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Air Date: Nov. 24, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello my friends.
It's Thursday, the 17th day of November 2005.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We're going to be here live for the next three hours.
We have a special in-studio guest coming up here in about eight minutes when we start the second segment.
And then in about 30 minutes, we're going to have Gregor Kurzhuber on.
He's the big EU spokesman, who is, in this article I have in front of me, from the London Daily Telegraph, EU, setting up system of spy satellites.
This will augment the echelon system that the United States has set up quite nicely and tie into the EU's InfoPoll 9 system.
He'll be joining us coming up at the halfway point if we get all our time zones and things straight.
But I'm told the main EU spokesmen were quite honored.
I'm sure the NSA alarm bells are going off right now.
There'll be analysts listening to this before the hour's even over.
So, again, thank you so much for joining us today.
A lot of serious news.
The USA Patriot Act reauthorization may include DNA database and a suspension of habeas corpus.
And I thought because we have a British TV crew here in studio with us today, we're going to be talking about peak oil.
And just the politics of oil, that I would read a British quote about suspension of habeas corpus, the power of the executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and the foundation of all totalitarian governments, whether Nazi or Communist.
And I...
Couldn't agree more with that statement.
So we'll get into another expansion of the Patriot Act, as if the last couple of expansions weren't enough for you.
They're going to try to make the worst police state facets of all of this permanent and even expanded.
And I have an article here from the Organic Consumers Association.
They quote directly from the new legislation that is on the verge of passing right now.
And here's the headline, Alert Environmental Protection Agency to Allow Pesticide Testing on Orphans and Mentally Handicapped Children.
Now we know that our government took coverage of mentally retarded children, black children, Native American children,
Seventh-day Adventist children.
Any small little minority they could target and radiated their brain cases, in many cases, until death.
And that's been coming out in the news.
We're talking to the Associated Press lately.
But this is currently happening, and we know that especially New York City itself takes the foster children and tests pesticides on them and experimental AIDS drugs with children that don't even have HIV.
And this is a holocaust going on in front of everyone, but because it isn't on the nightly news with Brian Williams, it's out of sight, out of mind.
Well, we'll be talking about that here today.
We are going to stand up for these little people.
And Bush, of course, is telling China right now to open the door to freedom, and that's the pot calling the kettle black in every way.
But coming up after this quick break, we're going to get into...
I think.
Communications between the large oil companies forming their own cartel to systematically buy up all of the independent refineries and restrict capacity at their own refineries to create an artificial bottleneck
So they can jack up the price of oil.
That's just one facet of what we'll be discussing while we went to war with Iraq.
Politics of oil on the other side.
When we return, the websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
There's a war on for your mind.
Stay with us.
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Hello, my friends.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in about 25 minutes, we're going to have Gregor Krutzhuber, the EU spokesman on, talking about their ultra-massive big brother surveillance satellite fleet they're going to be launching.
With all of their, I guess, EU taxpayer money building their own empire, the rise of Europe and the destruction of, I guess, the population's freedom there, as well as our freedom, we'll all be surveilled by this.
It'll be a new NSA that rivals or even dwarfs that built by the United States, so that's coming up.
And then we're going to be talking to the folks from the Organic Consumers Association, environmental scientist Craig Minona, who we've actually interviewed before.
About a bill about the past Congress to actually take foster children and mentally retarded children and test chemicals, biologicals, pesticides.
It's actually in the bill.
They say that we can kill them.
Just do whatever we want to them.
They have no right to, if the state is the guardian, they literally have as much right as a veal calf in its feeding box.
And I know I'm radical because I'm against that.
I mean, just every day some new horror that's going on.
I mean, I wish there was some free country to run to like our ancestors did hundreds of years ago.
But there's not now.
This is a new world order.
You can't run from Germany to America.
You can't escape from Russia to the United States now.
It's here in America.
And that's, of course, what Paul Craig Roberts said.
The high-level Reagan administration official said here on the show last week, that's what Ron Paul has been saying, congressman, that they're openly trying to set up martial law in a Nazi Germany type slash Soviet system.
This isn't a joke.
This is really happening.
But joining us riding shotgun right through our EU guest that's coming on is Simon Reeve.
And he is, of course, a reporter and a producer joining us from National British Television.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We played clips of that last week where they just were lying.
Oh, we never met with Cheney.
No one with our company has ever met with Cheney.
That's ridiculous.
We just had Bush administration officials who resigned saying they were in the meetings.
Well, now those documents have been released.
Of course they were having these meetings.
Of course they were there.
Of course this set the policy for the next decade.
This is the blueprint for the next decade, literally the entire energy policy of the United States, the biggest consumer of oil and all of the derivative products.
And so they've been caught yet again lying, and we have documents where they've been colluding since at least the mid-1990s to artificially shut down refineries, buy them up, to create a bottleneck.
Because the whole company in their own documents say, we've got too much oil.
And the price is going to plummet if we don't artificially restrict the supply.
And that's exactly what's happening today.
The oil companies have their phony environmental groups out there running around telling everyone, and of course oil company executives as well, oh yes, there's peak oil.
There's no oil left.
That's why we're jacking up the price on you.
When the truth is, Saudi Arabia, major new studies that have been independently verified,
My petroleum geologist has about double the supplies they thought they had, so they could supply the entire world at its current usage, at its current rate, for over 100 years.
And that's been independently verified and confirmed.
It's been in the Financial Times of London, just a score of publications.
All these independent petroleum geologists have looked at this.
And then, of course, we have 98% of Alaska...
He's off limits to drilling.
Sweet crude, light crude, you literally blast out of the ground at Saudi Arabia-type levels.
But that doesn't matter.
That doesn't matter.
These two points I've just made are small pieces in a larger mosaic.
Just overwhelming evidence.
Smoking gun documents.
I want to thank Simon Reed for joining us.
Simon, thank you for coming into the United States.
Well, thank you for having me.
It's nice to meet you.
You bet.
That's right.
Nice to meet you.
Just for the listeners out there and for folks that don't know who you are, tell us a little bit about yourself, Simon.
Well, I'm here to make a TV documentary about why Britain and America went to war in Iraq.
We want to know what people's theories are.
We want to know why we're now occupying Iraq with British and American troops, mainly American troops, of course, and why American soldiers are losing their lives there.
Was it about weapons of mass destruction, as we were told, or was it about something else?
Was it about oil?
Was it about keeping the control of Iraq?
Was it about keeping control of the Middle East?
I'd be interested to know what you think.
Well, we know what happened, and people tend to get confused because they go, is it about weapon sales?
Is it about oil?
Is it about political power?
Is it about invading Iran and Syria?
Any time these strategic elites, or the Anglo-American establishment, the U.S.
and Britain, and some of their financial backers in Europe, engage in a major geopolitical shift...
It's done because it aids and helps more of their different strategic interests than it hurts.
And so we have PNAC, Project for the New American Century, documents written back in 2000.
One of them, Rebuilding America's Defenses, published September 20, 2000.
And the main author of that was Dick Cheney and, of course, the President's brother, Jeb Bush, 25-member elite board of PNAC.
And they say that we want Iraq...
For the oil, but to control the oil, and to use Iraq as a military launch base to then invade Iran and Syria.
And they went on to say, in other similar documents, put out by the same group, that yes, Saddam's too strong, he can be too strong of a leader.
We want to fracture and balkanize and break up Iraq.
We want to really have endless civil war there.
We have Pentagon documents going back decades saying this, that the ideal thing would be broken up regional strife and different ethnic groups at each other.
I mean, that's the old tool of empire.
Julius Caesar 2,000 years ago in the battle for Gaul, how he dealt with the French and the Visigoths, the Germans of today, how they played tribes off against each other, how they manipulated.
So divide and conquer is one of the main reasons, but certainly oil.
When they invaded Iraq, there was a conservatively $4 trillion in discovered, recoverable, quality oil fields.
Now, because of the doubling since then in oil prices, even though they've dropped a bit now, it's still over a doubling, we're looking at $8 trillion in oil.
Afghanistan has $3 trillion in oil now, in adjusted numbers, over $6 trillion in oil.
So we're talking about, over now,
We're good to go.
That's an imperial command base for their viceroys that they put in.
But George Bush, in the PNAC documents, and to his biographer, now in a published book, this is his biographer.
This isn't like it's somebody who's attacking Bush.
Bush said in 1999, before he was gearing up to run, he said, I'm going to be a war president.
And because when you go to war, and he said, I'm going to go to war with Saddam, you can't be questioned.
None of your agenda can be questioned, at least for a time.
He didn't say for a time, he just said, oh, they can't question me when I'm a war leader.
Yeah, Napoleon, Hitler, I mean, these type of individuals, when you are in a war, the people tend to rally around the flag, shut up, don't ask questions, do what you're told, we're in a war, you're either with us or you're against us.
Those were his words, weren't they?
He said almost those exact words.
You're either with us or you're against us.
He said that many times.
He said you're either with us or against us.
You're either with us or you're with the terrorists.
You're either with me and my government or you're with the terrorists.
And literally, he would criticize his administration on any issue.
Stuff that wasn't even terror-related, like please stop dumping toxic waste outside this military base.
We can't stop that and we can't let you in to investigate because it might give terrorist data.
You're either with us or against us.
You know, it's just...
We can't release those Energy Department documents about the oil executives in there with the Vice President because you're either with us or against us.
And they've just systematically lied at every point.
So, just to be specific for people, it was a multifaceted program.
Trillions in oil.
Number one.
Trillions and trillions in oil.
Hundreds of billions in weapon sales for Carlyle Group and Dick Cheney's wife on the board of Lockheed Martin and all these big aerospace giants.
It's about the hundreds of billions in just non-military contracts, construction contracts, rebuilding contracts.
And it's about setting up permanent military presidents and moving the main force out of Israel, out of Saudi Arabia, into Iraq.
And it's also then about silencing political dissent here domestically and setting up a type of military state here as well, which a lot of congressmen and prominent, even conservative leaders are now saying.
So in terms of the oil, what I'm still curious about is whether you think the reason that the White House was so keen to get hold of the oil was because they wanted to provide extra money for their big friends and the big companies, or whether they wanted to help the American people because the American people need oil to run their big SUVs and live their oil-friendly lifestyles.
Is it for the people or the business?
Who's it for?
Well, look at the people.
They're being raped right now.
Did we get lower prices thanks to the invasion?
No, we got over a doubling.
So we're paying twice as much per barrel of oil than we were on the eve of the war back in March of 2003.
But we have the answers.
We know the oil companies say it's about a monopoly.
But people tend to look at this wrong.
It's called artificial scarcity.
It's like diamonds.
Diamonds are really semi-precious.
We're good to go.
By going into Iraq, they then secure those fields, and then oil is not pumped, so that then drives up the price.
And remember on the eve of the first Gulf War in 1990, they were complaining that Saddam was over-pumping, remember?
And OPEC was mad because he was over... That's why they're mad at Hugo Chavez right now.
Over-pumping in Venezuela with his sweet and light crew.
So when we get back, I can...
Elaborate on that question, because this is the key.
People go, well, there's less oil flowing out now.
See, they didn't want oil.
I've heard the neocons say that.
See, they're tricking us.
It's a lawyer's trick.
Government is best which governs the... Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
Exercise your freedom of speech by purchasing your choice of hundreds of different Liberty Stickers, from humorous to serious, at libertystickers.com.
I never voted for a war criminal.
Have you?
Real conservatives hate Bush.
If only our president would listen to his God.
Perhaps Jenna Bush.
Osama bin forgotten.
Go to libertystickers.com and express your freedom of speech today.
