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Air Date: Nov. 28, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is the 28th day.
Of November 2005.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
No guests today.
In fact, I had some guests, but I told my producer to cancel them because I got a lot of news to cover.
So much has happened.
I took off, of course, Thanksgiving and Friday to spend time with the family and get some work done that I had been procrastinating on.
And then, of course, I spent many evenings up late just reading news, reading legislation,
Looking at what the New World Order is doing, so many scandals broke, so many incredible revelations emerged on an entire front of issues.
We've got things happening with the torture, things happening with the war, things happening with the police state, the military, and our lives.
Just so much is coming up.
We're also going to have wide open phones.
The toll free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
I'd imagine a lot of you over the weekend watched some television or read the newspaper and saw something that you wanted to talk about or an issue that you wanted to expose.
Whether you agree with us or you disagree with us, if you want to talk about issues in the geopolitical realm or nationally or locally in your area that pertain to what's happening in our society and our world and this imperial world government we're facing, then you're welcome to join us here on the broadcast today.
We're to start.
There's so much.
Trophy video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers for enjoyment.
And they actually laugh and, you know, watch me kill this one, watch me kill that one.
Imagine just sitting off the side of the road as families and men and women just are driving to work and just shooting them with extreme pleasure.
Now, I have this tape somewhere.
I don't have the staff to watch it, the staff to log it, but during the invasion, the live television footage, especially off of Fox, because they were the special lapdog embeds, back when this government was still very arrogant and getting away with everything, I watched it live.
Now, remember, in my living room, taping it on VHS tape.
Now, I tend to use the...
Digital recorder device the last few years, but then I never dump it to tape or dump it to disc and then just lose it.
But back in the day, in fact, I still record on VHS quite a lot.
I just recorded hundreds of hours of the war.
I just thought, oh, I'll make a documentary about this, and I need to have this for a record.
And then they're just most of them unlabeled tapes in a big box that says Iraq Invasion.
And I didn't watch contractors shoot innocent people.
I was watching Fox Television.
I bet a lot of you were watching it as it happened.
It was pretty dynamic.
They're going into Baghdad.
No one was resisting them.
Our government had openly paid off the Republican Guard and two of the three major regular army groups.
And I watched them on major highways.
It looked like L.A., kind of.
The palm trees, the big eight-lane highways, five-lane highways.
And just delivery trucks, cars full of families.
I mean, it was up close.
They were told to just shoot everything that moves.
Imagine going into a city of 5 million people and literally almost no resistance.
People just living their lives, trying to evacuate, driving around.
And it showed them just shooting cars and people falling dead out of them.
And I was watching actual mass murder on Fox television with the embeds off of, I guess, a satellite phone video.
Some of the video was broken.
You know, that low-quality internet video.
But I've got it all on tape in a big box.
I guess I do need a bunch of interns to go through it all.
The question is, you get interns in here, would they really want to actually sit there and do work?
Most people end up not wanting to.
But, I mean, so we've got this new article here about, ooh, there's a video of them killing innocent people for fun.
Well, I mean, it was on national TV, the same thing.
I mean, none of this is new.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'll tell you what.
This is what I'm going to do.
I'm just going to read the headlines here, and then I'm going to start trying to...
Judiciously as I can, going through it.
Trophy video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers, London Telegraph, a neocon publication, but still having to admit that they trade these videos.
It's like baseball cards.
Of just, hey, look at that ugly bleeper.
I'm going to shoot that bleeper in the head.
It's a woman walking with a child, and they just pop her, and this is a video on the web, and her head just turns into a red vapor, and they sit around laughing.
I mean, literally, just for enjoyment, they didn't set a tin can up.
They didn't shoot a wild goat or something, which is bad enough to just shoot it and leave it lay.
No, they killed a woman with her little four-year-old child walking beside her.
And I hear the neocons on the radio.
These people aren't humans.
They want to get us.
They're subhumans.
They're coming over here to get us.
They want to kill us.
Literally, it's like the Nazis.
The Nazis thought everybody was subhuman that wasn't basically Germanic or Visigoth or Austriagoth.
And they just went out and started murdering.
And they felt good about it.
I mean, they felt good and they believed in it and they thought it was okay.
And I watched on Fox TV live as they invaded.
I watched the Marines going into Baghdad on highways that looked just like L.A.
I mean, it looked just like L.A.
The palm trees, everything.
And just cars, families, everybody just shooting across the other lane, killing everyone.
I mean, literally, you'd see windshields just filled with bullets and people falling out of doors, dead, families, women.
You could see dead kids, bloated, and then we saw the photos of it.
Just whole splattered families, murdered.
Troops running over little family cars because they think they were stealing firewood out of a field, laughing at it, machine gunning the vehicle first, and we played that.
And so now it's, ooh, it's alleged.
You read the article, well, it's not alleged.
These videos are all over the Internet.
They're told it's okay.
They're told it's so kosher to do this that they don't even hide it.
Now, you see, I said I was going to read headlines, but I looked at this one article today about this new scandal
Trophy video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers.
A trophy video appearing to show security guards in Baghdad randomly shooting Iraqi civilians has sparked two investigations.
After it was posted on the internet, the Sunny Telegraph can reveal.
By the way, they shot that woman with a little kid in Basra.
That was like two years ago, and they did that with reporters with them.
Can you imagine what they're doing when there aren't reporters there?
The video has sparked concern that private security companies which are not subject to any form of regulation either in Britain or Iraq could be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Iraqis.
What are you talking about?
The video, which first appeared on a website that has been linked unofficially to Aegis Defense Services, contained four separate clips in which security guards opened fire with automatic rifles at civilian cars.
All of the shooting incidents appear to have took place on the Route Irish, or a road that links to the Baghdad airport.
And then it just gets into how it's a big joke on the video and how they do it and how they shoot them up.
This is nothing compared to the others.
I mean, it was on Fox Television.
And again, for those that say, well, that city was attacking our men when we were in there.
Let me explain something to people out there.
Our own government paid off the entire Republican Guard weeks before the invasion.
In gold, in dollars, and in euros.
We're talking as much as 50 million per general.
Helicopters would land with special forces and loaded the generals on two days before the war even started.
They were being taken out of the country.
And then leaving their final orders not to fight.
This is how the globalists operate, folks.
They stage wars.
They had to put us into the trap first.
Get us caught in the trap and then start eating us alive.
Oh, that's the plan.
This war is all meant to hurt America.
This is all meant to come out.
That's why the men have been told they're allowed to kill and rape and do all this.
And then it's all documented and the CIA takes pictures.
Then they're released.
We're playing like three-dimensional, four-dimensional chess here.
I mean, this is light years ahead of chess.
This is very sophisticated.
But how do we know this?
Rumsfeld told us.
We're meant to look bad.
We're meant to enrage the Arabs.
We're meant to actually create a jihad or holy war.
Do you understand that?
It's all meant to come out.
All of it.
I guess I'm not going to go through just all the articles and just read the headlines.
I guess I'm going to do this first.
Because, I mean, how do you not talk about this?
It's so horrible.
And by the way, these Marines and Army soldiers and other people, they're going to come back here.
They're going to be police captains.
They're going to be police sergeants.
They're going to be part of the new emergency management FEMA command centers and the local liaisons from the Defense Department.
These are going to be the guys.
Driving around in their sports cars and living in their $3,000 a month apartments with all their topless dancer girlfriends who are just, all they are is gangsters, and they're going to be ruling our lives, enjoying themselves like Roman centurions, doing anything Caesar tells them if they just get to have some power and feed on us.
And let me just tell these punks something.
Let me just tell you something.
You try the stuff you're doing over in Iraq, and believe me, you're not going to get away with it.
And I know you're here in Austin, and I know you're gooning around, dealing your drugs, and doing your hits, and doing everything you do, and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
You're a bunch of punks!
And that's all Iraq is, is a giant laboratory.
At another level of this, it is a breeding ground, a training ground, a blooding ground to train their pit bulls, to train their bull mastiffs, to literally bloody these dogs, these devil dogs, and then bring them back here!
You've heard Ron Paul, the Congressman, tell you this.
You've heard Paul Craig Roberts, number two at Treasury, really the father of Reaganomics, doesn't get any more conservative than that on their show saying they're getting them ready for here.
This is what they're really doing!
This isn't a joke!
This isn't a game!
The government admits that Macedonia and Serbia and Bosnia and Afghanistan and Iraq and the hundred plus other countries our troops are in doing this exact same thing right now, being ordered to do this.
And they find out who will and who won't.
And those names go into computers and databases.
They're building an army of evil.
An army of darkness.
An army.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have Reuters photos and video.
I have an entire section on InfoWars.com.
With just all the evil the troops are doing.
And the festoon with human skulls.
With 666 spray painted on the helicopters and the tanks.
A large portion of them, heavy metal music blaring.
Can you imagine being the Iraqis and down your road comes Abrams Tanks with huge speakers with heavy metal music going...
That's the kind of favorite German death metal, heavy metal music with 666 and Skulls.
I'm just making up the German, but that's the kind of stuff.
I mean, I see clips, I see it in films, I read about it, I talk to troops who come back.
It's real popular, just this evil death metal.
I mean, that's the kind of music, ladies and gentlemen.
I think I ought to go find that kind of music online and just play it.
Can you imagine the Iraqis, the hires, the tanks roll?
They're just shooting women, raping, killing, slurring, running around, foaming at their mouth.
Meanwhile, we've got all these good troops who are committing suicide.
They're so upset.
We've got colonels and people that blow the whistle and then get killed by the contractors.
They're getting out.
They're shooting themselves in the legs to get out.
They're freaking out.
They're coming back and telling us the stories.
And then Bruce Willis gets up on TV and goes, I was there in Baghdad.
It's wonderful.
Yeah, a 30-minute tour in the green zone.
Our boys are heroes, and they love what we're doing in Iraq.
Everything's going really great.
It's a bunch of liberal lies.
We tell you something, Willis.
Hillary says we need to invade Syria and Iran.
Bill Clinton says, stay the course.
Stay the course over there.
It'll be really good.
Henry Kissinger comes out.
Well, I tell you, it would be disastrous if we were to pull out.
Mr. President.
Chuckie Schumer.
The Democrats...
Are just playing a political football going, well, it wasn't done right.
Oh, but we've got to stay.
And all the real analysts agree.
We pull out of there, and it will lessen the infighting, and it will just stabilize.
And that's who's already in control, the Iranian-backed individuals.
And that was the plan all along, radicalize that entire region, and then just build these armored keeps, these armored bases, that basically I-4 international NATO troops ran.
That was the plan in 1983, that's the plan now.
We have all the actual white paper battle plans.
Declassified, many were never even classified.
Just openly saying that's the plan.
Make the Arabs hate us, turn it into civil war, build permanent bases that just control the pipelines, and don't let the oil flow to jack up prices.
You see, by the oil not flowing, they jack up the prices.
It is about the oil, but not in the way the general public thinks.
I hear neocons every day, we ain't even getting that oil right now.
Thought it was bad oil.
Well, absolutely it is.
They basically shut down one of their biggest competitors, one of the biggest oil reserves in the world.
Got articles right here where the Iraqi people aren't getting any of the money either.
It's actually just the small amount of oil that's allowed to be sold is given to select U.S.
and British companies.
Just open evil.
And troops running around playing satanic music.
And they're all coming back, and they're all going to be cops in the new national ID card, FaceScan America.
And they're all going to follow their orders.
And they're all real good now at SWAT teaming houses and breaking up families and dragging men away and interrogating people and beating them up and shooting them in the back of the head.
They're all real good killers now, and they've got a taste for it.
They've rendered a lot of flesh.
And they're going to have meltdowns and shoot people at shopping malls.
They're going to have meltdowns and kill their whole families.
Like the unit of Delta Force comes back.
Four guys from one squadron kill their whole families.
Yeah, that's what we got.
Oh, but maybe the family was with Al-Qaeda.
These men do no wrong.
