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Air Date: Nov. 25, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is the 14th day of November 2005.
It is Monday.
Paul Watson and Steve Watson will be joining us in studio coming up in about an hour and a half.
We're also going to have wide open phones today and be taking your phone calls on any issue or news item that you wish to discuss here on air.
And we have a ton of really important news and information that we'll be covering as well.
Bird flu out of control in Chinese province.
Ah yes, the bird flu is completely and totally out of control.
It's spread into another province and it's attacking chickens and ducks everywhere.
So we better give up all of our freedoms.
China just loves using this to crack down on their population and show them who's boss.
Mammals at greater risk as bird flu strain begins to mutate.
And then we continue on with this article.
Out of Japan, the Associated Press, Tamiflu is cited in two teen deaths, report says.
In Japan, it is listed on the bottle, the government advisory, warning that it can cause you to have hallucinations, kind of like Prozac.
So we'll tell you about Tamiflu before you start gobbling it for the common flu.
And shifting gears, White House declines to rule out torture to thwart attack.
They say if it'll stop Al-Qaeda from getting us, then torture is a good thing.
As if you can trust intel from torture.
As if you can trust a government that will torture.
It's just ridiculous.
White House declines to rule out torture to thwart attack.
And a little article here out of Drudge.
Drones to fly over U.S.
cities, as well as blimps.
And many different companies like Lockheed Martin and Honeywell have developed or are developing these.
And they're getting smaller and smaller.
And the LAPD has bought, what, 14 of these earlier this year.
And they're just going to be flying around everywhere with the hundreds of Cessnas and other aircraft the government owns, watching and watching.
Surveilling us, and they're also moving into armed combat vehicles that are remote controlled to, quote, deal with the terrorists.
Microwave guns and sound cannons are being delivered to major metropolitan departments around the country.
They've got to suppress us.
They've got to dominate us.
As we enter into this new age of New World Order tyranny, and there's just so much more here.
There's some good news.
Of course, we already knew this.
I remember five, six, seven, even longer than that, years ago, reading about people who had had HIV for decades, but were taking vitamins and living healthy lifestyles and weren't dying.
But every time you get on the medication, you do die.
And then almost everyone who was dying from it either had already had autoimmune disease or was a hemophiliac,
Or they use a lot of methamphetamine or other street drugs that have been cut or produced with deadly chemicals.
And you start taking a bunch of mercury and lead and other toxins that are associated with the production
Of these illegal drugs.
That is what literally kills you.
And there are actually treatments for that, but they don't tell you about that.
They've got more deadly drugs to kill you.
And then they find this virus in you.
They claim that that's what's killing you.
And then they indeed kill you.
And by the way, I heard doctors talking about this 15 years ago, and I didn't believe them.
I had to read the papers, read the government documents, read the Nobel Prize winner reports on this, but now it's in the BBC, it's in the London Independent, it's just all over the place.
That man who might hold the secret to defeating AIDS.
Jeb Bush leaves open White House.
Bet he promised he wouldn't, but promises are made to be broken by these people.
GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse parties decline.
We talked about this on Friday, but this is big news.
I want to get into it.
And more about our groundbreaking interview with the Professor Jones on Friday.
Stay with us.
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Lined up for you today on this Monday edition, Paul Watson and Steve Watson will both be in studio coming up in about an hour and 20 minutes for the second half of this three-hour transmission against tyranny.
We're going to be taking your phone calls coming up.
Ginger and Robert and Jeff and Bob and John and many others.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Any issue, any news item, anything you wish to discuss, you're welcome to do it here.
And as soon as you hear us move on from a particular caller, that's your chance to call in.
I have a lot of people complaining they can never get through to the show, and that's just a little trick to at least try to get in, because we always do love to hear from new callers, as well as a lot of our classic callers.
Look, I could spend all day on this, but China, Russia, the U.S., all these countries are using the bird flu as a way to consolidate power and control
The big drug companies are making billions and billions and billions, tens of billions of dollars off of this.
There are bird flus every year
As far back as anybody can remember, in Asia, because they breed the different types of fowl right in amongst pigs and cows and other animals, different species of animals, in these big feedlots, and the excrement runs together in these giant slurries.
And the mutations, that is a prime breeding ground for these flu viruses to mix in amongst each other in this primordial type of ooze.
And this is what's causing it.
And that is where most flus originate from that humans get.
And so now they're looking at this particular flu
And telling the world, as you know, that if it mutates, we're basically all dead, and only world government and martial law can save us.
And that just isn't the case.
And we have top scientists around the globe saying that it's total hype, total fraud, but that doesn't stop the media and the corporations and our president and the drug makers from making money, hand over fist, fear-mongering this.
And look, I'm not saying the government isn't going to release some bioweapon.
That's their plan.
I don't know if it's going to happen this year or five years from now or ten years from now.
But I know that all this fear-mongering just plays into their paradigm of control.
In the last five years in a row, the government admits that the flu shot the public has taken isn't even the right flu vaccine for the dominant flu of the year.
In the last two years in a row, they've admitted this months before, but people say, I don't care, I want it.
So that's just mindlessness, and the flu shot itself has just been proven to have massive side effects and problems.
And if an individual over 60 has taken more than four flu shots, there is over a doubling in the chances that they're going to end up having very serious Alzheimer's.
Alzheimer's has the exact same list of...
We're good to go.
And you could just go read AP articles about it.
Oh, they went from 50 times safe levels to 250.
No one knows why.
And then magically, you take a bunch of this and you get brain damage from it.
You see, that's how it works.
Over your normal life, you're going to eat mercury.
You're going to absorb dioxin.
You're going to have these poisons in you.
Lead, arsenic.
And that's one of the dominant things that kills us is the toxin buildup in our joints and bones and our brain and our organs.
That's what increases cancer.
But you massively supercharge that.
It's going to kill you a lot earlier.
I mean, this is not my opinion.
Okay, you see, I've already spent four minutes on this.
That's one article.
But bird flu out of control in Chinese province.
The Chinese government says the spread of the deadly H5N1 bird flu is one of its provinces.
It's not under control and has warned of a potential disaster there.
There have been three fresh outbreaks of the avian virus in the northern eastern province of Lanying in 24 hours and a new suspected human infection.
And the Middle East has now seen its first definite case of H5N1 bird flu.
The authorities in Kuwait have confirmed that a migratory flamingo found on a beach dead of the lethal strain.
They say another bird suspected of having the virus had the milder H5N2 strain.
There have been six outbreaks in the past month in China, and the government has responded by mass culls of poultry.
The most recent outbreaks, which killed 1,100 chickens, it's the end of the world, folks, prompted the authorities to cull 670,000 poultry in the areas affected and place 116 people in quarantine.
But they don't place the millions of people with drug-immune and drug-resistant TB in quarantine.
They don't put all the wet lepers...
That's the cases they know of.
7,000 a year.
They don't put, and I see people walking around, obviously legal aliens who got stuff that looks especially like leprosy dripping things on their faces, but it's fine.
It's delicious.
But oh, but they're so worried about this.
All these wonderful third world strains of spinal meningitis popping up, killing people.
That's okay.
You're not supposed to be afraid of that.
By the way, I now have the video clip and I need to play it on air.
We'll try to do it today or tomorrow.
I had the video clip.
Finally, Fox News, got to commend them here locally, admitted the rocket attacks, the mass murders, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds.
That's right.
We're upwards close to 1,000 now this year.
Last time I checked was three months ago.
Now it's getting close to 1,000.
It was over 600.
Dead on our side of the border and their side, just here in Texas.
In northern Mexico, all-out war, dead cops everywhere, car bombs going off, machine gun attacks from San Antonio to Dallas, U.S.
embassies closing, more dangerous than the West Bank of Israel.
That's an official State Department report.
And no one knows.
Cops don't know.
The public doesn't know.
We see these articles and put them all together about the open border war three months ago when we first reported.
Fox News locally is calling it a war and reporting on the mass carnage and death.
Whole towns, giant cities, or by giant, 100,000 person towns or bigger, are ghost towns.
People are moving out en masse.
The industry is shutting down.
People are afraid to go out on the street at night.
I mean, folks, we're talking about all out just bedlam.
Mass murder, burning, machine gunning.
And because the news didn't make a big deal out of it, nobody cares.
Can you imagine how they'd hype it if Al-CIA actually existed outside of the CIA and outside of Mossad and MI6?
If some Arab was actually down there and had shot five cops, much less upwards of 20 now?
Can you imagine the shutdowns, the checkpoints, the helicopters, the army being called in, red alerts, sirens?
Give up all your freedoms!
But oh no!
We've got to!
Rocket attacks!
Machine guns!
Truck bombs going off!
Total death!
And people are like, what's this guy even talking about?
The news didn't tell me to worry about it.
If they don't tell me about it, it's not a problem!
Just like the dripping leprosy and the oozing TB deaths every day in this town from deadly TB.
Just stop!
The media doesn't talk about it.
It's no problem.
Put your kids in school while these illegal alien kids hack on them with the drug-resistant TB, drug-immune TB.
And what's the government's number?
They say in a year, somebody with TB will give 45 people the disease.
Okay, see, now I've covered three articles here, and I have not even gotten moving yet.
But you should be aware of this little tidbit.
You really should be aware of this.
Tamiflu cited in two teen deaths.
Report says two teenage boys who took the antiviral drug Tamiflu exhibited abnormal behavior that led to their deaths.
One jumped in front of an oncoming truck, and the other apparently fell from a building.
The Associated Press is reporting, and major Japanese papers are reporting, following the first incidents which took place last year, the prescription drug in Japan began carrying a warning that says possible side effects include abnormal behavior and hallucinations.
The major Japanese paper reported.
And then it goes into how there have been a bunch of other strange behaviors and bizarreness going on associated with Tamiflu, which a lot of experts are reporting doesn't even protect you from the flu.
Continuing, where do I start?
Number one, when we get back from break, I'm just going to go straight to your calls.
But coming up, I'm going to spend some time on this.
White House declines to rule out torture to thwart attack.
I mean, we need to talk about this.
Meanwhile, denying that they torture people and saying it's an urban legend.
And Shalabi was here last week and he said it's an urban legend and he lied to us with WMD information.
The same thing that Rumsfeld said.
He said, I never said there were WMDs.
That's a total urban legend.
That's just a conspiracy theory.
But we'll get into that.
Also, these drones to be over all our major cities.
Watching this, you know, it's freedom.
And more on the man who might hold the secret to defeating AIDS.
Admittedly, people who take masses of vitamins and take care of themselves and stop snorting methamphetamine, they stop dying of it because it isn't the virus that does it.
And again, be afraid, be very afraid.
It's probably going to end up being... Arnold looks like he's out of the running in 08, but probably still in 012.
He's still got to expose this monster.
But it's shaping up.
He swore he had no plans for presidents, that he would not do it.
Repeat, it was a total lie.
Jeb Bush leaves open White House bid.
It'll be Jeb and Hillary, two crime partners.
I mean, it's actual theater.
It's totally staged.
Running, and you'll just have to vote for Bush.
Can't have an evil Hillary in there.
And it'll be the same program.
This is how they stage it.
GOP memo touts a new terror attack as a way to reverse party's decline.
And this is confirmed in Capitol Hill Blue as the highest record of integrity.
And they got this from inside their multiple White House sources.
And it fits in with other PNAC statements.
How wonderful it would be if a whole bunch of us got killed and just how they hope it happens real soon.
I'm sure you'll probably make it happen.
So we'll learn to worship you one way or the other, huh?
And there have been some new developments with Professor Jones that we had on last Friday.
Proud of my radio producer getting him first before any other show did.
Even if other shows claim credit for it, that's okay.
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Hello, I'm Johnny Cash.
Coming out this Friday, I'd like you to come see my new movie, I'll Walk the Line.
All right, just a gratuitous plug for that movie.
I can't wait to go see it.
All right, a total mindless, diversionary idiocy.
Excuse me for opening the segment that way.
I was talking to John, who runs the show.
He was talking about that movie coming out Friday, how he wanted to go see it.
So I thought I would just remind people.
I think that is coming out Friday.
John, are you right about that?
We're good to go.
We only fell a couple times.
That was fun.
Okay, got a lot of serious news coming up, but let's go to all your calls.
Let's start just hammering through them in this short segment and then coming up in the long segment after the break.
