The school police didn't know it was there.
And he's just arrogantly saying, I'm going to keep it there.
And I want to go back over some of the past articles where, again, they've put cameras in school showers.
And when a visiting basketball team came, who hadn't been completely brainwashed, they ran screaming, freaking out after the basketball game, and there was almost a riot.
That's a normal response to cameras in the showers, but there the principal just said, that's the way it is.
Until it became known that it had been shared on the internet, and it isn't really about security sometimes, is it?
Total Big Brother Behavior.
And in an article we put up yesterday, we had some of the new developments and new details because one of my webmasters, one of my writers, did talk to a Miss Champion there in Georgia who's now gone public about all of this and whose son has been suspended for daring to dismantle the camera and try to bring it to the proper authorities.
And we'll also tell you about what some of the other children who went to the police, what they were told, what the police had to say about this.
Now, the district attorney said, well, I think it's probably legal.
You don't have any rights.
You don't have the same constitutional rights when you're in school, which is pure baloney.
As if you're a prisoner or have joined the military or something, or have been pressed into British naval service and don't have any rights.
It's a fraud.
But the Sheriff's Department reportedly saw things clearly, but nothing's being done.
They said, this doesn't look like security to us, according to Ms.
Doesn't look like security to us.
Looks like something else.
So, we'll try to get to the bottom of all of this.
Let me just go ahead right now and get into the news, and then we'll start taking your phone calls here in a few minutes.
1-800-259-9231 on this live Friday, December 2, 2005 edition.
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Okay, let me just get into the news here, and boy, there's a lot of it.
Senate panel-backed special vaccine agency, and it's on the verge of passing the Senate, and...
Going on to the House, by creating a federal agency shielded from public scrutiny, some think they can speed the development and testing of new drugs and vaccines.
And this is literally a giant military-industrial complex payoff to the drug makers, and then it gives them total liability protection across the board, and then they're admittedly going to take most of these vaccines and make them semi-mandatory, by the way.
By that I mean it's not really mandatory, but they try to intimidate you by color of law and tell you it is, but then in this new law they're trying to pass, there is forced inoculations and quarantines, and it really builds a whole new, what I would call a military complex, a force complex, a polizei complex to force you to do this.
I mean, this is the model state self-emergency powers act that failed three years ago.
At most of the state levels were forced inoculation, forced roundups.
They ordered millions of care workers, doctors, nurses, firemen, police to take it.
And the LA Times reported, when Tommy Thompson finally canceled it, that 99 plus percent said they're not going to take it.
So that kind of failed.
So now they're just doing it federally.
And they've already passed this bill.
Federally in the Homeland Security Act, page 76, has provisions for forced inoculations and taking over the states.
But now they're codifying it and funding.
You can pass a law, a draconian police state takeover mechanism, but then you've got to fund it.
It's like there's open moves.
They've been trying to get funding passed for domestic military and tens of billions of dollars for martial law.
That's been happening last month.
And major publications have the headline, Bush pushes for martial law.
Even CNN for martial law funding.
I mean, they're actually trying to get the funding for it in front of everyone.
Instead of Iraq war funding, which is bad enough, it's open America war funding for NORTHCOM and our new military masters there at Colorado Springs.
Who, by the way, moved heaven and earth to get us off the radio in Colorado Springs.
We were on there for about two years.
Boy, they really pulled strings to get us off there.
They did not like us daily being on there.
That's okay.
You know what?
People still go to Infowars.com there, and we still know everything that's going on out there, and you didn't stop us.
We're going to defend America.
Just because a Hitlerian group has seized control of our military and government doesn't mean you're going to succeed.
We're going to fight you.
We're the real Americans.
And it says, the proposed Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency, or BARDA, would be exempt from long-standing open records and meetings laws that apply to most government departments.
And it's admittedly, it's already set up.
It's a giant bioweapons system.
36 level 4 bioweapons labs.
According to legislation approved October 18th by the Senate Health Committee.
Those exemptions would streamline the development process, safeguard national security, and protect the proprietary interests of drug companies.
See, Republican backers.
Then I actually have the bill here in front of me.
Nice little turn of the phrase there.
Protect the proprietary interests of drug companies.
That is total... It just merges them in with governmental powers, and you can't sue them anymore.
The legislation also proposes...
It manufactures immunity from liability in exchange for their participation in the public-private effort.
Oh, yes.
Oh, here's a billion for you.
Here's a billion for you.
Here's a billion for you.
Now just do whatever you want.
And it's been all over the news.
These are openly bio-weapons labs.
See, this is BioShield, too.
BioShield 1 passed, what, two and a half years ago.
They had that line in that Baltimore Sun article, thousands of gallons of liquid death.
That was the quote.
By one of the congressmen.
Nothing to do with fighting bio-attacks, folks.
This is just open mass funding and institutionalization and testing on the American people of bio-weapons, which has already been authorized by U.S.
Code Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1520A, Paragraph B, which authorizes that we can use lethal chemical, biological, radiological weapons
Devices on the American people for any research reason or any other reason we see fit.
So, uh, yeah.
We'll come back and take some calls, get into a bunch of other news.
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We're good to go.
Let's go ahead and take some calls.
And then I'm going to get into Embedded Time Reporter.
Says that Bush openly lied about Iraqi security forces leading the attacks.
And then the reporter lies and says, Folks, anyone that doesn't submit to world government and basically snort a line of depleted uranium is Al-Qaeda.
So we'll get into that and just so much more.
Right now, let's go to Rose in South Carolina.
Rose, welcome.
I've heard there's a Canadian come out with this thing about we're going to have like an alien invasion.
We're going to have a war.
Well, if everybody would read... I hate to get off in Scripture because it's so diverse.
People have such a diverse opinion about Scripture.
But in the second chapters of Romans, it says, even him, as talking about the wicked one or the devil, even him with who's coming is as to the working of Satan with all power and signs...
No, he did say that.
Ronald Reagan said that.
That has really been discussed quite a few times.
Rose, and for those that don't know, the former Canadian Defense Minister, he's also the former Deputy Prime Minister, that's the equivalent of Vice President.
He's gone public in a big news conference saying that when he was in the government, they had evidence of the U.S.
government with advanced spacecraft and in contact with aliens, and that they may be getting ready to start a war, and that Bush wants to build bases on the moon with particle beams to shoot down flying saucers.
When I talk about...
Implantable microchips, I have the evidence.
When I talk about government leaders being devil worshippers, we have evidence.
We talk about so many things that I find hard to believe, but we can confirm them, we can verify them.
Now, certainly it's a sexy topic, it's an interesting topic.
Something's going on there with these unidentified flying objects.
There's all these reports, all these sightings, but I don't get into it a lot because I'm about things I can totally prove.
I'm really kind of an old curmudgeon, as they say, but
When you do have this former defense minister, former vice president going public and saying this, we have to focus on it.
But I know this.
This has been in Wired Magazine.
It's been in Washington Post.
Paul Watson's book has a large, juicy chapter.
Order out of chaos.
I don't know, 30-something pages.
On this subject, we have government documents.
We have admissions where the government admits they have huge hologram machines that can project a flying saucer, mothership, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, to freak people out.
If they have the right atmospheric conditions, they can project them in a giant 300-yard-long flying saucer.
They admit that there are government plans to do this, to freak people out, to distract enemy forces.
There's a report from Iron Mountain, but we have other reports that have been declassified that we can confirm.
Iron Mountain is not confirmed.
And then Bill Clinton's former chief of staff is running this big disclosure project, UFO Group, that's tied in with his former defense minister.
So there's a former Rothschild, that's been in Wired Magazine, who's...
That's a former Rothschild.
There is a Rothschild of the Rothschild family who's involved in all this.
And so a lot of heavy hitters are involved, kind of promulgating the whole UFO situation.
And so I tend to agree with you.
Yeah, lying signs and wonders in the sky.
Well, but, Rose, look, I have a Timelife books.
From back in the 60s.
That was my dad's when he was a young man.
And in there it shows U.S.
Air Force marks flying saucers.
I mean, those are declassified 40 years ago.
I mean, the Germans had little jets that looked like flying saucers.
That's where the whole flying saucer thing started.
And this is, by the way, declassified and admitted.
They got several hundred of these and test flew dozens of them around the U.S.
And people saw flying saucers in the late 40s.
That's when it all began.
And it was Nazi jets that just had a batwing shape or almost a circular shape.
Thank you.
Thank you, Rose.
What did they call foo fighters?
The fighter pilots in World War II called them foo fighters.
And most of them, we can confirm, were Nazi aircraft.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Oh, just a program note.
I'm going to go back into the calls and news as well.
We don't just go out on the satellite and the AM and FM and the micro stations.
I've been on shortwave, I guess, for eight, nine years, and it's great.
We have an international audience.
Again, I get letters from Indonesia, Africa, Russia, Venezuela.
I mean, it's wonderful.
And WWCR is the strongest, best we've found.
So I'm not criticizing WWCR.
It's always been my understanding...
That frequencies in the fives and the sevens are better at night than frequencies in the threes.
And we had an opportunity to move to frequencies in the sevens and the fives at night, so we did.
And folks, I'm not kidding.
In the last month, and I've just kind of ignored it because, you know, you get a few complaints you don't know.
I'm too busy to worry about stuff like that.
I mean, now it's got to be 500 phone calls saying people just cannot hear us at night.
And I'm too busy to track it down and talk to WWCR.
I know Jim Shepard had us.
I know that you, the listeners, have been calling him.
I'm sure it's driving them up the wall.
I'm sure it's driving you, the listeners, up the wall.
I don't know.
I don't know why you can hear us great on 3210, but you can't hear us that well on frequencies like 7.4, 6.5, the second two hours, and the first hour, 5.7, 6.5.
I don't know.
In fact, if you could email me, for those of you that listen to Troy that are also on the Internet, to tips at infowars.com and give me specific frequency reports.
And folks, I normally don't pay attention to it.
I just get too busy.
But when you get maybe 50 phone calls saying, your show's coming in great, or the show before you is coming in great, at 8.59, but at 9 o'clock central, then right then it cuts out and it fades out and we can't hear you.
I mean, you know, you get four or five of those calls, you ignore it.
Oh, well, they're just being paranoid.
You start getting 50, 100 phone calls like that.
I mean, they're just pouring into my office, pouring into the network, pouring into WWCR.
I don't know.
Hey, experts, fix it.
Figure out a better frequency.
Figure out what's going on.
Tell me what to do, whatever.
I mean, literally, I just work all the time, and I can't.