Get on your knees and let them blow your brains out.
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It's not just in Michael Moore's little watered-down, whitewashed, meant-to-do verse.
Fahrenheit 9-11.
But in there, they're playing the heavy metal about burn, burn, burn, kill, kill, kill.
And it shows the tankers going, we love this music, we play it, the Iraqis like it.
I mean, just imagine that.
That's like in the horror movie where the evil troops take over the city and they come rolling in in their tanks with skulls on them and playing satanic music.
I mean, that's what the bad guys do.
The archetypal, Vader-esque...
type image is what our troops are projecting.
And then the private contractors are just going around shooting everything that moves.
And the Pentagon knows.
Generals are sent over there and they go, well, this is going to cause everything to backfire on us.
Oh, that's it.
You're fired.
You're removed.
Shut up.
Then Ann Coulter comes out in an editorial and says, the answer is take the gloves off.
Kill even more innocent people.
She actually said that.
Just kill more civilians.
So what?
Get mean.
Show them.
Some little pencil-necked chick who writes at a fifth-grade level.
I mean, I've read one of her books, folks.
I've debated her.
She's really stupid.
Pontificating about how she's conservative.
Just kill them.
Get really rough with them.
That'll show those rebels what everybody knows is going to totally make everybody resist.
But that's the plan.
Do the globalists make more money if we'd have been there for six months, got everything fixed and pulled out, which actually could have been done?
It was never meant to be done.
No, we'll be there decades.
They've said a lifetime, generations, 12 years on top of 20 years.
Well, we'll be there for 12 years, but basis for another 20 after that.
Well, what does that mean?
And then meanwhile, there's this memo.
Where Bush is, there's actually transcripts, because they transcribe everything the president says, everything Blair says, and the memos are written about it, where Tony Blair's like, oh, no, listen, Bush, you don't want to bomb Qatar, where our allies are based.
You don't want to bomb Al Jazeera.
Well, I've already done it twice.
I can do what I want.
And then now it comes out and they say, oh, that was just joking.
Oh no, you just bombed Al Jazeera twice.
In Baghdad, accidentally a smart bomb goes right through the roof and kills everybody.
And the exact same thing went over in Afghanistan, in Kandahar.
Just magically smart bombs down the chimney both times.
Well, they're a bunch of Arabs, and they're reporting on our movements, and they've got to be... Oh, yeah.
And they're based in a country that's the globalist ally.
And Blair had to explain to him, oh, you can't do that.
That's another country.
And Bush says, oh, I don't occupy... So then they run out and they tell British reporters, we'll arrest you if you print any of this.
And then on top of it,
They do arrest two individuals in the government that leaked the memo.
So now in England, they're arresting people because they're exposing Bush's incredible corruption.
I don't want to hear it's national security.
Bush and Blair can give all the secrets to China and Pakistan, whoever else they want for nuclear weapons, and that's okay.
Rumsfeld can give nuclear reactors in North Korea.
Yes, on the board of ABB, the Swiss company.
And no one even knows about it.
But there's all these little excuses being made.
Oh, really?
They're on the verge of passing a law in Australia where if you criticize the government in any way concerning military matters, you will be given seven years in prison.
No habeas corpus, no due process.
Go straight to jail.
We're actually talking about Joseph Stalin stuff.
Adolf Hitler stuff.
Fidel Castro behavior.
Grade A. Not a shadow of it.
The real bonafide.
The true animal.
And they're trying to pass similar laws here in America.
So a pall of evil, a sheet of darkness has descended.
A curtain, an iron curtain is descending on the Western world.
We actually have Caesars seizing control of our governments for their own private interest to erect a global empire.
And we've got foolish Americans who think that we're somehow part of the empire.
As the preparations and the systems are being set up to totally enslave us to a greater level than anyone in the Imperium.
Anyone in greater Oceania.
Textbook, classic, total, 110%, afterburners on, mega-tyranny, total, armor-plated, black, scaly, fanged,
Juggernaut, Cyclopsian, Colossus, open, classical, thoroughbred, maximum tyranny.
Just total is being set up right in front of you.
The Nazis didn't brag about torture.
The Nazis didn't brag about shooting innocent women and children.
They were smart enough to hide it because they were embarrassed of it.
Not America.
We are so decadent and so evil with all our porno shows and Fox TV and all of it that we just gotta like it.
Kill them, eh, human?
You think we can send our troops over there to do that and that we're gonna be safe from them?
What's wrong with you?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 1-800-845-3841.
John, Joe, Virginia, your calls are coming up.
Let me just run through the news I've got here in front of me.
Next stop, Big Brother, and this is an article out of Denver, where they just pull the buses over and demand to see everybody's ID randomly, and they don't even look at them.
Again, if there's any illegal aliens on board, of course, that's ignored selectively.
The word's out.
It's a sanctuary city.
But it's about training you just to accept it.
You're being domesticated.
I heard Gary Brownfield talking about that this morning, and he talked about the domestication.
Because he's an old farmer rancher.
See, we get it.
So many people don't, folks.
You're just being trained, broken like a horse.
That's all that's happening.
And then I just have this about trophy video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers for fun.
Another one, Iraq abuse as bad as Saddam era.
This is out of the BBC, the former Iraqi prime minister.
Alawi has called for immediate action against human rights abuses.
Such abuses are as bad today as they were under Saddam Hussein.
Mr. Alawi told Britain's Observer newspaper.
You know, Alawi actually blew up school buses and movie theaters and is a mass murderer and openly walked in when he was prime minister and would line people up to show his men how to be tough and would shoot them in the head.
So this is like having Herman Goering being the head judge in the Nuremberg trials.
I mean, literally.
So they've been caught running all these torture chambers, and it's actually increased what it was under our boy who we put in, Saddam, same policy.
And then we have a laowee going around talking about how horrible it is.
It's really a sick joke, folks.
They'll have some blue-ribbon commission about this, and then they'll just recommend, well, the government didn't do anything wrong, and it's okay.
soldiers reprimanded for burning bodies.
This is the type of news I have every day.
MI5 given secret prisons data and approves of torture and engages in their own torture.
Another BBC article.
Here's another one.
Habeas what?
And it says the foundation of American law is the writ of habeas corpus, the great writ established in English common law by the Magna Carta in 1215.
I always say 1214.
See, folks, I get stuff wrong.
Establish the principle that anyone in...
Police custody must either be charged with a crime or be set free.
Maybe the Battle of Runnymede was 1215, and then out of that they hammered out the Magna Carta.
Maybe that's it.
1214 just sticks in my head.
Well, it doesn't matter.
The principle was survived more than 200 years in American law, except for two glaring instances when it was suspended.
Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, so his administration could arbitrarily imprison suspected Southern sympathizers.
That was the elected Congress, by the way.
They arrested a bunch of people.
Not freedom, folks.
You see that?
And it wasn't about slavery, by the way.
Abraham Lincoln said that.
I continue.
And Franklin Roosevelt during World War II, so his administration could detain 70,000 Japanese Americans in internment camps.
Yeah, and take their property while their sons fought in the war on our side.
Now we are in the midst of a third instance of the great writ being flouted by a president.
It has nothing to do with fighting terrorism.
And it goes into it.
These are torture training camps to create cadres of torturers.
We've had General Karpinski on to talk about it, and many others.
Coming up, I want to play this clip.
White House pushed UK to kill Al Jazeera bombing stories from the Brad blog up on prisonplanet.com.
Interesting little report here.
Again, I just cannot get over the fact that they say it's a joke now.
Our government, our corrupt government that's been hijacked by terrorists...
Has already bombed Al Jazeera, which, by the way, is mild compared to Al Arabian and the rest of them.
I believe this is all a shill at a certain level.
A foil, whatever you want to call it, out there moiling around for them.
Tony Blair's talking about, oh no, sir, that's a bad idea.
And they've classified the document.
They're saying, don't you dare release any of the rest of it.
You'll be arrested.
People who've read it have said, no, no, this was... They were actually talking about targets.
Bush was saying he was going to attack it.
Blair talks him down, saying this will be disastrous.
This will backfire for us.
And then now these people who are congenital liars, they just lie every other sentence.
It's just a complete fabrication mixed with truth to confuse people.
We're good to go.
But again, so many people associate their personal power, they associate themselves with Bush, like they're part of the power, like they're part of the system.
So many good old boys I know, even wealthy people, you know, who are middle class, and they've already said, well, all right, maybe they were behind 9-11 Alice, but we've got to get people going for a bigger, better agenda.
I mean, sure, that's just how things are done.
You're so sick, and you think you're safe in all of this.
Then there's just the dumbed-down mass of people out there who just don't even know how geopolitical systems operate.
So we'll get more into that.
And then I throw this back in your face.
All of the top liberals, supposed liberals, are the most vehement supporters of these wars.
Bill Clinton says U.S.
must stay the course in Iraq.
This is the Journal News by Liz Anderson.
Former President Clinton said yesterday that the United States should wait until after mid-December parliamentary elections in Iraq to decide whether or not to set a timetable for troop withdrawal.
And he said that the last three times.
There's always a new date, a new thing.
Clinton offered to link the assessment of the Iraq war as part of a wide-ranging talk at Westchester Community College for the President's Forum, a school fundraiser.
It marked a rare local appearance by the former president.
A Chappaquiddick resident.
Clinton, a Democrat who left office in 2001, said...
He had personally never seen any intelligence linking Iraq to Al-Qaeda, and no one knew, I believe, that was the case, but that doesn't mean President Bush, a Republican, lied or deliberately misled the country about the reason for going to war, Clinton said.
Bush probably believed the information he was relying on was right, Clinton said.
We have their own memos, their own Downing Street memos, a score of other ones, where they say that it's fabricated.
The Niger yellow cake uranium was fabricated by Scooter Libby.
Out of the Vice President's office!
Oh, but Bill Clinton, this bastion of goodness, and all these other people, and Hillary's even worse.
Here's another one.
Clinton digs in on Iraq war, says that Bush is right and it's the right way to go.
And that she commends President Bush.
And of course, they were bombing the daylights out of Serbia.
I've studied that.
Just a huge ethnic war.
All the sides have always been killing each other.
We sided with those that fought for the Nazis and who'd killed at least double the Serbs for what Serbs had killed.
And Serbs were having their own country attacked by Muslims headed up by Al-CIA to openly CIA funding Al-Qaeda.
That's what Al-Qaeda is.
It is a Muslim CIA terror brigade.
Senate report, 99, Alphonse D'Amato, removed from office after he wrote it.
Chuckie put in there.
Chuckie, I want your gun, Schumer.
I mean, there's so many phony conservatives out there who love being conned, who love being manipulated, who love lying to themselves.
I just can't understand how you ignore this.
And I've got Bill Clinton here just lauding it.
And then again, I've got another article here.
It would be absolutely disastrous if we were to pull out
We've got to stay in Iraq.
Stay the course.
It's what we've got to do.
One of the architects of the Vietnam War, along with McNamara, that giant worm, that human detritus, that scrofulous cyst, Henry Hines Degenerate Kissinger.
I mean, he is such scum.
Documented quotes about, ah, troops are pathetic, they're meant to die for us, it means nothing.
Just total scumbag.
And again, would the Globals make more money and destabilize and make America look bad and energize the Communists, which they were controlling, to create a false bipolar system, to play their system off against itself, to then centralize both peers of it, both pillars of this system,
Of this arch they were building?
Of this structure?
By being there from 62, really 60, but escalation, 20,000 troops there by 62, 100 and something thousand by 64, and then what, up to a half a million at the peak?
No, no, no.
And then the pullout in what, 1973, 74?
No, no, no.
They run their mafia cash machine.
They make more money.
They create cadres of killers.
They do it all by losing the war they could win in six weeks by snapping their fingers.
As fast as you can say, kiss my hand.
You don't really want to win the Vietnam War.
You don't really want to help the Iraqi people.
You don't really... No, no, you just want to sit around going, I support the troops.