Let's talk to Ginger in Georgia.
Ginger, good to hear from you.
Yes, hi.
We saw something this morning that is going to blow your mind.
A gentleman that was one of the CIA analysts came on CNN and told the truth about everything.
And people were calling in about the New World Order.
And all this.
I mean, it was just awesome.
So I got in touch with all the reps and I said... Did Ray McGovern or somebody get on TV?
They let Ray McGovern on C-SPAN.
Who was conducting Washington Journal?
I don't remember.
I just listened to what he was saying.
But I mean, everybody was calling in going crazy.
And I called the reps about it.
I said, we need to call a 9-1-1 commission meeting right now.
I said, this administration is gone.
I mean, after what he told, it's gone.
Well, I know this.
I mean, we had one of the high-level Reagan administration officials, public servants on, Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Roberts, and this is an editor for the Wall Street Journal.
I know.
He's on saying the government's terrorists, they'll carry out terror attacks.
I mean, listen, the facts are the facts.
We now have White House memos where they're saying we need another one, and right now,
Okay, now the reps are aware of this.
There are some group of guys I'm working with up there in Washington, okay?
They're fighting the new world order.
And I'm going to tell you, one of them is Nancy Pelosi.
She got up there and told them off to their face the other day for the second time.
Well, Ginger, that's good news, and thanks for the call.
Did anybody else see Ray McGovern on C-SPAN today?
I've got to get that on tape.
I always say I'm going to do that, and then I forget.
The only time we seem to get it is if you send it to us.
Won't they re-air Washington Journal tonight?
But, you know, I'd like to go online and find that, maybe play some clips of Ray McGovern.
You know, you've heard Ray McGovern here for years, and look, two years ago, Ray wasn't this radical.
But now he comes right out and says, oh yeah, there's a criminal element running the government, they may carry out terror attacks, they've carried out terror attacks in the past.
He was number five at the CIA during the Reagan administration, and then he was even higher than that, the chief briefer for
George H.W.
And we have NSA officers on.
We've had so many people on.
I mean, German defense ministers on.
High-level members of British Parliament on.
So many prominent people.
It's just the facts are the facts are the facts.
And I'm glad to hear that you're excited about this.
They really can't hold back the truth any longer.
Unless they carry out a terror attack, which is what they're probably going to do, folks.
It's probably going to be a bio attack, and they're going to tell you it's bird flu, and it's going to be bad.
I mean, I don't know if they're going to do that this year or next year or the next, but it's in the cards.
They're really making preparations for it.
Robert in Texas.
Go ahead.
Robert, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing, man?
Hey, just real quick, I got...
Something happened this morning here in Austin about 10 o'clock this morning, just a real quick flash and just a confirmation of your police state.
It's happening.
I live over here near 51st and Guadalupe, about a block from the intramural fields.
Well, the Travis County Sheriff's came this morning to arrest one of my neighbors, this little bitty girl, and I don't know what she did, but I didn't see, I saw, I looked out my window and I saw two women
Look, Marine-looking guys, they were wearing these olive drab BDUs with sheriff embroidered across the back with combat boots.
These two big shaved head Marines, I thought, I wanted to go outside and ask them, hey, why are y'all dressed like soldiers, you know, to come arrest somebody, you know, and it was just real bizarre, but I was real angry, and I know better than to
You know, to say anything to them, because then, hell, they'd probably take me in, too.
Well, I'll tell you what the police state is, brother.
It's the armored vehicles.
It's the face-scanning software and the cameras.
It's the cell phones tracking your every movement.
And then the militarized police with skull tattoos, that's just part and parcel of it.
Now they're dressing the part.
I mean, it's total intimidation factor.
Plus, they don't even have exempt plates on their cars anymore.
Using regular Texas license plates on the unmarked car so you can't tell.
They're just
Anything else, Robert?
Uh, no, but that war is heading this way on the border.
I hear you.
I hear you.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You know, it feels really good to have been a trailblazer.
I am so thankful to God Almighty that my eyes were open to government-sponsored terrorism many years ago.
I am blessed.
I mean, I understood that governments carried out terror attacks routinely to blame it on their enemies or to crack down on their populations or both.
But Oklahoma City was a major, major, major wake-up call.
Clearly a government op.
We know the names of the people, how they did it, how they got the bombs in, what they did, the diversionary blast, everything from A to Z. And then Bill Clinton, a year later, on Air Force One, he had about a 30% approval rating, 32% approval rating.
And then a year later, he had a 68% approval rating.
And they said, what do you owe the revival of your presidency to in your re-election?
And he said, the Oklahoma City bombing.
Oklahoma City bombing brought us together as a nation.
And in my film, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, really the definitive film on government-sponsored terror, the classic.
I mean, I had that sucker out just four months after 9-11, and it's frankly one of my best films, if not my best.
It covers a brief history of government-sponsored terror, from the Reichstag, right through the Gulf of Tonkin, to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Then it gets into what happened at the first World Trade Center bombing where the FBI cooked the bomb and trained the drivers.
Publicly admitted.
See, that stuff's just public.
But no one gets in trouble.
And then we get into Oklahoma City.
We spend 40 minutes in Oklahoma City.
Then we spend another 40 minutes on 9-11.
Then we spend a bunch of time on the police state.
They're going to set up the thumb scanners in the grocery stores.
The arresting people for their political speech or owning firearms.
All Christians are terrorists.
The training manuals.
FEMA actually teaching from the manuals.
We don't just have the manuals.
And mainstream news articles about the manuals.
We actually have them teaching it.
I mean, there's no debating it, little boys and girls.
And see, it's almost a three-hour film.
Then you've got my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State, so well produced, so much information, show shocking.
The latest 9-11 info, it's a compendium.
It's exactly three hours and 45 seconds long.
You really need that miniseries.
And then, of course, American Dictators documenting how the left and right are owned by the very same people.
And that's right at two hours.
Actually, the DVD's more than two hours.
All three of those for $44.95.
That is over a $30 discount.
That's the three DVD special right now.
And I hope you'll get them.
It thrills me to no end to know that you're getting them, you're making copies, you're getting them out to people.
We're good to go.
All of this classical tyranny is good.
No, it isn't!
No, it isn't!
And we're talking about the end of America here.
Again, the very people that say, give up your rights or the terrorists will get you and America will die, they're the very ones signing deals dismantling our liberties, dismantling our border, dismantling our sovereignty, dismantling our industry, and openly bragging and snickering about it.
They openly called you slaves in position papers.
You know, this is nothing new, this White House memo, but it's just another statement, and it should scare us, where they say, well, terrorist attacks will be really great, big ones that kill a whole bunch of people, that we could use their sorrow to then get our agenda through.
I mean, they stopped one razor's hair from saying, we're going to do it.
And believe me, those memos are there.
And they got all sorts of horrible stuff.
They hired us, what, five years ago, a Hollywood script writing firm, $40 million a year, $44 million, excuse me, to write fake scripts of terrorist attacks.
And guess what?
One of those scripts was hijacked jets flying out of the World Trade Center and Pentagon and the whole script.
See, they need a script.
And then if they get caught with a script, they say they're simply studying a possible scenario for a terror attack.
And they even float the scripts and produce TV shows off of them months before.
It's like a big joke to them.
These are sick people, ladies and gentlemen.
Very, very sick.
And when Brzezinski calls you and I a slave and talks about how they've got to enslave us for world government, I mean, this isn't a joke, people.
That's the former National Security Advisor.
That's the founder of the Trilateral Commission.
That's the guy that advises the neocons.
I said I'd take your calls.
It's just...
I'm not radical.
I'm just a normal good old boy who's got some street smarts who's willing to read when somebody says I'm their slave and they're going to take all my rights and they're going to destroy my family's liberty and force drug me.
I'll get on the radio and say it's wrong.
I'm simply willing to repeat what these creatures have said.
So, there's nothing really special about this broadcast, other than we also steer away from disinfo.
We steer away from things that can't be proven, which so much of our community, the truth community, is obsessed with.
And folks, most of that's COINTELPRO.
If somebody wants you to just fight with each other all day, and if somebody tells you you can't move forward, and you don't have power, and you can't affect change, they're of the devil, to use the term they're so fond of.
I was listening to one of the other so-called patriot networks this weekend, and they had these two yahoos on there.
And they were going, listen, we've never had a victory that's real.
It's all the New World Order letting us have victories and we can't do anything against this system and there's nothing we can do and they're just all powerful and there's nothing we can do.
There's these people on the air saying we're having victories and it's just not true.
And I knew exactly who they were talking about.
It was the most sniveling garbage I've ever heard.
Let me tell you something.
We've had so many victories, it's ridiculous.
Thank God.
If we weren't on the front lines fighting, if we weren't engaging the enemy, if we weren't standing up against them and putting our full weight against them, we would already be in a brave new world matrix-like system.
I mean, that's what the government openly wants.
An 85-plus reduction in population, 85-plus percent, compact cities, total enslavement, one-child policies, shaved heads, gray uniforms...
Literally worshipping world government.
Now that's their plan, people!
You know, we've got the number of abortions down, so it's not perfect.
It's better than nothing.
We've gone from 70-some percent for abortion 20 years ago to 70-plus percent against it.
And states moving all over the place to restrict it.
Believe me, we would have had total amnesty if we wouldn't have beaten it three times.
We would have had all these hate crimes laws if we wouldn't have beaten it.
Well, you know, the end's coming, there's nothing we can do, and it's up to the devil if you try to stop it.
That is a fraud.
All the prophets did, and what the founding fathers did, and what good people have done throughout history, is go and warn them and fight them and try to stop it, and sometimes they did, and sometimes they didn't, and sometimes some listened and were saved, and the rest were destroyed.
But that's the point here.
Look, consequences belong to God.
I forget which founding father said it.
Consequence is up to God.
Duty is ours.
Well, there's no reason to help that old lady get mugged.
There's four of them.
You're going to lose for sure.
I don't have to do a cost-benefit analysis.
I don't think about it.
You can call me stupid and weak and dumb, and I guess a lot of people who think, oh, I look out for number one, I guess that type of individual would look at me as a fool.
That I wouldn't even need.
I wouldn't even think about it.
If I saw them mugging some young woman out that window right now in that alley I'm looking at, there wouldn't be any discussion, there wouldn't be any thought about it.
There wouldn't be any debate.
I would only think about how to sneak up on them and attack them as quickly as possible or I'd probably just charge right in.
You can call me a dumb ox if you want, but I'm just a human being.
I've got my basic instincts intact.
That's how normal people behave.
And they've driven this instinct from us.
They've driven the instinct from us to protect our children.
They've driven the instinct from us to protect our societies.
They've driven these basic instincts out of us, or they're misdirecting them into false tribal simulated warfare sports and all the rest of it.
I mean, it's a sick joke.
And let me just say this.
We are blessed to have the GCN Radio Network.
We are blessed to have the websites out there.
We're blessed to have the alternative news we've got.
I am thankful.
I am incredibly honored.
I am just completely blown away.
You know, nobody is in the office right now, and I'm looking at the waddy wads at the window.
My staff are both at the store.
One of them is in the electronics store.
The other's off getting his lunch, and they're out there locked out, so I wonder if I can yell at them through this inner room out to the other windows.
They'll hear me.
I know they see me.
There's this key point I always want to make, and I always get distracted before I say it.
We are blessed to have these venues.
I am very thankful for them, and I think all the listeners should be thankful for them and should support them.
And it's just this loser mentality of we can't fight City Hall, we can't get involved, there's nothing we can do.
It's that attitude that got us in the position we're in today.
And now we're trying to dig out of it.
And I know this, even if we fail, digging out of it is going to save a lot of people.
It's going to lessen the blow of the New World Order.
It's going to hold back just how sick and horrible it actually gets.
Just the jellyfish mentality is unspeakable.
I'll tell you what, let's go ahead and play this little newscast piece, and literally I get emailed about ten of these a day, but keep them coming.
All over the country they're announcing how great thumb scanning is, and how wonderful thumb scanning is, and how soon we'll all be thumb scanned to buy and sell, and how it keeps you safe from identity fraud, and how it's the next best thing to slice bread.
So let's go ahead and roll that little piece, and then we'll be right back and take your calls.