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Hello, I'm Johnny Cash.
I'm going to start singing my Johnny Cash music here for you folks.
I walk the line.
I'll be out in theaters everywhere tomorrow.
I know I'll be there singing it.
Because the taste of love is sweet when hearts like ours meet.
Now, that won't make British TV, will it?
We talked to the maniac Alex Jones about oil and why we went to Iraq.
And as you can see, he's quite mad.
Now, have some fun there.
We're being serious here with Simon Reeve with National British Television.
And during the break, Simon really did boil it down.
Instead of my 10-minute diatribe, they're putting a stranglehold on the oil.
Just like the oil companies and their memos that are now public say, we want to shut down refineries, buy them up, restrict our own.
We're good to go.
Then China and others don't get it, and you put a stranglehold on energy, which is everything.
So that really is the main focus of what the Iraq War was about, is oil, the control of oil, and the control of who gets access to oil.
I mean, really, it would be good for the American people if our government stopped trying to monopolize the oil.
Actually, we would get lower prices.
We would truly have a free market, Simon.
Yeah, it's interesting what you're saying there about China.
I mean, I wonder how that really does figure in people in the Pentagon's thinking and in the White House, because China is obviously emerging as the new great power to rival America.
China is desperately looking for oil supplies all around the world.
I've been in some strange countries in the last year, and you see Chinese executives making deals with the governments there, desperately trying to get drilling rights so they can get their hands on what they need to fund their economy.
It's the same thing as America needs.
It's black gold.
It's oil.
So, I think...
I'm quite interested in that, the connection between the desire to keep a stranglehold and all, but also the desire to keep it for America.
And that seems to me quite important.
I'm just wondering, do you think that is also a major part of the reason to go into Iraq?
Oh, absolutely.
It's not just a desire to secure, it's a desire to control it, restrict the flow to everybody, but restrict it, the flow is going towards America still.
Well, we hear that the flow is going to America and the American people are getting it, but again, we've seen a doubling in price.
It's about scamming and ripping everybody off.
I mean, the reason you pay more in Europe for oil is just predominantly because of tax.
But I separate our government from the people.
Again, we have these strategic elites who openly are using our government and our population as an engine
Basically as military enforcers for their international corporate aims.
So America always seems to get blamed in the final equation as if, oh, it's those wild-eyed, right-wing, imperialistic Americans.
They're out running around thumbing at the mouth.
And no, it's just we're the superpower.
We've openly...
Who's the good cop then?
Who's the good cop?
The EU and the United Nations, who actually go along with all the programs, are actually created by the very same financial interest.
But they'll play the part of the good cop.
And you know what good cop, bad cop is.
One cop, hey, I'm your buddy, and if you'll just talk to me and do what I say, Officer Johnson won't beat the living daylights out of you.
And then he comes back in and says, ah, shut up, I want to hit him.
No, no, I'm protecting him, so you can talk to me, I'm your friend.
But it's totally staged.
You know, in the next few years, we'll build those permanent bases.
Most of the U.S.
troops will pull out, and they're already saying it's going to be a NATO force that's going to be in there, and suddenly they'll take off some of the restrictions that have been most egregious to the population, and the population will buy the fraud, and then you'll see the escalation dissipate.
I'm a foreign person.
Can you explain to me, do Americans still think, as they did in the past, of oil as being their oil?
You know how under Jimmy Carter, people started referring to our oil, even though it was in the Middle East?
Do people still think of it that way?
Well, Bush has about a 31% approval rate right now.
So most Americans don't buy into that whole mentality, but
There is a group of people, even though they don't own any oil stocks and they don't work for Exxon Mobil or BP, they still, yes, they call them to talk radio shows and they go, Our oil!
Them darn Arabs better give us our oil!
It's ours!
It's mine!
Well, like it's just some sort of geographical freak that happens to be thousands of miles away in the deserts of the Middle East.
Well, after it came out that they lied about the WMDs and it was all a fraud, by the way, that had all come out even before the war.
I mean, that was in our news.
Then they just started calling the talk shows going, Yeah, it's a lie.
So what?
We need the oil.
It's ours.
You can tune in and listen to it right now.
But the cost of that is American soldiers' lives.
Well, also, the buck-toothed white trash that are saying that don't realize that they're being exploited by these corporate criminals just as much as the Arab people are.
We'll be right back.
So it's amazing.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're now 33 minutes, 25 seconds into this first hour.
We're going to continue our discussion about the politics of oil with our in-studio guest, Simon Reeve, joining us from National British Television, coming up here in about 10 minutes.
But right now, I am really honored.
I tell you, my producer just gets better and better guests.
To have the European Union Commission spokesman, their main spokesman for industry policy,
And he's joining us to discuss this new grid, this fleet of surveillance satellites.
EU setting up system of spy satellites is the London Daily Telegraph headline.
Now, let's be honest here, let's be truthful.
Obviously, England is part of the echelon system that...
It's just ultra-massive and tracks everything we say over any type of communication system, every email, every fax.
And so, at least on the surface, the U.S.
and England are hopping up and down, angry about the system that will also rival their GPS.
The European Union is building its own network of spy satellites, allowing Brussels to ensure nations and private individuals are obeying its policies.
The multi-billion dollar system known as Global Monitoring for Environment and Security should be set up and running in about four years by 2010, a Commission spokesman said on Monday.
And this is serious because the 15 EU member states plus Norway and Switzerland have now gotten together and are going to pay for this through the European Space Agency and launch
30 satellite global navigation systems designed to improve on Pentagon-controlled global positioning systems and also to check, I guess, the environment to watch what the farmers are doing.
Notice now the U.S.
has been letting Britain and Australia and then New Zealand use its spy satellites to look down on the population.
But enough said.
Going to Gregor, and he is Kreutzhuber,
We are honored to have the Commission Spokesman for Industry Policy on with us.
Sir, thank you for coming on.
Of course, you're an Austrian.
Yes, I am, but thank you for having me.
You bet.
Tell us, sir, about this new initiative and why it's upset the United States and England.
Well, first of all, I don't think it should upset the United States or England, because contrary to what this newspaper you just quoted from was saying, we're not really talking about spy satellites.
Our main focus is to better prevent, predict, monitor and manage natural disasters.
So this is about a satellite system where Europe is working together.
You might know that in the European Union we have now 25 member states.
For the time being, a pretty one.
The Germans are doing what they want.
The Brits are doing what they want.
So it's not very effective.
So what we want to do is to use more the synergies working together in the European Union in order to, for example, in cases like the tsunami which happened, as you all know, in Thailand,
One year ago we could be in a position to better predict these things happening or if they happen to give swift and quick responses in terms of emergency aid and stuff like that.
So the Americans should not be worried at all and by the way I can tell you that these
A global, European global monitoring system for the environment and security, as we call it, has been discussed between the European Union leaders and the United States leaders and President Bush some months ago.
And what we said is that it does make perfect sense that Europe is building up its capacities so that we can work together with the Americans in order to sort of also prevent global environmental crises, which unfortunately are happening more and more often, as Hurricane Wilma has clearly shown.
So these are fuzzy little sweet satellites.
Yes, exactly.
What we are talking about is that the European Union member states, countries like France, the European Space Agencies, they have already some satellites up there.
The problem is that the data for the time being is not really reliable, yet the quality of satellite pictures is not very good.
Plus, as I said before, the cooperation, the exchange of data, the flow of information between European Union countries doesn't work properly.
And this is why we think
It's much, much smarter to say we pool our resources, what countries in the European Union are doing, plus what we are doing on the European Union institutional level, work together, and then get something out of it.
And the important thing is that we think that this is something which is good for European citizens, because we are really talking about useful things you can do.
I mean, if some disaster, I don't know, let's say a chemical plant
You know, understanding this new program with these 30 high-tech satellites,
So the London Daily Telegraph, would you say that they're lying when their headline is EU setting up system of spy satellites?
Well, I'm not saying they're lying.
I think they're just putting a certain spin on the story, and as I said, this is not predominantly something the European Union would use for spying.
Don't forget that this is being very complicated, because the European Union is not like the United States, so we don't have a central government, so we can't spy on the European Union.
The European Commission isn't... I mean, it is central to a certain degree, and of course with France and others...
Mr. Kreutzsch,
Hubert, I have a question.
What's the Bilderberg Group's position on this?
Sorry, the Bilderberg Group's position?
I have not the slightest idea.
Are you familiar with those guys?
Well, I know who they are, but they have nothing to do with the European Union.
Okay, alright.
I didn't mean to bring them up if it didn't have anything to do with this particular area of the European Union.
So this article says that it's going to surveil the population, and we know that the U.S.
and the Echelon system, with the Anglo-American Alliance, but you think that's a good way to describe England and the U.S.
and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, they're using it to spy on their farmers and other people and to track them.
And I have seen little news blurbs about the EU wanting to use satellites, I guess you wouldn't call it spy, helping the farmers.
I mean, are you going to use this for agricultural tracking?
Yeah, I tell you that
One of the applications we're going to use these satellite pictures for, I think, makes sense.
I mean, I wouldn't say we are spying on farmers, but what we are doing, as you know, the European Union is also paying taxpayers money to support farmers in the European Union.
But in order to keep them under check and see whether they're cheating or not, this tool is extremely helpful because they have to declare how much land they have, how many acres they have,
And according to this, they get subsidies.
So if a farmer cheats and says he has doubled the acreage he really has and is claiming, therefore, double the money he would be entitled to have, then we have a very good tool to check on that.
Because, as I said, we are talking about taxpayers' money, and taxpayers' money has to be controlled.
That's why they just passed a law here.
Yes, sir.
Every farm animal has to have a tracker microchip.
Are you guys considering that over there?
Not necessarily a microchip, no, because we think it's much easier to just use the satellite photographs and see to what extent they are claiming the roundabouts of money, which is very simple, if you have the technology.
The second example I could maybe tell you about is
We're good to go.
Oh yeah, they're trying to implement that here where they've got to have GPS in them and pay for it and they're getting tracked.
Meanwhile, the Japanese trawlers can do whatever they want.
The other ones doing most of the damage are those big giant trawlers and just little bitty boats we've got can't even basically catch four or five fish now.
But the way it works in Europe, we check everybody.
Big or small, it doesn't matter.
They have to obey the rules, otherwise they're out and will be... How many miles does that go off the coast?
Well, normally it's between 12 and 24, and then the international waters are starting.
Now, sir, what about InfoPoll 9?
Is this tying to InfoPoll 9?
InfoPoll 9?
What is that?
That's your echelon system with the EU.
Yeah, but as I said, whatever echelon system there might be... You know what InfoPoll 9 is, don't you, sir?
You've never heard of InfoPoll 9?
No, because this has nothing to do again.
We are talking about the civil use of high-tech satellites in order to serve people.
We are not in the European Union.
So these aren't going to be used for frequency interception, then?
Yeah, but this is a completely different ballgame, as I said.
The applications we are talking about is, of course, sometimes also you can, for example, also track people, movements.
We had a huge problem with a lot of refugees coming from Morocco towards Spain.
There you can see people coming, which is
So basically it's just to keep us safe.
Yes, I mean, it's about keeping people safe and responding and better managing disasters.
And for the rest, it remains to be seen.
But again, the European Union has no competence to spy on people.
We don't want to spy on people.
It's maybe Congress and the European Union spying on people.
I understand, sir.
But this is not our cup of tea, as you say, in England.
I understand.
Now, we're talking to the EU...
Commission's main spokesman, Gregor Kreutzuber.