When we're all being sucked in in a complex chess game meant to make the EU and the Euro and the globalist...
And the U.N.
and all these private agencies that have sprung up around it to make them look like the good guys.
You see, now we're the Soviet Union, and they're playing the part of America, the good cop, and we're being played off against each other to give an illusion to the third world, the mass of the planet, to be sucked in while they all busily put in the exact same face-scanning cameras, exact same national ID cards, merge their Internet deals, set up their own police force training.
The global government's here.
Absolutely seamless connection.
Seamless woven tapestry of blasphemy and evil.
The average person isn't even aware of it.
Meanwhile, we have stuff like this.
Brazil's police execute thousands.
This is out of the BBC.
And they actually say it's okay.
They're doing it just to keep order.
They line people up on a daily basis.
Really, in one major city, they killed around 1,000 last year.
We're so far this year.
And because they're corrupt drug-dealing cops.
Just like the highest crime rate in the country is up in New Jersey, there in that town, because it even admitted the AP last week because the police are the drug dealers.
And no one can stop them, and they just rule everything.
Criminals take over and get the uniforms, and it's over.
You live in Nazi Germany.
You live in Cuba.
You live in Rome.
You live in Babylon.
You live under the thug.
Brazil's police execute thousands, hundreds, possibly thousands of people, are shot by police every year in Brazil.
BBC investigation is found.
You read deeper into this article and two others I've got here on it, and it admits 800 in one major city alone.
Just a daily basis, I see these.
The Pentagon expanding its domestic surveillance activity, the Washington Post, and it gives you a bunch of reasons and excuses why it's needed and gives you a few of the small powers they're expanding.
When I know full well, in the late 80s, they had Marines dressed up in police uniforms riding gun dealers in Virginia.
When I know full well, they built emergency management centers all over the country, merging the regular Army, the National Guard, the local police, and FEMA into one command base with a CIA operative running each one.
Average person reads this, though, who thinks they're a member of the establishment because they've got a $300,000 house and a $30,000 car.
Oh, I'm a member of the establishment, they think.
So they read this, and it's all written and crafted by an operative to make you think it's all safe and it's okay and it's to keep you safe and it sounds all reasonable.
Oh, that sounds really good.
So they read it and then think, oh, Alex exaggerates a little.
Because, you know, they go read this article and it's all written specifically to target that strata of society to make you feel okay.
And they know good propaganda works by taking you and just playing on your own lazy inhibitions.
Because really, facing the truth, living the truth, walking in the light,
Not playing games.
It's real hard to do.
But the trick is, it's really the easiest thing to do.
But on the surface, it seems hard.
And there's just so much more.
Here it is.
Hospitals to test ID chips in patients.
This is out of San Bernardino County, Sun.
And the workers at the hospital are taking the chip.
Just like
What was it, two years ago, the Attorney General in Mexico said, if you're going to work in my office, all 300 and something of you, you're going to take chips.
Guess what happened?
The news announced it like it happened, everybody was happy, and it was great, and they did it.
The truth is, over two-thirds refused, a lot of them quit, and he had to capitulate and back off.
Some of them had the chips removed after that.
But you go back and you read MSNBC and AP, you'd think that'd be an interesting story.
You know, he ordered them to take it, they refused.
No, they still do reports about how they all took it and how they loved it, and it didn't even prove.
Oh, see, it's normal.
They all took their chips.
We're these little social creatures, and so we hear enough times in the last five years.
It's gone from six, seven years ago.
I talk about how they're going to say we all need chips.
Oh, that guy's a nut.
I love it.
There's actually websites dedicated to how Alex Jones is a psychotic nut.
He thinks the government's going to try to force us to take chips.
Starting with government employees to get into security areas, and then old people, and then retarded children.
And then now it's all happening.
All happening.
And I'm getting hundreds of emails every week.
I thought you were a kook.
I thought you were crazy.
I thought you were nuts.
You know, we call publicists up about getting a guest on.
They go, I used to tell my people not to go on your show.
Now we want to go on your show.
You're right.
I used to think you were nuts.
Like it's funny when we're told this.
It doesn't hurt our feelings.
Personally, it hurts us because when we're on the cutting edge of the next 50 issues, you're going to laugh at us on that until it's too late.
All we did was read industry publications where they said how they were going to sell it to you.
We read a Pentagon document where they said they were going to push it through peer pressure, security, and through government enforcement of government employees.
And here it is.
Here it is right here.
It's happening.
I mean, all I did was read what they said they do.
Hospital to test ID chip inpatients.
A controversial device that can store security information is the size of a grain of rice will make its way into the right arms of some 50 volunteering Arrowhead Regional Medical Center patients.
Of course, they've been told they're going to get... They've already made calls on this.
They're going to get lavish discounts.
They'll spend $1,000 in some cases to get you to take a chip.
They're giving them away free.
Police chiefs who are part of weird charities that get big donations.
We have the police chief on.
Remember Bergen County?
They have a chief there instead of a sheriff.
And I had him on and...
I know, sir, would you make me take a chip?
Yes, I would.
I believe that's coming.
I believe that's good.
We should all have chips.
But, sir, we can't trust the government.
I am the government!
You saying you don't trust me?
Yes, I don't trust you.
Well, I'll make you take them.
Remember that?
See, we don't have to say this ourselves.
We can have these lunatics on.
I got the chip, and I'm telling my employees they need it.
Well, sir, would you make people take chips?
I think that's a good idea.
We're now going to talk to the European distributor, Rivera Chip.
He also is the manager of a string of luxury clubs, sir.
Are we all going to have to take it?
Yes, yes, very soon.
You'll all have to take it.
The chip will prevail.
Yes, it will.
And to get into the really trendy VIP area with all those beautiful models and to get those special treats you get when you do at the big clubs in Miami and Barcelona and in London.
Why didn't I go to London when I was there and go cover that?
See, I just forget.
Oh, you gotta have the chip of the sexy girl she puts in.
Come on, baby, take the chip.
Come on, yeah.
Yeah, you're a stud.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You can do it, baby.
I mean, that's the whole attitude.
It's so sick.
It's so sick.
But it's trendy.
It's trendy.
You'll do it.
You see how diabolical it is?
The Pentagon runs it.
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I think?
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I canceled several guests today because I wanted to cover this news, and I have gotten through a third of the stack.
Hospital to test ID chips in patients.
I want to get more into that.
Also, TiVo files patent for RFID video recorder based on implantable chip interfacing with the TiVo machine.
This isn't a joke.
This is associative press.
Melee cancels local Xbox sale, just frothing, battling to get the goodies.
You know, these people don't spend time with their children, they'll just fight each other for stupid games.
Again, they'd sell their soul for a stick of bubblegum.
And Iraqis miss oil fortune report.
They're not getting any of it, of course they're not.
It's like Bush promises that all the contracts will go to people in Louisiana.
None of them go to them.
Oh, there have been two local food service contracts.
That's out of thousands.
Chavez, cheap oil for U.S.
poor, angers Washington.
Oh, yeah.
40% off.
They're trying to block it.
And reports suggest taxing hybrids, billing drivers by the mile.
Here they come with the tracker chips for your cars.
And that is AP.
And that's... Literally, I have...
The stack is about a foot tall here.
Literally, it's ridiculous.
I'm going to try to cover it all.
But first, when we start the next hour, I will go to Donna and Patrick and John and Joe and Virginia and everybody else who's patiently holding.
Right now, I'm going to plug my videos.
We've got something new to offer here.
Today is the last day.
My original Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, two hours, five minutes long.
I have cut about 35 minutes out of it, and then remastered it, re-edited it, added some new information, and then made a 45-minute documentary.
Added to it, which is just some of my best work, called The Order of Death.
The Order of Death.
And the Order of Death exposes the Skull and Bones tie-in to Bohemian Grove.
And we have new footage from inside Bohemian Grove that one of our listeners went and got a job there and got footage even inside the owl and footage of the effigy.
And then we get into who the Babylon Mystery Religion is controlled by, what they're into.
It's just an amazing documentary.
45-minute film with the dark secrets inside Bohemian Grove on one DVD or one VHS.
That is now available.
Just delivered today.
Very proud of it.
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That's InfoWars.com.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Coming up, Homeland Security wants you to have to carry a travel card with your date of birth, authorized routes, occupation, your employer, when you were born.
Where you live, just thousands of pieces of data, and they're already sending police, military, all over the country, onto buses to just search and check everybody.
But illegal aliens, literally, they've been told, just leave them alone.
It's not even catch and release anymore.
It's just leave them alone.
Sheriffs have been told, hey, you're not going to get federal funds if you keep arresting illegal aliens.
Even when they're committing crimes, just release them.
But they're going to make you live in a living hell of Nazi control.
And a bunch of Big Brother news.
There's just so much.
But I promised I'd go to your calls, and I'm going to them right now.
Let's talk to Donna in Mass.
Donna, thank you for holding.
Hi, Alex.
Just to let you know, we've been airing your videos up here on Public Access TV.
You're a sweetheart.
Yeah, and it's a lot of feedback, so it's good.
But the reason I'm calling is...
I was listening to your discourse on what's going on in Iraq and with our soldiers in particular.
My husband is a former Airborne Ranger.
He was Special Ops Vietnam.
A lot of stuff happened.
A lot of stuff he was involved in.
But what happened is he came home.
He realized the truth quite a few years after what was done.
After he came out of the denial stage.
I called you about a year ago because our house was raided and the cops took all his guns because he was a gun collector, or he was, and charged him with illegally possessing his gun.
I'll hold you over if need be Donna, so don't worry about me jumping in here.
I hear on the radio, I read a news article, and I'm only seeing a fraction of these, where some doctor or some insurance salesman or some veteran or up in Maryland, you know, cop of the year, and they still raid his house because, well, you just have too many guns and we think that's an arsenal.
I mean, what if you want to just collect guns because you have a Second Amendment right?
But what about just because they're a good investment?
Every gun I've got...
Has gone up 30-40%.
Some have tripled in value.
I mean, I got guns I bought 10-15 years ago that have just gone up.
Why can't we have a safe full of guns?
Why can't we?
Why do they do this?
And they always just make something up.
Oh, this clip holds one too many bullets.
What happened?
And let me tell you, former Special Forces soldiers, this is what you have to look forward to.
You're all on lists.
You're all being echeloned.
They really watch those guys.
Well, I just think that, you know, if you come home and you don't become one of these Homeland Security thugs, you're going to be on that list.
You're not going to be allowed to have anything.
And they still watch him.
They haven't been able to get him on anything, but they've taken everything he has, but I think they know that they can't take away your mind.
Well, I mean, your husband could take over an entire police station with a butter knife.
He could.
They know that they see him as a threat because he is a good, honorable... Look, if you're highly motivated with a machete, you see, if you go in first, and we're not violent folks, whatever comes down to this, when you're attacking, when you're motivated, when you're striking, when you're fighting for your family, you're unstoppable.
With a knife, you can take a gun...
Yeah, they will.
They will.
No, thanks for everything you're doing, Alex.
You keep putting these videos out on public access.
Well, you know what?
Stay there, Donna, because I want to hear about... You say you've gotten a lot of feedback.
I want to hear negative, positive, you know, the mix of the response you've gotten up in mass airing my film.
Stay there.
Come back to you on the other side of the replay, and then we'll get on to everybody else.
PrisonPlanet.tv, check it out.
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Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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So many times the police lay to house, take the guns, and then make you fight them in court just to get the guns back, and if you're lucky you get them back, but then you basically can't even sue them for wrongdoing after it happens.
And a big wake-up call was New Orleans.
Surrounding areas, middle-class areas, refusing to turn their guns in, old ladies, house full of food, high and dry.
It's about training you to accept their authority.
Days after they did the gun sweeps, they said, okay, now you can come back into the city.
It was just like marching onto the buses and saying, everybody show us IDs, just randomly, every day, in areas of Denver.
And once you pull them out, they don't even look at them.
Everybody pulls them out and holds them up and they just walk off the bus.