At the Cup Food Store in Bridgeview, while other customers stand in line to pay cash, check, or credit, Anthony Buzinskas pulls out his finger.
You don't have to go here.
You don't have to do this.
You don't have to do that.
And here's a bing, bang, boom, and you're out.
In the snap of a finger, or in this case, the point of a finger, you can pay your bill with the store's new pay-by-touch technology.
Very simple.
You sign up at
The money is taken out of your checking account when the machine confirms your ID from your finger.
Cub installed the new system to shorten the checkout line.
We want to come in, shop, and then get through the checkout line as fast as possible.
And pay-by-touch allows us to speed up that process for them.
You don't have to carry the cash or the, you know, credit cards, bulky credit cards, whatever.
I just think it's a great idea.
It's so futuristic.
Cub stores are the first in the Chicago area to offer pay-by-touch, but this fingertip payment is expected to catch on.
Dorothy Tucker, CBS2 News.
Now, they've done national studies and polls, and the biometric consortiums have meetings, and they've got whole websites and whole magazines that track it, and they say you all basically hate it.
90 plus percent of you can't stand it, you think it's evil, and they just laugh at you, and they tell the retailers how to make you take it.
Now notice, it makes it so quick, it's so easy, it's so fast.
They've already got self-checkout lanes, boys and girls.
And adding another identification system to it only increases all of that.
This is for the national sales tax period.
Because it's going to be graduated.
And you've got Bortz and all the rest of them out pushing the fair tax.
But see, they're going to keep the income tax with it.
And then you're going to have to thumb scan so that, oh, we can't have people who are in the lower sales tax bracket off buying for rich people.
And discounting those that are in the 28% sales tax bracket for those that don't have any sales tax costs.
If you make under $18,000, there's not going to be any tax on you for some key items, like groceries, food, and things like that.
But it's going to be very low for other items as well.
And it's going to bring federal control into all terminals, all sales.
No more cash.
Even if you pay cash, you will have to thumbprint to do it.
It is the most hellish development you can imagine.
But it's just like the thumb scanning a decade ago began to go into place, and the average person just didn't want to believe this was happening.
And then we go back six years ago when they passed a law that in 2001, and this is years before 2001,
Let me count up the years.
It was 1996 when they passed the federal law that all cell phones would track you down to 15 feet and listen to you with the audio system as a bugging device, even when the phone's off.
And they paid the phone companies to put it in, so that's four years, and then it's 2005, so it's actually almost nine years ago.
But the law went into effect five years later, in 2001, October 1st.
And you still tell the average person that every movement is tracked by the cell phone.
You tell the average person that it can be used as a bug to listen to them.
They just roll their eyes and giggle.
Well, if you think that's bad, folks, this new system... Oh, now they're announcing they're going to use cell phones to give you tickets.
When you speed, the cell phone will show that you sped from point A to point B. That's already beginning.
They're going to use it to administer tolls.
It'll just be added onto your phone bill because they're having trouble in some states getting the transponder laws passed.
And they're going to track you and control you.
And the way they're announcing it publicly, it's in the industry publications what they're really going to do.
But the way they're announcing it publicly is that, oh, it's just going to be used for the traffic systems to judge how fast traffic's moving.
But don't worry, it's total anonymity while they're scanning your cell phone and tracking you.
So, I mean, what am I supposed to say?
What am I supposed to do?
I'm actually flabbergasted right now.
I'm dumbfuddled.
I mean, I can't even talk right now.
I'm so sick of it.
It's so obvious.
It's so disgusting.
It's so all-encompassing.
It's so controlling.
It's so un-American.
And all over the nation, they pull out the self-service.
They put in the...
They... It's just... I'm actually speechless right now, ladies and gentlemen.
I actually am.
I don't have anything to say anymore about it.
They pull out the service lanes.
They put in self-service.
Then they put in thumb scanners and tell you if you want food, if you want the products, do it.
And we're about a year from almost every major chain putting in the thumb scanners.
About a year.
And then about a year after that, they're going to say you've got to do it.
Because they're simply going to remove the service checkout lanes.
And you've already been in the grocery store at 10 o'clock at night when there's no one there to check you out.
You've got to use self-serve.
You've already been in the Home Depot when it happens.
It's happened to me.
Chances are, if you're in a good-sized city, it's already happened to you.
And this is domestication.
This is enslavement.
This is the end of the country.
And if you're going to let them do this to your children, c'est la vie.
I mean, we cannot put up with it.
But notice how they act like everybody's doing it, everybody loves it, it's fun, oh, it's so futuristic, oh, it's so neat.
And it's that same exact script, those same exact comments, with just different reporters on ABC, CBS, NBC, you name it, across the board.
It doesn't matter what station it is, where it is.
That shows you the control.
This is like, again, a late-night science picture horror movie, and I'm the guy breaking in, you know, over the Matrix lines to warn you.
I mean, it's literally at that level, and it's so obvious.
All right, we'll come back.
It's 40 minutes to our guest room.
We have plenty of time to do your calls.
I'll go to Jeff.
I'll go to Bob.
I'll go to John.
I'll go to Rodney.
I'll get to everybody.
It's just such a nightmare what's happening.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Folks, we have the White House with memos to Republican leaders about how great terrorist attacks would be to get their agenda going.
We have different cities banning guns around the country.
We have just a whole cornucopia of tyranny taking place against us.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Jeff and Mass.
Jeff, thanks for holding.
I guess he's listening on the computer or there's a delay on the station.
He doesn't hear me.
Let's go ahead and move on then.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bob in Texas.
You're on the air.
Bob, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing?
I understand you went up to Enchanted Rock yesterday?
Yes, sir.
You must have gone up the right trail because you weren't supposed to run around the back way.
You had to do some climbing.
And also, Watson's in town?
Oh, interesting.
And one more thing before I really get started.
As they're talking about on, I guess, the Washington Journal, how about the CIA?
Some guys from the CIA were on TV talking about everything.
Yes, I've gotten a lot of calls that Ray McGovern was talking about, I guess, government-sponsored terrorism and other things like that, yeah.
Okay, well, I'll throw my two cents in.
I guess the way you have to see it, Alex, is that you're definitely rising.
I remember a time, maybe like two, three years ago, where I didn't hear too many people talk about you, and if they did talk about you, they'd say conspiracy theorists.
Well, I've been keeping my ears in the streets, and I've been hearing a lot of different people talking about you.
It's like a catch-22, the way I'm looking at it.
GCN's rising, RBN's rising, yourself's rising.
As you rise, you have to see society's coming down, because this is the level, because it's
Well, sir, I appreciate your call, but, you know, it isn't about Alex Jones rising.
I mean, there's nothing rising.
The numbers of readers of the website is rising, but it's not about that.
It's about exposing government corruption and saving our society.
This is about survival.
This isn't about being a big shot and, you know, people thinking I'm cool.
I could care less.
The show isn't about Alex Jones.
I try to explain that to people.
Earlier I was being self-deprecating.
I mean, this is obvious.
They're calling the slaves, they're putting in slave grids to track everything we do and to control us and to tax us and to abuse us.
Case closed.
But thank you so much for the kind words, Bob.
It is good news that using Alex Jones as a figurehead or as a sounding board or as an indicator, that if you look at the individual Alex Jones, five, six, seven, eight years ago, I was really a kook.
And then, yeah, on 9-11 saying it was a government op, man, that guy's out there.
I had so-called patriots walk up to me and go, you piece of garbage.
And then lots of exposés exposing me.
People were writing exposés a year after 9-11 saying, and I was...
You know, just absolutely full of it.
You know, full of baloney concerning 9-11.
And now those very people claim they broke all the 9-11 stories and they're to watch people who criticize me for telling the truth.
And then now they claim that they are just the grand poobahs of it.
Anybody who says that the grand poobah don't walk, run the other direction.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Boston.
John, go ahead.
How are you doing today?
Hi, Alex.
Good, sir.
Hey, I just wanted to call up.
I'm feeling good out here because I've been noticing the effect of making copies of your videos and spreading them around, what the difference, what difference it makes.
And to let you know, I have a good friend who served in Vietnam, I'm sorry, in the Iraq War, and just got back.
And I showed him your videos.
Started making copies, distributing them at his gun club.
I tell you what, stay there.
When we come right back after this break, I want to hear about it.
And then coming up in about 30 minutes, we're going to have Paul Watson and his brother Steve Watson, who obviously are a lot of the energy behind PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
They'll be joining us.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
The 14th day of November 2005.
We're going to be live here for the next two hours, now into the second hour.
Coming up in about 30 minutes, Paul Watson and Steve Watson from England will be in studio with us to talk about a whole host of issues, including White House...
Declines to rule out torture if it keeps us safe.
Torture is good.
Also, internal Bush administration documents talking about how wonderful a terrorist attack would be, how helpful that would be to get their agenda through.
Shades of 9-11 all over again, and it's the same thing everybody else is starting to say.
Including, I'm told, and we have confirmed, that Ray McGovern, top CIA analyst...
Former CIA analyst, advisor to Reagan and Bush Sr., was on C-SPAN talking about this this morning, and I'm told that Rodney, coming up in a couple calls, actually saw this.
Maybe Rodney can tell us more about it.
But right now, let's go ahead and go back to John in Boston.
John got cut off right before the last segment ended.
We wanted him to be able to finish what he was talking about.
Go ahead, John.
Thanks, Alex.
I just wanted to say that
You know, right after 9-11, you know, having listened to you and knowing what was going on and buying your videos and handing them out.
I mean, people looked at me like I had three heads.
But now, people come to me and they want your videos.
They want to know more about your website.
And I've made a lot of copies.
I've handed them out to a lot of people.
And now I have this Iraq war vet who fought in Iraq on the invasion.
He took 9-11, rise of the police state, and police state three.
He's made copies.
He's given them out to people in his unit.
He's given them out at his gun club.
And I just think it's amazing.
I think we're really making a difference by just handing out these videos and talking about it and getting out there and engaging people.
I mean, I used to be called a kook.
I was thrown out of a couple bars here or there because I wouldn't shut up about it being an inside job.
And now people want to know even more.
So I would just encourage everyone to really get out there and really stand up now.
Well, you know that I love to repeat that Mark Twain quote of, in the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man hated and feared, but in time when his cause succeeds, the timid join him because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
You are that patriot.
You are to be commended.
And I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my children and all the children of America's future because people like you are out there.
We have a chance of beating this thing, and God bless you, my friend.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
You bet.
Calls like that make it all worth it.
We have to tell the truth.
So much of propaganda is getting you to lie to yourself, getting you to take the easy path, getting you to be naive.
Oh, they wouldn't do that.
Everything's all right.
Oh, I believe the government's bad, but not that bad.
If you look at all the admitted things they've done,
The atomic soldiers, the atomic children, radiating little babies in this country and in Israel.
I mean, killing little toddlers, murdering our own troops, spraying nerve gas on them.
Men were going out to train today, just flying over and killing them.
Well, you've got to do that to be tough.
We've got to get Saddam because he's torturing, but let's torture.
All of this stuff's going on.
And I'll say it again, none of us are safe
While we sit idly by.
While we sit idly by and let this New World Order put this program into place.
They're putting in their electronic voting machines that are fraud driven.
They're putting in their biometrics for the control grid.
They're putting in their entire program.
Their entire electronic straitjacket is going into place right now.
No one is for it!
We're the majority.
We're the people.
We're supposedly the consumer.
We don't want it.
It doesn't protect you from identity fraud.
Identity theft.
Don't put up with it.
Boycott it.
Fight it.
Say no to it.
Because if we let them put this in, and we're very close now with the RFID and all of it, it's going to be really, really bad.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Social engineers think that we're all a bunch of idiot slaves.
They think that we're not going to wake up to what they're doing.
It's up to you out there to prove them wrong.
Let's get back to your calls.
They're coming up in about 20 minutes.
We'll be joined by Steve Watson and Paul Watson in studio.
We're actually hooking up some more microphones and things right now.
I had this set up for one guest.
So if you hear any popping or buzzing or anything like that, it was caused by Al Qaeda gremlins.
I'm looking at one right now crawling around on the floor.
No, seriously, let's get back to your phone calls.
Let's go to Rodney in Texas.
Rodney, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I sure appreciate you taking my call.
I wanted to briefly comment on a couple of points that Ray McGovern covered this morning on C-SPAN.