And Mr. Kreutzuber, just in closing, I want you to be able to say anything you'd like to get out there and basically recap what you're saying or any points you have a hint on.
But certainly, according to what I've read, several different articles on this, these are going to be used for not just GPS and not just photographing and scanning the populations visually, but also we'll be collecting different...
Different communications and feeding those back into different intelligence agencies in Europe.
You're saying this has nothing to do with InfoPoll 9.
No, these satellites don't have anything to do with InfoPoll 9 or Echelon.
The only point I'm trying to make, and I know that this is maybe not necessarily obvious on the other side of the Atlantic how the European Union works, because again, as I said, we are not the United States.
So many of these responsibilities in terms of intelligence, in terms of spying on people or not, is under national responsibility of France, of Germany, of Italy, and not here in Brussels.
And this is why I'm saying that what we are talking about here... But they're all going to have access to those feeds, and they pool those feeds.
Yeah, but this is something they're already doing.
Don't forget.
I mean, they have already satellites up there.
No, I understand, sir.
I understand that we're already being spied on and being tracked and traced and controlled.
And I know that InfoPoll9 and Echelon are like Siamese twins joined at the hip.
So nothing new there.
But this system is definitely, as I said, is definitely not a spy system in this sense.
I understand, but it's just more eyes in the sky.
Yes, but more eyes in the sky sometimes can be extremely useful for those people who, for example, are suffering under the disastrous consequences of Hurricane Wilma.
Getting food to people quickly, responding to humanitarian crisis.
I think these people who have been suffering under Wilma would be very happy to have some useful help at the end of the day.
I appreciate all your time, sir.
So these are basically little warm, fuzzy satellites, kind of pink, little fur poofed out around them, floating around, kissing everyone.
Exactly, but in our case they would be blue and yellow because these are the titles of the European Union.
Little creatures, little plastic bee dyes.
All right, listen, I really appreciate you joining us, sir.
And is there a particular website we should visit to go and see precisely what these proposals are?
Yeah, of course.
We have everything on the Internet.
It's fully transparent, so people who are interested in this kind of stuff can go on the website of the European Union.
Which is on www.europa.eu.int for international.
That's right.
You guys have got the goddess Europa and we've got the goddess Columbia.
And our goddess is more powerful than your goddess.
I'm being sarcastic.
Just having some fun, sir.
We are having fun in Europe as well.
You know that we like that kind of... You know my compatriot Arnold Schwarzenegger, who's running California, you know?
We are from the same country.
But I'm not as big as him.
You're not as big and powerful as him?
Not even talking about powerful, but physically.
But if he was a little fuzzball creature, what color would he be?
He would be, I think...
Orange, if anything.
All right, sir.
Thank you for joining us.
All right.
Thanks for having me.
Take care.
I mean, give me a break, folks.
It is good.
It is helping the children, the flooding.
It will be quite good to track you with this new information system.
We love your new Fuhrer Arnold.
He will do well for you, the Gruppenfuhrer.
The group in fear will have to take care of you into the street.
Alright, I'm sorry.
My guess, I told you I had them on for 10 minutes, I had them on for about 12, because it was just too ridiculous.
Folks, this is admittedly a spying system.
No, we're helping the famas, helping them.
I mean, none of us need this.
It's the same thing here in the U.S., same thing in England.
It needs to stop.
We have rights, folks.
And whatever happened to due process or innocent until proven guilty?
This is the ultimate surveillance society.
What did you think of that interview we just did, Simon?
I thought it was really interesting.
I thought it was really interesting.
I think we have a slightly different take on surveillance and close-up TV and things like that in Europe.
We're much more used to it than you are over here.
I mean, Britain, for example, is the most heavily monitored and surveilled society on the planet.
We have surveillance cameras across the entire country.
And they're useful sometimes, but of course people do complain about them, because nobody likes being filmed 32 times when they're on their way to work at 8 o'clock on a Monday morning.
But now they're putting in face scanners, they've got cameras that shout orders at you.
I haven't had any cameras shouting orders at me.
Winston Smith, get up and do your exercises now!
Big Brother has overproduced this year.
The Ink Sock 2 encyclopedia will soon be delivered.
Airstrip 1 Big Brother doing a great job, Tony Blair fighting for king and country.
You're quite scary doing that, Alex.
Big Brother has overproduced this year.
460,000 pairs of boots, 996 million nylons, 276 billion cigarettes and choco-rations.
What are choco-rations?
I don't even want to know.
Have you ever read 1984?
Yeah, I have, a long time ago.
Get your choco-rations of your...
But what is that?
That's some sort of awful chocolate bar, anyway.
Some sort of Hershey's thing or something like that.
Well, it's not even real chocolate, see, but if you say that, Big Brother will have you disintegrated.
I think Big Brother already has.
We should...
You guys have a different attitude towards Big Brother?
We love Big Brother.
We don't love it, but, you know, we haven't got the CIA in Europe.
We've got much more... MI6.
...fluffy organisations.
In Europe, we can't organise anything.
We're incapable of organising something like the CIA, so it's a lot less concerning to us.
Are you kidding?
The British helped found the CIA.
The British are different.
The British are behind every devious plan.
Sneakiness, eh?
Good Lord, extremely sneaky creatures.
We'll be right back.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
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We're here talking to our guest, Simon, and he's with National British Television, and he's here in the U.S.
I guess he's done about ten interviews, he was saying, investigating what's really behind the war, what's really behind the politics of oil.
And, Simon, you had some other questions?
I'm sure you've also got some of your own statements.
I'm sure you've formed your own view during your deep investigation.
I have lots of questions for you.
Should I do that again?
I have lots of questions for you.
Well, you see, I just moved studios and I'm not used to doing this myself, so I'm screwing up.
Go ahead.
Well, you've got dozens of buttons.
This is the problem.
What I was going to ask is, I mean, from our side of the Atlantic, the impression we get, I think, of the situation in America is still that you've got so many young soldiers on the ground in Iraq that it's still seen as being somewhat unpatriotic.
To question the motives behind the Iraq war.
Now, is that still the case, or do you think more people are now prepared to stand up and say, hang on, I want to raise a point here.
I want to ask what the hell is going on.
Why did we go into Iraq in the first place?
Well, there's nothing more patriotic than criticizing your government and engaging in free speech, whatever those views are.
What is totally unpatriotic, what is tyranny?
Something that we should run from, and Teddy Roosevelt and many other presidents have talked about this, is a government that starts saying, you agree with us or you're bad.
And is that what the government is doing at the moment?
They've been trying it, but it's not working anymore.
They're the ones feeding the troops into a meat grinder.
They're the ones that lied and put them in this position for their own financial gain.
And then they've got the gall and the nerve to then look at us and tell us
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And talk about the Pentagon's new map and their new program, and they list 65 countries that need to be invaded or attacked.
I mean, it is madness.
It's just total megalomaniacal power trip.
Karl Rove was attributed to telling the New York Times last year that, oh, we control reality.
It doesn't matter what you think.
It doesn't matter if we change the story day to day.
We are history's actors, so we actually control reality.
That's delusional.
That's mentally ill.
Isn't bringing democracy to dozens of countries around the world, isn't that a worthy project for a great power, a benevolent great power?
Well, first off, they said it was because he had rape rooms and tortured people, and our government didn't bring democracy to the Middle East.
They helped train Saddam in 1958 as a CIA assassin.
They helped push the Ba'athists to make him the security chief in the late 60s.
They helped bring him to power in 1979.
They funded him to attack the Iranians.
They said, we don't care.
Go ahead and invade Kuwait.
We don't get involved.
April Gillespie.
That's all on film.
So they set him up.
Our government, which isn't the American government, it's his private interest group, Republican and Democrats, what they do is they go all over the world and they actually put dictators and thugs in.
So now they've shifted to, oh, we're putting democracy in Iraq.
That's more baloney.
They are putting in little puppet regimes that will basically be balkanized and fight with each other.
It's divide and conquer being practiced over there.
Look, do the defense contractors make more money where they're a year or where they're ten years?
We're going to be there ten years or longer because they make more money doing that.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, that first hour blasted past us, and we're now into the second hour, and I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
Coming up in the next segment...
My redcoat friend, just some fun.
That's what I call my buddies.
My two webmasters for two of my sites are visiting right now in England.
They're downtown.
And I just love teasing them, calling them redcoats.
And they like to talk about George Washington.
It's part of the general craziness.
But getting back to serious issues, folks, I have here in studio with me
He's with a national British television production company that I've been interviewed by several times in the past concerning the New World Order, globalism, the movers and shakers behind the scenes.
Simon Reeve.
And they're here today...
Making a documentary about the politics of oil, for those that just joined us.
And they'd like to hear from you.
They'd like to hear your views.
In fact, you've got a chance of ending up on National British Television and some of their productions air here in the U.S., so this is your chance to give them your views, your evidence, your facts.
We're good to go.
Now, into Iraq, some of you will probably say, well, you mentioned this plethora of reasons we invaded.
What about Israel?
Also for their interests.
And I think that adds into it in a way, but I really think it actually destabilizes Israel and puts Israel at more risk, but the Likud party doesn't think so, and neither does the current party that's in power.
Sharon doesn't think so, so that's another facet to all this that we haven't even discussed.
So here's the toll-free number, and when we come back from the break, we will take your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
Simon, you had a question?
Yeah, I'd like to know.
I mean, obviously, we've come from across the other side of the Atlantic, and we have our own views on the situation in Iraq, but I'd really, as you say, I'd really like to hear from Americans, because my understanding was that Iraq was invaded as a result of 9-11.
Now, in the aftermath of that, the Bush administration said, well, there's the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we've got to sort them out.
Is that still the reason?
Do people still buy that as the reason?
What do they think were the reasons?
Iraq was invaded.
Well, number one, they have moved on to now saying it is a conspiracy theory and it is an urban legend.
Those are quotes.
Conspiracy theory, urban legend, wives tale, made up.
Rumsfeld, they've all said this.
Wolfowitz, Pearl, others.
It was never about WMDs.
It was never about 9-11.
And then some days it is about 9-11, and some days it still is about WMDs.
And some neocons actually said they found WMDs.
I mean, it's schizophrenic, or more than schizophrenic.
It's like they have ten different personalities or something, and it's just become glaringly obvious that it's a fraud.
And Saddam Hussein did not attack us.
He was actually against Al-Qaeda.
He had a secular government.
It was one of the few governments...
Where there were actually a large Christian population.
One of his highest level officials is Tariq Aziz, who was Catholic.
He was his foreign minister.
So none of this holds water.
It's just a complete fraud.
But there are still some people...
We all remember this.
For the first six months after 9-11, it was Bin Laden.
He's going to get you.
Dead or alive, we're going to capture him.
He's the demon.
And then Bush suddenly, in a press conference, said, I'm not worried about Bin Laden.
I don't want Bin Laden.
I'm not after Bin Laden.
And then the CIA put out reports saying, yeah, we don't want him now.
No, it's Saddam.
And literally, Bush instructed the media about eight months after 9-11.
Remember, he said, we're too much focused on Bin Laden.
We're building him up.
No, it's Saddam.
And literally, the news morphed.
In just a matter of days, we never heard about Bin Laden again.
It was all Saddam, 9-11 Saddam.
So literally, and then they had polls, half of Americans in major polls thought Saddam had attacked us and thought he was Bin Laden.
And you talk to a lot of Americans, and they literally, I'm not insulting my countrymen, we used to be the smartest folks around, you know, the highest test scores 50 years ago, but by design the government's done everybody down.
A lot of Americans can't find Iraq on a map.
They don't know anything about the world, nothing.
But they got an opinion.