It's about gelding you.
It's about training you.
It's about emasculating you.
It's about domesticating you.
We're good to go.
History shows.
It's about duty and honor and really being involved in a good cause.
And you can't lie to yourself.
People are always more motivated who are really fighting for a real cause.
These big bully armies always think they're unstoppable and they always fail.
This is not our government.
This is not our military.
It is run by a bunch of psychopathic killers.
But we were talking in the last segment to a caller
Donna in Mass, and she was saying they air my films there in a town in Mass.
What response have you gotten?
Good, bad, ugly?
Well, a little bit of everything, but there's definitely a lot of interest.
I mean, it has caused people to become quite excited and upset at times.
But the station, the public access station, the management is very good.
They basically cite the First Amendment to them.
They just say, well, you know, that people will say, well, how can you allow this on your programming?
There's little Nazis that love what Tony Blair is doing, arresting reporters and people.
They think that America, you shouldn't have free speech.
Yeah, there are people up here who believe that.
They think that this stuff should not be allowed.
What percentage are they?
I would say they're few and far between.
They're just very vocal.
Most of them are obviously quite ignorant.
What type of feedback are you getting just from the general public?
I would say from the general public there is some keen interest for the most part.
I think that
They cannot argue with the facts, and I think that's the thing that's good about your videos, is that they're very factually based.
Well, that's what we do.
I mean, how do they argue with footage of FEMA, which really upsets some police chiefs when they see it, who are evil.
I mean, when it shows FEMA saying the Founding Fathers are bad, the American people are the enemy, that the federal government is here to destroy the Constitution, that the Constitution's bad...
I mean, when you've got them arresting a woman on the side of the street for having my videos, when it's from their squad car, when you have Bush saying, we're going to have a new world order, when you have Gary Hart saying, we're going to use 9-11 for a new world order, when you have the local newscast saying, look, they're removing the bombs from OKC, when you have the actual Andy Rooney saying, we all need to take microchips to prove we're good, I mean, explain to me, you know,
Well, this is just all lies, or this is just evil, this is just un-American.
My films just show you what they're doing.
What is it?
Well, Alex Jones is of the devil.
I mean, I've had a national Christian broadcaster, huge, and I don't even give them attention or give their names, write articles and attack me on air.
Alex Jones is of the devil, telling lies about Bush and Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove.
Why, Bohemian Grove just don't exist.
Alex Jones is of the devil.
I'm of the devil because I went in there and got footage of him worshipping Moloch?
I mean, you know, come on, people.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
These people who make calls like that,
Don't even identify themselves usually and they hang up before they hear any response.
These are the kind of people they generally are.
And they don't really have an argument.
They're totally emotional.
But the facts do stand for themselves and I think that's why your videos have had a positive impact.
Let me ask you a question, Donna.
Do people, when they sort of get in these complaints by these individuals, do they air the shows more, or the same amount, or at a later hour?
Was there any retreat at any level by the station?
Actually, no.
The station is very good about just stating, we do have a First Amendment, and what, you know, people have, you know, if
Somebody has something worthwhile they want to present on public access, we give them the time to be able to do that.
Well, thank you so much, and keep it up, Donna, and say hi to your husband for me.
Okay, Alex.
Take care.
God bless you.
There's people all over the country, literally thousands of access TV facilities, have aired my documentaries.
And you go down, you sign up, you air them.
We're good to go.
I mean, I actually had to get in there and sue them and do it.
And that's because I believe so strongly just... And Austin was being seen as a benchmark, by the way.
This was in major telecommunications publications, that the battle in Texas is being watched, and the battle in Austin was the center of that larger battle here in the state.
And I had to go in there and do that.
And I don't completely trust the New Group.
I'm watching them like a hawk.
Somebody's got to do it.
And it is a great tool to educate people, and it's something we should all use while it's still here.
Who knows who you're going to wake up?
Let's say you live in a small town of 10,000 people, and there's 5,000 cable subscribers.
Well, you put a show on there in prime time when over half the city, 8 o'clock at night, is watching TV with their TV dinner.
They're flipping through the channels.
They see my films.
They're going to stop.
You show my videos for a year once a week, you're going to have most of that 5,000 person audience.
I mean, that's worth it.
Now half the town has seen that.
And right off the bat, on average, about half of them will wake up, will know what's happening.
They'll now be informed.
The other half won't believe it, will think it's all lies, but about half of those people over the next year will actually see what I reported on come true, or they'll be abused, and they'll turn over to us.
This is like selling snow cones in hell.
I mean, when all these TV pundits get up on TV and say, we should all take chips, we should be forced to take chips, I'm not a radical because I get on the air and go, well, that's really Big Brother, folks.
They're going to use this to control us.
Here, Verichip says to buy and sell, and it's going to be the new world system, and our own Pentagon says it in this January 6, 2000 document.
Here, I posted it.
It's a direct link to the Pentagon.
Here, would you like to read this?
And then people go do it.
They go, my goodness, the Army says that we're going to be totally controlled and that they're going to force us to take chips and break up our families and put us on drugs.
And it's really true.
I mean, I didn't write this.
I'm sorry they're implementing it.
I'm sorry it's true.
Do you think I like this?
I'm sorry the troops are riding around playing satanic music with human skulls and heads hanging off the tanks.
I'm sorry they're raping women and children.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that the dollar's been devalued.
I'm sorry they're building prisons everywhere and it's the biggest part of our economy now.
I'm sorry criminal devil worshippers run the country.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry they created radical Islam and funded them in the 50s.
And I'm sorry Al-Qaeda's CIA and attacking us.
I'm sorry.
I didn't make it that way.
That's how it is.
And the world doesn't change because you play mental tricks with yourselves and decide, oh, that's just not true.
Yes, it is.
It is true.
We've got people who love to exercise power, totally sociopathic and sadistic, who see you as dumb animals, who have active programs in the pike to dumb us down even further.
And folks, none of us are safe.
I keep saying that.
We're not safe.
Lying down is dangerous.
We've got to fight.
It's all we can do.
Alright, I've now gone to one caller.
Let's go quicker now.
Patrick in Maryland.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
I've got several concerns, but I'll just mention two.
In response to this domestic travel card and the continued loss of freedom, I really believe the time is here to get out of all large and medium-sized cities as soon as possible while people still can before the next planned so-called terrorist attack.
That's going to bring about martial law throughout the nation.
When this attack happens, people will probably find it difficult, if not outright impossible, to leave major cities.
I can foresee the time in this country when people will have permission from, I guess you'd call it, like a local commissariat to move, sort of like they did in Russia, you know?
Do you have any comment?
From L.A.
to Austin, Texas, there are proposals to fit every car with a kill switch and new manufactured cars.
I mean, tens of thousands of them, and that was a few years ago when I saw that in the industry publications.
All cars are going to have kill switches phased into them.
Also, they are talking about implementing a bunch of other systems that do that.
And I agree with you that for people that can't leave their big city, that need that job, whether it's an acre on scrub brush, it doesn't matter.
Everybody needs an escape route, multiple ways to get to that place, and need to have supplies pre-positioned to get out of the city if need be.
Do you want me to hold over?
Yeah, hold over.
I don't want to cut you short.
I'm the master of going to callers two minutes before we go to break.
Stay there, Patrick, and I promise we'll go to John and Joe and Virginia and Possum and everybody else.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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Deficit spending will skyrocket through FDIC if the government is forced to insure deposits during a bank run followed by a depressed economy.
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888-421-6181 Alright, let's go back to your calls.
Masses of news and some interesting audio clips are coming up later in this hour.
Right now, let's go back to Patrick in Maryland.
Patrick, continue making your point, please.
Okay, before I go on to the other concern, I'd just like to say one thing.
The lessons of Hurricane Rita, with those miles and miles long traffic jams, adult people, they're not going to be able to leave cities easily when a big disaster happens.
They really ought to learn from that.
Well, actually, you'll have about five hours, because the average person will go listen to hear what the government tells them to do first, because we have to ask the government basically how to wipe our own noses.
Adults nowadays are like frozen at the level of five-year-olds.
So, in most cases, you'll instantly have to have an escape plan.
I agree.
You'll have to be able to make that decision and then get on the road.
But you should have alternate routes already drawn onto a map that's in your glove compartment and be ready to go.
And, I mean, folks, I live by this.
I mean, I've got double bags packed, loaded with food, water filters, firearms, ready in a locked-up area.
I'm instantly ready to evac out.
And it's serious.
And it's not because I think it's going to happen in my area.
It's that it could.
And that's how my forefathers were.
They were always ready to boogie.
People aren't ready to boogie now.
You're just told to love the government and worship them.
Okay, the next thing I have a concern is, I would say this, you know, based on what you have said about the endless propaganda pouring forth by government, I would say to clear your mind of the New World Order pollution propaganda, it's necessary to disconnect as much as possible from the dark influence of corrupt movies, revolting music, filthy videos, depraved TV shows,
Well, I agree with you.
That's all extremely empowering, and I appreciate the call.
And, you know, we're all flesh and blood, and flesh and blood needs flesh and blood.
A lot of the more bestial stuff is enticing.
I mean, I still go see violent movies myself.
Not the more mindless ones, but I mean, I still imbibe in some entertainment, just not great gouts of it, not huge levels of it.
And my children do not watch TV.
Every once in a while we let them watch a nature program or some learning program about the ABCs or something when they're really little, but it's a rare, maybe once a week treat or something.
And you look at the other children, they're spectators.
They're not active in life.
They're not questioning and questing.
TV robs you of that.
And I've gone through all the studies and the evidences of it, but it really is true.
And I'm not tooting my horn for radio, but radio actually invigorates the mind that the studies have shown even more than reading.
Because you are truly imaging everything that is being discussed and it spurs the cognitive and creative areas of the brain.
Reading does as well, and in a different way.
I think it's more fair to say that they both equally do it, but some of the studies show radio even more.
TV puts you into a lower state.
Not just the flicker of the TV screen, which it's designed that way, by the way.
That's mainstream, taught in colleges, in higher-level media classes.
So understand, that is not a conspiracy.
John was next in Texas, but he just hung out.
We were going to him right now.
But John is gone, so we'll go to Joe in Wisconsin.
Joe, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Holiday greetings.
Thank you for tuning in while I pontificate.
It's okay.
I just picked up the newspaper this morning, and the Citizens for Responsible Government want to recall Governor Doyle.
Now, he isn't a favorite of mine because of his tracking of all cell phones, but he is against voter IDs and disenfranchisement of people, so there's no funny stuff at the polls.
I happen to be a registrar,
Which, I can tell you, we keep good records, and there were maybe five clerical errors that all of a sudden, now we have to take care of this huge scandal?
Anyway, these people, the Citizens for Responsible Government, want to do a recall election, and their claim to fame was our original county executives.
What he did was he made a huge pension package for the people that were CEO executives of our county.
And they had the funds for it because they had a lot of municipal bonds that they invest very well.
But they stirred up the community and said they don't deserve this.
And it sounded like it was the right reason, but for the wrong reason.
You know, effort.
Oh, absolutely.
All the time the elite bring down even their own minions because they're not doing exactly what the elite wants.
Then they put their own person and they'll burn them for just the pettiest of issues.
But you're right.
Your governor wants to have a new state tax to... Well, we'll just do it again with this caller.
Stay there because I want to talk about the cell phones themselves.
Again, I get emails every week going, Wow, I saw it on TV that my cell phone tracks everything I do.
I didn't believe you 10 years ago.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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You know, it seems people will steal anything and everything you have.
If you have a house with some equity, a car, a truck, RV, there is someone looking for a way to rip it off.
And what about those government agencies?
You know, the ones, those alphabet agencies?
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
What the caller is bringing up is just another window into the sophistication of having a battle in the New World Order.
Even if a politician is bad...
At many levels, and following along with what the lobbyists want on some key issues, sometimes if you see the real elite interest come after them, and I'm not verifying, I'm not aware of what he's talking about in Wisconsin.