The moderator, her name was Connie, and she did ask him about an article that appeared in the Baltimore Sun this morning regarding the Vice President's push
On this torture, and I found it rather interesting, and his response was that he was highly trained in the military in interrogation, and one of the first rules that he learned in interrogation is that torture, torturing an individual, any information that you would get out of an individual that way could not be trusted, and you could tell by her reaction on the TV that
That she was thinking, well, if in fact the information can't be trusted, why do they want to torture these individuals?
I want to put that question to you, Alex.
Well, that's the same thing that came up last Friday with Paul Craig Roberts, former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, and of course, editor at National Review, and
We know why they have them bulldoze people's cars for no reason with tanks when they're caught with a piece of firewood.
We know why they capture thousands of innocent people and torture them and then release them.
It has to create hatred by the Arabs.
I don't mean to interrupt, but I thought you were asking a question, Rodney.
Go ahead.
They want to generate hatred and anger.
They want to demonize America internationally to then build up the supposed counter to the United States.
It's the same thing they did with the Soviet Union.
They create these false enemies and play them up.
Our own government's running propaganda, and they admit this.
To make Europe and Asia and the Middle East hate us, while domestically running propaganda that makes the public love it.
And then internationally, it's meant to actually generate resistance.
I'll say it again.
Do the defense contractors make more money if we were in Iraq a year and fixed all the problems and left?
Or if we're there a decade?
A decade.
We're there long term, they make more money.
So through failing, they win.
So she also asked him about this czar that's over the CIA, and he immediately told her the guy started off making all kinds of mistakes.
He was referring to Porter Goss.
But, you know, I just thought that his interview this morning, just the little bit that I caught,
It was very, very good.
So you didn't catch all of it.
We've gotten calls on and off air and emails about it saying he talked about 9-11 or talked about government-sponsored terror.
Because, you know, he said on the show a few weeks ago, he said, if there's a terrorist attack, don't look at al-Qaeda first.
Look at our own government.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
See, what he was saying, actually, was essentially the same things that he said on your show, but I've caught him in some other interviews on Air America and some other programs.
But he also made a statement that was similar to Paul Craig Robertson, that he said all your mid-level and high-level CIA people have been ran off, and that's similar to what Paul Craig Roberts was saying about true conservatives.
Last Friday in his interview with you, he had made the statement, he says, I don't recognize any of the conservatives that are in the White House right now.
So it was a great interview, and he brought out a lot of great points.
I didn't catch the entire thing, but like I said, most of what he said, I have heard on your show, but I thought I'd just call in.
Real quickly, I want to ask you about a couple of articles I've seen at your website.
I found very interesting the article on the stun guns.
This is never going to go away, but there was a story about a situation that took place in Georgia
Well, their argument is that they would shoot you with an actual firearm, with an actual bullet.
If they didn't have the option of using the stun gun, and if the police were properly trained, and if they weren't trained to just point and shoot, then I think tasers would be fine.
The problem is, is that actually it's increasing the number of police shootings the studies show, and it's increasing the number of deaths from the tasers themselves,
Because it's training them to shoot.
It's like a training aid with a dog, with an attack dog.
You don't start out training them to actually kill somebody.
You do it with dummies.
And so all the riot gear, the rubber bullets, the bean bags...
Well, they don't use them when it's a life-and-death situation.
They use them for any reason.
Oh, you talked back to me.
Oh, you didn't get out of the car quick enough.
Or you asked me why.
Well, I'm going to taser you now.
I'm going to shoot you right in your pregnant belly.
Or I'm going to shoot this 95-year-old woman and I'm going to knock her prosthetic eye out of her head.
You don't question me.
Boy, I'm the official.
I'm the authority.
It's this arrogant attitude that's actually encouraged.
And they do this point-and-shoot training with the police to, quote, switch off the thinking process, this instinctive shooting.
It's very, very dangerous because they will just instinctively pull and shoot just because they get an adrenaline rush or because a car backfires on the road driving past them.
You know, they'll shoot the guy in handcuffs in the back three times and then the cops don't get in trouble.
So clearly these are all training aids to train them to attack the public and to train the public to accept the images of us being attacked.
Thanks for the call, Rodney.
And I would also add this caveat to what I just said.
These cop shows...
They're there to condition us to accept checkpoints, to accept people being pulled over.
And it sells you the image.
You only see guilty people on these shows.
You only see trash.
Toothless, white trash, stumbling around drunk, going, literally.
We've all seen cops.
We've all seen stories of the Highway Patrol.
We've all seen police chases.
It's all scum.
Whether it's gang members, scum from East L.A., or whether it's white trash literally stumbling around, wife-beating trash.
They go in the house.
There's diapers all over the floor.
This sells the image of the public.
As that, in the police minds, in the people's minds, in everyone's minds, and in the cops or the serious professional guys with the short haircuts and the nice crisp uniforms just trying to protect us and just trying to... And we already have enough trouble with the police seeing the public as a bunch of criminals, as the police seeing us as perpetrators or potential perpetrators.
We already have enough trouble with them thinking that we're all out to get them when that just isn't the truth.
And you also see these cop shows filmed in New York or wherever where there's gun bans.
You got a gun.
You're going down, boy.
Well, people all over the country see that and think, my gosh, I've got a gun.
I'm going down.
It creates the perception that guns are illegal.
Because people watch shows produced in Chicago or New York or Detroit, and then the carpet cleaner's in your house and sees a gun case of guns and says, are those legal?
And then runs outside to call the police.
You're like, you're a fool.
This is what it's come to.
It's just people are not consciously watching television.
They're not consciously looking at the propaganda.
And I just feel sorry for the police.
I mean, the system that's being put in that's raping the people is going to rape them just as much or more.
They're going to be asked to do all these horrible things and no amount of propaganda is going to make it okay again.
There's not going to be any salve here, folks.
It's just going to get worse.
And the good news is most special forces are waking up.
The good news is most CIA people are waking up.
The good news is a lot of FBI's waking up and they're quitting or they're being run out.
There have been purges under Clinton.
Purges under Bush.
And they're putting their people in.
But the good news is their people are a bunch of crook dilettantes who don't really want to work that hard.
And they're busy off with their mistresses or off with their boyfriends and they're busy off at the Swiss Alps on their skiing vacations and they're giving orders now and people just aren't following them.
It's like Hitler.
I mean, he had all these people going along with him for so long until people really started to see what was really happening.
And then a lot of his biggest supporters were trying to get him.
And what we've got to realize, though, with Hitler, he was actually running things.
With Bush, he's not running anything.
He's a puppet.
He's like a front man.
It's like when the mafia owns a business and they're using it to launder money.
They'll have some guy in the front office who's supposedly the CEO.
Okay, but really, you know, Mr. Carl Loney has called.
He's got a message for you to do it.
You know, we're going to bring the stuff around back there.
I mean, that's who's really running things, okay?
It's that simple.
All right.
Let's go ahead and, I mean, going back to the old western town, I won't just pick on the Yanks up north.
The old western town, you'd have some corrupt sheriff who really worked for the local mine owner, and the sheriff had his ten thugs, and anybody that didn't put up with the mine owner stealing people's property or pushing people around, or maybe the mine owner's son wanted somebody's daughter.
So, you know, his son beats up Billy Bob's son because he was a boyfriend with her.
And then finally the town just gets mad and there's a big shootout with the sheriff and his men.
And they run them out of town.
The four or five that make it out.
The rest get gunned down.
And there were hundreds of cases of that in the Old West.
Finally, either a town would die.
It would be called a bad town.
The parasites kept feeding and feeding and feeding.
People just move out.
Or in other cases, they would run them out.
And it would go back to being a good town.
Or, in some cases, there were so many resources in the town that people would stay and put up with it.
And that's a Chicago, that's a Houston, that's a... And people just... I mean, a lot of these towns have been corrupt since there were a hundred people in them.
You understand that, folks?
And it's just passed from one fat mafia don to the next.
I'm sick of it.
Here it is, folks.
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Coming up, the White House memo.
Terrorism would be such a big help for us right now.
Sure hope Al-Qaeda attacks.
Wink, wink.
I'll get that done, Commander.
So that's coming up right now.
Let's go to the calls.
Charles in Louisiana, then J.J., James, Jeff, another.
A lot of J's.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Charles.
How you doing, Mr. Jones?
Good, my friend.
I just wanted you to tell me to call back.
That's right.
You got cut short last week when we had a guest on.
Yes, sir.
I want to tell you what's happening.
In New Orleans, there's bodies of God with soldiers that nobody, they won't let nobody look at.
I figure that's the ones the police shot.
Oh, yeah, there are a bunch of different mainstream AP articles, Times Pick and You, about there's all these houses with dead bodies, and they won't let anyone get in and get them, and they won't bring them out.
And then now they're trying to bring trucks in to sneak off with them.
And, you know, I thought that last week, and it's something I never mentioned on air, because so much of what I put in the stack I never cover, because I'm a long-winded, horrid creature.
And you brought it up.
Well, they admit that there was just endless machine gunning going on.
Well, I got the number.
I got the after number.
It's a little over 1,600.
That's not including the ones that drowned.
These are guarded with soldiers.
Oh, I would imagine.
They probably killed 500 of them.
Okay, now, there's a rumor with the police that the levees had to be blown to relieve the pressure off of New Orleans.
There's rumors in the police department.
That's like saying blow a dam to stop it from hitting your house right below it.
I mean, if you blow it anywhere, it floods the whole area.
It's ridiculous.
Well, I've been passing the tapes out in the medical department.
Now, in New Orleans, all the foreigners, they've got all Mexicans down there.
Now, listen to this.
They all in City Park, they charge him $300 for a tent.
Just to put a small tent there.
Who is?
The city.
So they're literally ripping everyone off and feeding on the displays right now.
Well, Paul Craig Roberts, former Reagan administration public servant, not official public servant, he said, and I've seen it in the press, but he was really mad about that.
Bush promised all the contracts for people that live in Mississippi and Louisiana.
The locals are almost getting nothing, and then they're literally bringing in illegal aliens to do the work, and then even ripping them off and not paying them.
Yes, now listen to this.
All the people that lost their homes, they want to charge them taxes on the homes like the homes were still there.
They don't have no house there, but they still want to charge them the original taxes.
Well, see, that's how they're going to rip them off and then claim they own the property, because you didn't pay the back tax.
Yes, because they don't have the money to pay the taxes.
I saw that too, Charles.
This is now the mass raping will begin.
Now, let me tell you what's happening up here.
I'll give you an example.
My wife went to buy a wig for her mother.
Her mother's up there.
They threw rocks in the window and broke the window like they hit my mother-in-law and wife in New Orleans.
They're causing racial tension.
You can't even buy a gun down here.
They're selling guns.
You have to order a gun.
And shells are very hard to get right now.
Only one Walmart is selling them out.
All the Walmarts across Louisiana here.
They're trying to destroy us within.
Well, here's the deal.
There have been something like 800 and something.
It was 600 months ago.
The new number is 800 dead on the U.S.-Mexico side in the Texas sector.
And rocket attacks, mass murder, 2,000 trips.
It's more than that, but the government says 2,100 and something trips have died in Iraq.
I mean, in one year in Texas, it's approaching a thousand in this war zone.
But because they decide to not tell us about it on the news, it supposedly doesn't exist.
And yes, I know it's the same thing there in the Louisiana area.
You guys are just one step above what's been happening in France.
Yes, sir.
Oh, yes, sir.
It's very bad.
It's really terrible.
They just shut the mall down with two guys with AK-47s they found in a car.
Sitting in a car with the AK-47s.
They shut the whole mall down.
Mr. Jones, I wish I could talk to you up here and prove some of this stuff.
I got a guy that rides a limousine.
He's got a limousine service.
He's been getting a lot of information going back and forth New Orleans.
But there's 1,600 bodies.
You know what?
That is a prime article that we should write and write right now because we have the news articles about how they won't let people in to get the bodies and they guard them and act all suspicious.
And a lot of these are in high and dry areas.
We know they did shoot people, and then I said we'd find out later how many they killed.
I guess they won't let us know.
Oh, no, no, sir.
But the other thing is, if somebody was to come out, and this comes from the police department at the hospitals, come out and get a little excited, they would just shoot them.
They wouldn't take no chances.