I said switch these frequencies because I thought they'd be even better.
Alex, how are you doing?
Great, sir.
I'd like to talk about the Tuesday press conference by Rumsfeld and the head of the Joint Chiefs.
You're talking about the hour-long lie?
Yeah, that's about the white phosphorus?
Yeah, that was disgraceful.
The Joint Chiefs, the head of the Joint Chiefs, I think he's the Marine Corps Commandant, and Rumsfeld, both of them lied to the public.
Because if you go to truthout.com, you're going to find half a dozen articles
Verifying the use of white phosphorus.
Well, that's ridiculous.
Rumsel has never lied.
The man is just impeccable.
Anyway, he was lying to a couple of million people if they were watching the newscast.
The bottom line, he was... If white phosphorus is used to light up the sky, then it's not a weapon.
But the soldiers themselves in the battlefield in Fallujah have claimed and bragged about using it to smoke out the people and the enemies.
They used it as a weapon.
It's a chemical weapon.
It's prohibited by the Geneva Convention.
Therefore, Mr. Rumsfeld, who has authorized it, along with the Marine Corps Commandant, Joint Chiefs, and the people in the field, are war criminals.
Yeah, I hear you.
You know, we kind of confuse this.
It is restricted because, just like napalm is...
They also use napalm in Fallujah.
I know, sir, but let me just add something.
To be specific, though, to keep calling it a chemical weapon is kind of lawyer-speak.
Sarin, VX, mustard gas, things like this are classical.
Chemical weapons.
Yes, you can call white phosphorus a chemical weapon, but really it's an incendiary bomb is the proper term for it.
It is an incendiary... Hold on a second.
Put him on hold.
It is an incendiary munition.
Now, go ahead, sir.
I said what I had to say.
When you use that
Sir, what you're doing is you're falling into a trap.
And I'm not mad at you.
I'm just trying to explain something to you.
It is restricted by the Geneva Convention.
It is bad to use it.
They used it to light up the sky.
They used it in the foxholes and on the houses
You're missing even what I'm saying.
I mean, I just want to try to define these white phosphorus munitions properly.
That's all.
Yeah, I know what you're defining.
You're defining it as something to illuminate the battlefield.
No, that's not.
No, that's what Rumsfeld was saying.
Yeah, okay.
In any case, it was used as a weapon.
It's illegal.
And not only that, but in Fallujah...
The napalm, which is now called MX-77... Yes, I've said that, yeah.
...has also been used.
These are also prohibited weapons under the Geneva Convention.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Let me try to... because it sounds like we're arguing, and we weren't arguing.
I'm just trying to make a point here.
When we call things by wrong names, then it allows people to discredit us.
And everybody's running around calling it a chemical weapon and confusing that with the fact that it is a restricted munition.
It is wrong to use it.
It is bad what happened in Fallujah.
The massacres in Afghanistan were wrong.
I do not disagree with you, sir.
They admittedly were using microwave weapons...
In Fallujah, aiming high-power microwaves at entire buildings and making everyone get sick and start throwing up and basically frying them and then going in and killing them.
All sorts of prohibited things have been used, and it's wrong and it's bad.
Torture is wrong when foreign governments do it.
It's wrong when our government does it.
White phosphorus is banned.
We shouldn't be using it.
Of course they're lying when they say it's to eliminate.
Of course it's being used to kill people.
Of course they drop it, then it ignites and basically burns everybody that it comes in contact with when it hits your skin.
It's terrible, sir.
It's high-tech napalm.
But when we call it a chemical weapon, the proper definition of a chemical weapon is it's the chemical that kills you by the response it has with you at a cellular level.
An incendiary device kills you by the ignition, by the fiery response.
You're killed by the heat.
So it is, we are using incendiary, I wouldn't even say we, the globalists are using, and there's all these sickos, Ann Coulter, the reptoid, I'm being sarcastic there.
I saw Ann Coulter on TV last night, I turned TV on for about 20 minutes, and there she was, talking at a third grade level, with Sean Hannity, with O'Reilly interviewing her,
And it was just, oh, the liberals are dumb.
The liberals are threatening me.
The liberals are saying they want to come after me.
And then they wouldn't list who's doing it.
It was all just made-up baloney.
You know how beautiful she is and how everyone wants to rape her.
I mean, I've seen Ann Coulter, folks.
She actually scared me.
I actually stepped back.
She looked like... You ever seen the anorexic folks?
But she's real tall.
Looks like she's on stilts and radiated demonicness.
She could be in horror movies today.
And I'm not attacking her for the way she looks.
It's just that...
She's like a painted stick figure they put on TV and she still looks ugly there.
I saw her hands last night.
It was like Skeletor.
But the point is, she gets up on TV and I've interviewed her.
She goes, ah, the Patriot Act, it doesn't affect citizens.
It's all liberal lies, treason.
I said, Section 802 says that anybody engaging in a misdemeanor is a terrorist.
They have no rights.
And she goes, well, I haven't read that.
I haven't even read the bill.
Oh, but you've written a book about it.
And I'm thinking about her talking about the evil liberals while Bush has borrowed more money than all presidents combined before him, open borders promoting, calling it a fix for the immigration problem, pushing for the assault weapons ban, appointing all these anti-gun, pro-abortion judges, signing back on to UNESCO, new freedom initiatives.
I mean, it's just not true.
We've got Ann Coulter and Hillary Clinton and Chuckie Schumer and Lieberman and a hundred others piling on to how Bush has done a great job and this is a great war and we've got to stand behind our president.
I mean, it's a staged event.
And while I'm off Ann Coulter now, that's how my brain works.
I run off rabbit trails.
Ann Coulter wrote an editorial, I don't know, six, eight months ago, where she said, take the gloves off, kill more innocents, just start mowing everybody down.
That'll teach them, which is total baloney.
Every major military stratagem book that has been time-tested and proved tells you the opposite.
You start killing innocent people, you're going to lose.
Okay, I mean, even if you want to win this phony war, they're doing everything diametrically opposed to winning it.
And lo and behold, we've got 1983 battle plans from the Israelis saying we need to use the U.S.
to go in and balkanize the place and commit abuses and send the place into civil war and keep U.S.
forces there forever.
And then what do the PNAC boys say?
What's P20G say?
In 2000 and 2002?
We need to go in there and balkanize and create a state of civil war and a breakdown of the society as a pretext to stay there for at least 20 years.
The battle plan is to lose.
Do you understand that?
I don't want to hear we've got to win.
I don't want to hear about victory when they feed you that line, the globalists make trillions of dollars and they can stay there five years.
They've already made $400 billion.
They will make trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions and have a base to attack Syria and Iran and keep that oil from flowing, which they'll make trillions off of in the aggregate.
And have a domestic diversion here and a balkanization situation and a laboratory to create torturers and checkpoint operators by the hundreds of thousands to come back here and be cops.
You want to know what the war is about?
That's it.
Stop being stupid.
Folks, that's what's happening.
That's what's going on.
And when they just sit off the side of the highway randomly shooting cars and laughing...
Driving around full of families in many cases.
I mean, I've seen the video.
We've posted the video.
It's been on national TV.
Just shooting up cars and people pouring out.
You see a little shape pour out.
A little kid.
Piles of dead bodies.
The video.
It's all on the web, folks.
The photos.
Just randomly running around shooting people.
Running over people's cars because they might have stole a piece of wood out of a field.
And laughing while you do it.
It's just psychopathic.
They know that when they get shot at in one town...
Little village.
They go and bulldoze every date palm, everything that's producing.
We're talking 800-year-old fields, 100-year-old trees, plus they know that when that happens, it causes total resistance.
They know.
They're not stupid.
I mean, the troops following it are just like the average American.
They don't know how many continents there are.
They don't know anything.
I use that example, but they don't know any basic data, any basic numbers, anything about history.
They don't know anything.
It's like we had British media here a few weeks ago in the studio, and he said, yeah, the cab driver was American, and he said, oh, you speak with an English accent.
Is that where English comes from?
Is that England?
I mean, just...
But I guarantee you that cab driver knows every sports score, what car his favorite batter drives, what the batter's mommy and daddy's name are, what his batting average was his junior year at UT.
I mean, the person's not stupid.
They're mind-controlled to not know anything.
And so I'm sitting here talking about all this, and the average person listening, the average neocon or liberal, just can't even get it.
I'm not going to spout your liberal fables.
I'm not going to spout your neocon fables.
They're all on the same team.
I'm not going to be part of it.
I know I'm preaching now, folks.
It's just that this is a complete and total fraud.
All of it is.
It's just a lie.
You tell the average person the war on drugs is meant to fail.
They don't understand that.
You tell them that the schools get more money the lower the test scores go, because that's actually what the Department of Education handbooks plans from 50 years ago, even before it was the Department of Education, state.
I mean, you can go read the white papers, and then you can watch them carry them out.
And we post the white papers, we cover the white papers, we have the guest on, we have number two Department of Education on to tell you how they're in meetings, where they openly talk about how to dumb everybody down.
And we have the National Banking Association back in 1900 saying Americans are too smart.
We've got to pay for the schools and pay for the endowments and take over and dumb these people down.
And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation here in Austin for an entire school just paid a million and a half bucks to change the curriculum openly to where they're not going to teach all the kids.
They're going to have early testing and decide what you're going to be and what you're going to do.
The European model.
Because Bill and Melinda Gates care about the little black kids so much they pay for the vaccines to help them.
And I go, take your juicy vaccine.
You'll be feeling real good.
And then here locally, just in my life, these monsters are here locally buying up the schools to control the curriculum to produce mindless, drooling slaves as if they haven't already ruined us enough.
I mean, it doesn't give me some sardonic pleasure to know the general public is so dumbed down and so distracted and so mindless, they can't even hardly tie their shoelaces.
People think it's cute to be lied to.
They think it's cute to be slaved.
They think it's cute to not know their head from a hole in the ground.
And I'm telling you, we're all in danger because of it.
You better start learning, folks.
You better start figuring out what's going on.
This isn't a joke.
This isn't a game.
Very serious.
Very evil.
People are in control.
And they openly say they want to lose the war.
Then they can run around and say it and then get on TV and talk about victory all day.
God help those troops over there.
God help us.
It's so sick.
Now, Fallujah's wrong, folks.
It's wrong to... They wouldn't let any of the men under the age of 11 leave the city.
They said evacuate the city or you're dead.
Then all men over the age of 11...
We're turned away.
Many of those that did try to come through were put in camps.
A major city of hundreds and hundreds of thousands.