It's local politics, and I'm ignorant on much of it.
If you do see the big guns coming after somebody, and you do see some of their little phony rent-a-mom groups or phony grassroots organizations, and there's plenty of those, it's pretty easy to find out who they are.
If you have a Google search, then you pretty much need to throw your support in behind the individual who's being routed out at that time.
So same thing with Hugo Chavez.
I mean, he does lots of things that aren't perfect, and I don't like some of his big government socialist leanings.
But compared to the globalists, he's heads above them.
And he definitely is a rogue.
And by rogue, I mean in a good way.
He is not going along with the globalists, and he is not part of some, from what I've seen, some larger operation.
He is aberrant.
It's like I was really no fan of JFK on many of his policies.
But I was there at the end of him.
And of course, I wasn't even alive then.
I mean, looking at his three years, three and a half years, or less than three and a half years in office.
I guess it was about three years in office, actually.
The point is, looking at the way the man changed, he didn't really believe that he was a leader.
That doesn't matter.
He said, this Federal Reserve is private, ripping the people off.
I'm going to have the government issue the money.
I'm going to get us out of Vietnam.
This is a disaster.
This is actually designed where we're going to lose this thing just to make money.
Hey, wait a minute.
I'm going to cut taxes by 50%.
That actually causes the tax revenues to go up because people make so much more money.
But the government, the Federal Reserve, wants to keep taxes high to actually have control.
It isn't about getting money into the coffers.
Of the economy.
That's wrong.
It's about control.
Hey, I'm going to abolish the CIA.
They want to carry out Operation Northwoods and carry out terror attacks and start war with Cuba and the Soviets.
I'm not going to do this.
And so they killed him.
And every time I defend JFK or in my film The Road to Tyranny, I show how he at least turned to goodness at the end and tried to be a leader.
And I've gotten a few calls and emails, how dare you say JFK was good?
You know, he slept around and he used drugs.
I don't like JFK.
I'm not saying he was a perfect person.
But compared to these, and I'm not giving you some lesser of two evils debate.
You know, when they give you the left and the right candidate, and then really their cousins and members of the same organization, that is a false choice of lesser of two evils.
I'm saying once somebody's in power, and the elite is coming after them, just helter-skelter Katie Barr the door, and that individual is holding up their agenda, you should at least passively support them.
But getting back to Wisconsin, this is actually in my film Matrix of Evil.
The governor, I guess two and a half years ago, proposed, and I never saw where this went, to use a statewide tax to put in the FEMA emergency centers live tracking, live time tracking of all the cell phones
Because they already have that capability.
That was already designed into them under a 96 law implemented in 2001 fully.
And that is the federal plan.
He's following that federal plan to have those local command centers track you live time with them because now it's going to take money to have the people watching those and tracking those and, quote, taking your emergency call.
So I was interested from the listener, since he lives in Wisconsin, and he brought that up.
Where is that now?
Where is that now, Joe?
I don't know.
I was just going to say for last comment was the county executive we have now, Scott Walker, he has gutted the county budget.
You know, he's cutted emergency room reimbursement, the general assistance, basically every social program.
But all of his little pet projects like foot bridges, you know, he can throw $10 million at no problem.
And if you want, I'll look up to see where the cell phone thing is and also give you some links
To the news article online.
Okay, thanks a lot.
And again, all over the country we hear county budgets, city budgets, school budgets, state budgets are being slashed right now.
But the feds are piling on more and more unfunded mandates.
I don't know.
The point is, actual money being spent, actual money coming in the coffers, actual expenditures across the country are at record levels.
It's just that the lion's share of that is now just debt.
It's paying debt to the investors of that debt.
And that's how the Federal Reserve System is set up.
It is designed to create a black hole where you always go into greater debt than you could ever be able to pay off.
It's designed to fail, like a loan shark loan.
And again, we have IMF World Bank documents on this going back 30 years.
We've got more of them.
Three and a half years ago, the BBC did, Greg Palast.
And I mean, there's handbooks on how to do this.
And then how to finally have a depression and have riots and then call in martial law and set up a police state and then the private interests actually then are able to install their own leaders.
So it's just private interests that are bigger than any one nation who literally are international going around destroying countries.
That's how people go, well, the economic policies don't make sense.
Don't they want the economy to be good?
No, they don't want that.
They want you to have the illusion of it being okay, and to have you in this whole debt system.
I mean, it's not conservative that Bush has spent more money than all other presidents combined before him.
His daddy, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Ford, Nixon...
LBJ, Kennedy, right down the line.
Eisenhower, Truman, Roosevelt, right down the line to George Washington in 1789.
Right down the line.
220-something years.
He spent and borrowed more.
It's outpaced it greatly.
Paul Craig Roberts, a big economist, talked about that a few weeks ago.
I know he doubled the spending.
I wasn't aware of that.
Those numbers are a few years old.
I have a tendency to go off old numbers.
In fact, I always hear, Alex Jones exaggerates.
Actually, I've found I'm normally under the amount.
It's almost always worse than what I say.
It's just that you don't have the data.
You should get that data.
Here's an example.
Earlier last hour,
I just read the headline on the Washington Post about Pentagon to survey all the American people.
When you read the article and it gives some of the small little side issue, non-threatening type stuff, it makes it sound real reasonable.
And so somebody will hear me make that claim.
They'll go read that one article, whereas I've read 500 on the subject and been to the training ops and interviewed the people that were busting down doors in the late 80s and the 90s and interviewed the police chiefs who they tried to bribe and the foreign troops and all of it.
A whole lifetime of studying on this.
Decades of studying.
And it's just, I read that article, it wasn't that bad.
Alex exaggerates.
Okay, well, see, you went and read one thing just to convince yourself everything was alright.
Let's take a few more calls here.
Let's talk now to Virginia and Georgia.
Virginia, go ahead.
Okay, she's gone.
Let's go to Jeff in Denver.
Jeff in Denver, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, how you doing?
Good, sir.
Yeah, good.
First of all, I wanted to say that I think everybody should listen very closely to what you're saying.
And, of course, every chance they get, spread the word to everybody, their relatives, friends, family, and get the word out there about what's really going on in this country.
And I think a good start would be excellent examples on your podcast
PrisonPlanet.com analyst, which is, you're talking about Operation Mockingbird.
And Alex, I think a lot of, you know, some of the problems anyways has to do with the media.
And of course, people can actually see on your website about how the CIA controls the media.
Well, and then, here's the false paradigm.
One little view into it, because it's so huge.
But the average person sees it one of two ways.
It's a right-wing corporate media shilling and acting like it's liberal.
Or, oh no, it's an evil liberal media with a liberal agenda.
No, no, it is a corporate media, but it isn't some right-wing agenda or left-wing agenda.
It's an elitist, centralized, global dictatorship point of view giving you those false choices.
And so the average person, they can go verify right now
That thousands of members of the press, our CIA, our NSA, our Department of Justice, I mean, each agency owns hundreds and hundreds.
Or they go in with a grant and the reporter, tens of thousands more, just read this ad and then their voice is put to it and then people aren't even told it's an ad.
It's put in locally on the radio, local station does this all the time, as a, quote, news bite.
But you'll hear that news for a month straight in every newscast, put it in different ways.
And it confirms what you're saying.
I mean, there's thousands of journalists, reporters, anchors on the CIA payroll.
Not only that, basically, the CIA exclusively was staffed with, I believe, graduates, especially from Yale, with figures like George Herbert Walker Bush from the Skull and Crossbones Society, which you talk about sometimes.
And I think that all of these things are very important, and
Another issue that I wanted to bring up, Alex, which some people were talking about earlier, and it concerns the Second Amendment concerning, well, basically the right to bear arms.
And the American people need to know the truth about this, Alex.
It's already been ruled in the Supreme Court as far as possession of firearms is clearly a constitutionally protected right.
And as far as a license, tax, or anything like that... And now they've added a hundred caveats to that that are fraudulent, that have even been beaten in court, but still the government continues to try to enforce it, and 98% of the time people aren't able to defend themselves, and thousands of people are rotting in jails for things that aren't even illegal.
Well, exactly, Alex, and there's 20,000 gun laws in the United States, federal and state gun laws, and Murdoch v. Pennsylvania...
It says a state cannot impose a license, tax, or fee on a constitutionally protected right.
That's Murdoch v. Pennsylvania.
They convince gun owners to think a concealed permit is some wonderful right when it's really turned a right into a privilege and has set a very dangerous precedent, whereas we need Vermont concealed carry, which is simply the Second Amendment.
Right, and the U.S.
Supreme Court broadly and unequivocally held that requiring licensing or registration of a constitutional right
Is itself unconstitutional.
Yeah, that goes back to the poll tax, the voting tax.
Yeah, and that's Follett v. Town of McCormick, South Carolina.
And, you know, basically each day they rape the Constitution, molest our rights,
Our disingenuous legislators... Criminals are running things.
I mean, Mayor Daley's a known mobster.
His daddy was.
And his daddy before him.
And he wants a total gun ban.
Of course.
Big, fat, scumbag gangsters want to disarm you.
I mean, what does a bank robber say when he comes to the bank?
He tells the cop or the security guard, put your gun down.
And the Supreme Court justices and the federal judges belittle and dishonor the memory, intent, and integrity of our founding fathers.
Now, these self-perceived...
So-called ethical scholars of law have bastardized the Constitution with their convoluted, ambiguous interpretations.
And they've all got special clearances to carry automatic weapons or to have bodyguards that we've got to pay for?
And Alex, it's what you've been saying all along.
Virtue by virtue, liberty by liberty, our constitutional republic is systematically being eroded away.
Unarmed, we are all vulnerable to tyranny.
And that's exactly what they're trying to do.
It would be bad enough if the government was tiny and sweet and loving and they wanted to restrict guns.
They've actually put the overt machinery in.
They have garbed the police as executioners and inquisitors.
They're actually wearing the garb of intimidation and murder and tyranny.
The black mask, the black helmet.
They are running around.
They're following every tenant to the T. It is tyranny.
It is despotism.
Exactly, and of course the government attempts at deception through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and the FBI.
The mass murder of over 80 men and women and children shot or burned to death at Waco.
And where did the head general on that go?
Right at the top.
Head of the Army right now.
And a young, innocent boy shot in the back along with his infant-bearing mother shot in the face at Ruby Ridge are profound examples of what's going on in this country.
And you've got perverts, you know, killers like Lon Hortiucci who gets a medal for it.
Oh, exactly.
And I think that all of us should demand from the legislators...
That they cease their unconstitutional assault on the American people, and if our elected officials refuse to obey and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, then vote these traitors out of office, for they are nothing less.
These elected and appointed officials who, with intent...
Actively attempt to subvert the Constitution of the United States of America must be impeached, prosecuted... Well, Jeff, here's the problem.
Here's the problem.
I know hundreds of conservatives, people who really think they're conservative, and you go, well, Bush wants your guns.
Bush wants to open his border.
Bush wants to... Well, I know, but he's murdered Hillary.
They can't understand that the globalists own both of them and are going to give us another fake election and play the Republican office...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Listen, I appreciate your call, but you make a lot of good points there, sir.
You sound like a legal scholar, probably a constitutional lawyer or a novice who studied it.
Why don't you write us an article and email it to prisonplanetweb at hotmail.com.
We want listeners.
Go to the top of prisonplanet.com and it says listener comments feedback.
Every day we're posting stuff up there.
I mean, if it isn't an outright infomercial, and some of it already is, it's just because that just gets old, we'll post it.
If it's good information, if it's links to information, if it's your comments, you can write a 100-page article.
You can write a one-page.
You can write a two-paragraph.
Go to presentplanet.com and email it to us.
I'm sorry, we don't have the staff if you want to write us letters to transcribe it or transfer it over into the web.
But if you send it to us and it's not ridiculous or slanderous or libelous, we will post it.
Right there at prisonplanet.com and also infowars.com.
You can email to both the sites.
Ryan at infowars.com.
He's one of the webmasters on Infowars.