They would shoot.
They had their own discretion to shoot.
Now, that comes from the police, you know?
Their own discretion to shoot who?
Anybody that come out to give them any kind of trouble whatsoever.
Around the Ninth Ward?
They didn't go into the Ninth Ward, but around there.
People was excited and trying to, you know... No, I remember when images of police handing machine guns at people who were trying to walk out, saying, no, you can't walk out.
Right, that's right.
Yeah, that's right.
And they threatened them and said, if you don't leave, we're going to shoot you.
That's how they... But, Mr. Jones, it's crazy.
It's crazy down here.
Thank you for taking my call, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Look, it's the order of the day.
This country is collapsing by design.
It's collapsing.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, I want to cover some of the top news stories, and then we're going to go straight back to your phone calls, some of the people that are patiently holding, like J.J., James, Jeff, and many others.
Again, this broadcast comes to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin, Texas, Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
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Central Standard Time.
The websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
And coming up in a few minutes, I have in studio with me Paul Watson and his brother Steve Watson, all the way over here from Sheffield and London, respectively.
And we're going to be going through the White House openly.
Talking about how torture is good and they're going to keep torture because it keeps us safe from Al-CIA to, I mean, Al-Qaeda.
I think I've overworn that little joke, but it's okay.
We're going to continue to do it.
Because it makes the point, and it's not really a joke at certain levels, it's the reality of what's happening.
We also have a White House that has been passing around high-level memos with Republican leadership about how wonderful and wondrous a terrorist attack would be to get their entire agenda back online.
Now, before we go to my two guests, last hour I mentioned my documentary films, but I didn't tell you how to get them.
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So I want you to get the videos right now.
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Info bombs as weapons.
Smashing lies.
You're like, I can't fight the slick news.
I can't fight all the propaganda.
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Their lies have to be slick.
The truth doesn't have to be slick.
It stands on its own.
It is anathema to their program.
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Now, in studio, I have my good buddies and also the fellows that write a lot of the articles and do the daily updates and try to read and respond to all your email.
I have Paul Watson and I have...
I have Steve Watson with us.
Respectively, they are known as the Wadiwat Clan, because the Watsons are, of course, Scotties.
That's the tribe that the Scots come from.
So we have two wild Scotties in the studio with us today.
And Paul is on video right now.
We'll be putting this on the TV show.
He's very sneaky looking.
And I'm just having some fun with you guys.
I didn't have time to set up another microphone, so you guys have to share that microphone.
Just make sure you get close to it.
But it's pretty good.
Don't be scared of it.
It's like a pretty girl.
You can even give the microphone a kiss if you want.
Enough of my attempts at humor.
It's not a snake.
It's not a cobra.
It's not an al-Qaeda.
It's not going to get you.
I'll be serious now.
Let's shift gears and get into this.
Gentlemen, thanks for joining us here in studio.
Let's start over again.
Good to have you here with us, gentlemen.
I didn't have your microphone on.
Good to be here, Alex.
Hello, Alex.
It's good to have you guys here with us.
Nice to be here.
So much has happened.
I mean, the day you guys flew over here, Friday, so much news broke.
We have this professor of physics coming out and saying he's looked at all the evidence.
Clearly only bombs could do this.
There's a total cover-up.
We have the White House memo that they just really want some wonderful terrorist attacks.
Well, the first thing that I noticed after arriving in Texas, the big story, and I believe it's still the big story, is the hotel bombing in Jordan, which is now being used on the media as a justification to stay in Iraq by connecting terror to Iraq.
And we've posted the images on prisonplanet.com of the result of the bombing, the aftermath,
And it shows basically that the ceiling was bombed as if the bombers had crawled in the rafters of the roof and detonated the bombs from there.
Which is interesting because the initial story was that, that the ceiling had been blown out, but then it was changed to suicide bombers.
And then we have this media showcase of this female suicide bomber with the bomb still strapped to her chest being paraded and then being linked by family to Al-Zarqawi, therefore providing the Iraq connection that justifies continued presence in Iraq.
We're good to go.
Haratz reported that they were warned and did evacuate.
Just like in the Bali bombing, the FBI was there and evacuated.
It's just always magical.
And we had Benjamin Netanyahu getting a warning on 7-7 not to leave.
And that was never retracted.
And then the head of Mossad confirmed that they did give Netanyahu a warning.
So just over and over again, it's just so convenient for the establishment.
Well, yeah, I mean, the actual physical evidence at the site of the bombing, in the case of this hotel bombing in Jordan, dovetails with what happened in London, because we have two separate credible eyewitnesses, one a Guardian journalist saying that two separate sites in London on the day of 7-7, the bombs actually came up from underneath the train, and the eyewitnesses don't report any guys with large backpacks.
So you've got a similar situation in Jordan where the actual physical evidence doesn't jive with the official story.
Then we have the Bali bomber, supposedly.
They never went to trial.
They never had any evidence.
They just say it's him.
The police surround the building, they say.
And then the building blows up.
Well, that happened in Madrid.
Kurt Nemo wrote an article where he just listed example after example after example after example...
Where they surround them and then they conveniently blow themselves up.
Well, yeah, I mean, in the case of Bali, we had the articles, it was back in October 2002, where the Taiwanese government were warned by the US government, but that warning wasn't passed on.
You had top officials from the different embassies pull out of the area in the days and hours before.
And then the actual bombing itself didn't jibe again with the physical evidence on the ground.
You had Australian, British, CIA swooping immediately after to clean up the scene, literally hours after the bombing.
And the reason we bring this up is they've been caught over and over and over again.
It's been declassified.
This is the best tactic to target children.
That really gets the public to go along with our aims.
Steve Watson, you've been doing this almost as long as your brother has.
You also, of course, went and studied politics and the political science and got a master's degree in it.
Why don't you give us your take on the whole state of affairs concerning government-sponsored terrorism?
Well, if we go back to, say, let's go back to the Madrid bombings, firstly...
I mean, these people that get cornered and tend to conveniently blow themselves up continually over and over again always seem to have shady links with either security services or government agencies.
And Dread Bombers, it turned out, were connected to the Spanish secret security services.
The London Bombers, the mastermind of the London Bombings was, as we know...
This Aswok character who was working for MI6 previously.
I mean, it's just the same.
It's the same operation over and over again.
These people are always connected to the inside sources here.
And then we have official documents like Northwoods.
Why don't you tell the viewers on television and the radio listeners, Steve, how Northwoods ties into all of this?
Well, I mean, let's say the memo that's just been leaked about how
Terror attacks would be helpful.
It's very reminiscent of Project Northwood.
If I just read a quote... Yeah, read some of the quotes from it.
Well, it says, basically, Bush would be able to unite the country in a time of national shock and sorrow.
Americans would band together at a time of crisis.
Very reminiscent of the text in Northwood which states, terror casualties would cause a helpful wave of indignation.
Basically, we see these coming out over and over again.
We saw it with the PNAC documents, where Dick Cheney and others said that a new Pearl Harbor would be helpful for them.
We saw it with Gulf of Tonkin, which we know now is a staged event.
Incidentally, Project Northwoods, I was looking in a bookshop about a month ago, and there's a new book out, an encyclopedia of conspiracy theories.
Basically, a lot of mumbo-jumbo about aliens and things like that.
And in between all this, they throw in Project Northwoods.
Now, Project Northwoods is not a conspiracy theory.
It's a declassified U.S.
government document.
It's just over and over again, these things come up and up, and we just continue to cover them, and it's the same thing over and over.
Well, we knew back in 64 when all the talking happened, it was in the San Diego Tribune.
People got off the ships and said we were there attacking them and they were smart enough not to shoot back.
I mean, our government sent in attack boats and was attacking the Vietnamese, the communists, and I'm not defending them, folks.
I don't agree with their ideology, but the point is this is wrong what our government did.
And then when they didn't shoot back, because they planned to start the war right there, they just announced and they attacked our aircraft carriers, and they were vicious and hateful, and we were just trying to give them, you know, daisies because we love them.
So we knew back then, and then two years ago we got the LBJ tapes.
Release from right here in Austin.
I mean, his library released him, where he's on the phone with McNamara, going, well, that didn't happen, so we need to tell them and get the war going on with this.
This will be very useful.
And McNamara, well, that's good, Mr. President, yes.
The press is starting to get on to this.
We've got to release.
Get this out to them and get the story straight with all our people.
All right, I'll take care of it.
So our ships were in there attacking them, and that was the plan all along.
Yes, Mr. President, that's the plan all along.
This is what they do.
USS Liberty.
Same story.
Let me read our comments on the Capitol Hill Blues story, and then I want to get into the article itself.
GOP memo touts new terror attack as a way to reverse party's decline.
And our comment is, this document adds to the mountainous pile of smoking gun evidence of government complicity in staged terror attacks and other false flag operations.
It has now been declassified, as we already knew.
The Gulf of Tonkin never happened.
It goes on to talk about how sorrow and pain...
To talk about our sorrow and pain and about how it could be directed.
I've been reading Capitol Hill Blue for years, and they are one of the most impeccable sources we've found.
Publicly published PNAC documents before 9-11 have saliva stains all over them, as Dick Cheney and others talked about how a helpful Pearl Harbor attack...
...would be for their agenda.
PrisonPlanet.com recently interviewed conservative leader Paul Craig Roberts, and he stated that we're in a real danger of the Bush administration staging terror attacks to defibrillate, that is jumpstart their heart, their agenda.
Now here's the actual news article.
GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline.
A confidential memo circulating among senior Republican leaders suggested that a new attack by terrorists on U.S.
soil could reverse the sagging fortunes of President George W. Bush as well as the GOP and restore his image as a leader of the American people.
See, oh, if we attack them, they'll ask us to save them.
So sick.
It's like a serial killer comes and rapes you and stabs you five times, then he walks out of the room, pulls the rubber mask off, and he walks in wearing the same clothes with your bloodstains on it, and you go, oh, you saved me, oh, I want to marry you, oh!
I mean, it is sick, folks.
Ugh, so sick.
A genuinely closely guarded memo lays out a list of scenarios to bring the Republican Party back from the political burning, including a devastating attack by terrorists that could validate the president's war on terror and allow Bush to unite the country in a time of national shock and sorrow.
The memo says such a reversal in the president's fortunes could keep the party from losing control of Congress in those six midterm elections.
GOP insiders
Who have seen the memo admit it's a risky strategy and point out that such scenarios are blue-sky thinking that often occurs in political planning sessions.
And the President's popularity was at all-time highs following the 9-11 attacks.
Yeah, like 90%.
Americans band together in a time of crisis.
And it goes into talking about how if we have sorrow, if we have pain...
It can be directed.
The memo outlines other scenarios, including the capture of Osama bin al-Siyada, a drastic turnaround in the economy, a successful resolution of the Iraq War.
And the GOP memo no longer talks of victory in Iraq, but the use of the term successful resolution.
And he goes on again to talk about sorrow and our pain and how to direct it and how to control it and how to do all this.
And Capital Blue, time and time again, they report on stuff that then later comes out in mainstream news.
They have the sources.
They first reported about Bush throwing fits and screaming at 18-year-old staffers and running around foaming at the mouth and convulsing.
And now that's in New York Daily News.
I mean, with Bill Clinton, they broke so much.
They've really got sources deep inside.
But I don't need this document.
I don't need this article about a memo.
We have PNAC where they say it even more clearly.
Comments on that, Steve?
And hog that microphone for me.
Get up there.
Take that hill.
Attack that microphone.
I tell you what, we're going to break.
We're going to come back.
And in studio, we have Ryan Slickheisen.
Maybe we'll get him on the microphone later.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen, as the clan of the Wafis rides shotgun.
And we have Slickheisen in here with us as well.
I'm Jones, your host.
Stay with us.
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The Constitution has been shredded and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're good to go.
I think?
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
You've got to understand, folks, when I started out in radio, I was always in a studio.
There were board ops and producers in there.
And then I shifted over to doing a radio show for the last eight years or so, or seven years, out of my house.
In a little studio, a little cubbyhole by myself, always having guests...
I'm normally a pretty jovial guy, wouldn't you guys say so?
Yeah, of course.
I also am your boss, so tell them how great I am.
That's right.
No, to be serious, to end the levity, I want to come back in the next hour and go right to JJ, James, Jeff, and many others that are holding.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
I want to talk about the avian flu.