And then they just went in house by house and admittedly leveled one-third of the city.
Just slaughtering children, slaughtering women, mass murder, mass death, because some contractors got strung up.
So imagine the next time four people get killed in your town, will the U.S.
government come in and level a third of it and kill everybody?
Start dropping white phosphorus incendiary bombs on people, cremating them?
Yeah, we ought to nuke Fallujah.
How many times did you hear that?
Just kill every one of them here.
Just kill them all.
I thought we were there to save them.
We gotta kill them before they kill us.
The Pentagon's own plan is to create jihad.
It's stated, you fool.
We're meant to lose this, you idiots.
They control the Arabs.
The New World Order controls them.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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By the way, for all the sickos that want to kill all the Arabs and the rest of you, our government put Saddam in publicly.
Our government gave him $30-plus billion to attack Iran.
Our government told him, go ahead and invade Kuwait.
He was our boy.
That is the globalist boy.
BCCI, Clark Clifford, Bush Sr., all of them.
And then they set him up.
James Baker.
You kill a million-plus of them up until two and a half years ago with the new invasion.
Now, conservatively, another $150,000.
DU their whole country with just deadly radiation and poison.
And it's just sick.
And look, let's just be honest about it.
The neocons get on TV and say it's about love and freedom, but then all they're paid for are mouthpieces.
Go murder, kill, kill all Arabs, kill, kill, kill them all.
They're the devil's seed.
Bushes of the Lord with skull and bones.
Just understand, folks, the plan is to create worldwide jihad, and out of that bring worldwide crisis, and then bring in world government to deal with it, and the EU sits out the whole time acting like the good cop.
When they're all part and parcel of the same thing.
And our government in the 50s started radicalizing the Muslims, and printing up the radical Korans and Hadiths for the Madrasas.
That's public!
All over, radicalizing, making them as radical as possible.
To destabilize those countries.
I'm just sick of it.
It's historical fact, and you need to stick it in your pipe, and you need to smoke it.
I hear you sickos calling talk radio, just kill every one of them herbs.
They want to kill us.
You need to volunteer, go over to Iraq, and you need to walk up to that little two-year-old child walking down the street, and then say that to them.
And I know some of you do.
You just walk up and, oh, I just killed another one.
All right.
But it's just sick.
It's totally sick.
You make me sick.
Now, I know we've got Andy and Michael and Melissa and others and Paul, but I'm told Max in Ohio disagrees with me, so he may have called in at the end of the line, but he's first up.
Max, go ahead.
You think white phosphorus should be classified as a chemical weapon?
I think white phosphorus should be used.
I was in Vietnam for 15 months.
I was an FO for the heavy mortars, and we used white phosphorus a lot.
It's a good weapon.
It's a deterrent.
And I am not for less war.
I think we should not be over there, but to protect our troops and to help our troops from getting killed more and more.
But I read these are like sixth-generation phosphorus bombs.
This isn't just the old thing that you were using.
This goes out as a cluster bomb and spreads out as a dust, and then just, it's horrible.
Well, see, what I'm familiar with is the old mortar round type.
Well, describe that to us.
It was just like an HE or a smoke round.
It went out, it burst.
It had a bursting radius of about 50 meters.
So it would have a proximity detector and would blow up wood?
Yes, and we could air burst it also.
And what it done, it burned like
They say, you know, and the only way you could do it was smother it with mud or immerse it in water or something like that.
But we fought around Cu Chi, a bad area for the Viet Cong.
And I was an infantryman.
And we saw it.
And we used it quite a bit.
And it was quite effective.
I'm not for using it on kids or anything like that.
But when you're fighting an enemy that is fighting
I don't care what Washington says, because I do not agree with the politicians.
No, I understand.
If you're in a fire base and you're getting charged by people, I'm sure white phosphorus is great.
Yeah, and we're not fighting a nice war over there.
It's a guerrilla war also.
I'm going to hold you over, sir.
You know what?
I don't mean to interrupt you, but I want to get this in.
Did you... I mean, you guys didn't call it a chemical weapon.
You called it an incendiary, right?
So why are these people calling it a chemical weapon?
That's just for propaganda purposes.
Because they're a bunch of knuckleheads.
Okay, well, I want to hear more about Vietnam.
Stay there, please, because you called in, and I don't want to interrupt you.
I just wanted to get all my questions in.
Stay there, Max, and then we'll let you finish up, and then we'll go to Andy and Michael and Melissa and Paul and many others.
And our guest is coming up in 30 minutes with the cameras in the school bathrooms.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll 3877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, in the last hour we got off into white phosphorus being called a chemical weapon by some of the anti-war people.
And that's only going to hurt us in the end.
I'm against the war.
Our caller, who's a Vietnam vet, is against the war.
The torture, the indiscriminate blowing up of buildings full of men, women, and children in Fallujah is wrong.
And white phosphorus is a restricted...
We're good to go.
I think?
So it's just start calling everything chemical weapons, then lessens it in people's minds what real chemical weapons do.
I mean, real chemical weapons, you spray it out of an airplane and it kills everybody that gets a whiff of it.
Because it's the chemical that kills you by a chemical interaction with the metabolic rate of the body.
To start calling incendiary bombs or incendiary sprays chemical is dishonest.
Let's attack the New World Order on real issues here, folks.
It really gets frustrating.
Go ahead, Max, Vietnam veteran, if you have anything else you want to add about UUs, white phosphorus, describe this earlier generation of white phosphorus UUs, and then I want to get your take on the war, sir.
I think we should have left when the capture of Sodom was saying we should have pulled our troops out and told them to defend their own country.
But the white phosphorus that we used, it was marked on the boxes that came in incendiary device.
Well, that's what it is.
Yes, absolutely.
That's what James' Weapons Encyclopedia listed as.
So, I mean, using it to help our troops defend themselves, I am for.
But for killing just innocent people, no.
I'm not for that.
But there are rules of engagement, and obviously if you're stuck in a position being charged by infantry, which you say you were, I know it was used in Vietnam, and you're firing mortars at them specifically, that shouldn't be a restricted weapon.
What's being discussed here is...
There's all different types being used over there, but they have these new cluster bombs that do it, and it's just a mass-killing device, and it's being used on the general public.
That's not good.
I'm sure you've heard these neocons say, let's just kill everybody in Fallujah and nuke the city.
There's one other thing I got.
I've been listening to you for over four years, almost every night.
And your nighttime frequency sucks.
I'll just tell you plain and simple.
Has it gotten worse since we switched?
Oh, terrible.
I can't hardly get you at all.
Nights I can't get you is when the weather is just so-so and the conditions are just right.
I've been listening to Joyce and Dave because I can't get you.
Well, at least you got them to listen to.
So 3210 was better for you?
Oh, much better.
Well, maybe I'll talk to WWCR and try to switch back over to 3210.
I just knew that, I mean, normally a little bit higher, a mid-range frequency like a 5.765 should be better.
So, I mean, perhaps it's the end.
Well, 5850.
They come in pretty clear.
All right.
Well, sir, I appreciate your call.
I really appreciate it.
Yeah, it might be that transmitter.
It might be the power level on that.
Oh, sir, are you still there?
He's gone.
I was going to ask him the report we keep getting is that 5.765 comes in fine, and then right when I come on, I mean, I've got this from a lot of people, so where there's smoke, there's fire, but for some reason it then drops dramatically.
So that's, I guess I need to tune in myself.
I used to do that in the past.
I just can't monitor.
Oh, this AM and FM station is only carrying you two hours an hour.
This one is carrying you six hours.
I can't call and thank stations.
I can't call and complain.
And I know they're getting beat up over there.
I don't think they're doing it on purpose.
I know I'm getting beat up over here.
They pointed out, though, that I asked for this frequency change just because I thought, oh, these frequencies are open.
Well, I've got to make a decision here.
They must be better.
Because it's become a major issue.
All right.
We'll be right back, folks.
On the other side of this quick break to cover more news and take your calls.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're going to go back to Andy and Melissa and Paul and Johnny here in just a few minutes.
Embedded time reporter Bush lied in speech yesterday about Iraqi security forces.
President Bush claimed that Iraqi security forces primarily led the assault on the city of Tal Afar.
Bush highlighted it as an especially clear sign of the progress Iraqi security forces were making in Iraq.
And, you know, they plan to have 150 groups of these soldiers.
And then the brasses ask, and they admit, no, we have three.
And that's in two and a half plus years they have three little groups of
Of these soldiers.
And they have to be led by U.S.
troops or they retreat every time.
But Bush and Rumsfeld say, no, no, they're leading now.
They're leading assaults.
But then notice the spin from the time in that he says they're fighting Al-Qaeda, which is just now everyone they're fighting, doesn't matter what group it is, even if it's an open religious group that's against, even if you believe Al-Qaeda exists outside of an intelligence agency controlled by the West, it's groups who are openly different sects of Islam who are openly not connected in any way to even the false Al-Qaeda.
But they'll still call them Al-Qaeda.
And then listen to the spin of Senator Warner from Virginia, who's particularly evil.
Let's go ahead and play this clip.
Here it is.
You know, this is not one of those shows where we take sides.
I really try to just look at facts on the ground.
And the president in his speech talked about the Battle of Tal Afar.
And in his speech today, he said that it was led primarily by Iraqi security forces, 11 Iraqi battalions, backed by five coalition battalions providing support.
He used this as compared to the Battle of Fallujah as an example of how much better the Iraqis are doing.
Earlier, I talked to Time Magazine's Michael Ware, the Baghdad bureau chief, who was embedded during the entire battle.
I want to play you what he said about the Iraqi units he saw.
I was in that battle from the very beginning to the very end.
I was with Iraqi units right there on the front line as they were battling with Al Qaeda.
They were not leading, they were being led by the US Green Beret Special Forces with them.
Green Berets who were following an American plan of attack, who were advancing with these Iraqi units as and when they were told to do so by the American battle planners.
The Iraqis led nothing.
Do you think the President was correct in saying that this was an Iraqi victory, that the Iraqis were leading the way?
Well, I'll let the commanders sort that out, but first I respect those journalists that embed themselves, and I accept as a credible description what you've just put forward.
But you didn't hear him say they cut and run like they did in Fallujah.
You didn't hear him say that the Iraqis dropped their arms.
He said they were fighting.
Now, it may well have been that the battle plan was drawn up by the coalition forces, probably the U.S.
So, there's your spin.
Cuts off quickly there, but that's a little clip from CNN.
Look, forget that lie.