Or over there to Paul, prisonplanetweb at hotmail.com.
That last caller, Jeff, really informed, really intelligent, and we appreciate that.
I'm taking a few calls here today.
I've literally got a ton of other news I need to cover.
I'm going to cycle through Brian and Eddie.
And then I'm going to hold off on calls for a while in the next hour because, I mean, don't worry, we'll get to you.
I've got two clips I want to play and a bunch of other news.
Stay with us.
What really happened September 11th and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
The CIA and others, you know the NSA is about, what, 14 times bigger than the CIA?
Everybody just knows the CIA because they've been around since 1947 by the National Security Act.
Founded pretty much exclusively out of Yale.
And dominated by Skull and Bones, by the way.
And, of course, that was founded by the opium runners, and the CIA didn't start drug dealing.
They were drug dealing before they were even conceived.
That's what they do.
That's how they operate.
The war on drugs is to go out with their competition and put your kids in their private prisons here domestically.
But another side issue there, when you talk about Operation Mockingbird and things, they only need to own the big writers with the big newspapers who are actually agents.
That's why reporters are always getting killed overseas, because people think they're CIA.
I mean, people overseas know that.
And quite frankly, most of the time they are, these big foreign correspondents.
You know, these guys that run around in Iraq and don't get killed by our troops are not just embeds, folks.
They're on the payroll.
In fact, most of those embeds are on the payroll.
Hey, if the government authorizes it, you don't mind $20,000 a month, do you, on top of this?
Well, no, I already agree with you.
Well, I know, that's why we chose you, but we're also going to pay you.
All right, I won't mind that.
Don't worry, you'll never get audited, and here's your own little badge, basically.
But then all the other reporters and radio and others, they all just worship the establishment.
Some 90-plus percent of the reporters aren't on the payroll in any way, but they just parrot, or to use a more crude term, regurgitate, vomit, out the exact same thing they heard.
Rush Limbaugh or Michael Wiener Savage or any of those other people.
And of course, a lot of people are like,
We're good to go.
There's a whole spectrum of, and always invariably get the question, well, why do you cover and use mainstream news?
Well, we'll take an article that says microchips are good, we all need them, every child needs them, and I go, look at this horrible propaganda piece saying we all need chips.
You have that type of article where just on its face it's clearly spinning propaganda.
Then we have others where it's clearly an operative planting false info about how they've got EMP nukes and Iran's going to nuke us.
We know Gingrich is Bilderberg.
We know he's CFR.
We know he's a globalist.
Of course he's on their payroll.
We know that Porter Goss, a supposed member of Congress for the last two decades, CIA the whole time.
Now they've made him director.
It's the same thing with Bush Sr.,
And then you've got real reporters at AP and Reuters and local newspapers that slips past the editor, who at big papers is normally a government agent, openly being paid.
You can go and track it back and investigate it.
A lot of times it's not even hidden.
Well, yes, I was in the CIA back when I was younger, but when I was 35, I went into journalism.
And now I'm 64, and I'm a big editor.
So you have all of that going on, too.
But a lot of stuff will slip past them, and it'll get in the newspaper, it'll get on a TV news website, it'll get on a newswire, but then the nightly news magically doesn't ever pick up on that story.
We do.
We go and get that nugget.
Nuggets every day, and we then magnify those, whereas in the past wouldn't have gotten an audience, we're able to ensure that they do get an audience, and we break that gatekeeper mentality.
I mean, what do you get on the nightly news?
Locally, maybe four or five stories.
Nationally, maybe ten stories.
It's the same ten in the same order with the same drug company.
Put your kids on Prozac ads in the same order.
And Lockheed Martin adds about how great biometrics are?
I mean, we're living in an Orwellian nightmare.
And so it is manufacturing consent, to use one of their agents' terms.
It is manufacturing consent.
And then they've got phony leftists like Chomsky who are there manufacturing that consent.
Controlling the paradigm.
For those of you that try to escape the matrix, they've created other false levels to it.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I've got a clip here to just try to give you an idea of the fear in England right now, where if you report on the psychopathic nature of Bush wanting to bomb countries that are our allies, that if the press reports on it, they'll be arrested.
Also a clip from USA Today TV from 9-11.
With the feds saying they think bombs were in the buildings.
This is a club I've never seen before, and I'd heard about it and read about it, but I actually found it this weekend.
And so we'll be playing that clip as well.
I know we have a lot of phone calls.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
I've been keeping callers on on average about three or four minutes apiece because the calls have been so good today, but I need to kind of rapid-fire through you, and I need to not be as long-winded myself so we can cover the news, play these clips, and get to your calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Brian in, I believe, Indiana.
Brian, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
How's it going?
I've got two quick things I wanted to run through real quick.
I know you don't have all day.
Your friend Kevin Booth, did he finish the film on the war on drugs?
I tell you, he spent two years on that.
I talked to him a few weeks ago.
He is constantly...
Because I know a lot of it has to do with Sheriff Arpaio and interviewing him.
I'm just so sick of seeing documentaries on the sheriff glorifying him.
They're talking about he's so good because he's dedicating the space in the prison cells for animals and putting the prisoners outside and stuff.
All the prisoners in there, it's all non-violent offenders anyway.
It's all an exercise in dehumanization.
Arpaio, I've had a chance to sit in the studio and watch hours of him, raw footage.
Something's wrong with him, or let's just say, I don't know what a taxology report would say.
Stumbling around, arrogantly calling people scum, thug-like cops standing around him, worshipping him.
I mean, he is the true king rat thug.
He repeatedly runs over things, runs over businesses, jumps curbs, driving around like a maniac.
They've tried to plant pipe bombs on people so he can claim that terrorists are trying to kill him.
He's put anti-aircraft guns up on top the buildings.
We're good to go.
Yeah, we need to get him out of there.
We shouldn't let him set the precedent.
Oh, that's what Phoenix deserves.
They want a big, fat slime ball?
Let them have him.
I mean, Arpaio, literally, folks, I've sat there in Kevin's studio and watched like two hours of him.
Thanks for the call.
And he just... I'm not going to get into it.
It's so obvious.
The guy is just... And he's routinely, literally, folks, he'll like run over giant structures.
Do things that are impossible.
I mean, by impossible, it's insane.
He'll go careening, running over things, go across the street and run up over a big monument and fall out on the ground.
Nobody dares arrest him.
Nobody dares take the guy to jail.
I've got footage of him at his giant concentration camp stumbling around.
I mean, if he hadn't been drinking Jack Daniels, folks, he should win an Academy Award for it.
I'll put it to you that way.
It's just so... Who are you?
You're scum.
I tell you, the troops are out in 120 degree heat luck.
You are one guy.
I'm Marine.
I just got back and got pulled over for a DWI.
Shut up.
Well, we actually had air conditioners in our rack.
All right, we'll come back with more of your calls.
Stay with us.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, Eddie, Frank, David, Virginia's back.
We'll go to all your calls.
Let me just run through some of what's coming up.
Sheehan back in Texas for war protest, and it was a big story with the AP and with Drudge.
Why, look, there she is waiting for a signing, waiting for her fans to show up, and no one's there.
Then I talked to people that were there.
That was before they opened it up, and then there was about 100 or so people there.
What does that even matter?
We know that her cause is supported now by upwards of 70% of the American people.
But see, there's that corporate image.
Oh, look, the woman who's against the war.
Nobody supports her.
See, there's just a little tidbit of propaganda.
So you can learn how to recognize it.
Not that it's hard.
I'm sure you do.
Texas woman mauled to death by six dogs.
Some poor 76-year-old woman.
Some trashy person.
These people that get off and have these mean dogs and encourage it.
I love dogs.
These people give dogs a bad name.
I've been out riding my bike before.
A pack of four or five mean dogs come chasing after the bike and somebody's laughing on their front porch.
I've got problems.
I have a problem running.
I'll just throw the bike down and start chasing the dogs.
Of course, this old lady couldn't do that and was afraid and they killed her.
It just makes me sick.
You know what?
I'm not a tattletale of the government, but the next time that happens, actually, I've dropped the ball a couple times that's happened.
I should call the police and demand those dogs be destroyed.
I'm not talking about some old cur dog chasing a car or your bike just for fun.
You know, these big, mean... I've had mastiffs... One time I was riding a bike past a house over in East Austin and a mastiff, a watt-roller, two pit bulls led after me.
And I'm not trying to sound tough or anything.
It's just how dogs operate.
I just...
I have problems.
I started frothing at them.
I was going for a big rock to start crushing them, and I just ran off.
And of course the owner was on their porch laughing.
That's why I got mad and jumped off.
But I knew if I ran from the dogs, there was a chance they could catch me and kill me.
Obviously if I had a car I could just get into, I would have just closed the door and ignored the dogs.
Another time I had the dog run up, bark at me.
I got in the car, closed the door, and it scratched the side of the car.
And I guess that's when I just remembered that.
I'd forgotten about that.
I guess that's when I decided.
But I remember growing up, my dad said, don't run from the dog.
I remember being a kid and the German Shepherd chased me.
I'd stop the bike, get off, stare at the dog, and wouldn't show fear they'd go away.
That's just how this government operates.
They're like a bunch of spoiled Rottweilers that think you're there to be fed on.
And I'm not putting up with it.
But they killed this old lady.
And they don't even know if they're going to charge the guy.
They don't even know if they're going to...
Kill the dogs.
Kill those dogs.
And I say put the guy that did it in prison.
Texas woman mauled... Let's just read the article.
Texas woman mauled to death by six dogs.
A pack of six dogs.
This is in Thorndale, Texas.
A pack of six dogs mauled a 76-year-old woman to death as she worked in her yard, authorities said.
Lillian Lorraine Stills was riding on a lawnmower in her front yard Saturday when she was confronted by the dogs.
Described as a pit bull, Rottweiler mixed breed, said Millam County Sheriff's Charlie West.
They should have shot those dogs on the spot.
Investigators think Stiles was attacked when she got off her mower and headed into her house.
Stiles had severe bites over her entire body, and a man who tried to help her was bitten on one leg, authorities said.
Man, where are people's instincts?
I'm not saying that I'm a tough guy and can fight dogs or something, but come on.
Don't you have that instinct of wanting to attack an animal that's attacking somebody?
I mean, to grab a fence post or whatever you need and just start slaughtering?
And I assure you, those dogs are going to run off if you do that.
Unless it's a military-trained German Shepherd.
And even then, it's going to start backing off and being more calculated about going for your throat.
Continuing here, Stiles had severe bites over her entire body.
The dogs were found at the home of Stiles' neighbor, Jose Hernandez.
The Sheriff's Department will send the findings of the investigation to Millam County District Attorney's Office today.
Which will decide if any criminal charges will be filed against Hernandez.
Thorndale is 70 miles west of College Station.
Yeah, it's pretty close to Austin.
And then in Thorndale.
I actually have a family that lives in Thorndale.
I don't live there now.
That is just... I see those every week.
Some dog kills a toddler.
A group of dogs kills some old lady.
And I'm just getting... That's another reason to have a gun.
I wish we all did carry guns, otherwise he could have shot those dogs.
But the guy that let his dogs do that, I guarantee he thinks they're tough, he's manly because he's got these dogs.
He needs to be put in prison.
Side issue, it's not about the New World Order, it's just I picture some old lady being chewed on by these dogs.
Which I guarantee you, the owner, let them chase people, let them act tough, let them do that.
Literally, folks, you can drive over into East Austin right now, and maybe every 15th house has these dogs frothing.
In many cases, off a leash.
Yesterday, we had some.
I went for a two-hour bike ride.
I was bike riding in East Austin because that's where the river goes.
It's nice over there.
Some Rottweiler came running out at us, and it was only one, and I was with my friend Tommy Pallotta, and I just turned around on my bike and kind of went back towards it, and it ran off in fear as soon as I did because I'm not going to run from it.
Because that will get a dog into a mode where it will chase you down and it will attack you.