And that bin Laden Saddam guy, he's going down.
And so it's just childish, mindless propaganda, and it's failing.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
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The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Why Infowars?
Because there is a war on for your mind.
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We're losing our freedoms.
We're going to go to Julian and Rose and others here in just a few minutes.
But before we do that, during the break we were talking, you were in another city in the U.S.
doing interviews.
You got in a taxi, and what did the taxi driver say to you?
Well, the taxi driver said to us, and I won't attempt to do the accent, but he did recognize we were sort of vaguely English when we explained where we were from, and he said, Now, England, is that where English comes from?
That's funny.
And we were quite scared by that, actually.
This man was in control of a half-ton vehicle.
I don't say this to be mean or elitist.
I'm not sardonic.
I don't go around thinking, oh, I'm so smart.
Oh, this is great.
Because I know a lot of yuppies and people that do.
They have pleasure that everybody's so dumb.
And they can manipulate them and laugh at them.
This is what the elite's into.
And I have handbooks in the Department of Education where they say that we're basically slaves.
We have to prepare them for the general underclass workforce.
They're too rebellious and too informed.
We need to simplify them for their own good.
This is 50 years old.
And we've gone... You don't have to do a program on this.
Talk about conspiracies.
But it's all public.
It's not a conspiracy theory.
It's a conspiracy fact.
It's a program of control.
Go back 50 years ago when they were saying this.
They're too smart.
Americans were number one in the industrialized world.
Way ahead of the third world.
Number one on average for reading, writing, mathematics, inventions.
We were just running around dynamos.
That's why 4% of the population had over half the wealth.
Well now, we don't have half the wealth anymore and we're fat, dumb, and happy.
And I'm tired of even people who you think are educated and informed.
It's not even that they're stupid.
It's like they're mesmerized.
They're experts on baseball.
That guy can tell you scores from 20 years ago.
They're experts on professional football.
They're experts on how to act cool or what beer is the most stylish or what hunting rifle is the best.
They're experts on what cosmetics are wonderful or who to go to to get a breast implant or what tattoo to have.
We're good to go.
Well, I mean, what, 70-80% of Europeans routinely travel out of their country, but in America I think it's only 20% do, in their lifetime in some cases.
So it's a bubble.
It's really like a matrix microcosm, and so I'm not up here lording this over and laughing at people with pleasure.
It's kind of a sad laughter.
I want people to start getting informed.
You know, they'll have all these views and they'll argue with me.
And I go, well, I have the whole company documents right here.
I mean, they admit they're lying.
They've been caught lying.
They say there's an overabundance of oil.
Mystery solved.
You're a lying piece of garbage, boy.
Rush Limbaugh told me.
It's the same thing.
Rush Limbaugh told me that genetically modified foods are nutritious.
Well, the top scientists, the Nobel Prize winners, they've done the encoding and checked it in dozens of double-blind studies.
It's poisonous.
It's toxic.
That's what I heard him say.
Well, no, actually, I'm against communism.
I'm free market and pro-Second Amendment.
Bush wants your guns.
Well, then I'll give them to him if he wants them.
And literally, they had a big study a couple of years ago, and 80-plus percent of American high school seniors didn't know who the vice president was.
It's very sad, but it's sort of inevitable when you get a country that becomes so wealthy and so content with itself.
America's so vast as well.
I mean, there was the whole Discover America First movement decades ago, and that's flown through.
Why would people, in a way, want to go abroad when America is so big and beautiful?
Now, I can understand that, but as a European, you would think that after 9-11, Americans would think, hang on a second...
Problems around the rest of the world can have an impact on us here in America.
We need to take more notice about the rest of the world.
I'm not sure that's really fed through into the education system yet.
Well, and for hundreds of years, it took weeks or months to get here by ship.
It was dangerous.
So there was kind of a... We're isolated here.
And then even communities were in isolated areas.
But it's something people really should think about.
I agree with you.
Let's go ahead and take some calls.
Who's up first here?
Julius in Arizona.
You're on the air with our guest from the UK, Simon Reid.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Simon and Alex.
Good morning, Julius.
My take on this whole war on terror mess is it sounds too simplistic, but it's about control.
And how I describe that is there's a great book out that goes into detail about how Redos Energy of Argentina, it's a big oil company,
They had a contract with the Taliban and the Pakistani government, and I think also Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan, to run a pipeline down through those countries and deliver petroleum and natural gas.
And now Unicol's got it, and the former VP of it is Mohammad Karzai.
I'll finish.
That's true, Alex.
But the important thing about the whole thing is that war was used to offset that contract.
That contract was legitimate and valid, and at the G8 conference in July of 2001, the representatives of the Taliban were threatened by the major Western powers, told them that in Don Corleone style, you will deal with us and let us build your pipeline, and if you don't go along with it, instead of us carpeting you with gold, we will carpet you with bombs.
And then magically enough, 9-1-1 happens, and guess who did it?
Osama bin Laden and the Taliban.
Well, I don't believe that for a second.
There's $10 to $20 trillion worth of natural gas and oil products locked up in the Caspian Sea Basin.
And I think this is all about control.
It all boils down to who gets to ride the shiny new bicycle.
Well, I agree with you, sir, but Julian, let me just add this small caveat to that.
Magically, over 10,000 British troops and over 44,000 U.S.
troops were mashed into Jikistan and Uzbekistan and on aircraft carriers in the weeks before.
Ann Bush had the launch order to attack Afghanistan on his desk two days before source MSNBC Associated Press, Washington Post.
Just magically, the troops are all staged, everything's ready.
Magically, Horat stands down and a guy in a cave magically planes perfectly hitting buildings.
But I'm sure it wasn't the government.
We just have an official government plan called Northwoods to carry it out.
I'm in full agreement with you on all that, Alex.
To me, this looks like premeditated murder, and I'm sick and tired of a government...
That thinks that it can get away with things like this.
But Bin Laden was only CIA a few years before when he helped attack the Serbs.
He was acting on his own.
Yeah, right.
And I'm an Easter Bunny.
Yeah, there's three wonderful books.
Beside your movies, which are excellent, for the 4% of the human race that still reads books, there are three books that are important to read.
One is entitled One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas by Carl Schwartz.
The other two books is Neocond, and there's a new one out called Neocond Again.
Yeah, I've actually sent those around.
One of those things is like an encyclopedia.
Listen, thanks for the call, Julian.
I've got to move on so other folks get calls.
See, there was an informed American.
Well, it's good to hear, and he's got an interesting take on the situation, on the general war on terror.
And I'm very interested to know if any of the other callers will have a specific take on why on earth America and Britain invaded Iraq.
I think in many ways that's just become a running war, in almost the same way as Vietnam.
We've lost the sense of why did we go there in the first place?
We're there now, and we're fighting war.
Well, it's an urban legend.
It wasn't about WMDs, because he said so.
I mean, there's the video clip.
You ought to get it for your show.
With Rumsfeld on Face the Nation.
And they go, well, you said that it was about WMDs and you were sure they had them.
He goes, that's an urban legend.
That's completely made up.
He's like, oh.
And so they start playing clips of him saying it.
Word for word.
And then he just sits there and goes, well, hmm.
I mean, it's just amazing.
Rose in South Carolina.
You're on the air, Rose.
Alex, your guest just asked the question about this.
The most simplistic answer was on your tape.
When Gary Hart came on the little snippet part of your tape saying...
Bush should use this incident to set up the New World Order.
Well, that is the whole main theme, Alex.
About three days after 9-11 on national TV, Gary Hart and the Terrorism Commission, Hart-Rubin Commission, got up and said we need to use this disaster for world government.
Well, that's right.
Well, let me tell you what's going on, Alex, in our area.
We have got in South Carolina, here in the upstate,
We have got, I don't know, they've been here about four years, so it would have to have been somewhere around the 9-11 incident.
I think we got distracted and they moved a lot of foreign people in here.
But we have got a lot of people, I've got four people who have built houses in the last two years in my neighborhood from the Ukraine.
Well, they seem to be very nice people, but we went up to Gatlinburg, Tennessee about a month ago, and we bumped into this fella, and he had the same accent, and I said, oh, are you from the Ukraine?
And the man got very hostile at me, Alex.
And then he left and came back and he said, why did you ask me if I was from the Ukraine?
And I said, well, you had sort of the same accent that my neighbor said.
He said, I am from Belarus.
Well, I did not know those people over there that were fighting among themselves.
They bring it over here and settle them into different communities.
Well, I mean, you're a nice lady.
If somebody gets in your face, you need to kick them in the rear end or whack them with a... Well, it just was amazing to me where they're selling different people into different areas.
Like the people from Belarus, they're selling them around the world.
Listen, our government, we're all losing our jobs no matter what color we are in this country.
And there's globalist documents saying they're going to get rid of the middle class.
The people they're bringing on here, Alex, does not like one another is what I'm getting at.
The man from Belarus did not like the Ukrainians.
No, I understand.
It's designed Balkanization.
I understand, Rose.
Comments on that, Simon?
Yeah, Rose, I just wanted to ask.
It's Simon calling here.
I just wondered, do you believe what the government has told you about the reasons for the war in Iraq?
Do you believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?
No, I sure don't.
You don't.
What do you think in a nutshell?
I'll tell you what, let's hold her there.
Rose, just hold over, and then we'll go to everybody else.
We've got to go quicker with these calls, but we'll let Rose finish up on the other side bravely.
We'll be right back, prisonplanet.tv.
Check it out.
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Okay, Simon, you can now finish your question.
You had Verose.
You were asking her what she thinks about the war in Iraq.
Was that the totality of the question?
I'm just wondering whether Americans in general believe their government.
Yeah, basically.
Do they believe that Iraq was invaded because it was a threat to the United States because it had weapons of mass destruction?
Just wondering what you thought about that, Rose.
I do not think it was on account of the weapons of mass destruction.
I think they had... The power to be a global thing is a global thing and there's a few underlings under that and I think we have a power
We're good to go.
We have got to get up a one-world religion.
We have got to go around denigrating and destroying other countries' religions because you cannot have a one-world religion with everybody with their own religion.
Well, yeah, Rose, I'm going to let you go.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
But right after 9-11, coffee ended, so we must have a one-world religion.
That will fix it.
Can you imagine a world state-run religion?
I think we've heard of that in the Book of Revelation.
Let's go ahead and talk to Linda.
Linda, where are you calling us from?
Kansas City area.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Good morning.
I am totally... It took me a while to figure out that the 9-11 wars were contrived.
Contrived by who?
I can't totally tell you contrived by who, but the... You just know the official story's got more holes in it than a sieve.
The official story does not dive with the facts.
So you don't believe it when your government tells you Osama bin Laden was behind the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon?
Osama... Bin Laden...
Ben Forgotten.
Osama Ben Forgotten.
You haven't forgotten his name, have you?
No, no, no.
It was a pun.
No, no.
But this country has forgotten his name.
She said, Osama Ben Forgotten, yeah.
This country has forgotten his name.
It's funny.
How has that happened?
Because I thought the invasion of Iraq was really as a consequence of 9-11.
It's extraordinary how the focus has shifted from the people who were held responsible for 9-11...
So these people in Iraq, who as we know, didn't really seem to have anything to do with 9-11 at all.
Well, that would have been like if Germany would have been blitzing London in 1941, 1942, and England said, we're not going to bomb them, we're going to go bomb North Africa, or we're going to go bomb Russia.
It's just no connection to reality.
Yes, and remember, Donald Hussein was our pit bull from the CIA here.
Until it got out of control.
And we had to go in there for the WMDs.
And where are the people who brought it in?