That's nothing compared to saying that there are 144 battle groups or battalions.
I forget what they call them over there.
In the Iraqi security forces that have been set up, the Iraqi National Guard, and then generals just a few months ago said, no, no, we've got three groups ready.
Just not 140-something, three!
And look, folks, we were told we would be there for two months.
We were told that they'd be back in time for Christmas.
They were lied to.
There is already a national draft.
Tens of thousands of soldiers, in some cases that have served 23 years in the military, they try to retire and they say, no, you signed a contract 23 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 years ago.
You didn't read the fine print.
We're keeping you.
They've already served.
Folks, in World War II, you had to fly 22 missions.
It was a catch-22, though, because...
55% of the time over Europe you died.
It was that type of level of fighting.
Unbelievable casualty numbers.
But still, 22 missions.
In Vietnam, you would have to go for one tour, what, 11 months.
No one in modern history has ever made an army.
Unless you talk about Hitler or the Soviets, fight for more than one tour consecutively.
And then even then, the levels of battle fatigue, the breakdown, the falling apart, these are like machines.
They're like a bulldozer.
They're like a sewing machine.
They're like any machine.
They're like tires.
They can only go so far statistically.
And then post-traumatic stress, breakdowns, violence.
You can only stay at a super heightened level so long.
Unless they just stay in the green zone and suck their thumbs.
That's why generals, on average, spend four months there.
Why are they always having commanders there, on average, four months?
Because they don't want to stay.
Tommy Frank says, I'm leaving.
I'm retiring.
I'm retiring.
I'm retiring.
And another thing is, the generals, even though a lot of them are corrupt New World Order types, they keep trying to do what needs to be done to win.
Uh-uh, that's not the battle plan, buddy.
You're getting pulled out.
No, I'm not!
Secretary White was an Enron crook, folks.
He took members of Congress and legislatures on tours of fake trading rooms with fake computers, with fake screens, with fake trading.
Enron, at the end of the day, would just tell you what the price was and charge you what they wanted, just like much of our stock market and the mercantile.
It's just total fraud, folks.
I mean, this is one of their boys, and he says, listen, we're going to lose this.
He wasn't that evil.
He wasn't that deep down the rabbit hole.
You don't think White actually ran things.
He said, we need 450,000 troops.
Listen, Rumsfeld said, get your stuff and get out!
But all the generals say, sir, I just want to win.
Get out of here!
You're fired!
Treasury Secretary O'Neill, how many others?
We've got Powell's former big global estate.
We've got Scrocoff, National Security Advisor.
We've got all these people saying, and at certain levels they're distancing themselves to make it then look like it was all just Bush and some wrong people.
They are carrying out globalist operations, and they're meant to fail.
But even a lot of old-timers, to see this happening, they're not even going along with it.
Alex, you're a great American.
You're a true patriot.
First of all, can I plug my affiliate?
AM 1520 WLUV in Rockford, Illinois.
You know, we need to plug our affiliates more.
Tell folks about that fine station.
It's a great station.
It's the only locally owned station here in town.
The person that owns the station has owned it for 43 years.
Why don't you plug when the show's on?
Pardon me?
Tell them when they broadcast the show.
That's right, from 11 a.m.
So if you're a truck driver, you know, traveling in the area, or a business person, salesman,
to 2 p.m.
Tell folks the region of Illinois and tell them the time.
Okay, it's 11 a.m.
to 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
That's northern Illinois, 15 miles from the Wisconsin border.
The frequency also goes up into parts of southern Wisconsin.
And going east, it reaches the Chicago suburbs.
We're about...
70 miles northwest of Chicago.
That's right.
And I want to thank all of our affiliates.
We don't have the time to thank them and serve them a lot of times, but they're great.
We are small.
And I guess we've got about three great affiliates that carry the show in Illinois now, and I believe the fine station you mentioned.
Give us the frequency again.
AM 1520.
That's right, 1520.
They're the only one, I believe from memory, that goes live.
And we're very, very thankful for that affiliate.
And everybody in that area listening right now, tell people, roll down your window, tell them to tune in right now to 1520.
And that's locally owned.
The old school mom and pop shop radio station.
That's who picks us up, is probably on stations.
And we do get them the ratings.
A lot of things.
First of all, if anybody doesn't believe Iraq is meant to be a quagmire, just look at the border situation in Iraq.
We are not patrolling the southern border.
It reminds me so much of Vietnam.
That allows more surgeons to move in from Syria.
So if anybody's arguing with a neocon, just tell them that.
Why aren't we securing the border in Iraq?
Well, they'll say, Bush, gee, he's not perfect.
He don't mean it.
And the next point I wanted to make, it's amazing to me, Alex, if you talk to a neocon, they don't believe that America is becoming a police state.
But try talking to somebody.
I have a couple of friends.
One who migrated from Ukraine.
Another one from Russia.
This country is reminding them of what they escaped.
They're wondering why they even migrated here.
I know a lot of Russians and a lot of Poles and a lot of Greeks and people that have seen police states that are moving back home.
I mean, they're getting scared enough to sell successful businesses and leave.
And one suggestion I have for you before I let you go on your show.
I'd like to hear more film clips.
I turned a friend on to you, and you had mentioned 9-11 being an inside job.
And just like me, the first time I heard you say it, I thought you were crazy.
I know better now because I got martial law.
It would be kind of cool to hear you play like Larry Silverstein clips more.
You know, I've done that.
I've also thought about just taking whole segments of martial law and playing them on air.
Do it more often, and when you have a report, let us know.
Stay there, stay there.
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When they lose the war on drugs, when more drugs come in, they get to put more people in the private prisons competing with our jobs.
And if you study it, it really is a select drug cartel controlled by elements of our government that is shipping in the majority of the heroin and cocaine.
And it's the same crowd pushing Ritalin and Prozac on your kids whose molecules are even more deadly than heroin and cocaine.
At their molecular structure, they're more dangerous.
And it's the same thing with this war.
When you read PNAC and you read P2OG documents and you read Israeli documents, this is the plan.
Listen to me, folks.
Listen to me.
This is not my opinion.
If you care about the troops, we've got to get them home.
And I don't want to hear that it's going to make Iraq fall into an Islamic republic.
Our government has given it over to Islamicists.
That's been the plan.
And to just keep our people there as a turkey shoot so Halliburton can make money is an absolute fraud.
Go ahead and finish up the point you were making, Andy, in Illinois, listening to us on 1520.
Yes, Alex.
I tell my friends about some of the news I've heard on your show.
Like, for example, the new Freedom Initiative.
And they'll ask me, where did you hear that from?
Well, a radio talk show host, Alex Jones, and they've never heard you.
Oh, another Rush Limbaugh?
The point I'm making is I'm sure a lot of your other listeners would like to hear you announce the press releases you get these, you know, the sources that you get these stories from, so we can really back up what we're saying.
No, I hear you, and I appreciate your call, sir.
I mean, I'll say it right now.
We do post it.
Every week we post something about new freedom.
I mean, you're right in the belly of the beast in Illinois.
I mean, it's been in the Chicago Tribune.
It's been in the Chicago Sun.
I think that's the name of it.
It's been in all those papers that they're going to even go after pregnant women now and make them be psychologically tested.
And you're actually the state where they're trying to implement.
And Texas, for some reason, is like your sister on this.
They're trying it here.
And they passed it earlier this year.
I've had Ron Paul, a congressman, on.
We've read the bill.
I mean, it's all documented.
It's hard to believe they're trying to force psychologically testing drugs, but it's really happening.
Melissa in Texas, thanks for holding.
The other day, someone called in and mentioned Joan Vian and Prince Charles, and then you said something that confused me, so I'd like to see if we could help me understand a little better.
You mentioned the Antichrist.
Along with Joan Vian and said that her book on that, something about that.
No, I think that I've interviewed Joan many times.
I think she does a wonderful job, I said, going to all these globalist meetings and uncovering it.
We need to get her on.
But I believe I've heard her talk about...
Some of the other people discussing, you know, could Prince Charles be the Antichrist?
I was saying, I don't think I totally agree with her on that.
The book that I have by her is called Prince Charles, the Sustainable Prince.
And in that book, she just talks about how he's pushing the United Nations agenda forward.
To rewild and get rid of humans.
No, I know, and I think mentally I may have crossed that over with the book Prince Charles and a Cup of Tea written by someone else saying he's an antichrist.
And I think I've heard her being asked a question on air.
No, Joan only gets into factual stuff, so that might be... That's the kind of mistakes I make is I mix things together sometimes.
Yeah, I just wanted to clarify for other people so that they wouldn't be...
You know, pulled away from looking into her work.
Oh, I think it's one.
No, I mean, she's very factual.
Goes in specifically.
They said Joan Vion, and what do you think about Prince Charles being the Antichrist?
And I just said, well, I don't.
I was kind of like, if she's saying that, I don't agree with it.
But I think she just does great research.
So, you know, moving 100 miles an hour here with homegirls.
And I just wanted people to.
To be clear on that.
And that's the responsibility I've got.
People listen to every word I say.
So basically, I was trying to clarify for myself and in case other people misunderstood also.
Hey, Melissa, what do you think about putting the cameras in the school bathrooms?
Sounds like voyeurism to me.
It's so incredible.
It's awful.
It's awful.
What do you think about just the whole state of things right now, Melissa?
I'm pretty scary, but I don't know.
The only thing that keeps me going is trusting God.
It's just so frightening watching everything take place around us and knowing that each of us is just one small person, but together
Together especially.
Melissa, of course I know Melissa.
Melissa's been calling in.
I've known Melissa for about, I don't know, eight, nine years.
Melissa, though, a lot of people, wouldn't you agree, have woken up?
Yes, and it's not, you know, it really helps when they start flashing it on the regular news, the things that I've been saying for, oh, you know, months, years.
Finally people are waking up.
Well, Melissa, you're a great lady, and you've done so much behind the scenes, and we really appreciate you.
Call me back sometime when you've got more time, because I've got a guest coming up, but I want to hear from you in the future.
I haven't heard from you in about a year or so, so take care.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, and we will talk to the mother and her valiant son exposing the camera in the bathroom.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I've talked a lot about it.
At UpOnInfoAwards.com, we have four or five of some of the most egregious examples of cameras not just in bathrooms, but in the stalls, videotaping everything.
And in the Tennessee case, of course, that happened, what, about three years ago, actually had video cameras in the showers.
And locally, they've been brainwashed to accept this, but a visiting group of middle school girls, basketball team, were in the field house after the game showering.