I mean, the parents that teach their kids to run from dogs, it's just the dumbest thing you could ever do.
And again, I see that as an analogy or a parallel to life, with everything in life.
You run, it emboldens bullets.
But you can't blame a 76-year-old woman.
What is she going to do?
Okay, I just spent five minutes on dogs.
I'm sorry.
NBC-centered parade accident played old footage, New York Times.
The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, as you know, one of the balloons, the M&M balloon, fell down on two people and hurt them, and NBC was ready.
They instantly cut to the old balloon from last year and showed it crossing the finish line and didn't report on anything happening.
At 11.47 a.m., the 11-year-old girl and 26-year-old sister were being treated for injuries.
And on air, Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, Al Roker, kept up their light-hearted reportage from Herald Square where the parade ends.
And they went on to say, well, these classic candy men get out of this delicious dilemma.
It's just all real funny.
Instead of just going, oh, we've got an accident there.
Some people may be hurt.
Well, it doesn't look too bad.
I hope they're okay.
The point is it shows the mentality, just ready in case...
Somebody did something else.
Just cut to something.
Just ready to cover up.
Just the whole mentality.
Just engineered for that.
Here's another one.
Child antidepressants.
Use increases.
Health section.
And of course, the number of U.S.
children and teens who were diagnosed with depression more than doubled between 1995 and 2000.
While the use of antidepressant drugs rose and the use of psychotherapy or counseling declined.
The findings, say researchers, point to possible instances of inappropriate prescribing to children.
They know there's a big backlash against this, so, oh, it may be inappropriate.
You think a massive increase in the last seven years is bad?
The industry documents released in Ohio a year ago by industry officials who were angry...
Literally have them rubbing their hands together with the New Freedom Initiative, where they tested it in Ohio, Texas, and Indiana, amongst other states.
Wisconsin, California were also part of it, as well as New York and Florida.
But again, side issues.
It was developed in Texas in TMAP.
It was the name of the program in the early 90s, and then perfected in the late 90s, early 2000s.
And in there...
They say, hey, we've already got 10% of the kids on different types of prescription mind-altering drugs to begin with.
Psychotropics, amphetamine-based, other classes.
This, we're going to get half of them on it by 2010, if we're able to implement the New Freedom Initiative fully.
Now, Congress did fund it, and then now the states have to sign on.
Illinois and just one other state have gone along with it, though they're implementing piecemeal now, just where your child doesn't have to, but they just advertise it like, well, it's time for all of you now to go to the counselor.
And then the counselor pushes it on you.
I think so.
The onset of juvenile dementia, a term unknown until just a few years ago.
There's your article for him.
Now, the findings say researchers point to possible instances of inappropriate prescribing to children.
Oh, you think so?
While guidelines call for children to be treated with either mental health counseling or a combination of counseling and medication, the study found a trend of antidepressants replacing talk therapy.
Well, of course.
You've just got to go back to the doctor every two weeks to see him so that every week...
And then they just put you on the drugs, and you have so many mental problems.
On average, you end up on about four.
Some as many as 17 different drugs, and death does result quite a bit.
The seizures start, and you go on anti-seizure medication.
It's quite a cash cow.
In addition, although only one antidepressant, Prozac, has been specifically approved for patients younger than 18, prescriptions for other antidepressants rose over 95 as well, with children receiving prescriptions for them on an off-label basis.
Last time I checked, there were over 20,000 children under the age of 5 on it.
And I forget the exact number.
It was thousands and thousands at any one time under the age of 2.
Just type into Google, children 2 and younger on antidepressants.
I want to say it was thousands in Texas in some article I saw.
I forget.
Oh, yeah, yeah, of course.
It was much higher than that.
This is kids outside the system.
There's a WOAI TV report.
And don't email me and go, no, there's WOI Radio.
They have the sister twin TV.
Where 80% plus of Texas foster children are on antidepressants.
And that's the article where a large portion are on 17 different drugs.
And so that's where I was getting that number.
And it was thousands and thousands of Texas children.
We'll be right back.
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The U.S.
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In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
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That's 800-345-8... By the way, this is not the Halloween broadcast of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds.
This is serious, and I don't really know how to approach this.
I'm going to get him on because it's serious enough.
Former Canadian Minister of Defense fears intergalactic extraterrestrial war and says that Bush and them are building a moon base with these big particle beams to shoot down the aliens.
It's just crazy.
Former Canadian Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister under Paris Trudeau has joined forces with three non-governmental organizations to ask the
Parliament of Canada hold public hearings on exo-politics relations with ETs.
Folks, this is not a joke.
And, uh... I mean, it's gotten to the realm where we have to talk about it.
And this is all part of Iron Mountain's larger plan.
So I'll comment on it after the break.
I've got five more calls I'm going to take.
Eddie, Frank, David, Jay, and, uh...
Virginia, man, because I've got two clips I want to air and some other news items, and I just mentioned one of them.
It's just getting so much.
Right now, let's go to Eddie in England.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I just would say to you at the start of the program and listening throughout, Magna Carta was definitely signed in 1215.
Thank you.
I've been saying 1214.
Remember, he does weird little things.
I've got it on my wall in a frame, so I know it.
I wanted to speak to you about the globalization and what's happening here and what's happening with you over there and how that opposites, political opposites, are coming together to exclude any form of new political rising, if you know what I mean.
When you were here, you probably heard of the new party of which I am not a member.
You know, the BMP run by a Mr. Griffin, and it's been expanding and expanding, and I think they've got 30,000 members in just a few years, and they've become a threat to Parliament, and our Parliament is composed really of two parties, different names like yours, Elephants and Donkeys, and we've got Labour and Conservative, but they've
They more or less are running a one-party state.
They all want the same thing.
There is no difference between them.
And they started passing laws, one of which was religious hatred.
And Mr. Griffin, the MP party, who was at a private meeting, and he stated, this is a couple years ago, before the explosions in London, that Islam...
Fundamental Islam and Christian faith couldn't combine in the same country.
It just won't work.
It's two opposites.
Anyway, he said at this meeting that Islam was a danger and that there would be explosions in London, of which there were, I think almost a year later.
Anyway, he's being prosecuted at the moment with the possibility of seven years in jail for telling the truth.
Incredible, don't you think?
It's amazing, and of course, you're talking about these Official Secrets Act, and, oh, you expose the government for being corrupt.
You go to prison, not the crooks.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Frank, you're on the air.
Where do you call us from, Frank?
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.
I had a good one.
How was your Thanksgiving?
Where do you call us from, Frank?
I'm calling from Brooklyn.
And just a couple notes, I guess.
One, Alex...
I've been listening to your program for more than a year, and I found it most interesting and insightful.
And I think people will begin to realize what's happening when they lose their jobs, as 30,000 GM workers are finding out right now, that really they're
Future and their pensions have been, you know, sold down the river, and the government has allowed that to happen.
Oh, yeah, they're going to take the pensions.
They changed the rule to do that.
People tend to think often for the first time when they're forced to, and nothing like unemployment or finding out that the economic infrastructure doesn't exist.
And that's why the government's erasing the setup of a police state to restrain us when we start flopping.
Or when people attempt to have a revolution or change the system through violent means.
But what I wanted to mention too, Alex, I think I had mentioned last month that I had been researching the CIA charter and found it to be classified, which is a violation of the federal laws regarding funding for governmental agencies.
But what I found interesting is that there have been many references to the actual 1947 Enabling Act or the interim charter for the CIA, and the final one was
...accepted in 1949, but both remain classified.
So there's no way that an individual can even understand the purpose of the agency or provide a check and balance.
A second point I wanted to raise... Stay there.
We'll come back and let you finish up, Frank, in Brooklyn.
Then David, Jay, and Virginia.
And that's it, because I've got two clips I want to play.
Former Canadian Minister of Defense fears intergalactic E.T.
I mean, we don't cover the green men here, but we've got to cover this.
It's unbelievable.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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I really do have to hurry because I want to play this clip from Channel 4 over in England to give you kind of an idea of the tyranny we're facing with the press being threatened with arrest.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Just one more little tidbit to the pile of that.
We have the owner saying they blew the building seven up, so it's not really debatable.
But real fast, I've got to move quick here.
Frank in Brooklyn, make your other point.
You made the other comment about propaganda manufacturing consent.
Something very interesting happened within the last six weeks, and that's the fact that Mr. Rendon, who has the Rendon Group or the Rendon Associates that handle all the media issues,
For the CIA via the Iraq Theater of Operations.
Did a very interesting interview where he explained the funding and different things.
And his small group in Washington, which I believe is considered a lobbying institution, has received well over $100 million controlling and staging the media in Iraq that we're seeing, you know,
And it's very interesting.
I'm quite surprised.
Look, they have state-sponsored shows in Iraq where they arrest hundreds of people every day, openly beat them up, and have them bleeding, confessing all manner of crimes on TV.
But they also did something very interesting, Alex, whereby they were getting the feed from the different news services before the news services were getting the feed in their countries.
And they were able to actually edit and have maybe a six- to eight-hour window where they could actually manipulate
No, I've been aware of that and thank you for the call.
Always great points.
This is what we're talking about.
It's just totally staged, and every time you turn around, it's Democrats and Republicans.
They're owned by the same people.
Let's talk to David.
David, where are you calling us from?
I'm calling from Savannah, Georgia, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
Hey, I hope you had a good weekend.
I hope you did, sir.
It was wonderful.
I was calling real quick, because over the weekend on Discovery Channel, they were playing a bunch of conspiracy theory stuff on JFK.
And at the same time, they turned around with a special about Flight 93, and then they also had a special about the firefighters on 9-11.
So one of the things I'm curious about is why is Building 7 and the supposed landing of Flight 93, why is it we can talk about conspiracy theories that are 30 years old, but the moment you bring up 9-11, then you're a loony or you're anti-patriotic.
It's just ridiculous right now.
Well, because that will hurt the current administration who themselves are just puppets or a pair of tires on this machine that's rolling forward.
But what they do on those shows, and I've watched some of them,
Listeners, send them to me.
They'll use fake tapes to say dramatization, or they'll use one supposed 911 call and then use it for both flights.
And then people don't even notice that.
Well, they've got over ten shows where they explain why the towers fell and how there were no supports in the buildings and actually show fake diagrams of the buildings.
It's just total fairytale.
But again, the average person watching...
Literally can't find Iraq on a map, so if somebody just shows them something that's a total lie, then they're never going to verify it, so it doesn't matter.
Well, the other thing is, how come Building 7 is constantly being omitted from everything?
Well, I mean, they have to.
It's way down the road, and it clearly blew up with a controlled demolition with blast points exploding as it was detonated, and the owner says they blew it up.
He screwed up on TV and admitted they blew it, and so did some other people, so they're in deep trouble.
And the neighboring buildings of the towers only sustained minimal damage, correct?
Yeah, towers falling on them, no problem.
Building 7 fell literally, it was like 30 feet away from a huge 15-story post office and another building.
Well, here's my biggest concern right now, because they're talking about the country being divided with the whole smokescreen with left and right.
And I really think there's three types of people right now.
There's the people, like I think everybody listens to you and GCN, who are sort of the awakened people.
They're the people who don't know.
And then there's the people who...
I don't understand.
They see nothing wrong with the Project for a New American Century or the fact that terrorism is good.
There's this group of people who really think that there's nothing wrong with thumb scanners and America being number one.
What's wrong with that?
Well, they associate their personal power with being a slave.
Deep down, they're afraid.
They know it's true, so they decide to just accept it.
And so, oh, I'm for that.
So I'm on the winning side.
So, you know, it's like somebody jumping out in front of an 18-wheeler and you say, jump out of the way, you have a chance to.
And they go, no, I'm going to merge with it.
It loves me.
And then it runs them over and they're dead.
I mean, it's just mental illness.
But you don't have to concern yourself with scum.
They're powerless weasels.
They don't matter.
You've got to worry about the evil people that know the truth who've cynically decided to join this and to feed on people because they want to use this power structure to have their own personal power.