Oh, yeah, that's another good point.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, depleted uranium.
We've now salted the earth or something with a four and a half billion year half-life.
Let's talk now to Denny in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Good day to you, Alex, and good day to you, Simon.
Go ahead.
The reason I'm calling is first to pay you a
Compliment and then I have a question.
I'm a vet.
I've seen a little bit in my lifetime.
I'm 61 years of age at the present time.
To make a long story short, I didn't wake up spiritually until around 1981 when I received Christ as my personal Savior.
I knew there was a rat in the pack and something stank and I found out it was me.
And then I saw politically what was going on.
I was in Texas in 1964 when JFK was assassinated.
To make a long story short, in the early 2000s, before I started listening to you, I listened to a man who gave me a lot of information that he has passed on to you and to others.
His name was William Cooper.
Yeah, Bill Cooper.
I don't know the details.
I know that he was taken out by the IRS.
Maybe you can comment on that later.
That he filled me in on a lot of tremendous information, and here's the question.
The question is this.
In 1964, George Bush Sr.
was in charge of the CIA when JFK was assassinated in Dallas.
JFK was killed almost three years ago in 1963 in Dealey Plaza.
What I'm saying is that George Bush Sr.
was the head of the CIA.
He became the head of the CIA in the early 1970s, but he clearly was a CIA asset.
He was one of the top men.
He was one of the top men.
The question is, the point that I'm trying to bring across.
William Cooper had it documented that John F. Kennedy, and I didn't go along with John F. Kennedy's morals, but I respected him as a man who was a real patriot.
He wanted to go back to constitutional gold money.
Yeah, that's true.
He signed the executive order.
Yes, that is correct.
Thanks for the call.
We'll come back and talk more about the politics of oil when we get back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Our guests are going to be with us for about another 10 minutes or so until the end of this segment.
And then I'm going to get into a whole bunch of other news.
We have another guest coming on.
The government's openly passing a law where when they grab your child and your child's in their custody, they can kill them.
Pesticides, biologicals, anything they want.
And then they've already been doing it.
They go into the little poor black mothers and they say, give us the 10-year-old and we'll take the 2-year-old.
Just sign them over.
We'll take them both.
That's been in the major New York papers.
That's your loving government.
So we should all just submit to them and turn our firearms into them and love their cameras and let them run our lives and let them put transponders in all our cars and taxes and traces.
I actually have the bill here in front of me.
It just says we can do whatever we want with the kids in our custody.
The government's the guardian.
We're going to do it.
Basically sell them off to the big pharma companies.
And they just passed a new freedom initiative for forced psychological testing and then forced drugging of every school-aged child in America.
That is forced psychological testing.
That's everybody.
And then they can try to force people on drugs.
And the big drug company documents came out.
And the drug company documents said that we're going to double.
We're going to go from 10% on these drugs to 50% on these drugs or half.
But going back to our guest, we're talking about oil, politics of oil, the Iraq War.
Before we go back to these calls here and wrap this up, Simon, the British people, your government, part and parcel, Tony Blair, I believe he's called the Brits now, the poodle, Bush's poodle, but really they just work for the same interests.
They're both puppets, and the evidence shows that.
What now has been the metamorphosis of understanding and political views in England about the war?
Why do you think we're there now?
I think the views of the British public have changed fairly dramatically.
But the Brits were never fully behind the war.
There was never a majority that really thought invading Iraq was a bad idea.
Effectively, we were led much more than you guys were over here.
We were led by Blair into backing our soldiers.
So, public opinion has changed.
It's gone further against the war.
You've seen huge demonstrations in London against the war.
But see, I disagree with that.
It doesn't back the soldiers to throw them off a cliff.
If somebody's throwing soldiers off a cliff, or cutting their heads off, and they're sawing the head off, and there's blood spraying, and, please stop cutting the soldier's head off, you don't support him?
No, I would agree with you, but I think, in general...
Politicians, one of their main aims when a conflict is brewing or a conflict is starting, they know that they have to get the public on their side.
And the means they get them on their side is by saying, the troops need your support.
I wasn't disagreeing with you.
We're in agreement.
Yeah, I'm saying I disagree with that little... That mentality, that way of doing things is obviously, yeah... I mean, literally, if I had a... It leads to thousands of deaths, as we're seeing in Iraq now.
You're seeing a couple of thousand American troops dying.
Perhaps by the time the Iraq crisis is over, there'll be more American soldiers killed in Iraq than there were civilians killed in the Twin Towers.
It's not impossible.
Well, it's amazing, and it...
All it's done is energize hatred in the Middle East.
It's actually, a lot of top generals have said that this is actually creating real terrorists.
No, I've traveled quite extensively in the last few years, and I can absolutely assure you, America's image around the world now is the lowest that, well, the poll shows the lowest it's ever been.
I don't think anyone would dispute that, but certainly you're seeing more terrorist groups developing, you're seeing more militant groups developing.
It's not as though there was one finite group of individuals who could be hunted down and killed, or caught by President Bush's posse.
It's an infinite sum, effectively, because they're energised, and they're encouraged, and they're militarised by the conflict in Iraq, and you look at a country like Saudi Arabia, you've got
Hundreds of young men in Saudi Arabia.
I was in Saudi last year.
Hundreds of young men have left their villages and gone north to fight in Iraq.
Now, they weren't members of Al-Qaeda or any particular militant organization before the Iraq War, but it seems that they're becoming so now.
But Rumsfeld isn't as dumb as you'd like us to believe.
Are you aware of P2OG?
Go on.
It's a Pentagon working group.
Before the war, they said, we're actually going to create more resistance.
Then when they fight us and intensify their resistance, then we have a pretext to widen the war.
It's very cynical, very, very dark.
Very, very evil.
What you've got in America, it seems to me, you've got warriors from the Cold War who are still running policy now that the Cold War is over.
I'm not sure they've been able to adjust to this change.
They still think that a threat has to come from a nation like the Soviet Union.
No, listen, I agree with you.
They even have white papers saying, we're done with the Cold War, we've got to move on and make money somewhere else.
And they've said, these Arabs are a pushover, let's go have fun with them.
And it's really cynical.
Of course, I'm sure you know that in the 50s, in the name of fighting communism, our government actually went in and radicalized the Muslims.
Sure, it was a means of providing troops for the battle against the evil empire.
And at the time, you know, yeah, the Soviet Union was a huge threat to us all, of course.
Yeah, but see, notice, I don't think it's blowback.
The evidence shows that... You think it was deliberate?
Well, I mean, we have the poor person who's misguided and goes and blows up other poor people.
That individual may not be an MI6 agent or a CIA agent or a Shin Bet agent, but it's been in the Israeli papers, it's been in our papers, it's been in the British papers.
It leads back to Western intelligence.
It leads back to funding.
It's like Operation Gladio, predominantly there in Italy, where our government would go hire right-wingers to go blow up stuff and then blame it on the communists.
Now, again, I'm no fan of the communists.
They pull the same type of stuff, but just because they do that doesn't mean we can go do that.
And then see, then pretty soon you're funding terrorists just so your defense contractor can sell weapons.
Literally manufacturing and paying for the threat.
They have to have this threat.
Our entire economy is now based on it.
It's a destructive, parasitic economy.
Let's go ahead and take some calls here.
Who's up next?
I guess John?
John, where are you calling us from?
Las Vegas.
Hi Alex, hi Simon.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Two quick points.
The first one, Bush shouldn't be saying we need to spread democracy because in the United States we're supposed to live in a constitutionally limited representative republic.
Yeah, that's right.
In a democracy, if 51% of people say, we're going to rob those Amish and take their land, you can't do it because those Amish or blacks or Jews or Germans or whatever little minority group it is, they have as much rights as the majority.
These are incontrovertible, inalienable rights that cannot be violated.
And you notice our politicians keep drumming, democracy, democracy, democracy.
That's a mob who doesn't know how many continents there are or what their middle name is.
That is literally a mob that they can just manipulate.
Now, to the peak oil scam, the recent statement about Kuwait having an oil reserve reduction is about convincing the world that peak oil is actually a reality.
And in fact, the Russians have developed the deep oil drilling wells techniques for abiotic oil from their dismantle.
Well, Saudi just came out and said we have double the oil reserves we thought we had.
And one last final point is, with Lindsay Williams, the energy non-crisis, we have on Gull Island in Alaska, we have two known oil reserves that we would be awash in oil.
We wouldn't need to take oil from any other country in the world.
It's all about controlling and shorting the amount of oil that comes out so that we pay more at the pump so that the oil companies and the globalists actually make more money off of our backs.
So, John, can I just ask, what's your theory then about the causes of the Gulf War, the Iraq War?
Why did America invade Iraq then?
I think it's primarily to stop the oil from flowing at the rate that Saddam wanted it.
I think Saddam, number one, wanted to use the Euro as the backed dollar for purchasing oil.
I think Saddam was going to allow the wells to flow
And if you look at what's going on with Hugo Chavez, he's been saying, hey, I'll supply the United States with lots of cheap oil, and what have you got?
You've got Pat Robertson and others saying we need to assassinate the guy.
Well, if he winds up giving too much oil for too cheap a price, you're going to see something happen in Venezuela.
You'll be basically in the same boat in Venezuela as you are in Iraq.
I agree with the caller.
It's to absolutely control the flow of oil.
And peak oil is pretty much a well-proven scam.
Alex pointed it out on George Norrie's show very well.
And I get a copy of that transcript and put that into your documentary.
Thank you.
So just to summarize then, your view is really that the war in Iraq was about oil and it was about oil for the benefit of big business.
For globalist business, and solely for their benefit.
So you don't buy the line from the White House about WMDs or anything like that?
Well, the only weapons of mass destruction are the ones that we have been using, like white phosphorus and other things.
Well, gee, you dwarfs that.
Look, it's simple.
It's not our opinion, and I appreciate your call.
It's not our opinion.
We know why they did it.
They have told us in the PNAC documents, weapon sales, trillions in oil.
It's about using Iraq as a military launch base, and it's about being able to silence domestic dissent on a host of issues.
And the PNAC says that, and then President Bush told his biographer that.
I'm going to be a wartime president.
When I'm a wartime president, my whole domestic agenda cannot be questioned.
And I'm going to go get Saddam Hussein.
Now he said that in 99 to his biographer.
Then he goes out on national TV during the election.
Oh no, I don't want any foreign invasions and foreign entanglements.
The whole time they were preparing to invade Iraq.
While lying to the public and then magically the Pearl Harbor event they needed showed up.
PNAC says we need a helpful Pearl Harbor event.
Imagine the president's boys are going, we need a Pearl Harbor event.
Now new White House documents have come out where they're saying the same thing.
We need a terrorist attack to get things back on the rails.
So this is happening.
I mean, I guess you had that final question for me, and we'll take a few final calls here.
Why are we invading these countries?
Why are we in Iraq?
And it's not one thing.
It's a whole agenda.
This serves an entire agenda that really is global empire.
But if we reduce it down to it's America's empire, that's false.
There are international financial institutions, I mean, of the 100 biggest economies,
44 of them are corporations.
And these guys have strategic alliances.
They go to large business meetings.
They're white papers.
Many of them are public.
And they're saying, we want one world government.
But that's a one world government that sits above the nation state and literally extracts the wealth from the people, controls the people, and social engineers the people.
These corporations... I'm free market, but these aren't free market corporations.
A very small part of what they do is that.
It's steering economies.
It's corporate welfare.
And so that's what this is really all about.
It's like when Bush kept saying, well, this will legitimize the UN.
If the UN will do this and get behind invading, this will really show you nation building.