They saw the cameras, ran screaming as a normal person would.
Believe me, folks, if I was in a shower and I looked up and there was a camera, say at the gym or wherever, I would run out and go, what is that?
You know, at the local gym.
What is that?
Get that down.
I mean, I would freak out.
I would be angry.
I want to know what that's hooked up to.
I want to know who's doing it.
Well, that's how parents respond to the arrogant principles of, this is for security.
Then he got in trouble because it had been accessed on the Internet, was hooked into an Internet system as far away as North Carolina and California.
And all over the nation, restrooms and schools, colleges, and I saw one five years ago in the Associated Press out of Michigan, putting a man in the restrooms at the road stops and parks.
This is Winston.
This is 1984.
And to have the... I think the best way to do this is... I know I'm just telling you to do this now, but do you have that clip in front of you there, Scott, from yesterday?
The clip that we played where John, can you get that clip from the local news?
We're good to go.
Well, you're welcome.
I appreciate the audience.
I think this is an issue that needs to be brought to the forefront before we...
Now, out of the gates, Cindy and Mac, you guys have built a website.
You just threw it up.
It's under construction.
But if people want to go visit your mission statement now, you're going on the offensive.
Tell us about your new organization and tell us about your website.
Well, what we want to do is, I guess the, let me just start by saying the group is called Pacer.org.
That stands for Parents Against Cameras in Restrooms.
It's something that has really surprised me through this whole process that this is an issue that apparently legally there's an opinion that this is a viable thing to do with our children.
I want to bring the understanding of the law, number one, to clarity.
I think we've got to be clear as to what is considered legal in this country.
And if it is legal, we need to make it illegal.
So that step two is let's first try to clarify what is legal.
Well, you've got to understand something, Cindy Champion, and you are a champion for liberty, pun intended.
But looking at this, I have studied the law.
I have studied the cases.
I've had...
You know, 50 lawyers on over the years on this very subject of surveillance in bathrooms.
Let me just tell you something.
Tyranny, tyrants, despots will always claim it's legal and lawful.
I mean, of course the district attorney, I mean, they're trying to claim arresting American citizens and torturing them with no due process is okay.
I mean, the current attorney general, when he was White House counsel, said that Bush was above the law and actually could become dictator if he wanted to.
So just because they're always going to claim, I mean, the Supreme Court claimed black people weren't human beings.
Of course they are.
So just because they claim this, no, it's a total violation of the Fourth Amendment, total violation of privacy, it is Big Brother.
And you're right.
So what?
You can claim it's legal.
We're going to pass a law that you can't do this.
Well, that's exactly what I want to do, is there needs to be a movement across the country because it needs to be clarified on a national level.
Were you aware of Tennessee with the cameras in the showers?
I had just actually ran into that yesterday when I was doing a little bit more research.
This has caught me so by surprise that I've been just kind of chasing information.
Can you imagine if your son played football and he went in there and they were videotaping him?
To me, it's the same difference.
Or the little girl's room, even.
There were not doors on these stalls, so I definitely have some issues.
But it's just been kind of a roller coaster.
You know, of assumptions that have been one by one, you know, being deteriorated.
Let me tell you something.
You have the assumption that the government doesn't want to force us to take microchips.
I can give you a federal document from the Defense Department saying that's the plan.
I can play Sean Hannity, Andy Rooney, former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, saying you need to be made to take it.
And I've had a police chief on from Bergen County, New Jersey, with a couple million people in his county, saying he'll make you take them.
I'm absolutely sure.
I'm sure.
And all in, I guess, for the sake of security.
But that shows how insane.
See, we all make these assumptions that we're not living in an Outer Limits episode, but we are.
Good, how about you?
Whenever I got suspended,
Excuse me.
He's a little bit nervous.
Don't be nervous.
It's no big deal.
Now, again, you're 13 years old.
You're in middle school.
When did you first learn of the camera?
I mean, describe that for us.
Well, me and my friends, well, first it started at lunch.
That's when we found out it was in there.
And then whenever we went back to class, our class went to the restroom.
And we went in there and we saw a camera in there.
And we went and got our teacher and we asked if that was a camera and he was like, I don't know, it kind of looks like one.
And we asked if anyone knew about it and he was like, well, none of the teachers know about it as far as I'm concerned.
And we were just shocked and we hated it.
Excuse me.
No, you're doing good.
So you hated it.
You didn't like living in Airstrip 1 in 1984.
What happened next?
Well, they released to the buses to go home, and me and my friends, we went in there, and we took it down, and I took it home to my mom, and I knew she would do something about it.
Yeah, she's not a brainwashed Nazi like some of the people in this country are.
Now, one of your friends, I'm told, someone you know, took a photo of the camera, too?
Well, yeah, but I don't really know him that much.
Me and him are just acquaintances, but he did take a picture of the camera and showed it to the sheriff, and the sheriff said that the photo looks like it would be something like child pornography.
Now, who specifically told you that?
Cindy Champion, were you able to talk to this youth?
I haven't spoken to him.
We've looked or asked around to try to get a telephone number.
But so far I haven't been able to locate... Specifically, Mac, this is what the student told you.
And he told a bunch of... He told me and my friends that he took it to the sheriff.
And the sheriff said that.
The sheriff or a sheriff's detective?
The sheriff.
We'll try to get a hold of the sheriff there.
Is that the Jasper County Sheriff?
Yes, sir, it would be.
Okay, now continuing.
You brought it home to your mother, who's on the line with us right now.
And what developed next?
I mean, what did you think once your son comes walking in?
Hey, Mom, this camera's in the bathroom.
Well, I got the call.
He literally, from the moment he got off the bus, he came straight into the house, picked up the phone, called me and said, you know,
Mom, they were filming in the bathroom, in the boys' bathroom, and the camera, he actually initially told me the camera fell and I picked it up and I brought it home because, Mom, it just wasn't right.
And I'm going, great, okay.
So I told him we'd discuss it and I would go back up to the school tomorrow and see what was going on.
Initially, it was my impression that
There was a possibility it wasn't actually placed there.
And maybe one of the students perhaps had brought it or something.
And I wanted to consider that as a possibility.
We're a fairly small community, very rural.
Now on the record though, this is a small fisheye camera too.
As a matter of fact, it's one that you can buy to do personal surveillance and whatnot.
I have done, and we can discuss this in a little while, I have done some research on that specific camera.
It's one of the old cheapo Internet ones.
I've got quite a few of them because I do investigative stuff.
I have a TV show.
Well, yeah, it's got apparently, and this is another concern, it has a 700-foot line-of-sight transmission.
Where this camera was placed,
There are actually houses well within in a whole street area.
So it was broadcasting, and computers, by the way, automatically pick up on that.
People have computers that scan for frequencies, and it's a big business selling these and then big business fighting these.
A lot of people have been caught too doing stuff, foster parents beating up their kids and stuff because the neighbor is able to tune in on the monitor and see this.
Oh, so that's an interesting development.
It is.
In fact, it's one of those things when I knew I was going back to give the camera to the school and I wrote down all of the information and then when I had the opportunity to call the manufacturer, not necessarily the manufacturer but the person that sold this because it had all of their information.
I was able to talk with the person, with the salesperson.
He gave me some of the specifications.
Sure, you went and looked up the specs on the camera.
So it's a wireless camera that goes out 700 feet.
Right, and again, that's line of sight, so it will vary depending on structure.
But this was a full color, and it did have full audio.
So this wasn't even, I'm looking, you know, I'm looking to make sure everything's okay.
Now specifically, the news says that it was aimed into the stalls but didn't cover everything.
What does this really cover?
Because later you went and talked to the principal, right?
Of course.
In fact, she anticipated I would be there because I'm just that kind of mom.
I called her the next afternoon.
I had early appointments and wasn't able to get there.
And she said,
Yes, Ms.
Champion, you need to come and pick Mac up.
I could tell by what she was saying that they were getting ready to suspend him.
I got up there.
I knew I was going to be angry, so I told relatives, look, I'm going to be pretty hot.
Be sure and be by the phone in case I need you.
Anyway, I went in and spoke with the principal of the middle school, Ms.
She sat me down and initially went straight to the infraction of suspension.
Basically attacking you for guilt.
Now, let's be clear.
It wasn't that school that put it in, right?
It was the high school principal that came and did it?
This is a strange thing.
You have a combination facility.
There is a shared gym.
And a shared lunchroom.
I mean, it's a complex.
Yeah, it's a complex.
And so, you know, you have most of the classes are localized.
You have most middle school on one side and most high school on the other.
However, this particular bathroom is a shared facility because it's just outside the lunchroom.
Okay, so the principal put it in there.
And so there's people, I guess, ages then 11 to 18.
Yeah, 11 to 18.
Now, when I sat down with the principal of the middle school, again, Ms.
Massengale, and she informed me that Mack was going to be suspended for five days for theft by taking because he took school property off campus.
So at this point, he's still under suspension, which he was perfectly willing to accept that because
It was worth it to him.
That's just been his attitude.
It was worth it.
For me, Mom, you needed to see this camera.
That's in the spirit of 1776.
There'd be something wrong with him if he didn't do that.
And the fact that your son is the rare person that does have courage and honor and his head's screwed on straight shows how much trouble this country's in.
Oh, yeah.
At 13, that they know better.
By the time we're 30, what are we doing?
But anyway, she...
She proceeded to make sure I was clear that he wasn't allowed on campus, etc.
After she finished with what she was doing, I asked her, okay, what about the camera?
She proceeded to tell me that she had no comment.
I have no comment.
I'm not able to discuss this, and so on and so forth.
Basically, she had been prepared that this is how
They're going to foist some guilt on your son.
They're going to turn it around on record and try to charge him of being a crook.
And then they don't want to discuss how they got a camera in the bathroom.
That's exactly what happened.
So through some further conversation, because at this point I'm going, what do you want me to do?
This is my son.
He's 13 years old.
You guys are filming in the bathroom.
I was that indignant.
At this point, I'm tearing up.
I'm upset because I'm not really wanting to have to fight the system, but here you go.
She's beginning to tear up.
She admitted to me she was not aware that the camera had been placed there.
Subsequently, through the conversation, which she still was having to be very guarded about because she has a job, she indicated that basically the teachers were not aware.
I asked where the camera had been placed, if they were placed in all of the bathrooms.
No, they were just placed in the one bathroom because this particular bathroom they've been experiencing a lot of vandalism.
It wasn't even a safety issue.
It wasn't a security issue, you know, as far as health... Well, look, that's a ridiculous excuse.