I want to talk about this guy that defeated AIDS with vitamins.
That's mainstream news.
That's BBC, London Telegraph, The Independent.
I want to get more into the schizophrenic answers we're getting about how torture's good, torture's bad.
We're against torture.
You're going to prison for torturing.
Saddam's bad because he tortures, but we torture.
So I want to flesh that out and discuss that more because I think it's a key area that needs to be examined and get more into this memo.
Where the White House is circulating this around to Republican leaders about how wonderful and helpful a terrorist attack would be and how your sorrow and your anger could be channeled.
Again, here's the motive again.
They're explaining why they want to do this.
Good old boys all the time say, Alex, why would they do that?
I just can't imagine.
Well, how would that help the government?
That's ridiculous.
Well, why did Hitler firebomb his own Reichstag to get martial law going?
And if we don't expose this, it's over for this country.
But side issue, I got home last night, and my wife, I told her the story of what happened yesterday, and she said, that sounds like one of those little corporate bonding trips, but we didn't do it on purpose.
I was, we marched up Enchanted Rock, which is this big bath-o-lift, this giant hill or mountain, small mountain, big hill, and
And I said, why doesn't the map show a trail over the backside?
Let's just try to go over the backside.
What was that like, guys?
Was that fun?
Yeah, the Brits came to Texas and we conquered all.
Oh, very funny.
And last night you said something bad about George Washington.
Yeah, I won't be repeating that.
Had a bit of bad luck last night.
Maybe it was due to that.
But it was a lot of fun, yeah.
Tiring, but worthwhile.
Scaled the mountain.
But once we got down on the other side, we saw these people with ropes, mountain climbing, where we'd been skittering down the side.
We're lucky to be in one piece.
It was quite steep, especially when you've got some kind of middle ear infection, which affects your balance.
It's quite daunting, but we got through it.
We slid down like seals.
The reason, exactly, the reason I bring this up is...
The cops, the park rangers, and we're on the radio out there, and I'm going to complain about this again.
Last time I was at Enchanted Rock was about eight years ago, and they were rude to me then.
I'm clean cut, driving a decent vehicle, politely ask for questions, and I'm sick of it.
We saw some police driving about a mile an hour, and I simply asked them where we could get bottled water.
But before I even ask that, tell folks what happened.
Well, they just kind of were very sardonic in saying hello and saying goodbye.
It was very arrogant.
And it's probably the way they treat everybody.
I mean, the old definition was that, you know, they were there to help the public, but they were very arrogant on that occasion.
And, again, it sounds like a petty issue.
It's that I remember as a child, they were real nice and friendly.
And now you go to a national park or state park, they're usually real like you're a disease or something.
And they're rolling about a mile an hour.
I was like, hi, hi, how you doing?
I have a question.
And the guy just says, hello, goodbye.
And then he just gave me dirty looks and really wouldn't answer my question.
It was just a friendly question.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright boys and girls, we are now into the third and final hour of this day.
It's just blasting past us.
A lot of news to cover.
A short time to get there.
And yes, wide open phones.
And I am joined...
This is, I guess, a little bit of pleasure, hiking about and stuff.
Paul Watson and Steve Watson, his brother, they both do a great job over at PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
And Steve Watson is the webmaster over at Infowars.net as well.
Growing up, both of you, did you ever think you'd be doing this?
Did you ever think you'd be fighting the sinister forces of world government and...
I was always kind of into alternative explanations for things, so it's kind of a slow progression.
I didn't think it'd ever reach this level, but it's come so soon.
But I'm grateful to be doing it.
You know, it's the best job in the world as far as I'm concerned.
Well, for me, I just basically got into politics and if you've got the right mind and you can see what's going on, then it's just a natural conclusion, really.
Well, that's why they spend so much time trying to discredit people that, quote, talk about conspiracies.
And a conspiracy is saying that government ever did anything wrong and that government should be watched and controlled.
That's just insane.
But our founding fathers said, here in America, that that's what we had to watch and what we had to do.
The Magna Carta in England, which is what our Bill of Rights and Constitution is predominantly based on, said, you know, don't trust the government, limit its size, people have due process.
And all of that is going out the window.
Though Tony Blair...
Just had a bunch of his police state provisions shot down last week.
Those provisions are moving forward here in the United States.
Well, yes.
The reaction to the London bombings in Britain was more apathetic than I think that they expected.
And Blair tried to pass this 90-day detention law where he could hold suspects without charge for 90 days.
He actually got 28 days.
It was originally set at 14 days, so he said, I want 90.
Commons voted against him for the first time.
But it is hurting him that it's come out that he wasn't this cool, zip-faced guitarist, that he's been MI6 all along.
Yeah, that was David Shaler that came out a few weeks ago, said that when he was working at MI5 and Shaler worked on the terrorism desk,
He saw Blair's MI5 file and it turns out that this zip-faced guitar-playing image of Blair as some alternative socialist that was going to infiltrate the system and take it on was the total opposite.
He was working for MI5 all along, spying on subversives within trade unionist groups and things like that.
Oh, so I'm correct.
I read that a few weeks ago.
I thought it was... wasn't it also some MI6 stuff or all domestic?
No, you're right.
It was MI6, actually.
It was both.
But, again, Bush is daddy's former CIA director.
Putin's former KGB.
Blair's this little creepy agent, secret agent, spying on people.
Hitler was German intelligence.
None of these guys just...
It's just another form of control that they can use to forward their agenda.
But speak more about that centralization.
Well, I mean, if we're talking about in terms of Tony Blair and people like that, then these figures are always, they're always compromised figures and they're always chosen because, simply because that's what they are.
They're puppets and they can be manipulated and used and power can be gained from that.
But he's a loving liberal!
No, he's not.
He's someone we can trust.
I'm with Tony.
The absolute rabble.
Silence, knave!
We'll be right back.
Stay with us here on the GCN Radio Network.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
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All right, we are going to just accelerate through your calls right now.
And then I want to get your predictions for the future, the next year or the next two years.
You don't have to consult any notes over that.
I want to get your personal opinions on it.
Right now, let's go to JJ from Florida, who's been holding patiently.
Thank you, JJ.
You're on the air.
Thanks for taking my call, and I just wanted to say a great article, Paul.
It costs nothing to be a patriot.
I apologize for being a little off topic, but we had a couple things come up down here in Brevard County.
Apparently the U.N.
is funding these little People Speak meetings with the different county commissions all over the country.
Oh, I've gotten videos sent to me of the local county commission meetings where they're openly handing cities over to the U.N.
Oh yeah, they had the FEMA Emergency Director there, the Public Health Preparedness Coordinator, and the Homeland Security guy with the Sheriff's Department.
They basically told us they're going to have little pods where we would probably call them FEMA camps for forced vaccinations or whatever if a flu pandemic or something hit.
And that's all their cover for centralization.
Once the martial law starts, it's going to be a fog that is never lifted.
Oh, it's unreal.
And they're doing this all over the country.
And also, just to let you all know...
The name of them.
Well, no, they won't launch that unless they have done their internal test and their focus groups, and the minute they think we'll put up with it, they'll launch the bio attack and do it, and I'll go to a FEMA camp, and then it all goes to physical conflict, and, you know, that's the end of it.
We're going to win that way.
Either way, you cut it.
But I don't think it's working.
Their smallpox fear-mongering didn't work.
This bird flu, which they're hyping to levels never before seen with global coordination, I don't think it's going to work.
I think they're going to fail.
Go ahead.
Also, we had a TV station down here out all the Florida concealed weapons license holders.
They basically had it on their site.
They've taken it down.
Oh, I know.
And that's happened in other parts of the country.
Degenerate newspapers will publish online every concealed owner's name.
Just meanly.
Again, the establishment pulling its hair out that we're arming ourselves.
The slaves are going to defend themselves?
It's unreal.
Anyway, I just wanted to say we're doing a lot of copies of your videos down here, and keep up the good work.
Keep it up, my brother.
Keep it up.
You know, it's exciting to have an audience that's involved, that is engaged.
God bless you.
You know, I'm only on, I don't know, 45 radio stations live, another 30 or so overnight.
I don't know, 10 or 15 that I know of that carry us during the weekend.
But all told, it's a little over 80.
We're good to go.
It's you people!
I absolutely love you!
I mean, to actually have effective, involved individuals.
You are smarter than I am.
Better than I am in so many respects.
It's you that are the leaders.
I want to comment for both of you on that.
Everybody being a leader.
You know, stopping this nonsense of looking for a leader.
Look in the mirror, folks.
Use the tools God gave you.
Well, yes, many hands make light work.
I mean, for example, if I write an article, and it's only going to be subjected to our website, it's going to be limited to our website, unless we have the army of volunteers which email it out to news groups or other websites.
And by the end of that process, we could get millions and millions of hits for one article, and then it becomes the benchmark of an alternative explanation for an event, like the London bombings, for example, immediately after which, if you typed London bombings into Google, just that generic term,
Our article about the staged exercises on the morning of 7-7 was the very first link right at the top of Google, and that's due to the traffic received to that one article from the listeners emailing it out and circulating it amongst their news groups, so that's the power you have.
I mean, when I write an article, or Paul writes an article, or Steve does, and it doesn't get linked, it doesn't get that flashpoint of being linked at Rents.com and NewsReviews.com and WhatReallyHappened.com and countless other sites, it doesn't get linked on your message boards and your groups, a few hundred thousand people read it.
And a few hundred thousand is great.
I'm certainly not complaining.
But when certain articles that really take off...
We're talking about tens of millions in the aggregate.
I mean, Paul, we've had stories that have been listed as number one on the net before.
That's right.
There's a system called Day Pop, and it ranks the most popular news story or any story about celebrities, anything, for that particular day.
And on one or two occasions in the past, when it gets really hot, we've been at the very top of those rankings.
So that link from our website about that story is the most popular thing on the internet for that day.
And especially when big events happen, we get spikes of interest.
We're the go-to source for the first news of people who are seeking alternative explanations for events.
So that's the way it works.
And it's simple, folks.
In some cases, we are not rivaling.
We are eclipsing enemy transmission ports.
I mean, we're actually taking the hill.
We're taking the enemy.
Small groups of people.
We're just engaging them.
And I cannot stress enough how important it is to stop bickering and backbiting and getting into all the little COINTELPRO fights that our enemies start.
Just keep your eyes on the prize.
Keep engaging the New World Order.
And don't think about if you're destroying them or if you're defeating them.
Believe me, you start attacking and you stop worrying about the details, it's over for the enemy.
As long as it's credible.
Again, there is a whole asteroid belt of disinfo we have to navigate every time we try to engage the enemy.
Comments on that?
Well, yeah, and it's so simple to do.
I mean, I started off with a newsletter going out to 30 people, and now here I am helping Alex run his websites, which have received millions and millions of hits a day.
So from that one small seed, that's how far it can progress in just the amount of three years.
So anybody can grab that and run with it themselves, and that's why we encourage people to be their own leaders, because it's easily possible to do that today.
Yeah, this is about survival.
One thing holding us back is so many so-called alternative truth leaders or patriots are just complete psychopathic power trip individuals.
I mean, you see in the public events, they get off on crowds.
They get off on being told how great they are.
And I think there's something wrong with somebody that really gets off on that and likes that.
And that's what they're hungry for.
That's what they're looking for.
We're not doing that, folks.
We are truly disgusted by what's happening.
We are truly upset.
I got my passports in order for my family.
They have to escape.
I've said I'm going to stay behind and fight this thing to the end.
I'm going down with the ship.
But this is not a joke, folks.
This is real.
This is for all the marbles, and we've got a chance.
Look, the globalists may carry out another terror attack, another big one, and they may grab for it and try for it all.
And right when you think it's all over and their propaganda's being broadcast and you don't hear me on the air anymore, and right when you think everything's over, that's when they're actually losing and falling apart.
Because I've done the analysis.
I've looked at what's happening with their systems, their propaganda, their individuals, their personnel.
They've already lost.
They are completely bankrupt.
That's morally, psychologically, spiritually, financially.
All they can hope on is that things just keep sliding along with its own inertia.
That's not going to happen.
Let's take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to James.
And James, where are you calling us from?
I'm calling you from Waco, sir.
Thank you for holding.
Thank you, Alex.