Thanks for the call.
And that's what's so bad about tyrannies.
A tyranny cannot enforce on its own minions.
And so they're going to be able to act with impunity.
All the corrupt enforcers and people, they're all going to set up their own little kingdoms, and they're going to collect booty.
They're going to take tribute from you and I. I mean, we're going to get to be real slaves.
Step and fetch it, bend over, lick the boots.
The cops already treat us like that, by and large.
Talk back, say you got rights, we'll taser you.
And we'll taser you so many times you die.
And you know what?
We'll get a commendation for killing you.
And the borders are going to stay wide open.
Jay in California.
Quickly, Jay, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
This is Jay.
How are you doing?
Good, sir.
I'm calling from Gilroy, California.
First, I want to tell you how much I appreciate all the efforts that's going on in the Civil War as a prison planet.
Thank you, sir.
The thing that I want to bring up to you, I heard earlier on at Darien Brown about this woman who stood up Rosa Parks style and told these people, hey, look, I'm going to work.
Yeah, we got her coming on Wednesday.
Here's a woman who's going to work, Peter.
Look, you work for me.
Why are you making me, you know, why are they jacking her up?
Do we have to shore IDs?
We're going to discuss that in detail on Wednesday, and I thank you for your call.
Again, the government said in multiple Supreme Court rulings that blacks weren't human, and that they could be hung, beaten, killed, that they had no rights.
Now, the government says blacks aren't human.
I'm going to ask black people out there, do you have to follow that law?
If I got elected president and then declared myself dictator and said you had to all go jump off cliffs, black people, would you go, oh, well, he's the government, he's God?
I mean, does a Native American, say 150 years ago, who's being hunted down and killed, do they have a right to fight back or are they evil?
Why, it's illegal!
Kill them!
Because they're not allowed to stand up for their own land.
The average cop listening goes, Well, I got a law.
It says failure to ID.
And there are hundreds of arrests every year in Austin for failure to ID.
One day I had cops pull up.
I'd walk to the local convenience store 200 yards from my apartment 10 years ago.
More than 10 years ago.
And the cops came up and they said...
What's in that bag?
I said, Gatorade and ice cream?
But I said, is that in your business?
Yeah, it is my business.
You got an ID?
And I was like, no.
Well, what are you doing at the store?
Well, I just took $5.
I live right there.
What apartment do you live in?
At that point, I said, look, man.
You were filling your ID.
He goes, I got a rest.
I said, are you looking for somebody?
Do I look like somebody?
And he goes, no.
I just want to see your ID.
They were like gang member cops.
And I was just like, okay, well, I don't have it.
I said, you got a problem?
I need to go ahead and go here.
I know people who are out barbecuing at the park.
Cops walk over for some reason or some kind of problem.
Don't have an ID.
Take you to jail.
Now, the Supreme Court, state courts, they've all ruled.
There are literally hundreds and hundreds of rulings.
Failure to ID is unconstitutional.
They don't care.
They'll still take you to jail for it.
They'll pay out your tax money all day in lawsuits.
In fact, the city of Austin has lost several lawsuits over the last...
There's cases going back, I've seen, 30 years in Austin with failure to ID cases.
30 years.
And it's just another example.
They just tell you it's a privilege to walk down the street.
They just tell you it's a privilege to do this, to do that.
And so they want to pull you over and march onto your bus.
And what's important about these articles in the Denver Post and other places is that they're getting it right.
Everybody would just pull them out and hold them up.
And it was just to get the...
The confirmation to bow to Caesar.
See, let me get everybody to line up.
We're going to check your ID.
See, that's next.
It's an expansion and an ever-widening net in all of this.
This is domestication.
It has nothing to do with security.
I mean, if you're a communist general, you can do whatever you want.
If you want any other plans, you can have them.
If you're a corrupt cop, you can do whatever you want.
If you're an evil politician, you can do whatever you want.
If you want to rape the people, do whatever you want.
The border stays wide open, do whatever you want.
I mean, the Border Patrol openly gives them catch and release slips that are then used as their ID.
The form they give the illegals is then used to get a house, to get a car, to get a... in to vote.
But you, a citizen, whether you're Hispanic or black or white, or an Eskimo...
You're going to be searched.
You're going to be pushed around.
You're going to be shoved up against the wall.
Your kid's going to be searched.
They're going to be trained how to be a slave.
They're going to wear an ID around their neck.
They're going to have army recruiters intimidate them and tell them it's the law.
They've got to join the military when it's not.
You see?
Let's go ahead and play this clip.
I can't play all of it.
It's up on prisonplanet.com.
It's 11 minutes long, but...
This is what it's come to with Bush's desire to bomb Al Jazeera.
Now, he's already bombed it twice.
And then when he got caught, he started saying, oh, no, it was a joke.
There's no joke.
Go ahead and roll it.
It is a top secret memo so sensitive that we can't tell you what it says.
Editors who published the details have been threatened with jail.
According to the Daily Mirror, it records President Bush suggesting a military strike against the Arab television station Al Jazeera and Tony Blair arguing against an attack.
There are calls for Downing Street to publish the transcript as executives from the Qatari-based television network demand to know exactly what happened.
The two men who allegedly leaked the document have been charged under the Official Secrets Act and it's understood the government here is likely to ask for their case to be heard in secret to stop any more revelations, as Lucy Manning now reports.
Making their own headlines, Al Jazeera were reporting on the leaked document in the Daily Mirror that allegedly said President Bush had last year discussed with Tony Blair his plan to bomb Al Jazeera.
But while they were reporting it, the British press had been warned off.
The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, threatening the media with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act if they published any more details.
The two leaders' conversation was, said the Mirror, in a document which turned up in the office of a former Labour MP, Tony Clarke.
His former researcher and a Cabinet Office official are charged with breaking the Official Secrets Act.
The Attorney General's decision to threaten editors with the same has baffled many at Westminster.
Well, it does seem to me a very draconian threat, and it leads one to the suspicion that the anxiety here is not so much the national interest, but preventing the government from embarrassment.
After all, the events with which we are concerned took place some considerable time ago.
Why is it necessary to invoke the terms of an Act designed to deal with issues which arise in a time of national emergency?
Allegations that President Bush wanted to take military action against Al Jazeera are certainly embarrassing.
Al Jazeera's relations with the Americans have been turbulent.
Its correspondent Tariq Ayyub was killed in Baghdad when an American air raid hit the station's offices.
And its office in Kabul was also hit by two bombs in 2001.
But the fact the media has been warned off giving any more details from the leaked memo suggests there are other things in it the government doesn't want to come out.
Undoubtedly the leak of such a memo is embarrassing not only here but in the United States where the finger of blame will be pointed at London and Downing Street and that is difficult for the Prime Minister.
There are many theories awash now in the corridors of Westminster and the one that seems to be gaining the most currency is that it's the White House that's most angry, it's the White House that's got most to lose and it's the White House in particular that wants to keep that memo secret.
It's thought the memo points to a dispute between the Prime Minister and the President over military tactics in Iraq.
At the time, there were reports of British concerns about the actions of American troops in Fallujah.
But after the Attorney General's warning, the Mirror has given an undertaking not to publish any more.
This is the first time that the government's threatened an official Secrets Act prosecution against a journalist.
They have in the past sought injunction... Okay, that's enough.
You know what I'll do tomorrow?
I'll play the second half.
It gets even better.
They have the former London Guardian reporter saying all reporters should be scared.
This is tyranny.
They're taking over.
Notice how she kept saying it's thought that there's a discussion between Blair and Bush.
It's thought that it's about the massacres in Fallujah.
It's thought.
See, they have to say that.
The memo's public.
It was in the Times of London.
They're leaving them alone.
We already know exactly what it says.
But they've been threatened with arrest.
They report it anymore.
So they're just saying, oh, it's thought.
It's not thought.
It's known.
So it just goes to the lunacy.
Now, here's another clip from USA Today.
Separate issue.
Government-sponsored terror.
Of what was being reported, what the FBI was telling USA Today correspondents on the morning of 9-11 about bombs in the buildings.
Here it is.
Joining me is Jack Kelly.
Now he is a foreign correspondent, war correspondent, and just came back from Israel.
He has some information about these attacks.
Jack, what can you tell us happened first in New York?
Apparently what appears to happen was that at the same time two planes hit the building that the FBI most likely thinks that there was a car or truck packed with explosives underneath the buildings which also exploded at the same time and brought both of them down.
Now that's the first time we're hearing that.
So two planes and explosives that were in the building, is that correct?
That is the working theory at this point.
That is still unconfirmed, but that is what the FBI is going on at this point.
Now here in Washington, can you tell us what happened with this jet?
We believe it's an American Airlines jet that was going from Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles.
Can you tell us about that?
At approximately 9.45, the plane hit the side of the building over there.
There are confirmed deaths at this point.
This is thought to be part of a coordinated attack.
This is the first time that U.S.
officials will actually say that this is part of a coordinated attack, and they don't think it's exactly over yet.
It is not over yet?
They don't believe it's actually over yet.
They're taking precautions.
Within the last couple of minutes, the White House has approved sending two aircraft
Now, Jack, as these battleships are headed out... Alright, that's basically it.
These battleships, they're not battleships, lady.
They didn't need aircraft carriers to defend.
There's a little propaganda, but did you hear that at the first of the club?
About bombs in the buildings.
Interesting little forgotten piece of information down the rabbit hole, the memory hole.
Former Canadian Minister of Defense fears intergalactic ET war.
Our comment on this story from PR knows is, there is some evidence to suggest a manufactured alien threat would be used to unify the world.
Behind a global government initiative, see a summary of that evidence in order.
Out of chaos, elite-sponsored terror in the New World Order.
Yeah, they've pulled off other giant hoaxes like 9-11 and...
So many others that they've staged.
And the government really has had a program.
This has been declassified.
We've gotten pieces of it.
Bill Clinton's former chief of staff runs one of these programs.
And in this big article, it gets into all these big heavy hitters.
This is the former defense secretary and former deputy prime minister, vice president of Canada, basically, saying that he knows about the aliens and the space bases and the super weapons.
We'll tell you about it after the break in the final segment.
I'm sorry, no more time for calls.
Right now at InfoWars.com.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, implanable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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Before I get back into the former Vice President and Deputy Prime Minister running around saying space aliens are...
Wonderful, and the evil Bush has created laser beam cannons to shoot them down.
Before I get to that, this is all part of a larger government operation for fair mongering.
Oh, please.
Seriously, my new film, The Order of Death, is out.
I don't know about space aliens, but I know this.
Our leaders really are Satan worshippers.
Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, government officials from around the world have written about the rituals.
It's not even hidden.
It's public.
But I snuck in back in 2000.
Now a worker was there on and off for two years.
And we have his footage inside the owl, the effigies, the mock sacrifice.
So much of my new film, The Order of Death, and then it gets into the larger global system and the Masons.
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And your support makes this show possible.
Former Canadian Minister of Defense fears intergalactic ET war.
And he said that they're as real as the airplanes flying above us each day.
I'm so concerned about the consequences.
Might be starting an intergalactic war that I think I had to say something.
He said the secrecy involved is just unparalleled.
He warned the United States military of preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens and that could, please, get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning.
He stated the Bush administration has finally agreed to let the military build a forward base on the moon which will put them in a better position to keep track of the goings and comings of the visitors from space and to shoot at them if they decide.
And we have.
There is footage from the shuttle and from other satellites of beams being fired into space.
We know they practice with these particle beams.
But this is really a Star Wars system to control the Earth.
And the government does have programs of faking alien invasions to create a worldwide hysteria to then call for world government.
And I'll have to pick back up on this tomorrow.
And I'm not saying that there couldn't be other life in the universe.
It's just that the government has been intimately involved in this story for 40 years, grooming it, getting it ready, gearing it up.
It's part of a larger master agenda, and I've obviously got to focus more on it because it's coming to fruition.
All right, back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
Death to the New World Order.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.