It's just pure evil.
Really, it's just neo-colonialism.
But we, the people who are in the classic imperial countries, need to stop thinking of ourselves as part of the empire.
We're just cannon fodder.
I mean, we're nothing in this empire.
We're going to be just as enslaved as those Iraqis.
Let's take a call from Erin in Texas.
Erin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How you doing?
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
As far as the whole reason why we're in Iraq, the first one is because we're naive.
We've been pampered this whole time, and now people aren't going to listen because they're afraid of the truth.
They're happy with their useless style of bills, their SDVs, their lying president, and if a few soldiers have to die, that's fine by them as long as they feel safe.
That's why I think we're in Iraq.
For Bush for money, and secondly, a whole generation is going to be wiped out because of this war.
And then no one's going to be left.
Well, that's right.
I mean, it is about genocide against the Arabs.
Madeleine Albright, back in 97, they said, oh, 700,000 dead Iraqis, half a million kids.
Is that a good price to pay?
She said, yes, it's a good price to pay.
I mean, picture that.
Seven football stadiums, five football stadiums, hold 100,000 people of dead children.
And that bag of pus gets up on TV and says it's a good price to pay.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
But I just personally think he needs to get the hell out of here, and we need to do something else, you know?
All right, I hear you.
I appreciate the call.
But, you know, Bush is just a puppet.
They'll put in a Democrat.
I mean, Hillary and Bill Clinton were for the war.
Now they're trying to back off because support's imploding.
Chuckie Schumer and the Democratic leadership were all going along with it, and now they act like they weren't.
And don't forget, we attacked Serbia for absolutely no reason.
I mean, that was all staged.
There'd be one guy with a disease trying to get into the food pantry at the barbed wire, and they'd go, look, he's behind barbed wire.
That's all been proven to be totally fake.
More MI6 TV operations.
Let's go ahead and talk to Keith in California.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Greetings, gentlemen.
Hi, Keith.
I think he brings up the most important question, and that is why.
The entire premise of the war, from my perspective, is false.
And if you're doing a documentary... I mean, how many documentaries have you done, Alex, on 9-11 and the validity of the official story?
You know, that is where the meat of this is.
Because if we're making arguments based on a false premise...
What's the point?
We have lying criminal gangsters who carry out terrorist attacks and fund terrorists in control of our government, openly writing memos about how they're going to use these threats to literally herd us into accepting world empire.
We'll have these grand debates about this war and we'll never discuss the most important issue.
How does a
Why did the White House call Mayor Willie Brown in San Francisco and say, don't fly to New York tomorrow?
Why did the Joint Chiefs of Staff cancel their trip?
If we're really going to get up in arms about this war and demand that foreign policy become corrected, we really have to dig into how this all happened and what
Well, in all fairness to this, this is part of the same TV series.
They've done shows on 9-11.
But I understand.
In all these debates today, we fracture everything into little pieces when really it's like a necklace.
They're all a chain.
They're all interconnected.
And I agree with you on that.
But there's dozens of smoking guns that we can talk about and prove there's pictures.
A lot of people aren't going to listen to you about 9-11, but now they are listening because it can be proven to them that this whole Iraq war was a premeditated, manufactured fraud.
Do you understand that, sir?
So if we prove over and over again they're liars on these other issues where we've got them dead to rights, then we can move into the 9-11, which I do every day, sir.
I mean, half the calls have been bringing it up.
I've been bringing it up.
What does Simon think about the official story?
Does he buy into it?
Yeah, you're on the hot seat now.
I'm in the hot seat.
Well, I'm a foreigner, so I can get away with not having to give a judgment on that right now.
Keith, if you don't mind, I just want to ask, just to establish something.
Are you saying, Keith, that you question the entire basis of not just the war in Iraq, but the war on terror, everything about it, every little bit of information on it, right back to the attack on the Twin Towers?
Well, I mean, that's where it started.
You know, the American population was herded like a bunch of sheep, you know, when a shotgun blast goes off, and so we didn't ask, you know, who pulled the trigger on the shotgun, we just...
Ran for cover.
I appreciate the call.
That's a really good place to end it.
Simon, it was fun meeting you.
Mr. Reeve, you take care.
Thank you very much indeed for having us.
You bet.
Much appreciated.
I was just over in London a few months ago covering a London bombing, that MI6 operation.
We certainly hope that the British authorities will bring Mr. Swatt, their agent, to justice, but we know that's not going to happen.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with a bunch of other news and your calls.
And we've got another guest coming up where they're publicly going to pass a law that when the government steals your children, they can kill them and torture them.
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We're good to go.
Welcome back, folks.
We've got a TV crew in here for the last hour and 50 minutes.
We've got the third hour coming up.
We have a guest on from the organic...
Association, and they republished this bill.
You can go read it at Infowars.com right now and PrisonPlanet.com.
We should write an article about it.
It's just out in the open.
Hey, any foster kids we've got, anybody in government custody, we can just test drugs and chemicals and pesticides on them.
It's been in the major New York papers.
They just kill them.
It's already been going on for a long time, but now they're codifying it.
I mean, they actually kill people.
They actually take little kids and feed them pesticides and some of them die.
I mean, this is the most... It's just going on.
Can you imagine if some kidnapper grabbed a kid and was feeding them pesticides?
They'd make movies out of it.
It'd be big news.
It'd be endless films made for TV movies.
Nah, it's just... Yeah, we're the government.
All right.
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All right, boys and girls, we're back live now into this third and final hour.
And the toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 1-800-259-9231.
And we will get you up and on the air after our guest joins us, just for a segment or so.
We're good to go.
It just makes my blood boil to think of them doing this to innocent children.
It makes me so angry.
EPA to allow pesticide testing on orphans and mentally ill handicapped children.
And again, an orphan is somebody snatched from their parents, usually.
Public comments are now being accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency on its newly proposed federal regulation regarding the testing of chemicals and pesticides on human subjects.
On August 2, 2005, Congress had mandated the EPA create
Now this is from the rule change.
Children who cannot be reasonably consulted such as those that are mentally handicapped or orphaned newborns may be tested on
With permission from the institution or guardian in charge of the individual, the child may be exposed to chemicals for the sake of research.
Did you hear that?
Well, we can research on the orphans.
Parental consent forms are not necessary for testing on children who have been neglected or abused.
Oh, the parents abused them, so we're going to give them some pesticides.
This is from the EPA.
And it continues here.
Chemical studies on any children outside of the U.S.
are acceptable.
And this is from 70FR5386526.408A.
Do we have our guest now?
Oh, we do have our guest.
Well, that's good.
We're going to break here in a moment, and we'll go to our guest after the break.
And that's Organics Consumer Association environmental scientist Craig Monona, who we had on a few weeks ago on the Congress now moving forward to basically destroy organic labeling, period.
But that is important, but just the sheer evil of this.
And again, it's been in the New York Daily News, it's been in New York papers, and a few other papers around the country, but they got caught with their pants down a few years ago in New York, the city welfare department did, literally renting children out to pharma and others, testing pesticides, AIDS medications, very toxic ones on them, kids that didn't even have AIDS, they were dying.
There were articles where it said little Billy the first week went from being healthy and happy and liked to play basketball to having to lay in the bed.
And then Billy died.
I mean, you're reading this and no one goes to jail.
We're just murdering children.
It's fun.
I mean, this is what our government does.
And I'm sitting here with the FDA documents.
Oh, if the child was abused, they're ours.
So this is the type of nightmare we're discussing.
We'll come back and go to our guest.
Environmental scientist Greg Minona coming up here after this quick three-minute break.
And don't forget the websites are InfoWars.com, InfoWars.net, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're here Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time on the one and only, often imitated, never duplicated, GCN Radio Network Network.
That's right.
Genesis Network.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
That's going to keep our guests for this segment.
And then I'd like to hear callers specifically talk about this.
You want something you can prove.
You want something that's just outright evil, that's in your face.
We've been talking a lot about the microwaving, the radiating of 110,000 Jewish children.
That's in major British and Jewish newspapers over in...
Over in the Middle East, it is not debatable.
It is public.
The government took healthy little kids.
It would be bad enough if they were disabled children.
That's just as bad.
But I mean, healthy little kids.
Whole lives ahead of them.
And would kill them.
Just kill them.
Just kill them.
I mean, this is what we're talking about.
This is who we're fighting here.
And this is akin to it.
And I was just reading from the new rule being announced by the Food and Drug Administration and the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and thank God, a great organization, the Organic Consumers Association, that's organicconsumers.org, is joining us today.
I tell you, Craig...
Manona is an environmental scientist with the association.
Craig, it just gets crazier and crazier every day.
It's sorrowful.
What's going on with this new EPA situation?
Well, basically the EPA had teamed up with some chemical companies last fall for what was known as the CHEERS study, which was a study that targeted low-income families in Florida.
There was such a huge citizen backlash from that that Congress, led by Senator Barbara Boxer, put pressure on the EPA to drop that study as a whole.
And then in August, Congress mandated that the EPA create a rule that bans all testing of children and pregnant women.
And then this rule came forth as the EPA's response to that.
Unfortunately, there's gaping loopholes in this rule right now as you noted before the commercial break.
Well, there's also such a long history of chemical, biological, radiological testing on disabled children and children, period, for that matter.
I'm just reading the bill here.
Or the law, this rule.
I'm reading it here and it just openly says if kids have been abused and they don't have any rights, we're going to abuse them.
Correct, yeah.
If the parents are deemed as unfit, then they don't have to give consent.
The same holds true for
But if they're retarded, they don't have any rights.
Exactly, and also if they're orphans, then they just need the EPA or the testing facility would need consent from the institution that oversees the kids, and of course a lot of these institutions are
You know, I'm having trouble hearing you.
I apologize.
Can we boost his audio, please, to me?
Because I'm just noticing that's been happening lately.
It might be on my end, but I apologize, Craig.
Again, I feel like I should pull my hair out, I should yell, I should scream, I should freak out.
This is pure evil right in front of us, and they just calmly do it.
Craig, were you familiar with the news the last few years out of New York where they'll actually come to a mother and say, we're going to take your 10-year-old from you, we're the CPS, but if you sign him over to us and don't argue, we'll let you keep the 2-year-old.
I mean, that's a real case.
And then they take him and just start feeding the little happy little 10-year-old, 8-year-old boy a pesticide.
And then he's literally in a stretcher vomiting and dying.
I mean, it's just psychopathic murdering.
And then the CPS workers, finally one of them has a soul and goes public, and then she gets fired and it's on the news being defended.
I mean, how do you grab children and give them pesticides?
Yeah, this entire document is set up for that.
This is a major environmental justice issue because basically what's happening here is you're targeting...
Low-income families, you're targeting low-income institutions, and one of the weakest populations or most vulnerable populations here in the United States and overseas.
Actually, the document says that if the studies are done overseas, they're completely acceptable.
So you can expect that these chemical companies will simply start to outsource some of these studies to countries that don't have astringent laws.
Well, this will please Peter Singer and the animal rights activists, though.
Instead of guinea pigs and rabbits and white lab rats being killed, we'll just start... We're not about this card.
It's already been going on.
We'll just kill and poison the little kids.
We'll just maybe put them in little cages.
Maybe we can just move on to that level.
The most confusing part about this is the congressional mandate said that this rule needed to be set up
Without exception.
There's no exception to the rule that children should not be tested on, pregnant women should not be tested on.
What this document does is
And spend 30 pages of fine text, most of which is just this flowery introduction about how great this entire rule is.
No, it's all like that.
Love the children.
Be sweet to them.
Give them candy bars.