First of all, thank you for taking my call, Mr. Jones.
Greetings to Mr. Steve and Walt Watson.
You can just, the acronym is Watty Wat.
Oh, Watty Wat, okay.
First of all, I just want to give you, I just want to thank you and GCN for what you do, because in a dark country, you're a beacon of light.
Also, I heard you talk about the callers earlier, particularly Rita in Texas, Jeff in Mass, Bob in Texas, a couple of, Kevin in Austin, Stu in Austin.
You all really know what you're talking about, and you're really on point.
Just to continue on what you're all talking about a little bit.
I hear people in the movement, you talk about revolutions.
Well, something's broken, so I believe something's needed.
But is revolution an answer?
I mean, I personally, I don't know.
But with revolutions, whether it's armed resistance or civil disobedience, will that get you the ends that you desire?
Mr. Jones, I know you're a student of history, and you should know that it's a racket of spin the wheel, meaning that you have
Meaning that... Well, we could have a revolution.
The globalists have already got position papers on that.
They've already got scenario papers for every possible thing that could happen.
They've war-gamed it.
And they've got fake leaders to take over.
I mean, that's just as scary, some group taking over and then announcing themselves king.
I mean, it was like the Republic of Texas people here in Texas, all announcing themselves presidents and lords and...
I mean, that's not, you know, announcing themselves generals all fighting, I'm the president, I'm the president.
That's not what happened with the Continental Congress.
They got together and said, okay, we're going to get independence, then we're going to have an election, and we're going to have a government.
So that's just as dangerous.
And plus, the government then can point at these ridiculous groups and what a bunch of gibbering idiots they are and then make all of us look stupid who want legitimate reform.
But, yeah, violence is spinning the wheel if it's offensive.
I think that defensive is the way to go.
I mean, people don't run around looking for rattlesnakes.
They don't look around wanting to stomp on porcupines.
Those are defensive creatures.
There's nothing wrong with striking.
If somebody comes up and has a plan to hurt you, you've got to defend yourself.
And pretty soon the word will be out, hey, don't mess with those.
The globalists are predatory control freaks.
They look for the weak.
They look for the stupid.
They look for the people that believe in their system.
I have seen statistically, and just from personal observation, the people that lick the boots and grovel and serve are the ones that are fed on by the globalists.
Let me get a comment from Steve on that.
Well, going back to the revolution comment, I think we already are in a revolution, but I think it's a different kind of revolution.
It's a peaceful revolution of information, really.
And they want to make it violent.
Yeah, they're the ones that want to turn it into a violent revolution where they can usurp all the control, but I think we already are in a peaceful revolution.
Yeah, let's talk about that when we get back.
Good hearing from your caller.
Excellent points there, James.
We'll talk to Jeff and Mark and others.
And I want some callers to talk about this White House memo about how they're praying for terrorist attacks.
1-800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're going to go to Mark and John and Walt and others calls here in a moment.
I'm told John disagrees with me, so we're going to have to go to him first.
That's the rule.
We'll see if there's legitimate disagreement.
So we don't screen our calls here.
We don't have to do what Lord Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Michael Weiner Savage beatniks, oily beatniks such as themselves have to do, because we can defend our ideas here.
Unless it's one of the three or four stalkers I have that call up with disinfo every time repeating the same thing.
I'll let you get a few words out and then get you off because it's just so boring and diversionary.
But if you want to debate the real issues, you want to talk about real substantive issues, you're welcome to.
Did you lose your audio just now?
I think it's still there.
Baron, come on.
Get out from underneath the studio table.
I was going to joke here earlier that we have most of the crew in this one little room right now.
Barron's daddy is in here.
Ryan's dog is named Barron.
Barron's daddy, that's Ryan, is in here.
He wanted to be in here.
It's fine.
I like him.
He's actually going to be my dog.
Other than that, he is causing problems.
The Basset Hound.
Let's be serious.
You guys couldn't keep your hands off the Basset Hound.
I know the Brits love dogs.
That's admirable of you.
What do you think of Barron?
I want a true assessment.
The name Byron was very impressive.
It made us feel at home.
That's an inside joke, folks.
I call them little names.
No, seriously, what do you think of the dog?
You can admit, earlier you said he was very nice.
Oh, he's very cute.
He's got droopy eyes.
Big ears, too.
All right, folks, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Literally, though, he was running around underneath the equipment here, about to pull wires out.
Go to John in Ohio.
John, go ahead.
Yes, Alex, you know that I think you're doing a great job in opposing the police state measures, the war in Iraq, and the obvious cover-up of the 9-11 conspiracy.
And we have an anti-communist Basset home.
Well, yeah, that sort of touches on what I wanted to get into because I think in a way you've just revealed what the real nature of these fake socialists are who are really agents of MI6 like Tony Blair, Bill Clinton posing as a liberal but actually working for the anti-communist CIA or people like Oswald posing as a
Yes, that's all true.
I think these people that you called Trotskyists are in that same category.
I read some of the Trotskyists and others like WSWS.org and they completely condemn this gang of neocon warmongers and I think that these neocons were probably in that same capacity as agents working for the FBI at that time and I think it's destructive in the sense that the second phase of PNAC is to go after
North Korea and China in an even more horrible war, and they'll do it in the name of anti-communism.
What do you disagree with that I've been saying?
Well, the idea that the elite are somehow behind the communists, when in fact, during the 30s, the top elite actually called Roosevelt a communist because of his mild social safety net programs.
The elite helped put Roosevelt in power.
Listen, I'm going to stop you right there.
I know how human...
Nature works.
Anytime you start forcing people to pay their subsidence into some big pot, and then that's going to be distributed by somebody up above them, you're going to have massive abuse.
The way you cut that abuse out is by not allowing that to develop in the first place.
Socialism and communism doesn't work, and you've got to admit, John, you're being totally...
Intellectually and historically dishonest, that the elite does love high taxes and regulation and centralization, which is the main ingredient of socialism, to then pay that into coffers, which they then extract via corporate welfare.
And it doesn't matter if it's the Soviets.
They've got their own racehorses and their private villas and stock in gold shares.
And if it's American neocons, their Lockheed Martin...
I really think it's dangerous to mix these things up because, as you point out, Chavez is a leading opponent of the FDA and the global.
Well, he's not doing things that socialists do.
He's giving people their property with deed.
These aren't communes.
He's cut the taxes.
He is selling the oil at a small profit.
If he's going to have state owned, that's the way it should be.
He's not creating artificial scarcity to rape the people.
He's actually created what I call a free market populist society.
The same thing that Cuba has done for decades and has opposed the globalists, even predating Chavez's opposition.
Venezuela is an engine of commerce.
Cuba, I mean, they're in the 1955, technologically.
They've been strangled and terrorized by a massive war of embargoes.
Chavez doesn't have giant prisons full of people they're torturing.
You see there?
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
If only our president would listen to his God.
By the way, about an hour ago, I introduced my guests as the Wadiwads, and that's really the tribe from Scotland they come from.
It's like the Wadiwaddlewaddies.
So we just abbreviate it down to Wadiwad.
And so that's how we'll now refer to both of them.
Because they asked me to do that on air.
They said, please, please refer before we leave the show to us as Watties.
You know, just try to have some fun in here, folks.
Because we can't get depressed about it.
I mean, I get depressed sometimes.
Bad things do happen.
They can happen.
They will happen.
But there's also so much beauty in the world, so many good things that are happening.
There's so many good people that are involved.
But so many good people have been conned by the New World Order and actually are involved in New World Order programs.
And that's what the New World Order really counts on, is having you go along with that.
But before we hit that last segment, and I got off on this argument with John about socialism...
We were talking about solutions and revolutions.
And there are lots of different revolutions.
There was the Industrial Revolution.
There was the Renaissance Revolution.
Before that, there have been so many revolutions.
We think of a revolution as guillotines and the French Revolution or things like that, which are horrible.
No, no, we're talking about a revolution of saying no to Big Brother.
And see, they're trying to have their own revolution right now.
The globalists are very revolutionary.
They're trying to put the control grid in place right now.
Paul Watson, your comments on the different revolutions that we see going on simultaneously right now.
Competing revolutions.
Well, yeah, we talked about a revolution of information.
I came to Texas expecting there to be Bush-Cheney stickers on every car.
I haven't seen one so far.
Bush's approval rating is down to 36% or even lower according to different sources.
But does that mean everybody trusts the Democrats now?
It's the same on that side of the equation.
So people have really stopped buying the propaganda.
And when we talk about a revolution, we really mean a restoration of what America and what Britain used to be with the old Magna Carta of what a country used to be.
Before it was taken over by these global criminals.
So we're talking about a restoration of simple fundamental rights and liberties without having to kowtow to global elitists who want to control every aspect of our life.
Absolutely, I agree with that.
And if I do have any criticism of Chavez, it's that he hasn't rebuked Castro.
And he tries to buddy-buddy up with all the Latin American countries, and I just want to right here repudiate Fidel Castro and the things he's done to his population.
You can criticize Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and he doesn't send police after you.
You can have your own views over there, and you can't do that in Cuba.
And so that's my statement on that.
Do you want to comment on the simultaneous revolutions that are competing against each other, these revolutions of the current events and affairs?
Or any comments on communism itself, Steve?
Well, I think what John was trying to get at was he was saying the elitists are not...
Well that's what Carol Quigley, who was an open globalist insider, the head of the
We're good to go.
He said the elite wants centralization, and they'll work with any of it.
And that's why it doesn't matter whether it's Bill Clinton or George Bush, it's the government gets bigger, we lose more liberties, because it's the policies of the globalists that we see being manifest.
I mean, everything that's happening here is happening in England, it's happening in Australia, it's happening in Canada, it's happening all over the Western world.
That's right, and talking about infiltrating movements...
The Black Identity Movement, the environmental movements, seemingly organic movements which spring from grassroots origins.
The Black Identity Movement, towards its end, they openly admitted that they were being funded by oil money and Rockefeller money.
Malcolm X got out of that, apparently, and he woke up, as Alex was telling us yesterday, before he was shot dead.
So by the time these ringleaders of minority movements do wake up, which they do in many cases...
It's bye-bye time after that because they're no longer useful to the globalists to use them for their own agendas.
They know the power of controlling revolutionary movements.
That's why it's important that you be leaders out there listening, that you get involved, that you don't believe everything we say, that you research it for yourself, that if you've got views that differ from ours, so what?
Go out there and get involved.
By not going along with their controlled paradigms, you shatter their control.
Do you think it's going to just accelerate the wake-up that's happening when GOP memos are coming out where they're slathering and slaughtering over wonderful terror attacks?
I think it's going to accelerate it, yeah, but...
Even within that memo, there's dissension, because the interesting thing to me about it is that there's a debate between whether a terrorist attack will make the population see Bush as incompetent, or whether they'll rally behind him, which is why they talk about a devastating attack.
It has to be on such a scale that there's no room... We've always said that.
It has to be bigger each time.
Yeah, because each time they get less gas mileage out of it, like the London bombings, which the London population are basically apathetic to.
So it has to be on a bigger and bigger scale for the American population to rally behind the government.
If not, they're just going to see the government as incompetent, as happened with the hurricanes.
This is something I forgot about.
We need to add this to our comment or the article we've written or that I wrote last night about the situation with the memo.
We need to go and dig up, what was it about?
It was about eight months ago, from memory, and memory serves, and I'm pretty sure it is serving.
It was about eight months ago.
Remember when the White House and the GOP, it was White House or GOP, I want to say White House, they funded a focus group on whether a terrorist attack would help the presidency or not, and then they found that 60-something percent said it would help their agenda?
Now, obviously, that's eroded seriously since then.
But, I mean, there's another smoking gun.
These guys are doing, are having focus groups.
That's where they get, you know, a random group of people they're going to poll into like a little auditorium.
Between 50 and, in some cases, 200 of them.
Sometimes they're smaller, sometimes they're even bigger.
And then they have big debates and discussions and poll them.
That is just scary.
That is sick.
There's also, if you remember, the betting syndicate where all these politicians, industrial heads were
Taking cross-spread bets on the next target of terror and what kind of terror it would be in which location of the world.
That came out, apparently, was shut down, but again, it just gives an insight into their motivations.
Then they just had a private company do it as a... Yeah.