Yeah, it was a ridiculous excuse.
And the point is, is when there's a problem, you start having hall monitors go check the bathroom.
Thank you.
Well, that's exactly what I told her is, yeah, it sounds like an age-old problem.
We've always had vandalisms in the bathroom.
When I was in high school...
There was always problems in the bathroom.
We never had cameras in the bathroom.
I asked them to see where the camera was placed.
She called the high school principal.
Well, I'll tell you what, I don't know how much time you have with us.
You can stay until the next hour if you can, but we've only got a little five-minute segment coming up.
If it's possible, I'd like to keep you 15, 20 minutes in the next hour, because I want to talk to Mac.
I want to talk more to you, Mrs. Champion, because this is so important, and I want to get into what you saw in that video, where you're going from here.
I hope you sue these people's...
You know, into oblivion, because this is such a dangerous precedent.
We'll be right back with our guests, both of them standing up for all our freedoms.
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Talking to our valiant guest, Cindy Champion and Mac Bidor, her son during the break, Mrs. Champion was telling me about how they have the ID cards in surrounding counties and the Social Security numbers on it.
They're turning the schools into prisons, but continuing...
And we're going to hold them over about 15 minutes in the next hour, folks, because this is so important.
We've only got a few minutes left, though, in this hour.
Kind of give us the condensed version, and then we'll come back and talk to some of your son.
Specifically now, you talked to her.
She seems upset.
How did you get to the point to be able to, quote, watch some of the video?
She called the high school principal who had placed the camera and said, we have a parent here that wants to view the video.
What they did is he did come to the middle school office with film in hand or VHS cassette in hand.
He popped it in the machine and he showed me the last two minutes only of the tape.
I cannot attest of what actually was on there past that.
But the two minutes he showed me was where there were three boys involved in taking the
The camera down and disabling it.
Absolute heroes.
They basically showed that coming down, and then Matt grabbed the camera, and they called the bus and left the facility.
After being shown that, and let me also clarify, this is what I saw as far as where the camera was set.
The camera was up in the ceiling in a corner of the room,
It was not.
You could see there were not stall doors.
So you could see in the stalls a little bit.
About a quarter or so of the stall could be seen into.
That you could not see urinals or toilets, just for the record.
Well, in the Tennessee case, there was the whole kit-kat and caboodle right into the showers.
But it doesn't matter.
This shouldn't be anywhere in the bathroom.
Next, it's going to be in the toilet.
Oh, I agree.
Well, I absolutely agree.
This is where I saw my response was that there are other options.
We need to look at other options.
If there's an issue, then...
You know, I did the same suggestion you did.
What about, you know, a hall monitor?
Technically, the hall monitor could be outside the bathroom and hear anything that's going on.
Well, I mean, back in the day when that happened there, if a problem cropped up, they would just start having the coaches or the principals would just come spot-checking.
They'd always catch people.
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
The other thing that concerned me, quite frankly, is that it seems I had a reporter...
From the local Monticello News call me last night, and she wanted to find out, because she had the past statement that the press released that Joshua County School Board had distributed, which said basically nothing.
And, you know, so she was wanting to call and get the full story.
Well, I'll tell you what, stay there.
We'll be right back in 70 seconds with our guest, Mrs. Cindy Champion and her son.
We'll be right back.
Or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, tons of news we haven't even gotten to yet.
There's so much of it.
Your calls.
It's all coming up in this hour, this third edition, this third hour of this Friday edition.
Camera in school bathroom.
We started talking about this a few days ago.
There's been so many cases of this, but this time the young man, Mac Bidor, took the camera down with two of his friends, took it home, and when he took it back to school and they tried to say, hey, we don't like being videotaped, they said, hey, you're suspended for a week.
And it's just total big brother, and that the principals think this is normal is just outrageous.
We're talking to his mother, Cindy Champion, and we're going to bring Mac in here more in just a few minutes.
Cindy, continuing, you got a call from the press trying to learn more of what the principals are actually doing, what they're up to, because they're stonewalling the press right now.
I mean, everybody's refusing to comment, but you were in there day one after this happened.
You had more info.
Tie that together for us, why the press was calling you.
She had dealt with me on issues previously and had understood that if I saw something that was not
Correct, or as it should be.
I was the one to stand up and say, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, this is not correct.
So you do news archiving, so this is your business?
Yeah, I own and operate a company called Track News, and we right now are archiving close to 40 stations around the southeast.
It's called Teleclips here in Austin.
Yeah, exactly.
So you're a total newshound.
This is what you do.
Which is what has, I guess, prompted me to feel the way that I do, to be a little more cautious.
I've been doing what I do for 20 years, and I've seen a lot more things than I wish I'd ever seen.
Yeah, you're informed, okay.
So she called you for more info.
So I had told her one of my primary concerns was that
This does not even seem to be a policy.
That it seemed as if the principal had decided arbitrarily on his own to go ahead and film, which raises issues unto itself.
She indicated to me that she concurred.
She had been at the last three Jasper County board meetings and that never was anything brought up having to do with any kind of security or vandalism or cameras.
There was never a time for a closed-door session either.
When does your son get to go back to school?
Next Wednesday.
And how are his peers?
I mean, is he a hero to them?
Are they happy?
I'll let him answer that question.
How about that?
Mack, I mean, are your friends patting you on the back?
They're telling me that everyone at school is talking about it and everything.
Well, you've got to be careful now.
They're going to probably be after you a little bit.
But I'm sure you're a good boy to begin with, the record show, so you don't have to worry too bad.
But, you know, I've got a plan for you.
You ought to create a student organization and go to school with a couple hundred little handouts and give them out in the halls and stuff.
It's your first moment, right?
And then you guys can meet one day a week or one day a month at school in one of the rooms.
They can't bar you from that.
And you can have the human rights...
Or civil rights or God-given rights meeting.
And you guys can organize and stand up for student rights.
I think it's time to organize.
Yes, sir.
What are your friends saying to you?
They appreciate you standing up for them?
Well, yeah.
It wasn't just me that was doing it.
It was me and my friend Jesse and Keaton.
Well, Jesse and Keaton have done a great job as well.
But have you ever talked to the principal?
What did they say to you?
I don't know.
They just said that Ms.
Massengill, at first she said that she was disappointed with me, and then she said that she was proud of me and everything, and my mom's proud of me, and that's good.
Oh, so she was having a little bit of a conscience pang doing something mean to a patriot.
Yeah, after a little bit.
It took a few minutes for her to soften and get past the no comment stage.
But then, you know, once everything was said and done, she looked at me and hoped that I did the right thing.
Well, that's great for the middle school principal.
We've got to check in to this other fella.
We'll be right back with our two guests after this quick three-minute break, and we'll continue.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back.
Imagine, your child goes to school, they come home,
Mommy, Daddy, there's a video camera watching me in the bathroom.
And folks, there are cases where, again, they're in the showers.
I mean, mainstream news articles.
And the principal gets up and goes, well, bad things could happen in the showers.
Don't get upset.
What's wrong with you people?
Don't you like living in... I mean, this is...
Imagine George Orwell writes the most horrifying futuristic novel of total enslavement in 1948.
Just absolute maximum tyranny, the ultimate evil.
And it's typified in the novel by cameras in the bathrooms.
I mean, he spends page after page on cameras in the bathrooms.
And now our adults are so brainwashed that we're going to put cameras in the showers.
That's freedom.
Got to keep you safe.
Anything to keep you safe.
What about keeping us safe from the government?
Which throughout history is more dangerous than any other force out there.
Talking to the mother of Mac Bidor, Cindy Champion, and we've got news clips and audio up on the website.
I want to play a little clip from this newscast, but because we're short on time, I'll just do it later after our guests have left us.
Cindy, where is this going from here?
I mean, obviously in the community, people are upset.
What are you hearing from other parents when they learn that a camera was in the school?
Because the principal's saying he's going to continue.
This is like a stonewalling, I guess.
I ain't done nothing wrong.
I'm going to continue.
In actuality, that's what he said during the meeting.
And I reminded him of what I do for a living, that I work with media all the time, and just kind of paused and let him understand that I was not going to drop the issue.
He responded that the camera would be going back up.
However, he was going to put it in another place where the children were not going to be able to get to it because obviously where he had it before wasn't a good place.
I said, you're absolutely sure about that and he concurred.
At that point I went back to the middle school principal and apologized to her because I know that this was not actually her decision.
Well, you know, you can shut him down with the point that this thing broadcasts 700 feet and is wireless.
Kids on the school with laptops, anybody can tap into that.
That right there will shut him down.
Oh, absolutely.
Well, immediately once I... I want to point out the police have to get a warrant to do this to you folks, and then they can't put a camera in your bathroom.
Well, and apparently, as per what the DAs are saying in this area...
That if you're a child, you don't have a right.
Yeah, they're circling the wagons.
Children actually have more rights than adults.
This is ridiculous.
And schools like to claim that they're the guardian when your child's there.
That's not true, folks.
And you still have rights.
You still have all the rights.
You're not a prisoner.
Again, thumb scanning to get into schools, ID cards, fences around them, shakedowns.
They're prisons.
Oh, I agree.
The Jasper County Board, the statement that they issued was that they did concur that Mr. Fore had actually put the camera there
That's just circling the wagons.
Their statement did admit that Mr. Forehead told me he was going to put the camera back up.
However, the school board has decided to remove the camera.
So for the second, the issue in the local area has died down, except that they're of the belief
That they have the right to do this.
That puts me in a position...
Of not being able to drop the... Look, this guy doesn't like being proven wrong.
He's going to go get a federal grant to do it.
I read an article two days ago on air where the feds all over the country are putting face scanners in, RFID, tracker badges.
In fact, Georgia is one of the big states doing it, Texas, Illinois, other areas.
You guys need to found an organization right now because I guarantee you that they're going to be back.
No, I don't doubt it.
I don't doubt it at all.
Well, you know, where we stand...
I have gotten mixed reviews from parents.
I'm really proud of what you're doing.
I'd pull my kids out immediately.
What can I do to help?
Mac needs to be punished.
You don't understand.
Those bathrooms need to be monitored.
I've got a wide spectrum.
What percentage is saying we love Big Brother?
Probably about 25%.
I was just about to say, you know what?
They need to go colonize Russia.
Colonize Soviet China.
Oh, by the way, they had big riots three months ago all over China as farmers and young people went in with baseball bats and climbed poles in front of the police and bashed cameras up in parks.
Good for them.