And then at the end of the day, shoot them five times in the head.
But that's in a little small print.
It's a long, flowery introduction that does exactly that.
And you really have to look pretty deep in it to find these little, well, I shouldn't say little, these massive gaping loopholes.
Well, I'm actually reading from the subsections.
I mean, 70 FR 5386526.408, section C. I mean, I'm reading here where it openly says, "...children who cannot be reasonably consulted, such as those that are mentally handicapped or orphaned newborns, may be tested on with permission from the institution or guardian in charge of the individual.
The child may be exposed to chemicals for the sake of research."
Again, folks, we're talking actual lab rats.
Actual lab rats with babies.
They'll kill them.
They'll use them for body parts.
No big deal.
Folks, we're not joking about this.
Parental consent forms are not necessary for testing on children who have been neglected or abused.
Well, since they've been abused, let's abuse them more.
Chemical studies on any child outside of the U.S.
are acceptable.
And it goes on and on.
That's actual text from the document.
That's actual text from the proposed rule.
When is Rod Serling going to walk out and tell me you're in a place?
A place called the Twilight Zone.
I just want to wake up from this nightmare, sir.
I'm sick of it.
I don't even want to cover this anymore.
This is hellish.
Yeah, we really didn't even know how to go about doing the alert for it.
Just because it is so... It doesn't seem believable.
It doesn't seem like something like this could really happen.
We had to really...
Spend a lot of time trying to make sure that we had dozens of external links off of our alert page that goes to the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun.
Where they call the report on it like it's just the price of cheese.
That's a good point.
I mean, imagine, they're just calmly talking about, oh, we'll grab your kids, and by the way, can you trust a government to grab kids from families if they have a money incentive to do it?
And, see, again, you can't trust someone that they're even taking truly abused children, see?
And then we get into that old ball of wax, how it's been proven that in most of the cases it is a fraud.
So what are we to stop this, sir?
There's a comment period that goes until December 12th on our action page on the organicconsumers.org site.
You can go there, and there's all sorts of information.
You can research the heck out of this to find out as much information as you want before making any sort of comment.
There's also a template comment letter there, and folks can either email that.
They can mail in their own comments.
They can call in their comments, but they need to comment.
Well, look, this has been going on for decades.
We know this.
We know this has been going on really since the 40s, some of the cases we've seen, on a massive level.
But because of backlash, because of lawsuits, because of employees, some good CPS workers and others, and people that are watching the kids die, folks.
It's been in New York papers.
I mean, they actually killed them in some cases.
Very toxic chemicals, pesticides, cocktails of this stuff, literally like lab rats.
Now they're just codifying it, I guess, into law.
But this isn't even law.
It's just some regulatory mumbo-jumbo, and I don't think this is going to protect them from liability.
Just because the EPA says you can feed little children or little babies pesticides doesn't mean you can really do it.
Right, and they've set up a lot of...
Gobbledygook in there, too.
That's just sort of the whitewashing sort of situation where they'll say that the IRB, the Independent Review Board, can determine that if
The study, that supplementary protective measures can be taken if it's determined that the chemical exposure could be dangerous for the child.
So basically, if the kid gets out of the cage, literally, and is able to run down the street begging, and if the cops, of course they'll have a wristband, the cop will bring them right back.
Help me please, I've been talking me for five years.
Come with me back now.
It's time to go back to your loving area.
I mean, this is like a nightmare science fiction movie.
Yeah, it's very peculiar, and it's our own EPA.
Your mommy put cigarettes out on you, so now we're going to make you drink experimental drugs and pesticides.
A lot of this rule was actually doctored up.
It was a backroom sort of creation, too.
There was no public comment period to create this rule.
And there's actually six different major pesticide studies that are on the threshold of coming out right now.
Our thought with this is that
The manner in which those studies were conducted wouldn't be fitting for a rule that required that there was no exceptions.
Let's boil this down, folks.
They're feeding the children bug poison, and then they take biopsies in blood and test and see, ooh, the liver is dying.
I mean, this is Joseph Mingala stuff.
Look at it.
I mean, you're a research scientist.
I mean, you look at this, sir.
That's what you do.
Yeah, it's not even just pesticides.
This is the whole gamut of any kind of experimental chemical.
So with the CHEAR study, for example, they were doing it with a brominated flame retardant and with Teflon.
I'll tell you what, you know, I've been running out of the mouth.
Come back, sir, for a few more minutes.
We'll get the website out again.
And please tell us some of the other thousands of...
Things they're going to be doing.
I mean, imagine if you went out and kidnapped a kid, folks, and made them drink mug poison.
They'd give you the death penalty and they should.
Government doesn't.
They'd pass laws and go, yeah, we can kill your kids.
I mean, this is sick.
You are scum, New World Order.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Moses, George, Regina, David, Jeff, others.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
I want to go through this new oil company news.
They knowingly lied.
Oh, big surprise in front of Congress.
They're not going to get in trouble.
Oh, we never met with Dick Cheney and the Energy Commissioner or any of his deputies.
Oh, no.
We don't care about what charts the future of it.
It just goes on and on and on.
But, frankly, I don't even care about getting ripped off for oil compared to poisoning little kids.
I mean, folks, they're doing it.
It's not like we can trust the government to test on the kids.
They don't deserve the rights that anybody else has.
Let me tell the cops something and the government and the minions out there.
You think you're safe?
You think you're safe, too?
Yeah, well, let them pick on the little weak retarded kids.
Let them.
I'm going to be all right.
I got a black mask and a skull patch.
I mean, I'm powerful.
I go to cowboy games.
I mean, I got a bunch of slits of malt liquor in the refrigerator.
Everything's all right.
We're talking.
To the Organic Consumers Association.
Organic Consumers Association of America.
Campaign for Health, Justice, and Sustainability.
And the website's organicconsumers.org.
We're talking to, of course, environmental scientist, research scientist, Craig Minona.
We're going to let him go here in just a moment.
But tell us some of the... It's not just pesticides and experimental drugs.
It's whatever they want.
And, yeah, flame retardant.
I mean, tell us about that.
That actually was initially in the proposal a brominated flame retardant which are known to cause brain damage and a whole consortium of other horrible health effects.
That along with Scotchgard which has been connected with liver disease.
It's just any type of chemical you can imagine.
There's no restrictions within the rule at all ranging from pesticides to
To flame retardants, to experimental skin applications, to whatever it may be.
Any of that can be tested on the children within the study.
Which, by the way, it's been in the Houston Chronicle and other places, just minor blurbs.
Oh, by the way, at our Huntsville prisons, we're testing on people.
If they want anything but bologna sandwiches three times a day, they just sign an agreement and we graft dioxin into their backs.
I mean, this is the type of stuff that goes on, and it has to stop.
I mean, are any of us safe, Greg, when this type of thing is going on?
I mean, this is Nazi Germany.
I hate to keep precipitating on that, but I'm freaked out.
I mean, I'm about ready to get out of this country.
Yeah, one of the big things here, too, is that most of these studies are paid for and conducted by the actual chemical companies.
The chemical companies then take the study results, they sift out the negative information from the studies, and they submit the positive information to the EPA, and that's what ultimately becomes regulation.
And they can tell you that this little four-year-old that you gave all this dioxin to loved it and didn't get sick.
Of course, the poor child's retarded and can't defend themselves.
Exactly, and that's a big portion of it, too.
What we've seen with these studies in the past is that they ultimately lead to weakening of regulations on pesticides or chemicals in general.
Well, it's sick and I'm tired of it and cancer is exploding and all these health problems are exploding and I don't want my family... I mean, it's just... Doesn't the elite, Craig, know that it's hurting their children too?
I mean, why do they do this?
It's just...
Well, it's all profit incentive.
That's really what it is in these studies.
Again, if you're targeting the low-income people, and this is something interesting we had with the CHEERS study and the CHEERS alert late last year, the EPA responded to our alert and the citizen backlash from it and saying, you know, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this.
This study is
It's solid and great, and we responded to them with, well, why don't you volunteer your own children then?
If this is such a safe study, why are you targeting this African-American, extremely low-income community and devolve Florida and not volunteering your own children?
Of course, they're not doing that.
You know, that really adds validity to that black professor that says the whites want to kill us, get them first.
Of course, it isn't true.
They're doing it to white kids too, but they really do target blacks.
It's disgusting.
It's unbelievable.
It just makes me sick.
How do they... And folks, I've read the articles.
I've even seen little TV programs about it.
I mean, these are like armored prison facilities.
They just take these poor little kids in, and they just lab rat them, and they... You know, the Animal Liberation Front, by the way, they're all anti-human.
They say tests on humans.
They think this is great.
They'll bust in and shoot doctors because they're doing this to rhesus monkeys, but they don't care.
There's little black kids that are doing it, too, and little white kids that are doing it, too.
What are the percentages?
I haven't seen them in a few years, but isn't it like 60% is black and about 30% is Hispanic, the other 10% is white?
With some of these chemical studies, that's exactly what we've seen.
In fact, there's very few representations from the white population altogether, which is interesting because the chemical companies say that they're doing these broad studies to figure out how these chemicals are affecting a wide range of populations, but that's obviously not the case.
I want to thank you so much for always coming on, Craig.
Oh, thank you.
God bless you.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're going to get to your calls.
We're going to get to Moses and George and Regina and David and Jeff and others.
I do have some other news I want to cover as well after we take those.
Ted Anderson's about to be in studio with us for just about five minutes up at the Genesis Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Minneapolis, St.
Paul to be precise.
Burnsville to really be precise.
But before we do that, seriously, I'm not going to belabor it.
I'm not going to go on and on about it.
I've made some really good films that need to be seen that affect change, that inform, that are dynamic, that are changing minds, that are important to society, that are damaging to the New World Order's control grid.
And these are people that want to kill.
85-95% of us publicly.
They've said it.
These are people that could care less about you and your family.
They're doing it.
These are people that want us all disadvantaged and all dumbed down and all living in compact urban cities.
These control grids, these modern surf plantations or slave houses.
I'm sorry that's the truth.
I'm sorry that's the reality.
We need to become self-sufficient.
We need to become armed with information and armed physically to defend ourselves.
Now is the time to face this threat.
And we are strong.
We're getting stronger.
But for those that haven't gotten the films or those that already have the films, get them.
Make copies.
Get them out to people.
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Now, let's shift gears and go to Ted Anderson, the founder of the Genesis Network, I guess out of scratch, going back almost six years ago now.
I've been on another truly ranking network, but he created a new network and expanded it, and really has done a great job now, over 300 affiliates total of all the different Genesis shows combined.
And we have many of those day and night.
We're always thankful for all those affiliates.
But I really want to thank the founder of the GCN Radio Network.
I've heard some crazy stuff where these weirdos get on the air and claim they founded the Genesis Network.
I just wanted to throw that out there.
That is just...
We're good to go.
And you know what?
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When gold went up a year ago, I didn't sell it.
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It is a...
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I do hold bullion some, and I mainly hold semi-numismatic.
Ted, thank you for joining us in studio as the founder of the GCN Radio Network.
Hey, thanks for having me up again, Alex.
I've got to tell you right now, gold is up $20 an ounce here.
Currently, right now, we're looking at gold at $4.86.
It was $660 earlier this week.
I just, you know, I'm glad you're letting me on now because right now I've got a situation just like I've had in the past where here I lock into some coins and the price goes up in gold and I still have them at the lower end.
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The neat part about this thing is that usually these come in...
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Or you can just keep trusting the fiat currency.
Well, I mean, Alex, it's obvious that people have to get into something other than the fiat currency.
Inflation is the big problem right now.