Oh, but what's wrong with betting on where the next terror attack is?
Because, folks, then the globalists who are carrying out the attacks will even make money off of it in that theater.
I mean, how arrogant is that, Steve?
Well, it's incredibly arrogant, and we see it over and over again.
9-11, what was it, which state lottery came up with 9-11?
New York.
It's just, sometimes it appears to be a game to them, and they have to...
Up the ante every time.
What about Al-Zakari and the other Al-Qaeda leader?
I mean, these guys are, even UPI says, an invention of Western intelligence.
I mean, why don't they have more, quote, fake leaders?
I mean, how did they not retract the 10 times they've killed him and the 12 times they've captured him or his top lieutenants?
I mean, I say this, I bring this up every few weeks.
It's so obvious it's sophomoric.
It's like claiming he's some vapor that appears on Halloween to steal pumpkins.
Well, I think they're sticking with al-Zarqawi because he was the foundation of the Hussein-Al-Qaeda link before the war.
They decided to set him up as the connection, even though al-Zarqawi's aims were different entirely to those of bin Laden.
We knew Hussein hated bin Laden.
So they decided to use al-Zarqawi as the focal point between that fake al-Qaeda-Salam Hussein connection to the Al-Zarqawi invasion.
But, I mean, this individual...
They announce on the news it was done by Al-Qaeda in Iraq.
It's even a Western name for us.
Al-Qaeda in Iraq.
But the source is incredible.
And then again, now they trot out this woman.
It's just so obvious.
She's just spreading open her dress and there's bombs.
I'm going to get you.
I mean, it's just... Go ahead.
I mean, the image of this woman revealing a bomb is just... It's class A propaganda.
We're really supposed to believe that
They've taken this woman in with a bomb strapped to her.
And they just leave it on her.
Just left it there and let her reveal it to the world.
I mean, it's so obvious.
Sometimes it just seems like they're doing this on purpose.
Exactly, but remember the...
The TV show that's number one in Iraq, where they torture 25 people a day and openly bring them out all bloody with their teeth knocked out.
They go, I am a terrorist killer!
I deserve to be executed!
And there's no trial, no nothing.
It's like cops over there, but they have everything right there on the spot at some admitted torture camp.
I mean, it's just over the top now.
As well with these protests in Jordan that the news is endlessly replaying.
Supposedly, you know, anti-Al-Zarqawi pro-government protests.
The fact is that Jordan's a dictatorship.
For people to be out on the streets protesting, they need government permission and organisation of the protest itself.
So even at that level, you can see that that protest is staged.
Al-Zarqawi burn in hell!
And it's like all the Royal Guard's children are doing it.
Yeah, and I mean, attacking the hotel doesn't even benefit Al Zarqawi if he's trying to get people, if you believe this resistance is organic and that Al Zarqawi is the leader of it.
It's reversing support from the sunny Jordanians so they don't support the resistance anymore.
How does that benefit Al Zarqawi?
Why would he be behind an attack?
No, and I heard on another one of the little fake networks, this guy this weekend up there, for hours explaining how Al Zakari's evil and going to get us, and how Bush made him, and our government created this resistance, and almost like he's some kind of freedom fighter or something.
And that's, again, the left, opposing his libertarians, buying into all of this.
Yeah, they always buy into a certain segment of it.
I mean, you had two days ago the terror expert UPI did a big story out of it saying Al Zarka, who was a US creative myth.
You had another professor a couple of weeks before that who said the same thing.
Because there's no evidence that he's directing anything in Iraq and the only evidence about him is that he's been killed at least three times and captured.
But now they have joke stuff in the newspaper where it says captured 12, killed 9, you know, his lieutenant's killed 14 times.
I mean, every day it's number 2 killed, number 3 killed.
Every day for years.
Yeah, the number 3 guy, Al-Qaeda leader, Al-Libi.
They said they'd captured him and then it turned out a couple of days later that it was a different guy with a similar sounding name.
It was never picked up again.
Al Libby, is he related to Scooter Libby?
Could be.
But it was never picked up on again after that.
It was just dropped and everybody just moved on.
Well, what about Ass Watt, the admitted MI6 guy who they kept protecting?
Well, they brought him back to Britain.
After letting him leave Britain, they brought him back in.
Scotland Yard basically said, oh, no, not really interested in talking to him.
We know he's the mastermind of the bombings.
He spoke to several different London bombers on both 7-7 and 21-7.
He spoke to them hours before the attacks were carried out, yet not interested in talking to them.
And he was on the terror watch list, but they kept letting him in and out, and then it goes back to him being MI6 back a decade ago.
But you guys, you had fun getting over here, didn't you?
Oh yeah, we got hassled all along the way when we got to Gatwick.
We went into the departure lounge, and they rifled through our bags, gave us full body searches.
One guy, I had a flashing mouse for my laptop computer, which flashed red because it's infrared, and he got quite paranoid about that.
I mean, what mice don't?
I think every mouse we've got shoots red out the bottom.
And it says Microsoft on the front of it.
Oh, that's obviously Alcada.
Could have been a bomb, and he got quite paranoid then.
We got into the US.
Do you want to tell them what happened when we got into the US?
Well, I mean, what about the face scanning?
That was... That was when we got into the US.
Yeah, when we came in, basically we had around 15 minutes to reach the connecting flight, so very hard push for time anyway.
We get to the immigration desk.
There's a guy there working for the Homeland Security Department,
From what I could tell, he could barely speak English.
No, I've actually seen guys with huge turbans, giant turbans, huge Muslim headdresses, and literally they'll have a World War II vet like Colonel Roberts with an oxygen tank going... And the guy's like... I mean, I'm not trying to be mean here, folks, but it gets a little old.
Well, he was basically... He was saying things to us, but I couldn't tell what he was saying because he was basically muttering...
Through his nose, looking down.
It's either like a gang member type, or a foreigner, or like some shaved head Nazi type.
I mean, literally, sometimes I was in California, they were like in commando outfits, with like dark blue berets, going, what's it called, Wolverine security or something, like jabbing old ladies.
I mean, literally, imagine hearing foreigners going, that's who's going to serve this whole new world order.
I mean, certainly, I felt like a criminal.
He blurted out left finger on the finger scanner.
Right finger.
And then scanned our faces and... Basically, we nearly missed the connecting flight purely because he kept us there for around ten minutes just inspecting us and assessing us.
When they ask you questions, what's your intention?
Why are you here?
I mean, what do they expect you to say?
International terrorism?
How can they gauge from that question?
Well, it's like down at that very Houston airport, they had the guy who wrote songs about how he wanted to blow up towers and stuff, called, like, El Arabic Assassin or something.
Did you hear about that a few months ago?
And he was down in Houston doing the bag screening.
I mean, we're not saying that, you know, you can just walk straight in, but surely, you know, a bit of courtesy...
Well, it's like yesterday out at Enchanted Rock, rock climbing.
I mean, just, hi, hello, sir.
What do you want?
And then I'm looking into the cab of the cop cars.
Well, I wanted to ask where the nearest place we can buy water is.
And they're just looking at me like, what?
You're asking a god a question?
When they put on the uniform, that's it.
They're your ruler, and you must obey their every command.
That sounds kind of lordly.
If they get off on it, it's like these bag searchers in New York.
The people do that because it boosts their own ego.
They're an authority figure.
They've been given a little bit of power, and they get off on exercising that power, which is why they can get loads of people to search your bags in New York.
I agree.
Did we talk to Jeff yet?
Been holding for eons.
Is Jeff there?
Jeff in Denver?
Thank you for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hey, uh...
Alex, Paul, and Steve, I think you guys, I support what you're doing and agree with what you're doing.
Well, thank you.
Well, first of all, I wanted to say that I can appreciate what you guys are saying, how the government tries to discredit people.
Alex, first of all, I'm going to send you a 50 to 100-page report about, well, how they've tried to discredit me, document, supporting.
After I was on one of your shows...
I was surrounded by three Colorado State Police and two... You know, you ended the show with this on Friday, and I'm getting confused.
Well... You said you called into one of my shows.
Yeah, I called in to one of your shows talking about a child sex ring that was supposed to be aired on the Discovery Channel called Conspiracy of Silence.
Yeah, I know.
It was blocked, and then after about a... I'm going to send you 50 pages to 100 documents documenting...
That all of these incidents that have happened... Okay, and then instantly they all popped up at your house?
Well, no, I left and was on the way somewhere, and I looked around.
In any event, everybody should take a look at the Bush crime family, which is freewebs.com forward slash bushcrimefamily.
Again, it's freewebs.com forward slash bushcrimefamily.
All right, thanks for the call, sir.
Like I said on Friday, when I get the documents of the police surrounding you, I'll try to give you a call back.
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But a lot of people are going to be in studio.
In case we run out of time, guys, before I take these three calls real fast, I want to thank you for coming on, and I'm glad you're here in the United States giving us a visit.
It's been my pleasure.
Is the U.S.
what you thought it would be like?
I mean, obviously Texas is one area.
It's not indicative of the entire country, but do you like it?
Yeah, it's a lot like home, but everything's bigger, including the burgers.
I took you guys to Fredericksburg yesterday and you didn't like the wiener schnitzel though.
All right, you said you want eggs and chips.
That's all I eat, yep.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Mark in Las Vegas.
Mark, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
Good, sir.
I have an article here.
This came out yesterday, the Sunday Times, timesonline.co.uk.
And the title says, Jordanian soldiers seduced by Al-Qaeda aided suicide attacks.
And then it's what it says, just in the first paragraph, a nationwide hunt for the accomplices of suicide bombers who blew up three hotels in Amman, killing 57 people, as well as the rest of at least 10 members of the Jordanian armed forces, triggering worries that Al-Qaeda, i.e.
Al-Qaeda, has infiltrated the Arab army most closely allied to the West.
You know, I heard about that in an email, but nobody sent me that.
Why don't you send that to... I've been giving it out wrong for years.
Paul, what's your email address?
PrisonPlanetWeb at Hotmail.com PrisonPlanetWeb at Hotmail.com We'll get that posted and put a comment on it.
But yeah, it's always the same email.
We saw soldiers and then the boom started.
It was obviously that small child.
He did it.
Every time there's a terror attack, it always leads back to some government...
Well, then that's the motive.
Surprise, surprise.
I mean, that's the thing for Arab terrorists.
Blowing everything up actually hurts the Arabs.
Yeah, and of course, now their government will be able to set up a police state.
Well, we should just ignore the Pentagon's own plans to carry out terror attacks where they explain why they want to do it.
Thanks for the call.
Walt in Michigan.
Go ahead, sir.
Hello, Alex.
I wanted to recommend two guys on your show for a guest if you ever get a chance to get them on.
And that would be Jack Otto, concerning Zionism.
And the second guy would be Gerald Eberhardt, concerning the Catholic Church's involvement with the New World Order.
As discussing all aspects, not just the Queen of England and the Rothschild bankers and all the guys that are involved in that part of it, as well as the government officials, but the historical connection with world control, world domination by the Catholic Church.
As well as the Zionists in their quest for being part of a one-world government as well.
All of them have been at it for a long time.
I hear you, and I'm sorry we're out of time.
Send me some info on that.
I might want to get some of those guests on.
Look, every big organization we've looked at is controlled by these people.
I mean, the Vatican's called for one-world government.
John Paul II did.
You don't have to convince me of that.
And I know full well Israel's run by the same people.
It's just that all these groups want to argue about who the one group is.
And I just disagree and say it's the globalists controlling all of them.
You know, when people would say, Russia is controlling America, it's all Russia.
They're the ones behind it.
Well, no, it's the globalists controlling Russia.
It's international.
That's why they want to bring down all the nation states and all the separate empires into this one system.
I apologize to Chris in Texas.
Call me back tomorrow, Chris.
We've got four more shows this week, a lot of big guests, a lot of key info.
And you guys are going to be back in here with us probably on Friday.
And I really appreciate you coming in.
It was fun.
Thanks, Alex.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
You bet, gentlemen.
We're going to be getting a lot of new articles out this week.
It's a working holiday, as we say.
And we are going to... You guys didn't like Mexican food, though.
That's an important point we need to add here.
You didn't like that, did you?
It's an acquired taste.
I like it.
And we'll end the show on that very important note.
God bless you all.
I've got a basset hound up, Pat.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.