Yeah, so in communist China, folks, where they sell baby parts, the people won't put up with cameras in public places.
But in the home of the free, land of the brave, more like home of the surveilled, land of the slaves, they got cameras up in the bathrooms.
But in China, they will riot over it.
Well, and to be honest with you, so should we.
The concern that I have in looking at my children being in the public school system is that they're taught from a very early on age that all of this is acceptable.
You just hit the nail on the head.
This is all conditioning, not just training them how to be prisoners.
That's exactly right.
I have children that come in because I'm saying, well, I'm upset by them doing that, whatever it happens to be.
And, oh, well, Mom, they need to do this because of safety issues.
Are you aware of the New Freedom Initiative?
Type it into Google.
Not all of it.
It's going to be forced psychological testing and drugging, and the drug company documents were released a year before it passed last year, passed earlier this year, and the executives are bragging, we've got 10% of kids on drugs now.
We'll force 50% on it.
I mean, these are mind-control camps if it gets to that point.
Well, and that's what concerns me, is one, at the time, we've seen our Liberty's
That's absolutely correct.
So something's got to give.
I understand that.
I'm figuring...
You look for a cause, I suppose, and this one has been handed to me on my doorstep, so that's what we're going to do.
I want to see nationwide parents stand up and say, not my kids.
You're not going to film my kids.
I haven't seen my son for eight years in the bathroom, and I've got some principal
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And by the way, hundreds of school districts have cameras in the bathrooms.
You're kidding.
No, I see them all the time.
Hundreds, hundreds that we know of.
I guess that's what I want to do because I'm in the state of Georgia and I haven't heard that there are cameras in the bathroom.
That's why I was so completely shocked.
Oh, listen, there was a Sacramento Bee article last year where the entire city is wired into the police department.
It's on the internet, you know, secure servers, but it's...
Did you see the part about the Tennessee with the girls in the showers that was being shared on the Internet?
Well, I had read that and the charges that had occurred, I think.
There were charges on that particular case.
What I'm looking to do... Oh, I missed that.
You mean the one with the principal that there were charges?
Uh-huh, I think there were.
One of the websites, I was actually Googling cameras and restrooms or bathrooms.
Yeah, well, I know there have been people getting fired over it, but...
Well, and that could be.
Give us your website one more time, then I want to just say a few final things to Mac.
Okay, it's Pacer.org, P-A-C-I-R, and R-R, Parents Against Cameras in Restrooms, if you can't remember the name.
Well, that is a great domain name, Pacer.org.
Everybody had that?
You got that?
I got that.
Well, I'm afraid to link to you.
If you don't have a big server, it's going to get hammered.
Well, you link away.
I've been told of
Of course, in my business, I know a lot of publicists, so I have a publicist that is doing some help for us pro bono.
Well, they messed with the wrong mama.
They're going to let her son be a slave.
In closing here, Mac, I want to get you guys back on in the near future.
I mean, I wish a lady like you would run a local school in this area.
I'd send my kids there.
We need to get back to freedom.
I'm working on a charter school.
That's part of what I'm doing.
You've got to love it.
Freedom lovers think alike.
Mac, I tell you, your mom and folks really brought you up right.
Are you happy that you stood up for freedom?
Are you happy you did what you did against these slave masters?
Yes, I'm real happy.
Anything you want to say to the audience out there listening?
If people are violating your rights in the bathroom or privacy, you should stand up because we're not just the owners that are having to suffer for it.
Because if the camera was up, I wouldn't be the only one that was suffering for it.
Do you want to say anything to Big Brother out there?
You guys are ridiculous.
Get over yourself.
I hate him.
I hate him, too.
Because I love freedom.
And I don't want my family growing up in a situation like this.
All right.
We will keep track of this as it develops and hopefully get you both back on in a few weeks.
Well, you probably won't be able to be back on.
You'll be back in school.
But hopefully get your mother back on in the near future.
And if you want to write any articles for us or send us anything, any press releases, TimpsonInfoWars.com, Mrs. Champion.
And we'll get it up on the website.
Okay, well, thank you for having us.
Thanks a million, and Godspeed.
You bet.
Thank you.
You bet.
We're going to break and come back for about ten minutes with a very special guest, because they're doing such a great job that they need to be supported.
Then we'll take calls and hit a smattering of other key news items we haven't even gotten to yet.
We've got 40 minutes exactly left in this worldwide broadcast.
On the MNFM dial, shortwave internet, and satellite.
And we'll be right back after this quick break.
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We're going to win this thing.
We don't want to be forced to take microchips as police chiefs are now openly saying they want to.
We don't want to be forced to have cameras in the bathrooms.
We're just the normal people.
See, we're the normal people.
We're with the founding fathers.
We're with common sense.
We're with decency.
We're with honor.
Leave the enemy.
Join us.
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All right, for the next...
15 minutes or so, and we'll go right to your calls, I promise.
This segment, a little bit of the next segment, we'll go right to your calls, 1-800-259-9231, and cover some other news.
But for the next segment, and a little bit of the next, I've got just an amazing guest, and he is not a sponsor of this show.
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Marty, it's great to have you on with us.
I thank you very much, Alex.
I've heard so much about you, and someday I'd like to hear your side.
Well, you know, I'll tell you what, Marty.
Tell folks about Calbin, why it's so good, why it's so inexpensive, how it's family-owned, and what it doesn't have in it.
That's what's really important.
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Well, I'm not kidding.
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Cal-Ben doesn't do that.
It's just good cleaning systems from Mother Nature.
This is what our goal was.
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The family, what they go through right now,
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You know what lint is, don't you?
That's why every time, exactly with your subsystem, the lint tray doesn't fill up half as fast as it does these detergents, which bleach them out and eat them.
And it's all a big program with the textile makers and the rest of it.
Marty, do a few more minutes with us.
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And he goes, well, obviously, Procter, Colgate, and others totally have it locked up.
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And then just type in the side effects of one of those chemicals.
It's unbelievable.
Look, I believe in this.
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Marty, give them the toll-free number to get a free catalog.
Or tell us about some of the different little specials you've got on...
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58 years ago.
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CalBenPeerSoap.com or 1-800-340-7091.
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Now, you've got the $14 sampler pack.
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What other packages?
I mean, do you have like six-month, year supplies?
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That's what I got that time.
Total delivered, $165.
Comes out to $3.25 a week.
Now, I've heard you do the math before, and I've read this in financial publications, too, and it was accurate what I heard you say on air one time when you were on with Trudeau years ago.
How much do we normally spend on soap?
I have statistical evidence, which I'll send you, that shows you for every dollar spent in the supermarket, 18 to 21 cents of that dollar goes for cleaning chemicals.
If you're spending $100 a week for your steaks and seafood and vegetables and cleaning supplies and canned goods, $100 a week, lowball figure, out of that $100, $20 is going for cleaning chemicals, for Tide and all.
And you'll reduce that down to what, $5?
$20 a week times 52 weeks is over $1,000 going down the drain with nothing to show for it.
Our cost factor to you is $3 a week.
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But again, the globalists are shysters.
So see, they set up a system again.
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Folks, give him a call, 800-340-7091.
God bless you, and good to have you on, Marty.
Thank you very much.
Can I close with a poem?
Dear little soul, he has no time for birth control.
That is why in times like these, we have so many sons of bees.
You're funny.
Take care.
Thank you.
He's a real character, folks.
You bet.
You can hear the phones ringing.
People all the time want me to sponsor this, sponsor that, sponsor this magic cure, sponsor this little pyramid, sponsor this product, that product.
A lot of them, I'm sure, are good.
I just don't do it.
This is a person who I could get to be a sponsor.
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He's heard about the show.
You know what?
I just wanted to have him on, because I don't care.
I just want you to get this soap and enjoy it.
All right, that's enough.
I'm going to take a bunch of your calls now.
I appreciate folks sitting through that.
But it's important.
I mean, it's important.
You're getting ripped off.
I've seen the numbers.
It's insane.
We use only organic cleaners now in my house, and the price has gone way down, and much of what we use is Calbin.
I mean, it's just good stuff.
All right, I'm going to... I said I'd shut up, but I'm not shutting up.
I said my wife's a big fan, so.
Let's go to Johnny in Nevada, then David, Steve, Jeff, and Frank.
Johnny has come marching home.
Welcome, Johnny.
Hey, Alex.
I've been using all organic foods and drinking spring-fed bottled water, and I've been feeling a whole lot better myself.
And I would recommend to anyone that you really look into that and start eating right, because my energy levels have gone way up.
But what I wanted to talk about, Alex, was I was a forward observer in the 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, for three years.
And you were talking about white phosphorus earlier.
We would do these simulated training missions where we would parachute out of a C-130 and then we'd march through the woods and we would simulate taking a city.
I haven't been to Iraq and I'm not sure what's going on over there as far as how they're capturing Fallujah or Ramada or places like that.
We were trained that you don't call in white phosphorus, Willie P. You don't call that in on a city.
In fact, we were trained that you don't call in artillery on a city, period.
All the training that we did was conventional type training where you would call in artillery rounds, but none of it was urban training.
Now we do these exercises where as a forward observer we would be tasked out to our respective infantry platoon and we would go in there but basically all that we were once the fighting hit the city was we were people, we were just a guy with a radio and a rifle and that was it.
And we'd relay stuff for the infantry commanders and for the platoon leaders and things of that nature but we never were taught or trained
You call in artillery in a city, especially white phosphorus.
Well, they destroyed over one-third of Fallujah, and they were just on the news, we're going to level the city, and they wouldn't even let men over the age of 11 leave, so it was basically just an extermination operation.
Well, I'm just telling you, as a soldier, I don't doubt you, Alex, but what I'm saying is that as a soldier, we were taught that... No, I understand.
You're saying that isn't even accepted tactics, and that's what they said when this happened at Fallujah.
This is not what we're supposed to do.
Well, it's against the law of land warfare.
We were taught that the law of land warfare... Well, it's against the law of land warfare to torture people, but they're doing it.
Well, I mean, I really need to just look at the news and see all that.
I have a hard time seeing...
Soldiers calling in artillery on a city.
We were trained not to do that.
Of course, this was six years ago when I was in.
Well, it's been admitted they were dropping it.
They were dropping it out of airplanes and artillery as well.
I mean, they pounded Fallujah.
Well, the thing about artillery, as far as field artillery, is it's an area weapon.
It's not a precision weapon, and you can't distinguish between...
Well, you know, we got these guys, and they're in this building, and we drop an artillery round.
It's targeting this entire grid sector and flattening it.
Right, right.