Inflation is pushing the price of gold.
Silver is up over $8 an ounce.
I don't know if you guys know it or not, but silver has gone up to $8.10 an ounce, so that's up too.
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Currently, like I said, the spot price of gold is at $4.86.
That's up $20 an ounce from just two days ago.
A real strong market in gold.
We're having some incredible times here in the precious metals business.
And I just got to say, folks, this is like the beginning.
It's not the end of the market.
It is the beginning of the market.
We have a situation where most people are calling from $800 to $1,000 an ounce.
We're good to go.
In fact, I ought to get these posted on the website.
You ought to get these posted at the GCNlive.com website.
I mean, it's major financial institutions are making major moves, buying gold and silver and other metals right now, and major investors are now running out of mutual funds and other things into this.
I mean, it just makes sense.
There are countries like China who is getting involved in gold.
There are countries all over the world.
So are the Arabs.
Right now at this time, the dollar is taking the hit.
Everybody knows out there that the United States cannot continue to go into debt like they have been.
This war out there in the Middle East... You know, I had Paul Craig Roberts, again, former associate editor of...
Of major publications like the Wall Street Journal, and of course, William F. Buckley's publication, National Review, number two at Treasury for Reagan.
And he said, and he broke down the numbers, and he's an economist, folks, award-winning.
He said that Bush has borrowed more money than every other president combined before him.
And that's the problem, Alex.
As the U.S.
Treasury goes further into debt, there's more money being pumped in.
And this new Fed chairman says he's going to accelerate the money printing even faster.
He's actually giving speeches saying that.
Yeah, and what that's going to cause is it's going to cause a lot of inflation.
It's going to cause the people who have been saving their money for all these years and in the stocks and the bonds and this type of thing, there's going to be a huge hit coming along in this.
Interest rates are going to skyrocket.
You're right about that.
There's a real estate bubble out there.
We're good to go.
I mean, it's ridiculous, folks.
I've looked at this cycle before.
And you don't buy high on the real estate.
You buy low.
People keep going, well, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
When it implodes and the numbers are out, it's even bigger now.
Whether it's a year from now or ten years from now, it's going to be serious.
And gold will then just shoot through the roof.
And then that's when you dump some of the gold and are able to buy real estate.
That's what you're after.
You know, Alex, I've got to say, too, the economy looks tough enough that you better have some small pieces of gold that you can tuck into your shoe and walk away with in case the worst comes to worst, the type of scenario that can play out like we've been talking about.
No, I know, kid.
I mean, look, it's scary.
You know, I've been buying small pieces of gold.
There's little bits here and bits there.
That's what it's for.
But I want to thank you for coming on, Ted.
Yeah, thanks for coming.
God bless you.
Thanks for letting me up.
And again, 1-800-686-2237.
Give us a call.
Pick up some of those coins.
There's only 150 of them in those sealed holders.
I would suggest that you get those if you can get them.
It makes sense.
That's 1-800-686-2237.
That's 1-800-686-2237.
That's right, Ted, isn't it?
Okay, I hope I don't give it out wrong.
Oh, and tell them it's the Alex Jones Special.
Specifically take advantage of that.
And Ted has put everything he's got behind this network, and it's really been good to see the network growing and getting stronger, both the network and Midas Resources, in the last year.
Really, really exciting.
Getting rid of some of that deadwood and just exploding.
Okay, let's go ahead now and go to your calls.
I'm going to move quickly because I want to go to all of you, and then I have a few tidbits I want to try to hit as well.
Let's see if he's still there.
He's been holding patiently.
Moses in Texas.
Moses, go ahead.
Yeah, patience is a virtue, Mr. Jones.
First-time caller, long-time listener.
Can you hear me well?
Because I'm in the mall.
You're loud and clear, brother.
Good, good, good.
Last week, Waddy Watt was on the phone, or he was in the studio, and he was talking about the other Waddy Watt, Steve.
He was talking about a peaceful revolution that we're already in the midst of.
What I wanted to add on top of that, it's kind of like a silent weapon for quiet wars, and GCN is probably one of the biggest weapons.
Another thing, maybe you can help me out with this, I like to call what you see, it's called the web.
Because you were talking about earlier about 80% that they want to get rid of 80% to 85% of us.
If you check things out, it's kind of biblical because they want to take it back to pre-flood.
If I understand correctly.
No, I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
I'm going to have to move quick here.
That's a huge subject.
But no, I mean, the elite are just a bunch of psychopathic killers and they've got all these social Darwinistic excuses for what they're doing.
But interesting points, sir.
Let's talk to George.
In Illinois, I believe.
George, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I'm scared.
I've got 10 children, and I'm from Germany.
I'm here since 81.
This is Nazi Germany over here.
They're conducting human sacrifice, population control.
Yeah, that's what it is.
All this abortion and grabbing little kids and taking them off and poisoning them to death.
I mean, it's death camps right in front of you.
It is survival of the fittest.
It's Darwinism.
These are Satanists and the cartels who run our politicians.
There's a fantastic book written, and you should have this lady on your show, Dr. Carol Dean.
The book is called Death by Modern Medicine.
It came out in 2005.
And I tell you, she tells it the way you say it right now.
Get her on the show.
Oh, listen, we're not joking.
It's been in major New York papers.
It's on Infowars.com, PresidentButler.com, that they grab little black kids, little white kids, little Hispanic kids, and they take them and they strap them down, and a month later they die.
I mean, this is in many cases.
They actually murder children.
Alex, are these Satanists?
Honestly, I mean, who are these people doing these things?
This is so evil.
No, no, I agree.
No, no, exactly.
No, no, the doctors and nurses and people doing this are either really stupid, a lot of them are dumb as dirt,
And totally unconscious.
I mean, you heard the guest earlier where people are like, you talk like English.
Is that where English comes from?
I mean, they have just so dumbed us down that most people just, the children is here for marricating.
Time to take it.
I've got to search your car.
I'm a police officer.
You know, what rights?
Don't bring up your rights.
I mean, it's just, they're just dumb, man.
A lot of them are just dumb, dumb, dumb.
And others are just following orders.
And other people are just evil.
Look, a lot of people hear this stuff and go, okay, it's true, stuff is evil.
I'm going to join it because I'm afraid and I might as well just get power off of it.
There's people who are evil and like it.
Then there are people who are dumb.
Then there are people that know it's evil and are afraid, so they just, well, I'll just join it, because then I'll at least protect my family.
And man, those are the people that will be in the worst spot in hell.
You're right about that.
Alex, I love you.
I love you from my heart, and we pray for you, and I think the only thing we can do is...
No, you're right.
God bless you, too, and I love you, too.
I really do.
I mean, I'm an evil person, folks.
We're all evil.
We all have problems.
I have to control myself.
I mean, I really do.
But at least I'm conscious of it, of the battle that we all deal with every day.
I mean, we're a fallen creature.
Look at what we do.
Look at what we are.
Heaven help us.
And I need your prayers, folks.
You know, we're under attack, and we don't get up here and we don't talk about it.
We don't get up here and whine about how we're under attack.
I mean, I see it as a mark, a badge of courage, but it's just amazing.
Let's go ahead and talk to Regina in Pennsylvania.
Regina, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'll try to talk quick.
I wish I could have gone on with the last caller.
Are the last guests, because let's face it, Alex, Julian Huxley, the UNESCO founder, promoted eugenics, the science of creating better people through genetic manipulation.
I want to say that on the floor of the house, I've been watching C-SPAN some today, because there was a hearing this morning, an important hearing.
Jonathan Edemore had a hearing yesterday.
Sort of an outburst of Ron Paul's bills.
Tell you what, stay there.
I want to hear about it on the other side, Regina.
Then we'll go to David and Jeff and wrap this up.
Stay with us.
Final segment straight ahead.
Let Regina finish up.
I didn't even get into all the old company stuff.
I mean, I did some.
They're criminal murderers wearing fancy suits and wearing fancy uniforms.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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We specialize in keeping you alive and healthy.
We provide outstanding products like Esiac, colloidal silver 500 parts per million, olive leaf extract,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, Regina, finish up.
Particularly, what law, what bill, what was being debated on the House floor today?
There's a lot of things going on.
I want to make sure.
This is edemore.com.
You can get a hold of the petition.
Get on there yourself and get a copy of the petition.
This all lies in the face of the fact that Kodak Elementarius came under the CAFTA, but I want to bring up... So there's a law to restrict that?
No, this was a hearing at 7.30 in the morning, Alex.
I wish I could have been there, but I couldn't.
But I watched C-SPAN because basically... What was it a hearing about?
This is in regards to having some control over the FBAs and the FTC control over our...
Supplements, you know, opening up the doors.
Ron Paul has a bill, I think it's the Citizen Health Freedom Group is pushing this, but I want to talk to my subject now because I got on here.
Yeah, we're almost out of time.
Okay, I want to bring up that, you know, also because Congressman Ron Paul, Kucinich, Abramson from Hawaii,
Walter Jones from North Carolina brought through with H.J.
Rez 55 to get us out of Iraq, homeward bound.
Congressman John Martha, my congressman up here in Pennsylvania, has introduced, it's come over the KDK, he's had a press release, keep your eyes open.
To get out of Iraq.
And he is a high.
He will get beat up for this, Alex.
We better pray for him.
He's not a Christian or whatever he is.
I don't know what he is.
If you ever get him on a show, please call him.
Okay, thank you.
We've got to go, Regina.
Thank you for the legislative update.
We're going to be getting Ron Paul on here in the next week or so, by the way.
Yes, sir.
How are you, Alex?
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
I just wanted to talk to you real quick about a living nightmare that I'm going through, and you're not seeing a lot of coverage about that, and that's the backdoor draft.
And men and women being torn from their families who haven't been in the military for years.
That's right.
You serve three, ten years, doesn't matter, and then they just call you up and say, you're our slave.
You signed up to be here three years, but you're going to stay in forever.
What's happened in my situation, I was in the military briefly, not even less than a year when they told me I was out.
I was 20 years old.
I'm 28 now.
I have a baby son and a wife.
And essentially I got a letter saying, show up or go to jail.
And that's pretty much what's going on right now.
It's pretty tragic and it's a pretty scary thing to, you know, basically being saying, you know, you're taken away from your family or you're going to go help, you know, fight in this invasion of another country.
It's amazing.
And, of course, I guess you didn't read the fine print.
Oh, no, no, no.
Of course not.
And that's the sad thing, is they prey on these, you know, when you're young, 18 and 20, and, you know, you go out there and you do this, and some people say, well, you know... You signed it!
You signed it!
It's dishonest!
Exactly, exactly.
I mean, people have already served, and they've got to go again?
One of the big things that's going on right now is people who are medically discharged are being called back.
People who were actually... No, no, it's been in the news.
In Tennessee, a 64-year-old man, cancer survivor, being sent to Iraq.
I know, I know.
Call me back tomorrow or the next day.
Let's spend more time and talk about this.
That sounds good, because I want to talk about how far you think the draft is off.
How far you see before it's going to come again.
It'll come after a massive terror attack.
It'll probably nuke cities.
Who knows what they'll do.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, don't think they're done, folks.
Jeff in Arkansas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for taking my call.
I'll be quick.
It boggles my mind how there's no outrage.
I think so.
And work out the script that the guy behind the curtain is working from.
The arrogance of government to write this crap down shows how far we've fallen.
And with ignorance, Americans are placing bars on the cages of ourselves and their own children.
And I appreciate that you take the time to educate your guests before you bring them on with your little diatribe.
And just fight the New World whore!
That's all I got.
Great job.
Well said.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.