So that's why, you know, we don't call in artillery into an urban warfare situation, because you knock down one building, yeah, you might get the guys that you're fighting, but you're also going to, you know, blow anybody else standing, you know, a couple blocks away.
Yeah, and I thought we were there liberating them.
All right, well, thank you for the call.
I tell you, that one caller in the first hour talking about white phosphorus, that really started the ball rolling.
David in Mass, you're on the air.
Alex, how are you today?
Good, sir.
Did you hear about the latest fake terror alert?
It happened about a couple of hours ago.
Have you been up on this?
Did somebody call in about this?
No, I guess I'm in my own little bubble here.
What's going on?
All right, here it is, I mean, from Fox Fantasies.
I passed by and saw it, and they got it first.
Several Connecticut courthouses evacuated because of unspecified threat.
Let me read a couple things.
Courthouses around the state of Connecticut were evacuated Friday because of an unspecified threat.
Authorities said the call was phoned in this morning to Governor M. Jody Rill's constituent office against the unspecified courthouse.
Courthouses in Waterbury, New Haven, New London, Danielson, Bridgeport, and Hartford
Rockville were evacuated.
Oh, New London.
So I guess now you can't protest them because they're under Al-Qaeda threat.
One phone call comes in and we all learn to grovel and be good little slaves, but the border stays wide open.
Wide open, right.
Well, Alex, here's the interesting thing, though.
This was supposedly Associated Press.
Now, I went to Newsday, which is, I thought, Associated's main page.
They haven't even got anything posted on it.
And then I went to CNN and posted it at 125.
And MSNBC didn't post anything on it.
So I think this is fake, Alex.
Another conditioning thing.
Well, there is constant fear-mongering.
I mean, look.
Again, I'll state this.
They say the police are aggressively going to quote at the people under siege, surround buildings, banks, grocery stores, malls, and search everyone.
Now, that's what the police chief and deputy chief said.
Because of unspecified threats that the Fed said.
Well, that's like, again, if you think terrorists are going to attack somewhere in the country, they randomly pick a farmhouse to go stake out with the Army.
I mean, it's just totally ridiculous.
It's only to train us to be slaves and show our papers.
Well, Alex, how about the other thing?
Where's been all the stories on bird flu?
That sort of just dropped off the radar, hasn't it?
I mean, that was supposed to wipe out all of it.
There hasn't been practically anything.
I think I noticed something on Prison Planet that you may have posted yesterday or something, but I haven't seen anything in the mainstream about bird flu in the past two weeks.
Well, they reported that some quail had a low virulent strain of it in California, but it turns out it's just a strain akin to the latest mutation.
It's not even bird flu.
Again, nothing but lying fear-mongering.
Yeah, I mean, I guess since they had World AIDS Day yesterday, of course they had to divert our attention to that.
Well, look, I mean, all over the country, courthouses, state and federal, have gotten packs of things that say anthrax on it, and that was in the late 90s.
And then Congress did a study on how to mail weaponized anthrax to the mail.
And then I've seen countless times where the local FBI did a drill and didn't tell the rest of their employees that it wasn't real anthrax to judge the response.
And, oh, there was a nuclear spill in Austin, and then in Kyle, and then they announced at midnight, okay, it was a drill.
Totally criminal!
The city was panicking.
This was before 9-11.
They do this because at the psychological level, it is associated as real.
There aren't real terrorists attacking us.
You're 300 and, what is it, where is it, 360 or 390, I'll dig it out, times more likely to die in an automobile accident than you are for terrorism.
That's right, Alex.
It's just illusionary reality.
That's all I got for you.
Thank you.
I'm trying to find that since I mentioned it.
I covered it yesterday.
Guest told from road accidents 390 times that from terrorism study.
You know, it's kind of interesting getting older.
I always had 2015 vision better than 2020, folks.
Now I need to go get them tested.
I think I've actually, my eyesight is not as good as it used to be.
I was out shooting a few weeks ago, and I was having trouble with open sights at 100 yards with the light level, getting my sight right in the right spot.
And it's the same thing with my memory.
They say after, what, age 25, you start really losing brain mass every day.
A certain amount of cells die.
That's why you've got to keep learning new things, and it re-energizes the brain.
But just a year ago, I would know that that said 390 times.
I would know that a year later.
I would know that two years later.
Almost a photographic memory.
Like 95%, 98% retention.
Not the case anymore.
Still really good, but I wasn't confident.
I've been making so many mistakes on numbers lately and articles.
Not so many.
One or two a week that I've caught.
And they're usually almost... See, I said 360.
No, maybe 390.
I pulled it out.
A French news agency.
Death toll from road accidents 390 times that from terrorism.
Study shows.
In a study of industrialized nations over several decades, it is 390 times, folks.
And the newest part of the study was in 2001.
And then it just goes through it.
Then the next 26 days on American roads, as many died as died on 9-11.
In 26 days, 3,000 people.
But who wants to know about my mental capacity and mental faculties?
It doesn't really matter.
It's just interesting that the site's not Superman anymore.
The memory isn't Superman anymore.
I'm kind of glad!
All right.
Let's go ahead and take... I guess it takes a toll on you working 18 hours a day for year after year.
Let's go ahead and take a call.
Steve in Colorado.
Go ahead.
Hi there, Alex.
Hey, pardon me for kind of putting you on the spot with this one, I guess, a little bit, but
Do you know of any video of the first aircraft that hit the World Trade Center?
Do you know of any video that's out there?
Yeah, there's video of it.
Do you have any on your site at all?
Yeah, I have it actually in my films.
It was shot by the French news crew.
Ah, okay.
Remember that?
No, actually, unfortunately, I don't.
They were the ones covering the firefighters, and it's the one where they're out there and they're firefighters, and they're actually getting the camera on testing and about to do an interview, and all of a sudden they hear it and he pans up and catches it.
Okay, is it on your... Also, Mexican TV got it, too.
Yeah, I've got it somewhere.
Right in front of me, I don't have it.
Okay, I guess it's probably on your 9-11 video, then, eh?
Yes, it's the... I mean, I can't exactly describe it.
I mean, it's hard to describe on radio what you're seeing.
But it's the one where you see a fire engine, some firefighters, and they're talking, and somebody goes, what the bleep?
And the camera pans up, and it goes... Oh, wow, okay.
And then second question, I'm sure you're probably aware of the meetings that went on in Waco of Bush, President Bush, and Canadian Prime Minister Martin and Vicente Fox back in March.
Do you know who sponsored them?
The White House.
It was like the Border Council.
Stay there, I'll talk about it.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
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Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
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Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
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I want to jam three final callers in here.
Here at the end of the show on this Friday.
Look, it's not negative that we sit here and expose all this evil.
It's positive that we're exposing it and leaving it
To fester only makes things worse, folks.
It's an infection.
But, yeah, that thing was sponsored by Bush and the Republican Party, I remember.
And also that CFR Border Council that's recommending the merger.
But, no, and they hammered out there the Trans-Napta Highway and all of this stuff.
But I tell you, Hugo Chavez is throwing a big fat monkey wrench into that.
Go ahead, Steve, and finish up.
Well, so Bush knows exactly what he's doing when he's integrating us into
Or the NAFTA integrating the North American continent into one political region as opposed to... Well, when we say Bush, you've got to know he takes naps two hours a day, works out three hours a day.
He's a dilettante.
But yes, the apparatus that controls Bush, yes, of course.
Yeah, unfortunately, it's really the staff, the CFR staff, that's really pulling the strings.
Publicly, they write a report, give it to Canada and the U.S., and it's passed a month later.
I mean, they literally run this country.
Thanks for the call.
And they brag about it.
Of course, it's all the former bank chairmen and senators and current ones.
It's the power elite.
There's over 2,000, 2,500 of them, and there's elites within that elite.
Let's talk to Jeff in Denver.
Quickly, Jeff, go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, I just wanted to briefly say about, well, first of all, everybody needs to listen very carefully because there's not enough radio talk show hosts to talk about this.
And actually, I think it's in one of your videos, Alex.
In 1978, or maybe it was 79, President Bush, and this is a very important topic, stated that the world's population must be eliminated by 65% because of the world's resources.
And of course, if you take the numbers, the mathematicians and the scientists, for the population today versus, say, 2020, in any event, there's not going to be enough.
So what they do is...
They come out with all these viruses and diseases to try to control... Well, that's admitted.
They've been caught red-handed.
Thanks for the call.
Frank in West Virginia.
Go ahead, Frank.
Hi, Alex.
I remember years ago on, I believe it was a news program called 2020, there was a video shown of one of the more draconian police states out in the Orient, one of the first world nations over there.
I forget which one.
Yes, that was it.
Did you remember ever seeing that?
It showed... No, I didn't know about it.
If you stick a bubble gum on the ground, you get a year in prison.
Yes, they showed a camera in the men's bathroom.
The guy walks up to the urinal and leaves, does not flush, doesn't wash his hands, goes out on the street.
Next thing you know, he's arrested.
They handcuffed this guy and arrested him.
No, no, sir.
Singapore and China are the models, and Singapore is, next to Finland, as bad as it gets.
World leaders in evil.
I just remember at the time, it made such an impression to me, I thought, good grief, I'd never live in that country.
I'd do everything I could to get out of that country.
Well, the New World Order bought that country, and it's totally owned by the globalists, and that's their model, and everybody's moving there.
It is going to be one of the major New World Order capitals.
That island nation.
Well, I never thought we'd see it here, but now you can't hardly find a restaurant to go into.
It doesn't have a camera looking over your shoulder.
I don't know if they're looking for people to steal the silverware or what it is.
It's not over the cash registers or at the doorway necessarily only for somebody who might rob the place.
Yeah, I mean, a camera's just a tool.
I'm not against it either.
It's the big brother overuse of them.
We're out of time.
Thanks for bringing up Singapore.
Yeah, that's important.
All right, folks, we are out of time today.
But I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central, and rebroadcast throughout the weekend and back on Monday.
Hope to see you there with us, God willing.
And listen, Christmas specials, holiday specials, 75 plus percent off.
Buy one DVD and get the next one for $10.
I mean, just the deals are insane.
Go to InfoWars.com.
Take advantage of them.
Give the gift of information and information warfare to your friends and family.
Put them on AXS TV.
Get them out to folks.
I want to commend those that have.
Infowars.com or get a membership at PrisonPlanet.tv.
And we'll see you back on Monday.
Everybody out there, thank you so much for caring about freedom.
And I'll see you.
God bless you all.
We're good to go.